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x JA. 'Nr T.: xr M.. ,4 vit 1337 g?11:2,Q 3331- :EQ-f -eg-fi 531111: ' f. ,QE 5222 :ing Msn 23:5 .II A -1372 .9552 55,111 " M, "5 ,, .ff 'Tv F' if 'ST' Tv 'Tw Awww ala' Q N WX PW s A 'VM 1 ' gif? Fri 53? s ,A - JV' 'sf' . A X. Q iii: Q f Y Nik ,QW ww wg A Ri si' X W.,....-M ' 4555 . ry I, ,xwffz-.W Q ,,,,,A...-'W Y' . NIV' fll- -V L' 9' f A ,,,,,,,.......-w--g A A ,,.,.., X K 74 W' r:r:i:1,s3 2 m,,, f 'A .W.,..,..., A , wh . , ,,,,.,,,,.. uma., . ff M, s,N.Na..- MJT , ,Mi 1 H K 3 ,M A., ,MJ nun , x ,-.M A , .MV JI ii.. . f 2 ffl 'iq Q , . mf ,M 4 ww , M... ,af- .3-"j' ,, 5 W' , ' ,, Q-,Awww-wmwf M . M .,-, M -y S E 2 1 fa? 4-"" T' ,.,,.v-f" " ,.fr"f " ,Y 4 . .Lvl .M-,,,,,. ,,T.-4 - Qi- 3 W Me, L-, i -M, .X n ix ..,..-. . .....-- -- -Y ,-,,, ,.,, , i -Sig 0 -rjrpwrrs M id e - kr , -1.1, ,- ls, ,,, 5:1527 f Yi -2 - - Y f , . s B .G 3 'A ,., T3 ,,." 4,3 K igfi ,l3.:.s,,,. ff" ? ':'i2:- fs :s K ,iiwfgrf , - g? -- Ai' " y Y 3 .f--"5" ' YS 1 Mm -litggipi 5 Y ,.',.' 1.-- 1 ::-s:J.T'-- Come with me, and walk a way Down the Lane of Yesterday. Flowers beside the path are springing With their perfume, mem'ries bringing Thoughts of all those years gone by When we loitered, you and I, ln the garden fair and sweet Ol life's springtime, full, complete, Days in the long-ago, 'tis true, But Memory guides our steps anew. So, come with me and walk a way Down the Lane of Yesterday. -Alice C. Sutherland 'll Y X 'yfflf x"x,7'- Q X X ss NNW jf so r X Q f I f X x x xx XXXNXXX X X X x X X 40 W YS lt st ,,,, C E ll ll ' 1 dmv? f, 4 X X x X Q NX X li X Q eg g? in I 1 X 5 -N f my l lflll X N X xx fra? Kr I I xg . B t f- 'fgfgpjvyeg' it ff if I X! K y J .iv w e-I If A V ll ll l itll in f tt Fw l frf-ititft if l Ml g ilt this f ' 4 gf 52" 2' 5, 5 1 f . Ao., Will, 'll' 50.4 Q i- 1-ug Xl L-AL., La' f 5 .. X - Wi- rf: , 'Xx , ' ' ' I M Q i " ll l NRM ri- A ' 7 ill I i I .. in-ifli fl-.5 i f-ii. -ii lit 'ull'-t11'h"l l":?2f9N.'f'i 19-5-4 'Z' " ' 7 l.ez5'."'f"' 'ffl' 17522 if ' -3-'E-xiii" A 1-" ',17:T-"' X X "F 2 - V-J .Fi X Rxxxgkfx X, x DEDICATIO As we walk down the Lane of Yesterday we rediscover pleasures and tind old friends on the pages of our high school annuals. The person most responsible for recording these memories tor the past ten years is Mrs. Alma Vinson, who retired as Annual Adviser last spring. ln appreciation and gratitude we, the Trojan Staff, dedicate our V956 annual to lvlrs. Alina Vinson. Q l Qwfqnv--k I Mr. Robert C. Hall, Superintendent ADMINISTRATION Mr. Marvin P. Belknap, Principal Mr. Robert C. Mullen, Vice-Principal ,fi Pi Miss HELEN ENGER Heulih and Physical Education Mr. ALFRED FLECHTNER Music Mr. FRANK GUSTAFSON Guidance, Photography, Visual-Aids, and Tennis Mr. CARL HATLEY Boys' P.E. and Athletic Coach FACU LTY Mrs. THELMA BOOTH Commercial and Annual Mr. ROBERT DINSMORE Eighth Grade and Jr, High Athletics Mr. RONALD DOUGLASS Maih and Science Miss AGNES DUNN Librarian x .Ag FACU LTY Mrs. DORRITT HEINTZ Seventh Grade Mrs. LOIS HOPKINS Homemczking Miss BETTY JONES Seventh Grade und Art Mr. RICHARD KENISTON Social Science, Wrestling, ond Track Miss ARLENE ll NDSTROM English Mr. JAMES MURPHY Seventh Grade Mr. GLEN OLMSTEAD Agriculture Mr. ROBERT OQUIST Journalism, Commercial, English, Asst. Coach Q,-. 9 UV is-f Mr. PAUL WANGSMO Sovoiitli Giudir, Eighth Grazia- Math Mr. DANIEL WEYER Spcfucli, English, Algf-bm, Debate Mr. CHARLES WICKSTROM Eighth Grade,GcneraIMa1h Mrs. MARION YOUNG English FACU LTY Mr. PAUL SCHEYER Shop, Mechanical Drawing, Stage Crew Mrs. MARIE STOUT Health, P. E. Mrs. ALMA VINSON English, Latin Mr. BILL VINSON Driving, Sr. Math, Sociology Q 4 . L ir M. Q F" . X. Q v RJ. 21? E wiv. 9 X y 3 , 5 X 43 H H A W 95 E 9' 1 T 1 iiy' L E? GEORGE ALDRIDGE - F.F.A. 2,3,45 Rifle Club 3,45 Paper Drive, Recreation Committee, Ambition: to go to Alaska. SANDRA GAYLE BEGLEY - "San" A Tennis 3,45 Torch 2,3,45 Sec, 35 Troian 25 FHA 2,3,45 Choir Sec,-Treas. 2,45 Troianettes 2,3,45 College Confer- ence 2,35 Ambition: Marriage. ELAINE BELSHAY phone operator. beautician. Class Play, Band 23 Drill Team 4 FHA 24 Vice Pres. 2g Red Cross Rep 4 Ambition To be a tele NELLIE BOHREN - Ne Drill Team 3 4 GAA l,25 FHA 2,3,45 Red Cross 3 Ambition to be a CRAIG BUCHANAN - Baseball 2,3545 Basketball 2,35 Letterman 2,3,45 Torch 2,3,45 Student Council 25 FFA 2,3,45 Visual Aids 2,3,45 Ambition: College. SYDNEY CARR - "Bud" - Entered From Lincoln, Ambition: Business Administration. LOUlE CERQUI - "Sheriff Tex" f Trojan Knights 2,3,45 T.B. Board 45 Stage Crew, Talent Show 35 Baseball 45 Sr. Class Play5 Ambition: College, BARBARA CHAMBERLAIN - "Barb" f- GAA 2,3,45 FHA 2,35 Drill Team 45 Ambition: Marriage and artistic designing. JAY CHARABA - Industrial Arts. DIANNE COFFMAN - Jr. Class Play5 Sr. Class Play5 GAA 2,3,45 Drill Team 2,3,45 Torch 25 Office Girl 2,3,45 Ambition: Stenographer. MARGIE COLE - "Marge" - Drill Team 3,45 GAA 2,3,45 Trumpet Staff 35 FHA l,2,3,45 Annual Staff 35 P.E. Student lnst.5 Ambition: Marriage. VERNON CROSS - "Chief" - Football l,2,3,45 Wrestling l,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Baseball lg Letter- man5 Stage Crew5 Ambition: Professional wrestler. JEANETTE de LEON - "Jeanne" - Entered from Stadium 1954. Ambition: College. 2,35 Talent Show Attorney. BILL DOOR - FFA l,2,3,4, Pres. 45 Football l,45 Trojan Knights 2,3,4, Sgt. at Arms 35 Pres. 4. HARRY DUNN - "Ears" - Class Publicity Mgr. 3, 45 Chair 3,45 P.E. Student Leader 35 Junior Prom Program Chairman 35 Ambition: Get out of school. 8 . JAY DIXON -- 'Jayson Senior Class Play .nn-rv -ur Band l,2,3,4, Vice Pres 4 Trumpet Bus Mgr 4 Jazz Concert Chr. 4 Visual Aids 23 Junior Play JUDY EVERETT - Entered from Bethel l955: Girls Club 2,3,4: Ambition: Secretarial work. ROSALIE FRANCIS - "Sandy" - Drill Team 3: GAA l,2: Choir 2,3,4: Jr. Prom 3: Ambition: Beautician, DENNIS EDDINGS - "Den" - Entered from Snohomish 1955: Ambition: Psychology maior. CONSTANCE LEE ELLSWORTH - "Connie" - Drill Team 2,3, Captain 3: FHA l,2,3,4, Treas. 4: N.W. Music Cont. 3: Homecoming Queen 4: Stu. Council 2,4. MARLENE FORSLUND - Fellowship Club 2,3, Soc. Chr. 2: FFA Sec. 4: Annual Stat? 3: Health Center 3: Col. Conf. 2,3: Ambition: College. JAMES DAVID GILMORE - "Little Dubes" - Stu. Coun. 3,4: Sr. Class Vice-Pres: Baseball 2,3,4: Basketball 3,4: All School Play 3: Jr. Class Play: Torch Club 2,3,4: Ambition: College. FRED GREENFIELD - "Fearless" - Basketball 3: Band 2,3,4: Jazz Concert 4: Trumpet 3,4: Ambi- tion: Business Advertising. STEVE HAGMAN - "Hag" - Football 3,4: Ping Pong Champ 3: Band 2,3,4, Pres. 4: Trumpet Stott 4: Ambition: College. DIANNE HANDKE - "Fritzy" - FHA 2,3,4: Tro- ianette 2,3,4: Annual Art director 3: Ottice Girl 4: Red Cross Rep. 4: Sr. Class Play 4. CLAUDIA HENSPETER - "Cloud" - FHA 3,4: Girls Club Treas. 4: Annual Staff 4: Guidance Oflice 4: Office Girl 2: Ambition: Marriage. DONNA HERGERT - "Hergy" - ASB Historian 4: Jr. Class Play: Maiorette 2,3,4: Troianette 2,3,4: Torch 2,3,4: Annual Ed. 4: Trumpet Ed. 3: Ambi- tion: College. PAULINE HERMAN - "Herman" - Drill Team 2,3, 4: Jr. Play: Sr. Play: Girls Club 2,3,4: Ambition: Stenographer. LOIS JENSEN - ASB Secretary 4: Annual Stott 23: GAA 2,3: Troianettes 2,3,4, Treas. 3: Band 2,3,4: Ed. Trumpet 4: Torch 2,3,4: Ambition: Mar- riage. DON JOHNSON - "Johns" - Class Treas. 4: Torch 2,3: Projectionist 2,3,4: FFA Q,3,4, Sec. 4: Annual Stott 4: Ambition: College. GARY JOHNSON - "Gair" - Football 2,3: Wrestl- ing 3,4: Track 3,4: Trojan Knights 2,3,4, V. Pres. 4: Lettermans Club 3,4: Student Council 4: Ambi- tion: College. MARY LAVERNE JONES - "Mare" - Yell Leader 2,4: FHA 2,3,4, Soc, Chr. 4: Drill Team 2,3: Ambi- tion: Telephone operator. ng-1 'um' High LEONA JOY KAMENZIND e lLeet - GAA l,2,3,45 FHA 2,35 Drill Team 2,3,45 Historian 35 Troianette 2,35 Librarian 2,45 Ambition: Business College. DAN KILCUP-lDelmari-Entered from Lincoln 19555 Ambition: College. JANICE KNOPS-lianl FHA 4 Band 4 GAA 4 Torch 4, Sec. 45 Entered from Waupun, Wisconsin, 1955. Ambition: To travel. LOIS IRENE LARSONWLLOH--Class Vice Pres. 25 Drill Team 2,3,4, Cap. 45 GAA 2,3,4, FHA 2,35 Yell Leader 25 Ambition: Work for telephone company. KAREN GAYE l.ELl.l-lLillyi-FHA 45 Girls' Club 2,3,4p.ll'.-SI'.PI'OVT1 3gAfT1LDiTlOI1: Telephone operator. LEONARD LIGHTBURNE-lLeni-Football, Baseball, Track, Wrestling 2,3,45 Class V. Pres. 2,35 Trojan Knights 2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Ambition: School Teacher. ROSEMARY MEACHUM - lRosiei fi FHA 2,3,4, V. Pres. 45 Drill Team 2,3,45 Ambition: Telephone operator. JOANN MEAD-Uol-Drill Team 45 FHA lp Office Girl 2,3,45 Girls' Club 2,3,45 Ambition: Nurse. MARCIA METTLER-Class Pres. C25 Tennis 2,3,45 GAA 2,3,4, Sec. 45 Troicinettes 2,3,4, Pres. 35 FHA 2,3,4, Sec, 45 Torch 2,3,4, Pres. 45 Drill Team 2,3,45 Yell Leader 25 Ambition: College. LORIN TIMOTHY MIESSE-i,Timi-Jr. Play5 Sr. Play: Band 2,3,45 Office Assistant 25 Ambition: Study Dramatics. MAURICE MOHLER-lMorryi-Entered from Lincoln l9555 Ambition: To be a millionaire. DALE MYERSwFootball and Basketball Mgr. 25 Proiectionist 3,45 Lettermen's Club 25 Ambition: Mechanic. KAREN NESWOOG f lNessl - FHA 3,4, Points Chairman 35 Nurses Club 3,4, Pres. 4, Sec. 35 Yell Leader 45 Rep. to Student Council 45 Ambition: Nurse. SPENCER NORDFORS Y lGoosel e- Trojan Knight 23,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 ASB Vice Pres. 45 Band V. Pres. 35 Annual Staff 35 Ambition: College. DUANE O'RAVEZ-Rifle Club 45 Choir 2, 35 Foot- ball 25 Basketball 25 Trumpet Staff 4. DOUGLAS OTIS-iOtisJ-Football 23,45 Track 2,3,45 Wrestling 2,45 Lettermen's Club, Sergeant at Arms 45 Ambition: College. llt FRED PLUMB-Football 23,45 Basketball 23,45 Baseball 23,45 Track 25 Sr. Class Play 45 Letter- men's Club 2,3,4, V. Pres. 45 Troian Knights 23,45 Ambition: College. PAT PURGATORIO-lPattl-Entered from Orting in i9535 Homecoming Decorating Com. 45 Girls' Club 23,45 Ambition: Commercial artist. LYLE RADERfFootball 23,4, co-captain 45 Wres- tling 23,45 FFA i,23,4, V. Pres. 35 Student Coun- cil 45 Lettermen's Club 23,4, Pres. 45 Ambition: Movie Star. EVELINE REICHLIN-fEViel-FHA 2,3,4, V. Pres, 3, Pres. 45 GAA 23,45 Torch 23,45 V. Pres. 35 Drill Team 23,45 Jr. and Sr. Class Play5 Ambition: Pri- vate Secretary. FERDINAND KARL REICHLIN-fFerdyl-Basketball 2 Track 23,45 Wrestling 3,45 Proiectionist 3,45 Lettermen's Club 45 Ambition: College. CHARLENE RIEBLI-lChari-Maiorette 3,45 FHA 3,45 GAA 3,45 Red Cross Rep. 45 Entered from South Kitsap in l9545 Ambition: Telephone operator. RICHARD RIVENES-iDickl-ASB Vice President 35 St. Council 23,45 Football 2,3,4, co-captain 45 Track 23,45 Wrestling 23,45 Class Pres. 45 Treas, 25 Ambition: Happy Life. DONALD S. ROWE-iDonifTrack 23,45 Basketball 23,45 ASB Pres. 45 Class Pres. 35 Torch 23,45 Annual Staff 235 Lettermen's Club 23,45 Student Council 3,45 Ambition: To be an engineer. ROSA HELEN SCHLUMPF-lllosiei-Drill Team 3,4, Pres. 45 GAA 3,45 Tennis 3,45 All school play 35 ASB Historian 35 Student Council 3,45 FHA 3,45 Ambition: Go to Africa. GARY SCOTT-lScottylfBasketball 35 Football 45 Track 3,45 Wrestling 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Ambition: College. ANNETTE SEVOLD - Drill Team 2,35 FHA 2,35 Annual Staff 45 Office Girl 45 Girls' Club President 45 Ambition: Marriage. DARRELL DON SHARICK-iShadl-Football 23,45 Track 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 P.E. Instructor 45 Ambition: Career in Navy. GLORIA SHOOPAJL Play 35 Sr. Play 45 Annual Staff 235 Trumpet Staff 3,45 Band 23,45 Ambition: Marriage. ROBERT LEE SMITH-iBobJ-industrial arts5 Wood shop5 Choir 3,45 Ambition: Race motorcycles. LYNNE SMITH-Drill Team 2 34 Office Girl 2 3 4 Bookroom Assistant 4 Sr Class Play 4 Ambition Dance teacher. l Seniors at Ticket Sale LARRY SNELL - "Rocky" -- Football 3,4, Basket- ball 3,4, Baseball 3,4, ASB Publicity Mgr. 4, Let- termens Club 3,4, Ambition: To be ci chef. FERDINAND SOBOTA - "Ferd" -- Entered from Clover Park l955, Ambition, Mechanic. SACHIKO TAKEHARA - "Such" - GAA 2, Band 3,4, Ambition: College. JAMES THOMAS - "Stoker" - Wrestling Manager 2, Lettermens Club 2, Ambition: To be a million- aire. DARLENE LOUISE TRUCCO - "TruC" f GAA 23, 4, Jr, Class Play 3, FHA 2,3,4, Points Chairman 4, Annual Staff 4, Torch 2,3,4, Sac. Chr. 3, Office Girl 2,3,4, T.B. Jr. League 4, Ambition: College or Secretary. RAYMOND TYNDALL - "Ray" -- Traclc 2,3,4, Wrestling 3,4, Letterrnens Club 2,3,4, Band 2,3,4, Choir 3, Ambition: To Succeed. NANCY WOODARD - "Nance" -- Class Sec. 4, Sr. Class Play, FHA 2,3,4, Historian 4, GAA 2,3,4, Torch 2,3,4, Traianettes 2,3,4, Drill Team 3,4, Annual Staff 4, Trumpet Treas. 3,4, Ambition: Newspaper work. ALENE WOODSIDE -GAA 2,3,4, All School Play 3, Troianettes 2,3,4, Senior Advisor 4, FHA 2,3,4, Sec, 4, Torch 2,3,4, Drill Team 3,4, Ambition: Teacher. KAREN YOSHIOKA - GAA 2,3,4, Drill Team 3,4, Troianettes 23, Sec, 2, Torch 2,3,4, Stu. Council 2,3,4, Sec, 3, Treas. 4, Office Girl 3, Ambition: College. i ..c- I fv LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Rivenes, President, Mr. Hatley, Adviser, Dave Gilmore, Vice-president, Harry Dunn, Publicity Manager, Don Johnson, Treasurer, and Nancy Woodard, Secretary. SEN IDRS , . o in -X The Class of '56 worked constantly throughout the year from Mp., lU!QZ?'IflllWfy,,, 5 X X election time until graduation in June, living up to the under- xml? ,Q 'iw I fix 5 standing that the Senior Class is always the busiest. '. f fl fl' Wy X Our Senior Class play in November, "She Forgot to Remem- 'Il' A gl l 7f's2f73Z7flRll,,f,W ber", was both entertaining and successful. Tuffy I ' The Junior-Senior Prom given by the Junior Class in honor of X lt QNX- N X In f . ' All W the Seniors was enjoyed by all. fi! lfr ' fm X As the year went by our Committees chose announcements and il lffl,,l.l "l f I ssil lilwfxlflc personal cards in expectation of graduation. Caps and gowns, dill Wiffll , is .X xfs-of f'll" 'rf. too, were measured and ordered. Al N1 f l'-T A X l , Plans for Senior week, the Senior Ball, and Baccalaureate 'lllft li vin' Service were begun. fkyfkfq ll ggviffgg ll Mr. Harley, Mrs. Young, and Mrs. Vinson were the faculty ad. Xlsvlljyjl XL visers who helped make the journey of the Class of l956 a plea- ' lol dbx T V a 2 sant one. ry IJ 5 rf 'M X, With our eyes on the future our thoughts go back down the V f Wt T lane of yesterday. lllllljf I Ark-X 5. W fl' . K., ng, 'T lffg . '.,mf.awm nd Ly '. ,fi lip , gg- w 13 JU IORS lonlmnrg lmcirlf flown ilu- lrinf- of Yesterday, we Jiuiimn it-will ii yi-cir of work rinil play Um cicllvitii-', lu-ryan in thi- lull, wltrn wc Chose Rrnrii-i Swv:-t, loin livinni-i, Donna Rlwlcfy, JOGI1 fiiviliii, iiiicl li-ity funinir rif, :viii liiriilf-ii, Witlw Mr. Rwlw-it l.lciiii5,l cis wilt' clcixf, cirlviwi-i Spruiinoiirtrj tlnr rarirf-smioii ntcinrl at tlir- Football Jciiiilniniw- wir. ruin lnzt niciin lllllttjikl, Many Juniors rmviyiicl flaw, rings tltif, yi-cii, wliilv monte liavo tim! oirli-if-cl tlnirni. ln January we ltfrlrl a dance rincl tlii- Mimi-,'.iyirairiri:, ci Nwriio ciucutot, Sang. ln fkinil wr- pri-',i'ntr-rl llifr nifty, "latlwr's Baron to Mitra", clnwtr-cl lxy Mi. Cliriilizf, Vyiflxntioln. We rrmnrliirli-il inn ylirii of rirtiyilir-S in tlier Sprinfj with ilu- Jilnirn Svnifn Pirani Ailili-tiriilly wi- clicl wi-ll, witlt niciny Juniors ririininfi lnlli-In in llir- vcirifaiw, wprniii liinirn-, lirivv' rilyyriyf, tin-cl to cli-vi-lop ci spirit ol vyillinilnf 1',' , rinrl iinitfirl 1-lloit in zcliool and Class 'noir-rti, :intl wi- ini- now lamlainfi loiwarcl to ronipli-tinii rlnollii-i yi-in rilrinfi 'lie lane Ot Yi-'.tr-iilfiy. flu 4- is-1 ,ec kvvve i f-Q ar Junior Class Officers: left to right, FRONT ROW: Donna Risley, Joan Giving, Tom Bennerf BACK ROW: Roger Sweet, Jerry Conine, Mr. Robert Oauist, adviser. FRONT ROW: liift to iirilit, li-ity Canine, Marilyn Borg, Charlene Brodahl, Roberta Bryant, Jeanine Clark, Don Anderson, SECOND ROW: Jmk l'n',iucl, Bal, Cnyin, Ellen Anderson, Richard Dixon, Cloyte Dascliofsky, Doreen Bell, Monty Fox, Don Bean, Carl Bullo, THIRD ROW: Bciilmifi Ffilipk, Maxine Arnold, Gordon Davies, Sandra Brydon, Tom Benner, Mary Lou Burke, Torn Dunbar, Connie Awlu-W, Rogifr Dutton. WW- W' 35 6 - I.. X 4 fe - I K i .1 9 x J R 3,s Dwi, i FIRST ROW: Ieff fo right, Frank Mananna, Dan Mciiechnie, Amelia Kyarnrne, Anita Jackson, Sorena Jonnson, Joan Giving, Bob Mead: SECOND ROW: Jim Hensiey, Connie I-Iedger, Kenyon Luce, Judy Hagrnan, Gary Jackson, Kathy Lyons, Jim Miller, Dale Nelson, THIRD OW. Paul Hanson, Virginia Muir, Leroy Kowaguchl, Bob Merrill, Haruyo Kona, Terry Moceri, Anna McKinney, Ron Harilofi, Jiin Lewis, Roger HoIIenbacI'i, Bonnie MuII'iaII. FIRST ROW: left to right, Gene Snell, Donna Risley, Anne Spear, Rose Marie Telling, Wayne Tripiett, Pai VVannQr, We-s RisI1:y, SECOND ROW: Marilyn Vargo, Jan Powers, Diane Ryan, Roger Sweet, Doris Rader, Dick Waniers, Emiiy Rayner, Darrell Painmr, Waiter Saizmann, THIRD ROW: Joyce Reddy, Coiieen Weber, Pat Smith, Dea T' Ii nna lmrnons, Jo n Pollock, Pat Rooney, Bain Wiisorw, Donna Ryan, Ed Sfipes, Gay Sneil, Dick Rowe. I 4 I I i ,5 . , , A , 1 A SOPHOMORES At the beginning of the year the well organized Sopho more Class chose the following ofticers: Soclco Shimizu, prosident, Geri Kroclcntan, vice-president, Pat Richardson secretary, Leroy Schatz, treasurer. Other officers were .lo Anne Larson and Marion Lightburne, sergeants-at-arms, Don Hanson, publicity manager, and class representatives, Pat Bell, Art Paulsen and Al woods. The class adviser is Mr. Douglass. The class showed its enthusiasm and school spirit by win- ning the "pep jug" and "pep puppy", the hrst time that they were offered in competition. Also the class sponsored danc- f es and concessions at games throughout the year. ln the spring they ordered their class rings. Colors which the Sophomore's chose are purple and white. Their very appropriate motto is "Plan for the future. You'll spend the rest of your life in it." FIRST ROW: G. Hess, G. Carder, R. Hoerling, D. Crandall, C. Cox, K. Bornander, J. Atkins. SECOND ROW C. Handke, A. Donberg, D. Arnold, G. Ferris, R. Clark, M. Hathaway, G. Clausnitzer. THIRD ROW: J Connelly, R. Culver, M. Coffman, A. Chlipala, J. Hoff, G. Hartloft, B. Henspeter, D. Hanson, C. Casseday R. Culver, S. Burk, T. Dean, M. Diedrtch, R. Hopkins, J. Abbott, P. Bell, E. Berg, M. Delin, D. Henricksen I I I T FIRST ROW: B. Lund, G. lsaksen, C. Lange, L. Kelley, J. Miiion, G. Krockman, T. Odegard, M. Kerlin, D. Perry, D. Krenick. SECOND ROW: J. Mead, D. Peterson, B. Prukop, A. Paulson, J. Larson, A. Profl, E. Pollock, R. Purdy, L. Muller, K. Pundzak, D. Parrish. THIRD ROW: M., Lighiburne, D. Parkhursl, R. Koester, S. Kraus, L. Johnson, A. Lofgren, D. Neil, M. Manning, M. Kammer, L. McDonald, T. Moceri, S. Kiifinger, B. Loidhomer. FIRST ROW: G. Salzmann, E. Trolson, M. Reul, H. Vogel, J. Slade, D. Thauf, K. Slroian, J, Strand, B. Yohn, S. Thunder. SECOND ROW: P, Richardson, R, Rasmussen, J. Vine, G. Paulman, S. Shimizu, G. Shilling, D. Suiter, H. Telling, N. Wilson, D. Sleuernagel, N, Simmons. THIRD ROW: K. Workman, K. Woodward, J, Young, L. Swanson, G. Thorseli, B. Yamamoto, A. Woods, G. Whiicombe, S. Wingren, L. Shafz, J. Zampardo. ,, .,.. 4... I I I I 1 i- I A r 5 '53 4 'u 'Ji sw , NNLIAL STAFF BACK ROW: Mrs, Booth, Adviser, Donna Hergert, Editor. FRONT ROW: Anneite Sevold, Dorlene Trucco, Nancy Woodard, Don Johnson, Jay Dixon. MISSING: Claudia Henspeier. ,,,,, Z1 FRONT ROW: Barbara Folick, Alene Woodside, Dionne Coffman, Duane O'Ravez, Roger Dutton. BACK ROW: Mr. Oquist, Adviser, Bob Merrill, Ferdy Reiclilin, Ellen Anderson. l Annuol Stall At Work TRUMPET STAFF FRONT ROW: Jay Dixon, Larry Snell, Lois Jensen, Gloria Shoop, Dave Gilmore, Nancy Woodard, Barbara Clnomberloin. BACK ROW: Sieve Hagmon, Russell Hol- lenbacli, Fred Greenneld, Mr. Oquist, Adviser. 5 s . ..... -., ,. owl. .Ml - - 5 ss T J: .J fu l K 5 v ff- p gg: .T 1' .,,,...-.- FIRST ROW: L. Kelley K. Lyons, K. Slroian, A. Woodside. SECOND ROW: D. Bell, G. Krockman, G. lsaksen, D. Ryan, M. Coffman. THIRD ROW: J. Lindburg, D. Risley, M. Burke, K. Bornander, B. Lund, P. Richardson. FOURTH ROW: P. Bell, J. Reddy, J. Hagman, G. Snell, D. Ryan. Gary Johnson, Bill Door, and Dennis Peterso Y1. TROJA ETTE FRONT ROW: Miss Dunn, Doreen Bell, Alene Woodside, SECOND ROW Donna Risley, LindaKelley, Beverly Lund. T Q Q F P . Q i f N 4. ' . - if 4' 1 . Q fl? V 1 I T x K FIRST ROW: T. Moceri, M. Lightburne, B. Door, L. Cerqui, J Zampardo. SECOND ROW: D. McKecknie, D. Rowe, M. Fox, R Sweet, F. Plumb, S. Nordfors. THIRD ROW: B. Merrill, G. John son, S. Shimizu, D. Peterson, R. Koesfer, E. Whitcombe. FIRST ROW: Marilyn Delin, Sandro Kiifinger, Sandy Francis, Karen Yoshioka. SECOND ROW: Allan Danberg, Mr. Weyer, Sharon Currier, Ken Luce. THIRD ROW: Gerald Carder, Gordon Ingram, Fred Green- fie DEB TE TORCH OFFICERS, SEATED, Janice Knops, Marcia Meiller, Alene Woodside Dave Gilmore. STANDING: Mrs. Vinson, adviser, Doreen Bell. FIRST ROW: Dove Gilmore, Janice Knops, Don Rowe, Alene Woodside, Roger Sweet, Lois Jensen, Dick Wahlers, Doreen Bell. SECOND ROW: Donna Hergeri, Karen Yoshioka, Pat Bell, Ferdy Reichlin, Par Rooney, Ellen Anderson, Judy Hagman, Dick Rowe, Bob Wilson, Joyce Reddy, Sandro Begley. THIRD ROW: Gay Snell, Marcia Mefiler, Evie Reichlin, Darlene Trucco, Nano! Woodard, Beverly Yamamoio, Bonnie Mulhall, Gran! Thorsetf, Diane Ryan, Sondra Wingren, Johnny Zampordo, Shirley Kraus, Marilyn Delin. ,I -J FIRST ROW J Young D Rowe C Buchanan D Gilmore Sec Treos D Wohlers R Tyndall T Mocerl J Llghfburne D Mclfechnie. SECOND ROW P Smnth K Luce F Plumb V Pres D Perry R Hollenbcuch L Snell G Scott B Wilson J Lewis D Bean E. Stipes. THIRD ROW D Rlvenes Membr Chr G Jackson G Snell R Sweet D Ohs Srg of Arms L Rczder Pres B Mead D Shorlck V. Cross, FIRST ROWJ Hogmon Pres J Reddy Sec D Rlsley V Pres SECOND ROW D Trucco E Relchlm LKcmenz1nd D Coffman R. Schlu- mpf A Woodslde D Bell THIRD ROW L Kelley Treos M Cole Donna Rvon Duane Rycn C Brodohl B Chamberlain L. Jensen, . I ,,.H..7..-W-MMD. , .W I . -.., L., ,, . SEATED, left to right: Ferdy Reichlin, Dove Gilmore, Dick Riyenes, Dick Wohlers, Robert Rosmussen, Ron Hortloff. STANDING: Don Rowe, Don Johnson, Dole Myers, Bently Browning, Corl Bullo, Gory Johnson, Horry Telling. AUDIO-VISUAL DFFICE GIRLS SEATED, left to right: Mory Lou Burke, Corolyn Roen, Shoron Currier, Geraldine Forris, Gerd Isoksen, Dione Ryon. STANDING: Annette Sevold, Delores Porkhursf, Noncy Woodord, Darlene Trucco, .IoAnn Mead, Lynne Smith, Doris Roder, Erno Pollock, Morilyn Delin, Shirley Forslund. ,W ...W I I I5 LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Roberlu Bry- onf, Leono Kcimenzind, Ruth Guiley, Alene Woodside, Colleen Weber, Anne Speor, Jerilyn Coflmon. STANDING: Soreno Johnson, Georgine Sulzrnunn, Judy Slade, Margie Coflrnon. LIBRARIANS FELLOWSHIP FIRST ROW: Arlene Vining, Marilyn Rivenes, Cor Kvomme, Karen Fieflcind, Jeanine Clark, Lini Siipes, Ingrid Riveness. SECOND ROW: Mrs. V son, Sharon Reircn, Dorothy Vining, Roberto Bi ont, Rose Morie Telling, Beverly Lund, Betty Bryoi Soreno Johnson. HEALTH CENTER FIRST ROW: Leona Kamenzind, Pai Ricliardson, Tlmora Lee SClwUUr.SECOND ROW: Deanna Timmons, Lenore Fnlascl-ii. THIRD ROW: Pai? Purgaloria, Belly Yahn, Karen Sfroian. FUTURE LIRSES FIRST ROW: Judy Bailey, Sandra Kinkade, Bar- bara Muir, Emily Rayner. SECOND ROW: Kafhe Lyons, Rose Marie Hoerling, Sharon Currier, Karen Beksinski, Janice Atkins. THIRD ROW: Mrs. True, Gerd lsalcsen, Karen Neswoog, Pai Rooney, Sandra Kitfinger, Deanna Timmons, Marilyn Delin. 07 FIRST ROW: Marcia Mettler, Ann Spear, Sandra Brydon, Colleen Webber, Emily Rayner, SECOND ROW: Donna Hergert, Sandra Wingren Bev Henspeter, Sandra Kittinger, JoAnn Larson, Connie Askew, Beverly Prulcop, Kay Pundzak, Margie CofTman, THIRD ROW: Nancy Woodard, Evie Reichlin, Darlene Trucco, Leona Karnenzind, Delores Parkhurst, Donna Ryan, Karen Neswoog, Carolyn Roen, Diane Ryan Dorothy Sutter, Nancy Simnons, Clarice Hantke. FOURTH ROW: Mrs, Hopkins, Adviser, Rose Marie Hoerling, Dianne Handke, Alene Wood side, Joy Hoff, Rosie Schlumpt, Gerd lsoksen, Beverly Lund. FUTURE HCMEMAKERS OF AMERICA HMAKFR . Q ffl 3 ai- I! 442 lilll N wow is 'V 1- ' 79 Ll-X V Y L ' ff. tif Lis' moe 0 'Ns NEW rib OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Connie Askew, Dar- lene Trucco, Rosie Meachum, Evie Reiclwlin, Margie Cole, Connie Ellsworth. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hopkins, Advisor, Margie Cofilman, Nancy Woodard, Joy HOH, Marcia Mettler, FIRST ROW: C. Barger, L. Kawaguchi, J. Young, A. Paulsen, B. Door, G. Whifcombe, L. Rader, E. Trolson, G. Harfloff. SECOND ROW T. Dean, G. Aldridge, D. Johnson, C. Buchanan, J. Fox, A. Danberg, J. Mitfon, K. Luce, T. Dunbar, J. Conine, B. Westfall, G. Clausnirzer M. Purgaforio. THIRD ROW: D. Murrey, D. Anderson, B. Alden, D. Thaut, B. Stipes, G. Smith, B. Loidhamer, J. Strand, J. Ward, B. Strassen Burg, S, Rinehart, G. Carder. FOURTH ROW: R. Koester, R. Hopkins, T. Moceri, E. Stipes, J. Nowicki, J. Green, B. Evenson, J. Geehan T,Yo1'suuye,B, Musser, M. Reichlin, D. Rees, S. Nunnemalcer, J. Zarnpardo. FUTURE F RMERS OF MERICA I .-....... i AMERICA , xi' 'FTF 'f X 4, L fl ,su arqjuofo, A A - N. '? 3 : .- .7 7 1 xr ,fx , 6' 0 N 1. 0 d o OFFICERS-FIRST ROW: Mr. Olmsfead, Adviser, Marlene Forslund, Bill Door, Marcia Mefile LeRoy Kawaguchi. SECOND ROW: Lyle Rader, Ken Luce, Don Anderson, Don Johnson. qgw XM I 3 no ...-w'f""""','H 00118 Q lvg 3 N 1 Y 5 1: 'S 1,1 l K V. 4 Z ,Nh ,li , ,N ' ' W Na ff f ..: 7. 4 ZQVZQ5 yiikgif. GIRLS' CLUB STANDING: Morcio Mettler, Secretory, Miss Dunn, Adviser SEATED: Kothe Lyons, V. Pres.: Annette Sevold, Pres., Doreen Bell Cor. Sec.p Karen Neswoog, Rep. MISSING: Claudia Henspeter, Trecus, x.,,,Q,. .. . A WW: Q ww -X wx ACTIVIT WWX. L, fkk, ,W X - if , ,W TUDE T COUNCIL Spencer Nordfors, Vice-Presideni Mr. Belknap, Adviser Larry Snell, Publiciiy Manager Karen Yoshiokag Treasurer Dick Rowe, Business Manager Lois Jensen, Secreiary Don Rowe, President Donna Hergeri, Historian FlRST ROW: Arr Paulsen, Judy Hagrnan, Lyle Rader, Joyce Reddy, Gary Johnson,Anne Spear, Doreen Bell, Sieve Hagrnan SECOND ROW: Socko Shimizu, Evie Reichlin, Karen Neswoog, Rosie Schlumpf, Karen Yoshi- oka, Lois Jensen, Dick Rowe, Alerie Woodside, Donna Hergerf. THIRD ROW: Spencer Nordfors, Larry Snell, Bill Door, Al Woods, Connie Ellsworth, LeRoy Kawggndqil Don Rowe. 32 Left to want: Karen Neswoog, Anne Spear, and Mary Jones. SENIQR HIGH YELL LEADERS SOPHOMORE YELL LEADERS Loft to right: JoAnn Larson, Pat Richardson, Geri Krockman, and Bobbi Thomas. L 4' . 3 lg .55 5 V ' ,,-'wx lk iii-WM j"'4 V 5 f-'Z . 'if 1 Y V b 1 'Q ' ., , Q :Lf Q L4 4' 'N 2 if a .vs 'W if ATTE DANTS DICK ROVVE DONNA RISLEY AL WOODS GER! KROCKMAN 'Q UPPER LEFT: from ww, li-li in miln, Dirk VNllllllErl'S, Diane Ryan, Bob Wilson, GGY Snell, BACK ROW: Coil Bullo, ond Doreen Bell. UPPER RIGHT: llfnnyfi Kano, linly llfi iiiriin Mrnilyrn B 'vrf 1 BACK ROW: Bonnie Mulliall, Ellen Anderson, Brnlvara Falick, Pal Rooney. LOWER LEFT,Kfl1l1nlyf,y ,1,, C'f,,f,Iy,i Rwiyi Di,-ii, Riigiii BACK ROW: Rggf-Marie Telling Toni Bonner, Dan Loacli, Monty Fox, LOWER RIGHT: Sciinlifi Biyrlon, Joyci- Ri-flfly fonnio Askew Anne Spear. BACK ROW: Carl Bullo, Mary LOU Burke. "F THER'S BEE TO MARS" Larry Gibson . .. . . Carl Bullo Ned Morris .. . , Dick Wahlers Mildred Gibson , , ,. Anne Spear J. P. Pierce ..... ..... B ob Wilson Gloria Gibson .. .. Diane Ryan Elizabeth Bosler .. .. Sandra Brydon Corky Gibson . .. . . Gay Snell Louise Minfern .. ... Joyce Reddy Earlba ...... . . Doreen Bell Zizi Cordova . . . . Mary Lou Burke flli UP PER LEFT: Back row, left to right, Margi Cole, Darlene Trucco, Sandra Begley, Marlene Forslund, Vernon Cross. FRONT ROW: Sachilco Takehoro, Marcia Mettler, Barbara Chamberlain, Louie Cerqui, Don Bean, UPPER RIGHT: Diane Coffman, Lynne Smith, Eveline Reichlin Tim Miesse, Gloria Shoop, Ferdy Reichlin, Nancy Woodard, Elaine Belshay, Lois Jensen, Dianne Handlce, LOWER LEFT: Louie Cerqui Lynne Smith, Tim Miesse, Pauline Herrran, ,lay Dixon, Gloria Shoop, Elaine Belshay, Fred Plumb. LOWER RIGHT: Alene Woodside, Karen Yoshioka, Leona Kamenzind, Charlene Rebli. Taylor Snowden . . Hester Carter . . . Camilla Jeffrey ... Marvin Ellis .... Derecfive ........ Mrs. Della Brewster "SHE FORGOT TO REMEMBER" . . . Jay Dixon . . . . Lois Jensen .. Dianne Handlce . . . Tim Miesse .. Fred Plumb . . Gloria Shoop Buddy Thompson . Diane Brewster .. Phyllis Corbefr .. Leland King ...., Elaine Woodbury Gwendolyn Archer . ..., Ferdy Reichlin Nancy Woodard . Elaine Belshay .. Louie Cerqui ... Lynne Smith Pauline Herman :K-5-gr .fr af' Any pictures today? W" W-- wwf- Hs lmkm 11-yuruwrwtrx Hvw, .44 , 'vu I MV- Yru rf-url Wv WQIWT to VVGlly's I 'I ,gf Moy Wu hs-lp you? My Hu al 1 A--"' fs..4 Up Down? Hdidcwya Christmas Assembiy Teachers' Teo The Siudentsff f"N X Here we go-H More of the Some Servirz . ...s . ' 1 X ' , - Y,,, 4. . 1 .,., Q w.. - V W M v 1' ' , 4 . .sf . 1 .B "2" 'su ' , him W 4, V 4 K i Concession Stand , it h ,Q W A .4 .r ' Oops! 39 ,fv""'i my-., 1 sv? fs va fl hf , 1 eee A. e s Q g QLIH A ..,, 5 z il .. , Vx W ,ii .ws : I 4" li-lt to viqht, louifr Cs-iflut, Mrs. Young, adviser, Darlene Trucco, Marcia Me-ttli-r STAGE CRE JR. T. B. BOARD The Junior Tuberculosis Boarcl has The main obiecT of making The public more aware oT The causes and cures of The dreaclecl clisease, Tuberculosis. An adviser and Three representatives Trom many ol The local schools aTTencl regular monThly mee-Tings, aT vvhich They plah ancl carry ouT various acTiviTies. In November each school enTered an orTicle in The school paper on Tubercu- losis, and a prize was given for The besT orTicle. Chrishhas saw us making Tavors Tor The children's hospiTal, and in Febru- ary a TalenT show entertained The patients at The Ihclran l-lospiTal. The year's acTiviTies vvere concluded by our visiTing The C. P, S, Occupahonal Therapy classes. FRONT ROW: Irttt to iiriht, Li-v lfthnnort, Vernon Cross, Louie Cerqui, Gary Scott. SECOND ROW: Bob Smith, Roger Sweet, Doug Otis, Jrty 4 ltaiuluu, Dick Rowe, lion Bwin, Dan Mfliechnie, Dan McGraw. Maiorettes, Donna Hergerf, Charlene Riebli, FRONT ROW: left to right, Sandra Vlfingren, Evie Reichlin, JoAnn Larson, Elaine Belshay Pauline Herman, Bev Yamamofo, Gay Snell, Colleen Weber. SECOND ROW: Marcia Mettler, Rosie Meaclium, Boy Prukop, Judy Mfad Geri Krockman, Doris Rader, Margie Coffman, Leona Kamenzind. THIRD ROW: Karon Bornander, Judy Slade, Dianne Coffman, Ncllir Bohren, Nancy Woodard, Donna Ryan, Sandra Brydon, Pat Richardson. FOURTH ROW: Rosie Schlumpf, Karen Sfroian, Alune Wood side, Barbara Chamberlain, Anita Jackson, Dorothy Suter, Carol COX: l-ihClC1 Kelley, Diane Ryan, LAO DAMIANS The Laodarriians, Fife High's drill Team, has exhibifed Their high stepping and marching ability by marching af The foofball and baskef- ball games. They are also looking forward To marching in The Daffodil Parade. They sponsored The Tolo which carried The Theme of "Pink Champagne". Each year They hold a banauef honoring The seniors and The newly elected officers. Officers for The year T955-56 were Rosie Schlumpf, presidenfg Margie Cole, vice- presidenf, Gay Snell, secrefary-Treasurer: Lois Larson, capfaing and Pauline Herman, hisforian. The Two maioreffes were Donna Hergert and Charlene Riebli, Maioreffes, Charlene Riebli, Donna I-lergerf 3,1 X m QA , W ex 12 lg gmgl QX gl , - nv qlvu Q , if A Y Q w New JQQQQXQT aim gh, ww f. if 'Qfjf Rf+3wQ gaS X 7 'Q ,Q . g f . ,sr 2 X l 4 , 0 S 7 A 1 . . A . . A xy , . ' . ' -. 4 s H1 , M . ' V, ' I 5 Q n 3 X fy is X ,fwtxx ,Q E is Q X 1,5 1 E . - ' Y . + . . , -' . s ' ' ' - Q . U 4 . Q 41 ', Q '5 "-5 35 X ' QQSQSX Nf wg . Q 'R-1, W XX l 9 E fy 47 A gs ,Q is Q? ' '1-'1 :::1 sf fr' 31 V i f is b.,,,,: if 3 , ey ' ii A ' . 5 '.2, .. f. , ' AAA'A G wb' 1 m k i Q9 'M ' 5 f 5 L 3 4 x I K Q , it 'vkx L . Q I My fy .0 g X E Q w p 3 f X 4 W , . F Q. L Q' 5 , A i A , N... K J A ,gk Q, .L V - if' s Y 1 W, . N . , - . -' 2 I ,gb 'f 5 f Q R Qu PM is 1 f KX Vi I f it L if E 2 FG lr' gr- TALENT SHOW I955-56 HGLIDAY HOTEL WR? H n Q qw -M: Az. TW X Q 1 k SPORT 41,3 i wif' f COACH E CARL HATLEY RICHARD KENISTON The Fife Troian football team, al- though they lost only one game, were forced to finish the season in fourth place because of two ties. It was one of the closest finishes in West Central League history. The team was very well balanced and had one of the best defensive records in the league. Lyle Rader was selected by his teammates as inspirational award winner, Dick Rivenes won the tackling tro- phy, and Darrell Sharick was selected as blocking trophy winner. Dick Wahlers and Dan McKecknie will co-captain next year's Trojan grid team which should be a very strong squad. l J. Lightburne, Al Woods, G. Schilling, G. Whitcombe SCORES FIFE ...... I3 ORTING .... ... O FIFE ...... 6 PENINSULA ...... 18 FIFE ...... 6 WHITE RIVER ...... O FIFE ...... O BETHEL ....... ltiel O FlFE ,..... 4l VASHON ........ 7 FIFE ...... I4 YELM ............ O FIFE ...... 27 EATONVILLE ...... O FIFE ...... 7 FEDERAL WAY .ltiel 7 oc S l z 1. W-like-' ' 3 Q fx , V V . cA,, FIRST ROW, left to right: Gary Scott, Socko Shimizu, Don Petry, Dennis Peterson, Dan McKechnie, Keith Workman, LeRoy Schatz, Johr Zompardo, Bill Door, Eldon Trolson, SECOND ROW: Vernon Cross, Fred Plumb, Bob Wilson, Arnold Protl, Russell Hollenbach, Doug Otis, Ed Stipes, Len Lightburne, Gene Snell, Darrell Sharick, Dick Crandall. THIRD ROW: Don Steuernagel, Gary Jackson, Dick Wohlers, Gary Johnson, Larry Snell, Jerry Canine, Steve Hogman, Grover Hess, Dick Rivenes, Lyle Rader. FGQTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW, left to right: Football captains, Lyle Roder and Dick Rivenes. BACK ROW: Seniors, Len Lightburne, Fred Plumb, Darrell Sharick Steve Hcgman, Larry Snell, Gary Johnson, Doug Otis, Gary Scott, Vernon Cross, Bill Door. 5.45 52" 31,22e3Dis21e F , W Q-SQ X J R P551 J 37 BASKETBALL COACHE Mr, Carl l-latley Mr. Robert Oquist Although this year's Troian basketball team did not have a glorious record in the won-lost column, the Fife team showed a fine display of teamwork and determination, Even when behind, the Troian five showed great spirit in coming from behind many times in the closing seconds to worry their opponents. During the course of the season, the Blue and Gold scored 6 wins and IO losses in league play and had a 2-2 record in non-league play, Larry Snell led the Troians in the statistical field as he topped the team in both scoring and rebounding. Captain Spence Nordfors finished second in both fields. In league play the Troians scored double victories over Orting and Vashon and single victories over White River and Bethel. lt was the first time in four years that a Fife basketball team had beaten Bethel. MANAGER SCO Fife . . . . . 56 Fife . . . . . 48 Fife . . . . . 43 Fife . . . . . 43 Fife . . . . . 43 Fife . , . . . 35 Fife . . . . . 51 Fife . . . . . 72 Fife . . . . . 66 Fife . . . . . 38 Fife . . . . . 56 Fife . . . . . 37 Fife . . . . . 42 Fife . . . . . 45 Fife . . . . . 37 Fife . . . . . 30 Fife . . . . . 63 Fife . . . . . 45 Fife . . . . . 51 Fife ................ 40 N 'Non-league games. i 48 North Thurston Orting ........ . . . Yelm ..... Eatonville . . . Mount Si Federal Way . Mount Si .... North Thurston White River .. Bethel ....... Vashon ..... Peninsula Yelm ....... Eatonville ... Federal Way . White River . Bethel ....... Vashon .... Peninsula .. Orting . . . 42" 40 50 52 6l ' 59 57' 48" 47 42 43 39 50 50 76 36 36 38 65 36 VARSITY, left to right, Monty Fox, Gene Snell, Dick Rowe, Fred Plumb, Spencer Nordfars, Larry Snell, Dave Gilmore, Roger Sweet, Dick Wchlers, Don Rowe, and Gary Scott. BA KETBALL TEAM RESERVE, iett to right, Jack Young, John Pollock, Le Roy Schatz, Allan Danberg, Jim Mitton, Curtis Lange, Darrell Thaut, Al Woods, Art Paulsen, and John Zampardo, if re' .pw- ,,.-ff-.., ,X ,I ,N it A . ,If . ,vs , ,, . ,...... X . f 4 J: - - Y N Q, .r 5 I ' V We an ' , X I :Q VRONT ROW: left to right, Mr. Richard Keniston, Coach, Dan McKechnie, Don Petry, Keith Workman, Jim Lewis, Tim Moceri. SECOND ROW: Joe Lightburne, Vernon Cross, Bob Mead, Ferdy Reichlin, Len Lightburne, Frank Mahanna, Manager. THIRD ROW: Gary Johnson, Dale Myers, Dick Rivenes, Lyle Rader, Ray Tyndall, Sam Rinehart. WRESTLI - I9 6 BA EBALL-I955 FRONT ROW: left to right, Dick Wahlers, LeRoy Schatz, Jim Lewis, Dennis Peterson, Jim Mitton, Jim Miller, SECOND ROW: Pat Smith, Dan Mcliechnie, Len Lightburne, Monty Fox, Wes Risley, Dave Gilmore, Tom Gilmore, Bob Peterson. THIRD ROVJ: B b W'l Plumb, Bob Mittori, Larry Snell, Dave Hall, Cloyce Daschofsky, Mr. Hatley, Coach. o ison, Bob Mortensen, Fred .rr E' , C , no ii I' 'I X N , 1 ' . ' I -v , . i , ' "' 4 l., E I L W I . ' I H" '-' , .2 ' 4, A I ft I 1 I, f f I . s li Q 'Q '9 ji' it " ,,. - , I , R I r QL V .I . gf its ,Q K . . A . R I A Y 5 , , ' , E I ' ,fe-af I I I V , F wi 7 +4 if-i M X i X Q f r li l W l 5. f R ,Q-' s W, elf x . :ls . I ' ' Ji, V M - Lf, l 1 . 'A' A U yfirgm y . A M le.. A ., LILA L""kA-My N M Q .HNF Y, ,rw x:,d',I 4- v-I-,y ggw-1a?:1.-., I ,mai sf? s SQ'Q-,1..efQ1,.TLtr.a.ggs We. 'Un I , tr -I I I I . - f . , I , I v!.:,. 2 ,s 'ac ij' ' I E13 s,s ' ' IL. I It , I 1 I E ,Q S K XX QIIAKJ 5.19 'I ,I 41 3 it 'QQ I N H if 'X FRONT ROW: left to right, Gory Jackson, Morton Ltghtburne, Ferdy Retchlin, John Zampordo, Don Rowe,Jc1ck Young. SECOND ROW: Tom Benner, August Zarnpardo, Roy Tyndall, Dick Rlvenes, Richard Ambuehl, Norman, Cronquist, Joe Door, Coach, Richard Kenlston, THIRD ROW: Frank Maltanna, Don Bean, Vernon Crass, Gory Johnson, Doug Otis, Darrell Shorick, Gary Scott. TRACK - I955 TENNS- I9 6 FIRST ROW: Connie Ellsworth, Marcia Mettler. SECOND ROW: Sandra Begley, Grant Thorsett, Anne Spear. THIRD ROW: Roger Sweet, Mr. Frank Gustafson, Cooch. aw""'N 11 F? IIRSI ROW' BOII Fvnrisori, Mikfi Coon, Ooorqo Aldrich, Wayne Tripleti, Martin Reichlin, SECOND ROW: Dole Rees, Eddie Berg, Carl Bullo, Ron Km--.Ir-I If-my Kuwnqnclii, luck Young THIRD ROW: Tom Yotsuuyc, Jim Fox, Bob Alden, George Smith, Bill Loidlminor, ,lolin Svcind. FOURTH ROW: If-flu-y Ward, Diirinn O'Rovcz, Chuck Bnrger, Bob Sirussonbufg, Mr, Glen OlmsIoc1d,Adviser. RIFLE CLUB 'V I-an C117 X ,,.......x SKI CLUB FIRST ROW: Shannon Nelson, JudelleFredcrii Mary Kukovvski. SECOND ROW: Linda Kelley, Isoksen, THIRD ROW: Ken Luce, Anne Spear fm" up -+1 MPSHUKK V H x OFFICERS, SEATEDf Diane Murrey, Janice Sweaney, Jerry Snell, PresiclenT5DGWr1 Mock, Yoshi Kona. FRESHMEN FRONT ROW: inclvillr' Frf-:Ji-iirlfsr-ri lalwn Becker, Narnia Celmer, Dick Arnold, Darlene Arnold, Bob Fvenson, Shirley Farsllrnd, Pa? Clark. SECOND RHVVZ Ralwur Alclvn, Karr-n Fil-tlrinfl, Crrcilr- Ballaris, Lois Crawford, Jerilyn Coffman, Silas Cross, Mary Jane Coclwenefte, Dallas Blair, THIRD ROW: l1lniU'AvnlnOn, Sli:-lclon Fnsrucl, Judy Bailey,ClvUClcBGrgcr,JOC1nnc Dunn, Gran? Bullo, Karen Beksinslci, Jim Fox, Joanne Faver. FOURTH ROW: Dawn Forman, Rf-x lbazclialmlwy Belly Bryanl, Bentley Browning, Shirley Alasher, Wayne Capps, Judy Blanclwer, Robert Delgarno, Kathy Burke, ,T af x : 3' x ii 5 E FIRST ROW: left to right: Mary Lou Mead, Darlene Gilge, Margie Jones, Harry Hylkema, Judy McDowell, Mike Hopkins, Yoshi Kona, Sylvia Holt. SECOND ROW: Jerry Manning, Carol Kvarnrne, Gary Gates, Dawn Mack, Johnny Green, Judith Gregory, Larry Melsness, Carol Hogan. THIRD ROW: Ida McKinney, Karen Larson, Karen Jacobson, Marilyn Johnson, Judy Loidharner, Judy Gilbert, Diane Mack, Mary Kukowski. FOURTH ROW: JoAnn Lindberg, Alvin Linke, Diane Murrey, Jerry Hollenbach, Arlene Indrebo, Henry John, Barbara Muir, John McDonald, Sandra Kinkade, Dennis Garrett, FRESHME FIRST ROW: left to right, Dale Rees, Martin Reichlin, Virginia Soderman, Tom Yotsuuye, Echo Sherman, Jim Reddy, Elaina Riebli, Steve Nunne- maker, Janice Sweaney. SECOND ROW: David Naccarato, Karen Tuttle, Bob Pagh, Sharon Steuurmans, Roger Orness, Karen Reed, Verna Sproul, Benny Stipes. THIRD ROW: Jerry Snell, Geraldine Ness, Jim Robbins, Shannon Nelson, John Nowicki, Kay Shipman, Arlene Nelson, Joyce Watkin- son, Darlene Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Paul Robinson, Robert Schultz, Dorothy Vining, George Smith, Janice Sessler, Phillip Steves, Gretchen Neher Bob Westfall, Jeffrey Ward. 5 9 TPRST ROW. loft to rig1l1t,G Mcrdmn, D Gf1tes,B. Bottles, E. Abbott, D. Bailey, B. Merrill, M. Christensen, S. MCBQQ, J, Peterson, D. Ammon SECOND ROW, M Bryan, D !X0lc1ms,R. Dtcdrtclw, L, High, J, Blouvelt, M, Lefor, J. Berger, G, Berry, J. O'HQc1rn, T, Errigo, THIRD ROW, D. Bartz C Tiqq, G, Grimm, C Crowe-ll, M Hcxrpm C Culver, J, McDonald, S. Begley, L, Burger, M. Christensen, FOURTH ROW: L Mnlmnrm, R, Holmsdnle, I Kccn, C. Bailey, P. High, D Clvyongcr, E. Giles, P. Donko, J. Bevegni, G. Brown, J. Posinetti. EIGHTH GR DE FIRST ROW: B. Toston, G Webber, J. Znmpordo, K. Pciulsen, R. Pettingor, G. Wltitcombe, R, Smitlw, L. Triplott, J. Smith, L. Timmons. SECOND ROW: J. Kr-mmoror, J Pulliam, P MrDonnId, P. Willard, L, Yoslwiolqcu, C. Weothcrbec, S. Yohn, L. Sullivon, M. Rush, R, Riveness. THIRD ROW: I lillcy, M. Tuclwr, D McClintocl1, S. Swim, D. Tucker, K. Rasmussen, L. Vine, K. Riyeness, M. Rivenes, J. Smitlw, FOURTH ROW. A. Mildon, M. Jolvnson, P. Patterson, M. Kclly, L Jvnsrrrt, P, Hotlmwoy, L. lsokson, J, Taylor, A. Vlning, B, Touclwette, R. Hogan. v ,M ,s i QV! gov l 45 . gr . "I -.1 s 1 . . .1 on-nn FIRST ROW: lett to right, D. Edin, B. Donko, M. Mostin, B, Matson, B. Blouvell, R. Ellis, R. Bullis, J, Cossedoy, J. Henrickson. SECOND ROW: L Kvornrne, A King, B Giles, L. Koelin, l.. Bellrnon, N. Anderson, D. Gotes, F. Grish, P. Jones, K. Kinoshlto, C. Keoting. THIRD ROW: D. Burnbor, J. Lilley, M. Horns, D. Chestnut, S. Lippert, J. Meod, J. Coughlin, T. Fox, T. Bond, F. Cubboge, M. Guirsch, J. Lush. FOURTH ROW: W. Fischlin, J. Jockson, M Beksinski, G. Johnson, M, Johnson, R. Johnson, T. Stevens, M, Curr, P. Horper, P. Cheslock, P, McDonoId, S. Hergert, J, Hashimoto FIFTH ROW: D. Culver, L. Bobbit, B. Clevenger, A. Vernom, J. Bierge, G. Dickerson, F. Apple, L. Arnold, J. Bennett, R, Houston. SEVENTH GR DE FIRST ROW: left to right: F. Suter, L. Wilkinson, E. Quolheim, B. Vonderhoef, D. Yomodo. SECOND ROW: Torn Miller, J. Neil, G Roberts, J. Posinetti, D. Reck, D Tokehoro, L Rong, P, Vogel, A. McCoweII. THIRD ROW: M, Rooney, D. Olive, B. Woldret, P. Woldret, I, Riveness, D, Rennie, M. Nelson, W. Rees, C. Reichnwth, R. Rovvon, D. Stovvell, M. Ness. FOURTH ROW: K. Moki, J. Polmer, K. Rorkhurst, G. Purdy, M. Nelson, B. Price, D. Merrill, R. Olson, N. Roddock, G. Miller, B. Steinmetz, G,ZeigGr1, J. Swanson. FIFTH ROW: P. Snell, R. Wotkinson, J, Risley, M. Wingren, J. Woymon, M Sweet, D. Suss, D, Stewort, J. Shoop, L. Stipes, P. Michelsen, M, Thclut, R. Riden. fi I , f 3 H sea to E Q Lil Z , V7-'A uv 5 g":1 -D I gg!-:gl FRONT ROW: left to right, Arlene Nelson, JoAnn Fover, Joyce Wotkinson, Judy Wcitkinson, Judy Bloncher, Judy Lilley. SECOND ROW: Leono Bellmon, Donno Stewort, Ingrid Riveness. Kathy Kinoshito, Moriorie Christensen, Mary Kukowslci. THIRD ROW: Sandro Yohn, Jone Smith, Ellen Abbott, Sondro Kinlcode, Borboro Muir, Jerilyn Coflmon, Sylvio Holt, Miss Arlene Lindstrom, Adviser. SABERETTE ABRE K IGHTS FRONT ROW: left to rigl1t,Georgc Brown, Bob Alden, Mike Johnson, Woyne Copps, Phillip Steves, Rodney Riveness. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Ros- ll P D 'd Tokehoro, Jim Reddy, Mr, Pcul Wclngsmo, odviser. rnussen, Poul Donlco, George Merdion, Melvin Johnson, Bi rice, ov: ,...... .,-. i. F " in l 7.5. , Jjlg i5ff??'f6'1' . ' 1. 7511, it grwfsp- -: 'Q rt Z' I U u :f xx 'Ac 'lf' A 3 3. J 3 3 i -ff . 2 sq --i N X 5-.QQSQ5 x X X 5 s 4 9 I i 1 5 Q J 5 x 4 Q 1 6 O X Q- 9 'Q-Q X 'H I lt 'li FRONT ROW1 lett to right, D. Yamada, D. Takehara, M. Rivencs, J. Zampardo, J. Dunn, S, Yohn, J, Coffman, K. Kinoshita, G. Webber. SECOND ROW: Miss Lindstrom, Adviser, I. Riveness, J, Peterson, S. Begley, D. Merrill, F. Grish, L. Yoshioka, M. Nelson, M, Carr, K. Paulson. THIRD ROW: D. Culver, N. Celmer, J. Smith, T. Errigo, S. Kinkade, D. Chestnut, G. Cubbage, S. Forslund, R. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: P. McDonald, M. Wingren, C. Kvarnme, K. Rasmussen, J. Bevegni, W. Capps, J. Blancher, D. Garrett, J, Lilley, J. Reddy. FLAME CLUB STLIDE T COUNCIL FRONT ROW: lett to right, Robert Schultz, Dallas Blair, Tom Yotsuuye, Lois Crawford, Linda Yoshioka, Marilyn Riveness. SECOND ROW: George Webber, Duane Reck, Mike Bekslnski, Kathy Burke, Sandra Kinkade, Patsy McDonald, Mr. Mullen, Adviser, DuFly Yamada. .J f. rf' In V ki J Mu., i l Q X l 'WW HQONT ROVV lf-it to rifght, Kay Shipnmn, leigh Kvantrne, Maryann Williams, Jane Smith,Bric1n Vandcrhoef, Mike Kelley, Lee Solven, Carol Culver lirmtly Yrihn, lvmna Bnllntan, Marilyn Swv-A Mr. Flechtnor, Dirostor. SECOND ROW: Dana Culver, Linda Stipos, Judy Bailey, Roberta Houston lanvmi lionrl, Kf-n Rivr-nr-sn Phillip Willrird, Margaret Brion, John Cosscday, Gary Miller, Bob Matson, THIRD ROW: Ellynda Giles, Carol Figg lim Shoop, Rory-r lllis, L1-Roy Rang, Miko Ness, Butch Robbins, John Nowicki, Melvin Johnson. JLINIQR HIGH BAN MAGAZINE DRI E lRONl ROVV' lt-it to right, Tom Yotsuuyfr, Dallas Blair, Barry Dnnko, Linda Yoshioko, Dully Yamada, lim Wymaii, Mike Guiesch,GC1ry Ziegon SECOND ROVV1Mikf- Bt-kwin-,ki, Gvoigo Wfilulaor, Patsy McDonald, Kathy Burke, Ruth Jones, Mr. Mullen, Adviser. JS s-ev' Nl' rl K WN' A -uhglff' , W Q s ff. . gk., 1- ,Q qvkqr , mad' M 1? ,. W- aa.. ff tu... V TRW-A ,- ,Buff Lf , W J ' ' Q 0 K , 'J' 5 LEFT TO RIGHT: Darlene Arnold, Joanne Lindberg, Margie LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Zampardo, Susan Begley, Delores Merrill Jones. YELL LEADER RESTLI G FIRST ROW: left to right: Duffy Yamada, Mike Matson, Brian Vanclerlioel, Larry Triplefl, Jack Mead. SECOND ROW: Rodney Riveness, Terry Fox, John Casseday, Duane Reck, Bill Blauvelf, Martin Reichlin, Mr. Kenisron. THlRD ROW: Dal Chestnut, Silas Crass, Bob Touchefie, Jim Smith, Melvin Johnson. , 1 A 'L R . 9 .uf - :if 1 3 - ': : 1 X , a my l Q J ""'u ,I 4 if N s . X Q Q 5' tt A My k u., 4 1 :LEEHQQ ,. . K - ks' Q , .k, Q Q K A 'ef . R, W I .4 K X- . ' ' L .Q L, W 0 A Ugg- .. g qi E ij ' sg W I 2 I I If Q- s m' Mi:,v 1"' 35, a. K -. -"K T 'Q nw, by X "B, -ua,-gi: ' " NN VF- MM wJ",,, ...i in fx - L - . T . V v X lx 'X rv 8 - y 3. ,QQ ,AW 1- -' N L A-1-Sw, J Q ' A - Tw X , , A ,yiiyiitio w'Qf fi.. ws 1:-A,.. L M ,K ,,,1-'uf-,-FH. A of 1,6 5 W' Q-r,' . gf, 9 A . X S W A , ' l 9, FRONT ROW1 Tom Yotsuuyn, John Bvclwr, Steve Nunncmolcer, Jim Robhins, John Nowicki, Paul Donko, Jim Fox. SECOND ROW: Rogr-r Ornc-ss, Silas Cross, Gzlorgo Akins, Jerry Snell, Bob Westfall, Woyne Capps, Alvin Linke. THlRD ROW: Phillip Steves, Gary Rirmhrirt, Jcll Word, Jerry Hollvnlnoch, Rolucrt Schultz, Ken Rasmussen. FOOTB LL FLAG FOOTBALL FRONT ROVV Cory C- nnvn, Clary fin-f1r1n,MilxQ Bc-lcsinslxi, Rodney Riveness, Ron Hogan, Bill Merrill, Lorry Tripleit, Bill Poulrnon, Wolf livrlilin, Dol ill +-', Y iiii t, Dull-,f Ymnnvlfi SFCOND ROW: Mr, Murphy, LeRoy Rong, Bill Price, Miko Mnslin, George Merduon, Gary lfrmlwrlf., lim lNyrnr1n, liirlx Mimi, Ron Bullis, Wciyrwcv Recs, Mr, Wiclcslrom. THIRD ROW: Barry Donko, Gone Culoboge, Bob lfiucln-Mfr, Al V4-vnfmw, lm- Sullivan, Bob Molson, Frank Sulcr, John Posincvlfi, Doug Bortz, Phillip Hnfhowoy. FOURTH ROW: Terry fox, Miko Ouirnch, Dennis Minnish, John Cossody, Bill Blouvelf, Jerry Lilley, Duonc Rock, Mulyin Johnson, George Purdy. QX M 6 ,, .5 l F FRONT ROW: left to right: Mike Hopkins, Jim Reddy, Tom Yotsuuye. SECOND ROW: Dale Rees, John Becker, Roger Orness, Dallas Blair, Mr, Dinsmare, Coach. THIRD ROW: Bob Alden, Alvin Linke, Phillip Steves, Chuck Barger, Bob Pagh. VAR ITY EIGHTH GRADE FRONT ROW: left to right: Mike Mastin, Barry Danko. SECOND ROW: Mike Beksinski, Robert Pettinger, Bill Merrill, Frank Sutter, Gary Ziegan. THIRD ROW: Ken Riveness, Walt Fischlin, Ron Hogan, Mike Kelly, Gary Graham, Mr. Wangsmo, Conch. FOURTH ROW: Lanny Babbit, Paul Danko, George Brown, Ron Holmdale. .......,..,, ,M ,...m...,..,.,,....,.,,i E . ,.,.. A. r . . s 2 i E i Vw 9- ,2 1- Qt. - L 1- 1 ia h sd Teo for Mother. Were friends. 'Z'f WY ,P , 9 ,f if fs 6 .4- ' , 5 if I y-4 lisa Who! time is the porode? rf ,. A fu h V: , f +-N , 472 8 v ' fe, hi o , 1 11' 1.3 lla, ""fN 5. s" 1 self-, 2 xhh , X xv? . 'P' .L ws f'::, if" M i:Q'iji.:5iN: 1 nl? 'll W A I Boys f' fy K x Going Look Oufl , xii' in tif GW ' X W.. 4. my way? si 3? 1 hog ,WN R w.S5 I'll throw it Boy ond his dog. We went to Sunday School. W , S 'Q fri a Q A '5 K fag. :.., 0 X ' ,,.. .. ,W W Jw .. V.,,.,,4LA. Y fwsebve2w1xzrw:uxQeWm?,,L, r HV , v . M 1 im: L. f. 41- 1 Q

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