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! 5 2 fi Q 5 E 5 la? E fa 5? .- E f , 9 S 3 Y ? K2 an . if! ,, Y M L, "' ' H M W, if 42 1 V ,Q ,Mgr x ,.,g ,fy L K S My Wk,- , is .A V ry Meg: r, x X , we. W W - .awwfidf 1 A V . ..,,. fry ,ZF Q W 2 . 'Za Aff' gg: A f k . . fam, A 1-4...f W , A , , ,L . tv I ilu EL. L.. L,Q 40- ' af A535 nf' ',:. -4 ,N. 42jf"'3g,. , ,b 9 T. .,.-51-0 'lQf .-- k Mtgwmm .L Mwh", , wwww . W, ., R xm Q' ' x l -km fair. x 2 'mf 70 "7"""' W rdf if f N w"' ',.f"k ,Q-W, MW MMMQD 'MM VJ2j'U'!fM! , . .ff by fa2xf1MffmW?f WW 'JW EE 5 WM?3y7w QQ Q MX E2 mjjfffgmffi WK W awww QMNM Aww Mnj,,Awj,,wv-GJ X 55 5 'fs ff jf +17 Ui, wc' D55 ,N ' I I M Q WW ff it' , 'N-K -Q-.Nga--., n- ' V 41' , M I . A Www? life!! MA f5' i7f'3 QR 1 5-MQWTA555 OF gwaufs Pj-,411 Wa- ,Cc 1 Q, 5 v V , C fflfl' f 'Q 'Z ,JQWJ QQ -f af! fig! X W A12 xl .jjlvf b . ' A r""l'4 X .. fxlyxpffijfffp Xi' , . N ,jf , A ' Z -- -L Jw . 11.4 f vf X QW .- .. . . ggi. CQSEOQ ' L' I. 08 J. .J fi -'.' X - "x Q ' tv v", L - L? B41 . :': '.': 'L U 0 , 4 Q Administrato 4 juqohf-5.11 :5sss:Ue 22 Pi' '- -1 iES?5i P5igf.i1iQQ1i1lg3133 X n A . V n' A 4 x " R 5 a ' ' . ' ' - X 1 ?. dl ' :vb A. A . q. F 0 X I A. I Q 0 A . J . 1 5 V- ,. 0. . ' I ' x . I' " 'A N.. A 0 ' - I 5 V 4. ,. 5 . ,Agn .ao I K 1 ' K I, f O 9 " . ' O i la , ' ,Og Y ' J snr d X N gl ' ,IJ V' fo ' .H ' J . I 4319, ' b A ' 0 " ' . Ni .0 'f I , 0 ' ,C . ' ' . . ' '-L-' X- . .0 V " ,A ' ' I. 0,04 I V ' Y x . 0 l 1.5 MT! : - If ' ' ,I 'Qty I' W., ' ,Ai I 4 'C , J ' o ' , . , V o ' '43 f 11- 3 nl ull- 1 -ni 1 MQW? V flu X My QQQSQSKQEDICATIQN V174 .fl is 5. L 44 ,y. 1. 1... . 1 1,14 N. f K. . X Y J ll To you, the people f 1 communities of Edge- ents of F e :Eh Sch I, we dedicate the "Trojan" The Class of 1958 , I , ' ood, Fife, Firwood, an M' on because of your a 1' - . sacrifices, love, elcourag nt, and willingness to ll X I , U help build a bi er an better school for the stu- sf if U illj ' - ll M 'f' la Q. f if , 'fpax elf 'IJ' D ,Ml , X 2 , K3 . I w If yy , , J pf, lf' Pl ' V JY K S 1 53' O 5 X Q, im fqiw fl. -' T . !.fl.1j. .fl ADMINISTRATIO Mr. MARVIN P. BELKNAP PRINCIPAL Mr. OSCAR JOHNSON ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Mr. ROBERT C. MULLEN VICE-PRINCIPAL Mrs. ALICE COLE FACLI LTY Home Economics Annual Mrs. JEAN GHILBERT Jr. English, French German ,iL,'ljiJJI Only N Mr. CARL HATLEY Mr. RICHARD DANIELS Eighth Grade Math History Jr. High Athletics World Geography Mr. WILLIAM GRAHAM Seventh Grade Science, Math Penmanshlp and Spelling Mr. FRANK GUSTAFSON Guidance Visual Aids Mr. ROBERT DINSMORE Eighth Grade Math History Jr. High Athletics Athletics Boys' Physical Ed- Ucotion MTS. DORRITT HEINTZ Seventh Grade Miss AGNES DUNN Librarian Mr. ALFRED FLEC HTN ER Music -.-. 4 L43 4 Mr, CLAYTON JOHNSON Science vi FACU LTY Mrs. NATHALIE IYALL Home Economics Mr. MARVIN KITTS Math, Science WX xl N jx, V- J' Miss JoANNE LA CASSE Commercial, Debate Mr. RICHARD KENISTON Social Science Alhlelics 6 Mrs. GERTRUDE KAISER Girls' Physical Education Mr. JAMES MURPHY Mofh, Arls Miss ARLENE LINDSTROM English Miss BETTY JONES Seventh Grade, Ari Mr. GLEN OLMSTEAD Ag riculture AJ L. J I3 4 .1 I' I J. J rl FACU LTY Mr. DANIEL WEYER Algebiu, Senior Moth Mr. ROBERT OQUIST Journciiism Commercirxl, English VVc1shington History Business Low Mrs, MARION YOUNG English Mr. EDDIE PEPPLE Enghsh Mr. WAYNE SMITH Seventh Grade Health Mrs. MARIE STOUT Eighth Grade English Health 7 Mr. RONALD ROSBACH Wosiiiiigton History Woi'Id Geography Mr. PAUI. SCHEYER Shop Mechanical Drawing Stage Crew . X.. J ix COOKS: Mrs. Helen Baxter, Mrs. Irene Stearns, Mrs. Lucille Waddell, Mrs. Gladys McDonald. Mrs. Ethyl Anderson. Mrs. Leora Goelzer, Secretary. Mrs. Alice True, Nurse. Jacob Cook, George Thomas: Custodians 1 x ' 4 Mrs. Refha Spear, Records Clerk. BUS DRIVERS. Lloyd Stearns, Johnnie Grimm, Norman Heilig, Al Millard, Dave Murray, Adolph Miller, Donald Maxwell, Ronald Bucholz. M ,.. ,W H Q- NX Y. ,., . N .N--fi L W 14, ' .., bt- B mf ., fi Q . Abs' X AH-- Q ,, . , -,X A . .1. - 1.5 -- X .Q,,.zAg , W, ,. ,., ' mf .f V- fx . g V k ' , X A . 591455 W J ll fl AL DANBERG LINDA KELLEY President Vice-President BEV LUND BARBARA KINGSLEY Treasurer Secretary DAVE KURLE JOE CARBONE Seregant at Arms Sergeant at Arms SENIORS As we, the "Class of '58", graduate, we view the years behind us in fond remem- brance. The Valentine Dances of our sophomore and iunior years, the tolos, Christmas Balls, and Junior-Senior Proms are now iust happy memories. This year again our float won first place in the Homecoming Parade, and for the second year in a row, we were at the top the day student body tickets were sold. lt is this cooperative effort, fine spirit, and friendly attitude 'that has made our class one progressive unit throughout our high school years. l Together vve hav ordered u cards and sent out announcements, and we realize wit a twinge of d ss that V ildhood is officially ended. We now look ahead f l of eagerne to tgfor our oal rich useful life-conhdent that these foundation 'years have ' en us e g t ace the uncertain future that lies ahead. L V rl! llfll ' l X , L lp .P , L , . j X lvl ,jp JJAJ plltfll GW! T ybltl 'UL' r Tcl V USenior Hbmecomin Car Senior Homecoming Float ' A me -gl. JEAN-FRANPCESTAYIDTT JANICE DIANE AKINS CHESTER BREWER ALFORD CCHETJ DAVID ARNOLD History, Commercial, Home Ec. Band Math Science Pep Club 4 Girls Club 2,3,4 Lettermen 4 Ambition: Jet Mechanic Girls Club 2,3,4 Future Nurses 2,3, Sec. 2 Football 4 Ambition: Business College Choir 4, Bond l,2,3,4 Entered from California T957 Pep Club 3, FHA l Ambition: A happy life ..- ii K ,ie , UI V I V' -f ,ff if, or Lf PAT BELL E WD BZRG KAREN ANNE BORNANDER JOEL MlCHAEl. CARBONE Moth, Science, Commercials F, 1 V ience, M th History, Journalism History ASB. Treasurer 4 "E lettermen Club 3 Stud, Council 4, Troianettes 2,3,4 Choir 4 Student Council 2,4 FFA l Drill Team 2,3,4, Pep Club 3,4 Class Sergeant at Arms 4 GAA 2,3,4, Torch 2,3,4 Trumpet Stott 4 Trumpet Stott 2,3,4, Ed. 4 Entered from Bellermine T957 Troiciriettes 2,3,4: 5-A 4 Baseball 2 Girls Club 2,3,4, Jr. TB, Bd. 2,3,4 Ambition: ,College Ambition: College Ambition: Sputnik Pilot Ambition: College J X r s. I l , i , ,i LEE ANN CLARK History Pep Club 4 Entered from Renton i956 J i K y il . fli 't my il if ll ull l - L W, , MARJORIE LOANAD COFFMAN JUDITH MARY CONNELLY CAROLE ANN COX RANCE WILLIAM CULVER History, Commercial Foreign Languages History Band GAA 2,3,4, Trumpet Stott 4 , Torch 3,4 Drill Team Q,3,4, Girls Club 2,3,4 Choir 4 Troianettes 2,3,4, Drill Team '2,3,4 Girls Club 23,4 Annual Stott 3,4, Coeeditar 4 Ski Club 4, V,P. 4 FHA l,2,3,4, Treos, 3,4 Ambition: College Jr. T.B. Board 2,3,4, Sec. 4 Band l,Q,3,4 Girls 23,44 PE. Asst. 4 Jr. Sr. Prom Committee I3 Basketball Manager 4 Ambition: Telephone Operator Ambition: College Ambition: Music Teacher Il ROBERT RAYMOND CULVER Math, Band Choir 4, Ski Club 4 Band l,2,3,4, Pres 4 Basketball Manager 4 Jazz Concert 3 Ambition: Navy and college T.. su., X. Q4 ,A T, -1 N4 Pham ALLAN R. DANBERG TIM DEAN MARILYN ANN DELIN Math, History History Math, Science History, Student Council 3 FFA 1,2 Torch 2,3,4, Annual 4 Band Maiorette Capt. 3,4 Class Pres. 4, Debate 2,4 Baseball 1 V.C,Y. 2,3, Pres. 3 Librarian 4 FFA 2,3 Wrestling 1,2 Debate 2,3,4 Girls Club 2,3,4 Trumpet Staff 4 Ambition: Get out of school "Holiday Hotel" 2 Entered from Longview, 1955 Ambition: Marriage Ambition: Bible College Ambition: Marriage Too Busy I i F, z X21 F s 1 1 1 Ne Photo THOMAS LEE DUNBAR Vo-Ag Wrestling 3 Ambition: Truck Driver NORMA LEE ELLESTAD DONALD HANSEN CLARICE ANN HANTKE GARY WILLIAM HARTLOFF Homemaking, Commercial , S ienc , Languages Math, Science Vo-Ag GAA 3,4 li133:sET?mgf. 4, NA Band 2,3,4, GAA 2,3,4 FFA 23,4 Drill Team 3,4 tud. oun 'l Torch 2,3, Pep Club 3,4 Ambition: Auto Mechanic Girls Club 3,4 To ch , , ice 3 FHA 1,2,3,4: V.C,Y. 4 Entered from kPhy ics L A t, 4 Future Nurses 3,4, Pres. 4 Bandon, Ore. 1956 Baseball 4, of al Stat. 3,4. Ambition: X-Ray Tech. Ambition: College Am 'A 1 10" of Pl1Y5lC5 MICHAEL H. HATHAWAY Band, History FFA 1 V.C.Y. 3,4 Debate 4: Tennis 4 Band 1,2,3,4: Choir 4 Ambition: College DON HENRICKSEN BEVERLY ANN HENSPETER Math, Science, Languages Homemaking, Journalism Troian Knights 3,4 Drill Team'2 Torch 2,3,4 FHA 1,2 . Audio-Visual 3,4 TVUVODGT STGH 23,4 FFA 1 Girls Club 2,3,4 Ambition: Veterinarian Ambition: Marriage 12 GROVER W. HESS Shop Choir 2,3 Football 3 Track 3 Ambition: Jet Engineering JOY SHIRLEY HOFF Band, Commercial GAA 2,3,4, Pep Club 3,4 FHA 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3 Annual Staff 4: Tennis 3,4 Band 1,2,3,4, Treas. 4 Ambition: Dentgl Assistant 'xiii .A il X , My IF' .2- 'RST N. Phu' ,Xi X W .x 1,1 DONALD JERALS HOLMBERG RONALD W. HOPKINS GERD A. ISAKSEN ALEX LEE JOHNSON I K, History Ag, Math, Homemaking Science, Shop K' M' Vocational School FFA 2,3,4 A.S.B. Sec. 4, Annual 4 Troian Knights 2 F555 , Entered from Bellermine T957 Ambition: Get out of school Troianettes 2,3,4, Pres. 3 Qxllr."l Audio-Visual 3,4 V' X. Ambition: Join the Navy Ski Club 2,4, Pres. 4 Lx, " Ambition: Get a job C.. '- S- is Pep Club 3,4, Treas. V X- l i .xr A 4-. .1 if i 5 Ambition. College ., L A, L . x - X if ' 1 if I N4 gy 5, I, , 1 Vx K . T X' LINDA RAYE KELLEY BARBARA JO KINGSLY SANDRA MAE KITTINGER RONALD J. KOESTER SHIRLEY KRAUS Homemaking, Commercial History, P.E. Band Science, Math Math, Commercial Class Sec. 3, V.P. 4 Class Secretary 4 FHA l,2,3,4 Lettermen 4 Torch 2,3,4, Pep Club 4 GAA 2,3,4, Treas. 2, Pres. 3 Drill Team 4 Girls Club 2,3,4 Troian Knights 2,3 Trumpet Staff 2,3 Drill Team 2,34 Pres. 4 Pep Club 4 Debate Q,3, Band l,2,3,4 FFA l,2, Football 4 Girls Club 23,4 Annual Co-Editor 4, Girls Club 3,4 Class Homecoming Comm, 4 Wrestling 3,4, Track 3,4 Jr. Sr. Prom 3 Homecominq Queen 4 Ambition: College Ambition: Successful Marriage Ambition: Veterinarian Ambition: Secretary Ambition: College Vx :YY LQKWBQ DONNA KRENIK Homemaking Girls Club 2,3, Librarian 4 Homecoming Fl t3,4 Ambition: rriage Q56 KROCKMAN CHUCK KENNE-TH KUNDERT Homemaking F . Musicq History I,2,3 Anqbitio :X College 2,3,4 'L ' Club 3,4 ' 3 13 4, Choir 4 Enfsred frbm Raymond, Wash. DAVID B. KURLE Shop Class Sergeant at Arms 4 Football 3,4, Track 3 Wrestling 3,4 Entered from Puyallup '56 Ambition. Get a iob CURTIS S. LANGE Math, Science Lettermen 3,4 Troian Knights 3,4 Tarch 2,4, Footbll 4 Basketball 3,4 Ambition: College Ji" MARION H. LIGHTBURNE ANITA LOUISE LOFGREN WILLIAM J. LOIDHAMER QBILLI BEVERLY RUTH LUND Moth, Science Commercial, Math Ag Homemaking, Commercial Lettermen Club l,23,4 Torch 2: Pep Club 4 FFA I,23,4 Class Treas. 4: GAA 3,4 Wrestling l,23,4 Trumpet Stott 23, Choir 4 Band l,2 Torch 23,4, Vice Pres. 4 Tennis 24, Debate 4 Girls Club 23,4 FFA Program of Work FHA 23,4, Hist 3, Sec. 4 . Homecoming Prince Senior Trio 23,4 Ambition: Mechanic V.C.Y. 23,4, Sec. 23, V,P. 4 X Ambition: Pharmacist Homecoming Committee 4 Trumpet Stat? 23,4, Tech. Ed 4 I . Ambition: College LANA MARIE MCDONALD TIMOTHY HUGH MCGRAW MARIE MANNING BOB MEAD JIM MITTON CMUTTI Music Math, Mechanical Arts History, Homemaking History, Shop Band Girls' Club 23,4 Class Sergeant-at:Arms 3 Girls Club 23,4 Baseball 3 Lettermen 3,4, FFA I,2 Choir 3,4 Lettermen 23,4, Football 23,4 Health Center 3 Wrestling 3 Band l,23,4, Choir 4 Band l,23,4, Hist. 4 inspirational Award 4 Thanksgiving Basket 3 Ambition: Be haPPY Basketball 23,4 Chairman of Track 3, Wrestling 3 Mother-Daughters Tea 3 Baseball 23,4 "Autumn Fqn1a5y"4 Jr. Senior Prom Co-Chairman Ambition: Make others happy Ambition: To graduate qv WV I LOUISE MARIE MULLER EVERN NEIL TOM ODEGARD Homemaking, Commercial I I ' Shop Math, Science Pep Club 4, Choir 4 Ambition: Toflead a good lite ASB. Pub. Manager 4 FHA 23,4, Song Leader 3 Girls' Club l,23,4 Chairman of Girls' Club Float 3,4 Ambition: A good iob Student Council 4 Trojan Knights 3,4 Annual Stott 4 Ambition: College 14 DELORES ANN PARKHURST Homernaking, Commercial FHA l,2,3,4 Librarian 4 Omce Girl l,2, Ambition: To live my beliefs DIANE DEE PARRISH Commercial, Homemaking Pep Club 4, Choir 1,4 Girls' Club 23,4 Librarian 4 Chairman of Girls' Club Dance 4 Ambition: Inherit a million wi, TERRY PAULMAN ARTHUR JAMES PAULSEN DENNIS PETERSON DONALD LEROY PETRY Math, Science, History Vo-Ag MOTIL 506069, Shop Band Trumpet Staff 4 Lettermen 2,3,4 Lettermen 2,3,4 Lettermen i,2,3,'f: Audio Visual 4 FFA l,2,3,4, Pres. 4 Troian Knights 2 Choir 4, Wrestling 1 VVrestling 2,3 Audio Visual 3: Baseball 2,3,4 Audio Visual 3 Band l,2,3,4 Ambition: Finish School Basketball 2,3,4 Trumpet Staff 4 Football 2,3,4 Harvest Ball Prince 3, King 4 Football 2: Baseball 2,3 Ambition: Get out of school Ambition: College Ambition: Cowboy VX r BEVERLY LOUISE PRUKOF ROLAND JOHN PURDY ROBERT RASMUSSEN MY NA TAMARA Ulf PATRICIA RICHARDSON Homemaking, Commercial Shop Math, Sci nce, Langua H I I akin ,History Math, Science, Homemaking Yell Leader 4 Choir 2,3 Let m 4, Tenn' ep-C5541 Student Council 4 Drill Team 2,3, Pep Club 3,4 Basketball l,2 ,4, P W Libggrian 3:4 Yell Leader 2,3,4, Queen 4 FHA l,3,4, Choir l Ambition: To be o hero Au i I 4 l Ambition: Marriage Trojanettes 2,3,4, Choir 4 Girls Club 2,3,4 Football 4 t ll 544 Pep Club 3,4 Ambition: Hair Stylist Ambition: El ct. En Kler Ambition: Physicist AAI Vo-Ag Commercial, His ry Band Lettermen 2,3,4 irl Club ,3,4 Lettermen 2,3,4 FFA Q,3,4, viz 4 J' send ,3 Band i,2,3,4, Pres. 3 Rep. National Conf. at Kansas Libra ri 2 Trumpet Staff 2, Sport's Ed. 4 Football 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4 H7 Girl 3 Football 2,3,4, Capt. 4 Ambition: College Football 1 A i mercial Work Basketball 2,3,4 f X ' Baseball 2 3 4 I Ambition: College -. .-- X.... -,..- ath, Hisll rw L terme 2 I4 asketbal ,4 Track l, ,3,4 Bonfire Committee 4 Ambition: Be Happy Math, Shop Student Council 2,3 Class Pres. 2,3 Lettermen 2,3,4 Troian Knights 2,3 Football 2,4, Basketball 2,3,4 Ambition: Own Business K L ,.,.'4,, 5 ' ' if rv if 1 , NANCY E. SIMMONS JUDI ETHEI. SLADE DONALD H. STEUERNAGEL JOHN MELVIN STRAND Homemaking History Shop Ag Pep Club 3,4 Drill Team 2 Ambition: Body 8: Fender Man FFA i,2,3,4 FHA I,2,3,4 Girls Club 2,3,4 Ambition: Get out of school Girls Club 2,3,4 Choir 3,4 Future Nurses 3,4: Pub. Mgr. 4 Ambition: Secretary Ambition: Air Lines KAREN MAE STROJAN LOUIS JOSEPH STUMP DOROTHY MARIE SUTER LORRAINE M. SWANSON DARYL THAUT Commercial, Homemaking History History Commercial, Homemaking Ag., Math Troianettes 2,3,4 Student Council 4 GAA 2,3,4 Girls Club 2,3,4 Lettermen Club 3,4 Maiorette 3,4 Choir 4: Pres. 4 Drill Team 2,3,4: Vice Pres. 4 Ambition: Women's , ervice FFA I,2,3,4: Treas. 4 Pep Club 3,4, Vice Pres. 4 Basketball 4 Pep Club 3,4, Sec. 4 L, 'X I Football 3,4 Annual Stott 4 Homecoming Bonfire 4 FHA I,2,3,4 tt? O -I Basketball 2,3,4 Girls Club 2,3,4: Pres. 4 Homecoming King 4 Girls Club 2,3,4 Q' ,Jw IX Baseball 3,4 Ambition: Model Ambition: College Ambition: College N RXD Ambition: Finish School GRANT OREL THORSETT SPENCE K. THUNDER IPATQ ROBERTA TOMPKINS QROBIJ ROGER ELDON TROLSON HENRY A. VOGEI. Science, Math History Choir 4: Sec.-Treas.4 Ag. History, Shop Lettermen 3,4 FFA I Ambition: Marriage FFA I,2,3,4 Ambition: To be rich. Troian Knights 3,45 Pres. 3 Trumpet Stott 4 Football 4 Torch 2,314 Football 1 Ambition: Build Hot Motors Annual Stott 4 Ambition: Police Science Audio-Visual 3,4 Tennis 2,3,4 Ambition: College 16 EUGENE ROBERT SANDRA JEAN WINGREN WAYNE ALFRED WOODS KATHRYN DUE WHITCOMBE Math, Science Science WOODWARD "BIRD" Math, Ag. Drill Team 2,3,4 Student Council 2 Homemaking, Choir Lettermen 2,3,4 Torch 2-4, Future Nurses 3 Lettermen 2,3,4 Pep Club 4, Librarian 3 Trojan Knights 2 FHA I, Girls Club 2,3,4 Trumpet Staff 4, Choir 3,4 Girls Club 2,3,4 FFA I-4, Basketball 3 Red Cross Rep. 4 Basketball 2,3,4, Tennis 2 Choir 2,3,4 Football 2,4, Baseball 3,4 Ambition, Nurse Ambition: Go to work Homecoming Committee 4 Ambition: Electrician Ambition: College rmen 4, Choir 3,4 Trumpet Staff 4 Football I-3, Baseball 3 Track, Wrestling 2-4 Ambition: Elect. Engineer ' iM5,,i.i7s.i ence F IYAMAMOTO Science, Commercial A.S.B. Historian 4 Student Council 3,4 GAA 2,3,4 Drill Team 2,3, Capt. 4 UBET-I-Yu Band FHA i Girls Club 2,3,4 Future Nurses 3 Band l,2,3 vnu Math, Ag. Lettermen 3,4, Trojan Knights 2 Torch 2, FFA i,2,3,4, Sec 4 Football 3,4 Track 4, Wrestling 4 A I... An DON REICHART Science FFA 2,3, Treasurer 2 Junior Class Play Dist. winner of Voice of Democracy Contest Entered from Woodburn '57 Torch 2,3,4, Pres. 3 Trumpet Staff 2-4, Ed. 4 Girls Club 2-4, Treas. 3 Ambition: To Graduate Health Center 3 Ambition: Nurse SENIORS JON T Science Football 2 Wrestling 3 Choir 4 Entered from Oakland '58 WWW cc SENIOR AW RDS I LINDA KELLEY Co-Winner GirI's Service Award 'X J U' BEV YAMAMOTO PAT BEI-L Salutatorian Vc1leCliCIOriC1r1 Huber Commercial Award W gg KATHI WOODWARD DOROTHY SUTER Choir Director's GAA Inspirational Award Award GERD ISAKSEN Co-Winner GirI's Service Award ROBERTA TOMPKINS Chair Award MIKE HATHAWAY LINDA McDONALD ROBERT CULVER Band Direcfor's Band Award Band Director's Award Award 18 DARYI. THAUT MARILYN DELIN Class Choice Speaker Faculty Choice Ag. Award Speaker Mrs. Mary Jennings - for the many years of labor she has given us. ln 1935 when Mrs. Jennings came to work at Fife she was in charge of the library located at that time in Room l of the Junior high. Taking care of the books, repairing them in the summer, and issuing text books in the fall, were only a few of the tasks she performed. The library was then moved to the small room behind the study hall where Mrs. Jennings again took up her iob. When the new high school was built, Mrs. Jennings resumed her work in the grade school library until her retirement last year. Although her work at school is completed, her influence still remains. She can always depend on the many friends she made at Fife High School and we think of her fondly and lovingly, I TRIBUTE TO . . . Mr. John Anderson -whose long years of faithful service will never be forgotten. In January of I927 "Andy," as he is known, first came to Fife where he soon became head ianitor taking care of the cafeteria, gym, and high school. His familiar figure and smiling face fast become on indispensable part of Fife High School. Because of his wife's illness, Andy was forced to move into town but after four years of serving as custodian for a iunior high school in Tacoma, was able to return and resume his work at our school. As Andy's working days come to a close, his life - a life devoted to serving others - is to us an inspiration, and we know that Fife High will never be the same without him. Friendliest Gerd lscrlcsen and Joe Lightburne S EN I0 R Best Looking Best All-Around .,,E,,,,A A l V X lx l ' lf W L9 'L rs e Most Dependable Lindo Kelley cmd Tom Odegard HALL Most Athletic Karen Srroiun Bev Yamamoto and Al Woods Bev Lund and Louie Swmp and LeRoy Scholz Most Studious Class Cut-U ps Marilyn Delin and Don Hansen Karen Bornonder ond Ed Berg Best Leaders Geri Krockmon cmd Al Donbe-rg FAME Peppiest Most Likely to Succeed PoTRicl'1crdson ond Art Paulsen Pct Bell ond Grunt Thorseff I 'mxfie ,ll President ........ Dal Blair Vice-President ....... Larry Melsness Treasurer ..,. Joanne Dunn Secretary. Betty Greenwood Pub. Manager. .John Becker Advisor ..... . . .Mr. Kitts The Class of '59 started out the year full of pep by placing second in the A.S.B. Ticket Sale. Included in the building of our successful year we were aided by our faithful advisor, Mr. Marvin Kitts, in the many fund-raising activities - sponsoring dances, operating the concession stand at games, and sel- ling calendar spaces. One of our most outstanding remembrances is the Valentine Sweetheart Dance which was quite an event. The Sweethearts chosen from each class, Gerd, Karen, Bonnie, and Sharon, were then trium- phantly crowned. Then came the climax of our iunior year - "lsle of Paradise," our Junior-Senior Prom, never to be forgotten. A perfect ending to a perfect year. ROW 1: D. Gilge, J. Laviola, M. Jones, J. Gregory, Y. Kono, S. Forslund, J. Cofirnan, C. Biggs, M, Cochenette, J, Lindberg, S. Holt, W. Ellingson. ROW 2: H. Hylkema, J. Almquist, B. Evenson, B. Musser, M. Hopkins, L, Crawford, B. Muir, J. Dunn, K. Jacob- son, M. Kukowski, J, Fredericksen, J. Geehan. ROW 3: B. Bryant, S. Absher, M, Johnson, C. Hogan, J. Favor, K. Beksinski, K Burke, N, Martinson, D. Murrey, G. Bullo, L. Melsness, J. Bailey ROW 4: J. Blancher, D. Blair, J, Becker, P. Abney, S. Cross, W Capps, A. Czyzweskie, D. Garrett, J. McDonald, B. Browning S. Ensrude, A. lnclerbo. ROW 1: B, Greenwood, V. Soclerman, D. Ray, J. Sweaney, E. B. Pagh, R. Orness, C. Rees, B. Alden, J. Padur, R. Williams. Reible, K. Tuttle, T. Andersen, K. Reed. ROW 2: K. Shipman, ROW 4: C. Barger, B. Stipes, A, Linke, J, Ward, J. Fox, D. Nac- T. Yotsuuye, J. Reddy, M, Riechlin, S. Nelson, C, Kvamme, J. carato, P. Steves, B. Schultz. Sessler, D, Vining, M. Potter. ROW 3: J. Watkinson, C. Robbins, -an-.... President. . . . .Ray Hibray Vice-President. . . .Carol Culver Treasurer .... Susan Begley Secretary. . ,Vonnie Fenster Historian. .Bonnie Simmons Advisor. , . . .Mr. Johnson The class of '60 started out a very active and prosperous year by showing their school spirit in winning the "Pep Pup" at several of The pep assemblies. Sponsoring parties and dances were among the many things on the agenda of The sophomore class. Lavender and white were selected To be the class colors and The fragrant carnation as Their flower. With their shoulders to the wheel, they put forth extra energy and succeeded in proving their motto, "ln Ourselves the Future Lies." I.. .. .sa A..' ' l : i ROW 'l: J. Bryan, C. Anderson, C. Crowell, J. Blauvelt, S. Beg- ley, L. Curtiss, M. Burgi, P. Diedrich, V. Barker, D. Adams, J. Lavik, M. Christensen, D. Bailey, E. Abbott, ROW 2: S. Crist, G. Bean, B. O'Herron, C, Culver, K. Donoghue, R. Hibray, T. Johnston, D. Ammons, J. Falaschi, T. Errigo, J. Grimm, J, Barger, L. High, C. Figg. ROW 3: S. Chambers, P. High, H. John, G. Grimm, K. Curbow, G. Barry, L. lsakson, E, Heins, V. Falaschi L. Jensen, T. Arnold, J. Bevegni, J. Heydlauff, S. Freeman ROW 4: Holmclale, G. Brown, P. Danko, S. Fox, C. Bailey, E Giles, D, Clevenger, K, Johnson, R. Hogan, M. Johnson, D. Bartz B. Arndt, L. Barger. ROW 'l: S. McBee, G. Webber, J. Peterson, J. O'Hearn, V. Owens, C. Kreisman, D. Sponberg, C. Shilling, M. Lefor, A Oudean, P. McDonald, W. Sponberg, D, Lauterback, S. Melby. ROW 2: L. Yoshioka, L. Keep, J. Smith, S, Yohn, R. Smith, K. Paulsen, L. Timmons, J. Pulliam, D. McClintock, C. Wetherbee L. Triplett, J. Manning, J. Blauvelt, J. Pasinetti, G. Whitcomb ROW 3: D. Nowiclci, L. Mortin, A. Mildon, J. Lilley, D. Ross, T McCann, M. Omegna, L, Mahanna, B. Merrill, G. Meridian, D Tucker, S. Slade, J, Zambardo, S. Schalmtz. ROW 4: J. Smith S. Mitton, M. Kelley, K. Rasmussen, K. Riveness, A. Vining, B Touchette, J, Taylor, B. Simmons, J. Smith, M. Rivenes, L. Kirken dale, R. Riveness, P. Quinn, P. Patterson, J. Wright. 9 3 'g I .Jlg ,Q 35 di Sz we 7 5 1 Y .au jim Mm W as 4. 'The surest plan to make ca Mon, is to think him so J. R. Lowell was LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Risley, Marylin Varga, Bev Yamamoto, Gerd Isaksen, Kathy Lions, Karen Stroian Lois Crawford, Yoshi Kono, Carol Kvafmme, Linda Yoshioka, Karen Bornander. GIRLS' CLUB September- Business Meeting OCt0bCI'- Senior Girls Car Wash November- Thanksgiving Baskets DBCBITTDBF- Speaker: Mrs. Gregory and Coffee Hour January- Sophomore Bake Sale February- Business Meeting March- St. Patrick's Day Dance "Shamrock Hop" Easter Egg Hunt May- Mother Daughter Tea STANDING: Linda Yoshiokacorresponding secretary, Yoshi Kono- treasurer, Lois Crawford-vice president, Carol Kvamme-secretary. SEATED: Karen Straian-president, Karen Bornander-student coun- cil representative, Miss Agnes Dunn-advisor. Decorating for "Shamrock Hop" TROJA ETTES J, Coffman, J. Smith, G. Whitcombe, L. Yoshiolca M. Christensen, J, Peterson, Y. Kono. ROW 2: J Lindberg, K. Donoghue, C. Crowell, J. Zampardo K. Larson, P. Bell. ROW 3: J. Blancher, B. Simmons Officers SEATED: Cleo Crowell-Sec., Yoshi Kono-President, Bonnie Simmons-Vice Pres. STANDING: Miss Dunn-Advisor, Pat Bell- Senior Advisor, Karen Larson-Treos. . Nw , , fa B A M M : , " 'W 133: N. I -' ir ,,, f 1 f Mix-. TROJA K IGHTS ROW 'I: J. McDonald, R. Hibray, B. Merrill, G. Weber. ROW 2: J. Becker, P. Donko, K. Curbow, D. Garrett, G. Grimm, A, Czyzewski. ROW 3: P. Stevens, W. Capps, B. Schultz, K. Riveness, M. Johnson. J, Sessler, M. Rivenes, C, Kvamme, D. Murrey, K Reed. Officers Wayne Capps-Vice President, Dennis Garrett- Sec. Treas., Phil Stevens-President. OUR SCHCDOL Editor Carole Cox Senior Staff Member SEATED: M. Delin, J. Hoff, J. Dunn, K. Stroian, G. lsaksen. STANDING: D. Murrey, L. Kelley, Marilyn Denn Mrs. Cole-Advisor, T. Odegard, G. Thorsett. Copy Editor The Trojan The Annual Workshop at the University of Washington started the year out right for the Trojan Staff by giving us many t valuable and useful ideas. Among the other activities of the year, we remember the Joanne Dunn fun we had typing, drawing, and planning together towards the building of our yearbook and the many days-and nights- of last-minute checking as the time seemed to fly between deadlines. Now as the last page is finished and the last envelope sealed, we breath a sigh of relief - our iob is done, and we hope that in these pages you will find recorded the many happy memories of your days spent among your high school friends. Junior Staff Member Joy Hoff Secretary Gerd lsaksen Diane Murrey Tom Odegard Karen Stroian Business Manager Junior Staff Member Picture Co-Editor Publicity Manager Mrs. Cole Advisor Grant Thorsett Picture Co-Editor PUBLICATIONS FRONT: B. Henspeter, B. Browning, A. Paulsen. SEATED: P. Thunder, B. Yamamoto, K. Bornander. STANDING: L. Schatz, B. Lund, Mr. Oquist-Advisor, B. Schultz, K. Reed, J. Sweaney. The Trumpet Working nights, tive or six periods a day, during lunch period, and before and after school was this year's Trumpet staff as it labored over the task of publishing the school paper. Many hours ot work were needed to produce this biweekly. Attending the annual Press Clinic at the University of Washington in February and traveling to the "Tacoma News Tribune" in April were the highlights of the staft's activities dur- ing the year. The staff and Mr. Oquist worked diligently to attain their past-won honor of All-American rating from the N.S.P.A. and a Two-Star Citation from P.S.S.P. Mr. Oquist Advisor Pat Thunder Janice Sweaney Art Paulsen LeRoy Schatz Co-Sports Editor Treasurer Publicity Manager Sports Editor Karen Bornander Co-Editor Bev Yamamoto Co-Editor Bently Browning Mimeoscope Bev Henspeter Artist Bev Lund Tech. Editor Ka re n Reed Re porter F. H. A. ...W ., .,.. Q ,, . . . A J 1 f 1 1 4 .. .13 ROW 1: C. Crowell, G. Coffman, G, Whitcombe, K. Larson, J. Advisor. ROW 3: B. Muir, L. High, B. Greenwood, J. Lindberg, Smith, R. Smith, J. O'Hearn, J.4 Lavik, J. Gregory, M. Jones, J. J. Sweaney, C, Hantke, B. Lund, M. CoHman, M. Johnson, J. Laviola, D. Gilge, S. McBee. ROW 2: Mrs. Iyall-Advisor, S, Kittin- Fredericksen, J. Zampardo. ROW 4: J. Watkinson, B. Simmons, ger, L. Muller, K. Jacobson, E. Riebli, J. Blauvelt, C. Culver, D. J, Bailey, J, Bevegni, A. Mildon, J. Hoff, N. Ellestad, D. Murrey, Tucker, L. Schlaupitz, T. Errigo, K. Donoghue, Mrs. Cole-Assistant B. Prukop, M. Kukowski, V. Soderman. HARVEST BALL ROYALTY Bob Alden-Attendant, Art Paulsen- OFFICERS: Margie Coffman-Treasurer, Bev Lund-Secretary, Elaina King, Janice Sweaney-Queen, Kathy Donoghue-Attendant. Riebli-President, Geri Coffman-Vice President. ROW 2: Karen Larson- Social Chairman, Jane Smith-Publicity Chairman, Kathy Donoghue- Historian, Bonnie Simmons'Song Leader, Diane Murrey-Membership Chairman, Judy Zampardo-Points Chairman. 32 O 9 Q l KNEELING: L. Yoshiolca, J, Peterson, M. Rivenes, Mrs, Kaiser, J. Sessler, A. Mildon, K. Reed. ROW 1: J. Hoff, K. Burke, K. Beksin ski, C. Anderson, J. Pasineffi, J. Zampardo, L. Curfiss, V. Soder Riebli, P, Bell, N. Ellesfad, G. lsaksen. ROW 3: B. Simmons, C - Crowell, C. Culver, A. Vining, M. Omegna, J. Coffman, D. Gilge man, T, Errigo, K. Donoghue, S. Melbye. ROW 2: Y, Kono, J, Dunn, L. Crawford, D. Sufer. J. Kemmerer, J. Smilh, P. McDonald, J. Bryon, M. Kukowski, E. v SEATED: Linda Yoshioka-Secreiary, Janice Sessler-Presiclenf, Karen SEATED: Daryl Tlwauf-Presidenf, Dave Kurle-Vice Reed-Vice-Presidenf, Janice Peferson-Vice-President. STANDING: President, STANDING: Ron Koesfer-Secre1ary- Ann Mildon-Historian, Marilyn Rivenes-Treasurer, Mrs. Kaiser-Advisor. Treasurer, Arnold Proff-Sergeanf ai Arms. OW 'l: D. Blair, D. Thauf, G. Whilcombe, G. Thorseff, D. Pefry, Hailey-Advisor. ROW 3: T. McGraw, B. Merrill, W. Capps, .. Paulsen, L. Schatz, J. Lighflourne, B, Browning. ROW 2: K. C. Alford, A. ProFf, J. Milton, K. Rasmussen. ROW 4: R. Koesfer, Iurbow, G. Grimm, G. Berrie, D, Ross, P. Sfeves, D. Kurle, Carl S. Shimizu, P. Danko, C. Lange, B. Rasmussem 34 - C. Hanfke, B. Lund, M. Coffman, J. Sweany, L. Kelley. Absent: ROW 1: Tom Yoisuuye, Lee Johnson, George Webber. ROW 2: Don Henrickson, Harry Telling, Bob Rasmussen, Mike Johnson, Ron Holmdale. ROW 1: Darlene Gilge, Jo Ann Laviola, Margie Christensen, Linda Kaelin, Marilyn Delin. ROW 2: Mary Ann Haines, Elaina Riebli, Karen Larson, Virginia Soderman, Betty Green- wood, Patty Cheslock, Sharon Biorklund. ROW 3: Barbara Muir, Lois Crawford, Diane Tucker, Judy Bloncher, Carol Kvamme, Marilyn Riveness, Karen Fjeiland. ABSENT: Shirley Kraus, Karen Sfroian. 35 VOICE OF CHRI TIA YOUTH ROW 'lc S. Forsluncl-Prayer Chmn., S. Fox, L, Kvamme, I. Riv- C. Hantke, B. Lund-Vice Pres., B. Bryant-Soc. Chmn., S. Free- eness, M, Delin-Pres., C. Biggs, M. Cochenneiie, L. Schiaupiiz. man. ROW 3: M. Hathaway, M. Carr, S. Biorkland, M. Johnson, ROW 2: K. Fietiand, C. Kvamme-Reporter, M. Riveness-Sec., A. Capps, D. Vining, A. Vining, D. Delin. LIBRARIANS SEATED: D. Krenik, D, Parrish, J. Abbott, L. Clark. STANDING: M. Ruei, S. Freeman, B. Giles, B. Stienmefz, L. Muller, Miss M. Dietrich, D. Parkhursi, M. Manning, B, Bryanf, Janice Bjerge, Dunn-Advisor, 36 FUTURE URSES CLUB SEATED: J. Bevegni-Vice Pres., C. Hanfke-Pres., N. Vining, J. Bailey, C. Figg, M. Delin, S. Wingren, C. Biggs, Simmons-Pub. Mgr., K. Fiefiund-Sec.-Trecls. STANDING: D. M. Riveness. HE LTH CENTER TTENDAN S SEATED: M. Johnson, D. Ray. STANDING: K. Beksinski, C, Hogcln, D. Murrey. ABSENT: J. Dunn, K. Jacobson. 37 X ALBIN CZYZEWSKI VICE PRESIDENT PAT BELL TREASURER GERD ISAKSEN SECRETARY I GERI KROCKMAN . . PRESIDENT TOM ODEGARD PUBLICITY MANAGER Y DON HANSEN BUSINESS MANAGER BEV YAMAMOTO H I STORIAN TUDENT COUNCIL Every school has a leader ours has been the capable president, Geri Krockman, with her student body otticers. They have taken the lead in spon- soring a "Back to School Dance" in honor of the Fresh- men and new students, who have in turn given their whole hearted support to the activity ticket sale, Home- coming Week, self disciplined lunch time dancing, and many other events which involved school spirit. The Student Council wishes to thank Mr. Belknap, their advisor, for his patience and guidance as we tackled the problems of the year and made our deci- sions for Fife's Student Body. ROW T: Mr. Belknap-Advisor, Janice Sweaney, Bev. Yamamoto, George Webber. ROW 2: Geri Krockman, Pat Bell, Kathy Donag- hue. ROW 3: Vonnie Fenster, Karen Reed, Yoshi Kono. ROW 4: Gerd Isaksen, Bev Lund, Pat Richardson, Albin Czyzewski. ROW 5: Louie Stump, Ken Rasmussen, Karen Bor- nander. ROW 6: Wayne Capps, Tom Odegard, Don Hansen. SEATED: Joanne Dunn, Barbara Muir, Miss LaCasse. STANDING: Marilyn Delin, Mike Hathaway, Don Reichert. ABSENT: Joe Lightburne. TORC CLLIB DEBATE TEAM The Fife Debate Squad, starting the 57-58 season fresh with a new coach and an almost brand new group, came through with flying colors in its series ot four debates. The teams traveled to Enumclaw, Stadium, and Vashon High Schools and topped it all off with a trip to the Round Robin Meet held at Bothel High which ended the league debates. Included onthe agenda for this year were the Speech Festival at the University of Washington and the tournaments at Seattle Pacitic College, the College of Puget Sound and Pacific Lutheran Col- lege. Besides debating at the tourna- ments, this year the debaters gained valuable experience by entering the in- dividual events including extemporaneous speaking, impromptu speaking, and in- terpretive reading. NATIONAL HQQRSOC?Y x 'I : Q, :. " 1 Vg? ROW 'I: J. Peterson, G. Webber, B. Yamamoto, Y. Kano, M. J. Connelly. ROW 3: J. Sessler, L. Jensen, J. Bevegni, D. Garrett, Delin, S. Yohn, J. O'Hearn, S. Forslund, P. Bell, S. Wingren. J. McDonald-Pts. Chmn., A. Czyzewski, G. Thorsett, K. Ras- ROW 2: B. Greenwood-Sec. Trees., V. Soderman, L. Yoshioku, mussen- ROW 42 Mrs. Ghilbert-Advisor. M. Riveness, M. John- P. McDonald, G. Bean, R. Hibray, D. Tucker, B. Lund-Vice Pres., SOD, D. l'lef1I'iCl4S'9f1, D- HODSEH, W- Cflpps, B. Rasmussen-Pres. Jr. T. B. BOARD Left to Right: Mrs. Young-Advisor, Karen Bornander, Bev Henspeter, Bob Evenson. Representing Fife this year on the Pierce County Junior Tuberculosis Board were Karen Bornander, Bev Henspeter, and Bob Evenson. Mrs. Marian Young acted as advisor to the group. One of their largest projects forthe year was the making of candy cups for Christ- mas trays at the Indian Hospital. They also have a press proiect each year during which each school writes a story in the school paper enlightening the public to T.B. The papers are then sent to a state and finally a national board of judges to be rated for originality and accuracy. This year the Junior Board visited the T.B. sani- tarium, the C.P.S. School of Occupational Therapy, the Nurses' home at Tacoma General Hospital, and various schools in Pierce County. STAGE CREW ROW 'lz M. Kammer, D. Neil, S. Shimizu, M. Hopkins, C. Robins. ROW 2: T. McGraw, D. Kurle, A. Linke, B. Pugh, L. Melsness, S. Ensrud, Mr. Scheyer. ROW 3: D. Steuernagel, D. Arnold, R. Purdy, D. Peterson. LAD DAMIANS KNEELING. Elcinu Reibli, Karen Beksinski, Karen Srroion-head Kukowski, K. Borriclrider, B. Muir, M. COFfm0r1, J. PGSIHSHI, S. Crist maioretie, Dione Murrey. ROW 'I: J. Blouvelf, V. Sodermon, J. C' CVOW9llf C- CUlVel'4 ROW 32 P' Hlillb K. Bllflief N- Ellesrod, D. Sweeney, G. Coflmcn, G. Whiicombe, S. Wingren, K, Larson, S, Suier, B. Kingsley, L. Kelley, J. Lilley, J. Sessler, G, Krockmmn. Forslund, B. Ycimczmoio, ROW 2: T. Errigo, J. Fredrickson, M. tix . W fffff' - 5 MAJORETTES: Karen Siroion-Head Muioreiie, Karen Belcsine Mrs, Kaiser-Advisor, Janice Sessler-Sec. Treas., Jonice Sweony-Hisioricn, ski,DioneMurrey,Elc1ina Reibli. Dorothy Sufer-Vice Pres., Bev Yamamoto-Drill Captain, Lindo Kelley- President 41 HOIR OFFICERS AND STUDENT COURT MEMBERS ROW 1: Karen Stroian, Historian, Rabi Tompkins, Secretary-Treasurer, Bobs Kammer. ROW 2: Louie Stump, President, Joel Carbone, Paul Abney. ROW 3: Allan Oudean, Arlene Nelson, THE MELL-O-DEES-Anita Lofgren, Louise Muller, Kathi Woodward. At Left, Top to Bottom, ROW 1: M. Gibson, B. M, Cochennette, A. Nelson, P. Richardson, M. ROW 2: B. Waldrel, N. Paddock, P. Snell, T. S, Oudean, J. Slade, K. Woodward. ROW Kammer, L. Kaelin, Lefore, A. Lofgren. Anderson, B. Lund, 3: P, Waldrel, J. Bingisser, A, Oudean, T. MaGraw, K. Workman, A. Woods, D. Petry, P. Abney, R. Culver. At Right, Bottom to Top, ROW 'l: L. Stump, R. Culver, J. Mitton, H. Telling, M. Hathaway, C, Kundert, J. Carbone, T. Moceri, T. Palmer, ROW 2: S. Chambers, K. Strojan, P. Quinn, R. Tompkins, G. Isaksen, D. Parrish, R, Smith, L. McDonald. ROW 3: J. Akins, L. Jensen, N. Martinson, G, Krockman, C. Hantke, L. Stipes, L. Muller. 4? gm. Q. 5 ,M iw Y QS' ln. ,,v ',4,,2 Qi 6.9 ,. 5 i. Q ff .f if 2 if r ' Qi R , Q Ray fx . 4 X Y We, 11 -:M ,ii-355. " WEN if ,X 'QW xf Q i X N if E55 1 ,W W, 9 1 ,B wg L, , ' is Q wa ,, ia , N M 'wwe W fx R in Mx A 3. :WWA AME Jwwl, fwfsm -xnasmg' ,wwgfg WMM-W ,Jr OUR KUNG NDA LCDWN: AND LX AND QUEEN Ho 'SQA-X ANN AND MIKE DQ -Q IHJQ 1 Kixff-ix X3 gk, 9 'JD Jfkb U af R-N N14 U--AQ' cg? 19 -5,413 cf Q: ' X Xpfsf-A-"ML"Q"' OX- by CA Jx1N-Q9J - 'Kew vig G7MN,,.x, Pl-fxfxfxfxxgl-g,,9RfX QV S23 aJNvf51vUggd"Qff 4- - z4x"'L4'Xf ' '71 X, ,Q -X-f Q ,Wx Si R,,LL Cxffx- NNN-f'G KIXJQ-Vxji' A 'NP-67 NDFQ---f K-1-,Nfx ,mf -QL 47 ATTEN DANTS JAN AED DAL 1" A MW PEP CLUB ROW 'la S. Holt, J. Coffman, L. Curtiss, Y. Kono, J. Abbott, J. Laviola, M. Jones, J. Gregory, J. Sweaney, V. Owens, K. Jacobson, K. Larson, P. Diedrich, R. Smith, B. Yamamoto, J. Peterson, D. Gilge. ROW 2: K. Donahue, J, Zampardo, J. Smith, A. Oudean, B. Muir, V. Soderman, S. Nelson, J. Lindberg, L. Crawford, L. High, T. Andersen, D. Ray, C. Crowell, D. Parrish, D, Lauterback, E. Riebli, G. Krockman. ROW 3: A. Lofgren, M. Coflman, J, Fredrickson, M. Kukowski, M. Sweet, M. Johnson, J. Lilley, P. Richardson, G. lsaksen, K. Bornander, M. Lefor K. Shilling, K. Reed, B. Prukop, N,Martinson, K. Shipman, M. Omagna C. Culver, L. Kelley. ROW 4: K. Woodward, D. Stewart, J. Faver D. Suter, A. Mildon, L. Clark, B. Simmons, J. Bailey, J. Blancher, K Slrojan, J. Hoff, N. Ellestad, J. Bevegni, K. Beksinslci, K. Burke, D Murry, P. High, C. Hantke, N. Simmons, J. Sessler, J. Dunn. GFFICERS Joann Dunn-Treasurer Lois Crawford-President Karen Stroian-Vice Pres. Dorothy Suter-Secretary Karen Bornander-Pub. Manager Fife's Tim McGraw and Dave Kurle tackling Dave Wolf from Yelm. r 1 ARNOLD PROFF TIM McGRAW LEROY SCHATZ JOHN ZAMPARDO Co-Captain Co-Capiain Co-Captain Blocking Trophy Tackling Trophy Inspirational Award ROW 'l: B. Merrill, K. Curbow, G. Grimm, S. Shimizu, J. Zampardo, R Riveness T McGraw L Schaiz ROW 2: T. McCann, R. Hogan, K. Rasmussen, S. Cross, G. Whifcombe, R. Koesfer A Profl S Rinehart P Danko E. Trolson. ROW 3: R, Holmdale, C. Lange, K. Riveness, W. Capps, P. Sfeves D Thaut C Alford D Kurle B Rasmussen, D. Pefry. I957 Schedule Federal Way 13 ... .. Vashon 7 ...... . . Eaionville 21 .. .. Peninsula 27 ... .. While River 6 . . . . Yelm O ..... . . Orfing 33 .. . . Bethel 40 .. .. FIFE 7 FIFE O FIFE O FIFE 6 FIFE 22 FIFE 6 FIFE 6 FIFE 6 FOOTBALL S v, Wy 1 N xx VARSITY BASKETBALL ohn Becker, Louie Siump, Dallas Blalr, Paul Danko, CUFYIS Lange, Jim LeRoy Shatz, Art Paulson. MifTon, Gary Shilling, ' 952:99 uw 'QV Q ',vy V 1 WW Og 1' COACH: 52 Me. Schedule Sumner at Fife Jamboree at Fife Puyallup af Fife Federal Way at Fife Vashon at Fife Fife at Federal Way 'Fife of Orfing 'Fife at Bethel 'Peninsula at Fife "Fife af Yelm 'Eafonville at Fife Fife at Sumner fFife aTWhi1e River "Fife at Vashon kofflng GT Fife Capps, B. Rasmussen. 'Bethel at Fife "Fife at Peninsula 'Yelm af Fife 'Fife at Eafonville "White River at Fife 'A' ak' ROW l: R. Culver, K. Curbow, R. Culver. ROW TWO: W Denotes league games ROW1: D. Bartz, J. Reddy, G. Grimm, B. Merrill, R. Orness. ROW 2: Ronald Rosbach, coach, M. Johnson, M. Kelley, K. Rasmussen, R. Hogan. 53 LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Ensrud, Gary Jackson, Gary Shilling, Arnold Proff, Tom Benner, Dan McKechnie. .li ta WRESTLI G Schedule HFIFE Puyallup ..... Federal Way 'FIFE White River 'HFIFE Eatonville ..... Bethel 'FIFE Eatonville ..... White River 'FIFE ..... 'FIFE ..... Stadium Peninsula FIFE placed first in the sub-county meet. FIFE placed second in the county meet. 'denotes first place finish Hclenotes second place finish 'Hdenotes third place finish TRACK I 957 ROW 'l: D. Reck, B. Hibray, B, Blauvelt, D. Yamada, B. Vcinderhoef. ROW 2: J. Hashimoto, T. McGraw, D. Ross, D. Chesmut, J. Zampardo, D. Petry. ROW 3: R. Koester, B, Paulman, M. Johnson, D. Kurle, K. Riveness, K. Workman, Rick Daniels, Coach. 54 ROW 1: S. Shimizu, L. Schatz, A. Paulsen, M. Fox, D. Peterson, R. Orness, W. Capps. ROW 2: D. Thaut, G Whifcombe, S. Rinehart, B. Wilson, P. Smith. ROW 3: Carl Hatley, Coach, J. Mitton, J. Miller, D. Leach, C. Das- TENNIS I957 " denotes practice matches. ROW 1: L. Crawford, M. Kukowski, D. Blair. ROW 2: L. Melsness, J. Hott, G. Thorsett, Frank Gustafson, Coach. ABSENT: R. Sweet, D. Risley. 55 Schedule Franklin Pierce O .. .. FIFE Eatonville 3 .... .. FIFE Vashon 3 .. FIFE Peninsula 3 . .. .. FIFE Bethel 1 ....,... ..... F IFE Franklin Pierce l ......... FIFE RIFLE CLUB KNEELING: D. Bartz, B. Alden. ROW 'l A. King, J. Lush, B. Vcnderhoef. ROW 2 D. Sfeworf, E. Giles, J. Bloncher, T. Miller J. Gregory. ROW 3: B. Hudson, T. Morten son, G. Berry, J. Alden, J. Fczloschi. SKI CLUB ROW 1: B. Yamamoto, A. Lofgren, C. Culver, S. Kraus, J. Lcvik. ROW 2: K. Burke, G. lscksen-President, B. Kingsley, D. McClintock, M. Kukowslci. ROW 3: A. Mildon, N. Ellestad, L, Kelley-Secreiury, J, Fredricksen. ROW 4: G. Thorsett, R, Culver-Vice President, R. Culver, L. Melsness, B. Musser, Mr. Smith, Advisor. s E 1 1 1 V K Xh i-1 Q V W w Wg . 5h W NWN flf,'k. r 3, Wfjx ,, K g ,IQ ig' - S ' L tl 32' Q W ff f r , 1 E mmAA ,,.: 7 m "" LL-LL ,L Wifi ig , if-' Y ""LL L? Y' f V " i ff 2 E ' ig nw wif? N 2 K H f . Qin b 3 W , -5 . mf-' -7,1 4,59 - Q, -. - J - i v, 17 Q:-vw 1 A Xa 1 H f Xxfylkgggrb' " W1-A - Wifi M + 2, 2 . Q - x N SYM A M S X A Q ,,.,. M.. ei x Q' H M,.,M-Y A I N .,.f- 1 I - F VK ' A xL,,, Q I I KAXLK I A ,,,,, W ' 5,.,. , 'ig15,fi5ta x 4 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: ROW 'I: Maxine Carr-Secretary, Sharon LaviolafPresident, Gary Zeigan- Vice pres., Pat Kimball-Historian. ROW 2: Peggy Jones-Historian, Jeannie Risley-Publicity Mgr., Ingrid Riveness-Treasurer. Advisors: Miss Lindstrom, Mr. Pepple. ROW 1: B. Danko, D. Edin, J. Henricksen, M. Gibson, D. Gates, B. Giles, J, Hanley, M. Brinkman, B. Hudson, T. Fox, J. Dennison, M. Haines. ROW 2: S. Hergert, J. Bierge, R. Ellis, D. Forman, F. Gregory, B. Clevenger, J. Bingisser, K. Adams, M. Carr, L. Arnold, J. Coughlin, C. Golding. ROW 3: S. Biarlcland, D. Culver, J. Hashi- moto, B. Guiley, M. Guirsch, B. Blauvelt, D. Chestnut, J. Alden, D. Bumbar, A. Capps, V. Auch, P, Cheslock, D. Farmer. ROW 4: W. Fischlin, M. Belcsinski, J. Barnes, J. Bennett, C. Graf, F. Apple, E. Handeland, R. Houston, C. Benboe, L. Babbitt, L. Bellman, D. Finley. 58 ROW 'lr S. Laviola, B. Kammer, L. Loidhammer, C. Keating, K. Kinoshita, J, Pasinette, G. Neal, C. Lavik, P Myers, G. Johnson, P, Kimball, J, Lash, B. Matson. ROW 2: J. Jackson, A. King, M. Mastin, A. McDowell, N Paddock, S. Lippert, P. Jones, L. Kvamme, J. Luclinich, K. Parkhurst, S. Oudean, L. Kaelin, C. Mauerrnan ROW 3: M. Nelson, R. Johnson, M. Mansiqeld, M. Manning, V. Purgatorio, K, Maki, T. Miller, R. Olds, R. Mont gomery, D. Pagh, D. Minish, J, Lilley, G. Miller. ROW 4: F. Naccarato, J. Palmer, G. Berry, M. Ness, R Mattson, T. Mortenson, D. Nordrnark, P. Michelson, T. Lubeck, B. Paulman, B. Price, D. Muskey. ROW 1: C. Wickstrom, D. Yamada, L. Rang, G. Sevold, P. Vogel, B. Waldref, D. Rought, B. Steinmetz, J. Roto. ROW 2: C. Reichmuth, T. Swanson, R. Strand, G, Roberts, A, Robinson, D. Stowell, l. Riveness, D. Reck, P. Waldref, L. Stipes. ROW 3: M. Thaut, S. Stroian, S. Sulkosky, G, Zeigan, F. Suter, W. Takahara, L. Wilken- son, G. Schrammeck, W, Rees, P. Snell. ROW 4: R. Rowan, M. Wickstrom, T. Walker, D. Stewart, M. Sweet, M. Wingren, M. Johnson, R. Watkinson, J. Wyman, J. Shoop, J. Risley. 59 ROW 1: G. Ellis, M. Garratt, S, Fuiita, G. Kawaguchi, G. Grimm, K. Kono, J. Johnson, C. Brinkman, L. lwalciri, D. Bisig, S. Kinder, J. Crist. ROW 2: R. Gilge, M, Hyde, L. Krenik, J. Christy, G, Burwell, M. Cook, L Fuiita, G, Feller, C. Homquist, N. Berger, S. Goetz, P. Handelend. ROW 3: E, Hanson, M. Holt, J. Faver T. Hopper, R. Kiehlmeier, L. Dacca, G. Johnson, A. Fritschle, D. Delin, E. Gordon, W. Irby, ROW 4: L Cronquist, B, Guirsch, W. Conine, R, Johnson, B. Britton, D. Babbitt, D. Bryan, R. Johnson, D. Akins, B Edwards, J, Carlson. ROW 'l: B. Vanderhoef, R. Swanson, S. Weller, D. Martinson, E. Webber, P. Wolslegal, D. Wilson, J. Prukop, D. O'Keefe, J. Merrill, G. Steiger, L, McDonald. ROW 2: J. Reichlin, A. Mortenson, S, Swim, M, Schlumpt, D Pulliam, D. Peterson, J. Milson, K. Neil, E. Yoshioka, S. Smith. ROW 3: M. Mildon, B. Tuttle, J. Parish, D. Mer dian, J. McDonald, E, Sylvia, L. Suss, J. Sampson, E, Potter, B, Shipman, J. Noland. ROW 4: B. Strom, G. Peterson, D. Wilbur, K. Thomas, J. Lowers, J, Peterson, B. Woodside, D. Sherman, V. Norfords, B. Sislca, B. Shipman. 60 ww 'if ggi , . NVQ.. - 'Q-.ff ? W wa' is-. on if W if , Q? 'LM W Sf X f, Q x ' 3 ' HQ W it A ,, if . B if lb is 49? R 2 wg as. we W M as -Q 'W Q if J, qs Q .Q I n Z - -una! A Y at KA i ., .. w Q 2 J I M W ff? W X ' 'ff WE ww X Q Q 3, Q Q A .4 Q Q A H- U' U x 94 'J gh' W H H is Q: f Q X f :fi Sis'-Q Avi-Q . ' 1 . Qi ,W if , i if W Wig ' 3:5449 I ?Q?5:'k : 5f ' K'-fri, sig 32. ,Q , . L Q., W, , ,V f - x W xv 1 an ,... Vu SABERETTES ROW 1: S. Fuiita, J. Yamada, M. Stein, M, Minnish, C. Yamamoto, E. Webber, K, Kinoshita. ROW 2: Advisor, Mrs. Heintz, J. Christy, S. Thomas, M. Turley, L. Kvamme, C. Golding, D. Gates, P. Kimball. ROW 3: G. Ensrud, K. Maki, A. Capps, J. Peterson, S. Hergert, J. Fover, E. Hansen. ABSENT: D. Recic SABRE K IGHTS ROW 1: K. Nakano, R. Ulrich, D. Ehref, B. Smith, G. Steiger, J. Roto, G. Burweil. ROW 2: R. Johnson, J. Hopper, L. Docca, D. Minish, T. Rooney, R. Britton, M. Schiumpf, ROW 3: V. Nordfors, B, Price, J. Barnes, E. Handeiand, M. Johnson, M. Beksinski, D. Bumbar. Jr. HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL ROW T: S. Lavioia, M. McDowell, D. Bisig, K. Kinoshita-Secretary. ROW 2: J. Yamada, P. Jones, R. Johnson- President, L. Webber. ROW 3: S. Lippert-Treasurer, D. Reck, M. Mildon, J. Durr, Mr. Mullen-Advisor. ROW 4: G. Ziegan, B. Price, E. Handeland, B. Paulman. ABSENT: D, Babbitt-Vice Pres., D. Yamada-Bus. Mgr. FLAME CLUB ROW 1: R. Kondo, J. Kinoshita, K. Nakano, L, Woodside, J. Yamada, C. Yamamoto, S. Laviola, D. Yamada, K. Kinoshita, D. deLeon. ROW 2: M. Turley, E. Webber, S. Fuiita, K. Kona, J. Johnson, B. Smith, J. Reichlin, S. Thomas, P. Wingren, K. Neil. ROW 3: Miss Lindstrom-Advisor, D. Takehara, R. Strand, S. Fox, J, Kvamme, G. Roberts, E. Yoshioka, D. Peterson, S. Lippert, D. Chestnut, M. Carr. ROW 4: P. Handeland, D. Culver, P. Bevegni, D. Carlson, M. Wingren, A. Capps, B. Woodside, D. Babbitt, E, Handeland, J. Durr. 63 W., ii Us 341' ff : 5 h wma ,N f I I X Fi wx JU IOR BAN ROW 'I: S. Thomas, M. Price, K. Sharrick, A. Johnson, D. Chinn, ROW 3: Mr. Alfred Flechfner-Director, L. McDonald, J. Favor R. Warner, R. Kondo, R. Carfland, T. Reichmufh, J. Rosenow. C. Anderson, K. Riveness, L. Bellmon-Sfudeni Teachers: D ROW 2: M. Heston, R. Ross, R. Arnhold, D, Carlson, K. Figg, G. Wilber, M. Cook, G. Burwell, S. Biorklund, R. Johnson, D. George Ellis, C. Robinson, P. Lash, R. Fredrickson, B. Peterson, J. Lair. K. Nakano. I MAGAZINE DRIVE ROW 1: T, Reul, S. Fox, S. Fuiifa. ROW 2: G. Gustafson, G. Burwell, J. Riechlin, Dufiy Yamada-Business Manager. B. Smith. ROW 3: Mr. Mullen-Advisor, P. Jones, D. Bisig, E. Yoshioka. ROW 4: Sandra Lipper!-Treasurer. L. Arnold, G. Zeigan, B. Paulman, B. Price. 65 At Left: Vicki Auch, Michaele Nelson, Peggy Jones, Sharon Laviola. Below, KNEELING: Diane Bisig, Joy Lewis. STANDING: Linda Krenik, Kathy Thomas, Pat Bevegni. WEST CENTRAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS This year the junior high tootball team, fighting all the way, reached the top with an undefeated season. Their eftorts won tor them-for the Hrst time in Fife's history-the West Central League Championship. Congratulations, Sabres! It Jr. HIGH FOOTB LL ROW I: M. Mastin, D. Ecklund, J. Lair, G. Grim, B. Matson, Siska, .R. Watkinson, B. Price, J. Barnes, E. Handeland. B. Erickson, J. Crist, D. Delin. ROW 2: G. Ziegan, D. Cheste ROW 4: J. Carlson, M. Johnson, B. Paulman, S. Sulkosky, nut, T. Fax, L. Babbitt, F. Naccarato, D, Minnish, D. Babbitt, B. Danko, L. lwakiri. S. Conine. ROW 3: W. Fischlin, M. Beksinski, D. Bryan, B. 66 ALL' f wad K , i m,W1 M f A t n ,rf s . 9 , , . L , , f i . But as we mount, we rise not by our strength alone-but by the help ofithoserarourid., W 'A us. So 'now the Annual Stott can say, "Our work is done," but truly we must say-that evachu "round" was gained because someone was there to help ..... A ls' We wish to give our sincere thanks to those who helped to complete the building ot our yearbook .... V . . . . .to Mr. Bert Perler, who photographed all our seniors and did special photog- raphy. . . . . . . .to Mr, Jim Palm, who came to our rescue more than once. . . to Mrs. Alice Cole, our faculty advisor. . . S. K. Smith Company, who printed our cover. , . the American Yearbook Company, who printed our annual. . . Louise Muller tor her fine drawings. .. Mrs. Marion Young for just being there when we needed her. . . head photographer, Mr. Frank Gustafson, who was our right-hand man. .. ...Hand to Bob Schultz, his assistant, tor his eizhcient help in photography. -The Annual Statt of i958- ....lO to 7 Q62 MW my W W ' Xing Wfmfwfm tj! Q W W X my gif 'WVQWWM MW M Wifffpi W www '6 " 'jx R . ix. W V. , ,ff gi QQMS3WJ9'P , ' ' S ' W if . RQ I . W ig? Nvfsyp Mff+w'N5KfM, wwf! MOM ,we A ' of jjgbjlfwgfjgw X ig JW ggggxfk , I 4 -S Lgwjjifwf J fm Wfm Q ' fum View ,M ggfiES5iiQf dphmiifawywmvw lf' ' "04fWVVrrwv., Wm Wqf f 'wif WM L30 fa WM ,f3 :f,,, 'dw aflfffif jji-lP'k+f',C , , , if H 5fA?4?l'gw I A M 5111. Nici? pfwgwygfja dy XX. E AW U MmM4Mw axQ Njxx , mal QQ fl X ' ,Q ,Q m mf-533, N XE fwwH? N ifffixqx ggi -X4 M MN H 5593 if 9' igifiw gsffiigw MW me Pfjiirikfii' M mgff ffffy JM WWWM , Q M fjfjjfwffw W fijjw Mfjjuwyfg W S3 Mff Wifi f , 'M ,QMMW EE f f M y 5 1 gfffy ,XSWEQQ 4 'XM is SsX , WM! , gwvixgwzx 5612531 gy QQ H fdgfffiiwwyfgi , fWM W'! Yyhfvg W! jfwfigyffj Qfpfjyffwf nf MM? y5fj5?Wizfw Q54 ffplgmg VM V22 aalp ' U Wy YZ CVQM ' Q ,W , f,,,w VJ -. VT - L, if 61" A I My WP , 4' if 1 ,ff1H'Q V 'T A7 V w WWW P' fm I iJfjN6"lf f 541 A, ' W G ' j dfzlx 14" if I ! I' M XJL L If W Ole?-4,0 if 115 Lili Alvjjw ,Li llob 1 X 4 Y if 4- 3011 Li' CPQ43 AL f 1 QQJQF if Dfw? 7 wisiwv 5555 QM? Q55 91 I vw- WW 7Q',2!fW7'y!MyjaU ZW? Q W ,, 2' W iwfi,w,wxi'g SX fx I J QU M ' kwowywwb 1 W- 1 . JW My WEN igglffeffi.-M Aww Qgfjjfwfj f of ' ff 'Q W W 2523 02155 fjfifx -,-., V f wg-vu' vw-yr'-Wy VH- ' as 1 M ' ,X ik Wu... WY' 1- .' V 5 xdU,wwi ya 2236 x uw , J. 'nuff 4'0" .- , " Q Q, -slr-v 'N 0 nv 7 , wfqfa Q fm h ' IA.. B Mn., pf! m,gw'M 1 ww ' ff W an 'N ,iff H M -ga, ,,. W ,, Q' bag' ffhm.. ww 5 I K 1 1 I i E i I D vim-1-Q-w sy?NX1Wl11.T'f i'N!'1l1N ?: - - ' ,Tw - A - . -, . 1

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