Ferndale High School - Reflector Yearbook (Johnstown, PA)

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L 'X' Tvcsbffvff i" 92?f5 V' +ri1i? Lhlii ga f""". Wf7Wwf, K , W , wf f fda f M0 53257: , 6 fuLWJ,,QQWX7 f ff " M A ,, WYA J I dfp 1 A f, M f Q ff if ,ff ,Qff ff .'i uf ' ' vnwifif .,., K ,. . X , -4 .--f 1 ,Q J , fgiffnbzw ,ffffQ,wfM ,x X 1 ,KX fi bqkr , kgs, a 'W 5-1 .nhl .: - - j.-ggkzfggsf-..,n W.. 4 .:',n.:QmMng.- Q 53 , 45 ligfiiiiggjligg . 333443 6295 gtg? pf xg 155 fi? 5253 523155535 Ev d5 5Ef3?2i3 if ??f gi?fU ,V 4q?ja'?j.j3 305 gfiggjh E21 355 LO Zig? i Qiggifgg 3 5 .sb 5?5g532?JGgOi g Z? 3 wigs! ff 'f' f :xg E . ?ff s:5? fi Q iff 5 55 W5f?T5if 75475 ibrt il Qaifcfilliffff? Egg? 53 Daicfzfivu ...,..... Adminisfrafzbn ....., 61115555 ............. 5',v0rf5 ............... ,4c!11f1f1c'5 .............. Senior Dzmwry jurzirfr High ....... ... Cable af 6014 ......i6 55? ......54 ......86 ...J38 ...J47 f6'lfIfS 5 gi i T ,J A? E f Dedicafim . . . We, the graduating members of the Class of 1966, as a last and parting gesture wish to dedicate this, the 1966 edition of the Reflector to you-Miss Leora Rager. We hope that this annual will serve you as a reminder of our class and will in the future bring back only pleasant memories of our association. More important, however, is the fact that this is little payment indeed for the many services you have rendered to us, both individually and collec- tively, during our short sojurn at Ferndale. We will long remember your dedication to both classroom and extracurricular activities and the witty manner in which you so artfully shared your knowledge and experience with us. These lessons, which are not so easily learned nor so soon forgotten, will be in- valuable to us in the future. From the Class of 1966, heartfelt congratulations and every success in the future. Greetings to You: Basic to our approach in education is the theme "Education for all, equal opportuni- ties for all." As Americans we consider education as the best means for improvement and achievement. Education serves as the main vehicle in fostering such great ideals of our American society as individual dignity, personal liberty, and equality of oppor- tunity. Public education has been the main spring of our entire educational program. This program stresses the development of individual capacities, rather than fitting our stu- dents into a mold. The chance to succeed rests on abilities and talents of the individual rather than on background or inheritance. Our hope is that while you have been a student at the Ferndale Area High School that we have challenged you to develope your individual abilities so that you might succeed. Best wishes to the Class of 1966. May they continue the great ideals of our American Society. Sincerely, Elmer J. Berkebile Admini fnzfivu MR, ELMER BERKEBILE DR. RUSSELL R. GRUMLING Q MR. COLBERT W. VARNER Supervising Principal A557 Supervising Principal High Sfbggl Prinpipal During the 1965-66 school term, Ferndale Area Schools operated for the first time as a merged district. The administrators of our schools have done a remarkable job in overcoming the pitfalls which beset the school during this period of renovation. Under the leadership of Mr. Berkebile, Ferndale Area has emerged from the transition main- taining its reputation of academic excellence. He has received invaluable assistance from Dr. Grumling, who directs the elementary program, and Mr. Varner, the guiding light in the senior high school. The unsung heroes are the secretaries who assist in imple- menting the programs set up by the administration. "HATS OFF TO A JOB WELL DONE." MRS. EMMA KOERBER MRS. LILLIAN FAY MISS SHERRIE LYNN YUHAS Secrezary S efretary Sffwlflfy l6'mrd af Sducatim To the members of the Board of Education has fallen the responsibility of directing the entire operation of a school system. The member districts of the Ferndale Area Schools are truly fortunate in having the capable leadership necessary to provide the facilities and personnel which maintain the excellent standards of the community and promote the educational ideals of our society. Without the worthwhile endeavors of these dedicated individuals this would surely be impossible. To these men we impart our sincere congratulations. PHILIP COOK HERMAN OBER Preyidenz Vice-Preridenl Dale Ferndale it i t L f' A . VAAV .i EUGENE BURKETT PAUL DOYLE DEAN FETTERMAN Middle Taylor Ferndale Ferndale ADAM KOCH XWILLIAM LEWIS Lorain Dale ni? Fax 1" 511.4 JAMES RIEK DEAN RUMMELL Brownstown Bfiddle Taylor f Ez GEORGE W. JONES GEORGE SPENCE Sefrelary Solirizof Ferndale Zzculfy In determining the ultimate worth of an educational program the most important single factor to be considered is the faculty. An institution of learning is only as success- ful as its teaching personnel are capable. We at Ferndale are fortunate to number among our teachers some of the finest in the area. We wish to salute these people who have given so much of themselves and their ability to prepare and guide us for the future. sl L MR. RAY ALWINE MR. GEORGE E. AMBROE, JR. MRS. FRANCES ANDERSON Richland Township High School Adams Township High School Johnstown High School University of Pittsburgh Duquesne University Slippery Rock State College Indiana State College Indiana State College Indiana State College Capitol University English H eallb and Pbysiral Education Cbenziszry and Physics f. . 5.-V11 'Q ff VW? E E MR. ROBERT W. BAILEY MRS. SUE S. BENFORD MRS. I.. MARIE BLOUGH Westmont-Upper Yoder High School Adams Township High School Johnstown High School Juniata College Indiana State College Indiana State College Mathematics General Business Training University of Pittsburgh 9119 Grade English I0 MRS. JANICE BOLHA Ferndale-Dale High School Indiana State College Home Ecorzomiff' MR, GLENN BROUGHER MR.'DONALD F. FICCO Boswell High School Greensburg High School Indiana Slate Cgllegg Indiana State College Ar! I mmzflor and Superzfiror 10119 Grade Eflgliifv Drama MR. THOMAS FRIEBEN MR. NORMAN W. GAGGINI MR. DENNIS K. HAKANEN Ferndale-Dale High School Ford City High School Turtle Creek High School Indiana State College Indiana State College Slippery Rock State College World Culture: Pl9yJicol Scienre Biology Inlroduclory C laemiflry and Plfyrirr Playriology MRS. CAROLYN HUBER MR. GEORGE L. KAUFFMAN MR. EDWARD C. LEAF Cresson High School Altoona High School Laketfm High School University of Pittsburgh Lock Haven State College California State College Sparziflf Penn State University Penn SIMS UrliV6rSity P.0.D., Social Sludief, Indiana State College ami Physiology Driver Education and Arzierimrz H iflory ,-qi' MRS. RUTH LING MR. WAYNE McKAY Berlin High School Adams Township High School Mercy Hospital School of Nursing University of Pittsburgh Indiana State College Geography, Civics, School Nurfe and Science MRS. JUNE MILES Westmont-Upper Yoder High School Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital School of Nursing Indiana State College Grade School Nurie A ' . MR. SAMUEL M. NASTASE MR. JOHN E. PENCOLA MR. THOMAS P. PETRORE Beaverdale High School East Conemaugh High School J0l1r1StOWH High School University of Pittsburgh Concord College Indiana State College Penn State University Inftrumenlal Direflor General Buxineu Training Guidance Dirertor MISS LEORA G. RAGER MR. RICHARD RIGBY MRS. KATHRYN S. RODGERS Laura Lamar High School Dale High School Bangor High School Indiana Stte College Slippery Rock State College Hood College flwiw' and 5'f'f1i0f Eifgliflf Healzb and Phyfiml Edufation Librarian MR. WILBER WEBBER MRS. ELIZABETH T. WEIGLE MR. WILLIAM H. WILLIAMS, JR. California High School Cresson High School Ebensburg-Cambria High School Columbia University Indiana State College Indiana State College California State College General Bufineyr Education General Mzuic Mechanical Drawing Mixed Charm MRS. DOROTHY WILLIAMSON MR. LAURENCE M. WOLF MISS ELIZABETH S. ZVOLERIN Johnstown High School Ripley High School Windber High School Lock Haven State College Buffalo State College University of Pittsburgh General Math Indmzrial Arif-Mechanical Drawing Indiana State College Algebra I, ll General S6017 French MRS. KU CHAR We wish to thank the Service Department of our school for the fine job they have done through- out the year. The custodians in- dustriously tackled the task of keeping the building clean and the equipment in repair. They could be found doing various and essential maintenance jobs, from replacing light bulbs to repairing the Ventilating system. Our cooks are also to be commended for ef- ficiently serving to the student body inexpensive yet well balanc- ed meals. T H W K ,,., xx W A ,::,.11mW"" . MACHIC MRS. PAULAKOS, MRS. RUCOSKY, MRS. SMITH, MRS I BARNES z"'77,"3!1 I" L! f :AQ B4 MR. PEBLEY MR BOWSER 611155 1114111111: if ,Afl1lff6l'5 N111 J-111111 Liang 1,1011 1211112 16111 J-111W Wu 1611761 611155 9111111111 K656 611155 61111111 Burgundy 111111 White Seniors-this is your last year at Fern- dale, therefore, this, the Reflector of 1966, is devoted to you. The Reflector staff hopes that this issue will serve as a treasure of the future-serving as a link to the past. The Reflector presents in pictorial form the myriad of faces and events which made this-your senior year. It is necessary, how- ever, that you look not to the past, but to the future. Upon graduation you will be- come citizens of the World with adult duties and responsibilities for which you have been so adequately prepared. We, the mem- bers of the Reflector staff, impart to all of you sincere congratulations and the best of luck and success in the future. THEODORE TILTON ALLISON RICARDO ALVAREZ THOMAS GILMORE AYERS, JR "Ted" "Chico" "Tom" R.D.7-H Box 155 'R.D.41 Box 101A 858 Ferndale Avenue Middle Taylor Middle Taylor Ferndale Amdemic Commercial Amdemic ALBERT GEORGE BADER PAULETTE LOUISE BALLOW WILLIAM BENSHOFF "Al" "Paule" "Benny" 401 Cliff Street R.D.a951 Box 120B R. 360 Ohio Street Dale Middle Taylor Lorain Comm efrial C ommercinl Commercial ff' ...ff JAMES MICHAEL BEZEK ROGER ALFRED BLOUGH WAYNE MERLE BLUE "Bez" "Rog" "Blue" 185 Crystal Street 298 Goucher Street R,D,99f1 Box 228 Brownstown Ferndale Middle Taylor Amdwnic Amdemir Cgmmerfigl JOHN LLOYD BOAST TERRY LEE BOUCH RICHARD WAYNE BREHM "jack" "T" "Rick" R.D.9'f1 Box 238B R.D.a9f1 Box 96A R.D.4f1 Box 145 Middle Taylor Middle Taylor Middle Taylor Commerrial Affzdmzic Amdemic Nl U ,V XX 135 wp--f "!2""rnu BARBARA NELL BROWN DENNIS LEE BROWN RICHARD EARL BROWN "Babs" 'lSmuclge" "Sport" 329 Arthur Street 817 Parson Street 329 Arthur Street Dale Dale Dale Commercial Amdemif Commerrial MARGARET FRANCES BURKETT FRANCIS JAMES BURKHARD VIVIAN ELAINE BURKHART "Maggie" "Frank" "Vivian" R.D.94f1 BOX 297B 208 Thelma Street 254 Arthur Street Middle Taylor Lorain Dale Amdemir Commercial Commerrial 20 ,,..,W:1v NANCY LEE CHUMRIK THEODORE EDGAR CLITES STEPHEN CHARLES CONFER "Chumie" "Ted" "Reeves" 303 Habicht Street 716 Summit Avenue 586 Margaret Avenue Brownstown Ferndale Ferndale Amdemir Amdemi: Arademic CLAUDIA CAROL CONSTABLE FREIDA LOUISE COOPER ALLISON ASBURY COULTER, JR "Claudia" "Fritz" "Al" 510 Shomo Avenue 916 Austin Street 405 Vickroy Avenue Lorain Ferndale Ferndale Arademi: Academir Amdemir 51 - TV is ARLENE ELLEN CRAINIER REGINA MARIE CRISLIP DIANE LEE CRUICKSHANK "Lynie" "Jeanne" "Dee-Dee" 152 Arthur Street 217 David Street 311 DiHm0I1Cl Sfffef Dale Dale Lorain Academic Academic Affldfmif L, 'Y aint' N.,-f c N-.. Nm. c LINDA LEE CUSTER I MARK RICHARD DAVIS PAUL JOHN DEMCOE, JR. "Linda" "Stick" "Paul" 382 Ferndale Avenue RDa941 Box 105A 171 Anthony Street Ferndale Middle Taylor Brownstown Commercial Academic G ezzeml etre DIANE MARIE DIEHL JACQUELINE JEAN DIEHL GEORGE WILLIADI DIMPFL "Diane" "jackie" "Hawk" 67 Albany Street 689 Von Lunen Road 431 Vickroy Avenue Brownstown Dale Ferndale Commerrial Aazdunziv Afademic CATHY MAY DOOLITTLE "Cathy" 731 Bedford Street Dale Cfillllllffffdl ,-J' -.-:ff DONNA LEE DRISCOLL LINDA DIANE DROZ "Donna" "Lynn" 233 Arthur Street -100 Willis Street Dale Brownstown Coz1z111e1'fi,1l C 0 m 121 wfial .df WILLIAL1 JQSEPH DRZAL ROBERT THOMAS ELLIS LUCINDA ANNE ESPEY "Bill" "Bob" "Cindy" R, 523 Carnation Ayenue 615 Glenwood Avenue 913 Lemon Street Lorain Ferndale Dale Amdgmji- Amdemir Cozfzmefrrifzl ,. INIARY TI-IERESA FARANDA PAULA KAY FARLEY ERNEST DWIGHT FETZER "Mare" "Paula" "Ernie" RD9141 Box 103C 557 Vickroy Avenue 306 Alma Avenue Middle Taylor Ferndale Lorain Comm erfifzl C 0 nz 712 errial A C51d677Zft' 24 CAROLE ANN FISHER CHRISTINE MARGARET FRIEBEN CHRISTINE IRENE GEMBINSKI "Carole" "Chris" "Chris" 410 Ferndale Avenue 169 Anthony Street 444 Valley Street Ferndale Brownstown Lorain Commercial Amdemi: Amdwfziv Q5-was THOINIAS MICHAEL GOCH BETFY JANE GOOD MARGARET RUTH GOSSARD "Mickey" "Betty" "Peggy" 519 Hystone Avenue 407 Vickroy Avenue 718 Summit Avenue Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Commerrial Commerfial Amdemic DOROTHY MARIE HAHN CAROL ANN HAMILTON HARRY HOWARD HARSHEBERGER "Dorth" "Carol" "Huck" 65 Albany Street 326 Arthur Street 214 Orchard Street Brownstown Dale Lorain Comnzercial Academic Amdemir 1 NEW llytrll DELBERT SAMUEL HESS CAROLYN JEAN HILTABIDEL v GAIL HIPP "Chipper" "Carolyn" Sue" 178 Gilbert Street 2672 David Street 416 Glenwood Avenue Brownstown Dale Ferndale AfdtiE77ZiC C ommefciul Afrldemif CYNTHIA CHRISTINE HORNE PAMELA LOUISE HUTCHINSON JOSEPH STEPHEN IENI "Cindy" "Pam" "Joe" 747 Bedford Street 604 Summit Avenue 938 Bedford Street Dale Ferndale Dale Amdemir Amdemic Academic f-Q A30 SAINIUEI. ROY IINILER III PAINIELA LOUISE JAINIES ALISON BETH JARTIN "Sam" "Abbie" "Pidge" 906 Boston Street 305 Cliff Street 200 Quaker Street Ferndale Dale Ferndale Amdemif Conzmerzial Amdefmic i 2 7 JOHN EARL JONES JOHN RICHARD JONES "John" "jack" 1614 Forbes Court 823 Annie Avenue Ferndale Dale Academic Academic fi Y JOHN MICHAEL "Ke-if" 422 Margaret Avenue Ferndale Academic ff5Ju.gFW' ,,,f EWS ::,. - J,,, ,f'- AAAJ A :AJI 7 f J ft x l ' i all J Q CAROL AGNES KEIM ALAN ROBERT KEIPER JOSEPH JOHN KILLIAN "Tina" "Alleycat" "Bobo" 727 Clark Street 200 Cliff Street 389 Ohio Street Dale Dale Lorain Academic Academic General CONSTANCE LEE KRESS KATHLEEN MARIE LA PORTE "Connie" "Kathy" 203 Rosewood Street 175 Anthony Street Geistown Brownstown Commercial Commercial LINDA LOU LAVELY "Linda" 54 1 Oakland Avenue Lorain C ommerrial JOEL BRUCE LEBERKNIGHT THEODORE KEPHART LONG JOHN JOSEPH LOWES - '1lNIule" "Ted" "John" 715 Von Lunen Road 608 Vickroy Avenue 108 Arthur Street Dale Ferndale Dale Amdemit Amdemir Commercial PAULETTE LUTHER ROBERT HOWARD LUX RUPERT EUGENE LUX "Paulette" "Bob" "Rup" ' 719 McMilIen Street 242 David Street 242 David Street Dale Dale Dale Commerrifzl Academic Academic CHARLOTTE MCCLINTOCK JUDITH ELAINE THOMAS JOHN MALISKO "Char" "Judy" "Tom" 694 Messenger Street 201 Cliff Street 545 Marsh Avenue Dale Dale Lorain Aazdemic C om merrial Academic SANDRA ELAINE MARSH THOMAS JOSEPH MICALE MARY BERENICE MIHALICK "Sandi" "lNIOose" "Mary" R. 421 Ferndale Avenue 738 Clark Street 221 Station Street Ferndale Dale Ferndale Commerrial Amdemic Academic mr X 4-,:-+17 Msae ' ,H GREGORY JONATHAN INIILLER PAUL EUGENE MILLER VIRGINIA ELIZABETH MILLER "Gus" "Paul" "Sis" 616 Bank Street 551 Ruby Street 541 Ferndale Avenue Dale Lorain Ferndale AC!ld677Z1:C ACfldE777iL' Cf7m777gfffgl SARA ALICE MINEMYER GEORGE WILLIAM MINTMIER STEPHEN PAUL MISKE "Sally" "George" "Stush" 845 Vickroy Avenue 632 Bank Street RD3961 Box 266 Ferndale Dale Middle T-ylor Commerfial Arademic General X 1 A N 7 I l ll x LINDA ELAINE MOORS MARY FRANCIS MUHA LARRY ROBERT NAUGLE "Lin" "Mary" "Naugs" 524 Penrod Street 715 Glenwood Avenue R. 1008 Ferndale Avenue Lorain Ferndale Ferndale Afademir A cademi: Academic NELLIE MARIA NOVOA LOUIS JOHN NOZSAK FRED XWILLIAM OAKLEY "Nelly" "Hood" "Fred" 694 Messenger Street 450 Valley Street 612 Hystone Avenue Dale Lorain Ferndale Comnzercial Cammerrifzl Amdemir f-FR 4 ,1 1, 'Tri' ROBERT JERRY PALUCHAK EILEEN PAULOVICH ANTHONY ARTHUR PENNA "ShraZ2" "Eileen" "Meatball" 915 Vickroy Avenue 7126 Glenwood Avenue 15 Cliff Street Ferndale Ferndale Dale Arademif Commeffial Amdemic 33 KATHRYN LOUISE PETRICK CHARLES LEE PFEIL DIANE LYNN PIETRON "Kathy" "Charlie" "Diane" 746 McMillen Street 748 McMillen Street 113 Harlan Avenue Dale Dale Ferndale Academic Commercial Commercial NADINE PLUCHINSKY JAMES MICHAEL POLAK ELIZABETH ANN POLENIK "Nay" "Niff" "Liz" 707 Glenwood Avenue 142 North Street 511 Oakland Avenue Ferndale Brownstown Lorain Academic Academic Academic 1 A X XX JAMES PAUL POPCHAKX Y BARRY LEE RAGER "jim" "Rags" 314 Troy Street R. 420 Woodland Avenue Brownstown Lorain General Academi: BARRY LYNN RAGER "Barry" R. D. 9941 Box 203 Middle Taylor Amdemic RICKEY LEE RAGER TERRY WAYNE RHOADES MARY LOU RIBBLETI' "Rick" "Terry" "Sue" R. D. 41 Box 229 1602 Carlisle Street R- D- 9961 Box 94 Middle Taylor Ferndale Commercial Cammerriul Middle Taylor Amdemir MARIAN KATHRYN RICHTER RAYMOND JOHN RODGERS SALLY MARLENE SAINTZ "Marian" "Ray" "Sally" 532 Vickroy Avenue 726 Messenger Street R. D. 9951, BOX 195-A Ferndale Dale Middle Taylor Academic Academic Afffdiimif CARL DAVID SHAFFER MYRON KENT SMAY SANDRA JEAN SPEICHER "Shaf" "Myron" "Sandy" 224 Cliff Street 304 Emerald Street R. D. 9941 Box 192-E Dale Lorain Middle Taylor Amdemir Amdemir Amdgmif DONALD BLAIR STAMMLEY JACQUELINE STEPHENS THOMAS EARL SWAIN "Don" "jackie" "Tom" 714 Summit Avenue 1 Home Street 699 Messenger Street Ferndale Brownstown Dale Amdwzzir Amdemif: Commerrinl fi Q' 5.7- KEITH EDWARD SWARNEY SHARON DARLENE THEIL JOANNE ELLEN THOMAS "Keith" "Sharon" "JO" 167 Anthony sneer R. D. 41 BOX 254 R- D- 41 BOX 205 Brownstown Bfiddle Taylor Middle THYIOT Amdemir C07I17l267'fi.'l! Afddffflff K JAMES EDWARD TILLEY ANN MARIE THERESA TOMASKO DENNIS RICHARD TOMOVIK "Jim" "Annie" "Penner" 211 Cummins Street 370 Habicht Street 113 North Street Dale Brownstown Brownstown Commerrial Commercial Academic DIANNA MARIE TONONI JUDY MARIE TURNER "Toni" "Judy" 557 Ferndale Avenue 625 Bedford Street Ferndale Dale Academia Commerrial NJ NJ KY: C .. MARIE ALICE URBANIK JOANNE MICHELE VANGLARICK MARTHA ANN VOYTAS "Mare" UJOHUU5' "Marti" 226 Habifhf Street 533 Harlan Avenue R. D. JH, Box 264 Browngfown Ferndale Middle Taylor Cgmmeyfjgl Amdemif Commerfial My! J ROBERT GLENN WAGNER DARYL DWAYNE WALTERS "Wags" "Cake" 315 Station Street 119 Arthur Street Ferndale Dale Afademic Commerfial NANCY LEE WARNER .JAMES ROBERT WEAVER BONITA LEE WENTZ "Nancy" "Jim" "Bonnie" 733 Bloom Street 1001 Bloom Street 1612 Forbes Court Dale Dale Ferndale Amdemir Commercial Commercial '1-.....f-0" BARBARA LYNN WOODRUFF BARRY GENE WRIGHT "Barb" "Goose" 709 McMillen Street 500 Hystone Avenue Dale Ferndale Academir General A' Www RONALD JAMES YUHAS JOHN MICHAEL ZAHORAN NANCY JEAN ZAHORAN "Huey" "John" "Nance" 410 Penrod Street R. D. 9991 Box 263 R. D. 9541 Box 235 A Lorain Middle Taylor Middle Taylor Commerfial Amdemir Commerrial KAREN ANNE ZIMMER GEORGIA KAY GARRETSON "Karen" "Georgia" 108 North Street 575 Sam Street Brownstown Lorain Commerfial Commerrial SSL EW sl . , Whether you have one, two, or three years remaining at Ferndale the Reflector staff hopes that this Reflector will serve as a remembrance of this school year of 1965-66. jun 42 l Wvshmcu President-Bob Pickerill, Vice-President-Jill Jenkins, Sec- retary-Anna Pappas, Treasurer-Becky Miller O O O 43 junivrs . . . F. Alt W. Block K. College K. Crowley T. Duffy E. Feight W. Baft B. Boser J. Confer V. Croyle B. Emery B. Ferg J. Balko J. Bantly V. Barnitz J. Bowser D. Bozich L, Bremer D. Constable M. Constable W. Constable K. Cummings M. Daum C. Devorick D. Empfielcl B. Ewig W. Fallier J, Filorimo A. Fingerhoot N, Fisher . Black . Carstensen D. Crislip B. Droz . Farkas, E. Forgas ri Gaunt Hamilton Heiser Karan Kopco Manda M. Goch C. Hare D. Hill F. Karnes L. Korlcwitz T. Mandroc .g-of ,.. . Grandll . Harrison . Hillegass . Kasprzyk A . Layton . Mangus Mf Grimaldi S. Harrison J. Huber C. Keiper J. Lehman C. Martin P. Grove D. Harshberger BI. Hyland C. Koch L. Long R. Martin Y! F. Hagerich T. Hartman D. jones K. Koontz J. Majercsik 1. McFeaters l 45 J. McLaughlin D. Mock R. Petry D. Ribblett S. Rokita R. Schroeder L. Meier L. Meyer Newcomb W. Parke Polak J. Potter - Riek F. Riek L. RLISSGH VU. Ryqhak P. Shaffer S. Sharbaugh P. Mihalick D, Partsch L. Rager R. Rigby M. Safko E, Sherman Miller J. Perdas R Rager . Robertson Saintz . Shrum D. Mirilovich M. Petchar I. Reed L. Rodgers C. Scheck S. Small sk K f y J 7 .f X .,,.vv' Ef.. .,3 , ,. 4-it Av N app Y .. . PMS, D. Smith L. Smith A. Teeter B. Thiel R. Wfagstaff M. Ward YYSJ' Q ' .. ,f J . M. Smith S. Troyan S. Wentz M. Yuhns X L. Spisak D. Turek C. Wisor B. Zonin ! ... f, mr- ,f T. Stahl R. Strashensky J. Van Horne S, Vafm M. Wissinger N. Yarnovick ,as - 'Ax' X K fi . - .I I Sophomorcs O O O B. Allison E, Benshoff M. Bopp H, College J. Czeralc R. Fetzer J. Alt C, Berardinelli S. Burkett A Conley C. Dillinger K Figula . Arbaugh Bischof Burkhard Cooper . Drosjack S. Filliminov 1. B L R E R Bartis Blasko Byers Craig Eby Fisher H. Beatty L. Benett D. Block S. Bocsy J. Carclellino J. Cernak D. Crouse E. Crowley D. Erb E. Farnsworth J. Ford D. Forgas J. L. S. L. D. T. Fuge Grandinetti Horbal Jeroy Kinsey Lowes D. Gardner H. Grasser E. Hoyland W. Jones P. Kisel F, Lund -av' 'tun- P. Geiser W. Grata J, Hyland N. Karan C. Kwistkowski E. McCall J. Gehlman K, Heiple J. jaber L. Kegg J. Lake S. McClelland . -s-of vii 9-nn' S. Golias B. Helsel D. Jenkinson R. Kime J. Lees B. McDowell C. Good D. High K. Jerasa S. King N. Lehman 1. Macy R. Malee M. Micik J. Pittman C. Rhodes T. Russell S. Stzmko . Mancla . Miljanovich . Poyer . Richards N. Saintz D. Stevens B. Manclroc J. Munro A. Pringle D. Roberts F. Schoop D. Sturm Marsh L. Melnik W. Meyer Oleksa M. Partsch M. Perdas . Raysich G. Reighard R. Replogle . Rogers L. Rose J. Rosey Secary D. Smith N. Stammely , Swick N. Taylor W. Teeter M, . . V . 5 35' ,ll Q' ff 'N S. Tomasko M. Williams Q3 X mg KSN S k Q y Y Hreshm lfl . . . Row 1-D. Alt, K. Fallier, R. Irons, M. Killinger, B. Zonin, C. Stavas, S. Crist. Row 2-Mrs. Bolha, D. Oakley, L Graffius, J. Meier, B. Hagerich, D. Martin, D. Mundo, D. Lowes. Row 3-K. Schmidt, C. Mirilovich, L. Secary, I Kovach, P. Polak, V. Oroz, P. Tononi, J. Brown. Row 4-G. Cernetich, D. Clites, B. Wyandt, P. Hillman, A. Pappas L. Robinson, A. Wentz. Row 5AP. Carter, E. Steinhagen, T. Lavely, B. Shaffer, B. Pickerill, N. Bonner. gg : 0 c Row 1-C. Naugle, D. Mountain, K. Kopco, R. Danasko, B, Gawlas, J. jenkins. Row 2-S. Trostle, L. Berg, B. Granclinetti, D. Reed, D. Maschue, K. Swarney, S. Polenik. Row 3- L, Lugar, C. Hody, S. Pavlik, R. Wingard, B. Hamilton, E. Rheel. Row 4-P. Browning, D. Bouch, D. Barnes, K. Jurestovsky, T. Scheck, J. Smith. Row 5-R. Yarno- vich, P. Slezak, M. Mesaros, E. Ferg, R. McCutcheon. 52 I3 O 2 O 5 Row 1-Mr. McKay, M. Ripple, G. Ohala, S. Petree, B. Harrison, R. Koontz, C. Albus, M. Holko. Row 2-P. Shank, C. Gray, C. McDaniel, M. Youchak, A. Mihalick, M. Barnitz, L. Venner, K. Kopco. Row 3-R. Price, J. Kassander, S. Wisor, L. Speicher, C. Berkebile, J. Muchesko, C. Cameron. Raw 4-E. Swick, J. Constable, T. Newcomb, D. Duff, W. Matus, B. Gerber, B. Lester. k' 0 0 Ill 2 O I 0 0 'B Ill Row 1-D. Bell, T. Ripple, P. Cherney, J. Cranclle, B. Miller, K. Hanley, D. Rager. Row 2-Mr. Gaggini, R. Gill, G. Long, B. Muha, C. Brant, E. Ieni, C. Niovich. Row 3fD. Woodruff, F. Tarbay, D. Dupin, H. Mangus, G. Webber, B. Hnrshberger, B. Blaschak. Row 4SL. johnson, B. Petrebich, K. Spotz, J. Filorimo, R. Dunbar, B. Zahoran. Row 5- R. Carney, K. Allshouse, M. Opeth, R. Kosanovich, B. Wojcik, J. Bowman, L. Nfeaclows. 53 Q4 B255 , f? ,, i.5bmv1gpz,, V ff f .V .. ,-eb,E,sf,,:yw,,, K - , . .. inf' ,bf f m g an a in r l' X Q, 7 sz 32 R, Q Wi?-?M3?f -A'L I Q i at 445 ' 'WW'-' , ,, V , , F Vw ' V L ' ,' ,, A ,K ' ' 6 i Af :ffm LV Q Y SZ I M V i V I i 2, Q ss-if K I ' ig' Q5 Q 4+ A ,hw Kar , 504 , f ' 5-F ,V L: as 51. tary U ' J V 1 . , m gi ,LL Q ke, , J VL -I S, , .Af V .3 . mv L Q . KL "M ,, , , if , 1 I n 3, , u v K T ' ' fi' , AwW' W N V ,,.1Q.,,YJ W, 'W M-W ..,,. ,K W' fakqgmzi.. K N ' ' ' H' ,, -- .pm ' A , MNkW N , , , Hal' K 5 I 4 S If I7 1' I 5' I 965 .Wrath ll jackets Row 1-jack Hyland, Tony Penna, Jim Popchak, Bernie Thiel, Stanley King, Chris Gaunt, Bob Petry, jay Lake, Larry Korlewitz, John Gehlman, Nick Karan Raw 2-Coach McKay, Coach Rankin, Ernie Fetzer, Russ Wirrgard, Barry Wright, Eddie Manda, Walt Gram, Fred Oakley, Don Mock, Paul Demcoe, Eddie McCall, Ted Allison, Walt Jones Row 3-Daryl Gay, Cliff Keiper, Dave Gardner, Tim Mandroc, jack Boast, Chip Hess, Dwayne Hill, Terry Lavely, Louie Long, Mark Davis, Mark Wissinger, Coach Mntsko Sen Zfrs ERNIE FETZER I JACK BOAST BARRY WRIGHT Halfback Defensive Tackle Fullhack+Captain 56 PAUL DEMCOE MARK DAVIS End End TONY PENNA DELBERT HESS FRED OAKLEY Middle Guard Tackle Tackle TED ALLISON JIM POPCHAK Guard Guard Coach John Matsko Captain Barry Wright and Coach Matsko Coach Lynn Rankin and Coach Wayne McKay The 1965 "Football Jackets", under the tutelage of Coach john Matsko and his assistants Coaches Mc- Kay and Rankin, had a better season than the record indicates. Backed by fine school spirit and a will to win, the team represented Ferndale Area well in the gridiron wars, despite many key injuries. The team, sparked by a fine defense, managed to keep all opponents save one within distance until the final gun. The departing seniors leave behind them a fine tradition and example for the coming years. Line-Mark Davis, jack Boast, Fred Oakley, Tony Penna, Chipper Hess, Paul Demcoe Linebackers-Ted Allison, Barry Wright Halfbacks-Ed McCall, Ernie Fetzer, Chris Gaunt SEASON RECORD Laura Lamar .,.... United Joint . .,... . Conemaugh Twp. Westmont Hilltop East Conemaugh . . . Somerset ......... Portage .. Adams .... Richland . . . Ferndale ...... Ferndale ...... Ferndale ...... Ferndale ...... Ferndale ...... Ferndale Ferndale ...... Ferndale ...... Ferndale ...... ManagersiPete Richards, Bruce Ferg, Fred Robertson, Ray Rodgers, Chico Alvarez, Wayne Blue 59 mf' WSW 7 ' R ' fx, . 3 .21 r ,ig M fr' ' if 'H m..,,xN X xx Q. .,'- - 'iff ., 'A vi 1 , 1 . ,v , . 5 .ff Zak A ,. iw? 33' ll 'L 6 617755 Hrfunfry Raw 1: Ron Danasko, Paul Miller, Steve Horbal, Dick Brown, john Bowser, Eugene Ferg, john Lowes, Bruce Harrison Alan Riek. 62 Coach Rich Each autumn a small group of dedicated athletes, operating largely unnoticed, works diligently to rep- resent Ferndale Area in interscholastic competition. This year, the "harriers" of Coach Al Rich had a very productive season after 'a slow start, topped by a second place finish in the District 6, Class B, Championship competition. Coach Rich and his run- ners are to be commended for their efforts to repre- sent our school so well in this gruelling sport. Seuiars . . . PAUL MILLER JOHN LOWES DICK BROWN Bruce Harrison and Dick Brown wear the medals they received at the District 6 Cross Country Cham- pionship Meet held in Altoona. Largely through the efforts of these two athletes, who finished 6th and 7th respectively in a field that ex- ceeded fifty of the finest runners in the district, Ferndale Area copped second place to cap their 1965 season. Congratulations! Dick Brown and Bruce Harrison I 965-66 jacket Kagcrs Row 1-George Mintmier, Ed McCall, Bob Wager, Tom Malis ko, Jay Lake. Raw 2-Coach Rigby, John Lowes, Mark Wissinger, Bob Paluchak, jim Polak, Dennis Tomovik, Dwayne Hill, Larry Naugle, Dick Brown fmanagerj. Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale SEASON RECORD Q13 wins 7 losesj 63 Portage .... 44 59 Adams ..... 77 54 44 78 Triangle .... 68 Portage .... 71 E. Conemaugh 45 54 Adams .... 52 58 Indiana .... 52 73 Central Cambria .. 66 Triangle .... 42 Richland .... 49 59 Somerset .... 58 46 65 46 53 Westmont .. 43 Johnstown .. 57 65 Windber 51 86 Central Cambria .. 65 49 Indiana .... 54 50 Windber .. 53 64 Richland .,.. 67 55 Westmont .. 43 49 Somerset .. 50 Playoffs 57 L. Valley .. 52 59 Blairsville .. 56 Coach Rigby Q 190 XVins-122 Lossesj Ferndale 66 N. Bedford . . 54 Fernnale 60 Braddock 85 64 FERNDALE .. 66 NORTHERN CAMBRIA The 1965-66 edition of the basketball team had a monumen- tal task set before them. Playing in a league above their class, the "jack- ets" were following one of the most successful teams in the history of the school, having won both the Mountain Conference and Tri- County League Championships. A complete rebuilding job, under the watchful guidance of Coach Dick Rigby, produced a fine squad that remained in contention the entire season and was successful in get- ting into the District 6 PIAA play- offs. Congratulations are in order for Coach Rigby and his crew for a successful season and best of all, the District "6" B crown for the first time in the history of the school and advancing to the state quarter-finals. ..52 O 0 If JJ I? 19494. Dzsfrzcf 6 617155 Elzqmps '-69. Row I-Lester Bennet Row 2-Jeff Czerak, Dick Brown INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS F.G.A. F.G. Per. F.A. F. Per. Points Jim Polak 259 132 Mark Wissinger 236 106 Bob Paluchak 200 82 Bob Wagner 183 56 Denny Tomovik 161 66 George Mintmier 60 22 Don Mock 18 11 Tom Malisko 3 2 Larry Naugle 2 1 jay Lake 1 1 Dwayne Hill 0 0 Ed McCall 0 0 5191, 4595 4191, 509, 4191, 579, 069, 67'Z5 509, 1009, 009, 0091, 129 73 72 105 34 33 12 11 4 2 O 0 75 37 27 59 16 16 6 8 2 0 0 0 589, 519, 5791, 56 479, 5191, 5095 7395 509, 009, 009, 009, , l' 1 W' , gh Owl A If I' fofotlfz 4 rl. Denny Tornovik, Bob Paluchak, Mr. Rigby vt, i mumwwf-9- Mr. Rigby, Mark Wissinger an 27119 BOB PALUCHAK-forward JIM POLAK-center DENNIS TOMOVIKicenter BOB VVAGNER-playrnaker TOM MALISKO-guard JOHN LOWES-forward LARRY NAUGLE-forward GEORGE MINTMIER-guard juuivr Var ity . . . A fl at. lx Il f xt 1 x R Jef ,,, C v . QN '. fx '. x ,I X X Q f . x X r K 1 . , ,- r 1' 4 W V, E ,.-4 I x a . ., oi. 4 . s.' , ' Q x a Sufi 'L K x.X,. i .,, Q -..f .. ...- Q Row 1-Frank Riek, jay Lake, Ed McCall, Fred Alt, jeff Fuge, John Smithson, Tim Lowes. Row 2-Coach Wayne Klaum, Dave High, Dave Gardner, Wade Meyer, Louis Long, Dwayne Hill, Fred Wilson. The Junior Varsity bas- ketball team has shown much enthusiasm and ini- tiative throughout the sea- son both at home and on foreign courts. Under the guiding hand of Coach Klaum, they. trained with the varsity squad in order to improve their skill. The fu- ture successes of Ferndale basketball depend on how well these lessons have been learned. We wish to com- mend these athletes for their devotion to the sport of basketball and wish them success in the years to come. WELL DONE TEAM! Zh COACH-WAYNE KLAUM COACH KLAUM and JAY LAKE 67 Q C2 Pav .-.I if -.3 1 lm. 1 A A' .K- 55 vu, Q' gg,- 33 B! 2 0 ,Q Q xigfk. wx C I wf ah, . 1 ffefg. 1 ,3 Q 9 In I Q I 965-66 Wreswng Squad Q 2 W 12? U 1 pw .sr f RWM' aw! aww Ii ,Q mf mam 9 is fi A , 1 1. gfyanai, 153331, it . R P fafswif ir, 31 'S ,ji . rf if f 4 B41 wr fi' BYU, Row 1: Gary Cernetich, Ray Rodgers, jack Hyland, Fred Robertson, Larry Rager, John Muchesko, Bob Grandinetti. Row 2: Bruce Hamilton, Gary Reichard, Leo Grandinetti, jim Weaw'er, Steve Horbal, Wayne Block, Wayne Blue, Sam Wisor, Bob Blaschak. Raw 3: Larry Speicher, Tony Penna, Chico Alvarez, Ted Allison, Doug Crouse, Ed Manda, Bob Bischoff, Bruce Ferg, Chris Gaunt, Barry Wright. Row 4: Rick Rager, Ron Martin, Charlie Pfeil, Bill Parke, Mark Davis, Pat Slezak, Bruce Harrison, Delbert Hess, Cliff Keiper, Bob Lux, Pete Richards. .'Ng,,' 1' v , 5 ,rf ffz-,yw:f.fM,,f,f. ,, , , ,, 9 5 if ' 7 ,,-,?,, , J 1 mmm, ,fax A-N if ,, I g 35531, 1. ,as aa, , , 1 7 Ass't Coach George Kauffman 0 . Head Coach Lynn Rankin Ferndale .... . . . 26 Ferndale .... . . . 11 Ferndale .... . . . 38 Ferndale .... . . . 45 Ferndale .... . . . 23 Ferndale .... . . . 22 Ferndale .... . . . 35 Ferndale .... . . . 17 Ferndale .... . . . 40 Ferndale .......... WRESTLER'S SEASON RECORDS Reg. Sea. Rec. 95954 103956 1127? 120995 127-7? 133915 138915 1459? 154965 1657? 180955 Pete Richards Larry Rager Ray Rodgers Wayne Blue Chico Alvarez Bill Parke Mark Davis Ted Allison Barry Wright Ricky Rager Bruce Harrison H Delbert Hess TEAM RECORD Conemaugh Twp. .... 22 Boswell ............ 33 Central .. . . .. 14 Richland I . 6 Somerset ........... 22 Westmont ......... -. 20 Greenfield Kimmel . , . 5 Blairsville .......... 23 Cresson .... . . . 11 United ....... . . . 17 Christmas Tournament 7-3 1M1 frunnerupj 7-H3 1-1 Qrunnerupj 6'-2-2 2-O fchampionj 3-5 1-1 8-'Z 2-0 championj 0-3 7-3 1-1 Qrunnerupj 9-1 1-1 5-P4-1 1F-1 6-4 1-o 3-7 1-0 2-S 1-0 Overall team record-8-2 Overall team record 1964-65-3-5-1 Managers: Ron Martin, Bill Wojcik, Bernie Thiel The 1965-66 was a banner year for Ferndale Area wrestling fans. Coach Lynn Rankin, in his second year as head mentor, with the able assistance of Coach George Kauffman, led his team to the best season in the school's history. The season mark of 8 wins and 2 losses in dual meet competition placed the team among the finest in the district. We wish to salute Coach Rankin and his "matmen" for placing Fern- dale Area in the thick of the district wrestling scene and feel that through the inspiration of this year's squad, wrestling will continue to thrive at Ferndale High. lVell Done! 7 enirfr TONY PENNA MARK DAVIS-Captain JIM WEAVER WAYNE BLUE DELBERT HESS M, BOB LUX BARRY VURIGHT TED ALLISON f .Ti .. 11 -- RICKEY RAGER 7'-4 A N-ey. , , - 'J R ,fr RAY RODGERS CHICO ALVAREZ . 1 in , K , T2,i::,,, .v j 1 .W A 'if I, 4 'Q' , .nu 2 Q i 7' ,E na YBWPW 5 "'L" gli W 5 3 D ' Ou 7-11 'Y V ,, . 1,24 6 ... .4 ? ....s?f..,.:-ysuqzaa' '52 ' Q fw gl, ar- Sq I' Q Y Q- 5 f -9 4 Qai- 'U-. I 966 505 Team Row 1-Bob Wagner, Steve Confer. Row 2-Frank Riek, Terry Duffy, jeff Confer, john Gehlman, john Srnithson, jim Munro. f' R is G "H COACH DICK RIGBY Each spring, the fairways of district golf courses and country clubs are invaded by the most avid and enthusiastic of sports fans-the golfer. Ferndale Area's athletic program contributes to this mass mi- gration as Coach Dick Rigby leads forth his charges in their annui battle with par. This year's team promises to be better than ever with a solid con- tingent of seniors along with some fine under- classmen who improved their skill during the winter by attending a clinic under the direction of George Anderson, North Fork Country Club Pro. BEST OF LUCK TEAM. Seniars Q O 6 BOB WAGNER STEVE CON FER JIM BEZEK 78 Assistant Coach-George Ambroe I 966 Crack and .Weld 5 E i v Row 1-Dennis Brown, Chico Alvarez, Mark Davis, Jim Polak, Paul Demcoe, Dennis Tomovick, Bill Dirnpfl. Row 2-Terry Lavely, Charlie Pfiel, Chipper Hess, Tom Micale, Barry Wright, Terry Bouch. Row 3-Bruce Harrison, Wayne Rychak, Bob Petry, Bernie Thiel, Rick Brehm, Steve Horbal, jonathan Miller. 17 is gg t t Head Coach-George Kauffman Managers-Rick Brehm, Ron Martin, Bernie Thiel 2, , 5 .4 ,, - W , yu 1 ' ,. The truest measure of indi- vidual skill, strength, and endur- ance in the athletic world are the track and field events. Among the oldest of sports, track and field provides the only true individual confrontation of athletic ability. This year's track and field squad is preparing for the spring sports season under the guidance of Head Coach George Kauffman and Assistant Coach George Am- broe, both new faces among Fern- dale's coaching staff. With a small nuclei of returning lettermen, a rebuilding job has been started. We wish to extend the best of luck to the "thinclads" and their coaches. HAVE A GOOD SEA- SON! MARK DAVIS .1 A , ' N' ,, - 1 DENNY TOMOVIK Q K, ggyv av' ' "- ' cab Q, 79 enivrs . . . MARK DAVIS-Dashes CHARLIE PFEIL-Dashes CHICO ALVAREZ-Dashes BILL DIMPFL-Pole vault DENNY TOMOVIK-Pole vault 1 PAUL DEMCOE-Javelin BARRY XWRIGHT-Javelin I 'I I5 ax JIM POLAK-Discus DELBERT HESS-Shotput TOM MICALE-Shotput Il 25 23 24 s si- A ffvvaw - 5 2 li I 966 1511 elm!! jackets ROW' 1-L to R: Larry Korlewitz, Don Mock, Bob Paluchak, Dwayne Hill, Tim Mandroc, Mark Wissinger. ROW 2-L to R: Barry Rager fMgr.j, Tom Malisko, Steve Miske, Jay Lake, Dave Gardner,Joe Bartis, Ted Allison. Each spring Ferndale Area's athletic department fields a baseball squad to represent the school in the district diamond wars. Not considered by many to be a major sport at the high school level, baseball pro- vides many thrills for the sports enthusiast and should receive greater fan support. Our team is no exception! Under the management of Coach Petrore, the baseball squad braves inclem- ent weather, battles mud, and overcomes many other obstacles to field a team. With a strong senior nucleus, this year's baseball season promises to be one of the best yet. Good Luck Team! Coach Thomas Petrore 82 TOM MALISKO infield . Q Seniors TED ALLISON- outfield ERNIE FETZER- outfield 1 'I H-fi, ff ,ff STEVE MISKE- pitcher fl 3 Q A :I I2 A lg 2 i i JACK BOAST- l outfield , W W',f BOB PALUCHAK- f infield-outfield 83 N n ,H 9 vb rf., 1 I vw L .4 3.63 sk.. ,X-ai J 144' ,bww War rf' f 5 ,All av Q, 1 wif! mv- ""'-A-K 86 S M-X' f' ' Hg -,,f fi 5, .. .,...,,.. ,-E :Q msn'-K M. - sas. 1311144 The Ferndale Area High School Band, made up of 72 members and directed by Mr. I. E. Pencola, has provided musical entertainment for assemblies, pep rallies, and, of course, the half-time shows at the football games. They also marched in a number of parades, including the Halloween Parade, Christ- mas Parade, and the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, Virginia. Mr. Pencola, in an attempt to create more interest, held summer practice, a week of Band Camp at Mid- dle Taylor Grade School, and rehearsals during ac- tivities periods, first periods, and often after school. As a result, Audria Fingerhoot, Alice Teeter, and Tom Ayres were chosen to represent Ferndale in District Band. The band, again this year, sponsored a spaghetti dinner as their main fund raising project. 5 . S .. Pi 'vi A? we BAND OFFICERS SECRETARY: Debbie Harshberger, PUBLICITY: Brenda Harrison. Row 2-BUSINESS MANAGER: Cathy Brant, STUDENT DIRECTOR: Alice Teeter, TREASURER: Elaine Hamilton. Rau' 3-PRESIDENT: Ted Long, VICE PRESIDENT: Marlene Petchar. Rau' ISS. Harrison, S. Stanko, S. Rokita, C. Clark, S. Sharbaugh, J. Cernak, L, Russell. Raw 2-C. Koch, C, Naugle, M. Roberts, B. Allison, D. Rager, K. Hanley, C. McDaniels, B. Harrison, N. Sintz, S. Burkett, K. Rigby, L. Carney, S. Thiel, D. Harshberger. Row 3-P. Bock, T. Boscy, R. Finigan, B. Robertson, C. Fay, P. Ballow, S. Hipp, mmfmmsaam A. Coulter, R. Bokrus, M. A. Turbny, L. Berg. Row 4- D. Marlin, K. Oaks, C. Bouch. A. Layton, D. Ribblett, J. lXICFc:1ters, C. Roberts, A. XY'irick, C. Schricker, D. Carney, S. McClcIl1md, K. Jerasa. Rozz' 5- C. Brant, E. Forgas. C. Musulin. IW. A. Poliacck. R. Miljrmoyich, R. Forgas, -T. , is Pillet. D. Erb, K. Figula, P, Kusprzyk. A. Fingerhoot. Rou' 6+Mr. Pencola, A. Tester, F. Tarbny, D. Dupin. J. Bowser, E. Swick, T. Duffy, I.. Meadows, J. Bzllko. M. Petchar. E. Hamilton, Rau' 7--M. Bopp, IW. Smith. Ferg, -T. Huber. T. Ayres, T. Long, 1. Cooper, -I. MCFez1tc1's. K. Allhousc Cfvlrfr Guard Laura Berg, Kathy jerasa, Sharon Thiel, Cheryl Naugle SENIOR: Sharon Thiel Sharon Thiel, Cheryl Naugle, Kathy jerasa, Laura Berg MASCOT: Carolyn Clark -Am leww M QI.. jlflajmfff s g f E 1 S WW 1,1 Shirley Shurbaugh, Debbie Harshberger fHeadj, Sylvia Rokita. Sfmzdizzgx Julie Cernak, Sharyn Harrison, Lynda Russell, Sue . ,W -- 9I Hrfuceri Hand Rou' 1: Alice Teeter, Cathy Brant, Elaine Swick, Franics Tarbay, Debbie Dupin, Bonnie Allison, Diane Erb, Elaine- Hamilton, Donna Ribblctt. Rau' 2: Allison jartin, Sue Hipp, Brenda Harrison, Sue McClelland. joel McFeaters, Maryclare Smith, Agnes Layton, Kathy Hanley, Carol McDaniels, Marlene Petchar. Row 3: Paulette Ballow, Evelyn Forgas, Danny Rager, Pat Kasprzyk, Eugene Ferg, Auclria Fingerhoot, Marcia Bopp, Teal Long, Robert Eorgas, Karen Figula, Sally Burkett, Rose Miljanovich, Nanette Saintz, Karen Allshouse, Tom Ayres, John Balko, joe Cooper, Row 4: fsfflfldfllgj Mr. Pencola, Terry Duffy, john Bowser, joe Huber, Al Coulter, Lee Meaclows. Z9 p Hand Q 4'-2 FN: atv Mr. Pencola. Row 1: Elaine Hamilton, Sue McClelland, Cathy Brant, Alice Teeter. ROW 2: joel McFeaters, Maryclare Smith, Agnes Layton, Marlene Petchar, Row 3: Rose Miljanovich, Nanette Saintz, Sally Burkett, Karen Figula, Karen Allshouse, Tom Ayres, john Balko, Joe 2 Cooper. Row 4: Audria Fingerhoot, Teil Long. R010 5: fSlf1r1di11gj Terry Duffy, john Bowser, Al Coulter, Carl Koch. 93 Sm Zfr Hand jlflemb rs V ,,, g g . gf- a . L 2 5 , 3 15 f .1 'f il? t ,, : . 'I TOINI AYRES PAULETTE BALLOW TED LONG Played tuba and trumpet for five years. Played clarinet for five years, Played trombone for four years N1 i fi L l if it E 1 ' A1 r t 5 SUE HIPP AL COULTER ALLISON JARTIN Played clarinet eight and one half years Played tuba for four years, Played clarinet for eight years. and also plays bass clarinet. ,. i i , ryyrr y . ,, ,C . N Nu , ..:1. ,V af, 'fr 52, J. 'N nf N '- W H Hs: if. Vx Row one: Lundy jeroy, Vicki Croyle, Kathy Koontz, Kathy LaPorte, Cindy Espey Raw two: Mrs. Anderson, Joanne Secary, Nadine Pluchinsky, Susan Golias, Marian Richter, Pat Drosjack, Mrs. Bolha enicfrs . . . KATHY LAPORTE CINDY ESPEY MARIAN RICHTER Captain Co-Captain 1-, l X . . , 1 fm Q Cfheerleaders . As in the past years, our cheerleaders have proven to be a great asset in promot- ing school spirit. Beginning practice in early summer and continuing through the school year, they sponsored bonfires and pep rallies, and led all the cheers at the games. They also helped serve dinner at the All Sports Banquet in November. This year they once again hosted the An- nual Cheerleading Contest after their smash- ing victory last year with their original cheer -UONXWARD TO VICTORY" Advisors with Captain and Co-Captain Mrs. Anderson, Kathy LaPorte, Cindy Espey and Mrs. Bolha NADINE PLUCHINSKY ' N C it i lf f' v. ' Susan Golias, Nadine Pluchinsky, Joanne Secary, Vicki Croyle, Lundy Jeroy, Cindy Espey, Kathy LaPorte, Kathie Koontz, Pat Drosjack, and Marian Richter 95 CHEERING ADVISORS: Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Bolba 471114 br Var ity Hhverlazder i i 5 3 Raw 1: Debbie Roberts, Tracey Scheck, Nancy Mirilovich, Nancy Lehman. Rau' 2: Linda Rodgers, Rita Replogle, Diane Moun tain, Lyrm'Graffius, Colleen Stavas. 6.a4.,4. The Girl's Athletic Association is a club open to any girl in grades nine through twelve who is interested in gymnastics. Meet- ing every Tuesday and Thursday during activities periods with Mrs. Anderson, their advisor, these girls worked and trained for meets throughout the year. They participated in the Westiiiont Exhibition and some competed in the State Meet. A gym clinic and soccer tournament were also in their schedules. The main object of the club, though, was to get these girls interested in choreography and learning the skills necessary to perform what they composed. Advanced Tumblers Z CINDY ES PEY MARY FARANDA lil Row 1: Connie Wisor-Treasurer. Row 2: Cindy Espey-President, Mary Faranda- Secretary. Row 3: Debbie Bozich-Vice President. Row 1: Mrs. Anderson, Colleen Stavas, Karen Fallier, Connie Wisor, Stephanie Oleksa, Debbie Bell. Row 2: Carol Kinsey, Kathy Hanley, Lynn Venner, Diane Mountain, Rita Replogle. Mary Faranda, Beverly Gawlas, Cindy Espey. Row 3: Dolly Mundo, Lynn Graffius, Clarine Hillegass, Joanne Secary, Debbie Bozich, Agnes Layton, Debbie Roberts, Nancy Lehman, Marsha Youchak. Rau' 4: Patti Polak, Pamela Browning, Polly Grove, Lynda Russell. Janice Reed, Patty Drosjack, Frances Tarbay, Donna Ribblett. Row 5: Tracy Scheck, Linda Moors, Elaine Crowley. Debbie Duff. Rhonda McCutcheon, Anna Pappas, Bonnie Mandroc. 3 TN 4 3.15 'E' AVI' if Rota 1-Coach Rigby, T. Ripple, B. Hagerich, G. Long, L. Secary, F. Robertson, R. Malee. Row 2-R. Blaschak, T. Russell, S. W1S0f, M. Jurestovsky, G. Reighard, C. Hody, L. Rager. Row 3-C. Gaunt, N. Karan, T. Allison, J. Confer, B. Thiel, R. Rigby. Row lgapsia, J. Pittman, B. Wright, F. Alt, S. King, D. Crouse, C. Alvarez. Row 5-S. Confer, R. Yuhas, J. Boast, B. Parke, S. 15 e, . emcoe. This year's Gymnastics Club had an extremely busy year. Working closely with their coach, Mr. Rigby, - they learned the proper technique for spotting and participated in many exhibitions and clinics. They took part in the Wesunont Exhibition in October, the intermissions at the Cheering Contest, November 10, and in our Annual Gym Exhibition. In March they held a gym clinic and their gym team entered com- petition in the State Meet. They also competed in the NCAA Gymnastic Championship, April 2, at Penn State, and in the U. S. G. F. Championship, April 16, at Slippery Rock. Chris Gaunt-Vice President Larry Rager-Secretary-Treasurer Bill Parke-President 1 i f'4'1l't ' STEVE MISKE CHICO ALVAREZ TED ALLISON 98 Gymnastic 61116 JACK BOAST STEVE CON FER if Larry Rager, Chris Gaunt, Fred Robertson, Bill Parke, Paul Demcoe, and Rick Rigby. RON YUHAS P ,H Klub f. f,1., , y 7 v ' ily. . Z' K kr VA ' + ,X FW ,W j' H Y ni . Top: Row 1: Nancy Lehman, Nancy Mirilovich, Tracey Scheck, Debbie Roberts. Row 2: Mrs. Bolha, Nancy Connie Kress- Zahoran, Kathy Karan, Lynda Meier, Beverly Gawlas, Becky Miller, Cora Gray, Janice Meier, Debbie Secretary Bozich, Linda Byers. Row 3: Barbara Brown, Joanne Vanglarick, Alison Jartin, Chris Niovich, Kathy Nadine Pluchinsky- Swarney, Ellen Feight, Debbie Harshberger, Peggy Gossard, Regina Crislip, Patty Shank. Row 4: Donna .President Empfield, Carol Kwiatkowski, Clarine Hillegass, Diane Erb, Beth Emery, Chris Mirilovich, Judy Brown, Joanne Vanglarick- Elizabeth Polenik,,Kay College, Row 5: Shirley Sharbaugh, Marti Voytas, Karen Zimmer, Diane Cruick- Treasurer shank, Linda Custer, Judy McCune, Joanne Thomas, Carol Hamilton. Row 6: Sheryl Wentz, Pam Tononi, Debbie Harshberger- Judy Majercsik, Nancy Stammely, Jackie Diehl, Terry Hartman, Edith Eby, Sylvia Rokita, Marcy Urban. Vice-President Row 1: Kathy Koontz, Nadine Pluchinsky, Marian Richter, Kathy LaPorte, Cindy Espey. Row 2: Christine Martin, Charlotte Manda, Sue Stanko, Valerie Orosz, Ella Goodman, Ilona Kovach, Julia Filorimo, Maureen Partsch, Joyce Bantly. Row 3: Mary Ann Safko, Ann Marie Tomasko, Linda Robertson, Betty Good, Carolyn Hiltabidel, Frances Mangus, Polly Grove, Lynda Russell, Diane Diehl, Debbie Woodruff. Row 4: Julie Cernak, Linda Lavely, Barbara Muha, Charlene Yuhas, Lois Rose, Barbara Helsel, Marian Perdas, Pat Polak, Carol Good. Row 5: Sally Saintz, Ernestine Williams, Patty Carter, Pam Hutchinson, Connie Berkebile, Debbie Bouch, Joyce Alt, Margaret Burkett, Evelyn Rheel, Janice Ford. Row 6: Janice Reed, Barbara Ewig, Becky Miller, Cindy Horne, Helen Beatty, Nedra Taylor, Diane Partsch, Sue Newcomb, Anna Pappas. l00 One of the most ac- tive organizations in our school is the Pep Club. This year they sold can- dy, held bake sales, and sponsored a Halloween dance. They also sup- ported the Cheerleading and Majorette Contests, as well as other athletic events. Led by Nadine Pluchinsky and advised by Mrs. Bolha, they have done their share in promoting school spirit. Raw 1: Linda Rodgers, Lynn Graffius, Rita Replogle, Diane Mountain, Colleen Stavas. Raw 2: Jill Jenk- ins, Stephanie Oleksa, Karen Fallier, Bonnie Allison, Carol Keim, Susan Crist, Jill Jenkins, Edna Ben- shoff, Carol Berardinelli, Stephanie Tomasko, Debbie Block, Sally Burkett, Bonnie Zonin. Raw 4: Jaime Potter, Beverly Boser, Carol McDaniels, Lynn Venner, Susan Trostle, Shirley Polenik, Janice Rosey, Marcia Killinger. Row 5: Barbara XVoodruff, Sue McClelland, Susan Bocsy, Patty Arbaugh, Lynn Lugar, Barbara Crandle, Ann Mihalick. Row 6: Chris Frieben, Nancy Chumrik, Mary Faranda, Jackie Stephens, Sandy Speicher, Marcia Youchak. Jamal' Row 1: Joanne Secary, Susan Golias, Vicki Croyle, Pat Drosjack, Lundy Jeroy. Row 2: Mary Frances Muha, Margie Wissinger, Charlotte McClintockk,k kDiana Tononi, Marilyn Hyland, Connie Kress, Mary Ann Goch, Eileen Paulovich, Freida Cooper. Rauf 3: Janet Polak, Claudia Constable, Diane Stevens, Sharyn Harrison, Elaine Swickk,k Judy Filorimo, Kathy Heiple, Kathy Petrick, -Bonnie Mandroc, Chris Gembinski. Row 4: Bonnie Wentz, Pat Geiser, Karen Allshouse, Elaine Crowley, Marlene Petchar, Renee Schroeder, Karen Spotz, Mary Urbanik, Penny Hillman. Row 5: Linda Spisak, Marcia Bopp, Neva Bonner, Darlene Constable, Rosella Burkhard, Joanne VanHorne, Rhonda McCutcheon, Sally Minemyer, Mary Mihalick, Bonnie Droz. Row 6: Marcia Constable, Kathy Farkas, Nancy Yarnavick, Joel McFeaters, Roberta Yarnavick, Kathy Crowley, Debbie Duff, Arlene Cramer, Suzanne Swick. IOI Kay Z7 ,U 61116 Adding an extra enthusiastic boost to the cheering section of our student body, was another newly or- ganized club, the Boys Pep Club. Presiding was Tony Pennag the club was advised by Mr. Frieben. Headed by Tony, the club supported many of our athletic events, wearing bright yellow derbies and ringing bells. Yellow was the predominant color seen in the lower left half of the auditorium during Pep Rallies because of the huge mass of waving derbies, and when challenged, this mass could out yell the rest of the student body. As a newer club, they had few organized activities, but were never lacking in spirit. Keith Swarny-Treasurer Richard Brown-Secretary Tony Penna-President gl I! . i ui Sl SI Row 1: Mr. Frieben, Ray Rodgers, Paul Miller, Harry Mangus, jerry Rogers, jack Jaber, Richard Clites, Bruce Hamilton, Bob Grandinitti. Row 2: Larry Korlewitz, Nick Karan, Ed McCall, Keith Swarny, Bill Baft, Pat Noll, Rick Kime, Leo Grandinetti. Row 3: Louis Bremer, John jones, Tom Malisko, Mark Davis, Steve Confer, Bob Bischof, Chuck Devorick, Ed Steinhagen, Greg Miller. Row 4: Fred Oakley, Roger Craig, Larry Naugle, Dwayne Hill, john Zahoran, jim Tilley, Bill Dimpfl, Paul Demcoe. Raw 5.1 Pat Slezak, Steve Kopco, john Lowes, Carl Shaffer, Bob Paluchak, Bruce Harrison, Sam Imler, Doug Miller, Ron Yuhas. l02 l Row 1: Rick Marsh, Lester Bennett, Eugene Ieni. Jack Hylancl, Richard Brown, Ron Koontz, Rick Gill, Ron Fisher, Ron Danasko. Row 2: Tony Penna, jim Popchak, Steve Horbal, jay Lake. john Gehlman, Lance johnson, Larry Rager, Harry College. Row 31 Wayne Block, joe Ieni, Bernie Thiel, Alan Conley, Bill Wfojcik, Russell XY'ingarcl, Earl Hoyland, Dennis Brown, Torn Micale. Row 4: Steve Miske, Don Mock, Jeff Czerak, Bernie Blasko, W'alt Gram, David High. Bill Drzal, Barry McDowell. Rau' 5: Charles Pfiel. Cliff Keiper, Don Stammely, David Gardner, Chip Hess, Jim Bezek, Alan Keiper, Tim Mandroc, Terry Lavely. , he ' -- E X arg 'r I03 Key Klub The Ferndale Key Club has always maintained a reputation for being one of the most active clubs in the school. It is sponsored by the Greater Johnstown Kiwanis Club and is advised by Mr. Gaggini. Proj- ects for the year included selling programs at football games, candy at different times during the year, and refreshments at the basketball games. i The goal of the club was to send its officers and senior members to the Annual Key Club Convention which was held in Philadelphia. Bottom to Top: Ray Rodgers-Vice-President, Fred Alt-Secretary, Tom Malisko-Treasurer, Mark Wissinger-President. Q ' M i, l i Q J, W 1 "Egfr Row 1: Mr. Gaggini, Ray Rodgers, Dave Jones, Chico Alvarez, Ernie Fetzer, joe Ieni, Paul Shaffer, John Keifer, jeff Fuge. Row 2: Jeff Confer, Bruce Ferg, Eddie McCall, Fred Wilson, Carl Koch, Fred Alt, Bob Petry. Row 3: Wayne Rychak, Steve Confer, Mark Wissinger, Bob Paluchak, Jim Polak, Denny Tomovik, Bill Parke, Bob Wagner. ,una Row 1: Mr. Rigby, Ray Rodgers, Barry Lee Rager, Ernie Fetzer, Wayne Blue, Larry Rager, Fred Robertson. Row 2: Dick Brown, Chico Alvarez, Larry Korlewitz, Ted Allison, jim Popchak, Chris Gaunt. Row 3: Dennis Brown, Paul Demcoe, Steve Miske, Don Mock, Tom Malisko, Barry Wright, jeff Confer. Rau' 4: Jack Boast, Jim Bezek, jim Polak, Delbert Hess, Denny Tomovik, Mark Davis. Var ity Klub The Varsity Club is an organization made up of those boys who have earned a letter in one of Fern- dale's seven varsity sports. Club activities included a pie sale, dances after the basketball games, and the Annual Turkey Trot when Kathy LaPorte and Ernie Fetzer reigned as' Football Queen and King. Under the leadership of Coach Rigby, these boys have devoted their all to make our school outstanding in all seven sports. Bollom zo Top: Tom Malisko-Secretary, Jim Popchak-Vice-President, Barry Wright-Presi- dent, Mark Davis-Treasurer. Tliiil- 2.2 Sealed: Barbara Helsel, Linda Droz, Diane Pietron, Cheryl Hare, Kathy Karan Standing: Elizabeth Sherman, Patty Cherney, Joyce Raysich, Paulette Luther, Marcia Bopp, Lynda Meier, joel McFeaters 24 Joel McFeaters-Secretary Lynda Meier-Treasurer Mrs. Rodgers-Advisor Paulette Luther-President .5 , The Hilltoppers library Klub The Library Club is an organization open to any girl who is interested in future library work. Mrs. Rodgers, their advisor, trained them in the fundamentals of library organization and efficiency. Activities included a hootenanny with the Hilltoppers and a field trip. They also provided us with usherettes in the auditorium for our assemblies. .!..bL...I1 Row I-E. Sherman, P. Cherney, J. Meier, K. Karan, S. Bocsy, C. Hare, L. Meyer, E. Benshoff. Row 2-D. Empfield, L. Meier, L. Lugar, M. Daum, J. Majerscilc, C. Mirilovich, S. Rokita, S. Wentz, S. Sharbaugh. Row 3-P. Luther, N. Mirilovich, M. Safko, F. Mangus, D. Diehl, R. Miljanovich, E. Farnsworth, N. Fisher. Row 4-B. Helsel, E. Crowley, L. Spizak, J. Raysich, B. Gerber, Carter, S. Harrison, D. Partch, P. Zemyan. Row 5-L. Melnik, K. Farkas, N. Yarnavick, R. Yarnavick, J. McFeaters, D. Pietron, P. 061. Droz, M. Bopp. ' l itt .tai ' i l s . .37fiL.Q1 ' 5 .if ... . "21 if ' B 'N 'S ssls B it W fi 7' ' ' 'ffl I T' - -- . 3 Q... :1f it , , I' . 1 f ALVV V f ii A ., - W" f u -- L ,, .. fl, f t , travail" Q - ' 5 S z 41. ' n -7: C X I Q i l Row 1: Mrs. Williamson, Martin Holko, Jeff Fuge, jim Lees, Al Coulter. Row 2: Larry Speicher, Fred Hagerich, Russell Wingard, Paul Shaffer, Myron Smay. Row 3: Bill Drzal, Bob Pickerill, Bob Wagner, Bruce Ferg. Math 61116 One of the most educational clubs in our school was discovered to be the Math Club. These boys, who are interested in higher math- ematics worked closely with their advisor, Mrs. Williamson, to learn new methods and formulae for solving problems. The main area of con- centration this year was in basic logic. Boltom: Bruce Ferg-President, Russell Wingard-Secretary-Treasurer, Bob Wag- ner-Vice President. I07 S 5 5 , ,Q 1 1 3 ggi, Row 1: Brenda Harrison, Valerie Barnitz, Nannette Saintz, Shirley Polenik, Becky Miller, Susan Trostle, Monica Micik, Bonnie Allison. Row 2: Myron Smay, julie Cernak, Paul Miller, Leo Grandinetti, Barbara Ewig, Cherry Cameron, Kathy Jerasa, Row 3: Jack Hyland, John Keifer, Linda Spisak, jim Munro, Debbie Bouch, Bob Petry, janet Polak, Ricky Kime. Row 4: Bonnie Droz, Marcia Bopp, Bill Baft, Jonathan Miller, Frank Karnes, Lois Rose, Connie Berkebile. Row 5: Roger Craig, Don Stammely, Steve Kopco, Cliff Keiper, Tim Man- ' Spanish glllb This year the Spanish Club, advised by Mrs. Huber, arranged to co-sponsor with the French Club, a tea for Nellie, our foreign exchange student. The foreign exchange student from Richland was also invited to this event. Other activities included bake sales, a field trip, a dance, and selling Easter candy. droc, Larry Long. Row 1: Mrs. Huber-Advisor, janet Polak-Vice President. Row 2: Tim Mandroc-President, Roger Craig- Secretary, Steve Kopco-Treasurer. IOS gt 3 Row I: Miss Zvolerin, Shirley Edwards, Jaime Potter, Susan Weigand, Francis Lund, Lester Bennett, Rose Poyer, Donna Empfield, Sally Burkett. Row 2: Barbara Woodruff, Pete Richards, Alison jartin, Nadine Pluchinsky, Evelyn Forgas, Debbie Harshberger, Terry Russell, Pat Kisel. Ron' 3: Marcy Urban, Jackie Diehl, Lynda Russell, Elaine Hamilton, Karen Figula, Paula Mihaliclc, Nancy Stammely. Row 4: Joyce Alt, joe Ieni, Mary Mihalick, Robert Ellis, Carl Shaffer, Larry Naugle, Tom Micale, Margie Wissinger. 5'rem'l1 61116 To those students who want to learn more about France and her culture, the French Club is of interest. They along with their advisor sponsored their second Christmas Dance for the junior high students at Dale on December 18, and went on one cultural trip-to see a French play. They also presented an awards program in which pins were given to the senior mem- bers of the club and a certificate to the most out standing French student. ' l Bozlom lo Top: Allison jartin- Secretary, Nadine Pluchinsky--Pres- ident, Debbie Harshberger-Vice President, Mary Mihalick-Treas urer. y S, V , 5 K IO9 Row 1: Mrs. Bolha, Valarie Barnitz, Karen Zimmer, Joanne Vanglarick, Kay College, Nancy Zahoren, Jaime Potter, Sharon Thiel, Carol Keim. Row 2: Ellen Feight, Beth Emery, Christine Martin, Jackie Diehl, Ella Goodman, Diane Cruickshank, Linda Custer, Elizabeth Polenik. Row 3: Ann Marie Tomasko, Dianne Tononi, Linda Lavely, Polly Grove, Betty Good, Julia Filorimo, Terri Hartman. Row 4: Claudia Constable, Renee Schroeder, Joanne Van Horne, Marcia Constable, Sally Minemyer, Bonnie Wentz. Replacing Y-Teens is the Jackettes. As a girls' service or- ganization, the Jackettes have donated food baskets to the needy, decorated the Children's Ward at an area hospital at Easter time, and made a donation to a needy family with funds received from their Christmas Dance, which featured the Continentals. Advised by Mrs. Bolha, they have done much to serve our community. Polly Grove--President Linda Lavely-Secretary Joanne Vanglarick-Vice President Carol Keim-Treasurer IIO Row I-Mr. Kaufman, Lester Bennett, john Hyland, Tony Penn a, Nick Karan, jim Lees, jeff Fuge. Row 2-Bernie Thiel, Dennis Brown, Keith Swarny, jim Tilley, john Jones, Greg Miller, jay Lake. Row 3-Walt Grata, George Mintmier, Charles -Pfiel, john Zahoren, Walt Percinsky, Roger Craig, Hi Y is a YMCA club for high school boys. 5 Members join the club seeking friendship, adventure, r l ' recreation, and inspiration. They seek to make living better for themselves, their friends, and their com- munity, and at the same time set their goals Within harmony of the Hi Y purpose. The purpose of Hi Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian Character. J Tony Penna-President Greg Miller-Vice President Bernie Thiel-Sergeant At Arms Larry Long-Chaplain' Ted Clites-Secretary Charles Pfiel-Treasurer fats Klub The jets Club is organized with the purpose of interesting students in careers in science and engineering. Their projects include repairing the analytical balance and building a cen- trifuge, a magnetic stir, a spectroscope, and project lights. Each member must work on one of these projects or start one of his own. Under the leadership of Mr. Alwine, the advisor, this club has proven to be one of the most educational ones in our school. Connie Wisor-Communications Officer, Bill Parke-Navigator, Fred Alt-Captain, Bob Paluchak-First Officer. mba if " X If sv -1 ' .Si if 1 . . cfc o Row 1: Mr. Alwine, john Muckesko, Paula Mihalick, Dave jones, jerry Rodgers, Sue Newcomb, john E. Jones, Alan Conley Row 2: Larry Speicher, Fred Hagerich, Dennis Brown, John Miller, Karen Cummings, Carl Dillinger. Row 3: Roger Blough Rus sell Wingard, Fred Alt, Bill Drzal, Ed Manda, Harry Harshberger, joe Ieni. Row 4: Wayne Rychak, Cliff Rhodes, Bill Parke Bob Paluchak, Larry Naugle, Rick Brehm. shi!! :Qi pst! HER Rau' 1: Mr. Kauffman, Ray Rodgers, Barry Lee , Larry Korlewitz, Roy Johnson, Wayne Black, Albert Bader, Mike Goch, Allan Pringle. Row 2: Rick Keim, Mike Ierry Macy, Terry Rhodes, Bill Benshoff, Dick Brown, Frank Riek, Daryl Walter, Frank Karnes, jim Weaver. Rau' 3: Terry Duffy, Bill Baft, Jim McLaughlin, Dennis Brown, Charles Devorick, Louis Nozsak, Joe Killian, Rick Brehm, Harry Harshberger. Rau' 4: Ron Martin, Louis Bremer, Fred Oakley, Bill Dimpfl, Bob Lux, Pat Schrum, Walt Constable, jack jones, Bob Strashensky, Greg Miller. Row 5: Don Mock, Wayne Rychak, jim Tilley, Charles Pfeil, Cliff Keiper, Terry Lavely, Rick Rager, Bernie Blasko, Randy Rager. Row 6: Tim Mandroc, Allen Keiper, Charles Grandll, Jim Bezek, Bruce Harrison, Frances Burkhard, Steve Kopco, Tom Swain. Krfd and Gun This is a club composed of boys who enjoy hunting and fishing. The purpose of the club is to teach good sportsmanship to its members and to demonstrate the proper and safe use of sporting equipment. if Under the leadership of Mr. Kauffman, these boys learned much to help make hunting and fishing safer sports. cr Darryl Walters-ViceAPresident jim Tilley-Secretary-Treasurer Tom Swain-President II3 Row 1: Mr. Ficco, Carol Berardinelli, Jaime Potter, Beverly Boser, Susan Weigand, Nancy Lehman, Lundy jeroy, Carol Keim. Row 2: Linda Smith, Agnes Layton, Alison jartin, Nadine Pluchinsky, Elaine Hamilton, Karen Figula, Barbara Woodruff, Debbie Roberts. Row 3: Charlotte Manda, Mary Lou Ribblett, Kathy Petrick, Chris Gembinski, Dorothy Hahn, Cathy Doolittle, jackie Diehl. Row 4: Mary Muha, Mary Mihalick, George Mintmier, Carl Shaffer, Bob Paluchak, Larry Naugle, Tom Malisko, Tom Micale. Eiuiu c' mchers Preparing those Who wish to enter the teaching profession is the Future Teachers of America Club. The highlight of this year's events was hosting the 5 annual Central Western PFTA Convention of the District FTA. Other club activities were trips to var- ious colleges, and substitute teaching in the area grade schools. Money-raising projects included selling plas- tic book covers, and sponsoring the second annual "Anything Goes" dance. 1 Nadine Pluchinsky-President, Janet Polak-Vice Pres- ident, Kathy Petrick-Treasurer, Judy Turner-Secre- tary. II4 ,V M- , Q iii E, we few ,, af Amari: . . . Row 1: Miss Rager, Kathy jerasa, Regina Crislip, Marcy Urban, Nance Zahoran, Joyce Bantly, Debbie Harshberger, Donna Empfield. Raw 2: Judy Turner, Sandi Marsh, Connie Kress, Charlotte McClintock, Sue Newcomb, John jones, Nancy Stammely. Row 3: Ernie Fetzer, Becky Miller, Lois Rose, Joe Ieni, Marcia Bopp, Marjorie Wissinger, janet Polak, Barbara Helsel. Row 4: Darlene Constable, Roger Blough, Larry Long, Sam Imler, Chip Hess, john Zahoran, Carl Koch. II5 gufurc' Nur as Raw 1: Chris Frieben-President Row 2: Frieda Cooper-Treasurer, Kathy Heiser-Vice President Row 3: Arlene Cramer-Secretary may H Row 1: Valerie Barnitz, Elizabeth Sherman, Sandy Speicher, Chris Frieben, jackie Stephens, Joanne Vanglarick, Nancy Chumrik, Kathy Karan, Peggy Gossard. Row 2: Lynda Meier, Karen Zimmer Kathy Heiser, Chris Martin, Sally Saintz, Kay College, Carol Hamilton, Elizabeth Polenik, Marian Richter. Row 3: Pam Hutchinson, Diane Cruickshank, Barbara Ewig, Cindy Horne, Eileen Paulovich, Ella Goodman, Margaret Burkett, Joanne Thomas. Row 4: Dianna Tononi, Lynda Moors, Mary Ann Goch, Kathy Crow- ley, Joel McFeaters, Nancy Yarnavich, Bonnie Droz, Marlene Petchar, Frieda Cooper. II6 of flmerifa Vi? .NN- Rf FL? 01:5 For those girls who are interested in some type of nursing career, the F.N.A. serves as a good background. Under the leadership of Mrs. Ling, R.N., they worked to better prepare them- selves for their future careers. They were given the opportunity to ask questions on different phases of nursing and to discuss the require- ments of entering a nursing school. Many, who had free time during the school day, were able to participate in a program which enabled them to work along with Mrs. Ling while she per- formed her regular duties as a school nurse. Extra activities included a bake sale, a field trip, making a food basket for a needy family, and various other fund-raising projects. They also sponsored the Heart Hop- on February 12. II8 A 'mf .Pi . A5 - 1 iii., 1 .Q,. if ' E eezf' is 1 Row 1: Danny Rager, Ron Irons, jim Lees, Randy Price, Al Coulter, Marvin Ripple, Martin Holko. Row 2: Mr. Nastase, Dennis Reed, John Muchesko, Doug Gyorke, Carl Dillinger, Steve Pavlik, Pete Richards. Row 3: Leo Grandinetti, john Bowser, jim Smith, Roger Blough, john Balko, Jim Lehman, Don Forgas. Row 4: Larry Speicher, Fred Hagerich, Tom Carstensen, Dave White, Tom Newcomb, Terry Duffy. Row 5: Blaine Lester, Bob Pickerill, Dave High, Ted Long, Tom Ayres, Cliff Rhodes, Jeff Czerak. Bw 61116 Pete Richards-Director, Al Coulter-Treasurer, Larry Speicher-Director, Roger Blough+Presi- ag dent, Tom Carstensen-Vice President, Ted Long -Secretary, Dave White-Director. The newest addition to the school's club activities was the Leo Club. It was under the direction of Mr. Nastase and Dr. E. J. Hunt, a member of the Ferndale Lions Club. The club's purpose is: A. to serve the local high school by co- operating with the administration and faculty in developing leadership, schol- arship, responsibility, honesty, and respect in the students. B. to serve the community by respecting T fare of others. C. to serve the nation by promoting the be i ia A ideals of democracy and to unite its members in friendship, fellowship, and mutual understand- ing. and responding to the needs and wel-. Stage 6 ew This year was the first year Ferndale had an organized Stage Crew. Members were chosen so each class was represented. There were four sen- iors, two juniors, two sophomores, and six fresh- men. Under the supervision of Mr. McKay, their advisor, these boys proved to be very efficient in preparing the auditorium for assemblies and restoring it to its original form after them. Much time was spent, on their parts, during activities periods and often, after school in order that we might have the proper equipment and stage props for our assemblies. This group should be com- mended for a job well done resulting from the endless hours they spent and the effort they put forth. 'M l' .. . . T v is as t :Ei 4 .QQ Row .1 Martin Holko Pete Richards, Larry Speicher, john Muchesko, Bob Grandinetti, Mr. McKay. Raw 2: Greg Miller, Eugene Ferg Dennis Brown Paul Shaffer. Row 3: Frank Lund, Bob Pickerill, Tom Ayres, 'Ted Long, Bruce Ferg. Leo Gtandinetti-absent. II9 S t - Nwwf - 'ii 1 fi' , i ' 'C 1' f q . M K K I f Ji .les K.. if K 1 K f A ' -7 at C , -Q f R .. A J he r l m r tri i 1 f R' A Q X- AA ' X iil e iteei ,fr V t ,v Vii A is iz! 1552 A-A :kin . n A i we trss -Q ...- r f r. R ,. :E Q i ll 'K 5. -f ' QB 151223 I fr 1, . , T' gi fn, K X 1 -1 1 D . I ,... ,. A X R 1 f' D -1:1 . A A sfo Row 1: Russell Wingard, Roger Blough, Dennis Brown, Fred Hagerich. Row 2: David White, Barry McDowell, Bill Black, Carl Koch, Tom Carstensen. Row 3: john Perdas, Cliff Rhodes, Tom Ayres, Bruce Harrison, Ted Long, Doug Miller. Give 611111 The Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Willimns had fifteen members this year. They met in the high school audi- torium, during activities period, and worked out new music for the chorus. Their purpose was to receive musical enrichment through informal get-togethers. Mr. Williams-Director jaime Potter-Soloist I20 Khvru Row 1: Keim C., Tomasko S., Potter J., Kwiatkowski C., Vfoodruff B., Replogle R., jeroy L., Block D. Row 2: Fingerhoot A., Smith D., Coulter A., Wingard R., Miller G., Daum M., Hipp S. Row 3: Mr. Wil- liams, Russell L., Kress C., Carstenson T., Hagerick F.. Yuhas M., Empfield D. Row 4: Lavely L., Moors L., Koch C., Ellis R., White D., Diehl J., Stammely N. Rau' 5: Constable C., Wissinger M., Rhodes C., Ayres T., Long T., Goch M., Grove P. Practicing faithfully every day during seventh period, the chorus has provided the student body with much musical entertainment throughout the year. Highlighted by soloist, Jaime Potter, and the Girls' Trio, composed of Audria Fingerhoot, Lynda Russell, and Debbie Smith, they added much to our music department. One of the main attractions was participating in the carolling in the Park during the Christmas season. A half-hour's entertainment to passing shoppers was their goal. They also sang at our Christmas Assembly on December 22. Directed by Mr. Wfilliams, our chorus has shown much talent and' initiative and we were fortunate enough to have representatives attend both District and County Chorus. The main highlight of the year for the complete music department was the spring concert. Working along with the band, the chorus presented a program as successful as in past years. 'Q f eww f I Seuivrs MA M01 9- - 'f' kg, ? 1, ' ,..1,1fW5Q AY L n s ne fm fig I m l Q g Y' ff' 41" f xw Y BQ Top Linen Ted Long-baritone, Bob Ellis-bass, Claudia Constable-soprano Second Line: Linda Moors-soprano, jackie Diehl-alto Third Line: Connie Kress-alto, Greg Miller-bass, Carol Keirn-soprano Fourth Line: Al Coulter-bass, Linda Lavely-soprano Fifila Line: Sue Hipp-alto, Barbara Woodruff-soprano, Dennis Brown-baritone Sixth Line: Tom Ayres-baritone If 0 O One of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a high school student is membership in the National Honor Society. The purpose ,of this organization is to create an en- thusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to help others, promote leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the students of the high school. To attain membership in the Honor Society, a student must maintain a 3.1 average in his junior year and a 2.75 average in his senior year. 3 , i v 5 . f mn- ,- Q 12 i' ' . Jr ,. it v Row 1: Al Coulter, Charlotte McClintock, Nadine Pluch- insky, lvlyron Srnay, Barbara Woodruff. Row 2: John Keifer, Kathy Petrick, Chris Gembinski, Mary Lou Ribb- lett. Row 3: Roger Blough. Bob Wagnei', jim Polak, Carl Shaffer, Mary Mihalick. Raw 1: Al Coulter-Vice President Row 2: Kathy Pet- rick-Treasurer, Mary Lou Ribblett-Secretary Rau' 3: Bob Wagner-Presiclent l24 ECETABLES A 6 . i""'wm .,, Zfreigrz Srfchange Sfudvn! This year Ferndale was fortunate to have as its guest a foreign exchange student, Miss Nellie Novoa of Quito, Ecuador. Her father is a lawyer, her mother is a teacher, and she has three sisters, ages 22, 19, 13, and a brother 13. She was graduated in 1964 from Espejo High School in Quito, where she ranked first in a class of twenty. In December of 1965 she applied to come to America. After examinations in American Culture, written and oral English, and a subsequent interview, she was selected as an exchange student. Nellie's trip to Ferndale was a result of the joint efforts of the Student Coun- cil and the American Field Service. While a student at Ferndale High School Nellie was the guest of the McClintock family of Dale. 'ta "Kf?'Q2wi ff 5 Amie: are 'uri' ' FHM! 4 fudsuf Kauncil The Ferndale Area Student Council met every Wednesday during activities period in room 22, with Mr. Bailey, their advisor. Composed of an elected representative and alternate from each home room, the group worked to solve the many problems of the student body that arose throughout the year. As the governing body, they vigorously undertook the task of solving the major as well as the minor problems of the student body. Through discussion, debating, and counseling, the group was able to arrive at many decisions concerning school govern- E ment. The goals of the council were to have movies - throughout the year, sponsor a "T" shirt sale, pro- mote the' sale of tablets by placing 50c in three , tablets in the vending machine, and most of all- make our foreign exchange student feel at home here at Ferndale. They held an assembly early in the year to introduce Nellie to the students, and another in March to let her speak about her country and give ' us a chance to ask questions. The Council also organized a committee to print a school handbook containing the rules of our school, and another one for putting the name of the Top: Roger Blough, Nellie Nova, Sue Newcomb. school across fhe ramp- Bom' 5252 rilfaafiff 22,29 21252253355 ldemt Bm Ferg- i Row 1: Mr. Bailey, Connie Wisor, Barbara Woodruff, Ann Mihalick, Rose Poyer, Lynn Graffius, Carol Berardinelli, jill Jenkins. Row 2: Peggy Gossard, Donna Ribblett, janet Polak, Nedra Taylor, Sue Newcomb, Frieda Cooper, Mary Lou Ribblett. Row 3: Gary Reighard, Charlotte McClintock, Bonnie Mandroc, jerry Rodgers, Bill Wojcik, Ernie Fetzer, Kathy Petrick, Marcy Urban. Raw 4: Martin Holko, Bruce Ferg, Blaine Lester, Ed Manda, Bob Wagner, Steve Confer, Fred Alt. Raw 5: Bobby Pickerill, Bill Parke, Chip Hess, Bruce Har- rison, Mark Wissinger, Tim Mandroc. 3. CM. ,. , , Row one: Charlotte McClin- tock, Frieda Cooper, Mary Lou Ribblett, Barbara Wood- ruff Row Iwo: Ernie Fetzer, Steve Confer, Kathy Petrick 1 Q3 ::4,i. C ,gn sw: 294 , wmafl 5 is Row one: Connie Wisor, ja- net Polak, Donna Ribblett Row Two: Dwayne Hill, Bill Parke Row Zbree: Tim Man- droc, Bruce Harrison, Mark Wissinger I Q. was ,. vm Row one: Carol Berardinelli, Nedra Taylor, Rose Poyer Row two: Gary Reighard, Marcy Urban Rauf flares: Jerry Rogers, Ed Manda, Bonnie Mandroc ' u gl I E I "gFl,n ffl' Row one: Lynn Graffius, Martin Opeth, Ann Mihalick, Jill jenkins Row nw: Blaine Lester, Bob Pickerill, Bill Wojcik I27 Kvurier The Courier staff has once again managed to keep in step with the rush of school activities. Outspoken editorials, news, and feature articles provided interesting reading to the student body. Under the guidance of Mr. Ficco, the staff compiled, published, and distributed the newspaper. The Courier once again was one of the most notable activities of Ferndale. ADVISOR AND EDITORS: Mr. Ficco, Roger Blough, Kathy Petrick Row 1: Mr. Ficco, Jaime Potter, Diane Crislip, Nelly Fisher, Judy Majercsik, Paulette Luther, Peggy Gossard. Row 2: Janet Polak, john Keifer, Becky Miller, Bonnie Wentz, Sue Newcomb. Row 3: Kathy Petrick, Tom Carstensen, Roger Blough, Bob Wagner, Sally Mineniyer, Mary Mihalick. I28 4-t off, BUSINESS AND EXCHANGE: Jaime Potter ART EDITOR: janet Polak CO-EDITORS: Tom Carstensen, Sue Newcomb , EENIOR EDITORS: Peggy Gossard, Paulette SPORTS EDITORS: Bob Wagner, Bruce Ferg uther TYPISTS: Bonnie Wentz, Sally Minemyer REPORTERS: Mary Mihalick, John Keifer, Becky Miller, Wayne Rychak '29 5 ' s G. A Q . , fag a 5 .B Row 1: Mr, Ambroe, Jaime Potter, Lynda Meier, Pat Kasprzyk, Donna Ribblett, Kathy Jerasa, Bonnie Allison. Row 2: Marcy Urban, Judy Majercsik, Sue Newcomb, Betty Good, Mary Lou Ribblett, Janice Reed. Row 3: Paul Shaffer, Sandy Marsh, Connie Kress, Eileen Paulovich, Bonnie Wentz, Janet Polak, Judy Turner. Raw 4: Marcia Bopp, Tom Carstensen, Russell Wingard, Carl Koch, Sally Mine- myer, Mary Mihalick. Keflecfa We, of the Reflector staff, wish to thank everyone who helped us make this yearbook the best ever. Our special thanks are extended to Cover's Studio of Johnstown, Mr. Ambroe, our advisor, and all the patrons and subscribers. We hope that through these pages you will 4' remember all those good times you had during the 1965-66 school year, and that the seniors, especially, will have a "Pictorial History of Their Senior Yearf' Q 9, at ADVISOR, EDITOR, CO-EDITOR: Mr. Ambroe, Mary Lou TYPISTS: Swing from lefz to riglal: Bonnie Wentz, Sandy Marsh, Judy Ribblett, Sue Newcomb Turner. Standing: Betty Good, Sally Minemyer, Connie Kress I30 FEATURES EDITOR: TOIT1 Carstensen CLASS EDITOR: INIary 1YIihaliCIc SPORTS EDITOR: Carl Koch ASSISTANTS: Russel Wingard, Janet ASSISTANT: Judy Majercsik ASSISTANT: Kathy Jerasa Polak ACTIVITIES EDITOR: Donna Rilnblett JUNIOR HIGH EDITORS: Connie ART EDITOR: Janet Polak ASSISTANTS: Lynda Meier, Jaime Kress, Judy Turner ASSISTANT: Marcia Bopp Potter PICTURE FILE MANAGER: Pat ADVISOR: INIrS. Rodgers PI-IOTOGRAPHER: Paul Shaffer Kasprzyk BUSINESS MANAGER: Eilleen ASSISTANT: Jim Munro ASSISTANT: Bonnie Allison Paulovich ASSISTANTS: Janice Reed, Marcy Y Y ,L - , Q: V, ' b 'if 1 ,gt W' ' x L L ia 1 K if . . 5 Y-5-vw fy 1 35 if S Riggs i - Pi S .seg 4. ig 4 A ! Q Q..-H2 M x ffifvzf' ,L K O 53, illlln Lam gm, . .?'f' Q Pram On Friday, May 7, 1965, the social event of the 1964-65 school term was held at the Masonic Tem- ple as the junior class presented "My Fair Lady" in honor of the departing seniors. The prom is cer- tainly one of the long cherished memories a student takes with him and this one was no exception. The fleeting moments of this evening will live long in 'the hearts of all who attended. DIC l HELL SE was 3519 f 'dun Q ,,l I . AJVL, 1 ,mia M 0 Fifi'-. L 10-5 Ili f 'Rh 'Y q .rf -. 'W 3F3 mmwf 'a ,-"?"S 1-'ff fx vj A 1 Ch Vi I K 3 ...wo-snnnnqgqq ,V 915 Q v Scnivr ALLISON, TED Gym Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Track-1, Football- 1, 2, 3, 4, Key Club-2, Wres- tling-1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club- 2, 3, 4, Baseball-2, 3, 4. ALVAREZ, CHICO Wrestling -1, 2, 3, 4, Track-1, 2, 3, 4, Gym Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball Mgr.-2, 3, 4, Basketball Mgr.-2, Varsity Club-3, 4, Key Club-2, 3 CTreasurerj, 4. AYRES, TOM Band-1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Math Club -1, Jets Club-3, Glee Club- 1, 2, 3, 4, Leo Club-4. BADER, AL Rod and Gun Club -3, 4. BALLOW, PAULETTE Band- L, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, Future Nurse's Club-1, Future Teacher's Club-2, Y-Teens-1, Library Club-3. BENSHOFF, BILL Gym Club- 1, 2, Rod and Gun Club-3, 4. BEZEK, JAMES Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Golf-1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball-1, Varsity Club-4. BLOUGH, ROGER Math Club -1, 2, 3, 4, Jets Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Golf-2, Band-3, Wres- tling-2, National Honor Society -3, 4, Student Council-3, 4, Boy's Glee Club-4, Advanced Work Seminar for Able Youth -3, Leo Club-4 QPresidentj, Courier-2, 3 fAssistar1tEditorj, 4 QEditorj. BLUE, WAYNE Football Mgr: -1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling-1, 2, 3, 4, Rod and Gun Club-1, Key Club-2, 3, 4, Track-1, Varsity Club-3, 4. BOAST, JACK Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, Gym Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Football-1, 2, 3, 4, Var- sity Club-3, 4, Baseball-2, 3, 4. BOUCH, TERRY Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-4. BREHM, RICK Math Club-1, Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Football Mgr.-1, Track Mgr.- 3, 4, Wrestling Mgr.-1, Boyls Pep Club-3, 4. BROWN, BARBARA Y-Teens -1, Chorus-1, Pep Club-2, 3, 4. I38 Direcivty BROWN, DENNIS Science Club-1 CSecretaryj, Chess Club -1, Track-1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club-2, 3, 4, Jets Club-2, 3, 4, Hi-Y-3, 4, Boy's Pep Club -3, 4, Varsity Club-4, Rod and Gun Club-4, Basketball Mgr.-4. BROWN, DICK Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y-2, Varsity Club -3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4. BURKETT, MAGGIE Y-Teens -1, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurse's Club-1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A.-2, 3. BURKHARD, FRANCIS 'Rod and Gun Club-3, 4. BURKHART, VIVIAN Chorus -1, Chess Club-1, Y-Teens- 1, Pep Club-3, 4, Future Teacher's Club-3, 4. CHUMRIK, NANCY Y-Teens -1, Future Nurse's Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club-3, 4. CLITES, TED Reflector-1, 2, 3, Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Math Club-1, Chorus-2, 3, 4, Soph. Play-Actor, Junior Play-Actor, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4, Hi-Y- 4 fSecretaryj, Future Teacher's Club-4. CONFER, STEVE Golf-1, 2, 3, 4, Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, Key Club-2, 3, 4, Soph. Play- Actor, Football-2, 3, Gym Club-3, 4, Boy's Pep Club- 3, 4, Student Council-4. -CONSTABLE, CLAUDIA Y- Teens-1, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Jackettes-3, 4, Chorus-4. COOPER, FREIDA Class Trea- surer-1, Pep Club-2, 3, 4, Student Council-1, 4, Y-Teens -1, Future Nurse's Club-1, 2 fPresidentJ, 3, 4 QTreasurerJ. COULTER, ALLISON Band-1, 2, 3, 4, Jets Club-1, 2, 33 Math Club-1, 2, 3, 4,. Glee Club-1, 2, Student Council-2, National Honor Society-3, 4 fTreasurerj, Advanced- Work Seminar for Able Youth-35 Chorus-4, Leo Club-4 fTre'a- surerj, Pep Band-2, 3, 4. CRAMER, ARLENE Y-Teens- 1, Art Club-1, Chorus-1, Pep Club-2, 3, 4, Future Teacher's Club-2, Future Nurse's Club- 3, 4 fSecretaryJ, Class Treas- urer-3, Prom Committee-3. CRISLIP, JEANIE Chorus-1, Y-Teens-1 QVice Presidentj, Pep Club-2, 3, 4, Future Teach- er's Club-2, 3, 4, French Club-3, Student Council-3, Prom Committee-3, Class Sec- retary-3. CRUICKSHANK, DIANE Fu- ture Nurse,s Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens -1, Junior Play-Actress, jack- ettes-4. CUSTER, LINDA Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens-1, 2, jack- ettes-3, 4. DAVIS, MARK-Football-1, 2, 3, 4, Track-1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling-1, 2, 3, 4 CCaptainj, Gym Club-1, 2, 3, Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, 4, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4, Varsity Club-3, 4 QSecretaryj, Student Council -2 DEMCOE, PAUL Football-1, 2, 3, 4, Track-1, 3, 4, Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, Gym Club-4, Basketball-1, Varsity Club- 3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4. DIEHL, DIANE Y-Teens-1, 2, Jackettes-3, Pep Club-2, 3, 4. DIEHL, JACKIE Y-Teens-1, Chorus-1, 4, Pep Club-2, 3, 4, French Club-3, 4, Future Nurse's Club-3, Future Teach- er's Club-4, Jackettes-4. DIMPFL, BILL Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Track-1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play-Actor, Boy's Pep Club-4. DOOLITTLE, CATHY Pep Club-2, 3, jackettes-3, Future Teacher's Club-4. DRISCOLL, DONNA Y-Teens -1, Pep Club-2, 3. DROZ, LINDA Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens-1, 2, jack- ettes-3, Library Club-4 QVice Presidentj, Student Council-1, Soph. Play-Actress, Junior Play -Committee, Ring Committee- 3, Class Secretary-2, 3. DRZAL, BILL Math Club-1, 2, 4, jets Club-2, 3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-4. ELLIS, BOB Math Club-1, Chorus-2, 3, 4, French Club- 3, 4, Glee Club-1, 2, 3, jr. High Basketball Mgr.-1. ESPEY, CINDY Student Coun- til-1 fPresidentj, Pep Club- 2, 3, 4, G.A.A.-4 fPresidentj, Future Teacher's Club-2, Prom Committee-3, Cheerleader- 1, 2, 3, 4 QCO-Captainj. FARANDA, MARY Pep Club -1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A.-2, 4 fSecretaryj, Y-Teens-1, Cheer- leader-2. FARLEY, PAULA Band-1, Sales Club-2, French Club-3, Transfer from Mullens High School-4, Pep Club-4. FETZER, ERNIE Football-1, 2, 3, 4, Gym Club-1, 2, 3, Key Club-2, 3, 4, Varsity Club-3, 4, Class President-1, 3, Class Treasurer-2, Class Vice Presi- dent-4, Ring Committee-35 Baseball-3, 4, Future Teacher's Club-4, Student Council-4, Turkey Trot King-4. FISHER, CAROL Pep Club-1, 2, 3, Y-Teens-1. FRIEBEN, CHRIS Y-Teens-1 flnter Club Counselorj, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurse's Club-1, 2 QTreasurerj, 3 fVice Presidentj, 4 QPresiclentj. GARRETSON, GEORGIA Pep Club-1, Y-Teens-2, Future Nurse's Club-2. GEMBINSKI, CHRIS Y-Teens -2, 3, Pep Club-1, 4, Na- tional Honor Society-3, 4, Fu- ture Teacher's Club-3, 4, Prom Committee-3. GOCH, MICHAEL Rod and Gun Club-2, 3, 4, Baseball Mgr.-2, 3, 4. GOOD, BETTY Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens-1, 2, Jack- ettes-3, 4. GOSSARD, PEGGY Pep Club- 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens-1 QSec- retaryj, Cheerleader-1, Student Council-1, 2, 3 fVice Presi- tdentj, 4 QSecretaryj, Future Nurse's Club-2, 3, 4, Soph. Play-Actress, Courier-3, 4 fSenior Editorj. HAHN, DOROTHY Y-Teens -1, 2, Jackettes-3, 4, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurse's Club-1, 2, Future Teacher's Club-4. HAMILTON, CAROL Chorus -1, Y-Teens-1, Pep Club- 2, 3, 4, Future Nurse's Club- 2, 3, 4. I39 HARSHBERGER, HARRY Math Club-2, 3, Rod and Gun Club-4, Jets Club-4. HESS, DELBERT Rod and Gun Club-1, Basketball--1, 2, Base- ball-1, 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club-2, 3, 4, Future Te-acher's Club-3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4, Wrestling-3, 4, Junior Play-Actor, Track-3, 4. HILTABIDEL, CAROLYN Pep Club-2, 3, 4, Library Club-1, Jackettes-3, 4. HIPP, SUE Pep Club-1, 2, Math Club-1, Band-1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens-2, Chorus-2, 3, 4, Soph. Play-i-Actress, Junior Play-Actress, Future Teache-r's Club-3, G.A.A.-3. HORNE, CINDY Y-Teens-1, Pep Club-3, 4, Future Teach- er's Club-2, 3, 4, French Club-3. HUTCHINSON, PAM Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurse's Club-1, 4, Future Teacher's Club-3. IENI, JOE Science Club-1, Chess Club-1, Key Club-2, 3, 4, Jets Club'-2, 3, 4, French Club-3, 4, Student Council- 3, Future Teacher's Club-3, 4. IMLER, SAM Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, Math Club-1, Geography-Science Club-1, 2, Junior Play-Actor, Boy's Pep Club-4, Future Teacher's Club -3, 4. JAMES, PAM Y-Teens-1 QPresidentj, 2, Chorus--1, 2, 3, Pep Club-3, Jackettes-3. JARTIN, ALISON Band-1, 2 3, 4, Y-Teens-1, 2, Pep Club --1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band-3, 4, Future Teacher's Club-3, 4, French Club-3, 4 fSecre-taryj, Student Council-3. JONES, JOHN E. Math Club -1, 2, Jets Club-3, 4, Future Teacher's Club-4, Boy's Pep -4, Science Club-1. ONES OHNR Band 1 2' Jets Clula-1, Transfer from Bishop McCort High School- 3, Hi-Y Club-4, Rod and Gun Club-3, 4, Jets Club-3, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4. KEIFER, JOHN Math Club- I40 2, 3, Jets Club-2, 3, Key Club -2, 3, 4, Soph. Play-Actor, Junior Play-Actor, National Honor Society-3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-3, Courier--3, 4. KEIM, CAROL Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian--1, Y-Teens- 1, Pep Club-2, 3, 4, G,A,A,- 3, Jackettes-3, 4 QTreasurerJ, Future Teacher's Club-4. KEIPER, ALAN Chess Club- 1, Track-1, Rod and Gun Club -2, 4, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4, Hi-Y-3, Glee Club-3. KILLIAN, JOE Cross Country -2, Track 2, Transfer from Richland High School-4, Rod and Gun Club-4, Track-4. KRESS, CONNIE Chess Club- 1, Y-Teens 1, 2, Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4 CSecretaryj, Ja c k e t t e s-3. G.A.A.-3, Future Teacher's Club-4, Reflector-4. LAPORTE, KATHY Pep, Club -1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens-1, Cheer- leader-1 QCO-Captainj, 2, 3, 4 QCaptainJ. LAVELY, LINDA Y-Teens-1, Chorus-1, Transfer from Rich- land High School-2, Pep Club -2, 3, 4, Jackettes-4 QSecre- taryj, Chorus-43, 4. LEBERKNIGHT, JOEL Science Club-1, Glee Club-2, French Club-3, 4, Leo Club-4, Jets Club-4, Future Teacher's Club -4, Boy's Pep Club-4. LONG, TED Math Club-1, 2, QSecretaryJ, 3 fSecretaryJ, Glee Club-1, 2, 4, Band-1, 2, 3, 4 CPresidentJ, Jets Club-3, Cross Country-3, Stage Crew-3, 4 QStuclent Managerj, Chorus--4, Leo Club-4 CSCCICYRIYD. LOWES, JOHN Chess Club- 1, Cross Country--1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y-3, Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4, Rod and Gun Club-4, Var- sity Club-4, Gym Club-2, Boy's Pep Club-4. LUTHER, PAULETTE Chorus -1, Science Club-1 fSecre- taryj, Soph. Play-Actress, Jun- ior Play-Actress, Y-Teens-2, Courier-3, 4, Librarian-2, 3, 4, Library Club-2, 3, 4 QPresi- dentj. LUX, ROBERT Science Club- 1, Chess Club-1, Gym Club- 1, 2, Wrestling-3, 4, Rod and Gun Club-4. LUX, RUPERT Science Club-1 fPresidentj, Chess Club-1, Gym Club-1, 2, Key Club- 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Club-3. McCLINTOCK, CHARLOTTE Y-Teens-1, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council-1, 4, Chorus-1, 3, Ring Committee -2, County Chorus-3, Future Teacher's Club-2, 3, 4, Prom Committee-3, National Honor Society-3, '4, French Club-3, Advanced Work Seminar for Able Youth-2, American Field Service Committee-4. MCCUNE, JUDY Y-Teens-1, 2, Pep Club-3, 4. MALISKO, TOM Football-1, Baseball-1, 2, 3, 4, Rod and Gun Club-3, Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4, Key Club-3, 4 fTrea- surerj, Varsity Club-3, 4 QSec- retaryj, Boy's Pep Club-4, Future Teacher's Club-4. MARSH, SANDI Y-Teens-1, 2, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurse's Club-2, Soph. Play- Actress, jackettes-3, Library Club-3, Librarian-3, Future Teacher's Club-4, Reflector- 4. MICALE, TOM Student Council-1 fTreasurerj, Chess Club--1, Rod and Gun Club- 1, 2, Jets Club-1, 2, French Club-3, 4, Track-3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-4, Future Teacher's Club-4. MIHALICK, MARY Library Club-1, Math Club-1, Future Teacher's Club-2, 3, 4, Pep Club-2, 3, 4, French Club-3 fTreasurerj, 4 CTreasurerj, Ad- vanced Work Seminar for Able Youth-2, Reflector-3, 4, jun- ior Play-Actress, National Hon- or Society-3, 4, Courier-4. MILLER, GREG Class Vice President-1, Cross Country-2, 3, 4, Track-1, 2, 3, 4, Wres- tling-1, Crafts Club-1, Gym Club-1, Chorus-1, Glee Club -1, 2, Hi-Y Club-3, 4 QPresi- dentj, Spanish Club-3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4, junior Play-Actor, Rod and Gun Club -4, Stage Crew-4. MILLER, PAUL Geography- Science Club-1 QVice Presi- dentj, Soph. Play-Actor, Span- ish Club-3 QVice Presidentj, 4, Cross Country-4, Track- 4, Varsity Club-4. MILLER, VIRGINIA Y-Teens -1, 2, jackettes-3, 4. MINEMYER, SALLY Y-Teens -1, 2, Iackettes-3, 4, Pep Club-2, 3, 4, Courier-4, Re- flector-4, Magazine Campaign Manager-4. MINTMIER, GEORGE Crafts Club-1, Chess Club-1, Gym Club-1, Football-1, Basket- ball-1, 2, 3, 4, Rod and Gun Club-2, Hi-Y clul-3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4, Future Teacher's Club-4. MISKE, STEVE Football-1, 2, 3, Baseball-2, 3, 4, Varsity Club-2, 3, 4, Gym Club-3, 4, Rod and Gun Club-2. MOORS, LINDA Pep Club-1, Dance Club-1, Y-Teens-1, G.A.A.-2, 3, 4, Future Nurse's Club-2, 3, 4, junior Play-Ac- tress, Chorus-4. MUHA, MARY Pep Club-1, 2, Forensics-2, Transfer from Bishop McCort High School- 3, Pep Club-3, 4, jackettes- 3, Future Teacher's Club-4. NAUGLE, LARRY Dance Club -1, Geography-Science Club -1, jets Club-3, 4, Student Council-2, Basketball-2, 3, QMgr.j, 4, Boy's Pep Club-4, French Club-3, 4, Future Teacher's Club-2, 3, 4. NOLL, PAT Boy's Pep Club- 4. NOVOA, NELLY Library Club -2, Nursing Club-2, Social Club-3, Foreign Exchange Stu- dent from Espejo High School -4, Spanish Club-4. NOZSAK, LOUIS Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, 5, 4. OAKLEY, FRED Football-1, 2, 3, 4, Rod and Gun Club- 1, 2, 3, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4 fVice Presidentj, Future Teach- er's Club-3, Basketball-1, Track-2, Varsity Club-4. PALUCHAK, BoB Rod and Gun Club-1 , Geography- Science Club-1, Key Club- 4, Dance Club-1, Baseball- 2, 3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-4, Jets Club-4 QVice Presidentj, Basketball-2, 3, 4. I4I PAULOVICH, EILEEN Y- Teens-1, 2, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurse's Club-3, 4, Reflector-4. PENNA, TONY Class Presi- dent-1, Gym Club-1, Football -1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling-1, 3, 4, Key Club-2, Jets club-2, Baseball-2, 3, Hi-Y Club-3 CVice Presidentj, 4 QPresidentj, Boy's Pep Club-4 QPresidentj, Varsity Club-4. PETRICK, KATHY Y-Teens- 1, Student Council-1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus-1, Class President-2, Class Vice President-3, Class Treasurer-4, G.A.A.-2, Ad- vanced Work Seminar for Able Youth-2, Pep Club-2, 3, 4, Soph. Play-Student Director Junior Play-Student Director, French Club-3, National Hon- or Society-3, 4 'QVice Presi-jg dentj, Courier-3 fAssistant Editorj, 4 QEditorj, Future Teacher's Club-4 Cfreasurerj, American Field Service Com- mittee-4. PFEIL, CHARLES Football-1, Transfer from Bishop McCort High School-3, Hi-Y Club-3, 4 fTreasurerj, Track-3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4, Rod and Gun Club-4, Wrestling-4. PIETRON, DIANE Pep Club- 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens-1, Future Nurse's Club-2, Jackettes-3, Library Club-4, Librarian-4. PLUCHINSKY, NADINE Pep Club-1, 2, 3 QVice Presidentj, 4 fPresidentj, Cheerleader-1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens-1, Future Teacher's Club-3 QVice Pres- identj, 4 QPresidentj, National Honor Society-3, 4, French Club-3 CVice Presidentj, 4 fPresidentj. POLAK, JIM Rod and Gun Club-1, Golf-2, Basketball- 1, 2, 3, 4 fCaptainj, Track- 3, 4, Prom Committee-3, Key Club-3, 4, Student Council- 3, National Honor Society-3, 4, Varsity Club-4, Class Presi- dent-4. POLENIK, LIZ Pep Club-1', 2, 3, 4, Future Nurse's Club- 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens-1, Junior Play-Prompter, jackettes-4. POPCHAK, JIM Boy's Pep Club-4, Gym Club-1, 2, Football-1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club-3, 4 QVice Presidentj. l42 RAGER, BARRY LEE Basket- ball Mgr.-1, 2, Football Mgr. -1, Baseball Mgr.-2, 3, 4, Rod and Gun Club-2, 3, 4, Gym Club-1, Varsity Club-4. RAGER, BARRY LYNN Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Geography-Science Club-1, 2, Football Mgr.-2, 3, Future Teacher's Club-3, Jets Club- 4, Boy's Pep Club-4. RAGER, RICKFY Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Football-1, Wrestling-3, 4, Track-4. RHOADFS, TERRY Rod and Gun Club-2, 3, 4. RIBBLETT, MARY LOU Math Club-1, Band-1, 2, 3, Future Teacher's Club-2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council-3, 4, junior Play-Actress, National Honor Society-3, 4 fSecretaryj, Re- flector-2, 3, 4 fliditorj. RICHTER, MARIAN Pep Club -1, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurse's Club-1, 4, Y-Teens-1, G.A.A. -2, 3, Band-1, Cheerleader -1, 2, 3, 4. RODGFRS, RAY Wrestling- 1, 2, 3 ,4, Gym Club-1, 2, Science Club-1, Rod and Gun Club-2, 3, 4, Jets Club-2, Track Mgr.-2, Key Club-3, 4 QVice Presidentj, Football Mgr.-3, 4, Varsity Club-3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4. SAINTZ, SALLY Y-Teens-1, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurse's Club-1, 2 QSecretaryj, 3 fSecretaryj, 4. SHAFFER, CARL Science Club -1 QSecretaryj, Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball- 1, National Honor Society-3, 4, French Club-3, 4, Future Teacher's Club-3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4. SMAY, MYRON Math Club- 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Club-1, Re- flector-2, Spanish Club-3, 4, National Honor Society-3, 4. SPEICHER, SANDY Y-TeenS- 1, Band-1, 2, Pep Club-3, 4, Future Nurse's Club-2, 3 QVice Presidentj, 4. STAMMELY, DON Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, Basketball- 1, Baseball-2, 4, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4, Track-3, Spanish Club-4. STEPHENS, JACKIE Future Nurse's Club-1, 2 QVice Presi- dentj, 3, 4, Pep Club-42, 3, 4, Y-Teens-1, Student Council -1, G.A.A.-42. SWAIN, TOM Rod and Gun Club-1,'3, 4, QPresidentj, Class Treasurer-1, Cross Country -2, 3, Leo Club-4. SWARNEY, KEITH Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, Football-1, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4 CTreas- urerjg Hi-Y Clubw4, Future Teacher's Club44. THIEL, SHARON Y-Teens-2, Library Club-2, Chorus-2, JackettesH3, 4, Pep Club-3, Band-3, 4. THOMAS, JOANNE Chorus- 1, Transfer from Triangle High School-3, Pep Club-4, Fu- ture Nurse's Club-4. TILLEY, JIM Football-1, Rod and Gun Club-1, 3, 4, Track -2, 3, Boy's Pep Club-4, Hi- Y Club-4. TOMASKO, ANN MARIE Y- Teens+1, 2, Jackettes-3, 4, Future Nurse's Club-2, Pep Club-3, 4. TOMIVICK, DENNY Baseball -I, Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4, Basket- ball-1, 2, 3, 4, Track-3, 4, Key Club-4, Future Teacher's Club-4, Varsity Club-4. TONONI, DIANNA Pep Club -1, 2, 4, Cheerleader-1 CCap- tainj, Color Guard41, 2, Fu- ture Nurse's Club-2, 3, 4, Jun- ior Play-Committee, Jackettes -4. TURNER, JUDY Chorus-1, 2, Class Secretary-1, 4, Y-Teens -1, G.A.A.-2, Pep Club-2, 3, 4, Future Teacher's Club- 4 QSecretaryJ, Reflector-4. URBANIK, MARY Y-Teens- 1, Future Nurse's Club-1, Pep Club-2, 3, 4, G.A.A.--2, 3. VANGLARICK, JOANNE Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4 QTreasurerj, Y-Teens-1, Future Nurse's Club-2, 4, Future Teacher's Club-3, Jackettes-4 fVice Presidentj. VOYTAS, MARTI Future Nurse's Club-1, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens-1, 2, Future IH' Hougrafulafiaus 611155 fff foo Teacher's Club-2, 3, 4, Junior Play-Committee, Jackettes-4. WAGNER, BOB Student Coun- cil-1, 2, 3, 4 QPresidentj, Math Club-1 fSecretaryJ, 2 fPresi- dentj, 3, 4 fPresidentj, Key Club-2, 3 QPresidentj, 4, Bas- ketball-1 CMgr.j, 2, 3, 4, Golf -3, 4, National Honor Society -3, 4 fPresidentj, Courier-3, 4. WALTERS, DARYL Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, 3, 4 fVice Presidentj. WARNER, NANCY Y-Teens -1, Library Club-2, Future Nurse's Club-4, Future Teach- er's Club-2, French Club-3. WEAVER, JIM Rod and Gun Club-1, 3, 4, Wrestling-2, 3, 4. WENTZ, BONNIE Y-Teens- 1, 2, Jackettes-3, 4, Pep Club -2, 3, 4, Courier-4, Reflec- tor-4. WOODRUFF, BARBARA Sci- ence Club-1, Y-Teens-1 fCor- responding Officerj, Chorus--1, 3, 4, French Club-3, 4, Future Teacher's Club-2, 3, 4, Pep Club-3, 4, National Honor So- ciety-3, 4, Student Council-4. WRIGHT, BARRY Gym Club -1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball-1, Track-1, 2, 3, 4, Football- 1, 2, 3, 4 QCaptainJ, Varsity Club-1, 2, 3, 4 QPresidentj, Wrestling-3, 4. YUHAS, RON Gym Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Football-1, Rod and Gun Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Boy's Pep Club-4, Wrestling-4. ZAHORAN, JOHN Math Club -1, 2, Rod and Gun Club-2, 3, Boy's Pep Club-3, 4, Hi- Y Club-4, Future Teacher's Club-4. ZAHORAN, NANCY Y-Teens -1, Pep Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Soph. Play-Actress, Junior Play-Ac- tress, Cheerleader-33 Future Teacher's Club-2, 3, 4, Jack- ettes-4. ZIMMER, KAREN Future Nur- se's Club-1, 2, 4, Y-Teens-1, Jackettes-3, 4, Pep Club-1, 2 QSecretaryJ, 3, 4, Future Teacher's Club-3, Library Club -3. I43 I T as 7 fi fi gf li? Q71 I! if W at Eli 21 11 E Q I 1 THE REFLECTOR CLOSES Our trail stretches ahead We look backward and see the winding road that has brought us here. We look toward a limitless future Waiting just around the bend. Gratefully we remember those who first tread Ferndale's path. They established her traditions and blazed the trail for us. Humbly we pick up our packs and walk purposefully onward. There is much that still must be doneg the trail is beckoning. l45 -es' e - : ' ,MWuyMmwW as Haiaialaaia When twi-ligh't shades in-vite mem-ries to call our own Thru these short high school years we've known both-joys and fears Now tho our path di-vide our hearts are still as one Trpusiiyiililiiitayc N6 Veg ' H imitimwmnmmmimps xv bg za: ipilsfafqfnKarzai 11131125 a W e Fai F Ot-hers fade from my sight years have passed by Each year knits close the tie of friend-ships met wi E1 g g si,oooals:lofal1qJFiglrQ i J 1 if Pal of mine Fern-dale High I'll ne're for-get. Pal of mine Fern-dale High I'll ne're for-get. Pal of mine Fern-dale High I'll ne're for-get V C C Tffifieme jzmiar High Zlzking an zz auf Direcfivn This year all the seventh and eighth grade students of the district are attending school in the Dale junior High School building. Previously the students had attended school in their respective boroughs or townships. The change has proven to be very successful and the students have adjusted quickly to the new surroundings. 1. u-Ti' SJ' MR. RODGERS Univ. of Pittsburgh, Indiana State College B.S., M.Ed. Principal, U. S. Hirtofy Student Council, "Plenty" lc' Dale junior High operates under the capable direction of Mr. Rodgers, the principal. Charged with the complex duties of re- organization, Mr. Rodgers has done a commendable job of bring- ing together a new faculty and a new student body and welding them into a functioning unit. Dale's future success will be the reward for his efforts. MR. BAUER Indiana State B.S. Mdl1J87HdliCI jr. Pep Club C' MR. BOMBATCH MR. CLARK Indiana State Slippery Rock State, Pittsburgh BS- Master of Ed., B.A. in H. Ed. SP- Ed- Englifb Rod and Gun Club 59' MRS. ESPEY MRS. FELIX MISS GETTY Pennsylvania State University Indiana State Pennsylvania State University B.S. B.S. in Music Ed. A1-1 Pbyf. Ed., Heallh Cborur Y.Tggm- I48 As the school term began, a new era was marked by the Dale Junior High. Symbolic of its new position as an integrated facility serving the entire Ferndale Area System, many new faces were added to the familiar as the faculty was organized. This combina- tion implemented a program which proved to be second to none. Hearty congratulations are in order to these faculty members who give so much in order that youth may be served. MR. KLAUM Concord College KW. Va.j B.S. Pb yfical Educalion Coacb-Barbelball, Foolball MR. MATSKO MRS. NYCUM MR. RANKIN Michigan State University Hood College Slippery Rock State College B.S. B.S. B.S. Hirlory Home Economic! Science, Geogmpby Fggfbqll Knilling Club IVreJZling, I r. H. Science Club Foolball MR. RICH MR. RUSHIN MR. WEBBER Concord College QW. Va.j Indiana State California State, Columbia University B.S. B.S. B.S., lNI.A. Reading, Englifb U. S. Hiflory Indurlrial Arif, Drafting D,-gmgfjfy Club Craflf Club, jr. Higla Bafbetbull KWCUWIKFS EIGHTH GRADE. Row 1-wMary Jean Fallier, Linda Thiel, Mark Roberts, Randy Horbal, Jocelyn Smith, jack Blank, Beverly Ringler. Row 2-Mr. Bailey, David Peel, Kathy Rigby, Leslie Bock, Carl Michaels, Sharon Pluchinsky, john Stammely. Row 3-Rose Marie Baird, Ethel Mae Reed, Pam Schroeder, Betty Boast, William Hare, Diane Beise.l, Jim Hindman, Row 4-Charlene Steinhagen, Paulette Bach, Francine Aveni, Cindy Bouch, Margo Miller, Ron Grexa. Row 5-David Teeter, Joyce McFeaters, Gail Moors, Braden Garretson, William Shaffer, Gary Cassidy, Sharon Pauline. EIGHTH GRADE. Row 1-Beverly Blue, Lester McDaniel,- Helen Fisher, Pat Rovan, Robert Vuletic, jackie Crouse. Row 2-Mrs. Felix, Bill Robinson, Roberta Barkhimer, Kathy Hansen, Tom Muchesko, Bernadette Lux, Beth Cruick- shank, Nancy Miller. Row 3-Jeff Carlson, Gary Lindt, Jean Rhodes, Bob Polca, Becky Shiley, Becky Frambach. Row 4- Susan Miles, Myron Rummel, Debbie Maldet, Craig Fay, Karen Oaks, Nancy Nozsak, Tom Kegg. Row 5-Colleen Roberts, Maryann Poliacek, Rick Speicher, Bill Querry, Audrey Wirick, Jeff Pillet. rwkiug Qvrufard EIGHTH GRADE. Row 1-Ann Lynn McLaughlin, Karen Conley, james Shomo, Benny Hoyland, Mark Clemenson, Bob Keim. Row 2-Mr. Bauer, Cathy Derby, David Pyrich, Jim Gossard, Mark Driscoll, jim Ling, Sylvia Miller, Jackie Parrish. Row 3-David Manda, Tom Rager, Bob Lichtenfels, Doris Hoffman, Allen Blaschak, Craig Thomas. Row 4-Nancy Berke- bile, Dennie Rager, Michael Hanik, Bob Vann, David Rodgers, Diane Carney, Mary Ann Tarbay. Rauf 5-Bob Shumaker, Randy Walters, Gloria Hagerich, Tom Parke, David Leonard, Marcia Johnson. EIGHTH GRADE. Row 1-Joe Bennett, janet Callahan, Anita Ewig, JoAnn Kwarta, Harry Vann, Barbara Crislip. Row 2-Mr. Matsko, Sharon Fisher, Sandra Constable, Debbie Axmacher, Patsy Zimmek, Darlene Grasser, Pat Wisor. Raw 3-Bill Bantly, Tom Bocsy, Dan Farley, Sharon Hagerich, Valree Horner, Carleen Woodruff, Reed Finnigan. Row 4 -Ernie Williams, Earl jones, Leroy Long, Danny Derby, Sandra -Blasko, Carrie Schricker. Raw 5-Wayne Smith, Doug Craig, John Lautenbacher, David Taylor, Don Wendel. in zz Z? Warm! year SEVENTH GRADE. Raw 1-Tom Espey, Gary Gaunt, John Zonin, Danny Block, Maxine Schroeder, Don Shaffer, David Rager. Row 2a-Mr. Clark, Ellen Robertson, Vanessa Oleksa, Torn Pickerill, Roger Hody, Kelly Metzgar, Cindy Rein- holtz, Row 3-Mark Gawlas, Barbara College, Carol Melnik, Robert Ray, George Shaffer, Sherry Elgin, Peggy Bowman. Rau' 4-Craig Harrison, Susan Kennedy, Corinne Graffuis, Lula Long, Margie Robinson, Kenneth Merberger. Row 5- William Shikalla, Mary Ann Wonders, Doug McIlwain, Claudia Droz, George Bouch, Susan McCall, Alex Ballow. SEVENTH GRADE. Row 1-Tom Brehm, John Lund, Bonnie Rager, George Heidorn, David Ernpfield, Ray Drosjack. Row 2-Mr. Rankin, Harry Lonas, Pat Zahoran, Marian Zahoran, Betsy Wright, Shelly Hack, Roxanne Heiser. Row 3-Dennis Flowers, Sandra Flowers, Larry Stump, John Steinhagen, Linda Mountain, Chuck Venner, Tom Si- monton. Row 4-Bob Mclfeaters, Chuck Ribblett, Barbara Dudash, Cheryl Horner, Pam Kovach, Steve Duchnowski. Row 5-Debbie Walter, Kathy Musulin, Tom Costlow, Debbie Rucosky, Karen Poyer. ZMII1 Z? Warm! 911:55 ,llll S if ??'!?-3' Q1 t E M71 1 I SEVENTH GRADE. Rau' 1-Greg Confer, Dave Keim, Karen Jones, Darlene Balko, Linda Alt, Jane Bowser, Janice Croyle, Rau' 2-Miss Getty, Norman Price, Ruth Meyer, Christine Allison, Robin Rumrnel, Kathy Ripple, Christine Gorzelsky. Rau' 3-Debbie Blue, Carl Zwick, Tom Gentile, Ted Rogers, Robert Bokros, Mark Horne, Linda Booth. Raw'4- Ellen Mesaros, Steve Pinelli, Denise Szelazek, Gary Czerak, Kathy Holder, Connie Byers. Raw 5-Karen Gardener, Bob Wfitkosky, Jackie Bishof, Linda Gaye, Diane Berg. SEVENTH GRADE. Raw 1-Larry Petree, Ricky Harshberger, Bob Turek, john Cummings, Tom Vanfossin, Terry Michaels. Rau' 2-Mr. Rich, Nancy Parke, Edward Leonard, Rath Wagner, Dennis Grandinetti, jim Kensinger, Elizabeth Constable. Raw 3-Nancy Sherman, Tom Grumling, Brenda Hammer, jerry Albaugh, Sandra Truxall, jim jerasa, Norman King. Rau' 4-David Beltz, Ray Carter, Gary Just, Forest Thomas, Ricky Hildebrand, Ron Bopp. Raw 5-Ted Johnson, Kathy Cooper, Terry johnson, Gary Serbal, Carol Farkas. by Zhang ug lfmzfm A typical day in the life of a Dale student involves a great many activities in addition to the burdensome classroom duties. Each student braves the halls and stairvvays between classes, and some through "no fault of their own" manage to participate in activities in- volving the "Board of Education." A more enjoyable activity is typified by picture day and Don from Cover's Studio. S 6 I 0 ll u d rz 5 c n 1 I in ll Sur alluding Distr kt Row 1-Mr. Rodgers, K. Jones, B. Keim, K. Metzgar, T. Brehm, J. Bowser. Row 2-J. Callahan, C. Harri- son, L. Bock, S. Flowers, S. Pluchinsky, J Crouse. Row 3-J. Ling, T. johnson, D. Taylor, T. johnson, K. Dunmeyer. 6 h 0 ll I' ll 5 Row 1-Mrs. Felix, B. Ringler, E. Robertson, J. Callahan, R. Meyeg J. Zonin, D. Rager, L. Thiel, R. Heiser, P. Bowman, J. Fallier, M. Schroeder. Row 2-S. Elgin, L. Long, M. Robinson, V. Horner, 1. Cum- mings, I. Kensinger, N. Price, D. Grasser, D. Beisel, S. Kennedy, B. College. Row 3-D. Axmacher, K. Holder, C. Horner, F. Aveni, S. Pinelli, G. Czerak, B. Bokros, C. Zwick, P. Schroeder, C. Steinhagen, S. Flowers, E. Mesaros. Row 4-B. Boast, J. McFeaters, D. Walter, K. Cooper, J. Albaugh, T. Johnson, G. Bouch, L. Gaye, J. Bischof, G. Hagerich, M. Miller. D I' ll WI ll Row 1-G. Confer, R. Meyer, L. Theil, J. Crouse, K. Rigby, B. Ringler. Raw 2-C. Fay, H. Fisher, P. Rovan R. Baird, B. Blue, B. Robinson, L. McDaniel, Row 3-L. Hansen, B. Frambach, J. Rhodes, M. Tarbay, B Cruickshank, J. Mitchell. Raw 4-K. Oaks, N. Nozsak, C. Roberts, A. Wirick, D. Rocosky, S. Miles B. Shiley. Row 5-M. johnson, L. Gaye, M. Poliacek, D. Maldet, J. McFeaters, B. Shumaker. ffzfuf Z? lc' 61116 Row 1-K. Metzgar, V. Oleksa, J. Crouse, C. Gaunt, C. Reinholtz, B. Keim. Row 2-K. Hansen, D. Moore, D. Hoffman, B. Cruickshank, S. Elgin. Row 3-N. Berkebile, M. johnson, N. Nozsak, D. Maldet, B. Shiley, K. Oaks, S. McCall. Row 4AS. Ling, M. Poliacek, C. Farkas, C. Droz, C. Roberts, A. ,Wirick. Row 5-K. Musulin, K. Cooper, B. Querry, S. Filorimo. Row 1-A. McLaughlin, K. Jones, D. Keim, B. Ringler, J. Bowser, M. Schroeder. Row 2- Mr. Bauer, M. Fallier, B. Rager, K. Ripple, E. Constable, D. Balko, E. Robertson. Row 3- M. Horne, J. Kwarta, L. Thiel, C. Allison, N. Parke, P. Wisor, M. Gawlas. Row 4-P. Zahoran L. Mountain, C. Graffuis, C. Melnik, P. Kovach, S.'Hack. Raw 5-M. Wonder, L, McDaniel P Schroeder E Reed M Robinson . , . , . . P c lf 6 I u 6 Row 1-B. Sullivan, D. Blue, M. Zahoran, P. Rovan, B. Wright. Raw 2-B. Blue, L. Bock, C. Byers, R. Baird, S. Pluchinsky, E. Mesaros. Row 3-S. Fisher, B. Dudash, D. Szelazek, R. Barkhimer, N. Miller, P. Zimmek, H. Fisher. Raw 4-B. Frambach, J. Rhodes, S. Pauline, S. Miles, K. Poyer, B. Lux, Row 5wD. Mcllwain, S. Hagerich, G. Hagerich, C. Bouch, G. Lindt. 5 6dr y an 6' 5 I' I e a d 6 1' J. Krous, L. Bock, J. Meier, Co-captain-B. Miller, Captain-C. Gray, B. Frambach, j. Gawlas, S. Pluchinsky. s P 5 I' 16' ll I1 d Row 1-D. Keim, M. Roberts, B. Bokros, K. Rigby, B. Keim. Row 2-C. Fay, R. Finnigan, K. Oaks, T. Bocsy, B. Robinson. Razz' 3-D. Carney, C. Schricker, C. Bouch, A. Wirick, P. Bach, M. Tnrbay. Rau' 4-J. McFeaters, J. Pillet, M. Poliacek, K. Musulin, C. Roberts. 6' I 6' If L' 5 Row I-T. Michals, D. Empfield, D. Flowers, H. Vann, J. Lund, -I. Bennett, L. Petree, E I Sullivan. Row 2-B. College, T. Rodgers, R. Vuletic, 1. Ling, C. Fay, B. Robinson, M. Roberts P. Bowman. Row 3-Mr. Rankin, S. Miller, W. Shikalla, S. Pinelli, D. Granclinetti, B. Lichten fels, T. Ray, T. Gentile. Row 4-D. Pyrich, M. Driscoll, C. Leventry, D. Walters, B. Polca ll D. Purley, L. Bock, T. Bocsy. Rr1u'5+P. Bach, J. Pillet, D. VC'endel, R. Speicher, XXfz1inwright b D. Derby, B. Shaffer. Chair ,llcfizfif ks Row 1-Mrs, Nycum, J. Croyle, B. Croyle, P. Bowman, S. Miller, L. Alt, C. Gorzelsky. Row 2 g -L. Booth, D. Beisel, K. Dunmeyer, C. Derby, F. Aveni, L. Long, K. Holder. Row 3-C. Leventrv, S. Blasko, J. Bischof. D. Berg, K. Gardener, S. Truxall. 6 M- I' ll I S 6 I Row 1-J. Cummings, J. Hindman, M. Roberts, B. Turek, D. Rager. Row 2-H. Lonas, T b Ray, D. Grandinetti, T. Gentile, S. Duchnowski, Row 3-B. Lichtenfels, J. Carlson, D. Beltz, T. Kegg, J. Albaugh, T. Bocsy. Row 4-R. Hildebrand, R. Witkosky, F. Thomas, E. Williams, R. Carter. T 6 I1 6 5 S 6 l I Raw 1-Mr. Bailey, T. Pickerill, J. Shomo, B. Vuletic, J. Hare, M. Driscoll, M. Clemenson. 11 Row 2-R. Finnigan, D. Farley, J. Ling, G. Czerak, T. Rogers. Row 3+D. Rodgers, R. 'Grexa, D. Craig, T. Parke, M. Hanik, D. Rager. b S 5 IC W zz l'I i n i I1 d I 9 I i n During the Row 1-T. Espey, T. Vanfossir., G. Shaffer, T. Brehm, R. Hody, D. Shaffer, R. Drojack. Row 2-Mr, Clark, D. Block, J. Blank, A. Ballow, B. Bokros, J. Kensinger, R. Harshberger, G. Hei- dorn, R. Rummel. Row 3-K. Merberger, C. Michaels, B. McFeaters, C. Venner, J. Steinhagen, C. Zwick, N. Price. Row 4-B. Turek, T. Simonton, J. Hindman, R. Bopp, D. Beltz, L. Stump, D. Peel, E. Leonard. Row 5-J. Jerasa, D. Teeter, D. Craig, G. Serbal, B. Witkosky, G. Bouch, C. Ribblett. V ' Row 1-R. Meyer, J. Callahan, J. Kwarta, P. Wisor, A. Ewig, K. Conley, R. Heiser, B. Crislip. Row 2-E. Mesaros, J. Parrish, S. Constable, N. Miller. D. Axmacher, D. Grasser, S. Flowers, K. Rigby. Rau' 3-B. Lux, C. Woodruff, D. Beisel, B. Boast, M. Tnrbay, R. Wagner, L. Long, C. Derby. Raw 4-K. Holder, C. Steinhagen, B. Hammer, S. Miller, K. Dunmeyer, F. Aveni, V. Horner, C. Horner. Row 5-W. Clites, D. Carney, J, McFeaters, J. Bishof, L. Gaye, C. Schricker, M. Miller. Row 1-J. Zonin, H. Vann, H. Lonas, J. Cummings, G. Gaunt. Row 2-Mr. Klum, J. Stam- mely, B. Hoyland, C, Harrison, T. Muchesko, R. Finnigan, R. Horbal. Row 3-J. Albaugh, G. Cassidy, D. Rodgers, T. Kegg, R. Hildebrand, R. Carter, B. Bantly. Row 4-B. Vann, E. Wil- liams, E. Jones, L. Long, M. Rummel, D. Leonard. Row 5-D. Taylor, J. Lautenbacher, T. Parke, T. Johnson, W. Smith. l60 Salma! year The purpose of school is to provide each student with the tools necessary to successfully meet the challenge of life! Mr. Matsko and his class typify the learning activity so adequately provided at Dale Junior High. One of the most valuable tools in the educational process is the library. Here students meet to discover the secrets hidden in the vast confines of the books stored there. ,AUUHWQ 7th Graaf 270a!I1all Squad A new program was initi- ated this year for the seventh grade boys who were inter- ested in football. Mr. Amb- roe, their supervisor, under- took the tasks of teaching them the fundamental skills of the sport and the import- ance of good sportsmanship. He taught them various skills and plays and the responsi- bilities of each player on the team. This squad will later help determine Ferndale's sports record. Row 1: Confer, Gaunt, Heidorn, Price, Rager, Espey. Row 2: Rummell, Simington, Gawlas, McFeaters, Flowers, Pickerill. Row 3: Harrison, Pinelli, King, McIlwain, Bopp, Merberger. Row 4: Bouch, Serball, Johnson, jerasa, and Ribblett. juuiar J-hall Zratball Squad , X izg :WWQ his a is .is r 'N Q 'f f f leaf' K 5 Q at , ,m,l fsE,.ErfLM!g-1 ggi, ad ag A15 ,fax - r,. me aa wdfe3laaYranuQ9 3? .a frafwata gr Q V 'srwae Q Rnu' 1: Benint, Grandinetti, Hamilton, Horbal, Bantley, McDaniel, Rummel, Ling, Kegg, Long. Row 2: Petrovich, Craig, Carney, Wisor, Smith, Newcomb, Hody, johnson, Williams, Gyorke. Row 3: Parke, Speicher, Pickerill, Speicher, Wojcik, Slezak, Taylor, Constable, Parrish, Ebron. Raw 41' Wingard, Reed, Oakley, and Blaschack. I6l ,f Manager Dennis Reed hands out equipment under the watchful eye of Coach Petrore in preparation for a practice session. Head Coach Petrore Assistant Coach Frieben Under the direction of Coaches Petrore and Frieben, Ferndale Area's Junior High Football Squad practiced diligently and represented the school in the district's gridiron wars. On the skills learned during these practice sessions and games depends our school's future successes in football. I62 jaaiar High l5'asketball Saaaa -more 1 gi ,, s x.., i - X if f .,.- A, V X Row 1: Gyorke, McIlwain, Rodgers, Price, Pinelli, johnson, Stump, Carter, McFeaters. Row 2: Coach Weber, Reed, Farley, Kegg Peel, Clites, Secary, Petree, McDaniel, Ieni. Row 3: Webber, Barnes, Lester, Pickerill, Shaffer, Dunbar, Taylor, Smith, Wingard '- ,'ff , f, - 'iw' ,. X Coach Webber Ferndale Area was well represented this season in the Mountain Conference Junior High League. Under the direction of Coach Webber, the team practiced hard and long, learning and mastering those skills which are necessary to achieve success on the hard- wood. The team displayed a fine aggressive spirit and a strong will to win. These traits combined with a fine sense of sportsmanship leave an indication that the future of basketball at Ferndale is a bright one. We congratulate Coach Webber and his team for a job well done. EBSQ PM P00 J -1 'v 9 1 IO rl ll 40 at I64 --.1 T. Q-Q.ii e 1 Q Reed, Gyorke, Pinelli, and Ieni Gyorke, Reed, and Ieni Gaxy Weber The Reflector Staff and the Senior Class wish to acknowledge the contributions of our sponsors and patrons. We thank them and want them to know that they helped to make this yearbook possible. A Friend A Friend'l"l' Your neighborhood Independent Pharmacy Anderson Qandj Wonders Insurance Agency Westmont Shopping Center Beauty Shop -Prop.- Alverda M. Reddeceiff 944 Nathaniel St. Bridge Street Service Station 116 Bridge Street Cambria Home Bakery, Inc. 555 Ferndale Ave. Aikey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allison, Mr. and Mrs. james Altemus, Mrs. Florence Anderson, Mrs. Arbaugh. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bailey, Mr. Balko, Mr. and Mrs. John Balog, Mr. and Mrs. john Barkhimer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Beale, Mr. and Mrs. C. Beale, Mr. Gregory Beisel, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Berg, Mr. and Mrs. john Bezek, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Block, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Blough, Mr. Roger A. Bock, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bopp, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Boser, Mr. and Mrs. F. Bosser, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bost, Mr. and Mrs. B. Brant, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Branthooven, Mrs. P. K. Bugay, Mr. and Mrs. Lee A., Ir. Bullinger, Mr. and Mrs. Othmar Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Byers, Mr. and Mrs. George Byers, Mrs. R. Calderwood, Mr. john B. Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. james SPONSORS Dale Auto Service 721 Von Lunen Rd. Dutchs' Men and Boys Shop Westmont Shopping Center Ferndale Dairy Center 537 Ferndale Ave. Ferndale Pharmacy 606 Ferndale Ave. Ferndale Service Station 421 Ferndale Ave. Frank's Pizza Shop 923 Bedford St. Greater Ferndale Hardware 533 Ferndale Ave. PATRONS Carona, Mr. and Mrs. Carstensen, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Chumrik, Mrs. Clark, Miss Linda Clites, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Constable, Mr. and Mrs. J., Jr. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Coulter, Mrs. Allison Cramer, Miss Ruth and Bess Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Dale Flower Shop Daum, Mrs. Ben Davis, Misses Vickie and Mickie Davison, Betty jane Dick, Mr. W. J. Dishong, Mr .and Mrs. Clark Dunkle, Mr. and Mrs. Easton, Mrs. Eling, Mr. and Mrs. and Son Emery, Mrs. Elbert Enzbrenner, Mrs. Julius Euen, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fay, Mr. and Mrs. R. Felix, Mrs. Ferg, Mr Bruce Forgas, Mr. and Mrs. D. Ficco, Mr. Donald Fingerhoot, Mr. and Mrs. Finnigan, Mr. and Mrs. Firm, Mrs. Raymond Freiben, Mr. T.. Fruth, Mr. Fuge, Mr. and Mrs. C. Gaggini, Mr. Johnstown Suburban Gas Company 101 Ferndale Ave. Charles Melnik Aluminum Product Company 60 Ferndale Ave. Moxham Aquarium 638 Coleman Ave. Moxham Hardware, Inc. Central Ave. Thermo-Fax Sales, Inc. Westmont Shopping Center Tri-County Motor Sales 725 Westinghouse Ave. 10.00il"l' Garner, jay and Jim Gawlas, Mrs, Ann Gawlas, Mr. and Mrs. R. Geisel, Mr. and Mrs. F. Goehres, Mr. and Mrs. Gossard, Mr. and Mrs. S. Grimaldi, Mr. and Mrs. Grumbling, Mr. and Mrs. Grular, Mr. and Mrs. Guzzi, Mr. and Mrs. L. Haddle, Mr. and Mrs. B. Hakanen, Mr. D. Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. Hartnett, Mr. and Mrs. Howard, Galen Heiser, Mr. and Mrs. L. Heslop, Mr. and Mrs. Hess, Chipper and Ann Hindman, Mr. and Mrs. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hipp, Mr. and Mrs. C. Hodge Mr. and Mrs. G. Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. W. Horne, Mrs. O. B. Huber, Mr. and Mrs. A. Huber, Mr. joe Hunter, Mrs. Hyland, Mr. and Mrs. Imler, Mr. Sam Jaber, Mr. james James, Mr. and Mrs. R. jartin, Mr. and Mrs. G. jenkins, Mrs. William Jerasa, Mr. and Mrs. V S55 , Qfffgii 1 Y W! V S - R - a ' N if V .. N ...d Qs? asf by fs T ,' .- - - g Qs 5McGa , Mrs. NX OUQJ 155 lsabe X IcGregor, Mr. and Mrs. R. Mr . N tsl. t fee U clllgia-iff Mr. and Mrs. R. A wQ?USf, ' Qf Mr. and Mrs. W. If rgau pa. I'.21llQlxv f . G. Nast ,Ma s. M. V Xglkefm, G 'X ii ...X jf j yn Newcomb, Mr. and Mrs. H. Six NJ i Oaks, Mr. and Mrs. R. Jr. N N Liliwlm, . Doroghy Ober, Mr. and Mrs. H. irc i Mr. andfMrR3I9y! eksa, Mr. and Mrs. S. Klifvm. '- 9- Orosz, Mrs. jen ht , Mr. Otto, Mrs. Fred A , , JJ' Overdorff, Mr. Chester X MZ, .J Palmer, Dr. and Mrs. W. Rita, f f1gh2m, Miss L. fmon, Mr. and Mrs. C. Nb, Leberknight, Mr. and Mrs. C. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. W. Lehman, Mr. and Mrs. B. Lescinsky, Mr. and Mrs. and Family Livingston, Mrs. M. Louas, Warren Majercsik, Mr. and Mrs. J. Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. B. Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. M. Marsh, Mr and Mrs. Paul Matsko, Mr. and Mrs. Mauk, Mr. Charles Meier, Mrs. Pauli' Melnik, Mr. and Mrs. Metzger, Mr. and Mrs. N. Mihalick, Dr. and Mrs. P. Miller, Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. C. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Mlaker, Mr. and Mrs. R. Mock, Mr. and Mrs. E. Moingal, Mrs. Mary Moore, Mrs. C. S. Moser, Mr. and Mrs. W. Mosgrove, Mr. and Mrs. M. Muha, Mr. and Mrs. C. Muransky, Mr. and Mrs. W. Myers, Mr. and Mrs. A. McCortney, Mr. and Mrs. R. McDaniel, Mr. and Mrs. L., Sr. McGardner, Mr. and Mrs. I66 kM, WM, Pappas, Mr. and Mrs. Paulakos, Mr. and Mrs. D. Paulovich, Mr. and Mrs. D. Pebley, Mr. and Mrs. C. Pencola, Mr. and Mrs. J. Petchar, Mr. and Mrs. C. Petrick, Mr. and Mrs. E. Petrone, Mr. and M.rs. Petrore, Mr. and Mrs. Pfeil, Mr. and Mrs. C. Pillet, Mr. and Mrs. C. Platt, Mr. and Mrs. S. Pluchinsky, Mr. and Mrs. T. Polak, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Polak, Mr. and Mrs. Poliacek, Mr. and Mrs. C. Popchak, Mr. and Mrs. Price, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Pyrich, Mr. and Mrs. H. Rager, Miss L. Rankin, Mr. Raub, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Rdhamsen, Mr. and Mrs. Ream, Mr. William Ream, Mr. and Mrs. W. Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs. D. Rhoads, Virginia C. Ribblett, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Riek, Mr. and Mrs. C. Rigby, Mr. and Mrs. R. Ringer, Mr. and Mrs. W. Ripple, Mr. and Mrs. R. Rhoads, Virginia G. Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. G. Robine, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. P. Rodgers, Mr. and Mrs. Rokita, Mr. and Mrs. S. Rorsbaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Rummel, Mr. and Mrs. V. Russell, Mr. and Mrs. P. Saintz, Mr. and Mrs. E. Saly, Mr. and Mrs. 'Saylor, Mr.. and Mrs. R. Sebes, Mrs. Mamie Sharbaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Sheehan, Mr. and Mrs. D. Sheriden, Mrs. Smithson, Mr. and Mrs. Simonton, Miss S. Simonton, Mr. and Mrs. T Speicher, Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Rick Speicher Stanko, Mrs. Margaret Swarny, Mr. and Mrs. E. Thiel, Carol Thomas, Mr. H. F. II Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. R. Tomb, L. Z. Tomasko, Miss Tomovick, Mr. and Mrs. J. Urban, Mr. and Mrs. H. Urbanik, Mr. and Mrs. Vanglarick, Mr. and Mrs. Varshal, Mr. and Mrs. A. Vennet, Mr. and Mrs. C. Vickroy, Mr. and Mrs. H. Voytas, Mr. and Mrs. Walsit, Mr. and Mrs. R. Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. R. Webber, Mr. Webbs Williams, Mr. G. W. Williamson, Mrs. D. Wingard, Mr. and Mrs. C. Wirick, Mr. and Mrs. D. Yuhas, Miss S. L. Zima, Mrs. Anna Zimmer, Mrs. E. Zahoran, Mrs. john Zvolerin, Miss E. By chance there may be an omis sion. We wish to extend our most humble apologies if this IS the case 'I' 355.00 f - N 4- - -A f-ff - -- uf--V mv-, w---1---far-nn---Wm 4 .mv ,L 'W Aufvgraphs . . . M LMC b, qR,QwvU.4fvJf"UK f-VA'Y'M"'UJk Digg QS! nf -CACVF LMJJJN ,, 5 U . 1 T CMAJ I 14 - A. M awk MQW My Mgig ?j9,w3ym Ww!fw1a Qzbgziw 1 Mfcfggwp 4 WL Xwiww 'P WAWWM i mf? JZ L Owkgb, Wxfm J WCuW Ailfxqgcwff YDVMJLAA x.: - 4 1 Md gagwwwlw Ayv-fiylwvdwlwkabvkgpmdegk ,QJQUXXQJZA NZCWMQEXQQ ciLcywJf,bw'HfJwJMvlQf MIK? f LAM vm!!! fmufaanfvrwkfu! YQ -WV A L A4 JM xb, JQWWL Q, uwxximbgafi aw 1 bfJfmQgA21SJQMJ:Dfkf'vW'M1QwfbWfiLM M f , ,L OMIM Wk WVUWUQLTMWJQJ QWMzz,fjfjz,k pri Ufilw-Lf' 0q'C'0'UsA'O' KQ 4 M . 's ,Up Q ,pw Uk P E ' -T M Mm M W6 fl 0-10 - .I A Owl Q mu QW M MW gf WS FWF! ufvgzvzplzs . . . W My Lp My UJJAW9 EJWW Mws t. V XJQMQ ,W KQMWNJEMWMWWWM Wf M VW ff , j,1s:1C0Li iw,,.Jf- K My ff ff cmfsff K 'MMGWMXQM few -.,,.y5: MJ!.N Libddffmdxamfv ii 4 IZA' ,fl ii! " WW .,a.,,,f..4c ' Xiu, 71.1-U' -j9'gN,f4 fLj,B fx of gggygoigiwpgfyvy WW? View w ilfEQM9 Sgwwf? My Xwkbskkocfqsjk yay if 331 - I fwrxwwxo XN S4"V5QiV VWQJXNQ WW www QQ N N SX Hy' Lbgfgf Q5 XSN Sw G C ix , f QR X 3.5 1'AYg9.5 ZUELQSIQNG CQMRANY I , I D mw'Q 7L'J MJQJJJ 0'-M4 0-'GK'-vdx A '03 4,400 bCfL7,4,4f0 phwiqkwvl yd MMG MM, fill!!! unify . pm 'mf mm JMULJ A ,ww KV-'ift -f"l'vne5' KAIQ kape' 6L00Zf'fQ MA 1.1 1G0+Lal',1m5.-earl, , :Yr sflwfi c-Md cspem ,LL mm, wr bg LM fm Qdffsaxfhjhi You do and- ' ,V A If aHCfmPT 'HJR you fdffly 07 I Olcserdi 2U6rj'Afnv,3, KQBP M10 YAC, Yard, warp q Qucceg-,v W7 N be. yours, AH-IRIS 221052 J K' OFM f vxkizz N 'Pr 0, Sfngru vii? xx 'J KV M AVN N! 5 . 4 7 'V K xii? W My PIU X eff! ef ,dp . My GPI fvigixj 0,5 592. fW,j,,,gp W vef Ik C3709 fvzrla, f' . Q, ,.,, ' LL Q-,Ln 4, 'Li ,?f,qx D. 'Z p7Qi71' Q V17 A Q . f If A .. 2, f J - ' r O Lb- X Q55 2260, f 1 .E X MQ 1535 .A' 1 Eg 6 gg S ,mf MSF? ag

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