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,iv F . L- 1 M 7- an if if F" 'H .1 iv 9' rg .Q o 4 I , u' s . I uf 1966 YELLUWJACICET Presented by The Yellowjacket Annual Staff Ferris High School Ferris, Texas Contents 'Q Pax I m I 3 I I Y 5 AV' DPW 1 G Foreword Dedication Administration Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Favorites Organizations Athletics Junior High Elementary Advertisers Dedication We, the Ferris Annual Staff of the 1966 Yellowjacket, are honored and privileged to dedicate our yearbook to Miss Juanita Spinks. Throughout the years, she has given unselfishly of her time and energy as she has faithfully served as Annual Adviser. The countless hours she has spent helping others are too numerous to mention and her ability to inspire others is never-to-be forgotten. Her untiring efforts, loyal devotion, and encouragement for all will forever leave a memory of a wonderful teacher and person. For these reasons and numerous others, we affectionately dedicate our Yearbook to you, Miss Spinks. sa 1 ul ii hz w - "K-' I ' 1 "Lk P55111 Foreword The 1966 YELLOWJACKET steps forward to give you a timely and memorable account of your classmates, teachers, activities, personalities, and achievements during this school year 1965-1966. When those who follow us walk in our shoes, we hope this YEARBOOK will be- come for you a treasured record of past experiences. THE YELLOWIACKET ANNUAL STAFF ADMINISTRATION PRE SID EN T: FRANK K ELLEY Board of Education in Action E OFFICERS: JOE CHAPMAN - SECRETARY, FRANK BOARD MEM- BERS take a break during one of their meetings. KELLEY - PRESIDENT, FLOYD COLLINS - SUPER- INTENDENT, AND DR. BEN STEIN - VICE PRESI- DENT. Typical action of a monthly business meeting. Mr. Floyd M. Collins Superintendent Mrs. Pat Riley School Secretary The faculty of this school has taught you all we possibly can. 'We used the latest books available, but life and prog- ress are moving at such a great pace that before you can become adjusted, one- half of the things you know will become obsolete or untrue. Unfortunately, we cannot say which half. The common rn-an of 'today was the crusader of yes- terday. You must not terminate your learning process with the closing of school, but strive each day to keep abreast of this constantly changing world. ,441-fn,-1.,f!9y,9 Howard McMillan High School Principal Messages to Students Your education is just beginning. It is a process which will continue throughout your life. Choose wisely in the decisions you make, for each one will help fashion your most priceless possession, your character. . 9' , 3, 7i79'Qfj...f f-:Byars Hazel Ingram ' Elementary Principal FACULTY O ,ff .4-.W ! MISS JUANITA SPINKS Home Economics Rosenell showing her homemade movie to Karen and Sandra as one of various ways to relate stories to children. Agriculture Winners all! Henry Witherspoon and Steve Childers exhibit their prize winning lambs at the FFA Project Show, MR. M. S. HAMMACK Spanish MRS. MILDRED PUNDT Translation in Spanish II must have really been hilarious today! Mrs. Pundt is busy not only with this Spanish class, but with a first year group, also. In addition she teaches Senior English. MISS ELOISE JOHNSTON English Miss Johnston provides these Eighth Grade students with excellent background for high school English. She also teaches three high school sections of English. English is an experience in awareness, it teaches one to communicate with his fellow man, Business Education X MRS. IRENE POLLAN Students who take Shorthand learn the many phases of dictation and transcribing. The basic fundamentals of business may be accomplished by successful completion of Mrs. Pollan's other courses which are Typing, Bookkeeping and Office Practice. ,. V Q History Danny Moya, Clifford Sjolander, Ann Collins, Billy Van James, and Michael Jackson are making present history while studying past history under the guidance of Mr. Byler. MR. DON BYLER Chemistry-Biolog MR. ES TEL NICHOLSON Mr. Nicholson is new to our school this year, but he has done much to help us in our understanding of science. Ronnie and Debbie are engrossed in separating hydrogen peroxide from a precipitate by use of filter paper. General Science General Science students learn the basic principles of physics and gain knowledge in the general field of science. This course is usually taken to prepare one for more advanced courses in high school. MR. HORACE THOMPSON MR. WILLIAM MOORE Art In Art one learns to appreciate the beauty of lines, colors, and the rhythm of forms. Students experience an inner peace and feel- ing of personal accomplishment through the concentration and quiet of sketching. Mathematics Mathematics is a course one should take to broaden their under- standing of the shape of the world and how it can expand from day to day. 'E --..., K MR. LYLE BRYAN L Physical Education Under the leadership of Coach Cooper, boys and girls have benefitted greatly from physical fitness courses, Here we see Philip Epps and Ted Pearce in a shoulder stand. Band MR. DARRELL COOPER MR. CHARLES FORD Band affords an outlet for the pent-up energies of young adults in Ferris High, A certain amount of physical fitness is just one of the fringe benefits in this course. The band, under the direc- tion of Mr. Ford, was an integral part of the spirit displayed this year, Counmdhng MR. HAROLD PRY OR Ijbrary A great amount of school work requires research, and Mrs. Noble is always willing to help students who are in search of a particular book, like Brenda Johnny, Paul David, Mark, and other students are taking achievement tests given by Mr. Pryor, our Counselor. may IEE MRS. FAYE N OBLE E 1 uf 1, 4' will MISS HAZEL INGRAM Six Grade Math Miss Ingram illustrates a new math problem to , ' Patricia and Diane. Elghth Grad? MMF' Social Studies, G1r1's P.E MRS. THOMPSON 3rd Gra S Mrs. Thompson looks on as her class gets ready to MRS. FLORENCE WADE lst Grade display their Easter finery. Interested onlooker concentrates as Mrs. Wade is showing one of her pupils a math problem. S., 5 ,sm MRS. MARY LAND Special Education Mrs. Land opens the door of knowledge for her Special Edu- cation Class. , ,s,,,,,. , ..n,L m,,..r,M MRS. LUCIEL BATTON Mrs. Batton's children are taking time out after completing their bulletin board for the month, Miss Edna Ford illustrates the art of coloring and drawing numbers. Fourth Grade, Girl's P. E MISS EDNA FORD First Grade 1 x 4 an .f.-.U 4 - 1 , if a MISS LOLA FORD Third Grade The Third Grade Class is enjoying an Easter Egg hunt while taking time out for refreshments. MRS. MATTIE LOU JAMES ' 'Fifth Grade MRS. DOROTHY MCDANIEL Fifth Grade Mrs. James is demonstrating a scientific experiment to her students. Greg and Edith are two of the Fifth Grade favorites .. . ' an 21' I V MRS. MAE POLLAN S d G d econ ra 6 Experienced teachers such as Mrs. Pollan have no trouble holding second graders attention. Three Easter egg hunters with hopes to find the big- gest egg! N s I R init , if .. , ,, s,.,,f.,, .bw ., A, fa K 3 ,t, Z.,-"' ,Mt was-,-im-f S it f Vg EL s , i- s to , Vx K -Q 3, K ,.., 'Z ' 1' if 3 Q: af' i V 4 V r f .14"' , f'vQ.:1f+' S r 5 1 , Q ',-- ' I s i 4 ' ,,,5s"1Q?'v t.. A f. gr. , AHA-45, ,,,. ,MI , f t I . f 1 - .' "' ' r . , K 1 Q .1 Tag . . ' Qs. A .Xe. - ' r s ' X f it xslt it sl - " -' 13 ' at W F A 7. 'A ,-is 'M t--:KZ 4, :ng ipnkit sx ' . - X A K ,sy ft-'i i i fi' f 4 - - 4' ' 1 ' ' W i it , Fourth Grade ' . OFILIA GOMEZ. Se 0 d Grade The smiling faces of this class mean full Easter baskets MRS . C n and a successful hunt. If "' ' fo vs V . 1 W., -.., sw vw A-mf Senior Favorites Linda Slayton and Steve Childers Senior Officers John Hammack, President Steve Childers, Vice President Linda Slayton, Secretary Charlotte Brock, Treasurer Gloria Beck, Reporter Class Sponsors: Mrs. Irene Pollan Coach Darrell Cooper LINDA SLAYTON "A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. " Cheerleader 1-4, Head 4, National Honor Society 2-4, Basketball 1-4, James Orr Award 3, Girl's State Citizen 3 KEN NY BROOK S "Do unto others as they do unto you." FFA 1-3, Football Mgr. 1, Art 4 GLORIA BECK "If God is for you: who can be against ll Band 1-4, Majorette 2-3, Drum Maj. 4, National Honor Society 2-4, Basketball 1-4, Captain 2-4, All District 4, Band Sweetheart 4 GLEN FARRAR "Learn by your mistakes and those of others. " FFA 2-4 Jacket Journal Staff 4 CINDY JONES "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature. " Cheerleader 4, Spanish Club 3-4, Basketball 2, Junior Play, Senior Play, Most Beautiful 3, FHA 1-4, Officer 3 BILL C. GLEESON "Live well, laugh often, and love much. " Band 1-4, Captain 3-4, Boy's State Citizen 3, Junior Play, FFA 1-4, Attorney General's Youth Conferenc BILLY C HA FFIN "Play now and work later. " Football 2, Basketball 2-4, Captain 4, Band 3, Jacket Journal Art Editor 4, FFA 1-3 C3 DONNA OVALLA TATE "1t pays to go around in circles, when they are circles of friends. " Band 1-4, Student Director 2, Basket- ball 2, Junior Play, Latin Club 2-3, Secretary 3 CHARLOTTE BROCK "lt is in spending oneself that one be- comes rich, " National Honor Society 2-4, Student Council 2, Sec. 4, Cheerleader 3-4, Miss FHS 4, Best Personality 4 it ., kr MAYLEEN GREGORY "Advice is what you take for a cold. " Art Club, Sec-Treas. 4, Best Dressed 4, Most Beautiful Nominee 4, Western Queen, FHA Member JOHN HAMMACK "Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. " Class President 2, 4, Student Council 3-4, FFA State Degree 3, Junior and Senior Plays, FFA Area 8, Vice-Presi dent 4 BILLY VAN JAMES "Actions speak louder than words, " Football 1-4, Capt. 4, Letterman 2-4, National Honor Society 2-4, Student Council 2-4, Officer 3,4, Basketball 1-4, Letterman 1-4, Class Officer 1-3 DEBBIE BIRDWELL "It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all, " Office Assistant 2-4, Librarian il, Bas- ketball 1-2, Class Reporter 2, Art Club 4 CARROLL COTTONGAME ll FFA 1-3, Junior Play, Basketball 4, Senior Play STEVE CHILDERS "Live and learn, " FFA 1-4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Junior Play, Senior Class Vice-Pres. , FHA Beau 4 DENNIS VANDYGRIFF "I use not only all the brains I have, but all I can borrow. " FFA 1-3, Football 1-8, Track 1, Junior Play, Senior Play SHERRY ALLRED "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature. " Basketball 1-4, Flagbearer 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Band 2-4, Junior Play GAYLE JONES "Accept the bad things in life along with the good. " Basketball 1-4, Captain 4, Latin Club 2-3, Reporter 3, Junior Play, FHA 1-4, Band 1-4, Majorette 4 .id LOYD BOWLING, JR. "Give it all you've got. " Arr Club 3-4, FFA 3 TROY W OODRU FF "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. " Junior Play, Band 3-4, FFA 2-3 JACKIE JONES "Happiness is the key to any successful life! " Future Homemakers of America, Secone Vice President 4, Junior Play 5 W, 'ww' RONNIE WITHERSPOON "Get the most out of life that you possibly can, " Football 1-4, Capt, 4, All-Dist. 4, James Orr Award 3, National Honor Society 2-4, Pres, 3, Student Council 3-4, Pres, 4, Class Favorite 1-3 The Senior Class President, John Hammack was the Master of Ceremonies for the Senior Day Program. Seniors traveling to ETSU for Career Day. 'lu-swan Dennis, Billy Van, Loyd, and Troy strolling on the campus of ETSU. 'R'--m..,,,,w......,....i Mayleen received 1st place in the Talent Contest I ' by singing a med- mg slght! H A Sleepwalking ghost is a terrify- ley of songs. "Really, Dennis it isn't all that bad, is it?" Lucifer and his companion go happily on their way with the help of Lucifer's pitchfork in hand. Gloria is about to make Ronnie come to his senses. .. X -- ..."- I fl-A-.1 -- ,NL 5 U 40 ,, -.." fy, .X ,, I Q f X Q , .. A g 4 Fifi ' ' ' - , A .. Y . w i Ai -f:f':,Px2fEi il if g suit: -w,-iw --" 1-1 j- - gs gi! 4 x Hi i w--' ' x .Q-4" .1 Nw Ks , X, 3: , xi Sm :,.:.,.,-...it-, 1 l N K ' gm sw QX4: 5 fx? L A,g, , H ,Q 'N Hey Debbie! Billy wants to tell you something. " By the expression on Coach Cooper's face, he thoroughly enJoyed his food after being on a diet. "What do you think about the favors, Mrs, Po11an?" Y Y I Senior Progressive Dinner W , K ,sw , fee! , sr ,V . f , J y . , , K E , , kia! H Charlotte, Gayle, and Donna talk of the memories of their last year at Fer- ris High. Junior Favorites Sally COX and Billy McCarty Junior Officers Richard Cook, President Ted Pearce, lst Vice Pres, Shirley Sparkman, 2nd Vice Pres. Vonda Chandler, Secretary Sylvia Fulton, Treasurer Gary Witherspoon, Reporter Sponsors: Mrs. Mildred Pundt Mr. Don Byler Brian Brignon Vonda Chandler Tommie Lea enjoying a coke during the break! Paul Ray Davis Ted Pearce Philip Epps Clifford Sjolander Mike Nunn Richard Cook Shirley Sparkman Tommy Witherspoon Howard Wickliffe DOHM Little Allen Usrey Lupe Arrambide Tommie Lea Nichols Darrell Sorrells Carolyn Wade Gary Witherspoon Wayne Gaddis Mary Kay Costello Sylvia Fulton Danny Moya Everett West Arm Collins Billy McCarty Judy Childers sally Cox Jimmy Julin With the arrival of Keith and Harvey, played by Ted Pearce and Gary Witherspoon, the girls felt much more at ease. Boy! were they sur- prised. Juniors Present "No Boys Allowed" Jimmy and Philip made aw- fully healthy girls, and well, Ted was just all tied up! March 24 Victoria, the Baxter's household maid, played by Ann Collins, had a hard time convincing everyone there were ghosts in the house! As Mr, Midnight tries to escape, all of the charac ters form a line and are being electrocutedl :.,.q-4 ...MQ V+ .. i. Lx f ., vw, 'I fn 1 1' 'fiw f' -- f fs 4 an ' f X1 7 v f 33 , f w ., 1 N35 A f 4 1 f Ex. -1 'N-, 1 "The Artists of the Year - 1966 --- Gary and Tommie artistically doing the posters for the Junior Play. " "Who said Mrs, Pundt could not ride the donkey?" "Quack, Quack! At least they look like ducks, Guess who is going to ride them next?" "Mary Kay is not performing on the real, live donkey. What is that conveyance called?" "Is it Siesta Time, or is Clifford dreaming of a White Christmas?" -1-...,,,x i J Soph Favorites Betty Jane Pollan and Bruce Dickerson Sophomore Officers Tommy James, President Kay Epps, Vice President Estella Lemon, Secretary Eddie Kay, Treasurer Betty Jane Pollan, Reporter Sergeants at Arms: John Riley Paul David Bell Sponsor: Miss Eloise Johnston Bruce Dickerson Gaylon Hamm Estelle Lemon Paul Allen Tate Carmen Dougherty Clark Shaw Tommy James Gary Fowler Charmaine Rodgers John Riley Larry Cook Benny Whitley Virginia Wickliffe Sophomore Paul David Bell Kay Collins Johnny Julin Brenda Pugh Victor Aguilar Maria Cortez Mike Jackson Ray Briggs Barbara Butler David Wade Betty Jane Pollan Terry Turner Keith Witherspoon Pat Kelley Aurora Salas Cecil Hill Eddie Kay Karen Hamm Billy Mahaffey Kay Epps ,Timmy Hutchins Carolyn Cox Johnny Hunsucker Dale Mosley Barbara Iv1cBrannon Benson Webb Class of fp . 5, Sophomore boys de11ver1ng g1fts at the I-hgh School f' MQ A 11 6 V, 5.w+2h "W" M' fd ,rf Fish Favorites Karen McElhaney Donna Birdwell and Jim Kay Freshman Officers Jim Kay, President Roland Green, Vice Presi- dent Debbie Brannon, Secretary Deborah Corley, Treasurer Sandra Stein, Reporter Sponsors: Miss Juanita Spinks Mr. Horace Thompson Janice Penney Lynn Darling Dennis Turner Jerry Butler Mark Rice Shirley Deihl Melba Plunkett Isidro Arrambide Manuel Gonzalez Thomas Riley Arsenic Escobar Ruthie Nash Xysk 'QM' ww Freshman Debbie Brannon Richard Gaddis Henry Witherspoon Mike Petton Sandra Stein Rosenell Duff Deborah Corley Larry Davis Robert Murff Rolin Green Mike Bruzzese Donna Birdwell Wanda Fennell Jim Kay Karen McE1haney Jeff Moyers Ricky Jackson Juanita Jordan Billie Fennell Steve Nalley Glenn Hobbs Larral Jones Linda Hamm Roel Trevino Class UPPY ,fo wow I? L Q -9 if 'W 'f 1' Brenda Blake Roger Adams Gloria Silvers Joe Smith Stephen Jay Donnie McDowell Allyson Wallace "Watch it Joe, You are sampling Janice and Linda's muffins. " Can you name the eight Freshman boys who are clowning for the Photographer? J Jerry and Robert enjoying the "COKE" Break, while Steve clowns for the photographer These 9th grade boys and girls are waiting to have pictures made for the Annual, Ruthie, Rosenell, Linda, and Donna sample the food prepared during a demonstration, It was good! Karen's talent, as she per- forms during the FHA Initi- ation, "Out of the halls. " These are a few of the male speci- mens of the Freshman Class as they wait at bell to ring. noon for the Juanita and Rosenell cleaning after the Christmas partyz a job for all "Fish" and made difficult by the upper Classmen. it ii ' rui f 2 f rrirr at it i v 1 ii, V i ,, , s s ,',,,ffEi, ,,f!'2fQf,w Y 3-'HZ fi 3 I 'git 'Eg 69' 'YQ K A nfl, K or "Cleaning house isn't that bad, Billy!" R315 M-.,,,, , J H Student Council Candidates nervously waiting to be intro- duced by Ronnie if Future Janitors of America? This is their in- ternship on Clean Up Day "sing Coach, it's Christ- mas time!" ,pg "Agents DOUBLE - O - CHEERLEADERS Reporting! " "lt might be CLEAN -UP DAY, but Kay and Ronnie thinks it fun. " WWWW hi 71 The Ferris High "Gun Slingers" have persuaded "Pancho" Wade to join their leader, Paul Ray, tmmwa T ""t ih Western Day 5 Cheered on by his buddies, Ronnie won the Pie-Eating Championship from Odie, Some are down, some are up, and some are neither up or down in this SACK RACE, Who's the winner, Paul Ray or Everett? You guess, Ankle to Ankle Race with the Cow Pokes win- ning over the Cow Gals, John, Tommie, and others are urging Brenda on to VICTORY as being the "Greatest Double-Bubble B1ower" of Ferris High. These are three of the speakers attending the lunch- COD., --..,, Career Day Gayle, Brenda, Kay, Donna, Estella, Maria, and Debbie can imagine the exciting life of a model. The speaker from North Texas seems to have captured the attention of these Freshman and Sophomore girls. ...ur J These boys and girls seem extremely captivated by the class they are attending. Larry, Paul David, Bruce, and Everett learn much as they listen to the Agricultural lecture, Some of the speakers enjoying a luncheon prepared by the P, T. A. members. NP Glorra and Juanita caught in the act of cleaning lockers. Having FUN snowballing someone else. Helping Linda with Annual layouts are Kay Collins, Gloria and Kay Epps. OFFICE STUDENTS are: Linda Slayton, Deborah Corley, Barbara Butler, Karen Hamm, Mayleen Gregory, Sylvia Fulton, Donna Birdwell, Kathy Murdock, Sherry Allred, Gloria Beck, and Debbie Birdwell. ,gm-U, ,.w...,....,, -. MLMMQL -- ,M .. Q ix. Wayne- and Carrol filtering chemicals in Chemistry Class. "Come on. Let's play ball. " a 'Q '51, f ff, . ' Eg :J :...'w ' 15 7 F A, .. at 6 g- ,..t . sq"f!s. A WA C, ' H f - -was -f1.i,iM3 i ' v- 1 5 1 5,1 Wir f4 . NLT:-gl?" wr "? 'S.'. , 5 f igs. 155. l I . ' ,5 Eg?1?QfQiff?,4Eiff..Q.... ' .sl 25 . , H -:,,m ,,i,- fr ,VN .. - f -+1-5 may ' . L F ,,,, ..,, , is f 'H .. :aw-.f,,.,.,q,5,M W Q . -:,2:21,' gf g."'nf A V it -w,.rN.t1,, , aft..-4vz. ,?w..,,,., -. ef-:,Q,, f--, A ., - 'iff- ix, A, -arg? " L . 1 ?5i " 'f1r . " 'M '-:EQ:,f.s.x3 +L, 111:-fm: '.'i'f:2nF K 1 'F 5 ' iiigif I4-1 1, fu ::f'fs-avi! W L rf Suhr Y . 'iii' Jfffiik '-: ,"I,:.g,'EtIg55iPl'1ffLrJf3: 5 " 5 if:-'- ,::,.-5' S' 'ff 'PPE-11 -. Z'-5-its-Eisiiiff '-fTf-5,5?:'L im ! 5: 9'-.'sf2:l 1,, ,fr . . fri 1 .tr - ,, . 1:-Hs:':S5!e1H:e:::,sfef:s-2- Custodians: Mr. Fayne Hamm is in charge of maintenance. Mr. Floyd Witherspoon Mr. Edward Hutchins IN APPRECIATION OF OUR OTHER SCHOOL PERSONNEL " fs -5-Qui Xi ' .. 1 E! .ff Hn 3, sk J ' , , . LS' ' - ,i f w fr, 33569 , ..-fx , ., V Q' ,f mrf krxgt , gl, 1 . H , ' gl : Q 1 - ' 'f e' . G, f"' , .. . , i 'Ui ' .- 313, - f . V V: . . 5,4 M M us' if 5.531- - Rf? 3. T : s ,H ,, ' ' -i ' 'W ' . , ,..., . , , . ,f r . .m,5,., Z K K ' " Bus Drivers: Jeff Tate, Jesus Garza, George Cassidy, Fayne Hamm, and M. C. Flippen Lunchroom Workers: Mrs, Ima Beck, Qin charge of lunchroomj, Addie Gul- lick, Betty Penny, Opal Murphy, and Daphine Savell Mr. FHS RONNIE WITHERSPOON Miss FHS CHARLOTTE BROCK Most Beautiful BRENDA PUGH Selected by The John Robert Powers School of Modeling Most Handsome RICK JACK SON Selected by The John Robert Powers School of Modeling Wittiest Betty Jane Pollan Brian Brignon Best Personality Charlotte Brock Ronnie Witherspoon Best . Dressed Mayleen Gregory Billy Van James 1 I , W x 12195: tw- .N -....-M fmt, i Best Citizen Linda Slayton Ronnie Witherspoon Wh0's Who Girls State Boys State Linda Slayton Bill Gleeson Valedictorian Linda Slayton Salutatorian Charlotte Brock F. F.A. OFFICIALS AT NATIONAL F. F. A. CONVENTION 1965-1966 ' Left to Right: STEVE CHILDERS ---- - President FERRIS F. F. A. Chapter JOHN I-IAMMACK ----- Vice-President AREA VIII F. F. A. KENNETH KENNEDY- - - President NATIONAL F. F. A. KENNETH GRAEBER- - - - President TEXAS F. F. A. District F.F.A. Secretary TOMMIE WITHERSPOON District I, Area VIII F.I'I.A. President Mary Kay Costello 2 Betty Crocker Homemaking Award Charlotte Brock Martin Scholarship Award Bill Gleeson In Memory of MR. VIRGIL MARTIN D CA. R I Linda Slayton James Orr Award Sylvia Ray Fulton If :fit James Orr Award Billy Van James A , r za ra gg 'VN . Eg rr 1 FN' P I Wigs, I JOHN HAMMACK "I Dare You" Award M. ER A A P WLS? X +121 'fL. r ,, ' .f fi GLORIA BECK "1 Dare You" Award Most Athletic Girl Award if E 3 RONNIE WITHERSPOON Most Athletic Boy Award i N.-.f BILL GLEESON Band Award Annual Award 1 MAYLENE GREGORY Art Award . ,, ., N A 'ti "W , N 1 ' , N S , ,Z f Qs ,flg1rsg.w3gQ, , X , 5 Q' ,rm ' r an rv'ws-1,Jrwlk,sxmzwtiwggfrvwv ' , .ar wR,,.W,. vgtw y, wjsng xx! K. K M W if V15 15 Vii5Vf55i5iE,12Ef" 5iY"Ef 3se:2?E.:w1'M :Wi 14:51 'K P' 'ii - , Ya. . 'R f 5' 1 "ffw151fGf- ' W A - .Q . of 5,111--az-n.szev m::f.5:11,...: W 4, fr F, 'QQ 1 12:,ig'Qxfl ,sffiilvl in .r M? 13. 1,5 ,Q ' ,f Q .. ,V ., ,,4....- . ,X .. 1 an fa 4 ' r ' Li ,L fy 'K 3 I MX . ,r .,g,,,1,153 ir wzfiiiivlek A' 3Q3Xl'1'fl1. Q i winzfav . r ' 'ggeieeqf' ci - f v1Q z.3,1 . H A-159' R ' Sf iw , . . 1 K' ar r , 2 . ,xl ' x K ,' H 1 AY Sa K 2' ., , ,A ff' . V ff! s r 1 X . . 1 i C H r 'Q E, V5,x54,1r 5 - A 1, A , l U 2 'I .'1'f.1i. 5 , , . .,. ii - 1 5 'rl' .I gi i - X l . f 3 ,l. i .M s img ' iff - nw '- Q gif dai! -, 5 rr L,,:, , - wr -gfefw vg: 52 1 v t A QS' -ass . -1 fr i , , A CHARLOTTE BROCK American History Award Chemistry Award Bookkeeping Award LINDA SLAYTON English IV Award Hornemaking IV Award Government Award TOMMY WITHERSPOON A riculture III Award a I .-.......,... , CAROLYN WADE Shorthand Award Spanish II Award LUPE ARRAMBIDE I-Iomemaking II Award Art Award . ,I mg' Z W Sr Ez' -- 21,, I ,, -fg :rin I sf ANN COLLINS Algebra II Award English II Award MARY KAY COSTELLO Homemaking III Award KAY EPPS English II Award sf., W V BETTY JANE POLLAN Spanish I Award World History Award TERRY TURNER Agriculture II Award law., . isp. rg: iilllnqv ' fi' . , L.. Q.. . . f,-- is fd fi- , .i fig ,Je xffft--12-sa,,:x,zH "'L L' ' EDDIE KAY English II Award BENNY WHITLEY Plane Geometry Award VIRGINIA WICKL1 FFE Biology Award Art Award JEFF MOYERS English I Award Typing Award RICHARD GADDIS Related Math Award ROLIN GREEN English I Award Agriculture I Award General Science Award Q l' 14 tg!! 5 Iggy, ggmj 1,,5 p 25365 I win 2312 1,352 1"1z',,L511',1 fll -if ,, xl I I 11- z v 1 1-W 1j,1ar1,1 EQ!! ef 1113 I2 'ff 14 21153311111 'I '15'1"'1d E' I ' 4 W 2, Q syiiif 1' Auf ivfffliv M? 1.51 11 1 111 1 4' .15 1Kj?g,1,11l511u', ,1 11. I ,BW 5 BK bE'n1'31'.i ' V N . 'liifli 'fif1i5?1sff111!12f si. 1, , 1. 1-Tfli 1 -- 2ffii!Eiff11f . ,,,. 1 DEBORAH CORLEY Homemaking I Award DENNIS TURNER Art Award 1- -M tl ,114-L bla gil!! E 1ll i3F51fi1uE51W LglfQ11"'11 1131! 4 J.. .53-Q 14 wwf 1 ,111?111z5?iSF MF M' ,I Q, 111 1 f1v11,11 1,1 1 111, Yi 115 'i H'9'01ia 'W' S ""'e15',E"11H1111 4 M 1111111, 11,, 1 1f11"1 ,i 1 ai air x ,E , 1 'A' , 3 'X I 1 F I g,1l31511,E m5z'lj!H5g"'5'5115!ff1 I , 5"11i?'?r 1.111111 H, 11641, 11 ll wil ,,3..1e1'11s1 1a gg ,M 1 12 3 i 545 hh "1?f'1' 5 1 ,ZE j V V S A ,A frrrr -1 1:g11g1f' 412 ,.. 111,-111.11151 1- 1-21 I 1: - 4" -' , - .rV,, iiie I ' 1 Jrn I , reerr ri'X 5 i'if:i -frr , 41:1 '1 ,iw 5 1, S' 15' 1 w ffl ' . ,1 1 , t?si11f:fffI11-W - 1'1 I Eflff iififeffff f11a,1iif11f-"iff ,.j , 51511gf11g'?21e1f1gg1z1f15S11g1'- :g1y1??11z,, 1e11"?' 'Wir 1' ' " -IF'f?.f f' 2 122 l 232211.11112 212511, ,,:11w. . H .,,,. 1111111 W, 3:1 'am 11211111iggregifilfiiihlf.122311511152121QESQAZ1-f11ii5f??155zI'2122? rev ffizsrui , aw. -11. 1L?lya2,gQ,gDifi'-"135F:'fW ,7':'5.1"' 'fj?i'2i' ,- ' L :Zim V :fg73.1.114,k --'Hz' Ek? f' E, 17, '1 11 1' '11, 1-11121116111111-12'1sefa1f1-,,1:f11rfs 1111-f11a1:s,ff'1wIsw1.21-2511-ef 11-f1B11f2f1.11,11d11121111- M5111 ff .!5l!f , 1 z I .rw 'HAM' , 411112 1 Z2wIffs:f'f,7-Hwy" QP VTL V25 L-'fin' V ju, .L , V ? 1 ,1 -, "2 i1 mf' Efgfmf nl: 2',1 V' ' 1 .lim I ' - 'Ima' 1, l, 5 'f fs i12'15.1'L21?ff 'V '25 " W' 1' , 1 ,. 1 1 5 . . V Q: gf ' , A 1 . " 1. iplrfgi'-91111 .1 f 1 Q2 , 'f QU- 1 . fi, mf. 155 1',, ,. 1 "' .21 I 1 ' , - EVS1fi?Ef ?f!fEj V' ?1,'7"" 1 1-'Zwf e ' 3 1, 31, 4, Q 5 ., ff' 2f11ufg5511,11f1:9!f111 1f,1111g!5f111?f'!5 W 111121111 s I fi 4 V 1 1, 5, x .1 4 3 1s1,11'15,11'fi15,111 11,1113-'11x-"1,111, 1 ,1 21 . 1 ,ut 1. , 1 ' 1- 1: " 1 11 '11 1 fi' Q 4is 1 1 r 1 1 11 ,, , ,11 11 l,.1!,,"11 f. 11 11 'FZ Y 13' 1' 45' 11 , 1: E 5 , 3 -1' 'Q 1 11 " 15 11 1, 1, it 3 i 11, ,, 1- 111, 1 19 1il1g". 11' 1 1 ,1 1 1 , 'J 351.53 51,1 155 -' .,11- '11 13-f1'11f1f51:f1s24,1g'111g 1 1 -'14 'J gif H2111 111i1Si f"1 1 2 12' 1 Q a 3' T2 11 RODGER ADAMS Algebra I Award T , , ,,,,, 7 I Student Council Meeting called by President Ronnie Witherspoon. tudent Council Student Council candidates are eagerly and anxiously waiting to give their speeches for a 1967 Student Council office. 1966 Student Council Members: BACK ROW - Mr. McMillan, Advisor: Donna Birdwell, John Hammack, Richard Cook, Terry Turner, Mike Bruzzese, Linda Slayton. 2nd ROW: Sylvia Fulton, Kenny Kay, Linda Cox, Debbie Burns, Sammy Nash. SEATED: President, Ronnie Witherspoon, Vice-Pres. Billy Van James, Secretary, Charlotte Brock, Treasurer, Tommie Witherspoon. ' T 1 - . zillyz . v A ,..rzz12-22111-rw - i 1: . 5 1 - t,-', -'r,., 7 A 1 Bi l riilihi51.JELQYQXQ'iiVi4Ea?!iH1iSEl'KtiHsE5'4"""l'!24"'f7'' """ Wi During a Dinner Meeting at El Fenix, Johnnie, Gary, Jeff, and Donna are enjoying the Latin music by the Mexi- can Charos. OFFICERS: Ted Pearce, Transportation , Chairman: Ronnie Witherspoon, P. A. S. F. Chairman: Billy Van James, 2nd Vice- Pres,V: Charlotte Brock, Sec.: Carolyn Wade, Treas,: Shirley Sparkman, lst Vice-Pres.: Cindy Jones, Program Chairman. Los Vecinos Panami-zricanos Los Vecinos Pan Americanos is an organization which is affiliated with Pan Mrs. Mildred Pundt - Advisor American Student Forums of the Southwest whose purpose is to generate good will among the students of our hemisphere. Kas M335 X . Q 1 r ,is i,,..,Wm.,, it . Ferris Band CORNETS AND TRUMPETS: Henry Witherspoon, Eddie Kay, David Griffin, Kenneth Kay, Jim Kay, Clinton Bird- well, Gene Skinner, Harold Tate, Terry Turner, Rudy Edwards, Gaylon Hamm, Paul Tate, Richard Miller, Larry Case, Donna Tate, Stephen Jay, FLUTES: Sylvia Fulton, Anne Graham, Linda Cox, Gayle Jones, Alyson Wallace, TROMBONES: John Riley, Vernon Witherspoon, Urbin McKeever. BARITONE HORNS: Jack Cook, Joe Smith. BASSES: Bill Gleeson, Stephen Nalley, Mike Bruzzese. OBOE: Mark Bruzzese. TYMPANI: Gloria Beck. SAXO- PHONES: Donna Birdwell, Douglas Weatherford, Brenda Pugh, Diane Woodruff, Larry Cook, FRENCH HORNS: Georgia Pollan, Betty J. Pollan. ALTO HORN: Jeff Savell. BELL LYRES: Ann Collins, Brenda Jeffers, Cindy Mont- gomery. CLARINETS: Kay Epps, Mary Kay Costello, Kathy Kelley, Debbie Brannon, Sandra Stein, Libby Friery, Connie Edwards, Jackie Sparkrnan, Judy Kannady, Bobbie Jo Purcell, Judy Parrott, Brenda Nalley, BASS CLARINETS: Karen McElhaney, Susan Julin. SNARE DRUMS: Rosenell Duff, Sherry Allred, Leda Childers, Kay Collins, Kathy Murdock. BASS DRUM: Par Keeley. Band Ufficers Mr. Charles Ford BAND DIRECTOR L Band Sweetheart Gloria Beck GLORIA BECK DRUM MAJOR Senior i " Bill Gleeson, Student Band Director, escorting Gloria from field after being crowned. Flag Bearers Carolyn Wade, Sherry Allred, and Debbie Brannon, , l 'lf f 11 51 D grill , 1 gill ga ,ill ' an H45 Bill, Joe, Mary Kay, and Henry providing music for the High School Christmas Party, fav, ,, I PERCUSSION, I DRUMMERS I and TYMPANI 1 liil BILL GLEESON STUDENT DIRECTOR , uf y a ' A 254522121 The WOODWIND SECTION Debbie practicing for perfection. The UPPER BRASS SECTION SECTION "f GAY Lr. Jw- Senior FEATURE TWIRLER SYLVIA RAY FULTON v-u'V"'1fV WADE Junior mmol' O Maj orettes Drum Maj or GLORIA BECK Senior Y mm POLLAN BETT Sophomoxe, SAND BRENDA PUGH Freshman Sophomore RA STEIN .cf if J 1' uiure :fit fi E ra k f , E it A y nmema ers n , ,, Q I K. 'MA --.lf AJ N me fl ca fist-Ai Cx 1.1 "an g I M K V ' 4,1-- 7 E, TTER Ll X 1, Q , A ,AR D fm- m .1-P' ' 'ff I ,4 4 YV - K ii i A ' 'A TQ asrs. A A f we ,L ,,,, V at wgiisyf rrk -. ' WW., .. t--.,.5,4 EA, ,, ir,gs.,,,-my ,,- ,,,rs. t v. T i ffy' -. ,-1 L pf,-4 A , "-- - -,'Y' a m ffmsrr 4 'ff 'flsifiiigl f . "iz: i i iff if P Betty Jane, Mary Kay, and Tommie with Miss Spinks on the way to A 85 M Area Officers Workshop, One of the FUTURE HOME- MAKERS Posters throughout Texas. An Officers Meeting at E1 Chico. F.H.A. Officers MARY K, COSTELLO - TOMMIE L, NICHOLS - - - JACKIE JONES ------- Secretary President 2nd Vice-Pres. CHARLOTTE BROCK ' " ' KAY EPPS ------- JUANITA SPINKS - - SANDRA STEIN - - - DEBORAH CORLEY - - DEBBIE ERANNON - - DONNA EIRDWELL - - GLORIA SILVERS - - ROSENELL DUFF - - - Mary Kay presiding at District I Officer's Workshop. 3rd Vice-Pres. lst Vice -Pres, Advisor Treasurer 5th Vice-Pres, Pianist 4th Vice -Pres, Parliamentarian Sgt, -At-Arms Miss Juanita Spinks F.H.A. Advisor FHA Activities Making Bows and wrapping boxes of FHA Cookies during National FFA Week for FFA boys and Mr. Hammack, 4? -s Kay, Judy, and Barbara learning to beautify the home with flower arrangements. is if 'iuwrhi' FHA Girls preparing for the delivery of Cookies to the FFA boys and Advisor. y Ann looks on as Mary Kay is surprised by the SECRET SlSTER'S gift in her Experiencing meal planning, preparation, and locker serving in the home for future use, Sandra using FLANNEL BOARD in telling stories to children with Rosenell and Karen acting as children. Linda serving Degee, an EX-FHA members Mrs. Pollan and Mrs. Adams at the FHA Christmas Tea. Steve Childers F.H.A. Beau Tommie, Kay, Mary Kay' and Sandra MARY KAY leading the FHA AREA VIII HISTORIAN at WACO HALL after Mary had been OFFICERS WORKSHOP at A 86 M, June, 1966. installed as AREA VIII FHA HISTORIAN for 1966-67. I ROSENELL opening package Mary K. and Sandra sunshining frgm her SECRET SISTER. during a break at the A Sa M FHA Oficers Workshop. 'L K. F.F.A. Officers STEVE CHILDERS -------- President JOHN HAMMACK ----- - Vice-President TOMMIE WITHERSPOON - - - Secretary TERRY TURNER ------ - Reporter CLIFFORD SIOLANDER - - - Sentinel Mr. Hammack, FFA Advisor, . . . . . CLARK SHAW -------- - Treasurer leaving for Miami to partici- , MR. MERLE S. HAMMACK - - - Advisor pate in the National A.V, A, M ' . QF 3 .Xs- THE NATIONAL if STUDYING vocAnoNAL oRGANlzATloN Fon Bovs - '-...J AGRICULTURE FRONT ROW: B, Pugh - Soph. Class Sweetheart, G, Fowler, J, Butler, J, Smith, J, Kay, L, Jones, H, Witherspoon B. McCarty, T. Riley, L, Davis, T, Turner, L, Slayton - Sr,'C1ass Sweetheart, SECOND ROW: Mr, Hammack, D, Birdwell - Fresh. Class Sweetheart, G, Witherspoon, G. Hamm, V. Aguilar, G, Hobbs, M, Rice, L, Jackson, P, Epps, M, Bruzzese, S, Childers, S, Cox - Chapter Sweetheart, THIRD ROW: B, Gleeson, K, Witherspoon, G, Farrar, T, James, H, Wickliffe, E. Kay, L, Cook, R, Green, B, Webb, D. Turner, B, Brignon, J. Hammack, FOURTH ROW: J. Iulin, C. Shaw, T. Witherspoon, B, Dickerson, Jim Julin, C, Sjolander, A. Usrey, P, Bell, B. chaffm, J. Riley, P, Kelley, M, Jackson, s, Jay, 1, Hutchins, A, Escobar. F.F.A. Banquet CREAM OF THE CROP - FFA Officers with FFA Chapter and COX Class Sweethearts make up the Head Table. 1 K F: M GREEN HANDS . . . eagerly eating their dessert , , ice cream, , , Awjr f F, H.A. HELPERS , , , willing to serve and help the FFA Win, Place, and Show WINNERS AT FERRIS FFA SHOW Steve Childers ---- Grand Champion E Joe Smith - - - - - Reserve Grand Champion PLACED AT FT, WORTH FAT STOCK SHOW Terry Turner ----- 3rd Place Glenn Farrar - - - 4th Place Clark Shaw - - - - 9th Place John Hammack - - - 1st Place F, F, A, Boys showing coopera- tion in Campus Improvement. SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS AT FERRIS F. F. A. SHOW ,Toe Smith - lst Place Clark Shaw - 2nd Place WINNER AT ELLIS COUNTY FAIR John Riley - Grand Champion -p-..... F' ' f',A' teZr',-FAQ' ' f'?"?f '? Eff iff' Qlff 'S I ' ' 'TV rf A ry' u1f'ffl'P2 z,0g.,,bI but , , g M , Q l Q e 1 JT? 0 0?f4loif'!9f'QiQAf? ii "' i W if a '-if 155' ,, I iff flzfi 1 I t iwwv - 1 ' B" "' 3 W' kV" .mm v as y J yy A29 WW y y I Wu' K K A istt I p Y AAV:V it ' Linda makes and types the layouts as well as being Business Manager. The editors, Charlotte and Mary Kay, making plans for the 1966 Annual, 1966 Annual Staff at Work ANNUAL STAFF EDITORS Charlotte Brock Mary Kay Costello BUSINESS MANAGER Linda Slayton PHOTOGRAPHERS Bill Gleeson Donna Birdwell ADVISOR Miss Juanita Spinks Other than helping Bill with photo- making, Donna works on layouts. A Bill checks to learn what snapshots are needed for the Annual. Miss Juanita Spinks Annual Advisor , W ART CLUB OFFICERS Mayleen Gregory -------- Secretary Tommie Witherspoon - - - - Vice Pres, Kay Epps ------- - Reporter Virginia Wickliffe - - - President Art f Club FQ- Cx X iff N Art students find interesting subject to draw. The Art Club members are students enrolled in Art Classes with their Advisor, Mr. Moore, guiding them in their organization, FRONT ROW: Gloria Silvers, Ruthie Nash, Deborah Corley, Janice Penny, Juanita Jordon, and Kay Epps. MIDDLE ROW: Linda Hamm, Charmaine Rodgers, Donna Tate, Robert Murff, Jerry Butler, Clifford Sjolander, and Mayleen Gregory, BACK ROW: Mr, Moore - Advisor, Victor Aguilar, Bill Mahaffey, and Paul Tate, 1 966 Jacket Journal Staff John Hammack ECHIOY Ann Collins Associate Editor National Honor Society . o,,n, , r. , L . Mrs. Mildred pundt Advisor Judy Childress Associate Editor MEMBERS: SEATED: Charlotte Brock Gloria Beck Linda Slayton Sherry Allred STANDING: Billy V. James Tommy Witherspoon Mary Kay Costello Tommie Lea Nichols Sylvia Ray Fulton Ronnie Witherspoon WY ., Yellowjaeket Pep Squad I' Q2 , Q'- ,l - - These were the boys they yelled for - the Great Eleven. The Jacket I backers sat through rain and cold to cheer their team on to victory. Even when it ended in defeat, the pep squad was there to boost the spirits of the. boys they stood behind. Many hours were spent by the cheerleaders, work- ing with the pep squad to organize skits and build spirit. lt all went together to add to the school spirit connected with Ferris High. 3rd ROW Left to right Deborah Corley Vonda Chandler Shirley Sparkman Donna Jones Carleen Tucker Pam McBrannon Dee Slayton Patricia Heard Diane Witherspoon 2nd ROW Connle Bohannon Barbara Butler Juanita Adams Donna Byrer Paula Ed wards, Janice Witherspoon, Patricia Witherspoon, Gloria Silvers, Charmaine Rodgers, 1st ROW: Ruthie Nash, Barbara McBrannon, Linda Hamm, Karen l-Iarnrn, Virginia Wickliffe, Linda Slayton, Charlotte Brock, Cindy Jones. FOOTBALL SCORES '65 Malakoff 14 Grandview 14 Kennedale Italy Crandall Mabank 27 DeSoto 12 Midlothian 56 Cedar Hill 34 Forney 55 FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS 26 0 20 20 1 O 12 8 8 0 TRI-CAPTAINS: Billy Van James, Ronnie Witherspoon, and Jimmy Julin presented to student body by Coach Cooper. u Cheerleaders present the line- p. Sylvia sparkles at the pep Majorettes prepare to give a perfect ra11y!!!! t performance, Football Sweetheart Linda Slayton Sweetheart' and Runners-Up Cynthia ,I ones Linda Slayton Charlotte Brock a The Fighting Ferris Yellowjackets BACK ROW, left to right: Witherspoon, Julin, Bell, Moyers, Kelley, James, Jackson, Wade, Acosta, Tate. 2nd ROW: Riley, Jackson, Gaddis, Dickerson, Fowler, Riley, Rice, Petton, Adams, Witherspoon, Mobbs, 1st ROW: Davis, West, Pearce, Gaddis, James, Witherspoon, Julin, McCarty, Sorrells, Witherspoon. FOOTBALL IS. . . . . . the Friday feeling you get, fight song. Offensive coach: . . . cheerleaders and pompons, majorettes Darrell Cooper and batons. l , . , the essence of team spirit and good sports- manship, . . . the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat plus the courage to face the latter. , . . pep rallies, ribbons, speeches, and cheers, and. . . . . . Ferris, the home of the fighting Yellow- jackets! Defensive coach: Horace Thompson . . , getting goose bumps when the band plays the RONNIE WITHERSPOON All-district '65 Senior Linebacker 1 PAUL RAY DAVIS Tigers in the Tank The Yellow jackets opened the 1965 football season by putting the Malakoff Tigers in their tank. In the first quarter Jimmy Julin made a 25 yard scamper up the middle for the first touch- down. Julin made a second TD as the result of a 70 yard run. Quarterback West hit Sorrells for a pass and run play which covered some 38 yards, to make the third touchdown. Paul David Bell return- ed a punt some '70 yards to complete the scoring pic- ture for Ferris in the mid- dle of the fourth quarter. The clock ran out of time, and the scoreboard read Ferris - 26, Malakoff - 14. BILLY VAN JAMES Hon, Men, All-district '65 Senior End EVERETT WEST A11-district '65 Hon. Men. All-district '65 Junior Center Junior Quarterback JIMMY JU LIN MIKE JACKSON Hon. Men. All-district '65 Sophomore Guard All-district '65 Junior Back JOHNNY JULIN Hon. Men, All-district '65 Sophomore Tackle TED PEARCE Junior Quarterback TOMMY WIT HERSPOON Junior End Jackets Skin the Kats Kennedale pulled ahead of Ferris in the first quar- ter, 6-0. But in the sec- ond period, the Jackets changed strategy and began an aerial attack that paid off when Ronnie Witherspoon caught a 12- yard pass from West and chalked up 6 for the Jackets, l 'l'he Jackets didn't score DARRELL SORRELLS again until the fourth quarter when a 30-yard pass from Pearce to Bell rung up another 6, and added 2 on a pass from Pearce to Sorrells. The Kats received and drove the ball to the 1- yard line where the Jackets held them twice. Julin released the final sting when he carried the ball 99-yards for an additional and impressive touchdown. At this point, the fans sat back, relaxed and watched the seconds tick away to a 20-8 victory over the Kennedale Kats. Sophomore Tackle Junior End TOMMY JAMES BRUCE DICKERSON Sophomore Back GARY WITHERSPOON Junior Back Gladiators Get Thumbs Down Fans observed a score- less first quarter with each team fumbling the ball numerous times, and neither side being able to sustain a drive, Ferris' first score came in the second quarter when Bell ran the ball over from the 8-yard line. The try for conversion failed, The Yellowjackets scored twice in the third quarter. The first TD came when Tommy With- erspoon recovered an Italy fumble and Ronnie Witherspoon ran 12 yards to pay dirt. A pass from Pearce was good for 2 extra points. The final Jacket score came when Bell again carried the ball from the 20-yard line, The Glad- iators lone score came in this period, Final score was 20-6, in favor of the Yellowjackets, BILLY McCARTY Junior Back GARY FOWLER Sophomore Guard WAYNE GADDIS Junior Back RICHARD GADDIS Freshman Back Jackets Tie Eagles in Homecoming Battle October 15th, the Jackets were on the field ready to bring the DeSoto Eagles down a notch or two, and that they did!! The undefeated Eagles just barely managed to keep its unbeaten mark alive as the Jackets started the game, determined. DeSoto gained their first score in the first quarter when a 36-yard run paid off, The Eagles were scored on for the first time in the season when Sorrells caught a 10-yard pass 1 from West to even up the score. Ferris scored again in the third quarter when Jimmy Julin unreeled a 41-yard trip into the end zone, arid the Jackets pulled out in front 12-6. DeSoto rallied for the tie points in the last period to make the score 12-12, The Yellowjackets had played a tight defensive game and Coaches Cooper MARK RICE Freshman Back PAT KELLEY Sophomore Center KEITH WITHERSPOON Sophomore End and Thompson had a team to be proud of! ROGER ADAMS Freshman Quarterback MIKE PETTON Freshman Back Y Y T TED PEARCE 7---Y nm----Q W F Center, Sr. Coach Horace Thompson Forward, Jr, Letterman Boys' Basketball Five of these boys played throughout the basketball season: others dropped out for various reasons. Left to right, FRONT ROW: Johnny Julin, Pat Kelley, Ted Pearce, Mike Jackson, and Jimmy Julin. BACK ROW: Phillip Epps, Bruce Dickerson, Rolin Green, and Gary Fowler, Basketball boys lettering this season are Everett West, Mike Jackson, Billy Chaffin, Bruce Dickerson, and Billy Van James. MIKE JACKSON Forward Sophomore BRUCE DICKERSON Guard PAT KELLEY ROLIN GREEN Sophomore Forward Guard Sophomore Freshman BENNY WHITLEY JOHN RILEY Guard Forward Sophomore WAYNE GADDIS Sophomore Guard Sophomore TEAM 'fllf ..,,, .M .,,, W., '-'may' rv- .Q . - MIKE PETTON Guard Freshman ---1..,,,..-W,-f Team JOHN RILEY PAUL D, BELL PAUL TATE BENNY WHITLEY WAYNE GADDIS MIKE PETTON f' Az xl PAUL TATE Forward Sophomore Reach higher, Billy. " "Hold on Everett. " "Not again, Billy! " in Action Laplaln ' l yeal' Girls' Basketball Team Basketball players and managers. Left to right, lst ROW: Manager, Charlotte Brock Linda Slayton, Sherry Allred, Gayle Jones, Gloria Beck, Sylvia Ray Fulton, and Shirley Sparkman. Left to right 2nd ROW: Manager, Vonda Chandler, Carmine Daugherty, Brenda Pugh, Betty Jane Pollan, Donna Birdwell, Sandra Stein, Barbara McBrannon, and Manager Karen McE1haney. SHIRLEY SPARKMAN "A" Team Ir. BRENDA PUGH 1 year letterman Soph. , "A" Team BARBARA MCBRANNON Soph. , "A" Team CARMEN DAUGHTERY 2 year letterman Soph., "A" Team DONNA BIRDWELL 1 year letterman Fresh. , "A" Team SYLVIA RAY FULTON 3 year letterman, Jr, Hon. Mention, All Dist. "A" Team BETTY JANE POLLAN 1 year .letterman Soph. , Team SANDRA STEIN ' Fresh., "A" Team These girls played hard but enjoyed every moment and lettering in Basketball was their reward. Linda, Gloria, and Gayle, Seniors, received blankets for lettering, while dl Carmen, Brenda, Donna, Betty Jane, and Sylvia Ray received Basketball Charms, Action Scenes "Don't let her bluff you, " Keep going Shirley. " "Shoot, Sandra, Shoot." "Keep teasing them, Sylvia. " Track Sweetheart , , ,f wfm eeeeeee l we E .MQ-44 Mx A Glenn poses w1th a Shot assi ut g Hornets 965 TOP ROW, left to right: Savell, Buchanan, Silvers, Skinner, House, Kay, Hamm. SECOND ROW: Mgr. Barnes, Arrambide, Davis, Garcia, Griffin, Edwards, Spurgeon, Bodine, Mgr, Case, THIRD ROW: Dickerson, Fowler, Tate, Captains Birdwell, Cook, and McBrannon, Witherspoon, Penny. . ,,.. .,,, ,.,,, N. Ir if Z r r,ii -11 anrr ' j Cheerleaders as ' y C ' , X Left to right: Georgia Pollan, qi' ' jr X . -f - 5 5 Diane Woodruff, Head: Cindy S r W X ye it Montgomery, Patricia Heard, i i ' 1 ,l,r Susan Julin, and Linda Kay ll' W if 5 Butler, A , S K is Maj orettes Left to Right: Libbey Friery, Kathy Murdock, Kathy Kelley, Judy Kannady, Bobbie Io Pur- cell, Linda Cox, and Brenda Jeffers, the Drum Majorette, J 1'-High Boys' Basketball Left to right - FRONT ROW: Spurgeon, Skinner, Bodine, Doug. Spurgeon, Lindsey, Colton, Silvers, Nash, and Fennell. MIDDLE ROW: Folwer, Dickerson, Arrambide, Gonzales, Trevino, Witherspoon, Barnes, and House. BACK ROW: C. Birdwell, McBrannon, Tate, Penny, Cook, Hall, and Case, J 1'-High Girls' Basketball Left to right - FRONT ROW: C. Adams, Bohannon, Edwards, Woodruff, Heard, Browder, Escobar, and Pollan. MIDDLE ROW: P. Witherspoon, Sparkman, J. Adams, Butler, Billman, White, J. Witherspoon Jones, D. Witherspoon, and Hayden. BACK ROW: Montgomery, Julin, Kelley, McBrannon, Tucker, Parrott, Murdock, Kannady, and Cox. Honor Students eoo to DOUGLAS WEATHERFORD, VALEDICTOMAN KENNY KAY, SALUTATORIAN Eighth Grade Favorites DEBBIE BURNS AND STEVE BUCHANAN OFFICERS: Patricia Heard, President: Kenny McBrar1non, Vice President: Kenny Kay, Secre tary: Jack Cook, Treasurer: Clinton Birdwell, Master-at-Arms: Reporters: Douglas Weather- ford: Linda Butler: and Sponsors: Mr. Harold Pryor and Mr. Lyle Bryan, Ei hth Grade Connie Adams Jude Adams Clinton Birdwell Steve Buchanan af' Hb Debbie Burns Linda Butler Larry Case Deborah Chaffu Ronnie Choate Bennie Conn "hx Jack Cook Larry Culbertson Deborah Davis Armandina Diaz g Rudy Edwards Alfred Escobar Libby Friery Mary Garcia Olivia Garcia Victor Garcia Odie Hall Patricia Heard Jerry Hill Leslie Jordan Susan Julin Judy Kannady Kenny Kay Kathy Kelley Kenny McBrannon Barbara McDowell Cindy Montgomery Grade Carolyn Plunkett Harold Tate Julio Trevino Edward Usrey Rosa Velasquez Douglas Weatherford Dianne Witherspoon Diane Woodruff Carolyn Mosley Kathy Murdock Jerry Penny Seventh Grade Favorites MARY DEE SLAYTON AND SAM ARRAMBIDE 7th Grade Officers Mary Dee Slayton, President joey Bodine, Reporter Jackie Sparkman, Vice President Sponsors: Mr, William Moore Pam McBrannon, Sec. -Tre 3.5, Mr. Charles Ford 9 7' 2 Juanita Adams Bobbie Aday Sam Arrambide Pam Billman Joey Bodine Connie Bohannon Mary Browder Mark Bruzzese Tony Buchanan Mike Burchfield Bennie Butler Betty Butler 53 wfftb Donna Byler Darcel Chandler Leda Jean Childers Joyce Choate Alice Cortez Donnie Jordan Gary Lindsay Lewis Little Doug Spurgeon Joe Spurgeon Carleen Tucker Patty White Janice Witherspoon Patricia Witherspoon Vernon Witherspoon Robert Barnes Urbin McKeever Richard Miller Sammy Nash Ricardo Ozuna Bobbie Jo Purcell Linda Rackley Alice Sanchez Jeff Savell Tommy Silvers Gene Skinner Mary Dee Slayton Jackie Sparkman Seventh Linda Cox Danny Davis Donald Dickerson Javier Dyal Connie Edwards Paula Edwards Gloria Escobar John Fennel Jerry Fowler Ann Graham David Griffen Johnny Hamm Grade , V ,,,: , V ,ja .Q J .. 5 W e Q55- . , ff 'Wi Robbie Hale Jill Hayden Rickey House Brenda Jeffers Donna Jones Pam McBrannon Judy Parrot Georgia Pollan Bobby Jo, Brenda, and Linda practicing routines. fi Miss Ingram giving diplomas to Jr-High, Clinton and Kenny after receiving diplomas. si V 5 Snowballing before Mr, Sun melts the snow. Eighth Grade students performing for graduation. Eagerly waiting for the Bell. Jack Cook being congratulated by Coach Cooper after receiving jacket. Vickie Davis Placidio Garza Elva Gonzalez Luis Gonzalez Nicky Hamm Becky Hartis Melinda Hassle Sarah Hobbs Chester Adams Sixth '2Wri,'i, 'ik 'EX Christmas brings joy, holidays, and songs by Vicki and Robert! Ronald Adams John Arnold Rayrnon Bodine Robert Brazier Kathy Burns Roy Colston Brenda Conn Bobby Cook Jackie Hutchins Linda Johnston John Kelley Vickie Kelso Bobby Murdock Betty Mosley John Mosley Robin Parsons Connie Perez Mary Perez Jesse Petton Stephen Salmon Grade t,Qs Robert Sanchez Dennis Sparkman Janet Spurgeon Denise Tate Daniel Trevino James Ursey Bailey Whitley Danny Willis fi ta' 1 I iw t iw Rhonda Mitchell Larry Parrott Joe Pe droza Ronald Rackley Armador Sanchez Susan Sjolander Tony Trevino Elizardo Torres Butch Watson Randy winis Gary Witherspoon Stanley Wright Nina Adams Joe Arrambide Jayme Birdwell Mrs. James' Fifth Grade Louis Canales Noelia Cantu Michael Conn S i Greg Davis ' Debra Elwell Sylvia Garcia A, ,L Henry Hamm N! Tim Holder James House Larry Joe Johnson Lynn Kelley Cynthia McDowell I as ,M fi fe? if is S 3iX'T Cindy Autrey David Bohannon Karen Briggs Mrs. McDaniels' Fifth Grade Billy Chandler Greg Chapman Melba Sue Hammack Mark Hooper Larry Jabrukik Jeff Jeffers Brenda Jordan Steve Dickers Sharon Douglas Rojelio Garcia Delio Garza Vicky Cunningham on Kathy Julin Bobby Lindsey Suzanne Ozuna C asamarel Pedroza Paul Perez Edith Petton Mike Plunkett Tony Rice Enrique Rodriquez Melanie Savell Juan Torres Sherry Wickliffe Vickie Waters r E W J, WMI. W, We xgy' 5 . 'IF' if . ,. Jeannette Byler Manuela Cantu Debora Cottongame Lonnie Dalrymple Carter Gaddis Estella Gonzalez David Hamm Becky Jeffers -Q EE? Mn em J - M 5""'nomoro J Iiittfrsr, If l F A Mrs. Seale's Fourth Grade The study of science requires attention, which is readily given by these students in Mrs, Seale's class. Jimmy McCarty Geneva Nicklas Jesse Pedtozo Bennie Perez Richard Perez Ray Smith Dianne Tate Rudy Ttevino Royce Vaughan Doris Whitley Joe Witherspoon Sheri Worthy Mrs. Batton's Fourth Grade Yvonne Jeffers Claire Kellyy Gloria Morena Virginia Mosley Michael Murdock Santos Ozuna Terri Rackley Pamela Silvers Richard Tucker Jimmy Weather ford Craig Witherspoon Cassondra Wood 1, . As anxious students gather Mrs. Batton points our the location of countries on the map. Genieve Blair Maggie Bohannon Ernestine Cantu Susan Dahnke Robert Delgado Jackie Eastham Armando Garcia Ramon Garcia Isl is 4 Xi :fl as :'if:sf1i2ff55g,2issi .,, --,R-A, sr . - ef. - . .rw ,Eg l A F r Q r +35 QP 'Q x .,'.1y E.,f.: ' Q ' I 5 5 ts 'W' sw N A ff' Y . SW, S 1 5" :rx ....-,. . ' -w'- -Ju , ,J 'Q wiki 51 a 'I .f ,t '- ftlfifif - - ,A H t. Q5 0 s -as "5 WH. , c "NCI yX .wk Q , 1 . miws L'n?' us' 'if ui 357' .. , ,rr :N F-my ' vi X f Na ,Q K X Q? i :' V L' ..:, Billy Dahnke Judy Climer 1 Isac Compoz Greta Corley Mark Cunningham Elvia Arebelo Pamela Brackin Mark Buchanan Patricia Butler George Carter Cindy Dunn Michael Fennell Mrs' Th0mPS011,S Richard Garcia f Richard Gonzales P 2' , L ,,., Wliffs, .pw Y am HBP 'H ..- Nf W -s' ' ., gf V - :strayer-sv, 1 W- ' ,za-tixzf-sewfarrisrefa timing-2 r., X W 'P ., A 'yrs' . if f .gf 33, l il, arm Pedro Garcia if 3 is ., I Ray Hamm Dianne Johnston Arrilda Love Pamela McDowell Phil Mohundro Louise Moyers Third Grade These third graders find school days full of learn- ing, laughing and more than enough studying! Douglas Parrott Ray Riley Francisco Rodriquez Enasic Sandoval Rickey Sparkman Esther Trevino Harmando ,Trevino Freddie Usrey Nita Webb Greg Wickliffe 5 Janna Birdwell Robert Briggs Guadalupe Cantu Cecil Choate Billy Dean Cosper Mildred Cunningham Pat Davis Roger Eastham Mary Alice Garcia . Bill Hamm M155 F0rd,S Donald House hird Grade Mark' Jay MT i W" Ray Mullican Delving into the books, Rickey Noe Ozuna and Ray find a new interest Tommy Penny in learning, Audrey Plunkett Joe Ritchey Danny Rodriquez Sam Sanchez Susan Smith Diana Trevino Fernando Trevino Rebecca Vardiman Bobby Vaughan Billy Wickliffe Michael Johnson Rickey Kelso Linda Miller Adelaida Moreno 'hs EQ Mrs. P0llan's Second Grade Plcfure Noi Available Mrs, Mae Pollan Patti Adams Rosa Maria Alvarado Monroe Bohannon Keith Burns Victor, Carter Gene Douglas Dean Juan DeLeon Cheree Douglas Katherine Eastham Manuel Gonzalez Stephen Hamm Ginny Hammack Marian Huskerson Kathy Iakubik Jack Jeffers Tim Kelley Mary Ann Kelly Barbara Kirk Duane Nash Rogelio Olivarez ' Juan Pedroza Scott Sills Terry Tucker Iunella Ursey Karen Westbrook Robert Witherspoon Alberto Canales Francisca Garza Rosa Garza Mrs. Gomez skillfully presents a game of Danny Oliver subtraction to her willing students. Diana Garcia Donald Reed Deonna Toomey Mike Bodine Debbie Hamm Nick Perez Cindy Clark Tony Garza Cara Ann Hall Bernardo Sandoval Shirley Kirk Henry Garcia Debbie Kennady David Weatherford Anna Garza Mrs. Gomez' Second Grade Janice Lindsley Jerry Autrey Nancy Miller Debbie Nicklas Billy Cook Esther Delgado Cindy Jones Randy Hooper Susan Dunn Frank Torres 9 Tiff First Grade Jackie Spurgeon Mike Smith Jimmy Stephens Juan Delgado Ray Garcia Teresa Nivens Earnest McDowell Robert Conn Joe Parsons, Jr. Martin Ramos Amy I-Iassell Matthew Sanchez S Noe Garza Darrell Cooper Paula Nisbett ham W g tt- ,I Tim Birdwell Rickey Plunkett Kim Birdwell Terry Love Richard Olivarez Pamela Ritchey Larry Hobbs Paul Rios Miss Edna Ford Danny Cox Susan Winn Bobby Martin Mary Eastham Susan Hayden Kent Salmon Olivia Delgado Gilbert Perez Carl Patrick Irma Garza Dennie Poole Patty Elwell Harrier Vafdiman . Mrs. Florence Wade Mary Rodriquez Billinda Davis Rouben Garcia Mike Wickliffe Carol Hamm Manuel Rodriquez Rosa Pena' Daniel Sanchez Paul Buchanan Joe Garcia Wally Parrot Jackie HSIIOH A , , . it L . V , . V . r A I: Mrs, Mary Lands pil 4 ,, J. Qi., Mrs. Land is showing and explaimng the cluld ren's work during Open House. Elinda Delgado Larry Hassell f Nc Hmlo AVAILAILE E Frank Sandoval Grace Ramos Paul Sandoval Alice Ramos Manuel Pedrasa Iris Sanchez Peat Garcia Suzanne Ramos Augustine Garza Elementary Favorites Robin Parsons Grade Dann Willis Y Edith Petton Nina Adams Greg Chapman Randy Willis Fifth Grades Jimmy Weatherford Claire Kelley Becky Jeffers Fourth Grades Lennie Dalrymple Favorites Janna Birdwell Dianne Johnston Mark Jay Grades George Carter 2, David Weatherford Deenna Toomey Kaye Huskerson Jacky Jeffers Terry Love Second Grades Amy Hassell Harriet Vardiman First Grades Paul Buchanan r HQ lx. Elementary Activities Music for the "Westerners" on Western Day, 'ith ,E ,, f . , B f 4 K Q 1 ,f P Refreshment time for the third grade following their Easter Egg Hunt. - e5 5 Recess time for recreation and rest from studies, Under the supervision of Mrs, Pollan, the 6th grade is working on a practice lesson. lst Place Winner of the Talent Contest, Sheri Douglas, proudly displays her trophy. Janna Birdwell and Susan Smith are ready for their Class Miss Ford's Third Grade group eagerly waiting for Christmas patty. the Easter Egg hunt. i C Miss Edna Ford's class enjoying the lunchroom's good ham burgers, Fifth Grade Girls in t Egg Hunt. Sheri inspecting a new auto, heir Western attire resting from the Easter 4 ,. Melba Sue Hammack, the 2nd place winner of Talent Contest holds her trophy. f s. Q ELLIS COUNTY GIN CO. CHARLES DAVIS Lf 3 Q 9 Q . gf, I Z' li xxq X w ill .ql gyzfl. jj :L :ET " ff 41 fl Lf ' hi Phone 449-3263 Manager Palmer, Texas SOUTHWEST FAVORITES! Morton's Potato Chips I 4 'A H '- Kitty! ix ' Jlfc cn' X 1 MORTON FOODS Ft. Worth - Lubbock - El Paso - Dallas BROWN FEED MILL Custom Grinding and Mixing We Buy and Sell Grain Red Oak, Texas HO 2-3521 P. O. Box ll COMPLIMENTS OF: DR, E, D, BEHNE Ennis, Texas NEICY CAFE Ennis , Texas FASHION SHOP Ennis, Texas ENNIS GINGHAMS Ennis, Texas LIGON 8. HAMM CO. Red Oak, Texas Hardware Lumber Building Supplies Funeral Directors Phone HO 2-3341 ,ff ,Af K,ffw""M'f ,,f"" , SINCLAIR REFINING Ferris Texas SKINNY MCKNIGI-IT Ph 544-2868 ORR HARDWARE WW'-5 COMPANY PHARMACY CRAWFORD QL Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Ferris Ph 544-3211 R XX COFFEE BAR - A GRILL A 2 xy H-,,..,xg, ' Q Try Our Magic PAV RW IVMW7' Ph 544-2456 Ferris Pie S they' re Our Specialty BEA EDWARDS Ferris FARMERS 8g MERCHANTS STATE BANK Ferris, Texas Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Capital, Surplus Reserve in Excess of 5235, 000 LOU BERT MYERS, President YOUR STORE FERRIS SUPERETTE Ferris , Texas 544-8844 I R. L. BYRD C. W. BYRD Owners GREEN FUNERAL HOME FUNERAL HOME CHAPEL LICENSED MOR TICIANS AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 544 3230 Nights: 544-3413 or 544-3183 HUMBLE AMERICA'S LEADING ENERGY COMPANY Ferris, Texas Since l 882 M . C. FLIPPEN, JR. SERVICE STA TION HU MBLE PRODUCTS Interstate Hwy. 199 45 F 8: M Road 754600 Ph. 544-2838 6 coMPL1M1-:NTS or: FERRIS STY.LEgTE .BEAUTY SHOP errls, Texas "Il-7' IT'S FLOWERS LEFTWICH GROCERY Sc MARKET Wilmer, Texas LET THEM BE OURS' H ROBERTS FASHION Lancaster, Texas MRS. CARL WINN Ph 544-3626 DUKE 8: AYRES Lancaster, Texas om imen s o N N EUBANK BROS. E FLORISTS MOTT'S K1 54 AND 104 Phone WE 7-2920 C pl 1: f A fi xx s llv x F "' Waxahachie, Texas XX Waxahachie, Texas xx FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ENNIS BUSINESS FORMS IN Paso Rhobes, Calif. Ennis, Texas Chatham, Va. MERCHANTS AND TRINITY PHARMACY PLANTERS CO-OP GIN COMPANY 'PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTSH Ph. WE 7-4710 100 W. Main Palmer, Texas Ph. 449-3191 Waxahachie, Texas Compliments of Compliments of DR. L. A. WILLIAMS JACK OATES' oPToM1-JTRIST MOBILE STATION Ennis, T Palmer, Texas lusxmzx v" ' ... '55-'W P SCHEPPS GROCER SUPPLY, INC. Serving Dallas and Sur 1' ounding C ommunitie S 1135 So. Lamar St., Dallas, Texas Ph. Rl Z-1311 Pfesideflf, Vice-President, A A. C. SCHEPPS JULIUS SCHEPPS Secretary-Treasurer, STANLEY SCHEPPS z1"!'3H2ei2fx1.rsf,a vw zvzmrvz ag is X w-0-inns-Jlh:J3l"Q DAIRY "O" CARL MOORE b A F e rr is , T exa s , E Ph. 544-2237 A L S, L,KT Q A L I I I, O MALLOY IN LUMBER wanna M060 COMPANY 0 5' ' Ferris, Texas Phone 544-2201 MARILYN BELTS AND BAGS Manufacturers of Quality Belts Purses Accessories Supervised By: MRS. ALLIE RENFRO Manager: MR. AR NIE MANDEL CHARLES W. HUFF COUNTY CLER K Waxahachie, Texas faded if 744450414- . at MARCHMAN'S DEPT. sroms Waxahachie, Texas 1 , Compliments of n K SOUTHERN 49 T ,wi gig ENNIS LIVESTOCK ' .I Z B? " SALES R 9 AUCTION EVERY WEDNESDAY Ennls' Texas Ennis Texas 'INTERNATIONAL MENJQ FSVEAR HARVESTER I COMPANY Clothing, Furnishings, ll - and i Shoes for Men and Boys' I l 7200 Harry Hines Blvd. FI 7-1841 Ennis Texas 3722 Irving Blvd. RI 2-3413 , 1809 So. Lamar RI 2-3413 COMPLIMENTS OF RED MooN TIRE at o1L co. SINGLETON Elms' Texas GROCERY STORE MITCHELL THEATERS Ennis, Texas C. R. ANTHONY CO. HARVEY SINGLETON Ennis, Texas THE TWIN SHOP India Texas Ennis, Texas Phone 544-3466 KING'S FOOD MARKET DR. A. J. TAYLOR GROCERIES, MEATS FROZEN FOODS AND DENTIST Ferris , Texas Office Phone Res. Phone Ph. 544-2858 Ferris, Texas 544-3131 544-3442 2 2 Q ' " 'ww---l-I-ll. .... VE:--5 film L2-W:?5.,:t4E?:iSE fix . 5 . , -. K' 5 sf ,,., f :1.,,.,,.,E I , wi Q .'... ...ggi ,,..,,, ...,,... 2 ..,, ,. ,..,.. . .. Mn. PEM VERSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY Dallas, Texas WILLIS MEDICAL CENTER MERCANTILE PHARMACY COMPANY CD NOBLE AND RANDALL 201 Ferris Avenue ! Phone WE 7-1420 Phone 666-2191 Bristol Waxahachie, Texas BLANTON ELEVATOR COMPANY "Business is Good" 522 E. Pleasant Run Lancaster, Texas Ph. 221-4822 Dallas, Texas Ph. FR 6-4484 h..i , Nw N Compliments of PLANTERS COTTON OIL MILL Cotton Seed Products Ennis, Texas LANCASTER FEED 8: GRAIN Whole sale and R eta il "We Specialize in Custom Grinding and Mixing" 227-1504 Lancaster, Texas C ompl ime nt s of J. C. PENNEY'S Waxahachie fexas METZGER'S MI LK 2'4- "Ends The Quest For The Best" Ferris House-to-House Delivery or at Your Store Since 1889 Be Modern Go Electric TEXAS POWER 8: P LIGHT COMPANY ANI IETTEIS : E '3 7 Q if 49 'K lfvrnncv' 6 Gb DARYL'S PHARMACY DARYL SCI-ILIEP Registered Pharmacist South Side Square Phone WE 7-1040 Waxahachie, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF: RILLA'S GIFT SHOP Waxahachie, Texas MORRIS-HEAD Waxahachie , Texas MAXWELLHS JEWELRY Waxahachie, Texas JOHN ARDEN LIFE INS. Waxahachie, Texas I I 1 MCKEEVER CHEVROLET I CO. 33 YEARS CONTINUOUS SALES AND SERVICE Ferns Texas FERRIS 544 3210 DALLAS FR 4 2246 BEN FRANKLIN STORE HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES PAUL RUSHING OWNER MILDRED TUCKER CLERK Ferris Texas BROOKS WELDING SERVICE KELLY'S FABRIC SHOP Materials Portable and Shop Welding McCalls and Simplicity Patterns Located off Expressway and Home Ph. 544-2213 Notlons Ferris, Texas . Ferris, Texas C ompl ime nt s of LOWERY 81 SON LUMBER Xxgl G M4 T4-Q, "II EI Q9 41 COMPANY l7'er'1'is, Texas 544-22.61 ,-,:feaiii?ff:ef-- I S CO-OP GIN COMPANY Owned BY The People ,. Of The Community :'I: - 1- -:'1' -232'-gf. . .-.- st-.--:--'-:--'. .v'. -. --.-4-2 --'-,--'- '-' -' .- u .f '-'- - gtg:-1.13r5g.31'3 .21 3 ' ,rkQfi:fI.:f.sg41.1151-gf ,-. A s .-,.11--.-:.- f -. ,.-'fishiga-e!'::g:f' .-,s,n',s,.-,- . , ' .1n1.-,ai--,-:,f' .-. . 23141425-1 1.115 55 g:1::5'!5' 11 121315 -12-g:--" .1,.-3:1 . N. --,.:,.- jg. - '-As -.1i:g11'-,.-1211. -.-.' 5-1151 -- -.., ---,.-3. , - -.f' 2,- n P-..':,.::--,L--1.-zz -' ,. "Q--V. 1.-",.-52--'-I --' f,,-' L1-.." . '.'...-:-" A, Z. ,.-, --.1-Q, ,---,'.--. .. -.wa ..,,-. .,,.-I ,5,. '1-' '-...1..--4'.n't. --.--'. 1 '--, ...u'1.-qv. -:Zn -- 1 ..4, ,,.:u,,.,,-I . . 1 .f -..... .-yu - - ..,,.u' ' , I.- . . -. -"S5"'- -.'--:-'-"-'. ,A ,:.:::.Qgx.-511' .--5.11-11 1. '2151-1.22-3::'.:2g5:1:'Q1 -1' - , n 1- '.::'.'.2--.'- -' . Z- XN5-..-5" . .. 1.-" . N-:-, ' ..--'.1 - .Q-.'. -.3 ,..--g.. ,. -.gf . I- - wg- ...f ul . ,.g X -'.-lv :..::::'.11::3-,-. --1 an -,A -.....--g.-',.- -:.- .-, ,, .......-,,.:,.- -,.-,-5. - ."KX1ls".Dl v" ' 'Iv' r .'. ' ...-" uf' . n',c' xg, :ul .u A-Bax, , :V- ' , - :g ::::1:.::... ,.a-.1-.3-g. 71 f 1 1:EE?EE::11EE?:F. .- ' 1" - ' -' -. "W-'.1:11115:!133 ,--:F 122-'3' -" -," -.2 ,p .,h.N:. .-.,,- J.-, . .'g,.g.- I Ferris, Texas TOM'S TCASTED PEAN UTS Compliments of Compliments WESTERN Auro of ASSOC. STORE DR' AND MRS, E. W. DAVIS, BEN STEIN Owner HILL MURDocK Manage F T I Phone 544 3525 H0 55 of :QI vf ENNIS f msunfn QW I Y? 2 SIcI,o1cI1o.06S ff sw SAVINGS 8. LOAN 'ff fo" ASSOCIATION WHERE YOU SAVE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE 113 W. Enni A Enn T Wcleming rf C'TY Foon stone ,FS CLEANERS ,111 . Your Hometown Croce Ph 544 3222 HENRY KAY , 17' T 544 3313 F Iris Compliments of FERRIS WASHATERIA Coin Operated Car Wash 2l7 Main Street Ferris, Texas Phone 544-8803 KE NNE TH JOHNSON Owner L. T. GLEESON AND SON G.E, Appliances, Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Ferris, Texas Ph. 544-3545 BROOKHAVEN NURSING HOME Type 2 Nursing -Home 201 5th Street Ferris, Texas Phone 544-2418 CARL and IRIS WESTBROOK Owners D. E. CLEANERS Compliments Qlwmcleaning Of GJ' PJ 4f 1, 1 1 9,0 HUFFHINES A A BUTANE GAS Ph 544-2421 Ferris, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF: CHARLES R. BRADFORD Waxahachie, Texas WRIGHT STUDIO Waxahachie, Texas GILLIAN AND UPSHAW DRUGS Route 2 Waxahachie, Texas BOX 405-D DU -A LL SHOP Waxahachie , Texas Dallas , Texas WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS RACKLEY MOBIL SERVICE STATION Tires Batteries Accessories H AND H Q VISIT HARDWARE 7 YE aWHEN INTHE f Munn Fun OLDE INN GIFTS, FINE FOOD CHINA, .I-Fll, Interstate 45 HOME D ECORA TIONS BILLY AND DOROTHY MUNN 210 W. Ennis Avenue Owners Ennis, Texas Ph. TR 5-2.791 Box 327 Ennis, Texas LET US HELP X CITIZENS NATIONAL X W S I My s BANK OF ENNIS Z af5+,4"55i fi"'Q. 30 cs 'QQ X I fj.. 4070 ON SAVINGS - X Q A I ' g Q Member of Federal Reserve Mn mane? System Z Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 3 Ph x j C mpliments of DR. AND MRS. Hartford .X W1 A L. R. SWANSON MALLOY INSURANCE AGENCY F T S, fi? THE lf gerfar FERRIS WHEEL .TOE and HELEN Ph 544 2201 WI-IITTENBURG F , Texas Eerris, T PRATT MCCORD MOTOR COMPANY FORD SALES AND S F T,,, gf fffl' :Si 544 Z2 5 1 C OMPLIMENTS OF: Sharp's Cafe Hutchins Sparkle Cleaners Hutchins .Tones Hardware and Paint Hutchins Appliance Hous e Waxahachie I WE, HEREBY EXPRESS OUR SINCERE APPRECIATION TO OUR ADVERTISERS WHO HAVE ASSISTED IN MAKING THIS PUBLICATION OF OUR YEARBOOK POSSIBLE. THE YELLOWJACKET ANNUAL STAFF MJZZMZ, f I I ,jx ,f WZMM UQPWQWQX A AUTQGRAPHS TAYP95 'LUPL!5E"F',9 ,CPMFANY V B U H L Q '.u , . Hitt, ,A

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