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r'3'1-1 ' '5' --' - -f-H M -r - .... - W v.w1,,.,,,,- ,-,,,,. LQ, -, -. ,-. -.. ... .-J ,. ,. f... v 4 -, M- - -..-H --W-,.---. , -..F MWA v ' -f-4.1 . .. 1 f 1' Ju J ,,. L.: ARCHER William Fuller prepares title page. FIFTH AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania June, 1962 DEDICATION MISS FRANCES KRAMER We, the class of 1962, dedicate this yearbook to you, Miss Frances Kramer, as a measure of our gratitude and appreciation for everything you have done for us. As our class sponsor, you undertook an assignment which was not an easy task. Faithfully, you stood by us, encouraging our every endeavor and inspiring us to look with hope to a prosperous future. Working with you has been a privilege and the graduating class of 1962 hopes your teaching career will always be one of personal satisfaction. As we bid adieu, may our spirited thoughts and well wishes always remain with you. 'Here endethg here beginneth." Class of 19 62 1 2 4 3 5 6 '7 9 10 11-22A 24 35 37 48 58 59 67 68 73 3- 23 25 36 38 49 60- 69- CONTENTS Title Page Dedication Foreword Contents Office Staff and Aides Pr1ncipa1's Message Vice Principal and H.S. Visitor Counselors and G. Advisor Yearbook Staff Seniors Class Officers and Student Council Homerooms Faculty Classes Clubs and Activities In Memoriam Page Athletics . Immigrant English Ads and Patrons 3 EDITORS NOTE We, the 1962 Archer Staff, have tried to record for you the interesting and enjoyable events of the past year. We hope this annual includes memoirs for each and everyone of you. Thanks to all of our subscribers, and to all who gave so will- ingly of their time to make this year's Archer one of the best. Editor-in-Chief Helen Cabbagestalk 4 STUDENT OFFICE AIDES L. Bihary, C. Shackle- ford, M. Duffy, H. Cabbagestalk. OFFICE STAFF Margaret Stevenson Hilda DiFebo Katherine Thrash Margaret Duffy Shirley Bowmen MR. HARRY B. SINGER Principal Congratulations upon the completion of twelve years of public school edu- cation. These formal years of training represent the beginning, not the end, of learning. If you are fortunate enough to continue your education at a imi- versity, business, or technical school, your high school years are the founda- tion for future studies. If you enter business or industry, you will apply the basic concepts learned in public school in a practical way. No matter what youdo after graduation, the self discipline, the knowledge, the activities of your high school years will enrich your life. Your education has already done so by in- creasing your opportunities and giving you the possibility of choosing the life you want. lt will continue to enlarge your horizons throughout your life. 6 X r"" "' r 1 I HOWARD P. NEDETSKY Vice-Principal I i Y I - MR. HARRY HAUS Home and School Visitor MRS. NAN CURRINGTON Girls' Advisor Test Results are explained EDWARD SENKEWITZ Counselor Jr. High School Andrea Dukes has t profile explained. Mrs. Smith invites Mr. MCI-Iugh of Blaw-Knox Company to speak to Industrial Art Students job opportunities. R. WERSHBALE J. OUTLAW C. SHACKELFORD F . SMIT H T . KENLEY YEARBOCK STAFF We diligently puriued our tasks and were enriched by our experiences. D. PRATT P. BUC HANEN R, SCOTT F. REYNOLDS A. FOREMAN .nu-n-mu.-1.-nrfunuu n.u-n.r.u-.nnu-rn.unvnrl-nr-n,:u:r nn--'nun-:un nn.n-n.nn-unnn-n.....n,-nz-nun.-nun-.uznnnp --rl--.rr unnuuu.n:n.u1.,u1u BALTIMORE, RONALD W. Swimming Team. . .likes art and cross country, track. . .plans to join the Navy, BECK, ARTHUR Swimming Team. . . won award for swim- ming and metal work. . .likes collecting rings. . .plans to become an architectural engineer. BIHARY, LOUISE CAROL Office Aid. . .Stenographic Club. . .won typing awards. . . honor awards. . .likes dancing, swimming, and clerical work . . .plans to go into the clerical field. BLACKWELL, ANDREW Varsity Club. . . YMCA. . .likes basketball, football, and baseball. . . plans to become a ball player. ANDREWS, CASSABELLE Senior Leaders. . . Ushers Club. . . won Phys. Ed. award. . .likes swimming, track and basketball. . .college bound. ANDRICIK, MICHAEL Honor roll student. . .likes math, science and softball. . . plans to become a tech- nician. BALTIMORE, IUDITH LYNN Service Club. . . Senior Leaders. . .likes dancing, baseball and basketball. . .plans to attend business school. BALTIMORE, RICHARD FAIRBANKS Swimming Team. . .Track Team. . .likes running track, dancing, and listening to records. . .plans to join the Navy. BRYANT, LOUISE Cheerleader. . . Stenographic Club. . . won honor awards. . .likes sewing and swim- ming. . .plans to attend business school. BUCHANNAN, PHOEBE Yearbook Staff. . . Press Club. . . won American Legion and Betty Crocker Award. . . plans to become a medical technologist. BURCH, ROGER E. I-Ii-Y Club. . . Operators Club. . . won Noma Spelling Award. . .likes football and track. . . college bound. BUTLER, SANDRA Senior Leaders. . . Creative Dancing Club . . .likes sewing, dancing, and hair styl- ing. . .plans to become a beautician. BYERS. JAMES Band. . . College Club. . . won honor awards . . .likes music, cross country, track and tennis. . .plans to join the Navy. CABBAGESTALK, HELEN Senior Leaders. . .Yearbook Staff. . .won honor awards. . .likes reading, Chemistry Physics. . . college bound. CAMPBELL, RICKWOOD Yearbook Staff. . . Gym Club. . . won American Legion Award. . . art award. . . likes art, football and baseball. . . plans to attend college. CHERRY, MARCIA A. Stenographic Club. . . Yearbook Staff. . . likes sewing, cooking, and sports. . . plans to attend business school. CLARK, FRED Red Cross Club. . .Operators Club. . .won science awards. . .likes cross country, track. . .plans to join the Service. CLEVELAND, KENNETH President of Senior Choir. . .likes singing, swimming, and basketball. . .plans to travel. COMANS, STANLEY Yearbook Staff. . .Jazz Club. . . Cross Country Team. . .likes listening to jazz . . . plans to join the Service. DAWSON, ROBERT Senior Band. . . Student Council. . . won honor awards. . .likes baseball, basket- ball, and swimming. . .plans to join the Service. 3 DE LOUVPRE, RONALD COLEMAN Press Club. . . Varsity. . .Operators Club . . .likes to work with projectors. . .plans to join the Air Force. DIULUS, RONALD VICENT Press Club. . . Polity Club. . . Secretary of Varsity Club. . . won football, track, and band award. . .college bound. DUFFY, MARGARET ANN Office Aid. . .Stenographic Club. . .likes swimming and dancing. . .plans to attend business college. DUKES, ANDRA JEAN Charm Club. . . Stenographic Club. . . won D. A. R, and American Legion Awards . . . likes dancing and bowlin. . . college bound. FESKORN, DOROTHY JEAN Stenographic Club. . . Senior Leaders. . . won typing awards. . . likes to read and enter contests. . .plans to become an air-line stewardes. FIELDS, ROSETTA CYNTHIA Won typing awards and honor awards. . . likes art, sewing, baseball, and basket- ball. . .plans to attend business school. FOREMAN, ALLEN Gym Club. . . Varsity Club. . . won honor awards. . .likes art, football and music . . .plans to enter the Air Force. FRANKLIN, CHARLES Varsity Club. . . Operators Club. . . won typing award and metal for track. . .plans to enter the Air Force. EASLEY, FLOSSIE Ushers. . . Senior Leaders. . . Stenographic Club. . .won typing awards. . .likes dancing . . . plans to join the WAF. EASLEY, NANCY Ushers. . .Senior Leaders. . . won typing awards. . . likes dancing, football, and basketball. . .plans to become a practical nurse. ELEAM, IACQUELINE BEATRICE Ushers. . .Social Service Club. . . won Home Nursing Award. . .likes reading and cooking. . .plans to attend business school. FARR, BETTY JOYCE Library aid. . . Student Council. . . won typing award. . .likes social work. . . plans to attend nursing school. HANKINS, PHYLLIS Office aid. . . ushers. . .likes basketball, volleyball, and sewing. . .plans to become a beautician. HAWKINS, PEARLEAN Stenographic Club. . . ushers. . .likes dancing, and sports. . .plans to attend business school. HEARD, ELEANOR JOAN Cheerleader. . . Drama Club. . . an honor student. . .likes tennis and bowling. . . college bound. HILLIARD, LEWIS Drama Club. . .Jazz Club. . . won honor awards. . .likes listening to jazz and math. . .college bound. FRIEND, DONNA CATHERINE Press Club. . . Yearbook Staff. . .Steno- graphic Club. . . won honor awards, and Algebra Awards. . .likes clerical work . . . college bound. FULLER, WILLIAM Cross Country Team. . . won D. A. R. Award. . . honor student. . .likes swim- ming and track. . .plans to study engineering. GREGG, LORRAINE Drama Club. . . likes nursing and all types of sports. . .plans to become a registered nurse. HANKINS, GREGORY RONALD Honor Student. . .won the NOMA Spelling Contest. . .likes math, football, and basketball. . . college bound. I-IINTON, RUTH LOUISE Ushers. . . likes listening to records, football and basketball.. .plans to attend business school. HOLTZ., JOSEPH RANDALL Won honor awards. . .likes dancing, foot- ball, and fixing appliances. . . plans to join the Service. HOPEWELL, BRENDA Ushers. . .won Volunteer Service Award . . .likes working with children. . . plans to become a recreation teacher. HUNTER, ASA GAINES ' Polity Club. . .College Club. . . won an art award. . .likes Chemistry. . . college boruid. HURT, JOHN WILLIAM Football and Track Team. . . won awards in Algrebra and Math. . .likes chess and drafting. . .plans to join the Marines. INGRAM, REGINALD Drama Club. . .likes acting and dancing . . . plans to make the Air Force his career. IEMISON, LANA JEAN Senior Leaders. . . Drama Club. . . won honor awards. . .likes Math and music . . . college bound. JOHNSON, BURRELL Operators Club. . .likes basketball, baseball, and collecting records. . . plans to join the Air Force. KENLEY, TYRONE Football and Basketball Teams. . . Year- book Staff. . . won typing awards and sports awards. . . likes jazz. . . college bound. KING, HELEN MORDENE Ushers. . .likes art and music. . . enjoys watching children. . .plans to attend nursing school. LAWSON, ALDON Basketball Team. . .Hall Patrol. . .likes music and all types of sports. . . college bound. LIZICK, NORMAN FREDRICK Press Club. . . College Club. . .likes automotive mechanics, cars and math . . .plans to join the Air Force. LYNCH, NINA R. Charm Club. . . Senior Leaders. . .likes fashion designing, golf. . . plans to attend business school. MANGHAM, RUBY President of Student Council. . . member of College Club. . . won G.W.C. Science Award. . , likes reading. . . college bound. MCCLENDON, WILLIAM Likes dancing, listening to jazz, basket- ball, baseball. . .plans to become an engineer. McCOY, VERA MAE Student Council. . . Senior Leaders. . . likes sewing, cooking, and English. . . plans to attend business school. PARKER, SARA ELIZABETH Senior Choir. . . Charm Club. . . won Typing Awards. . .Honor Awards. . .likes swimming and tennis. . . college bound. PEEK, JESSE O'DELL Track and Football Teams. . . Varsity Club. . . won Football and Track Awards . . .likes geometry and history. . .plans to join the Navy. PERKINS, INNIS ERNIE Senior Band and Orchestra. . .likes all types of sports and listening to jazz. . , plans to join the Marines. PRATT, DANIELLE PHYLLIS College Club. . . Yearbook Staff. . . won Honor Awards and Westinghouse Science Award. . .likes swimming, tennis, and bowling. . .college bound. MEADOWS, SAMUEL Swimming Club. . .Jazz Club. . . Home- making Club. . . likes tennis, checkers, and basketball. . .plans to become a mechanic. NELSON. JOHN Varsity Club. . . Band. . . won D. A. R. Award and Honor Award. . .likes fishing , , ,college bound. OUTLAW, IOSEPI-UNE P. Yearbook Staff. . . Stenographic Club. . . won American Legion Award and Honor Awards. . .likes clerical work. . .plans to attend business school. OUTLER, REVA Stenographic Club. . . Ushers. . . won Typ- ing Awards. . .likes swimming, basketball . . .plans to become a secretary. ' SAMUELS, MICHAEL Track Team. . .Swimming Team. . .likes basketball, baseball, and wood shop. . . college bound. SCOTT, ROBERT Press Club. . . Yearbook Staff. . . Track Team. . .likes Math. . . plans to join the Navy. SHACKELFORD, CAROLYN Yearbook. . . Press Club. . . won honor awards. . .likes crocheting and tennis . . . plans to become a medical tech- nologist. SIMPSON, DARLENE Library Aid. . . Drama Club. . .Stenographic . . . won typing awards. . . Red Cross Award . . .likes reading, bowling. . . college bound. RAYZER, DAVID Drama Club. . . won honor awards. . . likes reading, sports, and collecting bottons. . .plans to become a mechanic. REYNOLDS, FLEMING WILLIAM Football and Basketball Teams. . . College Club. . .won All-City Basketball Award . . .likes dancing. . . college bound. RIVERS, LAWRENCE Football and Track Team. . . won Industrial Award. . . likes English and Math. . . college bound. SAMUELS, IACQUELINE Senior Leaders. . . won Leaders Award. . . likes styling, fashions, and modeling. . . college bound. SMITH, FRED L. Vice-President of Student Council. . . Yearbook Staff. . . Press Club. . . won D. A. R. Award. . .likes photography . . .college bound. SMITH, SANDRA ELIZABETH Student Council. . . won honor certificates . . .likes taking care of children. . . plans to be married. STEVENS, PATRICIA CLAUDIA Charm Club. . . Yearbook Staff and Senior Leaders. . .likes music and swim- ming. . .college bound. STEWART, RONALD College Club. . . Homernaking Club. . . plays corner and trumpet. . .likes base- ball. . .plans to attend business school. STREATER, ANNIE MAE Senior Y-Teens. . . Stenographic Club, , , won typing and art awards. . .likes basket ball and dancing. . .plans to attend busi- ness school. STREATER, DAVID Volleyball Team. . .won gold Bible for religious Ed .... likes history and English . . .plans to join the Air Force. STREATER, IOHNNIE MAE Senior Leaders. . . won typing awards. . . likes skating and baseball. . .plans to attend business school. WALKER, PATRICIA L. Drama Club. . .likes reading, music and dancing. . .plans to become a teacher. WALTON, ANDREW Football and Track Teams. . .Varsity Club. . . won All-City Football Award. . . likes dancing, and all sports. . . college bound. WEBB, VALERIA Stenographic Club. . . won typing awards . . .likes shorthand and typing. . .plans to attend business school. WERSHOALE, ROBERT L. Track Team. . . Yearbook Staff. . . College Club. . .won American Legion Award. .. honor student. . . college bound. WHITE, JOYCE ANN Majorertes. . .likes dancing, cooking, and sewing. . . plans to become a nurse. WILBANKS, IAMES EDWARD Press Club. . . Track Team. . . likes foot- ball and playing the saxophone. . .college bound. WILLIAMS, PATRICIA MAE Stenographic Club. . . Drama Club, . . Ushers. . .likes dancing. . . college bound. WILCOX, CLAUDE Football Team. . . Varsity Club. . .likes basketball. . . tennis. . . and volleyball. . . plans to join the Air Force. WILSON, VALERIA LEONNA Y-Teens. . .likes dancing, skating, and swimming. . . plans to attend business school. WOODALL, SANDERS Press Club. . .Iazz Club. . .won Keystone Boys Camp Award. . .likes basketball and football. . . college bound. TUCKER, BARBARA JEAN CAMERA SHY BANKS, JOYCE ANN Y-Teens. . .likes reading, swimming, and skating. . .likes nursing. . . plans to attend nursing school. BROWN, KENNETH DUANE Swimming Team. . . Gym Club. . . won swimming award. . .likes typing and reading. . . college bound. DAVIS, MURLENE Senior Leaders. . . Y-Teens. . .likes read- ing and swimming. . . plans to join the WAF. GRIFFIN, CLAUDE Basketball Team. . . Yearbook staff. . . Jazz Club. . . won awards for basketball . . . college bound. GUNN, EUGENE Track Team. . . won honor award. . .likes track and fixing electrical appliances. . . college bound. HARPER, JACOB Band. . . Yearbook Staff. . . Cross Country Track Team.. . won award for track. . . likes music. . . college bound. LEGGETT, CHARLES Likes algebra and geometry. . .enjoys watching football and basketball. . , plans to join the Air Force. MACKEY, JAMES Yearbook staff. . .likes drafting, swim- ming and jazz. , . plans to join the Navy. THOMAS, JOHN Likes basketball, football, and softball ...enjoys fixing T.V.s and radios. .. plans to join the Air Force. THORNTON, THOMAS Swimming Team. . . Volleyball Team. . . likes mechanical drawing. . .plans to join the Service, Autog raphs SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND CCUNCIL WILLIAM FULLER PATRICIA WILLIAMS President Vice-President IOSEPHINE OUTLAW . PHYLLIS HANKINS secretary Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL I OFFICERS FRONT ROW: R. Mang- ham, F. Smith, L. Green. BACK ROW: A. Walker, B. Lalvlar, A. Pratt. Mrs. Currington ADMINISTRATIVE ADVISOR STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW: E. Robinson, L. Perry, A. Walker, F. Smith, L. Green, R. Mangham, R. Glover. CENTER ROW: J. Campbell, K. Frank, P. Davenport, B. Philipps, B. LaMar, A. Pratt, B. Freeman, L. McCrommon, G. Lies. BACK ROW: J. Nelson, B Decheson, N. Suber, A. Stevens, W. Fuller, J. Millender. Judy Baltimore leads her homeroom in the Pledge of Allegiance . . . with liberty and justice for all. Barbara Phillips reads the bible at opening exercises. . . . Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy MISS BALTER 214 Press BOTTOM ROW: P. Williams, M. Duffy, L. Campbell, B. Duckett, M. Daranskey, D. Friend, N. Wershbale, I. Outlaw, D. Hollo- way. CENTER ROW: J. Staton, A. Watkins, B. Lamar, E, Austin, M. Graham, B. Glenn, L. McClain, A. McKeever. TOP ROW: F. Smith, A. Moore, S. Woodall, R. Delouvpre, G. de Bardelaben, N. Brently. MRS. WITZ 305 12B-11A BOTTOM ROW: D. Friend, M. Duffy. V. Webb, P. Williams, I. Outlaw, J. White, O. Badgett, K. Cleveland. CENTER ROW: F. Clark, N. Lizick, C. Wilcox, A. Walton, R. Delouvpre, J. Wilbanks. TOP ROW: F. 'Smith, M. Andrecik, R. Diulus, A. Lawson, J. Nelson. MISS ESPY 210 12B BOTTOM ROW: J. Eleam, L. Hilli- ard, R. Dawson, D. Streater, J. Byers, R. Mangham, L. Jemison, D. Simpson, L. Bihary, D. Feskorn, C. Andrews, B. Hopewell. CENTER ROW: P. Hankins, H. King, P. Stevens, R. Outlet, J. Hurt, I. Holtz, S. Meadows, G. Hankins, A. Beck, T. Thornton, E. Gunn. TOP ROW: I. Perkins, L. Rivers, C. Griffin, B. Johnson, F. Reynolds, R. Ingram, J. Mackey, J. Thomas, R. Campbell, R. Baltimore, R. Burch. MISS KRAMER 302 11B BOTTOM ROW: B. Stegman, C. Pruitt, C. Porter, E. Williams, S. Streater, H. Harvey, B. Huddles- ton, M. Strothers, D. Turner, R. Harris, B. Decheson, D. Trent. CENTER ROW: M. Wallace, B. Guy, J. Dorsey, L. Gordon, J. Butler, H. Webb, V. Bowie, R. Smith, J. Talley, D. Patterson, T. Todd. TOP ROW: E. Reynolds, E. Ellis, L. Frank, R. Daniels, B. Hardie, S. Snyder, R. Patrick, S. Fleming, R. Posey. MRS. MCCARTHY 208 11B BOTTOM ROW: A. Woodson, P. Hamilton, K. Henderson, C. 'Jim- ick, M. Shabatura, C. Downing, A. Pittman, B. Robinson. CENTER ROW: A. Shanefelt, G. Bush, L. Rigby, T. Dukes, B. Ramsey, L. Reed, B. Fields, C. Glover. TOP ROW: M. Cherry, C. Moore,: S. Wilkins, C. Glover, H. Williams, J. Mangham, P. Jamerson. MISS ATKINSON 306 11A BOTTOM ROW: L. Hilliard, M. Terrell, T. Moye, V. Gloster, S. Bowmen, D. Boulden, A. Thomp son, L. Lewis, M. Pillows, L. Pendegraft, O. Bodgett, G. Hair- ston. SECOND ROW: L. Green, J. Taylor, B. Birch, L. Booth, R. Andrews, J. Bailey, C. Porter, P. Cleveland, T. Daniels, M. Cun- ningham, J. Willingham. THIRD ROW: L. Perry, D. Rayzor, L. Pratt L. Robinson, L. Jordon, E. Harvey C. Reid, P. Morrah, E. Freeman, J. Woodson, B. Brown, D. Ford. FOURTH ROW: E. Brown, G. Jack son, A. Edwards, R. Puleo, A. Lane, G. White, C. Banks, D. Blue, A. Harris, W. Cralle, C. Williams, W. Madden. MR. FOLEY 303 10A BOTTOM ROW: P. Wilson, L. Billings, E. Jones, K. Jones, D. Cabbagestalk, C. Faucette, B. Scott, B. Charley, W. Weedon, L. Ford. CENTER ROW: H. Will- iams. J. Robinson, E. Dias, P. Middleton, L. Brown, C. Dukes, E. Cannon, B. Young, B. Tucker. TOP ROW: E, Jackson, E. Lamar, C. Gillcrese, T. Heard. R. Mathis. W. Boylen. MISS JOHNSON 203 10A BOTTOM ROW: M. Suber, B. Redd ing, E. Shackelford, S. Campbell, J. Parker, D. Jackson, A. Hall, D. Cabbagestalk, M. Reed, A. Young. CENTER ROW: C. Martin, M. Holmes, J. Pollard, M. Durante, R. Brundage, B. Dunlap, J. Johns, A. Walker, M. Doug- herty. TOP ROW: R. Simpson, V. Smith, S. Reynolds, C. Turk, J. Johnson, W. Washington, G. Miller, L. Dillard, A. Myers. MISS SOUTH 315 10B BOTTOM ROW: C. Younger, G. Lies, C. Jackson, G. Hogan, P. Graham, E. Yotmg, E. Green, W. Jackson. CENTER ROW: J. Line- berger, C. Brunson, W. Jackson, R. T. Crystian, W. Washington, B. Richardson, W. Fuller, J. John- son. TOP ROW: P. Beten, J. Hill- man, R. Jenkins, R. Petty, C. Jimick, L. Scott, A. Smith. MIGG GALLAGHER 215 10B BOTTOM ROW: H. Wilkes, M. Cralle, S. Wilson, N. Wilson, Z. Love, W. Johnson, P. Thomas, P. Saunders, A. McFarland, S. James. CENTER ROW: K. Mosley, S. Dougherty, M. Winston, S. Truxal, C. Lewis, J. Woodson, I. Butler, S. Corner, W. Goins, R. Dyer. TOP ROW: T. Moore, R. Mosley, I. Brown, M. Richards, N. Suber, R. Outlaw, R. Griggs, C. Kelly. D. Fowler. MISS THEISS 206 10B BOTTOM ROW: P. Parrish, P. Green, I. Stinson, M. A. Repep, Y. Carr, B. Rivers, E. Ierrnany, E. Casey. CENTER ROW: A. Lee, C. Sewell, M. Thomas, D. Stevens, A. Warts, J. Walton, C. Streets, P. Rouse, F. Webb. TOP ROW: W. Matthews, M. Williams, R. Jones, C. Sisco, J. Claybourne, I. McCoy, D. Addison, L. Robinson. MR. FISHER 207 10B BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Fisher, E. Peterson, D. Hilliard, D. Peterson A. Dade, H. Nettles, G. Newrnen J. Lamb, D. Simms, D. Bigelow, C. Hubbard. CENTER ROW: S. Holloway, M. Whitehead, E. Johnson, B, Brundage, D. Fryson, W. Tucker, W. Johnson, R. Williams, J. Herndon. TOP ROW: C. Smith, W. Cobbs, W. Hogan, I. Lineberg, R. Harper, I. Smith. MRS. STONE 106 9th BOTTOM ROW: C. Braxton, K. Frank, J. Andrews, R. Mangharn, G. Weston, S. Butler, E. Jolley, G. Jonson, P. Kandravy, S. Mc- Clanahan. TOP ROW: C. Highgate, I. Hawkins, M. Bennett, E. Miller, M. l-lerriot, W. Brown, R. Will- iams, E. Phillips, M. Hankins, A. Kelly. MR. SKIRTICH 113 9th BOTTOM ROW: R. Foster, R. Down- ing, S. Jones, L. Washington, B. Phillips, L. Parker, S. Beaman, I. Perry, L. Reilly. CENTER ROW: W. Brock, V. Stevenson, M. Green N. Chatman, J. Strong, N. Lane, B. Williams. TOP ROW: S. King, P. Scott, P. Barbour, M. Jackson, A. Hawthonie, C. Morton, T. Wallace. MRS. ALSTON 114 9th BOTTOM ROW: T. Green, D. Treadwell, R. Kennedy, D. Dever- eaux, C. Wilcox, A. Hinton, N. Carter, D. Burton, B. Brown. CENTER ROW: B. Hill, B. Saunders S. Morton, B. Gilliam, M. Prison, J. Campbell, I. Bowels. TOP ROW R. Williams, J. Stanton, R. Arms, C. King, R. Mallory, P. Kelly. MR. GOGAL 312 9th BOTTOM ROW: M. Gilbert, J. Harris, H. Washington, C. Hogan, W. Thompson, D. Wilkes, A. Stevens, W. Banks, R. Rhodes, C. Payne. CENTER ROW: C. Davis, M. Sprudley, M. Brown, D. Robin- son, P. Johnson, A. Faucette, E. Jones, W. Finkley, I. Lee, E. Watts. TOP ROW: P. Gilliam, S. Mitchell, J. Coleman, P. Salik, G. Moore, N. Peters, A. Eaglin, R. Andrews. MR. SCHIAVONE 401 9th BOTTOM ROW: I. Felder, O. Young- blood, M. Bryant, L. Jones, P. Eleam. TOP ROW: I. Davis, J. Richards, R. Walker, M. Beck. MR. BELISARIO 309 9th BOTTOM ROW: R. Tanner, R. Struthers, T. Brooks, A. McCoy, A. Weeden, M. Burch, D. Prior, W. Fuller, D. Tanner, I. Hill, CENTER ROW: R. Nance, A. Pratt P. Davenport, C. Chapman, M. Manison, D. Daniels, B. Smiley, D. Brown, D. Hardie, L. Hill. TOP ROW: M. Brown, M. Smiley, D. Jackson, D. McMicheaux, C. Millender, B. Dudley, R. Burch. MISS MIANZO 410 Sth BOTTOM ROW: A. Terell, M. Gravely, M. Brooks, C. Glover, C. Moore, B. Stewart, B. Brown. FIRST: R. Moore, J. LaRue, S. Snipe, I. Johnson, L. Tigney. SECOND: L. Durham, M. Sanders, L. Brown, W. Prison, J. Strader, P. Heim, M. Bailey. THIRD: I. Bryant, H. Fields, J. Clark, S. Wilson. MRS. OTTAVIANO 314 Sth BOTTOM ROW: N. Rivers, C. Armstead, D. Martin, R. Lee, S. Gibson, T. Yee, D. Piper, P. Trice, Y. Boylen, S. Abdul- Azeez, M. Braxton, M. Haas. CENTER ROW: J. Washington, S. Kirkavitch, M. Jones, R. Smith, C. Mellix, C. Stallworth, G. Powell, J. Strozier, S. Alexander, D. Corner. TOP ROW: B. Shana- felt, G. Dolfi, L. Bruce, C. King, C. Robinson, L. Wernecke, G. Williams, P. Reed, A. Randall, B. Pannell, I. Wilson, D. Wither- spoon. MR. GOLDEN 307 8th BOTTOM ROW: T. Royster, G. Andricik, M. McMillan, G. Brown D. McQueen, M. Jackson, P. Ornato, L. Rainey, M. Chiappette, N. Brown, W. Young, A. Stevens. CENTER ROW: D. Harrison, B. Morgan, G. Sims, R. Brown, L. Goings, W. Poole, W. Thornley, J. Casey, G. Pearson, S. Giles, G. Roach, TOP ROW: D. Jones, C. Parker, L. Dias, P. Andrews, P. Embry, G. Myles, C. Thomp- son, H. Smalls, P. Hardaway, J. Grisham, Y. Jenkins, H. Stevens. MR. GIBBONS 202 8th BOTTOM ROW: L. Jones, F. Hank- ins, C. Davis, B. Rouse, B. Stevens J. Mclntosh, H. Wimbish, J. Brun- son, J. Fuller, S. Kinnon, J. Gill- iam. CENTER ROW: S. Mathis, H. Johnson, S. Wimbs, R. Lewis, D. Thompson, J. Howard, M. Smith, M. Phillips, J. Colvin. TOP ROW: C. Embry, J. Mason, R. Corner, E. Kisner, R. Kelly, G. McCree, G. Germany. MISS JONES 308 8th BOTTOM ROW: R. Volgen, E. Porterfield, W. Pendleton, E. Jer- many, B. Wimbush, C. Humphries, J. Swoope, G. Proctor, H. Kirit- chenko. CENTER ROW: K. Reynolds, A. Lawson, J. Behmer, C. Beard, C. Montgomery, R. White. TOP ROW: E. Purdom, C. Winn, L. Talton, K. Walker, S. Richardson, R. Brooks, R. Wells. MRS. MILLER 111 8th BOTTOM ROW: S. Johnson, I. Smith, A. Scott, N. Moore, B. Moyer, N. Jayner, L. Jackson, P. Sweeney, L. Wimbush, L. Crump- ton. CENTER ROW: M. Moore, C. Daniels, W. Minnefield, H. Nelson R. Colbert, M. Lawhorn, C. Davis. TOP ROW: D. Jackson, J. Peris, L. Butler, N. Scott, W. Swanson, D. Jones, M. Parker, G. Wells. MR. EVANS 205 'Yth BOTTOM ROW: S. Milton, A. Brown, J. Russell, B. Smith, Y. Farrow, D. Allison, G. Grant, M. Jones. CENTER ROW: S. Banks, Nodd, F. McClung, S. Lash, P. Costley, A. Kinsel. TOP ROW: P. P. Amaker, W. Dalton, A. Bradley, E. Hall, S. Hall, I. Rozier. MRS. HOFELT 311 7th BOTTOM ROW: A. Betten, D. Carter, W. Myers, C. Johnson, S. Ryals, W. Christian, C. Hester, W Kelley, C. Powell, L. Simons, K. Arms, J. Bender. CENTER ROW: D. Phillips, J. Walker, F. Kizzie, W. Stevens, R. Hamilton, W. Debardelaben, R. Forbes, I. Jen- kins, C. Haraway, L. Beard, G. Carpenter. TOP ROW: E. Greene, B. Poindexter, S. Owens, L. Were- necke, C. Meyers, O. McQueen, C. Dawson, M. Bouie, M. Burris, V. Peluso, D. Grimmett. MR. STEIN 310 7th BOTTOM ROW: W. Chin, R. Flana gan, H. Smalls, J. Carpenter, I-I. Arnold, S. Fuller, R. Powell, M. Howard, B. Davis, P. Dawson, J. McIntosh, I. Chiapesta, P. Wilkes. CENTER ROW: V. Henderson, T. Price, B. Odom, C. Butler, T. Cottril, W. Kizzie, E. Hairston, T. Richardson, D. Russell, M. Huguley. TOP ROW: L. Stallworth S. McCoy, B. Blackburn, G. Price V. Alexander, L. Winmon, A. Smith, C. Upsher, E. Porter, MISS NOVOSAL 317 7th BOTTOM ROW: E. Hines, E. Jones, A. Parker, L. Youngblood, O. Jennings, D. Butler, W. Jones, S. White, L. Looney, J. Booker, J. Norman. CENTER ROW: C. Miller, E. Brooks, D. McMicheaux, R. Kindred, C. Gaitor, M. Jennings, M. Grant, E. Robinson, W. Clay. TOP ROW: D. Pennington, T. Mc- Kenzie, D. McFarland, W. Kelley, R. Fowler, J. Collins, P. Bradley, D. Phillips. MR. BIGGS 211 7th BOTTOM ROW: M. Bennett, B. Tate, R. Glover, L. Jackson, R. Johnson, R. West, F. Seay, R. Bryant, C. Booth. CENTER ROW: W. Keen, J. Lane, E. Blue, B. Barnes, A. Mason, P. Washington, I. Littlejohn, D. Debardelaben, A. Reynolds. TOP ROW: G. Pu- hatch, R. Talton, B. Claybourne, W. Wadley, J. Hatton, G. Price. MRS. KUHN 212 '7th BOTTOM ROW: C. Brown, C. Sheppard, S. Porter, T. Council, C. Peterson, S. Smiley, F. Grant, E. Rivers, B. Wagner, J. Thomp- son, J. Chambers, D. Strothers. CENTER ROW: I. Kimball, Y. Winston, N. Leviege, C. McCarthy S. Cottrill, M. Dammond, H. Hes- ter, T. Rhodes, L. Deanes, A. Saunders, L. McCrommon, S. Trent. TOP ROW: W. Stanback, C. Jones, E. Johnson, C. Never- son, A. Schever, B. Moore, N. Weadon, L. Roach, D. Morrison, B. Clay, G. Royster, M. Hoff. if "ZS N- I ' In f ' H ,, e r V A f ' P-wr. ,,,Q,:'f rrk. .. '- . ..f V .X,., 15557 2:-Q73 U V 1-' Q' ' - - is r ' -:lfiS':- wi f. err! KE W Juanita Bessie Augusta Daniel Alston Atkinson Auerbach Belisario Ervin Eleanor George Geraldine Biggs Boland Cupples Dosey Stella Stafford William Fisher Robert Foley Espy Evans Ann Frank Edward Shirley Gallagher Gennaccaro Gibbons Gogal Gerson Elmer Ruth Opalrae Gold en Guckert 36 Hof elt Johnson Marjorie Bernard Florence Harvey Jones Koval Kuhn Lecollier .N A s QF I Irene Robert Barbara Licia McCarthy Mungin Novosal Ottaviano Ernestine Joseph Mary Mary Lou Parks Skirtich South Stone Susanne Marguerite Betty Theiss Witz Burrell Cgchran Michael Margaret Katherine McCartney Stevenson 37 Thrash LANGUAGES wmmg Translating Latin Learning Spanish the modern way-Sil 38 BCYS' HOMEMAKING . . . BACHELORS? SENIOR AND JUNIOR SEWING VY Y Y 4l Harvey Lecollier Physical fitness is a nationwide program, and under the astute direction of Coach Lecollier, Fifth Avenue sets out to meet the challenge. if 44 . INDUSTRIAL ARTS STUDENTS TODAY SCIENTISTS TOMCRROW B I O L O G Y dd shapes ith names suit I ARTS AND CRAFTS Nowhere in our classrooms is there shown more enthusiasm than in the expression of creativeness as exhibited by the students in Mr. Evans art class. CERAMICS Our Future Secretaries Profits and Lossg Debits and Credit '48 "Accuracy is Preferred to Speed" Pat Williams David Strothers Josie Outlaw I ohn Nelson ' Eleanor Heard A Q A A rw Y J 'fi g A si . a ea f' A 7 p A I -1 ' 'A , .' H AL k ., ,I MR. FISHER LIBRARY AIDES SITTING: M. Grahm, D. Simpson, S. Bowmen, L. Rigby, M. Shabatura, A. Shanafelt, O. Lawson. STANDING: L. . Jamison, L. Jordon, E. Cannon, C. Dukes, P. Graham. MISS JOHNSON Librarian EX LIBRIS , .gy . ---X 'UQQJ 1' , ' F -545. , 4' Rm- :S - 1 5251 J I 3 V . f - - -' xQ.L Pa :Er EUQ1 .Sen ln The MISS BALTER xr Class play Faculty Advisor I after Th3hna54v4ug, ig una auditor- ium is the Senior present Play has New Y into a sm ture. I1 the Soni Fisher, t fident 1 meet it. Chorus' Christmas of the Sr. Choir on Hande1's a very diillcult Writing Copy P ., The members are working "Hallelujah", number to learn. Every Monday night. after school, the Sr. Choir is in room l.lO xeheaxsirg. They will continue this after school rehearsing until Dee. ,, -Q V, . W iw The FIFTH A V E N U E 37 EWS 3 "Leadership - Service - Scholarship - Chan-nexus-" 22 U ,..-, -,,,.-, -EI Volume sof g reef-1 D s:ovembe1f,2o,-rise? fllrannn Club Presents 'ovel Thanksgiving Program - Novi? We are privileged this year to see aThanxsgiv:ing program that isdifferent from those typical of previous Limes.Dn November 22,111 our auditorinumselecteti members of the Drama Club, sy Mr. will i ith use nd poe r comme, g to pre n r and ing of' the f tvne 1 'hef dan: one giva CCH-I and to see the reaction of the audience.H David Rayzier,Lcrraine Gregg, Jacxie Woodson, Pat Wil.13I5, Darlene 5iglow,CaI'vl Faulirem-9 sin, Louis Green, and Lhexncmners no be given SQIIL :away 2: too late Lsher won'L rl. oe next .mm ,,w:r?h!'xi3:. Distribution N e-.'.::'yone the school an anyone who's arming zo coke no firm. So yourself a favor - :ez 'e- nd the dance and ell other hool activities. e second dance will oe A yrs-Christmas dance woe held to 11230, TYPinS COPY 394195 December Zlst. 5l The Invigorating game of Ten- nis has these enthusiasts - SEATED: A. Weeden, D. Jones and B. Phillip. KNEELING: E. Alexander, M. Shabatura, R. Swanson, and B. Lamar. STANDING: S. Mitchell, L. Cambell, D. Robinson, D. Saunders, and M. Green. Creative Dance Class found popular. OPERATORS CLUB FRONT ROW: M. Cunningham, W. Weeden, W. Madden, A. Walton, E. Johnson. BACK ROW: D. McFarland, A. Edwards, C. Wilcox, C. Franklin, C. Gilcrese. SAFETY PATROL LUNCH TIME BRINGS THESE BOYS INTO ACTION KNEELING: P. Amaker, M. Saund- ers, W. Madden, W. Frieson, S. I Wilson. STANDING: A. Edwards, A. Lawson, C. Franklin, T. Ken- ley, C. Gilcrese, C. Wilcox, H. Fields. C H A R M C L U B Happy recipients of the American Legion Award GLADYS PEARSON and GEORGE ANDRICIK VARIETIES 55 MRS . PARKS Basketball Ballet! With mystic suspension of ball . . . Girls are awed by it all. SENIOR LEADERS VICTQRY! ,D A X ' ., qg. 49 A M as 1 ' fs -E f E 2 A 4, ' D Q! gl CHEERLEADERS y ' . j iii ? 3 E A " "' . , E M --.unumvws ELEANOR HEARD Through Thick and Thin our desire is to win! JUNIOR SWIM CLUB JUNIOR LEADERS IN MEMORIAM As staff and students, we dedicate these words in memorium of a friend and teacher, Ernest Senkewitz, who so ably and consistently characterized a devotion to duty. How do we say farewell to a man who guided so many youths to better mental and physical wel1-be- ing? He taught youths by the hundreds to play the game fair and squareg he imprinted in the minds of all his studentsa better way of life. There is no fare- well, for EmieSenkewitz has patterned for us immu- table standards that will be evident throughout the lives of those whom he taught and befriended. His passing brought great sorrow to the faculty, his friends and students. Those who remain behind are evermore conscious of this fact: "For our time is as the passing of a shadow, and there is no going back of our end: for it is fast sealed, and no man returneth. " 59 ,,,lfh.:.., Y A' 'XL' va x i w x f ,Kew 4-,fig . 1 W, x saws , , f 'Aw 35211 1 ,1 1' X Q UR. Lg Q I 'P . A A N -miss. f as X V' , ,rf 1. 1 i , - f 1. gfagv f A . W - fl ..,-,., K X . 1 ,gk if ve' X QA N ' - A 4, ' -' fe, ,u , ...,. Q X 12 -fir X fa S W I S n X X va-1 - Ziff' 'X e f. . x :N Q ' Q Q . W- gk Qf six Aff X Z Q 4 5 Q All Q Q x K X H an Y , .31 W Ry- : , fx.. f N :ft .,.,, 2 1 w ' X1 JG J ' M 5 l , if ,ww .f , 1 Q Andrew Blackwell N Roger Burch ig ff , , A , fl" WIY: Y , 'X 1 Nw, N K .ffwxf kb' X- .i S 7 Af- Coach CUPP . Claude Wilcox FOCTBALL John Nelson PRE SEASON EXHIBITION Fifth Avenue ------ O Donora - - Fifth Avenue - - - - 13 Johnstown - Fifth Avenue Fifth Avenue Fifth Avenue Fifth Avenue Fifth Avenue Fifth Avenue CONFERENCE SCHEDULE - - ----- 19 Oliver - - - - - 31 Allegheny - - - 40 Gladstone - - - - 0 Langley - - - - 15 Perry - - - - 12 Carrick - - SEASON RECORD Won 5 Lost 3 62 A ........mwm... 8 an-2 s , 35' - BA' sgggzgavg WN.. 145'-gif Q Qs-- V nv ' -1 ' S13 .fi ., ,- A gl 2 V it , xii R fs gli U Q SQA x Xxx Q was 5 isis' E. 4, QS, 1-ai .. , 3 K. X. Q A 5' iii 'Z' Rf x 'K' Q W 3 ff Q .M efifxgi' V , 313 W, P fuk L . vi' ing Reynolds Andrew Walton Lpgggf- '. QM' 1 A .. X 3 -2 M, 1 . 15 Avg ,fmusrp nrmyt ' mm, Unnnvqz SQIFTHIVQ TQ , in fi , ,pf ' .N I Q ' df 'VI ii' 'E gmuvr if , ,, gi A' ff P' N- We-K , 3, N gt Wi gh F ' 2 ' jj? wg Nm! ' " pf' 'x.LAf', K S533 : 'Sir 'S Bax . N .4 'T xx,-" s Y YQ,-i gr, I X' -W Y 1 V 5- X Q Q 1 lgrrunrrfxr'rrH"ffM1ff 1 mm . ,W 2, " nfrnhtgf , Xf' LQ? 1 4 2 P QTIFIH RYE? XG? fad? f E :Naam my? , ' if 't 7 A ---4' -. X, ,, ifkxdziwwqw NW gb? D r 2 . A ' , 1 ., f ww wi Qi Y f Ba , F ? A 4 ' , , . . , Q N- ' .1 4 ff. . ' , ' ' I V w I . . 4 ' 19 3 WA' f-, A " fx, 5 F' ,Arif x A fd L 9 1 . 11 'E ' .. Q-ibm . if ff" 2 315:35 ,,,-1 gf if Y ' , .ak an 2 J. WM YV V 'ifuf fy, f Q 1 f. K c.:WL-vw 2: fi. Q f - X M ,A :.. , ,,:' K xg! he , Q , 1 , , X bf' v 'LQIZQ3 'px ' Q 3 1 I 1 Q msn N..' 'FI' B., lib f. , wa . 3 I 'af' 2 '-S 4? . is EZ' K es Mackey -- Goi Arthur Beck -- SENIOR SWIMMING TEAM 66 City COACH MUNGIN R. Wershbale Coach Guckert and Cross Country Squad 67 R. Baltimore and I. Hurt S. Flemmg IMMIGRANT ENGLISH CLASS Mrs. Auerbach prepares immigrant students for naturalization and also readies the exchange students for a more pleasant and understandable stay. Be- low you will see and read their varied languages. 5 ffwyfzb wana, .4406 gif cfs ,ufnaf fa,-Zfawa, Lmamo' ITALIAN Don't count your chickens before they are hatched. HEBREW 27..nf02'7lCl Love they neighbor as thyself. TURKISH Q r'f4otJ.fL?1n1 SESVQC-, If-ifvvL o2J.w? S6'H2P.7e?a'4fvL f Birds of a feather flock together. POLISH Ubockag in 2,Ls'n Iago j wi J Heffel e, Ja U4 eye Love thy eighbor as thyself. ' FRENCH 4, fn auf ae. Ja. fzmmwx Wada .7,.ef..fa4, mm Empty barrels ake the most noise. SPANISH -DIS94 6 C017 7012 I7 anafas jf 72, 0426, fcfffen ef-55. You can tell a man by the company he keeps. O A A LJ . . EGYPTIAN O-,rf-'C A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 1 A f' 1- 1 1- GREEK ,Marg oflw cbiucec ficafcc dba you gIt's never too late to learn. OUVLC My 6,5 PERSIAN Qu-.f,.J QjUU5yf,1E.g.:U-'50 A wise enemy is better than an ignorant friend. ,APANESE xhwili-lftlir :fi vs Haste makes waste. A Tille Abbot Mrs. Carrie Allen Mr. Lenier Allen Jr. Miss Maggie Allen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Allen Mrs. Juanita S. Alston 32.00 Mr. and Mrs. George Andricik 32. 00 Mrs. M. Andricik Clyde Arnold Mrs. Larry Arnold Alexander Avlon B Mr. and Mrs. James Bartello Mark Bastocki Beaufford Shannon Miss Rina Balter Martha Beaman 32. O0 Edward W.. Bihary Miss Marlene Ann Bihary Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bihary Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bihary Jr. Elnora Blair Mary Blake Mariea Blakely Eleanor T. Boland Mrs. Mary Booth Ann Boyko Mrs. Virginia Boylen Howard Brannon Mr. J. W. Braswell Mr. and Mrs. John Brown Josephine P. Brown Beatice J. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Brown Mrs. Helen Bryant C Mrs. Pinkie Callier Campus Cleaners Gwendolyn Chapman Mr. Will Chetham Mrs. Mary Clark Mr. Frank Cooper Mr. E. Corbitt Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cranen Mrs. Currington D Mr. and Mrs. John Daniels Gladys Daniels Jenny Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Darlington James S. Davis Mrs. Thelma Dean Frank and Judy Didonato Mary and Nuncie Didonato- Hilda DiFebo Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Diulus 32. 00 Mrs. Irene E. Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Addison Dukes 32. 00 E Mrs. Ethel Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ellis Charlyn and Lester Ellis Mr. Ollie Elston steua E. Espy James Etling Strafford W. Evans F Farmers Choice France Fields Mr. William A. G. Fisher Mr. Eddie Foley Mr. John Ford Mrs. Vainseal Foster Mrs. Helen Friend G Ralph and Dorothy Gaertner Miss Ann K. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Golden Daisey Goodman's Store Tom Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Howard Graves Mrs. Inez Green Miss Mary Green Wenthol Green Mr. James Grissett H Mrs. C. J. Haas Walter Hamn Mr. and Mrs. Harry Haney Rev. J. G. -Harris Willa Mae Harrison Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Harvery Mrs. Louise Harvey Mrs. John O. Hillianed Mrs. Narlie Hinton Homeroom 309 Homeroom 208 I Mrs. Martha Jackson Miss Ponna Jackson Henrietta Jaworski Mrs. Emma Jemison John Johns Mr. Charles Johnson Miss Charmane Johnson Mrs. Edna Johnson G. Johnson Charlie Joe Jones Rev. and Mrs. Leonard T. Jones K John Keefe Mrs. Rosie Lee King Jean E. Kirkland Mr. Koval Mr. George Kudrav L Mrs. Nevoria Lack Mrs. Margaret Lane Mr. Alex T. Lewis Mrs. Thelma Lewis Lillie B. Little Mr. and -Mrs. T. J. Long James Lowe Mc Algervor McAllister Mrs. Irene McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Ezra McClain Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McQueen M Margaret and Bill Morris Mayfield Mrs. May Mr. Riley Merido John Miles Mr. and Mrs. Arron Miller Janet E. Miller Betty Millhouse Mrs. Lillie Mills Margie Minard Mrs. Anna Mae Mince Mr. Charles H. Mitchell Clarance Mitchell Melvin D. Mitchell Ellsworth Morgan Louise Morgan Mr. and Mrs. John Morrow O Mrs. Licia Ottaviano Mrs. Lucille Outlaw Mrs. Annie Outler P Mrs. Lossie Parker Mrs. Evelyn Parrish Pat's Place Mr. William Patton Joseph Paul Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Peek Sr. Jodelle V. Peek Mr. and Mrs. Preston Perkins Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson Willie E. Phifer Carlenet and Beverlyn Phillips Mrs. Roosevelt Phinisee William G. Pickersgill Mr. and Mrs. Conell Pierson Wyona Pope Mr. and Mrs. Herman Porter Evelyn L. Poynter Carl Pratt Daniel Pratt R Mrs. Bertha Ramsey Mrs. I. Rayzer Mr. and Mrs. Reed Red Star Market 32.00 William C. Rentz, Pgh. Press Rosema L. Rice James S. Richey Mrs. Fannie Rosen Larry Russo S Edward Sanders Roy and Dorothy Schoeb Mr. and Mrs. James Schafield Mr. and Mrs. Louis Scott Mrs. John H. Shackelford Mr. Joseph Skirtich 32. O0 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith 35.00 Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Smith Mary South Margaret Stevenson Margie Stewart Mr. Fred Stough Mr. Garmans Streater James Streater Wesley Streater Miss Sylvia Stribling Mrs. Gladys Suber T Mrs. John Templeton Mr. Thomas Mr. Allen Thomas John Thomas Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Robert Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Thornton John E. Tipton V Mr. and Mrs. Gordan Vaughn W Ora Lee Walton Mrs. Marie Washington Mrs. Merle Watkins Mr. Joseph Weiger Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Wershbale Mr. Jack Whitney Mr. William Wilks Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams Kay F. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Williams Miss Deloris Wilson Mrs. Marguerite Witz Clora Wright Y , Mr. and Mrs. William Yarbough ATlantic 1-6539 LIBERTY FORMAL WEAR Rentals and Sales MARTIN C. GIRSON 814 Liberty Ave. AT 1-7173 CO 1-9683 HILL PHARMACY 1901 Centre Avenue Pittsburgh 19, Pa. Free Scheduled Delivery Service FREEDMAN'S MEN'S WEAR 1325 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh 19, Pa. Young Men's Styles - Ivy League EAGLE CLEANERS 3400 Milwaukee Street MU 3-2923 "You've tried the rest, Now try the best" Shop and Save MAINWAY SUPER MARKET 2036 Centre Avenue HILL CITY MUNIC IPA LIT Y 2038 Bedford Avenue Pittsburgh 19, Pa. MRS, G. COLEMAN MRS. ETHA BROWN THE SENIOR CHOIR Congratulates BROWN 8. GLADYS BEAUTY SALON the Class Facials - Manicuring of CO 1-7624 2305 Fifth Avenue 1962. Pittsburgh 13, Pa. Best Wishes BARDIN'S DRUG STORE, INC. CHARLES BARDIN, Ph.G. 1749 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh 19, Pa. SLATER'S BA RBER SHOP Kirkpatrick Near Centre CO 1-1928 Prop.: J. SLATER - C. SLATER R. JOHNSON - ROSCO GR 1- 8360 Compliments LEE'S MAY'S VALET SHOP BEAUTY SALON 1821 Enoch Street MAGDA LENE LINDSAY 1741 Fifth Avenue CO 1-8833 "For Cleaning to Please Prop' Bring Them to Lee's" CO 1-0942 KELSON'S CENTRE CUT RATE MARKET RESTAURANT 1903 Centre Avenue 1721 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh MORRIS GREEN Prop. JA 1-6740 I I ILL. LUTHER RICE, 330 AND FAMILY Grand Master Most Worshipful Hiram Grand Lodge A. F. 8: A. M. 4401 Sylvan Ave. Pittsburgh 7, Pa. ' -f SPORTING GOODS CO. 1316 Fifth Avenue Sporting Goods of All Kinds "BILL" SACHRITZ AT 1-5275-76 Hair Styling Tinting Dyeing Cutting PARRY ALLEN 508 Taft Avenue Best Wishes Frorn HICKS SUPERETTE 2154 Center Avenue -1 2 HU1 01 CO 1-7573 Established 1887 Congratulations STANDARD to the EMBLEM JEWELERS ciass of '62, 245 Fourth Avenue From ' Pittsburgh 30, Pa. THE CLASS OF '63 Standard School Jewelers Graduation Watches AT 1-7757 Sponsored by THE PRINCE STETSON SHOE SHOP, INC. 445 Wood St. Near Fifth Ave. Pittsburgh ZZ, Pa. ROBERT M. TRULLENDER Manager AT 1-8644 4.1. ,A x "L sk:-: .5 . 3 .. ':f':-:- S: :g:g. 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Suggestions in the Fifth Avenue High School - Archer Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

Fifth Avenue High School - Archer Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


Fifth Avenue High School - Archer Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Fifth Avenue High School - Archer Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Fifth Avenue High School - Archer Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Fifth Avenue High School - Archer Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Fifth Avenue High School - Archer Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 65

1962, pg 65

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