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 - Class of 1952

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Ferndale Union High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Ferndale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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x N A .- A 4, s Ax N ,- -nyar I. 1 ,759-5-A55-5 rv- -x '- f ,15 ., ,. 51,4 f- ' ,,:M,..,,i . ,, 7' '?K"f'.1'T'1""" PDM- 41'-Jf'f-5115" 'tsffxiif."'i1:,l"'12f,!iL.-if 'IJ'-f w"ifTZ-K"-.'33'f'fi uf 'V ' '- ngp.-v--51 -Anza 'ns-nv - 4,-w,9u-wxyxvvn N A up ,M VW. .--I .,.,V..'13,q 2. ,ity w,-, I fi 4 :-- .. .- ,. . . f...' ... , ., .Y 1 ". .-if aff. 3 uf,--' fr '. ,- '--' JN 'Aww A , ,, .fqgf -J. RQ, 3 4' ii, L,-1 Qi-' .ig '-Q-5 Pkw- -..x 224' 4' .1 341 .AN H NA, l':,: .YS ,AX . V75 Ax. ,ful :xi 35' .-if fs. fi.: 2. ' ff? 'fNY1 gdffffyzykfdiz TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY! f f f. f X 1 QAHAS X 'una 74,910-zrmade vw. afar --nay.-3 L E f4Vf'567"f'MWW22i4WlX1uuYl "k22 QbfNKa WAHI WSU! f-f . 1. IT' . ' :Y .,. 15114 -.....,4I To Mr Wxlllam Crane we are proud to dedrcate this 1952 Tomahawk as a token of appreclauon for the many ftne thmgs he has done for our school and commumty Throughout the mneteen years he has taught at rerndale he has shown the greatest rnterest rn bettermg school l1fe The many pup1ls that Mr Crane has come 1n contact wlth he has helped advance a ltttle further along the road to knowledge Perhaps hts most outstandtng contrtbuuon to the school has been the de velopment of the band and chorus whtch have ranked lugh rn all thetr per formances Mr Crane spent most of h1s l1fe 1n Dover Massachusetts, and graduated from the Umversrty of Boston rn 1926 wtth a B S degree For hrs mneteen years of teachmg at Ferndale we gratefully dedrcate to Mr Crane th1s 1952 Tomahawk. .W awww, , LL: , ca. . Mifw K, I , v --, 5. u X u U . . . . ' - . 1 s . . . '7n 77Zemazmm ?7'z6ncd,aaZ'4 Wleeeage 'Qivll' MR FRANCIS PA GE Pnncxpal Thls Yearbook 15 an annlversary volume Its plctures show act1v1t1es carrled on under adverse condltlons whlle we occu pled the gymnaslum before mOV1Hg lnto the new bu1ld1ng ln Feb ruary Desplte the lack of darkroom and other f3Clllt19S, the staff carrled on, 5lV1Hg unselflshly of thelr tlme to make t lS docu ment what lt 15 Further, t lS annual represents an excellent example we hope to attaln ln our school It represents students lng together, cooperatlng, uS1Hg 1n1t1at1ve, seeklng out from a multltude of sources, and fuslng these ldeas lnto of what work ldeas worthwhlle pTOduCtlOH und r able buldance of thelr advlsor R . . . O . O . . . . . . , - . . . . a . , . Q 7 . . . V I 74664512 i MR SPINAS MRS HORN MK ITEM Biol Gen Science English Library Gen Math Geom Algebra Dramatics B P E , Aeronautics F21 it Mrss WEINBURGER MR CRANE MR GUGL1ELM1NA MR CQU51NS st G Beg Band Glee Amo Mech Engllsh 3 Mod Prob Band Band SOC S 1 MRS, CHRISTEN MR. HEINZE MRS, RICE Business Training Agriculture Home Economics Bookkeeping, Typing Farm Mechanics MARLENE HELT Secretary DARYL SALLADAY Vrce Presrdent 9 'I lf' LEE MARVEL Presxdent fi E PMN M ARIORIE HELT 49' Treasurer From left to rxght Mr Page Vuglnra Page Bobble Angehnr Shrrley Chandler Kay Roscoe Marg Helt Dee Drxon Marlene Helt Larry Lentz Lee Marvel Alfred Chrrs ten Daryl S alladay Student . '1 3-ng., Leftro right J Flynn J Ring D Rocha K Roscoe I Lourenzo J Hosp J Pedroru FIRST SEMESTER GRAND JURY 121' Z? SECOND SEMESTER GRAND JURY First row: G, Goff, C, Kauska, C. Lindley, C, Shewry, Second row: B, Tiller, R, Losa, B, Chandler. Third row: D. Rakestraw Judge,W, Page, Clerk, . 3' --.-.gi an A d P rt Efbtors COBLE A CHRISTEN B CHANDLER Edltors D SALLADAY Edrtor rn Ch1ef A TARELLI and T KIRTLEY Sports 5959, 2 955 c, , as N95 X W EDELINE, P PALMQUIST, L BRAZIL, A DeCARLI Typrsts I RUSS, Photographers MRS HORN, Advmor Q. 'J Q1 I 7 Staff If e-V9 re- :X M. 5 'm Q Q n 14.5 SENIOR OFFICERS Presrdent JACI-R BUGBEE Vrce Presrdem JERRY FLYNN Secretary BARBARA BYERS Treasurer LUCILLE BRAZIL ELLERY COOK FFA 2 Boys League 2 3 4 JACK BUGBEE H1 Y 2 3 4 Varsity 3 4 Football 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 Basketball 3 4 Class Presx dent 4 Vrce Prestdent 1 W1ldcat Purrs 4 Boys State 3 BOB TILLER Vars1ty 2 3 4 Football 3 4 Track 1 FFA 1 2 Student Counc1l3 PAT THOMPSON FHA 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Class Treasu rer 1 Chorus 1 2 4 X an 491- 3' 'IT LUCILLE GIACOMINI FHA 1 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Class Secretary 1 Dramattcs 2 DARYL SALLADAY Varsrty 3 4 Football Manager 3 4 Basket c1l4 St Court 2 Tomahawk 3 4 Class Presxdent 2 St Body Vlce Presrdent 4 CSF 2 3 4 CSF Lrfe Member HAROLD MILLER Varsrty 4 Basketball 1 3 4 Track 3 Cho rus 4 JOANN KIRTLEY Span Club 2 3 FHA 1 2 3 4 V1ce Presr dent4 Band 2 3 4 CSF 3 4 Dramatxcs 8 G1rls State 3 BILL NESS Vars1ty4 Football 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Band 3 Track 4 Chorus 3 4 Dramatrcs 2 St Court4 DAN RAKESTRAW Varsuy 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Basketball 2 4 Baseball 3 4 FFA 1 2 3 Track 4 I . A A 'C l 1 it 'Ht 1 can 1' oc z "1 ball 3-45-Track Manager 23 Student Coun- AR ' : ' ': : ' 1 i: ',': ' :. ' : 19 '.' 73. '-'fv ' ' ROGER MILLER Varstty 3 4 Football 3 4 Track 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Chorus3 4 MARLENE HELT FHA 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 St Body Secretary 4 Grrls League Presldent 4 Chorus 4 TED RAYL Span Club 2 Varsrty 2 3 4 Football 3 Track 2 3 4 FFA 1 Basketball 3 4 Chorus 4 MARION WILSON Varsrty 2 3 4 Football 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 FFA 1 Baseball 2 3 4 Band ART TARELLI H1 Y 2 3 4 Varstty 1 2 3 4 Football 2 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Student Councrl 1 2 Tomahawk4 Dramatlcs 2 3 St Court 2 3 fs' ALMA CHRISTENSEN Span Club 2 3 FHA 1 2 3 Band 2 3 4 Chorus 4 DELORES WELLER Span Club 2 3 FHA 1 2 3 4 Band Ig, ALFRED CHRISTEN H1 Y 3 4 Varsrty 3 4 Football 3 4 Basketball 1 Track 1 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Student Counc1l2 4 St Court JERRY FLYNN St, Court 2 Band 2-3-4' Football 3-4- Baseball 2-3-4' Class Vice President 3- Varsity 3-4. MARJORIE HELT FHA 1-2-3-4, President 4' Band - 3-4' St Body Treasurer 4' Girls League Treasurer 4' Chorus 4. 'C-YJ BARBARA CHANDLER Span, Club 2-3g FHA 1-2-3-4, Secre- tary 3g Band 1-2-3-45 Student Council 1-3g Class Secretary 2g Tomahawk 3-4: Girls' League Secretary 4. AUGUSTINE ROCHA FFA 1-2-35 Chorus 1-3-4g Basketball 1-2-3-4g Track 2-3-4g Dramatics 3: Football 2 -3-4g Varsity 2-3-4. LEE MARVEL Tomahawk 2-4' Varsity 1-2-3-4- Class President 3 Vice President 2- Basketball 1-2-3-4- Football 2-3-4' Baseball 1-2-3-4- St. Body President 4- Span Club 1-2-3- Chorus 1-4- Hi- Y 3 4 Track 2 3 4 BOB FULLER Span Club 2 Science Club 1 Boys League SPE' 'frwk RALPH WARREN H1 Y 2 3 4 Varsity 3 4 Football 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 2 4 Base ball 3 Band2 3 4 Chorus 4 Tennis 2 3 4 LUCILLE BRAZIL Band 2 3 4 CSF 1 2 3 4 Wildcat Purrs 3 4 Tomahawk4 Girls League Vice President 4 Span Club 2 3 St Court 2 FHA 1 2 3 4 Class Secretary 3 Treasurer 4 CSF Life Member LLOYD MARTIN Varsity 1 2 3 4 Football 4 Basket ball 1 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 St Court 4 Tomahawk 4 Tennis 3 4 JIM PEDROTTI Varsity 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 FFA 1 3 4 Band3 4 Student Council 3 Class President 1 Chorus 1 2 BARBARA BYERS Span Club 2 3 FHA 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Class Secretary4 Wildcat Purrs 4 St Court2 ALICE LAKIN KOSKI Bar1d1234 CSF1 FHA123 Span Club 2 3 Chorus 4 G' BERHH Em gsm O5 QECOH Ekggw 565: C3030 5:5 252 HSE: Eirgaa H25 new XOF HRD! CON UE RAE-E 275 CSP C300 USS Egg EO SEND 5535 TSEOUW USE 5:2 :BEDS X-az 522 Q02 W Um-EZ 532 :Wa he AWEHS3 Z S52 :EUEO NOD H2 UNDP ZOH PQZZMMQ was-K-O3 32550 waist Asian CEUOOE wE:O3m ng-:Saw MNEEE SOO wgvzsz ngssvwwgmm EO AE:-2 DES M:-:UQ NAEWZHG MEEHEOS 320 E winagw MEENEOEOE wsiim mniwmdo wC52w-EQ Ha 2 W BLESS 332 N wig wigwm wE5EO5Em wgmgg 20:2 mC::3 wgjwa mg-OH wE:0rH 802 MWEVTNE P4 FRE Sdn UE E UEOZ 258 E-SP QE EOHLCE33 25:2 OH 23025 msg EOE VENQ :UQ OE UDL E mU::EO5q as 5:5 ibm E-JOE Q05 5285 EA N 5:5 :AE MOOAM ENAU UUEO UE E HOOgUw UEUE8 HOZ EU MW E COQEUEE 26:8 DEOI gg at 5:3 :Na 5:5 SEQ OH wiagwj E2 USE misipom BSCBL Moria mHEO51L 6 :gg QSEQ wx O HW QOOH5 EOOQ gm-:N -vw? mmswszgn EA A Om UU HZ 22-:WE :NE 53 Om QEEU 253 NE Q adam eg Egg xg EAU ZOHWNEP N50 CO-2:5 H-0:22 5 D3 SMOHUQ 8:43 Q 2 5 Q :EOM GOQWEOSH Hs :WEEK EN :US qw 515 EUOM gzmjwzq is EH Egwviz so E063 :M waz Em U :Z EWOZ GENE 03 GENE PACS ich! GEEK H Um 2232 :Um OZOENE EAEOUSO 2:23 5-di :EOM Gig is-i V-OOO T2 M CUEOHWES MW H 2 H5 ESU 'SEQ H2220 22:5 msg Egsm Dgwsm ig -Gsm 0:53 M3212 H V : ' 1 I 1 :F H- - A ' U V A L m :- 4 n H H L L M I M' A v 5 I V l A I :b I . 4 :vm H , 4 Q w H :- OEEUUE E3 wixa wmsmw W-Em iam SEE 20:5 A E, I J l U an 4 A Q 2 A Q V M A u D g t h H I I A A V MH l 4 V H H lm U 4 V U , V h U H M H H Ak b DARRELL IOHANSEN V1ce Pres Wh -any QL atv? '-wr ALFRED ANDEBON 156 Qtr' Q5 3 -av GEORGE ROS COE Presxdent MARVIN BERTELSEN WENDELL BOOTS ALDYNE CA PAUL AILEEN CHRISTEN ALVIN CHRISTEN MARLENE COOK LOIS COPPINI ALICIA DeCARLI FRANK DELL ERA DBGREY DIXON ERNEST DWINELL JOHN FILIPPINI PATSY GOBLE GEORGE GOFF JO ANN HA RTLEY JANET HENRIKSEN Sf LEO ANGELINI i i 'NRE Q WILDA PAGE Sec Tre as 485 EUNICE IACOBSEN IRENE KATRI CRIS KUKUK CHARLES LAKIN BILL LEWIS MARGARETTA MILLER RITA MOGNI MARILYN MORANDA MARY O HANEN LORENE RAKESTRAW JOSEPH REGLI KENNETH RICHARDSEN KAY ROSCOE JOE RUSS AUDREY SHEWRY KAY SIMMONS LESLIE STANLEY CHARLES WILSON KEITH WILSON GARY WOOD KENNETH HOUGH BOB HULL F1rst row C Shewry I Leonardo M Chl'1SI13l'lSeD B Yancey I Lourenzo B Petersen V Page L Hartley L G1acom1n1 B Herrxck Second row Joan Hansen P Lrndley C Kausen Jeanette Hansen M Wrxght W Barrote D Rocha I Chrrsten P Anderson Thrrd row D Stucker F Rayl D Gabnellr T Enos, P Palmqutst T Krrtley J Russ E Braz11 B Lewls F Srlva Fourth row J Hosp B Angehm B Petersen R Andersen R Losa G Mathews E Crowl Top row Mr Iten Mrs Horn Presldent Don Stucker V1ce Presldent Jack Russ Secretary Treasurer Lynn Hartley Frrst row J Klempel S Chandler D Rocha E Truby R Jaunarena B Henrrcksen C Gambonr I Mossr E Lema F Katrr Second row R, Salladay B Nrelsen S Kukuk, L Wolff J Jorgensen C Lrndley B Cobb M Dwrnell C Hackett, S Graham M Graham Th1rd row Mrs Rrce H Rakestraw R1chLourenzo,J Rrng A Barr H Chrrsten L Petersen W Edelrne B Pel letrer L Guellerr D Helms Mr Hemze Fourth row E Katrl Ron Lourenzo C Kostka D Crowl Leonard Lentz C Merer Larry Lentz R Voorhees J Brown G Martella A Cook I c kel B Spellmeyer F Rocha Prestdent Shrrley Chandler Secretary Treasurer Carolyn Gambonr Vrce Presrdent Carole Lmdley XJ I K . f il fr W. In If 'K A I if U11 I 1 J 15.EIIef: ',.. ., . I., . ,.. '... u. 5"! . ',' t,-. j.. '.. .,.. '.. ,,.. ',..Mi- I F .......... R - ---- E - - ......... . S H 3, M r E N IKQX m j Q 0 6 XQJ-Q I' 'Ho vs f K uk ,lv ca f Qfqr U X I 4654 0 fi' I 1 1 K 6,3 1 ia " fv hf " '-4 n .A . ,CX ' ' ' ' N QWQ s , 0 1 W: , f 'G' It 1 , 'APN ' 9' . ' ' EY ' . ,f V 9 , rg Xxx 5 .K , W , X V 1' 1 'fl 1 7 AF it N vii' N rw N if Aww Pep Band Aeronauucs fxeld mp Go go get em' F F A boys dlgglng foundatxon F F A ualler scales built by boys for new Ag blllldlflg f s ' ' I 17-LL J 4, ,? ,., .. hm 9, . ' i I sw! E b P W0- c L., J Russ A Tarellr J Bubbee G Roscoe R Warren Mr Spmas L Marvel A Chrrsten K Roscoe C Wrlson iii? Left to rrbht Marlene Helr Presldent Luc1lle Brazrl V1ce Presldent Barbara Chandler Secreatry Marlene Hell Treasurer Yfw 5 'Han QZN3 fi , Q I 44 .A I f""Rq.1i55Tu. 'T' Gil Q, Mg 1 3 Bw -2 ' ' wx! u 'a Q11 Y 0 exsxmull 2 .111--lil' E MQ ' ! UU, LQ4: -110 . I 4'ffW"Wz 121 ff? Q! l' 4- J :D pn- 'W Q1 ol'fW 323 "' l U -,iv v I' v .. rl 242' ffm iv 4. N 4116 X 12 sh CHORUS Frrsr row A Lakm A Chrrsrensen M Olriannen M Helt M Mrller M Moranda M Helt E Jacobsen P Thompson K Srmmons Second row A Rocha T Rayl G Goff H Mrller L Stanley Mr Crane L Marvel L Marun R Warren C Lak Thrrd row C Kukuk B Ne rn W Boots ss R Mrller G Wood J Pedrotu Srreei Foorbau :MW on Maw sf chi' Q0 Physlcs class conduct mg some expenmems on sound m the new La Aeronauucs class on a fxeld tnp at Rohner v1lle Auport ,A Cb After a quret fall the dramatrcs department went rnto full swrng m the sprrng producrng a three act and a one act play under the drrectxon of Mrs Horn Professor How Could You the three act play was a story based around a young professor who rs tryrng to get a wrfe Wrth all the members of the cast helprng htm xt adds to the con fusron and comedy of the play Lee Marvel and Barbara Byers play the leadrng roles as Keats Perry and Vrcky Randolph Grandma Perry Luc1lle Brazrl Grampa Perry Joe Russ John Appelby Crrs Kukuk Prrcrlla Morley Carole Kausen Tootsre Bean Margaretta Mrller Valerre Whrtman Al1c1a DeCarl1 Boggms George Roscoe Who Gets the Car Tonxght, a comedy rn one act was enjoyed by the Student Boday and was also taken to the Dramatrcs Festrval at Humboldt State College The parts were tkan by Mr Jones Bob Trller Mrs Jones EUHICC Jacobsen Paul Jones Augle Rocha Mary Jones Arleen Chrrsten and Jack Daryl Salladay I S l Law .. '., , I - . .5 - R -. s.. - : . - . a . . - .. .: B -L : . - ' 1 . - ' : ' ' : " ' . ' . GEORGE ROS COE Presldent mf'-,Q ARLEY HEINZE Advlsor l i 71 ,- ,- il.- CHARLES WILSON Treasurer JIM PEDROTTI Reporter LEO ANGELINI JOE RUSS Secretary KAY ROS COE Vlce Presldent :dune 0f,4 Eddre Katrt wrth Fatso hrs Bobby Angelxm proud possessor of Cow Palace steer thts purebred 2 yr old Guernsey Marvtn Bertelsen and the cow wtth Charlre Wtlson wtth one of 7 head of whrch he won the F F A Showmanshtp cattle whtch he owns He also rs taktng a Contest He ts planntng to make applt Shorthorn beef herfer to the Cow Palace CBIIOD for State Farmer Degree th1s year thrs year Charlre 15 applyrng for State Marvtn owns 12 head of purebred Guernsey Cattle and rs planmng to show a steer a gam thts year at Cow Palace Last year he showed a prtme grade steer that brought 5415 per pound American Farmer ggi .-5 lx Y- si Gerald Martella and his two purebred Jersey two-year-old heifers, alfcneamnu Farmer Degree the thrrd hrghest rank of membershtp tn F F A There rs only one grade of membershtp htgher and that rs 5,9 d' 51 'UI George Roscoe holdmg one of about 57 Kay Roscoe wrth one of more than 29 head of purebred Suffolk sheep whlch he head of purebred Suffolk sheep whxch he owns He also owns 11 head of crossbred owns In addmon he owns 5 head of pure ewes He 15 applymg for State Farmer De bred Romney sheep and 10 head of range gree thrs year crossbred sheep He 15 applymg for State Farmer Degree thls year I 'i .skill X I y ' Marvm Bertelsen bexng awarded showmanshrp Qlcugio trophy by Mr Huntoon of Eureka Branch Bank of Arnerlca Marvtn IS wearmg the Off1C131 F F A Show Rmg umform recent Iso-Reg-ll wrth one of hrs pnze Jersey ly adopted cows Joe owns several head of purebred Jersey Cattle Kay Roscoe and Frank Crane swmgtng w1ld at Boxrng Show ' . 'if ' '.'S'f -L ef'-P ' Y J-fy, '."A1 ' 2' . 1. T W I 'XI-.-Q 'CSA 'ZX ',.' 'gf' ' 'F ' ' '24 ff .. h .jp A I A 5 - p R ill- , .1 2 K 2' u If 1 I I . li r ' ,l .'.A lr A 5 .- 3 v , tj, Y , 1 . 1, ' '.. -' J " ,tn 7 X , 'I .7 0- I ., 'V .W s Ll. A A ' 3 1 ' . h 3:5 fu .3 5 A A S 7 w fa Y U l A -EC - '1- - -.A Q-P2 ' I S "I x TI .I of-,, fiat 'A T lk 'o T, Q7 77,4 A 1950 51 For the frfth year rn successlon the Ferndale Chapter of FFA has earned the ratxng of Master Chapter and was awarded the Gold Star rn recogmtxon of th1s accompllshment We conducted a proJect tour whtch this year took us to the Mattole Valley and Petrolra where we vrsxted the homes of our members and saw thetr farm programs In our co operatrve actrvrty ac ompllshments we brooded about 700 chrcks w1th our own battery brooder used our spray rrg to spray at least 15 acres for weed control and used our concrete mrxer on et ht concrete constructron jobs Our communrty servxce program consrsted of prunrng 187 frutt trees repatrtng 21 preces of farm equxpment and machrnery burldlng 18 PIECES of farm equipment dehormng 206 head of cattle and calves castratmg more than 150 beef 68 prgs 429 lambs and docklng 748 lambs We sheared about 50 head of sheep More than 200 sotl samples were collected and submrtted for analysts The fertrltzer demonstratron on the Terkelsen Ranch was com pletely set up and 3 educatronal meetrngs were held at the ranch to study the results of our experlment For srx months a rodent control campatgn and contest was held between the four schools Arcata Fortuna Eureka and Ferndale Our chapter won the contest for the thtrd year and therefore won permanent possesston of a trophy Warfarrn rat poxson was handled by our chapter as a communrty servlce for ranchers tn our area At the County Farr our Judgtng teams ln lrvestock and datry cattle won fust place We had a team 1n ltvestock and datry Judgrng at the Davts PlCI'llC last Aprrl C0flSld6l'1Ilg the Red wood Acres Farr and the Humboldt County Farr as well as the Cow Palace Show we had more than 20 dlfferent lndrvtduals showmg lxvestock or farm mechamcs thts past season The Chapter entered a booth at the County Farr and won second place Our parltamentary procedure team won rn our county contest and also tn the regronal competrtron at Davls To observe Natronal Future Farmer Week the chapter members put on an assembly before the h1.,h school students a wrndow drsplay rn a downtown store and news was gotten rnto both the county and local papers The Bankers Award was presented to Joe Chrtsten and the Showmanshrp trophy for outstand mg showtng of all stock at the County Farr was awarded to Marvrn Bertelsen Our chapter also sponsored the Parent and Son Banquet last January attended and partrcrpated rn the County FFA Jamboree IH November sponsored a p1cn1c for the Home Economrc grrls elected two ranchers to the Honorary Chapter Farmer Degree parttclpated rn lnter chapter athletlcs gave a Chrtstmas basket to a needy famlly sponsored a Boxrng Show sold refresh ments at the County Farr and at Football and Basketball games and sponsored a Barn Dance 1 . 1 4 ' - I. ,. P . . . 1 I 3 , , . Q I 1 f f - . f 1 1 - I I ' , . v - .K -A . . . l . L . . , . . f ' - I i y - Pep Band Rally Commrttee Daryl s shop progect A-4 ,-F--"" Plasreres at work School nearing completion Loyal Basketball roorers Drill Team 9 gf? ' ,J Presrdent Marjorre Helt Vrce Presrdem Jo Ann Krrtley Secretary Wrlda Page Treasurer Marlene Heh atwze za O! ffmeuea uw- New Modern Krtchen rn H E, Department Study Secuon of H E Dept. Frfth Perrod Home Ec Class Q F , ,gr 2 mf' w Y O K9 Q 7 . Y ll Sw M Wt dl Song LeaderS camrrmdley and PM ey h dler Yeubeaders -mtl 7W' pe am Herrtck A Chnsten L Hartley C Shewr Se y cond row E Truby I Jorgensen B Petersen C Gambom P Anderson Thud row F Katrx D Rocha R Mongr, L Gtacomrm I Katrl R, Salladay Fourth row L Rakestraw B Lewls M Cook M Wrlght B Nlelsen urenzo Leshe Stanleb' Shmey C an o Irene L Ftrst row J Klem 1 S Grah B lg! Barnyard Carmval Fortuna Dance Band Dcwoea W Q I Q Aff Refreshments Sadle Hawkms Dance nf, nw Sw X Shing ff ff! 4 O l-rrst row J Klempel E Truby V Page, L Hartley D Rocha I Russ Second row L Wolfe M Wrrght B Nrelsen W Page J Rrng Thrrd row I Krrtley L Brazrl B Chan dler B Hull D Johansen D Salladay Last row P Palmqurst C Wllson B Tlller, D Drxon Mrs Chnsten Advrsor CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION LIFE MEMBERS OF C S DARYL 3 SALLADAY Q O LUCILLE Z BRAZIL Z - Lucxlle and Daryl earned lxfe membershlp rn the C3I1fOI'l'l13 Scholarshrp Federatron after havmg been members of C S F for at least the necessary sxx semesters, one of whrch must be dunng the semor year SPOWIS ants :ith th erd of footb ll season come the basketball season his Je r Fernda1e's VBTSICY team FPBV11 and C mba ff n 1 depend 'ipplni WOUF m ack make e s have 9 lettermen L BRAZHng t11s year heede Ednor t Jear's stars, Art All f'o u-ty' Tial,b lartin and To I IT The 1ors are ual Co e ard ulous Band of Corsi and a will esta an 'ou had tickets whlle tseakd fron a member A Ca 8 Bye Class 0 paul " L SS 111' 1? ue VFX the ent MRS CHRISTEN A dv lsor een? QBIC HASKWTBALU J 1Q52 Jan an Jan Tan Feb Feb Del Norte' ucopa lortuna S uth Fork Vureka' Del forte :eb -1 V rtuna' South Fora' Arcata' F 8 :ree c ke and shown Chrurfz 4 De vull be served and adm1sR00ha H K C Carl, t 1cn is only ole dollar W B ""d1 Tnet is really a bargain, ed ba' some qw! C so be sure to come tc tne fCo'1tinued ln next colv On Nov rrber 11+ the 'SF memb rs ere excused from school tv extend the annual conventmon, tkis fear held t Del W rte Whose attend lng the dale v Jo Ann 7 z Toe r Pe Ng om Fern X55 on furn rs it t e ti eacb sch 01A Declmu t neil. cti Co Educ: well as talk on son cho en sub Ject Rpor sentativ s fron ach n1vh sono 1 also prese ted one trpe of entertainment at noon For Vernd1le's contributlon, Wllda end V1r Page ,layed a saxaphone ndln el are Hoo Y was ni ht Hi Y a pro t1on, with nfield latlon 15 no def been set DAYS Lnrf J n 1 ' li n " bi e . ,- CSF T 1: A 5, l :' Q . o , ,. , , . , . o " -S '- Dfc 'YS SL, 'Fi , ' . -. f . Ad- A ' .. , - '-h , e ' - ' . 1 , ' 7- 5 Ai! 2. . 2 x - 'i If Q up of ' . - - -' 'yo ' . az N 11, L, 1 1, ' , U Ch 3hBn - - vn,youn ?fR 1 Da f 1 age, Ja n- lg ' in- se . 7+--- la . X ,1 . - J . 5---.. . , .a ins L1 . 11--' - M . L. ' " " u . 18" 5 - IA A Q gg. Th W A Jan- 25--Arcata officers we. , fated and - . ' . 1---n . .5 ' U repor of ' " V - 5-" '- t' a '. -,f-,, s - 4 H - 15-'-C : nS s - J 1 . f - 2 - feb. 21-- A ' ' , L' ' I ET" - , ,A P 9 I S- 'Qt as IS ' D ' f, i , ' In 1 J g d '- a f 3 -at a - . T Q . A N ..Ahx ' . U - . 51 9, - A. ' l I I . . r . - , - Ros Q, . S --- - A , . ' - ' 5 L a A MIM? r f,,,, if 1' V - -4 'Fez-.em R' + A L, , 0 3,111 6 . f ' 2 f ' ' I l I I I -H " ,Mai V ,.-, V, 7 .. M H 5 L 'Q. i . I Q 5' if X. 0 '7 V' T? oi' vs-fbi -6.4 31 hw ta, 3 ld 'fix aaa ' Q-M f Q1 'fr ,ZW ' H!l I A ISI. T , Q- 5 Q,3.,. ' - n ,N . fa- 4. 1 , ng" "0 , X., nfs.. - Lf '3'f"'5!7s- Y' . Q ENN tw .ff Wag ,Qi '51 , - A-1 1-req 74435411 1951 'yvm' 7mm Augxe Rocha Charhe Lakm BobT1l1er Roger Mlller Darrell Johanson Gary Wood Alvm Chrrster Don Stucker Jerry Flynn Lee Marvel Jack Bugbee B111 Ness Dan Rakesrraw LEE M ARVEL Captain X ,Lil Coaches Managers FRED ITEN WILEY COUSINS DARYL SALLADAY FRANK SILVA I I I I I I I I . I I I . . I I I D I t I ' , . . O L, H Q- Q In i 7 . " X , , X I U, x jg A -A I? Ness at Half K Roscoe at Quarter L Marun and C Wxlson at Half Lakm at Quarter Half Rocha Wllson and Ray Backheld Rakestraw at 1 1n the Hull at End Angellm at Full J Flynn at Tackle G Wood at Center J Bugbee at Tackle R Trller at End R Mrller at Guard D Srucker at End J Reglr and R Anderson at Tackle C Kukuk and J Pedrom at End I Q . Q u 1', 0 , . i ' - . ' , ' ,, e 0 . . - . . Q . I L... Darrell Johansen at Guard Al- Alvrn ChI1SI8ll at Guard L Lemz and E Dw me ll T ack les Rrchard Losa at Center Ge orge Roscoe at Tackle John Mrchel Joe Russ Alfred Anderson Guards .AL Del Norte s conversron blocked by strong Ferndale lrne The 1951 Football Season under the new coachtng of Fred Iten and W1ley Coustns was morally successful Whrle wtnmng only 3 out of 7 games they stattsttcally out played every team ex cept Fort Bragg In the fmal game wlth the Arcata Trgers the Trgers won by a 7 to 6 score but fatled to make any frrst downs The season was clrmaxed by Lee Marvel Jerry Flynn and Jack Bugbee recervrng frrst strmg posmons on the C I F all county team Bob Hull recerved a second strtng berth Lee Marvel landed a f1.rst stung posmon on the All Northern Coast team whxle Jerry Flynn recerved a second team honor Enthusxasttc reserves Attempted pass to Stucker yell as team scores blocked by Fort Bragg la... Marvel stopped Rakestraw moves by Hoopa man agamst Arcata Rakestraw for short gam rn Jamboree Marvel breaks loose m Arcata game Angellm over tor s1x at Hoopa Rakestraw scores at Hoopa Lakm punts agamst Fort Bragg ii! E1 -rw xwsj Vw -7 JZ!-. Q'- Girls and Boys League Sweater Award Winners 1951 LEE MARVEL ALICE LAKIN KOSKI ZX 1 x QW? 'war cg, X W WA lk!! Y N C WILSON H MILLER T KIRTLEY ABARRI A TARELLI EL , L L 1 L 1 :LL i LLfLL FT L L E L LL E Wfwfwf EMM DL .,::1 N '.'f" f "-fi' "" f 2 Lill Ll'lL"',L 'L'b 'L" 'LLILLLILLLZ L L 3 3 if'flf5?5QgQgggg ,LL fzijflr, Lll L'LlLl"" ILV''4L'LA LLLLL4LlLL'i'LlLL L L LL '. E, .1 LLLL i5 W LLLL L iLLlLLLiLLI L L E LLL E LLLLL 'ff L1f l11 'E' 5f E 'O L LLL LLL F E LLLfL fffE? LE?f L , L LL LL " K' LL L LL LLL E L W 16' 26' Wav' L I QQ! lk! 46' 1-Z:-lr if u GABRIELLI Q?- CZ-M Vu F RAYL D SALLADAY M BERTELSEN W EDELINE Ma g 93 B PETERSON ,,, NtSh 'KX H' Forest stnks one against Eureka Aft laY5 one UP , af Art shoots agatnst Fortuna Harry gets one away Charlte ptvots for two Harry shoots a hook shot ' A is - s -1 ' X 3 y .JU X r E45 3 X. .4 F f' as 4 L I h 4 r '4 S' 1 QQ 96' wr' "gs ri? l""n '28 , . '? ,... 'Q 1 'H' ,a:, O .Ya " 4 QV L LENTZ FLYNN I BUGBEE A ROCHA I FILLIPPINI eczagwecglz' gaaketfafl D STUCKER at Q QQ! L 'v1ARVELL T RAYL VOORHEES M WILSON J PEDROTTI, Manager f'x K.: df' ' " "' -L fA 'X LL 1 -1 L! Wflgiiigiiiimf L.L, EQQQQEQQQLKA fQi?5QES3LqL W f A,LLLL, giigggggigg L LL L L LL,LLL,L LL,L L L L LL,L LLL LL L . L A ,LLL LLLL ,, L L LLLLL LLLLL L LLLLL LLLL4L L L L L LLLWL4LLLL, L L ,L L, LLLLLL L, L,L L LLL4 ,, LL L,LLLLLL, L LL,L L4L L L LWL , ,LLLLLL,L,,,LLL, 1 L4L, , , , L LL L ,LL L ,,LL L ,M L L K ' f LESSHQHHEQEESQHQSEQHSQQHSQEQ L L L NN LL N LNLLLL L L'L L' ?EEQ55.Qgi12g..:z ,.,.. .,,4,,. f A. ,H Vvnv nblvu 7. 6 J A.-,A ::i.V:Qf':':f,-5., .V,. ..V... 4.3.1 .,.,' :V.P:Eif: -,-' -,,, 2.1 f 'ifff5f1fi4:5..3 .A.A..,.,...,.,...,.,, 3.3f:,31ffifE .',' :L,fQi'ii ' ' faqgg1vmgwag5+ ggQmQaQgams LL L N LL L NL L L :gr 5g?fL LL L L LL, LLLL LLLL LLL ' ' ,..A 35535i:f.2:5E--352 ' ' ' i5 ?ii 151zz LL.. L-LA 5122221Ifif?iE,i?'iQ3 R. Jump shot by Larry John shoots for two Larry goes h1bh Lee boosts score 1 Auble Qhoots Jerry above OPPOSIIIOD Tense moment at tip-off Augie rallies two Frrst row A Chrrsten R Warren D Rakestraw A Tarelh B Ness Second row I Flynn L Marvel G Wood M Wrlson D Stucker mc! Frrst row G Gott B Peterson J Pedrom A Tarelll Second row L Stanley L Marvel T Rayl H Mrller Th1rd row C Wrlson K Roscoe D Stucker Fourth row R Warren F Rayl B Ness T Krrtley F WRX Z XZ? Frrst row R Warren G Gott B Petersen J Pedrottr L Marvel B Tlller L Marun H Mrller Second row M Wrlson T Rayl A Chrxsten C Lakrn J F1l1pp1n1 L Stan ley A Tarellr Thtrd row Mr Cousrns D Stucker R, Mrller J Bugbee I Flynn D Rakestraw C Wrlson Mr Iten Fourth row G Wood B Ness B Hull K Roscoe Ji 1' JACK BUGBEE LEE MARVEL JERRY FLYNN VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS Frrst row E Ttuby B Herrlck A Shewry I Chrrsten R Salladay becond row M Chrtsttansen I Krrtley I Katrr Captarn W Page I Hartley L Wolff Thrrd row M Cook B Lewts P Anderson S Kukuk J I-Ienrtcksen Quia Spode The guls P E classes started Ihls year wtth a vol leyball tournament wttn Irene Katrr s team takrng top honors Due to the confusron of a crowded gym and the mov Ing tnto our new school the basketball and badmtnton tournaments have not yet been completed A lot of tnterest was taken tn 'tap dancrng, as ll had never been taught here before th1s year v' ? f ,F 'f' '. A -If -ng 'ln !Ss5J2m,r ' W H "ti-l "' LLM! qv In is L5 Y A .o A ' 10: N? 'Aww' ' ii' -' 944- t 3fff7C if 5 WW' ' 5 3-rf? Z ,mm A , 11 . J 'VFP' ,XJ L X G. "an ,,, 3 - ii.- S .s . O 37' 'X ' 0 3 1 4 if 1 ff 'I tl l if , Q Q4 f J' an I fi S f I ni Jr 653: ,N r' UQ? M do yowz Q C wolznvme J Q QQUN 22 vqmva PLEVROLET 1-5653 FX! U2 MW Wth 025.76144 g Off My 50009 r YES! B sg tl STCDRE B-ERTM NS LAUN DRY We Serve all Southern Humboldt th the Best of Serv1ce" I h TE WF Ogg N v S102 'v S gh ut our es x ' oo orwar n oes - From H N so , ,-.,-,, ,,,,,, ,,.,-.-,-............,.-.-,..,tw-,.......,.,. CHEVROLET i i if Q fo' 'R , Q f GX , 1 ,, Q e bl 5,1 I 3. 0 P - c - - ef fl- I 4 H xg I4 TIQS f 6' Hobby Supplies - Sporting Goods t ,S Service Y-X 5 lv EleCtI'iCa iances S d Silverware . Q Wate H t D1amor1ds - a c es 1 . x I fb X We're h ,X f the i est X ' Lit e store I T Q2 ff 4 4 P Y B t Xl S F 12 F d VX S I f X ,ms IPPLE MGTORS O SMO Ill gg!2VlCE OLSEN IMPLEMENT D'5"f' PEERS WWE 5254, K A Zac Twalled E' Wand! Nb RAY L ALBERT 2. som SA LES Q SDR VICE leCl'I'lCd.-I. A Q 9,0 Egxefwaly S 54222 iw RCBBIN S SERVM? l'0lTlIl' Wa E9 ff 7 SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT it . 3 "'...'122..'L'l At . - CQ LD BILE Sales and Service I E c YN' 1 at EQ K O E p C g atulations . 'I T p C f "sz E- E l f L A ,,, 3 Er i ff'f'7g " E A i 5 I EI K N Fr1g1da1re X E . 9 0 ' f Sales ' at Pontiac Service C ,, ,E A 0 I FERN BRIDGE STDRE Grocer1es and F1sh1ng Tackle X ,ogg nt 1:7 Farm 1 sr ' L Sales ' Q! ,Q , 1 li Fernbmdge k Qgbms X FRIENDLY CD -I-.E AQM1Xl5'DmHkS R- Lunches Steaks Spec1a1Sw1ss Sausage Sat and Sun Only Southern Fr1ed Chxcken On Sunday Loleta Callf DEPENDABLE SERVICE C: 0 LINCQLN I 'N Booksellers and Stat1oners 615 F1fth St Eureka Ca11f I3 I-IOTO L-VY S PEC' 5 I-I O ID Peter F Schm1tt Stanhope E Pedley 511 F. Street Telephone 71 Eureka, Ca11f. GOCE3 af-iii IVILRCIZD J INRIGLIEY Phone 163 539 G. Street DENTIST Eureka, Cahf Qgfn Zid F1rst m Flne Footwear Buster Brown Shoes Roblee For Men A1r Step.L1fe Str1de For Women 617 F1fth Street Eureka 812 G. Street ArCata , Eve rythmg 5 2 to f1t 2 Musmcal Needs N sw 'I "" If 3, your L. X I J 9 NYC-3-ARD fz4e.!GREIZ-EN MUSIC CENTER Eureka Arcata '1'iI fifififififf ""'1'i'11f1f'1' i 555355 'III 3 f55':Q55:f:'1f "1'l3 if '2'iL i'i'i'i1 M I 1l,1,:,g I ,,1:,Q.:.1.1.Z41.Z.1.:.I.:.:.:,,.1.,11.1.1,,,1.:.:.,..,,.i1.Q 45415 wl,m,vM df -'9 'I I f e I . , 2.251 at . . . . It - I - . cz o. Youlz HEALTH 122 0268 7 4X BUSINESS RUSS f ' ' 5 J 44 HOWARD LARSEN TH Y LAST DODG S VICE AMQRGSINI -EEXG I CDCNKJIZF? 51-oFfeAC7+: P S F D 1 5 CANCLINI S fm M smog RLQPMR MS ix 5iTlZ-ENS FURNLZTCLLRE GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 95 D RJ bm MW --1 DDDEE PASSENGER CARS air :kv . fad-15.54 TRUCKS E ER E ,i W 'J -, Y , C V S 1 Curing - Smoking Cutting - Wra pin I 5 - R. . . F d Ph 9917 K I gzfzjigi D 1 Z Q ,-""' . a V -I ' f is f ' , 1 . . f Q . . , . U f- f2. SDD Ozfwwfeogfiz 2 Qefeygzggffzxf 147 DS AC hd 7 dEy t WMZW DRY CLEANED K FERNDALE I C LEANERS mill' MAFZCUSJE N C-SFEOCEFZY 0QZ Z- 40661684 f Z ww W t h f Z A.1s:ul.lDs2u WW 'Q Farm DALE 604 QQWW IH A h1dN d M awww z a Af Qxf I l DR WAYNE M KEE DR C LARENCE CRANE Compliments Class o '5 X' ' lt' . ' B. ., . . S. 5 ll . vf I Myull hh a'- HIV" D. . .,F. . .D. I Ort o ontists W . Cor. th an e S . Eureka Q I C Compliments Class o '5 co C DR- , g. 1 ' ' D ,. E L- 'D 'ff If at .,ee.x.xe.e W L ff Q ,- ' ' D- 1 Q ' I ' 4 Congratulations o t e Class o '5 - N , K Everything n ardwa It ,QQ Z fxif "f d 4-N! V House 0 ee s f , I I x X ' . C 'X - Tr u 4-K , Q X NN, I Q D D ,R 1 f N , 'I' If fl RQ ' yu !! ,' V IIS Phone 68 ' EXTRAIH4 74th Y 1 LHE FERNDALE ENTERPRISE W Edt 624232712 DEPARTMENT STORE dly S fty Sh pp St 4 x Appl FULLER PLUMBING ,W at ELECTRIC wx 9,74 wean "51f'xQi3l Jag! Wye? 7'laZ""t' DAIRY Plzooucrs ESX VALLEY FLOWER CO OPERATIVE CREAMERY i Fl-ZRN DALE 925.255 MARVEL INSURANCE AGENCY FOR ALL. YOUR.. INSURANCE NEEDS 923 MAIN sr-Puomg 205 FEEN DALE, cms REMEMBER ou T1 e 1 R1c 1n Golden State GO LD-E N STATE CCD- LTD- ag f, X 1 . Y J., 5 f F rie n e r vic e ' ' ear o P b ' ati Th ' o er mps George aldne ' Phone 9 A Th x ll 'Q Lat 1 FOR X VA X Ele 1 ' 1 x ' ff ia es .of I by 4-hub X' ,. 5 X421 5 I. 1, I - 7 ' M . Here s Qty. R th , W px I ui, 1 I 1 XXXL S. I 3. . - -nm, ,..... Lg Latest f 3 V, Q . XY -xv Fashions M '4"0'ff Win? 'D Ll' J -:x,.- ' U -2' .. .1- - 0' Y St 'k 't ' h 4, ,wwe W, ., . 1 . , A - q U -151, V - . '. f V V xi - '?,,,j..4-I-v Ng- 'V V.. . I -.,-1 ,E 7.-5 - f X:-' f gay, L A-'L-Q q,,.1ff,'.7-' .4 3,4 ff.,,,,f' ,, - , , ,.' -- . 4' .. ,..g,,, K, eff? 1. Q 'fi X , .JN .Nl R V- wvjw 1- .- x -'Q-Q ,. 1, .- v. ,. xx ..- .M 'K

Suggestions in the Ferndale Union High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Ferndale, CA) collection:

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