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Ferry Hall School - Ferry Tales Yearbook (Lake Forest, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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...J-vb ,pw 1 Q Z 1 ferry tales 1942 FERRY I-IALL LAKE FGRESI ILLINOIS 'C 1.-y Al RY STA Ed or Asus om Ed O 5 d or Assustcnts Maru A sustonts Adsr F E R T A L E S FF CP 11 2 zt r -ff? A'1E wx C if , QL ,X gig, fjpf Bublmsa cqer p DNQLI FCDREWORD rv ffl J 1 K VW O Hem xf fwr if-I jf 1911? ff? Zur paw my FOI he 0 guy fy- nuci, bm ' 1 V ,pc WC' It .wfw FEAHQC7 cm Q .VC1VEfVV:i?C 'fur our part of the cfdxlcgztnf-,"L1lp,r1 4lesQ1gf: flfxd 'Q-fnfur-fx? lvcei THU' 59y'iVQ 'O Cl Ceficrc N x Aft .11 ' x . i H- -xl' I V 2 1 " X ti gy P4 L O . V W 1 ry M, . f 1 If ,J Qt- ,v 'l MJ lt if iu!,fjfuNiotRi cl LLEGE GRADUATES N X ltr 5 I , s 54" www wggf' tffg .. cy' X X. 0,5 ff! CAROLYN ELESE BAYNE Shawnee, Olclahoma Lastsummerlflesewentwayout to Yellowstone National Parlm to get a job for the vacation days. She came baclc with a pair of cowboy boots, the envy of the crowd, and with such glowing accounts of her summer that we suspect a romantic interest in her life. But she lceeps pretty still about herself. She is, however, quiclc to defend her home state, Qlclahoma, even its summer climate. Then why the western trip. l-ler chief interest is in designing clothes and she lfnows how to set off her own good points. ELEANOR CHADDOCK North Muskegon, Michigan Eleanor is always well-groomed and imma- culate in dress. Beneath her quiet and reserve is a nice sense of humor which shows itself in the drawings she lilfes to malce, using her class- mates as subjects. When she has finished her studying Cwhich she talces quite seriouslyb she is something ofa practical jolcer. She has acquired a lot of useful lcnowledge on various subjects from coolcing to bird calls, all of which she will probably need if she follows her chosen career of lcindergarten teacher. DOROTHY EDWARDS Grosse Pointe, Michigan Being the class president, Dot has to carry a lot of responsibility for us. She has the lcind of good sense and practical judgment that makes us lean on her. So thin that two hands could encircle her waist, she still is our best hocltey and baslcetball player. Dorothy is worlcing hard at her home economics courses hoping to get a real position next year in a dress shop. She can malce beautiful clothes for herself. And how she does love her afternoon teal Thats the English in her. JUNIOR COLLEGE GRADUATES MARY LOUISE MCENDERFER Huntmgton Induona When Mary Lou and her trunlcs arrlvea In February she was too busy greeting old Irnenos to thnnlc of unpaclclng but when her harp appeared she lost not a moment IH gettnng rt out ol Its case and Into actson And the sounds were pleasant to the ear Mary Lou had to be out of school awhlle but she came baclc to LS where she belongs, for her mother ns a Ferry Hall alumna And alter all she could not have chosen a better class than ours SHIRLEY JEAN RICHARDS Battle Creelc Michigan This young lady with the Flutfy golden red halr and blue eyes IS so qulet that we often wonder what IS gonng on nn her head Gener ally serious, once In awhxle she surprises us wn h a Ietchang smnle I'Ier Irlends say that she ns excellent company and lots ol lun Art us one of her hobbles Maybe she should have under talcen an artnsts career She thlnlcs she may want to be a nurse Wouldn t she be charmnng In a unnlorm'7 At any rate she wall probably spend another two years at the Unlversaty ol Mlchlgan getting her bachelors degree HELEN EUNICE WHEELER Aurora The maxsm Snlence ns golden must have been In I'lelen s copy boolc She never tallcs much but rs a conscnentvous worlcer and lcnows how to assume responslbllnty as she proved to us last year when she was class presndent She ns talclng a business course and hopes to be a good secretary an somebodys olhce unless a certaln young man should persuade her that houselceeprng ns more lun "' UNIOR COLLEGE FRESHMEN 4 Q 1 x f' 2' Wx O , O 42 O Q3 5 J E2 3 KJ ty Kleinschmi OOD S .. : U 2 Q. c XS 'U EQ 29 EE C .952 .- Vg -1 0 91 yr PUD GHS E O Y 11 50 ,xc 511 41,7 OCC X1 :E-U 'Dino LDLD B 4 as 2 ,x E - 5 C13 J Z 9 N U O E 3 x U C 41: ri E 2 3 5 E 5 Q U :Ag -E C CD C U N 'c -Q C :E I 3 r U 5 4: 5 E on M- 15 9 MQ LJ 'U U rx X ff Q 5 ,L QSO .JE umx in-U :EC 0-5L .2115 2 'ff ? E : L 5 .E U53 C .. U 2 Q ' Y Y Y x,' fx Y. , s 'W X ' ' . Q . ' ' 5 ly' . 1 ' 1 , . 4 . x, N . 1 - . ,L ' 'Y . x' , J, 5 2- .I , X .x -. I X- ' . s - X N - X. - . , ,, 10 Xin: 'I xl-3 s' .fin , 7- 'L' x.' v, f' I x ' , 1 x ' ' -..,. , .A T p . I ,- ' Y 7 - , X. , - ' ,. X I Ax h .X-" l ' ' X' N 'K--'WI 'E . . C xl" L., W i '. , 1 ' 'F x ,.., ,f . - A -A S -, A4 "- I GRADUATES NE I9 SENIOR PREPARATORY CLASS MARY BERTOLERO Rapud Cnty South Dalcota Dynamic Bert neat as a pun and always an early blrd gets everybody on her corrndor down to breal4last on time She made a hne class presxdent last year, and thus year she IS business manager lor Ferry Tales A good orator, too with her lndustry and conscsentnousness she wnll be launchlng out as a lawyer nn a few years or does can Antonuo Rose ssgnuly some other future? Mary s great accomplishment ns slcatmg whzch she learned ID the Blaclc l-l lls he dreams ol cutting hgure elghts some day on an Ice pond nn Norway surrounded by Forests ol hr and snow capped mountains CHARLOTTE ANN BEVAN Atlanta During her three years at Ferry l-lall Charlie s aulet and dependable ways have won lor her many warm lrnends She has made such progress ID musuc that las une she was awarded the Braclcett prize the hrst girl to wnn thus new prlze lor outstandung work nn one speclal held Glee Club and Choar would mass her lalthlul Occompanylng She even substitutes Occasion ally lor Mrs Beard at the organ Thrs year she IS the president of the Lyric and Dramatic Club But no one would say Charlotte ns one slded because she ns always conscnentlocs about her studles and does not neglect havung a good time 'mis SENIOR PREPARATORY CLASS JANE BILLSTEIN Toledo Ohno An able guard on the senior baslcetball team and a hall baclc on the class hoclcey team manager of hoclcey nn the GAA a good swnmmer plus plenty ol c ass spurrt and energy sum up Blllxe s athletlc quallhcatlons She has helped pull us through more than one held day and we have come to depend on her leader shrp ID sports l-ler lrnends and corrndor nengh bors hnd her a leader In pranlts ond lun, too She prelers people to boolcs and would rather eat than study ANNE CALLAHAN Evanston Anne has been at Ferry l'lall for four years No one IS so prompt ln lceeplng appointments or discharging her responslbulutues We have all learned to admnre her pannstalcung ellort and hard worlc She has cut out for herself a career as lcnndergarten teacher for whlch she seems well Fltted Luke Mr Roosevelt, Lsttle Annie IS a stamp collector Beginning when she was about sux thousand stamps beautnlully and care fully arranged In bug albums When she comes baclt from her weelc ends she us always a lrlendly drstrnbutor of dellcnous eats MURIEL COLLINS Glencoe The old standby of the sensor class, Murlel has become famous for her swallow lulce dnps on the :ce and lor her duclc wallc Also lor Who? Me? no matter what the question l'ler career seems to be a nerve shattering leap from one dlfflculty unto another, but her good dnsposntlon acts as a shoclc absorber She can araw and wrnte, and her powers of persuasnon are such that she can convunce almost anyone except Mass Barbour of anythung Murrel ns no doubt goung to arrnve even though a but breath ess . I A. .I 'I eight years old, she has now a collection ol I . ' ' SENIOR PREPARATORY CLASS UNA CORLEY Evanston A newcomer this year, still Una has been well grounded in Ferry Hall traditions, for she is an alumna s daughter Although she is one of our smallest girls she owns and operates a deep bass voice ol which she made good use in our declamatory contest in November l-ler chiel interests are in dramatics and in Glee Club but she talces time out occasionally to play an excellent game ol tennis Watch out lor her on Field Day' Ambitious, studious and tallcative she is sure to reach her goal Here is luclc to our future lawyer' ALMALEE DAHLBERG Chicago The art department will miss Freddie She brightens the studio with pictures ol all sorts ol people olten inspired by romantic Majorca where she spent part ol her childhood And she contributes descriptions ol cathedrals and chateaux to the history class from memories ol her travels while in a convent school in Paris Now she contents herself with hopping olt to a college prom or two, returning with the proper jewelry She loves to dance and sing too, and has dreams ol being a singer or a designer but may surprise us all by Flying her way to success KATHARINE DRYDEN GBFIGVCI Kathys shiny red-brown hair and the sun tan" she atlects have earned lor her the name ol Glamour Puss. Her mail box seems to be always overflowing and her Sunday callers come often. They say she lcnows what she wants and usually gets it-though you d never guess it to loolc at her. l'ler languid manner would never suggest to you her prowess in hoclcev and baslcetball either. She studies inditlerently, probably on the theory that from one who does little, little will be expected. Or maybe she is busy with day dreams. is ff SENIOR PREPARATORY CLASS 1 alxg BETTY LOU FIRSTENBERGER Ellchart lndlana Betty l.ous accomplishments are numerous but you would never realize the fact ll you tallced to Betty l.ou President ol the Dance Club, active member rn the Music Club because ol her soprano voice and nlmble piano playmg hngers nnterested ID worlcshop plays, a member o Scrrbblers she also acts as head ol the Y W C A Wrth all these actrvltles, worlc comes hrst because Betty Lou us armlng for Vassar next year But she never mrsses a dance at school and rs popular vvrth gurls and boys alnlce ELEANOR JEAN FOX Mason Cnty lowa It every gurl an the class had Eleanors In exhaus lble pep and athletic abrluty, we should beat those bophomores every Frelcl Day' AI though Eleanor rs a consclentnous worker she admits that neither studying French nor reading Shakespeare nor rmprovnng her vocabulary rs a hobby ol hers She wants to Fly When she lulhls her ambntlon to be an avratron Instructor, and from a plane loolcs down on the vvaves ol the Atlantic she will remember Roll on, thou deep and darlc blue ocean Well never forget ntl MARY JANE FRAME Rrchmond lndrana Mary ,lane as our most Immaculate class mem ber and always approprrately dressed We count her our best dancer nn the modern dancrng group She ns a graceful ballroom dancer, too and a lavorrte partner at Academy partres Last year she took the chuel part rn the unter pretatlon of The Chrnese Nightingale and delrghted us all She has successfully played In several other school proauctrons You would never guess to see M srttnng quietly nn class what a Flood ol worcs she can release ID play hours Wrll she tallc cs unto buying aresses some day when she rs clothing counselor rn our tavorne shop? SENIOR PREPARATORY CLASS MARY ELIZABETH GOSSNER South Bend lnduana ln October among the canduoates for senuor class presudent appeared thus blond haured new gurl who by her pleasant and fruendly ways won the electuon A hard worlcer, she us never too busy to help others Patty s sense of fun and her even dusposutuon malce her popular wuth every one She has cooperated un the dramatuc efforts ofthe class and has found tume to earn good grades besudes Next year wull fund her a freshman at DePauw We never see her wuthout her lcnuttung whuch she mauntauns us for charuty at home and abroad FRANCES HERNDON Tulsa Oklahoma An effervescent creature, Franny has lots of fun dramatuzung herself and playung the romantuc young lady She lulces to be orugunal, and so wears carlc glasses But when she turns on you the full strength of her orbs, then beware' l'ler guggles and hugh spuruts entertaun us all She can amuse us and herself too by wrutung uungles and storues, and we wont soon forget her spuruted and hoydenush characteruzatuon of o un Luttle Women When the bubble brealcs we fund her a sensuble, able gurl who wull no doubt malce a place for herself un the world BERNELLYN JONES Bloomungton Bernellyn us the gurl wuth the sauculy upturned nose and a face wrearhed un smules School lufe seems to her a very pleasant thung She hos had fun un plays and un Dance Club and lately seems to enjoy mulutary balls a lot Dressed un men s tauls wuth hugh hats and canes Bernellyn and her tall fruend Barbara gave a very amtsung dance un last year s cance recu al Among the roles she has played on our gym stage are Puerette and Meg un Luutle Women I X SENIOR PREPARATORY CLASS MARGARET KIRCHER Downers Grove A future garden club presldent and prnze wrnner for best dinner table arrangements rs Peggy s fate, sure as can be She always has fresh flowers or plants rn her room, and her orngrnal Ideas for Fleld Day banquets have helped our class carry off the honors Durang her two years with us she has made many frlends because of her cheerfulness and slncerrty Some how we don t mnnd her pleasant remrnders that class dues must be pond This gifted members most dlstnngurshlng marlc as her lovely blonde hanr which she sets aff with an lnhnrte variety of lrttle bows GERALDINE LUPORI Chrcago Gerry haunts the senior study hall but wlth no great hunger forthe contents of boolcs l'ler Latin orngun rnclunes her rather to the arts lessons slnce childhood and exhubats slcrll and grace In various forms of the dance l-ler pleaslng volce IS a great addltlon to our Glee Club Wrth a nnce sense of color and an Interest IH dress deslgn she could If her time allowed accomplrsh worth whsle things an art BARBARA MEYERSON aclcsonvrlle Florrda Before she came Bobby heard all about us from our former schoolmate, her nenghbor and so was prepared to lllce us Even on one year s acquaintance we have found her frrendly and loyal When war tlme makes permanens a luxury beyond our reach, Bobbys lovely curly haur vvnll be more than ever the envy of the crowd Her unhurrued manner marlcs her a real daJghter of the South but she can brlstle with energy and play a hne qame of hoclcey when the spnrut moves her l'ler addre s next year wall be Goucher College Baltnmore music, dancing, drawing. She has had dancing . . , I , . , . l ' , ' I I I I . 4 4 - I S S , . SENIOR PREPARATORY CLASS MARY FRANCES MIMS Cuncunnatu Ohuo Frances loolcs lulce the luttle gurl on a cover ol Mademouselle The pucture has put an Idea unto her head or the heads of her fruends for now they say that ul Frances must waut a luttle to satusly the secret longung of a mauden s heart, she may wun fame whule she wauts as a model Her cheery countenance and cute smule, her bug eyes and coy expressuon when she turns ut on are great assets to her Though she has been wuth us only a year, she has made many fruends Through peruls and pleasures the gurls un her corrudor stuck together MARGARET MURBACH Wunnetlca Peggy has been at Ferry Hall for four years but every Sunday Funds her back un Wunnetlca for dunner Short and blond, she us anumated un manner and decuded un her opunuons Peg us one of Northwestern s most ardent boosters A loyal follower of uts football team, she has a scrap boolc lull of cluppungs about uts stars Another one of her hobbies us collectung stuffed toy anumals wuth whuch her room us Fulled More than on e she has won a pruze for her neat room She plans to become a laboratory technucuan JANET O DONOGHUE Suoux Cuty lowa Q D us our outdoor gurl Whule her Fruends enjoy goung to town for shoppung or the movues anet prefers to play hoclcey or baslcetball go bucyclung or swummung Seemungly tureless, she has practuced on us all the wrestlung stunts and the tomboy truclrs wuth whuch she us brungung up her small brother She seemed the logucal person to head our newly organuzed G AA thus year Whatever she does she does wuth all her mught whether ut us learnung Spanush talcung puctures managung stage lughts or play ung out front as uester 1 .. , H . , I . . . . ' 1 A . F . I I 1 J , - 1 1 1 1 ' SENIOR PREPARATORY CLASS how. I BONNIE PICK West Bend, Wisconsin Bonnie gets into everything in school-in- cluding trouble. She is head ol the Camera Club this year ana is a busy member ol the Lyric and Dramatic Club, lor she sings acts, and plays the piano Cn Field Days we shoula completely collapse without her el'lors as wr: er director and actor in our class stunts She is also one ol our best hoclcey, baslcetball and baseball players Ferry I-'all will lose a loyal and talented gurl when Bonnie graduates, and the under classmen will miss her practncal jolces and merry grin JEAN SALTER Glen Ellyn Early in the year we learned to lcnow this new senior by her abundant blond hair and her ever present lcnntting beg Then she toolt part ID the annual declamation contest, win ning a meaal and the opportunity to spealc in the Finals wih the Academy She has also appeared in one ol the worlcshop plays She is interested too in writing and she hopes some clay to become a journalist Pecently she has talfen an interest in practical art We enjoy her dry humor and acmire her great patience NANCY STEELE East Grand Rapids Michigan Nancy exchanged a school in the East lor the privilege ol spenalng her senior year with LS in the Middle West Tall and aarlc she carries herself with grace and dignity the better to set oll her tasteful warcrobe She is n erested in art and is hlstcry which she will ccn inue to stuay in her cocrse an home eco nomics at Pine lVlanor next year We Find her lranlc and sincere, always willing to give us her honest opinion cn any subject SENIOR PREPARATORY CLASS NATALIE TRIPPE Evanston Na alle came to us In the mldale of her junxor year, and soon acqunred the nnclfname Drip to whlch she doesn t seem to object l-ler pet passuons are long halr, long words, tall stornes and tall wanters l-ler long words often misused are talcen dnrectly, she says, lrom her one by one and a hall unch dnctnonary l-ler tall storles she invents She lllces to act partucularly to clown but her real ambltlon IS to be a New York model and to thns end she duets sernously lor hour: at a tnme CAROLYN TURNER Battle Creelc Muchngan Carolyn has charms to soothe the savage breast but her contlnued lnabllnty to malce a chance between two famous sultors has become almost a legend She attracts lrlends of her own sex, too, who recognize her helpful splrlt and welcome her advrce She has large blue eyes, and her trlm hgure ts the envy of all A lor special talents she plays the pnano well and warbles nn a soft soprano vouce rn the Glee Club ln sprte of herself she has made a good record nn French This year she ns the presndent of the Glee CI b CAROL VAN LANEN Red Wing Mlnnesota Dutch advocates physncal Fitness and practices what she preaches Every nnght at 9 50 she IS out ID the hall dorng her exercises up, down, up down untnl the bell rmgs Carol IS en thusnastlc over sports and lceeps a hugh standlng nn academxc worlc as well She has soclal gnlts and as a hne dance chanrman or promoter of Q school party Slnglng and dancung are her pleasures She even talces part nn plays I deed there are not many thnngs whnch go on an school nn which Carol doesn t talce a hand X 'W SENIOR PREPARATORY CLASS ISABELLE WELCH Lalce Forest Long before her fourth year wrth us we were rmpressed by the wnde range of Isabelle s Interests She has talcen part nn many plays has made scenery and desrgned posters She owns medals lor declamatlon has edited the TATLER and thus year s FERRY TALES Ardent rn Dance Club and a larthful Scrrbbler she has trme to rrde and draw horses and talce Flrst Ard l support of the good nenghbor polrcy she went last year to Mexrco and recently to Brrtrsh Columbra l'ler lavorrte rnutrals are S and VG but next year wrll not land her In college but on the farm doing war worlf MARY WETZEL Woulcegan We all love Wetzel lor her laughing eyes and her grggle l-lowever carefree her dns gurse, she has the alert serrous mrnd of a student and has made a good record A day hop Mary arrives each mornrng rn a dashrng navy blue Chevy coupe When she leaves at nnght, she paclcs the car wrth lrrends who talce advantage ol her tax: servrce She has as understudy a young srster who wall lteep up Mary s reputation for S s and VG s but no one wall ever Full her role as director ol worlcshop plays or as Amy In Llttle Women JEANNETTE WIEDER Salem Oregon ennre with the bug blue eyes and long black hair rs Well lrnown to all lor her motherly ways She sees some good rn even the worst ol us She loves to lrsten to records whnle she lcnrts but eatrng and sleeprng are perhaps her lavornte pastrmes Wherever there as food eannette appears When nothrng excrtrng turns up, she uses her spare tame for sleeprng eanette IS our authorrty on Qregon nts football team the West coast blaclcouts and other wnld west doings SENICR PREPARATORY CLASS JOAN WILLIAMS Syracuse New YOI'lC oans bundle of bralns added to dlllgent application nets for her every sux weelts one ol the best report cards ln the sensor class l-ler charming llsp and wnstlul expression as well as a quuet lrnendllness endear her to us We wnsh she had come West to school sooner Judgnng from her convlnclng description of a slcnng expedltlon nn the Adlrondaclcs whuch she never made we may have In our mndst another Edna Ferber oan wlll enter a unnverslty In the fall but has not yet made a dehnlte chouce BETTY JANE WINTHER Waulcegan Betty ane s halr always loolcs as If she had just stepped out of a beauty parlor Depend on her to show you the latest pompadourl She brolce her habit ol commuting danly from Waulce gan alter more than two years by be comlng a resident pupil to save wear on rubber tures Thereby she lntroduced to the South Building the practice of eating pue at nnght Even alter she goes to Rollins, lollowlng In her snsters foorsteps, the art students wall remember her yellow smoclc, the smell of her onl parnts, and her lrrepressuble enthusuasm for Michelangelo JUDITH ZIMMERMAN Chicago Every day of her llle sweet and gentle udy acts out the part ol Beth whlch she played In Luttle Women Her tnny hgure dances gally from room to room lllce a pnxne udys cute clothes are our admlratlon The sweaters al ways match perfectly the soft colors In her plaud slclrts A tlny saucer of a hat perched on her coal blaclc hour IS most alluring Her home IS near enough to school so that her admnrers nmpatlent for her weelc ends, may come troopzng up to call but not always at most conventent hours 51" Back Row Nona Muller Frances McKay Anita Geiger Sue Aslan ,lane Fundley Second Row Barbara MacDonald Nan y james oby l-luuzunga Dorus Moore Margaret Sweet Front Row Roberta Fusher May Donaldson, Marny Home Nancy Schmudt jean Cook Jere Manuerre Mary l-loflmann Mary Moen THE JUNIOR PREPARATORY CLASS The class ol 43 now ncmbers Q4 We lsave sutlered some replacemen s and cauned new members sunce we started out tlnree years ago as a srfall but enthusuastuc part ol a Freslfrran Sophomore oroup We hope we have gaunea un vugor and grace By next year as the leacers un the hugh school and the mentors ol the young Freshmen, we shall doubtless surpruse our lruenos by our sedateness and model behavuor Cur class ollucers are ean Coolc, presucent and ere Nlanuerre secretary treasurer Cur ean us also a talented vuolunust rruch souaht alter lor Nlusuc Club programs and parlors Vte have also a tune puanust un l.ynn Vtara Vthat wuth Nona Muller Mary Moen Dcnnue and aneh who sura ana unclude also Deelbee and B fVlacDonald E Peabody and ere The hrst two aet crecut lor some ol the art worlc un Ferry Tales thus year There are un our mudst two Southern belles ane Funaley ana Sue Aslan a Calulornua glamour gurl Anuta, Queen Marny as well as B Wrught who could model lor petty Vou d ao lar to Fund a better slcater than Weezue or a sweeter tenpered gurl than Dorus or a gayer more cneerlul sotl than loby We coulon t oo wuthout Frannue or Maraue to stow cs the ropes They wurru Donnue ann l"lcFhe are our best athletes Not a aurl un he school boas s a blohder head than lamesue Sunce rnuc year we leave cauned two new members ftfullue B ufner ana patty Moore The more the merruer we say '57 g . I I . . I E E , I 1 . V Q I C hfJ f I I ' 1 I I l f 1 . . c Q ' I l l V I 1 ' l . - 1 r .l l 1 cl I 1 ' ' .l . . N, ,V yu I L I J g . xv' . R. Pusher who can play the horn, nobody can deny that we are a musical bunch, Qur artustuc members ' ' 1 - ' V 1 l l I 1 1 ' 1 1 ' . u l v A ' - L,l I u I V 1 ' I1 u 1 u . H , H44 . X, I P L J , - u U - u uc' ' Back Row Mary Burch Bro ksmlt lulle B :ch Barbara Melnclce Betty Searles Carol l-lammerstenn Secogd Raw Glorua Schmitt Loulse Gcld Marulyn Leander Allce Robunson Shnrley Peters Sally pun er Thlrd Row Claure Vvetzel Mrldred Brooks Fourtp Sow joann Norris Mary Frances Shurtlelf joyce Prunal M ry Lynn OI n Betty Jo ra ey SOPHOMORE PREPARATORY CLASS You see before you the class of 44 At o glance you can tell that at s lull cl pep and lun, and aca demucally well, we ve stuoued hard We haul all the way from Calutornua, Florlca and New Yorlf to Lalte Forest Wrnnnng fall held day mace LS all excited and lnacced LS to continue our Interest ID sports There are twenty ol LS altogether Darlc sparlclxng one rralces LS proud ol our pres dent, and then there s Claire, the brows ol the sophomore class, who us always reaay to lend a lselpurg rand Mary Frances lover of dogs as our promlslrg young artist while l'lelen excels mn canclng wlnnlna the 50 yard dash We recommend Lynn as our Future Slngnng Lady Mully tops at stuaues and sports ns everyboay s Fruend Louise the aarlc headed gal from Llncoln Nebraslca has a heart ol Gold And that s not the shade ol Madame Deharae lmuttsna rt s l-lam our up and cornung actress Sus always alcallna ns lcnown for her many telephone calls whxle Bety lS Famous for her turnbles ID ayr' We have too Qlcle who twlrls her baton wnh grea sloll Bsrchy us the lrsend ol everyboay a good sport and star athlete lwo cay st den s from ccwn the llne ulue ana Bobble bruonten our cay wrtn news lror' outsrae loyce llves cn hopes ol hndrna letters n her a l bc Then there IS Edav wlth her Arty ple a a Nlarzlvn the whxz mn Geometry padlune ou late arrnvallrornFlor1ca brxnas our nur' ber to twentv Y l l l B lf. E 9' I , E f. , ' , E ' I I . f I f f . A . , , ll ' U , , V e, a .. se , . Q r I I.-l ' . , I - , . . I A y V . ,V V . I . .Bl V , , V g . I I . A .K . f . A , . V Alice, lull ol lun, is ready lor anything, any tame. Thats not "the 1100" leaving, though, its 'lgchmuttym ,. . , t . , , , f 1 - ' f , t , I, vluv H, l ' N, L 1 - . . ' , , L. . .4 X , I ' r ' e ' l , ' tt . 5, ti 1 . 5 'T ' X. H t . ll p l H ' Y y t I t l I V ' . ,N Standing Bunty Rayner Laura Fruslc Broelcsmlt l-larrlet Stuart Nancy Clement jean Cobb Second Row Vlrglnla Ferguson Cynthla Betts .loyce Agar Front Row Patty Redfearn Barbara Franclsco Mary Lou Roberts Barbara Prrebe Cecl Wulluams FRESHMAN CLASS Thrrteen gay young thungs vvlth unsophnstlcated ways and no great respect yet lor the learnnng by whnch therr elders seem to set such store these are our Freshmen lhenr hrst lesson was one an humlllty which the old grrls trled to teach them In lnltrataon weelt by malcnng them repeat to each Senior whom they met You are a hrgh and mlghty Sensor but l am a lowly vvorm The Idea struclc ways Under the leacershup ol theur presrdent l-larrret Stuart and secretary Cecu Wnlluams they have worlced together vvuth a vvull to malce thelr class felt ID the school lute They have talcen part rn dra matlcs Bobby Franclsco and l"larrnet Stuart IU the Chrustrras play Vurgnnua Ferguson and Cynthua Betts rn vvorlcshop productions Bobby ana pat Rectearn Fave suna with the Glee Club and Choir and also In duet Several seem athletncally nncluned vvuth Frtslcy tops an sports She represents the class on the G A A covernung comm: tee A lnttle group maybe but they are loyal and enthusl astuc Watch them gol 4 them as a jol4e wnth the result that vve have not downed their high splruts or optnmism or lrolncsome . . . V t . , - 2 E COUN Every other Monday nlght the oInt CouncIl meets In MISS 'l'remaIn s lIbrary Immedlately alter dlnner The Councll IS composed ol MISS lremaIn and a ccmmntee of teachers, the head ol the Cooperatwe Government AssocIatIon, the pFESIdGUlS and secretarIes ol tte classes, and the tead cl the Y W C A We gather to dISCUSS any matters of Importance to the school or students lhIs meetIng IS qu te Informal, and every one IS allowed to VOIC9 her opInIon or brIng up anythung whIch neecs atteniIon or dIscussIon Whenever we reach a decIsIon about a school regulatIon or a prcpcsed school party, or agree on a measure whIch It seems best to talce lor the good of the whule group, then the matter IS reported to the Cooperatwe Government Assocuatuon lor dIscussIon ana vote The aIm and purpose of the CouncIl are well expressed In the words ol one ol IlS members, Betty Lou l:Irstenberger To work together as teachers and students In the Interests of all the group To wergh both sIdes ID any dIscussIon or dGClSIOn and try to come to a four agreement To arrange means to raIse money lor Red Cross, specIal donatIons, VICtOfY lunches once a month, and also to urge the gIrls to buy war bonds, to roll bandages, to knlt and to Ioan fIrst aId classes To dIstrIbute the benevolence fund, collected through class dues,and to keep the gIrls Informed through chapel and vesper programs about the IDSKIIUIIOHS and organlzatrons to whIch our QlftS are sent To present to the gIrls specIal cases of need whIch come to our attentlon To dlSCU55 such Important questIons as approprIate dress, good manners, health habIts, and l'IQl'1fGffIlUCleS, and to try to do what we can to get the cooperatIon of the student body In theIr adoptIon Front Row Dorothy Edwards Betty Lou Flrstenberger I '5 l T H j 0 l N T C l L Bock Row 'Joann Norris, Patty Kleinschmiht, Patty Gossner, Harriet Stuart, Doris Radford Jean Cook. f - " W A ! t ' in X ' - ' 5 J' ' g QD? THE MAGI'S GIFT PRESENTED AT THE CHRISTMAS PARTY The scene of the story ns land n mediaeval England on Christmas Eve ln the cathedral there rs a shrme belneved by many to contann the crown and scarlet robe once worn by Caspar, one of the Three Wuse Men Tradutuon says that once each year at the Chrrstmas season Caspar appears again on earth wearing has scarlet robe and jewel led crown and Wallcs up and down the highways guvxng a gnlt of gold and heavenly blessing to all who chance to meet hum, just as he brought a gnlt to the Lnttle Kung so long aco A Crusader comes to the vullage on Chrnstmas Eve alter along absence to vnsnt at the Manor l-locse The little gurl Elsbeth who lnves at the :nn meets the Kn ght and believes that he IS Caspar, one of the Wrse Men and that he wnll brnng her great happuness At tne Manor l-louse the Mummers come to play the old play ol St George andthe Dragon to amuse the guests There rs also a natnvuty play which us performed by the vullagers In the rrarlcet place near the church and carolers sung the beautiful ola songs In honor ol the Christmas The story ol the happuness which comes to little Elsbeth trrough the arrival ol the Crcsader as the thread on whuch are strung the scenes representung a meozaeval Chrnstmas The chlel characters In the play were the lollovvlng The Watchman Mary Harold Ann Margaret CRICTT chnlaren of the rranor hocsel The Good Dame the childrens nurse Elsbeth the little gurl who hves at the Inn Thomas Morley the inn lceeper Tom his son Sur Arthur l-ler lord A Crcsacer T6 Una Corley Harriet Stuart Vlrglnla Ferguson Bunty Rayner Nancy Clement Bonnle Plclc Barbara Francisco Muruel Collms lsabelle Welch Geraldine Lupon . , i CAST OF CHARACTERS Tl-IE MUMMERS Father Chrrstmas anet O Donoghue gt George May Donaldson The Turlc Carol Hammerstem The Crusader Carol Van Lanen The ester MUVY Moen IN Tl-IE NATIVITY PLAY The Shephercs ean Klrnger Maurlne Leas Mary Lundgaard Three Wise Men Marguery Bybee Beverly Lrvrnaston Shrrley Rlcharcs Mary Ruth Clifford The Angel Barbara Smith T'1e villagers at the mn Because we always try to malce our Chrrstmas play an all school affair many gurls not rn the regular cast joined the group as carolers or vrllagers celebrating o the Manor l-louse Some helped with count on an en husrastrc and ap precratrve auarence of parents and frrencs of the school Our guests came for Chrrstmas drnner before the ploy and added much to our galety and pleasure Our players and srngers too and therr best an the sight ol those whose approval they care most about Holiday sprrrt was everywhere Chrrstmas trees In lrvrng room and dlnnng room everylooay rn party dress a delnclous drnner carols echorng through the halls all combined to put the hnlsh rng touch on our gala evenrng and to start cs ohf on the hnal weelc of the term with happy antlcrpatron ol prepare for the Natrvrty Play the vacation X , J ' I J ' I , , . , , ,-, l ' Q . . . - , I . , . . , , T I l U costumes, others worlced as stage hands or were ushers. This is always one occasion when we can : ' ' - . . I. - I . I- . , f I l . . . . l f I . I . 2- WORK SHOP PLAYS Z -gif Gnrls who are rnterested IU actlng or ID helping to produce X plays have had great lun and some labor puttlng on a per formance each month generally on a Friday evennng The Rl rest ol the school and the teachers have lurnsshed attentvon and generous applause Some of the plays have been pre gg sented wnth more hnlsh than others and not only our accom Sn plzshed actresses but also novfces have talcen part Mnss +2 X 9 E2 Kepler and Mnss Malcolmsen have been the long sulterung alrectors NEIGHBORS by Zona Gale Thus play concerns a nenghborly group ol women who want to help theur lruend malce preparatuons to adopt a chnld lsabelle Welch as the grandmother who slts IU her roclclng chair and trles to be helpful dnd her cscal cood but ol characterization Betty Wrnght was very natural as the sentimental young thnng who wasnt quite satlshed with her prosaic lover and came to Grancmother lor advice Although nt was Bobby Donnellys hrst attempt at acting she put splrlt unto lner characterization ol Mrs Abel Qther members ol the cast were Anne Callahan Petef Lols Drach EZVG Barbara Francisco MVS Moron oyce Pringle Mrs Trot Una Corley Came Ellsworth MISTLETOE AND MOONLIGI-IT lhe scene IS a carlc old house There are In the cast two school gurls and a splnscer chaperon who have come to the coun ry lor a weelt end and an unexpected burglar running locse lo make matters more excltrng ro one IS able to spealc to anyone else because ol a love potion which they have all swallowed ln the cast were Carol l-lammersteln the splnster as romantic as any young gurl Ruth Clrltord and Cynthia Betts two sentnmental school aurls Barbara Smnth and Mary B Broeltsmut, young college boys who dlcn t expect to run Into an aaventure Bonnie plclc a susceptible constable Vzrglnla Ferauson a negro servant and ean Qalter the cangerous burglar WHERE BUT IN AMERICA lhere were only three persons rn this cast, Mr Auspenhayne Ccarol Van lcanenf, his wule Cpatty Gossnerb and theur Swedish maid Uanet 0 Donoghueb The play showed how ID America foreigners are assnmrlated and given a chance to malce their way lhe rrold In this play engineers a real estate deal, helping to sell to her employers the house whuch her young man has bullt and put on the marlcet 'R gp , as-ffm? E fElAf.,S,5:iS Q I l A , ll A r , " X- -1:4 . if http l ' ' Q ,. J ' E,', .,,, ' , U ' . v I ' 1 I V i E - V V A l A A ,, 1 f ol V 1 l A WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR I-lere ns the eternal problem but nts solutton almost wrecks Ann s hopes ol a trnp abroad Fortunately Mrs enky the exemplary Aunt loe ol tarduness, lorgets an engagement wnth the Garden Club and Ann ns saved The cast was as follows Bonnle Puck Mrs Jenky Eleanor Fox Mrs Carrol a loquacaous caller Mary lane Frame Ann Betty Lou Flrstenberger Gloria Schmltt Betty Wrtght Una Corley Mary Moen Ann s young Irnends LITTLE WOMEN The hrst Frlday alter Thanksguvung a cast composed ol members ol the sensor class presented a versuon ol Lnttle Women as a workshop productron lor the entertaxnment ol the school There were no men nn the cast We only heard about handsome Laurue and hns generous grandfather The chuel Incident about whuch the play was buult was o s nmpulsuve and tactless treatment ol umperlous Aunt March whuch cost her a longed lor trap to Europe The cast uncluced Frances Herndon Judy Zimmerman eth Bernellyn ones Meg Mary Wetzel Amy jean Salter Hannah Mary Bertolero Marmee Natalne Trlppe Aunt March Anne Callahan Aunt Carroll Betty lane Wmther Sally Motlet Alter the perlormance whuch won enthusnastuc approval lrcm the cnlcckers Mass Tremaxn entertatned the whole senior class at a bullet supper IU the dlnung room In spite ol dntlrculttes IO arrangung the rehearsals the gurls lelt well rewarded lor their ellorts E LITTLE WOMEN REI-IEA Rehearsal was underway at least the directors and curtazn puller were Meg wandered In with a handful ol candy and an excuse lor her Iateness Ten minutes later Amy came breathless contrnte and lull ol promtses I-lannah hnally appeared with the eyplanatton tnat she d been all over trynng to hnd a rag lor her dcstnng scene Marmee bustled In possttve that rehearsal had been scheduled Io 3 45 not 315 Beth peered In wnth a puzzled expressnon accustng I-lanrah ol forgetting to puck her up on her way over sat down and hnally wondered Why are we havtng rehearsal today anyway? Aunt March and o went to town' Are you sure? 5he was pcsttwe lor Aunt March the wealthy one had borrowed a Quarter lrom her Whereupon Beh and the director sped alter the wanderers that was belore ture ratuonnng and brought back the empty hanced snoppers They hadn t even gotten to the vnllagel All rtght start at the second scene ID the hrst act and go on thrctgh Two pages ol script later as the bell rang I'lannah jumped up I have Four 0 clock lab today she sand as she lelt Then at 4 45 Marmee and Meg departed wttt a orry Gle Club today And at hve O clock he rest ol the cast vanushed VVe loraot to leave o r nar'es at the reportuna desk so we have to go And then they co Icnt nmagtne why we rehearsea cay ana mg wo aws before opentn T D GOSSUEI2 wg, A I , , . , D .J f , ' , ..... . ., . , , . . . . Jo ' ..,... . B j .......... . I I . , TI-I RSE , , I , ' ' ' I . I U .I , Q r 3 , 1 . , , I f f I " . 5 , I Y , . . .. L y N ,. , , I I I I. It I I tv. ,.,. , . 3 , , a 3 , 9 I . ' I ,t . . H V u L V I LI V I 'Lt C Q nighlll Algernon Moncrlell Lane manservant ohn Worlhrng P l'lonorable Gwendolen Fairfax Cecnly Caroew Laoy Braclcnell The Reverend Canon Chasuble D D Mrss Prism governe s Merriman butler Barbara and Mary Loulse were wonderful as the lrresponsuble young men aclc and Algernon who went by the name of Earnest The affected and very dugnnhed Gwendolen hancee ol aclc was superb Mass Prnsm found herself Tully occupied caring for Ceclly the healthy happy ward ol aclc and Algernons hancee The snobblsh Lady Braclcnell cleverly maneuvered the arlaurs ol her famnly But the condescending hand rubbing consollng Reverend Chasuble suc ceeded very nncely an steolung the show The play was durected byMu slvlolcolmson with the very able assistance of Bettnjane Mosnman J THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST The lmpcrtance of being Earnest a comeov by Qscar Vvrlde was presented on March QT by the unuor College gurls and was a areat success The complicated plot lnvolv ea two young Trnencs who both went under the assumed name of Earnest Their sweethearts were posntuve that they could not love them IT their names were anything but Earnest The story ol thelr scrapes and man euverlnas to get out of their drf hcult situation made a highly amusing play Mary Laurse McEnderTer Bettuone Masrrnan Barbara Srnrth Dans Radford Ruth Clrffard Mary Lrllran Mullard Eleanor Chaddack Shrrley Rrchards aan Catan 1 - y - T ' yj, ,4..., T ' . , , ' ' ,J ' , 1' 1 , 5 34 OU? MAY DAY CELEl3l2AllClNl Jr Jnlor Colle e play w s tne o ly rar' tlc ehort ol the scnool ID lVlarch lr ns year rn tne stress o rn stung up worl4 belore s r r atlon ana to save larrlly tlres we thouant lt wlse o worlc on no all school enter alnment for tne last Qaturoay of th e err' cs s tftal ttt Instead to concentrate on A ay Da ana I ce e r on ccorolr' y we have naoe ola s a lt le ollleren r he .lst Ol nes se d olenterta r o r oar san frlenos lora shor whlle r ne rr ole ol e alern o wltn the crownmg ot our aJeen and the play lollowlng, ard then concluclng tne afternoon wr n tre a or the vrsr or o e a arad atma classes we shall olvlde o r enter onnrren n two carts r n the la e altern out ol ooors ll weather permls ln wr ch we shall hr fe tre processlonal the curtsey to the Queen the lVlay pole dance tumbllno ana country cances In her honor and a one act play lnen alter a bJtlet supper for all our guests ln the eyenlng wall cone the second part a oresentatlon ol oances bytne Dance ClJb and a program ol spr na musuc by ne Glee Club We expect a great number ol guests to share ID the pleasure ol the day wlth us lVlayfl5t'1 IS the cay acpolnted Electron of the May Queen wall be held the weel4 of Aprll Q7th Thouah no ore knows wlo the Queen wall be t e rehearsals lor the party are under way The play chosen lor the afternoon IS an outdoor one IU one act called lhe Wonoer l-'lat A l-larleatslraoe wrltten by Ben l-leclt ana Kenneth Qawyer Goodman There are hye maln characters As cl'osen by lVllss Kepler the cast IS l-larleaunn Roberta Fisher plerrot Peggy Kutcher punchunello cnet O Donoghue Colurnblne oyce Prmgle Margot Mary Hallman The oance program alter supper wlll lollow a theme ol Mornlng Noon and Nlght and wall Include groups ol From three to nlne dancers Followlng are the oances and the rn s to be used lor then Dawn By the larrarlslc Nlornlng American lVllnuet Noon La Boutlope Fan astlcpe Alternoor lvlehsto Waltz CVGFHUQ pavorne t lNloht QolulOC1Jy The lee Club wlll sung numbers sulte Q Mluslcl Morn Ruse CGavo te Xtepnanlef Mornlna lnvltatlon Qunbeams Sunshlne ln RGIUBOW Valley A Dream Boat passes By The Sundown Sea Er c Coates l-l Arlen Selectlons Posslnl Resplghl to he changlng nours ol the Cay Franz Llsz G Faure Kent Keenar lnerr nurrbers nw lf ooler Czlbullqo Veazle Donald l-lamblen Lemare Sc eclne lu e ll . l O ll Q lt o l nl d at Q I A l 4 P '. . ll' lsf p l g VGC l l ' r, gl ' t , l . - t .o ' 1 1, - ,, ' . ' ' ' , ' l lf, ya a Ls l bail l. Ac ngl, . I. n l.t Elilmfl l J o . ln toad t lfll lg u A en: a .' f llc, IC in t o r , , , , 'f , l . , ' ' , t, l te F t s, the pl y rs nd the g u .Q , l ', u t t 4 to ,vb y r ' . ' ' ,l ' , .ne wsu, , . oon t, ,l ,, a l " I I I f l vt' V X I . 1 ' K l l ff l ' 1 1 L l . . .. ' , n ' . 1 - , ,, , , 4 I l V , I . I . l l ' - . , j ' I ' - l - r 1 , . l . l ,u ic 1 ,1 - l , , , I -.. , X , .. r l , t L i l. . N A-l ' l lg ,t V ,, l . G l L a ' ' l l r c d l . l l , . , 1 THE MAY QUEEN Perhaps one ol the oldest tradutuons at Ferry l-lall as at many schools IS the elec tlon and crownnng with appropriate ceremonues of the May Queen As the tlrst brrd notes ol sprung are heard one hears also Who wlll be May Queen thus year? She IS chosen by popular vote from the four upper classes the electron nn charge of the Sensor College Class Achieving hrst place IS no empty honor for tt means that the gurl IS not only person ally attractnve but has poise IS lrtendly and cooperative, and has a constructuve attntude toward school worlc l-ler maid ol honor ns the student recezvlng the second hlghest number ol votes The attendants are chosen by the Senror Collegeclass The ndentlty of the May Queen and her assembled friends on May Day ALICE HOBART MAY QUEEN 1941 DANCE CLUB Dance Club rs an actuve organnzatnon wrth a membership ol thirty hve gurls representung all ol the classes It meets an two groups on Fruday afternoon to study the technuaues ol movement and the prrncuples ot dance composmtuon Varuous studio programs are held where demonstrations of tech maues and orrglnal dance composzuons by the members are shown to the rest of the school Besudes these there IS at least one outsnde program a year when more elaborate productions are staged and when parents and lrnencs may attend 'lhls year our May Day celebration Includes both dancxng on the green IU the lorm ol a Nlaypole cance and a program ol modern dances on the stage ID the evening The costume ol Dance Club members us a pruncess style leotard the colors beung chosen by the gurls As a result Frtday afternoons un the gym are both colorful and luvely ocnal actlvutnes lncluce monthly partues where refreshments and treasure or scavenger hunts are the mann sources of entenaunment Also our members may attend the meetlngs ol Lyrnc and Dramatic Cub ,N . 1 1. ' N I - I . I 1 W , . . K "- A h A I l L l ' . , , . I , 1 . I , I . . x, ' I t I , t, l court are revealed to the school and their P f I I . , . . . , , . f , 4 I , , . H C . . .. r , o l . 'Y vfV,v 1 ,...-0 . q ,xg SIC ACTIVIT At Ferry l-lall we all fund that musuc hath charms Whether we are musuc students or not, we sung and the best vouces among us make the Glee Club and Chour If we play, we don tsumply talce lessons and do our practucung but we automatucally become members of the puano class whuch meets twuce a month for unformal recutals and occasuonally tea Everybody enjoys playung and receuvung the constructuve and fruendly crutucusm of the group members Then all the musuc students and the dance club members as well as the gurls who have talcen part un the dramatuc productuons constutute what us called the Lyruc and Dramatuc Club our oldest student organuzatuon whuch occasuonally entertauns the whole school wuth splendud musucal programs at Sunday evenung parlors OF course the buggest event of the year for the gurls un the musuc department us the une concert on the Fruday evenung before Commencement Then all the gurls who are suffucuently advanced un puano or vouce study or perhaps un vuolun or harp perform unduvudually There are also always numbers by the Glee Club and the school chorus Every gurl does her best before our auduence of parents and fruends and often one wonders how she manages to conceal so well her qualcung heart and shalcung lumbs The Chrustmas party always offers us an opportunuty to hear some of the lovely old carols rendered by the Glee Club and the mornung before we leave for Chrustmas vacatuon ut us the pruvulege of the Chour to awalten us all wuth theur sungung, as they march through the corrudors Une musucal servuce we perform for the communuty us a vesper servuce at the Presbyteruan Church Puclted members of the Glee Club and Chour wearung regulatuon chour robes take theur places un the chour seats The rest of the school sut un the auduence ready to do our best un the sungung of hymns famuluar to us Thus year under lVluss Evans durectuon the gurls sang a cantata called The Easter Sunruse Song The musuc was tuneful and we were proud of our sungers pat Kleunschmut Barbara Smuth and Bonnue Puck had solo parts An unusual pleasure enjoyed thus year by a great many of the musuc students was a symphony party Not only dud the group enjoy a very lovely concert but afterwards they were admutted baclc stage to meet the guest conductor A typucal program of the Lyruc and Dramatuc Club guven before the school on Sunoay March T uncluaed the followung In the Convent Borodune Hesselberg A Song of Peace from Funlandua SubelluS Spanush Rhapsody Chabruer Barbara Francusco Charlotte Ann Bevan Pat Redfearn Mrs Beard Lament from Easter Sunruse Song Holton pc, Kje,nScj,m,j Nola Arndt Zamecnuk Nught and Day Porter Melcur Between Two Loves Thomas Daly Cl"U'l0tle Ann Bevan Eleanor Fox Mrs Beard Before Chrustmas the chour and some of the unstrumentalusts toolc charge ofa delughtful vesper servuce under the durectuon of Mrs Beard and Muss Evans A truo composed of ean Coolc, vuolunust, Muss Ellunvvood cellus and Charlotte Bevan, puanust offered u.s two musucal numbers Then we had a trumpet solo by ean Cobb and a duet by ean Cobb and Roberta Fusher alto hornust The vocal soloust was Bonnue puclc and the chour gave us a beautuful anthem Followung us the program Organ Prelude Strung Truo Chrustmas un Suculy Yon Gesu Bambuno Yon Scrupture readung S Lulce Q 1 Q1 Hymn 109 JOY to the World Handel Scrupture readung St Matthew Q 1 16 Strung? Truo J f I Prayer erceuse arn e t A them Vocal Solo n Lo How a Rose e er Bloomung Praetoruus They Sang that Nught Schubert T is I V I S I rumpe o o To Eivesusg Song Schumann O l-loly Nlghf Adam Brass Duo HYWW1 116 O Come All Ye Fauthful arr Gullette Sulent Nught Holy Nught Grueber 3-1 MU IES . . E , ,I I . . . . . I . . .' I , .. . . I . I . . ., . . , I . I . .I .I I . . . I . X V . .4 . j f .N . , W . , . .F .. W . I "I I ' Q J f J to 1 X , I A ' ft. 1- . . 4- , . . , I . T -I U 1 I ART To the innocent bystander the art studio seems to be a place where people gather to produce any- thing from a dance program to a snow-covered village, with such things as emblems for athletics, lino-cuts For play programs, table decorations, signs for stunts, and place cards, in between. But no doubt the regular program calls for other lcinds ol worlc, for we see odd-loolcing pictures now and then, posters, and designs, in the studio, and we hear of the tragedies ol the brolcen plaster casts, and the leather lacing that had to be spliced, and the soap that was cut too lar, and the stencil that lost its main piece. Cnty in june when we see an exhibition do we realize that some students must have been successful in malang and orawing and modeling the things which they had seen in the TWIN AN ART EXPEDITION The class in l-listory ol Art very generously let us till up the bus when they went to the Art Institute one oay We were greeted at tlne entrance by two members at the school statt who corducted us on a most interesting tour ol the classes This is a rare rpivilege, and it was YTTCST thrilling to see the lile classes and the advanced s uoents in pottery and the commercial designers all at worlt The same oay we watched Albin Polaselc worlt on his colossal statue ol President Masarylc We wonoered il the lnstitute would have to be torn down to get the statue out We saw the great American show with its many paintings and sculptures and toolt one last farewell loolt at the Ttorne rooms CAMERA CLUB ln response to a notice which read Aomission Qne Camera a group ol girls met early in the year to reorganize the Camera Club The admissions proved to be a great variety ol cameras some girls using two or even three ditlerent lcinos The aim ol the organization IS to improve our own picture malcing, and to appreciate good photoaraphy New members are aamitted alter havung their worl4 judged by a committee from the club Come ol the meetinas are given over to a criticism ol pictures by members ln a series ol meetings Miss lslort explained very clearly the process ol developing and printing pictures When she gave the hrst oerronstration in the oarh room one ol the new members was astounoed and said Oh it really comes outfp Miss Barrard has explained the way in which the camera worlcs in talang the picture and has helped with a stuay ol composition The visit to the Acaoemv to see their photographic exhibit had o be omitted because they had the measles The clubs most important activities this year have been the con tests Non members as well as members submitted snapshots ol :I 'Z ll 3 4 X paign to get pictures lor Ferry Tales VVe reoret ttat space oaes not permit us to point out the prize winning pictures which are published in the snapshot pages lvlilored Broolcs and Nahcv QW? Schmiot won prizes in the hrst contest with tonorable mentiors going to Barbara Meirclte ean Cook and loyce Pringle Tre second competition continues until tte close ct chool the objec ff f being to try to improve oi r worlc Not more nor bigger bu be ter B U Q 4 git pictures Q i lXancy Cteele N t df' , A . , . r I I V . l ll , , , . I I , ' T t t L . Ferry l-lall girls and the campus to the First contest, which was a cam- lgqhj V.. ' . J - i t T . w 5 A. V t , ' 423 I ' :J ti, . A . ' ' A - l f l' ., : , ',,..- P' t J i A -1 ryit t 1 r i ,t s - t , .xx - , - ., . ' - I "-'-tt. 2 t. . .i , , L t Lf X? of, ,v . K ' ' v 0 'T I i 4 3: 3 PING I-Iovvs Icr Ie COIOVIGSQ We II burn em ovvcy WIIII sIc I IW boslce I:oII IIC e cn I e ce Imes Pod bet er watch CL G IVG I IJFTCIVIC O O , Z. . Q I xg' - - K 1 I I I Q' af, . :vzxtznl 'I 'IIN ' 1 M512 K E E FIT I H ' . I I H Ii Q fl , V rw I I , s .5 SI I ' I ' . HLET 5 Z' Z Thus year at Ferry Hall the athletuc system was ccrrpletely re crcanuzed The color teams, the yellow team and the whute team f ef' 1 ff! f ol the prevuous school year had been dusbanded, and emphasus was placed on unter class competutuons Early un Ceptember the new X Gurls Athletuc Assocuatuon was formed The presudent cf the organuzatuon was elected by popular vote and the school s clnouce was anet QDonoghue Managers were appounted For each major sport and were expected to oraanuze the tournaments and any other events un each unduvudual sport ,, 2 Aa' Q .a were cut oown to sux players and a round robun tournament was played The senuor team won The basketball season began soon alter the hoclcey season had ended Each class put tts best players unto the held, after practtce try outs and very soon were ready to play att the oltucual games The vuctors un the baslcetball tournament were the lanlcy unuor College gurls Baseball us the next seasonal sport and follows the same class organuzatuon wuth the tunal play otls on Sprung Fueld Day Tennus, ol course us a more unouvucual atlaur and can be played almost any tume on our permanent courts but the tournament us a secona term serues enaung usually the last cay ol school Ice hoclfey was lulce Yehudu thus year, not because we co Pot love the haur rausung shun bruusung sport but because we had so luttle uce We even had to muss our weelc end ol wunter sports at l.al4e Geneva a holucay many had loolced forward to wuth pleasant antucupatuon lor laclc ol uce and snow Snow or shune we can practuce swummung, at least untul the government ratuons chlorune and get reaay for the meet whuch us a late sprung event uncludung water stunts and duvung besudes swummung for form Gnd speed Wuth the exceptuon of basketball and swummung most of our sports reach a max o euther Fall Sprung Fueld Day It us then that we see how well our managers have planned and how much spurut our classes have shown There us one addutuon to the sports system wnuch we thunlc us worth whule e establtshment ol Ferry Hall Varsuty teams Varsuty teams are chosen by ballot bv the G A A and a varsuty letter us presented to persons who are on a specuhed number ot varsuty teams The G A A plan also the pount system For the Fueld Days Followung are the olhcers and teams 37 A T l C S Q , fi V ' , ' Ari? X X . I I -. 4 . Q 1, . n 4 . l , v S iz K K., .574 . , H . . - I , It g . A , u 1 A ut u 4 J u t x filf - . . . . V X lr' 5 Fuelct hoclfey was pleasantly different this year, forthe class teams a u t , ut . t H t u x- l ' - A I - ' l' l I - I V . . . .- 1 . cl i n ' or , , ' ' ' - th anet O Donoglxue Pat Klernsclwmrt Betty Lou Frrstenberger May Donaldson Betty Searles Laura Frrslc Broelcsmlt ane Blllsteln Sub Managers Marrlyn Ward Mary Burch Broelcsmrt Mary Bertolero Mary Hoffman Louuse Young Una Corley Bettljane Moslman Clarre Wetzel VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM Presrdent of the G A A Constrtutlon Commlttee All Sports Manager Sw: mm I ng Baseball Slcatrng Soccer Speed Ball Volley Ball Baslcetball Tennrs Archery Recreatronal Sports M B Broelcsmrt Br stern Defense P Klernsclnmrt Forwards M Brooks l- Young I Welclw Goalie VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM M B Broelcsmrt M Hoffman M Broolcs Forwards L Mrllard Guards P Klelnsclwmrt O Donoghue '38 Ball strclc G I Boll stuclc Ball stlclc I .' ..... ' . . . I ' ' .... . . . A I Betty Lou Firstenlraerger I . '...-. I . I . . , Dancing . . ' 'II ' .... . B II. FALL FIELD DAY Qctober twenty-fourth dawned, much to the ioy of all, bright and sunny. The supressed emotions of weelcs of hectic planning burst forth with five well arranged stunts given by the respective classes. All stunts were exceedingly amusing but the one given by the seniors evidently ticlcled the judges the most for they were pronounced the winners. Immediately following the stunts, the dashes were run and a few hoclcey games were played. Then in to a buffet lunch with enormous appetites that lcept the servers hopping. All afternoon the competition was fast and furious Arrows whizzed hoclcey sticlcs clashed, and ping pong balls were smashed across the net in a pounding drive A very spectacular event was the high jumping contest We found some really good leapers in our midst but our youngest classes proved themselves the ablest with one of them the victors Never in the history of Ferry l"lall have the Sophomores been as happy as they were this field day This was the first year they had a class of their own for always before the Fresh Sophs made up one class So to prove they were capable of standing alone, they toolt the top honors of the day Good for the Sophsl Will they prove their strength this May, again? Time will tell 3 ,....x ..-fj- -.Q- 4 N-x , -Ji if ,.,-V 9 - , , rf.,-.- fx 1 f--X-ff , ., -- . ,-+...:55f.1 , "f"4 ' if , Y '-QM -Y . ' " ' .. k M Vivh -1 5:4641 " ,,,,....f"' ff-A My I Q A ' v 1 ' 1 .. f -ffffvf' ,uf fx wi .-.IN , fy ' I 4 . 'ni fl. V . -1+-f'-.L f "-kw r 4,1 9. M AIT: "?2,1T3"4 1 -.-I--" I ' 2.-,,41 . .,, - Af . N , ,,-,,,,,,,..-"' -4 . , - A .,,...A- .-li. . . ff-+5-x. ff , ., A H, 4, N "' -ff' P , , ,KF N-.V 1-x ivy. - M-, H, 'X -s 11' p-V lftq Q . -I X .W ig. T? 2 E i 2' gi 4 1 S 4 ff, P..""' 1. aw A s. . 1 ,,.3,, ,M "-1- , .nh 1' ww., M f PARADISE LOST When we were bored wIth lufe In our aull town or fretful because of the futIlIty of school worlc how often we used to escape to some farflung Island In the south PCICIFIC or to the jungles of Borneo Never really thInlcIng of go ng there we reveled In the romance of an unlcnown mysterIous land VNIIth Mr KIplIng we traveled to the old MoulmeIn Pagoda loolcIn eastward tothe sea, or all the way from lfangoon to Mandalay We dreamed wIth Lady Gregory of the Andaman lslancs where the natlves were a foot shorter than we those Islancs whose very names conjured up rorrantlc scenes Landfall, lntervIew LabyrInth And we had heard tlfat the natIves seemed to thrIve on a dIet of theIr fellow man l-low blood curdlIngl Lacquer boxes on parlor tables, orIental rugs, and elaborate fans lcept uncer bell jars and old tea chests carrled from ChIna on cllpper shlps sent our mlnds on GXCILIUQ journeys to fragrant landS We felt almost at home wIth joseph l-lergeshelmer on the voyage to ava l-lead Sumatra, ava Bah As chIldren we had lIstened, WIOG eyed, to grancmatherS lille of the old avanese wItch doctor wIth hIs CGFISG monlcey jaclcet who sold a mysterIous cure all whIch he extracted from a narrow bottle, usIng a fIngernaIl grown long for the purpose She had told cs the name of the ugly crocheted artIcle onthe chaIr baclc, used to protect It from the oIl used by great uncle ohn In an effort to preserve hIs haIr antImacassar and had SGId that the oIl came from Macassar somewhere off East Uncle ohn carrled a malacca stIcl4 and grandmother had a cabunet InlaId wIth amboyna wood from the same lrttle lfnown sectlon of the globe We had gleaned Ideas, too, from her collectIon of lurId lIthographs proclaImIng that Smger SewIng MachInes Go lfverY where When we were a llttle older we saw movIes of graceful Ball dancrng gIrls wearlng thelr pretty sarongs l'low lovely to go to Bal l ThIs war has completely shattered our Illuslons Our l9aradIse no longer exnsts The most un ClVIlIZed OCLIVILY ol cIvIlIzed man has fInally Invaded the remotest Islancs the LIHIGSL coral barrlers craft the Ancarran lslancs are the lcey to the IDVGSIOD of lndIa, ava IS scorched earth Bah IS under fIre and Burma IS a maelstrom of flammg oIl Q 'lo what land can even the tIred mInd turn for romantIc escape Patty Gossner A CHAPEL TALK Cn Sunaay December 7, the news of Pearl l'larbor came over the radIos Next mornIng we heard l3resIdent Roosevelt address a specIal meetIng of the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the CabInet aslcIng for a declaratIon of war We were all deeply Sflffed WIld rumors flew about, and wIth the excIment and shoclc of the FIYSL news we could ImagIne ourselves attaclced or evacuatIng our houses Then on December 'lO at the Chapel SGVVICG, MISS lremam spolfe to us IayIng out a course for all of us to follow durIng thIs crItIcal tIme lt IS good for us to remember her words when the papers and radIos brIng dIsturbIng news or when we grow restless because our jobs seem CFOSOIC and ummportant MISS 'lremaIn began by advIsIng us to lceep calm She warned cs not to belIeve and become upset by every report, but to welgh facts to dIscount propaganda and to face what was before us wIth courage Any country at war neeas cool heacs, careful plannIng and no rash or ImpUlSIVe actIons ll every mornIng the news commentator QIVGS us a headache, or we grow alrald to hear what IS happenIng we wIll not be able to perform our appoInted taslcs effIcIently and swIftly Let us remember then that for own salces we must avoId hysterIa Next was a word of warnIng As the war contInued MIss 'lremam saId we would flnd our llVInQ becomIng sImplIfIed ln all probabIlIty It would become harder too We must expect to malfe SGCFIFICGS of money of luxurIes and even of some nece SILIGS, for the salce of our country and our Ideals Some of these restrIctIons we have already come to realIze, such as those on rubber tIres and In uses of metals BIcycles may not be purchased by adults Soon the present supply of fOdlOS wIll be exhausted and after that no more may be purchased May wIll brIng ratIonIng of sugar Wool Wlll become scarcer and hosIery Wlll be a problem But despIte the restrIctIons some thIng oood may come of It all We may be able to fInd ourselves enrIched by sacrIfIce lnstead cf automobIlIng we may learn to enjoy hIlcIng We ll stay at home more In the evenIng and read or ploy games wIth the famlly rather than spend money on movIes or theatre What we spend now on canay bars and colfes wIll go perhaps for less fattenIng loocs There would seem to be a sllver lInIng even to thIs cloudl -tl ,. , , I . - ' " I " . . ' . I - ' . l ' J . . . . j - I ' J . - . '. .I I . I ' - ' . l. of the East. ln bold headlines we read that the straits of Macjassar are filled with death-dealing I , . - 'I I ' 4 ' ' I , . j I . , . But the most amportant poant an Mass Tremaans lattle speech was that our educataon must go on She brought out the great need ol traaned leaders now and alter the war when peace must be made She told us how through batter experaence Great Brataan had dascovered the mascalce of allowang young people to leave thear school worlc for lndustry or war worlc, and then alter the war they never returned to Fanash thear educataon Despate bombang and destructaon ol schools and homes England as tryang desperately an thas war to X llieep her children an scgdol Ihromkthas example Ameracal must learn' o one rea azes what a acu t pro ems the young peop e an schoo M Q' Ei today must solve ust ahead of them are the young men who must ht' f 'Q go to war and the young women who wall talce the places these 'Bl N men leave an andustry or engage an other necessary worlc When the war as over we, the younger group, wall be called upon to worlc lor peace, to buald up what as beang destroyed So much as goang to be expected ol the Unated States We cannot stand oll on the K Z sadelanes then or now We are all anvolved an thas war l-low are vmx f Q when she says at as up to each one of us as a patraotac duty to malce K the most ol our opportunataes to do now an hagh school the best we S can to Fat ourselves for our tasl4, to learn to thanlc and to assume Q, Z 53 responsabalataes as they come BONNIEPICK MAKING HER VOWS There was a certaan quaet an the church that left one wath a leelang ol expectancy Somethang was goang to talce place yet to descrabe at precasely was ampossable There were lew people an the congregataon, and loolcang around one wondered just how amportant or unamportant thas occasaon was to be One by one a lew nuns slapped salently anto thear stalls, lcneelang down an prayer 'lhear motaonless forms added to the reverent atmosphere of the damly laghted church Presently down the aasle came a nun carryang the Cross wath another nun on eather sade ol her carryang a candle Others followed postulants stall on traal hopang they too maght attaan thear goal, novaces wath another year or two to achaeve thear wandang way uphall, nuns ready to welcome a new saster, and hnally the two mothers wath a tremblang Fagure between them As the latter passed by l notaced how her hands quavered as she held her prayer boolc and cantacle sheet ol plaansong and l felt sorry for her She toolc her place an the aasle ol the choar whale the others resumed thear respectave stalls The praest entered the sanctuary wath the novace s new habat and placed at on a lattle stand people then lcnelt down to pray, and as l lcnelt l wondered what were the thoughts runnang throu h the mand of that lone hgure lcneelang an the aasle Was she lraghtened7 Was she happy? Excated ust what she dad thanlr l shall never lcnow Next the lraghtened hgure was on her knees at the altar raal wath Mother Superaor on one sade and Mother General on the other There was a hush as the congregataon lcnelt down and the praest raased the blaclc cord to be blessed The congregataon stood as the two mothers taed the cord around the novace s waast The veal was then blessed and panned to her coronet, whach had been turned down Suodenly l began to realaze the sagnahcance ol the ceremony l sensed thas even more as the Cross was placed around her neclf a symbol she would follow lor all her late to come She was lully clothed now except lor the rang, whach the praest now placed on the thard hnger ol her raght hand lhas showed she was marraed to the Church Nothang could brealc that relataon The organ soltly played agaan The same three nuns who lead the way an were the larst to leave The one In the maddle who carraed the Cross had a loolc ol peaceful contented happaness on her lace l lelt lalce weepang perhaps l dad weep a lattle as l saw her and amaganed her thoughts She was thanlcang ol the cay when she was professed that great day abott hlteen or twenty years ago when she entered the House ol God Now as the new saster came down the aasle an her new habat she was no longer nervous She had new hope new aoy an her heart She had talcen her lale vows never to be brolcen People, most of them, don t quate understand why a woman should wash to enter a convent Unless you have attended one of these servaces at as hard to realaze, but to see a nun talce her vows for lale, possably lor Fatty to saxty years, to see her gave herself anto the hands ol God leaves one wath a leelang ol deep admarataon and sympathy for so unselhsh a perscn Natalae lrappe 47 allfigr-Ci' R , , A fi' , . ' 1 'll ! I 1 1 3 . . . . , 'lifts ' 1 ' ' Q . ' ' ' . ' we getting ready for that responsibility? Miss. Tremain is right XX, sl . . I . . . t - I . . l 4 I I . . . 4 - ' . 5 J l , Q t s I U . . . . . . 4 , -L 1 . M BLIND DATE It was fun to stand by and Iusten to the gruesome tales of blund dates whuch my classmates were exchangung whule we wauted for our dates to claum us I had a blund aace too but I wasnt un the least but worrued, sunce only after a great deal of wanglung you understand I had managed to sugn my name opposute number seven on the blund date Iust II I hadnt done thus there s no tellung what Icund of date would turn up but sunce I had nothung less than a Sterlung Haydn would appear I knew thus to be a fact An umpatuent lune of boys lcept paradung up and down, each desperately seelcung a gurl who bore the same number on her shoulder as he dud on hus I had refused to be a mere Iunlc un the long chaun of chaurs whuch tfe gurls occupued, and so I artfully draped myself next to a conspucuous pullar and assumed a terrufucally sophustucated our Many dashung Don uans passed, wuth a few half punts scattered among them but of course none of them were so tactless as to gaze un awe at my glamour whuch explauned theur heedless glances At length gurls wuth theur dates strolled by Such an amazung assortment of couples I have never seenl It was such a breath stealung sught that I quute forgot my posung and merely stood and stared Suddenly my eye caught the number on the tag of the boy suttung near by NUMBER SEVENII I toolc unventory then whule he was stull quute unaware of my presence f'Ie passed the test wuth flyung colors whether he Icnew ut or not I-le was taller than I, had darlc wavy haur and possessed perfect cancer, belueve me I ummeduately began to assume my former pose and was so engrossed that I dudnt notuce at furst a slught luggung at my slcurt The tuggung persusled, and slowly my mund began to functuon Glancung quuclcly at my aream man and rereadung hus number, I duscovered ut was 37 and not 7II Then I turned to see who had been tryung to get my attentuon My head dudn t seem to be able to revolve for some strange reason my throat was parchecl my honos were cold and heavy my feet had weughts tued to them my eyes were stcrung and my general appearance showed anythung but pouse and self control Then I resolutely gathered my strength stood up straught grutted my teeth, and wuth head held hugh turned o see what sort of monster stood behund me No one was therell I loolced agaun and then wuth a suclcly expressuon I glanced down down Untll mY eyes met those ofa luttle boy who was smulung up at mel At furst I was elated to thunlc that I had had the honor of actually meeturg Baby Qanay but when I loolced agaun I realuzed that he was wearung long pants and Sulver Screen saud Baby Sandy dudn t own a paur So thus was actually my catell Ch well, ut was after all my own fault I shouldnt have sugned my name alter number 7 when ut rughtly belonged after number 5' ean Salter -II . . I . I ' , I ' . . ' . . . . I f I ' , . , . I 4 . . . V -- 4 . . , J . II - . P' I .I I I I I I ' I I, . features, as well as a natural ability to dance. Anyone whose left shoestrung is short us a good , . .I . . 1 - 1 -i V 1 ' . - X I I f I " f I l . u ' . , - fl Y l " .Q l . P .I , I I - V T ., , . X Y, MAKING OUR BOOK St NPV lV t ldeas new and ola to rn lnto one reat unrty ho that here a boolr an be For the thouaht that has occurred There s the rhac :ng at a were ln a World wrth worcs alrye For the rraht ones scrrbes must s rrye Vtfhether rhyme or honest prose Artrst too hrs lorrn rnust choose Draw the lrne that wrll not lose Vxfetaht nor strength when Dragon s blooa nrelcs rt from the nrtrrc Flood lVlal4rng rt a plate ol zrnc Etched re etched prooled up wrth rnlr photographs rnust be preparea Mounted alter they are squared pno oaraphed aoarn throuah screen Lrnes so hw 'hay can t be seen len trrnes ten or twenty ltne lhrs the screen lor paper hne These the dots on copper walre Lrants and darlqs wrth greys to brealf lron chlorrde ea s arrght Fsh glue s csed to stop the brte Thus a hall tone plate rs made Cuts prepared wrth tones all areyed Now the type must Frr the case oanserrl bold or lrght ol lace -H y es there are tr o er n arratrans no one counts Caslcn GoJay Bo ont ra rrocern rt 'nay be Copy s now set up complete qkrtled cornposrtors reat eat planning wrth hrs measured strcl4 hlelped along by type man s nrclr lrll by spaces well applred Galley ready to the lull lrhen It s ttme the prool to pull It rt rs from errors ree e c ase rt next w Furniture to mal4e a brace Iron lrarne lceeps thus rn place Frnrshed thus rs called a lorme Nloyrng causes rt no harm Reaay now lor roller press lnlc wrll now the 5 rrla e mess Soon however, ary twrll be And a boolc page you wtll see Da e on paae must then be sewed Carelul worlr rnust be bestowed Covers must be stretched and bound pages shreldrng all arouna S tched In place the whale to band All the vvorlr ol hand and mrnd lnto one great unity So that nere a boolr rray be PW l::r ' ine' ut rg ol 'he nrnd lfps ' - Ur gm IOL 15 - - t, t b d V W 1 Q , t a r Z C Lil: - r l A , r f S 5 ,- V , 4 Q F 1 P ' ll Y' XJ O X f y lhere must be no thought ol pcse Mfopyxv page rs Mrustrhedn, r, H t, L M . . F St l - ln th " h . Y' rll be, 1 Y r - - l. , . L ll ll' -I A . 1 y At D tr X V ' r f - V 1 t O , , , I l l V l, r . .. ,. tt l , h l THE WASTE OF WAR The ftgure movnng un the fuelo resemblea an animated scarecrow except for a hercene s of manner In wallcrng and a ceaoly earnestn s about I s actnons It was hard to nmagxne thus creature as benng a man wnth hurran feelrncs ano thoughts especially upon scrutunnzlng hus ac Ions For thus person was methoaucally cuttung ocwn the neat rows of rubber trees and carefully dosnng the stumps wnth fuel oul Between each two rees he left a path of the lnqund sothatwhenoncethe fnrst stump at the other end ofthe grove was touched by a mo ch the whole grove would burn wuthout further trouble As an addea touch and assurrng complete aestructlon he dosed the barlc and upper lnmbs of the trees whuch he fellec A short dns ance away two other men worlced at the same taslt forthe sun was nearung tne western horizon and the job mtst be frnushed before darlc Gnly the youngest of the three men lcept repeatnng over and over IH has mund the rules he had heard so many tnmes during the last months Be sure about the amount of fuel orl spllled on the ground some wall be absorbed so dont put oo ltttle But con t was e :tl The last remarlc seemed lronlcal to the boy Dont waste ntl Wasnt xt all a gugantlc waste a was e nct only of the largest rubber plantatton for mules around but also of twenty fnve years of And why were they doing ltr? Because not to do ut would be as treason to thenr country 0 her wise this vast rubber supply would fall into enemy hanos Enemy hancs the boy plctured them as yellow ana taunted with the odor of blood and wlth cruelty l-le clenched hns frsts They had almost reached the end of the grove Twenty fuve years to buuld at up only a few days to destroy It The three men stopped They stared back at what they had done It was as lf they were oytng for thenr country, for after all thus rubber planta non had been theur llfe and now ut was to go Slowly they paced thelr way baclc to the other end of the grove They had cone their job well just as they had been taught No one could reproach them yet no one could comfort them hetr sorrow was too great Without a vtcrd the tlrree rren cppec lcr eo re lt e ara aw the flames cevocr thenr ltfes worlt CLAIRE VVETZEL -is . . es T . 4 . , t. In 1 V . V I J . V . . . , i, H' , I . L ' l 4 L h ' I . . T W 1 .L A , t ' I l . . i . I , V T .L I I ' . - " . . ' If ' t V'7 F . . R. X I T I , . . 1 , U I I -T his fathers lnfe, sux of hls brothers lnfe, and three of his own. . . ' , , L I E - . , . . ,- . . . E. . , I .t A . , L . . - , L I A I Q -t T '.' ' , n. st V, fg.t 't. 's, 's . ' ' ' ' T . X q - V , ? T. M FIRST DATE Every luttle gurl s greatest ambutuon us to be grown up All too soon comes the tume un her lulewhen she suddenly realuzes that aancung us just about the most umportant thung un her career wuth boys runnung a close second Thus udea came upon me when l was twelve l had receuved an unvutatuon to a dance at the home of one of my fruenas l was thrulled untul the thought that l must go wuth a boy dawned upon me l searched my mund and every one else s to fund some cltarmung Romeo to escort me handsomely to the ball But my beautuful dreams were shattered when my practucal mother suggested Bob my next coor neughbor as an escort Bob had always been one of my closest fruends All our luves we had played together clumbed trees burned carages, wrestled, made mcd pres There wasn t anythung we wouldn t ao for each other or any truclt we wouldnt ploy on each other But now l suddenly saw my chum un a strange and unexcutung lught The prospect of goung out to a dance wuth hum chulled me and l couldnt malce Mother unoerstand why Well dear she ven tured l should thunlc ut would be so much easuer to go wuth someone you have lcnown all your lufe rather than wuth an almost total stranger The total stranger remarlc was aumed at duscouragung my uaea of sendung an unvutatuon to some one lulce Clarlc Gable l couldnt explaun why l uelt as l dud and therefore Bob was unanumously elected by mother to talce me to the party l had a weelt to prepare for the aance and durung every spare moment l posed un front of the murror, tryung to malce myself loolt lulfe can Crawford As lupstuclc was forbudden, my best efforts were confuned to pulung my long curls on top of my head and tryung to malce them stay there The result was a sadly tangled mass lulce a rat s nest After long hours and days the great nught arruved l spent the afternoon scrubbung up and prunlcung and was dressed un my new punlc taffeta wuth the hugh neclc puffed sleeves and a sash a full two hours beforehand My mother dressed my haur exactly as ut always had been, un long curls aown my baclc But my spuruts were undaunted because l was havung a date even uf l dud have to suffer Bob s parents as chaperones to and from the dance Seven thurty funally came and so aud Bob l'lere was a new Bob ummaculately clean wuth hus haur plastered oown and hus face covered wuth blushes Mother lcussed us both goodbye and warned me to be baclc by ten thurty Oh wonderfully late hour' Dad sughed becacse hus daughter was no longer a chuld lnstead of beung at ease wuth Bob l never fel so lost Woras just wouldnt come And l had to be a perfect lu tle laay because of the dugnuty of my lona dress Bob lcept pullung at hus unaccustomed tue and answered my remarlcs wuth Yes ma am and No ma am l was muserable If only he would venture some rerrarlc on hus own account or even hut me, but he dudnt l-le just cholced and turned redaer as the evenung went on l was rapudly comung to the conclusuon that dates weren t as excutung as they were supposed to be By ten l was nrore than ready to go home When Bob left me at my coor he muttered Good nught Muss Frances unstead of S long and went tearung oown to the car l crept slowly up to bed and crued myself to sleep The next mornung when l carve cown to brealtfast lhere sat Bob un hus overalls holaung a can of worms l-le grunned from ear to ear and yelled C mon fat stuff' Get unto your togs We re coung fushunl And l thunlc that l was the fappuest gurl un town at that moment to realuze that l stull had an awfully long tume to grow up FRANCES HERNDON A L E T T E R Dear oue, l was thunlfung about yccr proposed trup to Calufornua thus scrrrrer and fow grand ut would be uf you came to can Francusco furst and s ayed wuth LS for a couple of weelrs lve got ut all planned what we II do Furst, as all vusutors co you ll probably want to see Chunatown so we can start out early and shop around un all the qceer srrelly sfops ard tten have lunch wuth crcpstuclts From there we can hop one of our funny old calcle cars ard ruce up to the top of one of the steepest hulls where you have a gorgeous vuew of tfe bay ana the two brucges Youll probably get a thrull out of that because uts such a breathtalcung and unuque sught And whule we re un the neughborhood uf you thunk you can stand ut we can wallc cown throcgh the l.atun Qtarter io Fusherman s Wharf When you re huu-gry agaun we can cet cu seafood ccclctaul and eat ut rught out on the street among the howlung vendors and the boulung lobsters That oucht to be excutement enotoh for the furst oay 46 I , u . . . ' 1 . Q . . . u u . , 1 1 A - ' i ' L , ' . 1 ' I V I T . 7 ' H 1 - 1 1 ' I . .u " " . . . . . , . , . A f , , ' 1 u ' - 1 1 - . . 1 .. I V V, . I , . . . u. , , . Y f - 1 1 , . I , . , .u L u . f . I, L . . .L I , 4 . . L ' . . , tu u .u 17 u . 1 I ' ' . . , 1 . u . . . . - ., . u ' . I .u . , u, .. . u, I 1 u 1 . V . . u. 4 ' l. . ' , ' . ' 1 u 1 ' ' , , . ,uu . . u , U Y ' , '.. , I ' ' L ' u ' V , . . . 1 1 . V . - u . . 1 u . . - . u . -I 7 - V u 1 I ,. , , , . u A , , . , u l . . I I ' I . u . ' 1 V ' ,, . V . u 11 IF you leel that you can do with ome more sight seelng the next day we can go In an opposite olrectlon out through the Golden Gate parlc to the Sea Clltl Beach About the time you arrive l thlnlc the rhododendrons will be IU bloom lhey blossom all through the parlc and are just lovely Then ll you want to be surprised l ll talte you by the helds of buffalo and so out to San Francusco s price and joy the new zoo Feeding peanuts to the elephants wall malce you hungry so we II have lunch at the Clrtl House where from our table we can loolc at Seal Roclcs and the Pacahc Oh olel l do want to show you so many rrore beautiful can Francisco sights ttat everycre IS O proud of here but l II save the rest tlll you arrrve Dont forget l m wanting to see you Lovnngly oyce E CORN IS GRE This play was the excellent choice of Mass Tremaln when she toolc the unlor College to Chl cago lcr therr anntal dinner and theatre party The scene of the play rs a Welsh mumng town rn the 1890 s The story told how Mass Moflet a hrghly eaucated witty and most cnderstandnng woman wrth an nndcmntable perseverance undertook the almost Impossible taslc of educating the teen aged mrners She was especially rnlerested an the progress of Morgan Evans an uneaucated mrner wrth a passnonate desrre to gain lcnowledge and leave hrs poor surroundings lor a better lrle The play unfolcs the development ot hrs eauca ron and tells how after many Incidents some humorous and some heart brealcrna he hnally sccceeaed rn passurg the entrance examrnatron for Qxlord and left the small town to achneve a huaher goal Ethel Barrymore as Mass Notlet was superb She appeared much younger than she actually us and had the vrtalrty ol a young woman Rrchard Waring s portrayal of the young mrner was perfect leavrng nothrng to be aesured Also outstancung was Trelrra Cchnee as Be sae Watty a snoopung scatter brauned gurl wto lcnew all the troubles of Nlorcan and Mnss Nlohfet and who succeeded an cal srng the greatest complications In the lurtherlng ct the plans For Nlorcan s education The comrc relief was supplled by the bcomrng ell rrrportant Squrre and by Mass Ronberry the fustered old nnard wl'o was pursuing hum C HIRLEY RICHARDS -lf s 4' , 3 - I ,, . . . - 1 I I ' I I , .. j , . o . . s , . . I . . . A . f , X I ' " I ' 1 f ' I I , r 5 . . l L I I I A , V , , , , . V, r . Q . . , . r L . . ' I , Q. , . . . ., . , , - r I . , ., . . C -, . A . I' I ' I , . . . I 1 A . ., -. CHEZ UNE CONVENT Allons mes enfants levez vousl 'Ihus was the phrase that greeted us at sux o cloclc un the morn ung as ut was necessary that we get up for Mass It was Parus and how beautuful Parus was un the sprung Ihere I was a Iuttle tylfe aged eught the only Amerucan gurl at that tume attendung the Notre Dame convent The susters were good to me and the chuldren looked upon me as though I were somethung of umportance sunce I came from I Ameruque Sleepuly I watched mother Therese as she went down the length of the dormutory pullung the covers off the lazy heaas and tuclclung theur toes as they shouted lor glee We all staggered out ol bed and went to our assugned wash basuns After what we consudered a thorough washung mother Therese gave cs a careful unspectuon behund the ears and mode us show our lovely teeth braces and all Ihen we were all marched to our unduvudual cupboards to funush dressung Oh those unuformsl Each gurl wore a whute slup wuth a navy blue slup over ut then a navy blue uumper wuth a uaclcet of the same color on top of that We wore hugh blaclc stoclcungs and blaclc patent leather shoes As we passed through the door ready for chapel one by one we were guven our whute gloves, our whute veul and our rosary and prayer boolc The chapel servuce was one of the loveluest thungs ofthe day, talcung place un one of the pruva e chapels of the cathedral of Notre Dame The whole Mass was Saud or sung un Latun and we sang all the responses and prayers un I.at1n After Mass we marched baclc to our room, made our beds and put away our thungs for the cay Every mornung before we ate, we had to serve two hundred Iuttle orphans theur breakfast whuch consusted of cafe au Iaut and du bon paun Qur own was very much the same except that we had our chouce of cafe au laut or du chocolate and we had du beurre avec Ie paun Brealclast over, we went ummeduately to our lockers to get our boolcs and then to classes The accustomed way of greetung the mother upon enterung the classroom was to curtsey and I4uss the cross whuch she wore on her habut whule sayung Bon uour ma mere Every day I had pruvate lessons wuth her un French and I.atun I had to study the grammar as well as the responses and she was undeed very patuent lAt eleven we had fufteen munutes Icnown as the Repose durung whuch we cranlr du vun and aes morceaux du chocolate After further study we had lunch very much luI4e brealcfast Ihen for a short whule, afternoon classes, whuch were over at two o cloclc for the Iuttle ones We were then led out to the gardens to play Sometumes we were talcen to a Guugnol Punch and Indy show or to play hoops un the Bous de Boulogne Wednesday Erucay and Monday were bath coys We had certaun hours gggugned were allowed only fufteen munutes un the bath tub,and cnlv o much hot water It was uguglly lukewarm We retured very early about seven thurty Ea h would Icneel at the suce of her bed and say the rosary out loud a d un unuson wuth mother The rese Whule the susters goung through the halls sang a reluguous lullab un French motherlherese would come and tuclc us un and Ifuss us good nuch on the forehead So pa s ed a day for me as a luttleAmerucan comme une petute parlsuenne A L DAI-ILBEIZG 49 48 .4 H , ,. . 1 ' ' ' - 1 1 1 . . - ,. . 11 . , .. lu. I, I ' 1 11 . . . 1 . . , ' 1 ' 1 t - u , . 1 , , . . . , . . , . , . , . . . -- . , . 1 1 - ' ' ' I. ' 1 . . -If ' - - u . u 1 L , . , . . . u ' . -I I - . 1 1 ' 1 . . , C L q D 1 ' ,- . c F1 . . 1 1 - - If Y . rf 1 . . ul 1 vt 1- 2-W - . V Y af ' i - n if ' , 31-...L 5 ri 1 3 t. , - . 2 Y 3. f Qhjbn r ff .jr- I ' .r W' . i .af f"iG, ,diff .fill ,rw 'a 'vm 71, . I . u -4' '. 'n 'Q 4 I 1 0 4 .4 ff H .-.':3 I ,-2, g.,. at rf 1 . fm . . 41: 9 171 , 4 r 45 gf r fi 4? J E'-., 5 THE LAMPLIGI-ITER S CHRISTMAS The church bells were rlnglng to call the people to evening prayer and the last shades ol a brnlluant December day were slowly laaung wuth the settung sun The lnttle man who Iughts the street lamps was scurrynng oown the street wlth hls shrmng lantern held hugh As each Inght was lnghted the red scarl wound about the man s neck would catch the hrst rays and reflect them to his round ruday lace A small one horse sletgh came jouncnng down the street and the bells on the horses harness jnngled merrily The arnver ol the sleigh called Chrnstmas greetungs to the lnttle man and the lamp Iughter returned the salute Nught now fell swlltly over the vnllage The windows ol the houses soon lighted up, and here and, there the round srlhouette ol a Chrnstmas wreath could be seen In the Square the shops were black and all shut tught save lor one cr two, whnch always remauned open longer than the others The vnllage toy shop had been dark lor over an hour, but the Inttle man wsth has lantern stopped and peered at the playthnngs wtthun I-Ie sughed loudly and exclalmed Ch dear' I wash that I could get my Inttle Mary a toy to put IU her stockung tontght I-le pressed hns nose agaunst the large glass wnndow ol the shop and held his lantern hngher Then he sighed again and trudged on to light the next lamp Soon he was maknng hrs way slowly toward hrs small cottage on When he arrrved at the cot age, Mary was already asleep nn her Ilttle room She was small lor her seven years and possessed a sweet nature whnch made her a lavornte ol all the townspeople Sulently the luttle man closed the cottage door and removed hns mutller coat and hat For a long while he sat musing ID lront ol the crackling hre The clock on the old mantle struck ten clear tones The Itttle man yawned and slowly rose from hrs chalr He lighted a candle and looked at the small tan stocklng hangnng lrmply from the mantel I-Ie took the toe between has hngers and rubbed It Slowly he let It lall and then went quietly to bed The clock was strlkung twelve when the cottage door slowly opened Three men entered stealthily and went qunckly to the hreplace There was a short whuspered conversatucn and then all three men hurrned out The church bells were rungnng agaun but more loudly and clearly than the nnght belore lor ut was Chrlstmas Day and everyone seemed happy But the Iuttle man was not happy lor he knew the tan stocking would s III be limp and empty Finally he walked Into the room to light the mornung ture I-Ie glanced a the stocklng, and to hts complete and yoyocs surprise It was no longer empty Instead a doll hung out ol the top ol the well hlled hose Below ut on the hearth were three baskets One was hlled with clothtng another wsth wood and the thurd was overtlowrng with food of all sorts A small wwute note was pnnned to the stockung It read To our lanthlul lamplughter Thomas Daly Irom the apprectatnve townspeople AUTUMN Red yellow and brown The leaves are fallrng The yardman puts the'n rn a prle Then a than wlsp of smoke curls Iazrly upward The settlng sun sends has golden rays Through th blue hazy mast The trees stretch bare arms toward the h avens 50 WINTER The our IS chlll The wlnd IS hushed to silence A mllllon white specks fall gently Out of a dark grey sky Coverlng the bare trees and brown grass Wsth a blanket of soft whrte snow B CK SPRING Ltghtly through the trees the south wrnd plays In the whnsperung meadows run the cool brooks The honey suckle begins Its upward c :mb The red brrd practices has trllls The rrslng sun awalces the world Sprung has come' Margaret Sweet . I I . 5 I . . . . V' . V U . . I I! , . , .. . I . , ' u. - I ' A . . N , ., A . . , ., - N "-I fe - V f' - A ' I '. I 1 . . . A I lf 'T the edge ol town. AT ' ' ,T -1 c 5 ,. I . , ' I I . . L . 3. ' I 4 . . , . L. .... , . t . . t . . . i . . - I . . . I . I . . . 4 ' - I 1 1 r I A I I I , A . . . , . I A I , - - - - ' I' . . , A I I e ' . A ' e . T LIGHTNING Martha was playnng on the beach that cay The tnde was very low and automobnles were pro hnbnted nn certann areas The beautnful noon day sun was shnnnng down on her l'ler long snlky black hanr was cascadnng down her small bronzed back and her carkly tanned legs under a short bathnng sunt were glnstennng nn the sun Martha was just snx years old but she was auate smart for her age She knew about the war and what l-lntler was conng and she had her own ndeas about l-lntler Martha had learned the other day that l-lntler s men tad cone somethnhg very bad to some Amerncan shnps She dndnt know exactly what that somethnng bad was, but Martha knew that those shnps had gone to the bottom of that beautnful ocean out nn front of her ln the afternoon after her usual nap Martha had gone back to the beach agann lhns tnme snnce she had no nntentnon of gonng nn swnmmnng she had put on a pretty pnnk sun dress Suddenly, as she bent down to pnck up a pretty shell she notnced a flash of lnghtnnhg qunckly followed by another lhns was strange In was three o clock nn the afternoon and the sun was shnnnng brnllnantly ln nact, the only clouds were those bng fluffy whnte ones that remnnded her of bunches of whnte feathers floatnng anmlessly nn the blue heavens Martha frnghtened ran back to her mother who was sun nnng herself near the bulkhead Martha could see her mother was lrnghtened, too for she gathered up all the beach equnpment and started for the house When they reached the top of the steps they turned around nn tnme to see two more flashes of lnght Only thns tnme the flashes were followed by huge red tongues of flame reachnng lar nnto the clouds Martha began to cry and they both fastened toward the house ln the evennng Martha was playnng wnth her dolls on the floor of the lnvnng room before bed tnme l'ler mother and father were talknng nn low tones at the other end ofthe room Martha had guessed what the conversatnon was about and when she heard them mentnon l'lntler she got up and slowly walked over to them Mommy, you are tellnng Daddy about the lnghtnnng and the fnre aren t you? she asked nn a small vorce, knownng that she should not nnterrupt After a laconnc, Yes, darlnng Martha went on I know nt wasnt real lnghtnnng It was l-lntler s men donng somethnng bad to our boats ls hat boat that was on fnre at the bottom of the ocean? l'ler daddy drew Martha close to hnm and sand Yes Baby, but you aren t to worry your pretty head over thnngs lnke that Leave them for Mommy and me to thnnk about 4 3 4 in All rnght Daddy but nf l-lntler s men are so close lm afrand ff f " W they wnll come rnght up on the beach and l won t be able to DlC1Yl'l19l'e CIDY ITIOFS OI' SWIm IF1 llle OCGGVI tl as I Don t you ever be afrand that those people wnll take your beach and ocean away from you Muggy sand her father Uncle Sam and all hns nephews wnll keep nt safe for you and everyone else nn thns wonderful country Now nts tnme my lnttle Beachcomber went to bed sand her mother Go get ready When Martha was safely tucked nnto bed and the lnght was out she sand her prayers agann Dear God don t let l-lntler s men take my beach and ocean GWGY from me and dont let them do any more bad thnngs to our boats l dont know Uncle Sam but Daddy says he wnll protect me so help hnm as much as you can Please God dont let me see any more lnghtnnng nt frnghtens me lhank you Dear God Amen BARBARA MEYERSON 51 . I , . ' ' ' 1 1 , , I ' . Y V f V . , n . - 1 . . , , . n . , . r .. , .n . . n , , . . , . , . . . . . , , . . f , 1 . . . . L A 1 - 1 ' - 1 ' 1 . t 1 , . A , . . n. . ,n . , . .4 , . , , , , . , t nn 1 I V , 1. n ' ,1 , H M ,-" , 1 , , L 4 ' ,n V- . ,,, - ,.,,. 7 H 3-,IQI il. 'V Z," , ' 'yt' ,l-.-I J , X ..'.. ,.v ri-' , K rf .1 ,. .!QP,. .n , . , - - . 3. jVK',t'J1. VI, , '..n . . y I 1 i 1 6'0" Y,',." ,I ' ' ' rift - ' 1 , , ,. ,n, :H -. . J t 'Q1'vi'f 4 n 4 .. . I I 541' . 5 , H . V4 , qv ' .. , i 7 . .. I 1 - n 1 I "ff 1'-' . . .nn " tr xr I , , i , H . , V ewnsl I , . . ' - - ' 1 1 rr . , . , E THOUGHTS OF A P lm a luttle collue puppy only three months old lm sable and have bua brown eyes l luve a pet shop at l3 h and O Streets where people guve me only one loolc and nurry by lheur eyes seem o tell me that they thunlc l m aelunutely not the show type l auess lm not so beautulul but l m o pure bred and l m brave and s rong Surely l must be worth somethungl 'lhere are a lot ol other cogs here besudes me and most ol them are lar more tanosome l oo wush some land persons would buy me though and guve me a home ld love them so much l-lonest l woulal ld guard them play wuuh them be loyal to them Ll course l suppose ttot maybe once un a whule l mught get a strealc ol muschuevotsness and chew the masters bedroorr sluppers But thats only natural un any puppy usn t ut? There s a luttle gurl loolcung un the wunoow at me now Maybe she ll buy me She loolcs so sweet and nuce wuth curly hour and bug blue eyes She does lulce me better than tne others lor she s chuclc lung and gurglung at me l do wush she could pet me, but she s on the other sude of the wunoow gla s Goodness' she s leavung alreadyl l wonder why Maybe shes goung home to aslc her parents ul she can have me lt only they would buy me Maybe Id even get a chance to save the pretty luttle gurls lule sometume lhen everyone would love me lt seems auute a whule sunce l last saw that sweet luttle gurl but l m leelung uoylul now as she s wallcung thus way agaun Qnly thus tume she has a youna nuce loolung couple wuth her who are wheelung a luttle baby boy Oh dear and he s cruppled and wuth unlantule paralysus too What a shamel But that dreaded dusease doesn t choose or puclc ut uust strulces and ut ruuns a person s whole lule sometumes The luttle boy neeas a companuon and lruend ul only l could be that to huml ld love and guard them all everyonel They re comung un here and they ve stopped at my l4ennell They re tallang to the clerlt and the luttle gurl holds the baby boy up to loolc at me l-le s laughung and the paun leaves hus thun suclc lace The mother lool4s over as l luclc hus gropung Fungers and she smules as the tears come to her tured eyes The hcslcy young lauher glances over auuclcly turns hus baclc and says grullly l ll tal4e the rascall l ve got a homel And l shruelc my thanks and gratutude all over the place as l wruggle unto the mans arms and slobber on hus grunnung lacell MARY FRANCES SHURTLEFF ILY SPR On theur bulces the two Broelrsmuts arruve ust as the cloclf says 8 O5 Wuth theur haur lulce plumes streamung lheur red jackets gleamung Down the hall toward the chapel they duve Now they ve just a hall munute to spare As they plunge down the lubrary staur Round the doorway tuptoeuno liurtuve glances bestowung lhey both sluce un just un turre thus odd paur ,-f' A ugfttl-A W. ,, W gtg? C11 T H U P U Y ,s , ' , H, . un 4' I Y' L , L' , I l H I 4 E b I u E . Y f f 'A I . . Y D A l N T J R . f A "u ol if Q vs n llejef , lel ,cu ua ' I I g 'u .fur - U if 'iw l QI 4,925 7 ' Lf' ' l I I -I Ll - 'll lt 1 lf. fuu uliwk 52 HOME SWEET HOME A srcwy cow ccd For mcccr sccrtf such os foster costm cr cz rfwcn cht D or crfp on time creen ut crw Coy sfc,c fcr Q L sefslcn N N Feast. A bright Coy Ceres-ive gross gets cut we rest vw me sun or ploy Pcokev Tv .U .EE W f,n Elf, . Wh LOST CHILDREN Los' Ch Idren O ot oil' Con t you see Mr Moen wnth Mary ond Moy7 They oren t up In the our but who knows where they went Amd the Zoo they proynce for los chulorenx Moybe you o LO Chwcogo LO oe! lost b t the choperons otteh to thot sq: THE LAST DAY That Monday was just llke any other Loulsa awoke wlth a feellng of speclal aellght She looked happlly about the small, clean room that had been hers for flfteen years Thls world she knew had been good to her famlly as far as her memory stretched They llved together congenlally ln thelr neat cottage and lndustrlously tllled the soll for a Ilvlng Llfe had been llke that for years she thought and after such a long tlme lt could never change But Loulsa dld not remember those other cays back ln the chaos of the TIFSL war She could not read the meanlng of that tefflfled look ID her fathers eyes when one mentloned war She had never felt the pangs of hunger or desolatlon so why should she feel dlstressed on thls beautlful May mornlng7 As LOUISG and her brother sald thelr mornlng grace, other prayers ln other parts of the land were belng feverlshly sald ROdlOS and headllnes screamed forth the awful story of war The hateful fury and lnlustlce of war was crushlng down upon ILS lnnocent vlctlms WISE men shook thelr heads ln anxlety Across contlnents buzzed the news of the TUFIOUS onslaught The pastoral scene was calm The farmers went to work I0 the flelas so dear to them, the flelds that had been thelr support durlng the last peaceful decades The sun made ITS cally journey across the sky, smlllng down upon these slmple TOVIDQ folk My world IS brlght and lovely, ttought LOUISC The sunset had never been more beautlful It llghted up the horlzon wlth an unearthly plnk glow The dlstant church bells were peallng forth wlth heavenly tones when the peasant gurl stood IH the doorway calllng her brothers to supper Never had the scene been more dear to her The people of the vlllage returnlng from thelr cally task, too, seemed full of the joy of llfe and for an lnstant bowed thelr heads ID thanks There was nothlng SUQQGSLIDQ flnallty as Loulsa turned from gazlng at the peaceful scene She took a last look at her beloved flelas and hllls, and then went to the task of SGFVIDQ the supper That nlght the plcture changed abruptly and devastatlngly Swarms of huge, screclmlng allen planes roared over the coun try slde ln less than an hour they destroyed the work of weeks of patlent toll The whole scene was trans formed from one of peace to turmoll and mad confuslon Then the lnvaders marched ln and before thelr threat enlng advance the people fled llke frlghtened rabblts LOUISO felt the full lmpact of war l'ler once secure world was shaken IU a few hours She could no longer behold the famlllar scene Today ID a dlstant country she dreams of that peaceful GVGDIDQ ln her dear country and wonders lf lt wlll ever be the same agaln JOAN WILLIAMS 59 . L . . . . I . . . I . . i , , . . . t . . . L . . . I . . . . I . . .. . . -- . . . , . . . L . I . . I - THE DAYS L The aays ao reelIng by Come days were brIght wIth pleasure Qo rapIclv It seems Tho oh sorre seerned culled wIth paIn That all ol thIs was yestercoy ThIs page we ought to treasure Cr only In our drearrs To lIve thern o er agaIn 71 xl :II THE HOME STRETCH lam one ol thIrty hve gIrls lookIng expectantly forward to luhe 8 T942 our hIgh school gra ua ION day lt wIll be a joyous OCCOSIOU to look ba k on twelve years al learnIng and ye It wIll be a rIll sad As we prepare lor commencement exercIses a thousand tho ahts wIIl be rushIng thro gh our mInds thoughts ol lrIends ol teachers ol studIes, and ol good tlrnes Four long years ago we crossed the threshold ol a new IDS ItutIon ol learnIng VwarIlY We left home plate and cautIously started toward hrst base our freshman year We were lnghtened but we watched the players who had gone before us and wIth ccnhoence we a tacked our hrst bIg Iob Qur sophomore year Flew bv auIckly but we were conscIous now ol the reactIons ol other DlGY9VS all around us Somehmes a subIect was thrown too hard A lew players would droD ll before they lnad a chance to hnd out whether they could hold on or not 0 hers would grIr theIr teeth, mOYbe lumble a br but would catch on and hold on lor cear lIle These were the players we C1lWCJYS admIred the most also the players who Il happemng to let the ball go by, chased It down untIl It was ID tIneIr grasp and power Cur unIor year was scent on thIrd base whIle we looked came and wIth It the home stretch It was Impressecl on us tlat thIs pIece was the most Important bIt ol all, lor our lormer progress mIght be lorcotten but thIs bIt would always remaIn In the mInds ol the spectators ThIs was the last lap, and from It we would leave sheltered playIng helds to go out to make a place In the world lor ourselves That was why It was so Important to co everythIng well No one wanted to make home plate easIly lnat would lack a thrIll but no one wanted just to make It by the skIn ol her teeth Ttat would gIve us a oecIdealy shabby leelIng Qt all the Four years, we thInk the last stretch IS the best lor alter Tour years comes a wcncerlul leelung ol triumph Gnd a new world lIes thrIllIngly belore us FRANCES HERNDON l creamed about a sleepy town No twentIeth century bustlIng Where all was caIm and stIll But all was sleep and play lt lay along a rIver s bank lXo la n French or l-lIstory And was perched upon a hIll To whIle the urre away The people nere could sleep all aay l envIea all the reste lolk For they had naught o do TheIr vIllaae seemed lIke heaven No stuayIna or homework l-low lucky not to be arousea l!Vhen dInner ume was throuah At twenty rwnutes to seven My arear' was goIng splendIcIy TII on rry ears here el A clang whIch rrade my blooc r r cola l was the rIsIna belll fl BRCCKS N6 I T E M I I D .hl.fI' ti' 11 'Q' F. W . - d T r f f 3 . , . , . K L . 1 t I . I, " l A . l0fTQlfTQlY toward the players ahead ol us, and then studIed all the harder, Finally, our senior year Q I T V U ' l l . . I L - , -1 I V . I I I . , , V , . I . 4 I I 6 : 4 0 A . M . ' , l I I A fl l d . L , I I t , U .. 1 . l I m . 'll V :I l l 4925 Q CIM: XQQEM EDEEUEGGZGQGROSE X QQ, ff? A Ni 2 H i,EQgi xxnifsix x, 57 E ,ff'j k Li f J Y, xnxx L 6E?fQ ,X Q E ' Q52 IWW QQ Q Q 2 X da ?J Q Q , I js 4995 Q, Q Q Q C3 EEQQQQQ, Q fwov' w ,X x X g Q gy H+ Q We M was W' ffikqi i g? bwfggii is 1 , if Q Q Q 6 Q Q NWS? Q, X 7 QQ? 5 W 0522 5 fi' X Q1 Q1 L LW E We f'-Z 'MM NIQN Q IP fl EK i f Z l CJCIQ X ,-- am Qfxkg M 52:2 ,gsdff QQCZILJQE 139 4 if S36 Q'N 'E' 'ANSI -f QZQJLJ mid 0 m.JL31-33 s 0 L ! f X L U u Q XXI fX 'Trl f mf 4 '59 f x XM L flips' X22 aaicjl I M QQ QQ' 5 51 Q53 mx V Fii rx 61' A Q 3y I A ng Q w sm.: X6 gm N Q 5 5349! if Q EW QE QQ 3? gif ft? QHQIXDQ :ncaa X 1 gn I E 4-,4 Q FXHAH Q ll A3 ks X N , Ayr- -Vx Ej ?f 5 Fgv, l A-L W ,v z-1 mmf, Tgfmms. Z f LL 5 Li - ,Q i -2- -Jr f W + f ' of 2 X fl Q If L' " Qvesn Q N' f ", '.,. F " ' vf J Q, ,,. .- ' .fc 3 ' K N5 fwff' K' A P I CAL ' 1.1. .1 E X 'X X LET! i L .L 5:05 1 'iff' .L f' "W" 7- X ' X 1: Q X '11 'Y ,.fA-4:4 .-:L A . W - 'X H! 5 E . Y- I 2 YN F Y V Naam 4 'W lux - L - A M R5 5I':'f'J 5 2 . V :517ff'3 X HX E 2 R Q M "Qi Q 5 9 -, I x 5 f ffxw .N -5 , , L N 'ff' , - . - 5 K - if 'f ! if ,E-.2 M H Y 27'-Q 3 6 X ' f E' V C-1 2 2 222'1?"N. Q Q E 2 wg, K , 1:2 ' 5 V I 'gx-S ia N ad 9127 I Q x , , ' X f fv ' 'W ' , , 5 2 in 0 6 'Q xq 11 fb h fiylky 1- El, ff 'I , , - 'N A f if -QW T flvf 1 'W . Q I ffx T, 1 'X x W Vx 4 , Z if 1 Zi Q f ,, , . 1- 2 0 , xg ll' 0 mo 'Jil Z 1 sw A f N :ff N ,ff QQ 91 1? 6-, ir X lm ,E ip! mls2:q:,L,,.,,:5? nwgmm Y XS Q., I ML- ! QTLE "' f 1 2,Yv 0?ff 'f' Af fiil ii 45M 22 fmf0 22 1 fp :X Ui' V M - Q X , 9 f ffff X n - ul 'STL X, T ' Q, f Q Kgjg E N ,ff . f 1 N 5 ,, E mf g I.: 4,3 f ' -, , . , , - K "1 Hf gfnv Wwm lffw ,af Www in U M , - 5 V g X Q X :C Q X, Ai Nyxvf 3- Wo 'X fi! 7 r' I ' fl bv if! VK Q Q Z Q 'lik A ' 51 Y , " ' 1 m'f"gf-:f i 'X 5' 'IGB ' "T Lf' 5 5 Q 1 fx wi T Q XL-4 I XC G, x '- ?' ' ,1L:Y Y 4, y"N,,.u0 Q 1 g . , me' -. was E' S21 - iw' f H aw + X f gl " pk, U H HT ' ' ,' C Kgs 0. Q' " ff V f 'K 5 X Q f -5 M 55' --1 1 ef' qffq x J , . V i... I 44 I I I, fx X ,N Q I hx., X . X lkivfl ' ! ' fx' iff pf' fix 46 4 yd . ,V ' 7 K f ' ,fri YL W ,,. T '-11 Q 'I , ' ,K f 2525 2 Q 7 Q 9 QQ' K' il , H I ' 4 4 N 6 is f-T ?vf',r 4 V' L J K ' i Y f 6' ,..,w""' f-7 Q' F g . 77 4- x " ' -vi 'Q K '. , ngxgyidv ? 1 in f ,Z xii-+vM7 w 3 - 5' J ax 21" Q f x -' . 7 EQ ' .. " ' vQ'Q NXi ? Qig C i ,,wg w4 , . N.Q11f1a wfwf X,AQ +,1 f f-ffgA u v i1+ QQ lm' ,f X ' ' f 9123 " X' -f '- bi - f : SQ Q 3 ,f N . lx ,x B i X X 4 A : x X f f .wif-Y if , ' ' lv L Q. ' lx El 4 I , W X Y YVVASJ: n' Ar IG, ?'xL 2 wg n? X L ' ' y "" " Q. . 1 n Y :' A I QP :fr - ' 9 -' 17 Y k A V ff A 2 - ' w F' 1 ,J ,. g - X ...nv Q , N Lf U f 5 K IX f X 1' Ab 'E N R 5 J' K ga r'- J' .X-if , ggi 5 Q ff Z It you re lcnrttung lor a soldier lts a lchalcl hue B ul its lor a sal or hs a deep csrlc blue at s or a re ugee A green cardugan r If tt s lor ch: aren A very brrght tan --Q Ev rybody s ltnlttnng Everywhere Q z2 v n sl lt s only A sux nnch sqJa e Bu who IS lcnlttlng For the marines? WONG CNG need only enter our house o realize Mother s appreclatlon ol Chlnese art l'lowever one must really lcnow her to dlscover the hugh esteem rn which she holas the Chnnese people Mother decided that we must not only live among Chlnese tapestries and obyets d art but to add a hnal touch ol local color we must tave a Chtnese number one boy We thought It a mere whlm untul one Sunday mornung Mother aressed In a Chinese neglxgee causally announced Wong wall be here tomorrow When Wong arrived we chnldren gaped at hum IN silent awe A slnnster rsental llvlng an our hocsel Was he hlalng a daggerf? When he ansclosed hls sharp white teeth by a wlde smile we wondered ll he was thunlctng how good a meal we chubby chnldren would mal4e We slunlt out ol the lcltchen ID sem: terror But mother was jubilant a Chlnaman at last' We had rlce that nlght Wong lllced race so the whole lamlly ate rt twnce a day l"le lll4ed chlcl4en too Craclang and crunching chlclcen bones between has strong laws he csed to stand and chucltle at my granalather who was practncally tcothless l shall never say that the Chinese are not aamlrable people or excellent servants They are good and very honest Wong was as tune a man as anyone who has ever worlced lor us Wong was a gentleman but unfortunately a Chlnaman before a gentleman That was the Gll'lICUlfY ln China men loolf aown upon women who are the humble servants ol men Wong neglected Mother com pletely Ignored her l'le wanted on Dad attended hum as a slave would but Mother was a mere woman Wong lllced us children and we soon discovered that he lcept canay Instead ol daggers hidden In has poclcets l-le sponlecl us When the nurse was struct Wong would not spealc to her Trouble had risen belore between them because the hrst day he was with us he lnad aslfed her hovv old she was evidently not the thmg to aslc a middle aged old maudl A real Feud appeared though when she spanlced my lxttle sister That was cruell She had no rtaht to co lt he thought Wong refused to coolc lor the nurse Dad sand he must serve her or leave Wong replued The honor ol my ances tors does not permrt me to serve a woman so ruthless to the young Wong lelt and we haven t had a Chinese number one man since ISABELLE WELCH 58 K6 , V n I I ' .L L 4 ' Y I L i A ut' ' l , 1 r 'Q' ' 1 . , f 'll ' I L Y' YAQ 1 , O ' " 'Il I I Q - V' , , - - 1:-592792651 - ---5555 ' V ',,v, V H, f H, , - f E e , ' ' ' r . L , , , fr ' L . A . 5, .y R. P. A , , , , l . 1 . , . , V I l , . - . l I f f .,, ,, . . . . , . j . I ' I l . , . - . t. , . , . . l . I A ' I I . . I . . , I . I . . 4 L ' 1 1 , . . , . , V , . , . - . FATE lhe rroon was streamnng aown through our pnne The place was my porch the hour was heor ntne And ohnny and l were just snttnng there He mggzng nervously at has red ha r For he had come to me that nrgh he s td To tell me ol somethtng long ln hrs nead He couahed and he souttered he blushed and hen hell oown the porch steps and plumber' back a atn He s Come to propose l sand to myself Now at long las' l shall be all the shell' He s wanted a long tnme how long has It been Four years and sux months why thats a grea S n But that s over now, so why should l lrown lomorrow l ll be the tall4 ol the town My oear have you heard about Marlon Snovv She s caught ohnny Green the bankers son you l4novv Then someone would say that someone had satd That ohnny and l were destined to wed Qur weddung aay would be set lor une And Nuagora the spot For our honeymoon Though now seventeen would love the lun Gt shtntng the silver and dustung the chatrs Whnle l could spend hours prnnlcnng upstatrs l thought to mysell loo good to be true But lohn haa not spolcen, so l enoouraaed m to onnnv my dear you were about to say He replied lm to marry your slster Ga They say posltuon as everything an wants to be shoulderl ss s atless leg twisted humped baclc and hanche7 No one gk Cl2eslcetched by Marguery Byoee from o class project on posture D N9 - l J - ' f ' - ' t i I ' . 7 .t , ? J f ' f Y' l J And lad sister Gay, who seemed so young, V , ' - 1 J ht . All ' l, , , ------ Uh' F. H, " ' ' hte Who e , e . , - , ' l a j 7 'Q Q, ' U F'O"-'U M X6 J ff WYWWQ W X Q-.D 535 A 01:4 A Q J' A KK J Y N f i? f X Cf viii-'N S 7 XX 6 gf Q9 fx Q 'M W elf f ff W' U . F fu 1' V 'I N J 0,5 -Q Q. t 1 ,A jf I f is P. qi, MN H A A C.: l L 1 Q 1 I is f 1" ,bf ' 1 A , fs .' Q Hx X Q V"' ,AA A E , lg ff V if W 5 K Af -yu! A A fi S KQV A ' , Y as X I if f A Q . gg I 3553 1 J A j M f KJ "' ,: 1 FA 1 QV, ,mfmx CW' .LM E X X: X X I -A WN X 1 w l ,J LX Y' v X ' Nix X X sq ' 4 ' . it 5- Vf- CQ ,VX T ' A 51 ' f J A ' gr- .Q- K XX N xxugu XV A 4 fl ff X Xu' fx' xx f X D is L' THE CLASS WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1942 Vkfitnessesr Llncle Sam, Rose Q'Day Eettv Lou Firstenberger leaves the entire Mounted Service ol Culver M. A. to lean Ccols Mary Jane Frame leaves her charming hats to Lyn Qlsen. Carolyn lurner leaves her numerous phone calls lrom at home and alield to Shirley Peters. Janet Q'Donoghue leaves her athletic lrills and lurbelows to Carol Hammerstein, Carol IVanLanen leaves her interest, but only a part, in the Navy-Air corps-to any Und9fClCJSSmC1Vt e igible. Bonnie piclc leaves her singing voice to Deellee Schmidt-lfeep on trying Deeliee. Mary Wetzel leaves her Hbabyn haircut to Betty Wright. Mary Bertolero leaves her neat room to UBobby" Francisco, Frances Mims leaves her quaint drawl to anyone who can stay ott campus long enough to use it ettectively eanette Wieder leaves her Qreaon lndian leathers to Betty o Fralev to aod to her collection Una Corley leaves her studious nature to any underclassrran but oan t all rush up at once ean Salter leaves her dead plant to the biology class may they have better lucl4 with ntl uay Zimmerman leaves her mail trouble to whoever wants it Katherine Dryden leaves her still waters run deep nature to Sue Aslcin erry Lupori leaves her large brown eyes to anyone who can roll them with the same results C A Bevan leaves the merry twlnlcle in her eye to Margie Sweet Billstein leaves her extra poundage to Nancy ames B Winther leaves long legs to Barbara MacDonald Ann Callahan recommends stamp collecting to Alice Robertson as a quiet hobby Alma Lee Dahlberg leaves her Walt Disney imagination to Mary Frances Shurtlett Eleanor Fox leaves her French ability to Claire Wetzel lor lurther inlormatuon consult Miss Barbour Peggy Murbach leaves her petite voix to Roberta Fisher Barbara Meyerson leaves her curly hair to Frisl1y Broeksmit Nancy Steele leaves her pessimism to Mary Moen patty Gossner leaves her collection ol good graces to pat Realearn Frances l'lernoon leaves her lulsa warmth to Miss Burbanclc lor use ourirg the winter months Bernellyn ones leaves her interest in Culver to any optimistic underclassman Natalie lrippe wills her sentry duty to Anita Geiger and May Donaloson oan Williams leaves her bird lilce appetite to Birchy Broelcsmit Muriel Collins leaves her seat in senior Stuay l-lall to Frances McKay Isabelle Welch leaves her amiability to Ferry Hall to be aistributea as neecea Peggy Kircher leaves her social araces to the North Building Signed PATTY GQSSNFR PEGGY KlRCl-lFP lor the Class ol 49 ERSATZ 31211111.11 0111 1111111111011 1111 ll L11 1fx111 111 A111 110 110 f 1111111 1 1lf7 111i fc!! 1116 001111 1 171 1 lI1z11i 01 0111 111121111 XIII 1 flffffllzll 1071? 11110 11111111110 11111111 0 111112 1 1111 ffl x 1 tl bf'f07t' lt' 1' f0111 1111 lf 111 101 1 11111 111 fl zlll fl fill hw 1111 10 X1'0111!111 9 1 1 It fl 61 J . V , J I 1 , I - - I 1 i J A ' ' ' . J ' 1 . l 1 . . . . . . . 1 . , 1 l I ' ' 'P " ' .r ' 9 '11 1, 1: ft ' 5' '1' K1 - ' .-176. pzzpfr, 11111f1'11M1'1', 11111fi:1":'11 611111 10111 H1101 10 f1f1 1111 g1'11.f.v X310-14' Ilflfifv' 0111'f11111" 6111 llfllvf 11111101115 111.t1e11d. 1 ' g' .f 1" '1 'Mg ' " ' 'A ' "1 " lf 1 .to 0g1'.' .r K' '. gl' ig' AL I kg 1 'fc 1 f ' 1' if '- 1-1 tgjg-' I' V gr, 1 'D A '1' ' I . F lt I' iL'I1-U.. 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INIP JENSEN S BOOT SHOP 261 Market Square ON THE SHORES ol peautllul Lalce Michigan IS the emxnently Ideal place to stop whale vlsltung your daughter at Ferry l'lall It s close to everythnng ol Interest All transportatuon laculutles Splendid accommodations excellent food and only 39 minutes to the loop Reasonable rates HOTEL MORAINE ON THE LAKE Highland PGfl4,lllIf1OIS Telephone Hlghland Park 4444 00 BI: j Huy Vi:-ws pug -s 32 :1 133 to ilu- t Yi:-xxfoll p:1gLw2,4l, l3,45,-IT, Stotln- WETZEL 85 TURNER W, "ima,-xN.l1.x,lxn1.' CVUXIPI.. :N'r.' If 9 ir W A L G R E E N DRUG STORES DRUGS WITH A REPUTATION 296 E. Deerpath Ave. LAKE FOREST, ILL. P1one Lake Forest 740 COMPLIMENTS F R I E N D LAKE FOREST LAUNDRY COMPLIMENTS IRST NATIONA BANK OF LAKE FOREST 2 IPI4 OFFICERS Ix X I IJ XI X INN ICXI N1 1 KX Ihr Hu Member of Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatlon XIQI O F A OF O Ul'Ii IJII1I'X"I'HIiS i111'iIc-yml 10 IIFI' III11 I':11'iIiI11's11I' I I' 1 ANIQ I"111-xx ' V, I'II'l.XIJ . I , . . . 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'I' 11N1-1 LAKE FOREST JEWELRY STORE FERRY HALL JEWELRY GIFT JEWELRY NovELT1Es Repalr Work a Specialty CARL CRIST BAKERY Tea Cookles Fresh Chocolate Eclalrs Fresh Strawberry Tarts Danish Butter Coffee Cakes Chocolate Brownxes Telephone Lake Forest 23 720 N Western Ave LAKE FOREST ILL HELANDERS Radros Records Prlntlng Statlonery Lake Forest 204 648 N Western Avenue HERMAN R JAHNKE FLORIST llX llilxlcl N31 DEERPATH GARAGE AND SERVICE STATION Chevrolet Sales and Servxce THE LAKE FORESTER Prmters and Pubhshers Smce 1896 596 N Western Ave Phone Lake Forest 1800 WILLIS W GRIFFIS DRUG STORE FOUNTAIN SERVICE GARNETT S Ladles and Ch1ldren's Wear Lake Fores' Highland Park Glencoe X , V 1 I,,Xlil4I l4'UliliS'l', ll, , QUIS NI. 1" Ur IXRIG , lhww: l.,xRE l'11lRlfS'l' 1325 l,.xKl-1 lflblil-IS'I'. lI.l.IXllIs ' ' lhwxri l..KKl-ll'1HlilkN'l'5U 9 'lil'1l.l'Il'll wr: LN 'l'r31.1-:ru YI-1LN For All Good Goods Shop At COMMUNITY SERVICE Where Quahty Rules LAKE FOREST HIGHLAND PARK HUBBARD WOODS L F 1 D3 H P 4053 Wnnetka 380 Krafft s Drug Store THE BEST IN DRUG STORE MERCHANDISE WELLS 8a COPITHORNE COMPANY HARDWARE PAINT THE BEST IN Lake Forest Ill DRUG STORE Phone 92 93 SERVICE ..5mL .. i I O O ,. World Famous LAY KOLD AND GRASSTEX COURTS Permanent f N o Mamtenance Drrveways 1n Color 5915 Rogers Avenue CHICAGO Klldare 1600 HN GRI n REAL ESTATE Ionx GHIFFITH NI C LAKKIE F I HOFI-'uu.x , J O F F I T H , I C . LAKE I'onEs'r, ILL. KOEHNE STUDIOS DC OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR CLASS OF 1942 Stevens BL1lId1I1g 17 North State Street CHICAGO 1 lil-Lxlclwlcw 2780 pfawpimg We f94f,2 few 7aZe4 ROGERS PRIIINIITIING CCQDWIIIPAINIY DIXON ILLINOIS CHICAGO ILLINOIS If nqraz znqs by PONTIAC ENGRAVING CO Ch Q 111 D 'D K A .' 'lf ' 307 Frrst Street QQ8NortI1 LoSoIIe Street I , 2' 1 icra o, ino'

Suggestions in the Ferry Hall School - Ferry Tales Yearbook (Lake Forest, IL) collection:

Ferry Hall School - Ferry Tales Yearbook (Lake Forest, IL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Ferry Hall School - Ferry Tales Yearbook (Lake Forest, IL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Ferry Hall School - Ferry Tales Yearbook (Lake Forest, IL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Ferry Hall School - Ferry Tales Yearbook (Lake Forest, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 14

1942, pg 14

Ferry Hall School - Ferry Tales Yearbook (Lake Forest, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 66

1942, pg 66

Ferry Hall School - Ferry Tales Yearbook (Lake Forest, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 37

1942, pg 37

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