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'fa ' if fx, CW I Y v X Q- I : T 1 . W If MM Q ' N M524 WMS, ggi? WV!fpM4 fin 'W KW 7 ,o.f"W UH 'mb qw, E25 M5 Efgfigf W- ff 9 ,ff D W fig? 555' D1 Qjwif iw 6 JQMAVA ff WM' if ,f,6f,f.:zAq 'iff' ff ffl ' M if ' Bi X' ,, ,, "A '. W W gig? 3 Rf- GUV'fjL,5W Mwxw S 53 5 TPQQEQW ' . x S 'N ggi 33353 Qi W, W QQ, WZLJW QW MMM' W WWW OW W W fw cWM W f ,W ki- N 1' ,BV KTWWTW ffW' Xif MM awww-X 4 m5JfMMM07!W , w 'Xi WV K My wwwMW'J' ' Mpifgvjg W5QWb paalffffli NA Svivfw 49' ZMYWQH ofafqw W - Y? "Q 3 4.1 Y - x K .X 3 Nj 3 GG 3 THE vfmfmf 5 3 if 33 923 Q N X? R 1 Q 1 X N 335 YA w. 1 ,- ,UBLISHED BY THE ssocicnted Students of Q x. X 'V V ,L 1 ,X -X' lv,-x .' I ' L fi ,W I lf, ' ' fl!! V I ff' ,T . I 4 A J I 1 1 I -in x I ', I Z V AS. f, , . .' I k W 1 V J a YR Q Filer hooI aUR1i m T153 s ,, 3 1 xx i33 XQ Q Q? 5 mechca fion i' 'A' Through the developments of the last few years, the world has become one vast community. We must all adjust our feelings and our understandings to global living. Since understanding is based on knowledge, the hope for a lasting peace rests with the schools, teachers, and teen- age students of every nation. To them we dedicate This YVILDCAT of '49 'A' f,, 7 A ,MMM VVl jf ggi !.LJf,.,,,B .ff5ffff"' V Zflyftb A Q Cl gdfgnifgfglf O gffffvf 5' ' 1 IS A F NIQDERNIID, SU1'IiR1N'lENDliNT Every student in High School should stop to consider if he or she is making the most worthwhile use of his chances for an education-an education in a democrat- ic country. Nowhere on the earth today can this be gained so cheaply or with such little effort on the part of the individual. It should be the goal of each student in this school to strengthen democracy by getting the broadest education possible. ln this way perhaps some day we shall realize the goal of a United World. This can only he achieved through the education and cooperative understanding of all peoples Working together for peace and good will among men. -A. E. MCDERMID eorganiza fion This school year, 1948-49, will be remembered as one of reorganization and new opportunities. A change always involves debate, but when that change means benefits for the majority, its needs must be accepted by all as a new link in our chain of democratic living. The newly organized Class A School District No. 413 includes Maroa, Washington, Poplar Hill, Elm- wood, Filer, Berger, Hollister, Amsterdam, Rogerson and parts of Cedar Draw, Union, Syringa. and Park Lane, totaling 709 grade and 251 high school students. It covers almost half of Twin Falls County, and is evaluated at 35,209,498 The purpose of reorganization is to make larger and better schools for less money. Taxation will be lower in all parts of the new district excepting Washington and Cedar Draw. There will be an equalization of the tax burden which will "put the money where the children aref, Rich districts with few children but high in valuation and thus in taxation, object to educating children of parents who contribute little or nothing to schools because they are exempted by low valuation. Equalization will distribute the cost. THERE ARE MANY BENEFITS FROM THE NEVV PROGRAM. SOME HAVE BEEN FELTALREADY: E. M. RAYBORN 1. Two schools have been re-wired. tFire hazards had existedj 2. The hot-lunch program was extended. 3. Two schools have been completely re- decorated. 4. Through buying and using coopera- tively, financial savings have been made. Buying a large amount of sup- plies for the district results in a larger discount. Large equipment can be passed around instead of being rented or bought by separate schools. 5. Gains have already been made by students in athletics, science, and music. Well-equipped departments naturally give opportunities for more students. Our reorganization has been a step for- ward to meet the ever changing needs, and will act as a challenge for alertness and eiliciency. E. M. Rayborn is Chairman of the school board of the new district. Other mem- bers of the board are R. W. Pierce, 'Vice- Chairman, Howard Tegan, George Mc- Gregor, and A. E. Kunkel. .-:Wi X , t ,,3,..A,,1,, , 1-W , , aa, . A . , . 'i .wie-3-.jtff.'f, ze.. 43fx'fZ'W7-f eimlset Q55 ,ll- .JF ifSuei5i'l2' U-it PRINCIPAL C. XV. BOYD Stale Music Specialist Ccrtifirlitc' IJiI'l'Ci0I' of Music MHS. Fl,lfNNlKEN 1'llI,Qii.S'il - llixlnry 6LClfl,Ag Une of the most important jobs facing todayis high school teachers is to create in all pupils a desire to grow up into good citizens - good citizens in the school, in the community, in the nation and in the world. It is easy to teach the responsibility for helping to solve the problems of our own immediate environ- ment-or even the problems of the nation as a whole, but much more difficult to teach the broader responsi- bility of world citizenship. Because todayls teachers are more world-conscious, their students are experiencing a keener awareness of desperate situations the world over. Today teachers must turn out pupils who are inspired to do their best in ridding the world of the animosities engen- dered by the war and in trying to cement together with generosity and service the far-Hung fragments of a broken globe. If we as teachers are unfaltering in our task, we shall prove ourselves worthy of the privilege and the re- sponsibility of teaching democratic citizenship in a world which is struggling for peace, comfort and security. - E. W. MH. WILLIAMSON B. A. University of Washington llislnry - Cmisarner Training MRS. WILDER B. S. University of Idaho Typing - Simriiunui - Bookicccpir .Y sz si 5- , V ? If ff' """'MN'x is -I . ti Q JY J X. we mv-www, a 5. I, 4,11 X i 1 , ,,,: ,. . .-rf - im, s i.,,.,wN-V 'CML ww wuz' W.- if Ines I' 1 dx ,4'lQ.qvg,,g f X '- . if ,f 4, 34' is 5 N w-. , ,LQ-4?.wW1'f"3y xii . First Semester Svufefl: llclvn Prongli, Dollar Ann Scott, Viviun Laxllulstw, lXl1ll'CK'll11 Bocluilstailw. Clurislinc- Moore. Slunzlingz Barry FlUlllllliCll, -luck Pin-rev, Howard Mills. XV11rrc-n Hurt, -It-rry Dunlap, Tcd -l0lllISOI'l, Max Rector, Eddie Allison. .gguclenf gounci Meera Svrllvzlz Dulv Bringliznn, 'l'lu-ron Brown, liddiv johnson, Holm ltuylmorn, l"rvrl Lum'z1stc'r. Sfunrlingz Larry Sur-ki-tt. Curtis XVillcins, Dt-llu Ann Scott, Mary Ellen Vickvrs. Carry Allison. Cliristinv Moor:-, Lon Ann lloltzc-n, liilfllilfll Sinitli, Bill xVl'1llJl'l'Q.L, Cloriu Suckctt. ------W.,.........,M,, M15 5 A if iii stgekii Second Semester sawfenf my 0 First Semester Second Semester P1'r'sifl1'nI , ,r... Barry Flennikvn Q President ,, , , , , T1w1'on Brown Vim'-Prz'.s'ic11'1It . ......... ..s,....,... K luck Pierce .1 ' Vice-President ,.......,,.s., ,Y.,.. Boy liuylmrn Sm'r1'fm'y-Tr1'rl.s'm'w' ,,,,,,s Della Ann Scott Q Sl,'C7'CfllI'y-T7'PlI.S'1lTCI' ,.,s, S S ssllvlln Ann Scott Hl'jI0l'fI'l', ,,r. . ...B1ll'b11I'2l Smith Hvpnrfzfr , , ,,s,s,,,,,, ,, , Dolores Graves 1 STUDENT Bonv v W 1 S ,ff V RIN' lirst and sm-oml sm-ma-ste-r 'iw worlwrs slmwn lic'- OFFICE af 'x ilvr High St-lioul is tht- ollicv. Ilvrv il numlwi' of stuclvilts umlvr tht- supcrxision of Nlr. Nlcllerniicl and Hr. Boyd arc' lwing given 21 Yvry practical coursv in ullicv pmcticc. Sonic clmugc-s urv maclv in tlic stall' czlcli svmvs- ollicv girl" lor tlw school yvur with Lulu Klau- liic-rkvr as lim' first svmcstc-r assistant :incl Dt-lla Aim Scott assisting lim' tlic' sc-cmicl sc-im-sta-r. DICLLA ANN SCOTT I.Ul.A NI.-XIC Dlliltklili Sf'1lff'flZ Hlll'lJill'Ll Smitli. Nlury St-lilzmgc, Nlilclrml XVinltlm-, .lc-an Kistlvr. Ilumlclim' lluiulim-, Maxim- Czu'tc'r. Sl1mrlin,Q: All-ssiv llvlilotz. Dum Silltllllilll. Cllaulys llQ'l'SlQltlll. llvlvli llfllllgll. lic-tty lirvw, lxny Cliiicllc, Sumlm Cvtlmliullii, Lou Ann llultzvn, Dolurvs Crum-s. l i l ,' sl1l I 1 1-Q mf-my A . .www-A . L .ff V1 'I-11. :Q .- ..f n A li I ,.lv4 L '1 .. va 5 ' 1 Q .'5 w'r H .fix gil! 'ff A Nw. , ,T4g5 ' A sn. , .5 ' v -v X WN 1. Lf, p 131x.v"1j ' " HW iglfffbi . A. if il.- f ,'Wie' " -4.115 --if' I ,H -gr.,-1 -" ,,. RA, - . gl Y ut.. ' . xx -J-lam, 4.1-.335 Senior Class Officers First Semester President ...,.................,..,... Howard Mills Vice-President ............,... Barry Flennilcm-n Secretary-Trerwuru ......... XVarren llart Reporter .,.,........ ..,... B 4-tty Moore Second Semester President ................,........, Curtis Wfilkins Vice-President .......,.......... Eddie Johnson Secretary-Treasurer ,... Lou Ann Holtzen Reporter .....,..................,. Patty Schnitker Cfarid of Z! In the fall of 1945 a group of seventy freshmen entered the doors of Filer High School. This group was not the ordinary run-of-the-mill type of freshment. Though they were green they were by no means over-awed. The achievements of their first year gave promise for future successs. They came back the next year more ambitious-and wiser. With girls in the Pep Club and boys on the athletic team they completed a successful season. During their junior year they held a successful prom, banquet, and carnival. They distinguished themselves in sports and dramatics and had everyone saying that next year should be their year! I t was! They really "set the world on iirelv With the consolidation with Hollister they had a rock-rolling football team which wound up at the top of the Big Seven Conference. Out of the original seventy freshmen only forty-eight are left. As these halls echo their last farewell they will go on to new conquests in life. 44' WES ANDERSON Clcc Club l-45 VVildcat Staff 3-45 F Club fl-45 Boys' Club 2-35 Tbcspian 3-45 Football 2-3-45 Hascball 3-4: Baskm-tball 2-3-45 Class Prt-side-nt lg "Stugf' Door" 25 junior 'l'alcnt Show 35 Studcnt Council 1. EVERETT ANDREWS Clcc Club 1-45 Band 1-2-3-45 F Club 2-3-45 Boys' Club 2-35 Football 1-3-45 lflaskctball l-2-3-45 Hascball 2-45 junior 'l'alcnl Show 3. GARY BEAN F Club 1-2-3-45 Prcsidcnt 3-4: Boys' Club 2-35 FFA 2-3-45 1'lcportx'r 235 P011 Club 15 Class King 35 Bascball l-2-3-45 Football l-2-3-45 Haskctball 2-3-45 Class Prcsi- dcnt 25 Vicc-Prcsitlcnt 2-35 Studcnt Council 2-3. MARGARVET ANN BEEM Clos- Club 1-2-45 Band l-2-3-45 Pup Hand l-2-3-45 Annual Stal? 45 Cirls' Lcauuc 3-45 Pm-p Hand 1-25 Y-'l'4-L-ns l-2-35 ,lunior Talcnt Show 35 "Our Town" 15 Statc Music 1-'vstival 2-3. BILL BLASS F Club 1-2-3-45 Boys' Club 2-35 FFA 2-3-45 Pcp Club 157Foofball l-2-3-45 Track 1-2-45 Hascball 3-45 Baskctball 1-L.-'S-' . KEITH BURGESS Clcc Club 2-4 Wildcat Staff 3-45 F Club 3-4' Boys' Club 2-35 Tbcsliian 3-45 Baskctball l-2-3-45 Track 25 Class Ita-pom-r 15 "Univ With Judy" 35 "II:'rbi4".v Xmas Presvnf' 35 junior '1'illl'llf Show 3. THERON BROWN Annual Staff 45 F Club 2-3-45 Vic:--Prcsidcnt 35 ltr'- portcr 45 Boys' Club 2-35 Class King 45 Baskstball l-2-3-45 Bust-ball 3-45 Football lN1anagcr 45 Class ltcportcr 2. KAY CAUDLE Clcv Club 1-2-3-45 Girls' Lcauxuc 4: Baskctball 1-2-35 Lt-tlt-rn1:xn 35 Managcr Baskctball 'll-ani 35 "I.if1' at Aunt Minni4"s 3. DALE CHILDERS Boys' Club 2-35 Track 1-25 Haskctball 2-45 Production Stall "I'z'g O' My Hair!" 35 junior Talent Show 3. CLIVE COURTNAY FFA 15 Basc-hall 2-35 Baskctball 1-2-35 Football 35 Class Prcsidcnt 35 Lcttcrinan 2-35 "Hook, Lim' mul Sink1'r" 25 "Pigtnil.s" 25 "Il1'n' Comm Cl11lrli1"' 25 "1Vlno Killccl Aunt Curolinr'?" 35 Production Staff "l.if:' ut Aunt Min- n:r"v" 3. ISABELLE COURTNAY Glcc Club 2-3-45 Girls' Lcayluc 45 Pcp Club 4' Basket- ball 1-2-3g Lcttcnnan 1-2-35 Ycll Lcadcr 2-35 "ll"ho Killwl Aunt c1'li0I1Ill'.",' 15 "Il1'rr' Cmnvx Charlic' 25 Production Staff "Lif:' ut Aunt Minnirw 3. LULA MAE. DIERKER Band 2-3-45 Annual Staff 45 Cirls 1.cax1u1- 3-45 FHA 3-45 Pop Club 45 junior Tala-nt Show 35 "I.ruli:'.v of thu Mop" 45 "The Grwn Light" 45 "A Dah' lVith Judy" 45 State Music Fcstival 3. MARJY DRAKE Glcc Club 1-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Wildcat Staff 2-3-45 Animal Staff 45 Girls' Lcajlut- 3-45 Prcsidcut 3: l'4'p Club 2-3-45 Y-Tc-cus 1-2-35 Scrvicc Cbainnan 15 Worship Chair- man 25 Tlu-spians 3-45 Sccrctary-Tre-asurcr 45 Class Vicu- Prcsidcnt 1-35 Studcnt Council I-35 "St11g1' Door' 25 "A Date With fully" 35 junior Talcnt Show 35 "Bond Haf- twU5'n" 35 Hl4lII1il'Y of thl' Mop" 45 Production Staff "Broth- vr Guos4"' 15 "Our Town" l5 "Our llvnrtx XVf'nf Young and Guy' 25 "SmiIin' Through" 35 "Gn'4'n Light' 45 Dvclaina- tion 2-3-45 Library 25 Oificc 1. CLOYCE EDWARDS Band 1-2-3-45 Pcp Band 1-2-3-45 Wildcat Staff 3-45 Boys' Club 2-35 Tbcspian 45 Production Staff "Thr Grccn Light" 4. BARRY FLENNIKEN Arlington Hciglits High 1-25 Jcromz' Iligb 35 F Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Class Vicc-Prusidn-nt 45 Studcnt Body 1'rcsidcnt 45 Football 4: llaskctball 45 Bascball 4. ARREN HART FRED HAINLINE F Club 2-3-45 Boys' Club 2-35 FFA 2-3-45 Footlmll 1-2-3-45 Hascball 3-45 Track 2-45 Baskctball 2-3-45 Junior Talcnt Show 35 Vict--1'rcsid:'nt 25 Sccrctary 4. MAURICE GRAVES F Club 2-3-45 Sccrctary-Trcasurcr 45 Boys' Club 2-35 FFA 1-2-3-45 Tn-asurcr 35 Pre-sidcnt 45 Class Sccrctarv- '1'rL-asurcr 45 Studcnt Council 45 Cun Club Trcasurcr 35 Football 2-3-45 Haskctball 2-3-45 Bascball 2-3-4. BENNIE KNODEL lloys' Club 2-Il 'l'bcspiau :Z-:E-4g Procluutiou Stall "SmiIin' Through" 3: lnuior Talcnt Show Ilg "SIn,u1' Door" 2g "l'r'g O' My II:'ort" Ilg "Th1' Crmfn Light" 4g "A Don' ll"ilh Indy" flg "Our IIwurl.s' ll'4'n' Young mul Gay" 24 Spun-cl: Fvstival 2-fl. ROBERT KULIK lloys' Club 2-Sg 'l'ln-spiau 2-33-43 llcportcr -lg Procluc- tion Stall "S"l'l'll14'l'lln 23 "Our Ilfnrlx lV:'r1' Young onrl Guy" ig "Slng4' Door" ilg "Smilin' Through" 3g "A Doll' ll'iIh ju.Iy1" rlg "l'1',11 O' My lIz'1lrl" Jig "Crum Light" -lg "l"li,:hl of Ihr lI:'1'ons"' 2g Dm-clamation 2-53. MARY KUNKEL I--I -2-:-w zui g .caigliv 'L "Who flu flubl 34 lll l 4 fills l 4 Kilhwl Aan! fTurolim'P" 2: l'rocIu1-tion Stall "IIa'r1' C'onu'.v Churli:"' flg "l.ifJ' nt Ann! i'lIinni1"s" Il. ELMER LAMPE l" Club 2-il-4g Boys' Club 2-flg FFA 2-3-4g Foolball l-2-:S-,lg Baski-:ball l-2-Il-41 Track 2-4g Bascball 4. DAVE LANCASTER Claw' Club Il--lg Baml l-2-3-41 l'i'p llaucl l-2-fl-4g F Club Il- lg Yici' -l'l'm-siilcut 2: l'i'n'sicln'ut 33 Boys' Club 2-flg I l X 7 m lootb ill l 3 1 ll LLL 1 7 lb 4 Pio .11 LW.. 5 -,,,: 'a " -Lg " 4-spian 3- ' - duction Stall' "On: llwurts ll'1'rr' Yoinug Illlll Coy" 24 junior Talcut Show Ilg "Our 'l'ou'n" DELORIS LANCASTER l . Vl'ilLli'al Stall' I3-4: Annual Stall 4g Cirls' Lcaguv 3-44 FHA Il-'lg Historian Ilg Pr:-siilcnt 4g P4-11 Club 2-3-45 Rc- porlc: fl: Prvsirln-nt fl--lg Y-'l'i-1-ns l-2g Class Hcportvr 33 l'roilun'tion Stall junior 'l'al1'nt Show 3g Library il-4. IMOGENE LASSITER. Nloillilailmilx Nou' hloxico HOWARD MILLS I 9- Flaw- Club 'Z I- Cin-ls' lA'1lLI1ll' In--lg l'llA Ilg Y-li-ons 'l Cla-c Club Fl: Il Club l-2-fl: F Club 4: Boys' Club l-2-Il: l"l"A -lg Football l-2-3-41 Baskm-tball I-2-Il-4g Class l'I'4'5lllt'lll -lg Stuclcnt Counail 1. BETTY MOORE K-lm' Club l-2-Ilg Vi 'ilmlcat Stall' -lg Cirls' LOZIHIIK' 4g liawliall l-2-Slg Baskvtball l-2-fig Lcttm-rlnau l-2-3-4g Ycll l.i-.uclf-r 2-Ilg Class Si-crrtan lu :su "l.if4' nl .-lunl .'llirirzir'.s"' 3. ','-' " 'A .' rc-r I -2--'lg "Pigtoil.v" 2g Cleo Club lg Girls' Lcagui- 3--lg 'l'l'l'4lSlll'1'l' 331 Pi-11 Club 1-2-3-4g Yvll L4-advr-l-2-3-4g Y-Tm-ns l-2g 'Frm-asurcr 2g Thespian 3-45 Vicc-Pri-siclvnt 4g Class Quin-n Ilg Class Rcporte-1' lg "Our Town lg junior Talcnt Show ilg "'l'h1' Gwen Light" 4g "I.lll1il'.Y of thi' Mop" 4g Production Slatl' "Stn,'11' Door" 2g "Our Ilcrlrts ll'J'n' Young and Coy" 21 "Smilin' Through" Sg "A Data' lVith Judy" 13g HSl'lTl'Ilft'l'1lH. 3g "Sumnmn.v of Surif'l" lg Office- rl-4. LAURENCE HOLLER Clcc Club lg Wildcat Stall' l-2g F Club 2-I3-4g Boys' Club 2-Fl: Pcp Club lg Baskctball l-2-Il--lg llasvball 1-2-3-4g Track I-25 Class Ri-ports-r 2g junior 'll1ll4'lll Show fl. LOU ANN HOLTZEN Buhl High School lg Hand 2-I3--lg Pop llanil -lg Cirls' Lcaugiic 3-45 Trcasurcr 4g Pi-p Club 2-flg llcporti-1' Ilg Class Quvcn 2g Class Sccretary 23 Studi-nt Council 21 l'roclui-- tion Staff "Cn-cn Light" 4. DEAN HURD Ch-c Club 1-2 Wildcat Staff 3-41 F Club 2-3-4g Boys' Club 2-3g Pep Club 2g Thcspian 3-4g Athlctics 3-4g Class Rm-porter 3g Junior Tall-nt Show 35 "Our Town" lg "Broth- er Goose" lg "Pink and PuIz'h4'.v" 2g "Gr:'1'n Light" 4g "Alan in thc Bowlcr Hat" 3g Production Staff "S1nilin' Tll1'lIll,l.f'ln 35 Yvll Lcadcr 2g Dcclamation 3, DALE JASPER. Twin Falls High School lg F Club 2-3-4g Boys' Club ?-531-lg CFIEA 2-3-4g Baskcthall 2-3-4g Football 2-I3-'lg Basv- xa -- - . EDDIE JOHNSON Annual Stall: 4g F Club 1-2-F3-4g Kvportm-r 2g Boys' Club 2-3-4g Reporter 25 FFA 2-3-4g Sccrctaly flg Vici'-l'ri-sicls-lit 4 Pep Club lg Thcspian 2-3-4g Prusidi-ut 4g Class Prcsicls-nt 1-2-3 Studcnt Bocly Vicc-Prcsiclcnt 3g Studi-ut Council 1-2-Sg Class King 25 Football 2-3-45 Track 1-2--lg USl'l7l'7l- Mun" 25 usfllglf Door" 24 "Our Ilvrirlx lVm'rr' Young onrl Grlgf, 2g Junior Tale-nt Show 3. WVILLARD KIMERLING Cl:-c Club l-I3-43 Band 2-3-4g Wildcat Statf 2-3-44 Annual Staff 43 Boys' Club 2-34 Thcspian 45 Track 1-2: "Our Hlfurts WMU Young and Guy" 2g Production Staff "Crum Light" 4. JEANNE3 KISTLER Clcv Club l-2-34 Hand l-2g VVildcat Stall 33-4g Girls' Lcajguc 3-4g FHA 3-41 Pup Club fl-44 Y-Tvs-ns l-25 junior Tal:-nt Show P35 "Our Town" lg Otficv 4g Library 4. VERLE KNAUSS Twin Falls High 3g Production Staff "Crown I.i,f1hl" 4. RUSSELL NELSON GLADYS PERSIGEHL Girls' L1-ugnw 3-41 FHA I3-43 Pup Club 3-43 Class Svc- rctairy-'l'x'vus1ll'z-r 2-33 Studi-ut Council 2-3: Officv 3-4: Procluctiuu Stull' "'I'ln' Grvvn Lighf' 4. RUTH ANN ROBISON 'l'u'iu Falls High l-23 T. F. Chorus 1-23 'l'. F. Pup Club l-23 Girls' lmuyllu' 3-43 FHA 3-43 Y-T1-uns 33 f,H,iL'l' Il: l,ilu'au'y 4. DONALD RYAN PAT RYAN Glvm- Club 2-53-43 Girls' Lvavllu- 4: Buskvtbull l-2-33 lmtti-rlmui l-2-F33 "I.ifz' 111 Aunt Minni1".v" 33 "Il1'n' Cumrx CT1unii4"' 2. PATTY SCHNITKER Glcv Club l-2-33 NVilclcnt Staff 43 Auuuul Stall 43 Girls' lrvaullu- 43 Pop Club 43 Rc-porivr 43 Basvball 1-2-33 lluskvtbull 1-2-33 Class Pu-side-ut l-23 "I'igfaiIs" 23 "I,ifr' ul Aunl Illinni:"x" 233 Svnior Girl Rvprm-svutulivv 43 Offici- rl-43 l.n-th-nnun l-2-F3-4. LOTUS JOY SCHNIUCIKERI Glu' Club l3 Girls' I.L'ug1uu 3-43 FHA 3-43 Y-livuns l-2-33 uSl'l"'Hfl'l'YlH 23 Library 2-3-4. EVA NADINE SKINNER Gloc Club l-2-3-43 Girls' Lvuqlu' 43 Buskctbull l-2-3. DORA JEANNE STUTZMAN Glu- Club lz Amuml Stuff 4: Girls' Lvzuzm- 3-43 P1-11 Club 3-lg Scurvlnry 43 Y-Tw-us 1-23 Tllvspiuu 3-43 Class Yin--l'u-simli-lit lg Studi-nl Council lg Library 4: Urlicm' fig "Our 'l'uu'n" l3 junior Tull-nt Show 333 Production Stal? "Slngf- Door" 23 "Our Ilvarls XV1'n' Young und Guy" 23 "fin-1 n Lighi 4g "Smilin' 'I'hrough" 233 "A Dun- W'ifh Indy" 313 "Si'rm1!r'l'rl" 2: "Summnn.v of Surivln lg Spcvcb l"m'sKivall 2-3. rw MARVIN ULRICH Glu- Club lg F Club Il--1: lluys' Club 2-531 'l4l'1ll'li 2-'ll Football 23-43 Barska-llmll l. OSCAR VICKERS Boys' Club 2-'31 l'romlum'tion Stull "Sl1l,:1' Door" 23 "Svxvmxfn':x" 2. CURTIS WILKINS F Club 3-43 Boys' Club 2-Fl--13 FFA 2-Al-41 lfoolb Fmskvlbzill 1-2-Il-4: lluse-lmll I3--4. MILDRED WINKLE Glvm- Club l-33 VVilclL':u Stull S3-43 Girls' lmaullu- ri--43 FHA 3-43 Pizuvsl 33 P1311 Club l-2-3--1: l'i'u4lm'liou Slulli unior 'l'alvut Sbow :33 "Our '1'll!l'lln l3 Ollie-v :uul l.ibrzu'y J Il-4. wwwwwwwmwmw Nwwwwe WWW p Svvninr Clllama ill e the senior class of Filer High School, being sound in mind, body, and spirit, do will and be queath to "Mac,,, Mr. Boyd, our teachers, and our sponsors our best wishes, deepest appreciation and sincere thanks for all the help given us. , 1 ff el -- To the juniors we leave all our extra credits and our front seats in assemblies. To the sophomores we will all our extra virtues to make them conceited juniors. To the freshmen we leave all our worn-out whistles, chewed bubble gum, broken rubber bands. We will our personal property as follows: Wesley Anderson, do will and bequeath my blond hair to "Macf' Everett Andrews, do will and bequeath my basketball playing ability to Fred Lancaster. Gary Bean, do will and bequeath my ability to get married before finishing school to Dale Bringham. Margaret Ann Beem, do will and bequeath my bashfulness to Gerita Nuzman. Bill Blass, do will and bequeath my ability to get along without an English. notebook all year long to Helen Prough. Keith Burgess, do will and bequeath my singing ability to Chuck Allen. Theron Brown, do will and bequeath my shyness around girls to Charles Daniels. Kay Caudle, do will and bequeath my long nose to Ramona Tiffany. Dale Childers, do will and bequeath my parking spot at the cemetery to Eunice Andrews and Joe Miller. Clive Courtnay, do will and bequeath my height and good will toward man to jim Kunkel. Isabelle Courtnay, do will and bequeath my basketball ability to Filer Vartisy team. Lula Mae Dierker, do will and bequeath my ability to play the oboe to the next person who tackles the instrument. Marjy Drake, do will and bequeath my ability to stick to one man to Barbara Bean. Cloyce Edwards, do will and bequeath my band uniform to Martha Kunkel, hoping that she fills into it. Barry Flenniken, do will and bequeath my pool que and bottle opener to Bob Rayborn. Maurice Graves, do will and bequeath my English book to any Junior who wants to get the wrong answers. Fred Hainline, leave-wihout a word. Warren Hart, do will and bequeath my old red cow to "Slug" Allison. Helen Ruth Hill, do will and bequeath my office and all its contents to Della Ann Scott for safe keeping and loving care. Laurence Holler, do will and bequeath my car to anyone who is willing to trade a Buick for it. Lou Ann Holtzen, do will and bequeath my natural beauty to Donna Lee Leeper. Dean Hurd, do will and bequeath my title as the "Contact Kid" to lack Pierce. Dale Jasper, do will and bequeath my road map of Nevada to Larry Sackett. Eddie Johnson, do will and bequeath my trick knee to Barbara Lee Smith. Cln the hope of shorter skirts, then maybe she can get a man.J , Willard Kimerling, do will and bequeath my Shakes earean acting ability to Harris Brown. Iean Kistler, do will and bequeath my shorthand and, typing ability to Dorothy Peterson. Verle Knauss, do will and bequeath my ability to "wow" the Junior girls to Sylvan Miller. Bennie Knodel, do will and bequeath my car to anyone who wants an excuse to stay home. Robert Kulick, do will and bequeath my strong physique to Cary Allison. Mary Kunkel, do will and bequeath my friendly manner to Byron Thomas. Elmer Lampe, do will and be ueath my quietness in class to Ann Recd. Dave Lancaster, do will and ffxequeath my stinginess to Marlene Montgomery. Deloris Lancaster, do will and bequeath my title of being a spoiled little brat to Donna Lee Davis. Imogene Lassiter, do will and bequeath my nickname, "Pocahontas" to Gloria Sackett. Howard Mills, do will and bequeath my curly hair and pool-playing ability to fRomeoD Evan Fullmer. Betty Moore, do will and bequeath my quietness to Nancy She ton. Cla ys Persigehl, do will and bequeath my hearty laughter to Ella Sayre. Ruth Ann Robison, do will and bequeath my special ability of talking in Ed Simpson's study hall to anyone who can get by with it. Donald Ryan, do will and bequeath my French dialect to Keith Fullmer, since he doesn't already need it. Pat Ryan, do will and bequeath my giggle to Ethel Iasper. K Lotus Joy Schmucker, do will and bequeath to Hank my ability for opening the study hall doors on time in the morning. Nadinelgkgnner, do will and bequeath my blond hair to jan Quillian. CAlthough, she may have to use peroxi e . Dora Jeanne Stutzman, do will and bequeath my ambitious stride to Clyda Edwards. Marvin Ulrich, do will and bequeath Nettie Adams to Charles Crawford. Oscar Vickers, do will and bequeath my physics book to Arlen Harger. Curtis Wilkins, do will and bequeath my height to Io Brazie. Mildred Winkle, do will and bequeath my slim waistline to Barbara Bean. Y P iivrninr 612155 igrnphrrg wffserezewfrflf One snowbound night as I lay dreaming, I found myself on the steps of Filer High School. I looked upward and cried, "Oh, Magic Carpet, come to me and bear me into the future, that I may see what is in store for the Class of '49." On the carpet I was borne to a far distant land and landed in front of the screen of the future in the Great Hall of the Distant Years. The first scene took me to Moscow where Bill Blass and Dale Jasper were being approached by talent scouts from Notre Dame. Betty Moore was the best athlete there, but Marvin Ulrich was running her a close second. Dean Hurd was majoring in moonshining and minoring in the art of becoming a first-class bookie. Willard Kimerling had been voted by his classmates as "The Boy Most Likely to? ? fy' The beautiful homecoming queen for the year was Pat Ryan. Lotus joy Schmucker had become the most capable librarian the college ever had. As the scene shifted I caught a glimpse of the President's fDon Ryanl secretary, jean Kistler, taking dictation on her boss's knee. In Salt Lake City Lula Mae Dierker, was secretary to a handsome doctor, they were soon to be married. Isabelle Courtnay, head nurse at the hospital, was having a hard time keeping the male patients from chasing her. As the years passed by before me I was taken to New York City where Spike jones and his City Slickers with their new hot clarinet player, Cloyce Edwards, were having a guest engagement. Upon their music racks lay new and better arrangements by Marv Kunkel. In another part of the city I saw Curt Wilkins, man about town, with his side-kick, Fred Hainline still-but not successfully -making passes at the women, seated at a table in the Stock Club listening to singer Marjy Drake. Joining them at the table were Eddie johnson, Nature Bov II, with his famous long hair, Wesley Anderson, fashion designer from Paris, Verle Knauss, world's best designer of children's clothes, and Barry F lenniken, Curry, Idahois football coach. They were just in time to see Gypsy Rose Lee turn over her crown as strip tease queen to Barryis wife, Goldie Ruth Hill. Seated nearby at another table was Imogene Lassiter, with her world-famous artist husband. Outside the club I discovered Bennie Knodel, Broadway electrician, Oscar Vick ers, radio commercial wizard, and Patty Schnitker, comedian, seated in Bennieis Cadillac. As the scene was again changing before me, I caught a fleeting glimpse of Robert Kulick, worldis weight-lifting champion, and Mildred Winkle still trying to join the Northwest Mounted Police. CThey always get their man.D In Hollywood I saw Elmer Lampe signing a contract to play the lead in the movie, "Fudd," and the secretarv to Red Skelton in the amis of Larry Sackett, promising with tear-filled eyes to retum to Filer and become just plain Dora Jeanne Sackett, farmer's wife. The next scene took me to Jerome, Idaho, where I saw Lou Ann Holtzen and Gladys Persigehl, both prominent members of the Northside Social Club, raising children and chickens. It was Thursday night when I dropped in at the Rythm Roller Rink in Twin Falls and saw the proprietor, Dale Childers, teaching his five children how to skate. With him were Mr. and Mrs. Vern Stokesberry with their twins, Robison and Ruth Arm. Then a familiar scene appeared on the screen. I was back at Filer High Schol. The music depart- ment had been taken over by Margaret Ann Beem, and Coach Theron Brown's basketball team had just won the state championship trophy. A celebration for them was being prepared by Chief- of-Police Keith Burgess, Mayor Russell Nelson, and Mayor Clive Courtnay of Hollister. Nadine Skinner, by answering the radio mystery programs had become the richest old maid in Filer and had purchased a home on Yakima where Laurence Holler was spending much of his time digging for gold. Maurice Graves had purchased the Dean johnson Service and specialized in repairs for the High Schol crowd. At the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bean, a potluck diner was being held. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Lan- caster, and the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Andrews CKay Caudlel, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mills fDeloris Lancasterl, were present. The men were outside with the 26 children Q eight Harts, seven Beans, six Mills, and five Lancastersj, while the women talked of: Warren's herd of two cows gHoward, a grease monkey at the airport, having to Hy the doctor through a storm to beat the stork, and Dave Enally giving his wife a little spending money. Everett. a retired engineer, to keep from being bored had accepted a contract to build a bridge across the canal, connecting two cow pastures. The screen of the future dimmed and unfamiliar faces appeared. They were the children, the grand- children, and great grandchildren of my classmates. Some were in positions of power, others were wealthy and famous, still others were common folk with happy, ordinary lives. I turned away, stepped upon the magic carpet and was whisked back to my cozy bed. YE CLASS PROPHET Junior Class Officers First Semester Prcsizlent ,.,....A,.A,, .A,,,........ j erry Dunlap Vice-President ,............, Vivian Lancaster Sccrelary-Treasurer .....,..,. Ilelen Prough W Reporter .............,...........,.,.. Barbara Fife Second Semester Larry Sackctt Bill XVarlu-rg Mary Vickers Presirlenl ......,.......,. ,.... . . Vice-President .....,.... .,.. S ecrctary-Treasurer ,,.,. ..... Helen l'roui.lli Reporter ................,.. Y W 'ii arid 0 ,50 . - In the tall of 1946, fifty-seven Freshmen entered Filer Higlivc 8" The freshmen took part in most of the activities. of the Advisers, Mrs. Powell and Mr. Boyd. ln their sophomore year fewer students came hack, hut this did not keep them from taking an active part in thc sehool. In the school tradition they decorated the Christ- mas tree, and decorated the gym for lhe Baccalaureate and Commenccmcnt. Their advisers were Mrs. NVarlmcrg and Mr. WVilliamson. . 0 0 Several successful par 'es were held Wim the help Z 1 In their junior year they had hack nearly the originai numher of students because of new students from llol- lister. This year they really did take a major part in things. Their carnival was held on DQ'L'l'llll3l'l' 1 with their candidates, 'Carole Brazie and Charles Daniels, hc- ing elected king and queen of thc carnival. They are looking torward to their Senioi veai and to holding up the high stan t Y QNVA YD SEXRYN CAL' TT dards of Filer H lgll School. L 6:1 A .7 3.4 61 A 'Rr' Nv- 1-fi ,,..f-' 1,-o Quill N lg, 'bv -'L vw dv fl-J !"'k ivy nv-my +-.N M E ...- T 'Q Vw 4? miisih w - .- 1 la., -x x .Lili -- - 2 ' X1 515 ' ifgt, '- ', ,gf 5 ' K 'sf we wr. Q , A 1 "sl QF H-Zfx l"il'.vl Huw: Nllwilll' .Xlll'll. llvalll Hlllkvslvl-. Lillizlll Hlllllll. Pallll Fuullll Holt: Hullllil Klutz, Alilll Kllllkv. . 'ry lllllv. YiVi.lll l.:lll- Uliulll. lfslllvl' llmlvllslzllv, Qflllllll- Bl'alLil', ju Bl'1lliI'. HUII5' lllw-ll. m'nsh'l'. Vallllillll Halrtill, jnllll Mmlflllxl, lmllisl' rllalll. Hill Ulsllll. 5A'l'UlIll Hulr: Huh lhillklllazll. f:1lI'llll'Il fzililllh 1.lll Cllrlh-l', Nlzlxllll' Fifth Kult: Dlllutlly P1'h'l'snll, lmslvl' Pall-lwllll. jill' 'ivl'4'l-, Hvlcll f::ll'll'l'. Clilltml Cuull'llllly. I,lllll':l c:Ulll'fllily. Clurizl czlkllldllll. l'l'ullgll. Bull lialyhurll. ll. I.. Sllttl-lwvllitl-. Cl-nv S4-ll YI:-r, lil-llzl Iflllll'lm-x Danni:-ls. 'l'hirrl Iimr: Alossll- llvlilutz. Ililflllil Ellis, Bllrlmall':l Allll Small. Sixth Rmr: l,l-v Sllnrp, Null:-Ill Sharp. .Xlllr-ll Slllll- l"ih', Km-itll lfllllml-l', llrlllllll l"l'm-y, Dfllllrcs Clulw-S. llllmlllille' lllllll, Cullc Sllttllll, Hllhcrt Tllil-llll'. Kllllllc-lh 'I'llxllll, Maury Yivkvlw, ll.lilllllll'. 'l'lll-llllal llllllcllvstull. Hill VVzlrh0rg. Sophomore Class Cfficers First Semester President .....................,....,... Ted johnson Vice-President .........,.,o.,,..,.,. Max Rector Secretury-Treasurer, Marcella Bodenstub Reporter .,,..,.,,........... Jeannie MQ-Gregor Second Semester President ............,.., ,....... G ary Allison Vice-President ..............., Dale Bringhum Secretary-Treasurer ,...,..... Biirbzirn Smith Reporter .,.,.......,,,,., .,..., IN lux Hector aaa 0 ,,5l August 27. 1947, sixty freslnnen entered Filer High School. Mrs. Williamson and Mr. Boyd were the class advisers. Contrary to the usual tradition Clyda Edwards and Ted johnson were crowned king and queen of the junior Carnival. For entertainment the first semester il successful dancing In September, 1948, having added five more to their num- Pflftb' WHS giVU1- ber, the students entered school as sophomores. Mrs. Will- In January, 19481 HW Whoh, class Imrticilmted in a Clever iiunson and Mr. Williamson were the class advisers for the stage show. Yeilf- In May, 1948, the Class W,-nt Swimming at Bunburyg where Following the usual school cusotm, the sophomores decorat- thvy had mnny good things to ent, and ax wonderful time. ed the Christmas tree and it wus unusually beziutiliul. As this annual goes to press, plans are being made for 21 roller skating party and a swimming party in the spring. This brings the history of the class of 1951 down to the present date and a bright future is predicted by all. N CA . .E nf kwa ,Q .leg 3 W 41 Msg? W3 , fs JM? Qi mmf? ' 'Ev W' z X.. 53. .M f nf-wx 5373 , uf ggi k an S N ' . le' X, S 1 xr A . ' 3 5 ii s ,X t ui ww if gg -:n:,.,, V .pix W wi xv! fu-V fs Q .KY meg 5 SQA ' 1' FAQFAQ ' I - -x.:- ,. 4 we wjggfy . :is wx? . ,F .Q ...,. I? , E 1. k. ., gk in k :g.:..:,- ? ar W Q A if' X k eww S S55 Freshman Class Officers First Semester President ,,,..,,.,....,......,....,,. Eddie Allison Vice-President ........,................. Joe Miller Secretary-Treasurer ...... Christine Moore Reporter ..........,...... . ,................. Ann Reed Second Semester President .......,...,...... ..... C loria Sackett Vice-President ................ Fred Lancaster Secretary-Treasurer ...,.. Christine Moore Reporter .................... ....,. I an Quillian C4144 0 '52 On September 1, 1948, seventy freshmen entered Filer High School. One of the outstanding events of the year was the freshman initiation. The boys Wearing skirts and the girls wearing overalls were extremely funny. The roller skating party held during the Hrst semester was very successful with the help of the sponsors, Mrs. Cruhh and Mrs. Flennikcn. WVith money from thc class treasury they bought the large Christmas lree for the school. Several ol' the freshmen lioys went out for sports. One of the boys made his letter on the varsity football team. They are now playing haslcetball with the Junior Varsity winning almost every game. Their candidates for the king and queen of the junior Carnival were joe Miller and Eunice Anclrews. They were crowned Prince and Princess. Q 650' EDUXE tb Each class member is look- ing forward to next year, and making plans for the future. 014011, I iw? wi! gg NN xy Q X A wx: , --A-fgfl X S "N-.. SS , N S 5,25 rw ff D, if ...R ff: M ., igw Q., 'v .-JP, 1 5, Wh 3 , o .- go 'ir ...v x ,Lv 5 1, iq. Q ' X ENS mdk!- " by x in K an N. 3' my 'ef ,.,..v wwg -Q sz gs Qww Y. 2:3 'SWK , JUDITH ANNE BROWN September 4, 1933 - june 22, 1948 With Love, Judy". Light heartedly she signed her picture for a friend and gathered up her books, so glad that school should end and languid summer months lay temptingly ahead. But summer was a laggard so when strawberries were red and summer rains were soft and cool as tears upon the cheeks of those she told good-bye, she gathered up her smiles and went away on a long and unexpected holiday. She did not come to school this fall . . . she lingers yet in that eternal summertime above. Another occupies her place but classmates all remember Judy . . . "with lovef' A C T I The annual stag wishes to thank all who cooperated in thc production of this book. In spite of a late start and .snowy roads we hope it contains the things which in later years may recall to mind the good times enjoyed at Filer High School. May it renew for you the worthy ambitions and vows you made to make this world a better place in which to liue. Yours sincerely, THE ANNUAL STAFF Marjy Drake .......,.................... Editor Vivian Lancaster ...... Assistant Editor Eddie Johnson .............. Organizations Patty Schnitker, Mary Vickers Feature Advisers: Mrs. NVarluerg, Mrs. Wilder Art Vllillard Kimerling Maxine Carter B usiness Lula Mae Dicrker Deloris Lancaster Photography Della Ann Scott Bob Hayborn Actunties Gloria Crandall Margaret Ann Bc-cm Sports Editor Barry l'l9llf1llxLYl Tlwron Brown Aduertiszng Dora If-anne' Stuizmil' Larry Sackctt Carmen Caglc nxwiv 1' All L rl 'iv UXVNX Crib., Y N fliyf First Row - Mildred Winkle, jean Kistler, Haroldinc Iiainline, Wesley Anderson, Gloria Cran- dall, Helen Prough. Second Hou' - Jack Pierce, Keith Burgess, Dolores Graves, Ann Recd, Mary Ellen Vickers, Vivian Lancaster, Carmen Cagle, Murjy Drake. Standing - Dean Hurd. VVillurd Kimerling, Cloyce Edwards, Lee Sharp, Dorothy Peterson, Ieannie McGregor, Esther Bodenstab, Betty Moore, Patty Sehnitker, Lillian Bobal, Jessie DeKlotz, Barbara Fife, Jan Carder, Barbara Smith, Mrs. Wilder, Della Ann Scott. llfwfclcaf .gay Through the work and cooperation of the VVildcat staff and the sponsors, Mrs. VVarberg and Mrs. Wilder, a better VVILDCAT has been produced this year. The paper, which is issued monthly, has been enlarged to include features of interest to all students. Each stall member has cooperated willingly. The Typing II Class assumed the responsibility for printing the WILDCAT. The staff Wishes to thunk them, Mrs. XV3l'l'l0l'fI, and Mrs. Wilder, for the time and effort devoted to the preparation of an improved school paper, 4990" -'WWW' s HQIIFBQY First Row - Della Ann Scott, Vivian Lancaster, Helen Prough, Haroldine Hainline. Second Row - Christine Moore, Mary Lutz, Lou Ann Holtzen, Verla Schroeder, Patty Schnitker. ir 45 , eague The Girls, League was organized in the fall of 1947 and has flourished since then. Every girl in Filer High School automatically belongs to it. It was organized to promote a general feeling of democracy in the school and to bring a sense of loyalty, friendliness, and cooperation among the girls. Highlights of the year to date of publication of this annual are a welcome party for the new girls, a special Thanksgiving program and offering, and the Alice in Wonderland Ball. Other activities to be held are a hobby show, the Sadie Hawkins dance, and a Mother-Daughter tea. Mrs. Warberg is the capable sponsor for the Girls, League. Svalml - 'l'olniny joslin. lilincr Lamps. Dah' .Iaspm-r. Dm-an Nh-Annally. Charlcs Crawford. Franklin Crawford, Fri-d Lancastcr. La-slcr Pvtcrson, liddir- Iohnson. XVarrvn llart. Ardc-n Stntzinan, Duane Sharp. First Hon' - l"x'c'd Ilaialinv, Myrl Sclirocdcr, Ccnc Schiitlcr. Ronald Sharp, Mr. llall. Svroncl Hou' - Bill Blass. -lack l'ic1'u-. Clcnn W'inklc. Norris 'lihic-nic. jr-rry Eiscnhancr, Art DvVisscr, XYcldon 'Frm-lmlood, Boyd Tipton, Dennis Nix-lson, Darrm-ll Kallxlicish. Lawrcncc Kniggc. jot' Nlillcr. Nlarvin Fonts. Tlzirzl Hoa - Lcc Schuyler, Don Ryan, clin- Courtncy, Tod Johnson, jerry Dunlap, Paul XYrighl, Ilovvard Mills, Curtis XVilkins. Max llc-utor, llnhcrt 'llllil'llll', Byron Thomas. Richard lhlcr, Bill Olson. ju fare armerb ofjdmerica The school year of '48 and '49 opened with 5-1 members enrolled in Vocational Agriculture. rllhlill, will be four candidates eligililc for thc Statc Farmcr's Dcgrcc this year, and two dclcgatcs will be elected to go to the state FFA Convention in Boise. FFA IN THE FAIR: Bill Blass, Ag. IV, came out with Champion Showmau - beef. N Larry Sackvtt, Ag. III, was Junior Champion - beef. N Glenn iVinklf', Ag. Il, xx as IllDlOl' Showman - Sheep. Byron Thomas, Ag. II, was junior Champion Showman - swine. Art DcVisSer, Ag. 11, was junior Champion Showman - clairy. FFA Activities FFA gfficers Basketball Team Crop Contest Livestock Iuclging and Public Speaking Vice-Prcsiflcnt .. Tl'c'1ls111'c1' ......... S Uf'rz'!ary ....... licporlcr ..... Pl'l'SIll1'lIl ...........,....,.,................... VVarrcn llarl Frccl Ilainlinc- jack l,lL'l'L'0 Eddie johnson Ardcn Stntzman Those flashy official FFA jackets which a few of the order for the first time in several years. members are sporting are again available l"ir.s't Row: Lvsh-r I'i-ti-rson, Bolw lialylrorn, Bill Blass. Dull- jasper, Eclllim- johnson, jack Pivrcc. NV4-slr-y Andvrson. lAllll'C'IlCI' llolle-r. Swronri How: Kulih Fnllmcr, Crm- SL-hifllcr, Cary Allison, Barry Fln-nnilwn, Walrrvn Hurt, 'llllK'l'0ll Brown, Kvitll Burgess. Donn Hurd. Third Row: Marvin Ulrir-li, Duvv Lalncalstclg Evvrvtt Andre-ws, Ilowaml Mills. Elini-r Lamps-, Curt VVillcins, Conrh Fla-nnikvn. All tlic old nu-mbcrs are looking forward to the initi'1t' l t . f going to lx- vc-ry fcw new members. Officers are: President ..,......... ........ C ary Bean Vive-Prc.s'ident ......,....... Evan F ullmer Secretary-Treasurer ...... Warren Hart Rvpurfer .,...,.......,......,. Theron Brown F CLUB This your under tlic- sponsorship oi Cozivli "Nl:u-lf' l7lmmilwn ilu- "F,' Clllll llflS lwc-vu rc-rv suc-z-c-ss- ful. Our f'0VlStlllltl0ll luis lwwm rvwrittvn and gn-ntly i1nprox'vcl lay "Slack" illlfl XVurrvn llurf. XVG lmve over tliirfy nivmlwrs in Olll' UF, Club tliis yczlr. Tlw lettermen from Ilollistcr worm' 2lllf0IIlZltlCillly uclmittccl to the Clulm, wllicll luis lwlpvcl ns collsiclemluly. . ion, Jn so zu' it looks as tliougli tlwrc- arc IARLICNIC NIONTCUMIQIQY T W I R L E R S DONALEE LEEPER x- ANN lllilill L I"irsl lion' - Jeannie McGregor, jean Kistler, Mildred Winkle, Lula Mae Dierlcer. Dora Stull- man, lo Brazie, Dcloris Lancaster, Mrs. Grubb, Vivian Lancaster, Patty Sclmitlcer. Gladys Persigclil, Helen Prough, XVanda Lutz, Gloria Sackett. Second Row - Darlene Iidwards. Loyeda Nlarler, Josephine iayo. Lillian Bobal, Martha Kunkel, Della Aim Scott, jan Cards-r. Nlary Kunkel, Esther Bodcnstab, llaroldinc Ilainliue, Maxine Carter, Pat llyan, VViluia lidwarcls. june Ilcnstock. Tlzirzl How - Clyda Edwards. Ethel jasper, Jessie Dt-Klotz. lilainc Richmond. Mary Vickers, Marjy Drake, Gloria Crandall, Mary jasper, Betty Moore. jan Nlartin. llarlmra Smith, Vaughn Martin, Sondra Cedarliolm, Barbara Fife. jr. pep era The Pep Club is one of the most active organizations in Filer High School. Being a service organiza- tion. the club has as its aim furthering the interests of the whole school, The Pep Club is composed of 42 members, each of whom is elected for having attended and yelled at the games. Emblems are bought by the club and are given to the Seniors on graduation. Early in the year the old members gave the new members a pot-luck supper and went from there to the llupert-Filer football game. As this annual goes to press plans are underway for a party in the llome Economics room given by new members tor the old members. The activities of the club include yelling at the games. making programs to pass out to the spectators, planning and putting on Pep Assemblies, sponsoring buses to out-of-town games. and drills and stunts between the halves ot games. Nlrs. Grubb is the capable sponsor of the organization. Win or Lose, They Keep Everybody Happy The Filer lVilrleafS get plenty of roofing support when these clieerleaflers appear. VA1isi'rr C1ir:r:1i1.r:Ao1sizs Marjorie Monnalian jerry Eisenliauer, Clirisfine Moore. -IUNIOR XYANSITY CIIli1'IRl.I-'AIJICRS Carole Brazie Helen Hill Carmen Cagle Firsl How - Jeanne Taylor, Norma NVilliamson, Cerita Nuzman, ,lo Ann Elliott, Carole Brazie, Ann Reed, Donnalce Leeper, Barbara Bean. Marlene lvlontgomery, Carmen Cagle. Second Row - Dale Bringham, Bob Rayborn, Barry Flenuiken, .lack llierce., Larry Sackett, Bob Brinkman. Merlin Neale, Clair Daniels, Mr. VVilliams. Third Row - M. C. Allen, Ray Neale, Bob Allen Eddie Allison, Arden Stutzman, Gary Allison, Dean Hurd, Bill NVarbcrg. we yunior i e In the winter of 1946 and 1947, with no place to go to have a good time after school hours, a few of the Filer lligh School students, interested in shooting decided to organize a rifle club. The work ofthe club is useful and interesting. A person may win high honors in marksmanship in any year of high school. The size. age or ability of the person does not count - it is plain, cool nerve, and girls as Well as boys enjoy the sport. The purpose of the organization is to teach young people how to handle the rifle accurately and to have fun in safe shooting. Only high school students are admitted to the club in this community. The club meets on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the basement of the Musgrave building, and this permits all members use of the range. The Filer junior llille Club has tired three inter-team matches this year with Twin Falls, Gooding and Burley. and won all three matches. They also Hred the Army Indoor Rifle Course. There are 35 students in the club A about 20 boys and 15 girls. Among these there are 20 marksmen and about 15 sharpshooters. The boys firing the army Indoor Rifle Course made seven marksmen ratings, three sharpshooters and one expert rating. Mr. Williamson is the sponsor of the club. llm Ill N1 lnwl llmr. l.ul.u Xlvyvr. lul.4 Hu-nlwu. Xlqny l,ulf. lv, lln.:fll. Xwxhm I m4.4Nl.n Ilfl'.n Xml Nl-,ll IMI XI urn-x, llwllx lxulak, ll:-lvn l'l'ml4ll. 1'um'n KI.n:ln: ll.uluu.n llllk X4nl,n Nllullffllv Nm-n .xliv llvv. Nlrx. Nlillvr. Srwrllml llfm. -Ivm lxlxlll-I. Xlxllllml Xllnlxln, Xlmm- lwmlx l,m Xlmllu- Kwlltzu Nlllulam. I7ulu1n'xl':'.1xnw. Nlnly 5:'l1l.4lx::', l'.llu4l I.uprl. ihullm llllllffm, Xlmx lm!-11, lwmm-I :Xu mln-xxx, Sxlvil Yvrlmlxj. lllmmn 5.u'lwII, lflmlw limfwv. llxlwl Hun. X.4u-'lm Xlmlm XI,lv'. XMLM. ,Il-wiv llvlxlull, l.llll.m llulml. liwltx I71ulu.ln. In-1:1 l.nllxl X'x.nuI,l Inlf Ibumlllx I'-4-w-,lm Hull. Ml. +V- 1 - + ' 1 - - - - - l-l-ll- - -l-l - -l- -H ---- - - - -- 1""'Q' igu fare omema eerzi ofcxdm erica 1. lwlllm' ll0IIN'lllLlliCI'S ul .'Xllll'l'lL'2l IS tllc' Illllllllllll Ul'Q1lIllfilll4Hl ul illlllllfw xluclxmg lHlllll'lll.llxIlI" Ill Illllltll' :xml sc-nior lliffll sn-lmols ull ilu- lllnilc-cl Stzllvs. ll im' .-Q volurs ul flu' Ufgllllllllllllll am' rml11mlxx'l1ltv. llll'llHXXl'l'lNlll1'l'l'lll'HNl'.1llllllll4'IllllllllIS lmx ml 'xx' llUl'lfUllS.M rs instulln-cl NUXi'IlllN'l' 22. lfl-48 wn'rc': l I 3 Q5 'l'1fping l,I'jHll'fIHI'llf K if 'M N vi., 3' X! 191 'jnn'!fl1r'11! N545 X lwzfrlfwif C fum X lmflrrv C 'fix - 5..,...w..M,.i f.mW.-Mmm.. uwmwwwmwwxv. ww- if 3 5 .WW A3 ffnnllxfzrf lmlfl I ff1r'f'f'rf S E . S1 L U ZEN ' 1 -jg!! , f , 1-H, . ,.-, --.1 i C. VV. BOYD, l7llllCC'I'OR ol-' Music ufiic The Filer High School music department has a record for the past three years that is something to be proud of. The band received three first division ratings and the chorus one first and one second. Our soloists and small ensembles have placed in the upper division at all festivals. The hand, chorus, and other music groups have participated in many civic functions during the school year and the band has been chosen to play for the Buhl Rodeo for the past two years. ,5,,,-.., - - - -....-..g. Filer High School is indebted to Mr. Boyd for the time and patience he has expended in the creation of a fine music department. l"ir.vl Rim' Margaret Ann Bi-ein, Cloyee lidwarzls. Maxine Cantrell, Jeannette Newman, Martha Kunkel, Belly Klilik, l.ula Nlae l7ic'rkel'. Eililiee Xlivlwws. Verlw Selil'neLlel'. Georilem' Holtzen. Serunll How - Willzlrll Kimi-rling, Hay Neale, linlalie Brown. Bonnie liislwp. Vlllifll Rout f Norman Skinner. Elbert Stroud, Clydn Eclwarcls. Nlary Kunkel. Uayline fllblilttll, Donna lies- Davis. Holm Rayhorn. Paul Lancaster. Nancy Shelton, Conrad liclwards, NVilma Pltluarils. Darlene Edwards. Mary Lutl. Lou Ann Holtzen. Standing.: f Lula Meyer. Harlxara lim-an, lxlyrl Sel1rus'cIu-r, Nlr. Boyd, 'Xlariy Drake. Fourth Rau' f Crue Sutton Larrv Creasev De'm lilalwsley, Dave Laneaslr-r.'rs-nee Kuiyiue, Hli'll21l'Il lhler. F11 cl Laneaster, Merlin Neale, FV0Tl'ttA.4llLlI't'Vc'S. Wt' fn- wJ ami., -..-. -- Q, N i N a a i t Sax i Outstanding Quartet Players Hmmm' Bi.s-Imp, Iiclflic lirmrn. Iilllllfl' Amlrzruzv Ilan' l,um'u.s'l1'r. Lulu Mm' IJir'rkw'. cll'l7l',Lfl'7ll' llnlfzz-n l Hull lluylmrn Le l"ir.xl lluir: Mary SL-lilaliLZm'. lilla Sapa-r. Nm-llic' llulloxxay. Uallm-luv lCmlw:ii'nlx. Sliirlvx Clay. Xlgixim- lfiliiuvy. -lim-pliiiiv jayu. Duluri-s Cixnws, Ymlim- Sluinu-l'. l.:mra lfmxrliu-3. ffmnlm-x. lCx1lu-r llmlm-nxlaln, llrxna- lm- la-1-por, lXlan'jm'in- Nlulnialnzn. .-Kim ll:-1-il. lillu-I vlasln-l'. C.1yl4-n- llullfi-ii. llmmlv lxmll, 'Xlary lawpn-r. lla-lly Killik, Nvamla Lull. Gloria Saivkx-ll. 511111111 llmr: fflyzla lfnlxiuilclx, Klvrxla Xufmall. fvllia Slulfman. l7nris NYri11'lil, l.0y0Lla Nlarlvr, Xlarjy Dl'alw. Mary Kimkm-l, Yl'illaral Klum-rlimj. Cflnyw- licluanlx, Ilan-'. I-Zvi-n-tt Amlrn-ws. Dm-an Blaks-slm-i-, Tc-Ll llayo, llolx Brinkman. l,uri-in llixnki- NYilma liilxxunlx, Inns- lln-nsluck, llc-ulali Fwy. joan Mill:-r. .-Xrlz-nv Nlin-llvr. llammia Tillzmy. Slfllwzlz Pianixl. Xlau'u.n'4-I .-Xml lin-1-un. liarlmra l"nl'l'4-511-11 Maxim- Allan, Maxim- Carh'l'. Gloria Cframlall. limi Slnlm-r, ll.i:'x.-x llmlkins. llu'lr.ircl Sl.u'r, ffllarla-s Alln-n, Nl. C. Alla-n, Kvitll Biirum-SN, VW-sln-y Aiinll-l'sm1, Cn-nm' Sllllmm. ,lan ifalmlvi. llaiulrlim- llainlim-, l'.il llyilll. Kay' Cumllm-. 1' .............-..- SW IQQQCA all l"6Ll'l'l6L ETHEL S WARBEHC, Dmncron OF SPEECH AND DRAIKIA The difficulty of producing a "winning team" is not alone the job of the athletic coach. The dramatics coach of each school also faces this same problem when the speech festival rolls around. Our Mrs. Warherg carries this load along with being adviser to a successful Girls, League, sponsor of the Senior Class and Thespians, and adviser for this annual. She has in the past produced more successful plays than the average dramatic coach. She has an enviable record at speech festivals with her students from Filer High. As this annual goes to press we need not expect less for 1949. She is a graduate of Linfield College and a tireless student of lifeg keeping a fresh and vibrant outlook by keeping constantly in touch with the pulse of hopeful living. First Row: Lou Ann Holtzen, Dora Jeanne Stutzlnan, Mary Lutz, Carolc Braziv, llclcn Ruth Hill, Della Ann Scott. Second Row: Gloria Crandall, jan Carclcr. -lo Brazic. Nlarjy Drake-, Gladys Persigehl, Lula Mae Dicrkcr. Third Row: X'Villarrl Kimi-rlinu, Cloycc liclwarcls. liohcrt Kulik, Mary Kunkel, Bcnnic Knodcl ,Eddie johnson, Dau- Lzmcasicr. .lIl'!lIlH'l'N'nI: Dcan Hurd, Eddie Brown. .7Ae6laian roulae 4 The aim of the National Thespian Dramatic Honor Society is to 'icrcatc a spirit of active and intelligent interest in dramaticsv among high school students. The Society, which is non-secret and non-social, is also actively interested in furthering dramatics as an integral part of the educational process in thc high schools of America. In order to encourage students to continue their work in dramatics after they become Thespians, a point system has been adopted by the local troupe. Ten points entitle a student to membershipg a 'Thespian has carnccl twcnty pointsg a "Thespian thirty, and an Honor Thespian' forty points. QQ TEE GRAM LQILT EIEICICIEIIIIDCICIEIEIEI1I11I1E11I11:1UEIEIEIEIUEIE11I1E1I1l3II11I11I11II1IIE11IIII1DE11I11I1EIIIIIUIIIIIIDEIEI13131311151I1I11I11I1l3E11IlE11I11I11I11'J1l11I11'I1C11jIIIE1E1 1 UUUUDIIEJE1C1C1Cl1I1E11I1C1C11111II111E1lIlC11I11I11I1E1DUE121DUDE111111EIIIIEIEIIIJE1EIDE1:1111121121121C1EIEIIIIEIIII1I11I1II1UlI11I.11I11I11I1E111'11I1DEJC1lI11111I11I11H 64.7518 green 7, A, 11ig11 School Gym 11111.11-11'1'11 C:0lIll'l11j 111 T111'1-1- Avis 1111 11ol11Q11'1' 611.11111 Nou-111111-1' 19. 113-175 Cost of Characters Nliss Nlflttiix,11ICS1l?l',1CI' ,,,w ,Y,, , .. .. , Y,,,, , ,. 131-1111 fxllll S1-1111 13111-1111' Sp1111111i11g, 111'1' 171111-S'11'1I1l1 , , ,, 1,1-1- 81111113 Mary N121l'S1l3ll. 111-1' 11i1'1'1' , , , 111-11-11 1111111 11111 '11-1111110 FOI'l'l'Stl'I'. 111-1' Hl'jI11l'll' 131-1111 11lll'l1 Kitty Core-y, fl 11o151'1isl 4I1-111111i1- x1Cc:l'i'LfUl' 13111111111 111111111-S, ll Hl'1l'.S'j1Ilj3t'l' IY'13f3l'1l'l' . 1'f1111i1- 111'UXYlI Tf1l11iil AllC1Cl'SU11. ll N11r11:1'gi1111 11111111 , ., , 1.11111 xlill' 1J1l'l'1QL'l' A1-sop, 1111- 1'11r1-111141-1' ,, ,, 1,111-1-11 131'll1xl' X11111111111- Z1-111111. ll 1111fsfi1- , c11I3I'1ll 1111111111111 T111' P111111Io111 Spi11.s'f1'1' 131-1111 111111 S1-1111 Production S1011 Di1'111rt11r ..,..,...,,.,,,........,,.,.,.........,.,,... 11,Y, ,,........,,,., , . , ,.,,, , ,,,,,,, 151111-1 S. XVill'13i'l'g .-1.s'si.s'f1111f fo 1111- I3i1'1'1'1111' ,, ,,,,,,,,, , , ., , . X1ilI'A1f' 13111111- 1'l'l'11l11!'ll1 13i1'1'1,-1111- , 1,,,, 1.,, , , , 1,,.,.,.. ,,.. , , ,,,,,, .. XYi11111'11 K111ll'l'11llg Slrlgcf Cl'l'l1'. ,,,,,,, , 1,,,. I1-rry 1Dl11l1:1I3.Nvl'1.10 KIHIIISS. K1-11111-111 '1111Sl3ll, 11111111111 S1l1ll' 1 1 Pr11111'r1'i1's, N12ll'y 111111, C1oy1-1- 1f1111'111'11s. C12li1j4S1Jl'l'K1jll11l1. -1l311l'1ll1i'. C111'1111-151'11zi1- 1-1111-1-1'1isi11g ,,.. ...1 , 11 ,W Ho11.s-1- M111111111-r, Bll.S'1l1l'SS 111111111151-1' ,, Cl3.S'fllllIl'S 111111 111llkI'Ilj3 C1111 Girl , . ,.,, ,, 11 I'I1v1'l1'i1'i1l11.s- ,1f'l'l3lHl' ,, ,, , . 4113 11111111-. CI1111111- 13111111- , 1111111 X1l'X'l'1' , , 1311r11 AI1-111111i1- 5111111111111 , 1111111111 131111111. 111-11-11 1'ro11g11 , , . 1.1111 ,-X1111 11111111-11 ,131-111111- K1111111-1. 1111111-1'1 1011111 1111111 'l'1'i11k11 .-11-S1111 3 .1 131 ,1 11 IIElUUElUCIElElIIIIIIElE1CIEIIIDUIIIIIICIUCIUUDEIDEIEIIIIUIIEIIIEIUII 'flIIIEIUUDUDUUUUUUUDUUEIDUUUUUUEIEIEIIIIEICIEIIIICIUCIEI EIUCICIIIIIIIEEIEIEIEIDEIDCIUCIUEIIIIDUUUEIEICICJEIIIIIJDDEEICICIEI LlElEIUElEIEIUEIEICIEIEIEIIIIEICIEIEIEIDUEIUCICIIIIEIEIDUDEDIIICIUEI ZLHL 'lflffmm '1 A 1l1'11111i1li:.r1lir111 of l,o1ii.s'r1 M. ,-Xlcrillfs' i11111m1'I1ll HUlAI'l, in flirvz' 111'I.s', lay .-Xrlliur jwnriiff lfilm' lligll SQ-lmul Gym Nlill'Cll 2:31 H949 Cost of Cho rocters NVQ .. ,,. ..,, ,,.A ,,,.,,,, , . . , Nlkllflj' lDl'1llxC' ,lo , , Gloria Cf1'1111clz1ll l31'll1 , Garolv Brillia- ,Xing , Nlury Lutz .llr.s'. .Vrirrli . , , , Nlury Yiclwrs Hr, ,l1lIl'f'lI , , l'lvc'1'c'tl :xllKll'l'XYS 1-lun! illzlrwli , Cliulys l'c1'sigvl1l Ilminulz Mlillwli , AlK'ilIlIlU 'l'a1ylor Mr. l,rlHrr'11r'f' XVvslL'y 1-X11rlr-1's1111 llllllfll' lfclclic- -IUlIIIS0ll Alulm limok , llklcliv l31'ow11 l,I'Hfl'.S'.S'0l' Iiliiiwr Dc-1111 llurcl Ifirsl Girl l5o1111im- ll1lSl1011 SITUIHI Girl l,o11iso Xlorgnn 'l'l1irrl Girl l,Ull 'Xllll lloltm-11 lfrrurlli Girl Nluxim- fl2ll't4'l' Production Staff l7ir1'r'Ii1r Y ,, , , lftllvl S. xYkll'lN'l'Q .'X,s'.s'i.s'lr111l lJirr'i'Im' Lulu Klum- lJli'l'lxl'lA Slrlgi' 1llll!1II,Lf!'I' Gloycv l'lclw111'rls Slnifr' Grwii' Bill XY2ll'lJl'l'Lf. .ll'l'l'f' lDl111la111 'l'1'r'l111iz'rll lJil'i'i'lr1r.s' , llurris BTOXVII. Doral .l1'z11111c- Sllllllllilll l,I'Up1'l'lll'.S' llc'lc'11 l'1'c111gl1. lllllkl Xlc'yc'1i Xlyrl SCllI'01'Clt'I' .X1lI'1'l'li.s'i11g , , , , Nlnxim- cl1ll'ti'l' llfrliw' .Urlmlqwr , ID1-lla Allll Scott lS11.s'i11f'.s'.s' Mriiiiigvi' , .IOLIIIO Kistlc-r, Nlilclrc-cl NYi11l4l1- C11.s'lli11ir'.s' ll:11'olcli11c' ll11i11li11c'. .lvssic llvlilotf. Y1'l'l2l SClll'0i'Cll'l'. Xlllfy Kuiulwl Call Girl , llvlml lilltll llill l'flf'r'lrif'if111.s' llc1l1vrt Klllilx. l5c'1111ic' Kll0llK'l. Oscar XllI,'lil'l'S N lu: llmu AMY jo Nins. Xl.-xnczu IIANNAH B1c'1'1l .lo Aiwa' XIAHCH ramafic elaarfmenf One of the most interesting projects of the dramatic department was a six-weeks' study of Shakespeare. As a part of this project a model Globe Theater was con- structed and dolls were dressed to represent characters in Hamlet and Macbeth. The drama students were guests at a private showing of the Orson Welles picture, Macbeth, at the Roxy theatre. Another group of drama students journeyed to Salt Lake City to see Judith Anderson in "Medea.', This trip was an interesting and worthwhile climax to a six-Weeks study of the History of Drama and the early Creek Theatre. As this annual goes to press Filer students are planning to participate in all possible declamation events. The Norman Corwin radio play, "Odessy of Runion hlonesf' and a fantasy, "Three Pills in a Bottlef Will be two of the major entries. c 1 ' e rf' --fr r-v-.v'5-1 . .. . n' . . A "Eff . i FN, K 5 .,,V qi? 4 f' "' Fw , ' . ' L -.1 :". 4. 'rx 1' ' I ' -, ,-f '. , 1" 7 ',j,'fAr' 51 ? ' . ' fx? '., Y J-Q' Y., Y jyljiqt- 7. ff 'Shi in . l ,,i:Ngk - -.. n.s. . L. V . A -. 4 1- g n . l. 4 s ' ' " ur I s 'f U - L 1 Q .- L' I I 4. , f - lg. L ,J i ssl " 1 . I v' , 'ny ff . . 'Ig' .I V " V4 1, . 0 M C I1 f J A NI Q ' ' s . ' -.. Q, H .Q H , " .lr 1 1 A 1 :L i 'V' Q " .Jr .1 . e 3 I H di J . , ff If Y W' 1355.14 ' , uy,,.': aw 'x . 'gvwff , --55 7' if 'W Q" .L 1'-if . f f' -,- lf, 1 N - f-,.ff'g',iH-L' ,-,- lil ..' tiff- N ' 1 Nix. A f X f' r- E35 ww 1- ,. ' Z . - . .I ' 'JM K: ul - '.l .4 ,.,. ' lf: igeln . "xl Nj.: jylf- a. V -1: ' 555' 'Y - 17' . + 'Wm L, 31:-.-.Q r,..- ,, J -v W ,4,.Vv'4-.Et ,,,,i.,, , , . 'K . ' . -.v".." '.:.LQ 14 5 , : -nil , ff -' 5 YI ' , . - 2 my .X I 1 'S G '3 -s Hu 1 'N J F . ' X -.4 11" Q W V 4 W , . l 1 . s, ef H N J I x 0 f 'j ma ,a 4 . 'ij 4, r N 3 4,1 ,Hlfw 'LB' 'vi . 5. n ' , 1 llrfwif -.-L" u 55' 'K " .w.iQ,5! ggi' A. 5.1 'I g :"1 f"f1 .'-32156, '-'J 'f'Z1f f 1 WH IQ ' g".f'.,,j-' f' ' If-I-.4 , ' N36 " , -15-1511 s-X x ggi 'JH ff' 5' 2: 4 ,,,i 4. vfl 1 gm? ,, , F., up J :I-EV' rm ,fr f -:ffl eb C v' xv , 'r 1 V 1' was ' 'F Af- .' x.'2.x-- - W: H :m1.'?'L f.iIi,:,'1' 'if W5-5-551' - -K v f'fg:a,1l?.' y. L ,ig 1, ,jj ,Ir-fm" ' W " J "vm 'H--.X ..' A H' :i"f-,:'-i- 47: , , ' nut? 'QQ- , .t 4 1, - -. ' T. Jggf.. 'E r W 5. 'Aff A, , p f L 1. ' -, , .tg .1 f w- . '.-vm M . Three things go to make up a successful team: The material, the school spirit, and the coach. Although the coach is mentioned last he is by no means the least import- ant of the three. Rather, he is fully as important as any of them, because the best of material without good coaching cannot do as well as average or poor material with good coaching, and the spirit manifested by- the team is but a reflection of the spirit shown by the coach. Coach "Mack,' Flenniken has been at Filer High only one year, but already everyone has come to respect his ability and leadership. The football season ended with the Filer Wildcats at the top of the Big Seven Conference. fs1-1 Y "MACK" F LEN N IKEN, COACH Although the VVildcat hoopsters did not win all their games, the fact that the team kept its fighting spirit throughout the season shows that Coach "Mack,' knows his business and that we can hope for a splendid team next season. F lenniken played football under Bo McMillin at Centenary College, Shreveport, Louisiana in 1924 and also under him at Geneva College for three years. While he was at Geneva, they defeated Harvard and Boston College. He received honorable mention as fullback on the Associated Press All-American team in 1927. He graduated from Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas. He played pro- fessional football in 1930-31 with the Chicago Cardinals and the New York Giants. He was head coach at Arlington Heights High School, Fort Worth, Texas, eight years before entering the service. He served Eve years in the Army Air Force. Everyone has expressed extreme satisfaction over the way "Mack" has handled the athletic department during the past year and expects great things from him in seasons to come. Standing Curt Wilkins Bill Blass Barry Flenniken, Eddie johnson. Kneeling: Howard Mills, Lx trctt Andrews Dale Jasper Warren Hart, Fred Hainline, Dave Lancaster, Gary Bean. ASSISTANT COACH They say that dynamite comes in small packages and that is the best description we can give for "Mack,' F lenniken's little handiman, Gene Hull. After attending three colleges and completing four years in the service, Gene is back in school again, this time as a teacher. Gene's uhustlingv teams are among the best. He pro- duced a winning football team with hardly enough boys to make even one team. He also built one of the "hottest" junior varsity teams in the Big Seven Gon- ference. of the finest His ever cheerful person 1l1ty has helped m my tunes when the morale was low it We here give him credit for being one 2 ' ' 2 ' A C 1 gooflaf - ll - Much preparation went into the next weekis Work for the Jerome Tigers who held Hrst place in the standings. This was to be F iler's real test, and the Wildcats showed their stuff that night on October 8 by playing probably their best game of the season and winning a decisive 25-0 victory. The Wildcats took a week off and then on October 23 they traveled to Ely, Nevada to mark up their fifth straight victory over a strong White Pine team by a score of 13-0. The FILER GIANT KILLERS moved to Preston the next Week to add still another victory to their list by downing the Preston boys 14-12. The VVildcats gave their loyal followers a real scare Novem- ber 5, but brought home a 15-13 victory over the Burley Bobcats and a Big Seven Championship. 5 i . The Filer Wildcats with their new coach took to the field for the Hrst time on August 20, to prepare for their opening game with the Buhl Indians September 10. The Wildcats fell before a strong Buhl team, 19-6 in its opener. On the next Friday, September 17, the Wildcats came back strong and rolled over Rupert, 39-16. Gooding was next on the list and Filer never blinked an eye as they marched to a 39-13 victory over the Senators. October 1 proved to be an unlucky day for the Oakley Hornets as the Wildcats showed no mercy in their 31-6 triumph. -z w 1948 g.1.i-111 Football Season li- FILER SCOREBOARD Filer Filer Filer Filer Filer Filer Filer Filer Filer Filer 111- ffffff 14 15 Buhl ........ 19 Rupert .... 16 13 6 "We' re proud of 6 39 39 Gooding.. 31 Oakley .... 25 0 I jerome .,.. 13 Ely .,,,,,,,., 0 ll Preston . 12 you: teorn' Burley ,,,, 13 25 Kimberly .. 0 7 Boise ...... 18 The last two games were evenly divided with the Wildcats downing Kimberly 25-0, and losing to the Boise Braves 7-18. The Wildcats lose Bill Blass, Cary Bean, Elmer Lampe, Warren Hart, Fred Hainline, Dale jasper, Dave Lancaster, Marvin Ulrich, Howard Mills, Curtis Wilkins, Barry Flenniken, Eddie johnson, Everett Andrews, and Wesley Anderson this year. Returning lettermen are Eddie Allison, Cary Allison N. . s 'K X Ti- 2 X W, 1' ,- . w ix, KY? KQV" ,z Wyse W X if vw x Iii ' NA' Www wk " .Fw QW , ws Altx gi . my K X , ,. ,N I K Qr Lil L ,,,, " .W ' Ill-, X X MM S Ns AJ 3 4, , -- ,,,., APA 'yy' Q .. E9 NJ M ,F x 4 1 W ff 2 F3 F L Flin z H . f" S ,a , ,.. M 2 5, X' I 5 x ff? ' f Q,-'T v Ax P H ji .,,. .,.,., 4, ?a Q j-, . 9 S.. 3555 '5 4 k MEM QM! gd v 'Mill WM QV Sx QQ gi .153 if MPR - Filer Filer Filer Filer Filer Filer Filer 27 24 31 39 41 41 31 ,rv VARSITY ,V F iler's basketball season could not be classified as a successful one, but with a new coach and a new system they showed improvement as the season went along. A definite program has been installed to build basket- ball at Filer and in the next few years Filer should win her share of victories. There are some very fine prospects coming along in Eddie Allison, Gary Allison, Myrl Schroeder, Don VVilliamson, Byron Thomas, Eddie Brown, Duane Sharp, Albert Larsen, Evan Fullmer, and Larry Creasey, all from the Junior Varsity. With Bob Rayborn and Keith F ullmer back from this year's team we are expecting great things from the team next year. SCORE Twin Falls Murtaugh BOARD 50 Filer 47 ...... 39 Filer 35 ....... Burley 66 Filer 32 Buhl 61 Filer 31 Gooding 32 Filer 37 Rupert 53 Filer 33 Twin Falls 33 Filer 35 if . Oakley 46 Gooding 39 Burley 64 . Jerome 36 Buhl 51 . Jerome 34 . Oakley 46 ln A A4-. A Ai 'A il Kneeling: Dale Childers, Don Williamson ffl, Eddie Allison Cglg Byron Thomas Cgjg Dale Bringhamg Duane Sharp ffl, Jerry Dunlap Qingrj. Standing: Coach Hullg Evan Fulliner Cglg Larry Creasey fel, Myrl Schroeder fel, Gary Allison Cgjg Albert Larsen Cglg Lee Sharp Cingrl. unior arfiifg The record of Gene Hull's hustling little junior Varsity is one of which the whole school can be proud. The freshmen and sophomores of the present junior Varsity will be the Varsity of the next two years, and from present indications we have every reason to believe that we have a running start toward a good Varsity basketball squad for next year . The punishment they have taken from this year's Varsity in practice has gone a long way toward developing their basketball ability. As this annual goes to press plans are being made for the Junior Varsity Tournament to be held in the Filer gym March 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. SCOREBOARD 4-as me We They 3 Ian. Twin Falls 23 5 Ian. Murtaugh 14 7 jan. Burley 34 11 jan. Buhl 28 14 jan. Gooding 31 18 jan. Rupert 57 20 Ian. Twin Falls 36 27 jan. Oakley 44 2 Feb. ,49 Gooding 24 4 Feb Burley 44 19 Feb Jerome 23 22 Feb Buhl 21 23 Feb Jerome 34 , 25 Feb Ookley 47 gadedaf PREDICTIONS FOR '49 As the Annual goes to press the District baseball schedule has not been made but looking over the prospects of this year it looks as if Filer will have a very strong team and definitely be a championship contender. There are a few spots on the team that are wide open for the new boys, mainly left and right field, and the catching. Bill Warberg will be a strong contender for catching assignment and if he comes through satisfactorily Filer will have a team that will be hard to beat. The main candidates for other positions will be Theron Brown who should be our starting pitcher if he can develop a little more speed because he has plenty of stuff on the ball, and Dale Bringham, a holdover from last yearis team, who should be greatly improved this year. Lawrence Holler, another letterrnan, will be back as a pitcher. Howard Mills should hold down the first base assignment and may see quite a bit of pitching duties. Gary Allison, returning letterman, will be converted over from a catcher to second base which should strengthen that position. Eddie Allison, a promising Freshman, is expected to play a lot of shortstop this year. Barry F lenniken, letterman from Jerome, should divide his duties at third base and pitching. Keith F ullmer, letterman from Hollister, will probably alternate with F lenniken at the third base and pitching assignments. Gary Bean, letterman, and a power at the bat will officially hold down the center field position. Other lettermen and freshmen who will be battling for the outfield berths and the strengthening of other positions will be Bob Rayborn, Jerry Williamson, Don Williamson, Charles Allen, Bob Allen, Ray Neale, Merlin Neale, Elmer Lampe, Warren Hart, Lester Peterson, Dale jasper, Bill Blass, Pat Patter- son, Wesley Anderson, Marvin Ulrich, Gene Shitfler and jerry Dunlap. KcMACK,, F LENNIKEN Standing: "Mack" Flennikcn, Norma VVilliamson, jan Martin, Jan Cardcr, Elaine Richmond, Mary Jasper, Marlene Montgomery, june llenstock, Jeanne Taylor, Sybil Vcrhurg, Loyeda Marler, Anna Marie Hess, Gene Hull. Seated: Vivian Lancaster, Gloria Crandall, Betty Moore, Patty Sehnjtker, Christine Moore, Maxine Finney, Gloria Sackett. QPAJQ . In keeping with a state-wide program to encourage and develop physical fitness, gym classes are offered for girls as Well as boys and all students are required to take gym. Shown above is one of thelgirls' gym classes with Coaches Flenniken and Hull. SCX twxwwlll , rf . ys CM wi ww 90 -- 5 'A ' U - 4' , - ' f ., .X . V ,- -'?'gm-w.:1x A ' ' LW , :ai 1 a 1 . A I ' 0 1 Ari .Add a Aa- , gym GJ-, xmwmwflfwiif ,J p,,,,..,g.,J,L.u Jqllwi jf -W1 M MH.. L"iZ"' ' L.,-T M1 ,,.f2.'Zj.Q,,"",..4,'J"'4",,M1.1"',3'.,,"",?f'4 u.- xx ..g,. N a WMM, J.-.14..J,!.a.... , K g1,,.-paoa-zfhoff-fff',ff4'f7'4'V" fgn,,,,,N,L.,M,.,4,,,4fwl-Jfwd' , mv, 9-4"'5'!'5"ffZ""?1'f"""ba"'! ' Mvg.-ugbfof-fiu-M'fi'Uhf"p" he ' a"W"L""'Q4'lfAfff,wf"G5"3f" A M .. wg. 'r .- ,1 r ,A Ni b wh . ,Q ,W . Ni od saw N .lunuury 3 , ,,,,,,,,, . March 18 March 25 -we remem elf. . , 'ab lJvcc'lnbc'1' 14 .,,,,,,,,,Y,Y.,,,,,,A,,,,,,, ,,Open 1101156 Bnskcltball Season opened i'Littlc Womcni' ,A junior Box Social Sadie Hawkins Dance 1 ? fi x ,Y 2f Cl April S May 6 . A. HPPPPP . October Spur! Ilflrucsl Dcc,'cfn1lu'r -A junior ClIl'lliClli ,,f.wa1w a11 . ,1--v..1 Dec P1116 junior Prom Senior Sncuk 0-. 132 C 61731, Q 80x 09 1105- BH fdf G 12,6 9,1 X gk so wa 10 00,8 X I 0000 Q aft wo, 1 O XJ fi Arbour Day YG- 7 'flunkn X., ...fx K ef' ' Sallie lluzukins Day 90051 Ihr: CJIICSUIHU lwosmnc - W L A C 3 jr f,4'f5'L3,, 'fvj f sf? OXX A 55?i?hf ' WW 'rx , X M' . W 6 4 in wr v 1,0 5, K .1 5 5 'Wx 33--N ,,,,M...-4' 99 'Q ,vii ' r-rx SS, , .4 A Q6 ' - ,,...--H inf xwxlvwnnmw--W -fx Un. W.. .A ff ' . ni W Naw- fy f sw F' , 'I A' Q ,rw S., 'A . H' fi D xx, -x N wfgg 2 1 M a X X A Y 3 .fn is Q WM .. .sv k 1: wg 952 x - -gs sg El Ye if x x ill, ,4 1 1 5 D' w ' N 'W MM' wr Q67 Ha Lf' ww W Q-mn, sf +1 jA6Ll'lL5i . . . to the Wildcat Staff for their faithful cooperation and work. . . . to the Coad Studio for photography. . . . to the Times-News for printing and engraving. . . . to all students and faculty for subscribing to this annual. . . . to our advertisers for their Hnancial support. . . . to the Commercial Department and Mrs. Wilder for setting up the advertising section. . . . to our sponsor, Mrs. Warberg, for the advice and help given. . . to the Mountain States Bindery for covers and g binding. everyone who has helped in any way, "Thanks a Iillionlv ' Q3 kg , MARJY DRAKE, Editor -Q e 'xg if i J i gb ,Al 2 , 4'-5 mb ' N O rises? Qc. ARR CP- AD 20 ,ew Eff' Wfyedztxfggiif 2 Viv!-611. -JVW -jf-J IZ WW Ufwif RFMS Magic Vallev Investment Corp. 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'f .Y ,,., f Kilim K W 4 at ?a3L5,f'5 41 ff if PMN ' XZ X5 v fp, . finf R , Ji' QL ,4 ff' ,iff W2 yj AL Q, i ' Q 14,4 6 iff, ' 4 J Z A , 1 A A K ' Assam " 1 W M sy' W' mf' - WWWW mf! f W , xQ6o- gmt - 5 'Q' Q 'D ' 17 I f my 4 .,, :gge-K.. - -L,4:gRQi6Z?.ig,+: ' J? ,, ,,..?V5,J! f . .,., ' S ww" ufffbf J

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