Ferris State University - Ferriscope Yearbook (Big Rapids, MI)

 - Class of 1923

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, K ' X . x 1 . NIAIN ENTRANCE I I. i il Q! I 1 4 l 1 w w N ii l IH 4 W iii ll I V V, M 4, Cv w W, M VI N 11: lil 12 X Q, -i f X- f ii' f Q sf: NL 5 Xu' X xx Q '89, LONG W AL ,e v- .,,, , 4, ' fr-'Q 'I p I .4 'I-nf ,L-5,529-' 0-5 , , . -fir ,:'.:i,.z6' NIITCIIELI, CREEK ,q '-A M. . If 4:0 'ij' ., 6 , f I kb , -, nf 1 '4Qf4j" Cid ' ' 4 -Rf 'A W 'JK' " -,. "' ' ' 'N f . 'z ' f ' Q iw.. M . W 1 . -Q if-' f- ,H '-.--, . . ' I ZA? Q 294 NN AIARSH M121.1.ow Pol NT How We Spread the News of the Election Nov. 8, 1922 Wie sprang all excited, rushed forth in a mass, Forgot book and pencil, forgot every classy "Good speed!" called the teachers, forgetting to frown, "Go spread the glad tidings throughout the whole town." To the house of our prexy we hastened away, Full eager were we the first tribute to payg Down street and down by-way, down alley and lane, XVC ran and we hastened thru mud and thru rain, Till at last we arrived at the Senators door. The rain had e'en joined in the gladsome uproarg And the speech that we heard from that front-porch, we claim Snrpasses by far that of Marion's fame. 6 r Q x Then cheering and shouting full eight hundred strong, We marched to the High School to augment the throng, Asked and were granted that school be dismissed, Did happier crowd ever else- where exist? VVith our ranks thus increased, and with joy manifest, j ll ? XVho might join in the joy of spreading that news? So we marched and we cheered till the coming of night, Tho' our garments were damp- ened, our spirits were light, And that march will remain in our memory for aye, How the news we proclaimed of that great 'lection day. H. N. A. Up slippery State Street we marched four abreast, Down 'Maple to Vx'zn'ren, down -- NVarren to Pine, Till the rear met the front of that unending lineg Matched on to the river, crossed' over the bridge, Nor, counted the act but a 5 great privilege. ,Mfho cared for the rain, or for two muddy shoes, Us Senatnr mnnhhrihge N. ZITerris nur presihent anh ahniser, me hehirate this hunk, ts express nur mlpnle-hearteh appreriatinn fm' the nener-enhing interest mhirh he takes in the welfare muh ahnanrement nf his stuhents aah memkinh in general -... 3-T75 5- - -- Y . ..W---W v.., -.. ,,- , ,..,, ,,,, - S 'film I '-le x . ge I I I I I I ,Iy If I, I I I 1 I I I I I N I I I I I I Il U. S. SENATOR XVoom:Rmmz N. FERRIS, President 9 sl-iI.1N K, Vim'-P1'v.vfdf1If 10 :Z 1 1 V i J r f 1 1 H A 1 X 'I Vi 1 V , el IR l S. TRfXX'IS, S'm'rz'fu1 11 Q'LnniPnt5 Gbpvning 011215525 1 1Hre1tvrnitiv5 Q'L1nh5 if 11111125 Ahuvr1i5ing :ij EE 5.4 Jiyz f 5 , an A f 5434, if Sq? V . fi? 'W ff, Q 114. -Q25 -f?f ' OLN IOH W. ROB VER HA LLOY . l . 'S 5 1 Crimson and Gold Staff OLNEY L. CRAFT JOHN P. FREETHY XV. T. HEIN ROBERT GOLTZ VERN E. DOAN HARRY PEARCE LLOYD BENNETT 923 Editor-in-Chief Assivt, Editor-in-Chief Business Mafzagcz' - Ad7fe'rt17sing M auager Literafy Editor Art Editor Joke Editor 13 FOREWQRD To all those Whose kindly interest has ever been with our school, to the Alumni, the Faculty, and the student body, we take pleasure in presenting our year-book, the l9Z3 Crimson and Gold, on Whose pages you will find a picture of Ferris Institute life for 1923. If We have painted an eternal picture of your friends and of your surroundings While a student here, and if that picture will ever be held as one of your dearest possessions in life, then this book ha's well fulfilled its purpose. The EDITORS. 14 QMXSSQS 1 f 74 ff' XX K ' ' H T' - . 1x.' . A N - I. xxx-ww 7 I-will A if ' T1 n ,W "K I Q, 1 , , 'H , E. Tu mx x. fjg X Ef 1 'V J In X ' - 2 .' ' - Zgpwlm 1 - - Lf. yilj, 1 - I. 1, T 1 ' ' W lf 11 f 1 U4 - 2 x , 1 lg r 11 . H ' 5 x k xxxmxw 2' ' w ise I: 1 1 - . 1' T ' ' b if 2 U15 4 , I ,A. ' - x X K 1' X . f , X f "' x Q Q. Y. X, N. I .- .fx v f , - - 1 D ., - -1 . Ji u ff , ff 'ff xx' '1 I 2 .1 If f I V YN , ' x -J j' ff! cliff' 'xg : K f X41 il ,. ll 4'f, ' iglf ,'Lxs'1X.,' 'Ei' ,I g .XA - . N- STK A X is-L gi ,X x F -V 1 X ,,, . gg . gk -X 15 Cu.xm,1zS CMcI,lsI.R lf.I'f"l'f'.Y.Vi0ll G. C. BAKER Physics FLORA BAESKE Pedagogy P. H. D. HOITSE English E. M. CLARK H isfory 1- L. W. BEARDSLEY Mathematics Workmen Ready to Our Tasks Called upon to undertake any new work, whether it be the shaping of material things into a product of commerce, or formulating ideas into expression as factors in life, any of us will turn unconsciously to the tools which we have most accustomed ourselves to use. Granting in any case our latent skill and our individual pride of workmanship, the product which we will deliver depends in no small measure upon the sufficiency of our tools and the condition in which they are kept. It has been our good fortune to accumulate during our school days an equip- ment of tools in the shape of observation, comparison, memory, judgment, vision, hope, inspiration and ambition, each useful in forming the materials of life into accomplishment. VVe have been trained and directed in the care and use of this equipment, to the end that we may stand ready as skilled workmen, unafraid of the task set before us. In justice to ourselves, and in credit to the master craftsmen who have led us so far, let us as we go forth to our work pledge ourselves to make the best use of our endowment, and to keep always at the highest level of attainment. Let us go forth alert, keen, interested, awake, prepared to live more and better as we live longer. Let us continue to read and listen and study. Let us hope and dream and pray. So living and thinking and acting, when we recall the days now glowing as the twilight and those coming days whose dawn we now but faintly see, shall we justify the efforts and the struggles which we have under- gone here and the thoroughness with which we have been instructed. i XV. C. N. 18 First Year College E-g-'g'-hd-'B'-,,,,,. Cl dai L. . 'V-N., K 'v L4 fduli isle liarrrr l-lous'roN ................... Alden De Molay, Y.M.C.A. "There are SIllllC5U-lllU'i leizoelc 'em cold XVILLIA M SHURTLEFF ....... Cross Village IETHEL OLs12N .................... Carney 'Class Treas., Eastern Star Club, U, P. Club, YNV.C.A. "R'ep1'00f on lier lips, but cz smile in lier eyes" N. B1liRRl'l'T JONES.. ............ Big Rapids Phi Epsilon Alpha, Masonic Club, Class Pres. First Term "'Pleus111'e and action make the lzours seem. short" XNIALLACE XVEBURG ............ South Haven Sigma Alpha Beta "He could netfer get ll girl" :DONALD Posi' ................. Bridgeman SIUNEY CONox'12R ........... . .... Flint N.D.H.D. "Quiet, rese1'1'ed and l1a11cls0n1u" Ross GUNYILLE .......... ......... C arney U. P. Club, Catholic Club, La Societe Francaise "Hail flze smiling Carney selzool teaelzcf' BURR COCHRAN ................. Muskegon Class Pres., Bible Class Editor Phi Epsilon Alpha "lfViz'li foo mzieli quicleuess ever to be t" it" XVM. GAAIQNER .................. La evicw HAROLD APILGREN. . .. .......... Big Rapids Class Editor, De Molay, Bible Class Editor "Red-and widely read" L. M. BILLMAN ........... ...... J ackson First Year College .-f""-'-'YY mlb, Li il' qi -51'k',5 .14--it 0 'ii . ,N 'f ' -- ' .. C' II As. L. LEWIS .................. .Vassar Sigma Alpha lleta. Masonic Club Notice-"Heads read" C. Chuck l'.I1wIN GALs'I'I:RER ........... Frankenmuth Y.M.C.A. "He could distinguish and divide a hair 'twurt south and southwest side" ELIZABETH SMITH ............ Big Rapids Class Secretary, Sigma Alpha Phi "She proves men liaw no nionopoly on. lII'tIlH.YU KUNO HAM IIIIERBERG ....... ...Carney U. P. Club Hllfvllffll his manly stride" Mus. KVM. SIIUIn'I.aIfIf ........ Cross Village ,lAY Sxoma .............. Shippenburg, Pa. Ass't. Class Editor, Debating, Sigma Alpha Beta ' "Long shall wi' sack his lilecnvss -Long in :'IIiII"' C. 'MILI'oN M151-:Its ........... Grand Rapids F. C. A. "Ho was a scholar" EIJBIUNIJ R,xNIJ.xI.L ............ .... I ilsit- lliasonie Club "He 'wears a coat of mail 'that noni' van pierce" C.x MILLE HJXBIBIERBERG . ............ Carney U. P. Club, Masonic Club "Her looks do argue her rvplete with modr'sly" l.I-:oN H. HLYBBIXRD ........... Columbia, La. Debating, Y.M.C.A. "Hooker T. l'lf'USl1ll1fll0lI, the second" l'l0VS'.XRD lillill N ................ Buchanan Orchestra, F. C. A., l-a Societe Francaise "lVilh all the rcquirvmeiils of bvauly" Hom I-:Ii B. l,ORlll'1"l' ........ . ........ Pontiac Sigma Alpha Beta "He sits high in all thi' fwofilfs l1t'l1l'l.YU First Year College , ' IAIN fx, IVIII V- I ,Z .S I fl v I ft r , . L ' x A X V S J to fi Y ,WF ' , X, . K3 Q x RALPH HODGKINSON . ..... .......... F lint F. C. A. "If at first you d0n't succeed, try another girl" ELMER G. SCHAIBERGER ........... Saginaw Phi Epsilon Alpha "An eighth 'ward politician" VERN E. DOAN .................. Bay City Lit. Editor Crimson and Gold "The Grandfatlzer of us alll' Ewmc A. Jon Nsox ............... Lansing I 21 RUSSELL A. D1xoN ...... Kansas City, Mo. F.C.A., Football "To labor is the lol of man below" JOHN LAPURKO ............. Trenton, N. J. Catholic Club, Y. M. C. A., Orchestra "'I have labored and with no little study" CHARLES BROADDUS ........ .Louisvillc, Ky. Debating "A man renowned for reparteen Seniors XMJWN K GN 1-gf - it ,ky N I 1 jlxcon F. SAVELA .................... Mass U. P. Club, F. C. A., La. Societe Francaise "Intelligence is found in Savelan ARTHUIK GRIFFIN... ...... Harbor Springs An example of: "IfVhen Kniglzfhood 'was in Flower" EIJXVARIJ ENIQIQL ............... .... U bly S.A.B., F.C.A. "Give me liberty or gizfe me death" JOH N ALEXAN DER ........... Crystal Falls "l ivlzislle and sing as I go, Often mistaken for Caruso" HIXliRY A. LIIEYICRING ................ Lucas Y.M.C.A. "Silence is golden" CLAUIII: Poms. ................... St. Johns "fl serious num, with a definite plan" X7ERN F. LARSON .......... .... lv Iancelona Y.M.C.A. BESSIE M. HILL ......... .... B ig Rapids F.C.A. "Very popular we must all agree" ARNOLD PENNER .................. Brimley U. P. Club, La Societe Francaise "Energy, anzbition, and pep personifedu HENRY N. PAULSON ............. Vllhitehall VVednesday night Debating Club, La Societe Francaise, S.A.B. "LVisdo1n is the highest aelzievenzezzt of man" JOHN O. PHILLIPS ............ Port Huron Y.M.C.A. "He gives forth an occasional witty 1'0'HlIll'ku RUTHANN SMITH .... ....Ionia "A smiling face and a elzarniing grace" 22 ' Seniors ,,.-v"""' L..,'il A L ,. ,,153.., :Vw ,Ka CARROLL G. PoRR1'l"f ............... Pontiac STANLEY H. RICHARDSON ............ Ubly ll N - A ., Masonic Club He wzlll sweep the cob-webs fiom the sky UAH Obstacles mn ba m,.NC0Hw,, XVILFRED F. SELLARS ............... Detroit RALPH HILPERT -----'------- Stanfmdf Ill- N , , I Class President, F.C..fX. His wealth Izes oerhead "A large bean in the jar of life" ALIILDRED Wnnowoon ...... R ....... Grandville ELLIS L' BQUGHNE-R6 ' """""' ' Snovcr "Some people have so much to bear, I NHL' is 1'i-Yfflg OH UIC' lUd0'f"' Of fflmfl' AMBROSE LAUNDRA ............... Saginaw Not so with me, I haveuft a care" n . . . ny "Smcerzty 15 a noble clzaracterzsfzc' BENJAMIN A. BOONSTRA -'--- - ----- Zeeland HODJIER S. LIEADS ............... Tecumseh La Societe Francaise "He burns the midfziglzi oil" 'f0h1 fjw ,,,e,-,fy twinkle in his eye" VVM. R. LOYD ........................ Flint Y.M.C.A., F.C.A. rr 1 I ' , u PEARL M. HLNIST ..... .Crediton, Ont., Can. M Wk 15 H10 5061 er of my success Life VVorkcrs Council, Pres. Y.W.C.A. ROSE TOWE ---------- Detroit Our Captain- Haut her eyes and ways "Kindness, cheerfulness and sympathy radi- commanav' ate from her co1mfe11ance" 23 A Seniors . -V Y ' " A AY !'A V. f ' V 311. ,f x ' amy, y-I, ,,., fi. 5' li :IH J- - L., 3 53 lqqk .Aw-x. -I-it .V-47-" A E21 .I l i . 5 5 1 LOUISE MCCAAIBRIDGE ............... Caral W M. BRADLEY .................. Muskegon "Wisdom and wit, shc's full of it" - "Slow and steady, ' ' But always ready" WM. U. HILL .................. Negaunce ' F I h NA man,-9 legs should be long enough HAZEL HALLA1xGER ................. ec fg reach fhg ground" Club, Y.XNl.C.A., A "Her smile, like IYZCI' work, reaches its goof' FRED NADEAU ..................... Detroit f ......... 'd ,,A good ,rely and fun of MPH MIMQR DE WITT .... Grand Rapx s "A 'man wilh a well-used brain, G1-:RTRUDE SUTTON ................. Ithaca S0"lf"l'l"!7 """'eI3' will almmn H ,Y-W-C-PM C. H. LEE ................. Philadelphia, Pa. A mazdeu ur whose eyes, . Fbotbau A world of syrnpathy lies" NHNC he is, On Nmap, YV' C' NIST!-E'--' --------- ---Grand RHDidS FRITCHIOF HAMMERBURG .......... Carney One case 'wherem the woman doesn't lzcrvc U P Club the last word' "He is not a brzrfc, -who bluslzes"' CMJ- JARRI-?I'r .-............. ....... D etroit JOHN I.. BRADIN ............... Big Rapids Lmfflh Und 'mf' '2f'0"ld laugh-Y with NON" "Ona who will acllicvc success" 24 Seniors fllf' u . - .ar -l V. a Jo,,,?fg--,,:v.,, , .3 , ,,,,-'.,,.::. q -- - -- --'.'.,,. -"'..-'v:g.::f"'llY.-1 -- GORDON VAN CAMP ...... . . .Pontiac D. S . N . "Fair the future slzznes before me" ED STAHL . . . . . . . . . . . .... ..... . Ann Arbor "A silver-tongned orator, we must all agree" W. E. JOHNSTON .... ..... XV. R. HEFFERON ......... ............ A da "The traits of an Irish-man cannot be concealed" L. N. MORRISON ................ Kalamazoo "A solemn youth, with sober phis, Who eats his grub, and minds his biz" FLORENCE SCHMIDT ................. Jenison "M0desly-a quality which I possess, but others know it not" EDGAR D. LEAVITT ......... Island Falls, Me. Pres. La Societe Francaise "Y, W. sandwiches-mn-m!"' MYR'fLE B. REAMES ................ Oscoda Y. W. C. A., F. C. A., La Societe Francaise "Her knowledge knows no bounds" WENIJALL FRIDAY ............ East Lansing "Better late than never" MRS. C. D. CROCKETT ............ Pittsford "Joy is mine that knows no measure" IRVING COOK ................... Middleton "He has brains, and he uses them" ANNA FISHER ............ .......... V iola "Full many a rose was born to blush unseen" Seniors fl , l r f.. , 1 A ,, ,V A ' , is , Q :. , fy. , , ,V ., M. W , , zine- Z-.if . 1 ,.e.-fx M fl -- ' , ' ' f .9 1 ' '1 Q. W ' f Y 4',,,...1w-"f fax ff-.ee 2 -f ff i K. J. NAGELKIRIC .................. Moline S. A. B., Xvednesday Night Debating Club, Y.M.C.A. "A living exailiple of what a man can do" IQAYMOND LAMB .................. Holland F.C.A. A "He has a good line-jzlist listen" KARL H. HURSHBURGER .......... Bannister Y.M.C.A., Life Workers Council, F.C.A. "Nothing can escape my eye" AUGUST SKARVI ................. Bessemer F. C. A., U. P. Club, Gamma Phi Sigma, Orchestra, Football, Baseball "All knowledge is not gained from books" HAROLD NIOSSNER ................. Detroit "In life's broad field of battle I'm a bean and will not rattle" E. L. MANN ..... . ............... St. Johns "A man in every respect" 26 EDITH MAC INTYRE ........... North Street "A sunny disposition we can well discern" JOHN LEINONEN ................. Hancock U. P. Club "Olz! bash-ful boy, where is thy joy?" L. J. VVORKMAN .............. Grand Ledge "His career, we are sure will not end at the P. I." J. B. S1MoNsON .................. Bancroft Masonic and Eastern Star Club "His voice is seldom heard" C. D. CROCKETT ........... e ....... Pittsford Masonic, Eastern Star Club "Industry leads to success" NE'Fl'IE SCHULERT ................. Detroit Y. VV. C. A., Life VVorkers Council, F. C. A. "A model pal-true as the skies are blue If there were only more like you" Seniors ar' i L is-f-c G Ll .:'pf'fef 3-M - AQ -2 H' . ,..- F., , V. 7- Q.,-fn. f W . all DELBER'f CONRAD ............ . . . . . .Lansing "Well, I'll have to see if my 'wife likes it first" CLARENCE BEECKER ............... .Saginaw "Ont Latin, 'where is tlzy sting?" A. G. DEGRAFF ............... Grand Rapids La Societe Francaise "His personality is remarkable" HELEN XVISCHMAN .............. Marlette "A maid so quiet, few were aware of her presence" A. ZABOROVVSKY ............... Racine, Wis. He makes use of his "Acres of Diamonds" DOROTHY TRU MAN ............ Big Rapids "Today is here, don't worry about tomorrow" VV. F. BARR ................. Grand Rapids De Molay "Life is surely worth living" E. B. SCHERMERHORN ............. Stanton S.A.B., NV.N.D.C., Y.'M.C.A. "Busy is my middle name" MARY VOGEL ................... Ludington Y.W.C.A., F.C.A. "A maiden modest but self-possessed" .Scottville CLARA DITTBIER .... . .......... Y.W.C.A. ' I "Perse'verance 'wins the race' LENVIS E. JUILLENET ....... Harbor Springs "A friend to all, Both great and small" Island CLARENCE BARBOUR . . ......... Lime U. P. Club, F. C. A., Catlholic Club "Will I ne'ver reach the height of my ambition?" Seniors iff" 'N-X. X., X . 'ZEN L X .25 avg! .E 3 V 3 A .-1.4 Qi I iii G . ,. u Y 1 . , . .. uw l , ,. ,.... ,V Y. 'rwM'0,::f,,fl ..,:i .I C. P. TITUS ..................... Hesperia "Ability to do things-we sec in Titus" R. CA1.x.ARn ..... . . ........ . ..... Lansing "My COIl'1'C'l'Sf1ll0I1S are ofttimes illfCl'l'1Lf7fCdU ARRON W num .................... Coloma "Don't do today what yon can do tomorrow" PAUL SINGLES ....................... Flint F.C.A., Y.M.C.A. "llc bears the responsibility of the 'world on his shoulders" 131.512 JOHNSON .......... . .... . . .... Rock U. P. Club, La Societe Francaise "S'wf'etness personified' linwm BooNs'rnA . ........ .... . ...Zeeland La Societe Francaise "A little nonsense is relished by the best of men" I'II2RMAN ARF .................... Danville F. C. A., Gamma Phi Sigma "Asking questions-a specialty" Miio OHR ....................... Monroe F.C.A., Y.M.C.A., Gamma Phi Sigma "All my soul o'e1'flows with pleasure" R. M. BROWN ................... Charlotte "This world is what we make it" DOROTHY POCH ................ Rogers City Hlllnclz 'wisdom oft goes 'with fewest wordsl' B. CooK ......................... Owosso "A girl, a girl! Mg' kingdom for a girl" OAKES A. WHITE ................ Retz, Va. F.C.A., Debating Club, B.C. "His eloquence is an outstanding factor" ,,. M-LT. . . ...-.-.. Seniors ff ,... ,W K in A, .m.L . .4' l 1' - : , ' If ,.... I " ' - 31 17' . -' 2 '- ..:.. ':" ' Hx ' f . 4- ' Q 57. "N "-- , f . .5 V. 4 1 3 . . 1 - '1 I 1 A ' . ,3'i.f'5:'??' ff ' N'1" A . . gl . my - .Q.. V I ' If 'i ig", S' K I . Y. A .N f , 2 - XQ ,R - , X," :K h Y , ' ' .i"j4,'::f5 X N j' ' 'Mm---' A-A , "'-5 x .V . I V F- 'fn-Q---K -vw A C ,F-my . fllfeliel- Qimffi .' 'UR ' ',-x., X - . - , .-s,':.a-.,.-i..fg-.-- -V , .. ' N-X-A+-1' ' l 2 W' ff " ' Y .1 , - 2 A . V' -,.'1w:w,' -ff, - -'5m:s-:f,,- " .' f 'Pl'-.'1i'.':'ff , f 5-4 . ' f"'L?""'4 ' ' '. .- A gf . - u - ff" . . , '11-u 'Z . ".-4.f75"' ,-, 'f'-. I . " ff' . -f Cf.-52151 ." I .V i,4 A 1 1' 2- Zy,2.14.f'f' 'Q - f . ny' R . .gf 3-f.i:f.,,,: 'W ",f-, k - R. ,L-w ,. ,.. f 3 V-E1 I A, ' X 7 K Y N:-f..f 2.1. 1, 5 . I QRS' t R ' ,ff 5 2-'sfqegf 37-X l haf V N' - fd 5 f -- 1 Y-Wi x, A 5' ffl, -' Q - ' k.."' ' ".1'.' 'K : fat., -,,, ' "" " 4- 1 ' 5 . 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DAVIS ....... ......... . .... f Xlpena XVAL'n21z SHELDON ...... ....... . . . .Alger "A good scout toitlzout a doubt" S.A.B., Y.M.C.A., lNl.N.D.C. ENRIQUE B. ETCHIZVES ..... Argentina, S. A. Catholic Club, F . C . A . "A perpc't11al gflll-fl1Ul'S Sheldon" BIERNICE CALKINS ........ .Cheboygan "Tall and handsonze isn't he?" Y'W-C'A" F'C'A' "Her mentality doth excel" JI-INNIE COAN .... ..... ....... I C ingston L ,, , I ' -XRIHLR LARSON ....... oma M. and E. S. Club F,C.A. 'ZA pleasing jolly tl'isfo.r1'tion has its CllUl'lllS,, "His eyas will help 'ZC,'lII a prize" i l 1 3 C i l t ..-wa Senior Class History ,In September, 1922, a group of intelligent-looking individuals presented themselves at the portals of the famous "Hall of Learning"-The Ferris Insti- tute. These personages enrolled in the College Preparatory Department, and they were destined to graduate from that department in June or August-they were the members of the Senior Class of '23. Many of the Seniors had, previously, frequented the realms of the institution and so were well aware of what the future had in store for them, those who had no idea were not to remain in the darkness for any length of time, for the chief instructor, a tall, grave, white-haired gentleman soon impressed upon their minds the fact that the F. I. motto was, "VVork or get out." 1 The majority of students settled down to their tasks with a heart for any fate and they soon met their fate, leave it to Miss Travis, Mr. Clark, Miss NleNerney, Mr. Cramer, etc. Under the yoke of these capable instructors they were guided 'along the rugged paths of knowledge without hesitation. Un September 12, Mr. Masselink called a meeting of all Seniors for the purpose of organization. The primary reasons for organizing the Seniors into a class body were as follows: l. To foster and promote a class spirit. 2. To pro- mote clean and wholesome entertainment for its members. 3. To create a greater interest in scholarship and to co-operate with the Ferris Institute. At the time when the Seniors enlisted in the ranks of knowledge-seekers, there were other mortals who did likewise--they were the Juniors. The Seniors, being a kind and sociable group, deemed it necessary to give a reception for the new and strange inmates. Ctlctober 6, the event took place. and it was de- clared by all-a decided successj A hue program was rendered, games were played, acquaintances were made and, oh! what a delicious lunch was served- fried cakes and punch. December l, "An All-School Party" was given by the benevolent Seniors. A hne time was the verdict of all who partook of the merriment. Vtfhat else could be expected? February 23, the Seniors were honored by a reception given by the juniors and were royally entertained by an excellent program and other features of hospitality. 30 1 Conscious of the fact that the close of the school year is drawing nigh and that our present step in education will soon be completed, we, the Seniors of the College Preparatory Department of '23 are beginning to realize how sad it will be to leave our many friends and instructors who have been so kind and dear to us during the past year, but we shall depart from this institution uplifted in mind and spirit with a firm foundation for other worth while enterprises. Furthermore, we wish to thank Mr. Ferris, Mr. Masselink and the faculty for their hearty co-operation in our work, knowing it is due largely to their assistance that we have reached one of the rising peaks of success. President ..... Vice-President .... Secretary . . . Treasurer .... Class Editor . . The Officers 1922 . . . .DONgXI,D SERRELI.. . . . . . . . .LYLE WELLS . . . . . . .BESSIE HILL . . . . . . .RALPH HII.lflE1l1' WALTER S1-IELDoN 31 1923 -RALPH H1LP1zRT Bizssnz ITIILL 3llLO Oni: lx, .l, N.XtIl2I.KlRlx l'AL'L S1Nc:L12s Juniors v .fqanzlsff ' ' ' l . . ' it , - '3'l FV ,Ll . ,-ff -w"'J-riff'-' iz. ,X , ',.,',.,-,H , , + ff' - ,J C.w1. UNlJbIlil'IIl.L ........ Phi Epsilon lfiuxic B0oNs'r1z.x hlmix SUNIJIERLIN .. linwix IQRAFT .. CLINTON Fiiaiiixu W. H. B.xR'l'l1i-:1.x,s. .. . . . . Grand Rapids Alpha . . . .Zeeland . . . . .Arnhcim . . . .Frankenmuth . . . . Rothlmerry . . . . Saginaw l I IQRYN Goxnvwimim ......... Grand lxapids Y. M . C .A. l.-11.L1.xN Hxiuus ......... .... X Vcllston F.C.A. C. ,ll NViNQU1s'r ................... Amasa Y.M.C.A., U. P. Club KARL S'l'll.l'2S .................... Dclton Sigma Alpha Beta, Y.M.G.A. S.-xnna Pmcocic ....... ......... G ullivcr Clxrriizizixiz Siaxifif ........ Damascus, Syria Y.XfV.C.1X. 'Tl A Al - Y Juniors L-,A-,,,.,,. GERTRUDE GEESEMAN .... ..... M c Bain IRVING HANSON .... ..... L akeview LQIARTIN' ROOSE ..... ...... A tlanta LA RUE LOWRY' " "" Brooklyn O. H. SIMPKINS ............. Norfolk, Va. BETTY BLAKE """ """ Am Arbor Football Y-Vl ' ' ' FRED HAWIXEN , S351 atche an JOSEPH A. HOMER ....... Brackenridge, Pa. ' - ............. c w , LAWRENCE A. SMITH ............... Byron CLARENCE CLINE . .. ..... Big Rapids Life Workers Council R. T. SCHUTT ..... .... G rand Rapids JOHN CATE ........................ Cedar 33 i l Juniors .. , wg I .-qi p, ff af' " f ,.ff-"iw ':,,.f2'A1:'7:Q.,yf1":-,, - I, ,. ,. . , ,. L, - RIARTHA E. F1Nm-:R ...... Menomomie, Wfis. Secretary of juniors, Y.VV.C.A,. Bible Class W. T. STICKLEY .................. Prescott Football, Sigma Alpha Bela ANNA TROPP ........ , ..... Berrien Springs F.C.A. VICTOR RANTA ......... ..... l 'alo, Minn. V. WooLMAN .... .... H ighlaml Park AILEEN DKVIGHT .... .... C lowers ALFRED EVANS ....Detroit Catholic Club JACOB VAN-XVYK ............ Grand Rapids Sigma Alpha Beta S. MAC. VICAR. ANGUS BELDING ..............Inwood, Ont. ..................Onaway Phi Epsilon Alpha VERNON GRAY ............ Muskogee, Okla. GUY FROST .' . . . . .Smyrna J uniors . ,,..- ,L- f Ci B31 lb ,L l 61 u ,,, , lf-31'--:gp gbfylrizff' .00-'-4 l . .Gav- S. SKRZYCHI ...................... Detroit Phi Epsilon Alpha H. S. H.xvp13N ..................... Detroit XV.xI:r12R SCHLICCIVI' ....... .... . Ann Arbor A F.C.A. J. A. F1'rzGERAI.u. . . .... Detroit Evr:RiQ'r'ri: HEIN I ................... Belding FCA., H.D.H.S. SIMON RUS'!il2I! .... . ..... Grand Rapids CLl1f1fol:n AIANGLIQSON .. Gamma Phi M.xRcz,xR15'1' l'I.'XR'l'XVlCK .. Lomax H. Me Doxoui.. ll1YR'l'I.IE XVALIJRON Minrrlx liomuifxx Cmifrorm O. BOZE w J M .. . . . . . . .Muskegon Sigma ' . . . . .Alger . . .... Vlloodville ... .NfVoodville . . . .Fremont . . . .Flint Juniors r,,,..- ,wr P abil: . G 'Q - 12" 3 A V ,,fff,.ff.N5g4,f-ff. P, l 1 A - L. SLEEPIQR ..................... Imlay City ' Enfzilm C,xRRU'rHERs ........... Ithaca, N. Y. Football, Gamma Phi Sigma, K. P. Club Phi Epsilon Alpha NV. H. BURLINGAME ............ Ann Arbor ROBERT CROVVELL ................ Onondaga Phi Epsilon Alpha Y.M.C.A. C. DIE X7ET ..................... FEIYCUC XYALFORD BEEN N ..... Skanee Catholic Club CHAS. ADAMS ..................... Detroit 'ELLEN BUCK "" "" A loha Y.M.C.A., L.W.C. ' ' ' ' Gitxlzvlizvlz WARIHEN ........... Pinconning GEORGE KENT """"""" "" A llegan Y.XV.C.A. F-C--'N ' RALPH INIICIIAIEL ......... South Bend, Ind. XTERNON HEDBURG ,,,,, ,,,, C hicago, Ill, 'gti-"..--.'.-'Tlfwtf f f -gr-fgpf -ff -- ,af-- ,M ix H A - +L A57 --h---4 V - H--1. . , .,,Y--. --,A-ii.-7- 36 Juniors Y . 1 , Q fin ,GV- ,rw RUSSELL PRYCE. .. ........... Ann Arbor Football, Jr. Class Treas., Pres. Masonic Club, Phi Epsilon Alpha, F. C. A. IRENI-1 SANFORD ...................... Flint HENRY BoCKs'rAHLEu. .... ...Traverse City Sigma Alpha Beta GERTRUDE SHELL .................. Spruce BEULAH RICKERD . . . ....... McMillan H.KRRY PEARCE ............ Sault Ste. Marie F.C.A. Hix1zoLD HJXIQVEY XIERONIKA SAKARMN SAUIE Roor ..... P. C. MARK ........ U. P. XVINIFRED Glzou... Glzixm' HERRING .... . . .Flint . . . .Smyrna Sault Ste. Marie ............McMillan Club . . .Brown City Baltimore, Md. -7- V, ,. Juniors 2 N , -5 .J MT., -a n :P ' , ' ,fs - . T. A. EBY .... JOHN' I. K1a'1'oL.x ........... Y.M.C.A., U. P. MRS. R. D. Buf.1.m' ......... . . . .Detroit . .... . . .Amasa Club . . . .Big Rapids RUTH SAFE .................... Ludington Y.XV.C.A. LLOYD Low RY . . ADEL1NE H,lLI. Y.W'.C. I. S. KENNPIIJY... . . .Brooklyn ....................Brimly A., Student's Council . . . .Smithers, B. C. J --S -- V 1 -Y.. Y.. ,WY l The Junior Class History On September 19th, the juniors were called together in Room 4 for the purpose of forming a class organization. Nominations for officers were made Eid the following .members were duly elected to manage the class affairs: Henry ockstahler, lresidentg Laurence Smith, Vice-president, Genevieve Warren, Secretary, Mr. DeVV1tt, Treasurer, and Angus Belding, Editor, The meeting being 116111, WC Were now no longer strangers to each other, for a class spirit had been born and with the spirit came that mysterious and un- explainable feeling of warmth and friendliness which grew out of a kindly thought that here in our midst were others like ourselves, all of whom were imbued with a burning desire for knowledge and culture that they might prepare themselves for a life of future usefulness in the world. Intelligence and character, the prime requisites in the quest for learning, stood out upon every countenance and spoke without the need of words, of the success that was sure to follow. These are not idle statementsg for the records of the school bear evidence that the enrolled members of the class stand, in every subject, high above those who have disdained to join it. The Seniors were not long in extending the hand of fellowship and welcome. On the evening of October 6th they entertained the class at a get-acquainted meet- ing in Orchestra Hall, and inspired the Juniors with their energetic spirit and warmth of friendliness. This occasion will ever be held by the junior class as one of the memorable events of school life at Ferris Institute. The 23rd of February following was marked by a. reception given for the Senior class. It was a very successful attempt to return the compliment of the Autumn before. The main speakers of the evening were F.. M. Clark, in his lecture on "The Value of Time," and Mr. Carlisle who delighted everyone with a series of his remarbably fine readings. Miss Hartwick's fine rendition of Paderewski's "Minuet," Mr. Johnson's humorous poem, followed by addresses from the two class presidents, Angus Belding of the juniors, and Ralph Hilpert of the Seniors, completed the program. The rest of the evening was given over.to dancing and, following that, a hnely prepared lunch was served. The entertain- ment was under the supervision of Martha Fender, George Rent and Jacob Van- Xvykyassisted by the newly elected class officers for the latter half of the school year. These are as follows: Angus Belding, P1'CS1Cl6l'ltj Sadie Root, Viceipresi- dent, Martha Fender, Secretary g Russell Pryce, Treasurer, and W. T. Strickley, Class Editor. , The motto of the Junior class of 1923 may be found in any one of the superb verses which are quoted here: "You will be what you will to beg Let failure find its false content In that poor world, 'environment, But spirit scorns it and is free. It masters time, it conquers spaceg It cows that boastful trickster, Chance, And bids the tyrant Circumstance Uncrown, and fill a servant's place. The human NYill, that force unseen, The offspring of a deathless Soul, Can hew a way to any goal, Though walls of granite intervene. Be not impatient in delay. But wait as one who understandsg Xvhen spirit rises and commands, The Gods are ready to obey." 39 - MARY MCNERNEY Language W. D. CRAMER M. A. JONES l'lm1'n1rIcy E. J. PARR Clzellzisfry Biology MILDRED TRAVIS 40 w Rhetoric, I.iferatu1'e Pharmacy Department ,,..m....,, R Y l e 1775" W Il! lllllili LG 45'-.f R. E. HODGES .... ...............Tecumsel1 'Rosin makes a violin bow slip" NIELVIN HART ..................... Jerome "Uf'l1at slzall I I. M. CUSHING.. Basketbal "He will have his XVALTER SMITH. . . do to be fClllIf0Il.Y?U .................Lansing l , F.C.A., U. P. way if it takes a dayu. . ............ Big Rapids CECIL ARCHER ................... Hesperia "Pharmacy in th F.C.A. e daytime and slzortlzaud at night" JEAN STEWART . ...... ...... .... G l adstone F.C.A., "He takes the air U. P. out of solutions with a pipette" -mf i M. SCHERMERHORN ...Bangor GLEN TRIESTRAM .............. Kalamazoo Class President, F.C.A. "lflf'lzy, man: Didu't you ever lzear of Kalamazoo celery?" ARTHUR CROSS ....................... Caro P.E.A. "CajQ'eine comes from cal-res" FRANK SHETTERLEY ............... Freeland F. C . A . Ulf you ean't keep your lzanrls of your lIClglZl70l' you had better put tlzem in your pocket" CHARLES NIYERS .............. Grand Rapids "He looks solemn as a deacon-but" I B. HOLES ...................... Hastings "He would like to revise the State Board" 41 Pharmacy Department L' Q. 4 ll - 1f"""""'l'i"s. ,J V. t ,. 1 1 I ls... fwfr..-rig.. ,. , .:.'::...-3.7: , W. C. HZALI. ...................... Alpena "I would if I vould but I crm't" CLARENCE Rlxu ............... NVest Branch K. of C., Gamma Phi Sigma ARTHUR H ILL ........... . ....... .... C oral De Molay, F.C.A. "H e thinks Rm' Beach. is a szmzmer resort" 13. G. CQUTHAN ............... Grand Rapids Football, Basket Ball KENNETH C. NOBLE ............. Vestaburg "A typical IIC-'Z,'U1lIPn W. J. BRAAMS15 ............... Coopersville F.C.A., Y.M.C.A. "A shark at figures" -Y .-- f- u HELEN N,EVARRE ......... . ..... VVyandotte "A man! A 11za1z.' My kingdom for a man." Fmzn RASMANN ............... Antigo, VV is. Catholic Club "iWork the perfect man., and behold the up right" O. C. KUIECK ............... Grand Rapids F.C.A., Basket Ball "An out-door sport" GLEN PIANDSHAXV ....... . ........ Mendon F.C.A. "A heart S1llClSIl'c'37'," XVALTER BERGMAN ............... Escanaba Y.M.C.A., U.P. 'lllasfer of I1-is f1l0llgllfSU B. F. VVASZEWSKI .................. Detroit "Ani artist. H e uses his lcachers for models" Pharmacy Department LL-.l ,LL ...,...i.D -ff' ' fn- f F. J. HENNING ............. Benton Harbor "M'asfcr of his thoughts" JOHN DU HABIICI. .... ...Grand Rapids W. E. A. MEHNER1' .............. Bay City "Surely, I shall be wiser in a yea1"' MRS. GEO. NEXXVELL ............... Caledonia "She helps Mr. Jones watch 'lVIr. Newell" GARDNER E. THQRNE ............... Lansing F.C.A. i'llIain.' smiling, deslrudliive, flattering man" MILES DAUGHEli'l'Y .......... Benton Harbor "The House of David put his town on the map" BENNIE GREENBURG ................ Vassar Basketball, Y.M.C.A., F.C.A. "D01z't tell me anything, I know it all" ALBERT ZUBER ............. Harbor Springs Basketball, Catholic Club "If tlzcre is any mail from Ann Arbor, its for 1110" H. S. OBERSIG ....................... Coral "lfVith imdaimtcd courage he sails the sea of knowledgei' K. F. SLAWSON .................. Greenville Editor "Oh gracious, wlzcre is my powder pug?" JOHN OLIVER . .................... Pontiac "Ah, yes! I t's rawther deep. Ba fave" CLAUDE BERGEVIN ............... Muskegon "Oh, Freiichy, F1'enchy" Pharmacy Department FJ. ' , x,f-"' f" ,fill li l l l fy' E. M. 1'IAL1fMAN ................... Fowler Catholic Club, F.C.A. "Hath laughter gone dead out of thee?" FRANCIS CHASE. . . . ................ Adrian "Just av kid, and, like all kids, kiddishu P. L. CURRIE ................ Harbor Beach "All great men are dead and I doift feel well myself" ALVIN LoRENz .................... DeWitt Y.M.C.A., F.C.A. "A very quiet boy fin cla-ssj NORBIAN BALL .................... Milford Vice-President "There is more money 111, the Bank" RALPH DE VRIES ............. Grand Rapids F.C.A., Catholic Club "What part of a hog does olive oil come?" "They raise that kind of hogs in Grand Rapidf' OSCAR CARLSON ................ Menominee U. P., F.C.A. "The boy who would be bad" GRACE COLLINS ................ .Frankfort "lfVe dohit know her very well, but we"d like to" BEN PIERCE .......... ...... ..... D o wagiac "He plays a wicked fiddle" GEORGE NENVELL . ................ Caledonia "He likes to slzozfel snow" IQENNETH LAKE ................. Petoskey Y.M.C.A., F.C.A. "He jllsl-Fflllll keep Mill" R. H. PITTS ..................... Rockford F.C.A. "Do1z.'t fell anybody that I'uI married" E v-l--l-----Y" 7 ' fda" ' ""'i-'-N--Y ff-1---m v--M F- --HT - iv- - W V .-......-7.77. Y-. .-.Win ,W Y.-- .- E- Pharmacy Department I - Y.. I,-ff ' .I.. 'v ' 1 -,tf -'5-257,4- 5 I5 fi l G u 4, -..:,,,,,, - . I if C:'igfVfff44r R if ' cr - S . . H 1 ' - --f 1 LIILTON BROXVN ................ Carsonvillc "To be or aol to lie, that is the question" BURDIS'1'l'E BROWN ............... Charlotte "ll'hy ean't the rest of you behave as well as I do?" L. C. BARBER ................... Rose City "III deep meditation mostly wrapped" H:kRRY HRXHN .......... - ....... St. Joseph "He lives in St. Joe because the House of Dowd is Ill Benton Harbor" I. C. DICKINSON ............... Carson City F. C. A., Catholic Club "I work eight hours? sleep eight hours? That leaves eight hours for love" T. A. GOODWIN ..... t ............... Ithaca "Don't shore so loud, you might woken ' your scat-mate" H. R. GEORGIA .................... St. Johns Masonic Club, F.C.A. "I douft let ladies interfere with my studies" I. L. BONSALL ......... . ......... Fenwick F.fC.A. "Blaster of his thoughts" GRANT FORRESTER ....... ........ F rankfort "He'd be a ladies' maui if he"d give theuia chance" HARLEY ,S MITH ............ Cedar V Springs EVELYN DICKINSON ......... Blissfield "You will have to show me" g HARVEY SICARD ................ Muskegon . Federal Board, C.C.A. "A yard wide and all wool?" Pharmacy Department l ,,.,.N-' Cl ffl , Wf'W'f'5i .. ,, z"I'J'f"3' '.'gv5.:-'.:-- -,A W .., 4 My ,Z -'Q . J I eww- f, 4 '. ffifgf t '- 3 J? ' if ,Q , . i s . X 039 , 0527, . M, I 1 .f t 1 af- , V 1 Iii ,- ,. A I x, 4 52, . le - 1 Y l l M,.,e nz, ,GA ,-,.., . CLARENCE CARP1aN'r1zR ......... . . . .Lansing F.C.A. "I ca1z't get along with girls" A. F. Goonwm ................ Carson City Masonic Club, F.C.A. "He may know if, but he never tells it" h'llLl"ORD PoR'rER ....... ...... ..... M i lford "I want some Barnzzm Dzoxideu N. J. HERRINGTON ................ Hastings "He would like to rerfise the Slate Board" H. B. GREEN ........ ......... ..... S a ginaw "A Toxicology shark" C. L. ROWE ..................... Big Rapids Federal Board Club, Federal Board Show troupe, Editor Pharmic Class "Tl1a1's pretty good" H. FORSBERG ................ N orth' Bradley "I d01L,f know, but there is sonzetlzing about the Shorthand Department that appeals to 1nc"' LLOYD SXVOGGER .............. Grand Rapids "I am going to start to study next week" P. D. HAYWARD ................. Hastings "Speech is great but silenee is greater." F. RocHoN ....................... Fowler Catholic Club "Illia Roclzon, you may sit down in front" LEO NAULT .................... Ishpeming U.P.Club, Catholic Club "WY B. is my fat'orite" RAY TURCOT1' .................... . "He hath leuowledge by the case Detroit Pharmacy Department . -if 'If'- i nfs- '-' T ITC gl u L-,"' 1 Y 4 I 4 Y A-ff" -, jonx J. Hocsxx... ..... Detroit liS'l'ER BANGHAM .................. Athens Louis CARRAHER ............... Ann Arbor "For Sale-One white mule" D. H. REYCRAFT .................. Petoskey "I have the face of a clzerzfb but the brains of an imp" GAILLARD DELL .................. Sand Lake "The sheep lzerder from Sand Lake" NVM. H. GARLAND ........... Iron Mountain Fed. Board, 'Masonic Club, F.C.A. "I like fast horses" Guo. SMITH ...................... Holland "I dare not leazemy post" Secretary and Treasurer "Life find her always llze same" CHARLES NEARBIAN .............. Escanaba Catholic, U. P. "1 am not so foolish as fo let studies infer- fere with my pleasure" VICTOR KRIEGER ............. Benton Harbor "He has good looks, good oozce, and good sense" CHESTER VVARNER ..... ........ . Shaftsburg F.C.A. "Pet him, girls, he won't bite" HARRISON BROOKS ................. Ithaca D. VV. Cox ....................... Pinckney "A lion among the ladies is a dangerous thing" N o Definite Aim No, worried sick was not the name. After a few exposures to definite ann. I had previously thought that education VVould decide one's right vocation. I hadn't attended F. I. many days NNhen I learned the error of my ways You who have had the same surprise Will know how to sympathize: My constant torment day andnight, N o definite aim-the Senator's right. Grown up with no definite aim, And nobody but myself to blame. Useless now to aspireto be, A President someday, or a Ford, maybe, Unless I cease drifting and make up my mind The key to the right thing could I but find. V If I knew, what I'd' do best on earth Ild surely pursue it, for all that it's worth. The solution had eluded me for many a day VVhen the Senator Cunconsciouslyj showed me t He chose for his topic one cold winter morn he way Arctic explorers and the hardships they've borne, And urged all present, whose tastes ran to seal To take up the burden for woe or for weal. This speech made a startling effect upon me. I have never attended a university, But can readily acquire a freezing degree, And for arctic explorers have great sympathy, If I must immorta-lize my name I'd much prefer a warm pathway to fame. Much glory and honor to those men is due Especially now, that they've given me my cueg But ruling out things that I just could not do, Not even if offered a million or two, I hope to arrive at my destination Via the process of elimination. I feel a hundred per cent lighter of heart Now that I've finally made a fair start, If I avoid all for which I'm not meant, Goodness only knows how the future'll be spent, It's a tremendous relief tho? just the same, For one so long without definite aim. ' A. E. R., 48 --hi -,-,,..,, ,... . ,.,-..,, ..i,.l..,. 1 i Pharmacy Class History SCf7fl'lIlIIf'l' 5.-School opened with the Pharmacy deparuncnt having a total enrollment of one hundred and twenty-six students, the largest in the history of the school. Sepiczizbvl' Il.-ClZ1SS was officially organized and the following officers were elected: lelwkin' XX'.x1.'ri-:ics . ,,,, Prqgidgm ,lonx Bun: ........... Yicc-President HELEN CLARK.. .... Secretary and Treasurer October 14.-I'TZlllOXVC,C11 dancing was given at Music llall. The decorations were orange and black crepe paper, ever-green, and cardboard skeletons. This was one of the most delightful parties ever held at the school. But how could it have been otherwise with a room full of Pharmics and Mr. and Mrs, M. A. -Innes for chaperons? Nowzazbci' 7.-Our President was elected to the United States Senate. Nowizzber 8.-The results were officially reported and at once the Pharmics began to lay plans for a suitable celebration. It started at the beginning of the afternoon session. All the Pharmacy students left their seats and started a parade throughout the building. All the different departments of the school joined in the line. The first objective was Xlr. Ferris' home. There our good gray President met the mob of happy students and gave them a short talk. The students gave the school yells and then proceeded to carry the town. A hurry up band was organized and mounted on an old discarded hook and ladder wagon and took the leading place in the parade. The celebration was kept up until a late hour at night. Nozfmzzbcz' 17.-This was the Pharmics day, the last day of sc-hool before the state board. Yells were given at morning exercises. In the evening a theater party was held followed by a smoker that was such a tremendous success that it lasted into the "wee sma" hours of the morning. 49 November 20.-Sixty-four students left for Grand Rapids to take the State Board examination. The largest number of F. I. Ph2l1'111iCS that CVC1' W1'0tC the state examination at one time. The result was that ninety-two per cent passed. Jamumfy I2-1923-Class was reorganized, and the following officers were elected : . ,. J - ,-r , GLENN lRl1as'rl:,x xi . . ------- l llbldillt Nomux l3.x1.I, .. .......... XQICC-P1'CS1ClC11t liS'l'lIliR l3,xNu11.Axxi .... , . .. Secretary and Treasurer fllllllflfy I6.-FOU1' short course students went to Grand Rapids to write the State Board examination. This group of F. T. Pharmics passed one hundred per cent. !a1zum'y 26.-The Pharmacy department gave an all school dancing party. The hall was trimmed in red and white crepe paper with skeleton and skull effects artistically arranged about the room. Mr. and Mrs. jones were the chaperons. Ma1'Clz 16.-The department gave a theater party and smoker in honor of those leaving on the following Monday to write the State Board examination. Ma1'clz 19.-Forty-six of our students left to write the March examination, we are hoping that they hold the one hundred per cent record. C1-IARLES L. Rowiz, Edifor. - ,W , p41 Y .- -..,,,,-,A . ,Hemi f A, -WYWLMQ- . vi In 0 ,TTT li-T H --T fin illllvmnriam Wfxvxii Picriziesox 'lihe community and student liody were shocked to learn that XYayne l'etei'son was killed hy an ofiieer on the evening of September 28, 1922. ln company with several students he attended the Fair in the evening, returning at 11 o'eloek. lYithout justification a group of a dozen students were attacked lay state and local ofiieers under the pretense that they were hurglars. To escape trouble nearly all the hoys ran. Two or three did not and told the omeers who they were. This did not stop pursuit of those who tied. The result was that Wayne Peterson was shot down in cold blood and died almost immediately. I-le was one of the finest young men in school, a member of the Pharmacy Department, a high sehool grad- uate and a Mason in good standing. He was quiet and reserved in disposition, a young man of high ideals. The students and faculty of the Ferris institute extend their sympathy to the parents and brother. 51 K. G. IMERRILL, Principal W. T. HEIN ACC01lI1f'i11'g Bookkccpiizg 5 ARLOA PENNOCK BEEN PENNOCK Tj'f78'ZUl"lf'i1lg Banking 52 1 5- Q o I K,x'r1c XV,x1Nw1z1G1 IT 01,1 NE Som-gygoy rrill. .N flllfflltllllf A101101 Offigg CLIVE CHLYRCH R' R' REED .SN1l01'HIl!11d l'v11l11u11.vl1ip H 33 .,. ,Mfr vw! --wa - ' Accountancy 'fp,,,..,,fR-f Y l e ll I ' V V I I X . ' 2 f f 1 f . X- io Vie, f .. , e 4. . - , -, pf A J" . It W-W2 - 2 JOHN FREETHY ........ 1 ......... Ishpeming Ed. Com'l. Teachers, Orchestra, Masonic Club, Football, Vice-Pres. K. of P's, Pres. U. P. Club, Vice-Pres. Class, Gamma Phi Sigma, Asst. Ed.-in-Chief of Year Book. "'Who is it that can read a woman?" I'lliNRY L. F,LZINGA....... ....... Ellsworth "Every man has Izzs devilish 7l'Li1l'llf6'Su CLIFFORD BECKLEY .................. Amble F.C.A., H.D.H.S. "Female f7'iCIlfl1Sl11.f7S are his greatest asset" DAN DILSWORTH ............... Sebewaing Sigma Alpha Beta, F.C.A., Baseball Banty "Iwi advance they taught us this way" FLOYD HANSON ................. Whitehall Banking Class Pres., F.C.A. "Let no women come within a mile of my house" ' JOHN W ESCH ................... Brooklyn Gamma Phi Sigma, Baseball "I believe in taking things as they come and making the best of them" EDWARD J. WHYMER ............... Owosso Catholic Club, Gamma Phi Sigma "Men make love-, Wovnievi make wives" LESTER COLBY ............... Traverse City "Class Mascot" RAYMOND SUBORA .............. Ludington Catholic Club KA man becomes famous because he has the proper stay? in him" CARL EMAN .................... Ishpeming U. P. Club, F.C.A. "A pretty girl and a true one for me" BER1' S. IMESON .................... Alpena Sigma Alpha Beta Porky "I think it should be this way" EDWIN I. MILLER ................ Negaunee Percy "Now look it here" Accountancy r, ich L1 uqi GF 755 Y I 1 ff' - .r GEORGE TUCK .............. . . .Milford TFHORNXVALD L. PETERSON .... .... C Rruyling "Class Joker" Xvhity "G 1, RAYMOND CHIMNER ............ Cheboygan 051 JU I . Red D. M. STUMP .................... Shepherd 111151 ffmf 506' llU'0U9ll flwf " 'Tis modesty that makes him .vevuz di-z-im"' R- D- BIELBY ---------------'---- L3-ke City L. V. HUNT ................. liaton Rapids U , Mason, Elk H "Hey, fellows, exeuse me, zvlzile I luke u Silence never makes blunvders sl1c1z.L," NV. L. THOMPSON. ........ Green Bay, NVis. HrXROLD G. GEIREN ............. Charlcvoix Commercial President F.C.A', Masonic Club "He loves the young and he loves old" Sleepy Eye fl fff it i , Il CARL J. RIDIHERING ............ Grand Rapids ll UH OO mm Id me see N ' C0I151d'ifY3f10I? 1 l , EARL HOWLAND ................... Lansing "Ylzeres no conszderatzon zu thzs' 0 F. T. VYAN EMs'rER ............... Bay City H. NV. ALXVI-IRY ..................... Milford Van HMXVOIIICII never did agree with me" "l'l"l1af is lllfll, I didn'l get it" .., 1 ii 111 11, 111 1 1 1 1 'Z . 1 1 H Accountancy 1 1 W , 1 1 'A' 1 11 1g ff 31 lt 11 11 51 11 11 fi 11 P 1 lil Lf. 1,,c2fLl1,1 1 in 11 11 1 if 3 1.-fii'5'.5'f?:, ' .-f " .N-'ggQQ."L,, ' " -F , - .ff-we .-"l"Q,,y--!:l1'.:f.3kp , ,.,.',af:.j' . I ' 1 '1 l 1 1 1 1 . . 1 LEONARD PRINSZE ............ Grand Rapids THoMAs BEAMISH ........... Traverse City 11 Phi Epsilon Alpha Federal Board Club, gl "True love is the price of Celia" "Is it permissible to do this?" FRANK W, FREEMAN ,,,,,,,,,,, Kalamazoo OLNEY .L. QRAFT1 ...... u ............ Owosso 1 F1-eckles Editor-in-Chief, Crimson and Gold ' "I haven't 'written that quiz yet" Gamma Phi Sigma I U 1 . "Shot wtth a 'w0mah's smile 1 CORNELL KOOPMAN ........... Grand Rapids HORACE DOMPHIRRE Neqalmee K Phi Epsilon Alpha . H D yi Vatllflb W'Uf3', all 15 'vamflv "How do you make that out?" HOWgXRD E, COLE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Battle Creek ARTHUR HALL .................... Cadillac 1 Judge Orchestra . ,, C' ,, 'lP61l171G1ZS1l-lf? instructor for Pace The law book I-have at home says and Page dawn .1 , DONALD McDo1E:ALlp.iQ..d. .... Cheboygan NORRIS G. TOWSLEY ............ Big Rapids '1 at QIC u Old Faithful i1 HAIV- Mffflll, heff? 18 OWU "This is the way they do it down home" 11 WALs'r1z1N C. Howigu, ,,,,,, ,...,..... C am PAUL I. WOLFE .......... Brownsville, Penn. 11 T9-fdy Commercial Editor ,1 "How does the book answer it?" "Just so if wears skirts" I1 1 1 1 ' ' ....-.-Z T' ' W ' ' -A, Y TLT? ' Li. .ii gil? 17 '.i-5 ' Y T3 44 ff 1-gg .4 --W-V ---fv----W - ---W Y-L--1.7 H 7 W I 56 Accountancy ,.,x ..-" fxwxg SQQ E556 -N - Q. Sigil r - ,. 'lfx 7 if V ...J 51" Y.. 'X Y ii ' f . - Rx ,Q dl uv - -: N V , sl-i - .Q--Q7 , Q 1,22 ' ' .7 if 6" ,' LDV' " '- -af L:-ig. T fm, fag- ' - ' ' f ' , - , " f i . 7-,Y f., . ,,.,, Q' i Y ig it . V 11L..?1:-- N ' .f-26' . il 5 1 ll .'- , . 'A-ifff. F it C ' f A ' fi .:. A 1 - ff' , 5 5 '.g:,4 4.-3-7 i 21.-r , , - V ttyl:-v,.?.'f' 1 7-vl'i7gg: 1- W- X ,iff . 1: -1, -' I ,l 73 " J- Cl ,f ' f .LH --A"-M-:1f'f' . " .i 4 .. . T., - I A . ' Aviv' ' Q.-.2 - 2- 1 .- . ff" ". -up .57 A -- -..-:-' . 'L 7 -g Q ,1 -A-' -ia, '-11, ' ' -- y , "Q" 1,-g.f,.,',-gre. '-f ...- - YP " u'f'-E54 gigs.. eff'-,.,, ,,wj'.qA" 1.21-gas" li . 1 .-"E-N'-'ffc-, :A iff?-1.'f'r'1 . ff ' 'rf - ,-.-f. .-,-- by .-gr:--.1 V , . 1..,l.. 3, , - 15,3 5 .51 A, .qgigyxr-Q, - Q , ,if .V i "kX?.:'-P ra-'fr-'L' ,5F'f:",ff ' ii' 1--4 N' El, L 1 ll , V ' :Ji ' 'J 331-"' -- ' ,af-, ,..'fvT'P'i ' ' .. 1""f'-'- 5 ' ' qr:."P 'ut'-' .Srl J- N - .',, ,V F-V -Aifju ' ':?f,-5.ff-A-gags' X , , f--55:3 ..f-I 1- 1. .1:ix,ff- - 1. ---K - .5 Q -2, I 4 4 3 Q" 'e'..'?fgf112',. fljiaff lfffblf 1 ,f j N W A -I-1:-,,-' 1. A ,Q -jf..-Q. QMS, vi. -1'-'V 2 ' 'K - ,I A . Q 1 1 lx. fl, .'--Q, ' Q 'ir or ...iii in 1. . . K .- . ' b Y . ,...:g5vt , 1 ' ' - ' -, dnl -0: "- 1 ,. f 'I . ,, .. -- " 4-xi: 'A ' , - , ' ,l x MJ- - ' '-1 ' ' "Af, if . ..,. X. -' L- .' Ti " i, Q J ,. K ,' v '1 ,f C f' YQ-,. ' . Xb . . .Jf . ew. E ROBJQRT GOLTZ .................. Big Rapid Advertising Editor, Debating Class, K. P. Club, De Molay Club, Plii Epsilon Alpha "Large bodies more slowly" XVILBIJQT L. JONES ............... XVolverine Debating class "Va1'iely puts the pep in living" NVM. DE GROW ....................... Flint Pres. Prof. Accountants, Fed. Board Club If ' Please remember, boys, I um. ci married man" Federal Board Club FAY VVOLVIZRTON ................ Big Rapids "lfV0rlc makes the wheel fum" Federal Board Club, Debating class "Just a real good mr" S EARL TILI MONS ................. Hartford PZEIL D. VAN HfXFTEN .......... Kalamazoo I1zv1NG Buuiiz ................ Grand Rapids Sigma Alpha Beta "I do1z't care cz bit for the girls here in F. I." Federal Board Club, K. P. Club "Jimi a moifzezzf, .Miz lllerrill, 'was that right C57 7 Accountancy Mid the constant grind of worldly business comes the ever increasing demand for further knowledge in the realm of higher accounting. Even as Caesar needed Gaul to make known' his mighty powers to the world, this new department is going to give the Ferris Institute a greater name among men. Its graduates will enter into the business affairs of the country and will be consumed as individuals into that abyss, but the effect of their influence will be felt in years to come by the school in the shape of a steady increase in -the phase of industrial learning. Already our graduates are making names for themselves and those who have come in contact with certain members of our class feel sure that we have others who will also be known outside their own circle. - ROBERT W. GOLTZ, Editor. 58 Commercial Teachers l Lf -fi-"JL ' "U" 5 M U 1 'ef G, 5 -f '--'-'A .-. ,. I W ., , A XVINIFRED Bl-:iff .... . .............. Merrill AGNES V. ANDERSON ........... Stambaugh F.C.A., Catholic Club H Debating Club, U- Club U --1 vzvanf o ,Hoo fowl, moo good owls" To know her once is to like her always GAIL JEWELL .......'...., ontl... S tantoo BERNICE BIZLITZ .................. Midland "lt matters not hott' long we lizfe, but how" "In manners is this maiden dignified, , ' , And on all o'easio can IJ relied" Ciao Gowmo .................... Midland L Hs 8 "Nothing e-z'er worries me" IVA DEWEY .......... ...... .... Ea s tjordan 1 V i , , Debating Club, Y.W.C.A. MARGERY Mbxcl'-R --'--'- " -"' Mamstlque "I have none other than a 'woman's reason" P1-:ARL OSTRCYl'H .................. Hastings BFXTRICE NFBFL Gladstone H M .. 1 f A,, .x . . .... ........ ..... In bww 0' at ' H0 ond U. P. Club, Masonic, Eastern Star Club STANLEY SM1'1'H ................ Big Rapids "All 'who may meet her, find in her a friend" "Calm, steady, and modest, is this ELEAYOR MODFN Pontiac 'I L .-...nuea--qnl g Club DOROTHY MAN-NHAN ------- -----'-- R 0dnCY "She never thinks for a momenft that she is Debating Club, Y.XN'.C.A. not attractive.0f f0"9Cf-S ffl, 100k "She ontshone ns all as to knowledge" as eharnlvly U5 1705511710 59 Commercial Teachers 1 GOLDIE BIZAUDRY .... ........... B runswick "Her idle lzours were spent in study" XVILDRIED GUY .................. Stambaugh U. P. Club VI-Ie lzatlz his slzare of wisdom" ALICE SXVANSON ........... ...Crystal Falls U. P. Club, F.C.A. LOUIS Moo'rIIAR'r ............. Cando, N. D. "Persevera11ee keeps lzonor bright" IVIABEL PHILLIPS ................... Holton "An enemy slze has noi, but a smile always" ANNA :KOSKI .................. Ishpeming Debating Club, U. P. Club "Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be elez'er" SABRA BARRILTT ....... ........... M idland Debating Club ".S'l1e fvnssesses a rlzarming j1ers0nality" LUCY liLIMISH ....... ........ ..Ewen Catholic Club, U. P. Club "I worked with patience wlzriclz means almost power' .AVIS INMAN ..................... Midland Eastern Star Club "If e'er she had an angry tlzonglzt, she spoke no angry word" ELIZABETH ROBINSON . . . . . . . . . . . . .Alanson "A lzard worker and a 'willing helper" VVILLIAM HILL ................. Big Rapids "He studies lziard and learns rapidly" CELIA LIANNING .............. VVhite Cloud Debating Club "'Tis noble -to be 'wise But nobler to be good" Y Commercial Teachers 'Q QQ 6 , . 5 - . ,ff-,' af" F' -' L I 4,416-f", ' I , 5 M K A 'l A ,sf',,.- .Q-4 "1 - I - ,.f::l RUTH INSELMAN . ............... Hesperia Debating Club ' U 'A good zvorfl and smile for all" CHRISTINA LARSEN ........... Beaver Island nCllCll'1ll strikes the lzearf, but merit wins the soul" .... .... .... AGNES E. ANDERSON ............. Negaunce Debating Club, U. P. Club "Here's to tlze girl alfzvays so sweet, llfriflz a smile and briglzf words for all slze may mee!" GERALD RoYS ..................... Jackson "Ajj1'airs by diligent labor only, fl1I'l'UL'u GENEVA PHILLIPS ................. Holton Debating Club i trQ'Il1Cf ways bespealc a modest mind" CLARICE FENDER ......... ........ C oral "lt zs suclz a serious llzing to be short" JEAN UNDERXNlOOD .............. ..Bad Axe "Alera is tlzy due, more than all can pay" NIERLE Sw.xNSoN ............... Slainbaugh U. P., Club, Debating Club 'KA daughter of the Gods, difzfinely fall, and mos! fliviuely fair" AGNES RASBIUSSEN . ....... .. ..... T1-ufant Debating Club "A genial dzlsposiliolz wins many f1'ie1zrls" MARGARET HEINZ ....... .......... r Xuburn Debating Club ' "lVIay her brilliaucy never fade" GEORGE STRICKLAND ...... Drummond Island Debating Club, U. P. Club "All the great men are dead, and I don't feel 'well myself" BEULAH MODEN ................... Pontiac Debating Club "Hang sorrow, care will kill a eat, Tl:-erefore le! as be merry" Banking ,i ' 1, We X . ,, A .-hr Ma ge l lr Y-1 -wifi" f-f.. , l XVILFREIJ NIYRMICL ............... Xklhitehall F.C.A. "He doesn't say mzlclz, buf when lze slorts in., j'01l',fl be surprised" STANLEY CHR1s'r1ANsoN ....... m .... Trufaut F.C.A. - "So much one man erm do flmz' does both net and known Oscmz HMB ................... Ann Arbor "He has fl slmjve lo win grace flzo he has no wil" IQENNETH H. BE'r'rs ........ ....... L ansing Class Editor "As proper a young num as ezfer slood upon slzoe leaIl1er" VVALTER BLANK ................. Reed City F.C.A., Football, Baseball "An eye lilee llfars-lo llzreaien and command" XVILLIAM LADNER ..... . ......... Big Rapids "The mold of a HIUl1'S future is in lzis owne l1m1ds" fXR'l'HUR MORSE .................. Hesperia "On 'their own merits rmoelesf men are dlllllrbu HELBIER I-IENDRICKSON .......... Gladstone 'i'l'Vl1e1'e 'ignorance is bliss 'tis folly to be be wise" GEORGE JMZEYERS ............ .... F remont F.C.A. 'fOf stature fall and slender frame, but firmly lem!" XVM. IQNUDSON ......... ... F.C.A. "But little noise is mmle lrv tlzose muelf' A. B. CAMPBELL... LEVI GEASLER ........... F.C.A. "An honest man is ilze nobles! work . Pontiac who do . Detroit . . .Lake of God" Banking .A ff "- 1 ' 'Ill 'Nm TZ""7 H5 Ar' ll JACK BAUSHKE ............. Benton Harbor Phi Epsilon Alpha "'Tis the mind lhaf wzakes the body rich" LYLE BINGHAM . ..............,.... Alamo "Nowhere so busy cz mau there was and yet he seemed busier than he was" EDWARD DIEIXIOND . . . , . . . .Alpena ELMER HAARALA ............... Ann Arbor U. P. Club "Your word is as good as the bank, sir" VERYLE MICK ........,........... Arcadia "Idle weeds are fast in growth" HAROLD MC GILL ................. Hesperia "He has a kind of honor which sets him off from other men" d4.r'.f 1. T , HAIiOI.lJ BELVILLE .................. Mesiclc "A flow of words is no proof of wisdom or wr! DOIIOTHY JACOBS ................... Ithaca "Begouc, dull care, lhou aud I shall :zowr agree" HAROLD HAHN . ......... ...Unionville F.C.A. "A hcarf to rcsolz'e, a head lo coufrirfc, and a hand lo I'.1'l'C'IllCU FLOSSIE WALLACE ................ Portland "There is such a charuz in melauclzoly, I would nor, if I could, be gay" D. SALO ..... ...Ncgaunee HA ROLD ICNA PP ..................... Evart "His fancy losf in jvleasaul dreams" . 65 Banking ,, , lly ll afwlhsiiw' ' , . ,' "+WC:f:f"'3. - 75? ll H A , , , N , 1 , JOHN K. Sxiwi-I ................... Addison x'VAL'l'IiR DEI-'RR ............ Rccdsrillc, NVis. AA Q 1 F 7 ' I ' ,.- 3 fl ' 'N '. ,J HONG wjlosl. WO,-k -was always done, me 7.05.1 liozeuu f0lf'llI0.Sl zu lln ICIIIICA of fun -nzusl relunin uu.vald" - ADALAIDE HUNT . . . . .Hllllnan PIARRY Cool: .................... .Grayling HOWARD KNAW l nl.. ..,, ,.-,,, ,,,,, E X ' art Gamma Phi Sigma "'A frimul -zvillz a free lzond, an open heart, and a ready smile" H. GILl3IilQ'l' ........................ Melvin "A sleluler young nuin, ilze latest model" P12'r13R M.xR1HUGH ......... Harbor Springs F.C.-'X. "lVise anduvlow, they .vtunzlfle fha! run foo A fax!" - TRACY MCCONKIE . . ......... Crystal F. O. GREEN ............. Sault Ste. Marie Gamma Phi Sigma, Baseball "A glass of fnslzion and tl mold of forma" "For my own part, I slzull be glad fo learn of noble men" IDORWIN I.ox'li . . .......... . . .Charlotte F.C.A. "Young fellolws will be young fellows" XYILLIAM A1'1.1aY .......... ...Alma De Molay Nlfnjoy life ere 'iris fled, for when you die, you'1'e al long time dead" LORA SEAMAN .................... Sumner "1 li-ve in the world 1'n1ln'r as a spectator of znunkizul than one of the species" , 'I Banking The Banking Course is one of the most important features of the Business Department of the Institute. The banks are maintained for the transaction of business with the business practice students and to give banking students a practical insight into the work of a modern bank. Large organizations never transact their entire business with one bank, therefore the Banking Department boasts three well organized banks, the Merchants, the College, and the Commercial. At one o'clock P. M. the students report for work. The familiar phrase of "Everyone up to the bar for roll-call" rings out, followed by "No defiance, please," if some student doesn't respond readily. The overseers or cashiers of the various offices respond to roll-call with a "Here" if everyone is present. "Ready for work" follows and the daily routine begins. Checks, notes, and drafts are brought to the banks by business practice students, for deposit, to be discounted, or left for collection, as the case may be. Each banking student has his duties assigned to him, so the work of entering the deposits and checks in the Individual Ledger, notes in the Loan and Discount Register, etc., proceeds very orderly. At one-forty-five, "Banks are closed, go ahead with your clearings" comes from the instructor. The daily General-journal trial balance is prepared by each bank, while the Clearing House report is made by one student for the three 'banks. Cashiers pay or receive on the clearings as in actual business. The cashis counted and a cash report turned in to the president. Occasionally the Deposit Ledger of a bank gets out of balance, or the Bills Discount Register fails to prove, and help is called in to get things right. But we are very willing to admit that we have a very able instructor and president who keeps close watch over his proteges, and does not let them get far out of the way before setting them right. O. L. C.-K. H. B. Bookkeeping 5' . Fd IH 1 .ei'ii9"t?'?'jJ' GEORGE PARDEEH? .............. Big Rapids ' Eu. H. BEHREND ............... Big Rapids X'M'C'A' "Aw, I forgot my books" "Lazy folks always 'work the hardest" CHARLES HIL'l' .................. Muskegon LAVVRENCE QUIGG ................. Trufant ffAsk he, .fo go ibifh me f0,,ig1,t'f "I wish .she'd write every day" ' A I FRENCH ..... Portland, Ore. BETTY LOWELL .. .............. Flint ' ' ' " "No, 1 ggyff go uvifkz SMH. fm S0,.,,yw "Desks were made to fmt your feet on" HAROLD BABCOCK ............... Big Rapids KENNETH CASE --'-------'--"" Houghton De Molay, Gamma Phi Sigma , De Molay, U- P- Club, F-C-A- "Myt best hours are spent among ladies" "This accomlrt is only sho", 32510001 THIEL P051- ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,-,,'-..... A 1 ma TLXLIEXANDER MCCAUI,EX' ......,.... St. James , "Don'l ask me" Catholic Club MYRTLE BADDER ..................... Ionia F f'Pf"m"fk if too dvd, for me to qmdersmudn Y,W,C,A. FRVVIN FISHER .............. Frankenmuth Aw, N014 'NGN -903' ff Wifi' fi01f'U"-Y" "I see where I burn the midnight oil" 66 , 3114... 1 Bookkeeping ,, 1 i,.'-"""' 1 x . i M'J,,.- I ' A f' , 'P 'S igff- fl U fi AT ' Q W 1 1 v-25" Y .. I-I.x1:oI.n Kimi .............,..... Faii'gx'ox'c lloxoxpxx CU'1'1.151: ......... .... I Dc XX'itt "T1mI'.v H01 lml'r1'. Lvl un' .vllmv you" IJ,P,S, . . . "I1'l I " 'I 'I' 5 'VII -?" H1-11.r:N XX1i111.1'1'z141-Z.. ............ Big Rapids M 'QOH I 'NWN M I Aynm f-1 K,-,-,f,,'y f,, 41,-4-.,,,,N" Rom':R'r FISHER ..................... Ithaca . ".Ul'. jlvrrill mils! llziuk I'n1 ri vlxivk-a-dee" RM' HARDING ................. Centerville h x Ulf he bf, H will ,jmwix U MU,-, RIARIII.-X joiixsox ................ Cadillac 9 F.C.A. . C. C. KING ................. Pittsfield, Ill. "l'm 1115 IJIOIIIIILST blond 11f'l'C', "C I ' ' ' I . . Gmc 0 ml 10' 1 mu 'H 'H 1'.A1xi,xLUCH'r .,................ Big Rapids RUTH M11.L1eR .................,. Manistcc "1 144571 1 had ff !!00d 1.011 -V0"1CU'hf"'f"' "MN 4'0"1Plf'-Vin" i-V 011-f011fff'f3' "f"""U1H DANIEI. D. L1N'1'1-:x1L"riI ............. Rodney KYRON O'CONNoR ............. Carson City HH hm I had me """"l1f-C MC" eff' Catholic Club D. C. TRUE ................. Rives Junction K "Hf'eIl, tlmllv Ihr way l'a' do ii" "Honor thy .Iouruals and 1.0dgcrs" Bookkeeping 1 -ax .f-""-"- F- x 9 Q " U 'W - QQ' V C f Q gill' v-,.,,. fy E 'i II' I G Q ,' 1' ,V . -' ' ,I H I h .-,.. 1- .V H' 1 "' I . f ..,-':.- ,,..7.L'o,,,4::.,-Z..-, ,.,, ,,,.-...JY. GEORGE W. WATSON .............. Pickford YINING VVILSON ................ Big Rapids "Still water runs deep" ,De Molay . ,, 'Start workmg-here comes Ferrzs DON MC GREGOR """"""""' Lake City CARL HUMPERT .. .................. Reese "That should balance-but it don't" Cathoyic Club 'W' le ' I ' 1' " E. A. SAVVDY ................... Grass Lake or is me Stag of my We Orchestra ODESSA DE LES QEQKIFIIERA .......... Vassar Got at done? Lemme see 1t" ff?-,lege typew,ritL,,,s'a7fL,nit big enoughi, JOHN DEVoSS ................... Falmouth RUTH In BUTTON ........ , '.-. Travel-Se Cify "I wonder if Mr. Hein 'was righf' Y.W.C.A. "I hope he wont call on me" JOHN F' SCHN1iEDEE'i. "" 1"'SchOHe1d' WIS' DTTO E. ANDERSON ................. Spruce N . at OIC Cub Public Speaking Club MS' kingdom fvf 0 ledger balance" "Laugh when you conf scowl when you emit" C. .C ................. ' . I HAQERF C1 b D P S Gfaylmg HERBERT BARNES ........... Thompsonv1lle " H , a OIC 'u' ' ' ' Y.M.C.A., F.'C.A. Im the bf'-Vt bdfkffball Player here" "Gosh, Pennock works us hard!" 68 Bookkeeping ggi ll l 6 'A ' .ri---gf-.,1 Y Jygjwp 1 . E ..-.-,Lf-- E . . . ,,..-,,.-,,.,. ,,. 31 H.-,.. - ,fa pf , -- ,.,-v:,-,,,..f-:a',o4f:,1W- ,w:,.,HuNw-- .-,,,, CELIA JOHNSON .... G .......... ' ..... Lansing EDNA Mgygkg ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thrgc Qaks Y:l.XV.C.A.,.Catholic Club, Gilmore Club Y,XV,C,A, I mul thmk of a word ,U wflff hm' "lVill one of you boyo show me how to JAMES ORDINGCA ............ Williamstown post Nm? tholic Club . , p , - . NDC as 1 Say, not as I don ISABELLE MuNRoY...w.C..A. ..... Llk RapidS PAUL HAAE .................... Ann Arbor "My hair 'worft fluff like it should" I dont know C TORVAL NIARTINSEN ........... Mcnomincc XVILFRED NELSON ............... Stambaugh Q U. P. Club STEPHEN HULKA ....... Muskegon Heights ".Mr. Pennoek is sure liberal about giving Federal Board us work" "I'Il tell what you want to know" C. B. 1fORGAN .................... Lansing L. S. DURAND .................... Republic K.H.P'S Catholic Club, U. P. Club "Seek and ye shall find" "That debit should be a fredii" FRANCIS HAYNAK ................ Clarence ELMER SANDBERG ................. Cadillac "This is easy if you only know how" "Don't bother me. 1,111 busy Iodayv 69 Bookkeeping ,,-f""""' ffl: l"l 'Ulf' 1 K I 'Und R55 R -if l fr ' f' ' rf "-' fm- - gf K. L. JOPKE .................... XN'hitchall XY. J. B.-mx!-:Y ................... Petoskey Gamma Phi Sigma Catholic Club "Who wants to .rec mc? IfVI1cre is she? "l'V7'Uf fffflf' 'NUS' I SFU N011 fill-Y C'7'f'?H R055 GXVILLIOMQ ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,., LICBai11 ESTER COULSON' ..................... Ionia "Gimme .rilcnrc 'cr gimme dL'UI'11H Y--XV-C-,A-, F-C-AW in "I zvondcr zf that s a dcbzf or a credzt GEORGIA I'IAYXVARD ......... South Boardman , Y.XV.C.A, Snr ROE ........................ Pickford "I 1 -f 1 -f fl' ' b f-" , F-.C-A ,, la 0 0 PM Us 05' H ' "Did .rho smile af yon, tool' VV. B. RETHERFORIJ .................... Fl' t FIC A m CHESTER LEBERMAN ...... ,.Mt. Vernon, Ill. N , ' ', , .. Mason, Federal Board, Orchestra Wzsh Pemmrh zcouldnt talk so ffm' ,fEw',yb0dJ,s out of mm, but may :HELEN AN'l'I1ONY . Ludingt0n ff - "" I ""' "" - , RALPH FORREQT .................. Rockford fill ' .- r ?' . ' . . ,, W1 3011 mfvlauz that ngazn. HI hw mn U fungi? of books CLARENCE IVICNMEARA .......... Manistique ALICE DELONG , .l.-...,-....-,... Hesperia U I, Cafhollc Club. U. P., Y.W.C.A.. F.C.A. N zll you be 1101110 fomorrofw mglzt then?" "If's1zinc ffclock, Gvorgv. Vozfd better go" --Y - -Q-- kI-LH1' 2 Wi' Y- -'.:1:g .1,: "fl '-E+'-...-."-i f 70 ...L.. ,......, ' L Salesmanship and Advertising r ,, l L,f"' l Liliifl f fi Wh leur .li G u 2-lnflxx l l .l. . lg l ' Y ' ' ' -' ' -f., 1 ,- if l ,lox-1 Moxcmuc ................... Bessemer R. F. Pmsoxs ........... ..Lansing U. P. Club, Liarnxna Phi Sigma 1:-C-A. C. C. Axmgusox ...................... Alba , - , V Gamma Phi Sigma, Baseball ll. j. SCHLRR ........... ..... S agmdu ,l. P. MA'1'T1ra ..................,.. Bessemer ROIYUVV RUGG'-E5 ----- 'BW Citi' Li. l'. Cluli IQIALITH Sxirxcmilz .................. Kenton WM, REILLY ................ Flint SCC. U. p. Club Gamma Pln bigma, Football HXZEL ARYOLD Bin Rflpids RoN,xLD L'IAXCHliS'I'ER ....,.. ..Lansing .-X. B. Rlzvxouls ................. Centerville lf- E- Dum'-E -'--'---- 1-' '- --'- Hudson Pres. .XClYCI'llSlI1gAZlllCl Sales De Molay, lx. 1'. 4 fl Salesmanship and Advertising ,- - fp' . ' , X . 'u , sg s - 3 wr- .f gf , T E I ,. , . . al. 15- J ' ' 4 -,Q Q. - .,,,, . 2. . A Q 4. cg , iff Q.. -1 - 1. h .. ,Q , , , I V V 4 t AQ- XA, y X N ' ' ,. .. 1: q"'u'5':"' 1595 fe jfyff, "lf, ,, C 'Xi fff? XL . alci -m x I " 'X if l X. X qv.-ef 'I Q, E V "-.XI N-ua. ...:.g.,--f,4:.. '- -g K 1 '-'A' f F Q' 'L ff 3 ' 1' fl - , fl I. ,w a ,-- . A ,N ry Y I M g 22. -,553-.gl f1.tI-.hxff :. X, l i 1 'T' '1f5f1' "":'..:Li:,gg , E.. f df -ff ' fvffiiin . 'i 5 Q 1 E I-' I . L+... E 9,4 ":13:.:a..4,4'ggj4,: -Q, x..,g:1a:rifWf , I ' ' I fav., -'fail W."-,E .V W.-. . . . 'M '1'L+-.11-"Q " -r "TQ-5-' Q 5 f 1 ,.,,-L. - d iffffflli f fiiffl- Q V . L f IC- T f ' " . T, 5 .5 .iq f 3 . .9 ,. ' ,L 'rr E -- Q. .A ' ' A A "2""" 5 ',. 1. , ,Env--1 -' A a a n 22 ' ' ' V . -51' 'Q 1 ""'," - 1' ' , ., M M 'J T ? I x4!"'i'7P-a:,gg-.1flfft"'4,Q1.f'ftf1'1Jr.1s!rG-. .' 1 E' W 1 ORVILLE JACOBS .. .... Snover GEO. LUNDQUIST ......... . . . . . . .Marquette K. P. Club, U. P. Club GARAEED FARSAKIAN. .. .... Cairo, Egypt VINAS MCGOWAN .. .... Sodus D. H. ROBERTSON ............ Grand Rapids Mason, K. P. LESTER ABRAMS. . . .... Big Rapids L. P. ELLIOTT .............. . . .Kenton U. P. Club 72 fi Commercial Department Balance Sheet as at September 4, 1923 :XSSETSI in l.I.-XlllI.lTllESZ Lnrls .. ............. .. 42 Bo 'S . ............ 121 5 Homesick students .. ,, 79 121 121 joU1aN,xL ENTRIES XVhen school work began to run smoothly, it became necessary to organize the department, so on September 20 a meeting was called to order and succeeding due formalities the following officers were elected: 5 XV. L. THOMPSON. .. ,,,,, P,-esidem RALPH Bl.-XRTIN .. ......... Vice-President ADALAIDE HUNT ...................... Secretary and Treasurer Almost a month passed before President Thompson tool: advantage of his new office, and then October 10 he called a meeting for the purpose of ascer- taining how many were interested in a Get-to-gether Party. Votes were unani- mously affirmative. Before adjournment the date of the party was announced for October 20, in the Music Hall. The party was full of surprises and prizes, games and dances, songs and music, and talks and recitations. Bob Goltz, the department's silver-tone, sang two selections, Mr. Hendrickson, accompanied by Miss VVeaver at the piano, presented violin solos, Mr. W. W. Knisley gave a short address, and Mr. Charles Carlisle recited a number of pleasing poems. All present enjoyed themselves immensely. A bill of thanks is here rendered to Messrs. Merrill, Hein, and Pennock who contributed so much toward the success of the first social gathering. On November 7, the president called a second meeting to order for the purpose of electing a new Vice President and Secretary and Treasurer, the former officers of those positions having left school. jack Freethy as Vice President, and Della Sincox as Secretary and Treasurer were chosen to fill the vacancies. A second party was given by the Commercials in the Music Hall in Decem- ber just before Christmas vacation. Over fifty-two couples attended, and during the intermission between dances each guest was presented with a toy which they drew from a grab-bag. Nigro's Orchestra, full of pep and harmony, kept the dancing Shoes moving regularly all evening. Mr. and Mrs, Merrill and Mr. and Mrs. Pennock administered Smiles and made certain that the entertainment functions prospered. 73 P Une of the greatest assets of the school term can at once be stated as the Christmas holiday vacations. Oh daddy! Nearly all the students tumbled shirts and collars or dresses into cases and hurried away to the "she" or "he" they could scarcely wait to see in the old home town. Many of the number who seemed to have secured adequate commercial instructions failed to return, but other new pursuers of knowledge nlled the vacant chairs and work waxed warm once more. Mr. Pennock spent his holiday period devising a new system of Business Practice for 1923 learners. The result was another asset to the department. His old method was completely torn apart and revised to such a degree that it is now much easier for the student to grasp the fundamentals than in the preceding arrangement. On January 16, the president called a third meeting to order for the election of a Secretary and Treasurer, the former having not returned to school after the holidays. :Xfter nominations, votes were cast and Agnes Rasmussen received the office. The Pace and l'ace classes congregated at the VVestern Hotel on January 25 to indulffe in a chicken dinner banc uet. Music talks and roasts furnished ab- G l Q , n , n c propriate entertainment for the occasion. A delicious evening was enjoyed by all from soup to tooth-picks. The best athletes in the school were products from the Commercial Depart- ment. VVhen foot-ball was in season the most important number were found to be commercials. The basket-ball team of the department holds the championship over all other departmental teams. Nearly all the sports and athletic work in the school are largely due to the efforts of Mr. Hein, coach of the football team and commercial instructor. However, there is one dehciency to the department in this field of playg it is Gieken's All-Star Five. The most serious, most dreaded of any occurrences during the year are final examinations of any kind in any subject. Examinations make ivys of oaks and lambs of lions. This is a manner of liability that happens too frequently and produces mournful, unsupplicated results. There is always a cram and a jam the night before and anxious expectations for an 85. During the month of February over lifty of the students were endowed with swelled heads, and consequently they were bedridden for eight days or more with what the doctor pronounced mumps. It was expressed by some of the victims that they never felt so great before. The capital of the Commercial Department may be realized as its students, for it is they who strengthen or weaken the assets and liabilities. The student that works is always the one who will carry away the greatest shares of education from the department. He who lags and loiters will seldom, if ever, discover a gain to his credit at the close of a school term. During this year the capital has been high, assets' invaluable, and liabilities below normal. In comparison to 'previous school years, 1922-23 is bound to produce a better crop of future busi- ness men and women than ever before. Approved by 4 Prepared by VV. L. THOMPSON, Pres. PAUL I. WOLFE JACK FREETHY, V.-Pres. AGNES RASMUSSEN, Sec, and Treas. 74 7 r Stenography .za O 1.37-1-, fl ll Q A l 1 l T7"'7 A ui' 1 RUTH JORDAN ............ . . .Lakeview Gmcla SMI'1"r1-:R .......... . . .Zeulami F.C.A. F.C..eX. "lf all her brains wm'c Jnonoy xllfd be thc' "It's three o'cloz'l.' in tht' morning, tuv":'v rirlzest 'wolnan a't lf. I." rode the whole night tlzronglf' HELEN CLOSE ...................... Linden IJOROTIIY PETFJQS ..................... llnrt "Slip had an intw'vst in the Pharnzic Dept." "He who scales, .vhall find" Hmmm BERN'rHixx, ........... Frankenmuth Micuux SANDS ...........,........ Cadillac F.C.A. F.C.A. ' T-ry, succeed, than try again' "Ronin zt'a.vn't nzazlc in a day, but .vanil- wrnm D. wise ............' ........ P eel: ' m"'m U" Vice-President Y.M.C..-X. DORIS BONZ ........... Onaway, Black Lake "Judging from the way he gvtx shorthand F.C.A., Y.XV.C.A. you would think his fatlzefs nanzc -was "The only 'way to have a fricna' is to ln' wiv" Clegg Linux WEEKS ................... Charlotte IDOROTIIY VVOOU ................... Athens Editor, Y.XX'.C.A. I "Advanced Theory is the stepping A "How pretty her bluylzvs arc" stone to ? ?" . NIYRTLE SAXVYER ............. Traverse City NIARION HUN'1' ................... Hesperia You shall be none the 'worst' 'tonzorrozz' for "fm looking for .YOHIl'0llL' I can't find being happy today" 75 1 f Stenography .4-150' 1'l 4.5-'S' i,f':f'e:f JA- 2 .." ' v-' .- ' " -'J' ',,.i"--"L -A -17 - -- 'H-gf: Y Qi A M Q NEVVELL NIORRIS ................. Charlotte ELLEN LAHTI ................... Negaunee "Business before pleasure, and girls F-C-A-i U- P- Club before boys" "The fruit derived from labor is the. . ' t .t ll l " MAY LALONDE .................. Petoskey 'mm' M of U P mmm H1 wish they would clumge the fgcwoy FLORENCE DELL ............, .... .... O z ark of lipstieksu , U- P- Club , t "I may be little, but I make myself heard, MARY RODGERS ............... Eaton Rapids T S H . ,H , ll - , ,, HOME MITH ................. arrisvi e 'Man 15 my 91 eaten trouble Pres. Shorthand Class, Y.'M.C.A. MARGUERITE VANHORN ......... Vanderbilt "His hair is one Cardinal 'Z'il'f1'lCU Y'W'C'A" F'C'A' VERA L. KIETZMAN ............. Big Rapids "Good nature andgood sense must F.C.A. wm' Yom "A quiet little girl with a quiet little way" IRENE MILLER ................. Carson City EDNA SCOTT . . I . Q . . I H ' ' ' t 1 1 . i .charlevoix 'I may be Small' but I can hold my Ownn "She needs no purse, her gold is in her hair" LILLIAN LAHTI ................. Nsegaunee AUSTIN BORDEAUX G n I . ' ' . ' n i 0 ' ' .Nmthpmt P. .Cluls Debating Club "Best she is liked, who as alike 'to all" "Born to unlock the secrets of the skies" 76 Stenography 1 iffff is ii? had 'l -c tl O '11 ff, 'R S?- Y k Qi I L .im-f I JUL .eq , fa, tr J ..-fc---.-. -1- MARIE THIESEN ............. . ...... Remus F.C.A., Catholic Club, Federal Board Show Troupe "'Tis on the stage zvhere she e.rcells" ELSIE SCHRUMPF ........... Pentwater "Fa-mt heart never won a sheik" VIOLA EPPLER ................... Petoskey l . . . . . 1 l "Her quiet look is quite deceiving" ELSA MACKELA ...................... Rock U. P. Club "With a little work you can get them" VIRGINIA MCWHIRK ......... ....... I thaca ff ' Her 'very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are" AGNES SMoKov1Tz ................. Vulcan Catholic Club, U. P. Club, F.C.A. "The brush is pretty but sometimes inconvenient" MARIE REED ............ Minneapolis, Minn. "It's hard to flirt when your dad is around" DORIS SVEVAD ....................... Flint "Like a lily she floats upon the river of his thoughts" NIYRTLE GRILINI ................. Ironwood Editor, U. P. Club, F.C.A. "Might I see Cupid's fiery shaft, quenched in the beams of 'watery moon, ere he spoils a good steno" CHARLOTTE MORROW ............. Perrinton Catholic Club "The bells are ringing for me and my man" GLADYS BURNS, . .............. Mt. Pleasant Catholic Club, F.C.A. ".S'tndious people age rapidly" BERNICE VVATERMAN ............... Athens "Deep in 'the realm of thought she lives" Stenography L H l 1 L.,-""' 'f ,,.L-1, .,..u -156135 A L-yu 91111.11 Y I Q . ' V 1 Win ...:G?Jf .Jf-A . -1 ' ' 1' M. RAY YVARE ................... Three Rivers "This is llze wrong 6ll'Ull'0l1lIlCl1l for o fellow lzke me" BIZATRICE CROSS . .............. Penconning "She has a smzle for Ci'Cl'y0lIL'u I ELIZABETH EXVER ........ ........ L ansing HELEN BIACNICAL ................ Hillman Masonic and Eastern Star, F.C.A. , "Smile and the world smiles with yozf, F.C.A. She says slze can be sereiozls-?" , KATE SAUNDE S ............. st' s V1oLE'r VVALCUTT ........ 5 .... ...Blanchard R F C A a mg llD6lUI"ll1lJlUll0Il issthe bestvmedicine for one NJ f ' 1 .-V, I who would succeed", Us U poor mmm' gl' RosE STAMM ....... . ........... Blanchard ETHEL TAYLOR """"""""' "'F1mt ' F.C.A.. 1 F-C-A- "Virtue has its own rewards" VIRGINIA BENNER .... ' . ..... '. . Q. .Bangor Eastern Star, F.C.A. A "Sober, but not serious" D. CAREY .................... ...... Flint "Like the bee we should make our iuduslry our amusement". . 78 "Make slzortlzand o pleasure" LUCILLE REMINGTON .......... Moorestown -A F.C.A. A . "There's someone I left behirld"' ESTHVER JOKELA .......,............. Rock EU. P. Club, F.C.A. "She's always in haste, but never in a hurry" Stenography f'. ,IT lag In lg-Nl ,lL', au 1 'lil ll Q "SNA l"'I Vx ll-l Ti -G H - Q.-.1-.,, Q . :5vu,1r5gw'Q ff,- . I... " ..--Ta. KLM. f 4 Y I ,Q , -xl REN NIILOR .......................... Flint Pres. Fall Term, Y.M.C.A. "I'm a good student wlzen tlzQere"s a lady in the ease" JXLLIE NIITCHELL ..... ........... N egaunee Y.VV.'C.A., F.C.A. "More studious girl we never found" LCIARIE KRUGER .................. Lakeview F. C. A. "lfVitlzout grudge or grumblings thou didst promise" , OPAL DEUEL ............ A .... . . .Watervliet F. C. A. "Is there a question she can't answer?" BERNICE RENO .................. McMillan "lfVhe1'e is my wandering boy?" DEBIA LADAWSON .............. Ellsworth "I miss 'him all tl1e time" IQUTH HUMPHREY .................. liwcn U. P. Club, Y.XX'.C.,X., l".C..X. 'fActions speak louder than 'Zd'U1'll.N", MERRILL D. BROCKIE ................ Lcslic Glce Club, F.C.A. "If the first wolft go, then ash anollzeru ANN DALBACK ................... Wainula "Intelligence increases mere jvlzysieal ability - one-half" FAY DICKERSON ...... ............ . Clilforcl "Fm not 'what you would fall fast" GERTRUDE ANDERSON ............ Pcmwalcr Masonic and Eastern Star Club, F.C.A. "lVhy aren't they all contented like ure?" GERTRUDE TOBIN ...,.............. Nabma "She strove, made head, gained ground upon the whole" Stenography l I.- .ef I Mgt! r ,f f' I f. fx, A-s-ff 'ef' -' ' "'L'."- ,.Y FORREST WEISLL ........ Z . ........ Monroe "'Chuch,' you sure delwer the goods" That's what she said" FLORA HUBERT .................. Gladstone U. P. Club, Catholic Club "Take me back to the old U. P." EVA GIBSON ..................... St. James Catholic Club "Quiet, but not idle" MARY BAUER .................... Kingsley Catholic Club "It's nice to be quiet" ELIZABETH NIATSON ............ Dollar Bay P U. P. Club, Y.W.C.A. "The freshness of the spring shines from her face, as the kindness from her heart" ETHEL DALZIEI, ................ Vancouver F C A Now Irn here, Im gotng to stay W V, fl. if I I 1 lfqfxh W 1 if .,,.v ., Vs- ' ,-:V -r',.,?. ' 5,4-1-:, . DORIS RASIIUSSEN .............. Big Rapids Senior Class "Seen, but not heard" RUTH NVALLER ............... Edwardsburg Presbyterian Club, F.C.A. "She has a heart zeitlz- room for every boy" JULIETTE HILL ..................... Ozark U. P. Club "She smiled, a 'wicked little smile" BERNAIJETTA RYAN ............. Big Rapids Catholic Club "Small, but full of pep" KATHRYN HINES ............... Big Rapids "She stoops to Conquer" HELENE LAFOILLE .............. Manistique F.C.A., Catholic Club, U. P. Club Frenchie, your eyes were made for a pm pose Om Mademozselle rr , I 1 ll , J 1 - I u ' ' ' 'I ' 1 Stenography 1,- 1 l,1, lg 1-T? l K, 'U 'MQ .xA-'4lIGS 1, 1 ls l J 3-,:',i",sT1'I'r'?.fL-' . ,. .tiff-'If',, .J.g, 'T' P' ' .f' ,-f".2.- 1,-.Q--"",,.,, jg ,F Ro13'1'. Ggluxr ........ 1 ........... - .Coleman H.XlifJLD ,lxcxsox .................. Remus Y.M.C..-X., XX cslcyan Gullcl Class Editor, lf,C,A, f'C101I',v 111 lux l11'11-:'1'11-Alla 1111111 twill: H11' "I fllllllk 1111z.' ix 1111- 111116 111 1111! 111 Hlyl' -zu111'11f ' l1'11-:'1'1111 l1l1111k" M.x111oN MoNTGox1E1u' ............. Stanton Euix RoC1q1.12x1.xx ............... l-al:cviuw "I tvislz I 21115 tl 'z'11111p" F,C,,'X , "A Iittl' bil of 11111111 111' 1 1111 tu vu ALXRTIIA CZAPRAX ................ Gaylord L ' jf UH t 1 U H' , Catholic Club, F.C..X. 1-1.11 P1cESCo'1"1' .................... l-an5ing Ar.g1I0I'fl10I1d 11d11's the .vjvivc of l1'f1"' "Cf11'ls 1111: lifcu '-z'1'l':'1'1',' tlzm' qv! 1111'l1l1'1' with K.xT111.11EN X'.XNZANDT ........ Birminglmzun "II 111111 1g1101'1111C1' IX blzm, 'tis folly to 111' 'zu1s1"' An.-x E. CoL'51NE1xL' ................ Alpena Catholic Club ".7lIc11 are like flotvcrs, I like 1110111 z.'l11'11 fl11'y'1'a f1'1'5l1" BERNICE C1x11111zE1.1. . ............. Fairgrove F.C.A. 1' ' ' ,U 'Enjoy today, f011101'1'011' 11-111 111'1'c1' 501116 11y1"' lJo11o'1'1112.x B.x1.1foL'11 ............... llacl ,Xxc F.C..X. "ll"l11'1'1' is 1113' l11x11:l1'f11l lfllllfn X1oL1x Pocx. ................ Rodgers Lny F.C..X. ",lf0c1'1'x!y 11111lcc.v IIS fllillk tl11'1'1' is .fr11111'- fhing Iliff' l11'111'11Il1 il" CHARLOTTE Fn,xNC1Sco ............ Cadillac "I 11111sf bc' C7 q11v1'11, for 1115' 1111111 is Ililllff' Sl Stenography ffl . .1 gl--4 ., U . .-:na r v ,q.fff,f-'+ ' W ,. , A Hn -H, V VA , I., 44af'.- ,f' f I.,-",.. ',-., -,6,cf, ,,., V , T , ,,,,k..,t-:Z-L .L CHRISTINA IQORSON. .. ......... Suttons Bay :XNNABELLE F1L141Ns .....,...... Chcsaning Catholic Club, F.C.A. "Be 'merry if you arc wise" IWARY VANDERHEIDE ............... Marion "Act well your part, there all flze lzozzor lies" LORETTA ALLEN .............. Harbor Beach "Tlzey're all out of step but Bill" DOROTHY NVALLER .............. Cheboygan "On 'the ballroom, floor .vlle is ll qzzcclzl' HOBIER J. XVARD ............... Cheboygan Catholic Club, F. I. Football Shorty "Every ilzclz n 111111L" IQENNETH BAKER ............... Big Rapids "lfVorle spells success" "Bright 5110 is and full of fun, llfaleing treo fricmlx io oll1cr's OJICU RALPH NVEBER .................. Kingsley ELEA NOR DOYLE ............. Cedar Springs "lfVlzo's flzc man in your story?" DORIS VVANINK ................ Lakeview . . .Bear Lake MARY LIARS H A LL ......... . F.C.A. Ulllisrlom socks fo linger wlzrrc' fair 111c1idc'11.v lzlec flzmf arc fllllllflv AON ES COMMON ................. Freeland "A merry soul -who all the 'way ls lmppy 11.5 fl SllIlI'llII'1',S clay" Stenography 11-F-"' U11 'lr r 1 ,f ' M ! VA -1 Fl? ,ll ' FH if' ' vp- 74 f vi' V 113 ,l- ' F-,1 1 Q Y" - iggqh 'J 1 ,I ,I ,Jill ' z V 7 I l 31 Q "'-' A .-Ig.. J.: Pwasfgh ' D A C11R1s'rINL: M1:1iL'sEN ......... Grand Haven PEARL SNYDER .. ...Orleans "I :cant to ask 50lllCbUd'j' S0llIt'flllIlgU , Y . .lOSl2l'IiINE 01101 . ................... CL-clar Rl.x1z'r11.x XXoj'1'.x5z,xK ..,. 4.1: .... Luclmgton Catholic Club, FICJX. C3.lll0llC Club, I'.L,.:X. NYG I U, I ., H.YL"I'1'l' took up f'1'i111pi11g, if just Ulllllt' ' ' H5 H0 "mn m't"mI .1X1:.x'1'11A CA1z1.S12x ..,..... .... l Jctruit Nl-lI.Lll-I MCC1"1'cH1aox ...... ...Munising F.C.A. ,L- P- UNI? , "lI'l1z1t food I srv, I l111111l1lv scvk In dn" "'l u1'11'd' 11 11'1111' J ' I - l . 1 1 V ' ' ...................... J: ' - 1-11115 lx. Rm11.11H' ........ XX est Toledo, O. H' Ir?'ILLH'R f . . U I 'HU ' ' ' Tlzcrc 15 110 10111115 111 I1 1' 1111103 X.M.C.A.. XX.X.lJ.C. J "Our :vim 111':'a1' !111'11c1? 111s Imflc, 11111 111111'1'l11'd si1'111yI1t ju1':u111'd" wr seek 11 , li1.1L.x1:1i'1'H M. C.x1z1e.... ..... Grand linpicla X1'r.xB1:1,L I-l,x1:11'x1,xN ............... Stamnm MLM, if Tim, ,H HMI? if-1 ,l - - - vu l . ll L .Sllflfffllllld 1115- -:'111'11!1011, 1111-11 III-X' 11:'111'11t11111 ' ' ' Orem CAIQTER .............. ........ C irzmt U- C Hll'l59"4Elf ------------ '- - ' ' - ' 'bflwycr "1ff?ffi.'1:fy ill ul! :uc do" 'C-1 f11'111 l1cl11':'v1' 111 juris' 83 Telegraphy . ff J .' Z - , if - 1 I-, - L, -f f WM '-- - 'F-4 ..-2 : f ' nf 'f - -1 12-r.--1 6 ,Full - ,,,- W, ,,. -dir, fa giglspl- 1-A M- V 1- J ' ,, yy' I l , .... , 7, . l 1 -'-,--1 - .QM T. -3 A . 1 ,niglgpiglfgis --V - .g.Q..-ia:--:--:asf-:ng- I-IBIIIIIIIIIIIII I--ll-llllhhlllIIIDIHICUI :HIllllglnlnsjlsgfsgfgdsp4 ll llnlxnluunln l-lllllllllllllllllllllll I,,,..n',,l::l.gl 31,1 -I :I--nnununnulilnl ll!luuulllilllullllihllll unnllglll l ::::::::::::5:E:: u1uninuuaunr:n:1!u::::::: ,1nll:::.nll!:'grIl -j------ asssssssssuezeeu f.'EL!...!e!ILLE9Jl!b!!ee:e::: ggillugfgglla' , la!---I FEEEEEEEEEEEEE M-M--'D mba" 1-D 4f ": :::::::.Ig:I 'nll'lInl laillgllnnnnl-nu 'l'j"" f II I nlI":Iglg 'Il ggi- --I IHHIIIQII-Ill-Il ., ,-- ,.. . 'll' n lll":I,,-:.' 1 - l--- -----, --ullllll, ,J-.. :g ARCH ,,u -gg -Eglg--. saaassf Nsisgssa ff 5 an--1 f-' -- fr-12:if"":: -"-La?" ' ' '- " ' " -'uf ::ra:.fZ:. ,qi-,fs-21: . nf., 29,-Af A-.::2!2:: u::::....:!f HF -1 -ff ll lp--.urq f vnu. g ,I nc,-1,--1: Illllll an ,,,. .f f.. , I- - :'f12a'2S'-2' fiafff: J ::::::: !!5'm'-Z::- pg- Zigi 1- 4' f ff f' 1- '-ff:f' ' '- .fffffZ.,P:11 J- 13,11 -- Lf .zQQ 1 zii.2aLxEl!llmE- 1:32-yuh 5 5 ll XXX, .-M-. vp .uu.-xmx-mx-xx'-A XuXYxXwx m N um mm-H on u K mu. I .f:i fJ ,' F W E' gfg Y 'T'-. '- j , 4 gi I ' -VJ! K 'P' .XQWII 4 ' ,, AX' TL' .WMJYW will , f . , -. ,L , .r ,V l 1 Inn, I. , 'fin s f, , , ?- . 1 . Z L,- . 3 7 .' .Ning-l..Igm5..a,,. QT-51, U, aim 1 ' 'T-L35- Y fifii rf' 1 gT3l1y'g.?q:f-v- .,., 3-iff., 'ig' - - N- - - -fa - 1 X 'f " -......,. '7 a LJQN ? -.f'f.p'5,yIl1 I ...- ::'j:jf ,191 "3 . 3-15--'57 Q fr-42 Dx .- 1- ,f -if f H, , ! 51 w iffy P, efw s i f if H, 1 ,., - :IJ -. . . :I T ,, .8 T g '-E-.fd1.f"-QW , - ---f- . , .-1- '- lil' 'Q '- A FUu'FledGE'6ferai0r - 'W' 84 Telegraphy J. B. Mcl7ERsoN A meeting of the telegraph and wireless students was called in October 1922, and the following officers were elected: President . .. Yice-President ..... Secretary-Treasurer . . . Editor ......... Assistant Editor ... . .. . . .. . The class held its annual party in November, 1922. . . ,S'1'r:x'1i Nomar Rlciiixkn 1lI'l'CllliLI. ....l2nN,x Pixssox ....Geomag CL'cL'1.i A. KLl'3IPlI ln january a meeting was called to elect class officers for the winter term with the following results: President .... ..,l2.x1:1, L. Clazxii-:Ns Yicc-President .. .... Gi-iokciz RL"rT.xN Secretary-Treasurer .. ,... linN.x PASSUN Editor .. .... R. A. KI.l,'MI'll Un April 16, 1923, the class financed a vaudeville show and gave an all-school dance. to raise money to cover the class expenses. The show was the first one of its kind in the school for some time and was a grand success. The maximum number of students in this class of 1922-1923 was forty-four. 85 Telegraphy r ' fl ll . all 25354 ,J ,ff q M " ff' ..--" uf, , , 54 lf Q Q -'M l .--ASW' . -- 15,-4. . - - . . .-J, i XVILLARD BAKER ............... ...Coloma "Ask lzim, he le1zozUs"' lflil'I'H LEHNER ...... .......... N ortli Star KITIIF class rut-1111" C. V. BIORRISSEY .......... Green Bay, XNis. "The bmzkcf' GEORGE RATTAN ......,...... . . .Alden Vice-President "Full of fvcff' NElL MCLAUGHLIN .......... .... lv IcBain "A I1-ard -zc'0rkcr" GLEN LAVENDER ................ Greenville "I-Iapfvy go Iufley lllIlHIf7S?U E. R. JOHNS ....,................ Cadillac "SZ'ld0m lmzraf' I EDNA PASSON .................... Fenwick Secretary-Treasurer "llf'f111fCz1': an CIIgClgCHlClIf Hug" R. A. KLUMPH .......,...... Grand Rapich Class Editor, Editor F. I. News "A willing llf'lf7l'I", PERL HOOIQEII .................. Perrinton "Lcf's cat!" HERBERT STEVENS ................ Manistec "Tim floss dude" LEQNARD BLANCHARD .........,.. Gould City "A good Iislmzcf' 55x Telegraphy I Lf-1, ,, ' 5 - JL f.- -QF' Qi, 1 I 'NG' z5+ gg , 4. .'. x ,dvi .- A 1 K M, C -,wh 7 T .bl . Eg, W3 -Q. FY 9 Va' wh 3' ,-. ,.4' ,T-- -',,'. , ELINO TALO .......... ..... . . .Nigauric "l3usl1f11l" JOEL GREINER .................... Nigauric "f1l1zvays fizzdmg fault" ROBERT KUBI'l'Z12li .................. Coburg "Tim vlaxs falkvrv EVA PEPPER ............... Bloomingmn I "H"l1vrv's Hookvr, li-z'aJ"' ROBERT HAYBARGER ......,.... Ontario, Ind. hCiI'U.'.Tj' 0'2'vr 'ZCOHICIIH EARL CLEMENS . .............. ...Alanscm President "AItz'ay5 SIIIIIIII-QU RICH .um lII'l'CllEI.1. ...... . NX'l1ilc Cloud ".S'0mv rvul .vl11f?"' I-IELEX HASTTNGS ....... , .... lircckcnridgc L7-I'j'iI1fj fu fm! tl umm" CH.xu1,1-is NEILSEN .......,...... l.uclingtfm "The :woman lmt.'r" Iimrlau Kxunsox ...... .... .... S I mrucc "A mmf of fczu fwfr ixxL'iZl'S'l' ERDMAX. .. . ..I1Lar Lake RAY BICCRIXIMUX .....,..... .... 1 Iarion "A HItII'l'i1'lf 1: lllll E i w L L 2 H. H. NICRO XVind and String Instruments COREY, KIEHN, LAPURKO, H.ALL, SHELDON, NICRO, Director, VVILHELMSEN, JEVVEL . CRANE, VVELLS, SKARVI, VVOLFE, LEBERMAN 88 1. II. III. IY. X- YI. YH. YIII. IX. 7' X. Events of Music Department Sept., 1922-July, 1923 Hx-:LEN XYE.-XXI-IR, 12111110 Concert-October S, 1922. I'II?1-1iN XVEAVIZR, Pianist CARL HENDIQICICSON, Yiolinist Concert-Dctolner 11, 1922 RHODERICK XVHITE, Violinist MRS. S'rAPLEs, Contralto MR. XXNDERSON, Accompanist Halloween Party-October 28, 1922. Piano Department. Thanksgiving Recital-NOV. 30, 1922 .Xdvanced students of Piano De- partment assisted by: CARL HENIJIZICIQSON, Yiolin I'IIEI.1iN XYIZAYEIQ, Piano Orchestra Concert-Dec. 10, 1922. H. I-I. NICRO, Director Vesper Recital-December 17, 1922. CARL IIENDRICKSON, Yiolin HELEN XYEAYER, Piano Xmas Party-December 22, 1922. All music students. Concert-January IS, 1923. KIONICA GRAHAM S'I'L'L'I'S, Soprano I XYALTIQR .ALLEN S'1'L'.LTs, Baritone HELEN XYEAYIZR, Accompanist Mothers' Day-February 6, 1923. Recital-February 10. 1923. Beginners and Intermediate stu- dents ot Piano Department. s Q9 XI. Valentine Partx'-Ifelnruarv 12, 1923 Piano Department. i XII. RecitalwMarc11 23, 1923. :Xclvanced students of Piano Ile partment assisted by Instru mental Trio. H. H. NICRO, Yiolin .eX. I'I.XLl., Violin .-X. SIQARVI, Clarinet HELEN XYIZAYER, Piano XIII. Recital-.-Xpril 21, 1923. .XLICIZ 1JoN1-EY, Pianist fl'upil of H. XX'eax'erj XIV. Recital and winding of the May Pole-f May 5, 1923. Beginners and Intermediate stu dents of Piano Ilepartment. XY. Party-May 18, 1923. Piano llepartment. XYI. Final Recitals: ,lune 14. 1923-Beginners and In termecliate pupils of Piano De partment. b Q of Piano Department. XYII. Basket Picnic-,lune 23, 1923. Piano Department. String and XX'ind Department. lune 15. 1923-,-Xdvanced pupils A FAM 1r.mR Swm M 90 zu Ln," fvnvii i A , 955 .I 7 7 If I f , fx ,Z Q ':. X QD 5 C55 60 1 f 51" ,a 4' fr A 1 X .'. i x W X KVXVQQ Nu X 9 69 ,N :JJ C P 91 Phi Epsilon Alpha H1s'rORv AND PURPOSE U This fraternity was Organized in October, 1921, and although it is the youngest Of the F. I. social Organizations, it has grown -rapidly and now embraces an active membership Of thirty, to which it is limited by charter. The Organizers, or charter members, consisted of seven young men, acknowledged to be leaders at school in scholarship as well as in social functions. The fraternity now enjoys a very enviable reputation amongst the Institute Organ- izations, and the members work conscientiously to keep the club reputation favorable. Quality and not quantity has been the motto Of the members, and by that is meant scholar- ship as well as personal conduct. None of the seven charter members are left at school, but are out in the wide world, win- ning successes along with about thirty other alumni members. Some are in business, others are continuing their studies in institutions of higher education, but, without exception, they all keep in touch with the frat of their prep-school days. Meetings are held weekly, at which 1'arliamentary drill is closely Observed, this being an excellent training for all. After the business meetings, a short social time is held, giving the members an opportunity to relax and become more intimately acquainted. lnitiations are held at intervals of three Or four weeks, and P. E. A. tries hard to be original in all its phases of initiating the so-called "scums." The purpose of this fraternity is, first, to promote brotherly love and friendship more closely than is possible at school, alone, where all is business, and second, to create a higher standing in studies, as has been mentioned before. To belong to an organization such as this seems to be an incentive to the members to do better work in school, lead better lives and to be successful when they finally get Out into life for themselves. It is not necessary to elaborate On the social life Of the club, except to say that occa- sionally a large function is held, together with numerous smaller Ones. Several banquets and parties have been held during the past year, and, in the near future, there will be a few more functions ever to be remembered by those attending. At the annual Xmas banquet, held at the VVestern Hotel, the success of which far exceeded the fondest hopes of the committee in charge, Hon. A. A. W'OrcestOr was made an honorary member. Mr. NYOr- cestor sets a splendid example for the younger members to follow. During the first part of January, a sleighride party was held at Clear Lake, at which a splendid time was had by all. These affairs all tend to break the monotony of school life, yet are not harmful to the Orig- inal purpose of the boys in coming to Ferris Institute. I ALUMNI MEMBERS R. MARK .......... .... H arbor Beach A. BJORKMAN .. ...Detroit A. GOTTSCHALK ...... Pontiac K. KIRBY .... .... A shley A. EMORY ....... ....... C hieago H JOHNSON . . .. .Detroti C. NIONTEY ........ Caro E. Drxiicic ...., ...... D etroit H. CRISSMAN .. ...... .Utica E. R. DYER ..... ........ D etroit F. AKERS ..... ...VVabash, lnd. H. lqORTLANDER .... ...Grand Rapids M. MILLER .... ...... B ay City E. ROBEl2'l'S .... ...Grand Haven L. MALCHO .. ...... Detroit S. PATTERSON.. ....... Grand Ledge L. VISSCHER ...... Jackson R. NLEYERS .,........... Allegan B. DOW ...... ........ D etroit S. BLACK ...... Niagara Falls, N. Y. D. MEIER ..... ...Grand Ledge G. RATHDURN .... ......... G rand Ledge K. EDWARDS. . . . . .NOrfolk, Va. M. GUNSELI. ..... ............ . . . .Caro C. RIDDELL ..... ........ H art H. KADWALLADER .... .... G rand Rapids B. PARDEE ..... .... P Ontiae T. TXTCDONALD ..... ...Highland Park N. FURSTENBURG .... Saginaw E. SCHAIDEROER ....... Saginaw Phi Epsilon Alpha Active Blembers I. I. DuHamel, Grand Rapids, XV. Furstenburg, Saginaw, S. S. Krzyski, Detroit, U. XVoolman, Detroit: B. Cochrane, Muskegon, E. F. Carruthers, Little Falls, N. Y., R. Pryce, Ann Arbor. I. P. Baushke, Benton Harbor, C. Koopman, Gransl Rapids: C. Underhill, Grand Rapidsg Ii. O. Halsted, Grand Ledge, D. Cutler, DeXVittg B. Burkhard, St. Joseph: L. Prinze, Grand Rapids. A. XV. Cross, Caro, Ed. Proctor, Mt. Morris, K. Archer, St. Ioseph, R. Goltz, Big Rapidsg VV. Burlingame, Ann Arbor, N. E. Price, Cadillac, D. I. Richards, Port Huron. D. H. Reycraft, Petoskey: B. Cook, Owosso: M. Jones, Big Rapids, W. G. McCracken, St. Iosephg N. D. Humphries, Port Huron: G. A. Bclding, Onaway: S. Preston, Benton Harbnrg B. Sturgis, Port Huron. Honarary MR. A. A. XX'onc1csToR Officers XV. G. hlCCRACKEN. .. --'--- Pfcsldem M. JONES .... Vice-President R. PM-CE . ' I .. .Secretary-Treasurer-Editor A' BELDING H ,. .Sergeant-at-Arms R. GOLTZ A . I ...Membership Chairman ' 93 Sigma Alpha Beta Wliat does the word "fraternity" mean to you? If it means organized gambling and carousal, stop reading at once. But if, on the other hand, it means an organization of men that have been prompted by high ideals and similar convictions to unite for the common good, you should read on. The Sigma Alpha Beta is of this character, a literary fraternity of thirty men. lts primary object is to give every member ample opportunity to learn and discuss the questions of local and national importance that can not be conveniently studied in the class room. The organization makes its work attractive by dividing its members into groups for debates and impromptu speeches, with a sprinkling, here and there, of humor- ous sketches and dialogues. The weekly program is varied Nby contributions from the abundance of instrumental and vocal talent of which the order boasts. VVith the belief that the development of body is as important as the development of spirit and mind, a certain amount of athletic work is also followed. This, with the other splendid forms of entertainment, turns into pleasure what might be considered drudgery. And these features, combined, promote enthusiasm and good fellowship among, as they are informally known, "The Stags at Bay." THE STAGS AT BAY i Bv Iv.xN M. DENNIS It may be asked in years to come by the students of F. l., "Just who or what are the 'Stags at Bay,' from where did they come and why?" And so on parting, as we must-each Stag his road to find- XVe leave this imprint of our past for those who come behind. A "Stag at Bay" is a warrior bold, he fi hts for things h in g U wort w ie, His motto is to give his best and Give it with a smile' we 4 Z s 9 u 7 He stands for right in every way, for justice is his creed, A life of service is lns aim, he shuns a life of greed. A "Stag at Bay" is a man devout, in character and mind, He seeks the best in a friend he's made, and not his faults to find. He leaves a cheer and not a sting with everyone he meets, He loves his God, his home, his all, but from the wrong retreats. Stags at Bay, your life is young, every chance for you is bright, The world is waiting just for men whose ideals stand for rightg Your nation needs you just as much, as well as city. too- ln fact, you'll find whcrc'er you are, some task for you to do. So here's to you and may you be a beacon light to all, And may you stand life's test of men, and rise with every fall, Till in the shadow of your life, some echoing voice may say, "There was a man, in every sense-there was a 'STAG AT BAYY " 94 Sigma Alpha Beta Honorary Officers bl-Lxxlmz XXnum:1c1m.i-, X. lw-ilclczs. ,...,. lf,-K-,,d.-H1 ln-.mall Rlxwwl-,1,1xlX .. ,...XllCL"l'l'k'slKll'lll Alumni, Charter Klembers l.CNIL'l' llcmlylssmi Ivan lk-nnis licurgu llcrlcs ,lzxmcs lluun Ralph Gnoclall XY11lu-r iiunfly lfclxrin Vlculinsun Active Klembers ,Xrtlmr Strzxttmi Furl Hunclricksfm Black Slielclrm Furl lfricksun lim,-ll llzlrlfm' CRL-urge lil'L'k'll Lloyd Bennett, lixring .lnlmgmr Hmrarcl fwlu, Carl Siifus, liryn Xagulkirk, XYallacL XX'eberg, Carl Riclclcring, Irving Burk, James llultc-9, NL-il fallarcl. lfdwin Bnonstra ,lacob Yan XYyke, lfllis Bmigliiier. Henry l"aulsnn. Henry linchstaliler. William Sticklcy lf. B. Scliermerliorn, XX'alter Sliclclon, Homer Porrit. Hoxrarrl Cru-n, Lewis Rohloff Stephen Zielinski. Lynian Mwrrisson, lfarl Klalilly. fliarfcs l.L-wif. 'l'lmrv.'ald l'u:L'rsor1 1 lffdward lfngul, .lay Smoke. lilly Julius, Ray Lzlmll. 95 Gamma Phi Sigma Active Nlembers Ed. VVhymer, Fred Nadeau, Clark King, Laverne Sleeper, Marcus lliffenderfer, Alfred Ohr, Jack Davis, Raymond Chimmer, Karl Jopke, John Cushing, Harry Cook, August Skarvi, W. Reilly, Herman Arf, Colburn Charlefour, Ralph Martin, Ed. Stahl, Russ Brown, Olney Craft, Harold Babcock, Wilson Bradley, Clifford Mangleson, John VVesch, E. J. Parr, Ben Pearce, Clarence Anderson. ,lack Freethy, Ren Milor, Don Scrrell, Jack Green, Clarence Rau, Homer XVard. Alumni Lane Rockwell VValker E. Brunn Hermanson Riker Johnson Farle XN'icks Phillips XAVaugh Nelson Sharpe Davison Young Barnes Smith Radford H. Brunn XYilkins Grates Hollister Cameron Ryan Chapman Perrin Armstrong Barrett hi. C0015 Crane XVells Andrews Locke Corin WVichterman Tubbs 'Wfrigley Ferguson XVindiate XYilson Robertson Carr Rigley Albur S3.WlJridgC Garber Beehan Mursch The Gamma Phi Sigma has been organized for the past four years and al- though not participating so much in school activities it has served its purpose in creating a closer bond of fellowship among its members. Realizing the diffi- culties a fraternity has in a short term school, we strive to do all we can for the other fellow and make his school life a success. Qur motto is Fellowship and this we live up to at all times. , 96 Gamma Phi Sigma 97 The Historical Light Shade 'Tis sure that no bard ever chose A shade for either verse or prose-a A A plain green cone around a light, Protection for the student's sight. Could a more prosaic thing be found No, not prosaick the shade l mean, Than that same cone that's placed around ls more than a rellecting screen, My Mazda bulb, so when at night .-Xnd in a moment you shall know, I study, 'twill reflect the light? ,lust why this student calls it so. I had been working hard one night, My French translations all were right. In History l knew the dates, And e'en llsyehology's "mental states." I felt prepared for any test XX'ith students' names the thing was full, And had begun to think of rest, Recent and bright, or old and dull, VVhen I leaned back, my vision strayed It seemed that all their names would write Up to the inside of that shade. Who ever studied 'neath that light. liach an F. I. in tlillerent years CThe date beside each name appearsl, Each had this room in years gone by, Each had to work as hard as I. XX'hat dark misgivings when a test Robbed them of sleep and spoiled their rest! XX'hat aspirations had been theirs! Xlihat air castles, what millionaires! Then they went out, as I will do, l'm not so old and wise-and yet, To make their F. I. dreams come true. l know the disappointments met, To serve the world and make a name, The thanks received by him who serves, Acquiring wealth and winning fame. How poor the man that wealth deserves. 'Tis well no seer can prophesy Vlfhat will befall us ere we die. Such prophecies would freeze the heart, Serve to defeat us ere we start. And then I told nf1Y5.Clf I ought For Lincoln said: "I may not win, TO, St0D ISEICI1 DCSSIIUISUC thought. But if I don't, not mine the sin Sald It ' Twere better far, indeed, XX'ill be, for I shall always do To call to mind Abe Lincoln's creed." My best, and to myself be true." So after all this rambling train Of cogitations through my brain, - I said, "The"last thought was the best," Then wrote my name beside the rest. I HENRY N. PAULSON. 98 - --lL-1-- X, f 2-f' 'MW -- , Q CSL X I O KY gf Q,- Kf N D. X f 0 ,rxftff J Jfsk f . A ' A -'QU Q7if'w -7: -, if 'f ,f--Eggizw ' '::"l"1ff"f1v ,f 7 '--,Q ' ' ' f M if gf fy'lh if il ffm' ff ' 'N?1ff'f' '99 ei- ' ', ., . .f f f XT' i 1 1 --P 4,-.J ,' c I eil. Masonic Eastern Star DeMoluy Club 'A.' ' ' Phillips, Turcott, fieorgiiri, Molineaux, XYorkm:m, Ilernn. fireen. 1'r:m.e. Ricllmwlsohl., Crockett, Campbell, Lewis. Goodwin. Robertson, Porritt, Lekstrum, jones, BlacX'ic:u'. llill, Nlcllnikey, l'l':il'f, Rzintlall. Leavitt. Babcock, Garland. Jpley, Case, Huston, Reed. Goltz, Freeman, Pryce, llzirlier. Sellars. Smith. Mann. llrs. Hayward, MacNicl1ol, Benner, Anderson, Robinson, Blasselink, -lones, Baker, Mrs. W'ainwright, Olson, Ilamnierberg. Officers-1922-1923 President. .. , . .RI'SSlil,l. l,liYL'li Vice-President. . . . . .Fiuxlq lilci-:i-:MAN Secretary. . . . . . .... l2'l'l-I lil. OLSON Treasurer ..,. .... C .xx1n.i.E Hxmxii-pursiaizo Social Chairman .... .... E name L12.xviT'r This club has not been very active since the opening of school in September, except for several hikes and picnics, last fall, on the river, and a few parties held at the Masonic Temple at intervals during the winter months. However, in the spring, it is expected that more social affairs will be held, the majority of them being planned for out-of-doors. 100 Vliednesday Night Debating Club Q l , l La! 1""p7f.:f, j '4 -f e - .- V lil, El L - S. J ,V I ' ,. V in Memories of many friendships, of well-earned praise and of merited criti- cism. of knocks and boosts, of applause, understanding and sympathy, are the share of those who have followed in the XYednesdav Night Debating Club the discussions of topics ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Careful plan- ning of programs and earnest work in their execution have given us at each meeting speakers attacking with zeal or defending with enthusia-in the pros and cons of problems in ethics, economics, sociology and a host of other "isms" and Uologiesf' Decision of all debates bv a vote uf the membership has given us a sense of responsibility for the outcome of each argument, and a miniature public forum has been the outlet for the opinions of those of us in whom the urge to speech is always active. Here. indeed, have we laid aside 'the cares that infest the day' and partaken of the 'flow of wit and feast of reasonf 101 K. of P. Club n ,. J.. ,..4--- . -..M N-, TY' F. ,n--'P-www-pf' ,- ,4g..4La9-h.-1... """"'.'T" P ' 1 454 i, .1 il" pg! .iii The Knights of Pythias Club was very much handicapped this year by the limited number of members in the school, but we organized early in the year, and maintained the organization throughout the year. Our members are all active in other organizations which assumed the responsibilities of entertainment tor the school this year and in this way we aided in every way possible. Officers NE1XL VAN H.Xl1'1'I2N .... .......... . ..President JACK FREETHY ...... Vice-President CLARK KING - -- .... Secretary-Treasurer Nlembers NV. Ferris Masselink E- J- PHYF NV. Beardsley J. B. lN1CPl1C1'SOl'1 Peterson R. Goltz Sleeper H. Arf Miller i Sl1'l'll0flS Humphries H. Cooke .lghng , -,,..... .,. W ...W .., Y . .f.--1 -,v....-,-.V ,....-...-l--1 --. .4-. ,.i?K 7 - V - 102 Federal Board Club 5' 77 -' ' ' Y S- o ...I Luce, Prescott, Siahl, Bcamish, Thomas. Garner, Freeman, Morrison, Mcllonald Sicarcl. Garland, Hulka, XX'l1yn1cr, liznrlmur, Xlilllllllfltll. 'l'ow5lcy, Tinmnlom, Leslie Du Hamel, Rows. McNair, Massclink, llcilrow, -lcwcl, BCl'II'k'Illl, 'l'l1ompmon. 8 Baseball Team, 1922 Football Team, 1922 104 , Upper Peninsula Club 1 1 Cushing, Elliot, Shingler. Roe, llaapola, Green, Skarvi, Moncher. Been, XX'atson, Eman, Olson, Alexander, Savela, Carlson, Neurman, Nault. Korpi, Penner, Guy, Nelson, Olin, Hendrickson, Stuart. DeVit, Freethy, Leionen. Grimm, Gunville, McCutcheon. Anderson, Koshi, Hubert, Humphrey, Klimesh, Matson, A. Swanson, A. V. Anderson, M. Swanson, li. Olson. Nlembers Agnes lf. Anderson Ruth Humphrey Helene LaFoille Samuel Roe Agnes V. Anderson john Alexander Clarence Barbour XY. Been G. Burke D John Cushing Kenneth Case Oscar Carlson Florence Dell ,lohn Doty lf. Dutinzi Carl Eman L. P. Elliot N. Farley XVilt'red Guy F. O. Green John Humphrey ilixcli FRI-gizrin' . C. MCN.-xxttxka .. Ksrfn SHIXGLER ROSE GL'Nvn.Ls .. BIYRTLE Giuxtxi .. Flora. Hubert ,luliette Hill ll. Hendrickson llazel llillier Camille Hammerberg Fritz Hammerberg Kuno Hammerberg lilmer Haapola llarvey Hakala Elsie Johnson listher Jokela Lucy Klimesh Anna Koski XY. B. Korpi Lillian Lahti lillen Lahti Mary l,aRoque XV. J. Lopine lohn Leinonen il. Moncher l-Qlizaheth Matson Margery Munger Nellie McCutcheun lflsa Mackela I.. J. Moutheart Il. P. Matti Beatrice Nebel Leo Nault XVilt'red Nelson C. Nearman Rodney Olin lithel Olson RI. B. Olson Arnold Pcnner Officers 103 llenlah Rickirfl Sadie Root Jean Stuart August Skarvi Dagmar Salo Alice Swzuif-on Merle Swanson Jacob Savela Mamie Taylor Gertrude 'l'ol:in lf. fousignzmt George XYatson ,lack lK'inquist Hazel llallanger . . . . .l'resif,lent Vice-Prejident .. Secretary and Treasurer . Social Chairman , ........ Editor Life Workers' Council I The Life XVorkers' Council is an outgrowth of a Y. M. C. .X. conference, held at Hope College, Michigan, in the fall of 1920. The membership of this organization consists of those who are preparing for a life of service for the furthering of the Kingdom of God. Its object is to promote unity among the Christian workers in the school and to keep the students in touch with Christ and the Church. Under the splendid leadership of Mr. George Pardee, our First president, with the assist- ance of our beloved teacher. Mr. Gerrit Masselink, this organization has smade splendid pro- gress. During the past year, Sunday meetings have been held in localities where no regular church services are conducted. At holiday time, a Christmas program was given for the new Sunday School.. In addition to this work the Council has attempted to give help to all who are in need. Its members have visited the sick and have tried to bring comfort with them. They have also conducted meetings at the city jail. The success of the organization is the result of the co-operative spirit which exists among its members. It is our earnest desire that the seed of experience in Christian work, which has been sown at Ferris Institute, will gain strength and hear fruit abundantly in years to come. 1022 1923 MR. Giio. PARDEE, Pres. Roy JOHNS, Pres. H. H. HURSHBERGER, V-Pres. CH.-XS. Amnrs, Y-Pres. L. A. SMITH, Sec. PEARI. Hixisr, See. H. H. Hurshberger Christina Larson Nettie R. Schulert Florence Schmidt Adeline Hill L. A. Smith .lohn Doll Edith Koppin R. King 106 g The Wesleyan Guild I 4 l I I t I I.: - - -I M- f - U . .--Mg Xthen Mr. Masselink's large Ilible Vlass decided In have its sessions at the Institute, to organize a great Institute class under line and competent leadership we had a real desire to co- operate in every possible way. Xte therefore disbanded the old builders class, which met the sante hour as did Mr. Masselink's class, and which. in past years has had a satisfactory history, and urged our members to join with tlte Institttte classg this they gladly did. However, being' anxious to keep in touch with tlte young life of the Institute and desirous to help in any possible way the young people who come to the Institute from many towns and cities throughout tlte state. we organized tlte Xtesleyan liuild. This is an organization for young' folks. through which they may express themselves religiously, and by which they may be encouraged to keep in touclt with the Church while they are away front home. It is our hope that every person who registers at tlte Institute witlt Methodist preference. will become atliliated with tlte XYesleyan Guild. Mr. Ilewey is tlte present director and it is his sincerest desire to become of tlte greatest possible service tu tlte students who come here to school. The devotional meetings are held in the Methodist Church every Sunday morning at 0:30. Once a month we have a big social time. with a large number of students in attendance. The new Guild bids fair to be as successful in its work as the predecessor, the Iluilders, Officers president .hll .. W,tt.'t't:t: Sttunox Yice-President .... b- 'MN-III' S' li"9'l' SccrCmr3.,TrL.astirt-r . . Iitissttz M. Hn.t. Fditor ......... ................ . .. XX'tt.t:t'n j. ,IHNI-ZS Committees Mt-1xtt:t-ittstttt' I'K"il4-lf' If. O. Maltltll Cilmirmtnt li- C-'.l"llll5- cllt"""l4"l Miss I-Iaist Mr' Iml Miss Hill Mr. Hurshherger Miss Mareey MVS l,Icll""f' Mr. Lansen Miss I.. Hill Mr. Morris Mr. Hurshberger Mr. ,Iohns lllf Students' Bible Class 1 Teacher .. President .... Vice-President. Secretary .. Treasurer , . Editors . . . Social and Sick. .. Entertainment. . Membership .4.. Investigation. . . Music ........ Ollicers . .. GERRIT NIASSELINK . . .. ICRYN J. NAGELKIRK .. GERTRUDE SUTTON RUTH INSELBIAN JOHN FINKLE . . . . . . . , .OLINE SORENSEN, HARo1.D AHLG1il2N, BURR COCHRAN Committee Chairmen Town . . .BEA'rR1cE NEBEL, ALLIE lXflITCHEL . . . .R1XI,PPI Pirrs, HENRY PAULSON .............LYMAN MoRR1ssoN . . . . . . . . . . . .FRANK XMILLARD, ROBERT GOLTZ Tlhe Student's Bible Class meets every Sunday at 12 o'clock in the Main Room at the Ferris Institute. The class was organized in 1892 by the Presbyterian church and the meetings were held in that church. On December 15, 1920, the church burned and the class met in the Masonic Temple for a short time and then in the Elks' Temple, but these rooms were not large enough to accommodate the class. This forced its removal to the Ferris Institute audi- torium, Where the meetings have since been held. 108 -TT C H lhe remarkable growth ul the class and the wide influence it exerts for good are due to the personal interest and work uf our leader, Xlr. Xlasselink, who has taught the class for twenty-five years. lfle is an enthusiastic llible student. has the added estimable traits of being able to understand and touclt the heart of everv student. lhe objects of the Class are several, the main one, uf course, being for constructive Bible study. This year the time has been spent studying Saint l.uke's liospel. XYe have learned much from this Gospel that is interesting. instructive, and practical. lhe Class, however, is not merely a Sabbath organization. neither are its activities confined to the members only. lxvery Institute student who is ill is visited by members and flowers are sent. Mr. Masselink, too, spends a great deal of time making sick calls. Needy and worthy students have been helped financially Io attend the lnstitute and the University of Michigan. In accordance with the Thanksgiving spirit, special servicesf also true of liaster and Christmas-were held. .Ns is customary with many organizations, the llible class, this year, always playing the leading role, distributed among the worthy families of the vicinity several baskets laden with all the goodies of a Thanksgiving dinner. .-Xmong the recipients were included several students who had experienced difficulty in working their way through school. Their day was considerably brightened by the Class' spirit. At Christmas. every member was presented with a Christmas Greeting front Mr. and Mrs. Masselink. a valued token which will always be cherished for its sentiment and the mctnories it recalls. From time to time throughout the year. the class has had the pleasure of hearing speakers from outside, some of international repttte. .Xmoug these speakers have been Doctor lflwood of Atlantic City. lloctor XX'illiams of Chicago, and Doctor lilumenthal of Xew York. All work and no play is bad for even Bible flasses. Consequently. a reception uns held the latter part of November which proved of more than ordinary success. .Xfter being agree- ablv entertained in the Main Room with music and speaking, we crossed to the Music llall where games and refreshments topped the evening's entertainment. .Ns is the custom, a banquet is planned for spring. and during ,luly a lawn social will be held. The ohicers feel the class has been very successful this year in all its lines of endeavor, but 'ts the spirit of the class is alwavs for further attaimnent . it will continue to strive even harder than before. The class is non-denominational and welcomes all irrespective ot' church aftiliation or creed. l . K A- i 109 +i-w- - 'A' --iw ----ff --' -Y A - - The Y. W. C. A. At the beginning of the fall term the Y.XN'.C.A. was re-organized. The following were elected officers to act for the ensuing year: 1922 1923 President ..... .... P EARL TTAIST. .... PEARL M. HAIST, Vice-President .... .... B ERNICE CECALKINS .... .... B ERNICE C. CALKINS Sec.-Treas. .... .... T HnRi2sA CROUSE .. . .... Nnrrna R. SCAHULERT Editor. . . .... LURA A YVEEKS Early in the year enthusiasm was created by a membership contest, which incited keen competition between the Y.VV.C.A. and Y.M.C.A. All eyes were directed toward the Y. M's who were gradually gaining ground. The last day turned the tables and the boys, who had anticipated a banquet at the expense of the Y. NWS, were sadly disappointed, for the girls scored by 132 points. The oyster supper prepared and served by the would-be guests was greatly enjoyed by the winners of the contest. Christmas cards were sold for the purpose of replenishing our treasury, the girls showing great skill in salesmanship. As the holidays were drawing nigh, our sympathy was stirred by the thoughts of those who would have to forfeit a vacation at home. In consequence, we contributed towards a party which was given for the unfortunate students. An "All Fools" party, in which both organizations participated, was the big affair of the winter season. Entertainment was furnished by the boys, and the sandwiches, which have made the .Y.VV's famous, were served by the girls. Fools were plentiful and contributed to the merriment of the occasion. Everybody went home in a happy and joyous mood. A Student Volunteer Convention was held at Ann Arbor in March. This organization was represented by our President, who brought home to us an inspirational report, which not only benefited the society as a whole but each individual member. Joint meetings with the Y. M's have been held every Thursday evening at 4 0' clock in Room 28. The Bible study has been conducted by Mr. Masselink who has brought us many helpful messages, which we sincerely hope will take root and bear fruit. Press on, Y. XV. membersg May Christ our Captain be. Lift high the royal standard, XN'ave it from sea to sea. XN'ith body, mind. and spirit. Its purity defend Press on Y. XV. members, On faith we must depend. 110 --.1.q-.1-- Y . The Y. M. C. A. O The Young Mens ,t'hristian .Xssoeiation wits organized :tt the beginning ul' the lfall term with the election ul otheers tor the tall term and the drawing up uf a constitution. The Ofhcers lf.Xl-l. 'l'liRM .l.-XXLXRY Tl-QRNI tliiotttsij l'.x1:m-:li ..... ,.......... l 'resident lJox.xt.t1 I'os'r ........ .......... l 'resident X Tnoxiii SM l'l'll . .. ..... Yiee-President C'u,xs. .Ximxis ... A..... Yice-President 'xX'.xl.'l'iit: Slll-Ql,lt1PX ..... Secretary-Treasurer XY.xl.'l'mt Sltr1l.lmx ...., Secretary-Treasurer l.l,o Sr.xt't1v ....... ...Athletic Director liizxxn-1 inn.:-1Nt:l'itf: . .... Xthlt-tie liirector Ytgnx lhtvitstux .......,....,...,............ liditor I The Y. M. C". QX. is one of the live organizations of the lferris Institute. lt is not organ- ized for mere enjoyment obtained from its social functions alone. but for the enjoyment secured through pure unselhsh service rendered to others. The Y. is made up of a group of students whose life and character stand for the development of the physical. mental, and spiritual body. For our physical development, Thursday evening of each week, has been selected for meet- ing all those who are interested in any kind of athletic work. .-Xll the members are free to take part in boxing, wrestling, and the various other stunts. The games tend to develop a fine spirit of fellowship among the members. The day after a meeting is usually a day of sore arms and stiff necks. but no sore feelings. During the early part of the year a membership contest was held between the Y.XY.C..-X. and the Y.M.C.A. Points were to be counted for class attendance and club membership, the prize to be a banquet served by the losing side. The contest was one-sided all the way, with the Y.M.C..-X. far in the lead. until the day before its close. So the boys were all dreaming of a fine dinner served by the ladies. It was only a dream after all. as fate had directed other- wise. The young ladies during the day secured enough members and attendance at class meeting to overcome their disadvantage and jump into the lead hy a number of points as large as that by which the young men had led. The banquet was held a few days later at the M. E. Church with a large attendance. ' U The best and most helpful part of our organization is our Y.M.C..'X. and Y.W.C.A. Bible Class which meets everv Thursday afternoon at four o'clock. The educational and spiritual talks bv Mr. Masselinkiare an inspiration to us all and make us feel that after all Christian service is the only real work that counts. V I 111 Q haw--. . . . V. 1 Catholic Club , T: r . . n . 1 5 Pastor .... ......................... . . REV. JAMES MALONE CSL Mary's Churchj President .... FREDERIC A. NADEAU Vice-President. .. .. HELEN E. CLARK Secretary .... . . . LOUISE MCCAMBRIDGE Treasurer ..... ..... . .. . . ....... ...... L IARY I. TVICNERNEY The Catholic Club, reorganized in September, 1922, is one of the oldest organizations in the Ferris Institute. The function of the organization is to provide social entertainment for the Catholic students and their friends. The club co-operates with the members of the local parish of St. Mary's Church. The needs of worthy students are looked after. and the Catholic Club is affiliated with all organizations for social and charitable work. The social meetings consist of literary programs, lectures by Prof. E. M. Clark, who is an active member, games, dancing, "feeds." etc. All students of Catholic faith are considered members of the organization. The club makes every effort to make the new student feel at home from the day of enrollment. Approximately from one-eighth to one-tenth of the students enrolled are Catholics. During the fall term the club held two social meetings. The Nigro orchestra furnished the music on these occasions. The spring and summer terms promise many marshmellow and l'wienie" roasts, and also the annual picnic at Clear Lake, for which the club is noted. 112 , -k2"'G1?1'?fxS 1- . ' - xx, , ' .V 1 , gf xg 9, Ll f 1 : X Q r . NIIEJF' ' Q -I :fuk Iv- ,I ' ' 11, . f Off ll , , ' J , -vu ' - AQ, 4- .. va f X ffa., L.- vf. .. , . '-. ,, "'-f-1 , L.. f '5- .dv I ' .,, fu.- . '- w. .-...- - J 2- 'f . "w-. 'sv X I- ll? p 1' 41? A , ! :A 4 ff' 4 Ao" .. .- 3- I ,. '-.,..-if V :1,, ,,,, -,.. ,,- I , 1 Vx 1:5 ,. 1...-. gh-Au.,-,,, -..iii To For many years Of service fine It has no peers, This clock divine. An heirloom true, It sure must be From sixty-two Or sixty-three. Each day we've gazed Upon its face, And heard amazed Its steady pace. It ne'er has ceased Nor lost nor gained And we, at least, Think 'twas ordained- That, long as time Goes on at all, That clock sublime Will rule this hall. And unto it Old Faithful ll NfVe give our thanks, Nor mind a bit Its childish pranks. Childish" we say For it's so old, Its childhood days Are now retold! Someone it craves To make it mind, It won't behave The teachers find. So every hour At least twelve times Calisle will glower And start to wind. He'll coax and tease That clock to go, And beg it-please- But it says UNO!" B.L.S. A Recitation in Psychology . , . ..f . . . llflr. Faris.-jLets have a little review this morning. I'm going to ask something easy What is an instinct? You, on the front seat. Student.-An-instinct-is-an-er-inherent or inert-er-psycho-physical indisposition which-er determines the professor to receive and pay attention to-er-objects oi a peculiar class, and under emotional excitement experiment with a certain-er-quantity upon receiving such an ohyect in that' regard in a particular manner, or at least to experience sensations upon the impulse of such actions. H Mr. Ferris.-Does that mean anything to you? S tudent.-No, sir, of course not. A Mr. Ferris.-It doesn't to me either. I don't think you left anything out though. VVill anyone volunteer to unscramble that definition? 'Studentf-An instinct is an inherited or innate psycho-physical disposition which deter- mmes the POSSCSSOY to Pefceive and Day attention to objects of a certain class, to experieI1CC an emfmonfll excltemwt Of 21 Particular quality upon perceiving such an object in regard to the object in that particular manner, or at least to experience an impulse to such action. d Felkrzs.-TI-IAINTKS! He got it right. Now wasn't that simple? There are other C 112 10115. Or an instinct but they aren't so clear and easily understood. The trouble with you 'S .yfm dont fhmki And Yet you say Psychology is hard. Now, I'm afraid to ask fOr 3 definition of 3 CHDHCIW- Well, we may as well know the worst. VVhat is a capacity? S'1'df"'t--A C3DaCity is the full amount a fellow will hold. E rr 'M or r a 114 ' ---- -S.: -s,s 1 1 11 1 V 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1. 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . l Jllr. I'iL'fI'L'.+kh.llCXN'l just as 1 expected. Well l'll try something else. Name a drug that causes paralysis of your mental machine. .S'tudmt.-ljpium. Mr. livrrix.-Yes, but a more common one. Xl-QXT. Student.-Morphine. Mr. Ferris.-N EXT. .S'fudeut.--Laudanum. Jlfr. Ferris.--N EXT. Student.-Hashish. Illr. Ferris-Heavens. , ' iush lor. Why don't you name the most common one? NEXT. ' Vkfhat are you beating, around the l Shader: I.-Codeine. illr. Ferris.-KK-'hat's the matter with you people anyway? You don't know you're alive. Let s sit quietly and assume a reverent attitude in the presence of the dead. Now will some- one volunteer? .S'!udent.-Alcohol. dir. Iierris.-TI'IANKS l became effective and halt' of the students do no Here its only been about two years since the Volstead Act t know the elTect of alcohol. l,et's see now. Down about the middle of this page is the word "epithet" I'm just curious to know how k many now what it means. The trouble with you is you don't know words. Now you on the end, what is an epithet? Student.-l don't know. Mr. Ferris.--NEXT. Stsdml.-I don't l-mow. A , . I , ' '."igl'1lSk you. XX'ill someone volunteer? lr, Ferris.--No I didn't ewpect you would but I thought l'd be cnurttous enou h o Student.-Isn't that what they put on tombstones? Mr. If ' run tat is a natural htnnorist. I-et's take another tack. l wonder if you can distinguish between the laws of association and dissocaition. XYl1ich is used in the study of Algebra? ANYONE. .Trudenl.-Association. fllr. Ifrrris.-NEXT. Sfzadelzt.-I don't know. .lIr, 1:t'I'l'l5.-EXCLISC me, old lady. That wasn't a fair question to ask von. You couldn't he expected to he interested in anything unless there was a man in it. XYill the next student try it Sflzdvnl.-Botl1. flfr. Ferris.-Vllell you were safe all right. You're a natural horn politician. You would xote two tickets wouldnt you? Go into Pilllllfi fight HYWIF- XOUHI-Z man- Yfml' WCCV55 is assured. XYas that the first bell? Student.-Second hell. .Ui-. Iivrrix.-XX'ell you knew that much anyway. Dismissed. 1 1 , -- ----V --f- M--wi 115 51 1 I, 1 1 1 1 ev -Yi.....-...N.,..., .Y., -..Y Y ,,...,.V- - - 1 ..?-...,. ,..,.,., .,,. ,.,, ., f, V - H V - .X f1 1 1 ---P..-Wm, ,,.., -w .,,, W, ,W-WY --ff -1 1 1, ' 1 1 1 1- . 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 f f , , 1 Q 1 1 k . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 111 1 11 1 11 I1 11 11 1 1' 1 1 11, 1 1 A 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1. 1. 1 11 1 1! 1 11 '1 111 1 111 111 1 111 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 ,11 111 1 111 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1,1 1 1 111 111 ,. -11 11 11 1' 1 112 1 li 1 111 1 111 1 111 ' 11 1 1 ,1 1 111 11 ,.1 1 I El7Ei1Zif"VVY :Ili Vynxr i H Am'-'Hui' 'VY V 'Y -lfffiiif 'if vrfgjfg-Q-:Q " 1 116 Extra. Ferris Elected with Majority of Over 18,000 Votes Vol. 2, No. 9 Vlleclnesclay, November 8, l922 Five Cents F. I. Will tihsorve Armistice Day Friday Atternoon in Auditorium P H A R M I C MUSIC STUDENTS HAVE Ferris Becomes a HALLOWEEN PARTY N E W S 'l'lit- rnrtsic lizrif xxgts tht- surit- -rt' ,ll United States ,H . . in rrttty llztll-rxxfvrr ltllfij Fztttxrrlzri :tt- 'IA 5' 'X' 5V 'IM N' it-r'ritr.rrr, t ict. ZS, 'lilrt'1igtt'Iy, rrrvlizrrpc Senator March "DRUGS, PARECORIC-POWDER: .ri Bliss llt-it-rr XXX-:rxrr', x-.Ars :rn cxcltr Gun, Face, and Bug-MUSTARD wiicl xttitxtir, llwirrgl zrtltrrrrlrr-l ylril rnrrEit' M131 lJ,rm'iN tlt-ttzttttl 'I'---.-.ristrrrl lip . ,, Nlllt t-nts --ni :int t rt-rr rrrrrrr s xx r-1 ..tt-,- 5, tort-s. PLASTERS: PM or Fancy' haulr't-rvixulxtrlirtctirixitztti-rn. 'lilr--st' lwrrrs satis tht' tirst -.rnuiztl thirty Nutt' that our "tir1trt4l 1-'rl rr.:rri" :ttttrrrlirrg tht' party clt-ul:tr't'rl thzrt rlrq lit' will tl-1 is lu :lc-rriztrrtl at lrtgtrirrp irmn init ltr-un t-lc-ctr-cl In tht- Sr-rtztt-rriqti ltllfl llllll It WU 2-r--rl tirrrv. Xt-ul vr'r',t. l'lll X1'it"l'P'i'5 'l"' ' "Ui chziir :irnicl thc rtrusirig clir'u:'s srtrri lu xxzrrrt to :rw l-t-:'r'r- it-rl so ciilicctivcly ln' lrrwrtlrpz' thc r'lr:trrt't',Ai-rr' lit: :rrirr-urertr-ts l.r+r'clt, :incl now that .Xr'rnis- lll' itll' FNIHH l"'l','i'l' Vi- 5- Zict- llztii has lm.-it tlttly rr'-- l-1 rris vrrtvrs tht- 5-rrgtrtf st-ru-rl :tml cornrnt-intrrzitul l-5' the illllil'L'ShiYL' lrrogrzirn ot' tht- SlUClEI'ItS Go :, , . , 1 Y' 1 X. l Ltlsfttl lrtttrcl Llltli .itltl lx Over tht- cert-riioriy ul tlcclic itrnf tht lVlr. Ferris' Victory fitllxllll Clllllii.L'I' illfll XX'lill illi- .tlirztrl. lht- cltrll roar or inor- fzirs :mtl pustt-ls is in our car:- N gK.L.u.nlm. Knnn nrng nnnrg '. :.t lrr- lirrrnt-, :tri-l thru rrzrrzrrltrfl his clrztllcrigcs In cornhzrt in l ' 'TWU tht' trrrm til 'hour zippliuztf tion :incl Ice liztvc ht-cn rt'- ft-rrctl." XX'ith spzrtnlzr in hzrnrl .rc lritl the urtcrny :ttlvzlncc ztrrcl .. N- 1 r - . .s : '- I lrirrurttplry. Nitro' t':t1 tht-j. 'lo his clrrtrcst. wc- :tru pro- . iiztrwtl tor thc worst. l"r'rrrn 5 the tlct-li rust-nrclit-s tri our M F . 'rnirtctl gray niztttcr we art- f T- 91715 Hurt-rrztrwtl to call up rest-rwr-s Z pri--ngli to clown :tny rrrrrvt- tht- rrpprwsitiwri may rnzrlfc - :tnrl .rc tltrn't expect tu cull tlimzt up on "p-mics" citlicr. no sir, Spealcs in Armory 'io czrvzilry in this zirrny. it'- ,Y . ' ' .r.l h.trrrl In hztrrcl hghtrrrg. XXX' liztvc only one rugrtrti - -.f 1 '. wr. - :- thzrt is that our crrriirzttlcs in :rms will not rc-trrrrr tr- lfurrts institute with ns :titer -mr fittlc set-to in lirztncl ltzrpitls A -"- 'I N1 ir " -ff is-511 rhich is stzisucl for new: tru-li 71 ilit' it-grnnrrig lncsclzry, X--writ'-tr ' NWI 5'l'l"""i'fli"'Yf, "5 ltir ll :incl raging' tlirough three 4"' "",fiil'l"fi" ilfm "W "-"ii rlziys :incl nights. Circ-:tt holes ith. Az:-xr: N. Ifrrrzs 7'lQ'-'-'r72fL'1" 'rl l'f"'-2'f1'H2 'ff tltf: will hc torn in the rzmks as ' i7f7"'l 5i5il"'- thc short course mt-ri pack up to re- turn home and wait the results of the ,, . . ,, from-sr: the old laboratory tt-iit so-ern Every Alorning Debating C1355 20 Lectures rn Good English tlull without the Cheerful. Iltrrttgli ' r'.,yfC.I,r,m1,.,1.,: honicly pltysioqtics of l'armalt-e. ' fCfr::r'r::f.'! rf: ftiilti Klasseiirik .-Xrf lflf 'UNK l"lflfl'10l NN 2 INSTITUTE NOOS INSTITUTE NOOS in Brain Factory, Somewhere Michigan Published Wfeakly RICHARD A. CHUMP Editor and Type Setter KYRON J. NJXGELSHIRIC Printer's Devil GAY SNEAK The Sporty Editor News items for the VVednesday issue should he mailed not later than Friday. RATES: Single Copy, 5 pins. One Year, 5 pins, 2 marbles and a pants' button. , Classified Ads -Depends on how long the editor has been without food. CHATS WITH THE EDITOR VVe wish to announce that the jokes in this issue are not cold storage shipped in from other large establish- inents. The election of Lloyd Ben- nett as joke Editor has given us a chance for some local and original stuff. XVC also wish to mention the fact that the mispelled words and gram- matical errors that have been so nu- merous for the past four months are typographical. We know better-but, well somehow they got in the paper. The advertisements in this issue may contain a mistake or two from the fact that they were written by "cubs" and not -by the subscribers themselves. . If you have any complaints tell our customers about them, if not tell us. Students ask where all the news comes from for this weekl but con yv I ' fidentially speaking, we will say that, it is not news to everybody, and we have to have something to fill up the paper with. In Commercial Geography, Mr. I I z i l I l l 1 t l l v 1 i I l l Clark says, "If in doubt, give it to, England." I11 Bookkeeping, Mr. Pen- nock says, "If in doubt, debit the item." But we say, "lf in doubt, use your own judgment and let your con- science be your guide." If you are in the dark, don't askg for a light. Good things come tol him who waits. Wanted A discarded dinner bell that wont ring, to be presented to Mr. K. G. Merrill so we'll have less noise. See TH Ei COMMERCIAL DEPT. l l l 1 I 1 JOKES Roy Johns conducts a pool room in an Upper Peninsula town. One day Rockstaller and Belding dropped lil and were invited to take part in a game progressing at one of the tables whereon was a set of balls of a um- form dirty gray color. "But how do you tell the red from the blue?" asked Belding. "Oh," replied Roy, "you soon get to know them by their shape." At a banquet, Chuck Lewis's girl leans over and remarks, "What is that queer odor I smell like rubber burning? Don't you smell it?" "Oh, that?" answered Chuck, "That's only Morrison. I-Ie's got to make a speech and he's getting hot around the collar." ii.-ti In Latin III Vernon Gray is sent to the board to write a sentence involv- ing the use of the suiiix "-ne." Miss Mc Nerney, correcting the sentence: f'Did I' not tell you to put that "-ne" on the end of the first word in the sentence? Now why didn't you do it? Gray: "I know, but I didn't have any first word." SAXOPHONE AND VOCAL Given by AN EXPERT INSTRUCTOR THIRTY YEARS STUDY IN ICELAND Ezwyoaze loves music THORXVALD OLAFF PETERSON 318 Michigan Ave. LEARN HEBREW . By My Sure Method 6-Phonograph Records-6 Don't Delay NX'rite Now Right Now VVENDELL FRIDAY Pl-IARMIC NEWS fCOHfIll116d from page lj Remus, XVetman, Fisher, Lorch, Kopp, Bird and Company and all the rest of the old window ledge gang, XtYe'll miss you fellows, F. I. will not be F. I. without you. When you are framing that old Registered Pharma- cist Certificate don't forget where the dope came from that gave you such a long boost towards the prize. You are representatives of one of the greatest institutions of Michigan, great because of the inspiration it of- fers to the red blooded man and woman, your success on the State Board and afterwards is F. I's. suc- cess. Let's make it BIG. And noiv we bid farewell to you who are about to leave, assuring you that one of the greatest privileges of our stay in Big Rapids has been the pleasure of being allowed to call you our friends. To Professors Parr and Jones the short course men express their heart- felt thanks for the way in which they have been assisted over the rough spots that are found on the road to Pharmacy as well as on any other road that leads to a worthy object. The final word, Snake Dance, Theater Party, and Judson Hall Smoker, Friday evening of November 17.-Ipecac, Opium, Syrup of Squills, let's g Y Oso LONG FELLOWS How TO GET THIN Six Easy Lessons , PERRY MARKS Sure Cure for SLEEPING SICKNESS DR. DON POLAHUE SCHROCH'S BARBER-SHOP- Satisfaction or Whiskers Returned BOLOGNIAL L-E MONDAY FRIDAY FRENCHIE LE FOILLE WILBER CBuckj JONES , in It A in ,, "A Illarfs a Man for All That" The Hem of Ives Aw' . I- SATURDAY TUES' Sl WED' EXTRA VAUDEVILLE GEORGE NV. TUCK in "Come Back to Me Ruth" Also a good Charlie Carlisle Comedy THURSDAY The Moden Sisters in the famous S-reel Comedy "GIGGLERS" NEAL D. VAN HAFTEN Mexican Toreador Sec Him Throw the Bull SUNDAY "Where Is My W'ondering B031 To-n-ite?" Staring I MISS MARGE MATTHEWS - EWS 7096 U aber, Lorch, ly and all the F. I. will not Vhen YOu are fred Pharma- Set where the IVC yOu Such rprtze. You .one of the MiChigHn, tration it Of- fd man and n the State F. I's. suc- -. And now no are about t one of the stay in Big are of being '1ends. d Jones the their heart- f in which :r the rough the road to any other ty object. .ke Dance, dson Hall ' November of Squills, VVS , IS MARKS ESS LAHU13 i-SHOP :kers IES U 116. ill,- DEVILLE PEN ill g Boy 'EVVS MONKEY RUN .lolttt Ifreetlty drove over from Skunk Hollow with his sorrel mar to see Miss Dorothy XX'aller Sunday stfternoon. The Holy Rollers spent Thursda afternoon tying quilts at tlte hotne o Marge Mathews. lf t INSTITUTE Noos Current Events cj Prof. Merrill Makes A Dilcove work Iroi. Merrill has at last dis- lcovered why gtrls leave home. Upon caretul examination he :tt last has .tound I'rinsze and liooptnau respott- slltle. Ralplt llodgekinson was the lion of Ii. 1, l Sfa"'hc" d k the evening at the box social. Ile, li Wwe". L7 "I" ffrlgmw 5.31" was garhed in his new white sweater ibn 5 LMI mummh U' IMI" 74 ml L5 with .tn In I. on tt. llarold tieikeu was severely injuret ltnl tlte State Road. lzuough money is spettt ior pie in I otte week to clotlte all starving ' - Hittd wlten the shovel ltattdle, on which het l-nufjfh Nh tl. . I l was leaning, broke. t Q li' Inq" L l is Umxumu L 'Ll gweek by tlte students to wire all the XVC real-Ct thu ur Upmn Dmmst telephone lines in Michigatt. of this www had the misfurtunc tot l'.nouglt beef ts eaten ut stews tn , . . -- ,tt- '--k -lil -li -- -'-1 - .tave lns hngers cttt ott by a steak U " nu IU um d I ' 'e'l'f'e'1H1f knife. llr. Sttckley savs he'll soonluld CUWS' he a shortltander again.. , lfnough milk is drattk in a month ilu till Clcitr Lillie. Hqmm lglhgygcivill qulmitmc forl Iinough cigarettes are stttoked in a lr 5 - I ' 'dm' l-mlcrwood in the lshriqtiimk 1 day to furnish a smoke screen for tlte . . . - . - - . - l't tl -:lu J e I' -nt ty l' Lhotr next Sunday, owing to -leanl at 0 li LII' F L Mud' havutg lttttttps on each cheek. Harold! will try to get away with soprano by singittg falsetty. S. Soper said the other day that lte had worn the same overcoat for four yearsg it must be about ready to Qratluate. , . . ltetty Smith says she has ttever been kissed. Yea, the moon is tnade ttf green cheese. too. lYe know Karl -lopke. tflarence Mc Natnara has been elected the laziest man at scltool. 1 Greek Army Revolt: Owittg to severe weather conditions ,the College Preparatory Department Shave decided to postpone their all- scltool party which normally would I have been given on Friday eve. I cu y em er J JOKES Xlientlell I-'ritlay on returning home D - ry ' I. K. .I . . k ' .N I. 5 .Xtter some days ot search and hard, for J Um D gr':"t"d by lm dad mth J . the following remark: "See here, my boy, every report sltows that you are at the foot oi yottr class. Now I can't stand for that." Replied Wendell: "Aw, you should worry, dad, they teach tlte saute thing at both ends." Lawrence lluttt on meeting' Carl Riddering with two black eyes peer- ing ottt iront behind several pieces ot' court plaster, -"My goodness, man, how did you lose all those teeth, were yott in a train wreck?" Carl Riddering, managing to muster up enough strength to reply, "No, I jllsl cltewed gum in psychology class." lleard iront the plzttiorm:-S "My young friends, let me impress on you the necessity oi ttot only rtxtd- iug good hooks bttt also oi owning them. So, that you may have access to them all the time. Why, when I was a young tnatt I used frequently to work all night in order to buy hooks and then get tip before daylight to read them." Heartl front the platform:- "l've got a hook due from I'easely the I'nconscious Mind." Last December during one of thei See . v ot our tacultx tt ls seriously ntjuredg .while sleeping. ,lust bttore retiring? Powder on Lapels, g g ,lla y Hein had placed 'tn electrici I i .fan at his bedside so that he might PET TRAINER I Acctaentzs-if:-av M ts fhotthst nights of the month a member- King f0I' Suits that CIOIl't Sl'l0W t ll ' . ' . k i 'eep cool. But toward morning Mr.? .HW Umm- week while in Q-mud, Hein accidentally shoved his foot out I C Rapids lte got stuck in a revolving door :tt a hotel and united half an hottr for some one to push him tltrouglt. I do tlte best. clean, correct and gof bed and caught his large toe in I ,the revolving fan. :Xt latest reports . Mr. Hein was doing fine. 300 F. I's. Arrested More than 300 alleged members of 'arefullv l'tunderin if 'ltirt' 'md col lthc I' XY' ui' are arrested in Port- lure 'md drtssfs tigainvbtiattire in the' land' Oregon' m H f""'CC mundiup to fm, ' Luk' 1 ' 'prevent disorders growing out ot the L . Ilrices very reasonable l IQDDIIE STQXHI. . Follow the Crowd to THI-I PSYCHOLOGY LYNCH HEAVY DISHES SERYED DAILY SATISFACTION PERHAPS XY. X. FERRIS A Gift Distinction lYe will give to any reputable school, of more than 25,000 students our talented: Charles Carlisle who is exceptional tn ex-, pression and leading morning songs. g Free circular sent on request. E Dept. F. 1. P. Main Floor longshoremen's strike. Have You a Beautiful Face? In this day and age attention to your facial appearance is absolutely essential. For thirty years I have been- striving to perfect a new invisible deltcated. rose- tinted face powder. The result ts the amazing production of B. S. Travis Facial Powder. .fSend for sample. B. S. Travis Chemical Productions Canaries .X Specialty N. I'RIL'l-I CLASSIFICATIONED XK'.XN'l'l'2Df-All scutns to report for HTJFF with their struct cleztntttg apparntui D0- ighwt ,Wally Un any Saturday tor any frat tt',x,X'I'I-QD--Utte more basketball gain: 'by the All Stars. llirls preferred. I'ur tu- fofftmfivfr asf its ..iu!'1.m5,:FL'LfL-. L - . FOR S.-Xl-l-Q-Ott: blue scrgc suit. Nerd the cash to pay income tax. lnqutre Room 27, ttot later thartnMarchwl4.i A 1 IYANISILQD-More frat candidates to carri Shorty lVard's 'drums up from the Mouse Hall. Inquire Mc Namara. FOR RENT-One pair ot' bright red arm bands, Call any period not already taken. at liill's place in the Soul!!-CIS! corner ot' the Comnterggaflqlfjjfmbli- wg HJR sat.E-or excttaxot-3-.Anything that dot-stt't belong to me-easy YCFUU For Sale 5 One perfectly good Ford Automobilcf Smooth running. Easy on tires. Don't use gasoline or oil. Very quid- EQUIP' ped with mahogany 'wheels and a Enc- eoat of very good paint. Guaranteed to run. 7 E. PENNOCK T -John P. lirfgghyz 5 7 ,W M ,Wm-W V1-'ORWI-IXCHANGE ONLY - one so of stiff whiskers for a slmart looking mua- taehe or goatcc. Inquire for particulars Qf N-DIOBSIFY----.,- V-.- s...-N... IV.-XNTED--A seat in Room IZ. IU!! Com' fortable for two. Cash ready- GCD- mufki - v H , , ...-.s... ---- V- - F OR SALE - Football equipment. MIC sweater nearly new. Also Manahani socks. Inquire Bill Reilly, Com'l Dept. KK The Grind The trumpets blared-the final day had come. Two students stood before the judgment seat, VVith heads bowed low to hear the word of doom, Or praise, whate'er to each of them was meet. The-one, a lad of earnest, plodding ways, Inured to toil and hardship all his days, NVith eyes dark-rimmed from pouring o'er his books. -A "grind," they said of him with scorn- ful looks. The o-ther one a self-appointed Sheik, A slave to every whim and idle craze, XVith plastered looks and sideburns down his cheek, And eyes that held a listless, vapid gaze, Tho' born with quick intelligence, his head Now held but empty nothingness instead. Then down upon them from the throne of gold The voice of the Judge of all Creation rolledg In solemn, thundering, tones that rent the Sky, The question put to each of them began: VVhat use of the immortal intellect, that I Didst give thee to ennoble thee as Man, Hast thou to show for all thy years within, The VVorld, e'er I did halt its folly and its sin ?" It moved the grind in humbleness to say, I tried to gain more knowledge day by dayg K1 and li u ll the Sheik . For in my thoughts a vision was impressed, And round that vision I had built a plan To someday aid thy helpless and distressed, And with my learning guide my fellow manf' Xkfell done!" the Great Judge cried, "Thy prize Shall be the highest mansion in the skies." Then spoke the Sheik, the poor benighted fool, O Lord, I was the best dressed man in school. I on my innate cleverness relied, And often passed my' tests, tho oft denied, For me life was too short to e'er be spent In tiresome study like yon plodding grindg My will to pleasure only would be bent And nothing else would satisfy the mind. XVherein I erred, I now can see at last, Tho penitent, I cannot change the past." A hush fell on the scene, naught but the stroke Of angel pens the tensive silence broke, Nor did the sinner know his soul was spared Until the final judgment was declared, Thou used the mind I gave thee at thy birth To guide thy feet in paths of idleness. judged by the standards of this Grind thy worth XVill not suflice to save thy soul unless I grant thee that thy penitence atone Go hence, the lowest place shall be thine owng' XNf.T.S. Miss Lou Stubblegrass, Pokick, Michigan. Dear Lou: . BIG Ramps, RIICI-IIGAN. March 15, 1923. Well, 'CINS if morningis exercize and I thought while the Senator was handin' out the old guft I'd take a chanct and write you a letter. Advice is the only' thing in this school we dont get anything else but. Of course we follows as much of lt as we can and still keep away from Travis City or somewheres, but I want to tell you about this new study of zoology I've took up. 120 Most folks thinks Zoology is all about a zoo, but it aint. Miss McNerney has got charge of the zoo. The first thing we learn in zoology is that a sixteen year old g1rl that giggles, isn't the simplest animal. Before you can join this class you have to quit chewing gum cause the instructor, he don't chew, and acquire a whole bag of tools, so that you can look into the inside of things that are en- countered. They is many animals that one runs across in this Zoology Business. The first ones is one-celled. They ain't necessairily got to be in one cell. It's-their shape that gets 'em the name. Girls is sometimes called dam-sels but not for the same reason. Folks has to look at these one-celled animals through a spy glass cause they're partikular 'bout who looks at 'em. Next we drag out the bugs, not two-legged ones, but ones that ain't sposed to have much brains. Prof. Blumen- thal, the head surveyor, says that Hodgkinson is a funny bug, Even Prof. Cramer dont know what kind he is but thinks he is the nocturnal kind. Wlieii Prof. Cramer announced that we would 'next dissect lobsters all the boys got skeered out. ,Even Pete Nadeau and Elmer Schaiberger got afraid, which surely was pekuliar cause they ain't even afraid of girls., them boys. They is all kinds of lobsters. Guess the Senator ain't never took Zoology cause he ain't partikular what he calls lobsters. Prof. Cramer furnished fish stories free of charge with the course, but this don't mean two-legged fish, but really live fish what swims in a pond. Folks who ain't been to Yellow Stone Park and to Florida ain't Seen such fish as the Professor tells about, for they is the fool fish, so named on account of actin so silly, and the gag fish which was named by somebody that tried to eat one once, and another called the puddin wife, because its husband deserted it. Of course they is lots more animals to be looked after, includin the upstairs gang and the Pharmics but Mr, Masselink says "Already now, look out for number one," and tha.t's perfectly correct too. The exercizes is over now, Lou, and I got to go to Si Collegy class so good buv. ' . ' Your loving, HANK. P. S. Can't you sell that roan heifer and send me some jack. Edjukation comes high. ' 9'X.s.oX. QQXCTX- CSX DX QXQX " ,- . u . K ' X X :kms :wfxlix 9119955 Qfiiia.. -N sa..g3R.i.5Qg,.si:a2:f2.a -axsasmff -A X31 Q '3TNL-l-?D- ' 'SN WX 131 1 1 1 1 1 'I 1 11 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 7, 1 1 1 1 I 1 11, 1 '1 1 U1 1 ' 11 .1- 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 L11 1 11 1 11 1 11 1 1 11 f 11 1 1 ' 11 , 1. 11' , 'I 1 11' 11'l 1' 1 1 ' 11 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1x 11 1 1' 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 K? . 11 1 5 1 11 ' 1 1 1 1' 1 LE ,J -- - -' 1 V 122 I M 11 91 'I 11 1 1 ll ' What the Wise Are Saying Mr. Ferris says that if he could re-use all the chewing gum on the bottoms of seats in the school, he would make Wrigley poor. Charles Carlisle believes that Izzy Einstein is a Jew. How strange! VV. L. Thompson asked Lester Colby the other day, if the Avon Comedy Four was the name of a new automobile. Lester thought it was. Red Chimner says that if a Happer bought two yards of cloth she could make several skirts. He don't know how many. jack Freethy claims there is no use worrying over the distribution of wealth as long as we have F. I. girls. They attend to that. After Mr. Merrill talked about the Income Tax for thirty minutes, Bill Reilly pipes up and says, "Income tax isn't much like thumb tacks, is it ?" Harold Geiken insists it costs nothing to feed a moth, because it only eats holes. , Lawrence Hunt says an oyster is a sort of ish built like a nut. Wally Hein, when speaking of the Mrs., says "Vino, vido, vico," which means "she came, she saw, she conquered." R. R.'Reed declares a girl in your arms is worth two on the telephone. Correct. No one has yet discovered why H. H. Nigro thought Palm Olive was a fashionable Southern resort. B. S. Travis says man has a larger vocabulary than a woman, but less oppor- tunity to use it. ' G. Masselink tells us that a quart of gasoline tossed upon the coals of the kitchen range will clean out the ashes in a jiffy. "Few people don't know this," says M. A. jones, "but to kill Hies, you catch them each night and wrap them up in cracked ice for twenty-four hours. It's a sure method." I Mildred Travis offers a valuable hint on boiling potatoes. She says you can tell when they are done as soon as they begin to unbo-tton their jackets. Clark King agrees with us that a bat in the hand is worth two in the eye. 123 Au Revoir HF. I. students are like drififwood on the shore Tlicj' meet once, greet once, and part f01'l3'U6l'71I01'6.H Thus runs a verse in our albums. Y es, we have met and made many friends at F. I. But the parting is at hand. We must now say goodbye, good luck, and Godspeed. Still, who knows but that, as time Hies on, when what we now see as only the dim future becomes the actual present, when we are going down the long trail of life, which we have chosen for ourself, our trail may cross that of some old F. I. friend. This will mean another meeting and another greeting far more joyous and far more delightful than was the first time we met. But this, for many, will never happen. All that many of us can have is the memory. If we never meet our old friends face to face we shall still have the pleasure of living with them again in our thoughts. VV e can think of the old pal we had at F. I. VVe can see the able-bodied men with the small growth on the upper lipg we can see the goloshes, the side burns, the vanity cases, the radio boots, the marcelle waves, and the bobbed hair. VVe can see Mr. Carlisle as he writes, using the piano as a desk, while the orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Nigro, plays Home Sweet Home. VVe can see Mr. Ferris as he stands in char- acteristic pose ready to give the morning reading, his coat unbuttoned, his right thumb thrust carelessly into his lower vest pocket, holding in his hand the book from which he is to read his favorite chapter on Self-Respect. We can hear the boys laugh as Mr. Ferris throws out a few crumbs to the chick-a-dees. life can see the old school itself, crowning the crest of the little hill. The future thrills us, recalling as it does the man whose steadfast purpose made a vision a reality. These will all be pleasant memories, but it will give us new life just to enjoy in our thoughts the presence of our old friends. Absence cannot separate us. VVe have the addresses of our friends--we can drop them a card. And when we feel lonely and blue, we can pack up and come to a meeting of the F. C. A., and renew old acquaintances. Domizrzfzfs V0b1'sc11111 Sallies of the Sages Already! First bell. Find seats please. Say! Fm going out and get a brick. From the standpoint and in regard to the question. For Friday write seven themes., and read pages 25-10728 and outline. That's only my opinion. I've got a right to my own opinion. Remember, you've got a man's size job on your hands, and it will-mean- business-from-start-to-finish. Those who came here in September and paid for twenty-four weeks meet me in the office. 124 :Tr : gg-++?--- -L.....-..,..,, , - - ---V-f---vw -lL'k'-: Everybody up to the bars for roll call.l Cards please. All there is to quantis simple arithmetic. To recapitulate. VV hen the poppies bloom. Now do some t-h-i-n-lc-i-n-g on thig, Don't forget that now. ' Temporary aberration. You're like a cor H ll. Y n e c ou have ears, but you hear not. Faculty meetin ' at th 1 I g e usua time in the usual place. My toxicology boys can tell you. f you are not here say "absent.', This is a typical problem, pure and simple. VVell, how do you spell it? Sufficient unto the day are the evils thereof. Be sure you understand this, dead sure, Don't tell anybody I said this. This is a definite science. Don't try to put anything over. Everybody copy. , I A Here it is, students, the most interesting phenomenon of them allf' Institutional Commandments I. Thou mayest have other schools before this but thou shalt need no other afterwards. ' II. Thou shalt seek earnestly after credit slips. III. Thou shalt not spend all thy nights in revelry, for he that frolics shall not pass. - IV. Five days each week shalt thou study, and as many more as may please thee. I V. Write often to thy' father and thy mother, that thy expenses shall be paid in the school where thou goest. VI. Thou shalt not snore in class, but shalt sleep silently. VII. Thou shalt not neglect amusement. VIII. Thou shalt not steal away before the appointed time. IX. Thou shalt not recite unknowingly, nor admit that thou art unprepared. X. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's girl, nor thy neighbor's pull, nor his excuse, nor anything tha.t is thy neighbors. 125 ONE DAY I thought I'D LIKE to be AN ORATOR and HOLD THE' people SPELLBOUND. SO I began TO STUDY up THE SPEECHES of BILL BRYAN and PAT HENRY. I STOOD before MY GLASS to get AN IDEA of THE NVAY I looked XVI-IEN I orated. AT LAST I got A CHANCE to show NVHAT I could do OR COULDN'T do IN A debate. BUT NVHEN the time Orating with V. E. D. ll AT ALL to say. I THOUGHT about HONV I must look STANDING there GASPING in ZONES OF silence. TO BREAK the spell SOMEBODY laughed AND I took myself OFF TO one side AND SAID, OLD Boy, you're not THE FIRST to feel SELF CONSCIOUS, AND YOU shouldn't TAKE yourself TOO SERIOUSLY." MY TONGUE began TO LOOSEN up AND JUST as I BEGAN TO talk CAME FOR my talk, I COULDN'T think OF ANYTHING THE CHAIRMAN said, "YOUR TIME is up," I THANK you. I The Fountain of Youth When Ponce De Leon went roaming around in the swamps of Florida looking for the fountain of youth, he established a precedent. Since then man has been floundering about in the sloughs of despondency with the same purpose in mindg and when I say man I mean woman as well, for this is one of the rare instances where man embraces woman. We smile derisively at this gray haired old man, going about bathing in all of the springs, pursuing an elusive hope, and we wonder that he should have been so gullible. We do not wonder, however, when We see a man trying to fertilize a shiny spot on the top of his head with pungent concoctions, which at best do no harm, nor make the spot larger nor more shinyg for the longer he uses his Cranium for inner reflections on youth, the more dazzlingly will it reflect-outwardly. After he has steamed, boiled, shaved, and rubbed his head with everything from cream if W - , . .g.-kw.ki..,,, 61-,, Y 5-37 ,-Y - ff - - iL+ , -W V Y, YY Y A , ,.. . . ?+ ,,-.gwigt-Vi VY YW + - -,-, Y , YW - V W, ,, i- Vw - W-.- V - U.- ,.+ to bear's oil, he will become ith h ,r f 1 d sl- I I U . i y at piece of gauze covered W 531. Ops 3 5 la C 5 lg lt Y S11111l.211' t0 his own, and stick it on the shiny spot with gum. -Ie can at last wear a smile of satisfaction unmindful of the fact that he has deceived no one but himself. Yes, Ponce De Leon should have known better. How could he have expected to become rejuvenated b one bath. Y Human rejuvenation has come to be one of the leading industries of today, and in this the resourceful mind of woman has placed her in the foreground. Wonieii are steamed, pounded, and rolled! they are padded and upholsteredg they are puttied, calcimined, painted, and shorn, and the results are problematic:-11. They may fool someone, if he is near sighted and far enough away. You may use any and all of the appliances powders, nostrums on the market, and "the skin I you love to touchi' appears to be as remote as ever. You may have your surgeon transplant monkey Glands if fou will l th Ix to become effaced. resigned to his fate and bu ' g 3 , ant e mar 's of time persistently refuse Perhaps I have painted too dismal a picture. Perhaps I have left the im- pression that Ponce De Leon's quest was an impossibility. If so, I would like to give out just a ray of hope. The impossibility of yesterday is the fact of today. Possibly the answer to the whole matter may be foundin "Herkimer's Handbook of Useful and Valuable Information." -A ll Observer. CI' 0+ Q, QQ . , O Il ol 1 Q S I l X kl X Hero Ins mydog, all Lovevodhp, Uhlqygly, Yet beloved, pap- Sgmg Fvmghman Que Nm PAYI5 grun- HUW. could A modal bi 50 VUNYII l I He was A lemon-colovul beast, A homely pup, fo sly tk: lcxslj Each scvx ly bvxsl le on his bank Resembld ggnnwvtasl lack -pw Laylg gf ,,v,y1reo worm! scum Beiqsv Qhavx ik-xi nf my lfxlehui-Hi ' mfagi it-eve hevev was A HN' P w. h smcha sf,-,A-forsaken yelp. n 1 NHQNY nlwnysw gd'- wzriikeh dog'S:mlr wfvrmiifale MIS . wnhsalrmm manor g Allen pail- 1 amplnated Wjdag S YG" L, fl gv.wnon1huS li'1'.li'??.l.'Tiip2'u?il.i cons-Lvhrfeiuis Rb 1 an y ousy YU- p Llszlxuss b'1lIgve'- HOW dwl 1915997 :I I'll tell you why: li? clear 3S'T1'-3. ' A 'UN ul bud, Ef.'f55'13'i1'..1'lif,dnf1v1 eh we end, J. Ln me mscvabff ""'P"f 'WS A-F""' ' ' . -- All -' -2' if -' " lf 'f i l f X fl -g.Q'a"fY'"ili'z'ntlre2ffthl'l'??' Wiwziff- -f .l 11 my ul l a 0 x I, U..1?' n , . 1 I , V 'L 0 -,ul ale, I , yr Q HU-l lv't'f? "iI'f4'im'IW' ll - I' iii?" F '37'44"M' zwf,w+ S4.44ll'Nf - - ' l X 1 v ' rl .' ' ' - ' Y jgfwf.. xx'1,-.i,F:..'l7-1m- .l-I e nz-y N- ?"l"I Sch' 'M A 127 rw .1 l K Morning Exercises The day's begun at old F. I., The students assemble here. -- 3 I I And "Tommy" waves a card on high ' l Y I 'XXV I XVhile we clap our hands and cheer. I R, jf 'TYMAYHL1 ,I There's mail, too. Oh! far too much- ! "Boys, please tell these dames We cannot give our valued time . To translating misspelled names." ! "The following students re ort to m ' l .... I S222 ' D ef , 2 I f absent, please speak up- Q 5 "Young lady! for lack of attention 9 Y 011 win the loving-cupg . I If you can't give attention strict- ? Qgflf' To what is being said, 5 I You might as well pack up your books- l 5 Your brains are long past dead." f 7 ' "How many times have I implored ,ELG xt, ,277 - 2731 "T Z .4574-A-Y. , .,. . This faculty sublime 3 That just once, for novelty's sake, To the meeting be on time!" "These notices I shall not ready I cannot make them outg I'll turn them over to Masselink- He can, without a doubt." "Signals, please! And teachers XVill you kindly keep in mind . That the bells are "off" again today And dismiss your class on time!" A Little Drama from Room No. 3 THE S13VEN OCLOCK CAESAR CLASS DlQ:XRI.X'1'lS Przusoxunz Mary J. McNerney. Rose Towe ........ Clara Ditmer ...... Kuno I-Iamnierberg . Mr. Moore ........ Mr. Conover .... Clarence Beeker .... Mr. Cook ..... C ..... Ambrose Laundra Milton Meeks .... the keeper a charming unmarried pupil the same .. author of a verbless Latin Grammar . ...... a quiet unassuming fellow . . ..........., a palaverer a contrary creature an indifferent mortal another contrary fellow .. la tete de caribon A128 SPASM I. Scene I A TIME: 7:00 O'clock A. M, Prnqrgg Roomg 17:00, Enter Miss McNerney.D f7:10, Enter Misses Towe and Ditmer, and Mr. Moore.j Miss lVIcNc1'1zeyg "I wonder where the rest of the lazy mortals are." C7:20, Enter rest of lazy mortalsj ' Q Miss llifcNe1'ney.' "You contrary creatures! I suppose if this class were at 8:00, you'd come at 8:20. However, I shan't stand for that sort of thing, remember I'm Irish." . MEEKS,' "'vVell, you see it was this way-" M Illgiss MCfg7Cf1Z'Sjl.' "Never mind any of your yarns, let's get to work. You may read, r. ammer erg. 'Hamg "The walls of the troops having been fortified the camp hastened at Caesar." Miss M'cNe1'1iey.' "Wl1at kind of a conglomeration of Latin and Swede do you call that?" Hamg "VVell, Miss McNerney, that's what it says." Miss ll4fcNe1'nt'y.' 'KYes, you fmumbler'-it's only half the time I can hear you. Mr. Meeks, stop wigglmg your feet. VVhat 1S the construction of "consuitudine" in line six, Mr. Laundra ?" Ambroscg "It's-ah. .ah-it's the dative of spacef, Miss McNc1'1zcy.' "You'll be dative of something if you don't wake up. NVhat is it Miss Towne?" l Roseg Caudible whisperingj "Ablative of cause." A Miss McNer1zey.' "Inspiration-I heard it myself. Do you know if I ever get to heaven, I ought to have a star in my crown for developing golden rulers. Say! Mr. Cook, if you don't wake up back there, I'm going to come back there with a brick. CMr. Cook regains consciousness? If there's anything in the world that I detest it's that utter indifference on the part of a few of you lazy mortals. I should think my voice would be enough to awaken the dead, but apparently it has no effect on Mr. Cook." Mr. Coniovcix' "Miss McNerney, did Caesar use tanks in the Gualic Wars?" Miss McNc1'neyg "Another dreamer. VVhat's the construction of 'sibi' in line twenty- five, Mr. Hammerberg?" Ham: "Let me see now-Che whispers with Mr. Moorej-dative of agent." Miss MCN07'1l8j'.' "A pretty good guess, or did Mr. Moore practice the golden rule?" CBell ringsj "You are excused with pleasuref' Meeksg "It's mutual." CA sigh of relief comes from the tired students and the curtain falls.D M M , .i Laugh and the World Laughs With You So many pens have dwelt upon this theme, So many abler thoughts expression found, That my poor efforts must unworthy seem, Like profane footprints left on hallowed ground. Still, unabashed, I dare to venture forth, Uplift my voice and yell for all I'm worth: "Laugh, and the world laughs with you, Wfeep, and you weep alone." ,,-....,......-1 l29 Willy should the stream of life forever run Smooth, and without a ripple on its way? If never' cloud appeared to hide the sun, Wfho would appreciate the perfect day? S0 whether life brings sunshine or brings rain, Forget that groueh and join in this refrain: "Laugh, and the world laughs with you, Wfeep, and you weep alone." Take note of him who always wears a smile- His, friendsare numerous, his foes are few, He laughs, the world laughs, too, but all the while No other mortal knows when one is blue. So when you are the surest that you can't, Smile, if it kills you, and join in the chant: "Laugh, and the world laughs with you, t. W'eep, and you weep alone." -vf'ff'III'gl' N. 1' . Failure Another day is gone-forever pastg Great things were scheduled at the break o And only half accomplished, as the last I f day, Of the sun's rays now slowly fade away. Then shall we let our failures mar our rest, And so meet morning wi.th a fainting heart? A Or shall the thought that we have done our best Preserve our courage and renew our start? Ay, with the new day let's' resume the Iightg Past failures are but vict'ries in disguise, He wins before he starts who's in the right, He, only, really fails who never tries. -mm-y N. V-Pc u11I.v011 11118011 mn -i ii Q .ff mi 4, X EB I , CHEM lqm mf, 1 , -5 'i Qi' .' 1' 'XL' X ,if ! H150 5 'y . K' Y. 1 fi Aff: f ' W 'E NO! I E E 'E Iv-Im . ,.,1--N IJ ,ff I Slip II if Y jx" Frnnfsi-fr-1-11 -A ' TIITTIIX Qui 1 1. ' , x 'fi T' I II :I I I, III x I I IJ JA' nu 1 ' , , 'K f --:E - zu 0 Jafiiq i 1 'I K LJ ij,-xc 'Qdorfh 4' ,14,7' '7'79:RgN'-mw:"5K my-' In '-1 'H ' f 1 all , 4" ., f, , V995 1 A M 'I -1 -I ' ill 1 I 7-v I Jeg:.'?.':"1:' ' ' , I ,fl pl J V n LI. H I-I? x I xx-wh I r-I ff I1 1,41 JIBIIIIII I5 qcongnf EI , I A -VII x , Q I Il ,f1I5r11C5 ,I I .I ' .- . IIIII I fly? .I -1- III. , ,Aw '!" A-WMM 93,40 A IF2- I3 L... -' ,L V- ""'1w"' if 'Ti f gg if-,II W. I J-.QIIIE ll, IQIOII J I Iijfy S' I. 1 CX ff' ff KF Nh Y ' fx-'fl A , pg QI I Q ,C N 3Q,,,1g If I IIEI fx -I Q Ag, 3 ,Ti .qif 2- I g, M .IE,IIj.xCI,IIf , .I A .U f - X' ,, 3' A f ' J' ,f -5- K' 7'-. Rf " ' I , 5 41 Il I I Y ' -Y six j :X JQIIF 'Q I L Nfnlf s 1 A-,QEXX II' -1L'Y Y' 41. - :FE-gs?i?gi- 1Yl PM "mi, f ff? , IP . -- 4 af Q II .. II IIg I Yi . I - Y III- L21 rf 5 I ' 'ii A"' 5 "-"lx Q9 41 as - Q ,R PARSONS 41 I II'I-,xII.,fw-,..- ,. '. ,'i-j'.,,y.,- ,7:.I'.'..g.r,,,v' Im -, ' mfr IIII IIIQIS r I III 4 -' X i I X . ' . II .I I ,I II N J I1,ftI?j'1.!lg-1 I ' , -fI:3 :.,f:1 ' 'Hr 4 X .-1f ,TLX I I sI I 1 W V" w 1 f f Q 'V.'fQ:fI'+f.11,v:: -X Q ' I9 GW f 7 4,1 I I ff ww 4-VA fir! ff f 0 1.3 ,W f Qi! I " - 'ITZ' fllf III I 'I WI? g ' ,,. 7 Z 1 2 " 'X X' new T00 fn . - IS-Ir? I ififQEDl'3fg" 'l' ' 131 Calling It a Day A FARCE-TRAGEDY IN ONE PART Tlhe scene is a square room with a huge figure 8 on the door as you enter. Numerous rows of seats are fastened to the floor by screws. A pair of posts uphold a tin ceiling. The walls are semi-surrounded by real slate black-boards. A little desk stands between an isle. A high-chair rests near. Figures are chalked onthe black-board. The steam pipes rattle and bang. Students sit pensively on the bench-like seats. The time is any day at 3:15 P. M. just before Mr. K. G. Merrill, the teacher of Business Efficiency, enters the room. Chalk and paper wads Hy ruthlessly around the room and hit the girls. Riley-Hey! - WVho hit me! CStands up and shakes his fist at Jack Freethy, whereupon Merrill enters and receives the gesturej Jllerrill Cangry like a bearj-VVhat's the commotion? Riley Ctaking his seat like a defeated roosterb-Nothin'. CMerrill walks up to the desk. Feels in his pocket for the roll-cards. Pulls out wrong package. Swears to himself. Finds correct packj llifcrrill-Tuck. Tuck-VVliat is it? Me1'riII-Are you present? Tuck-I-I think I am. Merrill-Anderson, where is your excuse card? ' A71d8l'S011'4'HCfC. QFeels in pockets.D No tain't either. Can't find it. lllerrill-Have it by tomorrow or out you go. CMerrill completes roll call.j Now what was our lesson for today, Mr-r-r Dibble? V Dibblc Cloudlyj-'Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Jllerrill-VVas that all? Hm-m, I let you off easy today. VVhole class-I-IUI-Il Me1'1'ilI--1NfIiss Betty Lowell, tell us what is fear. Miss Lowell-Fear is that- I I-Iayslrk Cinterruptingb-It is being afraid. JVIerriI1-Very good. Now 'Mr. Hunt, explain the antidote for fear. Him!-The anecdote for fear is-- - I-Iaysfvle finterruptingb-It is knowledge. lllcrrill-Very good. Mr. Riley, what is faith? Riley Chesitatingb-Er-r-. Let Haystek tell it. M errill-How much do you study. I'll bet you haven't even today's written work prepared. Riley-Yes I have. I got it in my head. Merrill-Stop giggling. Lct's get to business. Mr. Bellman, how can you kill laziness? Belhnazz-Shoot it. Me1'1'iI1 Cafter laughter ceasesl-There must be a funny streak in you today. Mr. Freethy, what is a good will? Frccfhy Cthoughtfullyj--About a million dollars. ' Me1'1'ilI Cafter laughterj-Jopke, tell us about turning minutes into money. First, how- ever, we'll have Mr. McCauley wake up. fopke Cafter McCauley has been shaken to consciousnessj-I suppose you'd have to count your minutes as you would dollars. Me1'1'iII Cnodding head in allirmationl--Yes, go on. fopkr Cscratching hearj-But I can't see how you can take minutes to a mint. CThc bell ringsj llfrrrill-Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14, for tomorrow. CAnother bell. In ten seconds the room is vacant save for some light and musty air and furniture. The day was over.j CURTAIN I F ,V , Y, Wm-7 , H V W W -..,.i....A,-..,..,c, .WW ,... , ..- ...H . ., H..- .-?..- f 132 Advertiser YU R FRIEND T 4' PICTURE THE GURLEY STUDIO E WE KEEP ALL NEGATIVES PROMPT SERVICE ON DUPLICATE ORDERS -1- 'I' 4' 1 ll full' F ORTIET 1 1884--1923 1-1 YEAR OPENS sept. 3, 1923 P For High School Graduates First Year 'Normal First Year College Pharmacy, two-year course Commercial Teachers', two-year con rse Shorthand Teachers', two-year com-sg , u Salesmanship Higher Accounting, two-year course Civil Service Business Administration Banking Chemistry, two-year course Stenog,-aphy Secretarial Course, one year For Drug Clerks A. short course preparatory for the November and january examinations will be organized Se t b 3 p em er . Write for special information. I - For Teachers Pedagogy G' A rammar Physiology State Manual Geography U. S. History Primary Reading Arithmetic Civics, etc. Observation and Practice Teaching En lish For Foreign Students 1 S g Reading U. S. History Arithmetic Penmanship Civics , ' Spelling Public Speaking Typewriting ' For Colleges Preparatory Students H A list of twenty-four subjects is offered. Select those that willlprepare' you for the college you plan to enter. Graduates. enter the best universities without ekamination. For Oflice Work 1 1 ' I Bookkeeping Penmanship l..aw Shorthand Rapid Calculation English Typewriting Efficiency Al'itl'lm0fiC For Telegraphers S Regular work will be offered in the Morse and wireless, systems. ' ln connection' 'with these-V students can take Bookkeeping, English, Arithmetic, Penmanship, Spelling, etc., without extra charge. - ' - ' V Special Courses- .1 . 4 1- if - Psychology Music Debating -1 . . Human Nature Physical Culture Public Speaking The above gives a general view of what can be taken at the Ferris lnstitute. Write us a letter describing in detail your wishes and what you have done so far. W. N. FERRIS, Pres, G. lVlASSELlNK,.Vice-Pres. 1 I ul ul nu nl wl i Th Oli u un nu lu un un nu un un nu an un un un un I-nn uu un nu ml un un un un' un un nu un lu nu cis BIG RAPIDS CANDY STORE ll Gus 8z Sam" S Home Made Ice Cream I CONFECTIONERY -- FRUITS - ICE CREAM - CIGARS 118 SO UTH MICH. AVE. QP lm lm :ln nu nu ull nn Mn ml lm lm ull un ull ml-ul nu lm lm llu ml un un 'lu I nu nn nn nu lln ein lull ull I-ull lm ml lm ml ull lm uu lu: ml nu ull ull Illl ml nu ll! MM l1II lui In lm Ill ml nu ml llll ml ull ull .44 CONSUMERS POWER CO. x 1 x 210 So. Michigan Avenue 4' "" "" "'- "'- - ' "'- '--' ' ' H "-- ' I- -1- 'I' "' "" "" ' " 'H 'H' H- wi- 4- --- CLOTHES EXPRESS QA Coon SCHOOL GOOD STUDENTS PERSONALITY i e apparel oft proclaims the man" A Co t d ss is a reli ble md x Th t hd collar, nent nd Q Good Drug Store CI y a subtle, impressive V1 5 d ce all the time. Q City Laundry DRUGGISTS 4. M 'mi "' "" "" "" "" "" "" 'I' .Ig 'I' ll lu- .gig OUR TWENTY SECOND YEAR ClTIZEN'S STATE BA K RESOURCES - - 81,500,000 Member of FEDERAL RESERVE t Fully equipped with facilities and connections for the prompt and safe transaction of all banking business 41- M., 'I' 4. I - . .... .....p BURCI-IE'S CAFE E OPEN DAY AND NIGHT 108 North Michigan Avenue .,. Y-. ,. .. 4. -1. -. .-9 -fu --.- -.,- -.-. K .- -- Y- -if Theplace ' JENSON DRY , GOODS CO. to Buy the-Best TO1lCt 5 Articles WE CARRY FAIRMANS i i A MOST COMPLETE DRUG LINEYDOFA LADIES AND MISSES STORE READYITO WEAR i ' E AND DRY The Rexall Store 104 S. MICH. AVE. -lx--im GOODS 106-108 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE ul :I nl ll nu ul nl nu ul ll ne :I nn nl 4' -'I' junsows HARDWARE l. . . The . .. Winchester Store Headquarters for Spalcling, Reach, Wilson and Winchester' SPORTS AND ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Baseball, Basketball, and Football Uniforms Tennis, Golf, Gymnasium and Track Outfits C SPECIAL PRICES MADE TO SCHOOLS Fishing Tackle Folding Camp Furniture Ladies' and Gents' Bathing Suits LOOK AT OUR WINDOWS I IN OUR' STORE GET ACQUAINTED MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME Our Motto-WELCOME - Junsows - Wal In :L ofa In Fl H" of I nu nu ull ull 6' After All ELLA CAFE Candies Ice Cream Lunches Regular Meals Fresh Fruits ' IS THE BEST PLACE IN TOWN ml ull Im ull ull ml nn un lm nn nu nn uni Geo. W. Milner KODAKS and SUPPLIES Printing and Developing DRUGS CANDY I CIGARS SAN TOX STORE nfs up nn un nu nu un nu nn nn un un nn nn nn nn I!! lPALMER'S successor to C. D. CARPENTER DRY GOODS I READY to WEAR E 107-109 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE ,lg nu nu: vm nn nn un un nn nu u 11+ +1 un nu nn nn un nu un nu vm un nn un nl un his u un une f wa- un nn nn nn un nn nu un un an nu nn nu nu un M. an FIRST CHANCE - LAST CHANCE l J. F. BRADSHAW 4, me mn nn .nu un nn nn lm nu un- nm nn nn un-n nn rm un nu nu un nu nn mu me nn nu nu 4. of ull un un nn me un un nn nu nu nu me nu me ull rv-un nn un Mu nu un un un nu lu nn un ml un :lu in MODEL RESTAURANT Totten 8: Totten Home Cooking and Baking . zos MAPLE STREET yin nu nu ul A nn nn ual un un nn un-H un rm nn vm un lm nn nu Op up Ulu llll ull un un nn :u. nu ml lm nr: nu nn nn nn In-un ull nu un un ul un ml un un nu un un un un -Ill THE BIG RAPIDS GARAGE Home of the Ford Tires and Accessories Expert Repair Work FORD TRUCKS AND TRACTORS , , - nn nu un nn f um nu nn un ml-4 un .ln nl u nn nu Ill Ylll un nu ull ml nn ml nn lu ll nv nu ul nr ll- of -i- COL0 IAL THE HOME OF SUPREME QUALITY MOVIES THEATRE 40- un nib gig ln. un nn nu lm llu ull llll ul-nu ml ull nl Illl ull lm lm his DURA T "Just a Real Gobcl Car FLINT SIX-STAR MURPHY AND WOLVERON N. Mich. Ave. nip- Ill? un um nn-4:1 nu nu U!! un un f nu nu ml am nu nu un mx ' an an + '+ +r- ---' -Q'- ,KHA - - -1-f N -A .M -M .. . Big Rapids Dairy S Phone 133 Home of Pasteurized Milk S CREAM, MILK, BUTTER C BUTTERMILK "Home of Fine Shoesi' Walk-Overs and Florsheims A. V. YOUNG 124 So. Michigan Ave. ml lm un lm lm nu ml ml ull 1 un The STUDENTS' SWEET SHOP Next to Colonial Ice Cream and Confectionery nu lm 'ln mu un llll 'llll " COTTAGE CHEESE Every Cow Tuberculin Tested II4 Maple St t gi. gig nu I aio 510 4. ll ml nn un lm ml un un Lu . u lil TRUAX 81. Zetterstedr Clothiers and Furnishers IO7 N. Michigan Ave. Oio 4. un 'nu ml IU' " 4. + llll ml ull un un un ml nn un nn nu nn lm ml lit OIC III NI' IIN IH' IU' 'll' 'll' 'I-I "N U" N" H" "" U" 4' 4 DRY CLEANING 7S QPRESSING and REPAIRING BARBER SHOP EI n UNDER GOOD WORK SNAPPY SERVICE MODERATE PRICES THE BANK SANITARY TAILOR - SHOP li 203 South Michigan Avenue -1- '--' ---- ---- + -1- ---- - -- ---' -x- ' 4- ---- ---- - 1'-- ---- ---' '1-- ---- ---- ---- ,--- - I - 4. 4- -1. W. R. VanAuken E I DOE sz Yao Clothiers COMPLETE GROCERY I The I-Iouse SERVICE I of Kuppenheimer Ii-I Good Clothes We Deliv -1- -1' 1- gig ml Illl ull llll nu nn Im nu ml nn ' ull' ull llll' ull'-ull' Ir-ull 'ml' llll nil' Illl ull' ull' Im' nm- lm' mmf ' 4. 'I' -Ill' -nu' 'lin' -ull' BIG RAPIDS ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRIC APPLIANCES of all Kinds I AT YOUR SERVICE ALL WAYS . .. 1- NATIONAL MAZDA LAMPS MAY TAG WASHING MACHINES -. ..,. V..I .... .... .... .... .... .... ..'.. .... .... ...- I... --II I I I I Ip "' I-I -P -"- '--- -f-I "f- --'- ---- ---- --I- --" "'I --'- -'--P ' I - I + 'C B SCHELL E I Z Jo o L. I E Q I I I TAILOR I CITY SHOE HOSPITAL I . A Ideal Dry Cleaning I 2 5 , Presslng Full Line of . Shoe Strings and - and Polishes Repairing 126 So. Michigan A 1---, PHONE 8 126 S M bg A 4. Il A IIII IIII A ll 'i' 'f' 4' gig nn nu un nn nu nn nu I-un nn -an , nm.. nu nu nn nn ala WAGNER'S g Furniture an cl Undertaking SERVICE - QUALITY - SATISFACTION Phone 409 Nisbett Bl k ml llll llll llll Im llll ull ull llll lm lm llll Ill: ll ml Ill ull llll llll llll Machinery Company of America , Manufacturers of SAW AND KNIFE FITTING MACHINERY Big Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A. lu lm un nu lm ull 'nc lm-11 lm lm mu lm lm lnl lm I Illl -7- llll llll ull llll lul lm nu ull Im llll lm J. L. BREANDLE Plumbing I-Iavve me FIRST and your Plumbing will LAST nn nu nu un un un nu nn un "sn un C. A. CRANE Optometrist and Jeweler Satisfaction Guaranteed 206 S. Michigan Ave. 'I' 4' ' CURRIE'S TAXI Phone 19 215 MAPLE STREET z Info aiu ml ln un nn lm nn nn nn nu nu un Iii tion ilu ull ill llll lm ull ml PALM LUNCH 126 MAPLE STREET El ofa un um :mf :un nu -nu lm ,- .P 4. .P lm nu nn nn -....-.!. : - I 9 1 i -I--i. E 'IUIQQO : w 4 I ---14 'Q' 7 1-4- -2' K i H+ i 'E' I nu un nn nn un nn un un n-nu nn un nn nu nu lm nu nu nl sie OW RQ ef 0060674 For Seasonable Cut Flowers and Potted Plants STAR GREENHDUSE Near G.R.I. Depot Phone 2 1 8 Members Florist Telegraph Delivery Assn. nu- un nu nn un nu nn nn ml nn un ull nu lm un-J' "" "" "" "" "" "" "" UI' 'Ill llll IIII ,Q ,,,, ,ul I un un nn un nu nn nu In-un un nu nn nu nn nu nn nn 4. THE SUPREME in Baked Goods of Quality THE CITY BAKERY MARTZ BROS., Props. PURITY -- SERVICE -- CLEANLINESS Phone 277 209-211 N. Mich. Ave. 'I' u ' nu nn nn nu nu ml nn un ml un un nn nn nu nu-J' "N 'U' 'H' 'll' 'Ill 'Ill III' llll llll llll Im ull lm nu nn cis aio nu ml nn nn lil sion ull nu nu nn nn nn nu ml lm nn ull nn nu nu Li, MICHIGAN CIGAR COMPANY Wholesale Tobacconists CIGARS ' and FINE TOBACCOS 105 N. MICHIGAN AVE. Parker Ryan Co. E E Everywomarfs Store Dry Goods,Ready-to-wear : Millinery and Shoes We carry a line of established reputation 1 combining excep- tional styles - dependable quality and extreme modera- tion in price. iLET Us SERVE You lil 'U "U OIO U51 ml lm un un un un nu nu un nu nn un un nu use I i new nu Y l 3 3 1 i f x PRESIDENT Big Rapids Saving Bank THRIF T . The Commander-in-Chief I The commander-in-chief of the life conserving virtues, is thrift. VVithout thrift there can be no individual or community l 2 progress. just now there is a mania for earning, accompanied by a mania for spending. This is one of the ill-effects of the VVorld War. Franklin practiced and preached thrift. Thrift is manls life saver. This life saver is safely guarded in a bank. Get the habit of depositing regularly a portion of your earnings. This habit means business success, and personal independence. The chief function of a bank is to advise, direct and protect its depositors. Choose your bank today. i l Sigiifd, VVOODBRIDGE N. FERRIS. l l . Qi,-Illl ilu I l ull ml lm lul ml n. I. ml :ul Shaw Printing Company t Battle Creek, Michigan i PRINTERS, BIN D E, R 5, STATIGNERS i College Annuals a Specialty We are equipped to handle anything from the smallest leaflet to a 7OO page Annual. IFINISI .,-.L v M . 2 K , ,fa , M .:.,- L 7 L . fl' P V 7 vi . , . , 4 4 ,. f ' S A P . 4 f 5 , f 4 I 4' , J I .A . . . x' .3 . ,. v if .5 , , .H 9 . . ,- ,f TLS: Jj' V? .. ,V -1. . y . E w

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