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!1FK'in1i!-QIKLKJD1uL:iF.W51'i'LiM'JdVlfL1-L13-r'l?3.f1E, IBF!!!-tif-55k?7"?f .:f-L3h239I!152E:5.'Eh112h. . 2-ji+:.'f.x,?Lf",HfJxmiLVI-bf. Ai 1'Qdf.1.1f- ,ffl Q: , ' ...f 4 XJJJT HS, :.ifi h,'UH'1VE2RTIME5Ti,YHEAH0MH6H" "' ' ' ' Y - - 1 .spun ,-,.v,,.,.,.,,,, .,1,,,,,,, ,Q , , b, , H '11 CI I fi'-Q LU ?jWHI MMM 'MW vw- if "iff iwifH f 'J 1 s Y GUR SCHOGL Through The years The bridge has been a gaTeway over which sTudenTs have passed enriched by Their years of sTudy and fellowship. The school across The creelc has seen Two generaTions graduaTe. lT has wiTnessed The change from The horse and buggy To The sTreamlined auTomobile. The main building sTands in The same locaTion as iT was when iT was liirsT builT in l904. Today The school boasTs of a fine gymnasium and a well equipped shop building. AT The presenT Time The TaculTy has Twelve members, showing how Ferndale Union High School has grown since The days when iT was sTaFfed wiTh only Three insTrucTors in l908. We hope ThaT The coming years will conTinue To furTher The advancemenT of Ferndale Union High School. Z MAIN BUILDING N! SHOP GYMNASIUM -vnulnw Dedicalion The Tomahawk lor lhe year ol i940 is dedicaled lo a man who has buill up an enlire organizalion since he enlered lhis school as a leacher eighl years ago. ll is a greal pleasure lo publish lhis book wilh a lhoughl loward Mr. William B. Crane, head of lhe musical deparlmenl al Ferndale Union High School. When Mr. Crane, beller known as "Bill" among his more inlimale friends, came lo Ferndale, lhere was only a small group ol sludenls who had any knowledge of music. There was no band or orcheslra, and lhese sludenls had received whal lillle knowledge lhey had lhrough privale inslruclion. Mr. Crane slarled giving lessons in bolh lhe high school and lhe grammar school, and wilhin a shorl period of lime had organized lwo bands, one in each school, and an orcheslra in high school. Since lhal lime, lhe bands have sleadily increased in size and skill. The crowning achievemenl in Mr. Crane's leaching career al lhis school look place in I939, when he look his 45-piece High School Band lo Treasure Island lor lhe yearly musical conlesl. The band received superior raling. lhe highesl possible. Besides leaching band and orcheslra, Mr. Crane also leaches glee and beginners' band. Aparl from his work in music, Mr. Crane has helped wilh lhe producing of several plays. He direcled lhe lhree-acl play, "Come Seven." and several olher smaller plays. Always being dependable, giving a helping hand whenever needed, being agreeable, palienl, laking an inleresl in school allairs and sludenls, and his keen sense ol humor are lhe qualilies lhal have made "Bill" Crane a popular man al Ferndale Union High School. 4 Z0-I IJ, 11-nj,-lm 7123, CW 15, The Tomahawk s+aFF For l94O was headed by Gerald Beclrer who was ably assisied by Le+ha Robaris, Assis+an+ Edifor. The seven ofher members of fhe sfaff were responsible for diFferen+ secfions of 'rhe boolr: Ka+herine Gill, Phofography Ediforg Lee Briggs, Ari' Ediiorg Alan Peers, Snaps: Ernesl' Boynfon, Boys' Sporfsg Joyce Bruner, Girls' Sporfsg Anna Meisfer, Organizafion Ediior. Faculfy Advisor, Miss Fifzgerald. Confribufing weelcly 'lo fhe "En+erprise" was fhe worlc of ihe Senior English Class. Firs+ Row: Kafherine Gill, Gerald Beclcer, Dan Clausen, Fran Clausen, Miss Fihgerald. N Second Row: Fran Lanini, Nancy Miller, Lois Anderson, Marge Silva, Evelyn Tedsen, E Enes Caires. W S C L A S 6 0 TOP ROW: Mr. Crane, Music: Mr. Sorem, Principal: Mr. Luslr, Agriculfure: Mr. Jensen, Shop: Mr. Krauss, Science: Mr. Voorhees, Coach and lnsfrucfor in Mechanical Drawing and Mafhemafics. 0 SECOND ROW: Miss Kane. Social Science and Physical Educafion: Miss Fiflgerald, English and Hisfory: Mrs. Fay, Home Arfs: Miss Kremer, Home Arfs and English: Miss Duryea, Spanish, French, and English: Miss While, Bookkeeping, Typing, and Shorfhand. U TOP ROW: Mr. Sorem, Bill Flowers, Fran Bierre, Jean Robinson, Jean Hindley, Don Clausen 0 SECOND ROW: Russ Escola, Harlan Deflefsen, Gerald Becker, Henry D,gO.-0, Jerry Clausen 1 9 i : 1 ' as .. i l 6-fW'ff-Q3 ZfWxQK15J A Cmfkg gt! , VF :Q V Q f' di ? R97 - g LR EE?3Lf!MEEQUPliH 1 Q I Az., z ? FI , .Q ,AJ wb dv.- , ,M An -L4 A r ,swf wifi-5' 9' 0 . JW. Jn RALD BECKER SENIORS Afier four years, fhe Class of i940 rounded ou+ iis high school career wifh Presidenf Gerald Beclrer who was assisied by Vice-Presideni' Joseph Lorenzo and Secreiary-Treasurer Kafherine Gill. Class spon- sorers were Mr. Sorem, Miss Duryea, and Coach Voorhees. The Seniors found The year I939-I940 +o be a busy one for ihem. The firsi social even'I' of 'I'he year was ihe Senior Class picnic which was held near Carlo'H'a. ln fhe KATHERWE Gil-L fall of ihe year, 'ihe class members were ihe guesis of fhe For+una High School Seniors who gave a dance in fheir honor. Wifh ihe coming of ihe spring semesfer, ihe Senior Class pariicipaied in iradi- ' 'rional acfiviiies. They were JOSEPH LORENZO fhe gues'I's of 'ihe Junior Class ai ihe Senior Banquei which is an annual even+ ai' Ferndale Union High School. A Senior Ball in honor of fhe graduaiing class was held in fhe early par+ of May. Wiih fhe coming of May +wen+y-ihird, +he class oi ioriy-+wo Seniors, wear- ing ihe gray caps and gowns, received fheir diplomas of graduaiion, ihe goal foward which ihey had been worlring for ihe lasi four years. The graduafion exercises were held in ihe evening in fhe high school audiiorium. To ihe Seniors of i940 we wish good luclr, smooih sailing, and only happy landings. MR. SOREM MISS DURYEA MR. VOORHEES RUTH BONNIKSON VERNA BRUGA ENES CAIRES DONALD CLAUSEN B VELMA AMARO FRANCES CLAUSEN LOIS ANDERSON GERALD BEAUCHAMP GERALD BECKER FRANCES BJERRE ERNEST BOYNTON EMILY GODINHO KATHERINE GILL JANICE HARBERS HARLAN HINDLEY VERA JEAN HINDLEY ERNEST CHRISTENSEN LILLIAN COTTA HEN RY Da ORO HARLAN DETLEFSEN RUSSELL ESCOLA CHARLES FLOCCHINI JOSEPH LORENZO EVA LUIS LEONARD MARTIN JACK McCLELLAN I0 WALTER JORC-JENSEN LEWIS MILBURY SEVERINO LAFFRANCHI FRANCES LANINI SIGRID LAURIDSEN INGEBORG LORENZEN NANCY MILLER MARJORIE SILVA MONA' TAUBMAN EVELYN TEDSEN STELLA TOMASINI JOSEPHINE TONINI MELVIN OLSEN ALAN PEERS BRUCE PERRY SHIRLEY RUSK ' FRONT ROW: Miss Fiizgerald, J. Bruner, Joyce Bruner, P. Miner, B. Beauchamp, E. Tarelli, A. Deniz, Mr. Jensen. 0 SECOND ROW: L. Robarfs, K. Robarfs, A. Meisler, I. Godinho, G. Nunes, C. Brazil, M. Wilson, S. Amaro. 0 THIRD ROW: Miss Kremer, J. Peers, A. Anderson, L. Scalvini, C. Lucchini, A. Haywood, A, Shinn, A. Wilson, J. Ambrosini. 0 FOURTH ROW: W. Flowers, O, Meisler, E. Early, L. Briggs, D. Conner, E. Tifus, H. Lorenzo. 0 FIFTH ROW: E. Renner. L. Anderson, J. Dahlquisf, R. Escola, E. Chrisiiansen, J. While, C. Hecker, L. Fruchf. JUNIOR CLASS 1 Junior Class Officers for 'lhe year I939-i940 were: Presideni, Bill Flowers, Vice- Presideni, Leiha Robarisg Secrefary-Treasurer, Joyce Bruner. The Class of I94I siariecl lhe year off wi+h +he Junior Prom which was held in November. The iheme for The dance was "Over The Rainbow." In Ihe Spring, fhe Junior Class enioyed a picnic. The Junior-Senior Banquet an annual affair given by 'the Junior Class for fhe graduaiing Seniors, marlxed 'lhe close of fhe year's ac+ivi+ies. I2 0 FRONT ROW: A. Davidson, E. Dean, L. Winihers, C. Silva, A. Pedroifi, J. Robinson, M. Terkelsen R. Machado, H. Dusina, D. Lee. ' SECOND ROW: Miss Whife, E. Vallencamp, E. Lorenzo, D. Brazil T. Hecker, B. Hubbard, J. Scalvini, R. Halley, L. Lanini, Z. Gibson. 0 THIRD ROW: A. Hansen B. Ferreira, D. Meisrer, M. Macklin, E. Canclini, J. Davis, G. BeHiga. C. Goble, Mrs. Fay 0 FOURTH ROW: R. Tarelli, R. Hull, W. Kausen, L. Guglielmina, B. Selby, W. Pedrofii, C. English R, Winkler, R. Ambrosini, D. Lorenzo. 0 FlFTH ROW: L. Lucchini, F. Luis, F. Parker, M. Jacobsen H. Frey, L. Toroni, J. Mello. 0 SlXTH ROW: S. Macklin, B. Gill, J. Thomsen, R. Lee, D. Walker H. Clausen, J. Schleef, Guy Meyers. 0 LAST ROW: Mr. Lusk, C. Richardson, A. Toroni, G. Wilson H. Tonino, R. Dinsmore, Wilson, D. Canclini, Berf Waring. SOPHOMORE CLASS Sophomore Class officers for fhe year were: Presidenf, Jean Robinson, Vice- Presidenf, Ray Ambrosinig Secrefary-Treasurer, Delphine Meisfer. Class acfivilies for fhe year consisred of 'lhe Freshman Recepfion which fhe Soph- omores held in honor of 'Phe new Freshmen las+ fall. I3 0 FRONT ROW: A. DaOro, O. Marfin, E. Fisher, A. AIber+ini, V. Scilacci, K. Jacobsen, M. Fisher. 0 SECOND ROW: A. Pefersen, P. Haywood. B. Deniz, A. Amaro, M. Richmond, C. Davidson, A. Winkler. 0 THIRD ROW: J. Gomes, R. Chrisien, E. Machado, D. Laghi, M. Friel, L. Fleischer, L. Terlelsen, E. Tifus. U FOURTH ROW: D. Amaro. D. Lindley, A. Pullen, F. Jensen, F. Wilson. J. Gomes, C. Ambrosini. L. Ambrosini, A. Sousa, D. Ferguson, Mr. Krauss, Advisor. FRESHMAN CLASS A+ 'rhe beginning of 'Phe new school year, fhe Freshman Class held a "beach par+y" in fhe school gymnasium due +o a sudden change in fhe weafher. In 'ihe fall 'rhey were fhe gues+s of +he Sophomore Class who gave fhe incoming s+uden'I's a recep'I'ion. A program made up of fwo ski+s was presenied fo ihe sfudenl' body af an affernoon assembly. I4 Ui ULU M JE? 5 Home Economics Deparimeni BACK ROW: B. Beauchamp, S. Lauridsen, F. Bierre, G. Nunes, B. Ferreira, E. Godinho, C. Brazil, A. Davidsen, L. Scalvini 0 FOURTH ROW: V. Bruga, R. Bonnihson, I. Lorenlen, L. Anderson, C. Silva, J. Scalvini, A. Hansen, E. Dean, L. Kremer, lnsfrucior. 0 THIRD ROW: Mrs. Fay, Insfrucforg J. Ambrosini, D. Laghi, E. Machado, J. Tonini, L. Terkelsen, D. Brazil, S. Amaro 0 SECOND ROW: M. Wilson, Z. Gibson, B. Hubbard, O. Marfin, R. Machado, V. Silacci, K Jacobsen, A. Deniz U FRONT ROW: D. Lee, A. Alberfini, A. Pedroffi, M. Fisher, E. Fisher. Girls' League 'fifih-Yl57.ffY,3i,': Jfiisf ' H ' 42 ...N' ' FRONT ROW: G. Wilson, F. Wilson, G. Gomes, A. Toroni, R. Ambrosini, E. Tifus, R. Chrisfen ' SECOND ROW: C. Richardson, H. Wilson, R. Lee, D. Walker, D. Conner, E. Tifus, F. Jensen, B. Waring. ' THIRD ROW: E. Chrisfensen, J. Schleef, R. Winkler, L. Lucchiin, M. Jacobsen, A. Pullen, D. Lindley, D. Amaro, A. Sousa ' FOURTH ROW: H. Hindley, H. Deilefsen, L. Anderson. J. While, M. Olsen, E. Boynfon, H. Lorenzo, H. DaOro, C. Flocchini, J. Gomes. 0 BACK ROW: Mr. Jensen, L. Marlin, O. Meisier, A. Bugbee, J. McClellan, S. Ambrosini, E. Early, J. Deniz, C. Ambrosini, S. Laffranchi, Mr. Luslr. The year I939-l940 was a busy one 'For +he F. F. A. a+ Ferndale High School. The organiza+ion s+ar+ed +he year by parficipalion in fhe local fairs as well as The S+a+e Fair. The boys sponsored a Barn Dance in fhe fall and presenied an old +ime program 'io ihe S+uden+ Body. A field day was held a+ Forfuna, and The local chapier made a good showing. E. Boynion spoke af fhe public speaking conlesf +ha+ was held ai the Regional F. F. A. meeiing af Willifs. Three boys submiHed applicafions for fhe Sfafe Farmer Degree. Ofher ac+ivi+ies for fhe year were +he six+h annual Fa+her and Son Banque+, lhe parficipafion of ihe local iudging ieam in ihe Davis compefifion, and par+icipa+ion in lhe S+a+e F. F. A. Conveniion. Officers for fhe fall semes+er were: H. DaOro, Pres., J. Lorenzo, Vice-Pres., H. Deflefsen, Sec., E. Boynfon, Treas., B. Perry, Rep., O. Meisfer, Walchdog. The Spring semesfer officers were: H. Deflefsen, Pres., J. McClellan, Vice-Pres., L. Marlin, Sec., H. Lorenzo, Treas., E. Early, Rep., and S. Laffranchi, Wa+chclog. I6 Spring Semesfer Officers Pofafo Growers I7 Judging Team Fall Semesfer Officers 5 a 14' 5, i 0 BACK ROW: E.Vallencamp, C. Davidson, E. Godinho, Mr. Crane, Direclor. ' SECOND ROW: K. Gill, R. Bonnilxson, L. Anderson, E. Teclsen, F. Clausen, B. Clausen ' FRONT ROW: P. Miner, M. Terlzelsen, J. Tonini, A. Wilson, N. Miller, M. Silva. Girls' Glee Club Wi+l1 performances a+ ihe Chrisimas program, Band Frolic, Spring Music Fesiival and various o+l1er programs higlwliglwling 'lheir musical year, +l1e Glee Clubs have been a very valuable secfion of fhe music deparimenl. The Boys' Glee Club was organized only las+ year, and alilwough if is sfill a very small organiza+ion, much credil' is due for Hs fine work. Boys' Glee Club ' BACK ROW: Mr. Crane, Direc+org L. Lucclnini, E. Chrisfiansen, M. Adams, L. Marlin. 0 FRONT ROW: S. Macllin, F. Luis, H. Clausen, S. Ambrosini, E. Chrisfensen. 'tr'-w-'....,.,,N.Q-I J Gs A ,,' Q3 Band The school and facul+y were all proud of fhe fine work 'fhe band sfudenfs did for +he year. They were presenf a+ all of fhe foofball games. The organizafion was sup- plemenfed in fheir work by a very capable pep-band. A fine showing was made in Eureka a+ 'lhe annual Music Fesfival. During Public School Week 'rhe band assis+ed fhe dramafics deparfmenf in presenfing ifs program. The oufslanding even+ of fhe year was 'rhe Band Frolic, presenfed by +l1e en+ire band. The group also played a+ fhe Memorial Day services and Holy Ghosf Celebrafion. Pep-Band STANDING: F. Lanini, I. Godinho, S. Ruslr, P. Miner, J. Peers, C. Lucchini, M. Silva, A. Haywood, S. Lauridsen, Miss Kane, Advisor. 0 SEATED: J. Hindley, J. Bruner, N. Miller, J. Bruner. Girls' F Scholarship Socieiy STANDING: Miss Whife, Advisor: K. Gill, A. Anderson, F. Clausen 0 SEATED: J. Bruner, A Meislor, E. Boynfon, R. Halley, E. TareIIi. 20 if , M vgj. P 'uw ., AUTH . g 'Ii U 175- , " Wfly ' I A r l ' 1 If , ? 'N -w. '-" ' ,, 5 .1-:lg hgqzliil MW 1 K ix! 5 1' V is lv X X ' if A WXA ' f xl + fk X KK Y X V W R 'I v 5 : I v S mwm g hi?iT!'5lha3iY-12-iii . .L , lx. Ali. f HRST SQUAD Capfain Joe Lorenzo Foo+ball SQUAD-BACK ROW: Luis, Mossi, Clausen. Bugbee, Escola, Briggs, Early, Lorenzo-0 SECOND ROW: Schleef, Hindley, Meisfer, Deflefsen, Becker, Macklin, Gill, Flowers, Olsen 0 FRONT ROW: Peini, Megazzi, While, Anderson, Parker,.Tl'1ompson, Re'nner. -wg., 0 STANDING: S. Ambrosini, W. Selby 0 SEATED: C. Amlarosini, G. Clausen, H. Tonini, H. DaOro, H. Lorenzo. C Team These Ieams, commonly known as +he "micIge+s," play an imporfanf pari in ihe baskefball life here ai school. The squads are composed moslly of Freshmen and Sophomores who are eifher +oo small +o play varsify baskeiball, or who haven'+ had enough experience. Through +he C and D feams +hey gain much knowledge and abilify, and many of fhe boys have made 'l'he varsiiy due fo fhis fad. The D 'I'eam fied for fhe league championship +his year wi+h Eureka, winning 2 games and losing I. The C ieam did nof win any games, bui were always wiihin I0 poin+s of iheir opponenis' score. D Team H 0 STANDING: L. Ambrosini, J. Mello, D. Canclini, F. Jensen, E. Tiius, D. Lorenzo 0 SEATED: R. Ambrosini, D. Lindley, E. Tiius, R. Tarelli, A Toroni. 22 11 T ln 1- 0 STANDING: E. Chrisiiansen, G. Clausen, H. Tonini, H. Clausen, J. McClellan 0 SEATED: H. Frey, M. Jacobsen, L. Lucchini, E. Early, D. Clausen. Lighiweighis The lighfweighf and heavyweighl squads had only a mediocre season, fhe B feam ending up in fhird place in fhe C. I. F. league, while lhe heavyweighfs barely escaped landing in lhe cellar. The new uniforms which were purchased This year, for bofh squads, did no+ seem +o help +o any exlenf, fhe heavies winning only one game afier being ouffified in lheir new garb. Highlighf of lhe season was rhe ligh+weigh+s' win over fhe Eureka B's. Bolh +eams were given fine suppor+ during +he enfire season by bo+h fhe roolers and 'I'he pep-band, which made many +rips wifh ihe reams. Heavyweighls I STANDING: C. Flocchini, S. Macklin, E. Chrisfensen, W. Flowers, E. Boynfon. 0 SEATED: L. Briggs, W. Jorgensen, H. Deflefsen, G. Becker, H. Hindley. , PM-A-N. 'H-um... H 'gm , 'QQ' COACH "LES" VOORHEES LOOKING AHEAD-Wi+h 'lhe pas? only a memory, and fhe preseni' already here, "Les" Voorhees, a+hlelic insfrucior al' Ferndale High School, is looking loward 'lhe fufure. No one lcnows whai lhe fufure holds for lhem, buf Coach Voorhees feels +ha+ if holds for him fhe conlinuance of being in con+ac'I' wilh +he boys, giving insirucfions and aid +o +hem, keeping +he friendly relafionship belween him and 'I'he s+uden'l's-a re- la+ionship +ha+ is many rimes more impor+an+ 'rhan games won or lost LOOKING BACK-Wi+h 'lhe graduafing afhleles 'l'he memories are whaf will be impor+an+ +o lhem. ln fheir four years here a+ school 'lhey have made many friend- ships 'lhrough 'ihe afhlefic reams. They have become acquain-led wifh boys from o+her schools, while every boy has learned sporfsmanship and 'fair play. H is wilh sincere regref 1'ha+ ihey leave Ferndale High. 24 5 l WWF i5?x7'f' 5LiBQR!. '2'mE.-M' we 25 4 ms, ll' ' BACK ROW: S. Macklin, J. While, R. Escola, F. Parker, L. Lucchini, R. Gill 0 SECOND ROW: Coach Leslie Voorhees, Advisor: J. McClellan, L. Briggs, E. Early, W. Flowers, H. Frey, W. Jorgensen 0 FRONT ROW: R. Escola, Presidenfg O. Meisler, D. Clausen, H. Deklefsen, H. Hindley, G. Becker. Boys' F The Boys' F is an honorary organizalion for lhose boys who have earned large block le++ers in fhe C. l. F. league. They inviled fhe Girls' F fo a slraring parfy 'I'his spring. Track Team f BACK ROW: D. Lindley, L. Ambrosini, D. Walker, H. Lorenzo, C. English ' SECOND ROW: G. Clausen, A. Bugbee, L. Guglielmini, H. Frey. J. McClellan. ' FRONT ROW: E. Early, D. Clausen, L. Briggs, F. Parker, D. Lorenzo. Volleyball Champs Mixed groups of four feams compe+ed during +he noon hour. Each leam played an equal number of games, wifh fhe No. 3 feam 'rhe winners. The inferperiod sof+ball championship was awarded fo +he las+ period gym class. Compefiiion was close befween fhe 3 periods, making if necessary for +wo play-offs. Soffball Winners 26 27 Baske+baH The Juniors won lhe girls' baslcelball championship for fhe second consecufive year. The games were played on Tuesdays and Thursdays in fhe gymnasium. The speedball fournamem' was won by fhe second period gym class. Compe+i+ion was held befween +he fhree gym squads, during fhe noon hour. SpeedbaH AWA .x W " A gi X LQN .E by A YQ!! D f- xx fglr Sffvyjdg 22552 6763? ,1 5. Y -f N21 rg, Zfz, 5 N1 f M! , f ,X S M HI HE T Y 5 4 . A Q- 1 , , MQ, ,fl f , .IM , fm, 'Wi N, af wif EW A' x 1 3 94: fixing . 2740. V I 'Wf R' fm' ,Q :ww .M A 1, -L ' 503342: '2'fYfv4li,,z - if w. nr' f NV ,, WY? 'ilu ' ,sf ,vs-lf 'Pr vu- -gh. r kfw gv y f-'f yjj 1 , 44915: 1. K , , ,3,fAw,wf' k k Vik v- Q51 Yr 1 9555 .nu . ,mi . I ,qv 'qv .f .. MW., .V pr- ..f J Vf 'N' N -fl' 'K X . X . -,-1'Yf4:- x xx, . - w MY' "K . w f .

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