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Q .v--wx ,w.'4'a 2 .1 ' Z ' ' X '- ' .. , . Fd.- T" .' 1 f f 1 4- 1 ,ff ml ... 1 4 N' 1 S Q , m.-qs 3'leQ.J5,,-f.,.: 5 P Q... f iVf:-+. 'th ljf ." ,' ., fa. -V' gf! ff.,-QV" ?Q2' 45ig2 X A . N94 -' u, 4 I --A .'f'- ' ' 1 we 2 f, 'A hw' ' f 4' ' WE f'.fa"i'!'X' ' NEWS EVENTS OF 1958 - 59 IU' Q10 UNI Y ,ysayf ig! ALASKA Map from "Picture map Geography of Canada Sfvfehvod ' ' ' "'- January 31 1959 and Alaska" by Vernon Quinn, J. B. Lippin- AFGG ..... .... 5 86,400 SCIUCITG I'l'1iI6S CO" CO- Population . . .... 210,000 Gustafson - Guidance Director Johnson - Mullen - Vice Belknap - Principal Hall - Superiniendent I i , , sf rc A D M IN IST RAT! A .1 . 'i at-4,,rmlf i Mi, 'p 4::.,,fL..aL4 .,, A.: I u - f 1 -0' f ,ogg 1 n Mr, LELAND BLOOM MISS AGNES DUNN Mrs. NATHALIE IYALL . Qs IX X . ,f m. L . ,, I -'v..4"- - J -.1 .i H.n..w1,.J--' J Mrs. ALICE COLE Mr. RICHARD DANIELS -f Mr. ALFRED FLETCHNER Mr. CARL HATLEY Mr. CLAYTON JOHNSON Mr. DO LD JOHNSON F Mrs, GERTRUDE KAISER Mr. A N Mr. ROBERT DINSMORE Mrs. DORRITT HEINTZ MISS BETTY JONES Mr. MARVIN KITTS Mr. GLEM OLMSTEAD Mr. PAUL SCHEYER .ow l MISS JOANNE LQCASSE MISS 1 Lf Mr. ROBERT OQUIST Mr. EDDIE PEPPLE .X lf ll Mrs. MARIE STOUT Mrs. MARGARET WEICK R-TIT ' I +5 5 5 I 'RA' I , - 1 I wi , ,' A ,A,, f Mrs. MARION YOUNG Mr. JAMES MURPHY Mr. RONALD ROSBACH z, Mr. DANIEL WEYER PERSONNEL , I Mrs. Leora Goelzer, Secretory Mrs. Refha Spear, Records ...em Mrs. Alice True, NUYSB Y 'Y' 3 l Mrs, Ethyl Anderson Mrs. Lucille Waddell, Mrs. Helen George Thomas, Jacob Cook, Cusfodians Baxter, Mrs. Gladys McDonald, Mrs. Irene Stearnsg Cooks ie l N QT. . wr L' yOU "W 'S- HAW' V Cn anal' lf' ' Y-Oll UWA X49 4 oufql SIE! fu S!lPPll vo-l 0' who now Qhe I S Qd -7 ' Gm-Ann lohnsan Donald Maxwell. Bus Drivers deg., PM Ronald Bucholz, Al Millard, Johnnie Grirnrn, James Acres, Arnold Proff, Norman Heilig, i"- - .fl as 9 as 91,55 K C 5 N M .I JIP H Sph J Glbr' CLASS svvE ETHEARTs I CLASSES JANICE SWEANEY Co-Winner Girls' Service Award CAROL KVAMME Huber Commercial SENIOR AWARDS HONOR WAYNE CAPPS Boys' Service Award SENIOR ROLL JOANNE DUNN Co-Winner Girls' Service Award JOHN MCDONALD Bausch and Lomb Award Virginia Soderman Science Aword Wayne Capps John McDonald YOSHI KONO BOB ALDEN GAA I . . Ag. Award Dennis Garrett Shirley Forsland Awordnsplrmlonul KAY SHIPMAN Betty Greer1WOOd Janice Sessler I MARY JANE COCHENNETTE Band Award Judy Bailey Yoshi Kona Choir Award QT? Tom Yotsuuye Vice-president Yoshi Kono Treasurer Jim Reddy President SENIORS Time Passes. The wily, untamed group that first trod, bewildered, the halls of Fife High four years ago are now prepared to leave in the form of wise and dignified Seniors. Gradually, the stern hand of knowl- edge has brought about the transforma- tion. After a somewhat painful introduction at the frosh mixer, we began impressing our- selves upon the scholastic and athletic achievements of the school. At the begin- ning of the sophomore year, the shy atmos- phere had disappeared and a somewhat wiser group undertook our quest for knowl- edge. The end of the year found us far advanced on the path of education. We re- turned the following year to resume our search as juniors. The effect of this year be- gan to show when we became seniors. Four years have passed. As we graduate we will soon lose ourselves in the commer- cial and industrial world. Others will take our place, but we hope that our accomplish- ments and good times will not be forgotten by ourselves and future students at Fife High School. Mr. Marvin Kitts Mrs. Marian Young Advisor Advisor Bob Pagh Sergeant-at-arms Secretary Betty Greenwood Publicity Manager Jerry Snell Sergeant-at-arms JOE EARL ALMQUIST - He's short of nothing but height . . . Track 3,4, Lettermen's Club 4. CAROL BIGGS - Smart girl who is nice to every- one . . . V.C.Y. 2,3,4, Future Nurses 2,3,4, SHIRLEE MAE ABSHER - They say great talkers are great doers, but l'm the exception . . . Choir 4, G.A.A. 3, Pep Club 4, Audio-Visual 4. JUDY BAILEY - Pleasant face and a nice smile . . . Band 2,3,4, G.A.A. 3,4, V.C.Y. 3,4, Future Nurses 3,4, F,l'l.A. 2,3,4. JUDY KAY BLANCHARD - A quiet nature is most times enioyable . . . Tro- ianettes 3,4, Pep Club 3,4, Officer 4, Ski Club 3, Rifle Club 2,3. THORA LEE ANDERSON - Small talk and con- stant laughter . . . Choir 4, Health Center 2,4. KAREN BEKSINSKI - She's kinda naughty, but she's naughty and nice . . . Pep Club 2,3,4, Drill Team 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2, Health Center 3, An- nual Statt 4, Bio. Ass. 4, Future Nurses 2, Maior- ette 3,4. ROBERT EARL ALDEN - "Bob," Our man about town . . . F.F.A. 2,3,4, Rifle Club 2,3,4, Audio- Visual 4. JOH WILLIAM BECKER - Sometimes wise, most times otherwise . . . A.S.B. Publicity Manager 4, Annual Staff 4, P.E. Student Leader 3,4, Tro- ian Knights 2,3, Publi- city Manager 3, Prom Com. 3, Lettermen's Club 3,4, Pep Club 4, Basket- ball 2,3,4. BENTLEY J. BROWNING - "Bent," lt's not so much to idealize the real as to realize the ideal . , . Track 2,3,4, Wres- tling 3, Debate 4,.lour- nalism 3,4, JANICE FAY AMMANN TOLER - "Jan". An- other one that is glad to be married . . . G.A.A. 2, Drill Team 2, Librar- ian Health Center 3, Pep DALLAS LYNN BLAIR - "Dal." All the world may not love a lover, but all the world watches him . , . Annual 4, Letter- men's Club 2,3,4, Tennis 2,3,4, Basketball 3,4, Football 4, Pep Club 4, A.S.B. President 4, Class Pres. 3, Prom Com. 3, Homecoming Att. 3, P.E. Inst. 3, Class Bus. Mgr. 2. KATHLEEN JANE BURKE - A gay sense of humor with a changeable mood '. . G.A.A. 2,3,4, Drill Team 2,3,4, Maiorette 4, -lealth Center 2, Pep :lub 2,3,4, Visual Aids 4. ALBIN T. CZYZEWSKI - i wonderful boy with a eart of gold . . , A.S.B. 'eep 3, Pep Club Rep. , Torch 3,4, Rifie Club , Troian Knights 3, BETTY JEAN BRYANT - A quiet girl who's nature never changes . . . V.C.Y. 2,3,4, Librarians 3, Pep Club 4. JERILYN JUNE COFF- MAN - There isn't much that can be said against a girl who has no faults . . . Drill Team 2,3,4, Pep Club 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, F,H.A, 23.4, Points Ch. 2, V, Pres. 3,4, Troion- ettes 2,3,4, Torch Club 2. SHELDON WAYNE EN- SRUD - "Shell." l don't know her name either, but let's Gnd out . . . Stage Crew 3,4: Track 2, Trumpet 4. MARY JANE COCHEN- NETTE - She's the shy and silent type . . . V.C.Y. 2,3,4, F.H.A. 3,4, Chair 2,3,4, Music Librar- ian 2,3,4, Future Nurses Club 4. SILAS ALBERT CROSS - "Si." lf a good dispo- sition was as good as gold, he could retire . . . Football 2,3, Wrestling 2, Track 3,4: Letter- men's Club 3,4, Stage Crew 4. GRANT BULLO - School breaks up my whole day . . . Wrestling 2, Home- coming attendant 2, Jr. Sr. Prom Committee, Stage Crew, P.E. Instruc- TOY. LOIS ARLENE CRAW- FORD - She's sure to be seen where fun and mis- chief beam . . . Pep Club 2,3, Pres. 3, Girls' Club Veep 3, Debate 3,4, Tennis 2, G.A.A. 2,3,4, A.S.B. Veep. 4, Class Pub, Mgr. 2, Ofhce Girl 2,3,4, Drill Team 2, Prom Com. 3. ROBERT JOHN EVEN- SON - "Bob" I'm not important, l iust hold the universe together . . , Pram Cam, 3, Jr. T.B. Boofd 314: Carnival Committee 2, WAYNE E. CAPPS - He's headed for great things . , . Football 234, Basketball Mgr. 3,4, Bose- ball 3,4, Troian Knights 2,3, V. Pres. 3, Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, Pres, 4, Audio- Visual 2, Student Council Rep. 3,4, Student Leader 3,4. JOANNE RAE DUNN - Responsibility walks hand and hand with capability and power . . . Annual 3,4, Fditor 4, Prom Co-Ch. 3, Carni- val Chr. 2, Class Trans. 3, Concession Stand Treos. 3.4, Pep Club Pres. 4, Pep Club 2,3,4, Treas- urer 3, G.A.A. 234, Band 2, Student Court 3, Student Council 2. SHIRLEY FORSLUND - A nice girl who cloesn't let her brains go to waste . . , Drill Team 2,3, 4, Future Nurses 3,4, V.C.Y. 2,3,4. NANCY J. FAVER - She'd stop Saint Peter's roll call to ask a ques- tion . . . Band 2,3,4, Uni- torm Mgr. 3,4. KAREN M. FJETLAND - An ever present smile . . . Future Nurses 2,3,4g Sec.-Treas. 3, Veep. 4, V.C.Y. 2,3,4, Sec.-Treas. 4, Torch 2. fT DARLENE ROSE GILGE JOHN GEEHAN - That l'm a man l'll have you know, tha I still have room to grow . . . DENNIS ALLEN GAR- RETT - Gather ye rose buds while ye may . . , Troian Knights 2,31 Torch 2,3,4, Photography 2,35 Audio-Visual 4, Pep Club 4, Student Council 4. BETTY RUTH GREEN- WOOD - Here's a gal with a pleasant way , . . Hep Club 4, F.H.A. 2,3,4, - A cheerful smile is most I omzco becoming . . . F.H.A. 2, fuudyytf T h i n g 5 only gif G'A-A- 3? PGP Club bother you when you let them . . . Audio-Visual 4. BILL HIBRAY - To be famous is everyone's de- sire . . .Wrestling 2. Torch 2,3,4, Sec. 4, Class Secretary 3g Pub. Mgr. 4. JOHN M. GREEN - Laugh and the class laughs with you but you stay after school alone . . . F.F.A, 2,3,4, sup- ervised Farming 4, Pub. Rel. 3. SYLVIA HOLT - A quiet MIKE HOPKINS - His nature is very tolerable charm is in his SYGS - - - . , . GAA. 2,3,4, Pep Track 3,41 Band 2,3- Club 4g Librarian 2. XREN JACOBSON - sweet girl with on tuolly sweet smile . . . ep Club, Secretary 4: H.A. IOSEMARY IRENE LAR- tON - She's lots of fun . . Rifle Club5 F.H.A. HARRY HYLKEMA - l'Ie'S small, he's wise, he's a terror for his size . . . Track Manager 3,45 Let- termen's Club 4. nfl MARY LOUISE KUK- OWKSI - Pretty and nice, who could want more . . . G.A.A. 2,3,45 Drill Team 3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 SKi Club 2,35 Ten- nis 2,3,45 F.H,A, 2,3,45 Torch 25 Trumpet 3,45 Co- Editor 45 Student Ldr. 3,4. JOANN LEE LINDBERG DOLAN - A ring on her finger is worth two on the phone . . . Yell Leader 2,35 Song leader 25 Troianettes 2,35 F.l-l.A. 2,35 G.A.A.5 Class Treas. 25 Drill Team 25 Pep Club 2,35 Health Center 35 Li- brarians 4. YosHl KoNo - If you want something done, you can count on Yoshi . . . Class Treas, 45 Torch 2,35 Troianettes 2,35 Sec. 2, Pres. 35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Treas. 45 Pep Club 3,45 Annual 45 P.E. Ldr. 45 Oltice Girl 45 Girls' Club Treas. 35 Stud. Council 3. .' ' J. KAREN IRETA LARSON - Every class must have a clown, we nominate Karen . . . F.H.A. 2,3,45 Soc. Chr. 2,35 Pres. 45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Troian- ettes 2,3, Treas. 35 Drill Team 2,35 Treas. of Girls' Club 35 Bookroom Ass. 2,3,4. ARLINE MARIE INDERBO - Some say l'm shy5 but really l'm not . , . F.H.A.5 Pep Club 2. CAROL EDNA KVAMME - Her ways are the ways of pleasantness, and her paths the paths of peace . . . V.C,Y. 2,3,4, Rep. 3, Pres. 45 Girls' Club Sec. 2,35 Treas. 45 Troianettes 2,3, Veep 25 Stu. Coun- cil Rep. 2,5 Torch 2,35 Oftlce Girl 2,3,4. ELEANOR ALICE MAR- TINSON - "" Norif' Her hair's too dark to be an angel . . . Pep Club 35 Drill Team 45 Entered from Puyallup in '57, MARILYN JEAN JOHN- SON - "Johns," l al- ways try to be good . . . Pep Club 2,3,45 Fi-i,A. 2,3,45 V.C,Y. 3,45 Social Chr. 4. .IOANN LAVIOLA - A friendly greeting for everyone . . . Pep Club 35 F.H.A. 2,3,4. BARBARA JEAN MUIR - "Bubbles," It must be Barb, I heard her laugh . . . F.H.A. 2,3,4, State Pres. 4, Debate 2,3,4, Drill Team 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3, Future Nurses 2,3, Office Girl 3, Health Center 2. K JERALDINE K. NESS - "Kay," Somebody ' fun makes all things toler- able . . . F.H.A., Pep Club 3,4, Choir 3, Band. JOHN EDWARD Mc- DONALD - Dependability is something to be proud of . . . Track 3,4, Troian Knights 2,3, Torch 2,3,4. DAVID A. NACCARATO - "Dave." I never think about the future it comes too soon . . . Stage Crew 4, Vocational School 4. ROGER ORNESS - Si- lence is more eloquent than words , . . Basket- ball 2,3,4, Pep Club 4, Baseball 3,4. WILLIAM J. MUSSER - "Bill," Clever, nice, and lots of fun, Bill is tops with everyone . . . Rifle Club 2, Ski Club 3,4, F.F.A., A.S,B. Bus. Mgr. 4, Pep Club 4. SHANNON M. NELSON - Her hair may be light, but she's no angel. 7 LARRY ROBERT MELSNESS - They say the people of today are settling down. But what about the people of tonight? Tennis 2,3,4, Class Veep. 3, Pep Club 4, Ski Club 3, Wrestling Mgr. 2. ARLINE NELSON - Friendliness is my motto . . . Choir 2,3,4, Pep Club 4. JAMES STEVEN PADUR - ".Iim." There are too few people in the world that realize my good qualities . . . Track Mgr. 3, Lettermen's Club 4. DIANE CLAIRE MURREY - Some have looks, some have brains, she has both . . . Class Sec. 2, Troianettes 2,3,4, Drill Team 2,3,4, Maiorette 3,4, F.H.A. 2,3,4, Sec. 2, G.A.A. 2, Harv. Ball Prin. 2, Annual 3,4, Pep Club 2,3, F.F.A. Sweetheart 3,4, Health Center 3, Stu. Council 4. JOHN EARL NOWICKI - I don't know about you, but personally I like the opposite sex . . . F.F.A. 2,3,4, Sec. 4, Rifle Club 2. ICHAEL JOHN PURGA- JRIO - Which way did e girls go??? "Mike" AINA D. RIEBLI - :od humor makes all ings tolerable . . . -l.A. 2,3,4, Veep. 3, es. 4, Drill Team 2,3, aiorette 3, Pep Club 2, 4, Bookraom Ass. 2, 4: G.A.A. 2,3. K' 3 ROBERT PAGH Bob. ARN Pnorr - ive Blue eyes, blond hair, an ly made itll! Foot- answer to a maiden's ball 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, prayer . . . Football 4, Pep Club 4. Pep Club 4. JAMES BERNARD REDDY - "Jim," This guy is fast, his driving that is . . . Basketball 3,4, Baseball 3,4, Pep Club 4, Class Pres. 4, Lettermen's Club 3,4, Troian Knights 2,3, Stu. Ldr. 4, Torch 2. PAUL DAVID ROBINSON - A friendly boy, al- ways willing to help . . . Band 2,3,4. KAREN LEE REED - Mis- chief and fun are her middle names . . . Song leader 2, Yell Leader 3,4, Queen 4, Class Sweet. 3, Pep Club 2,3,4, Drill Team 2, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Treas. 2, Veep. 3, Tro- ianettes 2,3, Trumpet 3, 4, Ca-Editor 4, P.E. Stu. 3,4, Torch 2. MARTIN CARL REICHLIN - "Marty." I may be small, but boy l'm mighty . . . F.F.A. 2,3,4, Pres, 4, Rifle Club 2,3, Pep Club 4. DALE MARVIN REES What does Elvis have l can't double'??? Basket- ball Mgr, F.F.A. Sent. 2, Pep Club 3,4, ROBERT E. SCHULTZ - "Bab." Hey everybody, watch the birdie . , . Trojan Knights 2,3, Pho- tography 2,3,4, Annual 4, Pep Club 4. DONNA VIRGENE RAY - Laughing eyes, dark l"lC1lI', place her a girl beyond compare . . . Girls' Club Pres. 4, Drill Team 4: Stu, Coun. 4, Choir 4, Health Center 3,4, T.B. Board 3,4. CHARLES EUGENE ROB- BINS - "Butch," Study- ing sure has spoiled my high school education . . , Track Mgr. 3, Wres- tling 2, Stage Crew 2,3, 4, Lettermen's Club 2. GEORGE W. SMITH - "Slim," A smile for every- one is my motto , . Ag. 2,3, Rifle Club 2. .IANICE THELMA SWEA- NEY - Dates are my fa- vorite fruit , , , F.H.A. 2,3,4, G.A,A. '2,3,4, Drill Team 2,3,4, Hist. 3, Drill Cap, 4, Student Council '3,4, A,S.B. I-list. 4, Trum- pet 3,4, Co-Editor 4, Prom Com, 3, Harvest Ball Queen 3, Teen-age Fashion Board 4, Student Inst. 2,3,4. JANICE MARIE SESSLER - "Sess." What's your secret Suzy Q? , . , Home, Queen 4, Home. Att. 3, Prom. Com 3, Co-Chr., G,A.A. 2,3,4, Set, 2, Pres. 3, Drill Team 2,3,4, Sec.-Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Troianettes 3,4, Sr, Ad, 4, Ottice Girl 2, Annual 4, Pep Club 2,3,4, Pub. Mgr, 2, Class Sec. 4, Torch 2,3,4, P.E. Student Inst. 3,4, Con. Stand. 3,4. VIRGINIA ROSE SODER- MAN - "Ginny," Study- ing is my means, success VERNA MARIE SPROUL - Straighttorwardness is a good asset , , . Pep Club 2,3,4, Health Cen- ter 3, Future Nurses 2, Choir, Art 4, Student Inst, Home Ec. 3,4. DOROTHY VINING - TO go to church every sun- day should be everyone's goal . . . V.C.Y, 2,3,4, Pep Club 4, my goal . . . Drill Team 2,3,4, F,I'l.A, 2,3, G.A.A. 2,3, Pep Club 3,4, Torch 2,3,4, Student Council 4, A.S.B. Treas. 4, Office Girl 2,3. JAMES BENNY STIPE5 - "Ben," You can't place your tinger on what he's got, but he's got some- thing 'cause we all like him . . . Pep Club 4. KAY ANNETTE SHIP- MAN - Music drives ones woes away . . . Band 2,3,4, Pres. 4, Veep 3, Student Court 2,3,4, Uni- form Mgr. 3,4, PHILLIP STEVES - "Phil," An athlete that scores in more ways than one , . . Football 2,3,4, Letter- men's Club 2,3,4, Torch, LK., -V 7 I JEFFERY ALLISON WARD - "Uncle Jeff." Never a worry, never a care, iust taking lite easy . . . Rifle Club 2,3, Archery Club 2,3, F.F.A 2,3,4, Veep 4. JERRY DEAN SNELL - "Duke," Give me a foot- ball and get out of my way , . . Football 2,4, Track 3,4, Choir 4, Pres. 4, Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, Veep 4, Home. King 4, Stage Crew 3,4. KAREN RUTH TUTTLE - A nice girl with a nice way is always appreci- ated . . . Pep Club 4. A TOM H. YOTSUUYE - l'm small . . . but remem- ber Nopolecm . . . F.F.A. 2: Pep Club 4: Letter- men's Club 45 Wrestling 25 Track 35 Football 2,4p Class Pres. 2: Class Veep 4. at s i 5 U 54' , fi r ,pnlll V , , X . fm,-A gi A .:A,. .,,. 5 Q ,J 33,3-..v if John Si Koren 1:2 ,:w.,, Wy, .5 XL 1 3 viva' X , I l Q V W I, ' ig 'S-QL, .A XY: 55 Q' 'X 5 F A " 'W Q W ,. wr ' L 'f L , ' . wmmfl' 'i', ' Q X ,K 'Lk ki ' A 4- u Q ,5 Y M sg M, N i V 15 L, 5 W 2 . N XX W Dol 84 Lois ff' , H .. " ff 1, , ... ,mb-mf :awww - . ..- , -'-wa.. . . - l V 2 il 3 x 2 f . 1 31 12562 af , Z A N X . ' ik 3 fl ' E' 2 I Q- Jim 8- Barbara L X I tu , gr vv..p-uns-um-:..,.-suv.-vu .gun ...- 1 .l',,.,,.f..2""s,N,..ffs.-5,5-3"""' ..-f""'- ,Xu A--,I x.,.v"Nu. J ix. x - V t - .W ,, , -. W., , v....Y , -.-W Vw ww . M, , if- A ,Y X -, ,X x K '. ,'VY,.LYYY . Y '- 4341 x JJXN ' .1 , K. -, K ' . '- . 1 I azz: Mr. Johnson - Advisor Janet Kemrner - Treasurer Ken Rasmussen - President Ken Curbow - Vice-President Carol Culver - Secretary. JUNIORS As the strains of the music from the Junior's beautiful Prom fades away, they eagerly look forward to next year when as Seniors they plan to have even more fun then they have had this year. 'WE-' The iunior class can be especially proud of their achieve- ments this year. Two of these were placing second in the an- ,Wf 'Nix nual ticket sale with lOOfMs and first in the float division of mg Homecoming. G 0 Under the leadership of their excellent officers and advisor, they can look back and know that they have contributed splen- T "'--'T didly toward student life at Fife. ,X Look out underclassmen! You can expect a lot from this year's junior class in the future. i ' ' . l x T N 7 I All-M 6 s ROW 'I: S. Begley, J. Blauvelt, J, Grimm, P. Diedrich, M, Burgi, D, Bailey, C. Anderson, M. Christsen, E. Ab- bott, C, Crowell, L. Curtis. ROW 2: T. Arnold, D. Amman, J. Falaschi, V. Fenster, S. Crist, C. Culver, J. Bar- ger, D. Adams, K. Donoghue, T. Errigo, S. Freeman, G. Bean, A, Edwards. ROW 3: W. Ellingson, K. Curbow, G. Berrie, L. Barger, V. Falaschi, C. Bailey, D, Clevenger, P. Danlco, G. Brown, D. Dills, S. Fox, E. Giles, J. Bevegni, G. Grimm, M. Ebling. ROW 1: L. Isakson, J. Kemmer, B. Merrill, D, McClintock, P. McDonald, B. Herron, S. McBce. ROW 2: R. Hi- bray, J. Lilley, A. Mildon, L. High, L. Mahanna, S, Melby, C. Kreisman, J. Laviclc, J. Heydlatt, G. Meridan. ROW 3: E. Hiens, R. Hogan, R. Holmdale, M. Kelley, M. Johnson, K. Johnson, S. Mitton, D. Nowiclci, L. Kirin- doll. ROW l: B. Whitcombe, K. Paulson, G. Webber, S. Yohn, J. Pulliam, J. O'Hearn, L. Yoshioka, J. Peterson, D. Sponberg, C. Wetherbee. ROW 2: J. Passinetti, M. Omegna, L. Timmons, J. Smith, J. Zampardo, S, Slade, D. Tucker, B. Owens, C. Shilling, W. Sponberg, R. Riveness. ROW 3: P. Patterson, J. Taylor, P, Quinn, A. Vinning, K. Rassmusen, B. Simons, B, Touchette, L. Tripplef, D. Ross, M. Rivenes, L. Sullivan. Q' .4221- -U 1,44 Ngff N. o 6 2132 It aj, . Gi Q r VV. , Gary Ziegan - President, Sharon Laviola - Secretary, Duffy Yamada - Vice-Presidentg Bill Price - Sergeant- at-arms Mike Beksinski - Treasurer, Mr. Ron Rosbach - Advisor. Our aim . . . success, our hope , . . to win. With this motto the sopho- more class began a very successful year. Their activities began when they chose Gary Ziegan, Duffy Yamada, Mike Beksinski, Sharon Laviola, and Bill Price as their class officers, with Mr. Ronald Rosboch as their advisor. Their first proiect was cor wash in which they earned S92 for their class treasury. With a total of 140 students in their class, the sophomores can well be proud of obtaining 9121 in the annual ticket sale. Looking forward to two more eventful years at Fife, the sophomore class can look back on this year and know that they have contributed proudly to sports, school spirit, and all around' good times. ROW 1: D. Gates, C. Golding, J. Dennison, K. Adams, M. Brinkman, M. Carr, S. Biorkland, J. Gilbert, F. Grish, D. Edin. ROW 2: D. Chestnut, B. Blauvelt, J. Bierge, P. Cheslock, B. Giles, J, Bingisser, L. Arnold, D. Culver, J. Coughlin, D. Collins, M. Grish. ROW 3: J. Alden, A. Capps, V. Auch, D. Bumbar, J. Bennett, W. Fischlin, L. Babbitt, M. Beksinski, F. Apple, J. Barnes, B. Guiley, D. Foreman, C. Graf. A - 6 53 o Q is ROW 'l: P. Kimball, N. Paddock, J. Swanson, B. Waldref, E. Spokely, B. Spokely, D. Yamada, B. Kramer, C. Reichmuth, B. Steimmetz, G. Sevold, A. Robinson, S, Tinsley, R. Strand, C. Lavilc, L. Loidhamer. ROW 2: G. Roberts, P. Vogel, B. Vanderhoef, T. Swanson, S. Schrader, V. Purgatorio, L. Stipes, K, Parkhurst, A, Robinson, D. Stowell, J. Rota, D. Takahara, R. Rowan, P. Snell, G. Johnson, ROW 3: G. Purdy, G. Schrammeck, L. Wilken- son, R. Olds, M. Sweet, J. Risley, L. Sieverson, B. Price, R. Watkinson, J. Shoop, J. Wyman, M, Thaut, M. Win- gren, J. Jackson. ROW 1: J. Henrickson, A. McDowell, S. Hergert, B. Hudson, M. Mastin, J. Neil, P. Myers, S. Laviola, K. Kino- shita, J. Lash, B. Matson, M. Nelson, P. Jones, S. Lippert, L. Kaelin, M. Mansfield, C. Mauerman. ROW 2: J. Pasinetti, R. Johnson, T. Mortenson, J. Luclinich, M. Manning, J. Lilley, J. Hanson, J, Hashimoto, S. Stroian, W. Rees, F. Suter, D, Minnish, G. Ziegan, P. Waldref. ROW 3: J. Hanley, D, Pagh, S. Sulkosky, A. Vernam, G. Miller, F. Naccarato, T. Miller, R. Houston, E. Handeland, R. Matson, M. Johnson, M. Ness, D. Meuschke, D. Reck. - K f- - P' A 'K B 'nk i . N5 W' a 3105! Y N. 4 , Q1 ESQ- . VM hy , . f .. ' I s e 'f Wey .. .1 Q I g 5' I E I... 9' ' ' v . ihe word F' W? 2 I, Y' AX ,, i E ??EiWffWRiQg --A, f f 1. -' g W , Wig 'E jim , t K X gig? M 1 Q Ei ak H X I rn. 'sf Q iii X 4 ga 1 'af M m X 5 W 5 I Es I 5 . ,A , x ,LmLAL 170' lk. -v R 4' Grandi-f.gj, my Queshon f . ,..,. :,. 5 ,, X QQEE I. E I Knoymvioojinswer v 1 - 4 uw: ,x.-, , ' 'Qt :a,:s:,,, W-,mg , Q., . " A S Elk.. , ,ii g a, ,Q .- mc ms w QV 4 559,-g , ikw. , ,SMB L xi 5,3 ,- -'Q love 'wr J' 'uf sk ,-',,' ff A I Don'f Feel Good .Mem '. . J, -1 42, ,R it ""' , :K ff : KE A as 'f 'P lk ki- Q 1- ff. " 'Q W za EE? S Q 'ft k . 3 Jr, , H 7A .,,f M 2,1 ig U Q .f RW ,S . fy ig . .N,,... 5 33' lf' 2 "W f A , M " vu' Q M Z 3 ,ii :mg V9 ,,,.. . ff.,-if nw VM -5W f-ff V N fefQQ ?,if ' - 1 5 r L f - 3 ,11 f "' A4- 1 fs " 'Au V ,. w 5 ith? - -g:,k jM W mf f 'Q Ly ,ng 295 , - fi t h , f 4, ml . H n g n 3- 'Q , Q f , 'viii M1 5 I 1931 J iabig if 1 3, 1' mi- A 2 fpiiiix 3, im ,l,'l, ,2 , ,.,, .Al EL Q, A. 5 W, 5 Q 5 ? 3 5 Q s 3 Qi X, 1 V ai' -1 Lois Crawford Vice-P resident Dallas Blair President i Virginia Soderman Treasurer ROW 'l: D. Minnish, B. Danko, L. Yoshioka, J. Grimm, T. Swanson, S, Hergert, J. Peterson. ROW 2: D. Clevenger, W. Capps, D. Vining, D. Murrey, A. Mildon. ROW 3: M. Rivenes, B. Musser, J. Becker, J. Sweaney, Marvin Belknap, Advisor. ROW 4: V. Soderman, D. Blair, L. Crawford. Marilyn Rivenes Secretary John Becker .Publicity Manager STUDENT COUNCIL "The meeting will please come to order." With this familiar statement the student council started an enthusiastic year under the leadership of Dallas Blair, Lois Crawford, Virginia Soderman, Bill Musser, Janice Sweaney, John Becker, Marilyn Rivenes, and Mr. Belknap, Advisor. The first project was the choosing of a Homecom- ing theme. "Trojans Days in Blue and Gold" was finally selected and it was decided that there would be a party-dance after the homecoming bonfire in- stead of the usual car parade. A new parking area for the students and teach- ers constructed in back of the school was another of the student council's accomplishments. This year's student council can be especially proud of its merits. The students of Fife will not soon forget them. Janice Sweaney Historian Bill Musser Business Manager "V 1- ROW 1: Miss Dunn, Advisor, S. Hergert, Vice-Pres., J. Smith, Sec., J. Sessler, Senior Advisor, L. Yoshiokci Pres., J. Zompordo, Treos. ROW 2: J. Peterson, M. Christensen, M, Corr, K. Donoghue, L, Kvamme, G Whitcomb, P. Kimbcll. ROW 3: l. Riveness, C. Crowell, R. Johnson, M. Rivenes, J. Bailey, B. Simmons, A Capps, L. Koelin, K. Kinoshita. Linda Yoshiokc, President George Webber, President Mr, Gustafson, Advisor, G. Roberts, St. Arms, R. Hibrczy, Sec.-Treos., G. Webber, Pres., D. Chestnut, Vice-Pres., B. Donko. ROW 2: B. Merrill, E. Hondelond, K. Curbow, G, Grimm, G. Ziegon. ROW 3: J. Shoop, K. Rasmussen, M. Beksinski, W. Fischlin, K. Riveness, P. Dunko, M, Johnson. flarilyn Riyenes - Junior Staff Member John Becker - Publicity Manager l Lois Crawford e Typist Bob Schultz - Photographer Mrs. Cole - Advisor TRCDJAN STAFF Ray Hibray - Junior Stat? ber A lot of Tun and a lot ot work! This is one thing that The Troian staft has discovered this year. Looking for a unique theme and cover and then meeting the deadlines kept The Troian staff working hard. The annual was ex- panded to 72 pages and the page layouts were planned. The i959 "Troian" was published by American Yearbook Company and the photography was done by Harta of Tacoma, Mr. Frank Gustafson, and Bob Schultz, school photographers. May the pages of this annual call back many happy memories and be an inspiration for great accomplishments. Karen Beksinski - Artist s i 2 i Dallas Blair H Sports Editor J. Sessler, J. Becker, Mrs. Cole, D. Murrey, K. Beksinski, R. Schultz, J. Dunn. Yoshie Kona - Business Manager Diane Murrey - Assistant Editor Joanne Dunn - Editor Jfinice Se55leV - COPY Editor TRUMPET STAFF .idy Zampardo - Headlines Nineteen members ot the Trumpet staff work all day by giving up their study halls, in the evening and sometimes during their lunch period to put out the bi-monthly publication of Fite news stories. Each year the stalt sends two ot its members to the annual press clinic at the University ot Washington, and takes a field trip to the Tacoma News Tribune. Subsidizing their paper by selling ads and various other money protects, the class and adviser, Mr. Robert Oquist, have worked diligently to attain their past-won honor ot achieving their sixth " straight All-American rating from the N.S.P.A. and a Two-Star Sheldon Ensrud - Artist Citation from P.S.S.P. Xnn Pulliam - Mimeograph ROW 'l: McClintock, M. Rivenes, J. Zampardo. ROW 2: S. Ensurd, L. Yoshioka, G. Bean. ROW 3: J. Peterson, M. Lafore, M, Johnson, J. Pulliam, -nice Sweaney - Technical Educ, Karen Reed - C0-Editor Mary Kukowski - Co-Editor - Head Typist Bentley Browning - Minieoscopfv Glenda Bean -- Mimcograph Sports Editor MA Kukowskgl K' Reed, J, Swear-,eyl Mr. Qquisy Janice Peterson - Business Man- ager Mr. Oquist - Advisor x L .fi ' I ' 1 f :map I Y ff ,i ' L .l .. .,. T i v ,. ., ,.: ' il I lll is f', y limi t Nl Al lil' " illilil it 1' Fill! .A YL. !lr 5, a iff , Qi 'i . , t 1 ,tt .. 'fill' Nl- l A . ll y limi ttyl' - L T. Errigo, M. Nelson, L. Crawford, K. Donoghue, B. Muir, L. High, B. Browning, Miss LaCasse, Advisor. DEBATE "Honorable iudge, worthy opponents, and friends of debate." This is the manner in which each of our debaters began their speeches to wind up a very successful year. This year's debate squad traveled to Sumner, Franklin Pierce, Wilson, Saint Mar- tins, Seattle University, S.P.C., P.L.C., and C.P.S. Traveling to all of these schools, they won several debates and finished their sea- son with a very impressive record. Returning letter winners to the debate team were Barbara Muir and Lois Crawford. However, under the capable coaching of Miss JoAnn LaCasse, the new members on the squad are also to be commended for their excellent work. Senior Debaters, Barbara Muir and Lois Crawford, with Seattle Uni- versity Tournament Debate Trophy. K. Bornander, L. Yoshioka, Y. Kono, C. Kvamme, L, Crawford, D. Ray, K. Stroian, B. Greenwood, C. Crowell, i Donna Ray - President L. Kaelin, J. Peterson. Miss Dunn - Advisor GIRLS' CLUB "Let's Get Organized" was the theme of the Girls' Club this year. Following this theme under the leadership of Donna Ray the girls of Fife High School made the Girls' Club a more pro- ductive and active organization. This was proven through the many activities they participated in, second place in the car decorating competition at Homecoming, Thanksgiving baskets, and the Mothers and Daughters' Tea. The Mothers and Daughters' Tea was again the major activity of the Girls' Club. The Tea was enjoyed by both the mothers and daughters. It gave the mothers an opportunity to meet teachers and friends. The Girls' Club has always been an active organization and we are sure it will continue to be so. Betty Greenwood Vice President Carol Kvamme - Re- cording Secretary Janice Peterson - Stu- Linda Kaelin - Corres- Cleo Crowell - Treas- dent Council Rep. ponding Secretary urer ROW I: S. Merriman, S, Bierge, D. Dills, B. Bryant, M. Rivenes, C. Kvamme, M. Johnson, K, Fietland, S, Fors- lund, S, Holt, R. Rivenes. ROW 2: Miss Arlene Lindstrom, Advisor, B. Bellman, C. Biggs, M. Cochenette, D. Dills, S, Bjorklund, S. Freeman, K. Delin, J. Durr, S. Fox, J. Bierge, S. Biorkland. ROW 3: J. Bahma, l. Rivenes, D. Vining, A, Vining, J. Lowers, R. Houston, J. Watkinson, J. Bailey, D. Delin, A. Capps, L. Bellman, L. Kvamme, VOICE OF CHRISTIAN YOUTH The V.C.Y. is a wonderful organization which helps to stimulate Christian living among the teenagers of today. Guided by Carole Kvamme, president, and Miss Arlene Lindstrom, advisor, the V.C.Y. has had a very L. Stipes. successful year. They have a meeting every other Wednesday after school and a special speaker is invited to each meeting. Since the V.C.Y. started it has grown tremendously. We are sure that as they continue to grow, they will, also, continue to stimulate more interest around our school. JR T. B. BOARD SEATED: J. Smith, D. Ray, B. Evenson. STANDING: Mrs. Marian Young, Advisor. 4' af .....,...,..., . fffei-+ X fr . - R . lgnlr' D auf' "d '- . M, f-. .5 an 3 fl nrlllnnlv- 'Q fxf! 'Agfa' , f .jx ,fi 13 AUDIO-VISUAL ROW 1: B. Musser, J, Gregory, B. Alden. ROW 2: S. Absher, K. Rasmussen, J. Blancher. ROW 3: Mr. Gustafson, Advisor, M, Johnson, G. Smiih. NN ac, 1 Q J 2 s mv N OFFICE GIRLS ROW 'lz S. Laviola, D. Bisig, G. Kawaguchi, K. Osfrem, J. Pasinefle, J. Kemmerer ROW 2: D. Tucker, J. O'Hearn, K, Tuttle, K. Larson, E. Reibli, L. Crawford. ROW 3 C. Kvcmme, J. Fcrver, B. Herron. f' ' 00 49 fb I' w nfl Q ' Q, I I Q . and we studied very hurdl X Y Ri fi 2 7 i, Q lt a 5 E 2 T- W!- gfii X5 ' as Y i i F6 in fl: Blasi o II A I in.. W -q.yr"'-auf' N. F' "Ny wr S0 x ,. W 6 . m ,Q , Nr: gf iw . Q K 1 594 'Qjg 1 9' Q a , X ? his D 1 4 I1 may 5 Q Tx ,K F1 Q 'U 2, 5 I iw? -g 1 K W ,, .g, if Teccher's Pet .Sy we 2 ff E if uf , nun fx 5 . E xx 9 S' V, Q x 4 Ain't Sophomore love grand? " as Karen Larson - Chapter President .C I' Nu' ee. X gym mm if ,. I 'gsm his l Barbara Muir - State President F. H.A. .44 Xi ,AML ing ROW 1: A. Mildon - Pub. Chairman, K. Donaghue-Sec., K. Ostrem -Freshman Rep, J. Smith-Historian, K. Larson-Pres., J. Laviola -Treasurer, G. Coffman-Vice Pres., B. Muir-State Pres. ROW 2: G. Whitcomb, G. Johnson, B. Kamer, L. Loidhamer, C. Crowell, J. Sweaney, J. Zambardo, D. Gilge, N. Paddock, J. O'Hearn, B. Stein- metz, C, Mauerman, C. Reichmuth, L. Kaelin, S. Laviola, S. McBee. -Q... A .1 u I I- n A , -AJ AA f'--L....AAsA LI lnffuv R O'Herron, J. Bevegni, S. Lippert, M. Johnson, C. Culver, V. Owens, K. Parkhurst, M. Carr, R. Johnson, P. Cheslock, M. Mansfield, C. Golding, T. Swanson. ROW 4: Mrs. Cole - Assistant Advisor, L. Cur- tis, K. Jacobson, D. Murrey, E. Reible, M. Thaut, R. Houston, J. Wat- kinson, J. Bailey, B. Simmons, V. Falaschi, D. Tucker, R. Larson, L. Arnold, D. Stewart, M. Wingren, M. Sweet, V. Purgatorio, Mrs, Iyall -.Ariuimnr Marty Riechlin - Chapter President 5-' Nm.. fxl I .. J 2-25 i 1 J Diane Murrey - Chapter Sweetheart I X ll 1, h 1 I V ' 1,17 I 4,1 Vw' ,I Q li, .J J . ,f-ff, 11 J,-eg,f'f, au' Y Af pf , il J 1 .. fy f' . J T' l ll l ' J' KP' +A 37, fl-fff"'sY'r' V , Ll i ojfzy I 1.7: Iliff. 'iff' -1 V Q if 'ff .ll Ag, ., .I 45, 'ivf , ' ' rw" .K . -ri.: Pj 'Q -" . J F F A .f ,f ,li ' J 1 ,' Hi... ,riffs QA,vr. JF- LiyJ rj5-ar" ' " tj. . 44, -I A ll I-. " fl' X Vlfpp' I. if ffl sy ,J I 'rf 'r' Y I ...A f . -" 1 i. ,- cl 1 ...lil v D fl k'l J lil H P' ,QQ ww, .. ' f I. J ,rn i 2 fy A -' ' . 5 H --'V -M R lv J Q -. - - f ' ROW l: D. Sponberg-Sentinol, B. Merrill-Treasurer, J. Ward-Vice Pres., M. Riechlin-Pres., B. Alden-Reporter, J. Nowicki-Sec. ROW 2: J, Prukof, D. Linke, M, Mustin, L. Ducca, J. McDonald, D. Merid- ian, J. Peterson, V, Phelps, D. Burwell, P. Vogel, B. Owens, M. Mor- zano, D, Feller, M. Loidhammer. ROW 3: W. Tokaharo, R. Ellis, J. Bingisser, J. Alden, J. Koester, S. Canine, D. Gallagher, E. Heins, J Falaschi, B. Giles, W. Sponberg, D. Gilge. ROW 4: T. Walker, J Smith, J, Green, D. Bartz, W. Fischlin, M. Beksinski, R. Johnson, R. Johnson, D. Nordmark, J. Bennett, D. Peterson, B. Arndt, Mr. Olm stead-Advisor. J, v Q I 1 5, Q rw ROW 'Ia B. Merrill, K. Curbow, J. Snell, W. Capps, D. Blair, J. Becker, J. Reddy, S. Cross, D. Yamada. ROW 2: C. Harley, M. Hopkins, H. Hylkema, R. Orness, D. Chesinuf, B. Blauvelf, L. Tripleif, T. Yoisuuye, D. Ross. ROW 3: J. Almquist, K. Rasmussen, R. Hagan, K. Rivenes, M. Johnson, G. Grimm, J. McDonald, G. Barrie. Wayne Capps-President Jan Pele rson-P resident l l l l. V l . ROW 'lz Y. Kono, J. Smith, L. Yoshioka, B. Simmons, J. Zampardo. ROW 2: B. Waldref, C. Culver, L. Stipes J. Pasinertig J. Kemmerer, S. Crist, T. Errigo, J. Bierge, M. Hains, J. Bryan, S. Melbye, L. Curriss. ROW 3: J Cofffman, T. Swanson, K. Adams, M. Kukowski, J. Grimm, K. Reed, M. Omegna, K. Donoghue, J. Sweaney C. Crowell, S. Hergert, P. McDonald. ROW 4: Mrs. Kaiser, J. Risley, K. Burke, M, Carr, V. Auch, J. Bailey A. Capps, M. Rivenes, J. Dunn, J. Sessler. I 1 -. ...M E.- ,,., .,,..M-. M..,.J . .. -. . . H-. A I , I ' I, L' ,A .js Q V- I R A Lk fl -. 3 2 '53 sk A A :Ag . 5 x .J X l 1' fmsl, X, f 'Hs X . 5 ,Wx N36 ,5 . ,dw f. Y ff fl I1 .A . YW? K. Beksinski, Hist. J. Sweeney, Drill Capt, J. Sessler, Pres. B. Muir, Sec-Treus. C. Culver, Vice Pres. ROW 1: V Sodermon, M. Christenson, D. Roy, J. CoHman, C, Reichmurh, P. Kimball, K. Kinoshitu, S. Forslund. ROW 2: S Crist, J. Blcuvelt, S. Begley, C. Crowell, J. Posinerri, J. Kemmerer, R. Johnson, L, Kaelin. ROW 3: B. Simmons V. Falcschi, J. Risley, T. Errigo, J. Grimm, D, McClintock, S. Hergert, M. Carr, M. Kukowski. 3 62 f 1 5 CO QB 42 sf I .. 1 xi - .T K ' Eg' x X ' X 5-3 f-2 5 sll 53 f go. - . Q5 GQ-CQg3gg IIb sg, I 0 iizvia- S - - I J- S U - 0, Ps N .G cn FD 5. so a If LAODAIVIIANS ROW 1: B. Waldref, S, Slade, M. Cochinnette, L. Kaelin, S. Absher, N. Martinson J. Lindberg, P. Snell, T. Anderson, M. Christenson. ROW 2: A. Nelson, S. Nelson L. Isakson, J. Lilley, B. Simmons, P. Quinn, M. Ebling, M. Letore, P. Diedrich, D. Ray ROW 3: W. Ellingson, C. Borger, J. Snell, J. Wyman, C. Brown, D. Dills, P Waldref, D. Martinson. Jerry Snell - President CHOIR This yeor under the excellent leadership of Jerry Snell, president, and Mr. Alfred Flechtner, choir director, the choir was very ambitious. ln order to purchase new robes they sponsored many moneymoking projects, a cider sole, hayride, ond candy sale. Although reduced in number over previous years, the choir was very successful in all they undertook. 1 l l f l 'l' ,. T' . , 1 ,Q . Q., xt 0 Jilfgx . X X ' i .. .. .1 , A MW Q ,K y was sv .i ff!! 1, , .-Kash' A 7 ,1 R ! . . A i ,Mi or " K ' Wk ' g- fn' pi Mciiorettes: -KX E ...., .vs XY , ,A ty wwf., Pat Diedrich, Lucille Isokson, ' E K -1 ,Ti I 2 STANDING: Ellynda Giles. . A,.. . f .Q v BAND "Music drives one's woes away." This is especially true of our band this year. They performed faithfully at all of our home football and basketball games and assisted the yell and song leaders with the pep assemblies. This year the band was under the leadership of Kay Shipman, presi- dent and Alfred Flechtner, band director. a hayride sponsored by the Choir and Band. to their treasury and put some fun into a lot also, held a party afterwards so the students Their first proiect was This added some money of students' hearts. They, could have something to eat. Once again this year the band sold candy bars. A picture of the band was placed on the cover and the sale was a big success. The band is to be congratulated for their fine school spirit and we know that they will continue to do a good iob representing Fife High Pat Quinn School. ROW 1: B. Woodside, K. Shipman, D. Culver, C. Lofgren, B. Tuttle, P. Robinson, C. Figg, P. Mc- Donald, J. Bailey. ROW 2: J. Faver, M. Price, S. Kinder, L. Kvamme, S. Biorkland, V. Holms, P Wolslegal, R. Kondo, A. Mortenson, S. Thomas, D. Carlsen, R. Ross, B. Arnold, J. Patch, K. Riveness ROW 3: C. Figg, C. Stowell, A, Johnson, C. Anderson, R, Cartland, B. Shipman, R, Johnson S. Biorkland, B. Sisko, J. Johnson. ROW 4: D. Wilbur, E. Giles, G. Peterson, D. Stewart, P. Snell B, Giles, B, Peterson, T. Geehan, R. Geehan, L. Sullivan, M. Kelley, K. Maki, D. Wilson, l. Rivenes - f - .in A .15 ' .1 ROW 1: C. Biggs, J. Bvegni, K. Fiellond. ROW 2: G. Ellis, J. Begg, S. Nelson, D. Vining, l. Rivenes, S, Fox, M. Hyde. ROW 3: A. Morrenson, S. Girish, M. Rivenes, M. Ebling, J. Bailey, A. Nelson, M. Coclienelfe. Julie Bvegni - President -fe ROW 1: M. Lefore, C. Carole, J. Begg. ROW 2: T. Anderson, S. Nelson, M. Christensen, M. Hyde. k 'X' 'i I rxq 1' Q D L' -I q E "f.'. 56 ' J55i'vTE qv ROW 1: D. Gales, J. Lindberg, J. Gregory, l.. lsolcson, J. Heydlouicf, K, Bonfez. ROW 2: Miss Ir, ' , Dunn - Advisor, E. Giles, J. Bierge, L. Bellmon, S. Tinsley, D. Stowell. Jn' pfgx LA! 14' on 'W fs x 1 4 k .L..L V X o ly I 1' 143, ROW 1: C. Wecnherbee, S. Cross, B. Hibrciy, T. Arnold, H. Hylkemc, W. Ellingson. ROW 2: B. Pcgh, C. Berger, D. Noccczrczto, C, Bailey, G. Grimm, D. Ross, Mr. Scheyer. ROW 3: J. Snell, R. Hogan, D. Clevinger, L. Melsness, S. Ensrud, G. Bullo, B. Robbins. wal? D 14.4 ,i api, P Q 'rs'-5 1115 15 ffm , , L! e Lei fjhllxla J 'Q F 2 1 , ROYALTY xaxgi-.Ili Barbara Muir Karen Larson Janice Sweaney Mary Kukowski Diane Murrey Carol Kvamme Karen Beksinski Represening Fife in the Dafiodil Parade Karen Beksinski j 2 -r'1 wg gi M if X-ff W M A ' ' were Diarie Murrey, Barbara Muir, and P g f! Y X i. JAN AND JERRY HOIVIECGIVIING , o... auf W 5 F.. YN m 3'3- V -1 A ' Q ' A wa,- mh . w w 1 V 'mn -1.-.-. 9 .V HQ .Q 'T' f - .. ,Q T .4 ,. M. , ,, C A +4 an .an ' - ffm we ' . 2 L ' 3' . zzissfgf?-+W 'Y 5 3 -5.1 Q , sk EMA dying J 'MQ' . GT ' J K . , 1 7 A w 4 'uit' " t r . Q4 ,1 A H I 'F-'gui ,.. ,-NEI., . '.. ' Su F K ' . .. ,,, 1 VU im? Hb .www f iw . .WW A - mf . 3 Q K . 3 1 ., gh, fx, N -1,-.m,,W,MWm,4..,,,v E -A ,W ,, X ,.,,nU,.,.M.. V 1' vwfwwxfy , - 3. my 'M' LES!" QW Y A K if i at mtv,- A ,.,.,,f J IA Hb wx NQQL -1 Ei ,1 Hiigmtii' 'K 1 1 Aga 4 QQ .1- xg ix " W r A , 5 V2 'f as 51' 0 Q. .-L,,L U , wx 52 . 'L f, 1 E .Q i vw, xx ?'1 Q' rm -. ,f r. , f M X g, ,g sf,wz,,1z f k My x 'M ,Q - 1 Q X X-,, " UQ, . mfvgf fszffxizy N433 f M . .A,,. Mp, i , , yxrsiwaxi - A . Ltzx J , sg ww-K E Q vis.. ,159 ,ugh Jwikl -ff . . 1. I 'X f -, . :gf W-f B -1 ' ' i ,NA ,z , , f f A - i U ' " INSPIRATIONAL AWARD WINNERS .ss 5+ . . Phil Steves-Tackle Bob Pagh-Guard Wayne Capps-Tackle Blocking Award Cgpfgin TROJAN Assistant Coach Mr. Richard Keniston X-rr 0 ' 1 rs H '. RCA J X 51' ,I i .,4 n ' lil? ' ' I i 1: 10- :if x :.- OE!! f I T1 'did -v 34 .aww ROW 'l: B. Price, G. Grimm, R. Rivenes, K. Curbow, M. Hopkins, D. Ro Fox, B. Pagh. ROW 2: K. Rasmussen, B. Merrill, L. Babbitt, T. Yotsuuy Ziegan, D. Chestnut, S. Sulkosky. ROW 3: J. Snell, D. Dills, K. Rivene It determination, courage, and fighting spirit counted anything in our battle for West Central League Championship, The Fife Troians football team would certainly have been champs. Under the capable coaching of Mr. Carl Hatley and Mr. Richard Keniston, the team turned out after school regularly. The arts of blocking, tackling, and kicking were practiced diligently. We are positive that as this football season has come to a close the coaches, faculty, and student can look back and say, "The team has given their all and we've enioyed rooting for them." As for the team, they can proudly say, "We've done our best and we've had fun." ss, T. e, G. s, M. ,. ,. Tom Yotsuuye-Halfback Jerry Snell-Fullback Dqllqs Blair End Tackling Award-Inspirational Award Honorary Capfain f fb GM 1 ? '- Y ti 'Q' . ln, ' 00? ye-uf , '39 if ' . . ., ' I H ,Nqr , V 5 - 1 ,Fi A tw! ,- ,,, ,K Q A H .. I i Q g ,l35,"20i' F29 2 Y fr . i . ' 5 is ahnson, P. Danko, R. Wafkinson, W. Capps, W. Fischlin, M. Beksinski, D. air, J. Barnes. Fife O . . . . , Federal Way 20 Fife O ... ... Orting O Fife Vashon 21 Fife Eafonville 14 Fife Peninsula 19 Fife White River O Fife Bethel 28 Fife Yelm 6 FQ 'Y e sack IS back! r f -l - -nr 2 Q- , if A U ,W ww-sq, uw: m,4.w A ... 1?-.hi -V' .1., - .X 1 .X Q. Q 'A a i ' L L ,, 1 i f f , ggi" QL- .QQQ Ifgw. fs - i 3 3,5,, QgJf gr 'L sf A ' Q L, .W T Qi., Jaw f , ' " ' ,j , g'ifrW1- - K . ,swf 1 A 'if if X G ,ff if , K 'f wie' -.-F' A 'K -'fx A-W i N13-.-W Q. , ,mn , f" , A ,N A- . N' frgw Xrfmllffgflbfzf--I l'5,ffl3 ., ..X,. ,. , A ,,. 1fv,.m kS,f"? . ww - Q f ' Show em howl Jer N 5 -if ww . gf 5' S .,:,g ,f Q u WS in fi J Na M if 4- ,, ,f 'Q 5 1 . J wi 5332? s. '1"ff1 'mf Wig Mr -1:1 . - A P ML "4a'5'4' "1 1 . - 'A LL!-'I lui , 8, N , if " 3? 1 5- nl. -, YWW' ,gi E ,ml n .',- ' . ,LX X K , , 1 'Yom our er Q gs: M H , 1 f- ' ' ff YL , ' if Hi ' XX - QQ! S X . ' 4 ,ir A K I ,. if 4 L . , Y ,X Iv TROJAN sf BASKETBALL Basketball is a game of skill. This yearfs team g was a young one and unfortunately had not nce to master all of the skills. How- sketball season was drawing to a close, it wasle they were beginning to master them. ln the ne they will, indeed, be champions of the League. Although they lost one of their starting five, Dallas Blair, early in the season, they did not let this unfortunate situation hamper them. They went on to win several of their games and are to be congratulated highly. are many things that can be credited 59 Trojan team. Among these are regularity in after. sghool and week-end turn- outs and good ole fighting isgirit. We wish you good luck in future years, Troianisl A- g . New 3, - zihilgm SSlSTANT COACH RON ROSBACH RON HOGAN ff .J BILL MERRILL f!-,,...,,f" ja ff 21 -5 W ' I ROGER ORNESS ' 9 x V 14, is g. .M ' LANNY BABBITT p4n-- E13 1 , , 5' '2 STAN SULKOSKY OP: G. Grimm, F, Suter, J. Alden, J. Hanson, B. Guiley, B. Merrill OTTOM: E. Hundeland, M. Johnson, R. Hogan, M. Kelley, J, Barnes S ,MMD .J-M" , , 1 4 ' 4 Y., ' .9 GARY ZIEGAN ff f "W if ,W pf' MIKE BEKSINSKI "'fi.g., COACH ED DIE PEPPLE if f 7. M j W . ,.,. .v,...,, K W 5-I Fl r 1 15N 5 X g W gk is ww 18 3, 4 914, 1 2. . f Q3 eg 5' . 1 3 -.i .L , if "W K M x ,K gf K g I M , ik y "' 5, f". . . '1 .W , 1 A.. 'Y 34 A 5 RSS' 1596, , 1 is H ,Qsiiggfu ,Ak fi? if A I, W . 1??9f'ie2Qn,es4 Qfggf A A ' is l. l S 3 af! ' x gzggvig my wi - f 2 1' Wgggg A 3 , .Y W A V .., ' - ,Ar We .W - dew Al . . M kg . ,,. . S , . XS' ' Q s , , V -. 3 ' f x ' KW , ' ' 'Q i. 'xg ,..,- 2? "K J M1 424 id., . Q , I 1-. O f in uv-ffvuuv I if M 4. Ava l, V2 'ww' ITLEY BROWNING JERRY SNELL JOHN MCDONALD TOM YOTSUUYE Placing third in the county track meet and winning four out of five meets were the outstanding events credited to our track team this year. Under the excellent coaching of Mr, Richard Keniston, Gary Shilling earned 88 points to lead the team in number of points compiled for the season. John Zam- pardo was runner-up with 533A points. This years Trojan team can be especially proud of their record. With some lettermen returning next year, we are sure that Coach Keniston and the student body can look for a strong team. Fife 64 . Fife 6iV2 . Fife 81 . Fife 63 . KEN RIVENESS JOE ALMQUIST MIKE HOPKINS SCHEDULE Bethel49 . .. White River 33 ...... Bethel 56V2 White River 27 PAUL DANKO White River 42 Peninsula ol KEN RASMUSSEN le ml .I all .0!- Q 'Awww TENNIS 1958 w,,..e1 ROW 1: V. Auch, M. Kukowski, J, Peterson, P. Richardson. ROW 2: J. Lightburne, L. Melsness, D. Blalr, T. Mortensen, Mr. Graham - Coach. BASEBALL CHAMPIONS 1958 ROW 1: D. Ross, J. Reddy, G. Grimm, G. Whitcombe, B. Merrill. ROW 2: R. Holmdale, D. Adams, R. Orness, A. Paulsen, L. Schatz, S. Shimzu, R. Hagan. ROW 3: T. McCann, D. Thaut, J. Mitten, W. Capps, P. Steves S. Rinehart, Mr. Hatley - Coach. TROJAN Q' BASEBALL 1959 1 x Wayne Capps ':f:s5Q.f If new ,, fl- ' L, Roger Orness Mr. Hatley Jim Reddy For the last two years, the Fife baseball team has been first in our league. We can certainly be proud of these teams and their remarkable baseball talents. This year's team, under the coaching of Mr, Carl Hatley, started their turnouts early in March and hnished the season with their beginning talents perfected and a few more added on. They were a wonderful team and have all of our admiration, Two of the boys an this year's squad were also on the two championship teams. They are Wayne Capps and Roger Orness, who contributed splendidly to all three teams. F it 5 r Y Phil Steves April 7 Orting at Fife I4 Vashon at Vashon 21 Eatonville at Fife 28 Peninsula at Peninsula May 5 White River at Fife I2 Bethel at Bethel' I9 Yelm at Fife " Denotes night games. Our homecoming float. Strong rooting helped us defeat Peninsula. 3 PEP CLUB Joanne Dunn - President. 'I was Enthusiastic yell and song leaders cheered our teams to victory. Making signs to welcome visiting teams, obtaining rooters' buses to cheer our teams on to victory, and bringing sandwiches to feed the players were a few of the merits credited to our enthusiastic pep club this year. The biggest protect of the year forthe Fife Pep Club was a rummage sale which they sponsored in December. This sale netted them 542. Pom-poms and megaphones were also sold to the members as a means of rooting for our teams. Heading the pep club this year were Joanne Dunn, Cleo Crowell, Julie Bvegni, Anne Mildon, Judy Blanchard, and Karin Jacobsen. This year's pep club had a new advisor. He was Mr. Eddie Pepple. Under his excellent guidance the old members and ofticers, managed to persuade many students to ioin pep club, so that at the end of the year their member- ship included 9605 of the student body. They are to be commended and we hope that future Fife Pep Clubs will do as well. la r. 'P 5'- 'Hn '1 YQ P' 5 . QQ 5 Q . 5 2 3 If Q. 2' -ff Q Q Milf if as f 352' 'R Z,,,,, V, V C . ' , ,Wan .11 Q-,N la W4 in f' , 'QVK gf f 'VT , . fly? fw- X 5: ,V+ -,W t Q 4, lv' fl W- . W' JF' V, " " , V 5 , M.. ,ww M t 1. , 4 Q f- 4 vw? ,, ,.., I ' ,, f, we mf A as im 'L wfz. K , W. ag, QR.: . ,jx ' 161 , 71" W.. W w 'Z 1. 'Q'-..' 1,.,, ..-aws-"" " gf mx-Q -' f A Sf, L 4 S M Sqn u I iiw- x .4 X JUNIGR I-IIGI-I ,wut -, -Q. - 0 " v A-,Q ',-v 4? H!! - M. Shimizu - Historian, J. Koester - President, D. Klein - Vice-President, M. Mildon - Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Murphy - Advisor. Jerry Koester, Don Klein, Martha Mildon, and Margie Shimizu are the excellent lead- ers that the freshman class elected to represent Them this year in our school activ- ities. Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Kaiser assisted the class as their advisers. Usually freshman classes are a little slow in getting started, but this year the fresh- men showed fine in the annual ticket sale and also in the athletic field. By contributing to their football team, they managed to rank number two at the end of the season. lt will always be said of this class that they have wonderful school spirit and a will to do that which creates a good atmosphere around our school. We definitely look for great things to come out of this class in the three years left. 'SMH A it F5 .. - ROW 1: S. Anderson, L. Brinkman, L. Bingisser, J. Crist, B. Bahma, L. Fujita, R. Gilge, S. Fuiita, D. Bisig, G. Ellis, B. Battles. ROW 2: R. Delin, L. Dacca, M. Cook, J. Burg, J. Curtiss, N. Barger, B. Guirsh, L. Becker, J. Fover, B. Carlson, G. Feller, R. Arnold. ROW 3: D. Bryan, J. Gallagher, B. Brilton, D. Babbitt, D. Carlson, B. Edwards, S. Conine, D. Burges, L, Gilmore, E. Gordon. ,v,,,. .vm .- rg . , - . J 'i gg, J I? rf: ra-1 ly F3 V rn. , . fi Y. ROW 1: M. Hyde, L, Krenik, D. Mortinson, J. Loidhomrner, S. Kinder, S. Johnson, L. lwokiri, J. Johnson, K. Kono, G. Kowoguchi, B. Koelin, A. Mortenson, ROW 2: M. Morzorio, D. Linke, B. Golding, P, Honcllelond, S. Goetz, V. Holms, C. Holmquist, M. Mildon, E, Hansen, L. Morlnhom, C. Hill, J. Merrill, M. Loidhornmer. ROW 3: J. Lowers, G. Johnson, J. Koester, D. Klein, R. Johnson, R. Johnson, R. Keilmier, J, McDonold, J. Mildon, D. Meridon, L, McDonoId. ROW 1: J. Owens, J. Prukop, D. O'Keefe, K. Osirem, L, Swim, D. Wilson, J. Reddy, J. Reddy, B. Vonderhoel, R. Swanson, S. Sessler, P. Reed, P. Woslegol. ROW 2: S. Tolbof, J. Noloncl, E. Potter, C. Sfowell, S. Smith, J. Riechlin, D. Peterson, E. Sylvio, M. Shimizu, E. Yoshioko, J. Rouch, C. Wince, K. Neil, J. Porish. ROW 3: D. Pulliom, G. Peterson, B. Woodside, B. Shipmon, M. Schlumph, L. Thomos, B. Sisko, V. Norfords, D, Willoor, R. Porry, P. Strom, R. Shipley, B. Wohlers, B, Tuttle. A E+ ROW 1: S. Garl, LJ Brinkman, J. Kawasaki, D. DeLeon, R. Carmin, T. Geehan. ROW 2: R. Cortland, P. Lash, R. Fredrickson, S. Bjorkland, R. Ginn, P. Johnson, J. Lewis, E. Foote, C. Lofgren, R. Blinsman, M. Fox, J. Kvarnme, J, Dean, D. Shinn. ROW 3: R. Commer, B, Arnold, D. Friend, J. Britton, R. Johnson, E. Erickson, A. Kuch, F, Leif, J, Durr M. Grish, S, Burgie, K. Figg, S. Lindberg. ROW 4, G. Ensrude, J. Eb- ling, A. Fritchsle, W. Conine, D. Carlson, J. Holmdole, N, Hendricks S. Handke, P. Bevegni, D. Ehert, S. Fox, E. Johnson, G. Dunn, L ,Clark ROW 1: G. Rhodes, K. Sharick, D. Melendy, M. Minish, C. Yama- moto, C. Muller, P. Olson, D. Paddock, R, Ross, D. Rough, B. Vogel, W. Wetherbee, ROW 2: T. Reichmoth, F, Turley, D. Magnuson, D. George, B. Peterson, S. Schultz, C. McRae, L. Stevens, B. Steiger, J. Yamada, M. McDowell, K. Nakano. ROW 3: P. Wingren, S. Mauld- ing, S. Robbins, P. Snell, T. Ruel, S, Pelesky, M. Price, M, Otteson, D. Reck, S. Thomas, L. Woodside, R. Sullivan, C. Uonemura, R. Ulrich, N. Maki. ROW 4: T. Rooney, M. Perkins, G. Peterson, C, Warren, P. Peshek, J. Rosenow, R, Rowan, S. Stolen, S. Parker, G. Mallet, L. Rees, B. Smith. I SA s vi I U, . --Q-I :D l 'T V, .,- Q ..'.,us.. :ln':'. , ll" X ---5:11:22 ill!! I nnnuul' oline.: 3.18: I t1.:.::::f!Nf I-null' ' Lucdulqm t nnllrlzui YI 'lal1l:'.. 6 Ulu f:s::ln1: .hgplvuii ,..sIl'll' gilt" ul :.'.:.',l gallon" ROW 'la W. Hawlcins, C. Hansen, K. lwakiri, D. Elmquist, J. Adee, M, Kano, M. Cunningham, P. Chestloclc, E, Fuiita, P. Gearhart, E Bisig, J, Ellsworth, J. Bailey. ROW 2: M. Dogen, E. Kuramoto, L. Bek sinski, B. Finley, M. Lamont, D. Benner, M. Beltz, F. Brandt, B. Ginn T. Anderson, R. Blauvelt, D. Comer. ROW 3: R. George, J. Brown- 1 kj ii. 5 x 'Wx ' ing, G. Johnson, P. Fuiita, D. Fredrickson, B, Bellman, l. lsakson, E. Farmer, N, Fox, R. Dutton, J. Barker, J. Jessel. ROW 4: R. Frye, K. Delin, S. King, R. Dills, L. Bigelow, A. Glenn, J. Arnold, R. Barleson, E. Gregerson, B. Fritchle, J. Bailey, J. Holmes. 4. R" ,,, gs I if E IJ l ROW 'l: P. McDonald, D. Milender, R. Rushforth, J. Swanson, B. Mc- M. Morrison, D. Steves, L. Rowan, D. Tsaprilis, L, Swim, D. Olson, L. Bean, F. Merclian, M. Vogel, P. Shrader, R. Sirnchen, M. Mansur, P, Noland, G. Robinson, J. Shearer, J, Methven. ROW 4: J. Reed, S. O'Brien. ROW 2: R. Binning, R. Rivenes, R. Tuttle, J. McBee, B. Yosh- Olson, H, Rowell, C. Strom, C. Miesse, S. White, R. Warner, E. Tra- ioka, S. Merriman, M. Price, L. McDowell, M. McDonald, W. Maltby, han, J. McBurney, L, Nelson, D. Nelson, M. Relchlin, P. Robbins. R. Maki, S. McDonal, J. McKay. ROW 3: T. Vimont, C. McDonald, I . vi 'A ,1 . "N' lin 6 l L, X - 'Yu my in K, ,ii . 'N 2. 'Q fa Y ,X ,W M 5 rr I all gy Q- 5' 'Q Llj r r'kk' .. Q p f' ,sffeyf ' W A i t mx f ,Lk "sv AW? ,wives 1 "' 2337. J Q 7 w,'X-ia:gJsZi'-f.r , QM, 'tw RQ . ' , ,-gffqali-'all 4, R Q --Ji. ,.,-4 7 .',g.f 1- - p 1 5 X . vu X K. ' " Sir, V 4 f 'Til 1 ,111 K V. 4123 2 f I e es sk , Lg , , V Us .. W, 4 . A f. .rw ,. Vi .3 Q35 W. if T QQ? W' z 5 X x W , f si ' 3 sther Yoshioka lsiness Manager ROW 1: J. McKay, J. Loidhamer, J. Johnson, E. Yoshioka, S. Smith. ROW 2: E. Bisig, J. Kinoshita, K. Nakono, R. Cheslock, ROW 3: L. Iwakiri, F. Turley, J, Durr, J. Yamada. ROW 4: J, Gallager, V. Nordfors, D. Babbitt, B. Britton, Mr. Mullen, Advisor. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL There are certain qualifications that must be met in order to be a student body officer. You must be dependable, well-liked, honest, and trustworthy. This year's officers cer- tainly have met all of these qualifications. Sponsoring a iunior high mixer and proceed- ing with their annual magazine drive were the outstanding accomplishments of this year's Student Council. As this year draws to a close, we know the iunior high students will remember for a long time their achievements and abilities. IoAnn Johnson Treasurer Dave Babbitt President I I I I v Janey Yamada Secretary Vince Nordfors Vice-President SABERETTES 9 I Ay . N , X ? JJ " , I if at mf 4 his """'iT'i-apkz Case ii- Mrs. Heinfz - Advisor, P, Honclieonci, K, Neil, J. Fever, S. Anderson, M. Shimizu, B. Koeiin, S. Fuiito, P. Fujita, B. McBee, L. Quolheim, C. Yomomofo. W MLRH 3 , ROW 1: M. Lamont R. Rushforth, J, Metheven S. ' Bioriclond, D. Magnuson, S, Wiiier, B. Wuhiers B. Bri?- fon. ROW 2: F. Leif, B. Smith, J. Prokup, L. McDonald, TA i T. Berg, L. Gilmore, L, Dcicccz. . 4-L, .4,,, f SABRE Kmicsi-ws sn ROW l: B. Woodside, P. O'Brien, E. Krawmoto, J. Polky, M. McDonald, K. Carlson, C. McDonald, R, Rivenes, R. Tuttle, M. Lamont, P. Robinson. ROW 2: L. Farmer, J. Browning, A. Glenn, T. Anderson, R. George, D. Lund, R. Rushforth, D, Bahma, L. Noland, S. Walton. ROW 3: P. Woslegcl, J. Mansfield, J. McBurney, C. War- ren, J. Bailey, F. Meridian, B. Neil, V. Paulson, D. Comer, T. Riechmutlw, M. Perkins, B. Siska. ROW 4: Mr. Fletchner - Instructor, D. Stewart, E. Gregerson, J. Shire, A. Morrison, R. Blinsmen, R, Warner, J. Barker, D Wilson, D. Tsapralis, G. Robinson. JUNIOR BAND MAGAZINE DRIVE ROW l: F. Turley, K. Nakano, D. Paddock. ROW 2: R. Kondo, P. Cheslock, B. Yoshioka, J. Kinoslwitci, E, Bisig. ROW 3: J. McKay, E. Yoshiokc, J. Johnson, D. Bisig, J. Loidhamer. C1 .. JUNIOR HIGH YELL LEADERS Bev Golding Dione Bisig Lindo Becker Lindo Krenik ,Q Jim Kinoshifo, Mgr. Mike Johnson, Mgr. JUNIOR HIGH FQQTBALL if ' Q vw 2 .IT Y is .. ' 'bifwxgw 2 w. i"'Q' ROW 'iz J. Crist, W. Conine, P. Peschek, R. Johnson, S. White, G. Rhodes, S. Sessler, L. lwokiri. ROW 2: J. Curfiss, R. Gilge, R. Ginn, J. Britton, J. Berg, D. Delin, J. Rosenow, E. Erickson. ROW 3: Mr. Daniels - Cooch, G. Johnson, R. Perry, D. Bobbiit, J. Carlson, B. Siskci, J. Gollogher, B. Britton, D. Klein, B. Conine, Mr. Dinsmore - Cooch. Q i S wi -.- 3 g Qi R g M s B L . ,Wigan ROW 'lz G. Burweli - Mgr., J. Reddy, J. McDonald, C. Brinkman, L. iwokiri, J. Reddy, R. Gilge - Mgr. ROW 2: Mr. Dinsmore - Couch, P. Burgess, D. Babbitt, R. Perry, J. Carlson, V. Nordfords, J. Gclllogher, L. Gilmore. ROW 'l: S. Woldref, R. Johnson, B. Smith, M. Heston, D. Carlson, E. Foote. ROW 2: P. Rivenes, J. Barker E. Bisig, D. Paddock, J. Kinoshito, K. Nokono, L. Brcndt. ROW 3: Mr. Bloom - Couch, R, Vining, J Britton, P. Johnson, J. Rosenow, R. Ginn, A. Klein, ,W X4 Z: f 'P Smwgs wi 1 rf .,:M.L'N K K FIFE COMMUNITY WELCOIVIES . Bill Musser, A.S.B, Business Manager, Walter Webber, Branch Manager, Rena Odlin, President, Puget Sound National Bank, and Joe Vraves, Fife Mayor, look over plans of the future branch bank. PUGET NATIGNAL SGUND BANK , ll if , - , li n e- L ---111 Locking at the outside construction of the bank are' Joanne Inside the bank in a later construction state are next year's Johnson, Junior High Treasurer, and David Babbitt, Junior A.S,B. Treasurer, Linda Yoshiolco, and Sophomore Class Treas- High President. urer, Mike Beksinslci. AUTOGRAPHS qw Syjzffjfj 'WWW www wp' MM fffiff M0252 ZW W , WWMZ Q, . I A 'J A ' yfiff,ffLfj,,fJ 'f x zggffajifw . I D J fi-:inf O WM W ff kffff5 f1fM W Q www if WWQJ? Q WW jg! wg? ,Q 4 Q QSUTOQRAQEEMW W My M lggwfvfwwif Qfaimiypi MJQWWM WWW AW Qmfj V ,QQ wmfmffw W QW EMT' Qfyfiggga 53541 Www! QMXMTL mffif Y W ff Heli s Qiffffg' AUT PHS , MW my 9ik bs W Mg? M 4 yt EVN WWW M fy . y fwwildwwww B M24 WWW MQW! W WW QMMWWMQRWQS WM' M, A ,KM WW A fl giigji Z5?jff Sijgkii gjymf-+ ffjjjaffi-5 l N A W 1- Q -' ,Q 1-rj ,,,,. 'rs::'fwf"wf-'ff 4-FSU 'H '14-w"S?1. fa. 'NT' '27 . ' V " V A " rt-3-,f 1:7 "4 " -: , f EH-ASX X' f R RXQSQF3 Mfjy' Ei Y fy' H' jf 5, if xxx W wif asia WW QQPFQJVJLR ?Qj5 www f m WW W jp Wwyiwffgwgxi? TLHQV AQ VOU Q x 21 Q Mixllllliiifilllllll liY:lJlllMlIlH11lf1kUlZ1i1ifNlllWil MH lvIIhH1llIlTIIll!'4 UW WIWHATIIIM WH IHFWIW 4 H Mlllkixlllllhlilllid kl1ll!5I'iJ'WiHiliPkl liN:l'f1?lIIImei1l4'22v iid litiillifiv 5 HMS .VN H li GW! In INIUHE ill'f1l"aL'7.I1J 1 1 v UM I lvl! IW! lr-MMI JI1r l.II1M!1MI1F CMOOL VE AD Y fb C0010 FRANKIE AVALON nDOgpCYCh?H I bi Il I A I , J llllllllll NIH!!llI-lM5IaIl'llIVllIV1llHUrlHIEEIlHIITI'H.lIWlhUHl'MUIHlIR.1lll 7

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