Fife High School - Illahee Yearbook (Fife, WA)

 - Class of 1932

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Fife High School - Illahee Yearbook (Fife, WA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Cover

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il---- if' X ,J f N , xx f' f' ff ff M I .mu 3 J, aw Ni-x'X6Hfi,f QTL 132, IW X 4 gg! 9 'ak 'fy l. if ac .Lmbrxs Q32 , ,fa 4, -3 fry, 1 93 W A , XX in . 43: ,-- f - '-i , 1 V ' , - c.. ' QQ f 5 I ' WZ Z ? r F .4 :H . Z ,,f"l"A ,. 1 -X . X E i' fff' ' X5 -,-, fp it W . sa-Z. . .J-:,f'f :. E-V P, 3-- V ff! 2"""Z ' f ., - lf! J-:, - ,, 4 a c .,A .. 4 :ft :, ,A A -as 12- -. ' -' ' S . - U? gif X - U1 . ' S1 lx- S S-L fiiiiwwf g,g: - Ez. Z -"E :S 1242 - " ' 7 - - fig 153 :if fI932e -9,-- Li 3gP ii:-af 3:5 QW -'g-"',-Y- J-' i374 S-3: : N - - - ,-,. As- 3.---i ASSOCIATED STUDEXITS FIFE I-HG!-I SCHOOL PIPE WAS:-HNGION Tb Published by fafoa f0xaTHE TROJAN 40:0- Qaooamonaaaa T H E T R O J A N maawyoaawfacowv ,yffsara fllflvfl 'Thomas Alva Cdnson DEDICATION O rhe memory ol Thomas Alma Edlson pioneer Teacher of modern merhocls of organvzecl research wc cledrcare lhns annual The melrhods he orrgnnalred wlll ln Jrhe hands of orhers enable succe dung qenerahons 'ro surpass many fold hrs own confrubuhons lo SOClGly May 'rhe sludenrs of our school have a small parr rn cafrylnq forward Jrhe lnghr whlch he has grven , 4. ,. 4. , . .. 4. , 4 4, , , , " 1 . K If If V ' ff 1 f -' , 7 39' V ' XQNX X x xxx X 4 ' , 1 : ' ff! ' I I i r n I 1 I ' , u , ' . . . . 3 1 amoxoxowaafofonoxomw T H E T R O J A N 0120:-onaxono-Q-on-01010: MESSAGES EMBERS ol lhe sensor class your worlc xnlh us us hnnshed We hope These four years have nol been spenl merely as a preparahon for lute buf as a very enloyable parl of lule nlsef ll we have helped you learn +o sleer your own course lurnush your own sleam power ac cepl your own responsubuluhes and perform promplly and regularly your daily duhes wnlh oul havnnq anyone remand you our ellorls have nol been nn vaun Le'r 'lhns annual be a rcrnunder of lhe loy ous days spenl In lhe Pale l-lngh School and our mleresl ID your succcss and happunes +cce+FCW n LCCESS If you wull believe lhe unwrrllen law IS for you Sensors Life IS good' Enloy I+' 'lhere wall be no delear excepl for lhose of you who +h nl defeal Educahon such as you have received here al hugh school us simply lhe encouragemenl of ruqhl' habrls wulh lhe hope lhal fhey become parl of you 'ro be exercised forever aulornah ca y Nolhmg wnll be dnfhcul+ nc you pul your hearl Info rf Do your work wulh your whole hearl and you will succeed lhere us so l1++le com pe :hon Responsubnlmes gravulale +o lhe person who can shoulder lhem and I sincerely hope Fnle Hugh School has broadened your oufloolc sul hcuenlly lo unsure you deserved success in lhe lulure U l-l A Enoc s 5 ' ' 1 A 4 . 1. . .. I A I - l r Superfn Ah '-r . . llso , . . . A . W ,. . . 5 X . L, . I a . . . X . i . Prlncl, al . . h lx Qaxona-10:-awauana-fana T H E T R O J A N -.. . H I Q ,A wr K 1 .- t, Z '-'f'-M'lS5 Q Seven +-' , I 1 W ' .Q W In I - , 1 n .x .. .. f x I x 1 K " afar' 'A A .fflzi - I' 'L fl if 1 x , --M V, 1 x i. 5-3 - - - Qaoaowwaoaa T H E T R O J A N 0-famavaaaaoua ALUMNI P E A 'W' u5L,f'3 mwab W 75 m M1 Q7 A uroob N, va fw m+H qra V O oo and Lh umducrauu C1 L oo mi ' acw Q fmdfohwk vcd ga? rnqsforf UV' UVNC f A uw f Officers 1 VQHSLJV ar rqnq Q vw 3 Arms CSP? J N13 ' mod' VVTOVSG ii WHS 53 OA" L lx, JGCIUG Cx CSS S U Ln sf OL 'Yu as uw fo w V fwmfj LXWVN Nfl w Wm n X qaf md mn Hn q mn wwwm durmq mfs xshw qv: ma r- q f- rf Un+ gf if-J Q M ffm r fv f N7 IUC f fn arm f for HJ , 1 0 an ,X Q f O ff w w L Harcwom fro X Or'Or T + vm ww S + rur VBJJ O fi NUT OV' Jifm KMCWJ MQ S Z V fu, ummnx O Km r Jim nf af mu' u 'Hman fn uf r m M r :J 0 ww w forma f mor, max Fiffm an c as FXUHI ar far 5 and 0 Hu a f m 0 rw PG if 1 FW Ou? an n r rwmfx nqravf d On O sdwoo mfg J F L Q .. ., RV f foumfr, Va ff JWQ f WWWIHLNOVT 0 'Vu O f X V4 U fV F V WV! ?VOVTW QVHUUG P f rm foum 3 wf for advwg on 'iw organ' afwon of an Auffw 'YW lg 'TM V V' HS ,OVW CS G NS f r Uv ff r' r ' ., f A-'xkffo 1' Q 3544? ' fy, N ,Q Qf 're Q 'Q O? cfga"rg a View '3n'Ifm5h'. be O3 2 1 GL45:+3S ?FEF.3 Hlqb Sch i ' f e G J k, abs '7P1?.W'TWzSCh li fHI's,, 'EfI',1 1 ww LN hxii HQ AN V f : 'bsmf Q rfdrrs 0 MQ 9 ,nl vm: DVQJGJVWL Q X. , ix: VAC:'pr3s'dQn+ NL' Wa Ph! 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Edin ,mf W: 'ruin' " 3 Ya 1QuJfkl?T!, Hu: Ffwuifw, fo Pm ? Q S+ 05. Q 2113 T' 41 sf ON f1Q'5viH::s gjm, 5 dj hf G P113 Qr H9 f , LY 3' Wm ' 2 "TL 'w"w4 ,u AHQH 'S Vw We " Q X535 1," Cas: ffhe I. Co ,J7 'cf 4' -'QQ' for 'Hs H V . We sneer 'o 'rw hr: CAVCLCCI slap on who Hhs? Hai .-ff 'H' vc'-G Him 72 CQVB7. VVC'iL7','. YH! 'ffiil Q12 uf VV: HMM H.. 3 Uffvsd 'fs 4'F?QrgrN rm Ls C5911 ,N g, 1. H. 1 1 fa" W" Cu Ycq.: in WW, 61' HTVDLLXC' SHPE. BEM: 'wc prqji Q XF U 7 rdcf, mum :q :nfs H1 Q mme' V X3 of ffm' sclqooh i HM: , fy, fskf ,4 ,. f Q- 3 '3 ' I , , A220C'f1"5rf QI . War fo HV On? a'd 'L Sic f WW' a rv 13:10 f H 231 4 bi' H31 M ni' fi weve. if 'yff LAS-Q' 13' rim? F75 HAZ, SCHCZN ',M:'i':'1'7 aff HELET 'fu 'alfi an a.f7v' 'W 'Q in of Wm- A ww' ASQLCZJH '4',' N ln 'pfwgf 'fp F wav: Y' az nj A 0000000000 T I-I E T R O J A N 00000000010 SENIOR HISTORY TnTTTa ea W2 eT a hugh sTanoard whTc we a rnpTeo To lTve u o The succeedmg years Wearmg our creenness we made quTTe a oTcTure as we eluded The dangerous Sophs or raTseo caTn Tn The classrooms I-Iowever we soon seTTled down To The rouTTne and proved To The world ThaT we oossess d hgh aThleTT an scholasTTc ab IT s Mr Bxby was our guTdTng lTghT and by hum wc w re able To s T a True cours Tor The voyage TusT begun Arne B Tgen was el cTco our presTdenT buT unTor TunaT ly leTT school dur ng The year nd Ohver Terry assumed The prexys role whTch he held unTl The eno oT Th JunTor year The Sophomore year Tound The orTgTnal class brols r' n anlcs ouT noT Tn spTr Ivlan members had Tauled To reTurn wlnule as many n w sTudenTs Toolc The olace oT The old We also losT our sponsor Mr BTxby who r Turned To college Tor posT graduaTe worlc gone buT noT TorgoTTen Mr Johnson a newcom r was cnosen as our class leader To rcrnaun Tn ThaT capac Ty Tor The Tollow ng Thre years WTTh a conTTdence derTved Trom experTence we soon ooT nTo our True sTrTde As Sophs one oT The TTrsT Torma' evenrs we enT reo TnTo was The persecuhon oT Th Freshmen ThTs we accomplushed Thoroughly and eTTTcTenTly alIevTaTTng Tn a measure The memory oT The hurnTlTaTTon we reccuved The prevToJs yea The Junuor year was desTTned To eclTpse all prevTous years IU successTul accom plTshmenTs As Though realuzung ThaT The clTmax oT our careers was apmdly approach Ing we expanded our eTTorTs and nunrcrous leaders arTTsTs wrTTers musTcTans and scholars came To The TronT To claTm Thesr places We TnTroduced The AcTTvTTTes CornmTTTee Torm oT class procedure as a resul our class was a perTecT model oT organTzaTTon I rder To obIaTn TTnance Tor The Junuor Senuor bangueT we sponsored a comedy called Who WouldnT Be Crazy7 whuch Turned ouT To be The season s greaTesT success WTTh aoundanT TTnancTal means To supporT us The success oT The baroueT was assur d and we eahzed anoTher malor Truumph Llce a lghT ThaT had reached TTs TullesT brTllTancv we sTepped uo and assumed The role oT Sensors From The orTgTnal TTTy members The class had dwTndled To Th rTy sTx Tn The TTnal year The only o her change Tn The class was n The person oT presTdenT Gordon I-Topluns succeedung Qhver Terry as lcader WTTh prude and The lcnowledge ThaT Thus was To be our lasT year Tn hTgh school The SenTor aThleTes exerTed Themselves and made hTsTory Tn every branch oT aThleTTcs sTTll more Tmpressuve was The TacT ThaT our hTghesT scholasTc average was a record hTgher Than any oTher prewously reached aT FITS Qu class olay a Three acT mysTery called The CaT o Nune TaTls reoreser'ed our greaTesT cTTorTs oT The year Coop eraTTon and excellenT dramaTTc abTlTTy made possuble The recoro aTTendance and grand perTormance whTch characTerTzed haT lasT TrTumph oT The year DebaTe and oramaTTcs cla med The aTTenTTen oT a large porTTon oT our class The Junuor Senuor bangueT gTven Tn our honor was Thoroughly enloyeo by veryon As a TTTTTng clrmax To our evenTTul ToJr years oT school llTG we decrded To wear caps and gowns Tor The Con'T'nencemenT exe cTses and Tor The BaccalaureaTe s vnces boTh OT whTch were TnnovaTTons aT FTTe To Mr Johnson our sponsor we are greaTly TndebTed Tor ms never TaTlTng cooperaTTon and lcnd leadershup durTnc The lasT Three years ln hc same degree we are TndebTeo To The TaculTy Tor Ther TnTellTgenT guldance Through The TormaTTv pe lOd OT our lTves N v ' n ' ' H 1 ,- T ,. , , , , ,. - , UR l y' r, 8, S h Ve. p T . T J T T 1 - , e T c d II Te. . . . . . T - l A C S I 3 . T .T ' . e e a - , - fs ' - ' ' Tv T I T o T . . , . Tl 9 . . . . l . .. W eT T r :'. Tr! I It 3 I T . V! Q I - T . e - T . D , , -' . T. , O, - h l T T I 0 c . l ,T T J . - T T . . T T ' 9 C T T .. . u. . L I r' T . .- r - V, T T T T T T . n O ' . . TT T TT . T . T . . G I' ,T T , - . I T ' . , . . 4 . . T T- . TT ' . . . X A K W , , I . . . . . I T . . r A - I T T , T' T , f . ' . . .. . T T . . + . - I . . . . . , , - ' ' Q 3. . . . v . T . , T V er' n y I I I - ' Q ' ' T L Q , .J 4 ' . . T . . . . . A ' ' l I - s. r . awawouaraffaxaaeoseouo THE TROJANma:0w0wa01 YOSHIO ASAHARA Yosh The rmlocsf 'narners wr qerrlesf head Club I asc 2 3 Leherrnens Club 4 FRED BEVEGNI Max ve ha your ., od nafure C ass Vice Pres I Aq C un al 4 Srn Huqhes Corfererce 2 Vu e s F 4 Lelferrre s Cluo ge M naqe 3 4 1 e ALICE CROSS H IT luke rhe nu hr aoos much fo her charm Glee Club 2 ESTHER GIUS Fanny Salulaforlan Domq good where qoco s eeded cv Gr u Se yTreasurer Cass 2 3 C ass Play 3 4 Hnqh Leaders Conference I 4 GIrlS Cl b Conference2 Asst Ed Fnfon Ian 3 Secy Sfudenl Councn 3 Treasurer Sludenf Course' Edlfor Flforflan 4 Edlor Troqan 4 Alurnnl Mernrcrlous Award II HIROMI HAMANISHI Ham He held hrs sea? a I e fx ro lhe human race Er+ered from Surnner I-I ch e al Ten WALDE CARLSON Rnnka m rry as Ihe Gay onq C ass Assernb -es 2 LOU IS DACCA Dac e hcarf fo conceive the undr- slandmq lo dlreef fhe hand to execute A Club I Pres Aq ub ass Play 3 A 3 Wnnner Vo Aq Trophy 3 Smlfll l'lUQhes Conference 2 Sfocx Judqvrq Team 4 Class Acllvmes Corn 3 FRANCES GIUS S um A qood hear? as be er n a h word le Club I I '1 Tr 4 Baskelb 0055 PlGY 3 4 Commercial Club 4 Slale Shorfhand Con 3 Glrls Club Conference 3 Hnqh School G1rls S or? Day 4 Acflvmes Com 3 CAROLINE HEILIG Carrie Rune In wrs om s buf pahen? and sample and Chrldlllre Glee Club 7 Class Play 3 ' A l , L d 'ne I Ag . BN ba I Oh, fo tha If H l ll no ' "As e I ls I, zf Footf ll, 2. af 3 lm- l . . N I -C . I I . 3. Pre. , F. A. 21 SCC'v F. F. A. 3 1 - " ' 42 Sva G r W j B.s - sad I. "Th 4 ' V HAI.. -' I , Or " an A 'qu I ' cz : . CI ' 2? Cl A ,4g Pres. F. F. l . 1 . ' 2. 3: TVOIGH 4: Vrqejlfres. F. F. A, V .. I. .. - ' ' ' " ' f ' H r' fha' ull fhe eads In fhe seg ws' csb I, 21 " C' ,l r 3 Ge ,SIP-lo'-12 ' - I I V 3, 43 clan g all 23 . 2 I U ' V I - l C I l - I les? 51 I ' ' I . , . :I L, . I A N p H N " ' H ' Aa' 1 she, ' ' - ri 'V A - I. ' 2. 'Bas b I 2, 3. l l 4. H ' -Q saeouowomo-THE TROJAN-oxow-ouaua GORDON HOPKINS Hvppv re uuslle for success couraq ln adverslly Enlered from Washlnqfon Jr Hugh Yakurna2 Slu nl C uncll 2 3 Sludenl Body Treasurer 2 3 Glee Club 2 eoresenlahve H S C C ass Pres 4 Trolan 4 C ass Acllymes Com 4 FUKASI- I KURAMOTO Scosh sorl Of gurl of w rn re qlad w can y know her s elball I 2 Class 3 4 Hr Leaders Conference Flfonlan 4 Trolan 4 Commercial Club 4 Girl Cub Play Day 3 Class Ac hylf es Com 3 4 PAULINE MAY Pony True hearfed friend ol a lrue friendship Enlered from Sfewarf Ta coma 2 Fnfonuan 3 C ss Play 3 4 Cornrnerclal Club 4 Slale Typunq Conlesl 3 Sfafe Shorlhand Conlesf 3 lh School Glrls SDOM5 Day 4 Class Acnymes Co FRANK MELLO Freak Heres a man everyone rn y call friend eball I 2 3 Basker o a ock Judqxnq Team Smith Hughes Conference 2 ass Play 3 Vce Pres F A 3 Glee Club2 4 Treasur e A 4 Leflerme Club 4 VIVIENNE HILLGREN IV The flash of her keen eyes foferunnlnq The fhundcr Enfered from Franklln Hrqh chool Seallie 3 Cornrner c Club 4 HIMIKO KIBE Hlml On know Thee buf O love Thee none name Yhee but lo pranse Commerclal Club 4 BERNYECE LEWIS Kansas Happy am I from care l arn F98 W y are all not confenf Ink me7 Enfered from Puyallup 3 Class Assembly 4 EMMETT MEEK Meek hs enouqh Enlered from Woodrow :son Jr Hugh Eugene reqor- 2 olball 3 Class Play 3 4 Class Secy Treasurer 4 Sec y Leflerrnen s Club 4 Andre Kolchkoe I spuraluon Trophy 4 Trolan 4 Marager Debafe Team 4 JAMES MULLEN Moon There IS no qreal qennus wlfhou a fnnclure Ol rn d ness Enfered from Gaull Inler medzale Tacoma I Foofball 2 3 4 F:foman4 Lefferrnens Club 4 Trolan 4 Eleven T nv. .. S , . - ial . HA 9 Q ' , 5 . . O ' "N e l . ', , ' . de ZA O , 3 R " ' . , . 32 ' . l - I I . . : ' 2 l 1 l "A ' ho we' 1 H e sa 'l " X . f I ' Ba lf A , 1 Play h' 3 42 I' ' g ' g Pres. . . I . 5, ' l g - .. . X -"A man of slerlinq worlh- . U V 1 ' W4l . ' , . ' A .- 5 O . . Fo , '42 'l - X 5 . 2 , ,,, H Q - - - ' ' l : ' : 4, ' 3' ' ' " 5 ' ' Q ' a - Bas , , 3 ball I, 2, 3, 41 FO lb Il 3, 43 S+ ' ' 33 - cu " 5 1 - . .Fl 1 y , " ' , ' ' rl F. . 3 l V n's I ' 1.044-o':0:fafaf0s'0,f0f01f0'-THE TROJAN 00000000400 ROBERT NELSON Half Plnl' Whose IIIIIe bony Iooq d a rmghiy mmd CIub I Cla Assem es 3 Frfonlar' HAROLD NESS Alax A rnwd ar peace wnh QII r ereci from LIncoIn Sraqc Crew and EIecIr cnan 3 JOHN PASINETTI Pussy man o Chr-Cru FVIOFVOWS ebaII I 3 Aq 2 G-lee Cu Z Sie e Crew I 4 Leherrnen s C'u JIN SAGAMI 69 adunq rn kefh I man conference a readv rn n and wruhnq an exact VYIGVT eball I DOROTHY SMITH Dolly Her voice was ever soff qenfle and Iow ar' exceII Hung nn a woman Ian I ee u rr Sccy Gxrls Cub Vnce Pres Glrs u Ciass Play 3 HI Leaders Con ference 4 Pres Gu-Is CIUD 4 Twv ve JACK OHASHI Josh e wnoIe w rl I nos he ebo oIbaII on an 4 C Sec y Treasurer I CInss Sergeant ar Arms 2 Track 2 4 Ian 4 Leffermens CIub 4 WINSTON PETERSON Wlnnle Swleni bu? ow nob y he ebaII I Aq u 5D3 3 Leffermen Iub 4 HENRY SICADE Chuqqv me nooIesf rmnd The best conIenImenI has seb 1 I Lefier f"er's CIub 4 Cornrnercual CILJD 4 ELEANOR STOLEN Toors TI'e qer-fIe rmrd by qenf Deeds 15 known ass PIM 3 I Aq 7 ss - bu I, : ' ' fa. I ,"Tn o d Is Ms ' ' ' I' 9 'II ins! cuff? Ip Ir," Ev ' 2, Bas IIIgFo I,2 3, I ' V 4: FII I 3 I555 ' - 4. : ff Y ' - i , 3, 3 Tro- "He is f . I I " ' , II I yesferdays and confidenr To- did his Dorf." I Bas 5 CI b Ig Bas , 2, 5 CIub Poor' II 2, 3 's I, j I b Q Q C ' . ., 5 ' I b 4. ..S .. H JR. "Re ' a a uII W1 Y , I Ba .E I, 2, 35 - Bas , 2. I' I ' A t - en? .. .. . V t V C Tro' 3 GI CI b It Co . 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"g i' , Q N XT XXNx5 E kgfii .cu--'if' ,ff X1- MP5 A A 5 Mfr x 55-M- X ia' gi SSES 7? ..- ' --V , 'A 11' w' ll '4 v- , 'MDI' Hmnllg, 1 - f .- ,N I1 ,N HH ,mlm , , .1"',mmff'w"'1f!l H1 uf :f -nn lm' I 'IIWZMHIIIihuhhiniuinl X .""'H',.,anll I "hu ,L - V wil '..,l ' Q X X If ..-.U "rr ITF "ml 'galisilnlwwffffc A ' , ill v 'if' , X? - :':::.::" ,,,, ''IfmfmIlmlHI1lill'A, X sum' if-, 2 Illlmml A h u'!1h1l',Ie!' YI' . A fv.. 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' ' , 'l .' V L Fir Row--Lol? o l -MF ones Awmrcg Lfldwn' cr, Ml L. r, Kamerrlrd, C risfcnsfer, Konoo Smow c, Hoy", U r , , amamovc Ohasnl Kit- Uzhlda. Second RowYeNe , Swansc' GV yrs" E'sc.e" or, Kawcsah, K, Y Mda, Grow, Farm:-r Ka Ve cr Jornsor n Omsha, Buffs, Larsor, Kuranrflvo Yanvorn vo. H THr Row-N ri , "y San Uscr, Meu g Nr-'Q Hol, B nc, Turnbulf Hlq lan or Nlshi wa Tam. Funfa. FeJr'h Rcwflxl. osnisa, Klfzosnlval G- err Rv ?f'o', Ta: I Fullfa Za: Roz 1 l, Minfm, am l , . . 1 .VN . . . . S . - . .s J Y . . . . V Y . - , in I . I I I 6 l t . v VJES fowasafogofanafoua-10 T H E T R O J A N eofoxoxonauowanowa-10 mrs f ugh? 155 a n ss u an r lm T. I Kawaszf Tarn ra Alberf Yarnamoio Ohashl Morrlso H l man B veqrl Meuccl R qhnllo In a Ya uda I Johnsd Ihr- baech er Bornanocr Thorsor Sfrauch Larso Pcforak Ro ersm Kuoc Sakahara Oyamn Ohrnofo nwrd Row Lnnoms? Grofz Tarn,1r3 hrlstey Y guchl V Johrson Hwqn Casfer W Polky Anderson A ohn n o I vw m a x n Jn me dem Lavorll Praoer Foerlh Row Valenfa Parws Oakes Sucade Sferner A Holrndae 0 Holrndawe Murrev Warncr Smlfh enr Beved Mello Sfewarf Tullv Warqo H Pok SOPHOMORE CLASS Officers Presndenl Roberl' Davns Vlce Pressdenr James Murrey Secrelary Bessue Ohashn Treasurer Dorolhy Thorson Serqeanl al Arms l-lnroshn Tamura Advisor lvluss Rulh Fadness ASSING from 'rhe dnmly lnqhled Freshman pernod 'ro a more brughfly nllumnnaled slage +he Sophomores lhe largesl class In Hugh School have achueved a broader hornzon and wnder perspechve On Oclober 30 a lnH'le lale perhaps a parly was quvcn welcoming 'fhe Freshmen and a++ended by +he enhre sludenl body Across lhe foo+lngh+s nn lhe operelsa +he Sophomores dnsplayed lheur brnllnance havxnq bo+h lhe male and female leads Re Jean l-lnllman as Jerry and Palmer Pans as John Many olhers were an lhe suppcrhnq casl' ln fhe Sludenf Councel Alnce Sfrauch and Bessue Ohashn are each chairman of a commuffee ln a+hlehcs fhe class of 34 has placed more lhan :ls share of members on lhe +eanns The class of 34 feel +ha+ +hey owe a qreal deal lo Mnss Fadness for her much needed assuslance and guudance whuch have been mosl vnlal lacfors nn fhenr success E qhfeer A ng . Q T3 NX 3 T ,, 4 1 ff I H A T ,T N, 1 4 A 4 A , - - .. ' - ,QQ F' ' Row-Le? 'o R' -M' F de , Umeda Bra 'N De , Harls Kar' :fo Sagaml, Fu! shea ' 4 - , , T , ', A r, il. , c A, e ' . 'd, s , , P F' T, Second Rc.vfKaillcawa, Norisada, Breidenbacn, Hopkins. Mielkey, Tavemnra, Sakamofo, Fullfa, Byers, Schoenf T' --"' l, 'f,C' ,al 'Ai' L, .V ,,.J - so , Lll'ev, Y sh'da, Da 's, O sh , Fo , Doqe , Yo- q, ZW lx K "Q 'nf f' +. f"l, , , , . . l y. 0:00 www T H E T R O J A N 10-Qaeaeaaw-anon-0-f-0-l W-if .az ss sa el e M l r rn r r F r- Tacerrwra K 'nura M o lell Kuroda Krhana Yamamoto J Hanso ras ro'n Kawapa a M ss Bea? r e Ra er cond Row oqen lwda urn u a e r 1 can s o er r ov. 3 r rrolo Crawford L M Hon T e Jw n9'O M va Bres C ri ow ravfs ulver Walanapc C rson Rowe Blauvel Nc sor H our sc A M m M U s a for c e or el w Icnslvr lmor ls c Pl' 'nm Fourth Row Anderson Tamura Asahara R eq Kurrmoro P1 .Johnso H C lv' -4 ss G acc Fr wa es ra , env S eu H Cl- rslens r. e D FRESHMAN CLASS Officers Presldenl Roberl l-lagen Vice Presldenl Edwmn Bornander Secrelary Kar-mko Knmura Treasurer Marvin l-lopluns Sergeanl al Arms Waller Kr-udsen Advasors Mrss Moore and Muss Raber more lhan nnnely unorganmzed members each be-arrng a very dum 'lorch Freshman progress has been slow bul as lhe Freshmen became belfer acguarnled wulh each olher and lhe cusloms ol lh school lhese 'orches burned more brugh ly Upon enlernng lhus house ol lughl each lurlle Frosh was eleclroculce wulh paddles whuch resulled In a burnung desire +0 g T revenge uoon lhe ncxl year s Frosh Thus humble class has oulshone :ls 'lhrce suoernor classes by sponsoring a slcahng parly l-lonesly forces us lo adnnul' lhal ll was because we losl sn rhe lrogan selling conlesl Four Freshman forch bearers were members ol lhe champuonsh p wrnnrng Junror l-hgh loolball leam They were Fred Dupuus Donald Fells Wnllnam Rozensln and Roberl l-lagen Each member ol lhe Junuor l-l gh baslcclball leam was a Freshman Ralph Nelson and Necra Vooys shcne brnllnanflv ID rhe Sludcnl Councnl as our represenlalrves ll lhe Freshmen have done so well v ulh lheur Ir++l lorches whal can Th y do wrlh lhevr more ellechve melhod of ullumrnahon nexl year7 P . . . . . , , . , ,. X 'N , 0 rw 'Fl , fi C3 - D, y a "' s -'k 'S I - 1 , I 6, 4 A ff vw- ' ,L , ,1 xf .V - - I ' -- Q 4 s 'K V N A, , ' n FWS' Row-Lol' fo Rlqh'-Ml I b l cow, B. Ga e ls'-'ga l-la an'sh', . Ha :cr rr A H . M-l , I , ' , , . r, No ' . , L- ' , C, Swan", l-'Q m':: J. Jzhfsi' r ' r c b . Se c iD , ' A Tl b ll, M. G l , Farrwe, M'll e, 'T r X Vnoys, E. SN a" W r-fer, Samsre Ma u ' Y , . l , ulll , K a r r , Q l, S ', t Thl f R ffV :,C ' , ' a' , , 1 5 "rs, K".j 2 . 5'1?', Flo' 'S Je. rle BON' nl , K sslei Gr g y, T llrg, Ro S e' . R1 cl' -', AH- ., . W , C , , e ', ' ' , '. " a"fS, . 'ues Ia"'o: Me mer ov'2', H f c N55 'ia , Re , llccbe, B ur, Dlx an, lr 'c , " 9' B rlr Kawz, uou s. lll-l ' ' I , c ' ' , . . . 1 . A , . V . . . . 6 . - I M ' I - . . . . . . ra . " ' ' e , e ' NFO' nn 000 THE TROJ 0000 Twenfy Q l i Q 1 fx R ffff W ATQHUEETHIQS k ,V : -LW, sx ,fl if V 0, K L 12k V f f ' i i ' '32, fi' A - . .,r ff' A 1 5 - Y Z A , 1 X 1,1 f T ui X g S' 4 ' " 4:,f f4,f, RQ I l ,Y l N A f "'N"" '-M f' X ' 'y,Jf, ,Ev-Nfsxnvxs V M .,, 61afffHfpfwf f X, H gr E T JAN 0000000000 ,fn sT T RqhT o s da l y e O as Ed M os Seco d R Roberf Be eq a aqer eo Via 0 lr SS D l 5 d o e e e 'T Meek Malo aTk C J les Z TTel Ca a as H FOOTBALL lTl-l The vucTorues oT The I93l TooTball Team br ghTly Toreshadowlng The TuTure 3I boys un cleaTed shoes Took To The aThleTlc Tneld when Coach Enochs called Tor The TursT TooTball TurnouT OUT of Thus nun ber only Trve were previous leTTermen buT Those remaunrng alThough inexperienced nn The grad game Turnushed excellenT pros pecTs Tor TuTure Teams ln The TlrsT game wuTh The sTrong Bannbrudge Hlgh Tcam The Trolans were unable To score buT by playing a sTrong deTcnsuve game held Thenr opponenTs scoreless The second and Tnnal game broughT TogeTher The Two evenly maTched Teams FuTe vs Vashon The Trolans had a pep rally Tor Thus occasuon and wlTh The Vashon Team equally eager To wnn The game proved To be an excrTung one No Team had any greaT advanTage and There was ne scoring unTuI The Thurd quarTer when The Vashon Team broke away on several play To make The TnrsT Touchdown oT The game The Try Tor polnT was good making Th score 7 O The Trolans however benT on wnnnung rallued un The TourTh quarTer ard wuTh a conT1nued series oT lane bucks and oower plays Torced The opponenTs over Their goal lnne Twrce and were wnTh1n scornng TerrrTory when The Tnnal whusTle sounded The game ended wuTh The score I3 7 an Tavor oT The Trolans The backheld was l1ghT buT TasT Frank Mello an excellenT klcker played Tullback Jack Ohash: and Sakae YamamoTo were TasT halTs and Ed Mnnnuck Tulled The quarTer oack posuTuon an Tune sTyle Brewer Tully and Jnmmy KnnoshuTa showed up well aT end posuTuons Jam Mullen and Fred Beveqnl Turnushed heavy dependable Tackles whale Shugeo WakamaTsu and EmmeTT Meek Tloured promnnenTly aT guard pos:Tuons Chuck ZuTTel capTann oT The Trolan squad showed Tune skull aT ccnTer SubsTuTuTes Tor The lrne were Raymond T-lolT Oluver Terry Nobuo Yoshida Tsuyoshu KuramoTo Gene Beksunksl James Slack Magor WaTkunson and Melvnn STew arT Tor The backheld Johnny ProberT Palmer Paris and l-lenry Zak Tcfvo T H R O ' ' ' - F T' ' ' ' T il., . , 4 -we r 1 , - 1 .W -i R -- , V ' IF Qu 'Q N Flr Row0LefT o i -N buo Yo hi , O iver Terr , M lvln STewarT, Sakae Varnarnam, Jack h hi! Tn- nick, James Kin hifa. r owf v ni IM n 2, Shlq ' -r 'naTsu, Fra' Me' o Jam Mullen, Jann Pro er, Don lo Turnbull. Henry Zak, James Slack, Joseph Mello lMarager'. Thlr R w-Fr d B v grl, Emr-'wr'-. , ' r W lnsonl hw l l DT Tnl, R 'mend ol' B'ewer Tullr, . . . V . Z I T g Y A I 'G ' . . V . il ' . . I I I . 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Joe lvlell lwo 1 OG o f- - hand 'n e Xl.- Q eefeeo l ul lvl, l lol ld l r 'lp' lei s' l :1 mn '53 e, ff - L o. ,' e xlzj, Zlllal lf sll l l lq ',, glee- 'lv feere 'n Iwo .l Fife, 'llle lre'f ' n. erwen' s'rlel lralmng, ' p, H, allen lor 'ne , RW l ll '- le , e 'moe 'Jon were d le le ' ln 'ne lA l ,w lllls ' e l I d 'nus e e el' .' 'S '. File 25 ' - 48 Fil 29 X ' 27 Fll 26 l 25 Fl- 35 ' I4 lille 47 f 25 Fla 25 e 24 File E5 Roy 29 Fll I3 f 37 Flo 35 rl'n 26 F" l5 43 Ed lvln 'ek 'a,ed We 1 , Tng g 1 o J 1 f, l' l ll' . l-ll s' oofr-lf, ln llwelill ,' 'W , f l Jo ls! l ' A . S ' e ner' yea . ,lf nf 4? oflffc was , E , l ,egg T - wlleel ol llxe T ' e , l-ll aoflly f .e d o " A s alot if fl lil, s. ' ' X ,llw leur al Flle, Ch . 'lel rl 'e ' l enler: s I e T J. l-ll vblllf lo ls lne ' fl if ,ll la also, , ,e ' ,fn 3 l . ' . A y . lf lc l ll ' FY ' 4' ' f ll f . lole lm ,' e , ' f ' 7 ' , be- ' ' e' -. ' . l l l 1' ' l,' in a rl llar slyle, J K , ,X ,nl gl av' vlllw lll l'rsl le m E. l ff . llwe re ' , l 7 ' ll 'l els 1 1 e . , l ' l A' ' . '. - Wlle l g ' ' g l de lwl, e'l bl , lt. J le X le . l 'I een 0-xanovowov THE TROJAN-v0-102-0v0 f 0000001001001 T T R O J A N fmeasaasorofowfoaeasaa wr- VS I' rv W armor. e oh B nn n u I' G ersx JUNIOR HIGH TOUCH FOOTBALL HE Junior l-hgh Touch Foorball ream lnlshed he rnosl successful season rn rhe hlsfory of 'rhe school Under lhe coachung of Mr Rlce and Mr l-laqeness lhe baby lrogans lunushed lhe season undelealed QQ nr ri f a 9 ie son ode 15 or er-s 1r1 rr o L M V ru orn ssrn M me JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL AND MIDGETS HE Junior Hugh Baslcelball leam was able lo praclxce only during a shorr hme before school and al noon however They came fhrough wllh a good record wnnnlng leur qarnes and losing Three T lf. is 4 ,N L. . . X :N . ' Q: - vu 2, I . N' If 4. f I 4 4 T ' f ' I , . ., " 1 F , ff I 1. - - I Y - "J I ' x x 1 1 . fy Y. . , , ' 4 I .x I I F " I 1 , , - 1 ' ' f x , Y' " , ' M ' 'X ,vm H IT I fl If I Fl f RWM-Lf-5' 'o Rlqhf-Kenrefh Kn..M'4 Eal B.'f2l1r:noJ:h. Snqfyrq Ron-fKI.llo nr Q 1, Donald F lrs, Jose umm Frou Dsosis QC.apl-1' l, Do Jlfl Kr 'qv-r, Daha KAN:- sn Ea Rvws. Tnrri R A fM', Hsqeness Yoshlo Doqww, Josvnh YJrn3'rrz'C Lv 'XVI Fife'-:r Rzoerf Hager Kr-' Saga" ly HS" K."'1'2 'Nh Tyr' R Z 'E' Mr. Rlce. 1 ': 'nw J-.L 45 .. 4 . v ' - 'cf I uh L - FFS' Riwf-Leu fo R73 -CMI qesl Will rn Rozersvl Sefygf: l':a Ne? An' f , R 'Eclc Davls F'e': Dlsfs Ke"'r K1'.'7, Sf'C':"i Row -VBc vefrzalll E' R.. KMQ .gf Jose l' BNN? Gfrfarql lls, mr H l , I-Illrrmr Mu ef, Prior lfrrbf' KN' Saqurnl, r. RA. , NG.-Av INV, 0000000000 T H E T R O J A N f000000000 TRANSIT GLORIA x I' J 'T r f w1I if 'TT S IT Whgn Inrawm fII wi ww f a s :if DTT qw H das II 3 f IT ,-X, f spa df' V 'WV f MUNDI W: C491 Jf' Nu SIC EJ gg, KI -r,'grFf5,:" "VV: II mr, " F4 yn' If L,"1'I',"Ri R f'v'1'I7f' 'IV' If ': 'Wa' , ww: ,PQ fu HI-IQ CH wrI'H3m If -' We Fig 52 Vu IffI'i1fIf, Nong 'N Ifaxff' Iwzifs IW? gfhm ani "Ov Lis, 1 fum. H: iaky, 'Im rjzg '2 'W : Q33 Ar " ,Iw"IIIf3 fy ,IW ' "IIE w Xf,P'z3IuI Bu' cc! C :fs azwnia' hefc Cb New 'wf fe A TT1l','f1'TT!j Sf1,IC i'H 4i II qi .gm ay? I' I'1IIf ff TAI , '11 TT"1'T'l', nm : imvtf, 'VH 'M V "7 MJF: BfIiIcf, In AIM: ,Fi-I'f1"' qfv -I "M: M:,1'IM fa 'vnu APU 55 FQ 'vii 'hp Qmi Qidnq vi, "Q" Frftfrw :vcr-, CQYF If W3 :gui .,.:"K-1 "1 : 3AQ', Bm Ms mr 'IV ,:"I'II'fl 'RTI' a'w1I'- I 'M-1 -1 If ' I' gf Imf: cw 1, - "TC"'T"I" wg-fa" ' " .wx If fy? AII MC I1 I C ffv LF f 3 aII IFJ v"'f ami ,aI 313 Mgt Wf M32 .mi :Em-'AI'T"'g1"' ', W iv Q' 'P - -'w""'q 'V3 Arm CII IIN: II'If 'Q 'IV' fIII'I"'I' :w.,Ig1 I :fw7v0 lfifzii vu Ffa--,:':T1I Hy' 3 fxI"'PC1 'HQ i' IMT 14 0000000000 T H E T R O J A N 0000000000 TO DO THEIR BEST 'Yr n ,xx r v, fu . '.l"'W xl: v' vw , " ' V 'Al' 'u T F-,--3 L f1"" .C U, T: " 'F' ' - 3 ':, If 'W-171' f'."': '2 5 E :ff :Z jf" 1. T ,,,J VTQL. 115' "Q i"1 Zrjf- ' 'L L, :. .n,',:n 'yH,V :LIN Qowo-x0n0THE TROJAN'0v0v 0000-0001000 T H E T R O J A N 10000000000 SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAT ONINE TAILS S Their annual oTTer1ng The Sensors oT The F1Te T-hgh School presenTed CaT o Nune Tauls a Three acT mysTery play The sTory cenTers abouT The operaTuons oT a Tamed 1nTernaTuonal croolc lcnown only as The CaT o Nine Tauls Papers valued aT mnlluons by Torelgn powers lcepT un a luxurious hunTxng lodge near The Canadian border IU Marne are desnred by The crook The sTory moves rapidly and lnTeresTungly Through a series oT mysTeruous sequences which promise To lceep The auduence guessing Susplcuon lmmeduaTely Talls upon a number oT characTers buT as The sTory progresses The soluhon rs as unsolved as aT The beginning SrnlsTer noTes hidden under hearThsTones or crashung Tnrough windows maslced Tlgures chlllung screams murder all seem To be 1nTluenced by The hypnoTuc power oT The masTer crook ScsnTnllaTung comedy adds souce and charm To The sTory An unexpecTed climax IS reached amudsT a surrounding oT Terror and bewllde menT as The CaT o Nine Tails ldenTuTy us revealed The play leTT The audience gasping aT The Tall oT The Tunal curTaun Tne casT was as Tollows James Gordon Sr MasTer oT Gordon Lodge Louns Dacca Mrs Gordon hrs nervous wuTe EsTher G us Jummy Gordon Their son EmmeTT Meelc Theodora MaeTland a Trlend oT The Gordons Carolune T-Teulug Henry The chore boy Chas ZuTTeI Jacob Webber careTaker oT The lodge Mayor WaTkunson BeTTy Webber has daughTer Eleanor STolen Pox a deTecTlve Shugeo WakamaTsu Miss SmuTh a Temale Sherlock T-Tolmes Frances Guus BrudgeT The cook Pulcashu KuramoTo Peggy hor daughTer Pauline May Brown Boys l-larold Ness Prank Mello Johnny PasuneTTa . ,, " T' I ' T ,.-. ,Ti- ll , Il A ..,, T T. . T . . .. . . . . T . . . . . . r- . . . , , . . . T - ' Q .. rr - . , ' ' T - . rv .. . Twvrtvfc qhT mowammaaaomaio T H E T R O J A N 0000000000 lil S1 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY H' Happened In Hollywood HE annual Junuor play lf Happened an l-lollywood was presenred on March 4 under The dlrecluon of The Class advnsor Mass Dorolhy Jones The selhnq ns an rhe home of Mrs Pembrolce Margarel Olson of Hollywood Jarvus Sidney Gallerl The burler renls The home ro Alan Tremayne Ed M nnzclcl a boy wnrh movue aspvraruons and Torn Garrnly Ruchard Rysledr a press aqenr Tom hnnls To Jarvus 'rhar Alan ns The rumored run away prrnee and an order 'ro qe+ pub luculy Alan wrlh The help of Tom 'rhe press agenl gzves The newspapers rhe Informa hon Thar fhe prunce IS rn l-lollywood nncoqnrro On The same day Josre Pembrolce Vnvuan Ness The daughrer rerurns from Europe wurh Prnncess Dolores Rurh Smedley To Tnd +ha+ The house ns renred 'ro a prince Prlncess Dolores by The way rs runnnng away from a forced marrnage ro a prunce To see whar he IS lulce They dress as servanrs agacnsl' Jarvis w ll Larer Dolores duscovers Thar Berr Kennerh Nehf The recenlly hored chauffeur rs The real prunce They meer ID an unusual way and Tall ID love ln The meanhme Alan falls un love wlrh Josue Two weelcs laler Mrs Pembroke relurns unexpecredly on accounr of Illness +o drscover her home In a commohon Alrer ex lanarlons were lven Jarvws was F3 Q Torquven Thar same day Snr l-lumphrey Raymond l-lolr +he prrnces quarduan comes To l-lollywood and us grearly pleased To hear Thar Berr and Dolores are engaged The manor characrers are Messenger boy Salcae Yamamo+o Doreen Downunq Esrher Swanson and Polly Oconnor Lows Andre movie aclresses and Phylls Duganne Vnolef Guhlsrrom a reporler T 9 . T ' Seafrrfz-inf' lc RFqnViLeTs Ardre- Viola' Glnlsvem, Vvvla' Ness Marqaref O'so', S'nrf1r'qfS'f1'c. Ca er' Rawrcfx He' Kerr-'r NN' Run Smefxev, R'c'v': R.sfes' Ez. M"'T:- Sabat- Ynnramorc, E hc-r Swmsor. n - ll i l' A l tl- - . . l T ' T- . . . ' l . li - . . ' l ' ' . 7- z A T . . l . l. T . . . ' . l l- . ' . - g ' 1 T ' ' - T ' 1 y A T U nf c u T. H T T. : I M l lr - wen y'-n' xonaxoxoa THE TROJAN:0x010a00v0-fawmowo W s Ms svssvl s H M FACULTY PLAY Believe Me Xanhppe ELIEVE ME XANTIPPE a four acl farce comedy was presenled by lhe lacully members under lhe dmrechon of Mnss Alexander ll was dushngulshed by lhe brnllnanl achng displayed by each characler Clever lnnes and comedy busxness kepl lhe audience rockung wnlh laughler lhrouqhoul lhe evenunq The play beglns un New York where MacFarland Mr Enochs makes a bel wrlh Sole Mr Race and Brown Mr l-lageness lhal he can commll a crime and escape arresl lor one year Eleven monlhs laler weary lrom has chase Maclzarland slrays unlo a hunhng cabun an lhe Rocky Mounlanns where he meels Dolly Kamman lM1ss Jones a dauqhler ol Sherulrl Kamman Mr Wnlson Dolly recoqnuzes MacFarland lhrough hus use ol hns lavorlle phrase and she arresls hum She also caplures Srmp Calloway Mr Rucel a desperado wanled lor murder Macliarland and Sump are laken lo lhe counly Ianl ln Della Colorado Jusl as MacFarland seems doomed lo remaun un Ial he us saved by Sole and Brown who come lo claim The paymenl ol lhe wager l-lowever lhrough lhe helo ol Dolly Maclzarland wmns lhe bel l-le also wins lhe gurl Mr Johnson as Wrenn lhe slow movnng lauler Mass Myers as Marlha Dollys easily shocked aunl and Miss Fadness as Vuolel a chemlcal blond were lhe olher members ol lhe casl who added qreally lo lhe success ol lhe play Th rly l l Lol? lo Rlqnf-Mr. lson Mis Fedness, is Jorcs Mr. Eroch , E P ,er Mr. Rce, Mr. ageness, r. Johnsof. ll 0 - In I I' 1 I 1 H I . . . ., . ,. l - l l - l . . V . l - l- . . I ., . ,, I . . X ,. . .. . . . V . ' I 1 ., ,. . . . . , i 000001100000 T H E T R O J A N mmmvavamamw GLEE CLUB PLAY Jerry of Jerlcho Road HE curlann nses upon +he fursf scene of Jerry of Jencho Road lhe operella presenled by 'rhe Glee Club and durecled by Mass Bcalruce Raber The scene as land In lhe Mudwesl Alan O Day lllranlc Mello a weal+hy Easlerner Lefhce Banlcs Rulh l-loplnns favors lhe malch on accoun+ of Alan s money Alan goes Wes+ and runs a 'rournsl carnp Lelhce Banks her husband Kennelh Nell and Sandy follow Alan Jerry ReJean l-lnllrnan owner of oul land adloununq Alan s camp fearing arresl a a resulf of an aulo accudenl hares oul +o Alan John Draylon Palmer Paras wushvnq lo locale Jerry rn order +o buy her lano hxres l-lunler Charles Zflfel +o help hum bul l-lunfer lhe vlllaun of lhe plece wanls +he land for humself Mr Bean from Boslon Gordon Byrn also wanls +o buy The land Mum' Loss Andre locales Jerry John and Jerry lall IH love bul Jerry belueves fha+ John and Munn: are lryung fo cheal her oul of her land Aller several excxhng evenls lhe vullaun IS exposed and Johns Innocence ns proven All ends happily as Alan and Sandy forgave and lorqel and Jerry promises never lo doublr John again Olher characlers are Uncle Pele Ernesl Lavorlnu Dora lYeulco Kawasalcu A lap chorus dlrecled by Mxss Myers a ghosl chorus mnnuel gurls quarlel boys quar+e+ masquerade chorus and a Jrourusls chorus added grea+ly +o +he success o lhe produchon Th ly ffl 0 . C O C V U 'Q Q1 , y 4 A y. 'N "L , f A. x wanls lo marry Sandy lJulia Loidhamrnerl buf Sandy rejecls hlm because her molher. ' - l l ' . l el . 0000000000 T H E T R O J A N 0000000000 CQ M.- sf l Rqhf a e as e M essc as o Q Leoef Esfhe G s Alea er ecod Ro ce Sla H as moo o a r oa Alb? O o rrh R asafo Ta a ofa Roos? Ne Jack Ohash th Ro es M 'i a a als ck Ts yosh K ramolo FIFONIAN S lhe incandescenl lamp perlecled by Edison illuminales Jrhe world so does The Fifonian shine on and reveal Fife High School life The slafl was chosen some hme affer school sfarled consequenlly rhe hrs+ issue did no? appear unhl Ocrober Aller lhal' 'fume +wo hundred copies appeared every +wo weelcs Esrher Gius held 'rhe edilorshup lhroughoul lhe year The Freshman Sophomore Junior and Senior classes 'rhe F F A and The Girls Club each pul ou+ special issues Aller lhe grumblers were warned rhal rhey would be responsible for one issue 'rhey mysreriously disappeared and were heard from no more The edi+or Es+her Gius arlended The lournalusm sechon of lhe Hugh School Leaders Conference held a+ 'rhe Universlfy of Washinqlon from which she brouqhl baclc many inrereshng and helpful sugqeshons The slaff ol fhe Fifonian is as follows Ednlor Eslher Gius Assis+an+ Edulor LaVone Leberl' Faculfy Advisor Miss Alexander Sporls Ediror Ed Munniclc Arhsls Masalo Tamura Jaclc Ohashi l-lumorisfs Jim Mullen Tsuyoshi Kuramolo Feafures Ray Yamamolo Fulcashi Kuramoro Reporlers Pauline May Karherzne Yamamolo Bessie Ohashu Alberla Omsha Willa Erspamer Julia Loidhamer Alice Sfrauch Roberr Jacques Ed Bornander Lloyd Sample Rob err Nelson Shuqeo Walcamalsu Masao Ohmolo Frances Gius Th rfyf I- T ,4,g" -x- .zf-H . .. XV x 1 y ' Fir Row-Left O ii fK QF rire Y mamovo Paulin ay, B i Oh hi, LaV rr ' rl r iul Miss Lilian x nd A S n w-Ali r uc-, Fuk hi Kura f I Julia L iflh me, Willa Ers, mer, Frances Giusl era msha. Third Rowalloberl Jacques, Edwin Barnanderx Lloyd Sample, Masao Ohmovo, F u ow-M mura, Ray Yarn rn r 'son, i. Fll- W-Jam ullen, S igeo W k 'n u Ed Minnl V u I u . i . . - I i ' i i - - ' - . I. 1. . . . . . V -W i i V I I I - i -wo 0T0K0f.0x0-nanazowana T H E T R O J A N aranafaco-100101010 llh. s f ToR as s STa d Y STUDENT COUNCIL Officers Presudem' Charles Z1TTel Vlce Prcsrdenl' Ray YamamoTo SecreTary Alnce STrauch Treasurer EsTher GIUS l-TE STudenT Councll IS The governung body oT FuTe l-hgh School lT us composed oT Ten members enghT represenhng The classes and Two from The sTudenT body aT large Ralph Nelson and Necna Vooys represenTed The Freshman class Alnce STrauch and Bessie Ohashu The Sophomores Ed Munnsclc and Tsuyoshn KuramoTo The Junlors Charles ZuTTel and Ray YamamoTo The Sensors and EsTher Guus and Oliver Terry The sTudenT body as a whole Mr Enochs and Mrs l-lursch acTed as TaculTy advnsors AT The T:rsT meeT1ng commuTTees were appounTed each one In charge of a cerTaun phase of The year s acTnvuT:es such as aThleT1cs losT and Tound arTucles bulleTun boards eTc OTher achuevemenTs of The council are as follows An honor roll was esTabl1shed Three new organnzahons have been granTed charTers Spanush Club LeT Termen s Club and Commercual Club A TourTh The Musical Club was permlTTed To resume acTuvuT1es agann The debaTe Team has been awarded leTTers SeT daTes were esTabllshed for class club and sTudenT councul meehngs IT us The sincere desvre oT The STudenT Councul ThaT Through lusT crmcusm and help Tul suggeshons The machlnery of governmenT oT The school will run smooThly Th Ty Th E I . 1 . 5 T s. I T, S ' .' i 5 ' 5 ff v- I 'E' ' yy . J .0 " ll.-f ml' Q , li I . v aillll ' Fir? Row-Let Iqhf-Bessie Oh H, Mr. Hirsch, Esfher Gius, Aalce r uch, Second Row-Necia Vooys, Ralph Nelson, Ed Minnlck Tsuyosnl Kuramofo. Thlr Row-Oliver Terry, Mr. Encchs, Charles ZiT1el, Ray amomofo. lr - ee 0000000000 T H E T R O J A N oumaaoua-00:0-A020 ursf Row Lefl fo uqhf Margaret Yarnamoio Mwfsalco anasslo AVN: KJr'nofo Fur-nw e Yoshrda Al er? Mo e Edwin Bornander GCOHG Row Bessle Nakamura 'R ov D 3 Roper Beveqn Ea Wa er Tnarnas Sanderson Eh Kaqeler :rd Ro M155 Jones Ro er? nh rry Flon Kennerh Kaulz Cyrl Guns James Coon: Rlchard Zelqan Robert Jacques Vnclor Kaelm ORCHESTRA HE orchesfra lhus year has been very successful due nn a large parl o urs leaders Mass Wood and Mass Jones If us umprovmq rapidly bolh nn snze and skull as has been 'reshfled by 'rhe enloymenl 'rhal audzences have dernved when The orchesfra played al assemblues and programs Due +o Illness Miss Wood and Harulco Yaquchm unlorfunalely do no+ appear nn +he pncfure j 'D -vf P ' a se 'ns 'J a lr rnnfw o orrs W a E snavwe earor S oen Dons Brevdenoarh Elrora Sie sl orrvlw mqer Ver rsen n 0 Wa R N- Hynar' hz O TAP CHORUS HE lap dance class was dsrecled by Miss Helen Myers They enferfamed a+ varl ous assemblues and evemnq programs Tru Tr l F' 3 - R' f- . , ' 1 K ' X ', f 3 , " . b S ll ll - ' -,..1' 2 ', ' r I, r' rr ' , T, 'el . Th' wi ' , J b Sm' , Ha e ' q, , I ' , ', ' , o ' f , . . X . 1 ' 1 T A . I I I ' - .- J 's Q " . '1 5 ' . 4 as any we R+ We fe T l ' , f ' sw Liv fe Rgnr-Jedi H H r n. Arm Maru r , M w Mo cf, Ein Ya , of , D Sample ' . ' .r El Q: , ' ' , MAD vK -, cl-la .,EuFc. .lor 4 ,- is ' 'xccorn anis? . 00000004000 T H E T R O J A N 0000000000 fo gh? M ss 3? e Ya DEBATE IFE enlered Debale League B of Plerce Counly for lhe larsl lame ln many years Two leams were chosen an afhrmahve feam made up of Lols Andre Mnldred Mxelkey and Charles Zu++el and a neqahve lncludung Kafherune Yamamolo Olnver Terry and James Knnoshlla Mass Alexander was +he coach The queshon for debale for 'rhe en+1re slale of Washunqlon was Resolved +haf Chain Slores are delrumenlal +o The besl lnleresls of The American Publlc The Teams hnnshed +he:r Tlrsl season wnh a record of lwo vuclorues and lwo deTea+s The score was as follows Sfaduum negaluve defeafed File afhrmahve Gab Harbor neqahve defeafed Fufe afhrmaluve e neqahve delealed S+aduum afhrmafzve I e negahve defeafed Qrhng afhrmahve Bellevue came 'ro Fufe For a prachce deba+e ln apprecuahon of lherr worlc all lhe members ol bolh learns were awarded leflers Th 'Z ' 9 . ' I : .av X . A Flrs? Row-Lel? Rl f l Alexarfivr Ml 'fred Mfelfc, K nerln ."'i"'3': Lols A"1"3 Second Row--Emmcff Meek lrrm'mqcf', Charles ZSWY, James K'nosV'l'3 O lver Teri, . . . . . ,, FIT ' ' . ' ' . my qv., 10v0a.0:0r0ff0r00:10THE TROJAN0w0 417 MUSICAL CLUB Officers Presrdenr Dons Brordenbach Vrce Presrdenl Loss Andre Secrelary Treasurer Eslher Swanson Peporrers Plbcrla Ornsha Masaomr Krbe Bu lness Manager James Kunoshrla fxdwsor Mrss Bearrrco Raber IX years ago a Glee Club was orqanrzed and has been progrossrng raprdly ever srnce In March l93l Ihe members ol Ihe Crlee Club and Orcheslra mel and organized a Musrcal Club for 'rhe purpose ol rarsung enough money Io buy musrc for bolh Ihe Orcheslra and Glee Club and lo purchase rnslrumenls lor Ihe Orches+ra Early lhus fall a meehng was held for Ihe elechon ol: olhcers Wrlh 'rhe capable olhcers chosen ar-d Mrss Raber and Mass Wood as advrsors rhe success ol rhe club was already assured I+ had been decrded Io award a prn 'ro each of rhe Iwo oulslandrng members ol lhe opere++a cas'r 'rhe chorus and 'rhe Orches+ra Several members of 'rhe lacully acfed as Iudqes Four pomrs were considered dramahc abrlrry cooperalron and alhlucle 'foward dreclor musscal abululy and oulslandrnq performance The puns were awarded al an assembly March I8 Io 'rhe Iollowrng Casl ReJean I-lxllman and Kennelh Nell Chorus Lors Webb ard Arlhur Johnson Orchesrra Ed Bornander and Erhol Kaqoler Honorable menllon was given Io Kennelh Kaulz The presrden+ Dorrs Brerdenbach also recerved a pm T s i fl 2 - 5 Af 0 ,, 4 T? . . , J X r wg- I. V N N ,. ..- A . , ' F7rs' Rnwfl-21' '1 Wan'-A per' Omsna Dcrrs B'cIf1r-roach Lois Ancre Esfrrer Samson. Se-ccrfz Rcwf Mfacrnl Klcc, Miss Racer, Janes Klrosnlra. s ,, x ' .. I , . I I S. . . l. . . - - - I X , . . X H. . . X . . . , I rw, 2, 10"-02-01s0vf0N70'-020210 THE TROJAN Rq O ash J ss GIRLS CLUB Officers Presudenl Dorolluy Snfuullu Vuce Presudenl La Vone Leberl Secrelary Julua Loudluamer Correspondung Secrelary Bessue Oluasluu Treasurer Tluelma Oluasluu HIS us llue only club un llue scluool 'fo wluuclu all gurls are eluguble lor membersluup Hs purpose us lo creale a leelung ol fruendsluup luelplulness and cooperaluon among 'llue gurls Muss Myers luas been advusor lor llue oasl Jfwo years and ul us lo luer llual llue club owes muclu of uls success Represerulaluves luave been senl lo all ol llu umporlanl gurls conferences un llue slale uncludung 'flue l-luglu Leaders Conference al llue Unuversuly ol Wasluunglon al wluuclu Dorolluy Smullu and Fulcasluu Kuramolo represenled Fule and llue Unuversuly Play Day lo wluuclu lourleen gurls were senl A+ 'flue close of 'flue loolball season a banquel was sponsored lo luonor llue squad On Aprul 8 a carruuval was guven llue proceeds ol wluuclu were used 'fo luelp lunance llue Trouan Tlue success ol 'fluus allaur was due lo llue wluole luearled assuslance of all llue members and llue lacully On Molluers Day of eaclu year a lea and program us guven al llue scluool lor 'flue molluers of all Gurls Club members Eaclu year lluus grows un favor ansong llue gurls and molluers Elecluons are lueld uru l'l'1G sprung and meelungs on allernale Tu sday llurougluoul 'flue year T s -B Q f u 1 y Q Flrsl Row-Lei? lo I luv-Thelma lu ll .Ma Lolculuarruer Be le Oluaslul, Second Row-La Vouue Lebeff, Miss Myers, Dorafl-y Sffulflu, . A . . , . u f - uu - u. - - , . . . , - . . . I . . . . . G mpg. T H E T R O J A N :AO QM LETTERMEN S CLUB Officers Presudenl Charles Znllel Vice Presldenl Ed Mmmclc Secrelary Emmelf Meelc Treasurer Oluver Terry OR sev ral sears rhe arhleles of The school have been allemohrwq 'ro organize a Lelrermerw s Clue F rwally rw l932 a rrweelmg was helo and all bofs who had received a varslly leller lor sporls were lrmvlled Their erwlhuslasm and eagerness was rewarded wn+h lhe orqamzahon of a Lellermen s Club wrrh Mr l-larry Enochs alhlehc Coach achnq as soonsor The rrvaln eurooses ol Lhe Cluo are broadcasr alhlehc lnleresl among The sfudcrw s 2 o rcqulale sporfs and mlerclass afhlchc Compehhorv 3 o rhalnlam order al any school acluvlhes Any boy recelvmg a varslly lelfer lS eluquble lor roerrbersh p In Jr e club oul craduale leflermen are aulorwahcally dropped Members L kOr1m r n r 'wr' mime yr F l U h arr 1 nd l-l T 1' Si'G"3Tf"L"':' fi R'gHfE""'e" Meer. S'arf:"5- Ne' Te", Crwes Zl"e E l"lc , l e ,,' X ' ' , - ' l . I f, l , , 2 T' l . X' -' . ,, ' k T ' 2 I, To ' ' - T. J - - . . Chvffi Zl"': DC"'EC1 T:"l3u,l ,lfff lvlellf- Ffarl Moll' Brewer Tu V Pr-leer Pwr! FVCG Bfrwrzf' Shlgeo Wf1l:f1'wa'1u Hlrrwf H-Vrfmlshl Jac l-lorry Slcfmde l-le ry Zak Eo Ml r-lc? VVl's'e'v p'3L'2'S'2' Nfrfue Y'Z'57da Giver Term saees Kircfrifa Sabre Yfwarrclo E Q" Mqgr J9'v",f Pqzfr-f3"' T'u,'j'w' K' f QC .lf ec Murref -Aalof Wa' Frvsor MPM' S'fw.farf Jarrod M llffn Yosrlc Ava ara J ez Slffl Qrayrri dl' -0..0n01f0n0:.a-oxowowfa T H E T R O J A N 01001001020-000: Geg S Q WW OH K FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Officers Presudenl James Kwnoshnla Vuce Presudenl Louis Dacca Secrelary Fred Bevegnx Treasurer Franlc Mello Advwsor Mr Frank Johnson HREE years ago lhe Farmer Ag Club was dlsbanoed and The presenl Fulure Farmers of Ameruca Club was lnlroduced ln :ls place Thus us a nahonal organuzahon composed of sludenls ol vocahonal aorvcullure S+uden+s who have lalcen agrncullure or who are now lalcrng The sublecl are eluguble for membersh p The purpose of Thus club as lo creale unleresl ln agrlcullure lor lhe rural youlh ol America Thus TS broughl aboul Through club worlm parhczpahon an publlc spealc :ng and lsvesloclc Iudglng conlesfs The sloclc ludgnng learn whmch a++ended The Weslern Washunglon Fair and h Pacxhc lnlernallonal Lnvesloclc Exposmon al Porlland Included Jarncs Slaclc Eugene Belcslnslqu l-lnroshu Tamura and Roberl Davis as al'rerna+e The Team placcd sux+een+h whuch lS ve y good conswderung The number parhcnpahng In Thus con+es+ The annual polalo ludgung conlesl held here each year was allended by el v Teams Snohomrsh won The rolahng cup 'rhus year There has been a subslanhal ncrease un lhe club mernbershup each year I Turure growlh and success as assured as +he nncreased need Tor vocahonal agncul+ure as eslabl shed T ' I I 4 1' 1 I 1 4 A' 1' 1' Y - -1 r -., X .,1 3 , R .J oc, X , C ,AV . A 4 a' 'T' ,- v . 1 . K A L' , . F'S' R',w4LcAf' 'D Rg"-Muaw, Harrls J'.,"s ' Me ef Rcsersf' K-"'rC': T.2".'3 V11 Vfaves C.:,s Burre Mr. Jonrsor. Snrzrru Row--Sfelner, r er., CJ fs-f KJ3":" Via matt-, r-4a"3"s" N. Vfsnlfffe C.1f' Ku -', B. VA' :E Dnvls. T"lrfxRowfAs.1hara Nlshlifawa Arif-rsfr, Hur' Hrvlr'-lr-rg A, P 'adam' Lwlfr' J. M1 r R. Brfvf'g" K"- smfa Norlsafm, Osama. Fn,"' Row Pon F. Bevegr' Daw. a-a"a's:. F Mc-l'r1 BJH M", Cmsrn , 1" Wcafdr Ca"-fra sr, Fawn-rsfLera . Wa'a'ac1- T, F. 1.1. - l l J I l , l . n I T . . . . . V L G . .I . . V . . N . Y . . r I . . . . . . . ' ' f ' e en . , . . , . ' 1 . +5 ofa.'0f0f0.'4f.-ofa-40-va T H E T R O J A N AUTOGRAPHS X MMIII WWW M W W M qw X l y X gb bb ,f A VE TUSEMENTS FV: W ,, 9 5 ,gli Z . f ,, I' L. 31101 ,..-N , Iv .L 1 '.'. . ,s-1-H.-" ii' .YE f 1 U.: S! ':: 'T '1 1.-gg, aff' k :: -3. iv:-' 11 - is -P ,5 In n 2117 'I fig,- 51' - 'I ll IQ ' H 41 I , -'A1'J: xl EQ -, X ll ' 1.-,'t:F'-T:-In . gli!!! , L' .5 'I , ' - ' Iliff IIHXX JV, ' ' E Nik 5 ,ffwdu .if A V 2 ,X I ,F . W :QIVNZ li! - 2 i U' ' f , A 2 X14 4 X' i X 1 ,fx . x- 'I ' N l- X X ' X ' , 1 . - x ' - I JR -2 3 .iv ofoaamaawaa T H E T R O J A N 000005000010 STUDENTS and FRIENDS V07 Through Ih Iollowmnq adyerlw or II was pos 'ble Io oroducg Ihe an and our arrr can n can down ID no dler we Ihan oe ronwzlnq fh nw do buy lrorn Hmm and donl fora I Io men vor' 2 rolan wh u 3 Advernsrng Manager ADVERTISERS Andre s Marlrel Andre 8: Co Anderson Fuel Co Bank of California Blue J nn L G Balfour Co Broolcdale Golf Course Buckley Kang Co Cassedy 81 Allen Co Cap and Gown Co Dr Cameron Hullls Cameron Caswell Ophcal C College ol Pugel Sound Drs Dav es and Paul Days Tallord Wear nc Fife Floral Co Fvsher Co Fufe Drug Sfore W P Fuller 8: Co Geller? Service Slahon Grlmn Fuel Co General Truclr Sales Co Harlsoolx Sluduo D I E Ho a Hamllfon Candy Co Home Insurance Agency Infernaflonal Harvesler Co Kenworlhy Gram 8: Mlllung Co Kumballs Sporhng Goods Co Kung Roller Rnnlr Knapp s Busnness College V07 Landis Shoe Re Bulldlng Dr La Gasa C O Lynn Medosweer Danry C C Mellmger Co Model Lumber Co Mueller Harluns Mofor Co Oalrwood Dalry Pugef Sound Power 8 Llghl' Co Pioneer Prlnhng Co Ploneer Inc Paclflc Refrlgerafmg Co Puoneer Aufo Worls Pugel Sound Vegelable Growers Rhodes Brofhers Reliance Lumber Co Slernmo s Barber Shop Harry V Smulh Seamons Flower Shop Tacoma Ice Co Neal E Thorsen Vvrges Drug Sfore Valley Forge Garage Webbs Garage Washmglon Engraving Co Washungfon Busmess College S S Wallunson 81 Sons Wesfern Danry Producls Co Wmfhrop Mofor Co Wnlson Bros Dr F J Wnlson Ass n F 4: A ' X 'se 5 ' S' a 1 IFOI I , ' ,Jo rs ' 'o, be SI ' ' be. ', by I V V C . N ' 'W I 1 3 In , rho 193 I ' gn ye fo. ' ' - ' ' Co. I 4 . . ' o. ' ' ' . . I ' ' ' - , I . r. . . slr ' T H E T R O J A N L0 R H 0 D E S BROTHERS Come to Tacomas leading depart ment store For newest styles, largest assortments and lowest prices 1010? www-0 T H E T R O J A N WILSON BROS Dnshnbufors of QUALITY CONFECTIONS MAln 4240 Tacoma Wash Neal E TIIOYSCI1 arm mtv' u We UNI I3 ICQ 926I 2 Broadway Pyfhlan TempIe MAln 486I Compflments Bl'OOI4d8IC Go I Course Moun+aln I"IrgI1way Tacoma Phone GArIand OI92 J I ohm shoufeo ZIIQI a L C aww o Co We wa a we or are a woods savo JCIW-n u 0+ aII CL. K. w r CI J 1 sa Cxrmabs Q II Q Q wo nd Q au mo 'W V I Q Jm J r A v we be Qu 0 ZI aomo 1 no I a vw I I Tfe TICE1 61 I If:fGL.L-fade CC5.IU'YTigS Tu-:dog Dm-ff, S It Wake-Ur, Wade .... I CHI ,Ia-I :CT SCWQQ Da., '1V'fl if In . - . III-Icy J I I, " 1 I S we ,5 " L13 wIiI.JCI1rwj, Pai. I. I " , - Erlfk :fem WUIIVWQ 'fb cv 5+afva'7:. Q 'S 'I I 'Ive rcs' C5 We 56,2 of oul C5 'Iwe me '5,cI7II 'I I, I, I IIAI To r f "'em7II I T 'f 05 'oc-m.II I IIAHC IITGIIIVC aI safe? 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Tw g I ou wporoacnes ang n s WLSI nm Ions nanos r a un, u'Ion or w K n LIGHT n rn nn anwr aIrn.aO eaduness fha bOwIs TII d WII1 o ng fnn s was w 5 a scurrwng a ound a g a urr of or oa aga nsI oarn ss Today a gesfure In rnohon of a nano +L axn oressuf oT a Twngor and Insfanfly huge gcnora+ors Sornewner manu ur d Tu msn The IgI'wI ou ne af no u S Lxn S o I rv' rno uw I + nva An Infhesameeasywa 'na nw f F6 DOW FJ IO 'TT SERVICE MADE POSSIBLE BY YEARS OE PREPARATION TO MEET YOUR NEEDS AND TI-IE INVESTMENT OE MILLIONS OE DOLLARS N 50" UGET Illllkl Ili I RI NOBODY PUGET SOUND Power E1L1ght Company F I I ci ' I1 l' 3 I' X in In I1 f C I f If L 'ns gun sf I: In The X 'II' 'oT' . Q of for A I' I o , S "CII sae" ,g I. In: oIg gays, Inougnfs ru od fo .avenge ara . as I 3 , In rw ' X , io I EI a 'Inc CIM. QI, C hoo. Cr In Ina Icss eTTeC5en+Iy managed nomo, oTTIcc 3' Tacfory, Thor: f II :M ' I ' a r n .T I, , EN r S , - . I . L no . , - e , , ,e . I X 3 Tad 2 an r ' you f y ed. No doI 5, T 5 no T- 2, n ,Ia ,S-TusI da I'gI'u ffne sun'3 only ' . CL' fyyou.. I,!r 3IwcaI ref ?ge Hon, X or. fd' ens3fIa'n enk T I I U l li Y . f 00 f00fl0 f T H T R O J A N Jfaaamvvf EIEE HIGH S GOOD LUCK AND A I-IAPPY EUTURE And Remember Io Trade FIS H E R S Tacomas Own Sfore terlnos Barber SI1op I-IolrCuIIIng Bobblnq Massaqng Shampoos SIwavI o Opposnfe Andres Markef o o 5 Ia oIe CGW C COLLEGE OF PUGET SOUND Announces Ine SUMMER SESSION OE ELEVEN WEEKS Auwmn Semesfer Sep+ember I2 I932 SIuc:IenI5 plannmq Io aIIe-nd Inns IaI sIwouId wrlfe IIIG Reousner eany In Ine summer for nnformahon A ca+aIoque WIII be senf upon requesf o I4 5 - 2 VSTERS . . . 'n W . . JuIia: ".Ierfy, II 'ne ao, WQSI w 5+ 'ow ea do ,womb " owe Iwmn a vo a frog?" 'PIL-avens noI I' wc-L. 'Wok W 'SII mm," ex I'I oo Jerri. I I IQIH n I+ wou'o"", I' o'rznI'.I' JUNE I3 Io AUGUST 26, I932 . . , . . I , . . . T R O J A N FLORAL CO FLOWERS or ANY OCCASION MAm 6250 GALLERT S WRECKER SERVICE GAS OILS BATTERIES TIRES REPAIRING Tacoma Phone MAln 7866 R Fife Wash Complxme-nIs oI THE BANK OF CALIFORNIA NATIONAL BANK IOI I PBCIITC Avenue TACOMA Judge Suu Iy or noI guuIIy7 o an N gurIIy Judge Ev r o en arresf d beIor 7 an No sr Ive never soee o Mm John o The eouoIQ new ooor ever, Iwme Ih , rneeI Why donI do haI7 Mr Johnso donI Icnow r w enough yeI wa I I wouIdn I he much Irou I Ior us Io ma aIhu 1 mwnms you Know Shurey WQI I shavea r a unfway MJ ooo 5 a lawyer F I F E ' I I IUJ CD5 0 'J : ' - -I : " 'I ' I-I g 2" of ' ,sir." I-Iog : " I , ' 1 X de I heIore." 401 N' A' seem Io be very devoIedQhe Icisses her I' ' ex' . I ' you . n: "I ' he eII A .II ,O... I SIQ r : " II ' I3 e rr-fp My I 1 'S f ' "hor, 'I 1" i,eI' I Iy III, I X . X II T' .II 0.1711 E T R O J E wlsh to express our slncere apprecla t1on of the prlvllege of dolng the photo graphlc work for this annual It has been our constant purpose to render the best I 1 I A PHUTUUPAPH 304 Rust Bulldmg F H Krug, Artlst MA1n 4493 10 f 0 T H A N 0 possible service at a moderate cost. ! f A ' 0 , .0-faw-do-Q0w.0:.aQ0 10 THE TROJAN vnoxowovofwakanaca R M WEBB S GARAGE F3 K GENERAL REPAIRING ali ws. Oils Gas and Tires FISK WRECKER SERVICE DAY OR NIGHT mms 5 runes BXSIARFD No 2 Tacoma Phone MAln 7838 R 2 MAm 7865 J 5 HOT STUFF COAL WOOD SAWDUST HOGGED FUEL DIESEL OIL GTIHID Fuel Co I9I0 Comme eS+ 0589 Taco a Wash C C Mellmger Co FUNERAL DIRECTORS BRoadway 3269 5I0 So Tacoma A e Tacoma Wash F IS Q32."s.'?Ef' T'Tf f .A I TH: H' L,,4'Nr ' I fi . I 'Q N ' ' J I ' , ' , , f ' ' ig I ' 3 6' i'f"'5r-H ' I I Q X 2 225 f c " H : I ffl, A I O ' ' ' ' A 'KK' ' ' X -- 4 I k.....-.... ip- 5 -F1211 js 'LT ug jf , . ' , , - g 1 . 1 MW" -U 3 W V - . Q ,Iv ,fy 1- Q as W' N A N ' ' WL I. ' ' I iffqgf " L , , I or I L I R ' X . - - A A I 1 1 1 ' I I I I l I!! rc . MAin V m , . , . T H E T R O J A N MODEL LUMBER COMPANY EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING All Lumber Kepi' UncIer Cover Phone MAin 6238 2424 Bay Sfreef Tacoma Foo+ of Puyallup Ave F FE B U I C K DRUG STORE CADILLAC School Supplres Pounfam Servmc Sporhng Goods Prescmphons Maqwzwnes FuIrns Developing MOTOR COMPANY Prnnhng XI Enlarglng Ernesf Sowders Prop 7I8 26 Broadway MAln 2300 Slow Wamfer n Golden Cafe You Conee swr :Is spe-C1aI from Soufh Arner a ae Isarcashcall, O naf s UML MMD lx' Once an oId IashIoned qrI bIusheo w en she was ashamed Io+ new a rnodern gurl for msfanee Swanson IS ashamed when she blushes C , . K X , - 1 - ' . . 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INC QIQPDIQATEIID I 'ha 'Nc X0-00000000 T J A N 000000000 G ANDERSON FUEL CO Wood Coal I549 Dock Street MAln 0873 inn WI G OVW TFP I' V OVW rr d DL? esults ountl Specrallzecl trarnrng IS necessary to success today When you attend a busrness college you have a rught to expect results Our record shows that we have more elllclent well placed satrslled students nowworlung than anyother school rn the POCIFIC Northwest We offer all standard courses Free Employment Department Wrrte For rnlormatlon mmpvs course BROADWAY VI XI AT 13 9797 9-7110510011 kr 1 uf rv gf aduafc VALLEY FORGE GARAGE We Can Give You Complete AUIOmOIIV6 Service Also TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES For Wrecker Servnce Day or Night Call MA1n 2727 R C o . .. I - , . . Whllg Mlnnfjlq ca Tu, .fy 3 we-Jog ' I If Img.,-Ilwcr Tuul, hc,sr,m frm pf ' ' he larger :Ish 'nc . alt' . TEV: 'nf IJTS ,G 'mfg rcfl 9 Ea. NI: I had eachea ou' 'fs' Ir: cafe Alec the small: ' ' r . N QI " elle Tu:lx "you col Q' ,, T U , , , U ,, Mfjnrl XI: XII. 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Manufadrurers OI I Medowsweei' Ice Cream CoHage Cheese BuHermiIIc Royal Ice Cream Parrish Ice Cream Fancy Ice Cream SpeciaI+ies Pasfeurized MiIIc, Cream and Ice Cream c'f'c Avenue af 25+ eephon Ro dwa KlmI:aII Sportmg Goods Co The Ga+eway 'ro Every AIhIe'rlc Spor+ Te ph eMA 6I68 VQUI2 CGWS AND CI-IICKENS NEED NCD I-IIGI-I SU-ICQL EDUCATIGN TO APPIQECIATE QUIK PRCDDUCTS Kenworthy Gram 84 MlIIlng Co NANUFACTUIQEIQQ OI POULTRY AND DAIRY FEEDS fb 'IOM D I TACQMA XAJH Pa II h T I e B a y II7I I I I Tacoma, as ing on 'I ' ll IIO7 Broadway Ie on in . I K X N , I I U l I IX X For Cowan? Qi .ffe 2 04327 if uyel up !AX'J2U'J? A III!! F . 0000000000 T H E T R O J A N f000000000 I TER ATIONAL TRUCKS OF ALL SIZES :oo YEARS or HONEST ssavucs International Harvester Company OF AMERICA l02 East Puyallup Avenue Tacoma Washington If You Want Servnce Try Tacoma Ice Co COLD STORAGE lO'T Cabbage Celery Vegetables 26tl'1 8: Holgate BRoadway 358I VT VOC YTJIVT V O7 O LJ CU Z1 'TCL S L 'U mr lu H an W r 0 1 rq I rott ang a Body Wheel and Fender Repalrs PAINTING Kelly Tlres PIONEER AUTO WORKS I4tt1 81 A Streets BRoadway 4207 Tacoma I . . O f, sum Ar: fr 'eq Julia, he slgt , H'l'1'g.1llO: he' DfC'tT3'3 were all Joi 5' 'Q 'nc Q". to th: s'f::3f gaf. 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Mm ,E QI7 FIRST Noww Moms DRUM wee Pwms KENT :oe MCCMA wA5Hl-.olon Kim wfxswmolow F gl ,f1':, ,1iE'IoT'K."fgj S If 1 "Say, ooy, you Il .C 1' -" -- ..h.f .. , . l '41-I " 'TMI X, u lcoop, f TT lou Q N: lm o ll-I .1-- . 1 I I Q f If I 1 I rl .1 ,I ,-' ,, , , r rp . VV vm- o -jK'5.'R'f' , Ivlurroyi Aw, ploo down Jo-Jo, llwal 5 . l 6 y 4 .. j'If5' "Wx,-' a' lb mlm." ,Dba I Y' I ' W H V , T . I- - f Q + ya I! X + W Ccdlegg IVI lo . PII. ci, C GOT rl, lord o lv b lc I ya? Il," . IVI l'C I H . c I ' C! .- X , K u n u u 000 1-also T H E T R O J A N aaaavowaav PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING Door No Phone Drs Cameron I-IuIIIs Carncron E5 Ea Nose Tn oe SoeCIaIus+s Mfoxwn 9205 I-I D n IS BI2oaowa, 3440 Dr Lagasa Pnyslcwan X1 Surgeon 2 MA n 2508 Drs Dawes PauI E e Ear Nose Tnroaf SpeCIaIIsIs 04 BRoadway 2666 SWEILIL QI IIIIIIL 'QXO f X J g fi 3 QQ ovnuws 0 , tl 4 CAsv1Y-9' opmmmnm 8 L woov 728 NT HFLFNS A1 J AND BIRUAINN XX IACOIVI X NNASH DRS E E BLIX and J T WILSON DENTISTS II 2If2 PBCIITC Avenue MAm l583 Tacoma Washmgfon F . . V ' , I A , re, r, Ir I I X ' ' I I03 ' Dr. I. E. osIca, o If' III6 ' 'f . , ' ' I I2 I . ' , , y , , , ' ' I I f T I r X I xx . . o . X J , I I - L lk 5,1 . .V . -af ,Xl I . 5 O9 1 F' C . , , ' do shui A' A' Q, ' X- I' ff AL f K . D 3 . . 0000000000 T H E R O J A N 000000000f HOME INSURANCE SGFVICG U5I'IY AGENCY Workmanshup Rea' Esme Renfak LANDIS SHOE RE BUILDING CompIe+e Insurance Service John Ko+cI1Icoe Tony Roesln R Trovane Proprleior MAln 782I J 2 I e Wash 706 SI I-IeIens MAln 63I8 'un C Br I Wa 'rey 'DLI OU DEPEND ON US DRUGS OF QUALITY REAL SERVICE AND MERCHANDISE OF MERIT AI' Prlces Thai WIII Please VIRGES DRUG CO 958 Pacific Avenue 785 Broadway - I I ' - - FI , . . ' INV' lie: Q Lv'-,Y Raef " what Vlffu' , . "TW I ,2 P51111 :I 'cg yjgv, 'a 1 QLJO ".:IN3fafi,g nr", fear Meek. CQFIH-'W f'1"'1C:'I'T.??L ,Q 'HQ IVIISQIS "EPIA , fi' r ',, '- F ' , A QAIETIDI, TT 3 :if 'Jwg .Qvqf and Iww ,Nw drwhwr gain Un" "af: , In 3 fcafn,-, won' :J ICI , , , ng- ' 7'- 'C a :tar f1"'D1ai47lSC'T'IC"'I"ICIII'4g Lnlz 'fs 'c i- O f rw '32 ings. ICI V , .Q IIIXIIVV :i , .mp a3Ci: ivg ,VII NF n V M, I In a :Jw cnrg axons' 'rom cane - 'Inj N first, R' Jufned ' on --. . I. I V J anawgf 'Na' I1 '1 in ' wow. Atv: Jig .K IU nav: ,gn I' 'L I Y I T H E T R O J A N fa'0faf0.-afvavfofa SUNFREZE FANCY ICE CREAM CREATIONS WESTERN DAIRY PRODUCTS CO 6l7 E 25+h S+ Tacoma Wash BRoadway 4I29 REG PASSENGER CARS SPEED WAGONS AND TRUCKS Good for IOO O00 Trouble Free Mules Winthrop Motor Company Dnslrlbulors 6l6 624 Broadway TACOMA MAln 2l9l ERATERNITY COLLEGE GD CLASS JEWELRY Cornmermemenf AnnounCemer+s and lnwlal on eweler To lhe SCn C Cf Junmo C asses of ETTC l-l oh SCnCC l. G Balfour Company MBHUTGCTUTIHQ Jewelers 8: Siahoners Affleboro Mass Iwo hoboes were r 0 ng on The roof C a C r on a Tasf mownq lrClgh+ Tram They WC C drawmg Close To a br dgC Thal The r 'w Could Carel CJ uno Che C rhc hoboes saw +he br age and h sa d C rms Compamon DuCl4l A loC C ge QC vere lywnq hlgh overhead Th homo O O no+ knew Tha he wer Clos +C he b fdge I'-le looked up and saw CC UC ho+hmC: Them 5 wh Ch Comp na+ Cn dssov 5 gold The qu ClcesT7 SlaC l-lm l+l1nk+ne rn mage Corn lor ro Tss Wooo U e a rw a Car C We had a Tla+ we +o ay ana Dao hae To u C Cesca Q . . , . I II I If I - I YA E ,T I a - ' ' ' . . . . ,f , ,, d laf l 5 JC ler. 5 , A , I . e T + ,. . I ,. 5 L4 f e. .' T ' ' . e X l ' X ,- 4 4' x, Q 33 V 1 4 r. 1 , - f C The fl lc. "D lc, , ' J, . ' geese." iCT J - I f an ' Mr, Johnsen lprcl. Cf Ph-,slcslz "Now Q x ' j N ' , s+u3en+s -' T 'E I C 4 I C kz " , Q ar' - Linej T. P T." . Wiol . M' ': " 5 'oeso ?r' E sen- +enCe." l .2 " ' Cl 3 I ' ' ' I 1 - I ll S fr. T H E T R O J A N f KING'S ROLLER RINK 27th and Pacific Avenue OOO ROLL YOUR TROUBLES AWAY ATTENDING KING S RINK OR HAVE YOUR CLUB OR CLASS CHARTER A PARTY OOO M 98l3 BRdy4 A PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL WHERE YOUR INTERESTS COME FIRST Washington Busmess CoIIege, Inc Il23I2 Boad ay M 27 Tac a Wash g+o Tco DEPENABLE OUALITY GENERAL MERCHANDISE WeSeIIGoc es N +GoceyP ces a Phone MA 7890JI Edge ood Wash S BY ' Residence Ain Call oa wa 405 f r w I Ain I2 om , In n S. S. WATKINSON 81 SONS Refailers of " r eri - o r r ri " a m : In - - w , . 00020000000 T H E T R O J A N 000300005000 RY HAMILTONS NEW ALMOND WHIP 5 The Bar WIII1 I'I1e Fresh Roasfed Almonds ff PHONE f ffl-4 BR oadway 2166 .sl-' ? I QUE I!!-I mcowx ""' ' Avenue 0 ., soum V2 i 42-RAL SEVSX rmsr Folks sand We Colored mm sfer II subyod of my sermon IIWS ev rung am L vs How many In II'1e Conqroqahon In dom r dd H10 69II1 dwaofu of MGI 'I VV? if VT 5 Once was roxscd Def 5 r1gI1I sawd Ima rovororwca, You We folks I wamf Io p adw rg IS no 69+h c:IwapILr oI Mafflfw e II rec q rI Mao o nf down e brook Io Io CII a a wa er o sfood oazmq a+ Ib fI WI Q 5+ am par MI, los? n mouqn a I1 Img I5or7 asm o rmsfross who was WGTCITIUQ Dunro w 5rI r PIILO Iver hus and r eps she Iwasfwf s oe IIUI sne Inkos yef SEE US BEFORE YOU BUILD RELIANCE LUMBER COMPANY Eas+ D af Puyallup Ave BRoadway 4572 Tacoma 9 ll ' ll 5 , ' I 'ij M I I l 'III Y !P!1g.,,!5u I -1 I.- f, ., ,L if I . FUTIEI-RAE F?1CH K ' " ' ' ' ' I "I e Th I I I een so IC ' , I Q' III . I :3 II of I , U' 'If .' ' V I' J ' o Io 'rw ro ,ape r5 Q of X - Q I 'I ". I, i- Nor II, over! IIamdI fha uof' "Wh as S 3 Wag' , fe her ,, , . . .K B. ,, ,I A C ejk I 5 Y I5 IUSI . I ro Loi "Roh een a N I ' I do I ' A ow." ' - I' ll .'x'.-'woe Prowsfw INC .TACOMA

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