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'YYIJZM Q. f-lilo xg mum Huw mum O Declicalion We the Senior Class of 1952 wish to dedicate this annual to our loving parents. It is because of their efforts and understanding that we have been permitted to complete our high school educa- tion. During our school days they have been a guiding influence which we shall never forget. They have shared our disappointments as well as our happier moments and have continually been associated with our school activities. It is with a deep sense of pride that we dedicate our annual to our parents. 2 I'll'1UCll all 55 liditm'-iii-cliic-f .. .Xssistunt limlitnr .. Business 1Xl2lll1lgCI' ........ ,'XSSlSt1lI1't Business Nlzumger .. .-Xctix'iticf:. lfclitur ...... .'XSSlSf2ll1l ,Nctivitics lirlitur .. 4iii'ls'9p1n'ts lfclitwr . .. Buys' Spurls lialitur . lli-3ti1.C lflitur ......... ixwsx-1:1r1t ,l'1ctnrc lzmlitur Senior Class Rcpnrtvr .. blnniwr Class Rcpmtm' . . . .. 5H1,lNfY11Ul'C Class llcpurtcr , F1-usliiucii 'flaw Kc-porter 3 Bula Wise . . Mary Anne Larson .... . . Charles Chitty lhbllllll Rue Ihiiielsuii Nlxiry .leannc Kaufinan ... .. .. Nlilffllll XX'z1tt . ,lo Ann Nelson . Allen .Xnclvrsmi .. 'lilK'llll2l Smith ... . .. Mary XX':1tt .. Katherine 'linrncr .... lilziine Crnshy Gerzllcl Klunglzln' . Ardis SCl1Lll6l' Y 4 , , A, ..,..,.-.- -wt, 1-T.- DON C. BEGG Superintendent Science and lllathemutics lndustrinl Arts Bachelor ol' Arts YVestn1ur College L6lu2ll'S Iowa Master of Arts Colorado State College of Education Greeley, Colorzulo MRS. RUSSELL CHITTY Home Economics, Art, 8: English Bachelor of Science Iowa State College Ames, Iowa Grzulnzitc Work llrzik-c Unversitiy Des Moines, Iowa MR. A. L. MILLER Couch. Social Stuclics Pliysiczll E lucution IIA rhclor of Fcibnf e Curthzigc, Illinois Grucluaitc XVorli XVl'Stl'I'll Stnlc 'I'c:1cl1crs Collcgc Macomb, Illinois 5,3 QR . if asf ? H ff". Ig - "f 'lii... . , , ' x ' vs.. , MRS. A. L. MILLER Instrumcutul and Vocal Music English I-Iuchclor of Arts Carthugc Collcgc CIIFIIIZIQC, Illinois Grzuluutc Work .luilliurcl School of Music New York Nuuvoo, Illinois Board of ucolion A aawf4UNS'wnmveff w ' 1.431 ie1I'1g'l1fZ llmvzml lllllmurn, lvcr hawk, I. UI. Alfxiltllfll. lmlyn XX ll in l.c-'tm' Kltxllllllllll, I,lm'ml lJlllllS1N2lIi, 111111 Hr. licqq. OFFICERS vzml lf. Hillmrn, Pros.: I, DI. KlcN11t1rm, Sec 1 Hrs. Ray Chitty. Trans 6 1 ALLEN ANDERSON November 14, 1933 SOLO 1, 2. 3, 4 MIXED CHORUS 3. 4 BASKETBALL 1. 2, 3, 4 BQY5 QUARTET 1. 2, 3, 4 STUDENT COUNCIL 4 MIXED QUARTET 4 CLASS PLAYS 3. 4 BASEBALL 1, 2, 3, 4 CLASS OFFICER 4 ANNUAL STAFF 2. 4 MARY JEAN KAUF MAN August 14, 1934 MIXED CHORUS 4 GLEE CLUB 1. 2 BAND 1, 2, 3. 4 BASKETBALL 1. 2, 3, 4 CHEERLEADER 4 CLASS PLAYS 3.4 CLASS OFFICER 1, 2 ANNUAL STAFF 3. 4 STUDENT COUNCIL 2, 3, 4 J 0 ANN NELSON November 21, 1933 MIXED CHORUS 4 BASKETBALL 1, 2. 3. 4 CLASS OFFICER 4 GLEE CLUB 1, 2 CLASS PLAYS 3. 4 ANNUAL STAFF 1, 4 KATHERINE TURNER June 16, 1934 MIXED CHORUS 4 CLASS OFFICER 3 BASKETBALL MANAGER 1 2 3 CLASS PLAYS 3. 4 SPEECH 1, 2. 3, 4 ANNUAL STAFF 4 CHARLES CHITTY August 19, 1934 BASEBALL 1. 2, 3, 4 CLASS PLAY 3, 4 ANNUAL STAFF 3, 4 BASKETBALL 1, 2, 3. 4 CLASS OFFICER 4 MARY ANNE LARSON May 30, 1934 MIXED CHORUS 4 GLEE CLUB 1, 2 BAND 1, 2. 3, 4 BASKETBALL 1, 2. 3, 4 CHEERLEADER 1, 4 CLASS PLAY 3, 4 CLASS OFFICER 2. 3 ANNUAL STAFF 4 STUDENT COUNCIL 4 THELMA SMITH July 19, 1934 BASKETBALL 1 CHEERLEADER 2. 3 ANNUAL STAFF 3, 4 CLASS OFFICER 1. 2. 3 CLASS PLAY 3. 4 STUDENT COUNCIL 4 MARTHA WATT .I unc 9, 1933 CLASS PLAYS 3. 4 ANNUAL STAFF 4 BASKETBALL 4 9 Ti MARY WATT June 9, 1933 GLEE CLUB 3 CLASS PLAY 3. 4 MIXED CHORUS 3 ANNUAL STAFF 4 BOB WISE April 15, 1934 BASKETBALL 1, 2, 3. MIXED CHORUS 3, 4 BAND 1. 2, 3. 4 CHEERLEADER 1 CLASS PLAY 3. 4 ANNUAL STAFF 1. 2. BRASS SEXTET 4 BASEBALL 1, 2, 3, 4 Bovs QUARTET 3, 4 SPEECH 1, 2, 3, 4 STUDENT COUNCIL 3 CLASS OFFICER 1 SOLO 4 CLASS OFFICERS President ......................... Allen Anderson Vice-president .... . Charles Chltty Sec-Treas ..... .................. J o Ann Nelson CLASS MOTTO It is not the galeg but the set of the sail that determines the way we go CLASS COLORS Wine and Yellow CLASS FLOWER Yellow Rose 10 l e , Baccalaureate Processional . .. .................... .. Mrs. Miller Invocation ............. .... I Jr. Swihart Solo-"Into The Night" . Gay I-Iuhn Introduction of Speaker .... ......... N lr. Begg Address ................... .. Reverend Ransom Solo--"Tl1e I.ord's Prayer" . .. . .. Allen' Anderson Benediction .............. .. Dr. Swihart Recessional .... Mrs. Miller COl'TllTleI'lC8l'Tlenl Processional ............. Mrs. Miller Invocation ..................,.... I-Iev. A. T. Washington Solo-"You'll Never XYalk Alone" .. ....... Dean Handsaker Introduction of Speaker .................. ..... . .Mr. Begg .-Xciclressv-J'XYliere Do Xlfe Co From Here" . . . .. -lack Shelley Music-"God So Loved The XYorld" ..... .. Mixed Chorus Introduction of Salutatorian ........ ......... IN lr. Begg Speech of Acceptance hy Salutatorian .... . . . Mary Anne Larson Introduction of Valedictorian ........ ...... . .Mr. Begg Speech of Acceptance hy Valedictorian .. .... Thelma Smith Presentation of Class ................ ............. M r. Begg Presentation of Diplomas .. .... Mr. Howard Hilhurn Class Song ............ ........... N lixed Chorus Benediction . . . . .. Rev. A. T. XYashington Recessional ........... Mrs. Miller 11 OW CIVIC! TLCFI Scuiurs: ilu-ft tu rightl Chzarlvs Chitty, Hub XX'isa-, .Xllcn .XllflCl'Sllll, .xlllf Nclsuu, Nlzlry .Xnnc l.1lI'ii1lll, Xlllff' .Iam IiIl1lflI1.1l1, Xlilfy Xxriltt, Nlur XX':1tt, 'I11lClIll1l Smith, lizathcriml 'lilll'l1Cl', :xml XIV, llvgg. e.. J Y ff, X 5 Q A A .av 5 12 Class llisfory On a bright sunny morning in September 1939, twen'ty little cherubs happy but frightened entered the big brick schoolhouse for our first year of formal education. They were: Allen Anderson, Charles Chitty, Bobby Crosser, john Philip Dan'ielson, Robert Peterson, Robert VVise, Beverly French. Norma johnson, Mary Jean Kaufman, Dorothy Mae Meekin's, Mari- lyn McNatton', jo Ann Nelson, Thelma Smith, Mary Anne Larson, Katherine Turner, Florence 'Watt, Mfary VVatt, Martha VVatt, Erma VVood, and Peggy Cross. Miss Ersland was our first teacher and she gave us a good start. It was the 18th primary class she had taught here and unfortunately we were the last. The next year when we returned a new teacher, Miss De Vries awaited us at the door. There were only lo of us now as Dorothy Mae Meekins, Peggy Cross an'd Erma XVood moved and Florence lVatt flunked. During the year Dixie Lee Lunsdale moved in and then out again' the same year and Mary and Martha Viiatt also moved. The first semester of our 2nd grade teacher was Miss Peterson and then Mrs. Sorenson taught us the second semester when Miss Peterson left to get married. This year we inherited Alice Gluck from the grade ahead of us and Raymond See moved in. john Philip Danielson and Beverly French left us for greener pastures. Due to the death of Mrs. Sorenson's husband, Mrs. Santee, the former Miss Peterson, who taught the first semester of second grade, returned to teach us in' third grade. During the year XVilliam I-laastedt moved in and Viola Borton decided she wanted to try this grade over again. Wyola Hagen joined us for a time during fourth grade and Miss Marken was our teacher. Our new fifth grade teacher was Mrs. Caskey. Bobby Crosser left us for Cambridge and Florine Borton and Marvel Huff joined our little group which now numbered fourteen. Mrs. Caskey returned for our sixth grade year and the only changes in our gr.ade this year were the addition of Frances Breezley and the sub- traction of Marilyn McNatton who dropped out because of illness. The following year we moved across the hall where Mrs. Talbott was awaiting our arrival. That year Florine Borton left our presence in favor of Milford and there were eleven of us to continue on to the eighth grade. Mrs. Talbott was able to stand us one more year, so she continued on as our teacher. Marvel Huff moved away that year, leaving ten of us to grad- uate from the eighth grade. They were: Allen Anderson Frances Breezley, Charles Chitty, Norma johnson, Mary jean Kaufman, Mary Anne Larson, .Io Ann Nelson, Thelma Smith. Katherie Turner, and Bob VVise. During the summer, Frances Breezley moved. leaving only nine of us to enter High School as Green Freshmen. Bobby Hall and Duane Meyer both joined us an'd dropped out during this year. Bill VVright also joined us along with his father who was our new superintendent. Our other teach- ers were Mrs. Stith and Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis. Ten of us advanced on to the Sophomore class where we enjoyed initia- ting the green freshmen. In the spring joe XYright, our superintendent left us and took his son Bill from our class, leaving only nine of us. Mr. Tyler and Mr'.Hahn finished out the year as superintendent. Mr. and Mrs. McGin- nis were still here an'd Mrs. Hansen replaced Mrs. Stith. There were nine of us left to carry on the ,lunior activities. VVe were joined in mid-year liy Mary and Martha VVatt who returned to our class after ten' years absence increasing our number to eleven. XVe had all new teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Forbes, Mrs. Chitty, and Mr. Martin. The highlight of the year was plannig and giving the Junior-Senior Banquet. Norma Johnson moved to Nevada at the end of the year but finished out the ear in F i ' y 13 ii Class l-lisfory, continued There were ten of us who started the final stretch of our education in the Senior year. Our new teachers were Mr. Begg and Mr. and Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Chitty returned. Of course the most important event of' the year was when we received our diplomas. All ten' of us who graduated had start' ed school together. They were: Allen Anderson, Charles Chitty, Mary jean Kaufman, Mary Anne Larson, ,lo Ann Nelson, 'l'helm.a Smith, Katherine Tur- ner, Bob VVise, Mary and Martha VVatt. Although we have had some tough spots we have also had may happy moments and it will be with mixed emo- tions that we lxave good old F.H.S. ClClSS lDl'OPl"leCy After lt! long years of being President of Fernald University, Mr. and Begg decided it was time for a well deserved vacation. Loading their twelve kids into their five passenger 1949 Ford they set off on the first leg of their journey which was to take them throughout the universe. As they traveled toward New York the trip was quite uneventful until Mrs. Begg suddenly demanded that Mr. Begg turn the car around immediately. She believed she had seen' a face she recognized. Sure enough, smiling down from a big billboard, with her now famous Pepsodent smile of beauty, was JoAnn Nelson, a Fernald alumnus. As they continued on their journey they saw joAnn's face reappear several times. After arriving in the big city Mrs. Begg decided she would like a few new dresses before visiting the planets. They were directed to "Madam Mabelle's" for the latest in universal designs. Upon entering the store they were astonished to be confronted by the manager who was none other than Mabelle Chitty, the former home economics teacher back at F.H.S. After a lengthy visit Mabelle told them that Mr. an'd Mrs. Miller were also in New York conducting the Miller Conservatory of Music. After leaving Mabelle's little fashion shop they went to see the Millers at the music school. Upon' entering the office they were greeted by a distinguished gentleman whom they recognized as Mr. Miller. the former coach at Fernald. He was very glad to see Mr. and Mrs. Begg and their twelve children, and he quickly called Mrs. Miller who was teaching a voice student. After telling the Mil- lers about the plans to take a trip throughout the universe Mr. and Mrs. Begg decided that it was time to leave for the airport. Upon arrival at the Idlewild Airport, headquarters for the Trans-Planet Rocketways, the purchased fourteen tickets and were ready to leave. As they ascended the stair' to the Rocketship they heard a familiar little giggle and looking up discovered Mary glean Kaufman who was the stewardess. She told them that she had been with the Rocl-:etways since they were founded in 1965. She helped them slip on their space suits and they were ready to take off for the first planet, Mercury. There was a sudden jolt an'd they were off, gliding through space. As they passed the moon Mr. an'd Mrs. Begg remininisced about their old courting days when they had spent many hours studying tha' hall the features of the moon. Now they could see a real close-up of the earth's satellite. As they landed on Mercury they were happy to get to stretch their legs and look around. A big limousine from the travel agency took them for a trip across the planet. They stopped at a big agricultural university an'd they were greeted by the head of the Agricultural Department, who was none other than Charles Chitty. Chuck told them about accepting the posi- tion' at the University of Mercury after he graduated from Iowa State C01- 14 l , Class Prophecy, continued lege. He was teaching the most up--to-date methods of farming with horses and hand-plows as they were not as modern as on Earth. It was time to leave so they bade farewell to Chuck and took off again in the Rocket plane. Their next stop was on the planet Venus. A guide was showin'g them around a modern Venus city ad they stopped at a fashion'able modeling agency where they saw JoAnn Nelson. She had become the highest paid model in the agency because of her famous smile and f-lashing figure. They had a nice talk with JoAnn, of course, was entermingled very often with JoAnn's friend- ly little giggle. Decidig it was time to leave they said good-by to j'oAn'n and continued on their journey. 'Their next stop was Mars, where they saw a royal pageant in progress. The parade was beautiful and the new queen's attendants were royally attir- ed. A murmur spread through the crowd as the newly crowned queen came into view and proved to be n'one other than Thelma Smith. After Thelma talked to them for awhile she had to give a speech to her new subjects so the Begg family decided they would be on their way. Thelma provided them with a royal escort back to their waiting rocket ship, where they took off for the planet jupiter. After arriving on Jupiter, Mr. and Mrs. Begg, being lovers of music, decded to attend an opera. After purchasing their tickets to the opera house, they took their seats and sat back to enjoy the music. lVhen the male star of the show appeared they seemed to recognize the rich, mellowy voice, how- ever, because of the make-up they could not tell who the singer was Look- ing on their program they were surprised to learn that it was Allen Ander- son. Allen had received his preliminary music training back at old F.H.S. and since has been' with the juperpolitan Opera Company. After the opera was over they went back-stage and had a nice chat with Allen'. Then after look- ing over the planet jupiter in Allen's private plane they decided they must be on' their way. The next stop was the planet Saturn. As the big space ship approached the planet there was a sudden crash and t-he big ship lurched uneertainly in space. It had struck one of the rings surrounding Saturn'. The pilot very skillfully landed the ship where a mechanics crew rushed out to patch up the battered ship. Heading the crew, with a wrench in' one hand and an oil can in the other was Mary Anne Larson. Mary An'ne took time out from her duties to talk with the Beggs. She told them that while taking a Home Economics Journalism course she had become interested in mechan- ics and decided to make that her profession. She had been employed by the air lines for some time. After the space ship was repaired they took off for the planet Neptune. This time the pilot was more careful when' he came to the rings surrounding the planet and they wer'e off without mishap. As they arrived on the planet Neptune they noticed that it was less civilized than the other plan'ets. It was the Arkansas of the Universe. Very intrigued by the backward nature of the surroun'dings they decided to explore the planet a little more. While traveling in a very backward section they discovered a little shack perched on the hillside. Upon further investigation they saw a family of sixteen living in the shack. They decided they would like to learn more about the farm life on' Neptune so they went up to the little house. Much to their surprise they were greeted by Martha Watt. She was glad to see her former superintendent. She told Mr. and Mrs. Begg that she had married an Iowa farmer and they had obtained a homestead on Neptune. In the process they had raised fourteen' kids. Martha invited theBeggs in for supper but they declined because the space ship was due to leave in a few minutes. They hurried back to the space port and were on their way. 15 ii Class Prophecy, continued The n'ext stop was Uranus and upon arriving they set out for their cus- tomary visit of the planet. Since it was Sunday they stopped in a little country church. Much to their surprise they noticed that the lady leading the singing was Mary XYatt. After the service they had a nice talk with Mary. She told them that she had been sent to Hulacadula, Uranus as a missionary. She was enjoying her work very much and the Begg family were glad to see that she was happily situated. After leaving Mary they set off for the next planet Pluto. After arriving in Iluto they were cruising around a modern' city taking in the sites when they heard a familiar voice coming over the car radio. They recognized the voice as that of Bob XYise, another F.ll.S. graduate. Ile was broadcasting the baseball game between the Pluto Pirates and the New York Yankees in the newly organized Universal League. Mr. and Mrs. Begg and the family decided they would like to see a ball game so they went out to the park. After seeing the Pluto Pirates trounce the Yankees they went up to the broadcasting booth to see Bob. Uf course he was happy to see them and talked with them for some time. After taking a r'adio major in college he had been employed by U.B.S., the Universal Broadcasting Sys- tem. Bob told them that Katherine Turner was the owner of the Pluto Pirates and he took them to the presid'ent's office to see Katherine. She too was happy to see her former teacher and the four of them had a lengthy talk reminiscing about the good old days at F.H.S. Katherine told them that she had mar'ried a baseball player and then had purchased the Pluto Pirates. Her husband was now managing the team. .Xfter staying for a few more ball games they discovered that the summer was almost gone and it was time they were getting back to Fernald for the new school year. So packing their twelve kids into the Rocket ship for the final lap of their trip, they were homeward bound, happy to have seen the entire graduating class of 1952. J W Class of XYe, the Senior class of nineteen hundred fifty two, being of sound mind, although this has sometimes been questioned, do declare this our last will and testament. NYG: hereby will our valuable possessions as follows: Allen's singing ability to .Ray Couser. The Senior girls' tardiness to the iinderclassmen. Bob's Nevada dates to Dean--He'll need someone else next year! .lo Anus giggles to Evelyn. Katie's boyfriends to Donna Rae T'helma's friendly attitude towards everyone to janet McBride. Martha's rough and tough attitude to Elaine. The Senior' all-night parties to next year's Seniors! I-et's hope they can stand them!! Mary Nlean's ability to go steady to Helen VVheelock! Bob's ability to talk his way out of trouble to the Freshmen boys. The Seniors' ability to get along with the teachers to all the under- classmen. Chucks height to Sally Lyons. Katie's tall boyfriend to Marilyn Black. Mary Anne's interest in the Air Force to Kathryn Kendall. The Senior's ability to get along to the juniors. The Seniors' Annual parties to next years Seniors. Have as much fun as we did. 16 Class Will, coniinuecl Katherine and Mary .lean's ability to light the gas stove to M.rs. Chitty. Don't blow yourself up. ,lo txI1ll'S post forward position to Ardis Schuler. Katie's initiative to work to johnny lYheelock. Mary jean and Mary Ann'e's front forward positions to Kay and janet. Jo Ann"s short curly hair to .Indy Clark. Mary .lean's wittiness to Marilyn Griffith. 'lo Ann"s dirty saddle shoes to Dona Rae. The XYatt twins quarreling to the lluhn twins. Thelma's Saturday night dates to Florence. Make good use of them. Mary and Martha will all their excess weight to Lois Ann and Lucy Kendall. Marv Anne and Mary .leans friendship to the Sophomore girls. Thelma's ability to give 'l'oni's to Janis MeKim. Chuek's shyness toward girls to David. He needs it!! The Senior boys butch haircuts to the Freshmen boys. Bobs pitching ability to Gerald Hitehings. The Seniors Literature books to anyone who wants to further their "Education" XVe will all our messy plates to the cooks. Mary jean's misfortunes in basketball to the opposing teams-if anyone has to have them. Allen's pretty shirts to Larry Miller. Martha's tomboyish ways to Ardis Schuler. Marys reforming ways to Gay. Allen's position on the basketball team to Gerald Klonglan. Let's hope you can fill it as well as he did. Mary Ann'e's vacations to Gladys. Chucks bright remarks to Charles Turner. Katherine's quiet ways to Mary Jean Anderson. Martha's lack of lipstick to Kay. Mary's back seat driving to Phyllis. Allen's good looks to Kelly Haws. As if he needs it. Bob's position as lst Cornet to Marilyn McNatton. Katie's Sl1Ol'tl1'CSS to Barbara Cawthon so everyone won't have to look up to her. Bob's ability to get the ear' to Mike so he can start going with girls. Bob's dimples to Dale. Bob's build to Lee. The Seniors will their exvess demerits to Mr. Begg so he can distribute them next year. Mary Annes Fernald boyfriends to Mary Lou. 17 -- -a.v--'--- Senior Best singer ........... Most athletic boy Most athletic girl Smartest girls ..... . Smartest boy ...... Most friendly girl M-ost friendly boy .. XVittiest boy ...... XfVittiest girl ..... Laziest person .. Most ambitious ..... Best dressed girl .... Best dressed boy .... Biggest dimples Biggest smile .... Biggest bluffer .. Biggest tomboy Muscle-man ..... Youngest ...... Oldest ........ Class Clown ..... Most Bashful ..... Peppiest ............ Most handsome boy .. Cutest girl .......... Best leader ....... Biggest gripers .. Married first ...... Prettiest hair ........ Biggest flirt tboyj Biggest flirt tgirll .. Travels most ...... Biggest feet . . . Smallest feet .... Biggest hands ........ Smallest hands ......... Most likely to succeed . Cioss Wi'lO,S WLC . ....... ....... ..... A l len .Anderson ..Bob XYise jo Ann Nelson Thelma Smith and Mary Anne Larson Bob W'ise ... . .Thelma Smith .. . . . Allen Anderson Chuck Chitty Mary .lean Kaufman .. . . . . . Chuck Chitty .. .. . Katherine Turner . . Mary jean Kaufman . . . . . Allen Anderson Bob Wise . . .. Bob XVise .. . . . . Bob Wise . . . . Martha VVatt . . Allen Anderson . . Charles Chitty . . .. Mary Watt ,... . .. Chuck Chitty ........ . Chuck Chitty . Mary -lean Kaufman .. . . . . . Allen Anderson .. . . . . .. Thelma Smith Bob XVise Mary and Martha XVatt . . . .. Katherine Turner . . . . Thelma Smith Bob XfVise . . . . . . ,lo Ann Nelson . . . Mary An'ne Larson .. . . . . . Chuck Chitty .. . Katherine Turner . . . . . . . . Charles Chitty . . . Mary Anne Larson . NONEOFUSH!!! Wil! .JL Picture ay On the rainy morning of October 17, 1951 the Senior Class an'd Mr. and M'rs. Begg journeyed to VVaterloo where we had our pictures taken at the National Studios. Upon arriving we were introduced to the photographer and after being shown' to our dressing rooms, proceeded to do our last minute primping. After meeting everyone's approval, Mr. Begg was chosen as the first victim. The boys followed next in line and after final inspection in front of the mirror the girls took their turn in front of the camera. After completing arrangements for several tours we went to Bishops Cafeteria where we ate our lunch. After our hunger was satisfied we wen't to the john Deere plant. After several unsuccessful attempts at parking we finally found a certain place that met the approval of a policeman. lX'e then went into the factory where wc were introduced to our guides. liach of us received a pair of heavy steel ,rimmed glasses. lYe the started on our trip through the factory Where we were shown how they molded iron. the completed parts, the assembly line, the paint department and the final testing rooms. XVhen we retu1'ned to the mai office we thaked our guides for their time and interesting explan- ation and started on the next lap of our tour. At this time we went to the KXEI. Radio Station. XYe visited the news room, the record shop, and the broadcasting rooms. XYe also saw the tele- type machines in action an'd were shown through the different offices. After leaving the radio station we drove around XVaterloo and then went to the Steak House where we were served a delicious chicken dinner, the compliments of the National Studio. To complete the evening, 21 very full and somewhat tired group wen-t to the show "A Place in the Sun." After a very enjoyable day we started home. Day Monday, May 12, we Seniors Went to Des Moines for our Skip Day. Upon' arriving in Des Moines the day began with a trip through the City Police Station and the jail. Une of the most interesting things we saw was a trial presided over by Municipal Court .lndge Grund. Dinner came next and we had a picnic at Grandview Park where we completely demolished our supply of food. Deciding we needed some exer- cise, we drove the cars to the Driving Range where we tried our hand at golf. By this time we were pretty well worn out so we proceeded to find something more restful. NVQ took a "refreshing" cruise through the city slums, then returning to the RKO Orpheum Theater, we saw a double feature "My Six Convicrts' and "Whirlwind.' After considerable debate on how to get to Riverview Park, we finally reached our destination. lVhile we were there we had several thrilling rides on the roller-coaster and ferris wheel. VVe then visited the penny arcade, and various other concessions. After having a quick ride around the lake in a speed boat we left Riverview Park for Palmas Drive ln where we ate our evening meal. Having satisfied our hunger, we drove to the Cool Crest Miniature Golf Course where we made use of our practice we had obtained in' the afternoon. When the eighteen holes had been completed, we went to another show. This one was entitled "Mara Maru" and although a few people slept through it, most of it was very good. It was midnight when the show was over and after eating once more, this time at the Town and Country Grill near Ankeny, we started for home. Al- though we were all very tired by this time, we still agreed that we'd had the most perfect Skip Day anyone could ever wish for. 19 Ti EFIIOI' On April 30, the Seniors presented the hillbilly comedy, "Hillbilly 1Ved- din" to an enthusiastic crowd. The cast was as follows: Paw Belsnickle-the lazy father .................. Charles Chitty Maw Belsnickle-the demanding mother ....... Katherine Turner Ceelie Belsnickle---daughter 19 ......... .. Mary jean Kaufman .. . . . .. Thelma Smith .. Mary Anne Larson ... . .. Martha XVatt ... . . . Mary 1'Yatt Bon'nie Mae Belsnickle-daughter 18 .. Juney Lou Belsnickle-daughter 16 Four Belsnickle-daughter 14 ....... Five Belsnicklevdaughter 13 ........ Six Belsnickle-adaughter 12 ............. ..,. S ally Lyons Obeey Upschlagera-18 year old neighbor .. Allen Anderson Chiz Upschlager-Obeey's brother, 17 .... .. Gerald Klonglan Ronald Maxwell-medical student, 25 .. ........ Bob NN'ise Lucy Maxwell-Ron'ald's haughty aunt .. jo Ann Nelson The Reverend-valley's only minister ..... Cav Huhn Cousin Zeke--relative of Belsnickles . , . .... Ray Couser STORY OF THF PLAY Paw Belsnickle is a man with a problem. Rather SIX problems- in the form of six unmarried daughters. 'luney Lou, his third daughter, is a pretty girl who wants to marry Homer Upschlager. Since he wants to marry her at first glimpse the solution may seem simple. But No!! Maw Belsnickle has decided 'luney Lou cannot be nnarried until Ceelie, a rip: old nineteen, and Bonnie Mae, the bookworm, are safely married off. She elects paw to get husbands for them. Paw takes his shotgun off the wall with a very simple method of procuring the necessary husbands in mind. lie decides to "wing" them, pick out the buckshot, and have them married to his daughters belore they know what has happened. Bonnie Mae, how- ever, declares that method is out of style and balks at the entire idea of getting married. Ceelie is far more interested in her pet rattlesnakes than a husband but she is perfectly willing to get married. She is, in fact, willing to do anything but take a bath. ln the midst of Paw's husband chasing, Ronald Maxwell, a medical student, and his aunt arrive at the Belsnickles' mountain cabin. They are touring through the hills and theii car has broken down. Temporarily they seek shelter at the cabin. Both Ceelie and Bonnie Mae are attracted to the handsome stranger. Bonnie Mae keeps her adoration secret. Ceelie, however, demands that Paw cap- ture Ronald Maxwell for her. She utterly refuses to marry anyone else. That presents a major problem since Ceelie is the dirtiest, homeliest hill- billy girl in' the Valley. Paw gets his trusty gun, but, unfortunately, misses Ronald. Two neighbors tmale and unmarriedj decide that the handsome stranger loose among the Valley's most attractive girls is a menace they must do away with. They decide to fake a fend to scare him away. Maw won't allow Paw to take another shot at Ronald so he, ignorant of the other plan, also decides to fake a fend and shoot a husband for Ceelie under the protective curtain of fire. Both sides determine to use poor Ceelie as bait. lt's all a merry mix-up from there on!! They have a bigger feud than anyone dreamedg the rattlesnakes escape in the cabin, someone is bitten tor pretends to bej and Paw finally forces Ronald to the altar with Ceelie. just in the nick of time Bonnie Mae rescues Ronald, Ceelie finds a husband who really wants her and it's a happy ending for all concerned. 20 UPIUHWSSWK unior Class Ifrunt Row: I-lay Mauser, livelyu hIz11'hoe, Vhyliss Stevens, Bzlrburzl Czm Cmsby, lhbllllll l7zm'if-lsm1, Kay lluhu, Janet Nlcllricle, Florence XY:1tt, De llauclszlker. 22 thou, Nlurgaret Miller, Helen XX'l1cc-luvk, Mike Kendall. Rack Row: liluiup unior Class Play CAST OF CHARACTERS Minnie Brill-The Honsekeeper ............... Helen'xVheelock Peters-The Butler ....................... ..... G ay Huhn Sally King--XVho wants to be a Detective ............ Kay Huhn String Beane-Sally's Shadow ............ .. Dean Handsacker Hester Storm-XYho owns Storm Heights . .lanet McBride Gayla Grande-An Actress ............... .... E laine Crosby Posy May Purdy-A-Her Colored Maid .. Barbara Cawthon Crazy Nlell-N-lN'lio roams the hills ...... Donna Danielson llal Charterisf--A Playwright .... .... ..... IN l ike Kendall Eli Gandy---'l'he Sheriff ....... ....... R ay Couser Ned jordan-An Fx-convict .... .... G erald Klonglan' A Woman of Mystery ....... Florence VVatt Tanya-The Gypsy Bride .... .... E velyn jarboe The Ghost of lithau Storm ..... Phyllis Stevens Stage Manager and Prompter .. Margaret Miller Lighting and Special liffects Gerald Hitchings GANG.-XNYAY FOR GHOSTS The Fernald High School junior Class Play was presented October 31, 1951 in the high school auditorium. The gym was filled to capacity and the crowd enjoyed the performance. To Storm Heights, a rambling old mansion on the crest of a cliff- over- looking the Hudson, comes Sally, accompanied by her admirer, String Beane, a nervous lad, who believes in giving ghosts plenty of gangway. She is pursuing a ch-arming young actress, Gayla Grande, to demand of her why she has broken her engagement to Brother Hal. But Gayla can only plead a mysterious tragedy in her life, because of which she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and has fled for refuge to Storm Heights, with her colored maid, l'osy May, who has "de galloping creeps on account of spooksf' Sally, who has taken a detective correspondence course, soon has her hands full of detecting. Strom Heights is occupied by the eccentric spinster, Hester Strom, hei neurotic housekeeper, Minnie Brill, and her appalling but- ler, the one-eyed Peters. It proves to be haun'ted by a couple of blood- chilling phantoms: lithan Storm, a violin maker, and his gypsy bride, whom he murdered in order to entomb her golden voice in' a master-violin. 23 Junior - Senior Banquet The theme "Beyond the Blue Horizon" was carried out during the Fer- nald junior-Senior banquet, which was held Saturday evening, May 10. XVe were hosts to the ten senior members and high school faculty at the airport in Des Moines. The occasion being formal, the girls were dressed in beautiful formals and corsages, and the boys were attired in their best suits and bouton. nieres. A three-course meal was served in the Cloud room. The menu in'cluded: Fruit Cocktail Swiss Steak Peas VVhipped Potatoes fwith gravyj Relish Plate Tossed Spring Salad Apple Pie leeffream Beverage The following program was carried on throughout the meal with Mr. Begg presiding as toastmaster: .. Prayer ............................,....... Michael Kendall VVelcome .. Junior Class President, Janet McBride Response ..... .. Senior Class President, Allen Anderson Mixed Quartet .................................... Blue Skies Solo .... ......... D ean' Handsaker, "Beyond the Blue Horizon" Duet Mrs. Miller and Elaine Crosby, "Look for the Silver Lining" Solo .............. Gay Huhn, f'Somewhere Over the Rainbow" After the dinner the group enjoyed the show "Bells on Their Toes" at the Des Moin-es Theater. Our sponsor was Mrs. C-hitty, an'd we wish to thank her and all others for their wonderful co-operation. 24 SOPIWOITIOTCS KJ um ryn Kendall, Xlilfl Fr t Ruw' I nie Xlilll Vicht, Klzxrilvn Griffith. Kath ull . A . . - XlcNz1ttm1, Lee IDZIKHSIHIIIIV, Hack Rmvt Klzlry hm XYisv, Gladys l:illChIlI1l, xrilyn H121 ck, 120111111 Kl4illg'lZlIl, licrzllcl Kiitchi 25 5? Qi 5OPi'lOl'T'lOl'eS SUPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President .................................... Gerald Klonglan Vice-president . . . . Gerald Hitchings Secretary ..... .. Marilyn McNatton Treasurer ,,,, ...... I ,ee Dadisman A day most anticipated by both Freshmen and Sophomores was Sep- tember 2l. On' this day, twelve, very, very green Freshies came hopping into the schoolhouse and were dressed as the months of the year. The day began with the Sophomores decorating the Freshmen with an assort- ment of grease paint and lipstick. The unfortunate underclassmen were then told what they were to do the remainder of the day. After having a joyous day of teasing and pestering the Freshmen, the entire high school and faculty were ready to have the Freshmen perform before them in the evening. The first great event, an'd probably the most dreaded, was the paddle line, during which the Freshmen on their hands and knees were given a "big bang." Following this were many different performances such as: having an egg shampoo, runn'ing handicap races, proposing, eating "spiced" sandwiches, eating chocolate pudding without hands, getting a little shock from an electric battery, and many other most amusing events. The Sophomores then served lunch with the Freshies tn'ot green anymore by all meansj certainly enjoyed. The remainder of the evening was spent by cleaning up the entire mess and then journeying home after a most joyous time. 26 an 5 FYI H11 lit DNV Lucv Kffmlall, C Xln lx fm Freshmen l. C IN' af Q' its ., ,Y rj f J if .Xrclis Schuh-r, ,Iucly Clark, llcrmau Ovrhiu. Kcllv llaws, arlcs rIilll'llCl'. Back Huw: Sally Iymls. l,ari'y Nlillef. ,illlllfi ' iilll, Dah' hlarlwu, llavicl Lascu, Mary -lc:1i1',Xiulcrsm1,hluhuuy Wlicclwck. Class Officers I'rcsident ...... ............... . . .Xrflis Schulvr Yivc I'i'csimlvnt .. . Hari .Xmlwsmi Secrm-tary ...... . Lucy Kendall 'l'1'm':1s1ircr . ,lauis Xlclxiin RCiUI'l"I Po Ti Un' thc evening' of Clctnlmcr 3. 1951. thc l:I'l'Si1IUCIl gave :i return party f the high scliniil students. lnstcaal uf the usual party given at thc sclmiml house, we ch-vided to liavc 1 hay riilc. XX? startccl frmu thc scluml hnusc nn our journey. .-Xftcr abiding hy thc nhl saving, "thc lwngcst wav is thc host wav," wc arrived at nur clestinatinn, in Huy ll:1mlsakcr's tiuihcr. .Xftcr cveryiimc had climbed uvvr the fence- wc made our way tu the fireplace. .-XII the tahlc manners were forgotten as wc- stnncl arnuml thi- tircplacc rnasting and eating wienerg :Uni marshmallwwsi XYhcn cvcrymic was tlmuigli eating wc started huuie. The hack wagun' sccinecl tu liavc' miirc than its sharc uf the group. The partx' Lnderl with chef-rtul "gravel-Imyc's." 27 Qi jf Sevenjflw cnc' Groges Frullt rww Hn-ft tw righty Betty Xxfise, Helen Butcu, IJHIIIIZI Cruslmy. Ixnrc-11 l"lvn'nV Kzlrcn 'l'z1vlm', Shirley Meyer, Xlznrlcnc Hull. Zml---Iluzmc XYz1tt, lwrwtlvx g'11lf1CI'S, NUTINII llappcs, f.l!ll'iSC l'icI1t. :mm XYils1m, Nlirizxm lliulllfil, Alta Curbin, Dirk Kzlufmzm. Brcl-il:1!yu lrlyllif, Rex Sclmlcr, Rmmic XYv11x'c, I.ZlI'T'j' Hull, XX':1rrc-11 l,.u's1m. lwlulwcvt 'IQLITIICII Xxviullffl Cuuk, Stephvu Griffith, Mrs. Tzlllmt. llzlck---lc-ssic Uwrhiu, Shirley Vlllllify. Betty Luck, Luis Klcliim, Dolores Nlillcr, l':l'TH1lCliIl'C Xxficks, I.m'c-ttn XX'wwcls. llclwrw XYzltt, .Indy Nlclirimlc. 28 Fifllw anal Sixll-1 Grades 5,3 l'1wmt if!-ww Qlcft fu rightl Carolyn Wallis, lluruthy Slnattuck, l.ug'cne D illcr, Charles Smlclcrs. lxalph .Iu1'Imu, Marilyn XY:1llis. .Zml-Doris 'l'urm-r, Ricllzlnl fircwcll, Fredrick llzlll. Mary Stevenson, Lmml :Xllll Xlcixlmanli, .lurcne liilllllllilll. Mrs. Wcnclcl. Srcl- -livtty Hzlpcs, Put Haws, Nancy ll!'0fJIllC', BIILTIYS llitclmilrgs, Duris I nulcy, :mel l.I1i'I'y Nlvliim. 29 -l-lwircl and lrourllw Grades Vrmxt Ru-v :left tu rightl Llllflil XYilsm1. jerry XYl1eelwek, Bobby lluwc linger liriffhlu, Clmrles Dxulismau, Kay lleintz. Zllll-'KlZll'U'2lI'L'f firewell, lu ,Xnu llitellings, NllI'll'l1lll ,Xh-xzmcler, Terry ZS lYyeuff, Klzlry Lock, lQllllIllC.ll?ll1lCj', Limla Kay l'il'Cll'1'll. 3l'llfKllL'l!Il1'l New, l,C?1l1l'l'Il XYiclcs. Cliffie Pielmt. Billy llnwe, Billy Fuss Nl1ll'Cl1l llillmrn :xml Yirginia Fuss, 4th-Alnmes Suclrlers. Ilzlvirl Kenney, Mary Lum Illlllll, 'IHIHCS Birch immy Wlleeluck, Charles llapes, Freddie Chitty, :mal Nliss Selmur. 30 lint ' W" ZHFIWJ' "V l:-irsl oncl Seconcl Cgracles fini Jw Zmlf-l.incla XX'ilsm1, .lulmny Suclmlcrs, luzm' XYicks, llCI'I1lIllllC l,lllllt'j', lllI'lStlllC Nlehlmx, Karon lxzlufnlzm. .lamcc Luclc. 31'cl-fi'i1nmic Klillvr, lclzl Xlnc Fuse, lcxufnic Xlcimznm, Miriam New, 1-ri.u1c XYcuvc. Leif Wicks. limlwin Hall.. llzlck ROW-ll1lI'lCllC Nlllllis, Rlzlriun lfurlmin, Iimmx' Nleimzmn, Cmfnie- I mc, Qnflllgf 'l'z1ylHr, lJ:mny Klillc-r, :xml blzmet l ylcl ' 31 l-'mul Rrw--Slxcrry Nlusclw:wl1, L'l1c1'yl XX'z1llls, l.in'ml:L jzlrlmc, lluwzml tum, li:u'cn llapcs. Nlikl- llzu-us. Dean llriffith, 'll-:lcl1c1', Miss XYcStcrlu-rg. if Kinclergor en Rn .f l7rm1t Nmv rleft t-1 rightl llaricl Turlrrr. Ixc- Dutton, .Indy 'IQIIUIIIIJSUI1 ucly Lmwk. Zmlf--fUm1z1lcl Miller, Szmrly Klillcr, bludy Horn. Ilcrmis Crosby, Beverly ldv llzlck KHXX-'-I7Cl1IliS XYOIIYC, Steven XX'yvuff. Izurqlrclilmc XYulkcu', Cmmic Iulmsml, 'l1lllll1ll' lfzmvcz Nut in l1ii'Ull'C is Paul lluggvc-, The ICIIUIICI' is Mrs. .Xlvin Nclsonl y ,uchw MX. I 5 Q yi, 34 1 ii f . Gir1s BC1S1iG113Cl11 Luft to right: Mary jean' Iillllflllflll, Kathryn Kendall, janet McBride lflfnrcncc Xylltt, ju .Mm Nclsnn, H21I'1H2l1'Il CZlXX'I11lJl1, Iivclyu jzlrlmc. 1101011 VVIIQ-Gluck, Kay Huhwi, Gladys l7im'!1:1m, :md Y.lzu"y XINI l.:11'su'1. Sitting in front: Klzlrilyn KlcNz11t1m, CH2l'.'11 .X. I.. Miller, :xml Mrs Millcr, c'l1:1p01'm1e. 36 t.. Girls Boslxefbcill lil.-NNN Nlfl.SON-.loAnn was the leading scorer, tossing in 350 points for the season. ller rebounding and floor play made her a valuable player on this year's team. She won her 4th letter this year, Her scoring and all around play will make her hard to replace. She was co-captain of this year's team. MARY JEAN KAUFMAN-A Senior and a 3 year letter winner, Mary ,lean played front forward and was a great asset to the team, with her drive- ins and set shots. She scored l08 points and will be hard to replace next year. MARY ANNIE LARSON-A Senior and a 3 year letter winner, Mary Anne played front forward. She was little but mighty and connected with 118 points. She will be hard to replace on next year's team. BARBARA CAXVTHON-A junior and a 3 year letter winner, Barb played post guard and was on the Hoor Roll in the State. She is an out- standing player and will certainly be a big help next year. IEVELYN -lARBOli-A .lunior and a 3 year letter winner, Evelyn play- ed front guard and was a good rebounder. She will be a big asset to the team next year. lllil.liN X'x'lllll2l.UCK-A Junior and a 2 year letter' winner, Helen played front guard and used her speed to an advantage in throttling the opposing forwards. She will be a big help next year. llelen was co-captain of this year's team. 'lANli'l' MQBRIDIE--A junior and a l year letter winner, Janet sub- stituted front forward and had a good long shot which helped her score many points this season. -lanet will be big asset to the team next year. KAY HUIIN-A .lunior and a l year letter winner, Kay substituted as front forward. XYitl1 her fast drive-ins and good shot she helped immensely. Kay will be back next year and will really help her team. Other members of the squad were Marilyn Black, Florence lVatt, Gladys Finchman, Mary Lou Wise, Kathryn Kendall, Lois Ann' Picht, Mary -lean Anderson, and 'Ianis McKim. l'lC'fll1ll'l Ulllloneift Fernald Opponent In .... ... Napier ......... 33 72 ,,, , ,H Milford , , , , , , , ,, 38 -4-.Z ... ... Cambridge ... .. 30 24 ... .. Roland ... , ,, 50 58 . .. ..... l.uther .... .. 35 43 . .. .... Colo .. ... 46 37 ... .. Mcfallsburg ... .. 45 41 ... .. Milford .. .. 17 25 ... Roland .... .. 34 5l ... ..... Gilbert .. 56 47 ... ... Colo .... .. 43 25 ...... McC.allsburg ....... 47 "VJ . .. .. fearing .. .. 30 35 .... Roland tCo. 'l'our.j . . . .38 27 ... .. Kiilhert .... .. 44 36 ... Roland fSect. 'l'our.J ... 44 53 ......... Zearing ......... 35 4 The girls finished with a total offensive score of 70l to the opponents 065. They won 8 games and lost 9. 37 ii 0 I Boyys BCISLCIILJG Sitting--Gay Ilulm, Ray Umser, Rub XYiec, .Xllen Amlcrsmm, Dean Hamlsakvr. Stamlingfiicrulcl Hitchin'gs, Manager, Cflmarlc-s VIQIITIICT, llcrulml Klnmg- lun, Dale tlarbuc, LQh2ll'lt'S Chitty, Kelly Haws, Lee IJLUHSIIIZIII. Herman COF- bin, Coach Miller. 38 BOB XX-'ISE-Senior an'd a 4 year letter winner. Bob played center and scored 401 points. He was an outstanding player on the defense and offense alike. Bob was a very valuable player and will be very hard to replace. He was selected on the All State Honor Roll. ALLEN ANDERSON-Senior and a 3 year letter winner, Allen played guard and scored 134 points. He was a good long shot and scored most of his points from a distance. He was a good relaounder an'd will be hard to replace next year. Allen was captain of this year's team. CHARLES CHITTY---A l year letterman. Because of his height, Chuck was a great asset to his team with his rebounding power and timely scoring. Chuck: will also be missed next year. DEAN HANDSAKER-junior and a 3 year letter winner. Dean play- ed forward and scored 210 points. He was a good defensive player and will be a big help next year. GAY HUHN-junior and a 2 year letter winner, Gay played forward and scored 159 points. Gay's scoring will be an asset to his team next year. RAY COUSER-A 1 year letterman, Art played guard, although not a high scorer, he was a fine defensive player' and good ball handler. Art will be an asset to the team next year. GERALD KLONGLAN--A 1 year letterman, Gerald is a Sophomore ankl helped out a great deal with his ball handling and sharp shooting. He will be a great help in the years to come. LEE DADISMAN-A l year' letterman, lee was a good ball handler and helped out a good deal with his scoring. He will be a good asset in the next tYVO YCHYS. KELLY HAVVS--A Freshman, Kelly's rebounding and scoring helped a good deal this year. He has showed great improvement and will be a great asset in' the next three years. HERMAN CORBIN-A Freshman and will help out a good deal in the future. DALE JARBOE-A Freshman an'd will be a great asset in the years to come. CHARLES TURNER--Charles' improved floor play will help teams in the coming years. The boys had their most successful season for the past several years, with a 13 win and a 6 loss record. They finished third in the North Story conference by winning six and losing four games, Their offensive average was 57.6 and defensive was 47 points. Fernald Opponent Fernald Opponent 47 ......... Napier ......... 37 74 , , , ,,,,,, C010 ,,,,,,,, , , 28 50 . . . . Cambridge ....... 47 56 . . . . . . Milford , . . , 37 46 . . ..... Luther . . . . . 32 47 . . . .... Roland . . . . . . 57 74 .. . ... Mclfallsburg ... .. 29 58 .... .... f iilbert . . . . . .. . 52 56 .. . . . Roland ... .. 63 53 ....... McCallsburg . .. . . . . 30 72 .. ... Colo .... . . 37 51 ........ Ames "B" . .. ... 41 90 . . ... Zearing . . . .... 64 46 .... .... C ollins .. . . . 60 50 .. ... Gilbert .. . .... 79 67 .... . .. Zearing .. . . . . 49 54 ... ... Milford ... .... 65 69 .... .. . Huxley .. . .. . 40 35 ....... Cambridge .. 47 Sitti11g-V111-111' 11:11vs, 11:1y 1-1111501-, 131111 XY1s1-, L'11z1r11-s L'1111ty, .X11C11 ,X11111'1's1111, 11c:111 11z11111s:1k1'1', Huy 11111111. Stz111'11111g-AU1:1011 M1111-1', L'11z11'1cs '1'11r11c1', 1J:11'i11 1.:1sk11, 111-111111 K11111g- 11111, Lee 1J:111is111z111, 13:11cAI:11'11111', 1,:1r1'y Miller. -lli1111115' XX'111'c1111'k, 11cr111:111 Llurh 111. The 1:l'1'11ll111 11111113 112111119 1111111111 their 11111 11:1s1-111111 scz1s1111 with :1 3 2111-11 Z 1'111'111'11, 111111 1-1111611 se1:111111 111 1111- 1'1111fc1'c111'1-. XX1- 11111111 111 1111 111'tt1'1' t1llI4 s111'i11'g. T111' i1111i1'i1111:11 111111111424 21'.'C1'Ilg'CS :11'1- :li f11111111's: ,N 13 1 1 11 AVC. 181117 111513 .... .. Z1 ll S .571 c41111l'1-I Vhitty ., .. 151 3 Z .1117 .'X11CI1 .X1111crs1111 .. .. 17 -1 'J Q35 111-1111 11:11111sz1ker .. .. 18 5 7 .311 Gay 11111111 ...... .. 111 0 1 .000 111lj' 1'1111s1-1' ..... .. 11 1 3 .1117 1.110 1Dz1111s111:111 .. .. 111 5 O .187 1111111111 K11111g1:111 . . . . 7 U 3 ,000 KL-115' 11ilXN'4 .... .. 15 Z 4 .153 1.:1r1'1' Nlillcr ., . U 1 1 .111 1Dz111- .1:1r111111 ................ 7 U 1 .OOO 111111 XX'is11 11-11 1111- 11:11ti11g f1C:J1ll'1111C111 with 571. 114113 :11s11 11111 th-2 11111111111 11'11rk 1-111' thc c11111. 1l:11111- s1'111'cs 11.'1'rc :lf f111111ws: 1'qCI'11211l1 X ............ 111111011 7 1:CF112l111 8 ............. N1i1f11r11 -1 1'1C1'112I1f1 14 ............ Zcaring 12 1:C"112l1l1 5 ..... . Nl1'L'z111s11urg 17 17c1'11'z1111 3 ............ 1i1khz11'1 3 15011121111 12 ........... 11111111111 17 The XX'11itc11.1wks 01111011 :1 v1-ry s111'1'11ssf111 s111'i11g s0:1s1111 with Z1 4 111111 -1 1'c1'111'11. 171'1'11:1111 3 . . . Zcznring -1 1:C!'11I11f1 5 .... Xl1'L':111s1111rg 4 15011121111 7 .. ... Ncv:111:1 15 171111111111 12 ... ..... N1i1f11r11 0 1"111'11.1111 U ....... 11111111111 C1 171-1'11:1111 1 .. .... 11111111111 7 1"cr11.1111 4 ... ,. 1X1CCZl11S1ll11'g 5 1'1t'1'11Zl1l1 'I .. ... N1i1f111'11 10 40 unior Girls Boslcejflno JA Frunt Rww qluft turigl1U Uctty XX'is0, l4l:1I'in'L' l'icl1t,.Il1rly XICHl'i1ll', luis iim, Nlifilllll !liHnm'n,:1ml Ilclcn Ilntcn. 'rx blnrlvy Klcyvr, lxzlrcn lflynu. :mel fvllllfwll lxrly XX llsu 41 Huck Huw ':U1lk'll Klillcr, licrnzulim' NX'icks, lQ:11'cn 'l'.uull, Iitllllhl Cru ll. ii unior Bclslxeflnoll Siltillg'-Rlllllllfl XYL-uve, Rrmlmcrt Turm-:', XYIIITCII I.1LI'Slill, Rex SCIHIICI' ilnlyn Flynn. StZ1i1llillg'-131111116 XY:1tt. Stephcn Griffith, Llmclm Nlillcr, Xxvillllfll Cook Dick K1lllf'!1l2lll, 42 CHEERLEADERS Loft to right: Eluinc C1-ushy. lXl1ll'y.ll'2lll Iqllllflllilll, Davitl I.11sku Mary Anno l,lll'S0ll Zlllil Hclcn XVl10cluck Pring Acfivlfles XXI- were vcry husy IIS usual with IIIZUIX' 11ctix'itics illltl cuntcsts. The first cuntests were the spec-cli cuntcsts which hcgzni in' l'lCllI'llIll'X'. .-Xt the prvliminztrv cuntcst in N1-x:11l11 wc r:1tc1l ns fulluws: 121-r11l1l Klllllgflllll, l lll tlfllllliltlt' 4lCCllllll2ltlllll1 tiny lluhn' It l rating in 1Pl'llllll'lL'1ll 1lccl.1n111ti1n11 Huh XX'is1- 11 l in r111liu Slllillilllg' Illlll uriginul III'1lllII'X'I liIll'll1ll'1l X.ZlXX'fllUll Il ll ill llltcrprctivc Hczuling 11ml Nlztry l.u11 XX'isc Il ll in lluniuruus lJccl111n11tun, lhe pro-clistrtct cuntcst wus h1-l1l 111 Hcllc l'l:nm- whcrc wc 1'1-cc1x'c1l twu 1 ratings, tiny lluhn :tml Huh XX'isc. 121-r11l1l Klulltflilll rcccivccl Il ll i11 his clivisiun uf urig'i'111l urnt-wry. 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XX? fclt quite lutppy uw-r uur ZlL'ClPll1IlllSllllll'lllS this spring. 43 '77 J , f-i f Q C Z 11 f-v .J pw 2'-5 rv ,.'T' "1 '4 : :1 FC M .a ,-. .- K-. f- - '1 '1 fi .. fx, :. rv 4 7 "1 '1. ff :' 3. .- '4 3 l-7 7, Q C -4 K1 5 .4 ff .. - z "1 Q 7. .1 , ,- - "1 I'- 'T "1 7 'I C I, 5 F 12 ,z FT' fb '71 v: 7 2 -1 .... .. 4 Z I-2113 5- iff 'K ' FLT' 67411 f-'L'-1.. g,,:.-.:. A :'.'fT ,.....-, ft..- - f: f., :..2.-1 HV-. -.,- -xfvffl. -. - 7244, f-' ,LTI f-+C:-g f--.. f-v-..-Iv :sl 7' -C..' -'7'...'1"- ff- ni "'- 73 'I' I f-v E A-+ ,-. -.g VE .-+ -17A ' TF T' "A7T' 7: .-. PT' -M fjo- - 74 E 71- - 'l,, 4 . .. v. 7 777' 'Tj 21, Z' -1 ,T '47 'UT .-:J : , -1 - Q.. F' :Y .-. , X' ff' 1: '1.:: cn . .. -4 fw :J . -1 71- 7 Q.. 1 ...fl ff MT f-. ,., ... 7 '1 'T f 3 3 C -. -1 1, 3 IJ 5- ff... 511. Er. aft 'l. T- 4.1, .. AQ. Ur-1 4 P+ fi. 31. L-ft 'l. f:-H -111 ..,:', xl QM 3- IC: gf: -PT' - ,IIA xh. 75 E? .-'-" r'1 Q.. ,xi -: ,L ,,... ..,. HZ :-1 fi? TS hx" 5-,ft ...ary ft 'Ly -Q H-- ...."1 '-rj' '-'p-- 'ft A ? f-+ .4 7 "1 7 7 'E 7 '1 V 7 '1 Q , , I, fi 3 I.. w ,.. fi .. ,-. Z f 'Y Q .l' r- 7, E C 7T 51' A '1 'E fy .. I. 'Z Z H .4 Z ,- 'l. 'T C ,. .. !. Z ... -. : .. 2 v 2 .. f- ..- ,.. .. .4 E 'IC LJ -1 T .2 T? ff Lv , , f-v .4 .1 .. lf 1 rt C 1 ft -7 I4 - ,.. vu. Z Z Z .J .1 x i Q Z' : Z I L. ': -1 '1. Z ? -u I-3 "1 'f A V r .- -v 'J. ,- C FD -Q. f-Q ,.. -.4 ,... 'Z 5. f-r .-Q nv -.4 A 'I V 1, 3 .J I3 .41 4 'T f 1 E A ,.. 4 : H ' : .' ' , .A'1iHI' Class: Hr. liogrf, jlllllllilllf Smmling qu-cg Nxll X ' Sfuclenf Counci 'i ,f 'f 5xlQl1lIJL'I'S 111' :hc Stuclcm C'u1111cil wcrc ulwscu as fwllwxvsg unc stuck-ni 'nun czxvlw grzlrlc :mil um' frum 0:1011 vxtrzl-cUrrirulzll' activity. Uffivcrs clcctccl 1-rc: l'rc4iclcnt. Xlllff' .Xlmc l,:11'sung Yin- l,I'CSilICl1T, Mary All-1111 Kzlufmzmi Nl'C1't'I1lI'f"liI'CIlSl1Y'l'I', 'Fha-111111 Smith. SL-:lu-ml zmanml the tzxlwlc zu'eA-fAXllc11 .XlI!1L'I'SHil, l-My! Huslqctluzxll rcpm-0- 1-11t::in'c3 xlZlI'f'.lCZlI1 KIk!lf1W1Il1l, Girls' l'iz1slrct!1:1ll1 Mary .Xnnc l.:u'sw11, Clwcr- In uh I N IhLlI'l'll Hmxtlu 'Nu 1- N 'lDh1llllli1'C Q lsxsrsg lxlzulmc' f ruslmy. lllmmr Class. 45 5' lfj'4'TN, ."1'vsl1x114.-11 Vlzmsg llczm llzlmlszlkcr, Xlusic: KZlflll'j'1l Iicmlzlll, GIRLS SEXTET Loft to right: Marilyn Mc'N:1llon Iivvlyn Jzlrlmr- H2ll'lJill'2l Cuwllmn llclcn Whccln:-k llmmu R110 IDill1I'L'ISlJIl Kay Iluhn GIRLS' TRIO I,vitlur1giI1t: IiI2IIl1l'CI'INllX Kzlllmryn Iivnzlzlll .lzmct Mr-Briflc MIXED QUARTET I,cfttnr1ght: Allen Amlvrsml liluinc Crosby .lalnct Mcl31'iclv I,l'1lll II2llNIS2llil'l' r+ wbww-SSfS , BRASS SEXTET Lvl! In Right: NVillzll'cl Cook Dm-un llzlmlsalkvr Guy Ilulm Marilyn Nlm-Nation Iiurlmzwzx Czlwtlmn Holm Wisu SOLOISTS Front Row: .lzmut Nlcliriclv, vocal Jams AlCBI'lIl0, drum Iilaum- Crosby, vnczll Buck Row: .1 Guy Hllllll.Y0l'1lI1 Allvn AllllK'I'S0l1. vocal Dvzm llumlszlkvr. vm-:pil SPEECH Front Row: Gm-rzulcl Klcmglzm Holm Wim' Guy llulm Hawk Row: Maury Lou XVis0 B1ll'b1lI'2l Cuwtlum Gladys l'iilK'h1lI1l Kzltlwrilzv I'urnvr ii l Bond Clllrinetsv-Alanct McBride, David l.:1sko, Karen Flynn, Kay Iluhn, Nliriznn Hillwurn, :md -ludy M-cliridc. C'VlIlllZllS-.RFK Schuler. Bass Drum--Lee Dzulismnn. I.yrew.-Xrtlis Schuler. Snare llrum---.lanis McKim and Sally Lyons. Horns! fllarlvzlra CZlXVtl'!Ul1 and Gladys Fllllflldlll. Cornets--Bob XYisc, Marilyn McN:Ltton', XYfll'l'Cll Larson, and Lois BlCKll1l. l"l11L4:s--llollml Crosby and Betty lYise. Alto Snxes--Xlary Anne Larson, Mary -lean' Kaufman and Elaine Crosby. Tcnol' Sax-Lois Ann Picht. Bass liorn--Gay Hulm. Bzlritonc--llczul Hanrlsakcf. Trombone-NYillarml Cook. lnstrtautor--Mrs. Miller.. 48 Mixed Clworus 19,1 r Front Row Qlcft to rightj ljlzulys l:illL'll?1I11, lhmml Rue Ilaniclsum, Mari- lxu X2cXz11tm1, Kntllryn Kcu'dz1l1, Xrnlis Svhulcr, ,lzmct Xlvlirirlc. Mary Anne I urn-n, Mary 'lean Kuufmzm, Hernzulim- Wwks. Su-mfcl Rmx'AKlz1ry Um XX'isc, Flurcxwc XX'att, llmmu Clwmshy, Mary If 111 .Xmlcrwm ,lo .Xnn Nelsun, Hzlrbnrn f,1ZlXX'tlllll1, livclvu lzlrlmc, lIllliS Xlcl ' ' iim, Ihyllfe 3tcx'cn's, llclcn XYl1ccluck, Luis ,Xllll liCl1t,'2llNl Mrs. Niillcr. Thirml Run'-Nli1'iz1x11 llillmuru, f,Tl1lI'iSC Vicht, Luis XIcKim, xludy McBride, VXlll1lI'Il Lkmk, Kay llulm, LIIC5' Kcnrlull. Kzxtlvfrine 'l'lll'll01', lilzxinc Crusbv, mal fwzlllx' I vfv11s l-Saul: NUM"--'Rlbllillfl XX'c'ux'c. ilcralcl Klung'l:'n, llcralcl llitchings, Guy I Ilnlm, Ih-an ll:1'lrls:1kcr. I-,Ulm XYisv, 'Xllcn .-Xllch-rfrml, Mike Kcmizlll, XYZll'I'Cll I uwn. RMI-wt 'f'urm-r :md llnviml Lzukw. 49 Girlxs Glee lfzwml Rmv rlcft tu 1'if3'hU Szlllv l.wn1Q, Xliriiun llillmrn, Luis Nlcliim. mlv Nlclirialc, lllzulvs l"iIlL'hZllH, Khv flulm, I.uux' Kcmlull, lil2lillC Cruslry, I 4 l11l"S6 Vicht. MW. Millvr. Flinlcllc KHWAIIQIL-11 XX'l1cc-luvk. Luis .Xnll Vicht, Klary -lean A-Xmlersmm, lu-.yn ,lzu'Imc, l'izu'I1:x1'z1 c41lXYll1lill, Iimmn Vruelmjs, hlzmis Nlcliim, Phyllis 'YCllS, Kzlrcn 'l':1j,'lnr. Huck Rmx' Bcttv XYise, Bcrlmadinc XYir'ks, llclcu Hutcn, Marv Lou Wise, l'xI11l'CllCl' XX':1tf, Xrclis Svlumlcr, Izmcl xIk'HI'iIlL'. Kzlthryn' liitxlltlllu, lfilyll NlL'NZllf4bll, :md Ihmnzm Rue lF:11n'iL-IS1111. 50 Q xg . I I si QQX if ..., 1 K fr o IL Moody Egg shampoo Whm-rc's Tlwlmu? The day aftvr the night before Lazy or just rosti I,0t's look at the Twins II11 ppy-go-lucky Casey at thc bat 4-II'ers Sour-puss Concentration 1.5. Juniors ng? other end Interested? Call IMF20 Nevada 51 1 :::, 3 K. . W- as .5 55' 'X S ,ara xv f I Q Z .. .,.. fl X X x . cl in I 1 MWA' Q Style show Ilursing urmmcl Little Allen Smiley Glamour girls Lust minute instructions Guurcls on the lmll Typical kitchen maids Senior girls in shop lilushing June lmricle ll2lVll'l2 fun 52 I 9 Caught in the act A trip to Des Moines The Thing New Yours Evo YVh:1t's your trouble? Little angels Cl'll'iStlll21S 53 ti l. Piffs B Juniors working on play Initiation Foreman Kaufman Norm Posing? Truc love Working on the annual Front r- And buck of it Hefty Strike Gutter-hull 54 Look! Wc'rc working Christmas dinner Slumber party Mary Anne Tu Yung Mickey lVorking hard? Goofing off Smile pretty On to Atlantic City 55 fi wta w...l.1 HW... lf.- Chuck got ambitious. Barbara was short. Lois Ann got fat. Charles Turner ever got into trouble. Mary Anne and Thelma weren't always looking for letters. janet wasn't always runnig around with Nevada kids. Mary Lou didn't have Bob to heckle her. Larry didn"t have a temper. Allen wasn't always pestering the girls. Helen started going steady. Lee would get caught doing something ornery. Lucy didn"t run around with Arclis. Bob never had a date. l'.laine's hair c1idn't look nice. Marilyn McNatton didn't help everyone with their Algebra. Kelly wasn't good-looking. Mary ,lean and Dean' weren't always hitting each other. Phyliss didn"t wear bright colors. Marilyn Griffith got to school on time. Sally grew up. JoAnn didn"t talk about Max. Gay didn't go to Slater. Gerald Hitchings wasn't quiet. Mary -lean Anderson' wasn't happy-go-lucky. Katherine didn't work at the restaurant. Florence let her hair grow long. Marilyn' Black didn't pester the upperclassmen. When the '52 seniors leave. There was a bus for the town kids so they wouldn't have to walk to school. Janis didu"t have to walk down her long lane. Mary was cool, calm, and collected. Margaret didn't always have a smile for everyone. Dean didn't have a car. Kathryn' K. didn't read all the time. johnny didn"t have his little car. Martha didn't yell at Mary. None of the boys had Butch haircuts. Art became a meek, mild. little boy Gladys was satisfied with everything. Mike didn't have girls in all the far away cities. Dale was ever in a hurry. Ace wasn't waiting for .ludy after school. Kay wasn"t always talking about her boyfriends. There were no school activities to attend. David ever did what the teac-hers told him. livelyn an'd Mary -lean ditln't get hurt in basketball. Donna Rae didn't have a hankie stuck in' her desk every day. Gerald Klonglon didnt get good grades. Herman wasn"t around for the upperclassmen to tease. Ardis didn't go with the boys from her church. Mrs. Miller didn't say hi to everyone. Mr. Miller wasn't quiet. Mr. Begg wasn't so considerate. Mrs. Chitty wasn"t artistic. 56 AUVWlSEMHWS Nevada Implement Company John A. 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1952, pg 27

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