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M 2 'w ' Q Aff' Y "' ' . M- W , V A ".,.. X mg.. .q f ,r 3, A C 'xffefj ' Y , Q qua 6' QW A C X 5 Q lbh A M.g,w ' lf N ,A K L? N. .. Q I.. at I , I 4 -" A a gf , 7,25 wa Q: fi V V 4 WN. - 1 .1 I 1 , S.. , ' , Q' ' '4- - 9' , .6 , .. ,,, , B. , 1 - ., A-1-lf. ,V W, an Mau. mqmmflag M Q M Mx ,.a"' - ff' P' ,pm -XX -at 2 a Q 5 B a E Q s I1 2 e D , 2 4 I 3 1 5 1 'I 5, :I si ii ii is 55 ei E 5 U IA 2 .1 1 E H n 14 Es . kg if li V 1 . W 3 W 5 s a 5 ,X .Z ss E 2 1 s S ,X Q s My-7 , 4f11?..Qi !Qwi'VE' N x f z:Ww-L"--1 , A : 'W-.i . .V 5 ' 4 ., . ,ifir f f 3 - -M - 2 i ' Y M E. Wgabsfm-f,Q-,f . N V. , -- , WE , ' .. Q X www 3 1953 TRGJAN published by me Sfudenfs of FIFE HIGHASCHOOL BILL VINSON Dedication This year we should like to pay tribute to a member of our faculty who has been and will continue to be an inspiration to the athletic and the teaching professions. He has been coaching our football and basketball teams during the past six- teen years and teaching mathematics in the class- room, too. He is retiring this year from his coaching position but will continue to teach mathematics. Even so, we are going to miss seeing him leading our teams on to victory. lt is with great pride and gratitude that we dedi- cate our l953 annual, the "Troian," to Mr. Bill Vinson. ...,-at ROBERT C. HALL Superintendent MARVIN P. BELKNAP Principal 1 "zz-f Faculty I ,, ARLENE LINDSTROM Vice-Principal FRANKLIN GUSTAFSON Science, Photography aw bf' 'Zin' in ALFRED FLECHTNER MARIAN YOUNG BILL VINSON ELLEN SCHEYER Music Department English Mathematics, Senior High Coach Home Economics .- ' ' V K V .fm 'I af'-e gf I 'Q - A , I- . ' W f' , 3 ' U L, I ':"2s::faf.i,f ik,-:iii I 'l 4, ' if' AGNES DUNN PAUL SCHEYER THELMA BOOTH HARRY SORENSEN Librarian Shop Commercial Department Social Studies Q Y in x K yi, M- ,I V. hA.v..,.aPN I .Qi 1 F 4 M it A H ifi,-, I , 'Wx ' 8 x",pj.'-can ' . - b I 'ffiiigitrie-, I A G I ',tf,zS-Q1gQg3,5,f7g2',.V gg ji , , , I CARL HATLEY DORRITT HEINTZ SWAIN ARNASON PHILIP NORBY Bays' Health and P,E., Science Seventh Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade ALMA VINSON English, Mathematics f ' I 1 1' - , ' I 1' My 2, , Q 1 Qin ' X il hr L 'E as GLEN OLMSTEAD Agriculture -saga EILEEN ANDERSON Girls' Health and P.E. iii I g ,tee? A fic ' :S py I I vm, Q I 5 R5 P is f A 5 CHARES WICKSTROM Eighth Grade Senior Awards . ,. ,ic .Q 4 'Z 'Ewa if KATHERINE JENSEN "-" 'E'E,E' Q "" ' PAT NELSON Valediclorian 4 Huber Commercial Award r 1 'Y L KN E i n i " . AL A --Z Q .5 , ,. 5 :LL 1, ri, E ASN , i f hifi- . f SANDRA KEIOHTLEY JACK ROSENOW NANCY LUTTER Salulalorian Facully Choice Speaker Class Choice Speaker Blll. SPEAR RHODA BRITT ED CARDER Band lnspiralionol Award Choir lnspiralional Award Agricullure Award Plaque Awards i 1 FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: Arline Toler, Leslee Ward, Mary Johnson, Eleanor Yoshioko, Shirley Eyenson, Mardelle Savicki, Marion Slalder, Pal Nelson, Margery Holmquisl, Nancy Luller. SECOND ROW: Diane Shepler, Viclorine Boilano, Mariorie McKeen, Georgia Lindslrom, Sandra Keighfley, Winnie Millon, Kalherine Jensen, Rhoda Brill, Phyllis Melhven, Carol Gregory. THIRD ROW: Howard Wissinger, Jerry Sweel, Gordon Anderson, David Emry, Edward Carder, David Lund, Jerry Aldridge, Ray Washam, Donald Woodard. FOURTH ROW: Dick Spencer, Dick Dunbar, John Bahren. Jack Rosenow, Bill Spear, Ron Nelson, Richard Rogan, LeRoy Turner, John Timmons. il gg .lvz L . if , Y, f z 'DY EUGENE Bixiav "Gene" Maiors: English, Shop, Min- ors: History, Math, Football 3, 4, Track 41 Drivers' Club 4, Boys' Club 3, Bus Driver 4. Entered Fife T951 from Puyallup. Ambition: To ioin the Navy, I EDWARD CARDER "Ed" Maiors: Agriculture, English. Science. Minors: History, Football 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, vice- President 3, President 4, Judging Team l, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentary Team 3, 4, Student Council 2, "You Can't Take lt with You" 4. Ambition: To be a dairy man. L t 4" ?' i1?'iiif E I 7. ir , it A, o 4,5 'sg I .5 f lt' iii GERALD ALDRIDGE "Jerry" Maiors: Math., English, Soc- ial Science, Commercial, Science. Minors: Health and P,E., Journalism, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, let- termen's Club l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Club I, 2, 3, Pep Club 4, Paper Editor 4. Entered Fife in l95O from Stewart. Seniors fs, -F .1 'S Q 73 Q A ir! 5' 5'-was' , 5 ,Q 3 ri F GORDON ANDERSON "Gordy." Maiors: Agricul- ture, English. Minors: His- tory, Math., ShoD- Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling l, 3, 4, F.F.A. 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4, Troian Knights 2, 3, 4, "You Can't Take lt with Yau" 4. Entered Fife i949 from Edgemont. Ambition: To ioin the Coast Guard. FRANCES BERWICK "Babe" Maiors: English, Waitress. Minors: Commercial, Home Economics, History. Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, lr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Office Girl 4, Choir 2. Entered Fife T950 trom Stewart. Ambition: To be- come a telephone operator or a housewife. I.. i-Eid f at V ge, M - Q, 1 JOHN BOHREN "Hansie" Maiors: English, Band, Shop. Minors: History, Math. Foot- ball 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, Boys' Club l, 2, 3, Ski Club 3, Music l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Driv- ers' Club 4, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Stu- dent Body Vice-President 4, "You Can't Take lt with you" 4, "Senior Show- down" 3. Ambition' To ioin the Navy and then get mar' ried. RICHARD CHESTERFlEl.D "Chesty," Maiors: English, Math. Minors: Science, in, Shop. Football 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4: Boys' Club l, 2, 3, Pep Club 4, Driving Club 4, Machine Room 4, Movie Operator 3. Entered Fife in 1949 from Milton. Ambition- Serve term in Navy and then be a veterinarian. l f-32 Q, 3, , VICTORINE BOITANO "Vicky." Maiors: English, Home Economics, Commer- cial. Minors: Social Science, Science, Girls' Sports I, Troianettes 2, 3, ViceAPresi- dent 2, Debate l, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Historian 2, Drill Team 2, President Sophomore Class, " Y o u Can't Take lt with You" 4, Office Girl 2, Paper Staff Typist, Copy Editor 3, An- nual Staff Typist 4. MAXINE COX "Mackie" Maiors: English, Choir. Min- ors: Commercial, History, H o m e Economics. Girls' Sports 2, Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4. Entered Fife i950 from larrimore, North Dakota. Ambition: To be o telephone onerator. 4, .,,. is V I ., I , , 5. 6' 3 'ii , ,,t""' ..:' sf , fs eggr- , RHODA BRITT "Ticky" Maiors English, Choir. Min' ors: Home Economics, Social Science, Commercial. Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, F,H.A. l, 2, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, "You Can't Take lt with Yau" 4, Girls' Club Play 2, "Senior Showdown" 3, Chairman Table Decora- tions, Tea 4. Entered Fife i949 from Milton. U JO ANN CURRIER "Jojo" Maiors: English, History, Home Economics. Minors: Science, Math. Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Council 2, 3, 4, Office Girl 3, library Assistant 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, Girls' Club Play 2, Thanksgiving Baskets 3, Re- freshment Stand 2, 3, Enter- ed Fife l95O from Stewart. Ambition: Window trimmer. DONNA BRUNER "Pug" History. Maiors: Minors: English, Home Economics, Choir. Girls' Club 2, 3, 4, lnvitations' Committee Moth- er-Daughter Tea 4, Choir 3, 4, Narrator of Christmas Program 3, 4, Christmas Decorations Committee 4. Entered Fife in February, l95l, from lincoln. RICHARD DUNBAR "Dick" Maiors: History, English, Shop. Minor: Science, Driv- ers' Club 4, Boys Club l, 2, 3, Pep Club 4, Student Body Officer 4, Student Council 4, "You Can't Take lt with You" 4, Paper Staff Typist, Proof Reader, Mimeograph- er 3, Annual Reporter 4. 1 CAROLE ANN GREGORY Maiors: Science, Commer- cial, English, Home Econ- omics. Minor: History. Drill Team 2, 3, F.H.A. 2, 3, Troianettes 2, 3, Junior Red Cross 2, 3, Girls' Club His- torian 3, Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3, Christmas Ball Committee 4. ANNA KAELIN Maiors: Home Economics, English, History. Minors: Commercial, Science. Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Room Attendant 3, Choir 3. Entered Fife 1949 from Fir- wood. ' -.V -zz, , . c 'S -' '- K.. X 4 !f' 'e '!"""""', in-M Z 4 LEROY ELLESTAD "Lee" Maiors: History, English, Science, Shop. Minor: Math. Track l, 3, 4, Boys Club l, 2, 3, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Secretary Senior Class, "You Can't Take lt with You" 4, Movie Operator l, 2, 3, P.A. Operator 2, 3. Ambition: To ioin the Navy and then attend college. ,A ' 1 f .. M. , DONALD GRISH "Don" Majors: Math., English. Min- ors: History, Science. Torch Club 4, Drivers' Club 4. Entered Fife in i952 from Lowell, Indiana. Ambition: To be an Air Farce Pilot or an Electronics Engineer. SANDRA KEIGHTLEY "Sandy." Maiors: Band, English. Minors: Latin, Home Economics, Math, Science, History. F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Torch Club l, 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary-Points Chairman 3, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council Representative 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Drill Captain 4, P.L.C. Student Congress l, 2, 3, Senior Pictures Chairman 4, Junior Pram Decorations 3. Seniors DAVID EMRY "Em" Majors: Math., English, Science, Manual Arts. Minor: History. Baseball 2, 3, 4, Boys' Club l, 2, 3, Letter- men's Club l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, President Senior Class, "You Can't Take lt with You" 4, Picture Com- mittee 4, Christmas Ball Decorations 4. Ambition: To attend college. MARGERY HOLMQUIST "Marg." Maiars: English, Choir. Minors: Home Econ- omics, Science, Math, His- tory. Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, A, F.:-LA. 2, 3, 4, President 4, Points Chairman 3, G.A. A. 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 3, 4, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Christian Club 4, Nonettes 2, 3, Senior Trio, "Senior Show Down" 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. MARJORIE KELLEY "Margie." Maiors: English, Commercial. Minors: His- tory, H o m e Economics, Choir. F.H.A. 2, Ways and Means 2, Drill Team 2, 3, Girls' Sports 2, Librarian 3, Choir l, 3, 4, Paper Report- or 3, Tolo Entertainment Committee 2. SHIRLEY EVENSON Maiors: English, Band. Min- ors: Home Economics, His- tory, Commercial. Social Chairman F.H.A. 3, Vice- President Drill Team 3, President 4, Vice-President Band 4, "You Can't Take lt with You" 4, Junior Red Cross Council 2, 3, 4: May Day Princess l, Office Girl 3, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4. S -S. 4 2 1 '-" ' r 1, -1 V W:-fl 'j. z 7 x ll -- pf., . Q 'Q' Q . KATHERINE JENSEN Maiors: English, Home Eco- nomics, Band. Minors: His- tory, Science. Bond l, 2, 3, 4, King's Men 3, Torch l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Mother-Daughter Tea 3, 4, F,H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, oe- bate 2, lOOofo Drivers' Club 4, Librarian l, 4, Troian Reporter 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Stu- dent Council Publicity Man- ager 4, "You Can't Take lt MARY IDA JOHNSON Moiors: Home Economics, English, Commercial. Min- ors: Band, Social Science. Girls' Sports 3, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Torch Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Tro- ianettes 2, 3, Drill Team 4, Student Body Historian 4, Librarian 4, Ag. Secretary 3, 4, Choir l, Band 2, 3, May Day Princess 2. Am- bition: Secretarial Work. with You" 4. V ' f C . "' ' ' S 1 is - ' . . ' ..' ae .V ., .. , 1 ' .. I3ii,,.s.,, 4... , K ,V-. , ,....xK . ,.. , - .: , , ,a ' - ' if H . .41 ., i W . ,+ ,J GEORGIA UNDSTROM Maiors: Commercial, History, English. Minors: Home Eco- nomics, Math. Pep Club 1, Drama Club 2, Drill Team 4, F.H.A, 1, 2, 3, Assist- ant President 2, Historian 3, Degree Chairman 3, Dele- gate District Convention l, 2, 3, Delegate State Con- vention 2, "You Can't Take lt with You" 4. JAMES LOVELL "Jim" Maiors: Shop, English. Min- ors: Science, Choir. Choir 3, 4. Entered Fife in i948 from Florence, Alabama. Ambition' To loin the Navy. was PHYLLIS METHVEN "Babbie." Maiors: English Science, Commercial, Min ors: Home Economics, His- tory. Girls' Sports l, 2, 3 4, r.r-r,A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Torch Club 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 3, 4, Manager 3, 4, Red Cross Council l, 2, 3, 4 President 3, Treasurer Stu dent Body 4, Chairman En- tertainment Tea 4. ksq, . PATRlClA NELSON 'Pat' Mayors Commercial, Hrs- rorv, Fnqlrsh Minors Math, Home Economics. Torch Club 2, 3, 4, St-cri-tary Q, rrfsmnf etti-s 7, 3, Debate 7, Girls' Crurs 1, 2, 3, 4, sr-rr.-titty Class, ' Y o u Sophomore Cant Take It with You 4, Carr, out, Play 7, rrorm- ettr- Talent Show 7, Ytrll Dutlitrss 3, 4, Annual Stott Rr-porter 3, Typist A DAVID LUND "Dave" Maiors: Agriculture, Math., English. Minors: Shop, His- tory, Science. F.F,A. l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Driving Club 4, F. F,A, Parliamentary Team 3, 4, Judging Team 2, 3, 4, Student Council Representa- tive 3, Entered Fife T949 from Edgemont. Ambition: To be a farmer or mechanic. i r RONALD METTLER "Ron" Maiors: Shop, Science, Eng- lish. Minors: Math., Social Science. Football 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Troian Knights 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3 Pep Club 4, Bays' Club l 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Letter- rnen's Club l, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, Drivers' Club 4 Movie Operator l, 2, 3, 4 Assistant Movie Co-ordinator 2, 3. Ambition: To go to college. ,,, ! Q K t .,,. s 1 as an f 1 2 'ir Q? xtl RONALD NELSON "Ron" Maiors: English, Science, Shop, Math. Minor. Social stil-tw rootrwrr 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, sos,-burr 1, 2, 3, Boys' crub 1, 2, 3, : Cruts 1, 7, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Drivers' Club 4, Vim- Presiclen' F r 5- s h m an Class, President Junior Class, Annual Stott 4, Sports Edi- tor 3 Seniors .wr NANCY LUTTER Maiors: Home Economics, English, Commercial. Min- ors: History, Math, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Torch Club 2, 4, Christ- ian Club 4, Office Girl 4. Entered Fife in T949 from Edgemont, Ambition: Typist or Secretary. ff' x Qs 'ln-.Q FRED MEYER "Sannie" MARIORIE McKEEN Maiors: Commercial, Eng- lish, Minors: Math., History, Social Science, Home Eco- nomics, Choir. Drill Team 3, Christian Club 4, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Student Librar- ian 3, 4, Junior Red Cross Council 2, Delegate to Stu- dent Congress 3, Girls' Club Sunshine Committee 2. Am- bition: To goto nurses' col- lege. we R R 7 .lisa 3 WlNlFRED MITTON Maiors: English, Shop. Min- "Winnie." Maiors- English, ors Choir, Math, HistorY, Music. Minors. Math., Com- Choir l, 2. C l. HAROLD PETERS 'Hal ' Mcziors English, Shoo, Band. Minor History Boys Club l, 2, 3, Troran Knights 2, 3, 4, President 4, Vice-Presb dent Senior Class, Sergeant at Aims Sophomore Class, Band l, 2, 3. Entered Fife N249 from McCarver Junior High mercial, Home Economics, History, Science. Girls sports 1, 2, 3, 4, ortrs' Club l, 2, 3, 4, G,A.A. 4 Troianettes 2, 3, President 3, Band 31 4, Choir l, 4 Girls' Trio 4, Nonettes l Ambition- To be a first grade teacher. CARLEETA PHELPS 'Leeta Maiors Home Economics, English, Corrirrrercial. Min- ors History, Algebra, P.E. Girls' Club 4, Torch Club 4, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, Christian Club 4, President 4, Drivers' Club 4, National Honor So- ciety 2, 3, Annual Stott Typ ist 4, Decoration Contrtsrttee Tea A Entered Frte i952 lranr Canyon, Texas Ambit- ion Typist or Secretary. '11, THOMAS MURRAY "Tom" Maiors: English, Shop, Min crs: Science, Social Science Football 2, Basketball 3 Track 2, 3, F.F.A, 2, 3 Boys' Club l, 2, 3, F.F.A Banquet Committee 3. Am bition: To be a state patrol man and get married, ,rs 1 ,. , . s,gf,f..- --vsp Wi' R - c RICHARD RAGAN Maiors: English, Math, Man- ual Arts, Science. Minors Social Science, Choir. Base- tmrr 1, Wrestling 1, Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Choir l, 3, Publicity Manager l, Drivers' Club 4, Pass Club l, 2, 3, Peo Clutx A, LL-'terrnens Club 3, 4, President Student Body 4 Publicity Manager 3, Treas urer Sophomore Class, 'You Can t Take lt vtrth You' 4 DIANE SHEPLER "Shep" Maiors: Commercial, Eng- lish. Minors- Social Science, Latin, Home Economics. Tro- ianettes 2, 3, Girls Club l, 2, 3, A, F H,A. l, 2, Christ- ian Club 4, "You Can't Take lt with Vouu 4, Oltice Girl 4, Red Cross Attendant 2, Library 2, Mother-Daugh- ter Tea Committee 2, 3, Ways and Means Cornmit- tee, Girls Club 4. ir" . S K , e,, 7 i C A R L ST A L D E R Maiors Shop, English. Min- ors Science, History. Foot- boll l, Wrestling 2, Boys' Club l, 2, 3, Driving Club 4, Vice-President Sophomore Class, Choa, 2, 4. Ambition: To be a sheet metal worker, Seniors EDWARD RIGGS "Eddie" Mciars: Science, English. Minors: S o cial Science, Shop, Boys' Club l, 2, 3, Annual Reporter 3. Entered Fife 1949 from McCarver Jr. High. Ambition: To be a pilot or an architect. W n.. . iz.-:' 5 e ii' 5 ,- , -, . f. g nw, JACK ROSENOW Maiors: History, English, Commercial, Math. Minors: Science, Latin, Mechanical Drawing. Football 3, 4, Baseball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 2, 3, Boys' Club 2, 3, Lettermen's Club 2, 2, 4, Torch Club l, 2, 3, 4, MARDELLE SAVICKI "Mardy," Maiors: English, Home Economics. Minors: History, C h o i r, Typing, Girls' Sports 4, Girls' Club 3, 4, Drill Team 3, 4, "You Can't Take lt with You" 4, Band l, 2, Chair 3, 4. En- tered Fife l95l from Bal- F Pep Club 4, Treasurer Sen- boa, Canal Zone. ior Class, Sports Editor, An- nual Staff 4. Entered Fife T950 from Gault. .',.L I ,,,, 4 - , ,tt-1 wi, . -5-1 A ' M 4 , ' ,2 A . f W 12.5 R Q , 1 J -31 4 M .-i., 1' E. A 7 ii . ,Ni 5 1 ' F 1 . A M' , ,W M ., , .K ,, f rw g, . , 3 , J , X X2 from., . lst s ? . fi s s DONALD SHOOP i'Don" JAMES SlSKA "Cisco Kid" WlLLlAM SPEAR 'iBill" Maiors: English, Science. Maiors: Science, Shop, Eng- Maiars: English, Band, Shop. Minors: Commercial, Math., Mechanical Drawing, His- tory. Ski Club 3, 4, Boysi Club l, 2, 3, F,F.A. l, Torch Club l, 2, 4, Treas- urer Junior Cldss, Entered Fife l949 lrom Milton. Arn- bition: To to college or ioin th: Navy. ,ev K MARIAN STALDER Moiors: English, Commer- cial. Minors History, Home Economics, Science. Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Maiorettc 3, 4, Vice-President 4, G.A A. 2, 3, 4, Reporter-Historian 3, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, Parliamen- tarian 3, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secre- tary 3, "You Cant Take lt with Youi' 4, Choir 3, 4, Reporter "Troian Trumpet- er" 3, Chairman of G.A.A. Initiation. lish. Minors: Math., History, Baseball 2, Choir 4, Movie Operator l, 2, 3, 4. Entered Fife l945 from Manchester, California. Ambition: Air- plane Engineer. Minors, Science, History, Football 3, 4, Baseball 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Drivers' Club 4, President 4, Boys' Club l, 2, 3, Ski Club 3, "You Can't Take It with You" 4, Christmas Ball Committees 3, 4. Entered Fife l949 from Milton. Am- bition: attend college. Q1 u se . 3 If - ' if-:. MW., ' . , I MARV ANN STOVNER M aio r s: History, English, Home Economics. Minor: Science. Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Representative 4, Girls' Club Tea Committee 2. Ambition: To ioin the Waves. , r --Q RlCHARD SPENCER "Dick Maiors: Shop, English. Min ors: Chair, History. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track l 2, 3, 4, wrestling 1, st. Club 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Boys Club l, 2, 3, Drivers Club 4, Music Club 2, 4, Letter men's Club l, 2, 3, 4, Mo Chine Room l, 4, Junior Senior Prom Committee 3 Ambition: Dick would like to go to college, .. fuer. lr--ez, as--:ter - Sf'2i,,- ' r " 'wiwliiiw yu . 1 ' Us , , 4 -6 , is S JERRY SWEET "Sweet' Majors' Shop, English. Min- ors: History, Commercial, Science. Troian Knights 2, 3, 4, Boys' Club l, 2, 3, Assistant Gym Teacher 4, Entered Fife l949 from Edgemant, Ambition: To ioin the Coast Guard. JOHN TIMMONS "A-John Mcliars: English, Agriculture Minors, Shoo, Science, H.s iw. Fr.,-c i, 2, 3, 4, Sen tinal 4, Movie Operator 2 3, 4: Movie Ca-ordinator 4 P.A, Operator 2, 3, 4 Am bition John would like tc be a farmer. LESLEE WARD Maiors: English, Commer- cial, Choir. Minors- Home Economics, History. Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Recording Secretary 3, Drill Team 2, 3, Junior Class Secretary, Vice- President-Historian, Choir 4, Secretory, Junior Red Cross 4, May Day Princess 2, Non- ettes l, Annual Reporter 4, Junior Class Editor, Typist, "Troian TrumDeter" 3. Seniors IU' Q ARLINE TOLER Maiors: English, Choir, Com- mercial. Minors: History, Home Economics. Girls' Club 1,2,3 , 4, Troianettes 2, 3, Choir l, 2, 3, Secretary- Treasurer 4, President Junior Red Crass 4, Drill Team 2, 3, Girls' Sports l, Art Editor "T r o i a n Trumpeter" 3, "Yau Can't Take lt with You" 4, Christmas Ball Decorations 4, Tolo Commit- tee 3. if -W' ALLEN WARREN "Butch" Maiors English, Agriculture. Minors' History, Shop. F.F. A. l, 2, 3, Boys Club l, 2, 3, Annual Reporter 3. Ambition. Farm- ANTHONY CHLlPALA "Tony," Maiors: English, Shop. Minors: Math., Ag- riculture, History. Entered File i949 from Gault. JAMES TURLEY "Jim" Maiors: English, History,' Shop, Science. Boys' Club l, 2, 3, Drivers' Club 4, "Yau Ccn't Take lt with You" 4, Junior-Senior Prom Commit- i 4.. LeROY TURNER "Pat" Maiors: English, Agriculture, Industrial Arts. Minor: His- tory. Baseball l, 2, 3, Foot- ball 4, Wrestling l, F.F.A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4. Enter- tee 3. Entered Fife l949 ed Fife T949 from Edge- frorn Washington. Ambition: m o n t. Ambition: Coast To take life easy. Guard. , Q' i 'i s if 'i i ' 'M 1 " 0 'srsvf s i t if Z I X rf RAY WASHAM "Wash" HOWARD WlSSlNGEl? DONALD WOODARD Maiors: History, English, "Wiss." Maiors: Shop, Eng- "Woody Moiors nalis Science. Minors- Math., lush, Minors' Science, His- Band, Shop riors Sore 4, Reporter 3, Shop. Baseball 2, 3, Boys' tory. Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Science, Moth Pro,ections Club l, 2, 3. Entered Fife Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3 4 Pu ic A n i949 from Edgemont. Ambi- 2, 3, 4, Traian Knights 2, 3, 4, Ban er. tion, Go to college or ioin 3, 4, President Freshman ub 3 IC' -ef' ELEANOR YOSHIOKA "Dimples." Maiors: English, Commercial. Minors, Latin, Social Science, Math., Home Economics, Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Torch Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice-Presi- dent 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, President 4, Traianettes 2, 3, 4, Senior Advisor 4, Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Body Secretary 3, Assistant Director "You Can't Take lt with You" 4, "Senior Showdown" 3, An- ual Assistant Editor 3, Edi- tor 4. the Navy. Class, Lettermen 'S cms 2, is i, 2, 3, 3, 4, Boys' Clu Secretary 2, Ski Club 4, Drivers' Club 4, Pep Club 4, "You Con't Take lr with You" 4, Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3, - ,ff c gn., Z' Maiors: English, Shop. Min- ors: History, Science. Driv- ers' Club 4, Choir 3, 4. JOHN LANCASTER "Johnny." Maiors: Science, Shop, English. Minors: Moth, History. Choir 4. Entered Fife l949 from Milton. Closs Will We the class of i953 being of sound mind and body do declare this our last will and testament: Katherine Jensen wills her horse to Shirley Mills to use when her car breaks down. Jerry Aldridge wills his ability to grow hair on his chest to Richard Delin. Eddie Riggs wills his muscles to Ellsworth Finlayson. Winnie Mitton wills her left hook to Juanita Brodahl. Don Woodard wills his camera technique to Frank Gustafson. Harold Peters will his middle name to Barbara Fox. Carleeta Phelps wills her southern accent to Pat Patton. Mardelle Savicki wills all her skirts to Joyce Pedersen. Ronnie Nelson wills his tennis shoes to Lucille Ofstad. Dick Spencer wills his mimeograph machine back to Mrs. Booth. John Timmons will all his love to the junior girls. Sandra Keightley wills her long hair to Everett Plumb. Jim Lovell wills his guitar to Gene Mead. Diane Shepler and Victorine Boitano will all of their boy friends in Tacoma to Beverly Torgerson for dates after Howard goes into the Navy. JoAnn Currier wills Aberdeen, Washington, to anyone who wants it. Arline Toler and Leslee Ward will their ability to get along with each other to the Ryan twins. Richard Chesterfield wills his accordion to Gayus Sweet. Richard Ragan and Dave Emry will their love for jazz to Mr, Wickstrorn. Ed Carder leaves Stewart Carder to the rest of the school. Rhoda Britt wills her singing lessons to John Reines. Donna Bruner wills her cigarette lighter to Delores Russell. Margery Holmquist wills her red hair to Marilyn Trolson. Gene Bixby wills his ability as a bus driver to Ray Dunn. Don Grish wills his ways with the girls to Kenny Devenny. Marian Stalder wills her lost majorette uniform to whoever found it. Leroy Ellestad wills Sharon Kelly to Don Clarkson. Ronald Mettler wills his ability to run to Mr. Belknap. Anna Kaelin leaves her quiet manner to Kathleen Leighton and Janet Giessel. Bill Spear wills his hair-do to Mr. Vinson. Jerry Sweet wills his "TRlCK OR TREAT SACK" to Don McKechnie, Nancy Lutter wills her speaking voice to Sharon Johnson. Marjorie Kelly wills the duals on her Dad's Cadillac to Mr. Arnason. Shirley Evenson wills all of her love letters to Lucille Friend to add to her collection. Howard Wissinger leaves his ability to talk himself out of trouble to Ernie Bailey. Eleanor Yoshioka wills her wonderful personality to Elsie Yotsuuye, Tom Murray wills his little black book to Tadashi Kajamura. Johnny Bohren wills his class ring to Beverly Gordon. Jack Rosenow wills his 'phone number to all of the junior girls. Gordon Anderson leaves his shyness to Charles Chinn. Allen Warren leaves his place as the biggest baby to Harold Farris. U To be kept perpetually alive, Fred Meyers bequeathes his hard'-earned reputation for being the biggest flirt to Dean Crawford. By virtue of legal possession, Dave Lund and Tony Chipala transfer their rights as the quietest boys to Ray Timmons. Frances Berwick bequethes her politeness to Marsha Gordon. Margie McKeen and Maxine Cox leave their ability to sing to Marilyn Siska and Jerrilee Browning, Mary Ann Stovner bequeathes her good sportsmanship to Marsha Gordon. Carol Gregory wills her advice on marriage to all of the junior girls. James Young leaves his blue jeans to Gary Weaver. Georgia Lindstrom leaves her thoughts of Minnesota to anyone from there. Jim Siska will his height to l-lideo Watanabe. Phyllis Methven leaves the student body books to the next year's treasurer. John Lancaster leaves his quietness to Joyce Pedersen. Pat Nelson leaves her ability to get into trouble to anyone who wants it. LeRoy Turner wills his house to Barbara Fox so she can live closer to Barbara Marzano. Ray Washam wills what is left of his car to Gene Brown, the only boy that kept his car running all year. Dick Dunbar wills the ticket booth to the junior class for their class meetings next year. Mary Johnson leaves her job as Mr. Almstead's secretary to Pat Rosenow, ln witness whereof, the said Class of i953 have hereunto set their hands in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty three. Class Prophecy Come with me to the luxurious home of Mr. RICHARD RAGAN, president and originator of the Rogan Air- craft Corporation. The l973 Ragan let plane for private use is causing much excitement. In honor of the new streamlined model, Mr. Ragan has invited his high school graduating class to dinner. Everyone is very happy to see all his old cronies. Let's scout around a bit and see how everyone is. Why look here! If it isn't SANDRA KEIGHTLEY and ARLINE TOLER. They look somewhat different from the way they did in their high school days, though, because both of these famous lady wrestlers weigh in at about 2lO pounds. They're doing okay for themselves. Who is that over by the punch bowl and what in the world is he putting in the punch! Well, wouldn't you know it, it's the same old JIM TURLEY - hasn't changed a bit. Chatting with him is the very rich Texas rancher, JOHN TIMMONS. It seems he owns five oil wells and 3,000 head of cattle. Oh! there by the fireplace is Miss MARION STALDER, the reputed old maid. Up to date she has turned down twenty-one proposals of marriage. She must have rocks in her head! That beautiful red head talking with Marion seems familiar, but I can't remem- ber anyone's having that bright red hair in the '53 class. Well, blow me over, it's PAT NELSON! Some of the boys are married to girls within the class.'s see who they are. Why, here's Mr. and Mrs. TOM MURRAY, Mrs, Murray being the former WINNIE MITTONI l'd never have guessed it. Mr. and Mrs. BOB COPPOCK are here, too. Mrs. Coppock, or as you know her, RHODA BRITT, is very busy raising little cops. RON NELSON also picked his bride from this class. Her name, MARY ANN STOVNER. Over in the far corner LESLEE WARD and MYRNA REED are reminiscing about their'college days. Leslee is a school teacher and Myrna is a bridge engineer. That farmer surely doesn't have good manners. He could have changed his boots and overalls at least. But poor HAROLD PETERS can't take that much time. DON WOODARD turned out to be just what every one ex- pected, a pro football player. His manager, JACK ROSENOW, is as proud of Don as he can be. PHYLLIS METHVEN has worked herself way up in the world. She works on the TOP floor at Woolworth's now. Boy!! CAROL GREGORY has the largest numbers of heirs - twelve in all. But then, she had a head start, and they're cheaper by the dozen. Up in cold Alaska the former CARLEETA PHELPS is living. By the way, she has lost her Texas accent 'cause the Eskimos couldn't stand it. That poor beggar girl at the window looks so hungry. I wish she were part of this class so she could come in. Well, forever more! lt's ELEANOR YOSHIOKAI DAVE EMRY is causing quite a commotion around the table. He is giving a preliminary campaign speech for his nomination to office of governor of Washington. Imagine! Another political prospect is DON SHOOP. He has gone all the way up to a corporal in the Army. His motto is, "If Ike can, I can." Talking about the weather are Reverend LeROY TURNER and the heavyweight champ of the world, none other than JIM LOVELL. Just breaking in on the conversation are EDDIE RIGGS and JoANN CURRIER. Ed and JoAnn are building a rocket "I I l" in Death Valley. If the rocket succeeds in reaching the moon, they plan to build summer resorts there. MARY JOHNSON, the notorious woman gangster, has just been released from prison. DAVID LUND iust got out of the pen, too, corral, that is. JOHN LANCASTER, the present day Romeo of the stage and screen, has all the girls swooning over him. He iust received his fifth divorce and is on the prowl again. HOWARD WISSINGER was splashed all over the front page today as a result of his daring feat. He got married. The doctor of the class, RICHARD CHESTER- FIELD, is looking at everyone's throat for throat scratch. . . That's his hobby, besides girls. Sweet JERRY SWEET has the newly acquired iob of head ianitor of Fife High. He has composed a new song entitled, "Don't Do Today What You Can Put Off until Tomorrow." In a dark corner, ED CARDER is eyeing everyone closely. He seems to be estimating their height and width. I wonder what he does now-a-days? Oh! Oh! He's a coffin maker. Run for your life! ANNA KAELIN, the noted psychiatrist, has made an amazing discovery: DICK SPENCER's brain is that of a genius. JIM SISKA has taken up the violin. He will give a concert next week. Millionaire LeROY ELLESTAD has contributed S2.I8 to a home for soreheaded trackmen, because his old friend RONNIE METTLER is the home's best patron. MARGERY HOLMQUIST has recently moved into her teepee on the Yakima Indian Reservation since becoming an honorary member of the tribe. Prospecting for gold in the wet Amazon, GORDON ANDERSON lost his curly hair. Hopscotch champion, DON GRISH, has forfeited his crown to FRED MEYER for his amazing two-foot lump. After ten years of work Mr. Sim Phony has finally succeeded in teaching KATHERINE JENSEN her scales on the oboe. In order to avoid his little session with the draft board, JERRY ALDRIDGE ran off and joined the circus as head monkey ltrainerl. MARJORIE KELLEY, who is working for the dog pound, and shy little MARDELLE SAVCIKI, are talking about MardelIe's decision to prolong her engagement iust one more year. The egg omelette a la Dinosaur was provided by VICTORINE BOITANO, whose favorite pastime is dinosaur egg hunting, MAXINE COX's world-shaking discovery has caused a big stir. She found out how to grow chlorophyll on trees. GEORGE LlNDSTROM's cows are now required to eat pasteurized grass in order to get homogenized milk. Because BILL SPEAR's and JOHN BOHREN's wives didn't have enough to do taking care of their 42 room apartments, the men set up a sign "Laundry." Education is SHIRLEY EVENSON's field now. She is teaching economics to kids at Remann Hall. The Beef Association of America has honored NANCY LUTTER with the title of "Biggest Beef." DICK DUNBAR has lead a very interesting life for the past ten years. He is chief demonstrator at the Sip 8. Sip Spaghetti Company. Fisherman ALLAN WARREN has learned to tell any kind of a tail. Since DONNA BRUNER saw a mermaid catch a man in a recent movie, her diet has consisted of seaweed, seashells, and fish. DIANE SHEPLER's north pole home for crazy Crocodiles is a thriving, expanding business. Bald heads are the fashion, so GENE BIXBY can't be an exception. Funeral directors RAY WASHAM and MARJORIE McKEEN are engaged in open warfare against penicillin. All other members of I953 class are married or single, happy or unhappy. ,W ,Q V. lie'- . , .... ,n,. Us fs- . ,Mk K g ngzw ws fi- , i ' .N 'Ysw,,,.w lr A, his 0 CRW. 'S' LEFT VERTICAL, class officers, top to bottom: Elsie Yotsuuye, Hideo Watanabe, Barbara Fox, Sharon Kelley, Joyce Pedersen, Mr, Gustafson, advisor. LOWER PICTURE, FRONT ROW, left to right: Shirley Mills, Geraldine Murray, Elsie Yotsuuye, Gloriann Miller, Jeanne Petorak, Delores Russell, Barbara Marzano, Beverly Rowan, Lucille Ofstad. SECOND ROW: Gayus Sweet, Loretta Olive, Kathrina Salzmann, Marilyn Siska, Joyce Pedersen, Kathleen Leighton, Barbara La Veille, Beverly Tcrgerson, Nadine Morgan, Hideo Watanabe. THIRD ROW: Tadashi Kaiimura, Sam Shimizu, Tommy Kamenzind, Leon Rader, Gene Mead, Ronnie Jones, John Reines, Everett Plumb, Don Mcliechnie, Gary Weaver. UPPER PICTURE, FRONT ROW: Narita Falaschi, Caroline Chlipala, Phyllis Headley, Sharon Johnson, Janet Giessel, lnez lsaksen, Barbara Fox, Diana Holt, Margie Bladgett, SECOND ROW: Juanita Brodahl, Vera Crawford, Carol Jensen, Mary Bisig, Joy Carr, Lucille Friend, Jerrilee Browning, Sharon Kelley, Marsha Gordon. THIRD ROW: Ellsworth Fin- layson, Dave Frazer, Loren Chinn, Victor Coon, Charles Frazer, Don Clarkson, Albert Cochennette, Stewart Carder, Gene Brown, Ernie Bailey, Harold Farris, Bill Mohler. Juniors "Forward . . . Ever! Backward . . . Neverl!" With these four words as our motto, the Class of '54, under the able guidance of Mr. Frank Gustafson and with the help of a fine group of officers, attempted many undertakings which constituted a very successful year. The first proiect undertaken by this class was sponsoring the concession at the annual football iamboree. This proved to be a highly successful means of replen- ishing our treasury. The juniors were also responsible for two outstanding dances held at the school. We feel that the success of these dances was due to the enthusiasm of its members. Another exciting moment for this ambitious class was the arrival of the class rings called the "Sabre Jet.'i Much discussion went into the selection of our class rings, but the final selection was approved by everyone. Last but not least was the unforgettable Junior-Senior Prom held in honor of the senior class. This is an annual formal occasion sponsored by the iuniors, and we hope this year's prom will certainly be remembered by all who attended. i RIGHT VERTICAL, :lass officers, top to bottom: Dave Hall, August Zampardo, Phyllis Petry, Dean Crawford, Mrs. Booth, advisor. LOWER PICTURE, FIRST ROW, left to right: la Vonne Jones, Lucy Asai, Christine Faloschi, Myra Bruner, Shirley Canine, Ruth Ambuehl, Janice Kotchkoe, lone Kvamme, Beverly Gordon, Rhea Crowell, Le Etta Kamenzind, DeLee Fredericksen, Myra Kilcup, Sandra Lunde. SECOND ROW: Sharon Figg, Jo Ann Bailey, Alvin Kraus, Larry Larson, Terry Kowaguchi, Richard Delin, Richard Lightburne, David Bcrnander, Larry Johnson, Gaylen Harris, Gordon LoQua, Lindo Chestnut, Margaret Eriksen, Alex Hergert, Darrell Kammer. THIRD ROW: Dick Cole, Ju-lion Bean, Stanley Barker, Dove Hall, Don Danberg, Richard Ambuehl, Kenneth Devenny, Tom Gilmore, Ronnie Forslund, Dean Crawford, Joe Door, John Lefor, Ronald Celmer. UPPER PICTURE, FIRST ROW: Phyllis Petry, Gail Murray, Vera Pennington, Sandro Rang, Donna Reed, Mae Stovner, Janice Palmer, Anne Riveness, Helen Makai, Annette Ryan, Margie Torre, Jacquee Sills, Shirley Wetherbee, Virginia Newman, l.aGretta Shields. SECOND ROW: Ernie Sproul, Buddy Tanberg, Grant Smith, Marilyn Trolson, Delores Robinson, Patty Rasenow, Phyllis Soltis, Richard Mohler, Albert Merrill, Mardy Meachum, Cho Shimizu, Gordon Swanson, John Meyer. THIRD ROW: Lynn Russell, Joe Nelson, Bob Peterson, Robert Mortenscn, August Zampardo, Pete Naccarato, Don Peters, Bob Suss, Charles Shinn, Bob Mitton, Fred Miller, Jim Ragan, Derald Mauerman, Robert Western. Sophomores The class of '55 had a wonderful fun-filled year under the direction of its advisor, Mrs. Booth. They started the year by electing some excellent officers, who filled their offices well all year. Dave Hall was elected president, August Zampardo, vice president, Phyllis Petry, secretary, and Dean Crawford, treasurer. Annette Ryan, Judy Fox, Margie Torre, and Pat Rosenow were chosen to be the sophomore yell leaders. The class members sponsored two dances during the year. They also took part in many extra curricular activities, such as F.F.A., the Troianettes, F.H.A., and Drill Team. Our class was well represented on the gridiron, the basketball court, and the baseball diamond, in track and in wrestling. Dave Hall, Tom Lelli, Jim Ragan, and August Zampardo won football letters. Richard Ambuehl, Tom Gilmore, Dave Hall, Bob Mitton, and Jim Ragan made letters in basketball. This group of students has a wonderful class and school spirit. Look for them to go far during their last two years at Fife. l . -. . fo vs .XM f . 5 's J is, ,,,v.. .' T . ' 1. .. 4 ' ff 'rx w l , :if ri-1 - .., N 5 , K, 2 XX yi. 355 .rr ,R , 1 ' ,, Q., A , -.A s f it it I ,pax 419' l' .Q , 5 4,- , 'ai ' 59? 4 . ,M ES " , ' Msn'-if , 'LE -Wi Www W. ,.., mi me r""T3 -V1 2-a'X XM E ff s 'wi' 'Ky 5,121 in A J" 1 ff , l L """" f 'Ez I yi: 5 f , k 1 if L, E' -.9 ' -1 '- Q " " 5' fi .J ,. 1 , ' ' ' aug: s N, - - 4 ,Y ,sw-'esfasik .pu - ? is ,- fy f xkx SE V 3. 5? , if fy' :5i:5y"fMl' .! V 5:1 .za V Q sigixf "R+ f I" If ,gg , 4' is is ' 12' xr 1 --M .H 1 gr W. R N' 9 fl , LM . M y Q , .- W . '5'x5?W?:J ' f'-1 .v-4, V- 7 , ff 2. , x 2 if :ig is har 1' 1 A wma H ' 'X 3582. A Q .,- 2 1 5 F I Arm 1 , A f-'Lf , i I ff , A In -mm A , Q, 3 if 94 T Q L1 g ww qi P , ,Q " . K 1 X Qs pf I ,jffv v . 1.- ff 34? at ff ' 4- 1 'A ,x,W L A Sw .. , -f x, 4. A QM w f I , ti if I an X A . UPPER LEFT, FRONT ROW: Delores Russell, Elsie Yotsuuye, Mary Johnson, Marjorie McKeen, Carleeta Phelps. SECOND ROW: Arline Toler, Barbara Fax, Phyllis Methven, Pat Nelson, Loretta Olive. THIRD ROW: Ron Mettler, Gary Weaver, Dick Dunbar, Dave Lund, Hideo Watanabe. UPPER RIGHT: Barbara La Veille, business manager: Eleanor Yoshioka, editor: Marilyn Siska, assistant editor. LOWER LEFT: Mrs, Vinson, LOWER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Leslee Ward, Marilyn Trolson, Inez lsaksen. SECOND ROW: Beverly Torgerson, Diane Shepler, Sandra Keightley, Marilyn Siska, Carol Jensen, Barbara la Veille. THIRD ROW: Katherine Jensen, Winnie Mitton, Jack Rosenow, Ron Nelson, Richard Rogan, Janice Kotchkoe. Annual Staff "Have you had your picture taken?" "Oh, I forgot my uniform!" "Who's turn is it next?" These were lust a few of the expressions heard in the vicinity of the iunior high study hall when the annual pictures were being taken by Mr. Gustafson. During the two days of picture taking, he spent most of his time behind the black cur- tain ofthe camera replacing flash bulbs. At the beginning of the school year a meeting of the student council was held, in which they decided that this year the magazine subscription drive proceeds would not go towards the annual as before. For the first time the students themselves are financing the year book entirely. Under the direction of Eleanor Yoshioka, the editor, and our advisor, Mrs. A. Vinson, the annual slowly began to take on a form. First a copy, called a "dummy," had to be ruled and laid out, and then pictures and print copy from newspapers were cut out and fastened onto the "dummy," This was iust the beginning of a series of steps in the annual making, for next the pictures had to be taken, developed, and then rearranged on a second "dummy" which was to be the printer's pattern. Then a suitable cover had to be chosen which depicted the theme of the annual. This year, as before, a section of the annual has been set aside especially for the iunior high and its activities. Members of the annual staff for this year were Marilyn Siska, the associate editor, Barbara LaVeille, business manager, Jack Rosenow, the sports editor for both the iunior and senior high. Leslee Ward was in charge of the senior write-ups and Sandra Keightley had the senior pictures. The typists for this year were Pat Nelson, Carleeta Phelps, and Victorine Boitano. Annual reporters this year included Elsie Yotsuuye, Janice Kotchkoe, Katherine Jensen, Delores Russell, Richard Ragan, Pat Nelson, Loretta Olive, Barbara LaVeille, Ron Mettler, Pat Patton, Dave Lund, Nancy Lutter, Inez lsaksen, Ron Nelson, Sandra Keightley, Beverly Torgerson, Dick Dunbar, Hideo Watan- abe, John Bohren, Phyllis Methven, Arline Toler, Mary Johnson, Marilyn Trolson, Winnie Mitton, Barbara Fox, Carol Jensen, Mariorie McKeen, and Diane Shepler. The staff would like to extend their heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Gustafson for all the time and interest that he has given towards the success of the annual. Senior Band The Fife High School Band under the direction of Alfred G. Flechtner led a very active year. lt gave its first concert only one week after school began. This was given at the Western Washington Fair. This program was then broadcast over KMO. September 26 the band and the drill team provided a half time program for the Yelm-Fife football game. The drill team formed the Y and the F while the band played the school songs. The band then ioined the drill team to form a dollar sign while the band played "Silver and Gold." Then the band made a circle and the drill team made couples and danced inside while the band played "Dance Me Loose." The next football game for which the band performed was played on the Eatonville field. We used a series of formations called "Play lt with Music." The band made a treble clef, a banio, a bugle, and a harp, playing appropriate music for each one. On October l7, we did the same formations on our own field for the Orting- Fife game. On November 5, the band and the choir ioined forces for a radio broadcast over KMO. The program, "Campus Radio Theatre," is a half hour feature which broadcasts a different school each week. The band was again heard over this program March l2. December 5 the Fife Band was honored to be the only band to play for the Pierce County basketball iam- boree. lt was heard at the basketball games accompanying the drill team when the team marched. December ll we played before and between acts of the senior class play. February l8 we made a trip to Peninsula to give an exchange assembly. Soloists Janice Kotchkoe and Mari- lyn Trolson from the band were featured. March 20 the band took a trip to Vashon for the annual Band Festival. We made the trip without Johnny Bohren who was the member from our band chosen to play in the all Northwest High School Band at Bellingham. The band also marched in the Daffodil Parade on April ll. We then made a trip to Renton on April I8 to compete in the band contest. Officers for the year were: president, Bill Spear, vice president, John Bohren, secretary-treasurer, Janice Kotchkoe, historian, Marilyn Trolson, uniform manager, Katherine Jensen, assistant uniform manager, Kathrina Salzmann. rw mango T' i LOWER LEFT, boys' choir, FRONT ROW: Monty Fox, Tom Benner, Carl Bullo, Lynn Russell. SECOND ROW: Stewart Carder, Jim Lovell, Tom Murray, John Lan- caster, Roger Dutton. THIRD ROW: James Young, Fred Meyer, Don Clarkson, Jim Siska, Jim Ragan, Dick Spencer. LOWER RIGHT, seated: Leslee Ward, Rhoda Britt, Arline Toler. STANDING: Mr. Flechtner, director, Stewart Carder, UPPER LEFT, girls' trio: Margery Halmauist, Rhoda Britt, Winnie Mitton, Marcia Mettler, accompanist. UPPER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Lucille Ofstad, Pauline Herman, Delores Russell, Mariorie McKeen, Arline Toler, Leslee Ward, Barbara Fax, Gail Murray, Judy Fox, Virginia Newman. SECOND ROW: Marcia Mettler, Rhoda Britt, Delores Robinson, Patty Rosenow, Rhea Crowell, Mardy Meachum, Mardelle Savicki, Rosie Meachum, Marion Stalder, Maxine Cox, Margie Blodgett. THIRD ROW: John Lancaster, Sharon Kelley, Helen Makai, Sandra Begley, Donna Reed, Donna Bruner, Lucille Friend, Margery Holmquist, Monty Fox, Roger Dutton, Marilyn Knutsen, Shirley Nelson. FOURTH ROW: James Young, Jim Lovell, Tom Murray, Fred Meyer, Stewart Carder, Dick Spencer, Don Clarkson, Jim Siska, Jim Ragan, Carl Bullo, Mary Bisig, Winnie Mitton, Tom Benner. Senior Choir The Fife choir under the direction of Mr. Alfred G. Flechtner has been very complete and successful. The fifty voice choir has been in many programs this year. The events started when the choir sang at Milton for the P.-T.A. There the selections of music were classical and semi-popular. Next was the Campus Radio Theatre over KMO. They selected the numbers "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Gospel Train." The Christmas program is the biggest event of the year. This year we sang "T'was the Night before Christmas," a Fred Waring arrangement, "O Holy Night," and other Christmas carols. During the program there was a pantomime of the "Christ Child." Margie Kelley was Mary, Stewart Carder, Jim Ragan, Jim Lovell were the three kings. Dick Spencer, Carl Stalder, and Fred Meyer were the shepherds. Donna Bruner was the narrator. The program was a success. December 23, i952 the choir made a trip to the Bon Marche. There they sang selected Christmas carols throughout the store. February I8, the boys' choir and the band gave an exchange assembly to Peninsula. The boys have just started their choir. The group consists of fourteen boys from the senior choir. This year we have four boy members from the eighth grade who sing tenor in the choir. They are Monty Fox, Carl Bullo, Roger Dutton, and Tom Benner. The boys gave a successful performance at Peninsula. The main dress of the boys is ieans, cowboy hats, and shirts. We hope they will carry this out next year and become more well known. The song they sang at Penin- sula was "Cool Water." On March 6, l953, the Fife choir held its annual spring concert. They sang "The Creation," "Lonesome Val- ley," "Stay Traveler," and several religious pieces. Another program was the Western Washington Choral and Orchestra Competition Festival at Bremerton. One of the selections for this program was "Motet," a religious song. The choir has done quite a number of religious and classical pieces. The final program was the annual Choir Festival at Bethel. Every year the choir goes to this festival and gives a concert in the evening. v Y' Student Council This year's student council was headed by the president, Richard Ragan, with the fine help of the other officers: vice-president, John Bohren: secre- tary, Barbara Fox: treasurer, Phyllis Methven: his- torian, Mary Johnson, business manager, Dick Dunbar, and publicity manager, Katherine Jensen. Mr. Hall was our advisor. Roll room representatives were elected to round out the counciI's membership. The main work of the student council was to figure ways and means of making money for extra-curricu- lar activities. The principal activities of this year included a get-together dance in the,early fall, a Christmas Ball, May Day exercises, various mixers, and a magazine drive. UPPER LEFT GROUP, SEATED: Phyllis Methven, Jim Ragan, Mary Johnson, Barbara Fox, Richard Ragan, John Bohren, De Lee Fredericksen, Albert Cochennette, Jeanne Petorak. STANDING: Katherine Jensen, Sandra Keightley, Loretta Olive, Marsha Gordon, Dick Dunbar, Gordon Anderson, Richard Lightburne, Pat Nelson. RIGHT GROUP, council officers, SEATED: Barbara Fox, Richard Rogan, Dick Dunbar. STANDING: Mary Johnson, Phyllis Methven, Katherine Jensen, John Bahren,'Jeanne Petorak. CENTER LEFT, Torch Club officers, SEATED: Jeanne Petorak, Marilyn Siska, Beverly Torgerson. STANDING: Bill Mohler. LOWER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Elsie Yotsuuye, Mary Johnson, Pat Nelson, Jeanne Petorak, Sharon Figg, Eleanor Yoshioka. SECOND ROW: Barbara Fox, Hideo Watanabe, Linda Chestnut, Marilyn Trolson, Beverly Torgerson, Jerrilee Browning, Sandra Keightley. THIRD ROW: Terry Kawaguchi, Phyllis Soltis, Janice Kotchkoe, Carol Jensen, Marilyn Siska, Barbara La Veille, Nancy Lutter. FOURTH ROW: Phyllis Methven, Donald Grish, Jack Rosenow, Bill Mohler, Katherine Jensen. LOWER LEFT: Mr. Hall, Council advisor: Miss Lindstrom, Torch Club advisor. Torch Club The Torch Honor Society is a national organiza- tion composed of high school students who achieve and maintain a high scholastic record. Membership in Torch Club is given on the basis of grade points. The club began the new year by holding a pot- luck dinner for the twelve new members. They also helped to reorganize the Flame Club, which is a scholastic club for junior high students. At the close of the school year, the club held another dinner in honor of the graduating seniors. At this time the seniors were presented with their Torch pins. This is an honor club rather than an active one, and its purpose is to encourage scholarship. 2' X t 5 ' z ,fx UPPER LEFT PICTURE, Troianette officers, SEATED: Janice Kotchkoe, Marilyn Siska, Beverly Torgerson. STANDING: Phyllis Petry, Eleanor Yoshioka. UPPER RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Lucille Ofstad, Margie Torre, Phyllis Petry, Elsie Yotsuuye. SECOND ROW: Inez lsaksen, Sharon Figg, Le Etta Kamenzind, Eleanor Yoshioka, Annette Ryan. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Trolson, Christine Falaschi, Nadine Morgan, Beverly Targerson, Loretta Olive. FOURTH ROW: Carol Jensen, Janice Kotchkoe, Ruth Ambuehl, Anne Riveness, Marilyn Siska. LOWER LEFT, Troian Knights, FRONT ROW: Tadashi Kaiimura, Cho Shimizu, Ronnie Mettler, Harold Peters. SECOND ROW: Howard Wissinger, Larry Larson, Tommy Lelli, Sam Shimizu. THIRD ROW: Dove Hall, August Zampardo, Ellsworth Finlayson, Gordon Ander- son, Joe Door. FOURTH ROW: Dick Spencer, Jerry Sweet, Gary Weaver, Gene Brown, Ernie Bailey. CENTER RIGHT, Troian Knight officers, SEATED: Dick Spencer, Harold Peters, Ronnie Mettler. STANDING: Howard 'Wissinger, Gordon Anderson. LOWER RIGHT: Miss Dunn, Troianette advisor, Mr. Hall, Troian Knight advisor, Troianettes The Troianettes is a girls' service club supervised by a faculty advisor, Miss Agnes Dunn, and their student advisor, Eleanor Yoshioka. Under this lead- ership they have spent a fine year. Each year ten girls are selected from the freshman class to become active members of the club during their sophomore and iunior years. The girls are chosen onthe basis of dependability, schol- arship, initiative, and ability to co-operate with others. The new members this year were: Marilyn Trolson, Sharon Figg, Phyllis Petry, Janice Kotchkoe, Annette Ryan, Margie Torre, Ruth Ambuehl, Ann Rivenes, Le Etta Kamenzind, and Christine Falaschi. Being invited to become a member of the Tro- ianettes is one of the Fife girls' highest honors. if "N-Qu. Troian Knights This year the Troian Knights, guided by their president, Harold Peters, welcomed the new mem- bers by honoring them at a dinner. This delicious dinner inncluded crab cocktail, baked ham, and all the trimmings and was topped with delicious apple pie. The new members who were thus introduced into the organization are Joe Door, Tom Lelli, Larry Larson, Cho Shimizu, Dave Hall, and August Zam- pardo. The Troian Knights are the boys' service organi- zation at Fife. Their main duties are helping at football and at basketball games, preparing the gym for assemblies, and taking noon hour hall duty. The year is topped off with an annual Troian Knight-Troianette picnic, which is usually held in the spring. -V l X ,lefty f ' sr .1 I LOWER RIGHT, demonstrators: Barbara La Veille, Phyllis Methven. LOWER LEFT: Mrs. Ellen Scheyer, advisor. LOWER CENTER, SEATED: Elsie Yotsuuye, Beverly Torgerson, Margery Holm- quist, Janice Katchkoe, Ruth Ambuehl, STANDING: Jeanne Petorak, Barbara Marzano, Linda Chestnut, Phyllis Soltis. CENTER RIGHT: Katherine Jensen, Carol Gregory, Mary Johnson, Sandra I Keightley. UPPER LEFT, FRONT ROW: Jo Ann Bailey, Jeanne Petorak, Margie Torre, La Vonne Jones, La Gretta Shields, Elsie Yotsuuye. SECOND ROW: Rhea Crowell, Annette Ryan, Barbara Marzano, Beverly Torgerson, De Lee Fredericksen, Mary Johnson, Shirley Evenson. THIRD ROW: Carol Jensen, Linda Chestnut, Patty Rasenow, Phyllis Soltis, Margery Holmquist, Gail Murray, Carol Gregory. FOURTH ROW: Janice Kotchkoe, Ruth Ambuehl, Mary Bisig, Katherine Jensen, Phyllis Methven, Sandra Keightley. UPPER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Nellie Bohren, Nancy Woodard, Donna Hergert, Belly Fenstermaker, Betty Benner, Marcia Mettler, SECOND ROW: Diane Handke, Darlene Trucco, Connie Ellsworth, Alene Woodside, Eveline Reichlin. THIRD ROW: Rosie Meachum, Agnes Mettler, Barbara La Veille, Anita Sterino, Janice Palmer, Margie Cole. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Fox, Helen Makai, Gayus Sweet, Beverly Gordon, Marsha Gordon, Karen Myers, Agnes Brydan. F. H. A. The Fife Chapter of the F.H.A. got off to a good start as they welcomed Mrs. Ellen Scheyer as their new advisor this year. We had the honor of having a state officer elected from our chapter: Elsie Yotsuuye, state treasurer. Our year's first activity was a get-together banquet, to which everyone was invited. Later, the girls interested in F.H.A. and having enough points for membership were initiated at a formal initiation. Following this, the new members had an excellent opportunity to learn more about F.H.A. at the regional meet- ing held at Battleground, Washington. At this meeting they learned ways to keep the meetings interesting and ideas for money-making. Among our money-making activities was a caramel apple sale. Here we mixed business with pleasure by having a party on the order of a taffy-pull. We substituted caramel apples for the taffy and with everyone's ioining in making the apples we enioyed ourselves immensely while we worked. On our social agenda was the Harvest Ball which was a big success with Gordon Anderson and Elsie Yotsuuye as the harvest king and queen, respectively. Another was the F.H.A.-F.F.A. party. Our last event for this year was the Senior Tea, at which the next year's officers were announced. Officers for this year were: president, Margery Holmquist, vice president, Elsie Yotsuuye, secretary, Janice Kotchkoe, treasurer, Beverly Torgerson, social chairman, Patricia Patton, membership chairman, Barbara Marzano, historian, Ruth Ambuehl, reporter, Jeanne Petorak, points chairman, Phyllis Soltis, parliamentarian, Linda Chestnut. ig IFE I-IIGH SCHOOL K. -of-,or"" LOWER LEFT: Puyallup Fair Booth. CENTER LEFT: Ed Carder, Mr. James Anderson. LOWER CENTER, F.F.A. officers, SEATED: Dave Lund, Ed Carder, Le Roy Turner. STANDING: Joe Door, John Timmons, Gordon Anderson, Terry Kawaguchi. RIGHT: Mr. Olmslead, advisor. UPPER LEFT: The new tractor and the F.F.A. UPPER RIGHT, KNEELING: Terry Kawaguchi, Joe Door. STANDING, FRONT ROW: Richard Delin, George Aldridge, Karl Fiellstad, Craig Buchanan, Billie Door, Grant Smith, Alex Hergert, Leonord Lightburne, Johnnie Meyer, Cho Shimizu, Don John- son. SECOND ROW: Charles Frazer, Ronald Celmer, Ellsworth Finlayson, Dove Bornonder, Tommy Komenzind, Derald Mauerman, Bob Western, August Zampardo, .loe Nelson, Ronnie Forslund. THIRD ROW: Loren Chinn, Bob Peterson, Lyle Rader, Robert Mortenson, David Frazer, Ed Curder, Dave Lund, Jack Sterino, Fred Plumb, Gordon Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Allen Warren, Bob Suss, Fred Miller, Norman Cronquist, Richard Ambuehl, Charles Shinn, Ray Timmons, Dick Rivenes, John Timmons, Victor Coon, le Roy Turner. F. F. A. The past year has been a lively one for our president, Ed Carder, and the members of F.F.A. As soon as school let out last spring, a group of boys, Mr. Olmstead, and Mr. Johnson went on the club's annual camping trip. It was at Lena Lake in the Olympics. After a good hard hike lmile and a halfl, a grand old time was had by all. The boys weathered it pretty well considering that they had to eat their own cooking. We placed second with our booth at the Puyallup Western Washington Fair last fall. This brought us a blue ribbon and Sl75.00, a welcome addition to our funds. The iudging team brought us a first in the Ayrshires and a second in the Holsteins from the Portland Inter- national Livestock Show. The team members were Ed Carder, Loren Chinn, and John Timmons. The team which judged at Skagit County brought us a first in the Holsteins and second in Sweepstakes. The team members were Ed Carder, Dave Lund, and Loren Chinn. The annual turkey raffle this year was a big success. Approximately T400 tickets were sold and I4 turkeys were given away. Richard Delin was high again this year with 321 tickets sold. Bob Suss was second with 250. Last year our chapter had two state farmers: Norman Heilig and Dave Lund. ln August the chapter got a new Ferguson 30 tractor and a six-toot tandem disc. Our Parent and Son Banquet was held during National Future Farmer Week in the gymnasium. This year the chapter started a hog rotation project. Three gilts were awarded to Dave Bornander, Richard Delin, and Ellsworth Finlayson. s.?'fN.,,, UPPER LEFT, officers' initiation, SEATED: Nancy Lulter. STANDING: Lucille Usselman, Leslee Ward, Marion Stalder, Charlee Shinn, Joann Williams, Jane Andre, Carol Gregory, Sandra Keightley, Marsha Gordon, Joyce Pedersen, Marilyn Siska, Inez lsaksen, Barbara Fox. UPPER RIGHT, Tea Committee, SEATED: Nancy Lutter, Leslee Ward, Joyce Pedersen. STANDING: Marilyn Trolson, Janice Kotchkoe, Elsie Yotsuuye, Barbara Marzano, Rhoda Britt, Phyllis Methven, Arline Toler. LOWER LEFT: Ways and Means Committee: Diane Shepler, Barbara Marzana, Marilyn Trolson. LOWER CENTER, Thanksgiving Basket Com- mittee: Anna Kaelin, JoAnn Currier, Margery Holmquist, Beverly Torgerson. LOWER RIGHT: Miss Dunn, advisor. Girls' Club The first meeting of the Fife High School Girls' Club was highlighted by a very interesting talk by one of our faculty members, Mrs. Vinson, who talked about her exciting trip to Alaska. She also brought along some very good pictures of the trip, which we all enjoyed seeing. The part of our motto which reads, "to help those who are less fortunate than l," was put to good use at Thanksgiving time. Four families enioyed delicious 'dinners as a result of the Girls' Club work. Thanks also go to the grade school and to the Boys' Club, who contributed a good deal of food. ln one meeting the advantages of a military career were explained by three representativs of the Armed Forces. The Easter egg hunt for the members of the kindergarten proved interesting for both the kindergarten and the girls who assisted in coloring and hiding the eggs. The finale of the i952-53 year was the Mothers' and Daughters' Tea. Leslee Ward, as general chairman, helped to make this a very successful tea. The theme chosen was "April in Paris." Story-book dolls were used as centerpieces on the tables, and the invitations were made in the shape of a story book doll. The little girl wore a bonnet with a big bow on it. The tea was started with the processional and installation of officers, after that there was varied entertainment bythe girls themselves. Some of the home economics girls, parading as Paris models, modeled some of their very nicely made clothes. To raise money for the varied activities mentioned, the Girls' Club sponsored the concessions at a football game. At Christmas time a bake sale was held at the Bon Marche in Tacoma, also some girls made Christmas centerpieces to sell. After a basketball game, a dance in the gym brought in more money. Each class decided to do something to increase the treasury. The iunior and the senior girls had a bake sale, and the sophomores decided to sell candy and popcorn at a basketball game. The officers for the year were as follows: president, Nancy Lutter, vice president, Joyce Pedersen, recording secretary, Inez lsaksen, corresponding secretary, Barbara Fox, treasurer, Marilyn Siska, historian, Marsha Gord- on, and Girls' Club council representative, Sandra Keightley. We want to thank our advisor, Miss Dunn, very much for all the advice and help she has given us. '-d""" l.OWER, left to right: G.A.A. advisor, Mrs. Anderson, G.A.A. inspirational award winner, Eleanor Yoshioka, Lettermen's Club advisor, Mr. Vinson. CENTER LEFT, Lettermen's Club officers: Ron Mettler. Ron Nelson, Howard Wissinger. RlGHT GROUP, FRONT ROW: Ellsworth Finlayson, Gary Weaver, Howard Wissinger, Don McKechnie, Jerry Aldridge, Ray Washam. SECOND ROW: John Timmons, Richard Chesterfield, Gordon Anderson, Jim Clark, August Zampordo, LeRoy Turner, Bill Mohler. THIRD ROW: Victor Coon, Dave Emry, Gene Bixby, Ernie Bailey, Ed Carder, Jim Rogan, Tadoshi Kaiimura. FOURTH ROW: Dave Hall, John Bohren, Everett Plumb, Jack Rosenow, Bill Spear, Ron Nelson, Richard Ragan, Albert Coctiennette, Dick Spencer. UPPER LEFT, FRONT ROW: Rhea Crowell, Delee Fredericksen, Margie Torre, Phyllis Petry, Barbara Marzano, Beverly Rowan, Lucille Ofstad. SECOND ROW: Eleanor Yoshioka, Elsie Yotsuuye, Annette Ryan, Nadine Morgan, Beverly Torgerson, Diana Holt, Linda Chestnut, THIRD ROW: Marion Stalder, Marilyn Trolson, Phyllis Soltis, Sharon Johnson, Marsha Gordon, Sharon Kelley, Margery Holmquist, Inez lsaksen. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Ambuehl, Rhoda Britt, Mary Bisig, Phyllis Methven, Winnie Mitton, Janice Katchkae, Joyce Pedersen, Jeanne Petorak. UPPER RIGHT, G.A.A. officers: Elsie Yotsuuye, Eleanor Yoshioka, Joyce Pedersen, lnez Isaksen, Nadine Morgan. G. A. A. Another successful year has been completed for the Girls' Athletic Association under the supervision of our club advisor, Mrs. Anderson. Two hundred fifty points have been earned by each girl to enable her to become a memberi By participating in sev- eral organized sports, usually after school, the girls have earned their points. This group has had several activities during the year. ln the fall the traditional Sadie Hawkins Dance was held. On February ninth, thirteen new members were initiated into the club. This proved to be very amusing as each girl dressed as a fic- tional character. The year was completed with the election of new officers. Lettermen's Club At the end of the l95l-52 school year, the Lettermen's Club elected officers for the present year: Ron Mettler, presidnt, Ron Nelson, vice presi- dentg and Howard Wissinger, secretary. Any boy who participates and earns a letter in a maior sport is eligible to ioin the club. Since it is an honorary club, there are not so many activities as some of the other organizations have. The chief duty of the club is to elect an in- spirational award winner. He is chosen for what he has contributed to sports, for his leadership abilities, his personal habits, and his faithfulness in attending turnouts and following the general train- ing rules. Last year's choice was Dwayne Proff. it : 'iw i , 'Y LOWER LEFT, girls' baseball, FRONT ROW: Nellie Bohren, Diane Williams, Debbie Johnson, Rosalie Francis, Frances Sweet. SECOND ROW: Annette Sevold, Anita Sterino, Sachiko Take- hara, Pauline Herman, Lois Jensen, THIRD ROW: Mary Jones, Eveline Reichlin, Darlene Trucco, Sandra Begley, Karen Lelli, Lois Larson. FOURTH ROW: Marcia Mettler, Karen Yoshioka, Alene Woodside, Barbara Chamberlain, Nancy Woodard. CENTER LEFT, volley ball, FRONT ROW: Margie Cole, Betty Fenstermaker, Leona Kamenzind. SECOND ROW: Agnes Brydon, Annette Sevold, Phyllis Petry, Jeanne Petorak, Sharon Figg, Ruth Ambuhl, Nellie Bohren. THIRD ROW: Mary Bisig, Margie Holmauist, Barbara Marzano, Lois Larson, Connie Ellsworth, Marilyn Trolf son, Janice Kotchkoe. FOURTH ROW: LeEtta Kamenzind, Phyllis Saltis, Beverly Gordon, Lois Jensen, Rhea Crowell. LOWER RIGHT, basketball, FRONT ROW: LaVonne Jones, Elsie Yotsuuye, Margie Torre, Lucille Ofstad, Beverly Rowan, Delee Frdericksen, Eleanor Yoshioka. SECOND ROW: Sharon Kelley, Sharon Johnson, Marion Stolder, Nadine Morgan, Beverly Torgerson, Inez Isaksen, Annette Ryan. THIRD ROW: Marsha Gordon, Potty Rosenow, Diana Holt, Gloriann Miller, Rhoda Britt, Helen Makoi, Phyllis Methven, FOURTH ROW: Carol Jensen, Mardelle Savicki, Linda Chestnut, Joyce Pedersen, Lucille Friend, Winnie Mitton, UPPER LEFT, FRONT ROW: Mary Johnson, LaVonne Jones, Margie Torre, Elsie Yotsuuye, Lucille Otstad, Marion Stalder, Beverly Rowan, DeLee Fredericksen, Sharon Figg. SECOND ROW: Sandra Keightley, Georgia Lindstrom, Margery Holrnauist, Annette Ryan, Patty Rosenow, Kathleen Leighton, Inez Isaksen, Janet Giessel, Beverly Gordon, Shirley Evenson, THIRD ROW: Margie Blodgett, Carol Jensen, Janice Kotchkoe, Mordy Meachum, Ruth Ambuehl, Barbara LoVeille, Marsha Gordon, Helen Makai, Barbara Fox, UPPER RIGHT: Marion Stalder, Barbara Fox, Mrs, Anderson, Sandra Keightley, Shirley Evenson. Drill Team This year's first appearance of the Laodamians was made at the Yelm-Fife football game on Octo- ber I7, when we combined forces with the band to make many formations. We marched at one other football game and five basketball games. Last we marched for the Daffodil Parade, April Il. Our annual tolo was carried out to the theme of "Dancing in the Dark." Another annual social event, initiated last year for the first time, is the banquet given at the end of the year honoring the outgoing seniors. Our officers for this year were Shirley Evenson, president, Marion Stalder, vice president, Barbara Fox, secretary-treasurer, Sandra Keightley, drill cap- tain, and Phyllis Methven, manager. Girls' Sports One of the most active girls' organizations at Fife is our after-school sports. Under the guidance of our advisor, Mrs. Anderson, the girls had another exciting year of turn-out. Volleyball, the first sport on the agenda, started in October. Eight team captains were elected the first of October, each choosing her own teams. When December rolled around, the girls were eager to start a new season of basketball. Basketball went off very well, with Team Six winning the championship. Baseball was a very muddy sport but everyone had fun. Two years or 500 points in girls' sports earns a minor, and three years or 750 points earns a maior toward a plaque. 3 .M ' W' evans' LOWER LEFT, SEATED:Pat Nelson, Katherine Jensen. STANDING: Richard Rogan, Dave Emry, Bill Spear. RIGHT GROUP, SEATED: Katherine Jensen, Rhoda Britt, Victorine Boitano, Diane Shepler, Margery Holmauist. STANDING: Jim Lovell, Fred Meyer, Richard Rogan, Dave Emry. UPPER LEFT, SEATED: Georgia Lindstrom, Gordon Anderson, Marion Stalder, Victorine Boitana, John Bohren. STANDING: Mcrdeflle Savicki, Jim Turley, Howard Wissinger, Leroy Ellestad, Ed Carder, Dick Dunbar, Rhoda Britt. UPPER RIGHT: Eleanor Yoshioka, assistant director, Arline Toler, prompter, Shirley Evenson, assistant director, Mr. llYou Can't Take It With You" The senior class play was presented by a cast of seventeen members on December ll, l952. The play was a three-act comedy entitled "You Can't Take lt with You." ' The action took place in the living room of the Vanderhof home where a person could find anything from a snake aquarium to a printing press. Among the other uses for this room was the practicing of ballet steps, eating of meals, writing of plays, and iust living in the fullest sense of the word. At the head of the house was Mr. Martin Vanderhof, or grandpa as he was better known, played by Dave Emry. He was a business man who lust quit business one day to get a little enioyment out of life. Presiding over the house, collecting snakes, and going to commencements were his favorite pastimes. Then there was Penelope Sycamore, better known as Penny, lKatherine Jensenl the playwright. Shegstarted writing plays one day because a typewriter was delivered to the house by mistake. Her husband, Paul Sycamore lRichard Raganl, manufactured fireworks in the basement during his spare time and sold them on the Fourth of July. Gordon Anderson played the part of Mr. DePinna, the general handyman and brain of the fireworks department in the basement. If you are wondering how Mr. DePinna was added to the family, it seems that he came to deliver ice one day and iust stayed. The two colored servants, Mardelle Savicki as Rheba and Dick Dunbar as Donald, were also chief fly catchers for the snakes. Essie Carmichael lGeorgia Lindstroml took dancing lessons from her instructor Boris Ko- lenkhov lJim Turleyl while in the other corner Ed Carmichael Uohnny Bohrenl was printing. The Duchess of Russia lRhoda Brittl also paid a visit. An Internal Revenue man, Henderson by name lLeroy Ellestadl, almost fell into the snakes accidentally. To add to the commotion, the police lHoward Wissinger and Leroy Ellestadl were aroused on several occasions. Penny brought home a drunk playwright, Miss Wellington lMarion Stalderl, that she found on a bus. Wickstrom, director. When the play drew to a close, Alice Sycamore lPat Nelsonl was getting married to Tony Kirby lBilI Spearl, the son of a well-to-do business man, Mr. Kirby, and his wife lEd Carder and Victorine Boitanol. Mr. Wickstrom served as director for the play, and Eleanor Yoshioka and Shirley Evenson were student directors. LEFT PICTURE, FRONT ROW: Donald Woodard, John Timmons, Hideo Watanabe. SECOND ROW: Don Johnson, Craig Buchanan, Richard Rivenes, Richard Lightburne, Tim Miesse. RIGHT PICTURE, FRONT ROW: Ernie Bailey, Sharon Kelley, Everett Plumb, Dick Cole. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Forslund, Albert Coch- ennette, Jim Siska, Larry Johnson, Gene Brown, Dave Hall. Projectionists The audio-visual department has added two pieces of new equipment this year. They are a new Webcor tape recorder and a Standard slide-proiec- tor and filmstrip machine. The new equipment has proved to be very useful. The projectionists' main duty is to show education films to the grade school, junior high school, and the senior high school classes. These films aid the teachers in instructing their students. Beside operating the projectors, the public ad- dress system is also under the supervision of the audio-visual group. The projectionists are soon to be affiliated with the Projectors' Club of America. Examinations are to be given to each operator to test his ability and knowledge of projecting. This year's operations have been under the direc- tion of Mr. Frank Gustafson as have those of the past three years. Shop Despite our tattered and obsolete shop, many attractive and useful projects have been completed this year under the capable supervision of our shop instructor, Mr. Scheyer. The first year students learned the fundamentals of shop and how to use the smaller power tools. Some of these are the sander, jig saw, lathe and small circular saw. The students made several minor projects such as broom holders, book ends, and small end tables. The more advanced students, however, built many types of bowls, coffee tables, lamps, dresser sets, cedar chests, and desks. At the time of this writing a boat was also under construction. The students in stage crew, which is one of the more popular shop classes, did many repair jobs around school. Their main task this year was the construction of the setting for the senior class play, which was staged in December. LEFT PICTURE: Jim Turley, Denis Arnold, Howard Wissinger, Leroy Ellestad. CENTER PICTURE: Howard Wissinger, Allen Warren, Jerry Sweet, Larry Larson RIGHT PICTURE: Howard Wissinger, Mr. Scheyer, Jerry Sweet, Ronnie Nelson, Ellsworth Finlayson, Sam Shimizu, Allen Warren, Albert Cochennette, Bill Mohler, Dick Cole, Tommy Lelli, Larry Larson. MRS. MOREY, Secreicry. sf. mum: L MRS. STEARNS, Cook. MRS. McDONALD, Nurse. SENIOR HIGH OFFICE GIRLS MR ANDERSON MR UNGURS Custoducns LIBRARIANS. GRADE SCHOOL OFFICE FORCE. RED CROSS COUNCIL. JUNIOR HIGH OFFICE GIRLS. RED CROSS ROOM ATTENDANTS. .1-.Q"'a 5 I Jw mu, gf H wnvfmm n-sae. . ii' mmm W' 4 wry 1 l in , N, J- iS?LiE5if 4, 5 ..., H V el , V 5 f Q Q .V sg 3 5-E A ,gs ,VV 3,3 VV Ewa .inf E W mme V Vi' mi gd 5 8 Wg fi 2 V 1 ', 'V ' 4 Q' ,, V- ,jew ' We QV L- kk,. VJ ., , ,. , . . 4 . . .,, Y. . n,. -. eq:-', --:V - -g,V,,,'gg : , -In q ., --.- ' ff ,5 'Q , 2 5 ,J Vp 5 , , V' 2 S ag, Sak -2 ,Wyse VA ,,,,. . LV V, V . 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VV .P,, 533 3 'anew z 1 V -" aww VW: '--' wfVf'rv:s-:-2 V.: . . 4 1 , V ,. , V 'f M25 .V , 39" Vs: V . zz -f ,V -1 V ' V- Vi' eHE'isaur?'V . - Hiram- 'SV V - VV V bf V, , V . .. .V , .. RV, .QM . ,V ., ,.V,E1aQg,g, , ,. V ,. , 1 V. VV A ' V- V- r " . V .,,A. - V, ' 4: - ,VV-k 4 V X 1 V ' 2 5 R ' iF5l52f65'11iV-"5Tl...J'V :PWLVQ W . X " : 'f"""r:f-- ' "" ' " ,Vg :E.::-:A-- 5, V ' ' 3 V-',,,fg,,, ,1sx5.igP8KVg,.. .ix . 1..5,..'.w.Ji S1315 wgggggg V .Avy 55855, , V V V ,. V , V A VVV, V V Vi A V R E- 4 'ii' --VV ' f l " .V ,. , ,IV K , V, -- V " "" I V- .... ' , , H ' ii ' V ,.., 1 ' ' -L" f .' - ,, . .V if V 1 .V 'T,'5iVif'5"::555fffiifwt' ?'iii,'f9f5fi ' ' 3"'V ' E"'E:V.-2"-law? ' " A.., HV 3 Q V ai :JQ?hV5"E5',::"Vilfff: ' 3 1 7 , 125 Q55 K'-1 15:12-,, ii,-Ygxi,'gy:S?ff5j . -ks V .. ,,,, . , 7 , V V V . li V'-' :VVs,sQsV-VV, ia fl- swf liiivsvaif 25. y fer 2-' 14 ' 0.-.WV zen . ,J V- H VNV - M.-1-'V-V' , Af J "HV: ay :lie 'V . 'QVV :' .' G- V ani V- " -V 5 Y , ---- 32-IQa,sff"2Z33?f V- Vs' 5:5551 "5 "DE: ' V r -' .off ' "7-HSV" 5,-if 11 V" LW :.. , V -'1 1"f "- i A L 'i iff? K '5i":l'5:':3 A :X r ,Q V5 ' V or 2 I A . , ,V V "S V' , 1 V- V--" V' . W 2fiEif'fif ff' V' I ' ' 'V fi A"' ' " V I E pV-at A , V A .. A ,,.. 2, ,V . Viv. V V - '- -- V " ' f V . V- ' ' ' -- - 'fx .sr V af-V VgfV-,m:,,,VaKl Q egg LOWER ROW: Victor Coon, Tom Lelli, Don Mcliechnie. SECOND ROW: Ed Carder, Ellsworth Finlayson, Howard Wissinger, LeRoy Turner, August Zamparda. Everett Plumb, FlFTH ROW: John Bohren, Jerry Aldridge, Richard Chesterfield, Jim Rogan, Dick Spencer THIRD ROW: Albert Cochennette, Bill Spear, Ron Nelson, Dave Hall, Jack Rosenow. FOURTH ROW: Gary Weaver, Ron Mettler, Bill Mohler, Gene Bixby, MR. VINSON MR. SCHEYER I i Q 3 fp... .1 E' ft LEFT PICTURE, FRONT ROW: Manager Myron Tcler, Ed Carder, Gene Bixby, Ellsworth Finlayson, Jerry Aldridge, Ronnie Mettler, Howard Wissinger, Gary Weaver, Joe Door. SECOND ROW: Coach Vinson, Dave Hall, LeRoy Turner, Victor Coon, Richard Chesterfield, Bill Mohler, Dick Spencer, August Zompordo, Don Peters, Coach Scheyer. THIRD ROW: Jim Rogan, John Bohren, Albert Cachennette, Everett Plumb, Jack Rosenow, Ron Nelson, Bill Spear, Don Clarkson, Norman Cronquist. LEFT INDIVIDUAL: Manager Myron Toler. RIGHT INDIVIDUAL: Manager Jim Clark. Senior High Football After a few weeks of hard practice the Fife Troians took the field in the seventh annual iamboree against the Peninsula Seagulls. In this quarter of a game, the score was Peninsula 6, Fife O. However, later in the season, Fife avenged this defeat. One week after the iamboree, the fellows were awaiting most anxiously their trip to Port Townsend. lt marked the first overnight trip Fife has taken in quite a few years. The end of the trip wasn't too pleasant. Fife came out on the short end of the score 34-13. Port Townsend had a pretty fair club, good enough to stay high-up in the all-state class B rankings. In the last week in September, the Troians opened their league play against Yelm. Led by Dick Spencer and Ron Mettler, the Troians hopped over the Tornadoes 35-0. ' After Yelm came Peninsula. Fife was determined to defeat this club and they did 13-7. This happened to be Peninsula's homecoming game and that was our present. Ron Mettler again played a good game. He made a nice 85-yard touchdown iaunt on an off tackle play to score the winning touchdown. Next came the Eatonville game. Fife felt pretty good sporting a 2-O league record. At the end of the first half the score was 12-0 in Fife's favor. However, never underestimate the other team. In the second half the Cruisers came flying back to win the game 20-12. Now came the leading team, the Orting Cardinals. Orting had a fine runner and passer in Boyd Wilkins. The Cards beat Fife 26-12 in a close game. After this setback Fife met the Bethel Braves. Bethel, the pre-season favorite since it was the defending champ, had started the year in hard fashion with no wins and no losses, but three ties. The Braves, led by Dar- rell Borden, a hard running back, defeated the Trojans in a hard fought contest 13-7. Then came Vashon. Fife was heavily favored since Vashon had yet to win a game. lt was a nip-and tuck contest all the way. The Troians led by one touchdown at halftime. The Vashon team made up their minds that they were going to win, and they came out in front 18-14. Fife played its last league game at Federal Way. The Eagles had never beaten a Fife team, but that couldn't last forever and this was the year. Federal Way defeated the Troians 40-O. The last game of the year for the Troians was the one at Lakeside. The Lakeside team were their league champions. ln this game Lakeside played like champions and came out the victor 26-14. This ended Fife's schedule. Those seniors who are graduating are: Ron Mettler, Dick Spencer, Ron Nelson, Howard Wissinger, Dick Chesterfield, Jack Rosenow, Jerry Aldridge, Gene Bixby, Ed Carder, John Bohren, Bill Spear, and LeRoy Turner. Dick Spencer received the Spear-Robbins Inspirational Trophy. Schedule Jamboree: West 6 East 19 Port Townsend 34 Fife 13 Yelm 0 Fife 35 Peninsula 7 Fife 13 Eatonville 20 Fife 12 Orting 26 Fife 12 Bethel 13 Fife 7 Vashon 18 Fife 14 Federal Way 40 Fife 0 Lakeside 26 Fife 14 Leftermen . , Agn 2 K . 1, lfi"!",,.'1 f 2- , A A fs QYFAQ 4 fm? 5 6271 R42 2 , em, bTW x R -va" ox' Nelson 7225 f JEAN! Hbwt W 2 Lge'- 'd wfsS' 'K sp" ix!-8i, f 21 1 C -gan back vin fig, '-5 an isa W, mg ' fm 2, ky' J a25t svn DMN ,B hfen O .7-Y .ww-: A ' '33 M Wfki 1 2 Q2 2L2 T .B FE 2 C 'W Q,w"" F5 2 ob MIN' . a 37 f f 1-" Tf ,i,l kk ', 6 if R' 2 M 2 if l 9 A.. LWAVV h LVVV V CRS'-3 ambuc 'Wx 'Re Schedule Tahoma Fife -M g M, Yelm Fife . 'fi Lili' Ge., ,A A I 5:1 5 North Kitsap Fife ' ii, O. F' - e XXVI 'W -s fi' Vashon Fife ll 1 i 1 if N .iq W rf' 'ii, Foster Fife V Foster Fife Eatonville Fife Orting Fife IF-M ff-fs A Bethel Fife 23 t Peninsula Fife --er Federal Way Fife Vashon Fife Eatonville Fife Orting Fife Bethel Fife Peninsula Fife Lakeside Fife Federal Way Fife Tahoma Fife Yelm Fife FRONT ROW: Howard Wissinger, Dick Cole, Bob Mortenson, Gaylen Harris, Bill Mahler. SECOND ROW: Dove Hall, Tom Gilmore, Jim Ragan, Norman Cronquist, Dick Spencer, Larry Johnson, Coach Vinson. THIRD ROW: Stan Barker, manager, John Bohren, Bob Mitton, Charles Shinn, Kenneth Devenny, Richard Ambuehl, Ron Nelson, Albert Cochennette, Richard Rogan. Senior High Basketball The 1952-53 basketball season started with the Pierce County Jamboree at P.L.C. Fife picked Yelm in the Jamboree but came out defeated. The first game found Fife playing host to Tahoma in a non-conference game. It was close but Tahoma fin- ished on top, 39-36. Fife later avenged this defeat by defeating Tahoma at Tahoma 46-42. The next game found Yelm here. The Tornadoes stopped Fife by a 48-40 score. Later at Yelm, the Tornadoes again beat Fife 55-45. A determined Fife squad traveled to Vashon the following week, and defeated the Pirates 53-34. The next game was a non-conference game with Foster at Fife. Foster was defeated by our Troians 45-41. But the Foster- ites turned the tables the next game at Foster as they won 40-35. Next came the Eatonville game. The Cruisers of Eatonville were rated high in the league as they were the defending champions. The Troians iourneyed up to Cruiserville and a rough and tumble game was played. Eat- onville came up the victor, 41-34. The next game was played at Fife against Orting. The Cardinals played fast rugged ball and came out the winning team 48-35. The game between these two teams that was played later at Orting was very close. With only 15 seconds to go, Orting sunk two free throws to give them the winning margin, 35-33. The following game found Fife pitted against Bethel. The Braves, who had looked lousy in the Jamboree, had been brought a long way. They defeated Fife on the Bethel floor, 52-33. The game these two teams later played at Fife was won by Bethel, 60-58. This close game followed the loss to Orting, so twice within a week Fife lost by 2 points. The next set of games came against Peninsula and Federal Way. Fife lost the Peninsula game but defeated the Eagles of Federal Way 55-43. On January 23, Fife again played Vashon and again defeated them, this time by the score of 56-43. The next game was against Eatonville which the Cruisers won 59-38. After another loss to Peninsula 169-501 over on the land of seagulls, the Troians iourneyed to Lakeside. The iourney ended victoriously, as Fife came out the better team 65-48. Then came the league game between Fife and Federal Way at Fife. ln the overtime affair, Federal Way came out the better team 54-52. lt was a close hard fought game all the way. Yelm won the league title with 12 wins, 2 losses. Fife had a league record of 3 wins and 11 losses and an overall record of 6 wins and 14 losses. l . ZW? I' . rs ixf?aftv.Ta" lib fa.. rg all M A"?' , 1? if . .N , V0 Q. . 5 Y ' W 1 1 ,, g 2 ,ff . A .wifi-num W A4 Q '1'Lrj'l X, l 1 ' 5512? H 4-.13 eghggllk bstw FRONT ROW: Duane Haslam, How- ard Wissinger, Ray Washam, .lerry Aldridge. SECOND ROW: John la- viola, Dick Spencer, Jack Rosencw, Gordon Anderson, Bob Kern, Don McKechnie, Mr. Sorensen. . . ,. ,, ,, l , -" " " 'it -N il l ttf, 4 is- a u g. .mmf ' ,.,' 'P t 1 . N sigma- 2.3 ww- '-,ef--fffmft , , 5 .y J FRONT ROW: Ron Mettler, Marvin to ereer f if it eii 1 RM-nf Rifhafd Row. Leroy Elle' ' 'A ee" W . V ZW , f V -' Seca, Jim Rogan. SECOND ROW: V : is ' , i s yykk an t-ff.: . Gary Scott, manager, Mr. Hatley, 'If '," "i' , - ' -, ' coach, Dwayne Proff, August Zom- . - "i' ' I ' ' pcrdo, Bill Cole, Eddie Wiebe, Don K Y V X i1 ' 7 'en-c X 5 . V' l Peters, Don Clarkson, Darrell Shar- i 4 .,.. . l P ss sf :sf ' s-.. .5 --i't..- . , -f , A ' -, 1 4 1 4' -' V l"'twQ 5 . li ,- s uw , V Q VA t .ls 4 3 ipsifil is R' t f tr ,es , ft N is 4 . . ' . g 4 ' .vs f f . :- K wr , f - V ' . f at 2 1 -f-5, f ' -- , . , .f ' 5 . if A .. , . Q A . ,. , ' - ' ' , Baseball i952 Track i952 Fife, the defending Pierce county league champ- ions, took to the baseball diamond on April 8 against the Orting Cardinals. The game was close all the way with Orting the victor, l-0. The following week our Troians had a new experience when they played Eatonville under the lights at Eatonville. Eatonville pitcher, Mickey Mor- row, allowed us only four hits as his team bettered ours 2-l. The next game that came was Bethel. Fife was high in revenge as they had a 0-2 league record, and wanted this game badly. Bob Kern pitched a swell one hitter as the Troians trounced the Braves 14-0. The next game was with Federal Way. The year before .Fife had defeated Federal Way 5-4 in 12 innings and 3-2 in the playoff game. This was a good game until the later innings, final score: Federal Way lO, Fife 3. On May 20, Fife journeyed to the land across the narrows to play Peninsula. Fife started out in fine fashion, but a 13-run outburst by Peninsula in the sixth inning- led them to a 19-6 whalloping over Fife. The last game was here against Yelm. lt was scheduled for an earlier date but had been rained out. Fife came out the better team with a decisive 6-0 victory. The Troians' final league record was: won 2, lost 4. Early in the spring, the Trojans took to the out- of-doors. You guessed it, track season started. With a few freshmen and many iuniors and seniors, the Troians went all out to retain their Pierce county league title. The Troians' first meet in i952 was against Bell- armine. Being behind in the first few events en- couraged the Troians as they swept past Bellarmine 57-49. The point system used was 5 for lst, 3 for 2nd, and l for 3rd place. The following week Fife was host to a four team meet. Those meeting were Eatonville, Seattle Prep, North Kitsap, and, of course, Fife. North Kitsap won with 52 lf3 points. Fife was being pressed, but not surpassed, by Seattle Prep for second. Fife 37, Seattle Prep 36 2f3, and Eaton- ville 24 5f6 were the results. The third meeting in i952 was between Penin- sula, Eatonville, and Fife. Eatonville won 81 to 65 to 5 for Peninsula. Next came the Pierce County Track and Field Meet. Those teams competing were Peninsula, Eat- onville, Federal Way, and Fife - Eatonville 60, Fife 55 2,f3, Federal Way 33 l,f3, and Peninsula 2. Next came the meet to determine this district's representation in the sub-district meet at Bothel. Ellestad and Mettler were the qualifiers from Fife. Mettler went on to take second in the state 440. A..--""Y' R LOWER LEFT: Beverly Torgerson, Sharon Kelley, Janice Kotchkoe, Jim Clark, Dean Crawford, Mr. Gustafson, coach. LOWER RIGHT: Ellsworth Finlayson, Everett Plumb. UPPER LEFT, FRONT ROW: Ed Carder, Everett Plumb, Ellsworth Finlayson. SECOND ROW: Vernon Cross, Coach Sorensen, Tom Lelli, LLPPER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Leonard Lightburne, Doug Frith, Tadashi Kaiimura. SECOND ROW: Jim Thomas, manager, Richard Lightburne, Gary Weaver, Eddie Eberhardt. Tennis l952 ' Wrestling T953 The Fife High Trojans took to the courts in early spring against Bellarmine. The Lions from Tacoma easily defeated Fife. In the weeks to follow, Fife played Puyallup. Kotchkoe won the girls' singles. Then with the score tied, one game apiece, Kelley and Torgerson won the girls' doubles, but Puyallup went on to win 3 games to 2. The third game of the season found Bethel here. Again Kotchkoe won, but Bethel finished the victor, 4 games to l. The next week the team iourneyed to Eatonville. Fife won both the girls' singles and doubles but lost by a 3-2 score. The next game was against Peninsula across the Sound. The Seagulls of Peninsula beat Fife 4 games to l. The last game of the year found Yelm here. Kotchkoe won the girls' singles 6-O and 6-2. This victory enabled her to end the season undefeated. The boys' singles, doubles, and mixed doubles were won by Yelm. Returning members of Coach Gustafson's team are Kelley, Torgerson, Clark, Crawford and Kotch- koe. The early spring weather this year has made the courts inviting to plenty of tennis work-outs well before time for the new season to begin, thus conditioning players for a good tennis team for '53. The Fife wrestling team led by eight returning lettermen opened the wrestling season against Sta- dium. The match was close but Stadium won. Lelli, Finlayson, and Plumb were the winners for Fife. ln every match this year, Fife had to wrestle with a l0-point handicap since it had no real heavy men. The next match sent Fife to Lincoln. The Lynx defeated Fife in a hard fought match. The winners for Fife were Weaver and Plumb. In a return bout with Stadium at Fife, the Troians had to forfeit four matches and thus could never overcome the difference. The winners for Fife were Leonard Lightburne and Plumb. The first Fife victim was Everett. Besides forfeiting two matches, Fife went ahead and won 32-l3. Only one match was lost. Next to fall before our wrestlers was Longview, by the slim margin of 22-2l. Winners of the Long- view match were Frith, L. Lightburne, Weaver, Lelli, Finlayson, and Plumb. The last match of the season found Lincoln here. Lincoln again defeated Fife with the Troians forfeit- ing three matches. After the wrestling season came the state tourna- ment at Pullman. ln team scoring Fife finished third behind Mount Vernon and Lincoln. Finlayson won the l38-pound class and Plumb took second prize in the l65-pound class. . s I Sophomore Basketball FRONT ROW, left to righl: Ronald Jones, August Zampardo, Albert Merrill, Tommy Kamenzind. SECOND ROW: Bob Peterson, Lyle Rader, Charles Frazer, Mr. Scheyer, coach. The under-lo league is composed of a group of high school boys who for one reason or another are unable to play on the first or second high school teams. The league is sponsored by the Tacoma Park Board and the games are played in Tacoma's iunior and senior high school gyms. Boys who played on the Fife team, in addition to the ones pictured above, are Bill Suss, Dave Nordfors, Ed Bergi, and Myron Toler. Fife won 9 of l4 games and finished third in the league. Bill Suss led the teamin scoring. Sophomore Yell Leaders Marge Torre, Patty Rasenow, Annett Junior High For money 're-..-F H 1 Q.: . ,Z 'sr i , as LEFT VERTICAL, class officers, TOP TO BOTTOM: Gary Johnson, Lois Larson, Karen Yoshioka, Spencer Nordfors, Agnes Brydon, Mr. Hatley, advisor. LOWER GROUP, FRONT ROW: Sharon Lunde, Betty Louden, Rosie Meachum, JoAnn Mead, Lynne Smith, Sachiko Takehara, Nancy Woodard, Frances Sweet, Lois Larson, Diane Williams, Annette Sevold, SECOND ROW: Anita Sterino, Eveline Reichlin, Agnes Mettler, Darlene Trucco, Sandra Begley, Karen Yoshioka, Shirley Nelson, Karen Lelli, Mary Jones, Gary Scott. THIRD ROW: Anita Yates, Marcia Mettler, Alene Woodside, Gloria Shoop, Sandra Morris, Dole Myers, Jim Thomas, Fred Plumb, Darrell Sharick, Pat Purgatorio, Ferdy Reichlin. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Smith, Tim Miesse, Bob Warren, Dick Rivenes, ROW: Debbie Johnson, Nellie Bohren, Leona Arnold, Karl Fiellstad, Pauline Herman, Betty Stephen Hagman, Jay Raymond Tyndall, Jack Sterino, Spencer Nordtors, Lyle Rader, Don Rowe. UPPER GROUP, FRONT Rosalie Francis, Mildred Smart, Joan Dillon, Lois Jensen, Marilyn Knutsen, Janie Green, Connie Ellsworth, Kamenzind, Betty Fenstermaker, Donna Hergert. SECOND ROW: Billy Door, Leonard Lightburne, Denis Craig Buchanan, Agnes Brydon, Margie Cole, Barbara Chamberlain, Diane Handke, Marlene Forslund, Benner. THIRD ROW: Don Johnson, Louie Cerqui, Gary Johnson, Vernon Cross, George Aldridge, Dixon, Eddie Eberhordt, George Griffith, Mickey Geehan, Jay Charaba, David Gilmore, Douglas Frith. "?.Q?sfi tI?31T. .. .,,, tt Freshmen The freshman class of l956, began the year with eighty-six members and Mr. Hatley as their advisor. They came from Fife, Milton, and Edgewood. At their first class meeting they elected their class officers for the year. They were: president, Gary Johnson, vice president, Lois Larsen, secretary, Karen Yoshioka: treasurer, Spencer Nordfors, sergeant at arms, Agnes Brydon, and business and publicity manager, Connie Ellsworth. At their first roll room meetings, they elected their roll room representatives to the student council. They were as follows: from Mr. Hatley's roll room Connie Ellsworth, from Mrs. Anderson's roll room Lois Jensen, and from Mr. Vinson s roll room Dick Rivenes. At their second class meeting they chose their class motto: "Knowledge of the Past ls the Key to the Future." They also chose their class colors, red and white, and their class flowers, red and white carnations. making proiects they sold concessions during the football season at the A - . v fn.. q , f tk . ., 'liE,Y:??-'-P. - G'-'Iwi-ze-. fwfr- r . -ie Fife-Sumner game. Their concessions were a great success and added quite a bit to their treasury. During the basketball season, after the Fife-Yelm game, the class sponsored a dance, which was a huge success with a large group of students attending. All in all this class has been active in sports, in school life, and in class work. They have had a lot of fun in iunior high, but are looking forward to being in senior high next year. May all of their future years be as successful as this one has been! - at ' --s 'fn A l 4 , A .M W -'Q 1 I ft' F 5. Q g I kj .,,, ,J 2 AJ, y,1ll, ' , a V Vskqyiy in 'lg 4 0 'U 1 i ': . ' ' 'i r 2 lx Rx , KS l R r I . l I LEFT VERTICAL, class officers, TOP TO BOTTOM: Robert Cavin, Monty Fox, Doreen Bell, Amelia Kvamrne, Mr. Wickstrom, advisor. RIGHT VERTICAL, class officers, TOP TO BOTTOM: Bob Merrill, Wayne Triplett, Diane Ryan, Gay Snell, Ed Stipes, Mr. Norby, advisor. LOWER GROUP, FIRST ROW: Doris Rader, Deanna Timmons, Dorothy Sherman, Joyce Wunder, Gay Snell, Carolyn Roen. SECOND ROW: Rose Marie Telling, Emily Rayner, Kathy Lyons, Ann Spear, Pat Rooney, Diane Ryan, Donna Ryan. THIRD ROW: Darrell Palmer, Robert Mead, Gary Rowan, Dick Lancaster, Wayne Triplett, John Pollock, Jim Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Dick Rowe, Harry Torrey, Bob Merrill, David Murrey, Jim Miller. Ed Stipes, Frank Mahanna. UPPER GROUP, FIRST ROW: Gordon Ingram, Don Bean, LeRoy Kawaguchi, Connie Askew, Marilyn Berg, Jeannine Clark, Haruyo Kono. SECOND ROW: Diana Gardella, .lack Ensrude, Monty Fox, Jerry Canine, Doreen Bell, Mary "fp Lou Burke, Tom Dunbar, Dwight Chenoweth. THIRD ROW: Sandra Brydon, Amelia Kvamme, Sorena Johnson, 7 Roberta Bryant, Sharon Currier, Charlene Brodahl, Janice Clark, Caroline Arnold. FOURTH ROW: Vince l , . Crowell, Tom Benner, Roger Dutton, Kenneth Celmer, Bob Cavin, Carl Bullo, Mike Coon, Richard Dixon. It aj tix B, g , 7 3...-S" " 1 . J .xl I - as The eighth grades this year were advised by Mr. Norby and Mr. Wick- strom, who were of great help to the students. The classes selected officers ,, from each class to serve one semester only, then they chose another group to serve the second semester. 2. I . 1 The two classes held parties on special occasions including Hallowe'en, Z Christmas, and Valentine's Day. This year they have added many members ,-:r' to the Flame Club, which is an honor society. Each year they take an after- noon off to have a special picnic. To earn money they organized a club called "Little Wickies." In this club they made suggestions on how to raise money. Two of these suggestions proved very successful. They auctioned off a variety of articles and held a Y I candy sale. A special committee decorated for each holiday and each month drew J r y artistic scenes on a calendar to add color to the classrooms. A new service club was started this year and the members serve as monitors to check the student habits during school. 9-was - cool K We yi r 1: s ls f As a whole group, the eighth grades have done very outstanding work to make their classes a success. To Q r Nz: S Q 5557 C f f Us 1 ir' v,.1.3,t',i'.ffir,i':Ea' , . . it Q -, ,.,. 52,351-1ffp:fT-ffili , 1 T3 my rwhigk,,+ii,,Q J f to--3.1 N if so v- as - N 'gyiig ' zz . ax: W' 3 . - A Ill. 'ohh . ,x"HL3ij: X' , Q 'N XLLJ ' ,I :Q v l " l' . w..w.::,, nf. A I-W ff-:ity L--, s.,,,,.s:. :wr-fwfr .lim fqtgirz ft: .fe5s:,52g35ise?lS1f -1 Eva? - :tingzsgksfizesneifwg:img :ww . f ,. :gig I it ,: is?11?'i9?i' " faws1f:f:r.1fiflr- . : i K, er., ,wX,,- 14, vi k 9 iw' . -st 3 ' Q .4513 -5 A .., avi ' Q . ,tg f izy g H ' Q ...cuba t 5,--. 1. ,A I ste ff-as A 2 if I Q S 3. . ' . Lin s, :if . ef. 439' ..,,:,::::. . Q.., E :vr K K T .sf 41 v vi h I 7' - 6 X . 'BW VX 4 . I JK ., it .. Sv 1' A l .I mf' ' it ff 5 . sis... .. . fix - Q Q, L,.X ,Q ,in 7 4 , ,Q . tv . it F . Q- X get ii . ff Q 22 f 2 ' 2 - le . ,s sf tfizw 3557.3 , I ni? .wf . X., is if , . M., .4 e iii' K5 ,'g.F't LEFT VERTICAL, class officers, TOP TO BOTTOM: Jerry Harris, Donald Griffith, Coral Cox, Allan Danberg, Mrs. Heintz. RIGHT VERTICAL, class officers, TOP TO BOTTOM: Louis Stump, Kathryn Spane, Kay Pundzak, Judy Mead, Daryl Thout, Mr. Arnasan. LOWER GROUP, FIRST ROW: Gene Whitcombe, Bernadine Sherman, Roberto Thomas, Louise Muller, Judy Mead, Karen Peschek, Jack Young, Eldon Trolson, Duayne Watters, Dennis Neil. SECOND ROW: LeRoy Schatz, Donald Petrie, Arnold Proff, Harry Telling, Erno Pollock, Larry Swan, Louis Stump, Mike Purgatorio, Marilyn Watters. THIRD ROW: Kay Pundzak, Beverly Yamamoto, Dorothy Suter, Betty Yohn, Myrna Robinson, Steven Suss, Sandra Woods, Kathryn Spone, Dolores Parkhurst, Lorraine Swanson. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Peterson, Daryl Thaut, Henry Vogel, Robert Rasmussen, Roland Purdy, Jim Mitton, Pau! Miller, Judy Suss, Beverly Prukop, Jackie Yates, UPPER GROUP, FIRST ROW: Donald Griffith, Jerry Harris, Marion Lightburne, Roy He-stand, Curtis Lange, Jim Belcher, Gerald Carder, Dickie Crandall, Eddie Berg. SECOND ROW: Sally Brown, Donna Krenik, Shirley Kraus, Sandra Kittinger, Marilyn Delin, Linda Kelley, Donna Matson, Rance Culver, Mike Hathaway, Don Henricksen, Lee Johnson. THIRD ROW: Jean Abbott, Pat Bell, Marie Manning, Karen Bornander, Norma Ellestad, Robert Culver, Allan Donberg, Geraldine Farris, Mariorie Coffman, MarJo Docken. FOURTH ROW: Charles Kundert, Charlaine Cosseday, Carol Cox, Grover Hess, Larry Docken, Erven Marriott, Charles Davenport, Gene Kary, Jimmy Davenport, Lana McDonald, Audrey Green. Seventh Grade For the first time Milton's seventh graders have been added to the junior high school along with Fife's, and it has been a new and interesting year for all. They have taken part in many new activities that aren't included in grade school work, To earn money for their class, they held two candy sales. The money from the first sale, held in November, was used to buy square dance records. Tentative plans are to use the proceeds from the January sale for books the class enioys reading. Mrs. Heintz's class had a language arts contest which was won by the girls. As a result of losing, the boys gave the girls a party complete with refreshments. To honor President Eisenhower's election, special pictures of him from the age of two until the time he was elected were shown in Mrs. Heintz'-s class. Mr. Arnason's science classes had several protects this year. Among them were various rock collections, a bird's nest, and fossils. Some educa- tional cycle pictures were drawn dealing with water and oxygen. Mrs. Heintz and Mr. Arnason have both helped to make this year a very successful one. WT? T. ss.-, , S. fl! in 4 A ...R , ,. . is 2 Ji' ' 'H - Tig J - p.:..2fff: i . . I4 s 3 E, 1. i :f'f:,k,,, Vu. ' : 4- 'N 'v Wi . f L. -i.f,, CK 1 m A 4 L .i k A -Ag? as , f A. r 1 . fr 2 P t, M ,J f. i. .Tr 1 -gg -,gi 1 tw, .K W. . L g .-f Nm Mk Q. .M f o qs' Lg, Lf VM yn WH 94ff,S,,fx L ' "W . JP y ,.- .. . - ,. -:Lk - I xl' ' 3, 1 L .36 if S as Rial iff i f few! Y - I H , L ,L L Q -F ' ff ,L L X mv- K Y , . ff'w,L W . 4. v argl? LL .. .: :, wk rl X L? : M L 1 . , 'fb' , '- 1 ' V. W '- L, V' Q 2 ,J L . L L, - F' ' . .L ,.' ' ' ' ik ,nn 5 L ,,,,.....--- . f 5 L3 H LJ, gum L ,L V L -. in - e - V, W-H--Awww uw: -- ., 3 -- ."5?3LCEEEE E LL,,LL ,JE 'X f. ', "-fi:- :15:..u5g' : f -ggzur-:Ekvfu . Q E E grg..-4: iw Ai' ,xg .R 5 ii it M, Q ' a f L' 1 1 2 14- L K Q ' M ,nn , X 5 L WMQ mgg' Says? 'W 2 ' r -,S-, ' ,S - . 1 28 ,5 3 W , 1 4 1 9 ,-, 4 7541 v ish' W W 3' tw E Q4 if an K r' L LL Cf? 3,11 3 'fs-wk ,,. f Q can 7' imaggfi ,- ,, LV., ., 19 in f 1 , 1. -w L, Q Q ii- 5 L, 9-.v V LVSVV LZXV4 RL Q' 3 tL 'TM . Y A 'I L, Q ?""'N" A , Q' few L f,L f , ' 4 7 Q - ef 1. b ' MLLLL - LTRS -.Q . ' Q Q f - L-.Q :iff :- L + .1 . . . L 'V .. L ... L f 5 ff L i f " , W a mul Q W V W v 1 jr L i,f',l?'L ,Lx-4: - , if 1 ' ' 4 Q I 5 ' '- ' ,413 , .Q A - . ,gg VL., 1' L ' f f 'Y T 'Ky 1 , ,La ww' iL G3 is 1 4 aff X L." 'T I P wfsff' : ' ."i,.'lf-Mg .5 ,zz L L v5qwf'Sf 15- W 'X if -ff' .. ,Q fat us- F' 'nl' UPPER PICTURES: Yell Queen Connie Ellsworth, Mascot Ann Marie Rowe, Coach Hatley, Managers Dale Myers, Stephen Hagman Den Arnold LOWER PICTURE, FRONT ROW: Larry Docken, Jim Lewis, Vernon Cross, Harry Dunn, Kenneth Celmer, Billy Door, Ed Stipes, Don Ro e Leona d Lghtburne Dug a ts Gary Scott, Darrell Sharick, Paul Miller, Jerry Conine. SECOND ROW: Manager Denis Arnold, George Griffith, Lyle Rader Fred Plumb K Fiel s d Raymond Tyndall, Bob Cavin, Bob Warren, Dick Rivenes, Jim Thomas, Jack Sterino, Gary Johnson, Spencer Nordfors, Managers D le Myers Da d Gil ore Junior High Football The 1952 iunior high football team completed the season with a record of two wins and five losses This year's team, with only three returning lettermen, showed great promise as the year progressed Many of this year's squad demonstrated they will give a good account of themselves as high school gridmen Outstanding personalities on the team were Rivenes, Rader, and Stipes in the line while Nordfors Johnson Otis, Rowe, and Scott shouldered the burden in the back field. "Orchids" to Gary Scott and Dick Rivenes, the only two players in this year's squad to have played three years of iunior high football. Both boys have been an inspiration to iunior high athletes Twenty-seven boys from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades turned out this year showing a marked in crease over last year. With nine boys returning and the addition of many younger boys the prospects for fifty three look much brighter. Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Fife Schedule Marymount Sumner Federal Way White River Bellarmine Bethel Federal Way 7 35 O i6 26 25 13 r-'M LOWER LEFT, Junior High Varsity, FRONT ROW1 Don Rowe, Craig Buchanan, Gary Scott, David Gilmore. SECOND ROW: Fred Plumb, Robert Warren, Dick Rivenes, Spencer Nordfors, Gary Johnson. RIGHT GROUP, FRONT ROW: Jack Ensrude, Jerry Harris, Jim Lewis, LeRoy Schatz, SECOND ROW: Louis Stump, Dick Rowe, Robert Mead, Monte Fox. THlRD ROW: Larry Docken, Bob Cavin, David Murrey, Jim Mitten, Wayne Triplett. UPPER LEFT: Managers Dale Myers, Marion lightburne, Denis Arnold. CENTER: Mr, Halley, coach. RIGHT: Lynne Smith, yell leader. Junior High Basketball This year's team with only one returning letterman and a few returning midgets, embarked on what was to become a better than average season. After two set backs at the hands of Kent-Meridian, the '52-'53 team rolled into high gear, winning six straight league encounters before losing a close non-league decision to Eatonville, 30-29, and then losing two successive league games to Franklin Pierce and to Bethel. The team showed a league record of 8 wins as against 2 defeats and a share in the league championship. Warren, Rivenes, Scott, Nordfors, Plumb, Buchanan, Rowe, Johnson, and Gilmore showed great promise for high school basketball. The seventh and eighth grade team paced by Murray, Fox, Rowe, Stump, Docken, and Cavin displayed signs of providing the iunior high with much talent for the '53-'54 season. Their record was 5 wins as against 5 losses. Their outstanding performance was their win over a strong eighth grade quintet from Kent-Meridian. Schedule Fife l5 Kent-Meridian Fife Federal Way Fife 2l Kent-Meridian Fife Eatonville Fife 34 Federal Way Fife Franklin Pierce Fife Al Franklin Pierce Fife Bethel Fife 36 Bethel Fife Dupont Fife 4l Vashon Fife Vashon Fife 34 Dupont . , t f if 41 af 'Y , , 9 it . 5 .'v'o.v'o'o' 5 'Vo ffl ' 59 Q 0 9 . 9o'o'o'Q' 'vfofvff ssr. Af iff? ' to gg as ,js s. V . eggs wg X i i fi s UPPER PICTURES: Sandra Beqley, yell leader, Mr. Johnson, coach, Billy Door, manager. LOWER GROUP, FRONT ROW: Tom Gilmore, Bob Mitton, Dave Hall, Gaylen Harris, Spencer Nordfors. SECOND ROW: Leonard Lightburne, Craig Buchanan, Richard Lightburne, Robert Morten- son, Bob Peterson, THIRD ROW: Monte Fox, Eddie Eberhardt, Dick Rivenes, Jack Sterino, Ed Stipes, Robert Mead. Junior High Baseball The Fife Junior High baseball team, made up of a maiority of freshmen, played only four games this year and were victorious in two of them for a 500 average. Opening the season against a veteran nine from Kent-Meridian, the Trojan Pups were unable to hit the clutches, and were defeated lO to 3 by Norm Borrell's charges. Federal Way came to Fife to meet our boys only to be defeated 4 to 2 by some excellent pitching by David Hall and Bob Mitton. Our batting eye came to life as well with Tom Gilmore, David Hall, and Bob Peterson, each hitting the ball hard. After a week of rain the "Pups" traveled to Kent-Meridian for a return engagement with Norm Borrell's nine. Behind the pitching of Bob Mitton, the Trojans made a game of it up to the fifth inning, when Kent's bats began to boom. We found ourselves trailing by six runs. In the top of the sixth, Fife came to life with four runs on three singles, a walk, and a triple by Tom Gilmore. Kent cut off the rally and went on to win by 8 to 5. In the windup game, Federal Way played host to Coach Johnson's forces for the second time, and for the second time, Federal Way was defeated. This time it was by a score of l8 to 4. The score by no means is indicative of relative power of the two teams. Federal Way forced in 7 runs on walks. This ended a fairly successful season with greater goals to look forward to in l953. 1 47 I in i K 2... f 2 , ,sc 2 i 5 . k , , 5 ' if . :Q 1 5 ,Qi i ' Y LOWER LEFT, Music Appreciation, FIRST ROW: Gordon Ingram, Jack Ensrude, Darrel Palmer, Dwight Chenoweth. SECOND ROW: Robert Mead, Jerry Canine, Dick Lancaster, John Pollock. THIRD ROW: Franklin Mahanna, Harry Torrey, Jim Miller, Gary Rowan. LOWER RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Gay Snell, Dorothy Sher- man, Carolyn Roen. SECOND ROW: Deanna Timmons, Donna Ryan, Doris Rader, Joyce Wunder. THIRD ROW: Pat Rooney, Emily Rayner, Rose Marie Telling, Diana Ryan. UPPER GROUP, Junior Band, FIRST ROW: Don Fetry, Betty Yohn, Carol Cox, Kathryn Spane. SECOND ROW: Karen Bornander, Jim Miller, Myrna Robinson, Robert Culver, Rance Culver. Junior High Band Music Appreciation The Junior Band is to be commended on the fine work it has done this year under Mr. Flechtner's capable direction. Junior Band is a class for music students to learn what band work consists of. They learn the principles and fundamentals which will qualify them for Senior Band positions. When they have reached the Senior Band level they can be promoted, if vacant positions are available, before they are old enough to enroll directly. This year I3 seventh and eighth grade students have taken places in the Senior Band. This is a definite honor and they have proved themselves deserving of it by their good work. The remaining Junior Band members will enioy the privilege of ioining the Senior Band in one con- cert, the Pierce County Music Festival at Vashon, March 20. They will also combine with the grade school advanced band to play two numbers in the Spring Concert. The Fife Junior High Choir this year has been under the capable direction of Mr. Alfred Flechtner. This year's first semester class consisted of twenty- eight members and the second semester class of thirty members. During the early part of the semes- ter, the students listen to over a hundred records and learn to distinguish between them by telling the name of the record and of the composer. They first learn the names of notes, sharps, flats, key signatures, meter signatures, note values, rest values, Latin musical terms, plus a little work in harmony. These students are even taught to write music. Learning to distinguish between instruments and different tones is also part of their class work. Actually the students do not start singing until a month before the class ends. When these people have completed this class, they are well prepared to take up any kind of music they wish to follow. Q ---sz . ,Q sn LEFT GROUP, Flame officers, SEATED: Marcia Mettler, Karen Yoshioka, Don Rowe. STANDING: Donna Ryan, Miss Linclstrom, RIGHT Linda Kelley, Karen Bornondev, Donna Hergert, Joyce Wunder, Shirley Kraus, Connie Askew, Gay Snell, Kathryn Spane, Beverly Yamamoto, Kay Pundzak, Eddie Berg. SECOND ROW: Kathy Lyons, Doreen Bell, Mary Lou Burke, Anita Yates, Norma Ellestad, Marjorie Coffman, Jack Ensrude, Monte Fox, Roger Dutton, Dick Rowe, Don Henricksen, Jerry Harris. THIRD ROW: Nancy Woodard, Donna Ryan, Diane Ryan, Charlene Brodahl, Cox, Amelia Kvamrne, Soreno Johnson, Pat Rooney, David Gilmore, Don Johnson, Eveline Reichlin, Curt Lange. FOURTH ROW: Craig Sandra Begley, Darlene Trucco, Alene Woodside, Lois Jensen, Jim Davenport, Bob Merrill, Carl Bullo, Marcia Mettler, Karen Yoshioka, Robert Rasmussen. GROUP, FIRST ROW: Patsy Bell, Judy Mead, Diana Gardella, Carol Buchanan, Don Rowe, Flame Club Student Council The Flame Club is a scholastic honor society for the iunior high school students of Fife. It is not, as Torch Club for senior high students, a national scholastic society. Flame Club was organized at Fife along with the senior high organization for the purpose of rewarding students of commendable scholarship. Students who have a B+ average for a semester automatically become members of the Flame Club. Those who continue their outstanding school work beyond the ninth grade become members of Torch Club. The Flame Club had fifty-one members this year, and it has its own officers and constitution. Stu- dents serving as officers this year were Karen Yo- shioka, president, Marcia Mettler, vice president, Donna Ryan, secretary, Doreen Bell, treasurer, and Don Rowe, points chairman. Although Flame Club is primarily an honor socie- ty, the students hold several social meetings. The emblem is a blue and yellow ribbon pin. The Junior High Student Council is composed of officers elected by the student body and room representatives elected by students from their own home rooms. The Student Council sponsored many activities including a Christmas and a Spring dance, the or- ganization of a boys' service club and a girls' serv- ice club, the organization of the Hundred Per Cent Club, and the ioint magazine drive with the senior high school. The Junior High School Student Council members for this year are Don Rowe, president, Marcia Met- tler, vice president, Karen Yoshioka, secretary, Dick Rowe, treasurer, and Connie Ellsworth, business manager. Home room representatives from the seventh grade are Linda Kelley, Curtis Lang, Eddie Berg, John Zampardo, and Beverly Yamamoto. From the eighth grade the representatives are Jack Ensrude, Donna Ryan, and David Murrey. The representatives from the freshman class are Connie Ellsworth, Lois Jensen, and Dick Rivenes. LEFT GROUP, FRONT ROW: Beverly Yamamoto, Eddie Berg, Curtis Lange, Jack Ensrude. SECOND ROW: Dick Rowe, Linda Kelley, Donna Ryan, Mary Lou Burke, David Murrey, Dick Rivenes. THIRD ROW: Don Rowe, Marcia Mettler, Karen Yoshioka, Lois Jensen, Connie Ellsworth. RIGHT GROUP, officers, SEAT- ED: Karen Yoshioka, Don Rowe, Marcia Mettler. STANDING: Dick Rowe, Miss Lindstrom, Connie Ellsworth. i , ,M . .. as f I , .,,., ...W ,, sf ,L H , 1. . J I . . 1 S ., ,,, ,, ., .5 T if Q is fe I " To ix ,gi 1 + 3 J 1- , 2 . 4 " Qt i Bc. f-. if ' , f se . .. f ff 'N , 1 ' . . 2? M , ,-is ' ' 5' 733: ,, ,..v, 2 , . . . .,..,,. is ' ' Ct ' Q ' flfvsf S - .2':f1:':3 ' 2 V avg- :ny gfg, H if 2?-. 2, ,fi -15,1 ,I .V is ' . -1- ' .. ,y--View-,7.1., ' . Ei Q5 , 35421, 1' ' ,."'5,,'3 4 ,ig ' ' 5" K 1 ' .. ' J 'I Yi, 11 -i SMF 721 lil? :ff . f bg it ' i T " " .. . " + if: J:-i-:fav , L--S., ie... U ff 4' A , 1 SML :- : Q fe 2 bm.. I is ,QQW at . . 1 -A -lj 0. pa-fi-ings M 1 1: -- ss sq , x ,1 4 Q f- I W 2 '1 1 .E -ff -i an 23 : .5 , aft N ' fit -if 'petit s 55 ft ii 2 Mase S I it fi? i. " .Fii if 'M .X LEFT GROUP, Club Council, SEATED: Donna Matson, Norma Ellestad, Donna Hergert, Kathy Lyons, Roberto Bryant, Pat Rooney, Sorena Johnson, Horuyo Kono, Margie Cole, Nancy Woodard. STANDING: Jacqueline Yates, Roberta Thomas, Agnes Brydon, Alene Woodside, Dorothy Suter, Carolyn Roen. RIGHT GROUP: officers: Donna Hergert, Alene Woodside, Mrs. Heintz, Donna Matson, Nancy Woodard. Girls' Club Christian Club The members of the Junior High Girls' Club, T22 strong, met at the beginning of the year to elect their officers. They chose Donna Hergert as their chairman, Alene Woodside, secretary, and Donna Matson, treasurer. To assist the treasurer in collect- ing dues, they chose Agnes Brydon, Pat Rooney, Sorena Johnson, Jacque Yates, and Norma Lee Ellestad as representatives for each room. A cabinet was selected to plan the social events and to see that business was carried out. There are 7 members from the ninth grade, 6 from the eighth grade, and 6 from the seventh grade in the cabinet. The club had two main social events during the year. The first was a Christmas party for the iunior high, which was a big success. The second was the annual Mothers' and Daughters' Tea. It also was enjoyed by everyone. The Fife Christian Club was a new organization this year which came into being because of the desire of some of the Christian students in Fife to ioin in the study of the Bible and in fellowship with Christ in coniunction with their school life. Our club met every Tuesday and Thursday after school, and the members ioined in prayer, song, and Bible study. Occasionally we invited guest speakers, Activities included parties at the homes of members and the organization of a quiz team to represent Fife at "Youth for Christ" meetings in Tacoma on Saturday evenings. The officers that the club selected were Carleeta Phelps, president, Sandra Lunde, vice president, lone Kvamme, secretary, Diane Shepler, program chairman, Margery Holmquist, song leader. Under the leadership of Mrs. Vinson, our adviser who so graciously gave her time and advice, the club enioyed a successful year. LEFT GROUP, SEATED: Sandra Lunde, lone Kvamme, Marlene Forslund. STANDING: Diane Shepler, Mrs. Vinson, Margery Holmquist. RIGHT GROUP, SEATED: Marporue McKeen, Diane Shepler, Anne Rivenes, lone Kvamme, Amelia Kvamme, Sorena Johnson, Marlene Forslund. STANDING- Sandra Lund, Margery Holmquist, Nancy Lutter, Shirley Wetherbee, Dove Lund, Jocquee Sills, Ronald Forslund, Sharon Lunde, Jeanine Clark, Betty Benner. II, I rfb, J 'N .41 ' hs ,505 A 0 P ' 0 U Q r Q Q

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