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DEDICATION We, the senior members of the Reflector Staff, wish to dedicate this 1970 Reflector to Mr. Donald Ficco. He has been a well deserving member of the staff for the past nine years. Mr. Ficco possesses a rather unique sense of humor which is regarded as strictly "Ficco.” Along with his perfection and neatness, Mr. Ficco is a most forceful, competent, and effective instructor. He is a fine example of a teacher devoted to his work. This tribute is little payment for the services he has rendered to us, both individually and as a whole, during our years at Ferndale. For this reason we would like to bestow this small token of gratitude. 23FACULTY ADMINISTRATION 6-7 Time comes and passes on. A new day dawns; then a week, a month, and the years fade into past memories that you gather in old age and cherish because the memory is the only link to the past. Clocks are the most representative physical symbol of time and the various types of timepieces tend to express different stages of life; grandfather clocks, children's clocks and wristwatches all have their own place in time, and suggest various activities during the school day and the school year.X MR. RICHARD RODGERS Supervising Principal MR. RICHARD RIGBY Ass’t High School Principal MR. GLEN CRAWFORD High School PrincipalMRS. EMMA KOERBER MRS. LILLIAN FAY Sec. to Supervising Principal Sec. to School Board Secretary School Aides MRS. CATHRINE SIMONTON AND MRS. ALICE BECKER MRS. RUTH GILMORE Secretarial School Aide MISS JANICE REED Bookkeeper Switchboard Operator MISS KATHLEEN HEIPLE Secretary to High School Principal FACULTY Our faculty at Ferndale Area High School provides an important, necessary function to our school clock. They wind it and make it tick. Without them, our clock would be unable to run as smoothly as it does. Along with the Administration, they work hand in hand towards the efficiency of the system. W MR. PATRICK MINAHAN Social StudiesMRS. JANET MILLER Business Education MR. THOMAS PETRORE Business Education MR. FREDERICK MIKULA Spanish MR. JOHN MARLEY Drivers Education MR. ROBERT BAILEY Mathematics MRS. RUTH LING School NurseMR. DONALD FICCO English MR. THOMAS FRIEBEN Social Studies MR. SAMUEL NASTASE Guidance Director MR. WILBERT WEBBER Mechanical Drawing MR. STANLEY MISH Band DirectorMR. JOHN McKAY Gen. Science and Global Geo. MRS. CHAROLETTE BENNETT E.S.S., Physics and Physiology MR. JAMES WOODHEAD Chemistry MRS. JANICE BOEHA Home EconomicsMR. ROBERT BOERSTLER Social Studies MRS. FRANCES ANDERSON Physical Ed. and Girls’ Health MR. DAVID STEVENSON French MISS ANN MARIE NAPOTNIK Business Education MR. WILLIAM WILLIAMS ChorusMR. GEORGE MARSH Phys. Ed. and Boys’ Health MR. ANDREW STEFANICK Mathematics MRS. DOROTHY WILLIAMSON Mathematics MRS. L. MARIE BLOUGH English Student Teachers MISS TRUDY EREIDHOFF MISS MARGARET KRISS 1516Mrs. LaPorta, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Paulakos 20K. Farkas D. Dupin R. Edmiston V. Filimonov P. Fisher J For s G. Forster C. Finnigan R. FinniganT. Holko G. Horbal C. Hochstcin R. Hillman D. Jcrasa R. Jcrasa L. Justinus J. Litvin D. Mac.7 M. Meadows D. Melnik S. MyersJ Muha S. Maldct K. Mulligan D. Myers W. McGhee L. Peel P Ray A. Rick K McIntosh N. McLaughlin M. Nagle B. Parkinson T. Popchak T. Peters J. Pfcil K Potter D. Rhodes V. Robel D. Roberts R Saintz D. Sale C Robinson B. Schmalz D. Rodgers R. SchrumD. White G. Smith C. Steinhagen K. Swarncy K Wirick M. Wisor S. Wyor R. YeagerSOPHOMORES (ZlO OuLy , O-uuL, OFFICERS: G. Petry: Trcas., B. Johnson, Pres., C. Weaver, Sec. B. Rummcl, V.-ADVISORS: Mr. Pctrorc, Mr. Woodhead, Miss Napotnik, Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Boei 26C. Ayers D. Bennett J. Bischof J. Beiscl K. Bock P Bowman B. Abraham R Berg M. Arbaugh W Blasko B. Bevec S. Bradley D. Burkett L Burkett L. Burkhart W. Callahan L. Cameron M. Cameron G. CarneyD. Cominsky J. Cooper S. Courtcr G. Cramer PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE J. Cummungs R. Custer A. DcGcorgc K. Dimpfl T. Espey R. Farnsworth D. Fetterman L. Fetzer J Figula J. FisherB. Johnson 1 T. Hillcgass S. Houston L. James S. Jerasa J. Jenkins G. Jenkinson D Hunt R. Johnson F. Jurcstovsky J. Karabach R Karshin P. Kaspryzk M. Kolar D. Koontz H Kornprobst D. Kosanovich G. Kwaitkowski R Lees M. Litvin J Lund D. Leeper P. Lowes D Lux J. Lux P. MainesJ. Morgan H. Micik B. Miller T. Minemycr J. Minemycr A. Mctzler B. Merle G. Musulin D. Naylor F. Nemeth N. Opeth A. Paluchak V. Partsch G. Petty R. Pittman C. Pluchinsky R. Popchak C. Ragcr K. Polca L. Potter R. RickB. Rummcl D. Rychak s. Schcch M. Schroedcr B. Slagle B. Smay F. Smithson F. Stouffer W. Sulima T. Tarbay M. Thomas E. Tober V. Tomak R Swick A. Uricc F. Vann B. Vulctich D. Waller C. Weaver L. Wiegand J. Wisor S. Wojcik D ZahoranCLASS OFFICERS, Seated: Pres., Garry Czcrak, V. Pres., Greg Confer, Sec., Linda Mountain, Treas., Norm Price. ADVISORS, Standing: Mr. Ficco, Mrs. Williamson, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Stevenson. JUNIORS 32A. Ballow C. Allison G. Bouch L Booth R. Bokros T. Brehm J. Bowser C. Byers R. Carter B. College G. Confer E. ConstableG. Gaunt M. Gawlas T Gentile C. Gorzelsky M Dudak B. Dudash C. Droz T. Duffy K. Gardner C. Graffius D. Grandinetti T. Grumling S. Hack B Hammer G. Hcidorn C. HarrisonK. Holder T. Johnson K. Jones D Keim N. King M Kopco P. Kovach E. Kralik J. Kwarta M Kokoruda K. LaRosse G. Leffler J. Lehman E. Leonard R Litvin S. McCallE. Mcsaros R. Meyer L. Mountain K. Musuiin R. Nagel N. Parke T. Pickcrill S. Pinclli G. Polak T. Ray N. Price B. Rager C. Rcinholtz D. RagerN. Sorchilla J. Srcinhagcn L. Stump D. Szclazck J. Thomas39CLASS MOTTO: Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. CLASS COLORS: Navy Blue and White CLASS FLOWER: CarnationDEBORAH M. AXMACHER Cosmetologist Commercial "Deb” ROBERTA J. BARKHIMER Nurse Academic "Bobbie” FRANCINE A. AVENI Beautician Commercial "Francine” JOHN E. BALOG Mechanic Commercial "Bay” JOSEPH S. BENNETT Auto Technician General Joey” ALLEN J. BLASCHAK Commercial Art Commercial "A1 Flash” NANCY A. BERKEBILE Commercial Art Commercial "Nancy” DIANE L. BEISEL Clerical Work Commercial "Diane” 41BEVERLY A. BLUE Elementary Teacher Academic "Bev” BETTY L. BOAST Secretary Commercial "Betsy” THOMAS A. BOCSY Draftsman General "Tom” PAULETTE M. BOCK Interior Dec. Commercial "Tuggie” JANET E. CALLAHAN Med. Secretary Commercial "Jan” CYNTHIA J. BOUCH Secretary Commercial "Cindy” DIANE L. CARNEY Nurse Academic "Dee” PAULETTE CHUMRIK Business School Commercial "Paulic” 42PENNY M. CLARK Journalist Academic "Frcnchie” SUSAN CHUMRIK Business School Commercial "Sue” KAREN S. CONLEY Commercial Art Commercial "Karen” MARK G. CLEMENSON Undecided Commercial "Mark” DOUGLAS G. CRAIG Undecided General "Doug” CYNTHIA L. CROSS Nurse Academic "Cyndi” SANDRA A. CONSTABLE Beautician Commercial "Sam” BARBARA F. CRISLIP Fashion Modeling Commercial "Barb” 43MARY C. DUFFY College Academic "Cathy” MARK A. DRISCOLL Commercial Art Academic "Booey” Airline BEVERLY A. DeGEORGE Bus. College Commercial "Bev” WALTER T. EDMISTON Electronics Academic "Walt” MARY J. FALLIER Stewardess Commercial "Jeannie” 44REED A. FINNIGAN Forestry Academic "Bobas” JAMES E. GOSSARD Elec. Engineer Academic f « TI » Jim 45MICHAEL C. HANIK, JR. Draftsman General "Mike” JAMES L. HINDMAN College Academic "Jim” WILLIAM J. HARE Service General "Jim” DORIS M. HOFFMAN Journalism Academic "Doris” RANDOLPH M. HORBAL Undecided General "Randy” 4647ROBERT D. LICHTENFELS Phys. Ed. Teacher Academic "Licky” BERNADETTE C. LUX Engineer Academic "Bernie” SHARON M. MACY Undecided Commercial "Zippy” JAMES E. LING Pre-Mcd. Academic "Jim” DEBORAH L. MALDET College Academic "Debbie” DARRYL LAVELY Socio. Occupational School "Portage” JAMES B. MALLORY Auto Mechanic General "Jim” CLAUDIA J. LOWES Spanish Teacher Academic "Claudia” 48lester s. McDaniel, jr. Math Teacher Academic "Bud” ann l. McLaughlin Home Economics Academic "Ann” SARAH McCANN Prac. Nurse General "Sarah” JOYCE I. McFEATERS Pathologist Academic "Timmy” SUSAN L. MILES Undecided Academic "Susie” Navy CARL METZLER General "Snaggletooth” NANCY L. MILLER Undecided Commercial "Nance” MARGO L. MILLER Undecided Commercial "Witch” 49JAMES D. MISKE Marine Corp. Commercial "Friskie” JUDY K. MITCHELL Home Economics Academic "Jude” CARL R. MUHA, JR. Engineer Academic "Carl” THOMAS MUCHESKO College Academic "Tom” Navy THOMAS D. PARKE General "Headlock” JOYCE M. PARTSCH Math. Major Academic "Joyce” KAREN L. OAKS Social Worker Academic "Karen” SHARON L. PAULINE Airline Hostess Commercial "Shar”PATRICIA A. PETERS Secretary Commercial "Petie” SHARON K. PLUCHINSKY Secretary Commercial "Shar” DAVID J. PEEL State Police Academic "Dave” JEFFREY C. PILLET College Academic "Jeff’ MARYANN V. POLIACEK Elementary Teacher Academic "Mare” BEVERLY J. RAGER Nurse Academic "Bev” ROBERT F. POLCA Engineer Academic "Francis” DAVID M. PYRICH Mortician Academic "Dave” 51ETHEL M. REED Prac. Nurse Commercial "Dimples” BEVERLY A. RINGLER Key-Punch Oper. Commercial "Bev” KATHRYN L. RIGBY Beautician Commercial "Beatrice” GLORIA J. RITCHEY Secretary Commercial "Cookie” COLLEEN D. ROBERTS Bookkeeper Commercial f « 52 ColleenROBERT N. SARGEANT Law Academic "Sarge” RICHARD C. SANKOVICH Forestry Academic "Richie” CAROLINE E. SCHRICHER Marriage General "Carrie” PAMELA L. SCHROEDER Marriage Commercial "Candy” 53RITA E. SCHRUM Beautician Commercial "Rita” ROBERT SHUMAKER Undecided General "Dude” WILLIAM T. SHAFFER Contractor Commercial "ShaP’ JAMES H. SHOMO College Academic "Jim” WAYNE F. SMITH Clothing Designer General "Smitty” CHRISTOPHER SMITH Undecided Commercial "Chris” JOCELYN SMITH Prac. Nurse Commercial "Joce” CARMEN J. SOTTILE College Academic CarmCHARLENE J. STEINHAGEN Marine Corp. General "Char” JOSEPH M. SPISHAK Electrician Commercial "Snake” RICHARD D. SPEICHER Business Admin. Academic "Cat” JOHN R. STAMMELY Service Academic "Yene” LARRY THIEL Undecided Commercial "Tarzan” D. CRAIG THOMAS College Academic Craig' DAVID W. TAYLOR National Guard General "Dave” LINDA J. THIEL Undecided Commercial "Linda” 55STEPHEN TOMASKO Mechanic General "Steve” HARRY R. VANN Art Commercial "Hogey” DOROTHY A. VIRUS History Teacher Academic "Dorothy” ROBERT T. VANN Draftsman Academic "Bob” ROBERT M. WALSH School General "Red” ROBERT W. VULETIC Business Admin. Academic •'Boo Boo” AMY C. WEHN Airline Stewardess Commercial "Amy” DONALD W. WENDEL Navy Commercial "Wop” 56RUSSELL C YEAGER Forestry Commercial “Russ” ROY P. WICKS Undecided Academic ’’Chinee” PAUL R. WICKS Ministry General "Paul” AUDREY J. WIRICK College Academic "Audrey” PATRICIA L. ZIMMEK Nurse Commercial "Patsy” CARLEEN K. WOODRUFF Prac. Nurse Commercial ’’Carleen” RONALD D. YEAGER Wildlife Cons. Commercial "Ron” RICHARD J. YEAGER Data Processing Commercial "Rich” 57IN MEMORIAM To David Manda. a member of the class of 1970. We, his fellow classmates, wish to bestow a final tribute to him in a brief manner on this page but a lasting one in our hearts. 58Demilitarized Zone? "Sure, Dave!" He’s dating who?” 60 "M I C K E Y M O U S E”"Yes. Bob!” 1 + 1=2 Jim Ling and Ding-a-LingLIIB5 RGANIZATIDN5 -r . V :.v; 1 v 'v ‘ JCtjO i f • 5 . 2 §§ ' ■ •?? .i '' y- . :• - ’REFLECTOR Taking pictures, setting up pages, and meeting deadlines, we, the members of the Reflector Staff, have tried to give you a yearbook you would enjoy. What is the product of our work? You see it before you. Here are fond and lasting memories of this school year. Things you will never forget. We give many thanks to Mr. Ambroe, our advisor, Mrs. Rodgers, our business advisor, to the Senior Class, to Cover’s Studio of Johnstown, to our patrons, and all the others who made this yearbook a success. EDITOR Ann McLaughlin CO-EDITOR Allen Blaschak ADVISOR Mr. Ambroe CO-EDITOR: Dons Hoffman COPY EDITOR: Beverly Blue BUSINESS MGR : Gloria Ritchy ASST. BUSINESS: Darlene Balko 64 ASST. COPY: Dorothy Virus ASST BUSINESS: Janice Croylc BUSINESS ADVISOR: Mrs RodgersACTIVITIES EDITOR: Penny Clark ASST ACTIVITIES: Marian Zahoran ASST. ACTIVITIES: Karen Oaks SPORTS CO ED: Tom Kegg ASST FACULTY Tom Gentile ASST CLASS EDITOR: Carol Melnik PHOTOGRAPHERS: Dave Rager. Larry Juscinus REPORTERS: Sharon Wojcik, Sharon Jerasa. Nancy McLaughlin. Terry BouchSTUDENT COUNCIL The "governing body” of Ferndale Area High School was elected at the beginning of this year from the various homerooms. This group met regularly with Mr. Baily, their advisor, to discuss problems and activities for this year. One main responsibility of the representatives was to keep their homerooms informed on decisions and proposals of the council. In turn, the student body gives their ideas and reactions of proposals to their representatives to be brought before council. Their major activities this year were: The clothing drive for the SAVE the CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION and the Viet Nam Christmas packages. SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Row I: J. Callahan. Row2: P. Bock, S. Pluchinsky. Row S:J. Ling. Row 4: D. Taylor. C. Sottilc. Row : R. Sankovich. OFFICERS: Pres. T. Duffy-. V-Prcs. B. Sargeant. Set. J. Mitchell. Trcas. R. Spcichcr. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Rou I: J. Bowser. Ron 2: 1. Mountain, S. Hack. Row . C. Graffius. D. Ruscosky. Row 4: C. Swick. T Rodgers. Rou 5: G. C crak. 66SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Row I: B. Rummcl.J. Jenkins. Rem'2: C Pluchinsky. Row 3: M Blue. G. Huge. Row 4: G. McClelland. G. Clark. Row 5: S. Roberts. M. Morgan. Row 6: B. Gertz. FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES Row I: S. Maldct. Row 2: D Swick, D. Melnik. Row i: K. Huct, P Heidcr. Row 4: C. Colbert. D. Scdci. Row : J. Berkcbilc, D. Roberts. Row 6: M. Gawlas. 67Upper: Advisor-Mr. Hakanen. B. Polca, T. Muchesko, L. Koontz, J. Rhodes, B. Blue. Lower: M. Rummcl, T. Kcgg, P. Clark, J. Mitchell, B. Lux. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Character, responsibility, and scholarship are the key words in describing the members of this select group. Being a member of the National Honor Society is the highest honor our school can bestow on a student. Each year the senior N.H.S. members conduct an induction ceremony for any junior and senior members who have met the qualifications. To be eligible for membership the students must be nominated and voted for by a faculty committee. 68 OFFICERS: Pres. M. Rummcl. V. Pres. T. Kcgg. Trcas. T. Muchesko, Sec. J. Mitchell.Row I: P. Clark, A. McLaughlin. J. Croyle, C. Duffy, D. Hoffman. D. Virus, S. Hack. C. Lowes. J. Jenkins. Row2: Advisor - Miss Ragcr, C. Melnik. B. Blue. K Holder. B Abraham, K. Oaks.J. Mitchell, L Mountain. K. Jones. Advisor - Mr. Ficco. Row 3: G. Camcv, C. Werner. D. Balko. D. Rychak. M Robinson. C. Byers, L. Alt. A Hoak. D Szclasck. Row 4: M Zaho-ran. N. Berkebile. L. Booth. L. Wiegand, L. Potter. A Wirick.J. Partsch. M. Poliacck. Row I) Blue, SJerasa. D Milder.J. Ling. K Gardner. R Speicher. L. McDaniel. B. Franbach. D. Berg. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Advised by Miss Rager and Mr. Ficco, the Future Teachers of America, through movies and field trips, have tried to attain their goal of preparing themselves for a career in the field of education. Any students who are interested in the teaching profession can join. Learning new techniques in teaching and how to choose the right college, as they did during club periods, will help them very much in the future. President: Ann McLaughlin. Secretary: Marian Zahoran. Vice President: Linda Booth, Treasurer Jim Ling. 69Ron I: Advisor - Mr. Marsh, B. Rummcl, R. Karashen.J. Jerasa. T. Pickcrill.J. Bennett. Row2. T. Muchcsko, J. Gossard, W. Smith, S. Pinclli, R Horbal, A. Blaschak. Row3. T. Stammely. M. Roberts. C. Sottile, D. Peel, L. McDaniel. N. Price, J. Hindman. Row4: D. Taylor. J. king, M. Rummcl, T. Kegg. T. Parke. D. Manda. Row3: R. Spdehcr. T. Johnson. R. Huntley. T. Johnson. B. Vann. VARSITY CLUB The boys who have had the stamina to endure long weeks of work and sweat to produce winning teams are selected to become Varsity Club members if they have lettered in one sport and participated in another. During "pledge week,” these boys are required to know all of the former team records and the present members who letter in them. The three days of "Yes, sir" and shoeshines leave many memories for these worthy boys. To them, it was well worth it to wear the emblematic jacket of Ferndale’s Varsity Club. 70 OFFIC.hRS: Sec. C. Sottile; Pres. D. Taylor; V-Pres. M. Rummcl; Trcas. N. Price.Row I: Mr. Woodhead advisor. B. Rummcl. S. Pinelli. G. Confer. Row 2: ] Hindman. N. King. N. Price. P. Kaspryzak. Row 3: C. Sottile.J. Ling. D. Hcider. Row 4: T. Kcgg. M. Rummcl. G. Petty. C. Harrison Row D Craig. B. Huntlcw R. Carter. KEY CLUB This club is for those boys with ;i desire to serve others. A division of the Kiwanis Club, the boys’ activities ranged from patrolling the halls during lunch periods to selling programs at football games. Directed by Mr. Woodhead, these boys have given good reason for our school to be proud of them. Pres. Carm Sot tile, Trcas. Craig Harrison. V. Pres. Tom Kcgg. Sec. Myron Rummcl. 71Row l: Advisor: Mr. Marlcy, D Kcim. B. Kcim, B. Vulccich. B. Smay. T. Ray. T. Brchm. A. Ballow, T. Pickcrill, L. Fctzcr, R. Lees. Row 2: R Rummcl. J. Gossard. J. Lehman. G. Clark G Fugc, B. Bokross, J Pillct. B. Walsh. F. Stouffer. Row i: R. Swick, B. Salima. D. Peel. G. McClelland, L. McDanials, C. Thomas. L. Cameron. T. Rogers. T. Simon ton,' F. Vann Row 4: D Tav lor. R Finnigan. Doug Roberts. B Robinson. C. Muha, R. Spcichcr. B. Gertz, B. Shumaker. C. Zwick. Row 5: G. Czerak, M. Hanik. B. Witkosky. J Kopco, S. Roberts. T. Minemver. R Polca R Sankovich. Pres. J. Pillct. Treas. Rick Spcichcr. See. Tom Brchm, Student Advisor Ted Rodgers, V. Pres. Tom Pickrill LEO CLUB Serving the school and community, the Leo Club of Ferndale Area High School has completed another year of activities. The club is sponsored by the Ferndale Lions Club and is the first of its kind in Western Pennsylvania. In this, their fifth year, the club was directed by Mr. Marley and the club President, Jeff Pillct. 72Row 1: Advisor, Mrs. Bennett, R Browning, J. Axmachcr, R. Johnson. R. Finnigan, C. Pluchinsky, R. Cover, T. Holko. Row 2: A. Hoak. L. Bosley. M. Gawlas, D. Dupin, D Kcim, K Bock Row}:]. Blaschak, D. Empficld.J. Lehman, T. Brehm, T. Rav.J. Gossard.T. Pickcrill. Row 4: K. Muslin, T. Rodgers, C. Zwick. T. Duffy.J. Pillct. R. Rummcl. Row 5; W. Shikalla, C». Czerak. G. Toth, S. Hanik, M. Gawlas, J. Berkebile, C. Colbert. Pres. Ted Rogers. Sec. Tom Pickcrill, Treas. Garry Czerak. JETS CLUB An interest in engineering is the major qualification necessary in becoming a member of the Jets Club. Under Mrs. Bennett’s direction, the members received a good background in the field through discussion of literature and movies. Each member was encouraged to present projects related to the engineering field during club periods. 73D. Rodgers, King; B. Cruickshank. Knight; B. Vuletic. R(X k, J. Callahan. Queen. Rou-1: Mr Boerstlcr. C. Lowes. B Ringlcr. L. Thiel.J. Callahan. B. Cruickshank. C. Duffy. Row2:C. Woodruff. B. Crislip, D Axmachcr, P. Chumrik.S. Chumrik. G. Ritchey. Row i: W. Ed-minston.J. Shomo. R Yeager. C Mazier, R. Yeager. D Rodgers. R. Yeager. Row 4: B. Vuletic, P Wicks, B. Hare. M Clemnson. M. Gagan. W. Smith. Row 5.- C Smith. R Grexa B Shaffer D. Wen del. D. Rager. CHESS The Chess Club provides a chance for those students who are interested in chess to better their skills in the game. Mr. Boerstlcr, their advisor, helped the club members in understanding more clearly the basic principles of chess. They compete among themselves during class periods. In this way, they get actual playing experience. 74PHILOSOPHY Discussing interesting and timely subjects such as, the Viet Nam conflict, the Philosophy Club gave students an opportunity to verse their opinions and ideas. Headed by Mr. Ficco, club advisor, and Judy Mitchell, president, the club chose a committee to interview prospective members. With the addition of these new members, the club hopes to cultivate an interest in society and the world. Row 1 P. Clark, A, McLaughlin, C. Allison, J. Jenkins. Row 2: Advisor: Mr. Ficco, C. Duffy, D. Hoff-man. L Mountain. Row i: J. Mitchell. T Muchcsko, M. Poliacek, B Lux. Row 4: B. Sargcant. S. Miles, D. Maldct, S. Jcrsas, N. Berkebilc. Row 5.' T Gentile. R. Spcicher, L. McDaniels, T. Duffy-. OFFICERS: V Pres. - C. Duffy; Sec. - P. Clark; Treas. - L. Mountain.FRENCH CLUB For those wishing to increase their knowledge of France, her people, language, and customs, the French Club provided an excellent source. Under Mr. Stevenson’s direction, the club had many interesting and worthwhile projects. One of these was the dance in February, the profits of which enabled the club members to go on a field trip to Pittsburgh. Row 1: L. Koontz. P. Burns. S. Meyers, C. Pluchinsky. Row 2: B Dudash, A. Rick, D Keim.C Allison. Row 3: Advisor, Mr Stevenson. P. Micik.J. Lehman. B. Slagle, J. Collett. Row 4: K. MusuUu G Thomas. T Simonton. J. McFcatcrs. Row 5: T. Gentile, C. Muha, G Toth. R Sankovich, B Gcrtz. 76 OFFICERS: Pres. Rich Sankovich, See. Unda Koontz, Trcas. Carl Muha.OFFICERS V-Prcs. G. McClelland; Treas D. Blue; See. L. Booth; Pres. J. Bowser. Row 1: B Racer S. Hack, C Lowes. I) Szclasek. D. Virus. K. Jones. Row2: Advisor - Mr. Mikula. L. Mountain. S. Wojcik. K Holder. D. Koontz. C. Melnik. J. Bowser Row3: M. Zahoran, D Hclscl. F. Smithson. J Partsch. L. Booth. J. Figula. Row 4: D. Blue. M. Cameron, G. Clark. G. Huge. G Hagerich. K. Polca. B. Vulctich. Row 5: G. McClelland. L. Cameron. D. Pynch. A. Pluchak. D. Fetterman. G. Kwaitkowski. SPANISH CLUB Led by Mr. Mikula, the Spanish Club has again been an active organization. Having discussions on the Spanish language and culture during club periods provided the students with an enjoyable background in which to learn Spanish. Among the activities of the club was a "fiesta” held during one of their club periods and some bake sales. 77 ifSBx d ncxicoRow I: C. Cross. M. Kohr, M Blue, M. Limn. D. Lux. Row2: Advisor; Mrs. Rodgers. C. Reinholtz. L. Koontz, R. Litvan, R Litvan. Row.I: C. Werner, B. Rager. B. Blue. R. Batkhirocr.C Rager Row 4: J Lux, B Lux. K. Conley, S. Myers. Rou 5. M. Arbaugh. J. McFcatcrs, K Musilin. S. Wyer, C Bouch. LIBRARY Under the direction of Mrs. Rogers, the Library Club has proven itself to be an invaluable aid to the students. This club is for those interested in the functions and procedures of library and helping fellow students in finding and taking out books. This group, by their efforts, has widened their knowledge of the library while helping others to do the same. 78 OFFICERS: Pres. L. Koontz. V. Pres. R Litvan. See. C Cross. Trcas. K ConleyFeature Editor: P. Bock Head Typist: H. Fisher Bus. Mgr.: P. Chumrik Editor: S. Chumrik Advisor: Mr. Bocrstlcr Art Editor: C. Fay Sports Editors: D. Taylor and R. Speicher Typists: D. Bciscl, B. Hanley. J. Callahan. Sitting: C. Roberts. COURIER The Courier, a monthly publication of Ferndale Area High School, was advised by Mr. Boerstler. Working hard to meet deadlines, the Courier staff did a commendable job of reporting school news. Featuring articles on school gossip, sports, and club activities, the paper was read and enjoyed by everyone. Reporters: G. Confer, J. Crouse. M. Gawlas, B. Johnson, M. Poliacek. 79CHORUS Pres. J. Smith, V-Prcs. G. Toth, Sec-Trcas. G. Carney, Librarians D. Fetterman, D. Rhodes, R. McLain Director - Mr. Williams Filling the air with song, the Chorus provided another year of entertainment for the student body. Under the direction of Mr. Williams, this group was a major part of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter programs, as well as the Spring Concert. Ferndale was represented this year in District Chorus by Robert McFeaters singing second bass; Reed Finnigan, second tenor; and Jocelyn Smith, second soprano.Row 1: Mr. Williams, D. Burkett, R. Shrum, L. Koontz, M. Blue, D. Koontz, C. Cross, S. Macy, J. Smith, B. College. Row2: B. Holder, C. Rager, K. Oaks, G. Carney, B. Abraham, P. Bock. C. Werner, N. Parkes, C. Robinson. Row 3- D. Wingard, S. Hagcrich, M. Poliacck, T. Boscy, D. Fetterman, W. Smith, D. Rodgers, D. Carney, J. Rhodes, F. Aveni. Row4: P. Kovach, C. Schrick-er, J. Hamilton, D. Rhodes, B. Robinson, G. McClelland, G. Leffler, R. Hunt, J. Kwarta. Row 3: C. Droz, G. Hagcrich, J. MeFeaters, R. McLain, G. Toth. B. MeFeaters, R. Finnigan. C. Cooper, C. Musulin, S. Jerasa.Sharon Hagcrich I.inda Koontz Sharon Maty Cindy Cross Jean Fallicr Gloria Hagcrich Francinc Aveni Paulette Bock Thomas BoesyJoyce McFeacers Jean Rhodes Rita Schrum Jocelyn Smith Wayne Smith Q3 Karen Oaks Bill Robinson Carrie SchrickerWmJiMOFFICERS: Pres.. J. Crouse Treas.. M. Zahorn V. Pres.. C. Graftius Sec.. C Roberts. PEP CLUB Working together to bolster our school spirit, these girls have cheered their way through another year. Giving "cheer’-ful aid to our Cheerleaders and Majorettes in both their contests was their major activity, not to mention their help at pep rallies. With Mrs. Bolha, advisor, and Jackie Crouse, President, this club has really done their part for Fern-dale High. 85STAGE CREW Keeping the stage in tip-top condition, the Stage Crew has again done a commendable job. Under Mr. Wagner’s direction they also worked hard keeping the lighting and amplification system ready for use on a minute’s notice. 86 » Robinson,Trcas; R Spcichcr, See.; D. Pyrich, Vice Pres.; T. Muchcsko, Pres Row I: T. Simonton, T. Muchcsko. Row 2: Mr. Wagner, I). Fetterman. Row .$. B Robinson. G. Bouch. Row 4: R. Spcichcr. Row 5: I). Pyrich. S. Roberts.Row I: Mr. Boerstler, C. Lowes, M. Blue. P. Schrocdcr, P. Chirk. Row2: B. Abraham, J. Collett. G Carney. D. Wingard. S Wojick. Row 3: K. Conley. F. Nemeth. T. Boscy. G. Gaunt. C. Rigby. A. Uricc. Row 4: B. Seargent. S. Jeresa, T. Gentile, T. Duffy. B. Slagle. Row 5: B Shumaker. G. Czerak. D. Roberts. R. Finnegan. Pennv Clark. President; Reed Finnegan. Sec.-Tteas.: Tom Bot'sy. Vice President. DRAMATICS The Dramatics Club, advised by Mr. Bocr-stlcr, provides an opportunity for students to learn and exhibit the various skills involved in play production. Stage movements, voice projection and character interpretation are taught. Entertainment is provided for the student body each spring when the Dramatics Club presents various one act plays. 87AUDIO-VISUAL The Audio-Visual Club is a service organization advised by Mr. Minahan. The club’s twenty-three members are concerned with compiling all film orders submitted by teachers, distributing audio-visual aids and operating the club’s equipment. Sponsoring a dance and raking field trips to Duncansvillc and State College are among the clubs projects. Row I: K Holder. W Edmiscon. G. Ritchey. K. Grata. Row 2: Advisor Mr. Minahan. T Muchcsko. M. Poliacek. J. Gossard. Row 3: I) Spotz. F. Vann. D. Grandinctti, P. Lowes. Row 4: D. Fcttcrman. B. McGee. T. G stlow. Row 5. R Vann. I). Miller, T. Mincmycr. T. Parke."Dante's Inferno" The regional winner of the National Opel Kadett Paint-In. THE WINNING TEAM: M. Mesaros. K Conley, N. Berkebile, D. Hoffman. M. Driscoll. A. Blaschak, H. Vann. OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS v Rigby - Junior Miss and Queens Court of the Invita- S. Pauline - AAABA Queen anal Basketball Tournament. N. Parke - Band Queen M Rummcl - Tribune Democrat All Scholastic Football Team♦ PDRT5 CTIVITIE5 91Row I: R. Karashin, R Spcicher, L. McDaniel. D. Manda, C. Sottile, M. Rummer!. T. Kegg. D. Taylor, D Craig. W. Smith. Row2: R. Walsh. R. Lichtcnfcls. G. Scrbal, T. Johnson, G. Petry, T Simonton, T. Parke, J. Stammley. Row 3: P. Kaspvrzak, J. Fisher, G. Bouch, N. King. G. Czerak. T. Johnson, S. Roberts, D Heider, T. Tarbay, J. Steinhagen, J. Jeresa. F. Stouffer. J. Lees. Coach Maish Coach Ambroe Coach Pctrorc FOOTBALL Ferndale started its football season with a new head coach and eight returning lettermen. Under Head Coach Marsh and Assistant Coaches Petrore and Ambroe, the boys worked hard. Last minute touchdowns and "almost” complete passes held Ferndale’s fans to their scats throughout the season. Team Captain Myron Rummel was chosen for the Tribune Democrat’s All Scholastic Team and Co-Captain Carm Sottile received the Jack Speicher Memorial Award. The Junior High had its most successful season in years winning the league title. 92OFFENSE: Row 1: M. Rummcl. Row 2: D. Taylor, R. Spcichcr, T. Parke, T. Kegg, G. Perry, D. Craig, D. Manda. Row 3: C. Sottile, T. Johnson, W. Smith. DEFENSE: Row 1: G. Perry. G. Serbal. T. Johnson, T. Simonton. Row 2: D. Manda. R. Karashen, T. Johnson. T. Kegg, M. Rummcl, C. Sottile. D. Taylor.Bob Lichtcnfcls Rick Spcichcr Carm Sottilc SENIORS Dave Taylor Tom Parke Tom Kegg Doug Craig Wayne Smith Bob Walsh John Stammley 94Mvron Rummcl Lester McDaniel Randy Horbal JUNIOR HIGH Coach Link Coach Wood head Managers: K McGee, G. Hindman, J. Sandusky. Row I: R Cover, J. Axmacher.J. Collins. Row 2: Coach Woodhead, R Jeresa, D. Dupin, S. Tutokey, M. Gawlas, T Popchak, T. Peters, Coach Link. Row 3 ' D. Gindles-berger, D. Rhodes. M Zahoran, S. Maldct, D. Melnik. Row 4:) Pfeil, J Berkebile, C. Colbert. D. Hanik, D. Hagerich. R. Hillman.Row 1: B. Bingemton. A. Ballow.T. Ray, H. Vann, A. Blaschak, G. Confer. Row2: M Dudak, M. Roberrs, G. Fugc, R Finnigan.G. Jenkinson, W Robinson, G. Kwaitkowski, F. Vann, Coach Marlev. CROSS COUNTRY Stamina is the key word in describing our Cross-Country team. Dedicating much time and effort, they covered many miles over varying terrain in preparation. Under the direction of Coach Marley they have given a fine performance for Ferndale Area High, with one of the finest records in the school history. Coach Marley MANAGERS: T. Minemyer, T. Pickcrill 96Bill Robinson Reed Fin nig an Mark Roberts Allen Blaschak 97Mascot: C. Clark Row . A Wirick, D. Carney, S. McCall. I Kosanovich, L. Koontz, D. Koontz, N. Parke,J. Kwarta, P Kovach, C. Roberts. Row2.T. Boesy, P. Mieik, E. Robertson, M. Thiel. L. Asher, P. Repologlc. C. Huct, K. Covalt, C. Hill. P. Clark, M Balko. R. Balko, C. Wenich, C. Musulin.C. Saintz, Mr. Mish. Row 3- C. Allison, K. Koplin, B. Saintz, R. Finnigan, M. Blue, K. Mulligan. C. Iscnbcrg, K. Huct, C. Finnigan, M. Bannese, D. Leaper, L. Burkett. K. Oaks, B. Abraham. N. Tarbay. D. Wirick. N. Moors, C. Wilson, D. Jerasa, C. Robinson, S. Jerasa, L. Just-inus, M. Poliacck, J. McFcatcrs, D. Spotz, J. Heslop, G. Leffler, J. Rhodes, J. Blaschak, G. Bosley. G. McClelland, R. Finnigan, B. Robinson, G. Toth, R. McFcatcrs. B. McGee, A. Moors. K. Musulin. Tom Boesy Drum Major MARCHING BAND Beginning with two weeks of band camp and continuing their work first period each school day, the Ferndale Area High School Band worked hard preparing those many enjoyable half-time shows. The band marched in the Christmas Parade this year with Nancy Parke as their Band Queen. Under the direction of Mr. Mish, the marching band was only one of our band’s activities. There were three others including the Pep Band, providing music to "cheer by” for our pep rallies, the Concert Band, whose major project was the Spring Concert, and the latest addition, the Swing Band. 98 Mr Mish: Band DirectorSENIORS Rccd Finnigan Joyce Me Beaters Karen Oaks Maryann Poliacek Jean Rhodes Bill Robinson 99STAGE BAND: Row 1: K. Oaks. K. Musulin, C. Robinson. K. Mulligan. M. Poliacck. B. Saintz, G. Lcfflcr, Pianist - J. Rhodes. Row2: P. Clark. G. Toth, G. McClelland, J. Blaschak. J. Hcslop. Rou 3: L. Justinus, T. Bocscy, D. Wirik, D. Spotz. B. McGhee. CONCERT BAND: Row I: M Bcnnesc, K. Musulin. K. Covalt. K. Oaks, C. Huct, B Saintz, G. Lcfflcr. Row 2: D. Carney, R. Finnegan, C. Robinson. K. Mulligan. M. Poliacck. J. McFcatcrs. B. McFcatcrs. Row3: L. Koontz.J. Rhodes. P. Clark. G. Toth. G. McClelland, J. Blaschak,J. Hcslop. L. Justinus, D. Spotz. B McGhee. Row4: R. Finnigan, C. Finnigan.T. Boscy, L Bosley, D Wirik, B. Robinson.Rou I: P. Clark, C. Covalt, B. Saintz, C. Finnigan, M Bcnncsc. Row 2: C. Robinson. M Blue, K Mulligan, R. Finnigan. Rou 1. C Huet. B. Abraham. D. Wirik, N. Moors, K. Oaks. Row4: L. Bosley, J. Bias-thak.J. Rhodes. L. Justinus. Rou 5: J. McFcatcrs, G. Lcfflcr, M. Poliacck. Row 6: D. Spotz.J. Hcslop, K. Musulin, T. Bocscy. Row 7: G. McClelland, R. Finnigan. A. Moors. Rou 8: B. Robinson. G. Toth, B. McFcaters, B. McGhee. 101M AJORETTES Again this year "the grandest twirlers afoot” gave their best to Ferndale Area High School. This talented group of girls, directed by Mr. Hakanen, advisor, and Linda Koontz, head majorette, worked long hours planning those excellent half-time shows, pep rallies, and parade routines. All the hard work paid off, as their performances showed. They finished the year off by participating in the Seventh Annual Majorette Contest. Our thanks and many congratulations for a fine job, girls. 102 Colleen Roberts Co-Head Audrey WirickL. to R.: L Koontz. N. Parke. J. Kwarta. P Kovach. C. Roberts. A. Wirick, D. Carney. S. McCall. D. Kosanovich. D Koontz Mascot: Carolyn Clark Co-bead: C. Roberts. Advisor: Mr. Hakanen. Head: L. Koontz. 103Row 1: W. Smith, N. Price. D. Peel, C. Sottile. Row 2: L. McDaniel, T. Johnson, R Huntley, T. Kcg£. N. King.BASKETBALL Determined to beat their foes, the 1969-70 varsity squad provided Ferndale with a good record. Under Coach George Marsh, the team worked hard to give a fine representation of Ferndale Area School in both the Tri-County and mountain conference. TheJ.V. team under Coach Woodhead, also provided some thrilling moments to spectators as they dribbled and shot their way to victory. The Junior High team had its best season in years, and brought home victory after victory under a new coach, Coach Rich.Robert Huntley Tom Kegg SENIORS Dave Perl Wayne SmithJUNIOR VARSITY Row I: P. Lowes, B. Vuletic, F. Stoffer, B. Smay, P. Kasprzyk. Row 2: Coach Woodhcad, D. Roberts, S. Roberts, G. Serbal. G. Petty. G. Fugc. Row I: D. Gindlcspergcr, D. Melnik, J. Collins, V. Robcl, D. Hanik, Coach Rich. Row 2: M. Peel. D Bock. S. Pfeil, R. Pinclli.J. Bcrkebilc. Row3. C. Colbert, D. Price, G. Hindman, M. Wisor, M. Robcl Row 4: C. Karashin, R. Booth, G. Bcrkcbile.J. Zack.J. Zack, L. Faccioni.WRESTLING Giving their audience many exciting and breathtaking moments, the 1969-70 wrestling team, through their long hours of practice and individual effort, has done well in representing Ferndale in area competition. Coach Robert Boerstler has done a commendable job in training our team, in order that they could give their best for Ferndale Area High. 108 Asst. Coach Rummcl. Captain Myron Rummcl, and Coach Boerstler Row 1: B Rummcl. T. Muchcsko. M. Driscoll. R. Horbal, M. Rummcl, C. Harrison. H. Vann. A. Blaschak. G. Confer. Row 2: R. Cover. L. Fetzer. L Thiel. D Block. J. Blaschak. B. Robinson. C. Thomas. R. Leo. Row3: T. Tarbay.J. Fisher. G. Bouch. R. Yeager. D. Rhodes. R. MeFeaters, D. Robine. B. Sulima.T. King. Row4: Coach Boer tier, J. Heslop. K. Macin tosh, R. Hartnett. M. Hyland, D. White, R Jerasa, Coach Rummcl. MANAGERS: Larry Justinus. Jim Bischof. Lowell Bosley. 109SENIORS Myron Rummcl A1 Blaschak Mark Driscoll noQaig Thomas Tom Muchesko Larry Thiel Randy HorbalCHEERLEADERS All through this year, this energetic and hardworking group of girls were on hand to lead the cheers, to urge our boys on to victory, and to keep up our school spirit. Their skill and precision are brought about by their many practice sessions and the direction of Mrs. Anderson and MissMilazzo. Participating in the 26th Annual Cheerleading Contest, our cheerleaders showed once again, that they are still on top by capturing Second place with the cheer ' SALUTE TO FERNDALE.” Practicing, painting signs, and planning new cheers for pep rallies and all athletic events, these girls deserve our thanks.SENIORS Sharon Pluchinsky - Co-Cap lair Judy Mitchell - Captain Jackie Crouse Row I: Cindy Weaver, Linda Mountain, Judy Mitchell, Chris Allison, Vanessa Olcksa. Row 2: Debbie Rychak, Jackie Crouse, Corinne Graffius, Sharon Pluchinsky, Peggy Burns, Jane BowserJUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row 1: B Hamer, P. Ray, K Potter. Row 2: P. Heider, C. Melnik, M. Robinson. Row J.1 D. Irons. K. Jones, L Alt.TRACK AND FIELD Competing in track events including races of various distances, relay races, and hurdle races, with the field events which include the high jump, pole vault, discus, and javelin throwing, Ferndale Track and Field teams have given another year of dedicated performance. Directed by Coach Dubovecky, these boys represented Fern-dale in District 6 Track and Field competition.Row 1: R. Johnson, W. Maincs, A. Billow. W. Sulima. Row 2: T. Muchcsko, H. Ribblctt, J. Stammley, M. Roberts. D. Robinc, F. Vann, H. Vann, W. Smith. Row D. Manda, J. Ling. R. Speichcr, S. Roberts, B. Huntley, G. Petry, D. Taylor. 117Jim Ling Wayne Smith Harry Vann Dave Man da Rick Spekher Bob HuntleySENIORS Mark Roberts Tom Muchcsko Dave Taylor John Srammclv 119Jim Shomo Bob Vann 120 Dave Peel BASEBALL Under the direction of Coach Petrore, and Assistant Coach Rich, Ferndalc’s Baseball team once again competed in the Tri-County League. With improved pitching and key returning lettermen, the prospects for a winning season arc optimistic. Lester McDaniel Jim HindmanCoach Pctrorc Manager: Dennis Grandinetti Row I: R. Karshin, F. Stouffer, G. Fugc, J. Shomo. Row 2: S. Pinclli. N. Price, D. Peel, D. Miller, L McDaniel, T. Simonton, Coach Pctrorc 121JlUUiiiiiiiflt Row I: Advisor: Mrs. Anderson. J. Smith. V. Oleska. L. Burkett. C. Weaver. C. Duffy. D. Burkett. Row2: L. Mountain. N. Parke, J. Mitchell, J. Bowser. J. Crouse. Row i.C. Steinhagcn.J Bcrkc-bilc. K. Rigby, M. Miller. L. Alt, P. Bock. Row 4: B. Hanley. S. Pluchinsky. S. Miles. G. Polak, N. Bcrkcbilc, A. Wirick. G.A.A This group of girls has provided not only entertainment for the student body, in the form of the soccer tournament and their performance in the Annual Gymnastics Exhibition, but have bettered their own athletic skills. In order to join the G.A.A. each girl must pass a test in gymnastics. Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Anderson, their advisor, the G.A.A. has again proved itself a valuable asset to our school. Pres. Sharon Pluchinsky (absent). Trcas. Paulette Bock. V. Pres. Cathy Duffy. Sec. Susy Miles Public Relations: Jackie Crouse. Joycclin Smith.Row I:y Collins, G. Lindt. S. Maldct, G. Confer. Row 2; G. Gaunt, R Hillman. T Muchcsko, A Blas-chak. Row3: B. Hoyland, M. Driscoll. D. Leonard, H Vann, R. Horbal. Row 4: D. Robins, T. Tarbay, R Lichtenfcls, J. Lund. Row 5: T. Parke, M. Gawles. W. Goughenour. J. Mallory. GYM Striving to increase their ability as gymnasts, these boys have kept the standards of their club high. Under the careful direction of their coach, Mr. Rigby, they have perfected their athletic skills. Each boy must keep an A in gym while working on the apparatus, in order to remain a member of this club. Again this year, they gave an excellent presentation of their talents in the Annual Gymnastics Exhibition.Row 1: (top to bottom) G. McClelland, B. Smay, D. Bock. J. Heslop. K. Grata. Row 2: (top to bottom) B. Blasko, D. Roberts, C. Zwick, M. Wisor, M. Wisor, T. Bocsy. Coach Rigby Asst. Coach Webber 124GOLF 1970 The golf team held its own this year and gained much valuable experience. The only handicap that faced them this year was their inexperience. Being switched from a fall to a spring sport also contributed to some of the disappointments the team felt this year. With more time and practice, these boys should prove to be a fine athletic contribution to F.A.H.S. Senior Tom Bocsy and Coach Rigby 125School Board special ACTIVITY 127SCHOOL BOARD The School Board does its part in keeping up with the times by their willingness to change outdated and outmoded school codes and policies. The School Board acts as a liaison between the people in the surrounding school districts and the school employees. Their job is not confined to simply an hour meeting each month but is a round-the-clock responsibility. The entire school would like to express our gratitude for a job well done. Eugene Burkett Vice-President Middle Taylor George Jones 128 Secretary, FcrndalcW. R. Thomas III Ferndalc Joseph Ullery Dale Thomas Young, Solicitor Dale 129Send us a cake will ya!”132 "A four-legged Cheerleader?”Lawrence Wclk Spcichcr?I can’t bear to look! If at first you don’t succeed . . . try. try. try. try. Hi, Fellas. 134 My secret love’s no secret anymore.No shoe is a sure miss, Tom. Now fellas, this is a basketball. It's a bouncy ball! DoBees. Move down. Fujjc. 135Mender Studying?? Ban won't wear off . . . 136 Finger stuck, Larry???Career Planing? Cattle Crossing 137Aren't you ever on time? Gee, I hope I can break the string.The lid. Chris, the lid! 139JR.-SR.PROM OF 1969 Hushed excitement, beautiful gowns, and happy faces, all were a part of the 1968-69 Junior-Senior Prom. Using the theme "From A Flower to a Garden,” the Junior class put many hours into planning and decorating at the Holiday Inn. When midnight came and the night was only a memory, each girl was a story-tale Cinderella and every boy a Prince Charming. Our school clock had run its course and created many new memories for the class of 70. School Time for them is now old time.We, the members of the Reflector Staff, would like to thank the following for making the publication of the 1970 yearbook possible through their contributions. Business Manager: Gloria Ritchey $2.00 Adamy, Mrs. Shirley A Friend Allshousc, Karen Allison, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Alt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alt, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. George Antes, Mary Ruth Apple, Mrs. Thomas Arbaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Harr)' Ashcom, Jackie Asher, Mrs. Walter Aveni, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Axmacher, Mr. and Mrs. B-29 Tavern Baft, Bill Bailey, Mr. Robert Balko, Mr. and Mrs. John Balog, Mr. and Mrs. Bantley, Mrs. Ann Bantley Hardware Barett, William C. Barkhimer, Mr. and Mrs. Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bartlebaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Bauer, Mr. William Beale, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Becker, Mr. and Mrs. William Bei, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Berkebile, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Berkcy, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Berkley, Mr. George C. Berriman, J. C. Bischof, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. Black, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Blaschack, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blasko, Mr. and Mrs. William Blue, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Blough, Mrs. Marie Bokros, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bolha, Mr. and Mrs. Bosley, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Booth, Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Bouch, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bowser, Mrs. Elisha Bowser, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Brehm, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bremer, Dick Bremer, Louis E. Bridges, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bullingcr, Linda PA TRONS Burgan, Mr. and Mrs. William Burk, Joseph Burkett, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Byers, Mr. and Mrs. George Calhoun, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. James Cardellino, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carney, Mr. and Mrs. Galen Carothcrs, Cathrine Chcrncy, Mrs. Steve Clark. Mr. Clifford W. Clark. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Clark, Mr. and Mrs. James R. Claycomb, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clitcs, Mr. and Mrs. elites, Mr. and Mrs. Harr)' Colbert, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Confer, Mr. and Mrs. William Constable, Mr. and Mrs. John Jr. Constable, Walter Cosgrove, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Covalt, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Covalt, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cover, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cramer, Bess Craft, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Crousc, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cruickshank. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. John Curry, Mrs. D. D. Czyrnik, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dallope, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Daum, Mrs. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Davis, Mr. and Mrs. John Davis, Mark Davis, Vickie Dennis, Leonard Dietz, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dishang, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Dishang, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Driscoll, Mr. and Mrs. David Droz, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Dudash, Mr. and Mrs. Duffy, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dunbar, Mr. and Mrs. Dupin, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eby, Edith Edminston, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ehrhart, Mrs. Ann Elliot, H. L. Em field, Mr. and Mrs. Max Espey, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Espey, Mr. and Mrs. James Euen, L. J. Facciani, Mr. and Mrs. Faczan, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Felix, Mrs. Fetzer, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Fctzer, Mr. and Mrs. William Ficco, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fingerhoot, Mr. and Mrs. Finnigan, Mr. and Mrs. James Finnigan, Mr. and Mrs. Jr. Finnigan, Reed Fisher, Bing Frambaugh, Mr. Framton, Mr. and Mrs. Frieben, Mr. Thomas Frim, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Frye, Mrs. Morna B. Fuge, Charles Gagan, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gaunt, Mr. and Mrs. Ghclman, Clara Gentile, Mr. and Mrs. Mario Glancey, Mrs. E. M. Goch, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Goldberg, Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Goliam, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Golian, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Good, Mrs. Gertrude Gorman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gossard, Mr. and Mrs. Grafe, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grata, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gray, Cora Gregory. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Grevc, C. E. Grubb, Rev. and Mrs. Harlan Grumbling, P. B. Grumling, Dr. and Mrs. Guzzi, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hack. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hagcrich, Mr. and Mrs. Hajnik, F. A. Hakn, J. Paul Hamer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert III Hapicorn, Miss Janet Harpster, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Harris, Mrs. Raymond Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. James Harshbcrgcr, Debbie 142Hartnett, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hassell, Charles Haughton, James A. Haupt, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hazlitt, Mrs. Francis Heider, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hcidorn, Mr. and Mrs. George Hciple, Mrs. Charles Hclsel’s Market Hepp, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Herbert, Mr. and Mrs. George Hcrshcy, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hildebrand, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hilbrecht, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hiner, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hinna, Mrs. H. H. Hody, Mr. and Mrs. Girl Sr. Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Sid Holmok, Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Horrell, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. David H. Huntley, Robert Humphreys, Francis Huss, William Hyland, Mrs. James Iscnberg, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Jaber, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph James, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jamison, Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. William Jcrasa. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jerasa, Mr. and Mrs. John Johns, Mr. and Mrs. Harr)' Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnstown, Mrs. Shirley Justinus, Mr. and Mrs. Justinus, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Karashin, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Katzenstein, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Kehl, Dolores Keifer, Mr. and mrs. William S. Keim, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kennedy. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kindja, Daniel Kindja, John Kesslak Girls Klanchar, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Knee, Mrs. Patrick Knighton, Mr. and Mrs. Knipplc, Charles Kohut, Mrs. Kokoruda. Mr. and Mrs. John Koontz, Mrs. James S. Koontz, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Koontz, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koontz, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Kolar, Mr. and Mrs. John Komciro. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Korlcwitz, Mr. and Mrs. John Kovach, Mrs. William Kovacic, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony ' Krasovic, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krenisky, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Krett. James Krupa, Mr. and Mrs. Edward I aporta, Mildred Lavcly, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lavcly, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lcberknight, Mr. and Mrs. Lees, Mr. and Mrs. James Leventry, Richard Lewis, William Lichtenfels, Mr. and Mrs. Ling, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Ling, Jim Litvin, Andrew Lohr, Mrs. Kenneth Lonsinger. Mr. and Mrs. Don Lugar, Mr. and Mrs. George Lunko, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Luttringer, Mr. and Mrs. Lux, Mr. and Mrs. France Macy, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Maldet, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Manda. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mansfield, Mrs. Lloyd Marcinko, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marcus, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Markell, R. A. Marlcy, Mr. John Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Maschak, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mazcy, Bernice McCall, Mr. and Mrs. Paul McCann, Mr. and Mrs. B. T. McCann, Peter McCann, Sarah McClelland, Mr. and Mrs. McDaniels, Mr. and Mrs. Lester McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Means, Mrs. Kcrmit McKay. Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs. James Melnik, Mrs. John Mcrbcrger, Mr. and Mrs. Mesaros, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Micik, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mikula, Mr. Frederick Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller, Elwood Miller, Mrs. Janet Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Mintimicr, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mish, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miske, Rose Mlinarchik, Mr. and Mrs. John Mlinarchik, Peggy Mlinarchik, Ronald Moody, Mrs. Andrew Moore, Mrs. C. S. Muchesko, Mr. and Mrs. John Muha, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Munroc, Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Napotnik, Miss Ann Marie Nastase, Mr. Samuel Nauglc, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nemeth, Mr. and Mrs. Oakley, David Oaks, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Oaks, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oaks, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sr. Oaks, Russel Olcksa, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Olshewsky, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parke, Mrs. Catherine Pauline, Mrs. Mary Pebley, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Petchar, Mr. and Mrs. Clctus Petrovich. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pctry, Mr. and Mrs. George Pietron, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pillct, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pinclli, Mr. James Pluchinsky, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Polak, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Polenik, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Poliacck, Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Maryan ne Popchak, Bernard Popchak. Richard Popovich, Mr. and Mrs. William Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Don Potter, Mr. and Mrs. James Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Poyer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Price, Mel Price, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pyrich, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ragcr. Miss Ragcr, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ragcr, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Raneri, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rankin, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reed, Miss Janice Reploglc, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs. Forest Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richards, Mr. and Mrs. D. Richards, Dean Riek, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Riek, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rigby, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ripple, Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Ritchey, Mr. Donald and Cookie Roach, Mr. and Mrs. J. Kent Roberts, Mr. George F. Sr. Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Robinson, John Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. William Rosenbergcr, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rotclla. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rubish, Mrs. William Rucosky, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rucosky, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rummel, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rummcl, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Sabo, Mr. Donald F. Saflco, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 143Safko, Steve Saintz, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Sankovich, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Saylor, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scaifc, Mr. and Mrs. George Schcck, Mr. and Mrs. George Schricker, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schrock, Mr. and Mrs. Clark T. Shroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Max Schrum, Mr. and Mrs. and Family Scott, Karl Jr. Sebes, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sedci, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Serball, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scstrich, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Shaffer, Charles Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Harr) A. Shaffer, Mr. Homer Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. William Shank. Kathy Shank, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shank, Patty Sharbaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shomo, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Shomo, H. Jr. Simmons, Mr. Fitz Simonton, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Simonton, Grandma Skubak, Mr. and Mrs. John Slagle, Mrs. Everett Slavio, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Slavik, Mr. John A. Smay, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Smay, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith, Colleen Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sorchilla, Mrs. Spcicher. Mr. Brian Speicher, Mrs. Fern Spires, Mr. and Mrs. William Spishak, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stahl, William H. Stavas, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Steinkirchenr, Irene Stevenson, Mr. Stewart, Charles Stombaugh, Mr. and Mrs. John Sulima, Mrs. Swarny, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Szelazek, Mrs. Mary Swick, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tauber, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Theil, Carl Thiel, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thiel, Sharon Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tomasko, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tomlin, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Tomovik, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Toth, Mr. and Mrs. George Trexler, K. O. Vallery, Mrs. Joseph Vanglarick, Mr. and Mrs. Varner, Mr. and Mrs. Micky Vetski, Joseph Vickroy, Mr. and Mrs. Harr)' Virus, Mr. Charles Volk, Mr. Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Myrtle Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warfcl, Mrs. Clarence Warner, Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Wcneck, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Werner, Mr. and Mrs. William Wicks, Paul Wietecha, Linda Wicrner, Robert William, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williams, Mr. and Mrs. James Williams, Mr. and Mrs. William Williamson, Mrs. Wingard, Mrs. Donald Wisor, Mr. and Mrs. Harr)' Witek, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Witek, Mrs. Theresa Wojcik, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wonder, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yarina, Mrs. Ilene Youchak, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Younk, Mr. and Mrs. William Younkin, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Yuhas, Mr. and Mrs. Jess L. Zahoran, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zahoran, Mr. and Mrs. John Zahoran, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zahoran, Mr. and Mrs. Michael We regret to say that wc have misplaced the N’s, and we sincerely apologize for those and any other omissions that may have been made. SPONSORS A Friend Block, Dan Gardner, Alice Geistown Sunoco Goebert’s Barber Shop Greater Ferndale Hardware Horne, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Partsch, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Melnik Aluminium Products Petak, Mr. Eugene Sunoco Tony’s U-Bar 144» t“ •-12 -t- V I— vs 3 _ 0 3 7 c 5-o C £ orv vi I ’■ iSr.-J ' - f ' ; ' ■■■•: A f)f - . . WL4) - -1 ''n mi ■ . • "1 ■ 'I • 4 ■ • ft;; ' £ . Ul •vsV ; • ,V' • P A • 1 ‘ • i i 1 • f IH.1 ' ■ 4ft ‘V : V' m "0 ‘I ti- ll !f.!i : i’M A mm m W1 f.V -•) w: v i ’ f i I i-im ■ ‘ • »• ■ ‘ . ■ 'viwi I ... . » ......»1 -

Suggestions in the Ferndale High School - Reflector Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) collection:

Ferndale High School - Reflector Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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