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 - Class of 1956

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3, I 1 J' J V' f .sf if ian! 4: IAQ I1 ' ,-rf ' Q .. V1 .r .-J , I Y' 4 1 A" V 'fu :hw 14, k r, .44 I Q Q 4 , . .4-4' I . Inf, vu '15, -fi fp! U1 I 1, . .vu 1 f ,, x . j 'T' ' J ,.. 1 1, N J Ff . w , 5544 V . ,fygf , 4' A N . F--f 1 Q ?"' A . ' f 4 5: . ' 'xr " - , 2'-.' I r f -ff"'S-4 -5 5. ' . N A- ry. afx YQ,-at sz I we xifva'-,t v 1 x X - 14 ' ' '-f? 'V , ' ,N I .- wif 'Fl' Q 'Q' ,, ijlrgi. lg I ' 'E' . l 2533! . -5 ,jffl . ef .- Z 'fj.fv,.'. I A ,457 21 X I C Iv A 1 1 ,av 4'?' '5iWf .4737-Q gx 1 I ag f. 'r - lffia "'i ,r U SN 'ul Q' 44. 5 ll . I 3 X 'Mud' 'AMN -X ' , , . ,ri 'FQ uf ' tx in , ill .fr .K vu - -may 'fit A fi -J -vu '75, Q". Q ,530 3 -' ff 4, +f1H , fn' V4 ' ,l.i?yi!, . 1 'Y 5 Kg, x, v M! 'gly jff6wQL'x by ?!d?i,'iY '?9,y,1b'A iff DVI lj i N X MVl.b4Y'tJJLM-jo , Mx! ,I i . L , 5 . X IQ MQ fwwffff? W ,fr ' ffX gp Q, W xifu! azfwoia rf 'MI A ff'9'fZZJD paw ga fl , W w k 3 fox X ' 'ff AJ N' S rp ftfj' , gf J 'V Y Slew of of W Cm My ,jj is ,Fwy fp , f , 4. gb A A,,, 'gk ZW! ,Af V 3 N fix SEN Q KK! Jo x N 5555? '59, 4 M PQ? ,iff xheqf ...aff jj? Q N . i W X h. 3 MK? fWD. 0 K1 WB K 2 XS 7441.11 fir. 1 mv wffvnd A144 'SN fiuify E130 I9 Lf 4 Qssmff, lg? Ly SQUID? G f fcfjfff ful 'OJ P .UVYUJ-C q Q! A 'X' OPIIJGF 36400 52791 o n.1fown, ennay uanza XXX 'Q pf? pf my Q x Xbx N f- , 'F N' I ,, ' Y 3 A O t !,ffc,SYf,,of"x In Mi, liyjqxff , f . 'S x X K ug X M kfiv'2f'T .1 K an 1 1 N xx I If J to W jp 3 X 1 t TX I Mb 5 U V W 1 H N , QQ N if N f' x gj Q ' 441 X x Q, " 4: Q5 - . 9" wwf 'Onyx XX wXigQf B 65 fg fd SSX Q f . , X . xi - 0 l QNX KM L ' O ' 'AZ ADM 1 7 ' . X f ,K 55 , N P SL f5xH ggi rf ci? ' f N x xx Tx , MJ gb . ' An 9. Q Q h W Ky A . ws .igxs VV If Q, , fgfy qs. A 1 bb Y Qj K, if V , l J "-X fx . P6 , Y , Myiw. J S Y,-.. qw Q, Q3 .4-,,C'? g x F. ' . ff' 'V' A. '- ' 1 'L , . ' A O6 addy Ayx Ryv B25 ' V K F 5. Y ' Tl, 1 F ill xyiix Dt N IJ q w Q"'f,Q, T5 ' 1 'QI Awww nik NV, ll I 5 2 A b V t P Mfr, U , P H f .f" - , 1 I ,PJ 36, Nj e ' .4 0, ' 5 .Nfl JU' JJ To fjru rf QQ Aqxc, ' . ' f , 1 1 , 1 ju -'9",fMwm 441 ML , JLCQQ B f J , Q , .mfr 'N WJ. -' y ' 3 T55 5 3 Je I A Q J 4 I9 f ' Y wg 1 aj Lat ,wafer of Lette, 9: 1 fan we offer Me fepu Lfif fAan fo fear an in5frucf x Q 1 our goufAJxf,,.pUfN- 5 ' 1' - P A H V , I , t ,' . - If fs fw'l all' T-ir? 'X -QE L T x, . " ' if .ttf 'xx .J W-' . 5' aw? , ' ir' 'c ro g F., ! In .wfj,t.-x l 0 , 1 X , E K: .. 3,3 V 14.9 . M ':,- vmwwik , ,.. , And when the stream Which overflowed the soul was passed away, A consciousness remained that it had left, Deposited upon the silent shore of memory, Images and precious thoughts, That shall not die, and cannot be destroyed. . . . William Wordsworth And so it is with usl Desiring to recapture and perpetuate precious thoughts and images of school work and play, we have gathered these pages of prose and pictures, Like the sentiment expressed by the poet, we are not willing that such fond memories should die. Those images which sink deepest are often those which we scarcely know, at the moment of their imprint, that we are noticing at all. So it is with our experiences in school - with those thrills, vivid for only an instant. It is also true with words - for there are some which are brilliant, clever, incisive - and man- kind is not willing that they should die. The Reflector staff has chosen to illustrate these images of life and school with many time- less expressions of perpetual voices, The theme of our book - Great Quotations ofMankind - is woven about familiar places and friendly faces. We rest secure in the faith that if our efforts prove insignificant on these pages, at least the wisdom and wit of the ages will not have been rewritten and reread at a loss by our patrons. 1 .o 4- ' f s T' 5' U f" . ., 'gi 1 - 2 I , , , 1 f' l 4 1, ff. sa. ka 1 A n 2 il' A ' 4 5 . F 4 - I 5 -'i A Ii' 1 1 , , U FHL f-- m'f ' X f 5 W 9 . 1 ,ig W 5 " ' :N 1... Ja VII 2 .. 1 ' 'gi 4 G' 9, J-:s , 4 lg + , , C' K Q - -,. 1 5 Q, 9 ku L 'C' i2 f 11 1 -4 Z. M . ' S, 9' g'uVT- :C fs QQ'-.1 : ' i S 2 - -f :Q 1 - L . K JE., ' 1 ' s, ' y , " n A , vu W f D s . , . ,H 1 ' f 5 . Q . I, " i . . . r - . 59 . 8 ' - i ' ' - 'K Q.fiJ A W 1 K' - ' I I Q U 3 L Y . . . fu -' X ' , , 'Ill' 'I 4 - 5 . X W, -fm 8. vi A ' Ez. V' 5- K 2 WY- f -N .. 'P 1 ' W 'E' Ei f F ' , f 'u 'L' y A A. ?' Q ' 6' 1 ' - P -: . 'S Q1 K' Q 'L ki z i , Q, , , L , .K - ,., - Q Z4 a , -S 'IS --H "W ' 'EF' ' 'i' T ' ' 3 W if C i A mx if V5 AW , ,, J Q T . 5 Q wh , as .,,. ni E, y- Q , i: . 5 ?ff ?i5'i. - V- ,M 2 P-gMr""r 2, J... l r 1 .- ,L wk ull ,. L .. . V'-gl? Eg . ri, P! f.""+" - 2-Q13 -i W1 ':- ---g... . v .. ,lg -, ., 4 1. 5- V I A 4 S' - 1 5 - u A 1 - 1 . " n x K' -.' "f .v-,, I K K , Q A . , 1 .... , .. - M. ' 1 0 Y Q 1 5, I l M 6 1 I l 11- ' -1- X 1 "x v f' 7 3, 3 ? X 4 Ov .D 0 1 :- s "" ' ik vising Principal. .. 1.4 e ucafion orm5 ai.. 2'-1 -A xx-4 C-R..-X. X Q 4. .- '5- fAe common mincl. I A 1 Q Mr, s. my Grimm, Jr., Super- Miss Patricia Sass, Secretary to the high school principal. With the formation of our expanded school system as the result of the jointure, our high school profited in the hiring of a principal, Mr, Elmer Berkebile, Mr. S. Ray Grimm, Jr., our supervising principal, now serving his second year in that position, has been extremely busy in seeing to the smooth operation of an enlarged program. We have, therefore, been fortunate, indeed, to have Mr. Berkebile enter our school and effectively administer our program. Coming to Ferndale after a successful teaching and guidance career at Adams Twp. High School, Mr. Berkebile has been acclaimed by students and fac- ulty for his good beginning as an administrator. Our office staff has undergone further change with the retirement of our long-time secretary, Miss Wilma Mooney, after 27 years at Ferndale. She has been re- placed by Miss Bonnie Ryan, who now serves as secre- tary to Mr. Grimm, and by Miss Patricia Sass, who works with Mr. Berkebile. Both girls are recent grad- uates of our high school. u.1fa5 fdefwig ia denf 1 f 7 ,gl . fde free .4 inchnecl . .pope V Greater Ferndale Joint School Board ,I First Row: Martin Hodos, Robert Hag- e l erich, Geo. W. W. Jones, Robert Cowan, Carl Harrison, Richard Claycomb, Loren f , Blue, Peter Scheer, William Eichler, f ' Stephen Friedman, John Ozog. Second f . , 1 z Row: James Cruickshank, Adam Koch, gl Donald Porter, Colbert Vai-ner, Richard if i-ee1e Goldberg, Paul Burkett, George Spence, ya , ' solicitor, Paul Doyle, Sylvester White, Adam Gembenski. P-' A i - Mr Elmer Berkebile, High The Greater Ferndale School System, formed by a new jointure of four districts, has become operative this year. Each district elects five mento st-rveonour joint school board. The advantages and improvements in our school system re- sulting from the jointure are numerous and important. l'he equal representation of school board members gives each dis- trict an opportunity to share in the management and policy making of their schools. The improvements in our educational program resulting from the jointure include a guidance counselor, a new high school principal with an additional clerk in hisoffice, fine arts for all students from kindergarten through 12th grades, and health and physical education in grades 7 through 12, The schools now render such services as nursing, guidance, home bound instruction, and many extra curricular activities which were not offered before the new contract was drawn up. Many services that were needed for the youth of our community and the local boards of education are now being furnished, The jointure contract was drawn up on a five year basis with each district sharing in the operation and upkeep of F. ll, but retaining their own districts' building responsibilities, However, all instructional expenses are included under the administration of the joint board. Mr. Carl Harrison was elected president of the joint board with Mr. Robert Cowan as vice-president, Mr. Richard Clay- comb as treasurer, and Mr, George W, W, .lones as secretary, School Principal Miss Bonnie Ryan, ztov the 'Supervising Principal i , 1 r wi ,, 5 .4 , M. B7 4, 1 .!4llCl WOMXJ A earn, anal gfazlfg feac . .CAGUCEP The Senior Class of 1956 sincere respect and deep, personal liking for Mr. Nyle Hershberger. In the two years that he has been teaching in Ferndale,Mr, Hersh- berger has proven to be a thorough, competent teacher. We believe that he is a man with a future. During school hours Mr. Hershberger teaches mathematics. When the school bell sends the students horneward, Mr. Hersh- berger then spends many hours ably coaching our junior high school boys in basketball and football, or instructing the golf team. His thoughtful advice is also important in his role as advisor for the senior class. This tribute from his students comes to a man, young in years of experience, but to one who has his heart and soul in the well- being of all of us. Hershberger in characteristic poses at work 15' 'A " ,949 7 r Q! f ' ' 1 . f r1-- 3 .., fl" W 1 J A , Mr. Richard Slick, our new English and problems of dem- ocracy teacher., Jf, fgyd: , ,LQ ff sf . 5.4 ,I it ,G ff ,1, ,, ,. Mrsu Sue Higgins, girls phys- V ical education instructonput- ting a student through a muscle building routine. Mr. Charles Allison, guidance counselor, offers a bit of ad vice to Bob Doyle. 149' ii?-' I Mr. Louis Giusto, our new music maestro, bangs out a lively tune. 7' 9' 74' 4' ta 1 - 1' . I V, 4 J' var ,f lf-rl f if 4. Mr. Robert Igo illustrates a point 98 'INA nz.. Kat M4 'G iv.,A, MS 'Wi'-If saiaiv.. . W- -0 'Li in B its Robert Hunter University of Pittsburgh English, Civics, Reflector Jessie Hill Albright C lege I-:ng1ish,,Lib rian X . 'X ll X- rs Colleg 1iPPer 3eate Teach- X kPhysical Educ tion, Health, Pep Club, Jr. Y-Teens, Cheerleaders, G. A. A. Nyle Hershberger Pennsylvania State Univer- sity Mathematics, Assistant Coach Louis Giusto Concord College Music Supervisor of School System Band, Chorus, Junior Band, Junior Chorus, G r a d e School Band Delores Eisenbach Indiana State Teachers College Sales, Commercial Law, Bookkeeping, Math, G.B. T. , Pep Club, Sr. Y-Teens fhf ff I h H 1 d VMOW 0 '1 Y an Velva ldzk sky Slippery Rock State Teach' University of Pittsburgh ers College Junior High English Biology, Physiology, As- sistant Coach 1-,-1 lo Llfvsff ur wdlw U -few fYl.f5 R404-'--'-7 .fd fear er a ecfa Dorothy B. Christensen Beckley Business College Shorthand, Typing, Busi- ness Machines, Courier, Junior Advisor O. Glemi Brougher, Jr. Indiana State Teachers College Art Supervisor of School System, Art Advisor ,for Reflector V M 'c.YVt efernifyi Charles Allison Juniata College Guidance Department, En glish, Mathematics, Stu dent Council ir ,,...-43" 'HOW Robert V. lgo, Jr. Indiana State Teachers College Electricity, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics Audio-Visual equipment and films. 0 Call IIQUBI' Edward C. Lea! California State Teachers College American History, World History, Driver Training Francis Lesneski Mansfield State Teachers College Geography, Key Club :eff w ere is in uence 5fop.4. . ...ZQJGIYIJ Laurence M. Wolf Buffalo State Teachers College Industrial Arts, Mechan- ical Drawing c. E. Macnee Y Wilkes College University of Pittsburgh English, Spanish, Dramat- ics, Senior Play Derry Michael Lock Haven State Teachers College Health, Physical Educa- tion, Head Coach, F Club ,,.- 507 ,,.. f HSM". , X ff , ff fd-Q fa, c Ruth Ling George Townsend Mercy Hospital School of Susquehanna University Nursing University of Pittsburgh Schgol Nurse Algebra, General Science ani' Leta Morgart , University of Colorado Latin, English Martha Nycum Hood College Home Economics ,r- f tn. a ,wt Richard suck University of Pittsburgh l English, P.O. D., Faculty Manager of Athletics Mary Spangler California State Teachers College History KI 'Q -w--an Q -. 9 l 30 XOOL up anJ HO! JOM!!! 30 IDOL !0l'M!dl'J and nof Lack: jo !ooL oufancl nof ing Ken Kaufman, Senior Class president. p fv Z Tom Balog, Senior Class " aLfle 1 ure f , " U.. L1 Nw ENN w WHIVTKU Wu 1 '4U1Hxl.H "LU , fwuiuw NJ W .M 1 wa M Qu 6 'W VW 1A V !,!M'll'Tn3x'xXxJk! V ' 'w .ag1+ 5 TW V' Ms 5 W if 'W H ' 'H U ww 1,11 Nu xv vm' VV x n WI R rm Y ml W w V n AN X MW Donn ef ' , C1 secr t f f cl eping Lanai. 1M,,,, , .NGA Sf 4 ,ff X W e 1 V f A X K Va n' W I A vt 'i ex fv - 9 9' 9' 4 'xdi ,dp 69 gc' ' M 'U' 'S X,05'ASo6x kgs w'3'w ff? ' x 'R Y ,, L K - s ' S Xxx, f ' x 413s X V " Best students: ' Florence Warfel and Bob Yeager Best personalities: Tom Balog and Arm Grimaldi NN-by Nw G , 00 6 of' , 4 sq. f nik 3-u .av p -cg' Robert Ashcom - 'Mint' Ferndale December 22 College bound . . . power- ful guard for the Jackets . . . favorite opening com- ment, 'Ahl' . . . never lets studies interfere with re- laxation . . . love that black, wavy hairl Thomas Balog - 'Butch' Brownstown March 9 Ace athlete bashiul but nice . . . pouts prettily hopes to be a doctor chosen best in per- sonality rating. . Q Jackxlerb. Xtjack' Mid et Taylbr August 14 ' On ,ot . Michael's mug?-s possesses at I . . . suave fnarhfeh asp iauy with girls L . .Xa future teacher 4, . hobbies! . . hunting and driving. . ary Jane B'evec-'Shorty' rain Boro September 16 Nice things come in small packages quiet . . . studious . . . sewing is her favorite pastime will be a competent book- keeper. iff? Nasal Harold Bagley-'King' Ferndale April 7 Unique hair style deep penetrating voice . . . drives a '46 'Chevy' loves to go hunting . . . works at the Pizza Shop ln Westmont. Louise Bassett - 'Wezzie' Middle Taylor September 12 A newcomer witha sweet disposition skating is her hobby . . . brown wavy hair, much admired . . . ambition - to become a telephone operator . . . fa- vorite expression, 'Hey.' Q 0 Q Donald Berkich - 'Bud' Ferndale October 6 Starred in the Senior Play as Lotus Smith dignified and studious . .. good speaker . . . lives by the Good Book and plans to preach it. Walter Black - 'Joe' Lorain Boro August 21 Desires to fly with the men in blue . . . has a sec- ret nickname that irks him .. . one of the Boro boys . . . end on grid team. 1 W 5 , 'ALJ ' . ,1 f if ,. I' . al ' Q -A 1 Z' l w .f Lf I x 1 4 , 1 f , 1 LL . f x' ,f wa.. 4rQ 1 4 5 ,ff :W If , lr' 1 ,ix 4 ff' H wi, 1. f L- L, .1 L1 'fi' 'X 1 ,fl I v jf' 1 f f I 1 fb' .L M 3 1' L A Z, ff" L., 1 K lx , 1 H z A L' 1 J ' 4 . Q 5 W f' IK lfy L 41 K N it lf? 1, Q, A , Q I nv wg L lf, I 'x ,' ,LL 's.....f f-:am-If W.-mf A...4-f -if f . .A wr 4 .,,..-0 f 'GZ' l,f,,,f Y 51 fi i 5 5 K 1 l'Yx xv W x -d"1,w ,W- , C 2 Q S! s I E ! 5,151 Hx 14 'ith XJ A "df , wg . 1 U 4 I 5 I J 1 Y 1 ,if- C' 55' . ,fc WW f -dkx Graf' Carolyn Blaschak 'Blackie' Brownstown September 5 Will -make a cute sec- retary for some lucky boss . . . has weakness for pop- ular records . . . able stu- dent director for senior Play . . . constantly heard Saying, kG9e.' Bud Bushwack-'Bush' Lorain Boro November 29 Quiet . . . good student a handsome lad hangs around with the Boro boys . . . undecided future. Jean Buckman - 'Bucky' Ferndale August 15 Amiable personality congenial smile . . .whizzes around in aDodge. . .trans- ferred from Johnstown in Junior year . . . future un- decided. Judith Clark - 'Judy' Ferndale December 12 Wonderful personality... a true asset to the Re- flector Staff . . . would like to major in music at Du- quesne U. . . . plays with the Tambur-itzians...'Where?' SJ A--mY' 1' ,Qi Nancy Jo Cramer -'Nancy' Ferndale May 22 Likes to talk . .. lots of fun . . . wants to go to col- lege . . . favorite quote, "That's rightl' . . . past worthy advisor of the Rain- bow girls. Raymond Dallape - 'Ray' Ferndale April 17 One of our tall, dark, and handsome boys . . . great asset to any athletic tea.m . .. definite interest in a pretty girl . . . did en- thusiastic job as president of the Student Council. Edward Dallape- 'Ed' Ferndale July 3 A 'real gone' drummer . . . quite a playmaker on the basketball floor . . . able artist . . . Gets 'carried away' when he jitter-bugs. Dolores Decker - 'Dolly' Middle Taylor October 14 Cute, lively, and full of fun . . . loves to have par- ties very partial to Fords . . . 'Dig that crazy hair cut' . . . would like to become a beautician. 'Sus l sd - N..-I' Thomas Dickson - "Dicks' Ferndale January'15 Quiet . . . likes to 'goof- off' enjoys 'scoring' on all victims . . . hunting and fishing are his chief hobbies .. . would like to make a fortune. Barbara Dorman - 'Babs' Ferndale August 30 Plays a mean clarinet in the band tall, neat redhead . . . friendly toward all can be heard ex- claiming 'hokey smokes' . . . would like to go to col- lege. Janet Dutko - 'Janet' Brownstown May 16 Beautiful long brown hair . . . shy and quiet until you get to know her ... likes to "tickle the ivories' . . . ambition - become a nurse. George Fisher-'Ace' Ferndale September 8 Newly-arrived transfer ... nice like his brother . . . plans to enter the ser- vice . .. hobby is studying aviation. cuts a neat figure on the dance floor wants to become a beautician . . . talks often of California. Courier . . . college bound. Richard Fedornock - "Chich Beverly Diehl - 'Bev' Brownstown September 25 Cute, small, and peppy Robert Doyle - "Bob' Ferndale June 13 Real neat dresser .. liked by all . . . one of the stars in the Senior Play . . . very capable sports manager . . . editor of Brownstown February ll Neat, wavy, brown hair bashful until you to know him. . . enjoys most sports . . . seen behind the wheel of a flashy, red Plymouth future un- decided. Howard Fisher - 'Howie' Ferndale October 18 Real nice quiet flashes a keen smile plans to be a mechanic. ,ww ,,'. ' , f an .-v""'m we 1 k " 'dz FK- , wi , M, X, W "r,'h'i' -2 ml. -' . I ,sk Hy' Q 11' bf! J.,-l, X ,J 1 . mx, I W f' 4,3321 zl'x-,M Wfgf. W., " ty-M, 4-if Ei,:gf'Q5Q:'KL Q ,Q Q 7 ' V B my . Q 'F I ' V" ' y ,K , T"-ir'-Q-.L+vS'1+ 1'f Q- ew., 3 , 615- 'N K N . L. Q -c - ,A Q w h M- - ,M ff pf' - ZEN wh Af wwf-v., we in K f '- A R, ' ff: F - . . f ' Q ff ' I h' 71 MQ' 'Tiki' w 'Fi V' WV' i7'f3 Yiiu t rx It if m 9. . ,Q L" t 'L - wb X . '!f"-M - " ' I S , Q will 4 R N x X ,, , . ar V . y .N Rf 1. 'H K ' -vga I " ' K? . 1 '- K 'Qybafs f If' ' K my B, Y 4' "1'ff 'mar 'H . ' " if Y 'M-, , '4 1-',2"'.f Q iq' xv .MQW Af., N " "iv A, U gay' rx 1 -A ffl ,ta is s 1 nw ff 35" " A - 6- Ap, ' . 4 ,Ak ,R in LLLL , EMMA J, .gain-.shqgd HJ- it 2 MQ 1, AR' S ,K N.. v f H 3 'M M" "4L wfQf' A'3"'w, W Y, 1 W X - ff .A 'YQL f. 'f v E1 5 W V A "W" 1 gp K7V'f4i if '- ,?,1'Z:m,.,Qk uf , ' 4,M"'NA.,V K H t , 4 'mf w 1:fw, if QA, N VM ' 4, YN. fm I K. x"'gx.N'.xmx N ,N ' , ,N ll ww: w,,,kaM N 17 N M , , vw Vw 1 ' .. E ' KN-n,.n ' ' Ti x 'R MW' Fflmfgwyy 3ffk1:,Z'y'f'f"" ?k 1' H 'W' . 'S l ""9""" , . ?'f V 1 -Yi if M my , , H M www , In , , . K, , 4 QM , , t . 5 ,Mk F . , v 1 VV 1 Q1 . ,XZ I was 4 yy ' W ., I 1fTi:,:'Ti,?S: I , fgzxgxqyl . fb. fkjfsgba, L I ',3Qa"lJ"x,., ii, 'Q ' ' V aww- I gg . . .ffif E j" V" K Y 'H 0 jp JH- W , V "'25g'f-If R, , .k We " .V " in A iw' , Nf"m5n, ir! 3 Qwwy. , ..j 4, ' ,, 'P 'pg' Q- ,gy . A , .f 'Wah ' 4 wish M" fn ta Q x ' . ' 5 f 1 'Q " 2 A Q ff'-4, . V 2 ,mf - .,,,f'gfaTf 14 -, w, A ' 9 MNC, R., . , xx,-, P! ,N f - , ' f ' ., ,L K- 'ri fi N, - ,f" :Z"-A I H I -' ,iv,.,mfq lf ' -5 Q. , is Q . V'eki,,A::'f--.y"f 3 W '. . f - , 4' X 1 ,f ' X N. - I C F .ff f .,, ' ' Y W if' J' , V 'N .X , f N -M 4tN!V if -X KJXZ-.url A 'mfg-..., F' - ff ..H' 1. ,, y . df," K ,M 5 v, .5 , Wx. f 5 A S, , 41, x 31 Q. .ff , 1 M 'YY 5 - .. f if mf ,, -Q , , ' .' Q "' .V Wfx f"xff"' "' 1 ' - -2 if 1 ,iff "fm ., ' X-, M 5 K Q- 3 3 :gl 'T f J, .7 X 1 , .,, - , I !,. ' .L 555, K7 M G in nz 5 I y' ,, 5 3 3 if' D 5 JV Q, A W I ' I 1 lx Q, A , , Q ' 8 , ' ff M A U 'V X r , x . X W ' f 1.-'. ' ,. , . 1 , in . A J , . --Vw h--- N , ,E xi, r V M 7 ' , as N 7 1-4' n 'A f ,. V ' . 'J . - 1 ...ff f' - J 3 Q 4 ' ' qi? A g.h ,. W' fy' A 4 3 -'ist' n I I . ' . ,i A 5 sig QQ f V 4 : 3 ' I ' N4 ' A hh' f ..-5. "Vai-V v .4 .- l .. .1 Q., Qfxvs .5 4.1 A 4, 'A s ' Q s J. xiina 651 tg! .T V pw 1., ,4'?',- . . 4 , ., A ,wp A .'.'. . X , Q., 'ff -ix , G- 85-3 4' 1 ,QV .,g . - I f S -6 ,. ,YA W w-5 AP' AWG Q, , If . -4 9 ' -Q v Q' 'fi ,. I Q '- l ' A I . 1 ,y X 5. v. . , f X 1. . ,f . Lf,M, 2 , gm ' WM w ,rr w. I, - m,-,vu YA Mg: v -. if 'fm JW Q "" if i ii" W "2w 1 , ji . ' 'ii T EAW ,. 4 f 'A 3-V ,.-Wvjiyx ii K Vw, A I r ,V ,jp . -pl vii' V' YZ- JM'-Vw' " iff- -W m ? . Mfg: .. I- ' P X' ' , ' ' ' f"f 5 Q ' ' in , XA - 1' K f . xl ., - ,fn , 1- A' Q -fbffsf ft I H . .' '- . - It W Q -4 ,. V ,Ja 'A ff my ,K Q , nf, Y, ,:af,,g4l' W,x,.3Q,,,xfy, . In ,ja N .yf,Aj-Qyiywgpgqfd M, . ,M A.- , - , Y . ' ' .. V ,. ' 'N fiwyl f 51 5,11 11 '54, A 1 .51 'F-1. 'N X k f au wg? ' Q .ws-P' 5 f v ' + N - f M ' - 5 1 A. 3 ,. A Q A -4: 5 vga K,V!,ftiY,xi-iris 53,4 fhfxifk v N' Q .4 8,2 V AW., .i ,. A ,.f , ,a 2 2, 14 fx h fnf-3. . I1 ,T2'i C4'TE5?1irf7 ,J :S 7kf1 ,g , ,. , , M L mf - V ,. .. . I . - 4 .I - Q ., i .Rf Z 7 - .,, ., , - ,J K ., i 1 - . 1 3 . . Ag'-tv, ,y mga, ,hx , ig af kf'!i ' T " 'H vf,1vS! f 'Baie W TY? 9.-93g'AOEiZiv"5'5'f'f'w", A h w?" K., J""W7'f?'f'kA Q fi V f 3 A , ':lXN4,, 2 5 9, , Az? Q l-.f,,Pvfg:L. ,, ,ffvl - xy - Y 1,5 ' , gr - , 'L3f,gg,k:": ,ff ,Q f f . ffvg,g .,. ., 1 f . 9'-, I., ,r . Y MLM , s:,.- a .. , 2- - g ' . ' , 1 V . A Q , M F 4 ..' ff In , 1 .iff-'3b,4,f,5L, ,fx 1 I - . 1 x Q , at 3 P' 'xg' K , vw., ff-" fx - ' " 17 , 'f ' 5 f 4 1 , 'qfi ,323 ,H ffkg. 4' -- Jai' ' ' ' fm 'X TASK " 51' V' N . I Misty r . ,, , ,h Q I 1, R K Mgt,-it X K kgleynk , I ..l"ux ,, ,Ny 3 J 1, ,N 7 . -x . fx. .H A -1 Y' - Af fr' - - ., f 4' - . - 4 . .W fffxg- 'E . 1 , 'X 7 ' w, . i .. 6 l ' A ' -I ' -E, 'Q , ' ,Xb ,X 0 re' - L L ' - 'P . L. A . ,f 'lr - if 'W -if ff, 1 W - L " M' 1 f ' , A ,. , L, A ,, . ,, H V ,N f, A ,, M, , , ' ,I .pg M , . f V " . A 0.1-2: , L u gf ',-A: :fl -' A . W "3 4 , K .v,L.,ff S-"2 J, ,ay A 5-W 4. ' x Y' VH fi. ' , D ' .A-A Sign ,lb W SJ, wg , -' "- -Dali? gig ., wif- -"'M.i 5' ' if A -H - , ff, T . J 'Y 'Q-1.2-5, 3 lg'-ff , - 505 , 2' 5 I vw if 0,4-' ' ' LQ " g ISL X 1 5462- 4 -ZF ff .. , 1312 W- , - hav- W . ., V ff 'NN vw W K mf ' N--N A uf- 1' Campbell Fisher - 'Fish' Ferndale September 15 A real brain in the sci- entific field . . . quiet . . . likes to make strange noises . . . Mr. lgo's han- dyman future college material. William Gehlmann 'Lester' Brownstown August 25 Always laughing . .. can take a joke . . . answers 'Yea, Sure,' to any ques- tion plans to become an auto mechanic. Rosann Granda - 'Rosie' Lorain Boro July 9 Pleasant personality . . . plans to become a nurse . . . made a cute girl in the Senior Play . . . likes to play the piano. Paul Harper - 'Harp' Lorain Boro January 20 Dark curly hair and blue eyes .. . replies 'Crazy man, Crazy' to every joke . . . likes the girls . . . plans to be an auto mechanic . . . drives a 'spiffy' new Ford. Kenneth Frieben-'Ken' Brownstown July 27 Tall and athletic . . . likes to have fun . . . never stays in one place very long . . . avid golfer . . . plans to join Uncle Sam's armed forces. Magdalene Golian-'Maggie' Middle Taylor August 29 Friendly, winning smile . . . pretty blue eyes and blonde hair . . . always ask- ing, 'Is that catchy?'.. . plans to become an air- line hostess. Ann Grimaldi-'Anne' Brownstown July 16 Pretty red hair . . . Says, 'Cheeze whiz' to any re- mark . . . head of our peppy cheerleaders . . . voted best personality . . . plans to be a secretary. Dean Hartfiel - 'Dean' Lorain Boro October 17 Quietest lad in the sen- ior class .. . plans to at- tend college and become a teacher . . . carries the 'tuba' section of the band contributes his tenor voice in the chorus. -ai' ,..v, 2211? wx . Edward Hasse -'Moo' Ferndale April 19 Always ready for alaugh . . . inclined toward all sports . cutsatall, hand- some figure .. . future un- decided. Marcia Hern - 'Marsh' Ferndale September 13 A newcomer . . . popular makes friends easily .. . shiny blond hair .. . was 'just grand' in the Senior Play . . . easily heard. John Homyak- 'Allen' Brownstown August 25 Bright blue eyes . . . curly, brown hair . . . has shy smile . . . sharp golfer- . . . a class clown . . . future undecided . . . favorite say-' ing, 'Could be.' Ken Kaufman - 'Kauf' Ferndale June l Best looking senior boy . . . favorite saying, "ldon't know what to say' . . . would like to attend college held down a guard position on the Ferndale Eleven. w 'alll Raymond Heming - 'Ray' Lorain Boro June 4 Tall and quiet . . . drives a big blue Kaiser . . . reads news on morning broad- casts in deep bass voice .. . stage man for the Sen- ior Play. Robert Hildebrand -'Huck' Ferndale September 29 Plans on being a coach and 'phys-ed' teacher . . . What are you up to? starred on gridiron and hardwood . . . good for many laughs. Linda Johnston - 'Lin' Lorain Boro September 22 Cynical but lovable . . . 'Real Gone' . . . will carry on the nursing tradition in her family . . . always tell- ing jokes . . . just 'mad' about her accordiompizza, and Fords. Nancy Koontz - 'Nance' Ferndale January 1 One of the high stepping majorettes . . . makes an attractive appearance .. . enjoys the walk from upper Ferndale every morning... efficient editor of Reflec- tor . . . plans to become a nurse. ., l' 4-1? ul .Y 5 . X V y xx 'Tx 2. , ,Q 4. mf . .4 ' ,f x. -f AA V lf. Au., i' -- 'Q' ,X , k 3o,.f4,f wp bg",,, , .R K.-If m , -. ,, s' i .-M ww g I ,ff .,,1 -f-Mm , ,ww 4, My A. ,ww M, , fa A . si .FS -A-'M V , '.'f"' Y 3, nw Eg F' f -fy vs, U ,wihwm ,M , i. Q yffsff 'A . A W.. .,,, ,,, ..+,,a. 25 ,:"Pw ,. . 3 MQ 471"f'wp P 'Q fee. B. Marie Krise - 'Red' Brownstown November 5 Pretty red hair . . , blushes easily only a soft voice betrays her presence . . . future lies in secretarial field. Ronald Leaf - 'Booge' Ferndale March 15 Tall, lean, and good- looking can be heard saying 'Ark' in his bari- tone voice . . . feels at home in a 'Chevy." -A Helen Lemansky - 'Helen' Middle Taylor June 3 A pert and friendly blond . . . always neat . . . bubbles over with laughter . . . often exclaims, "Oh, brotherl' . . . future lies in the nurs- ing profession. William Majercsik -'Bill' Brownstown February 27 Drives a classy Studie . . . pleasant disposition . . . likes to tell jokes one of our really tall seniors . .. always willing to lend a helping hand. Audrey Kush-'Aud' Brownstown July 24 Long, long brown hair . . . loves to 'hot-rod' . . . skating enthusiast no special plans for the fu- ture . . . makes frequent trips to Middle Taylor. Domia Leffler - 'Dud' Ferndale December 4 Loves to drive that green convertible . .. has many outside interests . . . 'Geel That's excellentl' . . . un- decided future . . . a friend of everyone . . . pretty smile . . . cute Emily in Patricia Lux - 'Pat' Ferndale July 25 Dark, sparkling eyes. . . warm pleasant smile . . . one of Mrs. Hill's busy assistants interested in the commercial field . . . active in girls' sports. Lee Marsh - 'Lee' Ferndale September 23 Quiet, nice . .. has a knack for drawing . . . member of grid squad . . . plans to be a commercial artist. --"""lL Lorain Boro Septemberl Tall and stately .. . at- tractive brown eyes . . . quite musical one of our future nurses . . . pleasant disposition . . .lots of charm. Sonja Maystrovlch-'Mike' Middle Taylor July 13 Never too busy to lend a helping hand . . . usually ,jolly . . . good student . . . will be a good secretary . . . pleasant smile for everyone. Virginia Mlinar - 'Ginny' Brownstown November 11 Tall, blond, future sten- ographer . . . likes to skate and dance . . . can be heard saying, 'Alrighty' . . . re- fined and reserved . . . one lof Mr. Leaf's driving pro- tege's. Carol Russell - 'Rusty' Middle Taylor August 23 High stepping majorette . . . pretty and well-liked . . . glad to be ofassistance . . . likes to sew . . . drives a Studebaker . . . typing will be her future Brownstown April 17 always be found Can where there is dancing . . . wants to be a nurse 'Holy Crow' prim and stuffy school marm lnthe senior play . . . real keen dresser. Richard Michalides - 'Mic " Lorain Boro July 21 Asset to the Yellow Jacket gridteams . . . one of the 'Boro boys' . . . Mr. McGhee's star dramatic student . . . ' real cool' with the rock and roll. Theodore Rager - 'Ted' Lorain Boro October 27 One of our good-looking senior boys . . . pals with Turk, Joe, and Rich likes to argue . . . favorite expression, 'Be a go get- ter.' James Ryan - "J. C.' Brownstown August 26 Credit to sports field . . . handsome. . .makes ahobby of teasing the girls . . . pleasing personality . . . neat dresser . . . hotrods in a blue Studebaker. N, , f f ff! ff fl f f, g , . lg 4. wx M nu ff al 1 Q-'?.,. S A fo- 1 v 4- wx ""-.V S di . vu ,An xx! , ' "- K f' N . N l ' . ,,..v I L . .,-- guy: 1 1 , f' .,1 - I-'iff' iqgiawa, .,.s , 55 " . xi 5? as V A -264 4 A .Maj 5 gilw 2,1- wx ff,-2 A ' ,Q , , , yn I, . Q .-tmnw, "" . ,J ,v ' . xy-.-1 'X . .. f 3 K ' ., Af' . ,. "F r ' .. , gxfg. fm ,AL-5,. ,iw ' - 4 , A V ... - L U f M1 . J W , If .,x , A 4 W . ,I ' .5 J Va Tfffiw M ' w K f 'V 9 J . v ' JMA' ' -vw- ,.., 1. A ,J i. A , W ' - - Tw' ,V .W , M M M - N fr Q .,, J X V V K. F M' QQ, 'fy ff 5: 1 ' , 'M g wkuf' I- , H .A - ,L R . MA L ,VA 1 df i , aw, . 4 X ' ,f - W f ""fM 1 f Q56 5 ' 'za 1 , ,, ' 50' ,m', ' ' !..,fy 2 Y , A SM ,iff QH54 L - ' Ki. , Q- Q, , Y ,A S A V W' A ' N 5' 5 f f 52 ,Z -. ,..,W p . 'wr ,. A .Nr , K A fa ,H Q A , N 77-Q, L 9 J' "'0 l if r TT., .N IA F i I k sv 'P , M f I A ' W A f Mg ,J ff 2' 25 Af N "A" .1 A Y 'VL n. Q , -Nw A 1 ,X ' f F , ..,f fs- if N f 4. 'N A I' A S V . . , ,f'w.fi, me .Jaw 'Fat' fffgff, A f Z 3. t 1 f, 5. Na' -V "ww , v,,.i'fj,g5 V. Ft mf., gf-' x ".-.'f,. '- fl ,.gr'nZ'A,,f4, pi-1'mBKNA I Y N A .. ,rf 'fv . fbi ' ." ' Af, lr, za,"-'gif' -, . F ,'11,,.',Qf",'5"i"'6"p57 44 . ' f,'f,f,'J-a'5Jq'1'1"' f M -1',Y' :..,,,jwa.,'Y K Hyun- Aff", "- 'A -4 ' 1 3 ' R-,P 51,25-Y-:gs gk I ,4w. ,fx bf 2' 73.-Y" ' , N.,A,.A,' :ii A. 4 . f,:, -nk. nf' Livf.!j"AV uw.. eff. -- - A-ff, ffl f- ,- X ' ' 3'j'v.:f,v-f."' f.-. I, A .af ' 4, 4 7 N.fr1L-H 35 !4"lff' M, 1 ' ' "gli nk 9 , k W, 4. if ' Q . ' 'F L , 'xxx ' 7' . ,-1. If ,, L. ,, - . . ffffp' ' s.?" , S . Q Q s. ' s .fvg 1 x xg , ' , ', A , -QI' .igtgm I 1 Ng, W iffy K mf, 5-2 ' Qi-41 NJ ..f-'. H ' aw . : , . ,Y 'Pity - f 1' ,, . ' if 1 ,Q 23525594 . f --ag-ff? Q15 if-mfg' Mimi, a ' ,Z 2 bv! ,A-Q-v I 7225'- Z, Albert Sabo - 'Ubba' Brownstown July 4 Co-captain of the foot- ball team heart throb to many girls would like to study mechanical engineering . . . partial to redheads. Joann Slavick - 'Joann' Brownstown August 27 President of Senior Y- Teens . . . Varsity cheer- leader for two years . . . dainty, blonde, peaches and cream complexion . . . hopes to go to college. Evelyn Slavlk - 'Evie' Brownstown April 20 Great fan of the Yankees .. . assistant to Mr. Mc- Ghee ln directing Senior Play . . . plans to become a secretary . . . answers 'Geez' to anything . . . enjoys driving her Dad's car. Stephen Sober - 'Steve' Ferndale July 19 Sparkling brown eyes. . . gives the teachers head- aches . . . his irking ex- pression ls, 'All right,you guys, get studyin' . . . out- door sports enthusiast. Q ' Judith Stuver 'Stoody J uver' Ferndale August 17 'Oh well-that's lifel' has big plans as a future teacher . . . a true fun lover clever portrayal of Ruby in class play. Robert Tercek-'Turk' Lorain Boro January 27 Baby blue eyes and blond hair . . . likes to play prac- tical jokes . . . efficient storekeeper . . . has a way with women. Harry Teeter - 'Teeter' Middle Taylor December 10 Quiet and nice . . . a real card ln English class . . . easy to get along with .. . accomplished driver . . . always answers, 'I don't know.' Florence Warfel - 'Flo' Brownstown August 31 Real 'brain' of the sen- lor class . . . attractive and sophisticated plans to attend college . . :efficient and co-operative . . . ex- cellent as Miss Carr ln Senior Play. if Terrie Weaver - 'Tee' Judy Yarchak - 'Jude' Ferndale APPU 20 Brovmstown August 25 Pevpy 00 -captain Of voted prettiest gm ln cheerleaders . . . lots of Senior class . . , has a fllrl - - - WIIIIS to be 2 Sec' lovely wardrobe . . . spark- beautiful WHVY ling eyes and an accent on P0l'f1'2Yed C2l'01 personality . . . llkesto say, class play has a 'Rea11y?' sneeze Robert Yeager - 'Jake' Arlene Zimmer-'Zlmmy' Brownstown July 1 Brownstown September 9 Quiet? , , , good student Plays clarinet with Mr. . . . did an excellent job as Glusto's 'mad' musicians Homer in senior play .. . likes 'bull sessions' "MeanWhi16- batik at the and joke telling . .. lots of ranch' . . . plans t0 be an fun . . . not afraid of work. electronics engineer. 9 . 0 Q - Z at 0 . Keep these few precepts in thy memoryg . . . Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar. The friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel . . . Give every man thy ear, but few thy voiceg Take each man's censure, but reserve th 'ud ment . . . Y J 8 Neither a borrower nor a lender beg For loan oft loses both itself and friend. . . This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. Farewell! Polonius' advice to his son, Hamlet- William Shakespeare. +4 ' fe- , . M4 ww My 'ivy I . r 42 g 5, .-ar-'X K 1 1 5 ,KQV M v 'TT'f 5' 5371, ,L 'Q 1, ' gl s y J 4 4 if K., , ., " r, ww 'W' ff 1 R , , , 'Q ' "Q Q 4. U 4' . Q ,Jfx 2 ff 'B is VHA' K M, - A b , 0 X . MS' ' ."l5'!"f'D57 R if ,fe , , 4,5 V 2 7 K ,, as ,gm ,ff w " . v - , Wi' K 53 5 I QF 1 51 4 A .21 L7 Q' ,S - , ' "W ,Ngf-Q A af ' x A yo. xl " O ' gi R . .. M . . . . .Q f' -' n 'gs ' .' I gs d fs 's I x 1.3 .' 1 4 :- ,Q if-1 ' . . ax , 45 .. fs f'!'Y5i'!' up u pr Ssflii E mm. x- a nav-1"""1 .. you we f ow f e for .4-vf""""" 4 Oul'5 0 I t fa? Junior Class Girls First Row J Galioto, B Weigle, M J Bur1ey,S Graham, B A Lanko B Murphy M. Blasko,J Parkinson, B Balog, B Barefoot, W J Munko B Cowan,N Pollock Second Row W Lees, B Mos grave, I. Ward, M. A. Marcinko, L. Bassett, P. Baldwin, J. Bouch, E. Teeter, D. I-Iolmok, A. Kimmick, J. Freeburn, J. Klanchar, L. Long, G. Henneke, E. Birkhimer, R. Day, J. Riek. Third Row: B. Goss, M. E. Killen, L. Frederick, P. Buckman, M. Rubish, R. Drum, A. M. Fetsko, C. Bush, M. Vickroy, D. Liphart,M. Jerasa,J. Klllen, D. Cernak. Junior Class - Boys First Row: J. Mayersick, E. Hull, I. Lentvorsky, L. Blue, G. Rhodes, H. Gehlman, B. Popchak, R. Kisko, G. Younkin, J. Kow- chak. Second Row: B. Cvrkel, C. Kocis, E. Janosko, G. Ritchey, B. Gehlman, R. Rhodes, W. Chupko, G. Jones, J. Strashensky, R. Otto. Third Row: C. Bevec, W. Laposata, J. Hoffman, B. Kaufman, R. Weaver, R. Freeman, T. Teeter, P. Entler, L. Rankin, E. Biber, R. Hunt, J. Gomulka, R. Miller. The Junior Class, with 77 members, is one of the largest groups in recent years. Their year as Juniors has been a busy and a progressive one, for the class has worked hard, scholastically, athletically, and in extra-curricular activities, The annual magazine campaign, a class project which provides funds for the Junior-Senior banquet and reception and partially defrays yearbook expenses, was a tremendous success this year, Setting a goal of 53000 in sales, the class actually surpassed this total by S77,16. This determined spirit was gratifying to the entire school. In the campaign, Jack Hoffman and Jane Parkinson proved themselves as top sales personnel. Other highlights of the year, ofcourse, were the purchases of attractive class rings, and the presentation of a wonderful Prom. Individual members contributed their talents to all school activities. Particular mention of the exceptionally large honor group seems worthy. Attaining this enviable roll were Barbara Cowan, Pat Baldwin, Mary Jo Burley, Anna Marie Fetsko, Donna Holmok, Edward Janosko, Betty Lanko, Wendell Laposata, Lillian Long, Mary Ann Marcinko, Nancy Pollack, and Donna Swarny. -il l I ..-Y.-ug Jumor Class Officers: ' ' ' Bill Cvrkel, Donna Swarny, vxce-presxdent, Cowan, secretary Barbara "iv A p NR .J ,Q Q l,,,f l .fbi 70' K I l ,P I "5 nrmyi :LVN . ww' way to a man's heart isthrough Satan finds mischief for idle hands. . . . Proverb emi is stomach. . . . Anonymous BUMPIRTS L.-wax pursuit of knowledge under dlfflculties. . . . Lord Brougham I H ...And beautiful maidens moved down in the dance. -Whittier E fx Why not call a spade a spade? xxx. mi? ami I Ik! kiefsxra. A man's a man for all of that! Burns - Shake spere Q VX., Elementary, my dear Watson! - Doyle t 415449111119 Jtilfpllfduillg, eafll Q 4' -dig Q' .'V" 6 i . WWW fm , lmwi mW in Mf Egifts' ,.l,',5I. M M 119 'mb . Ax 9" r. ,il fo fador and fo waif. - - . 0Ilg!8ff0lU AWA. I 0 7 any M A p' . , xk ! ig 1 , I f 19' ' 1 ' lf wi X-if .g L i 4 b gif v i ,T Q- Jackie Stephey, president, Charlotte Szelazek, secretary, Bob Kurtz, vice president. Seventy-three Sophomores, comprising the second year students of our high school, entered avidly into numerous school activities. Most important on the list of their achievements was the imposing number of honor students among their membership. Consistently attaining this scholastic feat were Jill James, Richard Nau Charlotte Szelazek, Judy Drum, Teresa Dugan, John Gander, Lois Garshnick, Judy Kemeny, Bill Krum, Jos- ephine Malisko, Richard Sanker, and Virginia Tomak, An especially important feature of the 1955-56 year was the first class party sponsored at Ferndale in many years. With President Jackie Stephey as its leader, the class arranged an enjoyable evening of fellowship and festivity, It is hoped this precedent can be adopted by future classes. Another unique feature instituted by the class was a welfare committee commissioned to send "get well' cards to members who had extended absences. Class members serving in special activities included Teresa Dugan and Richard Nau, Courier representatives, and Jill James, Reflector staff apprentice. Entering the key club as new initiates were Jerry Cuppett, Richard Sanker, James McCann, Richard Nau, and Bill Krum. Of course, Sophomores served in considerable numbers on cheerleading and majorette squads and'in athletic en- deavors. Sophomore Class: First Row: R. Adams, W. Krum. R. Thomas, E. Czyrnlk, R. Clawson, K. Schlentner, R. Nau. Second Row: E. Calderwood- I, Layton, R. Muffley. J. Mejia, R. Kurtz- D. B0dn31'- R- H0m012- R. Friedman, J. Grimaldi, C. Block- D. Entler, J. Cuppett, E. McGuirk. Third Row: K. Vasalinda, J. Drum- R- MOSUJIIGF- W- Mlinar, J, Bush, B. Slavlk, R. Kuhs, P. Muffley, K. Reed, P. Custer, F. Hines. J. McCann, G. Simmons, N. Bassett. Fourth Row: M. Mucha, J. Gander, R. Rucosky- E- KBFHSNH- R- Cousins, R. Sanker, L. Burkhart, F. Dimpfl- B- Penirack- T- Dugan, B, Ling, E, Moore, J. Debevc, J. Malisko. Standing: D. Hostetler, J. Stephey, J. Kemeny, C. Szelazelt, M. L. Cernalt- J. McDowell, L. Garshnick, B. Chumrik- J. James- A. Finger- hoot, I, Hochstein, S. Mack, D. Lanko, P. Ashcom- V. Tomak- S. Beale, R, Horvath, N. Brosius- M. A. Krupkai J. Given- M- Schmidt, J. Glover. Center Rear:Mr. McGhee- Miss Eisenbach- Mr. Hunter. 35 v Life is not so short, but that there is always time enough for courtesy. - Emerson Alas! the love of a woman! It is known f-5 -.7 , . ' x .. ,, 235 Xi ae To be a lovely and a fearful thing. Lear sk-' -V., -F Q? tif Q swf , at 5 Zvi. fm I f Heaven sends us good meat, but the devil sends us cooks. Garrick For a man seldom thinks with more earnestness of any- thing than he does of his dinner. . . . Johnson .Q-v"!f'V N JJU fi if X H A nfmfnsiltvi lr W - ' ,A h 'tt' 445: If f is V yhfvffhai! ' , ,Q I I i V. 1- i iiii f . ' sv ..,5. , A ,K YT' :LV I Xa Tig' "S X , fr, , f Mwam -QI Ft is ' U1 Elven Us bi right h lllg and J the fo Of N 1- aiu mer has gzdfhe latter ha Us ,hen S om . .V ' - . S . Stubborn labor conquers everything. 01711161- . . . Virgil 4 s,,W,,Qwwf-,, u fame fg ffimg, 50 now en ure 1- llfll ffflul' 0,0 IAPI' tlllle, e on more of 5u"9 lf 1 .I Class ,ll Pov1ch,pres- ,K ,F I sperger, vice-president. -Y -M, 'ww identg Joyce Statler, secretaryg Jim Gindle- 5- V1 4 ,Q v r Q ' 1. v J nf. 1 Su' f Nr. W A Ya - 'FL V1 Ad. .N x 1, Q 4 '51 , ' K1 ,.":,w w -. ', -.A A f Q A '-'n Y f ' ,K ' , .w ' 9 W: QL , A f W 'H , I.-Q., ' .1 . .- , ' Q- . 'S ' vp., H '. , 2, .. f -' Mx V' , 4 3 1 F - fj. J -'ali' ,. Q nf, ff - 1 . X V' V . . z N 5 W '. A ' X Af, , 1, xnfp' , . -Y x P, ' ., y. , -. ' 5 1 ' , --.' ' x ' 'b v -, , f' " ' ff . , , ' iq' 'dA - , 3 ' ',- . - -'Y I f f , ' .' 4 f- ' .fo ..-. , I ,f N ar N K' ! ' I H Q ,vin ,M Y .Ago- X in ' A 1 " ' f V "' ,f if ,' , ,A .-A . . Q-,g,, 1 , , Mafyju- , . , X Q ll t . I Q ,Aw , ' " , Q Y , 54", 9 ,JXP ' if . . ag 1 i ' f4'kfnx"7 '07 of 1 fy, , Qwvg l fr, X. 4 ' Mx, H 1 cdfx 5 Z. 5,-N 9 31, V' , . Q , 9 ,-gi! ,x' A N " LL , S. V ' 4.4. , , .5 I 1 x 1 , 4, , , 1 , , X .. . . W'-,K sa sf I "P Nl' Y ,tx ' A 1 N N ' . , , A- , . . WN Q Wy X Q- Q ,Q ,o' . 0, f Ji .,-gn ., Q-. . - - X .x . - 3 A 1 , ' , I ' K 1 Q x. fi J N 5. fn 2 y 3 . X 'QELUQAN x. W rf if 1 'ft Q , ' - ,' hx 'Q .fqx - s I v, a , ' f . 4 I Y Y x ' V ill. .g U , IQ .i F .n .Z L. f ggg gf JM 1 f A fw, lg 'kg , , 'Q , any n 7 5,137 , ' ' " f A!-4" ,V X In ,, Y W' ,I '? ii, Li i ' " 9 , Qt f FQ A 3' 1 W i Q 1 ,Y Q A, . F3 ,,X,, 'Ho - JL ' 3' V kg j 17 aw J, Enter not into the path of the - Holy Bible. Do not delay, Do not delay: the golden moments flyl Swift vengenance waits ..... '. - Longfellow O yel Who teach the ingenious youth of nations, I pray ye, flog them upon all occasions. It mends their moralsg never mind the pain. 'mf' fb Homer - Byron ll tif , lug MTX 5 Rules were made to be broken. - Anonymous When to mischief mortals bend their will, How soon they find fit instruments of ill. Pope Some books are lies from end to end. - Burns .7 'Q ii X1 4,61 3442 air aroun f em .4 aa ra ia f ,I . J- , an . XJ 44 I The ambitious, but at times boisterous eighth grade had the advantage of mixing as a unit before entering high school this year. With 89 students divided into three sections, these kids had the advantage of shop art, music, and gwn instruction in their curriculum. The group produced talented musicians and some fine singing voices for Junior Chorus. Those deserving special mention as the class scholars were: Francis Pilzys, Lois Burkett, Patricia Dudash, Nancy Hocken- smith, and Joseph Karas. Although no boys stood out in athletics, the large number of these lads who turned out for Junior High sports gladdened the hearts of the coaching staff. Eighth Grade First Row: C. Hagerich, D. Allison, C. Custer, S. Shaffer, C. Homyak, D. Dudash, B. Karen, F. Sankovich, D. Murray, M. Schmidt, N. Hocken- smith, B. Wingard, J. Grening, V. Harrison, D. Eastlake, D. Rodkey, V. Block, F. Pllzvs, C. Zimmer, E. Dorz. Second Row: L. Burkett, D. Lees, R. Kohan, R. Kurtz, R. Berg, G. Salntz, D. Klanchar, L. Allman, M. Rosenbaum, D. Watts, B. Black, L. Berg, J. Waclo, D. Smay, P. lmler, E. Gertz, E. Duchnowski. Third Row: R. Pavlick, H. Muflley, T. Bush, B. Cuppett, T. Walker, E. Zonin, J. Livingston, K. Dlmptl, V. Martello, M. A. Pavllck, M. L. Grandll, V. Burkhart, C. Arbaugh, B. Klanchar, P. Zellers, M. Adams, J. Sakmar, M. Teeter, C. Berg, F. Lambert, R. Lobb, M. E. McCann. Fourth Row: W. Rlbblet, D. Eppley, L. Scruggs, J. Reinholtz, J. Dick, W. Moyer, E. Hales, W. Burkett, W. McDanlels, D. Sorchllla, B. Kaufman, J. Karas, C. Hess, L. Kennedy. L. Harrison, G. Jones, J. Spetcher, R. Leventry. N. Gavazzonl, D. Llphart, H. Block, W. Thomas, E. Morihlatko, C. Cooper, H. Berkebile, T. Ihitko, J. Katzensteln. fAe air agouf a 5 f 1 vitmifvf' . .geffeg z"" I -4.- ff V ,.-, "w 'xii T- A f ? f L , a if 6 Q9 Boys will be boys. - Bickerstaff N This banknote world! - Fritz-Green Halleck Hero-worship exists, has existed, and will forever Society is now one polished horde, exist, uniVe1'S311Y 31110118 mankind. Formed of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored. - Carlyle ' BYTOU KT --ci QQ" gh' Yo, We u With fame, in just proportion envy grows. Music is well said to be the speech of angels. The short and the long of it. - Carlyle. - Shakespeare Young 5 5 1 I ,I AL fa, :wp .r .df xy 4 4 fa, l 'Q .Qf fr , ug 'F . 'F ,X 1155: 3 'Y N xg ,H ,fir 5 Ay' sv X, -JP . I ' "' l ' N, , 1 "2 4' i pk vt x .Avy 'ii MQ? Q-U - With the formation of our new jointure, namely the Greater Ferndale School System, seventh grade students from all four areas came to our Junior High this year for the first time. There were 88 scared and bewildered youngsters roaming our halls searching for their classes, the library, and the lunchroom early in the year. However, it didn't take them long to learn "the Ferndale policy." These students have joined enthusiastically in contributing their talents to Junior Chorus, Band, and assembly programs. Many of the boys turned out for Junior High athletics. Consistent honor students from seventh grade wereg Carolyn Brock, Bonnie Shaffer, William Straub, Barbara Barkheimer, Jane Bauder, Victor Bevec, Terry Blue, Diane Brant,Suellen Claycomb, Gail Feight, Audrey Gindlesperger, Carol Jean Gould, Jon James, and Elisha Ann Smith. Seventh Grade Front Row: C. I. Gould, B. McDaniel, I. Livingston, K. Lehman, D. Berkeblle, N. Bobko, E. A. Smith, P. Mejia, M. A. Karen, N. Krupka, B. J. Scruggs, B. Rhodes. Second Row: C. Adams, C. Brock, B. Hindman, P. Davis, D. Brant, S. Claycomb, B. Shaffer, S. Hartilel, D. Parker, K. Adams, G. Day, A. Glndlesperger, C. Edwards, S. Lavely. Third Row: I. Mandroc, G. Surduken, T. Stammley, M. McConnell, E. Decker, K. Weneck, P. Rucosky, L. Ling, I. Lavely, D. McDowell, W. Straub, F. Morlhlatko, E. Berg, D. Shaffer. Fourth Row: J. Bauder, J. Rinlnger, B. Ruckosky, W. Layton, T. Paulakos, F. Zeller, W. Hoff- man, R. Rokita, R. Yesh,M.Cherney,J.Munk0, R. Adams, W. Davis, T. Blue. Ftfth Row: T. Camxnerata, T. Kegg, D. Berkebile, R. Mishler, T. Croyle, J. Bagnato, R. Barnes, P. Katzensteln, J. Hess, R. Schlentner,P. Henry, V. Bevec. Sixth Row: S. Jordan, B. Barkhimer,M. Layton,O. Teeter, F. Lux, J. James, D. Reed, N. Relnholtz, L. Sorchilla, A. Harrison. Seventh Row: M. Homonko, R. Rosenbaum, K. Hill, R. M. Slavik, B. Diehl, J. Moody, P. Safko. Eighth Row: H. Perdas, W. Reese. W af we may 0- . .3AaLe5peare ime wa5fe exi.4fen ce fime uje we if 5 i 3 gm v X 2 lux 3 x ks X i' , 1. E ' Ou V Q ,4 A., gl 2 f 5? 5522 was is sw '- 1,-,V . 11 f f V W.,, 1 me L' 9 ff mi- s- umm ?!"?"g 3 Vim! llmtwmga Puldigmgyy The concept of a school as aplace solely for books, oratory, and factual learning is now as obsolete as hoop skirts and bustles. Today's schools, instead, are a seething cauldron of activity as extensive as the exertions, talents, and desires of boys and girls. It is, therefore, important that in our study of precious moments of school life, 1955-56, we should devote this section of our book to some of these memory en- voking experiences. Regardless of the leisure time inclinations of our pupils, whether they are athletic,musical,literary, or dramatic, in our co-curricular offerings each person may find an outlet for his preferences. Our school life is made immeasureably more interesting and varied by mass participation in such pursuits. 5 wiv. en are never 50 !ILefy fo Aefffe a quewfion riglzffy aa w en flue? i5cu.1.4 il ree y. . . afall ay Council Members: Seventh grade: Jon James, Joyce Rininger, Billy Hoffman, Carol J. Gould, Terry Blue, Robert Barnes. Eighth grade: Joe Karas, Darlene Allison, Nancy Hockensmith, Boyd Kaufman, Carol Arbaugh, Mary Ann Pavlick. Ninth grade: Martha Palmer, Dennis Sabo, James Gindlesperger, Darrell Carney, Sandy Lumnitzer, Sam Burkett. Tenth grade: Jim McCann, Teresa Dugan. Richard Sanker,CharlotteSzelazek, Jackie Stephey, Virginia Tomak. Eleventh grade: Ronald Otto, Lynn Rankin, Mary Ann Marcinko, Mary Io Burley. Twelfth grade: Jean Burkman, Gerry Martello, A1 Sabo, Marcia Hern. . Ng.. 6 5 , 3 t S 5 . J , 6 , 1 2 ,yyyy ,,,: - H A 7 6: '.'k gg A Q 5 A e fl K , E Mfi X Student council this year was changed from an organization which was virtually inopera- to a practical, functioning body. A new lution, outlining powers of the group, drawn up. Ray Dallape served as presi- dent this year, chosen by the council. How- ever, Ed Janosko, elected vice-president by the student body, will automatically become president next year. The council sponsored an exciting Christ- mas dance, acted as lunch-time monitors, and held regular weekly meetings through- out the year. Each rfember was presented with a tiny gold pin bearing the emblem of the National Association of Student Councils advised thc council . Officers: Ed Janosko, vice-president, Doris Hostetler, secretary, RayDa1laP61Pl'9Sident- Mr. Charles Allison actively sponsored and v , 'J' L ' new W' . ,X Jf '- IJ W ,4 "":!W . W ki wif K f ' 'X F 53" . l u ll lx , Q .X Q. e , K 7 jAe inL of fAe 5rAolar i5 more Jacrecl X fLan lAe Lionel of fAe marfyr. 'uf' Y WM V E Y V 7 W Y x Q Z Quill and Scroll: mo A a m m e J l Foreground: B. Doyle, B. Cvrkel, Mr. Hunter. Second Row: T. Weaver, ' X F. Warfel, Mrs. Christensen, C. Blaschak, J.C1ark, E. Janosko, J. Stuver, .1 B. Cowan, N. Koontz. P, ' - Y g Key Club Left Picture: First Row: Mr. Lesneski, D. Hartfiel, J. Berg, J. Cuppett. Second Row: R.. Otto, K. Kauf- man, R. Sanker. Third Row: R. Ashcom, I. McCann. Fourth Row: R. Hunt. Fifth Row: C. Fisher. Right Picture: First Row: G. Jones, W. Cvrkel, R. Nau, B. Kaufman. Second Row: R. Freeman, W. Krum, L. Rankin. Third Row: E. Hasse, S. Sober. Fourth Row: R. Doyle. Fifth Row: R. Leaf. X 2 W7 . ,nn LM' T Y-Teens First Row: W. Lees, B. Mosgrave, J. Rlek, N. Pollock, J. Klanchar, W. Munko, B. Murphy, J. Parkinson, B. Balog, J. Ward, E. Berkheimer, K. Paulakos. Second Row: S. Graham, B. Barefoot, B. Lanka, J. Free- burn, A. Klmmick, D. Holmok, P. Baldwin, L. Long, M. A. Marclnko, M. Blasko, B. Cowan, R. Day. Third Row: J. Bouch, D. Cernak, J. Killen, D. Liphart, M. Buckman, M. Vlckroy, C. Bush, A. M. Fetsko, M. Rubish. M. Jerasa, B. Goss. E. Teeter, i , . , 1 . -aw '-159' Joanne Slavick Mary I0 Burley president Vice-President WHA ma ice fowar non Judy Kemeny Bonnie Ling President Vice-President Junior Y-Teens 'N' - Carolyn Blaschak Secretary F3 Stepheny Beale Secretary First Row: M. A. Gomulka, M. Lees, N. Slavick, M. L. Hastings, C. Easton, C. Berkebtle, J. Lunt, J. Du- gan, J. Schmidt, S. Lumnitzer, P. Tredennick. Second Row: B. Miller, J. Grimm, C. Jamison, C. Brown, B. Fern, S. Claycomb, Jeep James, J. Michalides, M. Palmer, J. Statler, J. Decker. Third Row: S. Beale, C. Schrum, C. Bassett, D. Terek, C. Shaifer, M. Bartis, R. O'Sherln, C. Ward, P. Teeter, M. A. Sarosi, Senior Y-Teens: First Row: E. Slavik, M. Hern, C. Blaschak, S. Maystrovich, J. Clark, M. Golian, J. Yarchak, J. Stuver, G. Henneke, B. Diehl, L. Johnston. Second Row: H. Lemansky, J. Galioto, B. Krise, D. Leffler, M J Burley, A. Grimaldi, P. Lux, R. Granda, J. Slavick, N. I. Cramer, T. Weaver, B. Weigle. Third Row: Miss Eisenbach, N. Koontz, J. Matus, J. Buckman, J. Dutko, L. Frederick, A. Kush, G. Martello, V. Mlinar, R Drum. M. E. Killen, B. Dorman, A. Zimmer, F. Warfel. 554 ig Virginia Mlinar Ann Grimaldi Treasurer Inter-club council will CAar-iff, or aff . Ruth Horvalh Elsa caiderwood Treasurer lnter-club council Junior Y-Teens: 5 I Gerry Martello Program Chairman info n Jackie Stephey Program Chairman First Row: A. Flngerhoot, K. Vasalinda, I. Hochstein, E. Calderwood, J. Stephey, J. Malisko, C. Szelazek, S. Mack, S. Beale, E. McGuirk, B. Chumrik. Second Row: P. Ashcom, M. Schmidt, M. Mucha, V. Tomak, I Glover, J. Given, J. Drum, T. Dugan, D. Lunko, R. Horvath, B. Slavick. Third Row: N. Bassett, E. Moore D. Hostetler, N. Brosius, B. Ling, J. McDowell, L. Garshnick, M. A. Krupko, M. L. Cernak, I. Debevc, I. Kemeny. .7Ae pre5.4 ia fAe four-fA e.4fafe o!fAe rea m Cp f f . , a y e .ug fe' I An open letter to Courier readers: By Editor Robert Doyle A school newspaper plays an important role in the life of its students. Not only does it report events and activities, but it features friendships, sports highlights, and special student edi- torials and essays. lt reveals student opinions on issues of vital concern to all. The Courier staff, made up of 34 members representing every class in our school, has endeavored to maintain high standards of reportorial practice. Offering opportunities for ' ' db siness practice, creative writing, straight news reporting, an u ' l f r student abilities and am- the paper has provided an out et o bitions. We are proud of our little paper and grateful for the exper- iences it has provided. The Courier staff andl thank all readers for their kind comments and loyal support throughout this year of publication. L-A """""19 -v I 54 Courier Staff: ggiazowg P. Tredennick, S. Maystrovich, D. Holmok, A Hockensgmh Sgviilgf B- Shaqxer, J. Clark. Second Row: N ' - Sgrave, . Dugan B Kr' ' G. Henneke, E Slavik, C B135 I ' lSe'B'Cowan' 't - chak, J. Berg. Th' d R . ?lSober, C. Fisher, R. Nau, W, Cvrkel, K. Kaugnanog' Ra CAERI E. Janosko, R. Weaver. Fourth Row. T WeaJer' . s com, J. Stuver M. J. Burle D L ' ' ' man, F. Warfel, R. Granda, v. Mlingxi. ' emer' B' Dor- xnai Seated H Lemansky R Granda G Martello P Lux L Johnston 4' ,K Slavxk B Dorman Standmg D Berklch E Slavxk T B log YE' ,' Z1 Nancy Koontz, Editor. fn ' 1-fs..xI Reflector Editors: Seated: Editor - N. Koontz. Standing: K. Kauf- man, C. Blaschak, I. Clark, Mr. Hunter,Ad- visor, F. Warfel, R. Doyle, S. Maystrovich T. Weaver. 3 Girls' Athletic Association: First Row: J. Stuver, C. Blaschak, T. Weaver, M. A. Marcinko. Second Row: Paulakos, B. Slavik, B. Diehl, B. Cowan, M. J. Burley, E. Slavik. Third ROW B- 52108, J. Stephy, D. Lerner, D. Swarny, P. Lux, M. Blasko, B. A. Lanko, I. Kemeny. Fourth Row: A. N. Koontz, D. Cernak, D. 1 M. Rubish, B. Goss, J. Bough, Admitting many new members at their mid-year initiation, the Ferndale Varsity F Club became one of the largest groups representing letter-winning athletes in years. The initiation ceremonies for the new members was a jolly and interesting affair. Led by president Tom Balog, the Club sought to vary pro- ceedings by new activities and methods. As in the past, the boys served as parking attendants and sold candy at the annual P.T.A. minstrel. Other officers were Hildebrand, vice-presidentg and Ashcom, sec- retary-treasurer. Mr. Michael continued as F club advisor. . Row: M. E. Killen, R. Drum, J. V. Mlinar, A. M. Fetsko, M. A girl for every sport and a sport for every girl." This is the motto of the Girls' Athletic Association. To become a member of G.A.A., a girl must earn fifty points by participating in girl's interclass sports. To be eligible to become an officer, she must have a minimum of seventy-five points. Officers for 1955-56 were Judy Stuver, presidentg Ten-ie Weaver' vice-presidentg Carolyn Blas- chak, secretaryg and Mary Ann Marcinko, treasurer. The highest award given in G. A. A. is the club pin, awarded to those earning five-hundred points. A chennile emblem is provided for those girls earning more than one hundred points. The association uses money-making pro- jects to purchase the awards. Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Sue Higgins, a new addition to our faculty, the club conducted a program of basketball, volleyball, and softball. lt was aninteresting and successful sport's year. Varsity F Club: First Row: R. Fedornock, E. Janosko, T. Balog, B. Hildebrand, B. Ashcom, P. Muifley, J. Gander, B. Pop- chak. Second Row: R. Mlchalides, J. Ryan, A. Sabo, G. Biber, J. Hoffman, L. Marsh, K. Kaufman, E. Dallape. 'Third Row: K. Frieben, T. Rager, B. Kaufman, L. Ran- kin, J. Mccann, B. Doyle, W. Black. Fourth R.0w:R. Sanker, R. Dallape, C. Fisher, G. Simmons, E. Hasse, B. Weaver. .. 9 KOOL5 fAe cAffJren of learning. . .Swih W'.lZ1l.ZiE:i E 7 All-ff' I .MMV 3 ,5' at 'rims ilygxai: ill" ,M 'x2'.'.."I'.. F ,.,i.3, ,. 31 Tfixcait mx 2:22. 112'- iw A ILS J? ...T . . rr- effw' y ii -- at 1 K rr ikglifi' T .i. , I 1-11- 4.3 M "fi'wP9.KgUn: f' 5' 9 Librarians: First Row: M. Palmer, M. Long, Jill James, P. Lux, D. Terek, B. Ling, D. Hostetler, J. Parkinson, T. Dugan. Second Row: L Hochstein, J. Grimm, R. O'Sherin, B. Mosgrave, C. Easton, M. L. Hastings, W. Munko, J. Riek, Jeep James. These capable girls efficiently conduct our stu- dents to and from the auditorium for assemblies,thus contributing to the smooth functioning of our school program. A few minutes before each assembly the girls go to their assigned stations, ready to see that everyone gets to his seat in an orderly fashion. After each program usherettes are responsible for the tidiness of the auditorium. They also serve as polite escorts at all public functions in our school. V"6'1.:.,.mf PARTY "l1..-... 1 Question: 'Where will I find it?" Answer: The library. Question: 'Who will help me?" Answer: The librarian. These 'custodians of quotations' can help one find any information needed from the age of George Washington to the theory of the atom. They guide the seventh graders through the maze of borrowing books and the seniors through the perplexities of the Reader's Guide. Headed by Mrs. Hill, faculty librarian, and Barbara Mosgrave, head librarian, these girls keep books, maga- zines, and the pamphlet files in order. Usherettes: First Row: B. Cowan, B. Balog, N. J. Cramer, P. Lux, N. Koontz, V. Mlinar, J. Yarchak, D. Leffler, M. Golian, T. Weaver. Second Row: E. Slavik, M. J. Burley, F. War- fel, A. Grimaldi, G. Martello, C. Blaschaki J. Stuver, -T. Slavick, J. Clark. Z Vrky J 1 Y 4 T W L Y by if .Q lift 4 5 , I K . - 'V 1 3 HEI' . M M lm --lm-ezJs. Nurses Club First Row: Mrs. Ling, advisor, Swarny, president, Warfel, vice- president, Marcinko, secretaryg Holmok, treasurerg Martello, cor- responding secretary. Second Row: Krupka, Baldwin, Freeburn, Klan- char, Galioto, Kimmick, Vickroy, Drum, Yarchak,Matus, Lux, Koontz. Third Row: Bassett, Granda, Lanko, Fetsko, Bush, Hostetler, Johnston, Frederick, Bassett, Dutko, Leman- sky. Fourth Row: Mack, Ling, Beale, Ashcom, Drum, McGuirk, Dugan, Slavik, Szelazek. The Future Nurse's Club of Ferndale was organized in September, 1955, under the able supervision of our school nurse, Mrs. Ling. In January the writing and approval of the constitution was accom- plished. Aside from the regular business meetings, members were given a general idea of what is expected of a student nurse. Present plans include future movies, speak- ers, and a tour of a hospital. Included in the instruction period was first aid, the metric system, medical spelling and proper making of beds. The club was open to girls from grades 9 to 12 who were interested in the nursing profession. A gir1's pep club was organized this year for the pur- pose of promoting school spirit. "Always peppy' was the motto adopted by the club. Under the capable leadership of President Marcia Hern and her officers: Barbara Cowan, vice-presidentg Teresa Dugan, secretary, and Bonnie Ling, treasurerg the pep club put on many snappy routines at the basketball games with their black and yellow shakers. Membership in the club was attained in the following manner, a girl had to fill out an application form to join the organization, then two of her teachers graded her on such things as self-expression, appearance and coopera- tiong finally, grades were considered in which the appli- cant had to maintain a C average in all subjects. Although it has had but one year to function, the club shows great promise of becoming a worthy addition to our activity program. ' r P' 9? ii- sir m. . Q., rom committee members Pep Club: First Row: Mrs. Higgins, M. Schmidt, B. Slavik Galloto, M. Hern, T. Dugan, B. Ling, B. Cowan, J. J. Drum, B. Mosgrave, Miss Eisenbach. Second Row Munko, M. J. Burley, I. Grimm, B. Fern, C. Brown, O"Sheron, J. Statler, C. Easton, T. Weaver, S. Mack, Lumnitzer, J. Dugan. Third Row: J. Stephey, E. McGuir V. Tomak, Jill James, B. Balog, N. Bassett, B. A. Lank D. Lunko, J. Slavick, J. Stuver, C. Bassett, J. Glove Fourth Row: M. Blasko, G. Henneke, J. Klancher, Johnston, D. Swarny, A. Grimaldi, N. Koontz, B. Goss, Holrnok, F. Wariel, P. Baldwin, J. Kemeny, M. A. Mar clnko. Fifth Row: P. Lux, T. Klllen, C. Shaffer, J. Mc Dowell, C. Bush, M. Vickroy, A. M. Fetsko, L. Garshnic N. J. Brosius, D. Hostetler, C. Szelazek, A. Kimmic 1 n Our cafeteria staff: Mrs. Paulakos, Mrs. Roseman, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Jeroy. This year we had five student teachers from Pennsylvania State University. These beginners, who spent six weeks with us, were nearing the end of their college preparation. Miss Shirley Callen of Butler did her practice teaching in business education under Mrs. Christensen, while Mr, Ronald Perks did his in the same field under Mrs. Rager. A former Ferndale graduate, Miss Connie Paulakos, worked in girls' physical educa- tion classes with Mrs, Higgins and Mr. William Donovan of Tamaqua taught geog- raphy in the junior high field with Mr. Les- neski. Mr. Edward Weinberger of Honesdale was guided in science subjects by Mr. Igo. -1 Mr. Snowball, chief custodian in furnace room. Student teachers: Miss Callen, Mr. Perks, Miss Paulakos, Mr. Donovan, and Mr. Weinberger. 14 45' .ff -iw Representing our school this year were ten baton-twirling beauties who preceeded the band in all football season appearances, Nancy Koontz, serving as head majorette, led the girls in long summer and fall prac- tices which resulted in well-received half- time shows at football games. One special feature was an Indian act performed at the Conemaugh Twp. game. A new innovation for majorettes was their half-time exhibitions during our home bas- ketball season. The girls demonstrated con- tinued improvement in their technique and crowd-pleasing skits, marking a successful year of service. New uniforms were made for these performances. f" Nancy Koontz, ,5. ,f 'I' ,F A ,VIN ' bl. ff 1' f '. ,- If head maiorette. Ami Mock, mascot. f 9 N, K A 3. I Arn TT. y V gi if T. ff? ??' i i The enlarged 63 member band under the expert direction of our new supervisor of music, Mr. Louis Giusto, performed with distinction throughout the year. Stepping smartly to a snappier cadence, the musicians executed a new 'Hi' routine as well as intricate shows at half-time at our football games. The band practiced long and hard, at time remaining after school for special rehearsals. Led by Ed Dallape, band president, and Barbara f Mosgrave, secretary, the band held a special "tag day' for raising funds to purchase new raincoats. I h d renewed interest have high- Continued growt an ighted the instrumental musical ventures ofthe school ,this year. A concert band began rehearsals in January, while h e a 'Pep' band added a musical atmosphere to om basketball games. ...J f- V Fmmi i":"?i -it ' X N V U Q l I June Glover I 'bvo"'0 Mr. Glusto, music supervisor. ' r--v 1--5, - Q H ' :N T. fi"W ? 9 W ' 4 fl? W - Qilqx -Q , Q , y f':....-f Q1 is , . S , , , i A l 1 1 . X A T 1. y - ' , T' g cgylone szeiazek W A 0 a ff QAAXQ -- A 4,41 ,WAV 4' Ia Nancy Brosius 7, av-cf --v-1.1 44? H . 2 h - fo .. '6' - ' AW Jackie e e p S' Ph " IMA za: Elsigz Moore 5 X vf -B L b f 15 Hx Q ' A K, W-KLV y fl I . . fr, C ' ei ' .F-lg M74 .1 Lffnqpw , X V EQ, h 233 YF ' 'VW VT 'Q- ,.1?1:. 'ff I, Q 5 if 3 , diy!! Dolly Lunko ,,.f - N Afkww Ted Mock, d 0,1 .denf Lia 5in9er.4 upon ear-fn WHA 5on95 o Ja ne55 anal ofmir-fn, jnaf fney mignf foucn fne Aearfa o men, .xdnal grin? im acl, fo Leuven again. i Q. -ne Junior High Lnorusz First Row: Hill, Adams, Adams, Shaffer, Reinholtz, Reed, Burkett, Allison, Munko, Berkebile, Berg, Davis, Bagnato, Rosenbaum, Gould, Edwards, Layton Scruggs, Mejia, Karan, Brock, Mr. Giusto. Second Row: Wenck, Ruckosky, Karan, Custer, Eastlake, Schmidt, Morihlatko, Saintz, Schlentner, Lavely, Mishler, Katzenstein, Blue, Shaffer, Berg, Hocken- smith, Harrison, Murray, Homyak, Moody, Rininger. Third Row: Sorchilla, Wingard, Zimmer, Bobko, Pilzys, Krupa, James, McConnell, Croyle, Stammely, Rokita, Rhodes, Rosen- baum, Straub, Smith, Droz, Grening, Bauder, Lambert, Diehl. Fourth Row: Berkebile, Safko, McCann, Klanchar, Lobb, Burkhart, Reinholtz, Cherney, Ribblett, Hess, Jones, Barnes, Kaufman, Scruggs, McDowell, Pavlick, Zeller, Berg, Ling, Slavik, Rodney. Y I X A junior high school chorus, made up entirely of seventh eighth graders, was begun for the first time this year. .linglug part music, with the boys occasionally switching to the mel the large group presented an excellent Christmas assembly another one in the Spring. Band Council: iffy, First Row: E. Da11ape,J. Bag- E. V. Tomak. Second Row: D. Watts, T. Mock, N. Koontz, C. Russell, J. Gindlesberger. Third Row: D. Hunt. nato, B. Mosgrave, G. Ritchey, 1 1 1"L . , .ri ,- 2- - N , . " '1 A '- .1 , ' 1 f x fx f Band Managers: J. Katzenstein, F. Bagnato, B. Davis, C. Winey. ..,,. so "" 5, lax Boys' Quartet: B. Krum, R. Leaf, F. Dimpfl, K. Kaufman. Senior Mixed Chorus: 0 ' xy l First Row: C. Brown, B. Mosgrave, J. GrimnT,sB. Cgwan, x X . P I . ' 2' J. Burley, J. Gindlesperger, F. Dimpfl, D. Har ' fJ'XKUCh, ,, I M. L. Hastings, J. Given, J. Dugan, M. Sqhmidt, . Giuiito, , f Q, Director. Second Row: M. l-lern, 21. Gall,01o,'.M,Dgeng,DB1 -JL Lanko, K. Kaufman, B. Ki-um, S. Sober, D.-- era ,fi B ,J ' Janosko, D. Swarny, B. Balog, J. Glover, J. tler. Third I Q " Row: J. Clark, C. Easton, J. Slavick, J. StuverfC?.4l-Iolmglgf - ,q 4 Lf N I B. AShC0m, J. McCann, B. Doyle, B. Kaufman, A. .Kimmickq , I 5 M. Palmer, L. Long, R. Granda, C. Bassett. Fouirth Row: ' 7 ' ' B. Dorman, D. Liphart, P. Buckman, C.Sha mm0n5, Aff " R. Leaf, D. Berkich, C. Fisher, B. Weavei-Q-Martello, fj L. Garshnick, M. Rubish, J. Buckman. gm,- YV,,. , The senior mixed chorus was continued this year under the direction of Mr. Louis Giusto, our new music supervisor. Chorus membership was increased to 55 voices, including many more freshmen and sophomores than in former years. Amajor improve- ment for choral work was the purchase by the Ferndale P. T. A. of a set of stage risers enabling a convenient seating arrangement. Uncompleted chorus plans at the time the yearbook goes to press include plans to enter Forensic competition on the district level, with hopes of getting into the state-wide contests. The chorus has been at work on the required Forensic number, 'Dar- lin," an American folksong. The chorus appeared in a Thanksgiving assembly, while the boy's quartet contributed their vocal talent to assemblies fre- quently throughout the year. Accompanist for the chorus was Barbara Balog. 63 kj -1--I-4-Q .,,4,gs,,,g4 IJ f XA iw QR E3 Doris Hostetler I V Cheerleaders fa n J Kneeling B Miller, S Lumnitzer, erw P Tredennick Standing I Given, Statler, P Baldwin, M. P mer ff ef,,J:pJ,f j Mitzi Schmidt Barbara Slavlk E Cam ood Anncrimaial 'V v Z -77 T l aqgv- lil I4 - it 2' T1 aqui" Mary Ann Marcinko Y ' ' f -Q i ff' The ten-member varsity cheerleading squad coached this year by Mrs Sue Higgins carried on the high standards of cheering which are now traditional at Ferndale. The varsity squad was ably led by Ann Grimaldi, captain, and Terrie Weaver, co-captain. The cheerleaders succeeded in winning fourth place honors in the annual cheerleading contest with their cheer, "Yellow Jacket's Praise.' During the year, the girls led the cheers at all football and basket- ball games and also planned many pep rallies to whip up the enthusiasm of the student body. There was also a Junior Varsity and Junior High squad which cheered for their respective basketball teams and prepared the girls for future varsity cheering squads. ek . , ajfjif ,J i'1c:'..fff'g'f,-cf lc- :.dZjQ4,,64. L:,2'!QZ ,afafl 4" M r w ff .MW - , W Barbara Goss 1114 KR Y NJ .2 Q and CABBF! . X-. , V , ' . ','..',,.nLM. V ,f Af :fr - ', ll L ,- " ,VK "fc 1" - . f 11.4 4. I I gjf " K, ff' Ir. Hlgheheerleaderskz ' A ! H ff f Kneeling: N. Hockensmith, M. L. , f ' Hastings, C. Hagerich. Standing: C.. 5 I udie Kemeny Brown, C. Easton, S. McCann, B. ' Fern. fc, H 1 -4 is " 8 bi Donnaliolmok fha u inf F iv- ff.: FTF .J 1-C. Y ' 1, i 1 in i 4 ' X A X R Q 1 , R 1 .. J ' 5 .U 5 is o wilcl enfAu5ia.1l 52 1-C4 QUBI' . idx: yef coufzl reJf, s+ jiffAai manngincl were lixgfti JoannSlavtck Yxj , , f ' , MjLZ,,QL,ki ' :nada po55e.1.4e RE 'v X , ' -X ' , f ,,,, ' ,,.g1L.'ff' A ff LVQ-fix' " 054' f ' af, . ' V LJ! C. ef- elf-4 L 'Lak f Tw X ' f . 0 w er - . ,X -f' , 1" L1 17 I f K ' P F4 'V' 1 'VM' , "V"X "V nk' jf f E Terrie Weaver fy 273' , I ' is QV, M1441 xzqeffl ' V'-,fr ' .I J J, , fifigkf ,Q K- ,4,.1f":y l "'li-'fit 9 09 Lk' 'W 65 .45 , , YZ . ,7 , ' Jr w v ,,- J ,iq L.- 4--'l"?1,"f' T . ' Y ',"'ff.,'f"-1 YC! llll iaif' but Young angw U' 'HWY 0, thou art fairer than the e ve air, be 1, W H l""Sl., we Sui Slwsvefe., he gh all Telling tales out of school. -Heywood ij! .,,,.-' She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen Homer H1118 Clad in the beauty ot a thousand stars. - Marlowe X J 4. x .MU if Hi f 5 l i EM ' ,E-gi cb N K 1' 1 g Q 4 9 ', ', Sit down and feed, and welcome to our table. - Shakespere mujir an romance. Since the Junior-Senior Prom won't be 'till May and the Reflector goes to press in Feb- ruary, you will see on these pages pictures of last year's prom. ln May of 1956, as last year, the Prom will be held at Sunnehanna Country Club. The dinner will be closed to Junior and Senior class members, but the dance will be open, Said, is a bea tu Ject in me world U ul WOIDQ11 , Macauleya if IS Now the hour 5' ff , ' X N. Top Circle: Stuver, Granda, Weaver. A Left Circle: Warfel, Doyle. ug- Bottom Circle: Hemlng, stagehandg Lux, Property, Martello, Make-u Harper, Stagehand. Xu ,...........- Right Circle. Balog, Grimaldi .as -X .. - . x "Mr, Co-Ed," a comedy in three acts, was the vehicle for senior class dramatic talent this year. The locale of the play was Cedar Hill, an ex- clusive eastern school for girls. Cedar Hill, however, was so deeply in debt that even the ivy on the hallowed walls was mortgaged. The story revolved around the desperate need to convince Mrs. Cobina Colgate-Brewster, a rich but eccentric trustee, that she should contribute the necessary money. Mrs. Brewster consented on the condition that one Lotus Smith, her only grandchild whom she had never seen, must attend the school. Interest was heightened by the encroaching presence of one Mr. Oliver Lee Oliver and his new aviation cadet school. This growing institution needed facilities and sought to purchase Cedar Hill. Charming Eustacia Hayworth, dean of Cedar Hill, finally made the arrangements for the arrival of Lotus Smith, feeling that at last her financial difficulties were solved. However, to the consternation of every- one, Lotus turns out to be a swash-buckling cow poke, 6'4" tall, from Skeleton Hole, Wyoming. The remainder of the action centered around the decision to conceal the new male student's sex under petticoats and make-up, at least until after Mrs. Brewster's contribution could be assured. Interesting roles were included for Miss Carr, a frustrated poetry teacher, Miss Pooley, an indefatigable gym teacher, and Homer, the outspoken school handyman. As all good comedies do, the tangled circumstances gradually were rearranged, with the result that Cedar Hill was finally saved by Mrs. Brewster's repentant generosity, Homer successfully wooed the rich widow, and Lotus continued his education. A 'W I!-" f' t ew 9 flue worfafa a Afage, ancl af! fAe Below: Yeager, Hern. , ..,, Q mwfwgvn ' . 4 3. Rfjg- . 4 iff, ,. , L g ,.Av ,f , . gg :.r 4 M Y 3 Above: Leffler, Berklch. peep e in if merefy p!ayer.4. . ..S7AaLe5peare Senior Play Cast: Lotus Smith - Don Berkich Emily Manning - Donna Leffler Eustacia Hayworth - Judy Matus Geraldine Carr - Florence Warfel Gilbert Glyer - Robert Doyle Ruby - Judy Stuver Carol - Terrie Weaver Bernice - Rosann Granda Mrs. Colgate Brewster - Marcia Hern Mr. Oliver Lee Oliver - Tom Balog Homer - Robert Yeager . Dormitory girls - Linda Johnston, Joann Slavick, Judy Yarchak, Judy Clark. 1 Top Circle: Blaschak Slavlk Student Directors: Mr McGhee Director. Bottom Circle: Matus , . R452 2553 'M iii B , t -.r""" Q, if for Hungry tummies: yum, yum. yum. .vt-Q--lv an ,x.--W.,.,,,W ,Y i.ffX,,-1.4-1 , chatter, chatter And furthermore, and furthermore, etc Bored, bored, bored. Hot, hot, hot - pizza! j, y sf 5 1 Busy, busy, busy. . -5 3. Smlle, smlle, smlle wi 5 ,a,,, ' fgvyf R W :sb -Q 1. uff A ig fm 7 J 1' flfuzr guf wAen fAe greaf recoraler come5 .70 wrife Le5iJe your name, F its ,Ne UlI'it05 ll0t LUAOtA0l' yOu WOII Ol' !05t, gut AON! yOu P!ayeJ lA? galnef . . -01,0100 Man's love for the keen thrill of competitive strife has lured him to the field of honor throughout re- corded time, He trains, perfects, excels - he wins or loses - but the im- portant thing has been the pleasure of the meeting. More and more, com- petitive sports have come to occupy a reserved niche in the program of the mod- ern school. Year after year, boys large and small from schools large and small, cavort and strain for personal and team glory and honor. Such endeavor typifies the American scene, whether it be the small fry on the asphalt playground of grammar school, the maturing youth in the shiny gymnasiums of high school, or young manhood on the hallowed gridirons of college cam- puses. Our school, competing frequently beyond its class against traditional rivals who have outgrown it, has found that victories grow harder to obtain, however, when victories are achieved, they are even sweeter for their elusive- ness. The past year has been a lean one in terms of football victories and basketball success, never- theless, we are happy to present in the following pages the pictures and stories concerning some interesting events in sports. We reaffirm our conviction that the poet voiced the athlete's true creed with the words: ...Not the quarry, but the chase. ...Not the trophy, but the race. gs .3 1 ' x ah f A, if ,Sv--'ff' K. Kaufman Head Coach Michael Ass't. Coach Hershberger f .....-QL, - 4 J 5 Qlpf- JIL 7,0 4' i1 wM,AL 1fJb 314. 1 ,4,. AL jf ru-K ,5g,51 ,i,5"'6,J M E. Ianosko R. Sanker Q 'S' , A i ,w,,3 AfMi7 '-fn.? Li mf'-kj I R. Fedornock ,- 1" ' 9 .. R. Weaver Q is in L , Q R. Michalides Rank ln .lf 'W 1 G. Simmons f J. McCann I. Hoffman Varsity Football: Our varsity football squad began the 1955 season with eight returning lettermen, including Hasse, Hildebrand, Ashcom, K. Kaufman, Sabo, McCann, Balog, and Michalides. Losing the services of Al Sabo and Bert Kaufman via early-season injuries, the squad carried on with many under-classmen in key posts. Being long on spirit and short on experience, the team fared badly in the win column, losing to every team except United Joint. ln spite of a rather dismal record, the gridders continued trying and learning throughout the campaign. In the final game against traditional rival Westmont, the Stingers faced an undefeated foe, but undermanned as they were, our Jackets succumbed bya39-0 score. Despite the poor record, the season produced valuable experience for many boys. Twelve lettermen will return to bolster Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Ferndale Varsity Football Record 13 Richland Twp. 13 United Joint 6 Conemaugh Twp. 12 Johnstown Catholic 13 Conemaugh 6 Adams Twp. 0 Dubois 6 Bedford 0 Westmont next year's squad. The J . V. squad had a comparatively successful season this year, posting a 4-2 record. The two losses came at the hands of Conemaugh Twp., 33-19, and Richland, 13-6. The four wins were recorded over Westmont, 21-7, Franklin, 8-0, Conemaugh, 19-0, and Boswell, 26-6. Individual scoring honors went to Paul Muffley with 26 points, and Bob Weaver with 25. The team was coached again this year by Mr. Jack Hyland. Many of the boys saw considerable action in var- sity contests, providing much experience for campaigns ahead. Jr. High Football: Under the direction of Mr. Nyle Hershberger, our large squad of Junior High hopefuls had a respectable season, winning one, tying three, and losing two games. The record included a 6-6 stalemate with Catholic, and scoreless deadlocks with Franklin and Conemaugh Twp. Defeated by Richland, 25-6, the little Jackets reversed the tables later to the tune of 26-0. The other loss was to Shade Twp. by a 20-13 tally. General public and school interest in the Junior High gridders was evidenced by good crowds at all games. , , gc' I g "fa,if,Yl9., 'vvigyi ' fa, rm' 5,4 . 'J T' X 1 .. ' A lan. C.'.5,C",2.C.'.'Iu-C' Varsity and Junior Varsity Football Squads: First Row: Mr. Michael, Mr. Hyland, L. Blue, E. Jan- osko, D. Bodnar, R. Michalides, K. Kaufman, L. Marsh, R. Fedornock, B. Cvrkei, J. Gander, B. Kaufman, A, Sabo. Second Row: K. Schlentner, T. Balog, B. Kurtz, J. Hoffman, R. Kuhs, R. Sanker, B. Ashcom, J. Cuppett, S. Burkett. Third Row: L. Rankin, J. McCann, T. Hasse, B. Hildebrand, C. Fisher, B. Weaver, G. Simmons, J, Black, J. Biber. Football Managers: B. Krum, B. Doyle, J. Berg. Junior High Football Team: Front, Kneeling: P. lmler, B. Cuppett. First Row: R. Kurtz, C. Sunch, L. Scruggs, B. McDaniel, W. Jeroy, B. Kaufman, J. Karas, D. Eppley, B. Allen, V. Martello, M. Rosenbaum. Second Row: Coach Hershberger, Ass't Coach Ryan, R. Leventry, T. Kegg, I. Hartfiel, V. Speicher, J. Hawyrlak, F. Hirsch, R. Pauline, J. Savelski. Third Row: R. Gavazzoni, W. Hoffman, D. Cammerata, G. Sass, M. Povich, J. Garner, R. Barnes. Fourth Row: J. Katzenstein, R. Wissinger, A. Bezek, T. Dutko, R. Horvath, A. Kush, W. Kesslak, L. Clark. ' 0 :WT O -s NX. ,. .H - K. KVM , -- , T Tension mounts on Ferndale Sideline 9-1 West m0Ht ' 33.i,4.:7- ' 'N -, J. V. gridder digging for yardage on Fern- dale field. fi-3' Op Wlffonenls and mfafm, J 96p affk at poiigssnappin tadjumg it My , Q i , ,Mir-vx.,,. W- ig, 9 .im Law X -f. ,L ,, , , . w,,.4,,, fa' "1 Qi, 'I " :mm ' ' . 'mi 1 ,"i"z' ',sie,SZi"'i A 1 m ' ' 'mf' , . ,Keg . Qs. xp H - 'K' . -A. ' :yh,"' ,Q v?."S.4,U,N L' "',?f-rg-ff A e M Va . :Ss A W Q1 45 -.,ix,.,?"-. L,-sf, . , R we K Q 5. M, vers-.-5,1-,fe 5 - :fi X K 'lf xfk.,,2355"-tf'n-'N W- Q - We V .'f' '?4'kr.e -' 1 r rf- ,A ,"?,1,xg' V ,J " Mk an I 5552- fracas. ...... l'2 2.-:,. xv f, A+" , ny . Hasse seeking daylight in Westmont .,u'. 'S gli'--1. " ,gf .AP fu. ,1 Qs mc I if I, We f ,Q LSA' lp- x L x ati Us f1s ,,, S! 6 Q lun ux esabr egk durmg no 'B band talk erndme F action ' H With only two seniors on the varsity squad, our team of inexperienced under- classmen fared rather badly in district basketball circles. Compiling a record of seven wins against fourteen losses for the season, our Jackets could do no better than a fifth place finish in Tri- County League competition. Bob Weaver led the scoring parade with 345 markers, followed by Huck Hildebrand's 312 and Sophomore Rich Sanker's 244. Despite the sub-par rec- ord, the team gained valuable experi- ence for future hardwood campaigns. Bob Weaver Jim McCann John Gander Ronald C law son Richard Sanker Bob Hildebrand Eddie Dallape Ronald Kuhs Varsity Basketball Record: F. H. S. Richland Somerset Southmont Dale Franklin Indiana Ebensburg Richland Johnstown Conemaugh Twp Westmont Somerset Windber Ebensburg Indiana Windber Franklin Johnstown Westmont Conem augh Twp Sou thmont wins: 14 losses :syn 2 Junior Varsity: Kneeling: J. Hoffman, J. Gander, B. Doyle, B. Krum, R. Clawson, P. Muffley. Standing: R. Kuhs, D. Bodnar, Mr. Hyland, J. Cuppett, B. Kaufman. Sanker :md Hildebrand go after a rebound at Richland. Hunt tries a free throw while Weaver and McCann get set. W, .. ,, K -W gy f- ' 9 .g,,.p,. 't" ii ' .. 4 L l ZfQff2ivs. .,..,,.,, 4 K. f . : ' ... . ...-- :S or f f 2 B H of 'Q 4 .. if ' 1 Junior High Basketball W ' F. H. S. 32 United Joint 16 Pb - 28 United Joint 10 21 Westmont 32 39 Conemaugh 44 30 Joseph Johns 23 32 Cochran 39 29 Conemaugh 27 26 Garfield 22 46 Conemaugh Twp. 24 51 Franklin 25 33 Richland 46 38 Joseph Johns 37 38 Cochran 33 35 Franklin 27 26 Garfield 38 34 Westmont 33 51 Conemaugh Twp. 28 28 Richland 43 p 12 winsg 6 losses Junior High Basketball: First Row: N. Gavazonni, C. Cooper, M. Povich, J. Garner, B. Thomas, B. Jeroy, B. Allen, B. Imler, manager. Second Row: Coach Nyle Hershberger, R. Horvath, B. Kesslak, F. Ziants, R. Ziants, A. Bezek, D. Wissinger, L. Clark, B. Cuppett, manager. , Junior Varsity Basketball Record F. H. S. Richland Somerset Southmont Dale Franklin Indiana Ebensburg Richland Johnstown Conemaugh Twp. Westmont Somerset Windber Ebensburg Indiana Windber Franklin Johnstown Westmont Conemaugh Twp. Southmont 7 wins: 12 losses Junior High Basketball: First Row: T. Cammerata, T. Croyle, L. Scruggs, R. Rokita, J Reinholtz. Second Row: Coach Hershberger, B. Kaufman, J. Spei- cher, B. Hoffman, B. Barnes, B. McDanie1s. 'Q New Track - 1955: First Row: J. Gander, E. Janosko, R. Homola, G. Rigchey, E. Karashin, G. Jones, P. Mufiley, E. Dallape. Second Row: Manager B. Thomas, T. Balog, J. Ryan, R. Wagner, R. Ash- com, E. Hasse, E. Biber, R. Hunt, W. Black, R. Sanker, Man- ager P. Imler. Third Row: Coach N. Hershberger, L. Rankin, R. Weaver, R. Kurtz, R. Fetsko, R. Dallape, M- Z3-h0l'3Uv R- Hildebrand, D. Jamison, Coach D. Michael. The Ferndale Thinclads in 1955 boasted a fairly suc- cessful season as they copped one of the three top places in the majority of their meets. The Stingers placed third in the opening quadrangular meet at Conemaugh Township. The Indians took first, with Windber and Ferndale battling it out to a close second and third. At the annual Coaches Meet in Altoona the Yellow Jacket Track Team copped a third 'place in class B com- petition. ln Tri-County competition the Stingers again held onto third place, placing behind two top teams of the district, Johnstown and Windber. Then the Ferndale Yellow Jackets defeated the Hill- toppers in two track meets at Price Memorial Field, with the Jacket Varsity scoring a 59-41 victory, and The Junior High a 59-37 triumph, The Stingers held a first place in almost every event. Ferndale dropped back to snag only a fifth place in the Junior Pitt Meet as they lagged behind amidst tough com- petition. Adams-Summerhill copped a first in the Class B events. 84 5 i ,Lv- 1 ,. L. W5 S , will I-:Muffin -an! -mf Goli - 1955: First Ravi: H. Gehlman, R. Yeager, R. Otto R. Fetsko, J. Homyak, R. Swarny, W. Gaspar Second Row: T. Balog, A. Sabo, R. Kurtz R. Skinkiss, R. Hunt, I. Gallagher, Coach N Hershberger. The 1955 Ferndale golf team, under the supervision of Coach Nyle Hershberger, went on to hold that superb record of all wins and no losses, as they completed their seventh straight year, undefeated. The five regulars on the team were Jim Gallagher, Bob Scheer, Bob Fetsko, Tom Balog, and Al Sabo, each of whom did a fine job in winning their matches against such teams as Jr. Pitt, Catholic High, and Ligonier. Other team members were Bob Swarny, Bob Kurtz, Bob Yeager, John Homyak, Herm Gehlman, Bill Gaspar, Ron Otto, Dick Hunt, and Ralph Skinklss. Ferndale won their opening match by downing Jr. Pitt, 10-8, in the closest battle of the season. The next match was at Ligonier with the Stingers coming out on top, 11 112-6 1f2. The last two matches were played at home with Catholic Hi, with the Yellow Jackets downing their rivals twice 15-3, and 23-2. The Ferndale High baseball team in 1955 broke even with a 6-6 record. One of the wins came on a forfeited game by Conemaugh. The Stingers were beaten twice by Johnstown, 3-0, and 3-1. Westmont also took Ferndale in hand twice by the score of 3-1 and 5-4. Franklin was the only team the Jackets were able to beat twice, our boys winning by scores of 8-4 and 6-2. Ferndale led the league in the number of hits per team. This was largely offset by the fact that they also had twice as many errors as any team they played. Few of the Jacket's hits went for extra bases, with Mick Zahoran hitting the team's only homer: Huck Hildebrand, Ted Hasse, and Ted Rager were the three lone pitchers of the Stinger mound staff. Hilde- brand posed a 3-2 record, while Ted Hasse had a 2-1 record and Rager a 0-3 log. Bob Scheer, one of our 1955 links- men. ,haf ,Q Baseball Team - 1955 First Row: B. Popchak, K. Kaufman, E. Janosko, R.. Clawson. Second Row J Hoffman, K. Frieben, F. Malisko, J. McCann, L. Brasher, H. Bodnar. Third Row: J. Hyland, coach, R. Weaver, E. Hasse, M. Zahoran, R. Hildebrand, T Rager, N. Gavazzoni, manager. 1 v . Z ,nj-. Who? 'WA Ashcom, Robert3 553 Glenwood Ave. Baseball 43 Bas- ketball 1,33 Football 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 F-Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Boys lnterclass 2,43 Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Forensic 2,3,43 Student Council 1,23 Courier 43 Ring Committee 33 Key Club 3,43 Drivers Training 4. Bagley, Harold3 1619 Pilgrim Court. Drivers Train- ing 4. Balog, Thomas3 222 Gable St. Basketball 1,2,33 Foot ball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 F-Club 3, President 43 Golf 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 23 Forensic 23 Reflector 43 Courier 2,3,43 Senior Play, actor 43 Prom Com- mittee 33 Ring Committee 33 Class Officer, Vice- President 3, 4. Bassett, Louise3 R. D. 51 Box 258. Senior Play, make- up 43 Y-Teens 4. Transferred here in Senior year. Berg, Jack3 R. D. 01 Box 106. Sports Manager 43 Student Council 33 Courier 2,3,43 Senior Play, pub- licity 43 Prom Committee 33 Ring Committee 33 Audio-Visual 43 Key Club 3,4. Berkich, D0l'l21dQ 540 Summit Ave. Mixed Chorus 3,43 Boys Quartet 33 Forensic 3,43 Senior Play, actor 43 Junior Play 33 Reflector 4. Transferred here in Junior year. Bevec, Mary Jane3 363 Sam St. Black, Walter3 379 Sam St. Football 2,3,43 Track 33 Drivers Training 3. Blaschak, Carolyng 336 Hall St. Girls lnterclass 1, 2, 3,43 G.A.A. 3, Secretary 43 J.V. Cheerleader, Co- Captain 23 Band, Marching 33 Student Council 1,2,33 F.H.A. 23 Reflector 43 Courier 43Senior Play, student director 43 Y-Teens 1,33 Secretary 2,33 Prom Com- mittee 33 Ring Committee 33 Audio Visual 43 Class Officer, Sec-Treas. 33 Librarian 1,2,33 Drivers Training 43 Usher 43 Quill 4: Scroll 4. Buckman, Thelma Jean3 916 Boston St. Mixed Chorus 3,43 Forensic 3,43 Student Council 43 Y-Teens 3, 43 Pep Club 4. Transferred here in Junior year. Bushwack, Bud3 264 View St. Track 1,23 Boys lnter- class 33 Student Council 33 Prom Committee 33 Ring Committee 3. Clark, Judith3 519 Margaret Ave. Girls lnterclass 1, 2,3,43 G.A.A. 43 Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Forensic 2,3,43 Band, Marching 3, Concert 33 Usher 43 Prom Com- mittee 33 Librarian 23 Junior Play 33 Quill 6 Scroll 43 Drivers Training 4. Cramer, Nancy Jo3 517 Glenwood Ave. Girls lnter- class 1,23 Band, Marching 1,2,33 Concert 1,2,33 F.l-LA. 23 Reflector 43 Y-Teens 1,2,3,43 Drivers Training 33 Audio Visual 43 Usher 4. Dallape, Edward3 401 Moxham Ave. Basketball 1,2,3, 43 Track 2,3,43 F-Club 2,3,43 Band, Marching 1,2, 3,43 Concert 1,2,3,43 Officer, President 43 Band Council 1,2,3,43 Student Council 23 Class Officer, President 13 Drivers Training 3. Dallape, Raymond3 401 Moxham Ave. Basketball 2, 33 Football 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Student Council, Presi- dent 3,43 Ring Committee 3. Decker, Dolores3 R. D. 51 Box 271. Girls lnterclass 1, 23 Y-Teens 1,2,33 Ring Comm lttee 3. Dickson, Th0ll'l3Sj 402 Glenwood Ave. Football 13 Tl'2.Ck 19 27 3. Diehl, Beverly3 112 Gable St. Girls lnterclass 1,2,3,43 G.A.A. 43 Senior Play, make-up 43 Y-Teens 1,3,4, Treasurer 23 Drivers Training 4. Dorman, Barbara3 728 Glenwood Ave. Girls lnterclass 13 Mixed Chorus .3,43 Forensic 3,43 Band, Marching 1,2,3,43 Concert 1,2,3,43 Reflector 43 Courier 43 Y-Teens 1,2,43 Drivers Training 4. Doyle, Robert3 832 Vickroy Ave. Football 13 Basketball 13 Track 1,23 F-Club 43 Sports Manager 3,43 Mixed at? men? Chorus 2,3,43 Forensic 2,3,43 Band, Marching 1,23 Concert 1,23 Student Council 33 Reflector 43 Courier 3, Editor 43 Senior Play, actor 43 PromCommittee 33 Junior Play 33 Quill In Scroll 3,43 Key Club 3,4. Dutko, Janet3 397 Caroline St. Girls lnterclass 1,2,3,43 G.A.A. 3,43 F.H.A. 23 Y-Teens 19213143 Nurses Club 43 Drivers Training 4. V Fedornock, Richard3 317 Crystal St. Baseball 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,33 Track 13 F-Club 43 Stagehand 4. Fisher, Campbell3 427 Vickroy Ave. Basketball 13 Football 1,2,3,43 Track 1,23 Boys lnterclass 2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Forensic 3,43 Courier 1,2,3,43 Key Club 3, 4. Fisher, GCOFQBQ 407 Moxham Ave. Boys lnterclass 4. Transferred here in Senior year.. Fisher, HOW3.l'dQ 407 Moxham Ave. Drivers Training 4. Transferred here in Senior year. Frieben, Kenneth3 169 Anthony St. Baseball 3,43 Bas- ketball 1,23 Football 1,2,3,43 F-Club 3,43 Boys Inter- class 3. Gehlman, William3 333 Kennard. St. Football 1,33 Boys lnterclass 43 Senior Play, stagehand 4. Gollan, Magdalene3 R.D. 01 Box 249. Girls lnterclass 1,2,3,43 Band, Marching 1,23 Majorette 1,23 Usher 43 Y-Teens l,3,43 President 23 Ring Committee 3. Granda, Rosarm3 128 Alma Ave. Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Forensic 2,3,43 Reflector 43 Courier 2,3,43 Senior Play actress 43 Y-Teens 1,2,3,43 Ring Committee 33 Nurses Club 4. Grimaldi, Ann3 209 Habicht St. Girls lnterclass 1,2, 3,43 G.A.A. 3,43 Cheerleader 1,2,3, Captain 43 Usher 43 F.H.A. 23 Reflector 43 Courier 43 Senior Play, actress 43 Y-Teens 1,3, Inter-Club Council 2,43 Ring Committee 33 Audio Visual 43 Drivers Training 33 Pep Club 4. Harper, Paul3 400 Diamond St. Football 33 Boys lnter- class 43 Senior Play, stagehand 43 Prom Committee 3. Transferred here in Junior year. Hartfiel, Dean3 209 Porter St. Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Forensic 2,3,43 Band, Marching 3,43 Concert 3,43 Key Club 3,43 Drivers Training 3. Hasse, Edward3 717 Glenwood Ave. Baseball 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,33 Track 2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 F- Club 2,3,43 Student Council 13 Ring Committee 33 Class Officer, Sec-Treas. 23 Key Club 3,4. Heming, Raymond3 428 Terry St. Boys lnterclass 43 Senior Play, stagehand 43 Ring Committee 33 Audio Visual 4. Hern, Marcla3 639 112 Vickroy Ave. Girls lnterclass 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Forensic 43 Student Council 43 Senior Play, actress 43 Y-Teens 43 Drivers Training 43 Pep Club 4. Transferred here in Senior year. Hildebrand, Robert3 501 Ferndale Ave. Baseball 2,3,43 Basketball 2,3,43 Football 3,45 F-Club 3,4. I-lomyak, John3 359 Hall St. Football 13 Golf 3,43 Drivers Training 4. Johnston, Linda3 308 Ober St. Reflector 43 Senior Play, actress 43 Y-Teens 1,2,3.,43 Prom Committee 33 Librarian 33 Drivers Training 43 Nurses Club 43 Pep Club 43 Girls lnterclass 2. Kaufman, Kenneth3 525 Glenwood Ave. Baseball 3,43 Football 1',2,3, captain 43 F-Club 3,43 Boys lnter- class 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 All-County Chorus 2,3,43 Student Council 13 Reflector 43Courler 2,3,43 Prom Committee 3Q,Ril'lg Committee 33 Class Officer, President 43 Junior Plav 3: Key Club 4. Koontz, Nancyi 572 Margaret Ave. Girls lnterclass 2, 3,43 G.A.A. 43 Bantl, Concert 3,43 Band Council 43 Y-Teens 2,3,43 Quill G Scroll 43 Majorette 3,Head 43 Usher 43 F.H.A. 23 Reflector, Editor 43 Drivers Training 43 Nurses Cl 43 Pep Club 4. A o 7 5 Krise, Bertha5 340 Hall St. F.ll.A. 25 Reflector 45 Courier 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Drivers Training 4. Kush, Audrey5 218 Crystal St. Girls lnterclass 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 F.H.A. 25 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Drivers Training 4. Leaf, Ronald5 417 Glenwood Ave. Basketball 1,2,35 Track 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45, Boys Quartet 1,2, 3,45 Forensic 2,3,45 All-County Chorus 2,3,45 Band, Marching 1, Concert 1, Swing 15 Key Club 45 Drivers Training 2. Leffler, Donna5 706 Ferndale Ave. Girls lnterclass 1,2, 3,45 G.A.A. 45 Cheerleader 1,2,35 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Forensic '3,45 Usher 45 Courier 3,45 Senior Play, actress 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Vice-President 25 Ring Committee 35 Class Officer, Sec-Treas. 45 Librarians 1,2,35 Junior Play 35 Drivers Training 3. Lemansky, Helen5 R. D. ill Box 91. Girls lnterclass 45 F.l-LA. 25 Reflector 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Prom Com- mittee 35 Drivers Training 4. Lux, Patricia5 414 Ferndale Aye. Girls lnterclass l,2, 3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Usher 45 FcH.A. 25 Reflector 45 Senior Play, property 45 Audio Visual 45 Librarian 1,2,3,45 Drivers Training 35 Nurses Club 45 Pep Club 4. Majercsik, William5 114 Kartes St. Martello, Geraldine5 381 Sam St. Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Forensic 2,3,45 Band, Marching 35 Concert 35 Usher 45 Student Council 1,45 Reflector 45 Senior Play, make-up 45 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Program Chairman 45 Ring Committee 35 Junior Play 35 Nurses Club 4. Matus, Judith5 333 I-labicht St. Jr. High Cheerleader 15 Mixed Chorus 25 Forensic 25 F.l-l.A. 25 Senior Play, actress 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Class Officer, Vice-President 15 Nurses Club 4. Maystrovich, Sonja5 R. DJ1 Box 260. Girls lnterclass 15 Reflector 45 Courier 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Ring Committee 3. Mlchalldes, Rlchard5 375 Lunen St. Football 3,45 Track 1,2,35 F-Club 3,45 Boys lnterclass 1,2,3,45 Drivers Training 3. Mlinar, Virginla5 86 l-labicht St. Girls lnterclass 1,2, 3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Band, Marching 35 Usher 45 F.l'l.A. 25 Courier 45 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Treasurer 45 Drivers Training 4. Rager, Ted5 R.360 Ohio St., Baseball 35 Basketball 35 Track 1,2,3,45 Boys lnterclass 1,25 Audio Visual 45 Drivers Training 3. Russell, Carol5 R.D. 01 Box 274. Band, Concert 2,3, 45 Majorette 2,3,45 Senior Play, actress 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pro Committee 35 Pep Club 4. rim Ryan, James5 160 Gilbert St. Basketball 1,2,35 Foot- ball 1,2,35 Track 1,2,35 F-Club 2,3 ,45 Boys lnterclass 45 Prom Committee 35 Ring Committee 35 Class Officer5 Sec-Treas. 1, President 2,3. Sabo, Albert5 101 Gable St. Baseball 1,2,45 Basketball 1,25 Football 1,2,35 captain 45 Golf 3,45 Boys lnter- class 3,45 Student Council 1,2,45 Ring Committee 35 Stagehand 4. Slavik, Evelyn5 275 Snow St. Girls lnterclass 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Cheerleader 25 Band, Marching 35 Usher 45 F.H.A. 25 Reflector 45 Courier 45 Senior Play, student director 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Audio Visual 45 Librarians 25 Junior Play 35 Drivers Training 4. Slavick, Joann5 273 Snow St. Girls lnterclass 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 J.V. Cheerleader 1, captain 25 Varsity Cheerleader 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Forensic 3,45 Usher 45 Student Council 25 Reflector 45 Courier 3, 45 Senior Play, actress 45 Y-Teens 1,2, Inter-Club Council 3, President 45 Drivers Training 4. Stuver, Judith5 872 Ferndale Ave. Girls lnterclass 1, 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3, President 45 Tumbling Team 25 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Forensic 2,3,45 Band, Marching 3,45 Usher 45 Y-Teens 1,4, Inter-Club Council 2, Vice-President 35 Librarians 1,35 Drivers Training 35 Pep Club 45 Reflector 4. Teeter, Harry5 R. D. ill Box 209. Class Officer, Vice- President 25 Drivers Training 3. Tercek, Robert5 113 Clair Ave. Basketball 1. Warfel, Florence5 171 Gilbert St. Usher 45 Reflector 45 Courier 3,45 Senior Play, actress 45 Y-Teens 1, 2,3,45 Librarian 2,35 Quill Cz Scroll 3,45 Drivers Training 45 Nurses Club 45 Pep Club 4. Weaver, Terrie5 201 I-lystone Ave. Girls lnterclass 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3, Vice-President 45 Cheerleader l,2,3, co-captain 45 Usher 45 Student Council 15 F.H.A. 25 Reflector 45 Courier 45 Senior Play, ac- tress 45 Y-Teens 1,3,4, Program Chairman 25 Prom Committee 35 Audio Visual 45 Librarian 1,2,35 Junior Play 35 Quill 0 Scroll 45 Drivers Training 35 Pep Club 4. Yarchak, Judith5 220 l-labicht St. Girls lnterclass 1,2, 3,45 G.A.A. 45 Band, Marching 1,2,35 Concert 1,2,35 Usher 45 F.H.A. 25 Senior Play, actress 45 Y-Teens 1,2,4, Treasurer 35 Ring Committee 35 Audio Visual 45 Librarian 25 Drivers Training 45 Nurses Club 4. Yeager, R.obert5 100 Jade St. Golf 3,45 Mixed Chorus 25 Forensic 25 Senior Play, actor 45 Drivers Training 4. Zimmer, Arlene5 339 Kennard St. Band, Marching 1,2, 3,45 Concert 1,2,45 F.H.A. 25 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Librarian 25 Drivers Training 4. fi . - ZZ' M 7, ', , if wif f ' ' M Waspemw. jg, ifji Q, --,,. . K .M C 1 I I is -1. J if an X P- 1,615 X? .517 M' 3 xr? t-gil? 4 fs fbi-514574 " f' XL I ' Ni 'inlq W 1, i, . ,, xc 5 - , 5 . AQ DTEIA V- AD 5. ' Qu 1 A , QJ INEC fvlf kit,-f -Jzvmfffljwn " ' Ibm. as aww. 'Tv :-1? .":f."'C"-' X-'F X3 WMZM Herein my friends, we 've t Just how your future lives may go. Some may be false, some may be true, But here we've planned your lives for you. Poor Ashcom suffers from sore feet, For Bob's a cop who pounds a beat. Our Harold Bagley does okay, Makes pizza in his shop all day. Tom Balog doctors us with guileg Cures all the girls with just a smile. Although dancing was not her aim, Louise Bassett has won her fame. Jack Berg now works for N. B. C., As an announcer on T, V, Don Berkich with his gentle talk, Returns lost lambs to our Father's flock. Mary Jane Bevec, and no other, ls the perfect wife and mother. Joe Black flies through the air with ease, An Air-force corporal, if you pleasel Carolyn Blaschak we can see, Is perched upon her boss's knee. Jean Buckman is a happy wife, She says there is no greater life. Bud Bushwack now is in the stars, With his first rocket ship to Mars. Judy's in the bucks we see, She owns the Clark bar factory. Nancy Cramer's on the stage, She reads commercials by the page. Ed Dallape gets a hand, For he's conducting his own band. Ray Dallape, for a sum, Fixes cars and makes them hum. Dolly Decker, township girl, ls married to an English earl. Tom Dickson, suave and debonair, Enjoys the life of a millionaire. For the best beautician work by far, Beverly Diehl deserves a star. Barbara Dorman is a cook, Her recipes aren't from a book. Bob is watching the profits climb, As Doyle and Son's work overtime. Janet Dutko waves your hair, ln any style you'd like to wear. "Chich' Fedornock stays quite cool, He owns the Bgvnstown gmming pool. Qffjfgk si S Clk. i Y Luv'--v'1"r'1'i L' . W flnkifdz ci. '51 -6- I C 4 ..- - , .-f'.f -. . ' .IM . Cfaaa pro? ec2l"""" 'A KU! bf " Lf-Gvbw-65-G1 f7""-A l D rl' ,i4L.,sg,,g.i"' ff ,, -..JM by JUDY CLARK and Jim, JKMEQLL' A Fisher by the name of Cam, Sings to you your telegram. George Fisher tames wild beasts of prey, Gathered from Boston to Bombay. Howie Fisher's making money, Broadway critics find him funny. Ken Frieben works with might and main, Alleviating toothache pain. A Gehlman by the name of Bill, Now gathers rubber in Brazil. Maggie Golian takes dictation, But golfing is her avocation. A Granda who is called Rosann, ls princess now, of Hindustan. Anne Grimaldi's teaching gym, Risking both her life and limb. Paul Harper is a great sensation, He owns the Chrysler Corporation. Dean Hartfiel kills your little mice, And slaughters termites for a price. Although Ted Hasse's not employed, This carefree guy is not annoyed. Ray Heming's diner is on top, The Airmont is the place to stop. Marcia Hern is in a tizzy, Trying to keep her pupils busy. Hildebrand's our counter-spy, Huck's working for the F. B. l. John Homyak, now, has found a way, To keep your hair from growing gray. Linda Johnston shocked us all, By winding up a gangster's moll. Ken Kaufman's one we won't forget, For soon he opens at the "Met.' Nancy Koontz, our nurse in white, ls charming patients left and right. Bertha Krise with her red hair, Does all the work for our new mayor. A gourmet thinks on first awaking, Of Audrey Kush's yummy baking. To have prescriptions filled with skill, Ron Leaf's Drug Store will 'fill the bill." Hollywood has a new star, Donna Leffler's going far. Helen Lemansky of our group, ls in a traveling acting troupe. The Lux thatwe once knew as Pat, ls now an agile acrobat. Bill Majercsik drives a cab, He does not find that life is drab. Art critics have bestowed renown, Upon Lee Marsh, who paints our town. Gerry Martello is her name, Her tennis playing brought her fame. Judy Matus owns a farm, A background for her wholesome charm Sonja Maystrovich is paid, For every Sonja doll that's made. Rich Michalides, for a fee, A football game will referee. Virginia Mlinar on this list, ls now a noted novelist. The Boro now is spic and span, Ted Rager is the garbage man. Carol Russell, clad in spangles, From a trapeze, on high, dangles. For the top used-car deal in town, Jim Ryan's lot's the best around. Al Sabo sails the seven seas, And swabs the salty decks with ease. Evelyn Slavik now is rich, A millionaire she did bewitch. Joann Slavick struts for shows, That feature all the latest clothes. As Speaker of the House we see, Steve Sober has made history. Judy Stuver will admit, That teaching is her favorite. Harry Teeter's growing gray, For his fifth kid is on the way. Robert Tercek carves tombstones, Which rest above our moulding bones. Florence Warfel, president, ls head now of our government. Terrie Weaver is a whizz, At mixing chemicals that fizz. Judy Yarchak, beauty queen, Models clothes for Seventeen. When cowboy Yeager's on his steed, His cattle never will stampede. We all admit that Arlene Zimmer, Is our most curvacious swimmer. XvzviQ'fy 'ff' fwwfgwgggf whfm TAAMJMQ JW! My r ., . M-Q A X1 Jygmjijjgq of , 3 ,,xffSMff ' V? ,iff W' 0 www Ni L 9 Jvu Qhww ff LWWQMZQQZ jwfwa M' ' JMQMWJWLJ WA aw Lf Mwwm gLJ5ZZIZgiMHJwjj EYjgZiLJ jhkfll Cx J WW Nj W Muffy JMM35 MQW' f WW 2 affix J fwbw jf fy ' 'JS f sv' K' 9 TJ 3 I X b an W X 0,5 A Jo ff ' My L , Q , ga W ,-iff' I j -. r - I ' " ' ,W N ll .af I CWA Xgulll , iifffv 740 xo ihf pb-'.'l,,f 'f.f'x- Lfx,,.1 at ' m OO N ' XG ., k 03 Qs A Off WQZ M79 0 6 ' ,Q4 64601 , If MXL fy. " in Lf' :Lx W Lvcf fx' KJV ,4f ' Ecffa fd f' M ff' , L L V JW ff! rf! j' no EL fi , ' xD - Cy lf J X D fJQigLf:xN f. I J ,SST X f 'i,C7N "Lx ' '51I1,'3? 7 TJ: -NDF JJ nl-tbl. KX . , QR X Q x D -X -J 2 s D X ,-H 1 Z", -. ,Lx NJ ' QI: ,F ww fu- A- 1 ' k V' 5 witwv' ' --w gl- T fr r 1 - Q f,, ,,, nl , ' If H 1 A ,- , lv," , 2. l-'J V W' ' ' , 'F-. U tgp- ? 4,4 .K K 1 ' 2 W Q' 4 'g I 'I , . . ' 'U ,J k zw' gl-' - vu N ' N f ' 415 Dar :sff , ,A f 1 .ff 4 .L x Q ,j ya.: .f",' i f I af . f .Msf Fifi' c ,gn ' .. ' ,fy 5 M, : ew- z 'fi X ' ,z ' Y fl' ' ' L. , 'al 1- mf M5 . 'px , Qu L 5 E 7 I 44? 3 f ,, ,5,. , , . ' - ' ' -vsp f-ff 'A z ' ' X 3. sf, . '. xr " . Y ,. f 1 . 2,4 ..Lg:2,ff'Ef , r- " " ,' ' 5 V b .1 'IQ-'p . -Ti' 'L , -at -fj I I . .1 - x ' 'fs P 5- , -0-if T 6' 'I g A Q 51 in . Q, '..!4ji,.",: ,Q -N , Reb 1 A4 "1 9 f' , f x 5 N -E .44f. M A V i W. . v F?" -' ' .1 J" 'F y Q 'T ' Q '- sh if if. F ' 1 fi N' nf f' Y 'Q , X 'aff L .4 ' ',r 3 . -JV I B Ay, ', f bv. . . . U4 "1r.7?r',f1v. .F f'4f'f' ""' 42. , A '94-3 , 2 -V Y Q f 13,3 f "4 T" ' A P' '.,,g:f":f' ,kai ' iff, ' ff ' ,L .' k' nf' -D ' -zz N 15 " ,O Rf -zj.53 .K 'HYLJ L'4 'Arn 14. ' 4 ,Z 'f 0 A f"1- 'Jw 'li . fix' u V X, , . ,Dir - vf Y ' 'I' ' v 5' h .un I Ur, . ' .N j' V 5 ' ea . . - gqgfigkti bu ' Luk Q .Il w,",yg' ' ,. 'W 'Vg Q Au ,fri V, . Magid V." A I 'ifgn' 'A . .' , 63' .Q J. ' 55 Q5 if 'gr' Sy -ah 7 . -uf . . gr ff . If ,l 4 .1 , . nag: , . , , if 4 n , , ,ix " 5 I "7 IQQZWM . 'c ' l.'.s'J,'w , Q , 'V .ul X '- ' lt V 1 6 ,M W ,Q 4. N, , 1, I' 's , 5 ' ' 'I 'sc . vttjuwf , f 'N' iq, Y dx 1 .1 4 ,I -J v A Z' f' 'YP' z.,+:'-"ix ali' f 5 A17 1 - , 3 T s Af fu, f ', 52. 41 ff :- ":- ' , K , - G., ' , , . f 'ffff' 5' 'ffm if -.gg I ,ff Q A 5 ' 2 Q: -' .,:5.,.n:-K1 3 ff , - 3 1 1 ' f -fi s 'ff , r Q. ,lj -I M , O 1359. I 1,-'sv' 5 . ,Ax M 1 U f -"5"lw4l .rw r . ww , 2-NME? J .9 5 Q A ,Mbg '-:Si F-v Nj"-Q' -fe 1 asf' 62 'vu P ' fy .- A 4, 5 f . I I ' ,af .1 1,43-If L u X, , 4 Q. . fl a -D 'H wit m if 2 sw, ff ,f S Wig,-. , Q1-W--N ga-M L I , 5 ,. wi M 1 i ' .gn 'Hr-wx m wigs '60 L 1

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