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1 - u -'gI ' 1 f-fiiflffeflt' " ' T" , i. . ' f m ' .nw p m -tm.:-.f. ... f mlamr zam :smrfzlw 1.5::q:mm:qa :s-:-:.1.- 2.-'mm-,----fm-1. -nf.-A.:-R .,n-.,4. f:F---:X--.v , :..f:: .. 1- ., ., - ! f x 1 x Q- ' 9' 1 R 5. I, ' , , . 1. , 1, f- J x 'I "Vl w h. x v,,! f X f,-1 . 2 m 4, .. v 3 , K' 6 ' x ' vf , , ' ,J . . YS , If, , T by , qf 'X xxx., x X ' 91 ,W ?,,- .v r fx N-. ,, -. .5-. . f I J ' I 1v1 Q V Q fl c 1 fi aj' v A 3 xx- X5 1 , S133 3 5 sz ., X P-vi 'rx L v rx I I : - :ri 4: V5 gg., v -5 I K f A .5 -gf - , sq f ' A 41 5 P ff- ' f 1 i 'A V 1 ffQj5-gf? I . 1 3 A Q :iw F . - I 'Z , .E V il ff' , 1 - m 1 6 'E 1, ' -fx- Q M J -H1 J 'R L . i b A REV I' 'Xl A ' V xl x 'jk ,:- , . lf, H ij! F I-1 - 3 3+ C In X .:.,, w K r ! V9 , at XG , Q J-' ,V V rg.: . xv -' 'V' f X3 . A 1.1-J ' ' P ' N is m W DK, H-K- There are e1ghteen acres, elght bu1ld1ngs w1th the roone numbers runmna south and e1qht forty m1nute oenods to tl1e day We have lona Vacahons a b1q ay1nnas1urr1 ared a 1 1, ae' ated football record for tl e year Every oeptem p r e re o lc to schoo wt1 l ar oteooolcs and a ona about May c1 our freshma year son eone always stops wonder waat the quad anqle and the vars1t1es nav to do YVlll'l abstracts ltlqe de nocrc y and why 1t IS that alumnt fron1 years oaclc sttll v1s t dunnq t1e1r L,1r1st'nas vacanons By May of our s nrcr y a wrnna to tmdersta e Vearb ocs ke to a swer th auestto s cw lao a l71e d ston as a sy ool or freedom or reflect1Vethou51 bu n loolcma for a new label to use we d1scoVered that 1-teldston could n1ean as many tlnnqs as there ar oeople to tlnnk of oem For 1ust as a person shows drfferent as ects of lns o r ent and even OI'WlllCl1TQ 111 aqes and 1dQGS But th faculty tae of1ys1cal envtronrnent and t1e freedo 1 of our school are not the essence of F1eldston but rather her ootent1al1t1es potent1al1t1es wh1cl1 must b fulf1lled accordma to the needs and msl es of the 1nd1v1dual And 1t IS t1e flext D1 tty the s ooe ana the V ry aual1ty of these oot 1ta1t1 s as well as our respons to TIQIT that make F1 ldston a QISOW al1ty 1n 1ts own naht 'Whether or not we as students succeed 1n fulf1ll1nq these ooportun1t1es that are offered us 13 another auesnon Qurs IS a problem of balance a searc for a mean between t'1e ex trernes of study ana extra curr1cular act1v1ty Wnen w lose our oerspectwe such problems as poor att ndance at football games and n mbersl11p tn the l S C ar1se And wnle we often f1nd cr1t1c1sm eas1er man oart1c1pat1on we also tend tg oe mtolerant of those who would rather ao to a dance than attend a comnnttee rneetma and ot those Vtf"1O would rather study than ao to a da ce For 1t IS tne acrnevement or lack of tt of eac'1 1na1v1dual that makes l:1eldstor1 as a whol f1na11v ach1eve llS own balance lt s th purpose of th1s boolc to show the potent1al1t1es of our school and some of the ways IH wmch they have been fulftlled We as studertts ar t e prodfts o tl11s ful 1llment and n record na the events or our school year we dope o snow the nd1v1dual parts that complete me wnole of F eldston . 1 A K . . , V L, ws ' ' ' 1 N L I 11 15' Lo X, 1.o . U V ' ' 1 - - 1 ll 1 1 1 1 e w cor 1, ac - . .1 c e .1 rr , 1 ' c. n c 1 1 c A to ' 1 1 r c 1 e 1 l v fr- l I lx ' I 1 .c , . 1 1 1 1 - 1 N1 1 A 1 X L. .. . . A -- ee ear we re be 1. 1 ' nu. .c o 1 .1 c 1 fl 1 ese n A erm cl - e rn 1 c. t 1 1 1 1 Y 1 1-. A 1 , V A, A 1 Q 1 U 4 f. ' ,A ' 3 1. .1 A p A c Y sona.1ty to dmerent people, F1eldston can Slqlilly' mariy d1f'ferA rw 4 V l 7 l c 1 1 c c c . . 1 1 . ' l U-. ' 1 1 t 9 , 1 A 1 , . 1 o .. V 1 c o 1 ' 1 e ' ' ' 1 ' ' .l '- l 11, cA,11 e A ' 1 ec A 9lll'l9, 1 e l c o 'e 1 cc 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 , W n c c to c - 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 . Q A 1 1 A o 11e ' ' ' ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 c 1. c no 1 . c . . .1 1 N 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 . 1 c , 2 1 . . ., A 1 1 9 A 1 1 1 e n 1 c I I .. 1 1 'Q -. ' ' . . 1 . c V , . o 1 1 9 1 1 1 1 . .... A 1 A A . c, l . We come back to school ID September shoutmg D1d you have a n1ce summer? to frrends and teachers W9 VS bered where warns almost forgotten over the vacat1on as we take places m the gym Dave welcomes us and Mr Tate us not to run w1ld 1n the new as There IS no seatmg plan to be remem Y sembl lat1on aga1n hall W1th exc1tement and specu the M1ddle Schoolers run to see who IS IH the1r home room classes wh1le M1ss Murphy QIVGS 1mpl1c1t 1nstruc t1ons tell1ng the Th1rd and Fourth Formers what to do and how to conduct them selves Forms FIVS and SIX follow Mr Brown to the soc1al hall and hurry to f1ll out hve CODIGS of the1r new programs In the afternoon as we each add another key to our key cha1n we real1z that the school year 1949 1950 has really begun Wllh the last breath of summer VIQOI even home work seems fun for the f1rst week or so but soon we stop fmd1ng our selves 1n last year s locker a1sle and we beg1n to settle down to e1ght months of subway travell1ng student government talk some good fun and lots of hard work Before we know 1t the f1rst surpr1se test has been sprung and we are QIVHIQ re ports 1n our language courses 1n h1story or m our home room We have F1eld Day football games and a form party between comm1ttee rneetmgs and Enghsh pa pers and 1t s already Thanksgwmg 1 a few weeks there 15 a feshval orese'1ta t1on of A M1dsummer N1ghts Dream some carol1ng through the halls ana 1t seems as 1f half of the year were over even though 1t 1S only Chnstmas 1950 has arr1ved and we return Mon day a httle t1red out from our e1ghteen day of rest Tl1e Fourth Fornoers offer heartfelt condolences to the m1d year WOITIGTS and wonder 1f 1t s really DOSSI ble to S11 down and wr1te for three hours about Enghsh February w1tn the colds and the vacat1on serves to dlVId9 the year of'f1c1a1ly and to prepare us all for March wh1ch comes 1n w1th a fur1ous roar College Boards have humbled the Slxth Form and as they walk doc1le as lambs out of the Qym on the llth the month beg1ns to ga1n 1ts true oroport1ons lt s about th1s t1me that the year comes to a chmax Mrs W1ll1amson leads a dance rec1tal on the staqe of the new aud1tor1um 1D celebrat1on of the newly 1n stalled seats wh1le the F1fth Pormers thmk about student government pos1t1ons and Mr Bassett starts arrangmg the M1ddle School e1ect1ons The sen1ors QIVG the1r play and 11S sprmg W1th the forsyth1a comes Founders Day and the old order changes off1c1ally as Chff leads the pro cess1ona1 the year IS almost over Buffet soon becomes the place to congratulate SQDIOTS as college acceptances arr1ve and on May twelfth we smg Schuberts f1rst mass The quadrangle 1S always crowd ed after lunch but only a few k1ds go on the grass Sometlmes we have classes outs1de somet1mes we don t have classes After all there s only one week left We are gett1ng butterfhes m our stomachs now and we rememb r vaguely the Sep tember morn not so long ago when we came to school w1th the same feel1ng The work the fun and new fr1endsh1ps were ahead of us then for as we each added another key to our key cha1ns the school year 1949 1950 had Just begun . . 11 . - 1 1 ' . 11 . - ' ' . 1 1 . 1 , , 1 . . , . . . . ' 1 1 1 , . - 1 - A 11 ' 1 . . 11 , . 1 . . 1 , 1 , , . 1 . Q 1 v - 1 1 . . . 1 1 1 ' 1 ' . 1 . 1 . 1 - Q . 1 1 -f 1 , . 1 , . 1 ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , , .1 . , 1 . H 1 1 L - 1 1 . . 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 .. Q , S . 1 1 1 1 , .1 - . 1 1 , . .1 . , I 1 1 1 We come from Fleldston and We couldnt be prouder Clf you cant hear us now we ll shout a llttle louder D Fall started wrth Fteld day whtch IH turn started wrthout a hrtch The New York Yankees may have had the pennant but the Freldston S nators had Mr Brown and anyway what other baseball teams could run potato races DlClY CGDHITG WG flCIQ and eat Good I-lumors all m mne 1nnmgs7 Afterwards there was a student faculty baseball game rn place of the customarv flesh was a lxttle off beat The next day dawned cold enough for the hock y team to wear gloves and earmuffs The fest1v1 tres were prefaced by the ever present talk about our not so present school sp1r1t for desprte the posters and l1ttle clocks we wondered why more people hadn t shown up at the games Those who d1d come must have succeeded at shoutmg a httle louaer though for the football and soccer xars1tes were vfctorfous and the M A A P S chamoronshfp was once agam ours The hockey team w1ll1ngly rf not eff1c1ently served turkey and mashed pc faculty hunt and wrth Clarry p1tchmg 1 toes to the boys and though t seemec some tudent batters could have used a , O be G msn S World the weaker Sex Camb place to htde But at supper there was cream and everyone cooled off f cheermg contest Cexcept of cours I Publ1c1ty Commtttee who were mg or the dance and some 'aspm 1 cheerleaders who descended 1 rom faculty common room to rate r1 rs m enterta1nmentD But Freld Day soon gave ay to rglnt returned to normal The day go faster after thfs and the q g1v n mass of wmter coats was n re t proportron to the dxsappearance of warm Weather Fathers Day came at last and wrt the somewhat embarrassed answers 1 4 soctal studres and rn math classes Clga dd c1rculated m our hallways and coffee was served rn the dmmg room After lunch we had to decxde between football and soccer and along about then our weary father began to wonder 1f school was really as relaxmg as they had remembered Though Mayor ODwyer was v1ctor1ous at the polls the Fleldston football team had to be sat1sf1ed wrth tymg Barnard but we CAME FROM FIELDSTCN AND WE COULDN T BE PROUDER And by Wood mere day we had determ1ned to wm The Woodmere rally was on a Frl day and the after lunch speeches or coaches Mrller Iayson and Katzenstelh were followed by a conga lme of sorts 1n whrch the Splfll was w1ll1ng even rf the mt then own at the dance that followed But as days have a tendency to do thls one ended and wrth ft went th football and so er seasons We got ready to drg rn fr wmter fortlfymg ourselves wtth ts of basketball ahead and cele t Q r recent vrctorres Just past t and Daughters mght came alo gf televrsron came mto 1ts own he o, F1 dston The aerlals on each t no complamts from the land ere were no ghosts to mar l c o ludy Greenlulls monologue b 'rjhuch laughter the barb rshov Gt Jbeautrctan s quartets drdnt have to mvtforry about Petrrllo and Mr Goodmans cymbolrsm broke a record rn popularrty as well as the mrcrophone Hoppalong Cassldy had nothmg on us Not to be outdone lanuary saw the annual Pops and Sons meetmg N women allowed was the byword and even 'lommy Brown when asked about h1s grrl frrends refused to talk Televlsron mrght have been O K for fathers and daughters but here the movre held 1ts own and prctures of the football team 1r actron ran on the same brll as a magrcran act Clt 1S debatable whrch was the more popular the magrc rmgs of the mag1c1a'1 or the magrc touchdowns of our grrdrrons 1 There were speeches by the coaches as well as by Mr Tate and Dr Ballou games for all and televlslon or no Hoppalong I , , e Q' ' 9 , ' , ,t .A . ' ' 1 'l ' ' . . . . Ll I I V I S H ' . he I' E J , ,A X . , I l I 2 ' ' ' , fd ce t- , U A ., . , . . J ' l , V - t W , , . . fl KZ-9 ' ' I' v t I Y N L5 QQ br f - ' ' . ' . x. , T" . . I l and by Tuesday morning ad A A . , .X X t X , I . A ' ' X. ul ffl ' .f a A ., ,, ' lo a , I l,' tt . - I 4 f l , . I . , . . . I 'Q - V Q ' ' . " o I I - I 1 I- .... I I A A l ' . r ' ' ' 'N Casstay had nothmg on anyone here elther And so t1me and t1de bemg what they are the days passed the athlettc fteld made way for the gym balcony and the swtmmmg pool and the cheerleaders kept rtght on meetlng tmmedtately at'f lunch Sptrtt seemed drtferent m the wt t terttme The games were vartefl but the aud1ences were more or less stattc and tt you went to the gym balcony on a Tue day or Frtday afternoon you could have wasnt only the lack of one malor school event but the whole teellng of the season Afternoons were given up to homework and the much dtscussecl problem of school sptrtt was almost tgnored But for those part1c1pat1ng snowballmg wasnt the on y wtnter sport and stratns of Roar L1la roar score Ltla score' could have eve rwalled You ll never see Maggte alone Wetnstem and company could be counted on to glve the cheerleaders some Sllfl com petttton and between them and the une? QTL the cold season was kept well above treezmg As for sp1r1t tt rose wtth the thermometer and by the t1me sprtng her alded ln the baseball season the ball as well as the blrd was on the w1ng Students sprmg fever and all were ready to Chee the vars1t1es on For desplte any temp: rary or even more or less permaneut lapse tn sp1r1t and desptte the somettmes d1scourag1ng attendance at games we all ot us came from Fteldston and we couldn t be prouder , W - 1 C-xx - Q' 'U tl 1 - "4 - .- 'li A .Ji ' I ' 15. ' . M f I ro' 1 . . cj , A , C1 ,L D- placed a sate bet on whom you'd find. lt pected entrance ot a female into the pool, ' ' - ' ' 1. - , , . , -. 1 , ' , 11 f 1 ,, To get working papers, you have to be fourteen, but anyone can go to Hudson Gulld Sewmg Jumpers for lads rn Europe though IS strlctly a Frrst Form prlvllege and wh1le the button hole may be a httle crooked the thought be hrnd them IS anythrng but Cornrnunttv SGFVICG as such comes rnto focus by Form Four and after Mrss Kay and Mardxe Munzer have addressed the upper forms warnmg us that worlcmg m a hosprtal IS not necessanly glamorous some of us hurry down to Medrcal Center on Monday afternoon and fmd to our surprlse that they were rrght But we dtdn t really conte for th glamour and tts a n1ce feellng to know that our Job of sortrng suoplles and feed1ng patxents IS really helomg At Un versxty Settlement and MGd1SOH House we take care of chtldren asktng ourselve from ttrne to ttrne rf we too had been such brats CBut remembermg that eraser W threw rn math we decrded the lads were comparatrvely well behaved D wr? fnxltllf-if Qf' effgfg I 'Sri Y'-3 X, J' we ffif ff sx X -5X n-ffrffl' 2,- !5, Af,' i -D def -7 Na- A.,-.1-'27, Here at Fleldston Communrty SGIVICS takes on a dlfferent aspect Mr MCG1HlYS work squad may reau1re more brawn than some of us can muster but collectmg at tendance IS always safe Cpro vrdrng of course you know your way around the corrrdors and are wxlhng to keep out of the green amtb Some of us work rn the l1brary and 1ts embarrasslng to fmd that the overdue sl1p you re yourself We delrver cook1es and mrlk to classes rn the Lower School Cno buffet problem herel help Mrss Marcus and nonchala rtly 1n hale Cl1lOF1T19 gas as we frll rea gent bottles rn the chem ab F1eld tr1ps corne around and we pack our harmonlcas and work gloves rn preparatron for two days of sun sweat and a good t1me Theres always Fel1c1a and Dr Heymans rend1t1on of Oh Su zanna and though the pea soup nay not be Mrss Brocks ldea of a balanced mam drsh you ll eat anythmg when you get hungry enough . . f t S Q I . , . . . ' e - ' , N I ' - ,. 'xx NX V X X 'V I ' - . 'f -. " 4' N x t , ' 'A ijt! ' ' , , r 9 1, 2- W ' , . Q ,VQKYGKF7 1 f. I 4 4 .Ig f f Y 1 L 'H 1 I l " -at s H :-glflxxt. 'l ,jlq 1 ,' ' fkf 2.1, H , , Q A-:K-QS,-gg . ' .J ' -.F J," 1 t-1 ' 1 -li. . V , ',ZQK x 'x -t ! I ft K filling out is to none other than J ' 1 rl X 4 4 'A f 7 - f' 1511 . ' ' 'l xx :ji ,-ix. , "nk K ., N, I 1 A A 1 1 1-'fx , 115 I if . ' P - mt. ,, 1 19, , y s ' ,, f '-few! ' J ' 1 l, 4, My N ! I V , 4 1,- K r " , ,.--.-' ' ,' ' . A ' " -A ,""'-' , ' X X , ,. ',, A 4 x ju- Lf "" V. - . X 1- 1 c P 'K ff s ,, ' -E' ,, u Q ' I In N ' eff X2 X. t f y y 'ij JD - 7 it ,LL A I ' . , 'i Y Y x , j P1 . rm -f K 'L 9 'fe 'Ll .' -,if-A '-, - ,- 2 1 I , - 4 -- t Q, ' Dunnq February the f1ela trrps are ot a d1Hcrent sort we dont Choo trees or cleqr roads but we 'earn something about how our Cornmunlty functlons The S1XlI'l Forrners ao to Washrnqton and even 1t the 'nan rn the Whrte House may not b Consclously aware of lt we see the Checlce and balances of the constrtutlon rn actron tNo Muzzey was never l1lce thrs , There s the annual tr1p to Medrcal Center ar the Wcather Bureau and when school starts aqarn we have a better percpectrve of h1story econormcs and sc1ence By th trme spnng comes around every one rs acquamt d w1th the fact that tl 91xth Form Ib aomg to Hudson Gurld as are Forms Three and Frve The bus nd up IS a conqlomeratron of found a pea 'rut and speculatron on whether the qlr or boys wtll have Rosewalter We re urea when we arnve but we strll have plentx of ene oy left for an all too short weekend ol work baseball and sunbaths We return frll out Comrnunttv Servrce credrt cards and whrle rts not alwav easy to see the mterconnectedness of ou our o casronal qlrrnoses of the foree through tne trees show the Cornmunrty Se v1Ce oroqram to be well worth the some trmes wearyrnq often borrnq toll 1+ entar . e ' ' - ' ' 9 ' 19 . ' . ' e r 1 1 - I I f l ,Y l . ' ' f Q , ' 'Q ' o I l I -- Y P V V I I I 4 :J , l ' .X ' small job and the community as a whole ' ' . , .rj cr ' ' A J .. 2 , V , VJ, V J . , I gn 4,..4 Q t. A . . v L. t . P- W U All the couples 'ia una r ac were i 'r a a Roqer scanned t e floor or sorre more uhsispectina Tie F ld a dar so aly soea Via erred he y ar aria ouah the c n ittee worlc d l ard one car iot always eaei lead a 'tors to water es wasrt wt at it could D GW First ofu t ouqi d about the r par yet leant difficulty and vas a areat success e oi the boys couldnt cm e so everya e settled or garnes butt er as PO rie wno did not knot wfiat ao when ti rea and cake arrived Tie Second For refs na douanfiuts and so ie square aa inq and 'ae M ddle S laaol Social Canirnittee found that the Friday dan cina classes were paying off dividends. With "side-toaetherrstep, side-toqetherrstepn firmly in mind, and with no Upper School boys for competi- tion the party was all that had been anticipated As tor Forrn Three Roqers farnous 'rare today qoon tomorrow story helped make up for tae all too rurnerous early departers and between qarnes refreshm nts and dancing with Mr Darby a party could always be fun But social activities dont necessarily end when the party does and waiting for upper form boys after class can be Just as excitinq as anythihq else ln tne sprina there s the I . rl S A A L . , t 9 - , . I ' I g - , t V - ' ' ' i . A o danoz. ' 'e the Center ' ' nt: -N ' .i,.it o e .. .ii te as - ii, . . 1 -V ' vlctlnis. l ie D y ' A 1 T X ix.9, Ci . -1 lil ', op . 1, 'e 5 . , tn 'N or In S t '- e .1 , .ir , . , Q , A . o , ana attendance at torni par' fic- . 1 gave be . y H , TNQ P , .t , no i ..i. , A, A , :gc:dn't io . e ' 'triis ' ' , i A - my 1, L , A , , , Soni- ' , A A ac. , , c on, i g no e w is . 3. .. fx ' 2 to ' 4 ide c rn t 1 ,, t 4 . o .A , . u , t ' . . - rt. - ' nc' , .Q i Q f, . . 1 t c i , M V track to walk around and even s ttrna taloles can b tun prov dtnq t e Cont any s qood tte company rs always qoo as any Fourth Former w1ll hasten to tell you 'llhetr party down at M1dlOWH was tm but all are agreed that the barn dance was one o those tarnous loest evers As tor Forms Frve and Srx tterrs was a cooperatrve attarr much to tn dtsrnay or the Srxth Form q1rls and the Fltth Porn boys Nobody ot Course Could t1nd the r1qht roorn at Mtdtown and everythlna threatened to end tn the street but trnally thrnas qot settled and a prermer showrna ot Med a saved the day tron the eaqnoa and alumnr at Cnrrstrna to the srnarnq and corned beef sand wrches rn February And nearly every upper form student can tell you Marty Rablan s address There was a band dance m the wrnter a farewell party rn the sprrnq and ther as the Frith Form boys started et erna the Fourth Form qtrls we knew that the encr ot the l95U soc1al season was rn stqht 7 W, if 'lf : ' e , A i l h .A ' ' ' 1 p ' . e . . Wttlt tollc dancing, on the other hand Open houses, too, played their part Hr ' d, 1 ' " ' s A t ' , . he ' - ' ' , . I V 1 z Educatlon 1S a process to prepare us tor demo racy m F1GlClSlOIT democracy rs me process DY W lch WO are eoucated The new constrtut on wo ur mterpretatlon ot de nocracv a d wort' mg under rt was our process ot ducatron Thts year tlne Councrl was sr all enougr to ht mto Mr Hellers room out tue argu ments were as brg as ever and tae bua gets Leo wrote h1s proposals and by laws on the board as Gerda cop ed every thmg down consctentrously mcludmg tht soellmg errors and Pres dent Dave Lagu notf mtroduced the drscussron ot the l S to It vou mrssed hearrng the pros and cons at the Councrl meetmg you went to the Forum heard a few th1ngs more a tsl add d a thought ot your own Marty had more seethmg SOITITS to assuage wrth tls roundmg ot hrs gavel than Dave had but the sum total commotron was always loud trong and ht enough to be prmtea page of the Freldston News The edrtors work d hard to make the paper a mouth DISCS tor student optmon and even though some of the controversy contamed tascl natmg personal touches they succeeded n oroducmg a aper ot by and tor tne people CODIGS ot the News were kept tn notebooks to be saved and the students lad to resort to usmg math homework to paper arrplanes ln keepmg wxth the new constltutron the publrcatrons were more autonomous than before whlch meant that the prmt shop had a busy year producmg Newses F1eldglasses artd two rssues ot the Lrt Mag Lmda Gertz played loan ot Arc tor the Pubhcatrons Commlttee whlch won Us hght tor survrval and gave 1ts advrce o the varrous edrtorral boards The re mcarnated G A Q lad a dr! terent k nd o trght for hte as Barbara on 1 onme trred t prove the worth ot the ommrttees ev torm ot xstence The glrls ot the cormmlttee seemed to have a recurrtng theme whrch dealt mth the grave tragedy ot the Upper Schoo female who when patr1ot1cally savmg water m advert ntly vrolated the shower honor C 7 l l , 1 ' 1 Y , l ps A rt T ' V Q fn , . A O o Q ' A r , U lf A ' A e ' . , ' f ...xl 1 4 - ,, . . . T V e . ,t ' ' ' T le , S , ' ' T in Qresmans deathly style on the second 9 - , A . . . I I 1 1 ' YN Y 1 'v f 1 1 ' A l l I f V H tw ' ' ' ' 4 'I . . . ll Y - . t tj It ' , , . ' C Q ' o A C ' ' K e 1 . -, 9 A system and had therr moral vrctory hamp ered by a moral defeat How to reconcrle patr1ot sm and personal honor or two con flrctrng commandments perhaps rs problem that only Mr Black can deal wrth Another burnmg lssue what to do abot t rnoney pledges was brought up trme and agam by the Communtty Servlce f'omm1t tee They trled drrves they trted sellmg ookles and ftnally they decrded to trv ratsma money Not long arter the1r assem bly Mrmr and Barbara found themselves arrangrng Ethrcs collect ons agam The Communrty Servrce Forum meetrna took up one Tuesday 'nornmg but the Internal Arrangements Commrttee had harder assemblres to plan Thev had budget to strck to but speakers co t money so the Scots of the commrttee sug gested faculty explortatron and Mr Kotlcr gave one of the most entoyable assem bl1es of the year as he showed movres o Camp Fehcta and fasctnated us wtth h s runnmg commentary lf you were late that Tuesday mornmg you got your name 1nscr1bed on Pete Slegels httle hst unless Pete was lat too and maybe you rememb red the fol lowmg week that the House Commrtte could b effrcrent Mary presented the Norsy Corrldor problem and as buffet got more ccmpltcated d1scuss1on on the hoa or system was forsaken The uma re work tngs of Rtchard s and Irmmy s mr ds trans formed Fleldston 1nto a Western Unron offtce and a balloon factory and as the Pubhctty Commrttee rtself manufactured mustc notes commg out of a trumpet th Revxsrons Commtttee evaluated stude t government and the new constrtutton un t1l at last Barry presented to the Councrl a set of proposed changes The school took the problem tn hand then and a frscal years work was put to the test No matter what the vote of the student body had been the new constrtutton would have been worthwhrle for t'1e workrnas of student government under any demc cratrc constrtutton gave us tl at ex enero e whrch IS the process by whrch we are educat d , . M A 1 . . r , , Y CI 1 . , 4 L I .1 ' - 1 A . , . V . , . , r - 1 . . i . .J F . 1 I ' N . A A ' Q , 5 .J I . . . Y , . , 1 , t . , in , r , . f Q .. 9 . . . 3 9 . . A 1 , V A . ' 1 . . . I . I , Tl ' , ., -. ' Q , - H , . , - -1 . I I , - w , 1 A , cr rs ' ,- , fy 1- ' A . - V 9 Tomml wore an orchld. and two weeks ot testtval were over Mr Glannon had I IS suppers at home aqarn MISS Kay locked up the costume closet the Upper School returned to the Socral Hall and Pyramus Trtama and the Wall went back to bernq Ftrst Farmers It all started rn IESUU when Shakespeare wrote A Mrdsummer N1qhts Dream By l949 the characters were the same but the end product was shqhtly drtterent Mr Smythes students had gotten to know Mrs Landrss and when December 22 came around everyone aqreed that rt had been real The next Vacatton wasnt far ort ana one Wednesday when chorus was emp ty we realrzed that the Fourth Form was about to qrve another testrval Thursday nrqht arrrved the House Commrttee took charqe and the ltqhts went out rn tl dm Iflq FOOIY1 CWh1sperD New York What IS New York? New York W at 1 N W York? A crty In dark and shadows A mold ot terror tor tt e ter rortzed t Louder 7 It rt lrves rt IS llvrnq In the belchrnq black from soot covered sntokestacks In the throb ot a motor In the thumb ot a ma ht te 111 the mtdst of an mau try The slow dull thu L ot a machlne New York What 1 New York? t Slow I a Louder D x 1 I ' ' ' " , ' u . A I R 1' Y K I A1 , - - I ........ h I 's e , . 1 '1 - . . I A hole of filth for the ftlthyg I l I -t ' cry: A' ' ' ' ' . , nie - f ........ 's After two weeks of pur1t1cat1on by hre Lzlrom emerqed The semors learned to motrvate and make semaphores whxle the teachers d1scovered that voluntary non sequent1al homework d1dn t take long to correct On Thursday mqht I1mmy's curtaln ac tually went up stralqht Mrs Muskats new organ roared and snorted to the tune ot Petrushka and even Drck Wernstern was qlad that the Male Ammal was strll hrbernatlnq But Tomm1 and the other wrllmq faculty had to keep up thewr heav enly patrence one day more untxl at last Iuhe got her hnal black and blue mark the Srxth Form qot ready for Hudson Gurld and everyone reallzed that 1t was posslble for some one to beat you and b at you and beat you and never hurt you at all 1 . , . . , 1 1 11 . 11 . . , 1 H I . . . 11 . , 1 . . 1 . . ' 1 . - , - . , . 11 , . 1 - 2 v 1 1 . . . 11 , . 0119 SL1pe1'1OI WHS good and one good was adequate but you could always b fnendly and coopera tlve tn class ln Ethlcs though ve drdnt get marks and rn between cookmg and home room the Ftrst Form met wrth Mr Cook to dtscuss democracy Aft r setthng the worlds future rn forty mrnutes they got down to work on the lndustr al Revo lutton and the past Mr Peter took hrs class to hear a town rneetmg rn Mass Mr Smythe s class made mazagmes and everyone studled percentage For the Second Formers artthmetrc had g1ven way to math as lay taught then how to transform sheets of graph paper mto hexagonal sol1ds ln socral studte they learned that Mrss French came from Kansas but tn Frrday tests Beowulf garn ed prommence CProm1nens tr Latrn from promlnens enttsj The Latm roots became comprehenstble as Mrs Andrews and Mr Loewy mtro duced the ancrent language to the Thlrd Form wh1le for those who took ht tory the ancrent world came 1nto focus through Nebuchadnezzer and Alexander the Great morn1ng Mtss Murphy D ln mus1c Brotl er Iamess Alr took the place of Dear Harp Cf My Country and smce Latm Greek drdnt start t1ll next year they had to be sat1sf1ed wtth readmg the Odyssey Ill Enghsh Fourth Form was the begrnnmg of the Upper School Parallel lmes were every where equldtstant but Mlss Mt rphy wa sttll Just everywhere and as people rush ed to Jom the vars1t1es and chorus they had to remember to walk not run m the hall Mtss Shrmanoucht had made sure by thrs trme that all could spell her name and 1n Enghsh 1t was a far far better thmg to get a sensrtrvely wr1tte 1 paper than It had ever been before There wer Bro Spanrsh and square dancrng and by the tlme the year was over many erst Wh1le Fourth Formers showed srgns of be commg de grandes personnes Double double borl and bubble Frfth Form brmgeth torl and trouble Sth Former So farr and foul a year l have not seen Ha' A few fleas are good fcr a dog Sth Former Fleas? ls that what you call S AT s'? ls not college to u as the pawnbrokeress rs to Raskoln1kov'P Careful A gram rs b tter than a damn Brown Brown Gray porgy puddtng and p1e z equals x plus y Bussra had a revolunon Darbys apple fell on New on Les Iumeaux and Wrlhelrn e Harvard Swarthmore Smrth Cornell 5th Former But mrdyears rf we should at You fa1l'?' But screw your courage to the stlckrng pomt and you ll not farl 5th Former Thats Act 2 Scen l Lady Macbeth to Macbeth Yes Bayes IS Brown and Brown rs Bayes Bayes But Lenrow watts and htther we must go Mr Lenrow warted 111 a confer nce room above the llbrary wrth Socrates l-lerodo tus and a pfle of mnneographed sheets The Srxth Form rn thetr new lab coas were soon omparmg Electras and the 1 tellectual rage was h re to stay Mr Eyste was sttll pole vaultrng tn room 2 4 rn ns tory tests the sentors varnly called the1r good rncomplete adequate s L1'lCOI1Sl1lU ttonal but there were sttll no grades rn Ethtcs There was college to worry over exams to study for and uncertamty aboctt the future but potasstum sodrum ana arnmontum salts Wherever they mrght be could always be depended on for solubrl ty On weekends there was always Hamlet or Montargne or Man Fate fr nally as lune came man s fate took pre cedence the man rn the senror class rn partrcular as the Srxth Form cleaned out the1r lab desks and took frees 1 3 I 9 H ' , '- I . 4 . Il - - ' ' , , , 'v . r ' l K: I ' ' vw I r I ' . - . 1 ' 9 f ' ' ., All : , , , ' , ' I I ' ' 1 t , T ' . ' ' S T ll, I C V! I I , . ' . T 5 . ' , : ' .... ' ' - ' . f 'l .... ' ' . : ' .. n I ' I I , s . , e , They started algebra C"Do girls .... Good we know, , . ,, ,, ,. ,, . . Q , . u T A M! I I , . ' ' . ' ' ' tc ' ' , .c ' , , . ' - r I e . . r ' ' , ' A S Y ' ' ' l , ' l' - V A T f F l S I I A I I 4 1 , , 7 r . , . ' A 9 A l , , , f 1 . ' 1 I 4 - S - ' A I ' fl ll - - - 7 'I lune We empty our lockers sell books to the supoly exchange return the extra towel we borrowed from the Gym Department last November But ther are thrngs we cant trnd tucked away be fund a baseball glove and the school year rs one ot t em lts over l94Q IS a ate for a hrstory book The curr nt events we learned about II' Ethrcs are art ot tne oast too and as w take a sooermg glance at tne .world growth and then at ours the year rs no longer a lost art1cle rn the suooly room lt becomes an expenence that IS oart o us The Srxt For C1 a exber ment ergnt rr the tall ard read the nyarogen chaoter a week later wnle at 1 rc screntrsts gav brrth to tne monster H bomb The Mradl Scnool government argued about QHICIGT' cy and oartrclbatlon and that nlght th ev rung oaoers announced that Russ as delegate Nallfed out of the Secunty Cour c1l oometrmes when we looked out ol the wrndow and saw a format1on ot trgnter planes N9 wondered what sense there was to the dtscusston ot a oarty ana lvl er our tr1v1al oroblems frt rn wrtr trungs hke tne cold war It W went on tc sun r the Jolt ot vre Nmg lnfrnrty our mo mentary unbalance althougn drsturbrng ga Je us a lrttle Derspectrve and we wer able to evaluate and cr1t1c1 as we de felo ed an awareness But s hool s ove no ff ana we l av our ernotf locker door on n -. t .t A 1 I . ' A . T . , . .. . , :- t . . . . V n A , e . 9 V 94. . l V 4 'I I I . X I . ., . f- . . , . V n . - d . . . X A 9 V . . , , . . , . ., o , e r 1 e . - . 1 fm 14 - 1 V . . T 3 A . V . 9 A. V Q . . l , V . ' . , . . , . . ' V' ' t 'V ' c V ' e . V Z-3 - ' Lf we 'Q' - 4 ' 1 ' , vs f- ' f t. .l. A AV l , . , V :J . V . , t . , 1 V . . r Y, e e . Q 1 V 5 11. cw. . . C D varled port been e stalrs one The and pleasure such have been 1n w1th therr merrts but the sports spon sored by the author1t1es have emoyed a successful year The football team coached by Clarry Mlller and co capta1ned by our sedate Councll Presxdent and Irmmy Stuart had 1ts own sp1r1t and personahty The Splfll of the student body was sllghtly drfferent Cand sometlrnes shghtl but those who at tended games were enthusrastrc rooters and they watched the team roll through the season wrthout a defeat The only blemlsh on the gr1d1ron record was a 6 6 t1e wrth Barnard m the annual Electlon Day game At the last contest of the sea son Rlchard Wemstern was the hero of the 217 vrctory over Woodmere Agaln Preldstons football team won the M A A P S and as four of the boys got honor able ment1on on the All Crty team som weary soccer players declded to try therr tuck at basketball Nevertheless these booters urged on mostly by lay s sarcastrc comm nts com orled a worthy record They cultrvated a large follow1ng of lower form grrls who dutrfully scorned the football team on Fathers Day to watch the boys led by Hog Meyer and Arthur Bodxn show therr herolc prowess over Bronxvrlle 1n the most excltmg game of the year The antrcllma l1C playoff for champronshrp w1th Staten l proved only that to err lQ human the defeat to the g1rls hockey team 1n yearly sockey game merely served as check test The grrls on the other hand thought the tr1umph 1n a more personally satls fyrng way W1th thelr new Jackets and thelr new captaln Mrmr Chang the team was a sprrlted and good playrng one whlch chalked defeats up to what was rn Ethlcs Experlence The w1nter sports season ran 1ts course enlrvened not so much by top notch teams as by 1nc1dentals Hermme Fuld s vrctor 1ous splash 1n the pool at a boys swlm mlng meet We1nste1ns gym blackboard cartoons and the antrcs of a bevy or cheerleaders Wrth Captam Morty Dros nes and Chff Alexander rn the fore the boys basketball team plled up a Good record and rn rts most dramat1c game defeated lzhverdale 42 40 1n the closrng seconds of play Much to the surprlse of all the mermen turned 1n two vrctones to break the un lucky streak and wrth such encourage ment they challanged the newly formed grrls swrmmmg team capta1ned by Gferda Stem and Hermme Fuld The grrls how ever made a b tter showmg on the ba ketball court and as Co oaptams Lrla Freld and Connre Tate led the team for ward the weather man led us all on to Aprrl and the new season ln the sprmg the concentratron was on sports of a drfferent varrety but neverthe less the baseball tenms and track teams went on commendably to culmmate th School s athletlc orbrt wrth a happy walt t1ll next year sp1r1t 1n the a1r S L , at t e ' ' ' ,, , , - , ac I , ...., ' A , , ' ' ' I I . I - ' I Q - ' ' I 1 I I , . . - , I ' I A I . ' , ' - I I ' I Q . , . , . , c . , ' 1 . . Q ,-- , V . Q rw t . 1 1 , ' f V . . Q - . c , - L . 4 I ' , . ' I . I I - . . D Q ' A 1 ' - - - Left to right Back row Franklin Fisher Richard Frledberq Mike Wolff Ian Rosenthal Paul Marcus Bill Ginsberg Tommy Kuqelrnann Iohn Levy Leslie Rabkln Henry Mueller Middle row Dick Buckner Coach Mack McDan1els David Rossomonclo lack Goldfarb Tony Kris Albert Miller Bruce Ocko Peter I-latt Eddie Davidowitz Steve Cohen Richard Mittenthal George Lltton Front row Richard Lewis Richard Roqin Iules Eisenberg Dave Laquno't Danny Tatkon Ernie Klein Larry Rubin Carl Sperry Iames Morrissey Dan Schapiro Madison Iones Marty Rabkin Peter Bokat Coach Clarry Miller Seated Stuart Auerbach Robert Rosenstock Siegel, Steve Davis, Iames Stuart, Richard Novick, Richard Weinstein, Herbert I ' ' , ' ' , ' , I , fn W4 ,4. I cgx N ul -,gm-M , ix. pl It IM 1 A ' R I 1 , 5-'f 1 Q3 if wil, Z- STUYVESANT BRONX SCIENCE RIVERDALE GOMPERS BIRCH WATHEN POLY PREP STATEN ISLAND BROOKLYN FRIENDS TAFT FRANKLIN MCBURNEY BRONXVILLE HACKLEY LOCUST VALLEY WOODMERE STATEN ISLAND FIELDSTON Lett to rlqht Front row Ionathan M1ISkY V1Ctor Maslov Charles SChIft Co Captom Roger Meyer CoCapta1n Arthur Bodln R1Chard Sorter Davld Lang Ronald Wltty Coach Iayson Second row Carl Leventhal Mlchael Blurnen teld Cl1HOl'd Alexander Alan Pasternak Martln Katz Henry Iadow Robert Gordon Thlrd row Harvey Schuster Robert Schleslnqer Paul Bans Henry Kranz Iuhan Fle1sChrnan Fourth row Donald Iohnson Harvey L1tt Ierry Rosenblum Alan Roth Robert Wyker Donald Shoup Peter Black Robert Ka vee Frith row George Serem Robert Alpern Robert Soley Stephen Charnas Mlchael Strunsky I Q f 4 Q QR. D I xx , , ? vi, 5 C , 0 ' 0 MASTERS U P1ELDSToN l STATEN lSl.ll,Nl7 O l BRoNxv11 LE 3 O ADELPHI O l RIVEHDALE I l WoonMERE l U Front row Rutn Goodman Rutn Marqo ls Myra Feaer Sue Woli A 1 Bur nolz Carol Coll1nS E1leen Karslw Senond row Ellen Deuscn Barb a A te Peqay CryStal Captarn Mlrm Clnanq Susan Nemerofl Ianet Le-V1 ere Goodman Ann Klen Thzra row Manage Barbara Tno'nSon Asst Mr' age Fleld C nslance Tate Anne RoSe'1thal fwonslance Pollack Tlrzan S o rite oa h Pat Kalzenste n Fon fh row Nancy lvloleS Audrey Penn Est er vf eln Baroara Leavy Nao n1 Llcntrra flatlenne Stedel Andrea l. A Baxrogra Carlan NO'AD1ClllI9d Mary Bayes r : ' . A , l ll ' , ll , rn 1 n- l , . Q S, ' S l, 1 ' ,, ar n ll, - , A Q .' , . , S . , Qne, Hel ri . , . i. . ' ' 3 A r ' L , ' . an A r Ann Michelson, Gerda Stein, Susan Asher, Sally Scnorsch, ludy Hayes, Lila ' , ol , - l ,V . , ' l il e ' ,in, C . l . F. I . . - . ll, A , , I ' ' l 1 n, S A '. 11, . yn, f f 7 . . A I I . N ' ' Q2 ull 5 3 7 654 STATEN ISLAND 53 F1ELDs'1'oN RIVERDALE ELISABETH IRWIN ADELPHI DALTON WALDEN CALHOUN HASTINGS Front row Iuchth Hays Barbara Antell Peqqy Crystal L1la F1eld Co Captazn Conme Tate CoCapta1n Helen Goodman Sue Nemeroff Marcla Welntraub Second row Ianet Levme Myra Feder Sue Wolff Marlan Pack Llla Herzfeld Ruth Marqolrs M1m1 Chang Thzrd row Pat Katzenstem Coach Betty Krasne Tlrzah Srlberstem Ann Klexn Barbara Blonder Ellen Deltsch Carohne Bar rera Mary Bayes Naom1L1cl'1trnan Manager 22 18 20 37 18 l9 35 BENTLEY 23 FIELDSTON 60 HACKLEY 69 28 BARNARD 38 34 FRANKLIN 37 32 ELISABETH lRWIN 38 53 DAYCROFT 22 48 LOCUST VALLEY 32 42 RIVERDALE 40 42 LINCOLN 31 43 FRANKLIN 43 56 LOCUST VALLEY 43 52 BARNARD 69 52 BIRCH WATHEN 3l 47 WALDEN 55 45 Frrst row DanIel Tatkon Manager Carl Sperry Roaer Meyer Barry Salton Laqunorf Peter Bokat Manager Second row Frankhn Frsher Larry Vtubrn lay Feder Peter Levlne RICl'Iard Marek Max Pruzan Alan Roth Peter Sreqel MartIn Rosenfeld Honey Baker Coach T Morton Drosnes, Stephen Davis, Roger Gutwilliq, Clifford Alexander, David MANHATTAN FRESHMEN XAVIER HACK EY RIVERDA MANHATTAN FQEQHNLN Urzortor: WAQHIN TON TAIPTE IV' L1 RIJERDW XAVTLQ um S TLAM Top to bottoru Left to rrqht Robert Krrssel Alon Postemok Henry Muell r Paul Marcus Robert Kovee Ioe1Hoser1 Rob ert Scblesmqer Peter Block Steolen Oresmcm Herb rtKorutmor1r1 Coach Mrc ky MCCCUTH Ernest Klerrr Cborl s Schlff Iorrothcm Mrrsky Monoqer Iam S Teos dole Icrmes Stuart CoCoptom Mortm Robkm Co Foptom Vrctor Moblax I. . LE f' f-M , M .J ' .. TENT ' r' , A f X2 ,nf I K. ff ,lj f J H.: T: ' : . ' 1, Q , , o, 1 r -' A Y ' T .V , , A . Q '- , V . , , , 9 L, , 6' - I I - , , 'I H' '. W1th boxmg gloves 1n one hand and a basketball m the other a grtmly deter mmed man leads the ragged group of boys mto the aux gym Once msrde the prtrable group falls upon hockey stlcks or whatever and rmmedrately b gms to do wrth them every thmg except what they were orrgmally 1ntend ed for The mstructor who IS by thrs trme re srgned to hrs fate manages to brmg a sem blance of order 1nto the rabrd throng and whether the sport be floor hockey or wrestlmg to avord maJor catastrophes unttl the end of the per1od Such IS a typ1cal afternoon for th hearty rf not so hale I M ers Cunless of course the trme has been spent evadmg Slrnon Legree Mrller and stealmg surrept1t1ous gllmpses of the vars1ty gamej A contrastmg VIGW of the wonders of athlet rcs may be obtamed by mvestlgatmg grrls mtramural where all IS peace and harmony Fleldston s flercely f1ght1ng females are dlvld ol mto several teams Whrch compete 1f you can call rt that m hockey tennls and other varred and d1vers1f1ed act1v1t1es Take for mstance basketball The guards and forwards are usu ally mtrmate frrends and down around the foul l1ne a dlscusslon of thelr latest boy fr' nds can usually be heard When an OCCGS1 nally 1ll atrnecl shot breaks up the tetea tete a flash or br1ll1ant playmg ensues the oblect of wlrlch seems to be avo1d as much as possrble havmg possesslon of the ball Alter forty m nutes of th1s ylolent exertron the exhausted gtrl stagger towards thelr lockers after wh1ch pomt thts chrontcle because of vartous soctal conv n t1ons must end I . . 11 11 1 . . , - 1 1 1 Q . X., I H . 1 1 A 1 A ' , Q . 1 1 1 - - . . . . . . 1 , . . 1 . , . 1 . 9 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 . . .O -V fs . . J . 1 A A V 1 - ' ' 1 , 1 . . 1 . . , I . A . Q . . F , .5 1 Q . , V V , , xiii .J Top row Left to nqht Rlchard Lewrs Mgr Robert Schlesrnqer Madxson Tones Henry Mueller Arthur Bod1n Albert Mrller Thomas Kuqelmann Don Shoup Iarnes Boone Peter Sxeqel Clarence M1ller Coach Mrddle row lon Rosen thal Stephen Oresrnan M1chael Wolff Roger Meyer Bertram S1lver Co Cap tam Peter Bokat Co Captam Iarnes Morrrssey Martrn Rabkxn Charles Sch1t'f V1c Maslov Bottom row Rrchard Roth Henry Kranz Peter Schur Drrk Luykx Mlchael Kasdan Mart1n Katz Steve Hess B111 Grnsberq '4-1 - 'fuss - - I I I I I I I A I I I I I - P ' I I - I I I I l I I V I I I I I I I 1 ' Top row Coach Honey Baker George Dembow Barry Llttrnann Ronald Wrtty lack Goldtarb Herb Kaufmann Dave Rossomondo Rrchard Wernsteln Iules Ersenberq Carl Sperry Edward Davrdowrtz Larry Bubln Herbert Haft Bottom row Mart1n Drosnes Rrchard Ravltch Mart1nRosenteld Irrnmy Stuart Stephen Dav1s Co Captain Chftord Alexander Peter Levrne Davld Laqunoff Rrchard Roqm 634 LL.. - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 N I - ages Q Top row Ionathan Levy Ernest Klern CoCapta1r1 Leo Dworsky Barry Ga ton Co Captam Bottom row Iael Hasen Paul Marcus Mrke Blumenfeld Ernest Hartmann - 1 f ' 1 f 5 , ' . . . , , A Q O X R N K C7 Tap raw Ioan Stems ra PQQCJY prystal Peqqy S11 an para We Bar Qra Bottom raff Carole Be-rvstem Mar Suzanne Lub tkl Barbara Am 1 pap? Darot y Baqcm Algernon Black George Darby Etoliard Ballou Sarah Marcus Elbert Lenrow Luther Tate lane Bland Theodor Hrltner Gladys Stevens Left to rlaht Top row Spencer Brown Theodore Nu Z1 Maraaret Stanqer Adr an Mann Helen Kay Bottom row Lucrlle Kelton Edward Glannon Kath anne Eastman Ward Whrpole M Ethel Murphy 9 . . . 7 . . , .. , i - ' A 1 - - 1 1 , A , . . Earl Hrromoto Dorothy Wrlkrnson Man one Chubbuck Georqra Elgar Phrthps Houghton Wtltram Kurtz Hawthorne Srnyth Bataela Tornasone Eva French ff 1 fl' 4 X Rf Lett to nqht Top row Iohn Eyster Ehzabeth Day Bernard Werth ran Otto Ehas Dorothy Colher Bottom row Fneda Htrzler Harold Iayson Maman Bayes Chester Brown Werner Loewy . , 1 A, , EM I' f' ,. . 3 , ' x ,f '- f' a 1 rf'-XR L If ,, , M, qt 4'-1, , f H W . . . . Y - - 1 , -. 1 , 1 - - , - f 1 1 - E amor Co rell Ella S rqe on "V Rutll K ftzenst Fenwlck Fuller Gero dme H111 lune Arwdrews Left to rlqht Top row Evelvn Roserulicu Plulm riotlor Augustus Kloclc Mczqdo Woss Morquerxte Calhoun Bottom row Kenoorll Bassett eorqm P 1Sl9y Clare-ice Mlller Zellcr Colvm Robert l-icmley l e f Nt e ' ui V A C . ein V 1. 1 . . , gi . . . 1 1 V r' . . . , I L , A , l ., . U V fx , . , , . l . , 'J 9 9 , k , , . Gabre B r 1 l-larry Baker 1G Be MR IAMES MCCVNTY H ymann Hut Landrs F e-da Moss Left to rrqht Top row Harry Heller Martha Munzer Ernest Peter lI'lZCIb9ll1 Wrllrarnson Harold McCann Bottom rofv lda Shrrnanoucnr George Halpern Frances Schrllrnq Charles Cook Thomas McCann bgpd, i lle a re t Will' rn ll Frederick 1896 ' 1950 h x i Left to rlqrt Top rofv Mrchael l-lerzleld Peter l-loonloerq Wrllrar Frazrer loseoh Arnrel Ste Hen Epstern Peter Iacobs Second row Wrllram Edwarae Alan Frredman Thzra' row lean Fredrrclcs Ioanne Frsher Han a Cohen Nan Askrn Iudy Hellerstern Margery Erlrch Sandra Abrams Bottom rov Reqtna Gellrn Stella Gluck leftrey Bauman Steve Perq leanne Baseett Susar Bokor Naom1Fle1schman ' E 1 ' : ' , ' , ' ' n ' , George Asch, Leonard Grey, Robert Ballou, Bruce Freeman, Thomas Brown, ' . ' : ' , ' , n Em A . ' , ' , ' , . 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I W: 11 , . , e , , , ,-.ri , A ' ni . 1.1: r ' 'Z - 1 So " , ' C1 wa io.. 1 Wortrz, Lr11ian Pruzan, Nancy Szrkis, Louisa Sandstrori. Second row: Robert . 1 1, , . .. , 1 lj Wo-, i ., . 1.aA1 , 'no 1 '. W' r . 1 , '11, ia.. ., 'C SCI 'r, et S , ' V 11 1 , ' ' .. : ' 'C , r- b 1 , 1 . .1 , . - .1 rr, C , 1 Lett to rlavtt lop row Florence Fteld L onard Brook Bruc fltclcrnan stuart Auerba n George Glassnwan Kendall Bassett Ttrnothy Lntlds Secona row Mrchael Bolcat Itll Cohn fhrrd row Iune Attcm Ellen Brett Karen Gerstenzanq Ellen Foqelson Bobert Abrans Fourth row Ioel Bersot Elltot Foldrnan St ohante Dtarnond FW nttlt Barr ra Ioel Alderblutr Tltotnae Lon ft Bltofilo Goldstetn Bo tom row Iudttlt Ernst Ptoeb Gay nr Katlterrre Butl r Stanley Frnq rtut Harold Abranas Butl1Goldtaro pCIlT1Cl't Glass 1-fn A A , ,.1 V - J.. . . ,9. ., 90 A -, Fw - Nt- Y . N-'I - '1 V ' ' . . V. . 1, , . . ., , , , - I. I V, JA , , . fx GA ,cr Q 9, l, .. 9., A 4 t . A 3 'Q I' w Q - . . . ,A o ., . 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' , . r , ' r ' , ' . ' . r 1 W , A' - W . 'A , L er , C ' . n ' r : .. 1 . , 1 . Lf. . A A , 1 , . i . . ' A : ' , CJ, V . A , . .. , C , l , I ' a, 'A . . 2 Q r , ' ' , ' e - Left to rra t Top ofv Fra rktm Ftsher Bobert Atrerrr Boa r Gtrtwrlha Ioe Haser Brtt Gmsbera Segozrd row Erea Dertx 1 Mama Baa toy Feder Stepbert ooo r Peter Bla L Thrra row Barbara Go dstem Baro ro Btortder Iudy Greerrft 1 Harrret Frredland Nem y Brown Donald Er' orraer Four 1 row PeQC3Y Gray Barbara Garlau Lors Epstem Barbara Harbe Brchara Frredberq Bottom row G Ida Gettrrt Sandra Detur Barbara Crobot Norma Grad Abb Benertson lett to nam Top row Henry Mu ller ornrny Kuqelrnann Alb rt M ller Drrk Luylcx Harvey Lrtt Robert Krrssel lon Levy S Cond row Davrd Kornrer lr lxonald lonnson Ann Klern Maylre Marsnall lane Mrller Thrrd row G orqe Lrtton Ann Neub rqer Marlorre Mann Suzanne Maanus Ellen Mrll r Fourth row Lloyd M llrlc n M1clrael 'iasaan Barry Lrttrnan Herb rt Kuscber Hob r Kavee Carl Needles Bottom row Andrea Lynd Lstber Klern Naonu Mersels Margery Kran er 'Qs Lett to rrabt Top row Donald Sl1O,lD Davtd Hossonrondo R b rt Soley Stan ley Scnlesrnqer Barbara Taubrn Robert Wylc r Second row Ttrvan Srlb stern Atal Roth George Serenl Thrrd rofv Cora Rubrn Efe Waaner Rlta Tratner Fourth roff Bruce Onko Hrcnara Hotlt Maraot Berson Marlon Sass Rrctrard Mtttentna Frfth row Burton Wernste 1 Ann Wasserntan Mrran Ro lan Frederrca Vlfa bsberaer Bottom row lerry Rosenblur Leslre Rabkm Walter Rrnq Loulse Werss Audrey Penr ' V A. . 'T' ' ., r .. . . .A 9 , 1 . , A . 9 . 1 , 1 , or , , r ' . 9 I Cr, 1 4 1 1 . 1 , Q J r , , . , . . V , L. S' , V 1, 1 Q . , 1 ' ' l ' Y A . 1 9 , , 1 , , 9 1 , 9 L . T"- ' ' ' ' . 1 - - 1 1 -e 1 r . - ef l V V ' A , . .W f r I. K i Q is 3 ' we 51, v, 9 I 3, , 57. ka., L 311 113 in 1 5 , V A K ' , Q , 1 , I I. ,. E A, I f 'ron l , , O G , ' X ' ' 2 1 - l I S iv'- ,, , , o . , ,, , o. ' l v ' ' 1 - ' w ' o , . ., . . , V. , v - ' l - - -J - 1 1 U -1 1 ' ' l ' . ' :Y ' 1 , Q .. . . .., , L . .2- , C . f Ir, '., . . . X , .,, .. ,,.1+'--Q..,,x Left to nqht Top row lack Goldfarb Steonen Cnarnas Paul Bans Iules Els n oera Clrfford Alexander Mrchael Blumenfeld Ernest Hartr ann Second row luhan Flershnran lalnes Boone Peter Heller Steonen Hess Brcnard Bnckner losepn Brenner Marnn D1n1tz Thrrd row Harnet Hanft Yona Gutrnann Terry Allen Barbara Chalk ludnh Fuld Lrla Herzfeld Susan Asher Bottom row Barbara G-oldsteln Ann Burnholz Paula deGraaf1 parol Frednclcs Ruth Food man Helen Goodman Carol Collrns v-. TXX . X 1 . 1 1 - n Q . . . , r , , , o, ' ' 1-1 , - 1 , L , . . A . . 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 f- , . . , l. , 1 , , . , . . , 1 ., x., 1 C' ' 1 1 - Lett to rrqbt Top row Rrcrrard Marek Madrson Iones Paul Marcus Fred Levy Martm Katz Tony Krrs Herbert Kaufmann Second row E11L.Ob rxsterrt H nry Kranz Hugh Ntssenson Mtckey Iorte Henry Jadow Ierry Iacobs n Thrrd row Ilrwny Levme Barvara Leavy Betty Kraene Ioan Letkowttz Karol Labadort Fva Neubauer Bottom row Sberla Papemy Cterte Qltarsb Ann Mrfh tsorr Mona Qltarsb Ruth Maraohs Naom1Ostr1ker Sue Neru rott 3 Lett to rxqqt Top row Roo rt Seb es 'tae-r Cart Sberry Larry Ruotr Harv y Sc uster Martm Hoe mfetd Sefonft roff Marcra Ptorlh s Max Pruzarr Dam Srtaorro Ataa Pasterrrak Rrcttard Ravtch Peter Sctrur Thtrd row Dulc, 51 tqer A rt Ros 11 rat 'Nftarcra W mtraub Salty Scrors r E ry Lou PH H1 Efely S but Hum Wolt rt Bot om row! I a rtette Vtfoo Margot Ra aae S tta UV ua H rr t Z sk rt Nma S att Barbara Sxtver o stawce Potla L wg, Ns- D' Q gs Bosalte Abrams Barbara Atntell Carolme Barrera Mary Bayes Vrctor ktocked aown l-lerbw s blocks and our school career begau wrth bang not a wumper lt hasnt known a qutet moment srnce That year the con centratron was on extra currrcular actrvr tres as Peqqy Was crowned Queen Elrza beth and the boys rurnped from Mtss Walker s balcony to the sandbox beneath We played rn boxes on the root taught Vrctor to speak Englrsh and by the trrne krndergarten came our populattort haa more than doubled Ktndergarten marked the awakemng o our latent creatrve gemus ana rn b tween the rreasles we drctated our stones to Mrss Burnham Wrth the boys rt was a case of love at trrst stght and the fact that she was marrred mtght have been the rnsptratron of our Form rnferrortty complex The followrng September the boys strll carrred I 'O Dorothy Bagon Ellen Baron Renate Bergmann Davrd Berhner I Nr l'5Vlf1J1,,E, fl , rr M l ctqkttlp ty? '30 M251 1 therr torch but Mtss Edmunds and the waters ot Grtche Gumee managed to ex trngursh rt and as Danny Sterlrng was temporarrly skrpped tor b atrng up all the boys progressrve educatron took a mtnor turn for the worse Durrng re t perrod we rolled a soccer ball underneatn our cots and although lay mrght 'rave approved M1 s Edmunds oreatned an audrble srgh ot reltef as she passed us rnto the se ond grade And so on to blgger crayon boxes and Mrss Colton s Yoo hoo second grade We counted beans on an abucus but 5 W, . W K r ff w , V 1 1 W A A A7 , 1 v HG V A . fl , L. H v , fel QT, .3 Am' -I f 4 f 1 . -. , . . -' F ,fl -lqtjvtmi IFQQNU . X. , , V . ,W . N. x . ' , dj U l -n 4957. rl - -.-1, I-441 ty .fq sr, , . - . . ,- was YJ , W , , - 4 fc I - 1 I f , A I I I . 1 X7 , g, . , . . .. ' . ' s , ' A r V I . . , , 9 c. A . A , . . , , . 1 , . . L V - S . . - , . t 1 F .. A A . c , . , . . . . . ,V F ,, A . , . , .v 1 Qarol M Bernstem Carole I B rnste1n Sue B1enen Cath nne Blng Arthur Bcdln Peter Bolcat She1la Burger Mtnn Chang Elm the poorest ar1thr1et1c student knex that th re were hve Rlchards 1n one class Lrnaa O h came engaged to Mtke Spock but wh n she cut her ch1n Gerda drd what any real tnencl would have done and marned h1n1 herself All IH ah rt was a year ot vaned expenences Pom porn pullaway and the our hase ot Qaptaxn M1dn1ght plns opened our th1rd year ot learn1ng P ter Stuyvesant and the Arnencan lnd1an closed tt ln between Steve Dav1s dropped a tray ot oalnt on Mrs Stevens and was subseauentlv hed to a cha1r wtth yarn. We all learned t- kntt atghans, though it was a while before Stef Oresrnan could purl letthandea tgot 1t up your sleeve St ve got 1t uo your sleeve' 5 artd uptown we s ar hed for Mrss Daly s so called natvr gun be h d the clock Brownte Mourttarn also made 1ts appearance that year Iudy Bal alan sautrtea I rfum on th boys Son dra played Snow Whrte and Dave Ber l1'1er 1I1S1SlGd on calhng treasure houses black porttohos Fourth grade found us ct clung our II pulses and restlng on de lc cl arrs rn stead of cots Our ofhc al dunes rnounted uo that year as we ran the school store thned pads were lOt then D and presldecl over our own Jury Th1s way we learned the worlangs ot crnne at an early age and Mtss Porter, wrth lOO hacktng from the rest ot the class convicted Dave Lang ana Tony H. for covering the entire lawn with paper airplanes. That was the year, also, of creation, of working deftly with our hands, making puppets and trying to re- construct ourselves out of papier-mache. Peter made a dragon, though, and found the occupation hablt forming We studied the Dutch and their purchase of New York but going to Van Courtlandt Park was not so educational as learning that the girls had to wear undershirts even in the sum mer Between sneaking Ellen Baron across Central Park West and harboring pangs of Jealousy over Barbara A s freedom of the school we improved our academic status by playing concentration with M1ss Plympton and by increasing our vocabu lary books At last we were ready for fifth grade Fifth grade however didn t seem ready for us and it took three changes of teach Ldward Davzdowitz Leo Dworslcy Peqqy Crystal Morton Drosnes nm! r Q 5 477 fvgggivx 4 AYL off ., lg as . 3 Q V Ani? .5 fo 7 A"-Yi 69' 'C YR RB Q Q S rs to get Fieldston Lower all settled Roz and Steiny made their respective trances and spent most of thelr spare time swinging from cubicle to cubicle in the girls lavatory Mrs Browns class made stained glass windows and Mlml b came a Journeyman in Mrs Courtney s weaving guild but the Dark Ages didnt reach b yond social studies for the charts we saw in rhythms were Just as instructive as Carole Titelbaums Ruby and limmy Teasedales mice We went to Hudson build for the first tlme wher after a Stephen Davis George Dernbow Mary Ellis Myra Feder ffm af- X . . . 5 fx . V ,, I if . 3 . U c ' ' ' ' ' en- , . w . I ' . , ,, , . , 2 . I V ll I . . I ' ' , . , , , , , ,, if , , I l ' ' - e ' , f .L . . , . . . , , . I I ' . 1 fs. . . . Q 1 I VI Ji, H 1 -s .1 f ,lf .'n I 2' ' V G , I af' C . Q . '9 , .V 1 M ,W A f W " H1 ' , 1' ff ' Q, ' rl? Llla F1eld Hermrne Fuld Barry Galton Lrnda Gertz Lots Goldman Rob rt Gordon N1co deGraaf'f Herbert Vlaft bf? g l shght accldent Shexla decrded to leav rope swmgrng to Tarzan Charhe Lubl n starred rn Robm Hood and all the grrls ran after Davrd Lang t1ll Conn1 caught and lcrssed hun Srxth grade came at last arrnd an explo s1on of brngo bombs and when the smoke had cleared we found hmmy Morresev and Nancy Moles among the new arrrvals tn our I'I'11dSl Mlss Mattus taught us how to wrlte descrrptrons and whrle Arthur showed the greatest effort, Rena carne out on top wrth her Vlxnd IH the 'Vthllowlsh affarrs The Borscht Shop Players concen trated on a drfferent land of creatrvenes however as Eddy and Mlke Wolf starred rn Th Dewl ana Damel Webster At Mrd town all lvhss Edmunds class knew about Thunderh ad but when Mlss Petree read The Yearhng aloud to the lads at Freld ston Lower the class trptoecl out of Its sern1c1rcle and Jorned forces rn the bath room We studted Amencan hrsfory and made trme hnes and Drck Fogrn wa presrdent of h1s class Qur v1s1ts to the prrncrpals offrce were startlng to be a common occurrence as the boys frorn the Lower School dlvrded rnto clubs Qthe Wolves be1ng the aggressorsl and the grrls swore on the Brble not to olay soccer At mrdtown the sexes were more socrable but the double date w1th Barry, Peggy, Steve Davls, and Sondra seemed a l1ttle less sophrstlcated when Barry caught the 4? cr of tg I I .fl Q 1 t A W lt XX L ir' A A V N .L xx E x V ' e 4' ' ' . ' - l glllmllll 2 A T y y ' ' I : ' iv " l 'T ' - hicken pox and PQQQY had to go with Mrs Davrs As sprrng came and the mag nolra tree tntoxrcated us we made our wlnte dresses and had to sober uo enough to srng Come Iosephme On Your Fly tng Machme at graduatron Grammar school was over at last and some of us anttcroated the Fourth Form festrval by aslcrng Where to what next? lt was a long summer and we entered Frrst Form wonderrng rf the krds from M1d town and ljteldston Lower would mlx George took the most posrtrve attttude toward the srtuatron and subsequently fell rn love wrth everyone but Mrlce Har r1s stopped at Iudy Hayes We spent the frrst month of school gettrng Peter Doyl rnto the House of Commons and Peter Kreyberg rnto the student councrl ana then Iudy Ratner arrrved But ve all a greed that she was too short and we went back to work Classes lD and IA had Jomt sesslons to study the lndustrlal M chael llarrrs ludrth Hays ludrth Iacoby Revolution although most of us preferred studymg Mr Drsaue and Mrss Stratemey er and Nancy Nahon led the grrls of lB tn a campargn agarnst Mrs Smythe Mrss Bell told us that grrls were more mature at twelve than boys and ludy lacoby proceeded to prove tt by wr1t1ng rmpress rve love sonnets and arrangrng accrden tal encounters wrth Drck Rogrn lt wasnt long before people hlced each other wel enough to throw erasers back nd forth Na M71 .J an,-,- Erleen Karsh rsrnest Klem Martm Klern Francrne Kornzwera Helen Krrvrt Barbara Kupslck Davld Laqunott Dav1d Lang Margaret Lesser Carl Leventhal Rtchard T eW1s Naom1 Lrchtman Suzanne LUD tkm -1 :I L and Mr D1sque helped the sltuatlon by teachmq us how to swear 1n a class am b1quously called drcttonary the Free dom Festlval came alonq and Wl tle Myra changed sexes long enouqh to get a part 1D the semor play Ioan Sleqel had to b satrsfled wlth walkmq throtlqh lA s cheeseclotn curtam rn her portrayal of a war worker and Roberta compromlsed by playlnq the shentt 1n the Flrst Form pro duct1on There was danclnq 1n the Mlddle School Assembly after lunch football b tween and durlnq classes and by the l1I'I'19 the year ended the boys were ac tually askmq to dance The tollowmq September brouaht MISS French and Sue Blenen and most ot the boys had aged SUl'l1C1GI'1llY over the sum mer to prefer the latter lt was a year of h cttc soctal hte heralded by the arnval ot Marcue msptred by Mtss Goodkmds httle secret and culmlnattnq wuh eleven qrrls led by L1la all ot whom hked Peter takmq tlme out trons collectmq cans and klsslnq qames we qave our enerq1es to The P1rates of Penzance tn whtch Elalne and Sue L outdld thernselves and every one added the word paradox to hrs vo cabulary lt was our turn now to beat up the Flrst Form boys but lt was always Mr Bassets turn to rec1procate for them lay on the other hand used subtler meth ods and after calhnq Ronald half Wltty advlsed everyone to take German Naomt ran into some difficulty at Christmas when a snowstorm indefinitely postponed her rendition of the Virgin Mary, and all of the angels ended up with tarnished halos, especially Sheila and Peggy Patchcus, who flirted with the workmen at Hudson Guild. In gym Lois finally conquered lacob's ladder, and in the spring when a group calling themselves "The Thing" pre- sented a skit entitled My Hero we all took time out to laugh at our birders our ama teur photographers and ourselves Miss Murphy polished the b nch out side h r office and the seniors frowned over the Third Form problem as we came up to a pre school party mostly corcerned with the new red headed boy Danny Tatkon and the new girl who was Katherine We were at last an official part of the upper school and between the Aiyo s of the Yellow River Cantata we signed up for field trips and looked after the Sixth Form boys Helen managed to make Frank Weiriberg look back bt t Charles l ublin Victor Maslov Ionathan Mirsky Nancy Moles most of the girls had to settle for Horace Mann. ln math Miss Murphy illustrated HT equals D by marching Ionathan around th class and when someone nominated Mr Fisher for president he decided to have a baby instead Aloni about Christmas time when w started getting cosmopolitan the result was an around th world festival Mary Bayes originated the penguin dance Carl ara OF. 'fficigfw-4 5 ss Roberta Meltzer Iames Morrissey Roger M yer Nancy Nanon I Q V f I - . , . . V , , . ' ' ' . J 3 T l ' D , C e ' ' - V I I ll 1 ll ' . Q- ' c . - , . . . fs 1 1 ' 1 1 V ' , ' H , - ' i s -it 0 ll - . .. . - M c - 5 o - o - 1 5 2 ,t , , H , B Z ... , T A - A ' ' my U 'i t ' T H' ' o'fl-L.. . I 1 J I I S . . w if , r,.'f lf':,.' V1,n, ,l 'llf 0 4 , ,tg r if! ,fl ' , . 4' xx Y Brchard Novrck Lrnda Olenrk Stephen Oresman Barbara Otnow Susan Powers Martrn Rabkm Iudrth Ratner Sondra Rrtter U JNDI: N V is 0 A Q :Al Sl ixjql Bob Gordon supplred flashlrghts for thc Pluto scene and Barbara Otnow got rath er t1ed up rn the South Amerrcan stream ers Slnce Chrrstmas wasnt the rnusrc but the people who sang the songs we drdn t really worry when Le Dlvrn Enfant went oft key Next came the era ot unlon songs and square dancrng ot vars1t1es and 1ntra Form soclal actrvlty Mr Herman 1ntro duced us to Sacco and Vanzettr Barbara T lntroduced us to the after eltects or smokmg and Fourth Form found us clrmb mg up another branch on Mlss Murphy s mathematrcs tree Mrss Peller changed her name Cand her system ot marklng too , but the boys were rnterested 1n younger g1rls that year anyhow and Peter and Brch W found themselves less enthralled w1th a good book than wrth a Goodman Buddy S who arrlved that tall made hrs debut at Hudson Gurld rn hrs slantrght levles and some ot the g1rls wondered why they hadnt notrced therr classmate before Yes home talent was h mg ap precrated and as Roger gave Babushka for the frrst and b st trme he put us all TH the dramatrc mood whrch prepared us for February and the Festrval LOIS wrote the last scene at M1dlOWU but Tomrrne wan' ed a grand tlnale so the scrrpt wrrters ascended the starrs to Mr Blacks tower of decrsron and Carl Sandberg emerged The stars made no notse some men could V, f l at 325 A A '-- ..,,, ,. U '11 Q 3 5 V . 1 E ll 1 'N "' E ' ' . 1 S 1 5' I , , , Y E ' m ,TSI N I X, -if lil ' ' x my gilt! ,v rs gr ' , ft 'z -v 4 Atl 4' - - S 1,3 01 I , . 7X W. , 'I U X 'Ja I ' if 'Q . V A ,' " 5 ., 1 , r. , A , Q . I . 1 . . 1 I ' ' - . , - MS' - f . , . Q . . , , V , . . , - I . L- , . - 1 not be bought, and an old woman who had seen many years come and go, sat on a stone. But as Carol l. wondered why the grass was green, the People Marchea and so did we, out ol Miss Murphys orlice into Mr Browns and on--led oy Dave lag and his x7 votes to Filth Form Flllll Porn was the year ot th Li icol mvasion 4 led by Laroline B on tl e French iorn J the year that Ellie and Renate re turned from Euroce with a b tter under standing ot internattonal relations and nost of all the year of Mid Years blood English assignrnents and Porrn Parties Ernie and Leo stunned us all vtith therr recorder medlies but Cathy couldnt sav no and so the After Elections arty wa a success Herniine gave an op n house where Ion R was inspired by 'lce bolt agair but Hudson Guild was th only n spiration tor the Old Man Moz iam sessior and Charlie S s monkey business on th tree As lim S started to think about ne t Richard Roain lon Rosenthal loan Siegel Bertram Silver year's football plays, most ol us worried about College choices. But Ellen S. was always cheerful, so we gave up worrying and counted days by the changes in Mary Efs hair until at last we made it. 'Ne were Seniors' lt was David who welcomed the stu dents back to school arter the st mm r Marty who ciaired the first tortm mcet 1 tg ana we who were actually sitting on ttie stag in CISS9IIlDllGQ Everyone started Lharles ochilt Richard Solter Ellen Sass Peggy Simon ,071 we Q ,iv ar' . , . i , A c, . A-4 . I l n ' - I - S v ' 'i . e 'I ii ' .. 1 G , F' ' X ' Q ' L 1 , . , - . , - , Y It j . , , V . , , 1 . t . A, , . e - Q Ae c. c , , H. , . H f - i M - t Y - E l S x x l A , A . 4 ...- , . , i, , f . H N , A f lo : . .i t e . c . . . . , . t . t l A, l 9 - ' , -, 5 . Q . . , X ' 'J , 4. F. . . YJ I L . I . . 1 V A ,. if V. , A, V I 1 - . 5 V 'fern' .l -. - , M 'Ti ff ,fit p A , . Mya f ,LQ , .R Q 'f " ' H at L , ' ,W V W' ' ' ' I 1' 1' ,fi Mgr, 1 :ji 555,-1v.,.j4l' - - , V , t 'AE ' ', ' A 3 if ' , inf. 5 l 9, , K Ang: 'gt f. I 5 A ,,. 5 N' . f ffil? ' ". 5 ,Ls ff 'I' "7 ,V 'sw , . ,,v,,..,., , . 1 2 A 5 Q if - Pi' 4 ff ' 'TL S gig f - an U A ' ' iv . .A 1" - ' ' ' . i. fp Q g., . 5 'l 1 S- . 11- ' ' ' ' Ai ' . Li' ,ff f 9- J. ' am Katherine Stedeli Gerda Qte n Elaine Stone Iarnes Stotart aw a eitl the y ar by finding Iune ninth on c endar but eight months ot college worri our lab coats felt stirt Eileen didnt tak long to make the a auaintanc, o Mr Loewy thougl and Carl deniandea war with Mr Whipole as orornptly as Bunny Kunsick denianded his phone nuinb r B3 Tlianksgivirg Linda Gertz had gotten ove tl1Q niiracle ot having tour niale teachers Marty Rabkin had beconie an cld hana in lighting Mr Lenrow s cigarcttbs ana everyone had learned not to argti vit Nik he takes Latin Greek The vear 1 fc gressed as uid Peggy Crystal s and luay cheerleading and by the tinie the faculty D 'af' Daniel St rling Daniel Tatkon loan Steito rg Constanc Tate l aa debiaed vw iether Larol M s tits X e e laughter or tear it was t ne to sin, ttie Sixth loy ot Liristnias Midyears turned out to b the seventh Joy tor us and Ven to the engravers to study february ca e ana tiougli the Roger Sr ntl hlotel ao a hard week ot it we saw Was in toi trefrain U troni sorig on tli busses o ict wo iderinq why we couldnt see o nboli ratl er nan C V0 o High? Ricliaro batter instigatea a new idea in thc capitol building as lit played Qkcn on ti ellipsicle iloor and L ys on th tor, floor instigated a new dca 1' greetings as they lo Nerect Fran a irtli dax card fron above College Boards were our next iurdle but what were our ,r 5 3 '9 F ,, . V Q 'l ' w Y ' M is , fe .iff 9 . X J 4 .3 1 . ' ' ' X. ci 'x ' e ' e ' . M G t N X3 5 tit: l 1' A -gf st t 1 1 . it ii ,- tt H45 R , . . W. ' " MN 2" la 1 ' l 25- ft iq ul lffs f 'xifllt' P i L x QTQ , ft ,-X If W! tr Q' .4 V fffx VK i fl A V 1 FN V - uf- ,L t f' 1 c 'L .c Q 3 r f - s, ' 1: Q c l e ' ' ' the al- ' wi ' . ' , ' 'es 9 V y ' , e sounded like a long tinie, and for a while Dick Lewis took tiine out troni travelling . . . c A ' . ,e f . :ti , ' l 1 . c c 1 ' 1 i , I, . . ' ' . it l V Al f 'lx' ' ' . ' A c A .. . f x ' iz c Q . ,e '- cb, A -l A ' e . ' fx ' 1 c ' k ' c ' ' ' ' '. 4 c A . at Stl' J ' 'ic tl Twvl -, Qfl ck 3 V -V l 1 .' V . . l ' Q N V 4 f A' ' , 2 . ' ' , t Q f ' ' t A 4 ' ' A . 'l ' N 1 , ' chi' D' le ' ' A ' ' the , J . c , e'.'l: ca .e 1 t t y in i e ' J" A V ' Y c . i 1 ' ' ' V ' l . b' i - 1 . : 4 . . . troubles compared wtth those ct Henry lames who had no strrkmaly outstana ma event rn hrs hte? Peoole startea hear ma from colleaes Dorothy tound herself on the rad1o and Morty broke a record rn basketball But when Rrchard Vtfetnstern started slappmq women tn publtc we knew that sornetmnq out ot th ordtnarw was up and when Cfrt ty drscussed tdeal love rn the tall and Sue start d to pro rect we were sure ot tt By th tlme Rrch ard Noxtck had dtscowered that tl e 87t1 element was Ltltom the semor play was a thrnq ot tne oast and then one day someone not ced that the auadranate ttnd any blocks to lcnoclk down th s t1m so Peter settled tor th Boys Spo ts doo and experrmett 39 went rn the mtll No nore proarar sheets to ttll out for next year no more ftve mtnute tests no more Barbara Tl tomson Ronald XfV1tt Iames Teasdale Rtchard W tnstern 1 if Pteldston lune 'nnth rs on a Fnday and on Saturday morntnq there ar 87 new alumnt Carol Tttelbaurn Elrnor Wechsler Mrchael Wollt . l ' e l ' l 9 . " ' E , e - Q , ' . 9 ' ' - r' ' r V 1 :gb V V , . , , V t ' ., . A , ' . X i l ' ' arass had been roped in .... Victor couldnt ' I l S, X , e s rc r, E I ' 1 ' ' . . el . , Y t f 'V 1 fit' 1 I A .I A :Cho T Ole-nh BOCUC P L9W1S U Stem R WC11QTSWV1 D Bokcxt A M1C1lSlSI1 E Neubiu, I N L lucm I leowdcile 1 Bodm P Simon I Stuart FGCL K EGDUUCIW E Gcumol Ha QW C CGIIVIUCIO F Fuller G Darby Semor Photoqfcmhs b, H TAIWH INC Enqravmqs by GRAPHART Primo ENGRAVINC Com Bound at AMERICAN BOOK STRATFORD Pmiss INC Publzshed at the F1151 DSTON SCHOOL PRESQ H ., V - . fx . , . .,, . , kI.M. ,. L. .. , . 1, . 'DIC ..,,. ' . - N 1. f-1 Y , f 3 ,A-, . C, , . C, . lCl.L , . C , ' 1, w ' 'WMV' " v 1 1 7 Q . . , , , . . 4 N wr I ' ' . N 1 QXJXJ K fl 2 !l X NJ NN- N2 XX Y . vi X -4 'T w N X? x, ,w N XX N Q Ni S4 'S 'JK KN N1 xg N, QQ S Nw Q Y xXx Q 4 'Y Y Qff , x N M. Z5 " 71 0f'7 Cbfqgbkqvo R QQ 5 - ,fo T7' K jf GOV' ,Max SMQJLQ Vi? 'JY' m,,,, f 0"'k"'w J 'ZTDMOWLWQ f? GLA- 310599 0-Aff. V30-o mkmqmef H ,kb 'SQ x Guam, ISE? jew f

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