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Traces Supplement 1972 Class night commenced with the arrivals of the soon-to-be 1972 graduates . . . mixed emotions displayed by all, joyous for the closing of the year? Or perhaps a twinge of sorrow, reluctant to leave such fond memories . . . I I We began to place ourselves at the tables of our friends. Our class was one big family sharing their last meal together. Special guests of honor were Jean Saydlowski, Alice Cassota, Cindy Cerato, Jay Tkacz, Dody Masterson, Nancy Parsons, Mary Ellen Smyth, Roxanne May, Diane Dubios, Don Sheak, Mike Mills. Roxanne May, our class historian, gave a complete resume of our class’ events stemming from our first arrival at the Annex. Cindy Cerato and Alice Cassota read the LAST WILL and TESTAMENT. From the Class of 1972, Mr. Torre, Mr. Connors, and Mr. Kisiel were given engraved mugs as a sign of our gratitude for all they have done for our class. Dave Bourque, the nurse ' s " biggest helper”, re- ceived a nurses’ cap as a token of Mrs. Wilcox ' s esteem. To the teacher that helped us along, Mrs. Cokkin- ias was presented with a gift from Dody Master- son, Class President. I?EAMNISCING a MeVER-To-Se-FoKOTTEA I IGHT {Ju ' E isjm) Mike Mills leaves his legacy to the next year ' s senior class presented in a speech of the " Do’s and Don’ts " in achieving the title of class michievious maker. Thanking Mike for his advice was junior class president, Don Sheak. The conclusion to Don’s speech was a heart-warming salute to out class wishing us the best of luck. The awarding of a cabbage was presented to Dave Buczkow- ski as a token from the Yablonski Sisters. A different story is portrayed in each face; sadness, joy, surprise . . . Our Class Banquet came to a close . . . farewell. Jay Tkacz, the all-around athlete of our class, led a prayer for guidance in behalf of the class of ’72. 5 n ' If T A H r|H t r ShL Pw KH i. 1 ' 1 W 1 hM iwm r ® ' -.-3 • ' ■, t.’l ■ V f 1 iwK i Wayne Gowdy and Roxanne May were crowned Crowning the king and queen were host and King and Queen. hostess, Laurie Dewey and Dan Hayden. Some of the first arrivals: Bernis Gacona and Mona Abert. Resting a few minutes to sign a Yearbook, Mary Brooker. ki The music began to take affect and couples took their places on the floor to dance and dance and dance . . . I can’t help it if I ' m clumsy. Two beautiful large cakes were at the prom and were a refresher for many. 11 TRADITION 1972 Assembled in the auditorium, we anxiously await the commencement of the exercises. During that period Departmental Scholars were award- ed to the following people: English — Patricia Sheehan, Math — Cynthia Jarvis, Science — Alan Moore, Language — Nancy Abohatab, Art — Karen Boulerice, Home Econom- ics — Georgette Putney, Music — Earl Briggs, Business — Jill Bou- dreau, Physical Education — Robert Ivanoff. I " People are what they are because of what was. Therefore they should bow down to what was and take it and say it’s good ... or should they? — Carl Sanburg . . . For many years we have been given the answers. The time has come for us to ask our own ques- tions and find our own answers. As long as we do not sit back and accept traditions blindly, as long as we challenge and make our own decisions regarding the propriety of traditions, we, the Class of 1972, will help to create a society in which tradition and progress will be evenly and soundly balanced. — Excerpt froffi the salutatory address of Susan Wilber . . . And even if our hearts have awakened to the spirit of beauty, is there yet, within us, peace? If a man has not yet become the person he has long desired to be, can he be truly happy? Doesn’t every man harbor dreams within his soul, earnest longings to do something better than that which he has done, to be someone worthier than he is? — Excerpt from the valedictory ad- dress of Mary Blaszko Mr. Torre leads the Commencement Exercises for the Class of 1972. Mr. Berger accepts a plaque from Mr. Torre in appreciation of his many years of dedicated service with Enrico Fermi High School. YOUTH BELOVED, do not warn me of birds too highly flown: Your word is not enough for me — I must have my own I was young and did not know Anything could hurt me so I was gay and failed to see What there was to torture me I may be destroyed, but I Shall not let this life go by No, No! — destroy these tales of birds too highly flown Your word is not enough for me I must have my own. — ]ames Baldwin " As we set forth our paths AWARDS Robert Ivanoff receiving an award for being the de- partmental scholar for the Physical Education depart- ment. Nancy Abohatab — Departmental Scholar for the Foreign Language Department. Georgette Putney — Departmental Schol- ar for the Home Economics Department. Evelyn Brophy receiving a scholarship. Victoria Girard receiving a scholarship from McDonald ' s. Cynthia Jarvis — Departmental Scholar for the Mathematics Department. William DiSciacca — Departmental Scholar for the Social Studies Depart- ment. CANDIDS f ' A scene from the Glass Menagerie” " Sue Wilbur and Peter Leeds in a dramatic scene from " A Man Called Paine” written by social studies department head Franklin Gross.” ! : " A standing ovation was given to Jay Tkacz as he rose to receive his award for athletics " . " Part of the enormous cast of a " Man Called Paine " .” WAS THAT US? 1972 (|LV " Smile! You’re on Candid Camera.” " George Fuller and his girlfriend enjoying a leisurely moment . . . ?” " A most successful dance sponsored by Fermi’s music department.” " Not again Mr. Torre.’ 19 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM (Kneeling): Gary Zera, Tom Wells, Nelson Coro, Bob Dubiel, Tri-captains Bill Pryeor, Jay Tkacz and Ray Brunelle, Mike Maylott, Dale Arseneault, Tom Quail, Steve Henrickson, Mark Cunningham. (Standing): Man- ager Jay Messenger, Brian Elallenbeck, Bob Gracewski, John Theofiles, Larry Figella, Ken Bourque, Sean McKeown, Mike Daigle, Bill Cormier, Coach Gene Ryczek.” " Varsity I Baseball 1972 Season Record 9 Wins 7 Losses.” ! " SENIORS — Manager Jay Messenger, Nelson Coro, Bob Dubiel, Bill Pryeor, Jay Tkacz, Ray Brunelle, Mike Maylott, Dale Arseneault, Coach Gene Ryczek.” " J.V. Baseball 1972 Season Record 6 Wins 5 Losses.” " J.V. BASEBALL TEAM (Kneeling) : Tom Misiewicz, Tom Mark Cunningham, Bill Cote, Rich DeVeau, Mike Scavatto, Quail, Armand Ruby 111, Bill Classen, Chris Butler, Dixie Larry Jones, Mike Daigle, Fran Burke and Coach Nuccio.” 1 Jones, Ken Rogerson, Manager Alan Dube. (Standing): t " Tri-captains Bill Pryeor, Jay Tkacz, and Ray Brunelle.” " Sean McKeown, Bill Pryeor, Mark Cunningham, and Ray Brunelle.” ' Coach Gene Ryczek. ' Mike Maylott. " TRACK TEAM Row 1 ; Coach Bob Lengyl, David Dragone, James Gavin, Joe Traczynski, Gus Jasminski, Manager Mike Metta, Dan Miller, Dave Gonzalez, Bob Michaud, Tom Rolland, Coach Steve Ross. Row 2; Jeff Demetrion, Robert Stauble, Robert Hooper, Mike Shea, Joseph Rancourt, Joe Drennan, Toni Giovaneth, Daniel Regan, Rick Trudeau, George Marinelli. Row 3: Mark Leone, Ronald Shelton, E an Hayden, Jim Fuller, Darrell Elliott, Daniel Gallo, David Price, Gary Freed, Keith Boccaccio, Paul Turek, Ed Daly, Don Wells, Mike Croyle, Don Sheak, Steve Horstmeyer, Nick Theofiles, Kim Hinds, Carl Violette, Ken Stadlander. ”1972 Track Season Record: 7 Wins 5 Losses.” " Co-captain Ronald Shelton, Manager Mike Metta, and Co-captain Darrell Elliot.” " Senior Donnie Wells.” " Senior Mike Croyle.” " Senior Ed Daly.” " 1972 Floor Hockey Season Record 2 Wins 1 Loss 1 Tie.” " FLOOR HOCKEY TEAM (Kneeling): Ron Ragion, Mike Eagan, Cecil Ray, Nick Theofiles, Tony Rarus, Mike Dynia. (Standing); Mark Light, Bob Linn, Jim Kemph, Tom Piorek, Steve Passant, Corey Fickler, Dave Zaccarro.” i " GIRLS SOFTBALL TEAM (Sitting): Donna Coarchaine, Sharon Benoit, Sharon LaBrecque, Shelia Lee, Donna Teske, Debbie Hanscomb. (Kneeling) : Eileen Pieper, Laurie DiBattisto, Debbie Courtemanche, Co-captain Linda May, Co-captain Paula Hayduski, i Diane DeRose, Bea Pieper, Laurie Lumsden. (Standing) : Coach Carol Albert, Manager Cheryle Ferguson, Barbara Noonan, Laurie Dewey, Janet Resnickoff, Sara King, Danielle Fianrahan, Man- ager Dotti Sowuleski. " Manager Cheryle Ferguson, Capt. Linda May, Coach Carol Albert, Capt. Paula Hayduski, Man- ager Dotti Saylowski.” THIS IS OUR WORLD! Without The Clouds We Would Not Enjoy The Sun! j ' ! I ! ENRICO FERMI HIGH SCHOOL ENFIELD, CONNECTICUT 1972 To be able to design and plan a yearbook is one of the greatest and most challenging activities that is undertaken during our brief stay at Fermi High. It requires putting your heart and soul into paper and cardboard in order to capture the joys, memories, and long-remembered events that have taken place throughout the year. A yearbook must be carefully constructed so as to offer the only tangible rememberance when we each go our separate ways. As each of us follows our individual paths the yearbook will evoke the mem- ories of our class as a whole, enabling us to enjoy again the proms, the class trip, and the graduation that meant so much to us while at Fermi. Many long hours and the earnest endeavors on the part of so many people have helped to make the Yearbook the very best possible. So many creations and ideas are necessary to give this special book a touch of " Fermi” and allows us to capture wdthin these few pages that which w ' e knew as Enrico Fermi High School. After many suggestions " This Is Our World” was chosen as the theme for our yearbook to represent the sentiments of ' the student body. This IS our world and it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to do the best we can in order to profit the most. THE EDlTORS-lN-CHlEF We wish to dedicate our book To the future classes of Enrico Fermi High School TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening . . .... 1 Faculty . . . .... 11 Senior Section .... 35 Sports . . . .... 95 Activities . . .... 123 Candids . . . . . . , 141 Sponsors . . .... 150 ■■IPIIHj Earl Briggs playing " Call to the Colors” Standing at attention while the band plays " The Star Spangled Banner” First step in the construction of the senior float. Sue Casey and Karen Lee atempting to make a falcon. A realization, a turning point becomes a life-long dream And life is happening, flowing like the life of a rambling stream . . . Dedication Parade. Carole Jacius and Sue Czipulis carrying Fermi’s banner. Steve Ripacki driving the senior float down Maple Street. Alan Moore as body guard. Proud seniors admiring their masterpiece. j f Wayne Gowdy not doing much of anything at the moment. Adding the essentials. The Enfield High School Band. John F. Kennedy Junior High School. I DREAM A WORLD I dream a world where man No other will scorn, Where love will bless the earth And peace its paths adorn. I dream a world where all Will know sweet freedom’s way, Where greed no longer saps the soul Nor avarice blights our day. A world I dream where black or white. Whatever race you be. Will share the bounties of the earth And every man is free, Where wretchedness will hang its head. And joy, like a pearl. Attend the needs of all mankind. Of such I dream — Our world! Langston Hughes MR. ANTHONY TORRE Principal ■■Miiy As Vc look at the days Like minutes they did pass; A candid candle in a maze, Our slowly moving mass. We looked up to you for guidance in despair; Hoping that you too, Would find joys where once was bare. Now our lives are a story and Time does set its cast. Even though it’s not a memory. It’s still a forth coming past. From the Class of 1972 .. . A simple " Thank You” . . . For being Special . . . 15 ENGLISH MISS MARY MALLEY Dept. Head MRS. JANET FOX MISS NANCY KOPLIN People, let’s get started! MR. PAUL RAYMOND You’ve got a point there 16 MRS. MARY HESSION MRS. CAROL JONAITIS Aw, come on! DEPARTMENT MR. ROBERT KNIGHT MISS LAURA BAIONE MISS ROSE PORCELLO MRS. ELEANOR HINES MR. CARL BATES So THIS is what they read ajter school. Hmmmm. MRS. LINDA DERBY 17 MR. DAVID SHERR Dept. Head xMR. KENDELL OWENS Want to hear another war story? MR. EUGENE RYCZEK MISS SADIE FALBO MRS. MARY HOLMES Alright who took my broom? can ' t fly without it! MRS. LINDA PURINGTON MISS LYNN CYBULSKI It ' s really very simple. MRS. HARRIET BRAND O S c I E E MR. VINCENT LUNETTA Dept. Head Watch your significant figures. MR. STEPHEN ROSS Fantastic . . . Meatball . . . Mickey Mouse . . . Sponge. MR. BRIAN DOLEY Believe me, KCl and NHj make beauti- ful chemistry together. MRS. FLORENCE LYONS Flora, Fauna and Merriweather. MR. JAMES YANKEE say the earth is fiat. MR. JAMES CHERRY How am I doing? MR. STEVEN OLSON We can fly. MR. FRANCIS RAGO ip-i M !. L: .! 1 .. ._B5SiifciSSI!!!S;2S SOCIAL STUDIES MR. ROBERT ROBBINS Try it — you’ll like it! MR. FRANKLIN GROSS See my point? Dept. Head MR. THOMAS SNIPE Get tuff! MRS. MARY GAIL COKKINIAS What made you say what you said? MR. PETER CREEDON This is the way to climb a desk Climb A Desk CLIMB A DESK! MR. THOMAS OUELETTE MR. GREGORY QUINLAN We need you! MR. ROBERT KOZACZKA Is that right . . . Unreal! MR. RAYMOND MRRCIK Dept. Head FOREIGN LANGUAGES !■ MRS. HENRIETTA MONTAGNA Dept. Head Is that right? MR. ANTHONY PESSOLANO MRS. GENEVIEVE MURPHY That’s the important thing. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT 23 MR. JOSEPH NUCCIO Get a haircut! MRS. LORA ARNOLD shoulder rotation . . . ball change . . . glissade . . . MR. ROBERT LENGYEL Oh YaP PHYSICAL EDUCATION MRS. CAROL ALBERT Alright now, who’s the NEW girl in the gym trunks? MUSIC DEPARTMENT MR. JOSEPH GIANGRASSO 24 Where’s the Piano? MR. JOHN MARIANO O.K., take it from letter A. ,1 ART DEPARTMENT MR. ROBERT FOLEY DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION MR. DAVID SHULMAN Where ' s your money? 25 GUIDANCE SECRETARIES MRS. SCHULTESS MRS. KALWA MRS. EVANS MRS. DI SALVO MRS. TRUDEAU MISS FALBO MRS. BOCWINSKI MRS. MADSEN I HOME ECONOMICS MRS. JULIE JONES Just because I’m bent over, don’t get any ideas about shoving me into the oven. MRS. ANNE ECKART No girls, the Galloping Gourmet never skips an ingredient. WORK EXPERIENCES DRIVER EDUCATION MR. HARRY ZEROOGIAN NURSE MR. PETER STASZKO think I’ll teach these girls to park . . . a car! MRS. MARGARET WILCOX Where’s your pass? 28 MRS. HOLMES MRS. ARTHUR KEVORKIAN LIBRARIANS MRS. SCHNIDER INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION MR. JAMES HODRINSKY Dept. Head MR. GARY FAIRWOOD Oh, I thought this was my desk. MR. HARRY ROMER Yes, Romer ' s the name. MR. FRANK TOKAS Very Interesting. MR. WILLIAM SCUDIERI 9 MV - 0 _ ■D€,OVCAT£‘D TO TH£, ‘BfcUOVfD fftCOUTW noo ' Uocu uirvtir s bes se.U€.r from coUecftvon of l-ate evccus€S. " trc yrxc " to r membe - uoKen “to v ou - nejct: iT5 nc vj vzer. uj©vha until ' fbe herd of s ' - ' dent% -p ss before oin " to lonch . tr( in t-o outrun. tW berd of sl ' - ' dents -to the C ' sfat ri ' . OP P€RrA H G W SCWOo . receivvA 3 ov ion ' VKe. n ujs encore -hD be out for -9 Ve.uj ds ' s. be A S fer«.ci S)T for HS " fVNvrv ' jVcs s Acje. its c or Fir€t cLsv 3 sbjden-t -teacher, bope ess tr vn -to Keep uoor uden-ts " h:: eSt er duna s Fine, c:3ri((. re i.eF st 2. o ' c oc.k. Uj h ,W- OQ " ' cl®p e ap( 5° " ' ’ ' 54 ! ' coeel ' ? ■!r t MSI Time did carry us on her vast wave, Until she met the waiting sands and parted with us, quickly then. Compelling us to find our balance, to straighten on our own. Twelve years we’ve rested with the wave and now so sudden she takes her leave; but we’ll find the beach less tossed with rock; Less painful come our stand, our steps. Because our sea’s been calm. Who guarded us from some storm’s destruaion. So started smooth the boardwalk of our future. Some certain people who so resolved to make our school a pleasure to us. Their motto was " To Care.” Though they and we have small storms met. We ' ve calmed them with determination; And then these learned with thoughtful hearts - Sought means to make our school days rich. To help us journey life. NANCY ABOHATAB " Abo” Interpreter " Sonny Sherbert Loves Bananas.” Honor Roll 2, 3, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Fermi Chorus 3, Pep Squad 3, 4, Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Lamplighters 4. I JEANNE M. ALOISA " Jeannie” Veterinarian " We never are deceived; we only deceive ourselves.” — Goethe Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Honor Roll 2, 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Student Council 2, 3, Drug Study Committee 2, Reflections 2, 3. 34 LINDA ANGELICA “OH my God!” si DONNA ANGELICA student Council 1, 2, Junior Prom Zommitte 3, DECA 4, Historian 3, 4, Refreshment Stand 3, 4, Senior Prom lommittee 4. WILFRED ANGERS GAIL ARMSTRONG lone’s” Service JOAN ELIZABETH ARROWSMITH Nurse Personal Typing 2, Ski Club 3, 4, Rent- a-Kid 3, Reflections 3,. 4, V. Cherleading 3, 4; Color Guard 2, Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Social Studies Aide 2, Library Aide 1, Tutor 2. DALE A. ARSENEAULT " Whatta ya mean I won’t?” V. Football 3, V. Basketball 3, V. Base- ball 3, 4. Nurse JANE AVERY Future Nurses Club. t JUDY AVERY ■ ■ " Pete” PETER BARONE LISA MARY BARNES Intramural Softball, Volleyball, Basket- ball, Field Hockey 1, Physical Education Award 1, Honor Roll 3, Reflections 4. HELENE BARR " Butch” Kindergarten Teacher Honor Roll 3. ROBERT BARR " Bob” " You Hinny!” Ski Club 2, 3, 4. CAROL ANN BARRUS Secretary Future Secretary’s Club 4. JAMES BASTARACHE " Jimmy” 37 JOHN BAUMANN " Jack” Dentist " Where’s the Chicks’’ Audio Visual 1, 2, Intramural Basketball 1, Intramural Softball 1, Guitar Club 1, Slide Sound Unit Program 3, FBLA 4. STEPHEN E. BEDNARSKI " Bed” Electronics CHRISTINE BECHARD " Chris” - Hairdresser " Share the land.” ELEANOR ROSE BEDNARSKI " Stretch " Secretary Number Painting Club 1, Color Guard 2, Drama 3, Intramural Basketball 2. MARIAN L. BELAND " Bee” Veterinarian Chess Club 1, Varsity Girls Softball 2, Intramural Basketball 2, Fermi Hosts 2. LOUIS BELLEFLEUR " Can I use the Pass?” Band I, 2, 3, 4. 38 JOSEPH BLASCYK ' Joey” Body Worker " Well, it ain’t no Biggy!” Soccer 1, Wrestling 1, Track 1. I MARY ANN BLASZKO Public Health Nurse " Smile — God loves you.” Medical Technology 1, Lamplighters 1, International Workshop 1, Future Nurses 2, L.l.F.E. 2, Concert Choir 2, 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Tennis Club 3, Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Reflections 4, Yearbook 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, English Aware! 3, History Award 3. DOUGLAS E. BOND " Doug” Coast Guard " Hey, What’s the story?” Band 1, 3, 4. 39 KAREN BOULERICE Art School Honor Roll 1, 3, Yearbook (Art Ed- itor) 3, 4, Tennis Club, Rent-a-Kid 3, Reflections 4. DAVID BOURQUE Bruce” Business " Hey, Jewish Lady!” DAVID YOUNG " Jack Bruce” " Yea Stones” 40 DIANE MARIE BOUTHIETTE I " Dee” Licensed Practical Nurse Honor Roll 1, J.V. Cherleader 2, Senior Prom Committee 4, Future Nurses Club 1 2, Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, Rent-a-Kid ' 3, Senior Variety Show 4. SANDRA J. BREEDON " Sandy” Special Education Teacher " Smile, tomorrow will be a better day.” EILEEN BRESLIN " Bres” Nursing Library Aide 1, Drama 1, 2, Newspaper 1, 2, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, National Hon- or Society 3, 4, Christmas Dance Com- mittee 3, Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, Fu- ture Nurses 4, Yearbook (Senior Class Picture Editor) 3, 4, Senior Prom 4. 41 DAVID A. BROWN Physical Therapist Rent-a-Kid 3, Ski Club 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND BRUNELLE " Burne!” Intramural Basketball 2, V. Football 3, V. Baseball 3, V. Baseball (Tri-Cap- tain) 4, Reflections Co-Editor 3, Reflec- tions 4. GAIL BUCKLEY Psychology Major Library Aide 1, ETA 2, Ski Club (Trea- surer) 3, 4, Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-President 4. DAVID JOHN BUCZKOWSKl " Buzzy” Lawyer Soccer 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Roll, Band 1, Lamplighters (Asst. Producer) 4, " The Crucible” 3. DAVID R. BUINISKAS " Stud " Oceanographer " Hey Bob, there goes a nice one.” Ski Club 2, 3, 4 (President 3), Fermi Host 3, 4, Drug Committee, Student Ac- tivity Committee. CYNTHIA BUSHEY " Cindi” Typist " How’s it going?” Junior Prom Committee 3. 42 " Cady” MAUREEN CADY GAIL CABANA " Chiquita " To be happy! " He’s so far away. " Majorette 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 3, 4, News- jpaper ( Sportswriter) 3, 4, L.I.F.E. 2, Rent-a-Kid 3, Art Workshop 3, Battle jof the Bands 4, Senior Prom 4, Senior [Variety Show 4, Powder Puff Football 4. " Hey There!” STEVEN CAMEROTA " Steve” I I PAMELA J. CAMP ’Pam” i ' oga Club, Ski Club. L SUSAN MARIE CAMPBELL " Sue” Registered Nurse Honor Roll 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, (Sec- retary 3, 4), Future Teachers Club 2, National Honor Society (Reporter) 3, 4, Rent-a-Kid 3. SUSAN ANN CASEY " Sue” Math Teacher Lamplighters 1, Social Studies Aide 1, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society (Treasurer) 3, 4, Honor Roll 2, 3, Future Teachers Club 2, Yearbook 3, 4, Christmas Dance 3, Senior Prom 4, Fer- mi Hosts 3, 4, Rally Committee 4, Powder Puff Football 4, Dedication Day 4, Battle of the Bands 4, Rent-a- Kid 3, Home Ec Award 1. ALICE CASSOTTA RONALD Honor Roll 2, JOHN CASHMAN Lawyer 3, 4. CYNTHIA MARIE CERRATO " Cindy " Nurse " Whether you need it or not?!” Student Council 2, Library Aide 2, Nurses Aide 2, 3, 4 , Euture Nurses Club 2, 3, 4, Teachers Aide 3, Mixed Choir 4. THOMAS WOSKO " Bear” Cook " Ah, Come on now.” Sophomore Class Treasurer, V. Football 3, Intramural Basketball 2. SANDRA LYNN CHALL " Sandy " Teacher Car Wash 2, Yearbook 3, 4, (Co-Ed- itor) 4, Tennis Club 3, 4, Honor Roll 3, Christmas Dance Committee 3, Senior Prom Committee 4, Powder Puff Foot- ball 4, Float Committee 4, Battle of the Bands Committee 4. CAMELLIA CHALOUX Teacher 44 j GLEN S. CHRISTOFARO [ " Frisky” ■Freshman Soccer 1, J.V. Soccer 2, V. [Soccer (Co-Captain) 3, 4. NANCY CLEMSON " Nan” Commercial Art D.E.C.A. 3, 4, School Store Advertis- ing Manager 3, D.E.C.A. President 4, Distributive Ed. 3, 4. LYNNE COLBURN College Concert Choir, Future Nurses Club, Jun-’ ior Prom, Lamplighters 1, Kosciuszko Singers 1. I I 45 DEBORAH CORMIER " Corm” English Major Honor Roll 3. COLLEEN ANN CONLEY " Collie” Travel Cheerleading 1, Powder Puff Eootball 4, Battle of the Bands 4, Senior Prom Committee 4. NELSON CORO " Seros” " Thank you over and out.” Varsity Baseball 3, 4. 46 STEPHEN COURCHAINE f ' Koosh” Intramural Basketball 2, V. Track 3, 4, Honor Roll 3, Senior Prom 4, Rally iCommittee 4. MICHAEL GENE CROYLE " Mike” V. Football 3, 4, Captain 4, Track 3, 4, Junior Prom Host 3. GLENN P. CUNNINGHAM Lawyer Rent-a-Kid 3, Sports Club. I JOYCE ANN CYR ! Registered Nurse furses Club 2, Honor Roll 2, 3, Year- bok 3, 4. SUSAN M. CZIPULIS " Sue” Teacher Drama 1, 2, Chorus 1, Future Teachers Club 2, Rent-a-Kid 3, Varsity Cheer- leading 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Reflections Editor 3, 4, Christmas Dance 3, Drug Study Committee 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Co-Chairman Pep Rally 4. WILLIAM D ALEO f| I 47 DAYLE DAVID " Plain-Face” " Duh! Duh! " Student Council 1, Future Teachers 2 Tennis 4, Powder Puff Football 4, 48 CAROL DeORSEY Marriage )istributive Ed. 3, 4, School Store 3, 4, ti ork Experience 4, Variety Show 4, BLA President, Senior Prom 4. if SHARON DESORMIER Shar” Licensed Practical Nurse " Is that right?” iitramural Field Hockey, Soccer, Basket- ijall 1, Honor Roll 2, Rent-a-Kid 3, Dis- libutive Ed. DEBRA ANN DEPREY " Debbie” Teacher Distributive Ed. 3, 4, School Store 3, 4, Concession Stand 3, 4. CAROL ANN DESROCHER " Care” Secretary " Don ' t you ever!” Student Representative 2, Senior Prom 4, Secretarial Club 4. KATHLEEN ' WOPSCHALL " Kathy” Data Processing Junior Prom Committee. ROBERT DESROCHER " Roach” Lawyer Class President 2, 3, Social Studies Lab 2 . 49 DONALD DEVEAU V. Football 3. Electrician MICHAEL ANTHONY DiGREGORIO " Dinger " Insurance Actuary " Ya, you?” Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society (Vice-President) 3, 4, J. V. Basketball 2, V. Basketijall 3, 4, Math Award 3, FBLA 4. WILLIAM C. DiSCIACCA " Bill” Electronical Engineer Lamplighters 2, 3, 4, Social Studies Lab 2, 3, 4, Football Team Photographer 3, 4. RITA DONATO Hairdresser Library Aide 1, Bowling Team 1, School Store 2, Newspaper Staff 2, F.B.L.A. 4. MELINDA DiSALVO To be happy " Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Student Council 1, Library Aide 1, L.I.F.E. 2, Rent-a-Kid 3, Lamplighters 2, 3, 4 (Historian 3), Chorus 3, 4, (President 4), Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir Co-President 4, Powder Puff Football 4. JEANNE ANN DONELAN " Jcannie” Psychologist Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Lamplighters 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4), Social Studies Lab 3, 4. 50 ' MICHAEL S. DRAKE Mike " DIANE DUBOIS Teacher ,)nor Roll 2, 3, 4, National Honor :|ciety 3, 4, Junior Prom 3, Rent-a-Kid .j Christmas Dance 3, Pep Squad 3, l|nior Class Secretary 4, Fermi Hosts !j 4, Battle of the Bands 4, Senior llom 4. LINDA L. DUBUQUE Executive Secretary Majorette 4, FBLA 4, Secretarial Club 4, Powder Puff Football 4, Rent-a-Kid 3, Fermi Hosts 3, J.A. 3, Variety Show 4, Senior Prom 4. THOMAS ANDREW DUBE " Tom” Musician Band 1, Photography Club. ROBERT FRANCIS DUBIEL " Dube” FBLA. CAROL DUBY " Canner” Hairdresser " I like it! " Helped with UNICEF 4. 51 ROBERT DUFFY " Duff” Continue Schooling J.V. Basketball 2, Intramural Basketball 1 , 2 . CHERYL L. DUFFY " Duffy” Work Experience 4, School Store 3, 4, Concession Stand 3, 4. MARC DUFOUR Lawyer Study Hall Committee 3, Track 3. t RICHARD J. DUMAS " Rich” Music Education Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Atheneum Project 3. t ' . ' t 52 ROGER GERARD DUMOULIN " Rog " Electrician Wrestling 1, Junior Achievement. DENNIS DURFEE Ski Club 3, 4. Accounting asmsam 1 ‘ MICHAEL DYNIA jMike” i.V. Football 2, V. Football 3, 4, Track , Intramural Basketball 2. MARTHA DZIADUL " Marti” English Teacher " You wanna piece of candy?” Lamplighters (Stage Manager) 1, Ski Club 1, Kosciuszko Singers 1, Teachers Aide 2, 3, Honor Roll 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Yearbook 3, 4, (Editor of Activties), Guidance Aide 1, 2, 3. JOHN EGAN Educated Bum DEBRA MARY FITZPATRICK " Debbie” Dancer " OH! My God!” Junior Prom 3, Powder Puff Football 4, Battle of the Bands 4, Senior Prom 4. PAUL CONRAD FLINKMAN " Flink” Computer Processor Band 1, 2. Track. CRAIG JOHN FOWLER College DONNA CATHERINE FREDERICK " Fredi” Travel Junior Prom 3, Christmas Dance 1, 2, Car Wash 2, School Store 2, Work Ex- perience 4, Senior Prom 4, Variety Show 4, FBLA 1. 54 GEORGE ARTHUR FULLER Photographer " At Ease!” Yearbook 3, 4, Newspaper 3, Social Studies Lab (Head Photographer) 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Honor Roll 3, Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Football Team Photographer 3, Senior Float Committee 4. STEVEN FRITZE JULIE FUSCO Secretary " That’s cool!” Zhorus 1, 2, 3, Medical Technology 1. " Don” DONALD FILTEAU To Die MARGUERITE ANN FUREY " Peggy” Secretary Lamplighters 1, Junior Prom 3, Knit- ting Club 4. BERNARD GACONA " Bernie” Continue School V. Basketball 2, 3, 4, V. Football 3, V. Baseball 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 55 SHEILA GADOWRY College " Check it out.” Junior Achievement, Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Ski Club. GAIL CHARLENE GARTEN Social Studies Lab 3, 4, Fermi Hosts 3, Rally Committee 4, Future Nurses Club 2, School Newspaper (Editor) 1. SUSAN LINDA GAGNE " Suzy-Q” Teacher " Bonjour Bebe.” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Vol- leyball 2, Homeroom Representative 2, Pep Squad 3, Lamplighters 3, Rent-a- Kid 3, Newspaper Staff 4, Future Teach- ers 4, Rally Committee (Co-Chairman) 4, Dedication Day (Senior Float Chair- man) 4, Booster Club 4, Senior Prom 4. SUSAN ANNE GALLIGAN " Sue” Nurse Honor Roll 1, 2, Student Newspaper 1, Future Nurses Club 2, 3, 4, (Historian) 4, Junior Achievement 3, Tennis Club 3, 4, Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Christmas Dance 3, Yearbook (Lay-out Editor) 3, 4, Sen- ior Prom 4, Dedication Day (Float Committee) 4, Battle of the Bands 4, Powder Puff Football 4. MICHELE GIRARD " Shelli” History Teacher Social Studies Lab (Executive Director) 1, 2, 3, Citizenship Award 2, Social Sci- ence Award 2, Rent-a-Kid 3. PAULINE LAURIETTE GIGUERE Legal Secretary Honor Roll 3, Secretarial Club 4, Stu- dent Secretary 4. 56 JUDY GODBOIS VICTORIA GIRARD " Vicky” College Student Council 1, Library Aide 1, Lamplighters 1, Honor Roll 2, Tutor 2, Typing Club 2, Fermi Hosts 3, Student Structure Time 3, J A. 3, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Class Trip Committee 4. I WAYNE D. GOWDY Return to High School " Well!” Lamplighters 1, Junior Achievement 3, 4, (Manufacturing V. President 3, Pres- ident 4, Rent-a-Kid 3, Junior Prom 3, Fermi Hosts (Assistant Director) 3, 4, " The Crucible” 3, Senior Privilege Com- mittee 4, Science Department Aide Corps. I MARK HALLENBECK " Becker” Engineer Track 1, Intramural Basketball 2, Rent- a-Kid 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society (President) 3, 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, (Captain 3), Baseball 2, 3. DEBORAH HARRINGTON ROBERT F. HANSEN " Bob” College " Nelson . . . He said.” Varsity Football 3, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4. PAULA MARIE HAYDUSKI Teacher " Mary Ellen, you’re crazy!” Pep Squad 3, 4, Rent-a-Kid 3, Christmas Dance 3, Reflections 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Powder Puff Foot- ball 4, Intramural Tennis 4, Battle of the Bands 4, Senior Float Committee 4. BRENDA HANSON " Shorty” Nurse Future Nurses Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 2. COLEEN HAYES " Col” Keypunch Operator Honor Roll 2, Class Secretary 2, 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Tennis Club 4, Work Ex- perience 4. 58 SHARON BARBARA HENDERSON " Bubbles” Music Teacher " Let ' s get organized here.” Lamplighters 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Prom Committee 4. MARGARET A. HEALD " Peggy” Student Ticker 2, Chorus 3. CHERYL HENRY " Cher” Computer Programmer Future Nurses Club, Variety Show. JAY HOLMGREN Hockey 1, 2. ROBERT HOLBROOKE Draftsman DIANE LOUISE HILLARD " D” Radiologic Technician " The time has come the walrus said, to think of many things, of ships and shoes ■and sealing wax of cabbages and kings.” jPep Squad 3, Lamplighters 4. LINDA HORROX " Lin” Airline Stewardess " Do it, but don ' t get caught. " Girls’ Softball Team 1, Lamplighters 2, 3, Junior Achievement 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4, Senior Prom Committee. ROBERT IVANOFF " Sagie” Marine Biologist Track Team 1, 3, Football 1, Varsity Football 3, 4, Swimming Team 2. JILL HORSTMEYER Hairdressing or Business Lamplighters 1, 2, Ticker Staff 2, Nurses Aide 2, Pep Squad 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Formi Hostess 3, 4, Johnson Memor- ial Hospital 3, Decoration Chairman for Battle of the Bands 4, Dedication 4, Poster Contest Semi-Finalist 3, Senior Prom Committee 4, Class Trip Commit- tee 4. CAROLE JACIUS College Honor Roll 2, 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 1, Co- Captain 3, 4, Sk CIuId 2, 3, 4, Teachers’ Club 2, Junior Prom 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Pep Rally Committee Co-Chairman 4, Christmas Dance 3, Tennis Club 3, Ded- ication Day Float Committee Co-Chair- man 4. LEONARD lORIO " Len " College Soccer 1, Wrestling 1, Varsity Football 2, 3, Track 1. MARIA ROSARIA JANCZEWSKI School Newspaper 2, Future Business Leaders of America, Rent-a-Kid 3, School Store 2, Adult Graduation Hos- tess 1, 2, 3, 4. 60 CYNTHIA JEAN JARVIS " Cindy” Mathematician Pep Squad 3, Honor Society 3, 4 , Senior iFloat Committee 4, Honor Roll 3, 4, Fermi Host and Hostess 3, 4, Lamp- lighters 4, Rent-a-Kid 3, Battle of the Bands Dance Committee 4. DIANE JARVIS " Dee” Dental Assitant Majorettes 3, 4, Rent-a-Kid 3, Christmas Dance 3, Ski Club 4, Drama 2, Intra- mural Basketball 2, Student Advisor for Glee Club 4. PAULA JASMINSKI " Paula” Social Worker Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Fermi Hostess 3,4, International Club 2, Rent-a-Kid 3. e CLIFFORD WILLIAM JENKINS ■■Cliff " Track Team. ALFRED B. JENKINS ■■Senator’ Political Science Varsity Eootball 3, 4, Chess Club 2, 4, Varsity Track 3, School Newspaper 4. DONNA M. JOANIS ■Dawn ’ Growing ■■When is the bell going to ring?” Enfield Adult Education 4, Secretary for Mr. Sherr 4. SANDRA JOHNSON ■■Sandy ’ Nursing ■■Run that by me again.” Student Council 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 2, Volleyball 2, Intramur- als 2. I CYNTHIA VEILLEUX GOODNOW ■■Cindy JEAN JUTRAS ■■Jeanne ’ Hairdresser 62 CYNTHIA ANN KARCZ " Cindy” Secretary, Switch Board Operator " Hey man. " " Really?” Junior Prom Committee 3, Field Hoc- ' key. ELLLEN MARIE KAZUKYNAS " Kaz” Biologist Future Teachers ' Club 2, Ski Club 2, 4, Literary Magazine 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Rent-a-Kid 3, Christmas Dance Com- mittee 3, Senior Prom Committee 4, Senior Variety Show ' 4, Battle of the Bands 4; Dance Committee 4, French Club 1. TIMOTHEA V. KELLEY " Timi” Living and Growing " Gee, what am I going to do now?” ] ( JAMES J. KEMPF MAUREEN KENNEDY " Moe” Housewife Rent-a-Kid 3, Librarian Aide 1, Fermi Host and Hostess 3. JOSEPHINE WINIARZ " Jo” Work Experience Program, School Store Concession Stand, Distributive Educa- tion, 3, 4, Secretary. 63 L DEBRA ANN KOT " Debbie” Medical Secretary Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, Tennis Club 3, Powder Puff Football Team 4. " Kimmer” Advertising Firm, Commercial Ar Distributive Education Clubs of Amer ica 3, President of Fermi Chapter 3 General Manager of School Store 3 Future Business Leaders 3, 4, Steno Clul 3, Concession Stands 3, 4. PETER LANDRY " Pete” Work Experience 4. LINDA ANN LANGILL ' Motor” Dental Hygienist Majorettes 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4, Future Teachers Club 3, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Editor of Layout 4, Fermi Hosts and Hostess 3, Senior Prom Committee 4, Powder Puff Football Team 4, Band 1, Lamplighters 2, Senior Variety Show 4, Hostess of Junior Prom 3. THOMAS LANGAN " Lang” Freshman Basketball 1, Junior Varsity Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Freshman Baseball 1. JOSLYN A. LA FLEUR " Flash” X-ray Technician " Ya Know.” Student Newspaper 2, Future Nurses Club. KIM LANDRY 64 DEBORAH LANGLEY Mom” Secretary and Housewife battle of the Bands Decorating Commit- tee 4, Library Aide 4. I I i I I MICHAEL LaPLANTE DARLENE LaPOINTE " Dee” Secretary " Holy Momma!” Band 3, 4. TERRY R. LARAWAY " Ted” Car Salesman " Oh, Boy!” Distributive Education 1, Program 4, Distributive Education 3, 4, School Store 3, 4, Concession Stands 3, 4, Treasurer for School Store and Distributive Edu- cation Activities 3, 4. KENDRA LEECH Licensed Practical Nurse Tennis Club 3. PETER LEEDS Teacher, Lawyer Junior Varsity Soccer 1, 2, Junior Var- sity Basketball 2, Junior Varsity Base- ball 2, Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4, Editor 3, Varsity Soccer 3, Varsity Basketball 3, Varsity Baseball 3, S.P.H.E.R.E. Tutor- ing Program 3, Student Council 3, Re- flections Writer 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. KAREN LEE Child Psychologist " This is so queer!” Future Nurses Club 2, Tennis Club 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Christmas Dance 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Car Wash 3, Pep Squad 3, Rally Committee 4, Senior Prom 4, Farewell Prom 4, Powder Puff Football 4, Dance Committee 4, Float Committee 4. DELORES LEFEBVRE " Dee” Nurse " Such a clutz!” " Bull!” Secretary of Social Studies Lab 2, 3, 4, Rent-a-Kid 3, Lamplighters 2, 3, 4, Lit- erary Magazine 4. m MARK LIGHT KAREN LESNIAK Social Worker itudent Freedom League 3, Future reachers Club 2, Junior Achievement 3, )ffice Aid 2. " Mark " Varsity Hockey 2, Varsity Football 3. ROBERT LINN Pro Golfer ockey 1, 2, Golf 2, Connecticut State hoolboy Golf Tournament 3. LANE LOMBARDO " Lanerd " Registered Nurse " I doubt it.” Intramural Basketball 2, Nurses Club 2, 3, Student Council 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Senior Prom Committee 4. ROBIN E. LINDEMANN " Sparrow” Computer Secretary Color Guard 2, 3, 4, Distributive Educa- tion 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir 4, Hostess 1, Basketball 2, Impres- sions Workshop 3. 67 DONNA MARIE LORD Library Aide 2, Senior Prom Committee , Distributive Education Club or Amer- ica 3, 4, Fermi Host and Hostess 3, 4. FRANCIS P. LUCEY " Frank” Plumbing Manager of the Football Team 3, Swim- ming Club 2. GARY LUCZAI " Sniffles” Farmer " Right” Future Business Leaders of America. ARNOLD ANGUS MADORE, JR. " Arnie” Navy " For cripe sake!” EILEEN MALLOY SHAKEN ANN MALEK " Weasel” Travel " I don’t believe it.” Battle of the Bands 4 , Senior Prom Com- mittee 4, Powder Puff Football 4. " Slim” Color Guard 3. DAVID MANN I DOROTHY E. MASTERSON " Dody” Nurse " Please come to the meeting.” Senior Class President 4, Student Council 1, Director of Activities 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Junior Achievement 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Laurel Girls State Repre- sentative 3, Who’s Who Among Amer- ica ' s High School 3, Senior Prom Com- mittee 4. DONALD RUSSELL MAYLOTT " Elvis Kinky” Painter Vice President 2, Car Wash 2. MARIAELENA ANNE MASTROIANNI " Marie” " When do we get out of here?” Nurses Aide, Office Aide. MICHAEL A. MAYLOTT " Mick” College Intramural Soccer and Baseball 1, Rent- a-Kid 3, Football 1, Junior Varsity Soc- cer 3, Varsity Soccer 4, Varsity Baseball 3. ROXANNE MAY Art Career " Hey, Man!” Class Historian 2, 3, 4, Lamplighters Usherette 2, Newspaper 1, 2, Rent-a-Kid 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Fermi Guide 3, 4, Pep Squad Co-Captain 3, Lamplighters 1, Senior Prom Committee 4, Powder Puff Football Team 4, Dance Committee 4, Dedication Day Commit- tee 4. JOHN MASLOWSKI Intramural Basketball 2, 3, Rent-a-Kid 3. 70 SHARON MEDEIROS " Shari” Registered Nurse Future Business Leade rs of America 1, Yearbook 3, 4, Secretary of Yearbook 4, Future Nurses 2, 3, 4, President 3, Sec- retary 4, Lamplighters 1, 4. ,|AY MESSENGER " Tex” Wildlife Management Football Manager 4, Baseball Manager 3, 4. I SHARON LEE MILLER r ' Shar” Nurse Library Aide 1, Tutor 1, Girls’ Intra- mural Basketball 1, Teachers Aide 3, Nurses Aide, Powder Puff Eootball jTeam 4, Class Trip Committee 4. I VIRGINIA MILLER I JEANETTE KATHRYN MICHAUD Nurse Library Aide 4, Tennis Club 4, Future Nurses Club 4. DONNA MILLS " Bunt” Artist Art Club. 71 MICHAEL MILLS " Dah” Student Council 2, Lamplighters, Var- sity Wrestling Team 2. DENISE MINER Art School " Dynamite” Nurses Aide 2, Fermi Hosts and Hostess 3, Ceramics 4, Junior Achievement 3, Tennis Club 3. GREGG MOFFATT LYNN E. MOFFATT Secretary, Social Worker " Some people dream of things and say why? 1 dream of things and say why not?” Library Aide 2, Office Aide 1, 2, Girls’ Leader 1, Newspaper 1. LINDA JEAN MONKIEWICZ " Monk” Wealthy " Keep the Faith” Tennis Club 3, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Prom 4, Volleyball. DORRIS MONTMINY Secretary ‘| Future Business Leaders of America. 72 I ALAN MOORE " Big Al " Physical Scientist Social Studies Lab 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, L.I.F.E. 2, Photography Club 2, School Photographer 3, 4, Year- book 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 1, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council Formation Committee 3, Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Senior Float Com- mittee 4, Vice-President of Ski Club 4, Dedication Day Committee 4, Earth Science Club 1. JAMES MICHAEL MOREY " Jim” College THOMAS G. MORIARTY " Moe” Junior Varsity Soccer 1, 2, 3, Varsity Soccer 4. DONNA MUSSO Nurse " C’mon-Really?” V ' arsity Cheerleading 3, 4, Fermi Hostess 3, 4. I I ' I 73 I I I DONNA LYNN NICHOLS " Dawn” Clinical Psychologist " Wow, that’s tough.’’ Bowling 2, Golf 3, Fermi Hosts 3, Fu- ture Nurses Club 3, Tennis Club 3, 4, Powder Puff Football Team 4. DONNA NOBLE Secretary, Bookkeeper Honor Roll 3, Secretary Club 4. FRANCISCO OBREGON " Poncho " Soccer 2. SUZANNE PARENT " Sue " College, Social Worker ROBERT PARKES " Bob” " Ding-a-ling” " Dum Dum” Student Council at A. 1. Prince Tech. NANCY PARSONS " Nance” Teacher Student Council Scribe 1, Lamplighters 1, Class Treasurer 3, 4, Pep Squad 3 (Treasurer), Junior Prom Committee, Rent-a-Kid Program 3, Volunteer Teach- ers Aide 3, Christmas is . . . Dance Committee 3, Honor Roll 3, Senior Prom Committee 4, Battle of the Bands Committee 4, Powder Puff Football Team 4, Class Trip Committee 4, Dedi- cation Day Float Committee 4. SUSAN PATALIK LYNDA MARIE PASTORE " Lynn” Secretary Future Business Leaders of America, Field Hockey, Secretarial Club. " Sue” r I SALLY JENNIFER PATTERSON " Jenni ' Commercial Artist Junior Prom Committee 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Literary Magazine 1, 3, Christmas Dance Committee 3, Tennis 3, Senior Prom Committee 4, Honor Roll 1, 2. , I SUSAN PAYZANT ! " Sue” I " Whoop Whoop!” ( ERNEST ADAM PAULMAN " Bud” Good Christian " You must be born again.” Lamplighters 2. CHERYL A. PEASE " Cheryl” Housewife " Keep your Hopes up.” Senior Prom Committee 4, Rent-a-Kid 3. i 75 ROBERT PHILLIPS " King Toad” U. S. Forest Service " I ain’t no Toad.” MARIE POLEK " Marie” Veterinarian " One friend is better than many of no value.” JOANNE THESESA PEIRCE " Jo” Retail Management Distributive Education Club of America 3, 4, School Store — Sales Manager, Dis- tributive Education Vice President 3, Concession Stand 4. SCOTT PIERZ " Brownie” Math Teather Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 1, Varsity Football 3, Director of Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Rent-a-Kid, National Honor Society 3, 4, Varsity Football Captain 4. JOANNE PIEKOS " Pickas” College " Next time we should bring our binoculars.” Softball 1, Volleyball 1, Basketball !. SHEILA POPLAWSKI " Ace” Singer " I have a strange, funny feeling.” School Chorus 2, 4. B DAVID PRATSON Junior Prom Committee 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Senior Prom Committee 4, Fermi Host 4. EDWARD J. PROVENCHER " Ed” Radio Broadcaster Junior Varsity Basketball 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Intramural Basketball 2. KENNETH PROVENCHER " Kenny” Fireman " Oh, Hi!” I I I ' li WILLIAM PRYEOR BP” Optometrist iintramural Basketball 2, Junior Varsity •Baseball 2, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Soccer |2, 4, Science Club 1, Chess Club 4. GEORGETTE PUTNEY " Gigi” Junior Prom Committee 3, Library Aide 4. PRANK PYCH " Smoky” Daydreaming " What” Eootball 2, Basketball 2, Art 2. i il % i I i ■i k. J 77 WENDY JANE REEL " Wen” VISTA " Quiere a jugar con mi rand.” Drama Club 2, 3, 4. THOMAS PYRCZ " Pugs” Police Distributive Education 4. MARYANNE RATHBUN " Mare” Nurse " Really?” Intramural Basketball 2, Fresh Day Committee, Future Nurses 2, Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2, Varsity Softball 2, String Ensemble 4, Band 4, Captain Varsity Cheerleaders 3, Gymnastics 4, Honor Roll 2, 4, Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook 4, Farewell Prom Committee 4, Senior Variety Show Committee 4. STEVEN ANTHONY RAPACKI " S” Biochemist " Right On!” International Club 2, 4, Newspaper 3, Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Political Science 1. MARJORIE REESE " Margie” Clerical Secretary " On Right” Junior Prom Committee 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Christmas Is Dance 3, Powder Puff Football Team 4, Senior Prom Commit- | tee 4. 78 JOANNE RICCI MICHAEL REINO " Speedy” DAVID RICHARD Accounting " You ' re all right.” Varsity Baseball 3. Secretary Junior Achievement 1, Junior Prom Committee 3, Director of Activities 4, Senior Prom Chairman 4, Rent-a-Kid 3, Class Trip Committee 4. BARBARA ROBIDOUX MARY ELIZABETH ROONEY " Marybeth” Commercial Artist Typing Club 2, Newspaper 1, Reflec- tions 4. PATRICIA RICHER 79 CARL ROSSI " Aries” Dramatics " I get by with a little help from my friends.” Lamplighters 2, Fermi High Master Dramatic Co. 4. GAIL MARIE ROSSIGNOL Secretary Honor Roll 3, Intramural Basketball 2, Enfield EQ Program 3, Social Smdies Lab 3. DOLORES RUGGIERO " Dee” To get the most out of life " To have a friend you must be a friend.’ i Bowling Club 2, Fermi Host and Hos , 80 81 JOHN SAWYER " Double O’’ Business Manager " I think I’m gonna handle it.” Drum Corps. JEAN SAYDLOWSKI " Polock” College Junior Class Representative 3, Junior Class Prom Committee 3, Eermi Hostess Club 3, Senior Class Vice President 4, Senior Prom Committee 4, Open-Door Program 4, Battle of the Bands Dance Committee 4. KURT SCHERMERHORN " Scherm” Varsity Hockey 2. LILLIAN MARIE SCALIA " Lill” " Right George?” Drama 2, 3, 4, Rent-a-Kid 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Eermi Guides 3, 4, Concert Choir 4. ROBERT SCOTT " Bob” SANDRA SCOTT j " Sandy” Mental Health Assistan ’ " Today is the first day of the rest of my life.” Library Aide 2, Basketball 2, Intramur als 3, Lamplighters 2, 3, Junior Achieve ment 3, Junior Prom 3, Senior Pron Committee 4, Senior Variety Show 4 Powder Puff Football 4. PATRICIA SHEEHAN ! " Pat " Teacher j Future Teachers 2, Lamplighters 2, 3, 4, {Treasurer 1, L.I.F.E. 2, Honor Roll 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, Sec. of Concert Choir 4, Art Impression Work- shop 3. CLIFFORD SHUTE " Cliff” Law School KATHLEEN M. SMAHA " Kay” Student Council 1, Car Wash 2. 84 CYNTHIA ST. GERMAIN " Cindie” WILLIAM STRUMPFLER " Bill” Social Worker V. Football, V. Track, V. Basketball. MARY ELLEN SMYTH Doctor of Medicine Intramural Baseball 1, International Workshop 1, K-ettes 1, Kosciuszko Singers 1, Intramural Basketball 2, Tu- tor 2, Nurses Aide 2, Future Nurses (Vice President) 2, Concert Choir 2, 3, Lamplighters 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Production 3, Literary Magazine (Ass’t Editor 3, Poetry Editor 4), Yearbook 3, 4, Honor Roll 3, Pep Squad 3, Social Studies Lab 3, 4, Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Cit- izenship Award 1. GEORGE E. STEELE, JR. " Easy Rider” Electronics Engineer " Let’s get to work. " A.V. President. LOUIS E. SOTOMAYER " Lou” Accountant " Don’t work hard!” Soccer 1, Track 1, School Club (Presi- dent) 1. LYNN MARIE ST. JOHN Business Teacher " Let’s be serious about this situation.” Student Council 1, 2, Cheerleader 1, Class Vice-President 3, Rent-a-Kid 3, Car Wash 3, Junior Prom 3, Honor Roll 3. 85 LINDA SWOLS " Lin” Nurse Future Nurses Club. CATHY JEAN SYBLE " Cathy " Chorus 3, 4, Mixed Chorus (Secretary) 4, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Dedication Day 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Drama 1, Future Teachers Club 3, Social Studies Aide 1. LAURIE SWINARSKI " Laurie” Hairdesser " Right.” Bowling 2, Library Aide 2. ! SHARON SYLVAIN Computer Programmer " Oh yuh!” E9 i I LAURIE TAYLOR I ' Laurie” Animal Hospital Student Freedom League 2, Tennis 4. THALIA TENEROWICZ " Tally” Teacher " Imagine that!” Intramural Basketball 2, Personal Typ- ing 2, Junior Achievement 3, 4. LARRY TESSIER " Tech” Medical Doctor Drama 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, Social Studies Lab 2, 3, 4, Drama Producer 4. i I 87 JUDITH TIDWELL ROGER THIBODEAU " Rog” Gym Teacher Soccer 2, Football (Captain) 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Honor Roll, Senior Prom 4. " Jute” Teacher Library Aide 2, Pep Squad 3. TAY TKACZ " Teak” Varsity Basketball (Captain 2, 3, Co- Captain 4), J.V. Baseball 2, V. Baseball (Captain 3, Tri-Captain 4), Honor Roll 2, 3, FBLA 4, Freshman Basketball and Baseball 1. SUSAN MARIE TRINQUE " Sue” Secretary Secretarial Club 4, FBLA 1, 4, Guidance Worker 1, Teacher Secretary 4. H KAREN VALVO " Kar” Interior Decorator Field Hockey 1, Fermi Hosts 3. 89 JEFF VAN KIRK Machinist DOROTHY ZAVATSKY " Dottie To have a good life. Rent-a-Kid. JOHN VERESHKO CAROL WOHLLEBE " Willy” Licensed Practical Nurse Senior Prom Committee 4. DAVID WALERYSZAK Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Football 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Rent-a-Kid, Intramural Basketball 4, Junior Achieve- ment. NANCY WANZER " Nan” Travel " Is that right? " a 90 LINDA WATSON TIMOTHY WASHBURN " Tim” " How’d ya get that? " Band 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll 2. Nursing Prom Committee 3, 4, Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Rent-a-Kid 3, Future Nurses 3, 4, School Newspaper 1, Library Aide 1. lOANNE WFATHERWAX " Waxer” Nursing " Hey There” Teachers Aide 3, Nurses Aide 4. il ii 1 FBLA 4. SHEILA WEIR Stewardess DONALD JOSEPH WELLS " Donnie” " Know what I mean?” Intramural Basketball 2, Track 3, 4, Varsity Football 4. I SUSAN JANE WILBER " Susy” Nursing Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, (Secretary 3, 4), Lamp- lighters 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 1, 3, Histor- ian 4, Future Nurses Club 2, 4, Fermi Hosts 3, 4, Kosciuszko Singers 1. ARTHUR WILZAK " Art” CHERYL WILLIAMS " Cher” Elementary Education Honor Roll 3, Future Teachers Club, Concert Choir Dedication Day Com- mittee, Students Educational League. GAIL WILSON " Wilson " Math Major " No way. Baby!” Library Aide 1, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Powder Puff Football 4, Intramural Basketball 2, Typing Club 2. ' ' - 3 ' BARBARA WILLIAMS 92 PHOTOS NOT AVAILABLE KATHLEEN WILSON " Kathy” X-ray Technician Ski Club 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Christmas Dance Committee, Car Wash, Pep Squad 3. JOSEPH CHAMBERLAND STEVEN CYRANOWICZ GUY BOURQUE MARIA ELLENDER DENISE PETERS EMERICK SUSAN GROLEAU BETTY HOMANS JAMES KERTENIS WAYNE KINNEY GREGORY MCGOWAN HARVEY REGAN LEWIS ROY DAVID SCHWENGEL KIRK STAFFORD PAULA WAGNER STEPHEN WRIGHT I ( 9 i W e are t)je seeds of a tena- cious plaiA, and it is in our ripeness abd our fullness of heart that ive are given to the wind and scattered. Kahlil Gibran VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM— FRONT ROW: Jay Mes- senger, Don Wells, Frank Guild, Ed Daly, Scott Pierz, Roger Thibodeau, Mike Croyle, Mike Dynia, Mark Hallenbeck, A1 Jenkins. 2ND ROW — Frank Corbo, Claudio Orifice, Kim Hines, Steve Horstmeyer, Carl Violette, Mike Locklear, Gerry Muska, Dan Gallo, Brad Bratman. 3RD ROW — Jim Fuller, Tom Wells, Bill Cormier (hidden), Darrell Elliot, Ron Shelton, Bill Classen, Ken Bourque, Paul Blier, Dan Hayden, Bruce Mc- Clintock, Armand Ruby. BACK ROW — John Theofiles, Rick Trudeau, Brian Hallenbeck, Steve Sible, Mark Leone. Coaches — Bob Lengyel, Joe Nuccio, Tom Snipe. Don Wells Mike Dynia SENIOR PLAYERS: Frank Guild, Roger Thibodeau, Don Wells, Mark Hallenbeck, Mike Dynia, Ed Daly, Scott Pierz, A1 Jenkins, Mike Croyle, Jay Messenger, manager. Frank Guild Jay Messenger — manager r ■mCT£ J ' 1 K HL« V I 1 1 4 B 1 fflk HiB ' ■ 1 B k{ 5-4-3-2-1-KICKOFF! VARSITY SCORES, 1971 SEASON Fermi 8 Plainfield 25 Fermi - 17 Windsor Locks 18 Fermi 32 Windham Tech 12 Fermi 15 Daniel Hand 6 Fermi 0 Ledyard 48 Fermi 14 Putnam 34 Fermi 45 S. Windsor 16 Fermi 40 McCann Tech 0 Fermi 12 Pulaski 26 Fermi 13 Farmington 28 1 . Hey Scott, mine’s gin, what ' s yours? Remember combing the confetti out of your hair? PSST. Everythings upside down. Yes, coaches are humans too, I’m not playing with you guys anymore! And I want my ball back too! 1 1 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM— KNEELING: Pete Bastone, Gary Cartier, George Marenelli, Danny Sharon, Ken Rogerson, Fran Burke, Gus Jasminski, Mike Egan, Jim Madsen, Bob Kahn, Paul Locke, Joe Trazynski, Fred Fieldhouse, Dave Lagrow, Dick Devou. STANDING: Mike McElwain, Coach Greg Quinlan, Mike Daigle, Tom Roland, Bob Stauble, Steve Sibley, Scott Howe, Joe Burke, George Blanger, Paul Cirillo, Mike Clark, Bob Block, Mike Scavotto, Don Slantatz, Mark Cunningham, Steve Gilmette, Joe Czipulis, Coach Gary Fairwood. " Don’t worry, The boogie-man doesn’t like football” J.V. FOOTBALL SCORES 3 wins, 6 losses : Fermi 18 Hall High 14 Fermi 30 Windsor Locks 6 Fermi 0 Farmington 13 ! Fermi 8 Springfield Tech 26 Fermi 20 Bloomfield 14 Fermi 6 Springfield Tech 13 Fermi 0 Pulaski 14 Fermi 8 South Windsor 20 Fermi 6 Avon 28 i I i Joan Arrowsmith Carole Jacius Susan Czipulis Eileen Breslin Practice tonight after school and be ready with ideas for the rally ... A big parade with all the school bands in Enfield . . . Dedication Day . . . How about floats? . . . Wanna buy a booster badge? What do you mean 15 is too much? Where’s your spirit? . . How about a snake dance through the school — no, outside the school? . . . We’ll make a giant egg and paint it Fermi blue — 10 feet, long! Then Mr. Q)nnors jumps out of it? What did you say Mr. Connors? No? . . . O.K. Sue — we’re all ready to let the school hear the fight song for the first time — turn on the intercom and the tap recorder full blast! . . . What Earl? Did you say that we blew the speakers? Just kinda sounded fuzzy and loud? . . .It seems only like yesterday . . . O.K. now, for the last time — Ready! We re from Fermi and no one could be PROUDER! Donna Musso Donna Musso, Joan Snyder, Sue Czpilus, Helen Rathbun, Dee Bouthiette, Joan Arrowsmith, Debbie Kot, Colleen Henry, Carole Jacius, Ellen Kazukynas, Fran Malinsoki, Eileen Breslin. UL. ' d 1 . ■ ' iL, ■ jBB L 3i SECOND SEASON SOCCER TEAM— KNEELING: Tom Quail, Bob Richardson, Tom Sloan, Glenn Christofaro, Ray Aleskwicz, Bill Pryeor, John Sheehan, Tom Gorman, John Conway, Chris Holmes. STANDING; Bob Michaud, Mike Maylott, Scott Sauve, Bruce Zapolski, Mark O ' Connell, Jack Carey, Charlie Courveau, Dave Lucas, Lou Sotomeyer, Fred " VanHoute, Peter Anderson, Tom Moriarty. 106 Lou Sotomeyer Manager John Sawyer Mike Maylott 1971 SOCCER SCORES 6 wins, 5 losses Fermi 4 Trade 1 Fermi 1 Acrebrook 5 Fermi 0 New Britain 3 Fermi 1 East Catholic 2 Fermi 6 Prince Tech 0 Fermi 0 Trade 0 Fermi 0 Rham 0 Fermi 0 New ' Britain 0 Fermi 3 Acrebrook 2 Fermi 5 East Catholic 2 Fermi 1 Prince Tech 0 Win by forfeit You big turkeys are slower than molasses going uphill! We’re gonna win! rrfWM GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM— ROW 1: Doreen Hoctor, Jeanne Lemini, Karen Courtemanche, Diana DeRose, Judy Maggio, Deborah Courtemanche, Cindy Falkowski, Deborah Hanscomb. ROW 2; Donna Nichols, Janet Packard, Sarah King, Donna Ostheimer, Sheila Lee, Linda May, Danielle Hanrahan, Barbara Noonan. ROW 3; Carole Steele, Sharon Benoit, Co-captains Laurie Lumsden and Eileen Pieper, Donna Teske, Bea Pieper. Senior Donna Nichols VARSITY SCORES 3 wins, 8 losses 31 Bloomfield 31 South Catholic 25 Newington 28 Windsor Locks 30 Staf?ord 17 Enfield 25 South Windsor 15 Enfield 22 Windsor Locks 25 Newington 36 South Catholic Fermi Fermi Fermi Fermi Fermi Fermi Fermi Fermi Fermi Fermi Fermi ANOTHER FIRST FOR FERMI; GIRL’S FIELD HOCKEY TEAM, 1971 season record 0-5 Fermi 1-SuffieId 2, Fermi-O-Newington 1, Fermi 1-East Windsor 4 FRONT ROW; Sharon Benoit, Donna Teske, Co-captain Laurie Lumsden and Eileen Piepcr, Maryanne Vella, Linda May, Sarah King, Jayne Dickenson. BACK ROW: Sheila Lee, Sandy LaPlante, Barb Noonan, Cheryl Ferguson, Sharon Ferguson, Anne Baril, Linda Lan- gan, Tina DiFranco, Cindy Falkowski, Rose Dizik, Bea Pieper, Debi Chichester, Diane Lerose, Elieen Bond (manager), Debbie Courte- manche, Mrs. Carol Albert (coach). JUNIOR VARSITY CHEER- LEADERS — ERONT ROW: Kathy Cardella, Sue Cote, Paula Vella. 2ND ROW: Nancy Bressard, Laurie Le- Scala. BACK ROW: Terri Gaines, Donna Courchaine, Lynn LeBreck, Phyllis Krasin- ski„ Sandy Evans, Judy Rarus. Basketball Co-captains Laurie Lumsden and Eileen Pieper. Gus Jasminski, Ken Rogerson. THIRD ROW : Don Redderoth, Don Sheak, Mike Martin (Co-captain), Dave Bigos, Ron Shelton, Dan Hayden (Co-captain), Darrell Elliott, Jim Fuller, Mike Hal- gas, Ron Myers, Coach Bob Lengyl. LAST ROW: Tom Dube, Bob Ivanoff, Doug Bond. FERMI’S FIRST " FALFIN " SWIMMING TEAM— FIRST ROW: ■Vin Lombardo, William Price, Mel Feltault, Joe Traczynski, Jim Gavin, A1 Kimiotek, Ken Mayo, Ron Pianchaud, Mike Scavatto, Joe Botelno, Glen Clayton. SECOND ROW : Richard Stewart, Fred Fieldhouse, Bob Block, Bob Stauble, John Arrowsmith, Brian Gadowry, Mike McGann, Steve Landry, Steve Crouse, Managers: Senior swimmer Bob Ivanoff Senior swimmer Tom Dube FERMI GD FM Did 1 win? SWIMMING SCORES 2 wins, 9 losses Fermi 34 Gilbert 61 Fermi 29 Hartford Pub. 61 Fermi 27 Newington 66 Fermi 37 Windsor Locks 57 Fermi 55 Loomis 6- Fermi 53 Litchfield 41 Fermi 44 Lee 50 Fermi 40 Wethersfield 55 Fermi 46 W. Wilson 49 Fermi 39 Watertown 56 Fermi 59 Derby 31 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM, KNEELING: Managers Paul Locke, Paul Blier, and Don Slanetz. STANDING: Rich Gressette, Gary Zera, Sean McKeown, Larry Figella, Ed Daly, Dave Schwengel, Coach Dave Shea, Tri-captains Tom Langan, Jay Tkatz, and Mike DiGregoric Coach Tom Snipe, Bernie Gacona, Bob Hanson, Ken Bourque, Man Scavotto, Dave Madej. Tom Langan Bob Hanson 1972 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Season record 4 wins — 16 losses Fermi 37 Fermi 49 Fermi 32 Fermi 47 Fermi 50 Fermi 93 Fermi 48 Fermi 43 Fermi 56 Fermi 43 Fermi 58 Fermi 42 Fermi 55 Fermi 74 Fermi 42 Fermi 47 Fermi 65 Fermi 41 Fermi 69 Fermi 53 Dave Schwengel Montville 52 Pulaski 69 Northwest Catholic 104 Xavier 79 Springfield Trade 49 Acrebrook 34 Palmer 68 Prince Tech 57 ; East Lyme 79 Xavier 80 Montville 84 i East Lyme 84 East Windsor 74 Acrebrook 38 i Springfield Trade 57 : Northwest Catholic 73 1 Killingly 54 : Palmer 55 i Pulaski 90 Prince Tech 73 Mike DiGregorio J.V. BASKETBALL Winning Season; 11 wins — 9 losses Fermi 51 Montville 44 Fermi 54 Pulaski 51 Fermi 45 N.W. Catholic 81 Fermi 58 Xavier 44 Fermi 56 Springfield Trade 44 Fermi 61 Suffield 41 Fermi 51 Palmer 48 Fermi 42 Prince Tech 43 Fermi 54 East Lyme 70 Fermi 22 Xavier 57 Fermi 60 Montville 68 Fermi 43 East Lyme 58 Fermi 58 East Windsor 38 Fermi 50 Somers 43 Fermi 67 Springfield Trade 50 Fermi 48 N.W. Catholic 67 Fermi 56 Killingly 66 Fermi 53 Palmer 41 Fermi 57 Pulaski 70 Fermi 62 Prince Tech 50 Jay Tkatz Bernie Gacona J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM, ERONT ROW: Mark Cunningham. Mark Scavotto, Mike Kennedy, Brian Hallenbeck, Paul Cirillo. MIDDE: Elden Walden, Carl Violet, Larry Figella, Armand Rudy III, Bob Zybulski, Doug Quarterman, Coach Dave Shea, Managers Don Slanetz, Paul Blier and Paul Locke, Coach Tom Snipe. ! ! I r I i i A Before you can score you must have a goal Where the heck is he? How it all Began • • • In our junior high years a tobacco field was chosen to be part of our future. " The preparatory jointing, squaring, sawing, mortising. The hoist-up of beams, the push of them in their places, laying them regular. " Walt Whitman " The place where a great city stands is not the! place of stretch’d wharves, docks, manufactures, del posits of produce merely . . . Nor the place of thd best libraries and schools, nor the place where money! is plentiest, ... A great city is that which has the! greatest men and women.” Walt Whitman Most of us will remember our sophomore year at the Annex and later spending a year of double sessions at Enfield High anticipating. — 1 h } " Here is the test of wisdom, Wisdom is not finally tested in schools, Wisdom cannot be pass’d from one having it to another not having it. Wisdom is of the soul, is not susceptible of proof, is its own proof, . . Walt Whitman M mi i SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Nancy Parsons, Class Treasurer, Roxanne May, Class Historian, Dody Masterson, Class President, Diane Dubois, Class Secretary, Advisor — ' Mrs. Cokkinias. (Missing from picture Jean Saydlowski, Class Vice-President, Joanne Ricci, Director of Activities.) JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS left to right: Laurie Dewey-Historian, Cheryl Crowley-Director of Activities, Patty Nowell-Secretary, Phyllis Bennici- Vice-President, Donald Sheak- President. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Shelia Moody, Director of Activities, Pam Hale, Class Secretary, Janet Cannone, Class President, Ellen Macintosh, Class Historian, Bob Doika, Class Treasurer. (Missing from picture — Mark Davies, Class Vice-President.) 124 ■ t 1 lilt FERMI HOSTS George Fuller, Wayne Gowdy, Roxanne May, Alan Moore, Lillian Scalia, Donna Musso, Susan Galligan, Jill Horstmeyer, Linda Watson, David Pratson, Gail Buckley, Melinda DiSalvo. FUTURE NURSES CLUB FRONT ROW: Susan Galligan, Sharon Medeiros, Jane Avery, Brenda Hansen, Lynn LaBreque, Laurie Downes. (SECOND ROW: Linda Swols, Erica Larson, Mrs. Wilcox, Linda LaBlanc, Betty Jenkins, Eileen Breslin. ■ ml 1 w p - OADA I n I I. I 1U U Chapter of The National Honor 5ociety HONOR FRONT ROW : Sharon Henderson Melinda DiSalvo, Patricia Sheehan, Susan Casey (Treasurer), Susan Wil- ber (Secretary), Diane DuBois, Paula Hayduski. SEC- OND ROW : Nancy Abohatab, Cathy Syble, Jill Eisen- man„ Mary Blaszko, Gail Wilson, Eileen Breslin, Cyn- SOCIETY thia Jarvis, Kathy Shanks, Susan Campbell (Recorder), Carole Jacius. THIRD ROW: Mark Hallenbeck (Presi- dent), Michael DiGregorio (Vice-President), Alan Moore, David Buczkowski, Scott Pierz. YEARBOOK FRONT ROW: Sandy Chall (Co-Editor), Mary- anne Rathbun (Co-Editor), Miss Nancy Koplin (Advisor) SECOND RC)W: Karen Boulerice (Art Editor), Joan Snyder, Susan Worth (Sports Editor). THIRD ROW: Susan Galligan (Layout Editor), Linda Langill (Layout Editor), Marty Dzidul. EOURTH ROW: Eileen Breslin (Senior Section), Kathy Casper, Susan Casey, Gail Ca- bana. FIFTH ROW : Debra Triolo, Mary Schmit. LAST ROW: Alan Moore (Photographer), Mary Ellen Smyth, Mary Blaszko, George Fuller (Pho- tographer) . 126 NEWSPAPER STAEF Kathy Cardella, Mrs. Bueker (Advisor), Joe Drennan, Dave Reynolds, Peter Leeds, Gail Cabana, Nancy Caswell, Sue Gagne, A1 Jenkins, Iris Stein (Chief Editor), Jack Carey, Joanne Stuart, Cindy Labutis, Mrs. Hines (Advisor), Alan Moore. LITERARY BACK ROW, STANDING: Iris Stein, Delores Lefebvre, Sue Murphy, Dina Urban, Kathy Casper, Paula Hayduski, Ellen Kazukynas. SITTING: Joanne Stuart, Mary Blasko, Rose Duzik, Jeanne Aloisa, Janet ResnickofT, Carol Maloney (Prose Editor), MAGAZINE Mary Ellen Smyth (Poetry Editor), Susan Czipulis (Chief Editor), Earl Briggs (Production Editor), Lisa Barnes, Mary Rooney, Steve Landry, Bob Ottman, Joan Arrowsmith. MISSING FROM PIC- TURE: Jenny Patterson (Art Editor), Mrs Hession (Advisor). 127 STRING ENSEMBLE Paul Theriault — guitar Earl Briggs — viola, August Lafakis — violin, Bruce Larsons — guitar, Maryanne Rathbun — piano. (Missing from picture: David Dragone. ) COLOR GUARD ROW ONE: Jan Vaughn, Robin Lindemann. ROW TWO: Marie Salas, Bill Royce, Dana Peters, Kim Fenton. (Missing from Picture: Sue Madigan.) 128 MIXED ROW ONE: Judy Buerk, Kathy Rubba, Sharon Henderson, Kim Buckley, Diane Jarvis, Gail Cabana, Lynne Colburn, Cindy D e- bonis, Kim Commo, Mr. Joseph Giangrasso. ROW TWO; Earl Briggs, Pat Sheehan, Gail Buckley, Jeanne Donelan, Betty Jane Homans, Esther Johnson, Linda Angelica. Cheryl Ferguson, CHORUS Sharon Ferguson. ROW THREE: Cindy Cerrato Debbie Arsen- eault, Bette Zavatsky, Lillian Scalia, Jill Eisenman, Melinda DiSalvo, Cathy Syble, Robin Lindemann, Kim Fenton, Sue Madigan. ROW FOUR: Bob Jones, Gary Cartier, Rich Dumas. (Missing from picture: Carol Rushford.) CONCERT CHOIR Director — Mr. Giangrasso. ROW ONE: Lynne Colburn, Kim Buckley, Sharon Henderson, Earl Briggs, Kathy Rubba, Melinda DiSalvo, Rich Dumas, Robin Lindemann, Jill Eisenman, Lillian Scalia, Gail Buckley, Gary Cartier, Betty Jane Homans, Patty Sheehan, Jeanne Donelan, Kim Fenton. 129 FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB CLOCKWISE: Cheryl Williams, Iris Stein, Lynn Banis Mary Wentworth, Debbie Meek, Janis Falcowski, Miss Falbo and Mrs. Holmes (advisors). FUTURE SECRETARIES CLUB Debbie Hoctor, Debbie Perior, Fran Malinoski, Judy Avery, Janis Le- growe, Judy Maggio, Mrs. Murphy ( advisor) . YOGA CLUB FRONT TO BACK: Laurie Taylor, Carol Maloney, Joanne Stuart, Jo- anne Piepul, Janet Resnickoff, Karen Lesniak, Camellia Challoux, Pamela Camp. ) MM , UA wJjl H, INTERNATIONAL CLUB ROW 1 : Judy and Jane Avery, Pa- quita Velez, Marlene Bricena. ROW 2: Mrs. Young (advisor), Eduardo Cucagne, Steve Rapacki, Bob Dojka. I H i i I mt A 1 !; 9 131 I SENIOR POWDERPUFF FOOTBALL FRONT ROW ; Paula Jasminski, Susan Casey, Nancy Parsons, Sandra Scott, Jill Horstmyer, Sharon Miller, Lane Lombardo, Debra Fitzpatrick, Dody Masterson Margie Reese, Colleen Con- Karen Lee, Gail Wilson, Joanne Ricci, ley, Roxanne May. ROW 2: Susan Galligan,, Sandra Chall, JUNIOR AND SOPHOMORE POWDERPUFF FOOTBALL ' ROW 1: Michelle Metta, Marie Salis, Sue Cote, Donna Ost- I heimer, Phyllis Krasinski, Judy Rarus, Sandy Evans, Donna Reed, Kerrie Rudolf. ROW 2: Mr. David Shea (advisor) Debbie I Hoctor, Nancy Brassard, Erica Larson, Lynne LaBreque, Debbie Leathe, Pam Moody, Sue Bellefleur, Diane Langill, Donna Cou- chaine, Eilleen Galligan, Lori LaScala, Kim Buckley, Jeanne LeMini, Doreen Hoctor. 132 AUDIO VISUAL FRONT ROW: David Price, Frank Corbo, Ken DiFranco, David Grabowitz, Peter Gongola, Mr. Frank Tokas (advisor), George Steele, Paul Censki. MISSING: Gary Luczai, Paul Bissette. I s j SKI CLUB FRONT ROW: George Fuller, Gerry Muska (President), Sue Campbell (Secretary), Gail Buckley (Treasurer), Kim Buckley, Sharon LaBreque, Erica Larson, Alan Moore (Vice-President). SECOND ROW: Mark Lavaway, Greg D ' Vileskis, Kate Kukulka, Cindy Brown, Karen Hanerhan, Janis LcGrow, Lynn Raulding, Linda Misterka, Beverly Rollen, Jean Marvenik, Vicky Girard I N ! j Mr. Bisesti (Advisor). THIRD ROW: Dave Freemantle, Eu- gene Slatz, Dennis Durfee, Scott Sauve, Bob Davis, Mike Halkis, Gary Bernier, Tom Smyth, Peter Lesniak, Mike Egan. LAST ROW : Paul Turke, Steve Metivier, Chris Holmes, Duncan Mc- Clintock, Joe Ricci. 133 D.E.C.A. Jutras, Tom Pyrcz, Louise Fissette, Ron Cormier, Diane Durfee, Nancy Chevalier, Kim Landry, Phyllis Poharski, Nancy Clemson, Josephine Winiarz, Linda Langan, Patty Nowell, Mr David Shulman (advisor), Cheryl Duffy. Pearl Fawcett, Debbie Tourville, Carol Maskowski, Karen Schneider, Candy Lee, Evelyn Brophy, Keri Cady, Jane Brophy, Kathy Mullen, Susan Locke, Paula Loubier, Terry Laroway, Rita Gagnier, Janet Ellis, Cheryl Therrien, Henry Sienko, Ginny J Miller, Carol DeOrsey, Martha Brooker, Pete Trinque, Jean ! I I SOCIAL STUDIES LAB A1 Moore, Bill Donelan, George Fuller, Bill DiSciacca, Larry Tessier, Dee Lefebvre, David Buczkowski, Michele Girard, Steve Rapacki. 134 PROJECT TEACH ROW 1: Bob Jons, Ray Schaffer, Glen Geoffrey, Dave Arel, Tim Washburn, Bob Johans, Tony Rarus, Alan Walton. ROW 2: George Panosky, Marilyn Robbins, Donna Potvin, Debbie Davis, Debbie Lombardi, Sue Cote, Naloni Kupau, Jane Avery, Janis LeGrow, Debbie Hanrahan, Jacky Sheehan, Nancy Schermerhorn, Janet Cannone, Mr. Rago (Advisor). FBLA FRONT ROW: Steve Suprise, John Egan, Jack Bauman (Trea- surer), Mike DiGregorio, Bill Royce, Bob Dubiel, Will Angers, Anthony Pessolano (Arvisor). BACK ROW: Mrs. Terry Lecren- ski (Advisor), Mrs. Perigard (Advisor), Susan Carr, Rorie Bosco, Jacoba Timmerman, Michele Schmidt (Secretary), Rebec- ca Johnson (President), Debbie Dubuque ( Vice-Presdient) , Lorraine Mercier, Miss Wilson (Advisor). 135 Earl Briggs — President Maryanne Rathbun The Fermi High band is com- prised of dedicated musicians and a hard working color guard. Mem- bers spend hours rehearsing after school in order to add to the gen- eral spirit and entertainment of Fermi High. Performing at football and basketball games, Christmas and spring concerts, and exchange programs with other schools, the Fermi band is active throughout the year playing selections from classi- cal to rock. Being in the band gives a student a chance to excell individually and learn to play as a team. The work is trying, the hours long, but the rewards are great. Rich Dumas 1 Douglas Bond I } i MARCHING BAND ROW ONE: Bob Jones, Ken Andrews, Louis Bellefleur, Dave Stelmat, April Percoski (Librarian), Steve Landry, Naloni Kupau, Sue Bouchard, Bill Sweet, Earl Briggs (President), Rich Dumas (Treasurer), Jeff Demetrion, Steve Crouse. ROW TWO: Karen Schneider, Sue Surprise, Armand Ruby, Vicky Bond, Princess Ringland, Cindy Debonis, Cheryl Therrian (Secretary), Elaine Gentile, Mike Locklear, David Stock, Mark Washburn, Mr. John Mariano (Director). ROW THREE: Bruce Larson, August Le- fakis. Sue Madigan, Bill Royce, Kim Commo, Robin Lindemann, Doug Bond, Maryanne Rathbun, Tom Piorek, David Heath, Bob Ottman, Bob Dellarocco. 1 Donned in stunning new " Fermi blue” outfits partly designed by them, the majorettes have performed for many a crowd’s delight. In accordance with their constitution, the girls, four seniors and four juniors, surely have the qualities of determination, ability, and re- sponsible attitude. Besides practicing about four and one-half hours weekly, they further demon- strate their determination by participating vol- untarily in private baton lessons. Imagine yourself manipulating the baton into a labyrinth of twirls: " figure-8, wrist, cartwheel, a two hand spin there and a toss there.” Now choreograph a modern arrangement to " Jesus Christ, Superstar”, " California Dreamer”, or " El Commanchero.” Sound fairly simple? You need only attempt combining handspins and footsteps to realiez just how much coordination and pre- cision is required! Responsible attitudes were evidenced by the girls through their readiness to perform during football and basketball games and rallies, and on stage in musical productions. And, as their instructor, Mrs. Arnold, says, " All the majorettes have contributed to the success of the group and helped improve the standard of performance. The girls have set a proud prece- dent to be carried on in years to come.” Diane Jarvis Linda Langill Linda Debuque MAJORETTES Sue McGrath, Diane Jarvis, Linda Debuque, Laurie Dewey, Mary Schmid, Debbie Amprimo, Gail Cabana, Linda Langill. Friendship stems from the heart and roots in the soul. Thanks for a blooming relationship. Here — u ' here the ageless hills reach upward to the ageless stars — here where a century is mea- sured as a day — hold these numbered years called life icithin my trembling hands — these fragile years touched with wonder and with mystery — there seems to be so little time in which to learn the purpose for our lining — and yet — in the changeless pattern of things that are to be — there must he both meaning and purpose — or we would be insensitive to the healing power of beauty — and the sustaining power of love — excerpt from " Sing With the Wind” by Winston O. Abbott 140 I t i P’Hg ' ' 4jK vS|k WIC » . 1C I ' ,» ' i NAMES OF BABY PICTURES ON PAGE 142 IN ORDER FROM LEFT TO RIGHT; ( Row 1 ) Joanne Piekos Denise Miner Donna Musso Jill Horstmeyer Alan Moore George Fuller Cindy Karcz Kathie Champion ( Row 2 ) Josie LaFleur Nancy Wanzer Tom Langan Donna Nichols Gail Cabana Kathy Wopshall Linda Swols ( Row 3 ) Carl Rossi Patty Sheehan Jeanne Aloisa Gary DeLuca Gloria Shusdock Colleen Hayes Diane Dubois ( Row 4) Barb Frigon Mary Ellen Smyth Joan Arrowsmith Paula Hayduski Karen Lesniak Cathy Syble Suzanne Murphy (Row 5) Dale Arseneault Wendy Reel Mary Blasko Susan Allen Cindy Cerrato Roseanne Murphy ( Row 6 ) Blair Tomalonis Marlene Allaire Mike Satchell Bill D’Aleo Josephine Winiarz Terry Lara way Debbie Kot NAMES OF BABY PICTURES ON PAGE 143 IN ORDER FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: ( Row 1 ) Nancy Abohatab Mark Hallenbeck Sue Wilber Eileen Breslin EXjnnie Wells Candy and Laurie Swinarski Lisa Barnes Bob Hansen Dina Urban Corinne Sylvester Dayle David Karen Boulerice Ellen Kazukynas Margie Reese Lynn and Greg Moffatt Nina Lombardo Linda Angelica Linda Jean ( Row 4 ) ( Row 2 ) Michelle Girard Vicky Girard Maryanne Rathbun Lillian Scalia Jeanne Jutras Linda Monkiewicz Sue Gagne Diane Jarvis Mike DiGregorio Glenn Christofaro Lynn Colburn Earl Briggs Dave Buczkowski Maria Janczewski Sandy Scott (Row 3) ( Row 5 ) Cheryl Pease Sue Campbell Kathy Wilson Gloria Trippodo Sandy Chall Carol Sawn Sue Galligan Sue Payzant Roxanne May Rosalie Triolo Wayne Gowdy Jane and Judy Avery Karen Lee Delores Ruggerio Jenny Patterson Gi Gi Putney Sue Casey Helene Barr Linda Langill (Row 7) ( Row 6 ) Glenn Cunningham George Steele Alfred Jenkins Kathy Shanks Carol Wohllebe Carol DeOrsey Joanne Weatherwax Lorraine Gray Mary Rooney Gail Buckley Peggy Furey Eileen Malloy Peter Landry Melinda DiSalvo Delores Lefebvre ( Row 7 ) Scott Pierz Debbie Fitzpatrick Bernie Gacona 144 Most Class Spirited: Dody Masterson, Best Dressed: Jean Saydlowski and Jack Bauman Wayne Gowdy and Nancy Parsons Class Individualist: Peter Leeds Most Likely to Succeed: Mark Hallenbeck Most Likely to Succeed: Dody Masterson Class Angels: Ellen Kazukynas and Mary Blaszko Class Devil: Donnie Alaimo c L A S s s T A T I S T I C S ! i Class Artists: Karen Boulerice and Jenny Patterson Actor and Actress: Carl Rossi and Patti Sheehan 145 Class Couple: Linda Langill and Mike Croyle Flirt and Cassanova: Diane Dubois and Eatl Briggs Handsomest and Most Attractive: Bob Ivanoff and Vicky Girard Cutest: Dee Bouthiette, Gail Wilson and Jack Bauman Class Photographers: A1 Moore and George Fuller Shyest: Jenni Patterson, Dale Arsenault and Peter Barone, who was too shy to have his picture taken Class Clown : Dave Bourque i Most Studious : Mary Blaszko Class Scientist: Steve Rapacki Mike Croyle and Nancy Parsons Most Business-like; Judy Avery ( miss- ing from picture: Terry Larroway) Most Athletic: Jay Tkacz and Maryann Rathbun Class Mathematician; Mike DiGregorio Most Talkative: Dave Bourque and Sharon Henderson Most Argumentative: A1 Jenkins " Now girls, ZZZy.AP! ' What did you say you put in the salad?” I told you how to do it” T School is ecstatic! y i i - ' l;iQ |jB|||pHfii£j PP • i - 3a if j Jl V jfc » ’ ' 4 1 BS i sx IH ' " i| jSsW ' Compliments of your friendly Carpet Dealer. MERCIK RUG CARPET CO., INC. The People with the Family at Heart. Compliments of STATELINE FINE FOODS, INC. GATTO ' S MUSIC APPLIANCE CENTER PORTABLE BLACK WHITE AND COLOR TELEVISION SETS HI-FI STEREO EQUIPMENT Compliments of A FRIEND I I i I [ I ! 150 Compliments of KENTUCKY ROAST BEEF 397 Enfield Street Throughout New England MAREK JEWELERS Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Gifts of Distinction 1 5 Pearl Street 745-4024 Compliments of MAGIC MINIT CAR WASH 570 ENFIELD STREET WASH IN SECONDS Open from 8:00 til 5:30 Mon. thru Sat. Sunday 8:00 til 1:00 BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1972 MOORE RUGS ENFIELD STREET TOWNE HOUSE BEAUTY SALON Playhouse Plaza, Somers, Conn. 749-0216 866 Enfield Street, Enfield, Conn. 745-3015 THOMPSONVILLE DRUG CO. Compliments of PIZZA PALACE 9 North Main Street, Enfield, Conn. Phone: 745-6936 Hot oven pizzas and grinders. Call ahead! Closed Tuesday Open Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. 11 a.m.-lO p.m. Saturday, till 1 a.m. Auto Parts If you need it, we have it. Compliments of PAT ' S BARBER SHOP 401 Enfield Street Congratulations to the graduating class from your friends at DOMINICK AUTO PARTS Compliments of STEVE ' S PIZZA 321 Hazard Avenue 749-9478 A FRIEND 337 HAZARD AVENUE 24 Hour Prescription Call Service Phone 749-8769 W hat You Need Is What W ' e Have!!! 152 « 1 kK.

Suggestions in the Fermi High School - Traces Yearbook (Enfield, CT) collection:

Fermi High School - Traces Yearbook (Enfield, CT) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Fermi High School - Traces Yearbook (Enfield, CT) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Fermi High School - Traces Yearbook (Enfield, CT) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Fermi High School - Traces Yearbook (Enfield, CT) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Fermi High School - Traces Yearbook (Enfield, CT) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Fermi High School - Traces Yearbook (Enfield, CT) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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