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C1 S1932 dh X W H II- I- NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-THREE Published by The Senior Class of RALPH L. FIKE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Wilson, North Corolino YIANIE l3osT1oK CARR11i IXBERNATHX Editor Business Mmm ei NIIRIAIXI M. DUNN Faculty Adviser word - Seasons direet 4 - , sports, and fun . ery: pa be . students learn and grow together . adjust tnt to seven-period It f W elasses and hard work ehullenge . L tc tflx' . . 'mreign exchange student aro ses international lr . neourugi k teachers . . 's' rutinv teis . . Q he D U st s t 'uzlyed at games . . . eluhs mean fun and WL . . rnunx' Inernories shared. During three seasons at learning, our Bzzml stuflents L. Barker, EL'l1l'f11'dS, C. A17E?l'lZt'lf11j', and L. Baker' enjoy tr ludztstriozts boys lug desks into the new lnnzd party after Il concert. buildizzg as Hr. YV00dz1r'eZ looks on with pride. Page Four 5 fi' , f 'y 'I tm W r P 1 3 2 1 af Q, e ,, ,151 v. . Z st If 11 M L fwviw' WJ I 'Q K , MQ.-f , , ff ff if , vi --- --1:,:V-.1--wi" 'EMM '. 5 ,A Ze, . ,mf A ,, xt , paw, + 4, t , 5 -vs ,4 M ft .hi , 4 f pf, 4,1 -mt 'N 'X " X 2532 A JW 2 ?ff ,Taz 6 f W 2? V is W . 19 . x X f f gf Y ,wt f Q W V 66 z X f V Z LW., 4 if .Jew el . f ' ' ' Lf A X i gs ,f ff 17 3' w it ZS f 7M 5 wg Q WZ we , ggi? .:, v gy . 4 6 2 students have reached Students S Otutoxz Smt3e1, Lan caster, and C Eason sonrelzou seem to enjoy Plztszcrzl Fztness Tests' 'MQ f i i l 1 1 1 A i. l 2: i f W : MPX ff any ' Nz 44" Q15 -if YA ft 1434, 'W 4213 ' I y 1: f, H -J yt. Q. . ,fm 'G x Z: 5 iff 1 M vp. :W As smrleiits ruslz from class fo class, B. Joyner mlces time fo open a O. Fulglizim, C. Exzim, mul ll. Collins liglzt tlzui floor for B. Bissefte. Cnmlles :luring tlze Nutioizal llmzm' Society fappm ceremony. fulfillment in a harvest af Work, play, and participation. "D0gpntclz-style" ezzterlniizmeizt is pVm'iLlecl for stucleizts at tlze Sallie Hmvlcins Dmzce. TABLE OF CONTENTS lN'l'RODUC'l'ION ,. FALL .. XfV1NTEi: . Svniwcz .. xXnvEm'1sE1x1ENTs .. lNnEx .. .l .7 . . 65 95 NIST . . HH Page Fire XE K 5 H new acquaintances . . . old friends . . . schedules Cl net start foi ill ugh I 1 1 I I l z vin 'Q A - s a 1 peiulness and uncertainty . . . new teachers and unfamiliar SCCHCS . . . SOPhOH1OI'CS . . . f0Otb3H concessions . . . Sadie Hawkins . . . annual work . . . ciieerleatiers and band . . . Homecoming . . . Student Council . . . Thanksgiving . . clubs. confusion . . . classes . . . football . . I n I ! In order to bear harvest, C1 seed must be planted with the purpose 4 C:llC1lliSfl'j' students Clark and P. x4!iHi6711IS0lZ run un U,x'pc'l'i111c11t ill Inlw. N Ur. xxllllltlllfll 1?0l'flOl'lII5 OIIL' of his iII1'LlIllLI17IC 5Cl'1'iCE'N HN lze crmrlzs our Houzccouzizzg Queen, Clmrlotie Oates. fl H11 1 lc Il 111 HI II L e IIVII ' ' ' . uc". .f crm ,1 4 .I lr. , V w J I at growth and achievement .. J t t t t t t t V t t I 1 rzrsity clzeer1em1erseR. Collins, Limtille, D. Hoj- lcitz, D. Harriss. R. Ufrttsoiz, B. Carr and K. Dent sey, mascot, ride in Ilrmzecoming parade. and nurtured by broadening activities . . Swzim' girls- IJ. YOIHI-QS, S. Ilnrllv, l'. Iludwx, 1 T. Tnrzzet' try on cups mid gmwzs in prcptznztimz fm the lozig-awaited clay. if A Y ag :JD 7' 3 f f .4 X f 1, Q ,Q J' f , f f W, i' N! V X -Qi A X I K , - , X S-M . A " ,V 4. f, iff 5 ' - ..., Q wif" -, ,lf x ff J 9, ,W Z ,. X I ,-'J 1, f 1 Q fswjw QSM' , - , 1 25 ,ew S -X, Z 1 My ff , , ff ,ff f ,V 1 -1 , W' Page T011 llr. Bnlwelfzy mlkx with nmjorettes, ll. Hose and K. Sutton, during n footlmll game. to adviser 'teacher 'friend RAYMOND lloLLow,w Ihiiiiiixx' lfor his sincere interest in students . . . his love lor gmail music ancl his ability tu help others Band students watch with joy 115 Mr. B!'ll7CllIj'lIdH1il'L'5 Ilzc' "I mztlmz apprccmtc nluslc ' ' ' IHS clynalulc Fog" they genie him for Christmas. personality . . 7' if , , his smile . . ai truly capulnlt- lezicler . . L1 person with great umlcrstuncling and foresight , . always reucly in hr-Ip . , eager to push li01'XYLll'Cl with new icleas . . an inspiration tu ull. Page Eleven f f- f as 2 sw Zskisikiff 753 Y f Q2 ZX 5 1 "'!' Wx., , 'Q 1 W . can f WW ' pf N Ag! ' ,, Aix 6 if Z, f47,-WALXQ rf Eg, , ,M , Q I, ,W M x yn ff Page Twelve Happiness nt the Iwgimziug of a school clay is captured on the faces of Hrs. Pritclmrd, Miss Ilunfer, Mr. Collins, and Miss Arlzold us they enter ifzc 171liILif11IQ. WWA S v The I1 I KS 1111 211111 1 01 'll flfllflli., Senor A111111l11I 111111 J' Ill 11 s S1 111 911101611 bm Iss 119 1 1 Fulg zz SfllLIUIf 111 111011 11111 C011 111 out ,Il L mx y f 1 -2? 7 mb. K My Board of Education Nr. Gcorgc S. Willalrcl has hc-cn Supcrintcndcnt ol' thc Vtfilson Qiity Schools and Sccrctary ol' thc School Board lor four ycars. lhc School Boarcl anal hlr. VVilla1'cl malqc thc policy clccibions ol' our school. 'lhis group strixcs constantly to givc us quality cclucation. 'Iihcy maintain a close contact with Fikc and a pcrsonal intcrcst in thc student hoclv. mf 0 'rl' Egg NIH. Glfomsli S. Wllltfum Mn. G. ll. ,Xmms Mn. j. R. Wunns SIl17L'VllIlC71llClII of City St-lzoolx C'ln1i1'u1m1 of lioiml Director of Ins HIL 1 S crclury of liouml of lilllltwlllilll SCHOOL IZOAIZIJ: Scaled lefi to right: Mrs. Stuart Ulalston, Klr. George Aclaim, jr.. NIV. U. li. Plylcr. SUIIILIUISQI Mr. Qonnor Vick, Mr. R. E. Kirkland, jr., Dr. E. VVillarcl, Slll7L'I'llIlffIItlL'lll. TT? . v gf cjlllllflllllllj Mrs. lf. H. -Iorclan. C. Ncclancl. anfl Nlr. George llllifil ig, J f ' 4 i i 5 , E 4 pl' e x MR. W. WII,LAlHD VVooDAnD "Attention all rooms." The familiar voice of our principal alerts us to items ol' importance on tlrc days schedule. Mr. W. VVillard VVoodard has been with our school system for four years and during that time has done a very outstanding job. ln addr tion to the big decisions which have to be made concerning a school of Pikes size, there are many small details to be decided every day. Nr. VVoodard gives due consideration to the big and tlrc small, and he always makes the best possible decision. llow- ever, he is never too busy to take a personal intere est in every member of the student body and to give good advice to any student with a problem. SQOM xf ln HONOR A-lg , :Q --I 'XI TRU X511 ff ' i f it t as -fr! 6 t if Qw .llr. ll ootlrzrrl checks trfzllscripls u'itlz Mus. l3nANDoN, Seerelmy Hrs. Brooks ami Mrs. Alrerzzutlzy. ,NM f "afw.f A M, V iv 1 ,........... g-,,ii4fx21I'..4"""-'s"m"" :. . --"""',,,,...,.. qw, 4K:fAf1-fr.. '-..:.:'-if ,AN kg. gr " TES' 1: 1'-.' W ,......- 4 .- fe ,. -,'...... "K j V3 'ati 7.9 ,rf-' ' " T4 '5' T'-J'- . JL' v - A 1 1 ' f A '1 i, N . ,,,f""2 Languages Page Sixteen IM '-if 355. 15'-6 . '5'-fe . u , Q N. ff ., ,-fr-.1 ua W.-..,,, MX 1 I 1, Q fi, ,v- a 'L 291 Q-f ty, ' fy Slzrzkespenre, his tlzezztre, and COSflll1ICS4iH1170TfU1lf parts U the English pr0,Qrfzm-develop inferest in drama. AW :calf Faculty Mus. l3E'l"'l"IE S. IXBERNATIIY East Carolina College: B.S., M.A.fScience: Science Club Adviser: Senior Class Adviser Miss Nlo1.LY ARNOLD VVon1an's College of the University of North Caro- lina: B.S.fBusiness Education: Sophomore Class Adviser MRS. BARBARA Avcocx Atlantic Christian College: A.B.-English: East Caro' lina College-Library Science: Librarian Mrss LELA Avcoerc VVornan's College of the University of North Caro' lina: A.B.-English: Senior Class Adviser RAvixroND H. BABELAY Richmond Professional Institute: B. Mus.: East Caro- lina College: M.A.-Director of Bands and Choir MRS. ELLA BEALXLON VVoman's College of the University of North Caro- lina: AB.-Science: East Carolina College: M.A.- Education: Science Cluh Adviser: Sophomore Class Adviser Mus. JEANETTE A. Brtoorcs Meredith College: A.B.4Business Education: Senior Class Adviser Miss DIANE BROUGHTON East Carolina College: BS.-English: Keyette Club Adviser: -lunior Class Adviser In llzss Nobles Latin ll class, D. Anderson and P l7Vo0c1cnd report on the Greek goals. , A l,,. . 1' -eff' , , ,4 'X L, 2 WH X fl x K A 1' Mays'--...M I ! if Qff A 75 ? n f, 'f 7 ' 1 : I "V V 5125: ' Y f if-Z. .4 an I V, 'l ibilo Q. 5 Z ,cc ww- i f ' I. 'Vila ,ggyfffv-my F2 ' Y, if 1 i ,N Ix?,,..a.M9-s KQN wr "Comment alle:-vous?" says C. Sams to B. Brough' ton in a mock teleplzone conwersation. illrs. Vlfrzrren olvserves. 5. 6 I 'Y' MK A .X Noielmml, u new course in ilze school program, is MRS. MILDRED H. BULLARD East Carolina Collegeg B.S.g Columbia Universityg D"l.A.gHfJII1C Economicsg Future Hornemakers Ad- viserg Sophomore Class Adviser FRANCIS COLLINS Atlantic Christian Collegeg A.B.-Historyg Key Club Aclviserg Junior Class Adviser MRS. ETHEL V. CRAWLEY East Carolina Collegeg A.B.-English and I-listoryg M.A.-Counseling, Chairman of Senior Class Ad- visers MRS. lX'qIRIAlNI M. DUNN Atlantic Christian Collegeg A.B.-Spanish and Eng- lishg ACCOLADE Editorial Staff Adviserg Senior Class Adviser GILBERT DOUGLAS FERRELL Atlantic Christian Collegeg A.B.-Social Studiesg Coachg junior Class Adviser MISS LOUISE FIKE Salem Collegeg A.B.-Mathematics: East Carolina College: M.A.-Mathematics and Business Educa- tiong junior Class Adviser MRS. KATHERINE B. FLEMING Duke Universityp A.B.-Social Studiesg ACCOLADE Business Staff Adviser: Iunior Class Adviser MRS. ELIZABETH A. FULGHUIXI VVoman's College of the University of North Caro- linag B.A.-Historyg Sophomore Class Adviser MRS. ANNE M. CLOVER East Carolina Collegeg A.B.-Business Educationg Sophomore Class Adviser piciurerl liere as I. llolzgood shows C. Taylor ilze illetltools of filing are dentonstratevl to Office Practice proper uzetlzoci of forming its clmrrzcters. stuclerzts, Bone and B. Bass, by Mrs. Brooks. Page Eighteen I Blzsillvss cwOlll'SL'5,-flfll' fllf1H'L' lulxinesx lU11Jerx-1191 Business Io Izrmulen our lzorizmzx. Puge Xirzetzezz 3 1 A f f !" w ga' Anwricmz 111111 YVUVIJ Iliswry 01111111169 lU2Ull'IELlg8 of our ci1'ilizati011 and culture. Page 'I l1'L'HlVl' b i s ra DAMN' '.f' History MRS. FLORA HANCHROW Hunter College: B.A.mMathematicsg East Carolina College: M.A.-Counseling: Iunior Class Adviser MRS. JEAN A. l'lARR1SS Woman's College of the University of North Caro' linag B.S.-Businessg East Carolina Collegeg M.A.4 Educationg Future Business Leaders Adviserg Senior Class Adviser Miss KATHARINE IIORNE Duke Universityg A.B.-Historyg Sophomore Class Adviser Miss CLYDE l'lUNTER Womans College of the University of North Caro- T linag B.A.-Mathematics: National Honor Society Adviserg Senior Class Adviser ROBERT PAUL MARKLIN Catawba Collegeg A.B.g East Carolina Collegeg M.A. -Social Studies, Physical Educationg Head Football and Basketball Coachg Sophomore Class Adviser Miss HATTIE NOBLE Woman's College of the University of North Caro- linag A.B.-Latin: Dean of Cirlsg Sophomore Class Adviser MRS. LORETTA B. PARKER Atlantic Christian College: AB,-Englishg Sopho- more Class Adviser MRs. KATHLEEN E. PATTERSON University of North Carolinag A.B.-Spanish: Span' ish Club Adviserg Junior Class Adviser MRS. ROBERTA K. PRITCHARD Atlantic Christian Collegeg A.B.-Englishg Fike Hi- Zette Adviserg junior Class Adviser . Q21 - 04? . S A i XT R ' ' Q 1 Q I 1:40 f .H 11' .71 ww ,f , , 'Www-, 6:4 ,na A, ff fu, 3 !' ,gf?w K 'S f fa ff f ,W 2 Q. f f ff ,, 94' , fw A, 3 Af fi , ya A A A VZ! ff, ,, f eff 1 f fir , 4? f Zur" ff - 'M ' 4? f if f 1 Z 5, ii?" , 1 f 4, ,M , f ,Q - 1, f ! f 4 0 , A A , if R, -eW""""' Africrfs role in the news is explained by D. Radford In .lIr. N-'eir's history class, L. Fnrdy, P. Vlfilliams and E. jordan in Alrs. Snzitlfs VVO1'ld Geograplry und fl. Ilnlkciinz learn Ilia facts ulmzrt VlI0UC'll'U'lll class. .1 ,Q 8'?4fJ,,y 'llftws . ly'-570 'fr X Z Puge VI-ll'UlIlY1"OllL' Faculty GILBER'F A. ROSE TC3CllCf'S College-Columbia Universityg M.A.- Industrial Artsg Athletic Business Managerg Sopho- more Class Adviser MRS. SARAH B. SKINNER Atlantic Christian Collegeg A.B.-Matheinaticsg Sophomore Class Adviser MRS. lVlARY ll. Sixirrii University of North Carolinag B.A.-Social Studies, Physical Educationg Booster Club Aclviserg Cheer- leaders' Adviserg Senior Class Adviser AI.sEv THOMAS STOTT Atlantic Christian Collcgeg A.B.-Diversified Oe- cupations: Student Council Adviserg Senior Class Adviser QlHARI.ES SY1.1vAN'i' East Carolina Collegeg HS.-Scienceg Sophomore Class Adviser MRS. QIEAN CHXEEKBIORE THoMAs Atlantic Christian Collegeg A.B.-Business Educa- tion: lunioi' Class Adviser Miss Doms M. FFIIORNE Atlantic Christian Collegcg All.: East Carolina Col- lcgeg ATA.-English: Future Teachers' Adviserg Senior Class Adviser MRS. SUSAN V. WARREN Mary VVashington College of the University of Virginiag A.ll.-Erenchg French Club Adviser VV1I,i.1Aixi ll. WEIR Presbyterian Collegeg B.A.g East Carolina Collegeg M.A.-Social Studiesg Coach: Dean of Boysg Fike Service Council Adviserg junior Class Adviser Home Economics students, ll. Fisk and S. Ufest, ore receiving iizsirifctions for 17Zf'lkil1g lmttonlmles from Mrs. Bullard. U Science xy, Z, ' 3 Z 2 R X hw , mi' Q , 2 Wxyfp Rf' A fgx ,Q ,, -llllfllllxflll KL'iUllL'L' mmf umllzvzmzliu, um' grmm' um lz'r141H.1', 1111-1 NlL'llH'1'. mul rflcxziullj, Page' 'I'11'Cr1!'1 -tfzrcv 64 U 'Ui iff' 21123 I- f NX xx i inf? 31,2 X f sq fl - Q, H L ff Leia 'J X 1 Uzss Hume Noble. Dean of Girla, checks over the Dem: of Boys, Alf. Bill U7Cir, ll'l'ifUS an lIL11HiSSiO7Z ences with tI9YiNfllH1S Cf. ,UCKQCI 111161 slip for B. VVOm1m'c1. Our' cnmzselors, Hr. VVOir, Hrs. Hmzclzrow, Bliss Noble, Hr. Stoif, Alrs. Crawley. mm' Hr. Inge Tu eww our gs. 'bs ilu- V 'MA 521: f4?A,2 2 JS! 'Q f W is 4f C. ,I-lITi0l"S iiz'z1i'L'Li Izumi Ucls irst-class lim, Ijrlsler Hoiiuni, scizooi ciietiliziii, lirx. Hui'iJui'u Al'CUL'ii, liilrfiriiiil, tizzm , I5 , iittciztioiz from Alix. Allllllii' Hiigilex, ciiecizx tile smicic iixzc ilefrfrc iziiiclz. tilrruigii tile ciirai ciitiiimgirc. sciwni izurxv. Hrs. C'iirr1i,1'ii l,Cu'is assists iivix S t a if e m b e r s Office Assistant Counselor Hrs. 'iiiizice Bciiairidgv, office assistant, izvipa lf. Urs. lu Cil'tIll'iG-1', coziizxclnr, aids iiii Sfmieiztx will: liriiizxwr mul K. Pizcips find iufmviziirioiz in tizc prolwicuis. A1111 Davis uriwizgcx uifiiirigzws on tin' files. slicif. l 2 I Q- . ,gp .Q-V V xi -X H. M iw Nfluth 14 xy? 'H---..,., -Q., Q """-I--.D lg 'S no s L 67 u lCOlXIJI- is :suns of X .mc fun HL pnnsnntcd hx pn wc umt of m mm hours of WHL mc on ns p 122105 uc wu ilu munorics oi 1 9 I 5 5 5 5 5' tlu 11 ' y M, wi , J 4 - 'LffW""71' . 7 , ,, ,iff 4-,.. Q illrw. .l1iri1m1.1l1. IDHIZII, 121111011111St11ff1l111'ix01'. Urs. llrx. K. V1CllI1lI4Lf irzstrzwis 13. fltlff, T. 'I-zirizcr, . Kutlzeriizv 13. Flflllllllif, liziwiizcxs Stuff flzlviscr. Quinn, 111111 ill. ll11NNl'j' 111 ll'V111lINLf llll 1-f111f1'11c!x. -IOINT STAFFS: First row: ll. llurnc, K. Suttun, 9. llwrnc, Clirr. 1711111111 1'r1u': Cl. Granger, 'lf Hill-y, Nl. Harris. V. Striclv P. Iluycs, DI. Farris, C. llwrtun, L. Evans, DI. lfllis, .I. llustiulp luml, A. lliggs, Cf l'Xl7L'I'I12iIllf', nl. llzircliwn, ll. Sinitli, Nl. Dunn. Sccn1111 mw: VV. Graves, T. Quinn, 13. Culvlucrlcy, T. 'ini-m-.i, 1"1f11z rmv: Cf clllltw. ll. C'i'mv, XV. ll. Pittinzun, Cf XK'liiuL. Sixtli Xl. llusscy, L. llarsli, ll. Dunn, Brfmclliurst, ll. l'ar1'4iiiw1'c. 1'11u': A. I, Spnugli, CQ. Slicrwuml, 1. Ovwiiiuii. Tlzinl rmv: K. Fleming, DI. Linvillc, ,I. julinsnii, A. llulmcrts, ll. Q -, Y....m':-'lb -. xt yH'm'1: ' - f. ,, - - Q A vWf'.1-D l,t1gL',.l-ll'L'II11 NL'l'L'll n , R 4. A left to right: Head Coach Paul Nlarklin, Paul Blake, ,loe XVhite, Gilbert Ferrell, Vklilliam XVeir, Al Vaughn. Coaching Staff 'Athletics teach n way of life, mul llll'U1lgl7 athletics we learn to aleirelop will-vou'er mul self-control that will carry over into later iff' umkiug the imrricipmzts lrefter citizens for the C'071l'l111lHlfj',l' nys Head Cfozicli Patil Jlnrlcliir. l'r1ge 'llticrzljf-Gigli! Paul Marklin, head Football and basketball coach, has had as his main objective through the years promoting athletic interest and building character. lle is considered not only a coach, but also an instructor and a friend to all. llead Baseball Coach Gilbert Ferrell is held in high esteem by all who know him. llc is looked to for advice by his students because he is neyer too busy to help anyone. Molding future citizens and leaders from his students is the desire of VVilliam Weir. As head track coach, he has inspired many to keep in proper physical condition. .loc White, who is head tennis coach, is well-liked by all who know him. Even though he is a teacher at Coon, he is a valuable asset to our entire athletic program. Paul Blake and Al Vaughn are the remaining members of our athletic staff. Although they are members of the teaching stall of Coon, these men give depth and stamina to not only our coaching stall, but also to each of our teams. Cheerleaders Cheerleaders tire Lin asset to any iithietic contest. Uni cheering squads iiuve done ti rcmzirkiihie joh of whooping it up and keeping the home town crowds on their toes. Such cheers as "You can do it," und "Couldn't he proudern add desire and determination to every meinher of the team. The cheering squads spend hours preparing cheers designed to hoost the school spirit for pep ruiiies und bull ginnes. iiihcy tire our hest tiinhzissuciors oii good will. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: First row: D. B k li Xi ix C ii i Q ID I an N pl. Linvilie, A. Roberts, R. W'at5on. Second mu Horne lx Deinpscx mmcot box in 2 .. mb Iiirsl ron" C Isirris, If. Claris, II. Neai, XV. Staneil, Ilaiiteuni, If. Iueas. 'lihirti row: Ii. XIenIiIIan. II. Ijittman, XV, II. Pitt- II. Iliehens, I7. IIohertson, Davis, QI. XX'heeIer, if Smith, Illtlll man, Staneii, II. IViIItins, II. XVI1eeIer, IJ. johnson. II. Iiarris, agar. Set-oml row: II. Iiratlley, IJ. 'I'urherx'iIIe, I". XN'iIItins, II. II, Qlsinner. II. Uixon. Smith. II. Stevenson, I- Iltiieritlge, NI. IIIaeIt, CI. Silt-rxxootl. Coach , P Iiarkliu says, "Now, Cfoaeli II'I1ite, this is ti foollwttllf' fi www I 45' MW 'B 2 - ' 6 3 Cyclones XVith fourteen seniors reporting for praetiee on August IQ, prospeets seemed exeelient For hringing to an emi the eight game losing streak from the previous year. During the pre-season praetiee, fans eager for a preview oi' the ttam's potentialities were treated to several exeiting intersquacl serimmages. 'Ihe team IooI4ecI quite promising. I Iowever, I'aIIaeies hegan to show Ll v in the first game. . I rs llme Cveiones were not as strong as thev had a neared. . n . I llte oliense had a harcI time putting together a scoring puneh. 'I'hereI'ore, much strain was put on the defense. ,Ks the Cfyes starteti their eonferenee seheciuie, it he' eame apparent that the +A teams were tlnusuaily strong. XViIson had its hands I'uII. 'Iihe losing streak stretched throughout the season. 'Iihe team made up its mimi not to end the season on a sour ltote. Finally, the Cyelones gave their supporters some- thing ahout whieh to rejoice. Iraveiing to Iiencierson on a Monciay night, the Cites won their Iast game of the season. Avmnfg ilihis organization is composed ol' Imoys who IIQIVC earned letters for participating in one or more ol' the varsity nth, letie progrtuns. Its purpose is to Iiurther interest in athlete ies, to promote good sportsmztnship, Lind to encourage physiezll fitness. Lettering in any sport requires hard worlx und Slilllllllll plus the fuel that one must he upprox'ed hy the eoziehing stuff. Senior memhers :ire presented Il1Ul10gl'1lIHIUCLI sweaters. The Monogrtnn Clulfs major project for the year is operating concession stands. Money made is used to im, prove the athletic progrtun. Igfg to ,-julrt: B. Elliott, presitlwifg B. Iliclaens, l'IL'L"jH'L'5Illt'l1I VI .H Graves, sec1'elt1ryg B. Edwards, fretisnrerg I'. Neal, xvlftivtllll in in ills Monogram Club First row: VV. Graves, C. YVheeIer, Pittman, VVhitehurst, E. Simons, B. Pittman, G. Sherwood. 'lilzini row: XV. Sillllkll I II. Hobgood, R. Smith, T. OX'L'flI13I1, Shaekelford, B. Elliott, Deinpsey, P. Neal, E. Clark, B. Edwards, AI. SIZIIICII, NI. I B. Dickens, B. Bradley. Second row: VV. B. Pittman, K. Me- I, Etheridge. Iiourlli row: IJ. johnson. IJ. 'I4urherx'iIIe. IJ. lul Nlillun, B. Dixon, B. Vvheeler, F. VViIkins, B. Skinner, G. Farris, ford, B. Deans, P. Marklin, cotzclz. Ihiue il liiili om . 4275 ,, in VK Q Q, gi l3lI1. lJlCKx1Ns Ho X'V1115k1,1in XVILI, l3nx'AN Pl'1"l'M,xN Gxgcmcsu Fmmls 131101: 7114101410 741101410 Huck S . VVilson XRfLl5lliHgIUl'l 19 VVilsrm CQoldslwm 27 XVil5cm Rulciglm 46 XVilsmm Kinstcm 19 Wfilwn Durlmm 26 Cfo-L-npmim: KNOX XIc'Xl11.I.xN ANI: U'1I.1, BRYAN P1T'1M,xN BLITCII l3nA1x1.m' BILLY IDIXON CTLENI VV!-IEELER BILL VV1Llu1xs Buck Tuclzle Center Tackle 9, V, W2 7 ,I 1 , ' .Q may ,Q no A gr ROBIN S1x11TH IJONNIE TURBERVILLE Back Cycs Vvilsmm Wils mmlm WilSllIl . Wi1s1J11 VVilson Buck Rocky Mount , Falycttcvillc VVilmington Greenville I lcndcrscm 3-I -Hu 36 39 6 ,gs K, 05,27 y f K 'Wil v W J ,, fd, 1 , WWA, fy wma? , , ,Q'45Q f4.f,4 11, 1,6 ,QQZVWY Xi, C ,, 'U I 247 fmy f H? ZW hw-xwffgw gym ,134 gxfjgfu, 3-ff C J J, 1 f f .Z SW f 41,1-l,1,,:a ff 49' fha .. 1 , ,, f Q , f 15 w f v fdf f' 1 "' ""' ' ff! ,f A iw V A ' X 71 -f 1 X ff' f ,J V, . ' A Z f fl r AAAA , gf , A Jy ,I 1 . f f ,. ,W in 1 ' 4-m.,.4 V , f ff 2111 ,. f ' 7, , ff V Q' 2 ' ,, . My 2 z hi f fb Z ff QQ. ,Q , , ,, f ,fplfiff W hifi ff' 172' J M 1,1 in 4 1 ff ffim V as ,f , .... ,,, I J Q 4 V 1 ,wf fgyf ,Q Z W ff? Qlwfiyl L' !' 7JfV CQEOHGE Smsnwoon -IIA! my S1 Axon, Em? 'fnckle .Y 4 ,f Q ,- 1 ,fs 4 W fe-'gef A J. ., ,ff f f f ,.., ,, LJ. Jar: Clzcerlemlers welcrmze Cum 01110 iefd nt lzegiuxziwzg 0' wmze. . . , 3 EDDIE LUCAS KNOX AICAIILLAN F.'X'I'li VVILKINS l3u'1c'11 Sxuxxxfn End Buck Tackle Vllzckle iw ff g 0 , x '95, s 4 K 2 lfirsl row: F. Strikes, T. Sinitli, nl. Guard, T. Bnwen, Al. Lewis, lancl, Redding, E. VVimlluurm:, U. Taylor. Tlzirzl row: B. Aslie Cl. Muttliews, VV. Hmnlw, ID. lluwell, VV. Hunter, nl. Nlnmliu, ll. Staneil, B. Skinner, P. XVarren, T. Bryant, B. Mnnnly, H. Skin 91. Griffin. Seeoml row: M. Erlwurcls, S. Ruberwri, M. Herring, ner, lf. Hzirixixiak, -I. Green. Nl. Brewer, D. Britt, T. Davis. 1 H. Friicly, L. Ferrell, lx. Wlntkiris, VV. Priclgen, F. Bunn, U. Nec- J O V . 12 I. Bromlllzrrxr, .llr. Herzumu, mul S. limrrell keep the gale rr! 'l'. Davis sweeps right emi an iz Rocky .llmrut player prepares 10 zmior Vurxiiy gczmes. lrring lzim down. l i'Coulcln't he prouclerln This thought was expressed hy Clint Farris on lioothall llonor llay on Noveinher SU. "Our team has worltecl and cleserves to he praised, even though the reeorcl cloes not inclieate it," statecl Farris. "VVe have no reason to feel ashametl. VVe clicl the hest we eoultl, and that is what is ohsso important." This lecl to the climax ol' the morning, the presentation to Knox Ne Millan of the Most Valuahle Player awartl presented hy the Colony il'heater. Coach Paul Marklin recognized the varsity ancl pre' sented each with a certificate of participation. There were eleven hoys receiving letters for the first time anal twenty-six seniors reeeiving sweaters, Coach VVillia1n Weir recognized the thirty-two memf ber junior varsity team. Each member was presented a certificate ol' participation. Happiness prewzils as K. illeillillun iziluiires l'GL'ClIil,1' atlzizi Most Vezlzriilrle l'lin'er il'U'l7l1-V. Cf. lfiirris mul lf. Irving slmit lzis Honor Day Coach .llarkliiz relzzzslzes the Season iliiriizg Honor Day progmnz. nge TlIil'l-1 f 1011 zv L mzes L61 ' tlze IL Cyclones In Act1on Q III 114 111 ewille ll 1 lmelteu IL nm c neukw 11110 tze open 11s I3 Dcfmzs p1cpmcx Jul cus II :dz m1011101 1 thc SIIIHIIIUH Q 5 W4 X ' 1 ,Q ,f f JZ? fi xii r. "Fight team Fight W , 1 . wif Z f 1 V . qw." ..... W, Wk W, WH llzc fjlICCVIC'tIlICl'N during Ilw1m'cm11i114g gin Friday Night At The Stadium IJ. ,l'1lVlJCr1'illC drivcx for axim -1'lIl'lllIAS2.L' Us Rulciglz l'CilIffIl'L'f' c'UtICl1 Urlrklirl ,giws U. Hlffclc l71'fll'L'4'Il'17Ill1 fIINll'IlL'flfl ments move in. uw CTOIHJII U'Uir wutclzcs fzctfmz rm 1110 fiulal. age' TIZil'f-1'SL'I'L'1I X7ARSITY MAJORETTES: K. Sutton, head: E. Bridgcrs, S. Abbirr, T. Turner, S. Creekmurc, Rose I.. Flllglllllll, N. Bczlnmn. B 0. n d L e a d e 1' s IQAY Su'rToN, Hem! Mujoretie BOB STAMPER, Drzmz Major Qi.. JY ef .4-I Parade . . . Gfficers Summcr practice . . . long drills . . . foothuli hull. time M shows . . . hus trips to other towns . . , higli-stcpping limjorcttcs . . . mccting othcr hands in tu' sz ' . I rm prziisc ami zlcclzliniitimi from thu coinmtinity . . , hh: Q Bzlibclalfs XVOl1CiCI'i,Lli pcrsonulity and tilULlgilfivLIiI1CS5 . . iiomccominv and Christmas Miracles . . . Christmas cfm 0 I cert . , . ccmtcst music . . . tryouts i',Ol'Cil1lil'S . . . iisscmhh' pl'Ogl'2lIHS . . . the ttllcntcci EHIHIIUIIS . . . sccticmzlls . . after school pmcticcs . . . Pup hand at Pup Rallies . . discipline within the hand morn . . . fcllowsiiip . nicinmics nl' past l7L'l'iv0I'lHLlHCC5. w BAND OFUCERS: R. Rickman, x'YiCC-Pl'CSfllC1IfQ IJ. Pzirranm ', Scc1'c'tui'y-Treminrerg U, Fitzgerald, Prcsizieizt. TL Q 11178141-1' ami U. Hosficic iHllSll'LliU pcrfvct furni in 1iUll'IIf1Jll 23 f ...1'-ami".-T f 'H .Y is .Jw First mni: L. Barker, Fl1m'c1's, li. Bridgcrs, T. Turner, S. bitt, S. Cruckinore, K. Suttnn. Sccoml row: G. Barlvcly, A. Biggs, B. B Overton, rl. jolinson, L. Buycttc, L. Guclwin. 1511111111 rfmi: Brin rst. Bziucwin. C. Vlllmitlcy, Al. Dail, VV. Baucfun, nl. Bmmc. l. 1Xlcxiimlcr, P. lmwn-1's, Ci. IXl?L'TIlllIllf. liifill 1'mi': A. ulilsun, isscttc. Tlzirfl row: DI. Myluin, G. Slicrwuml, F. Vllengcr, S. acl- Aln' J. Edwards, B. Barnes, L. Baker, C. Cooper, II. Hardison, L Evans, L. Bcspcss, C. VVl1itlcy, T. Vllatson, P. Vllinstead, F Nlassengill Bissette, B II. Rogers. Sixtlz row: B. Babelay, Bl. Killette, D. Brown, I Bailey, S. Bowling, B. VVclls, VV. Stancil, G. Ricks Concerts . . . Banquet . . . "Emanons" llelicifms lwml is Ullllfl-'DULI 11511111 l'111'sii-1' B11111l l1lL'HlI7L'l'N 111 tl 111111 illw "lf11111111111x" j7l'fI'l'ltlC 11'o111lcrf11l c'11tCrt11i11111:'11l Llllflllll ll qzzct given 11-1' Mrs. dl. T. fll1c'1'1zu1lzj'. CIIKYPCI1,7l'Ul52,7'lH11. Page Forty """'f1 V 4? ,f g 2 fig? 3 1? ,Q i ff? f 4.5 Z I' E First row: B. Stamper, Rose, L. Fulghum, M. Beaman, G. Xl. Priclgen, ll. Scott, Ci. Eason, ll. Spivey, T. Hosxx ell, L. Ferrell, Schacle, Nl. Deans. Second row: S. Tomlinson, P. Vllootlarcl, K. B. Vaughn, li. Wlinhorne, B. llass, Deans, ll. Ahernathy, Hodge. Third row: B. VVallace, L. Batts, A. Barkley, Striclt- R. Butler. Sixth row: IJ. Vlortlan, 'IQ Uratlshaxv. ll. Nlassengill. land, K. Phelps, D. Vvhitley, D. Fitlgeraltl. Fourth row: R. -I. Bullock, D. llatts. 'lf lloxven, C. Vllilliamson, G. Davis, D. Rickman, R. Win'stead, F. Vvilliallw. D. Tait. T. CUVCTITHII1. R. lgosticli, l. Sullivan, I. lvllatle, ll. Dail, li. plones, ul. Vfliitcliurst, johnson, I. Liner, C. Nichols, D. Parramore, li. Deans. Fifth rout: 13. l3ratlley. V ' t B d "Here comes the bancl . . . llere they come . , Yes, Alter lloothall season the hantl changes its interests from the main attraction in any local parade is the Filte lligh School Varsity Bancl, Known throughout eastern North Carolina for its fine harmonic tones, the Varsity Bantl is uncler the superh clirection of Mr. Raymond ll. Balme- lay. The hand begins the school year in August. Many, many hours go into the preparation of the snappy hall'- time shows that are performed during foothall season. This work pays off when the hancl receives toxvnewide praise and admiration from hoth the young and old. It is a favorite in the community of Wilson. clrill antl pageantry to intonation antl contest music. 'lihis year the hantl is proucl to have live memhers, George Sherxvootl, Lintla Uotlxvin, Doug lilllgL'l'LllCl, llutch lhxitl' ley anal Larry Respess, play in the .Xll State Symphonic Bancl in Greenville. 'l'he thuncler of tlrums, the tingle ol' the glittering hells. antl flashing colors ol' hluc antl goltl announce the ape proaching llalph L. liilie Varsity llantl. ilihe music con' trihutcs to the roar antl the excitement ol' the croxxtl .it a paratle or a lioothall game anti liatlcs in the cool air as the mass paces its nay to the llinish ol' any event. Page I-ortlv-ozzc JUNIOR XLXRSITY XIAJOMQTTES: E. Hulbmuk, K. Hudgc. B. VVul- P. Brewer, D. Riley, V. HYUICIIHS, and R. Fmdy put their insh lucc. P. VVuudarcl. L. Butts, ZX. Vyilwu. IIICIIISLIll'lIj'tIf1CVtl Izumi pmciicf. J ' B d l7irw1' rmvz ll. Fraicly, XVillin1ns, H. Alzittlmcxw, K. Denny, S. Tlzinl row: ll. llfmlblwnlcs. K. Hodge, H. VVQIIIQCC, P. VVomla1'al, 1... Redding. Second rmv: P. Mo1n'i11g, B. Uxscry, R. BLll'IlSVVIJl'fh, Batts,A.VVilso11. D. VVcbb, G. VVorrell, V. Yul-Latis, DI. Hardin, P. Brewer. D. Riley. Page Forty two , "' mf"71EV'--1 15115:-I , ""'l'f"-2?-nv,-1 . A.. ,H ,, 'Q Sf" -' KW 1 V ,, V ,w Lf '3514-J' ' 1- ,L ,. 1 , ' " ' 12 'W U ' Q . 'f 2 ' M7 if 4' 4 f I , W ,Wy l ,fd fy 1 '55 fi . VV? "CWS Hide fiie Blllltiflgf' was tile l11e111e of the wimzizz 'lout in 1110 Ilo111cc0111i11U PLIVIILIU, ref , .2 .-. L'Ul'liilI4SQ1l "first" in Fila' lIiii0l'.l'YII H0111 with 111111'i11,Q purlx. H O 51111101115 find 111111 izrmi IIYITIC 111111 coopcwzlioii 1110 1IL'CL'S5lH'j' 111 prozfuce a good float. Hr111zc'co111i11g CZO'ClltIiVHlL'7IJ Touzuiiv 'I1111'11L'1' 111111 13111 cjIlI7i7CViL'-1'. 15 is X1 f ,wb-yr? - . 1 YAESKSZDS 1,1 'Sf xx V' 110 ,. :sf 1 I Q wg sw ff Xfk ax M9 ' xi 1i 1 -- N I ' I' . 4 - M 6: In AI QIII-'IQN CII.xIILoTTIf U.'x'I'I1s MIss PILLNNIIS IXDANIS MISS LXNET BOYKIN asumrczl 113' E.LLlO'I"'l' XVYNN cscortwl by 'IYIIIIAII' RILILI' escorted by CQAHLAND GIIANLLEII Homecoming Queen and Sponsors MISS 15III'I'zI IJIILINNI-II ' MISS .ANN IJAVIS MISS IJURIS HIIIINE MISS ANNE ROBERTS escorted by BILLIE ELLIOTT Unsorted by RUSTY EATMON escorred 115' VVILL GIIIIVES cxwrvwl lzy TIM OVEIIAIIIN Page l7m'l-I -ff JIU' STUDENT CLDUNCIL MEMBERS: First row: T. Overinan, H. Skin- ner, R. Leach, E. Simons, VV. B. Pittman, Rose, Vllilson, T. Turner, R. Dale. Second rout: F. Brunner, A. Polhill, R. Manu um, I. House, L. Ferrell, I. Broaclhurst, B. Cuhherlev, C. Alien' nathy, D. Smith, T. El. Rainey, Al. Adams, C. liillelirew, F. Vvooclarcl. Tlzircl row: lXl. Eclwarcls, C. Pate, A. Vlllieeler, L. Daw- son, E. Guilford, C. Stokes, F. Riley, nl. llielxens, P. llayes, C. Mclieel, N. Shannon. Student Council OFFICERS ERNIE SHNIONS DoNN1E IOIINSON Presicileizt T7iC8'P1'8SiUlEIZf PHYLLIS HAYES JANET BROADHURST Secretary Treasurer 'ESQ .,ow"" Student representatives from each homeroom in school along with the officers compose the Student Council. With Mr. Thomas Stott, adviser, this service organizaf tion sponsorccl the lX'lental Health Clinic, Homecoming. the Homecoming parade, the half-time show, Sadie Hawkins, a Christmas party, concession stancls, and the Faculty-Student haslqethall game. The major feature of the year was directing the cam- paign ancl election of next years oificers. Slmleizt Council brings Clzrisfuzizs Cheer to tlze ziiztlerprivilegeil clzilcireiz. Smiie iifiwiciris proiizies ll izigizi of fuzz for nil. Sadie Hawkins "lDogputeli" trunliticm . . . girls eliuse boys . . . eos! tumes typical of Daisy Mae zmcl Lil' Abner '... girls treat lmys . . . crazy eorsages . . . boys treutecl to supper '... snuelas and more snuelxs . . . girls Clwose buys to dance . . "Dogpateli,' scenery '... judges select costume winners . . . fun amcl frolie . . . girls pay lute slimy' admission. Page i7rn'Iy-six ,Io .Allll House mimi illiize Iiiizier won tile prize for tile most original CUXYIHIIC. Dogpntclzcrs, in ermipcliliou for tile prize, mmiei their cosizzmes. D. i,LIl'l'LlHlUH3 llllli C. fU78I'lllIl11j' pay "Dogpzzteiz" miuzissiou to B. Czfbiferley and B1'OUC1i1ll1'Sf for Ii. Alvermitiiy ami C. Stott. Mv :yy f 1, 0 --...,,mW X fl jg Vf nh 4, Q fi: ' M .wa x Q Q, , , , K 4 4 , W , -Q X :., ,mwafm x ' -Q. T . , 0 g f ' ai L , Av i" , ' 5-' - Q. ,ffisfwm 'W f f - - ,M Hwblmlf. ,,,,A.1,. - V, fy M L .f-gp s K1 HQ. v N I ,j W A' gk 5. , . V 5 EQ ,I , Q , V ,, f r Z 'K ' J., V 52 f 4 , mf Q' S M - X ,kk ,E W Q X 3 , o 1 f sf 0 2' iz- ,f 9 Q .QJ Z 9 A1 WZ' f W. NWN , ww , nf I gm .f ,Eff Wm ri-sf BILLY ASHE BUTCH BRADLEY FRED BUNN BILL CUBBERLEY RALPH DAIL GEORGE DAVIS TOMMY DAVIS JIMBO DEMPSEY TOMMY D1LDY BILLIE ELLIOTT GEORGE FARRIS DOUG FITZGERALD DICKIE FULFORD GARLAND GRANGER WIILL GRAVES CLYDE HARRIS PHIL HES1'ER JOIINNY PIOBGOOD DONNIE JOHNSON RUSTY BJANGUM GERALD BIATTHEWS KNOX B'1CMILLAN JIMMY PITTMAN VVILL BRYAN PITTMAN GARLAND RICKS DILLO-N ROBERTSON GEORGE SHERWOOD BILL SIMONS ROBIN SMITH TOMMY SMITII REX STANCIL CARLTON STOTT PHIL W7ARREN LARRY VVATSON TOMMY WATSON JOHN HOWARD VVIIITEHURQ1 JOHN WILSON V. 6 fi A ' 45" A A Mas' ff, ' lf, 1 ff .ff Z' - 470. V i Xi' I f " f , 'nuns 1 f V M fm 0-'aw' ,,.,, 1 V 1 ' 'VX eww. Q f Y" Q A 6, .gf 'W' - A 4 , ,i 'Zz' ' A Av V ' X m.,..-0-4 '0 "' .-.ffff ful' fi if f A X Toivlivlv RILEY Erwin Simoisis VVILLIAM HUNTER l311.1, lJ1c1KENs Mn. liluxcls ClUI.I.l'XS Presirleul lfieefPresirleul Seeremrlv 'llretzszrrer fltlviser The Key Club .259 " ,f , - S , wel, KU CL' MQW .V ' ff . ' J X i ' ,f ' XX i l ,f xv i 4 IA, If li if ' l , XA ! u XA v A X, 1 e T ff .Xu - lixrvf If fly ,ff f Q ,f 4 NA if "Service above all" is the motto of the Pike elrapter of Kev Club lnternational. Every boy who is a member of the organization must have ai average and must be willing to serve the school, the eommunity, and fellow students. VVitl1 Mr. Collins, aclviserg Tommy Riley, presiclentg Ernie Simons, vieeepresiclentg Willizllrr llunter, seeretarvg Bill Dickens, treasurerg the Key Club has shown that it is an organization cleclieatecl to service, l3oA1uJ UF Dlrnicronsz VV. Hunter, T. Smith, VVilson, T. Riley, VV. ll. Pittman, E. Simons, R. Dickens. Key mul Keyettes enjoy food, fellowslzip, mul fun uf their 17 IZZHII luuzquet. S31 1 x . ,' , t, K bw-3. 0 if :iff X X s ,swf K' Si. : l"rl,ge Forty -11 ll' A' U 2' -ff . M,-1-ff quo AJ ,.w" 3 O .-qu-v' 1 SW' vf"""4V .c,,II.4 G 1, " I I" Y . W fit? V Sl X :A n S A M QA ,I, .- ' W ffwg EWR., . S W ' J.: 1 f Mm "J , . J xx Sf Cz' :dex A S. 'WFP' I 395 , A A 44.3 7, ig , 4 V A J Wm 4 1 f A ffiy y f fl Qi A J 1252. 5 V f ff , 'Q 4' f , f f ' I A . if X S f fr , vm Af sg S f A Q I , A X ,, Sf? .1224 .4 QRS? ix A 4 x y5N?,4,,5Y . , V 5.I' 'W . Q4 4 WA f' Q I wi Sf 'Ai My " ZX A V XS? If f , f X X fm f X' , if A f Z WA A X y N ,VA X f Q ff , Sf ,A A' A MA f f ' f W 5 S fx X W f WX A J WN! A I X Q Y X 7 J J x N A Page Fifty R, fp . , . -I ff fy 'a ,- ,ff .f'fQ??lI,5fQ N' ,A Nyc' f- awtf W X- ., J QM- I f. 5 I , .Auf M" gf .f I , ASI A .N W f , , A .. . , 7 ' iff I f' ,if ' XM . QA... ffl, --I., AY, .-,ww I, k :E-I ,. lf: A W " ' AJ S I N ,, ,',, .A A, . if wx 5- Y , .- 1 nf, , SS M 1 Ls. f V .A 6 A , ' " A 5551 - r SW , 5 I - 1 3 A V- 4 , 'W W f , Q, Xfslg J f my 6" N! 7 MA. , Anyiw' 'f-If , Z A,-an ,ff-Af AJ' JANET AMERSON HARRIET BARKER JEAN BARTHOLOMEW NIARSHA BEAMON JANIE BOSTICK EDITH BRIDGI-IRS JANET BROADHURST FRITZI BRUNNER BETSY CIARR CJYNTIIIA COOPER SHERLINE CREEKMORE BOODIE CROW ANN DAVIS JO ANN DICKENS BOBBIE ELLIS TERI EL RAMEY LINDA EVANS LINDA GODWIN JO ANN HARDISON IJIANNA HARRISS MARY HARRIS IJORIS HORNE JO ANN HOUSE ANN JENNINCS JUDY LANCASTER ROBBIE LEACH LOUISE MARSH IJEBORAH PARRAINIORE SARAH PATTERSON KAY PHELPS ANN POLIIILL CAROL QUICK NAN SHANNON PAM SMITH CATHY STOKES KAY SUTTON TOMMIE TURNER CAROLINE WHITE NINA W7HlTLEY ELIZABETH VVOODARD IJIANE YOUNGS . X kt 6 RAE WATSON CHARLOTTE OATES SANDRA Horwi ANNL Roistms Nlrss Dust Imoucmox President Vice-President Secretm i Fieusiutr Adi ist: The Keyette Club Witli a foreign exchange student as a memher, the Keyettes, sister organization of the Key Club, have taken on an international look. This organization, Linder the direction of Miss Brought- on and the officers, has rendered invaluable service to the school and community. The Heart Fund Drive, attending the local churches, assisting at school and other functions are a few examples of their willingness to work and to uphold their traditions. ,,.,,,-A ....s- -W Y KN v Fi M wwf A r-- vggbyvr -.W I. . Q -.. u... f' " i , 4 is First row: S. iiriueoin, XV. Briueoxn, A. llenoit, ni. Boykin, L. lohnson, R. Leach, C. hIeKeel. Third row: C. Quick, C. Howling, Broudhurst, li. Diekerinun, Uiekerrnan, Seeoizti Sehude, Tomlinson, S. VValston, A. Wheeler, P. Williams, mv: L. Driver, B. Dunn, bl. Farris, C. llolloxvell, A. Jennings. L. Yfinstead. Future Teachers of America CJFFICERSZ Iunet Box kin, Trerisurerg Sara Lune Uiooten, Seeref turyg Carol Heeden. lice-Presidezzfg Sara Patterson, Presidezzt, Page Fiftyffwo To command Ll classroom of tomorrow is the ultimate trim of the juniors and seniors who are members of this Future Teachers' organization. During the year the members acted as pages for College Dtlv, treated teachers to after-school eokes, kept the nur- sery at P.'Ii.A., and made bulletin boards for the halls. Under the leadership of Miss Doris Thorne, the Club has received valuable information about the opportunities and services offered to students who are interested in the teaching profession. 4' LES Actions DE GMCES .1 3,1 First row: jessup, S. Flowers, Fl. Rose, C. Sams, -I. Alfllllll, li. Leach, C. Quick, U. Barnes, j. Bostick. Second row: B. Crow, A. Quick, B. Dunn, Patterson, L. Driver, D. Youngs, T. Turner, C. Schade, C. Exum. Third row: Mrs. VVarren, adviser, A. Polhill, S. Dickerman, S. VVooten, E. Bridgers, B. Daniels, Le Cercle Francais Stimulating interest in French and other languages is the major objective of Le Cercle Francais. ln order to qualify for membership in this organization, one must be enrolled in either first or second year French, and one must maintain a "C" average. Selling pompoms, working in concession stands, and the Christmas banquet are evidence of the Clubis nctivif ties of the year. Under the guidance of Mrs. Sue VVarren, the French students have enjoyed a very beneficial and successful year. A. Benoit, VV. Baucom, A. Daniel, A. lennings, L. Bowling. Fourth row: D. Rose, T. Overman, YV. lllatson, H. Broughton, ll Fitzgerald, P. Bl. Lewis, C. Nichols, R. Frudy, Nl. Lanier. T. Vllatson, D. Skinner. OF11lc'Ens: Carol Quick, Progrrzm cilI1Iil'1IlLIllI Tim Uverman, liicef Presidelzig -lainie liostick, Secreluryg .Incl-:ie llose, l,l'L'SiLiCl1fQ Robbie Leach, p1'U,Q7'lIll1 ClItIil'17lfIl1C Carolyn Yarns, 'I-1'E'1l51ll'8V'. Frexzclz I stmlcntx und Hrs. ll71lVl'UII irelconie Senior and Selioru Hormz to their clusx. N!j""?' ,Xn.xx1s, lil. ll,XMlfY. Cunwm. AND Kll,l,r-innxlw. CLASS OF 19 fXm'lsI,ns: Sealed: Flllgllllllk llL'iiIIl2ll1, Noble, Cluver. Arnold, and llullurcl. Smmlizzg: Horne. Skinner, Pzxrker, Ruse, Qylivant. and Marklin. LINDA Clcmww VIWERI EI. RAMEY cl0NNlE KII,l,EI3lIEVV hlum' XMJAMS Q, 4 wg Miss M11ryfXrnolcl . , Mrs. Ella llemnam xr, me . J Y Mrs. Mllclrecl lpullzrrcl 'X-.M Q Mrs. Elizuluetll Fulglmm Mrs. Ann Glover Miss Kutlmzlrine Horne Page' lfifty-ff11c1' OFFICERS l,VCSlllL'lIl Vice-Presizlelzt Secretary 'Iw1'c'f1szm'1' SOP! IOMORE ADVISERS Mr. Paul Marlalin Miss Hattie Noble lXlrs. Loretta Parker Mr. Gilbert Rose Mrs. Surah Skinner Mr. Charles Sylivzmt Susan Patricia- Abbott Judy Tunstall Adams William Ernest Adkins Mary Lynne Alexander VVilliam Franklin Amerson Douglas VVayne Anderson Virginia Paula Aromando Celia Tunstall Ashe VVilliam Earl Ashe Clara Ann Askew Sandra Lee Auger Charles Randolph Bailey Johnnie Charles Bailey Lina Faye Baker Martha Yvonne Baker Mary Hope Baker Thomas Edgar Ball, jr. Edwin John Banasiak 'V as APM' SOPI-IOMORES Charles Gerald Barbely Dale Cameron Barkley john Alvin Barkley Charles Douglas Barnes Susan Elizabeth Barnes Carolyn Ann Bass Sammy XVayne Bass Brenda Faye Batchelor Virginia Ann Batchelor Mildred Lynne Barts Mary Anne Beaman Glenda 'lean Beaver Frances Bell james Franklin Best, lr. Dorothy Bissette Sherman Bex Bissette Mariana Blythe Sandra Gray Bogue Page Fifty -fire Sidney VVoodard Bruton, Jr Thomas Earl Bryant, Jr. Cornelia Kay Bunn Frederick Moye Bunn Bette Ann Burdette llany Bex Burnworth, Jr. Vicki Marie Butner Auriol Vvesley Carnahan Sandra Ann Carter Beverly Cassidy Neil P. Chamblee Elhaheth Lindsay Clark Judith Marie Cook Nancy Jo Cook Jan Benie Cooper Jennifer Britt Cooper Jean Vvilma Cunningham Alice Richmond Daniel Page Fifty-six Judith Ann Boone Betty Lou Boswell Charles Thomas Boswell Lynne Rae Boswell Venita Sue Bottoms Patricia Allen Bowers Dennis Bruce Boyette Linda Louise Boyette Johnnie Hardy Boykin Nancy Laura Boykin Tony Julian Bradshaw Joseph Edgar Brewer, HI Michael Joe Brewer Tony Bay Brewer Certrude Ruth Bridgers VVade Buffin Brooks, H1 VViley Cupton Broughton Caroline Johnson Bruton SGPHOIVICRE N N Brenda Clyde Davis Georve hlerrill Davis, Jr. n George Thomas Davis, Jr. Lynda Faye Dawson Jennings Bryan Deans, Jr John Kirkland Denny Jo Ann Dickens Bobby Raymond Dixon Mark Braswell Draughn Brenda Carol Driver Judith Faye Eatman Michael Stevenson Edwards Preston Scott Edwards Vickie Lynn Edwards Teresa El Ramey Donald Irwin Evans Otha Eric Evans Gary Wilson Farmer CLASS'1963 if M 1115 fan x idl- Charles Patrick Parris Nellie Gray Faulkner Ruth Ann Felton Arthur Earl Ferguson. Jr. Russell Allen Prady Hubert Robert Pulghuni, Vililliam Earl Garnett Patsy Ann Gay Thomas Harold Glasgow Jarvis Dock Glover Linda Joyce Godwin Michael Allen Godwin Billie Jean Gordon Evelyn Nlartina Gosnell James fhristopher Green Robert Lawrence Greene Albert Sidney Griffin Frances Della Griffin Page Fifty-sei cn -ww .- 'ua ,Vim-fr Edith Piae Holbrook Ruby Elaine Holloman Amelia Diane Hallowell Kay Delores Horne Linda Kay Horne Nlary Allyn Horton Susan Elifaheth llowaril Stanley Joseph lradi VVillia1n Robert Jackson Jerry Vllayne Jacohs Anita Marie Jaynes Rehecea Ann Jenltins Janet l.aRue Johnson Joyce Lee Johnson Mary Frances Johnson Norma Ruth Johnson Kathryn Lee Jones Vickie Elaine Jones large liifly eight Laura Frances Guiford Joseph Edward Hack Linda Christine Hales Patsy Dianne Harrell Clyde Peebles Harris George Ronald Hawley Joseph Donald Hawley Preston Eugene Hayes Shelly Jeanette Hayes Kathleen Ann Hearn Seth Speight Hendricks Connie Warren Herring Gail Jacquelyn Hester Phillip Terry Hester Tamsy Louise Hight Linda Juanita Hinnant Ailiene Hocutt SOPHCIVIORE uf Lillian Morgan Jordan Brenda Kaye Ioyner Gloria Anne -loyner Martha Constance Killehrew Donald Livingston Kirkland llanny Rayford Lamm Linda jane Lamm John Hilliard Lancaster Kenneth Truett Lang Charles VVillard Langley Mary Sue Langley Naomi Langley Roberta Lee Langley Jacqueline Kay Lee james Rance Lewis, jr. Lois Jeanette Liggon Nancy Lonnette Liggon lack Liner CLASS'1963 Margaret Mac Long Pattie Harris Lovelace Edna Faye Lucas Richard Carlyle Massingill Bonnie SLIIGUC Matthews ,lacquelyn Kay Klclntosh llelcn ,lune Heads 'Iames Ray Moody Steve Orlcn Moore Phillip Arthur Mooring ,ludy Carol Nlorris Barhara 'lean Nlllllllgil Pamela Ann Nlusselwhite David Blair Neeland 'lames Edward Newton Elizabeth Gray Oates Kathleen Elizabeth O'Neill Annette Outland Page Fiffyfniil t ,- " zr ffwf if 'YQ' .SLU ' ' 'Wy rf , , . New , wr A , ,Q -s Jag, 1 X fe - r 4 f, ,- f,,. . . ' I ., kr ,Nr A , a ' - N A S fi, , 7 X r, '- f V P ,-1 . W , 4 4 Q, I , 14, ' ' ft fwiv-'M M , 2 .Q SQL is tv K .eager il ,G ,I Y A NN. Q 10" awww' iz 'H2""W' y JIJ 'vw..,.v sw ,sf 48....7' f"'l'J fr' WW 'J Dennis Cwibson Riley Johanna Elaine Riley Grady Morrison Robbins Samuel Albert Roberson R ebeeea An n Rc rdgers 7 -Iohn Herbert Xan Roekel Nolie Kerl Rose Ann Rarbee Rowland Linda Faye Sharpe Susan Crutcher Shreye Daniel Cray Skinner ,Iames Albert Skinner, Ill Ronnie Skinner iilton Cleveland Smith, 'lr Kathryn Delores Smith Pamela Anna Smith Thomas Nliehael Smith Robert Finley Snipes, jr. Page Sixty Virginia Ann Page Barbara jean Parker VVilliam Clyde Parker, Jr Bunn Carlos Pate Connie Cray Pate Catherine Sue Perry Eddie Ray Petway Dewey Ray Pittman James VVade Pittman, jr june Carol Pittman James Jenkins Powell Leonard Ray Price Betty jean Pridgen Mark Davis Pridgen Dennis Dwain Radford Jerome Ray Stephen Perree Redding Garland Duke Ricks SOPHOIVIORE Linda Nell Stallings Flora 'lean Stancil james Alvin Stancil Ronald Keith Stancil Betty Mae Stanley James Michael Starling Frank VVilliam Stokes joseph VVelsh Strauss, il Douglas Cowles Tabb, jr john Phillip Talton Donna Fay Taylor James Dennis Taylor H. Lester Tenney Vickie Lynn Tillis Bonnie Lou Turnagc Betty Carol Turner Charles Braden Ussey Helen Morris Vick CLASS'1963 X , ,W 4414 X K 1 ff 1, Q -iff will-fi X iff 6 M llorace Shingleton Vick Kenneth Douglas Vick Gerald Jackson VVade Eugenia Elizabeth Wltlker Becky Wlallace Nancy Sharron Vllillaice Charles Edward XValston Thomas Bicliard Wlzitkins Harold Lawrence VVLIISUII, l Clifton Bay Wlehb I .lasper Dwight Vlehh .Iames Edward Wlehlm Rufus Lee XVehh, lr. Ted Vllehh Xllillace Thomas XXX-hh Arthur Frank YVenger Ann Ellis VVheeler Boy Rex Wlheeler Page Sixty-one Brenda Faye VVindham s 434' Charles Wilson Whitley Charlotte Elizabeth Whitley Gerald Keith Whitley Judith Ann Whitley Sue Carol Vllhitley VVilliarn Cray VVhitley Brenda Faye Vliiggins Jamie Sue VVilliams Linda Lee VVillia1ns Tommy Jay VVilliams Donald Albert Williamson Sharon Anita VVilliamson Elizabeth Ann VVilson Jesse Don Wilson James Edward Winborne , .Sf Page Si Rachel Vllindham Barbara Sue Vliinstead SOPHGIVIORES Carolyn Sue VVinstead Janet Marie Vllinstead Sue VVinstead Penny Joseline Vlloinble Ceorge Clayton Vllorrell, Patricia Maude Xlloodard Romaine Clark Vlloodard Ruth Lanette Woodard Clyde Virginia Vl'oodrufl' Betty Jo Yelverton Janice Christine Anderson Andrew Bakasy Jarvis Larry Baker Jodi Baker Authur Thomas Barnes Nancy Lee Barnes George Elton Bissette Melton Ray Bissette George Cecil Boswell, Jr. Allen Ray Boykin Tornlny Ray Brantley Beverly Ann Breedlove Kenneth Ray Broadwell .ytyfl wo 'X SOPIIOMORES NOT PICTURED Robert Vllayne Clayton Simmie Thomas Clayton James VVesley Davis Rosemarie Dernilio Linda Faye Driver Linda Rae Edwards Otha Eric Evann Janie Cray Everette Owen Vliebster Franks Cora Mae Hawley Dixie Lee Hawley Sherman Earl Holley Russel Emmett Jenkins, Jr. Andrea Faye Jordon Danny Jordon Wanda Jo Lainin Marianne Lucas Ronald Kenneth McAllister John Joseph McCasty Kenneth Terrance Mills Lenard Tonnny Nloseley Shelton Howard lVlullin James Anthony Owens William Lee Pridgen WN Virginia Carol Reason Barry Lee Ruffin Walter Ross Scott William Ray Scott James David Scudder Jean Faye Sutton William Alfred Sutton Joseph Earl Taylor Marvin Cone Watson Samuel Edward White Norman Rudolph Winstead Vickie Lorena Yakutis MM: f v 4 ' if , wg, fi iq S. Umplzlett enjoys zz slwrt reprieve from the lzospitrzl as slze talks with Pittnuziz and S. Auger ut ilze Homecoming Game. l'. crflfflll, li. jL'lll4Ill5, Hull C.. lizclu LQCI tl 1-llrlclc lllllfll all llIL' Kl1LlL'lC colllllcr. Mm Mm..-..,, P. VVooLlc1rLl, Green, l. lczylor, Cl. Hicks, S. llolzer son, Powell, mul lu. Stallings, auger soplzomnrux explore Filce ou Oriexmztioiz Day. Page Six! Q, M f sf , 7 mw M' 'T' x V ' ff , , W W, dy , M ,, A X s aw WW X. ss, M 5 f x 4 , 'RZ ,MQ 7 f Q 1 f ' f s W 'QW W L ww , A Us-M, f 7 1 ff as-'V 'V ,fi 1 ,f x ,If , A ,V g ? I, X f I 4 'W ' , 1 7 .- , f f fv , f ,W Q X ,, 4, W, WW: Q: ff f, ' 4. , vfz- , .gp W ff if 'Q 25 2, ,ff ,, of ,LX W, s f f, - N I -M112 1? Wm ww-mf svwfm swfm sm, , X, A if X ff , , , X ffs.-VW A gym, My KM 7 ' mx, '-XC, 5' ,f ff W WK fffff - ,, 4 X 41 f 14 Q ff f ff, In , , f fy , ff 'W U x W" ,cw ff ,wwf X I ,, wgjfgyf f , jww S ,ff f f W 5 . ., '40M0lhN Q ,mf ' fi? " "" 33,1 in muvzsawmn K , f , A, y ., ,WW W s Z Y hopes for snow . . Christmas . . . mid-term exams gif P uf A cxfz QVLAQ W ter... Brings rest to nature but not to our students . . . class parties . . . Christmas recess . . juniors . . . National Honor Society . . . senior girls, New Yearis Dance . . . club banquets . . . new semester begins. basketball . . . study, study, study . . . research themes . ASS OF 19 W IILINTEH DF ms XRILSON, AND PoL1iiLI, 64 X f yf OFFICERS VVILLIAM HUNTER . , . . President -IOHN VVILSON Vice-President ANN POLHILL A , ,Secretary BILL lDEANS F TT6tlS1lVE1 JUNIOR ADVISERS Miss Diane Broughton hir. Francis Collins Mr. Gilbert Ferrell Miss Louise Fike Mrs. Katherine Fleming Mrs. Flora Hanchrow Mrs. Kathleen Patterson Mrs. Roberta Pritchard Sara Margaret Abbitt Janet Paul Amerson Janice Marie Baker joseph Martin Baker Sadie Gray Baker james Edward VVilkins Harriet Claire Barker Anne Anderson Barnes Bonnie Kaye Barnes Dennis VVayne Barnes Dorothy Mae Barnes Judith Ann Barnes Melda ,lean Barnes Sandra Kaye Barnes VVilliam David Barnes Balkcum Claudia lean Bartholomew Alvin Bavonne Bass Brenda Joyce Bass 'Y v PM aa. A IH' JUNICJRS ww '05 f W- -W Mordecai Prett Batten David Lafate Batts ludy Carol Batts Sanda Bay Baucom VVanda Bay Baueom Barbara Nell Beaman Marsha Howard Beamon Frankie Yvonne Bean Loretta Dale Bean Kermit Dick Bennett Ann Blargaret Benoit Brenda Dianne Bissette Ioseph Michael Black Douglas Parker Bostick Minnie Sue Boswell lobie Turl Bowen Samuel King Bowling Sandra Inez Boyette Page Sixty-sc1'e:z Linda Ann Coghill Vvillena Bay Collins Cynthia Jean Cooper Sandra Kaye Corbett Barbara Ann Courie Brenda Kay Creekrnorc Nlartha Jenette Cunningham Robert Austin Currie Judith Faye Dail Ralph Lee Dail, Jr. Betty Lynn Daniel Marvin Anthony Daniels Susan Helena Daughtriclge VVillia1n Travis Davenport Joseph Thomas Davis James Shelton Deans VVillia1n Perry Deans Kathleen Ann Diekerman Page Sixty-eight Dorothy Ann Boykin Jerry Lynn Boykin Judith Ann Boykin Polly Christian Boykin Stephen Edward Bradley, Callis Edgar Bridgers, III Dallas McDonald Bridgers Edith Lanier Bridgers Linda Kaye Burgess David Lee Burnvvorth Raymond Grant Butler, Jr. Joyce Ann Cale John Porter Carroll Brenda Joyce Carter Lester Lee Carter Joan Augusta Chalk Mary Lou Cherry Edward Porter Clark Jr JUNIOR Sarah Elizabeth Dickerman Margaret Carol Eason Patricia Ann Easter Tonya Raye Eatman Judith Ann Edwards Jamie Sue Ellis Roberta Ellis Lawrence Traylor Etheridge Charles Tony Evans Donald Wayne Evans jo Cheryl Exurn Reginald Eric Farmer Robert Arthur Farris, Jr. Percy Lee Ferrell Richard Alton Fulford Edwin Morton Fulghum, I Olivia Foy Fulghum Paula Faye Fulghum C'LASS'1963 ,www Edward Ronney Gallowax Patricia Allan Gardner Thomas Preston Gay, Ir. julia Douglas Glover Ernest Leon Goard, jr. Glinda joan Godwin Philip A. Hack Martha Susan Hackney' Susan Ann Hales Dianna Binford Harriss Carol Ann Hawks Dennis VVray Hawley Carol Ann Heeden Thomas nlark Herrin, Barbara Kay Horton Audrey Louise Howard ,Io Anne House VVillia1n Cooper Hunter. Page Sixty-1zi1ze Goethe Vllillcins Klarsh, 111 Brenda Faye Martin Franklin VVillis Massengill Gerald VVayne Matthews Norma Ann Maynard Sandra Ray NleFarlane Carolyn Dale Melieel August Shelhy hlelchior Joyce Faye Mercer Larry Allen Mercer Mary Ann Klillarcl Fclwarcl Leon Mineliew Sandra Jane Moody Linda Faye Moore Rexford Alvin Murray Jane hlyluni James Patrick Neal Brenda Irene Newton Page Sereniy Susan Jean Jessup Donald Pittman Johnson Roger Anthony Johnson Jane Harrell Johnston Connie Louise Jones Janice Ann Kersey Averette Mitchell Larnni Julia Jo Lancaster llalen Elaine Lanier Robbie Ann Leach P. M. Lewis, IH Susan Elinor Lihhy Alan Jay Liggon ,ffff M., f Agnes Faye Lucas u we L ,var , if g Donald Sherwoocl Luncly , La Verne Luper X, A Mary Ann Maelaga Ollen Russell iNlangum, Jr. JUNIOR Charles Aaron Nichols Sandra jane Overton Ava 'lean Owens Paul Franklin Owens Carolyn Faye Page Louis Reynold Page Ricky Clark Page Anthony Louis Pappas Judy Dianne Parker Emma Lee Patterson Linda Faye Pipkin Rebecca Ann Pittman Ann Gelzer Polhill Otha Wayne Pollard Charles Collett Powell, Carol Jane Quick Brenda Joyce Riley Francis Dillon Robertson, jr. CLASS'1963 l sr' art, " ,cn-.. Florence Cray Rodgers Sully Mack Rose Julia Faye Rouse George Patrick Rowe Nlolly Estelle Rucker Marian Carol Sancliiicr Richarcl Lee Sanford Franklin Delmar Sawyer Lois .lean Scott Nan Elizabeth Shannon Ray Raymond Shepard, -Ir Xxllllikllll john Simons llremla Ucll Skinner llcnry Morrill Skinner. .Ir Katherine Sherrill Skinner llrencla Carol Smith Judson Cihainhlee Smith Patricia Anne Smith Page Serexztm-our is N X ,Q , f W f c f r x X! 0 345,12 1 few f fem , f.:,f .I V 5? QQ? .. A, ' is? ,S 'RU 'fi as QV W .5 yi 11' -H kim, 25 V 1 f Q74 xi an 1 9"-39 Z, -ry-we John Pope Wade Linda Ruth VValls JUNIORS Bobby Earl Spivey Robert Emerson Stamper Cary VVayne Stancil Walter Rex Stancil Mary Ann Steelman Marvin Ray Stephenson Janice Elizabeth Stinagle Margaret Catherine Stokes Joyce Ann Strickland Mary Janet Sullivan Dennis VVarren Tait James Adrian Taylor Richard Harry Tee Elizabeth Rowe Thaclcston Linda Joyce Thigpen Tim Jernigan Turner Tony Carolyn Vanclernoot William Harvey Vaughan, Sharon Ann VValston Jenncs Randy Walters Philip Hargett VVarren Thomas Richard Vllatson Janice Marie Weaver Emerson Ray VVells Sandra Owens VVest Charles Allen Whitley VVilliam Earl VVhitley Vvilliam Heber Wilkins Carolyn Faye Vvilliams Kenneth Carlie Vllilliams Patricia Christine VVilliams Beverly Lane Vvilliamson James Gerhnian VVilliamson, Jr. Phillip Thomas Vllilliamson Page Seventy-two Y 4-46- 99 ff y ff ff ff,, Cv f f Qf W p J -Y JYTZQWV V ,, ' H ' ,VJ 2 . 'ff' " if 5 J . 0 'VX 47' 'Y X I f 'ZZ 1 7.9 07 179' .,,f.-M' Wm john Moore VVilson, jr. Bay Lynn Vllinstead Georgia Kay Vllorrell Ira Adams Yelverton, j j UNIOBS NOT PICTLI BED Linda Diane Baker Mary Norma Barfield james Earl Bissette Douglas Snider Boylcin Ernest Lee Bradley jimmie Lee Bunn VVilliam Lawrence Carpenter Francis Ethel Cox Anne Spaulding Davis Kenneth Hughes Davis VVilliam Leonard Davis Wlilliam Gray Edwards, jr. Alex Bay Forbes Gerald Thomas Forhes Shelia Gayle Gardner Billy Bay Gay Kenneth Bay Glover Carolyn Eve Hicks Vllilliam julius Howard, jr. Donnie Bay Howell Benjamin Darden joyner Barbara jean Keen Vllilliam Andrew Keen Michael james Keleher Mary Ann Lane Donald Bay Mercer VValter Taylor Mercer Alice jane Minford Gail LeVerne Pittman Vllilliam Buffin Beaves Morris Lynn Bobinson Dallas Dewey Bouse janice Sue Smith jon Chris Smith Bohert Bruce Stancil Barhara Ellen xA7HlSU1I1 Bolvert Lee VVarricl4 Daniel Randolph Vvilliams Billy Bay Vllimherly james Fra n kl i n VV: If 1d ard janice Dianne VVortham The wafer fozuzmin presents ll source of re, freslzmeizt io B. Ellis. P. Williaiizs, L. Cog- lrill, and B. 1011715011 'wail to be refreslzerl. ,. 'y 'Mu af ' 1 f ', A ,cn fin, ,- 1 1 .lliss flllll Polliill repu 4111 Fzlze High School as llixs lt Cfl11'isf11111s i11 the C'l1riy1111r1s 1 1 rude. Page Sereutn ftlz f'-f Varsity Basketball I IJUIIIIINUFT c'rn1Ivrr1p111l4's Iulcing ll sim! us Llll zfrzimlvxziifimf lx SHIIIJIIX rvzzffj' goes mm ilu' mir for 1110 l'L'17UIllId fzguiuxi dxlmm plujw' lrics In jlllllp wwf Irim. ITllv1'L'HL'1'iHL' pIuj'c'rs. l'uggu Svl'E'11Ij'ffMlf l 110110 11' '11' ll' X s 11 ll 1111 11x 1 X11 111 111111 x1'1'1'1'111 CQ11111x11111'11 z111,1'1'1x 111111: 11 K. 1110111111111 111,118 111 ll 1'e1111111111 1'1'1'1z 1111111211 1i1111'ig11 71Ilj'C'l' tries 111 1111111 111111 111111111. l'11g1' S1'1'1'111,1' 1111 WHY -. 3? . O ,soagv fb 9 , ' ' Eg, , ,A W .X , I' Q" i VVils cmlm VVilsfm Vlfilsrm VVilscm Wfi lsfm XfVil5rm VVi lgm in Wfilsr in VVil5cm VVil5cm Pago Scwiity-six X g Q 1 fi 632 - 4, ' . s Firxl ww: T. Overman, Dcmpsey, R. Elliott. Secoiul rmr: D. I,l1l1Llj', U. Fulfurcl, Sluackclford, J. Rqllicum. Third row: E. Sinmns, K. NIcKlillzm, D. jwlinsun, R. Pittman, A. I.2lI'l1IU, R. Simons. 60 68 63 63 57 S6 65 35 5-l 46 Cyclone Cagers Du 1111 Kinston Creem'illc Greenville VVusl1i ngtrm VVusl1ingt6n Kinstcm Durham Ucilclslboru Faycttcvillc SCOREBOARD 52 Wilsoii 53 Vlfilson 49 VVils6n 39 XAZHSOI1 43 XAHISOI1 39 VVils6n 73 Vlfils cmz' 1 61 VVilsrm 55 Wilscmin 52 Vlfilson 53 63 '56 66 59 64 'SO 64 60 49 WllIIll1lgfCJH , Raleigh Rocky Mount Durlmm . . Goldsboro . . Fuycttcville VVilmingt0n Dunn .. Raleigh Rocliv lxlount W-y-sz. 4 X V . - x W - -U---X ' I 11 ' f , f VJ xxx INA ' . aim xf' A -1' , , ,A H f f x X -x f ji '1 K ff- K, , v N J' Ni" P-Ai , . , J 9 if ' , ' y X L+ gf Y, ' If N ' 4 I ' 2 , A K V I ' f M X f L X Ci 1 F " Q ,An X 1 A-' ' , A., 47' ' 5- ,, ' L- . 'V , L 4 . ' 4 , Y- , 'L Q f Q .Lf Y 5 7 5 :MA f -fzfffy fl , ' .. fn f' 1 ,, Q. , f ,Q My x Aff,--, ., ' 1 A A kL"' f Q ,X , ,xg X swf 'A W 4 5 , , Q g Q I 1 1 M..Z.w,,f ' , b1LL1h ELLIOTT A guard , , fs J N lxwox A'lCN1lLLAN U ,f ' 1 j forwnrd ' 2 4- ' ' x" , A . l11x11xf1Y SHACKELFOIXD, All Smlc . 1 Q K gllzlfnl SeI1101'S f N, , ' ' : Q ' 1 ES- 1 Q 14 ' f . fy. fx f 9' V 1 4'-fi ' N Q E1 f 9 1 ? . mf, 4 1 ' , " Q4 , '4 'X Y V' I A Q cf 5 A ' ,1 f ' 13? 7 Q5 5 ' Q I f 2 f V 4 , ,, f ,V r Xxx Q -, lf' , X ' Q WRX is , S-A L H U. ' x V g ...5 ' 5- ' ' I ? :. . L - 6 I A y X , x 1 Ti N K ' , v" it if , J V Q W T T 1. 2 A ' f 22 sf ' L ' 5 I 4 2 A" 'l V -Qiff' X-. , is , xv X Al V 4 3 l x . .4 .i 5 5 if . x..f IIMBO DEMPSEY Rum' P1T'rMAN ERNIE SIMONS TIM OVERNAN guard center center gzmrd l H. Elliott out-rmzs Fu1'eIte1'ille pliiver. lluleiglz players wntelz in mass confusion ns l. Slmckelforzl passes. ljtliflt' Sereulii'-eiglzl flfier H. lflliottfs pass, ll. Pittumiz uiomlers wlzere tlze Imll is. Varsity Basketball Our school goes on record this year as having thc best basketball team representing Wilsoir in years. The hike Cagers finished the season with an overall record of twelve wins and eight losses and in fifth place in the conference. Seven lettermen from last years team plus the junior members composed our team. jimmy Shackelford, our leading scorer with a 25.4 average, is considered one of the best cagers in the state and one ol' the best in the history of Pike. lle scored 509 of the Cyclones' 1153 points this season. Adding to the scoring punch and good defensive play were Rudy Pittman, Billie Elliott, limbo Dempsey, and Ernie Simons. 'llhe season ended when the Cye cagers were elimi- nated in the Eastern District Regionals by Rocky Mount. x 5'3" Junior Varsity This was evident to ull who watched their perfm every 'l.LlCSLilly and lfriciuy prececling the YLlI'SiI5 Much needed experience, huwever, wus which should give depth to next yeans vuisity. B. Farris strains violently to refrieve rebomzfi over opposition. First row: D. Howell, D. XVilsun. K. Denny. Secmzzi row: P. Hester, H. VK'utkins, I. Puwell, P. XX'illiuInwn, U. Anderson. Tlzini row: A. Carnahan, Wilson, Nl. Godwin, K. VVhitley, T. Davis, li. Farris. wr clown these hoys played with .ill their might to The record uf' the junior varsity tellin, emmeliecl hx' .Xl Vaughn, is not indicative ui' the desire, sunningn, :incl deterlninution ul' rhu huys. VVhether the chips were up win. 'xnunees gzune. gained ..4......h., ll' zo s going to gm the relmuml? I. Vlulizzsmz gzmrzls C. llcffitlleii. All luuuis on :leak for the iizlwumls throw' Girls' Basketball "VVzitCh nut!" "Dont It-t hcr ring itln "Oh, nnl An- uthcr huslactf' Vlihcsc shouts zirc fuinilitir suuncls during thc girls' intrtimurul lxislicthtill UJLll'lllll'llCl1f. Girls arc ciicotinigccl to llirin tctnns tincl to cntcr them in the tournzimcnt. Four tcnms usually pgirticiptltc in this lll"tL'IA sclmnl progrznn. lhc gumcs are played in thu gym unclcr tht- wtitclmful cycs of Mrs. Mary Smith, tcuchcr ol' girls' pliysiczll ctlucution. 'lhc lmiposc ull this ll'llIl'1lIllLll'Lll prugrziin is to crcutc intcrcst in girls' huskcthtill, to prninotc sportsmanship, anal ai scnsg of' fair play. At the cncl of thc season thc tcznns clcct the most xuiluuhlc phiycr. This award plus six sportsiniinship awards 2ll'C prcscntccl On Spring honor tliiy. Page Eighty .lIr5. illnry Smith: teacher of girls' physical education, sponsor of the clzeerleaiciers, mul superviser of the lHfl'tHl1lll'I1l lmslcetlmll progrcnu. frrmz fN0lICl1 ,xIt'll'l1IilI. Ima, ,,,,., V , 1 E 147 V 1 -W .,, , 1 ff, :szI2i2Xf,zv' ' ' w if - , 73? M All-514118 l1LISliL'fI7L1II pI11yU1' Slz11cl:elf111'11 1'c'cUi1'cx l'CL'0lLfllifiUlI Honor Day Coach .xltlflilill c011g1'11l11l11tes 1111311.11 lnzslcetlizzll 17ltl'1'Ul'5 115 Ile prexcllix lfzcm with 1011613 lllltl ce1'tific11tes. cwfltlljll .H111'lcIi11 11s H. cgfldlldll Irmks UII. 13. I"111'1'ix, 411111101 1'111'x1I-1' .17ILI'1L'l', 11cc1'p1s lzis 1'1'1'1ifiC11t0 funn Pllgft lwglzlm 11 OFFicEns: VV. B. Pittman, Pi-csitlcizrg A. L. Spuugh. Vice-Pres? dent: A. Roberts, SL'Cl'Cltll'w1'j T. Ovcrinam, Treasurer. National Honor Society 'llo stimulutc scholarship, lcziclcrship, scrvicc, und chur- zictcr urc the purposcs of the National llonor Society, which is limitccl to junior and Scnior stuclcnts who innin- tuin ut till times ll 3.5 average and arc upprovccl by the lliculty. 'lihis-thc only honor orgunizzition ut Ralph L. Filic-is un inspiration to till Students to strive for higher scholastic acliicvcmcnt, to rcnclci' scrricc to ull, to hccomc hcttcr lcuclcrs, and to clcvclop stronger cliuractcr. Nutioiml lloiioi' Sat-ich cizmliilulw, D. johizsmz, ll. I.CL'lCl1, il. I,LHZClISlC'l', It. lsuper, ll". Hzozler, :mil ll. Simons, livlzi uzmllcx xixgilifiiilg wlzoliirsllip, cl1uroclc'r', lumlwxlzip, :xml XL'Vl'lL'L' Llllflll-Q tht' liz ,-s tluciioiz CYUVUIIIIJIIT' Page Eiglztyrtwn i CDLD All-IMBERS, first row: Farris, L. Evans, D. Horne, C. Third row: B. Dunn, B. Dickens, VV. Graves, T. Baker, Bos- Ahcrnathy, B. Carr, A. Roberts, L. Bowling, A. Jennings. Secomi tick, VV. B. Pittman, D. Parramore, T. Ovcrman, C. Sherwood. row: Miss Hunter, Adviser, Rose, C. Oates, L. Marsh, D. 'IQ H. VVhitehurst, C. Sams. Youngs, Broadhurst, B. Crow. Patterson, A. L. Spaugh. gifs... iii KCIIYY .3 05 r- f S LG 5 NEW NIEMBERS, sented: P. Hayes, VVilson, johnson, R. Col- johnson, Baker, C. Quick, O. Fulghum, VV. Hunter. QNUI Lins, C. Hawks, R. Leach, M. Bcamon, C. Exum, Scott, L. pictured-Sanclra Overton, Ray VVinstc-ad, Tommy XRVZIISHII, ,lean Luper, P. VVilli:-uns, Lancaster. Stamiing: C. Hollowcll, J. Har- Bartholomew, Nancy VVootcn. J dison, Sullivan, Strickland, P. Vlfilliamson, B. Simons, D. Y be ' ' gk .4 ss K E f fx ., .ff 1, S E 6 Q iiiy 3 if mt! ,i , x we 'Z 5. .mfs .Ng .. 'xi 2 W 32 2 y . 5 T K , 'A ? 5 Page Eighty-tlzree Settled: Advisers: Mr. VV. VVoodard and Mrs. E. Crawley. Simul- ixzg: Fritzi Brunner, exelzmzge stzzrleiztg A. Roberts, ljresidentg VV. B. P' ' V' J ittman, me l resicleurg UI. Farris, Treasurer. e Clyde Harris family welcomes A.F.S. dauglrter. American Field Service ln 1961, tlie American Field Service was started by a group of interested students and local citizens. To culti- vate interest among nations and to promote peace are the major purposes of this organization. lXlr. Vvoodard and Nlrs. Crawley sponsor the A. F. S. 'lliis year Fritzi Briinner lias come to our seliool as an Austrian ambassador of good will. She lias been adopted into tlie family of Mr. and Airs. Clyde P. llarris. flqlie A. li. S. Committee, faculty, and student body have cooperated to malie lier feel lilac a native Vvilsonian and a typical student at Pike. F"z' 'l izt z s lures pictures of lzer cozuztry uiitlz. new frielzols in WIZSO11 Page Eiglzty-fmn' .. ' A-rg," 34 . r '52 c-1 in T , Q af 52 il. 9 M ,A rv "' s Z Mrs. Ellis and A. Shepard, a past president, participate in the Reporter, A. Jennings, Secretary, P. Bowers, Ilistmiuzzg Alyllllll, installation of new officers: l.. Lannn, Song Leader: Ellis, rI'rer1511.rer, Vick, PresidC11igS. Boswell, l'iee-Presirleni. Preparing young girls for their tasks as homemakers ol' tomorrow is the main objective of the Puturc Home- makers of America. Selling Christmas cards, entertaining the parents and teachers, the Mother-Daughter Banquet, and assisting at several school functions were the highlights of the 9 Craft of Amenca Under the able leadership of Mrs. lXlildred Bullard, the P.H..'X. is one of Pikes most active organizations. First row: P. Bowers, Klylum, Boswell, Vick, A. Alennings, Keel, Al. Glover, nlinford. Fiftlz rout C. Eason, Xl. Cherrv. I. Ellis, B. Smith. Second row: C. nlcCullen, Cunningham, Bl. Miller, B. Boswell, Ellis, L. Batts, P. Braswell, A. Hayes, B. Creekmore, Edwards, F. Mayo, L. Pulghum, Bone, A. I.. E. llolloman, T. Bridgers, A. Davis. Sixtlz row: Vllinstead, C. Spaugh, A. Howard. Third row: B. Burdette, B. Ellis, N. Paulk- Horton, L. Joyner, B. Nlozingo, V. Tillis, B. Bailey, Al. Emory, ner, N. Shannon, S. Hackney, P. Pulghum, P. Vvells, Tomlin- P. Steelman, Batts, Cook, B. Horton. Sevcntlz row: I. Mer- son, F. Temple, N. Pittman. Fourtlz row: I. VVinstead, A. Askew, cer, B. Newton. A. Page, L. VValls, H. Barker, S. Wlilliamson, Barnes, C. Me Page lfiglztj -fire E1 Club de Espanol 'lio strengthen international good will and to acquire more knowledge of Spanish speaking people and their customs create and enhance interest among memhers of El Cluh de Espanol. 'llhe Christmas hanquet, at which Miss Susan Wtiiii- wright gave a delightful talk on "La Corrida de 'llorrof' the sale ol' school pennants, the Spring picnic, and the visit of Senor Amado Horno gave variety to the activif ties of the cluh. VVith Mrs. Kathleen Patterson, adviser, and the olli cers, Bill Cuhherlev, president, Carolvn llollowell, sec- retary, Sandra llorne, vice-president, and Linda Baker, treasurer, the meetings and their programs were very interesting. First row: A. Quick. S. Ahhitt, Vklilson. C. Powell, Balkeum, VV. Hunter, B. Luhherley, L. Marsh, M. Hussey, F. Griffin, VVinstead, L. VVinstcad, K. Sutton, M. llarris, Boykin, L. Baker. Secomi row: KlcFarland, N. Shannon, ul. Lancaster, ll. Smith, ll. Harriss, ul. Bartholomew, K. llickerman, O. Ful- ghum, P. Vklilliams, M. Maclaga, V. Strickland, C. llollowell, -I. O'Neal, Horne, E. Vkloodard. Third row: Glover, F. Orfificnnsz C. Hollowell, Secretnryg L. Baker, Treasurer, S. llorne, l'ice'-Presitleizfg B. Culuherlev, President, Mrs. K. Patter- terson, fltlviscr. Guests: Susan Vllainwright and Nlrs. Miriam Dunn. Brunner, L. Luper, C. Mclicel, F. -lordan, K. Horne, ll. Amer- son, M. Beaman, R. VVindham, L. Stallings, P. Ahhott, D. Hollo- well, ll. Turner, C. lleeden, L. Coghill. Fourili row: B. Ellis, L. lordan, M. Blythe, A. Rogers, B. Turnage, F. Guilford. Fifrli row: ll. Scott, F. llight, R. Vklheeler, B. Boykin, K. Whitle5', ll. Simons, D. johnson, T. Riley, E. Banasiak, G. Granger, U. Hedgepeth, B. Dickens, C. Lewis. Page Eighty-six First row: I. Boykin, ll. Adams, IJ. Youngs, R. VVatson, R. Crow, K. Phelps, C. Oates, D. XVhitley, A. Jennings, J. Ilouse, j. XN'hitle3. L. Stallings, C. Killelurew, S. Auger, R. xvlllillllilll. Seeoml Row: K. Sutton, P. Steelrnan. NI. Steelman, J. Sawyer, G Beaver, Nl, Deans, I.. lrulghum, KL. Hughes, R. Cline, S. Lihhy. C. Yandernoot. .L Polhill, V. Butner, j. Pittman, P. Smith, Nl. Baker. fliird rnze: S. Bradley, L. Pardy, N. Paulk ner, L. Boyette, .L Bachelor, N. johnson, P, Joyner, P. Rraswell, S. XVinstead, F. Griffin, P. llayes, M. Lamm, L. Godwin, j.XYin stead, B. Langley, AI. Reaman, If. Riley. Fozrrtli row: J. XVilson, S. Howard, L. Clark, R. Denilio, P. llarrell, B. Creekmore, 1. Edwards, R. Horton, C. Exutn, S. Mink, A. Hayes, T. Rall, VV. Brooks, Nl, llussey, Booster Club Boosters because of nzeelzaniezil failure give boost to their float in H0111eco111i1zg Pnrficle. Reserved section for Booster Clzilr urns filled for every lzouze grime. ii' I. Linxille, L. Rowling. l'iltl1 rritr: R. Simons, Ratts, L. l.uper, ll. llar riss, I. Scott. D, Lanier, ,l. Xmerson, Xl. Beaman, 15. Rridgers, C. Nlelxeel, P. Gardner, ll. liarker, IZ. lurnage, R. Smith, 13. Turner, C. Perry. Sixth row: R. U'alters, X. Daniel, X. Shannon, S. Jessup, CI Hawks, R. Leach, C. Quick, rl. Bartholomew, S. Dickerman, R. lfllis, l'. Ilol hrook, Nl. johnson, ll. .Xl..tthews, li. Clttilford, li. jenkins, Sererith run: Y. .XI'0I'll2ll1ClU, S. Rose, if Ratls, .X. Askew, P. Klusselwhite, S. clLll'lCl'. L. Boswell, J. Cooper, j. Dickens, .kllAIlTlS, CQ. Oates, Nl. Blythe. lfighfll rnlv: L. YYinstead, S. 'LllUl1113SUl'I, lzllis, R. Burdette, R. XValker, .X. Roland, XVinstead, P. .Xhhott, ll. .Xhernath5, CI Stott, li. O'Neill, CI VVhitley, F. Rell, IJ. lligh. Cheers were louder this year at the loothall and haskete hall games, and this can he attrihuted to Pikes newest organizationfthe Rooster Liluh. ilihe primary purpose ol' this eluh is to promote school spirit. During the games one could see this group sitting together in a special section cheering with all their might. 116 , l 4N'N'f:wr-sv-M, , , Ortilcrnsz E. VVoodard, Tretisurerg vl. Ilouse and P. Hayes, For elzzzirmexzg Nl Smith. x'ltlt'iserg Board ol Directors: S. Bradley, B. Simons, and VVilson. X X? .. F.B.I,.A. 111e111111'1's 111'e 17l'Cl71H'illg for their 11111111111 I'1ll'iCfjf s1'1iC. OFF1CE11s: Mrs. lean Hzirriss, .ALil7i5L'l'Q P. Hayes, 'lHre11s111'e1'g hlarilyn Lannn, SUCJ't'fLH'j'Q Peggy' Xxqlltillkllll, Pl'C5iLlClZij B21I'bk1I'1l XVe11s, i7iCHAPl'E'SiLiCll1'Q Linda Wiiiistezid, H1.s1111'i1111g Elilaheth VVc1ociurd, Rep111'1e1'g hliss Luuise Pike, lllil'ihCl'. F.B.I..A. izzemlzers 1111111.11 fflflti 1ll1Ll fellrmislzip 111 i11st11Il11t101z 111111- quet izz the fail. in 'L QV . 55' ,"?jfQ5- f , If .E 55, ' 'W Future Business Leaders of America 'Iiraining Competent future business leaders is the goal for which the P.B.L.1X. strives. Wfith hirs. Qleun Hzlrriss, uciviser, the projects of the year were 21 variety sale, il Cii'1l'iSUHklS 0pp111'tL111ity, the V2liC'l1IiIlCyS Dunee, and nttenciing the State Convention. The highlight of the year was spoiisoring Ll prograin featuring hir. Ben Posner, il former Wc11'lci's Chainpinn typist. The husiness students of Pike and the entire eounty Littencieci this exhihition. -- x... 'V OFFICERS: B. Cubberlcy, Treuszirerg D. Parramorc, President, U. Ilccigcpcth, Vice-Prcsiaieiztg M. Harris. Sccrcfmry. Kllil' Siiflmz vxpliiiizs f1Il1CiiU11S of 1110 liiinmzz lrmly in nllivr science chili uzemiwrs olmvriic. lfirxf row: U. johnson. 13. Simnns, Bl. Starling, lizrrhcly, IJ Ncclund, S. Bradley, Marsh, E. Bynum. Sccmzzi rmr: I.. Partly 7 3 7 R. Green, T. VVatS0n, N. VX untcn, I-. Blarsh, L. Evans, lx. VX in- stead, K. Suttnn. Third row: I.. VVinstcad, U. VVhitlcy, Min Science Club 'lhc challenging wnrlci ul' sciuiicc gincl its iiwmiiitiwiu with tht- high gtlmnl curriculum lialvc It-cl tu iiiutuixtci intcrust in the stuchf ul' sciciicc. l7urthcring scicimtiiit study is tht- 2lill'l oi' tht- l7iLt- Sciciicc Cluh. VVith Mrs. Betty i'XIUL'l'llilfi1f' iincl Mrs. llllii lit-innzin uchiscrs, mzinx' intcrcsting prugrznns stimuliiting iurthti study wcrc ciijnycd hy thc 1ncinhL'rs. llcznltifvilig tht- sulmnl tgmiiiitis and spnnsnriiig th Science 'Fair wcrc thc innjrmr prujccts of tht- ycur. fnrtl, Cf. Exum, U. Dunn, Hnykiii, C. Seann, ,l. llrrmcihtirs XV. Parrish, H. Dail, H. Abernathy. Fozirflz row: J. Bustick, J. H I Xni 1 W H VVhitchurst Pittman, G ' H vertun, P. VVarren, C. Stott, F. VW: mgcr, '. crwncid, F. Hiiiiiasiuk, I. Newton, 13 1- " w Page Eigfztyfiziizc vtH'Si Y ClCL'VC'lIL CTS S1011 ll'i 1 U CC HS IU Yves SCOVQ tl 'LIi!Z. X 1'-111 I1 1151 11C 41, Students enjoy extra-curricular activities l'Vil3i Ilrizzuzvr, CYNUIIKIVIQK' xl111fc'Hf, l7t"ClI11IC'S f111uiIi111' with 1111 finmr iL'LlIl lICli'5ptll7L'l'. IIm11eCr1111i11g spmzsors and excorts pose with queen. 13. C'rou' lmtflcs with M. Harris fm' 1110 sale' nf ll footlmll pl'Ugl'll111 I ,,,...2" JULIUS CjAESAR, fl preselmztiou lay Theatre in lfducatiozz, ilzorouglrly CH1Jfi1'lIfULl the stmlcut lmdy nt Pike. Hoyulty cmrics ill Iflrcvs: juzziu' HLHTIIII, Hin Nurllz ffurnli Fila' Senior, Kay' SIIHUH. Alisa xililsllll l963gumICiim1 fUIU11,fUixx Illw stmicwzls relm briefly during ll quick Izmclz. VViIQo1L 1962. Pip- f""'J ,. 3 ,, -si. Page' LN'i1zUt,1'm1n' r J i. 3 5 E ,, Q ' 7, s 1 . i Y 4 L, H 'ig' A113233-X52 fif' spring sports . . . Stunt Night . . . Junior QQ ring... JO Dawns with cool breezes . . . fresh promises of glorious days and treasured surprises . . . newspaper work . . . spring Concerts . . hasehali . . . proms . . . seniors . . . end of another school year. Senior . . . finorl exorns . . . graduation . . . ,f' B .9 ws. , .11 I' ' I U. su' H. Ciroir, fl. Davis, ii "Get your Fike Hi-Zette toclayln is the familiar ery of the students who publish the school paper. The paper is puhlishecl monthly by the journalism class with Ann -lennings, eclitorg Mary llarris, husiness manager, and Mrs, Pritchard, aclviser. Keeping accurate recorcls ol' all school events is the work ol' the eclitoi' and staff memhcrs. Other than giving If the stuclcnts a View of activities, the paper provides its J,-f" . . s - . . readers with a variety ol leature stories and special col- umns. ml xl. 'Iennings niorlc on layout of tile paper. April is the month lor the special issue that features original stories, essavs, and poems ol' the liilxe students. T h F ' k H ' Z t t NEVVSPAPER STAFF: Firstrow: H. PflfCl12lfLl,f'lCl1'iSCT1R.Sl'1CD2ifCl, row: C. Lewis L. Vllinsteacl, M. Harris, B. Currie. Tlzirtl row: . Lancaster, . Ainerson, R. Vllatson, A. enninvs, A. YVheeler, A. Polhill, . Bartholomew, R. Leach, I. Bovlcin, R. VValters, B. , ' fi f Mink, M. Maelaga, ll. Barker. Horne, Il. Farris. Second Crow, S. Vick, A. Davis, E. VVoodard. Fourth row: S. Patterson. Page Ninety-four If-'w:K33-'Nw-W ' ' '4 A Rc! W' . ,XX xVTifillgl1GHL1lilZCS,177'O0f7'ClIL1i11gIHlC1 plflllllillgIKITUIIYS provide stuff AI. Hmglugu, H. Slzepurfl, fzml Iizxzuzslez' rem! H1111 mrreul members with mmzerofns tasks. galley proofs. 0 I Paper a monthly feature of school 11fe Hrs. Roberta Prilclnml, Advieerg .Ufzry Harris, Business .Uumzgerg Pluxzuilzg mul f.l'1JfIl.21 ucczzrutc copy ix 1110 iuzpmmrzl mul tmlin and Ann fenxziugs, Editor. jolr nf stuff nleulbers. is I OFF1L:EHs: B. Joyner, Presitlczltg C. Langley, Secretory: B. Hayes, Ti'eas1o'erg :incl T. Vick, Vice-lliesitleizi. Mr. Siolt iizstrnels H. IHHIHI mul C. l'Vc'lt0i1 witlz problems in snlesmauslzip. Learning ll trzitle tlirougli experience is the objective of lI1ClLlSiI'lLll Cooperative Training. The I.C.'I'. progruin emldotlies 11 lull sclictlule for its participants. English untl otliei' electives fill tlic first half of 1111 1.C.'l'. stuclcntls clay. 'lilac rcinuintlcr of tlie clay is spent ut work in tlic stuclcnt's cliosen ficlcl. Industrial Cooperative Training Left 10 riglzl: B. Hayes, V. Tyson, D. Vilinstead. T. Vick, Cf. Robinson. B. Joyner, D. Price. G. Anderson, R. Lalnm, F. Barron, C.. Vilelton, Bridgers, G. lones, D. Harclison. l,llLft' Nilltfl V sim' '--23. an-...W ln. Choir Unclcr the clircction of Mr. Pmaymoncl llahclay, thc Ralph L. Fila: Choir has cntcrtainecl on many occasions. Their trained voices were hcartl at the Christmas Con- cert, Stunt Night, Spring Conccrt, ancl at scvcral local cluhs. The main purpose of choir is to clevclop musical unclci- standing and appreciation. Classical as wcll as popular music sung by thc choir demonstrate thcir broacl usage ol' music. The trio ancl Clyclc Lewis, accompanist, also con- trihute their talents to thc versatility of the choir. First row: L. Fulghum, C. Call, B. Creekmore, Cunningham, P. Braswell, B. Wiggirus, P. Holloman, S. Shreve, M. Petway, A. Howard, S. llcFarland. Second row: K. Perry, K. Deans, S. Price, M. Vlfatkins, P. Easter, S. Gardner, T. Ellis, B. Hinnant, B. Burdette, T. Coclwin. Third row: Accompezzzist, C. Lewis, C. hlcCullen, Cunningham, C. Killelbrew, T. Vllilliams, Nl. 52 ,-. ' lc Y T, 2 ,ff 5 ' v C 4 , 4 , -qu 1 6-4 C. Coll, all. PL'lll'tl.1', aim' fl. llou'ur4l's voices lllclzfl ill licaml lIlll'1lI!HI,V as they sing ri popular lnillml. Choir goes on "I onisizzmz I141yri4le"tlziriizg Stunt Nirlzr Coggins, L. Pipkens, Bl. Cherry, B. Hanley, ll. Vllinsteacl hrl. Nlillcn, R. Bahelay, Director. Frmrtli row: U. Butts, L. XVil- liams, Bl. Horton, B. Davis, L. Joyner, VVortham, C. Page, F Bell, S. Bottoms, F. Rodgers, L. Johnston, I.. Hinnant, B. Priclgen B. Vllalsfon, 13. Couric. l. Page AlllIt'l.VNC1'El1 f 'S Stunt Night Solos . . . comedy acts . . . Key and Keyette Cluhs . . . . . llWilIIlklHlCSS VVcclcling" colorful skits hy the "Frankie ancl nlohnnyw . . . dancing Bellets . . . highlights of Stunt Night 1963 . . . cunmation of King Billie anal Queen Charlotte . . . Stunt Night Court . . . Sylvia Vick and Bill Dickens, chairmen of this U'll'l event . . . Mr. Stott 'intl Mrs. Crawlev I t l gx 1 ag 32 f ' Qs hr. L L L 1 , faculty advisers . . . laughs and ainuscments . . . A lights and colorful costumes . . . a wunclerful and Leff 10 1'18l111 ,ll1'111f- B- C11l1l1U1'lU3W A- D111'1S' .l- 130111115053 R. VVatsun, D. l'itf.gcralcl, D. Hurne, H. Bradley, P. llayes, well-organized night . . . pleasant memories. B. Skinner, Mil Billie Elliott and Miss Charlotte Oates, King and Queen of Stunt Night 1965. S Z S vi S X Q f Q1 g s, 4 X ,,,,,....,w" Pugc Ninety-eight ' sw . I 4 .f' ,:1: ,m kg Sirnuns, Hurdison, ,runs wants Ilttl lm Crow, K. McMillan. new Ellftlflllll 1111 e Pvery Day l Hzzve to q110fg1111 xfKfE'L1Li1lIU B111 Dzckuzs mul 811111 Y uk, C o 1111111111111 of Stunt Night 1963. 111 c I1kL tl 5611101 uw tl ll I1 1 t 1 a 4 x lx 3. r 'if t o Q K i R Q Q ,yt f fs ff f If Tlze recipients for most wrltuzlale player awards 011 Spring S orts Homo' IJ ' i 'f . H l p 1 up uercj at ge, tennis: D. Turllerville, trtzckg Broutllmrst, girls' intromzrral lmsketlnzllg H. Smitlz, golfg F. Holes, lmseboll. A foursome consisting of R. Smith, If. Simons, VVl1itel1urst, and Al. Herring stroll flown tlze fifteenth fnirwtzy enroute to their lmlls on tlze green. Page One Hmrtlretl Spring Sports "Strike three, youre out!" "Thirty love!" "Hows your game today?" "Lets go, hoysl Once around the tour!" are familiar expressions heard in the areas where prac- tice sessions lor spring sports are taking place. Spring sports: haschall, tennis, golf, and track em- phasize the individual as well as team effort. The Pike teams participate in a regular conference schedule with the teams of Rocky Mount, Goldsboro, Raleigh, YVil- mington, Durham, and Fayetteville. As we go to press, it is too early to predict an outcome, but our coaches hope for a successful season. Baseball VVhcn baseball practice began about the first ol hlareh, only three seniors reported for practice. Many of the boys were reporting for their first year to the yare sity squad. Prospects did not look especially encouraging for a good season. Rain drenched the baseball Field and practice had to be held either indoors or on the football lield. lt seems perhaps that the season will not be one to be remembered through the years. Desire, ability, and interest are high. Building teamwork is perhaps one of the major objects of this seasons participation. Coach Ferrell feels this is a building year for the R. L. F. baseball team and only time will tell what the results of this season will be. Heurl lmselmll eorzeli Gilbert Ferrell lrelieves, "To be ti ll'lI1 not only in athletics, but in all plmses of life, one must lu it In lzzmself, work lzurrl to lulprove mul Hire one lzzrmlretl ptr cent effort at all times." ,- First row: Hobgood. rmumgerg R. Bradley, F. Hale, Sakas, R. Pittman, G. Mercer, R. Poythrcss, lf. Ralkeum, R. lilho G. Matthews, E. Fulford, D. llowell, R. Mangum, B. Dickens. J. Rarfield. Tliird row: G. Ferrell, conclzg E. Minchew, ll. Shaclyel Seeoml row: E. Mullen, mruuigerg G. lenlcins, D. Robertson, lord, U. hlattox, D. Ferrell, D. Barnes, E. Rradley. nge Une Hzrizdretl llll X ' .. g: we 2 , X f QW ,"ff'? ,' z 2, N1 fi 4' ' 1 ' " ,uf i!L soy , ,-, gf Hoping to send the batter to the Lillglillf, B. Ifllioil prepares for fimzl pirclz. R. Poytlzress crouclzcfs and eyes ilze opposing pitchel Cyclone Diamond ces Ii. Rnzdlvy slretclzcv to rcuclz ilu' lwzll lwfurc 1110 lmflur rcuclzvx IiUI'l7lI5L'17rlIl pluyww: IZ. Alllllglllll, IJ, I'VIlIf,Ol'LI,H1IL1 lf. AIillCIIL'll'. 1110 Imsc. un.: .AA 1111.218 Um' Ilumlrcd Two t x 1 .11 vrdiwei brains Pittmln H. Farris, E. FLIlf.1l1LlIl1, B. Simons, P. Vllilliiiinson. P. Vllarrcn. JXi.1'ITlil1 qt oml ion I1 lmunn Nl Drfiuwhn ll. -lohnson, U. Luncly. C. Harris. HL Q Tennls ilhings arc looking up lor tht- Filtc lligh School tcnnis team this yczir. llnving lost only one of the top players cluc to gl'2lCll.lLlfiOll, this tcnm shoultl hc ll Clcfinitc throat for conference honors. Knox Mchlillun, Will Graves, Tim Ovcriiiun, Cnrluncl Clrziiigcr, :incl -limmy Pittman will hc clcciclccl assets in lciicling thc most promising tczim th.1t Vllilson has h.1cl in quite Ll while. Conch ,loc White, who had his first your us tcnnis couch lust your, has clone Ll l'CI11lll'lQLll7lC joh ol' promoting ins tcrcst and uclcling skill to thc tcmn. Page Um' Humlrczl Tlirvv First row: T. Smith, rl. Davis, ll. Melehoir, B. Crute, Vllhitehurst. Second row: A. Lamm, ll. Smith, E. Simons, G. Parris, T. Davis, Nl. Ilerring. R. Smith hlustx out of mud tmp iriflziii iucliex of the lzole. I". Simons mul H. Herring uwztelz. loliii Wlliileliiiiwf 17l'tICllCCS putting as Cl. l"1iVi'is olfservex his leelzizique. 7 I ,, Ji A A L, f -f iw :'Q-yffxw. ,M X ,M Golf With the top six golfers of last years team returning and several talented sophomores, the Pike golf team has a good chance ol' ending a streak of rather poor perform- anees. Robin Smith, last ycarls number one man at liikc and nuinhcr three in the conference, will he a great asset to thc golf KCLIID. llc should luring several golfing honors to our school. Ernie Simons, john ll. VVhitchuist, and Mark lleril ing with their previous experience should also add to the success of this individual team sport. Track Track is a sport that is divided into two areas-field and track competition, The field events are the high jump, broad jump, throwing the discus and shotput, and hurling the javelin. These feats develop coordination and strength. The track contests that are a test of speed and stamina include the 100, 220, and 440 dashes and the distance runs. Track is a sport that requires much desire and great physical ability. The R. L. Pike track men will participate in conference and state meets. First row: P. Neal, E. Clark, H. Skinner, D. Skinner, M. Ed- wards, T. Boykin. Second row: F. VVilkins, G. Stancil, L. Ferrell, .E f f ., , -1.1 ff . Uv "-- 1 . Track coaclz Williniiz Weir says, "The will to win is ninety pci cent in ulesire and len per cent in alzility. ll matters im! lion' lrig or little you are, lm! limi' mucli zlesire is in your lzcurt is more iiizporlnntf' Track team does puslz-ups to strezfigtlieiz themselves in preptzratioiz for tlie first track meet. E. Banasiak, R. VVatkins, M. Qonyers, R. Bissettc. .ii 4. .. Page One Huizrlretl Five .1-,fx SU7lIUlllUl'L'5 IYIIIICUKI 'UI' lmurs nf their 1962 vrouz. I Sophomore Pro I1l'1liilIll clmulx um! ll Wulf nn flICK1V'L'HHI'1 Lfmzccrw. ,KI Ilzc lI!Ill'lIiitIII l,lltl1l. C7IL'lInllIfCll 5U17l1UI1IUl'C'N PHIISL' Iwforc Q tlzc tropical moon. A 'Y' XM-W "ali:-MJ a iiqlr - s -. if fa ' s" ' limi I Tlfrff E f -N J 1 4 4 , . Q .P I4 ff ' f. . 'I .X is ,W , ...X 1 F,f'fl-1.-,um -.1-Iuwq.. iaith ,V ' "iV""" 1 ,1 MW L W - K L ff' ,ff fl 7 'f lj A 'Z " ' Z E - ., r , K. Alcllillmz am1U'. B. Pittumu give CUKICII .Unrklixz tTILf01fCIllI7 13. Aycnck slmum infarcxiinxgg rmzrcrinl In neu' fL'1.'l'llL'1'N, Hin J for his I7fI'II1fIt1j' during ffm Fonllmll I-Immr Day Pmgrauz. Arzmhf, Mrs. lurlzcr, Hu. Vzflglzzfnl, Him Ilurzzc, mul UV, Swli l'cllIf. . . . gift . . . teachers . . . marshals . . . AIARSHALS2 First rout B. Carr, L. Evans, Bostick. VV. B. Pitts Hunter, KI. Beallmlm, I.. l,upcr, T. Uvwnmzxlm, I. llulxcr. C. l'XLlI1l, man, D. Parralnore, Brcmaclllurst, L. nlarsh. Second rmvs VV. C. Abernathy, R. Collins, T. Ulltmlm. I 6? gg 3 ' 3 ,vat Vt M ' . ' 'e -z 1 3 k Q 1 ? Q.. 4 if s wa W L . as 1 .Wiki '- I-:V .-W' 1 Q v Q psig? x 4 ga 'K ,, w Page One Ilzfmlrul Scrcxz 111 L 'Cllillyil 111 P111'i5" p1'1n'i1ics Ll i16't1l'L'I7I-'I' 11t111osp11c1'e fm Illllifil' 111111 senior 111111111s 111111 SClIi01'S. ff . IQ 1 ,Ny ip. S 1 K. V VV 11 V i ,,.. VV X v 8 QQ A Q -' -121 1 I S 5 'L class officers f111'111 1710 fl'lH1ifi0lZf'lI Junior- Senior 1962 I1111i01' girls 11111111 ll grezit 110111 of f1111 1lecr11'111i11g for 1116 11l1Ii01 Senior P1'0111. 1 ,QE I E ga X ix ' W--W-w-f,":-QW'-A . , , S -Vx V .. '-11. 1' T Z Y 'ei 'L ' TI '.1' 1 '-.1 1. - ,Q . 5 M 4 1 11 5 0 fha V ', 1 5 Y 1' 1 jx f' -s , f 4 , U ,Sq . 1 1- wxwifk 5 w 1,u. vb 3 . S' v , XfKIlliiL"l'5 ''l1111'111011i:i11g"????? fxHJ'LIL'fi1'f:' fVtISl1 CHHS HVL' tl 1l11l5f Hf tlllj' LIUIZCE. Y fir! , , s Iunlivs lllltl g8IlflL'HlUlI Velzlx H1rmIe11tzl1'if1' um! 11121411 nlflww 11111 . . . varied scenes from "A Night in Paris . . Song fzflcr' song pluyenl by flu' "Asco!s" crzmpizzrezf HH who 11'w1 presenl' ut the 'lHlIiUl"SClZiO1' Prom. 5 1 Gmini Finale of Imzior-Serzim' ezztermizmzelzt. Pngv CJIIL' Hiunlmuf Ninn CLASS 19 1 YISIHS r lgfll Hunter, lirunxs Axudx txbtflil utr Nl 1 Ina Sllllll Lnn, and Crm U now T Q WT we 53556551 You , ,, ,,, ' 'Ao-ngval me lull len Uxunlu llurrn IXIBEHNNIIIY National llunur Sucivty 3, 4: xlilfhhkll 2, 31 Business Al2ll'l1lf.IL'l'Ulv .Mzvox ,tm-. 43 I'.ll..X. 3, 4' Stuclt-nl lfmmcil 2, 43 Rumi l, 2, 5, 4: Choir I SL'iL'l'lL'k' Club 5. llfxnm' FFPIOMAS A1sE11NA'r11x' 4' .. , X' abr! Band l, 1. J, 4: ltmtlmnll 1: Sctcncc C lulm 4. ' W. 'f' 'r' IIENNIE VV.x1.1.Ac'r3 Alamxls I-.ll.L..X. 43 Sjmnrslt K Iulw S, 43 I.l.X. 33 llmm' ruum Officer 2: Clmir 23 llrxmccuming SIUUIINUI' 4: c'llL'L'I'Ik'L!llL'I' I, 2, 3, 43 Stunt Night Court. -pvalvf CQEORUE VVI1,1,.xmJ IXNDERSON Divcrsifiutl Occuputinm 43 Student Culllmcil I. W REBECCA ANN BAILEY ..-...-....,,Cn -,. alum' KM' Ihxren fvllltil 2. .uud5YP'EW' LINDA ANN BAKER Qpzmislx flulm 2. S, 4, Ufficcl' 43 l'.'I'..X. 33 Hand 1, 2, 4, 4. f 1 ' IHOMAS IIALSTON BAKER M Nutiunul Hunor Society 3, 43 Bus Driver 3, 4: lIUl'l'lCl'00lll Officer 43 XVz1ys und Ricans Cmn- mittcc 4. Rcmanr Douczrfxs BA1.TZEc:.xn HQISUIJQIH 13 Gull' 3, 4. ..,M,,,,, SE ICR wiki' - V .4 ? Y vw P- . Am. ., wt 5 4 I '-f . , 5 my ' 1 . QW 4 ' ' 1 4 ff 1 'Y g . ,W Q, - A R V A VV, Q ld MW! 'gi .4 I . tw WIZYZNW 7 S CLASS M.XSC'O4l'S AlARLlARE'l L1211 QJAIES .IUIIN VV.xLs'mN IDUNN, Vln. LYNN l1.ENE HAIIIQEII I . '-, . ' 1. T . 7. l b.l.X. 4, lILl1kllclUl53,l.ll..lx. 2, l.l.X. 1. llmcl l 7 4 -l Chun l v---I v - IJIIINA SVIEVENS BARNES l lil.. X. 3, 4, lrcnch Club 4. 43 Slllklblll Cuun- Lll 5, llnml l, lg Choir lg Illlllllllllllll llguslwllmll l 2. 31 SL'lL'l1L'L' Club 2, 3. FLIIYD LEVVIS BAIIIIQN DiI'cI'sifiL-Il Occupatiune 4: llnml 1, 2. IMIIIIAIIA SICLMIINIJE ISARSHAY F.II.,x. 2. BETTIE ANN BASS l ll.L..X. 3, 4, llolnerumn Officer l: ll1f!'ilIl1lll'Zll BI lx sw-tlvnll l. LESLIE VVAYNE B.-Iss CJHRISTINE BATTS ll.L..X. 2, 3. 4, Officcr 3: l7.lI..X. 2, 3: llulnl 1, 7 Clmir 2: ll1ll'2lII'llll'2il llaskctlmll lg Boost:-r ub 4. Doms ANN BATTS l l3.l,..X. 4, -lg l3.ll..X. 3, 4: Clmir 4: IIlfl'LlIl1lll'Lll lll l Illlll -l SKC' i . VVII,I,IAIxI lJVVIGlI'l' l3Ix'I'I's Spgmisll Club gl ll.IlNl l, 1, 4, 4: l7uuIbull lg ivlnv Club J. l'I1gI' Um' Ilzuzllrwl ll-'ll'Cll'E VVAYS AND AIEANS CoMIxIII'rEE: Stancling: D. Rose, Skinner, R. Smith, Wlmitehurst, T. Baker, C. Stott, VV. Graves. Seat- ed: N. Vvooten, S. Patterson, D. Parramore, Cl1Illl'11lt1lZj Broad- hurst, C. Hallowell, and S. Vlluoten. -107V qatyqo ww 'KQV' .qguwlir C1577 JWPZDW B051 All Bozimi' CIIAIII.O'I"I E OAI ES WIl,L GIIAVES My , ,. 4? NW! fffffgfif 'Q 1963 A-ww!" -iff' .-my -vw ' ,nffffr Q 'ilk wanna' B'lARY REBECCA BELL 'l'I'aIIIsfI-I'recl liftllll Xvllllllllgllill 4: l7.B.l.I.X. 4. E,I.IZABE'l'II ANN Blues llusiiims. Stuff Of tXI'1'OI,A1IL 4: l7.lI..'X. 2, 3: F.rl'.uX, 3: Blind l, Z, 5. 4: llOIncrOOIn Officer l: lntrzunurnl Bansketbull l. JANET PAYE BONE F.B.l,..X. 2, 4: F.H..X. 4: llOIIIcrOOIn Officer l. DOIIOTHY 'IANE BOSTICIQ Naitiunul lliblltll' Sucic-ty 3, 4: Nlzirsliul 2, 5, 4: Chit-l' fXlurslIzIl 3, 4: llrlitnr Of .XIIOIAIIP 4, Kcycttc Club 2. 3, 4: lrcnch Club 3, 4, lIOInc l'OUI'l'l Officer 2, 3: Buml l. 2, 3: S1:IIiOI'SLIpr:rl1I' tivo 4: -lLlI1lUl"SL'l1lUl' Xlliitress 2: Science Club 4: lJ..X.B. .Xwurcl 4. LYNDA SIIAW BOVVLING NutiOIIIIl Hunur SOcic-ty 3. 4: l5.B.L.,'X. 3: l:I't'I1Cll Club 3, 4: F.lI..X. 2. 3, 4: lf.'l..X. 5. 4: Student COuncil l: Bgnul l: llOmcrOOIn Officcr 1, 2, 3: lllfl'ill1'lLll'2ll Bnslxctlmall l, 2: Scicncc Club 2, 4: BOOstcl' Club 4. JANET lXlARIE BOYKIN F.B.L..X. 5, 4: Spanish Club 4: l'.H..X. 4: Frku Hiflcttc Stuff 4: CiU'cilllIll'Il1ilIl nf 'lug Day 3: Stuclcnt Cuuncil 2, 3, Officer 5: llOIncrOOIn Of- ficvr l. 2: lIlIILlI1llll'AIl Bziskctlmll l. 2. 5: BOOstcr Club 4: Senior Supcrlutive 41 llOInc- cuining Spunsur 4: juniur-Scniur XxvLllll'US5 2: Cil'lCCl'lL'.l4lt'l' 1, 3. lll-Iul 4: Stunt Night Court. 'IO ANN BOYKIN lf.ll.X. 2. 3. 4: Chuir 3. ROBERT IXBIBROSE BOYKIN Spziniab Club 41 l5OOtb1Ill l: Bgisclmll 1. rl1H0B1AS EDISON BOYKIN l:..B.L..X. 4: CiU'Cil1Lll1'IllilI1 Of 9cIIiOI' lrluut 4: Irack 2. 3, 4: Suniur Superlutivc 4. Page One llzuzdrccl Tlzirlcen glrxlxllis l'lllANKI.IN llRADI,FY , - , . lxcy Clulm 4: l.lm.l,.X. 4: Stutlt-nl Lu llllfll 2- lull 3, 4, liuml 1, S, 43 l7untlmll J, 5, 43 llnsc 1 lrzlclx ig 'luniur-Scnim' Xllxilvst' 1: txlllllilgfillll L lulm 4, 4: Stunt Night Qhurt. l'1sc:c:Y lluru lltmswur. l lI..X. 43 llmmwmnu Ul'l'iu'r lg Clmir 43 lluustt-I C lull 4 STEVE llmrxzmzs lJix'vt'sil'icLl llL'k'lll'lLlIlUIlN 43 llux Dtixm 7 41 llquhl 'l -4 l'u41Ilrlll7 .I ANE1' ClAROL Bnofmr 1 tmsi' Nttlimml llunur Sucirslp ., t - 4 4 4, Marshal 1 3 4 mief Mnrsllnl 5, 43 lf.tlittu'inl Stuff .'x4'1'Ql.,XlJI 4 lxgxcttt' Clulm 3, 1 -' 4 '. ,' 4 SI7ll1lSl1 C lulm 2, 5, l.ll..'X. 25 l l..X. 5, 41 Stutlcnt clJlll1Cll Offiucr 4g llnmc mm f,lllLl'l 7 3 lixml l 7 4 4 Clmit l 11 .-,.: 1 .-, n v' u lntrumurtnl lltnlwtlmll l, 2. 3, 43 91-ninr S 'c 45 'llll1llPl'SL'I1llbl' N'niIrcsx lg SL'lt'I1L't' Clulm " 'l -l lY:RlEDERIKE llllDlJl,FlNE BRLINNEH XlllL'I'lL.'1lI1 l'icltl Semin- l'urcip.:n lfxclxuxtgu Stu- nt frnm .Xustridg Kuyvttt' cllllll 43 Spanish C luh 4: l',ll..X. 45 slllilttlll CIuunt'iI 43 llunmnry ll: tm 1 4 num' 1i1gSpunwr . IQDWARD -'AMES l3UI,I.OCK, -IR. ll.uul I, 2, 3, 4 ffm ww-' , M.. ,Mk fares' 1 Aff, ' M :Rfk W1 Z Q tfw,-an .fum ll 1 :V V ,Q1'Z,4y'49 ts , f W Qu? X" y-My , X f ' M f 1 . 5,4 , , yft.,,, V tw, tt., ,N "',,L'-"5 "E zi ne I 'ln ,.,. 1 I , 4 ,,... 5 ,, f kk , f' f 4 1 Nw . , l uotxms lgtmnmn C,-xuoow ,,- .-,- 1, 'lmmlk-1'1't-tl l'l'llI11 lliclmmnml, Yu. 2: Trzxcli fl, W W , 4. Mi 4 V 4 .V Y 4 w ' 4 ,lAlXIhS Clll ION Ctfxth, ln. 1' J' l ll.l...X. 43 llmm-nunn Ollliu-1 2: Ihxketlmll 4 I W YY, 1 w Cnmcfti CflllllS'IlNE C,ALL R l'.li.l...X. 4, 43 Chu ll l, 3, 4. S ENI 6 2 X 6 fQy 6 ' x K4 N . -Q' . f A Aw ORS ,f ,M Best Looking .IAN LINVILLE JIIMIWY PITTIXIAN 2 ff: I .umm-v"' ar- 'Qin 141' WA 1 v. x vu . ,lp I I ft- utll 4 ' ttlvty S, AI, .XI,IlSIl.lI 2, -1, I " ,Av , .lm 3 '11-1 ' ', 3 .I.. ' . ' L ' rt. yi it "1 It I - . - 7. . ' , , , -, . . hx. I. A' 1 I I Il XII III IIJI' I III C XII if .N lll :I II1nnm St ig' , C Illt'I XILIIANIILII 4, 41 C Iuss Clllnvt '-, Ituxzm ' V., 'C St II Xcmul tm I lux In C ILIIW -I I I I I X ' v ' 4, CHCIIIIIIIIIII UI Iumm II nl ' II mul an ol" Cllllul 4 IIIIHI I 7 IIIII :mul II I llttl tII I nt C Illl 1, ig JLIIIIlII'SL'IIIUI' XX:n1t1t'ss lg Sun' :- ' I l, 4, CIII1u'1' 43 CI1m'1'1IL'1lrIm'1' l, 4, I1 XI,lI4Il'4'IIA -M MM flllnrmn- .4sq9"" T. Turner receives citation from B. Elliott, Clmirnzan of Safety Council, while G. Sclmde, Brotullzztrst, R. Poytlzress, C. Mc- Keel, ami Sttmcil look on. .mlm W' H Iilkg I, V Stunt XIUIII Cmnt DANNY Illmuutfx' Cfxsstm II.tl1LI I1 II.txn'IrglII -I. fX1.,xN IIIJXXZXIIIJ C'l.,Xx' II.mtI I, lg II.lIIwtI1:eII I. II,x1m.Xn,x Clxnm, C'1 mr IIm1st1'1' CIIIIII -I. AIAIIY Suu Cfmgcgtms C'Imir 2, -I. IJHANNA limi, CIIIliIiCiII '. .,X I -I' I'II X 4' IItNI.t-tIvnII I ' 3. SIIEIILINE QIIIHEICMUIRE 'yvttc CIILIII -I, I'.II.I ..X. -I: Sgmnitlt Clulr 4, I 7 I 4' IVI X I' II'-ml I 7 I -I ...-,,,...,.. .-.. U' ' ' '.ui lt' -1 . 1-ttt' 4, -I. IlL1zA1:E'l11 IIlIIlXX'EI,I. Ctum' Www I-flu' Ill-lvltv' Stlntt 1, -I, IIIIILIIIILIIXII Ihslxttlmfull f' 'W79' 1963 2, 4, -I: SL-ntm' SLl'lCl'I.IIlXC' -I: ,Iuniur SL'l1I I I XX':xitrL-ss 2, IIuustu1' CXILIII 4, Stunt Night CIIIIYI VXl1l.l,1Atxl CIIIARLES QILIBIBERLILX' ' .'.tfI .XC'C'Ul.Xl3I -I, Ixuy Club w, -I , '. . Q .' 1 alt Clulm -. 3, -I, Uttmwr 4 Stumlcnt Cktunyil -I, Ilunlcumnn CJI'Iigc1' S, I3.xnI I' SCIIIUIA Stlpwltutiu' 41 -Itl11iul'5t-mlm XX'.xilm-1' 7 Scinlru Ciluh 2, 3, -I, Oiticer 4: C'1IC'l1.ui1'mgm mm-winning -I, Stunt Night Chuxt. J'-w 'uticmul Ilunm' Smicly 3, 4: Iftlitmitnl St.1II rm .tm 4, Iiuyctiu C Iulw 2, -I, 4, Ilmmi of Du , 7 . "tutors IrcnuI1 C'xIuIv 3, -I: I.II..X. -g I'.I..X. w Wlicit is tlze answer to THAT question? Seniors struggle with English exam with mincis fall of answers, but are they the right ones? SE I0 S ELIZNBETII ANN DAVIS Kcycttc Club -lg li.B.L.i'X. 2, 3, -lg Spanish Club 3, -lg l7.II.,X. 2, 3, -lg F.'l'.,'X. 2, -li Filet' Hi-Zcttz' Stuff 3, -lg Iloineronni Officcr 1. 2, 3, -lg Buntl 1, 2, 3g Homecoming Sponsor -lg junior-Scnior Wlaitrcss lg Science Club 25 Mujnrettc l, 2g lloostcr Club -lg Stunt Night Court. IRIS LAVONNE DAVIS I7.B.L.tX. 3, -lg F.ll.,-X. -l: Choir I, 2. CONNIE KAY lDEANS F.II..'X. 2, 3, -lg Choir l, 2, 3, -l. lVlARY ALICE DEANS l'.l3.L.,X. 2, -lg Bnntl I, 2, 3, -lg Boostcr Club -l. JAINIES CTARLYLE ,DERIPsEY, lll Key Club 3, -lg Student Council Officcr lg Spun- ish Club 2, 3g Homcrooin Officcr l, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Golf 3, -lg Klonogrinn Club 3, -lg Stunt Night Court. VVILLIAAI IRVIN DICKENS National Honor Society 3, -lg Key Club 3, -l. Officer -lg Spanish Club 2. -lg llomeroom Officer l, 29 Band 1, lg Football 1, 2, 3, -lg llasltcthzill l, 23 Bust-bull 1, 3g Truck 2g junior-Senior Vfuitcr 2: blonogrzun Club 3, -lg Nloreheutl Scholar Nominccg Co-Chairman of Stunt Night. S.unt Night Court, Lotus rllHOlXIAS DILDY, lll Kcy Club -lg llusltctbzill 23 Senior Supcrlntivc 4. WII,l,IAb'I. FFHONIAS DIXON lluotbull 2, 3, -lg 'llrucli 3, -li Monogruin Club 3, -l. LYNDA PAYE DRIVER lircnch Club 3, -lg F.lI.A. 2g l3.T.A. -lg Choir lg Intramural Basltctlnzill 1, Page One Humireci Sixteen . few! -'WW v ,,.. W . M141 N., M A-A ,,,,. ,. , , V L A S 1 .info 'qs 'M r rail mv ,wa-e--' NW. Wirriesi l3oo1J1E CROW 'loixi QUINN 1963 M7569 ,mmf af, , "lin 5,4 - mow l JAMES Loi' DIIIJLEX' Student Council lg Band l, 25 Football 1: Bus Lt-tlmll l, 2. lXlARClARET hL1z,xBE'rH IDUNN Naitiondl Honor Society 5, 4: fitlitorinl Stnfl At'izoI.AlJE 43 Frcncli Club 5, 4, Officui' 3: l7.ll.,X, 1, 5: l5.'l'..X. 3, 43 juiiioi'-'Senior Whit rcsa lg Science Club 2, 5, 4: Co-Cliziirmiin ol Senior 'ling Day. DIESSE lXlECOI.A EASON, lXlIL'I'UN RAYMUND EATMON Class Ulificvi' 45 llllIl1L'ClIl11ll1L1 lisuort 43 Scicnu Club 3. Cl!-IJXRLES RUYCE Emvfxnns W1Ll.lfXBl lnlowfxnn EDWARDS Footluill l, 1, 3: Traiclt 2, 5: Nlfllillflllllll Clulu 3, 4. VVCILLIAM ERviN E1.L1oT'i' Key Clulw 45 Spanish Clulx 4: lloim-room Oftiuui' 1, 2: l7ootlunll l: Bzisltetlmll l, 2. 3, 41 Bust" llzill I, 2. 3, 4: Senior Siipurlgitivc 4: llinncf coming Escort 43 Xlonogrznn L Iulv 4, 4g Stunt Night Court: Ring. llEmsEmL Enwixizn ELLIS, AIR. l7.I3.L.,X. 4: Il4rIi1Ci'mm1 f,flliL'L'l' 2. -lo ANN ELLIS Business Staff .Xc'Coi.,xDL 4: Qpiinisli Clula 1, 3: F.I'I..X. 31 Booster Club 4, Page One Hzimlreil Sevciztuwz llum' IJAYE Ellis 1'.l:.1,.,x. s. 4, 1'.u.x. 3, 4, l'.'I'.X. 4, Srunlum Ckruncil I: IIUI11L'l'llUl11 Ollliuur I. Qlum I II ANN Iimom' I'.I4.I,.X. 4, 4, I'.II..X. 4. 4: Intlalmulnl Iinxlwl , , . Ir,1II I, 2, 4, 43 I41xuxh'l C IlII7 4. I,1Nlm ANN IivANQ Nnlirnlml Ilumml' Swcicty 4, 43 Nlgnslml 1, 43 QNIIICII Xlllrslmall 4, 43 If IIIUI'IilI St.1l'I'.Xc'um1 Xlll 43 Kc-ycltc Club 43 I.I4.I,. X. 4, 43 Ilulmwumu UI' liccl' I, 2: l44mQI I, l, 4, 43 IIIIIXIIIILIIIII I4.lNIxL'I lmll 23 Suicnu' Club 4. LYNN Mfxnul Ibxnm' SILIHISII Club 2, 43 SCICIILL' Klub 43 Iimwu-I Club 4. Cjnorzcan I4M'AmNn I'.,fXIlI4lS lv,-5 Club 43 I'uu!b.lII 1, 4, 43 ILM-Iw..lI I3 'Il.uLIx 1 43 Gull 5, 43 Xlulmgvaun Club 4. -IEAN Lusur IIARIKIS N.1tim1.uI Ilunm' Srmlvly 4, 43 IIIINIIWCSN Stull M101 xm 43 I.I4.l,,..X. 1, 4, 43 Spgmisll Klub 2, 4-3 I.II.,X. 23 I.'l..X. 1, 4, 43.I:ll4z' lllfvllv S,.1II 4: ,xIl1L'IAlK'.lI1 Ilclnl Sn-rxlu' f,IIlL'L'l 4. LLIIIIEIK Punm' I51Nc'u IIACTKIE ILl.1zAm:ll1 I'ISli 's 4, ' , A 1 I.I..I...X. 2, 4, I.lI..X. 2, 4, 4, I.I.X. Z, I, 2. 4. IJouc:1.As IIcmus'luN ITl'IZilliR,XI,lJ In-5 Club 43 I.I4.I.X. 43 Iuunglm l'Iub 4, 4g LU KI1.lVIl'l1l.lH lug IJ.1y 43 Silunlvnt l'uumiI I. 2. f,IIlCL'l' I3 IImm'rnu1n Ulllcvr I, 2, 43 Ilnml I, 2. 4. 4, Ulliu-1 4, 43 Immtlmll I: Stunt Yiggbt K null. S li" Jenni' 4q1!74"' ,wav-49 'il ENI ,un-.. 4 ,fhm uw ORS Host Tnlwztczl .IANIE B051 ICK TOMMY DILDY ,Wu-f ' -gmt, -unans- -hw usrwvl' 1. johnson, Dickens, and I Broarllfzurst sell supplies to stu- dents in the school store. 19 6 3 SUMNNI-, lf: owl-ns l.ll.l..X. -lg lrrunlx Club 4, -lg l.ll.X. 1, -, l.l..X. 'lg llmm-mum Ulluvl l. l, sg lull.. murul llnslsvtlmll I, 1, 4, 4. llmuam' Cmnx lfunms l'.ll.l,.,X. -l. lhuimnfx nlovctxi l'lmNKs l.ll.l.,X. fl, l.ll.,X. 3, -lg lntr.nn1uml ll.usLvIll.ull 3, -l. LEAII Cfxnule lfuusuum lT.l5.L.fX, 3. -lg l'.Il.,X. 2, 4, 4, lluml I, 2, 3, -l. Clmuir 2, 5. -lg Al2llUl'L'llL' I. 1, 5, -lg llrmslul Club -l. vlmxlus Cuguw Clcmwm, ln. llfilllllllll l: 'lkrzlcls 1, fl. llENm' ClARI.ANIJ clRANLLEll, lll Business Stull' .Xc'q1m,xln -lg Key Club -lg Spun isll Club 3, -l, Officcr -lg 'lcnnis 34, -lg Hume' coming lfsunrl -lg juninr-Senior VlllllI1'l' 2: Hmm gram Club 5. -l. XAXILIJIAIXI 'I uumvsuw Clmvis Nklllilllkll llunor Sucluly 5, -ll Class f,ll'lLCl 1 -1, -lg Key Club 2, 3, -lg SI7.ll1l'sll Club 5: Stu clout Council l, Z: llmmwrmun Officer ig lmn ball lg Baslsuilmll l, 2, 3, Tennis 2, -3, -lp Ilnmv cunning Escurt -lg junior Scuim' XVaitcr lp H115-, mul Means Ccnnmittcc -lg Nlm1ug1m11 Club 3, 4- Seniur Supcrlativc -lg Nlurvlu-ml 'Sclmlur Numi Iwo: Stunt Night Cuurl. 'Io ANNE llfxnnlsom l7.ll..'X. 2, 3: l5.'I'.,X. 3, Studcnt Cuuncil llmuvruum Ul'l'icCr 2, 35 Hzm.l I, 2, 3, 41 Slum Night Cuurl. Busilwss Stull' .Xmc'ulAlvL -lg Kc-yells' Club 4' NIARY C11E,x'111Am llARRlS Iiclituriul Stull' .XC'L'0lAllli -lg Kcyvttc Club 1. 4 -l Hunrd nl' Directors 5, l7.l3.l,.A, Sq Spanish Club 3, -lp l7.ll.A. 2, F.'l'.,X. 3, Fiku Hi-Zctlr Stuff' 3. -l, Business Al2lI1ilf.It'l' -lg Science Club 1. X, 4, Officcr -lg Intramural lhnsketlmll l, 2: lhuul 1. if Hamm: RN --.ig .N .4-.rf -W-,,,,m..,S,, . ,,,,.,,.,...-- ,- .uns-"""" ,ya-.,,.... :,,n. S BARBARA PHYLLIS llAYES Business Stuff nf rxl'C'OI.KDY 41 l-.B.l...X. 2, S. 4. Officer 4: Student Council 3, 4, Officer 41 llornerouin Officer I, 2, 53 llzrnrl lg Science Club 2.1 llnoster Club 4, Cfuiliptaiiii 45 Stunt Night Court. ROBERT AMOS l lAYEs Diversified Occuputiuns 41 Student Cuuncil lg llmncrouiii Officer 2, 41 Band l, 1. 53 lioutbull I, Z. VIXVIIXN ANN l lAx'Es . .,. , l7.l3.L..X. 2, lg l-.ll..X. 2, 3, 4g l'.l.,X. JL 7 llnnieroum Officer lg Science Club -3 Buustcr Club 4. VVILLIAAI QDLIVER llE1x:EPETIr Spanish Club 3. 4: juninr Senior XVriiter 23 Science Club Z. 3, 4. Officer 4. .IANES DRALILLIIN Huzu, lll lioritbzill 1, 2. FREDERICK lX'l0R'l0N l llcslrl, lll Spanish Club 4: llrmierouiii Officer 33 Gulf 4. BRENDA PEARL ll1NNAN'l' Choir 2, 3, 4. ,IQIIN lDANIEl. llosczoon, -IR. lxcy Club 43 Huslxetlmll Xlaiiir-get 2, 3g liziselmll Xlzxnager 2. 3, -lg Kluiiugrziiii Club 2, 3, 4. NlARY JEANETIE ll0nc:Es l7.l3.L..X. 45 llumercmm Officer 31 Band 1, 2: Intrziniurzil Bzisketbaill 1. Page One Humlred Tweniy i , ,xgzqqggly . Q IM' fi srifi IO if v J 57155 Q F w4Q?ff'2-I. + Fgfffflbwffx ai' , l l , I R cJFFICE WORKERS: Stanolizzg: P Vllindliam, O'Neal, and C Oates. Seated: P. Gay and C McKee-l. S Has! llrvssufl ANN IIENNINUS l3u.1,1E EI.l.IO'l'l' 1963 J?" Pmsx' ROSE llm.I,0m,xN l'.I3.l.. X. 3, 4:Cl1uir2, 3, 4. CDxnol.vN LOUISE llOI.LOWEl,I, Spzmislm Club 1, 4, 4, F.'I'.,X, 4, 4: Vlhys mul Xl Il1Sclbl11I11lllll 4 Ui 1 " . Drums ll.-NYE llORNE Nlllllllhll llnnur Suciviy 3, 4: Class Ufficcr .4 llliurinl Stull' Xcuml un 4 K tn Club 7 4 11 1 . 1 3 syct' -, 4, l4.l3.l..X, 45 SI7klIllSll Club 4: I-.Il..X. 2, 4 l"l'.X. 45 llumL'r1mm Officer l, 3: Bnml lg ln Illllllllllll lhslwtlualll l, 2, 3: llu111cc1r1nir1g S mn "'7y' 4 I ' S ' XY ' 7 Cl l l l I f ' wr 3 - umm' L'l1IHl' LIIIFCSN -1 Icvr cnc ul' ' "' ' ' ..m,-. 2, 4, 4, lln-.ulg Bunstvl' Club 4g Stunt Night Cnurl. SANDRA CQAYLE ll0RNE Ihmm-ss Stuff Mun xm 4, Kcycttc Club 4, 4 Ulli 1 4 l'l3l X ' 4 Snmib Club 4 4 cc' 1 . . 4, g 1 s , 1 K' -Q L'L"L'i l'A -Q . l H l ' . .NNN CAno1-x'N ll0R'l0N l'llIIHlAliIl Xull XCKUIYXIJF 4: l.Il.X. 4. ,lm'c4E ANN llousre V. C fu 'N W . "' I'.ll.X. '. 4. 7 . A 1 vm' W .Vg M ...nun-9 liu Sp Nlfxm' CQALE lluczmis l'.ll..X. 2. lXl.xm'1m LANE HUSSEY :misli Club -, 43 l7.T..X. 33 IlUl'I'lL'l'lHlI'l1 Ui 'cr l, 4: hllllmiul'-Sclmiur XYz1it1'c'ss 2. ANN BRASXVELI. -lENNINGS llfmm' Suuicty 4, 4: Kcpvttc Club 4: 7 l.I3.L.X. 4: Irunulm Club 4, 4: I.Il.X. ,, 4, 4 OH 'liccl' 4, 4: l,'lA..X. 5, 43 Fila' Hi-Zcttm' Stall f as 3, 4, lnlitur 43 llnml 1: Clluir l: Scniur SllDL'I'l.l' tim' 4: lntriumxrnl Hnmlxctlmll l: jL1niur-Senior ""'r- 4 xxY1llIl'L'S5 2: Science Club 2. S: Bmmvr Club 4: Aww 'gf g-may Stunt Xiglxt Cuurt, X' 9 I'ugu Una llHlIL1l'CL'l Twenty'-mzv Olliccx' 4, l".'l'..X. 3, lfilcu Ili-Zvtfu Stuff 41 lhml 7: lntrmmuunl Bnslxctlmll 2, 3. 4: -lunin1'9c11iul vllllll' ss 7 Cb ll ul I 7 Stunt Yi hr Cunt sincss Stull' ,X1'COI,xIH', 4: F.l3.L.,X. 4, 43 0 BRENDA Lois -IUHNSON f7.l3.I...X. 2, 3: l'.Il..X. Z, 5: Choir 1. ClA1u.ANn RM' louwsow lrnnsfL'1'1'cd from nlllly, N. Q.. 4. ,IM:QLlE1.,YN Pn1scI1,l,A ,IOIINSUN IHX' IIX Business Stuff .Xc'c'u1,,x1H 4: '. . -, 4: .' 3, 4, Uuml l, 2, 3, 43 ll14l'Alll1lll'2Il U.lsl.n'll.uII 2, 5, 41 Sulmul Sturt AIHIIZILQCI' 3, 4. CLERALIJ fXl.'lON IIONES Uivcrsificcl f,CL'llI72lfifll1S -lg lhls " -, Y, Band lg Vontlnzlll 1. BRENDA -Iovcrg slUYNlil! l3.ll.,X. 5, 4. Emma EUGENE -IUYNER -IANICE PAYE 'IOYNIER l'.l3.l,.fX. 43 Hum! l. l, lg chili! 7 UIESSE CLABOURN -lovmen PA'1'R1c:1A IXNN ,IOYNEN F.B.I.,X. 2, 3, 4: l7.lI..X. Z, 4, 4: lJix'm'siI'iul f,CCllD2lfiUl1N 4: Il1II'Illl1lll'Lll Hzlskn' Q -, Buostcr Club 4. S . .vssmmwv .,4-In 'Wfilfl-aww .nz-W' M,,f .1341 S,-f A-w""" +4 .- ,M mhnnf' gli!" IOR Most Athletic -IANET BROADHURS1' KNOX A'1CIX1ILLAN -mmm, ...wwf Senior concession stand workem, H. Al761'l'lUflZ.V, A. VVlzeele1', D. High, S. L. Woo1ez1, S. Tomlin- son, and L. VVi11steac1, prepare for lmlf-time mob. 1963 Hunan: llfxm. vlmfwvn v n . ,.., ,'. f PIIILLII' lx1l.l.1gl11Q l,IXL'I'SH'Il'4I fjl'k'lIl71lliUllN 4g llnwl I, 1, VVANIJA Ilcmmws Kwcg s,n.1,,,x. s, 4, I.H.,X, 4. IJUNALIJA CQLENN LAM A1 llvu-lxlficml c,L'l'lIl7.Ili1bl1S 43 llzmmvrvmm f,f'lll'I 4 I mtl I 7 4 I l".l3,I..,X. 43 nllllll l, lg Iuntlmll lg lrngk 4. A"lAIXlI,YN ,loves l,fx,x1M l'.Iw.l..fX. 2, 4, 4, Uiilrvl' 43 l.ll.,X. 1, 43 flmln 23 Scicncc Club 2. M YHA liI.IZAlSE'I H LAM M I'.I!.L.,X, 5, 41 Choir Z3 'Illl1ifll'gL'l1lUl Ului '1'Hmx1As HLIDULPII LAMM llixclsificcl Uccllputiulms 4. VV1l,Lmm HENRY LARIBI frrrlllmll l. ALICE Loulsxi L,xNc:l.EY l'.lI..X. 4: lxlmin 2. In-as 7 NU ummcs on PoP COR N ALLUHED !N SYN xx ' 1, N X Qs. fl! WIS ,gt M. Q .WMQ5 5 I wb 400+ Ez 1 I, f 'V , l . V 1' Q as if i SE l3Em'rm QTONNIE l-ANc:1.Ei' l7.B.I...fX. 3, 4g Diversified Occupntionx -lg llomeroom Officer -lg Choir 4. blICHAEI, IJEE LANIER l'rel1cl1 lillllt 3, -lg lfootlmll l, 2, 3: illpiclt 1, 3: v junior-Senior Vlliiter -g Science Club 4. Qll.YDE AIARSIIALI, LEWIS Spanish Club -lg I-'ilu' Ili-feth' Stuff 45 Clioir -v. j,xN1eE EVELYN L1Nvu.1.E litlitoriul Stuff .Xl'K'Ol.XIDl- -lg l5.l3.I..uX. 3: Spam- islt Club 3: l3.II..X, 3: Ilomeroom Officer l, 33 Rand lg lIlIl'1ll11l1I'1ll llusketlmll lg Senior Su perlrrtive -lg Clieerlezitler l, -lg Booster Club 4: Stunt Night Court. Cox' EDVVIN Lue,xs Dixersifietl Occupations -lg Football 2, 3, -lg Nlon- ogrznn Club 3, 4. M.-xnczixnE'l' LOUISE ALXRSII Nutiomrl Honor Society 3, 43 Mnrsliul 55 Cliiel Nlzirslml 3, 43 Kc-yette Club 2, 3, -lg l5.ll.L..X. :Ig Stutlent Council Officer lg Spunixli Club 2, 3. 4: llorneroorn Officer l, lg Band l. 2, 3: Intru- murail Bzislxetbaill l: Senior Supurlutive -lg Junior- Senior VVuitress 29 Science Club 43 Clieerleuder 2: Mgrjorette l, 2, Sq Booster Club 43 Stunt Night Court. FRANCES SuE Mwo l-.ll..X. 2, 3, -43 llolnerooln Officer 7 Umor, -IEAN blCCiLlI.LEN l'.ll.X. 4: Choir l. 2, 3, 4: lntrznnuml llusltet- bull l. Cr,xuD1,x lX'lAE lXlClSEEl, l'.l3.I-..X, 5, 4: Student Council -lg Band lg Choir lg Junior-Senior XVnitress 2g Science Club 7 Clittrltrtltr 1 lltitl 7 -, X 1 , 1 -. Page One Hmzflrcd Twenty-frmr ,..,...-,,,,,...... NIO CLASS IJAY SPEAKERS! T. Riley, Proplzetg D. Parramore, Histori- ang G. Sherwood, Tesmforg and F. VVilliams, Poet. RS H :roomm- Host Sclzulnrly LuulsE lXl.XRS1l XVILI. BRYAN P1'r'm1AN 1963 13749 fm .JM emit' 'W' CllIARLES KNOX blCAl1I,LAN Key Club 2, 3, 41 lIllll1Ul'HUIll Officer 4, lbw!- lmll l, 2, 3, 4: liuslu-tlmll l, 2, 5, 4, lcnnis 2, 5, 4, Bznsulmll lg Suniur SLll7L'l'lLlllYC 4, junio: Scnim' XVuitL'r 2, ,Xluxmugnllll Club 2, 4, 4: lXlUlL'llC1ILl NKbIIlll1L'L'Q Stunt Night Cuurt. .IAMES ERNEST lXlENEFEE llll4LiI15l'Cl'I'CCl frum l'.eyv.'ttcxillc, N. C. 4. EDDIE Cl,xR1,AN1J AlERCER llnsclmll 2, 3, 41 Xlulxugrnxll Club 4, 4. EMILY SIIERRY AlINK Sp.1n1sh Club 41 l.ll.,X. 2, like Ili-Zum' 5, 41 llumcrumu Officer lg lntxxuuurul l3.ul.4-tlmll l. 4. S,xmuE1, AlURRlS Alllibllli llus Ilrixur 4, luullmnll ,,cr 4. IIUANNA PACE A l uz1N1cu lI.l'2lllSlIL'lI'l'il Hum Kinstuu 21 I-.lS.l...X. 5. Clll1Xl1l,UI"lE ,XNN UM ES Yutionul lluuur Sugicly 5, 4, Class Uflicsr 4: liusincss Stull .Kumi XDI 4: Kcyuilc Club 4, 4. 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Page One Humlrell Twerziv-five AlARN'1N CDVVFNS llliuonful -IEANNE l7AllRAlNlOllE N.l1lUI1fl llm1m'Sm.icly 4, 4: xl.ll'5l'llIl 2, 41 C Law Oflllgvr 2: lfnlitori.1l Stull' .XK'1'lllAlJl 4: licym-lla' Clulw 41 l'.l4.l.. X. 45 llulmu-rmun Ufficur 4, llnml l, l. 4, 4, Ul'l'iu-r 43 ll1lI'llll1lll.Il I4.nslu-llmll l, 1: Svsniur Slll7L'l'l.IllXC 4: jllninr-Sclxiux' XY.1iln-xx 2: Micncc Clulv 1, 4, 4, f,l"l.lL'k'lA 4. XV.Au'11iu 'lllS'lIC'li lJ.'XlRlllNll Snim-num' flulm 4. SARAII l'.RANL'liS lJ.X'I'Il5RSUN Ngulimml llnnm' SUklk'lj 4, 41 lxcyctu- lflulw 43 l'u-lull Club 4, 4: l.Il.,X. 1, 4g I'.l'.,X. 4, 4, i,lllLl'l' 4, 4, 'ilu' lllfvfln' Skull 4, 45 ll.lllcl l, l. 4g juniur SL-niur XYanilrcxa lg Nuys .mul Cblxllmxiltm- 4, Sk'lL'l1L'l' Cluln 2, 4. AlAliX"lNli lllulf l'15'lw.xx' Din-1xil'iL-Ll f,CtllPllllUllN 43 Klum' l. 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R011- erts, recipient of National Coun- cil of Teachers of English Award, discuss their plans for tlze future. 963 XVII 1 INXI Ilmyxx l'll'lx1'xx fi 1' mlvly 4, 4, f,iillL'I 4, Xlarxlxil 4 ' v 1 - ' 1 f 3 'y , 3 llll Q , 11' . ' 'lx L' ' 4 IIUIIIVIUUIII fJHlu'1 li luulfmll I, .l, 4, 4 . 3 '. 4 -, 1 ' V i wrlnlixv 4 luunn'Sm-nmr XX.ulcr lg Xlruwglnnl Club 4, 4 ivuu' Club l, 4, 4,UHn1-1' 41 N.ulum.1l Xlvru lumllsig Xlun-In-.nlS111-.ullhnipn-11118111111 Nag l4m'c'1v Nmuus l'm"1umass I I,.l.X. 41 IIUIIIUIIIUIIII fjiilkfl I1 luullnall 4 liiwlmll I, 4, 4. M 4 llollcgm-1 lluwmm P14101 lliu-1'sif'iccI Ugcupgnlicms 4. Syivm ciAlHOl.YN Pmctii Vux. 4, crr,..i.' I, 2. 4, 4. .NXRIUN l..,xlf.'xx'1a'1'lri PRlIJlLl1N l.ll.X. 1. 1. ,XNNIIE Life Pnmcrx liuml I, 1, 4, 4. VIRGINIA fiAl.E Pl4OC'l'0l4 Il4,l.,.X. 1, 4, 43 Ilmm-rmun Oilum' l, 7 7 fXNc:ul.1NF. AIIIJDIETUN Quick IIWJIILII Club 4, 4, 'glmt Kmart. 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PA'l'P.1c11A .ANNE ROBERIS National llonoi' Socivty 3, 4, Ofliicci' 4, Klux UI' ficvr lg Rcyvtto: Club 2, 3, 4, llozircl ul' lliicn tors 2, Officer 4: l3.B.L..X. ig Spanish Llulm S F.'I'.pX. 3: Stualunt founcil 25 .Xinuriuin lin-Ii Scrvicc Ofliusr 3, 44 llomcroom Officer l. 4, -l Band l, lg lntrsiniuml liuslwllmll l, 2. 4. 4 Homecoming Sponsor 4, Scicncc Clulm 1, 3 Lflwcrleziclcr 4: Nluiorettc l, 2, llooncr Cluli 4 National Council of Te1u.'lwl's lfngliali .Xxmul 4 S.unt Night Court. Cirmis ClRAY lloismsow llixcisilin-cl c,L'L'llILlllHIIN 4. llifiiv DIEAN lloncmns I-.iI.,x. 4. IIOHN lN11.1.1.lxM Kumiri Ronczuns llgiml l, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3. CLARK IXNN Rosa l.ll..X. 2, 3, 41 cllllll' l, 2, 3. Page One llumlrezl Tweiztv-eiglzt E! .X N10 john Motley Morehead Scholar ship Nominees: Seated: VV Graves, B. Dickens, G. Sher wood, and T. Ovcrmnn. Stuml ing: VV. B. Pittman, ll. Lanier R. Smith, anal K. hlcnlillan. RS 171'ic1z11licsl RAE W1x'1'Q11N 1111.11 C1111B15111,1s1' 1J11N1x1.11 11UBER'l' 1111515 11I'0l1L'1l Club 3. -1: '1'en11is 3, -1: 1Va1ys klllll N11-11111 CT11111111itlec -1. b'11111j11111E 'l11cQ111x111'N ROSE Nillllllliil 111111111' Suciety 3, -1: French Club 5, -1, Officer -13 Student Cuunuil 3, 4: 13111111 1, 2, 3, -15 JllI111Jf'SL'l11HI' 1'Vaitrc-ss lg AIg1j11rctt1: I, 2, 71, -1. CA1111111'N 1J1111EuN SAMS N111i11114.1 1111n11r Society 3, -15 15.1'3.1-..'X. 3g 1'-fEI'lC11 Club -1, Of1'i1'cr -1g F.11..'X, .31 Scicncc Club -1. '1LlD1'l1l ANN SAWYER 17.l3.1,..1X. -15 l1111'1111111r111 1311skct1111ll 3, 4g 13111111111 Club 4. V1111:1N1A LYNN Sc:11ADE I5.l1.l,.1X. -13 1-I'Cl1L'11 Cflub 11, -11 17.11.:X. 2, 5, 4: If.'l'..11. 11, -1g 13LlllL1 1, 2, 3, -1: 1Il11'Ll1l1llFL11 13.1xlw1 11.111 lg SL'1Cl1L'L' f11lI1l -1. 11111111111 -IAMES S11A1w141,EH11111, 111 1311s1wt1111l1 1, 2, 3, -13 1311scb11l1 1, 2, 51 51111111 11111111 Club 3, -1, 1118111111 13.1s1u.'t111111 111011111 -1. Cl1311111gE 11111'A1.1, '511E11w111111, ll N11ti111111l 111111111 S11ci1-ty 31, 43 Class Officer 2: li11it111'i11l Staff .1Xc1:111.11111 -11 Key Club 2, 3, -11 13111111 1, 31. -1: F1111tb11l1 1, 2, 11. 4: rl-filfli 2. il jun1111'-Sen111r 1V11itcr 2: A1lI11llgfLlIll Club 3, -1: SL'1C11L'C Club -15 NIQISIUI' 111' L1t'fL'IllU1l1l'5 111 -111111111 S1:11i111' 3, A11lI't'11CLlL1 Stflltlliil' N11111:111'1'1 Stun! Night Cltlllfii Class Duy 8111111111-1'. CLAUDE 1iP.NEs'1' S11x111Ns, 1111. 1x1-5 Club 2, 11, 4, fj1'1'1CL'1' -1: 1113.1 ..X. -1: 517.111 1511 Club -1-1 Studunt Council 3, -1, Of1'i11'1' -1: 1111111e1'1111111 Ufficm' 1. 2. 3: 131111111411 1, 1: 131ls1wl 111111 l, 2, 3, -1: C1111 2, 3, -11g 111111111-Su11i11r XY111tc1 1: bltblllbgfzllll Club 2, 3, 41 Stunt Night Clilllll. ERNEST RUSSELL SK1NN1g11, '11-3. 1511111111111 1, 2. 3. 4: Truck 1, 2, 3, -1: M1,11111gr111n Club 3, -lg Stunt Night Xlnstvr 111' C1'1'1-111111111-1. Page One H111111re1l V11ll'L'1l1j'll11ltZ VIAMES RM' SKINNER Spzxnixh Club 2, 5: Studcnl lfnuncil 2: XVny-4 :ml ,Xlums C'mnlniItcc 4. lloNN1E llmzm' SKINNER ll.lHll I. ll llmllynll l, 2, 4. lluminl lllmxl UN SM l'l ll l.llllUl'llll Bull ,Xroul xm' 43 lxvy Club 1, 5, -lg Spanish Club ill Stuulcul Cuuncil 5, lmutlmll l, 2, 3, 4: .lLlIllUl"SL'IllUI' lVuitur lg XVLIQS und Xlczms clUIl1IllllIL'C 43 Nlcnmgrnnm Club 3, 41 Xlmm-lu-uni Sclmlzur NUllllHL't'Q Stunt Nigln Court. IXNNIE LAun,x SPALIQLII Yuliulml llmwr Sucivlp 3, 4, Ollluul' 4: l'Llitmi.ul Stull ,xL'l'Ul,XlH 4, l.Il.l,..X, 2, 4, l.ll..X. 4, Stuclcnt l'uunril 4: llnlm-rlmnm Ufliu-I' l, ig lu11iur,Scl1im' Xlluilzvsx l. IIMXIES clllbllili S1 ,xNn'11, lgllllll lg lfmxilmll 2, 5, 4, lllmclx 2, 3-. 4: Xlmw mm Club 4, 4. Cluomzm 'llUlXll.lNSUN SIAIUQ l'.Ii.I..X. 4, l,II,,X. 1, lg lhml 1. Pfx'lu1c'1A ,NNN S1 ule1,M.xN ll'.lll'wllL'l'I'QLl lruxn Xluunl Xiry 4: l.ll.l,.X. 4: l.lI..X. 4. QJLIVIQIK C1 ENN S'lUNl-',..X. 4. ClAlll,'I UN clI,ENN S1 U'I'l lv.-5 Club 43 lftfllkll Club .42 XXQQN. :mal Xlcnns , 'Wav fnlxffu ' 11" ik lllla 4 Slum 4 ill flllllllll " 1 n" ' lb 4. iw' -... W ... SE 2 fx NIC I I I 'f W-W Y I RS fllosl Ucpfxllnlallvlv ljummlul Pfxnn.-xmona rll0lXllXlY l3m'141N .wi-ow' ..L:fnf"" ' WWW ,yur-""'9 'nn-ng.. Mrs. Crmvley, Rodgers, and O. I-ledgepeth work Imcksmge. I. Rose and Broadlzurst wait to perform in Sinn! Night, 1962. 'qm- -nuk- 1963 XHVIAN I.1+ SVRICKI AND Imlrtsmzll Stull ,Xrfru xm 4, l,l4.I.X. 4, Sgmn mlm f'lul4 1, 4, -lg I'.lI,X. 4, I,I,X. -4, f hm: 2. 'llll,IA KM' SlI'I"l'UN llusmm-wx Sl.uI'I' ,Xu UI XIII -lg Kl'j'l'lIt' C lull 4, I l',Il.I ,L 4, 4: Sgnmlslx Clulm 4, -IQSllIiIl'I1lcUIllD all 4, Ilmm-mmm: fllliu-r 4, 4, Ilznncl I, 2, 4, 4 . . x . ' ' lmslxn-tlmll I, 'Iunmr Svnmr Vl.IlIH'v lg Sslvuu' Clulr -lg C'lu'L'rlv.ncIl'l' 2: X4I.IIHYl'lll' I 1, 4, ll1'.ul4, Ilumu-r C'luln 4. Ilmmfxs lmlflin I,xY1,un, ln. IIAMUNA lwwu Ilimmra l'.ll.I...X. l. 4,41 l'.Il,X, 2, 4, Ig lIull11'I1n1I1l UI li H- I v 4 4 1' ,- , . IIIINJAMIN Iinwfmn IIIIIUMPSUN l'.ll.I,..X. 1. 4, 4, II4llllCl'4I41l1l UI'Iiu'r I, 1. 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RACHEI. lJAVVRliNCTlj XMx'uwN ettu Clulu 2, 4, 4, Offirvr 4: l.l3.l,.,X, 7 zmish Clulw -, 5, l5.'l'..X. S, lllw Ili-fvllw aff -4: gtLlLlL'l1l C'uuncil 3, ,luniur Light lllllll Sale Cn-C'lmirmun S, Ilmmwrurmm Ofliu-1 d I: lntrzmulrnl llzlslmctlmnll I. 2. 3, 4 inr Sllpvrlzltivv 41 Jlll1lfll'SL'l1l!lI' XN'.ui1rn-ss lg 1m'rle'nmln'r Z. 4: llfmsu-1' Clulv 4, Stunt Night 4llll'I. NVILLIS lil7XNAlRIJH XfV,xlnsuN ' l'lTk'l1L'l1 4, 41 llnl1u'l'4ml11 Ol Class f,f4lLLl' l, lln' r l. l3fxnnAP.A Suu XfVE1,1s,.X. 2, 5, 4, f,lflCl'l' 4: l.ll,X. lg llgmnl l 7. 3, 4. Div lim FRANCES ANN XNELIN F.ll.'X. 3, 4: Cllwlr l. QTHAIZLES ll'nmxms VVEIQIUN crxifivrl CJL'L'llD.iIl1ll1N 4, llrvnwmum c,l'llLXl'l l ml l, Z, 5, ANN Cm I HVIE XAfliEIiI,.lEIK l,ll.l.X. 4g Spzlnlsh Clulu 1, ig l'.ll.X. l l I X 41111 Il1!rtStll4 . . Q ' 1' wz' c' ll . Page Une Hmzzlrcd PI-lli?'f,Y'l'll'fI ENI J. Bosticlz, U. A. H. uwmcl re cipiezzf, exlzilrits 0112 of her serv ices 10 the xclzrml. CRS 41431 ar mann?" .dgwgzw D. lliglz, C. Ilfilhnwll, ll. Ilmlges, il. Gmlufiiz, Ci. Fcirris. iiizfl ill. l..u1izm find ilziil lmurs spent on res0m'clz will lvriug re- ward of cmiiplelezl term papers. X'-wwf 43, 1963 Elwmim UOVVEN VVHEELEH Band l: Iillflfllilll 1, S, 43 lirzlclx 2, 33 Xlwnu grain Club 4. Wfiiimm l:nwiN XfVuiiEi.E1z nklllll l, 23 licvolbnll 2, 5, 4, 'lmclx 43 Xlu1mgv'.u.11 Club 4. AlARY QlAROl,lNE VVIIITE Yzxtiuniil llrmur Society ig Clznas Officer 41 l5,ulitfi1'iul Stull nl' .X4:c'ril,.xlm11 4g Kcycttc Club 4 4, French Club 5: I". ll. A. 53 glllllklll Cuunuil l, 2, Officer lg llmlicimiiim Officer l, 2, SQ llzmrl lg lntiumuriil lhskcllxiill l, 2, .lg ILli1im'-Scniur Xlvillll'L'5N lg Scicnu' Club 1, 5. -IOHN lilowmm XRIHH EHLIRYI Nziliunnl llmwr Suuicty 3, 4g lxcy Club 4:,..X. 33 llaml l, 2, 5, 43 fmlf 2, 3, 41 XVQWQ zxml Klczins Cnininitu-c 43 -lliimim'-Sciwiui' XV it 1 7 Xlonv inn Club ' 4 S i n Club 4 ll L" -C i fill J, Q CL' CL' . LYNn,x lJIANNE VVI'll'l LEX' llnmwurim fflllljtl' lg ll.m.l I, 2. 4: Nuys .mil ,Xlvuns Clrimmitlcv 4: Scicucu Club 4. IYINA FRANCES Wi1111.12x' licycttc Club 4: ll.l3.I.. X. 4. FATE ALXRVIN NV11.K1Ns l'.l3.l..X. 43 lwmutlmll l, 2, 3, 4: lraiuli 1, 3, 4: Xlimimgruiii Club 4. Flmio XV11.L1,xx1s Hlllhl I, 2, 5, 4: Class D43 Spixilwr. Sllliim' ,IEAN VVILLIAKIS l'.l3.I,..X. 2. 5: Clmir 2, 3, 4. Page One I-lzuzdred Tlzirty-tlzree FLOYD FRANKLIN XVIII mms Qcicnuv Club 4. ,IIMIXIIE EI-I.1U'l'1 VVII.I.I,xxIwN Baml I, 23 lfmutlmll l: l3:IwlI.ull 1. Pxaucax' JXNN XVINIII I,-x Al I'.B.I,.fX. 2, 4, 4, UHIv.cI' 4: I'I1ll11L'llHll11 f,HIL'L'I 2, lg Band l. 2, 2, ciIIAI.IXIERS IDAVID XVINSILAII Diva-I'sifiI'Il OfclIpg1IiaI1f. 4: llnml I. LINDA IJIANNE XVINQIILAIJ I?.B.l,..X. 3, 4, Officer 43 SILIIIINII Club 4. 4 l7.'l..X. 3, 41 Vila' Hifvtfm' 9 .IH 2, 41 Klum I' gL'iL'llCK' Club 4: llfmstvl' flulv 4. PIIIIIIP Elmwfxnn XVINWIIZAIJ Rami I, 2, 4, -4. BRIICE CRJUKE XRIOOIJARD F.H.l,.'X. 41 IIIHIYIHIII l. 2. 3. EI-IzAIsIs'm ll,xc:14NIex' XfVoomIm Kcyuttu Club 43 l7.B.I,..-X. 4, 43 l7.'l'..X. 2g file" Ili-Yvttv Stuff 3, 4g Stuzlcnt c1lllIl1L'll 4: llillllx' rumn Qfficvr 4: Bnnil lg Il1Il'2llHlIlAAll llaxlwtlmll I, 2: SCIUITCI' fluh 2. IVANCY XXNNE XRIOIVIEN l'raI1wfcI'rcml fmnm Qarntrmgn Cfntral High SI-Iwfll 43 VYavs amd NlL'ans Q-llI1'lI11iUl'L' 45 Scicnu' C lub 4. SE NIO iii' Animal' RS CjHIEF MAnsImLs: B. Carr, I., Evans, L. Marsh, Broadhurst J. Bostick, and VV. B. Pittman. anti' SEN IORS NOT PICTU RED DICK BROWN RAY ELTON BUNN DONALD CLEVELAND LIARDISON MICKEY ix1CDUFFIE ROLAND PRICE JAINIES iVIELVLN' SUTTON VERNON TYSON RONNIE HUGH WILLIAh'IS 1 SARAH LANE VVOOTEN lcv 43 Sciuiiu' C lub 2, 4, VVIL1.1A,xi EI.l.l0'l'l' VVYNN llllIlll'L'lhI11il1g lfscrirt -lg Sllllll Night Cuurt. IJIANE Ei,IzIxI:E'iiI YOIINCS Z, 53 Choir lg Scicluv Club 2, 5. Alnscots watclz while their senior relatives, C. Unites T. Overnnzn, and B. Dunn, are nzenszired for cups lll1L gmifns. 963 A beatnik Cizrisfmns brings surprises from tile senior Keyettes. CLASS MOTTO "We are here to Add what we can to, not to get what wc can from, Life." CLASS CQLORS Burgundy - Cold CLASS FLOWER White Rose Officer -lg lllrllwrrmllx Offinvr -lg lhmi ig junio: Scninr XV:lillAl'NS Z3 VVIiys .mil Xlums CVIIIIIIHI lluim-rOmII Uf'f'icI'r I, 2, 4, 45 Scicnnu flul: J National Ilunur Sucicty 5, -lg Kcycllc C lub S, -O I'.B.L.fX. 5: llvlicll Club 5, -lg f'.II.xX. 2, 4 l7.'l'.fX. 33 Fila' Ili-fvlrv 45 HOIIIvI'OOrlI Officui 1 f W X f .ff f f Y ff 2, 6 4-n M Sw Y w c x ff, X.. ,W A X f W fo 4 my A 7 ff i , f . 9 O , , Q l , W , f w:.,.w .21 M W , ,, , 5, ,,,, M f , "k' ' . wi I . x 3419, 5 f4eAr.?'?ZA,A ' X f , wffrfw . W Q A-V ' . k Za fp wx 1, 'f .X fy WW? YQ W. 'fs 'f W W ff ff ' .-M ff, ' fl 4.,,z,,.,.,,f Q , f. ,4 ,.f4 mf. A. A-QV, ,J ,, 1 W . ff : . f ' , ' , 1 fwgfg., ff-W W ...W Q ,P g . ' I . 'ef -, Wi7'?51ff 4?4f2ff,i" Q T ' 0 Xggh wvyy' , I' X QM QQ E WW- 214 -'ff x m 42' ' W2 0 'if 9.4 jp , If W ,ff ' v ' , f f - , . gy .f a, ,- , If iflf. W , , vw , , , x 4 ,, ,f .. . ffm, g f' "" , v V X' Q A ' V ' ' f '7f.V f K .. f , -7 fzfa. ' ff? 1 ,7-, f'f.G:. ' JM 4,-' fv hggrfw- IAQ.-w fu W " ff-,wwf -J ' f- ,M-may E-W , f V fe-Xff-'QW , x af. ,y ,n.f ,. 7 .fy f mfg? ,W ' w ? ff Y W .WX f Vfagffvgfx fzwf ' 2:5-. ,Q , 2,12 ? A. f1 W- J ' fi' YTNJZW , 7 " ' "N V1 WWW7, if if HQQW S.-5, t ,if f , A 1 ' 'A ., ' .. ', I. N f I' 'X ' .. f fx A , . , . , 7 f ff V ' , , 1- 7 f V 4 af M4 -2 fi ,aa f g , . W. f f ' - 1 A ' SMITH BROS. OF WILSON Resilient and Ceramic Tile Contractors Sanding and Finishing - Inlaid Linoleums 223 South Goldsboro St. WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA SUMMERFIElD'S, INC. C0"'P'i"'2"'S of , '05 505' Nash Sf' Wi'S""' N' C' Southern Grain 8. Provision Co., Inc Incorporated January 7th, I924 The one Stop Wholesale Distributors . I For Phones 243-3l84 6 243-3185 M"""e'Y-Shoes 407-9-11-13-15 E. names sr. And Accessories WILSON, N. C. AMERSON'S SERVICE STATION M. I. BOYKIN, .IR. CONTRACTOR AND aulLoER COMPLETE D SERVICE If Q .f Telephone 243-4935 7I9 S. Goldsboro St. Herring Avenue BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I963 Oni' School. Students chat in front of building. Between classes, st udents linger in halls. terr r 5 i Fr Fine Furnishings From Wilson's First Suburban Good Gulf Products Furniture Store co. gfohcfacg House Cgdurnlture Highway 301 South There's a Gulf Station Convenient to your needs Bob Williams 243-2574 VAUGHAN'S JEWHERS CI GAY Co". INC' . WATCHES-DIAMONDS ot mg for the entire family RECORDS-RECORD PLAYERS 109 E. Barnes Street II9 S. Tarboro Street Phone 243-5707 Phone 243-5542 WILSON' N' C. MEET YOU AT wl vl 0 I I I AM-FM THICK SHAKES CURB SERVICE Band rehearses at night to prepare for Homecoming game. - ,'.',x, , . Iggy A . v- Mt?-E .1 B-K SALES AND SERVICE, INC. FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS, FREEZERS, RANGES, WASH ERS 3I9 E. Barnes St. Phone 237-I296 Wilson, N. C. HOME BUILDER'S SUPPLY CO., INC "The Friendly Yardl' Old Black Creek Road Phone 243-4225 WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA roms srnvlcz crunk f'Sf'Y " Wm' F'0We'S" 204 W. Nash Street Telephone 243-4658 V K7 o ucTs i nfill iq PURE ouL PR D , ll' E Cflorisl-' Wheel Balancing 5 Generator Work Bear Alignment Machine Dial 243-2022 WILSON, N. C. Satisfaction with every transaction at G. S. TUCKER 8. CO., INC. Wilson's Oldest Furniture Store WILSON, N. C. . . . now in King-Size 5s.iw.F?3l,'i1 E E Kms-size lfl'if5lf'fw. ,.F57i15!.f95 nom' 11" A C'-'flu' E. r' COR' ' snuono Q gf! F ' 000' nom. Carton "--H--1' BARNES-HARRELL CO. ----i WEST END GROCERY Fancy Groceries - Fresh Meats Vegetables - Fruits - Produce Phone 243-3I5l West Nash St. FREE DELIVERY HEMBY'S BEAUTY SALON 207 E. Vance Street WILSON, N. C. Mrs. Estelle H. Elliott "We need your head in our business Phone 243-2083 Key-Keyette float and Science Club float survive the wind in the Homecoming parade. Z! If 5' lllr C 'Lyme wi HUNT'S 243-3148-Ambulance Service-243-3149 FUNERAL DIRECTORS , MIOVVII o Q 5 OIL COBIPANK INCg WILUQH. le .. Ylllihllll IO. ll,-01" Ln ' W' Iron Fireman Furnace .mijfincffue Javed? am! Home Heating B S ' GRUEN-HAMILTON umer ervlce Pure Products LONGIENES WITTNAUER WATCHES Phone 237-0126 P. O. Box 387 Highway 301 South P. l. Woodard 8. Company, Inc. WQMAMS SHQP FARM AND HOME SUPPLIES GOSSARD CORSETS 108-110 E. Barnes Street Nash Sfreef Student Council and children enjoy the Christmas games and goodies at their Child'ren's party. First To Put The Customer First Complete Banking Service Member ot Federal Deposit Insurance Corporat I FRONT GBSERVFR PRINTING HOUSE INCORPORNTED CHNRLOTTF, NORTH CNROLINN Miss Doris Thorne receives her Pu23f52Z1QZhZ.Z1Zi0l5fZ Kilim. E 't mem ' ' ' mom' M b td Q , l HERRING'S DRUG STORE Nash Street Phone 243-2I5I Free Delivery 5 Fountain Service John Gresham, Owner WHITEHEAD INSURANCE AGENCY "Billy" fr Noble Blackman INSURANCE 8. REAL ESTATE OF ALL KINDS Phone 237-3022 Wilson, N. C ROY'S CURVE SERVICE STATION REGAL PRODUCTS SOFT DRINKS Phone 237-9547 Five Points, Wilson, N. C. Joyner's Funeral Home Telephone 237-3I97 AMBULANCE SERVICE l07 N. Pine Street WILSON, N. C. GOLDEN WEED RESTAURANT American 6' Chinese Foods Robbins Jewelry 8. Music jewelry, Musical Instruments, Steaks - Italian Spaghetti Records C1 Watch Repairing A II4 S. Goldsboro St. 307 Herring Ave. Phone 243-4075 WILSON, N. C. ,QW 1 on PEPPER nommo COMPANY J. 5l8 Ward Boulevard I07 South Goldsboro Street WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA WILSON, N. C. INFANT THRU IUNIOR Dr Pepller Student Council members work on their float for the Homecoming parade. Mrs. Pritchard, Coach Ferrell, and Miss Broughton seem to be having a ball helping the juniors build their float. 1 CRI CRAWFORD AND ODOM, INC. SALES AND SERVICE ,419 Highway 301 Saufh Phone 243-6274 WILSON, N. C. Dio' 243-974 yawn be Ihrrlled with H' ' 'W the new beauty in every A " DIYCLEANEPS garment. Clothes look new gf FHMSHING nous longer. Not-so-new clothes ff. LOOK NEW again! Try , STAWNU TODAY! clrycleamng .X at its finest "Court House in Front of Us" i J Ing, Meet you at BRUCE'S I Thermoagxing I-ISABETH 5 , LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR anuczs nor nos STAND no Eu N h St t as ree 901 South Goldsboro St. WILSQNI N. C' WILLIAMS LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS "We sell everything to build anything" WILSON, N. C. Dial 243-6101 Homecoming sponsors, C. Oates and J. Boykin, ride on handsome convertibles in Homecoming Parade . y .....,,,.,.,,, tm? at riff 'N S -we-W--.L ...," --efs - --he -..,. "M---W-me .-Q.,,, SEALTEST FOODS WILSON, N. C. STUART WALSTON, INC. 417 West Nash Street Interiors Antiques STAlllNGS PRINTERS "Quick Service and Better Printing" Dial 243-3381 Wilson, N. ART CLOTHING STORE T07 E. Nash Street WILSON, N. C. For Lad and Dad "Exclusively Yours For Smart Styling" MOSS BICYCLE SHOP scHwiNN-coLuMsiA WILSON, N. C. Ambers perform in Stunt Night. Who is the alluring lady? Seniors are measured for caps and gowns by Mr. Watson. ,fl I I . 7- Q' 'Q - I Q g ' 'xl uf fr '+ K h r F LZ Q CA CQ! OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS '63 ACCOLADE Mr. Woodard welcomes students during assembly program at the beginning of Teachers enter school . . . excited about school. a new day. u ? 3 X ' -- A Yx Q f 3 ,-,Q fiif' 'O fmdsi fl l l WESTVIEW LANES 500 Ward Blvd. Phones 243-4134 - 243-4135 "Bowling is Fun!" WILSON F.C.X. SERVICE Feeds-Seeds-Fertilizer Farm Supplies F.C.X. Petroleum Products Highway 301 South 243-4704-Phones-237- 1250 STORKS NEST From Infants to Teens and In Between ir COLONIAL ICE COMPANY PARTY ICE FUEL 110 S. Tarboro St. Phone 243-4925 PHONE 243-4340 WILSON, N. C. Compliments of West Nash Street Telephone 243-3445 The Boykin Wholesale Grocery BRASWEEE CARPET SERVICE co" Inc' Sales and Cleaning Whvlewle Grocers Binding and Moth Proofing Phones 243-2131 -- 243-2132 400 East Green Street Mohawk BIQQIOW WILSON, N, C, Carpeting Carpeting . rr.lMo1,N menrurir THE MERCURY PLACE Central Service Motor Co., Inc. 103 South Bruton Street wu.soN, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 243-5104 Phone 237-1353 Barnes 6 Goldsboro Sts. Wilson, N. C Homecoming . . . all that work and the wind. must blow!!! P' ' ' ' il' 5 fs, Mir, I 1 -,' f rr, jew- 1 f 2 wrt 1' Qfwl ' .Q "Q . A 'Q H R I f' -- x i bb , ,y--575541, P r ,gy ',L,.g,', g I ' 4 , ,fllll -erl 55 145 - fr 'S int .4 CAROLINA BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY BUILDING MATERIAL, LUMBER, COAL, PAINT WILSON, N. C. THE COUNTRY SOUIRE Your Ivy League Headquarters For Women and Men IO7 South Tarboro Street WILSON, N. C. Phone 243-3436 DAIRY QUEEN "Ice Cream Fresh from Freezer, with That Country Fresh Flavor" Highway 30I South Phone 243-5438 WILSON, N. C. Get In Touch With CECIL B. LAMM 8. COMPANY Cecil B. Lamm-Donald B. Lamm FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of I963 FAIRVIEW PHARMACY, INC. A Complete Drug Store Compliments of ETNA SERVICE STATION DOWNTOWN FLORAL SHOP I23 N. Douglas St. Wilson, N "When It's Flowers, Think of Ours Across From Woodard-Herring Hospital isio souih Goldsboro sneer Dial Day 243-5375 - Night 243-6741 J' M' Brown' Manage' Narcissus Strickland - Esther Webb The school bus-welcome transportation to tired students. Group singing is led by Mr. Babelay at the Band Banquet. 9 FOOD LANE SUPERMARKET WILSON NORTH CAROLINA Specializing in Choice Western Meats Congratulations To The Class Ot I963 PARKER'S BARBECUE Highway 30I South WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of W00lWORTH'S WILSON'S LEADING VARIETY STORE Phone 243-3690 Seniors study!! Cam, they be getting ready for exams? A'jQjfe. C 5 1 ' ,X , 1 X if -4 , 5 ROBERT B. ANDERSON POST NO. I3 AMERICAN LEGION Wilson County Fair Grounds Highway 30I South WILSON, N. C. AVENUE GARDENS HDRIS1- Carolina Propane Gus Company Full Line of App'liances Dial 243-2257 202 Park Avenue i WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA P. O. BOX 227 P. O. Box 315 Wilson, N. C. Greenville, N. C. FLOWERS SH E GROWER'S C0-OPERATIVE 0 STUFF wimruouss, mc. 108 South Tarbom Street For the sale of Leaf Tobacco Telephone 243-2523 WILSON, N. C. WILSON, N. C. We Pay Patronage Dividends Box 247 Phone 243-5097 I crown you Queen Charlotte of Stunt Night 1963. nous. s. ELEANOR moss, mc. BARNES SHFII SEFVKE Bear Steering Service Men 5 Boys Store Frame and Axle Straightening Wheel Balancing 136 S. Tarboro Street Corner Barnes C1 Douglas WILSON' N' C' Phone 237-1896 C, J, Wilson's Newest Specializing in GENERAL CQNTRACTQR Class-Cuts-Picture Framing Storm Windows 6' Doors NEW HOMES-HOME ADDITIONS FREE ESTIMATES C 8. E PLATE GLASS CO. North Carolina License-95999 120 S. Lodge Sf. Pl'l0ne 243-5921 Route 2, wilson Tel. 237-2053 Cwbfefl' 5 ECIQE OWEEE Ship Freight Fast by Motor Truck I lva, E. Zig. :ggi ff Nighf ll I l ei Day F 3 1.. " li ' , 'A --z nv. V V., If ' Vogt V I l"iJF'm IE V,,, N. 1, L ,. FORBES TRANSFER COMPANY WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA Dial 243-3425 or 237-3151 "Merry Christmas, Mr. B.," says band president Doug Fitzgerald and Bob Our wonderful marching band adds Stamper, drum major. flavor to the Homecoming parade. O E T T I N G E R ' S Department Store AND OETTINGER'S Men's Store Wilson's Leading Store Since 1869 Johnson Fumiture Store Roland Grady, Jr, Mgr 120 South Goldsboro Street Wilson-Phone 243-3050 Newton Mutual Insurance Agency ALL TYPES or INSURANCE Office Phone 237-0235-Res. Phone 237 2562 H. E. Newton 207 National Bank Building MILLWURK CUMPANY WILSON, N. c. WILSON NORTH CAROLINA A valuable part of our school Paul Lane, Francis Melton Charles Kzttrell Ruth Rezd James Bess COBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS, INC. WAYNE DAIRY DIV. HOME OF FINE DAIRY PRODUCTS Produced on Nearby Farms Fresher-More Delicious Glass Bottles or Paper Containers Visit our beautiful dairy bar 501 Raleigh Road Dial 237-2811 for home delivery CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! WILSON COUNTRY CLUB E. L. Matthews Manager Grover Bullin Professional THE TOWN SIIOP Street and Cocktail Dresses BAILEY'S JEWELRY DIAMONDS-WATCHES-.I EWELRY EXPERT WATCH REPAIR SDOVISWGEIV 109 S. Goldsboro St. 104 W. Nash Street Wilson, N. C. H1009 243-2517 WILSON, N. C. MORRISON'S DRUG STORE "Prescriptions a Specialty" 121 N. Douglas Street Mcross from Woodard-l-lerring Hospltoll Phone 243-3136 we BUY WRECKED AND BURNED CARS AUTO SALVAGE COMPANY 1203 S. Goldsboro Street WILSON, N. C. -l- D- l'll9l'l, -lf- Phone 243-6155 7 Are the cheerleader trying "to Spook' the Cycs to victory? Emanons entertain the Music Department of the Wo1nan's Club. RICKS AMOCO SERVICE COMPLETE SERVICE FOR YOUR CAR 400 West Nash Street WILSON, N. C. Phone 243-3346 VANN'S, INC. ggi Electrical Appliances-TV-Radio Hobbies-Toys IIS West Nash Street Wilson, N. C Phone 243-3937 Pete Fulghum john Covington Compliments of PURITY BAKERY, INC. Sundifer-Butts Pontiac Co. PONTIAC-CADILLAC TEM PEST-STU DEBAKER SALES 5' SERVICE IIS S. Lodge Phone 237-IIII WIISON DRUG COMPANY EST. 1932 X.-. ...,, A - 3 Z, ,ff - X "THE oLD RELIABLE" DENNY'S SINCE I888 Jewelers 114 s. Torboro sneer Phone 243-3176 107 Wes, Nash Sheet WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA WILSON' N' C. BARRETT'S PRINTING nous: WILSON, N. C. Established I896 LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINTING ESTHER'S HAIRSTYIING Hazel Hoover-Esther Bailey 507 Herring Avenue Phone 243-5373 W. B. Pittman gives the oath of membership Students wait to enter the Auditorium to the new National Honor Society members. for assembly program. Branch Bank extends a cordial IQ 3' X N to Fike students and faculty - anlcing and Trust with Ifixlteggolina Company .ffmfd Qafwdbnai Udlalfamf MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Junior Varsity games . . . Sidney Griffin grabs Rocky Mount player . . . Cheerleaders approve. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS WIISON FURNITURE COMPANY l25-l27 S. Goldsboro Street ROY B. WEBB INSURANCE AGENCY ll8 N. Tarboro Street Telephone 237-3028 WILSON N- C. FURNITURE AND PIANOS "PROTECTION-SERVICE DEPENDABILITYH WILSON, N. C. Bridgers Paint and Wallpaper Co. THE l25-l27 S. Tarboro St. Phone 243-4428 WILSON, N. C. 409 West Nash Street Art Supplies Complete Venetian Blind WH-SON, N- C- Sales and Service Pittsburgh Paints and Supplies Women S wearlng Apparel "Make Your Paint Problems Our Business" SUlllVAN'S RADIO Bi TV SERVICE PHILCO T.V. and RADIO DEALER O ZI3 E- BGYHGS Street "From House-to-house" for the Best! WILSON, N. C. Shop SELF-SERVICE at Less! J. Wilmur Sullivan - Walter lWaltl Lamm 1502 West Nash Street "We Repair All Makes of Radios and Televisions T6l1Clel'9Sf Steaks in Town Phone 243-6383 The Wilmington Special. Fike students get aboard. Oh! What fun for these students. Q . 'WT HURCHWE ' INC. JEWELERS Ecrtifieb Cbemolngnstl 'utotiitotmim mmm GEM sgam TOMMY'S GULF SERVICE Corner of South Tarboro Street Students, bring the family car out and fill it up. One Day Service Color Film Processing SEW THE BEST FOR LESS with fabrics from REMNANT lOf Great Britain and Ireland, Limited! THE IMPERIAL TOBACCO COMPANY South Turboro Street at Ward Blvd. Phone 243-5422 Evelyn Robbins4Mory Howard Benton WILSON, N. C. Band halts for pep 'rally . . . Cheerleaders whoop it up for Homecoming game. B' 'S 3.. ,, . , f .X g . 'i . A, ft J- he 5 ' viii' - . -fr A T . f is if - - ft- B - 1 1 ' uf .,, , l ' 'lin ' '--1 . u , . V , 2 - I 2 ONE-HOUR CLEANERS Compliments of wlLsoN, N. c. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Freedman sos E. Nash-231-0221 sos w. Nash-24345998 W T T PI SeeeUs'f,oroA,,eQ2ir Mae HoIIoweII's Beauty Shop Bakery Needs "Where there is plenty I P I4 S " SHEALY'S BAKE SHOPPE O af 'ng pace I308 W. Nash Street Dial 243 6046 220 East Barnes Street Phone 237-0824 W"'50N' N' C' VVHITLEY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE CONTRACTING L. P. Gas - Sales - Appliances - Service WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 237-0135 P. O. Box 167 H ere we are-waiting for food-say the Spanish Club members. 4:93 In , 5,4 ATLANTIC HEATING OILS KEROSENE-GASOLINE-MOTOR OIL O Aa Metered Service-Prompt Delivery J. R. Matthews' IOO E. Nash at Tarboro St. HOME Oll CO. S. Goldsboro St' Dial 243-2657 Quality Counts-Price Never Mounts WILSON, N. C. l0U ANN FIORIST BRUCE MMM "If It's Flowers, Say It With Ours" -..- Sfyled .,.... Telephone 243-3930 306 East Green Street Men's Wear Your Friendly Compliments of smmm DRIVE-'N THEATRE GRAY coucnm PIPE WILSON, N. C. COMPANY WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA Where "Good Movies Are Always More Fun" Are the Senior girls reluctant to Future H ornemalcers enjoy banquet leave school? All those books! at "Parlcers." ,ff A .K-X as of . .3 BUIILINETUN IIUTUIVIUTIVE FIIBIIIES EU. WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA A Division of Burlington Industries Bu: rnngwl 11 ' W wilson FEED Nuns, Inc. 5191115 SERVICE DEANS FARM EGGS ff' WILSON, N. C. Phone 243-5418 Raleigh Road and Sunset Drive Gulf For Smoother Driving Complete Line of Gulf Products and Road Service Compliments of WEST NASH OPEN AIR MARKET Specializing In WESTERN CHOICE BEEF West Nash Road BILL WHITFlELD'S EXCLUSIVE CLEANERS FABRIGUARD To Protect the Beauty of Your Fabrics Polarized Fur Storage 725 S. Goldsboro St. 237-2622 Part of Coach Weir's after-school clean-up brigade. How content the Key and Keyettes appear after a snrnptous dinner! ! .V 35111 C2413 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Anderson, Deans 8. Woodard, Inc. GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS 19244963 R. E. QUINN s. comPANY WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA FURNITURE OF CHARACTER For a complete line in fabrics, notions, and patterns-Come to BECKY'S HIllSIDE FlORIST, Inc. Day Phone 243-4337 Night Phone 243-25I3 FABRIC SHOP 204 Ward Blvd. Between Tarboro St. and Winsteod School Owned ond Oneroted Bv Beckv Clark Phone 237-1660 2 809 Park Avenue WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA Cl Flowers For Your Occasion" Fresh Foods Frozen Stay Fresh at FROZEN FOOD lOCKERS, INC. Seasonal goodness, for keeps Compliments of JEFFERSON GAS AND APPLIANCE Spring Concert . . . Varsity Band . . . Emanoms. gi' I 'I Hl 'wwf' I 6 L . , . k A 0 A 1 I 1 2 I E , ", I , A , 5 .,. , , 3 5,5 H, l f-I 4 E -, I I - I f, .4 , x - . 'Y ea-J, V A ,fi , Q1 fr 5' ' If 5 .1: ,1 --Q4 I I 1 Z fo 1,5 ' 7 , sv 53-fl' . IE ,IJ ,AFM 2546 I Q od f I K cena .gif sl ' I ' I , ev ' - , I I , 1 PI 4 ' .s 1 4 Q WILSON ,S FIRST UNION NATIONAL BANK OF NORTH CAROLINA Complete Banking Service Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CTne only bank nn Wilson County wnrcn is a member of tne Federal Reserve System? Pop Corn"-"Cold Drinks"-Yell the Key Coach M wrklin talks with Junior Varsity and Keyettes. players. Bill Hicks Carroll Batts Tel. 243-5590 Tel. 243-5333 Hicks 8. Butts Auto Service, Inc. TOWE INSURANCE SERVICE, INC. Guaranteed Repairs to Autos 6' Trucks Expert Body and Glass Work H7 5- Goldsbofo Sf- PICK urlzrzeeosillllleaiilifs SERVICE Phone 243-2807 Shop Tel' 243-4922 i Ed Towe Jack Wiggins 3I3 East Barnes St. Wilson, N. C. I BELK-TYLERS BOQNH- iff PRINTING CO. of P. O. Box 362 Wilson, N. C. W'l50N Telephone 243-2314 w. We serve steaks, chops, seafood, BUILDING CONTRACTOR and 'ea' Pim' I28 E. Ward Boulevard Wilson, N. C. WA rsorv Er.EcmrcAr. ' Q cons mucrroiv co. Burlington, Durham, Greenville, Raleigh, and Wilson, North Carolina ,,,e1 ,,, ik gconrug L an o, , E : ' 5 " " uunuuun P S , A ...ef..e.. ee-mn... : 1 Q 4 I o g 4 1- 0 , Q oQ' svd 6 1 Iv ,- no 9 c ,W 5 "Dorff drop it," says Knox as he "Y'a,ll yell."' Are they familiar words? reluctantly shakes Mir. Farisis ha-nd. HiNNANr's scuool or DANCE HFNRY'5 Established 1929 Smart styles tor young men t with new ideas Quality Tailoring 205 Warren Street ll8 South Goldsboro St. WILSON, N. C Phone 243378' Phone 243-3581 CARTER'S JEWELERS Wilson's Largest Credit jewelers 102 W. Nash St. Phone 243-6203 Compliments of THE LONDON SHOP l05 S. Tarboro Street WILSON, N. C. CHERRY 'Wm rnoivuis onus sronz WILSON' N' C' Registered Pharmacists Headqsarrirs lgniasnquels' Nash Street Shopping Center ar I s, , Wedding Functions Phone 2374572 Phone 243-2144 Hee De'i'e'Y Mr. T. Glenn Bailey Dr. G. Erick Bell, jr. Dr. R. Bosley Boulevard Animal Clinic Dr. Hoke Bullard Mr. F. L. Carr Dr. Badie T. Clark Dr. Lee Clark Dr. C. L. Cubberley, jr. Mr. Vernon F. Daughtridge PATRONS Mr. L. H. Gibbons Dr. C. W. Goodwin Dr. T. T. Herring Horne's Shell Service Dr. William C. Hunter lanie's Beauty Shop Mr. I. Russell Kirby Dr. j. A. Kirkland Dr. Huitt E. Mattox, jr. Dr. john McCain Dr. Charles C. Parker Dr. M. A. Pittman Plaza Restaurant Dr. Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr R. C. Pope S. B. Ryburn Claude E. Simons W. G. Spencer, jr. Edward Y. C. Thorne Robert L. Tomlinson, jr William B. Young Franklin I. Youngs INDEX Accolade Staff 26-27 Ads 137-166 Administration 13 Divider page 12 American Field Service 84 Band Emanons 40 Junior Varsity 42 Leaders 38-39 Varsity 40-41 Baseball Seniors 102 Team 101 Basketball Girls 80 Honor Day 81 Junior Varsity 79 Seniors 77 Varsity action shots 74, 75-78 Varsity team 76 Best All Round 113 Dressed 121 Looking 114 Board of Education 14 Booster Club 89 Business 19 Cercle Francais, Le 53 Cheerleaders 29 Chief Marshals 134 Choir 97 Class Day Speakers 124 Club de Espanol, El 88 Coaching staff 28 Contents 5 Counselors 24 D. A. R. award 132 Dedication 10-11 Diversified Occupations 96 Divider pages Administration 12 Fall 7 Spring 93 Winter 65 English exam 116 Faculty 21, 22 Fall Divider 7 Fall scene 6 Fike Hi-zette 94-95 Fike Safety Council 115 Football Action shots 36-37 Honor Day 35 Junior Varsity squad 34 Seniors 32-33 Varsity team 30 ' Foreword 4 Friendliest 129 Future Business Leaders of America 90 Homemakers 85 Future Teachers of America 52 Golf 104 Graduation 136 Homecoming 43 Queen and sponsors 44 History 20 Introductory activity page 8-9 Page 1 Juniors Class officers and advisers 66 Pictures 67-72 Junior-Senior Prom 108-109 Key Club members 48 Officers 49 Keyette Club members 50 Officers 51 Languages 16 Marshals 107 Mascots 111 Miscellaneous pictures 63, 73, 86, 87, 135 Monogram Club 31 Morehead Nominees 128 Most Athletic 122 Dependable 130 Popular 126 Scholarly 125 Talented 1 18 National Honor Society Officers 82 Members 83 National English Teacher's Award 127 National Merit Scholarship 127 Principal 15 Research papers 133 Sadie Hawkins 46 School staff workers 25 School store workers 119 Science 23 Science Club 91 Seniors Class officers and advisers 110 Concession 123 Individual pictures 111-135 Officeworkers 120 Sophomores Class officers and advisers 54 Pictures 55-62 Prom 106 Spring Divider 93 Spring scene 92 Spring sports Honor Day 100 Student Council 45 Stunt Night 98-99 1962 131 Tennis 103 Thanksgiving 47 Title page 2-3 Track 105 Ways and Means Committee 112 Winter Divider 65 Winter scene 64 Wittiest 117 QW

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