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For Reference Not to be taken from this room I i 'GOI way fv 'dun-4-, - g,,,.,WM,, aw x, A ff'WW .ff M :fg 0 W 'X f' W K' 1 W, QZJS , MSE xfl Zn i X Nix X Y, f X ZWQ I , 1 mv ' gg Pwa ' Y 7 - , Sf' Ayn? . X Ak I, W4 Q 3 L ii v e.- .. ,- J44Q':jA . v in ,.. , Qf-gl 'Ti , N-kiwi? .w+f?1'T-3132:-1 1 An? 2 , -..-1: 'Y W.. .., .1 - f : r2fffw'Q'1 " V ' , - .pf mggppg 1 ,- nf'-3+ A - 'bf ' ,Z '23 href' .en- 4 :A .wa If . We - ' ,- 1... 153: I, L .fy - " .W 5 of fag M f VA jf 153 I gf? 151 X f e f, f V ,ya N f X if 5 N42 ' Q 1 W V ' ,I f , , 1 X My I f N , f , X A I X 4' z .ff af wg? ,gs V 0 W 1. 4 4 f X f ' 461' Q ? 5 3 . if ,,,:g,:.W -1-za,A,,,:s-Za N' .: wp. . a new era in Q xl! I 419 Y our new school INTRODUCTXON ., ADIXIINISTRATION CILASSES .. fXCTTVITIES .., ATHLEHCS M. REVIEW . IN DAEIHMHAAI. fXDVERT1SEhIENTS Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page v-umm. . , ,.',x-fn.: gr- ff -f 4 xy" 1-."i"' , 1 . 23? QH'e?'i-fifxi.-iii.. T -V V 5 i?'22il'ffg5.f .Q,-ff,-Tjfi5f+Hi2QF ,rallgg , E k , " ,. if ww ' Qwmf' Q. 5 m1Q'Qfk'f y 1125155 1517.-X 5 V. '-ff x 'K -T X , X is 2 NX --.-it 1 A '--. --""lwp..., 5,5-s hp S Q 'Inu w-Q... IX hke sen1or h1gh chool, 1959 Wllson, north carohna xx,,,,,, TI'-VP' 0 o 0 -11 I C i . , X , X- ,rf ,A ' .. P l'. " ,- - G '-. 5 - I- ' . W -54,3 . ,Q 1, .. .-- , -.". - ,jf-:N , f' if "Hf'N7:xn3f ' ,1,. .---..-. -: '-up "V .- 'H , j-,g ',g1'14LL+ 1-'5EL'.i'fg- . -Lf 4 w " vii Wm fyiiii a year of transition an accolade for the future! 5 Z 95 5 i Nell? s open house at fikc: -xx' ,. CJHECY Y UK Tscwwknm F 1 ' I 1 .. '- ,A M, m. . "', ij: , .., Qjgqwi., -Jrsma-M foreword A year of transition--an accolade for the future is the fitting theme for a new book, a new school, and a new era of progress in our community. VVe are ine deed indebted to the many who have made the school possible. VVQ are happy that it bears the name of one to whom our education was so important, Dr. Ralph L. Fike. VVe have found ourselves faced with many problems of adjustment, and many necessary inadequaciesg but we will always feel privileged to have been the pioneers. Wheii we leave our homes in the morning, we go with pride to the little world of our own in natures kingdom. VVC look out and see a man laboring in his field and we are inspired to do hone est work. We hear the spontaneous songs of birds, and we feel free. VVe see the clouds floating above us, and our spirits soar. From our little world, we hope to take with us the spirit of determination, pride, peace, and unity into the world of tomorrow. This is our Accolade for the future. wi! -Q v'. i ,. -.--I Q - . ,wwf raw 3 1 X44 7 1 1 X. V xx WO' ,,,,.. X, Q M, . Q - ' 'Fmfazizg , - X I tam.. fl 1 2 5,51 If a CEORCE S. VVILLARD We dechcate LAST fall when we, the seniors, were deciding to whom we would dedicate our yearbook, we imf mediately turned our thoughts to Mr. George S. Willard, our principal, who has led us so long in the development of our dreams of the new school, and in making plans for "the big move" and a new life there. We, the students, who sec and know him well, feel that, as a principal, he is the best there is. But, to us, he is more than a principal whose au- thority we should respect and obey. Uur love and admiration of him as a man-our friend-comes from something deeper. We admire his wisdom and know-how in dealing with his many problems. We admire his continual search for knowledge and his ability to encourage us to want to learn. VVC admire his warmth of personality and his deep understanding of human nature. We love him be- cause he is always cheerful and kind, making us feel important and at ease. VVe love him because no matter how busy he is, he can always make time for us in all of our needs and desires. And because we are grateful to him for being our principal, adviser, confidant, and friend, we dedicate our book, the first ACCOLADE, to him, MR. GEORGE S. WILLARD. if 'fi ,L fide sity Rx' ' N'14"'b X I those We honor .... HV.. X I fy, , Q 5 QQ ' xx V 4, Mrs. E. B. jordan, Presirlerzt of P.T.A. and Dr. Ralph L. Fike at Open House . . 47 wry. . . .lb . . ,W ', ,U A S !V.,, . - ,sw ' .n. ,L ,-+.f- vs J K , :FHL .vi ,lf ,Wg lg.. Hy.-A, '51-:H ,f"'::'1 fy .-:-.-E..LiL:- 5' 11 5 - ,1b3'T'3ke?f.fss5a1 f ' - ff -1' C1 f ' X1 - x'!jAf.'-M ,-54,15 wffi L 1, I I . "' 1:lz51'.? ' "' 'J' .Q r 1' J?"3?9':f'7v 4 I , 5522, f- Kal i .i , ... i gf? 'L 5 a' W up' ., 1 , T 'ff N , X QTL" nz .5 ' AZ " M,-,,dJi.' .,,,Y.,-N- ,.,..-- School officials wclcouzc citizens to Open Ilmfse administration lxll-I R A STOINF Dzreetor o lHSllllClI0lZ MR C H ADAMS MR S G CHAPPELL Clzau man of Board Supe1z11te11dent o Schools board of educatron As the pohes Indlxlrl 1 hodx for the ope11t1on of pubhe se l1ools the sehool hoard IS respo11s1hle 111 1 large measure lm rho qulhts of ecluemon 111 1 eommumts Surelx VV1lso11 l1 IS hee11 lortun1te oxer 1 penoel ol mam XLITS Ill 11111110 1l1lLlll0CI1I and decheated me11 md women IS ITlLlT1bLlS ol 1ts Bond of Eduemon Through the tlre less efforts ol these ho'11cl memhers, the Se1peri11te11cle11t mel the e11t11e sehool pelsonnel md ulth the suppmt ol mmx 111te1ested e1t1ze11s puhhe eclueatlon has mox ed loru 1rd Ill OLI1 eommumts I or tl1e11 CllStll1gLllSllLCl sen 1ee 1e11dereel each sear wlth out eompe11s1t1o11 and lor the1r u11l11l111g mterest 111 pro X1Cl1l1U good sehools lo1 the south of Wll9OH, we .JOC1111 s1lute the IT1LIT1l5L1S ol our Board ol EClLlCdf1OI'l and express Olll SIIICCIL 1pp1ee1at1o11 NRS I VV BENSON NR F T GREEN Page Twelve NRS C A KING MR. R. E. RIRKLAND, R. MR. In. B. PLXLER . MR. C. L. VICK, JR. -1.-s-7.1. W-.e..,..mvP.:::1nu-1.Nu-......1..w:s. -m,uumm '-'-4111-'-f ' v - f- '-'14"'- " ' 1 ' ' V A , . . .- . - . . -' ' - - 1 '11, .J NR G. XV1I.r.ARD Y' , 5 ? f x i . r Principal ,-P""""""f"' our principal The Vvilson City schools have heen especially hlessed, since 1937, to claim the services ol' a man of the stature of Mr. Ceorge S. VVillard. Versatile in his talents, hone ored for his wisdom, respected in his leadership, sought out for his experience, and loved for his human-kindness, he stands "head and shoulders" ahove many other high school principals of longer terms of service. Expecting others to have faith in those things that are good, he first has faith in himself. By honoring others for the good he sees in them, he brings honor to himself for heing so discerning. This is as we see him in our daily lives 5 W, ahout the school-just, stahle, generous, devoted, patient, humhle, and courageous. ln our state and in our Southland, we ltnovv that he is recognized as one of the outstanding leaders in secondf ary education. Surely, we the Seniors, will rememher many little intimate pictures of our principal during this difficult year of transition from Charles L. Coon lligh to liilte Senior lligh School, and his courage in meeting the many problems will serve as an accolade for us in the years to come. Serving now for ten years as the school secretary, vve have another vvonderful character in the officeAhlrs. Rosa Brandon. ller duties are many and varied. 'lihe johs she has and those she takes upon herself would he a challenge to a llercules, hut she manages to do all of them well. Her resourcefulness is unlimited: her ad vice, sound: her judgment, infallihleg her energy, hound less, her sense of humor, keen. She is indispensahle to the school, for her personality gives a cheerful friendf liness and cozy warmth to the spirit of the school. fins, MRs. BE'I"rv ABERNATHY: East Carolina College: M.A. HScienccg Science Cluh Adviser: Senior Class Adviser. Miss LELA Avcookz VVoman's College of the University ol' North Carolinag A.B.-Englishg Career Day Adviserg ACCULADE Editorial Aclviserg Counselorg Quill and Scroll Adviserg Senior Class Adviser. MRs. ELLA BEAAION: VVoman's College of the University of North Carolina: A.l3.-Scienceg Science Club Adviserg Sophomore Class Adviser. MRs. JEANETTE BRooRs: Meredith Collegeg A.B.-Com- mercial Subjectsg IXCCOLADE Business Stall' Adviser: Senior Class Adviser. MRs. lXlII.DRED BuLI.ARD: Columbia Universityg M.A.- llome hconomicsg l'uture llomeinalxers Cluh Adviserg Sophomore Class Adviser. MRS. ETIIEI. CRAWLEY: East Carolina Collegeg AB.- lznglishg Career Day Adviserg Counselorg Future Teacher Cluh Adviserg Senior Class Adviser, HOWARD KEITH ESTEP: University of North Carolinag M.Ed.fScienceg Science Cluh Adviserg Sophomore Class Adviser. Miss LOUISE FIRE! Salem College: A.B.-Commercial Subjectsg Future Business Leaders ol America Adviserg -lunior Class Aclviser. MRS. KATHERINE FLEMING: Duke Universityg AB.- Social Studiesg 'Iunior Class Adviser. MRS. FLORA l'lANCI1ROVVZ llunter Collegeg BA.- Matheinaticsg junior Class Adviser. Luci Ilistrilmtes new grfnnnmrs to Mr. Keitlz Estep serzitinizes tlze experi- Mrs. Mildred Bullard slzows features 0 am ntzons Lollege-lnoznnl seniors in .lliss nzent ns T. Hennzon and H. llfnril zlistill the new sewing nniclzines to S l fe L u Atvcocks English class. water in tlle CllL'HllSH',Y lnlnorzitorlv. and P. Pike. ug, 'lm , . NN? Mr, BgffyAl76Tl1lYfl11'LIIICSUOIZS D. Vick Mrs. lean llttrriss smiles tipproviizgly at li. Pritlgcii toitl lf. llotirs seuitlz ff r 4 ri l I Barefoot tiliottt tlzeir insect speci- tlze progress of Bt'll'l1t.'SllllLlx'7. Sttllitimz Cttlttptzgos lsltottls iii Air. llolitrt llxt mens for biology. in sltortlzaml trtmscriptioiz. uiorltl gt'ogi'uplzy class JAMES IIARRISI Atlantic Christian Collegeg AB.-hlusicg Choir Directory Director ol Bands. MRS. JEAN llARRISS2 East Carolina Collegeg M.A.-Com- Inercial Suhjectsg Future Business Leaders ot America Adviserg junior Class Adviser. A1138 CLYDE IIUNTERI VVoman's College of the Univer- sity of North Carolinag A.B.-hlatheinatiesg Counselorg 'lunior Class Adviser. ROBERT VV. llYDEZ VVake Eorest Collegeg lNl.A.-Social Studies: Chairman of the Senior Class Advisers. Miss VIRGINIA KNOWLES: East Carolina College: lNl.A.- Physical Edueationg Cheerleader Adviserg ACCoI.ADE Busi- ness Stall Adviserg Sophomore Class Adviser. llAROLD LAIXHXII Atlantic Christian Collegeg A.B.eSocial Studiesg Dean ol Boysg Sophomore Class Adviser. PAUL lXlARI4I-IN: East Carolina Collegeg M.A.fPhysieal Educationg llead Foothall and Baslxethall Coaehg Sopho- more Class Adviser. Miss HA'I'TIE NOBLE! VVoman's College of the University of North Carolinag A.B.--Lating Dean ol Cirlsg Sopho- more Class Adviser. MRS. lX'lAX1NE cJ'ClJNNEI-I-1 XRIOIHLIIIIS College of the University ol North Carolinag A.l3.- Englishg Sophomore Class Adviser. MISS Lu CDVERTON1 University ol' North Carolinag AB. English. Fila' Hi-Zeite Adviserg -lunior Class Adviser. A,- .. ,gba-4 es ,kldf fu- 'RN NRS. KA'ri11.EEN Pr-X'I"l'ERSONZ University of North Caro' Miss CiR.-XCE L. SYKES: East Carolina Collegeg M.A.- linag AB.-Spanishg Spanish Cluh Ath'iserg Sophornore Lihrarian. Class Atlviscr. Mus. .l12.xN Tilomfxs: Atlantic Christian Collegeg AB.- CALBERT A. Rosla. lttrtliti s Cfolltge Coluinhia Unrxti cmnlmwml 5llbJu,tbl ,lumm Class Adviser- sity: lVl.Aflntlustrial Arts: iliiclwl Sales Sllprfrrisnrx Sophornore Class Atlriscr. XV11.L1,xM li. XiVEiu: East Carolina Collegeg lXI.A.-Social - 1 . i ',. ',t. '-H., ,'-,- NRS. RUTH SMITH: University ot North Ciarolinag AB. Sfufilwi Lodill- .lUmU' clsm Adi 1511- -Englishg 'Iunior Class Adviser. Miss Pour Wii.KERsoN: University of North Carolinag ALSEY STQTT: Atlantic Christian Collegeg A.B.--Mathe- A.B.e lfrenehg lrench Club Atlviscrg junior Class Ad- maticsg Dirersilied Oeeupationsg Senior Class Adxiser. riser. Mr. Bill lVeir smiles npprovirzgly as F. P. Askew and S. Hoyri use cartoons to Mr. Gilbert Rose watcizes intently as Turner reports on "the XYZ Affair" in rlcnzonstrute tile ease of pronouns in B. Nichols and B. Nichols try out their fhrieriearz l1iSfUl',1'L'it1SS. Mrs. Hzitiz Snzitlzs junior English class. new drawing boards in industrial arts. 111 1118 1x11t111ee11 1J1111e1s111z s q'7fHl1S1l 1 11. D111c1' 111111 D. CYIIII s11111,1' 1111' 111'1 111' Uzw 11111111 N111111 111111s C1 11111111 ss 1 0111111 use 111811 L6l1l1S 10 111111 cutting 11101115 1111111'1' t111' SZ117L'1'l'1S1UII 111 I3 1111 1 1 ' 11111 15 1111788111111 1 P1111 611 111 1111111111 1111 Hr. f!x1SL'.1' S11111 111 D. O. 111155. 11L11SL 91111. I L 1 x "This 111115 C11111e1'i11e t1ze G1'L't71'S 11117111 1111je1'ti1'1'," S1115 Hr. 1111111111 1.11111111 111 1115 111111111 111511111 S1llL1CII1S, L. XVi11s11'1111 111111 111. 131111'1'11. 1.. 171116 111111 11. KL'lZlICL1'1' 111'e 1111511 111114 s11'111'1i11g -g1'111111'11'11'111 f1g111'1's 1111l1L71- 11111 s1111111'111si1111 01 Miss C11'l1L' 111111111 111 17111116 kSlL'01llC11"1'. Wxzlizfisx ' , Q U l i l S i i D. Cook ussisfs .llr. llurold l-ui11111. GIRLS' DEAN Miss llattie Nohle, girls' dean lor the past sev- eral years, is one ol' the indispensahle niemhers of the faculty. Tivo periods ol' the dav find her in the olliee guiding, directing, answering questions, and heing useliul in many dozens ol' ways. Girls wonder how she, such a quiet, unassuming person, can he so knowing, hut they think ahout her as always heing sympathetic and understanding, and they trust her with their secrets. Mrs. illrzuzie llzimglzes l7lI11lilY!ilL'S FVCL'1IIl7ll,S liz X ' , these serve us BOYS' DEAN Being the boys' dean in a senior high school gives much work and few privileges, but it does give an opportunity for a man to know his boys, to he an inspiration, a guide, an adviser, and a friend to them. It is the deans duty, too, to keep his flock Htoeing the mark" in the right direction. lYlr. Har- old Lamm, as dean, has won for himself the respect of the students. If lirezrer mul Miss Hattie Noble check on nn absentee. SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Mamie M. Hughes, new this year, has endeared herself to the many, who in Hflu- timef' have needed the attention of a nurse, or in just everyday accidents of skinned el- bows or knees have received her kindest treat- ment. X 4-K ever da CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Clarence Willifcircl, dietitian of our cafeteria, ably assisted by Mrs. Earl Corrington and Mrs. llarvey Creek- more, has tried in every way to give us wholesome and nourishing food, served attractively at all times. Never shall we forget the chicken dinner served the first day in the new building when they had only one stove, and we expected sandwiches! CRAWLEY, NOBLE, HUNTER, BULLARD, Avcoeia, LAMB, S'roTT SCHOOL SECRETARY For the past ten years, Mrs. Rosa Brandon has served the student body and Mr. Willard as the school secretary. Her duties are so many that they could not be defined. This year, Vickie Webb, a senior, assists her during the first period each day. ,wx Cnueimioae VVILLIFORD c.URRING'I'ON COUNSELORS illhe first duty ol' each homeroom teacher is to act as adviser and counselor to his charges, but lor special eounsele ing, several teachers have been appoint ed to serve in certain areas. blrs. Milf dred llullard advises girls in matters ol homemaltingg Mrs. Ethel Crawley, in vocational fields and college selections: and hir. llarold l.amm, bliss llattie Noble, bliss Clyde llunter, and Miss lsela 1-Xycocla in general problems ol' lamily, home, and high school lile. V. XA7lll3B assists Mus. Rosa l31mNnoN M ,,,,, W, jpg may ii. EXW. 7 Q 3 S -:NF 'L l 1 ,K an . l x , 'Y-. -. A f x 1 x f x -Wgggk X , 5 ? 5 X 1 4.?f2,,A Li v 1 f-2-m.,.1,, ll K mx v 1 1 If 1 A337 lmfi WA f' ,, fig ? 'Lv ..A, A SS PIIYLPS, IJLIKRISLI, XX'.xI.s'l'ON, ll1ax3O15N, XVILS 1 21 S 5 O f ' 5 9 OFFICERS M,xns1m1El, PIILLPS Prcsiflwzi I . . -IANIII' l'EHlXhI.I. x7IL'L"PVCS1L1L'III IANE XV,Exls'l'ON Sucretmy l.OLIl'S I lmimzm 'l'rcm1zruV lmlxlx' XVIISON SL'l'4Q,L'lIlIf'l'If-IXTHIS ADVISERS MRS. BETTY ABERNATIIY MISS LELA AYCOCK Mas. 'IEANETTE BROOKS NRS. ETHEL CRAVVLEY Nas. DIEAN IIARRISS Mn. ROBERT HYDE Mn. ALSEY STOTT HX'DE, STOTT, AYCOCK, IIAnmss fXl3IiRNATllY, CBRAVVLEY, BROOKS w I I I I Z Li J J I V E 5. I s 1 ROBERT DLINPORD IXDKINS PATRICIA ANN ANSLEY CAROLYN IXNN ASKEVV BARBARA ANN BAKER BETSY PAYE BAKER VERA SANDRA BALTZEGAR BAIARY FRANCES BARFIELD CARL PATRICK BARNES EDWIN HARRISON BARNES, GEORGE THOMAS BARNES JANET BARNES JOYCE CHRISTINE BARNES JUDIE CECILIA BARNES PATRICIA HILL BARNES DOLLY ANNE BARRON CAROLYN JEAN BASS I ,.... .. ,.f -v V 'CI 4' "' zf .. K- -my' -'fr ,aug fha. 'Z f rf MDW 61 SADIE BAY BASS XVILLIAAI SILAS BASS, JR. IDAVIIJ JJERRIN BATCIIELOR ANNE CORBETT BENTON BILLY STRICKLAND BISSETTE JUANITA BOYE'1"I'E BARBARA LEE BOYKIN ELIZABETH CJAYLE BRADLEY Page T1l'CllI.l-YI17'CE I I I I I K Z ELIZABETII IVJALlG1l'I'RIDC4E VVILLIAU RAY LDAVIS DIARY LEE IDEANS VVILEY CELENUN IDEES DORIS BIATILDA DEW CARLTON CLRAY IJIXON BAIICKEY CIORDON IDRIVER HOWARD IDUKE Ptlgff 'I1ll'l'1lfj'-fllllf CEORDON ASTON BREWER ,IUDITII PAYE BREWER LINDA BUTH BRIDGERS VVALTER EARL BROXVN, .IR SUE CAROLX'N BUTTS LINDA PAYE GALE IDOUGLAS TEDDER CALL ELOISE HUNTER CBONLEY 'IUDITII PAYE COPE SARAH ELLEN CZORBIN SANDRA LEE CREW ,IANET SIIROTT CROCJRI SUSAN BIIODES CROVV BLXRGARET FRANCES IDAINO IIELEN EINOII DANIEL ELLEN PAYE BRADLEY I--- ,-.,,,, L11 f 4, f -7 -- fr- P I FRANK EDWIN EASON CTONNIE SUE EATIXIAN jAIxIES BERNIOE EDWARDS LONNIE KARL EDVVARDS IDONALD BAXTON ELLIS .IOY BELLE ELLIS SARAII LOUISE ELLIS PATRICIA ELIZABETH ELAIORE BOBBY RAY EVANS LILLIE ROSE EVANS SUSAN IXNNETTE EVERETT IXRTIIUR VVILLIARI FARIS ROSE LEE FELTON UIOIIN TAYLOR FERNALD IANET SUE FERRELI, ALBERT FRANKLIN FLOVVERS 5 wa? V Af" www lass aw, ., fs S s SW Adv'-9 fi if 541,-vm , 7 ff 'Q' f ff I ff ff ,.-,fx f , ,ff !,zf,yy' XPS' 2 fl I X ' , xy Eff gd g V x. I A ,I E g, , ' f "I Y ,47 X ff 7' A -f ff My 5 W! f fz Rf I f1,, 7 DIERROLD ILL ISIOXYERS ' iw! BEN-IAMIN .IASIIER FORBES, JR. -IOHN ILINVARD CIOULD QIEORCE ERIOR QIRIFFIN IIILDIX ,'ANNEl"I'E CIRIFFIN .X1,Ic'E CTAROIXN HARREL1 BARNEY BA'I'I'I,E IIARRFLI EARL QBOAIBS IIARRELI, Izgc T1l'L'lIfjfff1'8 59 Q15 C2 R lKNEY iSHOE3 Wfafztw Sill? xollcqc zlkvkv M . wm,?V Y zQm, W - -1 W, ' Q19 rg.. ' 3 r f-- L Llffyflll All Ji5O ,fwjm ry ' f fl fit its W! fr z at ,glfff C. Herring, A. Massingill, S. Lovelace, Mills and B. Ingram arrange places for col- lege representatives for College Day. senior days M. Raines clzauffeurs M. Deans, one of our football sponsors, in the Homecoming Parade. Mr. Paul Liles congratulates B. jordan and S. Crow who represented our school at Wild Acres last smnmer. SW?" . 1, M uabqf ' , Ufffft' H106 'A ll --rf - R191 Seniors R. Moore, S. 1-Ul'L'1l1L'C, 13. 13nr11cs, Hojfetlc, Rozfzztrca, Owwzs, 13. Uuvis 111111 '11 Stott 1i.s P. Li1z1'i11c and 14. Stark Jecorntc the senior float flttelztiwly to Master Scrgvozzt Iluuws 11upcr, Arun 3. 4 for 11OHlL'COHI1H4Q 1'fm'1c1e. recruiter, who 1'isiIw1 our sc1zoo1. V memories to be cherished Seniors take time out to lmil tlzc first snowfall of "All n11onrd."' 'grins H. llnnfisorz as 111' opens 1110 Season with zeal H1711 Ulztlzusinsuz. SC11oo1 17118 door for SI1u1u11Is. my "W" --.R39?"'. '--- Q .1 Q ' - i :J at Aoqvvvm .gy 'luis ,ya NSW' bl. fp., Nam-Q 'wlm-a....S,, 57 JIXNICE IEOUISE JOHNSON l,OIl1E Um' JOHNSON XVILLIIXNI RAND JORDAN JJRANK All'I'CIIEI.L JOYNER CJIIIIISIINN H. Cl. VON RERCZEIQ ,AXLICE BRENDA RERMAN LLOYD CIEORILE IIAMM AIARGAREI' llS'I'El.I.IL LAMM lava I'llC'lZfj"9igZlf gi AQ 3 fzf.. Www IIUGII DIXON PIARRELL VVILLIAM ARTHUR IqARVEY CJVVENDOLYN JOAN HAYES JXIILDRED DAVIS HAYES LOUIS FRANCIS HEEDEN JXJADELINE ELIZABETH IJEEDEN CHARLES FIJYNDALL IJERRING JOY HICIQS ,'XR'I'IlLlR VIJIIOMAS HIGH JANIE CJLEO IIILL ANN CJARULYN IIOLLEINIAN JAMES FLOYD HORTON 'DONNA IYIAYE HOWELL DYRUN ROSS INGRAIXI, JR. ROBERT 'DAVID JENKINS 'DORIS 'IJIIERESA JOHNSON .. .. PATRICIA PAYE IIINVILLE SAIXIUEL IJARIJEN LO'.'Ll,ALZE, GLORIA CJLARICE JXJCCJUVVIZN JOIIN IDAVID Mc:lN'1'Osu CELIA IXNN JXICIVER ANN PATRICIA JXJCLEAN IXNITA LOUISE AJASSINGILI. PATRICIA CJRACE JX'JA'l"l'IIEVVS JULIA CAROL JXJEADOVVS LINDA LORENA JXVIERCER DAISY L,OUELI.A JYJILLARD JOYCE VIOLA JXJILLER SARA JANE MILLS KATHERINE JOAN JXIIZZELLE ANDREW MILTON JXJOORE, JR. EVELYN LEE MOORE igh--. ' ur 45' 'QI agn- lass f,59 Aidan "-'Rh My-w in W I IIARRIEI' ANN AJOORE ROI' LAVERNE AJOORE JEROME JXJORRIS JU.-XNITA LOUISE MULLEN CJEORGE DALE BJURRAY AJELDON IXRPE NEXVTON ANNE MARc:UER1'I'E NORRIS LYNDA CQIADE U'NEAI Page ,Idll'CVZf1'll iii! Nilghl en ehiiiriiiiiii, H. Poiveli, iiiiii' eiiiiiriiiiiiz, The D. O. iwys eiitei' into ii miiiici tiiliie iiisczissioii i Breii'er, ii'en1i'e 'iii' the hifi eveiit to he ireseiiteii with their ciiieiser, Mr. Aisev Stott, at hoiizerooiii I i ,N i , April 9 and IO. period. I ieri' aim' iit fiisi 1 faced With responsibilities ierimi, M. u7L'i7i7 iiiiii li. Dew The Ufiiys fiiiii Meriizs Coiiiiiiittee eiithzisiasticiiiiy iissist Miss Grace Sykes iii the iihriiry. phiii projects to make iizoiiey for the seizior Chiss. fjfyfyfyg 7 f ffjfff W 1 My X Zjiy 7 i 'N-..,. X f X ff 7 f f f ffgsgffwf -s-... .. ffiwwzi "'-"!W l 'EWMS EN' i i 5 i gl Outstanding senior, S. Crow, proudly displays lzer D. A. H. Good Citizenslzip scrapltoolc. seniors grow up lVlrs. Etliel Crawley and students examine tlze new Vocational Guidance files presented lay Mr. Tommy Ufatson, president of tlze Ki- wanis Cluli. F. Daino and H. Griffin boost ticket sales for the senior class inovie project, A Tale of Two Cities. Q Aff? .5 1. ' f . ki. 3. ,h .1 f 5? i l31L1.Y Rm' RAVEN IDcmu'1l1x' ,AXNN RAPER ' . W,.,,. lxxm SLIL IXIIIER 'I.xxuEas cTlNKTKE'l"l' llcmulanrs AILIHON lfmxuxnn l1oD1Ns':N, In -lmuss AXQHLIIY RuctHEI,l.E QiIl.XRl IN I l11nDEm' Rollxwnxiii .l.XNIlf,'-L Clnzlliwml llollmnlil' 1t1'lu'u 'IAMES ALAN OVERTON CTIIARLES EDXVARD CDVVENS -'AMES RAY CJNVENS XfV11,1xm .IEAN CDWENS RcmERT,x INIXIAN PARKER 'IAIXIES XfVII.I.1AlXlS PEAQDCK, IR PATTI .Io PEEDEN l.Ew1s AIARSIIALI, PIIELPS, In. CILENDA RUTH PIKE IDAWHENCE .IAIXIES P1TT1xLxN l3E'1"1'Y CTAROLYN PcmELL llonlinl' IJUANE PUWELL -lEnm' RONALD Pov'1'1mEss I,-1NDA CTLYDE Pm"r1mEss XVARREN KENT PIHDLLEN CQEURLLE AIAXIE RMNES 7 I EFFIE LOUISE ROUSE FRANCES CQERALDINE SKINNEII LIIGIAN IIADLEY STARR, -IR. EI.vIN VIRGII, STONE 'IPIIOAIAS EDWIN STOTT WILLIABI TIIKJIXIAS STRICKLAND PEGGY JOAN TEMPLE BRENDA LUGIIIE FPIIORNE JEAN N1ATILDA VIOI4 CQENEVIEVE COOPER WADILL PIULDAH JANE WALSTON PATRICIA ANN WAIISTON PEGGY PAYE WATSON SYLVIA JEAN WEAVER DEE ANN WEBB IX1ARY LOUELLA WEBB 1 . 1 W9 Of '59 SAIIIE XIICK XVEIII: SANDRA KAY XVEBII IOIINNY NLINN XVEs'I'BROOR REBECCA IXNN XVIIIIE BONNIE ,IANE XVIII IAAIR ,IIIDY XVIIIIAAIB Al,-XRGARET LANCTASIER XVII PEGGY HIOYCE XVIII IAAIR PIILQH I IXXIS lfl1I'II 't1II'UI S C I1 1 O I' S class night speakers CBXRI. BARNES and lox' IIICKS Poets CiEORLZE BARNES and BRENDA FTHORNE Historimzs BoEEY ADKINS and B11-XTILDA DEW Testntors BOBBY PUVXELL and -lox' BELLE EL1.1s Prophets JAMES THOMAS WILSON A1.1CE ELIZABETH WINSTEAD PIILDA C1ER'!RUDE WINSTEAD PEGGY Norm VVINSTEAD IIIHSCOIS Laura Ann Bailey Callbie Frederick VVood class colors Cold and VVhite class flower Mirundy Bose class motto "Tlzr0z1glz God All is Possible 4v'f ,-.av Q., Most Talented Umor. 1X'IE.fXIJOXYS-IIACK FERNALD Best Dressed Mfxcxcslls VV1l4lA1MlswI3EN Fcmmis our choic: Best Looking IIELFN DAN1151,-SAM I.ovEmc1E 4,1 n URI! '41 P1 'fy fins 'G V L' ,Host Popzrlur QVHHISTIE BARNES - EDDIE Bo Best All Bozfzzzf BINSON SUSAN Caow - VVALT BROVVN N W ,Q XL ,B . 4 AN 1, wg ,, - -1 0 Z QM , .X , , XM, ,ffsiy , 5 Si M .XX. M Q, kk 2, ky f , ,C B W our choic M051 Depemlnlzlc ROBERTA PARKER-hllmlxw VVILSON ddhnafnuawyffa 4 ' f' senior statistics ROBERT DU NFORD ADKINS: Diversified Occupations 4, Prom Committee 2, Iunior Tag Day 3, Homeroom Officer 4. PATRICIA ANN ANSLEY: Choir 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, from Committee 3, VVays and Means Committee 4. D CAROLYN ANN ASKEVV: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3. BARBARA ANN BAKER: Prom Committee 2, Choir 4. BETSY PAYE BAKER: Band I, 2, 3, Booster Club I, 2, Homeroom Officer 2, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Allied Youth 2. VERA SANDRA BALTZECAR: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Keyette Club 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3: Booster Club I, 2, Homeroom Officer 1, Student Council Representative 2, Iunior-Senior Honors 2, Future Teachers of America 3, hlascot Committee 4: Future Homeniakers of America 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4, Committee Chairman 4. MARY FRANCES BARFIELD: Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3. 4, Choir 2, 3, Stunt Night 2. 3: Booster Club I, 2, Allied Youth 1, Band I, Iunior Tag Day 3, Prom Com- mittee 3, Nominating Committee 3, Future Teachers of America 4. CARL PATRICK BARNES: Prom Committee 2. 3, Monitor 2, 3, Iunior Tag Day 3: Club 4, Fike Hi-Zette Staff 4, Editor in Chief 4. EDVVIN HARRISON BARNES, IR.: Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, Stunt Night 2, 3. 4: Prom Corn- mittee 2, 3, Track I, 2, Booster Club l, 2, Football Manager 2, Iunior Tag Day 3, Float Committee 4, Key Club 4. GEORGE THOMAS BARNES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Colf l, 2, 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Mono- gram Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball l. 2, Track I, 2, Student Council Representative I, Prom Committee 2, Rmiiograin Representative 3, Homeroom Officer 2, French Club 3. IANET BARNES: Transferred from Elm City I, Stunt Night 3, 4, Prom Coma mittee 2, 3, Choir 3, 4, Iunior Tag Day 3, VVays and Nleans Committee 4. IOYCE CHRISTINE BARNES: Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4, Head 2, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3, Keyette Club 2, 3, 4, Board of Directors 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Stunt Night I, 2, 4, Honor Day Award 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Co-Chairman 2: Rncliogmnz Representative I, 2, Homeroom Officer 3, 4, Booster Club I, 2, Iunior-Senior Honors 2, French Club 3, Iunior Tag Day 3, Iunior Class Officer 3, Senior Superlative 4, Business Staff of ACCOLADE 4, Homecoming Sponsor 4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Officer 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4. IUDIE CECILIA BARNES: Prom Committee 2, 3, Iunior Tag Day 3. PATRICIA HILL BARNES: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, Homeroom Officer I, Student Council Representative 2, Prom Committee 3, Future Business Leaders of America 3, Future Homemakers of America 4, Fike Hi-Zette Staff 4. Page Thirty-eight DOLLY ANNE BARRON: Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Athletic Program Assistant 1, 2, Future Homemakers of America 4, Float Committee 4, Intramural Softball I, Prom Committee 2, Iunior Tag Day 3, Keyette Club 4. CAROLYN IEAN BASS: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, 3, 4, Maiorette 3, 4, Honor Day Award 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Future Business Leaders of America 3. 4, Stunt Night 3, 4, Choir 4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Iunior Tag Day 3, Booster Club 1. SADIE RAE BASS: Choir 4. VVILLIAIVI SILAS BASS, IR.: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club I, 2, Homeroom Officer I, Prom Committee 2, Float Committee 3. DAVID HERRIN BATCHELOR, IR., Band I, 2, 3, 4, Iunior Tag Day 3, Prom Committee 3, Stunt Night 4. ANNE CORBETT BENTON: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, Keyette Club 2, 3, 4, Stunt Night 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Booster Club I, 2: Prom Com- mittee 2, 3, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Allied Youth 2, Iunior Tag Day 3, Float Committee 4. BILLY STRICKLAND BISSETTE: Diversified Occupations 4, Bus Driver 3. IU ANITA BOYETTE: Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Night I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Intramural Softball 2, 3, Booster Club I, 2, Rczdiogram Representative 1, Student Council 2, French Club 3, Keyette Club 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Float Committee 4. BARBARA LEE BOYKIN: Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Booster Club I, 2, Allied Youth 2, Iunior Tag Day 3, Float Committee 3. ELIZABETH GAYLE BRADLEY: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club I, 2, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Stunt Night 3, 4, French Club 3, Iunior Tag Day 3, Iunior-Senior Honors 2, Home- room Officer 2, Allied Youth 2, Honor Day Award 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Editorial Staff of ACCOLADE 4, Future Home- makers of America 4, Keyette Club 4, Science Club 4. ELLEN FAYE BRADLEY: Choir 2, 3, 4, Stunt Night 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Booster Club I, Float Committee 3, Iunior Tag Day 3, Honor Day Award 3, Future Homemakers of America 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Editorial Staff of ACCOLADE 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4. CORDON ASTON BREWER, Transferred from Florence, South Carolina 2: Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4, Float Committee 3, 4, Stunt Night 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Officer 3, Iunior Tag Day 3, Student Council 4. IU DITH FAYE BREWER: Band I, 2, 3, Booster Club I, 2, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, Prom Committee 2, 3, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Officer 4, Homeroom Officer 2, Student Coun- cil 2, Iunior Tag Day 3, Float Committee 3, Rzwliogmm Representative 3, Future Teachers of Amerie 4, Officer 4, Business Staff of ACCOLADE 4, Keyette Club 4, Ways and Means Committee 4, Chairman of Stunt Night 4. LINDA RUTH BRIDGERS: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Booster Club 1, 2, Allied Youth 2, Float Committee 3, junior Tag Day 3, Future Business Leaders of America 4. VVALTER EARL BROVVN, 'lR.: Key Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Convention 3, 4, Board of Directors 2, Ilonor Day Award 1, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer I, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Prom Committee 2, Superlative 4. SUE CAROLYN BUTTS: Prom Committee 2, 3, Honor Day Award 3. 4: Booster Club 1, Dean's Assistant 2, junior Tag Day 3, Stunt Night 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Choir 4, Senior Supcrlative 4, Editorial Staff of ACCOLADE 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Keyette Club 4. LINDA FAYE CALE: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Marshal 1, 2, 3, Honor Day Award 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 1, 2, Prom Committee 2, 3, Committee Chairman 3, Allied Youth 2, junior-Senior Honors 2, Home- room Officer 2, junior Tag Day 3, French Club 3, Girls' State 3, Stunt Night 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Editorial Staff of AccoLADE 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Future Homef makers of America 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4: Keyette Club 4. DOUGLAS TEDDER CALL: Diversified Occupations 4, Basketball 1. ELOISE HUNTER CONLEY: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 1, 2, Student Council 2, junior- Senior Honors 2, French Club 3, Prom Committee 3, Future Teachers of America 3, junior Tag Day 3, Future Home- makers of America 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4, Keyette Club 4. jUDITH PAY COPE: Band 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 1, Honor Day Award 3, junior Tag Day 3, Float Committee 3, Future Homemakers of America 4, Future Teachers of America 4. SARAH ELLEN CORBIN: Transferred from Dunn 2, Prom Committee 3, junior Tag Day 3, Choir 4. SANDRA LEE CREW: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Intramural Softball 1, Booster Club 1, junior Tag Day 3. jANET SPROTT CROOM: Prom Committee 2, 3, Booster Club 1. 2, Hall Monitor 3, junior Tag Day 3, Future Teachers of America 4. SUSAN RHODES CROW: Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, 4, Keyette Club 2, 3, 4, Board of Directors 2, Officer 4, Student Council 2, Officer 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, junior-Senior Honors 2, Allied Youth 2: Booster Club 2, Band 2, Bruliogram Representative 2, junior Tag Day 3, French Club 3, D. A. B. Good Citizenship Award 4, Senior Superlative 4. MARGARET FRANCES DAINO: French Club 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Committee Chair- man 2, Stunt Night 1, 2, Future Teachers of America 3. 4, Homeroom Officer 1, Choir 2, junior-Senior Honors 2, Hall Monitor 3, junior Tag Day 3, Honor Day Award 4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Editorial Staff of ACCOLADE 4, Keyette Club 4. HELEN FINCH DANIEL: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Maiorette 3, 4, Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, 4: Keyette Club 3, 4, Officer 4, Booster Club 1, 2, Prom Com- mittee 2, 3, Honor Day Award 3, 4, junior Tag Day 3, Ways and Means Committee 4, Senior Superlative 4, Home- room Officer 4. ELIZABETH DAUGIITRIDGE: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Booster Club 1, 2, Homeroom Officer l, 2, Program Sales Assistant I, Intramural Basketball I, junior Tag Day 3, Iiloat Cforninittee 4, Business Staff of At'coI.Am2 4, Mascot C'ommittee 4, VVILLIAIVI RAY DAVIS: Band l, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3. MARY LEE DEANS: Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3: Honor Day Award 3. 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, Keyette Club 3, 4, junior-Senior Ilonors 2, junior Tag Day 3, Future Hoinemakers of Amer: ica, Officer 4, Homecoming Sponsor 4, Senior Superlatiye 4. VVILEY CLENON DEES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4, Prom Com' mittee 2, 3, Nlonogram Club 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Track 2, Stunt Night 3, junior Tag Day 3, Class Officer 3, VVays and Means Committee 4. DORIS MATILDA DEVV: Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3: Prom Committee 2. 3: Future Teachers of America 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Booster Club 1, 2, Student Council l, junior-Senior Honors 2, junior Tag Day 3, Future Homcmakers of America 4, Librarian's Assistant 4, Keyette Club 4, VVays and Means Committee 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Editorial Staff of ACCOLADE 4, Honor Day Award 4. CARLTON GRAY DIXON: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Nlonogram Club 3, 4, Allied Youth 2, Prom Committee 3, Key Club 4. MICKEY GORDON DRIVER: Diversified Occupations 4, Prom Committee 3, 4, Hall Monitor 3, junior Tag Day 3, Homeroom Officer 4. HOWARD DUKE: Diversified Occupations 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, junior Tag Day 3. FRANK EDVVIN EASON: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3. CONNIE SUE EATMAN: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Keyette Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Head 4, Stunt Night 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Honor Day Award 3, 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Booster Club 1, 2, Homeroom Officer 1, 2, Allied Youth 2, junior Tag Day 3, Business Staff of Accorama 4, lxlotto Committee 4. jAMES BERNICE EDVVARDS: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Night 3, Prom Committee 2, 3. LONNIE KARL EDVVARDS: Diversified Occupations 4, Prom Committee 2, 3, Float Com- mittee 3, Hall Nlonitor 3, junior Tag Day 3, French Club 3, Student Council 4. DONALD BAXTON ELLIS: Transferred from Goldsboro 3, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Honor Day Award 3, 4, Prom Committee 3. 'IOY BELLE ELLIS: Band 1, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3, Steering Connnittee 2, Homeroom Officer 1. 2, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Booster Club 1, 2, Intramural Softball 1, Allied Youth 2, junior-Senior Honors 2, Float Committee 3, junior Tag Day 3, Future Homemakers of America 4, Officer 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4, Fike Hi-Zette Representative 4, Business Staff of ACCOLADE 4, Keyette Club 4. SARAH LOUISE ELLIS: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4: Booster Club 1, 2, Prom Committee 2. 3, Intramural Basket- ball 3. Page T11 i1'ty-nine PATRICIA ELIZABETH ELIXIORE: Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4: Homeroom Officer 3, -l: Booster Club I, 2: Allied Youth 2: Prom Committee 2, 31 Junior Tag Day 3. BOBBY RAY EVANS : Prom Committee 2, 3: Junior Tag Day 3. H LILLIE ROSE EVANS: Intramural Basketball l, 2. 3, -l: Band I, 2, 3: Booster Club Vx I. 2: RIILIIOKQITIIII Representative 2, 3: Future Homemakers of America -l: From Committee 2: Future Business Leaders of America -l: Junior Tag Day 3: Float Committee 3: Student Council 3. C SUSAN ANNETTE EVERETT: Choir 2, 3, -l: Stunt Night 2, 3, -lg Intramural Basketball 3, -l: Prom Committee 2. 3: Committee Chairman 3: Junior- Senior Ilonors 2: Junior Tag Day 3: Float Committee 4: VVays and Means Committee -l: Business Staff of ACCOLADE 4. ARTHUR VVILLIAM FARIS: Football I, 2. 3, -l: Basketball I, 2, 3, -ll Baseball I, 2: 3, -l: 'Nlonozraiii Club I, 2, 3, -l: Key Club 2, 3, -ls Homeroom Officer l, 2: Prom Committee 2. ROSE LEE FELTON: Band I. 2, 3, -l: Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, -l:yJunior- Senior Honors 2: Prom Committee 2: Homeroom Officer 3: Junior Tag Day 3. JOHN TAYLOR FE RN ALD : Band I, 2, 3, -l: Stunt Night 2, 3, -l: Prom Committee 2, 3: Student Council 3: Junior Tag Day 3: Senior Superlative 4: Vllays and Means Committee -l: Key Club 4. JANET SUE FERRELL: Band I, 2, 3, -l: Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, -l: Prom Com- mittee 2. 3: Steering Committee 2, Co-Chairman 3: Home- room Officer 2, -l: Booster Club I. 2: Intramural Softball I: Junior-Senior Honors 2: Junior Tag Day 3: Business Staff of AccoLAnE -l: Senior Superlative -l: Class Officer -l: Future Business Leaders of America: Keyette Club -l. ALBERT FRANKLIN FLOVVERS: Diversified Occupations 4: Prom Committee I, 2g Band I: C Junior Tag Day 3. BARNEY BATTLE HARRELL: Diversified Occupations 4: Baseball I, 2, 3. EARL COM BS HARRELL: Diversified Occupations 4: Choir 2: Stunt Night 2. UGH DIXON HARRELL: Homeroom Officer 2: Football Manager 2: Choir 4: Base- ball 4. IILLIAM ARTHUR HARVEY: Band I, 2, 3: Football I, 2, 3: Basketball Manager 2: Prom Committee 3. VVENDOLYN JOAN HAYES: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Future Teachers of America 3, 4: Booster Club 2g Prom Committee 2, 3: Homeroom Officer I: Junior Tag Day 3: French Club 3: Float Committee 3. MILDRED DAVIS HAYES: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Booster Club I, 2, 3, 4: Keyette Club 2, 3, 4: Allied Youth 2. 3, 4: Stunt Night 2, 3, 4: Home- room Officer I, 2, 3g French Club 3, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3, Chairman 3: Float Committee 3, 4: Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Officer 4: Junior Tag Day 3g Junior-Senior Honors 2: Student Council 4: Future Homemakers of America 4: Honor Day Award 4: VVays and Means Committee 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Editorial Staff of ACCOLADE 4. LOUIS FRANCIS HEEDEN: Honor Day Award I, 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Stunt Night 3, 4: Float Committee 3, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: Basketball I, 2g Booster Club I, 2: Band I, 2: Nomi- nating Committee I: Homeroom Officer I: Football I: Allied Youth 2: Track 2: Junior Tag Day 3: Monogram Club 4g Chairman of Athletic Concessions 4: Ways and Means Com- mittee 4: Class Officer 4: Mascot Committee 4. MADELINE ELIZABETH I-IEEDEN: Honor Day Award 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: School Store Assistant 2, 3: Booster Club I, 2: Keyette Club 3, 4, Officer -l: Future Teachers of America 4: Homeroom Officer I: Junior-Senior Honors 2: Iunior Tag Day 3: Prom Com- mittee 3: Business Manager of Rzwliogram 3: Business Manager of ACCOLADE 4: Yearbook Naming Committee 4: Future Busi- ness Leaders of America 4: Spanish Club 4: Marshal I, 2, 3, Chief 3. HARLES TYNDALL HERRINC: Prom Committee 3: Hall Monitor 3: Dramatics Club 4. Jenaoro LEE FLOWERS: JOY HICKS2 Band I, 2, 3, -l: Prom Committee 2, 3. BENJAAIIN JASPER FORBES, JR.: Key Club 2, 3, -l: Stunt Night 2. 3, -l: Football I, 3: Home- room Officer 3, 4: Senior Superlative -l: Science Club 4. A JOH N EDVVAR D COULD z Transferred from Charlotte I: Basketball I, 2, 3, -l: Baseball I, 2, 3, -l: Honor Day Award I, 2, 3, -lg Football 2, 3: 4: Monogram Club 2, 3, -l: French Club 3, -l: Key Club 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3: Prom Committee 2: Allied Youth 2: Home- room Officer 3: Dramatics Club 4: Student Council 4: Senior Superlative -l: Stunt Night -l. GEORGE ERICK GRIFFIN : Football 3, -l: Basketball I: From Committee 3: Fike Hi-Zette Staff 4: Homeroom Officer -lx Baseball 4. HILDA AN NETTE GRIFFIN: Homeroom Officer I, 2: Booster Club I, 2: Prom Committee 2, 3, Chairman 3: Racliogmnz Representative 2: Choir 2: Stunt Night 2: Junior-Senior Honors 2: Honor Day Award 3: Hall Monitor 3: Dean's Assistant 3: Future Teachers of America 3: Junior Tag Day 3: Float Committee 3: Quill and Scroll -l: Dramatics Club 4: Editorial Staff of ACCOLADE 4: Ways and Means Committee 4: Future Business Leaders of America 4: Keyette Club -l. A ALICE CAROLYN HARRELL: Prom Committee 2. Page Forty JA Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Stunt Night I, 2, 3: Home- room Officer 2, 3, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: Keyette Club 3, 4: Booster Club 1, 2: Allied Youth 2: Junior-Senior Honors 2: Rawliogmm Representative 3: Honor Day Award 3: Dean's Assistant 3: French Club 3: Float Committee 4, Chairman 4. RTHUR THOMAS HIGH: Band I, 2, 3, 4: French Club 3, 4, Officer 3: Booster Club 1, 2: Allied Youth 2: Junior Tag Day 3: Prom Committee 3: Float Committee 4: Stunt Night 4: Honor Day Award 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Future Business Leaders of America 4: Key Club 4: Editorial Staff of ACCOLADE 4. NIE CLEO HILL: Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4: Marshal I, 2, 3, Chief 3: Keyette Club 3, 4: Stunt Night 2, 4: Booster Club I, 2: Prom Committee 2, 3: Honor Day Award 2, 3: Choir 2, 4: Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Officer 4: Junior-Senior Honors 2: Float Committee 3: Junior Tag Day 3: Business Staff of ACCOLADE 4. NN CAROLYN HOLLEMAN: Intramural Basketball 2, 3. 4: Stunt Night 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: Band I, Homeroom Officer 2: Radiogram Representative 3. JAMES FLOYD HORTON: Booster Club l, 2. 3, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: Track 2: Allied Youth 2: Junior Tag Day 3: American Chemical Society Science Symposium 3: Junior Science Symposium at A. C. C. 3: Student Council 3: Ways and Means Com- mittee 4: Key Club 4: Science Club 4. DONNA FAYE HOVVELL: Choir I, 25 Stunt Night 2, 35 Prom Committee 2, 35 Float Committee 35 Iunior Tag Day 35 Future Ilomemakers of America 45 Future Business Leaders of America 45 Fike Hi-Zette Staff 4. BYRON ROSS INGRAM, IR.: Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Key Club 3, 45 Prom Committee 25 Booster Club 1, 25 Radiogram Representative 25 Monogram Club 45 Homeroom Officer 45 Science Club 4. ROBERT DAVID IENKINS: Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3. 45 Football 2, 35 From Committee 2, 35 Booster Club l, 25 Track 25 Float Committee 3. DORIS THERESA IOHNSON: Intramural Basketball I, 2, 35 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Stunt Night I, 2, 35 Prom Committee 2, 35 Booster Club I, 25 Intramural Softball 1, 25 Allied Youth 25 Float Committee 35 Future Business Leaders of America 45 Science Club 4. JANICE LOUISE IOHNSON: Band I, 2, 3, 45 Future Teachers of America 3, 45 Rrrrliogram Representative 1, 45 Prom Committee 2, 35 Booster Club 1, 25 Junior Tag Day 35 Float Committee 35 Motto Com- mittee 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Editorial Staff of ACCOLADE 45 Keyette Club 4. LOUIE GUY JOHNSON: Diversified Occupations 4. WILLIAM RAND IORDAN: Key Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 45 Homeroom Officer I, 2, 35 Student Council I, 3, Officer 35 Nominating Committee I, 25 Prom Committee 2, 3, Co-Chairman 25 Chairman of Student-Faculty Basketball Game 35 Iunior Science Sym- posium at Atlantic Christian College 35 French Club 35 VVays and Means Committee 45 Science Club 4, Officer 4. FRANK MITCHELL IOYNER: Prom Committee 2, 35 Iunior Tag Day 3. CHRISTIAN HERBERT GEORGE VON KERCZEK: Key Club 3, 45 Float Committee 3, 45 Prom Committee 2, 35 Homeroom Officer 35 Iunior Tag Day 35 Nominating Com- mittee 35 Iunior Science Symposium at Atlantic Christian College 35 Ways and Means Committee 4. ALICE BRENDA KERMAN: Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Future Business Leaders of Amer' ica 3, 45 Booster Club I, 25 Prom Committee 2, 3. LLOYD GEORGE LAMMz Band I, 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 2, 35 Homeroom Officer 2. MARGARET ESTELLE LAMM: Intramural Basketball I, 2, 35 Choir 45 Stunt Night 45 Named Fike Hi-Zette 4. PATRICIA FAYE LINVILLE: Band I, 2, 3, 45 Float Committee 3, 45 Stunt Night 2, 45 Prom Committee 2, 35 Booster Club I, 25 Intramural Basket- ball I5 Homeroom Officer 25 Allied Youth 25 Iunior Tag Day 35 Future Teachers of America 45 Future Homemakers of America 45 Future Business Leaders of America 45 VVays and Means Committee 4. SAMUEL DARDEN LOVELACE, IR.: Honor Day Award 1, 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Tennis Team 2, 3, 45 Float Committee 3, 4, Co-Chairman 45 Booster Club 1, 25 Band I, 25 Homeroom Officer I, 45 Key Club 3, 45 Basketball I5 Prom Committee 25 Football 3: Radiogram Representative 35 Stunt Night 35 ,Iunior Tag Day 35 Boys' State 35 Student Council 4, Officer 45 VVays and Means Committee 45 Senior Superlative 4. GLORIA CLARICE MCGOWEN: Band I, 2, 3, 45 Stunt Night 3, 45 Prom Committee 2, 35 Future Business Leaders of America 35 junior Tag Day. -IOI IN DAVID MeIN'I OSII: Prr ini Committee 3. CELIA ANN MeIVER: Transferred from Sanford 25 Stunt Night 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Prom Committee 2, 35 Booster Club 25 Allied Youth 25 -Iunior Varsity Cheerleader 25 Nominating Com' mittee 35 Ilall Monitor 35 Float Committee 35 Varsity Cheer' leader 3, Head 45 Future Teachers of America 45 Future Homemakers of America 4, Officer 45 Future Business Leaders of America 45 Homecoming Sponsor 4. ANN PATRICIA MCLEAN: Band I, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 3. 45 Ilomeroom Officer 3, 45 Future Business Leaders of America 35 I'ilce Hi-Zette Representative 4. ANITA LOUISE MASSINGILL: Intramural Basketball I, 35 Prom Committee 2. 35 Iunior Tag Day 35 Stunt Night 45 Future llomemakers ol America 45 Choir 4. PATRICIA GRACE MATTHEWS 5 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club I, 25 Prom Committee 2. 35 Iunior Tag Day 35 Business Staff of zAtCCOLAIlE 4. IULIA CAROL NIEADOVVS: Band I, 2, 3, 45 Stunt Night I, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball I, 2, 35 Ticket Sales Assistant I, 2, 3, 45 Maiorettc 3, 4, Head 45 Future Teachers of America 3. 45 Keyette Club 3, 45 Float Committee 3, 45 Booster Club I, 25 Prom Com- mittee 2, 35 Steering Committee 25 Honor Day Award 3. 45 Intramural Softball I5 Homeroom Officer I5 Nominating Committee I5 Allied Youth 25 Iunior-Senior Ilonors 25 Quill and Scroll 45 Editorial Staff of ACCoLADE 45 Flowers and Colors Committee 45 Senior Superlative 45 Science Club 4. LINDA LORENA MERCER: Band I, 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Officer 2, 35 Prom Committee 2, 35 Booster Club I, 25 Intramural Softball I5 Rrzdiogram Representative 25 Iunior Tag Day 35 Stunt Night 35 French Club 35 Float Committee 35 Future Teachers of America 4, Officer 4. DAISY LOUELLA MILLARD: Band 1, 2, 35 Intramural Basketball I, 25 Prom Committee 2, 35 Booster Club l, 25 Intramural Softball I. 'IOYCE VIOLA MILLER: Stunt Night I, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball I, 25 Band I, 2, 35 Booster Club I, 25 Future Teachers of America 3, 45 Prom Committee 2, 35 Homeroom Officer I5 Allied Youth 25 Future Business Leaders of America 45 Future Homemakers of America 45 Keyette Club 4. SARA JANE MILLS: Stunt Night 2, 3, 45 Choir 3, 45 Future Teachers of America 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Float Committee 3, 45 Prom Com- mittee 2, 35 Booster Club l, 25 Band I, 25 Allied Youth 25 Iunior Tag Day 35 Future Homemakers of America 45 Dra- matics Club 45 Flower and Color Committee 45 VVays and Means Committee 45 Intramural Basketball 3. KATHERINE IOAN MIZZELLE: Choir 1, 2, 35 Stunt Night I, 2, 35 Booster Club 15 Prom Committee 3. ANDREW MILTON MOORE z Transferred from Raleigh I5 Basketball I5 Nominating Com- mittee 35 Iunior Tag Day 35 Float Committee 35 Future Business Leaders of America 4. EVELYN LEE MOORE: Transferred from Gardners I. HARRIET ANN MOORE: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball I, 2, 35 Stunt Night I, 2, 45 Booster Club I, 25 Allied Youth 25 Student Council 25 Cheerleader 25 Prom Committee 25 Iunior Tag Day 3: Dramatics Club 45 Future Homemakcrs of America 4. Page Forty-one ROY LAVERNE MOORE: Band l. 2, 3, 4: Float Committee 3, 4: lunior Tag Day 3: Prom Committee 3: Future Business Leaders of America 4. ,IEROME MORRIS: Diversified Occupations 4: Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica 3, 4: Booster Club 2: Float Committee 3: lunior Tag Day 3: Student Council 3. IUANITA LOUISE MULLEN: Float Committee 3, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: Stunt Night 3, 4: Hall Monitor 1: Booster Club I: Allied Youth 2: Iunior Tag Day 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Keyette Club 4: Color Committee 4: Editorial Staff of ACCOLADE 4: Honor Day Award 4: Debating Team 4. GEORGE DALE MU RRAY: Band 2, 3, 4: Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: Booster Club l, 2: Football I: Allied Youth 3: Homeroom Officer 2: lunior Tag Day 3: Stunt Night 4. MELDON ARPE NEXVTON, IR.: Transferred from Fishburne Military School 4: Dramatics Club 4: Key Club 4. ANNE MARCUERITE NORRIS: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: Booster Club I, 2: Fike Hi-Zeftc' Staff 4. LYNDA GLADE O'NEAL: Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Officer 4: Future Teachers of America 3, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: Stunt Night I, 4: Booster Club l. 2: Homeroom Officer 1: Radiogram Representative 2: Allied Youth 2: Iunior Tag Day 3: Business Staff of ACCOLADE 4: Future Homemakers of America 4: VVays and Means Committee 4: Filze Hi-Zette Representative 4: Keyette Club 4. IAMES ALAN OVERTON: Baseball l, 2, 3, 4: Football l, 2, 3: Homeroom Officer 3. CHARLES EDVVARD OVVENS: Band 1. 2: Hall Monitor 3: lunior Tag Day 3: Prom Com' mittee 3: VVays and Means Committee 4. IAMES RAY OVVENS: Diversified Occupations 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: lunior Tag Day 3. VVILMA IEAN OVVENS: Band I, 2. 3, 4: Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4: Boosters Club l, 2: Prom Committee 2. 3: Allied Youth I. ROBERTA IN MAN PARKER : School Store Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4: Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, 4: Ticket Assistant 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball l, 2: Honor Day Award l, 2, 3: Booster Club l, 2: Homeroom Officer l, 4: Student Council 2, 4. Officer 4: Keyette Club 3. 4: Future Teacher of America 3, 4, Officer 3: Prom Committee 2. 3. Chairman 3: Ouill and Scroll 3, 4: Intramural Softball I: Allied Youth 2: Choir 2: Blarshal 2: Iunior-Senior Honors 2: Cirls' State 3: Hall Nlonitor 3: Business Staff of ACCOLADE 4: Senior Suoerlative 4: Future Business Leaders of America 4: Future Homemakers of America 4: Float Committee 4. IAMES VVILLIAMS PEACOCK: Football 1, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3. PATTIE IO PEEDEN: Band I, 2, 3: Booster Club I: Allied Youth 2: Prom Com- mittee 3. LEWIS MARSHALL PHELPS, JR.: Stunt Night 2, 3, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: Electrons Club 2, 3: Homeroom Officer l: Booster Club 2: Allied Youth 2: Racliogrnm Representative 2: Iunior Tag Day 3: VVays and Means Committee 4: Float Committee 4: Senior Superlative 4: Class Officer 4: Key Club 4: Dramatics Club 4: Stage Manager of Stunt Night 4. Page Forty-two GLENDA RUTH PIKE: Marshal 2, 3: Stunt Night 2, 3: Choir 2, 3: Prom Committee 2: junior-Senior Honors 2: Junior Tag Day 3: Homeroom Officer 3: Future Business Leaders of America 4. LAVVRENCE JAMES PITTMAN: Diversified Occupations 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: Basketball 1: Baseball 1: junior Tag Day 3: Float Committee 3: Senior Superlative 4: Homeroom Officer 4: Fike Hi-Zette Repre- sentative. BETTY CAROLYN POWELL: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Stunt Night l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basket- ball I, 2, 3: Future Teachers of America 3. 4, Officer 4: Booster Club 1, 2: Prom Committee 3, 4: Homeroom 2, 3: Float Committee 3: Keyette Club 4: Future Business Leaders of America 4: Future Homemakers of America 4: Student Council 4: Allied Youth 1. ROBERT DUANE POWELL: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Stunt Night 2, 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: Basketball Statistician 3, 4: Booster Club l, 2: Track I, 2: Student Council 1: Basketball Manager l: Nominating Committee 1: Scribbler's Club 2: Tennis Team 3: lunior Science Symposium at Atlantic Christian College 3: American Chemical Society Science Symposium 3: National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 3: Ways and Means Com- mittee 4: Science Club 4, Officer 4: Co-Chairman of Stunt Night 4. IERRY RONALD POYTHRESS: Band 1, 2, 3: Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4: Prom Committee 2: Dramatics Club 4: Choir 4. LINDA CLYDE POYTHRESS: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Booster Club l, 2: Prom Committee 2, 3: Future Teachers of America 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: Home- room Officer l: Allied Youth 2: Iunior Tag Day 3: Float Committee 3: Future Homemakers of America 4. VVARREN KENT PRIDGEN: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Officer I, 3, 4: Basketball l: Prom Committee 2, 3: Booster Club 2: Float Committee 3. GEORGE MAXIE RAINES: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Football 2. 3, 4: Float Committee 3, 4: Basket- ball I: Homeroom Officer 3: Homecoming 4. BILLY RAY RAPER: Prom Committee 2, 3: Future Business Leaders of America 4: Fike Hi-Zette Staff 4. DOROTHY ANN RAPER: Prom Committee 2, 3: Choir 4: Fike Hi-Zette Staff 4: Stunt Night 4. LYN DA SU E RITTER: Booster Club I, 2: Prom Committee 2, 3: Homeroom Officer I: Allied Youth 2: Dean's Assistant 2: lunior-Senior Honors 2: lunior Tag Day 3: Float Committee 3: Future Business Leaders of America 4: Stunt Night 4. IAMES CROCKETT ROBERTS: Transferred from New York State 2: Choir 2, 3: Prom Com- mittee 2: CocooN Photographer 3. MERTON EDVVARD ROBINSON, IR.: Football 1, 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4: Key Club 2, 3: 4: Track l, 2: Band l, 2: Homeroom Officer l: Prom Committee 2: Student Council 3: Senior Superlative 4. JAMES ASHLEY ROCHELLE: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Committee 2, 3: Track 2, 3: Football l, 2: Basketball 1: Iunior Tag Day 3. CHARLES HERBERT ROUNTREE: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Prom Committee 2: Booster Club 2: Library Assistant 4. JAMES GRESI IAM ROUNTREE: Booster Club I, 23 Hall hlonitor I, 2: Football Manager I3 Football I3 Basketball I3 Prom Committee 2, 33 Dramatics Club 43 Future Business Leaders of America 4. EFFIE LOUISE ROUSE: Band I, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball I3 Booster Club 23 Allied Youth 23 Prom Committee 2. FRANCES GERALDINE SKINNER: Transferred from Cardners 33 Choir 4. LUCIEN HADLEY STARK, JR.: Stunt Night 2, 3, 43 Homeroom Officer I, 23 Prom Com- mittee 2, 3, Chairman 33 Float Committee 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Honor Day Award 3, 43 Nominating Com- mittee I3 Rnrliogmm. Representative 23 Junior Varsity Cheer- leader I3 Allied Youth 23 Boosters Club 23 School Store Assistant 23 Scribbler's Club 23 Radiogram Staff 33 Junior Tag Day 33 Fike Hi-Zette Staff 43 Future Business Leaders of America 43 Debating Team 43 Editor-in-Chief of ACCOLADE 43 Mascot Committee 43 Key Club 43 Science Club 4: Li- brary Assistant 43 Annual Naming Committee 4. ELVIN VIRGIL STONE: Band I, 2, 3, 43 Stunt Night 3, 43 Choir 3, 4. Officer 4: Junior Tag Day 33 Debating Team 43 Dramatics Club 4. THOMAS EDWIN STOTT: Diversified Occupations 43 Band I, 2. 33 Junior Tag Day 3. VVILLIAM THOMAS STRICKLAND: Band I, 2, 3, 43 Football I3 Stunt Night 3. PEGGY JOAN TEMPLE: Choir 3, 43 Future Business Leaders of America 33 Prom Committee 2, 3. BRENDA LUCILLE TI-IORNE: Prom Committee 2, 33 Band I, 23 Intramural Basketball 23 Junior-Senior Honors 23 Junior Tag Day 3. JEAN MATILDA VICK: Prom Committee 2, 33 Junior Tag Day 3. GENEVIEVE COOPER VVADILL: Band I. 2, 3, 43 Booster Club I, 23 Stunt Night 2. 43 Intra- mural Basketball I3 Prom Committee 23 Future Teachers of America 43 Future Homemakers of America 4. HULDAH JANE WALSTON: Marshal I, 2, 3, Chief 33 Honor Day Award 2, 3, 43 School Store Assistant 3, 43 Prom Committee 2, 3, Chairman 2, Ve-Clrairrran 33 Booster Club I. 23 Intramural Basketball I3 Hall hflonitor 23 Junior-Senior Honors 23 Junior Tag Day 33 French Club 3. Officer 3: Float Committee 33 Junior Science Symposium at Atlantic Christian College 33 America Chemical Society Science Symposium 33 Future Business Leaders of America 43 Keyette Club 43 Class Officer 43 Edi- torial Staff of AccoLADE 43 Mascot Committee 4. PATRICIA ANN VVALSTON: Band I, 2, 33 Intramural Basketball I, 2, 33 Raaliogram Rep, resentative I, 23 Homeroom Officer 3. 43 Prom Committee 2, 33 Booster Club I3 Maiorette 33 Class Officer 33 Junior Tag Day 33 Honor Day Award 3. PEGGY FAYE VVATSON: Choir 2, 3, 4, Officer 43 Stunt Night 2, 3, 43 Prop Com- mittee 2, 33 Homeroom Officer 3. SYLVIA JEAN WEAVER: Intramural Basketball I, 33 Booster Club I3 Future Business Leaders of America 43 Fike Hi-Zette Staff 4. DEE ANN WEBB: Stunt Night 2, 3, 43 Band I, 2, 33 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 33 Future Teachers of America 3, 43 Prom Committee 2, 33 Booster Club I, 23 Junior Tag Day 33 Fike Hi-Zette Representative 43 Float Committee 43 Keyette Club 4. MARY LOUELLA VVEBB: Library Assistant 3. 43 Intramural Basketball I, 23 Student Council I3 Allied Youth 23 Stunt Night 23 Choir 23 IIaIl Monitor 33 Future Business Leaders of America 43 Future Homemakers of America 43 Future Teachers of America 4. SALLIE VICK VVEBB: Stunt Night I, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball I, 2, 33 Keyettt- Club 2. 3, 43 Band I, 2, 33 Future Teachers of America 3, 43 Prom Committee 2, 33 Booster Club I, 23 Intramural Softball I3 Allied Youth 23 Future Homemakers of America. SANDRA KAY VVEBB: School Store Assistant 2, 3, 43 Ilonor Day Award 2. 33 Prom Committee 2, 33 Booster Club I, 23 Nominating Committee I3 Intramural Basketball I3 Allied Youth 23 Choir 23 Stunt Night 23 Future Business Leaders of America 43 Student Council 43 Future Homemakers of America 4, Officer 43 Future Teachers of America 43 Annual Naming Committee 43 Float Committee 4. JOHNNIE NUNN VVESTBROOK: Prom Committee 2, 33 Booster Club I, 23 Allied Youth 23 Junior Tag Day 33 Stunt Night 4. REBECCA ANN VVHITE: Band I, 2, 3, 43 Stunt Night I, 2, 3, 43 Ticket Sale Assistant 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball I, 2, 33 Maiorette 3, 43 Future Teachers of America 3, 43 Keyette Club 3, 43 Prom Com- mittee 2, 33 Steering Committee 23 Radiogravn Representa- tive I, 23 Homeroom Officer I, 23 Booster Club I, 23 Intra- mural Softball I3 Allied Youth 23 Junior-Senior Honors 23 Hall Monitor 33 Future Homemakers of America 43 Future Business Leaders of America 4. BONNIE JANE WILLIAMS: Band 2, 3, 43 Future Teachers of America 3, 43 Prom Com- mittee 2. 33 Junior Tag Day 33 Float Committee 33 Future Homemakers of America 4. JUDY VVILLIAMS: Band I, 2, 3, 43 Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Officer 43 Prom Committee 2. 33 Homeroom Officer I, 23 Student Council I3 Junior Tag Day 33 Business Staff of ACCIOLADE 4. MARGARET LANCASTER VVILLIAMS: Band I, 2, 3, 43 Stunt Night I, 2, 3, 43 Keyette Club 2, 3, 43 Booster Club I, 23 Maiorette 3, 43 Prom Committee 2, 33 Future Teachers of America 3, 43 Rarliogmm Repre' sentative 2, 33 Allied Youth 23 Junior Tag Day 33 Senior Superlative 43 Future Homemakers of America 4. PEGGY JOYCE VVILLIAMS: Prom Committee 2, 33 Stunt Night 43 Choir 4. JAMES THOMAS VVILSON: Honor Day Award I, 2, 3, 43 Baseball Manager I, 2, 3, 43 Football Manager 3, 43 Football I, 23 Booster Club I, 23 Prom Committee 2. 33 Homeroom Officer I, 43 Key Club 3, 43 Board of Directors 43 Radiogrnm Representative I3 Allied Youth 23 Junior Tag Day 33 Class Officer 43 Senior Superla- tive 43 lwonomam Club 2, 3, 4. ALICE ELIZABETH VVINSTEAD: Choir I, 2, 3, Officer 33 Intramural Softball I3 Junior Tag Day 33 Prom Committee 33 VVays and Means Committee 4: Float Committee 4. IIILDA GERTRUDE VVINSTEAD: Choir 3, 43 Prom Committee 2, 3. PEGGY NORA WINSTEAD: Booster Club I, 23 Allied Youth I, 23 Prom Committee 2, 33 Band I3 Junior Tag Day 33 Choir 3. Page Forty-three N -V,-f-,,,,wWW 5 - - iw. X M' - Q '-,.'Tv,: ...wr M LL M405 fi! Ilfumlsow, IIURNE, Cnixrnixrxi. lENK1Ns lass of ,60 OFFICERS Vifoom' IiAnR1soN President Pfx'm1c1A iiORNE Secretary DON QiRABTREE Treasurer Iifxiiiafxizfx-lENK1Ns Vicvfpresiderzt .IH CLASS AIJVISERS Miss Inuisc iiikc Mrs. Katherine iiicining Mrs. Plum llaimiirow Miss Uiycic Hunter Miss Lou Overton A Mrs. Ruth Smith Mrs. ,loan Tlirnnus Nr. Bill VVcir Bliss Polly VVilkci'srm XV1Li411usoN, OVLRTUN, Ilfwcziiizow, Fuck, IIUN SMITH, FLLZMING, Tnoiu.-xs. VVEIR ..,. -4 - x... . s . V --...v.u.u:-n---...U mx-wvnn-1-n-nrn1wnlrr-inrwuumxvuuununxn ii1'cci1'iclx Slcpiicn Albino! .laincs Bass iXii'nrci l,uuia Ruth Mlcn Nancy 'Ivan Allman Nutty Scxa ,Xiicicmmri Vlanct iflspctli Askcw Bctty 'lu Baiicy Raciicl Bonita llailcy Siicllic Ucw Uailcy Conner Owcns Bakcr .Inscpli lilnycl ilaiicr .lamcs XVarcIiaxv iiaitfuga Ciariiic Ann Bariius iilliliilil .Ican Barncs ,Iacquclyn Maric Barncs ,lamcs XViilai'd Barnes Lila ,lanc ilariics I0 Annu Bass 415 241410 -T' . Ad., Ll ggw Q73 Joyce LCC Bass Lyiiwomi rXmiCi'snn Bass, r. -lnhn Wfcsicy Balciiclur, Vvilliam Edwin Butts, iii Bonnie Opiiciia Baucoin Thcnnas Eciwarci Bcaman Richard Lloyd Bcaman, Jr Milibrey Annu Boland hlnlin Linwood Benson Gerald Francis liisscttc .luciitii Carolyn l3lyrlmi- Martha ifranccs Bust Uctty Lucnnra Boyixiii john Rndgcr Bradlcy Elizabeth Rainey Brandon Ralph l'i'ani4lin ilraswcll Eiixabctii iiuntcr ilrcwur Paul ,-Xiuicrmii U11-xx'ui', llr. ,, 3- -lniin i'urman iuricigcis ,Xnn Fayc iiI'OIi1L'l'5 Bctty Marin' Brnxvn Robert Vaiion Biiilucix Olinda Caimicn Bryan Xiiiiliiiciii Carr, Frank Henderson Carter Virginia Bruee Coley Dorothy Delores Cook Donald Wlayne Crahtree Sue Ann Crute 'Iohn Ellis Daniel ilihomas Arthur Daniel Charles Ervin Davis Charles .loseph Davis Linda Lee Davis Susanne Telfair Davis Ann Shirley Deans Geraldine Valerie Deans 'Iohn Wfayne Deans jenny Lou Dees Barbara Ann Dixon Betsey Louise Downing Thurman Grady Eatmon ,I I'. ' ' i " -':'7 -::f.'-slr-rw:-,41ri1r.:rxT4, umm. :nan 1'r's:.'mmm11 zz :mum Alzwufmizw-15l'43l.1-l'I!!'a Barbara Ann Edwards Frank VVarren Elliot Brenda jean Ellis Eddie Ellis Vvilliam Frankie Ellis ,loyee -Ioan Etheridge Beulah Mae Evert Bay Pearson Felton Elizaheth Anne Ferrell Vvilliam ilihomas Ferrell Llewellyn Fike Mary jo Fineh Peggy ,loyee Fish Sammy Kay Flowers Betsy jane Forbes Dorothy Yvonne Franks Vernon ,Iaekie Freeman Edward Earl Fulliord Franklin Jerome Calloway BenjaminFranklinClover Dorothy Lynn Glover Janice Faye Glover Stanley Harold Godwin Edna Florence Goodwin Edward Grover Jones James Martin Jones Walter Vann Jones Larry Richard Joyner Lina Jane Joyner Robert Guy Joyner Selby Craig Joyner Margaret Beatrice Justice Kenneth D. Kennedy, Jr. Brenda Gale King Dennis Cecil Lamm Jancie Elizabeth Lamm Elizabeth Mary Ann Lane Thelma Avon Layton Jean Carol Lewis Judith Aurelia Lively Minnie Jean Martin Winnie Elaine Massingill Ramona Gayle Massingill Emma Louise Matthews Mary Jo Mclver Elizabeth McMillan Edward Ray Meeks Ralph Douglas Mercer 2 ar gg f Rt ,V.V. fy f W7 y Derwoocl Copelancl Parlcer Catherine hlclyer Peacock Nvilliam liallarcl Perry David Leonarcl Pittman Rosalind Bryan Pittnian Betty 'lean Pope Ruby Edith Poythress Larry Shelton Price Lula Daniel Priclgen hilary Elizabeth Priclgen Paul Eclwartl Priclgen Billy Linxyoocl liaclliorcl Elsie La Vonne Raper Roy Donalcl liaper Birger Kristian Xalergelancl Rasmussen, Ill Clencla Ann Ray VVilliani ll. Reclcling, Carl llrown lienliro, 'lioniniie Horner Riley hlilclrecl Louise Roherts Priscilla Anne Robertson Ann Marie Rogers Dennis Stanley Rogers Henry llester Rogers -1' fa vm'f:g1,m1-21 rr-:1:.u:mi-arm :4a1.m-rfwnmfc-P-fumzmnxanrmmsnxmmimufrmwmsimmiliwz Anne Kay Miles Daisy Anne lxlillarcl Erick hlinchew Lincla Carolyn hlink Paul -laclason Moore, James Alfred Morgan Dennis Lynn hlorris Shirley Louise hlorris Marcus Van hlurray Patricia Mavis Neal Lincla Faye Newconih Ronnie Leonarcl Nixon Phillip Marshall Noryille Joseph Randolph Nunnery Ceorge Arthur Oaliey Dewey Benton Oyernian, Il Patricia Lane Uyerman Fretlericlc hlaurice Owens Rebecca Joanne Rogers Ruth Carolyn Rucker lennie Gray Ruffin Daniel VVilbert Sasser, Linda Gail Sauls Marilyn Moore Seburn jimmy Cray Sharpe lanet Ruth Shepartl Margaret Anne Simons William Parrish Sims, Rebecca Rose Skinner Rita Joe Skinner Frank Thomas Smith ,lane Lorice Smith jean Elizabeth Smith Linda Lou Smith Mary Lee Smith Peter Case Smith 34 ifi-s:,f ' ' ,W Kilo-vv 'v-"" WMP' 5:87 S S of '60 Q' f I VMI Reatriee lrene Speiglit Xfvantla liaye Speiglit Mary Louise Stewartl -lames llaryey Strieklantl .losepli 'llliomas Strieklantl Virginia Dean Sullivan Peggy -loyee Taylor llarbara Lynne rliurner Cleraltl liaye Nliurner Lucy 'leanette Turner hlannie Gene Turner Siclney Chesley Turner Florence De Lois lyson -lo Anne Varnell Ronald Vick Donaltl liretlric kvalston llarry Lee XValston XVilliani llaake Xlfirnl llilcla Cray Xklatson Xllilliam Etlwartl Xllltson .lackie Cleralcline Xliehlv Santlra Louise Wlebb Mary Louise Wlestplial kVarren M. 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CKJNNOR t LEE lloiwia Siieimcm BOYD Pfx'rsY POX'VEl,I, Hmm, Puwuii, C'oNNo1i, IIUPLNE of '61 OFFICERS i Presitleiit ViC'e-ljfesitielll' , , SL'Cl'6'fHl"1' 'IiVUt151H'L'l' ADVISERS Mrs. Ella Beamon lXlrs. lxlilclred Bullard Mr. Keith Estep Miss Virginia Knowles Nr. llarold Lamm Miss llzittie Noble Mrs. Maxine O'C0nnell Mrs. Kathleen Patterson Nr. Gilbert Rose Rosie, ESTEP, PATTERSON, LAMM, KNOWLES NUBLE, BULLARD, OYCONNELL, BEAIYION sophomores Ceorge l laekney Adams, .li Marie Elizabeth Amerson Preston Bryan Askew Shelby -lean Askew -lanic Mae Baker Lula Carolyn Baker Patricia -lane Baker Douglas Paul Barbour VVinford Earl Barbour Barbara -lean Barefoot Cloria Myra Barker Edward Cray Barnes, -lr. Cordon Adams Barnes james Fletcher Barnes jerry Monroe Barnes Alton Stancil Barnes Perry Delano Barnes, lr. Richard Carlton Barnes Robert Allen Barnes Robert Lee Barnes 'lohn Barron Edward Ray Bass Myrtle Linda Bass Richard Whitfield Bass Ruth Ann Bass jo Ann Batts Bobby Clenn Beaman Donnie Fredrick Bean Carlton LeRoy Beland Patricia Glyn Bell Elinor 'lo Benton Henry Edwin Benton Connie Mack Bissette David Willard Bissette James Hilary Black IV Jenny Scott Blackman Linda Blalock Betsy Carroll Boone june Earle Boswell Mary Catherine Boswell Melvin Cray Bowen Sherron Winstead Boyd James William Boykin Kenneth Stuart Boykin Leland Kanie Boykin VVilliam Oscar Boykin Iimmie Doolittle Brewer Joyce Faye Brewer WSG Wirth Hb'- -, 4. . at in gt 5 :I fi' F aw f . ,at - it f W f as fy ,rv f y W, f if , ,flpgt f n V5 V X aa? 4, ,ga M 1 ' I I ' ff 4 t f. X . Q., he 540' Qlqgw WM .... " , - Q . Q...---Y 1 ",,..",.' 1 it f ai, , ,, .. 4fZ""' l , f'4"'f,, ,:. 5' I A . "' 2 ' Z! M " 4 I ff ft , f ff , We Q VX Lhvff 7, W fi H Q' 1 1 Q? "" 4 WV' Q., mfg, ' 'X kj ' ' ' ' 2. " , 1 f - W .., Wfzv' . 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Bussell Etheridge Irma lean Evans class of ,61 John Lee Evans VVilliam Balph Evans Ann Sherrard Farmer Claude lXlcCullen Faulkner David Eugene Fernald Bessie LeBoy Ferrell Brenda Carol Fields Janet Elaine Flowers Sally Barnes Forbes Katherine Steele Forehand Bichard C. Fulghum, Jr. Peggy Jean Carner Nancy Lou Carnett VVilliam Braxton Carris, Clyde Earl Cibble Carolyn Mae Clover Barbara Jean Codwin William Ralph Codwin Virginia Faye Crant Mary Virginia Craves Catherine Chandler Cregg William Wallace Criffin, Zebulon Zachary Hadley HI Jo Ann Herring Donald Bay High James Donald High William Wilson High Elmer Lee Horne, Jr. Linda Bitch Irvin VVilliam Reece Jacobs Vernie Nelson Jarrell Cerald Brian Jomp Delores Fay Jones Herbert Leamon Jones, Judy Carrol Jones Theresa Joyce Kelly Betty Carol King John Cray Koster Jerry Mac Lamm John Douglas Lamm Millard Lamm Jimmy Ceorge Lampros Catherine Prose Lane Frances Elizabeth Langley Julian Earl Langley Beatrice Louise Lee Charles Henry Lee, Jr. Jasper Whitfield Lee, Jr. MZ" Ji I Q an I fl' W 'aa av' 3 L ZA 5 "mv rx.-:sv -Lei sophomores blames Phillip Lewis Betty jean Lucas Robert Ray Lucas Ernest Franklin lVlallarcl Robert Lee Martin George Elmer Massey Sandra Deloris Massingill Betty Ann Matthews ,lane Bernice McCumbee Kinney Carson McKeel Claude Allen Mercer, Elmer Ray Mercer Geraldine Mercer VVilliam Whitehead Mercer Mary Linda Miles Richard Allen Millinder Carolyn Ann Mills Robert Erick Mills Leonard Bernice Mitchell Lynda Faye Mitchell Mary Carolyn Moore Rebekah Anne Moore Sandra Kay Moore VVilliam Robert Moore lNade Douglas Morris lames Dewey Moskos Williain Warren Murphy LeRoy Murray Linda Louise Murray ,Iudith Kay Narron Claudius Virginia Newcomb Barbara Lillian Newton Hattie Lou Newton Billie Carroll Nichols Carrol Deans Nichols Robert Leon Nichols Linda Lou Norville VVynona Ann O'Briant Georgia Mae Outland Brenda Flo Owen llarriet Marie Qwens ,lerry Garland Owens -loanne Rae Parker Edna Earle Patterson Hester Warren Phillips Paul Barringer Phillips, jr. Patricia Louise Pike Barbara jane Pittman class of ,61 VVanda La Verlc Pittman Nancy Aliene Pitts jerry Thomas Pope Patricia Anne Powell VVilson lnlackney Powell Linda Lou Poythress Barbara .lane Price Bruce Grant Pridgen .lames Richard Pridgcn Reba Melinda Pridgen Selby Franklin Pridgen Wanda Gail Pridgen Brenda Coley Proctor Lou Bonner Raines Emma Faye Reason Donald Reginald Reid, lr. Sara lane Reid Louis Stephen Richardson Glory Carolyn Robinson -lames Johan Robson Carol Yvonne Sasser Frances Faye Saunders Ester jane Savvrey lo Linda Scott Alice Louise Shepard William Kenneth Stancil Betty Marie Stokes ,loyce Jeannette Summerlin james Melvin Sutton james Ralph Talton, jr. Marvin Willard Taylor Eleanor May Temple Mary Michele Thomas Samuel Griffin Thompson Bonna Rene Thorne Loretta Ann Thorne Richard King Tillery Rebecca Louise Timberlake Louis Clifton Tomlinson, Rachel Ann Turner Dianna King Tyson Alton Braxton Vaughn Alton Kenneth Vick .lohn Hardy Vick Nicholas Hilary Vick Richard Lee Vick William Douglas Vick Ann Louise VonlVliller '-max' and 2 '7 '1 - W . ' cf ,y 1 ffm f . ' J 'iv' jff T I . Ci:,f ,f f . , ' 2 Vf Z ff f ffm f' 1317 A "' 'fe V .... , V' M 03' Page Fiffyeezglit sophomores Arthur Ray Walston Dewey MacArthur Walston Ida Ruth Walston Marvin Leroy Walston, Jr. Sibyl Grace Walston Needham Eldon Ward .Io Ann Watson Patricia Pmeide Watson Dorothy Athoma Weaver Offie Tucker Weaver Gllie Gray Weaver Frances Hill Webb ,Iudy Garol Webb Marcia Danelle Webb Linda Carol Wells .lames Alan West Donna Gail Williams lla Faye Williams john Doyle Williams Sandra Lou Williams Frankie Jerome Williford .ludith Gwendolyn Wilson Theresa Gail Wilson Barbara Kay Winstead Ella joan Winstead Louise Margaret VVinstead Raymond Lee Winstead William Ray Winstead Tandra Lieb Witzke Dennis Gerald Wood Ann Margaret Woody Arthur LeRoy Wooten, Ir. Martha Ann Wooten Garolyn Ann Worrell 'lohn Zeko, Jr. M... 'nw C3 X-,F C 131111, s111111'111 111111111g1'1111111'1', is 1111 1115 11. 11,t11SU1I. N. U"111'11, 111. 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O, ,f ' V Z9 Q We 7 'lm- 5 "-ffw ,YV M 15, f I ,, 4, 7 ,M , ' ,, ' ' ,f i A , ff? , ww , activities XfVe were all thrilled when we were elected to make up the first editorial staff of a yearhook, without even a name. 'llie appointtd committee, after considering hundreds of suggested names, finally presented The fXeeo1.AnE, for which the student hody voted. Because of the confusion of moving into the new build' ing from our old home, Charles L. Coon High School, we found it difficult to begin working at once on the new hook, the name of which sounded foreign and strange, come pared with the familiar ClOCOON. Thinking the job would he simple, we were really shocked when we found out just how much work really goes into putting an annual together. It seemed difficult for us and even for our experienced adviser, Miss Lela Aycock, to settle upon the wording of a theme which we knew must pertain to a year of transition: and then one day we thought what hetter theme could he used than "A year of transition-an accolade for the future," thus emphasizing the title of our hook, used for the first time. 'lihe definition of an accolade Ca charge or ohligation to perform a task or duty, to accept one's responsihilityg a salutation or rite performed to mark the recognition of spef cial meritj seemed to express what we wanted in a theme. After the theme was finally decided upon, other things seemed to take their places. As we worked, we hoped to present to the student hody, and for posterity, a hook that would he worthy of this year of marked progress and a hook that would he an accolade to the future. il he Editorial Staff: Seated: J. johnson, Mullen, Vkfalston, li. Bradley, M. llayes, Miss Lela Ayeock, adviser. Stamling: C.. Butts, C. Meadows, T. High, L. Cale. M. Dew, L. Stark. Heeden. Mrs. Brooks. THE 19 59 ACCOLADE f - XITSAQSZI 11 WEST- '.""T.T' Z'"""'...FT3?l'1TE5'IF.TiI-7maf'm.:, 1!E:r::rir:!33rrF. 'A ismxmm - 1 f ' 14,5 , , t 3 4 alll X 'ix IW if it ' en I-uctiEN S'rAnK ficlitor iii fflzief Miss LELA Ayeocrc Adviser 4 ik 'Dir xii? 901 1'w.vT"' XP ffrlf liking 1 L Ki f 0 , E f Q MRS. JEANNETTE Bnooics Adviser BUSINESS STAFF: Seated: Ilill, B. Ellis, R. Parker, Ferrell. Siuxztliizg, first row: I.. O'Neal, pl. Vklilliams, I.. Daughtridge, Miss Knowles, S. Eatman, I. Brewer, lf. liarnes. Top row: Nl, lXlADELINE. HEEDEN Business Manager Miss VIIXGINIA KNOWLES Adviser Heeden, Mrs. Brooks. VVC, the Business Staff, felt honored when we were elected to do our part for the fXcteoLAnE. ln the heginning we felt short-handed to realize that there were no boys on our staff, hut we were determined to do our hest as an alle girl team. We got off to a slow start at first, hut with the help of lxliss Virginia Knowles and Mrs. 'leannette Brooks, our advisers, we soon settled down to work. VVe set the closing date for selling subscriptions for December, and Mrs. ,leannette Brooks found herself quite husy keeping up with the funds and making a record against the day for distrihution. VVe thought selling ads would he easy, hut after a month, we changed our minds. lloweyer, with faith we struggled on. After several weeks, things hegan to brighten up. hloney and ads hegan to flow inl But just simply selling ads was not our only ohjectiye, for through our puhlie relationship, we wanted to build up a good reputation for our new senior high school. Typing and drawing off ads and hectic hours of counting money presented daily duties for us. Dashing around madly, chasing people who would he in their offices only at certain times, working from Monday until Friday-neyer on SaturdayAwe were thrilled at any measure of success. And now as the hook goes to press we are happy of the almost definite assurance that we are in the "black," and the hook will he paid for. --sm-.. W ai mf -W M ,,, f X f X ..,,........J' X-1-..M Wh . i-d---..,,. ---... ,W ' sw ,M , f Bottom retv: E. llaujglitridge, E. Bullin, B. Powell, P. Robertson, A Shcpar Vkison D P, O'Neal. Secoiztl row: L. Joyner, A. Vileaver, A. W'oody, R. larkcr Nl Haus B len ins P.. Nlcalillan, P. Honeytutt. Top row: B. Vllatson, L. Vklooten, N. Conn C. Durham, D, Tillerv, I, Talton. L. llorne. Witli one representative from each homeroom, the officers, and Mr. Wfillard, our adviser, the Student Council makes up a small representative group with a big responsibility. Since we were to be the first Student Council in our new school, our aim was to set a fine example of leadership for future councils. This first year has proved to be a very busy one. ln October, the biggest task of the year was helping the teachers during the rush and confusion of the 'fbig move" from one school to another. As soon as we were settled, the council organized steering committees for selecting new names for our yearbook and newspaper. Because the student lounge is not yet complete, the council provided enter- tainment during the lunch period by placing in the "round room" each day the TV given to us by last years council. lag day, homecoming activities, and the student-faculty basket- ball game-our projects, boosted school spirit during the sports seasons. The most exciting event of all was the State AAA Cham- pionship game. The council set to work to welcome Vvinston- Salem and to show the team our feeling of pride and gratitude for the honor brought to our school by them. Throughout the year, the council continued to encourage student eo-operation and participation by sponsoring such events as llowdy Week, the Sadie llawkins Dance, and Quiet VVeek. During the year we sent flowers, getewell cards, and other rernembrances to absent students and teachers. Late in the spring the council managed the campaign and elecf tion of new officers4a true practice of democracy. A spirit of determination and fine leadership steered the counf eil on as we strived to make a good beginning in our new school. Looking back, we realize that though the year of transition has been difficult at times, we have been especially privileged to be members of the first Student Council of Fike Senior High School. r . fl Xt-fa M- Nb 2:- the fike hi-zette Lf llll lLXtl'Lll llczul ull ttlmut itll' Ycs, rcaul Lll7HLIl il in tlu' lilzt' v' llifvitv. 'llu' llikv llirfvttc scluml 1u'wspz1pcr is pulmlislu-cl mut' 1 month lu tlu llULllILlll5IH cltss lulcl tlu' lust pcritul in tlu cln M, IA! . llu' 1u'wspz11u'r gives ll putuu nl our sclumul .utlxitus nul is trulx , "' f' un LIQCIICQ' ul sclmul, luinug mul ccuninunitxt. - . ff ' ililu' ll0LII'll2lll5I11 class, uiulcr tlu stlpcrvisirm ol Miss l.u Uxtitnn, 'WL xmrlts lmrcl tn lJl'UClLIL'L' un outstznuling pilpur. Cul llnius Lclitm Ill cliul, znul lunic worltccl fuitlilitllly tugctluw. can NVQ-z1x'L'i', 2l55lSf2lI1l cclitur, n 1 I . crc is tllc cvcr prcscnt ilL'llCllil1C wliicli luis to lu' nu't. Cupy Sfflff HICHIZYUVS ffflli PUIVCVS for CllSfV1l7Ufl0l1. must lac writtcn, corrcctccl, typccl, inul prcscntccl in our lilac Ili Yvttv. Seated: L. Stark, U. Rupcr, B. Reaper, D. Howell, A. Nnrris. Slmzciilzg: C. Barnes, B. Ellis, Miss Overton, L. Joyner, L. Fikc. I. VVcux'cr, P. Ansley, P. Barnes, R. Moore, E. Davis. Acls must lui sold: pu'tLn'cs, tultcng mul urticlcs, cut. Paulus must lui lnul out mul all work put in nrclcr. XfVlu'n the lust cluwlt is inaulc, tlu' stall sighs with rclict us tlic like llifutle gocs to prcssl Margcirat Lnuzm, ri petite senior, IZHIIZCS ilu' paper FI lu' Pike liiffcttc. .,- 24' A-s. Q N s 4 L. Filzc, lmsizzcss uzmzngerg C. BUVIZUS, ecliwrg mul I llfunvcr, ussistmzl, check tlzu copy. .1--5 1 r Y git, Eff 4 5 , 4 V--X t , 'N X L v-4 '1' -F Ei! 'rm 11 Clzilf nzeiulwers trssisl with ll'ilso11 Horst' Sliorv. 1 Il I I m v sr Il Key Clzilwlrers lfccorm' "lslr1r'cs." hs? J? a 1 4, V t s B l lxev Clzzlt 170,16 lake turns kecpizzg our campzis clean. .wfasara '11- Page Sixty-six q"7 "' T T"'1'T "lui PTOU1CI71I1.l Tf.'E'!'TlTI T.Y VEl1!EWi7'.HfT-INWTQH1 Ym The Key Club has lived up to its motto, "Service," during its first year in our new school. Under the fine leadership of its officers, Yvalt Brown, president, Bill jordan, vicee presidentg VVoody llarrison, secretaryetreasurer, and hir. XfVillard, our adviser, we have been able to serve our com' munity and school. During those first hectic days of moving to our school we lent a helping hand to our teachers, and later formed a campus clean-up committee to lveep our grounds in good condition. 'lihe Key Club did its part in making this year's football season a success by boosting the morale of the students and teams. Each member of the Key Club received great joy and satisfaction from doing things for other people during the Christmas season. Toys and food collected by the boys helped a needy family enjoy Christmas. Cards were sent to the faculty and money was collected to spread Christmas cheer also. ln january the Key Clubf hers collected money for the hlarch of Dimes. 'llhis year the Key Club found a new and exciting project to help raise money for the club. Each boy sold himself as a "slave" to any girl who wished to purchase him, and she could even obtain dating rights for an extra charge. 'llhis project along with assisting the Kiwanis Club at the horse show proved to be very successful for the club and the community. 1,111 ,ET-'ng lllli-Qf 1 tl x key C u b xx lj n-ff'?f+A99" The Key Club joined the Keyettes in giving a banquet for their new members at the beginning of the year, and they also coasponsored a banquet for students of a high scholastic standing to encourage scholarship and good felf lowship. ln the late winter, the boys also entertained the teachers and school leaders at an afternoon party. During the year the club attends the various churches of the members to promote understanding and fellowship. 'llhe Key Club's first year at liilve Senior lligh School has been one to remember always. VVALT BROWN BILL JORDAN WOODY HARRISKDN President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer av' ICQ: 'mv sl.. P11140 H111.L1Nuwwo11T11 L111-Q HURNE JIMMY IIORTUN l31'11oN INUNAA1 l3111Jm' 'IUNIQS li. ID. K1-'NN1511x' C11111s Kumrzslq SAM Lov1s1.Ac15 Doug: AIOIRHIS M1g1.uuN N1aw'1'cmN 13111 Pknm' M.'x11s11,1x1.1. PIIl'l,l'S llolzm' POXVELL PAUL P1z11x1LN Clxnl, RLNITRO 11111115 Rc1111Nsc1N II11N11x' Roumzs 1311.11 SIMAIS LLICIEN S'1xx1114 j11x1A1Y 'TALTON SA1v1mx' T11o1v1Ps11N ,l1A11x1Y VXVILSUN L1a1c111 VVUODAIL SIRI VVoo'1'1iN CL111111.1 Anxus li1x1:x1 1' llxnxn N cvfxlil. I1,x1:7x1 N Cl1111:c11 ll,x1:x1 x C.x1111rm I111 1x11 .l1111.x H1 mmm K1 NN1 Ill llmlxlx ulmlx Il11111c.1 11x xlllil, Cr111,1xs N1 11.1. Cuxmn: lJ11N.x1.11 C 111111111 'l'1m1.x11 IMN11 1 s XV111'1f lJ1'1s C'1x111.1ux lhxux DUN l'v,I,l,IS A. XV. Ifxnls .IACK l51Q11N.x111 ULN I71111111-'s I1111J11f I'111.1-01111 Iilllllll CQ1111111 M11.1.A1111 c1l!ll'l5lN 'I1-xox Il.xNc111:11w Lo111s II1-11111 N 'llmmlx' ll11s11 'bf can-uf ,M - Page S1111 w1 Q ll 6 , . S. Crow, li. Forbes, P. llorzze, ll. rllclzier, L. loyrier, l. Askew, S. A. Crzzte, mul B. Haines ore l'lll7l70ll Girls at tlie Kiwrzriis llorse Slzoui. ls. Kelly, B. Raines, B. Tirulrerlrzlce, ll. Moore, B. Stokes, ll. Tlzoums, L. Dawson, ill. Crowes, and H. llfntsorz are tlze recently elected sophomore Keyette rzzerrzlrers. B. T-Vord assists S. Crow, C. Berries, P. Horne, lVl. Heetlerz, mul H. Raines with tlze Clzristums opportzfrzity corztrilrzitiorzs. Page Sixty-eight Like everything else, the Keyette Club, sister organi- zation of the Key Club, has had new surroundings in which to carry out our motto "Service.,' ln the "Round Rooml' every Wednesday morning, our leaders, Susan Crow, president, Helen Daniel, vice-president, Madeline Heeden, secretary-treasurer, and Mr. Ceorge S. Willard, adviser, led us into a new series of projects to be carried out sometime during the year. The selection of new members, followed by the elec- tion of the board of directors, was the first thing on the agenda. The Keyettes served as Ribbon Cirlg for the Kiwanis Horse Show, as pages for the P. T. A. "Back-to School" night, and they took food to the County Home for a Thanksgiving offering. Again this year, the Club experienced the feeling that comes only from taking Christmas opportunities. Having done so well financially with the bake-sale, we were able to help two families during the Christmas season. ln a joint project with the Key Club, the Keyettes, reminded, by means of a float, those who saw the Christmas parade to remember the needy. During the months to follow we helped to support the Heart Fund and the T. B. Sanitorium by giving substan- tial checks. keyette club We had several banquets during the year. We joined the Key Club in honoring the new members with a banquet. ln the spring, we honored those sophomores, juniors, and seniors who had achieved a scholastic aver- age of 3.5 or over, and later in the year, our mothers. On Valentine's Day, we honored Mr. Willard, our ad- viser, with a gift. In order that we might have a greater understanding of the many different faiths of our fellow classmates, the Keyettes have followed this year the practice, intro- duced by the club last year, of attending the different churches of the members. Through the years the Keyette Club has shown its loyalty and school spirit. ln the Homecoming Parade we gave a prize to the winning float and sponsored a "Wel- come Alumniu banner. We supported Stunt Night by sponsoring a stunt and helped to boost it by selling tickets, and, as usual, we presented awards to the varsity cheer- leaders, and to the majorettes on Honor Day. Thus the purpose of the Keyette Club of rendering service to others has given us a chance to enjoy the ex- periences of many "Firsts" in a new environment with a charge to the future that we may function more effec- tively in the years to come. JOY IIICKS JANIE HILL PEGGY HONEYCUTT PATRICIA HORNE BARBARA JENKINS LINA JANE JOYNER JOEY MCIVER ELIZABETH MGMILLAN CAROL MEADOWS JOYCE MILLER JLIANITA IX'1ULLEN PYOBERTA PARKER ROSALIND PITTINIAN BETSY POWELL LOU PRIDGEN PRISCILLA ROBERTSON ANN SIMONS JANE WALSTIJN SANDRA WEBB VICKIE WEBB BECKY WHITE GEORGE-ANNE WILLARD MAGGIE WILLIAMS MR. WILLARD JANI I' ASM w 'SANIIIIA IZAI IIICLIXIL CIIIIISIII IEAIINIS IJOIIY IXNN IZAIIIION ANNI1 IZINION JlIANll'A ISOYI l'll CLAYII HIIAIDILY JIIIIY HIILWI li I,INIIA CJALI4 IgI,OISI- CAJNI I Y SUSAN CIIOW glll- ANN cvlkllll. IIIIIIN IJANIII AIANY I,IiIQ IJIQANS JIQNNII-1 LOU IJIaIfS KlA'I'ILIIA DEW SUE I?.A'I'lX1AN JANET I7EImI5I,L I-LIgKVI1I-LYN FIKIL PEGGY JOYIL ITISII BILTSY I7ORIsI5f-I HAPPY HAIIRISS AIICKLY HAYES MAIIELINIL HILEIIEN ft' 1. ' ffyf ff f I af, A , , A a, . -. I . , 74 G - 'ZLMKX ,f , I MJT, K - ,N Ig Page Sixm Izuze Hnllmu row: Mr. Harris, Bass, llarriss, P. Robertson, S. Wiilson, ll. llaniel. Seeoml row: Xl. Wiooclarcl. ll. Pittman. Ci. Burt, I... Xlereer, P. NleI-ean, H. lielton. -I. llones. ll. Xyilliainson, Nl. Owens. lf. Carter. Tlzirtl rmr: ll. llale. Ci. Rountree, ll. Dixon, G. Vlliclciill, ll. Chappell, Turner, U. laynes, lf. rliurner, lf. Xlealillan, K. Peaeoeli. l'il11lVflI ron': Viillialns, -. V. V - Y. . . l'. lash, l.. lalxe, ll. Walston, A. Xllllarcl, XX illiains, l'errell, V. Deans, l... Briclgers, Asltew. Iiiffli i-mr: ll l.a1n1n, l.. 'lihe moying mass ol' hlue ancl gold, the steatly troinp ol' leet, the lilash ol' hatons, the stirring roll of tlrtnns, the lurasses' hlare, the wooclwincls' gentle harmony-these ans nonnee the arrival ol' our Ralph l.. l7il.e Varsity llantl. XVe are a large group ol' liunflox ing young people who talte lull aclyantage of the liestiyities olilierecl on our ex-- eiting trips hy luis or traing hut we are also a harcl-yyorlxing group, praetieing for many hours in ortler to tlo our hest at eaeh perlornianee, realiving our cluty to our clireetor, sehool, and eity. Pep rallies, gricliron halltiines, paracles, anal eoneerts all require a eoinhination ol' talent and spirit. laige Seventy llrewer, ll. Brandon, C. lhlelxer, I-. Cale, I.. joyner, A. Norris, S. Baltfegar, L. U'Neal, ll. Cope, I3. VVillia1ns. Sixth row: P. Vl'ilson. I.. Rouse, I... Ellis, E. Conley, P. I.inyillc, B. Barbour, ll. Allen. A. Kliles, C. VVliitle5', P. Neal. SL'I'Cllll1 row: H. Barnes, ll. johnson, A. Layton, H. Ellis, ll. King, I.. Pritlgen, M. Sehurn, S. CQTLIIC. I.annn, ll. Moore. Top row: H. Vielt, K. Hriclgers. XY. Deans, Nl. Haines, llclwartls. l 0 i l l l A i i l 4 1 i l llehincl the spotlight shining on the Varsity llantl are the many hand stuclents worlxing diligently towarcl their plaees in the ranl4sg also, there are those whose aetiyities hitl them elsewhere, sueh as eheerleatlers anti athletes. ,Xlthough we are spending our first year in a new selmol, making daily use ol' our new liaeilities, we alreacly earry the reputation of a well-infonnecl and well-letl hancl, i clireetecl hy a young ancl ahle leacler, hir. .lames lrlarris. Our school shoulcl he proud ol' our hand, whieh ex' tencls to eyeryone that eomes in eontaet with it, a sample ol' true school spirit. l K'Kr gif' ' 1""F.. Tnfi " .if ':Trt'n:' rf.-rr-L1m:iu:"-'..n':-vu vz.1rr-:nz- :n....1a-aenvf1-.. rf ux:1irmm.....m...-.i.....vw':-1e-----.-.......a...m...7.K..gL........-..---.-....,. 7,7 ig f' ij 7 V5 N m t , WJ. 1,12 f 4 , "l2?iyv+:'?','s" fwy ', J-V ff ' h 2 J'..'-':--f:12?,' .3 rfxk-0e':e"', " f 4 N fivffff- , A V V fffzf f ' ",7:'i' " 'L V' , iw t ' WMW 77 mfr ' 4,1 , Wiz Q ,f ff 2 657 5,2 f My ,iz 1. '1fw:f'T,ffZ,tff -V ' ' ' " M g jf A Y ff ' if f ,f ,A 2" h JH ' ' . ' Im: fi '. .. -' , ., ,af , , f, H - ff " , ,Ae--fur., W H , A H -2 L I fzfgchwwkwww Z' 3 ., i 1 0 I ij ,-ff V ,- "k" ,V s , f , . 1 .Rf J - ff ' ffww K 1' "' fr Q A' 41 'Jiffy v ' I , f A , - SIN' . sv - ,E I' ,., U1 ' 43475 2 , W ' ' 1' i,'FA'iY w ' lf 31 A 'Q ' 1 g 9, 7- " -, K Q x . ' 2' Q -in is V - M-.W U nat'--Ni ,Af ww' X ii ' , if X - 0 9- V' 9 . H ' " W ,, ' nl 5 J M 'vm I S H 0 l L, 4' ,,.., NJ . f Q M ,.,. ,. n..-W-v-'-"fl Q 0 MMM Q A .N--......,,... ,.,,,,,M..-.. - 13111111111 1'r1'11': J. Reid, I-. Newtun, B. Mattlmcws, L. Murray, l. ll. XX'11lst11n, ll. XX'illi111ns, P. Creech. Third row: Owens Al. Kelly, Baker, T. XX'it1l1e, D. Brown, U. Elliutt, L. Puy- N. Vick, XX'est, P. Powell, S. Muore, M. VX7Clbl3, C. Baker tl1rcss, I.. Miles. SCcr111cl1'm1': R. Fulglmum, iXI. Graves, ll. Owens, C. Faulltncr, XX'illian1s, ll. lluykin, II. Phillips. Top row: A. X'X'ez11'er, XV. Priclgen, X7X7instcacl, ll. King, Hrewcr P. Barnes, ll. Murvre, K. Vick, l,. Eclwarcls, P. Briclgers, G f Xl11111'e, li. 4lHX'I1L'l', XX'. lJ111'is, ll. X'lXlL'2lX'L'I', J. Koster, VX. Blbylilll 0 0 u n 1 0 1' b El n d S 13111111111 111111: l31.1ycl, N11rr1111,C. Monre, li. liielcls, M. liuswell. Z. llzitlley, rl. lllilCliIULll1, M. XAIUIJICII, Benton, A. Herring Nl. Priclgen, B. Price, F. Mitchell, B. Stokes, C. Easter, XX'ils11n. l,. XX'ells, L. Irvin, C. llelzincl. 1711111111 1'o11': M. Buwen, C S1'cf1111l 111111: P. Bell. Xklllllillllfs, P. Baker, B. Pittman, Xl. Nichols, XX'. Alllflilly, ,I. Barnes, D. Vick, F. Barnes, G. Barnes lJel.11ng. F. XX'ebl7. M. H. Dunn, F. XX'illi11n1s, II. A. XX'atsr1n, li. Xlcliell, ll. XXll11SlfL'klLl, U. l311rl111111'. Top 1'o11': VV. lJuB11is P. Sziunclcrs. Tlzird row: ll. Beainun, R. Etlmericlge, lligli, A. ELlXX'2ll'LlN, XX'. ll111'l11111r. S. Barnes, N. X'X'ard, G. Blassey, VV Powell. Easter' sunrise serviccs, tlu' cltoir sltows tlu' true s :incl culture of Filie Senior lliglt Sclto . No OVQLIIIIZLIIIUI1 or event woulcl lu' complete witltout Uruler tlu' sltilllul clircctiou ol' Mr. -lillllvs lllIl'lIS tlus music, zincl tlu' Iiilic Senior lliglt Scllool Clroir is gt titlcutctl group ol' 2lI7I7I'UXllHlllL'lf scrcrtty l11K'll1lX'l's uorlc very importztnt part ol our scltool. It is rnzule up ol' sopltos wry conscientiously to lettrn llklllllllilll songs xx1l1ul1 t mores, juniors, zuul seniors wlto enjoy singing. You can tlrinlt will lu tnttrt rining uul pleirsuw to tlu'i1' IINILIILIS final tliese people practicing every clay ut lourtli periotl 'llu'3 stir tlu' lu'1u'ts ol' IIICII' 'lllLllL'l1U.'S u1tl1 Sllfll rtxtttru in tlu' l1eztL1til'ul new clioir room. Tlu' music ol' this inf selections its "I XK'z1lltccl Vliotlan' X'Vlu'1'e .lesus XV1 X spiring group lurings pezlce ol' ntincl zuul joy to llllf zuul "l'lI XVz1ll4 lVitl1 Coil." 1X nroocl ol' joy zuul lutpprn tluclience for wlticlt it performs. VVlu'tlu'r singing lor lills tlu' 'ur u1lu'n tlu' l1ltntling voices ol' tlu' QI11111 s111g sucli school events us tlu' unnuul Cltristinus progrzuns, inspiring songs lilte "Stout IIC2ll'IL'Cl Men" tuul Slll Q Stunt Night, zuul tlu' Spring Cltoir Concert or corn- Up tlu' llguulf' munitv functions suclt its lXIusonic Conventions 1 Hcifltl sent lzis si11gt'1's 11111111 u111'll1 Vlfitlz songs of s111l11Uss tlllll of 111i1'lI1, 'flint IIIU1' 111igl1l 1o11cl1 tlu' l1C111'ls of 111011, , c A1111 l11'i11g 1110111 lmelc to l1c'111'c'11 11g11i11." Bottom l'lIll'Z L. Vvinsteacl, L. Newcomlu, Ilill, II. l'roetor, If Langly, D. Tyson, VI. Mills, Bass, I. Parker, Ii. XVinstezul P. Vlfinstead, II. Vllinstead, L. Thorne. Secoml 111111: Cf. Mills, I. Blalock, M. Amerson, B. Baker, Bass, BI. Ellis, E. Patter- son, C. Bunn, I3. Byrd, Boswell, -I. Etltcriclgc, M. Lunun Third row: P. VVatson, A. Hollerman, Pope, T. Gurnette, P .. W I s ,f , ' . X ' 73? F W5 'ww s ' l 7 I I ' I Luul golcl ro ' 'L . s I mtl pmt Ive atrc very proucl ol tlicsc lllylll people in tluu lm U1 lus XXI c in ilu ns cltpcncl on tlurn to lut up to tlu' goocl reputzttion wlticlt tlux luuc lilllll lor lllclltsclvcs iIl1Cl to Llo glory to our scltool. . Vluylor, IJ. llatper, If. Ilrzullcy, P. Ansley , IIQIFIICS, I , 'I. llztvis, li. Lucas, S. II, llitss. l'o111'l11 1'r1u': G, S on ul 1 v 1 3 . L. lmutts, I1. Newton, F. Iones, G. Wilson, S. Mitssinl Moore, Askew, S. Ifverctt, A. nlztssingill, S. CIUFIJIH, S C ro . I.. I. llurnes, A. A. Owens. I-op row: II, U'illiauns, I' I tn . Ii. Stone, Morris, II. Ilnrrcll, R. Poytliress. Pianist: B. VN arson , I I ""' . , 1 .. ,,,,, .- 1 fav ff X s f Q 7 4 1' iff , W X 1 :W iz ' ,41 ,Q 1 fr ! I f sf sf s M f is ' f, f fifly 1 fffssf' M! X f so sf , "v i i - t x - iw, fy I W , f 3 ff f W, , . X .7 Bottorri row: le. Daughtridgc, li. Turner, li. llaucom, Hailey. ll. Lamm, P. lloneycutt, ll. Bailey. nl. lliyes, A. llenton. Sceoiitl l'Ull'Z llicks, F. llaino, Cl, Ray, li. llapcr, l.. Matthews, ll. Brown, S. Crow, ul. Nlills, Nl. Dew. 'Illini row: lf Barnes, l,.. CCI' XVc, the rncmhers ol le I ercle l"mi1ei1i.s, are happy to report that this, our second year ol' organifation, has hecn lull and actiye. During our liirst term in these new surf roundings, the students ol liikc Senior lliglm have had many opportunities to see our cluh at work. ln making "Cyclone" pennants, our lvirst project, we were ahlc to hoost our line loothall team on the night ol' thc championship game. The proceeds from this actiyity enahlcd us to purchase the space for showing our activities in the iXCCOI,.XIJE. Constructing a lirench lloat lor the Christmas parade was lun and a challenge to our artistic ahility. VVe chose a typically lfrcnch scene ol' young people in gay costumes dancing in lront ol a lcstiye cottage. Nlercer, ,I. Mullen, I.. Pike, ll. Vick, L. Poythress, P. Smith, XV. Powell, 'I. I.. Dees, F. llraclley, ll. Skinner. Top row: VV. llullois, ol. llayes, 'lf High, ll. Smith. II. Blythe, E. Gould, VI. XVilson, C . Cihhlc, C. Beland, ll. Nixon. fran ai ilihe only stipulation lor memhcrship in the cluh is that all mcmhers maintain a "ll" aycrage in lrrench. Our programs are designed to introduce memhers to the culture ol' France, its paintings, music, and literature. VVe also study about the country, its people, and customs. VVe were quite interested in studying the way they cele- hrated Christmas holidays. The most impressive thing we haye learned in our study ol l'rance is their great helicl in freedom. Wfc, the members ol Le Cercle Frmzgnis, hope that this year's cluh will be an inspiration to the clubs in the future years ol Pike Senior lligh School. Cf. Cilzlule. 13. Hziireoiii, D. Vick, mit? l. Officers: Presitleizt, B. lllzzlsmzg Vice' fl. Reutmz, Miss ll"illzers011, P Smitlz lluresoiz dance for lf. .llizzclzeug ll. Nix l,I'USlflL'IIf, K. Pefzcoclcg Secremry, l.. Hlrtlle, B. Neurcoiize, R. Nixon, Al 111, llf. Dzrlgois, timl l-. Drrziglzrritlge. IJIIIVSUIIQfltlI'lSf31',r'lllSSPOllj'l'Vlllic'l'SUl1. Dew, mul B. llfrztsorz make penrmnts w afffae Allin.- l ll. l.. fl. officers: lgreiiier, Secretiiryg l. llill llllll lj. lfliiiore iriiiiscrilie ll sliort- .lliss louise lrilce 111111 Urs. ,ltiiii lliiiiiss l Cioo1i'11'i1i, rldVL'lISZH'L'VQ Is.O'Nu111, llresf liiiiztl e.x'ereise. Mrs. ileiiii lliirriss sziperf will tlie iiieiiiliers' iitteiitioii lo ilu tliili s fleiilg l. lllilliriiiis, l7lCf.'-lJl'L'SltlC'1llQ nizci' rises. iiiotlo. a Ilill, l'it.'l70l'lL'1'. future business leaders of america The liuture Business Leaders ol' America, under the guidance ot Mrs. ,lean llzirriss and Miss l,ouise l7ilae, advisers, have done a commendahlc joh this year. lo hegin a prolitahle year ol' worlv, recreation, and success, the lf ll. l.. A. memhers attended prefschool vvorltshops. ln Septemher at an initiation hanquet for ninctv-three memhers, the neyvlyeclected officers were installed. Varied night programs followed. Panel discussions on secretarial xvorlt, l'ilmstrips on liurope, programs on eti- quette and parliamentary procedure were informative and interesting. To meet the hudget, the F. ll. L. A. sold school pen' nants in Septemher and in Novemher, household notions. The cluh supported several projects during the year. llelore Christmas they sponsored a 'lieepetlieexexv l,ool4" poster contest to keep our school spotless. During the joyous Christmas season, they lelt the need ol' sharing a Christmas program. Our auditorium, not having heen completed, they decided to give one over the P. ,X system during homeroom period. lt was very ellective and much appreciated. 1X Valentine Dance proved to he the high light of the social activities. Numerous memhers attended the State Convention in Durham, North Carolina, in March. Some aims ol' the F. B. l-. A. are to develop husiness leaders who show self-confidence, courage, and responsi- hility, to encourage scholarship, and to preserve democf racy. "Service . . . Education . . . Progress," their motto, is truly an accolade for the future! lf. l3. l-. fl. iiieuiliers enjoy tlze iiiitiatioiz and iiistiillzitioiz liciiiqziet nt lJ1irl4e1"s iii Septeiizlier. ng:1m.u-. au., ,A , x11 IS 11171 1 1 ll 1 r cl' l,i11x'ille, B. XV1llia111s, l. Miller, A. Nlelver, U. Vllebb, l. Ilieks, LX 1 xx x 11 11w1 :ne LI 1 1011 I . G. XX'11clclill, Buyette. Top 111111: I. Mills, ll. Vllhite, M. Dew, 4 N L11 1 1 , M. W1-hh, ll. l3111'r1111, C. mlL'ilLl1JNX'S, L. Puytllress, L. U'Nez1l, 1 Ill ll 1 I7 1 JIFHLN l'. ll. l,kll'liCI', Nl. lleam, A. l3e11t1111. future teachers of america The ll. 'lf .X eluh, e1111sisli11g of oigl1ty-l'1x'e Il1ClIllJCl'S, umler the lCllLlCI'Sl1lP ol Mrs. Ethel Crawley, hegan its projects for the year 111 the new l1L1ilcli11gg. .X highlighz ol' the elulfs z1eti1'ities was Ll l3LllNlLICI held 111 liehf l'Lllll'y at lDill'liCl"S, at wl1iel1 Mr. XVillz11'cl, our 111'111ei11z1l, was the guest speallxer. The 11111111 pL11'1111se ol' the eluh is to interest stuclents 111 tea1el1i11g 1lIN.l to help them realize that "111 this e11u11t1'y . . . we use our lCLlCllCI'5 to guide our ehilcl1'e11 to he cleeent, ll'LlSlXX'Ol'fllY people, e111111hle nl' xv111'l4i11g with others, Llllll tuliing 1'es11c111sil1ility 111 our cle11111e1'11t1e way ul' l1l'e.H l'. llcmeyeutt, Nl. XRYCSI17l12ll, K. Peueuela, llarnes, P. lI11r11e, I M111 s 1 11111 1 Q 111 DLI sr I1 I 1 l' S. c.I'LlIC, D. Gluver, Bl. VV1111clarcl, S. VVils1111. Top 111111: Dees. 1 1 Xlelur QCL111 Ll L. PI'lll4LZ,C11, li. Furhes, Il. jenkins, ll. Pitt111a11, Al. Blythe, 11111 1 s lL Hnrnss A X1 s Askew, E. Ferrell, L. Filae, ll. Turner, Nl. Finch, V. Dez111s, 111111 1e s 1 B. King. ,,-..i.Ti .i vi-if -- v . 7. "- , , L L fs, i' un- ' J K . I' 5'-M 5 gym Hottouz row: L. Cale, G. Bradley, Klills, R. Evans, Bass, I. C. YVaclclill, Hiller. Third row: C. Butts, F. llraclley, L. O'Neal, Cope. Seeoml row: A. Massingill, E. Conley, F. Daino, B. Powell, Crooin, H. XVilliarns, M. Dew, Boyette. 'lop row: ll. Daniel, Nl. llayes, L. Poythress, D. Barron, M. L. XVehh, R. Parker. future homeinakers of amer1ca rlihe liuture l lolnemalaers of ilineriea in our lirst year ol' organi nation at Ralph L. l'il4e Senior lligh School Llicl an outslancling job. lior some of our monthly meetings, we had a speaker who taught us soeial graces. To raise money, we solcl peneils. ln the spring, we entertained our mothers at a hlother-Uaughter hanquet anal eleelecl eight delegates who, with the olifieers, attenclecl the state convention in Raleigh. The purpose of our Cluh is to prepare young girls for their liuture responsihilities as l1OlHCl11LlliCl'S. A. nlelver, T7'L't'ISIl7'L'J'Q ll. L. Deans, Seei'eti11'yg XXI-hh l ice'-Presiileizlg C. llarnes, lleporierg ,l, ll. Lgllis, Presiileui Bottom row: Shepard, L. Kelly, Brewer, B. Ellis, P. llohertf llelancl. F. Iones, P. Pike, T. rl. Qillftllflll, lilowers, Il. llarriss, son, L. pl. Ioyner, A. Vlleaver. Seeoml row: ll. Massengill, L. li. Peaeoeli. Top row: L. Prinlgen, -I. Melver, ll. King. S. I. VVells, -I. Ruffin, A. Shepard, L. Thorne, VI. X'Vehh, Sawrey. VVilson. P. llorne, -I. Askew, ll. Pittman, Al. I.. Dees, Nl. Sehurn. Third row: E. Temple, E. Bullard, Pope, N. Bradley, M. rl. Barnes, G. XVeaver. nmmvu-u.muzr.c.1z.4.4u... r.- ..,-., .,...k . y. . X0 WW dm QF x f XV l lf mi .,,.' . I Liv ' 1 , A,AAA " -if-f N, ii . fu.. -af iw:-Q Horton: 1'm1': I'. Fish, II. II11rriss, II. Pitt111z111. I. Klclver, I3. Powell. Seco1z1I1'r111': NI.XVoot1 , -1 1 fffwimtg ' it I ' ' ' - 'Z " 3.1 firt: ', ' KR w x'2i, ' , f . foftwf SQ. , M f U. Bailey, G. A. XVill1mI, NI. Ilclzmcl, NI. 111-eden. I.. Mink, A. XYootc11, I. II1111cl1ro11'. Top l11'cI, , I , row: VV. I"I21I'1'I5lJIl, Y. vloiicx, IJ. Sasser, XV. Lcc, Ii. NIcKIiIIg111, Barnes, Xlrs. IJLIIICFNLIII, I.. I,ricIgv11, ul. VV11 I1 I V E. Ferrell . Lcwh 111 1 rc , . Ilc1111s. ,Ns 111c111I1c1s ol' lil Cluh Iiapuiol of Rzilpli I.. Iiilxc Iligh School, wc xtritc to proinotc i11tc1'1111tio1111l good will. Uncc Ll 111o11tl1 wc 111001 with our 11cI1'iac1', Mis. I4llIIllCL'll IDLll1L'l'5UI1, to IL'lll'l1 111o1'c ol' thc L'Lllll.ll'C ol' 1111- I.11ti11 1-X1111-1'ic1111 co1111t1'ic5. A5 SI7LlIlI5Il st111lc11ts, wc xxorlx to luring our soutl1c1'11 11cigl1l1o1a closcr to us. I club espanol ,- , ., , . . . Ihis ycur, I'1Iw Iligh School has spo11so1'ccI Ll lIL'XVOI'gilI1ll1llQllJ sc1ence club 11 tI1c SCICIICC Qiluhfto lL11'tl1u1' 1111 ILICIIISI IIHL'I'L'Sf i11 scic11ce. Tho cluh is uclvisccl hy Mrs. Betty fXl1c1'11t1tl1y, Mrs. Ella IIQL11111111, 1111c Mr. Keith Estcp. I.ca1cli11g this group Lll'C tht- liollowing: P1'csiclc11t, Bill -IOTCILIIIL VicctI31'csinlc11t Bohhy Powcllg Sccrctairy, A1111 IILIXCSL ,III'CLlSLlI'Cl', XVoocly I I111'1'iso11g Social QII12llI'IT'1L1I'l, Ilcidc XV11t5o11 Ilistoritm, CI1111'lcs IDLIIIICISL 11ml Reporter, .'X1'cl1ic XXIUUICII. Ilcingg ' ' cxlitlciicca ol' l1cco111i11g Ll g1'owi11g o1'gg111iz11tio11. SEL 1 11c11'lx lo1'111ctl cluh, it 11115 itll tht Sttzmlingz Nlr. K1-ith Ilstcp, Mn. FII11 I3cz1111o11, CIIILITICN I71111i1-ls, Arcliic VVootc11, IXIIII Iliiyce, Xliw. 131.-tty 1Xl1cr11.1tl1y, Uioonly II11rriso11, Ilcinlc XX'.1tso11. Sitting: ISol1l15 Poxxull. No! pic1z1rc1l: B. lo1'1.l1111. , 1-, .M -'-1 V Jtmri.. ,.,- , .., .-. V .. . .,....i.... ...V --...,...., W.- ,...-....,.-....v.........v.......-......,......,..1.,...-.i....,,.,.1...... Liu' ,O- T Hoitonz. row: Couch hlurlalin, Vvilson, Alfortl, N. Conncr, Vick, IJ. VK'ulston, ll. llogcrs, U. lillis. Sccoml row: A. Oycrton, F. Gzillowzty, D. Morris, ,I. Bunn, U. Ingram, IJ. Crribtrcc. CQ. Crillin, lf. llohinson. 'llzirtl rouw C. Barnes, K. Boykin, F. Hollingsworth, HI. llanchrow, 13. Powell, C. Barnes, XY. llc-cs. 'lop row: P. Pritlgcn, A. YV. Faris, S. lsovclucc, I. Peacock, ll. Sims, C. lJixon,ll.Uoul1l, L. A. llnss, XV. lirown. Thc hlonogrttrn Cluh has us its mcmhcrs thosc uthlctcs that hgtyc lcttcrccl in 11 major sport. Thcsc hoys proudly wczir thc uthlctic colors, hluc swcutcrs :tml golcl lcttcrs, in thcir scnior yctir, t f l although may of thcrn huyc lcttcrccl in 11 prccccling yctir. XX c :irc proucl ol this organization that 1 not only currics high honor, hut also sprcucls thc loyalty uncl spirit ol our school. l Our ten school bus clriycrs play Ll big part in our cycrycluy school lilc. Ruin or shinc, slcct or l snow, thcy arc at thc Various loading zoncs catch school clay. Xfvhcthcr wc live in rurttl or Lll'l3lll1 urcus, thcy tzllxc us to and from our hcuutiliul ncyy school on llttrrison Aycnuc, just outsiclc thc city . limits. lo thcrn, wc owc our clccpcst gfllliflltlt' lor thcir clcpcncluhility lllltl loyalty. VV. Murphy, I-. Bnkcr, R. Iiurdison, R. Braswcll, Turner, B. Fyzms, B. liiillllilbftl. P. Noryillc. I i ,s6'i'Lf , . '-r' Noi pictured: F. Curtcr, R. burncs, Deans. X Q , ,, 1- 3, . ,fs . p 4 D X L 5 J., A i ' .Q .4- 1 V A V 1 ff- fu, , ,,, l 'ar' xg . 15451 A, fs. 4 , 1 ' igeuex ,YQ-528 fwf 15 01 wx if H. , BUGS Q ? I. M! . 1 . 41, ww Z V . , .1 s.u:Lvt:t'f'vi':E'1 4' Ir. X7I7VSif'Y C'IZ8L'VIL'l7t1Ul'S help szlpport the fj'1'L'lUlIL'S 117 Ilzc IIOH1L'C01lIilZlQ P111'nc1e. l,. Cff111Ic,1f, D. 1U111'1'11l1', 111111 C. HVt1LHL'j' are 1111111113 ilu' llltlllj' stmlczzls 1111111 l7VL'l7llVL' tugs 108011. homecoming lllv 17111111 tllltl llllIllUl'L'HL'S 1'11'u IIICIZILIULI 111 1110 l111111z'c11111i11g festivities. CI111111 11111111s, tQil'ClI to the 111r1jo1fettcs by the 3111110111 C111111ciI, 111'e1Iist1'iI1z1tc1l. C. Af1ClZL1fJli'S gives 11110 to Hass. vu BISSET A-q'? 'lv N 111' S The S1'11i111' Class float L'liS17It7j'5 the 1111110 of the AAA .U11s1'11Is, CI. H11l1e1'tso11 111111 Il. .U1'111l1111's, 111111x1' fm' tl 1 ClZl1llll7illlZSlZil7. 1111111111111 wiflz tl11'11' six11'1x. 1 1 I 21 heyda fxlllllllli lg11t11e1' 111111 tlzcir teuclzers for tl Clltlf l111f111'1' 11111111115fo1'tf11'I1igg111111'. Af1e1'11 Il11'illi11g XQITIIZU, Cl'6'7'j'CHZC 15311111615 nt 11 cl111s1'11 PIIICL' The 11111111111 f111lis 11111111 ffm 1.'f11'1'1'l1'111l1'1's 11'1111' 1'.x1'iI1'11 f1111S for 11 1'iCfUl'j' 1l1111ce. ill ll yell. iw 1 5 fmt J ' ' 9613 , ag 1 .wh 9 v,,.f'f 9 4 MF.,:6.4.1..A4,4g4444 .www X. Nga X54 4, qs 4 4 4, AX 4 'Q 449QV,xQWgff' ff' 542142255 WW x X 'X ' 4 4 4 X 4 1 Q , Y' '- f s 'f4m 4' ' Inf: 4-A iff wg, ,gig , 44 , , XX 44 , K ,e . 4 4,4 4 2 1 f ' 4 J 4 " f 4 f 04 p 141 Qgfr 5' XX ,451 ws f44 XX 4 .X 444 If it XZ xh I 4 -Q 4 1 ,X u f: 4 44,X1f4. 'f' 48,47 444. 45. X- 4 4 far , '--- 4 W- 1 ' X X 4 wgxigywq-,,, ,441 , X , 4 - Xf,X 444 .44 , ,x 4' .4 .W . 4 4 ww. -4-'11X4',X, X. 4' ..X, Xsfdwivf A 441494 Xf 7 4 4 44, X f ' - I - " 4 ' 4 - 4 1 44X-4 ff-4 "- xv 441 X 4, , -' M em 4 -..SxX4 X X f- 4:Mv4.f1 f ,X W W 4 4 ju-,b.?g..1 f3'44.?L g, s -f4 757 if ' ' x ,X.. ,X X'. MTX 4 XX. 4' ' A "f fs'f'sXv IQ 4X:ifX4 4241- xg: 44:1 X "?M'f .' 413- f 'fi 4 M ' '44 . 4 4447 2' ' Q XA.x .X ...K , I 4 , ' mfg: '.'4ffZ,Xx mf 4 My 4 X " "' 4 4 X 1 ' 4 4 ff' 744' 4 X 44 142, X447-X ff X 2 KZ 144 X L4 44 ,X K 4 1449 Z,' 4, is X 4 4 1 X 4 ' 4 ,A 5 'Z XX 4 ,. 154 V, ,WN X Q.. 44 f ' - f4 4 ,..X 444 4. I " 'i' M 4 4 4 44 44 1 . k ny X VX , X4 4 ff W 4 may 4, ., 44 " 4 4: 1 x14 , 4 4 Lai Z, AXX4 4 :,, 4 2 Xsi 54 W 4 IA 4 4. kk A W A If A I .,., 4 44 . 4 - X44 44 4,4 X' 4 , ' ,Z 4 5 4 4 4 4 X 4 Af .Zfyj gm! 4 4-4 , 7 4 V WZ Lys? WXWZQ 4 Q., 4, .X .4 ,f W Ax . . f f 1 5 if .fi I I 4 "' ' 4- : 44,.4 Q " 43 X' " 5 4 if 3 41 X.,...44-, , ' ' ' 4 3 ' 5 ..,.,.,,.4 ' V 4 .. 4, V 42, , ,Z nl.. , .,,,, 1 , jg . M , MSW 4 "-' 1 -e w 4,444 4,444.4 , M 4 , 4 ,444 4 Y 44 4 4 4: 4 4 X 4 14 4 fe., 4Qj,j xg 4 ,4 V! I A 4 nh ' '54 'W, " H Q 'f4,AjAN V 1 W 4 , 1 4 4 X4 4- ' l f . !,444.,,44- H 44 "M 1' M ,, 3, 4 4 ,,?,-44' 4- Aw, H',,'. .XI gggypmvm, if 45'4wffwffv W Si 1 ff 4 M4.1'.44.44f4Z:4:24'U-f-Q., f- sjyifk W W 4W.,4W.W4.44 .,.., 4 - mf, -' ,M ' ,wwe ww 4 Q4 Mmwy ,pw if M ' 4 ,.4,:ww4f46X5fff ,X " liww' 'Wx ' A X 44f,,X 44 , 4 Af, me W 44-v4,4Na,,eQf6W4? ,wg,X, , 44,41 X, J Wwqm, , 4,4 . -"fy ., 4 x I 2 ,, 4 " f" X444 - '. NW 5135 4 4 " 4 44,4 4,4 4 2 4 ,fi-lg 444, 'wwf' W 4 4' Q 444 444,,w,, 4 'X-MX.-4 . 21,13 . .,.,,. 3 Ft .,... I-.,,, ..,, ,511 - -,4 ,, 3 X. -5-, 44 .. '11 -4 4 , - ,.g - 4 .1 Q4 wwf, 1 A 4 -X 4 , M, ..,, 7 Y . - ,- f 4? 4 E. QA Xt! .Wm .4 X Y 4 . X lx .www W - '4 24W X .' Xl i Q , W 4 4 5 b x 4 x 2. ZX W4- X . f,"lC'll , Kiln," I athletics m Q AMX f' jg, - g s i K WWW 3, Ar , ,, wk, ,ZW.,,5. ,ni X fu n " ,fy Qu , . f yr, W .-f.i I fx xygm ff, ix 'X ,ggms , Q Q 1 . f Sm 1 .. ,S , f v M-.Q NZM? ff if 4, Q f MA 14 1. XM K. if . '15 7 fezf' xx ff if 5' Y . M X ,fit fsiif' VARSITY: A. Mclver, S. Bailey, Mclver, P. Horne, C. Barnes, M. L. Deans, L. Daughtridge, B. Bailey, S. Eatman. Not pictured: A. Simons. i e e l S , 'iWe're the spirit, we're the pep . . ." and the vivaeious girls who lead us in this cheer really are the foundation of our school's spirit and pep. We follow them through yells in varied pep rallies and exciting football spectacles. A couple of days before a game, posters, banners, and funny figures appear in the halls, arousing much excitement and booste ing school spirit and student participation to an all-time high. The cheerleaders have even been spotlighted by the band during one of its halftimes. Their mascot, a darling little girl, has whirled her way into many a heart, while her "big sisters" whirl up a cyclone of noise. Qur cheerleaders wear new blue and white pleated skirts, new white sweaters and the traditional gold letters, plus earmuffs and gloves in very cold weather. These active girls never slow down in their job to keep the fans alive and loud for our team. There's the signal-'iNow y'all yell!" -IUNIOR VARSITY: C. Lane, B. Raines, M. Thomas, A. XVnntly. A. Farmer, S. Moore, R. Vllatson, F. VVebb, IJ. Bullock, P. Powell. ff XS M Page Eighty-fire H I I.. I W .M - , ix mf" J' sk GEORGE BARNES VVALTER BROWN WILEY DEES CARLTON DIXON A. XV. PARIS DON ELLIS th year Of th Cyclones EDDIE COLILD GEKJRGE CIRIFFIN IIIW PEALIOCK FSORRY POWELL 11 may QW Iv WI ,Riff 4 ,. J BYRON INGRAINT EDDIE ROBINSON -'I I I l , -W HSI' Bottom row: F. Hollingsworth, D. Crabtree, D. VValston, K. Boykin, D. Ellis, H. Rogers, VV. Brown, N. Connor, J. Vick. Second row: D. Morris, C. Griffin, J. Alford, tl. Hanchrow, B. Ingram, E. Gould, L. A. Bass, Peacock, F. Galloway, B. Powell. Top row: Coach Marklin, A. VV. Faris, G. Barnes, Bunn, B. Simms, W. Dees, E. Bobinf son, C. Dixon, Coach Eancs, Coach Weir. I2 Walt Brown was selected Most Valuable Player by a team of most valuable players. His fiery spirit started a chain reaction that quickly flowed into his teammates as they matched able opponents in wit, strength, and spirit. We shall never forget our classmates in blue and gold as they marched the striped field to glory and led us to co-championship fame. The spirit of the 1958 football squad will always be an accolade to challenge us in the future. t Cyclones score one 0' iizaizv toziclztionius uilzile Deeizsitie lmelzs, 13. Powell ami llf. Broiiiiz, more in 0 r i 3 troirizeiizg tlie defemliiig elmiizpiozis, Fcnfetteville. ljarlv in August, the Cyclones hcgan preparing for their 1958 foothall season with high hopes of another good year. Being placed in the cellar heforc the season opened gave them an inspiration to work diligently to hecome the hest team possihle. liull of determination, desire, and will to win, the Cyclones opened their came paign on Septemher 5 in a gridiron thriller at Fleming hlemorial Stadium with the favored XVashington Pam Pack. VVashington, heing unahle to stop the Cycs' hardf running hacks, fell hy a 156 margin. Coldshoro played host to Yvilson a week later in our first conference game. The Cyclones proved to he too much for the Earthquakes and hrought home a 201-1 win. Raleigh came to Wfilson regarded as one of the hest teams in the conference, hut they were unahle to stop the magnificent Cyclone offense. The Cpips went hack to Raleigh with a 1913 mar in their record. Next on XfVilson's schedule was Kinston. '1ihe Cycs soundly trounced the Red Devils 39-0 while giving all the re- serves valuahle playing experience. Q Cycs strive liartl to griml ozii Vvriixirryge zigniiist the tmigli llfilmingtoii lliilcleiits. sto 70716 o hoclcvM0zi1it's hacks. l . A real trial for the Cyclones was Uctoher 3 when the mighty Durham squad stepped on the field. The Cycs, with supreme effort, rallied to overcome a 1-1-0 halftime deficit and defeat the Bulldogs 19-1-1. 1Xflarklin's "little men" chalked up their sixth win in a row hy crushing noneconference New Bern 3013. The Cyclones turned in one of their most impressive performances the next week hy stomping the defending champions, Fayetteville, 310. Over 1,000 VVilson fans, who accompanied the une defeated Cyclones to Vvilmington, hecame tense as Wil- son went into the final quarter trailing 60. The deter- mined Vvilsonians reached hack for the extra punch needed to gain a 7-6 lead which the VVi1dcats never over- came. Creenville, VVilson's next opponent, met the Cycs with hopes of upsetting the high-riding Cyclones. flow- ever, the Cycs rolled up a -19-1-1 conquest, one of the highest scores in recent VVi1son history. Arch rivals, Rocky Mount and Wilsori, hattled to a 14114 finale at Rocky Mount, clinching the first conference title for the Cyclones since 1946, and also earning them the right to play for the state championship. The llfilsoiz offense clicks as E. Robinson lirenlas loose to mek up 6 points for our team. mlninsmz sweeps left emi' in an effort to gain ynni'c1g r nu I 7 against the Inlzzclzlzirds. U 1 4 1 s c 0 r e b 0 a r d VVilsf1n 13 Xfxhsllilmgtulm VVilson 20 Clolclsboro Wfilson 19 Raleigh Vvilson 39 Kinsman VVilson 19 IDLll'hilIU Wilsfmlm 50 Now Bcrn Wilscmlm 51 I5uycttcx'illc Wilscmlm 7 VVilIUiI1Q.UJl1 Wilscalu 49 Crccnvillc Wilscalu 14 Rocky Mount Wilscrlm 6 VVinston-Sulun 1 3 flNO1l'lYj' Sf?'l1IQ'QIf.'S to gnilz vital 'H'l7Vt'IlI!llL' lIlSjl'fillSf H717 I 11011 uwn pzris ilu C ulmzu 411111111 of U znstrnz Sn L SfOlI'SfII6'1lI,S Black Dcumzzs. I HIJIUIISIJII VUIIVS l7lICIi In tlzrrm' ll pcm to ll lczmzumtc Jmmlfielcf. circa! fans mm' with zlppruval as tlw Cycs izzvmlc HIJCIIIOIIH ferr? tory. championship game Um' Clzeerlemlers and officials wel- come the Ufinstmz-SaIe111 team at f,1L'CllCl'1'j'I10f8l. Vg, 'WE 95,11 , fl ll'lilISfUlI'SlIlL'l!1 lmek lries to siflesiep 1111 UlIVIlSl1lIItQ llfilsozz glf1cli11to1'. The State Coffflzniiz vimzslzi 1 tm 1l1v is l7ll'U1'tlL'll to the llIllISiUl7'Sl'llL'Hl 1 1 It 1 , D mul ll ilsozz co-cn vmzzzs. l Wlilson welcomed XVinston-Salem at a tea held at the Recreation Park Community Center on liriday afternoon, November 21. That night at Fleming Memorial Stadium, the two teams battled to a oo deadlock. Xfvilson, being a heavy underdog, stymied NVinstoneSalem's powerful single wing offense. The Cyclones took a 6-O lead late in the third quarter, after an 80 yard drive, spearheaded by a 25 yard pass play. The Cycs saw their lead vanish with about one minute of play remaining. lt was here that fate appeared to cause what looked to be a perfect con- version to curve and strike the uprights. The 1958 Ralph L. Filae Cyclones will long be remem- bered for the best record in W7ilson's football history, their thrilling comeffromebehind victories, and most important, their sportsmanship. 1 I Coach Patil .llfirlclixz L'llUUl'fllll,1' sees the Hlacl: Devious of llliizstoizf End C. Duron catches a pass as Cycs 1lll'tYLlC Deuzmz ter- SHIUH, ff, film- Img. 1'lffH'1'. ,rn-w-ww-1-w-,Tv -Y ' f -- W , . . , QF? N f 1 'um Rv, f. WP-isw 1 e ,M , 'V' fm M9 - wash ' M' W s I N fs V6 ww.,-es -I W ,egg-S' Q' 'Aswan g, Wiwr-' , H., M ' ,"-' 'llie -lunior Varsity haul a little hetter than metlioere season this year with a reeorcl ol' liiye wins anal four . W . . .t 1 f 11 'e Y s A -Jia .1 ,,, ,. -We ., A az, D, , ,f f , M .5 WMM, Bottom row: E. Crute, li. Me' Keel, M. Collins, S. Thompson, L. Horne, C. Barnes, B. Perry, G. Barnes, Vllooten. Second rout: C. Davis, E. jones, A. Eclf wards, B. Deans, J. Chappell, Q. rison. Top row: ll. Benton, VV. Bass, D. Tillery, L. VValston, kin, Zelui. SCURILBOARD losses. rlihey elohherecl lloelyy Mount twiee, cleieatetl XVilson Roelxy hlount ., 6 Raleigh twice, anal heat liinston onee. rlihey lost twiee Xllilson Raleigh i .. 7 to Durham, onee to liayetteyille, and onee to Clolcls- X'y'ilson Durham ,. M26 horo. Our hoys seeniecl to iinproye as the season pro- Xllilson Fayetteville i .,.2O gressecl and we leel sure that these past ,luelones will Xliilson Durham ,. .. 20 he great Varsity players in the future. They haye the Xllilson Golclshoro M ,.l3 makings of a line hall club, ancl we are eonficlent that XVilson Kinston . . O they will tlo their hest to live up to the preeeclent of this lliilson Raleigh , , . . 0 years Varsity team. XVilson Rocky Mount . , . L 0 lYllL' fzreloizes score six of llzeir forty-tu'o points wlzile lliilsoiz plays lzost to lDZH'l'lU11llS junior Varsity in tzezr SlIIC'l'lVl1I.QllIL' liiusrou ,Iznzior l'rirsi1y 100111. third gauze of the season. it Z3 Vitae Niiielj' Iwo Belancl, Nl. Lamm, and VV. Har- G. Durham, L. Dew, W. Boy- 1222? I bg? u 1 , A 4 Q ,,. I v, ' W I 4,7 V yn x W 'fm I ga K , -6 .q V-1 rg' Xi' . x 5 L fw 1-. f f - vm.: Q ,Li S, 14:2 'Ca ., Q, , P? s. X J Wx: 1 X Eg, yxifxffxzx QXQQ xx M yr ! i get W-'J Botlom rote: A. VV. liuris, VV. Brown, ll. Rogers, U. Ellis, ll. Morris, P. ljriclgen, li, Elliott. Top row: l7. llollingsworth, lf. Robinson, lf.. Gould, llritlgers, -I. Morgan, B. Vllural, ul. lltmehrow, li th boys, varsit A high tlisziclvtiiitiige was felt this yeur :is the 1959 Cyclone htisltethull teann opened its sezison. X'Vith ll center six leet tull, the Cyclones lost many lxittles under the huelt hourtl when rtinltetl hesitle other teznns' sixlour hot s. Couch hltirl4lin's tellin had five seniors on it, with four ol' them starters. 'lhese four were also starters lust yeair :incl with more experience hehintl them, they inunngecl to iinprove their reeortl. D lllls tries to emzlrul tlze mp over iz taller opponent. Snii . basketball The live seniors were Eclclie Coultl, Walt Brown, A. VV. Faris, Don Ellis, uncl Eddie llohinson. The scoring nee for the Cyclones was junior forwarcl, Frankie Elliot, who led the league with ll twenty point average. The team ended its season with six wins and eleven losses. H. Rogers lurizzgs tlze lmll into tlze forecozirt for llfilson. U f 1 I f Ww,,,,fflf a fmrf"f v"""f'NW' I . M ' .,z" , W A Q A .Q 1 1 ,. N A Q, Q X., ' if f I . . ' Asst! 5 3 3 W, Q 2 5 " r ff 0 ' ,. 5' 5 W 5 35? Q 2 ' , if . ' N 5 gs Q5 ' I G' . gf , Way - 2 Wa 1 f SS Q5 1 if I ,.':i w" ' 1 15'-da .- ,f ' 'egg-,ya ff E. AWP Y f 1' 2 W W X ' A ,, ,L,i! Q QNX, M, ,,4 J aff I 'K M., Wax Q ' A 5, W, if 3 'i ,f M 4 1 ' . 3 'Q En 1 v ,, N, ma Axim N Q! an 11119 111111 13. 1-11111111 111' 111 11111112 1. T11111111 111111 K. 13111111111 111111011 11s fl T110 111111 IS 1111tte11 111011 IVL 1119 1111' as 1e11111 1111 11111 1111111111 1f111'1111111111zes. 1 1L'lIllIlIItI1L'xLfE'1S11110 1'1'1111111111. 111111 opp011e11t9j11111p . 0 i t b k 'C b W M , I i SCOP1EBO1XP1D C1O2lCll Gilbert Ferrell 5 IL1111111' Varsity lxislxethtill team - . V . . VVAIQ -12 K' Q ... .. f11l111we11 close hehincl the C511-111111-5 11115 year, emhng 111121132 59 Rapids their seL1s1111 witl1 seven wins 111111 ten losses. Rlilwll 42 Greenville ' i 51111 25 Ki115t1111 . . . . 1 XVils1111 -H1 Greenville . . . 1 he Juelcmes 111111 Ll l1LlfLll'Lll lmuek of w111'lt111g the hull xvilwn 39 lqucky A-'lount U 11111111111 the e11111't. rl'11getl1e1' witl1 this, 111111 ll little 1111111' llillwn 51 Durham ----- , , , VK 1151111 36 171111615411 . . . expe1'1e11ee, they will he ll great help to the team 111 the Wilwn 47 Vyilmingwn H tiuture. Every 1111e 1111 1111- SIlll'fL'l'S sliuretl high se111'i11g RQESUII Eydqiffvillv -- 1 . 1 I l S . I f . . . 1111111115 111111'e 1111111 1111ee. Fl l1e lnglm SL'0l'l.'l' 1111' the 51-1151111 was Wilsiig. t U . U 54 Rffcckg, Oglfuum gL1111'11, Pete Bg11'11es, who emled the se11s1111 with 127 Vlyilwll -15 1313114111 .-.-- . E U 1ls1111 -12 VV1l111111gt1111 .. l111111ts. VVi1x111, . . .. -15 Raleigh .. .. XVils1111 30 Fayetteville .. xXill?tJl1 -13 C11l11sl111r11 .. 13111111111 111111: J. Davis, S. rl'h11111ps1111, Cf Bt1r11es, P. lliirnes, G, 1Xcl11111s. ii l311ylQi11, D. All1l'I'l5, B. L11111111, N. Wlurtl, I. T11lt1111. . 7 3 1 11111 1'1,11': XX. l,11,s. lx. v Qfvfi 'YS Wi ff R' 4 '.r4,,,. fi 2 5 In T 'r f 41, at-, 1 . 4 ' 0' ' "au YQ. 5, N 50 QLSU4, F57 X .. , if , ' .za 'J' , v, Y .- gf, 'rf " -7: naar .ff Hr sf f 2 lr 4 l l 1 S So,-. at t ,yo at Off 9 ug: V .,,,f j V ia! 5 1 . .. ,Ms .V 4 ,,.... , W 9 X I N. S0 1 V , 31 ,L ' 7 , 426 ,X 4 .W ' s W ' . ,fum wr .7 , ,gary , bottom row: Taiton, C. Beland, H. Rogers, B. Morris, C. A. VV. Faris. Top row: VI. VX'ilson, B. Strickland, F. Pridgen, Barnes, P. Barnes, E, Fulford, F. Elliot. Second row: K. Boykin, illmzagers, H. Harrell, llanclirow, E. Gould, P. Pridgen, D. Parker, A. Qverton, D. Ellis, B. Ingram, T. Pridgen, Brewer, Carter, E. -lones, Morgan, Coach Ferrell. In late February, the 1959 Cyclones opened practice under the direction of Coach Gilbert Ferrell, the new head baseball coach. Large numbers of boys flocked to the first practice at the junior High School, and after watching them work and sizing up their abilities, Coach Ferrell picked the twenty-three best prospects to form his first team. Among the twenty-three were six returning lettermen. They were: second base, Bootsie Morris, shortstop, Carlton J Barnes, third base, A. VV. Faris, center field, Frankie Elliot, pitchers, Don Ellis and Alan Overton. This gave the Cycs a Veteran infield with two good prospects battling it out for first base. VVitli a pretty solid pitching staff, tlie only problems rcmaining were right field, left field, and catcher. After practicing for a few weeks, the squad began rounding into shape and looking forward to their first gain: and a good campaign. l . Barizes wrztclles as lzis temizumtcs practice. Om' Cycs pause after ri lznrd uvrlwzzt on tlze field. .waits l 'lhis year we haye only four hoys returning to play tennis. They are Yvalter Brown, Sam Loyelaee. Louis lleeelen, and Bohhy Powell who are the only seniors on the team. The others on the team are new hut haye high hopes of winning the matehes whieh are put helore them. XVe are eonficlent that our tennis team will clo a good :oh this year. ln late liehruary anal early Klareh, the XVilson Country Cluh was the seene of praqtiee lor the seyen memhgrs ol' the high s:hool's golf team. l7iye of the golfers were new to the team: hut, they loolyetl towartl Erie Nlinshew, a yeteran of four years, and George Barnes, also a yeteran ol' four years, for guiclanee and eneouragef ment. These hoys worltecl harcl For a sueeessliul season with the hope that golf would heeome more prominent in sehool aetiyities. ssl: ' fmrf 'V '. gi , 11,,,, W K Lv L: Tw ' r A , 'mg 1' 1 1 1 -uv I W4 I X X 45 I5-if if - 4 - ar, .. -IQ' in. 4 , -x if-Q S7'ig,, y, . M , . ., as ,..,m,,h WZ . X LLA.. A ZW! wif. . ' ? . " hr ,, . W, Q M A y 4-bm ' 5 gif 439, f 3,4 9 x Xe 1 I i Z .Z , VA , 1 42 4 mf J 445 f 4 ,Q y ,.,,,,,, A Ji, if J w J Hy, S N 4 41" f 1 H,-...l vzxfv IV A, ,J - ...yr ,,f:r" Pl: 3-I '54 ,. vm. revie ,,,' lWr. T. Barnes lzas "seen us" sa elv across tlze street since tlze irst grade L. Pittman . Miller . Rozaztree and B. Kerman lzelp Miss Grace Sykes, li lirariaiz, prepare for tlze "big move Mr. Rose and lzis assistants sell tickets to tlze Friclay football game. ' -W V' e Q f . 4 K b 4 T.. f Jw! ,1 A I ..,, uf' -l fm fsfsm .Q .. ' ' ' , ,X 3513. -1 .f . f E . ffkqb., eg.-i','em ' L. , A ,.f,w,,,g,g9 M ... l 'T'V'xk' in 4 ' Mf17l'1i7'1i' ., me MWZ . 5' w afield ' , , . 'fi I. Ufilson raises rlze flag the last ilny at C. l-. C. H. S. The editorial staff holds its first nzeeting in Room 22. Sturlent Council election rally. The Inst nssenzlvly at Clmrles L. Coon ends with acheer. The last flays inml rush at C. ls. C. H. Sl Ciiy SYIIIJCIITS alight in tile cninztry after their first 17115 riiic to school. i Senior giri5 Il'iSffllHH' zirumn of tile aim' uilzcn the student Iinnigc is conzpleted. 1 I Tile HROIHIFI Runnin snivstitntes for tile in! conzplctc nzuiitoriinn. t h f i r 5 t d a y s Y- fx , . wk-gmt ' il 4 .fnfv ..., Jilin I , W if '. y Q i U' fl 5 M," 5 L' i 'f . , , . . ' ,M K , -ww .W - .,,.,..A ' " 0 M 331-and mf mmfw.-. ,MP-f "1-n uiwztsfsnzinigcs ami all-help by placing signs for the first zinjis traffic. EX!! 1 i i I 1 1 i i i v V z V W i i i I I A r I I i .:,z,,.1...,..,-- r .v ..,.- -. , aim f 11.1 6:21. 11 1741111111111 HIUL1C'1'Il 17l11Il1111Ifl 1'11111'1's s111111'111s 111 11111'1',1' 11lS1l1L'. fJl7L'll 1111111'Q 1111'1c111111' s111111'111s 111111 11111' 110111 111111711 1,. 11141' SC'lI1U1' 1111411 511111111 1111 1111' f11'S1 t1lI'Y 111 s1'1111111. 11111111111 s111111'111s S11lH'L' 111 11111 'UI' Il, ' ' 1 . !.'X1710I'1ll'Q' 11111 11111111111 1'111'1111111's 111111 c111ss1'11111115. at fike high C6115 is 1110 1,1131 s1111111111 111 111'1'11'1' 111111 1171111 11111161 1111' 1111' 11111115 111 11p1'11. W""T'2v ? S iVCl717 tlllljl M. Iiuwieiz 111'c11'1 11c'1'y s1111c1'sfitim1s c1'k'11 011 Ffiliflj' 13. I R. Ifliis, H. 11. x11Ci7i7, F. Dniwzu, ami ii.Ci1'iffi11 Imax! i11cCj'Cir1110s. I SIUIIU, ii. Poytiiwss, li. Hicks, II. H0- uiic ami R. Allwz sim' in tizc "High Xxlilltiflllkn Not even tlzosc chilly showers keep D. Tillery, Dees, , S. Bl'Ull'L'V, N. Nfnrci, B. jczzkins, L. Stark and G. Diirizmn F fmnz Sailing tags. i 1 Qi i church, school, and I i 3 3 1 E V' -vpn,--.1 ,,.. . . E. McMillan, A. Vlfeaver, R. Parker, S. l-m'elace, Al Hayes and S. Crow zlecorate tlze llouzecomiug float. commumty clzum us W P. llolncrtson, l.. Priclgen, l'. llmzeycutt and H. .lenlzius plan to sell lilies for tlzc cripplerl clzilzlreu. Rays clmz ll'l1llC Slzirts for flzeir irearlvoalc pictures. Al. Hayes, Il. Rrewer, P. lfislz Carer mills cartons for a U N l C li F project. ff' 1 ff ,M , 5 'N 1111059 IIISSWS. 13. f3,t'Vlf, P. Mzvttltcws, Mills, lf. Host, Goblins nltotttf Ufitclzcs itz flight! And ute'rc halting fl and M. Dunn are lwdcclced in the latest frmtz UIDfJlQf7f7lCll.H party totziglztf time out for parties The Tcctmgc Club fiance at the Hecrcntiotz Canter after The F. H. A. Motlter-Dmtglztet' lmzzqttet itz our cafeteria, 1110 Hotttecotttitzg Victory. twarclt 10. f W X n f mf , -XM.-yf ., My , mf, J ,f t A V M .. M, M f t - . ,..i.....,M .,.... , .. ...M ,.wm......... ,,,. w..,..N....-...,i......,...,.,..-..,...,....i....,......,t, ,, ,,,.....,. . ,.........l.T-Y , . ., , , , .T - . Mr. and Mrs. George U'iIlarz1 ctztcrtnin the faculty at If R. It. A. uzcmlvcrw L'lljUf1' j7lllIL',l nl 1110 Yuluzztizzv pmtx fl Clzristmas pmftv. given in flu' Home Hull. Mr. Ufillarol fetes the cheerleaders and majorettes after The clzeerlcndcrs and majorettvs present Hr. Ccmjgc S the championship game. Nfillnrd with n Iwirtltday gift at tlzc party. Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Simons, Mrs. Jordon, Hrs. Benton, Mrs. lzzgrmu, and Mrs. Pittnmzz, 1959 P. T. A. officials, discuss their clzildreu at a P. T. A. nzeeting. D. XRIHISNJIZ proves to be an il1f6'7'6Sfi11tQZ C',1t?Tt7L'fCVil1 a lzilnrious Skit. Mr. Donald Hiuslmw 7Vf2l'iCll'S n new I I n 1 q u 11100 111 faslzzons to be z11trod11CC'c1 Ill St1u1tNigl1t. mid-year The giant silc' s1zo1a'111m1 denotes the ezzormozfs FIHIOIHII' of snow that IvIr111lzc'1Cd Ufilsou in D6'C01lZI701'. Ilia first new siifiluizfs: I.. lliirrzi llznzmv, Cl. limlgilun, CI. HQ' 77 Siu n J rouf: A. CJIVCHS, 'lf Alillvr, l . 5 uni Nl. Vlliiylor. Hcltllljll A liizlling Star" is tl liz! 1 tlze Cfinnpzis Sweutlzuurts sing S Night. Allie miljurettes give an inzpressne nr f fornznnce in tlze clmnipicnzslzip viznic Cloulil escortg lowly julznson, clzosi n lu tlze xennm lu lu' inn' Azalea princess nt Ilia XVI inin ton A nm Festival. ix' Y 7 X 4 13 J f 'Q lf' ,. i " 2. 7 V , if, gf, if Y: 'Siam X A 2 M6 is 33- V Xl Q N fix., , ': lzzniors anil Seniors iline al tlze captain's table aboard tlze The figure of junior and Senior officers is the last of the ocean liner lzeaileil "Arozinil tlze lVorlLl." entertainnieizt before tlze first dance of tlze prom. the rz1ndf1nale arslzals: l,. Cale, Ufalston, Hill, H. Ulatson, G. Marshals: M. Graves, F. Samzilers, B. Newton, E. Bul- Pilze, M. lleeilen, lo. Snzitlz, anal Briilgers. laril, L. Dawson, B. Matthews, B. Stokes, Talton, L. Pittinan,Al.Tl1on1i1s,ai1cl H. Haines. The Cll011',S spring c'1111ce1'1 is lI1ll'll,YS tl l1igl1Iigl11 of IIIL' FIQIIIII 111o111u11t 11115 !11'1'1l'L'tI 111111 1l11' Sflllll .Yigln Icing 11 CO1llHlClZCL'llIf,'llf suzzsmz. ClllL'L'1I l1lll'L' their1-111'o1111111111. T1181l1I1jU1'6'ffL'S0pE11 1416011111101Sp1'ilZgCOl1C61'fOfT1l6 U'itl1 solemn 11'ig11i1'1', the long gruzy Iiuw fllfll fUIl'1l1Li IJUWIJS. the future. ,J-...:..u.K-.wr-+.v 1-u---srfvt '-'v -"W ' Fw' " 'f ,.Q.- .:14:gf..1fi1 e end of one e the beginning of a new an accolade for the future 1 1 O'Il Z-II7'f n ililvmurizrm v 4 X .Q DR. RALPH L. FIRE 11 Hllvmnrg nf Br. ifialph 43. iliikr After the 1959 ACCOLADE had gone to press, our hearts were made sad by the announcement of the death of Dr. Ralph L. Filce, whom we as students loved personally as a friend of youth in our community, and re- spected highly as a friend and promoter of all civic improvements in our town, and especially in our schools. Dr. Filteis interest in the schools of Wilson dated as far baclc as his first years out of college, when he taught for two years in the Charles L. Coon High School before deciding to study for a medical career. His interest in education in Wilson never wavered. From 1938, he served as a member of the Wilson Board of Education, and from 1953 until poor health forced his retirement in 1958, he served as chairman. He was untiring in his efforts to obtain better schools for Wilson, and during his period of service much progress was made in improving the old school buildings and in securing new ones adequate for the growing pop- ulation. To his personal efforts, his never-failing enthusiasm and know- how, we owe, to a great extent, our appreciation for the beautiful new senior high school which proudly bears his name. Because of his dynamic personality, his intense interest and his burning desire to improve the living conditions, he was recognized as a friend of education, not only in his home town, but in his state, and people had confidence in him. The Xvilson Unit of the North Carolina Education Association named him, in 1956, as "Layman of the Year in Education" and in the state, he served as president of the "Committee of 100" for the promotion of public schools in North Carolina. VVe realize that the schools have lost a devoted and valued friend and we shall feel that loss deeply. Many of us will miss his big smile and his hearty laughter, his tenderness and loving care as a physician, his human warmth of understanding, his courage, and his faith in mankind, but we will remember him for these attributes and try to be more like him. Page One Hurzrlreci Selenteen BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY "THE SAFE EXECUTOR" fResources over S100,000,000j Four convenient offices in Wilson To serve you MEMBER QE THE EEDERAI. DEPQSIT INSURANCE CORPQRATION Cheerlgadeyg Swing with thg band, Wilson and Fayetteville Sprmsofrs. Halftime yareparation sr 1 E' E M. -, f' One Hundred Eighteen I I I H URCH IUELL' I .1 Ewriifians Ilfzrtifieb Cbemologist A-is REGISTEREDJEWELER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY BROWN Oll C0., INC. PURE olL PRODUCTS ir Diol 7-0126 WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA WAYSIDE MOTEL Will if mill lkflnglry lxxlll' life: ' I' ,Nl Jfmgg I 2 Miles South of Wilson, N. C. T.V. Lounge, Air Conditioned Restaurant Next Door AAA Motor Club Many happy 1'el'zn'ns, Coach ! Congress and Diners' Club ed t Coaching staff and c'o1'ct rophy. W x ,X , LI Page One Hundred IN v HUNT'S 3148-Ambulance Service-3149 FUNERAL DIRECTORS D1'ive1's training for Sophomores. Time 0245 for G Chat "" 5 Q Ig O H I lTwe1zty ci 8 1 6 The Mello Follow" Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. For GOODness' Sake Il ICE CREAM b ' Ailfi, A V . -' ,,k',,V,g, ' U . WHITE'S TIRE SERVICE WILSON, N. C. Full Phone 4167 406 Stantonsburg Street On 301 Truck Lane Future Homemakers sell pencils . . . and model their own handiwork. ' in q qii gm Page One Hundred Tufentnf-o SEALTEST FOODS WILSON, N. C. CONGRATULATIQNS, SENIORS R. E. QUINN 8. COMPANY FURNITURE OF CHARACTER Mr. James HCL7'7'1TS nods a bow. Majorettes shine in the Christmas Parade I g O II fred Twenty-two obertson, chee1'leade'rs' f .. . ' 9QeW1mq,b in M4011 ibidfinffizfe J8Hfl?Z"f! uno! ELC! N-HAM I LTGN LUCIAN PICCARD WATCHES WILSON PETRCDLEUM COMPANY PF J. L. BARNES, President mascot C Bames and S. Eatmon pred ic Page O One Day Phone 7-0I35 W E B B ' S WILSON SHOE sToRE WHITlEY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE CONTRACTINC your patronage appreciated LP Cas-Appliances-Service WILSON, N. C. lfeppel' Horn cninnv and Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. GRILL WILSON, N. C. SHOP WITH SBIISISCIIOI1 with Every I'rarlS3CIIOI1 GI' G. S. TUCKERGCO., INC. LEDER BROS. NMIQUTYQ Qldfjst Fumiture Store DEPARTMENT STORES WILSON, N. C. and WEAR WITH PRIDE Meet you at BRUCE'S e yyy The Hot Dog King BRUCE'S HOT DOG STAND y I 901 South Goldsboro St. Varsity band takes part in the Christmas Parade. Sophomore couples relax at the Sadie Hawkins Dance Hundred Twenty-four Compliments of FAIRVIEW PHARMACY The REXALL Store Best Wishes to the Class of '59 Phone 5063 620 Fairview Ave. CAROLINA BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. BUILDING MATERIAL-LUMBER AND COAL Phones 3411-7-OIZZ WILSON, N. C. R. E. TOWNSEND 8. COMPANY REAL ESTATE-I NSU RANCE 'I07 North Douglas Street WILSON, N. C. MATTHEWS I. BOYKIN, .IR. GENERAL CONTRACTOR N. C. License No. 2054 WILSON, N. C. Dogpatchers select the best costumes. Dogpatch comes to life. Page O f SUlllVAN'S RADIO 8. TV SERVBCE 1307 S. Tarboro Street Ext. WILSON, N. C. P. O. Box 3014 HVVQ Repair All Makes of Radios 6 Televisions Phone 6383 Newton Mutual Insurance Agency HPUH your troumes away ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE Office Phone 7-0235-Res. Phone 3933 at the Pull'-Pul'l"' H E Newton 217 National Bank Building WILSON, N. C. HlNNAN1"S SCHOOL OF DANCE Established 1929 + + 205 Warren Street Phone 3781 L Juniors help Lions Club in a light bulb sale. Army recruiter speaks to the senior boys Page One Hundred Twenty-six Phone Day 7-1531 Night 2903 lITTlE FLOWER SHOP Flowers Speak For You We Deliver 210 Hill Street WILSON, N. C. "For Treats in Eats" Visit MURPHY'S DRIVE-IN Ward Boulevard WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA O E T T I N G E R ' S Department Store AND OETTINGER'S Men's Store Wilson's Leading Store Since 1869 Your Friendly STARLITE DRIVE-IN THEATER WILSON, N. C. Where "C-ood Movies Are Always More Fun" Seniors measure for caps and gowns. Yearbooks are here at last! Page One Hundred T tp Compliments of JCJNES BROTHERS sf COMPANY CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS BOX I454 WILSON, N. C. INTERSTATE AND INTRASTATE CARRIERS - CARGO INSURED BARNES TRUCK LINE, INC. WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 7-OI88 I.C.C. No. 7640 TERMINALS: Baltimore, Md. Phone LOngwood 6-I245 Portsmouth, Va. Phone EXport 9-533I "A Load on our truck is a Load oft your mind" Key Club sponsors coke party. Hot lunches being served to hzmgry students P g O H d dT ty-eight ONWARD, WILSON HIGH CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '59 B A R S H A Y ' S MlllS CON-0-lITE VAULT CO. GOOD LUCK, SENIORS A. C, loyner Telephone 5395 Joyner's Memorial JANE'S BEAUTY SHOP company Jane l-lollond Evo Stencil CEMETERY MEMORIALS SWG We 301 Highway South of Wilson "We will curl up and dye for you" Daily task of preparing meals. Cafeteria staff admires new equipment. Delicious pies brighten meals. Page One Hundred Twenty 1 ne .ini .. , ,M 751, 1 ,.,.- Q-apr i 5 x i 5 5 Q 'WU 1 , .-:':",a l W 221' j-i CITY OF WILSON ' MUllEN'S BARBER SHOP Refrigeration 81 Appliances, Inc. "For the Well Croomed Look" Your Frigidaire Dealer H6 S. Goldsboro Street Harvey J Douchtridge, Mgr, M Phone 2293 H7 S. Douglas St haperone dances Page One Hundred Thirty B SS Us Two Stores in Wilson STAllINGS PRINTERS "Quick Service and Better Printing" Dial 338l Wilson, N. C. 1 FElTS CAROLINA AGENCY FIRE-CASUALTY-AUTO INSURANCE WILSON, N. C. Phone 4259 305 Brood St. C0l7?.l7'IE?7ZC'0VIIf'7'?f nzarslzals ready for worlf. THE TOWN SHOP Strref and Circ? tail Dresses 104 W. Nash Street Wilson, N. C. STORKS NEST From Infants to Teens and In Between 110 S. Tarboro St. Phone 4925 WILSON, N. C. BOYETTE TRACTOR COMPANY ALLIS-CHALMERS TRACTORS AND FARM MACHINERY True Original Parts and Service 301 Hwy. South-P. O. Box 814-Phone 5548 WILSON, N. C. AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Robert P. Anderson Unit No.13 BAIlEY'S JEWELRY ,lHlIi,,, -, g:.gANf DIAMONDS-WATCHES JEWELRY QQ EXPERT wATcH REPAIR 3 Eng E' 22 109 S. Goldsboro St. Q 5 Phone 2617 Eval, .pqfif wiLsoN, N. c. ally.: LLRWDQ Compliments of TERMINAL DRUG AND VARIETY STORE Across from ACL Passenger Station 408 E. Nash St. Phone 2101-2102 GEO. H. BARNES TIN SHOP ROOFING-SHEET METAL OF ALL KINDS Heating and Air Conditioning 212 S. Lodge Street Dial 4146 Scouts line up for the Memorial Day Parade. Page One Hundred Thirty-two Sandifer-Butts Pontiac Co. PONTIAC-CADILLAC VAUXHALL-STUDEBAKER Johnson Furniture Store sALEs cf SERVICE IZORSA-hGg1i1y, Jr, Mof- + + ou o s oro treet f d b s VVHson-Phone 3050 115 S. Lodge Phone 7-1111 50 "Better Building by BuItzegur" -I- -1- CENERAL CONTRACTOR -1- -1- MIIJLWORK COMPANY WNfIIA5CJIW,PWfJl2fPII CIALIICJIJIPWAL Phone 2574 Phone 7-1141 I7.l?.lL.fl.n1enzber tthelocalumrkshop. One Hundred Thirty ROBERT B. ANDERS'ON POST NO. I3 AMERICAN IEGION Wilson County Fair Grounds Highway 301 South WILSON, N. C. smmi wmnousss ' V' WILSON NORTH CAROLINA School phmiogmphc, on the mb B. Dixmrz and B Bailey pmzdei ovei Nazi Yeav S iesolz WIlSON FURNITURE COMPANY 125-127 S. Goldsboro Street Telephone 3035 FURNITURE gmqgrggi nAUanrnn msnzuus Friendly Service Since 1934 KENWOUD COURT TOWE INSURANCE SERVICE Howarcl Johnson's Restaurant ON THE ,,REM,5E5 MUTUAL INSURANCE Three Miles South of Wilson on 105 North -I-arbom Street Route U. S. 301 Phone 2807-Res. 3090 WILSON, N. C. Swimming Pool We Serve You Better and Save YOU More Mr. Eller take a bow. The band halts dzzring a parade. gm. Q.: ,pi 3' . I Page One Hundred Tlzirty LISABETH'S "For The Woman Who Cares What She Wears" "DOUBLE-A" RUFFIN SAYS BUY GOOD GULF PRODUCTS Read the Ralph L. Fike High School News in the "Teen CoIumn" Written by Jane Wolston in the WILSON DAILY TIMES T. L. HERRING 8. CO WHOLESALE MEATS Dial 4252 WILSON, N. C. Burretfs Printing House WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA Wedding Invitations Our Specialty MOSS BICYCLE SHOP SCHWINN-COLUMBIA WILSON, N. c. Une Day SQVVLCG Home BUILDER'S SUPPLY co. THE AVENUE GARDENS "THQ Fr?GmCiiy Yardn FLORIST Old mock Creek Road FIOrist Telegraph Dehvery Phone 4225 202 Park Ave. Dial 2257 WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA W'L5ON' N' C' Rival coaches enjoy a cup of coffee. cinated mzlookvrs hope for a Ill O i Thirty-Six HERBERT'S Pure Service Center PURE OIL PRODUCTS Washing-Lubrication-Accessories Wheel Balancing-Road Service Phone 7-9549 CAROLINA LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS, INC. sANlToNE DRY CLEANING FUR STORAGE CARM ENT STORAGE Highway 301-South P. O. Box II02 Tarbom and Kenan Streets WILSON, N. C. WILSON, N. C. Herbert W Prudgem, Owner POWELL SUPPLY CO., INC. , Ponies, Horses, Mules YOUR FoRD TRACTOR We BUY ,Em AND EQUIPMENT DEALER We SELL Em We TRADE 'Em Spring and Jones Streets Phone 4366 and 5I73 BOX 42 Tel. 4336 wilson, N. c. WILSON, N. C. A familiar sight at football games. Football sponsors at Rocky Mount game. Page One Hundred T I24 S. Goldsboro St. Phone: Day 6957 Wilson, N. C. Night 4035 RICE'S MEN SHOP Our Specialties Are FORMAL WEAR FOR ALL OCCASIONS MADE TO MEASURE CLOTHES George F. Rice Frank Rice J4 r. ' 'N , IQ, .QE fiffjf Ti Wsfj Imq E 1726 Cd sl! , fx! i . l I , Ioruf' oaai iozz wii.soN, N. c. Robbins Jewelry 8. Music Company jewelry, Musical Instruments, Records Cr Watch Repairing II4 S. Goldsboro St. WILSON, N. C. MACK D. BISSETIE, JR. Real Estate and Ins. Agency Telephone 4361 National Bank Building WILSON, N. C. For a well prepared meal, eat with us. WILSON LUNCH Barnes Street WE BUY WRECKED AND BURNED CARS AUTO SALVAGE COMPANY I203 S. Goldsboro Street WILSON, N. C. J D High, lr Phone 6155 C. C. BENTON 8. SONS Architects and Engineers 'IZO N. Tarboro St. WILSON, N. C. Key Club Board of Dzffredors makes plans. Try JO-ANN'S for the most versatile selection of sportswear for the High School and College girl that is available JANTZENS-HAY MAKER-BERN HARD ALTMAN-DARLENE JO-ANN'S II7 W. Nash St. Wilson, N. C. Mr. George Willard and Mrs. Vi1'g17m'a Graves help F.B.L.A. present 0. Clwistmas program. Page One Hundred Thirty-eight WAYNE DAIRY BAR WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GOLDSBORO, FARMVILLE SOI Raleigh Road 160 QUALITY CONCRETE PRODUCTS HOLIDAY HILL STONE MIAMI AWNING WINDOWS Gas Ranges Plumbing Water Heaters SUPPIIBS Space Heaters Fixtures Steam, Hot Fillings Water and Valves Gas Heating pipe V A N N ' S Electrical Appliances J, E, Models-Toys--Fishing Tackle I 1700 fhillip Street . . . Radios and TV Plumbing-Heating-Air Conditioning H5 W. Nash St. Wilson, N. C. Dial 7-I56I WILSON, N. C. There IS art in Geometry. F Page frequent smzlc OneH1d dT ART CLOTHING STORE 107 E. Nash Street WILSON, N. C. "Exclusively Yours For Smart Styling" HERRING'S DRUG STORE Prescriptions A Specialty Nash St. Phone 2151 WILSON, N. C. Phone 3930 LOU ANN FLORIST If it is flowers, say it with ours Mae HollowelI's Beauty Shop "Where there is plenty of parking space' 1308 W. Nash Street WILSON, N. C. 121 N. Douglas Street D' I 6046 ra WILSON' N' C' Air-Conditioned BERGER 8. JONES trltettrtrg tml Nr Cdrtdxtaomrtg Contractors Heating-Air Conditioning Refrigeration-Ventilation Warm Air-Steam-Hot Water Heating BARBEE BROS. ESSO STATION Highway 301 South "Happy Motoring" P. O. Box 6 Phone 5813 646 S. Tarboro Street WILSON, N. C. B What you L k Y B t 4 00 V?" es aprt want Isnt is u cm BARBER sHoP ty tt P Coke 115 South Goldsboro St. WB! A-c.s:L:. 5 B.,m:::':.'.:'z?'.::g'.'s.:73fzrrzsggozgzg., An az'0ragc Dngpafclz couple. T1'opl12'0s, jac'lfc'ts, and tags for the Champs. ge One Hundred Forty Mis Fleming and one of the boys. PURITY OVEN FRESH ENRICHED BREAD PURITY BAKERY, INC 769 Wilson N C nfs Excwsevi wlTH U55 , Sti-Nu S g.,.'::,,':.s,'41t,, clrycleaning . at its finest You'Il be thrilled with the new beauty in every garment. Clothes look new longer. Not-so-new clothes LOOK NEW again! Try STAvfNU TODAY! Costs you nothing exlrc: JIMMY DEMPSEY, Inc. CORBETT MOTOR COMPANY 202 East Green Street Walter S. Hines Barber Shop WILSON, N. C. ll5 S. Douglas Street Opel-BUICK-Rambler H I U A , Car Service is a Vxfllson Tradition Sales Service Joyner's Funeral Home Telephone 3134 AMBULANCE SERVICE IO7 N. Pine Street WILSON, N. C. SERVICE GROCERY lll0 S. Goldsboro Street Five Points "Known for Quality Meats" Free Delivery in City Limits .jvgfgiicle ggriaf, .gnu Flowers For Your Occasion Decorators For Weddings And Receptions 809 Park Avenue Phone 4337 TOMMY'S GULF SERVICE South Ta rboro Street Students, bring the family car out and fill it up. P. l. Woodard 8. Company, Inc. GENERAL MERCHANTS High Grade Fertilizers and Farm Supplies IU8-IO E. Barnes St. COBB MOSS 8. SON l32-I34 S. Tarboro St. Piece Goods-Ready-to-Wear and Shoes Lefs get that ball! Spectators boost om' team. Page One Hundred Forty-two f CONGRATULATIONS AND EVERY GOOD WISH TO THE CLASS OE EIETY-NINE JORDAN GUNSTRUUTIUN 00. ll BUILDERS OF MODERN HOMES" ATLANTIC BUILDING 8 LOAN ASSOCIATION ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. Geo T. Stronod. Jr., Sec'y-Trees WILSON, N. C. O H9 South Goldsboro Street WILSON, N. C. ad Cheerleaders make use of the hula-hoop f . Page One Hundred Fort ytl Visit GlENN'S SHOPPE ll3 N. Tarboro St. + Misses C1 Ladies Ready-To-Wear CARGILL, Incorporated Specialists in Serving Agriculture WILSON DRUG COMPANY "TI-IE OLD RELIABLE' THOMAS-YELVERTON COMPANY BETTER FURNITURE Funeral Directors-Embalmers SINCE l888 Ambulance Service ll4 S. Tarboro Street Phone 3176 Phone 3l2l WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA W'L50Nf N- C- EASTERN MOTOR SALES, INC, Jefferson Appliance Company CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE Wilson, N. C. Your Local L. P. Cas Dealer Barnes Street Wilson, N. C WALTON W. SMITH BUILDING CONTRACTOR l28 E. Ward Blvd. Phone 2380 SEW THE BEST FOR LESS with fabrics from THE REMNANT SHOP South Tarboro Street at Ward Blvd. Phone 5422 Evelyn Robbins-YMOW Howard Benton G. Weaver Ivins at the Horse Show. I I? Pages for the Methodist Conference. One Hundred Forty-four gl E 5 E23 Z. smnfs -L E 'S T52 "SOUTH'S LARGEST JEWELERSH 209 EAST NASH STREET Phone 3I65 ROY B. WEBB INSURANCE AGENCY II8 N. Tarboro Street WILSON, N. C. "PROTECTION-SERVICE-DEPENDABILITYH GROWER'S C0-OPERATIVE WAREHOUSE, INC. For the Sale of Leaf Tobacco WILSON, N. C. We Pay Patronage Dividends Box 247 Phone 5097 WILLIAMS LUMBER CGMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS "We sell everything to build anything" WILSON, N. C. Dial 6IOI Fans hasten as the game starts. Sophomore girls sell programs Page One Hundred F USE PRIDE OF WILSON CORN MEAL Manufoctu red by WILSON FEED MILLS, INC. Compliments of the ANIMAL HOSPITAL AND BOARDING KENNEL CAROLINA CASUALS, INC. Manufacturers of LADIES BLOUSES ZII-219 E. Barnes Street FORBES SERVICE CENTER 204 W. Nash Street Telephone 4658 PURE OIL PRODUCTS Wheel Balancing Er Generator Work Bear Alignment Machine VAUGHAN'S JEWELERS WATCHES-DIAMONDS RECORDS-MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS SMITH BROS. OF WILSON 223 South Goldsboro Street Floor Sanding and Finishing II9 S. Tarboro Street Phone 5707 WILSON' NORTH CAROLINA WlLSON N C Asphalt and Rubber Tile ' ' ' Inloid Linoleum Ceramic Tile SEE T H F A N N F X L. C. Wooclall Furniture Wilson's Favorite FO' Meeting Place LEONARD REFRIGERATORS EASY WASHERS 6 Ulm The liigail ifl dw.i.iioiTOwii" DUOTHERM HEATERS Phone 43I4 Wilson, N. C. Students and Clzeerleaders cage the Blackbirds. J. V. Cheerleaders adorn float in Homecoming parade :fit T' -"41ft'2i?Q'z .A 1-ff-'Z75 I 5 ' -"'.x'Ra'..,. .f' ' -- .'t. 1 IT 3. . f QQ,-,. 5' ue' is E . , 19" 'R J 1' ., gi , K: ' M Page One Hundred Forty-six WILSON ELECTRIC CO., INC. Sales KELVINATOR Service LADY FAIR BEAUTY SHOP - Lee Street Sylvania Owned ond Qperoted by Phone R. L, Fish Mrs. Cleo Webb WILSON, N. C. STATE FARM INSURANC Five Points E MOORE'S AUTO BODY AND PAINT SHOP ZII Pine Street W. Van Andrews Robert A Hayes WOOLWORTH'S ZOI W. Nash Street WILSON DOUGHNUT SHOP 309 S. Tarboro Street Wilson's newest and most modern Self Service Variety Store FRESH DOUGHNUTS DAILY For a complete line in fabrics, notions, and patterns-Come to Carolina Plywood Distributor WILSON, N. C. For plywood, paneling and doors Call your local dealer BECKY'S FABRIC SHOP 204 Ward Blvd. Between Tarboro St. and Winstead School Owned and Owerated Bv Beckv Clark Phone 7-1660 paw CEP in "This is a ba.skcfbaIl,"sayz'l1e cnaclzes. Varsity C1l06'7'l6!1Clll'7'S' .sweat out sunzmer practice. QYER 71p 3' QQ Ll'Pll.,F1 IA ag, RI Page One Hundred Forty-seve D E N N Y ' S I07 W. Nash St. Wilson, N. C. IEWELERS lEE'S FOOD STORE SERVICE-SAVINGS I29 Pettigrew Street WILSON. N. C. HEMBY'S BEAUTY SALON 207 E. Vance Street WILSON, N. C. Mrf Stull' ll Pllmt "We need your head in our business Phone 2083 JOHN R. HARRISS GENERAL INSURANCE 500 S. Goldsboro Street Phone 7-I7I9 CHARLES DEPARTMENT STORE The Store of Savings T WILSON, N. C. PARKER'S BAR-B-O FRIED CHICKEN, STEAKS OYSTERS-ANY STYLE Highway 30l South WILSON, N. C. Allen 8. Walston Decorators 409 West Nash Street AWNINGS-STORM WINDOWS INSULATION-STORM DOORS SIDING-FENCES HIGH'S, INC. Herring Ave. Dial 4868 Ed High Jesse High One Hundred Forty-eight I-I 15.1 We all discover the beauty of a new fallen snow . . . Alb? li I I 4 fri , A Special Discounts Given to Students lucielle's Bridals and Formals 2nd Floor 219 E. Nash Street WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA Bridgers Paint and Wallpaper Co. l25 S. Tarboro St. Phone 4428 Wilson, N. C. Art Supplies Complete Venetian Blind Sales ond Service Pittsburgh Paints and Supplies "Make Your Point Problems Our Business Bring the Family For a Treat DAIRY QUEEN W. W. Furniture 8. Appliance Co. Mercury Outboard Motors Barbour, Glasspar, Albright and Carolina Boats COX TRAILERS 230 South Tarboro Street Wilson Veterinary Hospital And Boarding Kennels Southern Grain 8 Provision Co. Wholesale Distributors 407-9-ll-I5 E. Barnes Street WILSON, N. C. RALEIGH ROAD GROCERY 5ll Raleigh Road Phone 6ll9-6lIO FREE DELIVERY CONGRATULATIQNS, CLASS or '59 RALEIGH ROAD NURSERY Fifteen full inches of it! , , -. . . fa I A Page One Hundred Forty NATIDNAL BANK 0F WILSUN ir Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation fTne only bank in Wnlson County which is a member ot tne Federa! Reserye System? F. L. A. Party Committee. Clzfristmas floats support clzeerf Page One Hundred Fifty , Gunners nun "VELVET" ICE CREAM HOMOCENIZED MILK Phone 3056 HWY- 301 S- WHITEHEAD INSURANCE AGENCY T W E E 'I' I E S Across from A. C. College N G lBiIlyl Blackman, Jr, Mgr. Insurance of All Kinds SHIP 'N SHORE Nash Street West, Wilson, N. C. Fresh Foods Frozen Stay Telephone 6972 Fresh at Oyster Bar Charcoal Steaks Seafgodg FROZEN FOOD lOCKERS, INC. Catering to Parties-Large and Small Seasonal goodness, for keeps Open house at the new School, Senior class holds concession stands. Page O-ne Hundred Fifty 14 A, THE GEORGIAN ROOM 409 West Nash Street WILSON, N. C. Women's Wearing Apparel Service Laundry 8. Dry Cleaners Make Our Phone Line Your Clothes Line John L Berries, Mgr. Phone 3591 1101 S. Goldsboro GILL'S RADIO AND TELEVISION 207 East Green Street RADIO-TELEVISION-SOUND 'Service For Your Pleasure" HOUSE SUPER MARKET "From house-to-HOUSE" for the Best! Shop SELF-SERVICE at Less! 1502 West Nash Street RICKS' AMOCO SERVICE 400 West Nash Street WILSON, N. C. B-K SALES 8. SERVICE FRIGIDAIRE HOUSEHOLD AND COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION AIR CONDITIONING 319 E. Barnes Street Phone 7-1296 Wilson MORRISON'S DRUG STORE "Prescriptions a Specialty" 121 N. Douglas Street i!XCros2.from Woodorcifiierrinq Hoepitoli THE IMPERIAL TOBACCO COMPANY lOf Great Britain and Ireland, Limitedi WILSON, N. C. Phone 3136 Students enjoy television . . . and d MR lays in the ound Room." " 11 Page One H ndred Fiftyftwo Rf INES Ei COX OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS '59 ACCOLADE F The Touchdownerls fete the Cyclones. Accolade heads. f-4, Q N Page One Hundred Fifty-three Where There Is Vision And Courage There'll Always Be A Frontier. .QZWQMZM stoner stumenmnl. s. co. mc. ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA' WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA THE ACCOLADE business staff: C. Barnes, S. Eatmon, 1, Williams, Hill, E. Daughtridge, M. Heeden, P. Matthews, Brewer, Miss Virginia Knowles, adviser, M. L. Deans, B. Ellis, L. O'Neal, S. Evert, Farrell, R. Parker. - L. Stark and B. Powell carry out final preparations E. Fulford, N. Connor, L. Horne and F. Hollingsworth for the F.B.L.A. convention. new Key Club officers, make plans for oncoming yewr. 1 '-..,,V M ' .am""' M 4' we Page One Hundred Fifty-four uiv""' 0 I O A1- I 'n WL lid ' L" gupih .. I N " v .. N - . ,. . , - A' -I '- .1: H ' ,. ' - J' 4. I 4. ' ' I ' f , , A. .. I :gf-1-w 11' 1' idx- ' " 'I H., ' fl M." ' , 11. .Ml I 1' U , - ",' A , I.. -jfi.: " Q -. - -- -1 L u' Qiii? TTT s X- ,A W., f

Suggestions in the Fike High School - Accolade Yearbook (Wilson, NC) collection:

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1959, pg 67

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