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'nu-3 P I PE H ,3 .K 1 1 , ,. ' . 'r ff'- I 9 A n I lggill .lax fdhf' I , s Q Eilfiq fir ll ,fg KE fy QQ "' K fs E f E I 3 va Ea -3 U C3 FESIUS I-HBH S8310 DL In M hzese t at wer, who are to fight the tion of the that we have for our motif imes when the we feel a close fr standing shoulder t battles for fr loyalty of all chosen Mexican countries of the world are iendliness to our neighbors o shoulder with us, helping eedom. lt is in considera- the Fan American countries and South American designs . It is hoped that in the years to come the friend- ship between all Americans will become even closer in times of peace--a peace which we hope and pray will come soon to all the world. may this book, as you turn its pages years from now, remind you to stand by the highest principles that are taught in our schools. Hay it, too, bring beck to mind thc pleassntcst of memories of the events of this vear at Fcstus High School. ul 51 HYUT5 5 PH 'fm lu' H Mil 3 Mil! A 'Tis Han old Spanish customk' We mustn't overlook To hunt around for someone To whom to dedicate our book. Ani so we think of th And And But only one will do. You'll find him in tH is one another one or two, talk about what each has done, e office, If he's not some other place. If you think 7ou'll keep up with hir You'll have a merry chase. hlype this letter for me, Qlease, will you make those tests,H I say. 'You teach these classes, won't jou, Some teacher's Lll toFay.U fHere you sell these tickcts.H A HHill you ileige Slgi this pass?J ftlease expiain how this is donc.h NGO find this trfant less.H Rnd so it is tie whole 617 long. If it isn't one thinj it's two. If auythinj with ws jocs wrong, Fe jvst ask him what to do. To Yr. Siiney Lakose, then, we express our appreciation. And because of all he we offer this dedicat 's done for us, ion. 2 if N Q 2 S GN fffahg x y WX fx YQ A E X Q . N sg Q f -x 'G K5S A G If ru if XA zzx qui f A Qxx ' Xxx N X X Q ,W NM YW Qi V P XA INV 5 O ,fig x X fix , JZ fr" ff f .-"' P ,--. .-- .41 . -. -'N N '-X fb F: 'vi 12,51 La? wg! L- iii: Aff G vi: gvgV1ffiQ gr :jfVIb4a d2p2li-U ?g :ij Q d L s.' wife:-'QQL :QQ ff. -Lg, 7 -F il' Give?-7c': :J :J Mr. E. H. Rose, president of the Board of Edu- cation, was elected as a member on the board in 1958. Mr. Rose is employed at the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Com- pany. Mr. Louis Bequette, vice-president, has held this position for three years. He is an agent for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Mr. Herman Posch has been a member of the school board since 19 39. He was proprietor of the Ben Frank- lin Store in Festus before he retired. Mr. Harold McCormack has been a member of the board since l929. Mr. McCormack has a bread route and is also a distributor for a soda water company. Dr. C. H. Colin was elected as a member of the school board in 1941. Dr. Colin is a local dentist. Dr. J. E. Rutledge, M.D., was elected to the Board J- .E 'Y of Education in 1941. ne has practiced medicine in Fcstus for 40 years. Mr. H. E. Vaughn has been treasurer of the school board for over 25 years. Mr. Vaughn has an insurance agency in Festus. Mr. Sidney La Rose, secretary to the Board of Education and to the superintendent of schools, studied at Missouri Business School, Colorado State College, University of Washington, and Washington University. His favorite sport is basketball, and his hobbies are reading, travc Hr. W. L. Schools, teaeho east State Tea work at Washing logo, where he in Birch Tre fishing. ling, and going to the movies. Festus South- aduate ol- is and Pulliam, superintendent of the s algebra. He holds a B.S. from chors' College. He has done gr ton University and George Peabody o received his H.A. in 1959. His home e Missouri He likes both hunting I ' KJ Le .-Q Mr. Harold Ulbriclf, principal, teaches social science and physical education. He attended Missouri University where he reeeiT:L his B.S. degree. He did graduate work University of at the Ynivessity of Illinois, and the Missouri, whore he received his M.A. in l957. His hone is in St. Louis, Missouri. Tennis and ice skating are his favorite sports. He is sponsor of. the sophomore class . ' Mr. H. F. Rosenstengel, manual arts instructor, studied at Flat River Junior College, Southwest Missouri State Teachers' College, Missouri University and Washington University. He majored in Industrial Education. His home is in Esther, Missouri. His favorite sport is baseball. He is sponsor of the beautification committee. Miss Virginia Robinson, who teaches English, is from lronton, Missouri. She has attended Central College, Hendrix College, Browns' Business College, Centralia, Illinois,and Missouri University from which she graduated in l95S with an A.B. and B. S. in educ- ation. She is.co-sponsor of the dramatic club and the cloakroom com ittee. She likes both reading and writ- ing, and her favorite sport is swimming. Miss Helen Manley,, instructor of domestic arts, is from Farmington, Missouri. She holds a degree from the University of Missouri,, and she has done graduate work at Iowa estate Colleges Colorado University and Colorado State, College. She holds a major in Home Economics Eduoationq' Her Tavorite sport is tennis and her hobbies are reading and sowing. She is sponsor of the personality committee, Mr. David Crowder, who teaches general science, physics, and trigonometry, is from Appleton, Missouri. He holds an A.B. and B.S. from Warrensburg State Col- lege and Missouri University where he majored in ohem- istry. Tennis is his favorite sport. Mr. Crowder is sponsor of the senior class, 'S Miss Ruth Ihgrum, Q instructor of Latin, E glish Literature,g journalism, and reading appreciatio , is from Columbia, Missouri, and was graduated fr m the University of' Missouri with a Master of Arts and a B. S. in edueationv .She likes all outdoor sports and her hobbies aredknitting and sewing. Miss Ingrurxis faculty advisor on the publications' staff and sponsor of the publicity committee of the student council. Mr. Melville Skoog, instructor of social studies and physical education, .studied at Gustavus Adolphus College and holds an A. B. from there. He has done graduate work at the University of Nebraska and the University of' Missouri where he received an M.A. degree in School Administration in l94l. His favorite sport is track, and coin collecting and raising flow- ers are his hobbies. He is sponsor of the junior class and recreation committee on the student council. Miss Evelyn Keller, who teaches citizenship and .D F4 mathematics is irom Cape studied at Southwest Mis and graduated in 1940 wi and a minor in mathematic eirardeau, Missouri. She seuri State Teachers' College th a major in social studies s. She is sponsor of the honor society. Her hobby is sewing. Miss Norma Lee Eaves is speech supervisor and her home is Hillsbo ro, Missouri. She attended Flat River Junior College, University of Wisconsin, and the Univ- ersity of Missouri. She aponsors the Dramateers, H.S. Dramatic Club, Girl Scouts, and the assembly com- mittee of the student council. Reading and stamp collecting are her hobbies, and her favorite sport is golf. Mr. Loran Blaine, science instructor, whose home is in Springfield, Missouri, graduated in l935 from Monett Junior College. He has done graduate work'at the University of Missouri and Southwest Missouri State Teachers' College, where he graduated in l94l. He holds an Egg,-ard a F.3. in'EducatiOn. Radio is his hobby. He is sponsor of the freshman class and the intermission and reception committee. Miss Lillian Sawfori Q commercial instructor, is from Smithten, Missouri, and received a B.S. degree from Central Missouri Stats Teachers' College. She has done graduate work it Missouri University,and received a Master of Education there. In 1941 she T e 2 rd S received the h.M. Cartel reading, and she is spons ' MI' ,' Enid, Oklahoma. He att the Fin versity. and has' working, sponsor Frank lddings, Miss Elizabeth Teve from Higginsville, Missouri. e Arts Departmen He has done pr also done some como and he likes all of the schoolboy pa xve . he likes tennis and or of the assembly committee. instructor of music, is from ended Philips University and t of Kansas Wesleyan oiessional music for 20 osing. His hobby is high school sports. trol. Uni- years wood- He is ' is in st orff, art instructor 9 She received her 3.3. education from Uarrensburg State Teachers' College, where she graduated in l9 4l. Her hobbies are reading and sewing, and she likes outdoor sports. Miss Pearl Jacobs, librarian, is from S rin s Missouri. She . 3 A A i 4 mo etdt- ms- ease A -1 House Central V :nd M css " attended school at ..e, o i,ucnc-s UOLNSQQ, jo..UnTversitj and ington University. Las School Library Institut t summer she attendedh the e at Washington University. She likes reading and hiking. BOARD OF EDUCATION AND FACULTY Top Row: Mr. Edward Rose, Mr. Louis Beauetie, Dr. lohn Ruiledqe, Mr. Herman Posch. Second Row: Dr, Clarence Colin, Mr. Harold Ulbrichi, Mr. Waller Pulliam, Mr. Ellis Vaughn. Third Row: Mr. Sidney LaRose, Mr. David Crowder, Miss Pearl lacobs, Miss Norma Lee Eaves. Fourth Row: Miss Ruth Inarum, Miss Lillian Sawiord, Mr. Loran Blaine, Miss Evelyn Keller. Fifth Row: Mr, Frank lcldinqs, Miss Virginia Robinson, Miss Helen Manley, Mr. Melville Skoog Mr. Harry Rosenstengel. 141 sn 5 UD iii 0 HJ l ' Q 1 f N I 1 mf - ,,,,,.i.,..,-1-.--1 G '- EJ Q1 'gl 111 CFB Ny , f. M LLP f? Pew wJmll133U3D el QJCUQGJSJ PRESIDENT ...... . . .RUSSELL BAUMAN VICE-PRESIDENT. . . .... TOM ALEXANDER SECRETARY .... . . .BETTY ROSE OBERLE TREASURER .... .... S ELISA STOLZER SPONSOR. . . . . .ER . DAVID CROWDW 45C LA SS RED ec-aeCLA S Ez FLOWER? ROSE C OLOHSH9 SILVER AND BLUE -21-SGEGC LA S S I.iOTTOaeaeee OHWARD, FORYSIARD, UPWARD Roy Porter Elnora Iudy Roger Griffin Betty Ann Zoellner lames Bryant Luella Io Hanes Floyd Iackson Marian Cazaux Russell Bauman Arleen Wagner Charles Woods Selma Stolzer Robert White Lola Martin Gordon Wheeling Bonnie Flo Meyer Augusta Coleman Franklin Fallert Mary Lee Cooper lack Young Paul Rose Betty lane Barrett Wilbert Arnold Nadine Abernathy 9104. M.- 0Lw-afyfubb fJfY7ufY'K.1l-l.iLfj U7- flkhwafwwf M W' J. MJUQW5 Lola Miller Donald Medley Verna Dunning Bernice Wynn Donald Kaernpfe Betty Lou Bradley Betty lean lenni Marian Vaughn Tom Alexander Virginia Hurley Raymond Bequette Violet Kite Betty Rose Oberle Lloyd'Lucas Doris Ann Griffin Eileen White Bob Thomure Gladys Gibson Hazel Eisnogle Clara Boedecker Clarence Taylor ff? ,Wg yin mx s. .3 1- ,' s. v 1 if-A '517idH ci Q if Q 515' :J-11 'Lf The last year, yes, this is the last year in old F. H. S. The seniors one and all, think of this as they go through the halls and in their classes. Even so, the seniors of this year have upheld the standards of our school. They have contributed musi- cians to the band and chorus, and members to the honor society, basketball teams, and all the other activi- ties of the school. In most cases the larger part has been seniors. In their junior year they gave the first prom in the school. Everyone said it was the best event they had ever attended at Festus High School. Also in the junior year a member of this class was chosen maid of honor to the Basketball Sweetheart. As sophomores they gave the annual freshman party This, too, proved to be very good. During this year they won a prize for the best assembly program. Entering as freshmen they were a large and inter- esting group. They withstood the taunts that are usu- al for green freshmen. And now has come the end of their school days to- gether at F. H. S. But in the years to come,all thc seniors will look back on thesp four years as the most pleasant of their lives. TOM ALEXANDER Tom is as noisy as a bass drum, when he gets started you can hear things hum. Basketball Junior High-'41, Track-'59, Latin Club-'59- '40, Dramatic Club-'42, Tennis Tournamente'4l, Student Council-f59w'4C-f42, Band-'59-'40-V41-'42, Class Bres- ident-'39-'4O, Vice President- '4lw-'49, Horseshoe Tournament-fel, Cape Girardeau Representative-'5QN'4l, All School Play--'59--'42, Spokesman--'42, ?ipern'42, Festusiana Cavalcade-'4l, Discussion-'eC, South East Kissouri Bend fel, All School Play Production Staff- '2l. EILBERT ARKOLL In basketball he'll gain his fame, He always helps to win the game, Band-'59-'40-'il-'42, Basketball-'59-'40-'41 Captain- '42, Vice Eresident Xie? YQQ,Tennis Tournament-'41, Horseshoe Tournament--'e1, Student Council--'41-'42, Track-'39, Spokesman-'42, Liner Staff-'e2, Band Presi- dent-'C2. RUSSELL BAUMAI He goes along photographic way, Taking pictures from oay to day. Tennis Tournanontefel, Horseshoe Tournament-'41, Track -YSQ, School Fkotogfaphere'59-f4O-'41-'42, Library '59 'e0, Fycsidenc Junior Class-'41, Secretary of Ii-fH'4O -'4l, Student Council-H759ei4O-'42, P?esiHent Senior Class-'42, Spokesman Editor-'42, Discussion Leader-'40 Student Council Executive Committee-'42. RAYMOND BEQUETTE Friendly but quiet and full of care, Raymond always does his share. Basketball-'59+-'41--'42, Track-'59-'40,'Softball-142 Tennis-'41-'42, Horseshoe Tournament-'41, Golf-'41-42 Band-'59-'4Oe'4l-'42, Production Staff of All School Play-'40-'41, Festusiana Cavalcade-'41, Publicity Com- mittee-'42, JA ME S BRYA HT Pat's voice and ways are alarming, ' But Gracie from Crystal thinks he's charming. Hi-Y-'59, Track-'595 Boys' Glee Club-'59, TraCkr'4O, Track Tournament-'41, Horseshoe Tournament-'4l. EARL ELLIOTT Always joking, full of fun, ln American problems he's not so dumb. Softball-'4lA'42, Horseshoe Tournament-'41, Track-'4O- '41-'42., FRANKLIN FALLERT With his wavy hair he's in the swing, Popularity, that's the thing. Basketball-'59-'4O-'Ql-'42, Softball-'40-'41, Tennis Tournament-'41, Horseshoe Tournament-'41, Student Council-'42, RGGER GRIFFIN Good looking and all that'sort, He'd win any girl's heart. Band-'594'4O-'41-'42, Orchestra--'59-'40, Tennis-'41 Cape-'41, Track-'59-140, Softball-'41, Vice-President of Freshman Class-'59, Student Council-'40, Hi-Y-'41, Vice-President of Band-'41, FLOYD JACKSON Give the ball to Floyd, le's our men, If he can't make a basket, nobody can. BasXotball-'59-'4O-'41-'22, Softball-'41-'42, Beautifi- cation Committee-'22, DONALD KAEMPFE He is tho small boy from the farm, Growing everything from peas to corn. LLOYD LUCAS For the top honors ho docs dare, And in track he gots his share. Track-'41-'42, Horseshoe Tournament-'41, DONALD MEDLEY Ho goes along his quiet way, Gotting brighter day by day. Honor Society-'40-'41, Fostusiana Cavaloado--'41 Library Club-'40, Assembly Committee-'42, Horseshoe Tournament-'4l. SAM PORTER Sam has a different ampgglon every day, Some small, some big, snytning where ho'll get pay. Baskotball --'39-'40-'41-',L, Hi-Y-'41, Track-'40-'42, Tennis Tournamont-' l. PAUL L. ROSE The student council is quito proud, Of a president who can govern the crowd. Esnd-'59-'40-'il-'42, All School Play-'il-'42, Business Kinagor of Fostusionu Cavaloade-'41, Tennis Tournament 'Ql, Student Council President-'42, Library Club-'4O- 'sl-'42, Librarian---'40-'il-'42, Hi-Y-Q'4O-'41, Art Editor of Pipor--'42, Spokosman Art Editor-'42, Horso- shoc Tournament-'41, Nominee for Piper King-'42, Mom- btr of Dramatic Club-'42, sssombly Director-'42. CLARENCE TAYLOR As an actor he wins the day, One of the best in the all school play. Track-'59f'4O-'41-'42, Band-'40-'41, School Boy Patrol Captain-'40-'41, All School Play-'42, Public Speaking Play-'41, Softball-'Ql. BOB THOHURE To his friends his name is 'iCobby", And making friends is his hobby. Track Student Manager--'40, Tennis Tournament-'41, Horseshoe Tournament-'41, Band-'59-'GO-'41-'42, Orches tra-'59, Swing Band-'59, Student Council-'42, Sergeant of Arms of Hi-Y--'40-'41, Spokesman Staff, '42,Piper Staff-'42, Basketball-'59, Vice-President of Library Club-'42, Vice-President of Band-'42, Public Speaking Flay-'4l. GORDON WHEELING Violets are blue, Roses are red, And so is the hair on Gordon's head. Track-'41-'42, Festusiana Cavalcadc--'41, School Boy Patrol-'59, Eublic Speaking Play-'4l. ROBERT WHITE Always there is our fair haired lad, Often in trouble, but not too bad. Librarian-'59-'40-'il-'42, President of Library Club- 'Ql-'42, Basketball-'59-'40-'41, Hi-Y-'41, Softball- 'il, Tennis-'41, Champion Horseshoe Pitcher-'51, Stu- dent Council-'4l. CHARLES WOODS Nightly small, but lots of pep, He keeps American Problems upset. Tennis Tournament--'40, Horseshoe Tournament--'41, Public Speaking Play-'40, Patrol Committee-'42, fn JACn YOUNG A man there was, of quiet ways A student of old books and days. Softball-'41-'42, Track-'41-'42, All School Play 1Pro-' duction Staff-'41, Recreation Committee-'42. NADINE ABERNATHY Happy am I, from care I'm free, Why can't they all be happy like me? Pep Squad-'59-'40-'41-'42, Class Reporter-'41, Student Council-'42, Library Club-'59-'40-'41, Festusiana Cavalcade-'41, All School Play Committee-'4l. BETTY JANE BARRETT As an artist she'll be renowned in fame, On famous paintings you'll find her name. Band-'59-'40-'41-'42, Pep Squad-'59g'4O-'41-'42, Stu- dent Council-'42, Orchestraf'59. CLARA BOEDECKER As a reporter she worked without pay, Collecting news from day to day. Camera Club-'58, Pep Squad-'59, Piper Staff-'42, Spokes man Staff-'42. BETTY LOU BRADLEY Her new theme song is this sortg nHe's l-A in the Army and A-l in my Heart.H All School Play-'59, Mixed Chorus-'59-'40, Gleo Glub- '41-'42, Pep Squad-'59, Public Speaking Play --'40, Festusiana Cavalcade-'40, Girls' Quartet-'42, Student Council-'42, Home Economics Award-'41, Tennis Tourna- ment-'59, Literary Editor of Piper-'42, Spokesman Staff-'42. MARIAN CAZAUX Marian always runs true to form, Pleasant, calm, with never a storm. Glee Club-'42, Pop Squad-'QO-'41-'42, Girls' Chorus-'58 '59, Spokesman Staff-'42, Piper Staff-'42, Mixed Chorus 442, Festusiana Calvacade-'4l. AUGUSTA COLEMAN Gr loneliness she does cram, Since Steve has gone to help Uncle Sam. Pep Squad-'59-'40, Chorus-'41, Glee Club-'42, Nominee for Piper Queen-'42, MARY LEE CDOPER Without her the history class just eouldn't be, She's teacher's pet, as you can see. Pep Squad-'41-'42, Library-'59-'41-'42, Library Commit- tee-'42, Band-'4l. VERNA DUNNING Recognized for her creamery fame, But as an actress will gain a name. Girls' Quartet--'41--'42, Glee Club--'40-'41-'42, Pop Squad-'39-'40-'41-T42, Honor Society-'41-'42, .Student Council-f42, Library-'39, Mixed Chorus-'59, All School Play-'40-'41, Public Speaking Play-'4l,Spokesman Staff '42, Piper Staff-'42, Maid to Basketball Sweetheart-- '4O, Miss Tri-City-'41, Production Staff of All School Play-'42. HAZEL EISHOGLE Happy-go-lucky, she doesn't give a care, Any old thing so she gets her share. Mixed Chorus-'59-'40, Pop Squad-'59-'40-'41-'42, Glee Club-'41-'42, Quartet-'il-'42, Public Speaking Play- '4l. GLADYS GIBSON In school she does her share' 'Y n q , Uladys and Virginia are quite a pair. Chorus-'41-'42, Spokesman Staff-'42, Piper Staff-'42. DORIS ANN GRIFFIN Remembered for her typing fame, Volley ball playing, and rare old name. Band-'58-'40, Volley Ball-'56-f4O-'41-'42, Pep Squad- '4l Student Council-'ii Assistant Editor of Spokes- , . ff, -,- 4 . 0' . man-'42, Piper Staff-'d:,Jommittee for Public Speaking Play-'41, Representative to Cape for Typing-'41, Secretary of class-'59-'40-'41, Nominee for Piper Queer '42. LUELLA JO HANES Of all the hair from East to West, We like her blond hair the best. Student Council-'42, Dramatic Club-'42, All School Play '42. VIRGINIA HURLEY Sits up till midnight,rises long before dawn, Studying with all her might, to answer no questions wrong. ChorusH'59, Glee Club-'40, Honor Society-'40-'41-'42, Library-'41, Spokesman Staff-'42, Piper Staff5'42. ELNORA JUDY Her character doth match her face, A pleasing one with winning grace. Orchestra-'59, Library-'59-'40, Festusiana Cavalcaded '40, Pep Squad-'40-'41-'42, Spokesman Staff-'42, Piper Staff-'42, Student Council-142, Public Speaking Play+ '4O. VIOLET KITE Pretty complexion, lovely hair, She'll take you up on any dare. Pep Squad-'59-'40-'41-'42, Chorus-'59-'40-'41-'42. LOLA MARTIN Lola is rather hard to define But the nMartinsn can always hold their line. Pcp Squad-'39-'40-'41-'42, Library--'59-'40, Student Council-'42, Discussion Leader-'40, Property Committee '42, for All School Play. LOLA LEE MILLER Rather different to define as you can sec, To Davc's heart she has the key. Librarian-'59-'40-'41-'42, Chorus-'40-'41, Glee Club-'4 Dcclamation-'40, Student Council-'42, Library Club-'41, '42, 2 BETTY ROSE OEZRLQ "Let Betty do it", tiny all yell, Whatever it is she'll do it well. Pep Squad-'59-'40-'41-'42, President of Pep Squad-'42, Student Council-'42, Qiscussion Leader-'59, Library- '39-'4O-'42, Chorus-'40-Secretary of Class-'42, Chair- man of Property Committee --'4l, Dramatic Club-'42, Spokesman Staff-'42, Piper Staff-'42, Maid of Honor to Basketball Sweetheart-'41, Honor Society --'41-'42, Public Speaking Play-'41, Christmas Program-'4O. SELMA STGLZER Neat, good-humored, and a friend indeed, Cutting stencils she does with speed. Pop Squad-'59-'40-'41-'42, Treasurer of Class-'41-'42, Honor Society-'41-'42, President of Honor Society-'42 Volley Ball-'39, Typing Representative to Cape-'41, Assistant Piper Editor, Spokesman Staff-'42, Student Council-'42. MARIAH VAUGHR Sweet and cheerful should be her name, Because Marian always is the same. Grchestra-'59, Band-'59-'40-'41-'42, Swing Band-'59, Tennis-'40, Volley Bell-'42, Student Council-'42, Clari not Quartet-'42. ARLEEN WAGNER She belongs to the Brokerage Chain, Our loss their gain. Pep Squad-'59-'4l. EILEEN WHITE She's never been found in a talkative mood, , She gives the rest a chance not wishing to be rude. Chorus-'59-'40-Library Club-'59-'40, Pep Squad-'59-'40 '41, Festusiana Cavalcade-'4O- Spokesman Staff-'42, Piper Staff-'42. BFIRNI C E Wim! As Piper editor she sure does rate who wou1dn't ask her for Q date? Pep Sqund-'59-'40-'41-'42, Vice-president of the Pep Squad-'42, Student Council-'42, Pep Leader-'41-'42, Chorus-'59-'40, Mixed Chorus-'58, Volley Bal1-'59-'4O- '41-'42, Volley Ball Captain-'41-'42, Library Club-'59 -'40, Spokesman Staff-'42, Piper Staff-'42, Honor Society-'40-'il-'42, Treasurer of Honor Society-'425 Public Speaking Flay-'40-'41, Tennis Tournament-'41, Christmas Program-'40, ?iper Editor-'42, Basketball Sweetheart-'42, BETTY ASU ZOELLHER 'Sweet and prettyg it's really silly, That her heart belongs to nTil1ieF Pep Squad-'59-'40-'41-'42, Vice-President of Pep Squad '42, Iixed Chorus-'40, Glee Club-'40, Library-'41, Spokesman Staff-'42, Public Speaking P1ey-'4i,Festue- isne Cevalcede-'41 Christves Trogrem-'41, Piper Staff , . -H '42, Candidate for ?iper Queen-'42, Student Couneii-'42 '7'!T'fT"f" ' 1? '.' T TIT TJ f' eni-Y JLAH JEJni Q-ost Jreduete2 Speaks clearly when she speaks at ell, Czrves everv word before she lets it fall. nl All School Play-'42. IDEAL '11-1'f'r'r'rv3Q b2ua.u.f1u.: The members of the entire senior class east their ballots for their choice of the Lideal senior girl H S and the Hideal senior boy.n The votes were counted and the outcome was as follows: For personality, who deserves it more than Ber- nice Wynn with her friendly ways and lively school Spirit? Then for figure can you imagine anyone else that would compete with our own little Betty Ann Zoellner? She is small and shapely. nDoesn't she have lovely hair?H This can be heard everywhere, but are there many answers? We have one, and that is Luclla Jo Haines. Her only beautiful but very unusual. hair is not Lovely comploxiens are few and far between, but we can proudly proclaim that Augusta Coleman of the few. has one Betty Rose Oberlc won the votes from the seniors for the eye brows. Have you noticed them lately? Well you better take a good, long look. They're really good looking. Look at her eyes. The seniors surely chose a winner when they picked Marion Vaughn. You can cer- tainly call them gay, laughing, blue eyes, can't you? Betty Jane Barrett won for nose, and she really owns one that should have first place. It's medium, just right, and sophisticated. Some people use their mouths for slur their mouths for insults, but Betty Lou her mouth for compliments and kind words the votes for the nicest mouth. They have curves. What? Lola Marti courseg they're the most beautiful lips class. ' If I were she, I would smile all the time, cause her pearl white teeth are beautiful. The iors showed sense in voting for Verna teeth. ' Maybe not all the seniors have held Virginia ley's hands, but Charles has, and we have first information that it is really a thrill to feel smoothness. sg some use Bradley uses . She wins nfs lips of in the senior bc- sen- Dunning for Hur- hand their Clara Boedocker's fingernails are always so well kept. They're always the right size nicely. , and polished You can't call feet beautiful or pretty, but you can say they're the envy of everyone. We're talking about Selma Stolzer's feet. Have you noticed them, too? Ccontinuedj .... .T -Lj'?'L1', S1T'ZxT"'GT'S ...uhh .L icentinuedl We can rightly say that no one but Doris Ann Griffin should have the votes of the seniors for the best dressed. Her clothes are always neat and good looking. Then for the Ideal Senior Boy we have: For personality, no one else but the seniors own nCobbyn Thomure. Everyone will agree that his person- ality simply radiates. ' HTillieH White surely takes the cake, when it comes to physique, doesn't h Franklin Fallert's hair fact, it's 17 years old. Jus shock of blonde, wavy hair. o? is not a new thingg in t the same he has a fine When a boy has a good complexion, it's really something. Well, we have that something right here in old F.H.S.--believe it or net. Just take a good long look at Raymond Bequette if you don't believe me. He may not be so very tall, but his eye brows make up for .the rest. They're really manly. Oh! I guess you want to know whose eye brows wefre talking about, Clarence Tayler's of COUISC. nNickW Uheoline's eve lashes are simnlv the thins V O 4. .L U . J Theyfre long, thick and curved upward. The seniors did well in choosing HNickH for his eye lashes. -- o ons . co or. e, A is aol- . Such dept' 1 Such l ' Su h urderstar'irg' We're talkine about Tom Alexandorfs e'es. Look at LJ them sometime, won't you? Wouldn't you give anything for an aristocratic like uPat5 Bryant's? l wouldg it's distinguished UB, Boyu Rose received the votes for his mouth. Here's one thatfs so nearly perfect, that you can't HOSC help noticing it. Wiilln Arnold won for the lips. They are really a handsome pair, You could take this two ways. Get 1.10 I They're like pearls, so white and glistening. - . Earl mlliott really has oeau ing hands, but HCyn Griffin cause he has a pair of nice Charles Woods was chos canft eossibly sa that boys 4. .1 J because they don't, but you size for boys. That's why U Everyone would think i worenft chosen for the e tiful teeth. look- It's not often that you see a boy with good , is one in a million, he- looking hands. Shake pal! en for his feet. How, you have small, dainty can say they have a J J 1 LIZ'-,IZLOZS 51011, . . . feet, good 5 ode if Russell Baumann .L t eufn, 'est ,r:ssee. he was, h 5' and he owns the right bceause he always keeps his clothes as neat as a pin. 0 0 Tom Alexander Nadine Abernathy Hilbert Arnold Betty J, Barrett Russell Bauman Raymond Bequette Clara Boedecker Betty L. Bradley James Bryant Marian Cazaux Augusta Coleman Mary Lee Cooper Verna Dunning Hazel Eisnogle Earl Elliott Franklin Fallert Gladys Gibson Doris A. Griffin Roger Griffin Luella Jo Hanes Bill Hill Virginia Hurley Floyd Jackson Elnora Judy Donald Kaempfe SENIOR FA T111 IIICJQZIIAEIE Irish Audine Willy Liza Jane Rusty Don Juan Just Clara Snooks Pat Helly Gussie Chaffy Bernie Emmy Riizcl Sheriff Pete Doie Cy Shanghai Polecat Ginny Hatney Norie Red CTS! INTEREST Crystal girls Eating Loafing People Photography Opposite Sex Writing for town paper Air Corps Letting girls wear his rings Sports In the army Library In college Singing Alumna Passing tvpins Dancing Arguing in Phys. Ed. To have competition St. Louis boys Dates Just Charles Sleeping Making speeches Working in a filling station ANBITION To write a dictionary To be serious ----Just once To be a big- ger loafer To draw Super- Man To have Dot to himself To be a suc- cess Go to busi- ness school To marry Stan ley Move to St. Louis To drive a car A Red Cross Nurse Be a school teacher To drive an ambulance Blues Singer To give speeches Being a boy scout Journalist To acquire a good laugh To be a lead- ing man To owr a night club To graduate Harry the guy To be a Rip- Van-Uinkle To answer Wise cracks To type 60 WOl"CZ.S 9. Kiln, 'NAME Violet Kite Lloyd Lucas Lola Martin Donald Medley Lola Miller Betty R. Oberle Sam Porter Paul Rose Selma Stelzer Clarence Taylor Bob Tnemure Marian Vaughn Arleen Wagner Gordon Wheeling Bob White Eileen White Charles Woods Bernice Wynn Jack Young Betty Zeellner SENIOR FACTS! C continue dl Nl C KNAI E Kite Red Pepper Dude Boy Plattin Princess Twerp Nubbins B Boy Sel Chippe Corby Talky Tony Nick Tillie Lena Wildcat Windy Arkansas Zolly INTEREST Anything but college Teachers Colorado Square dancing Your guess is as good asems lt's a secret Bluffing Elvins girls The Coast Guard Pool Just women Soldiers Who knews?? Blondes Being a butcher Traveling Never heard the word volleyball Baseball Dates--with girls AMBITION To be a see- retary ????????????? He's already found it Learn to count to ten Champion Hog- caller Te live in the city To be a nurse in an army camp Just to be a playboy is enough To be a heart breaker To get to the top To 'I manage darry's Peel Room More women Te work in St. Louis To make a fortune To play oppo- site Hedy Lamarr To be on Pappy Che shire's pre- gram To work in New York To find a girl my size To own a horse ranch Managing the Cardinals To register men for the army SEHEORS At last theyfve finished those four long yeorsg Are they seen shedding bitter tears? No, they're seedy te face the world. In Hoey getiviiies they always excel. Just depend on usg to do everything well. Who do I mean? wif, the Seniors!! --Virginia Hurley , 'NX fi, X15 --, QA? lfliif 6 Q f fm XfX,fXl!X.J M ' X XX' so ff ,A -3 Wiilylffh1XQXlVx,X1j f ,f'.... ' if ::,. .----. V L N Q L VJ ,Q "J 'U f 3 A zf v22f A f ff! Q ,Z K fax M A.-,. f x S. 42:1--Y ' , r'E f xii' ..,., ,,,..,,...... .j,1..., gn I H Er-4 1 ,I XV. :yr al' iw J S, I K 1' Dsyx fii ,Z lil i . if kj," PM JJ' xx liz GE Ev sy :iz lg! A I '3f"2FWWW3G31 mm? :nm G2- lbiguw Ql.iF1?HLSE3'S2 PRESILENT ... b.JOE SARIEGO VICE-PRESILENT.. ...CLLRLEL LUEDAKL SECHETAHY... ...PAULIYZ LiVlS TXQLSULIH... ...ALLOLETTZ LUSAE1 REPORTER. ...CALVII HCCHLihY SZKGEAIT RT ALXL .LOIALL RZAGLK SPOTSOh.................. IQLVIIII SLCC? ffwfffyw Lyle Boyer Iune Ruppert William Maupin Pauline Davis Norman Curtis Loretta Basler Robert Vaughn Lorene McNulty Paul Wehner Mary E. Courtois Denzel Lemmon Dorothy Ruff Anita Phillips Wilma Rowland Eunice Lee Catherine Hoeckele Raymond Scott Norma Simms Louis Basler Polly Donald Charles Hubbard Shirley Weber lames Burns Anzolette Huskey Lester Dean Joyce Cooper Calvin McCreary Dorothy Bauman Norval Miller Rita Stolzer Flossie Brown Frances Hankins Robert Stoll Mary Lee Campbell lack Harris Ardell Overberq Iames Riqdon Peggy Iacobs Howard Partney Marie Santschi Donald Regan Elizabeth Grieshaber Virginia Lanham Raymond Martin Mildred Kretzman William Wood William Hill Esther Hammon Harold Carney Marilyn Frazier Charles Brewer Anna Mae Reecht Guy Patterson Oscar Roth Betty Iean Buehler Colleen Bloomer Ruth Reeder Vera Santschi Walter Bryan Pulliam Bernice Iackson Mary Boyd Frances Hoeckele Eugene Lucas lean Harness Joe Sariego 9 il 11 5 N I .yx 'Q ' " hir ii A I! U Nm me so amid f. On September fourth of l959, lO7 brave little freshmen entered F. H. S. seeking adventure and hun- gering for knowledge. Many have gone or moved away and there are only S8 left. . Few activities can be named that do not contain a junior. They contribute their talents to track, band, basketball, student council, honor society, chorus, plays, and good They have enough money to g assembly programs. been wo ive the tion. All the students because they know they a Their senior ner, and it pro year l mises t rking hard all year to earn seniors their farewell recep- in school patronize this class re helping an ambitious group, s waiting just around the cor- o be one of high ideals'and be proud to have them achievement. , F, H. S. will graduate with flying colors. JUNIORS Everywhere you wander, Everywhe? e you p a s s , You will see a member of the junior class. Selling candy in the hall, Playing games of volley-ball, They'll be around both short and tall. They're the JUIICRQII Virginia Hurley f x R--Q ff ff fir! 2 fl f f,pg.7,Qm 1 I f Y Li X f'-x .L ,Y i -. .12 1 X 7 , -V X' ,- lf Ni. f" HxNfg-ii KVM jf xx f vf'X,X'X JI N P I X W f X2 , gi ,' X..gfpq s 3 Mu Q2 FTW 'U r I 1' X. ,qw I 1 'Pl iff TT' yy 4: ,er gx. ! 5 xl wJ if 1 UT wif QW Eff E3 fm f N 7x " , if 1 L: .fxzjff L b -' l I f,-ff Z, 1 f . 7 Vx xx f-XFX x ls' ,.'- . I 1 ,.- ,, X 2 X ' .,-. X. . N... X . -..-X-, X V, - , ,Q , .f-"---,...--xx , ' .1 -3-in - X Y---.f - K Q-r xx --R 2' , x N -V' w . 42 1 Q '53 uh -T52 179 N. FD A' P 1.145 ii E1 ff iw: F24 IM ffivsn EP ci fm' Srl' ef' vim Li ff ef cciajwv' V H502 LG FI 'L.,l.l......, . . 1 " in T"r'1 E T' 'FW ' 'Tf ,LL,.,J-.L lu, ,i 4.31 L . f HMLA.- -- -' f: 1f 11- 'f 11 vw' ' f"' ." Tr CT LL 'IL..,.l"'J..x.I.:.:,,Ji'LI,110 .1 ..1X.,J4.L.1 -.- wx! F, , , . .L..1'Q . -QLCLJ I.- 1, lean Brennen Welton Geqq Henrietta Rigdon Leray Simms Virginia Williams Stuart Bender Vincent Coleman Roberta Maher William Grab Norma Reeder David Powers Donelda Kennedy Imogene Kaempfe Robert Keney Laverne Arnold Lindell Simms Wanda Hilgert Firman Reheisse Kenneth Becker Lorene Smith William Vinyard Irene Curran Kenneth Iohnson Imogene Wehner Mildred Aubuchon Ted Abel Marie Courtois Norvil Brewer Rose Marie Bachman Francis Flieg Chester Charleville Margie White Boniface Boyer Allene Herzog Norman Bequette Cleora Mae Brown Betty Ann Cook Chester Charleville Kylene Polharnus Darrell Kite Martha Lou Panchot Edmund McMu1lin Adolph Weiss ludith McCormack Carl Willm Bernadine Aubuchon Bill Smith Ramona Foosey lanice White George Hall Dorothy Kreitler Firman Weiss Geneva Malloy Joe Murphy Ernest Elliott Geraldine Kassen Wayne DeC1ue Helen Vandiver Fred Govero tFreshmanl Betty Clark I-lildegorde Akins Ioe LeBouhe Dorothy Basler Vincent Frazier Evelyn Krause Everett Eisenbeis 'I ' f- -jf , '- . - fr vt VL- l e: , Q "f ' - W t fr , a- D -' - I f . ,, '1 4 '- yy ,o . ffl , ", , I NH 5 I 1 it , , , ae -C A . X gif V V , ' ' A "' 5' A i 'A S ees: .3 "' ' -:S 5 B 'f Q ' ary. 3,332 is ,ER X. . , x . Q ' ' Ei 4753. 'Q A - y :J M4-X . 33 ,5 C 2 C, 5 g t . ,tsl If W 'ri' - l ,t 13 fa " K is W 1 - . f 1 4 I if C iff' ' . at - I f f' is 5 X V' .. I xl I, Qt L l J f K l ' A'-e , X 2 , EW F . 4 f 9 C, f". it Yi. ,. "r fl ,C .' '-'55 Xia if fx: M, W . XL aft' - , V f?:Q. I I ,- ee .f', .Q - .4 f i i QQ. --n 1 2? . 3 S X -un 3 I or 4 f A ' if y, f ff-x'1 I 'W Q ne. r 4 C -M . 4 'iif if .' A ' 'if , l . A, 1ff,,e ' . , q I , My Q f , -4. ' ' ' ' 2 ' ' M W ,lf Y :eta -.5i,5a.r:y53?f l I 'jjj A , , st M y I A I . 46 1 'C' 'I ' fi ' V ' , 95. 1 - 6 ,gn rfb. X cm gg , ,y 1 rf . , .avr ,, ' Q be N I ,.,. ,N ev W ' Uifffiw , I E A Q leg xv., v eff ,qi iii? ' ' , ' B 5, iii i., 'i it 'Q' iif , , eye, ,L . " , , I ,Q 1- . ,tw .,-,4ffes:g1,F" ' 'i"'5i '-, we f I 'J 4 ev , F ' I iff ' ,I -. 471 i'i-, . 1 '14 I i Q' AQ, X " I ' .... m, ' , r ffm 'new-1-12,vf! ' ,. 'lsmf A 4', 4' 5 ,,rwif2f" ' '."E,f21ff:f:.p , " W' fe S. .,... A , , 5 Y' 'A ' -tfiiiiail , , -wi- ii? 0- n.. I kd if 'Q ' hs' 4 . 43 ,,,. cm ET.P5DnEl"'1j PQI: eciirftelilosgse The sophomores, full of vim, vigor, and vitality, entered their tenth year of school eager to learn and advance their knowledge and talents. Many of the sophomores take part in the band, chorus, glee clubs, honor society, student council, track squad and basketball. This year Jean Brenncn represented our county at the Sophomore Pilgrimage at Jefferson City. She also won an essay contest. Virginia Williams was an at- tendant to the basketbell sweetheart. The sophomores held their annual initiation for the freshmen by holiigg c court of justice and giving them a party. They still must face two more years, but every day will be filled with opportunities, opportunities that they will take advantage ef,in their remainin years at Festus High School. f- O Q V 7 v M O., ALOLLORHS rx The swwhomoresff' year is filled vsith work And at their tasks their never? shirk, Tiny always take time out to plan A pmfty for the lwslmman clan. You'll find them as busy 5.53 any bees, H31Tf.2'f,Qf the ff?es'h2w3n say, "Sir" and 'Tlef Thatfs the S0?HC7"Um!l V Hurley fx 'Q 'I' l I Hi f 5 Ili? sg a SSS I K , W N .I , 'l ox X4 t I 'nl by A 1 " V- xN44X 5 1 TL Q V' 5 'N' x ' yn! VKIXQWX lf1if'y,f'V k X MWIT. ixilflffixbx gf , - 7 GYX T'V'QQfVfiV x ff WX mn Q x ' ' . f X 'N X 0 fff A. . Q , v ff X-HW x , lx I ,f 1 2 ' X ffvfl V "DfLQ, Xxgx B5 Xf X ,- ., x fx X . 1 f f, - jf A , ,I1 fire lffffe he--jhrijhl 'f1,. --lx Q J, 'nf 4 X X I I fi W ., f',:,, tg - X V We ff A76 f51:f'.:.'e0355e ,i-.---. If Ji rp . LJ ,Q ITA 3 il L in L! ' --fx if . nib np. QU 'J iw sw gw 552 I el ii oi-:ex We I ai emi! 524 Ffh 5415 0 fi? elf' Ld 1.1 Hr in HQ ls! HF l f v QP QDGFJGPJ -RFIPH SPN F2 ' I SN ' d- HN DIE QQ Qui? L.E23JQ - PRESIDENT .... ...ROBERT JACOBS VICE-PRESIDENT... . .,.NORVEL O'SHEA SECRETARY.... ...POLLY EISNOGLE TREASURER.... ...ANN MARIE JENNI REPORTER... ...MARTIN WYNN SPONSOR... ...KR. LORAN ELAINE Robert Iacobs Margaret Bins Robert Raley Kathryn Vinyard Warren Curtis Marie Fortney Wanda Adams Robert Kaempie Iuanita Wiqqer Ted Matkiri Normalee Wehner Glenn Taylor Henry Vaughn Irene Kohler Leroy Grass lune Smith Gilbert Ritter Pearl Eisnogle Anna Mae Grieshaber Vincent Courtois Doris Ann Holladay Norval O'Shea Carol Lee Foosey Francis Worth Billy Maher Rosemary Gehrs Harold Buehler Mary Lou Schaut Wilfred BrickeY lune Miller Virqinia Santschi Harry Thomure Bernice Basler Charles Burnside Marie Cazaux Earl Gibson William Abernathy Dorsey Brown Howard Donald, lr. Ann Marie Jenni Charles Wiese Edward Stoll Virqinia Roth Harold Grey Betty lean Sherman Paul Cook Rita Bauman Fern Buehler Victor Primo Mary Frances Flanne Martin Wynn loyce Eaton William Knotts Elaine Oberle Viola Gangloff Angelo Sieli Dolores Govero Richards Edwards Charlotte Piait Catherine Dehner Denis Pouliezos Dorothy Meyer Larry LaRue Dorothy Holladay Mary Ellen Ruif Ella Mae Brown Doris Burnside Betty' McCreary Neil Colin Pearl l-lammon Vivian Drissel YY 1. I .5 If k", 'V ' 9 ' if Q5 . 1 Y Q, fr: If s A K f W , I S I .U we ! R' f u l s V. ' i "5 'ii no is. Z3 1 l 5 1 'e vc - Q ' it t ta 9 . 4' .. ' r' . "' .L x f 'f ' .3 it .Q 4, K 1 Q t-iff M ,LTV T , .R f .K in f i if W W . Y R 'L in . 'f Wg f ' t a-1 ,ew . - Q ..f -. -. V :dz , A V ' -5 . xi if ' :QQ st a ' ' ' 'Q .r 1 9' 1 ' 3, , Q in . R51 J' A -I gy ru . 1 za - lux' . Q. ' . , if ,- 1, mf- 2 X ' R iff? 'V' A l " iw ' 'Hi' " ' Er' ig Q 1355 3 4-' 1 I r ' V 3 W ' ' -. ' , 'F' - T 'J 5 L I , l K I QT ?" 51 V ' Ix kfifii "V 1' , , 7 'ff fjtf 5 L- r r . Q fi , r - f 1 , ' ' - r if we ' 4 if, 'fb' . , , ef -. R .. Q V Q 'Q "sri ,E . ' ' 'ffvf r f waz if ' I ' "S e , - f ip ' . - , U va f v .li 'le W' -A i . I 294-f Q nr. :Q-. it if - a Q f , , . ,. ,J I V V 5 S41 if Af ! - . I ' ' -bf Q ' at "'- ew - -. L fr 3 is I 5 'B if S bf 2 A ... W, 53, 1 Q' Q M :nf , H ig m x i i . L H Wi r, .... RJ: A' 1 ' -J ,r ' Q f- V if -f. " t - 1 if '1 . 'Q JF I 7 X f-:ffl f fi t W i 3' 'Ni " QS A I: 1 ti '1 Q ,L I7 . x " ' -ev . , , Q , Z . . r -V. Y t l 45. i w- 1 77 I' ,1 X ' wsglsg .. - .w r I V r gi A 5 of -1 're i b .1 Q VL Q .AX i .,1 X Q 4 Y ,fx . U H Q -: u RJ it W AJWN I 13.1 Q 'my 5.1, ,-. , J, X. .' x rg X- ,x an I 5.5012 tif UC ,A 4.5. , -3, - , " hd El PM IA px -'ff A as ,.,,,. , Ehis year the members be F.H.S. with faces fidenee in themsclves. They were properl qwright, y initiated and received in of the freshman class came heads held high and con- school by all the upper classmon. They took ,their punishment ns brave freshmen always do. Although they may be culled green they have even out-done the seniors when it comes to having the best atttndanco. Even though they were many students tivities and can be s meets, junior high bus student council. The three move ye' them will quickly be teased because time freshmen will graduate, thej "' ' -,. .,..7 ln.. flb tluh vill leon not well acquainted with they have entered quite a number of ac- cn taking part in chorus, track keteall, girls' volleyball and rs of hard work lying before flies and the it. When their time comes to back as all seniors look back and tish they Veto Yroshmon again. FRE SHMEN With faces bright they enter high school Striving to keep the Golden Rule. Some move, some quit, some keep on trying May their banners be always flying. Though they are ftrgen, we think t11Gff'l"G swellg They always take the hard lmocks well. That's right, I :mein the FRESHFTEJHXI --Vizeginia Hurley . , . . X . , . r , TSN QIVVPS 041 -2,619 GW Eillfw RWE PM ' ' 1 -T ' ' E' ': ' eo-:aoobddoe.- In the following pages, we shall attempt to tell not only the outstanding activities of the various or- ganizations Curing this school year, but also to give something of the history of the different organiza- tions during the years that this senior class has been interested in the affairs of Festus High School. Our records are by no means complete, but they will serve as reminders of some of the events that have meant so much in the lives of the students. X431 ,,----,X 7. , . no 4 , or UK ' X f' i'9f..,,f,jQ5 .W 5. - 5 I n if ,V ua 1 , .s f-. , ...J . l,N5 'lb gxl Y' iiifzpl! W "v" 1 F ' 1 a'3Lauf 1 V QI' v iv ,,, ,. 5 is X .f f I,-ir,-1, XV U ' :Exif . 1 in J m:!nI1',' Q X 'O K V A 0 Q .o 1 ' N E 5 1 v Xxx XX "'- xxx ,Te i N Ll: xi Fxxf' -135i fg! 1 :hx Q ,LT.w g7Lf liz X aff 7 .-'-:- -at 1. ,YQ all E12 :gf:Liii2fC2c:'D 1958 n In l958 the band members made their first appear- ance in their new uniforms in a parade advertising the school carnival. A band council was elected also in that year. This council was organized to discuss and settle problems which occurred during band sessions. It was composed of fourteen members. Rose Marie Krat- zer was presidentg Bob Dean. vice-presidentg Bob Rose, secretary. They received a third rating at Cape Gir- ardeau at the contest. 1959 . There were. fifty-three members in the band in 1959, an increase of forty-one since Mr. O. R. Peter- son organized the band in 1955. The band went to the Cape Girardeau contest and to the Ozark Jubilee at Poplar Bluff. It had three baton-twirlers and a drum major. 1940 In 1940 the band was five years old. Mr. Walter Been was the new director this year. Bob Rose was e- lected student leader and led the band several times before the student assemblies. The band presented several free concerts for the first time, and went to Jefferson Barracks on February fourth to present a concert for the veterans titre. 14211 J. .,.- '.. The band gave four free concerts in l94l. They played in a contest at University City. This was the first time the band had ever entered in a race for a state contest. They received a rating of superior. They also played in the all county band and a concert at Herculaneum High School. A set of regulations was made for the first time, which students could follow and receive a band letter. Ted Posch was elected stu- dent director. He directed at all basketball games and school pep meetings. 1942 In November of this year, Mr. Walter Been resign- ed as music teacher after being here for two and a half years. Nr. Frank lddings from Enterprizc, Kansas was appointed in his place. The band also moved into their new band building. They gave their first band concert on February 12, the mein purpose of which was to dedicate the new music building. The band played at basketball games and assisted in the Red Cross pro- gram. '5f7E?ii?77' CTE fp E, U' 12? QT? ft v .. , .. 5 ' 'T' ' 'I 1 . - ' xmzlf' i. I-xii! 'E-F 1 til Ei Q-:J LCCU eg! gf 1959 ln 1959 hiss Dena Krehbiel had charge of the high school vocal department. That year the chorus joined other high school choral groups in presenting a mus- ical program featuring an all-county chorus of 250 voices at the Jefferson County Choral Festival at Her- culaneum. 1940 Under the leadership of Hr. Walter P. Been, the girls' chorus, consisting of sixty-eight girls, per- formed before assemblies, the P.T.A., and in the Christmas program. On March eighth, 1940, they took part in the spring vocal festival at DeSoto. Twelve girls were selected to sing in the mixed chorus at the county festival. ' ' The boys' glee club, composed of seventeen boys, was organized in 1940 for the first time since it was discontinued in 1957. They appeared in the Christmas program and the all-county festival at DeSoto. Twelve boys from this group were selected to sing in the mix- ed chorus at the county festival. lsdl The girls' glee club, under the direction of Mr. Walter P. Been, was composed of forty-three girls. They made their first appearance at a P.T.A. meeting. They also gave a very interesting Christmas program. A girls' quartet was formed that year for the first time. lt was composed of Hyrtle Judy, Pauline Dugan, Verna Dunning, and Hazel Eisnegle. 1942 The girls' and boys' glee clubs and mixed chorus took part in the dedication of the new band building. This was their first appearance. The entire vocal department presented a patriotic pageant the first of April. They also combined in a recital the first part of May. The girls' glee club, boys' glee club, and the mixed chorus were in different programs during com encement week. The hogs' and girls' quartets were chosen October 6. The boys' quartet is composed of Norval Hiller, Jimmy Hidgon, Ted Abel, and Raymond J- Scottg and the girls', 'Betty Lou Kretamann, Verna Dunning, and Hazel Bradley,' Mildred Eisnogle. GIRLS' CHORUS Top ROW-Betty Clerk, Lorena Mcfulty, Roberta Haber, Dorsey Brown, Joyce Baton, Lcrotny Xolladay, Anna Mae Reecht, Norma Manner, Shirley heber, Hildegarde Akins, Betty Ann Cook, Anna Hae driesnaber Center Row-Manda Hilgert, lorothy Lauman, Frances Hankins, getty McCrear5, Charlotte Pfaff, Dolores Govero, Mary 5036, borothy Easier, Bernice Aubuchon, Martha Panchot, Allene Herzog, Geraldine Kassen, Cleora Mae Brown, Irene Kohler Bottom Row-Marie Fortney, Vivian Drissel, Catherine Denner, Pearl Hannon, Elaine Oberle, Bernice Dasler Mary Frances Flannery, Zstner Mae Hammon, Juanita Winger, Janice White, Gladys Gibson GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Top Row-Pearl Eisnogle, Virginia Milliams, Betty Jean Sherman, Marian Cazaux, Verna Dunning, Augusta Coleman June Ruppert, Lorene Cooper, Hazel Eisnogle, Norma Q, N u.LI'i".l'E1S Center Row-Virginia Santschi, Kylene Polhanus, Helen Vandiver, Evelyn Krause, Virginia Roth, Lola Miller, borotny Meyer, Marie Cazaux, Manda Adams Bottom Row-Rita Lauman, Colleen Bloomer, Eerniee Jackson, Betty Lou Bradley, Mildred Kretiman, Marie Courtois, Alta Lee Grebe, Kary Belle Haas, Luelle Jo Haines 'AED Top How-Paul Rose, Cherie Hubbard, George Rall, Kow- :rd Lonald, David Powers, Raymond Bequette, Henry Ellis Vaughn, Bob Tnomure, Roger Griffin, Dilbert Arnold, Tom Alexander Center Row-Clarence Taylor, Harry Thonure, Harold Buehler, Dickie Edwards, Raymond Scott, halter Bryan Pulliam, Norval Miller, Vera Santschi, Wilma Howland, Kathrvn Vinvard Marian au nn Bettv Jean Buehler u. J 3 3 .1 J I TY! R . P'- In. Iddinas Bottom Row-Anzolette Husker, Jean Brcnnen, Betty Jane Barrett, Marie Courtois, Virginia Santschi, Polly Donald, Mildred Kretznan, Eunice Lee, Mary Helen Ruff, Carol Foosey, Norma Reeder BOYS' GLEE CLUB Top Row-Robert Haley, Kenneth Seeker, Louis Basler, Melton Gegg, Jimmy Rigdon, Junior Kite Center Row-laltcr Pulliam, Icxval Killer, Calvin Mc- Creary, Eugene Lucas, Fill Yoods, Vincent Frazier, Hr. lddings Bottom Row-Billy Vinyard, Carl ' Willm, Charles Hubbard, Raymond Scott, Hike Regan, Joe Sariogo, Darrell Scott, Ted Abel I MUSIC s ku 1 Z : C ' -: f Q , C p ' s Q 51 5 Q f as 'I l , ll - Q, s sm 57 AL E ffl "V - l 5 llll f L W l l ll fl R rf ii ' ' -aw lllfal, ' i 2 llss f ' Girls' Chorus Girls' Glee Club Bcmcl Boys' Glee Club X .31 F Gif' fgfy 550 f X' , mf il ' ' ' 3 'QC--qx 2 SNK xl! ff! X jf' "CN ,.,f-' O Q ' .'fg.Z I. . 1 "V, B ef 'V ' o 0 . ,IL ry ,g 0. 9 cb .1 v -I M 55 U, .M H2 ,'b N-Sfflrfu' TW. v.. gg G H gmE?li55J :Mil 14,5 HWQJ. Q :ass evs:eJfusLAg- J C3536 ty 1953 ' HAdam and Ivan was given in 1938. The plot was based on the lives of a millionaire's family, who by very unfortunate happenings were suddenlY forced to M . b jaise c 5149.40 books. 1 In HF English mailed. true. under the' direction o sented at.thc F.i.S, widower wanted to get fl fused to give tneif scheme Athey them from mar CO could thi lsr" rv- 'J iJiA,. it Hn ickens. The proceeds of the play amounted to . It was used for the purchase of library 1959 1959 green Stockingn was given, It was an play about a woman who made up an imaginary man. She wrote him a letter, and it was accidentally At the end of the play her imaginary man came 1940 , The annual all-school play, uReady-Made Fami1y,H T Miss E, Fern Green, was pre- .!- udito 'sq 1-fu ' Mud. .L .- rium in l94C, A widow and 1 vcd, but their children re- nsent, The children used every nk of on their parents to keep that their schemes were in were alreadym married. xiounted to bl4O. nCharley's Auntn School auditorium Dec 1ey's .Aunty took pla this college there we 'Tbsp vw ...,,,, 17, WEL S amber ce in ro t and of tho'play they found vain, because the parents rocceds of the play lnil given at the Festus High 1 W1 HF 6, l94l. ine play, Jhar- a college in England. In wo boys in love, and they wanted to invite their girls to their room for tea. The girls uouldn't accept the invitation, unless they had a chaperon. Cnc of the boy's aunts from Brazil was going to visit him. The girls accepted the in- vitation to tea, Meanwhile a wire came saying that th aunt would be delayed. The boys made a friend dross up as the aunt. While he was playing the part of the aunt, the real aunt came. Then the fun really started. The money earned from the all school plays, after all expenses are deducted, is used to buy new books for the high school li brarj. A v U43 WILD NIGHT Miss Norms Lee Reyes directed this year's all school play, Hone Yild Hight,N a comedy by Guernsey Le Pelley. As its name suggests, Hone Wild Nightu is a rol- licking comedy in which many unexpected events occur. Rodney Dodd, who thinks he is an invalid. not only wants everything to be very quiet for his own health, but also because his rich aunt is visiting him, and she also thinks she is sickly. Then Rodney ovcrhears a remark from the doctor that makes him believe that he will live only a short while,and he stsrts dashing about doing all sorts of things expected only of a man of action. He turns over to the newspapers evidence against a gangster, und this brings trouble, he gives away his house to the girls' school next door, the gangster sends bombs through the mail which blow away part of the house and the butler's clothingg the mov- ing men take away the furnitureg a night club sing- er tries to make trouble.The household is finally quietcd, however, when Jodwillow administers e few sniffs of his new invention, Willow Ghlorophide, which puts everyone to sleep. The charactcrsin the play and the students who played the various roles were ss follows: Rodney Dodd, 3 healthy young man who thinks he is an invflid---Jack Harris Henrietta, his housekeeper---Betty Jenn Jenni Jodwillow, the inventive butler---Charles Niese Aunt Kyra Opal Dodd, Rodney's Aunt---Virginia Lanham Charlotte gllen, Aunt hyrn's young companion --- An- zolette Huskey. Dr. Bell, the family doctor---Tom Alexander Nurse Trent, Dr. Eell's issistlnt---Virginia Williams Ned Stcerwill, 3 young self-made hero---Paul Rose Doris Winthropc, the object of Hed's attention---Polly Donald Hawkins, e moving man---Jimmy Burns Dickens, e moving men---Eugene Lucas Maribclle, Doris' roommate---Varian Vaughn Mrs. Rooly, president of the Dexter School for girls-- June Ruppert Hrs. Bstsom, a public spirited townslidy---Betty Rose Oberle Jsd:Dernelli, a night-club singer---Luelle Jo Hanes James Scorpio, the town's leading gangster---Clarence m ieylor Officer Brcyder, d policemen---Walter Bryan Pulliam A net profit of 295.10 was realized from this yezr's all school play. DRAIATIC CLUB Top Row--William Vinyard, Anzolette Huskoy, Paul Rose, Heil Colin, Jimmy Burns, Walter Pulliam, Mary Eliza- beth Courtois, Betty Rose Oberle, Harold Euohlor Middle Row--Miss Eaves, Virginia Lanham, Mario Cour- tois, Kenneth Booker, Charles Wiese, Dorothy Holladay, Judith McCormack, Ann Earle Jenni, Martha Panehot, Betty Jean Jenni, Miss Robinson Bottom Row--June Hiller, Kathryn Vinyard, Carol Foosey Doris Burnside, Virginia Williams, Mary Frances Flannery, Luella Jo Haines, Mary Lou Sehauf, Joan Brennen, Loretta Basler ALL SCHOGL PLAY FRODUCTIOU STAFF Top Row--Jimmy Burns, Harry Thomure, betty Lou Brad- ley, Uarren Curtis, Bill Knotts, Lee Hey Grass, Kiss Robinson, Bob Jacobs, Firman Roniosse Middle Row--Kiss Eaves, Verna Dunning, Raymond Scott, George Hall, Eugene Lucas, Doris Burnside, Carol Lee Foosey, Loretta Basler, Kiss Ingrum Bottom Row--Kiss Hanley Nadine Abernrtny Betty Us .N A Q us, .1 Buehler, Paul Rose, VlTglIlC Ullllams, beware Donald, Anzolette Husker Jean Brennen Judith EeCornaek J! I ALL SCHOOL PLAY CA Ton Row--nloronee Lawlor lnzole to I 3 . o .N H ll att, Tu Polly Donald Middle--Virginia Lanham, June Ruppert ?ulliam, Eugene Lucas, Charles Wiese, Bottom Row--Jimmy Burns,' Virginia U Vaughn, Betty Rose Oberlo, Luella Jo Jenni "-1-1 bl. skey, Paul Rose, Walter Bryan 5 Miss Eaves illiams Marian 9 Haines, Betty Joa I1 DRAMATICS Dramatic Club All School Play Produclion Stoll All School Play Colsl min CPB ED if 53 J QQ QP A 1' " GB I 'W 1 xy, 4 K ffg gg ,f j iN X jx ,fy ,xx E XX K .ffl N: 1 A ' 'IK ff' Ifygfgw' 5 f. X K X11 'iff Nm -Q' 0 K J Mgfsn' f ,Is , :Ani X 1 U f x "'f3? f-K X-55,,,lL4v W .A , 2 f .2 'N ':f F-.1 '51 f XX Q E -Yv--: lktug X I : .,V. S-4""'?:v3 ,.,. V H n bsbgr i Av.,. .. Qg , .,.. Q: Ty,-Q QA, N l f Y TTT : F-12 5- H , 7 'fa 563 fejju U ezfd Y1'd4Jcf :dvd 'eaea 1959 In l959 the basketball season was marked down as another successful annal in the history of F. H. S. There were sixty-eight boys who reported that year to uphold the gold and black on the court.The captain of the team was Allison 0'Brien, They lost to just four teams: Crystal City, Bonne Terre, Potosi and Herky. They had a total of 403 points. l940 With Hr. Hel Skoog as coach, the team played a total of twenty basketball games during the season of '59-'40. They wen eleven and lost nine games giving them an average of 550. They were defeated by Crystal City and Herculaneum.twice. They entered three toura- ments during the seasongthey were Leadwood and Desloge They were eliminated in the preliminaries, but at the regional tournament of St. Louis, the Tigers reached the semi-finals. They won over Herculancum and Bay- less but met defeat at the hands of Country Day. The captain of the team was Robert Forter. l94l The Festus Tigers, under the fine coaching of Mr. Ralph Tynes, ended the basketball season with l2 game: won and 9 lost, giving the team an average of 571 for the season. They were victorious ever DeSoto, Hills- boro, and Hereulaneum twice, but were defeated by Cry- stal City twice. They came out second in the county race with the average of 750. l942 The Tigers played a total of l9 games during the season of 1941-1942, under the coaching of Mr. Ralph Tynes. They won nine out of nineteen games which gave them the average of 412. They were victorious over DeSoto, Hillsboro twice and Crystal once, but lost both games to Hcrky. The Tigers entered two tournaments' during the season. First was the Desloge tournament, second the Leadwood. They were eliminated both times in the first game. The captain of the squad was Hilbert Arnold, senior of l942, who was appointed by coach Tyncs for the season. late Oct. 25 Oct. 51 Nov. 4 Fov. 14 Nov. 18 Nov. 25 Deo. 8 Deo. 12 Jah . 9 Jan. 15 Jah. 16 Jen. 20 Jan. 27 Feb. 5 Feb. 6 Feb. 10 Feb. 15 Feb. 20 Feb. 24 Arnold Jackson Hubbard Fallert Dean Lucas Bequette Frazier Griffin LeBoube F.G.--Fi Foulg BASKETBALL GAME SUMMARIES Ooroneqg Where Played Festus Ogg- FTEHR Clay There 15 20 Esther Here 50 25 Potosi 4 Here 20 57 Bonne Terre There 19 20 Desloge Here 29 48 Leadwood There 17 20 St. Mary's There 29 21 Herculaneum Here 27 54 DeSoto Here 24 25 Hillsboro There 56 24 St. Genevieve There 16 15 Crystal City Here 25 21 DeslogeCTourn.J There 15 54 Hereulaneum There 25 59 Valle High Here 24 22 DeSoto There 55 52 Hillsboro Here 40 25 Crystal City There 18 22 St. Mary'sCTourh.B There 10 58 BASKETEALL LIFEUP F.G,1 1QQQii P.F.w T.P. 29 19 56 59 15 41 50 19 24 10 5 10 17 9 40 56 18 41 8 2 10 7 5 18 0 0 1 l l 6 eld Goalg F.T.--Free Throwg P.F.--Personal T.P.--Total Point m so 'K -ri 'K 'W Fe 'fl ful .LV , -"' . ,j' ef' d C-.egdi-2' The Junior Bengals had a fair basketball zseason, They set a fast and accurate pace at the beginning of the year, and kept it up fairly well during all their games. They will be on the first team line-up next year. The "E" Team playea a total of sixteen games, los- ing ten, and winning six. 332353519533 556153511 The Junior High basketball team came through with a traveling trophy which they won at the county tour- nament held at Festus. The teams that entered the tournament were Herkyg HillsborogCryBta1,k and DeSoto. The Festus boys played Crystal in the finals and won first place. The oo-captains of the team were Henry Ellis Vaughn and Harold Grey. Wwillien Arnold, as we have seen Played basketball hard and fast. He was chosen captain of the team, For his playing has seldom been surpassed. Thinking clearly is his aim. Can you give this boy a name? A Fast on his feet and plenty of actiong Yes, you're rightg it's our own Floyd Jackson. By some of his friends he's called nLoose Joints,U But we all know who makes the points. Good old Bequette, he is always our betg Raymond has not disappointed us yet. Roger is handsome, there is no doubt. As for personality, he's really a scout. Although Griffin is not always playing, Especially to girls, he'll always be slaying. Franklin was an asset to the teamg He played the games fast and clean. To Coach Tynes, his name was nCurly.U At basketball practice he was always early. Lester Dean runs and slips right by The boys from the other schools. They think Lester's i dangerous nguy,u But in playing ball he observes the rules. Eugene Lucas is over six feet tall, And as a player was certainly fine. How he worked to get the ball! When it comes to sports--he's right in line. Charles Hubbard is a very fine mang He is well liked by every fan. He is the one with pep and grit, Who keeps his head and uses it. Who's that junior with all the pep? Always on the mark, never out of step. We all think he's quite a treasure. Now, you know, it's Vincent Frazier. nPut LeBoube in,n is our eryg We all know Joc's a regular Uguy.n On first team or second team, he doesn't care. 1 when it comes to basketball, hc'll always be there. BASKETBALL Top Row: Ioe Leboube, Charles Hubbard, Vincent Fraz1er,Lesier Dean, Franklin Frxlleri, Second Row: Wilberi Arnold KCapiainJ, Roger Griffin, Raymond Bequetie, Floyd Iackson, Eugene Lucas Boiiom Row, Lefi: Mr. Ralph Tynes CCoachl7 riqhi, Sonny Thomure Ckflanaqerl. "B" TEAM Top Row: Gilbert Ritter, David Powers, Jimmy Burns, Mr, Tynes, Calvin McCreary, Henry Ellis Vaughn, Sonny Thomure fllflanaqerl. Bottom Row: Norman Bequeiie, Chester Charleville, Raymond Reiley, Bill Maupin, Harold Grey, Leadwood tournament in a night game. The Tigers rfb gjsf? gy gr 0 EM J Q 1939 Under Coach Mel Skoog, the boys' softball team played a regular schedule of games this year with Herculaneum.and Hillsboro. At the end of these sche- duled games, Festus and Herculaneum were tied with three victories each. They lost to the Herky Black Cats on the play off,therefore closing the season with three victories are Zvo defeats. 1940 This year's softball attention was centered on intramural games with the exception of three games played against Hillsboro. In these three games the Hillsboro Hawks were victorious. l94l The Festus Tiger:"softball team won the county championship this year, and each member on the squad received an emblem to wear on his sweater. The emblem was gold trimmed with black. ' 1942 The Tigers played five games, one being in the play od two games with Hillsboro and two with Herky. They lost those games by a small margin. Vw? fra 5 ff M :TE CT! U 'W ViiUi, 31 '1 fs Mei' U H C S 6261: i if 1959 The girls' volleyball team won third place in the Ste. Genevieve tournament for the second consecu- tive year. Norma Hughes, a junior, was the captain. 1940 This year saw the volleyball team eliminated from the Ste. Genevieve tournament. This was the third year that the team had entered in this tourna- ment. Norma Hughes was captain again this year. 1941 The team played a total of ten games this year, the victor of six and loser of four. Mr. Ulbricht coached the team again, and Junette Bittick was caps tain. They entered the Ste. Genevieve tournament, losing to Elvins in the first game. They won from St. Mary's and Valley then lost to Perryville for een- selation prize. 1942 The volleyball team, this year, played a total of 7 games. They entered two tournaments. In the Ste. Genevieve tournament they lest in their first game with Oak Ridge and also lest to Elvins. This eliminated them from the tournament. In the county tournament, the team won first place. They defeated the second team from Festus and then downed the Herky team, taking first place. There were two seniors on the team: Bernice Wynn, captain, and Doris Ann Griffin, This was their fourth year of jlaying volleyball. The other players were .Anna Mae Rceeht, Ardelle Gverberg, Ruth Reeder, Eunice Lee, LaTcrne Arnold, Clcora Mae Brown, Dorothy Kreitler and Rose Marie Baehwnn. '19 EEE QW vw' L fhgifwyfg 2laL:1aQJeo The Festus High School Tigers were anything but rampant on the cinder path this year. Their showing was in sad contrast to other years when the Black and Gold flashed to victories in the County, Mineral Area, and Cape Girardeau District meets. A large, but in- experienced squad reported early in March. Cold weath- er, rain and snow turned the city park into a quagmire that hampered conditioning work. The track boys hope that some day a cinder track will be built in the city park so that they will no longer need to be norphansn without a track. All meets now must be held at other schools. Transportation difficulties caused cancel- ation of many meetsg however, the Tigers took part in three dual meets. DeSoto won a thriller 58 to 55 in the first meet. Crystal City then outran the Tigers 755 to 575, and the Black Cats of Herculaneum blacked out the Tigers 855 to 295. In the County Meet the Black and Gold finished in the cellar for the first time in a decade scoring only a meager l0 points. All was not dismal though as the inexperienced squad gained experience and most of the boys will return next year as veterans. Winners of major letters were Captain Lloyd Lucas, Gordon Wheeling, Earl Elliott, Lester Dean, Charles Hubbard, Charles Brewer, Bill Wood, Jack Harris, Clar- ence Taylor, Norman Curtis, and Calvin McCrcary. Nu- merals went to Wayne DeClue, Bill Maupin, Vincent Fra- zier, Chester Charlevil Curtis and Robert Haley FESTUS HIGH SCHOOL le, and Stuart Bender. Warren received student manager awards. TRACK AND FIELD RECORDS Event Mark Held By 'Moet Date loo yd. dash 10.1 aJQrry Abrams ' ssM6'ZcapQ.G.J l959 220 yd. dash 25.2 Jerry Abrams SEMO fCape G.D 1959 440 yd. run 55.5 Russell Vaughn SEMO CCape G.J 1957 880 yd. run 2:06.5 Lloyd Lucas State l94l Mile run 4242.5 4Harry Page County 1958 l20 yd. h. hur. l5.8 WJohn Evens County l958 200 yd. l. hur.f 25.1 John Evens DeSoto dual l957 C 25.1 Gordon Gerber DeSoto dual l958 Pole vault l0'4n Alvin Arnold County l940 High jump 5'8gn Jerry Abrams Kirkwood dual 1958 Broad jump l9'7' Jerry Abrams DeSoto dual l957 Shot put 44'l0n Willard Stolzer Mineral Area 1958 Discus throw l29'7H Robert Heecht State l94l 880 yd. relay l:56.l CMfllcr-Porter- SEMO CCape G.7 l94O Djfari-Abrams? ' U Medley relay l:44 Chiller-Abramse SEMO KCape G.D 1940 Difani-Porterj TRACK Top Row--Harry Thomure, Lindell Simms, Glenn Taylor, Ernest Elliott, Darrell Scott, LeRay Simms, Bill Knotts Howard Donald, Teil Colin, Warren Curtis, Chester Charleville, Stuart Bender, Robert Jacobs Middle Rowan Charles Hiese, Kenneth Becker, Walter Pulliam, Vincent Frazier, Joe LeBoube, Jack Harris, Donald Hedley, Eugene Lucas, Jimmy Burns, Jimmy Bigdon, Gilbert' Ritter, Wayne DeClue, Welton Gegg, Robert Kaempfe, Hr. Skoog Bottom Row--Bill Maupin, Louis Basler, Clarence Taylor, Berman Curtis, Bill Woods, Calvin McCreary, Lloyd Lucas, Charles Hubbard, Charles Brewer, Lester Dean, Jack Young, Earl Elliott, Harold Carney S OFTBALL Top Row--Ernest Elliott, Raymond Haley, Warren Curtis, Chester Charleville, Gilbert Ritter, David Powers, Joe LeBoube, Charles Hubbard, Mr. Skoog Bottom Row--Jimmy Burns, Vincent Frazier, Norman Cur- tis, Jack Young,Raymond Bequette, Earl Elliott, Eugene Lucas, Lester Dean, Calvin HcCreary VOLLEYBALL Top Row--Dorothy Kreitler, Anna Mae Reecht, Norma Lee Hohner, Mr. Ulbricht, Ardcll Ovorberg, Ruth Reeder, Rose Marie Bachman ' Bottom Row--Marilyn Frazier, Henrietta Rigdon, Doris Ann Griffin, Bernice Wynn, Eunice Lee, Cloora Mao Brown JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Top Row--Bob Haley, Henry Ellis Vaughn, Hr. Tynes, Gilbert Ritter, Heil Colin ' Bottom Row--Bobby Null, Sonny Thomure, Harold Grey, Howard Donald, Raymond Raley SPORTS Track Softball Volley Bull Iunior High Basketball .,.....- ,.-,,, A,,-,,,,-,,,A,-.w,lM-,- -in? e Q, ,'P MD I GE EAS Qi? fx QQ QQ? 'F qi , gm 5 MQ 575 HQ 5 QQ Ei X 0 LF X, ,5w2C,w4QglQ my X3 2,,,gmb:,QgzSf E x I f qffi nJ?jQfUXi""f YM Xlfgmf nj Q79 X, 'liz 30 V ixxf 4 ' N ' II: ln fig if W1 - 1 I, Mm M , W f1ff 5ffif QQ wg rye me 4 QQ-15,2 nlldlllln Eyflydeiaa 57 In l957 the National Honor Society was organized in Festus High School, The purpose of the Honor Soci- ety is to promote scholarship and other useful activi- ties in the school. The candidates for membership are voted upon by the whole faculty in accordance with their qualifications of scholarship, leadership, char- acter, and service. Being a member of the National Honor Society is the highest recognition an all-round student may receive. 1939 The Festus Chapter of the National Honor Society organized the Student Council in l959. Officers of the National Honor Society were: Robert Dean, presi- dentg Leola Rigdon, vice-president, Geraldine Harness, secretary, Ada Sariego, treasurer, 1940 - The officers in l94O were Carlton O'Brien, presi- dent, Ada Sariego, vice-presidentg and Ruth Huber, secretary-treasurer. Miss Margaret Hay Vinyard sponsored the Honor Society in '59 and '40, 1941 The Festus Chapter of the National Honor Society was five years old in l94l. There were six new mem- bers taken into the erganization. The officers were: Dorothy Davis, president, Betty Jean Jenni, vice-pre- sidentg Alicia Kline, seeretaryg Betty Tesreau,treas- urer. Miss Evelyn Keller was faculty sponsor. 1942 Miss Keller was again sponsor of the Honor Society in 1942. The members this year Were: Selma Stelzer, president, Verna Dunning, vice-president, Virginia Hurley, secretary, and Bernice Wynn, treasurer. The other members were: Betty Rose Oberlc, Betty Jane Bar- rett, Charles Brewer, Joe Saricgo, Norman Curtis, Mar- ilyn Frazier, Anzolette Huskcy, June Ruppert, Pauline Davis, Mary E, Ceurtois, Loretta Basler, and Mildred Krctzmann. Stuart itndcr, Junior Kite, Virginia Williams, and Jean Lrenncn were the probationary mem- bers. SEQ ?z DB5 sill HWS? D rl FPhfifq:' n"' H ' ,S Q, U G:NifgitLi93J ifilEJihlQJ Tho HSpokosmanH was first published in a local newspaper. Thorn wasn't any class of jdurialism at this timo, but through the cfforts of Miss Zoo Booth, Chow Mrs, J. E. Rutlodgob, and thc assistanoo of some of thc studonts of Fostus High School, now: of thc school was printod. lt bocamo a mimcographed paper in l954. Tho HPiporn was rcvivod in 1956 whoh Wallis Crow namod it. lo quoto from tho first issue of tho WPiporU NThc Pipcr ohdoavors to 'pipt forth' tho story of tho achicvomonts and ploasuros which havo cchosd through tho hall oi Fostus Hi during tho past school yoar.H 1959 Tho HSpokosmanH was published somi-monthly by tho mombors of tho journalism class. This paper was given a morit award by thc National Duplicatod ?apor Associ- ation. Tho l959 HPipcrH had no cortaim thcmo, but it was a Very attractivc book, thc oovor bcing made of gold and black, our school colors. l94O Th' QL 1 o' W th f t ti io c its gd Wcooicsmadf lor f o irso imc silo ' oublicatioh in l95i was laccd in tho hands of cvcr L .Q N .1 P E . family roprcscntco in tho Fostus Puolic Schools froo of chargo. Tho hPiptri carci d tho thomo of tho story of Cullircr's lrsvcls. lt was tho first hand-painted Nlipcrh to ho publishud VJ. ..'.. l94l Tho Nfpokosmanu this yoar managod to scoop all papers scvcrol timoh, including an account of tho Fos- tus-Crystal City battlo for championship. Tho papor was distributod 45.5 sccohds aftcr thc gun. Tho nPiporH carricd thc military thomc, and had a ghotogruph of Fostus High School on tho front covor. 1942 As you havo rosd, tho nSpokosmanH and uPipcrH have a history. Tho class this yoar again published a paper onco a Wook, and also scoopod all other papors on tho Fcstus-Crystal City h ttlo. Tho HPiporH publishcd by this class was tho s cond hand-painted book to ho pub- lishcd by journalism studohts. It had a Mcxican thcmo which was carried Qui in :ovcral colors. HONOR SOCIETY Top Row--Bernice lynn, Charles Brewer, Miss Keller, Virginia Hurley Bottom Row--Selma Stolzer, Anzolette Huskey, Marilyn Frazier. STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COHMITTEE Top Row--Hr. Ulbricht, Russell Bauman, Joe LeBoubo, Raymond'Bequette, Jimmy Ridgon, Hike Regan, Charles Hubbard, Hr. Pulliam. ' Bottom Row--Bobby Jacobs, Selma Stelzer, Betty Ann Zoellner, Paul Rose. PUBLICATIONS Top Row-- Verna Dunning, Russell Bauman, Robert Tnomure, Wilbort A?nold, Paul Rose, Betty Rose Oberle, Middle Row--Clara Boedecker, Mayian Cazaux, Doris Ann Griffin, Elnora Judy, Bernice Wynn, Tommy Alexander Bottom Row--Gladys Gibson, Virginia Hurley, Betty Ann Zoellner, Betty Lou Bradlej, Selma Stolzer, Eileen White, Miss Ingram ACTIWTIES Honor Society Student Council Executive Committee Publications' Stuff fo 02 kg- V ' it sill GY FV L - eu P Or ' K '. Cf , J :QQ . fudi-SQ 1938 The library was better equipped than ever before, not only in nooks but in librarians as well. Tnere were ,at least three librarians a period, while last year we had only two. The library boasted of fifty new books on many dif- ferent subjects. The magazines were ordered and were in the library the first of October. y 1959 With the opening of another school year, the pu- pils of the Festus High School were eagerly checking over the new books and magazines in the library. Mr. G, S, Baillie worked hard and conscientiously rearranging the books and having them catalogued so that references could easily be found. In addition to the books and magazines that had always been a part of the library, many new ones were added. ' l94O A library committee was organized by the librarians d and Mr. G. 5. Baillie. Mary Alice Grob was elected chairman of the committee, Sybil Poole, head of the ref- erence section, and Gracomary Christy, the fiction sec- tion, Meetings were held every week by this group in order to fulfill their duties and carry out their prin- ciples. 1 1941 A library club was organized by the librarians with the aid of Miss Pearl Jacobs, who had charge of the library. Pins were given to those librarians doin the most - Q outstanding work for the year, 'I I' .4 'Z' .LJ .tm P11 7 - V . 1 ' .0 ine library, inner the direction oi Miss Pearl Jacobs, continued to provide means of research and pleasant reading for the Festus High School students. More pupils offered their services than were need- ed. At a meeting of the club, the following officers were elected: bob White, president, Bob Thomuro, vice- presidentg Anzolette Snskcy, secretaryg and Polly Don- ald, treasurer. 5-. -J' Y. " F 'I 1 , . HH U 62,6 Q:'ri?iJ'u ci 1958 The Pep Squad started their work for the year as soon as the basketball season was opened. The officers were elected at the first meeting during the month of November. They were as follows: Head Leader, Audrey Klineg Assistant Leaders, Betty Sexauer, Florence Jay, and Harry Page. The Pep Squad outfits, black skirts, white shirts, and gold sweaters were selected by the Pep Squad members. l959 At the first Pep Squad meeting for this year these officers were elected: Ada Sariego, Presidentg Bernice Wynn, vice-presidentg and Julia Ann Cazaux, secretary and treasurer. Pep Leaders were Mary Lee Wheatley and Virginia Killer. 1940 The Pep Squad, for the first time in its history, was organized into an active group. Officers ef the organization were Ads Sariego, prcsidentg Bernice Wynn, vice-president, Julia Ann Cazaux, secretary-treasurer. The cheer leaders were Virginia Hiller and Pauline Dugan. Hazel Eisnegle was assistant cheer leader. l94l This year the Pep Squad was 'again an active or- ganization. The cheer leader was Pauline Dugan and her assistant was Bernice Wynn. Miss E. Fern Green and Miss Elizabeth Gamel were again sponsors of the club. 1942 Oomph! That's what the Pep Squad had this year. There were approximately forty members cf the organi- zatien. The Pep Squad attended all heme games,but because of conservation of tires they could not attend games away from heme. At the first meeting of the year, the following officers were elected: Betty Rose Oberle, presidentg' Betty Ann Zoellner, vice-presidentg Henrietta Rigdon, secretar ' and Verna Dunnina treasurer. The new Pe Z Q' .. . Squad leaders for the year were Billie Rowland and Bernice Wynn. ACTIVITIES Pep Squad Top Row: Esther l-lammon, Betty Rose Oberle, Betty Clark, Hildeqrade Akins, Lorene Cooper, Marie Cazaux, Lola Miller, Virqinia Williams, Betty lane Barrett, Betty Ann Zoellner, Harry Thomure. Second Row: George Hall, Verna Dunning, Polly Donald, Norma Wehner, Hazel Eisnoqle, Lola Martin, Rita Stolzer, Katherine Hoeckle, Marilyn Frazier, Anna Mae Grieshaber, Norma Reeder. Third Row: Marian Cazaux, Roberta Maher, Eileen White, Dorothy Bauman, Peggy Iacobs, Doris Ann Holladay, Virginia Santschi, Pearl Eisnoqle, Marie Fortney, Betty Ann McCreary, Elnora Iudy, Cleora Mae Brown, Bemadine Aubuchon, Betty Cook, Kathryn Vinyard, Doris Burnside, Betty Sherman, Helen Vandiver. Bottom Row: Wilma Rowland, Firman Reheisse, Lorene McNulty, Violet Kite, Wanda Adams, Pearl Hammon, Elaine Oberle, Martha Lou Panchot, Rita Bauman, Carl Willm, loyce Eaton, Henrietta Riqdon, Bernice Wynn. Librarians Top Row: Charles Brewer, Iimmy Burns, Norman Curtis, David Powers, Robert Raley. Middle Row: Anna Marie Ienni, Mary Lee Cooper, Bob White, Robert Vaughn, Mary Boyd, Polly Donald Doris Burnside, Elaine Oberle. Bottom Row: Miss lacobs, Lola Miller, Wilma Rowland, Nadine Abernathy, Rita Stolzer, Betty Bose Oberle Paul Rose, Anzolette Husky, Bob Thornure, 1 PDQ 5-N32 QR S1wM1 BT? if sh 112 ffl -fx A! 'A ig Q51 ' J if x" is 12-sfgrisiiff lftodli ' A535 PIPER QUEEN AND KING Betty Ann Zoellner and Roger Griffin were eloeted by the student body as Piper King and Queen of 1942. Betty Ann Zoellner has brown hair and blue eyes and is about five feet tall. She has attended the high school for four years. Betty Ann is vieenpres- ident oi the Pep Squad, secretary of the Student Coun- cil, grade school editor of the HSpekosmanH and feature editor of the UPiper.n Doris Ann Griffin ran a very close second in the raee for queen. Roger Griffin has dark brown wavy heir and hazel eyes. His height is five feet eleven. He has played in the band for four years. He was also a member of the Trumpet Trio in the senior assembly. He was on the basketball team. The Kings and Queens of former years wero:'l958, Dorothy Eisnogle and John Evansg l959, Katherine Gerber 'I 'Q and Gordon Gerborg l9Q0, Jeanette Eisnogle and Clarence Difanig 1941, Dorothy Davis and Francis Frazier. MOST OUTSTANDING STUDENT ' Jean Drennen, a member of the sophomore class, was chosen by a unanimous vote of the faculty as the most outstanding student of 1942. Character, scholarship, leadership, and service were all taken into consider- ation in choosing the outstanding student. Jean plays the flute in the band, she has played solos at various programs, and she has taken responsible parts in other activities of the school. She was chosen to go on the sophomore pilgrimage to Jefferson City. She also won an essay contest. Ada Sariego was the outstanding student of 1940. In 1941, several students were chosen for various out- standing characteristics. Francis Frazier was chosen for leadership, James Grossman for being the neatestg Robert Reecht as the most athleticg Verna Dunning for dramaticsg Jean Brennen for scholarship, Roger Griffin as the best lookingg Mildred Kretzman as the most musi- calg Junette Bittick for service, Cleora Mae Brown as being most courteousg and Virginia killiams for best personality. BASKETBALL SWEETHEBRT Bernice Wynn, a senior, ball squad as basketball sweetheart. She at the Eestus-Hillsboro game, Bbbruary 15. was chosen by was crowned ald was maid of honor, and the attendants were Virginia Milliams and Anne Marie Jenni. Bernice is pop squad leader. She has been on the years, and she is captain of is treasurer of the Honor Soc on the nSpokesmanU staff, and volleyball team for four the team this year. She ety, girls' sports editor nPiperU editor. the basket- Polly Don- The basketball sweethearts of former years were: 1939, Florence Jayg 1940, Ruth Huberg 1941, Sybil Poole. PERSQNALITIES ROGER GRIFFIN BETTY ANN ZOELLNER Piper King Piper Queen IEAN BRENNEN BERNICE WYNN Most Outstanding Student Basketball Sweetheart 1. 8. 18 19 11 25 27 28 5. 7. 7. 18 19 27 27 28 1. 5. 3. 10 17 17 18 25 24 5111511111111 September School opened. Bauman, Sariego, Le Boube, and Jacobs were elected presidents of the various classes. Paul Rose elected president of student council. First Spokesman came out. Not bad for our first attempt. October Seniors had rummage sale. Freshman-Sophomore Initiation. Seniors ordered rings. Tryouts were held for Dramatic Club. A November Piper pictures taken. All-school play cast chosen. Hiller, Rigdon, Abel, and Scott chosen as quartet. Band gave assembly program. Bernice Wynn chosen editor of '42 Piper. Roy Queen and his band at F. H. S. Jefferson County Tournament began. Festus won tournament. December All-school play east saw nOne Wild Nightn at Ste. Genevieve. Seniors chose nominees for Piper Monarchs. Mr. Iddings took Hr. Been's place as music teacher Journalism Class gave benefit show at lHiller's Theater, All-school play uCne Wild Nightn was presented. Band moved into new building. Bob White, Loretta Baslor, Wilbert Arnold,Mnxi1yn Frazier, and Gordon Wheeling won typing design 'eontest. Faculty held Christmas Party. Home Ee. LI' Girls modeled dresses at Christmas assembly. Ccentinuedb -',., ,u 'fx' nr - w' If B Qi? Q73 UJQQQ Hifi if Qwlifer were fe I'll Dance At Your Wedding. . . Betty Jean and Mildred Boy, Oh Boy . . .Franccs, Gloria, Anzie, Mildred and Bernice Youfre Just e Sweet Little Headache. .Virginia and Tom Little Old Ladies . .Anzie and Catherine Take Ee Out To The Bell Game. . New and Forever . I'T1 0 0 A Ncatest Trick of ihe Week Tiger Rag . School Days . . . . Drink To Ne Only With When We Were e Couple We Go Well Together . Winter Wonderland . . Beloved Friends . . Two In Love . . . . . The Love Bug Will Bit My Sister and I . o Q O . .Basketball Boys . . Miss Hanley and Miss Eaves . . . .Taken in Lower Hall . . . . . . .Tiger of F.H.S. . . 4th Grade of Public School Thine Eyes. . . . .Russell of Kids . .Gladys and Virginia . Hr. and Mrs. Pulliam . . . . . Scene in Sunset Park . . . .Clarence and Gordon . . . . . Roger and Virginia You If You Den't Watch Out. . . Jack Young and ?? . . . . . . .Anzie and Howdy SNAPSI-IOTS 7. 9. 20 20 21 50 5. 5. 9. 10 12 15 16 5. 11 19 19 20 1. 5. 7 1 10 o ie 6 9 10 15 14 15 mf f'5eiee1tJ1i1'L Ccontinuedl January Senior rings arrived. Commercial department received 15 new typewriters. Tigers defeated Hornets. 25-21 Journalism class put out an extra after the game. Bookkeeping class started End practice set. Juniors presented program. February Group pictures for Piper taken. Seniors selected class color, flower and motto. Misner players gave program. Student Council held mid-term election. Band building was dedicated. Basketball sweetheart crowned. Shorthand II students helped in registration March Track began. Herky High presented assembly. Apollo Artists presented program Faculty-Board Dinn Seniors er was held. ordered announcements. April Journalism class published extra Novelty gave a fascinating Honor Society held Seniors presented Jean Brennen went Douglas School pre Trio, of the Midwest A performance. u 9 ssemblies Company, induction ceremony. assembly program. to Jefferson City as the soph- omore representative. sented assembly program. May Freshman assembly. Junior-Senior Prom. Baccalaureate services. Senior Day. Graduation. Picnic. X 'RN 'ff' 5? FS PN -- . -4 'se VH P U M1311 ded . , , ,ul !5w?ig!y M Em file! Am I To Blame. . , , .Hr. Ulbrieht Home Sweet Home. . . .Festus High School If You Could Build a Better Mousetrap. . . . Shep Boys It May Take Time . You Are My Sunshine. . I Hung My Head and Cried . Somebody, Nobody Loves . 'Tis Autumn . . .Three Girls Come Back. . Miss Robins They Can't Get You Down. . Take Your Shoes Off, Baby. . . ,Sidney La Hose . Miss Pevesterff . Doris Ann . Vivien Drissell in Front of F.H,S. on and Miss Keller . Gene Reeeht Roger and Mildred SNAPSHOTS SCHOOL SONG Three cheers for Festus High School Cheer, rah! rahl rah! We have the team, boys, Now let's see you win, ta-ta-ta-ta-- Faith in loyal schoolmates They shall not lack. Cheer them as they fight for The gold and black. PLEDGE TO OUR SCHOOL FLAG To this flag we dedicate our first effort in every worthy undertaking, and pledge our assistance in upholding the standards of Festus High School. FAVORITE SCHOOL YELLS Orange crush, lemon ice! Hit 'm once, hit 'm twice. Hit 'm high, hit 'm low. Yea, team! Let's go. F. F. Fes! T. T. Tue! F-E-S T-U-S Festus! Locomotive, locomotive, Steam, steam, steam, Get together, Get together, Team, team, team, Give the ball to Bequette, He's our man. If he can't do it, Jackson can. Give the ball to Griffin, He's our man. If he can't do it, Fallert can .... . ..... .... Give the ball to Arnold, He's our man. If he can't do it, Nobody can. x,.. ,Suresh -5 f B. f-. ,W 1V PH gg' ri I 1, ,, -y.z:giscc will -if: o Roll Dom Bones. . . . . . . .Seotty, Tod, Jimmy, Dusty Miss You. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mr. Nicholson They Can't Get You Down . . . . . . Music Building and Building Trades We Three. . . .Mr. Eddings, Hr. Blaine and Nr. Crowder It Isn't a Dream Anymorfe. . . . . . . .TOM and Fl?-EGGS Waitin' for the Chattanooga Choo Choo. .Hr. Blaine and Mr. Crowder What's Cookin'. . . . . . . . . . . . . Faculty Picnic Tramp, Tramp, Tramp . . . . . . . . . . .Chippc Taylor Bendemcer's Stream. . . . . . Scene in Sunset Park Some Day You'll Know You Did Ko Urong..Willie, Dot and Betty Rose l'vo Got a Feeling You'Pe Fooling,.Eetty R. and Willie It All Takes Tino . . . . . . . . . . . Faculty Picnic All Alone and Lonely. . . . . . . .Fcrmin Reheisse Oh! Gee, Oh! Gosh, Oh! Golly, l'm In Love. . Rod Lucas Sing Your Worries Away. . . .Betty Lou, Mildred, Verna and Hazel Drug Store Cowboys Lazy Bones. . . . . . . . . . . SNAPSHOTS N Am w . . Q ,. . up ui "1?rf?f,3.E GY ITEDH I ,X I N, -,, . , ,,,l-L -K ,.,e.,.vJK 4.1 ,', , JI. lu "l 4!yl ill 'IXJ .'4A' gProofregJerj ,mmf f!0roofr?ac7ekj , 46064, 7 ,L f I, U y A ' d,VLyMfQn'V4iK,Ll0I7fj KCDVEF Jegigin g7VfAA?DQj 1,177 7 ,iffwu CDiWMwaMffg4pQL5 5f3?f Mfssaff ZHZKWIAPL.. CmQ4gSLI4k1n5iJUv QHA .. , 6,6 ,B5?7N Z.oCY1reYfZgg 5 fx. Tv x Off? I 4 KAW gym? cy 'J2 ""'U"- lLDuRAf!Vf WW! 604'-'L KDeAc0M6 ZA., Q fgwwv fM0Cf,.yfQ,,Lf M5019 jf ,E?m2QQfUGWLJLfTWHFP 4 Lw4 g'5QoTff!y M62 J M FEM, J , xv eff M 'f . Qisjfsgggyl NCWA DAMCJY Sfohsaf Aw .,...Q.Q,v..f Qforoofreaaferjp V I P I I K 5 X n r H QW Ev rr? me ew GD IL 9,1 G31 gh E QQ! sn W zz ,xxx X 1 X X? If If .Il g R f ,W--if --.A ,,ff'eZ',b 1' 'rhnxxxxyff ff- if ff , f mf 'www ff if 4" JJ ff W! ff lvl? me xx yi Q ff If ,,xV,f' I il ! ' x. f' fffvl I Lai X 3 i xx Ziff,- ! . XX E xx' 5' is 13? , MX A l ' if , X ', f 1-,Zz X 1 - anis NN w E ' VXN1-X-fl ,,A,..,1----" "XM ---4,--" r-2 L 17, 1.1! .-"f",--v ,f .S

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