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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1920 volume:

F f 5 1 3 5 5 : 7 E w I 1' E :gr xi' A Un nur frirnh anh auppurtvr, Milf. Erir iirirkmm, mhn has an grnrrnualg aaaiatrh ua in thv pnhlimtinn nf this hunk, this iaauv nf thv Zinmahmnk in gratrfullg hvhiratrh. ,. 1. Ihr 1nma1hz11nk 19211 Iklnhlialgrh annually hg Ihr atuhrntn uf ifernhale Hninn High Svrhnnl Ny BOOK IV X VOL. I nu-n 2 id' 'R P 1 01 ,' 1 ff gm' 'QQ V 'X 1.5 1 f Q3 0 5 A Q Y ,ull ' K vp In 'r Cflalrlr nf Qlnntvntn 'au 'll Xl! p are ll 1.5 4' xsff of K 307 v 0 4 gl ll xl 1 P f ' W , s' I' .I v of - 3 ' x NJ ' 5 wi Page ' N ' ' lrilflllij' ,, Zi l.ilL'l'llI'j' '-I7 n- Sc-1111 ' N t U3 i Q? I P U ., .b Svllirvfi 1 -lil X -D lilliillliill ,,,, ,, ,,,., TLU lfditorizll Stuff ,,., ?.l4f.T- .Xlumui ,. ,,,, -'4 lfxchzmgcs , P 4 -AI ':s: ,luuiwr Nun-5 ,, fi 5: N SUlJl1U1lHlI'0 X t 1 l'4l'CS!llllllll X t T-T Q 4 3 .xvmam-5 :..- 1 t s 1 t Srwivlj' ,,,. 3 '-IT 5 4 X 5:1 Axtlmm-5 www Q, I Q 05' llippy Ilupc , 1 U s, J f U 7 A l vs + A 4 .-. ' 4 UM-3Q Wifw 'M' ac WILJWN. 'I .r MOUTH OF BULL CREkK Kvw Qlnuzin Arrhihalh "l Ieyl alike. wait :1 miuute. got something to tell you," hollerecl llill to his pal. Kliehael. who hail just jnasseil l3ill's house ou his way to sehool. "Well, out with it, what you got to tell me, huh This from Mike as llill Caught up to him :mil the two hoys startefl out together tlowu the hill to the little white sehool-house. "just wait a miuute, eau't you, till a leller gets his hreathf' 'l aiu a-waiting, aiu't I?" "Naw, you aiu't, llut say, l've got some swell uews. You kuow my eousiu, .Xrehil1alrlASt. Clair, who lives iu the city? XYell, ma just got a letter from my .Xuut Louisa aucl she says that 1Xrehihal1l is just ilyiug' to eome out here to the eouutry to visit us aucl as he is rather a clelvtlil-clelieate ehilrl. she has eou- seutetl to let him eome out here as the eouutry air might clo him gootl. Nla reafl me the letter auil there was all kiutls of hig' worrls iu it that l clirlu't know the meaning of. So .Xrehihalrl he's eomiug out here aucl l het we show him a gootl time." "You het we will Say, what's he like ?" askeil alike. "l 1lou't know, I heeu woucleriug 'hout that too, hut my ma says he is just my age-tliirteeu, so we ought to have some fun." "Gee, l hope that he aiu't oue of them there little mamzfs hoys. lf he is we wou't have no fuu at all." "lle's my eousiu aiu't he. aml l het uo relation of miue is a mama's hoy. You just wait aufl see, ,Xml say, l'll let him rifle my horse, aucl-" "Xml l'll let him use my tishiug pole?" Thus they weut ou their way plaiuziiig' the gootl time they were going' to show .Xrehihalrl when he arrivecl. The clay eame at last wheu .Xrehihalcl was to arrive at his couutry eousiu's. Ilill hacl lmeeu up siuee flayhreak, washing the olrl huggy, etirryiug the two horses aurl jwlisliiug up the harness. lle was 'going' to show his eousiu that they eoulcl have style iu the eouutry just as well as iu the eity. llike hail eome over right after breakfast to help llill aurl by uiue o'elock they were rearly to start for Mill Creek, a little railway statiou about five miles J down the county road. Both boys had washed their faces and combed their hair without being told, something very unusual for either one of them as both boys used water for swimming purposes only. As it happened, the train was on time and Mike and Hill drove up to the station just as the train pulled in. llill tied the horses to the hitching post and then the two boys hastened on to the platform to watch for Archibald. Neither knew what he looked like but llill was certain that he would know any cousin of his a mile off. Three people descended from the train, a man, an old lady, and a boy. llill looked at the man and then at the boy and began to look disappointed. "Guess he didn't come after all," he said to Mike. Nope, I guess he-" just then the strange boy started toward the two on the platform, "I beg your pardon," he said in a high girlish voice, "but do one of you boys happen to be VVilliam MacGregor? My mother told me that there would be two boys here to meet me and as you are the only boys here I suppose that you must he the ones." llill looked at him in astonishment. "Say, who are you?" I'm Hill all right and I'm looking for my cousin from the city but,-say. what's your name ?" "My name is Archibald Pendleton St. Claire and if you are VVilliam then you are my cousin and I'm very pleased to meet you. I hope you are well, and my mother-" UAW, say, are you my cousin? VVhy you don't look like my cousin. I thought-" He stopped short and gave Archibald a disgusted look. What he saw ilidu't seem to please him. Archibald was rather short for his age and very thin, His hair corn-colored, his eyes baby blue, his complexion rosy' pink. He wore a straw hat, white collar and shirt, a blue tie, and knickerbockers, and to top it all off, tortoise-shell rimmed glasses and a signet ring. Beside him on the platform were two shiny suitcases and a little black and white fox-terrier. Quite a contrast to the overalls. blue shirts. and bare feet and battered hats of the two country boys. It was too much for llillg he looked at Mike and Mike looked at him and then they burst out laughing. "Say, I'm sure glad to meet up with you Archie. This is my pal, Mike," said Hill. "Come on and we'll take you home in our bus." The two suitcases were thrown into the back of the buggy and Mike jumped in beside them. Archibald and his dog were given the seat of honor beside the driver. Hill gave the horses the reins, told them to "Move along there and show some class," and away they went down the road towards l'3ill's home. Bill gave a shout, whipped up the horses and went down the road on the high. 'Archibald was gripping the seat with one hand and holding on to his hat with the other. There was a look of fear on his face. Bill turned his head to look at him and almost tore off a rear wheel in taking a corner. The two boys were enjoying themselves immensely. "Please-please, don't go so fast," gasped Archibald, "my mother says that it's bad for the heartfy "Never mind Archie, we'll soon be there," said Mike. 6 "My na1ne isn't Archie, it's Archibald. My mother don't allow anyone to call me Archie." "Aw, but Archibald ain't a pretty name and it don't take so much breath to say Archie,' said Bill. u "But my mother says-" HAW, your ma ain't here. I guess she won't care what we call you as long as she can't hear us," said Mike. "My mother don't allow me to call her ma, she says it isn't refined and-" 'iSay, can that will you-l' '4My, what dreadful language, 1ny mother-" Just then llill took another corner on two wheels and Archibald was prevented from further speech in trying to keep his seat. All the rest of the way Archibald had all he could do to keep in the buggy and did not have any time for conversation, VVhen they finally drew up at Bill's front gate Archibald was very much relieved. "How did you like the ride? Ain't we got some bus ?" asked llill. "It-It was rather breath-taking," panted Archibald. ' "Say, just wait till tomorrow and we'll take you swimming and show you something like-" The next afternoon the three boys started for the swimming hole back ot Mikes fathers east pasture. "What you got in that bundle F" said Mike to Archibald. "That's my water wings. I always take them with me as they are a great aid to my swimmingf' y "VVater wings!" said llill in a disgusted tone. "Why, what's wrong with them, aren't they all right ?" "Oh, sure, they're all right for youf' They had reached the swimming hole and soon llill and Mike had plunged into the water each attired in a pair of bathing trunks. In a little while Archi- bald came out from behind some bushes which he had been using as a dressing room, and slowly walked to the edge of the pond. VVhen the boys saw him they looked at him in amazement and then began to snicker. Archibald had on a bright red bathing suit and the water wings gave him the appearance of being ready to fly "Heres mama's little angelf, said Mike, Ucome on in, the wateris great." "Hut it looks awfully deep. I'm not used to swimming in such deep water." " 'Tain't either deep, come on and jump in," said liill. Gingerly Archibald walked to the edge of the pond and, raising one pink foot. touched the water with his big toe. "Oh, it's so cold! My mother says that cold water gives one cramps." "Cramps your granny," said llill, "come on in and don't be a 'fraid cat., " 'Tm not a 'fraid-cat' and my mother says that any nice boy don't call other boys names and l'm going to-" Hut he got no further. Mike, who had slipped around behind him and reached out with one hand and catching hold of one of Archibald's bare legs, pulled it out from under him and Archibald, with a yell and a splash found him- self in the Water. He threw his hands about wildly and called "Help, help." But the boys paid no attention to his cries, deciding to let him get a good duck- 7 ing. Meanwhile, Archibald was frantically trying to swim to the shore, but Without any success and the boys were laughing themselves sick at his efforts. "Boo-hoo-hoo, l'll tell my mother on you, you just wait and see." "Aw, your ma ain't here and she couldn't do anything to us anywayf said Bill. "Oh, please take me out. l'll catch my death of cold, I know I will. If my mother knew what was happening to me she'd do something to you boysf' "Well, you're here and your ma ain't, why don't you do something your- self ?" asked Mike. By this time, however, Archibald had managed to get to where he could wade ashore and with many threats to the boys as to what his mother would do to them when he told her about what they had done to him, he started toward the house. The last day of Archibald's visit had arrived at last, much to the joy of Bill and Mike. Archibald wasn't very sorry either. He and Bill hadn't hit it off very well together and that pal of his was worse than Bill. Bill's mother had planned a party in Archibald's honor and had invited l'lill's school-mates. The party was to he that evening and there was to be ice-cream and cakeg according to Mike that was the best part of it. At seven o'clock the guests began to arrive. There were the boys, very un- comfortable in their white shirts and collars, with their hair plastered down and their shoes shined for the occasion. There were the little. girls with their white dresses and pink sashes, their eyes shining. The boys were bashful and seemed to be afraid of the dainty little misses. All, that is, except Archibaldg he was in his glory and soon had all the girls listening to a piece of sentimental poetry which he was reciting for their especial benefit. Also, he had had dancing les- sons and knew all the steps and did not step on their feet when he danced with them, and he could ask for a dance without stuttering and getting red in the face like the other boys. They could swim, and fight, and fish, but when they got all dressed up and had their faces washed till they fairly shone and were put in a room with a lot of young ladies they were helpless. All this was just what Archibald had been brought up on and when Bill saw him dancing with Bella Perkins, who had always been his girl and saw the way she was listening to every word that Archibald said, he decided that being a "Mamas boy" had its advantages. S Ellie Eaunn The pale blue sky all o'er was streaked XN'itl1 slender crimson shafts of light, That searched the old dark world to see If everything were right. It changed the sparkling drops of dew, Into gleaming gems of red and white: It changed the silent running stream Into laughter' gay and light. The golden sun rose 0'er the hill, A molten ball of glowing lightg And clothed the silent sleeping world, XV ith a mantle warm and bright. Therese Christensen WE E? 9 In illrpuhliqnr "You are certain ?" "Yes, My orders will be executed to-night and as a result, I think Monsieur Le Hon will not be so bold or careless." ' A muffled sigh of satisfaction came from the cloaked and hooded figures gathered in the dim, musty room. As a slim figure arose from her box onthe raised earthen platform, the hooded figures formed two rows and bowed their heads as she walked between them towards the door. llere she paused and in a soft, sweet voice said, f'La Republiquef' "La Republiquef' echoed those assembled. Thereupon she passed out of the door into the narrow streets of Paris. f "ls she loyal?" asked a new member of Giles, the henchman of Mademoi- Selle. A stinging slap across the face was the answer. Thoroughly cowed, the man took his place among the rest. "But tell us brother Giles," asked another hooded figure, "why is Mademoi- selle the chief of this organization? She is a noble herself and a second cousin of the Marchioness of St. Claire." "Aye, tell us," came from the rest. Pufling up his chast and strutting about importantly, Giles took his place on the platform and began: "Mademoiselle is of the real nobility and real nobility is going out of exist- ense. Her father died in disgrace after losing his fortune to one of the enobled. Thus, embittered, she hates and despises the nobility. I-Ier father's cousin, the Marchioness of St. Claire, took her at the death of Monsieur Flourie and raised her. At the age of twenty-three, she organized this society for the purpose of harassing and punishing the ennobled. That was two years ago. Mademoiselle Flourie is now trying to make France a republic. That is all, my brothersf, "Well, mother dear, I fear we are going to have troublesome times," said Louis de St. Claire as he took a seat opposite his mother in the drawing-room of their town house in Paris. "The peasants," he continued, "are losing their subdafed manner and are growing bolder every day. Yesterday, in the St. An- toine quarter, one of my spies was almost killed." "My dear," exclaimed the Marchioness, "can not such outrages be stopped ?', "They could be, if I could discover the leader of the secret society, La Re- publique. We know there is a society by that name and the leader is known as Number One, but we have not been able to find out anything more about it. What have we here? Mother, I think you had better leave the room." A man stumbled into the room and sank exhausted upon a divan. His hair was in wild disorder, his cloak was in tatters, his boots were bespattered with mud Gasping for breath, the man stuttered- "lNIar-Mar-Marquis-it's out-outrageous." "What is outrageous Monsieur-and pray what is your name ?" "My name is Le Bon and I have been nearly killed," answered the man. i"Killed l" "Yes killed! This morning I was riding towards my country residence, 10 when a band of murderers fell upon me as I was passing through a wood. One villain seized the lead-horse by the head and connnanded me to halt in the name of the La Republiquef' "Ah! Did you say La Republique ?" interrupted Louis. "Yes I did," asserted Le Hon. "The others," he continued. "opened the carriage door and pulled me out. The leader asked if my name were Le lflon and when I said it was, he commanded that I go with them. VVhen I asked where- I was to go. he only replied that I would soon find out. Thereupon they hustled me off into the wood. After stumbling along over logs and roots of trees and getting scratched by briers. we came to a small grassy glade. In the middle stood a lone tree. dark and bare, with a rope hanging from a limb. They were going to hang me." "Hang you, man! Preposterous! VVhy you are a nobleman. I'll have to look into this. Oh, if I could only find out who is the leader of that society! "VVell, continue." "VVhile they were fixing the noose, my keepers relaxed their vigilance. VVatching my chance I made my escape. Now I demand revenge," he ended angrily. During this recital, the Marquis walked back and forth across the room, now knitting his brows. now suddenly standing and nodding his head. now look- ing intently at the speaker. VVhen the tale was finished, he clapped his hands twice and a servant entered. 1 UGO find Guy and send him to me, Jules," the Marquis ordered. The ser- vant bowed and left the room. Turning to Le lion, he said, "Monsieur, every- thing will be done that can be done to apprehend those scoundrels. I will make another effort to find out something about this society. Adieuf' "Mon Dieu. you look savage enough to eat me up. Ive been standing here watching you for Eve minutes. May I come F" In the doorway stood Jeanne dressed in an ivory satin gown, adorned with heavy lace and a long string of pearls. Golden curls framed an oval face of satin smoothnessg sparkling blue eyes animated the otherwise rather placid face. At the first sound of her voice, Louis arose to his six feet of splendid man- hood and smiled a greeting. VVhen Jeanne finished speaking he said, "Jeanne, you know you are always welcome and you may come in any time." "Oh yes, I know that. I was only joking but tell me, why were you looking so down-hearted as I came in P" , "Nothing, Jeanne. Nothing that will interest you. Tut, tut, what do I see here? A fairy princess all dressed up with no place to go." "No place to go? Oh yes I have. You are going to take your mother and me to her Majesty's reception three hours hence." "1 will feel honored to be the escort of such worthy ladies." Louis replied bending low. "Monsieur Guy has arrived," interrupted Jules, the servant. "Eh bien, Jules, bring him in. Jeanne, will you please leave the room?" I have some private business with the gentleman named." Jeanne went quietly from the room and up the stairs. At the top she paused, and as the door. shut, which admitted Guy to the presence of the Marquis, 11 she quietly and stealthily crept down the stairs again, then crossed the hall and hid herself behind the heavy plush portieres. In the next room, Louis was speaking. , "You are to find out all you can about a society called La'Republiqueg also find out who Number One is and report to me. VVe will then find ways and means to dispose of him. That is enough about that. Have you found out any information that will be of use to us ?" "Yes The people in the St. Antoine quarter have been ordered to assemble on July twelfth, and at a given signal, to attack the Bastile. We'll see if the dogs like powder and steel," continued Guy. "That is all, Marquisfl "Then you may go, Guy, but report to me in a fortnight on La Republiquef' That evening at the Queens reception, Jeanne danced and smiled her way through the evening. During a lull in the gaities, Louis missed Jeanne and searched for her among the throng. Unable to find her, he passed out into the night and searched the gardens. As he approached a rose-arbor, a heavily muffled grey figure quickly emerged and disappeared down the path. Louis en- tered the arbor and came upon Jeanne fsitting quietly in the moonlight. "XVhat are you doing here P" he demanded. "VVho was it that left the arbor as I approached ?'l Jeanne stiffened perceptibly as Louis questioned her and she answered: "It was too warm in the house and I came here to get a breath of cool air. I am certain that no one was here for I have been here quite a long time." "But I am certain that I saw some one leave this arborf' Louis insisted. "No you did not. Can't you take my word for it ?" "Yes, your word is all right," answered Louis, but he looked at her queerly. He was positive that he had seen some one leave the arbor. VVho could it have been? Some one, certainly, that Jeanne did not want him to know about. What was the matter with Jeanne? She had 'not been acting as usual. Then he re- membered having come upon her talking to Jules-something unusual-but he dismissed it as a prank. VVas she as innocent as she looked? VVell, Jeanne would bear watching he thought- "I think we had better go back into the house," Louis said aloud. "Anything to please you, Monsieur," answered Jeanne. "We will have to postpone the assault on the Iiastile, because the Marquis knows our plans and is prepared to frustrate them. I have glecided that July fourteenth will be a suitable day. Is it satisfactory to you?" "Ay! Ayf' "How did the Marquis of St. Clairs find out about out plans ?" asked one of those assembled. "His henchman, Guy, informed, himf' replied Jeanne, "although I do not see where he got the information." "I think the Marquis knows too much," declared Giles. Q "Last night he found me in the arbor, where I had just given orders to Giles to call this meeting. I think he suspects me,'l she ended. Immediately there was consternation among them. Their leader suspected! That must never beg Louis must be done away with. ' 12 f "Down with the Marquis," growled Jules. "Yes! Yes!', the audience cried excitedly. "Down with the Marquis. Mademoiselle Flourie must never be suspected." "Noi No! You must not harm LOuis,,' cried Jeanne in alarm. "But we must do something to get him out of the way and protect you- lle is the only one who suspects you," expostulated Giles. ' The hooded figures paid no attention to the pleas of Jeanne. They loved her and would do anything to keep her from harm. Several plans were put forth for the execution of the Marquis. Finally, a plan was decided upon. Jules, the servant of Louis, was to admit two armed men at seven o'clock the next evening, while the Marquis and his household were at dinner. He was then to hide the men in the sleeping apartments of the Marquis. Wliile the Marquis was preparing for bed, these men were to slay him. Jeanne walked blindly home, stumbling over the rough cobblestoned streets, accompanied by Jules. Th-ey entered the house through the secret passage that had been built by the followers of Jeanne. Emerging softly from the closet door under the staircase, she stole quietly to her rooms. Once there, she locked the door and hid her black hood and cloak. Then she threw herself upon the bed and sobbed: "They are going to kill Louis. They are going to kill him. Oh, what can I do? What can I do P" "Save him," her conscience said. "Save him P" she thought. "Yes, but how? If the plan fails tomorrow night, they have other plans. If I warn him, he will know I am Number One and then the society will be a failure. How can I save him ?" Calm and dry-eyed, she thought of ways of escape. She could warn him and escape to her followers and never come back again, but that would never do. She loved him. It was a new thought. Did she love him? Yes, and she must save him. If he escaped this time he would be retaken, for she had fol- lowers in every city in France. This time little La Guillotine would slackfher thirst in Louis' blood, but that must never happen. That head, with its mass of waving dark brown hair and laughing brown eyes must neverrest in La Guillotine's jaws. VVhat could she do? 'fEscape to England before it is too late," answered an inner voice. That was it. 'lliey 'must Hee from France, immediately, if she wanted to escape recognition at the gate of Paris. But she would have 'to be careful for Jules slept .in a room off the hall, in order to be near the door 'to answer its summons." ' 4 Putting on her cloak she stole quietly down the stairs and out into the night. At a place where cabs were kept,' she ordered one to be ready in an hour to take herself and a companion to the Channel. This done, she returned and awak- ened L0uis. i LOuis hastily dressing after Jeanne's whispered command to get up, joined her in the hallway. Putting her Fingers to her lips to show that she wanted silence, Jeanne caught hold of his hand and .stealthily crept down the stairs to the closet door under the staircase. Entering, Jeanne softly closed the door, 13 fuunfl thc hiclrlcu spring that wpciiul thc rlum' lu this PLISSZIQL' :mel swiftly lul l,Olll5 ill tcrcrl thc The ruiigli the ilzlmp IlZlSS2lQ'L'XY2l5' to thc impciiiiig hcliiwl thc lmlgu that shml calm licmsc. riimhlcrl uvcr thc cwlmlmlcstmlcwl streets. sluwmg' clmvn :it thc cm hers. lfvcry time this ucciirrcll. hlczmm- lcmlccil zmxiwusly out of thc wimlf Suppfmsc jules hzul clisciwwcrl thi-ir zilmsciicc, llc xwiilrl immcrlizitcly guess xv mt hurl lizlppciml zuul sci out tw l-I'llSll'Z1lQ hcl' :itll-111111. liimilly thc gzltcs nf Pm wcrc rczicliccl. 'llhc lights of thc giizircls' lzmtcrns llzishccl intra thc czlh zmrl, lCIll liccl lost she xwulfl hc iwciigiiizc-rl :mul not zllluxvcfl tu pass, hlczmnc rlrcw hor hu , , imirc clusclx' zilmui hcl' fzicc. lhc gains wc-rc hpciiccl zmcl thc calm pzisscrl throng lJl'ZlXYlllQ' :L sigh of rclicf -lczmnc liirm-cl tn hm' ciiiiipzuiiuii, :mil sziicl zilmrilptly "ll'c'1'c giving' to linglzmfl, l :mi Xiiinlmci' Him." l,m1i Ah, lu i 1 s was stzirtlcil out ul his lmlmiliizil czilm. cxclzlimccl. "l iiiiclcrstziiiql iimxf' lhc hrsl rays ul clziwii giwcicil ilu-in as thi- villngc ul llzivrc CILIIIL' 111 sig SCFNE ON EEL RIVER 14 'he Ellnrrat Rugged seashores and green valleys, Mist-covered hills so grand, With shadows of the tall trees bending Spread o'er all our land- lligh cliffs on the edge of forests, Rugged and bare and steep: XYhere far upon the dizzy highness XVinds the trail of the nimnitain steep. Dim in the noonday fullness, Dark in the day's sweet morn Lie the grey mysterious canyons Where the silvery rivers are horn. Shadowy roads winding upward, Through the silence solemnly sweet: The tender trill of the warbler As he sings in his green retreat. Ur love for the forest and mountain For our valleys and beautiful streams, Though we he in far away lands, lh-ings them back again in our dreams. tk QM ,- ' I 'u 1 ' v ., iff! -'imxim - .1-N 61 - :3nei5fIv3s1ikv .mi 15 '11111' L'111SS1T1- 'JU 11111110 1111'11' 11011111 111 lf. 1'. 11. 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Zlll 1111- 1111111113111 111"'111211111 1'1111Q'. 11111' 11011' 1111110111111 1111111 1115 11111111111' C1Tll11l1Zl11l1S 111 .1 1 5. . - , . . , 111l111121'11l1S 11111111101 111111 1iL'1J1 1110 111111101100 111 011115111111 12l11Q'1111'1'. 1111' 1111112l1,l1l111 11115 1110 11111111 010111 111 11111' S:1111111111111'1- 10111, 111lXX'L'YL'1'. 50101111 111011111015 111 1110 1112188 1IJ1J1i 111ll'1 111 1111' 11111510111 l'111C1'121111111L'1115 111111 11111' C11l'1S11l1IlS "ll1gl1 .l111115." XY11L'l1 110 01111111011 1110 11110 111 .l111111P14S. 501111111 1110 1111l1i 1111 il 1111'.1.L'1'C111 1115111 X10 1111 111211 110 1'C2l11j' 11010 2111 111111-111111111 112111 111 lf. 1. 11. 5. 211111 1111111 1111110 1111L'l'L'Sl 1l111111' 5111110111 1111111 111111 110111011 1111 0111111111111-05 111111 ll 11011' 1'1g'111. 11111' 111111Il1' 111111 11115 1110 Q'1'1'2l1 010111 111 1110 10111. ,11110 Il1q11 S01111111 111'11111115i11111 XYZIN Il111'211'11V1'1j' 111'1'111'2l1011 111 1110 011155 01111115, 011111 111111 XY1111L'. 211111 XY1111 1110 11111 111' 11111' 011155 1U1Y1S111., NI155 1111111-1l1l11.11, 11 11115 21 V011 511000551111 2lf1Z111'. X1111, 115 SL'111H1'S, 110 1001 111211 11111 1l1g11 SL'111l01 112115 111110 111011111 111l1L'1l 111 115. 2l'111 111' 1121VC 11111110 11121111 111011115. 13111 011155 11115 1100111110 5111111-1111111 S1112l11L'I 1111111 11111111 1'I11C1'111g 501111111 11111 XYL' 51111 11111'0 1XX'Q111j'-SCVCII 111011111015 111111 111111 01111111101011 111011 011111512 '11110 111110015 011115011 1111' 1110 10111 111 1111' 111-g'11111111g 111 111C 1L'1'111 XX'L'1'k'I 1':f1112l 1111115011 ,,1..,,,..,, , 1,1'CS111Cl1l. 1':11Q'1'11l' 1111111101 Xv1L'L'-1'l'CS111C111. 1,1101110 11111111115 , SL'C1'Cl2l1'j'. 111 Earl Schortgen ...................... , .,........ ,, .. ........w..,w.......... Treasurer. Ernest Lanini ,,................,........,..... ...........,.,............. ,..... S e rgeant-at-Arms. Our class has been well represented in athletics as well as in social affairs- Several boys have served in Track, football, basketball and baseball: and many of the girls have worked faithfully on the girls' basketball team. A great number of Senior boys took part in the Minstrel Show given by the Boys' Glee Club this year and the girls assisted in the Girls' Chorus. Their efforts did much to make it a success. VVe are proud of the records made by our class both in scholarship and school activities and we shall always keep tender memories of old F. U. lol. S. CAPE Msmoocmo 17 3 4 18 4 hrtnrml The aim uf the stat? has nut heen tu prmluee as large a paper as possible. hut rather tn use the hest material we eutilnl get aml yet keep the paper within the limits of a seliuul uf this size. 'llu put out a really lllCl'llH1'lUllS paper. the entire sturleiit lmcly slitmlcl support aiicl take an interest iii it. 'llhis is one way' to show sehorml spirit aml that is nut etmtiitecl merely tm mutiiig hartl for athletic teams hilt shrvulcl exteml to the selizml iii all its activities. Neither shoulcl this spirit he emtfiiiecl to the sehtrtil itself hut shtwulrl permeate the whole emmiiunity. aml the tmly way it has ut sliuwiiig this spirit is tu hack tip the paper. XYe are glarl tw say that the iiiztjtwity of the eitizens in the eoiiimtiiiity have heen glacl tu siippurt us. The Statl' wishes tu thank thwse wlim have iii any way helpetl in the ptihli- eatiim of this paper aml tu thank especially Klr. lQl'lCliSCll who has offered to support tis tiiiaiicially, thus iiialciiig' this paper pussihle. ,Xlfrecl Cliristetisen. fl . " V .. 'W . , T10 1 I 0 N x 1 vw 1 S 'cn 7 If? 50' f Q' l Q' Hr y T5 ,ii f X 9 rf J F 'H' ' f " pl -C n " Class of '16- Clas Elise llroderson ...AA Mary Canty ............ Dora Casanova ,,a.,.,, llernard Chapin Leighton Church ...... Mabel Clark .......,.,,, Anna Clausen .....la.....,., Christine Erickson Ethel Erickson ......,. Irma Goble ...,,r....,. I lenry Hindley ,.... . Edna Lund ............. .Xlhert Martin ...,r,.e,, Aleta McLaughlin Lola McLaughlin ...... Gertrude Miller ........ Mary Montgomery Regina Nye .,..,.......,..., Sydney Morrison ,,,,. Yernon Oeschger Lillie Peterson ............aa....aa Christian Rasmussen ...,.,,, Erla Ring ..........a.w.ww..aa,a...... Helene Ring ...... Coleman Scott ,..,,, Raymond Sweet .,... .Xrchie Sweasey ,...,,. Merton Tauhnian s of '17- llarold Aggeler ..... Sadie Ambrosini .,,,,,,,i Alice llesemer ...... Gladys llughee .ii..,,, Alumni Clerking, Ferndale Teaching, Rio Dell Teaching, Paso Robles :Xt llonie, Ferndale Oil XYells, XVillian1s ,-Xt lloine, Petrolia Lane Hospital, San Francisco At Home, Ferndale Mrs. Davidson, San Francisco Mrs. Olsen, Scotia Mechanic, Ferndale llookkeeping, Ferndale Rancher, .Xlton Mrs. XYade. San Francisco Teaching, Oregon Teacliing, Ferndale Principal Santa Ana Convent At llonie, XYaddington Ranching, Capetowu Playing llasehall, San Leandro ,Xt Ifloine. Ferndale Rancher, Ferndale Mrs. XVoods, Ohio Attending College of Pacific . v a Attending' Lf. Q Dentist, San Lorenzo Prop. Chevrolet Station, Ferndale llcslern Llnion. San Francisco Sequoia llospital, Eureka Mrs. Xewhaus, Ferndale Stenographer, Eureka J Cyril Collins ., Frank Francis ,,...... Sadie French Linus Hicks .. Zoe Kelsey ...... Prop. Red Front Store, Ferndale. Stenographer, Oregon. Mrs. Tousten, Arcata. Ranching, Ferndale. St. Francis Hospital, San Francisco- Libby, McNeil 81 Libby, Loleta Clinton Morrison .,,,.,..,,. ., June Meng .................. Ida Oeschger .,...,..... Mary Renner ......,........ Marion Reynolds ..... Otto Reiben ............. Maren Skow ............ V Gertrude Smith .......... Class of 'l8- ' George Becker ........ b Timothey Canty ...,.... Dulse Chapin .....i.......... Mabel Christensen .. Ruth Church ......i.i....... Doris Clausen ......... Barret Cook ......., Loie Francis ........... Ross Goble ................ Leland Harbers .......... Luther Hansen .,... Julia Hansen ............. Eva Jennings ...... Ila Kelly ................. Elbert Kelsey ......... . Levia Lanini ............ Louis Lanini ...... Olive Leak ................ Raymond Macken .... Francis Niebur ........... Class of '19- Katie Casanova .......... Carpenter, Ferndale. Providence llospital, Oakland. Teaching, Bull Creek Telephone Operator, Ferndale. Oregon Agriculture College. Oregon Agriculture College. Attending Arcata Normal, Arcata. At Home, Ferndale St. Mary's College, Oakland Attending U. C ......gMrs. L. Hicks, Ferndale. VVilliams Bank, 'Williams San Jose Normal, San Jose At Home, Petrolia Attending U. C Ranching, Ferndale Attending U. C Marcussen's Grocery, Ferndale At Home, San jose Mrs. Ladd, San Francisco St. Francis Hospital. San Francisco Attending U. C San jose Normal, San Jose At Home, Ferndale Bookkeeper, Dunsmuir. Attending U. C. St. Mary's College, Oakland. San Jose Normal, San Jose Glenn Haas ,,,,,,,,A,A,,,. ...,............................................ A ttellding U. C llark Morrison ..,..,,,.,. ......,.,,..,,.,.....i............ J Lmlol' College, Eureka Alma Martensen ....... .. Russ, Aggeler, Williams, Ferndale llarguld Larsen ,,,,,,, ..............,,,,..,,.........,,..... A t HOIIIC, FCI'I1Clal3 llruce Gillette .............. ........................................... A tfellding U. C Mary Pedrotti ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,, .,,,.,i,,. P rovidence Hospital, Oakland l,3Wre11Ce Erickson ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,....,......,,.,,,.........,..,.........,. l At HOIIIC, FCI'I1Cl3lC Ella Clausen ,,,,,,,,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... ,,,,,,.,,,,, E ureka Business College, Eureka Margaret Montgomery ........... ................................................................ A ttCl1diHg U- C Myrtle Worthingto I1 Telephone Operator, Alhambra, Cal -.mit j E' i T T . 155' , xx- I ! W nf lxllll, in G' 1 Q .. lll if W A A lg! flur list of exchanges this year is not as large as usual. This is probably because we tlicln't put out a paper last year cluring the influenza epiclemie, hut wt y hope hy nesit year to have many exchanges in our list, as we certainly enjoy reall- ing them. "Monitor," Trinity lligh School: You have a very goocl all arouncl paper, hut we SllQ'Q'C,Sl a clitterent organiza tion. You have a goocl many poets in your school. "Tokay," Lodi Union lligh School: Your paper is well organized, ancl you have a fine joke clepartment. More cuts would make your paper livelier anrl of more interest. "linterprise," l'etaluma lligh School: You have a very gootl paper. Your l.iterary department is unsurpassed lv any we have seen. "Guard K Tackle," Stockton lligh School: XYhy not list your exchanges ancl comment on them? Otherwise you hav a well organized paper. HKlCQ"2llJl1Ol1C,H Fortuna High Schoolz, L. XYQ suggest a hetter organization for your snaps. You have a very inter estingg paper. Call again. 25 Zluninr Nntea On August 5, 1919, the Juniors assembled in the commercial room to elect the class officers, The roll call was taken and it was found that three of our members, Therese Christensen, llernice Sweet and Rolland Landergren, who are taking the work in three years had joined the Senior Class. Class officers were elected as follows: President ........,,,................v...............,,...,.,...... Floyd NVorthington. Vice-President ....,.. .....,,........... E leanor VVolfe. Secretary ..tt,,....................................t.........,,......... Arleene Helgestad Treasurer ....,.,...............,,,...,...,..,,,...,,,,...........................,.,.,,,,. Mae Lytel Our class had been well represented in the athletic events of the year as well as in the music department. The Juniors are all very busy the last few weeks making plans and working for the big junior Hall to be held in the High School Gymnasium on Friday evening, May 28. The junior Class collected the largest amount for the Children's Home So- ciety drive .md were presented with a pennant. On May 13 the members of the junior Class and the advisor were given a banquet by one of the cooking classes. Cnr class had the highest records for the two quarters, thus winning the banquet. i Smphnmnrr Nairn The Sophomore Class entered Ferndale Union High School in August, 1918, as full of pep as all entering classes are. lt organized immediately, elected offi- cers and made plans for the first year's activities. Soon the class had establishe l a reputation for originality and pep that made it the envy of the other classes. The Christmas ,links gave the Sompomiores an opportunity to display their dramatic ability, "Bud" Christensen as julian Eltinge in the skit, l'VVhat Next" made an unusual hit. The Freshie Hop given in the spring semester was one of the best dances of the year. The decorations were original and lent aiformal note to the affair. The Sophomores started their second year with the following officers: President ...................,,.,.,............................................... Adrian Chapin Yice-President ....... .............,.. S ophus Holst Secretary ....,,......... ..... 1X Iargaret Fletcher Treasurer ....................... ......... ...,..... ..,............... Lo i s Morrison Sergeant-at-Arms .......,,.,.......................,, Eugene Landergren Executive Committee Member ,.............. Maloa Taubman The Freshman Initiation was the first event of the year. The Freshies were tried in the Sophomore Court, found guilty and sentenced to perform various stunts. judging from the applause of the audience, the initiation was a success. The Sophomores have been well represented in all the athletic activities of the school. Also a large number have been members of musical organizations. VVe have lost quite a number of our class-mates but our f'pep" is still intact. We hope to keep our reputation for class-spirit and originality in our Junior and Senior years. 26 Hrvnhman nina Un ,Xugust 12, 1919, we enterecl the liernrlale l'ninn lligh Selmul, a elass ui thirty-tive. .Xt the encl of the first week Kliss Klyers. our elass aclvisor, eallecl a meeting at whieh we eleeterl our offieers. 'llhe following were ehzasenz l'resiclent ,...A,,. ....A,,,,,..A , , ..,,,,,,,,.. ,. ...,, james Klarvel. Yiee-l'resirlent ,,h,, Charles Kanen. Secretary ,.,...h,.. ...... I illen Canty. Treasurer ..,,,,...,,,,.,,,,.A,,, .,r.,,,, ...,,, ,.., K I i ss Myers. Ex. Com. Representative .,A, ,Y,,Y,,e,,,,,,,,,,,........,...,...,, XYarren Ott. lfriclay evening, September 5. we were initiatecl by the Simplixnnores in the gymnasium. .-Xfter enjoying swine clever stunts at our expense, everyone trunk part in tlaneing. On llallowe'en we gave in return, a masqueracle party in hnnor uf the upper elassmen and faculty. Clever eostumes, rlim light. eurnstallcs ancl yellow stream- ers. quite transformerl the assembly hall. Ghost sturies. furtune telling. anml claneing furnishefl amusements for the evening. .X clever way for choosing supper partners hail been rlevisecl. The girls' silhouettes were thrown on sheets lnmg in the iluurways. 'llhe boys biil reel:- lessly for these shaclzmw partners, some silhuuettes selling fur as high as live thou- sanrl beans, then all went upstairs where refreshments were serverl at tables at- tractively cleeoratecl anrl juinerl together to form an lf. XYQ are well represented in the variuus activities nf the seliunlg in musie, traek. football anrl basketball. XX'e are alsu well representerl on the hrmnor roll. 727 Anurmhlim Our lirst assembly was held on September 26. 1919. when Klr. Cain. director of the Eureka Choral Society. entertained us with a number of vocal selections. After he had concluded his program, our lloys' and Girls' Glee-Clubs sang a number of songs, Klr. Cain then complimented our musical organizations and stated that he wished to organize a Ferndale Choral Society for the adults of Ferndale. and asked that the students circulate the news of his undertaking. The second assembly of the year was an impromptu rally and yell-practice. Our newly chosen yell-leader, "llud" Christensen, was given instructions in the art of directing organized rooting, by our last year's yell-leader, Floyd XYorth- ingtoiz. The demonstrations caused a great deal of amusement, but the amount of "pep" shown at least showed our athletic teams that the school was planning to give them enthusiastic support in all the events to follow. V On October 21, 1919, Klr. Douglas gave an interesting talk before the Stu- dent llody in favor of tl1e League of Nations, Some of his arguments were used in the inter-class debate which followed. ,X program, covering the life and character of Theodore Roosevelt, was given by the Senior Class on Roosevelt Uay, October 27. 1919. Mrs. XX'right, of the Children's lltnme Society, asked the school to help her in the "l lave a Heart" campaign. She offered a California penant to the class that collected the most money. 'lihe sum of forty dollars was collected. The juniors won the penant. On january 15, 1920, the Chorus and Glee Clubs of the school surprised the Assembly by giving a musical entertainment, :Xt the close of the program. Miss Engle announced that a dance would be held on the tennis-court innnediately. Un january 30, 1920, the members of this school were asked to join the Calf Contest. Klr. llarr gave an interesting talk on the benefits that could be de- rived from club work. lle gave several amusing examples to illustrate his re- marks. Klr. Flowers, Secretary of the lJairymen's Association, told us why the dairymen were supporting this contest and mentioned the prizes. Klr. Chappell and Klr. Grinsell of the Ferndale banks assured the pupils who joined the Club of their support- .Xn interesting program on tl1e life and character of Abraham Lincoln was given by the 'lunior Class on February 12, 1920. 28 The Student llody assembled March 8, 1920, after El two weeks' vacation on account of the "Hu," Mr. Finger announced that we would have to Settle down to hard work in order to make up for lost time. He also made the statement that there would be no Senior speeches. This was received with cheers from the Seniors. 2 D Alfred Christensen, President. Edna Hansen, Secretary. I Harriet Ferguson, Treasurer. john Iirazil, Business Manager Iungene Palmer, Yiee-President. Elmer Christensen, Yell Leader. Aclrian Chapin, Sergeant-at-.'Xrms. 30 , V i DARREL NIELSON ESTHER WOLF EARL SCHORTGEN Evhaie The question which was chosen for the inter-scholastic debate was. Re- solved: That the industrial advancement of the U. S. would be promoted by the general adoption of the closed shop, After tryouts before the Student Body, Esther XYolfe, Darrel Nielson, and Earl Schortgen were selected to represent the Red and XYhite, and under the able direction of Miss Myers, we had hoped to have a' winning team. However. the "flu" prevented 'us from holding the regular inter-scholastic debate, but, as Fortuna desired to have a debate anyway, one was held here in Roberts Hall, March 26th. Fortuna upheld the negative and Ferndale the af- firmative. lloth teams were quite evenly matched and gave a very interesting debate. The decision was rendered in favor of the negative by a two to one vote. Eramatirz lt is almost impossible to write a very flowery article on dramatics for the simple reason that the play, at the time of writing, hasn't "come off" yet. The play to be given sometime in the Hrst part of May. is "The Voyage of Monsieur l'erricl1on," translated from the French by the second year French class. It is a comedy full of action and funny situations and from all indications will be one of the best ever put on by the school, lVith Miss Dash as director, and with the cast practicing faithfully, there is every reason to hope that "The Yoyage of Monsieur l'errichon" will be I1 great success in every way- 31 , '-. -i, dirlrll fllurus Q Q0 .10 fvfkf .vi , 5'-x - 5 Girls' lllvm Vinh , ,,,,, ,W M w,.,,..A.., -, , 1-F V ,.Rew""' nys' C1100 Club ll. QjlH Yyii lrfc illllwair Gmganizatinn ntra During the p21st year Z1 gre21t deal of interest has been shown in the music department Zlllil 21s El result there h21ve been more musical 0l'g'21lllZ2ll.ltJl'lS in the school th21n ever before. liesides the regular courses in Sight Singing Zlllll llurmony, Z1 Girls' Glee Club of nine members Zllltl Zl lloys' Quartette were orgzmized. The largest Ul'Q"2lI1lZZltlOllS 21re the Girls' Chorus 21nd the lloys' Glee. each having more than twenty members, 'llhese two bodies often meet together. forming one large chorus. 'Jn the evening of November 21 the lloys' Glee g21ve 21 Minstrel Show. which was El decided success Zlllil well attended. The Girls' Chorus 21nd Glee Club supplemented the' boys. giving some clever songs between acts. lJuring'the second semester the p21re11ts 21nd friends of the school were en- tertained with :L music21l evening. e21cl1 Ol'Q'ZllllZHtlIJll contributing selections. .X great deal of the credit for the success of our music department belongs to our teacher, Bliss Engle. lloth the Student llody 21nd the public have been successfully entertained through her efforts. C J 1 1 Agrirnltuml Qlluh nina A meeting was called early in the spring of 1919 for the purpose of reorgan- izing the lloys' Agricultural Club. .-Xn election of officers was held, and the fol- lowing members were chosen for the coming year: john llrazill ......,,.,.,.............,,e,,..............w......,,,.,........e........ ..,.,.,....... I ,I'6S1KlCllt. Flint McLaughlin ..... ............,..,.,,........ X 'ice-l'resident. Ernest Lanini .,....,,..........................,.,.......ww...w. Secretary and Treasurer. ,-Xfter some discussion a hog, chicken, and potato contest was decided upon. Each member in the hog contest was required to raise two pigs, through a period of four months, beginning about March first. The potato and chicken contest was run in about the same manner as the hog contest. The winner in each was decided upon by his per cent gain, and on the essay which he wrote. Last October a convention was held at Davis, four of our club members, and our club leader, lXlr. Rinn, were able to attend the convention. The members of the Agricultural Club who went to Davis were: Daniel Rusk, Adrian Chapin, Marion Rusk, and Lloyd Cummings. A new Agricultural Club for 1920 has been started. A calf raising contest has been decided upon. The ofhcers for the ensuing' year, as yet have not been chosen. IH -., , g 1 . , Q., X n -. Q x 4' H ff mv: 255 i ffl' :Pm ia Qt '57 gb at C q in L J J Q 0 I 1 5 D K i 1 I it A i ll Q I L Y E i .. l , ,, ,, n B ll l Sill lf U 7 Y ' fs 4 ii W W V Q 2,5237 ff! f, fff .'.'. ' . 1: : - 153' A l ll wuiiviiriwiumn uwmwviwiiiviii ' Zllrnilinien Zlnitizntinn 'llhe Freshmen had their first view nf Snpliinnme originality on September 1 19, when the Sopllninures initiated the Freshies into the intricate mzlzes of high school life. 'Ilhe Freshmen were taken to the Cmnmereial Ronin where they were adorned in all sorts of ffrotesc ue costumes, and minted in fanciful colors. .Xinniiff those N B present were: Warren Ott as Fatty Arbuekle, Eugene llranstetter as a Russian ballet-dancer. and Lueile Moore as a demure maiden-lady. The unsus Jeetine' Freshmen were hrnu0'ht out tn the ffymnasium and were bw N B. forced to display themselves hy means of :1 parzlde. 'llwn hy two they were hrouffht hefnre the SUJl1Ul1lOI'C Court hy' the S0 mhcnnore euns, and convicted of N . various crimes. The judge. "lZud" Christensen, then sentenced them to various stunts. .Xfter all the Freshmen had been tried and ewnvieted, and had served their time, the Hour was ClC2ll'C4l of their remains. :ind the eveninf"'s entertainment 5 ended with dancing. 136 iiallnuufm igartg On October 31, llallowe'en evening, the Freshmen gave their return party to the F. U. ll. S. The old Assembly Hall was the main scene of action, to which we were conducted through dark and spooky underground passages, by mysteri- ous white ghosts. At the door, a "VVeird Sister" of the Macbeth variety, snarled at us, meanwhile presenting us with programs. VVe were then admitted into the Assembly Hall, which had been artistically decorated by the Freshmen. Mlss Yiva Steeves and Miss Victoria Morrison favored us with a vocal duet. Miss Lois Morrison and Mr. Harlan Morrison played a duet! on the piano and violin Fortune-telling, games, and dancing were the main amusements of the evening. s Ice cream and cake were served up stairs in the Drawing Room: the tables had been placed in the shape of a large F, and were recorated with pumpkins and small pyramids of apples. . VVhen the clock struck twelve, we all departed, declaring Miss Myers Hllkl her Freshies were very good entertainers. Sluhvnt iliuhg Eamre On the evening of November 17, the gymnasium was the scene of a student body dance The purpose of the dance was to instruct some of the small Fresh- men in the "light fantastic." Music was furnuished by different members of the faculty and student body. During the evening there were several favor dances. The Virginia Reel and Rye Waltz furnished much enjoyment- Streamer confetti added to the general mer- riment of the evening. Qlhriaimau Bunn Of course, every student was in favor of having a dance before we parted for our Christmas vacation. A committee was appointed and preparations for a dance, to be ,given December 19th, were commenced. lnvitations were sent to the three high schools of the county, as well as the Junior College of Eureka. The gymnasium was decorated with red and white streamers, the school colors, and from the center of the gymnasium hung a large basket of holly and red poinsettas. The orchestra was partially concealed in a bower of greens and red berries. Excellent jazz music was furnished by Mr. Ries, a former F. U. H. S. student, and Miss Ries and Mr. McAllister. The party being on Friday night, we enjoyed dancing until a little after twelve. - 37 5 Qf '4 Unlimited Team- , ' i ' Time Athlvtira Uhr Tlrurk illllrri Shortly after school opened, the call came for track men. After a number of talks from the captain and coach, a few men came out for practice. Zlnivr-0112155 Cflrzzrk 1111221 The inter-class meet was held on Friday afternoon, October 3, 1919. Seniors contended against the three lower classes, and won by afscore of os to 49. ' 1 ' The track meet was held in Arcata on the eleventh of October. Eureka took the meet by a score of 54 points, Fortuna second with 48 1-2 points. Arcata third, 38 1-2 points, Ferndale fourth with 29 points- Several of Ferndale's star athletes were kept out of the meet because of ac- cident or illness, otherwise our team would have had a good chance for first place. Each school was represented this year by two teams: the unlimited team, con- sisting of men weighing over 120 pounds: the limited team consisting of men under 120 pounds. The events were as follows: John Brazill Event 50 yd. Dash .... 100 yd. Dash .. 220 yd. Dash .. First Boren, Fort. Boren, Fort. Boren, Fort. Second Hansen, Fort. Mitchell, Eur. Monette, Eur. Third Natwick, Fort. Palmer. Fdle. I 5: 3-5 sec. 10: 2-5 sec. A 24 2-5 sec. 440 yd. Dash ...... Daly, Eureka Graham, Arc. Degnan, Fort. 53 sec. 880 yd. Dash ...... Daly, Eureka Johnson,Fd1e. Adams, Fort. 2: 14 sec. Mile Run ........ johnson, Fdle. Adams, Fort. Wiley, Eur. 5: 9 sec. 220 L. Hurdles Boren, Fort. Landergen, Fd. Wortliington, Fdl 30 sec. 120 H. Hurdles .... Graham, Arct. Christie, Eur. 19 sec. Shot Put .......... Jackman. Eu. Mitchell, Eur. Williaiiis, Fort. 39 ft. 10 in. Broad Jump ........ Boren,'Fort. Mitchell, Eur. Natwick. Fort. 19 ft. 55 in. High Jump ........ Carlson, Eur. Boreu, Fort. Brizard, Arc. 5 ft. 4 in. -Carter, Fort. Pole Vault .......... Hansell, Fort. Landergen, Fd. Bartlett, Eur. 9 ft. 3 in. Javelin Throw Carter, Fort. Williams, Fort. Brizard, Arc 131 ft. 6 in. Relay ................,... Eureka Arcata Ferndale Fortuna last. Limiited Team- Event First Second Third Time 50 yd. Dash ........ Mahan, Arc. Kauffman, Fdl. Leveque, Arc, 6 sec. 100 yd. Dash .. De Carlo, Eur Kauffman, Fdl. Leveque Arc 11: 11-5 sec. 220 yd. Dash ...... Mahan, Arc. Kauffman, Fdl. Leveque Arc 26: sec. Broad Jump ........ Mahan, Arc. Johansen, Arc. Roberts, Eur 15 ft. 10 in. Powell, Eur. High Jump .......... De Carlo, Eur. Kauffman. Fdl. Roberts, Eur. 4 ft. 8 in. Track Girlz' Eaakrt iliull - I Crash! Hang! Ouch! The awful blow fell on the basketball enthusiasts one morning about three weeks before the first game, when Mr. Finger an- nounced to the students that small-pox was in town and that everyone had to be vaccinated: consequently about half of the team was laid up with sore arms for a couple of weeks. We began practice, however, hoping to put out a good team. Owing to the fact that so many of those wishing to try out for the team, 39 lfcumt- I 1 . TCHHI . 5 ljght XYcight Track 'fcuxu Ilcnvg XYcigh1 Track 'VCHIN I uve l nskct- Hull Glllll I V9 Y V-HS Girls' Basket- Hull Iczun Hase- Ilall 'l'Q:1u1 were in the Girls' Glee and Chorus which was held- each afternoon after school, it was difficult to get out a full team. After winning a practice game with the Freshie boys, Fortuna also chal- lenged us to a practice game. Having searched around, we finally got a team without sore arms, and we managed to defeat Fortuna. This game resulted in a great interest in basketball. After that we had a full team out each night and the followingiteam was picked: Guards: Lucille Moore Aleita Schortgeu Clara Hunter Mabel Coppini fSubstitutel Centers: Lucille Robarts Gladys Kauffman Cora Johnsen Forwards: Clara Oeschger Alma Heck Yietoria Morrison, Captain Bertha Christen llinrtuna ua. Eliernhalr Our first big league game was with Fortuna on the home court. A large number 'of people turned out for the game. It proved to be very exciting as the two teams were evenly matched. lloth showed a good deal of fighting spirit as each was determined to win. Fortuna came out ahead at the end of the first half but we weren't convinced that they would win, so we put to use every bit of strength that we had and at the end of the second half we were in the lead with a score of 27-24. Arrata ua. Zlirrnhalr . Our second game was with Arcata. This did not prove to be as exciting, as we had anticipated. As Arcata had won from Eureka, we thought that we had a lively time ahead of us, but we soon were ahead of them and at the end of the first half we were leading with a large score. VVe kept up the good work although they gained on us in the second half. VVe finally defeated them with a score of 32-19. Ilirrnhalr na. Eureka This was the least exciting game of all. We had only had one'practice game the week before, and we were on a strange court with only a few rooters to cheer us up. Also our best guard was sick. The Eureka team proved to be much faster than we thought it was, and the second half ended with a score of 42-12. in favor of Eureka. A As Eureka and Ferndale were then in the run for championship, the game 42 was played the following Saturday. XVe had had a whole week of hard practice, and with the determination of either winning, or raising our score. we went into the game with our fighting spirit fully aroused. This was the most exciting game of the season. Both teams put up a good, strong fight: the ball Flew from one end of the court to the other, often neither side scoring. The first half ended with a score of 6-5 in Eureka's favor. 'The second half began with the same spirit and neither side scored very much but at the end of this half the score stood 10-7 in favor of Eureka. Miss Dash, the coach, and Mr. Rinn, the assistant coach, deserve much credit for their work with the girls. Zlinnihall Since the ban was placed on football during the 1919 season, we were left with only three veterans for this year's team. NVilliams, our captain, tried to have regular practices but this was impossible because of lack of interest in this sport. We were, however, able to put out a team. Those representing the Ferndale Union High School were: Backheld : Lanini, Quarter Oesehger, Full XVilliams, Right Half Landergen, Left Half Line Ends : Christensen Hrazill Tackles 1 Goble McGlaughlin Guards : Qtt Cheeseman Arrata ua. Ilivrnhalr The first game of the season was played with Arcata on our home field, November 16. In spite of the hard fought battle the Hrst half ended with a score of 6-O in favor of Arcata. In the second half Ferndale tried to break the defense with line plunges and end runs but failed. VVhen the whistle blew the score stood Arcata 13, Ferndale 0. Eurvka na. Zllernhalr The last game which was with Eureka, was also played on the home field. We were unable to score in the first half. In the second half our team, putting up a good Fight, scored two goals, but the game ended in Eureka's facor, 35-13. 43 Bugs' Basket Ball Starting early in November, the basketball team trained hard and faithfully under the coaching of Mr. Rinn. A great deal of interest was shown a11d a number of practice games were arranged with the All-Stars, and the junior College of Eureka. Two practice games were-played with Eureka, one at Fern- dale and the other at Eureka, Ferndale losing both. ' illrrnhalv ua. Eureka 'xVe played Eureka on the 7th of February on our own court. After a hard fought game we won by a score of 31-33. Eureka lightweights won by a score of 19-20. Zllrrnhalr ua. Arrata On February l4th we played at Arcata. Unaccustomed to loose baskets and restricted Hoor space, we were out-classed in both teams. The Fortuna-Ferndale game was called off because of Hu and small-pox. The championship was undecided. The line-up is as follows: l lleavy VVeight Team: Light NVeight Team: Forwards : r Forwards : J. llrazill C. Kanen F. VVorthington A. Matheson - C. McAllister, Sub. A. Chapin, Sub.. Guards : . Guards: D. Nielsen L. Casanova A, johnson E. Lanini QCapt.j E. Palmer, Sub. ll. Ring. Sub. Center: Center: A. Christensen, CCapt.J . R. Kauffman A UPHIUH At the beginning of theschool year many studetns, especially the Fresh- men, started training for tennis. To some of the upper class girls belongs the credit of having aroused enthusiasm, for at first there was not a great interest manifested in tennis and but for tl1e example of -these girls in practicing regu- larly probably not enough people would have come out to have made a girls' team worth while. .-Xs ,a result of hard practice most of the players are in good form and ex- pect to put up a good fight. i This year all the schools will send their teams to Eureka on April 10 and there the Championship will be .decided. 44 Eaurhall Contrary to all expectations, baseball proved to be of the big' athletic event of the year. The boys showed an unusual amount of interest and a good fast team was soon on the trail of the elusive but much coveted County Champion- ship. No doubt some of this pep was due to the influence of George Oeschger, the Captain, who seems to be following in the footsteps of his brother, who is now pitcher for the lloston llraves. The main difficulty that the Ferndale team encountered, was the lack of a field on which to practice. The school ground proved to be entirely too small for adequate practice and team-wo1'k. .-Xfter losing half of the baseballs in the surrounding shrubbery, and after smashing' a number of Study hall windows the boys gave up systematic practice. The first game was played at Fortuna: Ferndale returned with flags flying and reported a fast game with a score of 4 to 5 in favor of the home team. At Eureka the team won their second victory and reported a score of 2 to l. On Saturday, May 7, the Ferndalers played their last game at Eureka with Arcata. The game, however, was not a very fast one and the Arcata team walked away with the game. The score stood 5 to l in favor of Areata. 0 45 T' Q P - ff 1' 1 L4"v in1V IP 1- .11 1 UMA I, J ' Q li- ' , vigil:-:-I School Notes - , . 1 . 11111, 13: XX 1- 111-111 Z1 1121111-e 1111 111e 11-11111s e11111't. '111e 11121111 1-ve111 was 2111 ex- 11i11111.111 1121111-e 111 2111 11I11i1ll1XX'l1 va1'i1-ty 111' Miss 12. 211111 Miss G. '1111e 112111ee. itself, was ll huge success, as 1112lI1X' 21s t111'1-e e1111111es 11ee1111y111g' 111e 1111111' 211 111e same 11111111e111. .X w1111 1'11111111' was s1-111 211111111 111e e11111111'y, 211 21110111 1111'ee-11111'1y, 111 111e e11e1'1 111211 21 11111' 112111 116611 s1-1-11 111-211' 1111- 111ace. This 1'ep111'1 was lll1C11I11il'l11L'11 111111 is 11UXX' 111-111-1'1-11 111 111- 1111- 11r111111e1 111 s11111e1111e's X'1V111 11112lQ1l12l11UI1. fx' sf" .-114 9111111-111 111 111'C11C11 1-11111 2111 1111111411011 1111. Can 111111 s11'211g1111-11 1111- 111113 ff' x 'ff' LQ C. 11. 110111i1llg' 11111 111 1111- wi11111'1w 211111 seeing sea-gulls 11y111g' a111111'1j. 1311. 11111k at 111e 1111L'1iS1 fi' JQJ 121-11, cjUSC11g'Cl'. 1111s111ry 4-1. R1111sev1-11 was a li1'11l1'111111I 111 1111- II1l'I'VX'. ff' 1-,Jw :Q S11'a11g'1- g'C1111C1112l11 CI11C1'S 1111111es1ie science 12111. 111-111-12111111'ess111g Miss 11111111111s1, XXv11L'1'C is 1111- 11-111-111-1? Miss G.: 1.111 111e teacher. 11e111: 1Slll'1DT1SL'111 1111! EST' ,531 He Knows 1121111: 1 saw 111e place 11111ay, where they 11121146 11111'ses. 1.ee121: XX'11211 110 51111 111C2ll1? Y1111 11111s1 11e 1111s1211c1-11. 1121111: XX'e11. 111e 1112111 was just 1'1111S1l1l1Q' 11111-: 111- XYZIS l1Zl11111g' 1111 111e 121s1 111111- 1 Til Miss 1J21s11 111 11111-1 -1 1-'ivi111-' 21 viv111 111-se1'i 1111111 111 Mi111111's 1-1111ee 1111111 111 5 3 3 111-11. as 1'eve211e11 111 i'1,211'2lf11SL' I,11s1"-1D11111ey, 1s1-12111-11111g' 11152 111-21111. Gee. 1 guess 1'11 11aV1- 111 1'C111T1111 H5 M11 N.-1J11111ey, go 11111 111 111e w111111s111-11 211111 13111 5011111 XX'11011f1iZlS 2111 a11erf 1111111g11t. 131- sure 211111 11se 111e 11111 axe. 11111111-X'-XX'11y 11111 11se 111e 111-w 11111-, paw? M11 X.-XX'1-211' 11111 111e 11111 11111- 111's1, is 1111' 111111111. 17111111-1'-XX'1-11 1111-11. paw, 1-1111 go 11111 211111 1-111 111e w111111. -113 Doc-fenters Red Star Clothing Housej Say, can you take that yellow tie with green spots out of the window? Marvel-Certainly, pleased to take anything out of the window at any time. Doc-Thanks, awfully, it bothers me every time I pass! 9:7 Miss Myers fin study hall.j ' The next person looking up here-Qloud laugh from study hallj Miss Myers Qblushingj. Will be given something to do. TQ Scene-Youngs Cafe. Nielson to waiter-Give me some veal cutlets-breaded. Ernie Lanini fPuzzling over menuj Say, what's these veal cutlets? Got any meat in them? VIE! Schortgen in Eng. 4-Moving pictures go in one ear and out the other. ':?f?1 Cummings in History 2-Germany signed the peace treaty. Miss Belloni-In full? Cummings-I don't know whether she was full or not but she signed it! H722 Mae Lytell farguingil. Only fools are positive! Gene Palmer--Are you sure, Mae-I'm positive! Q9 Gene Palmer fat track meet.j "Gee, there are some pretty girls here!" Mr. Rinn-"I could sit and watch them by the hours!" as - Mr. Nielson in History 2-VVell, Miss Helloni, did he die by himself or was he aided ?" QQ Miss Ilelloni-That reminds me of Quebec! Bertha Christensen-Why? . Miss R.-Because it's founded on a big bluff. Q5 Mae Lytel-Oh. why do you talk so foolishly. Gene Palmer-So you can understand. . ECE! Severina :Xmbrosini in llistory 3-Drake sailed through the Panama Canal in 1572. D I Q51 A. Chapin fPointing to an old pair of shoes he had 011.5 These are the shoes I milk in. Fat Forrison-Gee, I thought everybody used a bucket. gil Yiva treading Ivanhoe in Eng. lj. Do they kill Rebecca? XVilma-I don't know. She was still alive in the last chapter. 47 That Girl 0' Mine I've got a speedy, spinning Ford, Pure tin right thru and thru, ' There's just one seat behind the wheel And only room for two. That seat is always used, 'tis true, On sun, and fog, and frost, And when it's cold, and damp and drear, It's time to snuggle close- But that is never, never done For just this reason why- My little dog is always there, To watch the passers-by. L. R., '20, 75 Ea-j Our Debaters The shades of night were falling fast, As through our Ferndale village passed, A youth who bore some pondrous books, And upon his face was an anxious look. In happy homes he sees the lights, He hears girls laughing with delight: ' VVhile rollicking mobs to the movies go: He must have books for his movie show. US!! Doc-LWhen the "Pierce" in Eureka after a boys' basketball game, noticed that the motor was going to stop and asked Oeschger to put his foot on the throttle.j "Got your foot on the throttle ?" Oeschger-"Yep l' Doc-"VVell, what's the matter with the thing?" fUpon turning on the light, he found that Oeschger was trying to shove the clutch through the foot hoardj QQ fTeam going to Eureka to play basketballl-Doc.-Gosh, that was an aw- ful hre at Fields Landing last night-two Cadillacs and eight horses burnt up! lillllt-EkEIWC-St1'l1CkJ-T116 Deuce! ' 'Doc-Yep, the poor things are lying there yet. Hunt-fsolemnlyj-I don't blame them. 48 ' X , i' kk vu V ikj -K ' A . Y X sf' ee? tw' 1:-gif'-' :J .fs-N--'jNT,",A' ' 'L'-'M v 1 x 1 Dev! V xxxixfx ll 'Nw' ,T ' ' Y '-' Q 1-. -4- XA,i, -' "Aj- f mffmfmfxawuuul ff - 'Q 51- 2 .5 W K .QW ' T -' ,934 N:-12' 'Xu-:sl ,ua --lg? ' ' 5 S15 .4 X' ' 'N ' w ,5neaTQ day. Prog? 9-:mb .1f -rf' A ' X JV ffl' ' YW A 'U 'lf ff' f V- ' v A .":' 'I f 'Z f 1- A 'Hy JI' it NY Ml ' XL -VZ , .- . ga' ' ff' cf 'Q i f !l',kM , 1 43- Vi. f I K "' ' 'N ' ff: K Cf, X ,v,. N, Y! fl' fa? MB 1 49 Q i j NZEi'Zfp rw QW, w --E: W 1' T -19, , XX ' 'DSQQ ,ng l V4, Nfl 4 5 ' --- P. 0 'Q 0 Y r Qggzm A grmjv. 1 f:E'!1W Lw M 'S A 2 T ,!,, 1b"W , gif: , X - 'of , 'J ' . fl- izif lg A,h,,,. , Mlf i 'M' 'T' A400914 .121 , ,. 1 N "' 7 , 4-4 1 , bf AUIQV -fam!! CPF in Vkxlfsitfi-Iab.' 1 lv f:,LZ J., fxw I . Y ' "SfXl?'- 'V'-C"1f'1 fl L1 XXX lk . Rx- 'K s, Y 41555 X N , A Lgbiyq R , ff.?ff-E4'.5Q5i,5, ' ifyuf .+ +, f -Qi' 1 EU : ' ff 11" 1: .Lff ' " f' IFR -. 1' A nay ,' Mx' 1- gf' -, .- f . , ffffM.x,, Jo , lf . . , , .V u. ,. ' 5 Q:-N 5. x 'BV 0 'loxhffof . . ' - - . . ' 1 K ' 0 - ' ' "FQ I So 01,1 Oudk r N41 Xxf, Glee Cfub J Affo, 41 Daily Program of the Third Period Nfiwlrc-ss uf CCI'ClilHli1L'S ..,. ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,.......,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,.r,..,...,,,,,,......,A,..,, .....,, K I i s s Xlycrs f,l7L'i1iiiQ,' .Xclclrcss of XX:1rn111g ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,..,,A,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, , ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.......,.,..,... , ,,,,,,,,,,,,..A,.. Miss Myer: Mzwcll ...,.. ,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, , . , , , ,,,, Ai,... Itblhlllihl lirickscn f2lCL'Ul1ilJ2liliCll by sclluol Cullglmilmg Duct ,,,,,,,,.., ,,,..,,,,,,,.. ,,,, ,,,,,,,...AAA,,,,,, ..,. ,,,,,,,,,,,, X X ' 4 1 I'ihil1Q'lHIi :md XYilliZll1iS Slllikilkillg' Slum I'zu ulc ,Ai.. .X, ,lolmstrm :mil IQ. Czmty ,. ,. R Kistncr :md O. Rios Q IIICY fri'liiliCl'5 ,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,.,,. , ................,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,.,.,A, . . Cliggliimg' Trim ,,,,,, Floor NYz1lkcr ,,rAA A I ll'2if'i'l' ......, ...,,..,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Klccliug' .Xcljmirncrl Gcncral Discussiml. X Yidmr, l,. NIUl'i'iSCEll, :mil D, Xlmwlclzx Nlnc Lytcl Iihncr CIll'iSlCliSCIl , ,,,,,, 3 iliiillilt' hell 50 Evl ---------,,,-----,--,,--,--------,,,,------ -- ----- ,-,---vv, ,,,v- v- -v --- ---- ---vvoo-v- v GENERAL AUTO KITCHEN HARDWARE ACCESSORIES FURNISHINGS Incorporated 1 9 03 Kausen 6: Williams Hardware Co. l7lflQNl3.'Xl4lf, C.'Xl.ll7. MCCORMICK INTERNATIONAL FARIVIING IVIOWERS TRACTORS IIVIPLEMENTS GLOVES. YNIJERXVEAIQ HUSIERV WWMJMZQ lllz'1'rf1rz11a'1'.s'c of ,lff'l'l'f Only Suits Coats Dresses Waists Vlillinery DRY GOODS Elllfl Cllll4DRliN'S .'Xl'l'.'XREl4 'l'l1ircl zmrl F Streets Eureka. Calif- 5l -::::::: ::::::: ::::ooooo:::::::::o::: cc 5eeQ egfacpio g,0,"fl'IlffS Ziai gyease OFFICIAL ARTISTS FOR TOM.-X!iAXYK AND ADVANCE FCI'gLlSOH,S DI' CIOCCIS Co PHONE 1 03 Exclusive Dry Goods Gents' Furnishings, Clothing, Shoes When Looking for Something XICXY-XYQ llavc lt. UTZ 85 DUN'S CROSSETT BUSTER BROWN Shoes Shoes Shoes for for for Ladies Men Boys and Girls -,vo-,vvov------ -------Q-v-o--oo- .... vvv- 57. -A-A-A--ooo--o---Aoooov-o-------------A--Q------------Ao gi We Are Enlarging Qur Store .X REST ROOM FOR WOMEN XYILI, IEE ONE OF 'HIE SPE- CIAL EE.X'I'L'RES OF OUR NEW STORE. Fourth and F Streets. Eureka., Cal. AMIVIERS GRGCERY Fancy Groceries The Store that carries Pretty Dishes Frank W. Ammer - - Proprietor Phone 66 :::::::::::::9::::Qo::::ooo::::::::::o::::::::::::::::::: ---- ------------A--A--AA ----------A- ---A-------,,, Red Front Store TAILOR MADE CLOTHES SPAULDING ATHLETIC Goons Fine Candies, Cigars, Pipes and Tobacco GENTS FURNISIIINGS Emsom MAZDA LAMPS COLLINS 8L CGLLIN5 Proprietors Phone 116-J-- Ferndale, Cal The Toggery Cor. Fifth and F Sts. liL'REli.X, CAI.. Q'- Qe ' 5, I T' The Home of HART, SCHAFFNER 8a MARX Good Clothing :: ---A-:::::::::::::: -::::ooo:::: ::::::::::::: 54 ---,---------------A--- ---- ::::::::o::::::o::::oo::: George Fredson, Jr. General Vlerchant DEALER l.V GROCERIES, FEEDS, SEEDS, lvlEN'S FURNISHINGS We are always prepared to take care of your wants. To serve you to the best of our ability. XYC endeavor to keep 'tlle best the mar- ket offorfls and to sell at reasmialulc prices. Goods Delivered to A11 Parts of the Valley Yous for Service and Quality. Fredson's Phone 109 Flills Candies Ferndale Ferndale Bakery WEDDING CAKES A SPECIALTY ILXKERY GOODS OF EVERY 1JESCRu"1'1cJx Fancy Cakes and Pastry Blade to Orclcr E. HILDEBRAND, Prop. :ilk zlilz Phone 113 : : : : : : : :oec : : :ooQ-::ooo0-oQooooooo: :--::-oo:e-Qo-:: ::::oo .rf 2222: :::::::::::::oQQ0::::::---Q--QA--AA--A-------A-- Red Star Clothing House We carry everything in Ready-to-Wear Clothes for Men and Boys FER N DALE, CAL. The Rexall Store Prescriptions Correctly Compounded The Quality of all Drugs Guarzmteecl Headquarters for School Supplies and Up-to-Date Stationery RINGS DIQLIG STQIQE .l. H. RING, Proprietor. Waddington Store Company Try Us on f-r- 1 ifff 1 Youll Call .fig-aiu -Dealers in- GENERAL MERCHANDISE GQUDS lllQl.lYERED TU ANY l'.XR'l' OF Tl IE XXXLLEY Ferndale Variety Store MILDRED T. MILLS, Prop. STATIONERY, CIGARS and TOBACCO Spaulding Athletic Goods :: 1: U. M. C. Cartridges EASTMAN KODAKS and SUPPLIES Next Door to Postoflice E Fernrlale, Cal. 56 "'1 ll ll ll tl ll 0 tl li 0 O li ll li ll ll ll ll ll ll 0 ll ll I ma 0 II li 0 0 0 n o ll ll ll ll 0 0 nm ll ll 0 0 0 ll 0 O ll 'r l mr 0 ll 0 0 0 ll in 0 0 ll 0 ll 0 0 ll ll ll 0 ll 0 lr li lr ll in o A Valerie Theatre Open Every Night XYe are selecting our Pictures so that none but the best of clean shows will he given. llring' your family and friends :incl enjoy an evening' of pleasure. PHONE 1 1 5 B R I S C G E The Leader of Lightweight Cars llcforc you clccirlc. Take El llriscoe riclc. Cruickshanks S: Carr FERNDALE "" wk wk 9191 Phone 60-W De LAVAL MILKI-NG MACHINES CVCGHX CHU MCCiiCiIWiCC1l SIXQDN Phone 68 -UNDER'TAKERS- Citizens' Fumiture and Undertaking Co. FURNITURE OF ALL KINDS Phone 61 :-o:::ooo::::::o::oo::00o::::ooo::::-----::::o: ::::::Q:: 57 ::c:oe:o:::oo:::ac:::::::o o:e::::::::::::::::A-- -- F. Dahlquist and Companv l'LL'MI3lNG, TINNIXG, l'L'MI'S AND WINDMILLS EM PIRE KI I Llil NG M.-XCHlNES Main Street Every Successful Man- Ferndale, Cal. offers practical testimony to tlle value of a llank Account. lt would be impossible to make and note- worthy business success nowadays without the aid and co-operation of a good liank. Russ-Williams Banking Co. Commercial and Savings FERNDALE, CAL. THE BRICK STORE Save Time and Money look- ing for something New- Try- RUSS-AGGELER-WILLIAMS CO To the Graduating Class of the Ferndale Union High School our Best Wishes for your future suc- cess and happiness. THE FERNDALE ENTERPRISE ----A---A-QAAQ------Qoooooq M. MATTERI Dealer in FINE cnocsmes GENTS FURNISHINGS, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CLOTHING Ferndale, Cal. Phone 63 Rudolph L. Jacobsen MERCHANT TAILOR THE HOME OF REAL TAILORS Ferndale, C31- :::::::::ooo-voovvovvov--vv--o ::::o: ::::::qQ::::::::::: ooo- v AMERICAN LIVERY Auto Stage and Drayage Freight Hauling a Specialty G. M. BRICE, Prop. Ferndale, Cal. G. H. OTT SUIT cAsEs, TRUNKS, BAGS and Leather Goods FERXD.-XLR, CAT.. KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHING For Young Men FURNISHING GOODS, HATS AND SHOES ARCHIE CANEPA for Up-to-Date Men's Apparel Graduation Books Greeting Cards Booklets, Etc. For 1920 Mathews Pioneer Piano House Eureka, Cal. - :::o:::r::::oc::ro::oooo:::::::QQ DON'T FORGET that FREN CI-I'S GARAGE On Ocean Avenue Is the Place to Remedy your Auto- mobile Troubles H. ANDERSON FERNDALE-EUREKA Auto Stages REGULAR SERVICE CO'M'FORTABLE SEATS CAREFUL DRIVING FORD SERVICE STATION HEWITT TIRES BRENNER'S GARAGE FOR GOOD MATERIAL AND A NEAT JOB Take your shoe repairing to J. E. RIENHARTS Electrical Shoe Shop 0"""AAA--'AA'-0--o-:rece ll 0 O 0 O O O 0 3 0 2 2 O 0 O 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 2 ::::4 ll 0 0 O 41 tl 0 0 li 0 0 0 0 0 U 0 0 0 O 0 0 ll 0 '0 0 It 0 lb U lb 0 ma lv 0 0 ll 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 tl 0 lb lb u mu 0 ll 0 11 lv 0 0 0 0 0 ll 0 0 ll ll 0 0 0 0 ll lb 0 tl li 0 0 0 lr lb U 0 ll lb lb IP lr lr 4 -,---------------,,------, v -v-----v-v----- ----- ovvo ooooo- ---o--o--o----- ----A FERNDALE SHOE FACTORY The Best of Boots and Shoes Always a Perfect Fit Up-to-the-Minute Styles N IELS HALKJ AR Fernadle Cal. DODGE BROTHERS -Motor Cars- C. R. THOMPSON Ferndale :: :: :: Cal. Call nt fm- EERNDALE PAINT STORE for your PAINTS, GLASS 8: WALL PAPER Geo. E. Ries, Prop. LUNCH COUNTER Tables for Ladies solfr DRINKS. CIGARS 0. N. DUDLEY Ferndale iii! A. M! DINSMORE, jeweller EDS? 3::::::::::::oo:::::oo09QQ THE AMERICAN HOTEL C. Eskesen, Prop. Headquarters for Commercial Men EXCELLENT MEALS- .-ELEGANT LOBBY Ferndale, Cal. PATRONIZE -OUR- ADVERTISERS USE THE TELEPHONE and Save Time EEL RIVER and SOUTHERN TELEPHONE CO. Iii. M. Loveland Manager. For a First Class HAIRCUT OI' SHAVE G0 to RIES' BARBERW SHOP Ferndale Alford Sells- .-Xl.l. KINDS OF STATIONERY -The Rest Grades Only- Ferndale - - California --000--Q--2 Ao---A---o-------- ::::::::::::o::::::::::::::::::::o::::::Q:::::o::::::::o , l , MARCUSSEN GROCERY CO. For Anything m the jewelry Lme STAPLE and FANCY GROCERIES See , FRESH VEGETABLES CANEPA, The Jeweler Seeds and Feeds A.ROSSl P.lVl0SSl 413 Second St. Eureka Ferndale ANNOUNCEMENT: VVe wish to announce to our friends and patrons that our plans have matured for a new 20-bed Hospital in Ferndale, completely equipped with X-Ray Laboratory, Surgery, Hot NVater Heated, Ambulance, etc. The new building will 'be ready. we hope, by the first of September, 1920. FRANCIS M. ISRUNER. PROFESSIONAL ANNOUNCEME NTS Dr. H- J, Ring Dr. Jos. N. D. Hindley PHYSICIAN and SURGEON A DENTIST X Hours 9-12, 1-5 Phone 30'W Ferndale Phone 59-W Ferndale, Cal. Dr. Harold Kausen A. W. Blackburn DENTIST ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Phone Scotia Scotia, Cal. Phone 21F13 Ferndale, Cal. Dr. L .R. Codoni , Dr. J. J. Myers DENTIST Russ Building PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Phone 90-W Ferndale, Cal. Phone 1-W Ferndale, Cal. --- vv-----v--vv----,---ooo-vvvvo:v:o-:oo::::::coc:--gg: 61 i 5 a I V - 2- - 11.1044 '--w-Q.-,f...rv - ,,,-, .i,d.,,,,,5,,,

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