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Counter Narcotics deployment Southeast Pacific Ocean September 25 - December 18, 1998 FRANCE SPAIN -yys- i- - ' jy ' UKRAINE : 3-0V..CB6I ROMANIA ' V l VT- BULGARIA f V aJ. ma ' ARM. ' ,, TURKEY_,_ ' ' 7i LEBANON,- -- israel XJRAQS IRAN KAZAKHSTAN UZBEKISTAN ,-■—•--• , ' ■ I ' -■-■Ix- ' KYRGYZSTAN JURKMENISTAN-fAJIKISrAN C ' c. MONGOLIA CHINA " -- " Ji TBHOTAN,- " ) DESI INDIA BANGLADE l. ralriitta - I ' BURMA " - , V fllCUlia (MYANMAR) I ' Vladivostok,-. " Beijing ? ' north a a KOREA JAPAN V SOUTH Shanghai! ' Osaka Taipei ( TAIWAN UGANDA I ABON;.0 ;-A K .A , . j CONGO RWANDA®Nairobi X C? (ZAIRE) r ' ' " ' ° ' Y TANZANIA SEYCHBJ.ES COMOROS ZIMBABWE, § NAMIBIA), . ' ' botswan " S V.. - SWAZILAND 1 I A A MADAGASCAR ' MAURITIUS X SOUTH ' iESOTHO AFRICA (THAILAND Bangkok. _]z cambodiaJ " 7 Hong y Kong r {Manila PHIUPPINES Northern Mariana Islands (U.S.) Guam- (U.S.) BRUNQ S MALAYSIA ( ( aNGAVoR ' E f P h I TTd oJ n PALAU FEDBI STAT MICRf Jakarta :C , PAPUA " " N i HEN } IGUINEA Perth 4 Melbourne Tasmania P Map furnished by Nystrom a Division of Herff Jones Kerquelen I. " (Fr.) " " " - -N Montreal NAURU 73 z o z San Francisco San Diegd Chicagff UNITED STATES New York MEXICO Honolulu - Hawaii Mexico City ■it TONGA NEW ZEALAND IN BAHAMAS " " haitivDOM.rep. ' .BEUZE GUATEMALA; ' HONDURAS elsalvadorV , j COSTA RIC EQUATOR Galapagos Is. (Ecuador) KIRIBATI 1 Tokelau UVALU (N Z ) Wallisand SAMOA Futuna Am. (P . Samoa . ' ' " (U.S.) Cook . ,. French ■ ' Niue Islands Polynesia (N.Z.) (N.Z.) (Fr. ) List of Ports 1 . Acapulco 2. Puerto Vallarta 3. Cabo San Lucas 1 Buenos Aire? Falkland Is. ableCL) f ( qn tents CoiMKR Narcotics opkrations 2 HIS ()R OF FIFE 3 COMMANDING OFFICER 4 EXECCTIVF OFFICER CMC 5 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 6 Operattions Department i4 COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT. 24 SliPPIA DEPARTMENT 32 NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT 36 DEPENDENTS CRUISE 3S DC OLYMPICS 40 HELO OPERATIONS 42 UNDERWAY REPLENISHMENT 44 RE-ENLISTMENT 46 CMC RETIREMENT CHANGE OF COMMAND 48 CHANGE OF COMMAND 50 ACAPULCO .54 PUERTO VALLARTA 57 HALLOWEEN 62 CABO SAN LUCAS 64 BURIAL AT SEA 69 STEEL BEACH 70 SWIM CALI 72 SUNSETS AT SEA 74 TEAM FIFE 76 STANDING THP: WATCH 80 TURN AND BURN 83 BEST IN THE FLEET 86 EN GARDE 89 STAYING THE COURSE 91 COMMUNITY RELATIONS 93 CRUISEBOOK STAFE 95 FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWIN(; SEAS 96 OTICS the ' " L uss 1FE uss FIFE is one of the world ' s most modern and technologically advanced warships and is an integral part ol ' the U.S.Navalpowerandpresencevvhich will defend America well beyond the year 2000. FIFE, a Spruance Class Destroyer armed with sophisticated weapons and sensors, represents a lethal opposition to any land. sea. or air based threat. Built by Ingalls Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries in Pascagoula, Mississippi. FIFE, the 29th Spruance Class Destroyer, proudly Joined the Pacific Fleet in San Diego. California after her commissioning in 1 9 S0. While in San Diego she was assigned to Cruiser Destroyer Group FIVE and Destroyer Squadron NINE. Herdesign. which accounted for future improvements and the capacity for growth, allowed FIFE to be overhauled in 1 987. introducing some of the advanced weapons in the U.S. Navy ' s arsenal. On October 1 990 FIFE, a member of battle group ALFA, sailed for the North Arabian Sea in response to the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. During Operation Desert Shield, FIFE participated in the Multinational Interception Force (MIF) to enforce trade sanctions against Irag. As Operation Desert Storm commenced. FIFE would pro e to he a key element in the initial strikes on Iraq. The first two weeks of the Gulf War saw FIFE launch 60 Tomahaw k land attack missiles, more than any other ship during the entire conflict. FIFE provided escort and air protection for mine counter-measure vessels and naval gunfire support forces immediately preceding and during the ground offensive. Also, in a unique role, FIFE pro ided lead-through services for an amphibious task group through the narrow swept channel of a minefield. After the conclusion of hostilities. FIFE returned to ' okosuka in April 1991. This was soon followed by the announcement of the Spokane Trophy, which was simultaneously earned with the Chief of Naval Operations " Surface Ship Safet Award. The Spokane Trophy was a very distinctive honor for FIFE, as it is awarded to the single surface combatant ship in the Pacific considered to be the most proficient in overall combat systems readiness and warfare operations. Highly automated weapons and engineering s stems allow FIFE, the same si e as a World War II Light Cruiser, to be manned by a rclati el_ small crew of 25 Officers, 25 Chief Petty Officers, and . 00 Enlisted personnel. C OMMANDING FFICER Stephen H. Huber, cdr, usn Commander Stephen H. Huber, was horn in West Chester, Pennsylvania in 1957. he graduated from the United States Naval Academy and was commissioned in 198(K having earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in oceanography. After graduation. Commander Huber served as a Naval Academy Seamanship and Navigation Instructor aboard a 44-foot Luders Yawl, followed by Surface Warfare Officers ' School in Coronado, California. He reported to LISS STEIN (FF 1065)in 1981, where he served as Gunnery Officer, AS W Officer and Navigation Administrative Assistant. In October 1983, Commander Huber reported to Naval District Washington DC as Aide to the Commandant. Following Department Head School in June 1986, he reported to USS REASONERA FF 1063) as Weapons Officer. He then reported to Destroyer Squadron FIVE as Operations Officer in February 1988. In January 1990, he reported to the staff of C mimander in Chief, II.S. Atlantic Fleet as the Assistant Surface AS W Officer and Special Operations Officer. From Norfolk he moved to Newport, Rhode Island where he began his studies at the Naval War College in March 1 992. In October 1 993 he reported aboard USS GARY ( FFG 5 1 ) as Executive Officer. His following tour was with the staff of Commander, THIRD Fleet as Flag Secretary. He most recently served as the Combat Systems Training Officer on the staff of the Surfacce Warfare Division of the Chief of Naval Operations. Commander Hubers ' awards include the Meritorious Service Medal with gold star, the Navy Commendation Medal with four gold stars, the Navy Achievement Medal, the Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon, the Battle F fficiency Ribbon, the Southwest Asia Campaign Ribbon, the National Defense Ribbon, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, the Humanitarian Service Medal, the Navy Sea Service Ribbon with two stars and the Navy Expert Pistol Ribbon. He was designated an Acquisition Professional in the Spring of 1 997. He holds a Master of Arts degree in International Studies from Old Dominion llniversity and a Master of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College. CDR Huber ' s w ife Eileen is from San Leandro, California. They have four children, Stephen Jr., Elizabeth, Kathleen, and Daniel. ( XECUTIVE FFICER Roger B. Powell LCDR, USN OMMAND ASTER HIEF Jimmy D. Anderson STSCM(SS) c NGINEERING 7n EPARTMENT Chief Engineer LT Joe Hyde Montogerniery, AL Asst Chief Engineer LT Aletha Williams Tucker, FL Auxiliaries Officer LTJG Keith Buzalsky Vancouver, WA SMMO LTJG Marc Bickley Junction City, OR Main Propulsion Asst. ENS Kurt Sellerberg Stanfordville, N " « v 1» 1 Damage Control Asst. LTJG Joel Stewart Great Falls. MT GSCS SV )(Dept. LCPO) illiam Bascino Light House Point, Fl ?1 D I V ? 1 1 Q N EMKSVV) Joselito Reyes Angeles City, PI EM3 Wayne McCranieJr. Macon, G A P:M2(SW) Emerson Flores Honolulu, PI EMFN Thing Do Brooklyn, 1N EM2(SW) Pepito Rosimo Bremerton, WA EM3 Dennis Van Alystne Sardis,BC J, i (above) The IC men hard at v()rk. ICKSW) It2 IC3(S V) IC3 Scott Stielow Robert Stoddard Scott Vlaniiiig Mason Zeiger San Francisco, CA San Diego, CA Chicago, IL F ncampment, WY GSM2 ErikWalraven Willow Creek, CA 1 D I V Y 1 1 I Q N GSM2 Leopold Gering AnahuacTX GSM3 GSM3 Warren Saldivar Christopher Delp Los Angeles, CA Beckley, WV (;SM3 Allen Dendy Jr. Prineville,OR GSMC(SW) GSMKSW) GSMKSW) GSMKSW) Stephen Turmo Michael Urita RandvBittner Aaron Bozvvell Hayania,MI Austin, TX Everett, WA Rockford.IA GSM3 GSM3 Jose Grijalva RusticoBaldoz Jr Iempstead,NY Seattle, WA GSNL Kelly Miers HoldenvillcOK 1 D I V Y :s i I o N GSECiSVV) John.lenson Silvana,ND GSEKSW) Bradley Dod rill Summcrsviile, W V GSE2(SW) Christopher Dizon Angels City, PI GSE3 Douglas Bell Asheville, NC GSE2(SW) StanChaichana New Port Ridge, EL GSE3 Ferdinand Floresca Orlando, EL GSE2(SW) Clint Moore Brandon, MS GSE3 Kelvin Ta mayo Portland, NV GSM3 (;S,MFN (;SEFA (;SEFA StephanCiood esley Ferguson Jason Swanson Tobias Rolhnan Walnut Cove, NC Atlanta, (iA Silverdale.WA Walsenburg.CO D I V 1 : i I o N EN Luis Maldanado Calexico, CA EN Mlliam Winston Toledo, OH E Michelle Pulluni riiesapeake, VA EV Bradley Franklin Quinton,OK FIS Eduardo Ramos San Diego, CA EN Allen Cavanaugh Jr. Marrero, LA FN Paul James III Los Angeles. NC FN Jason Gillispie Renick,MI FN Veronica Diaz Santa Maria, CA (left) GSMl Bozwell seems to be enjoying the fresh air on the bridge. 10 D I V ? k ION ENC(SW) Glenn Thor Wenatchee, WA EN2 Kenneth Alley Greenville, TX ENl(SW) Annette Malacara Colorado Springs, CO EN3 Jeremy Reed Missouri Citv.TX ( right) EA Division members, led by ENl(SW) Malacara, are hard at work on the boat EN2(SW) Michael Stewart EllavillcGA EN3 Michael Potter Estacada. OR EN2 Vincent Owen Miami, FL 11 DCl(SVV) Matthew Serio Clearwater. FL DC3 Justin Luna Cederedge, CO DCFN Michael Kelly Eagle, CO D I V liUj} Q N D CKSW) Geoffrey Williams Eugene. OR DC3 Brandon Even Martinez, CA DC2 Kevin Peterniore Iron Mountain, MI DC3 Scott Sprecher Spokane, W A DC3 Victor Grice Houston, T DC3 Henry Alderete Long Beach, CA 12 D I v|i |s I Q N HTKSVV) HT2 HT3 HT3 Kevin Layng George Karsgor Michael McCullev Zachary Hines Redmond, OR Berlin, VT Clutr,T Charlestown.WV Justin (rardner Kennevvick,WA MR2 Donald Simmons Port Orchard, VV A (abo e) The DC men show what winning the tug of war is all ahout. 13 (0 PFR ATTONS ' A EPARTMFNT Outboard Officer LT Marc Herriman Midland. MI Communications Officer LTJohnSudduth Lincoln, FL Operations Officer LT Scott Vandenberg South Bend, IN EWO LT Bryan Samuel Dallas, TX Not Pictured Asst. Operations Officer LTJG Michael Mendelsohn Rockville,MD First LT LT Seiho Brown Oxnard,CA CIC Officer ENS Adam Taranto Bolton, MA 14 D I V ([Ik)! Q N B.MC(SW) BMl(SW) Bi I2(SV ) BM2 Maria Garrison James Hofstetter James Hyde David Hunt West Covina, CA FortJennin,OH Cedar Rapids, lA Monument, CO B.M2 BM2 BM3(SW) B 0 Carlos Wilson Stanley Lindley James Whitney Christopher Worthy Alexander, LA Mission. TX Dublin. Ireland Montebello. J BM3 BM3 BM3 BM3 Philip Kitts Robert Dick Micheal Kelly Kevin Mlson Denver, CO authula,H Eagle. CO ardley,PA 15 D I V I S II O N SN James Bell Bowling Green, KY SN Kashuad Mack Detroit, MI SN Dorian James Chicago, IL SN William Wrigley Stuvvesan,NY SN Derrick Jackson Praireville,LA SN Paul Jacobsen Medina, OH SN SN SN dam Melancon Garv Doza Frederick Deese Overland, MO Maiden, MA Atmore, AL SN Lerpan Yantarak Los Angeles, CA SN EricCatchings Hazlehurst, MS SN John Almeda Kansas Citv. MO 16 D I V m N SN Jeremiah Stallcup Midwest Citv, OK SN Christine Williams Marrero,LA SN Timothy Knight Tehachapi,CA SN Wednesday Lane Princeton. K ' SN Jonathan Davis Camp Steven, TX Yeni Nolasco Hondura,TX SN SN JaymeBraswcll elta Junction. A K Tanganette Melvin Atlanta, GA SN Lorena Nietogarcia Albany, NY SN Natasha Hubbell Fort Defiance, AZ 17 D I V I ION RMC(SW) RMl RMl RM2 Gary Donaldson William Stegner D« ayne Chaney Lloydjohnson Bremerton, CA New Castle. IN Albany, GA Eucild.OH RM3 RM3 RM3 RMSN Jeffrey Sheley Francis Krouses Kristian Hall Ronald Weltzin Gainesboro,TN Tempe,AZ Linden, MI Elko. NV RMSN Jeremy Katzenstein Castle Bluff. lA RMSN Chris Senjem Forest Lake, MN RMSN Peter Palmer Quail allo . CA 18 D I VI I ION gim SMKSWi S.M2(S V) SM3 SMSN James Keesler Jonathan Seys David iley Leroy Anderson Grafton, W I (irand Rapids, MI Princeton, Saluda, SC SMSN Kiniberly Ryan C hariotte, NC (ri jht)The Signalmen and their fearless leader, SMI (SW) Keesler, get ready for another day above the bridge. 19 D I V II IS ION OSC(SW) Bryan Johnson Sanclpoint.WA OSl(SW) Shane Greenup Darby, MT OS2(SVV) OS2(SW) Eric Pederson Corey Cooper Madison. WI Washburn, IL OSKSW) James Titus Far Rockawav, NY OS2(SW) David Hatorri Kekaha,HI OS2 OS2 OS2 ichard Porter III Robert Turner KiethCiibson Phoenix, AZ Aurora, CO Mieta, MO OSKSW) Ricky Caldwell Morganton.NC OS2 Duke Burgess Cibolo,TX OS3 Cedric Jones Jackson, MS 20 D I V II IS ION ()S3 Sylvester Wijigins Spring V alley, CA OSSA Matthew Beasley North Augusta, SC OS3 OS3 OS3 ()S3 RashidaCireen Christopher Marks Shaun Mentz Christopher Roats Gunnison, MS Atlanta, GA Baltimore, MI) Philadelphia, FA OSSN OSSN Chris Henrv RandvNiehart Bingen,WA Lakewood, VVA OSSN OSSR OSSR William Hunter Rich Blankenship Chrvstel Contreras Helena, MT Ontario, OR Los Angeles, CA 21 EWC(SVV) JohnSzewczyk IJticolnCitv.IL CTR2(SW) Brian Richardson Cullman, AL D I VI I ION CTRC(SW SS) EWKSW) William McGrath Philip Gable Charlotte. NC Enterprise, MS CTA2(SW) Richard Mora San Antonio, TX CTM2 Benjamin Baird Milan, TN Not Pictured CTR2 CTR3 CTR3 Seth Lambert Andrea Peenstra Jeffrey Ripke VVooster, OH Somer.s,MT Bothell.WA CTM2(SW) Jonathan Tipton Blount. TN ■1) . 1 CT02 Justin Garner Colorado Springs, CO CTRSN Charles Bell Louisville, KY 22 D I Vi ll k Q N EV 3(S M C htri Hill C()vinjjt(ni.(iA CTOSN CTOSN EW2 EVV2 Thomas Ellis Sharlene Fields Matthew Duharte Alex Galvez Arlington, TX Akron, AL Ft. Washington, PA Waverly,IL EVV3 Abraham Cardeniis Del Rio, TX (left) EW3(SW) Hill, (above) FIFE News CTR3 Peenstra, and Network anchors, EW2 ET3 Blaknev smile for (ialve and OS3 Roats, the camera at FIFE ' S share a laugh before the Christmas party. 23 c OMBAT SYSTEMS ' A EPARTMENTj Combat Systems Officer LT Scott Murdock Sherwood, OR Fire Control Officer LTJG Lane Ogawa Honolulu, HI ASW Officer ENS Abigail Goss Springfield, IL Strike Officer ENS Ryan Buchianeri Oreland,PA Electronics Material Officer CVV02 Michael Bryant New Orleans, MD 24 STGCiSW) Kurt Kirchncr Pad lie ah, K STG2 William Clements Boise. VA STGKSW) Monte Krickson Gig Harbor, MT ST(;2(SW) Karl Peterson Houston, TX ST(;2 Robert ( Bob ) I n person Plymouth, MA STG2 Joseph Corpuz Moreno, C A SKiKSW) Rodney Danskin Spokane, WA ST(;2 Eddie Albert Iberia, LA STGSN AronPanikian Stow. MA MM STC;2(S V) Timothy Schnopp Tuscon.AZ sr(;2 Rick Miller Lewiston, ID SKJSN Colby Myers Milwaukee, W I 25 D I V ION STGSN Teresa Snyder Porter. TX STGSA Amanda Morton FarniingtonJL TMSA Thomas Megna North Attleboro, MA STGSN Michael Moore Ba town,TX STG3 STGSN Nicole Bombard Shawn Patterson Denville, NJ Ventura, CA TMKSW) Howard ( Earl ) Herring Wisner, LA (right) TMKSW) Herring and STG2(SW) Peterson -- looking pretty happy in sonar control. ' At 26 (1M2(S V) John Penick.Ir. Mesa, AZ r D I V I M ION FCl FCl(SW) GMKSW) FC2 Gary Palmieri Roy Lucas Christopher Price Nathaniel Lukavskv Venict ' . FL Atlanta, IL Forest Hills, TX Columbus junction, lA FC2(SV ) Daniel Rosenfield Petersburg, IL FC3 FC3 Frederick Belone Scott Gleason Albequerque,NM Pawleys Island. St FC3 FC3 GM3 Wiley Nowling LuisLaguna Christopher Maddox Noonan.GA Ft. Worth. TX Delores, AZ 27 1 niviT:y iON " DSC(SW) Joseph Desrosiers Chicopee.MA ET2 Brian Bartholomew Milan, TN ETC(SW) Steven Goddard Langlois, OR ET2 Jackson Arnett Darwin, FL ' 1 ETl Carlos Nelson Havden Lake, IN ET2 JohnHoxie Yakima, WA ETKSW) Mark Gauen Granite Citv,MT ET2 James Cox Caldwell, ID if 2 ET2 DS2 DS2 ET2 Jeffrey Smith Joshua Wells Robert Samuel Shawn Drinkwater Pittsburgh, PA Lubbock, TX Riverside, CA Sidney Center, NY 28 1 DIVlIg ION ET3 Luis Sain Los Angeles, CA A1 D I VLI SM O N ET3 ET3 Nicole Haun KatrinaBlakne Bavtown.TX Denver, CO FCC(SVV) Jeffrey ise Silverdale, (iA FC2{SVV) Edward Rosquist AntiochJL Ft2(S V) FC2 FC3 FC3 ichael LaVassaur David Teeter Gary Hughes Alphonse Lasseigne Liverpool. NY Blytheville.AR St. Louis. MO Hankramer.TX 29 D I ION GMC(SW) Rickey Miller Ethelsville.AL FC2 Shane Mortenson Middletovvn,CA FCC(SVV) Michael Murray Las Vegas. NV FC2(SVV) Octavio Alvidrez Houston. TX FCl Andrew Surprenant Raleigh. NC FC3 Michael Jackson Pittsburgh, PA B S FCl John Williamson Billings. MT FC3 Jason Self Rovvlett. TX FC3 FC3 FC3 Ft3 Paul Boice John Swenson JohnMcAndrew Anthony U arner Jordan. NY Windom.MN Laurel, MD Nanipa, IN 30 (,. 11(S ) Lewis Rigsbee Bremerton, NC GM3 Ronald Troster Waco,TX D I VI I S]I Q N c;m3 John McKenzie Gervais, OR (iM3 Richard Chavers Dallas, TX GM3 James (Joodnature Middletown.OR GM3 JohnKoehler Jr. Rome, GA 1 (i.M3 Benny Walters Wilcox, AZ GMSN Dennis Petross Miles City, MT FC3 Ft3 FC3 Michael Navarro Stephen Bronder Dave Utiey Montebello.CA Riverside, CA Leucadia,CA 31 : UPPLY ( EPARTMENT Supply Officer Thomas LaCoss Westminster, MA Disbursing Officer Geoffrey Lyster Schiller Park, IL SKC(S M(LCPO) Scott Lawrence Nampa.ID MSC(S V)(S-2LCPO) Nestor Tumulac Manila, RP 32 1 D I V S I O N (above) SK3 Dranc and SKSN Quiroz eat part of the ertrep shipment. SK3 Elizabeth Quiroz Baldwin, CA SKKSVV) SK2(SVV) SK2 SK3 Kayia Orange Bradley Tatge Gary Bly .ludson Drane PortOrchard.CA Beaver Creek, MN Chicago, IL Mdaha.lA SKSN Mario (Jonzales Bremerton, A SK3 SK3 MerbenLagua Mario Lopezmendoza Los Angeles, CA LL Paso, TX 33 D I V k S , I Q N MSKSW) EmilioEspiet Bavamon, PR MSSN Kristian Turner Springfield, IL MSI Richard Case Benton. OH MSSN James Richardson Maui, MT MSSN MSSA Kevin P eritz Craig Fortner Hookstown, PA PortAlleg,PA MS2 Harold Burnett Momence, IL MSSN David Thurston Roxburv,MA above) MSl(SVV) Espiet is a little too excited about the new box of broccoli. 34 D I V n 2 N D I V ION SHKSW) RamilTan San Francisco, CA SHSN Corey Jones Sellersberg, IN SHSN Marvin Compton Jr. Springfield, OH SH3 Darreil Dodd Vidalia, LA SHSN Russell Kirkland, Jr. Quince ,FL DKKSW) I)K3(S ) Constante Lajjman Joseph Kauft ' nian Baguio City, HP Twin Fails, ID D I V 1 ' Q N PC3 Michael Johnson M()ntgonery,AL (left) NX and Supply department have some fun in Puerto Vallarta. 35 l V. C V AVIGATION ' 7n EPARTMENT NAVIGATOR LTJG Julie Lompa El Sobrante, CA MAC Jonathan Rowcliffe Marvsville, NY FCCM(SW) Randall Carman Rosharon.TX PN3 Derek Howard St. Louis, MO PNC Patricia Hegtvdt Portland. ME PNSN Melizamay Panes Upper Tumon, GU NCC(SW) Robert Hicks Salisbury. NC YNSR Maria Schade Parkersburji. VV V HMl HM3 HM3 Armando (ionzalez Dawn Foster Jon Strong San Diego. AZ Labadie.MO Parkersburg, V V 36 D I V ? ' V ION QMC(S V) Dennis O ' Brien Moscow. MD QMSN Kelly Ames Woodbridge.N A QMSN Hrvan(i;ibeliart Fernandina.FL is 1 QMKSW) Richard Rodriguez Dallas, TX QM2 Kieth Raymond CoupeviIle,WA (above) Chief, why isn ' t PN3 siiiiHngtoo? Bugs?! In the Navy? No Way. QM3 Charles Burrel Fletcher, NC S 37 EPENDENT CRUISE 9 I ( I (left) DC3 Sprecher and his niece enjoy the trip to Seattle. (right) IC3(SW) Vlamingandhis wife Tomoko take a break for a picture. (above) FIFE heads back toward Everett, leaving the Seattle skyline behind. 38 (risht)CTM2 Baird and FC2(S V) I. a vassal! r seem to l)e sh() in i their w ives a jjreat time. (top right) The Henry ' s squeeze bet veen the bulkheads for a family photo. (left) EM2(S V) Flores and EM2(S ) Reyes enjoy the ride down to Seattle. 39 !hC! (O LYMPICS " -o g K " " (above) OPS Department shows teamwork during the Tug of War event. (left) LTJG Stewart manages the events in his DC Olympics uniform. 40 (left) ENS Taranto and ENS (ioss take a break from the shoring competition. (far left) The Officers do their best at pipe patchin«». (above) The Officers and Chiefs say " HI " to the bridge before the hose roIMn " event 41 cr 7 ELoCHps The HSL-49 Scorpions embarked FIFE in October for our journey down to Mexico. Commanded by LCDR David Lemek, the Helo Department logged numerous hours of flight time (and maintenance time) and was a true asset to TEAM FIFE. 42 2 (left) SK3 Lopez tries to fly away with the Helo. (below) Flij»ht crew members earn their pay. 43 Rl NDERWAY . EPLENESHMENT mgffms ' ■ BaI- ' « ' 44 45 ' E- a NLISTMENTS ■382-O-L i a 46 ) k 47 7 OMMAND n ASTER HIEF ETIREMENT (above) CDR Carpenter congratulates CMC Taylor with a job well done. (above) CMC ' s thirty year shadow box is presented. ( below ) CMC Taylor ' s family looks on as he makes his final remarks. 48 (below) CDR Carpenter places CMC ' s final award on his uniform. (below) Master Chief Taylor leaves the brow to a line of salutes. (above) CMC Taylor addresses the crew for the last time. 49 c HANGE O r J C OMMAND drkW y - ' % i i (above) CDR Huber and FIFE ' S new first Lady, Eileen Huber. (below) Chief Petty Officers standing tall. i 50 (below) CDR Carpenter stands tall as FIFE ' S CO for the last time. 4 ' (above) FIFE ' S Co lor Guard looks sharp and starts the ceremony as they cross the brow. (below) GMKSW) Price shows his pride as he mans his flag. (below) EWI(SVV) Gable welcomes ADM Center to FIFE. 51 c HANGE O H OMMAND (above) CDR Carpenter gives his farewell speech to the Officers and Crew of FIFE. (below) The Supply Department comes through again with a wonderful feast. 1 -- i, .y (above) FC2(SVV) Rosquist seems pretty happy in the officer sandwich. 52 (below) CDR Huber ets " pinned " by his wife. 9d I 4ihI (below) Note, this is the second time Petty Officer Bo well is smilin ; in this book. (below ) LTJG Bickley escorts Mrs. Huber to her seat. 53 CAPULCO (below) The local press interviews FN Diaz during the first night reception. gli I (above) Looks like MIAMI VICE FIFE style in Acapulco with OS KSVV) Titus, OS KSW) Caldwell, and TMl(SW) Herring. (left) The Beach on the Bay. »« r 54 (top left) RM3 Krouses lends her language skills during the reception put on by Supply Department. above) FIFE sailors enjoy R R on the beaches of Acapulco. 55 CAPULCO (right) ETKSW) Gauen enjoys the sun and fun. (left) The PC ' s make a splash at their hotel pool. (below) Looking out from the hotel skyline at the bay. ' cyi « J " V - -TU 56 X 7 UERTO ALLARTA (risht) EW3(SW) Hill poses with her ' ' other self. ! (below) What are you looking at FC3 Navarro? 57 b- UERTO L ALLARTA » ;« »»« ' ' ?■ (right) Scenic view from the shores of the bay. (below) The Chiefs take a break from the underway routine at Sgt. Peppers. (below) They let the animals out of the cage. 58 (left) fife ' s soccer team fought the hard fij»ht against the Mexican favored rivals. (below) ()D Division memhers do their best mime interpretations (below) View from the foc ' sle. 59 UERTO ( ALLARTA (right) Having fun at Sgt. Peppers. (below) FC3 Belone and GMl(SW) Price enjoying the scene outside. 60 (ri ht) GMC(SW) Miller looking tough in Puerto. I (above) SN Jacobson, BM2 Hyde and BMKSW) Hofstetter enjoy the " Real Thing " . (rijiht) FIFE at anchor. I 61 f I ' ALLOWEEN 62 63 - iimSi -TiTia ' ' 1 C ABO AN IJCAS (below) Scenic view from Cabo (below) Looking out from the liotels at the Cabo SkyHne and the anchored FIFE. 64 (below) RM3Krouses and ET3 Unett have each others backs. (below) The hills and scenic natural structures of Cabo. (below) Cabo sunsets. 1 4 (below) fife ' s new mascots. 65 c ABO, -San 7 . UCAS (right) Enjoying the hotels of Cabo. (below) MarHn Ashing boats leave early to make the big catch. :. « » ' ,iiai 66 (left) Cabo and the famous rock arch. (below) FIFE sailors do their best to catch the Cabo fish oft " the fantail. (above) The niarliii were ripe for the catchinj as FIFE crewniembers brought home the big catch. 67 C ABO AN _L UCAS (right) Sammy Hagar ROCKS the house and TEAM FIFE at Cabo Wabo. (left) ENS Sellerberg Hkes the smell of her hair. (below) FIFE enjoys Squid Roe. 68 V S URIAL, f- C - T T . — EA P» i y Hf " " Iff T 69 teel " each (above) One of many FIFE steel beach picnics on the fantail. (below) STGC Kirchner, having a good time at the picnic. (below) STG2(SW) Peterson studies his hair off. i 70 (below) Combat Systems Department puts on a great picnie. (below) Operations Department cooks for the crew; even OPS. 71 -S wim Call (right) FC3 Navarro enjoys the cool water. (below) STG2 Ingerson gives Sv ini Call a thumbs up. 72 (below) ENS Sellerberji and LT I aCoss ets some rays after .s vimniinj». (below) The RHIB is ready for any occasion. 73 -V unsets. 7 ' Xj ea N 74 75 J eam J ife (■mflr r 9 ' 1 " ' " ) iJ V r ? rfi: % 77 EAM f IFE X OODD 78 L fe. 79 s TANDING. DnEm ATCH Operations Department jf 80 r f Wf MUl 1. 11 1 8 USS FIFE DD-991 S3 RPP " " " ' ' ' ' ■I " I k ;2 81 X " TANDING. Hhe W . ATCH Operations Department 82 i 7 V ' URNcT " ? ' ND. I URN Engineering Department 83 ' " 7 v URNcr77 ' ND. I URN Engineering Department r-j 85 1 r M ' 7 HE 7 " LEET ::) ESTJ_ N Supply Department i - jjf ' ' : H HR 2 _ t-i if ' Xilkt.4- 86 87 I J UN 7hF T ESTJ_ ' N _ HE y LEET Supply Department MTI SI» ' ' " ' - i N ARDE Combat Systems Department 89 N ARDE Combat Systems Department 90 ! TAYING !_ HE C OURSE Navigation Department 91 P-. ). TAYING [J HE Cz OURSE Navigation Department r i : 92 C 0MMUNITYc ' ELAT10NS 93 C OMMUNITX:r ' ELATIONS 94 IC3(SVV) SCOTT VLAMEVG PHOTO DESIGN LAYOUT aka " The Eraser " ENS ADAM TARANTO V OVERALL COORDINATOR aka " Slave Driver " SK2(S V )BRADLE TATGE PHOTOGRAPHER aka " The Sleeper " CTR3 ANDREA PEENSTRA DESIGN I.AYOUT aka " Computer Whiz " DC3 SCOTT SPKIC HER PHOTOGRAPHER aka " The Young One " 95 he USS FIFE had a very busy year in 1998. We took a Southern Swing through South East Asia and Australia and then worked on the change of homeport ordeal. We arrived in Everett on May Day 1998 to a large crowd of family and friends awaiting us on the pier. We had our work-ups throughout the summer and then took off for our counter narcotics deployment in September. We were able to visit three wonderful ports and perform our mission with vigilance and professionalism. So, once we came back, Petty Officers Tatge, Vlaming, Peenstra, Sprecher, and I decided to put together a book to remember our cruise. We all worked hard and put together, what we think, is a pretty good book. We hope you like it as well. This book is for TEAM FIFE and is dedicated to our hard working sailors and their families who waited patiently for us to return from our operations. We would like to give a special thanks to all who provided pictures for this book and donated their time before the book was even a thought. Also, this book could not have been done without the patience and hospitality of Tomoko Vlaming. She opened her house to us and to our pictures thrown all over the floor, our arguments, general craziness and overall loud obnoxious behvaior. She was as just as much a part of this book as we and all of you were. Thanks for making 1998 a great year. air winds following seas.} 96 Kevin D. Farley HertI Jones Cnjisebook Specialist 61 9-226-3005 kniaiieyacompuserve com 9 I I I I I . rffr ' UKRAINE ;• cD ' Akirc ■ ' ?-9y;:Cn6I ROMANIA r -po FRANCE i b6s YUC30. • ' ' X P P- i v • c_x XT-GRffis r TURKEY . - ' W J- " - " " ' ' AJKisrAN S_ KAZAKHSTAN . c MONGOLIA Alii MAG? LEBANON,- - • T IRAQ Ly- ' v : -: ' - --1i 7 BHUTAN. f . Vladivostok,-. ' Beijing x north a T K9REA JAPAN CHINA S tXo Shanghai 9 Osaka ■1 BANGLADESH -. I . " " V 1 . ralrilttfl ' ' BURMA ■r V dlCUlia (MYANMAR) UGANDA -{kejYA , yvBON;.o ■ ,- ,x .3,. V CONGO Ry NDA® Nairobi (ZAIRE) ' ' ' " ' ' ° ' • ' Y TANZANIA ANGOLA SEYCHELLES NAMIBIA). . botswan " S MADAGASCAR MAURITIUS SOUTH ' LESOTHO AFRICA I Cape ' Town , ' ' Uoi THAILAND m Bangkok._jz ca ' mbodiaJ Taipei ( TAIWAN . I anila „PHIUPPINES Northern Mariana Islands (U.S.) Guam- (U.S.) BRUNB S MALAYSIA ' ( ' sngaVore r ' palau FEDi ST I MICK Jakarta =C Perth • PAPUA ] , ' i NEW :? ( IGUINEA AUSTRALIA A IVIelbourne Tasmania Map turnished by Nystrom a Division of Hertf Jones Kerquelen I. " (Fr.) mmm m ' :.: i -: NAURU ISl Seat% tiifm ' Frti7if - m z o z " " -yT Montreal Chicago " ( San Francisco San Diego UNITED STATES New York Honolulu ' Hawaii D(u.s,) TUVALU KIRIBATI Tokelau (NZ) TONGA Auckland NEW ZEALAND QUATOR VallJsand Futuna (Fr.) SAMOA Am. Samoa (US) Cook , French ' RJ Niue Islands Polynesia (NZ.) (N.Z.) (Fr.) MEXICO Mexico City i BAHAMAS ■ ojba ' .- AITI DOM.REP. .BEUZE B-SALVADOrV. ...-[„. .,. NICARAGUA Galapagos Is. (Ecuador) List of Ports 1. Acapulco 2. Puerto Vallarta 3. Cabo San Lucas URUGUAY Santiago ' C ' ' ' ; Buenos Aires Falkland Is. ' fUK) t-J ■ »■ m- ?; " 4

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