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 - Class of 1957

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Q l QLOSJ F At rm Q R 7 235 IHWII jf .1 2 fwr 204 R A211111 :f lax X L55 Q , -B ' E 'A . f' 4 .5 '-. 'A .1 :Z 1, ' 1 Q: ' gk 1 Fi : T N E , g My an t Q - .4 'If'-pi,-iF.+M 'fx 5 D - gin 57 N ' W X151 I F 0 C el 'ey X vf ' 4 Y .4-'gs W J 12,4 - N Zigi. r 'Z-4 f' 9-u - - -1 s 1 ' VH-J Q ln A X , N ,nv I '10 Q. A X - Wi 7 J Q, Q , N, 'nm ' Q N VIIIIQI' F . Q xx I ,I I X Y E M!!! X . X L JI '55 54 I X V gif X s H f xxx? i X X X 'V -Q 1? ?- ? f . E f f A f' ' ' ' ' Q3 RSX V4 QM M QQ Q LL, ' V 'I' 1 X653 3 'sf' 0 3 ff .L 5 I3 A f v My 7 'M X VA 4 I vw mlm . a 0 Sf "'g WI, 'Q U1 V il y I . x 9 6? G 2 IMI Q N V If 2 i A. 1 1, 0 9 ww f- aw Q XN " 'za al ' E.,-1-1, Q Q" 5 9 1 ku, GV? Q fa, Q3 Tk 3.5 X gb P F 'Q M A f .1 I Alywff 22 HMM! S wwf wavy' W1 X f I f W Q W WW' H S F 4 JW Q. ,X if 4 ,I if E X1 .. "" f: gg , .-W 1 f ,, x., . Q E :Q T. " K -mm 4 MMM .95 S t S ,AW h dleHgh CNS Enter any large, strange building. Tip-toe along wax-shined halls and gaze, fascinated, at closed, silent doors. Listen to the muffled hum of busy life, confused but vibrant. Re- flect upon the muted whispers beyond those walls, or ponder the message of that tapping sound. Gain a measure of courage, and respond to that urge to peek inside those inviting doors. But, just now, enter if you please the friendly atmosphere of Ferndale High School. Walk quietly down long, clean halls, Listen, too, as the sounds of work and play blend from behind closed doors. Thrill to the faint sound of melodic voices in choral practice, chill at the rising cresendo of excited screams of athletic strife deep in the heart of the building. Pause at the roar- ing beat of many type-writers in a frenzied speed effort, contrasted with U00 the brassy, triumphant march blared out by a band. Go anywhere in this building, and hear this mixed chorus of familiar sounds - the hint of shop, home, office, or play. Respond to that desire to open these doors. Catch a fleeting glimpse of an exciting place full of bustle and activity. Here is life! Our doors are open. Our welcome mat is at your feet. Follow us through these pages of open doors, and learn to know and love our school. 2 fd' V Y ,I,,.. 1-1 Opportunity Happiness -2- f"If7 iflo --LV' Z7 -N If 'IVI V af 'c 7- Q-f 2 -7 Popularity Success Q3- Wealth :E L2- fi gi a,w w 1 1 x 1 1 3 ,a 'Z 5 Service , Tig' Nui' , 'U 'ffm qffl' .,,.4-r 3 Dedication Mr. Ned McGhee, to whom we dedicate this issue of the Reflector, has taught at Ferndale for seven years. Witty and friend- ly, he has ably conducted popular Spanish classes, instructed senior English, and guided the dramatic arts group. He has di- rected numerous excellent plays and has been outstanding as interlocutor in the P,T.A. minstrels. Married to one of our former teachers, Mr. McGhee is the father of two boys. He holds an A,B. degree with a major in Span- ish from Wilkes College. Upon graduation, he spent a year in New York at the Feagin School of Drama, and in 1954 received a Master of Education degree from the Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. gf' fy? Y. Board of Education The Board of Education of Greater Ferndale High School is made up of many public-spirited citizens ofthe jointdistricts. On the first Thurs- day of each month, this twenty-member board assembles at Greater Ferndale High School for its monthly meeting. The entire groupis divided into six committees with each member serving on two of them, Some of the problems confront- ing the board are budget, activities, personnel, property, textbooks, and supplies. -Jf.c1..,,, G. Spence, Solicitor, A, Koch, Vice-Presidentg R. Hagerich, President, G. Jones, Secretary, J. Ozog, Treasurer. :rfb C, Varner, E. Allison, A. Cruickshank, S. Friebman, P Burkett. . ll I' I P. Sheer, M. Hodos, C, Harrison, R. Claycomb, Doyle. A, Gcmbenski, R, Goldberg, R, Cowan, W. hichler C, Bush, J. Cruickshank. Q.. Able Administration Grxmm SUDLYVIS ng Prmclpal The gentleman who holds the master key to our doorway IS Mr S Ray Carxmm now com pletmg h1S second year as SUP6I'V1b1Ilg pr1nc1pal of the Greater Ferndale School System Th1s personable energetxc man IS a graduate, of Washmgton and Jefferson College where he majored 1n physlcal and b1OlOglCal sclences and lettered ln football and wrestlmg Takmg h1s graduate work at the Umverslty of P1ttsburgh Mr Crlmm reCe1ved the degree of Master of Lducauon 1n Admlnlstratlon A f1rm supporter of the professlonal ed ucat1onal orgamzatlons he IS now servlng as d1str1ct legtslatlve cha1rman Mr Grlmm was largely mstrumental 1n orgamzmg the new local effort m educatlonal televlslon He has also been HCIIVC 1n Parent Teacher Assoc1at1on work HX member of the Moxham Lutheran Church one of the board of dlrectors of the Commumty Nurslng Servlce a regular K1wan1s Club sup porter and presldent of the Johnstown Football Offlclals chapter our superv1sor demonstrates wlde and enthus1ast1C Commumty sp1r1t it C ' 1 n Q , ' , 1 Y A - . . . . . - - 3 . . . . 1 . 1 9 I 2 . . , D . . I , - ' 1 ' 1 ' v Mr. Elmer J. Berkebile , High School Principal Serving in his second year as high school principal, Mr. Elmer J. Berkebile has won the respect and ad- miration of teachers and students. A graduate of Adams Township High School, he served two years in the U.S, Navy, Upon his discharge, Mr. Berkebile entered Juniata College where he majored in social studies enroute to his A. B. degree. Miss Pat Sass. V In seven years at Adams Township High School, Mr. Berkebile taught English, problems ofdemocracy, and offered friendly advice to the students in his capac- ity as guidance counselor. ln 1951 he received his Master of Education degree from the University of Pittsburgh. A member of the church of the Brethern, he is also active in civic and professional organiza- tions. Miss Bonnie Ryan. Y ,of -5. A Mrs. Martha Nycum, Mrs. Ruth Ling, Mrs Carolyn Huber. Mr, Lawrence Wolf, Mr. O, Glenn Brougher Mr. Jack Hyland, Miss Dorothy Lance, Mr Richard Rigby. V .K has YW Mrs. Leta Morgarl, Mr Ned McGhee. Miss Mary Spangler, Mrs Velva Idzkowsky, Mrs. Catherine Rodgers. -91 Mr. llrancis Lcsncski, Mr. Charles Allison. , Mrs, Jacqueline Campbell, Mrs. Dorothy Christensen. Q Mr. George Townsend, Mr. Robert lgo, Mr. Nyle Hcrshberger. 43 XS Student teachers Paul Palumbo, John Mainhart and Truman Buch Bill Cvrkel, President T L - A - E T s 3 10 ovvomunmi Barbara Cowan, Sec re ta ry- Treasurer Discoveries may be of many types. The wise old world has witnessed the fruitful search for new continents, the revelation of ancient civil- izations, and the successful application of the wonder drugs. Within our times the phenomena of electron emission and the amazing fission of the atom have filled us with wonder. To every student our modern classroom offers equally exciting moments of discovery each day. Through education, one may conquer time and space, and be transported into the remote reaches of man's dimly remembered past, or he may fly on the wings of fancy into the brave new world of tomorrow. The Einsteins and Edisons, the Tennysons and Brownings, or the Lincolns and Wilsons of history probably had no better beginnings. Their opportunities were likely less adequate. The creative mind of man at work under encouraging environment will continue to uncover new and marvelous things. Such is the doorway open to all students, everywhere. The latch will open to a touch. Ron Otto, Vice-president Patricia Baldwin Pat Ferndale A peppy cheerleader . . . ambitious future nurse . . . serious student - but full of fun . . . activities editor on yearbook staff. Charles Bevec Chuck Lorain Shy boy of senior class . . . often found in room 14 . . . quiet and studious fu- ture undecided. Barbara Balog Barb Ferndale Pretty blonde hair . .. makes a piano talk. . . sup- er babysitter . . . confuses teachers . . . undecided about the future. Elgene Biber Gene Lorain Smooth dancer . . . a threat in Chem lab . . . ambition - physicist . . . can't seem to keep his mind on school work. Barbara Barefoot Bunny Ferndale Faithful band member . . . always seen with 'the mole" . . . long beautiful tresses . . . will make a pert secretary. Mary Blasko Mary Brownstown Quiet until you know her . . . enjoys dancing . . . pizza lover . . . ambition is to be a secretary. Loretta Bassett Reda Middle Taylor Full of giggles .. . happy- go-lucky will wear white Cap . . . Collects pic- tures of tars. Larry Blue Blue Middle Taylor Curly brown hair ... help- ful addition to the football squad a familiar laugh undecided about girls. fl lg Judith Bouch Judy Middle 'l'aylor Peaches and cream com- plexion may soon be saying "number please' , ,, an honest-to-goodness blonde, Margaret Buckman Peggy Ferndale Full of vigor and vitality . .. plans on keeping books . . . menace to pedestrians found in the midst of excitement Mary Jo Burley Ferndale Always ready to lend a helping hand future housewife associate ed 1tor of Reflector quick tempered but sweet Carol Bush Little Tree Middle, Taylor Makes typewriter zing boss of yearbook typists pretty colorquard of band tall and attractive Oops! Dorothy Cernak Dot Middle Taylor Sparkling brown eyes . . . belle of the senior class . .. intends to be a secretary . . . our football queen. Barbara Cowan Barb Brownstown Capable editor of yearbook known and liked by everyone ambition teacher of course pop ular with students and teachers Wayne Chupko Wayne Geistown Will make a good account- ant friendly to all knows his hardware ... srudious and sincere. William Cvrkel Cork Middle Taylor Efficient class president smiles for all s y in his own way intends to go to College You tell em Bill! ni Roberta Drum Bobble Ferndale Mald 1n junxor play ways good for a laugh llves a Carefree llfe flashmg brown eyes Phllllp Entler Stud Ferndale Owns a cool Convertlble spends spare tlme at Naval Reserve demon lh study ha shy way wxth wo men Anna Mane Fetsko lS Brownstown Iall and pleasant s u dent dxrector of Host to a Ghost plans early marrlage full of pep Joyce Freeburn Joyce Ferndale Interest lles OUIS1de of school plays clarlnet 1n band w11l study to be a bcaut1c1an 5 uw xQ '-w Q Long stretch to the top! 118, E55 Yo heave, hol 9- axis Rlchard Freeman Rlch Ferndale Enjoys roller skatmg and danclng ambmon be a salesman dally newscaster eager bea ver Joan GBIIOIO Joanne Loraln Attractwe long ha1r qu1et looks forward to Callforma trlm andpe me talented doodler challenge to some boss s wxfe John Gomulka Jack Loraln Plans to be a mxllxonalre favorxte pastzme IS cars tall and ambxtxous shy unt1l you know h1m Barbara Goss Barble Ferndale Acrobauc cheerleader plans on makmg marriage a career smooth on the dance floor part t1me secretary .1 ,yx 'QQ' 1-"'ii. is Il- X-v 'C-o, man, gol' Nat' Sondra Graham Sonnie Brownstown Friendly and co-operative . . . enjoys going for walks . . . blushes becomingly . . . dreams of being a secre- tary. Gail Henneke China Ferndale Nice person to know likes excitement . . .enjoys dancing plans to be a secretary shiny black hair. Jack Hoffman Huffy- "88" Ferndale Eager salesman in school campaigns , . , likes towork on cars ambitious storekeeper a heavy- weight on the eleven. Donna Holmok Cat Lorain Cheerleading captain future lab technician talented pianist .. . stylish dresser always takes a nice picture. Edward Hull Ed Lorain Starred in class play has decided to be a million- aire always on the go "problem child' for teachers. Richard Hunt Dick Ferndale One of the tall seniors plays a 'cool' trumpet basketball letterman... will teach music. Edward Janosko Ed Lorain Real All-American boy . . . participating in sports is his favorite pastime future lies in engineering another Eddie Fisher. Gordon Jones Jones Ferndale Future engineer . . . woods- man . . . likes hunting and fishing . . . quiet and re- served . . . dips ice-cream at Alwines. .. -pee. Npfxr' . .,.... J . 'S ' -15' Four wolves without a whistle -21- ' , 5 Q, 5 if 4' Bert Kaufman Budsie Ferndale Seldom seen without a cast . . . tall, dark and hand- some , . . his singing sends you . . . future debatable. Jean Killen L.G. Ferndale Enjoys dancing and driv- ing . . . future switchboard operator . . . high-stepping majorette only a soft voice betrays her pres- ence, James Kawchak Jim Lorain Proud owner of a green Ford . . . menace to teach- ers . . . likes sights of Rich- land . . . butcher at Red Top Market. Audrey Kimmick Aud Ferndale Whim for jeeps . . . real gone over marines . . . glistening blue eyes . . . one of our commercial stu- dents. Spring fever sets in. ..22,.. Robert Kisko Oggie Brownstown Quiet clear blue eyes .. . future serviceman . . . enjoys boxing and wrest- lingg doesn't enjoy school work. Charles Kocis Chuck Ferndale Class wit .. . one of the corner boys where there's mischief - there's Chuck .. . future teacher ... president of F,T.A. A V -.wi v .K Jean Klanchar Jeanne Lorain Sharp addition to major- ettes expert swimmer . .. has a flare for fashions . . . always friendly and jov- ial. Betty Ann Lanko l..Lmk Brownstown Giggles for enjoyment intends to be a nurS6 gives McGhee a rough time brat in senior play. 'T "Env 'S-if fl "The Dodgers are leading in the tenth and . . .l' 23- Wendell Lapasota Buck Mlddle Taylor Drlves a sharp Mercury plans to be an engmeer ambztlous student nlce wavy halr and Cute grln Llllxan Long 1 Ferndale A teacher s dream dreams of teachlng sm Cere and devout always dependable a yearbook falthful John Lentvorsky Johnny Mlddle Taylor Nlee fellow to have for a frlend future auto me chamc thlnks school IS a place to sleep Laura McCachren Dlanne Ferndale Came to F H S ln senlor year makes frlends easlly hopes to be a woman 1n whlte S fi'- xl' -Q-:SV Do l look llke that! 24- it tx"5' K T Wi. Mary Ann Marcmko Martz Brownstown Asset to cheerleaders athletlc presldent of G appeared 1n Junxor play T V star future nurse Ronald Mlller Ron Ferndale DSSIIES to be an electrlcal engineer hot rods the fam1ly Bu1ck has had the shortest walk to school James MBYEISCIK Jxm Brownstown Real catty dresser loves muslc but favors Rock and Roll grlns m1sch1ev1ously blushes easlly Barbara Mosgrave Barble Ferndale Lxttle g1r1 bxg car VlV1d 1mag1nat1on toots a flute fasclnated by psychology strugglmg young artlst Dally occurrence 25- Wilma Jean Munko Willie Middle Taylor Has hopes of beinga teach- er . . . short and sweet .. . likes dancing a friend worth having. Barbara Murphy Barb Lorain Speedy with a typewriter . . . received a ring in junior year whiz on roller skates always seen in guidance office. Dum da dum duml Ronald Otto Ron Ferndale Easy blush and mischiev ous grin has a shy way with women active in Jane Parkinson Jane Middle Taylor Has a good sales talk everybody s friend Murphy s constant com pamon plans to do sec retarial work A -H w l if sports, but favors golf. Catheline Paulakos Kitty Ferndale lntends to be a beautician has a fancy' for Parks good things come in small packages. lrmintrout Pohl Irmin Middle Taylor First exchange student . . . exceptional pupil. . .enjoys American sports and act- ivities quick to catch teen spirit future mis- sionary. 5m 'Cheese l " Nancy Rae Pollock Nance Ferndale Future schoolmarm . . . shy but devilish smile , . . par- tial to blue . . . enjoys Sun- day rides . . . excellent stu- dent. Bernard Popchak Ben Brownstown "Little Ben' has grown in- to a man . . . loves the dia- mond sport .. . a Sunne- hanna bag-toter . . . curly top. ht' Lynn Rankin Ranks Lorain Will make engineering a career one of Fern- dale's eleven king of football neat dancer. Richard Rhodes Ricl' Middle Taylor Future machinist mis hievous look abouthlm ardent farmer always has a remark only nrother act in class Gerald Rhodes Gerry Middle Taylor Would like to become an artist ... pretty handwrit- ing . . . one of our consis- ICIII IISWSCHSISIS. Judith Rxek Rudy .liek Brownstown Made a dandy Linda in se nior play petite and pep fond of pizza guides assembly crowd ff fm' ef'- :gf ak, ff , 5932-Eg5ilf',kl:Ei' E' K ' . zwgfwa , ff,.', - ti, 'ld' nmel Ah! Come off it dad its five till alibi 28- George Ritchey George Ferndale Toots French horn in band . . . engineering ambitions likes chemistry and physics naturally kin- ky hair .. . shy and quiet. James Smith Smitty Ferndale Transfer from Johnstown a naval reservist good looking suave with the girls ambition to be a reporter Marlene Rubish Rube Ferndale Vivacious and jovial . .. works at Pike Dairy Store .. . desires to be a nurse , , , irrepressible . . . takes school lightly. John Strashensky Larry Middle Taylor Man of few words enjoys hunting little time or girls counterman at Westmont Dairy Dell 29- OV9 1' Donna Swarny Donna Brownstown Capable presxdent of future nurses beauuful vo1ce showed actmg ab1l1ty m sen1or play haS 8 smxle for all Jean Ward Jeanne Ferndale Qulet and serene Wall ress at Moxham Dalry Dell , enjoys workmg smooth, clear complex1on Ehzabeth Teeter LIZ Mxddle Taylor Notlce that smxle tracttve naturally curly half ardent Elvls Pres ley fan the typ1cal sec retary Robert Weaver Weaves Ferndale Man of many saylngs F H S Road E O con testent . llkes gxrls and sports . . excels 1n chem xstry Torrence Teeter Daddy Mlddle Taylor Perslstently pondermg a problem w1ll make the a1r force h1s career enjoys mechamcs Betty Welgle Chxc Brownstown Very rellable . , , good seamstress w1ll be an efflclent secretary . fre quently seen wlth Jean . warm, broad smlle Lf fl 4 2 M .-:rA'?e. ja iv , Marcia Vickroy Cheeta Ferndale Tall and attractive . . .love that giggle ghost in the senior play enjoys swimming ambition - lab technician. George Younkin George Ferndale Creates sundaes at West- mont Dairy Dell ... makes roads hazardous... doesn't let homework bother him . . . future Ed- ison. 1.5 Best Looking Dorothy Cernak Bert Kaufman Best Personality Lynn Rankin Barbara Cowan .32- Best Students Bill Cvrkel Lillian Long Senior Standouts Most Likely to Succeed Ed Janosko Donna Swarny Most Athletic Mary Ann Marcinko Bob Weaver Wittiest Marlene Rubish Chuck Koeis Junior Class Officers J. Gander, vice-presidentg J. Stephy, presidentg B. Kurtz, secretary. Jauntq Juniors Jumors Fxrst Row H Karla M Mucha J Mallsko M A Krupka E MCGUIIK M Schmldt Second Row B Muff ley J Mejxa R Nau J McDowell P Muffley Thxrd Row R Mostoller B Krum B Kurtz J McCann 1.2 T7 Q' if N 0 ' : . ' ' , . , . ' , . . . . . ' . . ' - 3 . ' i ' 5? 1 V ' 'ifif A Q A 9 ' A , Q , K 'V , , Q' x . y kj V 1.3. . f ff , , w -:V 1 " 5 X ' ggk V ' V 1 Ig, J, ,finlf I I ,I -I Q34 -"' , ' ' ' 4 ,.. Y ' u b , 351 ' I , 3 1 , i rf 2 '17 ' 2 Q A, Class of 1958 Belles . Beaus. . Class Headquarters ........... 35, 36 Advisors. .Mr. Townsend Mrs. Christensen Honor Holders . . High Honor: Richard Nau Honor . . . Judy Drum, Lois Garshnick John Gander, Irene Hochstein, Judy Kem eny, Bill Krum, Janet McDowell, Rich Sanker, Jackie Stephy, Charlotte Szela zek, Virginia Tomak Skyscraper ........... Gary Simmons Pygmy ...... . . Arlene Fingerhoot Heavyweight . . ..... Jim McCann Flyweight . . . . . .Irene Hochstein Oldster. . .... . Bob Gehlman Youngster .......... Charlotte Szelazek Special Efforts ..... Magazine campaign Junior-Senior Prom, Fun Night, Assem bly, Junior Play Special Awards . . . . . Magazine winners First Row P Ashcom E Calderwood S Beale N Bassett R. Adams, T. Dugan, J. Drum. Second Row J Debevc C Block B Cousins E Czyrmk J Daum M Cernak, Third Row: F, Dimpfl, P. Custer, D. Q "if X A s Q l-j fx o F x X' ' 'xiii-'f'f'Q l i:'Q'l'L:' - y+gg1Z'Z: Q, Q V sig, ..-ii. A ,f W 1 it - B 4 2 it There must be a way. , ., M. gnu..." f ,I-75" ,W gf' Futhre nurses ai work. , Juniors First Row: K, Vasalinda, G. Tomak, C. Szelazek, D. Lunko J Glover. Second Row: N. Brosius, R. Rucosky, C. Schlentner Thomas. Third Row: K. Reed, G. Simmons, R. Sanker. 1 a - M' . ii L, , qi V A ,Xi Q, MMA M , s. Th .,r -V . "' 'gb' , " f -J fy f-4 L, , ffzti i f A ' ' . 1. .f f-Y: Q ' i jf wi, . 57 A F, I -ei A v , ,- gi if A V f 'bt 0- f ' - 'o , -24: .S 'f l f 1 1 5 3 H 1 Juniors First Row: A. Fingerhoot, J. Given, K. Laughlin, S Mack, I, Hochstein. Second Row: R, Horvath, J, Gander K, Friedman, B, Ling, H, Gehlmann, D, Hostetler Third Row: L. Garshnick, R. Homola, J. Grimaldi, 1-' Hines, D. Entler. The girls get together. Artists at work. if, ., , v""5F2??? I Ls. 5, 1 Sophomores First Row: A. Rhodes, J. Grimm, J. Grimme, N. Ober, F, C1awson,J. Rihblett, C. Ward, B Berg. Second Row: A. Riek, T. Mock, L, Miller, E. Saintz, D. Terek, M, .-X, Sarosi, R. Rein- holtz. Third Row: E. Sorchilla, R, Pauline, L. Mi1janovich,R, Ziants, G, Sass, D, Smuro "Sing girls ... A i b i gil J is "Watch that, Wool' i n iv' Class of 1959 Belles ................... 34 Beaus ...... .............. 5 1 Class Headquarters ..... 25, 26, 37 Advisors. . .Mr. McGhee, Mr. Hunter, Mrs. Campbell. Honor Holders . . . High Honor: William Gould, Jean Grimm, Jim Gindlesperger, Darrell Carney,Lin- da Miller . . . Honor: Carol Bassett Judith James, Jane Ribblett. Skyscraper ...... Louis Miljanovich Pygmy ..... . . . Barbara Miller Heavyweight . . . . Leonard Perdas Flyweight . . . . . . Janet Decker Oldster .... ....... B ill Craig Youngster ........... Dean Smuro Class Effort . . . Fun Night, Assembly Special Awards ...... Linda Miller, 3rd place honor in 'Voice of Democ- racy" contest ...... Neil Ober and Francis Bagnato, Reflector Staff. First Row M Lees P Tredennick J Schmidt C Sunch J Michalides, N. Slavik, B, Miller, J, Lunt. Second Row C Schrum J Statler C Shaffer E Strashtnsky B. Sell, S. Claycomb, R. O'Sherin, Third Row D Sabo M POVlCh R W1SSlT1gef P Ziants L Perdas B Schwartz. O .rlll 1 "Haw a Lokd? Ihat 5 not a prghmlorip ammdl F1rst Row C BCrkCb1lC B Urn C Easton J Jamef, 5 Iummrzcr M bomulka J Ikdur bncond Row J Howrvlak J Hartful Il Inrov J Iugar P Bagnato H C,.1rothCru C C,.111oKo C Bassut Thlrd Row J Gmdlgspcrgcr D C.ammCrata W Cralg J Butler B KCswl.1k,J Holsoppln J Kogh 'Lt iL , -.L I if hf-sl' 'P 6'-1' fi' Mischief again? is 1-. I 1 'lt Runs!" Sophomores First Row: C. Jamison, J. Dugan, C. Clawson, B. Allen, B. Lehman, C. Daum, M. Long, M. L. Hastings. Second Row: R. Craig, W. Gould, R. Gavazzoni, F. Hirsch, R. Henneke, S. Blasko, M. Bartis. Third Row: K. Watkins. L. Clark, A, Bezek, T. Kush, J. Garner, D. Carney, A. -4, N- .Ag X 1 Y IZ' Q 5 S x Freshmen First Row: W. Alwine, L. Allman, V. Block, B. Cuppett, D. Decker, B. Berg, C Hagerich. Second Row: C. Homyak, D. Eppley, D. Albus, K. Dimpfl, E. Droz, V Harrison. Third Row: C. Arbaugh, J. Hess,H. Berkebile, R. Horvath, C. Cooper R. Imler, C. Berg. Frislsq Freshmen 1 '24 Q, 5 5 . . 3 1 Freshmen 'N ity? nf""""u-5 First Row: R. Lees, G. Saintz, B. Mateljan, J. Waclo, D. Watts, R. Kurtz, R. McVicker. Second Row: B. Weigle, C. Zimmer, M. Teeter, M. Schmidt, M. Rosenbaum, D. Klanchar. Third Row: P. Zeiler, T. Walker, B. Thomas, D. Smay, N. Ward. Freshmen Class Officers L. Scruggs, vice president, F. Pil- zys, president, N. Hockensmith, SeC1'ef3.I'y-II'e3SLlI'8I'. .M- Class of 1960 Belles ............... .... 4 1 Beaus ..................... 64 Class Headquarters ....... ll, 13, 20 Advisors .... Mrs. Huber, Mrs. Nycum, Mrs. Rodgers Honor Holders .... High Honor: Nancy Hockensmith, Joseph Karas, Francis Pilzys . . . Honor: Ed Duch- nowski, Doris Murray, Marianne Pav- lick. Skyscraper . . . . . Thomas Dutko Pygmy ..... . . . Richard Lees Heavyweight . . . . .Delbert Liphart Flyweight . . . . . .Wayne Alwine Oldster .... . . . Don Decker Youngster ............. Joe Karas Special Efforts ....... Mock election, Fun Night, Assembly, Historama. i I J Freshmen First Row: B. Kohan, B, Pavlick, D. Rodkey, F. Sankovich, J. Simmons R Orosz Second Row: H. Muffley, B. Lobb, R. Mucha, L. Scruggs, J. Livingston VN Moyer F Lambert Third Row: W. Ribblett, J. Karas, L, Kennedy, J. Speicher, K Ramsey R Leventry Freshmen First Row: N. McCachren, B, Karan, V. Martello, D. Murray, F. Riek, R Kohan. Second Row: N. Thomas, B. Klanchar, J. Reinholtz, B. Link, J. Kas sander, F. Pilzys, S. Shaffer. Third Row: A. Karla, D. Sorchilla, J. Katzen stein, G, Jones, M, Pavlick, D, Liphart, i ,,.,,. in is . ' . L, ,"'f . in . , S Eli!!! 'X fx . Jia. T ' .57 X5 "Oh, that Latin!" Freshmen: First Row: B. Baft, L. Berg, D. Eastlake, P. Dudash, N. Hockensmith, L. Burkett, I.. Adams. Second Row: B. B1aCk,J. Grening,R.Kurtz, M. Adams, D. Bagley, E. Duchnowski, Third Row: P. Grimme, T. Frieben, W. Burkett, T. Dutko, N. Gavazzoni, M.I.. C-randll E. Hales. 17 "Gentlemen, aren't they?" -36 -2 X, J L... C we 6 7 Eighth Grade First Row: K. Lehman J Rmlnger K Weneck N Relnholtz J Llvmgston Second Row P, Rucosky, M. Layton B Rucosky B Scruggs P Mejla J Moody Thlrd Row D Reed B. Shaffer, E. Smlth R Slavlk I Sorchllla Eighth Grade First Row: D. Berkeblle A Harnson J James T Paulakos P Katzenstcm F Howry 1ak,G. Surdukan Second Row J Tomak T Lammerata R Yesh F Zeller I: Zonln T Croyle. Third Row M Cherney B Barnes P Henry J Hess D McDowell X .Q 'W O 1 L J '. . ' L 'Q ' ' I ,, ' 5 - -11 ' 1. h--1 Eighth Grade First Row: P, Davis, C. Brock, K, Adams, C, Adams, B. Karen, B. Hindman, K, Hill. Second Row: C. Gould, S, Hartfiel, C. lidwards, B. Diehl, B. Barkhimcr, lVl.C. Cehlmann. Third Row: C, Feight, J. Bauder, K. Carstensen, P. Baumbaugh, N. Babko, S. Claycomb, A. Gindlesperger. "C ' Class of 1961 BU - , M Lassies ............. ..... 4 1 'Hn 5 Lads ....................... 41 gpm Q"-' -f Class Headquarters ......... 23, 33, 34 " Advisors ,,,, Mrs. ldzkowski, Mr. Hyland, Mr. Lesneski Q Honor Holders . . High Honor: Carol Could, Jonathan James, Bonnie Shaffer, William Straub. . . Honor: Victor Bevec, Terry Blue, Carolyn Brock, Michael Hamonko, John Hess, Rodger Mishler. Skyscraper .............. Paul Henry Pygmy ..,,, . ,Jackie Mandrgoc Heavyweight . . .... Bill Hoffman Flyweight . . .... ' Patty Davis Oldster ..... ........ E d Zonin Youngster ........... Loretta Sorchilla Special Effort ..... Teen Age Book Club, Fun Night, Assembly, is a good one. Eighth Grade First Row: V, Bevec, M. Hamonko, F. Morihlatko, B. Davis, J, Munko, J. Mandrgoc. Second Row: R. Adams, T, Blue, H. Perdas, M. McConnell, W, Reese, R. Mishler, R. Schlentnenlliird Row: B. Rhoades, R. Rokita, T. Kegg, W, Hoffman, F. Lux, T. Stam- meley. i E Q 3 " f ffl I S 5 q- A -PDDQQ , ,, 5 l ,OOD fl-. f l f I 5 4 J g. I.: ., X4 i 4 S In I M , tg aj 'Q ' ii- R , S O '-I .1 to W" A S' A S i I i n l fx f f x R V 1 S e ve n th to L 5 f . i F Seventh Grade First Row: N, Brant, J. Allison, R. Clemenson, R Craig, M. Blue, B. Claycomb, R. Allen. Second Row K. Fetterman, M. Bartoloma, B. Devine, B. Amcnt E, Frampton, T, Cernak. Third Row: W. Frombach S. Barefoot, G. Eastlake, J. Berkirh. K. Clawson. 1 'hmmmm - goodl'P Seventh Grade First Row: C. Jarten, J. Reffner, C. Replogle, K. Trexler, J. Watts, P. Mejia, Second Row: V. Teeter, S, Merberger, D. Simmons, S. Yuhas, C.A. Tomak. Third Row: C. Smith, C. Poliacek, S. Montgomery, J. Sankovich, B, Miller, R. Sturm. 1 4. X Lil 1 'i 4 ? E ,lft -- ti Seventh Grade 's x '-v L. of First Row: R. Koontz, B. Lentvorsky, H. Hall, J. Jeroy, F. Cipe, D. Ling, S. Hagerich. Second Row: R. Hornick. F. Layton, J. Klanchar, T. Long, R. Klaum, T. Hershberger. Third Row: J. Kotch. J. Leonard, J. Leventry, N. Krupka, S. Hare. Class of 1962 Lassies ................. . . . 36 Lads .......................... 39 Class Headquarters .............. 24, 32 Advisors ........... Miss Spangler, Mr. Igo Honor Holders ..... High Honor: Rickey Allen, Harold Hall, Robert Klaum. Honor: Theresa Cernak, Karen Fetterman, Elaine Frampton, Suzanne Heffley, James Jeroy, John Kotch, Fred Layton, Kathy Lehman, Melvin Rummel, Barry Yuhas. . , K Q I 'Q17 Skyscraper . . Pygmy ..... Heavyweight . Flyweight . . . Oldster .... Youngster. . . Special Efforts. . . . . 3 , vt-1 .A .A 5 T' J 6 E Q . Q9 lr . ii' ' 9 5 A 5 ur X. I I f fx '39, 1-v' ,iN . . .Gary Eastlake . . . .Nancy Brant . . Jospeh Sankovich , , . ,Nancy Brant . . .... Olive Teeter , . ,..,,,,, Charles Smith . Teen Age Book Club, Fun Night, Assembly. Seventh Grade First Row: W. McCachren J. Micik, M. Rummel, J Strashensky, K. Robertson Second Row: M. A Goughnour, R. Kohan, L Zima, J. Vasalinda,S. Hef- fley, S. Varncr. Third Row K, Lehman, D. Maldet, J Shaffer, ll. Yuhas,D,Shee- han. -49.- M ,...n Mujori-rims N. iirosius, .l, Cllovur, LL, llkllllilli, .l.StL-phcy, if- -ffl Color Guard and Band Managers I lfirst Row: lf, llagnalo, B. Allen, N. D 1.14 Uber, Scconil Row: CT, Bush, .l. Mc , Ilowcll, iN1,.'X, Krupl-ca, Ci. Zimmer. Senior Band WFS! HOW M. A, Krupka, C, Hush, R, Allen, W. Alwine, B, Davis, W, Frombach, K. Clawson, M, Rosen- baum- 5vCOI1d ROW: CI. Gould, B, Mosgravc, R, Mishler, J, Waclo, E, Duchnowski, B, Diehl, S, Claycomb. Third Row: .l. Haudcr, F, Pilzys, McCann, T, Walker, B. Gould, F, Sankovich, S. Jordan. Fourth Row: Mr, Williams, director, M. I..Grand1l, B.Kaufman,J. Koch, N. Gavazzoni, J. Speicher, D. Carney, R. Hunt. U-el gs wg ER Qgtnacf- Gif:-5 1"-izfliif Makers J A Majorettes C, Szelazek, J. Klanchar, IU, lunko, 'Q Band Council First Row: J, Jeroy, IS. Mosgrtive, lj, Calderwood, li, Barefoot, ll, Diehl, Second Row: J, Frecburn, C, Szelazek, F, Bagnato, J. Gindlesper- ger, D. Hunt. Senior Band First Row: R, Berg, J, Jeroy, B, Katzenstein, J, Bagnato, M, Rummel, K, Robertson, J. McDowell, Ci Zimmer. Second Row: B, Barefoot, E, Calderwood, T. Blue, D, Watts, P. Dudash, l.. Burkett, G. Saintz Third Row: W. Straub, J. Dick, E, Gertz, B. Lehman, D, Epplcy, S. Beale, B, Shaffer. Fourth Row: D Cammerata, K, Watkins, G. Ritchey, G, Jones, J. Gindlesperger, C. Shaffer, J, Freeburn. :gzip cS .f1YP 'JBQJXP Choral Capers Boys Quartet B, Krum, B, Kaufman, B. Weaver. .I, McCann. Mixed Chorus - Director, Mrs. Barbara Johns First Row: S. Lurrmitzer, B, Mosgrave, l-. Burkett, D, Allison, N, Hockensmith, C, Homyak, C, Schrum, R, Lehman, R. Henneke,C,Jones, I-, Scruggs, M. Rosenbaum, F. Sankovitch, F. Lambert, C, llaston, J. Grimm, C, llagerich, M. Hastings, M Long. Second Row: M, Schmidt, C. Bassett, li, Calderwood, l, Pohl, S. Beale, M, Burley, J. Statler, D, lippley, J. Gindlesperger, E. Janosko, B, Allen, J, Koch, N, Oher, D, Swarny, J, Clover, B. Barefoot, B. Cowan, l.. Long, S. McCann,xP, Tredennick. Third Row: F, Pilzys, J, Dugan, L., Miller, P, Buckman, M, Vickroy, B, Kaufman,D, Cammerata, B. Weaver, C. Simmons, J. McCann, B, Krum, D. Hunt, C. Shaffer, l.. Garshnick, N. Brosius, D. llolmok, B. Lanko, P. Ashcom. i i ' e 54 Forensics must be near. Mrs. Barbara Johns, a graduate of Ferndale, has served as the first choral director for the Ferndale jointure. instructing both senior and junior mixed choruses, she also worked with numerous smaller groups, including a girl's sextet and trio, and a boy's quartet. Girls SSXICI Highlights of the year were C- Easton, ML- Hastings, J- Stat' musical offerings for Thanksgiving and Christmas assemblies and the annual forensic competition. The boy's quartet also appeared on tele- vision for American Education Week, A special event of the year was the appearance of the All-county chorus at our school in February. ler, l.. Miller, J. Dugan, M. Long. Girls Trio D. Holmok, D. Swarny, B.A. Lanko. Junior Chorus - Director, Mrs. Barbara Johns First Row: J, Reffner, R, Hornick, B. Hinkman, D, Ling, R. Koontz, T. Hershberger, S, Varner, N, Rein- holtz, C. Brock, P. Davis, S. Hagerich, F. C-ipe, S, Heffley, P, Mejia, N. Brant. Second Row: C, Adams, D, Parker, B. Lentvorsky, M, Karen, J. Livingston, B. Ament, K, Adams, M. Lunko, K, Lehman, C. Replogle T. Cernak, C, Smith, J. Klanchar, P. Rucosky. Third Row: B, Barkheimer, F. Layton, B. Devine, D, Maldet J, Leonard, R, Slavik, li. Smith, P. Baumbaugh, N. Bobko, T, Long, C. Edwards, P. Mejia, A, Hartfiel, J Kotch, J. Moody. no Key Club First Row: J. Gander, E. Janosko, R. Otto, D. Entler, B. Cvrkel, B. Krum, Sass, M. Povich, G. Jones, J. Gindlesperger, K. Schlentner. Second Row: Mr. Lesneski. R- Free- man, J. McCann, L, Rankin, B, Weaver, G, Simmons, R. Sanker, B. Kaufman, D. Hunt, J, Cuppett, R. Nau. Key Club Officers J. McCann, G. Jones, B. Krum, R. Otto. Key Club The Key Club, a service organization spon- sored by the Johnstown Kiwanis Club, partici- pated in a number of useful activities this year. Selling programs at our football games and refreshments at our basketball games, they also helped in the Marine Reserve 'Toys for Tots' drive. Club members rotated in being representa- tives at the Kiwanis luncheons every other Thursday. Money was raised to send delegates to the annual state convention of Key Clubs. Mr. Lesneski served again as advisor. aikii Gt... arf, . .- ,vi-1 I I Junior and Senior Pep Club Officers First Row: P, Tredennick, N. Hockensmith, Second Row: B.Cowan, M,l-.Hast- ings. Third Row: J.James, M.J. Burley. Fourth Row: B, l.ing, C. Henneke. 9- , 1 .. 0. , A L 4 --M., 'X A t ,. , . Xiu Junior Pep Club S MSM First Row: S. Lumnitzer, J. Statler, B. Miller. Second Row: L. Burkett, J Schmidt, P. Dudash, D. Murray, D. Eastlake, S. Shaffer, D. Allison, C Hagerich, Third Row: M, Schmidt, B, Weigle, J. Grimm, J, Grening, C Zimmer, C. Daum, C. Schrum, N. Hockensmith, B. Mateljan. Fourth Row: P 'l'rcddUriniCk, J. Dugan, C. liaston, C. Bassett, B. Klanchar, J. Kassander S. McCann, J, James, M, l.. Hastings. Fifth Row: B, I,obb, C,Berg,B I.ink, C, Shaffer, MA, Pavlick, M, l.. Grandll, P. Leiler, I.. Miller, M Long. Because many girls applied for membership this year, it was necessary to divide the Pep Club into two groups, Junior and Senior. The aim of this organization is to promote school spirit and to offer united support to all school functions. Operating Linder rules of the demerit system, the club sponsored the Westmont bonfire and a card section for the Hilltopper game. They also purchased a clock for the gym, Senior Pep Club First Row: B. Slavick, P, Baldwin, ll, llostetler, B. Goss, MA. Marcinko, M, Schmidt. Second Row: J. Riek, B. Cowan, J, Galioto, I. Hochstein, S, Mack, J. Drum, B, Barefoot, T. Dugan, M,J. Burley, W.J. Munko, L Calderwood, N. POIIOCK. P. .XSTWCOUL Third ROWS J. Klanchar, M, Blasko, D. Swarny,I.. l.ong,S. Beale, J. Stephey, N. Bassett, G. Henneke, I. Pohl, B.,-X., Lanko, B, Balog, S. Graham, Fourth Row: B. Mosgrave, J. Glover, H. Karla, J. Kemeny, A. Kimmick, D, Cernak, M. l..C1ernak, J. Bouch, CI. Szelazek, li. McGuirk, D. Lunko, V. Tomak. Fifth Row: J, Debevc, N. Brosius, P. Buckman, B. Ling, J. Mc Dowell, M. Vickroy, C, Bush, L. Garshnick, B. Drum, A. Fetsko, J. Killen, MA. Krupka. .. ,g,sf..!'f' X? Q Q i Future Teachers Club Officers ' Seated: L. Long, Advisor, Mr. Hunter. Slafldmgi C. Kocis, W.J. Munko, E. Ca1d6rW0Od. Future Teachers of America 'Teachers Club Future A First Row: B, Berg, B. Cowan, N. McCachren, B. Fern, P. Dudash, W. Munko Zfafw. -1n.,., war, Nurses Club Officers Sitting Mrs Ling advisor D Swarny Standing P Ashcom B Ling J Klanchar T Dugan The Future Teachers of America Club,.still in its infancy, is dedicated to seeking out young students who show some inclination toward the teaching profession This club strives to present to these aspir ants the rewards and hardships that they will encounter as teachers. Various subjects such as salaries, requirements, and the opportunities for advancement are discussed at the meetings The Future Teachers of America Club is sponsored by the National Education Association through its various state branches L. Burkett, B. Baft, Mr. Hunter, advisor. Second Row: C. Easton. J. Statler, L n B Sell D Sma F Pilzys J Stephey Third Row: M, Grandll, L Lo g, . . . y, . , . . Garshnick, B. Kurtz, C. Kocis, N. Brosius, C. Arbaugh. Q.- ...sa- Quill and Scroll Sitting: H, Cowan, l.. Long, P. Baldwin Mrs. Huber, advisor, M, Burley, B, Mos grave, Ni, Marcinko, Sta nd 1 ng: li Janosko, Mr, Hunter,advisor, li. Cvrkel hh,-Y 10 R. Nau. The only strictly honorary club among our school organiza- tions is the Quill and Scroll soc- iety. An international body designed to recognize deserving students in the field ofhigh school journalism, the society offers a number of Ferndale juniors and seniors needed encouragement, Membership is based upon scholarship and outstanding per- formance on at least one of our school publications. Attractive pins, designating each member's staff position, were purchased by the members. X Future Nurses Club at Ferndale, has sought to demonstrate various phases of nursing to its members. Methods of achieving this purpose were movies, special guests, visits to hospitals and group discussions, The outstanding event was a trip to Torrence State Hospital, where patients in various stages of convalescence were observed. An impressive ceremony was held to pre- sent pins to the senior members. Meetings were conducted by President Donna Swarny with Mrs. Ruth Ling, school nurse, as the advisor. Nurses Club First Row: P. Ashcom, B. Slavick, J. Drum, McGuirk, J. Karla, T. Dugan, S. Mack. Second Row: S. Beale, M. A. Marcinko, P. Baldwin, K. Laughlin, M. Mucha, B. A. Lanko, J. Kemeny. Third Row: J. Klanchar, D. McCachren, N, Bassett, C. Szelazek, M, A. Krupka, D. Holmok, A. Kimmick, D. Swarny. Fourth Row: D, Hostetler, B. Ling, C. Bush, M. Vickroyf B. Drum, A. Fetsko, M. Rubish. 90 45' tv. as ' 49' 40 " 'Q' HQ. 3' N-J "QQ, 2 9 Y V-Teens Junior Y-Teens First Row: D, Eastlake, D.Murray, N. Hockensmith, B. Mateljan, N. McCachren, V. Harrison. Second Row: M. Schmidt, D. Rodkey, C. Custer, P. Dudash, B.Weigle.'I'hird Row: Fa Lambert, D. Bagley, S. McCann, C. Homyak. Fourth Row: F. Pilzys, F, Sankovich, J. Grening, E. Droz, C. Zimmer. Fifth Row: M. Teeter, J. Kassander, N. Ward, B. Klanchar. Sixth Row: C. Berg, P. Zeiler, M. Adams, J. Sakmar, B. Lobb. Seventh Row: B.Link, M. L. Grandll, M. A. Pavlick, C. Arbaugh. Junior Y-Teens First Row: D, Allison, B. Miller, P, Tredennick, M, Lees, J, Decker. Second Row: C, Hagerich, N. Slavik, C. Berkebile, R. O'Sherin, J. Schmidt, J. Lunt, Mrs. Nycum.Third Row: N. Thomas, J. Michalides, J. Grimm, S. Lumnitzer, C. Ward. Fourth Row: S. Shaffer, S. Claycomb, C, Jamison, M. A. Gomulko, C, Schrum, M, L. Hastings. Fifth Row: L. Burkett, B. Fern, J.Dugan, J. James, C. Easton. Sixth Row: V. Block, K. Daum, L, Miller, C. Bassett, J . Statler. M. Long. Seventh Row: M.A. Sarosi, M. Bartis, C. Shaffer, D. Terek. Jr. Y-Teen Officers M. Long, P. Tredennick, J. Statler, B. Miller, B, Fern. Once again this branch organization of the Y.W.C.A. has had a successful year. With the purpose of promoting community welfare in mind, both Junior and Senior groups have strived to attain this goal. Their various activities included sending stuffed animals to the Red Cross, con- tributing to the World Fellowship Program, and sponsoring a humanitarian Easter pro- ject. A formal initiation, a 'Sadie Hawkins' Day Dance, and decorating the halls for the yuletide season comprised their school pro- gram. Senior Y-Teen Officers G. Henneke, M. Blasko, D. Cer nak, J. Parkinson, M. Burley, Cowan, ...' hx gr . -..+.,, if tl!! V Senior Y-Teens First Row: A. Fingerhoot, J, Riek, B, Cowan, N. Pollock, K. Paulakos, M. Schmidt, B, Mosgravc. Second Row: Mrs. Campbell, J. Galioto, B. Barefoot, W. J.'Munko, E. Calder- wood, S, Graham, J. Ward, Third Row: M. J. Burley, B, Balog, I., Long, B, Weigle, I Hochstein. Fourth Row: J, Stephy, ll, Murphy, V. Tomak, J. Parkinson, J. Glover, G Henneke. Fifth Row: M. lllasko, L. Bassett, J. Freeburn, D. l.unko, J. Bouch. Sixth Row: D, Cernak, B, Goss, J. Debevc,J,Killen, M. l..Cernak, E, Teeter. Seventh Row: J. Malisko, P, Buckman, L. Garshniek, N. Brosius, li. Moore. A Stick 'em up. This year's senior play was a three-act farce entitled 'Host to a Ghost", lt was presented by the capable cast early in December. Mrs. Catherine Rodgers, our new librarian, was the director. The play opened with stage-struck Polly Peters confiding in her younger brother, Marty, and neighborhood pal, Nancy Dean. She reveals that a big-shot theatrical agent is coming to hear her sing. She has written to him, claiming to bea glamorous star training under a famous vocal teacher. To keep her parents from discovering her deceit, Polly convinces them to drive to a dis- tant city for Cousin Linda who is planning to visit them. Polly then tries to persuade her kid brother to pose as her teacher. Meanwhile, cousin Linda comes by train, and arrives at the Peters' home accompanied by a ghost! The weird happenings that followed had the household in an uproar. Finally the theatrical agent arrives and neatly gets invited to remain over night. This man eventually proves to be a swindler who holds the family captive. After play- ing hair-raising hide-and-seek with the ghost, the kids are glad to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Peters upon their return. ln the end, everything worked out nicely with the capture of the unscrupulous plotters who had sought to cheat Linda out of her money. 7, M ...la lr ',l 'r Host to lm M ff- 3 3' Have a nice trip, Somebody call the cops. V M! L -,f Q4 'n +1 i a Ghost M! -ij. 4. f - .-, 1 .. 9 A it tj! fr s... F J 3 Seated: D. Cernak, B. Balog, Mrs. Rodgers Mr. McGhee, A. Fetsko, J. Klanchar Stand ing: P, Buckman, M. Blasko, J. Gomulko B Drum. Seni Polly Peters Marty Peters Nancy Dean . Sue, the maid .... Mrs. Peters Mr. Peters . First Linda . Second Linda The Ghost . . Q if 9 or Play Cast . . . . . Barbara Goss . . . . Eddie Hull . Betty Ann Lanko .Marlene Rubish . .Donna Swarny Torrence Teeter 2 i . .Donna Holmok .. . . . Judy Riek Richard Freeman Mr. Lambert. . . . . . . .Marcia Vickroy M! ? Q Student Government Our student council is an organization designed to work toward student welfare and to stimulate student interest in our school. A practical ex- periment in representative democracy, this body consists of two delegates from each home room plus presidents of all clubs and organizations. ln the spring of each year the person who will succeed to the presidency of council is chosen by popular vote of the student body. Edward Janosko, our popular, all-round senior, was elected for this year. Council met regularly once a week throughout the year, planning various events and projects, A major contribution to the school by council was the student handbook, listing pertinent information about grades, dates, and regulations. Council also sponsored the Christmas dance and the February Valentine dance, as well supervising "safety first" efforts during the noon hour. 4-.fre ...f Student Council Officers Seated: Mr. Allison, Adivsor, T. Dugan, Tomak. Standing: D. Hostetler, president Janosko, vice-president J. McCann. --Wi First Row: E. Janosko, B. Weaver, L. Rankin, R. Otto, M, J, Burley, M. Blasko, C, Szelazek, R, Sanker, R. Allen, Second Rowg B. Cowan, R. Nau, B. Kurtz, A. Bezek, B. Jeroy, M. Poyich, J. Statler, C. Replogle. Third Row: F, Pilzys, J, Grimm, B, Gould, R. Kohan, C. Jones, L. Scruggs, M. Rosenbaum. Fourth Row: R. Slavik, B. Kaufman, J, Karas, J. Mandrogoc, B. Hoffman, B, Barnes, S. Claycomb. Standing: J. Stephey, M. A. Marcinko, D. Swarny, J. Leonard, T. Cernak, B. Cvrkel, B. Krum, J. James, J, Cindlesperger, Girls Athletics Association 13 W First Row: D, Hostetler, treasurer, J. Stephy, vice president, M. Marcinko, president, M. Blaskn. secretary. Second Row: K. Paulokas, J. Riek, B. Cowan, J. Given, M, Burley, B. Slavik, W. Munko, M. Schmidt. Third Row: S. Graham, B. Balog, G. Henneke, A. Kimmick, D. Holmok, D. Swarny, E. McGuirk, Fourth Row: B. Goss, C. Szelazek, D. Cernak, R. Drum, M. Vickroy, A. Fetsko, J. Malisko, J. Bouch, Our Varsity F Club admitted a number of new letter-winners to their exclusive membership this year in a hilarious, full-of-funinitiation ceremony. Under the supervision of Mr. Hyland, thelettermen sponsored a highly successful "Turkey Trot." They also sold candy and served as parking aides at the Ferndale P,T.A. minstrel, The club annually seeks to raise funds for the fall pre-season foot- ball camp at Blue Knob, F Club The purpose of the Girl's Athletic Association has been to promote active participation in girl's sports. This year volleyball, basketball, and ping- pong tournaments were conducted for the athletically inclined coed. Points were given to the girls on the basis of their participation in these activities. At the end of the year awards were presented by Miss Lance. Seated: B, Weaver, secretary,J, McCann, preside-nt,L. Rankin, vice president, First Row: B, Popchak,l.. Blue, C. Schlentner, R. Otto, M. Povich, R. Clawson B. Jeroy, J. Gander, Second Row: Janosko, B. Thomas, J. Hoffman, J, Cuppett, B. Krum, R. Homola, P. Muffley, Third Row: G. Biber, B. Kurtz,G.Simmons, R. Sanker, B. Kaufman, D. Bodnar. ,fo-K V? if Yearbook lrditors First Row: lllxlosgrave, B. Clowanjecond Row: M. J,llu1'ley, P. Baldwin, l.. Long 'lliird Row: ll, Livrkel, CI. Bush aj Seated: N. Ober, F. Bagnato, B. Murphy, Standing: Mr, Hunter, N. Pollock, R. Otto, D. Swarny, J. M Parkinson, l. Pohl. Reflector Reflector Staff Editor ...... Barbara Cowan Associate Lditor ..... Mary Jo Burley Feature liditor. . .Barbara Mosgrave Class Editor .... Lillian Long Activities Editor. . Pat Baldwin Sports Editor ..... Bill Cvrkel Typing Editor .... Carol Bush Business Manager . . Ron Otto Writers - Anne Marie Fetsko Gail Henneke Jeanne Klanchar Judy Riek Wilma Jean Munko Donna Swarny Lynn Rankin Ed Janosko Bob Weaver Torrence Teeter TYWSIS ' Art Work - Barbara Murphy Irmintrout Pohl Nancy Pollock Judy Kemeny Jane Parkinson Mildred Long Student Photographers Neil Ober Francis Bagnato Se-ated:J. Klanchar, J. Riek, W. J. Munko, B. Weaver. Standing: G. Henneke, L. Rankin, E. Janosko. an 3CCUI'8.Ie account of VHIIOUS HCUVIIIGD related to OUI' IS. IS Courier R. Nau, Mrs. Christensen and Mrs. Huber, advisors, IL. Janosko, First Row: M.Burlev, Cowan, M. Mal-Cinko' B- Mosgrave. Second Row: B, Krum,L. Rankin,B. Weaver, B. Cvrkcl. l' First Row: J. Gander, W. Laposota. Second Row: G Hcnneke, D. Swarny. Third Row: N. Pollock, B. Ling First Row: K. Fetterman, N. Hockensmith, J. Riek. P. Trudcnnick. Sucond Row: B. Shaffer, J. Stephy, W. Gould, Third Row: J. Hoffman, C. Szelazek. Fourth Row R. Sankcr. A '14 qi 'x 131' Af, ,Z MFA X iv! Prom Memorues '--n lYour autograph please What s th1s'? Banana soup' -.4 X -om- X l Lould have danced all mght The Sunnehanna Country Club was the scene of the Junlor Semor Prom held on May 10 1956 The evemng began w1th a Closed banquet for jumors and sen1ors A de1lC1OUS turkey dmner was served but the Cream of banana soup rece1ved the most numerous comments A welcome was g1ven by B111 Cvrkel jumor class presldent and a farewell by Ken Kaufman SCTIIOI' class presldent After the dmner there was a short 1nterm1ss1on before the dancmg began MUSIC was provlded by Nxcky and HIS Rhythm Boys Most students remamed at the dance unt11 1ts concluslon at eleven thlrty They then scattered to varlous nlght spots m the area There. was much yawmng and fallmg asleep 1n school the next day of course but the teachers were very understandmg Every one wxll long remember the fun f1lled mght of the Prom Cheek to Cheek Peattful mttrlude x l cf' 1691 ' VK . Y 1 . 1 , 1 Q . . 4. . . ii' 3 X un . vfffi X ' ' ' - ' ' v , I . , ...X I I l I - A , A , - 2 ' . V ,im M' ' 1 c l l ' y ll .. X X1 ll . I I 6 4 .1 ' Q P - o .h K l..,, ' - 1 ,A 1' X in 9 fl S, 6 A A A l n ,ft . l r Xl .gud "' Prom Committee Prom Committee Seated: J. Stephey, T. Dugan, L. Gar- shnick, D. Hostetler, B. Ling, C Szelazek. Standing: R. Nau, B. Kurtz, D. Bodnar, Mrs. Christensen, ad- visor, R. Sanker, J. Gander, B. Krum, J. McCann. I' ' . , - 11 zu I, X r atv 5 4. A .' , O .U 1. 'ill' Usherettes Q1 Usherettes First Row: D. Swarny, J. Riek B. Cowan, W. J. Munko, M. J. Burley, C. Bush.Second Row: J. Klanchar, D, Cernak, E. Teeter B. Barefoot, S. Graham, M. Blasko. Third Row: A. Kim- mick, G. Henneke, B. Murphy, L. Long, J. Parkinson, A. Fet- sko. 1 -70- Q 1 The Cast of Grandma Goes to Town: Nancy Brosius ..... Madge Talmadge Richard Mostoller . . . Glen Talmadge Dave Entler .... Alexander Talmadge Charlotte Szelazek ...... lnis Pruitt Fred Hines ,,.,,,,,, Tucker Pruitt Helen Karla ....... Gladys Talmadge Janet McDowell ...... Lura Scudder Jackie Stephey ....... Annie Bassett Irene Hochstehin ...... Freda Borden Barbara Ling. . .Kathryn Bock-Smythe Mitzie Schmidt. . . Flora Bock-Smythe Student Directors ..... Teresa Dugan Evelyn McGuirk -71 Junior PI 8 Happv mgh supper, The idyll ' 'of 1 sunior offiC 'r. I IVQIV group 1Qnl1l'? AH! WL manic il. 4? i -721 v hdffqn fjl- RJ X B 1 Is n that bad? Queen runmr up Portralt of km auty vm, Di. 43- L K M -QQ-Q N 'I 5 A YK xo V 5- . . A T4 -E awfi-Ek '94 " i ,,H-.tv.,-vi- H rA,,,.- 4. Long files of noisy spectators shuffle forward. Turnstiles click, coins jingle, and monotonous voices repeat again and again, "tickets, please." To the average student or interested adult, this is just another game. But to the poised and eager athlete, it is more than that. Perhaps it is his gateway to glory. For some, this glory may be the de- lighted cheers of the crowd. It could be the warm clasp of Dad's big hand and the wel- come sound of, "Well done, Son." The gate- way could even lead to awelcomed scholar- ship for the hero of the fray. Of course, no honest athlete seeks per- sonal gloryg his aim is higher, for he aspires only to bring honor and victory to his school. This year our athletes have had their moments of glory, and our school has thrilled at their successes. Here we pass again through some of those exciting gate- ways to glory. Varsity Cheerleaders . First Row: M. Schmidt, B. Slavick, J. Statler, S. Lurnnitzer, B. Miller, Second Row: P. Bald- win, B. Goss, D. Hostetler, D. Holmok, M. A. Marcinko. Seniors: Kneeling: P. Baldwin, B. Goss, M. A. Marcinko. Standing: D. Holmok. ifilnscgiindr B Sl ik DH t ti sophomores: ' 1 ' ' av ' ' ose er' J, Statler, S. Lumnitzer, B. Miller .-76.. ...nv-' k . Lf M155 Lance Tense cheerleaders await final an Advisor nouncement. Championship Cheerleaders "Scash 'eml Jackets! Scash 'eml' With these words the 1956 cheerleading squad soared to victory in the thirteenth annual cheerleading contest. The victory made our school the first to win the contest four times. This year's squad consisted of four seniors, three juniors, and three sophomores, elected last spring by the student body. The girls were led by captain Donna Holmok and co-captain Barbara Goss. They were directed by the faculty advisor, Miss Dorothy Lance. The squad cheered at all football and basket- ball games, and led the assembly pep rallies. ln November the J.V. and Junior High cheer- leaders were chosen. They cheered at their respective basketball games. Kneellng C Easton N Hocken- Junior High Cheerleaders smith B Fern C Ha er1ch.Stand Kneeling P Rucosky K wemck J g - mg M Pavlick S Beale E.Calder- Moody' Standing B Dlehl C Zlm wood M L Hastings mer, S. McCann R Slavik 5 'ffl frf Il 35,7 sf we IB .9135 Varsity Football S uad 'ir .X . Q First Row: D. Bodnar, l., Rankin, B. Kurtz, R. Sanker, B. Weaver, C. Simmons, R. Kuhs, J. McCann. Second Row: R. Pauline, L. Clark, G. Sass, T. Kush, J. Cuppett, J. Hoffman, J. Garner, B. Thomas. Third Row: R. Henneke, R. Otto, P. Muffley, li. Janosko, R. Homola, M. Povich, B. Jeroy. Fourth Row: T. Mock, ll. Allen, C. Schlentncr, l.. Blue, J. Gander, B. Muffley, C. Sunch. Successful Gridders-Victors Over Westmont To a Ferndale team starved for victory over a traditional foe, the 1956 campaign came to a thrilling, wonderful climax with a convincing victory over the red and gray of Westmont. With a hard-charging forward wall clearing the way, Paul Muffley scored both Ferndale touchdowns, one early in the game, another in the third period, to win, 13 - 7. With ten lettermen reporting to new head coach Jack Hyland in August, the squad spent a rough but profitable week at Camp Blue Knob before the opening of school. Plagued by injuries to key players such as Bert Kaufman, Bob Weaver, and Paul Muffley, the team suffered tough-sledding in early games. Opening against Richland at Windber Stadium, the Jackets were swamped by a score of 32 - O. On a soggy field at United Joint High our boys were nipped by a 6 - 0 score, and then absorbed a 46 - 0 lacing from a good Conemaugh Township team. Playing a rnuch improved brand of ball against Catholic High in a 7 - 7 tie game, and in a scoreless duel with Cone- maugh, our gang broke into the win column against a weak Adams Township squad, 21 - 6, On a cold wind-swept field at Franklin another 0 - 0 deadlock resulted as our boys fought off a closing spree. Then a thrilling Point Stadium encounter against Bedford resulted in last-quarter defeat for our Jackets, 20 - 14, but the great Westmont game victory spelled SUCCESS for a season in which our squad improved steadily. Coach John Hyland -YB- 79- A 'One and two and . . ." "O.K,, you guysl' Varsity Football Scoreboard Ferndale 0 - 32 Richland Ferndale 0 - 6 United Joint Ferndale 0 - 46 Conemaugh Township Ferndale 7 - 7 Catholic High Ferndale 0 - 0 Conemaugh Ferndale 21 - 6 Adams Ferndale O - 0 Franklin Ferndale 14 - 20 Bedford Ferndale 13 - 6 Westmont 2 wins, 3 ties, 4 losses First Row: J. Cuppett, J. Hoffman, R. Otto, L. Rankin, J. Gander, J. McCann, B. Kurtz. Second Row: E. Janosko, B. Weaver, R. Sanker, P. Muffley, R. Homola. Third Row: D. Bodnar. Jn. r A Nyle Hershberger Jr. High Coach J. V. laootball. Compiling a season's record of one win, two ties, and three losses, the Junior Varsity foot- ball squad performed capably for their new coach, Richard Rigby, ln addition to this six game schedule, many of the boys got additional chances by appearing in varsity encounters. Nudged aside by Conemaugh Township by a 6-0 margin in the opener, the squad then was nipped, 13-12, by Richland. At Westmont an interesting game ended in a 6-6 deadlock, while Catholic squeaked by in a sharp 7-6 engagement. The squad then took Franklin into camp by a 20-0 count, and closed the campaign against Adams in a 6-6 tie. The boys now move upto fill vacancies on our varsity eleven. Sanker attempts pass in United game. Y Football Managers: D. lintlcr, B. Krum, B. Cuppett. Jr. Varsity Football A United Joint action -80- -81- ivpf' Junior High Football First Row: T. Kegg, C.Coopcr,J. Katzenstein, B. Hoffman, J. Speicher, J. Hess, N. Gavazzoni, L. Kennedy. Second Row: Coach Hershberger, M. Cherney, .XL Karla, B. Kaufman, B. Barnes, R. Leventry, F. Lux, L. Scruggs, R. Rokita, R. Mucha. Third Row: J. Karas, T. Blue, W. Layton, D. Simmons, K. Dimpfl, D. Eppley, H. Muffley, R. Yesh, C. Saintz, T. Frieben. Fourth Row: L. Berg, R. Lees, J. Bagnato, R. Kurtz, R. Schlentner, M. Rosenbaum, J. Jerov. B. McVicker. V. Martello. Jr. High Football Under the watchful eye of Coach Nyle Hershberger and his assistant, Mr. Allison, our Junior High gridders worked through a six game schedule in which they improved as the season progressed. Gaining needed game experience and working long practice hours on fundamentals, the squad produced many boys who will earn their F on the varsity in years ahead. Defeated by Catholic Jr. High by a 14-0 count in the opener and by Richland, 21-7 in their next outing, the Baby Stingers were then barely nosed out by Adams 14-13. Following a fourth loss to Conemaugh Township by a 32-0 score, Fern- dale won its only victory, a 36-0 romp over Franklin. The season closed with a 0-0 stalemate with Shade. A Charles .-Xllison .Xss't Jr. High Coach Second varsity eleven: First Row: J. Carner, G. Simmons, B. Allen, C. Schlentner, L. Blue, R. Kuhs, G. Sass. Second Row: B, Jeroy, M. Povich, B. Thomas, B. Muf- fley, C. Sunch. Varsity Basketball Kneeling: D. Entler, Coach Rigby. Standing: D Wissinger, R. Kuhs, R. Sanker, J. McCann, B. Weaver, D, Hunt, M, Povich, R. Clawson, B. Jeroy, J. Gander. Hardwood Heroes R. Clawson .' ,Q i ' 'L Wi g i f c9ggf?.:f' . . f ff 5.32 , f- 9 5 , ff u 'ff' 'R 'H , V., n an 41 -3--p-Q , W.. B, Jeroy Y 0 f Q K, Q ,. if 'il' 2 . J . Gander L ' 1 ' ' , gg -' ,- 'if mf 'H vi 'g g Q: f 1 ii i . f 5. ?' A 1 'fwfgf 'iz . 5 2 ' , ' ? f f V h i R 6 if fly - 1 Q I ' R. Kuhs Y ...9 V. mpc' .. J. McCann Richard Rigby, head coach V D. Hunt Y Y A l 'wr W W r .l A V I V Q M..--..f:f1.f::f:..:...wf ' ' R , 1 ' ' L ':" ii 'K V Z. ,,,' F R A ' -. i , A, 'I-1 ig 8 11 1 D, Wissinger M. Povich Ph 'cg . H gg iv' G' ..,, ,ff In their first season under head coach Richard N. Rigby, our varsity cagers ended the season with a record of twelve wins and twelve losses. lnthe Tri- County League race, our boys finished a very creditable second, with a record of eight wins and four losses. Bob Weaver and Dick Sanker waged a hot race all season for individual scoring leadership, with Weaver emerging with a total of 362 and Sanker f with 354. Three Sophomore members of the squad, Jeroy, Povich, and Wissinger, contributed signifi- cantly to the fine record, while McCann, Clawson, Hunt, Gander, and Kuhs provided bench strength. ,ifm-A 4, Pre-game huddle with Coach Rigby. From dejected bench-warmer to vital substitute - go to it, Jim! B, Weaver Visitors Ferndale 52 54 Richland 35 56 Portage 58 53 Somerset 65 69 Dale ' "' 65 63 Southmont 59 64 Dale R. Sanker 53 48 Indiana 69 56 Central Cambria 45 51 Richland 89 69 United Joint 41 39 Conemaugh Township 46 63 Westmont VARSITY BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Ferndale Visitors 43 51 United Joint 79 61 Windber 69 51 Central Cambria 59 45 Indiana 39 59 Windber 54 50 Franklin 69 47 Conemaugh Township 69 91 Westmont 69 47 Conemaugh Township 60 63 Southmont 88 37 Hastings 55 60 Patton 12 Victories , 12 Defeats Nimble Netters Junior High Basketball Kneeling: B, Cuppett, L. Scruggs, l.. Kennedy, B. Kaufman J Livingston G Saintz Standing: B. Barnes, D. Cooper, B.Thomas,J.Spiker, N. Gavazzoni G Jones K Dimpfl manager. JUNIOR HIGH SCOREBOARD Junior Hi h Basketball E Kneeling: R. Allen, C. Replogle, D. Sheehan G lgastlake F layton F Gype, K. Trexler, Standing: R, Mishler, T Kegg B Hoffman J Hess F, Zeiler, T. Cammerata, P. Katzenstein Ferndale Visitors 25 42 Catholic High 23 32 Conemaugh 28 36 Joseph Johns 34 42 Cochran 43 34 Westmont 41 33 Garfield 34 47 Richland 51 20 Adams 24 25 Conemaugh Twp. 60 41 Conemaugh 21 32 Richland 41 30 Franklin 41 42 Westmont 41 30 Conemaugh Twp, 27 49 Joseph Johns 31 46 Cochran 46 59 Garfield Coach Nyle Hershberger 7 wins, 12 losses -85- 25" ls 4 I Track Team, 1955 airy First Row: C. Sunch, J. Gander, J. Holsopple, M. Povich, P. Muffley, E. Janosko, J. Lugar, J. Howrylak, E. Gertz, Manager. Second Row: G. Ritchey, R. Homola, J. Garner, G. Sass, R. Horvath, L. Clark, A. Bezek, A. Kush. Third Row: J. McCann, B, Kurtz,R. Sanker, G. Simmons, B. Weaver, L. Rankin, D, Wissinger, D. Bodnar. Spring Sports With only two lettermen returning, the thin- clads of Coach Michaels faced a difficult schedule under unfavorable training weather. Opening against Dale, our boys were victorious, 91-28, but in the next outing were taken over by Somer- set, 81-37, ln the big district meets, such as the Coaches, Tri-County, Johnstown Pitt, and District Six events, our boys finished well down among the also-rans. Probably the greatest ray of light of the track season was the sterling performance of little Ed Dallape in the 440 and 880 yard runs. Ed toppled meet records on several occasions as he brought numerous first place medals home to Ferndale. B, Weaver, P. Muffley. 186-. QA' .A , il Baseball Our golf team oflast spring, coached by Mr. Nyle Hershberger, suffered its first team defeat in many years. Play- ing only two matches on North Fork Country Club's extensive course, the linksmen split with Catholic High. Bad weather hampered the team and pre- vented the scheduling of more matches. Qu Colt' First Row J McCann B Lehlmann H Liehl man Coach Hcrshbcrger Second Row R Otto D Hunt W Chupko The baseball season last spring is probably best remembered for its horrible weather The Tri Country league schedule was plagued by frequent wash outs and postponements while team practice was virtually curtailed Playing only five games under Coach Jack Hyland our Stingers didn t manage to win a ball game In the opener Westmont shut out Ferndale 5 0 Then Indiana took our boys 7 3 and Conemaugh followed with a 4 0 conquest After a loss to Johnstown by a 5 3 count our diamond sports men closed the season with a slugfest against Westmont with Verndale losing the decision by a 13 12 score First Row J Gander R Rucosky R Homola R Pauline R Clawson B Popchak J Karas Second Row Coach Hyland G Simmons B Weaver B Frankosky J McCann B Kaufman B Barnes W gym Q? Elm fy? 5 QQ- Y 2 W3 12 ,, 9 ,vie JM ' , l x ' 4 . Q tw! f 7 5 0. 9 4 , f 9 Hugh School Hughlughts of Sensors Patrlcxa Baldwin 194 Quaker Avenue Marchlng Band 3 Future Nurses Club 3 4 Y Teens l 2 3 Pep Club 3 4 Reflector Ac txvxues Edxtor 4 Quxll and Scroll 4 Rmg Comm1ttee 3 Semor Play Comm1ttee4 Inter class 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Barbara Balog 542 Summlt Avenue Chorus 1 3 Y Teens 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 3 4 G A A 1 2 3 4 Jumor Play Student Dlrector Semor Play Student Dlrector Usherette 3 lnterclass 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader 1 2 Barbara Barefoot 434 Moxham Avenue Marchlng Band 1 2 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Chorus 4 Forenslc 4 Y Teens 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 4 Usherette 4 lnterclass 2 3 4 Loretta Bassett R D 1 Box 358 Future Nurses Club 3 Y Teens 1 2 3 4 Prom Comm1ttee 3 lnterclass 3 Charles Bevec 363 Sam Street Elgene Blber 324 Ohlo Street F Club 3 4 lnterclass 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 Track 1 2 4 Mary Blasko 352 Hall Street Y Teens 1 2 lnner Club COUDCII Rep 3 4 G A A 3 Secretary 4 Student Councll 2 4 Usherette 4 lnterclass 1 2 3 4 Larry Blue R D 1 Box 127a Prom Comm1ttee 3 F Club4 lnterclass 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 Track 1 Judy Bouch R D 1 Box 110 Y Teens 1234 Pep Club 4 GAA 34 lnterclass 1 2 3 4 Peggy Buckman 916 Boston Street Chorus 2 3 4 Forens1c2 3 4 Y Teens 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 3 4 lnterclass 4 Transfer 1n Sopho more Year Mary Jo Burley 635 Ferndale Avcnue Marchlng Band 2 3 Chorus 2 3 4 Forensic 2 3 4 Y Teens 1 2 Vxce Presldent 3 Presl dent4 Pep Club 3 Secretary 4 G A A 2 3 4 Student Councll 3 4 Courler 3 4 Reflector ASSOCIHIC Edltor 4 Qulll and Scroll 4 Prom Committee 3 Usherette 3 4 lnterclass 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader l 2 Carol Bush R D 1 Box 119 Marchmg Band 4 Future Nurses Club 3 4 Y Teens 1 2 3 Pep Club 3 4 Courler 4 Re flector Typlng Edltor 4 Usherette 4 Inter class 1 2 3 Dorothy Cernak R D l Box 224 Y Teens l 2 3 4 Vlce Presldent 2 4 Pep Club 4 G A A 4 Usherette 4 lnterclass 1 2 3 4 Wayne Chupko 206 Crystal Street Prom Committee 3 lnterclass 1 2 3 4 Base ball 1 Track 2 3 Golf 3 4 919 Barbara Cowan 122 Gilbert Street Chorus 234 Forenslc 23 4 County and Dxstrxct Chorus 4 Future Teachers Club 4 Y Teens 1 3 Program Chaxrman 2 4 Pep Club Vxce Presldent 3 Presndent 4 G A A 2 3 4 Student Councll 1 2 4 Prom Committee 3 Usherette 3 4 Courler 3 4 Reflector Ed :tor 4 Qu11l and Scroll 3 4 lnterclassl 2 3 4 Class Offlcer 3 4 Secretary Treasurer Cheerleader 1 2 B111 Cvrkel R D Box 236 Key Club 2 3 4 Student Councll 1 3 4 Courler l 2 3 4 Reflector Sports Edltor 4 Qu1l1 and Scroll 3 4 Prom Comm1ttee3 R1ngComm1ttee 3 lnterclass 1 3 4 Class Offlcer President 3 4 Football 1 2 3 Track 1 Roberta Drum 560 Ferndale Avenue Future Nurses Club 34 Y Teens 12 Pep Club 4 G A A 2 3 4 Jumor Play Actress lnterclass l 2 3 4 Phnl Entler 1610 Colonlal Street lnterclass 1 2 Anna Marle Fetsko 100 Gable Street Future Nurses Club 3 4 Y Teens 1 2 3 Pep Club 3 4 G A A 3 4 Student Councxl 1 Re flector 4 Prom Committee 3 Semor Play Student Dlrector 4 Usherette 4 lnterclass 1 Joyce Freeburn 525 Ferndale Avenue Marchmg Band 1 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Concert Band l 2 3 4 Future Nurses Club 3 Y Teens 1 2 3 4 lnterclass 1 Rlchard Freeman 402 Ferndale Avenue Chorus 1 Forenslc 1 KeyClub3 4 Parlxmen tarlan 4 Semor Play Actor lnterclass 3 Basketball 1 2 Track 1 Joan GHIIOIO 352 Ohio Street Chorus 2 3 Forenslc 2 3 Future Nurses Club 3 Y Teens1234 PepClub34 GAA12 lnterclass 1 2 John Gomulka 205 Oakland Avenue Rmg Committee 3 Semor Play Stage Hand 4 lnterclass 1 2 3 4 Football Manager 2 Basketball Manager 1 2 Baseball Managerl 2 Track Manager 1 2 Barbara Goss 639 Ferndale Avenue Y Teens 1234 Pep Club34 GAA 234 Semor Play Actress lnterclass 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader 1 2 3 Co Captain 4 Sondra Graham 207 Habxcht Street Y Teens 1234 Pep Club 4 GAA 34 Usherette 4 lnterclass 1 2 3 4 Gall Henneke 539 Vlckroy Avenue Y Teens 1 Treasurer 2 3 Secretary 4 Pep Club 3 Treasurer 4 G A A 3 4 Courxer 3 4 Reflector 4 Prom Comm1ttee 3 Usherette 4 lnterclass 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader 1 2 ' 0 0 0 ' . .9 ..: ' - ,.: .9 .- " 1 : I 9 ' 1' - .: ' '.: . I . . S - D. . , . 1 .- ..: ' ' 1 .: ' .: .- .':- ,z ' 2' .: ' . ' 1 ' ., g ' , ' 1 2 ,. lil: I' . nn ,.: ' ' ...Q ,..Q ,,,g , ' 3' 1 ' 1- .: ' Q' ' : 2 2 ..: '. ' -- .3 ..: . 2- . ' 1 - .:- .Q ' . 1 .3 ..: ' ' ' I: I -1: sg' rs: ...y Q I nz .Q...,Q .Q ' Q ..,. : ' : ' , -- ' s Q . ' 3 I , . 2,3,4g Class Officer l,Secretary Treasurer. 1: IPI: O: ' .., ' ,,,, ' 3 ' ann: 1-.-,Q 1:11 Q' vv: 'lui' lilo Q 'Q ,, ' ' -I S ' ' ' 2. ' . : 1 ' yy s ' I: rr: ' ,Q l ,Q nal' lv. . ' A' Q' aryl .Q...',Q 3 . ,. '.: ' .3 . . . Z. I . . Q . , 3 ' : ': "' vnu: 2 L " vi gl ' : .5 - D .5 ':- - f 1 1 , 3 ,,,, DI' ',' ' l u. 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Suggestions in the Ferndale High School - Reflector Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) collection:

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