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Text from Pages 1 - 70 of the 1951 volume:

.W S 1 Wifi ' f- X Q WF? 1 A , XXX D W gift-7 3 XV M 015 ykg ' X" fl mi Jl "mv hifwrt ,fy by .JL Zio h W ' 2L j - ifpggxk ,ff ' W ixfzafgb "" E',.,k Q-0'?u5 b' ic- , ff' 123' 'ff 297, LQ 251 . . "GMX M MQWWYW , ,WMAM WM, ,W , ,,.,:..,4-w"'f x 'l Jw Y? gvfxx A "V b ,AW,,,,,,.,w,wl1" . pw' 1 fTA LLAQX WM ww Hp? J , w Qsig? Q5 VX f WM ,I sf' P .155 A K jfs sfife- " 0 M' we - ,Q ,gf ' X se W' is N355 N W K Q ' ggi we , WWE? fd vs 1 sf Q M QM J has ,W . T fm 11 1 was .. 6 f-H2255 wifi -Un! U1 FW 1 1 fs , ' -f' sv f wan ,nf 4 fwzmgf me ,MW FIFE HIG f J. H scuool. mu ":w...,,,,f T R 0 I A N published by students of PIPE HIGH SCHOOL Fife, Washington 19514 MRS. ANNE HUBER Dedication There are a few in their chosen profession who by their pa- tience, kindness, and under- standing have endeared them- selves to many people. Such a one was Anne Huber, who lives on in the memories of all who knew her. Sincerity, enthusi- asm, and graciousness were a part of her lovable personality. We dedicate our 1951 Annual to Anne Huber, Whose teaching was an inspiration to all. Faculty MARVIN P. BELKNAP, Principal ROBERT C. HALL, Superintender THELMA BOOTH, Commercial Department FRANKLIN GUSTAFSON, Science, Photography AGNES DUNN. Librarian, English SWAIN ARNASON, Seventh Grade ARLENE LINDSTROM, Vice-Principal HARRY SORENSON, Social Studies ALMA VINSON, English, Mathematics GLEN OLMSTEAD, Agriculture JEAN MURDOCK, Home Economics I Y , f 4 Q . PAUL SCHEYER, Shop EILEEN ANDERSON, Art, Girls' P.E. I-IUBERT BUCKLEY, Eighth Grade, Journalism ALFRED ELECHTNER, Music Department HARRY GUST, History, Boys' PE. MARIAN YOUNG, English Q, BILL VINSON, Mathematics, Senior High Coach DORRITT HEINTZ, Seventh Grade PHILIP NORBY, Eighth Grade, Junior High Coach Senior Honors LOIS COOK, Valedictorian CLAUDIA USSELMAN, Salutatorian and winner of Girls' Service Award BRYAN DALIN, Faculty Choice Speaker RONNIE MARTIN, Class Choice Speaker DAVID BRUNOFF, Winner of Agriculture Award BEVERLEE ALTOMARE, Winner of Choir Inspirational Award MARY ANN KARPACK, Winner of Commercial Award BILL FUNKHOUSER, Winner of Boys' Service Award JIM ROBINSON, Winner of Band Inspirational Award X. iii , sk., 3' il ,, A ADJ K . i vf , 'J il i -F .' U e -5 Senior Plaque Awards FRONT ROW, left to right: Beverly Nelson, Carol Swihart, Claudia Usselman, Tatsuko Iwakiri, Glenda Anderson, Darris Ann Foien, Marilyn Vogel, LaVona Dulin, Lois Cook, Maureen Smith, Delma Sestan. SECOND ROW: Sharon Morgan, Kathleen Naccarato, Nancy Williams, Donna Jensen, Janet Mitton, Geraldine I-Ieilig, Jeanette Bryan, Mary Ann Karpaclc, jo Meachum, Delores Reed, Marilyn Leigan, Mary Cassidy. THIRD ROW: Bill Tibbits, Gene Kraus, Jim Robinson, Bob Cook, Bryan Dalin, Bob Steele, Bill Funlchouser, Joe Felice, Jack Sanford, William Matsumoto. FOURTH ROW: Saburo Kusumoto, Dick McKeen, Gene Cole, Bill Coggin, Donald Cowles, Jay Busch, Stan Swayze, Travis Wallace, Lloyd Torgerson, Dave Brunoff, Dick Van Derschelden. SSHIIGIS e Class of .7 951 BEVERLEE ALTOMARE. Majors: Choir, English. Minors: Home Econom- ics, Science, History. Drill Team 3-4, Drill Team Captain 4: Girls' Club 2-3-4: Choir Historian 4: Choir 1-Z-3-4: Annual 3: Co-chairman Drill Team Tolo 4: Nlay Day Dance Committee 3: Senior Announcement Committee 3. Came from Lincoln High in 1948. Would like to become a nurse. 0 GLENDA ANDERSON. Majors-: History, Home Economics, English. Minor: Science. Drill Team 2-3: Trojanettes 2-3: Girls' Club l-2-3-4-: G.A.A. l-2-3: Tennis 3-4: Play Day 3: Feature Editor on Paper Staff 4: May Day Attendant 1: "Boys about Bobbetteu 3: "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4: Girls' Club Play 4. Committees: jr.-Sr. Prom 3: Drill Team Tolo Z. Would like to be an air stewardess. Hobby: photography. U FRITZ BOHREN. Majors: Shop, English. Minors: Science, Math, Mechanical Drawing, History. Boys' Club 1-Z-3-4: Projectionist l: Football Manager Z: Baseball 1-4: Committees: "Boys about Bobbette," "Mollie O'Shaughnessy," junior Class Barn Dance 3, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Fritz would like to be a carpenter. ,IEANETTE BRYAN. Majors: English, Commercial. Minors: Home Econ- omics, Math, History. G,A.A. l-Z-3: Girls' Club l-Z-3-4: Choir l: Roll Room Representative 2: junior High Office 4: Red Cross Attendant 3. Committees: Ways and Means Chairman 4. Jeanette would like to be a bookkeeper. 0 DAVID BRUNOFF, Majors: Agriculture, English. Minors: Science, History. F.F.A. 2-3-4: Secretary F.F,A.: Roll Room Representative: Paper Staff 3-4: Junior Class Barn Dance Committee 3. David wants to go to college. 0 JAY BUSCH. Majors: Social Science, Science, English. Minors: Math, Latin. Torch Honor 1-2-3-4: Boys' Club 1-Z-3-4: Lettermen's Club 3-4: Student Council 4: Freshman Class President: Student Body President 4: Reporter 3: "Boys about Bobbette" 3: Track 3-4: Wrestling 4. BOB COOK. Majors: English, Commercial. Minors: Dramatics, History. Lettermen's Club 3-4: Boys' Club 3-4: Tennis 3-4: Football 3: Committees: Program for Senior Play, Junior Barn Dance 3. Entered Fife as a junior from Puyallup. Would like to be a business director. ' LOIS COOK. Majors: English, Math, Social Science. Minors: Commercial, Science. F,H.A. l-2-3-4: F.H.A. Vice-President 3, President 4: Girls' Club 1-Z-3-4: Girls' Club Repre- sentative to Council 3: Trojanettes Z-3: Trojanette Vice-President 3: Junior Red Cross Council 2-3-4-, President Z: -lunior Class Vice-President 3: Torch Honor 2-3-4: Student Librarian 4: Student Grade School Librarian Z: Office Girl 3: Annual Assistant Editor 3: "Boys about Bobbette" 3: "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4. 9 BILL COGGIN, Majors: Science, English. Minors: Mechanical Drawing, Math. Boys' Club Z-3-4: Lettermen's Club 4: Choir 4: Feature Writer on Paper Staff 3: Christmas Pageant 4: Football 3-4: Basket- ball Z-3: Track Z-3-4: Decorations Committee Junior Class Barn Dance 3. Transfer from Puyallup in l948. Would like to join the Navy. GENE COLE. Majors: Shop, English. Minors: Science, History. Lettermen's Club Z-3-4: F.F.A. 1: Track 2-3-4: Football Z-3-4: Basketball 2-3-4. Ambition: Ask Uncle Sam. 0 DONALD COWLES. Majors: English, Math. Minors: History, Latin, Shop, Science. Torch Honor 3-4: Lettermen's Club 4: Boys' Club I-2-3-4: Football Manager 1-4: Basketball l-3: Track 2-3-4: Wrestling 4: Yell Leader 2: Movie Operator 1-2-3-4: P.A. System 2-3-4: Annual Photo- grapher l-2-3-4: Sports Editor 4: "Boys about Bobbette" 3: "Mollie O'Shaugh- nessy" 4. Would like to be a pharmacist. 0 BRYAN DALIN. Majors: English, Ag. Minors: Commercial, History. F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Treasurer 3, President 4: Boys' Club 1-2-3-4, Treasurer 4: Projectionist l-2-3-4: Senior Class Treasurer 4: Paper Staff 4: "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4: Baseball 3-4: Wrestling 4: Band 4: Committees: F.F.A. Livestock and Tractor 2-3-4, Earn- ings-Savings 3, Community Service 4. Vfould like to become a pilot and have a small farm, too. LaVONA DULIN. Majors: Music, Science, English. Minors: Math, Home Economics, History. Debate Z: F.H.A. 4: Girls' Club 1-2-3-4, Vice-President 4: Music Club 2-3-4, Secretary 4: After-School Sports 1-2: Librarian 3: Stu- dent Council 2: Red Cross Council 4: Band l-2-3-4: Annual Staff and Paper Staff Reporter 4: i'Boys about Bobbetteu 3: "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4. Entered Fife from Peninsula as a sophomore. 0 MARGARET FALASCHI. Majors: English, Band, Commercial. Minors: History, Home Economics. F,H.A. l-2: Torch Club President 4: Music Club 2-3-4, Treasurer 3-4: Girls' Club l-2-3-4: Office Girl Z-3-4: Torch Honor l-2-3-4: Basketball Z-3-4: Baseball Z-3-4: Band Z-3-4: "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4: Committees: Girls' Club Tea Chairman 3, Christmas Tree 3, Kangaroo-Court Band 3-4. 0 JOE FELICE. Majors: English, Shop, Agriculture. Minors: Science, History. Football 2-3: Baseball l-2: Boys' Club l-Z-3-4: F.F,A. l-2-3. Joe would like to become a mechanic. DARRIS ANN FOIEN. Majors: Commercial, English. Minors: History, Home Economics. Girls' Club 1-2-3-4: F,H.A. 2-3-4: After-School Sports 2-4: Drill Team 1-2: Choir 3-4: Junior Class Play 3: Girls' Club Play 4, Darris is w b ' - - . Nhfors: E'n'gl'h, Agriculture, Minors: Math, Science, History. Boys' Club l-2-3-4: F.F.A. Z-3-4: Trojan Knights 2-3-4: Lettermen's Club 3-4: Projectionist l-2-3-4: Football 1-2-3-4: Basketball l-2-3: Baseball I-2-3: "Boys about Bobbette" 3: Commit- tees: F.F.A. Community Service 4 and Land 2-3-4. Bill wants to become a farmer. 0 WYVONNA GREGG. Majors: English, Choir. Minors: History, Commercial. Girls' Club l-Z-3-4: Pep Club 2-3: Basketball 1-2-3: Swimming 2-3: Student Leader 3: Student Nurse 3: "Anne of Green Gables" 1: "Shur- man's Serenade" 1: Choir 4. Wyvonna entered Fife in her senior year from Lincoln. Ambition: Work. ' KAY GUNN. Majors: English, History. Minors: Home Economics, Choir. Girls' Club 1-2-3-4, Representative 4, Red Cross Council Vice-President 4, Freshman Class Secretary 13 Sophomore Sergeant-at-Arms 2, Student Council 3-4, Grade and High School Offices 2-3, Choir 2-4, Paper Staff Reporter, Dance Organization Committee 2-4. Ambition: Typist and housewife. 0 GERALDINE HEILIG. Majors: English, History, Science, Home Economics. Minors: Math, Latin. F.H.A. 1-2-3, Drill Team 4, Girls' Club 1-2-3-4, Representative 4, Paper Staff 3-4, "Boys about Bobbette" 3, "Geraldine and the White Robe" 4, Decoration Chairman of Drill Team Tolo 4. Ambition: Go to college then be married. TATSUKO IWAKIRI, Majors: English, Commercial, Home Economics. Minors: Science, History. Trojanettes 2-3, Treasurer 3, Junior Red Cross 4, Girls' Club l-2-3-4, Health Center 4, High School Office 3, Choir 4, Basket- ball 1-2, Volleyball 1-2, Tumbling 1-Z, "Boys about Bobbetten, Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3, Class Play Committee 4, Ambition: To attend college. 0 DONNA JENSEN. Majors: English, Commercial. Minors: History, Science, Home Economics. Girls' Club 1-2-3-4, Torch 4, Grade School Office 2, Junior High Office 4, Attendance Clerk 4, Junior Red Cross 4, Assistant Audio- Visual Co-ordinator 1, Scholarship 1-Z-3-4, "Boys about Bobbetten 3, Com- mittees: Thanksgiving Baskets 4, Decoration 1, "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4. Ambition: To work. MARY ANN KARPACK. Majors: Math, English, Commercial. Minors: Social Science, Home Economics. E.H.A. 1-2-3-4, Degree Chairman 2, Social Chairman 3, Treasurer 4, Girls' Club I-Z-3-4, Trojanettes 2-3, Junior Red Cross 3-4, Torch Honor 3-4, After-School Sports 2, Tennis 3-4, Choir lg Nonettes 1, Student Director Girls' Club Play 4, Student Council 2, Com- mittees: Decorations for Junior-Senior Dinner Dance 3, Mother-Daughter Tea 1-2. 0 GENE KRAUS. Math, English, Band. Minors: Science, History. Boys' Club 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4. 0 RONALD KRIESE. Majors: English, Agriculture. Minors: Science, History, Shop. E,E.A. 1-2-3-4-, Thrift Bank Treasurer 4, Boys' Club l-2-3-4, Committees: Senior Pictures 4. SABURO KUSUMOTO. Majors: English, Shop. Minors: Latin, History, Science, Mechanical Drawing. Baseball 1: Wrestling 2-3-4, Football 2-3-4, Lettermen's Club 4. 0 MARILYN LEIGAN. Majors: English, Commercial. Minors: History, Home Economics. Girls' Club 1-2-3-4, F.H,A, 1-2-3, Drill Team 3-4, Music Club 4, Health Center 4, Choir 4, "Geraldine and the White Robe" 4, Committees: Girls' Club Tea 3, Drill Team Tolo 4, Class Committees 3, "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4, Ambition: To be a lady detective. 0 ROBERT LEIGHTON. Majors: English, Shop. Minors: History, Science, Math, Choir. Boys' Club l-2-3-4, Student Council 4, Council Vice-President 4, Choir 2-4, Paper Staff Reporter for Student Council 4, Lettermenys Club 4, Football 2-4, Baseball 2, Basketball Z, "Boys about Bobbetten 3. Ambition: To own a Cadillac. DIANE LIGHTBURNE. Majors: English, Commercial, Minors: Science, Home Economics, Music. Girls' Club 1-Z-3-4, Drill Team 1-2, Choir 1, Band 1-Z, Annual Staff 2, Photography Club l-Z, Pep Club 2, Sophomore Assembly 2: Freshman Assembly 1, G.A.A. l-Z. Entered Fife from Federal Way. Ambition: Attend college then teach grade school. 0 DICK MCKEEN. Majors: English, Band, lndustrial Arts, Minors: Social Science, Commercial. Boys' Club l-2-3-4, Debate Club 3-4, Lettermen's Club 3-4, Band Z-3-4, Track Z-3-4, Annual Staff 3, "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4. Ambition: To become a lawyer. 0 WILLIAM MATSUMOTO. Majors: Math, English, Science, Shop. Minor: History. Lettermen's Club 4, Boys' Club 4, Football Manager 2, Basketball Manager 2, Committees: Annual Ways and Means 3, "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4. Ambition: To get more education. RONALD MARTIN. Majors: Shop, English, Mechanical Drawing. Minors: History, Science, Boys' Club l-2-3-4, Lettermenys Club l-2-3-4, President 4, Student Council Z-3-4, Trojan Knights 2-3-4, Freshman Vice-President, Sopho- more President, Student Council Representative Junior and Senior, Wrestling Captain 4, Wrestling 1-2-3-4, Football 1-Z-3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Track 4, Sophomore Basketball, Senior Class Play, Paper Staff Sports Editor 4, Annual Staff 4, 0 JO MEACHUM. Majors: English, Commercial. Minors: History, Choir, Home Economics. Pep Club 2-3, Girls' Club 1-2-3-4, Choir 1-4, Student Leader 1-3, Nursing 3, Baseball 1-2-3, Basketball 1-Z-3, Bowling 1-Z-3, Swimming Z-3, "Anne of Green Gables" 1, "Shurman's Serenade" 1. Entered Fife for her senior year from Lincoln. Plans to work and go to commercial college, 0 DALE MIKELSON. Majors: English, Industrial Arts, History. Minors: Math, Social Science. Boys' Club 4. Dale entered Fife from Lincoln High for his senior year, Ambitions: To join the Navy, be a cabinet maker and a millwright. JANET MITTON. Majors: English, Home Ecomonics, Social Science. Minors: Math, Science, Commercial. Trojanettes 2-3-4, Girls' Club 1-2-3-4, Corresponding Secretary 3, Roll Room Representative 3, Red Cross Council 2, Editor School Paper 4, Girls, Club Play 4, Ambition: To teach English and history in high school, 0 SHARON MORGAN. Majors: Englith, Math, Home Economics. Minors: Science, History, Debate 2-3-4, President 4, F.H.A, 2-3-4, Historian 3, Parliamentarian 4, Dramatics 1, Junior Red Cross 1-3-4, Drill Team Z-3-4, Projectionist 2, Yell Queen 4, Student Council 4, Girls' Sports I-Z-3-4, Choir 1, May Queen Attendant 3' Office 4, Annual Staff 3, "Boys about Bobbetten 3. 0 KATHLEEN NAGCARATO. Majors: Com- mercial, English. Minors: History, Home Economics, Science. F.I-I.A. 1, Trojanettes 2-3, Secretary 3, Girls' Club 1-2-3-4, President 4, Torch Honor 4, Senior Class Secretary 4, Assistant Register Keeper 3, Register Keeper 4, Office 4, Choir 4, "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4, "Boys about Bobbetteu Prompter 3. Ambition: To become a stenographer. BEVERLY NELSON. Majors: English, History. Minor: Science. Drill Team l-2-3-4, Reporter 4, G.A.A. lg Girls' Club 1-2-3-4g Red Cross 4g Office 2g Choir 2-4g Paper Staff 4: "Boys about Bobbette" 3g Girls' Club Play 4g Committees: Banquet Assistant 2-3, Dance Organization 2-3. Ambition: To be a typist and file clerk. 0 DELORES NELSON. Majors: Commercial, Home Economics. Minors: Latin, Social Science, Math. Girls' Club 2-3-4g I-'.H.A. 2-3g After-School Sports 1-Z-3: Movie Operator 2-3-4. DELORES REED. Majors: English, Commercial. Minors: Math, Home Economics, History. Cvirls' Club 2-3-4g Rifle Club 2: F.H.A. 43 Student Council l-4g Roll Room Representative 4: Choir 3g Paper Staff 45 Freshman Class Play lg "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4g Committees: Junior-Senior Prom 3, F.H.A, Banquet 4. Transfer from Lincoln in junior year. Ambition: Telephone and telegraph operator. 0 JAMES ROBINSON. Majors: Band, English, History, Wood Shop. Minors: Science, P.E. Lettermen's Club 2-3-4g Boys' Club 2-3-4, Secretary 4: Band 1-Z-3-4, President 4: Track 2-3-4. Entered Fife in junior year from Federal Way. JACK SANFORD. Majors: English, History, Science, Shop. Minors: Math, P.E. Trojan Knights Z-3-4: Boys' Club l-2-3-4, President 4g Basketball 3-4, Track 1-2-3-4g Student Council 3g "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4, 9 DELMA SESTAN, Majors: English, Math, Home Economics, Commercial. Minors: History, Science. Trojanettes 2-3, President 3: Drill Team 3-4, President 4g Debate 2-3-4, Secretary and Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4g F.H.A. 2-3-4g Girls' Club I-2-3-4, Secretary 3g Student Council 4, Secretary 4: G.A.A. 3-4g Sophomore Class Secretary 2g January Girl-of-the-Month 4g Drill Team Major- ette 4g Health Center 4g F.H,A. Membership Chairman lg Annual Staff 3g "Boys about Bobhette" 3. 0 MAUREEN SMITH. Majors: Science, English, Commercial. Minors: History, Home Economics, F.H.A. I-2-3, Historian 2g Girls' Club I-2-3-4g G.A,A. 2-3-4, President 2-4. City League 4g Pep Club 2: Drill Team 4g Torch Honor 4g Chorus lg Yell Leader l-2: Paper Staff 2g Senior-Class-Members Editor for Annual 4: Committees: Sadie Hawkins 2-4g Drill Team Tolo 4g Style Show 3g Junior Prom Decorations 2g Football and Basketball Banquets I-2. Entered from Walla Walla in senior year. CARL SPANE. Majors: English, Agriculture. Minors: Latin, History, Shop. Boys' Club 1-Z-3-4, Secretary 3g F.F.A. Z-3-4, Treasurer 41 Student Council lg Sgt.-at-Arms Sophomore Class 2: Junior Class Vice-President 3: Football lg Basketball I-3g Boys' Club Smoker 2g Track 4g Committees: Junior Prom 3g Barn Dance 3g F.F.A. Leadership 4g Earnings 3, Turkey Raffle Chairman 3. 0 BOB STEELE. Majors: English, Commercial, Dramatics, History. Letterinen's Club 4g Tennis 2-3-4: Junior Class Treasurer 3g Student Body Business Manager 4g Junior Class Play 3g Senior Class Play 4g Paper Staff 4g Committees: Junior Barn Dance 3: Senior Class Play 4. Entered Fife from Puyallup in his junior year. Ambition: To own a store. 0 STANFORD SWAYZE. Majors: Agriculture, History, English. Minor: Science, Letter- men's Club 2-3-4g Boys' Club I-Z-3-4g F.F.A, I-Z-3-4: Baseball 1-Zg Choir 4: "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 4. CAROL SWIHART. Majors: Home Economics, Commercial. English. Minors: Math. History. Girls' Club l-2-3-4. Historian 3: G.A.A. l-2-3g Librarian 3-4: i'Geraldine and the White Robe" 4. Ambition: Dress designing. I BILL TIBBITS. Majors: English. Commercial. Minors: Math, Speech. Boys' Club 2-3-4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4: Torch Honor 2-3-4g Junior Class President 3g Senior Class President 4g Sophomore Class Treasurer 2g Boys' Club Smoker 2: Paper Circulation Manager 3g Committees: Junior Prom 3. Junior Barn Dance 3, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4. Entered Fife in his sophomore year from Lincoln. 0 LLOYD TORGERSON. Majors: Shop, English. Minors: History, Mechanical Drawing. Trojan Knights 2-3-4g Boys' Club l-2-3-4: Baseball I: Basketball 2: Freshman Dance Committee I. RONALD TURLEY. Majors: Agriculture, English. Minors: Science, History. Boys' Club l-2-3-4: F.F.A. I-2-3: Ag Activities 2-3-4g Paper Staff 3g Student Council Publicity Manager 4, Ambition: To become a commercial artist. 9 CLAUDIA USSELMAN. Majors: English, Commercial. Minors: History, Secretarial Work. Ciirls' Club 2-3-4. Treasurer 3g Torch Honor 3-4g Student Council 4g Senior Class Secretary 4: Student Body Treasurer 4g Play Day 2g May Queen Attendant 2g Candy Counter Treasurer 3g Paper Staff Copy Editor 3g Annual Staff 3: "Boys about Bobbette" 3g "Mollie O'Shaughnessy" 41 Committees: Junior Prom 3: Chairman of May Day Festival 3, Ambition: To travel. 0 RICHARD VAN DERSCHELDEN. Majors: Math, English, Social Science, I.ettermen's Club 3-4: Boys' Club I-2-3-4g Wrestling 1-2-3-4g Tennis 2-3-41 Switchboard Operator 4, Ambition: To become a dentist. MARILYN VOGEL. Majors: Math. Home Economics, English, Commercial. Minor: History. F.H.A. l-Z-3-4g Torch Honor 3-4: Drill Team l-2-3-4, Vice- President 3, Secretary and Treasurer 4: Girls' Club I-2-3-4g Junior Red Cross 4g Office 3: "Boys about Bobhetten 3. 0 TRAVIS WALLACE. Majors: Math. English. Band. Minors: Science, Social Science. Projectionist 2-3: Lettermz-n's Club 3-4, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Annual Staff 4: Tennis Z-3-4: Football 3-4: Basketball 4: Band I-2-3-4. Ambition: To become a pharmacist. 0 NANCY WILLIAMS. Majors: English, Commercial. Minors: History, Science. Trojanettes 1-2-3: Torch Honor 3-4: Girls' Club 1-2-3-4: Junior Red Cross 3-43 Assistant Audio-Visual Director I: Office 3-43 Choir 3-4g Junior Class Play 3g Senior Class Play 4: Girls' Club Play 4g Girls' Club Play Committee 4. LOWER PICTURE-FRONT ROW, left to right: Arlu Reul, Yeddie Nylander, Sylvia Olive, Charlee Shinn, Gloria Roberts, Ardene Sestan, Diane Ward, Janet Yoshicka, Bettie Dunbar. SECOND ROW: James Young, Lucille Usselman, Charlotte Tallman, Diana Steigers, Marion Rose, Irene Stark, Carol Odegard, Joanne Sproul, Rose Shimizu, Ed Ranger. THIRD ROW: Jim Robbins, Marvin Rowan, Don Mortenson, Danny Ulrich, Terry Williams, Philip Rivenes, Dwayne Proff, Carl Stalder, Eddie Wiebe. UPPER PICTURE-FRONT ROW, left to right: Marlene Cook, Virginia Meier, Dorothea Lachance, Judy Johnson, Sue Elliot, Delores Cole, Mary Lou Handke, Virginia Askew, Evone l.aQua, Donna Mae Eberhardt, Delores Laviola, SECOND ROW: Duane Haslam, Elizabeth Hall, Muriel Hall, Jean Baker, Margaret Ambuehl, Loretta Falaschi, Ilene Lueblce, Jane Buchanan, Wanda Fredericksen, Marilyn Fox, Carl Funkhouser. THIRD ROW: John Laviola, Jack Fox, Robert Meeker, William Cole, Bob Kepl-ra, Roger Gordon, Don Lake, Raymond Cowles, Bob Kern, Clarence Hamre, Ralph Davis. The junior class has enjoyed a fine year under the supervision of Mr. Olmstead. Our first concern of the year centered on our financial standing and means of improving it. We played host at two all-school dances-'AThe Last Minute Minuet" and "The Snow Flake Whirlwind." The class took great interest in selecting and presenting our play, HSpring Fever," which We presented in April. The social highlight of the year came in May when the junior class gave a formal dance in honor of the senior class. Muriel Hall was chairman and Ciloria Roberts Was co-chairman for the dance. lt has been a long trek, but We've reached our goal at last. A great deal has happened during the three years that we have roamed the halls at Fife. There was that unforgetable freshman initiation, the dedication of our Trojan Memorial Field, the football championship of '49, the arrival of our class rings, the ground breaking and, finally, the completion of our Wonderfully modern senior high building-all these things will remain with us throughout our senior year and the years to corne. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Virginia Meier, Roger Gordon, Joann - Williams, John Laviola. MR. OLMSTEAD, AClVl50l' xLOWER PICTURE-FRONT ROW, left to right: Frances Friend, Gerry Vandervest, Caryl Mansfield, Leslee Ward,.Arlene Tcler, ECOND ROW: Harold Peters, John Lancaster, Eddie Riggs, Marcia Schamerhorn, Patricia Olnerquelle, Marguerite Stipes, Diane Shep- ler, Eleanor Yoshioka, Myrna Reed, Jerry Sweet, Donald Woodard, David Emry. THIRD ROW: Pat Turner, Howard Wissinger, Allen Wanen, John Timmons, Bob Pedersen, Ronnie Nelson, Jim Siska, Bill Spear, Jack Rosenow, Don Shoop, Richard Ragan, Dick Spencer, jim Turley, Ray Washam. UPPER PICTURE-FRONT ROW, left to right: Noel Mcwherter, Marjorie Holmquist, Victorine Boitano, Marjorie McKeen, Maxine Cox, Jo Ann Currier, Carol Jones, Rhoda Britt, Anna Kaelin, Shirley Evenson, Margie Kelley, Nancy Lutter, Mary Johnson. SECOND ROW: Jerry Aldridge, Donald Door, Gordon Anderson, Sandra Keightley, Frances Berwick, Katherine Jensen, Winnie Mirron, Phyllis Methven, Maxine Crocker, Carol Gregory, Ed Carder, Ronnie Mettler, Cecil Harrison. THIRD ROW: Jim Lovell, Richard Chesterfield, Philip Hiles, Paul Fischlin, John Bohren, Tony Chlipala, Leslie Coolc, Thomas Murray, David Lund, Carl Johnson, Fred Meyer, Dick Dunbar, Dick Blauvelt. X Marion Stalder, Pat Nelson, JoAnne Sutton, Mary Ann Stovner, Nancy Headley, Arlene Touchette, Barbara Kelley, Lillian Bellman. The class of '53 has completed another successful year under the direction of Mr. Harry Sorenson. Eager to take up their new duties, the sophomores began early in the fall by electing the new class officers whose pictures appear on this page. Student council representa- tives were Eleanor Yoshioka, Edward Carder, and Carl Johnson. School spirit is outstanding among the ranks of the sophomores, who take part in many of the extra-curricular activities offered by the school. Football, basketball, and track are well represented by members of the class. Aside from holding their own on the athletic field, members of this class can be seen debating energetically, working as Trojanettes or Trojan Knights, helping in the school lunch room and offices, and maintaining order in the library. Among the sophomores are many FFA. and Fl-l.A', members and students who hold po- sitions of esteem as officers and members of the clubs at Fife. Keep your eye on the class of '53. With a spirit such as theirs, they are certain to go places. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS, left to right, seated: Pat Nelson, MR, SORENSON, Advisor Victorine Boitano. Standing: Richard Ragan, Harold Peters, Johnny Bohren. , five .. ,N LOWER PICTURE-FRONT ROW, left to right: Lucille Ofstad, Beverly Rowan, Elsie Yotsuuye, Joyce Kempf, Nadine Morgan, Jeanne Petcrak, Janet Steiger, Barbara Marzano, Delores Russell. SECOND ROW: John Reins, Gloria Miller, Kathrina Salzmann, Joyce Peder- sen, Sharon Kelley, Kathleen Leighton, Marilyn Siska, Loretta Olive, Beverly Tnrgerson, I-lideo Watanalwe. THIRD ROW: Gary Weaver, Stewart Carder, Tommy Kamenzind, Albert Cochennette, Ray Timmons, Leon Rader, Argal Oberquelle, Gene Mead, Sam Shimizu, Tadashi Kajimura. UPPER PICTURE-FRONT ROW, left to right: Diana Holt, Caroline Chlipala, Norita Falaschi, Jane Andre, Inez lsaksen, Janet Giessel, Barbara Fox, Margie Blodgetr. SECOND ROW: Phyllis I-leadley, Sharon Johnson, Vera Crawford, Carol Jensen, Lucille Friend, Juanita Brodahl, Jerrilee Browning, Marcia Gordon, Mary Bisig. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Jones, Richard Bartholomew, Harold Farris, Loren Chinn, Don Clarkson, Bill Flaherty, Victor Coon, Edward Hess, Ellsworth Finlayson, Erny Bailey. Last fall the freshmen started a new and very exciting year, which later proved to be a very memorable one to them. They were guided. through their first few .days of confusion by their class advisor, Miss Lindstrom. After the first rush and seeming bedlam were over, they became more at home in their new surroundings. lt was found that they co-operated well in trying to do their part and that they took their places and their share of responsibility in the student body, After viewing their many talents and abilities, we expect that they will have a large representation in the field of musical entertainment. Their scholastic achievements are also highly commendable, and they hope to hold permanent positions on the honor roll. But now is the time when they have closed their books to greet the summer vacation. Before they leave, they would like to extend their thanks to the faculty as a whole and to their individual teachers who have helped to make their first year in high school a success. CLASS OFFlCliRS: Stewart Carder, Loretta Olive, Marilyn Sislca, MISS LINDSTROM, Advisor Cary Weaver. Z? +1 , is We Mn .... ii if ami' LUN ER I'lCfTl'Rli-FRONT ROW, left to right: Nlargic Torre. l.aGrett:i Shields. Sandra Rang. Phvllis Soltis. Patti' Rosenow Donna Rr-ed, Marilyn YVcrherhee, Phyllis Perry. jacques Sills, Virginia Newman. SECOND ROXV: ,lack lN1cKeen. Grant Smith. Helen Mnkaj, Mae Stovner, Delores Robinson, Anne Rivenes, Annette Rryan. Marilyn Trolson. Gail Murray, jo Ellen Prukop. Buddy Tanberg, Johnny NI:-ver. THIRD ROW: Sam McCoy. Robert Peterson. Bob Nlittori. John lVlilner. Fred Miller. David Nordfors. Charles Shinn. Albert Nlerrill, August Zampardo. Rohert Nlortenson. Nlyron Toler. Derald Xlauerman. Ernie Sproui. l.'l'PER 1'lCTl.'Rli-FRONT ROW, left to right: ,Io Ann Bailey. Donna Chappell. La Nonne jones. Le Etta Kamenzind. Joyce Lucas. Dnna 'l.anc:ustcr, Alice Cunningham, Gail Chilgren. Judy Fox. Nlary Obi-rquelle. Linda Chestnut SECOND ROXV. Alvin Kraus. Larry Johnson, Gaylen Harris. Sharon Figg, Ruth Ambuchl. Janice Kotchkoe. lone Kvamme. Kathryn Cxiesscl. Rhea Crowell. Joe Door. Ronald Celmer. Richard Lighrburnc. THIRD ROW: John Lvfor, Fred Chittenden. Dean Crawford. Norman Cronquist. Dick Cole. David Bor- nander, Richard Ambuehl. David Hall, Donald Danlwerg. Ronnie Forslund. joe Nelson. Tcrry Kauaguchi. Alex Hergerr. Charles McKinnis. This year's eighth grade has about seventy pupils. They are divided between Mr. Norby's and Mr. Buckley's rooms. The highlights of the year were a Christmas party and a valentine ' party. Both were held in separate roll rooms. For Christmas, a tree was brought and the -"r -- . students made decorations for it and for the windows and the door. The pupils drew names and exchanged small presents. Refreshments were brought by some of the students. A valentine box was made and decorated ae' for Valentines Day and valentines were ex- changed. The students brought refreshments and everyone had a good time. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS, front row, left to right: Virginia Newman, La Vonna Jones, Gaylen Harris, Marilyn Trolson, Margie Torre. Second row: Janice Kotchkae, David Norclfors, Ruth Ambuehl, David Hall. Upper: MR. BUCKLEY. Lower: MR. NORBY LOWER PICTURE-FRONT ROW, left to right: Elizabeth Kuntz, Doris Mansfield, Merrilyn Pettinger, Anita Sterino, Nancy Wood- ard, Jo Ann Mead, Lynne Smith, Rose Ripley, Sachiko Takehara, Marcia Mettler, Edna McKinnis. SECOND ROW: Gary Scott, Agnes Mettler, Darlene Trucco, Alene Woodside, Rosa Schlumpf, Barbara Solcolowslci, Gloria Shoop, Louise Touchette, Anita Yates, Shirley Nelson, Karen Yoshioka, Jimmy Touchette, Ferdy Richland. THIRD ROW: Leonard Lightburne, Donnie Rowe, Dale Myers, Tim Miesse, Bobby Smith, Lyle Rader, Jack Sterino, Richard Rivenes, Spencer Nordfcrs, Darrell Sharick, David Stanbaugh, Raymond Tyndall, Bill Lucas. UPPER PICTURE-FRONT ROW, left to right: Dorothy Johnson, Betty Fenstermaker. Doris Betterly, Connie Ellsworth, Mary Jones, Leona Kamenzind, Nellie Bohren, Sharon Beffa. Donna Hergert, Rosa Lie Francis. SECOND ROW: Billy Door, Lois Jensen, Marlene Forslund, Dianne Handke, Dianne Coffman, Margie Cole, Agnes Bryden, Martha Colceley, Barbara Chamberlain, Nancy Kinney, Dixie Davis. THIRD ROW: Kraig Buchanan, Billy johnson, George Griffith, Jay Charaba, Jay Dixon, John Kulka, Jim Garmen, Lowell Anderson, Denis Arnold, Harry Dunn, Mickey Geehan, Don johnson, Eddie Eberhardt. The year 1950-51 at Fife brought seventy-four students into the seventh grade. They were divided into two groups: Mr. Arnason taught one and Mrs. Heintz the other. Throughout the year co-curriculum classes were held during the first four periods of the day. The rest of the time, the students could take either band, choir, or arts and crafts. Physical education classes were also held in the afternoons. Each Friday afternoon, the seventh grade listened to 'iThe Standard School Broad- cast." This program was enjoyable as Well as educational. In December, the seventh grade together with the eighth and ninth grades had a Christ- mas party. Just before the holidays, Mrs. HeintZ's class sent cookies to the Childrens Home and to Madigan Hospital. These remembrances Were greatly appreciated by the people there. During the magazine drive, which is an all-school enterprise, Mr. Arnason's group sold the most magazine subscriptions that Were sold by any one class. Karen Yoshioka was the second highest salesman in the Whole school. MR. ARNASON MRS. HEINTZ 1'F.filf1 1 f... T l-25 -We 41. . - fum- ra - - ' 0 'Wifj W, RS ff' r'Q 1 e . 5? i 1 .aa YT F Y. ,M N Seniors ' , 1 Hifjjif .Q . .L lo' vff ' an . S..-4 5. I f 3 Q 5 xvk 4 .f.L W J ' ,. MM5'E:EEEis2! WH? IIILQ 'WH5-..e 'il gamma? Rfk Wy sf-Hlpv 'vb 1 my .Blix-'mv f , f I -QW W A2 Zn. . . 'Q - X- Q, uw -- mf + I3 Ei! FP? ' ,1 V, - S , , :V ww - ' ' .W 5.5 -f x? , .L..,.,." 'V+' av" .H-In ? 5359 ..h., A WMM V . fffifiiwfii ti: ' ' f!"FiPs.' - ..f- A - Juniors 'iff ,J ii -. -1, , W. MW' 9wwb""3"",hm as N' . 51 MH A ,, ' 'JS .W Q, ,VI NN ' : BH K If' ' X 'WE rf ,N mf f Q ini ff Q any ' J' Y g , ,X Q in : 49 mfg .4 .ffgli T MA. if ' if it , , as Zig. A - hr ,- m u. f, Y' M -If rr' W 1 ,. if Z 3 Er. Yagi W . , EE L w , , ,, lf Q K li: A 3 ff 'A' 'ix If El m iilfuf -Q " '7 gil ' G. W XS my J N5 V M S , .555-f x if! . 'SE K4 gg' V - ,S -1 12.2, ,g lf . yy? ff if mg, 1 .- fu , 1.,, ' Y A ,G A ' 7' F W - nv? 'Q LMMR '-7 by ' . .W N' - -495- W' 45 Q' '44- I Q Vs , va xv.: um JJ-if 4,f W -i:',':N-qpu,, .qw- Soph om ores S3 ., 5 A Mg' ,A M9 s 3 -vs BILL u-maj i .l N 5 l . M U UQ R, 1 35 iv wf , 1? , sviff X A-. i.,,gjgf wig' V2 L- , H, '34 i 15 A A . -kmggxk x, ,. 1. ...Q E S 2 A W, E 9 . My 115' ,.. gf- ,,L. Ewa sQ qw-1 73 K .I 4.-in , f Se Ven th fade 1AJ,. ,,., . l A 1 K X I 45 nf- If 5 Q 2 fu ' 'Wi:JW" Q, 5 Ns. M x 7 .9-4, Bk Xgsigvlfshi 5 f 5iw:w.alTfa ,..-- ,M I .Mv'f"' 4 ...A-sq, , Q'5ii'E5QifEf Egg-fix'9'1". 1 gif DF' kk, Mffw-,ff 1 -,,.. ,. Jg - E wg , 5 ....r" g 1",Ei Nj? ...f Q. :W 3, , . Activities 'WY' 45-1 11 UPPER LEFT, left to right: Travis Wallace, business managerg Jean Baker, editor. CENTER LEFT, front row, left to right: Margaret Falaschi, Ronald Turley, John Laviola, Mary Lou Handke, LaVona Dulin, Jane Buchanan, Norman Heilig, Dick VanDerschelden. Second Row: Ronnie Mettler, Sue Elliot, Bill Funk- houser, Margaret Ambuehl, Gary Weaver. LOWER LEFT: Gary Weaver, Ernest Bailey, Wanda Freder- iclrsen, Don Cowles. LOWER RIGHT: Mrs. Vinson, advisor. UPPER RIGHT, front row: Ilene Luebke, Glenda Anderson, Marlene Cook, Wanda Fredericksen. Second Row: Don Mortenson, Janet Yoshiolta, Mari- lyn Fox, Janet Mitton, Carol Odegard. Third Row: Diana Steigers, Mary Ann Karpaclc, Bob Steele, Ger- aldine Heilig, Bob Kepka, Ernest Bailey. CENTER RIGHT: John Laviola, Maureen Smith, Mary Ann Kai-pack, Muriel Hall. Ann ual Staff This year the annual staff has tried to bring you a larger and more improved annual. With Mrs. Vinson as adviser, Jean Baker as editor, and Muriel Hall as assistant editor, We have been able to produce an annual that everyone will be proud to own. Other members of the staff are: business manager, Travis Wallace: assistant business manager, John Laviolag senior class editor, Maureen Smith: sports editor, Donald Cowles: art editors, Wanda Fred- ericksen, Ronald Turley, Gary Weaver, and Ernest Bailey: senior picture editor, Mary Ann Karpack. Reporters are Geraldine Heilig, Delores Reed, Janet Yoshioka, Marlene Cook, llene Luebke, Don Mortenson, Bill Funkhouser, Diana Steigers, Norman Heilig, Mary Lou Handke, Jane Buchanan, Ronnie Martin, Ronnie Mettler, Bob Kepka, Margaret Falaschi, Carol Ode- gard, LaVona Dulin, Bob Steele, Margaret Ambuehl, Sue Elliot, Janet Mitton, Glenda An- derson, Victorine Boitano, and Marilyn Fox. Mr. Gustafson has done a splendid job of photographing the smaller groups of our school organizations. We regret that our camera does not permit his doing all our work, - This year's annual includes not only the high school activities but also those of the junior high school. qo- 7 - K . ' ji ies k ,, , t 5 UPPER LEFT, front row, left to right: Glenda Ander- son, Marlene Cook. Beverly Nelson. Second Row: Bill Tibbits, Mary Handke, Kay Gunn, Delores Reed. Third Row: Bob Steele, Janet Mitten, Diana Steigers, Bob Kern, CENTER LEFT: David Brunoff. Bob Steele, Bill Tibbits-circulation department. UPPER RIGHT: Mary I-landlce, associate editor: Janet Mitton, editor. CENTER RIGHT, front row, left to right: l.,aVona Dulin, Geraldine Heilig, Jean Baker, Richard VanDerschelden. Second Row: Bob Keplca, Dave Brun- off, Norman Heilig, Jerry McLean. LOWER CENTER: Mr. Buckley, adviser, LOWER RIGHT: Norman Heilig, Glenda Anderson, Dick VanDer- wa, schelden, Bob Kern. Trojan T rum peter Staff We have had some difficulties this year in putting out the weekly paper. Toward the middle of the year, Mr. Francis, who published our news in the "Hilltop Bulletin," sold his paper to a printer in Auburn. We had to find some other source for the publication of our weekly news, so we turned to a mimeographed paper. There are advantages in a printed paper over a mimeographed copy, but the staff found that it was a lot of fun to be able to arrange their own paper and to put the items in that they wanted. For a class as large as this journalism group, the extra work was welcome to keep them busy. Our editor was Janet Mitton: assistant editor, Mary Lou Handke: feature editor, Glenda Anderson: Delores Reed, copy editor: Bob Kern, sports editor: Norman Heilig, farm editor: Bob Steele and Dave Brunoff, circulation managers: Dick VanDerschelden, historian: and Bill Tibbits was in charge of mimeographing. The reporters were Ron Martin, LaVona Du- lin, Geraldine Heilig, Marlene Cook, Kay Gunn, Bryan Dalin, Jean Baker, Bob Leighton Diana Steigers, Beverly Nelson, and Bob Kepka. Mr. Buckley directed the work. a lK Q y .., lr UPPER LEFT GROUP: senior high. FIRST ROW, left to right: Claudia Usselman. Virginia Askew, Ardene Sestan. Sharon Morgan. SECOND ROWI: Bob Steele, Delma Sestan, Delores Reed, Carl Johnson. THIRD ROW: Edward Carder, David Brunoff, jay Busch, Terry Williams, Duane Haslam. CENTER LEFT: student body officers: Claudia Usselman, Ardene Sestan, Jay Busch, Bob Steele, Delrna Sestan, Sharon Morgan, Mr. Hall. LOWER LEFT: council at workr Edward Carder, Delores Reed, Virginia Askew, Duane Haslam, Ardene Sestan, Mr. Hall, Jay Busch, Bob Leighton, UPPER RIGHT: junior high council. FIRST ROW: Elsie Yotsuuye, Dixie Davis, Phyllis Perry, Lois Jensen, LaVonne jones. SECOND ROW: Nadine Morgan, Beverly Torgerson. Inez Isal-csen. Kathleen Leighton, Ruth Ambuehl, Janice Kotchlcoe. THIRD ROW: Gaylen Harris, Stewart Carder, Edward Hess, Harry Dunn. CENTER RIGHT: Nliss Lindstrom. junior offi- cers: SEATED: Kathleen Leighton, Beverly Torgerson. STANDING: Edward Hess, Ruth Ambuehl, Elsie Yotsuuye, Inez Isaksen, Gaylen Harris, Phyllis Perry. LOWER RIGHT: junior council at work. SEATED: Nadine Morgan, Miss Lindsrrom, Stewart Carder. STANDING: Lois Jensen, Janice Kotchlcoe, Harry Dunn, Edward Hess, Dixie Davis, Student Councils SENIOR I-IIGI-I: JUNIOR I-IIGI-I: The council's officers were elected from the . . . 'unior hi h school to lan the activities of th fha student body president' Jay Busch' Aldmg year. This was done writh the help of the othei students, On December 12, the junior high sponsor- This year's student council was headed by him were the other regular student body offi- cers and the home room representatives, who through discussion, although they had no vote, d I A ' H - 1 helped the council to carry out the will of the Q 8 Christmas party' mOV1ei The LIU est entire student body. Mr. Hall expressed the views of the faculty and has helped the council Angel," was shown, followed by dancing and refreshments. which proved very enjoyable for the first activity, to be 3 Success' The most outstanding activity of the junior Besides Working for student Welfare, the high Was the Christmas program with musical council this year promoted the early fall I-Iello numbers directed by Mrs. Karl Kaiser. Ninth Dance, spring time's Campus Day, and the May grade students participated in the Nativity scene Day festival. with Elsie Yatsuuye as announcer. JUS UPPER LEFT: Trojanettes. FRONT ROW, left to right: Arlene Toler, Mary Johnson, Virginia Askew, Marlene Cook, Evone LaQua, Ardene Sestan. SECOND ROW: Marcia Holm, Diane Shepler, Vittorine Boitano, Mary Lou Handlre, Diane Ward. Pat Nelson, THIRD ROW: Muriel Hall, Carol Oclegard, Margaret Ambuehl, janet Mitton, Winnie Nlirton, Carol Gregory, Charlee Shinn, CENTER LEFT: officers. SEATED: Virginia Askew. STANDING: Evone LaQua, Janet Mitton, Diane Ward, Victorine Boitano. CENTER: Miss Dunn, advisor. LOWER LEFT: Ttojanettes on duty: Marcia Holm, Carol Gregory, Victorine Boitano, Eleanor Yoshiolca, Diane Shepler, Marlene Cook. UPPER RIGHT: Trojan Knights. FRONT ROW, left to right: Ralph Davis, Duane Haslam, Bill Funlchouser, Bob Kern. SECOND ROW: Gordon Anderson, Ronnie Mettler, Ronnie Martin, Harold Peters, Howard Wissinger. THIRD ROW: Jerry Sweet, Clarence Hamre, Dwayne Proff, Jack Sanford, Dick Spencer. CENTER RIGHT: Bill Funkhouser, president. CENTER: Mr, Hall, advisor. LOWER RIGHT: Knights on duty: Bill Funlrhouser, Duane Haslam, Bob Kern. T rojonetfes Trojan Knjgh ts "Trojan Knights report to the gym at 9:45." What a familiar call that is! Out they go The Trojanettes, the official school ushers, have had a very successful year under the guid- ance of their faculty advisor, Miss Agnes Dunn, and their student advisor, Janet Mitton. Each year ten freshman girls are chosen to become active Trojanettes during their sopho- more and junior years. The girls are selected on the basis of initiative, scholarship, and their ability to co-operate with others. The chosen Trojanettes this year were Eleanor Yoshioka, Marcia Holm, Winnie Mitton, Pat Nelson, Mary Johnson, Diane Shepler, Arlene Toler, Carol Gregory, Victorine Boitano, and Arlene Touchette. to set up chairs or put away chairs after pro- grams. They also patrol the halls at noon to prevent an overflow of students there. Each year the Trojan Knights select six sophomore boys to serve in the organization. This year's new members are Ronnie Mettler, Gordon Anderson, Jerry Sweet, Harold Peters, Dick Spencer, and Howard Wissinger. Social events of the year were the annual dinner for new members and the Trojan Knight-Trojanette party. UPPER LEFT, left to right: Bob Steele, Margaret Falaschi, Kathleen Naccarato, LaVona Dulin, Nancy Williams, CENTER LEFT, SEATED: Stan Swayze. STANDING: Delores Reed, Bryan Dalin, Dick lVlcKeen, Donald Cowles. LOWERY LEFT: Claudia Usselman, Stan Swayze, Lois Cook, Mary Ann Karpaclc. UPPER RIGHT: Ronnie Martin, Delores Reed, Bryan Dalin. CENTER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Glenda Anderson, Mary Ann Karpack, Bob Steele, Claudia Usselman. SECOND ROW: Lois Cook, Jack Stanford, Dick McKeen. Senior Class Play HMOLLIE OSHAUGHNESSEYH Sheriff Mike O'Shaughnessey ,,,e , Stan Swayze Mollie O'Shaughnessey Tobacco Pete . Olaf Hansen , Fred Beamis Harve Dietrichen, Katie Richmonda ,Y Mrs, Loftus , ,S ,ee, ,, Delores Reed L Don Cowles or Dick McKeen ,L ,Jack Sanford c,,e,Bob Steele Claudia Usselman L, LaVona Dulin Jed O'Shaughnessey, c,c,, ,,,,Ron Martin Pat Clancy, ,,e,c, ,,,o ,c,,,e,,,c,s B r yan Dalin Mrs. Richmond ,,,, Amanda Weisheimer Abbie S Old Lady Pierce ,,r,, Rosa Trubww, Kathleen Naccarato Mary Ann Karpack c,e,e,c, , Lois Cook S ,Margaret Falaschi c,cNancy Williams UPPER LEFT: Jerry McClean, Charlee Shinn, Marvin Rowan. LOWER LEFT: Ralph Davis, Duane Haslam, Diana Steigers. UPPER RIGHT: Mary Lou Handke, john Laviola, Diane Ward, Duane Haslam. CENTER RIGHT: Duane Haslam, Jerry McClean, Roy Isaksen, Jane Buchanan. Reclining: Virginia Askew. LOWER RIGHT: jerry McClean, Roy Isaksen, John Laviola. Howard Brant Ed Burns: , e Vic Lewis Lou Herron L Mrs. Spangler Anne Purcell ,, Junior Class N vi m . 4 " ka 'F' ,. 4' Q Q E ? X egg 1 , af we 335-as rw M 'iawz W L ,f 3' 5 ... ., , , H5 i Sm " fi? Q 'ff' 5 eg ., ev 1 fs 'aff . L- u n F 9 fi , ig, gm 'P M0 er, 1,5 K is , J 2 Q at i ge R is 'Q 'x ill 1 3 T. .. 'Q ,I-I, X 2 ' i 3 x E W i 3 K ix l i Q X ll gl lil' 3 'iw 'f r-H E 2 Rl 2 wh l l ls Z ' ' W ill: is 5 'l f ' f 3 nl a a f ' P1 '. leee , "SPRING FEVER" Duane Haslam John Laviola Jerry McLean D Diane Ward Mary Lou I-Iandke Virginia Askew Vivian George Henry Purcell Phoebe Purcell Maude Corey Professor Virgi Dr. Dixon Zi' l Bean Charlee Shinn eo Roy Isaksen Jane Buchanan Diana Steigers Ralph Davis Marvin Rowan Ei Q1 Q X eww Rf!! f UPPER LEFT: Torch Honor. FRONT ROW, left to right: Sandra Keightley, Marcia Holm, Rose Shimizu, Claudia Usselman, Virginia Meier, Jane Buchanan, Eleanor Yoshioka, Pat Nelson, Nancy Lutter. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Vogel, Muriel Hall, Mary Lou Handke, Katherine Jensen, Jeanette Bryan, Jean Baker, Margaret Ambuehl, Carol Odegard, Marilyn Fox. THIRD ROW: Nancy Williams, Kathleen Naccarato, Donna Jensen, janet Mitten, Mary Ann Karpaclc, Lois Cook, Loretta Falaschi, Diana Steigers, Ilene Luebke, Maureen Smith. FOURTH ROW: Jean Kraus, Tony Chlipala, David Lund, Bob Kepka, Jack Rosenow, Jay Busch, Donald Cowles, Bill Tibbirs. LOWER LEFT: Miss Lindstrom, advisor. UPPER RIGHT: Debate. FRONT ROW: Pat Nelson, Yeddie Nylander, Sharon Morgan, Ardene Scstan, Barbara Marzano. SECOND ROW: Bob Kepka, Judy Johnson, Delma Sestan, Katherine Jensen, Marcia Holm, Dick McKeen. LOWER RIGHT: Mrs. Young, advisor. CENTER: Debate officers: Bob Kepka, Ardene Sestan, Sharon Morgan, Delma Sestan. LOWER CENTER: Torch officers: Ilene Luebke, Margaret Falaschi, Pat Nelson, Eleanor Yoshioka. Debo te Another successful year closed for the De- bate Club. What has made our club strong is that Mrs. Young has given her time and know- Torch Honor Torch I-Ionor Society is a national organi- zation for high school students of outstanding scholarship. Membership in the society is given on the basis of grade points. Eligible sopho- mores receive a one bar pin in school colors to indicate membership: juniors, a two bar pin. Seniors who have earned the required number of grade points by the end of their senior year receive the Torch emblem pin. Activities for the year included a pot luck dinner and initiation party, a mid-term social, and a spring picnic. ledge for our benefit. She has continually brought to our attention the facts about our topic, 'iThe Welfare State," and the ways to win a debate. There are two ways to look at debate. One is to debate for fun and the other is to learn all about the topic. The fact that the whole group has Wanted to learn all about a 'iWelfare State" has added much to our success. ri-'Vials orbs nn-ns..-..., fm? UPPER LEFT: G.A,A. FRONT ROW, left to right: Sharon Morgan, Muriel Hall, Wanda Fredericksen, Ardene Sestan. Donna Eberhardt. SECOND ROW: Maureen Smith, Delma Sestan, jane Buchanan, Virginia Askew, Evone LaQua. THIRD ROW: Carol Odegard. Margaret Ambuehl, Jean Baker, Sue Elliot, Dorothea Lachance, Judy Johnson. LOWER LEFT: Mrs. Anderson. G.A.A. advisor. UPPER RIGHT: Lettermen. FRONT ROW, left to right: William Matsumoto, Ronnie Mettler. john Laviola, Duane Haslam, Ralph Davis, Howard Wissinger, Dirk Mclfeen. David Emry, Jim Robbins, Jim Robinson. SECOND ROW: Gurdon Anderson, Bob Kern, Dwayne Proff, Jack Sanford. Ronnie Martin, Bob Cook, Bill Funkhouser, Dick VanDerschelden, Saburo Kusumotc, Gene Cole, THIRD ROW: Bill Coggin, Danny Ulrich, Ronnie Nelson. Bob Pedersen, Travis Wallace, Donald Cowles, Bob Kepka. Clarence l-lamre. Bob Steele, Dick Spencer. LOW- FR RIGHT: Mr. Vinson. Lettermenls advisor. CENTER: G.A.A, officers. SEATED: jane Buchanan, Maureen Smith. STANDING: Janet Yoshioka, Jean Baker, Ardene Sestan. LOWER CENTER: Lettermen officers: Ronnie Martin, Travis Wallace, G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association was intro- duced this year to Fife by Mrs. Eileen Ander- son, the new club's advisor. To become a member, a girl must partici- pate regularly in several organized sports besides one individual sport, tennis or hiking. Upon fulfilling these requirements, she receives the first year a numeral, the second a letter, the third a pin, and the fourth a guard. Activities of the year included the initia- tion of new members, installation of officers, a dance, and the sale of booster pins and of basketball schedule pencils. Letterm en The Lettermen's Club is made up of a group of boys who have made a varsity letter in any of the major sports at Fife High School. The club purchased with funds from 21 variety show a beautiful trophy which is used as an inspirational award. This award is kept at school, and each year the boy who is voted the outstanding athlete and sportsman has his name inscribed on it. Louis Boitano received this honor in 1950. The aim of the Lettermen's Club is to maintain good school spirit. E i 'J' 'Las UPPER LEFT, FRONT ROW, left to right: Muriel Hall, Jean Baker, Yeddie Nylander, Judy Johnson, Shirley Even- son, Irene Stark. SECOND ROW: Betty Dunbar, Ernest Bailey, Harold Peters, Jim Robbins, Katherine Jensen, Kathrina Salzmann, Bryan Dalin, Travis Wallace, Norita Falaschi, Margaret Ambuehl. THIRD ROW: Gloriann Miller, Sandra Keighrley, Carol Mansfield, John Bohren, Ronald Jones, Dick' McKeen, Bill Spear, Don Clarkson, LaVona Dulin, Victor Coon, Loretta Falaschi, Jim Robin- son, Bob Kepka. FOURTH ROW: Beverly Rowan, Ralph Davis, Donald Woodard, Bob Pedersen, Mr. Flechtner, Marilyn Trolson, Marion Rose, JoAnne Sutton, Mary Johnson. CENTER LEFT, FRONT ROW: Bill Spear, Muriel Hall, Gene Kraus, Margaret Ambuehl. SECOND ROW: Gloria Roberts, Travis Wallace, Marilyn Fox, Jim Robinson, Carol Odegard. LOWER LEFT, FRONT ROW: Lois Jensen, Dixie Davis, Bob Peterson, John Lefor, Harry Dunn, Lowell Anderson. SECOND ROW: Jack McKean, Nancy Woodard, Myron Toler, Doris Mansfield, Jay Dix- on, Frank Bonar, Janice Kotchlcoe fstudent directorj, Karen Yoshioka, Betty Fenstermaker, Raymond Tyndall. -UPPER RIGHT: Jim 'Robinscn. Izoretta Falaschi, Bob Keplra, Gloria Roberts Kpianoj. CENTER RIGHT: Officers: Jim Robinson, Muriel Hall. LOWER RIGHT: Shirley Evenson, Muriel Hall, Jane Buchanan, Jean Baker, Irene Stark. Bond The Fife High School band under the direction of Mr. Alfred G. Flechtner has had a most entertaining and successful year. The band has played for many events this year. There were the sports events including both football and basketball. The band also had the honor of being the only band playing at the basketball jamboree. Then there were both the senior play and the junior play. Other things for which they played were the Christmas program, contests, and festivals. The band uniform fund was swelled considerably by the magazine drive held at the beginning of the year. S750 was awarded the band by this means. Another S50 was ob- tained through a National Assemblies program, l'The Mississippiansf' Best returns of all came from the raffle and dinner held in the spring. Several members of the band made a trip to Missoula, Montana, to take part in the M.E.N.C. Northwest Music Festival. The band was also represented in the Navy band concert. The Kings Men, the high school dance band, had a very good year and played for various community affairs including the local March of Dimes dance. LTPPER LEFT, Music Club officers: LaVona Dulin, Carol Odegard, Margaret Falaschi. CENTER LEFT: choir of- ficers: Philip Hiles, Beverly Alromare, Janet Yoshiolca, Terry Williams. LOWER LEFT: Librarians: JoAnne Sutton, Dorothea Lachance, Marcia Schamerhorn. UPPER RlCvHT: Senior Choir. FRONT ROW: Margie Blodgett, Tatsic lwalciri, Maxine Cox, Darris Ann Foien, Marguerite Stipes, Nancy Headley, Virginia Askew, Lucille Ofstad, Beverlee Altomare, Delores Russell, Barbara Fox, Marjorie Holmquisr, Caroline Chlipala, Myrna Reed. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Leigan, Evone LaQua, Sue Elliot, Diane Ward, Elizabeth Hall, Mary Cassidy, Nancy Williams, Kathleen Naccarato, Marcia Gordon, Marcia Schamerhorn, Dorothea Lachance, Delores Cole. THIRD ROW: Frances Berwick, Janet Yoshiolta, Delores Reed, Rhoda Britt, Carol Jones, Mary Ann Karpack, Lois Coolc, Jo Meachum, Wy- vonna Gregg, Janet Mitton, Lucille Friend, JoAnne Sutton. Mary Bisig, Marilyn Fox, Carol Odegard. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Davis, Dick McKeen, Carl Stalder, Dwayne Proff, Bob Steele. Dave Brunoff, Bill Coggin, Terry Wil- liams, Roger Gordon, Bob Pedersen, Raymond Cowles, Dick Spencer, Philip Hiles, Ed Ranger. CENTER: Mr. Flechtner, music director. Tri-Fifettes: Carol Odegard, Jane Buchanan, Gloria Roberts, Muriel Hall faccompanistl. LOWER RIGHT: Junior Choir. FRONT ROW: Rosalie Francis, Dorothy Johnson, Virginia Newman, Doris Betterly, Connie Ellsworth, Patty Rosenow, Lynne Smith, Mary Jones, Rose Ripley, Judy Fox. SECOND ROW: Donna Hergert, Agnes Mettler, Rosa Schlumpf, Carol Jensen. Louise Touchette, Darlene Trucco, Linda Chestnut, Alene Woodside, Anita Sterino. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Touchette, Beverly Torgerson, Loretta Olive, August Zampardo, John Milner, Gloria Shoop, Shirley Nelson, Bill Lucas. Choir The Fife choir has completed another good year under the able direction of Mr. Alfred G. Flechtner. From being a group of fifty in September, the membership has increased to seventy during the semester. This year's calendar has been filled with such events as the program on radio station KTOY, the sacred selections given at the P.fT.A., the exchange assembly at Federal Way, the Western Washington Music Festival at Bremerton, and the Pierce County Festival at Fife. which was under the direction of Mr. Flechtner. A special event of the year was the Christ- mas program directed by Mr. Flechtner with the assistance of Miss Marie l-laglund. Some of the numbers were "Gloria Patrif' Hrlesu. Priceless Treasure," "O Holy Night," and "Beauti- ful Saviorf' A secular number on the program was "The Night Before Christmas." Other numbers were selections by the grade school, the junior high school chorus, the senior band, and the junior high girls' trio. Two of the members of the choir, Carol Odegard and Marilyn Fox, were selected to go to the northwest division of the Music Educators' National Conference at Missoula Montana. P .ff-AH -FK. 'Q' i UPPER LEFT: Girls' Club officers. SEATED: Janet Yoshioka, Kathleen Naccarato. STANDING: LaVona Dulin, Kay Gunn, Victorine Boitano. CENTER LEFT: Thanksgiving Basket Committee: LaVona Dulin, Dom-a Jensen, Marion Stalder, Jeanette Bryan, Marcia Schamerhorn, Bettie Dunbar. LOWER LEFT: Miss Dunn, Girls' Club advisor. UPPER RIGHT: 1950 May Queen and her court. CENTER RIGHT: Carol Swihart, Lois Cook, Janet Mitton, Delma Sestan, Claudia Usselman, Jeanette Ruscher, Eleanor Streich, Kathleen Naccarato, LaVona Dulin, Virginia Meier, Janet Yoshioka, Marlene Cook, Kay Gunn, Vicrorine Boitano LOWER CENTER: Mr. Sorenson, Boys' Club advisor. LOWER RIGHT: Boys' Club officers: Bill Tibbits, Jim Robinson, Jack Sanford, Bryan Dalin. Girls' Club Boys' Club 'AThe meeting will please come to order" were the Words spoken by Kathleen Naccarato, president of the Fife Girls' Club. to open our meetings, The winter activities which she directed included the distribution, with the aid of the Boys' Club, of Thanksgiving baskets to the community's needy and the presentation of a Christmas program to the student body, In the spring, there was a dance featuring a HShoW Boat" theme, the annual kindergarten Easter egg hunt, and a tea honoring the mothers and the Women faculty members. The Boys' Club, directed by Mr. Sorenson, consists of all the senior high boys. For enter- tainment at the meetings, the club had movies and several outside speakers. At one meeting, there was a Wrestling demonstration by Bryan Dalin and Ralph Davis. While they were demonstrating the holds in wrestling, Mr. Gust told about the different rules and explained the different holds. The club helped with the distribution of Thanksgiving baskets for the needy in our community. It also sponsored activities to help furnish the activity room. mann? wg, Q m UPPER LEFT: James Young, Ronnie Martin, Raymond Cowles, Jerry McLean, Joe Felice, Jim Robbins, Dale Mikelson, Gene Kraus, Mr. Scheyer. CENTER LEFT: Bob Kern, Roger Gordon, Mr. Scheyer Kinstructorl. LOWER LEFT: William Matsumoto, Raymond Cowles, Joe Felice, Jerry McLean, Jack Sanford, Duane Haslam, Bob Pedersen. UPPER RIGHT: Ronnie Mettler, LeRoy Ellestad, Carl Johnson. CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Gustafson, projectionists' advisor: Donald Woodard, Delores Nelson, Donald Cowles. LOWER RIGHT: Philip Rivenes, Jim Siska, Carl Funlchouser. at 5 1 pf:-if . I Shop Mr. Scheyer, our instructor, teaches the boys to use various carpenter's tools and power tools. Of the latter, we have a band saw, table saw, jig saw, sander, and two lathes. Mr. Scheyer can secure almost any kind of wood for the projects that the boys make. Many beautiful pieces of furniture have been made this year. The cost of these is very low because the materials are bought at Wholesale prices. The stage crew constructs and repairs any- thing needed around school, especially the stage sets for school plays. Projectionists This year, the audio-visual department is located in its new headquarters in the high school building. The office and equipment room, located in the library, is now in opera- tion. The department has expanded to include room 31 as a projection room to better serve the enlarged school plant. Also of interest to the projectionists is this year's class in photo- graphy in which many are enrolled. The de- partment is under the supervision of Mr. Gus- tafson, who has made it one of the most serv- iceable departments in the school. fgm 'fir fsgsf , . f... , ,, , .. .K , . 3 Zkgy ,ih .tv . , - .aa 37 ., , ,. ,Qui Ar Hr' UPPER LEFT, FRONT ROW, left to right: Barbara Kelley, Margie Kelley, Bettie Dunbar, Barbara Marzano, Elsie Yotsuuye, Marion Stalder, Beverly Torgerson, Caryl Mansfield, Shirley Evonson, Mary Johnson, Lucille Ofstad. SECOND ROW: Cloria Roberts, Nadine Morgan, Jeanne Petoralc, Marcia Schamerhorn, Dorothea Lachance, Delores Cole, Carol Odegard, ,lane Buchanan. Carol Gregory, Sandra Keightlcy, Wanda Fredericksen. THIRD ROW: Janet Steiger, lnez lsaksen, Carol Jensen, Sue Elliot, Judy john- son, LaVona Dulin, Delores Reed, Sharon Kelley, Kathleen Leighton, janet Giessel, Irene Stark, Jane Andre. FOURTH ROW: Diane Shepler, Delma Sestan, Joyce Pedersen, Mari- lyn Vogel, Darris Ann Fioen, Mary Ann Karpaclc, Lois Cook, Diana Steigers, Marion Rose, Katherine Jensen, Sharon Morgan. CENTER LEFT: Drill Team. LOWER LEFT: Majoretres: Mary Cassidy, Ardene Sestan, Delma Sestan. LOWER CENTER: F.H.A. officers, SEATED: Lois Cook, Mary Johnson. STANDING: Carol Odegard, Sharon Morgan, Glorie Roberts, Wanda Fredericlcsen, Mary ann Karpack, ,lane Buchanan, Bettie Dunbar. UPPER RIGHT: Miss Murdock, F.H.A. advisor. CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Flechrner. Drill Team advisor. LOWER RIGHT: Drill Team officers. SEATED: Delma Sestan, Marilyn Vogel. STANDING: Beverly Nelson, Evone LaQua, lievorlee Altomare. 1 -HE 1 The Fife Chapter Future Home Makers of America has had another eventful year, Some of the activities were a trip to Madigan, a dance, a mother-daughter tea, the annual initiation, and a ,joint meeting with the F.F.Px. The co- operation of the girls and this year's officers made the year very successful. Miss Murdock was advisor: Lois Cook, president: Carol Ode- gard, vice-president: Mary Johnson, secretaryl Mary Ann Karpack, treasurer: Jane Buchanan, reporter: Betty Dunbar, points chairman: Shar- on Morgan, parliamentarian: Wanda Freder- icksen, membership chairman. Jane Buchanan was southwest regional chairman. Drill Team Our drill team had a very successful year under the supervision of our advisor, Mr. Flechtner, and our president, Delma Sestan. Our main social event was the tolo, which carried out the theme 'AHarbor Lights" with a background of the city's water front and a blinking lighthouse. We marched at three foot- ball games and at five basketball games, and enjoyed a midnight hay ride and a Weiner roast after the first basketball game. The year was not completed as usual by our marching in the Daffodil parade. Z. 5 b, l5,F,A. officers. SIEATHD: Bryan Dalin, Dave Brun- ". llatiliiig squash frnin the F,F,A. field. 8. Portland judging lesiin. 0, Advaim-tl Ag rlass. 3. 4 Cwrl Qpn-ie and liis one-ton litter. wi . iz ' it'- 1 ' --, l . is s ff I., 2 it a ix H R Q' ga H i .is Ai, I Cass. FRONT ROW, lf! It right: olin Laviola, iclc lllauvelt, Victor Coon, lfllswortli Finlayson. Donald Door, Pat Turner. lid Carder. Carl Funkliouser. Norman Heilig. SECOND IZOW: Clarence Hamre, Carl Spam. lfddie Wiehe, Allen Warrt-n, Gordon Anderson, Bill Ftinkliouser. Paul Fischliii. Thomas Murray, Philip Rivt-nes, Bryan Dalin. THIRD ROVV: Danny Ulrich, David l,iind. Ray Timmons. Loren Chinn. Stan Swayze. Ronald Kriese. Leslie Cook. Dave llrunoff, K1-itll Keinpf, John Timmons. Mr, Olinstefid, advisor. an fl. 093 Pzirliainenlary team. off. STANIDING: Clarence Hanire. john Laviola, Mr, Olmstead. Norman Ht-iltg. IU. Violin lnviola and pure bred Angus steers. ll Advanced rlnss and Norman Hvilig witli registered Holstein lieifer purchased from Carnation liileis chapter was one of the top eleven out of last year's one hundred seventeen chapters in the state. They received the bronze emblem and the Master Chapter award. With thirtyenine active members, liife had three State Farmersillonnie Marzano, l-ouie Torre. and l,ouis Boitano. The degree is earned by two per cent of the total state membership. Three boys Bill lftinkhouser, Norman lleilig, and Louis Boitano-placed in the Carsten's meat identification contest. Melvin Hamre won the Sears Scholarship award, which is granted tothe top lf.l3.A. boy in each county. The year was completed by a camping trip in the Olympic Mountains with Mr. Olmstead, the advisor. This year's officers were: Bryan Dalin, president: Clarence Hamre, vice-president: David Brunoff, secretary: Carl Spane, treasurer: Norman Heilig, reporter: John Laviola, sentinel: Keith Kempf, parliamentarian: Ronald Kriese, thrift bank manager. The officers attended the district officers' training school at Tvvana State Park. There district officers were elected with Bryan Dalin as president and Norman Heilig as sentinel. l.ast fall the Fife chapter was awarded a blue ribbon on its horticultural exhibit. Mrs. Morey, Secretary. Mrs. Jennings, Librar- ian. Mrs. Curtis, Nurse Junior Red Cross Council. Junior Red Cross Council. Junior High Office Girls. The Cooks. Driver Training Car. Grade School Office Girls. Senior High Office Girls. Sophomore Basketball Team. Red Cross Room Attendants. Librarians -1M'N0lP! M, 18:1 ywrwrli, .- M ... R Ii any was 11 I' 'I . M. .W ,r .E V... . M-fm 0 qw- ap mt X .fx " -w .lm GL 2112 f" if s. .L , X '..-.....Q:. 1? rr G .Q G. LETTERMEN Dawg 'sw sv. ' 4 qv Sv wry ,. . R Ovmke maleifn -QM, 5 H bURo Kasumi? 0 Demi U1 rich mg, . 505m LHSHOXA Aw' .,V: A Howard khsgihiep, ' 1 A ,l a g A 1 Q J 4,2 M R 3 ,,+ M K t 5 Bob KSRYQL f C, A P iw Teams ldmhce ig ln: D A ,il g Q ,. g Gene Cd Hfgxyl-HSOH if Dunne Hasbqm K - f My HJ K 'Q' J- i" K ,M , KAW Busch X K Y MR.. M K l 'LKV , 1 Y 1 Covmm PM ,AL' : V Y .... 'v . Boi: Kep Ka Bob peieksm A x Ban FJUKKDVSGR D V L ,H Q m Leiqhfofl Ronnie Nome:- DICK Spencefi .W,, A ' ii ., gk - MEA A x, :ssl .gnyi -' R .k,. , ff-, ".. . "' N X :-' 4 onnic Unison ' 1 . at SG . .L ,.-: up .5 g 3 if -" .3 Letter Men FRONT ROW, left to right: Cecil Harrison. Thomas Murray, Vincent Olmstead, David Emry lmanagerj. SECOND ROW: Ed Catder, Jerry Aldridge, Bill Cole, Joe Felice, Don Cowles lmanagerl. Senior High Football With eight lettermen back from his 1949 Trojan champion team, Coach Vinson's hopes were very high for a championship in 1950. The eight lettermen were Harley Spencer fall-conferencel, Lonnie Schoonover fall-conferencej, Dwayne Proff, Gene Cole, Bill Funkhouser, Travis Wallace, Jim Olson, and Ronnie Martin. At the annual county jamboree at Fife, the team looked very good. They had a good forward wall and the necessary offensive power. Fife was the only team on the East to score on a West team. A consoli- dation of the Kapowsin and Roy schools into one school called Bethel made the number of schools uneven so an outside participant had to be invited to balance the number of teams. Sumner accepted the invitation to enter, The final score was 25-6 in favor of the West. The Trojans started the season with a game with Orting. With the eight lettermen, Fife went to work and beat the Cardinals 33-6. Harley Spencer looked very good on his long runs, and Lonnie Schoonovers defense stood out very well. The second game was with Eatonville. They gave the Trojans a tough time with their end runs, and they nosed us out 13-6 for the first time that an Eatonville football team has beaten Fife in school history. Coach Vinson then lost four of the lettermen on training rules. The rest of the team had to work to build the weak spots up again. ' ln the next league game. the contest was with Bethel. ln the minds of the fans. it was the best game of the season for the first half. ln the second half, inexperience weakened Fife, and the Braves won 25-6. Kern, Proff, and Cole made a good showing. Then the Trojans had a practice game with Tahoma. Fife showed good scoring power in a 20-0 vic- tory, its second Win of the season. With the season half over, Fife played Federal Way in an 0-0 tie. It was a well played game considering the wet weather. ln the first half. the Eagles came close to scoring, but the Trojans' defense tightened. ln the second half, it looked as if Bob Kern would go all the way on the kick-off, but the safety man caught him before he scored. ln the next to the last game, the Yelm Tornadoes of Thurston County waited until the last half-minute before scoring and won 6-0 over the Trojans for the first time in eleven years. ln the last game of the 1950 season and the last for ten seniors, The Seahawks of Peninsula had a scoring spree in the first quarter and made 20 of their Z6 points. They won 26-7. This ended the season of football. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 29 Sept. 15-Pierce County Jamboree Sept. Fife Orting Sumner 12 Eatonville 0 Oct. 6 Fife Eatonville Yelm 6 Federal Way 0 Oct, 13 Fife Bethel Peninsula 0 Fife 6 Oct, 20 Fife Tahoma Bethel 7 Orting 0 Oct. 27 Fife Federal Way -' - Nov, 3 Fife Yelm West Z5 East 6 Nov. l 0 Fife Peninsula BASKETBALL MK Gramm Q' 5 if 9?fi?f?'g: :,: 3if?Eg2 QHWQQWMEWAQ 'W ' Q "'. L. , Mi? E ' b .A Q05 KSRYL Howngd wissinqen, , fi fy Q' 1? fi E 334 K A W' -ff, F... 1 fi 4 Knut Sanfokd J YL x mb vwlfgfi f S37 Nflflg. 1-'55 ,l ,. .5 3. 7: 5 Q E5 Rage p, Gondor-L P' R' an W mf 01- Don LAKE, Qi 1 "" i .. ..-- -Tnnvis C. Non Letter Men FRONT ROW, left to right: Clarence Hamre, Bob Pedersen, Norman Heilig. SECOND ROW: John Laviola, Jack Rosenow, Raymond Cowles, Richard Ragan, Gene Mead fmanagerj. SGHIIOI High Basketball The 1951 basketball season was set off by the twelfth annual Pierce County League Jamboree. Fife drew Yelm and lost 17 to 29. The regular season started with the Bethel Braves and gave a 38 to 36 win to the Trojans. Elma was played next in a non-conference tilt. Fife gained a victory over the Eagles by 24 to 22. But at Orting, the roof fell in. Fife lost by a doubled score of 42-21. Then Fife played their neighbors, the Federal Way Eagles, and gained the first of the season's two victories over them, 45-39. Their next contest gave Fife a 55-38 win, The three top teams-Yelm, Eatonville, and Peninsula-all gained victories over the Trojans. Then Fife lost a very close game to Orting, 27-23. In the following week, Fife played a non-conference game with the Clover Park Warriors, who earlier had won over Fife by 19 points. ln the second game, Fife took the upper hand on the Clover Park maples and went all out to win for Coach Vinson. Final score, 33-26. Fife now met the top three teams again and lost to all three. The first was to Yelm, 42-32: next to Eat- onville, 42-19: then to Peninsula. 45-44. The Trojans led the Seahawks by eight points until the last two minutes, They outscored the Seahawks in field goals but converted only 6 out of 23 free throws, The Trojans ended the season with a 47-32 win over the Bethel Braves. The season ended in a three-Way tie for the first three league teams with Yelm, Eatonville, and Penin- sula each having lO wins and 2 defeats. Next was Orting. Trojans fifth, Federal Way and Bethel last. The returning lettermen for 1952 promise to give the Trojans a very good team as only three4San- ford, Wallace, and Colefgraduate. That leaves seven returning lettermen. All of these have played lots of ball for the Trojans. They are Bob Kern. Roger Gordon. Don Lake, Dan Ulrich. Ron Nelson, Dick Spencer, and Howard Wissinger. They will carry the load in the 1952 season but will be strengthened by such players as Laviola, Hamre, Heilig, Cowles, Rosenow, Ragan, and Pedersen. The sophomore squad will contribute such good players as Bohren, Aldridge, Johnson, Murray, and Harrison, and the junior high squad should advance intact to furnish a large squad for 1952. Good luck. Trojans. BASKET13Al,l- SCHEDULE 47 J 12 Ff Dec, Fife 45 Tahoma an. 'i e Peninsula Dec. Fife 38 Bethel .lan Fife Orting Dec. 12 Fife 24 Elma .lan Fife Clover Park Dec. 15 Fife 21 Orting Jan Fife Federal XVay Dec. 19 Fife 29 Clover Park Jan. Fife Yelm Dec. 21 Fife 45 Federal Way Feb Fife llatonville Dec. 29 Fife 29 Flma Feb Fife Peninsula Jan. 5 Fife 31 Yelm Feb Fife Bethel .1an, Fife 32 Eatonville Feb Fife Edgewood LOWER LEFT: FRONT ROW, left to right: Gene Johnson, Gary Weaver, ,Ellsworth Finlayson, Tommy Kamenzind, Sam Shimizu, Dick Rivenes, Charles Shinn fmanagerl. SECUND ROW: Albert Cochenette, Victor Coon, Don Clarkson, Leon Rader, Loren Chinn, Gene Mead. UPPER LEFT, FRONT ROW: Gene Brown Albert Merrill, Robert Peterson, John Reines, Robert Mortenson, Gary Scott, David Nordfors lmanagerl. SECOND ROW: Bill Door, Dave Bornander, Richard Ambuehl, Erny Bailey, Dick Cole, August Zampardo. LOWER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Norman Cronquisr, Stewart Carder, Tom Kamenzind, Robert Mitton David Hall. SECOND ROW: Albert Cochennette, Don Clarkson, Ray Timmons, Charles Shinn, David Nordfors, Lyle Rader fmanagerl. UPPER RIC T FRONT ROW: Don Rowe, Jack McKeen, Gary Scott, Ronnie Jones, Fred Chittenden. SECOND ROW: Larry johnson, Gaylen Harris, Ronald Forslund Dick Cole, Spencer Nordfors, Dick Rivenes fmanagerj, LOWER CENTER: jane Andre. CENTER: Coach Norby. UPPER CENTER: Nadine Morgan. Junior High Sports VARSITY: Junior high athletics have long been an active part of the Fife athletic program. One of their objectives is to discover and develop young athletes for future participation with the high school varsity. Incidentally, these young athletes do like to win their own games, and they have usually enjoyed staying in the top half of their league. This year was started with a group of green but rather tall boys who were willing to learn and stick to the grind. Working hard paid off, and the boys well deserved the winning streak they acquired which placed them well at the top of their league. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SCHEDULE MIDGETS: . The junior high midget basketball team started its season beautifully by defeating last year's champions. Their winning record failed to continue for long because a few defeats were taken. But even in losing, they always gave their opponents quite a bit of trouble and ex- citement as in an overtime game with Federal Way and a second overtime period with Mary- mount. The midgets lacked quite a bit in height, but that was evened up by a pair of hard driving guards. They were well able to play a good brand of ball, but an untimely slump kept them from securing top place for them- Fife Federal Way Fife Yelm Fife Marymount Fife Federal Way Fife Bellarmine JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Fife I8 Federal Way 31 selves in their series of games. Fife Parkland Fife Midland Fife Marymount Fife Dupont Fife Federal Way Fife Parkland Fife Midland Fife Marymount Fife Dupont There are five lettermen returning for Wrestling Nine men, including one letterman. Ron Martin, a two year state wrestler and captain, greeted their highly regarded coach, 1-larry Gust, a former W. S. C. wrestler. The season opened with a practice match with Stadium. The regular season began with a loss to Stadium, 33-12. The next match was with Longview at Longview and was a 31-21 loss. Then Stadium took us 31-12, and the Lincoln Abes followed with the same score. After a two weeks' rest, Fife came back to scare Lincoln by a score of 22-26. Fife was honored by having four wrestlers -Ron Martin, Dick VanDerschelden, Ells- worth Finlayson, and Gary Weaver-go to Pullman for the A.A.W. matches. They did very well. The following week. the Western Wash- 1950 Tennis The 1950 Fife tennis team did not fare too well as it won but one match. This record was partly due to the lack of girls turning out for the sport and the inexperience of the ones play- ing. Fife played most of its games with the schools of the Pierce County League except for two which were played with Puyallup. Toward the beginning of the season, Fife held a tennis clinic for all those students in school who were interested in tennis. Mr. Lyle Morton, a Tacoma professional' tennis player, was in charge with a representative from the University of Washington's tennis team to help him. They showed us the correct style of the service and of returning the ball. ington wrestlers met at Fife for a tournament between the northern and southern divisions of the state. The South won over the North, 26-1 1. Ellsworth Finlayson, a freshman, was the only winner from Fife. 1951, and we hope to have a stronger team then. The letter winners are Bob Steele, Travis Wallace, Bob Cook, Richard VanDersche1den, and Mary Ann Karpack. UPPER LEFT: Wrestlers. FRONT ROW, left to right: Coach Gust, Ralph Davis, Gary Weaver, Ellsworth Finlayson, Tadashi Kajimura, Bob Kepka fmanagerl SECOND ROW: Bryan Dalin, Saburo Kusumoto, Don Cowles, Dick VanDerschelden, Ronnie Martin. UPPER RIGHT: Ronnie Martin above, Dick VanDer schelden below. CENTER LEFT: Tennis. FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Cook. Mary Ann Karpaclc, Glenda Anderson, Dorothea Lachance. SECOND ROW Coach Gustafson, Travis Wallace, Bob Steele, Dick VanDerschelden. LOWER LEFT: Mary Ann Karpack. CENTER RIGHT: Bob Steele. LOWER RIGHT Dorothea Lachance. iii iii 5 'skew aw, we -1,316,415-. 'riff LOWER GROUP: Track. FRONT ROW, left to right: Dick Spencer, Marvin Rivenes, Ronnie Mettler, Bob Kern, Harley Spencer, Jay Busch. SECOND ROW: Coarh Taylor, jack Sanford, Bill Coggin, Don Cowles, Jack Kotchkoe, Gene Cole, Dwayne Proff, Jim Robinson, Marvin Ofstad, Dick McKeen lmanagerj. UPPER GROUP: Baseball. FRONT ROW: Clarence Hamre, john Laviola, Bryan Dalin, Gordon Anderson, Bill Cole, Howard Wissinger, Pat Turner. SECOND ROW: Merle Roberts, Fred Spencer, Ronnie Martin, Duane Has- lam, Clifford Case, Bill Funkhouser, Dick Spencer. THIRD ROW: Coach Sorenson, Jim Olson, Bob Pedersen, Ronnie Nelson, Don Lake, Wally Holmquist, Wayne Griffin, Odell Wallace lmariagerl. Fife high school won five and lost two to share the 1950 baseball championship with Yelm and Penin sula. The following seniors played their last high school game: Fred Spencer, Wally Holmquist, Merle Rob erts, Wayne Griffin and Bill Schlumpf. Coach H. W. Sorenson will have the following lettermen to build his team around this year: Ron Martin John Laviola, Clarence I-lamre, Ron Nelson, and Gordon Anderson. League games and batteries follow: Hits Fife 10 Roy 2 Battery: F. Spencer, Martin Roy: D. Ketter, L. Swick Hits Fife 16 Eatonville 12 Battery: F. Spencer, Martin Eatonvillez Jacobsen, Guidi Hits Fife 6 Yelm 1 1 Battery: F. Spencer, Martin Hits Fife 6 Federal Way 6 Battery: F. Spencer, Olson CZQ, Martin Federal Way: Danials, Colby Runs 1 0 1 Runs 20 15 Runs 3 7 Runs 0 6 Errors 3 2 Errors O 1 Errors 10 6 E rrqrs 4 1 Hits Fife 7 Orting 2 Battery: Wissinger. Olson, Martin Orting: Laws, Cope Hits Fife 9 Peninsula 13 Battery: F. Spencer, Martin Peninsula: Orser, Miller Hits Fife 8 Kapowsin 3 Battery: F. Spencer, Martin Kapowsin: Casperson, Miles Runs 1 2 2 Runs 7 6 Runs 4 0 Errors 7 7 Errors 3 7 Errors 3 4 In the 1950 track season, with six returning lettermen, Fife placed in almost every event in each three way meet. Coach Murray Taylor's cindermen fared well in that they had about fourteen men out. Early in the year, it looked as though Fife would take the Pierce County championship for the seventh time in a row Due to our lack of tracksters, Eatonville won its first championship in track. The scores were Eatonville 56174 Federal Way 47374, Fife 40172, Kapowsin 8, Peninsula 1172 points. In the sub-district track meet at Bothel, the first two in each event went to the district meet at l-lighline Bob Kern went for Fife in the 440. The 1951 returning lettermen are Busch, Kern, Cole, Proff, Sanford, D. Spencer, Mettler, and Davis. 'AShow me the way to go home" was a favorite song on the first night after turnout. The enthusiasm of the girls who turned out seemed to please the new adviser, Mrs. Anderson. Each girl must participate in after-school sports for two years for a minor on her plaque and three years for a major. Any girl participating must be passing in at least three subjects and must turn out regu- larly for three out of four sports offered, besides ten hours of tennis or thirty-five miles of hiking. First on the agenda came volleyball. The girls voted for captains of six teams, then the captains chose teams for an inter-class play-off for a championship. Teams' names were Sockers, Sluggers, Thunderbolts, Knotty Netters, Boats, and Tornadoes. Each team played each other team twice. The winning team was the Boats. With new captains and new teams, the girls started on their basketball hoop-go-round. Amid many a call of "foul," the referee tried to call a fair game. Evone LaQua's team won this event. The grunt and groan session came next. The girls had a hard time learning to stand on their heads, do egg rolls, and make pyramids. But after many a sore and aching muscle, the girls accomplished the art. When the field had dried enough, the girls started playing baseball. True to custom, the umpire was the underdog of every game. Even so, the sport proved quite enjoyable to all. Tennis was started, too, with dry weather. Many excellent tennis forms were shown during the turnouts. UPPER LEFT: Winning basketball. FRONT ROW, left to right: Diane Holt, Evone LaQua, Virginia Askew, SECOND ROW: Sharon Kelley, Ardene Sestan. CENTER LEFT: Mrs. Anderson, director. LOWER LEFT: Winning volleyball. FRONT ROW: Delma Sestan, Maureen Smith, Evone LaQua. SECOND ROW: Carol Jones, Jane Buchanan, Marion Rose. Irene Stark, Virtorine Boitano. UPPER RIGHT: Tumbling, FRONT ROW: Beverly Torgerson, Maureen Smith, Marjie Holmquist, Sharon Morgan, Barbara Fox, Barbara Mar- zano. SECOND ROW: Carol Jones, Sharon johnson, Barbara Kelley, Marion Stalder, Caryl Mansfield, Mary Bisig, Delma Sestan, Delores Russell. TOP ROW: Beverly Rowan, Lucille Ofstad. CENTER: Maureen Smith, senior inspirational award winner. CENTER RIGHT: Baseball. FRONT ROW: Winnie Mitton, Marcia Gordon, Marcia Holm, Janet Steiger, Maxine Cox, Joyce Pedersen. SEC- OND ROW: Marilyn Fox, Carol Odegard, Muriel Hall, Margaret Ambuehl, Jean Baker, Darris Ann Foien, Rhoda Britt, Judy Johnson. LOWER RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Inez Isaksen, Kathleen Leighton, Dorothea Lachance, Nadine Morgan, Janet Giessel, Jeanne Petoralc. SECOND ROW: Elsie Yotsuuye, Jane Andre, Diana Steigers, Marion Rose, ,lane Buchanan, Wanda Fredericlcsen. if 5 H5 KW . . 5 ' Hi' , ,nw 23 vm ..,.f , f. ,gk , . e 5 -gg? f,-li ..LiI, 4 me HFE HIGH SCHOOL 1 E -WJ Q WE THANK YOU AABERGS FUEL ALEX HERGERT ALLEN- MANUFACTURING CO. ALLEN PRINTING CO. ANDERSON FUEL ANDRES MARKET ARDEN'S BARBO CLUB BEVINGTON'S TRIPLE XXX BILL'S BARBER SHOP BROWN AND HALEY BUCK AND SONS BUNGE SERVICE BURR GREGORY CAMMARANO BROTHERS COLONIAL GARDENS C. S. BARLOW ci SONS DICK IOHNSONS GARAGE DILL HOWELL DOCTOR BUSCH DUDLEY STAIR AGENCY EARL REES ELECTRIC SERVICE EDGEWOOD GROCERY ETHEL'S SHOP FIFE BARBER SHOP FIFE BUILDERS' SUPPLY FIFE CLEANERS FIFE DRUG STORE FIFE FLORAL FIFE KRUG STUDIO FIFE MOBIL SERVICE GENE'S FINE FOODS GI-IILARDUCCTS GOLDEN RULE MOTEL HOME INSURANCE IACK'S TEXACO SERVICE IENSEN FUEL CO. IIM FOSTER REALTY IOHNSON-COX COMPANY I. ci O. MOTEL KELLEY MOTEL KEPKA'S CORNER GROCERY KRAUS MOTOR COMPANY LELLI'S GROCERY LOWMAN ci I-IANFORD OF TACOMA MAYBERRY MOTORS MAXWELL PETROLEUM COMPANY McDOWELL BUILDING SUPPLY MIETHKE'S MILTON FOOD CENTER MILTON SNACK BAR MORPHY INSURANCE MURREY, O. L. MURTOUGH SUPPLY CO. NALLEY'S NYHOLM'S MARKET OAKWOOD DAIRY PAUL LENTI'S, IEWELER PICK QUICK DRIVE IN POODLE DOG QUALITY KNITTING RAY ERICKSON, HEATING AND PLUMBING SCOFIELD, GEORGE SHAUB ELLISON SMITH, HARRY V. SMITTY'S DRIVE IN SPENCER CONCRETE STATIONERS SUPREME DAIRY TACOMA VETERINARY HOSPITAL TED'S RICHFIELD SERVICE TIDE WATER ASSOCIATED OIL CO TRIANGLE SERVICE VALLEY FORGE VALLEY PACKING CO. VRAVES WASHINGTON HARDWARE WESTERN 'TRACTOR CO. WESTSPORTS COMPANY Cheerful Trio A cheerful Red Cross Nurse's Aide, on duty at a children's clinic, reaches for a grinning youngster to prepare him for examination. Under a new Red Cross training program, aides are being made available for public health work outside of hospitals. Praducers af Wm' Scl100!,4r1mazls . . . S I Ziff 1 E xx 4 5 -G L-xi ff -. Y' ,w f,gge'o!Q.:-.,n2P' mr- 'L:::+'.'l.L I 1 3,441.4 -.I M -A e, ,Fiflf fi4?fb ' "5-A.xWf'1:2'r7 3:1 .f. . -- Kms,-.-4 -x-L'-,af--. 1. X is v, sig? . . Hifi? f -112fi,,, , -' wi i 11 Magi, P3 ' Ef1'fvP?-fi' FW' ggfiggsff rifffi-i's'i1 .- ' -' ., IL- . :Ir ,141-fair' I IX if Vffvltf gig ei :eftff 'it ii: '-1-Ziisi' -ai -v 'L-'Q' -4 - 'T- vhnsvn-Hruf 60 ,muy vkmrsns - sooksinnsrgs - Lrrl-locliAPHEnS2L f5'l:XTIONEliS' 726 Pacific Avenue - BRoadway 2238 ooMPL1MENTs or Tacoma Veterinary ,r F IF E FLORAL CO. WA 8600 FIFE f Hospital , , LARGE OR SMALL ANIMALS A, .E "Bn A fl' ' I r " ggi X ANDERS FLORIST WA 8511 W 8552 RT- 12 BOX 3 MA 7113 115 So. 11th, TACOMA NIGHT: PR 7U43 Dr, Geo. W. Staggs ANDERS BORNANDER, Prop. Lowman K Hanford Co. of Tacoma - Since 1882 One . . . of a State-wide Organization PRINTERS . . . LITHOGRAPHERS ENGRAVERS . . . STATIONERS 7 I fi PACIFIC AVENUE TACOMA Successors to Allstrurn Stationery CS- Printing Co, AG Congratulations to the Class of 'SI BARBO CLUB OOD PLACE TO MEET YOUR FRIENDS Hair Cutting Our Specialty Lots of Parking POOL AND SOFT DRINKS CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '5l . . . . Andre's Market: Congratulations to the Class of '51 QQ IQELLEY MOTEL QQ MANY FINE CABINS Mr. and Mrs. Kelley, Props. Half Mile East of Tacoma on Hiway 99 Congratulations to the Class ot '51 Q ' J 0 r 1 Fi Mayberry Motor Parts 750 Broadway BR 1191 BROWN SI HALEY Makers of ALMOND ROCA FINE CHOCOLATES MOUNTAIN BARS MA 0146 TACOMA, WASH. EXPERT, COURTEOUS SERVICE ANDRE'S MARKET Barber Shop TWO BARBERS TO SERVE YOU FLOYD LEMON, Prop. QUALITY KNITTING HOME or QUALITY SWEATEIIS Ioofyo VIRGIN WooL SCHOOL SWEATERS TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL MEASURE - KNIT WITH CARE EOR LASTING WEAR - 737 St. Helens MA B581 WILSON ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT fn IX Igggqk A51 My DILL HOWELL SPORTING GOODS 929 Commerce Tacoma, Wash. CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF '51 WOOD - COAL STOVE 6. DIESEL OIL G. ANDERSON FUEL CO. SNAPPY, SPEEDY SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '51 PAUL FINEST QUALITY GRADE A LENTPS . . PasturIzed Homogenized JEWELRY DIRECT FROM FARM TO YOU MILTON FOOD CENTER WA asus Fife, wash RUNGE SERVICE 1624 PUYALLUP AVE. fAcross Bridgel Ng TEXACO HEATING OILS ALL HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES Television Headquarters: RCA - WESTINGHOUSE - PHILCO WA 8503 WA 8761 F IF E BUILDERS SUPPLY WA 7933 OLD PIPE SQUARE k t t PAINTS 0. L. MURREY LUMBER PLYWOOD t f i SHING1-E5 Precision Hand Saw Grinding BUILDERS' HARDWARE ir ir 'k WA 8725 Bill Hermes - lack Schlumpt A Rt 2 Box 97 Tacoma Wash GEORGE SCOFIELD CO., INC. QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS Tru Mix Concrete Plaster Carey Shingles Rock Lath Sand 6. Gravel Metal Lath Drain Tile Sewer Pipe 1543 DOCK ST. TACOMA BR 4221 PCDCDLE D06 Home of tl1e Original Deluxe Hamburger Specializes in Full Course Dinners At Reasonable Rates WA 8531 Qi' W7 f L, FIFE SQUARE Xa if fri, Q fi X Ml' . - SERVICE IN YOUR CAR - EDGEWOOD GROCERY WATKINSON CORNER Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Soft Drinks - Ice Cream BEVINGTONS TRIPLE XXX 924 Puyallup Avenue o X ROOT BEER Week Days 9-7 Sundays 10-4 HAMBURGERS OCKEY DULIN ' ROYAL HASLAM BARBECUED WA 8313 SANDWICHES Complete Insurance Protection JE Jordan Insurance Agency X x f ,ff Expert claimfffibiie H JZQJ , V From Our Met tice J OUS X ,.Af , TACOMAHWAS. ' xx WA 7713 , x Q ,if -Xfg,H3E1BEs5mPfIEfT6EgsT EATEEE? E ' 7 X, . A k459CEgE1Ng7f,4,Jf7' Jmwglmfplye ff! jeg-mW?d,m Z7 f4ff if I X b A7316 TACO A424 WASH. ,J -. J , 16412521 fQ!!M 4 nab" C 9- mfIi1to n,Wtg-tt? l' .ff - u-my , F M- 1 , V X' Mfewaf nf!! 07M ff f E Pu 271111 -WM E ,gf , W Q. -7: 4 An,. Ln P9 ' ' r y Ajfhfb filo 514 X ,, f f , ' f fi , . 7 u " fC2fgfCf- ffru kglff-E, '3-fn' A ' Q, 7 lift. ' ' . . I LE,CTRIC SERVICE 't cllizsfiatrfliis Bu1ldnEE4S11PPlY , 1g!de43j,5gens Co,,?'bf4d Y Z 2 X , .2 ., , GONSTIWHON . 1?ODELING J. - f A , 7 5 7, ,muff f thE1?,fjgjfM1W1L' House L' ' fl! REP ING KVM 54" Qfwj-fp! Q ' Z WA 8784 W my Box 486 WA 8587 Milton, wash. 1usfE745Dfue K PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE F IFE CLEANERS FIFE SQUARE WA 8016 Fife Rexall Drug Store Prescription Specialists COMPLETE COSMETIC DRUG FOUNTAIN SERVICE .. . df gain Fife Square The Rexall Store 0 WA 8617 df We are proud of our grads and ' in the w1sh them every success ea Phone WA 8541 Home Phone: WA 8768 y rs that 211'C ahead. FIFE VALLEY MOTORS Complete Automotive Service 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Authorized AAA Station Road Service NEW LOCATION - FRONT OF EIFE THEATER Alex Hergert, Owner WA 8213 HOME INSURANCE and REALTY AGENCY FIRE and AUTO INSURANCE REAL ESTATE MONEY ORDERS PERRY I. REITER NOTARY PUBLIC AUTO LICENSE FISHING LICENSE SURETY BONDS TOM KIMBROUGH COMPLIMENTS TO CLASS OF 1951 DUDLEY D. STAIR AGENCY ALL LINES OF INSURANCE Representatives DUDLEY D. STAIR BRADLEY B. BANNON GEORGE R. GILBERT SAMUEL W. HARRIS 917 RUST BUILDING BR 2228 ETHEUS GIFI' SHOP Distinctive Gifts - Antiques YOU'LL LOVE THIS HHOMEYH SHOP Poodle Dog Building, Highway 99 File, Wash. Phone WA 7523 Dick Johnsonis Garage GENERAL REPAIRING DAY 6 NIGHT WRECKER SERVICE Tacoma-Seattle Highway g I I 1 K H T ' m , A J g N Q f Phone WA 8504 GENE'S FINE FOOD Open 365 Days a Year - 9:00 A. M. - 9:00 P. M. FRESH MEAT Wholesale and Retail WA 8688 WA 8833 GOLDEN RULE MOTEL AAA RECOMMENDED On U. S. 99. 3 Miles North oi City Limits MR. ci MRS. FORSLAND, Props. VRAVES Department Store EIEE SQUARE 5 , , Z 9 . . Q1 fa f , Will 113, BETTER MERCHANDISE FOR LESS MONEY Pick Quick Drive In BETTER BURGERS 6. HOT DOGS SOFT DRINKS NEXT TO FIF E DRIVE IN THEATER VALLEY FORGE Garage and Service COURTEOUS SERVICE EXPERT LUBRICATION TIRES G BATTERIES OAKWOOD DAIRY Highest Grade MILK :S CREAM Pasturized and Homogenized ACCESSORIES A 67 1 35, MORDY ROBBINS , . 352 -Q FRANK SPEAR I lu ' qi Managers WA 8644 "" WA 8541 VALENTINE L, AMBUEHLL TACOMA TACOMA PLEATING WORKS WESTSPORT CO. Distinctive Chenille Award Letters Pennants Emblems Banners Embroidered Organization Plaques Monograms 1119 Commerce Street Tacoma MA 6370 Washington Sport Shop WE GUARANTEE YOU THE LOWEST ,?gQ1L PRICES ON BEST QUALITY 'N' hi? ' 174 Inlinn ' COAL 6. FUEL OIL 1- --N-ff IN TOWN Everything for Every Sport CLOTHES - EQUIPMENT AABERG'S 918-20 Pacific Ave. Tacoma BR 1136 The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat Af lilly I Q The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat 1 1 L ,K lk The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat f xii -1 1 The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat 4 The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat Y -1 1 xl 2 VV , ij 1 The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat ff" L 1 '- The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat A Li," ' li S' The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat I 1 WW 1 BI G , . 11111 1111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111 W W The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat NW Wm I j 1 The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat ilt, 11111111111 l,ll' 3' 'l111l11111111'1ll 1. llwll' , 1 Tip umm, lull - 1 . The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat 'lwllllllxt 'il' 1' gf" 11111 ilii 1 l'll 5,111.5 olllurnlrnalmmulce. ' The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat rntl V Ivluqdlunlspalenedurlwrles X11 1 W xl 1 11,1 1 , 1, . lutomutu: Flll1rpSu1uc: The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat A 'l" 111111111 1 1 1 1 '1' . . p4g,11,m,9U,,1g,.-Q The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat I ili"i"'l1"' 1111111.,,11,,.r.,,,1,, ,,111111 1 1 11 1.-f,l.111' 1 'l'111 '11 '1" ll ,Ll A ' The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat lfeltddft ,460 ' I u ' ' ' The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat The Iensen Fleet Delivers the Heat Congratulations to the class of '51 COMPANY Wholesale Meat Packers RAY ERICKSON Heating and Plumbing WA 8655 MOHR BRAND 310 Meridian 1-IAMS BACON LARD PUYALLUP S-5-6711 At the Sign of tl1e Flying Red Horse MOBILGAS M O B I L O I L At the Sign of the Flying Red Horse CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORSl J im Foster Realty and Insurance Agency FROM CLASS OF '37 A COMPLETE REAL ESTATE 6 INSURANCE SERVICE WA 7316 MILTON, WASH. BE SURE-INSURE THE STATIONERS, INC. COMPLETE OFFICE 5. scHoo1. OUTFITTERS MA 2153 926 PACIFIC 925-27 COMMERCE ST. KRAUS SELLS AROUND THE WORLD K R A U S Youn wn.LYs-ovE RLAND DEALER M 0 T 0 R C Q ALL METAL STATION WAGONS IEEPS TRAILERS PASSENGER CARS Q X EARM EQUIPMENT Q E2 FIRE TRUCKS C I PICKUPS KRA US MOTOR COMPANY BR 5177 1215 A Street, Tacoma, Wash. Max A. Kraus An Old Director FIFE WISIIES TO EXTEND MOBIL SERVICE HIS SINCERE Northeast Corner Fife Square APPRECIATION MOBILGAS MOBILOIL OF THE ACCOMRLISLIMENTS LLOYD ANDRUS OP THE WE CARE FOR YOUR CAR SCHOOL BOARD A NYHOLM'S DIRECTORS FOOD MARKET FOR THEIR MAGNTFICENT IMPRQVEMENT GROCERIES - MEATS IOS. S. ALLEN EDGEWOOD ALLEN MANUFACTURING CO EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO 2928 South M St. Tacoma THE CLASS OF '51 KEPKA'S Fife Corner Grocery FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS MILTON CENTER MILTON SNACK BAR Delicious Burgers and Shakes Wm ,,,q DRIVE IN i w? Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner OPEN 5 A. M. - 3 A. M. YOU'LL ENIOY THESE TOP QUALITY BEVERAGES if MISSION ORANGE if TWANG ROOT BEER if CLICQUOT CLUB i' SQUIRT if DOUBLE COLA CAMMARAN O BROS. Jack's Texaco Service GAS - on. - LUBRICATION AND Buffs Garage AUTOMOBILE REPAIR EasLx Side of Puyallup Bridge on Highway 99 if .T " ',714Zi,4fi U! ,Lind , SAVE THOSE SMOOTH TIRES Get TIlOUS3l1ibIS .3-'-iii:-iq-., VV.. A ' 'V"' of ,Q s aa 73 YA EXTRA MILES XY N 'J -- ff -""r-' if '-" f i-1 '--"'f by HHVll1g Theln f x O RELAPPED , ' I "'c ' TACOMA: 19th G PACIFIC PUYALLUP: 5th 6. E. MAIN BILL'S BARBER SHOP Ted's . . - 196+ fu OLD PIPE SQUARE Ru hflem ' . 5:1 Q, .- KERKAS MARKET Servme TWO BARBERS- TED RRESCH, Prop. Bill Williams PARTS AND ACCESSORIES and WA 8560 Edgewood Harry Ball Hillman Agency and Rototiller Parts LELLPS GROCERY J. X O. MOTEL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FINE FOODS , CLASS OF 51 MEATS - PRODUCE ul 01jf""" i"M"' " fm., MARTIN LELE1, Prop. A K E WA 8328 'Ecfgewdlbnd AV JOE Highway 99 A Fife . ,A ' if ' T '- 1 31. 1.14, ,fl Ar, I ' jrvf L1 I' 1 K El, li -I, vJT,lt4+J H? J E9 1 g LV .QV ,T fi! V4 TIHLV , E A ' .'Y 'ul' 1 C. S. BARLOW 6- SONS, Inc ' -A I J ,Qs Q MIXTRITE CONCRETE I M df CRUSHED ROCK if 1' ' A f BUILDING MATERIALS 1715 DOCK STREET BRoadway 2133 Congratulations to the Class of 1951 We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support in helping us to fashion the portraits for this annual. KRUG STUDIO FIFE SPENCER CONCRETE PIPE CO. READY MIX DRAIN TILE SAND SEPTIC TANKS PUMPED OUT SEWER plpg GRAVEL KContents hauled awayl BUILDING BLOCKS GREASE TRAPS AND DRAIN FIELDS INSTALLED AND REPAIRED SEPTIC TANKS " ALL WORK GUARANTEED " CESS POOLS fs f I L'Af f 1 I4 1 f Co1'1QraIuiaIionS, Seniors 'C" ' A S I if f GHILARDVCCPS 1 1 . nt, ,, I ,' 'N f A . 4' f 'lf ' ' f Colonlal Gardens Co., Inc. t FLQRISTKA if , 1' A .If' '1 ' GROWERS and DISTRIBUTORS 1 R A 'ff X l OF FRESH VEGETABLES 'X . 'il f WA 8521 P.O. Box 815, Tacoma PHONE MA 8378 Dr. C. J. Busch 909 Pacific Avenue 94510: BRQADWAY Tacoma. Washington TACOMA, WASH. Flower Telephone: BR 3277 MURPHY INSURANC E AGENCY FIRE INSURANCE - AUTO INSURANCE SAFETY BONDS - ACCIDENT 6, HEALTH INSURANCE All Types of Casualty Insurance L. F. SAUNDERS , , BUCK and SQNS A. P. ALLEN ALLEN PRINTING THACTQR 5. IMPLEMENT COMMERCIAL and SOCIETY PRINTING 1 RI c 1 o n 738 PACIFIC MA 3650 114 Puyallup Ave. MA 4177 TACOMA 2, WASH. .4 .5 .A A4 ' 'Rf x ' Q. Q I k K 1 . L! I. VfV fd, ' f . NHMIETI-IKE'S FLCWER Sl-ICP John Deere and SALES TRAC ' U "Caterpillar TORS . 2 . 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