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N' JN ,X v QW J WSWW 1 I -f 5 , A WWXQQJJXW V ,,,.g"J5 QWAWW - UL m?Li fJeA , 5 W 5555556 SES X zggl ily 2 W M, fiiypfWi?f 232W W' Wwwyf ,433 W 4 V W MWLTQ mf fm ' M y 'QM i,"ffgjlj3g,5M I 'WQ95'mif'Q fllahpw ' ' L1 ms,-5'1-,"e ' dll' Y gf Z 5332! ff l 1 JZ ,gf '52-'53 i l ci ca t Published by Associated Students of FILER HIGH SCHOOL ,GJ Editor-Florettu Bode-llstub Xssisfant Editor-'1'l1e1'0ssu Matthiesen Business Mmlagcr-Mable Whelan TIME I I 11111 time. I eome to give thee life ' Tiventy-four hours of every llllll, y All this to every 1111111. I tit-k, tick. I sounll in peaee, 111111 strife, I In sleep, in work, and play, Forever, on and on. i I never change To good 111111 111111 alike. The rieh, tl1e brave, the free All use me as they muy. I 11111 gold To those who willg t11 UIlII'l'.S' Lezirl, who do not see The l1e11efit of i111l11sl1'y. . 1 I 11111 po1111'1 l XVe1lk to strong, eoivurrl to bl'll-UU lhlflll grows IIS I move 011, Or not 11s will he may. I 11111 fume To those iifhose light is bright, Who shine with all their might, Pure, through clay and night. I 11111 Illlllpllll'-SKS' To those who serve IIIIII give, XVho help the weak, make ICHIIIIQII The i111k1iou'11, zmrl live. Now or never 151111111 eh11111'e I give lo 11ll, M y flays to use or lose, Ilere onee, then gone forever. -BY LAUMQNS L. SIMPSQN . ,. ,, .,-". DEDICATION It is a great but troubled world in whieh we live today, and to undertake all that approaches us we need many strong churrn-teristics, as confidence, courage and character. It is through these challenging rluzraeteristies that we achieve one of the greatest things on earth-a true friend. A friend cannot he just anyone. A true friend is one in whorn you can trust, who you can turn to for help, and who you enjoy being with, at all times. We dedicate this, our Vif? unnlml. to one of our dear and beloved friends, Sally Pierce. . Y 0I"elfU0l' The Annual Staff releases a great, new, full-length movie sensation on the following pages with actors and actresses being you and your friends. This movie, "The Wildcatn is merely a summary of you and the activities in which you participated during the school year of ,52-'53. just like Filming any show, it was work for us all, but we enjoyed watching our thoughts materialize into this finished product, and we sincerely hope it meets with your approval. The Staff . ,X M 1 -.,:-1--1 -,Y-E. X 'xx - yx x WM A , A .... . 5 A P ' , -. .... ' ' ' ' 'X -'f' w"""""'f W , X3 X ,gg .. ' ' XS is ' H Y ' -1 .... ' w T x xx ks w-F X . - 2 A .. V11 X. Y A N6 sl X .X Q xy Q N . R ., M938 W ww N Q . . A f Q f . ,. Ay? -- N -.1 ,. X www ww x ,, .,.. .. N R b FTS 6, iiuigg? ,, awww A X 5 QS? + Af .M if KNOWLEDGE SUPREME Nlauricv il. XVvlsli Sriprfriilfwrzrlvrif Nlrs. jones Sewctury Today our world sw-ms to bv in a constant turmoil. It is up to our chilch'e'u, toclay's stuclvuts, to llavc the ability to lcacl our world to a roalization that unity is essential. It is with 5 A this thought that the faculty and students are striving 'to make our school and community a lu-ttm' plat-v in which to live. 'r . r -VJ' 1' gk WORKING TIRELESSLY X ' 4 Mayo Kucera Prin cipul Louise Lorain Secretary Thirty-five years in the life of man represents the greater portion and ten. The same years in the life of an educational institution can be but a period of begin- nings and formulation. Still, these years since 1918, have been far reaching and influential when measured in terms of importance to the economy and welfare of the community of Filer and the Magic Valley. - During these thirty-five years, more than twelve hundred young men and women have received degrees from our high school, and hundiieds of others have tarried here awhile, securing such educational advantages pas time and circumstances have permitted. Hundreds more have been influenced by the gains Within. With a record progess, the Filer high school must not be left unnoticed. It still needs the community cooperation-physically, mentally and financially. -KUCERA PROVIDING OPPORTUNITIES ,. ,... .,,,,,. J..f School Board Mr. Frm-d Rciclu-rt Mr. J. E. Ilammm-rquist, Clerk Mr. XViIIiam Lunting Mrs. Anno Brown, Clmirman Mr. Ralph NVarcI Mr. Paul Turnipsced Mr. Maurice NVQ-In-In LEADING THEIR SCHOOL Student Body Officers L00 Uriv, Prmiflvrll Gcorgc Downey, Vive Prc'.virlr'nI 'I'Iu-rcssa Mutthim-son, Socretary-Treasurer Mary Lou Pierce, Iicpurlvr DIRECTOR i ffm' Worthy ideals Real friends Irnpartial -- Aiding Thus our futures are guided. ROY BAHKEH A Spanish I-ll t linglisln lll-IV 'lllIliIlilllSIll ll s . 'fly ', 1 ' 1 f I ,J 3' . It ii CHET BOVVSEH NICHOLAS CHRONIAK JOSEPH HOPPEH Biology Band Agriculture General Sciencc Chorus Athletics s s F Q I i f XVANDJX l,.-XCKICX XVIl,I,l.'XXl LUNG YqXl.D.'X l.UC:XS Htlllll' l':L'UlllHllfL'5 .'XIQl'lH'il l'I1y win-all l'illlll'lltiUll c:l'IlK'l'il'I Xlaxihvlumiiw fmcmlmmc-ll'x' llllllthgfillillf 1--' HOXVI 1.'XND I Iishmry' XYurlcl llistnry N l+lNY'l21fl, M ILES RAYMONIJVNOIVIUN ' Q -ll c,lll'IlIIStl'f I Pllxsivs Suvicxlogy Cln'u1f1"lDl1x' IIICLEN SXl1'I' l1 IAHHY STONE SIIIZUIC USIII-IIN.-X ICIIHHSII I liL'UllUII1it'S c:UllSllllN'l'S rlwlllillillg Spa-vc-In LII llvaxlth V. S. c:UYl'I'IlIll4'llf ' Drixcr Fduculiml I,il1r:lrx' . Mn, l'hysic'a1l iidllfilullll mlkbv, Al11l1'fi4'Q L . 5 if if M1 3 w SQ: X XQ5 wg Class of '53 Eighty in all entered in 1949 -- forty graduated in 1953 -- full of anticipation for the future -- leaders in all fields - scholarships - athletics - music - clubs -- accomplishing all -- leaving nothing un- finished -- gaining understanding for life on our own -- taking with us memories of good times and good friends -- looking for opportuni- ties to spread our Wings -- We, the Senior Class, reluctanly leave Filer High School. ,,., .. , , .. ...W Srlnllingl, lvfl to right-Miss Lucas, Sponsorg Norma lNlcCrL-gor, 'l'rc'usurvrg Nlill'X'il Lou Stutzmzm, 3 Rc-portc1'g Eleanor Reichert, Secretary. Sitling, Icff to right-Kermit XVilkins. Vicc--l'rc-sirla-mg Don Davis, llrcsiclcnt. 5. 1,98 M BOB ANTHIS JIIIIHHV I icun Izattlvx with flu' xworrl. Tl'Il-Vlll'fII'llIll Hub wins with his word. lfuullmll l-3-45 Haskctlmll l-43 Haw- bnll l--lg Bllllll 2, F Club 3-45 F.F.A. fl-4, 'l'r0nsurvr -lg Boxing hliU1ilLf4'1' :lg Hays Club l-2-I3-l. FLORETTA BODENSTAB RAY CARTEE USHORTY' "ROTTEN" Ilrrr' is nur Florvlta who laczl ilu' mark, Thi- Moon-.v' haul' lnwn famous xincr' thc And rvaclivzl liar goal, just as Ioan of days of Sir Tlmmus. Ragfs futunr wclrc Arc. .s'u1'rf, lmlflx just as IlIlll'll 1H'07lIl,S'f'. Class l'ri'sidi-nt l. Xyltl'-l,l'lWl4ll'lll 2, llnnd l-125 Pi-p llinud l-2, llnsuball l-3-45 Si-L-iw-lul'y Il, Sludont Council 1-2-3, x 1 7 l'rzlslu'll1nll -lg Fimtlmalll fl--lg l7.l7.A, 3-4, ,. , . . . SL'l'l't'l1ll','-vl'l't'kl5lll'l'l' 3: Icp Club 1-L-:3--lg N in--l ra-sidoul -lg I' Llulx 4, VVildc:lt Stuff l-Il--lg Girls l.i'zUlu1' I-2-Il--1, x!ll'l'-Pl'l'Sl1lL'llf 3. lla-pl's-smilntivu 23 Officv 2g Dvclannntion 2, J. V. Clll'l'l'li'lllll'l' 2g 1?l'2llllilllCS 12-3--lg Studvnt Body Sven-tary-'lrvasliri-1' 3, Tin-spinns 3-43 Quill and Scroll 3-4g Annual Staff 3-4, Assistant Editm' 3, Editor 4g Clioms 45 Ywrwih' f'l1c-4-rli--xrlvr 4 Drznnaiin-a -lg lu-y Club Fl-Al, Cluu lli'lml'lm' l, Ss'L'i'i'!ul'y 2. l'l'i-Nidvul Il. lluxillll 3: Buys Club I-2-rl-4. PAULA CRANDALL "SNO0KS" 'l'lu' Gods blvssvrl Clvoprilvra will: brauly, 'l'ln'n .vcvimf Paula fulfillrll tlivir duty. lluisv luniur-Svniur Iliglx School 1-2-:lg Varsity Cheerlvmlvr 44 Choms 4, Girls League 4, Wildcat Stuff 4, Co-Editor 44 Annnnl Stuff 4, Pm-p Club 4. DON DAVIS "CO'l"l'ON', An allilvlz' and gr'nIli'man wax Gcnural l.i'1'. Dan Dacia' anatliur unc IHS' suvli ax lw. Fuutlmll l-2-3-4. Cu-Captain 3-4g Basl-cvtlmull 1-2-3-4. Co-Captain 4g Baseball 1-2-3-44 Class Vice-President 2, Prf'sident 4g Drnmntics 3-43 The-spinns 3-41 F Club l-2-3-4, Scfcrutnry 3g Boys Club 1-2-3-4. CONARD EDWARDS "JUG" Lord Darrell of Germany managvcl liix ficf, As our Connrrl now capablgl man- agfns' lifv. Football 1-2, Buskvtlmll 1-3-45 Busc- lmll 3-43 Kvy Club 3-4. Pri-Sidi-nt 4, F Club 4, Si-c'r1-tary-Tri-asixrer 44 Boys Club 1-3-4, Band lg Pep Band lg Clxristmns Ball King 35 Dramatics 4. vie. Ml? GORDON FULLMER JOHN GILBERT SCOTTY HATCH BIRD lnnm'1'nI III lrzl Il 1'ru.vnrl1' nf mm: like SNAILH Hr' miglrl rm! lmu' won lnllllrx rritlz jrvlm nn n I7llI'llllt'. Milo. rl fnnmuv Crvriun nllnlrlg lllnllrl blade' xlmrp nnrl lrrigllf, Hut in n lmlllf' , 3 l lmrr lmrl lu gum' fur fm' nur lla'f'ln in uf wits lu' voulrl Ylllllfll any kniglll. BMV Club l""x"l' luvzl. Boys Club l-2-I3-45 llauvlvull l-23 I"uutlu.lll. 2-fl-4: Bam-lmll I-2-I3-bl: lfonllmll Il: l'lzlSlu-tlualll l. lluxinyl F33 If Club l-2-I3-4. l'1'cwi4l1'lll ilq Sluclx-ut Council Il: Shulcul Bully Yin-1--l'n-xizln-lx! Il. KARLENE HAUSER MARSELLA HOLTZEN JOYCE HOSTETLER , "MARCIE" "llOSS" In Ilu' fluyx llml rm' puxl lln'r1'.s lu"'rl muny u llllt'l'Yl Wlmlm'k1'rl1-m1m,uwund 'llln fuinnvt flmcvr to lzlmun by llllll, Sum-In Ilzmugh tln' lnixlmgf fmm lu'- nhiliiy pu.v.w'.v.v1'rl by Kllrlrnf. Might lmrz' lu'r'u .'l,lll'l'C'llIl im-lr'1lrl ul jlllllllllfl lnluml. vl.:ll'l'l"N nr nnlnlrr lillr ff ' n ' '1 " "fur," llrnnmtics l-2-il-43 Clu-4-r Lmulvr I-35 lla! Hum 'ml In 'Un ,H Chorus l-4: Pm-p Club l-2-Il--lg Cirls Cirlx 1.1-nulw I-2-Il--4. ll4'pn'ss-lltallixw 1, l".ll.A, l-21 Clmrus l-2--l: Lvnum- l-2-I3--L ll:-prvsmmtutivv -lg S1-c'l'm'l:ll'y' -1: ,luniur Carnival Prim-vss lg Hills' Club 25 Cirlx l,m-uuuv l-2-fl-lg Class Vim--l'r1-sinlvm l, Ilm-purlvr lg Dvc-lauuutimx l-21 Bamcl l-223g llauul VVilcl1-ut Stull 2, Sluflm-nt Cuunvil lg Dvc-lauualtimx l: Clinic- 2g IH-p llauul 2-3: Clues Quill :mil Svrull fl--4: ll:-pm't1'r. fl: Auluml Stull -1: 'l'llfspians Il--4. Sc'L'rm'lury-'l'rvzlslm-r 'lg YVilclv:1l Slull -4: llrnun-1-muiug Carls Slain' S31 junior Cnrnivnl Que-4-u .-Uh-mlnnt -1. Princvss Il: Annual Slnfl' fl-lg XVilrlx-at Stull fl--1. CARL ILIFF KATHERINE JASPER BOB JONES ,. 5 "KIT" "PECOS" lung George was fearless as could bc, Carl is too, r1xy0usllrlIIsez'. Mary Queen of Scots. un' find, Ilafl With future lII'f,LZllf as Ala1I1lin'x lamp, mm! Club za Bnsdmu za Football 3-4: Kllfll!'1'l7lUIll-91707,-Y smile xo kind. Bob jmunv .vlartx nn Iifmfs lung lramp. l'lu-spiuux 45 Buys Club 1-2-3-4. F.H.A. 1-25 Band 3-45 Pep Baud 45 l4',l".A. l-2-3-45 Boxixu: 35 Thespians 45 Annual Staff 45 Office 25 lfmmtlxalll, I3-45 Buys Clulm I-2-Il-VI. Drnnmties 45 Girls League 1-2-3-4. EARL KALBFLEISCH "MOUSE" l'larI'x worth you e1m't measure by height, he's not fall, But let us re- member even Napoleon was small. Boys Club l-2-8-4. ROY KIMERLING "CHIMP" Ray was not a sailor as was Nelson of fame But in his sports he makes ll name. Band 15 Boys Club 1-2-23-45 Baseball 1-2-3-45 Basketball 1-2-3-45 F Club 2-3-45 Wildcat Staff 4. IVAN KISTLER Like iexters who in :lays of alcl bmuglrl laughter to their masters bold. Basketball l-25 Baseball 1-2-45 Football 1-2-Q3-45 F Club 2-3-45 F.F'.A. 3-45 Boys Club 1-2-3-4, President 4. JANETTE KNIEP "SKA-NlP" lnrwttr' as any l1u1'r'n might rrign lVilh lwr charm and music .s'hc's sun' la gum lamv. Girls LPRILUH' 1-2-3-4, Prvsidc-nt 45 Band 1-2-3, Pop Band 2-3, Band Clinic 2-3: F.H.A. 2g Girls Staff' 3g Chorus 3-4, Clmms Clinic 4g Annual Siaff 3-4 Tlwspians 3-4g llrxnnatics 13-43 Wildcat Staff 4g Glass 1'arliamcntarian 44 Library 4. PHYLLIS LAMPE "PHIL" Fvwvr locks' would luwv been nvwlifzl on Ihr towar of Landon so gmif, If Ouvvn Bess, Iikc' our Phyllis xuoulcl lmvz' lwvn liamiy and gay. Band 1-2-3-4. Pep Band :3-4, Saxophonrf Quartet 3-4g F.H,A. 1-29 Cirls League 1-2-3-4g Officv 2-35 VVilLlL'at Staff 4 Co-Editor . NORMA MCGREGOR UDUCKY WOOKY" Slmlcz-spwirv wrolz' of grivf and sorrow From our Norma xomr' mirth .vhoulrl ham' llorrmcvll. Girls Lvmzm' l-2-fl--lg Band 1-2-3-4, Pre-sirlvnt -L Librarian 3-4, Pm-p Band 4, Hand Clinic 4: Dramatics 1-2-fl--lg The-spians 2-53--lg Library :lg Chorus -lg Annual Staff 41 Vllilclc-at Staff -lg Class Troasim-r 4. JOHNNY MARRS DON MARTIN MARGIE MASON "MARRS" "STEW" "MARC" IIc'rr'ulr.v was c'omyu'M'nI and strong Truv SUllllt'I'-S' follmuad Gvmfral lllivr Flora was .vmall and quita pi-tin' So is Tln'.s'l' traits to AIIITTS lu' 1u1.vsc'll along. lV:"1I rather have Don stay right hcru. our Illargiz' also nvai. llaskvthall 31 F Clulx 23-45 Boys Baskvthall 1-2-3-43 Football 1-3-4g Girls Leaguv 1-2-53-41 Chorus 2-4g I.:-aguv 3-4g VVilrlc'at Staff 4 Basvball l-2-B-45 Boys Clulv 1-2-3-4: Wildcat Staff 25 Dramatics 2-35 Track 23 F Gluh 3-4. Pvp Cluh 3-4. ELIZABETH MILLS "Bl-l'l"l'E" l'rir'iIl1l u'n.v II yiurimn mrlirl U'lios4' ,Qr'rlll1-rir'.v.x- tu llwilr rlirl lrmlv. FRANK MORGAN King Rivlmrll with ilu' lion hr'.'n'l. His rnurngv to Frank dill impnrl. F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. Svcrm-tary 34 l".ll.iX. I-21 Girls l.0:xu'iu- l-:Z-I3--lg Boys Club l-2-23-4g Hiflu Club 2g l'c-li Llub 2-3-4. Pliotuy.5rupl1y 2. PEGGY PARROTT "l'ARROTT" llrr life' fn .vr'rm' mlm our lam! Azlrlmns 1Ir'voN'!l. Ilomwtgl and fllifliffllnzws our rlvnr Pvguyl m'mimt4'c1. Baud 1-2-3--1, Pup Hand 43 Drumntics 1-2-53-4g Girls 1.1-agxlc 1-2-23-4g Tlu-spians 2-3-43 Rifle Club 25 Office 3g Library 33 Pvp Club 4g VVildc'nt Staff 4. ORIAN PLEAK Clirisfo was an I'In,ulish luml And wurkvrl Iikz' Oriun, L'L'rg1 luml. lluys Club l-2-Il--lg lluskm-llmll hlll.l1ill.':CX' 4. BARBARA PROUGH "00DY" Likz' Valupid, Hll1'liIll'll'S outlook on life Is Io Inugli nl ifx pnyx mul .s-mile it its .s-frifv. F.ll.A. 1-2: P011 Club 1-2-3-4g Girls lmamw 1-2-3-43 Chorus 1-2g Library 1-2-3: Dmmntics 4: NVildL-nt Staff 4. ELEANOR REICHERT Witli Marin- Antiom-ttv and lu-r manners hm- Our Eli-:uiur Could nc-vm' look out of liuv. Pc-p Club 1-3-4, Rvportvr 3, Office 15 Girls Lvngzus- 1-2-3-4. Rc-prvsmitutivl' 35 Wildcat Staff 2-4: Annual Stuff 45 Chorus 45 Class Seen-tary 45 Studi-ut Council 4. LAWRENCE RIEDER DELVIN SCOTT MARY LOU SCOTT "Fl .l ' il I " "1 . E , "3 I Axkl N H4 IN In lVurlfI llfur I fought llfillimn Pill Bunn I Ol Cullzli-u, u .u'irnlisl from olrl c:l'l'l'L'1'. llrul llwlrin l11'1'n tlwra' lu"1I linrl In Molly Pitz'lu'r. wr' know, lmzl l'lllH'llf.l ll'illl l.:l1z'n'rl1'a' lruulrl lilcz' In A'lIIIl'l' liix quit. und xpiril. And for tlnnu' srlim' lliin x pr1l1':'. HU,-S CIM, 1-2-3-'L Mary Srult has mrril. H4155 fflulw l-2-F3--l. l".ll.A. 1-EZ: P1-p Clulm 1-3, Dmumtic's l-2-I3-43 Girls Lvauziu- 1-2-F3-4: Clioms l-2: Vllilclvalf Stuff 2g 'l'lu'spi:lus 2-3-4. MARILYN SCHWEITZER ,lnlrippu lrrlx rl lugful friviul Anil like ,llnriluu luuk llu' lllIll'!ll'fl lrvnrl, Cirls l.1-uu1u- I-2-I3--lg Pup Cluls, l'i'n-sulvul Il. Cluvrus l-2.-'lg Clzux Swl'm-t:li'x'-'l'i'c-amirs-i' lg ll:-c-lmuulimi lg Yl'ilclL'uf Slulf 2-Il-4, lliuiuuluw 2-ll--lg Stuclvut Cuuuvil lg .Xuuuall Stull fl: 'l'lu'sUiuus Il-4, S1-4 rr-lzuy flg Quill zuul Sn-roll. il-4, IH:-ximll-ul lg Suluiulm'ialu -4. MARILYN SHARP "SHARPEE" A1'l1z'rfm. llu' famous riurr nf Ilarlrhe lVuulzI lmrf' llrizfrl up tu .vcr Mnrilyn's ,good 1.5mrIf'.s'. P4-p Cluli l-2-I3-4. Vlll'l'ilSlll'l'I' 35 Girls Ll'2llIlll' l-2-3-41 Clumls 1-2-4, -I. V. Clwvrlvzulor lg Class Vicv- Prvsiclvnt l. 'l'i'L'usllrc'i'0 35 Wildcat Stuff 2-3-4: Tlicspiauis I3-4g Quill auul Scroll 3--lg Drnmntics 3-43 Cliurus Clinic 45 Que-on of Swvvtlu-nrt llull 45 Annual Staff 4g Valls'cliL'ioi'i:lu 4. DAN SHELTON "S'1'UB" lVilIimn of Omngz' 4'lninu'zl .wu'1'4'.v.v Xl"lu-n lu' likm' Dun c'ui:.x-1'rl lrrlppivizuvx. F.F.A. l-2-3: lizuul 1-2, Pm-i Band l-7 Hovs Clulw l-2-Il-45 Km' Cliilm fl--lg .-Xssistnnt Football 5111111121-r 3: Hiflx- Club 3, WVildc':1t Staff 4. MARVA LOU STUTZMAN ..S.l.U,l.Z,. Dolly Mudison :tux fl'll'7ll,l!I. .Lli'm'r0ux and gll!l. Tlll'Sl' .vrnmf truiix ru' find in Murrn tmlny. Girls l.s-augur l-2-I3-4: Pi-p Clulm l-2-3-4g l".ll.A. l-2, R1-portvr 2g XVildcat Stuff 2-53-45 l,ilu'nry 2-33 Office- 3: Drnnmtivs 2-3-4 Class Rs-portcr 43 Chorus 45 Quill and Scroll 3-4. Vice--l'rcsiLlvl1! -ig Tlwspiaus 3--lg Annual Staff 3. LEE URIE DELBERT VANAUSDELN Sir ll'nll4'r 1'lalii'g:li with Illlllllll'l'.Y was Dhlullh lzlzhvxul. ll'r"rn' Xllfl' mir Ln' crmlrl puxs A lmilclri' uf pnyrriiliizlx lL'll-N' Kliufu Iln' lli1'li'.x'i. f:ll'1ll. .But flll'llIl'l'-Y likr' Di'lln'rt will 1-umiimlx 1-3--lg Boys Club 1-2-3-43 """' """" ""' """"" l7L'c'lmm1tim1 2g Drzumltics 35 l".l".A. 1-2-I3--lg lliflv Clulu 1-2-IK: F Cluli 3-4, l'lmK01,5l'uplly 1-2-31 Buys Clulm 1-2-P3-4. MARGIE VEATCH CLARENCE WALCOTT KERMIT WILKINS RED Phillip IV, King of I"rrlm'i', Ilurl lilci' IXARAVI l.mlu'll4l livlyirrl Columlmx u'lu'n lui' Cl1m'r1c'i'. xmil:'.v ilml l'llll'fllll'l'. jfiir 'flu' good of llmni' lmlil llflllll-X l ln'I lri'nr Margii' lwlpn ux will ,. I, 7 l , . h k uuuit. Cl!U1N'l'llfl0ll In mr .vlmil K'r- Nllllllll'-V lliutlslu' ll'1lll.V. l lgrJ:'clI:::lh:. Hull' 5"'l'0Ul 2"3 mil lirmiglil. 1 1 I 1 Chorus lg F.ll.A. lg Pi-p Clulx lg Buys Club 1-2-I3-45 llcpui'ti'r 25 ,luuruulisiu 23 'l'lu-spinu 4. Dvlmtv lg Class Sccrvtnry l,, Rl'DUl'lL'l' 2 Yicm--Pri-simlvut -lg Di-clauuutmu l-24 Pm-p Clulm 2-4, lil-pnrtvr 2g VVilLll'z1t Stuff 2-3-4g 'l'lu-spiuus 2-I3-4, Pre-Sidi-ut 45 Dr:u1u1ti4's 2-3--lg A1114-ricuu Loxiiun Orauuricall Cuuh-sl 3--1 Pm 'S' Sfiltl' 33 Annual Slnff 3--1, 5 lim-purtvr 4: Kvy Clulr 3-4, 'l'ri':ls1in-1' 3 Sports Editor 4g Quill and Scroll 23--l SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of '53, being sound in mind and body, do will and bequeath our personal property as follows: Bob Anthis, do will and bequeath my reckless driving to Nancy jo Davis. Norman Blastock, do will and bequeath my black hair to Miss Smith. Floretta Bodenstab, do will and bequeath my problems to "Duffer," in hopes she can solve them along with hers. Ray Cartee, do will and bequeath my place on the basketball bench to Walter Kaster. Paula Crandall, do will and bequeath my date list to Valdi Mitchell, in hope she will add some good looking boys. Don Davis, do will and bequeath my Number 4 ath- letic jersey to Thomas MeCleary. Conard Edwards, do will and bequeath my neatly combed hair to Ronald Lierman. Gordon Fullmer, do will and bequeath all my extra height to Ross Fuston. Scotty Hatch, do will and bequeath my ability of being mean to my teachers to Galen Lierman. Karlene Hauser, do will and bequeath my schol spirit to anyone who needs it. Joyce Hostetler, do will and bequeath my ability to get Spanish to Ilene Nielson. Carl Iliff, do will and bequeath my thick mop of black hair to Mr. Miles. Katherine jasper, do will and bequeath my dimples'to Ronnie Brady. Bob Jones, do will and bequeath my case of bronc fever to Johnny Matney. Roy Kimerling, do will and bequeath my basketball ability to Al Fox. Ivan Kistler, do will and bequeath my ability to ditch to Bill Carter and Dan Lancaster. Janette Kniep, do will and bequeath my musical ability to Larry Matthiesen. Phyllis Lampe, do will and bequeath my laugh to Ardelle Thieme. johnny Marrs, do will and bequeath my ability to operate "Old Fordsu to Bill Carter. Don Martin, do will and bequeath all my female ad- mirers to Don Schlange. Maigie Mason, do will and bequeath my Chemistry gra es to Peggy, in hopes she can do better than I. Norma McGregor, do will and bequeath my drum to anyone who can beat it. Elizabeth Mills, do will and bequeath my ability to get away with murder in fifth period study hall to Joanna asper. I, Frank Morgan, do will and bequeath my hair to Mr. Hopper. I, Peggy Parrott, do will and bequeath my Government notes to Martha Sharp, in hopes she makes better use of them. I, Barbara Prough, do will and bequeath my ability to learn ju-jitsu to Diane Ruther. I, Eleanor Reichert, do will and bequeath my beloved geometry book to anyone dumb enough to want it. I, Lawrence Rieder, do will and bequeath my nickname to anyone who will have it. I, Marilyn Schweitzer, do will and begueath my ability to study to anyone who wants or nee s it. I, Mary Lou Scott, do will and bequeath my four study halls to Tom Remington. I, Marilyn Sharp, do will and bequeath my ability to keep thin to anyone who doesn't enjoy eating. I, Dan Shelton, do will and bequeath my nickname to Jim Sharp. I, Richard Starr, do will and bequeath my school days to Shirley. I, Marva Lou Stutzman, do will and bequeath my desk in Shorthand to anyone who has loads of spare time. I, Lee Urie, do will and bequeath my Chemistry book back to the school. I, Delbert VanAusdeln, do will and bequeath my Ag knowledge to Harvey Holloway. I, Margie Veatch, do will and be ueath all my A's and my ability to write notes to Phyllis Bohne. I, Clarence Walcott, do will and bequeath my weight to Stephen Hall. I, Kermit Wilkins, do will and bequeath my favorite say- ings to Willard Wildon, in hope that he will use them. To the Faculty we just give thanks for their thoughtful- ness of giving us the grades on which we earned our credits to graduate. To the school, we do will and bequeath a record of each of us to be filed in the vault for later reference. only hoping each is a good one. To Hank, we do will and bequeath all our pop bottles lids, torn up books, and all sandlpaper he needs to smooth carvings out of desks and oc ers. To the Junior Class, we do will and bequeath the right to leave all assemblies first. To the Sophomore Class, we do will and bequeath the feeling of being an "upper classmanf' To the Freshmen, we do will and bequeath our priviledge to act "stupid" and get away with it. SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY ... t -. '1'hat's it! My crystal ball. Why didn't I think of that before.-These were my thoughts one lonely win- ter evening as I sat in the living room, cozy and comfortable, with nothing to do. I had begun to wonder just what would be happening to all of my "53,' classmates a few years in the future. So I got out my crystal hall, settled myself comfortably in an easy chair, and began to gaze searchingly into the ball. The first vision came slowly but clearly in to view. Before me 1 saw Lee Urie, who is one of our Senators, at the airfield in Boise waiting to board the plane which was to take him to Washington, D. C., for his first session in Congress. When the plane landed I saw that it was piloted by Conard Edwards and its stewardess was Eleanor Reichert. just before this vision faded another plane drew my at- tention. Coming out of the plane was Marcella Holtzen and boarding the plane was Katherine jasper. You see Katherine was going on duty and Marcella was getting off duty. Both of the girls enjoy their stwardess jobs to the utmost. Before me next was the Paramount Theatre on the main street of Hollywood, and just emerging from a beautiful limousine was johnny Marrs, new owner of the Brown Derby, and Paula Crandall the glamor- ous new movie sensation. Her new film had just been released in which the hero was Bob jones and the villian was Ivan Kistler. A drug store in Chicago then came into view. Its owner, Bob Anthis, was just going in. Inside, the Pharmacist, Peggy Parrott, was very busy filling prescriptions and in charge of the soda fountain was Barbara Prough. She was making milkshakes for Earl Kalbfleisch, Orian Pleak, and Gordon F ullmer who were all in Chicago on business. They had just dropped in at the drug store to say hello. The scene then changed to a very lovely restaurant in New York owned by Marjie Mason. Her chief cook was Delvin Scott and some of her waitresses were joyce Hostetler, Phyllis Lampe, Betty Mills, Mary Lou Scott, and Marjorie Veatch. Music was provided by Clarence Walcott's orchestra. Seated in the restaurant enjoying themselves very much were Scotty Hatch, Don Martin, and Carl Iliff. They had just returned from Europe on a U. S. Navy Vessel and they had just a few days to spend in the States before going back. Washington, D. C., then came into view and I saw Marva Stutzman on her way to work in the Capitol. Farther down the street I recognized Lawrence Reider. He had come to the capital city to apply in person for a patent on a 11ew atomic energy fuel for automobiles that he had invented. The scene then shifted back to Boise where I found Floretta Bodenstab head nurse at the St. Alphonsus Hospital. Her assistant was Karlene Hauser and they were both doing a wonderful job. Twin Falls the11 came into view. There I saw Kermit Wilkins on his way to work. He is bookkeeper for Glen jenkins. I also saw Marilyn Schweitzer there in Twin Falls. She was working in a public ac- countantis office. Back in Filer, Norman Blastock is the owner of a large sheep ranch and his foreman is john Gilbert. The scene then changed to the old school house. Delbert Vanausdeln was superintendent, Frank Mor- gan was the Ag-teacher, and janette Kniep was teaching typing. I had begun to wonder if matrimony had forsaken the class of "53n when this scene came into view. It was a party at the Don Davis home. He and his Wife Marilyn Sharp had invited a few of their friends over to break in their new television set. These friends included Mr. and Mrs. joe Miller fNorma McCregorj and Mr. and Mrs. Dan Shelton. Dan's wife is Mable Whelan. The program on television was a fight between Ray Cartee, lightweight champion fighter, and Roy Kimerling who was trying to win the title from Ray. It was a very good fight but the scene faded away before it was through and I never found out who Won. As this scene faded away I realized that it was the last one. So, happy and contented, yet sad in a way, I put my crystal ball away and went to bed to dream of graduation day. ggyft xlim 1.7 f '1 ' -' -wwf" " wif " ,K , ' k a L-5' , 1 v A -N ' 14 t VT , L 4 1 4 , , Hy. - y 'fy 'v 'V WZ! ,:.'- f-.. -F ' PY: ' N. " 1 :NM 1 v s 'L Q 9 N J I , . 1 1 "sw ' 'en " .1'-I- ' f- .-- - M wb., 5 . ,. 3 - ka. .1 ,ypf vw- -. .. V- N -,Y . , 4 , .ai - L, . ' . . , or u . MT ,, , ,. 54 ' - ..4 gf rn" ' . ' if lr 1 N 1- 1- ,,1.f f. . , , N . 5 . . 1 13' ,-Q' 1 ' A N NTT., A' u .. . - , , ,fx , . , 17f?"' Q -,.,..7 " M . ,MPT . , ' ' girl- V1--H I ' " 1 gift' - 'Q'-. ' Y ' "' 4" . Id- ,I I 1-Qin. . V. -,.a'75, . " 11.-, A " .- F 'n-,W 'i' r.. , - 3.-R 1 , ' M-' 3' 1. -"W, Z 1 , A ,. .V .- , , f ' ' " 4. --1 1 Nl' 31 '- -' ! .WL .a, . rv 1 ,gt X ' . 'ali . . 1 .' ,Lf L1 1 - V, - '-fifi. v 1 '4 ' x 1 4..,K'- E , 3 7' . , f . .r.- Q -" , . .. . - -, 4.-,, 1 I ,:-TQ gf, , A 1-'if '- '-,, 5 4-+43 - W fx' M 5' "1.,- I , X51 " 'l " ,V ' .. ""4',"' .' " ' u 'O'-A I, "U" -f ' ' 3 ' 15- ,Q ' nr' , v X -V E , ., 1 V. 'V Ev-fm. ,v f -,Q . ..:,,,, , J ,gf , ' Il' 5131! ' ' ,ir .0 ' 1, ' .if 5 A s ' ' rl A - J, 5 ' if I 1 F - ,..' 4 ., . . A ,' i- , Q - . . W- N . . , . ... -. A . ..L. U '-- , 'M 1 ft , . 1 ' th 1 ' V .', ' " 1 I f , ,nap , 1 . 5. 1 " " A I , 1 A at . , ,- , I 'X ,U v'P P 4 1 . ,. v 1 3 . ,Q . . --wi. an vs, I . '.':. . 1. 4 V .. Nr p , , 4, .' f .1. . 5 t , 4 H 1 it I.. -f f ,- + A -- -'A .- ' 4 ' r ... -,. H , Q 5 .,. . -v 5 .. IJ Ax" V V , VI. ' .Nr . , V I. 1 " 1 ' ' " -f . - ,. , , . - . , r 1- '.T:-,x-,-' f,'x.-. Ji-- L,.,-g.... . 'J A,.f.,,.,, ,.,,a..,.,.f .Q .1 l 1 X ff x..f Af K , A NWN. Q + i. i :Q fm Q fff cj I 0 N ' JN' J ,.,. ,x,x A MA N 5 X ,J , 3 ":' f' . x 5 S saw " M :ff Q X X xx X X WX X af' 5 wx X X x xx Xi 2 x . 3 Y X E - MM.. W 3 . mnmmwwwmwmw my Q .qw A . XX xx XQX wx xxx N ff" 'N-W .. -, . x.1.., I x X Kill ' ' , N .Pg 4 y . SI l if 5,1 5 1 , WX N 'S X ww Mx ., W .,-,-,rv . .,,, 9 5 X X N f if ' ' X Q X QS: Q 5X Q X X 1 2 g Class of '54 kfN Anzbifions-wmking f0?LfCfl1C'l' with ,Il'C.S'L'I'L'f'I'flI1C'!'-CO1lllIll'I'il1,Lf 0lI.S'fflf'Il'-S'-llllilllillg sfrnng foznzclutimzs, frunzpfing lli.S'COIH'lIfJ,l'll1Ullf, and ,S'fI'il3il1,Lf for .s'11r'c'z'.s'.s', lmzzvstly mul lIl'lll7l'lfj. flw jzlnior f:lII.S'-S' jH'f'P!Il'!'S' In n11'r'f fhvir Svnim' UVIII' zriflz flu' fufl wm- firlrfllrf' of lwing .s'm'r'r'.v.vf1ll fx , l,1 fl In Rlgllf' Sllllllj' Sl5ilt'l'lx, Sc'c'r4'la1l'yg Horn- Urn-, Nm--l'x'1-slcln-11l1 XX :Haul XX IINHII. ll'l'2lSIllAl'lAL XII: Xurlmm. 5 mn: Nh: BIJXYS1'I'. Spmlsurg Halle' Kz1llJHc'isL'lI. Px'c'siclc'l1lg Miss SllSi4', Clary .-Xx.s'z'1:rI:'11p Bzlrlmrrl lirmlgf Bill C!ll'f!'l' .U1lr'l1'm'Cn11' j1llIfl't'f7Ul'!lli lfllvnc' Crm1.s'1' xYlllIl'fljU1Jlll'fS B1'HyDCKluf C2wu',Qiu lJuu'm'g1 .X'm'1'c'n If!!-YIIIIIIII f:1ll,Il'l'il1l'FIIITIII' jnlm Clirk Blair Hull Kvmwtlz IIlll'l'f.S'0II Lynn 1,11-VII Nvtlflllll lImL'kinS W l lfluim' llnllsvn l7u1r'Il1lc'r jim Inlzlzsmx llnlr' K11Il1fr'l1'i.vr'la Hill: Kffllrflcfisrlz Dan Ll1lll'lISfUl' S110 Lnm'n.s'1cr XVilnm Ling Drlfirl I,m'nin Drnmlrl AI1'Grv,gn1' Thr-rzfsxzl Muttlzivsen Batty Mnxuzcll Hub ix1!l.YlL'l'H Y W Hue Dcnc Moore CIM,-les Peake Glenda Peterson Vrlrgl Lou Piz'rr'1' B11rImruPlz'uk Carol Ii4'if'l1r'r! Clyflf' Rf!'lll?l1Yllll .Vnumu lin! 1 Fuyc' Sl',llllllf'l' lim Slulrp Alflffllll Sharp Shirlry Syunwlf Ulf lip Hose Uriv I DID NT NAVY THING TO wsu: QF-W NIU J 49 L Mullin' Whelan Plzgfllis XViHiun1.s-mu XViIIm'rI XVil.s'un Donn Allen Estlmr Davis Alta Duffy Dvnnis Fivlwl' I. Leu Fox Ray Ilemfock Rex I1 css Dennis Krul: Hfmalcl I.iI'l'Hl1lll Pvggy Musfm Ilmu' Nivlsrm 'l'nm Rr'n1in,Qtrm Hi1'hur1I Smith Boyd Taylor Cluylnrrl'l'l1ivmw Ym 2' L -Q 'Q 435- R STUNTMEN Class of '55 Gaining a more thorough knowledge of high school-fulfilling offices competently and successful!y-.striDing for enough credits to someday be full-fledged Seniors-- builfling strong personaiities-developing broader minds, so as not to believe all they hear and see, the Sohpomore Class prepares to undertake the busy but "fun for all" Junior year. Standing-lel't to right: Ann Wzlltr-rs, Secretary-Treasurer, First Semester, Cheri Anderson, Viee-President, First Sl'lllt'SlCl'2 Mr. Long, Sponsor, Ruby VVoods, Reporter, Second Semesterg joan Persigelll, Secretary-Treasurer, Second Semester. Sitting-left to right: liulplm Allen, President, Second Semester, Mike Monoe, Vice-President, Second Semester. Not shown: NVulter Kaster, President, First Semester, and Jerry Hawkins, Reporter, First Semester. Y Hulplz Amin Cheri AmlU1'.s'un Jeannie A-S'-S'L'Illll'llIl juyrv Iic'm'l1r'U Carol Bl'l7f'l' Bob lilrlsa' Phyllix Bulmz' Bill Brnnziz'l1.s'w1 Yifgvcrly Cross Duroflzy Curli,s'.s' Karan Dclilolz Molly Duffy Patsy Edwards Ricllurrf lfc1w111'1l.s' Carol Finnvy Rum Loc Fu.s'fr1n jerry llnwkirzs Judy IIu1L'kin.s- Nzznry llclaxtfwk Carol lI1'pu'urll1 Clary llilflivkvl' llnrrcy llolln1L'11gf xvillllfl llnllmurly 1701111111 llnu.w'r Q---gk C:IL'l'lI Krlllrflviwlz XVIIUCI' Kuxlcr Betty Lnm'u.s-fm' Bnrlmrn Lux Dnylr' A,ll.S'UIl Bill Mutney julzrmy Manley Larry Mzlttlzirfwil Ilr'l1'n .NIf'Grr',gul' Hull: .Uillvr .x'if'lI!ICi .Nimmo juunim Parke form Pcrsigclil Tum Skinlwr Dnmm Slfrinxvii Arriviir' Tiiivnu' Ann YVullcr.s' Philip YViisnn 'inlay XVnnris .xIf"IlTiH Pills liulli Ellen Riccivr T . suoww y IN QV -1 1 fao .bv EPT' N' ' X : ' L ,A A- , Dm: Iiuystw' jlumim Slmrp Philip lirmun B011 Clwslnul Piziiiis Drake Ai Fox TIHIIIIIIS All'CiIf'tll'U Rn,Qr'r Hifi' Hula Iiippc Allml Hulzter Slmrmz Rutlzcr David Sharp Henry Sllropslxirc jan1L'.s' Siulls Carol XVaikU1' li rwlnr zifl W'riggizt im f K. "" is YQQW sl mn, 9? is A4 .-W1 MQW, f 'K Y YWW pm EXTRAS lffl lu liwfll IAIHI f,IJlNXfUlll, lll'l"iIfll'Ill1 XYiHm'cl Xluurv, Sk'l'l'1'lilI'f"l1l'l'1lNllI't'l'1 Durix Hln Class of '56 1'IHfI'I'!'fl uf:l'f'l'll-N 111111 1l'0lIll!'I'i!lQf'llIl.YfUll.S' in .s-z'1'r1nrl limi'rzllfpuxlzing mul mslmzf' rlmrn Ihr' IIIIH-S'-'Vllllff'l'fHQ up flu' zlmlns' mul fIfJ0l'.S'-'Sllllll' limizlfntlzvrs IIIUH mil In ilu' frnnlflml all in ull. llufy fm' jus! lfruslz. Dirlifl rw' ull gn llmm I1 lim Il 1 ,VOIP m1r'f1'1'.s'l1n11'11, nmrz' lilcz' lrlfliws' and ,Qf'!lflI'lIll'l1. rm' rwlrlgf In Jwrmul yfrzr. -1 3 s-MANS Num I'usnlmnl: Xlrs. limxluml, :xml Xlr. Nlilvs. Spmusurs. :luv Iiepmtur lim Q lllll Xurnzu Allrlzrmmz Slmmn Anglin Barlmrrz Anllzis u"lllft'l' Anflzis KIIITII .AS-N'l'llllI'lIjJ Kf'lIVll'flI Asian Kay Baker Murinril' Hnlwl Ann Brz1r'kr'ft Clwryl Brady Ronald Brady Ric-hard Byrf' jurly Curlsfm jim Carter Maxine Carver Linrlu Clzur1c.s' HIIVIHIIYI Cnlc' Lynn Cl'IIlL'fUl'!l Shirlvgf l7Ill'f.Y l'fli:.uln'Ih lDum'un .XIu.rim' Ilurlulm licrlinn ,ffl-Yflllllll All!ll'l'!l I'frlu'ul'1l.s- l'fl1i.v l"uul,s- llwllzix Fifa' l?m'm'ly1"lwnnu'r Kvrmit Girl,Qf'1'ic'l1 Shirley Grow: Puffy Iluinlinz .Vurilyn Ilcmlricks Donna Iline Lucille Ilnllmunf W jelmene Jasper Joanna jasper Ronnie johnson Marg1Ann Kastw' Marlene Kniep Tom LunL'asfer Rusulec Landis Galen Lierman Linrla Lim'mun Vern Mrmtgomery VViII11rrI Moore Carey Peterson Sally Pierce K Marlene Plank Calene Reis Edwnrrl Suengvr Vvrlum Srllifflvl' Cfuml Snail .Indy Slmuk .xftlffflll Slumlc Tum Slltllll Dnrix SIIIIIPI' Glenn Slllllll .Inyr'4'Sr1y1lr'l' Lvliny Sinn' Fmm 4 x 7 lzurmun .Vary Talk HIl!'lll'l 'l'rflpp Billy Uriz' Duuicl YVrigl1I XVUIIIII U Unit Hirlurlal ,Xllwn AQSNTWNINPKNRCS Sfllfllll lizlilvy . . ug ,f I 0 Fully Iiinglmm Jgmgk ,E lllflfl' flUjJl'HllIll'I'l I, Uvlnm Cm1L'jurrl f ...., ' 5:-A N ' ff? Cmnm' f1lIllHlll,LflIllH1 Wifi, ITT: Kl'llHl'lll l7mHr'mH -ig Hnlflzy 1'lflIlYll'll.S' .luvlfy I"i.s'l14'r lilllllllflllll Curvy Slmrwz llnll Calvin IInn.s'vn Curlyrm Iliff Arzlifll lm'k.wm1 Duvizl Kiu1'l1z'lnc' CI1'm'riz'1'c' King .YUVIIIII Lzluglzlin Dmmlrl Miller Yr1l1li.XIih'l1cll .xlllllljll RFI'-Yl'l' Call Rnxvnlmum Dinnc Hlllllfl' Hit'l1llI'llSll!lI'l' Ellllll Slwrrill .lrrlm Van Zunfr' X W '- N X K - 3 , X , x X x X XY. E a Rm is ' N "' S wk X R Q? fl s 5 . - x.-- 3 . : FV: ' Vi R gap Q' ' X E Q 6 imma . x 'F Qt . , NN x Q!-'Mi Homecoming Queen and Attendants Phyllis Williamson .lcunne Assonclrnp, CUIIPUH Nl1l1'CGllLI Holtzen Lincln Lierman Boys State and Girls State Representatives Kl'l'l11lt VVilliins Bill Cmwforcl, not sllown Kurlmw IIZIIISCI' .Iznwttv Knivp Valedictorian and Salutatorian Marilyn Sharp, Valcrlictorian Marilyn Schweitzer, Salutatorian Junior Carnival King and Queen Queen, Georgia Downey King, Clcnn Tipton Senior Ball Sweetheart Sweetheart, Marilyn Sharp Escort, Conard Edwards Christmas Ball King and Queen King, Don Martin Queen, Sue Lancaster STUDENT COUNCIL CImmf'il.s- u'f'rc frlm.s'r'n in long tinzrns' past To lzvlp flwir Iiulws uz'f'rm1p1i.s-ll plans fast So is our Council z'lf'z'I1'rl today To lzclp llufir own .skclzool in vufry rung. L1 ff fn Higllf-A1111 VV21IfK'l'S. Mary Lou l'ivl'c-cz Cc-orgiu Downcy. Elvmmr IM-ichcrt. llll'l'i'SSk1 xlZlffhi0S4'll, Shirlvy Space-k, Luv Uriv. XVulte-1' Kustvr, NVillzu'cl Xlomw-. I um c:l'ZlXVf0l'll, Dale Kalllmflvisclm, and Don Davis. QUILL AND SCROLL 11. , . . V To lrrilr' ns flifl ilu' srrrilzvs of yon' Uloulfl lu' In us. ull, fS'lll'll ll lmrr, Now Quill and Scroll writes nvws zciflz c'u.s'1 By flying fingc'r.s' ami f'lil'lfiIl,Lf kc'y.s'. ,.,,.......w-+-w- Kurlcne Hauser. Floretta Bodcnstalu. Nlarilyn Scllwcitxcr, Prcsidcntg N2ll'X'll I Stlltllllilll, X7ll'l'-Pl'f'.S'illl'I1fj Xlurilyn Sharp. Kc-rmit VVilkins, H0pm'1c'r. ANNUAL STAFF Will1 N11pnl1'nn zulu: lll'l3l'l' .s-uid 'Lrlirf' '1'l11'.w' .s'I1rrl1'11l,s' flu' lmnor will fiw, For l1m'nl:.s-v of flwir f'm:rn,gf', anzlzilion mul wif Tlzis lmolc zritlz ils 1Jll,'lIll'f'.S' mul lzunmr was ufrif. SIr1r1fli1l,q-Sllv I,a1m'ustv1', l'1t'iltlll'l' Editor: l"lu1'a-lla Buell-nstulm, Editor: Tlmc-H-ssu NI2lUlliUSi'll. Associutvcl Editor Nlnlmlv xvllvlilll, Bll5iIll'SS NIAllIlljll'l'. Sf'fllf'!,fxXviH2ll'll YVilsun, Photo Ifclliorg Kvrmit XVilkins. Sports lfclitur, Imll In liiglll Iiuymuml Nurluxl. Paula Qzlllllilllll. N1ill'l'l'll2l lloltzcn, AIQIIIUUQ' Kniup. Nlill'lt'lll' Colv, XYillau'cl YVils0n K1ll'll'lIl' llnlm-1'. l':lt'2lIlUl' Rl'lClll'l'l, Kuilwrim' .InspL'l'. xlllftllll Slulrp, Nlmilyn Sharp, Kvrmit U'ilkins. Nlulmlc Xxylllqilll XUl'IIl.l NIl'c:l'l'QUl'. Hmm' Urim-. N011-cxl Eustmaul. Srfafcrl-lflorcttu Buch-xlshllm,'I'l14-11-ssu Nluttllivsm-11. PAPER STAFF Scrilzcs af many ages past llazl to lcarn to run quita fast, To carry news from placc fa place' Eaclx must canccfla fa run a racc. Nou' XVilrlcat rlacs fllc fall as lccll, Azul ia our .s-clmal, flzc nczus clacs fell. Typists Fuurtlz Rtlll'-K1lllll'l'llll' Jasper, Peggy Parrott, Norma kIL'Cl'l'glJl', Mr. Milf-s, B1ll'lJ1ll'2l Prrmgll, lClva1nnr Rviclu-rt. Marilyn Sharp. Tllirfl R010-lXl1ll'L'l'llkl ll0lfZl'll, -laxllcttc Knivp. Carol RviL'l1l'1't, Bcity Nlalxwvll, Phyllis XVllllilIlISOIl. Sm-mul HUIL7--IDVIIH Allcn, K1ll'li'll4' llLlllSi'l', Kcrmil NVilki11s, Curl Iliff. Filzs-I Ilan--Min-ilyn Scluwm-itzvr, Murvu Lou Stutzmun, Flolw-lin Buell-nstulm. writers I"ir.vI RUIL'-N0l'lllilIl Blzlstock, Ruby, jcunm' ASSOIlill'llp. jucly lluwlxins. Su-mul lina- liill Curtvr, Hoy Kimcrling, Clxcri Amlc-1'so11. Tllinl lime-Ivan: Kisilvr. tllill'l'Hl'C' NYuln-oil, Palsy 1illNYlll'LlS, llillllil Cralllclaall, Amlrcy liclwalrcls. Fnurllz Iiau'---Bolwlvy lCclwm'cls, Dam Sluvllun, .Bil1'll2lI'il. Prough, Phyllis Lampc. BOYS' CLUB To work and loil was the biggest aim Of boys of old who were poor and plain, But with equal chance boys go today Into the world to make their way, For Boys Club teaches to all and each "Conquer your foe, and make well your speeehf, Ivan Kistlvr , H President Mr. Bowser ,, Sponsor Membership of this organization includes all boys enrolled in Filer High School. Mr. Bowser , 7511011-YUT jim johnson Secretary-Treasurer Bill Carter ,, ,, Vice-President Ivan Kistlcr , , , W President GIRLS' LEAGUE Girls fun was Iinzitvll in days of 0111, But for the girls of today Iifc' hollis A round of events, cfxcrifiizg and ,guy xvifll Gir.'s I1l'!l,LfIH' lmlping in vmfry ufuy. jam-ttc Knicp PIT'-S'fIll'Ilf Mrs. Howlaimi Slmnxm' Mviniwrs of this Ol'QillliZ1lti0ll includes all girls 011- roiicd in Film' High School. ,Iam-llv Kufop Mrs. Ruwlnml ifiililh' llultm-11 l3au'lmru Lux l,ix1clz1 -lvzumv Assvndriip Mairlcm- Culi- Kzu'iz-iw llalusm-1' Hlll'illll'il Antiiis ix1ill't'0ilil Ilolizvn Qnut sliowni junior nyrlmrnorc' I"1'v.x'ln1if1rl Swiim' l'l'z'siz1z'nl Slmnsm' RUp1'c.v1'ntuliw' Iicpl'c.s'011tufirf' Rcprc.-sen tutim' , Tl'l,'ll.S'1ll'l'l' Vivv-Presillvrit Hcpl'z'.s'c11t11Iiuz' Hvportar Sz'a'rc1ury F CLUB l A , 511. ,K-lvmr , - Gyk l ivw ' ' - 335 f as ,. ..:.,. + . ., D K J t I K , , --,. 2 Y gg . .MlmlW,, S -f 2 I , Wd mmg f A- -,gf . , ' VY , K E Suk' Hufk limb- Iillllzllcl I,a1llu1sivl', lRiL'l11ll'fl Slllitll, Doll Sclllalllgv. -Iolllllly N1ill'l'S, ,lim Sharp, IDZIYKI Xvfigllt, Cary ASSl'llCll'll1L Bull Alllllis. Xlirlzllv H1110-Bill Calrtvr, 131111 Lalllcalstvr, Luc Uriv. Ivan Kistlcr, Kvllllvtll llul'l'isoll, ClJIllll'll Edwards. Frnn! lillH'YlqUQ'l'l' liifv, Al Ifclx, Huy CilI'tl'l', Scotty Ilaltcll, Don Davis, Doll hiilftill, Tcllll Hz-lllillgtllll. liclllllie- YYrigllt. Knights of old were lnrauc' and bold Earl: worf' ll sign for flwfls u'c'II dom' Boys of .vporfs Imac' llvzlllll 111111 Sfl'l'H,QflI Earlz wears an F that lu' has won. Blair Hull Vim'-l'l'v.wirlr'l1l 15011 Xfllrfill Pfl,',Qifl1'llf Cjilllilfd Eclwnrcls S1'1'l'1ffm'y-Trc'rlsur1'r Yu :Ahhh li LUB lXlGII1lJCl'S of this 0l'gi1IllZiltl0l1 includes all who are interested. As in the olden days, our stars will do their best To be the only victors in each of our contests. Regardless of the score we read at end of game Our Pep Clulz really Slrould live up to its own name. Bc-My Dclilotz From-is 'flu-rmun Suv 1.uncz1stcr , ,, H, Trc'a.s-mer Secretary President jim Carter Knot slmwnl H , Vice-Presirlerzt Bill Blass Knot slnownj H Reporter .-X grwif 11f'!r11' ll'!l.S' King 'l'l1z'.s'p11.s' .Mui 111m'11 ill f11'r111111Iif'.s' lu' ,quot A11 l1n11r11' .s'111'ir'I11 u'r1.s' 1111111111 for THESPIANS llilll llYlIl'I'1' 11111' 11111.91 1111'111o1'i:.1' 111111 arf Io gr! ill. Km-rmit NX'ill:ins I'1'c'.x'irl1'11l Nurnm lhiwkins lYil'l'-l,l'l'.S'fl1l'Ili Miss Smith S11i111.s111' Kairlvm- Ilaiusvr S4'r'1'r'h11'y-T1'v11.s'111'r'1' Philip Brmvn llv11u1'f1'1' 1 ' 1 lfurlc lmi'--lucly Cmrlsuii, lc-ggy l'iu'rott. Nornm lNlcGrm-gong Bc-tty 131-Klutz, Carol lim-iclu-i't, 'I'lwrvssu Nl1lflllll'Sl'll. Nlurllm Slmrp, Kzitlwrim' jaispvr, Cla-mln IR-te-rsoii, Nancy Davis, Norinu Ilaiwkins, Aliflrllv Rr1iL-Ailn XVultc-rs. lflorvttai llmlm-iislnlm Nhu'ih'n Sliairp, Nliirvai Stulzinzin, Marilyn Schwoitzvr, Juni-th' Knicp, Curl Iliff, xvillllll Ling. Carol lfinmiy. l"1'r111f limi! Carol llvw-1'. Colvin- llvis. Hairy Stott, Kiirli-nv Ilzmsc-r, Cviirgiai llowllvy. Nlziry l,ll'l'R'i', Philip lliwmwil. Kvrmit NVilkins XYilla11'Ll XYllSllll. KEY CLUB Tlze Apostle Peter was very devout And like the Key Club put others to route. They guide the traffic and park your rar S0 you must walk just lmlf ns fur. Mr. Km-1-rar Sponsor Conard Edwards Pre.s'irlcnt Gaylord Tlmir-me Secretary-Treasurer Dvllwrt xl1ll1AllSLll'll1 , Virfe-Pmvillenl liuek Hour-Lynn llnsh, Km-rnrit NVilkins, Kenneth Harrison, Larry lNIutthiL-son, VVillard WVilson, jim johnson, Walter Kastor. Mirlrlle How-Philip Brown, Don lioyster, Ronald Lanrcastcr, Roger Frifc, Ralph Allen, Don Davis, Hay Curtcv, lloh Anthis. Frou! Hou'-'Bill Bonnie-lmcsvn, Philip Brown, Dc-lhcrt VunAnsds-ln, Conard Edwards, Gaylord Thicmc, Dale Knllmflvisr-lr, Mr. Kllccra. F. F. A. II'ill1 r'rvnkr'1l .slirlf or lzromlmz lmr Van Iillvrl flu' .wil long yr'11r.s' ago Nmu farnzrv' lurls join I". F. A. Ill!! lfvlrll In farm flu' nmcl1'rn ufmf Dull- Ka1II1IIc-is Dun I,a111c-ausivl IIiII C2ll'Il'l' XVZIIIUI' KRISIVI' Dick Ilya' Klr. Iloppvr l ' N lu'- T I'rc'sirIvnt I,I'4'SIlIl'llI S1'c'1'c'Iz1x'y rm-usura-r III-portcr Advisor iflh Run'-ISQI1 xI2lXNVl'II. Jim Cllftll X nltu All s :fl Hou Ix 111 Ixlstlnl I nl IIKISUI IIm11IcI lohnsr Irunk Hnrgun, Tum SIcinm'r, IIn1'vm-y IIOIIm 1 N11 un x un a I sm X sa 1 '1lls, Doylv Mason. Ninrlyn Iivosclg Iirmlc Iltllll mx sm mu UIINQI X1 Ilop Sh-w-n IIQIII. Iiulw -Ium-s, ,luhn Gillnll IIIII XIlILX l,,M1R,,U m l, Dick IIN-v Inurlll limi'-K1-rmit fIIllI.fK'l'Il'Il, Ross I N1 xlllllbll H' U" Sn-IliIIIc'1', Ds-unix lfih-, lhu-id Lolulin NMIIUQI Noon sl Il unc Dale' Ilxlm-r. Alim Slmrp. john Glick, C 1 ASNLIILIIIJ 1 suln Clxdf mumcl Holm Anim Donald INIcGrc'gur, Iicmallcl Brady. ll I lm IS MUSIC and DRAMA MUS IC ,M QGESE .1 'Q Y 4 H! Ihhf FSLRR 'Nil 'Ml'l'f'l'Sfl,z1rry Manly, Shirlvy X!CclI'l'5l0l'. Xlikc- Xl2lC'21XY. Uium CIruwi'm'tl. Bill Bollllicllsvll. FILER ALL-GIRL CHORUS lirlrk linu'-Arclitli .Inu-ksmi, Nl1ll'll'Ill' Knivp. Linclzi Lll'I'lIIil1l, .lncly Cgwlson, Kzlrmi Assvnclrlip, Dinnv lluliivr, lilziim- llullzvn, lbllllllll Stanisvll. Nancy .In Dnyis, Slmrh-y Spairvli, YlllN'l'1'NS2l Al2llllllK'Sl'Il. llnlli Kiillwfh-iscli, Nnnvy .Io llciistocli, 1 llnyllis lhailw. Nlnrinn Slmnlq. Xnrnm McCrvgor, Marilyn Slmrp, Kiu'li-no llznism-r. Srwmul Iinu'---l.ucillv llullmyuy, Doris Slinlcr, BuI'lm1'n In-an Colm-, l'lI'1lllCl'S vllllllflllilll, -lLlIlL'ttl' lin:-ip. Putty Bingliann, l"loi'vllz1 linmlvnsmlm. Donna Sliopv, Colvin- livis, Plllllll flfilllllilll, Murgic' Maismi, Ell'1lllOl' Rz'iL'l1c'ri. I"rmil linlz'-Sllil'lc'5 Dziyis, Yziltli Mitclu-ll, Ann limckvtt, jiirly Sliainli, Bm'yvi'ly Cross, Marilyn Scliwoitzvr. Nlill'Vll Lou Stiiizilmll. llulli lillcn lliK'ill'l'. -lamicv Cm-uk. Sliirlvy Cl'l'l'Il, 132Il'l1llI'i1 Antliis, lhn-In-I Traipp, Aloyu- llosh'llvl', Donna llinv, lflclnu Slwrrill. FILER JET BAND l"rnnl lluu'-Clvmln l'clvrsmi, Don lioysivix M1n'tlm Sharp, Larry Nlqnily, Lynn Cl'RlXX'i-llI'll. :incl Bill Bonniclisvn. SITUIIII limi'--Cuiwml livin-lu-i't, Pe-ggy l'in'i'ott, Ann l31'zu'k1-tt, Mary Lon l'ii-uc, Pliyllis Lznnpc, Bc-tty Laiiicaistw, Caitlin-1'iiie l"an'i'an', lliuliziul lfnlwaircls, Kaitlicriiiv jaislu-i', Dizniv lliilitm-13 Miki- Mau-uw, 11nmlSliii'lm-y NlC'f:l'l'jI,0f. Tlllrrl Iiuu'--Knri-11 Assn-mlriip, Marilyn Sniitli, Pliilip XVilson, :Carol lfinnvy, Doiniai llinv, Lynn llalsli, K1-inivtli Ilairri- son, llvlvn lXln-Gm-g.iui', XYillin'cl XYilson, Clu1'c-iicc VV11lcott, Holi Eclwurcls, Nornm llziwkins, -lay Davis. I"uurIll Roll:-Cvorgizi llmvm-y, Nnrnui McGrvgor, Carol Bun-i'. FILER PEP BAND lfzlvlf limr: Nurnm Mc-Crr'gm', Carol Hi-vcr, VVilliu'd XVilson. lla-lon ML-Crvgor. jay Nc-il Davis. Lynn Hush, Km-11111-iii llawrismi. Mirlrllr' rmr: Phyllis I.umpv, Hvtty Luiicustvr, Kaitlimiiu-I"ai'rni'.SliirlvyMcGi'ogo1', Nliko Nlzuilm. l,vmi Crzixx'hn'cl, Bill Huiiiiiclisvn. l"rmit Huw: Kzitlu-i'ii1c Izispvr. Don Hm'stvr. Ch-iiclai l'm'tci'smi. Curul Iii-in'l1vi'l. Ami Bi'au'kc-tt. Philip NVilsoii. Macaw. Larry Nlzirlliai Sliairp TWIRLERS NYIIIIFU 1,Ill'fA'. uyfllllll Ling, I'l1ylli.s' W'illirlms0n, Betty M11xiLfvN, Muffy Duffy, Iirlrwic Crm1.s'1'. rf ' fLz2"f"f , I flvf'-' 7D,d!fjia.,.,Vc ,T 1 A , i , f W Sf, Jw, wwff fffff' To D R A M A K7 al Zu!!! A 1 ' l l if 4,4-4 1 S .Lvl T 4 4-1-Q Af-fs f 1.5 M' f!J'l J' ' 1 I so Z aww - Mew f' fe , rf ff Mei, ?l. "Harvey," by Mary Chose Procluccd by the junior mul Senior Classes of Filer High School under the direction of Miss Helen R. Smitlz. CAST PRODUCTION CREW Director Y , , ,, , ,W Helen R. Smith Mayo A. Kucera W W Nicholas G. Chroniak Glenda Peterson Myrtle Mae Simmons D, V, Norma McGregor Business Manager an M we Veta Louise Simmons 7 an Mary Lou Pierce Musical Direction Elwood P Dowd S Willard Wilson Student Director ,wo S ,. Miss johnson , , S, Karlene Hauser Prompters D 7 ,ss N 7 7 Floretta Bodeigtab Ma 'l S ' ' Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet ,H W Faye Schuyler Ill yu cup State Manager as assures as D S . 11m Johnson Stage Crew , use , , Tom Sharp, Kenneth Aston Hand Props , 1tuthKelly,R.N. , , ,, VVilma Ling do D D is D do so Peggy Parrott Duane NVilson , , , Conrad Edwards WWW, 7, Karlene Hauser Lyman Sanderson, M.D. E Kermit Wilkins Lostlllnm A A V - Cm-ol Phimwy, Katherine jasper, Henry Shropshire E Marva Lou Stutzman Barbara Prough, Marlene Cole, jamette Kneip, Mary Lou Scott, Sue Lancaster. Theressa Mat- thiesen, Phyllis Williamson, Mabel Whelan .- ,M , S. H Betty Maxwell, Shirley Spacek, Marilyn Schweitzer, Eleanor Reichert Makeup , William lt. Clnnnley, NLD. as Don Davis House Manager Karlene Hauser Ushers Betty Chumley judge Omar Gaffney , A ,, Ray Cartee E. -I. Lofgren ,, Delhert VanAusdeln Ticket Sellers , ,, DRAMA L "Danger - Girls Working," by James Reach Produced by the Girls League of Filer High School under the direction of Miss Helen R. Smith Arlene Day Selena Barnes cc Grayce lohnson Rosie D , C Hannah Williams Phyllis Deer , Claudia Vandermeer Mr. McCarthy C Lula An Smith ,C C, Miss' Verne C Ray Cartwright C C CAST C , 7, WA, Carol Bever .- . C . Floretta Bodenstab ,, , , Valdi Mitchell , Mary Ann Kaster C , H ,S C ., Colene Reis . Marilyn Schweitzer H ,, , Molly Duffy W, Peggy Parrott ,, , Georgia Downey cc joan Persigeni C, ,C Noreen Eastman PRODUCTION CREW Director Wm , ,WW W WH , ,,,, ,, Helen R. Smith Business Manager ,---,, .... -, Mrs. E. Rowland Musical Director ,DW an Nicholas C. Chroniak Student Director Decca cc cc cc Janette Kniep Prompter chem, cc Marva Lou Stutzman Stage Manager .- . , , ,, W, Willard Wilson Stage Crew ,, D C W, Ann Walters, Barbara Lux, V Karlene 1Hauser, Philip Brown Properties and Make-up C ,ccc,, Margie Veatch Phillis Bohne Costumes , ,, H Margie Veatch. Barbara Prough Ushers ,, C c,,, Nancy jo Davis, Wilma Ling, .ludy Carlson, Glenda Peterson, Marcella Holtzen, Paula Cran- dall . H- N... A. - A ,TV H. ff. . if-4' :in - w Q' JN fi 2 ms. A N I. X 'gall' .X - ,asv . . .Ng gf ,is sv 32? 5 I J' I 3 f aw V FCOTBALL X S 'aim 3 K Buck row: Calm-n Lierman, jim Carter, Vvrnon Schiff- lvr, Toni Sharp, Ronald Lancaster, Raymond Carey, Richard Smith, Bill Carter, Don Schlange, Tom Reming- ton, Waltcr Anthis. Middle row: Don Martin, Cary Pe-tcrson, Kc-nncth Harrison, Steven Hall, David VVright, Mikt Nlonoc Iu Urie, Ronny johnson, Boh jones, Don MLC rngor Front rows Blair Hall, Scotty Hatch, Don D uis Ivm Kistlcr, Bob Anthis, Ray Carts-v. Cary Assmndrnp Ronnig Wright, Dan Lancastvr. and jim Stuitz and ltogcr Hitt Managers. Mr. Stout' and Mr. Bowser Coaches iwtj- A ,I xv QW.-, xiw , fi.: 'ff' ' X - A if E' af . JW A ,. f Q ,ge A H N ll. .' xc h x x' I' ,gg 'fi x . '.'fN LX X L m Q N" ' X gi Bw W if E Q y , , Y ' , 1 I "ix- -Wi' ' ' I -,QI M C N af ... 'ff Q, J, VE Ah 'fx' 5 . ' ,4 1 22" ,f ":' " I ki Li f X X Q .4 Q., ff! Q Cf? .A K- 1 , Rf? X F lull' ' w' 20 ew U wr K -,,44?,ffg,, , 3 X f 1 A ,, f .lf A ' fy 11 ,xA va' G, , -Ziff?" 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Wy, ..,, , . , N g. ,V , ,-. ,, ..., ., , ,, . wx , -gm, Mi Qx:. ,,g,x xnl- , ,M gi L . .. , X' m f'i'7i'l is ' wifli zii ifiiif- W K 1 f 1 Q , - . , f .ffl wk -. ,,,,,:fx , Qggwg- - -131:53 If 5. Z, , f-gf?2,P3?vU X '51 K K fm. Y N 2-Af 1'wQ2:gv ., - fg3:'q'Rf" 1 ,V -z x My, 4,11 f lg- 1 y 4, .-::5sg, , , V' m fizii V -1 nf ' fem-f-',f'-f:g,..,::g .:,a , ' ' . im 532' ww: ' E K ' A .... ii v 1 Aj if L ' igsg fx KJ f ii? ,55?'?2" I J Q as QS'-1 ft V ill , pf ' f Q ,W ,aiu s 551413128 Q 3 41: 'Ef4fix , 5 A Q W fl: , f-Nz. 'Q - X973 ,QS 2, N- . I x-sh MQ, fx X5-sim Q L4 - 'Qi wi mmffcw- 1 - f X Y . . .QQgg?g,f???2w Tgffc gsff , V M231-iii'p23i::l5'gk3j5v: '-1 wg-235' Q 'Mk - 14'j,fxl3g,,L3 . ,K , v 2 -ff, ,2,55:g3y5,A mg A Lf ,V--arf. rw ' .iX'f.x,l2'f'fqTiQ 1' W L- 25 V-'gagiXS'VL L' , X A 'P53iiW'N1'0' i Q saw' YK ' ,fy x ' X W A , 45.9.23 qw ' W, .E 2j5,q31,j. x ' wif? Y '-E, . K R x ,my ,avg L fl BASKETBALL Clyilv Hiclnnnnd, Ray Cartev, Scotty Hatch, Don Davis, Blair Hall, lim Sharp, Cunard Edwards Don Martin,Dnn Sclilangs-, Dan Lancaster, Glen Tipinn and Roy Kimi-rling. JUNIOR VARSITY D Hack row: Ric-lnirrl Edwards, Bnh Blass. Rnnniv Brady, Ralph Allm-n, Miki- lXlonou, Larry Matthivsvn, Gary Pi-tvrsnn, Ray Carvy, Tum McCreary, Waltvr Kash-r, Philip Brown. Front row: lim Stnltz, Al Fox, Dennis Fife, If-rry Hawkins, Roger Rifu, Cl:-n Smith 1ManagcrJ, Dick Allen, Galen Liennan, Virgil Andrews, Steve Hall. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS il Lx Paula Crandall Flarctta Boclenstalz Norma Hawkins Mary Lou Pierce Gemyqia Downey J. V. CHEERLEADERS l jramw Asscmlrup Karan Dclilalz jurly Carlson Clwri Anllersrm Ann VValf1'r.v x ..Ax....r ,. 1 f I .,,. 'R Y 'S Q af If ,K A5 ,. . . .F Sk N 6 5, Q 8 ' i I I G A ', 4,1 X . .. C J I M I xi ,. . D , ti 3 N x . , .I 1 EV f HM.: NEWSREEL 1, Roy: I'm off Io ilu- llllH'Il'S with my Inns-t gal. 2. K1lt1ll'l'1lll'Z Inns-ff 10. Don: NuluraIIy, I use IIIUIHII 11. 1"1orvttu: Onv, two lrlrlrf' you Io IlllIkl'.YUll1l'II1IH,Q out of llmt u'i.x-r'r'l'rlr'IcI 3. fl11'f'1,'fIwr'z' I vomv, rvazly or not. 12. Mary Lou: IIOrU's ll I jus! .wlw my 1I1'z'um lmoy. 11. Nornm: Say Ilmf a Iitllc Io1uIw', :cord to flu' wixz' . . , Don? Iv! tI1U sun get in your eyes pIc'f1.w'. Diclrfl quilv Iwur you. 5. Bvttu: OI1 I1c'uIIyS" TIM: 13. 1X1urvn Lou: Il is prvfly. ixn'I if? I lIl'SI,,LUlL'lI il myscIf rwwllwr rlor'.wn'I look .vo good Io mv. 6. 1514-Qmorz Ilvy kids, 14. Mm'i1yn: If you zlizlrfl rlo if, flmn who did? 15. Phyllis dom rmyom' ll'tllII II llizw' of my r'ukr'? T. KilI'1l'Ilt'I All -riglll 11'I:y yvx, it'.v fl ncu' Toni Home I'Urn1unc'nt. 16. Peggy: Gee now, Irtfs' all ,s-ing on ilu' riglzl nolv. 8. N11u'i1yn: Ton IitlIz' you'rc'illsIrl,L5uI'.sI11'.s'If1'iC1l1I. 17. Bz1r1mrz1: Dorff I!I1l,!II1.1 Smnc' fIlI,Ll'!'l'.Y and lm: IIIIII' lofw. 11. N12ll'j1l'2 Of 1'ours0, fIl'l'I7!'l'-Y is fIlIll!lUlIl"Sl11llIlIIf'SIlUlL7IHf.I. -MMMM 2 s 4 mi 1 ws- V W Y E ,, - P V I if- C. D. BORING DRUG CO. IVlu'rr' Cosnzcficzs Reign Suprcnu' THE REXALL STORE Phone 45 Buhl, Idaho SH ELBY'S MARKET GROCERIES AND IVIEATS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AIICIISOII IELISI Txvin Fg1IIg O. J. CHILDS swears' FURNITURE Sm, COMPANY l31'1ln.s' - Grain - I'upr'm'r1 SUI'ICIiI'IIUSI'lIA'I'IC 'llirnsl II'f.s'l1f's I0 ilu, Film' C1Il'llfIIlflfIII,Q Cl1ls.v,' -PHONESf- 251 Main East Office: 25 Residence: Childs 60 Albin 67-J7 PHONE 1295 TWIN FALLS FiIc'r, IcIaI1o CULLIGAN SOFT WATER POULSEN K RAMSEY I SERVICE CO. WAREHOUSE wi' wi' YR' I l7vr1'1'r.s' in linrlns and Onfons I 157 Second Avenue West I E. P. Polson Earl Ramsey Twin Falls, Idaho Phono 117 FiIcr. Idaho WILLIAMS TRACTOR COMPANY Harry Williams, Owner FULL LINE OF J. I. CASE MACHINERY AND REPAIRS PIIONE 470 'IXVIN FAI.I.S THE SUNNY CHIX HATCHERY N. L. Johnson G. M. Johnson FINE BABY CHICKS PHONE 200 BOX 396 FILER, IDAHO TWIN FALLS BANK 8a TRUST COMPANY 'Trogressing l'VitlL Magic Valley Since 1905" Capital, Surplus and Reserves Exceed S1,000,000.00 Phone 254 121 Main Avenue West Member Federal D'e71osit Insurance Corporation CLOS BOOK STORE OFFICE SUPPLIES - BOOKS - GREETING CARDS GIFTS - PICTURES Phone 254 121 Main Avenue West MODERN F"-ZR DRUG STORE Variety tore SCHOOL SUPPLIES ' School Supplies FOUNTAIN SERVICE i ' Vulwtles MAGAZINES l 0 Dry Goods STATIONERY 0 Shoes Phone 26 Filer, Idaho l FILE-ll IDAHO COURTESY MARKET Fidelity National Bank Owned and Operated by TWINOLALLS Maurice Klass and Max Henry, Jr. N a -- ' ' Continuous Service Since 1908 l lens Glocerles Fresh Vegetables Choice Fruits BRANCH OF FILER Lockers Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FILER PHONE 44 ELECTRICAL SERVICE AND MOTOR REPAIR "You Phone Us, Weill VVire Yong CLIFF QUAI-LS, OWNER Phone 786-j 762 Main Avenue North TWIN FALLS BUSINESS COLLEGE PHONE 1806 140 Main Avenue South Twin Falls, Idaho DOSS Exclusive Cleaners SAVE :20',l CASH AND CARRY We Give Gold Arrow Stamps 23:2 - 2nd Street East TYVIN FALLS TWIN FALLS FEED FOSS Harry Barry Lumber Co. 'kit "On the Road to the Hospital" Twin Falls, Idaho AND ISE CO' Manufacturing Company FEEDS - GRAIN - ICE - HAY giikg 3 General Cold Storage COVVBOY OUTFITTEHS M and - AWNINCS Individual Lockers PHONE 191 TWIN FALLS Twin Falls, Idaho Intermountain 1-URNWSEED Seed Co. FILEI1 'Uur Seeds and SUPER Good Earth are The Best of Friendsi' SERVICE sn SINCE 1931 Twin Falls, Idaho Phone 161-VV, Filer DINGEL ond SMITH SEED CO. Field, Carden and Flower Seeds PHONE 8 Twin, Falls, Idaho TROY-NATIONAL LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS if sir ii? PHONE 66 201 2nd Ave. NVest Twin Falls, Idaho United Oil Co., Inc. WHOLE SALE-RETAIL Petroleum Products Twin Falls , , 497 Hailey E, , 149 Burley 381 American Falls 3697 Aberdeen DWL, . 226 Twin Falls, Idaho Montgomery Bros. CAs - on, - TIRES BUHL HARDWARE Idaho Dept. Store N- AFTER ALL, Acc:Esso1nEs BUGS THE BEST PLACE FISIIINC TAc:K1.E LAMPS ' FHEEZEHS T0 TRADE SERV-UR-SELF AND SAVE APPLIANCES ik iff iff PHONE 1900-VI' BUHL Il IDAHO 322 NVQ-st Addison 1: Twin Falls l Phone I -wt Richardson Cleaners Typewriter Exchange Wa rberg Brothers Ilemington-Rnml QOAL Typewriters - A FINE Dm, TRANSFER STORAGE CLEANING OFFICE EQUIPMENT MACHINES Complete Moving Seroice Twin Falls Idaho Twin Falls Twin Falls Phone 2468 . SCOTTY TAYLOR Western Music Co. FOX FLORAL . . . "Say it with USED RECORDS Pa1'lS12111 32111110116 Flowm., 256 Dry Cleaning Made to M ensure Clothes Phone 351 330 Main St. - Twin Falls, Idaho BUHL, IDAHO Twin Falls, Idaho BLASIUS CYCLERY COMPANY Beauty Arts THE FARMERS K Academy NATIONAL BANK COMPLETE "WHERE YOUR BEAUT1 DEPOSITS f hggwfffl SERVICE ,, wh - I ARE SAFE Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Schwinn Bicycles 135 Main Ave. West Twin Falls, Idaho Bnhl, Idaho TWIN FALLS PHONE 181 I-I N Dis INTERIVIOUNTAIN THEATERS co' Orpheum and Idaho "Twin Falls Finest Seed H ousev Purina -'view 1 I , '. CERTIFIED head I1ar1n Supplies ,wvlwm Vision IS GARDEN Fall Route Service Clamp SEEDS PHONE 1740 TWIN FALLS PHONE 45 TWIN FALLS 345 5th Ave. So. Twin Falls ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 6 Bahhells Curh Service Station. Cleaning and Tailoring. Twin Falls Clohe Seed 81 Feed, Twin Falls Ahhottis Plumbing Co.. Plumbing and Heating Sawyeris Curh Service with a Smile, Twin Falls Youngs Dairy, Fine Dairy Products Crayce Sims, 351 2nd Ave, W., Phone S673 If Your Iluir Isrft Becoming, Ymffl Better Be Coming to Us Cerrish Sporting Goods, Twin Falls, Idaho Van Engelens. Twin Falls, Idaho Alexanderis Clothing Store, 138 Main Avenue South, Twin Falls, Idaho Fioperis, "If It's From Roper's-It's Dependable" Sax'-Mor Drug Store, Twin Falls, Idaho Twin Falls Floral Co., Twin Falls, Idaho Mooifs Paint and Furniture Store, Twin Falls Coronet Camera Cent :'i'. Twin Falls. Idaho Music Center, Twin Falls, Idaho Filer Hardware. "Everything in Ilardwarefi Frigidaire Appliances Deanis Repair Shop, Filer Idaho Filer Barher Shop, Filer Idaho Hi-VVay Service Station, Filer Idaho XRICEIIIIFTIS Shoe Repair, "Look at Your Heels as Others Dof, Filer Erh Brothers Nlarkct, Buhl, Idaho IXIL'Vl'Y,S Inc., McCormick, 137 Third Avenue VVest, Twin Falls .l. C. Penney Co., Inc., Buhl, Idaho ,ffl JASPER'S Independent Oil X: Gas FILEH IDAHO COCA-COLA CO. "TRY A COKE - The Pause Tlmt Refrffslzlfs' TVVIN FALLS IDAHO Chester B. Brown Co. DEALERS AND PROCESSORS OF COMMERCIAL BEANS "No Long Waits MOUNTAIN STATES IMPLEMENT CO. Oliver Farm Machinery Iron Age Planters and Sprayers Del.aval Nlillcers and Separators PHONE 358 Twin Falls, Idaho - and - N o Short IVc'igths', Phone 165 Filer, Iclaho HOWARD TRACTOR CO. , ALLIS-CHALMERS , NEW IDEA FARM EQUIPMENT , Fox HAY cU'r'1'ERs . HARDWARE 121 Tllircl Avenue NVest PHONE 275 TWIN FALLS, IDAHO CARDINAL MARKET QUALITY MEATS, FOODS AND CROCERIES Imlcfpcmlently Owned and Oprfraferl 663 Main Avenue East Twin Falls ASSOCIATED SEED GROWERS INC. Asgrow Seeds "Bred-Not just Grown" Phone 55 Filer, Idaho T H E C L U B Marion Hatch, Proprietor FILER zz IDAHO SELF MANUFACTURING COMPANY PIIONIC 524 f.'0lI,Ql'llfIlIlIfIOIIS to Students Twin Falls KRENGEL'S HARDWARE i ,LL Twin Falls, Idaho PIONEER TRACTOR Sz IMPLEMENT CO. FORD 'I'RAC'I'OHS TWIN FALLS, IDAHO MARTIN'S FILER ACME GARAGE APPLIANCE MACHINE SHOP STORE -YW t - ELECTRICAL GIVE GU AIIUIUIICTC' fl! APPLIANCES- Weld Anytlzingu FURNITURE Film-r. Idaho Main Phone 134 FILER PHONE 43 ROBERT E. LEE WARNER'S MUSIC TIMES-NEWS SALES COMPANY vi? if Si? Mi? 238 Nluin Avv. N. TWIN FALLS PHONE 163 FILER CLEANERS L, t H, FI LICII, IDAHO "IVlu'rc' Yozfll Find the Finest in Mnsicwl M crchan fl i sen Commercial Printing TWIN FALLS TWIN FALLS, IDAHO BU DDY'S ROXY THEATER ANGEL FOOD M , CAKES SEE TOUR Do-NUTS FAVORITE SHOWS HEREU PASTRIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS 218 Main Ave. South Twin Falls, Idaho Twin Falls -...f BUNTING TRACTOR CO., INC. Your 'Tfrrterpillarli Dealer 1300 Kimlwrly Road Twin Falls, ldalio THE PARIS CO. Always the Latest Fashions TWIN FALLS, IDAHO M 85 Y APPLIANCE CO, The Home of Nationally Advertised Brands LOWER PRICES-EASY TERMS For Your XVestinghouse WESTINGHOUSE Appliance Store APPLIANCES Sales and Service GREENAWA LTS PHONE 154 441 MAIN AVE. EAST PHONE 26 BUHL, IDAHO DETWEILER BROS., INC. SURPLUS SALES ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS STOP and SAVE 'F CAMPING SUPPLIES ' Pwside-Iitial 3 HARDWARE 9 Coinmerciul Wiring A. HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES L, Yht, Y as PAINT SUPPLIES ' IP H151 ' an WORK CLOTHING - NI t li, z' ' - . . 1 0 or ep ming Everyday IS Bargain Day 204 Main Ave. N. Phone 809 251 MAIN AVE. WEST PHONE ss J. C. PENNEY CO. li ... TWIN FALLS ALBERTSON'S FOOD CENTER Home of Dutch Girl Bakery and lee Cream FINEST IN MEATS - GROCERIES - PRODUCE - VEGETABLES West Five Points Twin Falls, Idaho fi. u . ,- F: qs. f EIFZY,-1 .' 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Suggestions in the Filer High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Filer, ID) collection:

Filer High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Filer, ID) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Filer High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Filer, ID) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 12

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