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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1984 volume:

gvilbetsf AM IK )( hA. FRANZ JOSEF LAND n C N Svernara Zemtya i UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS nOfr ' PHILIPPINES PALAL KAMPUCHEA Brunei r rj MALAYSIA JrY ' J Jr a ' Halmahe, X_ ' Borneo fa r?jkfwlD£ II b — ■ " j INDONESIA SINGAPORE J rVUbes.. j£a — o?2P COCOS IS . Christmas OTSWANA M0ZAM8IQUE MADAGASCAR Maurmus Reunion iMlBA Cabora SWAZILAND f Dj_c- n SOUTH AFRICA CAPE OF 00D HOPS " LESOTHO t lie Amsterdam lie Saint-Paul PRINCE EDWARD IS lies Conet lie Kergulen ARCTIC OCEAN Sverdrup Islands S SIBERIAN IS ' ISLANDS aido IS NORTH • Marcus I NAIS juam NEIS • TRUK IS Wake MARSHALL IS GILBERT IS IFIC OCEAN MIDWAY IS QUEEN CHARLOTTE IS. ' {$ " S, .•• . . UNITED STATES HAWAIIAN IS " |HAWAI " Johnston I. Palmyra I £ KIRIBA Tl Christmas I —JiHKXl SLAVE Clipper ton I GALAPAGOS DA NAURU Ocean I -7 JiNEA SOLOMONS TUVALU SOUTH PACIFIC TOKELAU IS VANUATU ' New Caledonia , ' ' LotdHanel. fUl O o Norfolk I WALLIS IS ' SAMOA TONGA Penrhyn SOCIETY IS COOK IS , lies Marquises 7 TA S.MAX SE A NEW Auckland ZEALAND j Chalcnurch o AUCKLAND IS • Tahiti • , lies Tubuai lies Tuamotu Pitcairn I Ducie I Easter I. KERMADEC IS CHATHAM IS BOUNTY IS ANTIPODES IS USS FIFE (DD-991) WESTPAC 1983-84 uss FIFE (DD991) 1983-1984 WESTERN PACIFIC and INDIAN OCEAN DEPLOYMENT This book is dedicated to the men of the FIFE and their families who anxiously awaited our return. Table of Contents Commanding Officer 2 Executive Officer 4 Poem 5 Operations Department 6 Engineering Department 17 Supply Department 28 Combat Systems Department 33 Navigation Department 41 Air Department 46 Subic Bay 49 Pearl Harbor 55 Mombasa 57 Agalega Relief 62 Air Operations 65 Underway Replenishments 66 Battle Group 67 Soviet Presence 70 Teamwork 72 British Hospitality 76 Sports 81 USO 84 Wog Day 89 Change of Command 93 Tiger Cruise 95 Class Clown 98 Homecoming 101 Staff 104 CHARLIE Commander William S CDR Ulrich served as FIFE ' S second Commanding Officer from 26 Sep- tember 1981 to 20 September 1983. The Naval Academy graduate has since completed 20 years of service and retired in the San Diego area. OSCARS CDR Amborn led FIFE through the remainder of a diverse deployment following Change of Command cer- emonies at Subic Bay Naval Facility, Republic of the Philippines. (See page 93). Commander Lloyd P. Amborn I) Lieutenant Commander Larry C. Stoddard EXECUTIVE OFFICER | The duties of the Executive Officer are many and varied. From helping deliver HANDCLASP materials for a needy school in Mombasa. Kenya to the never-ending paperwork or assisting with the piloting detail upon entering port — the XO is always busy! Month after month the routine is the same, yet each day is as different as its sunset. The skies are set ablaze with streaks of crimson and gold. The sun dips below towering clouds, casting long shadows behind silent ships replenishing for another day of vigilance in waters far from home. Only those who ply the seas, witness sights as memorable as these. - 8 p LTJG M. A. Erikson OPERATIONS ■ 1 LT G. L. Koogle LCDR P. Salerni i LT R. Young LT R. Felix LTJG M. S. Grambling ENS P. A. Poole Deck Division BM1 Allbright, Robert Steven SN Atchison, Todd Aaron BMC Atkerson, John Talley SN Barnes, Michael Allen SR Beasley, Gregory Wayne SN Brown, Barry Lee SN Champion, Ronnie Lee BM3 Couch, Mark Travis BM1 Days, Tommy Allen SN Dunaway, Phillip Scott SR Franks, Craig Anthony BMC Gallagher, Loran Frank SA Golden, Leon Allen Jr. SN Gordon, Eric Lamont BMSN Hall, Lee Cortland SR Heston, Christopher Allan BM2 Hines, Clinton Richard BM2 Hruby, Kevin Allen SN Huddleston, Craig NMN Jr. BMSN Hyde, Carl Leslie Jr. SN Jones, Jeffrey Allen SN Jones, William Mark SN Lefebvre, Mark Gerard SA Mariscal, Pablo Jesus SA Mavis, Martin NMN SN McAllister, Mark Anthony SN Miller, Donald G. SN Naval, Ricardo Carpio BMSN Oeste, John Colston BMSN Pintarelli, Joseph Anthony BM2 Richardson, Steve Henry SN Sanborn, Steven Guy SN Shallcross, Thomas Paul BMSN Stahl, Bryan Thomas SN Vanness, Jerry Michael SA Vega, Jorge Antonio Jr. SA Yeomans, George Stanley SN Young, Wendell , tvf Vii jjf i inn W 1 !. Outboard Division CTR3 Alvarez, Neetali Jr. CTT1 Brewer, Michael John CT03 Carroll, James Douglas II CTR2 Duke, Randall Marc CTR2 Esner, Robert Charles CTT2 Jespersen, Mitch Lee CTM2 Krauel, Jeffrey Charles CT01 Newman, James Keith CT03 Sanchez, Edward Jr. CTT1 Spaziani, Jeffrey Paul CTA1 Thomas, Dale Edwin CTR1 Travis, Thomas Michael CTM3 Valek, Timothy Alan CTM3 Wakeland, Michael Eugene CTTC Williams, Lance Edward 11 12 Combat Information OSSN Albright, Michael Anthony OSSN Bell, Ronnie Avila OS3 Bodda, Frederick Harold OS3 Centofanti, Kenneth OSSN Cooper, Jesse James Jr. OSSN Coulter, Paul Harold OSSN Duran, John Bacillo III EW3 Evans, Brian Scott OSSN Garcia, Herman Charles OS3 Gonzalez, Jose Anthony OSSN Gullette, Leroy Jay OS3 Gutting, Chris Steven OS3 Higgerson, Jeffrey Todd OSSN Hudson, Jeffrey Alan OSSN Jackson, David Michel EWSN Lenning, Darrell Ray 052 Martinez, Jose Federico G. 053 McCabe, Michael Edward 051 McDermott, David Duane OSSN Mitchem, Wayne Avery EW2 Moore, Jeffry Jaye EW3 Moore, Ronald Allen OSC Moscoso, Thomas 052 Papenfuss, Gerald Allan OS2 Peebles, Charles James EWC Rowley, Clyde E. EWSN Scott, Patrick Ernest 052 Shelton, Kenneth Wayne 053 Sibayan, Mark Arthyr EW2 Sims, Craig Allen OS2 Ziegenbusch, Steven H. 13 F " ' 14 Communications RMSN Bailey, Andrew Wilson Jr. RM2 Biechler, Darrel Willis RM1 Brown, Mark Anthony RM2 Casada, Lloyd Charles RMSN Claude, Tracy Mark RMC Cox, Herbert Lee III SM3 Evans, Jimmy Dale RM2 Everman, Paul Woodrow II RM2 Guise, Randall Joseph RM2 Holden, John Charles SM3 Jones, Stephen Michael SMSN Maurino, Richard F. RM2 McAleese, Bernard John RMSN McCoy, Edward Jack RM3 Merrill, Anthony SM2 Mims, Alvin Quince SMSN Mullinax, Rodney Lewis RM1 Pope, Robert Allen Jr. SM3 Price, Darren Manuel RM1 Riley, Duane Troy RM3 Tucker, Richard Travor SMSN West, Leland Emmett SM1 Yost, Dale Chandler 15 zzi 16 ENGINEERING I ■ A fVI LCDR Goins LT Chapman LTJG Dukes ENS Burnett ENS Achenbach 17 A-Gang EN1 Butler, Edward Walter EN2 Cole, Douglas Gene EN3 Dahringer, Robert A. Jr. ENC Ebuen, Albert Espanol EN3 Fielding, Sidney Dean EN1 Fleming, Clayton Wilbert EN1 Hall, Keith Augustine EN3 Herd, William Scott EN3 Kaye, Martin William ENFN Marquez, Thomas Anthony EN1 Sanders, Roy Edward Jr. EN1 Schamel, Ronald Ross EN2 Snow, Zachery Scott EN2 Williams, Sidney Carl EN2 Winding, Thomas Edward Jr. FR Bodin, Justin Paul ENFA Fant, Neil Timothy EN3 Johnson, Kenneth Leroy FR Kowaleski, Keith Kenneth FA Sarabia, Shaun NMN 19 ICFN Bergeron, Donald Peter Jr. EM3 Downey, Wayne Ray IC2 Erhardt, Michael Joseph EM3 Hohman, George Earl IC2 Lambert, Stephen Winston IC2 Simmons, Kerry Dean IC3 Soto. Jesus Servando Jr. FA Trujillo, Francis Anthony EM1 Tucker, Charles Alan EM3 Woodward, Douglas Edward Jr. EM3 Mariano, Edwin FN Tuck, Donald Richard 20 21 R Division MR1 Arias, Isagani Esguerra HT2 Brooks, Kenneth Lamar MR3 Cipriani, Randy Alan HT3 Cody, Charles Andrew HT3 Dosch, Dellmer Ray FN Faria, Richard Morse II FN Gilbert, Jaycee NMN HT2 Girard, John Allen HT3 Graham, Terry Lynn HT1 Minaird, Howard HTFN Morr, Danny Lee HTFN Mowan, Larry Dean HT1 Polin, Robert David HT2 Sciolino, Mark Anthony HT2 Simpson, John Robert FA Stohlberg, Clifford Beland HT3 Thompson, David Michael HT3 Whisenhunt, Douglas Eugene HT3 Zell, Joe 22 23 MP Division 24 FA Ackerman, Randy Steven GSM1 Anderson, Dane Barclay GSM2 Anderson, Steven Mark GSM3 Babin, Patrick R. GSE2 Bacon, Clayton M. EN3 Books, Edward Lee GSE2 Bundy, Jerry FN Caldwell, Roger Scott EN3 Cruse, Michael James GSE2 Custodio, Raul Caguin GSMFN Dowie, John William GSE3 Ethridgehill, Martin H. FA Ferris, Richard Marion GSE2 Fournier, Bruce Edward GSM3 Gill, Stephen Vincent GSM3 Gomez, Daniel Thomas GSM2 Gough, Thomas Darren GSM3 Jarrett, Stephen Leroy GSMC Klokow, Jerry Lemoyne GSE2 Koziol, Keith Alan GSMFN Masterson, Thomas Barry GSM3 May, Jeff Alon GSM1 Medina, Renato Avecilla GSM1 Morgan, Ralph Doane GSMFA Morrison, Russell Dwight GSM2 Nicholson, Raymond Lee GSEC Ortiz, Gilbert Pajatin GSM1 Owaki, Stephen Tetsu GSM2 Reed, Douglas Leighton GSM2 Roelse, Robert Allen GSM3 Schweiger, Kary David GSEFN Skinner, Alexander Thaddeus FR Stephenson, Michael Ray GSMFN Stokesberry, Chris Joseph GSM1 Vaughn, Wayne Belardi GSM2 Williams, Timothy Scott GSM2 Fullmer, Don 25 SUPPLY ■ MS1 Ayran, Nestor Pancilinan SH3 Banda, Raymond MS2 Binda, Bruce Michael MSC Cartagena, Ernesto Legaspi MS3 Carter, Eugene Lewis SKSN Dodenhoff, Tim SN Folloso, Rodolfo Padrigon MS2 Galacgac, Jose Ventura MSSA Gerhardt, Robert Michael MSSA Hagan, Terrence SN Harris, Lonzo MS3 Kennedy, Calvin Donnal MS2 Laynes, Manuel Almuete SN Lipscom, Jospeh Raper SH1 Logan, John Williams SN Lopez, Fidel Jr. SHSA Matthews, Austin Bernard SK3 Montgomery, Roderick SH3 Osborne, Mac Howard SKC Paraso, Amorsolo Ortiz MSC Rios, Victor Ascencion MSSN Samson, Wilfredo Dayrit SK1 Smith, Jay Alan SHSN Taylor, Lionel Reginald Jr. DK3 Thodile, Joseph Wayne SK3 Tilley, Brian Dean DK3 Ubando, Alfred G. MS3 Roth, Donald Lee Jr. 28 ■ " Bp - . -df ■ Mil I ■ft ,» ' ■ 29 30 b Z ■? N s 31 LCDR Fienup LT Lyons 32 ■ LTJG Joseph COMBAT SYSTEMS CW03 Holland ENS Groters ENS Poole LT Evensen LCDR Jordan ENS Hee LTJG Haflich 33 Electronics :fek ETC Chorley, Thomas Gerald DSE Craig, Douglas L. ET2 Haggard, Paul Warren DS3 Lewis, George John DSC Lind, Dennis Duane SN McCormick, Thomas Wayne DS2 Medina, David Manuel ET2 Moore, Thomas Charles ET3 Paris, Andrew Donald ET3 Pryor, Charles Edward DS2 Robinson, Ted Allen DS2 Semonian, Geoffrey Raymond ET3 Taylor, Frank Dossal ET3 Trautman, William Bertie Jr. DS3 Read, Nathan DS3 Elam, Leon Richard ET3 Harriott, Kelvin Paul ET3 Parker, John Alexander IV ET1 Patterson, Randy Lee 34 35 SONAR ASW STGC Atteberry, Daniel Keith TMSN Begay, Michael Davis STG2 Berg, Vernon Leroy STG3 Biddle, Mark James GMT3 Buckles, Larry Max Jr. STG3 Butler, Darrell Ft. STGSN Coots, Harry Alton Jr. STG3 Downard, Scott Sheldon STGC Foussat, Dennis Joseph Marti STGSA Gilman, Lance Fredrick ST3 Hoberg, Kurt David STG3 Lane, Timothy James STG2 Long, David Keith STG2 Murray, David Oliver STG2 Obrien, Jeffrey Allen STGSN Ocepek, Edward Mark TM1 Paige, Nathaniel Gary Jr. STG2 Peeples, David William GMT2 Prentice, Wendell Ray TMSN Schroeder, Steven STG2 Sorenson, Milton Lee Jr. STG3 Veroneau, Russell Thomas GMT2 Yglesias, Paul Anthony STG1 Spivey, Joseph TM3 Heffner, Steven 36 a fej jtg !■ M i E- _ 3 — tflH . i L 37 Gunnery FTG2 Balladeo. Edgardo E. FTG3 Baron, Bruce Robert FTGSA Beatty, Michael Glenn GMG2 Chaney, Jeffrey Lawton GMGC Clendenin, William Ralph Jr. FTG2 Coleman, Leo Francis Jr. GMG3 Garneau, Jr. Ronald Edward GMGSN Hayes, Robert Paul FTG1 Kaczar, Mark Andrew FTG2 King. Michael Ray FTG1 Paradise, Danny Frank FTGC Pownall, Steven Eric GMGSN Stolberg, Christopher Joseph GMGSN Stolberg, Robert Patrick GMG1 Tate, Bernard GMGC Wilde, Carlos Brice 39 FTM3 GMM2 FTM3 FTMC FTM3 FTM3 FTM2 FTM3 FTM2 Brammer, James Bryan Cameron, Hazard Jr. Carver, Enrico Joseph Ferguson, Steven Dale Loftin, James Allen Mott, Michael Lawrence Parker, Brian Keith Radlinger, John Matthew Richter, David William 40 41 NAVIGATION OS2 Alden, Mark Hunter QM3 Aldrich, Gary Lane QM2 Bibler, Douglas Marshall MA1 Cruz, Ambrocio Estera QMC Essert, John Harold EMCS Ethington, Rufus Robert PN2 Gaberdiel, Gary Lee QMSN Granger, Andrew Lee YNSN Grimes, Douglas Mott EMC Grindle, Robert Lester PNC Hintz, Robert James Jr. HMC Medley, G. W. YN1 Murray, Roger Earl HN Oliver, Donald Wayne YN3 Quimby, John Phillip YNSN Rainey, Tyrone C. YNSN Rankin, Eric Matthew QM3 Sawatzke, Paul Michael PCSR Staar, Christopher Edward 42 QM1 Toeppe, William Edgar PNSN Toluao, Fetoai NMN Jr. PNSN Ware, Jeffrey Ronald GSCM Wise, Dennis Paul 43 44 46 48 Philippines 49 ¥ I ■ t V i 2 N v - LS22S 39 - - svj 4 50 ■rttU ' Philippines gKKSs £ fflJOKiayaMM fV IBMlKnu 52 54 Hawaii 55 rj ' B »- " - " ' ! ' VV-.ffVv 56 Mombasa 58 59 — - ■ ' - j 60 61 Agalega Relief Ops 13 December 1983 62 63 , .— — - - . 64 Flight Quarters •i mm ► HE - A u ' I— — - •srf f " - 65 67 . i 1 m BATTLE GROUP ECHO USS FIFE USS RANGER USS HORNE USS FLETCHER USS SAMPLE USS LYNDE MCCORMICK USS BENJAMIN STODDARD USS CAMDEN USS WICHITA 68 69 70 Hll V Soviet Influence • % Mkt •tA-jy Yi--.-- i 71 i fsS 91? L 1 Medley ' s Miraculous Weight Loss Seminars! 74 Honors and Ceremonies 75 76 77 :. ' .--. 79 A Christmas Carol On the 12th day of Christmas the Navy gave to me - Twelve helos humming Eleven Sunday UNREPS Ten fantail cookouts Nine sector changes Eight different schedules Seven days of working Six hour watches Five hours of sleep Four department heads Three ports of call Two cans of beer And a Christmas in the I. O. From: USS LYNDE MCCORMICK 221642Z DEC 83 jo ■ I m ru :.oo i " -;v::; juu» REP MR M0 ikcmw zm wthws • " - - 6.00 mixed okm -- " b.oo j yU - JV - 10.00 PMHO -. ln 10.00 I J V A quiet afternoon on the Promenade Deck. 80 Sea Bat? What ' s a Sea Bat? Fife ' s Wide World of Sports Used ta be I couldn ' t spell Rassler, now I are one! Next stop ... the Championship. Basketball under the sun. and into the home stretch 82 t +K , 83 USO SHOWS The group Belladonna entertained the crews of FIFE and BENJAMIN STODDARD moored together off the coast of Masirah, Oman. Both crews viewed the show from the flightdeck of the FIFE. 84 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders The cheerleaders visited the FIFE while underway at New Year ' s off the coast of Oman. They were flown over from the aircraft carrier RANGER. 85 § V v m I Judy Trammell -JLjf " . " Kim Oden Dana Presley Annie Adkins 1983 niai Suzanne Mitchell Director DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS ' V J Laci Folks Melinda May Tisha Sulak ficu,y. 1984 ear5 Toni Washington Michelle Cole Deanna Childers Caidy Causey Kelly McKee CROSSING THE LINE An ancient tale of Kings, Queens, and royalty; of crusty ol ' Pirates and WOG-infested ships. 89 90 91 92 Change of Command 94 Tiger Cruise 95 " " " - ■nnnHniMiHgH -%» L- 98 ' " ■ §j ii ■ " i 100 East of EASTPAC, West of WESTPAC, Nothing in between. And 30 days in February, It ' s been that kind of a cruise. From: USS LYNDE MCCORMICK 070954Z JAN 84 Homecoming 101 Cruise Book Staff Editor: LT Chapman, LT Erikson Assistant Editor: QM2 Bibler Photo Staff: LT Chapman QM2 Bibler STG2 O ' Brien QM3 Aldrich ET3 McCormick IC2 Erhardt The FIFE Cruise Book Staff would like to thank all those people who donated their photos and time towards putting this book together and the Welfare and Recreation Committee without whose financial support this book would not have been possible. The following was written by QM2 Bibler to his division and friends. Perhaps he sums up what each of us might like to say to our special shipmates: 29 February 1984, It ' s all over guys! Sure wish I had something profound or inspirational to say, but life ' s never quite like that. Seems like such a long time ago. I imagine it ' s true of life, nothing is what it seems, your dreams are never quite real, your expectations of life never what they seem. I remember as a kid, not too long ago, watching Charles Dickens ' " Great Expectations, " and believing this was how it would be, that in the end all was fair and just. Perhaps maturity is nothing more than coming to the realization that dreams aren ' t always true, life isn ' t fair and just, our expectations are sometimes not possible, that life can and will throw you a wild card now and then. Roughly eight months ago, I set goals, guessed at what the future could bring. I look back on these pages and it ' s not just a collection of photos, notes, and twisted humor. This book represents our thoughts and feelings over the past eight months of living together. We ' ve accomplished a lot but made many sacrifices along the way. Sure I could list our accomplishments but who knows them already better than we do. What we ' ve done so far is not nearly as important as how it will affect our futures. Soon enough we ' ll all part company. Some will just drift apart, ships with different courses and perhaps some will cross paths and hold on to the memories and bonds that link us. How we remember WESTPAC is our perspective of how we feel about ourselves. This division and ship is our creation, our child so to speak. As the new people arrive it ' s important that we welcome them to our family. After we ' re gone those left will reflect on what we ' ve done; how our child has grown. It may not seem important to some what others say after we ' re gone, but the type of division and ship we leave behind will reflect the type of people we are. Down deep I know this crew has never been finer, I know we ' re the best! WALSWORTH Book Silts Office PUBLISHING Su ite 20. 5666 La Jolla Blvd. i COM PAN Y La Jolla. California 92037 ocotn Gulf of Fonseca Luzon J traitd of ll ' lalacca riTnl r I Straits of Hormuz J X. Gulf of Aden W San Bernandino Straits " (f) - Red SeaOa " 1 1 Christmas Station P -p " Z5 | J Indian Ocean ■ » ueiqe.iv H i0 N £ O " ■ B8S ' euiqo mnog 5 j_ 8c Binqo mhbg BSg quio]

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