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 - Class of 1958

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, , J f :.v,:,A-1 1 .'--..5-i.f:- - ? . "' 'A we-'-. At"-,V ' W1 - 'I 444, . -.a ess? 4 .- L ,K A . fl r P by . Aja' S. 'Zi 1- ., c' 1. . ni ' 76315 Q! 3-'55 .gc .ft P1 .4 ' ESS' kj , Lu-2' , ,N , X . ,Q-HEP ,,.jf. 'Ziff in , 'lg Ex .J - 1.-in 153 "gn lima, 4 +51 'H U, . x '45 4. , . ,,- . ,.',w-.V -. , - x4 AV - V -W , , . ,. A , I..-Xr.L.L-w.W..1i, - , 4. .. V. M- . - Y .. ,. Y . ww Y . .WU ,Hu .: c,..I- , Q I ,.,. . - 'rv , . -.f.-.:. .. rf, V..- . ., 1 , . . 5 , .N ,,..M, , . V., , H , i .Www ,, V ,V ,V ,l , :-:xn,,,- ,H , , E- V ,in . ,p,,.A, Cover Studiow J I I 111101 Cgfza fl any j 504 MainSt. Dial5-8442 1ohnstown,Pa e -g eff- ' "A-fax ,gifgpr W Lie . xx Q .J TJ.. f 3 . ' A e j rf' ., 4 a ,.:i'21.Ai:- 43' ig yi' 5 Y' Pl: ,- 'S A I -v ' r ,gi I I f v Published annually by ine Senior Hlass af Greater 9ernaale J-lian Senaal, jannsiawn, Pa. kfisxy 5 M ti 'sw X CLASSES ACTIVITIES SPORTS Our Cash Age Warld ,f g il vox. I S In a day when teen-age boys and girls are blamed for bad manners, wild behavior, and a general lack of interest in the finer things of life, we wish to take exception to such attitudes. We therefore dedicate this issue of the Reflector to the true teen-age spirit. We shall show the teen-age world as our students live it. It is really a world of hard work, high ambition, spiritual awareness, and good fellowship. The modern high school youngster leads a full and ex- citing life, complete with sports, good books, exhilarating play, and marvelous opportunities for learning. If A RE LIG ION exp WORK sa! r R. L PLAY I W MTM A l ,Xl5 UfEx . W M isnt' 'QSM wil A F x .,1 Q !,g., "4--wg M. ' :f.,.' vi1h..w,, H M- vw, if-'Q+fk'fm 1 I. -1. 'XXQTTG' Q: Nr . XXX w fm, N I X Z L ' 1' , , , f ' nl x - Q L, X ll' A x 3 mm , Q R , x X I 223- X QNX ' 'df b 'KNIT xx In , J- . Ll 1, 'lqkxll XA I m X l bx 1 1 , W ff f ,, 1 X ! ff X X j X fl, 1 J x i q Clic World 0 Sclwlarsl1ip l 3 . ' Z 3 . Q . -. , , . .f. .4 X Cypifal Casas M s S M 1' , wk 5 -'-6 'SI QNX 1 X , If I 5 fi, L X BQ U 5 OURAGEOUS Xi e fi fn f Cv- xi Danni, ,Not Dclimyucfzhl M , -xl v-7 I 5: 1 K2 ' ." W ' LEADERSHI 4- , NX 0 I4 + ' v"s W " Y 'X 6 I W-A :S 'T' FRIENDLY SINCERITY ' xi Q 7 i wmv mouse lux ., VE. Elf ik Giiiif I fl ' KINDNESS Q Y Q.:- if- E X H X-X X X, 2 E! A ga we E SENIOR BOYS First Row: R. Adams, J. Daum, R. Thomas, B. Cousins, E. Czyrnik, I. Gander, R. Muf- fley. Second Row: K. Schlentner, J. Mejia, R. Rucosky, F. Dimpfl, R. Homola, C. Block, R. Clawson. Third Row: F. Hines, R.Mosto11er, I. Bush, J. McCann, D. Bodnar, D. Entler, P. Custer, R. Friedman. Fourth Row: R. Kuhs, I. Cuppett, I. Grimaldi, J. Steiffer, G. Simmons, R. Kurtz, R. Nau. euivr . . . I ...G .- li ' 2 .5- 5 K, -. . - 1. ' kg if it s Senior Girls First Row: A. Fingerhoot, P. Ashcom, J. Given, B. Chumrik, E. Calderwood, J. Drum, l. Hochstein, B. Slavik, M. Schmidt. Second Row: K. Laughlin, S. Beale, J. Kemeny, T. Dugan, B. Millar, J. Stephey, H. Karla, S. Mack. Third Row: E. McGuirkQ M. Mucha, R. Horvath, M. L. Cernak,C. Szelazek, J. Malisko, N. Bas- sett, D. Lunko, G. Tomak. Fourth Row: M. A. Krupka, E. Moore, N. Brosius, B. Ling, L. Garshnick, J. McDowell, J. Debevc, D. Hostetler. ' S'-'vw-.M .. 'Q The Senior Class of 1958 has been a class of many firsts in the records of F. H, S, Beginning Seni0r0if1cers Richard Nau, vice-presidentgJackie Stephey, presidentg Ray Homola, their freshmen year with 80 students, there have been four new arrivals and twenty departures from the classg thus 64 remain for graduation. As freshmen they were shy students, idolizing seniors. As sophomores the class elected Jackie Stephey as president, re-electing her in the jun- ior and senior years. An outstanding innovation by this class was the "fun night", now so popular in the school. A very successful magazine campaign was conducted during their junior year, followed by an outstanding prom. Students from this class were charter members in many new school clubs. Jim McCann has been the only five-letter man in the history of the school. With talented members performing, the class presented outstanding assembly programs and two fine plays -'Grandma Goes to Town" in their junior year and "Time Out for Ginger' in their senior year. MY 2"! Q, r""'?-1. efff' 9 Q8 Q gg? 4 QQOQ Oo V .-.., ' c oX9OQQQ ' , FQAO ..95 XO , Q 4 Q 54. K --Mrxa NM b ' , ' A fr 'sf mrdm if wwf' N wr H' , we ,. f'i",g-1 -f. 3' 4 vig F To-u VIA? v' 91" I va v0'v 1 H m . , JC p I IN. . 4, , - Q Z3 ' .1 3 X 1 - X 4 V ,Tl :Lil 5 - 'ff' A ' QS M 11,-,jiugzfkf 4 FIU' :A . A -3 ' 140 A ' -mx, ff, . N X ' in I ' '- no :Tug ,ii x -1 ,T--1251 ,Pj 'P kg N! 'Vit . ff, L: ,Q il V I I v 'VV Ai X' -. J xx I 'A .--13 ' . 'pivnh .4 a 1' ' I N v ..,' ' 9635 - l X 5' s K ,kia 5 X -' f ,lick 3 'NO I X' fllt- .M 4' ' w 6 Q4 1 Q, ' 1 I 4 's' l 4 AV , 1 ' , If Q s-,- X. tg Q f .-. .Q V " x Q Y t K S - I Q . . ff. D A 1' I A Q x Charles Block Ferndale A running brook and 3 rod to fish Fulfills for Chuck his every wish. As soon as he has cast his line, He loses all track of time. David Bodnar Ferndale Jokes, subtle or outrageous, Bring Bo's laugh contagious. I-le has brightened many days With his easy and care-free ways. Nancy I ane Brosius Ferndale With shining black hair, andllashing blue eyess Nan was a majorette whomthe boysidol- ized. In our senior play, she trained with pride For her future role as an early bride. Gerald Bush Middle Taylor To carry on our town's tradition Is known to be this boy's ambition. To pay for all his future bills He plans to work in the I ohnstown mills. Robert Adams Ferndale ln hunting season dark or sunny Beware, oh deerl Beware, poor bunny! Bob goes out with his trusty gun, And all wild life is on the run. Patricia Ashcom Ferndale Darning a sock or sewing a seam With needle and thread, she's on the beam. I..ife's lots of fun for this fair lass, As she plans to enter a nursing class. Norma Basset Middle Taylor Norma is this beauty's name. In nursing she will seek her fame. As color guard and sometimes queen, She always made an attractive teen. Stephanie Beale Ferndale Stephanie is a winsome lassg Fun to be with, in every class. She likes to talk, and does it well From early morn 'til the last bell. fda f 'X ff , , ' -, I ' 1 A ac? 452: QV' ,f l " .. U - ggi:-:influx ,Q , -, sw-, 1 ex. - 1' Y-3 if 44 E- ::! ,:: fl JH-A-NN, rs i FN --1 f XJ' 1 L., , b 1 K7 L.. Barbara Chumrik Brownstown 1-'ull of laughter and out for fun, A rightful place in her gang she's won. She plans to work as a practical nurse, To keep many patients from growing worse. Ronald Clawson Ferndale Fast on the court and a .300 hitter, Ron, though small, is never a quitter. The field of engineering is his line, With slide rule and T-square, he will shine. -QS "1'I..,"f' i . 'S Park Custer Ferndale ,Park Custer is a Navy man With wavy hair and cheeks of tan. He has no girl in every port, For local girls he likes to court. Edward Czyrnik Middle Taylor A quiet lad who loves to sleep, Fond memories of shop he'll keep. In summer as a Junior Leaguer He bats and catches with great vigor. M Elsa Calderwood Ferndale She sings and cheers and wants toteach. By mass accord, she is a peach. She's led us in so many ways, Our class gives her a vote of praise. Mary Lou Cernak Middle Taylor Among many pretty Cernak girls, Is Mary Lou with her natural curls. She plans to follow without fear, The job of secretary as her career. 'Q' Www- 2 s'.1"" Robert Cousins Ferndale Hockey is Bob's favorite sport. With blades and stick and things of that sort He follows the Jets, and dreams some day That he might make his mark that way. Gerald Cuppett Ferndale Jerry Cuppett's tall and dark. In high school he has made his mark. On football field or basketball court He's an athlete of the finest sort. A5 Ks.- 1 , x w I 1 K 5 ,, ...,,, . , .. , ,. Fl H Q'-5, 4 LE A 1 1 6 S fs 5 sw 4 1 ,, ' 5 U7 ,W . . Z ml 'r 4 -aQ'v ,A.., M.,,....,.,n U ,,,.A..v-. ll 'Z S I3 E .-., . yx x ik x i X- uf Teresa Dugan Ferndale Also a winsome woman in white, Wooing patients left and right. The hospitals would be far worse If they didn't have this gentle nurse. David Entler Ferndale I-'or the woodcraft he makes There is always a clamor. Dave has what it takes With a saw and a hammer. Arlene I-'ingerhoot Middle Taylor This quiet girl hails from Benshoff hill And skating is her special skill. She likes to cook and iron and cleang To be a housewife is her dream. Raymond I-'riedman Brownstown On any nice, hot, summer day At Sunnehanna, you'll surely find Ray. Not swinging the clubs, as you'd suppose, But chasing the ball for the golfing pros. Joe Daum Broumstown This lad calls Brownstown home, But he can't be reached by phone. For he is out, to make a sum Fixing engines, making them hum. Judith Debevc Lorain With pretty eyes and happy smile, A friendly girl with lots of style. As secretary or future WAF Judy'll be tops on any staff. Fred Dimpfl Ferndale As an army officer in charge of tanks, Dimps hopes to be leading the ranks. Already for service beginning to train, Success for him shines out quite plain. Judith Drum Ferndale Dark brown hair andflashing brown eyes, A pleasant smile, petite in size. In those distant days to come, Let's hope our nurse is Judy Drum. ., J 1 Wi X I5 . yn if-ff I 2 ff 'K+-fb 3 . f' ' 225' 7"-.5 Lx. V, ,l 1.1 T5 . --Q tix?-'i--an-f : 'B - r , X fx, I ,A F 1,1 1. .-my .. Jacqueline Given Ferndale A pretty girl with long brown hair Whose complexion is quite fair. Jackie sings in our school chorus ln voice and looks she'll never bore us. John Grimaldi Brownstown Tall and dark and quite good-lookingg Sly and humorous, he's kept things cooking. As a navy man he'll sail the seas While to the hearts of girls, he seeksthe keys. Ruth Horvath Br0WnSt0WI1 One place that Ruth will always stop Is a busy, yummy pizza shop. Hovie's the Seniors' only twin With her pleasant way, lots of friends she'll win. Fred Hines Westmont By all school subjects strictly bored, But quite happy driving his Ford. As a navy man he'll be a delight For the girls to see in his blue and white. NP' if-5-3 Nov! John Gander Ferndale Whether it's football, baseball, or bas- ketball You'll surely find Goose a star in them all. Small, good-looking, and extremely neat Any math problem he can always defeat. Lois Garshnick Ferndale With pleasant smile and gracious ways She's added cheer to our school days. She soon will make a home for Ron With charm she'll grace it, thereupon. ZS- :?. Irene I-lochstein Middle Taylor Although Irene is a quiet one, Time spent with her is lots of fun. Her bashiul smile and baby blue eyes Will hold for men a pleasant surprise. Raymond l-lomola Lorain A crew-cut blonde who played half-back, 'Mole' was also out for track. But, too bad, girls, his favorite honey Is known to everyone as "Bunny'. fir' 1--9 c,,,.Jw tu w x P X -. 'I k ' 1 f . .ML ff' 4 ,'Q'iQL 1 -' , 1 rut- .- 4 '-,JV "gi 'ifgfu 544.11-., W-Rx v -,507 ff F,,x.m1QvVpf.'v.'!,. 5 1 Tig-rail? ' s , W -4. 1 -'ff .Af ., if Uiisw .K ' '-1 wg,,ew,g'i'?fs'- ' , Q H, 'M 1... -'sffxvif . -- :plIf," . '- 1. 'bi 6 -.f L u .. GW J A . V m 1-A ,Af . ,, 1 a ' f .Q-:gmt in f ' A' . ','nfgP'43, rg.. '4 .. -.K - Af ' '. ' i- - -' ,ff -'J 1 I ' li." . 'iglfplf N 5 5 'YI A 1' , ' ' 5, .. e- , . flw'-N 4 - ' -' " - .M K, Y. ,v Q 5 J' N. A ,J V : ,, 'fr Ar, . . ...f 1 if . "3 . 'X - 41, ' ' .V 1 A ' x . ' ' V 1: 1 "ff vw-W , Q." ' 33 ' ff' W . , x , .. ,R ,X 2 ,Q .K Ju .. H - .YT , L 4,4 ,K '1 1 ,- " xi ff YQ ,. . 1 T . ' s y . ,J .A f.' , ',:,w,-5, J' 3 .. D.-.f ,?ff-k, f ' "7" " 'if m ff -'-"- . N , , U . ., L , , C, . ' .4 , ,A ,b ., . . I " eq ,V 'I . L -1'o-qv84- :V ,..'-, -5 . f rl ' I ' 'Z ' , V,' X '7 v. , k Q 1 'f"FL,.'fLr. , , A ,,, ,. -Q1 . 1 .,1, ....,y L14 'fy' 1 f uhh "z, f ,ff - 5 -, 5 .., ww.. -W H' - .- w' -'V' ' ,-2 .f x .w .. I - - , gf 1 fx . t q. .ny -Q., U 1,4 ljiirfr, 8 lp .M me G8 Fw q , . I J. . l , . L . 1 -. .I ' ,-x , V A 1 ' w- B i4. ..,, X 1. .Vw A 0,7 . 6 , b , . , -. -, , - 'J :.,.--M 9 . , ,--'AA Duffy k,..,fKip, w N111-.' J, 1. n- Q K- H Rvws f' f' 5e,'fi.q5f'l",-'Q- N "E: ii. '7 ff 1 . ' 'Y ?'i7'x gf' 4 ' .e r.: -I. s 'q 0-. f . x L.. Ronald Kuhs Ferndale Tall and dark and Ron's his name And golf is his favorite game. In passing, shooting, or dribbling the ball Ku's the guy who's cheered by all. Robert Kurtz Lorain From captain of the football team To be a coach is his real dream. Ambitious and efficient in certain ways, He may be a tycoon in future days. Kathy Laughlin Ferndale As secretary of the band She kept the imsic well in hand. By choosing teaching as her career, l-ler goal for the future is quite clear. Barbara Ling Ferndale Bonnie is this 1ass's name She's led our Pep Club on to fame. Infectious giggle, stylish, and cute For choice of careers, she's hard to suit. df New "X Doris Hostetler Ferndale From captain of cheerleaders to nu r se of the future She'll be soothing a brow or clamping a suture. Dee will always keep in step For she is loaded with charm and pep. Helen Karla Ferndale Being a secretary is her ambition, Taking notes in fine tradition. But if she tires of this hard life, She'd be so happy as someone's wife. Judith Kemeny Ferndale With an easel and brush and paints to daub, Judie turns in a superior job. For posters or stages or yearbook de- sign,, In all such fields she'1l do just fine. Mary Ann Krupka Middle Taylor She loves to danceg she loves to skateg As a secretary, with her boss she'll rate. As colorguard she had lots of fun, But she'1l be glad when school is done. ,inf P4 ,gy Nu . 1 Janet McDowell Middle Taylor Pretty Jan, we expect to see As secretary on her boss' knee. But she says 'no,' she prefers no other Than to be the perfect wife and mother. Evelyn McGuirk Brownstown Curly blond hair and eyes of green, As a nurse in white she'll soon be seen. Always trying to do her best To keep our school above the rest. . . John Mejia Middle Taylor Coal black hair and silent grin Lots of friends he's sure to win. Although not sure of future days, We know he'll succeed in many ways. Elsie Moore Brownstown ln days ahead at her beauty shop, Our stylish women will surely stop. Her earliest practices we have seen As we recall when her hair was green. Dolores Lunko Middle Taylor It would be the greatest folly Not to give credit to our Dolly, For what she's done for Ferndale High ln the four years just gone by. James McCa.rm Ferndale Let's all give a rousing hand For our first five letter man. And he was tops in many things Like Student Council and 'Dog Patch' King. ii Shirley Mack Ferndale As a kindergarten teacher she'll be at ease, While teaching the kids their A B C's. She's always ready and willingly gives Her best to the place in which she lives. Josephine Malisko Lorain To train for her future vocation Jo takes Mr. A1lison's dictation. So with such a career in mind, A good job she'll surely find. It -ff!!! f -f - .v-awe: fn, 41 6,- v 4 , ,......- W :iq Q shi " , '. K -.- F - A, gg- -45 N 44. ' " 1 L ,AVL 4 41 'A lp' 5, , 'ffx ' " X ,-. 5 A an ' R '- 2- '-I'f-r V " f '9 " QV ' 4.1.-f 2.1 , ,V , fi ifqipl VV . -W -4 .V Va. .bffqlf , :S ' f f . , - 4- " 41311, '1 V Vik L. .- L --Q.-IV Q. . , 4 ' 14 in-V J. -' ., 1 T' 53252 NV- ' ,lb ' xt .V I , V4 54,-V-V , I 4 v' HH -1 y' ' ' ,wh .1 fb J v 1 0 its :gh v L A -P hx l. J 4 , '- - , f, if: . ' -QJJI. A A V. A V 1 I H,-2 , ' .ini I ' x , 1 N v 1 I i' vhs I V, , - f 1 W u ar ' V J ' 3 1 , V . ' Y Q - . ' 39 as -'-44 fy If '- ' " 1 '7 ,- M Am, ,f , ,: ., . I , I K . ' "'J"'r'Q ., -K --s..f V 1 , A , J , , -f- -- I -,,.-ff-lv-2 - . pf --W , V- "ij ' k V -I 1 - . .,, "f9'kA7" - ' K 3511" -- 4:6-5-"i'-WEMHQ,QV f.-" , 9 V an ' 'fi --'U VW' 9 - ' ' ,,??!m-Vxeiix .is-9 V .Q L 'Q' - 1. -4 Q w- , , 1 , V. M ggVV,ig+'- . mp - WW W4 If 1' WV " , . v " ,ig ii i? Qffiffg- '- fi- N' V ' f'w..j':', . 5-3. . ISV- 3 -t V V . H ?:11'-'51-V , . Vw'v'-,,- -. . V, , - V '- V A N K V . ,Q,fh7-LW .,.--'f'fi.E-wgqiasfufi i -2' .,.. gi 7, ,f,.,,1,:V -.,,.S-,iw W 1 . x ggi, , V, Lu, sig- M 1 .- L' A V '-,- V, ' 'l 'V ,Q 5? 'Q ,X,. - V, V- V V 3 .- ,, A , Q! ',,.V5-Lia?-W ' ' ,fa " ,. ' V Vyrw -- - X Q -,A .xg "L,. , ,M v :align . , ., --.Q I 'fir ., ,v,1,,..N I yi, -r.,Mlii -,- V. fl . . V ' V M A ' lf,.,,,,,,, V, 5ff,,,,LI ' - 4,wi-gk-f5?,,T.:?fV,..',1, . -- f ,iv ,V V- .q,fV V- , V "W -L-,f Q Vwf 'F' i'9 - 1'N:,f2-1 V -'f' ' V .s fx ,, -.f .. -, A - , l 6 f' , :V ' H ... V K Q I x V . V f" ,- V' ' mf'-. Q- V -Q., - 'V V V ' " A X' 'V '7' V ft- ""' - Q ' ' L' A M Lf 'M-HL X A V fy ' "R ' V ' ---- -'H Y' 1 I , t i, A I IfgiiiU,ixQgifx1i5i,,,:q3fp ., ,, l, 1 W . Q Num in I K fx x X . - , - .V . , ,MV ,Q - VLA- pw .- V ' ' .- ., V-:Au -N xv ---' XV'-.1 ' f . , ' A ,' 1' , VV 'vw V ' V: .iax!' :, N ' Vfiwfs- ,, V - - , , , , , 1 Af , :X f 4- pw' . A 'n 3 , 0:-Q3-'fu - ,. - Pff-' - .fV Ve- ' . Y. " ' - 4, . .V , I , . '-51 - - Q- ,Mu V ' xfsa Q1-ski ' - Richard Nau Lorain Tall and good looking is this lad, ln the senior play he was quite a dad. A real smooth talker, it's readily agreed That Rich in life will surely succeed. Raymond Rucosky Ferndale With crew cut hair and rounded faceg Of chunky build, yet full of grace. On the diamond, he displays his skillg For at short or moundsman, he fills the Richard Mostoller Lorain Whether it's the drive-shaft or the smallest blinker, With any car part, Moss will tinker. A top-flight mechanic he'll surely be, From clanks and rattles his motors are free. Marian Mucha Brownstown Mutz is a happy Brownstown gal, Who always wears a pleasing smile. To be a practical nurse is her desire And of this job she'1l never tire. Paul Muffley Lorain A touchdown maker is this lad, For when he runs the fans go mad. A career in sports seems just his line, So coaching football suits him fine. Robert Muifley Lorain This half of our class' brother act Is known by everyone as 'I-'at'. Of quiet manner, he likes all sport, But girls, it seems, he doesn't court X17 bill. x , .ae ,yligylgg ILE. K Karl Schlenter Ferndale st 2 ' A 3 M 'ny From his post as gridiron center To the engineer's career he'll enter, Karl has been one hard to stop, As he climbs toward the top. Marlene Schmidt Lorain The cheerleader with the 'mostest pep', This brown haired miss is 'mighty hep'. She sings, she acts, and acarries the ball', And soon she'll jump at her boss's call. Q ' s d ., ' gil., 1 fig! t if Q' 19 Q .ff Q 1. wr 9- - -P 3 ..! - Q5 , +A- f ,ig rug'-."'g .4 . nf- s ' K AG: :wx ,Mgr Ku-rr -3. ? K" X . - 3 Y ,i . Mkca A N-'HQ . ' ,zgy . asf 'Lf v. 'io -Q. ,W X. 'Q ,. w U f , . ,4 . b,.,.v-5 ff N . 'x x. , . " Tw 1 f xl X nw . K' km xxx N.. 1. . ' 1 f X iv , + : 'ix N , v ., X ' f X M ' jk, w 'R gssg2""""'2s ' ,.f - A S W we w X W' . . ,,f"' W K A K .K u K .aff In X X X X X J," KA XX x W .f N' "' X X x 'W is ' , X 1 s S I S sul fi Jacquelyn Stephey Lorain This dark-haired girl is quite some dish, In water she can swim like a fish. The Ferndale band by her is led, She's the perfect gal to teach "phys. ed'. Barbara Millar Ferndale With beautiful, blue, bewitching eyes And a scarlet blush, she's quite a prize. In a nursing class she'll do her best, And we predict, she'll stand the test. 'Qs Gary Simmons Middle Taylor Garry Simmons is our choice To succeed Elvis Presley's voice. In Ferndale's chorus he warbles sweet, To hear him sing is quite a treat. Barbara Slavik Brownstown Barb could join the ranks of the pros Who keep the sports public on their toes. But she'll put herself upon the map Once she dons that nurse's cap. mas. K sax Jack Steiffer Ferndale Always found in a gasoline station After school or on vacation. He races cars just for the fun, But his career hasn't yet begun. Charlotte Szelazek Lorain Whether the weather is calm or windy Nothing will ever hold back Cindy. In Ferndale High she's stood the test, And in our class she tops the rest. Robert Thomas Middle Taylor Although he's short,don'tunderrate himg There are many girls, who'd like to date him. To be a flyer, and wear the Air Force blue, ls Bob's ambitiong we hope it comes true. Virginia Tomak Middle Taylor As a majorette Ginger was the best But her future lies with pencil and desk. To be a secretary is her one aim, And with brains and beauty she'll makea name. ' 7' , r .. Q- 9. f H,-1 . t mea' ' , , ' . Q U 0 ...-F 7 L X X Yxrsm V-ow: 3. Grnnmc, P. Yaranda, 1. Howrykak, R. Remhouz, 3. Harthex, H. Carothers., B.. Lehman, N. Ober, C. Sunch. Second Howl Px. Ylxev., B. Akon, D. Sabo, L. La Bar, T. Mock, W. Beroy, L. Saxnvz., W. GonXd, S. Bmsko, C. Gahoto. 'Yhrrd Row: E. Sorchhka, R. ' ' Craxg, 3. hoX5opoXe, 3. Koch, NX. Povxch, 1. Gindhzsperger, B. Schwarxz, Y. Bagnato, 3. ugar. Fourth Row: D. Smuro, Y. Hxrsch, R. hennehe,G. Sassff. Rush, L. Clark, L. Carney, 3. Havrxha, K. Wauuns. fxith Rowz D. Cagxmeraxa, B. Kesskav., R. L Mxhanovxch, 3. Garner, R. Wxssmger, A. Bezeh,R. Panhne ' ,, mic. sxgpr- V' Q Wei. ' -WW' 49' X xnsxv 3: Gibxdgxt L frdas, D. Zxanxs, . Pc. X 'Lxants P lr wf 6' - " I ccept Cipals W'lM,- Q A rx vi. al 01' WU .wh f if if X1 51 Nw Mike 'F pefgerpovichy Vi Fmt ' p i, CQ., L ary. remdentg hfzlesidenti J ry An a im n G Gin C- F. J Jun 1 or Officers 44, 'xv Q I.. s 4,0 . i X 255 1 , 7 J X. Q M-.'m ' 5,2-rs hm Junior Girls First Row: N. Slavick, J. Decker, J. Schmidt, A. Rhodes, S. Lummitzer, J. Grimm, B. Miller, M. Lees. Second Row: J. Michalides, J. Lunt, C. Jamison, M. Gomulka, B. Fern, C. Schrum, C. Berkebile, S. Clay- comb, C. Ward. Third Row: J. Ribblett, C. Easton, J. Statler, C. Daum, C. Bassett, J. James, J. Dugan, M. L. Hastings. Fourth Row: M. Long, M. A. Sarosi, C. Shaffer, M- B2l'fiSf D- Terek, B. 5611, L- Miller. Beginning their year's activities with a fairly successful magazine subscription cam- paign, the Junior Class contributed their share to the schoo1's varied program. Led by their president, James Gindlesperger, the group pro- duced a fine assembly, good scholars, a suc- cessful play, and many athletic stars. Their long wait for the arrival of class rings was finally rewarded in late December. ln January the Prom Committee was chosen and serious planning was begun for the big spring-time event. Other class officers were Vice-President Mike Povich and Secretary- Treasurer Mary Ann Gomulka. Nm, sttake , P. B Matehan, N irst Row: C. Hagerich, D. Ahison, L. Burkett, V. Harrison, D. Ea ren, S. Shaiier, N. Thomas. Second Row: N. Hockensmith, C. Custer, D. Murray, . B. Karan, C. Zimmer, C. Homyak, D. Rodkey, A. Munro, M- Schmidt. Third Row: S. McCann, E. B Klanchar, B. Link, M. Adams, B. Mmar, 3. Kassander, I. Grehmg, F. Lambert. Fourth R. Lobb,M. L. Grandh, M. Pavhck, C. Arbaugh, C. Berg, P. Zeiler. Droz, . Row: F. Sankovxch, NL Teeter, 0,111.0 Appf L'iHff,' ying A If 'a r is 9'-v R. L-995' ' L. Allman' Y k M F. R1S:2:A0Q1QQ?'D. mgusdg-afffnfzi K Elishher, P. G:-3irn::xe,E Kenny, T. Zvgiiigny 3. speicher, D. gmc, ' , U T, re f ' 51-Kaz . Moyer, 3' 1 K. DWP ' ,cn lone ' - R Second Rows weuppett. Th1fdyRg:urth Row: C. Cooper g'-,Y-V 0 oslf ' , E 9 9 ' - iaras, L. SCfuggSeD Lniliermedy- f""""'f Y Sorcmlla, K- Rams ' . I 5 Under the leadership of their new presi- dent, Norm Gavazzoni, the Sophomore Class gradually took over their position as an im- portant part in the school's program. Contrib- uting their members as outstanding cheer- leaders, musicians, and athletes, the class gave real promise for the future when they take over as school leaders. Activities in which the under-classmen par- ticipate as a group have been somewhat limi- ted, but individuals in the class have been active. Production of a February assembly program and a spring fun-night were high- lights. Sophomore Officers George Jones, secretaryg Norman Gavazzoni, presidentg Bob Thomas, vice-president. First Row: W. Keifer, V. D. Berkebile, J. Mandrgoc E. Grimme, F. Morihlatko enstein, T. B1ue,W. Reese, T. Stammley, B. Straub, H P. Henry, W. Hoffman, R. Roklta, F Zexler Freshmen Ofhcers Suellen Claycomb, v1ce presxdent, Terry Blue, president, Patty Rucos ky, secretary. Sfalz . . . L' am 1691 lc Sk zlls Organized with their officers for the first time, the freshmen eagerly sought to earn a place in our clubs and sports. With Terry Blue as their president, the ninth graders showed enthusiasm for junior high sports, band, cheering and clubs. Many of the class worked diligently to achieve their place on the honor rolls, as they were introduced to Latin, algebra, civics and general science. A future career as a class of achievement seems likely for this group. -Qs'--can Freshmen Girls First Row: C. Brock, J. Rininger, M. A. Karan, K. Adams, K. Weneck, D. Parker, K. Hill, D. Decker. Second Row:J. Tomak, A. Reinholtz, B. J. Scruggs, C. Gould, B. Barkhimer, M. C. Gehlmann, S. Hartfiel, M. K. Popchak, M. Layton. Third Row: B. Diehl, J. Moody, C. Adams, D. Reed, M. L. Carothers, C. Edwards, I. Livingston, P. Rucosky, P. Mejia, P. Davis. Fourth Row: K. Lehman, C. Bagley, M. Irvin, B. Shaffer, L. Sorchilla, J. Bauder, B. Rucosky, A. Gindlesperger, G. Feight. Fifth Row: S. Claycomb, R. Slavik, P. Baumbaugh, L. Ling, S. Jordan, E. Smith, N. Bobko, K. Carstensen K 'v '41 M' Eighth Grade Girls First Row: N. Brant, K. Jarten, R. Koontz, D. Ling, M. A. Gouchnour, S H . .. agerich, S. Varner, W. McCachren, P. Mejia. Second Row: E. Frampton, J. Reffner, C. A. Tomak, M. Bartoloma, B. Ament, J. Cernak, S. Heffley, S. Merberger. Third Row: B. Lentvorsky, K. Fetterman,D. Maldet, S. Hare, J. Klanchar, M. Lunko, S. Yuhas, K. Lehman, B. Devine. Fourth Row: V. Teeter, J. Shaffer, J. Leonard, L. Long,J. Berkich, N. L. Krupka, P. Hodge, S. Barefoot. ,f"'1""'Sw-ww.. . - . . . . """""M-M., I A W ., A A g. gyszf, f - at 23,1 Q Siylztlz . . . ffm M' fo' mal 1755 1 I K LS 'V ., ,K,J., qi. kt... l ,ig 1. vtiiasiia 'X -'-- Vs, . . 55 FV' ss sway ff 1 4 ni 1 Eighth Grade BOYS el R Kohan, B. Claycomb, mm - - .. . : R. Allen, 3- Strashensky, M. Ruonin. Becond ROW3 B' Craig' F' hrbt Row M'cik K. Robertson, D- Z - M, Blue, R. Clemenson, J, Allison, J.. 1 i Han C. Smith, R. Hornick, B Klaum, D. Sim- Gi e J. Vasalmdai H' ,' R w'R Sturmil- Jeroy' ' Fourth D pSfheehan, B. Frombach' Third O le .K Trexler, L. Herslibefger- K Vinh nionsf B- Yuhas' L' Zim, C' :Massa ,G.Eastlake, T.cooPef' 3- San 0 ' Row' 1-'. Layton' J- Levemy' C, poliacek, J. Kotch. -I' 1 V if - ,wires fd if 3' . Q Dear Diary: A year has passed since we entered Fern- dale High as scared little kids. Now we know our way around. We have become accustomed to Mr. Lesneski and his geography assignments, and we read books 'like mad' in Mrs. Blough's book club. And golly, what fun we have in Miss Spangler's history classes! Of course, those regular trips to deten- tion upset us now and then, but we make up for such things by being real jitterbugs at school. dances and volunteering for sports and clubs open to us. You know, this school is beginning to be some fun, and we're just really beginning, man! Wait 'til next year- Wow! 5 . if K , V: A. . N.. e--,A. - Seventh Grade Girls First Row: E. Kirkpatrick, J. Stephey, D. Michalides, A. Mock, T. J. Bagnato, M. Reinholtz, C. Zonin. Second Row: S. Mosgrave, L. Craig, S. Cooper, G. Ober, B. Szelazek, S. Schmidt, J. A. Varmecky, M. A. Jendrejik. Third Row: D. Droz, T. Beltz, C. Feight, K. Johnston, V. Miljanovich, D. Bush, A. Urban. Seventh . . . Enter euf Fha e Seventh Grade Boys First Row: L. Hochstein, T. Grimme, B. Ream, R. Koch, . R. Brock, C. Kaufman, R. Rhodes, T. Klaum, H. Alverez, Second Row: L. Scruggs, A. Reinholtz,I. Rhodes, R. Jones, O. Knighton, T' Peterson, J. Carney, G.Grening,J. Given. Third Row: L. Stuver, J. Doyle, R. A1t,J. Rychak, F. Per- das, B. Bozick, T. Layton, J. Niovich, G. Custer, R. Wis- singer. Fourth Row: E. Rose, B. Miller, W. Murray, D. Barnes, W. Fetzer, K. Frampton, E. Karashin, T. Hilde- brand, J. Smith. Do you remember those snarled halls and bewildered faces of early September? That was just the early phase of being brand-new seventh graders, full of questions, excitement, and curi- osity. But gone forever is that shyness and fearl Now that a year has nearly passed, these kids are full-fledged participants in our assemblies, varsity and junior high sport's crowds, and eager learners at our dances. What adifference a year makes! These sixty beginners have found that fun, happiness, and interesting classes are a daily thing when you really "belong" as part of the "gang" at Ferndale. 35 Ausufvn C93 Ck fyfsfv ff? SCHCOL Qs .-,QM Svmm iu4 'db fwlidl-k'na.Qfl, Qfncpcsw-ug: if-"lff'1K3 f-uvu-wt4 of-m6.ALouJL., . Soefwowwu. 'EMMA uf-full nu Y' " is " -mu. Aacnbvos Q. AQWQJVLAJYJL do ..., .. I pw . CQALOCU-46 Yl-uv-I' W ' w Y Y 1' A 37 I 7,u..Am1m, ,QwncQ mvmlww hw.: adam n.vvxo.3 A A04441 '.C C1 U QM MM WW 1 Wm, 38 m,..g2f.h,w1m S..mm,mx. H..M5' N CR-QCA Aafkomnp 7Lf.a'4'fl1.'oy2Il-eg'-lf., uftg 4 . A K 3 1 5 a " 1 X55 ., 7, 3, ff Q OM' LWCL QWMMSL Tuff ' 'QMML' :lZoo+fQ:u.0,0- co-ca 1 rQQMON Qwnlyw ofuvz. AGIVWPL- fwlznza, Kvvua uvndl- -bu..-.vw wg Iwvln.-43 I- Hi -. 4 S ..-A 'N X5, xhx X K gn,- ' 1 .- x-'Q k 4 N--1 ,V CLNJ-A A A034 9a.GL-it-4 oe. wlil iwnm UML L.--.H WMAWMJ2- czw wwwl' 'WU' QJ"QofV"'w' ph -uf an U-ufmr-nl-8'V"U' 'B.1,0.,M 4LQa4NSlA,Q.nqJsm."k'o auwt QQ-Agfa. 1 qw- 4 K I X' 4' Rx!!! '11 W 'ir 15' Cow. bmi- m..Qf,.3 Asuorg. waffcvxnb o-vu. KQUS'fvnomJf. K . i o 5 ?Au,JamM1. in-wu.mcJ:M.a ,Juur HA, mam, 4oa.ec1L2 42.413, ' cmcwf wpwfm- Maw Amana gn km. Q., Lama. U0Llf,4C.QJVLl.Vvx. IQ. ,Und 7774. al- m.Mmg, wud fam. f 'N' - - , ffm' 9 , - uf xg' IS Cgnffwufhafxb fofsafafua S'fu,cQ.u.L 13.-pa ooobwallfaf-Lv. ciulgna . ,iff ...-d Q ', fifftacfld-c. funn Coarll. 'bl' . 'X --Q iiahv.. If Admin! tration and acuity Left: Miss Bonnie Ryan, Secretary, supervising principal's office. Right: Miss Arlene Ober, secretary, high school principal's of- ficef Mr. Elmer Berkebile, High School Principal Sincere, soft-spoken, and friendly-- these words characterize Mr. Berke- bile, our respected high school princi- pal. While a young man in years, he has demonstrated strength, under- standing, and wisdom in the day to day operation of our school. Liked and ad- mired by all who know him,he deserves the support of students and faculty in his important task. -snail lua 'Q oi f x .,s.., ,, , Es? X' V V Q N C 45 iii nm-f x V H' '7 Y .1 qw ui ik f , x ' 7 T . X X .Q x W .v " v Q? ' 'Wo ru, as Vw If Mr. Robert Igo, Jr. Chemistry, Physics, and Math, Audio-visual aids, Jr. High Science Club Mrs. Kathryn Rodgers Librarian, Junior Play Mr. Ned McGhee English and Spanish, Dramatic Arts, Senior Play Mr. Lawrence Wolf Shop, Mechanical Drawing I I 1 V1 'Q if . X Mr. William Williams Instrumental Music Supervisor Mrs. Della Volpitto Latin 3 ' x Xl 'N www J x 15 . Mr. Charles Allison Guidance Counselor, Math, Student Council Advisor, Coach Mrs. Carolyn Huber English and History, C ou r i e r Ad- VlSOI' Mrs. Loula Blough English Teen age Book Club Miss Mary Spangler History Nd S 4, n- cgcc A Mrs. Jacqueline Campbell General Business Training, Book keeping, Clerical Office Practice Senior Y-Teens, Secretary's Club 19 sd' QQ. Mrs. Dorothy Christensen Typing and Shorthand, Prom Ar rangements, Courier Business Mr. Francis Lesneski Geography, Key Club Advisor Mr. Nyle Hershberger Mathematics, Coach Mr. Robert Hunter 1:3 ,P Miss Mary Cagley Choral Music Supervisor Mrs. Martha Nycum Home Economics, Y-Teen Advisor A If., Social Studies, English, Year Book Mr Edward Leaf Advisor, Future Teacher's Club HiStOry'DriVer,5 Trammh 7 Advisor Miss Dorothy Lance I-1 gi: 'Mi----. oi Xi 'Q Girls' Physical Education, Cheer- leader Advisor, Pep Club Advisor d .Jai V? f-'fa Mr. George Townsend General Science, Algebra I Q' L4 Mrs. Ruth Ling School District Nurse, Nurse's Club Advisor Mr. Glenn Brougher Art Supervisor Hifi will ,thy Q i -in 9 Mr. Richard Slick Problems of Democracy, E nglish, Faculty Manager of Athletics Mr. John Hyland Biology and Physiology, F-Club Ad- visor, Coach Mr. Richard Rigby Boys' Physical Education, C oa c h, F-Club Advisor Q3 if 552, Us 'LI -. ,fn :F , ,,.. LT! .237-PS gs s f ,f 3 2 . I B ,Q 5 4 gm: - - 'vii is L 23, 31' TE 3555 f 1 E 1 I 1 1 1 5 1 A 1 V Q, I I J w Sf :XX ,XXX wr' LQ 'XX XQ is fyx Af? 1,471 .yn R X 1 X i4L I ' f ,..g"- X ll 'Q.5f7vxA Y Q ' , X x . f xx , fx nl DX , XX K Xb f ' X X .3 ' lkvhm A! xw 'X X 4 Y X , J K R X I ,, 4, , XX -WH' X . X ,X , -X X X X XX X X X 'X X ,f , N , X .XXI I fX f . Y 1 X ' . ,ff XLXX , y x 1 X ' X X K -. f X ,X Zi "-, X X - f K ,f Y - I - ' XX X , 1 X - -XX X, - ,, f X X ,X L . I ' ' 0 X, X ' X en, I , X X .X X f xx X ' Il 'X X X ' X 4 xt! I ' . gf!! XXX X uk I 3 j X K' M XX X ,J R fl if , t A XXX X' X fflxqix X X1 21 ' ,N N' 'K+ H J' C' XX 'X ' 'W ' ' XX' X.Qf XfX XX XX Xl Nw X XXX-FX X4 ,, X X gl 1, XJFJQQ X P 'ffmyffx , 'Eff "' Y J JJ X XY KNEE XX XX NG l WW, X 1 Q2 ' TTT X W Wg Wi W X I f ' 'MX JX XXX SQTQNST "' If fl ,X fXX Xf! X 1X"XX H f7i'r'l' J XY ' XX XXX X X X X ff . X 7' YN' ' , M. f' 1 .4 X j IJ X , 'I y Q X r , Sr X 'X f X NX ! f V mx if XXX M S! ff 'U I ' J X X ,f X X ,ff ' . V 1 f X X, X! . X X X!! ,X XX X X X, ' I X X A' Y X I X ,X X X ' I W X XV 1 ,X ' ' X IX X , A ,X X , X 3 X X X X X X X I " A ' X XX X X,'XX ' XX X' f,1. X, , X X X , X , ,X , A, lil I f ' X f X NX M X I 'X X AX Xl X fu' xx IU 1 fl J I, x WV 0 1 X, fX tudcul Hauncil Student Council Officers M. Povich, vice-presidentg J. McCann, presidentg G. Tomak, secretary- treasurer. Under the guidance of Mr. Allison and the presidency of James McCann, the student council met at intervals throughout the year to discuss cil has considered publication ofanother student handbook, encouraged the playing ofmusic in the auditorium at noon, and worked toward acleaner school and grounds. The vice-president, Mike Povich was chosen by popular vote of the student body in the fall. llc will automatically succeed to the presidency next year. Council has a constitution, regularly prescribed meetings, and delegates from every home room. X problems and to recommend solutions. The coun- Student Council First Row: R. Allen, L. Scruggs, C. Edwards, B. Szelazek, P. Rucosky, T. Cernak, B. Jones, Mr. Allison. Second Row: B. Diehl, J. .Ieroy,R. Klaum, T. Blue, C. Bassett, G. Tomak, J. Munko, N. Hockensmith. Third Row: J. McDowell, J. Lugar, F. Riek, N.Gavazzoni, B. Barnes, J. Karas, B. Kaufman. Fourth Row: M. Po- vich, D. Cammerata, R. Kurtz, R. Nau, J. McCann, B. Thomas. x T4 gn. SJ xx his I ' if H11 g ya,-I Secretary's Club Left to Right: I. Hochstein, J. McDowell, Mrs. Campbell, M. Schmidt, M. A. Krupka, M. L. Cernak, A. Fingerhoot, D. Lunko, J. Debevc, J. ' Malisko, G. Tomak. This new organization was established for two basic reasons. The first of these was to help the commercial students gain experience for their future jobs. The other was to provide a service for teachers who need secretarial help. Mrs. Campbell was the advisor for the group, which 'adopted the name of "Busy Bees". The club motto was "Efficiency and service with a smile." Qualifications to become a member were one year of shorthand and two years of typing. The club visited Cambria Rowe Business College. Club officers for the year were: Helen Karla, presidentg Janet Mc Dowell, vice-presidentg Lois Garshnick, secretaryg and Ginger Tomak, as- sistant secretary. Quill and Saul! Seated: L. Miller, J. James, P. Dugan, C.Szelazek, J. Grimm, Sec ctarie 61116 As a method of giving special recognition to those students who work with diligence and distinction upon school publications, the Quill and Scroll Society has been formed, In our school the honorary group is chosen from the junior and senior class members who have fulfilled the requirements by their work on the Courier or Reflector. Mrs. Huber. Standing: B. Ling, E. Calderwood, J. Drum, B. Gould, F. ato, N. Ober, R. Nau, J. Gander, Mr. Hunter. . Baan. 4-5, SYS- Courier Staff Seated: C. Bassett, J. MCCHHIL M- Pavlick, L. Miller, J. Gindlesperger, P- TI'6d6r1r11Ck, J- Grimm, F. Bagnato, J. Karas, C. Szelazek. Standing: J- Drum, B- Ling, B- Link, B. Shaffer,D. Allison, J. McDowell, D. car- ney, B. Allen. G. Sass, R. Mostoller. Pu blimtian O O O 0 1' li' -1 C . YCC 6 0 ll 1' f 5 f Editors Seated: Mrs. Huber, Mrs. Christensen, N. Hockensmith, I. James. Standing: J. Gander, R. Nau, B. Gould, J. Stephey. -N .-f -.ze 1- fszazffa -- ' -V . - -.1 ,, :if E- --. '- I 5 if - 635 fb' QL . was K " 3. .EzQgz55353..-fi. 551 vf .., .e The Courier, our student news- paper, relates all interesting and news- worthy happenings at Ferndale High. Guided. by the advisor, Mrs. Carolyn Huber, the paper is published monthly during the school term. This year the Courier featured art work and photo- graphs for the first time. The paper is a member of the Pennsylvania School Press Association, and members ofits staff are in the honorary Quill and Scroll society. Edited by Richard Nau with the as- sistance of William Gould, the paper was produced by a good staff of fea- ture writers and reporters. Mrs. Doro- thy Christensen was in charge of bus- iness arrangements. Devoting their energies and efforts toward producing a unique, different yearbook, the Re- flector staff has worked diligently on thisissue. As a central theme we have presented the idea of a teen-age world which is fine and clean and decent. The extra color on the early pages has been purchased by the daily work of the staff in servicing the candy machines. With capable editors and devoted staffers, the group has co-operated faithfullythroughthelong and tedious task, We are proud of our work, and aware of its shortcomings. We hope that this effort will provide hours ofenjoyment and pleas- ant memories for our subscribers. Ref! :tar Editors Standing: E. Calderwood, editor-in-chief, N. Ober, J. Gander, T. Dugan. Seated: C. Szelazek,R. Nau, J. Kemeny, J. McDowell, B. Ling. , m. f- '35 W ,sf S 5 1? - f ': .Q I Q 'Tl .-1 1 Reflector Staff First Row: I. Hochstein, J. Kemeny, T. Dugan, E. Calderwood, J. Drum, Mr. Hunter. Second Row: J. Stephey, N. Bassett, N. Ober, D. Lunko, V. Tomak, C. Szelazek. Third Row: B. Ling, J. McDowell, R. Nau, L. Garshnick, F. Bagnato, N. Brosius, J. Gander. L . 7 fwmrftgf .35 Pep Club First Row: P. Tredemiick, D. Parker, P. Rucosky, B. Diehl, K. Adams, J. Drum, J. Moody, M. Schmidt. Second Row: L. Burkett, C. Ha.gerich,S. Lumnitzer, J. Grimm, B. Slavik, C. Zimmer, J. Given, N. Hocken- smith, C. Jamison, B. Miller: Third Row: C. Homyak, C. Easton, M. L. Hastings, T. Dugan, E. McGuirk, J. Dugan, S. Beale, E. Calderwood, A. Munro. Fourth Row: J. James, M. L. Cernak, L. Ling, M. Pavlick, C. Shaffer, D. Hostetler, B. Sell, I. Statler. Led by capable officers, this group was again an outstandinglone during the school term. Aiding the cheer- leaders in maintaining enthusiasm at our games and bonfire, the club also purchased sweatshirts forits members and sold beanies and booster pins throughout the school. With Miss Doro- thy Iiance as advisor, the Pep Club again held an enjoyable banquet near school's end. Pep Club Officers I. Hochstein, treasurerg J. Kemeny, secretaryg M. Long,vice-presidentg B. Ling, president. Y 4+H+ F Club Officers R. Homola, secretary-treasurerg J. McCann, presidentgJ. Cuppett,vice- president. The F Club seeks to stimulate interest in all school sports, and to instill a sense of sportsmanship and fair play into its members. Composed of all athletes who have earned varsityletters, the club aims to teach leadership qualities for life. Events of the year participated in by the group were: Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, Christmas food basket for a needy family, and candy salesmen and parking aides for the Ferndale Minstrel. A F Club Fisst Roxy: Mr. Hyland, C. Sunch, B. Allen, R. Clawson, R. Rucosky, L. Scruggs, J. Gander, Mr. Rigby. Sec on Row. P. Muffley, R. Homola, M. Povich, G. Sass, D. Bodnar, R. Pauline, J. McCann, B. Thomas, K Schlentner. Third Row: J. Cuppett, R. Kurtz, G. Simmons, F. Ziants, R. Ziants, D. Wissinger, R. Kuhs, Clark. ""' 4 aff 57 my 1 . w i . Q . C5 S. .- G. A. A. First Row: M. Schmidt, P. Rucosky, B. Slavik, S. Lumnitzer, B. Diehl, J. Moody, P. Tredennick. Second Row: C. Jamison, J. Given,J. Kemeny, 1. Hochstein, J. Grimm. Third Row: J. Dugan, J. James, C. Bassett, C. Szelazek, E. McGuirk, B. Sell, M. Long. Fourth Row: D. I-Iostetler, J. Malisko, L. S. Ling, C. Shaffer, N. Brosius, M. L. Cernak. t Gzrl Qwflafic ,ffssaciativn 3 4 58 iw fr.4.Q 'Q D G. A. A. Officers D. Hostetler, secretaryg J. Malisko, treasurerg J. Kemeny, vice-presi- dentg B. Slavik, president. This group is open to all girlsin grades nine through twelve who are willing to participate in all the after-school sports sponsored by the association. Competition in each sport entitles each girl to earn points which are applied toward the required number for membership, The association seeks to stimulate physical exercise and competitive endeavor among the girls. This year volley-ball, ping-pong, and basketball were features of the program spon- sored by Miss Dorothy Lance, club advisor. As a service club devoted to the betterment of our school and community, the Key Club is affiliated with the Johnstown Kiwanis organiza- tion. With Mr. Francis Lesneski as advisor,the club had money-making projects such as selling football programs and candy at basketball games, Some of the activities to which the group con- tributed during the year were: construction of a new trophy case, sponsorship of a dance, and handling devotions and introductions for school assemblies, Key Club Key Klub Key Club Officers J. McCann, secretaryg J. Gmdlesperger, presidentg M. Povich, vice-president K Schlentner, treasurer. First Row: C. Sunch, W. Gould, B. Schwartz, B. Kaufman, J. Gindlesperger J Gander Second Row: J. Karas, K. Schlentner, M. Povich, J. McCann, B. Thomas, R. Clawson, J Lugar. Third Row: D. Cammerata, J. Cuppett, G.' Simmons, R. Kuhs, R. Nau, G Sass v W 6 Future Teacher's Club First Row: P. Tredennick, C. Hagerich, J. Grimm, R. Berg, L. Burkett, Mr. Hunter. Second Row. S. Mack, K. Laughlin, J. Statler, J. Stephey,C. Easton, E. Calderwood, R. Bait. Third Row: J. Gre- ning, L. Miller, C. Szelazek, N. Brosius, B. Sell, M. Long. Fourth Row: W. Gould, J. Garner, T. Dutko, T. Walker, C. Shaffer. Our Future Teachers of America Club, spon- sored by the National and State Education Assoc- f iations, was in its second year since being yu organized at Ferndale. With twenty-five active and interested members the club carried out numerous activities which proved informative, Z h ,V Highlights of the year's events were: oppor- K tunities to take over grade school classrooms when teachers were temporarily awayg an ed- ucational assembly for American Education Weekg observation of teachers and classesg and u a spring trip to State Teacher'sCollege, Indiana. Under the leadership of Elsa Calderwood this co-educational group heldlively discussions as they explored teaching as a future career. The club was open to all students without dues or qualifications, for it was informative in nature and intention. Future Teacher Officers J ac ki e Stephey, vice-presidentg Nancy Brosius, secretaryg Elsa Cal- derwood, president. Nurses Club Officers First Row: B. Slavik, secretaryg J Kemeny, treasurer. Second Row: C Bassett, vice-presidentg B. Ling, corresponding secretaryg D. Hos This club is open to all junior and senior Q tetler, president. girls who are interested in any field of health. Once again, it flourished as an active, interest- ing group. At Christmas, they filled stockings and held a party for the children in Lee llos- pital, and also collected clothing for a needy family. Educational tours were taken to Somer- set State Hospital and other hospitals. One activity was helping to make bandages for Mem- orial Hospital. The third annual banquet was held in April. Mrs. Ruth Ling and Mr, Charles Allison are club advisors. Nurses Club First Row: M. L. Hastings, C. Jamison, B. Chumrik, J. Drum, S. Lumnitzer, P. Ashcom. Second Row: B. Slavik, M. Mucha, S. Beale, J. Dugan, J. Kemeny, R. Horvath, B. Millar. Third Row: C. Bassett, N. Bassett, M. A. Krupka, B. Ling, D. Hostetler.E. McGuirk, T. Dugan, J. James. Q C? " r Senior Y-Teens First Row: A. Fingerhoot, N. Slavick, M. I..ees,M. Schmidt, J. Schmidt, S. Lum- nitzer, B. Miller, P. Tredennick. Second Row: C, Schrum, C. Berkebile, M. A. Gomulka, B. Fern, I. Hochstein, S. Claycomb, J. Lunt, J. Michalides, J. Grimm. Third Row: M. L. Hastings, C. Easton, J. James, B. Sell, M. Long, J. Statler, E. Calderwood, J. Given. Fourth Row: I... Miller, M. A. Sarosi, D. Terek, C. Shaffer, M. Bartis, M. L. Cernak, J. Malisko. This organization, a branch of the Y.W.C.A., had another successful year, It started the school year off with a good beginning by holding a much en- joyed 'Sadie Hawkins' Day Dance. At Christmas time our school was put into the Yuletide spirit when the Y-Teens did the decorating, Contributing stuffed animals to the Red Cross was another of their varied activities. Mrs. Campbell was advisor for the Senior Y-Teens, and Mrs. Nycum served in the same capacity for the Junior Y-Teens. Sr. Il- Ca' s Junior and Senior Y-Teen Officers First Row: C. Gould, V. Harri- son, D. Eastlake, D. Allison. Second Row: C. Zimmer, S. McCann, M.A. Gomulka, B. M. L. Cernak, S. Claycomb, M. Bartis. W Fern. Third Row: I... Garshnick, I , vu 5 E 5 ls I Om. Y , y. l v. if 15 gi is J 3 i Junior Y Teens McCann, P. Baumbaugh, C. Berg, C. Arbaugh, B. Link, P. Zeiler, Smith, F. Sankovich, B. Millar. "5,7r. - was Junior Y-Teens First Row: E. Decker, N. Thomas, M. K. Popchack, C. Gould, WD. Reed, P. Mejia, D. Parker, S. Shaffer, A. Gindlesperger, J. Tomak. Second Row: B. Barkhimer, B. Scruggs, B. Diehl, V. Block, .'M. A. Bagley, D. Bagley, D. Rodkey, B. Mateljan,S.Hartfie1. fThird Row: C. Zimmer, E. Droz, C. Homyak, M. Irvin, S. Clay- Mtcomb, G. Feight, M. L. Carothers, J. Kassander, C. Custer, M. ' Schmidt. Fourth Rowz- L. Sorchilla, M. Teeter, L. Ling, K. Car- Sstensen, B. Lobb. M. L. Grandll, S. Jordan, M. Adams, N. Bobko. .I 1 1 W. 4 .3 ' Q 5 s Y 1 , A First Row: M. Layton, K. Weneck, K. Hill, J. Rininger, P. Rucosky I. Moody, D. Allison, M. A. Karen, C. Brock, P. Davis. Second Row Reinholtz, C. Edwards, K. Adams, B. Rucosky, D. Murray, P. Du C. Adams, J. Livingston, M. C. Gehlmann. Third Row: J. Elliott, N. McCachren, F. Lambert, R. Slavik, J. Bauder, B. Klanchar, B Shaffer, A. Gindlesperger, B. Karen, D. Eastlake. Fourth Row S fx -, Jackie Stephey Head Majorette aim! d Our pretty, high-stepping beauties have been a real asset to our band, football half-time shows, and basket- ball entertainment. With five seniors, two sophomores, and a freshman among the group, the girls practiced hard to work out the different dance and twirl- ing routines. Other activities where their excellent appearances were ap- preciated included the cheerleading contest, school pep meetings, the spring music concert, and our exchange as- semblies. 0-u-... f .f i 4 f xx" 4 1 . f ,Wk I . ,Z."'V-ng l i .Q'fQ- J, C l i H. . I 4 5 I f YQ M l l i 3 4.5.3 ...A- in ' .rg . f . Charlotte Szelazek Q-0 ' 'fb- Drum Majorette Cwirlcr Under the supervision of Mr. Wil- liams, the majorettes were led by Jackie Stephey, head majorette, and by Char- lotte Szelazek, drum majorette. Pretty little Diane Mountain, a first grader in Ferndale Schools, marched as mascot, 'l'he squad also had three alternates who served as substitutes for the regulars when needed. jf., Alternatesz Donna Parker, 'X Betty Rucosky, PM Dudash- Mascot' Diane Mountain Darlene Allison Above: Ginger Tomak Below: Nancy Brosius v 7-M --- A . r 'f 6 git! is if ' 3..- - " pi " W at Color Guard First Row: H. Karla, N. Bassett. Second Row: B. Klanchar, B. Lobb, M. A. Krupka, J. McDowell, J. Kassander. Ju M3 Band First Row: C. Szelazek, B. Lobb, M. A. Krupka, D. Koch, W. Frombach. Second Row: J. Bagnato, K. Hill W. Davis, G. Ober, S. Yuhas. K. Lehman. Third Row: B. Klanchar, B. Mateljan, A. Gindiesperger, B. Berg, J. James, S. Ciaycomb, G. Saintz, R. Mishler. Fourth Row: H. Karla, S. Jordan, E. Gertz, B. Gould, J Koch, L. Kennedy, D. Carney. Marching Hand Directed by Mr. William Williams and led bv drum majorette Charlotte Szelazek, the Yellow Jacket Band performed with distinction at our football games. The addition of snappy white buck shoes to the regulation uniform improved the appearance of the outfit. Band Appearing in the annual Halloween parade as black and gold yellow jackets, the band received applause and comments of appreciation. ln addi- tion to the notable service of the group during football season, members also helped with assemblies, the cheerleading contest, and the spring concert. l-'irst Row: B. Scruggs, C. Brock, M. Rummel, K. Jartin, W. Alwine, K. Robertson, 1. Rhodes, J. McDowell J. Kassander. Second Row: L. Burkett,J. Livingston,K. Lehman, K. Fetterrnan, M. Bartoloma, C. J. bould, N. Bassett, Mr. Williams. Third Row: E. Duchnowski, T. Blue, J. Bauder, B. Shaffer, B. Yuhas, K. Laugh- lin. J. Jeroy. Fourth Row: K. Watkins, T. Walker, J. Gindelsperger, N. Ober, W. Straub, D. Barnes. ffia Band Council First Row: B. Berg, K. Laughlin,J. Jeroy. Second Row: T. Blue, C. Szelazek. Third Row:J.Gindles- perger, B. Carney, J. Koch. Sr Chorus First Row: Miss Cagley, K. aiu, M. Schmidt, L. Burkett, P- Rucosky, A. Gindlesperseri NL Rosenbaumi K Ad P Ashcorn D. Allison. Second Row M L Allen, D. Eppley, J.Given, N. McCachren, B. Scruggs, . ams, . ' , Hastings, I". Lambert, J. Dugan, S. McCann, L. Scruggs, R. Clawson, B. Kaufman, J. Livingston, M. Long, M. Schmidt, C. Schrum, E.Calderwood. Third Row:S. Beale, L. Miller, P. Zeiler, K. Carstensen, G Jones, D. Cammerata, J. Steiifer, G. Simmons, J. McCann, B. Link, N. Brosius, S. Jordon. Kham! Group Quartet: B. Allen, J. McCann, J. Steiffer, D. Carrunerata. Serving her first year as chorus director at Ferndale, Miss Mary Cagley had a big job. Conducting the Thanksgiving assembly and a Christmas choral program kept her very busy. She worked with the senior mixed-chorus, junior mixed-chorus, and several smaller groups such as the girls' trio and the boys' quartet. The trio sang at intermission of the Senior Play and for our exchange assemblies. In the spring came the annual forensic competition which required much work by the instructor and the senior chorus members. The choral groups also took part in the Spring Con- cert which was held in May. Trio: M. Schmidt, E. Calderwood, S. Beale. E 3 Librarians First Row: T. Cernak, C. Zonin, R. Koontz, S. Varner, P. Mejia, G. Williams, W. McCachren. Second Row: J. Leonard, T. Long, J. Klan- char, S. Claycomb, C. Arbaugh, M. L. Grandll, F. Sankovich, J. Grening. T1 T1 V. ' hx? 24' ,ii ' if v 24 fi W we , 45-' f .A . y, ,J .qi f 4' ff ' an . .7 gk : ,Aff 4 If ,T ,f ix ff ,f i-,gal-. . T w 33' aa, , 1 " ' 5, 4 1 v l 1 ef' 'al x' JY Q L, fa' 'ff if Third Row: G. Feight, J. Kassander, S. Heifley, D. Rodkey, Mrs. Rod- gers, C. Jamison, K. Johnston, M. C. Gehlmann, B. Lentvorsky, B. De- vine, V. Teeter. Two groups of girls have served this year in varying capacities in the library. The seventh and eighth grade girls, with Mrs. Rodgers as their advisor, met every other Wednesday during Club group B's period, Besides learning the duties of a li- brarian, they helped with keeping the bulletin board up to date and attractive. They also made clever book markers for distribution with library books. The other group of girls, grades nine to twelve, were volunteers who gave upastudy period once a week to aid with desk work, shelving of books, or caring for magazines. The experience received by the girls, plus the help given to the librarian, made the activity well worthwhile. llslzcr tie f s f ll' i ,,, X ' ' 5' is x t 4. X N k . , ,xg W . . ,., 'f '- if fsiviifi 5 . :sy 2 s .W 4, Q ' t K, f'f 2 .. 4 ,.-:- SQA ' 61. 93?-ig. ,x -. T i 1.3. Q ,QQ A. -. 3: 1 xkpwrlxg f ' ' ' 52155 ' :. I as f fs, ks f- . K. , kv.. - t ' -: i .m x Our school usherettes are chosen from volunteers among the senior girls to serve at numerous events held in our auditorium. Their primary concern is to promote the quick, quiet, and efficient entry and depar- ture of the student body at assembly periods. Their firm insistence upon proper seating by rows, their courteous manner, and con- sistent performancc help the administration and faculty to maintain a smoothly func- tioning school system. Usherettes librarians Sitting: T. Dugan, J. Malisko. Kneeling: H. Karla, D. Lunko, G. Tomak, A. Fingerhoot. Standing: J. Drum, I. Hochstein, S. Mack, N. Bassett, M. L. Cernak, L. Garshnick, J. McDowell, N. Brosius, J. Debevc, K. Laughlin, E. McGuirk, J. Kemeny, S. Beale, P. Ashcom. ,lx " ' ,- mior "Time Out for Ginger" proved to be a hila- rious hit as an excellent cast performed capa- bly under the direction of Mr. Ned McGhee and, his student assistants, Jackie Stephey and Eve- lvn McGuirk. The action in the play centered upon the amusing antics of Ginger, the tom-boy daughter of a talkative, eccentric banker. When her father made a controversial speech at the local high school advocating the right of youngsters to do only what they wished, Ginger obliged by going out for football. Despite violent opposition of many parties, Ginger insisted upon her decision, supported only by her father and the family maid, Lizzie. After many complicating moments, all turned out well when Ginger realized that being a girl was more fun than playing football. Play Cast I Grimaldi, F Dimpfl R Nau B Brosius, R Mostoller, M. Schmidt, D. Hostetler, B. Ling, J. I 'S P1111 TIME OUT FOR GINGER l .f Senior Play Cast Mr. Howard Carol Mrs. Howard Carol ...... .loan Carol .... Jeannie Carol . . . .... ..... . ....... Richard Nau Nancy Brosius 1 Man! What a game ! What a game! Ginger Carol .... . . .Marlene Schmidt A .Ginger Tomak Tommy Green. . . . . . Richard Mostoller Ed Hoffman. . . Lizzie ...... Eddie Davis. . . Mr. Wilson . . Did you have to hit him so hard? Barbara Ling . 'X I . . . . .Fred Dimpfl . . .Doris Hostetler . . . .Jim McCann John Grimaldi Look! Isn't she gorgeous. Last minute check for lines. Q. J, 57 Haven't I met you somewhere before? il H -hum! Parties are such a bore - OHS: - Z9 v - ln espefgef' Prom Committee - 1958 Seated: J. James, C. Bassett, Mrs. Christensen, L. Miller, J. Grimm, B. Fern. Standing: M. A. Gomulka, M L A Be k J G'd1 ,I-'. Bagnato,J. o Lugar, M. Povich, D. Carney, P. Faranda, B. Schwartz. when one gets old. Give us a big smi1elWow! ' s Q Q Amo J , We . is -A-... . A l . 'gg K 'I 5 ' hr. 'r 1 ' . . tl 'af-. I - gi .' x . 1-5240 s akmsx ft faq: I wish they'd hurry! l'm starved! May I too? your autograph, v' lg ns., Go ahead and taste it! It's not so bad. A-JV V' 'fr H, . 56' 'e me x w .4 . .Y v ,, f'4 43 1 1, .yew 4' ' ' W 'K f 'fi " : an ' :N f zwnfi ' fm.. . yr KRW' ,sw- 'niv Q '5 S.. x . 1- -in h hfaxd-,'K 674 we Nr 1: 1 X 73 S Y tx Q 9 L '45, Nl-gy ' a -v , K'-1 , 1 I a ! N4 , fi 4, X. ,fm P T -351 X A ,, l f if Y 4-Q .V ,XX if -Y . f Q' Y -- ZW -N -Z A .- -,IQI-I ,Lx I 9? 5. l I Ax. f ll Tir f , I It K- S-N I , .fx3'4f, A J' v K tx 'axis . HN-3. X' S 5517! J' 1 Q .. xl X 1 sy 7 x Q nl", 4 3 S4 QM f X I -. QF.. ' 0' ' 'Hy SN V A-.,,.,.. X F Keg it ' I X! 7' X is I I X X H, f WN ll N y x I ff ,, Xxw , Y' ,Y Qx 'l N Wlwxy-ltvxi ' W' . X X ,4. I r X f lf A !, ,g, , f' . ' I ' . f A ,f W ,f ' ,ff 1 , V f ' ' I C 1 X ' X0 X' WN A T , l y, If X5 v- , ' N , . - X ., - v., " 1 'N , ,ff Q. X -N 'Ni v. , ul X U Xi , . K S Ns N wx f f ,' x w , X r MXKXXW, ,V J x k g,' X x - , V , . 1, Mx ' V - v , 1 1 W x Y- -1 QQ: P' x f -L R x W ' fjff f Y' EX 1- X .Aff Ns. 4 rm 5 M it My Q x. I ,N I N Z' A fgilg i V 4 A its xx' E551 51 Uno Y 00 .. Q SJ 4 X is e ll Q X ' J First Row: M. Rosenbaum, J. Gander, L. Scruggs, J. Karas, W. Jeroy, B. Allen, P. Faranda, C. Sunch, J. McCann. Second Row: Mr. Rigby, G. Jones, B. Schwartz, F. Hirsch, M. Povich, R. Homola, P. Muffley, K. Schlentner, D. Smuro, Mr. Hyland. Third Row: N. Gavazzoni, R. Henneke, J. Speicher, L. Clark, T. Kush, J. Cuppett, R. Pauline, J. Havrilla, R. Thomas. Fourth Row: A. Bezek, G. Sass, R. Kuhs, G. Simmons, J. Steiffer, T. Dutko, R. Kurtz, J. Garner. Ferndale's team headed for its annual train- ing week at Camp Blue Knob with eleven return- ing lettermen. With this favorable outstanding season was expected, and it was. The record shows the leas losses by a Ferndale grid team in recent years. With five wins, two losses, and one ing another sweet victory over our traditional rival, Westmont, this outcome was accomplished by an extremely light, but rough and ln the opener againstRichland Township, who had an undefeated season, the Rams a high school rarity, a field goal, to defeat the jackets by 10-7. Our boys then broke column with a 25-7 romp over United Joint. outlook, an outstanding t number of tie, includ- tough team, resorted to into the win Mr. Hyland, Head Coach, Mr Managers: B. Cuppett, R. Berg, R. Rigby, AS5iSt3-nt COHCII- Black, P. Katzenstein. Next came the surprise of the year. Fighting like wild animals, our gang held Conemaugh 'Township to a 0-0 deadlock ina game marked by its rugged line play. Next, inagame in which the Jackets ran wild in the second half, they defeated Catholic High, 22-0. Behind adevastating ground attack, the Jackets trampled aheavy Conemaugh team, 32-O. Then, following a two-week layoff caused by the flu, our gang routed Boswell, 54-7, running up the highest single game total for the year in this area. On November 9, on a cold and snowy field, the Jackets battled to a wonderful 13-2 victory over Westmont. ln the last game, the hard-fought season took its toll and the Jackets bowed to Adams' inspired play, 24-6. if K 2' M fx" f , f 1 ' ' f F Q, ' L' gif f e2fi8: ggl -4 rw' If Q FX 5' f f X 1 W Wg' 'A V 1 ix is X X i i biza. 4- I? 4 V Q A gifs: A ' , ff Q: my Vi, hx mir, fr f' 591 , Qfiilwl ' if ' L5 X S JN ei 44 N 'W ' . 1 :2 ,il " my Q' A VS E A Y" - K ' ' I A 1 U u N' Q' F' 2 If g Qi it ffun.-XA , 4 A A' ff 24' f W- Lg M,5H:ak,,,,- my - ,gun t -. 1 M,-X 1 V t Q L , L A 1, L, ,'.,.+.,L 55- Q - .Q W., M ww' 'L " 1 i r Y r A 4x 5 5 . 2. 'LS V' Q. t gr T '41, Vi" 4: 1 EL' .,,. fx K!! V 4 aka f ' K Q ? K 'QQ J W 'I A1 U 3 fn .dx ,Nw 'J 4 X' 11 fi aapiei , .JYL .9 u 3 'S .. ar' v 1' 5. - 1313!- 1 J v. . Y' . fffs M IQ ,. Junior High Football First Row: K. Poliacek, T. Hershberger, C. Replogle, J. Jeroy, F. Gipe, J. Bagnato, R. Allen. Second Row: Mr. Allison, R. Schlentner, R. Yesh, H. Perdas, T. Blue, F. Layton, J. Tomak. Third Row: R. Rokita, R. Barnes, T. Cooper, T. Kegg, W. Hoffman, M. Cherney, F. Zeiler. The players on our junior varsity team were sophomores and juniors who did not play varsity. The squad played afull schedule, except for games can- celed because ofthe flu. Playing under Coach Dick Rigby the boys performed capably, compilinga fair record, and gaining val- uable experience to prepare them for next year when they will fill vacancies left by de- parting senior regulars. A few of the boys also got limited ex- perience by participating in the varsity games, Mr. Hershberger, Jr. High Coach FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Junior Varsity Varsity Ferndale 0 Conemaugh Twp. 32 Ferndale 12 Forbes O Ferndale 0 Catholic 14 Ferndale 0 Richland 21 Ferndale O Westmont 12 Ferndale 6 Adams 14 1 win, 5 losses 80 Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale 7 25 0 22 32 54 13 7 Richland 10 United Joint 7 Conemaugh Twp. 0 Catholic 0 Conemaugh 0 Boswell 7 Westmont 2 Adams 24 5 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie The junior high team was developed under Coach Nyle Hershberger and his assistant, Mr. Charles Allison. Under such careful and friendly in- struction, the boys worked hard on mastering the fundamentals of the sport. Improving continu- ously throughout their success- ful season, the squad produced prospects who will be assets for the junior varsity next year. Junior High Ferndale 6 Catholic 6 Ferndale 6 Richland 6 Ferndale 0 Conemaugh Twp. 7 Ferndale 32 Franklin 0 United Joint 25 Ferndale 25 1 win, 1 loss, 3 ties -A 4-1...- ,.. If 1 ,J nf' I -...y i i Barbara S1llV1k, up-Cuptzllrm Dorls Hostetlcr, caphnn Joyce Statler g Q 4 K -,.,....M,., .M I X I s-- -0- E - 1 il --7 xi' Mitzm Scfmudt, :se-c'rr-tary Sandy Lunuutzu 1' MISS Lance, Connie E.15tnn Mary Ann Pavlmk we-.f chewleader advirgor .md Dorm Hostotler Nancy Hockefnsmlth Carol Hagvrn-h I. . '-'mx l-K.W....A ,, is ..,f 4 5. :X- X X S. Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders First Row: P. Tredennick. Second Row: J. Moody, P. Rucosky. Third Row: B. Diehl, C. Zimmer, M. L. Hastings, co- captain. Fourth Row: B. Fern, captain, S. McCann. Jr. High Cheerleaders First Row: N. Brant, S. Hagerich. Second Row: D. Ling, B. Barkhimer,co-captain, A. Gindlesperger. Third Row: J. Shaffer R. Slavik, captain. Again as in past years, our school has reason to be proud of our varsity cheerleaders. During the football and basketball season, aid- ing in such activities as pep meetings, bonfires, and poster-campaigns, they did much to gen- erate school spirit. Acting as hosts, the cheerleaders conducted a successful and entertaining district cheer- leading contest at the War Memorial Arena. Our squad had won the contest the previous year with the cheer, "Scash 'Em." Trophies for the event went to Johnstown Catholic, first place, Westmont, second, and to Central Cam- bria, third. if5Qf5h'QD13.-rlJ0HQ,J6..sagsffiifiiL1ifsf'i3f'ii5gSi2QiIQv5ftEia'r52Lf'B.'vvfgSHf1gQ2Q ij. iQi'ii5gth5Ji5i1f Wi' Winding up their campaign with four con- secutive victories, Ferndale's basketball squad ended with a respectable record of twelve wins and ten losses. Under Coach Richard Rigby, in his second year at the helm, the squad finished in fourth place in the tough Tri-County League with seven wins and five losses. The regular starting five of Wissinger, Povich, Kuhs, Jeroy, and Clawson received strong support from a capable bench. Gander, Garner, Sass, Kesslak, and Miljanovich provided the fast-breaking var- sity five with the necessary reserve strength. Offsetting a definite lack of height by teamwork and an aggressive, full-court press, the squad played several outstanding games. Highlights were narrow losses to Portage with sky-scraper Len Chappell and to Johnstown. In a thrilling win over Westmont, our team eliminated the Hilltoppers from contention in the league. Lead- ing Jacket scorers and their point totals were as follows: Wissinger, 341, Povich, 276g Clawson, 182, Jeroy, 1753 Garner, 127, and Kuhs, 114. Var ity 1671 kefb ll F.H.S. Opp. F.H.S. Opp. 54 Richland 72 48 Westmont 65 48 Portage 49 51 Richland 91 51 Adams 48 59 Windber 72 58 Dale 44 84 Central Cambria 68 66 Southmont 48 55 Indiana 59 54 Johnstown 59 47 Windber 65 62 Indiana '77 39 Franklin 52 76 Central Cambria 60 39 Westmont 37 71 Dale 56 60 Conemaugh Twp. 58 55 United Joint 52 80 Somerset 48 78 Conemaugh Twp. 54 74 United Joint 46 Total - 12 Wins, 10 Losses wif xvifi g 1 :R " X I . X mx gg . 53 . ssgfswigf J k YL ml N N. wa- X, 3 . . ,kN 4 A Aw X . . l l l I gl Q f xff 1 --Q.-E W5 ., --,N MM Q- wwf .5 fix-5-"Q3n'1 . Q ff, if .Y x w 4 f w xr '- 1, l n ua . gs , . v 1, . . v l'.o ' I ,lug ,X Junior Varsity Basketball Kneeling: Mr. Hyland. Standing: G. Saintz, G. Jones, R. Henneke, C. Cooper, N. Gavazzoni, J. Speicher, T. Mock, F. Hirsch, L. Scruggs, J. Livingston. y. . 1511 kclball F . I-l.S. Opponent 33 Richland 43 38 Adams 16 3 7 D ale 3 9 30 Southmont 3 1 33 Johnstown 41 33 Indiana 29 33 Central Cambria 35 49 Dale 43 34 United Joint 35 45 Conemaugh Twp. 39 3 1 Westmont 40 44 Richland 56 27 Windber 57 54 Central Cambria 34 36 Indiana 59 39 Windber 47 32 Franklin 34 47 Westmont 54 36 Conemaugh Twp. 37 50 Somerset 27 Total - 6 Wins, 14 Losses F.H.S. Opponent First Row: D. Sheehang F. Laytong R. Mishlerg J. Lechig T. Cammeratag T. Croylg J. Jeroy. Second Row: B. Hoffmang G. Eastlakeg Mr. Hershbergerg B. Barnesg T. Kegg. junior High l6'a ketball Junior High Scoreboard F.H.S. Opp. 26 United Joint 16 25 Johnstown Catholic 24 28 United Joint 17 53 Franklin 30 23 Joseph Johns 30 39 Cochran 40 30 . Richland 25 33 Garfield 39 11 Westmont 43 49 Conemaugh Twp. 36 44 Franklin 17 26 Conemaugh 18 35 Conemaugh Twp. 37 23 Johnstown Catholic 36 41 Conemaugh 26 27 Westmont 35 38 Richland 50 36 Joseph Johns 38 33 Cochran 45 30 Garfield 45 Total - 9 Wins, 11 Losses First Row: J. Rychakg B. Wissingerg T. Petersong R Kohan. Second Row: J. Doyleg B. Bozickg T. Cooperg K Trexlerg F. Gipe. iirsg Row: Dlilrrgfl, J. Simmons, B Jeroy, E Janosko, M Povich R Homola, R Thomas, W Rlbblett . Cruggs, . o man. Second Row Mr Hershberger J McCa G Bb J G , Simmons. L. Rankin, R. Sanker, L. Clark , nn, I er, amen R weaver' G Ferndale's 1957 track team competed in seven meets, in- cluding two triangular, a dual, and four major meets. The Jackets placed second in their triangular meets, in one com- peting with Windber and Dale, and in the other with Somerset and Dale. They also soundly defeated Dale in a dual meet. Ferndale also competed in the Tri-County, Coaches, Junior Pitt, and District 6Meets. Lar- ry Scruggs, freshman miler, was outstanding as he placed second in District 6 and then competed in the state finals at University Park. Mr. Hersh- berger was the coach. a g :irq 5 Baseball First Row: R. Berg, J. Gander, R. Rucosky, R. Thomas, R. Homola, R. Clawson, B. Schwartz, B. Pop- chak, R. Barnes. Second Row: R. Pauline, J. McCann, R. Weaver, J. Garner, D. Wissinger, R. Ziants, F. Ziants, R. Sanker, Mr. Hyland. SPORTS Kneeling: M. Povich, R. Hunt, J. McCann. Standing: Mr. Rigby, S. Blasko, R. Miller, K. Schlentner, B. Popchak, R. Otto. inf! also gin! 1... .. I M .,.,,, .- a E-.,... . E I E - we i 6 I ' ' . Tl .ia mam ,. . rw- - , V. .. JW ,, , K Ten games were played by the baseball squad in the 1957 season. The record revealed only two wins and eight losses. Competing in the tough Tri- County League, the team ended with one win over Conemaugh, 9-6, and losses to Indiana, 13- 0, Johnstown Central, 6-5, Franklin, 5-3, and Laurel Val- ley, 19-4. In non-league action, our Jackets beat Southmont, 21-8, while losing to Johnstown Cath- olic, 6-2, and Richland, 18-6, cninr -Review Robert Adams 382 Ferndale Avenue Courier 4. Patricia Ashcom 553 Glenwood Avenue Chorus 3,43 Forensic 3,43 Future Nurses Club 2, 3,4, Treasurer 33 Y-Teens 1,23 Pep Club 3,43 Junior Play Committee 33 Poster Club 1. Norma Bassett R. D. 41, Box 132 Marching Band 43 Future Nurses Club 2,3,43 Y- Teens 1,23 Pep Club 2,33 Reflector 43 Usherette 43 lnterclass 23 Invitational Basketball Tourna- ment Attendant 4. Stephanie Beale 503 Glenwood Avenue Marching Band 1,2,3Q Concert Band 1,23 Chorus 3,43 Forensic 3,43 Trio 3,43 Future Nurses Club 2,3,43 Y-Teens 1,23 Pep Club 3,43 Usherette 43 J. V. Cheerleader 33 Pep Band 1,2. Charles Block 1711 Franklin Street David Bodnar 1003 Vickroy Avenue F-Club 3,43 Prom Committee 33 lnterclass 1,3,43 Football 1,2,3Q Basketball 23 Track 2. Nancy Brosius 115 Harlan Avenue Majorette 2,3,43 Chorus 3,43 Forensic 3,43 County and District Chorus 43 Future Teachers Club3,4, Secretary-treasurer3 Y-Teens 1,2,33 Pep Club 33 G. A. A. 3,43 Reflector3 Junior Play3 Senior Play3 Usherette 4g lnterclass 1,2,3,4. Gerald Bush R. D. ffl, Box 109 lnterclass 2,3,4. Elsa Calderwood 301 Summit Avenue Marching Band 1,2,33 Band Council 33 Concert Band 1,23 Chorus 3,43 Forensic 3,43 Trio3,43Fu- ture Teachers Club 3,43 Assistant Secretary 3, President 43 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Inter-Club Council Representative 23 Pep Club 3,43 G.A.A. 2,3,4Q Reflector Editor 43 Quill and Scroll 43 J. V. Cheerleader 2,3, Co-Captain 2, Varsity 4. Mary Louise Cernak R. D. 41, Box 224 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Program Chairman 43 Pep Club 3,43 Secretary's Club 43 G.A.A. 3,43 Junior Play Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Usherette 43 lnterclass 1,2,3,4. Barbara Chumrik 303 Habicht Street Y-Teens 1,23 Future Nurses Club 4. Ronald Clawson 557 Glenwood Avenue Chorus 43 Forensic 43 Key-Club 43' F-Club 354g Ring Committee 33 Football 13 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,4. Robert Cousins 726 Glenwood Avenue Marching Band 13 Band Council 13 Concert Band 13 lnterclass 1,2,3,43 Football 13 Baseball 3,4. Gerald Cuppett 532 Summit Avenue Key-Club 2,3,43 F-Club 3,4, Vice-President 43 Football l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 43 Basketball 2,3. Park Custer 921 Harlan Avenue lnterclass 2,3,43 Football 13 Basketball 13 Track 1. af Ac ilfitic Edward Czyrnik R. D. M, Box 139-A lnterclass 1,2,43 Baseball 3,4. Joseph Daum 211 Gable Street Homeroom Officer, Secretary 3. Judy DeBevc 324 Ober Avenue Y-Teens 172,33 Pep Club 33 Secretary's Club 43 Prom Committee 33 Ring Committee 33 Usherette 43 lnterclass 1,2,33 Librarian 1. Fred Dimpfl 431 Vickroy Avenue Marching Band 33 Band Council23 Concert Band33 Chorus 23 Forensic 23 Quartette 13 Senior Play 43 Football 1. Judith Mae Drum 560 Ferndale Avenue Future Nurses Club 2,3,43 Pep Club 2,3,43 Courier 43 Reflector 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Junior Play Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Usher- ette 43 Poster Club 13 Y-Teens 1,2. Teresa Dugan 714 Ferndale Avenue Future Nurses Club 2,3,4, Vice-president 33 Y- Teens 1,23 Pep Club 2,3,4, Secretary 23 Student Council 1,2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary33 Cour- ier 1,23 Reflector 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Prom Committee 33 Junior Play 3, Student Directorg Usherette 43 lnterclass 1,23 Librarian 1,2,33 Poster Club 1. David Entler 1610 Forbes Court Key Club 3,43 Football Manager 33 Basketball Manager 3. Arlene Fingerhoot R. D. ifl, Box 232 Y-Teens 1,2,3,43 Usherette3 lnterclass 1,2. Ray Friedman 264 Snow Street Junior Play Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 lnterclass 2,3,43 Golf 4. John Gander 639 Vickroy Avenue Key Club 3,43 F-Club 2,3,43 Student Council 13 Courier 3,43 Reflector 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Prom Committee 33 Ring Committee 33 Junior Play 33 Class Officer 3, Vice President3 Football 1y2n3y4Q Basketball 1,2,3,43 Baseball 2,3,43 Track 1,2. Lois Garshnick 604 Vickroy Avenue Chorus 2,3,43 Forensic 2,3,43 Future Teachers Club 33 Y'T99l1S 1,2,3,4, President 43 Pep Club 2,33 Secretary's Club 4, Secretary-treasurer3 Courier 43 Reflector 43 Prom Committee 33 Usherette 43 Poster Club 1. Jackie Given 517 1X2 Harlan Avenue Pep Club3 Chorus 1,2,3,43-Forensic 1,2,3,43 Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2, Co-captain3 Y-Teens 1,23 Librarian 13 lnterclass 1,2. John Grimaldi 209 l-Iabicht Street Senior Play 43 lnterclass 1,2,3,4. Fred Hines 103 Wyoming Street F-Club 43 lnterclass 1x2p3y4Q Football 1,43 Track 1. lrene Hochstein R. D. ffl, Box 200 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 3,4, Treasurer 45 Secretary's Club 45 Reflector 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play Committee 45 Usherette 45Interclass 1:2335 Librarian 3. Ray Homola 473 Valley Street F-Club 3,4, Secretary 45 Ring Committee 35 In- terclass 1,2,3,45 Class Officer, Vice President45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,4. 5 Ruth Horvath 2 Home Street Y-Teens 1,2, Treasurer 2. Doris Hostetler 708 Ferndale Avenue Future Nurses Club 2,3,4, President 45 Y-Teens 1,25 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 45 Student Council 1,2,3, Secretary 1,2,35 Prom Conmiittee 35 Ring Committee 35 Junior Play Committee 35 Senior Play 45 Inter- class 1,2,3,45 Junior High Cheerleader 15Varsity Cheerleader 2,3,4, Captain 4. Helen Karla 403 Moxham Avenue Marching Band 45 Chorus 1,25 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 Pep Club 35 Secretary's Club 4, President5 Junior Play 35 Senior Play Committee 45 Usherette 4. Transferred from Cochran High School in Junior year. Judith Ann Kemeny 725 Vickroy Avenue Future Nurses Club 3,4, Treasurer 45 Y-Teens 1,2, President 25 Pep Club 2,3,4, Secretary 45 G.A.A. 2,3,4, Vice President 45 Reflector 45Quill and Scroll 45 Ring Committee35 Senior Play Com- mittee 45 Usherette 45 lnterclass 1,2,3,45 Junior High Cheerleader 1, Captain 15 Varsity Cheer- leader 25 Librarian 15 Poster Club 15 Junior Play Committee 3. Mary Ann Krupka R. D. 81, Box 120 Marching Band 2,3,45 Concert Band 25 Future Nurses Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Pep Club 35 Secretary's Club 45 Usherette 45 lnterclass 1,2. Ronald Kuhs 852 Ferndale Avenue Key Club 45 F-Club 45 Ring Committee 35 Foot- ball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Golf 4. Robert Kurtz 423 Oakland Avenue F-Club 2,3,45 Student Council 1,2,3,45 PromCom- mittee 35 Ring Committee 35 Junior Play Com- mittee 35 Senior Play Committee 45 Class Officer, Vice-President 2, Secretary-treasurer 35 Foot- ball 1,2,3,4, Captain 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3. Kathryn Laughlin 532 Vickroy Avenue Marching Band 4, Secretary, Band Librarian, Band Council 45 Concert Band 3,45 County Band 45 Future Nurses Club 35 Future Teachers Club 45 Junior Play Committee 35 Usherette 45 Pep Band 4. Barbara June Ling 406 Glenwood Avenue Marching Band 25 Future Nurses Club 2,3 ,4, Sec- retary 3, Recording Secretary 45 Y-Teens 1,2, Vice-President 25 Pep Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, President 45 Courier 3,45 Re- flector 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Prom Committee 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 lnterclass 15 Li- braria.n 2,35 Poster Club 1. Dolly Lunko R. D. 41, Box 146 Marching Band 2,3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Ma- jorette 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Pep Club 2,35 Secretary's Club 45 Reflector 45 Senior Play Committee 45 Usherette 45 Pep Band 2,3 ,4. James McCann 907 Boston Street Chorusl 1,2,3,45 Forensic 1,2,3,45 County and District Chorus 3,45 Quartette 3,45 Key Club 1,2, 3,4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 45 F-Club 1,2,3,4, President 3, President 45 Student Council 2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Courier 45 Prom Committee 35 Ring Committee 35 Senior Play 45 lnterclass 45 Class Officer, President 15 Foot- ball 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,35 Baseball 1,2,35Track 1,2,35 Golf 1,2,3. Janet McDowell R. D. 01, Box 121 Marching Band 3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 Pep Club 2,35 Secretary's Club 4, Vice-President 45 Student Council 45 Courier 45 Reflector 45 Ring Committee 35 Junior Play 35 Usherette 4. Evelyn McGuirk 72 Albany Street Future Nurses Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 Pep Club 2,3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Usherette 45 lnterclass 1,2,3,4. Shirley Mack 720 Summit Avenue Future Nurses Club 35 Future Teachers Club 45 Y-Teens 1,25 Pep Club 2,35 Reflector 45 Junior Play Committee 35 Senior Play Committee 45 Usherette 4. Josephine Malisko 545 Marsh Avenue Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Secretary's Club 45 G.A.A. 2,3, 4, Treasurer 45 Junior Play Committee 35 Senior Play Committee 45 Usherette 45 lnterclass 1,2,3, 45 Mr. Allison's Secretary 4. John Mejia R. D. 51, Box 101 Chorus 1. Barbara Millar 1604 Franklin Street Future Nurses Club 3,4. Transferred from Johnstown High School in Junior year. Elsie Moore 101 North Street Marching Band 2,35 Concert Band 2,35 Majorette 2,35 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Pep Club 25Senior Play Com- mittee 45 Interclass 1,25 Pep Band 2,3. Richard Mostoller 308 Diamond Street Courier 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Inter- class 1,2. Marian Mucha 183 Crystal Street Future Nurses Club 3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 Junior Play Committee 35 lnterclass 1. Paul Muffley 149 Lohr Place F-Club 2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 lnterclass 1,2, 3,45 Football 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 45 Track 1,2,35 Future Teachers Club 4. Robert Muffley 149 Lohr Place lnterclass 1,2,3,45 Football 35 Baseball 3,4. Richard Nau 368 Ohio Street Key Club 2,3,45 Student Council3,45 Courier 2,3,4, Editor 45 Reflector 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Prom Committee 35 Ring Committee 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 lnterclass 2,45 Class Officer, Sec- retary-treasurer 45 Basketball 1,3. Raymond Rucosky 110 Station Street F-Club 43 Interclass 1,2,3,4Q Football 13 Baseball 2,3,4. Karl Schlentner 321 Hystone Avenue Key Club 3,4, Treasurer 43 F-Club 3,4Q Ring Committee 33 Interclass 1,2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 Golf 3,4. Marlene Schmidt 208 Diamond Street Chorus 2,3,4, Secretary 43 Forensic 2,3,43 County and District Chorus 2,3,43 Trio 43 Y-Teens 1,2,3, 43 Pep C1ub2,3,43 Secretary's Club 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Junior Play 33 Senior Play 43 Interclass 1,2,3,43 Jr. High Cheerleader, Co-captain 13 Varsity Cheerleader 2,3,4, Secretary 43 Librarian 13 Poster Club 1. Garry Lee Simmons R. D. 41, Box 97 Chorus 1,2,3,43 Key Club 2,3,43 F-Club 2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 2,33 Track 2,3. Barbara Slavik 271 Snow Street Future Nurses Club 2,3,4, Secretary 43 Y-Teens 1,23 Pep Club 2,3,43 G.A.A. l,2,3,4, President 43 Ring Committee 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Sen- ior Play Committee 43 Interclass 1,2,3,43 Junior High Cheerleader 13 Varsity Cheerleader 2,3,4, Co-captain 4. Ronald John Steiffer 333 Margaret Avenue Chorus 43 Forensic 43 County and District Chorus 43 Quartette 43 Football 43 Pep Band 4. Transferred from Westmont High School in Sen- ior year. Jacquelyn Stephey 337 Ohio Street Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Concert Band 1y2y3,4Q Majorette l,2,3,4, Head 3,43 Future Teachers Club 3,4, Vice-President 43 Y-Teens 1,2,3, Pro- gram Chairman 23 Pep Club 2,33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 33 Student Council 1,2,33 Courier 3,43 Reflector 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Prom Com- mittee 33 Ring Committee 33 Junior Play 33 Sen- ior Play 43 Interclass 1,2,3,43Class Officer 1,2,3, 4, Vice-President 1, President 2,3,43 Pep Band 2,3,4. Charlotte Szelazek 322 Ober Avenue Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Band Council 3,43 Major- ette 1,2,3,4, Drum Majorette 3,43 Future Nurses Club 2,33 Future Teachers Club 43 Y-Teens 13 Pep Club 2,33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Student Council2,33 Courier 2,3,43 Reflector 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Prom Committee 33 Ring Committee 33 Junior Play 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Interclass 1, 2,3,43 Class Officer, Secretary-treasurer 23 Pep Band 2,3,4. Robert Thomas R. D. 91, Box 238 Interclass 1,2,3,4Q Baseball 4. Virginia Tomak R. D. ffl, Box 248 Marching Band 2,3,43 Concert Band 2,3,43 Band Council 23 Majorette 2,3,43 Y-Teens 1,2,3Q Pep Club 2,33 Secretary's Club, Assistant-Secretary 43 Student Council 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Secre- tary-treasurer 4, District-Secretary 43Reflector 43 Senior Play 43 Usherette 43 Class Officer, Secretary-treasurer 13 Pep Band 2,3 ,4. 11610 Mam'St. Dial 5-8442 johnstowmh.

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