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i . , Ob- ft -fr, -as-H2f"' , ag KiA,T 5 P X' 1,.,. 5, ' .- ' we ' - ' . f ,I N fn HHNMU HW SEHUUL I Annual Staff i G 5 2 l 3 5 , A , 1 2 We hope that you will be able to bring back many memories because of this annual. lt has been a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Thmk you all for your co- operation. Editor-in-Chief. . . Production Editor. . Business Manager. . Senior Class Reporter Boys' Sports Editor. . Girls' Sports Editor. Picture Editor. . . Feature Editor .... non Junior Class Reporter. . . . . Sophomore Class Reporter. . . Freshman Class Reporter. . . . . 2 . . Gerald Klonglan . Gerald Hitchings Marilyn Mflslaffo.-1 . . Mary Lou Wise . . Lee Dadisman . .Marilyn Black . . Lois Ann Picht . . Gladys Fincham Mary Jean Anderson . Bemadine Wicks . . Lois McKim We, the Class of 1954, are proud to dedicate this mnual to a teacher who has for the past seven years served as fifth and sixth grade teacher in our Fernald Consolidated School. We are the first class to graduate who have benefited from the loving guidance of this grand person. It is with great pleasure that we dedicate the 1954 "Echo" to Mrs. l-ouella Wendell. 4 "Remember" Remember those thrilling baseball games, All the slim-hipped dazz'ling damesl Remember those parties, "Wow" how late Remember how nice our very First date. Remember the humor in study nall, Our wonderful fast break in basketball. Remember themes, those office iaunts, All the girls that we did taunt. What we thought of teachers, too, What they did to me and you. Remember our stirring picture day, Getting out ofstudy hall my ol' way. Remember the solo's, chorus'es, bancl, We were the best in all the land. Remember the stories, cakes, and gals, All the guys we had as pals. Remember our speeches and our plays, ln our ne'er forgotten high-school days. Remember algebra, our dear prof. Don, With hair the color of a new bom Fawn. Remember bus rides, festivals, shows, Why our dear grades didn't 'glow'. Remember Christmas, New Year's Eve, What happy times, We hate to leave. Wnen school bells ring out every fall, Yes, l'll remember Fernald best of all. By Gerald Klonglcm 5 'A MRS. ESTELLE MILLER Instrumental ancl Vocal Music English and History Bachelor of Arts Carthage College, Carthage, illinois Graduate Work Juilliard School of Music, New York City A. L. MILLER Coach, Social Studies, and Physical Education Bachelor of Science Carthage College, Carthage, lllinois Graduate Work Westem State Teachers College Macomb, Illinois Transferred Graduate Work Marquette University Milwaukee, Wisconsin X. Daniel Lee Dadisman Mixed Chorus. . ..... 3,4 Band ..... . . .l,2,3,4 Basketball. . . . . i,2,3,4 Baseball. . . . . . l,2,3,4 Junior Play. . . . . . . .3 SeniorPlay. .. . . . .4 Treasurer ...... . . 2 Vice President. . . . . 4 Annual Staff. . . . . 4 Marilyn Black Mixed Chorus. Glee Club. . Band ..... Basketball. . . Junior Play. . Senior Play. . Class President Annual .... Gerald Hitchings Mixed Chorus. . . Boys' Glee Club. . Baseball ...... Baseball Manager. Basketball ..... . .... 2 4 Basketball Manager ....... Junior Play ..... . . . 3 Senior Play .... Vice President. . . Treasurer ..... Annual Staff. . . 2,3,4 1,2,3 .l,2,3 4 . . .4 . . 2 . . 3 4 Gladys Mae Fincham Mixed Chorus... . . Glee Club. . . Band ..... Sextet .... Basketball .... Junior Play. . . Senior Play. . . Speech .... Class Treasurer. Annual Staff. . . Marilyn McNatton Mixed Chorus. . . Glee Club. . Band ..... Brass Sextet. . . Girls' Sextet. . . Manager .... Junior Play. . . Senior Play. . . Secretary .... President ..... Student Council. . . . . Annual Staff. . . Salutatorian Gerald Klonglan Mixed Chorus. . Boys' Glee Club Drum Major. . . Baseball. . . Basketball. . Junior Play. . . Senior Play. . . Speech ..... President .... Student Council. Annual Staff. . . Valedictorian Mary Lou Wise Mixed Chorus. Glee Club. . . Sexfef .... Solo .... . Junior Play. . Senior Play. . Basketball. . . Manager .... Vice President. Annual Staff. . 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 ...4 ..3 ...4 . . .l,2,3 ,...4 ...l,3 ...4 Lois Ann Picht Mixed Chorus. Glee Club. . Bmd .... Sextet .... Junior Play. . Senior Play. . Basketball. . Secretary. . . Treasurer. . Speech .... Annual Staff. Class History September 1, 1941, begcn a new era or unrorgerrawe wwe- .e....e. for the teachers in the Fernald Public School. On that day fourteen cngels with aug halos slippinglentered the doors to the future af our still young lives. We were greeted by Miss De Vries, who was to guide us through our kinder- garten year. This group consisted af: Herman Corbin, James Crosser, Howard Myers, Wyvanna Davis, Gladys Fincham, Mariorie Fish, Carolyn Gilreath, Wanda lenn Mooers, Darlyne Myer, Donald Oxley, Esther Peterson, l-ois Ann Picht, Mary l.au Wise, and laretta Woods. later in the yearwe were ioined by Gerald Hitchings and Gerald Klonglan. During the year Mariorie Fish, Vlkmda Lenn Nooers, and Donald Oxley dropped out. The first day of our first grade year found twelve of last year's class back. Loretta Woods had decided she liked the grade behind better so she stayed back to continue an with them. Trudy Christensen came in November. Trudy didn't stay with us very long, two days to be exact. Dur- ing this year Howard Myers and Ether Peterson left. .brry Springer also entered our class this year from the class just ahead of us. He also left us at the beginning of the second semester. Nine loyal students came back for their second grade to be greeted by Miss Picht. Herman Corbin stayed back to fain the class behind us. At the beginning of this year we were ioined by: Albert Dem Barton, Louise Gull, Marilyn Black, Kelly Haws, md Neoma Hagen, md at the end of this year we found ourselves minus: Albert Barton, Wyvanna Davis, Carolyn Gilreath, md Louise Gull, who had left to gain their schooling elsewhere. Again under Miss Picht's guiding hand we started our third year in school to find that Marilyn Griffith had ioined us from the class ahead. Gerald Hitchings, Neoma Hagen, md James Crosser left for greener pastures during the year. Kelly Haws also left because he had his eye an a girl in a lower grade md wanted to stay behind, lee Dadismm 'md lbsalee Corbin entered our class in March. We ended up that year with Marilyn Black, Gladys Fincham, Gerald Klonglan, Darlyne Nyers, Lois Ann Picht, Nlary Lou Wise, fvhrilyn Griffith, Lee Dadismm, md Rasalee Qarbin. This year the class was looking forward to traveling upstairs to their fourth grade but since they took kindergarten out, we had fourth grade in the same room as we were to have left, md thus had Miss Picht as teacher for the third year in a row. Gary Sutherlmd and Shirley Breezley moved into the community and thus added two pupils to our class. ln 1946 we found our legs nimble enough to climb the stairs md spend the fifth grade year mder the tutorage of Mrs. Foote. The class remained the some except that Bob Severson ioined us. Gary Sutherlmd also left this year to find his education elsewhere. Sixth grade found the class increased with the addition of Bonnie Gerlach, Marilyn McNatton, Nblvin Mundell, Charles See, Mary lee Sodders, and Dem Sodders. Bob Seversan decided that he liked Nevada better so he moved to attend school there. Ms. Vtbndell was our teacher. 16 h seventh we found that Bonnie Gerlach, Shirley Breezley, md Nblvin Mundell had left to seek their education in other schools, but thirteen of us walked up the other stairs to get a back- gomd in Bmglish md arithmetic that we will never forget. Mich was gained mder the teaching of M. Talbott. At the start of the second semester we lost Charles See, Dean Sodders, and hkmry l-ee Sodders. However, Lelmd Riley, Leslie Riley, and Donald Bums came to our doorstep to even up the number of students in our class. Lelmd md Leslie Riley didn't come back to start eighth gade with us md Donald Bums had decided to take seventh grade over again. Mrs. Talbott had the following ten pupils that year: Marilyn Black, Rosalee Corbin, Lee Dadismcn, Gladys Fincham, Marilyn Griffith, Gerald Klonglan Marilyn McNatton, Darlyne Myers, Lois Ann Picht, md Mary Lou Wise. ln the fall of 1950 we entered the doors of the high school building at F. H. S. A group of very green freshmen, after suffering through initiation so willingly administered by our beloved upper-classmen, became full-fledged high school students. Ray O. Forbes was our superintendent, Ms. Forbes our music instructor, Mr. Martin our coach, and Mrs. Chitty was in charge of home ec. Darlyne Myers had moved to State Center during the summer md Rosalee Corbin had decided that four more years were iust too many. Kathryn Kendall ioined us at the beginning of the year md Gerald Hitchings re-entered at t'he beginning ofthe second semester of this, our, freshman year. Nary Lee Sodders cane in for a short stay of about twelve weeks. The same ten cane back to start our sophomore year, to beincreased in February by Forrest Petrus. With the exception of Mrs. Chitty our whole faculty was changed. This year Mr. Don Begg was our superintendent, Mr. Miller our coach md Ms. Miller was in charge of music. Vtb ended the year with the following roll: Nurilyn Black, Lee Dadisman, Gladys Fincham, Marilyn Griffith, Gerald Hitchings, Kathryn Kendall, Gerald Klonglm, Marilyn McNatton, Lois Am Picht, Mary Lou Wise, and Forrest Petrus. The biggest feature of this year was in itlation of the freshmen who were even greener than we had been. During the summer Kathryn Kendall moved to Mcfherson, Kmscs, and Nhrilyn Griffith left is to change her schooling from homework to housework. We started out our iunior year by work- ing extremely hard on our .kmior Clms Play, "Quit Your Kiddin"'. The rest of the yea' was spent planning the Junior-Senior Banquet which was held at Lloyd's at Marshalltown. Our clcssmember- ship was changed by the addition of Frmcis Miller from Nevada and the substraction of Forrest Petrus to Milford. Ms. Cummings came to join the high school teaching staff to teach busines while the rest of the faculty remained the same. I7 The fall of 1953 found us at the final step of our golden school days. Nr. Begg retumed as superintendent, as did Mr. Miller as coach, Ms. Miller as music teacher, and Ms. Cumming as business teacher. Among the numerous events of our senior year were: Picture Day in Ames, Skip Day in Des Moines, a lovely banquet at the Airport in Des Moines, md our class play "Out of the Mist". Francis Miller moved during the summer of '53, so there were eight of us to receive our diplomas on May 17, 1954. lncluded in this number were three girls who had started together cmd gone to school at Fernald for thirteen years. They were Lois Ann Picht, Mary Lou Wise, and Gladys Fincham. The other five were Gerald Klonglan, Gerald Hitchings, Lee Dadismm, Marilyn McNatton, and Marilyn Black. Senior Class Prophecy The spring of 1964 blossomed down upon the growing city of Fernald, Iowa. l"ernald, lowa, richest city - richest agricultural community in the world. lt was a bright, sunny day, filled with the fragrant odor of lilacs fa day in which the marvels of mother nature were at work de- veloping the green of our trees, the young of our animals, a day which was the beginning of a beautiful new lowa summeri. It was on this day that a mcn, his wife, and teenage son came down the steps of a vine covered building on the comer of 127th Street md Happiness Avenue. Who are they? Well, maybe the inscription engraved on the building would clarify their signi- ficance to our story. The inscription read "Cummings Combined Music and Business Education Schools". Yes, Nr. and Ms. Cummings, after having taught at the Fernald Public Schools for a period of four years, had decided to establish their own school in the flourishing suburbm area of the Fernald Community. So, after building their school md acquiring stemdards of the utmost quality, they had decided to take a long deferred trip to the For West, and also to the lands of ice and snow, Alaska md Canada. And so we ioin them as they bid their school md students good-bye. Their new 1964 Buick "Car King" stood with magtificent grace md beauty on the street as they came with their touring equipment to embark on their summer-long trip. They were soon prepared to leave and with the press of Mr. Cummings' foot on the accelerator of the car, the Cummings' were off to follow the setting sun, leaving the fertile fields of lowa, which they called home, behind them. From lowa, across the Missouri River into Nebraska, their wheels kept rolling. While iour- neying along they noticed numerous road-side sigws advertising the National Dog Show being held at North Platte, Nebraska. Since Gary, the Cummings' son, was quite interested in the showing and hmdling of dogs, they decided to attend the even ing session of the show at which time the grcnd champion was to be announced. The even ing's events proceeded rapidly md 18 finally the climax was reached when the champion dog of the nation was to be named. The Master of Ceremonies blared forth, "The winner is Duke lll, a Labrador Retriever from "Abbie 's Kennels", located on the banks of the Mississippi River near Erie, lllinois, owned and operated by Nr. cnd Mrs. Albert Miller". Mrs. Cumming appeared thunderstruck. lt surely wasn't the same Millers who had taught at the Fernald Consolidated School in i952-53-54. However, to find out, she and her husband went quickly to the winner's platform where, sure enough, they found the Millers hovering over the prize winning Retriever. After the introductions had taken place md the four foot trophy was shined and placed in the Miller's traveling trophy case, the Cumming' and Miller's went out for a late dinner. During the meal they refreshed their mem- ories of the bygone school days at F. H. S. After a ioyous evening, the former teachers bade each other adieu and proceeded on their different ways. And so they ioumeyed on across Nebraska, crossed the North Platte River and entered Wyoming. They stopped at Cheyenne for the night and the next moming went shopping. While walking down the street they heard two small boys arguing about a coming sports event to be held at the new Cheyenne Coliseum, which would seat 200,000 people. During the argument the words "Globemasters", "World Champs", and "Famous Players" flew freely. Wondering what the coming event was, Mu Cummings asked the boys, "What is this great attraction that you're talking about?" "Well," said one of them, "The world famous Globemastersp you know, that baseball team that made the whirlwind performmce lest year in Europe, well, they're going to play the Maior League All Stars tonight, and we were trying to decide who is going to win. " Gary popped up. "Say, Dad, that would be a great game to see. Why don't we spend the evening at the Coliseum '?" "Okay," was the elder's reply. So the Cumming' were off to the ball game. The stands were packed in the lighted arena as the famous players were announced. First came the All Stars and their manager the great Casey Stengel. Next the "Globemastels ", the most sensational sporting attraction since the famous Globetrotters Basketball Team. First the players were introduced and then the announcer gave recognition to "The Greatest Personality in the sporting world today, the famous manager of the Globemasters, the marvelous Donald Begg". As the crowd thundered their ovation through the stcnds, Mr. and Mrs. Cumming md Gary looked at each other in astonishment. lt couldn't be! No, not the Donald Begg who had been superintendent of the Fernald Schools in their teaching days. But after the game, in the runway to the lockers, they met him as true to life as ever with hat cocked on one side of his head, pipe in his mouth, and with a grin a mile wide on this face ithey had won the game 6- 21. He didn't recognize them at first but as Mrs. Cummings remarked, "How are Ginger and Helen?" he got a funny far away look on his face as he stopped stock still. "Mrs, Cumming, is it you?" "Yes. " "Really?" And so another evening was spent reminiscing over past memories. However, all pleasant things must end, so, with the saying of good-byes, the Cummings' left them to move on toward the western horizon. After leaving Cheyenne, they again headed toward the Great Northwest and what might lay before them. Unfortunately, they could not foresee the excitement and thrills awaiting 19 them on their trip over the rugged Rockies. They spent a ioyous week climbing the mountains and then started the downward path. They slowly descended down upon the foothills of westem lddwo. Driving along the scenic pathways they suddenly were confronted by a sign pointing out across the low lying hills. lt read "Picht's Peachy Pines" - Famous Tourist Resort-60 miles. "That name sounds very familiar, " said Mrs. Cummings' to her husband. "l wonder if that could be the girl whom ltaught back in F. H.S. " They drive on when suddenly, sputter, sputter, choke, sputter went the car. "Oh, no," momed Nh. Cummings, "l knew we should have filled up at that last gas station. " Suddenly Gary called to his folks from the back seat, "Hey, is that a light over there ?" Sure enough they saw the glow of many colored lights off to the left. "l wonder how far it is to those lights?" said Gary. Suddenly car lights loomed up behind them md an old prospector in an old Model T got out md asked if they were in trouble. Mu Cumming re- lated the happening and asked him what the lights were up ahead. l"le told them it wm Picht's Peachy Pines the best eatin' ioint in the far west. After finally getting some gas, they de- scended upon the Peachy Pines to spend the night. They went to the office md found a yomg lady sitting at a desk. Mrs. Cummings asked for reservations and when she told the girl what her name was,on astonished look crossed the face of Lois Ann as she recogrized Ms. Cummings, her fonner teacher at F. H. S. They talked of the many things that had happened in their years together in high school and then as it was getting late, they went to bed to get some rest. After spending a week of relaxation here, the tourists again set out for the Pacific Coast where they planned to take a boat to Aslcska. After a beautiful trip across the rolling hills of Oregon, they at last arrived in Astoria, a quiet seaport town overlooking the blue expcnse of the Pacific. They were excited as they stopped the car in front of the office where they were to buy their tickets for their ocean trip to Anchorage, Alaska. The boat was leaving at 2 o'clock that aftemoon of a beautiful summer day. The tourists then boarded the boat and, after getting their car stationed on board, took their luggage md at once proceeded to their cabin. The whistle blew its note mnouncing the beginning of the voyage md with it came the demmding calls of the ship's captain. "Man the ropes, pull the mchor, tum the wheels". The voice sounded familiar - yet it seemed odd to be heard here on this ship, especially her voice. But when Mrs. Cummings spied the blue clad figure in high hat md starstudded vest, it was who they had expected. Yes, Gladys Fincham another member of the graduating clcss of i954, who was now captain of the steamer "The Oregon Belle". During the ocean trip northward, many hours were spent discussing the happenings of each during Gladys' high school days'cnd the years intervening. Arriving at .Anchorage they left the boat and found a quiet lodge at which to spend the night. Early the next morning they begm their ioumey to Mt. McKinley where they were to be taken on a guided tour. One of the high points of the tour was actually seeing a way- station and learning the purpose of one. They were preparing to leave after thoroughly look- ing the station over when a group of mountain climbers came into the station. Mr. Cummings 20 commented on the fact that there was a girl in the group. The guide overheard the statement md explained that this particular girl had come from a small town in lowa, where the countryside is relatively flat, and she had always had the desire to climb. Through further inquiry, Nlrs. Cumming was astonished to find that it was none other than Marilyn NlcNatton. Since neither of the two were pressed for time, they sat down md begm reminiscing about their golden school days. Typing, shorthand, and literature classes fumished them with a lengthy discussion which had to be discontinued as Miss McNatton had to retum with her companions to the foot of the mountain to plan a new way to ascendMt. McKinley. The next moming they left Mt. McKinley to continue on to Fairbmks. While in Fairbanks they went on a tour of the main industries and buildings of the city. While TOUFFHQ one of these buildings the guide told them about the large F. H. A. convention that wcs being held there that week. At the present time there was a lecture. going on in the auditorium so they couldn 't go in. When passing the door of the auditorium, Mrs. Cummings noticed a poster hmg- ing by the door telling about the lecturer. She was surprised to see that if was one of her stu- dents from F. H.S. , Mary Lou Wise to be exact. When she told the guide that she knew her md would like to see her, he said it could easily be arrcnged. After the lecture, Mrs. Cummings md Mary Lou sat down to discuss everything that had happened in the past ten years. Nkxry Lou told of how she had gotten interested in lecture work. Mrs. Cummings was sorry to see the dis- cussion come to m end but as she said, time waits for no one. The next stop on their itinerary was White l'brse in the Yukon territory of Canada. They arrived there about noon md went directly to a hotel for dinner. As that was the busy secson of the year, there were no empty tables, however, at one table there was a man dining alone. From the looks of his clothing and the instruments he had with him he reminded them of some- one connected with the scientific research. Nts. Cummings thought it would be interesting to talk to him, md besides in doing so they would have the opportunity of ordering cmd eating their meal. So they approached him and asked if they might sit at his table. When the mm looked up, Mrs. Cummings recognized him immediately as Gerald K. from Fernald. After they had ordered their meal, Gerald told them that he was here doing research work for l.S. C. on the study of uranium. They talked of many of the good times at F. H.S. and what each had been doing since Gerald's graduation . They spent the remainder of the day at his research center looking over the experiments md laboratories. But, as they had to be moving on, they bade him farewell and started on their now homeward bound ioumey. Again Mrs. Cummings regretted having to leave one of her former students, but Gary was mxious to make it to Calgary in time for the famous rodeo, so good-byes had to be said. All of Gary's impatience was unneccessary because they reached their destination in plenty of time. After purchasing their tickets they went in and seated themselves as comfortably as possible on the wooden plmks. Mrs. Cummings prepared herself for a boring evening, by settling back md reading a magazine. She read during the broncho riding md steer raping. She was iust getting 21 ready to read mother article when her attention was drawn to the loud speaker's mnounce- ment of the trick rider for the evening. Mrs. Cummings was very startled to hear that Marilyn Black md her Golden Palomino were to be the main attraction. After a very thrilling performance the Cumming strolled to the performers stand and congratulated Marilyn on her wonderful md thrilling achievement. They then talked over old times md memories together. Once again our now weary travelers retumed to their trip because their time was now growing short. The next week was spent ioumeying eastward across Canada. lt seemed no time at all mtil they approached the United States border. Upon reaching this line, as is always customary, they had to have their car and luggage inspected. As this delayed them they complained to the custom officer. He explained to them the necessity of it md apologized for the delay. A they were about to leave the way station another officer shouted, "Hey, Ching, you had better tell those people they have a flat tire." This nickname rmg a bell md as Nr. Cumming, assisted by the officer, chmged the tire, Mrs. Cummings inquired cs to the source of this familiar nicknane. She found that, just as she had suspected, it was none other than Gerald Hitchings. Mrs. Cummings talked to Gerald for awhile and found that Gerald would be off work in an hour or so. She was very anxious to talk to him so they decided to spend a little more time visiting in the vicinity. The next day, however, they continued on their ioumey. Ps they cane down across the beautiful green pastures of Wisconsin they began seeing many dairy farms. After passing through Milwaukee, they again came to the fertile pastures and modem dairy farms. One especially caught their attention. lt was cn extra nice farm with beautiful white fences and building. The pcstures were dotted with hundreds of Guemsey dairy cows. On the gate hung a sig1, worded, "Headquarters for Dadismm Dairy Drean Fcxms. Once again fate seemed to chance upon the Cummings' for on this trip they had come in con- tact with each member of the graduating class of i954 and were with them for a short time in each of his or her professions. So they drove up the long winding lme and came upon a beauti- ful lmdscaped yard md home. Afknock on the door brought to their service a maid who in tum led them to Mr. Daniel Lee Dadisman in person. The day was spent touring the famous farms and the evening spent conversing about the trip to date, and l.ee's success in the dairy business But already September had rolled around on the calendar, and the Cumming' had to retum to their school in the heart of the combelt. A summer's ioumey wcs at an end, a ioumey filled with wonderful memories. Memories that would stay with them, as the high school memories had stayed with each graduate of the class of I954. 1 X 22 Last Will and Testament ofthe Class of 1954 We, the Fernald Senior Class of l954, being of sound body and compara- tively sound mind, do hereby leave this last will and testament. Mickey's ability to go with one fellow for a long time to Betty L. Blackie's temper to Dorothy S. Lois Ann 's pep to Arid S. The teasing Gladys got on the bus to Betty W. Mary Lou 's evenings at home to Sally L. The Senior Class arguments to the Sophomores. Gerald H. and Lee's friendship to the Sophomore girls. Gerald K.'s broad shoulders to Dick K. The airplcnes built in literature class to Mrs. Cummings' for souvenirs. Mickey's first chair in band to Warren L., may he keep it as warm as she always did. Blackie's ability to get the car to Sharon W. so she can haul her class- mates around. Lois Pnn's bones to Mr. Begg's dog to chew on. Gladys' address book to Marlene H. , so she ccn complete her collection. Nury Lou's parties to Dale M., so he can make use of their nice base- ment and also keep his class as happy as we have been. The Senior's last minute preparation to the Freshmen. Gerald H.'s quietness to Galen F. Lee's bright sayings to Nonnan H. "How about that?" Gerald K.'s pool playing after choir practice to Mary Jean A., so she won 't have to come right home afterwards. The Seniors' seats to the .luniors. The Senior girls late hours to Miriam H. Mickey's novelties to John W. , so he ccn amuse the teachers 'till he graduates. Blackie's aggressiveness in basketball to Judy Mc., make good use of it Judy. Lois Ann 's height to Sally so she doesn't have to look up to everyone. Gladys' ability to drive her Dad's Buick to Karen F. Nkzry Lou's love for McPherson to Helen B. The Seniors' lockers and all the junk in them to next year's Freshmen. Gerald H.'s liking for girls to'Larry H. , take odvcmtage of it Larryg it's fun. Lee's parking places to Kelly if he cm find them. Gerald K's belt to Bruce so the girls won't have to worry any more. The Senior boys' ability to get along with the Senior girls to the Junior boys. The boys' basketball trophy to the girls' team. Mickey's short cut to school to Delores M. , you would be surprised at all the time it saves. Blackie's interest in Colo to Lois Mc., she is used to it. Lois Ann 's seat on the bus to Ronnie W. Gladys' ability to get the chores done in time to go places to Karen T. , as if she ever had to do any. Mary Lou's picture painting to Rosella R. , she already has a good start. The Senior girls clothes to the Sophomore girls, as if they needed anymore 23 Gerald K. and Lee's fines to the Sophomore boys, because the Junior boys don't need them. Gerald H.'s Ford to Rex S., so he can haul the girls around. The girls perfect record in basketball for next year's team to break. Mickey's seat in the front ofthe assembly to Dale J. , so he will keep out of trouble. Blackie's eraser throwing to Donna C. , so she can develop muscles. Lois Ann 's Plymouth to Clarise for the rest of her days in good old F.H. S. Gladys' mud road to Bernadine W., so she won't have to sit behind the elevator. Mary Lou's trips to Charles T., so he can wear out his car. The Senior girls will room 614 in the Brown Hotel to next year's Junior girls. Have as much fun as we had. Mrs. Miller'sfspeech assignments to her to do herself. Gerald K. 's sly way of keeping out of trouble to Willard C. Senior Play The Senior Class, on April 2, l954, presented a Comedy-Drama, "Out of the Mist" to an ova- cious audience. The cast was as follows: Lisa Andrews .............. An attractive young girl. . . . . Lois Ann Picht Alice ...... .... He ryounger sister .... . . . Marilyn Black Susm ....... . . A close friend of Lisa's. . . . . Gladys Fincham Mary Andrews. . . .... Lisa's mother .... . . Marilyn McNatton John Andrews. . . . .Her father,'a professor. . . . . .Gerald Hitchings Josie ......... .... A housekeeper. . . ' . . .Mary Lou Wise Walter ........... . . .Lisa's boy friend. . . . . Lee Dadismm Prof. Edwin T. Jones ..... . . .Prof. Astronomy. . . . . Gerald Klonglm Hmk Collins 8- Space Man. . . .... Walter's friend ..... . . . Ronald Weuve .lenny George ........ . Anewspaper reporter. . . . . Bemadine Wicks Dr. Damn ......... . . . The family doctor. . . . . .Warren Larson .bhn Buff. . .... Apolicemm. . . . . . Kelly Haws .SYNOPSIS OF PLAY When ClSff0h0my starts interfering ln the lives of a "theater-minded" sister, a doting mother and father, md Walter, a steady boy friend, something is bound to happen. Young Proffessor Jones tells Lisa she has a chance for an importmt appointment in the university's study md Lisa goes over "backward" in her attempt to find new stars. Lisa and her close friend, Susan, keeping cn all night watch through the telescope, sees the first Space Man on Earth. Then Susan, terrified, deserts Lisa, but Lisa feeling this is the climax of all her work, stays to speak to him and he returns to her several times. Lisa finds herself falling in love with him although she has never seen his face. With Lisa terrified and the family almost in hysterics, a climax is reached when the Space Man returns in day- light. 24 What Would Happen If The Seniors dicrvt cnew go ---. .. Blacky wasn't the youngest Senior. . . Quarles P. coulch't play the accordion. . . Mr. Begg didn 't teme Dickie about his height. . . Donna didn't wear iewelry. . . liosella didn't write letters. . . Someone didn't take luwch comt. . . Dale M. didn't tease the girls. . . The Junior boys didn't out number the Junior girls. . . Prdis wasn't engaged. . . Gladys didn't have boy friends all over the state. . . We practiced our contest numbers more thm two weeks. lee md Gerald H. dich't run around together. .. Nary Jean wasn't happy-go-lucky. . . The Senior boys fought. . . Willard C. didn't have a motorcycle. . . Mickey wasn't witty. . . Warren wesn 't stubbom. . . The Freshmen dich't get along with the teachers. . . Johnny didn't like short girls. . . Gerald K. wasn't agreeable... Clarise did1't like music. .. Sally didn't like all the boys.. . Miriam didn't play forward. . . Marlene dich 't collect movie star's pictures. . . The Junior boys didn't all have cars. . . Karen F. didn't like to go to Nevada.. . Nkxry Lou didn't like to go to McPherson. . . Vlb didn't have class plays.. . Kelly typed one hundred words per minute. . . Dorothy S. didn't have pretty eyes. . . Bruce didn't have butch hair cuts with bald spot. . . The Senior girls didn 't have "buzz" sessions. . . , Betty L. didn't fall down on the basketball floor.. . Gerald H. dich't like the girls. .. Sharon dich't work for Mr. Begg.. . Dale J. didn't read pocketbooks. . . The teachers let us run the school. .. Lee did-n't get along with everyone. . . Richard didn't like to drive his cu. . . Helen and Betty didn't run around together. . . The Seniors went with kids older thm them. . . Galen could stand to be teased... We didn't tell Mrs. Cumming our troubles. .. The Sophomores didn't have the largest class. . . Delores cane to the basketball ganes. . . Lqrry liked girls better than dogs. . . The Freshmen didn't get initiated. . . Mu Miller wam 't a neat dresser. . . Judy dich't like Rolmd.. . The Seniors liked school. . . Charles T. got his literature assigirnents done. .. Lois Ann didn't fall over everything. . . The boys didn't get stopped by the cops... 25 Senior's Class Who's Who Smartest Girl ........ Smartest Boy ..... Best Singer fGirll. . . Best Singer lBoyl. . . Best Athlete lGirli. . Best Athlete CBoyl. . . Most Friendly Girl. . Most Friendly Boy. . . Wittiest Boy ..... Vlhttiest Girl ..... Laziest .......... Nbst Ambitious fGirli. . . Most Ambitious CBoyl. . . Best Dressed Girl .... Best Dressed Boy. . . Class Clown .... Peppiest ..... Best Leader ..... Prettiest Hair ...... Most Handsome Boy. . . Prettiest Eyes ..... Nicest Complexion. . Best Figure .... Mascleman .... Prettiest Girl. . . Smallest Feet .... Biggest Flirt QGirll. . . Biggest Flirt fBoyJ. . . Marries First. ........ TravelsMost.... . ..... Best Conversationalist fGirlJ. . . Best Conversationalist iBoyJ. Nlost Artistic ........ Nbst Helpful ........ Best Dmcer fGirlD. . . Best Dcncer fBoyl. . . Youngest ...... Oldest .......... a o n Marilyn Mc. . Gerald K. . . Mary Lou . . . . .lee .MarilynB. . Gerald K Marilyn Mc. . Gerald H. . . . . . Lee Marilyn Mc. . . . Gladys . . Mary Lou . . Gerald K, . . . Lois Ann . Gerald K .....Lee .. LoisAnn . . . Gerald K. . . . .Gladys c o ....Lee MarilynB . .. Gladys Ouietest........... .....,.,.. Most Likely to Succeed. . . AllofUsinO . . Lois Ann . Gerald K . . .Gladys . Marilyn B. . . . Gladys . . . . Lee Marilyn Mc. . . Mary Lou . .Mary Lou .' Gerald K. . Mary Lou Marilyn Mc. . . Lois Ann . .Gerald K. Marilyn B. Marilyn Mc. . Gerald H. ur Own Way. O U SenlorSklp Day Senior Skip Day, l954, was held on Wednesday, April 28, in Des Moines. The eight seniors md Mr. and Mrs. Begg arrived in Des Moines at approximately 9:30 and upon arriving went to visit the Mmicipal Court House. Our guide showed us the various depart- ments connected with the operating of a city government as well as the city iail . With this tour completed we drove to Bishops for our dinner. The afternoon started with a visit to the Capital where we learned about many interesting historical things. None of us were satisfied until we had tired ourselves by climbing to the dome. Then to change the atmos- phere we went to the Airport Driving Range to try our hand at golfing. From the golfing range we traversed to the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant. Then to rest our weary legs we attended the RKO-Orpheum Theatre. After viewing a double feature we drove to the Municipal Air- port where we spent an enioyable dinner hour. At 9:00 o'clock we departed to the minhlfure golf course. From there we went to the East l4th Drive-In-Theatre where we saw"'Stalag l7" and "Roman Holiday". After a long fit was then 2:00 A.M.i but joyous day, we began our ioumey home. Picture Day Changing the trend of the past few years, the Seniors of 1954, had their graduation pic- tures taken at the College Town Studio, Ames, Iowa, rather than iourneying to Eldora or Waterloo. The date was February l9, o day that started with bright sunlight and a glorious atmos- phere but ended in a deluge of downpouring rain. We arrived, the eight seniors and Mr. and Mrs. Begg, at 9:30 and proceeded at once to have our photos taken. After having our pictures taken, we rummaged through the College Town Music Shop playing records. Just before lunch we were taken on a tour through the WOI-TV Station by the wife of the photographer. After seeing "behind the scene" action we traversed the campus to the Memorial Union where we ate our dinner. After thus refreshing ourselves we spent the greater share of the afternoon bowling and playing billiards at the Union. From the Union we went to the College Dairy Farm to watch them ready and milk their dairy herd. Having toured the farm, we iourneyed to the Sheldon Munn.Hotel for an unforgettable supper. Again filled to capacity,we attended a movie and then ioumeyed on our different ways. And so ended our picture' day. A day that brought us a number of results. First, of course, it meant pictures for all of us. It also gave us a few more experiences to add to our long list of high school memories. And last, and truly the most disastrous of all was that the day after we had our pictures taken Mr. Begg came down with an unusual illness and missed two weeks of school. lHe always said the cause was from the riotous meal and wise cracks, plus the rain which was just too much to take., 27 Class Officers President ...,. ....... ........... . . Gerald Klonglan Vice-President. . . . . . Lee Dadisman Secretary. . . . .Marilyn McNatton Treasurer. ......... . . . Lois Ann Picht CLASS MOTTO "Our aim to succeed, our hope to win. " CLASS COLORS Scarlet and Silver CLASS FLOWER American Beauty Rose Baccalaureate May l6, i954 Processional. . . . . . . Lois McKim and Clarise Picht Invocation. . . . ....... Rev. Buckingham Solo .... .... Ar dis Schuler Scripture. . . . Rev. Buckingham Sermon. . . . . . Rev. Gruber Music ..... . . . .... Girls' Quartette Benediction. . ......... Rev. Buckingham Recessional. . . . . . Processional Invocation. Music. . . Address. . . Presentation Presentation Presentation Solo .... Benediction Recessional. . , Lois McKim Commencement and Clarise Picht May l7, l954 . . . ........... Lois McKim and Clarise Picht . . ..... Rev. Buckingham . . . . . . . . . . . .Girls' Quartette ..Dr.RayBryan of Honor Students. . . ..... Mr. Begg of Class ....... ....... M r. Begg of Diplomas .... . . Mr. Lester Meimann 28 . Lois McKim . . . Mrs. Miller Rev. Buckingham and Clarise Picht 29 Mary Jean Anderson Sal ly Lyons Junior Class ar ffm.-ll '55,- gf f if? f lf r Q Kelly Haws Secretary Ardis Schuler President yye i y l lf. Johnny Wheelock 32 Dale Jarboe Vice-President "QW 3 r ' a f xx L . V fy fi , k v , K O Charles Tumer J u n i o r P l a y "THE HEADLESS GHOST" The Junior Class of Fernald High School presented "The Headless Ghost", a mystery comedy in three acts on October 28, l953, in the Fernald Auditorium. CAST Jerry Carleton. Young owner of the inn Nancy Carleton. . . . . . Jerry's sister. . . George Larkins. . . Bill West .... Dragalong. . . Mrs. Smith. . . Richard Hamlin. . . . . Jane Waring. . Liza Jones. . . Agatha Tinsley. Sam ...... Headless Ghost. . . Extras ..... Director. . . . . .F.B.l. agent.. . . . Old Miner. . . . .Pal of BiIl's. . . . . . Housekeeper. . . . ....Lawyer....... Mrs. Tinsley's secretary. . . . Mrs. Tinsley's maid. . . . . .Summer guest. . . . . . Larkin's helper. . SYNOPSIS . . Kelly Haws . . ..Ardis Schuler . . . . Dale Jarboe . Johnny Wheelock . . . . Larry Miller Mary Jean Anderson 2 . Charles Tumer . . . . .Sally Lyons . . . Clarise Picht . . Mary Lau Wise . . Herman Corbin . . .Charles Tumer . . Lois McKim Galen Flynn Ronald Weuve Mrs. Estelle Miller Jerry and Nancy have iust returned to their former home in the foothills of the Rockies to convert the old mansion into an inn. With several hardworking friends, George Larkins and Bill West, they manage to complete their plans, even though the grim, silent house- keeper, Mrs. Smith, gives them warning to dire happenings should they proceed with their inn. Cheerfully ignoring the awesome hints of disaster, Jerry and Nancy fill their hotel with guests, and then all sorts of baffling events occur. 33 Junior-Senior Banquet On Saturday evening April 24, 1954, the Juniors entertained the Seniors and the teachers with the traditional Junior-Senior Banquet in the "Cloud Room" at the Des Moines Airport. The theme "Blue Hawaii" was carried out with Ul46l6l6S as favors, Hawaiian Girl Nut Cups, and appropriate music. After the Juniors presented each Senior and teacher with Or- chids and Boutonnieres, a delicious three course meal was served consisting of the following menu: Mqmo fU.S. Choice Cut Sirlo Likoi Bi Papa Uellied Fruit Salad, Kakili 8. Coconut Milk iCoffee 8. Milk, in Steak, Waikiki Wonder fPineapple Juice, Golden Dreams fOven Brown Potatoes, John Wheelock acting as toastmaster announced the following program: Hawaiian Koma Mai. . Aloah But Not Goodby. . . Winds and Hurricanes . A Blue Hawaii ..... Adeal of the Asles. . . Asle if Golden Dreams . . . . Buttered Bamboo fButtered Asparagus, Taro Cake and Butter fRolls and Butter, Palms of Paradise iCoconut Cream Pie, Ur. Welcome, ........ f. . Ardis Schuler . .fSr. Response,. . . .Gerald Klonglan . . Uokes, .- .... ..... M r. Begg . . iSong, .... .... S ally Lyons . . fToast,. . . .... Mrs. Cummings . . . fParting, ............. Mary Jean Anderson After the program we all went to the Des Moines theater to a movie "Executive Suite". Freshman Initiation It was on September il, that the Freshman Class of 1954 was welcomed "Ha" into the Femald High School. The Sophomore Class took over the reins of the green freshies and eagerly led them through their day of "reckening". As usual each member of the new class wore his own "delight- ful" costume to school. During the day the "Greenies" carried out the Sophomores every wish. That evening the Freshmen, still in uniform, assembled on the lawn in front of the school- house to leam clearly what Initiation truly is. The first course served them was the tantiliz- ing paddle line. Second course found the Freshmen walking by a table on which several differ- ent "dishes" were placed and each in tum felt the ingredients in each one. The third course consisted of a Truth or Consequences program with the record "Dragnet" being played during the proceedings. After each Freshman Knot very green now, had been officially welcomed into high school the sophomores furnished the entire high school lunch which brought the curtain down on a very hilarious evening. 34 Sophomore Class , CX Helen Boten AP Donna Crosby Richard Harmen .54 'fa 3 Delores Miller QA! Warren Larson Vi oe-President i 'ani Charles Pratt 35 rx i sqwyw- . F Karen Flynn Secretary Bruce Meri cle Karen Taylor Robert Turner Ronald Weuve Bernadine Wicks Treasurer Sharon Wilson President , 2 Betty Wise Loretto Wood Richarfl Kaufman 36 Willard Cook President iii l . ,rf W Jr ' .Nt , 2' Q -, 'Q s 6,3 E K Marlene Hall Secretary 'Slk' yi? ' Q' Betty Lock Freshman Class Galen Flynn s if K, Q. K. B lu W' ' 'lx ' . 'X X k IX, Y 4949 '53, 4 . is N3 M i X S x wx I , M A Larry Hall we-fr XX Miriam Hilburn ,fm 'A K rf la., Q ssss Judy McBride Vice-President Norman Hunfrod Lois McKim Dale Mericle Clarise Picht Rosella Rosburg Treasurer Y. Nl? li Dorothy Sodders Rex Schuler Freshman Return Party On September 26, l953, the Freshman Class held their return party for the high school. A hayride and wiener roast were planned for the evening's entertainment. At 8:00 the hayride was on its way. We were lucky to have a clear evening and fairly warm weather. We went to Hall's timber For the wiener roast at 8:30. The refreshments were wieners and buns, kool-aicl, potato chips, and marsh- mallows. The remainder of the evening was spent on the hay ride, which we hope everyone enioyed. 38 Q N ivwifii. ' 26 1 gzifv X ' . Q . LQQXLSQQ . ' sf. ., Q ,V f- A -,,. :Qfi,,.w:,. ' X Q i fQ?'Sfji 2, 5 5 K Q - uw 4 iff? iii , 'E' H. in S T" N Jil- K 1 251-vw 1 Igagi Ag . . 1,56--K ig. 2.1 xii . -Q55 y . .xv E I . xx . FS V gy! R A7 f l .tif L. lf-In ,"'? ff's'?" ag-no if 2 l 3 J . V Eighth- Seventh Grades 1 A , X A ft 6 I ,- J 1' - .jx ' 9.19, ,Fm ffa A1321 lr. 1 - V Y 1, W' L, W9 ,gp Cali frail ff y 111111 NriQ5 I X I elf 1 .. N: ,, 1,5 w : 7 QI X r Y' yn jdvj? t7 l X ., - Nancy Groomes, Pat Haws, Marlys Hitchings, Dick Grewell, Doris Turner, Larry McKim, Leland Gillis, Charles Sodders, Ralph Jarboe, Ronald Boyington, Jurene Kaufman, Fred Hall, Lugene Miller, Glen Gillis, Carol Meimann, Roy Black, Mary Stevenson, Dwayne Gerlach, Mr. Fatka, teacher. AA Sixth- Flffh Grades .pq ' v eq Fas ,fm fx ig. 'Q f . 'U sdlfa 7 ii 58 ,Q -QP? if -.K -i F' I 4,3 'M Q nu' gi Y. as 'a .1 Qc' ' K f ,g 11. I... A ,Rgf S y! , ri- ,.3.,-Q? 2: A AQ X -1 6 ' .. ' W' 5 ,- ' H' ,, Q ' . , f 1 F n . f :J i. ' l l if 'uf' i l""IIm"6 5' .fs 4 .'. , V i X 5 J , . ' 1 :Ha 'ff 1' 4 ru. sus an I nh. A nn' Q "z 'f'-1" Ei' 1 N u 4 rr V ?f"'u. If msgasf. 1 RQ i F'-s Mike New, Marcia Hilburn, Deanna Wicks, Clifford Picht, Billy Howe, Norman Alexander, Steven Stahlman, David Kenny, Terry Whycoff, James Wheelock, Billy Fuss, Charles Dadisman, James Sodders, Robert Hix, Mary Lock, Joann Hifchings, Virginia Fuss, Linda French, Marilyn Gillis. Not pictured: Ronald Pauley, Robert Howe. L fv- fegn f" f if Q' N Z 3-1, :riff 'Ni' -1 Linda Lande, Margaret Grewell, Jerry Wheelock, Linda Wilson, Mrs. Wendell, teacher. Janice Lock, Joan Wicks, Jimmy Meimann, Marvin Gillis. Mike Haws, Judy Huntrods, Connie Kline, Karen Kaufman, Harold Pratt. 44 Third- Fourth Grades ,Assy 13? Q Hail .,m 3 , QQ 5' Ji if-f-x 11:3 Q if . eg, Linda Wilson, Larry Donaldson, lda Mae Fuss, Linda Jarboe, Edwin Hall. Harold Boyington, .lecn Meimmn, Leif Wicks, Miriam New, Timmy Miller. Dunniel Miller, Sherianne Weuve, Sherry Mosebach, Janet Pyle, Craig Taylor. Not pictured: Geralclene Pauley, Jeannette Corbin. 45 5? A .. X wx dung 4 X Second 1,--r-'-if Firsi y ,.k. is 'to' Grades 'uv 2 rig' E5 Qu-of ,As G -ii Randall Cook, Dennis Crosby, Jacquelyn Walken, Sandy Miller- David Tudor, Timmy Reynolds, Dennis Weuve, Beverly Eddy, Steven Whycoff. Jimmy Howe, Larry Lobaugh, Johnny Sodders, Jqditlw Thompson, Donald Miller. Sandra Boyingfon, Judy Horn, Jean Horn, Kent Mericle, Lynn Miller. Not pictured: Deanna Corbin. X , Moriorie McKim, Tommy Heintz, Stephen Heintz, Stephen Wheelock, Dianne Kline. 41 a ai' ,af i C ,S A 1? -l 4-iv!-xl' AQQ 1 W Civil ...sqm 'W -di l I uw ! K SA Calista French, Bobby Kaufman, Pamela Crosby, Douglas Sfahlman. Linda Smith, Mike Crosby, Diana Smith, Louise Heinfz, Connie Lande. Bruce Heintz, Jullie French, David Miller, Janis Pyle, Steven Tudor. Linda Sutherland, Bruce Kenney, Douglas Hix, Joan Gillis, Mrs. Nelson, feccher Not pictured: Mary Barber. 48 Q LQ, Q Am, 'human- iff inn' 'ff M N Band .L , - s L Q 5 ' ' 'S-f ........- ...M ..-A V 5: f Clarinets: K. Flynn, M. Hilbum, J. McBride, H. Bofen, B. Wicks, M. New, L. Wilson. Snare Drums: S. Lyons. Cymbals: R. Schuler. Bass Drums: L. Dadisman. Bell Lyre: A. Schuler. Homs: M. Black, G. Fincham M. Anderson, D. Miller. Corners: M. McNaHon, W. Larson, L McKim, D. Kaufman, R. Weuve. Flutes: D. Crosby, B. Wise, C. Pichf. Alto Saxophone: J. Kaufman, R. Hix. Tenor Saxophone: L. Pichf. Trombones: C. Dadisman, W. Cook. Bass Hom: P. Haws. Band Instructor: Mrs. Miller. C l Q T V r 5 i V' o e 1' Judy McBride, Karen Flynn, Miriam Hilburn. Rating ll . ls, . 1 a Back Row: R. Boyington, R. Schuler, G. Hitchings, L. Dadisman, A. Schuler, W. Larson, K. Taylor, B. Turner, R. Weuve, G. Flynn, W. Cook. Middle Row: R. Kaufman, G. Klonglan, B. Wicks, H. Boten, M. Anderson, L. Picht, D. Crosby, M. Wise, P. Haws, L. McKim. Front Row: S. Lyons, S. Wilson, M. Hilburn, C. Picht, J. McBride, D. Miller, director, Mrs Miller, K. Flynn, B. Wise, N. Groomes, L. McKim, M. McNatton, G. Fincham. Rating ll Back Row: Directog Mrs. Miller, H. Boten, A. Schuler, M. Anderson, K. Taylor, L. Piclwt, B. Lock, D. Crosby. Middle Row: M. Wise, J. McBride, K. Flynn, D. Miller, B. Wicks, C. Picht, B. Wise, M. McNatton. Front Row: S. Lyons, S. Wilson, N. Groomes, G. Fincham, M. Hitchings, L. McKim, M. Hilbum, D. Tumer. Rating II Mixed Chorus Glee Club 5,1 H S 1 R. 454 'X 1 Mixed Quartet Mixed Quartet: Ronald Weuve, Lois McKim, Judy McBride, Warren Larson Cheerleaders Cheerleaders: Helen Boten, Lois McKim, Clarise Picht, Betty Wise. 56 Speech Lois Ann Picht Clarise Picht Mary Lou Wise Gerald Klonglan Clarise Piclwf Mary Lou Wise Gerald Klonglan Gerald Klonglan Gerald Klonglan PRELIMINARY CONTEST CUNIONH Humorous Humorous Dramafi c Oratori cal PRE-DISTRI CT CONTEST QU NIOND Humorous Dramafi c Orarori cal DISTRICT CCHARLES CITYT Oratorical STATE FINALS QWATERLCC7 Oratorical 57 Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating G lrls' Basketball Coach, Mr. Miller. Back Row: Manager, Mary Lou Wise, Sharon Wilson, Karen Flynn, Karen Taylor, Belly Lock, Lois Ann Pichf, Bemadine Wicks, Donna Crosby. Front Row: Judy McBride, Lois McKim, Clarise Pichf, Miriam Hilburn, Betty Wise, Marilyn Black. Shipley Napier Milford Colo Roland Zearing Mc'Burg Gi lbert Colo Roland Boone Fernald Fernald Fernald Fernald Fernald Fernald Fernald Fernald Fernald Fernald Fernald Season Record 39 Milford 60 Fernald 47 33 Gilbert 68 Fernald 34 42 Mc'Burg 58 Fernald 5l 45 Shipley 4l Fernald 32 36 Zearing 59 Fernald 56 48 COUNTY TOURNAMENT 34 Roland 60 Fernald 43 43 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 32 Mc'Burg 6C Fernald 45 44 DEDICATION GAME 33 Mc'Burg 64 Fernald 30 60 Donna Crosby Mori lyn Block Co-Cuptai n Miriam Hilburn Lois Mc'Kim Clarise Picht 61 Girls' Individual Scoring TP F.G. F.T. Black Q0 E7 12,6- 108 66 Hilbum McBride Wise lf-gl Taylor Q0 Lock Q0 McKim lg-lj Boys' Klonglan Dadisman Larson Hows Weuve Jarboe Tumer B . Merlcle Flynn Kaufman D . Merlcle Schuler Klonglan Larson Daclisman Haws .lalboe Weuve Tumer Griffith Flynn B. Mericle Cook Harmon Schuler Kaufman D. Merlcle Team Batting Average .227 F. ZZ T211- 282 I l S c o r I n A. F.T. ns 60 ll2 49 l20 65 ll0 49 98 55 'l2 4 53 23 0 0 6 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 lncllvidual Statistics AB R E5 I5 9 l3 9 ll 4 l 2 l l l 2 0 0 Boys' Basketball Front Row: Gerald Klonglan, Ronald Weuve, Kelly Haws, Warren Larson, Robert Turner, Lee Dadisman . Back Row: lManagerj Gerald Hitchings, Richard Kaufman, Galen Flynn, Bruce Mericle, Rex Schuler, Dale Mericle, Dale Jarboe, Coach Al Miller. The boys had a very successful season this year, compiling a l5 won -- fl lost record. The l5 wins are the most any team has won in the school's history, accord- ing to available records. The team finished 3rd in the North Story Conference and won Consolation Honors in the County Tournament. Fernald Napier Milford Fernald Roland Fernald Fernald Fernald Fernald Roland Fernald Milford Gilbert Fernald Shipley Fernald Fernald Colo Fernald Zearing Mc'Burg Gilbert Colo Fernald Boone CBD Fernald Fernald Mc'Burg Fernald 77 Shipley 30 Fernald 5l Zearing 40 County Tournament Fernald 35 Colo 33 Fernald 57 Milford 54 Semifinals Roland 56 Fernald 52 Consolation Fernald 47 Collins 4l Sectional Tournament Fernald 54 Jordan 39 Randall 60 Fernald 30 Dedication Game at Mc'Burg Fernald 55 Mc'Burg 4l Lee Daclisman Kelly Haws 4 sit' fg, , , gi QW fm W5 , ug Q. A 3 :Q 1 ' .rw - W. QSM. Gerald Klonglan Captain Ronald Weuve W arren Larson Junior High Girls' Basketball Back Row: Lugene, Manager, Nancy Groomes, Marlys Hitchings, Mary Stevenson, Marcia Hilburn, Mr. Miller, coach. Front Row: Deanna Wicks, Doris Turner, Jurene Kaufman, Carol Meimann. Junior High Boys' Basketball Back Row: Roy Black, Ralph Jarboe, Larry McKim, Pat Haws, Fred Hall, Mr. Miller, coach. Front Row: Glen Gillis, Dwane Gerlach, Dick Grewell, Leland Gillis, Ronald Boyington. Baseball Front Row: Rex Schuler, Gerald Klonglan, Kelly Hows, Galen Flynn, Lee Dadisman, Warren Larson, Ronald Weuve. Back Row: Dick Kaufman, Bruce Mericle, Willard Cook, Richard Harmon, Robert Turner Dale Jorboe, Dale Mericle, Norman Huntrods, Gerald Hitchings, manager, Mr. Miller coach. I Season s Scores Fall Spring Milford 24 Fernald 7 'Burg Fernald 'Burg l5 Fernald 9 Roland Fernald Roland I9 Fernald 3 Zearing Fernald Gilbert 7 Fernald 3 Milford Fernald Elkhart lO Fernald O Gilbert Fernald Zearing l3 Fernald ll Fernald Nevada 66 'O Li terafure Cooks: Mrs. Cowthon, Mrs. Greiner, Mrs. Wood. Around the School Shop . 'P ' N fy ' .. 1 ni 4. lr Our Gang Our Janitor "Ed bf s J Si 'fi A ta 1 - . vw. Y- ., wi' :again K wiv sf , A Q Q Q, 'fkr ik ? Y- J 1 SN SY 7 E X ' as 3 is 0 Y 3' R g V ,v 1 -. T 5 ,S f 0 K 'N ggi," X . is A ' Q' Q 5' , K N I 'N ' , Q A 1' 3 W ,yi lf. an -.-W... "'f it Sxxk 33, P fi .r .., s- Xi x Q, .. Q57 .AQ if F X wi -- E , -Pr' ikawmliv in in - 3 JET- f ' . iwyl-sk. U1 2 f4ws's:.,, , X - ,Q-21+ ' ' Nr ' S E 'z 5 . S73 4 5 Q1 nf' 2 5. 1, ' 1 N ' Q 714 5 in K W :vi Vg- if 1 Q. ,B H M- ff- 'I 'X 4: 'xv ffh: Q., ' as -. rf A Wh WV? f 'X M RY , ,, wr 1 3 mag? ,ww .ff , ' Q A R . x , 'ww' ?Sff'.f "' -ribs' ' , .5 i A ff' X ' I 's ' ' fx : I ff H Q ' Dx -' hg k f - lg na - :Agn . l ,J-1 A- A ' - ' 'Hr' Q iw Q5 1' "5 m S .ai 3 MX 'w 4 X as 1 B O O S T E R S LEM'S BODY SHOP SOPER 8. NELSON fLawyersI HITCHING POST DENNIS SHEY IDentisfI NEVADA EVENING JOURNAL RAY McDANIELS II-as. Agentb DR. E. L. LAUGHLIN - D. D. S. DR. M. C. FRAZIER fDenfistI BENSON FOOD CENTER AND DRIVE INN S. W. ARTHUR CDentistI HIGH WAY CAFE GAMBLES STORE LITTLE DRESS SHOP DR. BUBOIS - D. O. DR. HALE IDenrisrI DR. JOHNSON - M. D. N EVADA NEVADA NEVADA, NEVADA, N EVADA NEVADA, N EVADA N EVADA N EVADA, N EVADA NEVADA N EVADA, N EVADA McCALLSBURG, NEVADA, NEVADA IOWA IOWA IOWA IO WA IOWA IOWA IOWA IO WA IOWA IO WA IOWA IO WA IOWA IOWA IOWA IOWA .I. F. ANDERSON LUMBER CO. Jim A. Olinger, Mgr. "Where the Home Begins" COLO WELDING SHOP 8. COLO BEAUTY SHOP Charles 8. Hazel Linsfrom Phone 26 Nevada Iowa CoIo Iowa Film-Coated Seed Com LYLE'S Single and Doublecross CLOTHING 8. SHOES Hybrids to FII' Every Fann Qualify Merchandise CROW'S HYBRID CORN CO. for of Men md Boys b Nevada, Iowa O. W. BIERMA FAINS CAFE Good Coffee - Good Food Home Cooked Meals I'Iomemade Pies 8. Pasiries Roland Iowa Insurance Agency ICompIefe Insurance Service, sm. Bunk a. Trust co. slag. Nevada, Iowa Office Ph. 775 Res. Ph. 823 NEVADA CANDY KITCHEN O. K. RUBBER WELDERS All Kinds of Tire Repairs hfreshmenis Tractor Tire Recapping Candies - Novelties ' Phone 48 Nevada Iowa Phone 473 Nevada Iowa I C. E. Shelley, hhmager NEVADA INDEPENDENT OIL CO. 'Congratulations' to the Class of 1954 Nevada, Iowa Phone 325 CARL E. STONE Nbbilgas Mobiloil Phone 601 Come h md See Us. Nevada Iowa IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT 8. POWER COMPANY Phone 255 Nevada Iowa NEVADA FLORAL COMPANY "Wien You Say It With Flowers' Say It With Ours. " Phone 7 Nevada Iowa DIXON FUNERAL HOME Air andfor Ambulmce Service STOOKEY'S MOTOR SERVICE Specializing in Brake Service 8. Automotive Repairs Phone 167 Nevada Iowa Phone 58 Nevada Iowa I 'cmgmwlanms' MERT coovek Class of 1954 Chevrolet Sales 8- Service Oldsmobile VAUGHNS Iowa's Fairest Deal Phone 665 Rolmd Iowa Nevada Iowa DR. W. B. SPEROW Phone 35 or 90 Nevada Iowa KINGSBURY RADIO SERVICE Stewart Wamer 8. Sylvania Television Sales md Service 625 Fourth St. Phone 597 Nevada, Iowa DR. D. W. HARKNESS McCALLSBURG COOPERATIVE CO. OPTOMETRIST Lumber, Grain, Coal, Tile, Visual Examination Posts, Mill Feed, Phone 417 iOver Nevada National Bcnkl Salt, Twine 8- Cement Nevada Iowa McCalIsburg Iowa THE REUBEN H. DONNELLEY W. E. "BlLL" POST CORPORATION Plumbing 8. Heating Direct l220 East Lincolnway Mailing Service Nevada, Iowa Nevada Iowa Phone 424 NEVADA BRICK 8- TILE CO. Brick, Drain Tile, Building Tile Phone 793 Nevada DICK'S RADIATOR 8. AUTO SERVICE l005 - Ist. St. Nevada, Iowa C. R. McConnell Phone 324 1 BRUCE Radio Station BODY 8: FRAME SHOP K A S I 1430 on Your Dial Phone 760 Nevada Iowa News Mn.sIc Sports THOMPSON DRUG RAY'S BODY 8. PAINT SHOP The Rexall Store 'Quality Work at a Reasonile Price. " Phone 174 Phone 1305 Nevada Iowa Ames Iowa FARREN IMPLEMENT CO. C. F. WILSON "That hsurmce Mm " Implements md Repairs All Kinds of lnsurmce Sargent Feeds 8. Real Btate Phone 136 Phone 88-332 Colo Iowa Nevada Iowa DEOLA Ml LLI NG COMPANY ANDREW OIL COMPANY B. S. Dickey, Owner Conoco Product Salt, Feed, 8. Seeds Tmk Wagon Service Hulling, Grinding, Mixing I Phone No. I Phone 566 Nevada Iowa I Nevada Iowa NEVADA LOCKER Complete Meat Servioe For Locker or Home Unit Beef Halves md Quarters VARSITY CLEANERS "Dry Cleming Doesn't Cost, lt Pays. " Locker Rentals Phone I3 Phone 226 Nevada, Iowa Nevada Iowa K. L. KUHN G. C. SMALLDRIDGE MOTOR SALES Sales -- Ford -- Service Natural Health Methods Comer of 7th and Lincolnway Phone 225 Zearing Iowa Nevada Iowa H. G. AMBROSE STEWARD CIGAR AND SPORTING GOODS STORE Men's, Women 's md Children's lbady - to - Wear H24 Sixth Street Phone 688 Phone 74 Nevada Iowa Nevada Iowa WHITE JEWELRY PRUTER'S SHOE STORE "whim Treats You Right" Dependable Footwear Alr Steps, lbbbels, md Buster liowns Phone 70 Phone 29 Nevada Iowa Nevada Iowa D. H. INGHAM, UPHOLSTERY Colo Iowa Phone 150 "Where Good Fumihare is Built Better." THE H. M. VINSEL AGENCY Real Estate 8- Insurance Office Phone I9 Res. Phone 370 Nevada , Iowa HACKETT GROCERY Quality Groceries LYI.E'S CLOTHING AND SHOES Quality Merchmdise Meats - Lunches for Men and Boys FemaId Iowa DR. C. R. PARISH FAINS CAFE Good Coffee Good Food Phone 150 Home Cooked Meals Homemade Pies 8- Pastries Nevada Iowa Roland Iowa TRI-COUNTY STATE BANK Zearing Iowa Office at Garden City, Iowa Complete Banking Facilities lnsurcnce of All Kinds Phone 27 Nbmber F. D. I. C. ' NEVADA CANDY KITCHEN Refreshments Candies -- Novelties Phone 473 Nevada Iowa BURNETT ELECTRIC WIrIng 8- hstallation Day or Night Phone 599 HUNTER OIL CO. Nevada Igwq "Mare Gas For Your Cash" I 5th East Lincolnway 602-7Ih St. Nevada, Iowa Phone 199 J. R. DILLIN HARDWARE BRUCE Phone 85 Nevada, Iowa BODY 8. FRAME SHOP Your Headquarlers For Qaality Hardware, Appliances Plumbing and. I'batIng Phone 760 "Everything For the Home Nevada Iowa md Fam. " MATHISON MOTOR COMPANY Sales - Ford - Servlce You Know Us We Know Your Ford Phone I60 Nevada, Iowa BAUM'S BEAUTY 8. BARBER SHOP Satisfaction Gauranteed V55 Specialize In Cold Waving Phone I59 H31 6th Nevada, Iowa WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE CHRISTENSEN APPLIANCE STORE Wayne Oliver Owner Phone I2 Phone 350 Nevada Iowa I 226 Main Ames, Iowa I THE FARMERS GRAIN CO. A Good Plaoe to Eat Where Hiends Nbet COLO CABIN CAMP Colo Iowa Modem Cabins Grain-Coal-Feed-Seed Colo Lumber-Builders' Hardware Junction U. S. 65 8. 30 Grain Phone Lumber Yard Phone Standard Service Station 2303 2302 24 Hour Service SteIla's HALLS AND SILLS EL RANCHO Deep Rock Products Cafe Ethyl Gas - Super Gas Dinners md Short Orders Grease Jobs - Car Washing Phone 260 Phone 50 Nevada lowa Nevada Iowa VALLINE WELDING SEIVICE B. M. Valline, Proprietor Electric md Aoetylene Welding General Blacksmithing Home 490 Shop 190 Ames i JOHN BERRETTE "4 X 4" Feeds Phone 1618 CHARLES CH1T1Y R. R. 3 Shells Com Phone 11F21 Nevada Service That 'Shells' GLEN NEWTON LUMBER COMPANY BALDUS HATCHERY Quality Chicks Purina Feeds Philco Radios md Television Lumber -- Coal Admiral Radios and Television Pain? -- Fence Bendix Appliances Nevada, lowa Phone 97 Phone 50 Phone 550 Nevada lowa McGRATH'S lniemational FURNITURE STORE Harvester ' "The Fumiture Stone With the Brands You Known WICKHAM AND GAUNT FURNITURE md Phone 170 FLOOR COVERINGS Zearmg lowa Phone 63 Nevada lowa NEVADA NAT' L. BANK Looks to Femald As One of Our Best Communities. We Wish You Another Successful Year JOHNSON'S HARDWARE Paint - Wallpaper - Applicmces md Bottle - Gas Service Phone 14 Zearing Iowa A GERLACH SUPPLY COMPANY srsves "ee" senvlcs Feeds -- Seeds "Stretch Your Mileage " Fertilizers with Phillips '-66" Batteries, Tires 81 Accessories Phone 191 East Lincolnway Baling Supplies Semi-Solid Buttermilk Hog Feeders md Waterers Phone 414 Nevada, lowa Nevada Iowa For Everything in Music 8- Photography Come to ESCHBACH MUSIC HOUSE Ames Expert Repair Service on Radio 81 Television Musical Instruments SCUDDER'S Sinclair -- Scudder, lnc. Your Department Store Nevada Iowa Congratulations I FEDERAL NORTH IOWA GRAIN COMPANY Femalcl Iowa ROBERT D. INGALLS l'bg Buyer Phone 727 Nevada , Iowa "Always at Your Service" STATE BANK 8. TRUST CO. Nevada , Iowa BOOK IMPLEMENT M-M and New Hollmd Machinery Colo Office Sales md Service mel McCallsburg Office Telephone 300 Phone 47 Nevada, Iowa 1 NEVADA SEED CO. Nevada, lowa "Service 'llrat Sells' Vlbsf Llncolnway Phone l32 ,fy 3 Z ,iw ' S To 5 'fi ' A fl Q H WW EEFHH

Suggestions in the Fernald High School - Echo Yearbook (Fernald, IA) collection:

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1954, pg 43

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