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'QCD .ur Qfwli - W V ji' A WAS IXSJ wvkz wxvw 1 'T 'IQ ayibffbl Wi ritbxcli E +9 A 4 WWKMQI A ff Q rm MQ V- -mclq-,OK Lxzfue XXMULLKIN I wyvofi QKHWKQ W 765' 5 J buck A cxwdfi wwxinr WV- Z9 if WMM gm . :Y xkmsu XDEEM W P-grim , -'muffx ijii' AQXOLLL! fjkgivucxxdvmi , AMA , kzwksww . wx3'xm"1 AAL X43 255' U! 20 Lf 'LV N L1 i if-S su AMX WMA JQL-1 Lx Irv Acid 'Qi' U I gm 5. if A CQ, H ,, . -54 ' - .W-"M . 'EM' M" V. mil ,. inf- 3 ' Lw,c Cfxflfl I V, ff 'i 1' ":. " L"L" r,yL0Vr,.1,,x,-.., vxj x i.:"'fi" A 4 -'4- J , . " f' ' . ww uf mf fy , , u1fiy,5Q,,,,,q7 , . 4 ,,., , , V, K ,X U -M ri K , ,ns H N Y I U, r 3 IY? Y 3' M., ik C K, F29 : 'Q Q 'S -M. Q gi- lg .fr ' '5 ,Z hx Qi' V LX R A ',,L W K 'QA K2 ii 1 Q , H ' Q E my fr md?-D 'V 3 I r it . r , ii af f ? 3,55 , A, Q ' ffl- 51153 -Kin ,ix I s KW1 ,f11jf'.'if,fk-Qi V L4 Wfi- ,51- M K: fgm, , ,fi ' . f " ' f P a 'I I is 4+ X 4 1 gf f' ,Q - 1 if f f it 'Q f f W , 9 5 v ff I Wlnfi' f-gfx f -Q 1' , + I eff ' -"f ' ,, 'QE in 1 uf J, ,f if Q I if W. K Yr Q is ii .- -. . 5 xg 1' , 4 sais ' Y 2 flu! 4 fl! 5 i , ?1k , '., ,.,, , kr X515 ik Q Q fggi if jig? fx 5 X? 1 A 'Q 3? , 4 1 3 'kg ., v 4 V " ,itil fu oxifu' Zblxaj 'aj 30, S MAJJ ,,V QI JQQQZQL, M M WWW fad' 'ZZHA mmf ,.:NNfA'Y'w 1 MDW WH M m M if W ff , 2EiffifffQw + 5? R ' , .ax 3?-F 25,333 , '33, . WZ if Am Q YJ W""!'7MQ5 35 if ii M""4"7'y.ff?f ,-gicozfffef ff A we Xa T5 XV FfHiJ7Vvf'f,XW1 i , ff 'wtf' f40'.' E ' v fm' flf, ff -I f,'..4 if ff" f!" f "I 'I -' 1' 'ff fix' J' 'gli' ,!J'Cl,Q'tff'i7"'v" Q Ill!! E l "" 'I """': 'ff 1' 'J X 'wiki ' oifffrl ' 'f4!f,'f'f U 1, ,f ,',-'ff' f -7 . "' Q X f f' A I " 1 , Vfffvl q M h d b , 4 u IS e y ' , ' f f ' the Students of F' wash: I KW 6 XJCJJ'-4441.2 fldfluj C V4 c5,y7g,LZf,-22, f " blk afyaf- ' N awww Zuma, ROBERT C. HALL Superintendent DEDICATIO The position of superintendent in an ever-ex- school such as ours panding and progressive requires an extraordinary man. He must be a capable business executive, a cordial host, a re- spected head of the faculty, and a 'Friend and advisor to the students. We are fortunate to have such ci man to fill this position. lt is with the greatest of pleasure that we dedi cate our i954 Troian to our superintendent, Mr. Robert C. Hall. FACULTY GLEN OLMSTEAD Agriculture THELMA BOOTH Commercial ALFRED FLECHTNER ALMA VINSON English, latin, Math DORRITT HEINTZ Elghvh Grade JAMES MURPHY Seventh Grade SENIOR AW RDS l 4 BILL MOHLER Class Choice Speaker MARILYN SISKA Co-salufalorian ELSIE YOTSUUYE Valediclorian, Huber Commercial Award BARBARA LaVEILlE Co-salulaforian BEVERLY TORGERSON Facully Choice Speaker ERNIE BAILEY Band Service Award CAROLINE CHLIPALA Choir Service Award PLAQUE WARDS FRONT ROW, left lo righl: Delores Russell, Elsie Yorsuuye, Jeanne Pefarak, Nadine Morgan, Inez lsaksen, Norila Falaschl Margie Blodgefl Barbara Marzano, Shirley Mills, Lucille Ofslad. SECOND ROW: Gloriann Miller, Vera Crawford, Beverly Torgerson, Joy Carr Barbara LaVeiIle, Jerrilee Browning, Joyce Pedersen, Barbara Fox. THIRD ROW: Gayus Sweet, Lorella Olive, Marilyn Siska, Sharon Kelley Juanita Brodahl, Carol Jensen, Mary Bisig, Marsha Gordon, Hidea Walanabe. FOURTH ROW: Tadashi Kaiimura, Everell Plumb John Rennes AI Cachennelle, Ernie Bailey, Don McKechnie, Gary Weaver. SE IORS bv -cr- ERNIE BAILEY Maiors, Math, M u s i c , Science, English. Minor: Shop. Wrestling 2, Football l, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Torch Club 2, Music Club, Troian Knights 2, 3, 4, Drivers' Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Sophomore Class Presi- dent, "Song of My Heart" 4, Hungry Five I, Dance Band 3, 4, Annual Staff Art- ist l, 2. Ambition: To go to college. MARY LOU BISIG "Candy" Maiors: C h o i r, English, Commercial. Minors: History, Home Economics. Tennis 3, 4, c.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 4, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Student Director 2, 4, Non- ettes I, 2, "Senior Show- d o w n" 2, Homecoming Dance Committee 4, Girls' Club Christmas Decorations 3, "Song of My Heart" 4, Office Girl 4, P.-T.A.-F.H.A. Style Show 3, Home Ec. Style Show 2. Ambition, To be a secretary. MARGIE ELAINE BLODGETT "Marg" Maiors: English, Choir. Min- ors: History, Home EC., Com- mercial. G.A.A. 1, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Historian 3, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Drivers' Club 3, 4, F.H.A. I, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Band 3, Librarian 2, 4, Of- fice Girl 3, Nonettes 2, Homecoming Decorations 4, "Senior Showdown" 2. Am- bition: To be a secretary or telephone operator. JUANITA EILEEN BRODAHI. Maiors: Home Economics, English, Commercial, Social Studies. Minors: Health and P.E. Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Office Girl 4, T hanksgiving Baskets 4, Girls' Club Ways and Means Committee 4. Ambition: To be a success. JERRILEE BROWNING Maiors: Commercial, Eng- lish. Minors: Math, latin, Home Economics, Science, Social Science. Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Torch Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, "Song of My Heart" 4: Homecoming 4, Thanksgiving Day Baskets Chairman 4. Ambition: To go to college. JOY MAE CARR Maiors: History, English. Minors: Science, Commer- cial. Drivers' Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Historian 4, Student Council Representative 4, College Conference Guide 4, Annual 4, Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee 3, Invitations Com- mittee Mother-Daughter Tea 2. Ambition: To be a sec- retary. LOREN JOHN CHINN "Chief" Maiors: Agriculture, English. Minors, P. E. and Health, History. Football l, Baseball 1, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Leng:- men's Club lg Boys' Club 'l, 2, F.F.A, Judging Team 3, F.F.A. Paper Drive 3, F.F.A. Ways and Means Committee 3. Ambition, To go into service. CAROLINE CECELIA CHLIPALA "Carol" Maiors: English, Music. Min- ors, P.E, and Health, His- tory, Home Economics. G.A. A. 2, 3, F.H.A. l, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Robe Manager 3, Nonettes 2, 4, Band 2, 3, Assistant Uniform Manag- er 3, Choir and Band librar- ian 2, 3, 4, "Senior Show- down" 2, Invitations Com-' mittee Mother-Daughter Tea 2. Ambition: Join Waves. EUGENE P. BROWN"Gene" Maiors: Music, English. Min- ors: Social Science, Math, Science. Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, Troian Knights 2, 3, 4, Drivers' Club 3, Music Club l, 2, 3, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Movie Proiectionist 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3. DON ELWYN CLARKSON Majors, English, M u s i c, Shop. Minors: P.E. and f 1 45... 'il Health, History, Math. Foot- ball I, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track 3, Drivers' Club 3, 4, Boys' Club l, 2, 3, Lettermen's Club l, 3, 4, Proiectionist 2, 3, 4, Band 1, Choir 3, 4, Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3. Ambi- tion: To ioin the Navy. ALBERT EUGENE COCHENNETTE "Al" Maiors: Math, English, Shop, Science. Minors: History, P. E. and Health. Football l, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 3, 4, Drivers' Club 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Proiectionist I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Junior- Senior Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Committee 4. VICTOR NEIL COON "Vic" Maiors: English, Agriculture. Minars: History, P.E. and Health, Band, Math. Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Drivers' Club 3, 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, Band l, 2, Homecom- ing King 4. VERA CRAWFORD Maiors: English, Home Eco- nomics, Commercial. Minors: P.E, and Health, Science, History. Pep Club 3, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Office Girl 2, Librarian 3, 4, Red Cross Girl 4, Girls' Club Thanks- giving Baskets 4, Ways and Means Committee 3, Invita- tions Cammittee Junior-Sen- ior Pram 3. Ambition: To be interior decorator. ORITA MARIE FALASCHI iors: English, Band, Com- rcial. Minors: Home Eco- nics, History, P.E. and alth. Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, id l, 2, 3, 4, "Senior awdown" 2, Librarian 2, Office Girl 3, 4, Mother- ughter T e a Invitation mmittee 2. Ambition: To :me a private secretary. ELLSWORTH DONALD FINLAYSON "Swede" Maiors: English, Shop, Ag- riculture. Minors: P.E. and Health, History. Football 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 'l, 2, 3, 4, A.A.U. Tournament l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4, State Champ l, 2, 3, 4, Letter- men's Club l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Troian Knights l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Drivers' Club 3, 4, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, Boys' Club l, 2, 3. Ambition: To loin Navy. E IORS BARBARA LOU FOX "Barb" Maiors: Choir, English, Commercial. Minors: History, Home Economics, Health and P.E. Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, F.H.A. 3, 4, Secretary 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Torch Club 3, Student Body Sec. 3, Junior Class Sec., Choir 'l, 2, 3, 4, "Senior Show- down" 2, "Song of My Heart" 4, Nonettes 2, May Day Attendant 2, Office Girl 4, Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee 3, Drill Team Tolo Committee 3. s s CHARLES WALTER FRAZER "Chas" Maiors: Band, Agriculture, English. Minors: P.E. and Health, History. Baseball 2, 3, Wrestling 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: Get mar- ried. Entered trom Tenino in 1952. LUCILLE FLORENCE FRIEND Maiors: English, Choir. Min- ors: Home Economics, His- tary, Health and P.E., Com- mercial. Girls' Sports 2, 3, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Music Club l, 2, 3, 4, Choir 'l, 2, 3, 4, Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3. Ambition: To go to Bible Institute in Los Angeles, California. CAROL JOYCE JENSEN Maiors: Science, Math, Eng- lish. Minors: Latin, P.E. and Health, History, Commercial, Home Economics. A f t e r School Sports 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 3, 4, G.A.A. 4, Tro- ianettes 2, 3, 4, Torch Club 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, "Song of My Heart" Student Director 4, Red Cross Room Attendant 3, An- nual Reporter 3, Typist 4, Junior-Senior Prom Commit- tee 3, Drill Team Tolo Com- mittee 4, Mother-Daughter Tea Committee 3. JANET ANN GIESSEL "Jan" Maiors: English, Home Eco- nomics, Commercial, History. Minor: Science. Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. l, 2, Drill Team 2, 3, Pep Club 3, Choir 4. Ambition: To be a nurse. MARSHA LAVONNE GORDON "Marsh" Maiors: History, English, Commercial, Choir. Minors: Home Economics, P.E. and Health. Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, His- torian 3: F.H.A. 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Student Council Representative 3, Choir 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Attendant 2, Homecoming Committee 4, Senior Class Play Publicity Committee 4, Style Show Committee 2: Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3. Ambi- tion: To be a secretary. SHARON JOHNSON Maiors: English, History. Minors: Latin, Math., Home Economics, Science, P.E. and Health. Girls' Sports 'l, 2, 3 4- GAA 2 3 4- Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Band 2, 3: Sadie Hawkins Dance Committee 3, 4, Junior-Sen- ior Prom Committee 3. Am- bition: To be a pediatric nurse. DIANA JANET HOLT "Diane" Moiors: History, English. Minors: latin, Science, Com- mercial, Home Economics, P. E. and Health. Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3. 4: G-A-A 2, 3. 4: HURLEY RONALD JONES Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Pep HRM," Club 3, Drill Team 2, Ski Club 3, 4, Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3, Sadie Hawkins Dance Committee 2, 3, 4, Mother-Daughter Tea Committee 3. Ambition: To be a Parisienne Fashion De- signer. Maiors: Social Studies, Shop, English. Minors, Mu- sic, Science. Basketball l, Boys' Club 1, 2, 3, Music Club l, 2, 3, 4, Under I6 Basketball 2, Band l, Choir 4. Ambition: To ioin the Service. INEZ ISAKSEN "Tourny" Maiors: English, Home Eco- nomics, Commercial, History. Minor: Science. Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4, Troianettes 2, 3, 4, Sr. Advisor 4, Vice-Pres. 2, Drill Team 2, 3, F.H.A. 'l, Pep Club 3, Sec.-Treas. 3, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council Rep. 2, Recording Secretary 3, Drivers' Club 3, "Song of My Heart" 4, Choir 4, Ot- fice Girl 2, 4, Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3, Sadie Hawkins Dance Committee 2, 3, 4, Mother-Daughter Tea Committee 2. TADASHI KAJIMURA Maiors: Manual Arts, Eng- Iishk Science. Minors: Math, Social Studies. Wrestling l, 2, 3, 4, Troian Knights 2, 3, 4, President 4, Letter- men's Club l, 2, 3, 4, Ser- geant-at-Arms 4, Boys' Club l, 2, Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3. Ambition: To become a carpenter. SE IORS TOMMY MIKE KAMENZIND Maiars: History, Science. Minors, English, Agriculture, Football 1, Basketball I, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Under 16 Basketball 2. Ambition: To ioin the Navy. DON JOHN McKECHNlE SHARON LYNNE KELLEY Maiorsz English, Commer- cial, History. Minors: P.E. and Health, Choir, Science, Home Economics. Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Junior Class Treasurer, "Song of My Heart" Business Manager 4, "Senior Showndawn" 2, Au- dio-Visual Secretary 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Style Show I, 2, Committees: Junior-Senior Prom 3, G.A.A. Initiation 3, Homecoming 4, Sadie Hawk- "Dan" Maiors: Music, History, Eng lish. Minor: Mathematics. Football 3, Baseball 3, 4, Basketball 4, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Boys' Club 2, 3, "Song of My Heart" 4, Dance Band 3: Lettermen's Trio 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Chair 4, Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee 3, Lettermen's Dance 3. Ambition: To be a musi- cian or a P.E. Instructor. ins Dance 3, 4. GENE ALBERT MEAD Maiars: English, Shop. Min- ors: P.E. and Health, His- tory. Football 1, Lettermen's Club I, Drivers' Club 3, 4, Boys' Club I, 2, 3. Ambi- tion: Go into the Navy. Entered from Milton in Sep- tember, 1950. RICHARD FREDRICK MEGINNISS "Dick" Maiors: Social Science, Eng- lish, P.E. and Health, Shop. Minor: Math. Football 4, Wrestling 4, E v a n s t o n Wrestling 2, 3, "Song of My Heart" 4, Ambition: Go to college, 2 years in Navy and then get married. En- tered from Evanston, Illinois in 1953. GLORIANN MILLER Moiors: English, Band, Home Economics. Minors: Science, History, P.E. and Health. After School Sports 2, 3, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 4, Pep Club 3, Music Club I, 2, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Kangaroo Court 4, "Song of My Heart" 4, Red Cross Room Attendant 2, Librar- ian 3, Junior High Office 4, Girls' Club Roll Room Rep. 3, Mays-Means Committee 3, Junior-Senior Prom Commit- tee 3. Ambition, Work in a flower shop and then get married. f t '23- BARBARA KATHERINE LaVElLLE "Barb" Maiors: Commercial, English. Minors: Math, Latin, Social Studies, Science. F.H.A. 3, 4, Parliamentarian 4, Ski Club 4, Sec.-Treas. 4, Torch Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Drivers' Club 3, 4, Historian 4, Girls' Club 3, 4, Drill Team 3, 4, Senior Class Sec., "Song of My Heart" 4, P. LC. Student Congress 4, College Cont, Sec. 3, Tro- ian Business Manager 3, 4, Reporter 3, 4, Committees: Junior-Senior Prom 3, Home- coming 4. KATHERINE MARIE LEIGHTON "Kathy" Maiors: English, Home Eco- nomics, History, Commercial. Minors: P.E. and Health. Girls' Sports 1, 2, 4, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, Pep Club 3, F.H.A. I, Office Girl 2, Thanksgiving Day Baskets Committee 4, Junior-Senior Prom Commit- tee 3. Ambition: To be a psychiatrist. BARBARA JEAN MARZANO "Barb" Maiars: English, Home Eco- nomics, Commercial. F,H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian 2, Membership Chairman 3, President 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Debate Club I, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, "Song of My Heart" 4, Sophomore Yell Leader 2, Office Girl 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, Commit- tees: Christmas Ball Decora- tions 2, Style Show Chair- man I, 2, 3, Junior Ring 3, Senior Picture 4, Junior-Sem ior Prom 3. Ambition: To go to college. 'K' SHIRLEY MARIE MILLS "Funky" Maiors: English, History. Minors: Commercial, Science. Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Corre- sponding Sec. 4, Drivers' Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Pep Club 3, Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3, Senior An- nouncements 4. Ambition, To be a telephone operator. WINONA BESSIE MINER "Nona" Maiors: English, History, Science. Miners: Math, P.E. and Health. Drill Team 2, Junior' Picnic 3, Junior Dance 3, Sophomore Play 2. IAII activities in Californiol. Am- bition: To be a beautician. Entered from California in 1953. BILL MOHLER Maiors, English, Shop, Ra- dio. Minors: Science, Social Studies, P.E. and Health, Math. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Torch Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Drivers' Club 3, Pep Club 3, Boys' Club 2, 3, Senior Class Pres., "Song of My Heart" 4, "Senior Show- down" 2, P.L.C. Student Congress Delegate 4, Cam- mittees: Christmas Ball 3, Class Ring 3, Junior-Senior Prom 3. NADINE LOIS MORGAN Maiors: English, Science, History. Minors: Latin, Math, Home Economics, P.E. and Health. Girls' Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Troianettes 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, student Council I, 2, 4, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Yell Leader 3, Yell Leader 3, Yell Queen 4, Harvest Ball Queen 4, Office Girl 2, 4, Homecoming Co-Chairman 4, Committees: Football Ban- quet 4, Class Ring 3, Junior- Senior Prom 3, Sadie Hawk- ins Dance 2, 3, 4, "Song of My Heart" 4. 43 LUCILLE ANITA OFSTAD "Lou" Aaiors: English, Home Eco- amics, Choir. Minors: P.E. md Health, Science, History. ?.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Troianettes ', 3, 4, Girls' Club 2, 3, -, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, F.H. l. 2, 3, Drivers' Club 3, Irill Team Head Maiorette ', 3, Red Cross Room At- endant 3, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Iammittees: Sadie Hawkins tance 4, Drill Team Tolo 3, F.H.A. Initiation 3. JOHN LELAND REINES LORETTA JUANITA OLIVE "Lori" Maiors: English, Home Eco- nomics, Commercial. Minors: History, P.E. and Health, Science. Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Troionettes 2, 3, 4, Torch Club 2, Freshman Class Sec- retary, Student Council 3, "Song of My Heart" 4, Li- brarian 2, Annual Staff Re- porter 3, Committees: Jun- ior-Senior Prom 3, Announ- cements Chairman 4, Style Show 2. Ambition: To be a Comptometer operator. SE IORS JOYCE ELAINE PEDERSEN Moiors: English, Commercial, Home Economics. Minors: History, P.E. and Health, Science. Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, G.A.A. 3, 4, Reporter 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, Membership Chairman 2, Drivers' Club 4, Pep Club 2, Senior Class Vice-Pres., Jun- ior Class Sergeant-at-Arms, Health Center 3, 4, Office Girl 2, Homecoming Queen 4, Play Properties 4, Cam- mittees: Homecoming 4, Jun- ior-Senior Prom 3. Ambition: To work at telephone com- pany and then get married. JEANNE ANN PETORAK Maiors: English, Commercial, Home Economics. Minors: P. E. and Health, History. Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Vice-Pres. 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council Rep. 4, Torch Club 2, 3, 4, Points Chairman 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Class Treasurer 4, Choir 2, Sec.-Treos. 2, Yell Queen 3, Leader 2, 4, "Song of My Heart" 4, Red Cross Room Attendant 3, Commercial Room 4, Band Maiorette l, 2. "Johnny" Maiors: English, Science, Shop, History. Minors: P.E. and Health, Math. Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, Let- termen's Club 3, 4, Drivers' Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3, "Song of My Heart" 4, Choir 4, Committees: Junior- Senior Prom 4, Lettermen's Dance 4, Homecoming 4. Ambition, To ioin Navy and see the world and then get married. DELORES NADINE RUSSELL "Dee" Maiors: English, Choir, His- tory. Minors, Home Econom- ics, Commercial. Drivers' Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 4, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, "Song of My Heart" 4, Attendance Clerk 4: Office Girl 4, Christmas Program Chairman 4, Annual Reporter 3, Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3, Conces- sion Committee 3. Ambition: To be telephone operator or ioin the Waves. KATHRINA LOUISE SALZMANN "Mimi" Maiors: English, Band, Com- mercial. Minors: P.E. and Health, Home Economics, History. Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, Office Girl 3, Assistant Band Uniform Man- ager 3, Manager 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4: Mother-Daughter Tea Committee 2. Ambition: Join the Waves. SAMMY 5HlMlZU Maiors: English, S h 9 p, Science. Minor: History. Football I: Baseball l, Tro- ion Knights 2, 3, 4, Junigr. Senior Prom Committee 3. I EVERETT KENNETH PLUMB "Ev" Maiors: English, Science, History. Minors: Commer- cial, P.E. and Health. Wrest- ling 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Baseball 2, Tennis 3, Let- termen's Club 2, 3, 4, Driv- ers' Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Boys' Club 2, 3, "Song of My Heart" 4, State Wrestling lst Place 4, 2nd Place 3, Choir 4, .lunior-Sen- ior Prom General Co-Chair- man 3, Committees: Senior Picture 4, lettermen's Dance 4, Homecoming 4. Ambition: Naval Service, College. MARILYN SISKA Maiors: English, Commercial. Minors: Science, Latin, Home Economics, Math, Social Science. Torch Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres., Pres. 3, Trojan- ettes 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 3, Girls Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Student Council 2, 4, Soph. Rep. to Student Council, "Song of My Heart" 4, Annual Asst. Editor 3, Editor 4, Home- c o m i n g Committee 4, Thanksgiving Baskets Com- mittee 4. Ambition: To' go to college. GAYUS ELIZABETH SWEET ..GoY,. Maiors: English, Commercial, Home Economics, Minors: History, Health and P.E. Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 3, 4, Membership Chairman 4, Drivers' Club 3, 4, G.A. A. 1, Office Girl 4, Librar- ian 3, Homecoming Commit- tee 4, Harvest Ball Commit- tee 3, 4. Ambition: To enter Washington State College. RAY DEAN TlMMONS Maiors: English, Agriculture. Minors: Math, History, P.E. and Health. Ambition: To be o farmer. BEVERLY ANN TORGERSON Moiors: English, Commercial, Math. Minors: Latin, P.E. and Health, Home Econom- ics, Social Studies. Tennis 2, 3, 4, Troionettes 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club Pres, 3, Torch Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Points Chairman 4, "Song of My Heart" 4, Sophomore Yell leader, Yell Duchess 4, Li- brarian 2, 3, Faculty Sec. 3, 4, Committees: Thanksgiving Baskets 3, Homecoming 4, Football Banquet 4, Junior- Senior Prom 3, Sadie Hawk- ins Dance 3, 4. HIDEO WATANABE Maiors: English, Math, Man- ual Training, Science. Min- ors: P.E. and Health, Social Studies. Torch Club l, 2, 3, 4, Drivers' Club 3, 4, Junior Class Vice4President, "Song of My Heart" 4, Proiection- ist 3, 4, Student Council Rep. 4, Annual Reporter 3, Ring Committee 3, Junior- Senior Prom Committee 3, Senior Announcements 4. Ambition: To get a degree in Engineering. CHRISTMAS NIORS GARY LEIGH WEAVER "Gair" Science, Maiors: English, History. Minors: Art, Math. Wrestling l, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Traicm Knights 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, l.ettermen's Club l, 2, 3, 4, Drivers' Club 3, 4, Boys' Club 2, '3, Freshman Class Pres., Student Body Publicity Mgr. 4, Student Council Rep, 4, "Song of My Heart" 4, Choir 2, Annual Artist I, 2, 3, Committees: Christmas Ball l, Drivers' Club Scroll 4, Choir Christmas Program 1, Lettermen's Dance 4, Homecoming 4. i -1na.-13,3 ELSIE NOBUKO YOTSUUYE Maiors, English, Science, Commercial. Minors, History, P.E. and Health, latin, Home Economics. F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, State Treas. 3, G.A.A, 2, 3, 4, Vice4Pres. 3, Torch Club 2, 3, 4, Troianeltes 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Drill Team Maiorette 2, 3, 4, .lun- ior Class Pres., Student Body Treasurer 4, Class Sec. 2, "Song of My Heart" 4, "Senior Showdown" 2, Stu- dent Council l, Attendance Records 3, Office Girl 2, Candy Counter Treas. 3. BALL CLASS WILL We, the members of Fife High School's class of l954, being of sound mind and body do hereby declare our last will and testament: Victor Coon wills his pretty "two front teeth" to Dean Crawford. lnez lsaksen wills her "horse" laugh to Sandra Lunde. Leon Rader wills his week's vacation to Dave Bornander. Tommy Kamenzind wills his "tan" to Richard Lightburne. Shirley Mills bequeaths lO gallons of gas to Dave Hall. Nadine Morgan wills her "gabbiness" to Myra Kilkup. Gary Weaver wills his curly hair to Richard Delin. lAlso his pink shirt.l Joyce Pedersen and Jeanne Petorak will their ability to get along with Mr. Hatley to the basketball squad. Ray Timmons wills his elevator shoes to Darrell Krammer, better known as Moose. Barbara LaVeille wills her long hours at school to Buddy Tanberg. John Reines and Don McKecknie will their bottle of peroxide to DaLoris Robinson. Winona Miner wills her Hawaiian iacket to Margie Torre. Don Clarkson wills his love for school to Jim Clark. Albert Cochennette wills his driving ability to Tom Lelli. Marsha Gordon wills her ability to spell to Rhea Crowell. lShe intended to will her freckles but she couldn't remember how to spell it.l Everett Plumb wills his low leans to Kenny Devenny. Lucille Friend wills her gym shorts to Gail Murray. Hideo Watanabe wills his undented car to Myron Toler. Bill Mohler wills his southern drawl to Bob Mitton so he can charm all the girls. Sharon Johnson and Diane Holt will their ability to get identical test grades to Annette Ryan and Helen Makai. Ellsworth Finlayson wills his biceps to Grant Smith. Dick Meginniss wills his typing ability to Jay Charaba. l8O words per minute nowll Tadashi Kaiimura wills his ability to get along with Mrs. Young to the Juniors. lOh, that Tadashill Gayus Sweet wills her little sister to Mrs. Vinson to manage. Good luck, Mrs. Vinson! Harold Farris wills his familiar blue iacket to Stanley Barker in return for the latter's white one. Margie Blodgett wills her fiery love-letters from Stewart to Shirley Conine. Ronnie Jones wills his stink-bomb tactics to Don Peters. Norita Falaschi wills her acrobatic stunts to Julian Bean. Joy Carr wills her diet plan to Rhea Crowell. Gene Brown wills his "catty" car upholstery to Richard Ambuehl. Janet Giessel wills her 3:05 assignments to Judy Fox and LaVonne Jones. Charles Frazer wills his friendliness to that cool kid, Alex Hergert. Juanita Brodahl wills her horse tail to Helen Makai. Ernie Bailey wills his motor cycle riding ability to Marilyn Trolson. Happy riding, Marilyn. Jerrilee Browning wills her beautiful singing voice to Bev Gordon and Connie Ellsworth. Sharon Kelley wills her "perfection" to all the iunior girls. Gloriann Miller wills her short fingernails to Donna Reed. Lucille Ofstad wills her engagement ring to August to give to Sandra. Kathrina 'Salzmann wills her quietness to Karen Myers. Gene Mead wills his wise cracks to Gary Scott. Loretta Olive wills her long hair to Linda Chestnut. Delores Russell wills her marriage license to Phyllis Petry and Tom Lelli. Marilyn Siska wills her personality to Sandra Rang. Carol Jensen wills her ability to pay Drill Team dues promptly to Margie Torre and Ruth Ambuehl. Beverly Torgerson wills her yell-leading ability to JoAnn Bailey. Who knows? Anything can happen. Carolyn Chlipala wills her shyness to Tom Gilmore. Loren Chinn wills his nickname of "Chief" to anyone who would like to "whoop it up." Vera Crawford wills her Senior Math papers to anyone who needs them. Mary Bisig wills her ability to get into trouble with Mr. Flechtner to the tenor section. Barbara Fox wills the Drill Team to anyone who will take them. Sam Shimizu bequeaths his front row study hall seat to Jim Ragan, since he never talks. Kathleen Leighton wills her test grades to Janice Kotchkoe. Barbara Marzano wills her temper and her knit suit to Jacque Sills. Elsie Yotsuuye wills her cooperativeness to Mr. Belknap. In witness whereof, the said members of the class of I954 have hereunto set their hands in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred fifty four. CLASS PROPHECY Here we go in our spaceship, rocketing to the moon in the year I984 to the home of DON McKECHNlE, the millionaire, who is noted for his scientific mind. ln his glass home, he is having a dinner in honor of his recent expedition to Pluto. He has invited his high school graduating class to ioin him. While gazing over his glass ball- room trying to recollect the names of his former classmates, he sees a beautiful redhead, holding a gold cigarette holder, sitting on a blue velvet divan. Oh! My goodness, it's BARBARA FOX. Well, these movie actresses, you can never tell. Look! Who's over there? BARBARA MARZANO and GAYUS SWEET, the two best policewomen on the planet Mercury, showing off their space patrol badges to the best lawyer on Mars, GARY WEAVER. After I7 years and 5 months, he finally received his lawyer's degree. ELLSWORTH FINLAYSON, the Senior Math teacher of Venus High School, is asking RONNY JONES, the famous wrestler, how he keeps his weight up to 200 pounds. Ronny's manager this year is LUCILLE OFSTAD. The president of the Spacemen's Club, JOHN REINES, is over by the punch bowl talking to EVERETT PLUMB. Ev's latest release from Sing Sing enables him to attend the party. Ev borrow two Sheriff Tex badges from Wool- worth's, "The Store of Spacewear." LUCILLE FRIEND, the well-known ballet star on Neptune, broke her ankle and is in a wheelchair being pushed by her maid, CAROL JENSEN. Carol's corporation of HUSH MUSH failed. ERNIE BAILEY, now chief of police of New York City, has escorted a former classmate, JANET GIESSEL, the Society Woman of the World, who is now showing off to MARILYN SISKA and KATHRINA SALZMANN, who are bubble dancers and singers in a New York night club. My, how times have changed. SHARON KELLEY, who is now a Hawaiian dancer at HAROLD FARRIS'S dance studio, is telling the women about her new swing. MARGIE BLODGETT, the head of the music department at Fife High School, is sitting next to TOMMY KAMEN- ZIND, her accompanist. Tommy is taking over Liberace's place on television. VIC COON, who has finally obtained his life-long ambition to become an elevator boy in the Empire State Building, is telling LORRETTA OLIVE the ups and downs of the place. Lorretta has moved up in her profession also. She now scrubs decks on battleships. Helping out the Navy, Lorretta? JUANITA BRODAHL, JERRILEE BROWNING and JOY CARR have combined and now call themselves "The Three Jackpots.'l' They sing in a gambling casino in Reno, Nevada. LOREN CHINN has taken over the Perry Como program on television. KATHLEEN LEIGHTON has recently taken over the Dorothy Dix column on the earth. Got any problems? Send them to Kathleen. BARBARA LaVEILLE is now sole heiress of the Kress Stores. She has five stores on each planet. She really spent her dimes in a big way. Well, hello there, BILL MOHLER, what is that you're carrying? Your fleas? Oh yes, of course, Bill has a flea circus. Be sure to see it when it comes to your planet. ALBERT COCHENNETTE, the president of The United Planets, is talking to RAY TIMMONS who is now sole owner of a rocket gas station, about future problems of the universe. Who is this beautiful looking young lady entering the room? I don't believe l've ever seen her before, she must have the wrong planet. JOYCE PEDERSEN? I can't believe it! She weighs only l20 pounds. lHer one ambition is at last accomplished.l Congratulations, Joyce. MARY BISIG, who won the "Daily Planet" contest, is very fortunate to be Mrs. Superman. They fly from planet to planet without a rocket. Near Mary is INEZ ISAKSEN, ianitor at Pacific Lutheran College. What could that noise be outside? It sounds like a new rocket with duals. Well, if it isn't Miss ELSIE YOT- SUUYE, Superintendent of Fife Schools. Still single, Elsie? What happened, did he get disgusted because rockets ran the airplanes out of business? Let's see who is in the rumpxus room, there seems to be a commotion - well, if it isn't NORITA FALASHI, the famous bank robber, trying to get Don's safe open. I guess she will never change. The two best detectives on the Pluto force, NADINE MORGAN and BEVERLY TORGERSON, have already got her handcuffed. The married women are gathered in a corner talking about their flower gardens. There is Mrs. Russ Wil- liams, the former DELORES RUSSELL. "What, no kids?" That is a surprise. DIANA HOLT is now Mrs. John Snod- grass. She left her thirteen additions at home. The former MARSHA GORDON, who is now Mrs. George Bush- bob, is teaching shorthand the longhand way at Saturn High School. HIDEO WATANABE, the well known scientist, spent the last year inventing a superiet rocket to go 2000 miles an hour so he could beat everyone to the party. He beat everyone by two weeks. Good going, Hideo. Who knows, he may be another Einstein. You'd never believe it, but TADASHI KAJAMURA and SAM SHIMIZU are famous hair stylists, and they own their own shops on Venus. GENE MEAD is working with them. He has iust invented Zip Curl, a new home permanent. GENE BROWN has taken to the water world. He is preparing to swim the Pacific Ocean. The water must be coming closer together. Good luck, Gene. SHARON JOHNSON and CHARLES FRAZER were recently married and they now have their own little hospital. Sharon is Dr. Frazer's assistant nurse. VERA CRAWFORD and GLORIANN MILLER are deep sea divers. They are diving for pearls south of Pago Pago. Vera opens the oysters and Gloriann takes out the pearls under water. WINONA MINER, who runs an old maids' home, is telling DON CLARKSON all about the super-iet submarine that flies on top of the water. Don is the new king of Egypt. He left his seventeen wives at home. JEANNE PE- TORAK, who is the new mayor of Fife, Washington, is talking politics to Dick. DICK MEGINNISS is a contractor, building igloos in Alaska. CAROLINE CHLIPALA, the editor of the latest magazine, The Tafon Way, is telling SHIRLEY MILLS how to lose weight. Shirley is the fat lady at the circus on Jupiter. All other members of the 1954 class are married or single, rich or poor, happy or unhappy, or else iust lost on some unknown planet. X sl LEFT GROUP, left to right: Bob Peterson, Booth, Adviser. ..t f""'K -'GX webs bit Ach X,.: snarcx R Lngtitburne, Richard Lightburne served as presiding officer for the iunior class during a most active year. Other officers included Bob Peterson, vice-president, Kenny Devenny, secretary, Helen Makai, treas- urer, and Tom Lelli, sergeant-at-arms. Mrs. Thelma Booth was faculty advisor. The big problem for any iunior class is financing the annual iunior-senior dance. Several raffles and Friday night dances plus class dues and a class play have made the dinner-dance a reality. The raffle of a Jantzen sweater netted the class sixty dollars. Dean Crawford won the sweater. A fifteen dollar gift certificate from Washington Hardware was won by Annette Ryan. The class play, presented in April, enlarged the class funds and provided lots of fun for the cast. The final class activity of the year was the dinner-dance held in the Wedgewood Room at the Winthrop Hotel. The climax to a successful LOWER GROUP, FRONT ROW lone Kvamme, Shirley Conine, Jones. SECOND ROW: Terry Myers, Joe Door, Helen Makai, seniors, the honored guests, and the iuniors considered this a most successful year. left to fight: D0t'l'ell Kdmmef, Lucy Aiai, Dona Lancaster, Jo Ann Bailey, Gail Murray, Christine Faloschi, Sharon Figg, Myra Kilcup, leEtta Kamenzind, Sandra Lunde, Delee Fredericksen, Mary Ann Atterton, LaVonne Kawaguchi, Tom Lelli, Richard lightburne, larry Johnson, Gaylen Harris, lloyd Grove, Janice Kotchkoe, Karen linda Chestnut, Ruth Ambuehl, Rhea Crowell, Beverly Gordon. THIRD ROW: Alvin Kraus, Dick Cole, John Letor, Stanley Barker, Dave Hall, Dave Bornander, Norman Cranquist, Don Danberg, Ken Devenny, Richard Ambuehl, Julian Bean, Ronald Forslund, Deon Crawford, Ronald Celmer. UPPER, FRONT ROW: Kary Young, Virginia Newman, Corinne Sanfilippo, Jacque Sills, Margie Torre, Lois Terry, Raquel Neuens, Phyllis Soltis, Vera Pennington, Sandra Rang, Daloris Robinson, Janice Palmer, Donna Reed, Marilyn Trolson, Annette Ryan, JoEllen Reaves, Phyllis Petry, Shirley Wetherbee. SECOND ROW: Gary Walston, Richard Mohler, Pat Rasenow, larry Larson, Lynn Russell, Guy Shanks, Jim Clark, August Zampardo, Myron Toler, Anne Riveness, Gordon Swanson, Joe Nelson, John Meyer, Grant Smith, Bud Tanberg. THIRD ROW: Ernie Sprout, Don Peters, Robert Western, Fred Miller, Glenn Robbins, Pete Naccarato, Dick Morrison, Charles Shinn, Bob Mitton, Jim Rogan, Bob Peterson, Edgar Miner, Robert Mortensen. g 4 1 i 1 l LEFT GROUP, left to right, Mr, Carl Hatley, Adviser. RlGHT, FRONT ROW: Connie Ellsworth, Representative, Dick Rivenes, Treasurer, Lyle Rader, Sgt.-at-Arms, Marcia Mettler, President. SECOND ROW, Karen Yoshioka, Secretary, Eveline Reichlin, Publicity Manager. Leonard Lightburne, Vice-President, absent. The sophomore class, under the supervision of Mrs. Marian Young and Mr. Carl Hatley, got under way with the election of class officers. Those elected were Marcia Mettler, president, Leonard Light- burne, vice-president, Karen Yoshioka, secretary, Dick Rivenes, treasurer, Eveline Reichlin, publicity manager, and Lyle Rader, sergeant-at-arms. Student council representatives were Dick Rivenes, Con- nie Ellsworth, and Donna Hergert. As in any newly elected group of class officers, the financial problem was the first matter for consideration. Class dues and a dance for senior high students solved this. The sophomore students were well represented in extra-curricular activities such as sports, F.F.A., F.H.A., Trojan Knights, Troianettes, Drill Team, and Torch Club. Three sophomores--Marcia Mettler, Mary Jones, and Lois Larson-were chosen as yell leaders for the reserve basketball team. With the motto "The Knowledge of the Past ls the Key to the future," the class of '56 will do well in the next two years. LOWER PICTURE, FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy Woodard, Sachiko Takehara, Marcia Mettler, Eveline Reichlin, Kay Spurling, JoAnn Mead, Lynne Smith, Anita Yates, Pat Purgatoria, Diane Williams, Frances Sweet, Annette Sevold. SECOND ROW: Shirley Nelson, Darlene Trucco, Agnes Mettler, Alyce Youngblood, Rosie Meachum, Gloria Shoop, Sandra Morris, Alene Woodside, Rosi Schlumpf, Karen Yoshioka, Don Rowe, Ferdy Reichlin, Gary Scott. THIRD ROW: Darrell Sharick, Dale Myers, Lyle Rader, Tim Miesse, Spencer Nordfors, Dick Rivenes, Raymond Tyndall, Bob Warren, Bobby Smith, Fred Plumb, Doug Otis, Jim Thomas. UPPER PICTURE, FRONT ROW: Betty Benner, Betty Fenster- maker, Pauline Herman, Marie House, Marlene Forslund, Leona Kamenzind, Karen Lelli, Margie Lytle, Connie Ellsworth, Lois Larson, Sharon Lunde, Nellie Bohren, Rosalie Francis, Danna Hergert, Betty Louden. SECOND ROW: Louie Cerqui, Jay Charaba, Claudia Henspeter, Margie Cole, Lois Jensen, Dianne Handke, Diane Coffman, Barbara Chamberlain, Agnes Brydon, Sandra Begley, Mary Jones, Vernon Cross, Karl Fiellstad, Fred Greenfield, Billy Door. THIRD ROW: Mickey Geehan, Don Johnson, Craig Buchanan, Gary Johnson, Stephen Hagman, Jay Dixon, Don Beal, Harry Dunn, Sidney Carr, Denis Arnold, David Gilmore. w......., El Q 1 3 as Aww X s 'Ola qw' 'uno f w 2 i' fr xx N -, W Q 4' 'Q Ya I vsq 40' 3 5 .ik fs Xl W .,h,, E f , -'A . F, ,Z ,-rw." n 1 'ww N X ., ganna. an 45 W' V -3" ' I dd' 'R 1 5 5 1 as 44 1 gf Q? . 5 4 X' ,A W X1 li gk. MM ig.,,g la .T by ,W - .fx sf ,w xr is ix4'Q!5.i-.- -f-is-A -. .Www '54 wi S .w .. A 5 Jig, N, Q, , 1 fi' L 'Q 3 Aff" N X fs- IK E. KX: ., ,,,2f . N, , ' ' 1, A 444' -V X . : A .5 f- sy, X fu 4 6 i 4 A x ,gg 3 ii 'fx , 3 vx-1 5 3 Afgng 3? Q W JSE .SA " Q5 . F5 -N 9 ff I w if ,nv-.W 1 X fw 4? iii, ,Q . a ,IN ..,, W s I 'WISH 73 T I ITIE Y 4' ,. :'f'4'r-f K LOWER LEFT, Mrs. Vinson. CENTER, FIRST ROW, left to right: Darrell Kammer, Delores Russell, Barbara Marzano, Margie Blodgett, Eveline Reichlin, SECOND ROW: Elsie Yotsuuye, Barbara Fox, Nadine Morgan, Loretta Olive, Marsha Gordon, Sam Shimizu, Marilyn Trolson, Lois Terry, Sharon Figg, Marcia Mettler, LeRoy Kawaguchi. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Petorak, Doreen Bell, Jerrilee Browning, Marilyn Siska, Joy Carr, Don Rowe, Don Johnson, Dave Gilmore, Gayus Sweet, Barbara LaVeille, Beverly Torgerson. FOURTH ROW: Vera Crawford, Sharon Kelley, Janice Kotchkoe, Dean Crawford, Dick Meginniss, Robert Mortensen, Juanita Brodahl, Mary Bisig, Carol Jensen. UPPER LEFT: Marilyn Trolson, assistant editor: Barbara LaVeille, business manager: Marilyn Siska, editor. UPPER RIGHT: Joy Carr, Sharon Kelley, Barbara Marzano, Carol Jensen, Mary Bisig. gill ANNUAL STAFF The annual this year was planned by Marilyn Siska, editor, and Mrs. Alma Vinson, faculty advisor. Eight new pages were added giving us more picture features, but by increasing the number of pages the over-all cost of the annual increased. This raised the problem of financing the year book. The price to the students was not increased, and the difference in cost was to be made up by money-raising campaigns. First, all classes and active organizations were assessed according to their page sizes, and the student council voted that all proceeds from noon dances were to go towards the annual. The staff sponsored a dance in October, and with the help of the Troianettes, Troian Knights, Torch Club, and the Home Economics Classes, an all-school bake sale was held at Andre's Market. The co-editor for this year was Marilyn Trolson with Barbara LaVeille as business manager. Dave Gilmore was senior high sports editor, while Janice Kotchkoe handled the iunior high sports. Joy Carr was in charge of senior writeups, and Barbara Marzano had the senior pictures. Reporters were Elsie Yotsuuye, Mary Bisig, Jeanne Petorak, Margie Blodgett, Corinne Sanfilippo, Don Rowe, Barbara LaVeille, Beverly Torgerson, Sharon Figg, Ernie Bailey, Jerrilee Browning, Dean Crawford, Darrell Kammer, Delores Russell, Marcia Mettler, Marsha Gordon, Barbara Fox, Gayus Sweet, Sam Shimizu, Don Johnson, Dick Meginniss, Juanita Brodahl, Vera Crawford, Loretta Olive, Eveline Reichlin, Tadashi Kaiimura, Doreen Bell, Leroy Kawaguchi, Nadine Morgan, and Lois Terry. Typists were Sharon Kelley, Carol Jensen, and Mary Bisig, Our photographer, Mr. Gustafson, earned a special vote of thanks for the excellent work he did on our annual pictures. KK gi: A, JA. LOWER LEFT, left to right: Ernie Bailey, Joyce Pedersen, Jerrilee Browning, Marilyn Siska, Carol Jensen, Barbara Fox, Delores Russell, Hideo Watanabe. LOWER RlGHT: Miss Agnes Dunn, director. CENTER RIGHT, SEATED: Elsie Yotsuuye, Dick Meginniss. STANDING: Gloriann Miller, Bill Mohler. UPPER LEFT: Gary Weaver, Inez lsaksen, Barbara Marzano, Don McKechnie. UPPER RIGHT, SEATED: Everett Plumb, Beverly Torgerson. STANDING: John Reines, Loretta Olive, Barbara LaVeille, Jeanne Petorak. -4-1' "SONG OF MY HEART On November 25, 1953, a cast of fourteen members of the senior class presented "Song of My Heart," a two-act romance with a prologue and an epilogue. The prologue took place in the living room of an old southern mansion where Sylvia llnez lsaksenl and her friend, Laurel lBarbara Marzanol, were reading in a diary the story of the broken romance of her grandmother, lovely Sylvia Moyne. The diary revealed the enchanting bitter-sweet story of the first Sylvia iBeverly Torgersonl and Michael Willoughby lDick Meginnissl. Steve Moyne llohn Reinesl, brother of Sylvia, had challenged another man to a duel over his girl friend, Shirley lleanne Petorakl, and had left him in the woods. On hearing this, Michael went to the woods, was caught beside the wounded man, and was put in iail. Then Mrs. Moyne lBarbara LaVeillel was sure Sylvia should marry the sincere and mannerly Harley Foreman lEverett Plumbl. Desiree lElsie Yotsuuyel aroused doubts in Sylvia's mind about Michael because she herself was in love with him. Sylvia and Harley's wedding took place with Shirley and Faith lloretta Olivel, Sylvia's best friends, as bridesmaids. The two Negro servants, Mandy lGloriann Millerl and Poley lBill Mohlerl, played hilarious parts throughout the play. As the events went into the epilogue, Poley lplayed by Don McKechnie in the prologue and in the epiloguel was still a servant in the house. The young Michael lGary Weaverl was persuading Sylvia to be his wife, so they did not- imitate the mistake of their grandparents. The cast wishes to thank Miss Agnes Dunn for all the help she gave them as director of the play. fy 3 1 Q eg. I, fire I, -+5 af -r-M, elif LOWER LEFT, left to right: Ernie Bailey, Tom Lelli, Dave Hall, Sam Shimizu, Fred Plumb, Spencer Nordfars. LOWER RIGHT: Lois Jensen, Janice Kotchkoe, Annette Ryan, Karen Yoshioka, Sharon Figg, Margie Torre. CENTER LEFT: August Zampardo, Larry Larson, Spencer Nardfors, Gary Johnson, Joe Door, Tom Lelli, Tadashi Kaiimura, SECOND ROW: Gene Brown, Billy Door, Mr. Hall, adviser, Dave Hall, Fred Plumb, Sam Shimizu, Ernie Bailey, Louie Ceraui, Gary Weaver, CENTER RIGHT: Marcia Mettler, Inez lsaksen, Karen Yashioka, Marilyn Trolson, Annette Ryan. TOP LEFT: Tadashi Kaiimura, Mr. Hall. TOP RIGHT, first row, Phyllis Petry, Donna Hergert, Leona Kamenzind. SECOND ROW: Marcia Mettler, Nancy Woodard, Sandra Begley, LeEtta Kamenzind, Margie Torre. THIRD ROW: Miss Agnes Dunn adviser, Marilyn Trolson, Annette Ryan, Sharon Figg, Dianne Handke, Lois Jensen, Inez Isaksen, senior adviser. FOURTH ROW: Christine Falaschi, Karen Yoshioka, Anne Riveness, Janice Kolchkoe, Alene Woodside, Agnes Brydon, Ruth Ambuehl. TROJAN KNIGHTS The Trojan Knights welcomed the following new mem- bers this year: Gary Johnson, Spencer Nordfors, rred Plumb, Bill Door, Len Lightburne, and Louie Cerqui. Activ- ities throughout the year included the initiation banquet, the Troianette-Troian Knight party, participation in the school carnival, the Troianette-Troian Knight picnic, and the regular duties of a service organization on the foot- ball field, in the school hallways, and in the gymnasium. Graduating members are president Tadashi Kaiimura, Gene Brown, Ellsworth Finlayson, Gary Weaver, Sam Shimizu, and Ernie Bailey. TROJA ETTE The Troianettes have spent a very successful year under the leadership of Miss Agnes Dunn, faculty adviser, and Inez lsaksen, student adviser. Special occasions of the year were the Troianette- Troian Knight party in February and the banquet in April. Interesting duties! for the Troianettes throughout the year were keeping order at basketball games, national assemblies, school plays, and programs, serving at the football banquet, giving assistance at the college confer- ence, and ushering at the dedication of the new primary building, at Baccalaureate, and at Commencement. au NZ: TOP LEFT, TORCH, FIRST ROW, left to right: Hideo Watanabe, Ferdy Reichlin, Lois Terry, Elsie Yotsuuye, Jeanne Petorok, Beverly Torgerson, Sharon Figg, Eveline Reichlin, Darlene Trucco, Donna Hergert. SECOND ROW: Terry Kawaguchi, Don Rowe, Barbara LaVeilIe, Jerrilee Browning, Marilyn Trolsan, Linda Chestnut, Beverly Gordon, Phyllis Saltis, Phyllis Perry, Margie Torre, Nancy Woodard. THIRD ROW: Craig Buchanan, Don Johnson, Carol Jensen, Janice Kotchkoe, Dave Gilmore, Marilyn Siska, Lois Jensen, Alene Woodside, Diane Coffman, Karen Yoshioka, Marcia Mettler, Sandra Begley. CENTER LEFT, TORCH OFFICERS: Terry Kawaguchi, Jeanne Petorak, Barbara l.aVeille, Jerrilee Browning, Beverly Torgerson, Beverly Gordon. LOWER LEFT: Miss Arlene Lindstrom, adviser. LOWER CENTER: Don Rowe, Don Johnson, Dave Gilmore, Ferdy Reichlin, Phyllis Petry, Karen Yoshioka, Darlene Trucco, Sandra Bebley, Eveline Reichlin, Marcia Mettler, Lois Jensen, Nancy Woodard UPPER RIGHT, STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Ruth Ambuehl, Elsie Yotsuuye, Janice Kotchkoe, Dean Crawford, Nadine Morgan, Jim Ragan, Gary Weaver. CENTER RIGHT, STUDENT COUNCIL, SEATED: Connie Ellsworth, Shirley Mills, Joy Carr, Elsie Yatsuuye, Janice Koichkoe, Jim Ragan, Nadine Morgan, Dean Crawford, Ruth Ambuehl, Jeanne Petorak, Donna Hergert. STANDING: Hideo Watanabe, Gary Weaver, Joe Door, Richard Lightburne, Larry Johnson, Joyce Pedersen, Annette Ryan, Marilyn Siska, Marcia Mettler. LOWER RIGHT: Mr. Hall, adviser. TORCH Our scholastic honor society, Torch, this year boasted thirty-one members. Of these eight were graduating seniors, nine were iuniors, and fourteen were sophomores. Officers for the year were Barbara LaVeille, president, Terry Kawaguchi, vice-president, Beverly Gordon, secre- tary, Jerrilee Browning, treasurer, Jeanne Petorak and Beverly Torgerson, points chairmen. Miss Lindstrom was faculty supervisor. In May the members held a farewell party in honor of the seniors. At this time Torch pins were presented to the graduating seniors. STUDE T COUNCIL The student council was headed by Stewart Carder, the elected president, who ioined the Service leaving Jim Ragan, the vice-president, to lead the student council. This was a year full of activities. First was the Home- coming, which was a huge success. After the Homecom- ing, the student body went together with the Active Club to put on the annual football banquet. The last function, sponsored partly by the student body, was the Carnival, held late in March. This was a good money-making proiect that helped to build up the ailing student body treasury. IMUHC The Fife choir, directed by Mr. Alfred G. Flechtner, selected as its officers: president, Mary Bisig, vice-presi- dent, Margie Blodgett, secretary and historian, Delores Russell, and treasurer, Sandra Begley. The choir started the year with sixty-one voices, and by mid-semester had increased it to seventy voices. The first program of the year was given for the Milton P.-T.A., the next was given in response to an invitation to sing at the Poodle Dog. An exchange assembly was given at Vashon. At the Bon Marche, the group sang selected Christmas Carols throughout the store. We gave our com- plete Christmas program there. lt was emphasized by the different backdrops portraying the songs with different scenes. We sang " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas," a tradtional song, "Silent Night," and many other carols. Jim Hagan and Marie House sang solos. We have two new sextettes which made appearances at the Bon Marche, the Christmas program, the Poodle Dog, and the Choir Festival. The senior sextette consists of six senior girls: Inez Isaksen, Sharon Kelley, Marsha Gordon, Mary Bisig, Delores Russell, and Barbara Fox. Margie Blodgett, Sandra Begley, Mary Bisig, Delores Russell. The other gexfeftel 'ipeppereffeglu is Composed of Sopho- more girls. The final performance was the annual Choir Festival given this year at Federal Way. Everyone enioyed him- self and felt that the choir had had a very profitable year. CHORUS FRONT ROW, left to right: Betty Louden, Debbie Johnson, Pat Landis, Delores Russell, Mary Ann Atterton, Eveline Reichlin, Vera Pennington, Sharon Lunde, Corinne Sanfilippo, Judy Fox, LaVonne Jones, Virginia Newman, SECOND ROW: Maxine Arnold, Marie House, Gail Murray, Marcia Mettler, Inez Isaksen, Donna Reed, Rhea Crowell, Margie Lytle, Mary Jones, Sondra Begley, Caroline Chlipala, Lois Larsen, Margie Blodgett, Rosalie Francis. THIRD ROW: Connie Askew, Marsha Gordon, Emily Rayner, Pat Rosenow, DaLoris Robinson, Helen Makai, Sandra Morris, Mary Bisig, Karen Myers, Lucille Friend, Kathleen Leighton, Janet Giessel, Janice Palmer, Karen Lelli, Connie Ellsworth, Barbara Fox. FOURTH ROW: Sydney Carr, Kenneth Celmer, Don McKechnie, August Zampardo, Tom Murray, Gaylen Harris, Don Clarkson, Everett Plumb, Dick Morrison, Jim Rogan, John Reines, Carl Bullo, Ran Jones, Lynn Russell, Roger Dutton, Monty Fox, Dan McKechnie. CLUB Mr. A. G. Flechtner, who directed the band this year, may be congratulated upon a very fine iob. There has been hard work for this group to try to keep its "superior" rating, which it received last year for the first time. The band's first activity of the year was on September 2l, when they performed for the third straight year at the Western Washington Fair. Same of their other activ- ities included performances at football and basketball games, concerts at other schools, recordings for K.M.O., the Christmas Concert, a performance at the dedication of the Primary Building, the Foster contest, and the band festival. We may start looking forward to hearing the sound of real music coming from the woodwind section for at least four more years. This year the band has seventeen clarinets, including one bass clarinet, one alto clarinet, and an E-flat clarinet. Only one person in the clarinet section is not in junior high. keen in this group since Competition has become "challenges" or contests are called about every two to three months. During these "challenges" the clarinetists all go into a room and separately play a tune. The other members of the band hear them and vote for them, sight unseen, from first to seventeenth places. As a result the students work hard to earn choice places. AN LOWER GROUP, FRONT ROW, left to right: Norita Falaschi, Lois Jensen, Mary Lou Burke, Doreen Bell, Pat Bell, Sandra Kittinger, Mike Hathaway. SECOND ROW: Diane Murrey, Ernie Bailey, Margie Coffman, Kathe Lyons, Shirley Kraus, Betty Fenstermaker, Kathryn Spane, Anne Spear, JoAnne Dunn. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Sutter, Betty Yohn, Norma Celmer, Beverly Yamamoto, Marilyn Watters, Sally Brown. FOURTH ROW: Gloriann Miller, Myron Toler, Janice Kotchkoe, Jeraldine Ness, Sachiko Takehara. UPPER GROUP, FRONT ROW: Doreen Bell, Gloriann Miller, Narita Falaschi. SEC- OND ROW: Mr. Alfred Flechtner, Carol Chlipala, Marilyn Trolson, Don McKechnie. THIRD ROW: Charles Frazer, Ernie Bailey, Darrell Kammer. CLARINETS: Lois Jensen, Doreen Bell, Pat Bell, Mary lou Burke, Anne Spear, Kathe Lyons, Kay Pundzak, Marilyn Watters, Kathryn Spane, Shirley Kraus, Margie Coffman, Beverly Yamamoto, Betty Yohn, Dorothy Sutter, Sally Brown, Sandra Kittinger, Gloriann Miller, Norma Celmer, FLUTES: Sach Takehara, Geraldine Ness. OBOEf Betty Fenstermuker. SAXOPHONES: Norita Falaschi, JoAnne Dunn, Diane Murrey, Mike Hathaway, Janice Kotchkoe, Myron Toler. BASSOON: Ernie Bailey. CORNETS: Darrell Kammer, Christine Falaschi, Steve Hagman, Rena Tregoning, Kothrina Salzmann, Donald Petry, Jim Miller, Don Peters, Art Paulson, Fred Greenfield, Mike Hopkins. TROMBONES: Raymond Tyndall, Tim Miesse, LeRoy Schatz, Larry Syphert. FRENCH HORNS: Gloria Shoop, Kenny Celmer, JuElIen Reayes, Judy Hagman, Paul Robinson. BARITONES: Jim Mitton, Erven Marriott. BASSES: Stan Barker, Spencer Nordfors, Charles Frazer. PERCUSSION: Kenyon Luce, Jay Dixon, Don McKechnie, Tam Dunbar, Marilyn Trolsan, Carol Chlipala. ,3 .Q 2 as 3 E 3 K.. R1 4' 0 1 K. A , -'Riff L - K tp E , . llv f .9 ,,.,,...-null J, 4 I1 kiwi 1 ' . mi., 9 , 3 R, . my-1 3 +R- x l I 3 Q 4- Q ,. CI no ,A-7 X 'XV 'dlp-x "'-fx ffpg vwfffl I. 1953 May Day. 2. P.-T.A. Program. 3. F.H.A.-F.F,A. Party. 4. Afhleiic Awards, left to righl: Faofball Co-Captains Ellsworth Fin- leysan, Bill Mohler, Football Inspircnional Award, Vic Coon, Tackling Award, Everett Plumb, Blocking Award, Gary Weaver, Wresiling inspirational Award, Ellsworih Finlayson. 5. Junior Class Play, "Dangerous Nan McGrew": FRONY ROW, Ieh fo right: Corinne Sanfilippo, Kary Young, Ruth Ambuehl. SECOND ROW. Linda Chesfnul, JoEllen Reeves. THIRD ROW: Beverly Gordon, Margie Torre, Donna Reed, FOURTH ROW: Dean Crawlord, Richard light- burne, Gaylen Harris, Bob Milton. ABSENT: Dave Hall. SEATED: Marilyn Siska. STANDING, left to right: Nancy Lutter, Delores Russell, Nadine Morgan, Jeanne Petorak, Sandra Keightly, Sharon Kelley, Joyce Pedersen, Inez lsaksen, Marcia Mettler, Barbara Fox, Beverly Gordon, Marsha Gordon, GIRLS' CLUB The Fife High School Girls' Club opened the year by having each of the three classes - the seniors, iuniors, and sophomores - sponsor a bake sale. The club sponsored a dance and a concession stand ata football game. Our next project, in keeping with our motto: "One for All, and All for One," was helping the less fortunate by giving Thanksgiving baskets. Three families were given the baskets, and all enioyed them very much. At the Homecoming celebration, the Girls' Club entered a decorated car with some of the officers and members riding in the car. Jerrilee Browning. Sharon Kelley is the general chairman of our annual Mother-Daughter Tea. The theme this year is "Koney Island Kapers." At our meetings, we have had guest speakers. First we had the school nurse, Mrs. True, who talked on posture and dieting. Then we had Mrs. Hughes from the Family Court Commission in Tacoma, who talked on family relations. Our adviser, Miss Dunn, also was a speaker at one of our meetings. We have had a very full year and a good year, and we wish to thank Miss Agnes Dunn for her wonderful help and advice. LOWER LEFT, SEATED, left to right: Sharon Kelley, Janice Katchkoe, Jerrilee Browning, Beverly Gordon, Linda Chestnut, Nadine Morgan, Beverly Torgerson, Elsie Yotsuuye, Barbara LaVeille. STANDING: Juanita Brodahl, Vera Crawford, Phyllis Soltis, Helen Makai, Ruth Ambuehl, Agnes Brydon, Margie Lytle. LOWER RIGHT: Inez lsaksen, Jerrilee Browning, Beverly Gordon, Marilyn Siska, Juanita Brodahl, Vera Crawford, Kathleen Leighton. UPPER LEFT, SEATED: Marilyn Siska, Beverly Gordon. STANDING: .lerrilee Browning, Jeanne Petorak, Shirley Mills, Miss Agnes Dunn, Marcia Mettler, Joy Carr, Agnes Brydon. ,M GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL AND Our after-school sports has proved to be a very successful girls' activity this year with our new adviser, Miss Enger. The sport with which we started this year was volley ball. That proved to be very well organized. The girls elected eight team captains who in turn chose their own teams. Team number two, whose captain was Rhea Crowell, won the volley ball championship. Next on the program was basketball. There were only six teams chosen for that sport. Team number one, with Marsha Gordon as captain, won the champion- ship this time. This team was undefeated. Baseball has also been very successful. There were six captains elected and they, too, chose their own teams. The unpredictable spring weather imposed many handicaps upon outdoor play, but the teams made good use of the nice days. Two years, which are the equivalent of five hundred points in girls' sports, earn a minor while three years, or seven hundred fifty points, earn a major toward a plaque. Any girl who has earned two hundred fifty points is eligible to ioin the Girls' Athletic Association. GIRLS' SPORTS FRONT ROW, left to right: Diana Holt, Sachiko Takehara, Donna Hergert, Judy Fox, LoVonne Jones, Lucille Ofstod, Gay Snell. SECOND ROW: Margie Torre, Connie Ellsworth, Elsie Yatsuuye, Rosi Schlumpl, Eveline Reichlin, Lois Larson, Sharon Figg, Anne Spear, Danna Ryan, Donna Wrisley, Haruyo Kona. THIRD ROW: Nancy Woodard, Leona Kamenlind, Diana Ryan, JoEllen Reeves, Rosalie Francis, Karen Lelli, Doris Rader, Nellie Bohren, Pauline Herman, Joyce Reddy, Judy Hagman, Bonnie Mulhall, Emily Rayner, Connie Askew, Miss Helen Enger, Adviser. FOURTH ROW: Phyllis Petry, Marcia Mettler, Sharon - Johnson, Linda Chestnut, Darlene Trucco, Diane Coffman, Alene Woodside, Ruth Ambuehl, Margie Cole, Agnes Brydon, Beverly Gordon, Marilyn Trolson, Doreen Bell, Mary Lou Burke, Annette Ryan, Charlene Brodahl. FIFTH ROW: Karen Yoshioka, Phyllis Soltis, Marsha Gordon, Rhea Crowell, Helen Makai, Put Rasenow, Sharon Kelley, Carol Jensen, Mary Bisig, Rena Tregoning, Lois Jensen, Gloriann Miller, lnel lsaksen, Jeanne Petorak, Nadine Morgan, Beverly Torgerson, Janice Kotchkoe. 1 Miss Helen Enger, Adviser. Jeanne Fredericksen, Petry, Barbara Lucille Ofstad Yotsuuye, Joyce Pedersen, Sharon Kelley, Rhea Crowell, Linda Chestnut, Sharon Johnson, Beverly Marilyn Trolson. THIRD ROW: Nadine Morgan, Ruth Ambuehl, Phyllis Soltis, Janice Kotchkoe, Mary Carol Jensen, Marsha Gordon. .A. A. LEFT, G.A.A. OFFICERS: Phyllis Petry, Phyllis Soltis, Inez lsaksen, Rhea Crowell, Linda Chestnut. CENTER: Jeanne Petorak, G.A.A. award winner. RIGHT, LETTERMEN'S CLUB OFFICERS: Everett Plumb Tadcshi Kaiimura, Ellsworth Finlayson, Bill Mohler, Vic Coon. LETTERME 'S CLUB LEFT: Mr. Carl Hatley, Adviser. RIGHT GROUP, FRONT ROW, left to right: Denis Arnold, Tom lelli, Gary Scott, Gary Weaver, Ellsworth Finlayson, Doug Otis, Darrell Sharick, Joe Door, Tadashi Kaiimura. SECOND ROW: Richard Lightburne, August Zampardo, Vic Coon, Bob Peterson, Don Mcliechnie, Tom Murray, Jim Clark, larry Johnson, Fred Plumb, THIRD ROW: Lyle Rader, Glenn Robbins, Dave Hall, Everett Plumb, Bob Mortensen, Jim Rogan, Bill Mohler, Gaylen Harris, Jim Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Stan Barker, Leon Rader, Kenneth Devenny, Richard Ambuehl, Dick Rivenes, Bob Mitton, Norman Cronquist, John Reines. STARTING LOWER LEFT CORNER: Carol Jensen, Barbara laVeille, Leona Kamenzind, Janice Palmer, Rhea Crowell, Ruth Ambuehl, Diane Coffman, Corinne Sanfilippo, lynne Smith, Mary Bisig, Janice Kotchkoe, Connie Ellsworth, Lois Larson, Beverly Gordon, Pat Rasenow, Barbara Fox, Sharon Figg, Margie Blodgett, Pauline Herman, Margie Torre, Judy Fox, Delee Fredericksen, Marcia Mettler, Margie Lytle, Annette Sevold, Rosie Meachum, Mary Jones, laVonne Jones, Annette Ryan, Helen Makai, Eveline Reichlin, Marsha Gordon, Karen Myers. CENTER: Elsie Yotsuuye, Donna Hergert. MISS HELEN ENGER "One minute to go. There's the buzzer! Hands on hips, everyone quiet! Forward, march!" DeLee Fredericksen, Sharon Figg, Barbara Fox, Beverly Gordon, Marsha Gordon. These comments and commands have been very popular during the past year, for the Laodamians, Fife High's drill team, has completed successfully its seventh year of activity. New members of the organization selected by the present active members were as follows: Mary Bisig, Marcia Mettler, Lois Larson, Eveline Reichlin, Karen Myers, Annette Seavold, Rosie Meachum, Janice Palmer, Lynn Smith, Leona Kamenzind, Mary Jones, Margie Lytle, Connie Ellsworth, Pauline Herman, Sandra Morris, Donna Hergert, Rhea Crowell. Officers for the group includes Barbara Fox, president, De Lee Fredericksen, vice- president, Marsha Gordon, secretary-treasurer, Beverly Gordon, drill captain, and Sharon Figg, historian. This year the Laodamians have had assistance from the band under the direction of Mr. Flechtner. A vote of thanks goes also to Miss Helen Enger, the new adviser, for her help. The first public appearance for the Laodamians was during the football season. Since then the group has marched for various sports events. The last appearance was at the Daffodil Parade in April. On March 12, the Laodamians sponsored their annual Tolo, which was carried out to the theme of "Moon- light and Roses." Another social event was the annual banquet given at the end of the year honoring the outgoing seniors and the new officers. FRONT ROW, left to right: Betty Benner, Barbara Marzano, Judy Hagman, Sandra Begley, Mary Ann Atterton, Corinne Sanfilippo, Kary Young, SECOND ROW: Nellie Bohren, Donna Hergert, Margie Torre, Elsie Yotsuuye, Carolyn Roen, Delee Fredericksen, Barbara Fox, Ruth Guiley, Connie Ellsworth, Gail Murray, Joyce Reddy, Donna Ryan, Betty Fenstermaker, Diane Williams, Frances Sweet, Annette Sevold. THIRD ROW: Nancy Woodard, Marcia Mettler, Karen Yoshioka, Linda Chestnut, JaEllen Reayes, Rosie Meachum, Agnes Mettler, Lois Larson, Eveline Reich- lin, Margie Cole, Agnes Brydon, Sandra Brydon, Dianne Handke, Diana Ryan, Emily Rader, Margie Lytle, Mary Jones. FOURTH ROW: Darlene Trucco, Barbara LaVeille, Gayus Sweet, Phyllis Soltis, Rhea 'CroweIl, Helen Makai, Ruth Ambuehl, Mary Bisig, Rena Tregoning, Janice Kotchkoe, Barbara Chamberlain, Bonnie Hulhall, Jeanne Petcrak, Nadine Morgan, Beverly Targersan, Alene Woodside. F.H. . The Fife Chapter of F.H.A. welcomed Miss Mary Grummel as new adviser. First on the agenda was our get-together banquet. All girls interested in F.H.A. were invited. Next came our annual Harvest Ball at which time Nadine Morgan and Joe Door reigned as queen and king, respectively, over the evening's festivities. We entered a float in the Homecoming Parade, won first prize, and felt well rewarded for our work. Our formal initiation was held in December at which time twenty new members were initiated. March brought our annual F.H.A.-F.F.A. Pirates' Dance, also Demonstration Day. In May came our Senior Tea at which we announced the officers for the coming year. The officers for this year have been president, Barbara Marzano, vice-president, Jeanne Petorak, secretary, Barbara Fox, treasurer, Beverly Torgerson, membership chairman, Gayus Sweet, social chairman, Marcia Mett- ler, parliamentarian, Barbara LaVeille, reporter, Margie Torre, points chairman, Aggie Brydon. LOWER LEFT left to right Barbara Fox Elsie Y suuye Gayus Sweet Phyllis Soltls Mary Blslg JoEIlen Reaves Barbara Marzano Beverly Torgerson Barbara LoVenlle Connie Ellsworth Linda Chestnut Rhea Crowell Jeanne Petorak Betty Benner LOWER RIGHT FRONT ROW Elsle Yotsuuye Barbara Fox Barbara Marzano Jeanne Petorak Margie Torre SECOND ROW Gayus Sweet Marcia Mettler Agnes Brydon Beverly Torgerson Barbara LaVeilIe Rhea Crowell UPPER LEFT Kary Young Corinne San filrppo UPPER RIGHT Miss Mary Grummel FRONT ROW, left to right: Joe Door, Terry Kawaguchi, Johnny Meyer, LeRoy Kawaguchi, Terry Moceri, Gordon Davies, Tom Dunbar, Ed Stipes, Cho Shimizu, Billy Door, Craig Buchanan. SECOND ROW: Ronald Celmer, Dick Barker, Robert Mortensen, Robert Merrill, Tom Benner, Richard Dixon, Kenyan Luce, Michael Coon, August Zampardo, Don Burwell, Fred Plumb, Frank Findley. THIRD ROW. Charles Frazer, Wayne Triplett, Dick Pruett, Charles Shinn, Richard Ambuehl, Don Diel, David Murrey, Dave Bordonder, Dick Rivenes, Lyle Rader, Fred Miller, Ronald Forslund, Don Johnson. F.F. . The Fife Chapter started the year with the honor of having an American Farmer, Norman Heilig, and of taking a trip to Kansas City with Norman Heilig, Glen Olmstead, and Btob Western representing our chapter. ln February we held a parent and son banquet in honor of Norman. The Fife P.-T.A. awarded Derald Mauerman a registered Polled Hereford heifer. Her first heifer calf will be returned to the chapter and awarded to another boy for a proiect. Fife did well at the Puyallup Fair. Ron Celmer took top honors by placing first among eighty boys in poultry iudging. Don Johnson was the other team member. The team placed first in the contest. Lyle Rader took two blue ribbons in showing his Hereford. This year our chapter was voted the best in this twenty-four school district and won the State Bankers' Award. We were also rated among the six top chapters of the state and received our first silver award. During the past four years, Fife has always rated among the top twelve. LOWER LEFT, left to right: Seattle Poultry Expedition: D. Johnson, C. Buchanan, A. Zampardo. LOWER RIGHT: Carnation Judging: T. Kawaguchi, J. Door, R. Mortensen, C. Buchanan. UPPER CENTER: Karl Fiellstod. UPPER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: T. Kawaguchi, v.-p,g R. Celmer, sen.g John Door, pres., C. Shimizu, sec. SECOND ROW: Mr. Olmsteod, R. Forslund, thrift mgr., R. Mortensen, report. Norman Heilig, American Farmer I ,Y ""' ' ' ., 'ts' isa' g D 3 Q2 in S , a rw m ,,,k W f f , vw-mv-1 gl x .wzgf ,M- s . . Q ,fl ,- ,M W vw w if Q 9 Yami :X W' if R? f ,IAV '- -fe,:I Q , ,Lf b ..i,, , . as ?M?g Wwfv in SX, . My 1 v H 'Q Qs' QS bt T' N- ,, v ' .3 Q, 4? ., I Q' 55 sk '4 X x l B , if J: secretary Grade School Office Force HUYSC MRS. SPEAR, MRS. BAXTER, MRS. STEARNS, cooks 4 Librarians Junior High Office Force Tuberculosis Covnril Red Cross Room Anendunfs Verlle, AI Locttennette. GROUP, FRONT ROW, left ta right: Richard Mohler, Buddy Tanberg, Elsie Yotsuuye, Lucille ld, Margie Blodgett, Hideo Watanabe. SECOND ROW: Norman Cranquist, Kenneth Devenny, ze Kotchkoe, Jay Carr, Sharon Kelley, Barbara LaVeille, Jerrilee Browning, Gene Mead, Stanley er. THIRD ROW, Ernie Bailey, Richard Lightburne, Larry Johnson, Leon Rader, Albert Cochen- :. FOURTH ROW: Don Danberg, Jim Rogan, Don Peters, Dan Clarkson, Tom Murray. DRIVERS' CLUB "Courtesy, Caution, Common Sense." With this meaningful motto in mind, the Fife IOO7. Drivers' Club lan another successful year under the guidance of our adviser, Officer Virgil Mattson. The first meeting was held to elect officers for the new year. Those officers are president, Ernie Bailey, e-president, Larry Johnson, secretary, Elsie Yotsuuye, treasurer, Jim Rogan, sergeants, Albert Cochennette, dy Tanberg, publicity managers, Charles Shinn, Dave Bornander, historian, Barbara LaVeiIIe, sergeant-at- s, Richard Lightburne. The Drivers' Club has had three memorable activities during the past year. Last May this club held the last ce of the school year. During the following summer, some of the members went to Olympia and were taught art of shooting. On February 5, I954, an all-county Drivers' Dance, sponsored by the Fife Drivers' Club, was I at the Century Ballroom. The purpose of the dance was "To Promote Safe Teen-age Driving." CHRISTIAN CLUB SEATEDs Shirley Forslund, Betty Bryant, Jacque Sills, Sandra Lund, Sharon Lund, Amelia Kvamme, Carol Kvamme. STANDING: Mrs. Vinson, adviser, Jeanine Clark, Shirley Welherbee, lone Kvamme, Anne Rivenes, Marlene Forslund, Sorena Johnson, Roberta Bryant. HARRY SORENSEN We, the students and the faculty of Fife High School, wish to pay a final tribute to a member of our faculty who passed away February 3. The students will always remember him as a fair and impartial teacher, as a friend and adviser. The faculty will remember him as an inspirational force in their profession. His wrestling team will never forget his tireless effort and the time he spent with them, teaching them that even though winning a match is important, being a good sportsman and getting along with others are more important. Therefore we dedicate our sports, section to an enthusiastic worker and a lover of sports, Mr. Harry Sorensen. HA'-L ANNETTE RYAN 0 A CX. MARCIA METTLER UIHMIN Co-Chairman JIM RAGAN PETORAK i N-ii!- Qbvwu"' - FRONT ROW, left to right: Tom Lelli, Len Lightburne, lim Clark, Joe Door, Doug Otis, Lyle Radar, Dave Hall, Fred Plumb. SECOND ROW: Assistant coach, Mr. Paul Scheyer, Bob Peterson, Bob Mortensen, Norman Cronquist, Gary Johnson, August Zampardo, Jim Rogan, Glenn Robbins, Mr. Carl Hailey, Coach. THIRD ROW: Bob Mitten, Dick Rivenes, Richard Ambuehl, Kenneth Dovenny, Spencer Nordfors, Leon Rader, Everett Plumb, Harald Farris. SE ICR HIGH FOOTBALL Fife started its grid season led by Ellsworth Finlayson with two touchdowns and a convincing 27-O victory over the Yelm eleven. We finished the season with a 31-20 victory over Vashon to give the Troians a four wins, three losses, and one tie record for the year. At Fife's first home game of the season, the Eatonville game, the Troians again sparked as August Zam- pardo raced across the goal line four times making three touchdowns and one conversion. The final score, 26-13. Then Federal Way upset the apple cart, and Fife was defeated 37-0 by the league champions. A week later, Fife led throughout the Orting game until the final stanza when Orting's Ben Rakes flung a 24-yard touchdown pass to give the Cardinals a 7-7 tie. The following week the Troians faced a tough Peninsula squad and lost 28-6. After a week's rest, the Troians came back with a last minute 83-yard TD pass from Leonard Lightburne to Dave Hall to give Fife a 14-7 win over Buckley. Bethel then downed the Troians on a mud-swept Fife field by 14-O. ln Fife's Homecoming game, Fife Troians came from behind to win 31-20. Six Fife seniors - Bill Mohler, Ellsworth Finlayson, Vic Coon, Ev Plumb, Leon Rader, and Gary Weaver - played their final season with the Fife spangles this 1' ,Qt fall. All are lettermen and regulars. They will oe hard to replace. Ten iunior and five sophomore lettermen will be returning for the '54 campaign. CARL HATLEY PAUL SCHEVER SCHEDULE Fife 27 ...... .................................... Y elm 0 Fife 26 ...... ......... E atonville 13 Fife O ...... ..... F ederal Way 37 Fife 7 ...... .......... O rting 7 Fife 6 ...... .... P enlnsula 28 Fife 14 ...... ..... B uckley 7 Fife O ..,,.. ........ . .. .... Bethel 14 Fife 31 .....,.................. Vashon 20 Won 4 Lost 3 Tie 1 1 V U1 Y' 'Xf' 'Y 0 A 'I I Y ful 7' 3 pl 'li i' Q my 1 -J ,WA- FOOTB LL LETTERME . L2 E -25 ' . 1 X vi! f Lf 5 X Xxx ,L SR O K L L 1 all fu. 'Lf : A X 2 Eg A L in 2 3, Q A 4 gl i ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Ambuehl, Vic Coon, Norman Cronquisl, Joe Door. LOWER LEFT: Ellsworth Finlayson, HOMECOMING FLOAT ,QM UPPER: Dave Hall. LOWER ROW: Tom Lelli, Len Lighiburne, Bob MiHon, Bill Mohler. Q K 5 : :ix M: fs... ? . .mf Q, V S ff 2, L f 1 i 1 .SM ,Lg L L L M: 5-raw.: , 5 :ff ilivbkfgw L Z- ? W LS L L LL . in LREM,,LLlLLLLL 1' f -V ' Z an ' H, ,V mm: LL,, , g L W i ,,LL ,Li LLL P I A N' I 45,5 X ,.. L -S Ei - , , LL 'L 'Win Q , L f if - f' A :,,. UL, Vrik Xu L A 5 fi L, -, '+:: if: i l WE 1 iw. I 3 W? S6 8 1 , i i it A ' L UPPER ROW: Bob Mortensen, Doug Otis, Bob Peterson, Everett Plumb. K LOWER: Fred Plumb, Leon Rader. V lb iQ ii. A ttttt Nw ' s ' 'tu , 'Q L HWX , At , Xxx C.. lr a Z UPPER ROW4 Lyle Rader, Jim Rogan. 'N . F is 1 - i 7 it f ' FOOTBALL BANQUET K X , as-if XR W J' , LOWER: Dick Rivenes, Glenn Robbins, Gary Weaver, August Zompardo. H A 5 xii 'K 4 -241V ix L W x Ox KX 151' 'fdf QYS R835 . F 0 B ds 1 . R+ -V lfa If I Huh 1 K. . 1- - N LM Y 5 -qu l SQ ,lv- T' G' llllggyl 'Xfg Sue V. 'Pl Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife SCHEDULE Foster Foster Yelm Yelm Vashon Vashon Bethel Bethel Eatonville Eatonville White River White River Peninsula Peninsula Orting Orting Federal Way Federal Way 58 46 56 48 39 47 67 53 71 60 68 49 69 54 38 42 51 48 1 V l FRONT Row, kneeling, len Oo flghvl Bob wuffen, B ly Pelefson, Fred Plumb, craig Bvdw SECOND ROW: Denis Arnold, managerpDon Rowe, Larry Johnsc Don Mcllechnie, Jim Rogan, Ferdy R hl THIRD RQW: Conch Curl Halley, Spencer Nordfor N Cronquisl Richard Ambuehl, Charl Sh 8 b Mlffon, Dave Hall, Dale Myers, manager. F' f .lr '1 F1 25 QXFAK? lrfl Q 'Q l A71 lfgc Yi' BASEBALL I953 Six returning lettermen from the Troian's 1952 baseball squad greeted Coach Carl Hatley in his first' year as baseball mentor in 1953. The sun shone brightly as the Trojans took the field for their opening game, but it favored Orting as the Trojans lost 7-0. On April 14, however, Dave Hall's timely hit downed Eatonville 1-0. A week later a tough Bethel team took the lead against Fife on a soggy field, 3-2. At home Fife dumped Vashon 6-4 and Federal Way 3-2. At Yelm Fife took a 2-0 win. Peninsula, however, at Fife won 6-0. Returning lettermen for 1954 are Bob Peterson, Dave Hall, Al Cochennette, John Reines, Bob Mortensen, Don McKechnie, Ken Devenny, Derald Mauerman, and Gaylen Harris. TRACK 1953 'W FRONT ROW, left to right: Derald Mauerman, Robert Mortensen, Jerry Aldridge, John Reines, Ray Washam, Howard Winsinger, Larry Johnson. SECOND ROW, Coach Hatley, Ken Devenny, Bob Mitton, Gaylen Harris, Dave Hall, Al Cochennette, Dick Spencer, Bob Peterson, Don Mc- Kechnie, Denis Arnold, manager. SCHEDULE Fife Orting Fife Eatonville Fife Bethel Fife Vashon Fife Federal Way Fife Yelm Fife Peninsula League Record Won 4 Lost For the eleventh time in fifteen years the Fire Troian's track team are champs again. Fife won the county championship as they nudged Eatonville out by one point. The score was Fife 54, Eatonville 53, Federal Way 38, and Peninsula 7. In the sub-district meet at Fife, Bothell beat Fife by 2 points l27-251. Outstanding men on the squad included Ron Mettler, who took first in the 100, the 440, and the broad iump at the county meet, first in the 100 and in the broad iump in the sub-district meet, and fourth in the 440 at the state meet at Pullman. Other standouts were Dick Ragan and Ron Nelson. New records set in 1953 were Dick Ragan's 180 low hurdles and Ron Mettler's tie of the record for the 100. KNEELING, left to right: Jim Clark, Jack McKean, Ray Bond, Richard Kagan, Ran Mettler, August Zambardo. STANDING: Dale Myers, manager, Don Peters, Tom Murray, Richard Amhuehl, Ron Nelson, Jim Rogan, Robert Western, Mr. Murray Taylor, coach. Ron Mettler, State Meet place winner ,,,.. I ...,, - , i . FW X f " we W 'Q- tl?- W 1' .. ., ,L in 1 'ffffir f, I n r- , ,af Q 4 s .31 3 Q 'T 53'-' - -, " f' N if ,v- -- :gs .' 51,321,119 A , sl li ng? 1 'A I , -1 sr 'H ' 9' X it R. I V .1 sf LOWER LEFT, left to right: Tadashi Kaiimuro, Jock McKeen. LOWER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Raymond Tyndall, Vernon Cross, Douglas Otis, Paul Spiering. SECOND ROW: Alex Chlipala, Danny Mclfechnie, Ronald Celmer, Myron Toler. UPPER LEFT, FRONT Plumb, 'Lyle Rader, Ellsworth Finlayson. SECOND ROW: Bob Mead, Terry Moceri, Gary Scott. THIRD ROW: Richard lightburne, Tadashi Kaiimura, Gary Weaver, Tom Lelli. UPPER RIGHT: Lyla Rader, Dick Rivenes. WRESTLING The Fife wrestling team had a fairly successful year, taking third place in the state meet and win- ning a good percent of their matches. The Troians finished only behind Lincoln of Tacoma and defending champion Sedro Woolley. All the Fife points were scored by seniors including Ellsworth Finlayson and Everett Plumb. Everett took first place while Gary Weaver tied for first. FRONT ROW, left to right: Sharon Kelley, Mary Bisig, Beverly Torger- san, Marcia Mettler, Richard Light- burne. SECOND ROW: Mr. Frank 5 Gustafson, Norman Cronquist, Janice Kotchkne, Dean Crawford. sm, 1,1 5. TENNIS I953 Our racket squad took the courts against their first foe, Bellarmine, early in the season, and fol- lowing them Fife played Sumner, Puyallup, Yelm, Eatonville, Vashon, and Peninsula. The Trojans did not win all their matches owing to their inability to find the three winning combinations necessary to win a match. However, the mixed doubles and girls' singles won consistently. ROW: Dick Rivenes, Everett Wm 'i' SOPHOMORE YELL LEADERS ' - - - -- .vw U-uvvn SKI CLUB The "Troian Ski Club," under the direction of Mr. Flechtner, was quite active this year and skiied mostly around the Snoqualmie Pass area. Members did much to promote the sport in the high school. At their regular meetings they studied skiing, first aid, and safety precautions. Through the year they maintained a IOO 7. skiing record with no iniuries to any skier or guest ofthe club. This year for the 'First time the club acquired emblems. Our patch of a mountain set in a blue background with the name "Troian Ski Club" framing it has become familiar on many of the slopes of the surrounding mountains - as a symbol of safe skiing, good sportsmanship, and comradship. Officers for this year were Dick McGinniss, president, Dick Cole, vice-president, and Barbara LaVeille, secretary-treasurer. FRONT ROW, left to right: Inez Isaksen, Annette Ryan, Ann Spear. SECOND ROW: Dick Cole, Barbara LaVeille, Sharon Johnson. THIRD ROW: Kenyon Luce, Michael Coon, Kary Young, Dick Meginniss, Mr. Al Flechtner, Adviser. V ,fi 1 LEFT GROUP, left to right: Donna Ryan, Secretary, Mary Lou Burke, Vice-President: Diana Ryan, Treasurer, Dick Pruett, Presi- dent. RIGHT: Miss Helen Enger, Adviser. The freshman class, with Miss Helen Enger as their adviser, started their activities this year with the election of their class officers. The selection of officers was a difficult task because of the large number of freshmen and because their abilities and personal qualities were known only to their close friends. The class chose Dick Pruett as their president. Mary Lou Burke was elected vice-president, Diane Ryan, treasurer, and Donna Ryan, secretary. These people have proved themselves to be cap- able officers and have given their full co-operation to the. adviser and to the class in all of their projects. The freshmen have shown themselves to be an outstanding class as workers. Besides the fun, there has been a lot of work to do, but the freshman class has come through with flying colors. This class is very active, is co-operative, and has a lot of school spirit. We can look forward to hearing a lot about this group in future school activities. LOWER GROUP, FRONT ROW, left to right: Gay Snell, Virginia Muir, Diana Ryan, Carolyn Roen, Ann Spear, Doris Rader, Bonnie Mulhall, Deanna Timmons, Donna Ryan, Joyce Reddy, Donna Wrisley, Jerry Reed. SECOND ROW: Terry Moceri, Frank Mahanna, Roger Sweet, Marlene Melsness, Rose Marie Telling, Marilyn Vargo, Rena Tregoning, Emily Rayner, Danny McKechnie, Ed Stipes, Wesley Wrisley, Walter Salzmann. THIRD ROW: Dick Rowe, Gary Rowan, Robert Mead, Dan Peterson, Dick Wahlers, David Murrey, Dick Pruett, Jim Miller, Wayne Triplett, Bob Merrill, John Pollock. UPPER GROUP, FRONT ROW: Jack Ensrud, Leroy Kawaguchi, Chuck Holmquist, Ronnie Hartlaff, Haruyo Kona, Marilyn Berg, Connie Askew, Jeanine Clark, Donna Loidhammer, Roberta Bryant, Sandra Brydan, Ruth Guiley, Lenore Falaschi, Judy Hagman, Gordon Davies. SECOND ROW: Michael Coon, Russell Hollenbeck, Vincent Crowell, Joan Griffin, Sharon Currier, Charlene Brodahl, Mary Lou Burke, Katha Lyons, Amelia Kvamme, Ellen Anderson, Sarena Johnson, Bob Cavin, Doreen Bell, Monty Fox, Maxine Arnold, Jim Lewis. THIRD ROW: Dick Lancaster, Tom Dunbar, Tom Benner, Kenneth Celmer, Richard Dixon, Jerry Canine, Don Burwell, Frank Findley, Cloyce Daschofsky, Carl Bullo, Gary Carlton, Dick Barker, Roger Dutton, Alex Chlipalo, Kenyon Luce, Don Bean. KX V51 if w ,, tfmgf Q. m ' X 52, 63' E' V Q V 3 H ,, ,gf .fq -ff 1 g . . Z? Q., wx ' , ,S 1 " 33 ' - ,K 2 5 1 'K 4' " i sf wfiff 2 ,, - f,, K7. 5 s . Q t ' 1' ' k . K xv. ,,. -i Q .. , .-4133, . 5: v M H 35. Q ' ' W is 'gk 5 V-A :Sz-fm . , Wi H5 if 5 LEFT TO RIGHT: John McDonald, Carol Kvamme, Diane Murrey, Grant Bullo, JoAnn Lindberg, Yoshie Kona, Karen Fietland, Sandra Kinkade, Shirley Forslund, Bob Evenson. The seventh grade class started the year by electing officers for their home rooms. In the two classes Yoshie Kono, JoAnn Lindberg, Bob Evenson, and Robert Westfall were elected presidents and vice-presidents respectively. John McDonald and Yoshie Kono are the class representatives for their class in the junior high student body meetings. The main problem of the two classes was finding ways of making money for their class. Mr. Arnason's class went together with Mr. Wickstrom's eighth grade class in putting on an auction sale, which brought in about fourteen dollars. This money they intend to use for activities for their classes. The main activities of the year were the Christmas and the Valentine parties held in both Mr. Arnason's and Mr. Murphy's rooms. Out of the seventh grade class came the winner of the magazine sale, Tommy Yotsuuye. The class of '59 will contain ambitious, future-minded citizens. LOWER GROUP, FRONT ROW, left to right: Janice Sweaney, Judy McDowell, Echo Sherman, Verna Sprout, Mary Reichlin. SECOND ROW: David McDonald, Jeraldine Ness, Karen Tuttle, Barbara Muir, Darleen Nelson, Arline Nelson, Emily Rayner, Diane Murrey, Joyce Watkinson, Kay Ship- man, Shannon Nelson, Mary Lou Mead, Paul Pelesky, Tommy Yotsuuye, THlRD ROW: Roger Orness, Don Macaluso, Benny Stipes, Dale Rees, Jerry Snell, Bernard Waiss, Robert Schultz, Phillip Steves, Gregory Waiss, Paul Robinson, Robert Westfall, John McDonald, Jerry Manning. UPPER, FRONT ROW: Karyn Gallagher, Dessie King, Darlene Gilge, Carol Kyamme, Janice Ammann, Mary Kukowski, Jerilyn Coffman, Shirley Forslund, Karen Fietland, Norma Celmer, Harvey Holmquist, Marilyn Johnson, Yoshie Kono, Mary Jane Cochennette, Margie Jones, John Karbo. SECOND ROW: Bobby Evenson, Johnny Geehan, Dallas Blair, larry Syphert, George Akins, Grant Bullo, Joanne Foyer, Sylvia Holt, Carol Hogan, JoAnn Lindberg, Annetta Bloomquist, Joan Dachyk, Sandra Kinkade. THIRD ROW: Michael Hopkins, Cecil Ballaris, Lois Crawford, Kathy Burke, Joanne Dunn, Karen Beksinski, Jimmy Fox, Rex Daschofsky, Charles Burger, Dennis Garrett, Sheldon Ensrud, Don Eckenrode, Betty Bryant. , afiA . Y rv S, 'A' .' , , In . . ,- Q 1. . ' 'W -v 4' '- . B.. '- '-'5' Q . ,4 .fv ,T 4 . . ganlfpw, .N J ,f. , Q, '. , ..' '. ,A xx", ' N my V, ., I Wfra1 ,rf 'x Y F 1 R a A Y a, "Pie, ' ,Q f IT ' , ' ,Tx 'fy .14 V .Mx A, ga' , -Q! , 54 ,,,A W1 QQ., ,K , 'Y "' ' S ,ti X af V 0 In Q RWQL' M ,:,, . ' 19 , H+ - sv dk Q H A EQ, 'J 0 X I WY' ml m an ef fc f D Q ' 1 ' ff f 'H' 7 ,F Bell, Tom Benner. UPPER Pat STANDING: Eddie Berg, John McDonald, guchi, Tam Benner, LeRoy Schatz, UPPER The Flame Club is now in its third year and has Doreen Bell as president. Other officers are Mary Lou Burke, vice-president, Beverly Yamamoto, secretary, Carl Bullo, treasurer, and Linda Kelley, points chairman. The initiation and installation ceremony was held January thirteenth with Miss Arlene Lind- strom, adviser, the Torch Club president, and the sophomore members in charge. The ninth grade members arranged the pot luck dinner held after the ceremonies. The club drew twenty members from the ninth grade, fourteen from the eighth grade, and seventeen from the seventh grade. FLAME CLUB TUDENT COUNCIL The iunior high student council, capably ad- vised by Mr. Mullen, is composed of officers elected by the student body and of home room representatives elected from each home room. This student council has promoted a number of successful activities during the year. It has sponsored mixers that were held before special occasions such as Christmas, Hallowe'en, and St. Valentine's day. It sponsored the school magazine drive last fall. It submitted several changes in regard to the operation of boys' and girls' service clubs, the Sabres and Saber- ettes, which were organized last year. Kothe Lyons, Linda Kelley. Kano, Dick Rowe, Leroy Kawa- Mr. Robert Mullen, adviser. LOWER LEFT: Miss Arlene Lindstrom. LOWER RIGHT, FRONT ROW, left to right: Haruyo Kona, Gay Snell, LeRoy Schatz, Jerry Harris, Shirley Forslund, Janice Sweaney, Dennis Garrett, Sandra Kinkade, Norma Celmer, Karyn Galla- gher. SECOND ROW: Beverly Yamamoto, Judy Mead, Carol Kvamme, Barbara Muir, Mary Francis Reichlin, John McDonald, Curtis Lange, Shirley Kraus, Marilyn Delin. THIRD ROW: Pat Bell, Joyce Reddy, Judy Hagman, Diana Ryan, Linda Kelley, Doreen Bell, Mary Lou Burke, Karen Beksinski, Dick Rowe, Don Benn. FOURTH ROW: Pat Rooney, Kathe Lyons, Joanne Dunn, Dick Wahlers, Erven Bullo, Dick Pruett, Sharon Currier, Ellen Anderson, p., Linda Kelley, points, Doreen Bell, pres., Carl treas. Mary Lou 'X . LEFT: Miss Arlene Lindstrom. RIGHT, left to right: Barbara Muir, Pat Bell, Gay Snell, Bennie Mulhall, Judy Hagman, Pot Rooney, Karyn Gal- lagher, Linda Kelley, Diana Ryan, Jackie Yates. SABERETTES The Saberettes, after two years of existence, have spent a very successful year under the supervision of their adviser, Miss Arlene Lind- strom. Each year five girls from the ninth grade, three from the eighth, and two from the seventh are invited to ioin the Saberettes. These girls are chosen on the basis of quali- ties of responsibility, co-operative spirit, and ability to get along with others. The members this year were Gay Snell, Pat Rooney, Diane Ryan, Judie Hagman, Bonnie Mulhall, Patsy Bell, Linda Kelley, Jackie Yates, Barbara Muir, and Karen Gallagher. 4".-Y: SABRE KNIGHTS The Sabre Knights is the iunior high boys' service organization. Faculty adviser this year was Mr. Swain Arnason. The members of this year's Sabre Knights are Carl Bullo, chairman, Dick Pruett, Dick Wahlers, Monty Fox, Roger Sweet, Eldon Trolson, Arthur Paulson, Jerry Harris, Tom Yotsuuye, and Shel- don Ensrud. The main duties of this organization are noon hour hall duty, putting up and taking down chairs for iunior high assemblies, lunch room duty, keeping school grounds clean, and hold- ing doors for assemblies and games. This work has aided the iunior high in maintaining a better school program. LEFT, FRONT ROW, left to right: Tommy Yot- suuye, Sheldon Ensrud, Art Paulsen, Eldon Trolson. SECOND ROW: Roger Sweet, Dick Pruett, Carl Bullo, Jerry Harris, Dick Wahlers, Monty Fox. RIGHT: Mr. Swain Arnason. FRONT ROW, left to right: Lana McDonald, Charlaine Casseday, Sandra Woods, Gene Whitcombe, LeRoy Schatz, Don Henricksen, Lee Johnson, Duane Carter, Eddie Berg, Marion Lightburne, Jerry Harris, Jack Young, Dick Crandall, Danna Krenik, Marilyn Delin, Marie Manning. SEC- OND ROW: Shirley Kraus, lais Sholin, Erna Pollock, Roberta Thomas, Judy Grish, Jackie Yates, Bernadine Sherman, Carol Cox, Scarlet McCoy, Lorraine Swanson, linda Kelley, Donna Matson, Judy Mead, Dolores Parkhurst, Beverly Prukoa, Louise Muller. THIRD ROW: Geraldine Farris, Norma Ellestad, Jean Abbot, Karen Bornander, Charles Kundert, Curtis Lange, Louie Stump, Allan Danberg, Grover Hess, Gerald Carder, Dennis Peterson, Dennis Neil, Jim Belcher, Betty Yohn, Janice Akins, Karen Barry, Audry Green,- Myrna Robinson. FOURTH ROW: Robert Rasmussen, Robert Culver, Rance Culver, Mike Purgatorio, Daryl Thaut, Henry Vogel, David Arnold, Roland Purdy, Chuck Pruett, Erven Marriott, Spencer Thunder, Arnold Proff, Eldon Trolson, Chris McCormick, Duayne Watters, John Zampardo. MUSIC APPRECIATIO The Junior High Choir, under the direction of Mr. Alfred G. Flechtner, now consists of thirty- eight members. One third of class time is spent in learning music fundamentals, one third is devoted to music appreciation, and the other third to singing. This year the choir studied the operetta, "Dizzy Baton." Eleven students from this class had an opportunity to appear on television as a class. We are proud of our choir's progress this year. May it continue as well in the future. JU IOR BA D The Junior Band, under the direction of Mr. Flechtner, has had a very progressive year. Beginners learn the fundamentals of music and the responsibilities of the Senior Band posi- tions which they will some day hold. During the first semester, the Junior Band, assisted by some of their classmates from the Senior Band, play- ed at one of the basketball games. At the be- ginning of the second semester, the band lost fifteen members to the Senior Band. Member- ship grew again to about seventeen. They im- proved enough to play at the March Music Festival. FRONT ROW, left to right: Kathy Burke, John Geehan, Darlene Gilge, Kay Shipman, Joanne Faver, JoAnn Lindberg, Emily Rayner, Donna Krenik. SECOND ROW: Lana McDonald, Don Macaluso, Dallas Blair, David McDonald, Benny Vfaiss, Robert Culver, Janice Akins. THIRD ROW: Roy Heston, Paul Spiering, Chuck Pruett, Paul Miller, Alex Chlipala, Rance Culver. STANDING: Mary lou Burke, Doreen Bell, Tim Miesse, Darrell Kammer, student instructors, Roberta Tliamas, Donna Matson. LOWER GROUP, left to right: Vince Crowell, Dallas Blair, Benny Stipes, Mr. Paul Wangsmo, coach. UPPER GROUP, FRONT ROW: Wayne Triplett, Donv ald Petry, Jack Ensrud, Ed Stipes, Terry Moceri, Gary Rowan, John Pollock, Wesley Wrisley, Ken- neth Celmer. SECOND ROW: lim Milton, Robert Cavin, Dennis Peterson, Russell Hollenbeck, Gordon Davies, Jim Lewis, Tommy Yotsuuye, Daryl Thaut, Danny Mcliechnie. THIRD ROW: Dick Pruett, Dick Wohlers, Chuck Pruett, Spencer Thunder, Tom Ben- ner, Jerry Conine, Paul Spiering, Don Burweil, Don Lindquist. SCHEDULE Fife 7 Dupont O Fife 0 Peninsula I4 Fife O Federal Way 14 Fife O Buckley 0 Fife O Bethel I4 JU IOR HIGH FOOTBALL The T953 Sabre football team didn't win all the games that were played under their banner, but they did have a lot of fun. They displayed a fine type of school spirit throughout the entire season. Jack Ensrud, Dick Pruett, Monty Fox, Eddie Stipes, and many of the other fellows did a terrific iob all season. Tom Benner and Dave Murrey were iniured during the season, so were out of the game. Some others who started the season discovered that the fact their parents lived outside the district made them ineligible for play. ln spite of these disappointments, a lot of seventh and eighth grade boys on the squad learned the real funda- mentals of football. Their experience will help them to play better ball in years to come. Many of the ninth raders will ANN SPEAR probably be finding a berth oi the senior SANDRA BRYDON high squad when next fall comes. Mr. Wangsmo did a wonderful iob of coaching the boys this season, and you can look to next season's team to be out there fight- ing every minute on the gridiron. DWER lEFT, FRONT ROW, left to right: Dick Rowe, Russell Hollenbach, Jimmy lewis, Monty Fox, Roger Sweet. SECOND ROW: Gary Carlton, Bob Covin, ick Pruetl, David Murrey, Dick Wahlers, Wayne Triplett, Jack Ensrud. LOWER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Dennis Peterson, Jerry Harris, Jack Young, Art Paulsen, arion Lighfburne. SECOND ROW: Allan Danberg, Chuck Pruelt, Jim Mitten, Paul Miller, Louie Stump. UPPER LEFT: Donna Matson. UPPER RIGHT: urrel Palmer, manager, Mr. Paul Wangsmo, coach. JU IOR HIGH BASKETBALL The iunior high basketball team came through the l953-54 season with a 2 won 4 loss record. Ably oached by Mr. Wangsmo, the Sabres won their share of games and showed excellent spirit and determination iroughout the season. A number of the boys will find places on the senior high teams of Fife in future years. .lthough a number of lettermen will be lost this year, many of the boys will be on hand for next season's play. Those earning letters this season were Mitton, Paulson, Stump, Lightburne, Young, Harris, Danberg, C. Pruett, favin, Carlton, Hollenback, Triplett, R. Pruett, Sweet, Rowe, Lewis, Murrey, Wahlers, Fox, Ensrud, and Miller. SCHEDULE Fife 29 Federal way 32 Fife 24 Peninsula 4l Fife 38 Bethel 33 Fife l 2 Dupont 22 Fife 28 Buckley 23 Fife 26 Vashon 33 x,. W' W V 1 BE. I 7 L l Q i wh MVR "ff w' . 'kff' V X , 2 Q i ' in Fi ' ' S la, is .E+ iii N aft' m Qui lrif sq ' C Li' bi K f we-l'Y"'4 A of 'J 'lar '51 Fi. LOWER, ROW, left to right: Jerry Harris, Gerald Carder, Leonard Lightburne, Louie Cerqui, Jimmy lewis. SECOND ROW: Vernon Cross, Gary Johnson, Fred Plumb, Bob Warren, Dick Rivenes, Craig Mr. Marvin Johnson. UPPER LEFT: Mr. Marvin Johnson, coach. UPPER CENTER: Gerald Carder, Jerry Harris. UPPER RIGHT: Roberta Thomas. .IU IOR HIGH BASEBALL l953 The Fife Junior High Sabres received their baseball training under the capable direction of Mr. Marvin Johnson. The team came through the season batting an even .500 in the won-lost column. With iust a few return- ing lettermen, the team pulled together and improved as time went along, The Sabres showed a lot of good teamwork and spirit. That, in addition to Mr. Johnson's excellent coaching, produced a fine showing for the team in the four games that they played. Two games were played with Federal Way, one with Peninsula, and one with Kent-Meriidan. Sixteen players received letters, and ten of them will be returning this spring, so prospects for the 1954 team look very favorable. Several ninth grade boys - Leonard Lightburne, Dick Rivenes, Spencer Nordfors, Louie Cerqui, Fred Plumb, Craig Buchanan, Bob Warren, and Vernon Cross - will move on up to the varsity squad. One seventh grade player, Larry Docken, who was an excellent baseball prospect, moved to Portland. The team re- gretted his loss keenly. Those who will be returning from the i953 squad to play iunior high ball are Gerald Carder, Louis Stump, Jerry Harris, Eddie Stipes, Paul Miller, Bob Mead, and Jim Lewis. With the addition of the new material from the 1954 seventh grade, the new team should enioy a well-rounded season. ,, E., s MRS. NETTI E HOUSTON ln Memory of a Friend Probably no person connected with the Fife schools has excelled Mrs. Nellie Houston in years of service given or in number of friends made. Mrs. Houston saw many students enter and leave our school. She worked in our lunch- room for twenty-two years, retiring in the spring of 1951. Her constant smile, friendly words, and unfailing good humor brightened the days of students, of faculty members, and of her co-workers. The death of Mrs. Houston on November 12, 1953, took from our school and commun- ity a good citizen, a loyal worker, and a sincere friend. XQJP Aww., 0,LwO4y6-HQMKJ-9f?'W'Cg Ili I 3 1.. K! XQJQ4 M., ,LJ N935 I-w-ua. MMP . EMMOZLMKMJQ 5 -1 Jzfanw 'Q ,ni 1 gg, 4pL.,,.o:2oJL-.- afozeuap bf-Lg w+.sf:etQ,Q,U.-saV.3,v,,m,Q,,,,.. 'f. ,nb 364,44 4,66 d40bJ ,4144-412. W s.0.4,a-a.4,a!4f Q MQMM-My ,5 mi ,ww- 57?-Z0 A. '4'I Jaya, a.. 9,6066 4. ' A'.1, ii ' ,Q 4,,,Lfj,fQfi4,6,ff-Q Q4-W at 6544 df 'fj.jgj"Mi' 4.0.5 ' A ga fad, M. E Z r 'E-H 1' .h - 132. . ' x . A W R K as if J5"g6zf fi' Ali . 35' Arffh' U MWA W 1 Mm ?r1 ',., f""O 'bhp gmvkmw Haro M, ex.-5' MWA A 'als' ---: 'SRM FY L'V,.J". -'-N -,40-fw ' -jyff' .uf A 'V-V5 u X AM, - n ff' , Q. W' G ff 5' - if 'ff ',,: 3 1' L, . x 3 SK fa ' ' 'Y 1- f I 'S Sv fa . 4 Sw 5 fi5.ifgf,yiZw f y fQRfy5p f f J? 3 if? V A . . sig W we U zwrv W, ,ff gi 46' , , 41 .2 a Nwzw , YN., W- --Q, I W yi' Q Q, V, xl' 'mx -W ,L , . I is 5' , .F , . . ., . I ,,,, -2 ,Q if - H A ,M Y gi gg, W L E as , M flu , nigga ,iq ' 7 F , A Q U . f , ' xi Sz 9 sy ,. gf. gg, , i,Q Ag 3-ea VV W Q YK 5 w g 2 g QQ iz .- n Q' E L. . - . jx' ,, , gy 'ff 9,1 , ,- , V . -, ,, 4 A i i f , ,fn f ?l 33 fi 2, E.. if Q 5 Q f S33 fiw MM 21 ,M 2 ,L . , , K , , , lg-W.. -, ,- . -.- . in - X , g V wa 15' QQQQQ5 3? g5 1'1 W "': ' : 'fi 5 ' 9 2 K 1 'Y Q 5 gkgiif lhs JF af Q xg wi P V A ids Q, Q Q 3 t 4 ' fi W W if 5 F at x ga Q , X MQ gym? A, ,af f 1 M 3 g 2,2 ,,' VKVE ki L 'V nbf if 5? 'Z f ff 'Q 2 f , QP .,f1 Q wkif3f1 S 1 f 2 5 Egg 3 X SQ ' 1 iigib iifaidi , ? x E

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Fife High School - Illahee Yearbook (Fife, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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