Ferris State University - Ferriscope Yearbook (Big Rapids, MI)

 - Class of 1921

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1,151 J 1214 mf H, .W 4 4 124' f "P, iii 3 H ji QM ,if J 'K '. 6. s A f .KJ 1,1 M 1' A". 1 1. L. 1 111'. ' 1 .1 :fm 1 711. . ,, .. .- 11g1,1 . 15751 1 'hi 'ii 1 1'gi,1,Lw . 111, 1 181.511 - FILM' ,515 5 2 11, 1 1 1 .x 1 ,M J... 121 1 1, H 1. ,V " 11. L P 1 .11 '11 115 . I ' ' 1 1 1 ' . jk, A fi' 1 .fL1.,, , ., - , ,1. 1, , ' 1 11,1121 1 ' 1 . gh 1 11 . '16 1 ,1 ', Q ','. "1- . 1- 1 1 rv 11 - .1 .- 1? 1, 1' . ' 1 'f - . ,, :1, . ,- 1 1,..v..- -- 1 1, 1 ' . ,, ..: -,1 .- 5 X 41151. . Eff I1 f:1.g1v,iE:L TA 11:1 1 1 K R Q' " ' "1 1.11315 ' 1 . H1 "1 . "' ff1 ' ' ' 'X' 11 , .: - 1 V' " -. 1 H31 K' 1",.' - 1 1. -3, 'g 111"'!f ' .1 ' 151 ,1f.-2' 1 , jf .1 1 ' . , fe: ' .V 1. 11111, ,,- 1 ' A. "F - i:,' 1 .If 1: 1 1 . W, ..- . 1 z '1':" 11" 1. 1 .11 . 1' -F1 '51 ' ."'. " 1 113 'w ,JQ1 .-,11 11:3 ' - ' ' -1 , ji' X. .-, -.:1','.,,11.g . , ' 511. M.. 5,12 w ' 1, if K mm' iw 5 .. 1 ye-I , .. 1,1 ,' -11.11 . ' V Q1 11.' . 1111 'V' . 1 1 1,11 1, - , . , 11 1 1 . WP 1. 1 1 1.1 '1. 1, 1 1 .81 1 I1 1' 1111 X. . 17 5,41 K 1 K. V. , 1 12? 255, ' f1'- 1 - . 5'gQ.:'i 1 , , 'A 1 1 -t 1 I-.,. L 1.1 , y f'-1'- , '15 . 1 '-1. '.11"15',, .' 111 ' .1 ' 11 - 1. 1 ' ir ' -I " .'1 5 1 131111 -.,1' K I 15. 1 ,Q 1 , ' . , .35 51 ' ' 1' ' 1 1..,2 N 'fl 1.14.11 1' 1 'l 1' if' 31 XMI' '1,rl.' V l1't':.f 1 -11:1 ,. - .- 1 o. .1114 1 1 1 1 1. 1.91 1 1 A V -1513.1 ' 1 . 1 -:-I .1 11... .1 . 'A11 ..., fl I ,-1, -:-X 111. - .34-A 1- 1- 4,111 , 1 ' Fi ' .. ' 1 ' A 1. . 1 Lg' I7- ' !'1... 1 1 1 1 j ig-5. - . ' 1:71411 . 1 . V 1 1. if '- -'Q 1 1 - . ,. 1 ii.: 1- . 1 , V Tx V- ,I Q93 :j+1"11' 5"s1f', ,K A .A .wr . fb-1' ' 1 1 ., ., 1 1 '1 F' I I I T 1 rf X X ' 1 3 1 K 4 X P 1 , I 1. A 1 1.1 L' 1 1 fl? 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1' 1 " 1 'fc' 1 l 1 '11 1 4 IA 1 1 .1 ff if i ?E Wi 165 1.1 11 121 W 111 11 110' .1 4 '1 1 I.. .15 . E ' 1 A ,.1, 51 H1141 f'f1f11f'3 'F 111' ' 1 SBK' 1f19111 I r' 1111. . 1 1151? M121 WT' 135, .N . , .nf 11 ' M1 . . gl W 1 13 1.',.Q' .1 VH 1 gli '1'1 .1 , L ii 1 . 111: 111 5. - iw' ri.. ,il :IH .1 111, A 1: 1 ,1.1 AW! 1, 1111 .11- 51411 1 . , , A,.. . .1,. 1 135.3 11 ,Ty 11- , 1 ' -7: 1 '.1'.. 'Q- L1,,.1 H 1 1 1 . . A 1 1, We 'nk 1 1 1-. Ji . ,. , -- ,, lk :.' I g',13f5A:' 'ZW .1 W 161 . 11 ., ...QM ...xxx ' '1'1'i: K 1 ., 11 N. ., .5-1. -1 -.11-1 1? hx. x 1.5.1 . 1 .Pal .. f ' Y 7 ATL ll'l 1 1'F"' -- 'Win ww., El ' gg- lj :,. ' QP- ga-nglnullil pin 'D' L:- Bvhiraiinn Gln the men hf the Hehvral Enarh, mhn 'mere hiaahleh while iighting fur hemnrrarg in the 'Q' mnrlh mar, mv hvrszhg hvhiratv this hunk. 'D' -Q- in-+ -D- -n- m+-+ ,--.,:...,....,, ..,,, 4 I -E-4 'Q' l I Q! -Cf -H- H -unq- T'-59 'C- 'Cn- 'fl'- -F -cf- -Sl- 'Q' 1li -:A-----Al.---Lf:---J-:-A -2- - Editorial Staff . 'WALLEY T. HEIN, Editor-in-Chief G. L. XXVALTHER .... Senior College .Preparatory WILHELMINE SCHRAGE' .... Ass't Senior DALE THOMAS . MARIE BOVAY . EARL TOBEY . EDNA TIMMS . M. I. GILLIES, . . WAYNE WARDWELL LAWRENCE BISHOP . WILLIAM L. FOSTER I. W. SODERBERG . HELEN TRELEVEN VVALTER BERNTHAL C. M. HEIMBACH GLENN THOMAS . CECIL WATERS . G. M. SWANSON JESSE H. GRAHAM LoUIs GOLCZYNSKI ' ELIZABETH CLAUCHERTY . HOWARD LARGE WILLIAM G. GoRIN GUNNARD ELIASON . W. T. HEIN . E. M. CLARK . junior College -Preparatory - , . Builders- Class . Commercial . Shorthand . Telegraphers . R. o. T. c. Pharmics . . . .Pre-Medics . Upper Peninsula Club . Commercial Teachers Accountancy Class . Accountancy Class . Federal Board Club . . . EX-Service Club Masons and Eastern Stars . . . . Bankers . Catholic Club . . Y. W. C. A. . . Odd Fellows Club . Masselink Bible Class . . Y. M. C. A. . . Faculty . Business Manager 4- fr ----I-if--1+---A+'---15' WOODBRIDGE N. FERRIS, President 4 EL s if " ie---iq-A a a as T , a D F if Foreword Changes, political and industrial, have, in the last few years, been so marked and rapid, that in order to live the truly successful life, the young man or woman must acquire that valued and all- important gift to humanity, an education. This is the one thing that makes real men and women and the thing that gives a nation the leadership of the world. Because we believe in an education as the foundation of true Americanism, we are here preparing to take up the tasks which we shall be called upon to perform. But we feel that we must pause for a moment in our study to give the students and friends of Ferris Institute a memoir of the work and social activities of 1921. Thus we issue the CRrMsoN AND GOLD. We cannot refrain from commending Mr. Ferris for the leader ship and discipline manifested throughout the year. Scores of students have come to a realization of themselves and been started on the right road by this truly great man Mr. Masselink, the students' friend, and Mr. Travis, our gen eral utility man, are worthy of our mention In issuing the 1921 CRrMsoN AND GOLD we have tried to por tray the spirit of the school. Notwithstanding the handicaps and mishaps, we are sure you will enjoy this little book which we know will grow dearer to you as the years go by. So overlook the small mistakes and "slams" and remember that we have your best interests at heart , ED. ---.H-ii sggg igfig f 1 D D 5 V B. S. TRAVIS, SECRETARY Mathematics Faculty I -5- 1 A GERRIT MASSELINK, B. s., XTICE-IDRESIDENT Mathematics, Science Michigan Agricultural College R Hope College l "WIzere 119 the power that charms us so- "':' In thy soul or in tlmze eye?" I I' F, R w we E , Spelling i Ferris Institute, Life Certificate ' "fn mearurele I -J'- ' sr 6'07lf?1'Lf.H I l' 5 l 5 r I MARY I. MCNERNEY, A. B. l Languages il l University of Michigan p . "Deep versed in books" i , l ' I 2 i E. M. CLARK HlSlOIj, Geography, Civics l ' Oswego Normal School, Life Certificate University of Michigan, Special University of XVisconsin, Special "In telmm we place much C0l1f1.dC'IICC.'U l + -2--- -- -- i A qi l 1? 'CH pt:-u 'I' '51 -if-1 'D' -Q' up- Ei!- + 1 4. l i 1 'D' H!! ' P Ft- 1 lat Lg. lc- F-"J v , W:- 1. E 2:3 , 53' """"""f 'f:f,l""" " """""""'RR e giei----Lf ,EEF R' il-VCT Q ll Faculty i -C- L W BEARDSLEY English I-I1story Mathematics Ferris Institute Life Certificate Vuzle in strength get bashfnl as a girl G C BAKER A B Physics Mathematics Ferris Institute life love to heai thine eari est voice llfherevei than art hid M. A.'IONES PH. C. R Pharmacy f University of Michigan 4- ff ' l, V - .Michigan State Normal College i l v l Tl-'lt r l i Michigan Agricultural College F "Strong, siinjnle, silent, therefore snch was he lifho helped ns in onr need." A MILDRED TRAVIS Rhetoric, Literature, Teachers' Grammar 55" Ferris Institute i , Oberlin Michigan State Normal College, Life Certificate 5 "And that snzile like snnshine, darts l Into many a snnless heart." will N, 3 'F "" " " "-'C t C 1523 t 2 w---ff.--+.-E--:fe--A-+512--.ff a P+ . E. I. PARR, PH. C. Chemistry University of Michigan Faculty CHARLES CARLISLE, A. B., A. M. Expression, Physical Culture, Crthography Racine College Chaffee Noble School of Elocution "There is 110 I1'ltSill!?SS that distracts this man." "I1zq1ri1'i11g tireless, seeking what is yet u1zf0z.n1d." MRS. PHILINDA H. D. HGUSE English Columbia School of Expression A Diploma and Post Graduate "Sha sils high in all our lwartsf' H. A. 1 STRAIT Penmanship 4 Ferris Institute y 1 Palmer School of Penmanship, Chicago "Can boast of skill in mind and hand." --+ A -1--....g.......,, 8 M- --V... ia., ,,.A N.. . . V em rbi fil- 'ff 'Q' 'Q' -Q- .iirn-3L....-Q Q f ,H .....- - L - -, .muzixy -Y-5 5 i 5? l ll f I 46. EE 4 A-Fl gk L.. L .- .2 L ' I 22 . Faculty l . Pedagogy, Teachers' Training Northern State Normal Life Certficate and Post Graduate "Great feelings has she of lzer own, lfVluch lesser souls uzay never know." U5-1 l. , fl w EBEN. PENNOCK Advanced Bookkeeping "Secure against his owu mistakes, Content with what lzfe groes or takes." -D- 'Pl' l FLORA BAESKE K. G. MERRILL Accounting, Salesmanship, Advertiiiing Ferris Institute Accounting under L. A. Newgard, C. P. A "Of leeerzlest wit, of judgment crystal-clear Easy of converse, courteous, dClJ071Gl7'.H Ferris Institute Mus. MABEL VV1zs1'12NF1sLn12R JENKINS Shorthand Gregg School of Chicago "Her's all earth could promise or bestow, Youth, beauty, love, the beckoning years." E2 ttrt A 'rr c ' 4, f J .1 - iiisnnqu 1:1-nulgslu-iiiuildw' . -. W- - Lil' V fr' ' ' + lm Q 1 L - ,IQ E:-'FJ Faculty MRS. EMELIA KENNEDY Typewriting Ferris Institute, Life Certificate 'D' "Her very frowns are fairer far, A -'D' Than smiles of other maidens are." " f , + . .Da -cw i it MRS. KATE VV. NVAINVVRIGHT Shorthand Cleary College va il "ll ilh sweet and gentle voice she reads the verdict." -C' i H. H. NIGRO String and Wind Instruments 1 Chicago Musical College First M.usician in Sousa's Great Lakes Band 5 A Organizer of Mooseheart Student Band A "A life that leads melodiozis days,- The mind, tlze music breatlzing in his face." HILLEN MCPHERSON M Q iss. Typewi iting .,,Y "Blest to her is any spot ll',llCI'L' temptation wlzispers Hot." Y ' i -. , 'F' 4'?Pi.L 'LTR' 53. -CF .5-. ek -2- 'Q' .4-F. , ri r F F er- -ih- 'if 'il- -Dr, i.....-i... .f +L 4. ...ri .-.xi Faculty OLINE SORENSEN Shorthand Model Oflice Michigan State Normal College Ferris Institute "How many liaes made beautiful and sweet By self devotzou and by .s'elf-restraint." FRANK E. SHAW, LL. D., CAPT. U. S. A. Military Science and Tactics University of Michigan Moliegan Lake Military School - "A knight of A1'tluuf's court." I. B. MCPHERSON Telegraphy University of Wisconsin "Almost to all things could he turu his haunt." Northwestern HAZEL EILERS BENTLEY Piano, Theory University School of Music i Piano 'Theory under S. M. FABIAN ' Pupil of Arne Oldberg "And all about the social auf, Is sweeter for her couungf' 'Ll Q----'-----1:------:-----:Q .- -5-3 t 11 E- 4- + +--i-ef 9'-ii'--i-il-12--'-'- Faculty A C STEPHENS Bookkeepmg Fcrrls Insutute He does alzaz' he has fo do YO quietly that you scarrcfly -I IL MARION M1l1ta1v Tactics Army fwcrbvfzzal 0f7l'fHIf.S'lll lznve ---:Q--P-.--..... I Q f A CDMQ O? ' HOC?-2 IDS - D iff' I l H' "MUl14w X Vg 3 1+ .SQ if Q IW' A I M QW! , y K H ., J? X tgp if L gal' f ffk wi-Z ' F 'Kg 'f All -if ,I f--- I 'Q ' I kzmm 43' +C'- ' 1 4 , , ef: .fi is EE- + -:- -:- as -2- 4 Senlors WVAYNE XKVARDXVELL . .... CinCinI1Hfi .Mncli I know, bnt to know all is my ambition. ARNOLD VVASHBUSH . Fon du LHC, Wis- Onr former treasurer. ' WILLIAM F. VVARNCKE . . Detroit A man of many words. RACHEL ZENO ..... Big Rapids A native of this fair metropolis. . ERNEST VVIESNER . . . . Portland, Tex. He lives up to his name. THORVALD THOMPSON . . . . Ludington Highest exponent of the ox-trot. FRANKLIN XMILEY ...... Pigeon Final credits in "morning e.rereises and oral pen- nzalztslzzpf' , LAvL1zN12 A. STOUT ..... Big Rapids He thought as a sage, but felt as a man. CARL Slzixswoma .... Muskegon I am nothing, if not critical. ' " ' f - - f- -V - --' -' '- -- flff.. .... ,- .-... 1.-.2-.f-...m.f,e. . S if 'I' . rf- iff Seniors GEORGE L. VVALTHER, Class Editor . . Flint Editor, 'nuff sed. RUTH TRAVIS, Secretary . . . Howell To know her is to love her. RU'IH RENAUF ..... . Mears Speech is silver, silence is golden. E. H. PETERS ....... Caledonia Splendid of stature he was, strongly bnilt and athletic. EDWARD A. RICKETTS . . . . Detroit Wise worldly, not worldly wise. IVIATT E. NUTTILA . ' . . . Negaunee He shakes a wicked bow. L. V. STACEY , ....... Riverdale A smile for a friend, and' a sneer for the world. NELS NELSON ...... Peguamiug The briny deep is his frzztnre home. ' PAUL 1. SAMUELSON ..... East Tawas He always works hard when he goes to a dance. -:-:.--Q:-----+--- 15 -----K I--ii--I, ,,,,,,,,,..,,., -f- Semors A rag of 516115111118 11111111 1111 slzadozfs He 1111gl11' be fl Pl11c110l0g1s1' some dag Dzsfmzf fclafz e 0 the Duke AL151R1 P0111 B07llId to dill T110 Ieasf Wild ffm better To frm' and dm f01 D1110 SUIUIL ROIINIAN TGCIIUHCI1 XIARGXRIL M Xhrsox Imcoln EXLRLI1 R RHINFHUQ1 CIIICH o Ill CH uzrrs XX FLIINCION Lemston P1 ox Cmont En YOUW Elkton Hrvux PRIQQFY Hampton, Xfa IA -A, -,- ,,,, ,W A , M, . ,.,, 41g,,,1 11-11 -1 -------WW - W Y-""" " ' """""""' W 'YW WY W WWW' in Y nr V V 1 ,V . Y 1 +11 f111 1 1-1-1 +1 + ig 1 1 1 1 'I' 1 1 'E "Mg LY ...... ' K: 'f I' X G He will sweep c0bzc'0I1s Ollf of the sky. A ' 1 'D' lf . 1 in '.. fy -.' N ..... -u E 1' 1 LVL 1 " v . I. w. . S, 1 b If + 1 JL fyz .Nf 1' ..... V. V ". -, 'fv f H V 'UI + . I' ' .1 ri . j Flyfy .-.s. - 'VV X v V M . . L 1 .' . ..... . , . 'Q' f , 1 thi R. S. SKROCH ..... Wfhitehall, VVis. H12 klI0'ZC'.Y 11 Iofr, 12111 says lifflcf. fy if 1 5 lg 10 + 4 11" JOHN P1111.1.111s .... . Kingston, Pa. Hr' fnlcvs life as if comes. 'K E' , 1 X 16 ' QV Inf 1 '1 Seniors GILBISRF IOHNSOR Treasurer Detroit Harbor WHS A man with a smile ! w- A+? if it 1 1 ELILABILLH SUNDAY ...... Mecosta lflfith stores of knowledge gained by honrs of toil. JAMES SANDRY . . Bay City One who 'left ns early. VVM. MORFORD ..... Flint He is going to be a "Billy Sunday." MORRIS O. READ . . . Grand Rapids "I am a worthy ina-n, said' he." GEORGE MCALEER . . . Volga City, Iowa He may yet become a Gob. JAMES RAUCH ...... Canton, Ohio There is mischief in this man, bnt who wonld efoer :Qu think il. I. C. NICCALL ...... Breckenridge He talked and he talked, and he talked, -bnt said nothing. E. I. PETTERSON . . . Nc-:gaunce A man of few words. 'C' U ' " H" 'H' C' V Aww ' , Ula H iiviv i :in ,W i HI Q 17 'C' s .,.l Seniors 1 VVILHEMINE SCHRAGE, Class Editor . Her cheery smiles do us all good.. VVM. I. VVILKINS, Vice-President . Capt. Sha'w's right-hand man. ROBERT N EVVMAN .... . L. N. LAMB ..... C0111-'ll1CZ7'Id67', rear rank, R. O. T. C. E'zJerythi11g C01Il6.S' to him who waits. St. joseph Mass City St. Johns Holland ELON D. LAKIN . . Portland A Physics shark he was. L. E. PAXTON .... . Roanoke, Va. A lad from the Sunny South. NIARY LEHMAN ...... St. Joseph She just puts her hands on a piano and it plays. 1. R. JOHN ....... Newaygo Ha is a hustler, but this should not be told above a wlzispmf. F IDIRK LOUBSER .... Cape Colony, S. Africa 3 One from a far away land. l 4 + -1---H:---+ 18 l:l iu l.n':'l -D- -c-I Q-. -D' ll".-'I A w V9' wr J 'U' ll + 1 nl-.17 I i I ' '--L' ' I, ' ' i ' ' -3 L-:- : 4- -.- I -1- ---:-I ,.', lb 1q- Seniors HARRX' HILL ..... Lansing The busy world and I will never agree. -:- 'Q' BETTY SCHROEDER . . . Detroit To be merry best becomes her. I 5' -2- f -bf GLEN H. PARKER . . Lansing To him leisure is pain. IH . 1:1 'lg CLAYTON HISCOCK .... . Flint lb' "I am going to dig in z'omorroze'." 'Q' ZORA HILDERLY .... Hersey .Q I say just what I mean, 110 more 710 less. 'Q' KUNO HAMRIERBIZIQG . Carney ' T A Latin fend. BRUCE ROBERTSON .... Pontiac g It is betfer to be happy than wise. .gs 'C' RALPH C. HODKDKINSON . . . Flint "lflf'l1at if I did kiss her, I paid my tiiitioiz, didift I?" J' 'F ANDREW GALSTERER .... Frankenmuth He is doing the work of a true mari. :tg ll-in f Y 4' '- 4' ":' 4' Y W Y "+C ' , -E Glennie Lowell Flint Victoria Bay City Glennie Gulliver THOMAS HLRMANSLN CDUTCHD Mass City IXOBLR1' JFTFERY Deckerville 4' 'Ie 25- 4- e + il' Seniors ARNT NELSON . . . . Peguaming A chap whom we all like. IQEITH HOUSTON . . Jackson A future General. CHRISTINA H. BOYSEN . Belding A friend to all was she. I , WRT. HEARN . . . . Montreal, P. O. A future Booker T. E. MARGIRADA .... San Juan, Porto Rico fust here for knowledge. DONALD C. GILCHRIST . . . Pontiac To act discreet-yet gallant. I ARTHUR W. SHANNON . , . . . Grand Rapids A 'wise mah with a far away look. JASPER GODWIN . . . . . . Smithiield, Va. Oue who made good ou the football team. WM. BOERNER, ....... Mayszillc His long face is due to the fact that he ls short. g 21 ...-l,.......:.......,1.--+-+--.fi ,Q L:----E Seniors l 'C' NELLIE BARR ..... ' . . . Flint .Even tho' va11lquisl1ed, she could argue still. l 4. VVM. BROOMFIELD ...... Big Rapids .Much did he foil in thought cmd much in deed. . 'I' JACK DAX'IS . . . . Pontiac A master of the violin. l THONIAS GUEST .... Brimley -,I No one leulew him by his words. 'Q GRACE APSEY ....... Lincoln llfearizlg the wh-ife flower of a blameless life. A. J. DOWER ....... Detroit A Mforks for what he gets, but gets what he works for. iq "in BURR DU B015 ....... Mason Mail delights me not--nor zcroman neither. MARY DUI-'FIQRIN ...... Steplicnson A douglzfev' of the gods-dizfiffzely tall. FoRR12S'1' C0L1ac:Rov1z ...... Detroit -C- Behold the moan who loved and lost. 'C' l if V "' ka + + f 72 Q l:'l l l:l g nh! -Q- H, 'D' K1 'D' LE 'J' M, 'Q' KE A En H1 'Q' Ev +2- -G- , V I -: +- l:l . H' . A .. -Q- Semors HARRY MOR'fENSEN ...... Rodney He keeps the Profs. busy arzsweriiig questions. Y KENNE'l'H V. DAWSON ..... Manistee Wrise from the top of his head up, rio one with him compares. LEE NEVVSON . . . . Charlevoix A4 quiet studiouvs chap. MARY SHARPE ..... Buffalo, N. Y. She had a kindly spirit and a friendly air. KENNETH MORFORD ...... Cadillac He stoops to iiothiiig but the door. EDWIN H. BEHREND .... Plymouth, Wis. .My mind to me a leiligdom is. l HERMAN MATERO . . . He possesses many talents. EVA KIRKY ..... Ne'er an idle word doth she speak. WILSON MAR'FIN . A wise leader. Calumet Detroit Calumet . E "'1" H 'M' if" ' f , H if ' 1-:mum-Qgunnwuvuuuq!ugunliuluuidu.l.n,.. .-!1nll-Ithiman... .fr-.. V Y ' A-gl ' "" ' Y ' 'I - E-3-f e... fine. Semors AILEEN CAMPBELL ..... Fairgrove She says not inneh but thinks the more. MYRON A. HOSTETLER ..... St. johns An excellent student and a determined worker. BERNARD BOUGHTON ..... Flint Not dead, but in a deep state of eonza. L. M. 'MILES ..... Bridgeport, Conn. I t is no disgrace to run when you are seared. RUTH E. GRUNDER ...... Bay City She seeks diligently after knowledge. WM. C. MOORE ...... Big Rapids Better to laugh than to be sighing. O. R. BURLESON . . , Detroit He is always busy. JOSEPH BENKERT ...... Reed City Strongest minds are those of 'ZUfl01ll- the noisy 'world hears least. EDWARD P. BOULDIN ..... Ieffress, Va. He has a naughty little twinkle in his eye. 24 1 ,.9eL , i Y HAT'l'IE IQLIMESH ..., Q IVAN DENNIS . . . , , .Elf if D Seniors . . Lansing Beware of the fury of a patient man. . Ewen lflfoiild that we had more, like her. ELLA DITMER .... , Scottville A faithful friend and true. LEON CLARK . . . , OWOSSO Knowledge is power. DONALD DEJONGE . . . . G1'3llCl Rapids Borii for success he seemed. NIARY CONNOR . . . Hillman lllodesty is grace. JOHN M. CHIVAS . . . . Detroit V A fellow struggler in Physics. H. D. CLARKE ..... Toronto, Canada Blessed be the inventor of sleep. ROBER'I' BOUGHEY . . T1'2lVC1'5C City Tired but never lazy. ---T of 1:-3 L 1:1 QE + -m it 25 ..L :Qu l R V V Y ,C+ i..-Qi ,. 'If 1 o l 5 Senlors 4, +L as R M. I. BAMBER ...' .... C adillac 1 CC As good a tackle there never was, hor a better fellow. W KCC HAROLD LAMARRE ...... Detroit W C-D' . He his rather large but sound clear through. -G- at V rg VX I CP' 1 . He feared the wiles of maiden smiles. + WALTER LEE . . Detroit 'Q' th l A A cheerful fellow. I el GUNNARD ELIASON ...... VVakeHe1d Sr til A . ff- M gms- , In hz LYLE ABEL . . . . Sand Lake r 2 T He is too serious. " fl . fb- . 'I' L a1 , . N He plays center in the orchestra, L G CHARLES FISHER ..... Portsmouth, Va L -R 4 a B -5, , ul "-P' A tr E. L. CROSS . Boyne City A manly man. C2 I1 +I CLARENCE FRUIK . . Sagola, Mich. ' fa A , Still 'water runs deep. li: V' SCI Cf 31' -5- THOMAS L. EDWARDS . Central Lake G B, A toiler in French. . S ll I BIACEO CLARKE .' .... Toronto, Canada W' Killed three lumdred men witlra fairboize. Q. , 49' Exnlnlbl +lnun+ElT1+um-u-.-tnmiiig.-:-Qu--.-E3 3 sa---A-:-A--1:-W--+---:--f.+. In-f Senior Class History When September's.cool1ng breeze was ushering in the autumn of 1920, there assembled at the Ferris Institute a band of would-be students who enrolled as college preparatoryiseniors. After the first weeks had passed, each day bringing Wlthft new 3CC1UH1U'fHUCffS, H meeting was called on September twentieth and "Senior Class" organized. Of course, we at once sought to find brave members who would be suitable as leaders for what destined to become the strongest class at. the F. The following officers were elected: President, Donald C. Gilchrist, Vice-President, John O. Degenhartg Secretary, Ruth Travis, Treasurer, Arnold Washbush. A few days later at a second meeting Gilbert johnson was elected Class Editor and a Social Committee was organized. Equipped with such an excellent executive force our organization expanded until now it embraces more than one hundred Seniors, who have developed an enviable class spirit. Of course, social functions must be duly chaperoned, so we unanimously elected Miss McNerney and Mr. Masselink as patrons. The invitation to act as such was tendered to them and they kindly accepted. There is no more fitting time nor place than this to extend our thanks to both Miss McNerney and Mr. Masselink for the many favors extended us, and for the interest they have taken in our welfare at all times. It is impossible to mention all our social affairs, but there have been many happy events which make our days at the F. T. ones long to be remembered. These have been in their way noteworthy achievements. Our first great social function was held Friday, November twenty-sixth. It was an All-School dance and was the crowning social event of the year of 1920. It was held in the Music Hall which was elaborately decorated with our class colors, "Blue and Gold 5" bits of crepe paper interwoven formed an entire canopy overhead making a distinctly unique effect. Due credit must be given Miss Nellie Barr, Miss Grace Boice, Mr. Wm. Doran, and Mr. Geo. Walther for these decorations, as we understand that their entire turkey day was spent in making the hall ready for this event. The coming of the new year, l92l wrought many changes in our class. First, came the retiring of our original executive staff and the election of new officers. In accordance with the constitution, on january Thirteenth a meeting was called for the election of new officers, and VVm. Carpenter was elected President 5 Wil- liam Wilkins, Vice President, Ruth Travis, Secretary Cre-electedb 3 Gilbert john- son, Treasurerg and George Walther, Editor. At the following meeting the editor selected William Doran and Wilhelmine Schrage as associate editors. The first social function of the new year was to have been a sleigh ride party at Clear Lake but Dame Nature put one over on us and refused to give us snow. But not even Nature can fool the Seniors. We decided to say "Au Revoir" to a sleigh ride and have a dance instead. On February fourth we held the Senior Dance, giving our new members a chance to become more intimately acquainted with the class as a whole. Social affairs have not taken up all of our time, however. Always eager searchers after knowledge, we have broadened our minds in many ways during the past year. We have burned the midnight oil in order to fathom the mysteries of science. We have racked our brains over the intricacies of Caesar. We have solved the riddles of geometry and have pored over the writing of authors of " 1 2. in A --- ew 'F-' gg ,gf-,-,,,,,,,,,." Y ' t -..1,l, 7 . - ' ' ' ' 27 l 'N' + 4' -Q' 4- -C' i""55 long ago. XX'e have. inf-rcover. taken advantage nt' the inf-finligltt nights to study human nature :intl have proved ourselves apt scholars. Our motto 'Through Trials to Tflllllllrllii has ever lieen our watch worrl. 41 The friendships formecl with hoth teachers and classmates during our stay hero will long survive in memory when things of greater weight are forgotten, because they serve as rentinflers of the wnrfls of cheer. contidenee anrl inspiration which helpetl ffl inany of ns in our work. lt is now lint a few weeks until the class of 1921 will pass as gratluates out of the intluenee of the If. l. Most ot' ns will QHU11 to higher institutions of learn- -Q- ing that we may tit ourselves more fully for our life work. lleluctznn are we to part from our Clilsslltiltes. lint the ever lieelwning. active world is calling to us anfl we lllllsl eenter all our et'1't-rts in attaining the inastersltip of the professions we have ehosen. lly sineere anfl earnest work we shall sneeeetl anal our aeeont- plislnnents shall exer he a ereflit to the l". l. 'O- -O- .Yrrex-laf -"XX'ltat flitl yon say lit-t1gl11o11?" llftfnlliffwi "f lh l was .lllel saying that l feel st, eleepy right :1 ftet' tlinner that l t'an't flu anvthing. XXI- might as well lalce a one tfeloeli class as not, lllltlllil vie?" "ll1-ofvilf--I 111,111.0 flffij,-Lu' :pulling his silt'-I-llt lipt "Yt's. l :nn trying to raise a ntonstache anfl l wt-nfler what eol--1' it will he when it ennies t-nl?" l:tii.'ss"fi1':ty. l sh'-nltl lhinlt. :we-tiwliiig to the way it is Ql'UXX'lllQ.. s ri' .AX Delicate .-Xninml Une nt' those wel slippery' inornings :hiring exam weelq lret'o1'e l'ln'isttnas. l'1't-1. tlarlt passefl the ltlne lt-it-lqs aronnfl for l,llf'Nl1'Ql'ill'lll' Nlllflk'lllF. l.:tler when aslwfl to explain why he "tell tl'-wit." tlarlt Sawyer saitl, "XYell. will see. it was so slippery that l e-vnlflnt ltrnig nw pony ont. .X Slight Uiflicreiicc .lf Hlrfrf l,lQlllN1I1ll at ten. 1:1 .lf. lf. 1, I ight 1-in at tt-ri. Uni' Hero 'O' t'.,1.t, 1.-t-..-1 st----tl .tt the 1.-..11,..11 :it-l-l lair 111-1 alt'-nt a ninnne: lo' Xnfl then they -'alletl the :nnl-t1l:t11-'e Xnfl pnt his l'Z'ItQlll!'llls in it. 4- 'I hex' t---l. hint to the hospital Xn-l sewe-l hint up with rare: -D. 1 + lint nlten tt- lflint went next flat' lielw-l-ll --nr -lewel VCIIN there. 'Q' 'Q' 'Q' ':' 'li' Q' 133 'Q What Drives Our Teachers Dizzy Someone saying that- The anonyni of TACT is SPIKE. The anonym of TEPID is OLD. There are thirty-eight quarts in a bushel. The Ford Motor Car Co. is in Remus. The Eifel Tower is in Chicago. Lord North gave Burke's speech on Conciliation. The population of Big Rapids is 7 5,000. Abraham Lincoln wrote the Declaration of Independence. Hogs were invented in Asia Minor. The climate in Scotland does not begin until October. The 3rd Punic would have been out much sooner had it commenced earlier. Julius Caesar disguised as a slave swam naked across the Tiber. Thus arose a general war on page 94. Covered with countless wounds, Caesar fell dead near the statue of Pompey. With one hand he drew his toga over his face, while with the other, he called for help. Hints to the Ladies Don't let your friend lean against the door bell when saying "goodnight," It's a dead giveaway as to how long the operation takes. - Fast Track Miss Schroeder-"You should change your style of dancing an little." Seasword-"In what way P" H Miss Schroedef'-"You might occasionally step on my left foot. Can You Imagine f'Monk" without Ike. Parker without his lessons. Clara without Becky. Rauch at a dance. Capt. Shaw with the VVhooping Cough. Party without "chaps.,' r The Cafeteria without hash. Doris' Johnson without a date. Lenora Trier without Ryanie. Opdyke with a sensible idea. n I-Iodgkinson without a dozen girls. Boughton on time. . Miss Schrage without a smile. Clark without a story. i I The F. I. News with something in it., The one writing this knowing anything. Q.-.+--a---+--is 29 EE. .ky .:. yi. .:. 3. - 'F - - The sulijeet that is now heing trezitetl is "'l'he Science in Knotholesf' Ilarker. when asked for his knowlerlge of the suhject nmrle the following statements: "There :tre :is mzmy yztrieties tif linotlioles :is there are ot' mushrooms: for Ill' -1- stance, some knotholes that you think ztre knotholes are not knotholes. Illltl Oll1Cf kuotholes you think are not holes :ire knotholes. 'l'hen ztgztin. some kuotholes are 'int whole knotholes while other whole knotholes :ire not wholly knotholes but just whole holes: then the whole trouhle is not in the knotholes hut in"-.Xt this juneture, not liking the look in Nlr. t':irlisle's eye. l':trker mztkes himself eonspieu- ous by his :ilist-nee. ":' Philanthropy 'lo szty thztt I s:tw hint tirst woultl he untrue, l hexirtl him tirst, :mtl the seeing wzis merely ineiflentztl. I Wilw on my w:ty In Stillwell's In huy the evening paper. ":"' ln my pocket were the neeess:try pennies :mtl :tlso :t tlollztr, as I went up the street. my :attention was :trresterl hy the sounrl of :t how swept powerfully across :t tiflrlle. l turnefl to see from whenee it came. surely none of the shops ztlong the wsiy hsul sueh :i musieizm so l stztrtefl on with the melotly mztjestie in its hztr- mony still ringing in my e:trs when sutlrlenly :i literrtl soh ot' rt violin eztusecl me to I glzinee towzirfl the street :mtl there, :ilmost in the gutter, he Sill. lle was rlressecl "- in the usual mnnner ttf lieggnrs, :irountl his neek httng the sign proelztiming his trsule. :mtl one woulcl h:ix e pzissetl on hml it not heen for the instrument in his el:iw-like lingers. lt w:is :t titltlle of :i muster :incl it wzts heing usetl hy it muster. sf- l sltititl there looking into his unseeing eyes :mtl trierl to picture his story. 'lillnse hnnfls hrul prolmhly helfl thousztnfls spellliountl. tlnee :t sueeess he must I,-.I hm e lveen, :mtl then e:une the olfl tale, :t wt-mzm. flisnpptiintment, tlissipzttion. :mtl ' tinnlly this. Nly hzmfl stole into my pocket :mtl plziyefl with the eoins. 'lihen l imnginefl the pleztsure :intl eoiiitl-i't that the poor mxtn might get front thztt tlollztr whieh me:mt lint little to me, ,X w:u'm flinner with perhaps :t cheerful yoiee en- fleztyoring to liglu his eternnl tlnrltness. :ilre:ttly l felt the tingle of joy that et-mes l with gi gum! th-eil, si- with :i sigh l st:irtt-tl on, tlropping into his hzitteretl tin eup the three rents. Sparks from Chemistry Class .llri li. .ll. film-1: atv-nrinlff into i'1tl.Y.il' s"ls Xlr. Stroh in Clitssf .llvi l'iirr' "NH, neither Str'-lt nor St-hlitzf' ":"' Xlr. l'atrr wqis itslylllg the t'lJtss whrtt wats on lilll' llllll"l'l'UXY night :it seliool 'P' tl-', tf X.: 'lihe elziss s.tifl that the ttrientzil tvuhizirtette woulil lie there. ...'.. Si-ineone mentionetl t Yrientgil flgineers. I .lfr l'tH'l' tfff1,v!r'tl!i'J1 "Kilim is selling ilu' tieltelsii .llixx 'l'm:':,- iii: t1'.iem:. ti "Xlr, ll'-ilgltinsf-n. who wrote 'lieunyst-n's ltlylls .f the King?" ' ' 'C' H.wi31l.':1:.f.-ii i:'rvy Qf-rurrcflirt "l'frskiue," 4. ' .5 .:. .:. .:. .5 ,UT .Q l can 'F in l an-'nu 'Ir 'D' 'D' E5:.Y:: J .:, xg. ....-.-..... -1.---. 4, ...........+ ...1.........+...1...g Q Beware Unexcused absence makes the marks grow rounder. 'U' + -Q- Allen Sharpe sundaed at I-Iaddens. Clark was doing the driving Aileen didn't care a dern Her eyes looked into his'n, I-Iis looked into her'n. Did You Ever Hear These? Rigley-"Ain't that the berries." Miss MCNQVWKQI-giSUfflClC11t unto the days are the evils thereof." Prof. E. M. Claris-"Take this as a concrete example. Portland cement." Bobby-"You're no hold up man." Nellie-"Ol I just think you are horrid." Senior Intelligence Test 1921 BY PROFESSOR I. M. NUTTY. With your pencil make a dot over one of these letters A. S. B. 4 and put a comma after the longest of these words, bat, cat, let. If Christmas comes on February 31, make a cross here-but if not pass along to the next question and tell whether the F. I. is in Big Rapids or Paris-. If Columbus invented the electric light, write "no" here, but if he didn't, skip the last two questions and put a semicolon between these words. Tell how much one times five is, then if you break the rules say nothing. ,Do nothing here unless you intend to skip the next question, then write the maiden name of your grandfather-. Cross out the "q" in fish. Then if you walk in your sleep, make a circle here -. If so, how much and when-F Write "23" here whether five times eight equals eleven, or not. Now, write the third letter of your first name, the second letter of your middle name, and the first letter of your given name. Now if you have solved this correctly, it should spell NUT. If such is your answer, the smoke rings and the cast iron jelly beans are yours. Perspiration rolled down his brow as he desperately chewed his pencil and stared vacantly down at the blank sheet of paper before him. It was the final exam. of the Senior year at the F. I. To fail in it meant that he could not grad- uate, he would be disgraced. Shudders passed through him as he realized he was a failure. il The paper of the man on his left lay invitingly before his eyes. But he did not glance at it. One could see that he was struggling against temptation. No, he would not copy from the man on his left. The man on his right knew more. --W-T Bill Osvlier-"Well, I have a new position now with the railroad company. Duncan-"That's fine, what do you do ?" Bill-"You know the man that goes along aside of the train and taps the wheels, then listens to see if everything is all right? VVell, I help him listen." EL'----s so ----. v -2-1-+-- T31 + 1 -Q' 4- 'U' 'C' 4- -5- 11-53 Senior Class Census 111' X11-Q N 11-1' lftglllilflj' 1-11r1111c11 A l'1x111f1'1 111 gm r11'11 11171 1'11'l1 . ..,w ,. ., 1. .. Say wc 1111g111 111 11511-1' :1 111111. . 1x1111w 11-11:11 :1 111-111 1- 'D' 1:1114 :111111l1 1111-lr q11'1 111111-:1g11'1 1 ,, ., 1x11'14 :11111111 111c-11' 11f:11'111-1'- 1l:11.'1- :111y 1411'1Q 1'11111111g 11111114 1111'1' :11'1' 11111115' .Xrv 11111115' , 1 .Xgfrv 111111 1111'11' 1l':l1'll1,'1-X 1 11111-rs1:11111 1111-111 flwv 1111111cy' . .. l'1X1ll'l'1 111 11:15. 11 1',:11 :11 Tlls' 1 2111-11-1'1:1 , , ,1 FO! 1.1li1' 1111- 111111111 g1':1x'v :11111 11:1-11 11111114 111's1111111111!1 1- 1'1'1ll'11 Bristol! Senior C. P .N'f11IiI,'l1'i' "11'11:11 1s 1111' 11111111 1'J11k' l1t'1'1'?u .111 lf 1. "5:11111-:s' 1- -sz - -: .100 .0100 11 M100 10 98 1,13 ..x M100 S 1,100 1 ,100 -1 . 100 11 S11 -1 ug -1- ' , -11- i'l 'D- -C' 1 11 1 111111111111 11 1 1111L 111 1111 II11' 1-11-1'1' 111l1"1I111111 "0" 1111 1-1111 111u- 1111'. -:1111 1111' l'1ll1l'l' 11:12 111 1111- N111-'11' "1'111 ins: v.'1':111111-11 llll 111 X1'll.H s:1111 1111' s11g:11'. X 1-11 -11-1-1-1 1l1111Q. 111111'111111'1-11 1111- 1111171.11 11:1g. f 011' .f11l111.f l'1'11x111' lr1?1iI'7'11,'l 1 F11 l:1'11:,f1'1'1' f1'111'l1' .1'i'111I':A1i!11-W - 11- ' " ' J, l,11l'1,,'11:1,1' "11'11:11 1111, 1-114 1.111'11, X1-11:11 1111? 11111111 "1111:11 111-1-P 1111911 l11'l'? 121111-111-.11 -1 11 111111111- l1,H,'.HN'. cg ,, -1 ' ,- , . 1. 1 ZZXXU! ..11l. X11, 111-1-1111. 11-11 Vilubllfll 11-11 1111--11 111111 1111' Nl1'llQ1'l1lll race." 1 1-1 ' lllvlf, l!1,11w-111' "1 11:1-11'1 111l,'1'l': 1 '-11'111 11- 1111- 1-'11l 1' XYQ xxklllld Say S11 "XYl1x' is :1 11:1111'41141- I1111- 1111- -1111? nlylra .. . . 1 :11111- " -:J -11- -11- -c- 1' IHIKC. H1141 1111' 51k1'111', "11 1111- 11111 1-I' 1l1'1' '.1"1sf 11111 11s 111-1111111 1111 "G" vc-t." ,Y il V , 1 1 1 1 '5' 'Q' '.' U 'I' -E 1 15 E-----:-----f-n---e-:l-2-- Famous Sayings 1. The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that spanks the kid. 2. United we stand divided We separate. 3. The paths of Peary lead but to the pole. 4. ln onion there is strength. 5. Where there's a will there's a funeral. A Senior's Philosophy Don't study when you're lonesome, Gr have anything to do 5 Don't study when you're happy, For that will make you blue. Don't study in the day time, And don't study at night, But study at all other times, With all your main and might. W. I. W.-"What did your father say, when you told him my love was like a mad gushing river P" R. T.--"Papa said, 'Dam it.' " L'Envoi And now the CRIMSON AND GOLD is finished Our day is over and done. We have worked our hardest to please you, Wfe hope that your praise we've Won. For the final word has been printed, VVe've done the best we could g Tell us, O Seniors, most truthfully Have you found the result any good? at -:- at -:F at + -is -:Q 33 J' JI l:l l:l 1:17 :In - T ri f + ,, l -I- -I F ll jumors I ll I RI XXII. XXII-R, I'I'rfiIlcIIt .... . I-lm! 'l'1:,' III.'I'f:'I:I1 if IIIIZI' I'.I.'I'I'II' fw III'IiI'f. I HD I IQHFI TIIIII, Sk'l'l'l'I1lI'X' . ..... . I7I'll'II1f I llI.' .IIIIY I-.wily ilfd1f.f,f'if,1f.f IIIII' IIIIIIIIIII HI. L , I HI IIIII Rl 'IMI XYSIYIU . . . . South Branch I Ill I l.IIII:I' In MII, I Il-II:'! l:IIII:I'. l U-I XX xI.IIIc XX'. 'I'II-IIIXIXN . . . . Tolcciu. 03150 ' I ' ' I ' ll J 1 ff Ilx lrflf' -YIIII III'I'Il, I'IIl1 .III mv. ' ' IMI I, 'l'III.xI,Xw, V151-N If-IIIIII' . . XXIII!-IIIII l,:IkI' NI II If Ifrrf' II.: .'t.'I'IIIl,v. 41:1 I,XXIIl XIII IIII: .... KIJIIAMIII' I' I' III'.' 7'IIIIIir, I'II'f II.IflIf III'IIIAfI'.f. au. SIIIIIIIx ,.,A YQ,-r lf II- II I: 'I:'.'.' lf- .-I III II IIIIII III fI'II' .iI,'H. I 1-I ' I II'I"' . . . Pug ILIIIIIH f I Iv? I Im f ..fI: 'IV .IIIIIIH fl:fI:IIf :It -uI:In l ' 'wh . . lJIkIXII'X'.' X I I III,-UI III" 4' ' ' 4- 'I' ':' 'l' 5' 'I' .U llw l,.l.1........ .5- I unch I 'P' I I-'-I I I -I .-X -Q X 1:-u X -Cu X I 1:1- K I+ E3' -2- -2- -5- i -3- -I- -D- jumors CARL HEI.GRIN , . Detroit Always smiling. RUSSEL P. ANSLEY , . Athens Sucfess is his. HAROLD HONEYXVELL ....... Elmira Commonly called "l1011ey" fby wlz0m?j GEORGE LOUIS DERKS . Coopersvillc If he should smile! AUGUSTA LITZNER . . Moran Never says Illf'lI,Ch-Z7!ll?g! VVALLIE BECKER ..... Volga City, Iowa He is worilzy of imifation. YIARTIN BOUWAIA . . . McBaiu Study, fo me, is play. A VVILFRID A. GELDART . . . St1'atfo1'd, Canada. He seems to be sorry about something. A MARGARET GARDNER .... . Big Rapids She is the maid we like to find. -5- W' -2- is -5- -5- + 35 4- -:- -1- 4- 4- 4' mzwx. I-xr M .1 'I' If juniors . . . . Kane, Penn. N x f.f I 17 1 j.-v'1:umlv IX in lu' :cell advised. I1 H. l.-mx. Inn um Nix' Tl . . . Oll3XX'11j' 11' .f1r1:.vl1:m' uf lin' 5'n1fl4'. 1 I. 41.x1.x1x .7 - jzrm fw'lru:'rr' zu f lx me hmlxxx 'hull dt' . Metz LY. . . . . St. Johns ll H um r.'u.vwz :nllz f'1m.fxn'c and :wisdom with mirfh. ll x x H11.1.i X ,'f'.'r HH fl ml linen FH fl' 1 1f'!f'T1'd . Sparta . . . Hillman I IH :NIH HJR' hllfll Iil'Y1'V"'c'd 1 ll v"x In fflfifh I ls 4 xr-'ml ,uf IH . 'mln in 'mr ffr,v.fmf1 ff lxkfxm 1 -1.1. 'fn MEA sk I 4 I I :aff wwf fum ff: Hn' fvf. flafrr'.r sm r1'0u1'! 'r :wail mul. ll . 4 . I'-illlllkllllll llfrllnml . .... licnrsargc :r y7v'.1dr. 1 l '5' 'Q' '. 'I' -.- -2- -'3' 36 4, -Q- 'C- -C' 'FO- 'O' ug- -." I+ 4- -o- -:- , 'U' H Io -D- G1 -D' F1 . L1 .Qi W R1 'O' .TO .M- Yr We 4' fl' .E 'I' .. juniors JOSEPHINE FRAAM . . Conservation of energy. GLENN THOMAS . . . I 'wish I had the nerve. FLOYD C. HALE . A man indeed. LINDFORD BOND . . The man of the hour. WILLIAM ALBERT SMALE . . . Very quiet when no one is near. REBECCA HEBNER . . Quiet and industrious. JOHN A. FREDERICKSON ' . . How are matches made? ARTHUR GRIFFENS . . How I love Algebra! VICTOR KEADY . . . . . Damascus, Syria Walloon Lake . Manton Byron Center Cedarville . Bad Axe . Vllakelield Harbor Springs . . Conway To accept good counsel is but to lnrrease one's ability. 'll X - ,A 1 I -'r -5. -5- l3Q Ll 1:1 -2- -'r r 'VH 4- .:. 1:1 l:l lzl in E. 1 I lumors -C- 1:1 y,'fX,1- Hug:-4, I-I, , , , . . . Maniwtiqllc Nrfrf.-11: lsfwrnl ffuf 41 jI1'4'f! Hfffrlrr. l 'Q' ln:- l"r-max Svxxvrx ...... Gaylord .l lifffr 1:111:.n'11.n' f fn' mul than fx rrlfdlrrl' Ivy thx luxvf .lf uzfn. :Qu- l , 'I' llxnm Xl. f1.xl.slu:u: .... Frnnkvnmuth H1: Ihr lmil tlml l.'.nf.v mxinlrrf and uf'Imr'd. . -fn ll. l-.. ll"l.l ...... Rodney ' ' Q:- l'.'.'.fuf ,wry lllllfll lm! mrm1.v lf. Sanur lll44.XI , .... . . . Cc-dar -C- "l'z',v 1-,'!!rr In lillljlll Hum In lu' .fing11'ng1. I ln! URW I. VHYYUR .... Hillman N Hr nllxir lilflf l'ul Ihr :n'1'.n'r'. 'D' l M,- l'.,I'llH l.lHXI,KY ....... St. joseph l'--Hfll, .v:u'.'rlm',vx um! lvruim' lm llllllilltll f'vn1lv1'nnfl'mx. 1:1 ..:. llxmfx' X, fiuwls . llnltlc Frm-ck Hr? 4: :a'vm1'f'r' mf flnuld, -9- - '5- I l In 'dnl XY RNA N' . . , Rurlncy 'n' H-"Q .:l':mH'r nn lin' fnlv, -5- -0- ' 1:1- I l:l l in :zu ,:. .ful .I l 38 ' 4- -4- +R +R it -Il -5- .-: juniors G. E. GREEN .... V ..... Lansing Think all you speak, out speak not all you think. BEULA MONTAGUE . . . Paris Still 'water runs deep. EDGAR DEAN LEAVITT .... Island Falls, Maine Banish all conipliinents but single truth. EDWIN STAHL, Vice-President . "Just my luck!" . Ann Arbor , F ls E 2 3 - HARRY HULL ..... Lansing f I'll get her yet, so help ine. CLARK M. SAWYER ..... . Big Rapids V Always to be found in rooni 21 with KU -y s ,f , OLIVER RIAN . . . . Felch Looks a little sleepy. J. P. RIGLEY ..... . Owosso ' He possesses many talents. j KENNETH ROBINSON . . . Savgus, Mass. f Give thy thoughts no tongue. 5 W ii ul if T is iiiili :Z fZ'iii5'E"'ifff?ff 7 -Li----if R A if-:L 39 4' 13 W sl' . 'Y f QO- q K I -E 'F 1? 4' limxn.urx XY. X'.xxx.xH Xllxxxx-rn: Munn . uniors 'O' H I.. Il, Srru.Hr-smxn-Hx . . . Siiilllvll lla f-'fum' 11 if-'H flifllfj. I J XY: Sl.i.Y I'.I.!'hl-2 . . ..... Dctruit .NU I-mf: 41.1 jlzff f'.'rm::.f, Kira' in .'11f.'rj':el1n'.f.r. . Xuhlclmrn, Maine -C' t,.'1:ff'ff1:.f :nth lm' lc:-'.c.1 xr:-.l'1,s:lH3 l,1.xNvu,xl:l- ..... Vcflzxr Springs -C' "ll.'r' :'-'fix' jr'f':4'H.f are ,ruzr-fr' jar, .5 .. ' '. . . XY:1fl1il1g1u11, U. C. l.lH .liufzflfy l.vn.'x.vm.', 'D' W vuml. I-xx . . 'l'.:5'.' iff? mfg' :.'i:5.'.' 1:1 nmy. . I,1-nn. Spain .1 Wwx: f-rf V"-"IH MN' I'-i1'1'!fl . . . R'IlH1Nll'llll' .F f:sv',' ' .:' I: ffm" " V 1 :.1:f r funxfxff. uv. il lv, VI ' VMIT 1' I ' 1f-'.'7N:frf u:u Q' iii " l 3 . I V i"' fl' lil lc' .LD H 1 I flmn fmxlrx :ff nllzrr' umi4l.'u.v arf." N ' . . Vnrclvnnx, Vulm I+ 'Q' 'Q' 'O' g n L Q 53, Juniors DANIEL FUCHS ....... Dublin The more we do the more we can do. ELLA BENSON ...... . Dafxer A merry heart that laughs at care. GERALD, W. PAULIN ..... Pittsburgh, Pa. These be jest rny sentlrlzezzts too. f EZRA STILES . . . Shelby A real worker. VERN LARSEN ..... . Mancelona Calm, steady, and modest. RUSSEL A. DIXON ..... Kansas City, Mo. He has chosen the noble way. FRANK SHETTERLY . . . Freeland Knowledge is power. ANDREW G. HILL ..... . Brimley If he were only a little older. EDWARD POPP ........ Suttons Bay In years, yonug, but in e.1'perie11ee old. , I I 'u I I l I I I I I I 1. I I I I I I I I I I I I +A f:- 1-.F -m 41 J 4- -E -5- l Q 17' i ul juniors XI'w-1.1- 1 XX A sul .l .f!:nl.'nr :ull . .XI.l.kl li: . . . N1 lk! .Xl.. H ..., . ' I 1. lrrrf flzrru If 11 :ull ll:-'ru' :r U . Bay City ff uflunflx lu l':z.fzm',u . Cnrdcnns, Cuba tray. I VIHH . . Spruce .Nxm'rril3' if :'ir'lur. N1 lx. XYILSHN . . . Saline l'm lmffy :Q-l1.'r'.':'.'f' I .:1.-1. l I.XRl5l.XIl U-r:lm'.x . . . CZIIIIIIHU, Porto Rico l'rl lzim lmllrx. ln' :nuff l'lI1'. nur liuxmlu . . . . . Hzu-lmr B1-Ach .Nln xx frwfly In :mills :.-i1l:, mul :filly fn lull: tvlllz. Inav lhlcuv . . . . . . . . CUIIXYZIQ' 1 .Nfl 41-'!:'.-mx .Ar'.fg,-H fl1.'n1.v.'lZr.v :villz luxllngl fluiuf. 1 1 -u:u 47 +4 ag.. -3. 'D' 4-3. '- -'D+ 'IV L3 -Cn . -Q- - -If Q .F -L Ill ..- xxmx' Suu: IH: ...... . Yzavnr l'll'd'.fn' 4'lhllf1,'n' l'v'll fllll l1' ll lnllff' lllltl.. ii' IIN X Nlllliill ,..... Vnxt 'I':u-,aw lf Q.-my .Inf vl:-'nlflf xhzrf l:aflf:r:' Hin' I :-.luldf dir nf 41 " vl:fu'l.' -x'.'l, lv xx I1 ll'-H'-11' . . .Xquzulq IH-fhv Riff' lk-1 1: Q .' l ll 'V Z l:l Y nc'3 4 -il 2 1 l f ...--- ...,... College Preparatory and Normal juniors' Class History M030 - "Honor Lies in Honest Toi1" COIOTS - . . Blue and Yellow Flower .. . . I ...... Yellow Rose September 23, 1920, about thirty-five Junior College Preparatory and Normal Students met in room 4 to elect officers for the winter term The followin were . . g elected: President . Dale Thomas Vice-President . , Henry Hull Secretary . R056 TOWQ Treasurer . . , Jessie Bong Editor ......... Rudolf Hoeft The first social meeting of the year was held on, the twenty-seventh of Sep- tember for the purpose of having a good time, getting acquainted and ready for the reception that was to be given later. October 8 several members of the faculty and many Juniors and Seniors met in Music Hall at eight o'clock. A very pleasant program followed, consisting of speeches and musical numbers. Refreshments were served and the remainder of the evening was spent in dancing and playing games. Two 'contests provided much merriment, in which pie and doughnuts figured -prominently. The Seniors proved themselves the bigger eaters of the two. The Juniors expressed them- selves as determined to show the Seniors as good a time when they should be en- tertained at the Junior Reception in Music Hall December 3. At the next meeting a constitution was drawn, and Mr. Clark and Miss Travis were chosen as patron and patroness. R january 19 the juniors again met in room 4 to elect officers for the spring term. The following were elected: President .... . Russel Wier Vice--President . Edwin Stahl Secretary , . R056 Towe Treasurer , . Jessie BOTIZ Editor ......... Dale Thomas Arrangements were immediately made by the new president for a social function. A sleigh-ride party to Clear Lake was agreed upon but on account of lack of sufficient snow, this was abandoned. There is to be a party soon in Music Hall, and plans are being made for a Marshmallow Roast on the shore of Muskegon river. This sounds very much like a good time. Q--. .eet ----i A-If L . +----A or -5:3 ' 43 ' -" 'Q 'Y 1- - . - ,....f:' 1 - - L" ff 5: -Mfaraif-,,. -E 'E 'Q' 'Q' 'C' 'E' :'- 1., 4- Yu. xxmfru -Iuniwrs exm-rx' 1-111- Xlx ' x':1x'r junior Class Poem rczu ' lx fur ff-me lllll. :Qu Q ull Clllllk' xx'11l1 lui- 111 lm-11 lllfl lvlll' lnuil IH liccp 1-ur Vclw. XYCTL' xx'c w111:11'1 x-1111 11-ll cm :1ll Xxc 11x-xx-1' fun-fl 11111111111 ilu- l1:1ll. -D, -QI X11 nm- flnrcfl lu 1':1ll 115 1l11xx'11. f llll 111' HI'flL'I' xxx- xxx-1'c llCX'L'l' 1'w1111fl. 'C' Yuxx' 111' x'11111'Nc xwu ull :11l11111 I 'l'l11- llll 'l'l1 111-1' girlx clifl lI'l1llxL' :1 l111 1-rc xx'c1'1- l1:1111l-11111c lx-ll1-xx'-. 111 H111 xl.lsr I Slllllk' 111 ilu-111 xx'11l1 11111l1- :1 pilrl. hc- 'O' -l11111f11' 1l:1111'1-5 xxx-1'c l'L'Ill lllk'k'f'-- l'11111-l1. 111' xx'l11xl1 xxx- :1ll 1l1':111l4 ixx'1x'x'. -D- Xll ilu- xx-511' xxx- lxx-111 llmingf 11111x'111g. .Xt c-:11'l1 11:11'lx' lllL'IlS 11111m1'11x'111g. 'lllx' fz11l1lx-st 1l1111g5 xx'11l1 xx'l11cl1 xxx- 1111-I .X l"1'1x-ml- l Xxx-rv 1111- 11:11'l111gs xxx- l'L'Ql'Cl. F51 xxl1 111 xxx' luxm-sl 1lx':11'lx'. lflX'C QUIK' ' U lllll xxx- lllllxl lllvl l1lfllll'll. 11 ll:llYl3l'llN xx-:11'lx'. N . . . -, ,. lllll' 111 llllllllllx l.1lw1ul l1.111l llfl 11111' trfxxllwlu gl.11llx 5ll.llL1l. .Q lximllx' gix-1-11. .ol 1111-all .1flx'1x'1- xx"1 Xxlllvll lui' Ilflx'lx'x' Wg' xx'x'I'x' 1lI'lx'x'll. nl ll w-I xl xx' fl x'11x1 xx'1ll -vc l1111N1fl1-1' :1ll .111 l1x' xxx' .1ll Nlwulal l1:11w11x' lw. .Xll .xg Klilll, 1x flu Hlll' lm-51 A x Xml xx1 lm ilu- l'l1llll'L' vlznv 511111-H. Ik-N1 111 lu-:1lll1 :mfl wx' :111fl lll'llll'N XXAlll'l'k' :1 Q-v1'1'-wxx' 1+ 1111l41111xx'11. 'l'l11x1fx:1ll11 ,X1 Ill' 11111111- 1111-11-lx 1-l xx'11l1 llmix Hlll' NI11l'x' 1-111l-. If 11.11. 'Q' "llc111'd in Cl11'19.' .ll11.v.x.'l:l11l.' lilll Z"'f'1'1'5l,x'l "'l'l1l- 1'x':11'l 1'-11111K 11"-111 :1'1 -xx-Ex-11 l':1'1 1l1:1 xx' fl1'1'111l --1' HIlllll'i'?' lhvlllllnllll ull-llIll.N 11-'1l1111g, mx NlNll'1' l1:1N :1 '.'.l11-lv Ni1'111g 117. ilu-111 il1:11 Nlll' 11111 Il I--ln-i1'1'," Ull fjolul' l"f'I'11x.v-1' 51: ,Nr'.1.1.' 1 "XYlll1.111!, 11'+'11- i'.',-- vf-1111-l1-1111-111g11'x 1-111111-N, ll':'l!f111:' "l'--xx'fl1-'A .11'-l l':1?111" UU. H-"!.'-' "l'1lY"V-.- 'K 'xll li-'H' -1"x1'N 1l11'1'1' IETF?- ,I-vlsrsvsx - -"'l4l11'11- " lim, If.':15.' "Ula-Q :err tl wfnl11:11x'- -"Xl.1l1- -1-H., 1'1:r.xl1- Ns"-., :1111l lil 1 'O'- 10' -O- 4.- -'D' ' 1 'Q' 'C' 'I' 'I' -,- .5 'O- +1 '64 '01 'O- if---D-:K+--+ I Wgllillll tmp 6 P If f , XkX kx 0 M Q z QQ ' f X - T7.i,,,l.ff Z A -- 4- 'L-E-:i w '----2' N-P 1135? -- - - .. .- . ,,..i. 4. + -:------fy----+ Im 'O' S J II I lil ' ' Il g.l nlL W l 'dl Y i ?4-: , -of u:s lx l.l..N5I' I-wmdl . l"lllflHH3 'Dv u:n 5 XX1l.l.1.xr-1 I.. l'ws1l,1:, l'l:1-s lzmlllwr . . L:mf.ng 'O' -Qu- luwlx Swr.mx'l1L . . Detroit 'vu + .Xml1ll. 4rXhNIh Six l.:1kcs ' ich l 73 . . lxxx lHl?I5llX5lX . Um'k:mm 'D' -:3 1 'f l N :mx lx: xx , I,mh.r ' 5 1, 'D' 'D' -O- '0- +- Q---:f--xa B--ir +---r----J:---- E -Us ' Q --'I'--4'----Q-----C----+R -e- Pre-Medic Class Motto-"Think 'and Act." . Insignia: CHEMISTRY dessicator in a TRtGoNoMETRv triangle with a LATIN inscription from a FRENCH writer of ZOOLOGY. Y The pre-mediciclass is small due to the fact that there are not many in it. 'lhose that are in 1t, however, have life enough for a whole grandstand-full. Mr. Ferris says that we're an august-appearing aggregation. This is a polite way of saying that we are a "hot-looking bunch." All members of the class are products of the "Prep" department. Without exception each individual did excellent work as a "Prep" The members take an active interest in all school activities including: Student's Council, Y. M. C. A., Masonic Club, R. O. T. C. and Athletics. We thank Mr. Ferris, Mr. Masselink, and members of the faculty for the instruction and courtesies they have given us. Our good will is ever with the F. I. Biographies "Bismuth, Fairbanks is an ex-marine, recently enlisted in U. S. army for R. O. T. C. duty at the Institute. He is from Luther, QMich.j and is an Organic shark. His dadsa doctor. V K'Oxalic" Barret is an ex-State trooper, hails from Flushing, an ardent admirer of Latin, and goes to church when his parents visit Big Rapids. "Arsenic" Solowitz is from Kinde, Detroit and elsewhere. He made a spec- ialty of Qual. and finished in February. "Barium', Garner hails from Six Lakes, served in Medical Department of the Army, and delights in hard work. Latin delights him. P. S. So does Trigo- nometry. . . n v ' ' 7 ll , !! ' "Oxidation" Foster is from Lansing, is Mr. Ferris book-agent, past-pres1- dent of Masonic Club and spoiler of fist-fights. "Calcium" Christensen hails from Onekama. Out-of-school-time has been spent on the home farm. He is especially strong in "Quant" and is an Odd Fel- low. Chris for short. Jokes Our undertaker bought a shining new hearse last spring and it was easy- riding. They say lots of people just died to ride in it. Grandma's teeth are like the stars. Why? They come out at night. ' That was a put-up job. VVhat? That wall-paper. .gf --Q---F c++------c-----4:----+--1 47 -Q' si' 'Q' -Cr 'iz -if 45 The clncmr renders a great Scrvicc. I jurlgc fo hy thc "Service Renclurccln bill. .- 'O' I+ ,...1......-- in HlJUk'lfll'. give mc wine mcrlicinc fur my lmrlwzmcl. hu rlN'I'L'S su I Cllllll sleep." lmrlfn'-"llc flfPCfll'l mm-rl mwlicim-. hc nu-mls za lNlll'llCI'.-l 4- .llr'. IJIIVI'-urllf mfwrrmx' xx'c'll lzxlw :llcwlnvl :mcl flvr11mlrlvl1ynlc." 1,5 ,i.l.l..-- lf :L pig knew wlml L'llL'llllL'Ill cllzmgcs wok place in hif mligcfticm hc XYUlllll -lic frfvm fright. + i D "l'x'c wnly fn-cn um- girl! our wincc l'x'c hccn in ldg lxzllmimlsf' 'D' Hllww Cmllcf "Slu- hzul hcr hair lmhlmcflf' XX'llcrc's Kim, ? 'lqhc flcllcl' 2l1L'.L'I'. 'o' -c- 'lis swcct lu lfwc lint Uh! hrm' llzlrrlcml Um' IS lv hml thzll -O- 'D' Shc is mnrriccl. W A W -C' Quul. .S-flll!a'lIfH--nxly hun lmlclxul clown clxiclwnf Sumlzly :xml ull mlicrl hut four." Orfjclnlr' .S.flll1a"'uXx.llIll clfv Yun fvwl lllk'lll?u io- cj.-.Sh--llxllllllll, h:min'1 wuntncrl yd." .-Q QHUIII. .hnfllllat-f+"XX.ll2ll FlI'llK'lx yum num fw1'vilwly wlu-11 5-fu cnlcrul thc l". lf" Qual Xfrfflv- - lvllllk' Nk'l'k'k'll flfwr. 51-nu' um- lvl it ily am- l was ruining in." 'Q' + -D- 5. 'D' -o- I -Q- :Mn 'D' 'D- fi' 'lr -5- -I' TQ' 15' QI-P--f " - - 4. 1 IIlB.C i I r 1 I , li 'I f .3 E' I' l 'I' 4' 4 +- 4 A - L "'. + 1 F -Cr 1 'C' 1 P11ar111acy .:.1 -uzq 1.Xv-'151,Xl1, l:1511'11'. 1-1IlNN 1'1f1I11II' . . 13114 1QIl111x1S .NHW11111 f-11' 1'111 r111111'j,-, .1111,c1.'Au1' :.'1:11f.' -:f 1 4 'I' -11:11 11.1111-.x1'1g 5111111.11 . . . . Bay City lf11:'1111 fn 111' 11 .w1151.f!.'1' NU D1'14gg11.f1'. -1- - -2' 1111cx111111 SH.XXK'1, . . Bay City -I- .Ynf 11 .vl1111'ls 1'11I 11 51111111 11111: :N 1 1-1,.Xl'llIL 1i. Ywss . n. . . Spring Lake - F-11 .N'111111111'r 1'1'.m1't gfirlx for HIC. "'."' 11.XlU1l.II 1'11s'1' . . . . Owosso 1111.1 111111 II11' If S. :cur dry' -Q- -1-:nu 11111111' S. 11Rl,I1l1RY . . Iinst -1171111111 .X'11l111'1111 .fl1l111 .v!.1f1 11l1' 'I' 1 1 'D' 1 1-in 1 1.14I.1I. 411.51m . . 12NCLlIlIl1l1I 111' 11.111 ix 1111.11 111'11111'11 f11.' 1'111'111'1'. I 1111-un 11111111 XX1111:4 . . . . . 1511111 .1 111-111 111'1'1g111!f141 11111f1 111 1111? ufwll. 1,1,X'.l4 XX' 1Nll'Nl'l . . . 1Jv11'11it - "':"' . , 'N' 5.1-" 171' 11111 11 11111111111 1:1- -'I' 'F I 43 1 Q33 9: R0 4 xl I ' l:l Y l:I l:I 'l:l l:l T--+--5 ,J n 5 f Pharmacy -F .,,, ARCHIE CAPLON . . . . Walkerville J J A I originated the Fox Trot. -rf A ga A Handsome Leo-Fair to behold. LEO FORSTER . . . . . . . Saginaw l 1 'C' IRMA VVHITMAN ....... Eaton Rapids j I am studying tonight, Thank you. 2? it T VVM. W. GORIN, Secretary-Treasurer . VVO'bLl1'I1, Mass. l "Bligl1ty" Gorin, M. P. Our wan heee-ro-. HARRY M. KINNEY . . . . Lansing And a married 'man am I. A J BOYDEN E. DAVIS .... . Alpena J I The Alpena "Beau Brurn-mell." J . V l JOHN L. DALBEC ....... Hurley, Wis. The stock room and "Robart" for mine. 'I ' -cw N HARVEY JOHNSON '. . Emmett I never could mix-. 2. JOHN J. VOSS ..... . Spring Lake in . Stick by your brother, fohrt. ,a j -D- J I 1 . .X f ' E' 1: ff! ' D 1 . 6 1 ' 1 ' ' f ,, . Q + ,I 5 4, V V life 1- s ' f in T 1 f 5, .,.,,,,, ,, fb, I VE z 2 1 r fi i" fj no A A AQ - .-cf A -:fe -:f A -M 1 ' ' W r ---Y' Y , 51 fs F il ' f F x t Y f S, is 'W 4 ,f ill -F Fi- 4' -Q1 'Q fuxm.l-ts XX. but Pharmacy I1 wr1!'.f izrirr' fmt mr. Ilwzu Smut . .-Il-lx .-,A-llmm 1. 11. ' . . x l.XI'.I.NN Iwmur 'flu' "lmllu-u" U. R. KIXXXKLLI. .Will mr lwws I f limzttcn ,If-nlvtx .'H:t'ut',v un llrr 711' tfltll. Smut . fill fllfllllif a.v.n'd' Ilzc Ima ,NflI1.vj.1.'llw:1 4 f r'm'f'mi ur mwmt -I uns 'l. Klum' . 1 Nf':nrfl:.zm!' lftzf :iv tlIll'1l.'fml1,f Q- . Flint . Fostoria . Lzmsing . . Detroit . X'Ql'I1'lUI11X'iHC' Mislmw:tk:t, Incl. rvfxcrldfd. . Urtruil ' .. I-'tu N1 xl--run . lwxnt Qttx Xulha 5 1 7 1. 5 iff ' - 1 ll-tm xxx- Il uf. . . . XXL-st IrI'It1'lfh ., ., ll .ti Yin: X i:' Hn! I YIHFVV ---15' 4' 'Q' 'Q' -5' 'Q- -D- 4- -G- -D' -Qi -G- -D- -O' E1 +2 + R+ Pharmacy DONALD A. DARLING . . . . Fremont O Girls!! I'm a Plzarmic. ROLAND THIELMAN ..... Detroit I am it-DVell we know you are. IZLMER H. MERRILL President . . . Almont Business calls me to "New-waa-goo." JOHN H. FINKLE ....... Cass City Says he knows Phamzzacy-IVIaybe he's right. R. P. TRESSEL ..... Terre Haute, Ind. - Marriied? Yes. Take courage Bob, time will tell. JOHN CARRUBBA . . . . Chicago, Ill. A pltarmaeisl I shall be. Louis SERLING ..... . Detroit The wizard from "Cass Tech," A. F. GUNSAULUS . . . Petersburg A real "Grass W'idou'e1'." JOHN H. KELLER ..... Sioux City, Iowa I could not other than jolly be. MM , E 2 1 . - i i . fh f i , af f i ii E. ' Wiki, ,if f D '31, 2'i"f"Z ' aww' , . if . - - 53 ll -I1 I- if -L T In-,ul-,IT Il. llvarx' NIV ffxmi Pharmacy xmm-2 B. KIARK HAM lfirrrt frmn llwi1u1idH.N'mm' l7uh'11mm1. Hrpxux fwnsl m H llzr HVIIIIHHI llh'-HH 1 X llxrx-RT tl'-Nl!!-X'-'UllcllIlf1l.f." lull I r H1 H1 Ihr C'wi1l,r11f1'fi41l HHH. I lu mu ' 1 H111 ln' lu' 1 1 1. Ill flu' full. XHIIIRI' Illxllsc . . . . Imnlr llunfx l'1rxim'.r.f, y1iVl.v, wr' :.'lmf,' iw--Ln I Hxm-lx 4 'llf' Yum! XY H 1.111 If Y lx .1 X-H 3 '1 um: lIk,X Hal" m Ill f. . nr .:::.!' ll f' x, I . u-Cu Emmsxt H I Holland Flint ':' Hancock i . Dulruii 111 Hnrlmr I,:mQing . hlmlxx ln lVm'fkm'rx'illc 1 M-l ng. -fn I ill I E -2- -Q- I -1-In 4- 'D-4 'O- -D- 'G' u:nu 9 V -5 'I' 'Z' if 1 .:. ,ES 91 Pharmacy ORRIS CHANCE . . . Boyne City l .lust a fine fellow. l i 1 BURGESS GRANT ........ S-pi-ingport Mg' p1fcfsc1'ifJfi01zr are not flzose of "Q11acles." i I HELEN E. CLARK . . . . Big'Rapids A Leave ll to the "Reds," LEONARD BEREAN ...... . Morley l 'Tis stuffy hard or fail. I study. GLENN F. SUPERNAUT ...... East Jordan l I slzall 11za11ufaclu1'e C. P. Cliemicals, only. v i l just our nanieg-our faceg And whereabouts, VVill fill our bill exactly. A line or two, On a page will do Of Pharmies wit and humor. So look us overg See what we did, In the school year herein stated. Then accept our best Along with the rest, In old F. I's best annual. ,H 1 ,L ,, , ,-,, ,.,, .W f V YM f - e 1-as one 1 rl 'L 1 E ea V' 55 I- 4- 'Q' 4- -Q5 -Q- Pharmacy Calendar IO' P- -D- Scptcmhur tfA'I'hu Iltztrntztcy Ilcpztrtim-tit hcgzm its XY.'llI'Ii fur thc rclttptil Ficztr 1 t ' '-" 'I-- 'rt- IUZU-ZI with :ut cnrullmcnt ut titty -fix bIlIfILIIIf. lxuttty hxc ut IILSL wx t Cttttt wc. ilu tl.ttt1it1.' h -rc tfir thc rcffulnr tcrm, thu t'umziiitcIcr tfwr th: fhur L 1 1 4 .N..-.. - . 1 1 - - X . I 3 'intl 'ill class wurk hcgzm with :i "vim :md smtp" :mtl results crime mtczttltly I'1im1ptItit I'h imttx mtl Nlt -Q- ttztdut' thu cztrcfttl itiwtrttctiwtif uf Nlr. .him-s. ' ta. tt. Att-mit -Q- 'D' I':irr. l'ritit-Epztl uf Kitt-iitistry. 4, SL-ptcttificr I7--'Ihc class was iiftivizilly urgzttiizt-tl zititl thc fivllmrittg uI'tic-.-is clit,-cat. l'rcfirlt-tit . .X. ti. I,ttck hiIk'C-I'I'QNIfIL'I2I . I'. if Ifisltt-r 'ID' Si-crci:try-'I'rt-:tfttt'cr . t.. ii. Iiiwltzip 'O' I'1fIitivr ....... Uvtitlwr 204-.X s:ttist':ictui'y grwttp pit-tttrc tif thu cI:tsf tvztf tztkcn. UctfiImt-r 30--'I'Itc Iirst rm'i:tI cu-nt uf tht- scztfwtt was thc II:1IImx'c'ctt dztttcittg mrtv ffivctt in thc Klttwic II:iII mt thif rlzttc. 'Ihiwsc in CIIZII'-'C s vztrctl ncitltcr N 5 A timc nur energy in thc prcpztrzztiiitt ui this impwrtztitt on-tit. It was at httc wttcvcss :mtl cttjwycrl ht' :1II. XflVt'lIIIbk'I' IF-t Fur shiirt cfittrsc I'I1:irniitw It-it tis tit writc mt thc State I-Tuzttwl I'vtmin:ttiiitt :tt tlrztml IQZIIIIIIS. taking with tht-in uttr sittccu- wisltcw. 'I hey . 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I.:ttti't-tics Ii, Iiixliwp .lnttttztry II--1-I iriittp lvivtttrt- tnkt-ti. -Imitisiry I7- Izmttztry flaws uf him- Attila-tttx It-ft fur Ik-trfiit ti: taht- Stntc Ifxztm- inzttimt. m ' 4' -Iunttziry .ZW l'twIt-r tht- iI'rt-rtiiiitx fit' :t wt-II vlwft-it riittiitiittct- the 4Xmitt:iI Xliil- -Q- XYitttcr Ilztll xvztx h1'IfI :tt tht- Klttxii' II:tII. .X tim tI:tNh Iight pirtttrt- was tztkctt .Q n 'tt th vltwc iii' tht- t-wiring, if-IImt't-il hx- :t "Ili-tm' Swvvt II1 mc" waltz. Ihc piitx ut txttitt N in :Ili 11111 itil in tx III v 'Iiiii1tIiitiitiii'mt1'ii' 15. 'N I. K" N. I ' L' ' " " L' "I KIJIITII II- Ihr- vlziw grit twgvtltt-r fur tht- lit1:tI t't'It'IIl'2tlIHt1 Im-1'1-1'v tht- fit-1w:tt'1t1t't' IQ! nl' tht- Nlztrrit vlztw. XX1- gnu- --til' Huw it-II- in -'hziiit-I :itvfl h:uI :t Nitziltc + flzmvt- :iftt-r -rIii-HI. In tht- t-vt-iiiitg :i 'IIIltIxk'I' IIHIIX 1-Istvv, XII tx-t-rc in tht' 'D' hiwt -if "-piritf' :tttfI tht- titm- tum--vii 1':xtvifIIy, iliht- ft-:tttirt-X wit' tht' 1bl'HgI'IlIII wt-rv mttxir Ivy Iwth tht- t-xvltixixv I'It:it'miv wrvlit-xt1':i :mtl rlttztrtt-tts-. 'Iihv vwttiiig vlmt-tI Ivy tht- fIr:tm:iti1:iti-in tit' "Sw-x-iIIc rXt'tit-'C' grt-:tt xtztgc Nitr- rvw U.XlIlI hi- hxtir wax rut." 'D' KI:it'vI1 IfIMSt:ttt- Iii-:ml Ifxsmi, :it tirziiul Iizttii-h titiwx tht- t't'IlI2lI1IlIl'I' tit' f-ttt 4- , 'Q' -hurt wittiwt- stuvIt'utN ir-'nt tix Xhfitit titty l'l1'irmi-'N tm-It thi- t-x:iittiii:itiim ' tht- rwttItx --2' uIiivh nrt- 1'--t 31-1 Ittt--wit. I I 31. I Pharmacy Yells Ipecac-Qpium, Syrup of Squills, We're the boys that roll the pills. Ricke-ty, Rackety, sis, boom, bang. Hurrah,l Hurrah for the Pharmic gang. X1Vellma11, Siekman, Deadmau, Stiif Dig 'em up-Cut 'em up, VVhat's the diff Atropine-sulphate, Sulphurous Gas. l F. I. Pharmics-"2l Class." Pharmicsg Pharmics, Rah-rah-rahg Medicsg Medicsg Pa-pa-pag Commercials g Commercials 5 Ma-ma-ma 3 College Prepsg --MILK- P-l1-a-r-m-i-c-s P-h-a-r-m-i-C-s P-h-21-r-m-i-C-s PHARMICS! I C 1 U CC C Ci, e 57 f f E551 l:l s:l l:l :In IF 'I' V -3 YVhat Vliould Happen lf The girls could sit in thc back seats? -C- llr. jones really cmilrl get mad? Rompf w:isn't zilluwccl to chew his gum? f,illll52llllllF wfiulcl clusc his bunk in class? Carter cmilrl stufly like hc can hmvl? , -D' 'lhc Yuss lirns. xwulcl light like must hrutlicrs? ..:. Kunzc slmvcrl ull' his sn-czillcrl mustziclic? Corin rczilly cutllclift laugh in class? llcfzilic likcrl thc lzirlics? -lnrrlzin kcpt still? L. liz. X rvss criulrlnt smilc :it thc girls? -.5 Klcrrill fllllllll. linmx' his lcssmi? 'lliiclmzui wzisift zilxvziys slct-ivy? 'lhc l'li:n'iii:icy clziss wzisift thc ht-st in scliuul? XYQ :ill pzisst-rl thc Strait- lil-:i1'cl? l'ilSllHll wmllclift put this iii thc "':" "C 'ici xisux .xxii iii im Heard in Class .1112 .fnmzv -asys !'Klc1'i'ill what is :i guml l'ClllL'1l5' lui' tht- itch?" 'V' l'ntn4"l clmft lmmx'." .lf1'. .IUIIUX-u,lillk'll yfiu :irt-n'i up In Nk'l'Illl'll wr yum mviiltlf' hd I+ .l1r. .fmzrx Ill ,llulvrm ,llv1l.fs"Kli'. 5lll'K'l'llIllllI flcscrilw cl1:ii'cu:il." ' ,lift .S'1ffw'1'i1n1rl-"C'lizircf-:il is ri very lim- wliilc IN!XX'flL'l'.n .llfh Jnmtv-"ll:ili11. what is tht- zivtiu- lwiiiviplt' 1-I' k':i-vzirzi Fzigrzulzi 4' "lfli l,ill.x"' flfilm -s"l':isv:ii't-ls." 'C' -Q. ,,1j1...j...- .llrt l'm'1' ssrf -"Yun pw-lily wht' :irc iii:u-i-it-fl wi' nhl- :irc lllllllxlllg ut' gvlting mur- fl will huy illuminziting gms hy tht- WHO cu, fl." .VIZ lilzlmmz, flzfvnyllilfullnx' aullvww lung will llflfll vii. fl. lzisl 4, 'Q' .llr'. .fmimn-"lhirgcss gui swim' ltiiiul 1-1' :i l'1'llll'flf' lvl' ymii' wt-:ik w-ivvf .llr. .l,i11f.v,J'Xmx' wi- :irc gm-Ming :i littlt- 'vfigglvy' zigziiiif' ..:... l 'Q' "Nmv class lc-I us rriiicmlwr I-ui' dignity." .51 .In -:. -1- .ci 4. ,EB 58 K 1 H 'Q' a -Cf -Ci- L , 55. qw 'Qi' Aga a -r ,H t Y i V 7 ' ' 9 1 I Al , I '-' " ' "-P 'r -5 44 . "1- ' . 'QmZ,,, Q ,L 'E ...l L ' .-T.T.?S- ' 3 ' 'X ,tv , , 5 gr -b ,.:. N A , . , r .1 - -X 5 4. 1 '-I-" 2 A-2. -' ' is H ' f f C ' 1 1 ' . :I 1 -. N -I 'Z f' -' " WS ' ' x " ,fi 'J 'f E yi? f 2 11-Q ' ' 'Z ' f li . wk: M.'i:,,,f - ' -7 , fx -,gf A I 1 ,1 5 J' 2 1 QW", 5 -J' f " if 'f-3 Us - ' 'I 'ii - wr ' - 1 -A ' ir f, Mlii- ff" -5 .- gd- H .GL fr M! 'fig N, W-A L , Azi "" 3 F' ' " ' MW 4 N'-, mx fi ,Qi ..,, , , s,L,s.L V u p gi.ig,H kb ., .5 4 " ' ' S "-1' . ' 4 3543 " ' - Q V" f :'- . f -N 'W ' ' f Y- -I", -si? D gl R x W ' . , - 3 N74 I ,xx X :" if 'ff'-wt -. -i H HI' rn w N ,4 1 9 Ps Tami aim 'W ,XL.. kk K yuan .zz N - , gsm: , ,W- XV x X X E .WW V , N Menif 6 V of 0, gig QMS A Q iff, Q X, Mm M '1 wa M , : 7 . b ' . A- -nigh" J-v -1 f 2 5 K x k,.Q. , ' . " I V W, 'L "QI - 1 vi '- R, , -" 46" " 1 fm, A 'J C , ' Nts: X 7 , X ,.., 1 SNAPSHOOTING THE PHARMICS P 7 Y ' ' i V , ' , Y , , , , , ,L W, Y 59 ,mf ---a----:----:----:---+---+ "' ' STYLES ' ' N 3'3.f'.' 'S . 1 , , I f , , fi! HAIR , 575 f -fi 3 gf 'E A LA illzf? Q 7 4- J -, '- A Ax CARTE Arif, 1 X i '-. E! ' We f I Nix ' E X 1 V THE x X g ,wHff?AH' ' 5 - N Q ffffgugrjgrw X j ' Q 'n Q D. fs 1 If-,Six X .. -. 3 W Q '. N N A' f ,. If 33757 A 3 1 XM l J . ig? 1 N Q " ' - , . 5, A -1 - . ml : - ' N X All , - 1 So , ' I " fu X XTR 'xi L E f ttf nr". E KXIX ' I 0 "' ' if J' fa: F 'I' ' " ' 4. L V 'fgf" ig ,le- g f . . T 77:15 X fi 'Q' ! J L T W ' ' f I 1' W ,P , QQNQ ' Ax Q 0' X fx Y - ' , -A of ez 1.-ff 72 E X X I 4 52,111.1 X 'Q' Aw N in 4346 L+- A- . ,- , +--4--+--4--+1--Q -.3 - -Q--+ QMMELQCCUAL DEP"r I 5 +4 4 + 4- 61 +--- aj A , ' ww ' A rl , V! 53, :1mg,..f "1 , H za gs, Y V ii 1 , A li 4 5 F 15 S ,M faq , ' -Qs. go. N, V 1 2 f sf g, - I I ,523 ,z ',, - . g ,5 " Az , ' ,, 1 wg.,- , F " ,, 3 5, 3' 1 A J i is V . 6 1 J! cg y 1 if , 1 , Q .L , . , 1 L v 5 , 3 6 ' - , -, ?f, 'N J., QQ ' V ,, 1 Q i Q 1 X f . X - as 1 Q L . 4 - - . , - . , .Q If N K E tk 1 'Q ' sa J J A 4 is Y .1 I N N X 3 I E T I W ' . W, ik L ,,. , if. Jw' X X, ,Q 4 -New 9 .Q Ly K 9 ' . sf1zfwQ- H1 i li Q er ,Ng . 1 ka fli- 1.,..-,mf . - ,. ww I I ' i N COM MERCIALS 63 , :- Q v 5 H 2 ' 91 - 1 . S 5 W1 1 1 ? ' a 1 J' ev 3" , -M I 4 E . , Q 'fl i . fi . 1 N X h an Y V .rs , 1 wa 3 Q ' 5 i , 1 H V 5 F V :' x ' f K S 3 1 sg - ' " ' 5 . f i 3 , V' f - N f gl ' ' 1 rf 1 ' Q' ,f i Q 6 7 X ' 2 . f , sg van - 1 F E ,Cl,1 ' L i ' 2 : E 1 ? 1 , f- f Q4 , , 1 J fi , . n 'V ' U. li 2: r : - w W W 1 , X . k F F gf. S . ji X, 'i FJ i ir V i:l l:: V ji Y W T741 l:l l:lW -:ll i Commercials -D' ALLEN PHILLIPS . . . Vulcan OPAL KIIQXVAN ..... Mecosta May every soul that touches nzine Get therefrom some good. Rt:HER'l' PHILLII-s .... Cadillac fi time like this demands strong minds, great hearts, and ready hands. HERNIAN SCH-MIDT . . . Bretliern He aspires to be all that a inan should be. RUBY SWILER .... Big Rapids There was a 7.L'0H1Gl'l',.S' fearless eye Lit by her deep love trust. VVILLIAM VAN LOO .... Zeeland All obedience worth the nanie niust be pronipt and ready. EMORY VVILLES ..... Detroit If I cannot be al lighthouse I can be ' a candle.. VV. E. VVRIGHT . . . . . Carson City Perseverance fails nineteen tinies, but succeeds the twentieth. VV. H .CRANE ..... Detroit lflfith a bundle over his shoulder, and a sniile of freedom on his face, he sets out to seek his fortune. . . . Central Lake HARVEY EDWARDS The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. GEO. EICSTRAND . . . . Ironwood There is a fine noble nian. True obedience does not argue dispute. MAURICE NEWLAND . . . Charlevoix ' The duty of labor is writing on a man's body. ANICE OKREE '. ' . . . Bay City Beauty is God's handwriting. C. E. OLSON . ' .... Jennings All doors open to courtesy. ELMER PETERSON . . . . Gilbert Method will teach you to save tirne.. NORMAN BACON ..... Bates A genius on the typewriter. EDGAR BRUNN .... Hubbardston It has been said that every nian is fitted for sorne one thing. Wvell, faze struck that one thing when he hit dancing. CLARENCE CUMM1NGS . . . . Alma The whole Inan to one thing at a tirne. LYDIA CARLSEN . . . . Carlshend Fine at her many arts. FERN CASNVELL . .... Buelah As pure in thought as angels are. HAROLD CONOVER ..... Bay City His keen sense of huinor and per- petual .Optimism have wont hirn many friends. BASIL CUMMINS .... East Jordan It is the nzan of single purpose who 4. 'Q' 'I' -'C' H'l I WI. VXI. EVERY .... Manchester u - U 4, Victory belongs to the persevering. acfompllshgs big things' PETER DEYOUNG . . . Grand Rapids OLPHONSE GLEASON .... Emmet . . . . , The only living nian who is nnniune Ecouonzy is a gl eat ieoenue. from the ammcfion of women. CLARA HAHNENBERG . . . Provemont GLEN FISH ..... Elelio, Wis. Nothin but our best is good enough. Worth, not nzonei makes the inan. 9 3, l I '- .r B ees' ' -1 A A D ee feee A AA e- A-hae A Aa- fe' r E-1"""""""e aff. B L'-"""".. an 151 A A -5 ,Eljzfa 'Z' . '-:Id 65 l . - fl- i c -2- c -F if i 55- C: Commercials I Im Fl,00I?QlflST . . . Cadillac Ida, I am afraid yon arc hm znnfli of a frxjlcr with tln' msn. :XMIL HOUDICK The more is CARI. Hm-1.r1R . . . . . Omcna 1- du, the mon' tru Can do. . . . . Bad Axe EDITH Foksxmx .... Ncgaunce Thy 'ZUOHICH d0n'f :um-ry lzini. Hr ..- lfirtuc is like a riflz storm, bvst plain svf. has oflzvr trnulvlixv. ' liuu'.uui Fox ..... . Utica G1-:onine l'lII.L . . . Big Rapids Infinite is flu' value of zc'l.vdmn. l'alivm'v and rvxignafxmi arc flu' ful- larx of human funn' on L'Ul'lIl. Si'1,w:sTr:R GRAN-5 .... Kinda , . ' . ji 1, ' , 1' Ifli' 'Zi'l'U7'.f a .vrnilv flint mn! ln' uwislivd JUNK H-NLL - - - - - I-'mm Ixdpldb ' UD. Om' thing is fm?-:'c1' good, Tlmt om' thing ix xiifwss. Al,rn-:RT fiikl-ZEN ...... Jackson I study if I fvvl like if. and u'0n'f O. nl. H.-XBIBIOND . . . . Cliarlcvoix 1 1 . ' , t'1""' ,I dmllf , I y .Sfndzixv Izard and lvurnx rapidly. Ill finxx if I mug if I rant I icon I. 1:- 1 C, P k M.-xi-1 H.xmnaR ..... Remus Jaxx.-x ki-LIQN .... -tos 'c ' . , J , L, 5 .Slzv has a good Izmir! und av good Iicad. .Slzv fv0.v.n'.v.rv.v a lzrxglll and .vnnny dix- lvoxilimi. v CI.ll-'FORD lxlilicn ...... Coral ' nu vnw,4 F'1t Irv' 4"r I ARTHVR KJUTTSCHALK G i I pontiac ll Inn tlnn A u uill Hun 5 a ling. -:-I I'n'.r.v nn, !In'rv's no .vnfli u'0rd as fail. ' fiRUVI'1R lx!-LRRIGAN . . . . Houghton Tilr1olxmHGi'CK . . . . Lake Linden C'l"""" If "'g"f-l"L"Ul" N" """'f hard - "rn" in -"'r1n". A grmf man for flu' lndnxf. Axle Ann. uf l PNN" K H M-1l.x'iN l' ' s'rI.xN:l-:N . . . liiczuialn hi ANNA Hicxxi-Li' . . . . Bad .-Xxc ' , XM S , , R ' ' - . - lun rm' so F0l1V4'h'Hl10ll.T and .vnrli a. I::'.'n llm ':'anqui,fln'd, slip mnld nrqm' I , , , - ' mrd :i'01'A'4'r von will .vzuvlv qv! xlsll. V . ' - - ' .vnnir:.'1n'ri' in flux world. Lan H.uinoxu ..... S arm - I, H I, I I Ii I f ' Ouu lxINllT .... South Runga- 'n ' 1 .v "'i. v'n' "n n nun. . H ' ' put ' ' H ' 1 ,Shu Imx 41 gmnl liruri and tl good Iivad. ,:,,,, .-Xu-ix l-IPLATH .... Girard, Cn. , h , , lxlwxioxn l,i-1s'i'iiR .... Bcsscmcr Ili' forma: from lfmrgnu, lvuf .n'i'n1.v 1 I Hi., I . I Y lu lxln' nur flmmlr. 'H Him" 'H P Um l H1 XIILIDRED lclrxiuzmr .,.. St. .lohns C lwjwk I'mmm'xN . ' Mt' X Crilon' IH' .S't4'1'i'I. tc'in.mfr:i' and Teri' Himd tu H 'mr "m"'m.d' H' lim" 'mmmhi' 'C' IDM, M ' ln' nm:-rx in g1r'm!nv.v.c and in i jIl'Ur's'. XX'll.l.l,xxi Huwi.iaT1' . . llriircK Crosxing I Uf nnmm'r.v glrntlr, nf nfl'r4'!lnr1 mild. 'Mil l'l"""m ' ' I " ' Muldlctlm Ilminfly n.'i'd.v im d1.fg1nl.fr nr urnanxfnf. XYu.l,l.xM H.x.xNi'.x.x . . . Pcquzuiing +I .-I ylrurl.-nmn in r:'rry zmui' and is-all IUHN l-"NUT-WT - - - . lll'5Fi'TUCf lik.-fi hm. .4 Illllllflllljlfl' .ni f'luin Hull.. i 'Q' 'C' 1? 'P 'I' -2- -5' 66 W -D' -I- -D- l"'1 -Q' I-D' -'D' -5- 'D- F3 -i -:- -:- ---:- -:- 4- ---+A , Commercials JOHN LESTER ..... Bessemer GUY PETERSON ..... Grayling He'doth show ina-ny sparks that are Happy ant I, from care I'1n free. Uldffd WH' WIT- Wl1.y aren't they all just like ine? I-ORNE MCDOUGALL - - - Germfask ALMA PRIESKORN .... Caseville Quiet, nnassuining and very attractive. Ge-nfle but Styong withal. D. J. MCCORMICK .... Caseville NELLIE -PAUL ,.,. Stockbridge HI? f0H9ht like Cl bffflfffimafff 10119 01107 Even innocence itself hath many a well. wife- RAY MCROY . . . Marlette EDVVIN PETERSON .... Gilbert Bashful 87Tl:C1:67Zf. . The world is bright while ye rernain. CARL NIONTEY ...... Faii-grove ELDIN PHILLIPS ---. Petoskey May he live long and prosper. Thy inofdesty is but a candle to thy ineri s. PAT 'MILLIGAN .... Foster Cit llfith wisdom far beyond his years. Y CLIFFORD POWERS . . Harbor Springs A real worker. JAMES Mow ....... Manton . . . . GELSTON POOLE ...... Pontiac The manly part is to do wzth nizght , , , and main the part that you can do. A hard worker WHO will some day reap a reward. RALPH MOW . - . . . Manton . ' A student from start to finish. PEDRO RODFIGUEZ ' ' ' Blg Rapids He hails from sunny Cuba. EDWARD MODERNIAN . . . . Detroit A living example of what a man can be. MARJORU? ROGERS ""' ,Lake Marjorie is there when any fun is t b I d. HARRY MAJOR .... A Houghton 0 6 ia The quiet worker who does things. WLLIAM RADIO ..... Ironwood D M B d A A man of few words but those words AVID ORSE . . . . . a xe Plfould some one teach ine how to keep a girl, SOLOMON ROTTMAN . . . Tecumseh Give thy thoughts no tongue. LAVVRENCE MALCIIO .... Jackson U , 'Tis good will nzakes intelligence. EDNA ROD? ' ' ' Rhmelander' Wls' Edna is able to assume two charac- . ters, that of a real student and a NIILDRED 'MARKS ..... P3.l'lS ggod ggynpgnign. On her lips there played a smile. LILLIAN ROMANS . I . . Big' Rapids HERMAN MENIGOZ ---- Tapoz She is a friend in need and a friend 'Tis feared he will die of over work. indeed. 67 Y , ff ' ""' " rf ni' I W, ni Commermals CID I - - ' ' 4 -- . N th Por XX ADR SVAIN . .... I :Xlpf-1121 .-X. ll. XX RI':I.I-.X . . . . 01' t -4 y4.,,,1,.,,,n,, in L-I-L-fy Q.,-ay and zur!! Tlzvrv :cas a man who had two sons liked Ion. IRXYIX XYRISLEY .... North Port , IMLH SMITH ..... Millbrook And tlzvsv tivo S0715 were broflivrs. In , . ' ll 0 mn do mow by bring good 111011 "' "HT OHM' Way' BRVC1-1 XX',xTsoN .... Scbcwaiug 1 I , Om' way I0 ucquirv frivnds, is to UI- IAlARKY SMITH ..., Maiustiquc ,md to J.m,,. ,m.,, UIm,,-5' Lv! Fflffl mlm do his 11651. -. ALICE XY1as'rF,xLL . .... Big Rapids 'F C' " QM' ' " ' C mish ' ' - ' "AMS - H5105 - - OPC Hur avf'on1f1Iz.fl1ments xlzv rvaclzly 61- '- A .vzwvf zuinuiuy zvny. j1z'v.v.vcs. ' l'll-QRM.-KN S1'uM1n'r ..... Brcthcru Ibm-m.3yL-lgXX',xgH'1'1gR , , . . . Hart l HX' lvuild u ludflrr by zvlzicli we climb. Ili' was U gvnllvniau on ivliom I Imilf N an abxnlnfv frusl. l'- . . hm. ST. llrzxxxs ., . . Pm-L Huron Quirf, .vlm'd, of rliidimfx mind, zviilz Flu-111 XX'om4x1.xN . . . Spring Luke fl ,Wifi f"" -W'I'l"' 71'f"'l1' 1"fl"'1'd- .4 quit! mun is lfrcd but 'zcortlz while nl ""5- 5""l"""7'i"N "" Snglmm' 'l'ul-Louoiua XY.-xizulcx . . . Big Rapids -C' A lm?" """'l'l"'w mm' Ulld mul Trim' fuifli and ITUXOII are flu' .mulls ls ri'1i.rl11'd by ilu' bm! of Juni. ffm, t.yl.x. -:,, l'H""l"i l'm"lNY ' ' -lmlcslfllc' ll 15' lfmuu-1N1'1-3 XX'1x141,1-LR . . . Micllzuul Ili' grin' Ilia! frccrlom might 11t'c. 1J,7.l.' -m.1.1.,,,l.U' Um,n1m.U in hm. IHPSIJIII .vlziiut 'il' f'l..xiu-.xrlz 'll.Xl'l'1H'l' . . Sault Stix Marie . . . A , V il' ln.- mmf! flmr julliizvx mn-ll,-ff mn XX1Ns1.1111'U1.1N ..... 11111115 ' fH'l'U'7'4'- Thi' im'm'r nf ii .vmilf Nm! ix ':'i'1'x' i'm1filg1i11i1.v, l':.XRl, 'l-Hl!l',Y ..... Xnligo, XX'is. llix ivfiiilvx and yfmr! j'.'llu:.'.eliif' lmzu' V111-ps'll'11z Y111'N1a .... Xcwlrcrry 1-:F hum limi ii lmxl rl-I fru'ml.v. 1, ,QV ',,,,,,d ,H ,MMIII ,U ml. lim, G .YIHIH-X' Vmltl. un:- llrwui r llimilwvx . . . Rosvluieli -'l -1'flHf1'Hf ff'1'HI -ffflff f" jillf-111. Kfxlzl. Zlisslx .... South ll:1x'1-u . V .Ymif lvut fl1y.v.'1f fm: ln' H1-V f'l17'l1 1 XRl.l,'l4lN XXmm . . .Xllu-ne ,- -'l'1 1'-1'f1"'f l""'H'1'1'l"""- l:l1.XNli Zu11.i:111'xQ . . . Klzinisliruiv I , A . . . 1 ' 4 V K. llziuglx .fri in uwlrr' in qiiivl' und rite! ,-,K P1111 ll"H'1 -'--- 5l- .l"ll'l' .Ylmll f1n'll1.'V Ili-1' lmV:'.'.vI mul f'1i'ux- ' .lurl huh' ln' rvulfl lull.: uri' flu' lutvf. thnx XX',Xl.Kl,R ..... louin .N. Xlxlqwx lllilll-ALI. .... xlt'I1Hl11ll1k'C .'l umzirwirli' Nilln' mm' full of gill'-'. lm!u.vlrii1H.v lm11i1.v in lair lwxnm l':'lflH 'D' l"mulxriz XY: xi: .... llzuiuvti Bl 111:-mii llilx ..... Nlclz -'I' .Ylzr lmiyllafii um! iillljlflfli ami lmigzlxnl Hr lmx .1 ilililfllii-T lifllr lzfirikli' in hiv yd .-nn' ugmin. fy.-, l " if ll? l:l l:l qi 1:1 gt' ,:, Y IN E II! I I I - I I l-Q .'..'l ill I I a-ny 1 ll- I i l 1 L, , L 4 I 4. Z Af ,..... 4 History and Social Activities of the Commercials September 6, 1920-School opens, new students madly running through halls looking for class recitation rooms. September 13-New students still coming, instructors having hard time get- ting settled. September 28-Our hrst meeting. Mr. Pennock talks as student to student. Tells of work of commercial classes heretofore and what has been customary in the school. Officers elected. H. E. Cook president, Edwin Stahl vice-president, Ruth E. Jenkins secretary and treasurer. The sick and Hower committee was composed of the following: Luther Lamb, chairman, Dwight Cotant, Ina Lind- berg, Mrs. Elsie Sears and Frank Vorheis. Motion made and carried that members of the department should pay twenty-five cents every month for class dues. Someone then suggested that we have a get-acquainted party and J. E. Quinn, Helen Treleven, R. Stauffer, L. Gutschaur and Mr. I-Ieimbach were selected to make the necessary preparations. September 30 to October IO-Class officers busy collecting "two bits." You see money is necessary for the staging of class parties. October ll-Members of the class are notified of the party to be given Octo- ber 16, 1920. Financial report made and accepted. Motion made to present Mr. DeGrow's baby with a gift of some sort to be paid by class dues. Committee E. Stahl, I, Murphy, H. Large. A few days later a meeting of the class was called. Mr. Murphy spoke to us and closed by presenting Mr. DeGrow with a baby's ring which he was to take to his daughter as a token of remembrance from the Commercial class. Most any time during the fall months-Football men limped about the halls and appeared at classes with scratched facesg black eyes and swollen ankles. Ray Jewell of the department was elected 'captain of the Institute Eleven. October 16-"The Get-Acquainted Party." It was good too. In less than an hour after the orchestra had tuned up one wouldn't have thought that those students were just getting acquainted. Everyone acted as though they had known each other for years and that pleasant evening passed only too soon and to the strains of home sweet home our first commercial party ended. November 1.-More students coming to the school and more racing through the halls looking for classes. From now on.-Maybe that party wasn't so good, at least that is the way the teachers feel about it. The young men are continually getting acquainted with the inmates of room 12. About this time.-A. Iler of the Banking department, takes unto himself a bride. November 8.-Class meeting was called to discuss invitation of the Shorthand department to give a joint party. Motion was made that we have the party and the following were appointed to make arrangements' Mr Minier Mr Bristol and Miss Ina Lindberg The Shorthanders accept and it 1S decided that the party be a hard time event . . , - . , . . . . va I I .,V.... q , . , . ..,,. i,. i, .,. .,. ,.,.....,,.1'.. ,.Yc,Y, , .. W ... V.. .... ...... - ----.V-V ---f.--I Y I--1-W ,-:-:.-'--t--- - -- 7 ma ' -vi-mviuiua--ua.a.w f.,, - . ,:'-- ' "P irnuwursn I u 1 l unrx-inf: 'vvum i Q 1xiiIn l tal i4-1 W . . , . , ..,-.. ,, , A., f L.. .. , ,W , " . .. .L ... ..,.,,.c..,, LM., ,. .--W .- VV.. v--. - -HW Y- -w----Mw-- Y---1 I I 5 -I l -'I -li I- n i EE' 'Cf 1' v I' I -- s' F5 Eg: 'D' -O- '5- I 1 ,-:H -I- -If 'O' -0' 'Q' November 10.-Committee publishes list of finesito be imposed.. Stllidgllw wondering where they are going to get old clothes. lhe department lb HS 6 to get out for the parade tomorrow, Armistice Day. November 11.-We get the afternoon off to see the Football game, TYCUCI1 Raid. etc. Commercials make a wonderful showing in the parade November 19.-Bums, dudes, banged-up football men, farmers, farmerettes. old-maids, etc. were all at the commercial party. Did we all have a good time? Huh, ask me! Stahl and Mr. Merrill have an argument whether or not the t-wo aristocrats who appeared should be lined or not. Stahl won by a large majority. we needed the money. About this time.-XYe are missing several from our midst. lhey went home for Tlianksgiving and you know that's against the rules. 'Q' In-I u'n I 'O' u n a H ' - Nov. 29.-Sick committee appointed: .Ienme Anderson, Ina Lindberg, Mrs. "." Elsie Sears, Dwight Cotant, Frank Yoorheis. Ring committee: H. I. Skogquist, K. Bauer, Ina Lindberg, .Ieanette l.empke. December 1.-XYe settle down and start "cramming for the exams' December 6.-After the bookkeeping reports, "The following will please take 5. seats in room 27." Other "exam marks" "C Ph death where is thy sting." -:- December IS.-"School will close on liriday December 24. Of course there will be a few exceptions. those living out of the state can go XYednesday." S'funny isn't it the number of families that have moved from Michigan during the past month. December 23.-lYe go home and eat some of Ma's cooking. ..:,.. .lanuary l.-Tough luck girls, Leap Year is over. ,lanuary l.-'We come back to the "brain factory" for several months. "No more vacations until you've earned your diploma." ,lilllllflfy 2. 3. 4. 5.. 6. 7.-Students still coming from out of the state, were g delayed on account ot heavy traffic, bad storms, etc. "-' February l.-Christinas jewelry turning green, February IO.-Miss Lindberg is elected as secretary and treasurer to fill the . . . ' ' .. n ,' , , 7 1 Q . vacancy lett by Miss lxuth jenkins xx ho has been transferred to the Shorthand department. l'eb. 16.-R. Douglas is presented with a ring to take to his little baby in i' remembrance of the commercial class. Feb. 20.-Meeting called to make preparations for the Commercial banquet. March J.-"fl he k'0I'lllllCl'Ch'1l.l'i?ll?tlllel.." Read story. De Young makes his debut as a vocalist. And our lnditor-in-C lnet. you sllould hem- hinl vyarblci March 16.-More exams. more crying. more students going home, 'C' Latter parrot March..-ssMr. and Mrs. Moderman nee llelen lJeuel,.irean- nexed to our list of married people, 1 Mir.. Vennock -had just finished rebuking a rural student for using "wh" and hey .in answering. 'lhe signal bell, which had been out of commission for J, l somentime rang vtlryu loud Mr. l'cnnock looking up quickly, "The bell is fixed. ' hey? 9tudent-s- 'X ah. I l:l 1 l:l !:l l:l Y 153 ' 711 it---:----:-----:----4----+ -:- Commercial Banquet Gne of the main events on the social calendar of the Commercial department and of the entire school was the banquet of March 5th at the Masonic Temple. Elaborate preparations had been -made for this event and the committees in charge of the different arrangements completed their duties in every detail. At six-thirty o'clock about two hundred students and guests assembled for the feast. At the honor table were seated Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Merrill, Mr. and Mrs. G. Masselink, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Clark and the president of the Commercial department, H. E. Cook. Three other tables were seated to their capacity and the menu consisting of fruit, wafers, mashed potatoes, chicken fricassee, waldorf salad, hot rolls, pickles, coffee, ice cream and cake was heartily enjoyed. Following the banquet, president H. E. Cook gave a welcome address and introduced Mr. Merrill as toastmaster for the evening. The various numbers on the program were presented in a pleasing manner. The F. I. Quartette, rivals of the Imperial of Chicago, appeared as the open- ing number and rendered two harmonious selections. Walley T. Hein, Peter De Young, Jessie Carrier and Clarence Schultz comprised the quartette. In his talk following the musical numbers, Mr. Masselink urged the mem- bers of the department to take advantage of the great opportunities in the com- mercial world today. He spoke on the advantages of education, the waste of money in the United States and other topics of great interest. Miss Alice West- fall, accompanied by Mrs. Hazel Eiler Bentley at the piano, sang two beautiful numbers. The sketch delivered by Miss Helen Deuel also met with the approval of the audience and was very interesting. The instrumental artists appeared next in the personage of Ray Jewell at the trombone and H. H. Nigro, cornetist. "Sextette from Lucian was their selection and the applause of the listeners proved that it was accepted favorably. E. M. Clark was introduced as the second speaker. His talk ran along lines similar to that of Mr. Masselink. He presented numerous facts concerning the condition of our nation and of the world and pleaded with the graduates of this veneration to use all in their power in putting this nation back to former high standards The program vi 'ts closed vxith another selection by the F I Quartette Dancing was in order after the hall had been cleared and to the peppy tones of Nigro s orchestra dancers u hirled away the remaining few hours CoMM1TTEEs Enfe1faz11me11t H A Conover Miss Alice Westfall E Han sen Miss Gladys Kunne Miss Lillian Andersen A11a11gewzents I E UIUU Mrs E Sears H I Slxogquist Miss A M Ochree b rc V. D 1. . . , , . . . c , 7 - 1 ' if - . . , I A i . - ' ' - - - - - H - . . Q , 9 ' 9 ' . . 7 - - ,V OA J ' ' ' A ----. as 71 ' ' . .-. . f1::':"-" , g ,"""""i',,,-.-il.,"""""""j, :g':f1i1j::, ,,A:-A,.,,, ,-..,,,, 4 E.. . ff inf' , 'A - - , 94? Zh f. k.. fx V , 921' 2 1' ffgff'-L 5 ' . M, - 1 . , LY., ff. ff-4 Pm , EV, ffl Q pg, h g 1391 f A 1+ ' 5 l,. 'A K Z 41 'U- .,- . 1 A , I 9 1 in ' , ff 1 9 2 X i Fl., Y . Q '.+.q!,q:-.5 1 Y 4 I w -Q r , . mix . . Ii 5 . slff . I W, A ! 1 H A -lf . Z-,,.... S -ve-"" " L 4 E 5, 2,147 M - it E g - if 72. ' H , 1 -1' :M 1 'V fytafk' rt if . l Q 1 53 -""J- ' ' F' mix, Efvzmyllwf-3, '-1.0. ,f , 1 A ' "'f'f'5'?:.'if " " fi. ,,,,... , C' 1 I X R .,t- 'Yr I., N R .VI Gi.. Ziff, 'G' 1' .P,r:..1 4 ut , . .wr ' ,, A .-...:41 1 -I 2 www- f. - 14-.eau u--A Sxxl-sul--wiv. rm llxxmw xxn 111k x 'w lf- F' 1 u i E':':li-ullululslnu nn1 un lb I li ' I 1 1 - . I .ilu Mvmnrram G w i '-, WILLIAM HIGGINS, College Preparatory ALICE WONNACOTT, .,, Telegraphy A LOUISE WILBER, College Preparatory S. POWERS, I Chemistry Instructor '7 5 5 5 ,, , - , , Wiwug. . X , , ,,,,.-,N -...V-vm, K .xqw-ana u y ra..s1n-:ausaqunllln n ,, I Www -U , ,, ,wh A. , ,,..,...,-...,..-,..,..,-.-rg--1,----we----9-xv-Y!-':f ' ,F -A---.. li :ll -D' If " its i + T .:. -,- 5- A1 A.: Bankers lil MRS. EMEL1.-x K1-Lxxram' . . . . . . Grass Lake She is just 111111 q1111't kind :chose 11af11r1' 111'z'1'1' t'111'i1's. ..:.. -1111551-: H. G11.x11.xx1. Class Iicliror . . Farwell A pax! 111111 f11f111'c 11111111112 u:uu F. O. Z121G1.1-111 .... . . . . U11io11x'illc O111' 11'1'1'11.v 111'f1'1-1111111' 11.1 115 11111511 11.1 :vc 111'11'1'111111U Olll' l11'1'11.f. . 1:1 In Sz.x'1'1qm1's111z . . ..... DCtl'Olt .l11'11 nf f1':1' :1'1'1'11.v 111'1' 11111.v!1y 11111111 111111. 1':l.Xll1R C'11111s'11.xxs1-:N . . . . . . . T1'11fa11t .AI f11'11111'1111111 1.1 1':'1'ry:c'111'1'1' 111111 N011 111111 11111, II. -1. S141'11:131'1s'1' . . . . . . Gl:11lst1111c 'I.x.k17n 1.1 ll 11111111 11111 111111 1111 1',1'1'1'111'11l .vI11111'111, 11 1'1'1111- 1,4 - 1111' f1'1111:1', 111111 f'l,ll"l-'Ulill ll. Klulm-. . U11l':'l' 1111 l11IL'Uj'.Y 11 g1'11l11'1111111. . . . C71-1111-111 I.:1kc .-1 :1'111'111 f1'11'1111 1111d 11 .f1lH1d .f1'11111. 4' -Q- I + -11- XXfx1,1111: KI11,1g1's11x ...... fY1l'Zllll1 Iflavcn 1 .l1111'11 11111 111. 11-11 111 111111151111 111111 11111111 1.1! 111'1'11. 'I' 'I' XX'1s1.1aY bl. M-111111511X . . . . . R11scl111sl1 1f111'1',111A!11' 111:11 .1I111111111.f,' 11 1111111 of .rl1'1'111111 1y111111l11'.v. 1 'Q' 9 1 .:. n:n 1:3 n:n V V n:u Y l:l 16-3 I 7-l E3'e--'+-F-'i+---+----:----+----+ Bankers ' ' . 4 ' -D- JEANNETTE IJEINIPKE, Class Editor .... Petoskey ,Q Here's to the girl with a heart and a smile -2- That makes the bubble of life 'worth while. ERWIN Lxcom ...... . Manistee He hath no time for the fairer sex. 'G' RAY C. IEVVELL ....... Stambaugh Football, trombone, banking, too, Is there anything now that Ray ean't do? f I. E. QUINN ........ St. Ignace l All great men are dead and I am not feeling well. if ii WILLIAM HILL ........ Big Rapids His heart as for from frand as heaven from earth. i CLATE FELLOWS ........ Muskegon 'D' A good topper but spends most of his time balancing his books. ARNOLD EMERY ....... Traverse City It takes all kinds of people to make a world. 'C' I FORREST HILLYER ........ Bronson Calm, steady, modest is the gentleman. 'D' I JAMES DUNN ....... St. johns We might compare him to a bee. 'Q' f 4- -:e -:- -m 75 I -I-+ if i IJ-,113 -1- -1- -1- -1- 1-:L+ 1 I Bankers -' Z.- I ORA Krvczl .... XX':1lkcrx-illc H1' 111.'1'.v 1111' ftllll' sm' 11111 1'1111'f 111111.'1' 1110 :cords 1'111111'. -:T -I I AR1.0.x P1-LNXOCK . . . . . Hastings .S4:k'4'l'f 111111 flllllillfl 111'1' l11y t1'11y.v. 'D' 4:11 OTTU I-I111u1.xXN . .... . Bear Lake 111.1 z1'111'r11111 IV z1'n1'f11 1115 z1'1'11'01111'. l L'-'H I V "I 1 Rf1111-1111 IJ. B.x.x'1'z ..... Maple City .-15 in' 1111111 111111 11t'1' 511 5111111 tn' 10016. . . . -D' 1.:-1 M1-LRTOX 5. 5xx'.x11'111m'T . . . . Xcstuhurg Tl1df"x' 1 11111'11111', I11111111'1'11z1' 1' ,r11i1, C1,1F1'1n111 l'1'c'1'11'x' . . . .AXlll1J1C l I . . .1- , .'1 11111l111'11111111'111111'11111,f. PZIIXYIN I31wNs'1'R.x ..... . Zu-1:11111 .xlrlll 1111.1 11 11111111111 111'.v11'1' 111 L'1111:4'. :- I:i '- 1':.XRI, S. K. . . . . C'11p1-lnish .11:1'11.v.v l11'1f-jul 111:1'11y.v 1.'11111'. l:l .:- XXII-l.l.lNlLl'HY F1,l,I.If-lx . . . . Inmwoml 111' 1111,v 11 11111111 11':'1'l 110011. U.:- I Egv- W'-" "1 it 1 .'Q'..'I.I1L.Q.l.Z.Ig..gQ' .,....1..... .1,.,.,,11 1 E03 1. A -mm,-W-nl-H ,vhf-V-, , vw, ,,,, -.,,.,'.........,.. ,,,..,..,,,,-, ...., -.- .....-,-.-,..--,. mf. . . 1 71,1 '11 " 'f L" u I i 7' I t.nl ii ir ii :li :IL ll I l I .,:, Bankers VVILLIS KNIESLEY ...... Harbor Springs A good sensible mind goes a long way towards success. P PAUL FOREMAN ........ Hastings A congenial, jolly banker. Our future Secretary of Treasury. .2- HAROLD CADWALLADER .... . Grand Rapids A hard worker and possessing miexcelled business ability. P55 y MERNA SNYDER ........ Athens She was so charitable and piteous, she would weep wheu she saw a mouse iii a trap. -D' CARL REIBOW .... . Stanwood . A ronzpiizg good fellow. LOUIS SNYDER . . . . Harvard 'D' Kuowledge is power. VVALTER EVVALD ..... . . . Ravenna The Lord keeps those who keep thetzlzselves. 'I' VVILLIAM HAGLIAN . - Howell Well how! CURTIS LEECE .... . Harbor SD1'if1QJS Emblem of cozzstaucy. .5- ---, M an lltfrrww 'gfiwr W n' 'H ,, , 77 F.: l:I lJ:l l:l l:l - l:l it B l 1 Bankers CA. il Thi., - . if ,V . . - I 1 J. , . ,pQ,,A . lnxwiznxcii Houma . . . . . . Breckenridge I i . . l - A bran ix one 'Zi'l10 arranges Ins curled locks gracefully 'bi , ana' idler azuay the :whole day among the ladies. 'J E' all 1, 'l . i l'll-IIAII-IR Xrmxmjk . . . . . . Kenton ri 1 Franz flu' land of nziglzly deeds. S I ' A - ' Gin-zoom' STONE . . . . . . . Romeo . Earl: mind has ifs own fllannel. 5 l . 1 i 3 ' l UQLQ I-ias'riaR Srxruis . . . . . . . . Reed I ry A gf' The mart' rev da Ilia more tee can a'0. 1 gr. .wffwirt ,-.. 1, gay . 1 X ka , I ' r. . ,. 11' 42 .f -:Emil-ir Morro-Wle make our customers interest our interest. Listenings from the Banking Department "You may think this is easy, but it i5n't." "Now hit the box, the numbers are below." "XVhoa, Rhunyf' "Don't stand up in the aisles and talkf' "Up to the bars!" "Bankers take notice." "Bank's Closed." "You don't think so now but you rt-il! think so." "Trial balance every Friday." "lf we must live, we must exist." --+ -:- f:--- -:- -:- -:- 2.3 78 l 5 4 i i V.:,----I-ff----i-----I----5-----i----+--E if g 'D' i History '51- l S H 'PD' f . l I i-5-4 ' 1 l rl' l 1 l i 1 l f . H:- l Q. 1 l 5 i I - 1 , l 5 Q . l l ! 5- l l c l l Q i l i l -D' V f 4 i r l r l I 4 'Q- -D- 'Twas a bright sunny day in September in the year 1920 when the College Bank of Big Rapids first threw open its doors to the crowd who thronged at its threshold, eager to have every piece of its wealth deposited safely. Telegrams from its branches, the Merchants Bank of Detroit and Commercial Bank of Chi- cago, brought news of similarrsuccess. Such was the confidence of the public in the new system of banks which was being placed in all parts of the country. By the first of October the daily deposits alone amounted to more than two hundred thousand. This confidence may truly be attributed to the sterling qualities ofithe founder of these banks, Eben Pennock of Hastings, Michigan and his assistants'E. A. Martz of Reed City and Gerald Grandon of Pontiac. Our worthy president Mr. Pennock has stayed by us but not so with the rest of the patriarchs. They felt it was their duty to help others and no salary could induce them to remain. l So well does this system of banks train its force that other banks and busi- ness houses are constantly coaxing one or more of the employees away to instill the same enthusiasm, honesty, loyalty, and efhciency in their concerns as was so 'in evidence in the College Bank and its branches. However, though strange as it may seem, this condition in no way handicaps the regular daily routine. There is always someone to take the place vacated. Parents and guardians look upon this system of banks as the only place for their sons and daughters to learn the real purpose of life. Always there is a line waiting for their turn to become a part of this nation-wide concern. The general atmosphere is saturated with the ever-present sense of honor. Everyone entering its doors, feels it. The tiniest spark of conscience will break into a flame consuming any evil intent so completely that it can never come to the surface again. Is it any wonder then that bank robbers steer clear of these establishments? Only once has there been an attempt to rob the cash drawers and that merely amateur in order to get a picture for the 1921 Year Book. Even this proved a failure. Oh, would that all could have the opportunity to feel the influence of this great organization. The twentieth century would be, without a doubt, the golden spike in the railroad of time. ' -J. L. . f 4 - .11 me ' . at 5--P----Cla-P"v-"f'-reg' 79 w S I 'D- I ls' l:l lal III Ill Ill lx! l l l -9- M M Accountants ll f Lg. 2 I C I 2 i l'l,Ill-IX M. Sxxxxxsnx, I-SXYCilL'." President . 3lZllllSlfSC . ff lfamltwlz Tlmt l1vrvafh'r' 1 will rcad all prcxcntalion '." fl, .vpvvclzvx in.v!mr1' of rvlyxng on memory. ij' -u's t.. , li' 'lull lil.li ll..xMB, "Dell" ....... Holland U -ifwwi I D Hlnlm lltlllfllfl' and flu' grvulnvsx of lux name I .Ylmll lw, and maln' new 1lalwn.v.' Cl 30 I li . , ,. .. , . ig Xl:'rl1l'R C. STI-1l'1H-INS, "5tu'c .... lwccsoxl l'nf1nlurify .vuflz lm lzix ix seldom svn: in unc so quivt W und 1ma.v,vun1iny. , ll .LH if ., . fl:- Cf. l.lasl.11a llm'sc'1mu, HllllSl'lj'u .... Manistiquc "Lvl 1'g11nz'u11m' lallc lm if Quill, drumming lm.: 1't.v 1'alm'." if If XX.Xl,'l'l-il! Cl. lnl-fRX'l'll.Xl., lwrmc, Class lzclltor . . . .......... l:I'lllllik'Illlllllll A-:E QU .Sllllllzlf llflf'm' 1ll'Ix'll.V.f luwu fv'0i'4'r'lr121l llllhllfji, but uv "llm'z1n".v" .cmzlr xx juxt a tem' lvl! rl1.U'v1'u11t from Q flu' ravi. eg, l ':" 4 , me Y. Xlnsux, "Sfmt" ..... Shepherd 'A ! Y , . , ll' I fl llfry HH!-X' lwml III4' l'uf lf-1' jwl lllfy Cunt lrrmlc mr. '. l l Q l l,lmdx1:x1 Y. lirwwxucss. "lid" ..... NVQZIIIIICC .:,.. Qf' llr lllklff rl rlrrf' :':1lur4'.vI in ull lllhjlll .vrlnml fnm'lim1.f, if -I- A M by 4. . 4:1 '. . " Fully" . .... llupkins 1 "llr :mx .cn 4ll"'lll Ilml ln' :nfulrl fum' rum' zunln' on rx A lHllll'.n 1:11 1:- , ' 'l. . ,XXXII,l., UXYM' Xxhvrh' Cglqlillgg " 5 'ffu31, l1.c.vlr1-11, .vrrn mul y7nu.', .'.:.., .. . . ',..',,i ... 1" :Qu ri- I Q l:l l:l I!! 71:3 .:. .:- ' -cl I Y 80 EP e E+ e -if +L 'I' 4' 4' Accountants FRANK E. x'O0RHIilS, "Frankie" . .... Ovid Night after night he sat and bleared his eyes with books. LOUIS F. GUE'rscHow, "Louie" . . . . Cheboygan Good fellowship is surely a sterling quality, and one that "Louie" possesses. EARL H.NNLEY BOXVEN, "Bowen" . Muncie, Ind. W'ell now just suppose- ALPHONSE PETERSON, "Pete,' . . . . . Negaunce It's hard tellin' what these quiet fellows will do when there is no one zvatching. RALPH NIARK, "Ike" ....... Jackson "Dili ence is the smother o ood ortnnef' .9 9 EARL TIMMONS, "Tim" . . . . Hartford "Brez'itv is the soul o wit." 3 B. STONE, "Bruce" ..... . . Herscy "Give it an understanding, but no tongue" CARL E. HANSEN, '4Cul1t' . . . . . . M:-.nistcc "I dare do all that ina become a man." 3' RAY LIGHTHALL, "Kid" . . . . . . . Adrian f'He was ever precise in promise-keeping" ----:fee A A-ve it A+ -:I -:- PEA 81 Accountants Q1.1NTox M. IFIEIMBACH, "HeiniclV Class Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . Bellevue Ohio ' n ' ll fo V ' ui ix fu' qmsl . . LIQY T. H. N, MVN'-illcy . Fnlitoi'-in-Chief of CRIMQON AND Coin ........ Bclclin To nlmnfl miylliing 1' 11 Iurn his mn . OSCIXI ,. has oi., iris 3" ..... St. ,lolms .1 II I1 ' 0' ' ,'1'f1l5ivtv1'cin3.v and C011 dint :arm c -:miiwr C 51' -un' ...... Hollciiid af Hula' ' ' 0 ' LL .v 1' '1 -' 4 aff " ' osvn fix 11 0 4' Y Hznzvrfz' .. iw. i Y. , X 5. fin" . Bi lvlpids v . .l-,-, . .- . um' 2. ' N v . Ti. lc 'in ' . . . . Pontiac " 5 ' an riglzf good' 0110. f al' C. X ' Kirk ..... Grmd Rwpicls . xi' 'lc ' I ' . air mu' .. ' '1' . . . '.x'1'i s 'cc' . . . . . Owosso ' ' in". "' 1 l""' -.A "' ' I lI0.Hf U U -S ' 'I 1 fm 5 ' " . . . xxsfif, i . . . Nlwnistcc ' U " ' .' ' ':" ', 4 if quit ' H111 ugh ic ' ll fl' .' 1' . S2 'un - EHLE Er? l:l l:l l:l l:I l4:l Accountants B1-:NNETT L. TOLLEFSON, "Bennie" . . Marshfield, Wis. . 'KBe1111ie's" lIIUl'l'l'L'll but lll spite of that he seems hapf-y. ROURKIE J. HAAS "Porky" . . . . . Houghton "'Tis 1101? what f111a11 does that exalts him but what man would do." SAM NVILSON, "Sam" . . Manistique "Success is 711011115 god." LAXVRENCE POST "POsty" ...... Buruips "Ah! lflflzy should life all labour be?" ROY XV. DOUGLAS, "Doug" ..... Belding "The wimzer is he who gives himself up fo his work, , body and soul." R. H. HOEFT. "Rud" ...... Detroit "Happy am I, from care I'11z1 free Ufhy 0?',1'If,l' they all contented like me?" XVILLIAM SOBOTTA, "Bill" ..... Big Rapids "The tr-uly ge11e1'o11s is the truly wise." H. HONNY.-XIQIJ LARGE, "How" .... Port Huron All great 711671 are dying and I d01z't feel well myself. " 12- :- fi- WF ':-A A R-F 133 83 5- 4- -Q---3-e ee gif-rf-E - Pace and Pace Accounting Class This is a class which gives the student a thorough knowledge of Accounting Principles and Business Law. The Senior Class was organized in the fall of 1920. lt had several meetings before Christmas holidays, the most important of which was the one in which it was decided to buy our instructor a Christmas gift. On December 22nd, our class president, Mr, Swanson, delivered a MAGNIFICENT oration in behalf of the class, and presented Mr. Merrill with a very useful token as an expression of our gratitude. After a week's Christmas vacation, we again assembled in room 14 with smiling faces to find that others who had been observing the VVQNDERFUL progress of the Senior Class had decided to follow in their footsteps. The new accumulation was organized as the "Juniors" on january 10, 1921. As both classes will graduate in the year 1921, we decided to combine our forces and to have one class emblem satisfactory to all. A very brilliant future is predicted for all llace X l'ace students, who take the liberty to term themselves, "the brains of the Commercial Department." -lflfalfci' Bcrizflial. E' . 1 w -U1 'P 'D' . -D' 4- 4' 'I' Commercial Teachers FLORENCE FILKINS . . . . . . . Chesaning "Intelligence increases 1nere physical ability one half." E . ..,. - ..- 1 HELEN TRELEVEN, Class Editor . . Fon du Lac, Nhlis "If she will, she will, and yon nzay depend on't, I she won't she wonft and there's an end on't." I I M1::N1E PAGEL ...... "Bright she is and fnll of fnn Making two friends to others one." Big Rapids IHIARRY MOREAU ........ Stambaugh "Think all you speak but speak not all yon think." ELIZABETH CLAUCHERTY . . . . Ovvosso "Like the bee we shonld make Our industry onr anznse1nent." IENNIE ANDERSON ..... . Norway "A snzile wherein each mortal reads The very sympathy he needs." NINA ROBINSON .... . Berrien Springs "Always jolly always kind, She is the niaid we like to find." INA LINDBERG ..... .. . . Gladstone "The rising bluslzes which her cheeks o'erspread Are opening- roses in a blossonizng bed." E53 -5 4 it 'TF ii 'C' IE 85 -:- -11 -1- -P -- is Commercial Teachers u:n A IVER S0111-1111111111: . . . . . Crystal Falls 1 "A j11'111 I11'111'i'1'1' 111 fads." 1:1 ZEN.-X SKINNI-111 ...... Berrien Springs "Ax i1'1'1'1' 111'1' 111011g111.r, ,ro was 111'1' .rp1'1'c11 T11 1s1111tu 111'1' was 111 10210 1101111 .3- ' Mus. EM111,-x K1iNN1zm' .... . Grass Lake H1'1' f111'11.va111 11001 and C1Il'L'1'j' 5111110 G11 a 1U11g Quay 111 111a1c111g lzfe tU01'111 7.Ul1lIL,. , "IF .1051-:PH XXI-IIS ........ Chclmoygan ",l1111'11 11161 111' 11111 111 11111111111 H1111 111111711 -111 11171?11." .1 :XR'1'111'11 L01-11-'F ........ Ironwood I . P ".f111 111111115 1 111111111111 1 1c111'z1',' 12111 1111i1' t'011fCS5, 7111, 111111'1' 1 1'1111z1' I k1111r1', 1 111111z1' tlflf 11'55." l L11.1.1.xx lfI111c1cs11x . .... . . Iromvood "T111'1'1' ix 1111 ffl'111.11.v 111 11 1' 11'.rx zu? .r1'1'1c 11." lu'- - I Grnxxws li1'xz11-1 ...... Horsey "111'1' 1l1'U1'1 r1'11.r 11x 11f11'11 as 1111' day, 111'1' f1'1'111111.v 1111 r1'1'1'1' l1'1fl'.,! L-- I Mus. .X1:1.11,x l'1-:NN1'11'1q ...... Hastings 111111 I11111'111'11 113' 111'1' fair 11'111111111'1'a, g1aa'11'1' g1'1'1c'." 4. l.ll.l.l.XN .Xxlvl-111s11N . . . Berglancl ".N'111' 1.v f'1'1'll.x' 111 :1'1111' 'Ix'1.11I .-11111 Ix'1f1-X' 111 11111: 11-1111 1'111f1 f1l1'11511111 ll'0, 111 11111111 o'1'1'." in I -F -. 4- -1- 1 -1- 1 -5 -.3 M E 'D' -Q- -C- '51 -Q- 'Q'- .Q- -D- -O- F3: a EC 4- --- 1:- --.-+.-..:......,,,,-- 4. k A QQLEGRAPQ, gk J f,f1? ?:LlN 22211 ff X ' T I rt HSN, J- "7 'F 1' f X fi f H S RNXNX gl ,lah .17 4 1 'F 1- 2 K ' T-K M 1,f:.'2: lfgffx Y 'u nga :- -Q- L -1- '01 53 f .................,.........,.:ll3 Il l. . 87 -af---:----:L----2--f-1:- 4- HERBEW1' C. BOLDT 5 OLGA NELSON . iz Q ALXRTHUR .-X. IIIZPFER we -'4 E , r" T M fm in H lirumx XVALDRON Y? XX',xI,'l'uR HANSON if I-Iwox SHow.x:-fER Iixmrlirzsox XX'11zL,x Truim. R. Sm-1l.'1'x-in Telegraphers NIH East Tawas . Chase Dayton, Ill. Diamoudalc McMillan Big Rapids . Lowell Suttons Bay 'Q' 'D- + -Q- Bf--Q af--v me 1 Sb L + 'l' :Q 'i Telegraphers GROVER C. KERRIGAN, Prcsidcnt . Beacon Hill M. J. GILLIES, Class Editor . . Detroit HAXZEL C. LOUND, SCC.-T1'C3S. . . Shelby HELEN IGNATZ . . Clio R. J. HAAS . . Houghton ARTHUR FOREST . . Baraga LLOYD FULTON . . Owosso L. U. SAMIEICR . . Perry ,Toms N,t:rci'.nRO'.v . . Diorite E----+ if s -- 89 3 E 5 i ' Qrfif l:l l:l III Telegraphers A K -'- ALICE XYONNACOTT . Ithaca -,"Ir i L1is'rER ARXI11' . . Scottvillc -.'- -Q' Iinwlx HASSI2 . . Arcadia .- ' '51 L. A. M.xRs1i.'xLL . . Beulah ' a Howmuw l,.xToL'1zNl1.xx . Smith Crcck -C' iw Rmixl, -I. CRI-1l'l'z . Chzlrloltc 4.5.6 "5" IIIiliNl.XN Iirxxvmirz . . .'XlS10ll 4 4, -a- lz. II. lim-inn: . . CIIIWUC .9 -2- IIAxsmQl.r. M. I'rmc'1'r ll . Holton 4, . +- 'IU u -9 I as 4----4--.-2-4-E--.-. XVM. VVILLIS . THEMA BAIRD . JOHN LONCHART . GORDON VVICKHAM RAY BRESSETTE . GEORGE CUCULI . CLAUDE ISAACSON Telegraphers C. LEXVIS TONSEONAU1' . Applegate . Morely . Bessemer . Flint . Pinconniug . Lansing . Big Rapids . Marion 1 .il YA:l ' 91 I 4l E' 'I' 'D' HQ' +- 111 -'D' Telegraphy Department Class History The telegraphy class of 1920-1921 began September Sixth, 1920, with an enrollment of twenty-eight students. The enrollment for the year increased to fifty, breaking the record since the organization of the department, nineteen years ago. On September 10th, the class was called together by Mr. Klcltherson, our in- structor, for the purpose of organization and the election of officers. The fol- lowing officers were elected: llresident, Grover Kerrigang Yice-Tlresident, Hazel Loundg Secretary and Treasurer, Yelma Wilcox: Editor, Marvin Gilliesg Asso- ciate Editors, Vera XN'ilcox and Elwyn McDonald. Meanwhile we labored daily with the mysteries of dots and dashes, and judg- ing by the smiles and laughter the messages were not always wholly technical. Wfe were constantly helped and encouraged by Mr. Mcl'herson, our staunch friend and instructor, and everyone made noticeable advancement under his guidance. Qur first social affair was a lrlallowe'en masquerade party which was consid- ered the biggest success of the season. The music, which was furnished by Nigro's Orchestra, was greatly enjoyed by the merry masqueraders, and the dec- orations added mystery and gaiety to the occasion: while George, in his little booth in the corner. aided by his lrlindoo magic, drew aside the curtain of the future for all who dared to venture within. Un November 2 it was decided that the office of Secretary should be separated from that of Treasurer, and tiordon XYlClil1Z1l11 was accordingly elected Treasurer. .X fine spirit of patriotism was shown by our class on .Xrinistice Day when we turned out one hundred per cent attendance in the parade and won the first prize, a banner. which is now displayed in our llepartment. Un -lanuary 10 a meeting was called to register all new members, and the following ofhcers were elected to replace students who had left: Secretary, Alice XYonnacott: .Xssistant lfditor, l.. li. Sainpeer. Hn lfebruary ll, 1921 we gave another party, which was well attended. and everybody had a fine time. A' 4- -I' -C' -Cf Fl- oz -Q----c----e--1-+ Some of thes-tudents who have left this department during the year are SARA MILLER ........ VELMA VV1Lcox ..... KATHRYN FLAHARTY PEARLE BOOTH ...... EDNA E. HAIGHT W. A. LAMB .... GRAHANI STUART CLEMENTS PETERS .. JOHN BAILEY WALTER CooK JOHN PELTO . ......... CHAS. FRANCIZSKOVICH FRED MARSHALL .....T . .... LESTER POTTER HARRY NEWCOMB JOHN L. SMITH .... EARL WALLER .... IAMES VVATCHORN .. FRED MALCHOLG ERNEST NORDSTROM . Oxford, Mich. ..... . Big Rapids, Mich. .. Niles, Mich. ,...... . Traverse City, Mich. Nashawauk, Minn. .. Carsonville. Mich. .. .....Kings1ey, Mich. .. .....Edmore. Mich. Manager, VV. U. .. . . .Grand Blanc, Mich. . . . . . . . . . .Operator, Trout Lake Jct., Mich. ...... . ....... .Wetmore, Mich. .... .Sidnaw, Mich. ..... . .Iron River, Mich. .. .Stanton, Mich. .Reed City, Mich. .Charlevoix, Mich. .Port Huron, Mich. . .Grand Rapids. Mich. .Bridgman, Mich. .Traverse City, Mich. ....-.Clerk, XV. U. Operator, VV. U. Operat-or, Postal Operator, G. N. R. R. Operator, 2nd, P. M. .....Operator, 2nd, G. R. Sz I ......Operator, 3rd. P. M. 2nd, P. M. .Operator, 2nd, D. S. S. Sz .. ..... Operator, 2nd, D. S. S. 8: .....Operator, 2nd, D. S. S. 8. .. ..... Operator, Znd, Soo Line .....Operator, 2nd, P. M. .....Operator, 3rd, G. R. 81 I ... . . .Operator, 3rd, P. M. . .... Operator, 2nd, P. M. .. .... Operator, 3rd, G. R. 8z . .... Operator, 2nd P. M. . . .... Manager, Postal H 93 A . .5,... - Y 'Q i l:l l:l :V l:l 1 lal 1 2 3 -1 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 ln 16 17 13 19 Z0 Z1 22 Z3 24 25 Z6 77 Zo 20 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 ,R .30 10 ll 42 13 14 15 46 17 NAME LESTER ARNDT lim Au.rsoN 'IQHIQLMA BAIRD Rn' BRliSSli'I'l'E H. BEEHR 1'lliRl11iRT C. Boxart' GEORGE CUCIJLI Roxzu. j. CRHITZ C1-1.-xs. B. CAYFORII Rn' MC CRIMMON C1.nfFoRn CARRY Ii. C. NICDONALD .'XRTlll'R FOREST l'l.XROI.l! C,ioomi.xN li IJ. CQILMORIZ M. -1. Gu,Lnis R. il. Hass XY.XI.'l'liR HIXNSON CI..-Kl'l1l2 Isa.-xesoN l'lI-ZLIEN IGNANCE l'lERM.-KN KiNNl'RiiR GROYIZR C. lil-ZRRIG.-xN lA1AR0LD 1,ATOI'RXli.Kl' ,louN LANCH.-xR'r l-l.xzi-11. C. l,0l'Nll Om,-x Nizr.soN ,Lick N.ixNC.xRRow H.-x s R ICLI. M. PROCTOR Cl,ll"l"0RIl K. l70XYliRS XY.Xl,'l'l-IR STR:-:IT L. ll. Sixxreiimz Xil-IRN SIZXTON Tlllifl. R. SMIQLTZI-:R l'il.Il0N Sll01Y.Xl.'I'liR .'XRTlll'R Tl-:RFIQR C. LIEXYIS 'l'oi'slN.xNT NYM. X1'n.r.Is H i-:R xr .x N XV.-xI.nRoN .'Xl.1t'l'I XYtlXN.Kt'fYl"l' GORDOX XYICKIIA xr lin xii-1RsoN XX'rm,.x ND Yiar.xi.x XYn,CoN Yi-tR.-N XX'n.c'oN 'lonN Ql'fXRTl'il2S li. C.xMERoN GLENN Orro L. A. xlARSII.Xl.I, Class Census of 1920-21 ACE 35 Sweet: 16 20 30 20 40 ljnknown 40 40 20 19 10 19 25 33 19 Varying 29 ? 30 30 15 5 XX'on't tell Varying 23 20 26 28 Reckless 2-1 21 D 12 26 23 11 Marriageahle 26 13 IS 16 29 18 19 20 OCCUPATION Hard to tell Anything Not chosen Thinking Looking around XX'alking around Bothering Helen Grinning Arguing ? ? Talking to g'rls Flirting Sleeping Studying Lazy lfating Most anything Studying Lying around Laughing Playing with the hells Looking wise liofhering others Doing' nothing Flirting linknown Talking Studying ,lollying Bothering the girls Talking to Mack XX'orking hard lloing little Thinking what to do Asking questions Looking wise ,-Xlmost everything Most anything Laughing lmoliing' up r'Zl1CS Looking for a girl Talking to others Looking around Thinking Hard to tell 1'. S. Marines Talking ENGAGED Sometimes Maybe XYi1l be soon No Not known Has been Think so Should be Yes Nobody knows Sometimes Yes No XYould like to he On Sunday evenings Yes No Too young Sometimes Ma won't let her .lust as good as Sure He says so No To Grover Too young Naturally Not known Xeeessarily .-Xt times Always Ma won't let him Xever 7 D Too young Most assuredly Married 'Too young lust as good as l1'i1l he soon a a Ought to he Looks like it Sure Might he No Kfav he -:- + -:- 94 -:- -:- 4- .34 -Q- -Q- -Q- , -+- 5---:f---:--+--+---:---+ Fz'kVOR1'1'I'I EXPRESSION 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14. 15 16 17 18 Say! Vvell Oh, Gee! Hum! Aw, say! Oh, welll Come on. Hello. My. P Oh, nothing. Y-e-s. Darn. Xkfell, well. Here, now. Oh, thunder. VVait. P 19 lNhatP 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Z7 ZS 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 410 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 I got it. Look here. I don't know. Oh. yes. Try me. Oh, shoot. lfVhyP VVhy, yes. Come on. Yes, sir. Oh, well. Confound it. By love. Well, now. My, my. How do you do this? Nothing doing. I m.ust go. I don't know. Oh, my. Oh, yes. I'll be jiggered XrVhatP P Oh, gee. Yes. Oh, nothing Yes. XVlnatP Class Census of 1920-21 111sPos1'1'10N BRAIN CAPACITY GREATEST FAULT Good Lafgff Chewing gum Happy Fair P F DFY Good Looking cross Fair Growing Talking Independent Some P P Fickle Cx-y-Zal C3-xly Killing time DFY 2x4 Talking to Helen Funny Plenty Eating Frisky Mellin's food Shooting rockets Meek P P Looking for Peggy Lazy Good Talking Independent Fair Trying to get out of work Moody Changeable Sleeping Frank Vast Laughing XNinning Unknown Combing his hair Cranky P P Talking to others Funny Growing Laughing Fair Great Trying to do too much Lamb like P P Crying Gentle Unlimited Eating candy Harmless Enough for two Asking questions Cranky Undeveloped Talking to Hazel Meek 'Growing Talking Vicious x- Getting out of work Sunny Vast Laughing Frank Growing Studying VVinning Plenty Flirting with Alice Laborious Good Wforking Dry Changeable Arguing Happy Fair Doing nothing Gloomy x-2y Flirting Cross Questionable Talking Funny Fair Loafing Dry Par Undecided Gentle P P Wforking on the Wire Fair Growing Running around Independent Some Talking Funny P P Bothering others Gentle Changeable Talking to Mack Lamb like Plenty Making dates Fair Par Calling up Fickle Medium Talking Harmless 'Changeable VValking around Quiet Great VVorking Lazy Good One period Cold Good VVaiting for the bell Independent Growing NVorking Ei:---5 P P -:------:---3---:----:t----:--- r' . -... .,. , V 6..- .. S ..-a..f. -,.,, A. f I l -o- 'D' -D' F01 ---a----:----c----:-----Q 4---sa Stenographers Ivmz SODERBERG, Secretary . 'a . Crystal Falls Enmx Tunis, Class Editor . . Hillsdale Eviaixx LAMARRS . . Detroit Llioxlz Rowia . . Big Rapids GI.,xm'5 ML'ssiaLxmN . . Bclding XY11,xi,x Loviimss Cadillac . .'XLlL'Ii I'1c.xuc'1a . Sault Ste Marie ii fx :FQ if Im-Lxii I'Ioi,i3cmzc1c . . Cliarlcvoix EE V Minmu-in Moxnzomiux' . . Gladstone P 96 1 in e 4- 4- + 4- + 'Q- Stenographers CICCILE S1f1"1'1110N . Scottvillc ,1 W1 1 CEC11. SHAUB . Elmira 11255112 S1'A1:1.1NG . Kingsley L01112NE TALCO'l"1' . Saranac LAURA SA111.1z11 . Riverdzxlc ' ww 1.1 L1 1 H1L1w1.'x Fo:11uas'1' . Bnmley ill E11 51 L1xU1m RAN1:,x1.L . . A110 If? VM M . 'Q ff B12.fx'r1z1c12 B1:Y1c1zs . lXfIcM1llzu1 11 TH131.M.,x SIZEL . BCllZOlli21 ' F3 -:- :1 P:- -:Q 4- 4- z 97 E n:nh l:5 ':" f.:'-1.-1?ir.:' Y - 'E Stenographers ETHEL JENSEN . EDWINN HASSE . AIARIE LEONARD . I -41 V ELFREUA ZENDLER . . A CHfxm.orTE FRASE . Cmlm Vom. . Ll-:NA FRIICIII-il. . Minnie Boiuxx' . Cinxiu XYlNI.mfT . . Pellston Arcadia . Lakeview . Corumia . Otsego Traverse City . Sanford Big Rapids Marquette In 1:11 -O- -C- gi.. -C' -"'.' 'O' F 2 4' + - 1 93 'D- + -O- in.'i-n s -G- 'D- -D- 'D' E5 7:H I:i l'l .Vl I' L Ll'iiIfll Stenographers DORISE ROBINSON . OLIFF MORRISON . ANNA TUNNEY LILLIAN HORTON . ILAH HODGE ALICE KROON JULIA STEARNS . ELIZABETH SLAVVSON . FANNY HILL Deerfield . Lansing . Cadillac . Riverdale Breckenridge Ishpeming Deerfield Big Rapids . Flint ----ge:- If 99 --4---+ ----sf-f--+ sfaf---3 E Stenographers DOROTHY XVAY BIAUIJE HIE:XDLEY JOHN RAPI' EVA ALLENSON STELLA IDAYISON .AxL'RIiLIA Fox . AIARIIC Cm,x1'1i1 M.-uma S.Axx11's.oN l'.l.1z.x1s1-1'1'1s1 Hom' . Three Rivers . . West Olive . Vicksburg . Muskegon . Morley . Pewamo . Pcllslon K . Ml. Pleasant Kcnoslm, NWS. Nm- -O' -- -1+---.1---...+i...g....... 100 ---'Ce'--:I-'-1--Qs Stenographers NIATTIE JOCOBSEN . AGNES VAN G1EsEN CLARA ORR . GEORGIA CONNOR . ALTHEA SAMSELL . HELEN SALTSMAN GERTRUDE NVEST . HELEN DELTEL . HAROLD HELLER . H . L'Ansc . Ionia . Manistique . Hillman . Midland . Big Rapids . Big Rapids Harbor Springs . Flint J 1 1 101 EEH1-+ 'G---'fin-1-P-"1---P'-+"r aa-..... E 1 E 1 Stenographers IRENE BIUELLER MONROE . . IOl'lia LAWRENCE SMALLDON . . Sandusky ANNA PETERSON . Grayling EFFIIQ BIGELOXV . Big Rapids LEONE SMITH Stanwood LIAURINIE BOXVEN , Cadillac XY11-1mA LEHMAN , Scottville Eu MA NEUBIERT IELEA NOR ICRULL . Big Rapids . Three Rivers + ---i----I--1-5 102 --fr-----:----rs! W -Q- -D' -D- Stenographers ICIE PETERSEN . DALE FILMORE . ROBERTA REYNOLDS IDA MONROE . ALTA WILSON . .EDNA DASHNER . INA BALFOUR . MALIIE ALBRECHT ILAH GUILD . , 1 . Petoskey . Albion . Big Rapids . Otsego . Ionia . Petoskey . . Bad Axe . Ludington . Riverdale W Y 157 , , L, u.i..h-7-7'-.-,fin-ff::v.vf -H ---' ff' --13-E.:-123 """""'-" """' 103 E' -I- 1 r Stenographers 'Ir 4- + 'I' 'I' Ii.xRL Dozxzia . Big R21DiClS if EL PAULINIZ SOULE . Centerville l ' Q' L.xL'ii.x Pifiixxlcmc . . Mllllgcf XX'1I.I.i.x5i Roiiniiii - LOFCUO TniiI,M.x PY.x'r'r . - Elm Hall , ." in 'sid' .4f:4...x- "E 4. Sayings of the Faculty zllrs. Jc11lei11.i'-"Five pages and a pen copyf' Miss Sorensen-"Now we'll take this over for speed." ilflrs. Wlll.ll?L'I'ffj1lf-'Ul.Ct a girl do it. Boys never did amount to without them." flflr. Strait-"Raise the pen in motion." ilflr. Trcwis-"XVe'll pause there." . illixs AIC.lVC'l'lIf',X'-uvYOI.l notice. Inconsistency, thy name is man. Bliss Trcwis-"'l he next assignment for tomorrow will he-" illr. Jones-"127 absences all excused." illr. Parr-"-Xll right, let's all hop to the hoard now." illr. .lilcissvliiile-"Understand? See ?'y illr. lfmrdslvhi'-''Anyone coming in here just for credit will not have .lll ill! .lI1'. Pc'11nm'k-"Sit down while you have an opportunity." xv. lX'f'lIIIt'd-VinDlflllll you hear me tell you there was to he no whispering P" '. .llvrrill-"tiooclly numher, almost universal." anything DD it easy' .llr.v. House-"l,et us have it quiet please." .llr. C'urli.vli'-"Your atlectionate grandson, XYilliam lrlenrxf' .lift CIl1I'lC-uSI7I'il'lg' am here. Morning exercises and evening walks." I Y Nr. lfvrris-'liarnyard associations. Squirrel lxunf' illisx .lIl'I,lIt'l'.YtHI-ul can't have any erasing." .lfat linker-"lfinpty ships always make the most noise." 'li' i il' -5' 'G' i -C' '5- lOl -U- W -.1-ll -ig H 'Q- .. 'I' -.-ia IQ2I Stenographers e M Near the swift Muskegon River VVhere the famed Big Rapids shoot, Dwells the big chief Woodbridge Ferris, Chief of Ferris Institute. On its pleasant shaded campus Standing big and strong and true Is the Institute of learning, Built by him for me and you. It is patronized by students From all States and lands and climes, W'ho come to get their training In these wondrous knowledge mines. There among the old school's courses Numbered one to six and ten, Is a course more often chosen By fair ladies than brave men. And the course of which I'm writing Is the Shorthand. Know you then It consists of dots and dashes lVith curves made by stroke of pen. And the heads of this department, Ruling students six score ten Stand for conduct and for study VVainwright, jenkins, Sorensen. Ourbig class of one and twenty Loyal each to this old school, Aims to always extend kindness Friendship is its golden rule. To disclose our entire number Tell our merits, deeds, and acts, NVould require a dozen volumes For a hundred thousand facts. In the coming june commencement, At the closing of this year, Well receive our earned diplomas Showing how we labored here. And soon after that you'll find us Hustling in the business whirl, Doing what is just and upright, Like each F. I. boy and girl. --C. A. Cha1'frand ee B+ 10 5 1 i E2L----i-----D-----I----i-----:- -:f--EE History of Shorthand Department The opening of school on September 6, 1920, ushered into the Shorthand De- partment a splendid representation of American youth, destined to become com- petent stenographers. Little time was lost in class organization. Mr. Charles Chartrand Cone of the most dignifiedj was chosen as President, Miss Margaret Kuhlmann was elected Vice-President, Mr. I. VV. Soderberg was called to the secretaryshipg and Miss Oline Sorensen Qour beloved teacherj was elected as treasurer, to care for the enormous funds derived from the class dues. Through the use of the funds we are enabled to console our sick fellow students by purchasing Howers for them, and to console the well students by means of social activities. Our first social event was a corn-roast held on September 18. It was a very enjoyable affair and pleased everyone who attended. In addition, we dis- covered the wonderful scenic beauty of the Muskegon River. To promote the good-fellowship spirit, a party was given at the Music hall on October 23. Doughnuts and Qsoftj cider were served. Everyone left with a light heart having enjoyed a wonderful evening. In the meantime we had all entered heartily into our work and were progress- ing rapidly, thanks to the generous attention afforded us by our esteemed teachers. In a few months we could actually write a few lines of shorthand, and were acquiring more and more each day. November ll, our gala day appeared, and all the loyal short-handers, led by Uncle Sam and Columbia, paraded in a glorious body. Qwing to the limited number of boys in our department, we co-operated with the Commercial department and staged on December the most enjoyable event of the year in the form of a hard-time social. NVasn't Sis Hopkins a scream though? Wfith Christmas rapidly approaching everyone worked more diligently for just before the holidays came the examinations, and we all wanted to bring good news home to mother and dad. january 3rd found us all "on deck" again after a very happy holiday vacation, and more anxious than ever to pick up the reins where we had dropped them and continue on with diligence and pluck. On our return we were met with a big surprise. On our list of teachers there was 2 new name. liveryone wondered who Mrs. jenkins was, but not for longg for soon the news spread like wild-fire that Miss XVestenfelder, our esteemed teacher who had introduced us to Gregg principles, had committed the great error and had changed her name. XYe are all wishing her a life-time of happi- ness, and to him we extend our heartiest congratulations. On the departure of our honored vice-president to a position, we wrre called to choose another to fill the vacancy. XYilliam F. Roeder, alreadv renowned for his ability in collecting dues in Section 3, was our choice. An elaborate dance was held in the Music Hall on February 25. This dance surpassed all events previously held. E--+ -:---+--+---+-.-.g........fs 106 I E 52'---f.----:--.i.......4......., 4, As the year is drawing to a rapid close, our classmates are leaving to dupli- cate in the actual business world the good work done at the Ferris Institute. May they carry with them the ideals cultivated at old F. I. that leads to noble success. To our worthy teachers we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation for their unreserved kindness and patience, and may they enjoy many more years of good health and happiness. Just for Fun KS Wlhat do you charge for rooms ?" Five dollars and up." "But I'm a student? KK KC Then it will be live dollars down." "I understand that after waiting 20 years she married a struggling man." "Yes poor chap, he struggled the best he knew how but she landed him." Gentleman Qtlnzidlyj-"Where can I find the silk counter ?" Girl at ribbon conntef'-"Third battle to your right." M1's. l7l7ainwrighf-"Miss Montgomery what is an epitaph ?" llllss lldfontgonzery-"Here lies john jones the chemist's son And now he is no more, For what he thought was H20 Was H2SO4." We had to have our clock buoyed up by a girl. Mr. Sherwin Cody, teaching shorthand English class-"You want to tell it to them gently, Mr. Ferris." Put a comma after as many words as you can say conveniently in one good breath. Can you imagine- Chas. Chartrand without a dignined expression? Bill Roeder accompanying a girl? Charlotte Erase an old maid? Margaret Nordine at her ease? Edward Hasse a general? Gertrude West serious? All dues paid by the end of the month? What happens at an oflicer's meeting? Edna Dashner a stenographer? Pauline Soule without a powder puff? Earl Russell studying? Marion Sampson without her hair bobbed? at' ,tgp .E g E e ef . iff. -5' 4' '53 107 E' + E+ si' 'C' 4' NAME NIAUDE HEEXIJLEX' ELIZABETH HOPE EDITH HOLE LILLIAN HORTON ILAI-I HOIJGE EnwIN HASSE BESSIE HOGAN NOEL HITCIICOCIQ IRENE HOLECHECK ETHEL JENSEN MATTIE JACORSEN OLIVE JACKSON RUTH JENKINS ELEANOR KRULL ALICE KROON XIVILIIA LEH MAX NIARIIQ LEONARD EVELYN LANIARRIQ VVILMA LOVELESS GLIXDYS NIUSSELMAN NIILDRED NIONTGOBXERY ILIIA MONROE EVA MIIIIILETON MILDREII BIIARKS OLIFF MORRISON IRENE MONREE NIARIE NIONGIQON .ALBERTA NIORRIZLI. ANN NIILLER CLARA NYANIIER M A RGARET N ORIJI N li BESSIE NI'I.I'H AIABEL NELSON EMMA Nlil'IlliRT CLARA ORR LVLI' PHliI.l'S ICIE PETERSON ELEANORE PIQTICRSON TIIELAIA PYATT ANNA PETIQRSUN l..fXl'R.X lJFliNNlt2I-ZR Rlll.l1Rlil1 l'II.I'n .XLICI-I l,li.XRt'li hl.'.RY CJI'.XR'lliRS DORIS:-2 ROIIINSON RUl1liR'I'A REYNOLES Shorthand Roll KXOXYN I:'.' Shyness Sticktuitiveness Her strut Exclusiveness Nervousness Mareelle waive Bobbed hair Chatter Solemness Her accent Preciseness Her laugh Her voice Complexion Ovbstinacy Motherly way Love letter Her name Her dimples Curiosity Her hangs Innocent looks Gentleness Quiet ways Her Swedish acce Her size Absolute silence Charming ways Artistic ways Young appearance Yneasiness Smooth ways Good looks Her glihness Haughty look Curly locks Gait .XS Il shark Kittcnish ways Her pont lliplomzicy Shy glances Ht-I' tlt'Ill' little wax'- Colm' lfrivolotis ways ller glasses ALXVAYS FOUND XYith a book Eating oysters Sfghing XYarbling Making a date Cutting pranks Talking to Bonefant Holding hands Powclering lIer nofe XYalking round Talking Scandinavian At Hadens XYriting Gregg Happy Listening Burning midnight ofl Courting Helpfng someone XYillinfr to help Going to chIIrch Yamping On the go Industrious Late to roll call Looking shy XYith Monk Her "Guy" In doubt Strolling :Xt the Greeks Sighing for him Fussing Giggling Chewing the rag Runnimr after the boy Explaining On the more XX'ith Hodge ln the hall XX':Iiting for a mgm Way she hzindles men Typing a note Xtorking at sliortlnird Xxiilllilllll XX'orkiI'u for credit Yzunping 'Q' '2- -fl- 4- -C' 'fi- HN p A+ at + 5- A+ Shorthand Roll-Continued NAME DONALD RANVILLE X7IOLA RATHER JOHN RAPP LEONE ROVVE WILLIAM ROEDER LAURA RANDALL JULIA STEARNS CECIL SHAUB IVER SODERBURG LAVVRENCE SMALLIION ELLA SHULTZ HELEN SALTSMAN MARION SAMPSON CECILE SEPTRION THELMA SEEL LEONE SMITH JESSIE SPARLING PAULINE SOULE THELMA SCHAEFFER IALTHEA SAMSELL ALVENA SIMMONS ELIZABETH SLAWSON LAURA SADLER LORENE TALCO1'T EDNA TIMMS EDA WVON ILAHN CLARA VOGL AGNES VAN GIESEN ANNY TUNNY GLADYS VVADSVVORTH GRACE VVEDOE ALTA VVILSON DOROTHY YVAY GERTRUDE VVEST CLARA VVINDOFT KNOVVN BY Loving ways Fondness for shorthand Assisting the ladies Reserve Ability Eraser Ability to spell Impudence Love for girls Punct-uality Gestures Her speed Extreme quietness Petite ways Thoughtfulness Sunny disposition Love for fboys Her home town Curly locks Piinctuality Efficiency Pretty smile VVinning ways Studiousness Her love for shorthand Extreme youth Her curl Plump appearance Good clothes Height Lonelv look Size Sorrowful look Befng a good scout Bravery ALXVAYS FOUND Looking for dates Wfonclering why Tellinff 'em why Eyeing the boys Spooning Primping Stepping out Arguing just like a cricket Wishing Hustling VVishing he'd come Gentle voice Taking Sunday walks Running out the door In Main roo.m Talking to the chef VViIt'h her Phtarmic Dancing round On the stairs Good health Being good Forever smiling Cramming VVith her bobby Out at night Kidding him along Using her eyes Going home Busy Killing time VV ith jack Consoling the boys In beginning dictation Swiftness in Gregg ELFREDA ZENDLER Funny little smile Ambitl0U5 Aggg Q qggy or O-5: ffl- G+ ii'5'A 109 L ,'-'- ' 1" - - f-- 01-N 'A "fri , EIB! if 1:1 I I Y ....,.,,-,,.,T - ......:A:.... ., - A - ' f? W r , r ' X . Q , X -x Fri' , xc: NN x 1:1 XXX , . I 1 'f ' 's . ' "F-' fr 'Y - X Q Mx NX- Xxx Q! 1 , . ' N. , W , . ,Q AW, x W ' ,uf ,L ,:x- 'S 1' fjliv- f ' . 5 'V 'Q 'Jw 1, ' 4-5' 1:1 M 3 , k . . rg , W N - V ".' , N X-H W-K-Mig , 'tx X K Y X J f x .. ' ' f "1 Q jr-'G Z N X, ' u K . i 1-4 I - ...un- Q , I wfiu '. l-""' Q f"" 'H' ' 3 !I Z 1, 2 L? -:r 11 ' i 1 I , ' Q 1 5 H I , ' 1 I ' v f +-if-H 1-1 - F-I-m ' Q J I ' w . ,' 3 ,ff , W kv ,, , I 1 I F L-1 .lf an - . I . 1 - .g 2 YT , , I f , I 4 .- . H U f, T-, f ' f 1 G f ' w . , f V ' I 4 I 5 . xx , V - X' . 1' x R X -1- X . f' ' F97 . 3 5' r LZ I 1 , , , -1 X 1 X 1:11 W . , - , ,X ,. A, H ' M , X 5 X 4, ':"' X , , , , ' R -:lr .gl Sx.xvslmm'lNc: 'rm-1 STI-ixos, W 1 + ui l:l l:l s:u :un i:lY .qfg EE 110 l kk If Y Iiu f l ,' LY lIlll1ln:qgg::. V ci ORGINIZATIONS SP 154. K 1? , 'W W, -Y WW 'llluinn1nigu:ili1mg.lug f V -nw 1 "'f I g , 111 1:-' 45 'Pi'-- SH ' l:l l 4' 4' T 'Q' 4-i 'Q' fi' -ln -I-t The Reserve Oflicers' Training Corps In April of 1919 the R. U. T. C. was organized by Lieutenant Yandervoort who received his honorable discharge at the close of the summer term. The work was then taken up by Captain Frank Shaw who came here in September, 1919. Under Captain Shaw the R. O. T. C. rendered valuable assistance to the firemen when the Mercy Hospital burned in December, 1919. ln recognition of this ser- vice the lj. lYar Department and the City Council commended the work very highly. The R. O. T. C. was again organized by Captain Shaw in September, 1920. There were threeiplatoons at first and two more were formed later. The men received instruction in minor tactics, military discipline, personal hygiene. field service, target practice and guard duty. Each summer the unit conducts a train- ing course at its camp which is located on the rifle range about three miles south of Rig Rapids. The "grub" is cooked by the boys themselves and it is no bad job of cooking either. The sham battle is one of the exciting events scheduled in the summer course. For those who desire further training there is also offered a summer course at Camp C-rant. near Chicago. The student receives six weeks of intensive training without cost. Hikes were taken by the unit as often as conditions permitted. Sham battles were frequently part of the program and the participants were taught many things about actual warfare. On the hikes regular military formation was main- tained, thus the student soldier was taught the best forms of protection for mov- ing bodies of soldiers. The Unit was a member of the 1nter-Collegiate Ritie Corps but entered into competitive shooting in the .lunior XYinchester Rifie Corps of which it was also a member. The R. U. T. C. also took part in matches with individual schools. 1n March a five man team chosen from the .best ten marksmen of the unit entered a match with the XYaukegan Township 1111.1 lfligli School and won by a big margin. There is also a social side to the R. U. T. C. work. Une of the best social functions given by any organization of lferris lnstitute during the past year was the Military 1-lall which was planned and directed entirely by members in the R. U. T. C. 'XYith the exception of Nlr. lferris, Nlr. Klassclink and the ladies every- one was in uniform. -l1'. ll. 11't11'a':t'rlf. IC. O. T. C. lid. 'I' 4- 'C' 'I' -5- R+ 'ES 11.2 -1 VICICRS 01-' R1-Lslqilavl-3 Olfxflcl-:us Tlmlxlxcz CORPS Rox-Coxmlxssloxlin 0151-'1CIiliS R. O .- 4- .5-. ,, RG'-q ' "LM -A, Q. ,af -ff-X SZ -fs ' ,A ,,v...,L yn ,,--- . . . ' . V' -2 --sf.-.. "H, -LL ' , , , ., '.x" K fix? -.... ..- Fmsu' PLATOONJ R. O. T. C. --. .- A - ... -...ww--. --A .i,4.lL, Slzcoxn ANU FOURTH PI..-XTOONS, R. O. T. C. 1- -.- Qs. --v N fm rv Ky, I , x x '5 if I , 3 35 4 F . n 1 5-s ' an "',4r1 L-4 P-I CD FERRIS INS'1'1TU'1'Ii ORCIIIZSTRA "'4'iik-'5 Eva ., .Viv I GW Fmzms INS'l'I'l'Lf'l'lE BAND -4, . s MW-Q Vu L. -i-a4A"2f52kwQN'LQ2'1Q4,.m.' A' ' ' x K., F . N.f,f,.ff,.X V, un- A Ex-Slznvlcn NII2N,S CLUB F1 Se- 5- -1- ik The Ex-Service Club ."1+or the purpose of perpetuating the memory of our ccmradcs who Have their lives ll1.Il1C recent war, and ot promoting the weiiare ot the ex-service iinen and of Ferris Institute in general," a club limited in membership to men who were in the military or naval service of the Lnited States or her -wilies between April 6, 1917 and November ll, 1918, was formed two years ago. i 1 lhe club now numbers nearly two hundred members and is counted one of the hveliest clubs in the school. Marines and even Gobs are not barred from mem- bership, consequently the meetings are always snappy and full of humor, lf Mr. Carlisle wishes to find material for public speaking and debating classes he should raid the ex-service club. 7 july fourth coming on Sunday in 1920, the club asked for and received per- mission to use Monday afternoon as a school holiday. Murphy acted as chair- man and the finest exercises of the year were held, the men proved equally as good on the platform as they had on the front before 'in 'iltov tl ' ltf ' . . ge iei ci 'erent audience. Both audiences declared themselves entirely satisfied with the work of the men after they were through. A very unique base ball game was played during the afternoon also, Federal Board vs. Ex-Service teams, the F. B. win- mng in the last inning. The nrst meeting of the school year 1920-21 was held in the Spanish Ameri- can war veterans hall September 17, at which a general reorganization of the l c ub took place and the officers for the fiscal year elected. After the business of the meeting was concluded, each man was called upon for a short talk on his war experiences and camp life. Mechanic Fellows of the 77th, gave a very inter- esting description of the hardships endured in keeping the lanterns trimmed that were used in hunting for the lost batallion. Murphy spoke at length upon his experiences in helping drive Jerry from the Argonne, and john Degenhart told of the efficiency of the Marine press agency. The crowning event of the even- ing was the discovery of an honest Marine. La Joie admitted that he was not in the battle of Belleau VVood. Mess call was sounded and the men forming a line were issued sinkers and cider. At frequent intervals during the remainder of the year smokers and dances were given by the club. In accordance' with the wishes of the veterans, November 11 was declared a school holiday by President Ferris and a committee of ex-service men headed by Chairman Stahl had charge of the affairs of the day. The morning was taken up by a parade in which the various cl-asses and organizations, including the Q. T. C., took part. A foot ball game between' F. 1. and the American Legion was played in the afternoon. At about four-thirty a large crowd braved the extreme cold weather and witnessed Murphy and his terrible warriors go over the top and across no man's land in a realistic trench raid. Fats were served by the lfVoman's Relief Corps to all ex-service men. ' ' The ex-service men realizing the great value of strict discipline and its'ad- vantages have been ardent supporters of the principles of the school,.and it is hoped that this high standard will be maintained by the club in succeeding years. O1fif1'c12Rs Commander .......... ..... J ioseph Murphy SCCTCMTY ------ flftlmf Stephens V'iCe-C0n1111311de1' ,,,,,,., Cecil XXTEITCTS 'Treasurer --------------- --'-' I Ldllvard funnel. Social Qffiqef .,,- .,,...... E dwin Stahl ,f, rf?-,.z...-. i , fini Y . ' " ' T " ' " ' ' W YW I i ' gJi3:.-1 - -'ln' -'-' '5' Ig 119 n-A IND 3 BUILDERS CLASS Builders' Class History It was on September 5, 1920, that a few E. 1. students decided to take a trip. I The trip was not to be a business one, however, but a joy ride which was to last B for one year. Cn September 12, more members joined us, and on that day we ascertained that our captain was to be Mr. Strait. The name of the ship on which we were to sail, was the "Builder," Stanley Harwood was elected prcsi, dent, Albert O. james, Vice-President, Ethel Jensen, Secretary, and Gunnard Eliason, Treasurer. We were all ready for a Good time and t U 6 oward the latter part of the month a get-acquainted party was given, which proved that our voyage was to be a lively one. The next marked event to . lar -time social and held in the basement of the M E Ch 1 . . urch, and the little crew on board the Builder came out "dressed in style." Everyone felt at home at the party and had a very nice time. ok place on November 27 This was a l d ' There were already many members on board the Builder, but we needed more, so we decided to have a contest and the losing side was to give the winners a ban uet. Th l ' ' ' ' q e cass was divided into two sections the oran e side d l , g un er tie captainship of Mrs. Edna Timms, and the black side under Albert O. James. The four weeks following proved to be the worst storm that the little ship met on th ' e entire voyage. Finally, on December ll, the storm ceased and the black side were iests , 81 of the orange to a real "feed," About one hundred and twenty-five people attended the banquet, and nearly all were Builders. During the voyage many of our crew left us but it seemed as thou h new , 8 ones took their places. Shortly after the holidays Mr. james left us and in this history we all .wish to express your appreciation of the work he did to make our trip a successful one. A On January 21, another party was given for the new students and the eighty- five people on board that night enjoyed themselves immensely with music, games, and eats. And now the end of the year is nearly here, very few of the original crew are with us, but those who are left will always remember the members es ecxall B , P Y our President and Vice-President who did so much fOr The C1355- We have entered the harbor. Our trip is ended, but we leave our ship for the new students of next year to continue the voyage. I -Marie Bovay. 121 'i"'ff ' R'?:.f2 Ny if I gx- f E, 1 . 4- Masonic and Eastern Star Club u Sl l1e Masons and .Eastern Stars attending Ferris lnstitute orffanized ll club . ' ' F' 8 111 epte111ber to. CC111C11t tl1e brotherly 1CClll1g aniong strange nienibers gathered here, and to assist all worthy Il1611llJC1'S of the club while 111 sickness. Meetings were held every Znd and 4th Tuesdav ol e'1ch 111o11tl1 Xft I , i -A , 1 . 1 er tie .Qi clect1o11 of ofhcers at 1116 hrst 1'l1C6'E1110', tl 1 'l l ll" A 1 ' 3 - -- ' ,D 16 t u 1 cccidcd to have rl ILLCIJTAJII XXl1.Ll1 was l1eld 111 tl1e Masonic 1161111516 lwoveinbr 17th. February Sth we l1eld our annual banquet a11d recept1o11 in tl1e Te111ple. Covers were spread for hfty 1110111- bers. After tl l ' -' 1' 1 ' ' ' X16 Janquet, dancing iv as indulged 111 1111111 eleve11 o clock, when the nieinbers, e11tl1us1ast1cally elated over tl1e success of tl1e party, departed. The 111611113613 of tl1is club vfll l 1 A ' - 1 + K1 soon cepart, nei er perhaps to see e'1cl1 other 5 C again, but we will have a11 l1o11est, warm 1'C111C111lJI'Zl11C6 th'1t 'Ill the IJI'lIll'1l ob ec- C C f J tives were fully achieved. Should any nieinber cl1a11ce to pass through tl1e home towns represented below, you are all niore than cordially invited to call at our local Te111ples where we ca11 111eet as old F. I. t 1 'l be recalled. s uc ent ciuins, Zlllll old 1ne111ories Rom. CALL A. I. Dower, President .......... Ruth E. jenkins, Vice President. Emilia Kennedy, Sec'y. St Trteas.'.i' G. M. Swanson VVm. L. Foster .... .. Geo. VV. Barrie Edna Timms ....... J. A. Fredrickson .... Clara Orr ....... R. M. Sawbridge .... Zora Hilderly .... E. H. Merrill ...... VVm. T. VVarncke R. P. Tressell .... Earl Dalrymple Willis Kniesley . Iesse Graham Elsie Sears ....... George Timpany Clarence Schultz lean Connor' .... . .Detroit, Mich. ...... . .Benton Harbor. Micl1. ..Grass Lake, Mich. . .. , Editor .......... ...Manistee, Micl1. . . .. ....Lansing, . .Hil.l1man, Mich. . . . .. ....Hillsdale, Mich. . . . .. ... .Wake1ield, Mich. . . .. Manistique, Mich ....... . .Loyalty .............. No. 488 .Benton Harbor . .Grass Lake ...... ...... 1 59 ..Manistee . ...... .... 2 28 . .Lansing . . . . .Alpena . . . . .Big Rapids .. . .Agogebic . . Ida ......... . . . .S'tepfh5enson, Mitch. . . . .Stephenson .. .Hersey, Mich ........... Hersey ........ .Almont, Mich .... .... A lm.ont .Detroit, Mich ........... .Terre Haute, Ind ..... .Battle Creek, Mich .... .Harbor Springs, Mich. .Farwell, Mich ........ .Quincy, Mich ......... Pt. Townsend, VVash. 33 ....199 ....194 .....494 54 .....492 .Big Rapids ................ 171 .A. T. Metcalf. .419 .Harbor Springs. ..Corn1ng . ..... . . .Quincy Janesville, 'vVis .... .... B ig Rapids .Bay City, Mich ....... .1-Iillman. Mich. . . .Portsmouth . . . .Alpena . . . .....355 .....171 .....190 .....199 Harley McCall .... ..... D orr, Mich ........... .Dorr .1 ...... ..... 3 OZ I. T. Horton ........ ..... lv Iorenci, Mich ........ .Morenci ...... ..... 9 3 VV. W.. Thorman .... ..... T oledo, Ohio ........ .Ft. Industry . .... ..... 6 30 E. W. Minier ..... ..... B ig Rapids, Mich ..... .Big Rapids ..... 171 Leone Rowe .... ..... B ig Rapids, Mich ..... .Farwell .... ..... 1 94 Susan Baldwin ..... Ft. Wfayne, Ind ......... Ft. Vlfayne G. Masselink .. . ..... Big Rapids, Mich ...... Big Rapids .. . . . . . .171 E, A, Russell ..... Big Rapids, Mich ...... Big Rapids -.--171 Nellie Paul ,,,.,,,, ..... S tockbridge, Micl1 ..... Stockbridge H. T. Skogquist ....... .... G ladstone, Mich. ........ Gladstone .... 396 Edward Modierman .... ..... D etroit. Mich...- ........ Palestine ....3J7 Dale Wvilson ........ ..... S heperd, Mich .......... Salt River .. .. .. . .288 Herbert Phelps . . . ..... Petoskey, Mich ......... Durand '. ...... . . . .344 Lgbefmann ,,,, ..... B lg' Rapids, ...... Blg' R3DldS Edgar Leavitt In ,. Tsland Falls, Maine ..... Island Falls . . . . . .206 Jennie Anderson ,.,,, Vorway, Mich. ......... Norway C. E. VVilkins .... ..... 1 lass, Mich ............. Rockford 1-123 l P-4 IND -PM I -c 0 Tmz NIASSICLINK BIBLE CLASS xx .9 no- The Masselink Bible Class-Presbyterian Church ' Ori-'icnns President . . . . GILBERT jo11NsoN Vice-president . . JEN N113 Vis SCCTCUIFY . BTARY REDMAN Treasurer . EDWIN jonNsoN Editor ........... XVM. VV. GORIN This class is organized by students at the beginning of each school year, September 1, to promote and encourage Bible study among students of Ferris Institute. Its social functions afford the desired opportunity of getting acquainted with each other, and of enjoying wholesome fun. The class met formerly at' the Presbyterian church which burned on Decem- ber 19, 1920, but since that disaster, they -have met at the Masonic Hall. It has now a larger attendance than ever in the history of the class. The Bible Class is led by Mr. Masselink, Vice-president of the Ferris Insti- tute, who has given twenty-two years of faithful service towards encouraging Christian living and intensive Bible study among young people. Y -6- H f 4- n -:----:-----Q----:----4----S 1 125 aw- ,,A-.A. K1 Im lm' ' K' nr BQ, ni Q C' Q nl 'K I 5 'wif , gig, :FY :af Q95 isfrl 'law fav, ll Ima lmfsxf l ff , lull aw india llrg lim. :uw Illia. .-4 Y Y f-wfr, Y gf, A, ,Q , ., 1. ,. 'T ,. -. is l .. - -V+-v T111, XX1.m1-s1m.n hmm l3l,l,A1lb.L. CLASS VVIVES OF FEDERAL BOARD MEN CLUB L. .Aw . LN" w- , ' . ., - ' xg f 51-F:f.iX f. '.,., 5,5-,LL -V. -32' W .4-if . , .Mg f , Q Nm-f-4-r--L-1' -.41-1-NL, Um., ,-V., .. , , .M ODD FELLOXVSJ CLUB 129 J FwLR.xL BOARD CLUB E----:----at---1, :-+--+ 4... Federal Board Club 0Fl"ICERS FALL TERM XVINTER AND SPRING TERM PFCS. .... .................. I ohn Degenhart Pres, ,,,,,,,-.,,...---.,-,,'--..-.'.. Edwin Minier V. Pres. ..... .....,.. 1 oseph Murphy V, Pres. g '--'-.--.-. Glenn Thomas Sec. ----.. .........,........ 1 Edwin Stahl SGC, .-.,-,, .-.v-.--.---."--- E dwin Stahl Treas. ...... P Xrnold A. VVashbush Treas. ...... fXrnold A. W'ashbush Why We Are Here As a result of the world war a great many men were discharged from the army, who were unable to continue their former occupation because of their physical handicaps. The government has very graciously come to the rescue of these men by establishing the Federal Board of Vocational Rehabilitation, which made it possible that they might attend school and learn a new profession or trade. Ferris Institute has received its quota of these men and as a result the Fed- eral Board Club was organized, for the purpose of furthering the interest of its members. What We Have Done Armistice Day 1920 we gave an entertainment in the auditorium for the pur- pose of raising a fund to be loaned members of the Club who were in need. This entertainment was managed and staged by Federal Board Men, and was a success in every way. Social functions have been a prominent part of the club's activities such as dances, parties, and picnics, and a very successful banquet was given in the Masonic Hall on Feb. 17 at which one hundred thirty people were present. We are endeavoring to fit ourselves to take an active part in the business and professional life of this nation. VVe still consider ourselves "in the ranks" of public service and shall always foster a love for 10072 Americanism. What We Plan To Do ' We are looking forward to this coming year with added enthusiasm and much work is planned to improve the condition of our members. The Club appreciates the courtesy and help extended by the Faculty and Students of the Ferris Institute and hope to merit their continued support. E..-+ -:f--- -'R Q:---+ ---Q 131 ---:-----:I----:f---:-----+ -- -:+L-- Federal Board Roll Organization NAME JOHN ANDERSON ALVIN BENNETT RoE'T BEHAN EDWIN BEHREND PHILIP BONENEANT NORMAN BACON R0lZER'1' BOUGHICY MELTON BEDELL EVEREIT D. BAILEY RoE"r. BAATZ CLARE BEACH FRED C. CHASE HERBERT CLOSS JOHN CARRUBBA GEO. CUCULI FRANK W. CARLSON ARCHIE CAPLON W. A. DE GROW PETER DE YOUNG JOHN DEGENHARDT J. DUMOCHEL ROY DOUGLAS MATHEW DOYLE GEO. E. EKSTRAND JOHN H. FINKLE OSCAR FRANCK CLATE FELLOWS GEO. VV. GREEN LOUIS GOLCZYNSKI VVM. W. GORIN M. J. GILLIES JESSE H. GRAHAM CECIL E. HAYTER JAS. HYNES B. E. HOLT HARRY M. HULL HARRY HAvmIAN ALEx HEATH CLYDE HESTER JOHN HALL ARTHUR ILER RAY C. JEXVELL FRED JOHNSON MARS H A LL KOTTS FRANK KULKA GROXVER li1ERRlGAN Fov LIGIITIIALI. HOBIE ADDRESS Paris, Mich. Big Rapids, Mich. Big Rapids, Mich. Plymouth, NWS. Lowell, Mich. Bates, Mich. Traverse City, Mich Menominee, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Maple City, Mich. Hastings, Mich. Big Rapids, Mich. Big Rapids, Mich. Chicago, Ill. Chamming, Mich. Kearsarge, Mich. XfValkerville, Mich. VVhitternore, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Chicago, Ill. M-uskegon, Mich. Belding, Mich. Stephenson, Mich. Ironwood, Mich. Class City, Mich. Big Rapids, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. London, Eng. Ludington, Mich. Wlohiirn, Mass. Detroit, Mich. Farwell, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Duffield, lVlich. Big Rapids, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Big Rapids, Mich. Girard, Ga. Muskegon, Mich. Eaton Rapids, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Stamhaugh, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Big Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Houghton, Mich. Adrian, Mich. ORGANIZATION Batt. E. 42nd Fd. Art. CO. I, 126th Inf. 32nd Div. 321 Field Signal Bn. CO. L. 61st Inf. 5th Div. Co. M, 116th Inf. 29th Div. Ft. A, 96th Aero .Squadron CO. B, 111th Fd. Art. 32nd Div. U. S. Navy lst CO. 161 Depot Brigade CO. G, 38th Inf. Co. K, 337th Inf. Co. K, 10th Inf. 14th Div. Co. l, 126tlI Inf. 32nd Div. 111 Inf. 28Ith Div. CO. B, 116th Inf. 32nd Div. CO. B, 11th M. G. Bn. 5th Reg't U. S. Marines CO. K, 126 Inf. 5th Regjt U. S. Marines 160 Depot Brigade M. T. C. 419, Mot. Truck Co. 453 18th F. A. 3rd Div. 20th CO, 20th Engr. M. D. 126th Inf. 32nd Div. Co. H, 139th Inf. 35th Div. Co. G, 306th Inf. 77th Div. CO. I, 126tlI Inf. 32nd Div. 69th M. D. lst Trench Mortar Bn. Co. C, 120tlI M. G. Bn. 32nd Div 220 F. S. Bn. 20th Div. Bat. B, 119th Fld. Art. 32nd Div. 337th Inf. 14th Engr'S. 119th F. A. 32nd, Div. Co. E, 128th Inf. 32nd Div. 6th Field Hosp. CO. C, 338th Inf. 85th Div. 4th Reg't. Marines 16th Inf. lst Div. 114tlI Inf. Band 29th Div. 236 Acro Sqd. 6th Reg't. U. S. Marines Co. L, 34th Engr. Co. B, l26tlI Inf. 32nd Div. 1 I 1 il:l lu'l iT t l 132 I-il-ln-an-yi -. - .-:---q,-1...:........5 ,Q E Federal Board Roll Organization NAME GRANT M. LANE MELX'IN LOUCH W. G. LENSEN CHESTER LEBERMAN ROBERT Mc NAB RHUNA MARVIN JAMES MC KENNA LAWRENCE MYRKLE EDWARD W. MINIER CLYDE MOEFIT VVILSON MARTIN J. P. MURPHY VVALTER MORTENSEN WALTER MEEUSEN EDXVARD MODERMAN R. J. MC CRIMMON D. I. MCCORMICK JOHN NICHOLS GEO. PARDEE JOHN QUARTERS NV. J. RADIO DANIEL M. Ross EVERETT RHINEHARDT SAMUEL RCYITMAN E. L. SHOWALTER R. S. SKROCH EDWIN STAHL HARXIEY SICARD GEO. ST. DENNIS GOULEEN SWANSON ARTHUR TEPI-'ER GLENN THOMAS BEN L. TOLLEESON GEO. TIMPANY ROB'T TRESSEL EARL D. TIMMONS RALPH THOMPSON WALTER W. THORINIAN WALTER THOMAS WM. TORREY LEO. J. WEIPERT ARNOLD A. WVASHBUSH CECIL NVATERS R. H. WEINE EDXVARD J. XNHYLIER CARL ZESSEN .. HOME ADDRESS Grand Rapids, Mich Chesaning, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Mt. Vernon, Ill. Paris, Mich. Cadillac, Mich, Sault Ste Marie Dowagiac, Mich. Big Rapids, Mich. Millbrook, Mich. Calumet, Mich. Chcboygan, Mich, Rodney, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Marion, Mich. Caseville, Mich. Big Rapids, Mich. Big Rapids, Mich. East Towas, Mich. Ironwood, Mich. Bad Axe, Mich. Chicago, I11. Tecumseh, Mich. Onekama, Mich. Appleton, VVis. Ann Arbor, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Manistee, Mich. Dayton, Ill. VValloOn Lake, Mich. Marshfield, VVis. Jamesville, 1rVis. Big Rapids, Mich. Hartford, Mich. South Haven, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Big Rapids, Mich. Reed City, Mich. Big Rapids, Mich. Fond du Lac, VVis. Owasso, Mich. Alpena, Mich. Owasso, Mich. South Haven, Mich. ' ORGANIZATION CO. F, 125th Inf. 32nd Div. 10th Squadron U. S. N. Aviation Com. 16th Rcg't lst Div. Co. I, M. T. C. M. R. S. Co. G, 125th Inf. 32nd Div. CO. I, 125th Inf. 32nd Div. 23rd Field Hosp. Co. D, 126th Inf. 32nd Div. CO. G, 38th Div. 56th San. Sqd. CO. C, 125th Inf. 32nd Div. 4th Inf. 3rd Div. Co. L, 126th Inf. 32nd Div. 7th Inf. 3rd Div. Co. I, 126th lnf. 32nd Div. Co. G, 109th Inf. 32nd Div. Co. I, 126th Inf. 18th Div. M. T. C. S. P. U. 538 Bat. A, 42nd F. A. CO. C, 18th Inf. 1st Div. 38th Inf. 3rd Div. 20th Fd. Art. Sth Div. Co. L, 1st Div. 26th Inf. Co. I, 16th Inf. lst Div. U. S. Navy Co. E, 126th Inf. 32nd Div. Co. D, 126th Inf. 32nd Div. Co. L, 125th Inf. 32nd Div. Reg'tl. Infm. 125th Inf. 32nd Div 332 M. G. Bn. 86th Div. Co. G, 28th Inf. lst Div. Co. A, 127th Inf. 32nd Div. CO. B, 127t'h Inf. 660 Aero Sqd. U. S. Navy 6th Reg't. U. S. Marines Co. A, 38th Inf. 3rd Div. M. T. C. CO. M. Co. Co. Co. Co. I, 126th Inf. 32nd Div. D. C. 2nd Army B, 150th M. G. Bn. 42nd Div M, 125th Inf. 32nd Div. 125th Inf. 32nd Div. F, M, 125th Inf. 32nd Div. 310th Engr. Emi.-. ..... .-V ---. .--.----T.. - . T . 3 EL L, ..---.......,-,..-............,..........................-.,...........f..................jI......-... L3 133 'HQ 41:- -as AP- ,-A ..Q .QL . .. Q..- sw .mf . .. --44 . . . .. .1 . . Y. XV. K Y. M. C. A. ' -w., - N.. --MQ. -wg -p. ,A-Q . wil na I "-'-'ir----Q-----Q--11-Q-l+ +1.- Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. Y. M. C. A. Y. NV. C. A. Pfesidffllf. - - . Wfayne VVardwell . . Lillian Romans Vice-President . . Gunnard Eliason . . Zora Hilderly Secretary . Joseph Benkert . . Mildred Marks Treasurer .... . Ivan Dennis . .Dorothy Koeppin The purpose of the Y. N. and Y. VV. organization is to promote Christian fellowship and co-operation among the students and to lead them to do Christian work. The student secretaries of both organizations, Miss Pierce of Chicago and Mr. Kelsey of Detroit, visited the Institute twice to help plan the work for the year. Students preparing for missions or the ministry were organized into the Life Worker's Council which worked as a part of the Y. M. The council organ- ized three Sunday Schools, held religious services at the jail, and served wher- ever called. In the Y. M. and Y. XV. Bible Class conducted during the year, the beauties of the Life of Christ were pictured to the members of the associations by Mr. I-Iarwood. in In November Mr. Hostetler represented the Institute organization at the Y. M. C. A. Conference in Chicago, and later, when the boys entertained the Y. W., he gave an interesting report. At Christmas time a box of "goodies', was sent by the two Y's to the Child- ren's Free Hospital in Detroit. On February 12th the Y. VV. entertained the Y. M. and gave the boys a very pleasant evening. Enthusiastic bi-weekly union meetings were held during the spring, the Y. W. and Y. M. alternately taking charge of such meeting. The programs consisted of readings, music, study of poetry, interesting talks and games. In April a series of evangelistic conferences were conducted by the Y. M. C. A. Splendid resultswere achieved. The Y. W. C. A. sent Misses Jennie Vis and Zora I-Iilderlyg the Y. M. C. A. sent Messrs. Gunnard Eliason, VVilliam Morford, and Joseph Benkert as dele- gates to the Student Volunteer Convention at Lansing. EQ:':.....g.......a-.g...a..,.g.----Q---+-'-"5"""m , 135 - 1 .,, 1 , l , , 1 1 1, ,A f1.,, X 1 S4 u ' , .Xl f . -FJ W . X ' ,gy , Q . , , , - .L -Y ' , 14 " 1 -5' r . 4 4 X ,V I ' '.w ' jpg a K ,. Qfl Tis" ""7Z'a . . ji ,Q .4 gf, L': f.':5 R 1 M- 5' -"'.ngv. ,L 112, - A., U .l A . - ,.. - ' 'ffrdi-f ' , U w A 1:4-ld' , . . 'fl 2 11 - 'Afw-1. ' '-4, 1 '. H- -7.-I , ., ,r , Y i . . . ,, 1.4 , - 3.- , 's , 'wx-4 -P- . N , Q - , , 2' Q, '1 ' '. ,L ' -V4 . f. :Vx "JH ' V, ' '. 1. ,f. HV' f , " ' Lf ' 5 'A ',' , 1.. , g 1 - ,psf .rf N f. My N V J' n' I 'ma ' 1 j X ' Eur. 'Y Af " fx .M 5 . 4 1 -4. 4 Ji wif." 1.4 4 vin' ., . 1 A. .. ri ws., N , f "t'1'w,.1wI4' . L. . 4-X r ' Pr V .4 M, 5 wi f ' 4 , fjif' , " n' ' ' ll V 1,, . 4 f.'.'!l'5.g,.4 ' ,aw ,J ,. I- , f 1 f 1 ' ' -1 Mia ,fl ,iw . .,' . ' . luv : .wr ,V "r V D, all ., In wfvm. f"-QL 3,14 'Q V -. - .Ht N - 'L ,un ul, ' ,- r. --k J n 1 , 5 A - " r y . . 4 . 1- . , , ' - , r- f- sf - I K . -1 ,tv f , 1 ' f : ffr L , J fx I -f-' ' -Af.. fiwtw 4 'I -f I , ',fA,'1'w,,v , . :H A xi - . .-ESQ., 1 A 221, . L 5, , ' 'X 'a . Lf, -- 9 'fn '4f.,'z V '. I I4 it J. 44 q f ' I ' 1' -Q-'yy 1 6-1 1i"f,I, .cl hula, if f 1- , Van' III -1. ,.. 'I 1 , X 4 a 1 A yr .4 4,4 Q V x .w

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