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' $» : ' , ' l kia. Jk n i in a j i-r ' Z a I44 c " - , CO i fi .1 1 M ' ( j HJ ff t - (f " ' l,ll j ,. V ' - -o nr . rf (, r.tt-h} ' V ' i,J M ■X ' . f. t H- !i ■r? ■ Foreword We hope you enjoy this, your 1957 year- book, and that it may always recall pleasant memories of F.U.H.S. The Staff k Ferndale Union High Ferndale, California 1957 _J — pVM 1 ToHansTirsbeck, our kindly custodian - For the many years of devoted service you have given our high school, we, the students, gratefully dedicate to you the 1957 Tomahawk. : uwp. JifU ADMINISTRATION PrincipaVs Message MR. WUTZKE Students often Study merely to receive good grades in high school. They hope the good grades will bring them recognition from their parents and friends. Motivation of this type causes one to lose out on the real satisfaction that may be derived from learning, and the re- tention span of what is learned will be short. The proper philosophy to adopt in studying is to gain as much knowledge as possible so that it can be utilized for the betterment of society. When this attitude is taken, a student will have a much better understanding of what he has learned, and the learning will be retained for a longer period of time. Band Frolic ; w Class Night Snaps 1. 2. 3. The birdie. On the loose. Ears? 7. 8. 9. Playing house. The hired hand. Wowee! 14. 15. 16. Good ol ' abalones Monkeys Uh, oh, Leanne. 4. 5. Loyal rooters. Rich, what are you 10. 11. Poor girl. One, two, three, 17. 18. Lynn ' s grin. Baseball team. 6. doing ? Whoops 1 12. 13. four. An old cowhand. Dead? 1 6oT WY £Ye c oHibU vf r FACULTY ERNEST WUTZKE Social Science DI ANN ARNESON Bookkeeping Typing Shorthand I Jr. Bus. Tr. DAVID BARNES Beg. Art English I Crafts Boys ' P. E. ELLA MAE BERG Boys ' Home Ec. Beg. Home Ec. Adv. Home Ec. BEVERLY CARLSON French I, II U. S. History Chorus WILLIAM CRANE Dr. Training Adv. Band Begin. Band : DAN DERESCHUK Geometry Ag. I.II.UI.IV P.M. I.II.UI.IV LEWIS GUGLIELMINA Mech. Drawing Begin. Shop Adv. Shop Auto Shop MAUREEN HORN English Il.m.rV Dramatics Coach JOHN KASSIS Boys ' P. E. General Math ELRID SPINAS Algebra I, II Biology Physics and Trig. Chemistry MARCELLA SWANSON Gills ' P. E. General Science Board of Trustees I MERLE GOFF ANTONE REGU HENRY OLSON EARL AMBROSINI ERNEST WUTZKE WALTER OESCHGER Snaps 1. H ' lo Myrna 6, Bang, bang. 11. Hey! Now, boys- 2. Guess who? 7, Dancing Paitners, 12. Let me out I 3. Astonished. 8. Little Delores. 13. Phooey. 4. Grinny. 9. Sittin pretty. 5. Don ' t touch me. 10. The pro ' s. fioll Z I Jf I A B 6 wnni ' SENIORS RUSSELL ALLEN Just Walkin ' in the Rain JON BRIGGS Lover Boy •msm JOAN BOYTON The Egg and I HARLEAN BROWN Wedding Bells FRANCES COOPER Not so Lonesome ROBERT ENGELS Stranded in the Jungle MAUREEN FARLEY With A Song In My Heart JOAN GARRETT Personality Plus DALE GIULIERI I ' m Not Quiet, I ' m Just Thinking MARILYN FLOWERS I ' m Forever Blowin ' Bubbles ALLENE GILLESPIE She Gets Around JANICE GOFF The Story of Three Loves NANCY GOFF Love Me Tender LEANNE JESPERSEN Dreamy JOAN KATRI Paint Me A Picture DAVID LEMA Three ' s A Crowd LYNN MAUNEY Lone Wolf DEAN MOORE Blessed Be The Man Who First Invented Sleep DAN PEDROTTI You Can ' t Fool Me ELLEN McKEOWN China Doll RONALD PETERSEN The Frenchman RICHARD RENNER Beware The Quiet Type MICHEAL RING Our Roaming Romeo Seniors HAROLD SALLADAY Nature Boy OWEN VALBERG but I Don ' t Understand SILVIA SAOTTINI Penny for Your Thoughts DAVID SIMMONS Let ' s Have a Party JIM WALKER My Heart ' s in the Hills ARLENE SCHWALENBERG Speak to Me JACQUELINE WEED I Can Dream Can ' t I? Seniors 1. MAUREEN FARLEY 6. DALE GIULIERI 11. HARLEAN BROWN 2. JANICE and JOAN 7. ELLEN McKEOWN 12. ALLENE GILLESPIE KATRI 8. JOAN BOYNTON 13. NANCY GOFF 3. JON BRIGGS 9. JACQUIEWEED 14. MARILYN FLOWERS 4. BOB ENGELS 10. JOAN GARRETT 5. RUSS ALLEN ■OHH i nKH Seniors 1. DAVID LEMA 2. LYNN MAUNEY 3. DEAN MOORE 4. MIKE RING 5. DAN PEDROTTI 9. SILVIA SAOTTINI 6. RONALD PETERSON 10. JIM WALKER 7. RICH RENNER 11. LEANNE JESPERSEN 8. HAROLD SALLADAY 12. DAVE SIMMONS Senior Will I, Russell G. Allen, being of sound mind do hereby bequeath my Irish temper and red hair to Peg Hartley, knowing how much she enjoys it. , Joan Boynton, leave 7th Period Office to some poor unsuspecting soul. , Jon Briggs, leave my bottle of polka dot remover to Galen Cooley to use on the tights Toni G. left behind. , Harlean Brown, leave Sylvia Mays to come to school every morning by herself. , Fran Cooper, will all my unexpected trips to Pepperwood to my sister, Bette, who will make good use of them I hope. , Maureen Farley, leave my ability to get to school on time to Diane DeCarli and Eloise Cook, knowing they will need it. , Joan Garrett, LEAVE I ! 1 , Allene Gillespie, leave ray 4th Period librarian job to anyone who wants to do homework. , Dale Giulleri, brought nothing, leave nothing, and take nothing. , Toni Goff, leave behind my Fortuna friends and also my polka dot tights to any girl who wants them. , Nancy Goff, leave my job of writing Hi School Hi Lights to anyone who wants it, hoping they find more news than I did. , George Gordon, leave my car ' s troubles to anyone. , Leanne Jespersen, leave many happy hours in Chem. to anyone who is taking the course. , Bob Engels, leave my good looks and brains to anyone that wants them. , Janice Katri, leave my courage to volunteer first in Senior English to Eloise Cook. , Joan Katri, leave my gift of gab to Sylvia Mays. , David Lema, leave Mr. Crane to the incoming Freshmen. , Lynn Mauney, being of sound mind, this in itself a debatable question, do hereby bequeath my ability to set a good example in study hall, which 1 learned from Mrs. Berg, to Antonio Machado. , Dean Moore, leave all my working ability in the shop to whoever can find it. , Ellen McKeown, leave to Anna Godinho, and the new staff, the " Puns. " , Dan Pedrotti, leave to Toot Kemp, my abiUty to get off the school grounds at noon without a pass. , Ron, Springy, Peterson, will my spring to Paul Jespersen. , Marilyn Flowers, leave to Joe Gossi my chair in Band with a tack so he can hit the high notes. Rich Renner, leave Arlin " P. " Grandy to take shop alone. Mike Ring, being of unsound mind and shot nerves, leave my quiet manner to Tony Machado. Harold Salladay, will my Trig, book to anyone who can find out how to use it. Silvia Saottini, leave a seat in 7th Period Study Hall. Arlene Schwalenberg, leave to Hazel Christensen — my dead cat. Dave Simmons, will my wild parties and fouled up romances to Everett Ellis. Owen Valberg, leave my brains to anyone that can find them. Jim Walker, leave to Toot Kemp and his sticky fingered friends all my suength as a demolitionist in shop. I, Jacquie Weed, leave my- quietness and height to Vivian Nielsen. oH WHhT 4 M. ALBINI L. BAHNSEN R. BARDIN C. CALDWELL M. CHANDLER H. CHRISTENSEN M. CLASON E. COOK G. COOLEY B. COOPER D. DECARLI ;1 0 1 .-■ o e JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President, RICK PETERSEN; Vice President, BETTE COOPER; Treasurer, LINDA DIXON; Secretary, DORIS WALLING. L. DDfON A. GODINHO C. GOSSI A. GRAND Y C. HACKETT C. HOFFMANN L. HORN D. KUKUK R. MARTELLA S. MAYS D. MILLER J. MORANDA V. NICHOLS Y. NELSON R. PETERSEN M. POTTER L. PRIES V. TRUBY D. WALLING L. TRUTALLI I. VALENTINO M. WALLING K. WELLER J. WILLING H. WILLSON Ti?E SlDl oF m «lhD SOPHOMORES Sophomores G. Briggs V. Bryant C. Burruss V. Byers F. Goff J. Gossi R. Hansen J. Hartley D A. Juanarena D. Jacob P. Jespersen D. Katri L. Kausen D. Kemp M. Lawson D, Lipscomb T. Machado G. Martella S. Matheson G. Matyshock J. Richardson D.« Monson F. Moore H. Nunes D. O ' Connell S. Oeschger J. Pupols N. Rasmussen f?5 Ci R, Renner C. Shewry D. Silva A. Sousa C. Sousa G. Voorhees D. Wilberger P. Wilson Snaps 1. Well, anyway- 9. Weren ' t we cute? 17. At ease. 2, Practicing ? 10. Smile pretty! 18. Calories. 3. Ballet! 11. I don ' t like you. 19. What a pose ! 4. Sneaky, 12. Cute couple. 20. We dare you. 5. Legs? 13. Have we changed? 21. Little coquette 6. Well? 14. Sisters. 7. Maybe. 15, It ' s cold! 8. Show off! 16. Let go — quick! ' in luvr To SAy TtfE Mdif FRESHMEN Abctnf when pictur»% w«r» made PHOIO Nof Avoifoble Not Shown ' ;4 ' i psi, r? D. Christensen M. Duggan J. Balcon T. Balcon S. Bennett V. Breschini J. Brown D. Burruss G. Chopping R. Christen R. Duncan l r5 . V- ■i«i 1 .n FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS ARE: DON JUANARENA, President; EDDIE MORANDA, Vice President; BUTCH BRESCHINI, Secretary; LINDA MYERS, Treasurer. R. Enos W. Etter T. Fisher J. Gossi B. Hansen M, Hartley G. Haywood J. Haywood IkJr V7 a . , C. Holt M. Hunter D. Juanarena D. Datri D. Kirby A. Lac rampe J. Larsen L. Lema J. Lenardo L. Luis J. Luther P. Michel E. Miller E. Moranda L. Myers V. Nielson N. Pedrotti R. Peeler C. Rasmussen PHOTO Not Avoitabi V, Truby R. WaUing G, Weed D. White 1. Southern belles. 6. Three pals. 10. Little Danny 2. Wat dat inside? 7. Gloomy ol " 11. Operation Cider. 3. Joan Boynton and study hall. 12. Don ' t glare at me. the Salladays used 8. The gang in 13. Long, long uip to S to play house. the old days. 14. Gossiping? 4. Russell! ! ! 9. Student Body 15. Who ' s your friend? 5. Wasn ' t Jimmy Officers. 16. In the old days. Walker cute? n. Elbows and feet. Custodians Pat Goff, Hans Tirsbeck Bus Drivers Harry Andersen, Hans Tirsbeck First row: J. Boynton, Mrs. Davie, A. Godinho, L. Jespersen. Second row: H. Brown, N. Goff, F. Cooper, A. Schwa lenberg. c ' i: Mrs. Mueller, Mrs. Nichols fRKM T) o ACTIVITIES 1. The Assumption School about 5. Training for the Olympics 10 years ago. 6. Sunbathers. 2. Wasn ' t that a wonderful dance? 7. What are you doing in the 3. Don Christensen and his dinosaurs. creek? 4. What do we write? 8. Ferndale Grammar School Sneak Day, 1956. Track Action for 19% Sousa ' s Record Breaker 1 J i L V Horn ' s try for the record. Miller goes far on a jump. Waiting Little Red Hooding Ride Junior Senior banquet Principal ' s message Around the World With Rhythm Baccalaureate Down the aisle to Baccalaureate , Rev. Rasmussen delivers the invocation. The chorus sings. Graduation Ernest Miller; Salutatorian. The Graduation March. Senior Officers T, Goff, Secretary; A. Gillespie, Treasurer; R. Allen, President; D. Giullerl, Vice President. The Last Day Mr. Maxwell practices Junior Play Rick Petersen presents Mrs. Horn a gift from the cast. Wilbur ' s return. " Z-z-z-oooooom! " " You just listen to me! ' Football Ball Sponsored by the Seniors, everyone had a good time, especially the people snapped in this picture. Football Banquet In these two pictures Coach Kassis and Coach Barnes are receiving gifts from the football team, as token of gratitude for all the time and ef- fort they put into the 1956 football season. Junior Prom Frances Byrns. Bonnie Hansen, Tony Machado, and Bob Martella discuss the evening at one of the tables. Joan Larson and John Enos take time out to have their picture taken. Miss Carlson, Larry Lema. and Rich Souza take care of the programs and the tickets at the door. Joyce Luther and Duane Miller pose beneath the archway that leads to the dance floor. The theme of the Prom this year was " Polynesian Holiday. " The Juniors did a very good job of decorating, complete with palm trees and leis. The music was by Jack Tipple ' s Orchestra. Everyone enjoyed the Prom of 1956. Junior Prom Mary Duggan, Sandy Bennett, and Don Katri serve at the refreshment table. Yvonne and I y are one of the many cou- ples at the dance. King Rick Peterson and his date, Queen Ginger Bryant. Ruby Hansen, Jerry Voor- hees, Lynn Kausen, and Galen Cooley during one of the intermissions. A 11 pictures of the Prom Courtesy of Mr. Dereschuk. JOAN BOYNTON Future Farmer Sweetheart, for 1957 Color Day It really pays to wear red and white on CoIot Day. Just ask Rooald Peterson and John Pupols. They are being " fed " by Coaches Kassls and Spinas while the Student Body watches. Queen Sandy Downend and King Mike Ring of Color Day, 1957, Pat Reid, Cora Lee Hackett, Mary Duggan, Larry Horn, Marion Chandler, Janice Katri, AUene Gillespie, and Sylvia Mays in line for the Assembly on Color Day. King Koko King Koko, the operetta pre- sented under the direction of Mrs. Horn, Dramatics; Miss Carlson, Chorus; and Miss Swanson, Dancing. The scene was a South Sea Isle, the time was anytime, and the plot very well done by the entire cast. The cast of speaking parts: First row; Nita Willing, Toni Goff, Joan Garrett, and Joan Boynton. Second row: Galen Cooley, Rick Petersen, and Larry Lema. Third row: Marion Chandler, and Jim Walker. A picture of the entire cast, speaking parts, chorus, and daacers. i ' l H v flH m mna I y g l ihiiJML_ji ji 9i 1. Three Musketeers. , 7. Don, Ping, and ? 13. Hard working people 2. Tough looking bunch. 8. WOW! !! 14. Hoo-hoo. 3. Concenuation. 9. What poses. 15. Sophs 4. Such cheery smiles. 10. Pros of " 56. 16. Wiggle ears. 5. Last year ' s baseball 11. Perched n. Bunny hop. team. 12. Action! ! 18. Alma Mater 6. Polka dots. ' 5HAKE.KA7TVE SPORTS Xll. o 00 -5 00 . ■ CO g m • I - C 3 O ™ .CO u eo 00 -5 2 H .- U ™ : . u u o TO " 2 2 .5 H c o I - n E o O U5 O a. Q ;=; o U S c U o •o ■ c o Q o w c 00 00 (U CO o o a: O o O g E 5 E 5 55 " Q . CQ .00 Q ta - to 2 s • - re Q ::3 v; (U Q O O . 3-P o S. o • • ox: J U b • o c .u g CL. ™ lU 00 c 00 u O C (U :: 2 •£ - o u. - oi u. ? o Oi Coaches, Kassis and Barnes Kemp carries the ball in Frosh - Soph game. Whoops! Mauneys ' War Dance Miller almost makes TD. ! Jim Walker - Fullback Lynn Mauney Co-Captaln Tailback t- I I Russ Allen Co-Captain Wlngback Jon Briggs connecte with tackle in Wllllts game. JL ;J ; X- Walker, Miller, and Mauney tie Fortuaa up. Courtesy George Waldner, FERNDALE ENTERPRISE, Allen and Mauney hold Wllllts man down while Sousa lands on top. Courtesy Buzz DeBrunner, EUREKA NEWSPAPERS INC. David Lema Backfield Maiion Chandler catches pass in Willits game with audience of Willits players. Counesy Buzz DeBrunner EUREKA NEWSPAPERS INC. } Mike Ring Lineman Jon Briggs Lineman Dave Simmons Lineman i Ring around the rosy - Chandler out for the pass. Fortuna man ready to grab him. Jim Walker carrying the ball, Jon Briggs spilled running interference in Del Norte game Courtesy George Waldner, FERNDALE ENTERPRISE. Toni Goff, Nita Willing, and Betty Cooper Ruby Hansen, Ginger Bryant, and Ellen McKeown %?; Lightweight Basketball Team First row: Jerry Hartley, Larry Horn, Clarence Sousa, Charlie Shewry, John Lenardo, Joe Gossi. Second row: Coach, Elrid Spinas; Rex Bardin, Dennis Katri, Marion Chandler, Paul Jespersen, Roy Renner, Duane MiUer, Manager, Fred Goff. Heavyweight Basketball Team First row: Mike Ring, Rick Petersen, Lynn Mauney, Riiss Allen, John Pupols. Second row: Coach, John Kasis; Galen Cooley, Jerry Voorhees, Dave Lema, Jon Briggs, John Valentino, Manager, Tony Machado. Not pictured: Jim Walker, Ronald Petersen. Basketball Action iiia ' ' nilffif.MrA Pupols and Mauney in- tent on getting the rebound away from Eureka ' s man. Where did the ball go in the Areata game? Walker jumps for ball over Eureka man ' s head. Mauney climbs up to the basket for two points, while Rick Peterson guards against Areata. Russ Allen shoots one from the side to even the score in Areata game. Rex Bardin scores in Eureka game. John Pupob takes a free shot in battle with the White City Five, Duane Miller takes a jump shot in game with Areata Lightweights. Jerry Hartley grabs a rebound against Areata. Marion Chandler adds two against Eureka to help balance the score. Lynn Mauney sinks a free shot against Areata. Larry Horn tries a hook shot over the heads of two Eurekans Mauney goes up for two points against Eureka while Peterson, Walker, and Allen watch. Autographs ... 2 • .. J tl - -- - ' - T ' vM ik: - - Track Team First row: Joe Gossi, Don Jacob, Rich Souza, Floyd Moore, Jim Haywood, Roy Renner, Adrian LaCrampe. Secoad row: Gene Miller, Chuck Caldwell, Jerry Hartley, Paul Jespersen, Butch Breschini, Clarence Sousa. Mr. Kassis, Baseball; Mr. Barnes, Track; Mr. Aikin, Baseball; Mr. Spinas, Basketball. G, A. A. Volleyball ■ - AFTER-CAtVC DANCf Left to right: Jacquie Weed, Linda Dixon, Bette Cooper, Nancy Goff, Fran Cooper, Captain; Mary Lawson, Joan Larson, Loretta Trutalli, Joan Boynton, Toni Goff. Tennis Possible members of the tennis team: First row: Toni Goff, Joan Boynton, Linda Dixon, Nancy Goff, Ellen McKeown, Harlean Brown. Second row: Galen Cooley, Lynn Mauney, Rex Bardin, Rick Peterson, Jim Walker, Don Jacob. G»A.0A.. President, Linda Dixon; Vice President, Toni Goff; Secretary, Harlean Brown; Treasurer, Joan Boynton; Sports Manager, Betty Cooper. Tumbling Team Left to right; Ruby Hansen, Linda Dixon, Sandra Cox, Ginger Bryant, Linda Myers, La- Verne Luis, Joan Larsen, Toni Goff, Bette Cooper. Not pictured: Sandra Downend, Lorie Myers, Delores Gossi, and Diane Chance. Pom Pom Girls Nancy Rastnussea, Sylvia Mays, Bett e Cooper, Delores Wilburger, LaVeme Luis, Linda Myers, Marilyn Potter, Ruby Hansen, Nita WilUng, Sandy Cox, Ginger Bryant, Lynn Kausen, Toni Goff, Joan Boynton. The Drill Team this year was directed by Toni Goff. L. Bahnsen, M. Lawson, N. Goff, E. McKeown, E. Cook, A. Juanarena, F. Cooper, R. Hansen, T. Goff, N. Willing, S. Mays, L. Trutalli, A. Sousa, S. Cox, B. Cooper, J. Larson, C. Edellne, J. Boynton, L. Dixon, M. Potter, G. Bryant, L. Kausen, G. Matyshock, J. Garrett, L. Myers. Drill Team nnrT niT¥iiMiM¥TMiMTiin wi w Autographs These are a few of the classes that make up the dally schedule of the school. Concentration In the typing room. Day Nothing more Interesting than a good English speech. At Part of the Social Science class and the new Driver ' s Ed. car. The FFA boys and one their yearly projects. School Look at all those long facesl Do you suppose all those happy people could be uklng a History Test? " Go ! k 1 @ 1 R ORGANIZATI9NS 1 . Student Body Officers Treasurer - ELLEN McKEOWN Secretary - JOAN BOYNTON Vice President - JIM WALKER President - LYNN MAUNEY m6- Student Council First row: Joan Boynton, Ellen McKeown, Ginger Bryant, Nancy Rasmussen, Diane DeCarll, Larry Lema. Second row: Fred Goff, Dave Simmons, Jon ftriggs, Lynn Mauney, Jim Walker, Larry Horn. Honor Sweaters 19% -1937 Girls ' and Boys ' State mi Joan Boynton Mike Ring Chorus Front row: Miss Carlson, M. Farley, T. Goff, V. Nichols, J. Weed. Back row: J. Boynton, H. Brown, A. Schwalenberg, L. Jespersen, A. Godinho. Tennis Team Front row: J. Rayl, C. Graham, K. Becker, J. Christensen. Back row: B. Enos, J. Goff, G. Byers, M. Martin. C S F officers for the 1956-57 school year are: Nita Willing, Secretary -Treasurer; Lynn Mauney, President; Marion Chandler, Vice President. First semester: Nancy Rasmussen, Loretta Trutalli, Linda Dixon. Arlene Schwalenberg, Nita Willing, Mike Ring, Mary Lawson, Marion Chandler, Lynn Mauney, Mr. Spinas, and Dale Giulieri. Second semester: Linda Myers, Linda Dixon, Loretta Trutalli, Nancy Rasmussen, Dale Giulieri, Nita Willing, Ellen McKeown, Ping Juanatena, Ruby Hansen, Harold Willson, Marion Chandler, Jeny Voorhees, Lynn Mauney, and Mike Ring. Not pictured: Arlene Schwa- lenberg. Future Farmers of America First row: D. Katri, L. Lema, J. Enos, G. Martella, D. Silva. Second row: D. Pedroni, T. Machado, W. Etter, C. Shewry, D. Kemp. Third row; R, Souza, J. Walker, A. Grandy, D. Lipscomb, G. Cooley. Fourth row: J. Valentino, D. Monson, Mr. Dereschuk, L. Pries, R. Renner, R. Petersen. Officers: J. Walker, President; G. Cooley, Vice President; C. Shewry, Reporter; J. Valentino, Treasurer; D. Silva, Secretary; J. Enos, Sentinel; G. Martella, Historian; D. Kemp and D. Pedrotti, Executive Committee, other officers included. Future Farmer Banquet Jim pins a corsage on Mrs, Berg as Loretta Trutalli watches. FERNDALE CHAPTER Jim gives a speech as his parents look on. Joan Boynton, Future Farmer Sweetheart, and Jim Walker, E resident of the Chapter, at the head of the banquet table. Jim is presented the Bank of America Award by Mr. Walker from the Bank of America. future Homemakers of America First row: N, Rasmussen, S. Saottini, L. Trutalli, M. Potter, G. Bryant, J. Larsen. Second row: C. Rasmussen, A. Gillespie, R, Hansen, L. Bahnsen, A. Sousa, A. Jaunaiena. First row: M. Duggan, B. Hansen, L. Trutalli, J. Boynton, J. Garrett, L, Myers. Second row: R. Enos, D. DeCarli, P. Hartley, G. Bryant, N. Rasmussen, M. Alblni, M. Potter, S. Saottini, M. Farley, Mrs. Berg, Advisor. Third row:C. Rasmussen, P. Michel, M. Hunter, S. Bennett, P. Wilson, A. Gillespie, J. Luther, R. Hansen, G. Haywood, J. Larsen. Back row: D. Chambers, V. Nielson, L. Bahnsen, A. Jaunarena, A, Sousa. Formal Installation of Officers. Pictured are left to right: Ginger Bryant, Ruby Hansen, Loretta Truialli, Joan Garrett, Dorene Rennet, Joan Boynton, and Lynn Bahnsen. Dorene installing Lynn as Vice President. After the Installation Mrs. Berg was presented with a gift corsage from the F. H. A. Pictured, left to right: Allene Gillespie, Mrs. Berg, Loretta, Joan, and Dorene. The breakfast after the Slumber Party. Left to right: Loretta, Lynn, Joan B. , Mary Dug- gan, Ann Louise Sousa, Phyllis Michel, Gin- ger, Marilyn Potter, Ruby, Linda Myers, Joyce Luther, Rose Enos, and Nancy and Carol Rasmussen. This is a slumber party - But who slept? They all agreed on one thing, they certainly had fun I (J I i -5 ol •2 2 5 2 • - e J 2 « u b (A H ■a . u- nl V s i Q 2 « u y 2 5 g B O ( . e U . •« DO o ■ U _ • 9 O S ■3 -J 2 nj 8-S O M .3 « X — CO C I s . cJ 2 60 M V V •a « S o o X H .. " 00 a 2 !- ' - 3 vJ 60 CO s " " " ■ 6 m CO « 6 -a 2 Band Officers M. Farley, Vice President; R. Hansen, Treasurer; O. Valberg, President; N. Rass- mussen. Secretary. Majorettes DIANE DECARLI and SYLVIA MAYS Wildcat Purrs First row: R. Hansen, D. Giulieri, A. Godinho, E. McKeown, R. Renner, L. Trutalli, Miss Arneson. Second row: T. Goff, C. Rasmussen, L. Jespersen, F. Cooper, C. Edeline, S. Saottini. Third row: G. Matyshock, N. Rasmussen. A. Gillespie, N. Goff, F. Flowers, J. Boynton. ELLEN McKEOWN Editor Tomahawk Staff The Tomahawk Staff should be very proud of the work they have done on this, the 1957 Tomahawk. The Staff would like to thank Mrs. Horn, for her guidance and help; Mr. Wutzke, our principal; Mr. Seely, of Areata, who took Senior and some group pictures; and to every- one else who helped make this book a suc- cess, many thanks Editoi .•MM First row: N. Rasmussen, J. Garrett, L. Dixon. Second row: G. Bryant, J. Boynton, L. Trutalli, J. Hartley, J. Briggs. Third row: L. Bahnsen, N. Goff, R. Petersen, R. Allen, H. Salladay. Varsity officers: D. Simmons, Reporter; L. Horn, Sergeant-at-Arms; P. Martella, Treasurer; M. Ring, Secretary; M. Chandler, Vice President; R. Allen, President. First row: R. Martella, M. Ring, R. Allen, J. Walker, F. Goff, J. Hartley, D. Miller. Second row: Mr. Kassis, C. Caldwell, D. Simmons, M. Chandler, J. Briggs, C. Sousa, L. Horn. Third row: D. Moore, C. Cooley, L. Mauney, D. Katri, D. Briggs, L. Bardin. ' ma, ITS rilKE to 60 V ADS REPAIRS PETERSEN CHEVROLET CO. Main Street - Ferndale ym i ne . . . TO GREATER VALUES HENDERSON CENTER MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION Eureka, California MATHFe Ferndale Best Wishes to the Graduates McKtt AND Cl ANE LUMBER YARD Ferndale NOBLES GROCERY Arlynda STORE Ferndale • RADIO AND TV Phone 23 -R Ferndale MAXON ' S TOYS AND MUSIC Rent New Musical Instrunaents on Rental Purchase Plan 3 09 F. Street Eureka, Calif. Hi. 3 0609 g; AMBROSINl ?_yj VARIETY rr fwrp store y. r:? Ferndale to Shop at RAVS togghrv Main Street - Ferndale BANK OF AMERICA Ferndale Save at NILSEN CrO. Ferndale Groceries Feed - Seed For the Very Best LENTZ ' S DEPT. STORE Ferndale JACK TIRRLE MOTORS Main Street - Ferndale OLSEN IMPLEMENT CO. Ferndale You Get When You Have Your Clothes Cleaned at SHAWS CLEANERS 3 50 Main Street excilC DRUGS If ME ATS at " RINCB- PHARMACY Ferndale at ei ftdi MEAT CO. Phone 2 52 M ' ' ' %i at the Wide Selection of Sports Equipment at THE HANDY SHOP Kj Get Your Insurance Now! MARVEL INSURANCE AGENCY F HOTO SPECIALTY SHOP Eureka, Calif. 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Ferndale MARCA ' S BAKERY Main Street Ferndale DEDINI RADIO AND APPLIANCE Ferndale Tractor and Equipment John Deere Fernbridge UPHOLSTERING t OWMAN ' s THE REXALL STORE Fortuna, California f DEN FRANKLIN STORE Fortuna, California For School Supplies It ' s STATIONERY Fortuna, California ;=01ST " iUMA " BOWL From 12 Noon on Fortuna MAT IVIOM ' S MEN ' S WEAR Main Street Fortuna PLUMBING AND APPLIANCES Fortuna, California CHALLENGE DAIRY PRODUCTS DAIRY PRODUCTS MUN IBOLIDT CREAMERY Fernbridge SCMUEL-Cl S JEWELRY Fortuna, California mm BEAUTY SALON Fortuna RA 5-3644 rOT5 " rUMA Everything You Need HARDWARE MUrvl-BOL-lDT •BEACON Fortuna, Calif. INVESTIGATE SAVINGS. CITIZENS f=URNIT ' URE CO. Ferndale SPORTING GOODS Fortuna, Ccdifornia k v: ! r ( nffif« STUDIOS Eureka, Calif. Apparel and Shoes for Young Men DAN I L-ESOM ' S Eureka, California P Ol TUNA Quality Always " Buy the Best, We Do! " Trophies ? For Your Achievements of the Year lO NA INDOW WIL_L_IAN 1S Eureka, Calif, WALnrs GARAGE Fortuna, Calif. Quality Groceries WHITE Fortuaa, California EUTSEklA HARDWARE TOYS Eureka, California For the Teenage Crowd , , , It ' s i % -RAM ' s DRIVE-IN Fortuna a a. §■§ E - oq O O " " i n n o " Z a n o 5-g- pi l a n " • » B-oo 3 g i g- % |i|i|1pji|lji|iji|ijif» II rfit ■«f«»«ti my » i ikiiuil lU LITHOGRAPHED BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS • TEXAS The Besl Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE . -•— '

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