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n m gg -!- WmmmMm 5 V I E 1 ! CI i f fc P U B 1 c % •C- -i lit ij i M % N R T II J C — . -... w I THE WORLD © TABLE OF CONTENTS THE SHIP ' S CREST 2 SHIP ' S DESCRIPTION 3 COMMANDING OFFICER 4-5 EXECUTIVE OFFICER SENIOR ENLISTED ADVISOR 6 OMBUDSMAN SUPPORT GROUP 7 TRANSIT TRACK CHART 8-9 CAPTAIN ' S CORNER 10 NAVIGATION DEPT 11-16 OPERATIONS DEPT 17-25 AIR DETACHMENT 26-27 ENLISTED SURFACE WARFARE SPECIALIST 28 RECONEX-88 29 SUPPLY DEPT 31-39 OFF DUTY WESTPAC 44-51 ENGINEERING DEPT 53-61 IN MEMORIAM - GSE2 DARISSE 62-63 COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT 65-73 REFUGEE RESCUE OPS 80-83 FIFE LIFE 84-96 THE SHIP ' S CREST The official crest of FIFE, displayed on both the front cover and the adjacent picture is highly symbolic of the ship ' s namesake, Admiral James Fife, Jr, a great American naval officer. The dark blue and gold of the shield are the colors which are traditionally asso- ciated with the Navy and symbolize the sea and excellence. The shield is divided into three sections to represent the air, the surface of the sea, and the depths. The bomb burst extends into all 3 areas of the shield to reflect the versatility and striking power of the Spruance Class Destroyer. Admiral Fife was an especially distinguished sub- mariner. The bomb burst, whose barbs ra- diate in all directions, also refers to the abil- ity of a submarine to attack without warn- ing in any direction. Thus the bomb bursts alludes to Admiral Fife ' s service as well as symbolizing the Destroyers mission of Anti- submarine Warfare. The dolphins, old mari- time symbols, represent Admiral Fife ' s out- standing career, which encompassed both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and World Wars I and II. They are adapted from the submarine badges and represent Ad- miral Fife ' s chosen field of service as a sub- mariner. The red torpedo alludes to his sub- marine command during World War II, while the red color denotes his active ser- vice during the war, as well as the destruc- tive power of the torpedo. The three gold discs on the torpedo represent the three distinguished service medals awarded to Admiral Fife for his exceptionally meritorious and distinguished service during the war. The ship ' s motto, Successum Merere Conemur, meaning endeavor to deserve success, appears on the gold scroll beneath the shield. USS FIFE (DD 991) Ship ' s Description FIFE, the 29th SPRUANCE Class destroyer built by Ingall ' s Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries in Pascagoula, Mississippi, proudly joined the Pacific Fleet after commissioning in 1980. Designed with the future in mind and the capacity for growth, the ship was completely overhauled in 1987 to add some of the most advanced weapons in the Navy ' s arsenal. USS FIFE is powered by four LM-2500 gas turbine engines, which provide both the speed and response necessary to operate with the fastest Carrier or Battleship Task Group, or operate alone and quietly in search of submarines. Truly a versatile, multi-mission combatant, F IFE ' S pri- mary missions are to operate offensively in an Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) role, and Anti- Surface Warfare (ASUW) role, and present a strike capability on land. To support her primary ASW mission, FIFE employs a state of the art ASW combat system - the AN SQQ-89 suite. This system effectively integrates the AN SQR-19 Tactical Towed Array Sonar, the AN SQS-53B Hull Mounted Sonar, the AN SQQ-28 Sonar Signal Processing System, and the Light Airborne Multipurpose System (LAMPS Mark III) to provide accurate submarine target classification and location. The ASUW and shore strike capability roles are supported by the Tomahawk Weapon Systems (TWS) and the Mark 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS). FIFE also has secondary mis- sions such as Shore Bombardment (NGFS), Anti-Air Warfare (AAW), escort duties, and Search and Rescue (SAR). In support of these secondary missions, FIFE uses the Mark 86 Gun Fire Control System, the NATO Seasparrow Missile System (NSSMS), various long and short range search radars, and sophisticated satellite communications equipment. All of these systems and sensors are fed into the nerve center of the ship, the Combat Informa- tion Center (CIC), where the complex tasks of target identification, tracking, and weapons employment are integrated through computer, control consoles, and the Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS). From CIC the Commanding Officer or Tactical Action Officer (TAO) can direct the employment of FIFE ' S armament, which in includes: two Mark 45 5 " guns; two triple barrel Mark 32 Torpedo tubes; the SH-60B Lamps Mark II helicopter, capable of carrying two torpe- does; the 8-cell Mark 57 NSSMS missile launcher, two Mark 51 Close-in Weapon Systems (CIWS) 20mm rapid fire cannons; and the Harpoon and Tomahawk cruise missiles. The Mark 41 VLS, located on the forcastle, is capable of firing all variants of the Tomahawk missile and the verti- cal launch (ASROC) (VLA). VLS has the capacity to hold 61 missiles. Crew comfort and habitability are also a major consideration of FIFE modern design. Berthing compartments are spacious and the ship is equipped with a crew ' s library, lounge, weightroom, ship ' s store, and SITE TV system that allows use of cameras and videotape for training and en- tertainment. The highly automated weapons and engineering systems allow FIFE, the same size as a World War II Light Cruiser, to be manned by a relatively small crew of 20 Officers, 26 Chief Petty Officers, and 300 enlisted personnel. vU V ,tA COMMANDER LOUIS W. BAUER Commander Louis W. Bauer was born in Norfolk, Virginia on 8 April 1946. He attended San Diego State University, graduating in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. Upon commissioning, he was assigned to the USS PYRO (AE-24) where he served as First Division and Weapons Officer. Upon detaching from PYRO, he was assigned as Executive Officer aboard USS GEN- ESEE (AOG-8). Following graduation from the U.S. Naval Destroyer School in May 1973, Com- mander Bauer was assigned as Chief Engineer aboard USS PATTERSON (FF- 1061). Subsequent sea tours include USS HAWKINS (DD-873) as Weapons Offi- cer, USS SEATTLE (AOE-3) as Operations Officer and Navigator, USS BELKNAP (CG-26) as Chief Engineer, and USS CARON (DD-970) as Executive Officer. CDR Bauer ' s shore assignments have included Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Force, where he served as an Operational Test Director for Satellite Communications Systems; Director of the Engineering Specialty Training Department at Surface Warfare Officers School; and as a student in the College of Naval Warfare at the Naval War College. While attending the Naval War College, Commander Bauer received a Master of Science Degree in Management from Salve Regina College. In addition to the various service medals, Commander Bauer has been awarded the Meritorious Ser- vice Medal, the Navy Commenda- tion Medal on two occasions, and Meritorious Unit Citation. EXECUTIVE OFFICER The Executive Officer (XO), the next senior line offi- cer aboard, is responsible for all matters relating to the personnel, routine, and discipline of the ship. The XO is assisted by various Department Heads who are responsible for the organizing and training of their departments, the assignment of personnel within the department, the effectiveness of opera- tion and planning, the proper security, safety, and cleanliness of area assigned, and the maintenance of records and reports. LCDR MP. STEPHENSON COMMAND SENIOR ENLISTED ADVISOR The Command Senior Enlisted Advisor (C SEA) assists the Commanaing Officer and Executive Officer in formulating poli- cy that concerns the enlisted personnel of the command. The C SEA ' s advice is particularly helpful to the command on matters concerning the morale ana qual- ity of life for enlisted personnel and their dependents, as well as helping to solve personal problems or correcting situa- tions that could be potential problems. Through the C SEA, every sailor, regard- less of rank or station, has a secure line of communications. EMCS R.A. CUSTODIO w OMBUDSMAN As Ombudsman, Aggie Kuster acts as the liaison between FIFE families and the command, offering outreach and informa- tion to command family members. Ombudsman duties in- clude supportive contact, passing on important information from the ship, organizing and implementing a welcoming pro- gram for newly arrivea FIFE families, and interaction with the base chaplain ' s office, medical facilities, Navy Relief, Ameri- can Red Cross, and base legal offices. Aggie also represents FIFE on committees, boards, and groups concerned with ser- vices and support to FIFE families, including the civilian sector. AGGIE KUSTER LAURA HOLDEN FIFE SUPPORT GROUP Comprised of FIFE wives, the FIFE Sup- port Group conducts bake sales on the ship, coordinates FIFE ' S annual Christmas party, and is involved in other FIFE activities that help FIFE as one big family. Headed by president Ella Conner and vice president Dena Foxworth, the Support Group con- ducts monthly meetings covering topics that directly affect FIFE per- sonnel. v j rf » m " " " i 1 N A itr , r v £ ...;.; - i , ri ' ,,,, ? ,. ... .y r UlOU %- A1 PHILIPPINE UjUIUgWI ' ' . V " l ' ' V f: -•-■ y • ' A ± V " c ' = ' c y p?7 ' T ' ,v - ' - ' T ' — » T s (-S - AKAFIRA SEA V, . s ..- ' )-a U v 1 S T i; A I. I A CAPTAIN ' S CORNER NAVIGATION DEPT. ,, i, rwzj mma mhw LT T. KWON NAVIGATOR NX DIVISION Comprised mainly of the Yeoman (YN) and Personalman (PN) ratings, NX Division is re- sponsible for the command ' s administrative functions. These functions include Enlisted and Officer Service Record Maintenance, official correspondence, notices and instruc- tion maintenance, and a myriad of other administrative duties. Assisting in these duties, the Postal Clerk (PC) takes care of FIFE ' S official and personal mail, as well as handling other duties normally found at any post office. The Master-at-Arms (MAA) and Navy Career Counselor (NC), although part of NX Divi- sion, are considered Executive Assistants. The Master-at-Arms handles all matters con- cerned with good order and discipline on board FIFE, to include enforcement of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The Navy Career Counselor handles all requests of both Officers and Enlisted concerning change of duties, reenlistments, rating changes, and retirements. X Yeoman (YN) A Personnelman (PN) Master-at-Arms (MA) Navy Counselor (NC) Postal Clerk (PC) Ifs t U STANDING (L-R) YNSN WALKER YN1 DIAZ YN3 GARRIGAN YNSN PRUITT PN3 PRESCOTT PN1 LASERNA SITTING YNSN WILLIAMS YNSN BALL PCSN BRANDT NC1 GALLOCK NOT PICTURED: PNC REINTEGRADO MA1 DAVIS NN DIVISION Comprised entirely of the Quartermaster (QM) rating, NN Division is responsible for the safe navigation of FIFE. FIFE ' S Quartermasters maintain up-to-date charts of the waters FIFE transits through, as well as maintaining both electronic and manual navigation equipment. FIFE ' S Quartermasters not only chart the waters FIFE is transiting through, they also plot future navigation tracks of upcoming events, and coordinate port entries exits. Quartermaster (QM) j L-R QM3 LOZANO QM1 (SW) BENOIT QM3 PAIKO QM3 LEWIS QM3 PARKER QMC (SW) GLAZIER A; NM DIVISION FIFE ' S Medical Department, NM Division, consists of one Hospital Corpsman (HM) and a well equipped Sick Bay. HMC Miciano is responsible for maintaining FIFE ' S medical and dental rec- ords, and ensuring all FIFE crewmembers re- ceive prompt and adequate medical atten- tion. Often assisted by temporarily assigned Corpsman and Medical Officers, FIFE ' S Medical Department can handle all situations from the most minor illness to providing emergency minor operative assistance. Although not equipped for dental assistance, FIFE ' S Medical Department maintains close liai- son with shore dental facilities providing FIFE crewmembers with the dental care they need, HMC A.M. MICIANO Hospital Corpsman (HM) S OPERATIONS LT J. WACHTER OPERATIONS OFFICER OC DIVISION Comprised of the Signalman (SM) and Radioman (RM) rates, the men of OC Division are responsible for communications, both electronic and manual. The Radiomen han- dle all manner of electronic communications, including maintenance of a myriad of different types of antenna onboard FIFE. From simple family grams to high priority task- ing messages, the RM ' s ensure the word is gotten out. The Signalmen are responsible for visual communications between ships, including semaphore, flashing light, and international flag codes. Additionally, the SM ' s maintain around the clock visual watches from FIFE ' S signal bridge and are an integral part of FIFE ' S " Snoopy Team " . Radioman (RM) Signalman (SM) J STANDING (L-R): RM3 KINSEY RMSN THOMPSON RM2 VILLANOVA RM2 AKINS RM3 HARRIS RMSA SCOTT RM2 RYAN RM2 HERNANDEZ RM3 RODEN SITTING: RM2 RICH RM1 SHORB NOT PICTURED: RMC CHRISTIAN LTJG GARDNER STANDING (L-R): SM3 SW ANSON SM2 MULL SMSN UMPHERS SM3 BROOKS SM2 FIX KNEELING: SMSR LONG sAj OD DIVISION OD Division, commonly referred to as " 1st Division " , is comprised entirely of the Boat- swain ' s Mate (BM) rating. Deck preservation, underway replenishment, helicopter deck operations, operation and maintenance of the ship ' s motor whaleboat and captain ' s gig, marlinspike seamanship, anchoring and mooring evolutions are all in a days work for the BM ' s of 1st Division. From stem to stern, the petty officers and seamen of 1st Division provide the " elbow grease " that keep FIFE in tip top shape. Boatswain ' s Mate (BM) j 1 it Q STANDING (L-R): BM1 CAREY KNEELING SA FAIRMAN BM2 FINLEY SA STUDDARD SN JOHNSON BM3 BENCH BM3 MILLER SA INNOCENTI SN HONG BM3 JOHNS SN FONVILLE BM3 MCCORMICK SA THOMAS BM2 GRIMMETTE BM3 BRAY SN HARE SA SALTERS SN BREDLOW BM2 STEVENS SA ALLEN BMC GOODSELL SR PENSKY BM3 KOSLAWY SA MURRY SA WILSON BM1 BROOKS V J Ol DIVISION Sailors in the Operations Specialist (OS) rating comprise Ol Division. Tactical control of aircraft, aircraft safety of flight, ASW Air Controller, manual ships position plot, contact reporting and tracking, supervision of watchstanders in the combat information center (CIC) are but some of the various jobs carried out by the OS ' s in their home, the Combat Information Center. Spending many long hours in the dark of CIC staring at radar scopes and talking to aircraft overhead, men of Ol Division have their fingers on the pulse of FIFE ' S operations and tactical situation. Operations Specialist (OS) Lv KNEELING (L-R): OSSN JOHNSON OSSN TUCKER OSSN GRIMES OSSN MAYO OSSN PATTON OS3 VILLWOCK STANDING: OS1 HARRIS 051 NEWCOMER OS3 OLIVAS 052 MCCARTHY OS2 SMITH ENS KNAPP OS2(SW) MARTIN OSSN SVENDSON OSSN SCHENK OSSN HEISER OS2 BRUMMER OS2 PHILLIPS OSSN ALLEN OS1(SW) RAINES OSC(SW) WADE j OZ DIVISION Comprised of the Intelligence Specialist (IS), Cryptologic Technician (CT), and Electron- ic Warfare Technician (EW) ratings, OZ Division is responsiPle for FIFE ' S intelligence awareness, electronic warfare readiness, and early warning. From daily intelligence Priefs to the comPat information center (CIC) watchstanders, and special area threat briefings, to early warning, cryptologic support, and intelli- gence indications and warnings (l W), the men of OZ Division work largely behind closed doors, in a world few know. OZ Division is also responsible for intelligence and shipwide photography, management of the ship ' s " Snoopy Team, " shipwide security awareness, and management of special security clearances. The 1989 FIFE Captain ' s Cup, covering a wide range of sporting events, was won by OZ Division. Additionally, OZ Division spearheads the Command Enlisted Surface War- fare Specialist (ESWS) program, and the command ' s cruise book. X Electronic Communications ' Specialist E Warfare Technician (CT) cxs5 Technician (EW) i I frf Ik r; KNEELING (L-R): STANDING: CTOSN MCKEIVER EWC AIRD CTM2(SW) MCGUIRE CTTC(SW) FISHER CTR1(SW) MILLER IS1(SW) FOX WORTH CTA1 JOHNSON CT02 COUNTS CTT2(SW) NEELY CTMC(SW) BLANKENSHIP CTT2 CRADDICK EW2 STRIEBEL EW3 MITCHELL CTM2(SW) PRIDGEN EWSN STEWART EW3 HERNANDEZ CTOI(AC) ST. JOHN EW2(SW) RAAB CTR2 KOLLACK EW2 MONROE CTM1(SW) SHELDON LT IRWIN AIR DET Wherever the FIFE travels in the Western Pacific, a detachment from Helicopter Antisub- marine Warfare Squadron Light 45 (HSL-45) is onboard to provide a myriad of services. With its SH-60B Lamps MK III Helicopter (Lonewolf 50), the " Wolfpack " provides antisub- marine warfare detection, tracking, and if needed, attack services. Additionally, the Wolfpack acts as FIFE ' S long arm in over-the-horizon targeting, early warning, logistics transfer (including mail), personnel transfer between ships, and search and rescue op- erations. No matter what the task, the Wolfpack is ready and able to provide. HSL-45 DET 8 LT OWEN LTFOX LTJG FERNANDEZ ENS JOHNSON ATC LEWIS AX1 CALDERONE AD2 PIPKIN AE2 WYCKOFF AW2 BELL AMS2 FUQUA AE3 SUNDHIEMER AMS3 STOTTLEMYRE AT3 DIONNE AWAN CROTHER ADAN PHUNG Y | ENLISTED SURFACE WARFARE SPECIALIST The Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) Program is designed to increase the pro- fessional skills of the modern sailor, The program consists of an extensive array of Person- nel Qualification Standards and watchstation qualifications coupled with a rigorous oral Poard chaired by the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer. Requisite knowledge in all of FIFE ' S mission areas ranging from engineering plant operations to supply proce- dures must be demonstrated. FIFE proudly boasts a dynamic program, with ever-in- creasing numbers of sailors qualifying to wear the coveted pin. FIFE ' S ESWS fraternity is pictured below. STANDING (L-R): IS1(SW) FOXWORTH, CTR1(SW) MILLER, FC1(SW) HUTCHINS, CTT2(SW) NEELY, QM1(SW) BENOIT, CTM2(SW) MCGUIRE. SEATED: QMC(SW) GLAZER, ETC(SW) SANDERS, CDR BAUER, CTTC(SW) FISHER, STGCS(SW) PERSICK. NOT PICTURED: ENC(SW) CHISOLM, CTMC(SW) BLANKENSHIP, OS2(SW) MARTIN, OS2(SW) SAUTER. RECONEX-88 SUPPLY LT A. BENSON SUPPLY OFFICER V S1 DIVISION FIFE ' S Supply Department, S-1 Division is comprised of the Storekeeper (SK) rating. The SK ' s provide for and meet material support needs of the Navy. They procure, receive and issue Navy owned materials, and prepare and maintain ship ' s financial records. In addition to receiving and issuing supplies, S- 1 Division maintains extensive store rooms for ready supplies and eauipment parts that are needed on a continual basis. Storekeeper (SK) VJ STANDING (L-R): SKSN SAMONTE SK3 MANCILLA SKSN MCFARLAND SKSN VICTORINO SEATED: SKC DELROSARIO SK3 DUENAS SKC(SW) GREGORY M y S2 DIVISION The cooks of FIFE, have a never ending job of feeding the crew from breakfast to mid- night every day. They make over 1,075 meals a day, everything is done on a large scale, from making 125 loaves of bread or cracking 65 dozen eggs for breakfast. FIFE ' S mess cooks try always to keep morale at its highest possible point, from ice cream nights, fantail cookouts, and birthday meals. The one space that never seems to close, the cooks of FIFE ensure, no matter what, the chow line goes on. Mess Management Specialist (MS) i LA ' L-R: MS2 BROWN MS3 TAYLOR MS3 FILLA MSSN DAVIS MS1 SMITH MS2 SNELLS MSSN PIRTLE MSSN TYLER MS1 NATALE MSSN KOMINARSKY MS3 JOLLEY vvj S3 DIVISION FIFE ' S Supply Department ' s S-3 Division is comprised of Ship ' s Servicemen (SH). The Ship ' s Service Division live by the motto of " Service to the Crew. " The SH ' s operate the ship ' s laundry which washes almost two tons of laundry per week, they run a barbershop which turns out 144 haircuts per week, and they maintain vending machines which sell over 3,000 sodas per week. In addition, the SH ' s manage the Ship ' s Store, which at $135,000 in sales per year, is responsible for replenishing the ship ' s Welfare and Recrea- tion fund. Needless to say, inport or underway, Leading Petty Officer SH1 Thomas has no trouble keeping SH2 Holmes, SH3 Dlugolinski, SH3 Smith, SHSA Piper, and SHSA McCas- land busy. X Ship ' s Service- man (SH) j " L-R: SH2 HOLMES SHSA PIPER SHSA MCCASLAND SH1 THOMAS SH3 SMITH vVj S4 DIVISION Supply Department ' s S-4 Division is responsiPle for disPursement of funds to ships person- nel. As the old Navy saying goes, " Stay on the good side of the Disbursing Clerks. After all, they control your pay!! " Good side or not, FIFE ' S Disbursing Clerks (DK) will go out of their way to ensure quality disbursing service for the entire crew. Under the expert management of leading Petty Officer DK1 (AW) Jones, and through the hard work of DK3 Antopia and DK3 Perez, disbursing performs Leave and Earnings Statement mainte- nance, allotment direct deposit system processing, travel claim computation, and of course, paydays and check cashing. In addition, FIFE ' S DK ' s assist their shipmates in solv- ing all pay problems by offering financial advice. Disbursing Clerk (DK) L-R: DK1(AW) JONES LTJG NELSON DK3 ANTOPIA v j I D ' " -J BO Bfl ■ f I -ft Aj 7 j ENGINEERING LT T. WILD CHIEF ENGINEER EA DIVISION The men of EA Division, commonly referred to a " A Gang " , are in the Enginemen (EN) rating. EA Division, working from FIFE ' S two auxiliary spaces, are in charge of air condi- tioning, refrigeration, fresh water production, and other jobs relating to engines. Al- though most of their work takes place in hot, noisy environments below decks, the men of " A Gang " provide an integral service that keeps FIFE in tip top shape. Engineman (EN) U " STANDING (L-R): KNEELING: ENS VALENTINE ENC(SW) CHISOLM EN1 WILLIAMS ENFN SANDSTROM EN3 O ' TOOLE EN3 GUIDRY EN2 HILTON ENC FERIA EN2 JIANORAN ENFN ELLIOTT ENFN PHETSAYA EN3 PEREZ EN3 JACKSON EN3 MCINTYRE 4 E DIVISION Men of the Interior Communications Electrician (IC) and Electricians Mate (EM) ratings comprise E Division. The men of E Division are responsible for the ship ' s interior communi- cations systems, electrical systems, gyrocompass, navigational eguipment, and vari- ous other electrical systems. Additionally, E Division is responsible for operating and maintaining the ship ' s closed circuit television system providing FIFE ' S crew with in-house movies, sporting events, and news. Interior Communications Electrician (IC) Electrician ' s Mate (EM) KNEELING (L-R): EM3 CABBAGESTALK EM2 KUPILLAS IC1(SW) GOULET EM2 IGNACIO IC2 VARGAS STANDING: IC1 ATKINSON FN WALLACE EM2 JONES EMC CAPULI IC2 FROTTEN IC3 KELLER ENS MADURA EMFN GESUELE Aj MP DIVISION Comprised entirely of the Gas Turbine Systems Technician Mechanical (GSM) and Gas Turbine Systems Technician Electrical (GSE) ratings, MP Division has the awesome re- sponsibility of operating and maintaining FIFE ' S four General Electric LM-2500 gas turbine engines and three Allison K 17-501 gas turbine generators. Working in a hot and very noisy environment, the GES ' s and GSM ' s ensure the heart of FIFE never misses a beat. Gas Turbine System Technician (GS) j FIRST ROW KNEELING (L-R): SECOND ROW KNEELING: THIRD ROW STANDING: GSM1 MCPHERSON GSM3 DEABENDERFER FN DUDZ INSKI GSM3 LAMB GSM3 NEPOMUCENO FN INNOCENTI GSMFN EBER GSM1 WHITMORE GSM1 MATHESON GSE2 LOCKWOOD GSM3 HOCKENSMITH GSE2 LARSON GSM3 ANDERSON GSE3 WALTON GSE2 TANNER GSMFN TRUXILLO GSM2 TARR GSE1 FISKE FN WARLICK GSEC DANA GSM2 DOOLEY GSM3 BYRNES EN3 DRAKE GSM3 JOHNIVAN GSMFN KEEN GSMC SHULZ GSE3 MANGASER GSM3 FIELDS GSM3 YOUNG FN JOHNSON GSE3 NILES GSE1 GIFFHORN LTJG RAUS R DIVISION The Machinery Repairman (MR), Hull Maintenance Technician (HT), and Damage Con- trolman (DC) ratings comprise R Division. The men of R Division are responsible for FIFE ' S damage control training and readiness (including chemical, biological, and radiologi- cal detection and protection), pollution abatement equipment, machinery repair, and welding needs. Additionally, R Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of FIFE ' S repair lockers and comprise FIFE ' S damage control Flying Squad. Hull Maintenance Technician (HT) M Machinery Repairman (MR) DAMAGE CONTROLMAN (DC) Y STANDING (L-R): MIDDLE ROW KNEELING: FRONT ROW KNEELING: ENS PHILIPS HTFR ENGELSON DC2 WARNER DCFR AIKEN DCFR STANKZAK DC3 REED DC3 MOORE DCC(SW) DIAL DC2 HELBLING DC2 PROCIDA HT1 RAWLINSON MR1(SW) DAVID DC1 FOSTER HT1 GILL VV IN MEMORANDUM ALBERT FRANCIS DARISSE III GAS TURBINE SYSTEMS TECHNICIAN (ELECTRICAL) SECOND CLASS UNITED STATES NAVY 27 APRIL 1965-18 DECEMBER 1988 Albert Francis Darisse III, was born on 29 April 1965. He was raised in New Hampshire and gradu- ated from Nashua High School in 1983. Petty Officer Darisse enlisted in the Navy in September 1983. After completing boot camp and GSE " A " and " C " schools at NTC Great Lakes he reported to USS FIFE, where he served as a member of main propulsion division. In only five years he attained the rate of First Class Petty Officer. Petty Officer Darisse participated in FIFE ' S 1985 - 1986 Western Pacific deployment prior to the ship entering Southwest Marine for overhaul. Petty Officer Darisse performed duties as EM03 workcenter Supply Petty Officer and as an ECCET member in addition to performing maintenance on all propulsion and electrical plant control and monitoring systems. Petty Officer Darisse was also a member of the ship ' s Softball team. His personal decorations in- clude the Good Conduct Medal and Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. ly i: ' " ' pp s ta ' ..s Vrr--. ■IIIIE « _ BOO .... i ■ ■ ■ -sm± . s l COMBAT SYSTEMS LT K. HOLDEN COMBAT SYSTEMS OFFICER CA DIVISION CA Division is comprised of 14 Sonar Technicians (STG) and 2 Torpedomen (TM). Their jobs are many and varied, often one man will accomplish several jobs over a wide range of expertise, due to low manning. The STG ' s are responsible for the searching, tracking, analyzing, and classifying of underwater acoustic sources. They compile oceanographic data and prepare the acoustic briefs for the command. Although ex- pert operations are vital to FIFE ' S ASW mission, the Sonarmen must also, unlike most rates, maintain a wide assortment of complex electronic systems. From the hull moun- ted ,V BEE " , towed array and fire control systems, to the Fathometer, the sonar gang shows its drive and professionalism by " keeping their gear up. " The TM ' s take care of our " fish " and its handling systems. Their duties run from the mundane chore of waxing to the business end of Antisubmarine Warfare, fire the tubes. Their skills at hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical trouble shooting keep FIFE ' S ASW teeth sharp. These are the men of CA Division. They are " the record breakers, " second to none and the reason their " adversaries " are only the second best in the west. Torpedoman ' s Mate ™) Sonar Technician (ST) if A - STANDING (L-R): STGC(SW) MIX STG1 PALM STG1 STAMPER STG2 HAY STG1 MCGUIRE STG2 HOYLE STG1 MORABE STG2 STANFORD TM3 STEVENS STG2 MCCLEAN STG1 LAKE TM2 PLUMMER STGCS(SW) PERSICK KNEELING: STGSN FLYNN STG3 CAREY V J CE DIVISION CE Division is made up of two distinct ratings: Data Systems Technician (DS) and Elec- tronics Technician (ET). CE ' s mission is to maintain the electronic brain of the ship. The ET ' s maintain communications with the outside world, work on satellite communica- tions, HF communications, and various other communications systems. The ET ' s are also responsible for the air search and surface search radars onboard FIFE. The DS ' s maintain the computers and programs that are necessary to integrate the ship ' s many sensors and communications, in short rendering an overwhelming amount of data useable by the ship ' s crew. In essence, CE Division is the eyes, ears, voice, and brain of the ship. Data Systems Electronics Technician (DS) Technician (ET) FRONT ROW SITTING (L-R): SECOND ROW SEATED: THIRD ROW KNEELING: BACK ROW STANDING: ET3 RYAN DS2 PURKISS ET3 RAPE ET3 BLOCH ET2 RYAN DS3 SEIBERT DS2 FLOTT ET3 BERDAN ET3 HALL ETSN WALL ET3 LENOBLE ET2 SWENSON DS2 MYERS DS2 KIM ET3 CAREY ET1 LOWE ETC(SW) SANDERS CW02 ROBERTS v CF DIVISION CF Division, comprised of the Fire Controlmen (FC) rate, is made up of various work centers of FC ' s responsiPle for maintaining and operating the ship ' s sophisticated weapons systems. With each work center having its own area of expertise, the FC ' s primary oPjective is ordnance on target. CSF1 is made up of Harpoon and Seasparrow FC ' s. Short to medium range anti-ship and point defense is CSF- 1 ' s bag. The MK-86 gun- fire control system and Close in Weapon System (CIWS) make up CSF-2. Naval Gun Fire Support (NGFS), and short range surface and air are the missions of the MK-86 FC ' s, while anti-ship missile defense is the main concern for the FC ' s that man CIWS. Toma- hawk FC ' s belong to CSF-3. Long range anti-ship and tactical land attack are the tasks of these FC ' s. Land, sea, or air, CF Division get it there! w FIRE CONTROLMAN (FC) STANDING (L-R): LTJG IGOE FC2 HODGSON FC3 PEELOR FC3 WOODCOCK FC3 TESCHER FC3 WILLIAMS FC3 DORTCH FC1(SW) CONNER FC2 COLLINS FC3 GONZALES FC1(SW) HUTCHINS FC1(SS) MORGAN FC3 CLINE FC3 GLIDDEN FC2 BOTTOMLY FC2 ALANIZ FCC MARTIN FCC LEWIS FCC KUSTER LTJG WINGATE h Wj V CG DIVISION Comprised of the Gunners Mate Guns (GMG) and Gunners Mate Missiles (GMM) ratings, CG Division is responsible for FIFE ' S two MK 45 5 " Naval guns, as well as the ships armory ana MK 41 verticle launching system. The gunners operate and maintain FIFE ' S main guns, as well as train and maintain the ship ' s security force. Critical maintenance on FIFE ' S MK 41 VLS is also part of CG Division ' s responsibility, making sure FIFE is always ready no matter what. No matter what the occasion, if it ' s guns you want, CG ' s the division for you. V Gunner ' s Mate (GM) LTJG R. BECK I U KNEEl NG (L-R) STANDING: GMG2 MACKEY GMGSN MCCAFFREY GMGSN LAVIGNE GMM1(SW) MCCOY GMM3 KLEKOWSKY GMMSN BREWSTER GMG3 HUNTER GMM3 TIREY GMGSN WALMARK GMG2 PARKER GMGSN PIPHER GMM1 O ' CONNER V j J WM Pf fefc iy fa-7 ' ' ' ■PL III 1 ' H iS»P f£J jjjr - Kjjj_-__ ; BOOK STAFF The task of putting together FIFE ' S first cruise book in over 3 years was no easy feat. However, with the drive of editor Ben Foxworth, the long hours spent on photographing the crew at work and at leisure by both Ben, John Gallock, Mike McGuire, and countless contributions by the crew, and the continuous advertising and marketing by Tim Miller all combined to make (we hope) a memorable treasure for all FIFE crewmembers and their families. It was not easy, we spent many off duty hours putting the finishing touches on the book, and experienced many failures. However, it ' s done - here it is - we hope you enjoy it and look forward to next year ' s product. The Staff i USS FIFE (DD-991) 1989 CRUISE BOOK STAFF PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER (AND HEAD HONCHO): LT DICK IRWIN EDITOR, CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER, LAYOUT, AND COPYWRITER (THE MAIN MAN): ISC(SW) BENJAMIN FOXWORTH (THAT ' S RIGHT - HE MADE CHIEF DURING ALL THIS) ASST. PHOTOGRAPHER: NC1 JOHN GALLOCK BUSINESS MANAGER, ASST. PHOTOGRAPHER: CTM2(SW) MCGUIRE ADVERTISING MANAGER: CTR1(SW) MILLER PHOTO CONTRIBUTORS: GSM2 TARR (THANK HIM FOR MOST OF THE COLOR PICS) STG1 BRAD MCGUIRE QMC(SW) DAN GLAZER GSE2 LARSON AND THANKS TO THE ENTIRE FIFE CREW FOR BEING SO PHOTOGENIC. V j REFUGEE RESCUE OPS 26 JUNE 1989 SOUTH CHINA SEA W ® ft J a Wa 7 3 - ■ g a - •r t 2k « » M v ,; II 1) J J " w " . ' ■ ' ■ S w WALSWORTH Cruise Book Sales Office PUBLISHING 912 Skylark Drive COMPANY La Jolla, CA 92037 MARCELINE MISSOURI, USA n UN I O o v i n s o e i i. i i -K t r u r i c - ■ ft safe: u ' ' . -fcr- - - . ' A U n ( ) N R 7 ' P A I ( L 2 y _. ■s 3k • _._ nw rci» «5i P I c THE WORLD ©

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