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GU»DANCE DEPARTMENT ENRKX) FERMI HIGH SCHOOC 124 NORTH MAPLE STREET ENRELD, CONNECTICUX 06082 Enrico Fermi High School 124 North Maple Street Enfield, Connecticut 06082 DIRECTORY Highlights of 1984 Page 198 Favorites of 1984 Page 194 mm . iJt.- ' . .. js«r •» ' • ' • . w • ' ' V ' " -f ' ♦ ‘ w • • • - ♦ ■•,-r ' if " ' ; ' ■ • ' ■■ - - ' y " ■■ ■ V ' -.--- : ■ : iv.,; ' ;■- “ •, . ■ . . ' sets high expectations and goals for all learners, then tries in every way possible to help students reach them.” !2rt CNRiCO FERMI HIOH tCNOOL Excellence in education is on the agenda at Enrico Fermi High School. Ready for occupancy in 1971, Fermi had a budget exceeding six million dollars. The result was a school that the town of Enfield displayed with pride. Today, Fermi High School continues to be rated as one of the finest schools in the state of Connecticut. The supportive faculty at Fermi, coupled with the school ' s curriculum, assist the student body in attaining a well-rounded education. The high level of understanding which exists between the students and faculty creates communication. Thus, when a student leaves Fermi, he leaves not only with a knowledge of the academics, but with an awareness of himself and the world around him. This knowledge will help every student gain success. Fermi High is a center for community involvement. It not only educates the town’s youth, but it offers its facilities to the public. The school’s planetarium presents the opportunity for students in all grades to study the astronomical sciences. Fermi is also privileged to posses a swimming pool. It serves the town’s swim teams and swimming classes. In addition, the library facility at Fermi is noted for its excellence. It shelves nearly nine thousand hard cover volumes and over six hundred reference books, including newly added editions from the recently closed Kosciuszko Junior High. That averages out to approximately 5.1 books per student, not including the vast supply of paperbacks. Furthermore, thirteen hundred pieces of audio visual materials and equipment are utilized. Fermi also hosts the Enfield Adult Education Program and invites the public to participate in the education process. Anyone involved with the learning process has the right to demand excelience in education from schools. Fermi meets those demands and invites not only students and teachers, but also parents and the community to be a part of its educational goal. Learning is a lifetime objective, and, in order for a school to be successful, this idea must be mirrored by society. Fermi accepts its role in the educational challenge presented today. J DEDICATION When this year’s graduating class entered Fermi High School as sophomores, during the fall of 1981, we were at a great advantage to have Mrs. Sharon Palmer, the head librarian, volunteer as one of our faculty advisors. Our first year at Fermi was a time of trial and error, but with the guidance and support she extended to our class, we were able to learn from our mistakes and proceed in the right direc- tion. She has led our class through dances, proms, homecoming events, the magazine drive, and the graduation ceremony. Largely due to your efforts and devotion, we, the Class of 1984, dedicate our book. Traces, to you, Mrs. Palmer. The school library is a vital part of the complete educational opportunity offered to students at Fermi. Since Mrs. Palmer’s addition to the staff, her expertise has increased the professionalism of the Fermi faculty. She has vastly improved the facilities of the library, and she has also been active in the Human Involvement program, which includes train- ing library aides. Mrs. Palmer utilizes her knowledge and assistance to guarantee that both students and faculty will fully take advantage of the library facilities. Mrs. Palmer, you have been both a leader and a friend, and our success as a class is in proportion to your devotion. It is said that if you give to the world the best that you have, the best will come back to you. This will surely be the case with you. In gratitude, the Class of 1984 wishes to offer you their best. 6 The 1983 National Commission of Excellence In Education’s report “An Open Letter to the American People, A Nation at Risk” is the result of an eighteen month study of the American educational system. According to this task force, existing educational standards are not meeting the demands of today’s society. This report recommends a renewal of the nation’s commitment to schools and colleges throughout the United States. Enrico Fermi High School challenges this report by offering academic excellence. A total education, including the aquisition of academic skills as well as those talents obtained through participation in sports, clubs, or organizations, is available to every student at our school. J When educational standards are questioned, It Is possible for society to lose sight of the basic purpose of schooling. The aim is to develop the talents of all students, and to develop them to the fullest. Attaining this goal requires that we must demand and expect all students to work to the limits of their capabilities. We must challenge them with the maximum standards, rather than with the minimum ones. Recently, to raise our standards, the Board of Education has installed more rigid requirements for graduation. First, the passing grade standard has been changed from 60 to 65. Therefore, students must put forth greater effort. Secondly, graduation standards have become more rigorous. To graduate a senior must achieve an overall academic average of a 4.0 (or C-), earn four units of English, two of Science, Social Studies, and Math, and one of Physical Education. Students must carry a full schedule equivalent to a minimum of SVa credits each year, and he must pass a minimum of four classes. 8 In addition, Fermi now offers weighted grade courses. This study encourages students to make the most of their talents and abilities. These courses require students to stretch their personal limits through higher expectations and goals. Consequently, the marking system rewards them for this personal extension. Also, there are level one classes offered to college bound juniors and seniors. In some cases, eligible students can attain college credit from the University of Connecticut. The courses which offer this credit are: Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Advanced Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Advanced Level Spanish and French. This year. Freshman Engiish has been added as well. 9 In order to become eligible for Fermi High School ' s sports program, students are required to meet new academic and conduct standards. To participate in interscholastic athletic contests, students must carry an overall 4.0 (C-) academic average each quarter. Students must also be good citizens and worthy representatives of our school. Repeated infractions of school rules, poor attendance or other evidence of poor citizenship will render a student ineligible. In conclusion, Enrico Fermi High School agrees with the commissions report when it states: " When you give only the minimum to learning, you receive only the minimum in return ... in the end it is your work that determines how much and how well you learn. When you work to your full capacity, you can hope to attain the knowledge and skills that will enable you to create your future and control your destiny. If you do not, you will have your future thrust upon you by others. Take hold of your life, apply your gifts and talents, work with dedication and self discipline.” Therefore, each student at Enrico Fermi High School must increase his expectations and " convert every challenge offered " by this school into an opportunity. 11 1. Bryan Shewokis and Noelle Wojciehowski are challenged by their chemistry labs. 2. Karen Jones is taking a ‘‘crash course” in Driver‘s Education. 3. At the scene of the crime, Tim Cutter cleans up the evidence. 4. Kathy Stanio grits her teeth as she contemplates the situation. 5. Doug Decker attempts to infiltrate the Pentagon computer. 12 1. Joella Roy and Betsy Sroka exchange ideas in study hall. 2. Computers are the link to communication in the future. 3. Lisa Garcia and Lisa Karcz lead the pack during passing time. 4. Mike Kroll learns how to change a tire. 5. Mr. Mercik and Mr. Pasternak “gossip” during hall duty. 13 1. Darrell Crowley makes an energetic attempt to save the ball. 2. Carol Jaworowski . . . laying down on the job again? 3. Paul Letourneau whispers sweet nothings to Lee Maher. 4. Fermi students enthusiastically support the pep ralley celebrating the opening of Fall sports. 5. The spirited Fermi cheerleaders gladly do their job! 14 1. Heidi Brodtman and Darleen Clark dance the minuet. 2. Junior Todd Avery constructs a blueprint in his design class. 3. Seniors Lisa Albert and Karen Meissner rush home every day to watch their soaps. 4. The unusually empty halls allow Sharon Ouimet easy access to her locker. 5. Fermi kicks off a new season with the Fall Pep Rally. 15 Faculty A teacher cannot make a student learn; that is the student’s choice. A teacher must open the door to the learning process by demonstrating, through a positive attitude, that he believes in what he is teaching. This positive attitude, in turn, will motivate students. The teaching profession is “based on the beliefs that everyone can learn and that everyone is born with an urge to learn which can be nurtured . . Fermi’s teachers, who respect this philosophy and realize the importance of it, will be successful in affecting students. Hard work, dedication, and effective communication are all methods by which teachers can encourage students to learn. According to Kahlil Gibran, “If he is indeed wise, he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.’’ If a teacher is successful, his students will pass through this threshold and enjoy a lifelong learning process. We, the class of 1984, would like to thank those teachers who encourage students to make the choice to learn. mmi I’M YOUR HOMEROOM TEACHER! 17 Board of Education First Row: Mrs. Antoinette Strom, Mrs. Joan Reuter, Mrs. Ester Oneto. Second Row: Mr. Paul Gaylor, Mr. Kevin Gordon, Mr. Michael Daugherty, Chairman: Mr. Francis A. Burke, Mr. John Carney, Mr. E. Patrick Storey Jr. Superintendent: Dr. Louis B. Mager Assistant Superintendent: Mr. Anthony Torre 18 “The ability to communicate effectively has always been of paramount importance in education.” Communication is a weii chosen theme for your yearbook. The abiiity to communicate effectiveiy has aiways been of paramount importance in education. The Nationai Commission on Excelience in Education has underiined that fact. Bearing this in mind, it seems most fitting to examine some other aspects of the subject. The need to communicate with other members of the human race has aiways been with us. Present day technology has made us ever so much more cognizant of that fact. Peopies of the world are closer than ever due to the communication revoiution and now stand on the brink of an exciting, unbeiieveabie future in the company of communication sateliites, and the ever more amazing computers. You are embarking upon your life’s work at an especialiy dramatic time in man’s history. Your abiiity to communicate effectively, as well as to use the newest tools of communication, wili be an important dimension in your quest for success and happiness. it is our sincere hope that success wiii be enhanced by the knowledge that all the magical man-made devices enabling instantaneous communication are stiil unabie to convey what we humans aione are able to convey to each other: kindness, empathy, understanding, consideration, compassion and love. One thing is certain, in spite of all our technological advances in the field of communication, the peoples on our planet have not yet learned to communicate with one another well enough to assure mankind’s survival in the nuclear age. The ability to communicate effectively may well be your most important contribution to your future well- being, as well as that of your offspring. Indeed, the survival of the human race may well depend on it. Mario A. Gentile Principal: Mr. Mario A. Gentile 19 I . . In school and in the workplace, excellence characterizes a school . . . that sets high expectations and goals for all learners, then tries in every way possible to help students reach them.” Main Office: Mrs. Lillian Schultess Guidance: Mrs. Bertha Waleryszak Red House: Mr. Raymond Marr Red House: Mrs. Rosamond McIntosh 20 - Housemasters and Secretaries Green House: Mr. Stephen Ross Green House: Mrs. Mary Landry Blue House: Mr. Seymour Schonberger Blue House: Mrs. Polly Brown I “There are plenty of men to say good things, but very few to listen; that requires strength of mind.” Mr. Joseph Occhiuti Mr. Stuart Wright Guidance i English 24 Ms. Nancy Skirvan Mr. Robert Kelleher Acting Chairperson: Miss Mary Mackley “Other people can’t make you see with their eyes, at best, they can only encourage you to use your own.” Aldous Huxley Mrs. Mary Massey Mr. Joseph DIugosz Mrs. Susan Cirillo Mrs. Esther Heffernan 25 26 Miss Monica de Haan Mrs. Carole Jonaitis Math Mrs. Mary Ann Holmes “In keeping with the verity that mathematics is the mother of the pure sciences, we in the math department, attempt to perpetuate this purity in our communication by writing in a concise, unadorned style.” Mr. Michael Duffy Mrs. Carol Varanka 27 i Mrs. Cathy LaTaille Mr. Joseph Ziemnicki 28 Mr. Eugene Ryczek Mr. Joseph Scherr Mr. Kendall Owens 29 Science “Science is merely the refinement of common sense through the acquirement of knowledge about natural laws. We attempt to set up situations in which our students can experience ‘science’ and, in turn, can actively communicate those experiences in a concise and objective manner.” 30 Mr. James Cherry Mr. Brian Jurkowski Mr. Phillip Shear Chairperson: Mr. Steven Olson Mr. James Yankee Mr. Lucien Joly Mr. Brian Dolley Mr. Francis Rago Social Studies “All students and teachers, not just those in social studies, should encourage a wide range of writings, debates, films, readings, lectures, and discussions. They are indigenous only to enlightened democratic societies.” 32 Mr. Richard McCarthy Chairperson: Mr. Thomas Ouelette Mrs. Ellen Heye Mr. Peter Creedon Mr. Joseph Pasternak Mr. Carl Gahm Mr. William Kiner Mr. John Fletcher Mr. Donald Flebotte 33 “Competency in a modern or classical language improves the comprehension of a student’s native language and culture, and enhances understanding of humankind.” Mr. Donald Charland 34 Mrs. Teresa Marek Mrs. Donna McCarthy Foreign Language Miss Mary Civale Mr. Lawrence Wood 35 Business Mr. Antonio Batista Chairperson: Mrs. Henrietta Montagna Mr. Paul Bisesti Ms. Darlene Wilson 36 Mrs. Marilyn Bertrand Mrs. Lois Norman “It is better to use words that express rather than impress.” Mr. James Laudato Mr. Richard Miltz Mrs. Pamela Gates 37 38 Mrs. Eugenie Langhorne Miss M. Pamela Hawkins Music and Art “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Music: Mr. Joseph Giangrasso Music: Mr. Leonard DeMaio Vy • 1 1 1 I • I If ’’jtliiiiiliiSliiUll:, ■ Al 1 1 Ml Art: Mr. Donald Pothul, Chairperson: Mr. Robert Foley, Mr. Roy Hare 39 Mrs. Linda Shea Library and Reading “Nature and books belong to the eyes that see them.” Emerson Mrs. Elaine Parakilas Librarian: Mrs. Sharon Palmer 40 Mrs. Mary Hastings Industrial Education “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.” Emerson Mr. Wayne Hoffman Mr. Gary Fairwood Mr. James Taylor Mr. Frank Tokas Chairperson: Mr. Jimmy Hodrinsky 41 - Resource and Special Education - Mrs. Judith Creedon Mrs. Mary O’Brien Miss JoAnne Cardell Miss Sally Ann Tanasi 42 Mrs. Ellen Frigo Mrs. Starlett Cavanaugh Mr. Richard Pellin Mrs. Janice DeVyIder “There are obviously two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other howto live.” James T ruslow Adams Chairperson: Mr. Timothy Neville Mrs. Arlene Edwards 43 — Family Living and Food Service — “Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh Mrs. Elizabeth Nicholls Mrs. Ellen Frost Mrs. Emily Slomski 44 Mrs. Patricia Valias — Physical Education and Nurses — Miss Rosemary Sullivan “Experiences show that success is due less to ability than to zeal. The winner is he who gives himself to his work; body and soul.” Charles Buxton Mr. Joseph Nuccio Miss Kathleen Carbone Mr. Robert Lengyel Nurses: Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson, R.N., Mrs. Margaret Wilcox, R.N., Mrs. Rita Millett, R.N. 45 “Education is not a product: ... it is a process, a never- ending one.” Bel Kaufman Distributive Education: Mr. Gerald Boucher In School Suspension: Mr. Joseph Bacewicz Automotives: Mr. Richard Chapman 46 Driver’s Education: Mr. John Lyons Nurse’s Aide Program: Mrs. Georgette Pare Maintenance and Cafeteria Maintenance: Robert LaTaille, Phyllis Morse, Larry Telmosse, Tom Stone Cafeteria: First Row: Barbra Boucher, Jeanne Basile, Lillian Deragon, Joan Carrara, Catherine Sabellico, Harriet Young. 47 Second Row: Rosa Kaplan, Irene Gaskins, Madeline Netkovick, Dianne McGuire, Terry Mrosz, Patricia Holtz. Olga Telmosse. Arthur Goodwin, Millie Bruno, Marilyn Cammileri, Olga Captain, Lynda Worthington. i As graduation rapidly approaches, each member of the class of 1984 is faced with the realization that his or her high school career is drawing to a close. With feelings of accomplishment and success graduation also brings mixed emotions regarding leaving high school and entering the “real world”. We look forward to rowing up and accepting more respon- sibility as we continue our lives, yet it is difficult and frightening to leave the securities of home. Although high school ends with graduation, it is important for us to understand that education itself never ends. We must take advantage of the opportunities, as stated in The Open Letter to the American People by the National Commission on Excellence in Educa- tion, to " stretch our minds to the full capacity.” We must do so “from early childhood through adulthood, learning more as the world itself changes.” We are tomorrow’s leaders and the nation’s posterity depends on the level of our education. We are in agreement with the Open Letter and we believe that we can control our own destiny and “take hold of our lives, apply our gifts and talents, work with dedication and self-discipline”, or we can take an uninterested and uninspired attitude and be reduced to accepting futures “thrust upon us by others.” Fermi High School has pro- vided us with the opportunity to prepare for tomorrow and “take hold of our lives.” Through the curriculum, each senior has been prepared to leave high school and face, head on, the never ending educational challenges. The variety and depth of the college preparatory courses combined with an enthusiastic and dedicated faculty, has helped place many Fermi students in the college or university of their choice. Other students have opted to leave Fermi and go directly into the working world. Business courses and Industrial Education programs offer seniors the chance to graduate and find rewarding jobs. The food service and nurses’ aide pro- grams provide students the opportunity to acquire first hand experience in the restaurant and medical fields. The many art classes help to give aspiring painters and sculptors a headstart on their careers. Whether we choose to go on to college or straight to work, our years of study at Fermi have thoroughly prepared us for life after graduation. Though our formal high school education stresses the academics, extra-curricular activities also play a substantial role. Just as our educa- tion does not end when we graduate, it should not stop when we leave the classroom. In order to leave high school as a well-rounded individual we must maintain a balance between academics and extra-curricular ac- tivities. Through Fermi’s numerous offerings students must learn not only to deal effectively with their teachers, but also with their peers. In assum- ing leadership roles, students must understand and accept the c oncept of teamwork. Activities also occasion the students to meet new people and expand their interests. They must realize that in order for an activity to be successful, communication and cooperation skills need to be refin- ed. In addition, the acceptance of responsibility teaches students to become reliable. These are all essential aspects in the growth process re- quired by our society. Therefore, participation in school, academically and socially, is vital to the development of a well-adjusted person. This is necessary to meet the increasing expectations that society demands of us as citizens. We must prepare for tomorrow today and we can be confident that the education extended to us at Fermi High School will contribute to our personal growth and enable us to be successful after graduation. VOU CAN’T IGNORE THE CLA5G0F ' 84. ' 48 The Class of 1984 G) 00 Fellow Classmates. At this time, our final year at Fermi High School, a bid of farewell is not in order, but rather a wish for the future. This is a time when we must make our reach exceed our grasp, and we hopefully have established a sound foundation upon which to build. Although our directions and goals may vary, our principles and sense of values learned thus far in our lives, will direct us collectively and as individuals, to achiev- ing success. The word success will mean different things to different people, but whatever its meaning is to us as individuals, we can on- ly achieve success through dedication and self discipline. When we work at our full capacity we are able to create our future and control our destiny. We must set our goals and arrange our priorities so as to make these goals achievable. Failure, in the true sense of the word, can only apply to those who never try, therefore, our ef- forts towards these goals will surely bring us success. Every one of us has high expectations for the future, therefore we must convert every challenge into an opportunity. We have faced obstacles and difficulties in the past, and we have grown through learning. We will continue to grow as long as we resolve to see the challenges through. Marie Callahan President: Marie Callahan Class Advisors: Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. O’Brien, and Mrs. Parakilis Class Officers: Darrel Crowley, Secretary; Darleen Clark, Vice President; Joe Dumas, Historian; Vinnie Cian- farani. Director of Activities; Jeff Campbell, T reasurer; Marie Callahan, President Bonny Abrams Kenneth Albert Sheila Alford Benjamin Alaimo Lisa Albert Martha Allison Michelle Cormier, Jennifer Camara, and Karen Meissner are tooting their way to the top. “Let me see that,” exclaims Tom Nohmy as he snatches a picture away from Steve Samson and Michele Landry. Patricia Amos Kathleen Anderson Jayne Lavoie and Mary Gagnon are thoroughly ab- sorbed in their study of accounting. 51 Sherry Nolan checks to see if Tammy Tobey really does have a funny bone. The newest Fermi couple is Jane Swiatek and Mark Higley. Sr Diane Armstrong Lisa Arnone David Arseneault Walter Babut Andrew Badeau Brenda Badeau Ken O’Konis is more interested in his book cover Sharon Badger Todd Baldyga than he is in his calculus class. 52 Gaetano Balsamo Dean Batchelder Renee Barsalou Paula Beaulieu Jo Ellen Bartley Maxine Beckford Richard Bartolf Christine Beebe Brian Blier Marisa Bosco Tracie Boudrieau Lori Boulay Adam Bertrand Richard Bird 53 Richard Boulette Rebecca Bourgault William Bourque Kathleen Bowler Barbara Breitsprecker Jennifer Brinkman Neil Broderick Heidi Brodtman Margie Kelleher chooses research materials for her upcoming science paper. Tom Nohmy thinks it’s a great day for a daydream. 54 Troy Bruno Karen Caldon Darren Burn Doris Callahan Jennifer Camara Anthony Cammilleri Marie Capel Nancy Campbell Tracy Butcher Jeffrey Campbell Robert Carr Claire Butterworth Lisa Campbell Raymond Carrier 55 Kelley Catalina Christopher Catania Kirk Cears Dawne Ceresky James Chamberland Karen Chartier Diane Chickosky Denise Choquette Cheryl Christiansen Joseph Churchill Dianne Cheney Denise Chickosky Janet Chornyak Linda Chrissos Vincent Cianfarani Marc Cimadon 56 Dave Petrone asks Craig Begnoche and Tony Felteault what they think of his tattoo. Heather Hunt arrives at school early to plan a Stu- dent Faculty Senate meeting. Darleen Clark Tammy Cloutier Tracy Cofiell Claire Butterworth and Maxine Beckford Louis Coro simultaneously discover syntax errors in their programs. Patricia Cloutier Ann Marie Coffey Michelle Cormier Anita Cote 57 David Cote Albert Couture Deborah Couture Donald Crawford Douglas Crawford Karen Cressotti Anthony Criscitelli Darrell Crowley Christine Currier Dwayne Cushing Toni Curcio Gregory Curnan Timothy Cutter Suzanne Daglio Laurie Dailey Hayden Daly 58 Tammy Day Laura Decker Rob Harmon and Karen Greene discuss their after school plans. Paul DeGregorio Dawn DeMay Chef Tell watch out! Here comes Hayden Daly and Steve Smith. Raymond Demeo Robert DePino Kim Derech Paul Deschenes Kim Landry and Michele Lescault are peeking around the corner to view possible prospects. 59 Edward DesPlaines Maria Diana Jennifer DiBattisto Denise Giaccone can’t keep her mind on her studies as she anxiously awaits the “Big Game.” Linda Dick Lynn DiFranco Steve Michaud “eyeballs” again! Liborio DiMaria Michael DiMartino 60 Kathleen Dobosz Kelly Donahue Rhonda Dube Jennifer Duprey Christine Dobrzycki David Drapeau Kathleen Dufault Michele Egan Christine Doherty Michael Drinkwater Joseph M. Dumas Bobbin Egan Deborah Dombroski Christopher Driscoll Lori Ekenbarger 61 Debora Elliott " W Elizabeth Faille Bernardo Famiglietti Raymond Esposito Linda Falkowski Kurt Farnsworth Exchange student Christina Tsao is amazed by the American school system. Toby Timion . . . the future president of IBM? Michael Faucette David Fenoff Frank Pasini stares in disbelief at the results of his physics lab. 62 Anthony Ferris Michael Forino Daniel Freeman Dawn Finley Charles Fiore Marc Fiore Elizabeth Fitzgerald Glen Flanaghan David Fontaine Steven Fowler William Fowler Karen Francis Dawn Fregeau Joyce Frost Walter Gadomski 63 Mary Gagnon David Gallager Lisa Garcia Laura Garini Beth Garrow Christopher Gatto Kathy Lampron and Darleen Clark listen intently to the other side of the story. Before his exam, Jim Russell ponders the chemical equations. Karen Gemme Denise Giaccone Anita Cote and Pam Guilmette share a “conferring session.” 64 Cindy McGarvey takes advantage of senior study hall. David Cote and Peter Rayna hurry to finish their homework before class begins. Mark Giaccone Thomas Gilly Diana Giraud Charlotte Golden Anthony Gomes Lisa Gonyea Sharon Moulton asks Kelley Catalina about magazine Arthur Goodwin Jennifer Gough selling strategies. 65 Scott Grigociewicz Nancy Halligan Gretchen Harger Kimberly Grunert Robert Harmon Ehrich Grein Pamela Guilmette Kim Hannah Julie Harris Irene Griffith Eric Haglund Tracy Harris 66 “Hey! What can we say?” asks Chris Driscoll and Paul DeGregorio. Paul Deschenes clears the way for Karen Greene. Nancy Halligan shows Sue Soltys how to " get into the swing” of it. Christina Havens Jeffrey Havens Christina Haverstick Mary Hayden Trinity Heard Karen Henderson Cynthia Hesse Mark Higley 67 Lisa Hodgins Diana Hull Lisa Hoinoski Heather Hunt Linda Hosey Ian Hunter Lisa Huddleston Deborah Hurd Thomas Joaquim Tina Johnson Ann Johnson Marc Johnson 68 James Johnston DiAnn Jones Karen Jones Michelle Jordan Annett Kahl Mark Kaiser David Arseneault is in “a class” all by himself. Melisa Keenan Margaret Kelleher Yearbook chiefs, Paula Beaulieu and Lisa Tenerowicz, have a pow wow. 69 Kirsten Williams: The Thinker of Fermi High. Together Brendan Merrigan and Russ Murray try to solve their algebraic equations. Look out Mr. T : here comes Glenn Jarvis. Paul Kelly Michelle Klaus Ramona Klezos Michael Kniep Robert Kniep Jill Kowalchuck Michael Kroll Suzanne Kroll 70 John Labbe Kim Landry Becky Lacombe Kathleen Lampron Lisa Landry Michele Landry Deanna Landry Timothy Landry Linda Lanouette Foster Leavitt Lisa Latraverse Myles Leavitt Jayne Lavoie Jonathan LeBlanc Karyn Lawson Fawn Lee 71 James Lemieux Michele Lescault Nancy Lire Angela Lenis Paul Letourneau Gloria Lloyd Scott Grigociewicz contemplates the meaning of life. Doug Crawford and juniors Pat Liner and Gary Chap- pell wonder what is floating in the chocolate milk. Bob Silver takes a break from his accounting, while Greg Smith, Andy Sispoidis and Tim Strobel work diligently. 72 Kenneth Lobel Kathleen Lynch Stacy MacMullen Vivian Maier Kathleen Loos Franklin Ludwick Marc Lussier Debbie MacDonald Patrick Lynch Ann Magleora Stephen Maguire Elaine Manning James Marco Michael Maciolek Barbara Maher Kevin Marino 73 David Marquis Shawn McConnell Kathleen McNeil Steven Michaud Michael Martinez Christine McDonald Scott Marvell Cynthia McGarvey Lisa Maxwell Desiree McGuire Karen Meissner Brendan Merrigan David Michaud Melissa Mips Timothy Moreau Christine Morency 74 Sharyn Wild is caught spinning a tale to Kathy Vassalotti in a quiet study. Jane Young, Bob Silver, Mark Johnson, and Greg Smith joke around between classes. William Moryto Jeffrey Mule Russell Murray Gary Newman Sharon Moulton Kimberly Murray Thomas Nohmy 75 Sheralyn Nolan Jeffery Norris William O’Brien Christine Okon Kimberly Ongley Nancy Ortiz Kenneth O’Konis Bruce Ottman Duane Olko Sharon Ouimet Sondra Overstrom Peter Pacholski Karla Panaccione Katherine Papiernik Rozanne Parlapiano Francis Pasini 76 Joseph Passaretti Anthony Pechulis Willie Pedemonti Caroline Peraro Elizabeth Peabody James Peck Marc Pelletier Bruce Ottman and Pat Lynch relax between classes. Tammy Perdue Angela Lenis is taking her test with confidence. 77 Evelyn Perez Lynette Peteroski David Petrone Craig Pfeifer Brenda Philbert Elizabeth Phillips The studious Evelyn Zuchegna is loaded with homework for the night. Paula Beaulieu and Michele Landry . . . Don’t you dare! Wendy Picano Chantel Picard “What? Me worry?” asks Myles Leavitt. 78 Foster Leavitt derives a physics theory as Dawne Ceresky, Rich Tardif, and Bob DePino view the output. Benny Famiglietti is all smiles in English class. Karen Picard Joann Poli Deborah Poulin Jennifer Pieper Sherry Porcello John Pulaski Stopping at her locker, Toni Curcio checks to see if Karen Quinn Charles Rathbun she has homework. 79 Chris Driscoll takes advantage of the large magazine selection at Fermi. Debbie Stefaniak interrupts Sharon Badger’s sleep in study hall. Dave Weber “boogies” to his bus after school. Peter Rayna Maria Restucci James Richard Shelley Rickerby Kimberly Ricketts John Rinaldi Gilberto Rivera Holly Roach 80 Robert Roberge Joella-Jaye Roy Jose Rodriguez Amy Romano Jennifer Rubacha John Rudolf Matthew Rooney James Russell Francis Sailer Patti San Filippo Julie Saindon Barbara Samsel Nancy Santanella Doris Scalia Stephen Samson John Scalia 81 Deborah Schroder Brenda Schutz Ronald Scovill Melanie Seelig Tim Cutter has proof that he was spirited in the Senior Magazine Drive. David Serra James Shelton Steven Shepherd John Sherwin Don’t call AAA, call Paul Deschenes! 82 Gregory Smith William Spusta Michael Stoppani Matthew Strickland Timothy Strobel Jill Stroiney 83 Gregory Suchy Wesley Summers Todd Swenson Donald Sutherland Leon Szafran Jennifer Swanson Robert Szkiarz Kenneth Swart Toby Timion Anita Timmerman Tammy Tobey Sheila Tomkiewicz 84 Macho Matt Rooney demonstrates aerobics for an interested Joan Copeland Chris Dobrzyski says, “It’s easier to count on your fingers!’’ Guilbert Twiss Carmelina Vassallo Do you have a pass, Julie Saindon? Christine Warner William Webb 85 David Weber Cheryl Wenzel Sharyn Wild Cheralee Yeske Christopher Welch Timothy B. White Timothy Welch Timothy A. White Christopher Welton Richard Wiener Kirsten Williams Maryanne Wosko Marybeth Wosko Cheryl Young Jane Young Paul Young 86 Julie Zdebski Thomas Zinza Christopher Ziemnicki Marianne Zirolli Kirk Gears adds a “spark” to the Industrial Arts department. 87 Fermi Welcomes Six Can you imagine packing up and leaving home to spend your senior year of high school in a foreign country? Can you imagine being thrust into a school of 1700 strange people? Can you imagine finding your way during opening day confusion, with only a computerized schedule as your guide? Can you imagine the sense of excitement and challenge of such an experience? And what about the courage demanded by this undertaking? Fermi’s six exchange students know these feelings! These admirable young adults all ventured to America for a cultural exchange. Through the Youth for Understanding Student Exchange Program, Fermi welcomed: Angela Lenis of Columbia, Francis Sailer of Switzerland, Marie Capel of France, Annett Kahl of Germany, and Shelly Rickerby of Australia. In addition, Fermi also greeted Christina Tsao, a private student from Taiwan. All of these students had the same basic reasons for wanting to come to the United States. Each felt that coming here would improve his her skills in the use of the English language. Each was also excited by the prospects of meeting people from our country and seeing how our schools operate. Most importantly though, each expressed the idea of building independence and self- confidence as a beneficial goal. Francis Sailer 88 Christina Tsao Foreign Exchange Students Shelley Rickerby Annett Kahl Angela Lenis There are many factors involved in the selection process of who will gain the opportunity of visiting the United States. The students must have a written recommendation from a teacher and a sound academic record. He she must also fill out an application which asks for a general background. It is also not an uncommon request for the students to complete a detailed essay outlining why he she wants to become an exchange student. After that, the student must be interviewed and accepted by a Youth For Understanding representative, and, finally, a physical exam must be passed. After the successful completion of the selection process, our foreign exchange students are placed with host families here in Enfield. Many adjustments have to be made by the students and the host families alike. Getting used to American food, manners, customs, beliefs, dress, social behavior, morals, and just about anything else you can think of, must be very difficult — at the start anyway. However, adjustments were made; flexibility and a sense of humor as well as a sincere desire to learn and be accepted were required. The host families did whatever they could do to speed up this process and to insure a comfortable, secure, and successful transition. Our foreign exchange students have assimulated themselves into our school system and into our hearts. They have become our friends and our allies, despite our many differences. They perceive many contrasting practices in our schools. For example, the rules, the hours, the classes, and the teaching procedures are much different, and it takes time to get used to them. One thing they all enjoy is our wide selection of school activities. It seems in America it is much easier to get involved. Angela and Marie have both joined the field hockey team. Francis is looking forward to running with the cross country team and Annett has joined the volleyball team, while Shelly has put her talents to use on the literary magazine staff. Christina spends much of her time concentrating on her studies as she plans to attend college in the United States next year. Fermi’s staff and students are all very proud of these six young adults. Not only have they learned about our culture, but they have taught us about theirs as well. We have all benefited from the presence of these courageous travelers. We wish them luck and know they will succeed in opening many other doors in the future. Being an individual allows one to convey his or her spirit in a variety of ways. One of the more popular ways the Falcons display and communicate their class spirit is through the art of barn painting. This has become a tradition since Enfield has an abundance of barns due to its long history in the Connecticut valley tobacco industry. These once proud symbols of a prosperous trade are now religated to serve as a medium for Falcon expression. Barn painting generates comradery and merriment among seniors. The basic motive behind this devilish act is FUN! It is done in innocence, with pride, and in the spirit of friendly class rivalry. I n the dead of the night, a clandestined army carefully plans its attack. Its weapons — brushes, ladders, and cans of paint. The target — an as yet undiscovered barn. However, this is a difficult prospect because this is a popular strategy. Yet, no matter if a “clean” barn can be located or a well- covered one is secured, it will be evident that the new barn painting done by the Class of 1984 will not be outdone. The names, slogans, numbers and sentiments of this year’s graduating class will surely be the largest, the brightest and the best. The graffiti of barn painting night will always be remembered. It is a statement for all to see. It is an indelible mark upon the future made by the Class of 1984 — mission accomplished! A 1. Richard Barlolf and John Labbe are diligent workers for the school store. 2. Utilizing his study time wisely, Don Sutherland completes his Critical Writing homework. 3. Kathy Loos and Heidi Brodtman are Fermi’s own Laurel and Hardy. 4. You’ve got the cutest little baby face, Jon LeBlanc. 5. “V-l-C-T-O-R-Y!” That’s the senior battle cry! 1. Watercolors are Rich Weiner’s forte. 2. You’re a little devil, Tom Gilly! 3. Dave Cote is puzzied by a new class assignment. 4. Sondra Overstrom desperately tries to baiance her accounting. 5. Craig Pfeifer proofreads Steve Fowler’s paper before he hands it in. 93 A 1. Cindy McGarvey and Chris Warner use their cafeteria study hall to “communicate.” 2. Are Laurie Dailey and Matt Strickland fraterizing in the halls? 3. Joe Dumas ... if looks could kill! 4. Chris Catania consults John Rinaldi quietly in the library cubicals. 5. Jim Ludwick enjoys a laugh in study hall. 1. Is Jennifer Pieper really studying? 2. “Yeah, sure Jim Chamberland, tell me another one,” jests the suspicious Dave Arseneault. 3. What is Jeff Mule trying to hide in his locker? 4. Dave Michaud practices his surveying skills on school grounds. 5. Chris Doherty helps Ray Esposito study for his Business Law test. 95 J 1. Jennifer DiBattisto and Kirsten Williams are wrestling with American Twentieth Century Fiction and Ernest Hemmingway. 2. Denise Vega and Brenda Philbert manuever the " stairwell crunch.” 3. Julie Zdebski is " caught in the act. " 4. Super seniors . . . says it all! 5. John Pulaski and Marissa Bosco have different reactions to the class lecture. 1. Bill Bourque, JIM Kowalchuck, Paul Letourneau, Doug Decker, and Patti Scully break into a chorus of “American Pie.” 2. Peter Rayna argues the finer points of foreign policy. 3. Liz Fitzgerald storms through the cafeteria. 4. Peter Jacques attempts to explain his interpretation of “The Cherry Orchard " to Wes Summers and Ehrich Grein. Camera Shy Michelle Alabre James Anderson Stacey Anderson David Bagley Michael Baudin Kim Brillant Douglas Decker William Delgreco Roy Fede Bryan Guerrette Todd Griffin Robert Herbert Gregory Holmes Keith Hurlbert Kevin Hurlbert Paul Kemp Ruth Maturano Albert Nitch Elizabeth Prevost Diane Sawyer William Taylor Christina Tsao Bonnie Unitis Bruce Vendetta 97 Kenneth J. Albert Ken, Kenny " Yeaah! " , “Lin” Track 1, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. 4; Variety Show 4 Lisa Marie Albert Bitty, Lees “Eat a banana! " , “Wicked excellent,” Yearbook 1; Honor Roll 4; CWE: BOE 4: Variety Show 4 Sheila Alford “Me and Michael Forever”, “You know!” Main Office Aide 4; House Office Aide 4; Deca 4; FBLA 4; Honor Roll 3 Lisa Arnone Lee, Lys, Igor “But who knows?” Todd Andrew Baldyga Toad, Budman Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; COIL Honorable Mention 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3 Gaetano Balsamo Guy, Nino “How ya’ doin?” “Do it!”, “Later men”, “What’sUp?”, “CIAO” Track 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 4 Jo Ellen Bartley Jellen, Jo Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; CWE: BOE 4; Art Award 1 Paula E. Beaulieu Paula Petralunga “Wildwood 83-84”, “Tell me your joking.” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 2 (Manager 1), Ski Club 1, 2, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 3, 4; (Treasurer 4); Lamplighters 2, 3, 4; (Secretary 2); Yearbook (Editor 4); Variety Show 4 Christine Beebe Chrissy, Beebs “I’m going out with Morrie tonight!” Honor Roll 1; Nurse’s Aide 3, 4 Marisa Ann Bosco Mariss, Risa “Splurge!”, “Hey, has anyone seen Snyder?” Colorguard 2, 3, 4; (Captain 4) Band Council 4; Honors 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 1,2 4; Lori Ann Boulay Lady Cap, Boo “Where is Roz?”, “Mick better be in today.” Varsity Softball 1; Chorus 1; Float Committee 2; Colorguard 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1,4 Tracie Boudrieau Trac Honor Roll 1, 2; CWE: BOE 4 Rebecca D. Bourgault Becky, Reb “I’m so confused ”, ”Gag me with a fondue fork.” Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Band Council 1, 4; Yearbook 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 William I. Bourque Billie, Willie, Berky “Wicked Excellent”, “Hey, Hey Chickibabe, What’s Up!” Band 1, 2 (President 1); Jazz Band 1, 2; Most Important Soloist 1; Ski Club 1, 2; Student Faculty Senate 3, 4; Parade Committee 4; Variety Show 4 Kathleen Elizabeth Bowler Kathy, Kath “Where’s Rebe?”, “Tony, it snowed!” Color Guard 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Ski Club 1, 2; Girls’ Track 1 Neil P. Broderick Nick Honor Roll 4; Variety Show 4 Heidi Brodtman Hips, Millie, Slink “OOH Baby”, “Goalies do it in the cage” Ski Club 1; Softball 1, 2, 3, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); MVP CCIL All Star 3; Student Faculty Senate 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 4 Darren W. Burn Bubba, Kegger “Why Me?” “This hasn’t been my day.” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4 Tracy Butcher Butch, Jecko “Why not?”, “Nobody Tells Me” Ski Club 1; Golf Club 1; Volleyball 2, 3; Tennis 2, 3 Claire M. Butterworth Clairsey “Oh God”, “C’est la vie” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Peer Counciling 3; Tennis 2, 3; CWE: BOE 4; Float and Dance Committee 3; Toys for Tots Committee 3; Food Drive Committee 4; “Business Student for month of November” 4; Briarwood Book Award; Most Improved Tennis Player 2, 3; Varsity Basketball Manager 2; Graduation Usherette 3; White House Citizenship Award 1 Karen Caldon K.T. “But look on the bright side.” Marie Amy Callahan Mree “Well, the thing is . . .” “Wicked” Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; (MVP, Co-Captain 3) Tennis 2, 3; Class Treasurer 2, 3; Class President 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate Vice President 4; Yale Book Award 3; Model Congress 3; Close-Up Foundation Washington D.C. Delegate 3; Ski Club 4; Yearbook 4; Class Ring Committee; Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll Jennifer Camara “Is it o.k.?”, “Turkey” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Band 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 1, Librarian 4); Yearbook 1 (Sport’s Editor 1); Manager of Boys’ Varsity Baseball 1; Manager Boys’ Varsity Wrestling 1 Jeffrey E. Campbell Jeff, Soup “Are you Serious?”, “Are you going to the studio?” Class Treasurer 4; Student Faculty Senate 3, 4; Boys ’ State 1983 1982-83 Who’s Who in American High School Students; Senior Variety Show Lisa Campbell Waddles “Smile” Band 1, 2, 3; Jazz Band 1, 2, 3 Nancy A. Campbell Nance “I’m out of here.”, “Basically Awesome” Track 3; Soccer 4; Lamplighters 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; DECA 3; Variety Show 4; Peer Counseling 3, 4; Concert Choir 3, 4; Art Festival 4 Marie D. Capel Frenchie “Whatever you want.” “You know” Field Hockey 4; Ski Club 4 Robert J. Carr Bud, Budso “MMMM”, “Yeeaa” Football 1; Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Variety Show 4 Raymond Lawrence Carrier, Jr. Stringbean, Ray-Ray “Hey Dude”, “How’s it going, man?”. Honor Roll 1, 2; Fermi Automotive 4; Arts Festival Committee 2, 3, 4; Arts Festival 4 (5th Place); “Hire the Handicapped” Poster Contest 3 Christopher Catania Chris Yearbook 1; Class Night 1; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Peer Counseling 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Lamplighters 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Cross Country Ski Club 4; Bowling Club 2, 3 Dawne E. Ceresky Dwane, Cesk “Yeeep”, “Little Ones”, Majorettes 1, 2, 3, 4; (Co-Captain 3, Captain 4); National Honors Society 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2. 3, 4; Ski Club 2; International Club 3; Student Faculty Senate 4 James Chamberland Jim, Armzie “Wicked” Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1 Karen M. Chartier Kare “Poor Baby” Cheryl Anne Christiansen Ryl, Airhead “Like” “Hey Dude”, “I have a question” Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Ski Club 3, 4; Tennis 2; Football Statistician 3, 4; Peer Counseling 2, 3; Housemaster Office Aide 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3 Marc Cimadon Fozzie Darleen B. Clark Dar, Chang “Like”, “Oh. my God”. “Sorry” Field Hockey 1, 2. 3. 4 (Captain 3, MVP 4); Track 1; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Class Secretary 2; Class Vice President 4; Student Council 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Float Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; Boys’ Basketball Manager 2; Hockey Manager 2; Boys’ Tennis Manager 3; Girls’ Basketball Managerl Patricia Cloutier Patty, Irish “What’s Up” Tennis 2, 3, 4; Football Statistician 3, 4; Tennis MIP 2; Variety Show 4 Tammy S. Cloutier Churckles, Bum “I can handle it.” Ann Marie Coffey Ann, Coff, Annie “Hey” “Really?” “No Sir.” Yearbook 1; Ski Club 3, 4; Honor Roll 4; Michelle A. Cormier Smedly, Comio “Let’s go watch the submarine races” Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1; Band Council 3, 4 (Librarian 3, 4; President 4); Pit Band 3; Pep Band 3; Senior Variety Show 4 Anita M. Cote Skeeter, Skeets, Pally “I’m Hurt”, “Facial”, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Yearbook 1; Student Faculty Senate 1, 2, 3, 4; Float Committee 2; Boys’ Varsity Soccer Manager 3, 4; Boys’ Varsity Basketball Manager 2, 3; Boys’ Hockey Manager 2; Boys’ Varisty Baseball Manager 2, 3; Variety Show 4 Albert J. Couture Jumping Joe, Coach Joe “Where’s Sheree?”, “Wicked” Football 1; Baseball 1, 2 Deborah Jean Couture Debbie, Deb, Smilie “Give me a break.”, “That’s what you think”. Float Committee 3; Honor Roll 1, 3; Chorus 1; Ski Club 3; Civic Work (Johnson Memorial) 1, 2, 3; Award for Civic Work 1, 2; Award for Chorus 1 Karen L. Cressotti Casey, Elsa “That’s okay”, “I can handle rejection”, “I’m hurt.” Student Faculty Senate 3, 4 (Parliamentarian); National Honor Society 3, 4; Softball Manager 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Hockey Manager 4; English Award 1; Spanish Award; Cheerleading (Captain 1). Citizenship Award 1, Senior Variety Show 4; Homecoming Float Committee, Decorations Committee, Invitations Committee 4 Anthony M. Criscitelli Tony, T.C. “Get off me.”, “I hate peppermint.” Ski Club 2, 4; Swimming 2; Football 2, 3; Student Faculty Senate 4; Wrestling 1 Christine M. Currier Kissie, Christina “Party at Rys” " Mustang vs. Cuda” DECA 3, 4; School Store 3. 4; DECA Class Officer 4; Competition 3, 4; Girls’ T rack 2 Suzanne Daglio DAGS Field Hockey 1; Track; Ski Club 1; Honor Roll 1; Band 1, 2 Laurie A. Dailey Lor, Round Face “Give me a break”, “Eat a Pida”, Geometry Award 2; Cross Country Ski Club 2; Lamplighters 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 4); National Honor Society 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Float Committee 4, Yearbook 1; Student of the Month Award 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Committee 4; Domestic Exchange Student 1; Variety Show 4; Band 1 Hayden C. Daly “Let’s go to the college fair.” Track 1, 3, 4 (All-CCIL 3, 4); Soccer 2, 3; Cross Country 4 (All-CCIL 4); Student Faculty Senate 4; Homeroom Representative 4 Tammy M. Day Tams, T.D. Touchdown “Excellante!!!”, “Awesome”, Yearbook 1; Tennis 1 (Manager ); Peer Counselor 2, 3; Office Aide 1, 2, 4 Douglas Decker Frenchie, Tweedle, Douggie “Comb Break!” “The boats a sinkin’i” Ski Club 1, 3; Track 3; Newspaper 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Physics 4; Yearbook 4 Laura M. Decker 10, Lori “Mean, Cruel, and Unking” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; As Schools Match Wits 3; Elementary Computer “Teacher” 4; Physics Club 4 Dawn Reita DeMay Watchdog, Dizzy “Choice”, “What’s going on?” Honor Roll 1 Robert A. DePino BobBob “Bogus”, “Spaz” Computer Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Physics Club 4 Kim M. Derech Fudgie, Shirley Lamplighters 2, 3; Literary Magazine 3, 4; Float Committee 2; Band 1; National Honor Society 3, 4; Tennis 2; Honor Roll 1.2, 3, 4 Lynn M. DiFranco Legs “. . . much?”, “Gimme a Break” Honor Roll 1, 2; Student Faculty Senate 3; Yearbook 1; Student of the Month 1; Variety Show 4 Christine A. Dobrzycki Crusty Chris “Do You have a Kleenex?”, “Oh my God!” Field Hockey 1,2,3; Cross Country Skiing 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 3, 4;SoHball 1 Deborah Jeanne Dombroski Debbie. Dube 99 " We ll figure something out.”, " But what can ya do about it? " Honor Roll 1, 2 Kelly Anne Donahue Kelly D., Kel-kins " Is my hair too fluffy? " , " Where’s D.E.W. " DECA 3, 4; Vice President of DECA, Football Manager 4; Variety Show 4; David Drapeau Dave Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Soccer 2; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Float Committee 3 Christopher Driscoll Curtis, Drisc, " Right!!! " Ice Hockey 2, 3, 4 Rhonda Renee Dube Renee “So”, " Sweet”, “This and That” Cheerleading 1; Ski Club 1; Honor Roll 4 Kathleen Dufault Kathy “This is true.” “I’m gonna be a . . .” Ski Club 4 Joseph M. Dumas Joe, Joey “Oh well, such is life”, " Check it out!” Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Class Historian 3, 4; FBLA Reporter 2; FBLA President 3; Float Committee 3, 4; Senior Prom 3, 4; Class Night Committee 3, 4; Art Leadership Award 3; Homecoming Committee 2, 3, 4; Art Service Club 2, 3, 4; Arts Festival 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Graduation Usher 3 JoAnn Marie Dunne Jo, Shmoo, Riggins " Mint!”, " Much!” Volleyball 3, 4; Variety Show 4 Jennifer L. DuPrey Jen Ski Club 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; DECA 1, DECA President 4; Peer Counseling 2; DECA Junior Officer 3 Elizabeth C. Faille Beth, Bethy, St. Elizabeth " Dignity is the ultimate truth.” Band 1, 2; Concert Choir 3, 4; Lamplighters 3, 4; Track 1 Linda Falkowski " Gimme a break.” “Wickes” Ski Club 1, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4 Kurt S. Farnsworth Farns " I got your dollar.” Literary Contest 3; Usher Graduation 2; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Float Committee 2; Ski Club 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Welcome Dance 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Toys for Tots 4; Enfield Food Shelter Drive 4 Michael J. Faucette Fasco, Mikey Basketball 2, 3; Baseball 3; Student Faculty Senate 4; Float Committee 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Dawn H. Finley " Righty” " I’m hurt.” Yearbook 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Color Guard 1, 2, 3; Ski Club 2; Variety Show 4; Magazine Drive 4 Charles F. Fiore Chazy, Chucky Cheese, Chuckles “Now cut that out.” " Oh, a wise guy, eh?” Marc R. Fiore Fhore " Mellow out”, Sku Club 1; Hockey 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Who’s Who in America 4; Float Committee Variety Show 4 Steven W. Fowler Crooked Man, Skeve " Florida Bound”, " No, No, you don’t understand.” Honor Roll 4 Daniel E. Freeman Disco Dan " OH, Shut Up!” DECA 3, 4; Library Aide 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Lisa Garcia Garce, Chooch “Hey Sue, what’s 2?” Softball 1, 2; Soccer (Captain 4); Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 4 Laura L. Garini Einstein, Bert “Big, Fat, Hairy Deal!” ’’E=MC2” Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Honor Roll 1,2, 3, 4 Beth Garrow Bags, Bef " What’s Up?”, “Excellent” DECA 1, 2 Denise H. Giaccone Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 1, 4); Student Council 1, Ski Club 1; Track 1 (Most Valuable Long Distance Runner 1); Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; Main Office Aide 1; Spanish Award 1; Home Economic Award 1 ; Future Nurses of America 4; Float Committee 3 Tom Gilly Chenbaca “Right” Model Congress 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Hugh O’Brien Youth Foundation 2 Diana Giraud Di, Dimples " You Know”, “Man”, “OOH” Girls’ Soccer 4 Arthur John Goodwin A.T., Art, Artie " Did you have a nice trip?” Student Faculty Senate 4 Jennifer Gough Jen, Stenny " Get with the program Pam, we’re gonna be late and we still have to pick up Anita.” Softball 1; Yearbook 1; Varsity Soccer Manager 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Float Committee 4; Variety show 4 Ann Greeley Annie “You know what I mean?”, “What’s just the way I am! " , Field Hockey (Manager 1); Peer Counseling 4; Honor Roll 4; Variety Show 4 Karen M. Greene Kermit “Check it out " “Get This . . Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 2, 3; Baseball (Manager 2, 3, 4); Hockey (Manager 3, 4); Arts Festival 2, 3, 4; Art Honors Award 3 Ehrich P. Grein II Elrich Swimming 2, 3, 4; As School Match Wits 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4; Kim Grunert Grunts “I don’t know " Student Faculty Senate 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Float Committee 4; Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Pamela S. Guilmette Pam, Peachy “Gimme a break”, “Don’t be a nerve Jen, we’ll make it in time. " Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Ski Club 1; Yearbook 1; Float Committee 4; Peer Counseling 2; Variety Show 4; Magazine Drive 4 Greg A. Harding Master of Reality “Get Down” Gretchen S. Harger Gretch “Kosher”, “That’s cool.” Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 1, 4; Most Valuable Player 1; Most Improved Player 3); Gym Aide 1; Class Night Committee 1; Spanish Award 1; Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; (Librarian 3, President 4) Mixed Chorus 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Future Nurses’ Club 4; Float Committee 2, 4; Student of the Month 1; Eastern Regional Chorus 3; Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Robert S. Harmon Mr. H, Hob, Eljer, “Have a good one.”, “What’s up Dube?” Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Variety Show 4 Julie Harris Julikins, Jul, Prin “That was rude.” “They’ll have to adjust.” Wrestling Manager 1; Baseball Manager 1; DECA 3 Mary-Margaret M. Hayden Flirt, F.B., Hayden, “Kell, can we get some food please?” “Right!” DECA 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Football Manager 4; Basketball Manager 4; Variety Show 4, Magazine Drive 4 Cynthia Hesse Cyndi, Cyn, Sid, ’’Adjust” “Lin?” Volleyball 2, 3; DECA 3; Track 1, Basketball 1; Mixed Chorus 3 Mark A. Higley Higs “Eggwhite”, “Awesome” “Chow Lucianna” Soccer 1; Baseball 1; Track 2, 3; Cross Country 2 Lisa Jean Hodgins Lis, Hodge, Podge “What?”, “Be nice.”, “I’m Hungry.” DECA 1, 2; Art Festival 2, 3, 4 Diana K. Hull Di, Lady Di “Alright” “That’s Wicked Cool” Heather F. Hunt “It was you know, like wicked . . .” Student Faculty Senate 2, 3 (SCC) 4 (President): Class President 2; Representative Board of Education 4; Model Congress 3, 4; Legislative Internship Program 3; Student Council Convention 2, 3, 4; Governors Youth Action Conference 4; Girls’ Varsity Swim Team 1, 2, (Co-Captain 3); U.S. Senate High School Forum 3; Close-Up Washington D.C. Program 3; Laurel Girls’ State 3; Social Studies Award 3; Semi-Finalist Japan US Senate Scholarship Program 3; Graduation Marshall 3; Jr. Sr. Prom Hostess 3; Toys for Tots 3, 4; Unicef 4; Thanksgiving Food Drive 4 Ian M. Hunter Hunt, Mr. Hunter Soccer 1, 2, 3; Ski Club 1; Track 1; Honor Roll 1 Deborah A. Hurd Debi, Bugs, Toby “Orkay”, “That’s tough.”, “Hey man.” Guidance Office Aide 1; Nurses Office Aide 1; Science Award 1 Keith Hurlburt Sherbert, Hebes, “Help!”, “What didjasay?”. Computer Club 3; Bowling Club 1; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Algebra Award 1 Kevin R. Hurlburt Hev, Sherbert, Sherbie “Fry one on one side” Computer Club 3; Bowling Club 1 Pierre Jacques Pete “Excellent”, “Give me a Break!” National Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Main Office Aide 1, 2, 4; Library Aide 4; Yearbook 1; Newspaper 2; Ski Club 1, 2; Computer Award 3; Citizenship Award 1 Glen Jarvis “Where’s the party? " Ski Club 3, 4; Cafe Rendezvous 1, 2; Variety Show 4 Carol A. Jaworowski Jaws, C.J., Carl Volleyball 2, 3, 4; (MVP, All-League 3, Captain 4); Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Math Tutoring Program 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Mark J. Johnson “Johnss”, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 3, 4; Ski Club 1; Float Committee 4 ' a 102 James T. Johnston Jimbo “Wicked good. " Football 1, 2, 3, 4; (Captain 1, 2, 4); Wrestling 3 DiAnn Mary Jones Di, Ann-Di, Esther " Be Real.”. “Get out of my way.” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Girls’ Track 1; Wrestling Manager 1; Yearbook 1; Variety Show 4 Karen Jones “Obnoxious”, “Tally Ho " Cheerleading 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Arts Festival 2, 3, 4 Michelle M. Jordan Shell, Pete. Beno “Cut it out” “Yeah, right” Track 1; (MVP Sprinter) Soccer Manager 1; Wrestling Manager 1 Annett Kahl Germany Volleyball 4; Lamplighters 4; Model UN 4; Cross Country 4 Melisa B. Keenan Misa, Lis, Blondie “What’s up? " , “Peace” Yearbook 1; Cheerleading 1, 2, 3 Margaret Lisa Kelleher Margie, Margit, “You wish, baby!”, “Hey Hon!”, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 (Librarian 3; Treasurer 3; Assistant Secretary 3; Assistant Drum Major 3; Treasurer 4; Drum Major 4); Jazz Band 4; Art Festival 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3, 4; Ski Club 1,2,3 Paul Francis Kelly PK, O.T., Sasquatch, “Excuse me!”, “Quag” Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 1, 2, 3; Pep Band 2, 3; Cross Country 1; Variety Show 4 Ramona L. Klezos Chipmunk, Chippy “Wicked Good” National Honor Society 3, 4; Concert Choir 3, 4; Typing Award Jill Kowalchuck Blueberries “It’s a conspiracy!”, “Throw in the lifesaver.” Band 1, 2, 3; Jazz Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 2, 3; Band Council 1, 3 (Treasurer 3); Variety Show 4; Yearbook 4 Suzanne Kroll Sue, Chewey “Gimme a break!” Becky LaCombe “Becks”, “B”, “Mom”, Color Guard 2, 3, 4; Rifle Captain 4; Ski Club 1; Honor Roll 1,2, 3. 4 Lisa A. Landry Pio, Black “BeauteetuI” First Place Writing Contest 1; Second Place Writing Contest 2; Band 1, 2; Ski Club 1, 2 Michele Landry Shell, Crazy Landry “That’s Life”, “All the world is a stage!” Peer Counseling 2, 3; Lamplighters 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Concert Choir 3. 4; Eastern Regional Chorus 3; Variety Show 4 Timothy R. Landry Hollywood, Mr. T, “I pity the fool”, “I just don’t understand”. Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4, (Freshman MVP); Football 1, 2, 3; Ski Club 1, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Honor Roll, Variety Show 4 Linda L. Lanouette Lin “Cyn”, “Ken” First Place Award Science Fair 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Wrestling Manager 1; Baseball Manager 1; Honor Roll 2; French Tutor 4 Lisa Latraverse Latch, G.B., P.B. “Let go of my ego!” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Softball 1, 2; Big Sisters 4 Jayne Lavoie “Wanna Ride?”, “Icky Ricky” Karyn L. Lawson “Yeah, but . . “I’m so confused” Majorettes 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 1); Citizenship Award 1; Home Economics Award 1; Honor Roll 4 Myles Leavitt MyU “What’s up, what’s up?” Football 1,2, 3, 4 Jonathan R. LeBlanc Jon, Little Johnny Hockey Puck, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 1, 2, 4); Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Baseball 2; Tennis 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society (Vice President 4); Student Faculty Senate 3, 4 Fawn E. Lee Fawnette “What’s new?”, “What’s Up?” Volleyball 1 Maria F. LeFante Mia, Doodles “Oh my God”, James Lemieux Lemex “Yabba”, “What’s Up”, “Awesome” Track 3 Pat Liner Patsy, Eggy, “I’m such an angel!”. Swimming 1. 2, 3, 4; Bowling 2, 3; Office Aide2, 3, 4; Ski Club 2, 3,4 Nancy T. Liro Nanc “Oh, Lord”, “Give me a break.” “Oh, well.” Band 1; Peer Counseling 4; Honor Roll 4; Variety show 4 Kathleen M. Loos Kathy, Loosy, “Hugh!?”, “It was terrible!”, “Hang loose”. Yearbook 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Graduation Usherette 2; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Float Committee 4 Kathleen Florence Lynch La Lynchie, Kit Kat, “Hey dude”, “Hey Mun”, “What’s Up”, Concert Choir 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Office Aide 2, 3, 4 Ann Marie Magleora Mags, Brooke, “What?”, “Hang ten, dude.” Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4(Captain 3, MVP 4); Class Officer 2; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3; DECA 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 4; Softball 1 Vivian Marie Maier Mimi, Viv “Geez!” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Variety Show 4; Member of BPA 3, 4 Elaine Manning Tweety “I can’t believe this!” Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 (MVP 2, MIP 4); Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2. 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Float Committee 2, 3; Arts Festival Committee 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Award 3; Physical Science Award 1 Kevin T. Marino Omar “Mellow Out” Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Baseball 1, 2; Golf 3; Student Council 1; Student Faculty Senate Float Committee 2, 4 Michael J. Martinez Tippy “That’s Wild!”, “Mellow Out” Football 1; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 2); Student Council 1 Lisa Maxwell Max Volleyball 2, 3 (Captain 2); Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 4; Toys for Tots Drive 2, 3, 4 Cynthia M. McGarvey Cindy, Cin “Give me a Break!” Ski Club 1; Band 1; Tennis 2; Guidance Aide 4; Future Nurse’s Club 4; Magazine Drive 4; Variety Show 4 Kathleen McNeil Katie “Forget it!” Ski Club 3; Tennis 2; Softball 1; Future Nurse’s Club 4; Variety Show 4 Brendan Merrigan Mulligan, Bren “Oh Well”, “Glen, got a pen?” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 4 David K. Michaud Ahmad “Yeah, right” “84 Rules” Melissa Marie Mips Missy, Mel, Mops “Give me a break”, “Join the club.” National Honor Society 3, 4; Model Congress 3, 4; Varsity Baseball Manager 2, 3, 4; Cross Country Manager 4; Arts Festival Committee 2, 3, 4; Social Science Award 3; Art Award 2; Yearbook 1, 4; Float Committee 3, 4 (Chairman 4); Student Faculty Senate 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Sharon A. Moulton Sam, Sha “Did you ever notice . . “Ya know” Honor Roll 4 William Edward Moryto Bill, Billy, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Golf 3; Lamplighters 1, 2, 3, 4 Stacy A. MacMullen Spacey, Spooky “Totally” Distributive Education 1, 2 Kimberly I. Murray Kimbies, Kimmie “Shorty!!” Junior Varsity Field Hockey (Manager 2); Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Float Committee 2, 4; Business Department Aide 4 Lisa Jo Naiman Rachel, Speede, Lee “Where’s Shorty” " Wanna skip, Cheraless?” Ski Club 1; Color Guard 1 Thomas E. Nohmy Tom, Nohm, Gnome “Right now?”, “Are you going to the gym today?” Football 1, 2; Baseball 1 Sheralyn Nolan Sherry Class Vice President 2; Future Nurses of America 4; Softball 2, 3; Float Committee 2, 3; Dance Committee 4; Office Aide 4; Variety Show 4 Christine Okon Chris, Chrisie “Wicked Nice” Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Peer Counseling 2, 3, 4; Future Nurses of America 4; Variety Show 4; Kenneth Adam O’Konis Kenny, Killer, Ringo “Don’t worry about it Weber!” Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Cross Country Ski Club 2, 3,4 Kimberly Ann Ongley Kim, Kimbo “Could be interesting!” Concert Choir 3, 4; Regional Chorus 3; The Pulse 3; Arts Festival Award 3, 4; Variety Show 4 Nancy Ortiz Shorty “Ooh Baby”, “That’s Vida!” Track 1; Volleyball 2, 3 Bruce Ottman Otter Football 1; Swimming 1, 2, 3; Student Faculty Senate 4 Sharon F. Ouimet Shorty, Wiener, Sherry " What’s Happened?”, “Oh! Really?” Band 1, 2, 3, (Secreaty 2); International Club 1, 2; Bowling 3 (Secretary 3) Sondra Overstrom Songe “You’ve got nerve.”, “You think so, huh?” Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 (MVP 4, Captain 3, 4); Basketball 1, 2, 3; Student Faculty Senate 4; Softball 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Float Committee 3 Karla Panaccione “Chris and Laura, remember when . . Tennis 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Track 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Cross Country Ski Club 4 Katherine Papiernik Kathie Peer Counseling 2; Majorette 3; Volleyball 2 Francis J. Pasini Pazzy, Frank, Pasta, Frankay Baseball 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4 (Treasurer 3, 4) Joseph Passaretti Wrestling 3, 4; Lamplighters 2, 3, 4 Lisa Ann Peabody Peabs, Peabod “I gotta go call Mike!” Food Service 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4 Anthony Pechulis Tony, Tone “Oui”, “Get Original!” “Y’ know what?” Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 1, 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country Ski Club 4; Literary Magazine 4 Caroline A. Peraro Joe “I lost my head!”, “You make me crazy!” National Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4 Tammy A. Perdue Tam, Chicken Softball 1, 2, 3; Cheerleading 1, 2; Honor Roll 1, 2; Variety Show 4 Evelyn Perez Ev “Hey, woman!”. Track 1; Soccer 4; Volleyball 4 David Petrone Ponch “Guato”, Craig S. Pfeifer Pfief " Florida Bound” Soccer 1, 2; Swimming 1, 2, 3; Ski Club 1, 2, 3 Brenda Philbert Bre, Bren “Awesome Spicoli” Wendy E. Picano Wen, Woo, Windy, “Life goes on.”, “You’re incredible.” Yearbook 1; Class Night Committee 1; Float Committee 2, 3. 4; Variety Show 4; Library Aide 1, Guidance Aide 1 JoAnn Marie Poli Joe, Josie “On my God!”, “no Sir”, “Really?” DECA 4 103 Deborah Poulin Fleo " Sooo good! " Karen H. Quinn Huggie Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Float Committee 2, 3; Softball Manager 2, 3; Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 4 Peter J. Rayna Pete " Slab”, " Pinarc” Swimming 2, 3; Model UN 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Literary Magazine 3, 4 (Editor 4); Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; As Schools Match Wits 2, 3, 4; Model Congress 4; Chemathon 2; State Legislative Intern 3; American Studies Award 3 Maria C. Restucci Squeaky " I guess so, I don’t know!” John Rinaldi Johnny, Bullwinkle, Wolfman, “Yeeeah! " , “Know what I’m say’n?” Golf 1; Newspaper 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 4; Holly Roach Honor Roll 2, 4; Student Faculty Senate 3, 4; Float Committee 3; Ski Club 3 Amy I. Romano Amy-Lou, A, Rom, J.J. “Oh, myl”, “Ready, Dianne?” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 4; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 (All-League Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Captain 4; All-State 4); Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Softball 1, 2, 3, 4 (All-League 2, 3; MVP 3); Float Committee 2, 3 Matthew C. Rooney Moon, Mooner, Houston “Whoops!”, “Yeah, bye!” “Have you seen Samson?” Jennifer Rubacha Nifer, Lt. Space, “Oh my God ... I gotta tell you what happened!’’. Band 1, 2 (B.P.A.): Variety Show 4 James M. Russell Russ “So are we jamming this weekend?’’, “Hey, did you do the homework last night?” Bowling 2, 3, 4; Golf 1; Skiing 4; Basketball 1 Francis P. Sailer Fran, Franck ’’. . . Switzerland . . . Not Sweden!!!’’ Cross Country 4, Swimming 4, Lamplighters 4; Ski Club 4 Julie A. Saindon Jul “Ya Know?’’, “Excuse me, but I’m talking!” Cheerleading 1; Honor Roll 4; Most Spirited 1; Tennis 4 Patti San Filippo Maggie Meatball, Patti Puff, Patsy “Peachy Keen”, “Neato”, “Hey Nifer — what’s happening?” Track 1; Colorguard 3; Variety Show 4 John Scalia Bobo, Joe, Scailiya, “Remember that” Deborah A. Schroder Scoot, Scooter, “Nifty”, " Hey Woman”, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 2); Student Faculty Senate 2, 3; Industrial Art Award 1; MVP Field Hockey; Senior Variety Show 4; Ron Scovill Hippie, Scoves “Metal Rules”, “Bang your head.” Baseball 1; Honor Roll 1 James R. Shelton Jim, Randy, James “You’ve got to be kidding”, “I’m not a town driver.” Computer Club 1 (President 3, 4); Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Computer Lab Assistant 4; Physics Club 4 Bryan Shewokis Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Swimming 2 Daniel F. Shovak Dan, Sh-sh-sh-shovak “It hurts.” “I’m so lost.” Basketball 1, 4 Gregory W. Smith Smitty “Elaine, did you do your Critical homework?” “Go for it.” Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 1, 2); Wrestling 1; Track 1 Beth Ann Snyder Bethany, Beth “Off on a target” “You guys!” Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Band Council 1, 2, 3, 4; (Vice President 4); Band Manager 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 3; Tennis 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3,4 Goldie Cheryl Stears " How’s it going eh?” “Take it easy, eh!” DECA 1, 2; Honor Roll 4; Spanish Award 1; Book Store 3, 4; Blue House Aide 2, 3 Nick W. Stelmat Kidd, Nack “Dude, heads up!” “You gotta be kidding.” Jazz Ensemble 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Wesley I. Summers Wester, Wes Nessman, “Yes, that’s part of it.” “I think you’re wrong.” Algebra II Award 2; Geometry Award 1, Analysis Award 3, Biology Award 1, Physics Award 3; Renselaer Medal 3; Student Faculty Senate 1, 2, 3, 4; Physics Club 4; Varsity Track 3; Bowling Club Treasurer 3; As Schools Match Wits 3, 4 Donald C. Sutherland Chuck “Fermi Hockey is 1”, “Are you going to my game tonight?” Ice Hockey 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Soccer 1, 2; Variety Show 4; Magazine Drive 4 Todd E. Swenson Swens “Can I borrow your wallet?” Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, Hockey 1, 2. 3,4 Leon Szafran Szof “What Critical homework?” Richard H. Tardif, Jr. Rich, Pichardo, Ricardo Montalbon “That’s besides the point.’’, “Who Me?’’, National Honor Society 3, 4; Physics Club 4; Bowling Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling Champions 2, 3, 4; Bowling Club President 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Lisa A. Tenerowicz T, Leese “Like, ya know what I mean.” Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; All-League 4; All-State Honorable Mention 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; (MVP 3; All-League 3); Basketball 1, 2; Ski Club 4; ' y ' earbock (Editor 4); National Honor Society 3, 4; Class Ring Committee 2; Homecoming Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Harvard Book Award 3, French IV Award 3; Model Congress 3; Daughters of the American Revoluation Award 4; Abbe House Citizenship Award 1; Class Night Committee 1, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Kimberly Ann Thomas Kimmy, Kimbo, Bo, “Have a rainbow day!”, “Wicked”, “Let’s do something tonight.” Yearbook 1; Track 3 Toby Timion Method Man, Tretch “What’s up chief?”, “Yeah!”, “Scatten” Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Track 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 1); Baseball 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Float Committee 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4 Tammy Lynn Tobey Tam “Life goes on.” Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Softball 2, 3; Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Future Nurse’s Club 4; Magazine Drive 4; Variety Show 4 Sheila Tomkiewicz Sheil-kins, Dude Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 3); Float Committee 3, 4; DECA 3, 4; Variety Show 4 Kathleen Mary Vassalotti Kathy, Kiki, V.V., “That really bugs me!”, “You know what I mean!”. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 1); All- League 4; Basketball 1, 2 (MIP 2); Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Superintendent’s Advisory Committee 2; History Award 1; National Honor Society 3, 4; Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 4; Yearbook 4 Denise Vega Nisey, Ne “Yes!! Julie I know!” Future Nurse’s Club 4 Bruce Vendetta Brother Bruce “What a long strange trip it’s been” Honor Roll 1, 4; Hiking Club 1 Denise Villani V, Flee “Sooo good!” Basketball 1, 3 David A. Weber Webs “Hurts” Baseball 1; Football 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4 (Secretary 3, 4); Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Christopher Welton Chris “You’re pulling my leg!” Swimming 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4) Cheryl A. Wenzel Cheerleading 2; Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 2, 4 Timothy B. White White Baseball 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Sharyn Wild S.S., Buffy, “Excuse me” “What a woos” Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 (MIP); Student Faculty Senate 3, 4; Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Ski Club 1: Softball Manager Kirsten G. Williams Giggles, Kirstii, “Does anybody want to hear a joke?”, “I love my teddy bear!” Honor Roll 4 Maryanne Wosko Annie, A.A., Waddles, “Yeah” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 4; Basketball 1, 2; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4 Marybeth Wosko Betsy, B.B. Trigger “Seriously” Volleyball 3, 4 (Captain 4, CCIL All-Star 3, 4); Basketball 1, 2, 3; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3, 4; Variety show 4 Jane P. Young “Wicked”, “I’m so confused.” Guidance Aide 1; Cheerleader 1; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2 Mari L. Zapor “That’s life” Honor Roll 4 Julie Ann Zdebski Zeb, Polock, Jules “I’m hungry”, “Que pasa, mama?”. Student Faculty Senate 4; Variety Show 4; Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Honor Roll 1, 2; Float Committee 4; Band 1; Softball 1 Thomas J. Zinza Zinz, Honor Roll 3 Marianne Zirolli Mare, Mids, Shorty “I’m tired, I want to go home”, “Where’s Kathy?” Football Manager 4; Float Committee 4; Senior Variety Show 4 105 r Sports Academics are important to the growth of the mind; however the benefits gained from participating in a sport also help an individual to grow. Physical exercise builds stamina, coordination, and strength, and these qualities, coupled with the achievement of a positive attitude, provide the balance to create a successful person. Through sports an individual learns the importance of communication and commitment to others as well as the need for persistence, desire, time, and effort to accomplish per- sonal goals. In turn, the athlete learns to accept and cope with success and disappointment. The athletic program at Fermi offers its students the opportunity to take part in a variety of sports throughout the school year. Not only are the physical rewards of par- ticipating in sports valuable to the athlete, but also there is the reward of a sense of belonging to a group of young adults who share a common interest. Furthermore, the friendly atmosphere among athletes adds to the enjoyment of playing and to the com- radery shared with .players of competing teams. The fun attained through hard work surpasses all other achievements. The student who takes full advantage of extra-curricular activities will attain a well- rounded eduation. “Take hold of your life, apply your gifts and talents, work with dedication and self-discipline. Have high expectations for yourself and convert every challe nge into an opportunity.” These words of advice from the Commission of Ex- cellence in Education are to be well taken! The emphasis remains on the student and his her choice to pursue an education, both academically and nonacademically. 107 1. Tracy Cofiell performs one of the more difficult dives in good form. 2. After passing the ball. Lisa Hoinoski charges down court to follow up on her play. 3. Fermi’s soccer players always “stick together.” 4. Jill LeDoux and Ann Magleora exhibit the comradery that builds a winning team! 5. Theresa Tracy supports the home team when a touchdown is scored. 6. Collette Normandin skillfully moves the ball down the field. Sports’ Candids 1. To check on the team’s progress, Marc Levine and Coach Bace wic 2 keep their eyes on the upcoming play. 2. Debbie Zipp is full of zap! 3. Todd Swenson and his Windsor opponent cross sticks in their fight for the puck. 4. Francis Sailor wraps up Lynelle Neuter with " foreign intrigue.” 5. Chris Welch struggles to get back to his base against a strong opponent. 109 Pep Rallies 1 . The Fermi Falcons are 1 . 2. The athletes prepare for the Fall pep rally. 3. Lisa Albert, Janet Chornyak and the senior crowd wait for their cue to shout the senior battle cry. 4. The Underclassmen are greeted by the cheerleaders. 5. E.T. feels at “home " with the Fermi Falcon Fans. 110 1. The Fermi mascot is “poultry in motion!!” 2. Did the Freshmen “freak out?” 3. Karen Quinn feels left out because her friends DiAnn Jones, Joann Dunne, and Lisa Huddleston are wearing their senior shirts. 4. The Fermi Faculty keeps an eye on the pep rally proceedings. 5. Coach Jolly and Mr. Crochiere anticipate a good year for their activities; J.V. soccer and the band. 6. Fermi’s cheerleaders are “fishing for support” from the ’’Silly Sophomores.” Ill Cheerleaders 1. To the music of the Fermi Falcon Band, Sheila Tomkiewicz generates spirit on Flomecoming Day. 2. Kelly Woods ' Broadway routine enlivens halftime. 3. “Let me entertain you!” exclaims Kathy Banahan. 4. Donna Vella greets the football fans with open arms. i ili [ 1411 f KP M • 1 I ♦ jj • » 1 1 -V 1 ■ t f t tyM h • » W‘ a Varsity Cheerleaders: First Row: Denise Giaccone, Co-Captain; Julie Zdebski, Co-Captain Second Row: Miss Civale, Patty Jensen, Kathy Parakilas, Theresa Tracey, Kathy Banahan, Kelly Woods, Donna Vella, Debbie Zipp, Shiela Tomkiewicz, Maureen Slattery, Tonya Day Advisor: Miss Civale “Good manners, consideration for others, school spirit, a smile and a willingness to achieve are the ingredients for a winning cheerleading squad.” 112 wm f ii 1 Ilf Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: First Row: Alicia Linoce, Kim Okon, Colleen Dougherty, Co-Captain; Noelle Wojciehowski, Co-Captain; Tina Parakilas, Stephanie Sherman Second Row: Lara Pomeroy, Gina Petronella, Andrea Tracey, Fran Leger, Kathy Stanio, Jodie Perkins, Miss Civale 1. High stepping Kathy Parakilas kicks into action. 2. Julie Zdebski executes a cheer in perfect form. 3. Fermi’s mascot takes a break while Fermi’s cheerleaders take a turn. 4. Tonya Day cheers to the beat of the Fermi bandl 5. The icy wind doesn’t dampen Denise Giaccone and Theresa Tracey’s spirits. 113 k illlllt! 1. Coach Mayo advises Steve Samson of new strategy. 2. Myles Leavitt and Gary Newman leave the field after Fermi recovers a tumble. 3. A strong effort is made by Brian Donor to block an extra point. 4. Toby Timion kicks for a field goal. 5. Tim Pilkington and Greg Smith ' s precision block allows Tom Blount to execute a pass. 6. Brian Poulin knows the “agony of defeat.” H 1 114 Football Coach Bacewicz “Through dedicated effort and team-work, we attempt to communicate the ideal that ‘Our greatest glory as human beings is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall’.” r Vcrtity Football: Front Row: Greg Suchy, Tri-Captain. Jim Johnston. Tri-Captain, Toby Timion, Tn-Captain Second Row: Myles Leavitt. Marc Lussier. Rich Bird. Craig Begnoche. Foster Leavitt. Greg Smith. Steve Samson. Bob Silver. Gary Newman Third Row: Marianrre Zirolli. Manager. Marc Levine. Jett Beiler. Tom Blounl. John Cunningham. Mike Lasata. Chris Cox. Charlie Veto. Tim Pilkington. Brian Poulin. Don Teske. Mary Hayden. Manager Fourth Row: Coach LaFlamme Mike Bowler. Ken Nabors. John Colagiovanni. Pal Moriarty. Brian Donor. Larry Outraine. Tom Dowd. Fraser Daly. Coach Leavitt Fifth Row: Coach Bacewicr. Mario Cournoyer. Rick Koehniein. Mike Fanelli. Gary Chappell. Jim O ' Brien, Keith Edwards. Coach Mayo 1. Toby Timion tightly grasps a recovered fumble. 2. The Fermi stands are packed with enthusiastic supporters at the Homecoming game. 3. Greg Suchy, Toby Timion, and Marc Levine aggressively stop the opposition. 4. Mario Cournoyer clears the way for Tom Blount. 115 1. Tim Pilkington searches for an opening in the defense. 2. Charlie Veto runs back a punt return. 3. With strong blocking by Fermi, Tom Blount is able to launch another pass. 4. Steve Samson rushes to help his teammate stop the offensive runner. 5. Coach Leavitt and Jeff Beiler keep track of the action from the side lines. yi tk •Tl Junior Varsity Football; First Row: Kenny Nabors, Marc Levine, Mike Lasata, Tri-Captain; Tom Blount, Tri-Captaii Don Teske, Tri-Captain; Brian Poulin, Charlie Veto Second Row: Coach Leavitt, Mike Bowler, John Cunningham, Pat Moriarty, Chris Cox, Fraz Daly, Larry Dufraine, Tom Dowd, Rick Glowaki, Coach Mayo Third Row: Coach Bacewicz, Mario Cournoyer, Mike Fanelli, John Colagiovanni, Gary Chat pell, Jim O’Brien, Rick Koehniein, Tim Pilkington, Coach LaFlamme 1 1. Greg Smith attempts to block a pass as Tim Pilkington prepares for the tackle. 2. Fermi’s defense tries to “hold the line’’. 3. Rick Koehniein refreshes himself after a tough play. 4. Tim Pilkington is sure to legally tackle Penny’s receiver under the watchful eye of the referee. 5. The pensive Richard Bird realizes that though determination is there, that is not always enough to win the game. 6. Fermi’s defense is all “set” to go!! 117 Boys’ Soccer 1. Jon LeBlanc attempts to trap the ball before his engaging opponent takes possession. 2. Some fancy footwork is required for Pat Lynch to get past this Enfield defender. 3. Dennis Moore and Peter Veto prepare to challenge the Enfield Raiders. 4. Ken O’Konis and Todd Baldyga “twist” their way to victory over a Raider opponent in the soccer dance marathon! 118 Varsity Soccer: First Row: Jon LeBlanc, Tri-Captain; Ke vin Marino, Tri-Captain; Pat Lynch, Tri-Captain Second Row: Jim Chamberland, Todd Baldyga, Mark Johnson, Mike Martinez, Bill Moryto, Darrell Crowley, Marc Fiore, Ken O’Konis Third Row: Dennis Moore, Chris Camara, Doug Langlois, Marc Criscitelli, Bryan Shewokis, Kevin Campbell, Mike Mucci, Roger Eddy, Pete Veto, Coach Batista 1. Roger Eddy is surprised to see that he is in Enfield territory. 2. Jon LeBlanc perfects a Bruce Lee karate maneuver during the first half. 3. “Oh no! Here they come again!” shouts Doug Langlois to Roger Eddy. 4. Chris Camara attempts to gain possession of the ball from two opposing players. 5. Todd Baldyga " heads” the ball to new heights. Junior Varsity Soccer: First Row: Mark Jordan, Dave Dowd, Co-Captain; Rob Warshal, Co-Captain; Brian Nolan Second Row: Chris Agro, Steve Augustus, Paul Richard, Rob Decker, Bernie Foote, Jim Russell, Tim White, Pete Smith, Rich Decker Third Row: Alisa Fontaine, Manager; Harthe Christiansen, Manager; Paul Smith, Ron Emrick, Chris Ericson, Dan LeBlanc, Coach Joly, Dana Riley, Michael Mucci, Scott Ritchotte, Brenda Abrams, Manager; Diane Badger, Manager Junior Varsity Volleyball: First Row: Jeanne Hietala, Captain Second Row: Patty Pinette, Stella Murray, Lisa Cote, Crystal Lee Third Row: Stacey Hellyar, Fawn Lee, Jackie Yeager, Kathy Hoinoski, Marci Carew, Mitzi Burke, Tracy Catania 1 . The faultless skills of Sondra Overstrom spark the Falcons’ defensive game. 2. Betsy Wosko does not believe in sitting down on the job — she lays down on the job! 3. Debbie Kearney realizes that the follow through is just as important as the initial move. 4. Annie Wosko hopes her serve will draw a point. 5. Ready at the net to dink the ball, Sheree Bouthiette grits her teeth. 120 x Volleyball GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Varsity Volleyball: First Row: Sondra Overstrom, Tri-Captain; Betsy Wosko, Tri-Captain; Carol Jaworowski, Tri-Captain Second Row: Annie Wosko, Terry LeBlanc, Sheree Bouthiette, Kim Anderson Third Row: Debbie Kearney, Debbie Hoffmen, Coach Carbone 1. Terry LeBlanc makes another perfect set. 2. A full extension dive will prevent Kim Anderson’s opponents from getting a point. 3. Sondra Overstrom really " digs” volleyball. 4. Debbie Hoffmen concentrates on making an accurate hit. “Communication is the key word in volleyball — it is essential. We are successful at Fermi High due to helping one another understand each other’s differences.” Coach Carbone 1. The “Artful Dodger " , Kathy Vassalotti, skillfully dribbles her way down the field. 2. Elaine Manning ' s stickwork brings the opposition to their knees. 3. The " Dynamic Duo”, Heidi Brodtman and Darleen Clark, dig up the dust to prevent their opponent from scoring. 4. Jill LeDoux ' s skills are put to the test in a one-on-one battle against the goalie. “A commitment to self and to team, coupled with the desire of heart and the strength of friendship, communicates very positive results to the player and are responsible for the success of the 1983 field hockey program.” Coach Sullivan Varsity Field Hockey: First Row: Amy Romano, Tri-Captain; Heidi Brodtman, Tri-Captain; Gretchen Harger, Tri-Captain . Second Row: Lisa Tenerbwicz, Kathy Vasslotti,, Irene Griffith, Elaine Manning, Karla Panac- cione, Chris Shewokis, Lisa Gauyreau Third Row: Linette Hamel, Manager; Coach Sullivan, Becky Ryder, Jill LeDoux, Anr Magleora, Sharyn Wild, Darleen Clark, Debbie Schroder Field Hockey Junior Varsity Field Hockey: First Row: Lara Levinthal, Co-Captain; Kim Hesse, Lisa Cousineau, Co-Captain Second Row: Mary Daglio, Kathy Ciolkos, Kathy Kurkul, Kelly Kertanis, Lisa Borkoski, Darcy Russotto Third Row: Lisa Carr. Manager; Elisa Broderick, Marie Capel, Tricia Agro, Linda Giordano, Annemarie Vassalotti, Coach Gates 1. Gretchen Harger rushes out on a penalty corner to block the shot on the net. 2. Get your kicks with hockey sticks! 3. Becky Ryder watches the play as Amy Romano charges through the defense of the opposing team. 4. Kathy Vassalotti leads teammates Sharyn Wild, Amy Romano, and Lisa Tenerowicz into battle. 5. Ann Magleora tackles back to help her defense. 123 Cross Country 1. Hayden Daly crosses the finish line in record time as Miss Cardell hands him his place card. 2. To pace his route evenly, Jeff Michaud concentrates on his stride. 3. Jerry Ceniglio reaches for his fifth place card in a cross country race. 4. Coach Ryczek records the time of Mark Higley’s fine performance. 124 Boys’ Cross Country: First Row: Jeff Michaud, Fran Sailer, Dave Cote, Tri-Captain; Hayden Daly, Tri-Captain; Mark Higley, Tri-Captain Second Row: Coach Ryczek, Rus Constantine, Troy Winten, Dan Teigen, Chris Chapman, Jerry Ceniglio, Mike McNulty, Mark Maiczynski 1. Jane Swiatek demonstrates her winning form. 2. Kelly Cloutier is determined to keep a steady pace throughout the course. 3. Lynelle Neuter and Jane Swiatek congratulate each other for successful finishes. 4. Brooke Raymond places after a tough race. “A spirit of togetherness is a great source of motivation. Success is measured by what the team accomplishes.” Coach Cardell Girls’ Soccer 1. In perfect balance, Kelly Neill attempts to center a pass. 2. Carrie McNeff hustles to keep the ball under control. 3. Diana Giraud prepares a sneak attack to gain possession of the ball. 4. Breaking through the defensive line, Kristan Bennett quickly passes to her teammates. Girls’ Soccer: s First Row: Kelly Neill, Tri-Captain; Betsy LeBlanc, Tri-Captain; Lisa Garcia, Tri-Captain; Diana ) Giraud ; Second Row: Coach Campbell, Amy Dumensil, Collette Normandin, Kristan Bennett, Sara Levinthal, Linda Potter, Heather Dubian, Cindy Rayna, Beth Laffargue Third Row: Coach Reveruzzi, Nancy Smith, Carrie McNeff, Donna Gandolfo, Kerry Lawnsby, ,• Sheryl Bachard, Kim Wiiczynski, Jeannine Michaud, Nancy Campbell, Manager ' 1. Linda Potter fights for control of the ball as Lisa Garcia, Carrie McNeff, Kelly Neill and Nancy Smith stand ready in their positions. 2. Collette Normandin juggles the ball as Sara Levinthal shouts a few inspiring words. 3. Beth Laffargue powerfully kicked the ball, determined to keep it out of Fermi territory. 4. Dropping to her knees, Nancy Smith stops the ball from crossing the goal line. 5. “Using her head,” Sara Levinthal directs the ball down the field. 6. Lisa Garcia skillfully maneuvers around a defensive player. 127 1. Laps are a breeze for Brenda Newport. 2. Robin Ottman emerges from the depths of Fermi ' s pool. 3. Debbie Sanders comes up for a breather. 4. Faye McCully paces her strokes to win her event. 5. Tracy Cofiell tests the water before her dive. 6. Kris Marcil " flips” over swimming. Girls’ Swimming Girls’ Swimming: First Row: Brenda Newport, Sharon Ball, Debbie Sanders, Tri-Captain; Robin Ottman, Tri- Captain; Chris Okon, Tri-Captain; Debbie Fleck, Tracy Cofiell. Second Row: Coach Marcil, Faye McCully, Natalie Vanderheiden, Kris Marcil, Kathy Roeder, Michele Michaud, Coach Lengyel Third Row: Kim Okon, Corinne Mihlek, Sheila Borskl, Cindy Constantine, Tina Latraverse, Heidi Grade 1. Cindy Constantine, Heidi Gracie, and Cor- inne Mihlek shout words of encouragement to the racers. 2. Sharon Ball cuts through the water on her last lap. 3. The Captains of the 1984 Girls ' Swimming Team are Chris Okon, Debbie Sanders, and Robin Ottman. 4. Robin Ottman cheers for her teammates as Chris Okon and Sheila Borski prepare for the next race. 129 Boys’ Basketball 1. Walt Babut and Toby Timion take a break from the game to show off their hula talents. 2. Jon LeBlanc skillfully works his way down the court. 3. Coach Morton reviews a game plan with the team during a time out. 4. Quick movements by Bob Blazer keep the Fermi offense on its toes. Varsity Boys’ Basketball: First Row: Dan Shovak, Steve Michaud, Dave Weber, Walt Babut, Captain; Frank Pasini, Toby Timion, Jon LeBlanc. Second Row: Coach Morton, Mark Johnson, Brad Moskowicz, Don Webb, Bob Blaser, Bill Spanswick. 130 1. Bill Spanswick sprints down the court after getting a rebound. 2. Dan Shovak scans the court for an open receiver. 3. Marc Johnson is careful not to foul his opponent as Don Webb is pushed to the ground. 4. The Fermi Cheerleaders reach new heights in their performance. 5. Walter Babut dazzles his opponents with his fancy footwork and ball control. 6. Don Webb stands tall in order to block a shot. IL ' y j Junior Varsity Boys’ Basketball: First Row; Mark Wisnesky, Todd Tweeddale, Chris Chapman, Captain; Chris Allison, Jim Callahan Second Row: Coach Hovey, Tom Halligan, Brad Moskowicz, Mark Michaud, Eric Waskiel, Bruce Beckford. Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball: First Row: Jennifer Blaser, Lisa Borkoski, Captain; Dianne Evans, Sheila Borski. Second Row: Jeannine Miachaud, Manager; Jane Swiatek, Manager; Sue Mercik, Terry LeBlanc, Paula Hansen, Coach Derose. 1 . Lisa Hoinoski wins the jump ball at the start of the East Hartford game. 2. Lisa Garcia makes a quick move to fake out the defense and open up for the offensive drive. 3. Sheree Bouthiette questions, “What did I do wrong this time?” 4. Amy Romano goes up for an easy lay-up to put two more points on the score board. 5. Dianne Evans plays a tight man-to-man defense. 6. Sheree Bouthiette can’t seem to get her feet off the ground to block a shot. 132 Girls’ Basketball Girls’ Varsity Basketball: First Row: Caroline Peraro, Lisa Garcia, Co-Captain; Amy Romano, Co-Captain; Sue Soltys. Second Row: Shane Guilford, Manager; Lisa Borkoski, Lisa Hoinoski, Sheree Bouthiette, Chris Cheshul, Manager. Third Row: Coach Ryczek, Jane Swiatek, Manager; Dianne Evans, Becky Ryder, Debbie Kearney, Coach Derose. 1. Lisa Hoinoski takes a water break at halftime. 2. With the ball at her fingertips, Lisa Borkoski controls the game. 3. Sue Soltys dribbles toward the basket on a break away. 4. Lisa Garcia goes up for a lay-up while Lisa Hoinoski and some East Hartford players get ready for the rebound. 5. This facial expression assures Amy Romano a clear path to the basket. 1. Mat Mormino suffers a painful loss of two points in a quick deciding match. 2. Mike Dobrzycki escaped for a one point advantage in a six minute dual. 3. Scott Gurry bridges to defy his opponent a possible pin. 4. With sheer brute strength, Joel Davidson earns two points for a take down. “In the name of sportsmanship, self discipline, dedication, and respect of fellow wrestlers gives rise to an unrelenting spirit of team unity.” Coach Aleks Wrestling: First Row: Brian Severns, Mike Dobrzycki, Craig Begnoche, Captain; Todd Gurry, Mike Beaudry, Joe Passaretti. Second Row: Jeff Landry, Chris Welch, Brian Girard, Pete Veto, Scott Gurry, Tom Smith. Third Row: Coach Aleks, Mat Mormino, Steve Bajek, Todd Vining, Dave Vujs. Wrestling 1. Brian Severns demonstrates his quick speed as he reverses on his opponent. 2. Even though wrestling is an individual sport, Todd Vining, Mat Mormino and Joel Davidson support their teammate from the sidelines. 3. Todd Vining struggles vigorously to break his opponents grip. 4. Brian Girard defaces his opponent as he sets up for a figure four. 5. Chris Welch is caught off guard with a " back heel " move. 6. Paul Chapman escapes as he readies his opponent for a pinning position. Ice Hockey 1% 1. Captain Marc Fiore brushes off his opponent’s attempted check. 2. Goalie Scott Greenough takes a breath of confidence as Chuck Sutherland recovers the puck. 3. As he rounds the net Dan Giordano scouts out any possible receivers. 4. Fermi defensemen Rob Harmon, Paul Lessard, and Tim White demonstrate their Olympian form. 5. Rob Harmon skates unchallenged with the puck. 6. Scott Greenough clears the net and passes the puck to teammate Jeff Perkins. 7. Chris Driscoll finds himself in an uncompromising position as he is pinned against the boards. 136 1. Pete Smith employs his skating precision. 2. Tom Gauvreau battles for possession of the puck. 3. Todd Swenson and his opponent are action on ice. 4. Eric Haglund awaits a chance to tuck the puck into the net. “Love conquers all, let us join hands as one and strive together — a cooperative venture by hearty pucksters with their bag of tricks” Coach Miltz Ice Hockey: Fire! Row: Scott Greenough, Rob Harmon. Eric Haglund, Chuck Sutherland, Tri-Captain; Marc Fiore. Tri-Captain; Todd Swenson, Chris Driscoll, Tri-CaptaIn; Rob Schulte Second Row: Coach Miltz. Lenny Asselin, Tim White. Pete Smith, Dan Giordano, Dan Merritt. 4 Micky Kauffman, Coach Forbes, Jeff Mule Third Row: Steve Degregorio, Paul Lessard, Tom Gaureau, Brian Daley, Jeff Perkins Boys’ Swimming 1. Jim Fenton takes a moment to psyche himself up for his next race. 2. Dominick DePaolo completes a one and one half on his way to victory in the diving competition. 3. As he comes up for a breath, Francis Sailer pulls through the water in the 100 yard breaststroke. 4. When Bill Garrity speaks, swimmers listen. Boys’ Swimming: First Row: Ehrich Grein, Mike Okon, Co-Captain; Dave Drapeau, Co-Captain; Francis Sailer. Second Row: Sharon Ouimet, Manager; Natalie Vanderheiden, Manager; Dominick DePaolo, Rick Mormino, Coach Lengyel. Third Row: Jim Fenton, Peter Miko, Bill Garrity Coach Lengyel “It is far better to be remembered by your teammates and coaches as the hardest working, most loyal, most team oriented person than to be remembered only as the best athlete.” 138 1. Tom Condron takes easy strides as he does the backstroke. 2. Pat Dube informs teammate Jim Fenton he only has 5 laps to go. 3. “Oh no! Who drained the pool?!” exclaims Pat Liner. 4. Mike Okon eyes the end of another race. 5. Ehrich Grein blows a kiss to his fans. 6. Dave Drapeau hopes 13 is not an unlucky number. 7. Dom DePaolo concentrates on the performance of his teammates. 139 Freshmen Sports Field Hockey: First Row: Sue Mercik, Co-Captain; Jennifer Blaser, Co-Captain. Second Row: Heather Barberie, Lori Currie, Leslie Figure, Dayna Maggio, Jennifer O ' Konis. Third Row: Coach Turcotte, Katie Kaiser, Kim Browne, Beth Nohmy, Kellie Army, Paula Hansen, Lara Falardeau, Sharon Csekovsky, Manager. 4m fV 4 BK I Boys’ Soccer First Row: Anthony Romano, Shane Guilford, Mike Connors, Mike Dobrzycki, Scott Shelton, Mike Smolensk!, Ron Chwalek, Scott Garcia. Second Row: Michele Lemieux, Manager; Mike Daglio, Eric Paplan, John Neild, Jeff Houde, Steve Cybulski, Deven Camara, Mike Ed- dy, Cheryl Bennett, Manager; Coach Anderson. 140 Boys’ Basketball: First Row: Ed Smith, Co-Captain; Kevin Whiteley, Co-Captain. Seconf Row: Mike Polmatier, Paul Smith, Mike Daglio, Steve Cybulski, Jeff Houde. Third Row: Anthony Romano, Frank Zambino, Brian Jones, Mike Smolensk!, Ron Proulx, Coach Deni. Football: First Row; Scott Cousineau, Jose Navarro, Chris Roeder, Jason Race, Rich Parrow, Carlo Bergamini, Steve Rumore, Mike Ludwick. Second Row: Cynthia Olofson, Manager; Jay Malley, Shawn Remington, Todd Gurry, Ed Smith, Tom Smith, Jeff O ' Brien, Blaise Ber- nard, Greg Brown, Darren Brooks, Kelly Reynolds, Manager. Third Row; Coach LaBranche, Rod Lewis, Jimmy Griffin, Ken Landry, Brian Jones, John Butala, Tim Moriarty, Rich Green, Darren Crosby, Steve Cloutier, Coach Rizzo, 141 Records GIRLS’ SWIMMING WINS-0 LOSSES- 11 Fermi 77 Penney 99 Fermi 59 E.O. Smith 109 Fermi 82 Buikeley 92 Fermi 74 Windsor 97 Fermi 64 Conard 89 Fermi 74 Windham 93 Fermi 81 East Hartford 93 Fermi 69 Manchester 97 Fermi 47 Hail 92 Fermi 68 Wethersfield 88 Fermi 81 Enfield 88 BOYS’ CROSS COUNTRY WINS-8 LOSSES-5 Fermi 24 Penney 31 Fermi 36 Windham 20 Fermi 24 Wethersfieid 31 Fermi 15 Price Tech 44 Fermi 36 Manchester 22 Fermi 31 Hali 25 Fermi 25 Rockvilie 32 Fermi 40 Conard 17 Fermi 20 Windsor Locks 37 Fermi 37 East Hartford 20 Fermi 21 Simsbury 34 Fermi 15 Windsor 46 Fermi 15 Enfield 42 FIRST PLACE AT WICKHAM INVITATIONAL BOYS’ SOCCER WINS-3 LOSSES-12 Fermi 1 Simsbury 2 Fermi 1 Windham 3 Fermi 1 Wethersfield 3 Fermi 1 Manchester 3 Fermi 3 Conard 0 Fermi 3 Enfield 0 Fermi 1 Hall 6 Fermi 2 Penney 3 Fermi 3 East Hartford 5 Fermi 0 Simsbury 6 Fermi 0 Windham 2 Fermi 0 Wethersfield 1 Fermi 0 Manchester 2 Fermi 2 Conard 1 Fermi 2 Hall 8 FIELD HOCKEY WINS-12 Fermi 3 LOSSES-2 Manchester TiE-1 1 Fermi 4 Simsbury 0 Fermi 3 Windham 2 Fermi 1 Haii 0 Fermi 2 Wethersfieid 0 Fermi 5 Conard 0 Fermi 0 Enfieid 1 Fermi 6 Windham 0 Fermi 6 Simsbury 2 Fermi 2 Manchester 1 Fermi 0 Conard 0 Fermi 5 Wethersfieid 1 Fermi 1 Haii 0 Fermi 1 Enfieid 0 STATE TOURNAMENT Fermi 0 New Canaan 1 BOYS’ BASKETBALL WON 12 LOST 8 Fermi 46 Hall 57 Fermi 44 Penriy 51 Fermi 47 East Hartford 41 Fermi 68 Rockville 61 Fermi 38 Simsbury 39 Fermi 42 Windham 41 Fermi 56 Wethersfield 44 Femri 38 Manchester 40 Fermi 60 Conard 59 Fermi 48 Hall 66 Fermi 54 Rockville 64 Fermi 59 Enfield 56 Fermi 60 Penny 74 Fermi 61 East Hartford 50 Fermi 33 Simsbury 32 Fermi 46 Windham 36 Fermi 74 Wethersfield 56 Fermi 59 Manchester 64 Fermi 59 Conard 52 Fermi 53 Enfield 42 GIRLS’ SOCCER WINS-3 Fermi 0 LOSSES-7 TIES-3 Newington 4 Fermi 1 Suffieid 5 Fermi 5 O.LA. 0 Fermi 0 Eilington 5 Fermi 6 O.L.A. 0 Fermi 0 South Windsor 1 Fermi 0 Enfield 0 Fermi 2 East Windsor 0 Fermi 3 Simsbury 3 Fermi 0 South Windsor 2 Fermi 0 Somers 3 Fermi 0 Enfield 0 Fermi 0 Hall 8 142 BOYS’ SWIMMING WINS-2 LOSSES-9 Fermi 94 Windsor locks 62 Fermi 60 Conard 107 Fermi 65 Manchester 97 Fermi 66 Windsor 101 Fermi 67 Wethersfield 74 Fermi 67 Windham 77 Fermi 60 Hall 92 Fermi 77 Penney 83 Fermi 78 East Hartford 82 Fermi 77 Enfield 63 Fermi 54 Bulkely 97 GIRLS’ CROSS COUNTRY WINS-3 LOSSES-7 Fermi 30 Penney 19 Fermi 40 Windham 17 Fermi 27 Wethersfield 28 Fermi 44 Hall 16 Fermi 41 Manchester 18 Fermi 37 Conard 23 Fermi 26 Windsor Locks 30 Fermi 31 Rockville 26 Fermi 25 Simsbury 32 Fermi 29 Windsor 27 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL WINS-12 LOSSES-7 Fermi 16 Hall 58 Fermi 35 Penney 39 Fermi 52 East Hartford 37 Fermi 49 Simsbury 46 Fermi 29 Windham 27 Fermi 50 Wetherstield 41 Fermi 44 Manchester 34 Fermi 29 Conard 46 Fermi 48 Hall 49 Fermi 42 Enfield 41 Fermi 55 Penney 46 Fermi 60 East Hartford 28 Fermi 44 Simsbury 38 Fermi 69 Windham 63 Fermi 45 Wethersfield 35 Fermi 29 Manchester 43 Fermi 33 Conard 42 Fermi 43 Enfield 42 Fermi 61 • STATE TOURNAMENT • South Windsor 68 FOOTBALL WINS-1 LOSSES-9 Fermi 12 South Windsor 6 Fermi 12 Hall 50 Fermi 0 Conard 27 Fermi 18 Manchester 35 Fermi 8 Windham 20 Fermi 16 East Hartford 41 Fermi 21 Penney 43 Fermi 0 Wethersfield 7 Fermi 7 Simsbury 30 Fermi 6 Enfield 22 WINS-11 ICE HOCKEY LOSSES-8 TIES-1 Fermi 6 Rockville 2 Fermi 7 Suffleld 1 Fermi 3 Hamden 4 Fermi 3 East Catholic 5 Fermi 3 Suffleld 2 Fermi 6 Conard 5 Fermi 8 Hall 0 Fermi 6 Enfield 4 Fermi 2 Simsbury 5 Fermi 5 Conard 3 Fermi 5 Rockville 4 Fermi 5 Wethersfield 4 Fermi 7 Hall 0 Fermi 1 South Windsor 7 Fermi 7 Entleld 7 Fermi 5 Wethersfield 7 Fermi 3 Simsbury 2 Fermi 2 East Catholic 6 Fermi 2 West Haven 6 Fermi 2 STATE TOURNAMENT ‘ Notre Dame 6 VOLLEYBALL WINS-15 LOSSES-3 Fermi 3 Wethersfield 1 Fermi 3 Hall 0 Fermi 3 Penney 0 Fermi 3 Conard 0 Fermi 3 Simsbury 0 Fermi 2 Windham 3 Fermi 3 East Hartford 0 Fermi 3 Manchester 0 Fermi 3 Enfield 1 Fermi 3 Wethersfield 0 Fermi 3 Hall 0 Fermi 3 Penney 0 Fermi 3 Conard 0 Fermi 2 Simsbury 3 Fermi 1 Windham 3 Fermi 3 East Hartford 0 Fermi 3 Manchester 0 Fermi 3 Enfield STATE TOURNAMENT • 0 Fermi 1 Naugatuck 3 143 Activities 145 Homecoming Page 146 2. Homecoming Queen Heather Hunt shares the spotlight dance with her escort, Joe Dumas. 3. Marie Callahan and Darleen Clark accept the first place trophy for the Seniors Float. 4. The S.S. Falcon Pride exhibits the spirit and creativity of the class of 1984. 5. Tina Parakilas and Andrea Tracey display the second place Freshman float. Page 147 1. Sue Young puts a " spell” on the Homecoming Dance. 2. " It’s not just pride, it ' s Falcon pride!” quotes the Fermi Falcon, alias Bill Bourque. 3. Blues Brother Pat Lynch arrives at Homecoming “on a mission from God.” 4. “. . . and they say we have no spirit!” 5. Toby Timion holds on to the ball for dear life during the Homecoming Game. 6. Will the real Don Ho please step forward? 7. Beth Strapp, the 1982 Homecoming Queen, proudly relinquishes her .. seat to Heather Hunt, the 1983 Queen. 146 f i J Page 148 1. Quarterback Tom Blount looks to connect with a receiver downfield, while Greg Smith sets up to block. 2. The Band performs to perfection, as usual, at the Homecoming Halftime Show. 3. Sue Giangrasso is having a great time at the Homecoming Dance. 4. Karen Cressotti proudly announces the Homecoming Queen and her court. 5. The gang’s all here as Jennifer Gough, Don Sutherland, Paula Beaulieu, and Laurie Dailey enjoy the Homecoming festivities. 6. Heather Hunt is the newly crowned Homecoming Queen for the 1983-1984 school year. 7. “All dressed up” Angela Lenis and Marie Callahan admire the work done on the Homecoming Dance. 8. The Sophomores built their float with “pride.” Page 149 1. Mr. Schonberger displays his enthusiasm at the Homecoming football game. 2. Marijean Panella is dressed up for a night out on the town. 3. “Fermi " pride is spelled out in bold letters on the cars in the parade. 4. Patty Connors finally gets some use out of her Arthur Murray Dance Studio lessons. 5. Marie Teseny puts the finishing touches on the Junior float. 6. Showing off their prize winning car are Heidi Brodtman, Carol Jaworowski, and Amy Romano. Yearbook Yearbook Advisor: Miss de Haan The Yearbook Staff: First Row: Kathy Vassalotti, Lisa Maxwell, Melissa Mips, Cheryl Christiansen, Dawn Finley Second Row: Heidi Brodtman, Jill Kowalchuck, Doug Decker, Kathy Bowler, Matt Jedynak. Editor: Lisa Tenerowicz Editor: Paula Beaulieu Deadline time in yearbook. It happens four times a year. " It’s almost 4:30 p.m.l Where ' s page 176? We have to have it! We have to make the post office by 5:00! Cheryl and Kathy, can you please finish typing those captions . . . and, oh yeah, Doug, are all the pictures cropped for the activities section?” What else were we supposed to do? O.K., check the list — cap- tions, page 176, cropping, writeups. WRITEUPS! " Hey Kathy, how’s your writeup coming along? Miss de Haan wanted it yesterday!” Confusion. Organized confusion! There’s so much to do! “Marie, can you check the supplies and see what we’li need for the next deadline? Marisa, how many ads do we have so far?” Okay — we’re in good shape for this deadline, except for page 176. " Has anyone found page 176 yet? Heidi, what is on page 176 on the ladder diagram? . . . You found it? Great!” Now that that’s over with . . . Let’s see . . . " Matt, we need some photos of seniors — can you snap a few candids for us? Oh, and Missy, we need another falcon! Help!” Anyone who is a member of a yearbook staff knows this scenario well! It’s all part of the job! Deadlines. Pressure. Tension. Responsibility. Layouts must be designed with consistency and continuity, graphics must be drawn, pictures must be sorted and cropped cor- rectly, captions and writeups for specific sections must also be com- pleted. Everything must be checked and rechecked, typed and retyped in triplicate. The hard work and commitment that goes into designing and creating a yearbook is not realized or recognized! The editors of Traces 1984 must see that all these duties are performed smoothly. This task is not an easy one. Many times there are problems with work being completed to specific instructions, and yes, in a room with fifteen different personalities there are bound to be conflicts. But through these rough times, each person on the staff sees a change within himself herself. Each must learn to accept responsibility. Each must follow through with the accepted responsibility. Each must learn to deal with others, including staff and faculty members, patrons, photographers, and publishers. Each staffer has learned the rewards of contributing something to their class — the memories of the good times at Fermi! These traits will be carried with each staff member to their future successes. Though yearbook is hard work, there is one obvious reason peo- ple join. It’s just plain fun! We have a great time working together. The absolute necessity of a sense of humor is inevitably put to test. The laughter and the sense of esprit de corps make the work load lighter. It seems as if a family unit has been created and the working together for one common goal — the best possible yearbook — is the supreme accomplishment. Although the majority of the responsibility of pulling the yearbook together lies within the staff itself, production is extremely important. For this reason we would like to say thank you to our photographer, Larry Grenier, who gladly accepts all the assignments we give him, and our Taylor Publishing representative, Denny Galvin, tor all his advice concerning printing decisions. The yearbook staff would especially like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to our ad- visor, Miss Monica de Haan, for her endless patience, without whom Traces 1984 would be impossible. For all the times we didn ' t say it — thank you Miss de Haan. Page 150 3. Heidi Brodtman makes one more change in the ladder diagram. 6. For the last time Kathy Vassalotti explains, ”lt’s first row, second row, not front row, back row.” 7. The final task of stamping and numbering pictures signals an end to yearbook production to Dawn Finley. Page 151 1. Kathy Bowler crops pictures of the Lamplighters for the Activities section. 2. Dawn Finley and Doug Decker discuss the pictures that need to be taken for the next section. 3. Paula Beaulieu blocks her ears as Lisa Tenerowicz and Melissa Mips propose a possible layout for the Camera Shy page. 4. Cheryl Christiansen prepares a copy sheet for the National Honor Society page. Page 152 1 . Melissa Mips “lets her fingers do the walking” as she types yearbook captions. 2. Doug Decker gives Jill Kowalchuck a hand with her yearbook endeavors. 3. “Don’t stop me now, I ' m on a roll,” says Matt Jedynak, as he finishes captions for the Sports section. 4. Lisa Maxwell contemplates her next move for her section. 5. Miss de Haan works with the Traces editors as well as keeps a watchful eye on the staff and yearbook production. 6. Marisa Bosco rolls her eyes at the thought of another deadline. Page 153 4. As he glances at last years Reflections, Dave Dowd hopes his entry will be published in this year’s edition. 6. Did you support the Literary Magazine by submitting your writings? 7. Allen Brunelle gladly reviews a theme for the essay contest. 152 i Literary Magazine Literary Magazine Staff: First Row: Patti Scully, Cyndie Rayna. Second Row: Brian Healey, Audrey Szoka, David Dowd, Peter Rayna. Third Row: Mrs. Hayden Editor: Peter Rayna Junior Editor: Patti Scully 153 Advisor: Mrs. Laura Hayden Student Faculty Senate Officers: First Row: Paula Beaulieu, Treasurer; Kelly Callahan, Sophomore Representative; Jennifer Camara, Secretary Second Row: Jane Swiatek, Junior Representative; Karen Cressotti, Parliamentarian Third Row: Mr. David Wing, Advisor; Marie Callahan, Vice President 1. Darleen Clark, Jennifer Camara, and Elaine Manning make an important decision for the Senate. 2. Heather Hunt and Joe Dumas check over some figures for the Toys for Tots fund raiser. 3. Elaine Manning, Darleen Clark and Jeff Campbell argue over recent Senate business. 4. The Underclassmen Student Faculty Senate 155 National Honor Society 1. David Weber, Secretary; Jonathan LeBlanc, Vice-President; Wesley Summers, President; Francis Pasini, Treasurer. 2. The candle lights the way to a bright future for these new inductees. 3. The National Honor Society Members 4. The newest members of the National Honor Society look on as others are inducted. 156 “ Model Congress and Model U.N. ” Model Congress: First Row: Jane Swiatek, Marie Teseny, Carol Heath, Brian Healey. Second Row: Peter Rayna, David Cote, Elisa Broderick, Darleen Clark. Third Row: Heather Hunt, Jill LeDoux, Melissa Mips, David Dowd, Mrs. Cokkinias. Model U.N.: First Row: Brian Healey, David Dowd, Peter Rayna. Second Row: Annette Kahl, Shelly Rickerby, Joe Churchill, Barbara Gilly, Mrs. Heye. 157 F.B.L.A. Page 158 2. F.B.L.A. Officers: Lara Levinthal, Vice President; Diane Badger, Treasurer; Marie Teseny, President; Heather Patrick, Historian; Tammy Pierce, Secretary; Sandy Provencher, Representative. 3. To attract new customers at the F.B.L.A. car wash, Karen Devin resorts to unusual tactics. 4. A little hard work never hurt anyone, just ask those F.B.L.A. membersi Page 159 2. Candy bars at the school store help Fermi students to relieve the mid-day munchies. 4. The snow scenes in the showcase remind students and teachers of winter vacation. 5. School Store: First Row: John Labbe, Stacy MacMuiien, Goldie Stears, Rich Bartolf, Tony Cammilleri. Second Row: Shirley Smith, Kelly Donahue, Marie Teseny, Heidi Dirrigi, Mary Hayden, Ann Magleora, Chris Currier. 158 Distributive Education Future Nurses, Peer Counseling and Physics Club Future Nurses Club: First Row; Rhonda Vidito, Nancy Santanella, Sherry Nolan, Tammy Tobey, Gretchen Harger, Denise Giaccone. Second Row; Shawn Monseglio, Kim Stewart, Chris Okon, Debbie Elliot, Cynthia McGarvey. i i 1 :!l [ ;:) 1 Peer Counseling: First Row; Sheryl Bachard, Nancy Campbell, Amy Chapman, Steve Kindseth. Second Row: Ann Greeley, Bob Oullette, Nancy Liro. Third Row: Mr, Rago, Darcie Buker, Physics Club: First Row: Bob DePino, Jim Shelton, Laura Decker. Second Row: Joel Duffy, Mr. DePino. “ House, Office and Library Aides 1. Angela Bayer files student records in Red House. 2. Bonnie Lopez spends her study hall time helping out in Green House as an Office Aide. 3. To keep materials in order, Scott Lovely assists the library staff in shelving magazines. 5. To help Mrs. McIntosh in the Red House, Nicole Lenelin runs off dittos. Aides: First Row: Kelly Woods. Mary Gagnon, LyneMe Peteroski. Daryl Gordon. Sara Becker, Diane Badger. Michele Lemery. Karen Kniep. Second Row: Christina Parakilas. Virginia Schaubhuh. Cynthia KIta. Kelly Verny, Dena Boula, Col- ette Levesque. Marlene Rice. Third Row: Jose Navarro. Debbie Elliot. Kim Jenson. Kathy Lynch. Shane Guilford, Carol Church. Ski Club 162 Senior Ski Club 1 Cross Country Skiing: First Row: Darcy Russotto, Dean Batchelder, Mrs. Heffernan, Matt Jedynak. Second Row: John Winch, Sharon Csekovsky, Steve Kindseth, Chris Catania, Lynelle Neuter, Tony Pechulis. KXCQMlCnCM " Cross Country Skiing and Bowling Clubs Bowling Club: First Row: Chris Haverstick, Rich Tardif, President; Sharon Ouimet, Pat Liner. Second Row: Tony Ferris, Jim Monfette, Christine Sullivan. Mrs. Shea. 163 H.E.R.O., Computer and Physics Clubs, As Schools Match Wits The Hero Club Physics Club: Ly Khem, Bruce Skinner, Jim Shelton Computer Club: First Row: Mrs. Condron, Miss Hawkins, John Dankanyin, Bob DePino, Jim Shelton, Ly Khem. Second Row: Bruce Skinner, Kevin Johnson, Pat Malloy, Mike Jones, Gary Young. As Schools Match Wits: Wes Summers, Peter Rayna, Ehrich Grein, Jane Swiatek. ji m V M The Lamplighters Present Babes in Toyland 1. Lamplighters Michele Landry, Alana Craig, Celeste Amaral, Cynthia Rayna, and Sue Young ask, “Who’s the fairest of them all?” 2. Could Tom-Tom (Chuck Maggio) be proposing marriage to Jane (Kelly Neil)? 3. Where else would you find Floppe (Joe Bennett) and Goldilocks (Lynelle Neuter) together except at the Lamplighter’s production of Babes in Toyland? 5. The Lamplighter Crew Page 166 1. Just before the curtain rises, Michele Landry puts on the “finishing touches.” 2. Paul Rosner gives Annett Kahl a few “pointers” concerning her role in the play. 3. Jack (Jim Daley) and Jill (Laurie Dailey) relay a nursery rhyme to their brothers and sisters. 4. The cast congratulates each other on a fine performance. 5. Little Miss Muffet (Celeste Amaral) and Little Bo Peep (Kerri Lawnsby) listen in fascination as Santa (Ursula Dukes) tells a story. 6. Little Miss Muffet (Celeste Amaral) and Simple Simon (Peggy Ferguson) sneer “What a tangled web we weave!” Page 167 1 . Roderigo (Paul Kemp) informs Jane (Kelly Neil) that her pet bird escaped from its cage. 2. Luna (Beth Faille) takes center stage to sing her solo. 3. Mirandy (Shelly Rickerby) happily marches to the beat of the music. 4. Bo Peep (Kerri Lawnsby) makes a suggestion to Widow Piper (Michele Landry) who seems not to take it in favor. 5. Floppe (Joe Bennette) can really empathize when they say, “It’s a dog’s world out there!” 6. Alana Craig puts the finishing touches on Shelly Rickerby’s wig back stage before the play starts. 7. The mean Uncle Barnaby (Dean Batchelder) forcefully yells at Tom-Tom (Chuck Maggio) and Contrary Mary (Alana Craig). 8. Simple Simon (Peggy Ferguson) sings a song at center stage. 9. Bobby Shafto (Kelly Army) and Red Riding Hood (Cindy Rayna) proudly sing in the closing finale. 166 Band Page 168 2. The Christmas concert is enhanced by the band. 3. In perfect harmony, the fiute playing of Melina Beliafronte and Kim Linonis proved to be entertaining. 4. Saxophone players Shane Dietz and Scott Greenough add their expertise to the performance. 5. Todd Avery demonstrates his abiiity on bass guitar. Page 169 1. Announcing the next selection, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” is Band Director, Mr. Crochiere. 2. Drum Major Margie Kelleher is about to “take the field” before the halftime show. 3. Trombonist Merrill Fenton solos at the Christmas concert. The 1983-1984 Band Council: First Row: Becky Bourgault, Astistant Secretary; Patti Connors, Assistant Treasurer; Beth Snyder, Vice-President; Margie Kelleher, Treasurer; Michelle Cormier, President and Librarian; Jennifer Camara, Assistant Librarian; Pam Mercik, Sophomore Representative. Second Row: Alisa Fontaine, Freshman Representative; Becky LaCombe, Rifle Captain; Debbie Sanders, Secretary. 169 Page 170 1. Cathy Plourde, Jill Kowalchuck, and Debbie Sanders stand for some " saxsational " applause. 2. The Jazz Band adds pizazz to the concert. 3. Senior Margie Kelleher plays a forceful baritone saxophone. Page 171 1 . Angela Pagani carefully watches the conductor for her cue. 2. Mr. Giangrasso welcomes the audience to the choir’s performance. 3. Lynelle Neufer adds an instrumental segment to the Christmas Concert. 4. The solmization of the Concert Choir was perfected at the concert. 5. Doug Langlois and Angela Pagani aptly accompany the chorus on the piano. 6. Kathy Lynch and Ramona Klezos contribute their vocal talents to the Concert Choir. 170 First Row: Allen Brunelle, Cathy Plourde, Debbie Sanders, Sharon Ouimet, Scott Greenough, Mr. Crochiere. Second Row: Jim Tardif, Todd Avery, Merrill Fenton, Paul Meunier, Bob Ouellette, Beth Snyder. Third Row: Margie Kelleher, Bryan Chase, David Miller. 171 Christmas Concert Colorguard First Row: Syndi Huggard, Becky LaCombe 172 Second Row: Sharon Dunakin, Joan Wright, April Cooper, Linda Peck, Debbie Trumble, Michele Anderson, Kathy Bowler Third Row: Simmi Sokhey, Missy Porcello, Teresa Bosco; Captain, Daniela LiNoce, Sue Stebbins, Joan Lynch First Row: Barbara Domato, Dawne Ceresky; Captain, Paige Roberts Second Row: Karyn Lawson, Kathy Anderson; Co-Captain, Melissa Munson, Kim Stewart, Tina Johnson Page 172 1. The Fermi Colorguard slowly reveals E.T. during one of the halftime shows. 2. Becky LaCombe shows the crowd her expertise — rifle twirling to “On Broadway.” 3. Kathy Bowler holds her head high as the band proudly struts forward in the closing number. 4. “Make one false move and I ' ll shoot your socks off!” warns twirler Syndi Huggard. Page 173 2. Kim Stewart stands at attention while waiting for the music to begin. 3. Melissa Munson proudly takes a bow after doing her solo on the field. 4. Paige Roberts silently rehearses her counts to the closing number. 173 The Enrico Fermi Chorus Page 174 2. Melissa Porcello anticipates the rise of the curtain for the show to begin. 3. The Enrico Fermi Concert Choir 4. Ramona Klezos strikes an angelic pose. 5. The well rehearsed choir sings at ease on stage. Page 175 2. Alana Craig offers her rendition of “Sleigh Ride.” 3. With eight thousand comedians out of a job, Mr. Giangrasso is trying to be one!! 4. Kerri Lawnsby and Shirley Cassista audition for the All-State Concert Choir. 5. After many months of practice, Michele Cullette, Susan Giangrasso, Kelly Callahan, and Cathy Roeder hit all of the right notes at the Christmas Concert. 7. “Silent Night,” sung by the Concert Choir, adds to the peaceful Christmas atmosphere. 174 Concert Choir Officers: Peggy Fergurson; Librarian, Susan Giangrasso; Treasurer, Gretchen Harger; President, Jodi Wyman; Librarian, Cathy Roeder; Publicity, Doris Scalia; Secretary n 177 THIS IS NO OROINARV FRESHMAN VOU ' RE OEALINS lOITH! Underclassmen = -I t Freshmen Class Officers: Sue Mercik, President; Jennifer O’Konis, Secretary; Andrea Tracy, Vice President; Tina Parakilas, Treasurer. Sophomore Class Officers: First Row: Kelly Callahan, Director of Activities. Second Row: Stephanie Sherman. Treasurer; Linda Murphy. President. Third Row: Betsy LeBlanc, Secretary; Chris Shewokis, Vice President; Annemarie Vassalotti. Historian. Junior Class Officers: First Row: Marie Teseny, Vice President. Second Row: Donna Vella, Secretary; Kim DeMaria. President. Third Row: Kathy Parakilas, Historian; Heidi DirrigI, Director of Activities; Marijean Panella, Treasurer. 178 Underclassmen Freshmen Class Advisors: Mr. Charland, Mr. Kiner 4. Jose Navarro and Collette Normandin are the best of buddies. 5. Doug Langlois theorizes on the political aspects of Post Civil War Reconstruction. Sophomore Class Advisors: Mr. Giangrasso, Mr. Occhuiti Junior Class Advisor: Mr. Creedon 179 1. Freshman Michele Ravenola looks forward to going home after a hard day at school. 2. “How does my hair look now?” questions junior Marylynn Quagliaroli. 3. Cafeteria study halls provide a good place for Yosef Delaine to put up his feet and relax. 4. Tricia MaIczynskI sighs with relief as she completes her computer project. 5. In the lab, Sean McCarthy analyzes the results of his experiment. 180 1. Mr. Shea helps Maureen Slattery work out her schedule for her senior year. 2. The library is the perfect place for Benji Wiener, Scot Leonard, and Mark Cooney to discuss the events of the day. 3. " Go ahead, make my day!” challenges Scott Greenough. 4. Kathy Ciolkos is delighted to have completed her homework before the weekend. 5. Charlie Veto " flips” over French. 6. " Who glued my locker shut? " inquires Corey Baum. 7. Steven Deske concentrates on drawing precision lines in his Mechanical Drafting Class. 181 m 1. Tom Chagnon catches a look at the senior girls in the halls. 2. Pam Mercik clutches her purse as she reaches the climax of To Kill a Mockingbird. 3. Lisa Bauer explains the concept of relativity to a few friends. 4. Jim Griffin is amused by the joke, but Troy Winger missed the punch line. 5. Scott Jamieson kicks up his heels as he anxiously awaits the sound of the bell. 6. “Don’t mess with us,” warns Charlie Veto and Tim Piikington. I- 1. Class President Linda Murphy looks forward to planning the Sophomore activities for the upcoming year. 2. Juniors Tom Gauvreau and Kris Marcil share a slow dance at Homecorning. 3. Fermi’s underclassmen work hard in hopes of someday becoming “Super Seniors”. 4. Lisa McNeely and Monique Rinaldi get the printer ready in Graphic Arts. 5. Jose Navarro waves to his favorite teacher in front of the library. 6. “So you didn’t pass the test, it’s not the end of the world” says Frank Sullivan to Matthew Jedynak. 183 1. " I wonder who sent me this flower?” asks Heather Dubian. 2. Scott Richotte is striving to be another Frank Lloyd Wright. 3. Cheryl Biathrow, Debbie Sanders, and Pam Mercik catch up on their homework in the instrument storage room. 4. The underclassmen have claimed the Red Floor as their new hang out. 5. On the last day of Composition and Literature II, Dave Crosby deliberates the grade he earned in the course as Ralph Grant and Joe Williams review their last assignment. 1. Brian Poulin is a bit apprehensive about getting his test back from Mrs. Hines. 2. Confident in her abilities, Sue Mercik decides not to review while Heather Barberie and Lara Falardeau study for the upcoming exam. 3. Gregg McNally asks Joan Lynch and Heather Sienkowicz where they stand on the legal issue they are debating. 4. Colleen Frew checks the board to find out what the lunch is for the day. 5. The substitute teacher tries to get the attention of Debbie Kearney and John-Paul Roczniak, as they are distracted by the camera. 185 Superlatives Best Buddies: Chris Dobrzycki and Laura Garini Most Gullible: Jane Young and Frank Pasini Most Spirited: Julie Zdebski Most Intellectual: Vivian Maier and Darren Burn 186 Most Attractive: Pam Guilmette and Matt Strickland Class Angel: Chris Catania and Jennifer Camara Cutest: Chris Okon and Marc Fiore Class Musician: Jill Kowalchuck and Tony Pechulis Class Actress and Actor: Michele Landry and Dean Batchelder Nicest Smile: Steve Samson and Lisa Garcia 187 Done Most for Class: Joe Dumas and Marie Callahan 188 Most Absent Minded: Elaine Manning and Joanne Poli Tallest and Shortest: Nancy Ortiz and Walter Babut Quietest: Tony Pechulis Class Couple: Darrell Crowley and Sheila Tomkiewicz Feminist and Chauvinist: Karen Cressotti and Jim Johnston Most Talkative: Steve Michaud and Darleen Clark 189 ' 1 Class Clowns: Steve Michaud and Sue Soltys Best Dressed: Joe Dumas and Heather Hunt Class Brownies: Holly Roach and David Cote 190 Class Devils: Pat Lynch and Denise Villani Best Buddies: Jon LeBlanc and Ken O’Konis Class Artist: Karen Greene and Joe Dumas Class Athlete: Toby Timion and Amy Romano Class Blusher: Brendan Merrigan and Pam Guilmette Class Casanova and Flirt: Matt Strickland and Mary Hayden Friendliest: Steve Samson and Lisa Maxwell 191 Favorites Female Heart Throb: Christie Brinkley News Event: Lebanon Crisis Pastime: McDonalds ftecordeo by MICHAEL JACKSON DEATIT Words end Mueic by MICHAEL JACKSON Afr ngta by lAflflY HOftREO ALTO SAX 1 lROCK ' (i-iM-iu) Single: Beat It 192 Group: The Police Soap Opera: General Hospital Candy Bar: Snickers [s s !gn n lSXQ)IB) On NoiMt a IfM. Km Skwont ■I anpim • ' ■ ■1 MDMMwIitnpaM knn ■ Nw M fiiw OIRTy HARRV IS AT fT AGAIN Price List Favorite Actor: Clint Eastwood Favorite Actress: Meryl Streep Home Computer $ 100-$ 1600 VCR $ 399-$499 Album $ 6.99 Magazine $ 2.00 Cabbage Patch Doll $ 19.00 Cigarettes $ 1.25 Soda $ .55 Candy bar $ .40 McDonald’s Meal $ 2.35 School Lunch $ .90 Medium Pizza $ 5.49 Unleaded Gas $ 1.19.9 Calvin Klein $ 32.00 Levi’s $ 25.00 Concert Tickets $ 11.50-$30.00 Concert T Shirt $ 14.00 College Tuition $6000-$ 15000 Movie: Risky Business Album: Thriller Christmas Gift: Cabbage Patch Dolls Female Singer: Pat Benetar Male Heart Throb: Tom Selleck Comic Strip: Garfield T.V. Show: Cheers Beverage: Coke Magazine: People Male Singer: Michael Jackson 195 r SEPTEMBER: Anti-Russian protests erupt outside the White House and elsewhere [around the world after the vlet downing of a Korean airliner, killing 269. OCTOBER: American Ma- rines In Beirut clean up after barracks bombing that killed MX missile. ese Faith in U,S, Ait anes as Strife Continues rN|ICI63I ' I Freeze iGrusade[ AMERICA UNITE y - -Sl •S. marines guard wrecked embassy. Concern nov when and where terrorists may strike again. 240 and stirred worries In Washington that Lebanon was becoming a trap for U.S. Special Report on Defense How Much Is EnoughPr ' 196 [ing’s Dream: How It itands 20 Years later old Washington accepts cheers as the first black mayor of Chicago. issEoiiaaf ' ' ■ ' v Adopt movv ' vV. ' n u y ' Democratic presidential candidate Jess ack8onJ| i y ] f f? o 197 BEST BETS FROM THE U.S Yugoslav figure skater Sandra Dubravcic John Lloyd and I Wendy Turnbull Martina Savratilov 198 AfterMASH T Jamie Farr aren Carpenter To Be Thin SILKWOOD 7:00 9:45 t - 12 TERMS OF ® ENDEARMENT YEN HOT DOG I General Hospital ' s Tony Geary FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS ) dec«ptlv ly frivolous Boy George leads ■Culture Club through Colour by Numbers. HEARTBREAKER 199 Patrons Kathy Anderson Millie Baker Michael Beaulieu Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beaulieu P. E. Beaulieu Marisa Ann Catherine Bosco Kathy Bowler Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bowler Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brodtman Amy Chapman Miss Anita Cote Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Cressotti Marianne Destro Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Dumas Mr. and Mrs. Charles Finley Dawn Finley Paul Finley Mrs. Mary Hasting Kathy Jacops Carol Jaworowski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jedynak Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jedynak Sr. Kelly Kertanis Kevin and Debbie David Kowalchuck Jan P. Kowalchuck Jill “S.S.” Kowalchuck Mr. and Mrs. John Kowalchuck Sheila LaBeau Kathy Loos M. K. Manda Donna K. McCarthy Mrs. Lois Norman Karla Panaccione Tony Pechulis Becky Ryder Randy Shelton Kathy Smith “Miss” Sullivan “T” Mark Tenerowicz Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Tenerowicz Mrs. V. K. Tenerowicz Kathy “Leen” Vassalotti Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Vassolotti Weenie Miss Wescott Cabbage Patch Mom J.C. PENNEY CO., INC. J.K.F. SERVICES PLOURDE REALTY YOUR FRIENDS: Richard E. Stevens, John J. Lee, Charles A. Palomba, Richard K. Stevens, Peege Stevens. COLONIAL CAMERA Tom Panaccione, Proprietor SAME DAY PROCESSING ★ INSTANT PASSPORTS TWIN OAKS FARM Hanging and Flowering Plants Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Garden Plants And Much More John Spineti • Linda Lazarus Feeding Hills, Massachusetts 10130 Open Daily 10-6, 7 Days A Week Drive-Up Window Night Drop Darkroom Equipment Portraits Copies Camera Supplies Rentals Repairs 200 375 Enfield Street Enfield, Connecticut 06082 745-0205 TONY’S Uni-Sex Hair Cutting 310 Hazard Avenue Enfield, Connecticut 06082 749-9889 Our Personal Best Wishes for Success in the Future Your Friends, Chris, Marc, Larry, Lisa, and Dan 284 Pine Street Holyoke, MA 532-9406 127 Mill Street Springfield, MA 734-7337 SHOP FOR QUfiLITV ST€R€0 IN fi R6LRX6D nTMOSPH€R€ 1-91 6xit 48 • Coldor Plozo 95 61m Street, Cnheld. CT 06082 205-623-5956 • 205-745 1074 203 AAA AIRCRAFT SUPPLY COMPANY 36 SUFFIELD STREET WINDSOR LOCKS, CONNECTICUT 06096 203-627-0181 MCDONALD’S 97 Elm Street, 385 Enfield Street Enfield, Connecticut 06082 741-0807, 745-4314 MAREK - JEWELERS MAREK JEWELERS Stateline Plaza Enfield, Connecticut 06082 745-4024 CONGRATULATIONS BRETT-FLANDERS INSURANCE AGENCY 21 North Street, Windsor Locks Connecticut 06096 STARR PLUMBING AND HEATING, INC. Master Contractor Drain and Sewer Cleaning Retail, Service Showroom 320 Hazard Avenue P.O. Box 2176 Enfield, Connecticut 06082 (203) 763-0516 24 Hour Emergency Service 206 I:.nsign - mB ickford dm©- Simsbury and Avon, Connecticut 207 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 Compliments of A Friend BILL’S AUTO BODY, INC. South Road Enfield, Connecticut 06082 Joe and Sarah congratulate the Class of 1984! 208

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