Ferndale Union High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Ferndale, CA)

 - Class of 1947

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Ferndale Union High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Ferndale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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ALMA MATER Ferndale High, our loving Alma Mater Homage we bring now to thee. May thy sons and daughters ever faithful Serve thee with loyalty. By thy streams, where nature's voice is sweetest Knowledge and truth make free. And we'lI mount the hill of Life's fair struggles Helped and inspired by thee. FERNDALE Union High School Presents the TOMAI-IAWK 1946-1947 v , x . i , 5, v W f, ,,. ,,--4 iw?-Ji: i 4, ff There is pleasure in the pothless wood There is a rapture on the lonely shore There is society where none iutrudes, S a By the deep sea, ond music in its roar. ..4nn. nlllD2flfxlDDu mDMh4dh Chuuudoot'dL As an Inspiration for the Futura We dedicate this Yearbook to thc Underclasamen of Ferndale Union High School .. ...U qi-.wb ,Q J: , ,,. ff' .,:,4"v.',4,v :Q ,-:as?f9F,1kym2Q-1 . 4 . -N F . - V Af--,g?A?F"'f A 'uf 'R 1,'Is,1, L." - , 'Q'1"f,'m,i-.,.y ' s f - ff :y,.,,.4.,,- L kg - , 42 X ,ffm , . " 1,1 5-fp, 55 "iE:4.Qii-::Q1'3Q'R4jA',5? 'L a-:AT ' 'fmfi' .. f ' Q-,5'f1,?' ', 'i,?!7,1'f'?, . ,ff V ikw1L?Qf'?5 +1-5 :lfigswffm-firgs,144542-:viii-41g5f5's-PI' ' wimf - A, x g,.L,, .1 , ,xijf 2, , 5. -,.".,,. v'-,Q in ::,, , .'- - , 1' p 1t,,.w -vp ' 'K ' vri'?fU' '- gfflfv ' f4'1'-- ing' iffy" 'Ai k' fx", my' " W LANE k ' 2-W .Nw ,W . ,, ,, '67-f-:gf ,y-JX 1 .wr ,, . ,..f41:-:Lp .x ,, .- , x " r?v4aaJ5Qx:C3iE,!K2a511Q:faf?5el'51 A 5 ?4f'A3T - LQ:-'W , N32-iHx4'5Mfg'.'-v K'vs:5:,'.v2-1"f13,iv! - wil' mffim- ,fg"?.Tgf1., -flaw S' . ' ff- -- ,pf " " ' ' aft.: -' ,nf,f,'f?1? ffil q ,7fm5iS'M+ 1-zs?2 ,,x 1, Q :X if! -:ff-w.f.+'Iu ww- .... NK.. 5' lf- ,,--1 'J-?Q'g"'f'f'5fl'3n5'3 ed v -- Q,-Q ' ' vii.-5, M .' SRL .-5 , k,.,.,m .wif-'M. , .' I , :+V :A -5,5 -3-vwfw if ' -,'1w,,,, ."'a":21m'a . " 'mn -x.:'v.f f', 'yB'y1-lifrff wwf-? .rr P. f'1s4f?f:'+N .,a ffd::f,1zf' 1111554 , , f if - , uwfrar 4'-vii0'f' mfL.?12"gW5 394: dx ' 1 .':FEf: 'rf , ,- ,'i73Q4513Q3?f5" fa, f,,W4'if?gf1f1-fifglsfma ,,w.pfQi+fx5I-J , 53, JT- ,y " w 5 :lf: F3',,12", 3532123- .gefwvzlf'-1,,:w1-'figs L ,fslarw .,4.?'l1',gs s f: -naw ,, ' -JC ?'5v:',1' -1 Y' g,.. 4l. Lg.g".::g ' H ,. ,yu-vm 'E'-9 'N Y.-M 1 'Tai W ' 'ifilgiff - z .wif mzzfgfxeg-2331121543-Q?'3fPiiff:' ' . 1, ,,w, ' tw ..,w"f,,,'t3,,:'f ' Q .sm ' 'W A ' ',.:'jui1i.f -g,v1w.ggwgmgg'gw 4" , 1?' , ,m.f,4?,,,,gf. ' 1 g,.,:,Lp:, M fn., 5, V ...H iw. , , W , ,.,, L, , L-, -A - ,f,l?ekQ.m.m . 4 mi , ' ff mm 52 M WWE? 4 'W -1 'L ,',,, .1f:4g5,,Jfg. x W 'ug I N 'Kg ' 4h '1'1f rf' 'fix . aw Hsqgffiwsx- -fl, gjn, , ,,g,,ji 4 ' , :SYNC s ff'-.mm U r-' 'rf fwQ7',V?"'L'h"'P' " WTA QM. - -L wr, M51 :'f'w,,f,v! f' I,QFuC'i1H?f4 ' 2. H x,,,.,,.,f A-. ,, ,.. -"fr-r1.Q.5:1f, 'C . . -:e.,'5gx,Q: 1 A H5151 -:bi w ,,- fi . M,,.,,,, R, , , A, ,1 ,, A4 .,,,5,,f:g.,, ., , .F .-,. ,, ,, ,, ,,.,,,,, .,. ' P'f',-',1G3L1,.K'. 'M 1 ' ws E- ' ,,,f,.,,,4,,? ,,,,,..,,1 M f. ' d:.w-1- , ' 1-wwznms,--4 , ..-v me . Vu-wwf, :sw f ',1ip,'g,lui Y 1 '-5321211 Rt: al, . w,.,t3,.s, ' ' wx' , L :T ,L ,Q , M , '1,s.15S' M 'ii ' A 2711.1 WF ,Nw ,,.,,.,5.,,',q .A ., ,mth-.1,,.,.. :7,,,mwW.,.,,,g ig, . ,.-, ... .,.,,, f,,. -1, .,,,,,. . ,nviiwg xv , H12 mu , A , ffcfn 1 ff, .,f5f:gf ,img fw- , 12114, fni'TY'W"'7J'!ii13PZ'Z"1iEg"'.?!Ffl2?1T"E??1'l'Yr'!7,Y' i'2?'5'." " 3 " " ?"4"'i'Z'?f' ' ' TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES J cwss MUSIC SPORTS ACTIVITIES WILDCAT THEME For many years a certain individual has been dominant the halls of Ferndale High. He has wooed fair maidens and won their hearts. Our basketball, football, tennis, and t.: heroes have envied his popularity, but have held his name 1 and fought for victory. At rallies his name is cried over and over: at games 1 spirit invades the team and the roaring crowd. Today he in taking us on a tour around the school. Weuof the Tomahawk staff 'have had a hard time keeping up with him, but we have followed his tracks until we found him resting in his favo: ite spot. We introduce to you the host of yesterday, today and ' morrow--Ferndale H1gh's own Wildcat--and -ask you to follow his foot prints. GQ QQ QCD QCD GCD GCD MJ As, rw FOREWORD This period is one of transition from easy employment and ready entrance to educational institutions to a time in which employees must meet exacting standards, and prospective college students must compete for places in overcrowded universities: a transition from the time whe every high school graduate was drafted into some phase of national def to a period in which the individual must analyze his abilities, intere and opportunities, so to place himself to become a happy and productiv citizen: a transition from the time when every individual could nourim and indulge his own prejudices, jealousies and suspicions, to one in 1 his very survival may depend on his ability to face with an open mind' broad problems of minority discrimination and international greed and distrust. May you, as students, take an active part in shaping a world in wi freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom of speech and freedom to worship become realities, not just nebulous ideals. C. M. Soreun Principal Qmk, :- -.444 9 .- -A ,wi gfmglzif RW' ,Z .-1.1:-zmigit ' ,3m:'f1i,, ' X? 451132. ' -FACUALTY I 4 I rims Hun P. lynn. E- Whitrwy. B- Dickvf V' mu' H' mm' Second Bow! M. Jmnings, R. Senborne, H. Keeney. F. Glenna. W. Herton, C. Soren Pauline Lyon University of Calif. Chemistry General Science Algebra Mary White University of Calif Typing I, II, III Bookkeevping I, II English I Ralph Sanborne San Jose State Gen. Shop Mech. Drawing Farm Mechgnics Wesley Norton California Polytechnic Agriculture GC Evelyn Whitney College of Phcific Spanish I, II English I I William Crane Boston University Chorus Band Beg. Band Horace Keeney Stanford University English III, IV U. S. History Clifford Sorem University of Calif. Adv. Algebra Trigonometry GCD GO CIO GO G' Betty Dickey Oregon State Home EC. I, II, III Maxine Jennings Cen. Missouri State Girls Pe Ee English II World History Francis Givens Humboldt State Boys P. E. Gen. Math 1 Q e Z 3. 5 x: 5 E 2 i 1. .4 32 L ,. 2 5 5 5 2 11 2 E Q E E 5 S S 5 E 5 S 51 is fi 9 li 5 P?" "'f?""" 'f'kVa '?NFHK v 'W5E7'A?Yi"'fl. " W? " "-- xg STUDENT COUNCIL First Bowl F. Battiga, J. Titus. P. Hackett, B. Urs Sacond Bw: C. Soren, R. Todson, J. Flynn, G. Guglielminn, J. lolsy, T. Halls, lr. 50110. ANNUAL STAFF X up-1 first Rav: left to right: ll. Hu-ville: I.. Winslow: B. Imini: D. burma: B. Allen: J. Borryg Ao u81'Y01o Bound bv: lr. loanq, Advisor: J. Islay: D. Carter: C. Sora. if 2 f, L S? 7- 1 QA 2 H E Q ff 5 5 ki if 4? ,. 5 5 if if v Y Q ff S V 'ie 51 Q fs 3 2 5 E 2 1 1 x -6' y 7' fLu4,l 5 6 7 32, 2 5- L.. " o 1' 9 a x Z els-NN 16, s" F"C5hMe'7- Sof:homor'65 'ZX , mx Ax vb NW f X X.. 'N 'vin-in N X X Q 7 Juniors Semov-.5 If K ik K O 1. BW A . A A T Q I' M K , !'.2. 'i49"'1- QC GCD GCD GCD C! 15 Q 5 Q 35 F W F YZ Y Z Fr Z 4. fl is i -Q 2' Li ii 52 ri ri 5 Q: 2 5, 5 fs E T Fx if Pa EVERETT BOOTS CECELIA CI-lRlSTEN MARGARETFREY SENIOR Q F JOYCE BUGBEE DONALD COPPINI HOWARD Fan-:L MILTON GIULIERI 3 . 1 I P., 1 O 'L " 1 " ,af X : DONALD CARTER 1 Q ffl ..- ,w . ,,OT f .sf ' DELBERT FRAME 4 5 EVELYN GILLESPIE CLASS K 5 5 52 Q r E 5 , E ? v..,.1M.,,........... . . JOSEPH GRINSELL ARVILLE HUMPHRIES O DOROTHY LORENZO PATSY HACKETT JOHN KELSEY AUDREY MARVEL BLANCHE LANINI MARGERY HARVILLE ,A 'I - ',.f3:-1 If ' 2:-'L-.- -:Q - .-.-.ww-.. .f -. - -. EV ELYN LEONARDO CAROL McKEOWN Q E E E E 9 ss I 3 ' X 'V ' V L, .A ,A 4 . MAA.. J 5 f f , , M . ww ff 5 f ,si .Q 2 ,i mf TONYQMELLO LUCY SILVA WILFRED WILSON ALMA MOGNI ROCCO SCALVINI 1 RAYMOND TEDSENH VIRGINIA TORONI 4 2 X 2 -an RICHARD WINKLER 1,015 WINSLOW JANE MARTIN E 5 2 'r J R 5 s 2-2 5 5 Esiii ings 3n3.E 5322s 23255 if 2 si 3 E 2 3 3 5 2 E 5 E 2 3 5.22 3 3 5332 E 5 3 3 u 5 P 2 3 E 2 ,iff Efiiz gifs? Egffa suH5a 2555 5 gia . 22 5 Eg 5 S25 5 5.52: 2 3 5 2 2 5 2,555 9 3 Eff :EE a 3 s 8 :sis E53 1.2 2 2 2 5-3 lf? 2 -s 3 3 5 5 5 si SEM 3 5 'sg' 5 -3 5 5 W ?faSE2i55gi Q e Biralf fm 5 3 8f'i3 isa -E. E Eigaegsasgfrsgr 5 5-1 333551:-12-15 sssignzsiz- 2 .5 . ,233 E5 3 5 E : 3 a 5 2 U 2 ni . a 2 E 5 3 E 5 3 5 5 E Z 5 3 2 5 2 52352535 a 5 s W A Efisiizgi 8 5 5 5 si if 3 ge 'S S! R5 is 1' e Ba a Qi ny. naman' Imini Blanche 5 S E E 3 5 2 1 1 3 5 S 2 34 Z 3 4 E 8 3 5 a-gi 3 9 'U 1 E 1 I ! 3 3 E I 'S 8 5 U' 2 12 E52 E3 i 2 3 5 E .2 5 I 5 5 6 S1 'sa u 'Ea -ia? QB! I U 5 gl ,, 9. 55 if 3 ii fs 5 si 5 5 fs? U 22.2 52: Sl' .. Qs 1338 W 353335 8 .gg 33535 li F ,. 252 :Zig 152 -355 5:5 .. fu win kg, Mfg, M E511 QZCFZTVE' Qaawww-.,Q,?Cn' ,Q .ga-5'qa-ww' 2351111 H, 1k'F?i'7f',.:' Q, Q A 4 l sg' ,-fx 5 Ql- E 4 5 ? 2 L E N 2 1 2 2 'Yam Am N J? Q lg? NN 4 Y 2 Ex 'Q Ely I, 1' ,WA , , A ' 1 m 4 'i H, . X an ,,,-'W "'t,., 1 .Av r f, Q, f Ng QNX Q f? Q, 1 1 'Mix r..1 fx fkf Z" Q, W ,g rv, , 3 ef K 5 . TEXT! TY? YUM," 3 JUNIOR CLASS p M J S f Init te right: Front rem G. Titus: M. Jwebseng W. Bartellz I. Lurrence: B. lhrting C. Matheson: T. Qrlstlu L. Sotterhmd. Second kwa B. Allsng P. Pedrettig B. Farley: L. Lnffrenahig E. bbineenx F. Soelvini. 'third an J. Berry: G. Paine: 8. Jorgensen: B. Hanson. B. lhtthenz H. Oliver. Fourth rug A. Gale: I. Gillespie: D. Omrierg G. Sarong R. Paine: J. Olivet: K. Bugbee. Fifth rn: P. Klllprdnezz '!'. Gellabergx B. 'hnbedca D. Beckett: D. Keaeyg L. Buss: H. lloleong le We llrth bun Hn Jennings: G. Qaglielnhq D. Kenpfg lb. Givins. President Bruce Hanson, Vice-President Gerald Guglielmina, and Secretary Hary Bugbee led the Junior Class in a year of successful and entertaining act ivities. Iirst on their program was the Junior Prom, appropriately named 'Snow !1ake !11ng.' The Juniors had charge of an assembly which was presented later in the year. Highlight of the Spring activities was the Junior-Senior Banquet held on lay 25 at the Village Clubhouse. Their able Advisors, Miss Jennings and Mr. Givens, offered valuable counsel for all their class functions. GCD GCD GCD if E Y 5 if 'f .Q W5 il 'Z L, .2 QA 5 5 .1 'l li ai A .9 if !! K Ke iz If A 3 vs E ,- M ' T3:IgiQ"-2 T? i 'gh ' fiiif f' 7 '+ L 53??YWYY7Sf rf fy ,f ,jf J! Q A6221 , ,Dr RN-. .JZ ' ,Ay 1 -.R if 11. '45 XE if QMS fgxfe-My ' I I i 1 I ' " , , 'nl' I ,1L,,.1,fl"' ,,., Aff? .ffwc fn' Q1 ff ,775 g , f 1- , wx ' .f ,4 fr H, 1 .f , J L' " ,+J"Xf" in -- . A - ,1,,,ff"-' A xy MH 1111" ,y,1'4""Ax gja-ff' f . 4, . W' N ,fn -,ff e-J , f S, ,O k 2,11 . ,Lf ' 1 ,iff ' ff. ,ff V WU, f ,fwwf M 'M -UM' ' 'Q-7'1.s'! 4' cg K, 5954 N V' Jeff ff' gf -A 'f' W, 4 f .rj V791 f 'k A' ,ff L vg4,fy ,A W . f , ,nf gfw ,,- wk . K , f k ! f 15 V 'yi . 'gk' VA Z I,--"" ,.,1,4f" 53,u:,AT':, A ix R A X M w 2 lt Zi 1 54 5 f Q 'v 4 x L 'S H F .WLBM44 Ivxljik INQLL, L'Li,iim!h"l .P Ai i'!"flnSo5I.lKnL.h'BiNL'au2KZ-k..b som-u fn -,Q 435 A lint Rn: F. Hnfville, B. U-!'lC. I. Goin. I. Gariats, I. Stanley, G. Hiller. Seeemd lbw: Il. Iprenun, ll. Ouguehhg, I.. B-Lekeea. L. Jacobsen. D. Sona, C. Grandi, K. Boots, B. been. Third hm S. Oellesberg. 8. Johnsen, L. Jorgensen. B. Beckett. I- Gllbwif P- Brazlll. rguflh W D, W, P, anal. ng mfilmllp cs WI no to hdenu. Htth but B. Cqpedor, C. Bind. A. Bdleooi. J. hderlvl. B. Clerk. 3- Url. 3- MQW: 51:5 ang gg, bgq, 311.923 J, Him, D. O'Ounne11, C. Ddhrli, I. Christen, lb. unnnzn,Addmer. Sevuth Rn: G. Gtempeni. J. lqynolde. I. Leona-do. D. Sullivan, D. hula. Under the leadership of President Danny O'Conne11, Vice-President Alvin Scilscci, and Secretary Barbara Hackett the Sophomore Class activities were carried out very satisfactorily. The Freshman Reception, welcoming all Freshmen, was the first function of the Sophomore Class. Ordering of Class Rings was exceptionally early this year. The students were sporting their rings shortly after Christmas. The class of 'U9 has been the largest in Ferndale High for a period of tio years. The Sophomore Class has been successfully guided by Advisors. Mr. Sanborn and Mr. Keeney. GCD C1QDo Q QCD -, ,L-4 V . . ' .M 55.4, .1 fw,,pf,,., M Q 2. m W f. 5 fl ff. 1, 'md ,reg Q'iQ2u?Q,f 'fszf J-iv, Y M 3.3 7 mx vw., . A 5 , ,X 1 -K fa is I+ . Lg , :ya A fuwrwswrwwwsmwawsfnmaulmhmw , , A 'fx.nmmwv1 .rw was-wo' mmf' 'WNW mmvf-mwnmwmsvan 'W' .LW , ,, sw, V gfwavxwfswzgwtmswswmmmwnmqwsa-Kfwxhsvyar W ,M Nw My-ff Q mfg ww nun mms maximal 133' nf., v ,Nr Mvw.nWvwrQmlsnwnwwm.wv vvli ""' mfwMaw,awm.Mwummmuauguuqunnur1'f ,mgmifr Mmff'v4n.wuu,asemrwwP" 'ff' '.,1g:.m..f ,wk .w.n-mffffwffvlifilfiii gf M .M .1 is, we ini wld? :- Q 1, gfV.QLR,4v1-A515155 1 F . ,Unk 4 ,xvfmax-if 'MV xv av -fwfafwalahlv' my ww ww wmffifffl lfassvmanv-nn' 1 ll ns, Q, 'fvA:'l"'Qi"V4 ,Nag , 7,11 lllflw w,N'5 X 1 Qi , K a f A 155 . , .:. S'-L 1:12 4 1 Ei: fu il ,--Q '?i- 1 f A f 51 .4-, A . 5 , , fa? 2., 5 A xx X Elf N Pt if ,Ei , 2? m s Q fian- :. . 21 g , R, ., ..w..4.-yn K . Z Q L E 5 5. ai 1 E 2 S 5 22 Y! Q if 5 Qs 15 5 F3 ,Q Q pf 5 5 ,Q rx: 9 f wry: I 5 mia sykafgm-Q. 2 my X limi 5 ,- 4 fx Q 1 17: Q r Qpfgfff Q.fg4fQj.Q,f If-Viv FV 2 v wx " .352 , R, 1 v. qs .Nnm1u:w.wa:z1fs51afls::mwmmwlwHMWWWWjgfufsgsnmvmr I JC if J 525, "7'1kZZQlif. yLiV'2g, .,Q3Q'f2nLfJ2Jf?"HJf"?m5m4'ZmZ9"" ,W in ' 'Nm-JTLN ,J M .., .W M M iw wmv um -,wzwnv iamrmnwumiwbiijbv iw. Q V4 av- -M rms aww: mmm imma: mmm umm: ah! I," 4,-w,Jmwem1v'fmgWfw aw:-sfxaawhltnnmwxuirif 1-L Ewwg-,al --is-i s 1 A5..,f,Lww:f4q.WM'Amm.xsuMwi',w6nw' new wav use msn- Mm uw ,www arab ii Y 5. H may-wAf wafnlf-wm.uv K-Q A Q 5' 3 ,t.5.x:,iw3l-04' - Q ,f,g,.4x,av .wwzf-veal' -M I an-' xv' m4'fwg1wwSf?' an tm, new ww rw awww tw, Q.: lf nw an has as V, Y it 5 ISA ll! .,,...,WX-,.M Y P? ' il 355 1 m ' 5 .ig if . T I lt Q W ,,-,,A,. M ,.,, ,, 1 ? 3 f 2 3 v A i x Q 5 + -rf: wsu W 1 5 5 - ww 6 as g, 5 5 sf- ,Z ., . 55" gg 5J H N . q Zi ' Q W ' I 1, N Q 2 3 4 --2 w a 1 5.1 1 , .,,,,,,..-.,,, ,E 5 2 uf ..,.. E A WM L Z Q 7 K is za Q Q K 1 5535, M f FF? 7 f 4 s 51 , L A 5 ' -1 , Q x , , ,ag ,- 5 '52 ' 5 T jg , 2 as 7 Wk ? s .-Q.. 3 no 'W' A Q- if 5 ' E w Z , fx 'Eg is s Q E 5 5 33? Q , -f Q 3 2:2 5 M Y-N-A --Q I 55 5 1.- f 4 , H E ,i i I ' , , 5 gt W, m,,,.,,,.W,, . git . ' ,J i - .Q ,lm 1 'ES A 1. F , 3 E F F it Q Ez PE E 5 fi ,, 'Y if 3 E is -6 sl, J '11 J: , 1 ,J '- W C, A 1.1 ' ' " ' ' ' 42 R FRESHMAN CLASS Hui but Vie: Blakey, Adviser: I. lhrtella, A. Silva. P. Yarlq, L. lerthingten, B. Crnd, B.Jbnm:n l .lbrhu hhdeer. Seoctd bw: G. Cepeder, C. Ghrieten. R. Ginoemiai. D. Llmhax-d, L. Fidel, L. Christen, A.Onmnv. Third kv! L. Sulledq. I. DeCar1e, B. Bmsen. ll. hee. R. lhrtin, B. Gellabezy, P. Petersen. hmrth 'Eben C. Clough, T. Bdtip, I. Wilson, D. Graham. K. Clif. Bo UN. 3- Ed-nil. 1. Sh:-ny, B. Seuea. G. Silva, L. Reese. Yifth but J. lbnaon, L. Gsglielulna. D. Iverson, T. Tania. 31155 Ln 2, Crqql, M, Sousa, P. Blyien, D. Qmrlsr. Seventh Bow! 8. Deny. D. Sullivan. The Freshman came into the school this year a strong class. They had student i 1 ' s n near y every school actwity, such as programs, monolol and cheer leading. In the way of school tradition the Freshmen suffered under the cr pranks of the Sophornores in their annual Freshman reception. At this Q they were taught how a good freshman should act. The class was had by the able Kenneth Cady, Presidentg Loren Sal Vice-President, and Patsy Petersen, Sec-Treas. Representing them in tl student council are Floyd Bettiga and Bob Ure. QQ GG 4 GCD GCD E ff if 3. I Q ., 5 ' " ' " 0 V iz, X VM X65 G fQQf EPIA. D Girfi Sao Qs H gc' K fn 0' L tH71lf . -v' 41 G 1 S I ., I ff I , 'P i f S ?' E i 2 3' 1, 3W2LS5iA'L'4'R2uhi4?5'HQRQiIKl.f-Efi.xIA1vE.S f "5 " ' ' W ' C. S. F. ff :- if if 9 W .... 5- Y I N Ai S , w i f : Q . is 3 re . -A , .1 N ,, f. h. f 2 Qfwslii y Z 3 L .X s ' S X3 . Q. Q.. 'ww Rm V- Hu-villa. D. ser.-. xr. Harvillo, mu vnu.. hm...- Swwd HM C- Som. J. nym, G. ouglnlmm., R. Winkler. Bu California. Scholarship Fsdsratimh activity of the your was the annual disirict oonlorcloo at Qrucmt City at which Cul Soren was cmua district vice-pruidmt for the year. ha lhXdCDf bhrgexy Harvillo, nceivsd hor LU: Scholarship urnrd. SPAN ISI-I CLUB , Y'w.s6 Init to right: Trent nn I. hx-villa: B. A1105 A. Lhrnlg D. Iprmug B. Lurrmcu Socmd nv: A. Crane: B. Ininix B. Hadattg J. Hurting C. Qxristm. 'Baird nun P. Xillgardzurz ll. hx-ville: S. Cbllsuborgz D. Sarong P. Haokntt: C. Mahon. Fourth nn D. Martin: B. llnklorz B. llatbheng L. Banana: B. Hsum:D. Qzristmunz has Whitney. Fifth ron S. Jorgensen G. Guglhnkxag C. Sorcn:J. Flynn C. Clough. 'Du tn Spmish classes found a Spanish C-'lub in Jamal-y for the purposn of studying Spanish life and culture. At A Marion lmchnn, Bmoe Hansen was chosen proaidantz Jana Martin, vice-president: and Patsy Hackett, secretary. W2 ig' ., N E Y. W Q w ,ea G E E ki :Bs Q 5 , 2 Q 5? S L ' k r. r. A. llllil SMF , 9 54, ff J .Iaft to right: Front row! B. Clark: J. Grinnell, D. Coppini: lr. Sandbox-ng R. Todsohz B. Capodarxl C. Ddhniz I. Filson: F. Inu-moo: Mr. lortcn. Second :ron T. Inna.:-do: J. hdarua: T. Hallo: P. Oopphiz D. 0'Ggnnn1l.: D. Gxrioiuunx B. F0113 T. Oallenbax-5: D. Torribiliniz D. Clinton I. bowl. bird nun D. Sullivan: B. lhrihs L. Soilaooiz C. E11ud3'G. Silva: ll. Sousa: D. Qnrriorg L. Gugliahhq J. Bullivm. Fourth ron D. habit: I. Quinta: J. Titus: P. Bayntd: D. Inna: I. Bmnibq: G. Guglhlnhq D. hun D. leapt: E. Boots: T. Dain. CHAPTER OFFICERS Q0 Q CI: f 1 1 if FUTURE FARMERS The Future Farmers of America set as their goal for the year the attainment of Master Chapter certificate. To receive this rating, a d must meet seventeen different goals set up by the State Future Farmer organization, including project, chapter, and community service activv In order to achieve this rating, the FFA year began in August whm 21 boys showed livestock at the Humboldt County Fair, and three at the Eureka Fair. 1 Forty-five boys enrolled in the agriculture department, accountim the fact that 16 Greenhands were initiated in October. Hardly had the year begun when Bob Martin and Don Kempf represent' the local chapter at San Luis Gbispo in October. . The winter months saw entertainment and community service, includ: the FFA assembly and Barn Dance on November 1, pruning orchards and tr: ming trees for the Village Club, working on the Pest Eradication Contm and brooding poultry for projects, the main activities, topped off by' Parent-Son Banwuet in January at the Danish Hall, which 125 people att' Twelve boys advanced to the Chapter Farmer degree in November, am two applied for the State Farmer in March. Three boys, Gerald Guglielmina, Jim Titus, and Frank Lawrence, pr: pared talks for the Public Speaking Contest, the former receiving the honor of representing the local chapter in the Humboldt County finalsl at Ferndale High School February 6, By March, 194 boys had tested 186 cows, and four, Don Kempf, Frank Lawrence, Bill Clark, and Carrol Holland, had participated in the Juni: Grand National Livestock Exposition at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. In April a three-man judging team participated in the Cal Aggies Field at Davis.' The election of officers for the following year, and a picnic wit! the Future Homemakers concluded the activities for the school year. Bk ever, the FFA members had not completed their work, for June and July 1 devoted to the preparation of stock for the 19747 Humboldt County Fair. The Ferndale Chapter of Future Farmers, led by president Bob Marti vice-pres. Don Kempf, secretary Ray Tedson, treasurer Joe Grinsell, rep Gerald Guglielmina, watch dog Don Coppini, and advisors Wesley Norton, Ralph Sanborn, accomplished these activities and attained its goal thru the FFA motto: HLearning to Do Doing to Learn Earning to Live Living to Serve.' x Y 5' 33 'i 2' va vf ,A 5 2 4 ' v, 2iv!RiJ51Cifw'i3J41Lf.fQLlLl,4 K, -E1fv.J"ZW,.11 L 1,1 11" J", .ew . J .u'941b!?fI'61HETFi4i'Ji1li' A l A HOME ECONOMICS Bret but N. lhrtelle, V. Tomli, P. Farley, I. De Cerli, lille Dickq, Advisor: F. Harville, C. Qu-ietel, R. Ghoenhi, A. 'lorihing-ton. Second but A. Hopi, J. Bugbee, H. Oliver, G. Titus, I. bbheon, C. Qxrieten. J. lhrth, L. Bethrlmd, ll. hee. hind hm I. Crawl, B. Benson. 6. lller, P. Beckett, H. Bugbee. hurth Bw! H. Hdrville, 9. Clpedat, T. Qtiltd, L. Crue, C. uUK00lle Fifth but H. Gugtlelna. 8. Johnson. D. Soren, J. 01iver,L. Jorgensen, M. Lex-eng. Sixth bn 1, has , P. Petersen. The F.H-A. orgenization, with 30 members was very lively and active this year with the officers--Jane Martin, Pres.5 Pat Hackett, Vice Pres.: Eleanor Robinson, Sec.: Alice Crane, Trees.: Lillian Setterlund, Reporter: and the ad- visor, Miss Dickey--Leading the group. The planned calendar for the year consisted of monthly meetings and many other activities including: Iniation Excercinws, indie Hawkins Dance, Mother- Daughter Christmas Party, Assembly, Rally, e ,..e F.F.A- and F.H.A. Fun Night Party. Two of the greatest events were cooking and serving for the F.F.A. Banquet and for the Humboldt County Jersey Cattle Bull Sale held on the fairgrounds April 15 One interesting project for the year was a Personality Box, through which the girls presented their teen-age problems for discussion by Pat Haceett and Josephine Oliver. Ahother was writing to different F.H.A. Chapters throughtout the state, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. A few of the girls ordered F.H.A. sweaters and emblems. The pins were awarded to the girls according to the amount of point they earned. The second meeting of Section 1, California Future Homemakers of America, was held in Eureka, March 22, with ten of the girls from the F.U.H.S. Chapter GO Q0 GO GQ GC att ending. 15,7 , ':.'v"cf1' z. P Vw ,.-- f . L, . w sv . AH r 'WY 1, 'wLnM.A T s .sa.n.+n A , sw- V BOYS' LEAGUE wif.-W. -n - 'V twig 'J . L ' ,K s. Q G L V S -V' V J! ' J: lv H Jlgvf 7 r' Left to rightg Fleyd Bectiga, Yell leader: Den Kenney, Secretaryg Milton Glulieri, Vice Pres. John Kelsey, President. GIRLS' LEAGUE in-::r""' '-1 v-it I,,ef't to right: Cecilia Christen, Prcsident: Margaret Fray, Vice Prcsiuemg Z-,ral Mclieown, Sec- rev-ry: Patsy Hackett, Treesurerg Blanche Luuini, T011 Louder. ..:.f:'it L' f 132, 14 a v -A gre, 1. 5 1 6 1 s ' f ,,v, , If x M, ,MM x ,, VDUSIC Q Q XV' . M H W 3 ali 1' Qi? Y 6 Rv 'fp I Q ff Jfw a Q If fffwxj wid A ,fi 6 ,M said MQW I vi 1 1 rn fl f. ,Q ' ' EQMQSSBAKC11'4'.irZLS'F1-x31.i4Jii,M5xZF3'5-1'zIsBh.'?itf-Cwv BAND 4 , . It-,J M Hx ji-K ' V X ' .M W W. f.. - K A V A guru., M A l ..g:..,W35-.W :ig ""'w.,,7 L. 4 A. k M ' , ' A Y .. A l K My fl 'Law ,, fe .M f. , f - . ' . M- . .. , .X ' .M 1 X mf- Front hw: F. Staley, P. Farley, A. Megxxi., L. Erikxm, P. Hillgerdner, L. Winsln, J. Titus, C. Nathan, A. Marvel, L. Soiterlund, A. lotthingten. F. Harville, J. Vartin, P. Pedrottl, T. Bettlge. Second hw: D. Clough, G. Miller, B. Mathews, J. Oliver, H. Oliver, ll. Harvillo, R. Paine, I. Robinson, B. UTI, K. Cady, A. Crane, U. Guglielnine. Third but D. Graham, L. Jorgensen, G. Paine, U. Gillespie, B. Allen, V. Teroni, C. Ckmdell, B. lhtthews, C. Clough, M. Lennzcx, C. Quinton. Fo zrth bw: T. Mello, ltr. fh'ano,Dlrecterg D. Kirtlly. WThis was the loudest band I have ever hed.' Directory William B Crane aptly commented on the 19MB-U7 band. Through football season, band members were constantly on the marda working for the reputation of being the best marching bend in the county. Moving letter formations were employed for the Football Jamboree Sept- ember 27 in Eureka, and for the Hoopa, Healdsburg, Eureka, and Arcata games, but trick marching was used for Tortuna's benefit to close the football marching season. A concert band greeted the audience at the Christmas program December 20, the Public Schools Night program, May l, the annual Humboldt County Music Festival at Hunboldt State April 25, and Graduation Night May 30, not forgetting the Nineth Annual Band Frolic on March 27 when popular music of all kinds predominated. The American Legion revived the Field Night at Albee Stadium in Eurekg so on May 15' the band again became 6 marching unit. 555.57- L ,fry I 5 'ZEBRA JZWX: MIXED CHORUS Q 5 E Trent bm D. Ierenze. M. Jacobsen. L. Siln. V. Tereni. Second lbw: Mr. Crue. Inetructerg J. Berry, J. Bugbee. B. Gillespie, H. Beche.. A. Canvq 'Hurd bun M. Giulieri. J. Beidy. ll. Bennikeen, A. Hmphries, D. Keeney, L. Beuem, R. Peine. L late debut at the Armistice Day assembly Nov.1l, and psrticipatio in the Christmas program Dec.l9 summed up the Ferndale Hin Glee Club's first semester. However,the second semester told a different story of great activit First and foremost came Band Frolic on March 27. The 1918-'I Band Frolic, "Silver Moon," directed by W. B. Crane, followed tl regular surprise tradition. The show, similar to an operetts, was planm by the glee club, and featured in it's acting cast several members from the beginning band. The gym floor and stage were set to resemble a rest and to make the program more unique, the musical part sonsisted of populz rican music. As Frank Sinatra, Donald Keeney solod on WTramp, Tramp, Tr: by Victor Herbert, and NNight and Day,N by Cole Porter, assisted by the! and chorus, while Florence Scalvini and Dorothy Lorenzo sang Gershwin's Man I Love,' and Noel Coward's WZigeungr,' respectively, with band accor ment. To conclude the year, the 1935-147 glee club sang for the Humboldt Cc Music Festival and Public Schools Night on May 1, and for Graduation Exe: May 29. G0 cz GQ GCD Ge 3' n V! ? 31 0 1' 5 5 5 QR V I 1 , i S kr , tx f ,Ar X X "":i -Q -V -jf- 19 7 4 ,ZX v f X f Q ff W NX Q., 4 ff Q3 Q GE Q1 S g. J. s 6 fr E FOOTBALL TEAM left to right: Lines D. Keeney. Right End: B.. Tedsenz Right Tackle: J. Fhnm, Bight Guard: R. Seah Cater: I.. load, Ipft Guard: D. Carter, Ipft Tackle: T. Belle, Lett hd. Beoldieldt J. Kelsey, Quarterback: J. Grinnell, Left blfbeckt I. Hansen, hxllbaokx H. Guilieri. H Iklfbaok. SQUAD 4 Q A A A A I Left to right: Front row: B. Hman: F. Christan: I. Leonardo: B. Farley: R. Ihxklerg ll. Guilieri, Ca L. Leffrandu: J. Grinsellg S. Jorgensen: T. Hello: L. Wood. Second mv: B. Capederz D. Sullivng P. Capping B. lhtthen: R. 'redness C. Soren: D. Cartarg D. Kemqz J. Andersen: A. Hmphrien Third raw: D. Iversang J. Beidyz J. Kelsey: J. Ilymg G. Benteh: Y. lihon: B. Clerk: R. Scalvinig Mr. Giving, Ouach. Uv E ir YS H - p FOOTBALL It was a repeat performance--in the opposite direction--for Ferndall Fighting Wildcats during the 19146 season. As the score stands ws see an unimpressivs record comprised of l win, l tie, and U losses CJamboree not countedl. It has often been said that one can not always Judge by the score, so let us review from a different angle. Outstanding in the minds of fans are the Healdsburg game, a triumph: tie with a strong Arcata eleven, the scoreless last half of the Ferndale- Iortuna game, and a 19-6 bow to Hoops. Bow well everyone remembers Captain Milt Guilier1's 50 yard punt re- turn midway in the fourth period for a 6 point win from Healdsburg. An- other season highlight was Kelsey'e tieing touchdown against Arcata late in the fourth quarter after acknowledging 6 points to Arcata early in the first half. Handicapped through the loss of Kelsey and Hansen, quarterbz and fullback respectively, Ferndalers will remember some tough defensive play in a scoreless last half with Fortuna at the season's close. Plays: and spectators alike will always remember Keeney's recovery of a Hoopa fumble and touchdown on the second play of the game, only to be defeated the second half by a terrific halfback called Nixon and a rugged Hoopa line. This year local enthusiasts will have to be content with these men ories and their future hopes, and not with the won-lost department. Everyone agrees with one honor accorded Ferndale this season, which the naming of Hay Tedsom to an all-county tackle position as the result c some outstanding all-around play. INTRA-MURAL SPORTS Intramural activities formed a large portion of Ferndale Hi sports this year. The intramural division holds a marked advantage over the CI league play in that it is always a Ferndale team that comes out on top. Sports this year included tennis, basketball, track, soft ball, and ping pong tournaments. A tennis tournament was run off in the spring, after this publicath .went to press, deciding players to compete for county honors. Intramural basketball champions consisted of a team composed of the following boys: Kempf, Coppini, Guglielmina, Shewry, Christensen, and Ideline. This league was made up of four teams and formed noon entertail ment during the basketball season. An inter-class track meet and a softball tournament were held in the late spring, while table tennis play-offs for school champions were being held as we began printing operations on the annual. The intramural rounds off a broad athletic program and serves to gix ever st t a chance to participate in this field. Q71 s Q30 t .2 ,f L rf 1 Taft Second row: Y. Bettigag Y. Leonardo: D. Martin: B. Ure: D. Turriblhi. 'Baird nm C. Ddlarzi: R. Painq B. Ccpcdorx L. Bunung B. Matthan: T. Gullmbcrg. - -- - v- ' ff v f- ""'-" HEAVYWEIGHTSK b urs to agua. mn. ma n. scavini, ummm na. omxm: n. winning' J. ormm, T. llollog J. hdnrscn: C. Clough, Imager. Second row: A. Humphries: B. Lumen: I. Bonnikaon: D. Klpfl U. 'llama D. hazy. GOGLQGQ QQGO 9 if 5 E 5 N Q. BASKETBALL This year's record: Won 5, lost l5. An imsortant fact is missing in t above statistics. Four out of the 5 games son by Ferndale teams were played in the last half of the season. This is surely a tribute to the players and coach for it marks an improvement of 306 over the initial period. If the season had continued,.in 2 or 5 months fans would have found Ferndale beatix every team in the league. Lightweights won 3 games this year, beating Hoopa once and Del Norte twice. They wound up on the short end of several close games, notedly a 16 15 lost to Fortuna. These boys seemed to have an unbreakable habit, namely: saving their skill for Monday's practice session. Never-the-less this year team represents some well developed material for the N7-US season. The unlimiteds burned up the league with 2 victories, taking games fro Hoopa and Del Norte. About the only consistent performances by players on this team came from the boys who watch the game from the bench. However, this team looked good in turning in its two wins and in parts of other game such as the first half of the game at Arcata and in the initial meeting of Ferndale and Fortuna. Next year will see a substantial part of this team 1 action again. For coming years hereby resolved: ill to prove to the Humboldt-Del No CIF League s mis-use of the word Nimpotentn as applied to Ferndale basketba 127 never to disappoint those sickness and injury riddled opposing teams. TRACK 'i Front How: Left te rights M. Giulierlg D. Martin: P. Coypinig R, imma, S'c0nd BWV? B- Yhnlint A. Scilaccig B. Cepesderg R. Tedeon. Third Yiwu B. Tiersbeckt C. Soren: C. Ddharzig D. O'Jonnl11: D. Cextgr, Fourth but R. lbKuwn: J. Kelsey, Hnmagerg D. Keeney: T. Mello. 1 Q Vi 42 . Z, 4 ?1 G ?: ei ar 3 GIRLS' ATHLETICS VOLLY BALL CHAMPS Q -. Htl! Hun I. Gfilllipli. I. Grind, D. Imran, F. Stanlq. Swwd Bw! U- Frq. I. Gubnni, C. Crandall, 8. Johnsen, I.. Jacobsen. Miss Jmninga, umfo GIRQS' BASKETBALL TEAMS 1 K -+.....4 Jyiilf nm nm u. my. n. su... C. M.zn...n, G. nm. 11. Bn-ull.. B. mm, v. 1.1-mx, J. Oliver. Soosnd Raw! D. Lsranu, I. Gubmi, T. Qxrishn, G. Pains, G. Miller. I.. Sottorlmd, P. Brazil, M. Rehn, Y. Karvillu, L. Siln, E. Inonardo. bird Bw: A. lhrnl, ll. Harvillo, S. Johanson. B. Rsbinun, A. Cram, P. Hillgudnur. P. Ykzkott, B. httbns, C. lchmm. Min Jennings, Advisor. hwix Rav! C. Crsdall, I.. Juoobsm., B. Alla, J. Barry, ll. Bugbn, X. Oliver, J. Bugbu P. Podrotti., L. Ihxsldl. .44 NW HH L L -I P5 K4hV ww Q, r if C k xx. i xxxx YN. A"--...., 'W ,wg 1 2 f 9 ,fl N A I -,mm V, f ' ,.,.N.,,.,..nv1f,,'ff 5 W 5 J, rf I Q ff ,S A vi ,E A as .1 E 3 5 we U 2 lv Y Q, 24 W1 Y 3: lS1'MnrML ia1TJ'.:,!n'Rk',4sl4S' ,.5M'?'3-'LSL RWM' ' 7 ' ' ' A ' ' DRAMATICS First Rm I. Wilson, J. Oliver, A. Crane, R. Winkler, D. Kenney, C. Sorel. Seoend lbw! M. Harville, D. Sena, R. Giecemini, J. Barry, L. Busan, J. Flynn, H. Friel. Third How: Mr. Keeney, Director: D. Lorenzo, B. lenini, A. ervel. N. Trey, P. Beckett, B. Gillespie, L. Winslow, Miss Jennings, Director. Keen interest was shown in the field of or n,tios this year when a great 1 of students reported for play tryouts for the Christmas plays. 'Tue Empty Room' directed by H. E. Keeney, featured Darlene Kirtley, Josephine Gliver, Carl Sore Don Keeney, Wilfred Wilson, Richard Winkler, and Alice Crane. The cast for 'The Christman Rose,' directed by Miss Maxine Jennings, consi of Joan Berry, Dorothy Sorem, Rose Giacomini, Margery Harville, Lloyd Bansen, J Flynn, Howard Frlel, and Lyle Wood, Knot presentl. Seven senior girls, Dorothy Lorenzo, Betty Gillispie, Lois Winslow, Margau Frey, Blanche Lanini, Pat Hackett, and Audrey Marvel, presented a farce, 'The Charm Racket,' at the Humboldt-Del Norte-Trinity County Dramatics Festival Jam 18 at Humboldt State. Numerous assemblies and the Public Schools week program May 1 completed an active year in the field of dramatics. QCD C-'O GC 9 10. That far-away 11. Oh, lovely!!! 12. Surrounded!!'.! 15. Now girls! lu. Answer to No. 15. Smile. 16. Whcre's Bruce? 17. Whole car? 1. NQuonnieN and her man. 2. 'fall King? 3. You're looking good. H. What's Lhe news? 5. What a tan!! 5. Guess who! 7. 'Bev And Bumps' S. Three's a crowd 9. EvcPybody's V friend. look!! 531 I. 1 ! illl ix , of "liil 5 2 Y .3 f.l , I GC , ' ARMMQQMAQ.. v f fflfQ ,KWWL fp., 2 off! E Q 4 3 ni 9-Efxikswixwhwiwiv 1. 2. 3. 14. 5. 6. 5. 9 10 11 12 13 lu 15 16 Pretty boy! Guiscppi Hey, whereFs the boys? Whai'8 the attraction Once upon n time ---'- Watch out!! Oh, how cute. Horse 6 Buggy days. When I was a girl. Whcre's Floyd? What a day!! Look at those legsilll Peek-a-boo!! Bench Warmer! Don't Ori. From Uno? C1 CIO 'H ., ,L ,,. , lun, . . QQ,-,f Ez , 'A ..,. , Q82 ,A -.3--: 1 J , -1 ,,.W..1-Li?-Lf 'f W M Ml s s mms!! M Gerber e s e 13001115 Qlrisid. Donald hppisi. . Delbert hue . . hh:-gent Inq . . mmde e e Beth onmpa. . mm.. Mun..-1 . Jsefkiasell... Patsy hckett . . Vu-gezy Be:-ville. Arville Hlqhries Ju e e 0 Blanche hand. . Evelyn Leonards . hath burma. Jus lhriin . . . hdreylhrvel.. mlmee wmlleeee n-unseen W wdne e Inq e s e lay TOM: e s e Vlrginh Torml . lllfred lllem. . Richard Vlnkler . ui! 'mms e e lil!!! .4.9.!.l.!.!2l!!. r.r.1., 1. 2. 3, 4: r.r.4. n-...A-.s. 3. Beg. Bad. 1: lkndics. PJ. herds. 1.3.48 all I0-. 2.3.43 Fld. 21 mess Pres.. 2: hahi SMH. 2: Girls' State. 3: Girls' Bauer Sweater. 3: Bene lo. Trees.. 3: G1ee.'43 lenpeper Sheff. 4. rm.. 1... r..-.m.n1. 46: T:-uk. 3.4: 'n...n...k s1df.4: r...u.n. 4: ww. lid. 1.2.43 Els H.. 1.2.3 Seo-Tres. Jr. Class. 38 S211-lb Club. 4: Girls' r...g... menus, 4: 12.1. Am-a. 4. l'.P.A.. l.2.3.4: 1.1.4. 'etch bg. 3.4! Sport herds. 2.3. Bid.. 1.2.3: Psp Bad. 4: I'.l'.A.. 3.48 Tull. 2- . PJ. herds. Sw. fresh. Gen. 1: Daemon Soc.. 1: Studat Council. Bid: 1:26 vspe Gif-'J-U' 1598909 43 Dnnlticfu 1o203l4' lW'P.Pa' 85.180 4' Bukeibs1l.3.4: Basketball wgr..2: mek wgr..1.3. Ibosbsll lQr..2.4: nr.-nm. Tl'1lfO!I.'d frm Psirolls.. 47: Drkiios. 4: Glss. 4: lsnpqsr Sidi. 4. Peesbell. 2.3.43 Toetbsll Cepsels. 4: bserooe Seo.. 3: Besier Pres.. 4: hoe H5900 B..7.' 1.58330 4: nl.k.tb.11l 43 6133: 4' Glsse Pres.. 1: Bud. 1.2: bmoroos Pres..2: Besketbe11.33 lootball. 3.4: had Bae lb.. 1.2.3: Ihustice. l.2.3.4: l'.H'1. Press.. 2: C.S.P. bees.. 2: 1.8.4. Y.P.. 3.43 Jr. Class Pres.. 3: PJ. hard. 4: Bpnish Club hc.. 43 Girls' Inq Iress.. 4: Student Bob Boo.. 48 lsuspeper Sidi. 4. Home Ee.. Bend. 1,2.3.4: Speak. Contest. 2: Essey Contest. 1.2.4: C.S. 2.3.42 X. See.. 4: P.I. hlrds.2.3-43 School Bporf.ei'.3.4: Pup Bl1d.3.4i DU tics. 42 SDSU-Ill Club. 4: 'lbmshllk Staff. 4: lerspeper Staff. 4. Basketball. l.2.3.4: Poetbell. 2.3.4: Glee. 3.4: Gold Iootbell. 3: Tennis. 3.4: has. from hdmrsge. 45: P.l. bm.'ds.3.4: Besketbe11.3! Drllstios. 3: Aes'i 1 'bmeheuh 3: lid. Tomahawk. 4: Bsys' State. 4: Student Council. 43 371' League Pres.. 4: Emeroon Pres.. 4. PJ. breads. l.2.3.4: Dx-mstios.l.2.3.4: Spanish Club.4: Bad. 1.2: hushed: 81 3848 Student Ommoll. 2: Pres. Boseroom. 2: V.P. Smior Class. 4: Yell Iasdelf. Sec. Buenos. 2: Typing Pin. 2: Tunis. 2.4: lenpegex' Sidi. 4. bm lc. 1.2.3..4: P. I. bud. 3: Beginning Bud. 4. lpnlsh Gab. 4: T011 Ildsr. 4: Bild. P.l. Awards. 1.2.33 Tslshqk S1 4: Drnstlos. 1.2.3,4: Tunis. 4: Glee. 2.4: levspeper Staff. 4. Bend. l.2.4: P.E. herds. l.3.4: Student Council. l: Boaeaeoe Pa-es..l: Homeaeol Sec.. 2.3: V.P.nl'.K.l.. 2: C.S.l'.. 2: Drnstics. 2,3.4: Pres. l'.H.L.. 3.4: lm! Seo.-'I.'rsae..4: Outstanding Sr. G11-1.4: V.P. Spanish C1ub.4: Bane Eo.. lewspeper Staff. 4. Trans. ftom Qxioo. 443 Bmd.2: Drllii.cs.2.3.4: bnhak Staff. 3.4: Sec. EB' IDBI. 3.43 Spanish C1'nb.4: TQni.s.4: Speaking Csntosi. 2.3.43 Psp Bid.. 2.3.4: lsnpsper Staff. 4. 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Suggestions in the Ferndale Union High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Ferndale, CA) collection:

Ferndale Union High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Ferndale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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Ferndale Union High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Ferndale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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