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,gf ,mn QTJRLS X TESKIIEKG If THF JIHINJMX MASS fxllmnrs Emhal School I , iii EE! i 1 VOLUME 1 1948 4' 9 6 , " A Q Q. ' ff m,:w+- f :ef ,Ly n fy' " , f I ua: -Q i '13 -W JLL:..34..J 3 L 4- V I I fl ' FUHELUURD '1'he hlgh school yearbook 18 a colorful source of uzformation concerning high school life Where else would you flnd snapshot pages of school children " up" ln and out of classes, a portrait of each senior student, detailed write-ups of students, school clubs and other act1vit1es, complete Wlth group photographs of the club's nembershlp, pictures of the faculty, minute summaries of athletic events with photos of the players, and the host of other school Many priceless records will be lost unless a sincere effort is made by schools to save these bits of school history Treasured always, w1ll the yearbook be, for you as you progress the long road of llfe, you will often look back to these happy moments and the good fellowshlp of school chums and teachers You will laugh at yourself as you were snapped by another 'rowdy" who perhaps long slnce moved to parts unknown Looking through the time worn pages of THE CREST ln years to come may carry you back from the cares of middle age to the realm of good school day fellowship We have str1ved to bring you as mam' different phases of school life as poss1ble Through our efforts durlng the past few months, we hope you enjoy each and every page of th1s record of the school year 19147 148 HUHH IHHTEH There's a banner floating o'er us, That we all adore 'I'here's a sacred song and chorus Hail! 0 Hail! Fillmoml Chorus- Whem the valley of the nver Meets the eastern sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater- Dear old Fillmore High. As the years of time roll onward, And li.fe's work is done, Thoughts of thee, ford Alma Mater, Back to us will come. 2 life activity that properly belongs in the high school yearbook? I DEDICHTIUH its first yearbook to Mr Andrew F Haynes, pr1nc1pal for the past twelve years Mr Haynes graduated from the Univers1ty of Rochester and earned his master's degree from New York Un1vers1ty He started his teaching in 1930 at Lyons Hlgh School, Lyons, New York, where he served as science teacher and vice princlpal H became prlnclpal of Flllmore qlgh School in 1936 About two years after taklng over the prlnclpalshlp of the F1llmore Hlgh school, central1za+1on and the bulldlng of a new central school was undertaken To Nr Haynes goes much of the credit for the successful achlevement of thls comblned progect Headlng an enrollment of apnroxlmately 700 students, Mr Haynes supervi es forty two faculty members In splte of belng very busy with all h1s school responslbllltles and h1s many community obligatlons, Lr Ha nes is regarded by his students as a frlendly Heal' He does all he can to help students start on the right road of life H1s student's welfare 1S alwa s nearest to his heart For thls reason we hereby dedicate the flrst edit1on of THE CREST to Mr. Andrew F Haynes 3 O I . ' n I ,.. Q . . .. - ' . e C "1 . .5- F I . . . 0 ... . I O 0 S ' a . fa ' A 'O Q . . . . ' - I O UEHRBUUK STHH Back Row E Phinney, L Preston, !.! Smth, G Stelfl , L Ludwig, V Sylor owd Miss Gonzilez Editor 1n Chief Beverly Howden Associate Editors Martha Preston Mary Wenger Business Manager Laura Ludwig Advertising Manager Eugene Stekl Associate Advertisixg Manager Eleanor Ph1nney Sports Editor Lowell Preston Associate Sports Editor Vesta Sylor Faculty Advisors Miss Gonzalez Mrs Potter lliss Smith THE CREST staff extends its deepest appreciation to those faculty members, classmates and art students: Jean Hall, Charlotte Johnson and David Smith who gave so generously of their tme in compiling this year- book for publication. lx a L e at svn, 3 b F 5 0 I ' ' 0 0 ... Front Row: Mrs. Potter, M. Wenger, B. H en, M. Preston, I I I I I I I I I I I I O I I I O O . I I I I I I I I I I I O I I I I I I O I O I I U Q 0 BUHHD UF EDUCHTIUH ny,- Back Row Mr David Plchardson, Clerlf, 121' lflllard Smth, Lr Cllnton Pauhe, Mr lloyd Ludvrlg Front Row Ltr Frank Tuthill, D1StI'iCt Superlntendent, Mr Charles Bliss, Presldent, Nr Thomas McElroy GUIDHHCE CUUHSELUH step forward :Ln the fall of 19117 by addlng a Counsellng Servlce to 1ts school program First, the Counseling service aims to help students develop a plan of action that will give them d1rect1on 1n attainzng the1r goal 1n then' post-hlgh school life This in1t1al plan results from an 0bJ6Ct1V6 appraslsal of the students' ab1l1t1es and interests It must take 1nto account the effect that their actions will have on society It must consider whether their plan has such lmitations as poor health, lack of flnances, or lack of ab1l1ty to follow the plan through Secondly, the Counsellng program aims to develop :Ln youngsters the abllity to make loglcal adjustments as they are needed throughout l1fe The counseling program operates from k1nderga.rten through post-graduate schooling and lncludes 1nd1vidual counseling, group work, complete methods of recording nnformation, a comprehensive test1ng program, placement, follow-up and research The first year has been large devoted to organizlng the materlals and met ods needed to make the program effectlve 111 our comnmnlty Each sucoeedmg year should fund the program growing in value 6 l .r A H 4. I Q Fillmore Central School took a progressive x A . ' 6+ L Gail Farwell Physlcal Educat Boys Hannah Findlay English Grades 10-12 Sara Gelser Science Q Health Victoria Gonzalez Mary Gomiy Language, Business Una Graves Physical Education Girls Evangelim Gleason Pennnent Substitute TB8Ch6l' Purl Hasldns Mathematic s Lyle Hemink Social Studies Grades 10-12 Geraldine Jones Lctlng Librarian Agnes Kehrer Mathematics 81 Science Ruth Kouwe Vocal Music Golda Luzer Social Studies Grades 10-12 September 1, 19117- February 2, 19118. 7 I Louise McNinch Vocational Ham making Margorie Hain Nurse and Attendance Officer Jum Pennington English Grades 7 9 Pauline Potter Social Studles Grades 7 9 Carolline Smith Bunnies S Edward Wilmot Vocational Ag1'icultxu'e Bernice Baker Grade 3 ,arc 'f xx HA -- -W .- ' . , , xy - . I ,, 0 Irene Blanchard Grade 1 av. 'S' A r A5 Joeephixn Butler sn ' Grade 2 Qs. Kathryn Clark Grade S 1, ax Mabel Cranford Kindergarten Verna Everson Grade 6 ?' Agnes Greer Grade 6 21 Shirley Hodnett Grade 1 Beule Knibloe s Grade 3 1. A 1 F' hr bf- N Gladys smith Grade 5 Vivian Lapp Grade 2 Frieda Rork Grade Phyllis Wallace Grade ll Nora Barnes Granger 1 Ch-63 Eva Beach Caneadea 6 C1 31 Hazel Bogardue Allen 3 Bessie Byron Granger 6 8 Wt WV' Pearl Cornwell Hume 9 Ruth Galton Centerville 6 Grace Knowlton Caneadea 6 Us-61 Ethel larmr Allen 2 Leah Zeller Granger 1 C1 33 Margaret Sandford Assistant in Kindergarten Cora Lahr Cafeteria lnnager Stewart 'Folte Instrumental lnaic .- - ls c V1 L ' 'F' , . , A, vw f C , 0 G ,, . A, , .J 1 .,' ee 2 x Vo - I 4 , I A . 1 , . 7 V 4 - , Q- - 5 " " ' ' Q if .-iw" V ' sf 'H "I f K f fl 1, I - 1 if ' A ' ' - .fu H ' 'J ' '+I' X 'i. N , G 7 .- ,LX CL ee. Zi? 5 Ii X -A '-'Q z:'.',r5!l we hrs Rork takes a letter! we X 'ir Mlss Maln weighing Mary! 'ky E McCarthy, Barbara Cole, Joan Cole, Dr Rose, J Adams Our school nurse, M155 Margorle Maln, has several mgportant dutles In 3dd1t10D to her school nurse 3Ct1V1t1SS, she 1s the school Attendance Supervlsor and the Census rmmerator for the school distrlct Hanng studied nursing at the Rochester General Hospltal from vrhlch she received her R N , ltles Main attended Buffalo State Teachers College where she completed her course m school nursing and was awarded her certificate She then attended Cornell Univer- sity lh prepa.rat1on for her attendance superv1sing dut1es Miss 1131.11 has been mth the school for a period of 8 years, successfully performzmg her dutles As the school nurse, she takes care of the students' mam mlnor lllnesses She also keeps a record of the health status of each student, along with 1'6C0l11llBDdat10I18 for treatment, and the lmmediate treatment of serious health defects 9 FHCULTU UFHCERS Mrs Beach, Vice President, Miss Greer, Secretary Treasurer, Mrs Gelser, Presldent SEHIUR OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Miss McNinch, Sara Brown Ksecretaryb, Jean Hall Cpresidentb, Jean Midea Ctreasurerj, Mrs Luzer, Mez-nll Nevinger Kvlee pres1dent absentl 10 - - - 0 I I . Q 1 I ,y 5 ,Q .. -fri '- c . " . O IIISOH L YOUR! IIDKJRILL LIBRAFU In 1939, when our new central school was built in Fillmore, an outstanding citizen the community made possible the beautiful and useful library which we now have That man Mr Wilson L Youxg gave to our school 83,000 as a gift with which to have built and fur- nished in ou.r school a library which otherwise might not have been possible This generous gift was designed to make possible the library and its furnishings Books were not to be purchased with this money, rather, the best of furnishings were to be purchased All the students of Fillmore Central School are very grateful to this generous man for the beamtifmh. tables, chairs, desks, and other furnishings in our library Much to the deep sorrow of everyone ln our comnunity, this kind and generous msn gotten as long as our school stands, for behind him is left a memorial to him-the Wilson L Young Memorial Library :Ln Fillmore Central School of ' 3 died January 30, 19146. He will not be for- MY! Mrs Cora M Lahr, cafeteria manager, Mrs Elizabeth Dispenza Muriel Damon, Mrs Ne1l1e Cranford, Doris Bisnett CUSTUDIHHS BUS DRIVERS Back Row- Don Kouwe, Brooks Hain, Ward Pratt, Walt Frazier, Rev H Smith, Albert Perry, Burt Neygus Front Rmr Bud Aahcraft, Homar Papke, L B. Crouch, Las Fish Will Kinney, Bob Butler, Russell Ostrum, Robert Gillette llcCLR'I'Y'S LAIIU BRIIGIIG F C S ITS FAVORITE BEVERAGE V I R A X rl - l fn. X ' ' t , ' , .X . I kk VV ww 'l ' a l ' 9 K W Q4 .6 o o ' n . V WL . 0 - . . QQ 5 K 'Y r I , a 3. h-Q-Ti-7 - -I , J , . . A . Q 2 0 0 I mi N ami' X Y' 4-F -S. Chwea ww ' f 'r A4 A' n ' J J! Y - ',s ' I I 2 I . J E ' QQ 'H ' 1 XY. ' ' ,1lfi'I.R,fW 'i' 1i'S if , , si i ff' f -L f uf -Ark 'n , 1 1. ' S -fig vi 'R' Tiff? i "gy . ,. ' 5 'Q I If xfik 1' JW' .' X V 'lr W , g. In - V Y 1, lr, ' 7' 'X -x 'U ill yr ' X Ig!! 'N V f , f , ,aff rf I' N N7 r 1, I 1 -I 1 lx a 'l ,. X, . ' J ' 1 - ' fi f 4' ,,. Q' , QQ! iQ! V , 5 f fe fn 'I ' fl-V1 7 V: I . g - Mrs Golda Luzezv-Sen1or Glass Advlsor CLHSS UF 1948 lliss Louise McNinch-Class Advisor WILLILII BRIGHAII 'Honest llamood and Good Fellowship " Basketball 1,2,3 ng Baseball 1,2, 3,h, Soccer 2,3, , F F A Pres 2 Yrs 1 2131!-ls Track 1s2a3n15n Junior P147 h, Junior 6: Senior Pro! 3,h, Chorus 2,3,l4, Band 1,2, n lejor Agriculture Diploma. Vocational Agri culture X xxx L. ,RMB SIRI BFDWN 'As llerry As The Dq Is Long B88kB'bbA11 1,2,3,11, B88Bb8l1 1,2 3,h, Senior P1 by Junior Plqy 35 Senior Ball , Junior Prom 3, Cheerleading 3,h, Art Club la, umm Club 1,2 Mqor Honemaktng Diploma Vocational Hommaldng 114 STUART BROWN "Of Loyal Nature and of Noble Hind " Basketball 3 hy 1' F A 1,2,3,h3 Senior Plqy , Senior Ball hy Band 2,3,h3 Chorus 3,h, Track 35 Junior Prm 3 Mgjor Agriculture Diplmas Vocational Agricul ture 5 J wk If L J x x . J C xx ' ' '1 1 N 5 5 CJQJ fi, ' x XX' C X"'. i Q ' L' e n e e . Q . L. . . . 3 n. ' ' z 2 ' - DONNA CA"E "Bright As The lornlng Star, and Fan- To Look Upon " editor :Ln-Chlef Flllllbre Space Staff 7,8,1,2,3, Junior Play 3, Senlor Play h, Cheerleader l,2,3, Senior Ball h, Junior Prom ajor Latm D1DlO1113. State H1gh School JEAN I-IALL 'A Gentle Smile, and A Kindly Word To Say " Cheerleadlng l,2, Art Club 3 Juruor Play Dlrector 3, Hiking Club l,2, Class Presldent l,h Intramural Green Captaln h "unter Concert 3, Sweetheart Cand1date L, Senior Ball h Junlor Prom 3, Intramurals 1, .Jager Sc1 ence Diploma College Entrance LEEFULIFR 'And Lean Upon The Thought That Chance Will Brlng Me 'Through Chorus 3,b, Basketball 2, , Soccer 3, Art Club 11 'iajor French Dlploma College Entrance i ,-"A" I' l9'0 'Ong 'Saou MIUEST 1-IASKINS "A Stole Of The Woods, A Man Without A Tear " F F A l,2,3 11, Junlor Play 35 Senior Plav , Senlor Ball. lg, "aJor Agrlculture Dlploma Vocat1ona1 Ag1'lCUltU.1'8 15 WILLIAM GILLETTE "Tis The Mind That Makes The Boch Rich " Junior Prom 3, Senior BMJ. Major Mathematics D1plom.a College Entrance HARIU HATCH "Qu1te Calmly He Goes On His Way, Dolng Hls Nork 71th Llttle SW " Soccer l,2,3,h, Baseball l,2, , Basketball 1,2,3,LL, F If A 1,2 h, Captaln of Green Intramurals h, Band 2 Major Agriculture Diploma State Hlgh School . I ,,,',1xg. , ag, 3?gP ', ' I fig V ' gf 'L .1 if ' , ' nrtggggkl , W ,' v .J J. . I ' ,. . . ' ,-. -. . . h X . on ' . I a 3, . h. ' i 0 ' . 0 . . 2 .1 I I 2 U . . . AAL: . o : . I 687 , X "Ez I 51s, ' 1-af - ' fs f W , . as ,, gf . V , I I 3 T 1 31. A.,va.::.:.l..a ',,,.n. I rg 1 ' 'Tha-iiizi -1 - . v , egg. , L .K x. N X I S- -Z1-94 K ,11-ll f . -Q "fn ' -' -AVTK' ' L Z' ' 1 3:00 " '41-A . 1 ', ,UOIC him j . ' I A 'an . ', AL: A ' 3' :gig ,A I Z1 ZS ' ' '-:, , 6 -A. ago: , ,ij tr c- - a ' . . A . , -' . . . I . 5 . . . . A ' . I 0 . , . 3,h. ' 3 fl- ' ' '- - ' 13: u 1 C o 3 ' ' ' ' , ' a ' o ' 0 5 ' -na . . . .1 g ' ' 33,-lo 2 . I . . . . .. Z n 4 xgzjgzl 1- 9- LEARIE HOLIDAI "She Faces The World With A Nonchalant Air, With Never A Worry, Never A Care " Band 1,2,3,h, Chorus l,2,3,h Ju.nlor Play 3, Hllclng Club 1,2, Dancing Club l,2, Business COIIlI11tf46B h Magor Homemaklng Diploma Vocatlonal Homemaklng CLAYTON HOTCHKISS nS0lEt1IBS He Is Most Teasmg And Gay, But Also Has a Studlous Way " Basketball lg, Baseball 3,l4, F F A 2,3,h, Soccer 2, Senior Play ll Junior Pl8y 3, Junior Prom 3, Senior B811 lg Major Agriculture Diploma VOC3t1OD8l Agriculture MERRILL NEVIIIHZH "He's A Sure Card " ll HELEN REDMAN er VO1C8 Was Ever Soft, Gentle Basketball 2,3 14, B8S6b8-11 2,3 and Low An Excellent Thlng In Lg, Soccer 2,3, , Track 3 F Woman " h, Junlor Play 3, Senlor Play D, JU-fl10I' PP0111 3, 59113-01' Ball ll Senlor Play 11, Junlor Prom 3, Art Club 3, Chorus 3,h, Operetta soolor Ball L, Homomaxlng Club 1 3,h, Class Vlce Presldent h ' jor Homemaking 5350? l'athemaf'lC9 Dlploma Vocational Homemaklng Dloloma College Entrance 16 JEAN LUCIA MIDEA WConstant Through Joy A d All ' Trees Junior Class 3, Treas Senior Class L, Junior Prom 3, Senior Ball hg Camera Club 14, Haklng Cllb 1,2, Chorus 2, 3, h .Punlor Play 3, Senlor Play la, Standard Flag Bearer Lg, Basket ball l,2,3,hg Baseball l,2, Volleyball 1,2,3,h, Soccer 1,2, ! Hajors Hathematics 8: Sciences D1pl0I!!3 Colle e Entrance JESSE ROBEPTS "Genlal Possessor Of Hit And Good Humor " F F A 2,3,1,, Senlor Play h Junlor Prom 3, Senior Ball ll Major Agriculture Dlploma Vocatlonal Agriculture - . LL" . Q5 - o , 5 I KJ I . ' . . A U . ' . I ' 5 . . . ' o 0 n , ' o ' o . . . . ' . ' ' 3 . ,, , ' 3511, I . O 9 3 lm. . . . : z ' : . . : - : g :QED C A n" . i'x y. ,ge gm A , H K A I , '-1 , , a.. J, A 0 ' H ' . . ' ' , n o 0 . ' L.. . F L '- ' - ' 5 - . - - . 2 . ' ' 3 o Q . ' . ' 0 . . . . La : . . : I' BERNARD ROOF "Full Wlse Is He That Can Hlmself Know " F F A 2,3,h, Senlor Play D., Junlor Prom 3, Senlor Ball lg Jajor Agriculture Dlploma Vocatlonal Agriculture RUSSELL SMITH "And Still He Fluttened Pulses When He Said, Good Morning Basketball 8,l,2,3,h, Baseball 1, 2,3,h, Soccer 3,h, Band 8,1,2, Chorus 1, Jnnlor Play 3, Senior Play lg, Flllmore Space 3,b, Operettas 2,3, senior Ball h, Junior Prom 3 M8-JOPS Mathematics and Science Diploma College Entrance ILBERT SMITH "Genteel ln Personage, Condu Eqvipaee " Basketball l,2,3,h, soccer l,2, , , Track l,2,3,h F F A 2,3, , Junior Prom 3, Senior Ball lg Major Agrlculture Dlploma Vocatlonal Agrlculture RUTH STEADMAN 'The Soclal Smale, The Synpathe tlc Tear " Junior Play 3 Intramurals captain of whlte team ll, Cheer- leader 1,2,3,h3 Senlor Play h, Hlldmg Club 1,2, Baseball 1, 3,h, Badmlnton 1,2,3,h, Senior Ball l,2,3,h, Volleyball l,2,3 Hhjor Bbmemaklng Diploma Vocational Homemalnng 17 .nlllll DAVID SMITH 'The Greater The Man, The Greater The Courtesy " Basketball l,2,3,h, Soccer 2,3,h Track 2,3,h, Flllmore Soace l,2,3, Junlor Play 3, Senior Playh, Jhnlor Prom 3, Senlor Ballh Art Club 3,l1, Class Presldent 2 Class Vice Presldent 1, Band 2,3, Operetta Decorations 2,3,h, Boy's State 3 Iagors lhthematlcs, Science Dlploma College Entrance IOLENE STEELE "Her Strength of Spirit Is To Be Still " Intramurals 1,2,3, Junior Prom 3 Senior Ball h, Junior Play 3 Major Business Diploma Vocational Busimss - ' ' ct ' . . And H . . - . '. l O O . D . I 3 C S . Q - - - . u- i 5 . . . u' . .Q - 5 1 : - i . all' . zza' 5, et, A A Using 'rf o II . 0 - . in y t . . 35 . . ' 2: . . . 5 1 ' 11. , g 2 J 1' nomzm' swmrr 1cErmE'1'H frovmsn RUBEN' V-'W OSTRAND "COn'bented with More hid n "A Friend Not To Be Forgotten, Happy Thth All " Though He Seems QU-lets H9 With An Friendly virtues ' saskizbm 1,2,3,1,, Easeball 1, I1-m"f' All The While " 2,3, , Soccer l,2,3, , Flllmore F F A 1,2,3 h, Senior Play h, Space l,2,3,h, .Junior may 3, Art Club ll! F F 1 11 Senior Ball Semor Play h, Junior Prom 3 Transfermd from Kenmore High Senior Ball 14, .rumor Class School-Seniol' Year Major- Agrznculture President 3, Band 1,2,h, Chorus Diploma Vocational Agriculture 2, Movie Progector Operator l,2,3,h, Major Art Standard Flag Bearer h Diploma State High School hjors lIathemat1cs 8: Science Dlploma College Entrance Q if KENDLLL I. LLDRICH ELMER VAN DUSEN 'The Secret Of Success Ie Con- "G00d H61-llf-h And Good 361159 LN steric! To PU-I'POB6a' 'LE of L:Lfe's Greatest Bless- s. Space-Art Editor 3 ls' Photo- gmhy club, M., Suisor Play Basketball 1,2,s hs Baseball 1,2, 33 Senior Play h. 3: Soccer 1,2,3,Ls Track 2,3415 Post Graduate. -5:1205 Sdmtgs Senior Ball. r ua . ll r: Science Dzglonez College Entrance Majors: Mathematics 8: Science Diploma: College Entrance 18 4 """','w" Back Row Warner, L Ludmg, D McKenzie, E Adamowich, Cronk, L Preston, G Stekl, R Findlq Second Row Howden, T Riehle, W Curry, B Rauhe, Parker, E H'1i.nne'y, J Merlin, L Worden, Morse '-'ront Row Sylor, G James, L Ludwig, P McDonald, Preston, M Wenger, C Ellwood, W Gillette In early September of l9hS, the class that 1S now the Junior class-mghty Juniors-trooped 1n as Freshmen, as green a crop as had been seen in mary years From the fn-st day t11l the last, Robert Findlay, our class president, rapped his gavel nth sharp cracks that were felt upon our lowly heads At his beck and call were Beverly Howden, vice president, and Allen Cronk, secretary and treasurer Our class act1vit1es were at an ebb with only a picnic at Letchworth and one or two skating parties The autumn of l9h6 saw Beverly Howden as chlef executive who kept his feet on the C E 's desk through June, Connie Ellwood as secretary and treasurer assisted him This year we are expenencing the lash and fury of Janet Merwin commonlv known as "Mert", who now occupies the hlgh position as Junlor Class president, with Laura Ludwig as v1ce pres1dent, Wilma Gillette, secretary and Betty Rauhe as treasurer succeedlng Rachel Nlller who moved to Buffalo Not much progress was achleved in the f1nanc1al aspect until thls, our Junior year Our first undertaking was the launchlng of a yearbook Headlng the yearbook organization are Beverly Howden as Editor, Mary Wenger and Lartha Preston as Associate Editors, Laura Ludwig as Business Manager, and Lowell Preston as Sports Editor Under the able assistance of Miss Caroline Smith, our yearbook advisor, we are actually achieving results. Other faculty members who are pitching in are: . Mrs. Pauline Potter, our class advisor, and Miss Victoria Gonzalez, art instructor who was commissioned to do the illustrating on THE CREST. Another event of the year was the arrival of the traditional class rings a week or two before January examinations. To earn money for our Washington trip, a series of five dances are being held, a. Junior Prom in Hay and a Junior Play in the near fut1u'e. 19 SUPHUIHUHES Estabrook, J qchmidt, F. Findlay, E Morse, C lhller Knowlton, W Smith, R MacEwan, D Bennett Nevinger, F Wolfer, A Daley, R Blake, D Arnold Fiegl, J Cleveland, G Damon Parker, B Prlnce, C Thomas, J Brigham, C Johnson, Hanna, E Carmer, S Sink Back Third Second Clute, J Faecke, B Horse Our freshman class of 19146-19117 chose Joyce Brigham as president and Barbara Morse as secretary and treasurer Our homroom teacher was Miss Kehrer and our class advisor, Mr Wilmot The majority of the class took a vocational course while the rest pursued a college preparatory We had a class skating party at Wellsville Our sophomore class of 19147 19118 15 composed of thirty seven students The president 15 June Faecke, vice president, Ronald Findlay, secretary Bonnie Nevinger and the treasurer, Charles Miller. Miss Kehrer 1s our homeroom teacher and Mr Wilmot 18 our advisor So far, our only source of ralslng money has been through our dues consisting of twenty five cents a month Nothlng as yet as been planned for raising add1tional funds Our class is very active 1n sports Every member is a sports- loving person We sophomores have had a skatzmg party this year again at Wellsville nth few casualt1es We boast the success of one of our members, Barbara Morse She was chosen "Sweetheart of F C S " We Sophomores know hal pick theml Row: We 0 s- 0 1 o . Le O 0 I I Row: Bc 0 e o l g Ll I O O Row: D. . ' . . . Be I O D Front Raw: E. Gill, F. Bailey, B. Vosburg, G. Vincent, J. Thomas, D. . . . U I 0 20 FHESHHIEII Back Ricketts, S Hall, F Welsh, K Cronk, A Blsnstt, Wagoner, G Mason, ll Vosburg F:Lfth w Van Buskirk, N Fiegl, D Kingsley, R Thomas, Schuknecht, D lL1dea, P Sandford, F Brown Fourth Ieet, V Steadman, L Scutt, I Walradt, G Hall Steadman, A Marvin, H Johnson, T France Irish, J Walradt, E Elliott, M Hartman, L Walradt Second w Hull, J Ames, J Gibalski, O Hasklns, M Clester, Brown, F Roof, P Davis, ll Doud, D Rauhe Front Bennett, W De Rock, C James, D Hall, E Hennard Cartwright, R Gillette The freshman class of 19147 19148 started with a very high enrollment, forty two members Election of officers was held at the beginning of the school year president-Patncia Steadman, v1ce president Keith Cronk, secretary Patsy Davis, and treasurer-Don Midea Meetings are held once a month to discuss old and new business. Hrs Findlay is our advisor and to her ws give our grate ful thanks in helping us solve many problems The homeroom teachers for the year were Mrs Findlay of room :BS and Mr Wilmot in the agriculture mm 21 Row: Ce 0 A 0 o u . Go O I O Ro 3 To o c 0 GU O . O O I How: T. . . . . , Pl O O O I Third Row: M. Warner, D. Wolfer, E. Sherlock, H. Cronk, E. Eldridge, Fl O O O C O Ro 2 on o o e . o Jo O I O D O Row: Go Q 0 Q o , Cb I O JHBHTH GHHDE BackRow ThirdRdI Second Rn! Front Row Clester, R Gillette, E Gayford, J Cooley, H Falrbank, Wood, G Hiller, N Bliss, K Voss, ll Redman, I Arnold, Thomas, P Davis Prentice, B BaJla.rd, B Bennett, A Steadman, P Sandford, Holiday, L Ballard, J Clark, V Wolfer, J Roberts, Smith Cleveland, l llarriott, P Daley, J Curry, S Tolrner, Washburn, S Cronk, J Ludwig, V Colombo Fiegl, R Sink, L Zilker, R Haskins, J Smith, P Hain Smith, L Lee, A Gaue SEVENTH GHHDE Fifth Fourth Third Second Front Row Hur: Sprawl, ll Warner, C Lafferty, J Yands, L llcKerroI, Scutt, J Griggs, P Rice GGIIU, C Hennard, S Holter, D Dash, L Bailey Eldridge, I Washburn, D Horse, S Mason H Irish, B Bennett, L lslradt, D Jams, Hartman, B Ames, L Morgan, H Evans A Hills, D Aslcernan, B Sbekl, S Dash C Median, L lolfer, J Bentley, D Redmond , V Roberts, R. Rose, L brgan, K Fidz, A. Syler, R. Schlicht, C Webster, H lrigzt Evans, R Hodnett, G Carnr, A Arnold, I Doud, L Bailey, J linchip, Jnss, I Bentley 22 Ellrood, Irish, I Vosburg, Granger, Williams F 2 Ro o o u 0 Cn n e Q s o D. - . I Ba 0 n 0 e Bo s o Q a L. Q 3 Lo a o Q o up Q s o e 3 Zo o 0 e c o E. . I Q Back Raw: D. Purdy, A. wues, u. Schmidt., E. ofener, J. smcn, Ya c o o o Ga u o o 2 Co 0 0 o 0 3 Ho Q o a Q R073 Je o e o 0 Be O 0 D 0 9 Raw: vo o 0 a 0 5 ca s o o o o ' 'Q g e a Rot: Ho o a o I a Q Fo a 0 SIXTH GHHDE Back Row Fourth Row Thlrd Row Second Row Front Row Thomas, 1' ldtchell, I' Butler, S Grimes, J Gerwitz, Wolfer, L Scutt, H Bennett, C Mowers Qmith, L Lllly, A Perry, J Thomas, G France Dlspenza, G Zeller, G Cockle Nclferrow, W Beardsley, J Bllss, P Cronk, Carter, D Ackerman, B qlnk, W Tlmothy Tillzmghast, J Marshall, R Ferrin, L Daley, V Ballard, B Gayford, W II'1Sh Wilcox, G Evans, E Wolfer, S Pauhe, B Marshall, Holmes Fiegl, C Voss, H Marnn, G Bliss, F Hatch, C Cooledge, Mills FIFTH GHHDE Bac Fourth Thlrd Qecond Front W W N W Merwin, Qt-ekl, F Daley, S Tavlor, J Kmg, Yalraldt, E Johnson, V Pnoe, R Cooley, Gayford, L1 Gott, E I-aarbanks, P Clark, Towell, G Gayford, D Greer, L wagner, G Burgess Colombo, V Cleveland, R Ferrin, D Zeller Haskins, J Fodnett, J Fuller, D Marnott, "J1les Glll, G "'1ll:.nghast, J Mowers, S Gayford Burgess, D Armlson, S Carter, S Folger, J Thoma Hildreth F1egl, S 5.08, J Lafferty, D Harper, H Evans, Armson, R Vedder, S Evans 23 5: I Ge no '. so o o Eu ' I I . O I Ho s o 0 o s o , J. ". ' . . . ' I Po c L A u o . o C. Q I 0 54. I ' I 2 Ju - 0 . U - s R. . : L. . ' . . . . N. . . k Ro : A. W. . . . , . .' K. 3 . . ' . Ro : J. . . ' ' . D. . . . 7' . . . Row: Ro o o s , Ao U 1 . O ' No 3. u x, Ro I Sn ' o an . o u 3 Ja a . n o 0 S. . Ro 2 Lo . o l s o L 0 V' . l I I FUURTH GRHDE Back Row Fourth 1r Thmrd 1r oecond 1r Washburn, L Butler, D Hodnett, J Itloe, D Vedder, Green, D Cronk, I Butler, D Prioe, W Beardsley Lilly, L hulls, S Wolfer, R Don, R Bills, Cooley, 1' Hatch, J De Graff, E Wright, J Johnson Ballard, M McCarthy, W Irish, R Fiegl, A Armiaon, Morris, K Bennett, J Griggs, W. Irish, R Bliss, F1egl, H Pioe Marriott, H Van Ostrand, K Closser, S Weaver, Beardsley, J Bailey, L Wnght, D W1lliams, G Hatch, Flint emlHiRDmt3IlclillJE Back Third w Second w Front Ir Fuller, W Colombo, D Mlller, A Green, E Phinney, Qtekl, N Fairbank, B Thomas Wolfer, A Hill, J Armison, M Sonnleitner, R Yanda, Dispenza, R Wiles, L Cockle Armison, V Beardsly, R Laird, M Hatch, P Knibloe, Mills, L Bowden, R Marriott, L Wnght Kepler, M Smith, J uayford, L lAcKerrow, K Cronk, Butler, B Bailey, ll Greer 2h 2 E0 0 o o 0 Fo . I O Q I RD 2 Lo o o I o o Rl 1. U I I O - Ro 2 Fo 0 V s o 0 Po 0 O O Al . U I C RD 3 Do o o 0 GQ C C l . I . Q Bo U Front Rmv: R. Bailey, H. Voss, W. Laird, H. Oldenburg, J. Gqyford, C. O . I O Row: P. s Q ' o 0 J. 5- U l . . Ro 3 Mo U 0 0 0 Po O 0 . RD 2 Fo o 0 O 0 C9 Q . a o u 0 Ro 2 Jo a o A 0 0 BQ I Q C SECUHD BRHDE Back ROW Thlrd Row Second Row Blake, A Ackerman, R Wolfer, D T1llinghast Closser, ll Ballard, H Ackerman, L Wolfe:- Rose, P Wood mans, D Armison, D 1'a1per, H Bauer, M Taylor Vincent, R Cott, P Don, C Brueser, L Cronlc Mitchell, J Buck, M Thomas, J Mix, L Mix Flegl, C Mills, N Campbell, R Bennett Front Row Wilcox, S Bliss, C Kopler, S Vedder, N Luckey, Back Fourth Third Second Front W2 Stekl, G Volk, L Butler, L Hall, D Watson, Brown, D Bledsoe, D Miller, S Stekl, J Helms, Balley Harper, D Fisk, D Graves, R Hodnett, R Bailey, Wolfer, R Mann, S Papke, D Harris, T Carter, BaJJ.a.rd Yager, ll Evans, R Gently, W Henry, E Newland, llidea, S Brueser, Laird, G Wright R Crouch, Luckey Tisdale, D. Cronk, . Ferrin, L. Green, S. Cronk, Daley, E. Hodnett, Sandford. Van Name, C. Bentley, B. Morris, A. Peterson, France, E. TiJ.1inghast, M. Butler, C. Bennett, Go Rork, co 25 . mans, D. Walton, J. Marvin, I Da o 0 o ' 3 vo o 0 o 3 R. . . ' 3 Je e Q 1 . o 0 5 Jo o o o o s 2 Jo o o o o 3 Go ' o c o o 2 Jo 0 0 0 0 M. King, B. Mowers, P. De Groff, L. Marriott. RUF! Je o o o o R. . . . . H. ' Q Ruff so 0 s o u . Lo o ' o 0 o Fo o Row: Sa 0 o Q 0 Bo l Jn o , o B, Q R017 F D F E K RD D HIHIJERGHRTEH Back Row Third Rmr Second Front Row Hlldreth, C Gledhill, J Zorn, C Vincent, Gillette, F Johnson, P Hatch, E McCarthy Gilbert, A Folger, L Crouch, F Sink, Burgess, P Hecht, C Moore, D Colombo Washburn, C Armison, B Hatch Hells, T Sandford, J Adams, F Evans, Kopler, B Bliss, ll Bills, J Volk, Oldentmrg, C Bailey, B Hatch, R Brandt Gayford, M Cleveland, R Harris, R Sherwood Bentlev C Fuller, D Colombo HOUGVITON Caneadea f!6 Bac Third Second Front Row' Nichols, F. Russell, P Sp:-ankle, L Knowlton, Smith, R Pero, A Bamett, J Finney Shea, C Finney, J Moon, E Smith, L. Andrews, Russell, S Chase Wells, C Foster, B Foster, J Andrews, Kreclanan, C Paine, A Krocklln Hoon, J Failing, I Budensick, E Hills, Kaufman, N Foro, M Chase 26 2 Fe I o e o J. . 0 l U 2 Po 0 o e Aa a Q 0 3 We e e o R-UW: Jo 0 e 1 Gs e o 0 Ce o o n o : , . U , B. Voss, M. Ballard, J. cmnk, R. Ludwig, Ce . 1 o o 0 k Row: up e o In s o e 0 ml JA 0 0 o we o o ' ROY! Ae a 0 o Es e A Q . Ee o o Q H. . Q C Ellen 3 Centerville 6 as M Vosburg, B Clester, R Karolnskl, B Clester Back Pow B Gaus, V Sylor, L Sherlock, B Hayes Front Row K Gaus, J Sherlock Granger il SHOPT TRACT Back Row Second Row Front Row Voss, L Faecke, C PI'8DtlSS, A Perry, B Ayers, James, G James, L O'Hara Irish, R Prentlss, B Hussong, L Voss, P Curry, Bentley, J Prentlss O'H8.ra, W lledcs, R Insh, C Jams, S Prentiss, James 27 V -ll- p' ,- -.1 5 ' ,V J - 4 on. : P I . E"'l ' A I I no 0 o A I l Q L 2 9 O 0 s l - U . 5 .,,. V-, xr ., " - ,- QI? , , V, , 'Q 'S ' I uv ' Vx' '- ii is , fe ' V , X ' U X. . 5 1 - A C 5 s - . V. If . V v ,J T 5 ' ' V 1 A154 1 f . - A v .YH - , 1,4 VI I 2 A0 0 o . A 0 To o o o 3 Ao o . 0 o Q J. . ' . 2 Po o o I 0 0 V. A116132 Granger 36 HORTON HILL Back Row D I-Iennard, I Carmer, V Praele, J Herm D Hennard Front Row A Sheldon E Hull, E Hull, Mrs Byron, R Perry, B Cole Back Row- J Davis, J Keyes, C 111115, G Nevinger, F Bailey, D Davis Front Rmr P Easley, L Leet, F Nefvinger, M Pnos 28 4 1 I Hume 1619 WISCOY X ffiffzffzkvv Opn SOCCER o onents Fillmore 3 Nunda. 2 Belfast Nuzxia. Angelica Rnshford Canaseraga Friendship Itlchburg Cplayoffb Kendall Cquarterl '3cotts'n.'L1e Csemib North Rose ffmelsl Back Row Howden, A Bisnett, W Smith, R Smlth, C Miller, Smith, D Smith, M Ilevinger, E Warner Ricketts, A Daley, K Cronk, R liachvarx, L Preston, Stekl, G Wagoner, H Hatch, K Towner De Rock, F Brown, M Warner, Coach Farwell Brigham CCapta.:LnD, E Van Dusen, D Hides, D all Seconi Row Front Row I have been asked to write a brief statement concerning our soccer team of th1s year 19117 19148 With this belng nv first year in Fillmore, it was very gratlfyzmg to see the large turnout for the squad It was only through the efforts of aJ.1 the squad members that we were able to have our very successful season and emrge victorious with the Class C, Section V soccer championshi The w:Lnn:Lng of this championship was, for rm, one of the big thnlls of nv life Ln dealing with athletes and athletlcs Awfqifwf 2 19 S 6 3 5 2 3 2 2 2 5 3 9 2 8 h K ' 6 1 ' 2 3 Be 0 0 o . 0 1. . n 0 0 3 ce 0 4 a o E. . Q Q . :l. . . , W. Q . .H Q Po cl 'ij is '71 it' 1 f ' . ' .sv Y --aus... .N .nf A-W Jean Brown, Joyce Brigzsm, Ruth Steadman, Sara Brown 30 Opponents Fillm Sh 36 6 7 lal 7 33 Letchworth Chester, 0 Numa Rushford Cuba Angelica Frleniahip Canaseraga Belmnt Belfast Belfast Letchworth Frlerrlship Belmont Angelica h3 30 P8 BHSHETBHLL Back Row Coach Farwell, L Preston, R Ruth, C Miller, W Brigham, H Hatch, E Warner Kmanagerj Front Row M Nevinger, S Brown, A Smith, D Smith, K Tamer JULIIUH VHHSITU BackRmr B Houden,W SaIth,G lille:-,R Findihay E Stekl, R KacEran, A. Daley Second Row: C Rlclnetts, H Horse, K Crunk, I Estabrook, F Brown, D llidea F1'Ont HDI: C0821 C0119, D Gillette, I De Rock, G lllson R. Schlicht, G Wagoner Cmanagerl 31 35 37 30 314 62 V 37 y 2 S0 , 5 ' 145 27 S1 33 35 29 50 25 71 lx? la ' 214 h3 30 142 f :XIV A K t I A - i ' 2 1 e o 0 3 0 o O IHTRHHIUHHLS Back Ron oecond Row Front Row Thomas, C Thomas, D Case, M Holidq, J lleunn, Aspell Morse, I Crawford, D Clute, L Ludwig, J Mldea, Carmer, G Vincent Redman, J Brown, S Brown, R Steadman fcaptain Fllwood, L Worden SENIOR HIGH WHITE TEAM SENIOR HIGH GREEN TEAM Back Row: Front Raw: ""'Xf I . Cleveland, W. Curry, B. Nevinger, J. Brigham, . Hanna, G. Damon, G. Jams. . Bailey, J. Faecke, ll. Wenger, J. Hall Ccaptainl, . Preston, F. Wolfer. 32 JUNIOR HIGH GREEN TEA! Bac Thlrd Second Front W 017 W Cc Waldradt, S Dash, H Johnson, A Marvln, Y Sprawl, Foliday, TJ Waldradt, J Clark, B Bennett Griggs, 1' Warner Ccaptainl, F Irish, B Prentice France, B Stekl, D Ylolfer, H Cronk, S Tonner, Curry Morgan, W Washburn, S Walter, M Clester, C Gondy, Eldridge, J Gibalski, C Hennard, L Cleveland, Irish Ames Ccaptain-Ythj, P Steadman, Vi Colombo aptain-8thJ JUNIOR HIGH WHITE TEAM Back Third econd Front W 'lf .An Bennett, D Rauhe, M Washburn, P Sandford Steadman, G Hall, V Wolfer, T Lest, J Roberts Ames, O Haskins, S Cronk, L Smith, L Ballard, Waldradt, L Waldradt, L MCKBTIDW, P Davi Doud Irish, Z Bailey, S Mason, F Roof, E Gfeller, Marriott, D Dash, D James, D Morse Elliott fcaptaln 9thJ, M Schmidt Ccaptain-Tthj, Daley Ccaptain--Sthl 33 k Ro : L0 0 l l . 0 Bo - 0 0 0 0 - R : Jn .u 0 0 , T. . . . - Jo s HUF: La o o o 0 H0 U 0 Q Ho 0 RD 2 B. 0 Ill , V' , U . I Y . . ' - ' - ' . if E 1 lr 1 9 ' ' , .K V , I J . . , Q ' 1 - r J J . , Ro 1 Bo 0 o o , A0 o o I o 0 Ro I Jo o Q o 5 J. . . . s, M. n S Row: Bo a 0 o o Mo 0 o 0 4 Row: E0 . -' 0 P. . 5,35 fa' 5' E J' f !.,,, i Af .l if 1 X uf' WJ Q EKWUXYYYH -Nl' N11 gl? irq' -- 'Ulm ir ,ox -A gi-TRW rj., 4 '34 JSM 4, ...J -'1 'n1?ii QW? X ew iii -'VN Aw np WG 1-s. . 1 :i!"'f ' Q ' y b 2 5 , ' 1 , . K ' , f ,I ' J -,-Q ' If I ci I V 'n ' f A ,Q 3-'is' . r " 1' ' : -'K " !',-2525 q - ' l -- P ' xi v 2 . . ' 2 7? Ll - gi- ' ' ' . ,. , " 5' ,i " -'Aff , - rf I ' 7.31, ., 6 51- 1 A ' V lx ilfif'-1: g E . , 5 e I . , , I in K . . 3 4 f M ' an . A D A v z f ff v .-. . n ' 'L ' ,.. ,ii Q A X V , -w,.gM, , '. Q' ' . xg .... Q K V ' . Y-" K' .xiii VL . X BA if L . :V . A ,da . , , 4 3? fv w, w ' N' fi gn Q1r:""""' wi, - F ' . ..q- 1 - " '-tyfsh' 5 ' 20.3 Fi' - N -' , 'ffi ,-:Q 4 ... ,, " . 11,:,-5651 -' J - ,, P- .,: 3 If ' ,. 3, , I I , .nur V 'F' 'S "" f f P2221 -- if , 1 7 Lf, A L' 'T 3 . .. A.. ' ' ' lag , ' 4 ' 5 Q Q ' 'sl f" ' , Q 1 ,p + 14 ..-gg:-A . , I A Y. xi I H Ng.I'fivlg3 1 f- .-1 - Q -f f H .- 1 I 1-,- N X , 5-+313 1 - 5 ,. ,Q - K 2 lag f f L 1152, ' " ln- i , nr Q i 'wwf ' - I in ' Q 4 Q YS., 5' , V4 -- ' X., - A2 U Aa . -xv ,R ff , i W ' X sg nl , 1 xg. Q' . ' 1 I N, ai"" 31 ' ' ' 1 ' l ' f 2: . fix iw , 5 s. 11 X " : 'ig' - ' .4 ,ik , 4 , ji r . V ii .Q A V . ' , - fffifulls D . x N.Qfg'Q 5 It 5 Q i 5 -Y .Q-M , L : II 1 1 . f J, ' 4 Q0 ,-- - 4 1 3' , j. 'V , , J 'R , . ' ,Q-5. 'K , - ., 4, . .- fx, ' , ,f ' . K A 1 'A I V N ' 1 I 6 Q 1 k 5 5 X , ' Q ' , t ' ' ' ' aa. Y.. Y ,E .' 2 . . 1' fl 1 - 1 1 l , '- -x - I v Q A 1 ' ' . KX I JV ffff X X ff Qi! My X1 I f . X. 7. , 'V 'I . ,if ,f I ., ,il f' .gf i X mimx SEHIUH BHHD M B441 Back Row Second Row Front Raw W Brlgham, L Preston, E Adamovnch, E Phinney, R Findlsgy, L' Hol1day, K Cronk J Cleveland, R Findlay, B Roof, Towner, B Howden, J Bmvm V Syler, G Damon, N Fiegl, B Vosburg Brown, Cronk, Brown, Welsh, fmajorettel, M Preston, L Worden, L Fiegl, C. Ricketts JUHIUR BHHD Back Row: Front Row: R. Haskins, L. Cleveland, D. Towell, I-I. Fairbanks, . Yanda, H. Eldridge, A. Mills. . Evans, V. Cleveland, J. Rmxhe, A. Wiles, J H A. mmd, c. Gowdy, P. mee. 36 GKHLS CHORUS Back ROW Thlrd Row Second Row Front Row Holiday, H Johnson, A Parker, R Qteadman, Mrs Kouwe, Brigham, C Thomas, E Phinney, J Merwin Irish, M Preston, F Wolfer, G Hall., J Walradt, McDonald, T Franoe, B Hanna Thomas, E Gill, G James, M Wenger, M Warner Clute, B Prince, D Parker Gillette, B Morse, J Brown, C Ellwood, J Midea, Brmm, D Rauhe, L Ludng BUUS UHUHUS BackRow Front Row Crank, L, B Brigham, B Hiller, S Brown Preston, R. Findlay Findlay, M Nevinger, D Arnold, R Smith, R Blake, Daley 37 7 2 Me 0 0 os. a Jo o Q s a ' I Fe o o 0 0 Pe 0 o 0 2 De o o o o 3 Du o o o 3 we 0 r u 1 ' o S. . U . 7 li33tli1li.l!.L4il?3?El 3 Ao 0 0 0 0 L. . 2 Ro s 0 0 0 1. . GLEE CLUB 54 l Nv- Back Rom Flndlay, A Cronk, D Arnold, ll Yevinger, R Findlay, Blake, A Daley Fourth Row Mermn, R Smith, L Fuller, Brlgham, C. hhller, Brown, L Preston, F Irish 'I'h1rd Row Hanna, J Brigham, C Thomas, E Phinney, R. Steadman, Hollday, A Parker, H Johnson, G Hill Second Row- . Parker, D Rauhe, D Thomas, G Janes, L Ludwig, France, F Wolfer, J Thomas, P McDonald, M Preston, Prlnce. Front Row Brown, J lhdea, C Ellwood, J Brown, B Morse, Warner, D Clute, M Wenger, W Glllette, E Gill As a vocal department, we have had some good tunes, done much hard work, and made several successful appearances these past years Our boys group has grown to fourteen "crooners' , whlch mevltably means we all engoy the new mixed chorus once a week Our Ilrst concert thls year was w1th the band :Ln December It was then that the "Sweetheart of Fillmore High" was chosen In February, we appeared w1th the band agaln at the Rushford Flllmore Teachers Conference Later ln the year we sang P1rate's Br1de" none of us w1J.1 forget lt 'ir Jea.n Hall, Laura Ludwig, Janet Roberts, Jean Brown, Pat Steadman, Mary nenger, Bonnle Nevlnger, Sara Brown Seated Sweetheart of F11lmore Hlgh oarbara Morse 38 x , J J , 8 , iq. ,L 4 -. . .xt S I at I ff I d mfg -M : Ro ' I D I I O Rl I O 2 Jo . 0 - o we . . Sl I I Q O ' I Bu 0 0 0 L50 . O O O I . D . . , , To O O O Q B. ' : SI C . O O I Mo ' O O C . C Q ' n . 1 . Q at the Genesee Country Music Festival, at Baccalaureate, and of course-"The 8 K C7 ' - ' D 'V H 2 , , y , 6 R Qi 4 I I ' V I 1 t DW, , V K. ff, . A' f , I u, , x .,, - ' .4 ' - V Q ' i . , W :gaze f g l ' 1 FHCUHU PLHU Back Row Hr Farwell, Mr Haynes, Mrs Rork, Hrs Lapp, Liss lcliinch, Mr Folts, Mr Wilmot Front Row H153 Main, Mrs Graves, H183 Kehrer, Mrs Gelser, Mrs Potter, Mrs Findlay, Mr Cole Benefit of Hospital 'GRANDAD STEPS OUT' February h-5, 19148 W simon Pu-mu fi Back Row Roof, C Hotchklss, R Smth, R Meet, D Smlth, Brigham, J Roberts, H Hatch Second Row McDonald, C Thomas, B Vosburg, S Brown Front Row Haskins, R Steadman, K Towner, S Brown, D Case, Holiday, J Midea, H Redman 'fwwo mmrrss TO con 39 Hmm, 6.7, Uh., .' ,ns A, ga. A U is -+3 5 l. gi .tg : IP-Ii. ' I Z. -' p 1 f 'U F ' . ,'. ,FW . 1 1 4, 1 ,, .fe .D 1 C1 i : U U Y C I I Z O f U S . C ' I C I . Q I Y . . 'f' ' 4 I. vi . Ill' As ini '. LQ H513 A if sa 1 Y. W, . , T 1 , ,wg ,. M . , 51' J' 'XV' ? .0 Q ' I W' , -- 3,13 ' , , ' - ' ' Q, 3 .. I' 1 - S, 4 ' 'fe . " ff A ' 14 1 Ba o . a . 0 0 . W. O C O 2 Po o n Q 0 2 Ee e Q 0 o M' C I C FUTURE FHUIUEUS Back Ir Third Second Front vr Bisnett, H Hatch, L Ludwig, W Perry, A Smith, Warner, J Schmidt, ll Nevinger Mason, R Ellvood, F Welsh, G Wagoner, A Daley, Hotchkiss, D Bennett, N Estabrook, B Roof Sweet, G Bennett Cartwright, N Fiegl, F Brown, R Van Ostrand Thomas, M Vosburg, E Ackerman, G Schuknecht, Kingsley, D Hall Morse, A Cronk, S Brown-Sec , W Brigham-Pre Haskins-Vice Pres , J Roberts Treas , L F16g1, Mr Wilmot Advisor HUT CLUB Hanan! QUITE PLEASE! Art students at work Recognize them? ho PHUTUGRHPHU CLUB Beverly Howden, Eugene Stekl, Kendall Aldrich, Miss Kehrer, Jean Hidea FILHHURE SPHUE STHFF liiillilla ,mum Back Rmr R Ha.cE1ra.n, R Blake, D Arnold, W lah-adt, T France, D Parker, P Davis, L lalradt Front Row Mrs Gleason, K AIl.drich, D Case, K Turner, a muh, nas sum 111 cajgf aww cafof 62- 0 h2 QM, - fgm x Ji QQEMZOJMZ A 1 AA Ail Q? vi 4 5 AR' 'WA WS i'Qn V, JL as W QA MQ QL P14 -Q ' A 4 A if xi. ,F v X-, . ,bg M P L . ' ' Fillmore, New York .JA 3 1 i li CO INLT-TS Of WNER'S DEPARTMENT STORE In '1 , vw rforls 'Lp IL ru.: UL ,JL JC 'F' 1943 Vs very QQ w sr es muy' ufu e DP oamrs atevfm tffij, are or WGJL, 'flgv . 115 THE PEQRT EZTIITTITTE CLI-fP,f.,.r' E:.,-..'1 To 1 I' ' MOE?" CEIITR' ELCHFC QVIIICILQ gr f w 1 vt 7 '- V ,,, - A fv- 'M , ' D 1 Y. fl 1 .... V - , - W., '.'.?1 V- lx, ' '.'.'l1e. 1 Qz' they .fj Le COMPLILTENTS of KOPIEIUS FUNEPAL SEFIVICE Fillmore, New York Compliments From Distributors HEARIWS DELIGHT FOOD PRODUCTS Scovilla, Brown Sf Cbmparv Wellsville, New York 146 V -I - . C0lGRATU'L.LTIONS to the cuss OF 19h8 for whom we made the PORTRAITS for this issue of THE CHEST BLAIR STUDIO nous, N. Y. NEWARK, N. Y. M P L I 1 Fillmore, New York 117 CO MEN"'S T of STAlI'EBLNKofFII.LllOHE l 'n L 1 P91511 rton' Store Centervlllp, New Work U Lyle Bllss General Insuance Flllmore, New York P Iorthern Alleganj Ob crver Cllf ord Prem 1 S Store .mort Tract, New Yorn AOLIPLIBJETITS C.?T.LIT-fE!J"'S of of .'n5 . 5 . , I Y I 4 I- I ' , H 1 I l'lT COL' LIVETITS COLZPLILSEIJTS I oi' of E V' S 'f t'5 J. . M8 C O M U P M E N M P L I M E N 1 S ! Lloyd D Ludwig Garage Ailes Noble Store ED ROSE SPORTING GOODS i f M P L I M E N Everyth ng or every game Buffalo's Largest Sports Store W t N Y k Re t ti SCIERA APPLIANCE SHOP Buffalo and es ern fi: or presen a ve A G Spaldlng Q Bros Q Goldsmlth Flllmore, New York Sports Equlpment Sl East Genesee St C1 2551 119 C O . L I T S of of S Short Tract , New York hom Tract' New York C O T S of FILLMOHE: um Compnmnts Feed Seed Flour andFert11izer Phone ILL Gerald M Cook Dr Stefan Rose Fillmore, New York Fin re, New York FRANCE MOTORS, IDE Chrysler Plymouth Sales and Service Belfast, N I Phone 9 vr FILLMORE SERVICE STATION General Auto Service Paul E Potter, Prop. Hqorn 93 Fillmore, New York N ' ' I of F r' F o ,J 50 CO'IPLILEN'f'S OF HLNNA AND RDRK A1119-Chalmers Dealers Roseburg, New York ARPERRX Groceries, Ice Cream Tobacco Phone Fillmore 16F 23 i COMFIJLE ITS The Liquor Stone Fnllmore, New York Hvssburg, New York THE worm BEARER PRESS DANCE Every Saturday Might LEDN AND MAX Rushford, New York Re11g1ous Books Sunday School Hellglous Educatlon Haterials A of ,D D or J Gas and Oil s . . I W . . am' I I I nu n ll I i 51 YOUD EEST BARGAIN IS WIGU1 I YOUR OW? 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Suggestions in the Fillmore Central High School - Crest Yearbook (Fillmore, NY) collection:

Fillmore Central High School - Crest Yearbook (Fillmore, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Fillmore Central High School - Crest Yearbook (Fillmore, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 60

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1948, pg 40

Fillmore Central High School - Crest Yearbook (Fillmore, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 54

1948, pg 54

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