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r ’Whf Smp'-'p] iwtnrQ'.'U’FPJ 'Wrft ........... $. °royf'... • SJ%) rvugy ......... JftnfTfl nruvfe...'■ raF p ( "•'-veprj 'iwnwpyyWe, the senior Reflector members, are proud to dedicate the 1976 yearbook to Mrs. Catherine Simonton. She has served Fern-dale High School for the past ten years in a very unique way. As she goes about her duties as a teacher aide, she brightens up the day for everyone with whom she comes in contact. Although her voice may be more distinct than most, her heart is bigger than most. Her pleasant and bubbling personality is loved and appreciated by both students and faculty. 4Mrs. Si monton has been married for the past thirty years to Mr. Thomas Simonton. She is a resident of Ferndale borough; and her three children — Sharon, Tom and Jim are Ferndalc Area High School graduates. In her spare time, she enjoys ceramics. Driving through Ferndale on a warm summer night, one might find Mrs. Simonton relaxing barefoot on her porch with her dog, Sam. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Simonton for making our memories of Ferndale High School very heartwarming and certainly more meaningful. 5SCHOLASTIC QUIZ TEAM: B. Corlc, K. Rogers, K. Kantcr, K. Smith, and S. Keifer.These pages of the yearbook are to acknowledge the accomplishments of Ferndale students and faculty which are not part of the school’s regular curriculum. The Reflector Staff would like to commend these people for their fine efforts. K King, L. Manda, B. Flick, S. Walsh, G. Gray, G. Herbert, C. Berg, Appalachian Conference All Stars J. Melnik, Basketball Queen for War Memorial Tournament 78 C. Morihlatko, L. Iscnbcrg, Y. Adams, C. Dillon. D. Webb, Senior County BandCoach George Marsh, Undefeated Football Season G. Rosenberger, Congressional Appointment to Air Force Academy 9 J.Holko, M. Dyniec, K. Warren, K. Stublarec, T. Roberts, J. Litvin, C. Webb, G. Rosenberger, D Myers, Students of the Month1213 14"Getting ready for the big game?” View" "Like father like sons." "Like this girls!” "Do all your men wear English Leather?” "Someday, when I’m big like John . .I hope you guys remember your first aid! 1 wonder what my wife will say. 18"We’re supposed to be in English class.” Look, I did it. . . the Booleans will play!” . with a little help.” "One little, two little . . . where’s the third little Indian?” Hey, Hey. Hey, do it!’I wonder what Mr. Rigby’s next punishment will be. "I can hardly wait ’til this class is over.' "Ayece!” Hurry up with my homework, Rick. Boogie on. "The school’s gotta be around here somewhere.But Mrs. Anderson, I really don’t care!” "Love at first sight.” "That’s what a banana will do to you!” "Do you accept Master Charge?” ■sill 21. Monday morning.. . . a ghost. • . a big mouth. 23 ... the camera. . . . a challenge. . . . the music. . . . each other.7 u j if Mr. Stanley Ambroe. Biology' and Physiology Mr. George Ambroe, F.nglish Mrs. Frances Anderson. Health and Physical Education Mrs. Janice Bolha, Home Economics Mr Robert Bocrstlcr. Social Studies Mr Robert Baily, MathematicsMr Donald Ficco, English Mr. Thomas Friebcn, Social Studies Mr. Daniel Eash, Art Mrs. Jean Grow, librarianMr. Frank Haines, English Mr. Dale Keller, Industrial Arts 28 Mr. George Marsh, Health and Physical Education29 Mr. P. H. Minahan, Social Studies Mr. Stanley Mish, Instrumental MusicMr. Samuel Nastasc. Guidance Counselor Mr. Thomas Petrore, Business Education Mrs. Ann Orletsky, Mathematics Miss Anna Marie Napotnik, Business Education 30 Miss Leora Rager, English Mr. Melvin Rummel, Science and PhysicsMr. Glenn Wagner, Social Studies Mr. Wilbert Webber, Mechanical Drawing Mr. James Woodhead, Chemistry 11 and Advanced Chemistry Mr. Stephen Vcrotsky, Algebra 1 and Plane Geometry Mr. William Williams, Music and Chorus 31Mr. Robert Bantky, Vice-President Mr. Edward Dallape Mr. William Lauf, President Mrs. Doris Lichtcnfcls, Secretary Mr. Barry Haddlc, Administrative Assistant 32 . Mr. Richard L Rigby, Assistant High School Principal Mr. Richard L Rogers Superintendent 33Mrs. Twila Punchak, Mrs. Mildred LaPorta, Mis. Francis Barnes, Absent: Mrs. Catherine Paula-kos. Cooks Mrs. Anna Mac Booth, Teacher Aide Mrs. Helen Heiscr, Secretary Mrs. Ruth Gilmore and Mrs. Betty Blank, Secretaries 3435 Mr. Elisha Bowser, Custodian Mr. Robert Barefoot, CustodianUnderclassmen 1816-1856 36Paulette Alt Bob Antolik Gloria Berkebile Jerry Balog Gloria Bagley Jeff Balog Tawne Bevec Kim Bozich Carol Bremer Roger Btx'k Jeff Brlansky Dennis Burkhard 39Elosie Carty Greg Chemerys Ann Cherney Kim Chuha Kim Camey SORRY, NO PHOTO Denny Colosimo Tammy Corlc s Sue Comiskey Ed Cruickshank Tom Dyniec Frank Eppolito Lisa Cummings 40PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Mark Firm Karen Fitz Barb Gaydos Paul Gaydos Bill Gehlman Kim Gramling Brian Fetterman Dennis Finnigan 41Bruce Hahn Tom Hajnik Brian Hale Jeff Hammer Debbie Guy Toni Jakab Missy James 42Lynne Kohut Sue Lautcnbacher Mark Koplin Bill Lasher Judi Leckey Carol Leonard Tom Lcventry Bill Leverknight Becky Lichtenfels Shelli Kristoff 43Lori Minahan Craig Mlaker Sandy NemethEdna Piper Duane Polca Bob Penrod Dan Rager Bridget Noll SORRY, NO PHOTO Jim Rager Bob Reap Bev Reese Ron Rhoades Tammy Rigby Sharon Roberts Don Rodkey 4546Ed Tomak Mark Tomak Chris Twardziak Mike VanFossen Kate Tober Jim Zahoran Judy Zubak 47eL0l’78 O ott : y entpteas ukl uv (ijp is Jay you Cflnn t do. QJl V: Cfihit and (joU 'Jfi uWv: fycld caindim tided b(ut Jim Bafia Karen Bandy Steve Adams Yvonne Adams Gregg Ascher Tim Axmachcr Joyce Bennett Delores Bennese 48 M. Johnson, Pres.; R. Kohut, V. Pres.; D. Mirilovich, Sec.; G. Partsch, Trcas.Steve Gentile Kateri Goch Jerry Bush Diane Christofes Denise Blasko Helen Clark Jody Corle Ed Cosgrove Mol lie Fisher Pam Fetzer 49Tom Gray Gary Gregory Yvonne Hahn Ron GramlingDenny Lohr Leslie Lowes Ron Mackell Mike Manda Jim Maschak Joan Marcinko Sue Matsko Wade McClain Dave Micik Patty Melnik Debbie McCleesterJerry Partsch Ray Peel Denise Mirilovich Mark Moses Sandy Parkinson Jim Rigby 52Kim Rorabaugh Mike Smith Cheryl Swick Helen Skamla John Stanislav Steve Turner Craig Stuver Melissa Subich Sue Skubak Bryan Stem Cindy Tessari Loretta Ziemba Picture Not Available Danettc Webb Bob Wingard 53 mq’77 Jfotto : J o One CKmi s tyfrfal Jit Qan 2) WttfkL God hS: $ukflundij isind' tyMiti' TOO BUSY NOT SHOWN Dave Allison Edie Banc Dan Alt Sue Beltz C Wojcik, Treas., C. Popchak, Sec., S. Keifer, V. Pres., J. Herbert, Pres. Ray Bennese Chuck Berg Frank BischofDave Bottcichcr Renee Cart hew Lynnette Bouch Corey Cassidy Karen Christofes Beth Davis Jeff Day Judy Cowan Wendy Covalc Kim Cvijanovich Cindy Blue Audrey Constable Jim Claycomb 55Charles Dillon Jack Dyniec Woody Espey Ed Droz Denise Dupin Mike Firm Jim Fugc Frank Gaydos Cathy Flick Rick Hamer Braden Heider Janet Herbert Greg GuyMargaret Holbay Rich James Kim Johnson Chris Jurasek Brian Kovach Dave Leverknight Phil Litvin Colleen Kirkpatrick Lloyd Mackell Matt Macy Kim Kantner Sue Keifer Kim Kohler Dan LohrKim Maldet Keith Marsh Steve Matsko Bob McConnell Bruce Meyer Sally Moore Andy Ohala Judi Metzgar Vivian Ohs 58Debbie Robson Sharon Porter Debbie Rager John Rodkcy Bob Russell m, W' SORRY, NO PHOTO Mark Rychak Bernadette Sheehan 59Donna Tomkosky 60John Varshal Joan Webb Rick VanFossen SORRY, NO PHOTO Karen Twardziak Mark Wilson Jamie WilsonYeah, I’m a senior, so what about it? So there’s only a short while left of school and then I’m out in the big world. Can’t wait until graduation night. . . it’s gonna be great. But as I look back on my high school years, it wasn’t all that bad. Come to think of it I’m really going to miss this place. It wasn’t all hard work — there were a lot of good times mixed in. This group of kids I’ve come to know in the past four years at Ferndale has grown pretty special to me. My class seems to be pretty lucky — we’ve been a pan of many accomplishments, like when the basketball team went to Harrisburg, winning the cheering contest, the baseball championship, and our undefeated football season this year — on our new field. I’ve seen many victories in all spons, but they’re not the only memories that are outstanding in my mind. One thing I’ll never forget is my unique sophomore English class. Boy, was that a blast! And there were the "Fifties Days,” and our junior prom. Stairway to Heaven, and all the spirit we had before the big Blairsville game. We didn’t all experience the same things, but I think we’ve shared enough of them together to make me feel like I’ll be leaving a part of me behind.6567 U . ffa j(tn7 fjfutk Tfufl (Rui )V TfiUdntuJ - (IxpOn Jiui'n Ho nt gt (%a m 70‘ «Juiu J)((oi Uffehry Cfiunlb 72(PoMita y (auf Pi (itit Uftoyd [Paul PfoJa J)f uuA (ft a d p(a tin o (} YMm t dmdP(tfU C'juuut idi jalxtK CfM n J(U wAnn P(t (t7577787983The purpose of the Reflector is to recall memories of the past school year. The members of the staff endeavor to achieve this purpose by working diligently for their goal. Members must be concerned and dedicated to their work, as this year’s staff tried to be. May the subscribers enjoy the result. ACTIVITIES: D. Thompson, K. Warren, Editor; K. Smith. M. Dyniec, Editor; K. Korn and J. Urbanik, Co-editors; Mrs. Grow, Adviser. 84PHOTOGRAPHERS: D. Bafia, F. Drzal, C. Dillon and M. Wilson. 85FILM MANAGER: C. Flick. rjoc -A. SPORTS STAFF: T. Slagle, D. Winters Editor. J. Herbert, C. Wojcik. BUSINESS MANAGER: D. Rigby; TYPIST R. Ford. 86The library is an important key to the success of a school. Under the supervision of Mrs. Grow, the members of the Library Club help to keep the library functioning smoothly. Members learn the basics of library science and bring to the students a place for research and leisure reading. K. Maldct, See.; M. Holbay, Pres.; Mrs. Grow, Adviser; C. Tcssari, Trcas.; D Rigby, V. Pres. 87There are two major publications in a school — the yearbook and the school newspaper. Ferndalc’s newspaper is the "Courier,” which is staffed by responsible students who are interested in journalism. The paper reports current school happenings — both serious and lighthearted. The "Courier,” this year, as always, contributed to a memorable school term. 1 Webb, iuiitor: Mr Mikul.i. Advi'cr 88D. Stombaugh and M. Wilson, SPORTS D. Winters, B. Figula, D. McClcstcr. C. Wojcik, REPORTERS. J. Wilson and W. Pietron, CO-EDITORS.SENIORS: M. Vann, C. Webb, G. Rosenberger, K. Warren, J. Weaver, D. Winters, J. Melnik, B. Figula,J. Litvin, K. Stublarcc. JUNIORS: C. Wo cik, C. Berg, J. Day, K. Twardziak, P. Hahn, C. Popchak, M. Popchak, J. Herbert. The student government at FAHS this year is one of the most active, important, and helpful organizations in the school. Much coordination and many hours have been spent preparing the many dances, assemblies and movies sponsored by student government. These student leaders contribute much, and the students certainly appreciate the many services they render. 9192QHub The Dramatics Club is a very purposeful club at Ferndale. It provides enjoyment for the student body, as well as to the club members. The main function of the club is the production of plays and skits for the enrollment of Ferndale. Through this activity, the club provides a channel for the artistic growth of its members. This is done by attempting set design, enunciation , voice projection, characterization, and a variety of other things. By successfully completing its undertakings, the club provides for the cultural enrichment of our students. J. Morihlatko. Pres.; W. Pictron, V. Pres.; P. Polippo, Scc.-Treas.; Mr. Bocrstler, Adviser. 93Jem Under the coaching of Mr. George Ambroe, the Forensic team has proved to be a worthwhile extra-curricular activity at Ferndale. In developing their public speaking abilities for competition, Fern-dale’s team members contend in a variety of categories. Ferndale competes in Appalachia Intermediate Unit 08 High School Speech League and National Catholic Forensic League. They have compiled an excellent record, which in itself is a great accomplishment considering the small number of students at Ferndale. DRAMATICS: S. Kiefer, W. Pietron, I. Tober. PERSUASIVE: R. Kohut, C. Oaks, B. Figula. INFORMATIVE: Kim 9495 Stublarcc, Karen Stublarcc. D. Winters.96 POETRY: D. Witkosky, I. Tcctcr, C Pbpchak, C. Mcsaros. D. Rigby.K. Kantncr, Scc.-Trcas.; D. AJt. V. Pres.; Mr. Eash, Adviser; W. Pictron, Pres. atm In the Art Club, members strive to express themselves in various mediums. Among the artistic expressions of this club were the window at Glosser’s for Halloween and the high school’s lobby windows for the Christmas holidays. Art Club, under the supervision of Mr. Eash, is open to tenth through twelfth grade students. 97Although they are given little credit for their work behind the scenes, the stage crew at Ferndalc High Sch x l does a great deal toward the preparation for assemblies. With Mr. Wagner as adviser the stage crew is constantly available for stage work, sets, and lighting. The video tape crew, using the equipment to the best of their ability.is also a beneficial addition to Ferndalc. SENIOR VIDEO TAPE CREW: T Rigby and B. Corlc. 98U 9 Ghm Under the supervision of Mr. Minahan, the audio visual department provides Ferndale High with a vast number of efficient services. Through their hard work and diligence, the students in the audio visual crew supply equipment for movies and films. ADVISER: Mr Minahan 99100GkiGUe To be classified as an accomplished chess player, one must be intelligent. In order to win such praise, he must start somewhere. Ferndale’s chess club was designed to give students a foundation upon which to build. To master the game of chess, one must be mentally alert, able to withstand pressure and well-experienced in theory. This year students at Ferndale have resourcefully used the facility of the chess club.The varsity dub at Femdale is made up of students who excel in the area of sports. These letter-winners demonstrate their excellence on the court, track, and f ield. Varsity club gives the student a chance to be recognized and honored for his or her ability; thus all Ferndalc athletes strive for membership in this club.104The Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Williams, helps to create festive moods for various occasions at Ferndale. Choosing a wide selection for their audience, the chorus put on a Thanksgiving presentation and the annual spring concert. These programs, presented for our listening pleasure, are always well received. 105 PIANIST: C. Flick.Fcrndale’s band comprised of dedicated musicians who continue to provide entertainment at Ferndalc High School. Their music was a welcome addition at our football games this season. Under the direction of Mr. Stanley Mish, and with practices during eighth period, our band has been able to provide this service and also represent Ferndalc in a variety of parades. SENIORS: C Clark, K. Johnson, J. Morihlatko, T. Slagle, R. Huet, C. Moiihlacko, L. I sen berg. 106107FLAGS: S. Bcltz, D. Witkosky, K. Cjanovich, D. Robson. K. Christofcs, Sergeant; D. Witkosky, Corporal. GUNS: D. Mirilovich, C. Tessari, J. Cowan, D. Rigby. Determination, dedication, and drilling arc three basic requirements to become a member of the color guard. Fcrndale is proud to have such girls who endeavor to uphold the name of Fcrndale High School. 108Majorettes have the enviable task of arousing school spirit. They do this by combining quick, decisive motions with twirling batons in a routine set to music. Coordination is a must with the majorettes. In addition to coordination, a majorette is evaluated by how well she projects pep and vitality. Ferndale’s majorettes exemplify these characteristics whether or not they are performing. J. Wilson, Head; Mr. Mish, Adviser; J. Corlc. Co-Head. H. Skamla, D. Micik, L Lowes, J. Corle, D. Christofcs, B. Ranger, J. Wilson, C. Fopchak. 109noR. Cart hew. Drum Majorette.The oncoming of spring, teamed with the annual band concert, are welcome attractions each year at Femdale. The concert band has yet to disappoint its supporters; it always meets or surpasses the expectations of the public. If a Femdale student wants to further his musical talents, the concert band will unquestionably fulfill his desires. 112Spirit is something on which a high school thrives, and the pep band helps to see that enough of it is incorporated. The stage band contributes to Ferndale by staying abreast of the current popular songs, and performing them excellently at concerts and other band functions. 113114Each year at Ferndalc, a very special group of students is given the honor of being selected into the National Honor Society. These students are chosen for their scholastic ability, leadership qualities, service to the school, and character. The National Honor Society is a club which helps create the incentive of students to work and uphold the qualities needed to be eligible for membership. It is one of the biggest honors that can be bestowed upon a student, and one that should be sought by all Ferndale students. B. P'igula, Trcas.; K. Scublarce. Pres.. M Dyniec. V. Pres.; D. Winters. See Absent Adviser. Mr C'» Ambroe 115Flexibility, poise and grace — just a few of the qualities which a good gymnast must possess. Gymnastics is a must in school curriculum, because it not only helps to strengthen the body, but also the mind. Through concerned coaching, our students are given the opportunity to develop skills in all areas of gymnastics. For this reason, Ferndale students have always excelled in gymnastics, as evidenced by their gym shows of past years. 116118Drivin’ for a victory! This was the golf team’s objective for the season as they all had effort and determination for each match. Mr. Rigby and Mr. Marley encouraged the team throughout the season when their hopes were down. But, the team teed-off the season with a 6-7-0 record which was quite acceptable considering the competition. SENIOR: M. Vann. 120 Coach MarleySENIOR: R. Stem. SENIOR: G. Rosenberger. SENIOR: D. Marcinko. Row 1: P. Hahn, P. Bock, D. Skubak. Row 2: R. Stem, M. Vann, E. Droz. Row 3: G. Rosenberger, D. Marcinko, Coach Rigby. 121VARSITY AND JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD: First Row: L. Manda, J. Litvin, S. Walsh, S. Matsko, G. Burkett, J. Hale, T. Roberts. Second Row: J. Day, C. Berg, B. Flick, G. Gray, C. Webb, G. Herbert, K. King, J. Weaver. Third Row: M. Popchak, R. Hamer, S. Weaver, J. Dyniec, J. Maschak, R. Humphreys, R. Macke! 1, R. King, S. Gentile. Fourth Row: G. Ascher, J. Bafia, D. Lohr, S. Kaplitz, B. Stem, A. Bumheimer, J. Mangus, A. Litvin. Fifth Row: G ach Petrore, Coach Joswick, Coach Marsh, Managers: J. Holko, M. Johnson, G. Partsch, R. James, D. Myers. Football players, coaches, and fans will never forget the spectacular season of 1975. Skill and agility were major characteristics that resulted in a regular season record of 9-0. In addition, the team can boast of the title Appalachian Football Conference East Champions which they received when they defeated Penns Manor. As the team came onto the field, their hearts were filled with the hope of becoming the next Western Division, PIAA champs. The odds seemed to be against them, however, and the night ended in defeat. In the minds of all those associated with football at F.A.H.S., the squad of 75 will always be remembered with pride and honor. 123T. Roberts, End. SENIORS: B. Flick, Halfback; G. Gray, Quarterback; C. Webb, Fullback. SENIORS: K. King, Fullback; J. Weaver, Quarterback; G. Herbert, Halfback. 125JUNIOR HIGH SQUAD: First Row: Coach Haines, T. Levcntry, B. Mock, G. Swick, M. Wills. B. Gchlman, M. Lokcsak, E. Slavick, B. Hale, T. Miller, S. Romano, Coach Rodgers. Second Row: D. Finnegan, R. Miller, D. Miller, D. Bolha, T. Stockdalc, G. Blue, J. Blue. D. Sheehan, G. Chemrcys, M. Jerasa, Manager P. Swick, B. Robine.A new look! That’s what the varsity cheerleaders brought back from Nation Wide Camp. Spirit, pride, winning smiles and student involvement were the main objectives of the squad this year. Spending many hours working on their cheers and pep rallies proved to be a great asset, becasuc it whipped up the enthusiasm of the student body. This year at Altoona, the cheerleaders took second place, while at the annual Johnstown contest, they captured fourth place honors. The varsity cheerleaders accomplished all of their objectives, if not more. This year the Jayvee and Jr. High cheerleaders had their work cut out for them. Each squad had a few new' faces and proved to be just great! Many thanks to both squads for their spirit. ADVISERS: Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Hencry. Captain K. Warren and Co-captain J. Melnik. 128VARSITY SQUAD: Center: J. Melnik, K. Warren. Left to Right: C. Blue, C. Fopchak, S. Mountain, B. Figuia, G. Kohut, D. Winters, K. Twardziak, W. Covalt, J. Herbert. 129JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD: M. Manda, D. Guy, B. Davis, J. Rice, K. Johnson, C. Wojcik, B. Lester, C. Flick, V. Day, P. Korn. 130132133Clockwise: M. DeLuca, K. Stublarcc, S. Matsko, K. Rorabaugh, S. Skubak, L Ziemba, V. Ohs.J. Morihlatko, Y. Hahn, G. Rick, S. Parkinson, J. Marcinko. Absent: D. Ziemba. 134 SENIORS: K. Stublarcc and M. DeLuca.QcA 2, 4, 6, 8 . . . the points never stopped. Our girls’ basketball team, with their skillful plans and strategy, never let the fans down with extreme excitement and morale during the games they played. Coach Horvath and new assistant. Coach Miterko with five returning letter-men, were ready for another fantastic year. The girls had a terrific season with 8 wins and 4 losses. They received second place in the Ferndale Lions Club Tournament in November. The players should be commended for their enthusiastic efforts and great achievements. Coach Horvath MANAGERS: K. Johnson and D. Dale. 135JUNIOR HIGH SQUAD: Row l C. Parkinson, Coach Zelnak, K. Bozich, J. Buxbuam. Row 2: N. Hanik, T. Bcvcc, T. Corlc, S. Roberts, L Kohut, L Kohut, M. Hildebrand. Row 3: D. Kush, T. Clites, D. Bevee, P. Alt, F. Rager, B. Gelhman, B. Clark. Row 4: G. Baglcy, P. Rigby, S. Krupa. J. Krupa, C. Twardziak, D. Huber.ffiasMxM Team work was the key to success for this year’s basketball teams. The boys enthusiasm and attitudes could not have been better. Under the coaching of Mr. Wtxxlhead anti Mr. Wagner, the varsity team was once again the Appalachian Conference Hast Champions and tops in the West Central Ijcaguc. Congratulations to the ’75-’76 team. Under the coaching of Mr. Wagner, the J.V. team had a successful season, also. Their effort and spirit was great. For their fine work, the Jr. High team deserves to lx- commended. 138 SENIORS: G. Herbert, R. Humphreys, and R. StemVARSITY SQUAD: Coaches Woodhead and Wagner. G. Herbert, M. Sheehan, S. Weaver. P. Litvin. B. Nagel. R. Humphreys. B. Russell, T. Roberts. L Manda. T. Rigby, R. Stem SENIOR B. Flick140141JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD First Row: B I ale, J limbing. S. Gentile. M Popchak, S. Kaplitz. Manager, S. Peel. Second Row: Coach Woodhead. R. Hamer. D Skubak. B. Russell. S. Matsko. B. Stem. J. Day, Head Coach Wagner 142JUNIOR HIGH SQUAD: First Row: ( Mlaker, D. Finnegan. D. Mincmcyer. P. Marcinko. D. Porter. M Upton, Cl Chcmcrys. ( » Blue. B Burkhard, Gath Haines. Second Row: B Swick. D. Sheehan. W Rosenberger, T Dyniec. T Hajnik. B. Hahn. W (ichlman. T Miller. R Reap. (i Swiik 143VARSITY SQUAD: Row 1: J. Bafia, R. Huct, R. Miller, E. Tomak, J. Rhodes. Row 2: A. Bumhcimcr, G. Bush, G Berg, J. Weaver, S. Walsh, C Cassidy. Row 3: R. Mackcll, K. King, M. Vann, T. Slagle, Coach Rummcl.Suspense and breath taking moments — that’s what our 1976 wrestling team provided for F.A.H.S. fans. Under head Coach Rummcl and assistant Speicher each team member of varsity and junior varsity gave his greatest efforts and enthusiasm to try to win for his team. The team provided encouragement and support by cheering each individual throughout his match. This is known as "Team Spirit,” a key to success . . .WOW! Our team did have it! With their determination and minds set on V-I-C-T-O-R-Y against their tough opponents, they pinned up a winning record. The wrestling squads gave their very best to F.A.H.S. and established a memorable season. JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD: Row 1: G. Guy, M. Jcrasa, M. Van Fosscn, J. Rigby. Row 2: Coach Rogers, M. Lokcsak, L. Mackcl, M. Wilson, R. King, E. Cosgrove, Coach Spiecher.150152 Ferndalc Ferndale Ferndalc Ferndalc Ferndale Ferndale Ferndalc Ferndale n f Ferndale Fcrnaalc ¥1 X VARSITY FOOTBALL • ‘ Saltsburg United ( forfeit) Mcyersd.tle Laurel Valley Shade Purchase Line4-SdJ 1 JfcBlacklick Valley ,L”i P............— I •I? v fY n 45 District Scoring leaders JUNIOR VARSITY Ferndale 14 Laurel Valley 0 Ferndale 8 United 0 —Un dalc 8 Saltsburg 8 Ferndale 8 Blacklick Valley 0 Ferndalc 1 Purchase Line (forfeit) 0 Ferndale 1 Shade (forfeit) 0 Ferndale 40 Opponents 8 JUNIOR HIGH Ferndalc 6 Purchase Line 6 Ferndale 0 Chestnut Ridge 22 Ferndalc 0 Blacklick Valley 14 Ferndale 14 Shade 0 Ferndale 12 Berlin 0 Ferndale 0 United 12 Ferndale 32 Opponents 54 153Ferndale Central Cambria Ferndale Laurel Valley Ferndale Central Cambria Ferndale Indiana GOLF 2 Ferndale 17 United 11 Vi Ferndale IVi Blairsville 14 Vi Ferndale 4 Vi Bishop Carroll 1 Ferndale 18 United 11 Ferndale 8 Indiana 4 Vi Ferndale 14 Vi Everett 19 | U a WRESTLING VARSITY Ferndale 39 Marion Center 18 Ferndale 39 Glendale A 21 Ferndale 32 Elderton k i 31 Ferndale 18 Richland §L 34 Ferndale I Saltsburg I 2 Ferndale 18 Westmont 43 Ferndale 29 Claysburg 18 Ferndale 24 Meyersdale 39 Ferndale 24 Portage 32 Ferndale 27 Forest Hills 23 Ferndale 53 Con. Valley 6 Ferndale 20 United 37 Ferndale 8 Blairsville 48 Ferndale 22 Bishop Carrol 33 JUNIOR VARSITY Ferndale 11 Marion Center 16 Ferndale 12 Elderton 9 Ferndale 15 Richland 34 Ferndale 15 Saltsburg 21 Ferndale 14 Westmont 50 Ferndale 13 Claysburg 12 Ferndale 29 Meyersdale 5 Ferndale 6 Portage 6 Ferndale 18 Forest Hills 45 Ferndale 3 Con. Valley 21 Ferndale 6 United 12 Ferndale 16 Blairsville 9BOYS’ BASKETBALL GIRLS’ BASKETBALL VARSITY Ferndale 55 Central Cambria Ferndale 34 Bishop Carroll Ferndale 38 Vo-Tech Ferndale 26 Westmont Ferndale 41 Blackilick Valley Ferndale 42 Cambria Heights Ferndale 55 Centra! Cambria Ferndale 39 Bishop Carroll Ferndale 38 Vo-Tech Ferndale 43 Westmont Ferndale 38 Blacklick Valley Ferndale 61 Cambria Heights Finished 2nd in Central Western League' Lon’s Club Invitational Tournament Ferndale 41 Ligonier Valley Ferndale 31 North Star J| JUNIOR VARSITY Ferndale 45 Central Cambria Ferndale 24 Bishop Carroll Ferndale L 11 Westmont Ferndale 27 Blac k lick Valley Ferndale 23 Cambria Heights Ferndale 35 Central Cambria Ferndale 20 Bishop Carroll Ferndale 15 Westmont Ferndale 27 Blacklick Valley Ferndale 40 Cambria Heights Finished in 1st place in Central Western Lea JUNIOR HIGH Ferndale 38 Garfield Ferndale 10 Bishop Carroll Ferndale Westmont Ferndale Conemaugh Valle Ferndale 17 Indiana Ferndale Laurel Valley Ferndale Bishop McCort Ferndale Garfield Ferndale 15 Bishop Carroll Ferndale 20 Westmont 30 51 24 31 18 31 45 41 ”31 47 29 20 34 32 6 23 28 16 12 18 18 31 7 24 Ferndalc Fcmdalc Ferndale Ferndale Conemaugh Valley Indiana Laurel Valley 1 Bishop McCort 61 17 25 20 VARSITY' Ferndale 68 United 58 Ferndale 91 Conemaugh Twp. 77 Ferndaie 65 Glendale 41 Ferndale 68 United 58 Ferndale 70 N. Cambria 74 Ferndale 63 Westmont 44 Ferndale 61 Bishop McCort 77 Ferndale 49 Laurel Valley 47 Ferndale 88 Shade 59 Ferndale 40 Conemaugh Valley 66 Ferndale 67 Portage 61 Ferndale 62 Blacklick 48 Ferndale 54 Forest Hills 55 Ferndale 52 N. Cambria 42 Ferndale 73 Bishop McCon 68 Ferndale 63 Conemaugh Valley 55 Ferndale 55 Forest Hills 53 Ferndale 67 Portage 45 Ferndale 48 Laurel Valley 47 Ferndale 77 Blacklick 65 Ferndale 73 Rothrock 43 Ferndale 65 Blairsville 62 JUNIOR VARSITY Ferndale 45 United 35 Ferndale 42 Conemaugh Twp. 47 Ferndale , 37 United 42 Ferndale 50 N. Cambria 32 Ferndale 33 Westmont 36 Ferndale 39 Bishop McCort 56 Ferndale 38 Laurel Valley 46 Ferndale 57 Shade 28 Ferndale 48 Conemaugh Valley 39 Ferndalp 41 Portage 36 Ferndale 42 Blacklick 24 Ferndale 35 Forest Hills 54 Ferndale 52 N. Cambria 37 Ferndale 55 Bishop McCort 59 Ferndale 43 Conemaugh Valley 47 Ferndale 48 Forest Hills 32 Ferndale 56 Portage 24 Ferndale 31 Laurel Valley 26 Ferndale 40 Blacklick 33 JUNIOR HIGH Ferndale 40 Liurel Valley 19 Ferndale 71 North Star 24 Ferndale 46 Shade 23 Ferndale 34 Forest Hills 72 Ferndale 43 Westmont 45 Ferndale 28 Conemaugh Twp. 58 Ferndale 29 Richland 34 Ferndale 42 Conemaugh Valley 45 Ferndale 56 Shade 23 Ferndale 52 Westmont 38 Ferndale 43 Conemaugh Twp. 45 Ferndale 39 Richland 57 Ferndale 48 Conemaugh Valley 40 Ferndale 41 Forest Hills 49 Ferndale 58 Laurel Valley 43 155' Tuo ffundied Ifeatt-------How yfmeitia u (Heuwjed jim its (dentil ( (Up to tfi( mejit A(j( (f ' T(( Hnodcytj. y(Wwu(fH new (oncejits and inmilims Have wodiibonized t ie y(me tian waif cf (ije. at (east one tHuia Has remained um Handed----tfie mljuu s tiiit 0 tide y(mention peojle. ' Jli ionyHouttHe ijeai.s y meitieois Have stwj(j(edto acHtiw tHeii (tools news mine jaltH in iHemSedveS oi in tHeii (ounti f. QjtuH dele i nination is a Hat Has He ft y(mhtia (foituf jo) iHe joist two Hindied tjeais. 15677 m y(ad tfidt 77 (ice. tfmt c 7Ixittie and stiive 'Jo tfie fitace tfidt 77 Lea1 77 mmt jilt!: 77 am tfUful jo) Mmis. 77 d meet uttf a (pin ) (flat joitme may Send, yood o id. (1 may net turn neatlfi. (7may not be y)eat. 73ut 77 Low 77 fad afuays be tute. ' Fo 77 Have in my iije tfdt cmaye you yaue Wien me 77 iubbed sieuideU uttfi you. 157 (Potions The publication of the 1976 Reflector was made possible by many generous contributions. Gratitude is extended to the following: A Friend Cosgrove, Mr. and Mrs. Rayman ♦Hartnett, Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Cowan, Mr. and Mrs. Ray ♦Heider, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A Friend Crouse, Mr. and Mrs. Charles ♦Heidorn, George C. A Friend Cumminghan, W. R. ♦Hcidorn, George W. A Friend Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. John Held, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Abele, Alice Custer, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Helsel, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Abraham, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cvrkel, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph ♦Helsel, Mrs. Helen Albarano, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jr. Czynik, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Helsel, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Albus, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Daum, Mrs. Bev Herbert, Mr. and Mrs. George Allshouse, Karen Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Hess, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Allshouse, Patty Dawson, Mrs. Betty J. Hildebrand, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Alt, Mrs. Geraldine Deluca, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hiner, Harry H. Alt, Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Heather ♦Deluxe Caterers Hodge, Mr. Angie Restivo and Patti Albert ♦Demede, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hodos, Mr. and Mrs. John Ambroc, Mr. and Mrs. George Devick, Mr. Hoffmans, The Antesbergcr, Wm. ♦Devlin, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Holbay, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Antolik, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Drzal, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holko, Mr. and Mrs. Louis ♦Ascher, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dudak, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horn, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph ♦Axmacher, Mr. and Mrs. Benny Dudash, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis V. Horn, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald ♦Bafia, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dupin, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hostetler, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. ♦Dyniec, Mr. and Mrs. John ♦Huston, Alice M. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ely, Mr. and Mrs. Earl ♦Irons, Mr. and Mrs. John Balko. Mr. and Mrs. John Facciani, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard ♦Jamison, Mr. and Mrs. Harry ♦Bantly, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. ♦Fallier, Mr. and Mrs. George Jodich, Mr. and Mrs. Micheal Barron, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Farkas, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. ♦Johnsons Bartlcbaugh, Ann Farkas, Kathleen Johnson, Chas. Becker, Wilfred S. Fetterolf, Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. ♦Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert ♦Berg, Mr. and Mrs. Loren J. Fingerhoot, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Bernat, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fish, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph ♦Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan C. Bischof, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fitz, Mr. and Mrs. ♦Justinus, Mr. and Mrs. R. Bischof, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Ford, Mrs. Margaret ♦Kanthner, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bischof, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Frankofsky, Mr. Chas. Kaplitz, Dorothy Bixel, Paul and Family Friedman, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. ♦Karashin, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blough, Mr. and Mrs. ♦Furman, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald ♦Keifer, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. ♦Bock, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gagan, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keiper, Clyde and Ethel The Booth Family ♦Gardner, Alice Keim, Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. and Family ♦Boerstler, Mr. R. F. Gaston, Mr. Ray G. Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Bosley, Ron Gawlas, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bowser, E. Gay, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kirkpatrick, Mr. and Mrs. John Boxler, Betty Gehlman, William Sr. Knighton, Mrs. Doris Boyle, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gcrak, Lisa ♦Kohut, Mrs. Betty ♦Burkett, Paul Gertz, Mr. and Mrs. William ♦Korn, Mr. and Mrs. A1 Burkhart, Mrs. Herb Gochrcs, Alma Kosanovich, George Burns, Peggy Gorman, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond ♦Krenisky, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew ♦Burtnett, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Graham, Mr. William ♦Kristoff, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Calderwood, Mrs. J. B. ♦Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Krupa, Ed and Jean Chumrick, Kimberly ♦Guy, Daniel and Patricia ♦Kunkle, Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Clark, Mrs. Orbie Sr. Hahn, Stephanie Kutchma, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony ♦Collins, Mr. and Mrs. John Jr. Hajnik, Francis J. ♦Kutchma, Mr. and Mrs. George Confer, Mr. and Mrs. William ♦Hamers, The Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Constable, Mr. and Mrs. John Jr. Hanley, Leon Leberknight, Cecil K. ♦$2.00 158 Ijcc, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas ♦Lichtenfels, Mr. and Mrs. Robert ♦I-onas, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lubinsky, Mr. and Mrs. Ixonard Sr. Lusko, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Jr. McCleaster, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McCune, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McIntosh, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Maty, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Macy, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Maher, Mr. Bob ♦Manda, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martinko, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marley, Mr. and Mrs. John Marsh, Irvin Maschue, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Mcsaros, Mr. and Mrs. Mcsteller, Mr. and Mrs. John Micheal, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. ♦Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Miljanovich, Louis Miske, Mr. and Mrs. George Sr. Miske, Mrs. Stephen ♦Moore, Edith Moot, Mrs. Marcella Motter, Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Jr. Murphy, Mrs. ♦Naylor, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Naylor, Mr. and Mrs. Gowen Jr. ♦Nics, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oaks, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Paul’s HO’ Train Repair Pavlick, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pavlick, Mr. and Mrs. William Pavlosky Family Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. William and Family ♦Peel, Mr. and Mrs. ♦Pennel, Mrs. Marion Penrod, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Percinsky, Dave Pertson, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Petchar, Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Peterson, Charles Phenicie, Paul Pietron, Walt Polak, Mr. and Mrs. John Popchak, Mr. and Mrs. John Jr. Popchak, Mrs. John Popchak, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sr. ♦Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Family Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Price, Mel Rager, Miss ♦Raspotnik, Mr. and Mrs. John Rhoades, Mr. and Mrs. Rhoades, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Riddle, Mr. and Mrs. James Rick, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Riek, Gene Jr. Rick, Mr. and Mrs. James Riek, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph ♦Riffle, Brian Rigby, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Rigby, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ripple, Mr. and Mrs. ♦Rizzo, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. George Robines, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sr. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. William Robson, Mr. and Mrs. George ♦Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rokita, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rokita, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley ♦Rosenbergcr, Mr. and Mrs. Walter ♦Rummell, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne ♦Rutlidge, Mr. Paul ♦Sabo, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis ♦Sabo, Mrs. Otillia Sandusky, Scott ♦Schech, Mr. and Mrs. George ♦Sccse, Don Sendlosky, John and Debbie ♦Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Carl ♦Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Shank, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth ♦Sheehan, Mr. and Mrs. John ♦Shelli, Jason and Travis ♦Shelly, Mr. Roy F. Si monton, Jim Si monton, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Simonton, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Skubak, Mr. and Mrs. John Sr. ♦Slagle, Mr. and Mrs. E. Wayne ♦Small, Mr. and Mrs. J. Forest Smay, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard ♦Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Speicher, Mrs. Betty J. Spencer, Mr. Edward Stammely, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stem, Mark Strayer, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stuffier, Mr. and Mrs. George Stump, Mrs. Eva Stumpo, Dante Stuvcr, Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Tedrow, Mr. and Mrs. ♦Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Thomas, Mrs. C. W. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. ♦Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Robert III ♦Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tighc, Sally Tomasko, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Twardziak, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Urbanik, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Jr. Varmecky, Willie Verotsky, Mr. and Mrs. ♦Virus, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wachtcr, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph ♦Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Walter, Mr. and Mrs. John Warfcl, Mrs. C. E. Warfel, Florence Warren, Mr. and Mrs. William ♦Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Wicknick, Mrs. G. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wingard, Donna Wissinger, Mr. and Mrs. P.obcrt Witek, Mary and Kathy Witkosky, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wojcik, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wonder, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wong and Ham Woodhead, Jim and Linda Yarchak, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yeager, Mr. and Mrs. Micheal Ycash, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Yuran, Stephen Zahoran, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zahoran, Mr. and Mrs. John Zahoran, Micheal J. Zwick, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Bandy Hardware' Fcrndalc Service Station Greater Ferndale Hardware Hamar Construction Company Hornick, Mrs. Helen Kohut, Gina, Lynn, and Linda Maschak, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Misk, Mr. and Mrs. George Jr. Niovich, Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Family The Partsch Family Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond The Darrell Rummel Family Shaldee Food Supplements Slagle, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Willis E. ♦$2.00 The 1976 Reflector staff appreciates the efforts of Cover Studio in the were missed. preparation of this yearbook. We extend apologies to those whose names 159'♦ K .1 » • - •

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