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ufxifaqgywqpfan-5'ivfg,3 i ,X . M , . 11 6 , Q S if if k A i v K . 3 E ,Jn K X Q g Q W V, X' 'Y . Xu . S ,NK ,I L. ?:: 2 .DQ 5- 31.41 .?Qg"?-- as 1- lc '-3711. Q: A .f .1 , N sa 1. 11 il Q ' ' N. ," -.,g.'-.H I . SL Q31 -hm., , Q .., ,, :sw-p-. J y.. ' Q ,, I ., f 'fini' ' J," W . . X X N ii 9+ W X NK xx ww M Wyse Y x' X . , sxg E 'F' 'f 3 . 4 'X F Q 1- 'f ., , -' f 54.. ,, , M 1 - 'wg' .url , ' S its 3 Y ' A ' Q M:-LA in , , ' NSR ' , 4,9 , . , - :pix xx - x 3' x , K Q. -. f NNW ,A - 1TN"'2w-,jk ri- , ,- . 'XV - 2 'A , , W, , - .' 1 ' ' I yi! ,2 I f fu.,-' 'T- 'X rw? 4- i f , 1 - L 'Q ' .W ffczzy 5 W. f-, .. ff ....jk. I , 44 ff" - . ,..,... W- ff' ' ..,-.7, . - Q .Nw ff ,Q 4, f 1 zwwv Gygax ffffil WM, X I 1 In M M v 91330 WA! 1 ASW? ? -f 7 f ,Q diff? 49 , Qs? Pf'fiff5iff?55 on f 7 226 -3 . if is x Dwi ww Q fy M iff ' f,47,.l fU'jb Wwnjfw-3 W A , MiQ:Wi ff QQYJMMMQM M WL Q0 ak' ff pf AMW' MM M WM? fn Q 'ff-N -,"W Mzfmwfkff w iwjfflw Ki H3 E WZ? 22 Tw fiwi 5El iii fN Q55Kfi W M STN Ei? Kim f E . ,,+...a .--N .., , ,, , . . -,. .AU-....-mn.ee.,w,Ag A..-1. . ..4-. -,-.P , , , -N I -I I W-- 1 MIUKGQMJN Chiba' '33 I 'fI.'3S:,iiwQI. fbxscxsfay ggi ,I X M as KV X 'x I , f J X I ,' 1 Nj fvidliy 5 :-'ill' RR I N R N' I T- ' 'R X I .TM -.1 . Y 'AA . fa K 6 VJ J X , . B L, X -M, ,N KI .S IV A-3 A j xgixyslxzbxjxxrx J R I I f RwmU..,N3x-fO .G IRM v I I fd gp, If U In V, N lt -.,k I x , ,RMK A xg KDMXQ 3.54 I Q IX: kkkv 4 -'Rini RBVBXQXJ ,N yi- K Q f if ., , I S w -Xxx, ' . N N X, K .ara R 5 , I- R R 1 wc , VQM4 A ' I f I f1!Z'fX.G.. 0' , m 'JA i X .XX K X F Y K ,W II A yx is VN ,P AN :X M4 ji kg 'll K, 1 ' kzeaiakl zeal af 7756 X I YY: f 3 Q- ixwl-Rio.: ' I, I fWfI R? I FERGUSON HIGH SCHOOL I ' P "I I I x FERGUSON QI, MISSOURI q If ' 3 R 5 i I IX, If TIL? 1 w XNIEGm'f' I I Fm? IL! I I Ferguson High School New Gymnasium fzeaemfed iq Editor i..,...,........,. Assistant Editor .,.... Business Manager .,..,,. Advertising Manager ....,. Circulation Manager Art Editor ........., Senior Editor ...., Sports Editor ,.... Literary Editor Feature Editor Secreta ry ,..,...,............. Photographer ...,....,.. Assistant Photographer Sponsor ..,,.4........ CAROLE STIARWALT ...HCAROL WILLIAMS ...,........RAY MILLER ...4.,.,,.,.,BILL NEEL ,........ANITA RIGGS ..,..,..KAY RUGEN .,.,,..PAT PUSKAR ......,.CAROL SMITH ..,......PAT CURTIS ...MBEVERLY BEHLE ...HHNORMA REITH ........DICK LAVAL FREDE MISS HELEN BERGER Za ' 7wz'a 1 Q 4 T T ezgowan cgi F? Through The doors of Ferguson High School, we ,fi ,Gp see sTudenTs working aT a varieTy of courses L By 3 A5 which will prepare Them for college and careers. E NVQ J if i Wlfl' ln The aThleTic deparTmenT we see The coaches I gl" 1 i.,'l" if will if and players working To develop fine Teams and U To sTress good sporTsmanship as well. We see . , ,1 ,J ,1 fi itll? V l, gi ' -,ix . 1 Vu , 1 , H g, X ,T T ' , if fr v if Y. 4 V if a' ri i -T i TV sf ' I ,I .. :lv iw M -e ' il' We glimpze a vision of The 'fu- Ture Through The from doors of Ferguson High School. various exTra-curricular acTiviTies which develop diTTerenT inTeresTs and TalenTs. 4 l -3- W l III MQ- D- V, ,f f W fr 1 TQ, Viv? 1 Lfffbiijfjyfyfybyvf lllfc ll ' " ,. 47 oaf' lj mf 20700237 I y ffl rf' viililw i E . flw ff T Mfl vw ' ' " f l l ff T fro! . AND M flosevi-i C. NlcPHAIL, Our exchange Teachers from England, CJ li! who came To Ferguson in The Tall of T955, and whose acTiviTies aT Ferguson High School have in- cluded The sponsorship of The Pep Club, Cheerleaders, Senior VVriT- ing Club, and mainTaining a bull- eTin board posTed wiTh news Trom BriTain. On many Sunday aTTer- noons sTudenTs were inviTed To Their home Tor inTeresTing discus- sions abouT England. In appreciaTion of These and The many oTher acTiviTies in which They have parTicipaTed, The CREST sTaTT proudly makes This if X xxxx N x , X, , X X XX x xx X XV, X X X km N X X XM 'O fx X. 7 Q X ' 4 I ,, .xg K x Q ,J wicca X S ' K v ' - x 1 'J r X X 5 S azla ' dldea mimi' 3 32 if N A 5+ Q i. is Q 3 sl EE az if 3 9 ,. fi 2 Q 22 as :ww Afhmuwmmmmg-nfimmnwmm' 1- wfm.w::mmww,4.mkwff 1.-gm -Jsmguam . Z X X X NX xx X s r 'x ,X X R R X X A Xho X x Xx ' N Lu, ,- X X ,xuwd gx N3 ' t nv' , ' ,Kf ? a 'Z clminda fmldan "The acfual fad is Thar in This day Oppor- Tunify noT only knocks aT your door IOUT is play- ing an anvil chorus on every man's door." -Erberr Hubbard -7- Parents Club The Parents Club met under the direction of Mr. A. Cook to promote better relations between the Teachers and the parents. By providing re- freshments at The Christmas Dance, and by con- tributing floral bouquets for the CREST Coro- nation and red carnations for the National Honor Society installation, this organization proved it- self indispensible to the Ferguson High School students. BOARD OF EDUCATION Christman SOF1. Board of Education The Board of Education consists of six members under the direction of Mr. W. C. Brown, Presi- dent, who were elected by and thereby represent the voters of the R-2 Reorganized District. lt was the direction ot the policies and finances of the Ferguson Public Schools, that secured the high- est rating which was given by the state. PARENTS CLUB Back Row: Mrs. Alice Sheridan, John S. McCollum, Arnold Cook, Martin Barrett, William Hemminghaus, Mrs. Irene Nienaber. Front Row: Mrs. Lillian Rippstein, Mrs. Margaret Werremeyer, Mrs. Rowena Beard, Mrs. Babe Burgess, Mrs. Lucile Marshall, Mrs. Lucille Stopple. Back Row: Mr. E. Meyer, Mr. R Front Row: Mr. J. M. Geiger, Mr W. C. Brown, Mrs. M. Patter 1 ' Mr. V. C. McCluer, Superintendent Mr. McCluer, Mr. McCollum, and Mr. Chapman have worked hard to assist the students of Ferguson High School in obtaining a good education. As a re- sult of their fine work our school has been given the Triple "A" rating by the state of Missouri. Administration ltfgvqixflliae administration of the Ferguson- iw 1 1- . l'q?Sl?l,crislsant Reorganized School District looked through the doors of The future and foresaw the need for additional educational facilities. Therefore, an ad- dition vvith ten classrooms and a gym- nasium was built on the high school campus. l Mr. J. S. McCollum, Principal and Nlr. George Chapman, Axistant Principal Facult Standing: Albert Schaefer: General Math: Eileen Smith: American History, Junior Counselor, Student Council: Harold Ulbright: Plane Geometry, Photog- raphy Club. Seated: Mrs. Alice Ulbright: Art I 81 ll, Busy Brushes: Mrs. Lillian Rippstein, Secretary to the Principal, Office Assistants. X if ,tw WW . uf' Standing: Robert Campbell: Citizenship, Rifle Club: Robert Chamberlain: American History, World His- tory, Astronomy Club: Mrs. Marie Cleary: Physical Education, Health, Modern Dance: Aleck Burgess: Physical Education, Health, Athletic Director. Seated: Mrs, Margaret Chamberlain: Librarian, Li- brary ,Assistants, Junior Red Cross: Mrs. Joanna Bravvley: Biology, General Science, Nature and Earth Science Club, Radio Club. Standing: John Owen: Choir, Chorus, Choral En- sembles, Glee Club, County Chorus: Margaret Nich- ols: English, Speech, Riding Club, Service Commit- tee, Merrill McDaniels: American History, Freshmen Physical Education, Junior Physical Education, Track. Seated: Lyda Nourse: English I 81 ll, Freshmen Coun- selor, FTA: J. C. McPhail: Terminal English I 81 II, VII 81 VIII, Literature, Pep Club, Cheerleaders: Re- gina Jerzewiak: World History, Government, Student Council. ' Standing: Robert Watson: Biology, Proiection Club: Martin Tempel: Shop ly Charles Winscott: Driver's Training, Assistant Varsity Football Coach, Henry Prokop: General Science, Driver's Training, Fresh- men Football Coach, Freshmen Basketball Coach, Freshmen Counselor. Seated: Edward Tschannen: Health, Physical Edu- cation, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Mrs. Lois Turner: English I 81 Il: Max Plavnick lnot shownjz Band, Orchestra, County Band, Orchestral Groups. VCI My Facult Facult lvllt Standing: Martin Barrett: French l, English lll 81 IV, Bentley Bolin: Advanced Algebra, Algebra l, Chem- istry: Roy Beck: English lll 8K IV, Speech, Stage Crew, Junior Dramatics, National Thespian, Masquers. Seated: Helen Berger: Typing, Sophomore Girls' Coun- selor, CREST, Quill 8: Scroll: Mrs. Margaret Bolin: Dietician. Standing: Paul Koch: English V 84 Vl, School Publi- cations, Boys Intramurals, Radio Club, Quill 8: Scroll, Assistant Baseball Coach: Shirley Kuppinger: English V 8. VI, Spanish l 8: ll: Robert Johnson: Algebra I, Physical Education, Varsity Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach: Walter Lauless: Co- operative Vocational Program, Co-op Club. Seated: Mrs. Hazel Maxwell: World History: Mrs. Margaret Kurtz: Secretarial Practice, Shorthand, Prom Committee, Candy Sales. Standing: Victor Hoemann: Psychology, Typing, Eco- nomics, Sophomore Boys' Counselor, "B" Team Bas- ketball Coach, Junior Ring Committee, Senior Class Sponsor, Gerald lmpey: Mechanical Drawing I 81 ll, Shop ll, Bowling Club, Mrs. Virginia Kampschroeder, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, William Hoff: Solid Geom- etry, Physics, Algebra, Sophomore Football Coach. Seated: Mrs. Nancy McPhail: Terminal English, Eng- lish I 81 II, English VII 81 VIII, Mrs. Lucile Koester: Home Economics I 8: ll. Standing: Helen Crawford: Physical Education, GAA, Riding Club, Mrs. Jane Dieselhorstz Physical Educa- tion, Health Counselor, GAA, Patricia Doyle: Latin I 81 ll. Seated: Robert Cliff: Psychology, Director of Guid- ance Services, Education Committee, Jack Crawford: B'river's Training, Automobile Club. If K. CL Facult fn I Q I I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I I I I I I I I I STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Back Row: Daniels, Harrington, Armstead, Barbay, Howle, Slade, Raley, Pugh, Arkes, Flesch. Second Row: Curtis, Leonard, Mesnier, Marshall, Lowe, Horer, Allen, Rice, Borbein, Mizell. Front Row: Goodwin, Gardner, Schoeninger, Kelley, Nienaber, Papp, Hagen, Dennison, Schuler, Homeyer. tudent Council The Student Council is the student governing body of Ferguson High School. Starting with only sixteen members in l945, the Student Council has grown with the school population. Today, there are sixty-eight representatives and alter- nates from thirty-three homerooms. The council and the executive committee meet on alternate weeks. There are nine standing STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Kay Rugen, Secretary, Don Farmer, President, Bob Flesch, Vice- President, Anita Riggs, Treasurer. committees with over one hundred members. Committee membership is open to the entire stu- dent body but every representative is required to be on a committee. Most of the work is done by the following committees and their chairmen: Education, Sharon Ploudre, Election, Fred Krieger, Ethics, Bob Flesch, Civil Defense, Dave Crocker, Publicity, Joan Burgess, Public Relations, Harry Barden, Social, Sweet Long, Service, Carol Wil- liams, and Assemblies, Roger Allen. Officers are: President, Don Farmer, Vice-President, Bob Flesch, Secretary, Kay Rugen, and Treasurer, Anita Riggs. It is the belief of the Student Council sponsors that the organization serves a distinctive purpose in a democracy. Since one of the most important obiectives of the high school is training for demo- cratic living, it is felt that the students should be given as many opportunities as possible to parti- cipate in the democratic processes. This does not mean that the administration turns over the man- agement of the school to a group of students. It does mean, however, that authority is dele- gated to the extent that student responsibility is made evident. The sponsors of this year's student council were Miss Smith and Miss Jerzewiak, who have been working with the students for the better- ment of Ferguson High School. M14- ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE The Assembly Committee, with Roger Allen as chairman, was de- termined to improve the assembly programs. The committee sponsored a successful Christmas Tableau and Choral program, followed by an a s s e m b I y during Brotherhood Week, one for Hobo Day and a Spring Talent show. They worked with Mr. McCollum in selecting programs for next year, and formu- lated an application blank for all student sponsored assemblies. Back Row: Janssen, Ellis, Allen, Flesch, Am- rein, Hinderer. Front Row: Learn, Mesnier, Horer, Lowe, Moseley, Thompson. WELCOMING COMMITTEE This committee is made up of one boy and one girl from each grade level whose duty it is to wel- come any new student who enters school after the first of the year. The Welcoming Committee is a sub- committee ofthe Education Commit- tee, and its members are selected by them on the basis of friendli- ness, good school citizenship, and good scholarship. Back Row: Klostermann, Flesch, Parker, Pro- bus. Front Row: Morgan, Marshall, Martin, Car- specken. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Executive Committee is com- posed of the officers and standing committee chairmen of the Student Council. The committee meets once every two weeks to make plans for the regular Student Council meetings and to discuss problems of the various committees. Its prim- ary activity is to co-ordinate all of the work of the Student Council. The presiding officer is the Student Council president. Back Row: Williams, Barden, Crocker, Allen, Krieger, Ploudre. Front Row: Long, Rugen, Farmer, Flesch, Riggs, Burgess. tudent Council CIVIL DEFENSE COMMITTEE The Civil Defense Committee with Dave Crocker as chairman, concen- trated their efforts on a safety cam- paign against fire hazards. A rou- tine check of all fire extinguishers was made, and Mr. McCollum ex- plained the operations and care of an extinguisher. The committee vis- ited the local fire department and assisted with fire drills. Back Row: Press, Jones, Barbay, Hern, Mit- chell, Fehrmann. Front Row: Slater, Probus, Crocker, Austin, Bradbury. SERVICE COMMITTEE The Service Committee this year vvas under the leadership of Carol Williams. The committee provided ushers for school activities and was in charge of the publication of the Who's Who Book. The supervision of collections for our two vvar or- phans was also part of the commit- tee's activities. Back Rovv: Kirby, Morrison, Jaspers, Smiley, Dale, Maze, Stieg, Bogdanor, Litzau, Tilly. Front Row: Farver, Richardson, Beck, Oberly, Williams, Leonard, Micholes, Fuhri, Bing- SYTUSFI. ETHICS COMMITTEE The purpose of the Ethics Com- mittee at Ferguson High is to pro- mote good citizenship and sports- manship and to establish-a code of moral conduct for the students of the high school. With Bob Flesch as chairman, the committee spon- sored a sportsmanship campaign in December, conducted a school pride campaign in January and near the end of the year established a Code of Ethics for the school and sub- mitted it to the Student Council. Back Row: Patterson, Armstead, Chamberlain, Ansel, Harrington. Front Row: Schuler, Pahl, Schoeninger, Flesch, Ambrose, Preclock. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE With Joan Burgess as chairman, the Publicity Committee provided an attractive calendar in school col- ors and maintained it regularly with clever pictures and Cutouts. Work- ing vvith Mrs. Ulbright, the commit- tee improved its publicity by care- fully planning its poster work be- forehand and concentrating on a few outstanding posters in well- chosen areas. Back Row: McCullough, Stanfield, Griffith, Slade, Daniels, Heil, Bressie, Marshall. Front Row: Dennison, Jens, Arms, Bind- beutel, Burgess, Weil, Smith, Dolce. -PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE With Harry Barden as chairman, the Public Relations Committee was formed to promote good relations between the school and community. The committee sent letters to a number of community organizations explaining the function of the com- mittee and volunteering speakers for community functions. A num- ber of articles were also written for local newspapers. Back Row: Rice, Kester, Davis, Anderson. Front Row: Johnson, Williams, Barden, Perry, Horr. SOCIAL COMMITTEE With more stress on "Getting Ac- quaintedn and less on decorations, the Social Committee started off the year with a successful dance. Great- er plans followed in the "Silver Bells" theme of the Christmas Dance. Working with a budget, Sweet Long, chairman, and the committee succeeded in converting a drab gym into a breath taking Christmas Scene. The spring activi- ties were determined by the results from a student questionaire. Back Row: Jones, Geiger, Pugh, Howle, Raley, Beard, Allman, Hagen. Front Row: Marshall, Buescher, Bohmeyer, Mc- Donald, Long, Goodwin, PaPP, Gardner. ELECTION COMMITTEE The Election Committee, under the leadership of its chairman, Fred Krieger, has extended its activities considerably this year. A study of the past election procedures was made and methods were suggested for making elections more demo- cratic. Special attention was given to the screening of candidates for student body officers. In addition to student council elections, the committee supervised the election of senior class officers. Back Row: Martin, Homeyer, Neel, Stone, Krieger. Front Row: Borbein, Kern, Allen, Kelley, Nie- naber. EDUCATION COMMITTEE Headed by Sharon Ploudre, the Education Committee's main efforts were directed towards organizing a series of College Nights, with each night devoted to only one college. This committee organized a Welcoming Committee and held several special orientation sessions with new students during the school year. Back Row: Baltz, Ploudre, Steel, Arkes, Mr. Cliff, Jenkins, Franke, Klos, Ambrose. Front Row: Meade, Stiarwalt, Mizell, Curtis, Kretzmann, Mahoney, Smith, Carter, Plavnick 5 E w 5 pow ,L KX x X xXx X K v x 3 x X X X XA NX X x .1 ,MA X Wu K X X X . X -XJNK N uv' Ny ' ,?, 7 Z 'Z Zaaeea "The oloorsfep To The Temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance." -Spurgeon l Back Row: Joan Burgess. Second Row: Don Raley, Roger Allen. Front Row: Bruce Armstead. Senior Class Officers In 1945-46 The seniors elected Their first class officers who were nominated by the seniors in Student Assembly. These officers presided at all senior class meetings and co-operated' with The class sponsor in planning senior functions. Since that date senior officers have become a tradition in our school. , I On January 9, The seniors of 1956 elected their officers, Bruce Armstead, president, Roger Allen, vice-president, Joan Burgess, secretary, and Don Raley, treasurer. These new officers assumed their first duties on January ll, when The first senior class meet- ing was held in the gymnasium with its sponsor, Mr. Hoeman. On May 24 and 25, the Senior Class, under the direction of Mr. Beck presented The "Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams. The cast in- cluded: Phyllis Southard - Laura Wingfield, Marion Reichert- Amanda Wingfield, Harry Barden - Tom Wingfield, Fred Krieger-Jim O'Connor. Proceeds from this play were used for a senior class gift for the school which is presented at the graduation ceremonies by The president. ..20.. Seniors ROGER ALLEN "Always willing to lend a hand Whenever his help was in demand." t Basketball 1, Z3 Football 1, 2: Basketball Intramurals 3, 4: Junior Rotarian 4: Assembly Committee 3, 4: Scoop 4: Prom Committee 3: Pep Club 4g Executive Committee 4: Senior Class Vice-President 4: CREST Court 4: Quill and Scroll 4: National Honor Society 4. LOIS AMOS "Lively and happy and always yay She goes merrily on her way." Orchestra 1-3: Stage Crew 3: Dramatics 3: Bowling 31 Junior Red Cross 2: Co-op 4: Library Assistant 1. BEVERLY BARDON "Her heart is young and gay May ir always remain that way." Junior Dramatics 1: Ethics Committee Z: Assembly Committee 3: F.T.A. l: GAA Z: Co-op 4, DAVID AMREIN "A regular fellow ir is true, Full of pep and mischief too." "B" Team Basketball l, 2: Track 1: Student Council 1. RICHARD ANSEL "He is a very friendly guy Even though a wee hir shy." Northwest Junior High, Michigan I: Wrestling Z, 3, 4: Track Z, 3: Ethics Committee 4: Rifle Club 2, 3. MARY BARTON "Through sunshine and rain, She's always the same." NANCY BASS "A happy girl and very gay, She always has something fine to say." Projection Club, Records Committee l-4: Projection Club. Chairman 3, Secretary 4: F.T.A. historian 1: National Honor Society 4. ' BRUCE ARMSTEAD "Here's a boy with many a friend, With a lor of good qualities that never end." Band l-3: Orchestra 2. 3: Basketball Intramurals I, 2: Stu- dent Council 4: Ethics Committee 4: Boys' State Representa- tive 4: Photography Club 1-3. Vice-President 3: Senior Class President 4: National Honor Society 4. HARRY BARDON "An all-round friendly guy lVi!h sincerity in his eyes." Band 1, 2: Orchestra l. 2: Junior Dramatics Play 1: "Our Town" 2: Basketball Intramurals 2: Student Council 1: Ex- ecutive Committee 4: Service Committee I: Assembly Com- mittee 2: Public Relations Committee 4, Chairman 4: Pep Club 4: Scoop 4: Prom Committee 3: National Thespian So- ciety 3, 4: Junior Rotarian 4: Senior Winner of Essay Con- test 4: CREST Court 4: Quill and Scroll 4: National Hon GRACE BEGOLE ' "lVhere there is fun to share Grace will always he there." GAA I-4: Softball 2-4: Basketball I-3: Volleyball 1-3: All Star Basketball 2: All Star Volleyball 1, Z: Service Committee 1, 2: Roller Skating Club 1. Z: Riding Club 1. 2: Photog- raphy Club 2. Society 4: Senior Play 4. Y My -21- Seniors BERNARD BAHORA "lVith his laugh and his wit Bunny will always make a hir," Junior Dramatics l, 2: Senior Dramatics 3: "B" Team Bask- etball 2: Football 2: Tennis Intramurals l, 2: Baseball 4: Vwlrestling 3, 4. DONNA BIERMAN "Donna is happy and full of fun, She wishes joy to everyone." National Thespian Society 3, 4, Secretary 4: Stage Crew 1-4. Secretary-Treasurer 3: Pep Club 4, Transportation Committee 43 Mock U,N. Assembly Delegate 2: Girls' State Representa- tive 3: Office Assistant 45 Bowling Club l-41 Human Relations Committee 3: Pep Club 1-4: Scoop 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Senior Dramatics 4: National Honor Society 4. BARBARA BINGAMAN " Shes always in a happy mood, Always nice and never rude." Choir 3: Service Committee l, 2: Pep Club 1, Z, 47 Library Assistant 2: Office Assistant 3, 4. JOE BARBAY "A grand, good pal in ways no end. A cheery, chumrny, splendid friend." Student Council 4i National Honor Society 4. NELSON BEHLE "Nelson is quiet, tlrerr-'s never a do-uhr, We seldom hear him laugh or xhtml." XVrestling l, 2g Projection 4: Membership Committee 4, Chait- man 4. BARBARA BLANNER "lVith Barbara's fun seeking grin Pals will never he hard to win." Stage Crew 3. Property Committee 33 Volleyball 1: Volleyball Little League 2, 3: GAA l-3: Service Committee 1: Coeop 4: Pep Club 1-2. JOYCE BRADLEY "The only way Ia- have a friend is to be one." Girls' Glee Club 3: Roller Skating lg Riding Club lg Bowling Club 37 Art Publicity 3: Co-op 4. RICHARD BERTHOLD "Rich is happy and nice to know: Ht-'ll make friends wherever he'!l go." Football 1: Basketball l: Football Z, Pep Club 4: XVelcoming Committee 3. BRUCE BETTS "Laugh1ur bright and full of fun, Hes friend to everyone," Cho-ir 3: Track l: Football 2. BETTY BRESSIE "Always gay, always pert, Ever eager and alert." Stage Crew 1-4: Volleyball l-3: Softball Half Pints 2: Bask- etball 2, 3: Softball 4: GAA l-4: Publicity, Art, and Article 4: Pep Club l, 2: Scoop 4: Busy Brushes 1, 21 Quill and Scroll 4. Seniors ROBERT BINDBEUTEL "Friends he greets with great delight, A smile for all within his sight." Intramurals Football 1: Projection Club 3-4: Pep Club 4. MARY JOAN BURGESS "Modest and retiring as can be, And full of serious thoughts is she." Band 1, 2: Orchestra l, 2: Girls' Glee Club 2: Stage Crew 3: GAA 1-4: Softball 1, 2: Volleyball l: T-13 2, 3. 4: Executive Committee 4: Student Council, Publicity Committee Z. 3, 4: Publicity Committee, Chairman 4: Prom Committee 3: Scoop 4: M.A.S.C. Program Committee 1: Pep Club 1-4: Nomination Committee 3: Busy Brushes l: Senior Class Sec- retary 4: Quill and Scroll 4: CREST Court 4: National Honor Society 4. ELIZABETH CARSPECKEN "Ever kind euer true: Nlay good always be good to you." Orchestra, String l, Z: Jr. Dramatics 1: Riding Club l, 2: GAA l, 2. 3: GAA Board 4: Volleyball 2, 3: Softball l. 2, 3: Softball Manager 4: All-Star Softball 2. 3: Pep Club l, Z, 3: Bowling Club 3: Tennis Singles Champion 3. ELTON BLACKMAN "To friends and pals he's ut-ry true, Respect and honor are his due." Varsity Football Z, 3. 4: Varsity Baseball 3, 4: Wrestliilg 3: Prom Committee 3: Beaumont High School 1. ROBERT BRADBURY "Happy go lucky fellow at work or play, A grin on his face, a will in his way." Civil Defense 4: Varsity Football 4: Track 3: East Rich- land High 1, 2, Olney, Illinois, PATRICIA CHRISTMAN "A worthy maiden is she, Full of fun and jollityf' Skating Club l, 2: Riding Club 1: Pep Club 2. FREDIA CLARK "Friendly to one. Friendly to all." Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Choir 3: GAA 1, 2, 3: Co-op 4. KARL BRAEUNINGER "With his calm. deliberate way. Karl will attain suctess some day." GEORGE BRAND "Silence is as deep as eternity: Speech as shallow as a brook." Rifle 1, 2, 3: Projection 2, 3. 4. HOPE CLAY "She is kind full of cheer, All her actions are sincere." Choir 4: Ensemble 3: Girls' Glee Club 4: Social Dance 3: Modern Dance 4: GAA 3, 4: Volleyball "B" Team 3: Soft- ball 4: GAA Social Committee 3: Douglass High 1, 2. -23- Seniors DONALD CARSON "Tf.is lad seems always to be Without a care and fancy free." Boys' Glee Club 37 Choir 41 Football 1: Track 25 XVrestling 2: Projection Club 1, 2. NANCY COOK "fl quinr miss, get cheerful too, Maids like her are very few," GAA I: Busy Brushes l: Roller Skating Club 1. MAUREEN CZESCHIN "Carefree, jolly, full of fun, ll good friend to everyone." Girls' Glee Club 2: Pep Club l-4: Publicity Committee 1-43 Nomination Committee Z: Education Committee 3: GAA 1-41 Junior Red Cross 2: Co-op 4. EUGENE COSTELLO "You will find him always a friend, Nc-vcr a foe." Basketball Intramurals 1: Bowling Club 2, 3: Rifle Club 12 Service Committee 25 Co-op 4. CHARLES COURANZ "His thoughts are wisc, his words are few." ROSE DALE "One to trust and ever a friend Constant and faithful to the end." Cho-ir 2, 3: Basketball Little Shots, 2: Service Committee 4' Pep Club 1-4: GAA l-4: Rifle Club lp Cuirls' Glee Club 3. 4. ' HELEN DE FRANCESCO "Always laughing, full of humor, This gal is great, tl7at's no rumor." Cleveland High 1. WILLIAM COURTNEY "fl little nonsense now and than ls relished by the wisest men." Houston High Houston, Mo. l, 2. DAVID CROCKER "Here is u boy who's liked by all, From success's ladder he'll never fall." Choir 2-4: YVreslling 3, 43 Track 1-4: Student Council 3: Civil Defense Committee 4, Chairman 4: Rifle Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3: Freshman Orientation 4. WILMA JEAN ELLIS "Quiet and rlemurc in class Kel full of fun, is this lass." A533 Douglass High 1, 2. U -24- Seniors CLYDE DAVIS "Much wisdom often goes with fewer words." Band l, 2, 4: Track lp Projection Club l, 2, 4: Rifle Club l, 2. SHIRLEY FARLEY "A bit of fun. a bit of thought fl loit of pleasure from life she sought," Roller Skating Club 2, Central High School 1: Co-op 4. PATRICIA FRANKE "Shining hair and laughing eyes li smile as warm as the sunshine." Stagecrew 3: Basketball 2: Softball Hodgepotch 2: Basketball Little Sho-ts 3: Volleyball Little League 3: Roller Skating Club lg GAA 2-4: Ethics Committee 3: Education Committee 4: Pep Club 1-4: Office Assistant 4. JAMES DOYLE "Pleasure and action make the hours seem short." JOHN DUBRO "Full of fun, not overdone." Football 1. SALLIE FUHRI "Shipping along life's sunny way Catching new joys day by day." Sacred Heart l, 2: Pep Club 3, 4: GAA 4: Varsity Basket- ball 4: Softball 4: Softball All Star 4: Basketball 4: Stage Crew 4: Rifle Club 4: Service Committee 4: Girls' Cvlee Club 4. SUSAN LYNN GARDNER "Her eyes are bright, her voice is gay, Her smile drives gloom away," Stage Crew 41 GAA l, 2. 4: Student Council 4: Junior Red Cross 2: Social Committee 4: Pep Club l-4: Decoration Com- mittee 2, 4g Girls' Glee Club Z: Busy Brushes l, 2. 4: Scoop 4: Quill and Scroll 4: National Honor Society 4. DONALD EADES "A quiet sort of boy is he." Band 4: Track 2, 33 Basketball Intramurals l-4: Rifle Club l-4: Bowling Club 3, WILLIAM EMMONS "There is nothing more to be treasured than a true friend." Track l-4: Wrestling 3: Football l: "B" Team Football Z: Varsity Football 3, 4: Projection Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4. ALDA GOODWIN "Always sweet, always kind A better girl you'lI never find." Orchestra l-4: String Quartette Z-4: String Orchestra l-4: Junior Dramatics I: Masquers 3, 4: National Thespian Society 4, President 4: "Gramercy Ghost" 3: 4'Year's Ago" 4: Stage Crew Z-4: County Orchestra 2. 3: Choir 4: Decoration Com- mittee Z, 3: Student Council 4: Public Relations Committee 3: Social Committee 4: Candy Sales 3: Scoop 4: Quill and Scroll 4: CREST Court 43 National Honor Society 4. -25- if I I I I We Seniors MICHAEL ESTES "A happy lad with a winning way, And once a friend, a friend to stay." Freshman Football lg Basketball "B" Team 1. 2: Varsity Baseball l-4: "B" Football Z: Varsity Football 3, 4: Stu- dent Council 2: Election Committee 2. BARBARA GOSS "Far may we reach before we find A heart so friendly and so hind." GAA 2, 3: Service Committee 3: Pep Club 1: Roller Skating Club l: Co-op 4. X CAROLYN GRIFFITH he paths of many students will vary u I am sure she'll be a secretary." S-tag Crew 4: Orchestra 1, 2: Girls' Glee Club 4: GAA 1-4, Boa 3, 4, President 4: Basketball 1-4, Manager 3: Softball l- C Volleyball l-3: Softball All Star 2, 3: Volleyball All S ar Z' Publicity Committee 4: Busy Brushes l, 4: Projection .ub l, 2: Modern Dance 4: Pep Club l-4: Scoop 4: Point e l: Decoration Committee Z: T-l3 1-4: String Quattette 2: County Orchestra l: Basketball All Star 2, 3: Quill and Scroll 4: CREST Court 4. DONALD FARMER "Sound off for our president: make it loud, Of his accomplishments we are proud." Band 1: Junior Dramatics l: Tennis 1: Election Committee 2: Education Committee lg Public Relations Committee 33 Dele- gate to M.A.S.C. 3: Prom Committee 3, Chairman 3: Student Council 1, 3. President 4: Executive Committee 43 Junior Rc- tarian 4: Photography Club 2: Human Relations Committee 3:' Pep Club 4: Scoop 4: Delegate to N.A.S.C. 4: Quill and Scroll 4: CREST Ccurt 4: National Honor Society 4. ROBERT FERRMANN "Life for him is a world of joy, lVhat a happy, lucky boy." Track 2: NVrestling 4: Civil Defense Committee 4. PEGGY GUSTIN "Not too serious, not too gay But a true girl in every way." GAA 2, 4: Library Assistant 3, 4. LOUISE HAMILTON "A good sport and lots of fun, You'll never find u yayer one." Choir 2. 3: Girls' Glce Club 2. ROBERT FLESCH "A lot we know. cnfl this wt-'ll tell In everything Bob does well." Track l-3: "B" Team Basketball Manager 23 Basketball Ina tramurals Z, 3: Assembly Committee 3: Ethics Committee 4. Chairman 4: Executive Committee 4: Student Council Vice- Prcsident 4: Peo Club 4: Junior Rotarian 4: Scoop 4: Quill and Scroll 4: CREST Court 4: National Honor Society 4. DONALD FLESCH "He'll never falter in the strife, To maintain his ideals of life." Rifle Club l: Earth, Science, and Nature Club 3, 4. MARY ELLEN HATCHER "A lovely girl, a friend indcedg Thut's why Mary Ellen will succeed." Senior Dramatics 4: Props Committee 43 Choir 3: Girls' Glee Club 3: Pep Club 3, 4: Pep Club Decorating Committee 4: Ethics Committee 2: Academy of the Visitation l. Seniors DONALD FRIOLI "Laugh and take life easy." Beaumont High 1, 2, MARGARET HEIL "A blithe heart makes a pleasing appearance," Stage Crew l-4: GAA l, 2, 4: Publicity Committee 4: Scoop 4: Pep Club 1, Z: Pep Club, Point Committee 2: Office Asl sistant 2. NANCY HINCKLEY "Shes cheerful and yay, Chasing trouble away." Beaumont High. l. Z. RICHARD FULLINGTON "He's quiet, but don'r le! his quietness fool you." Football 1: Football "B" Team Z: Track 1, 3: Basketball 21 Baseball l, 4: Bowling Club 4. STEPHEN GISBURNE "Lively, happy, always gay. Steve goes on his merry way." Jr. Dramatics 2: Projection Club l-4: Rifle Club l, 2: Co-op 4. BARBARA HOLLMAN "Seldom seen seldom heard: You can always trust her word." Beaumont High l, Z: Co-op 4. BARBARA HOLTSHOUSER "'l'here's something sweet about her way, That malzes you like her better each day." Bowling Club 3. WILLIS GORDON "A quiet sort of a fellow is he." Dramatics l-4: Stage Crew 3, 4, Orchestra l-4: Earth, Science, and Nature Club 3, 4. KENNETH HALVELAND "To Ken we wish success, Plenty of joy and happiness." Service Committee l: Rifle Club 2: Riding Club 1: Bowling 3. DELORES HUGHES "She had her share of pleasure, And fun in goodly measure." GAA l: Softball l: Basketball 1: Volleyball 1. -27- Seniors HOWARD HAMLIN "Being pleasant brings the reward of friends." Football 1: Varsity Football Z-4: Freshman Basketball 2: "B" Team Basketball 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Varsity Baseball 1-4: Ethics Committee 2: Student Council 3: Assembly Com- mittee 3: Co-op 4: CREST Court 4. JUDITH HUITT "Many a friend she has made, Her pleasant smile will never fade." Ensemble 4: Girls' Glce Club 4: Senior Dramatics 4: "Years Ago" 4: National Thespian Society 4: National Honor Society 4: Maplewood High 1-3. JOYCE JANSSEN "Pleasant thoughts of her will be left behind." Girls' Glee Club 4: GAA 1-4: Basketball 1: Basketball Hodge- podge Z: Volleyball 3: Assembly Committee 4: Pep Club Z- 4: Publicity Committee 4. JAMES HARRIS "Everything comes to one who waits." JIM HEFFINGTON Hfllways ready with 11 friendly smile." Choir 3, 4: Football 1, Z: Varsity Football 3: Basketball 1: Wrestling 2-4: Junior Varsity Baseball 1-4. PAULINE JOHNSON "Kindness is produced by kindness." h Choir 3. 4: Roller Skating Club 1: GAA Z, 3: Bowling Club 4: Public Relations Committee 4: Spanish Club 3. ZELLA MAY JONES "Always ready to help all, Be the task large or small." Senior Dramatics 4: Stage Crew 3, 4Z Volleyball 3: GAA 3. 4: Social Committee 4: Office Assistant 4: F.T.A. 4, Secre- tary 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Bowling Club 3, 4: Busy Brushes 4, President 4: Beaumont High 1, 2, ALDEN HODGES "Happy medium of fun and work." University City High 1: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3: Choir 2, 3: Football 2: XVrestling 274. GEORGE HOWLE "As an athlete Pat is a star, And he has the brains to take him far." Band 1, 2: Freshman Football l: "B" Team Football 2: Var- sity Football 3, 4: "B" Team Basketball 2: Track 1-4: Stu- dent Council 4: CREST Court 4. LORRAINE KAPPEL "There is nothing more to he treasured than a true friend." GAA 1, 21 Basketball l, 2. Seniors CHARLES HUGHES "Charlie is surely loads of fun, And he'll lend a hand to- anyone." XVrestling l, 2, 4: Football 1: Pep Club 4. JANET KELLEY "Ready and willing ro perform a rash: Now what more could anyone ash?" Girls' Glee Club 4: Junior Dramatics 1. Secretary 4: Ticket Sales 4: Stage Crew 4: GAA l-4: Pep Club 1-4: Publicity Committee 4, Chairman 4: F,T,A. 1-43 Rifle Club lp Stu- dent Council 4: Education Committee 4. MARILYN KERN "She is pretty we all agree: And always carefree she will be." GAA Z-4: Election Committee 4: Busy Brushes l, 2: Roller Skating Club l, 2: Stage Crew, Advertising Committee 4. GERHARDT JASPERS "Always helpful, always kind, And as keen a fellow you'll find." XVrestling 1-4: Tennis 1: Track 2-4: Intramurals Football 1. 2: Intramurals Basketball 1-4: Projection Club 2-4, Vice-Pres- ident 3. President 4: National Honor Society 4. WILLIAM JAWOROWSKI "Always cheerful, always gay, We wish him luck along life's way." Football Jr. Varsity 3: Varsity Football 4: Track 3, 4: Pro- jection Club 3. 4: Human Relations Committee 3. MARLENE KLOS "A quiet lass with quiet ways, To her we always can give praise." Senior, Dramatics 3, 4: National Thespian Society 4: Stage Crew 1-4: GAA l, 2, 4: Education Committee 4: Pep Club 1, Z, 4: Scoop 42 Busy Brushes 1-4: Quill and Scroll 4. SHIRLEY KOHL "Bright-eyed miss, Tall and trim, Full of vigor, zest and vim." Stage Crew 1-4: GAA l-'ig Basketball 1, 2: Softball l, 2: Pep Club l-3: Junior Candy Sales 3. KENNETH JUST "Ken is a carefree lad: Always happy ana' always glad." Choir 4: Intramurals Basketball l, Zg Bowling Club 3: Co-op 4: Rifle Club 1, 2, JERRY KENNEDY "Free ana' easy, without a care, He has plenty of time to spare." Vfrcstling 1. MERLINE KRAMER "Faithful lo her word is she, Ever good anll him! you see." 15 Seniors DON KLUG "A likeable fellow with a grin, Who thinks that play is never a sin." Choir 2: Wrestling 1-4. SANDRA KUNKEMULLER A'Nor to-o solemn, not too gay: Everyone likes her just that way." Choir 3: Pep Club 1: GAA l: Co-op 4. r PATRICIA LARSON "There's never a dull moment When Pal is around." GAA Z-4: Softball 2-4: Basketball Z, 3: Volleyball 2, 3: Volleyball All Star 3: Varsity Basketball 4: Junior Red Cross 2: Roller Skating Club 2: Riding Club 2: Normandy High l. RICHARDSON KNICKMEYER "A grin on his face, a will in his way." Football 3, 4: Track 3: Baseball: Intramurals Basketball 2. 3: Intramurals Football Z: Pep Club 4agNDe Andreis High l. FREDERICK KRIEGER "His mind is equal to any undertaking he puts alongside of it." Band l, 2: Orchestra I, 2: Football l: Track l-4: "B"xTeam Basketball 1, 2: Varsity Basketball 3: Student Council l, 2: Asiembly Committee 2, 3, Chairman 3: Election Committee 3, 4: Executive Committee 3, 41 Prom Committee 3: Delegate to M.A.S.C. 3: Junior' Ro-tarian 4: Pep Club 4: CREST As- sistant Editor 3: CREST Court 4: Choir 4: National Honor Society 4: Senior Play 4. CAROLE LEARN "The modem style of her attire. ls something we always admire." Girls' Glee Club l, 2: Junior Dramatics 2: Senior Dramatics 3, 4: Stage Crew 3, 4: GAA 1-4: GAA Board 4: Social Com- mittee 3: Pep Club l-4: Decorating Committee 4: Publicity Committee 3: Busy Brushes l, 4: Modern Dance 4: Publicity Committee 3: Assembly Committee 4: Scoop 4. ELAINE LE HOUILLIER "Variety is the spice of life," RICHARD LA FLANI "I came to school to get a general idea of things." RICHARD LA VAL "He sets his goals high and achieves it." Band 1-3: Orchestra 1: Photography Club l-3, President l-3: Dancing Club 3: Earth, Science, and Nature Club 3. 41 CREST Photographer 4: Scoop Photographer 3g Quill and Scroll 4: National Honor Society 4. HELEN SWEET LONG "Always as busy as 41 beep A helpful pleasant girl is she," String Quartette 2, 3: Orchestra l-4: County Orchestra l, Z: Junior Dramatics 1. 2: Masquers 3, 4: National Thespian Sof ciety 3, 4: "You Can't Kiss Caroline" 2: "Grammercy Ghost" 3: Junior Dramatics Play 1: GAA l-4: Scoop 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Cheerleader 4: Prom Committee 3: Student Council 3, 4: Social Committee 4, Chairman 4: Pep Club l-4, Presi- dent 4: Publicity Committee 3: CREST Court 4: National Honor Society 4. -30- Seniors RONALD LAWRENCE "He'll never falter in the strife, To maintain his ideals of life." Band 3 4 JOLLY ANN LOWTHER "Humorous and carefree. Refreshing to fznouJ." Beaumont High lg GAA 2, 3. 4: GAA Board 4: T-13 2. 3: Scoop Staff 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Point Committee 3, 4. Chair- man 43 Bowling Club 3: GAA Social Committee 4: Quill and Scroll 4g National Honor Society THELMA MARUICCI "Sparkle and grace, And a smile on her face." Choir 4: GAA l-4: Bowling Club 3: Student Council 3: Pep Club 1: Civil Defense Committee 3. JOHN LIEBKE "As a failure he will not stop. So we all know he-'ll reaeh Ihe top." Riding Club 4: Rifle Club 1. WILLIAM LODHOLZ "Lifes no better if we hurry and worry." Bowling Club 2-4. MARGIE MCBRIDE "She is a maid so dear and sweet, That just to know her is a treat." Girls' Glee Club 1, 4: Stage Crew 4: GAA 1, 2, 4: Basket- ball 2: Student Council lp Election Committee 1: F.T,A. 1: Fredericktown High 3. JOYCE ANN MILLER "Quiet people are welcome everywhere." R-IV Winfield High l-3. PHlLlP MANNINO "He loves to tease, but all the while, He can take teasing with a smile." Christian Brothers College High 1-3. RAYMOND MCARDLE "He possesses friendliness in its highest form." Track 33 Intramurals Basketball 37 Berkeley High 1,2. MARTHA MORRISON "She's bright and very gay: She cheerfully goes her way." Choir 2. 3: Band 1: Special Ensemble 2: Basketball 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 2: Softball 1: Rifle Club 1: GAA 1, 2, 3: Publiciiy Committee lg Pep Club Publicity Z1 Pep Club 1, 2, 3. ...31 - i 4 FV in bi. A if L I I of' 'ka fu , G X ' NX' P- -ff A Seniors DONALD MCNAB "He has a tendency toward fun, Therefore he's liked by everyone." "B" Team Basketball Z: Basketball Intramurals 3: Football Intramurals 1. JUDITH NEINABER "lVe're positive this smiling lass. lVo-n't be forgotten by har class." Girls' Glee Club 1-4: Clio-ir 43 Junior Dramatics l, 2: Senior Dramatics 4: GAA 1-4: Point Committee l: Student Coun- cil 4: Election Committee 4, Secretary 4: Busy Brushes 1-3: F.T.A. lg Pep Club l-4: Point Committee 3: Publicity Com- mittee 4: Spanish Club 3: CREST Court 4. PATRICIA O'BRIEN "rl pleasing smile lasts quite a while." DALE MCPEAK "He follows the inclinations of his own nature." Track 1: Baseball 2-4: Football Z: Basketball lg "B" Team Basketball 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Pep Club 49 Intra- murals Football l. JOHN MCPEAK "The man is richest who finds pleasure in simple things." Track 1, 2: Football 1, 2. KATHLEEN OSBORN "Sweetness, and sincerity are in her being." Pulaski Heights. Little Rock, Arkansas lg Cleveland High 2: Co-op 3. 4, KAREN OWEN "Soft brown hair, friendly eyes. lVondt-r where the future lies." Junior Dramatics l. Z: Senior Dramatics 3: Stage Crew 3: GAA l. 2: Softball l: Pep Club 1. 2, 4. WENDEL MEIER "He doc'sn't waste words: he makes them count." Rifle Club Z. 3: Projection Club l. RAYMOND MILLER "lVisdom, wit, and winning ways make him welcome." Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3: CREST Business Manager 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 4: National Honor Society 4. SHARON OWEN "Friendly and laughing, joking and gay. Sharon is always ready for play." Junior Dramatics lg GAA l, 2g F.T,A, l. Seniors RONALD MILLER "Happy medium of fun and work." Choir 1-3: Boys' Glee Club 1, 2: Service Committee 1, 3: Student Council 1: Special Ensemble Z, 3. SUSAN PAHL "A quiet miss, ye! cheerful too: . Maids like her are uery few." GAA 4: Stage Crew 3, 4: Senior Dramatics 4: Program Chair- man 4, Bulletin Chairman 43 E.'l'.A. 4, Vice-President 4: Ethics Committee 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Point Committee 4: Bowling Club 3: Busy Brushes 4: Modern Dance 4: Office Assistant 43 Beaumont High 1, 2. SHARON PLOUDRE "Sharon has such vim and pep, Yau'll never find her out of step." Orchestra l-4: Girls' Glee Club 4: GAA l-4g Point Commit- tee 4: Volleyball Z3 Basketball 3: Hodge Podge Softball 2, 3: Little Shots Basketball 2: Little League Volleyball 3: Educa- tion Committee 3, 4, Assistant Chairman 3, Chairman 4: Pep Club 1. 2: Dancing Club 3: XVelcoming Committee 1: Na- tional Honor Society 4. f DANIEL MITCHELL "With quiet determined force, He trauels on his destined course," Football I: "B" Team Football Z: Track l, 2: Civil De- fense Committee 3. 4: Projection Club 3, 4g Radio Club 2-4, Secretary 2, 3, President 4: National Honor Society 4. PHILIP MUNRO "Deeds speak louder than words." Band l-4: Orchestra I-4: Intramurals Basketball l-4: Pro- jection Club 3, 4: Radio- Club 2, 3, 4. .IACQUELYN FAYE PROBUS "Faithful to har word is she, Ever good and kind to see." Stage Crew 3, 4: GAA 1-4, Vice-President 4: Point Com- mittee 1-4, Chairman 3: Softball I-4: Basketball 1-4: Vol- leyball l-3: Softball All Star 2. 3: Basketball All Star 2, 3: T-I3 l-3: Civil Defense Committee 3, 4: Rifle Club l-4, President 4: Projection Club l-4. JOYCELYN KAYE PROBUS "lI's nice to be natural, when ytlu're naturally nice." Stage Crew 3: GAA I, 2, 3: Social Committee 3, ORVILLE MUNZER "l't'e given this school the best years of my life." Bowling Club l. GENE MURPHY "Great must be his worth: fo-r, though he's quiet. his presence is always felt." Basketball 1: Projection Club l-3. PATRICIA PUSKAR "Her twinkling eyes to you declare, A merry heart is surely there." GAA 2-4: Pep Club 2-4: CREST Senior Editor 4: Solclan Blewett High l, Seniors THOMAS NICK "He takes things in his stride." Wrestling 1, 3. GAII. RAY "1t's better not to speak at all than to speak more words than we should." Choir 2, 3: Junior Red Cross 2. MARION REICHERT "This lass was always full of fun: No work of her's will be undo-ne." Choir Z-4: Girls' Glee Club, 1-4: Senior Dramatics 3. 4: Senior Play 41 National Thespian Society 4: Stage Crew 2-4: Stage Manager 4: GAA 1-43 Pep Club l-4: Roller Skating Club l. JOE NUGENT "I hurry not, neither do I worry." kVrestling l: Intramurals Basketball l: Candy Sales 3: Rifle Club l. PETER OLSEN "Hr-'s cheerful and gay, Chasing trouble away." Choir 4. NORMA REITH "Always happy, always there, rllways ready to do her share." GAA l-4: Little League Volleyball Team Z, 32 Service Com- mittee lg Pep Club L31 CREST Secretary 4: Quill and Scroll 4. ANITA RIGGS '1Her many friends hold her dear, For she's so thoughtful and sincere." Junior Dramatics l, 2: Senior Dramatics 3, 4: Choir Z, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club l-4: County Chorus 3: Ensemble 3. 4: GAA l-4, Board 2, 4: Softball l-4: Basketball 1-3: Volleyball I, Z: GAA SecretaryATreasurer 4: Pep Club l-4: Publicity Com- mittee 33 Cheerleader 3, 4, Secretary 4: T-13 3: Pep Club Executive Board 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Ring Committee 3: Student Council 4, Treasurer 4: Social Committee Z. 3: CREST Circulation Manager 4: CREST Queen 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Modern Dance 4, President 4: National Honor So- ciety 4. PAUL PARKER "Paul is a likeable lad, One'oI' the best we've ever had." Choir 3, 4: Ensemble 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 3, 4: Senior Dramatics 4: Welcoming Committee 4. BILL PARNAS "Bill is quiet, handsome lad, Whom you never will find sad." Football 3, 4: Track 3: Baseball 4: Pep Club 45 Decorating Committee 4. SANDRA RILEY "Polite, clever, and full of fun, Known and loved by everyone." Choir 3: Senior Dramatics 4: Modern Dance 4: Ensemble 3, 4: Civil Defense Committee 3: Human Relations Committee 3: North High, Omaha, Nebraska 1, 25 Calumet High, Chicago, Illinois 3. Seniors BILLY PROCTOR "Always true, never blue As long as you have your smile with you." Publicity Committee 1: Projection Club 2-4, Secretary-Treasurer 'Z-43 Roller Skating Club 2: Riding Club 2, Vice-President 2: Co-op. MARIE RISLEY "She has brightened many a day By thc cheerfulness of her way." Choir 4: Soldan Blewett High 1-3. WANDA ROBERTSON "Diminurive, blithe, and clever, Sad and worried, never." Co-op 4: Beaumont High 1 JOHN PUGH "John has many a failhful friend. For his list of good deeds will never end." Track 3, 4: Student Council 4: Student Council Parliamen- tarian 4: Social Committee 4: Central High, St. Joseph, Mo, 1, Z5 National Honor Society 4. DONALD RALEY "This handsome lad is liked by all: We know success will hear his call." Band lg Choir 4: Football 1, 2: Junior Varsity Football 3: Varsity Football 4: Baseball 1: "B" Team Basketball 1, 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Publicity Committee 3: Social Com- mittee 4: Pep Club 4: Senior Class Treasurer 4g CREST Court 4. LINDA ROBINSON "lVharever she does is do-ne with ease, For her i!'s nature to please." Office Assistant 3, 4: Roller Skating Club 1. KAY RUGEN "Correct in manner, poise, and diction, The hind of girl you meet in fiction." Girls' Cvlee Club 1-4: Senior Dramatics 4, President 4: GAA 1-4. Secretary-Treasurer 2. Board 1-4: Social Committee 1: Tennis Manager 3: Tennis Singles 1 Z: Basketball Manager 4: Softball l-4: Volleyball 1-33 Basketball 2, 3: Softball All Star 3: Basketball All Star 2, 3: Varsity Basketball 4: T-13 2, 3: Student Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4: Executive Committee 4: Social Committee 2: Ethics Committee 3: Prom Committee 3: CREST Art Editor 4: CREST Court 4: Pep Club l-4: Nomination Committee 3: Cheerleader 3, 4, Secretary 3, Cap- tain 47 Executive Board 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: National Honor Society 4. CLYDE RANEY "This fellow is worth meeting: To everyone he gives a greeting." Basketball 1: Football 1: Student Council 2: Publicity Com- mittee 2: Bowling Club 1-31 Co-op 4. DONALD RANKIN "No hurry. no worry. Just life as it comes," Labourc High l. 2, JACQUELINE SCHETTLER "She is so very gay, At any time of the day." Stage Crew 4: GAA 1-43 Softball 1, 3, 4: Basketball l, 3: Volleyball 1-3: All Star Softball l, 33 All Star Volleyball 1-3. -35- Seniors WILLIAM RANKIN "A cheerful lad with lots of pep. Just watch his forward-going step." Choir 3: Laboure High 1, 2. CLAIRE SCHOENINGER "She's a girl that's very sweet, And we think she ran'r be heat." Junior Dramatics 2: "You Can't Kiss Caroline" 2: Masquers 3: GAA I-4, Board 1. Z, 4: Volleyball Manager 4: Volley- ball l, 3: Volleyball All Star 3: Social Committee 1: Point Committee 2: Election Committee 3: Ethics Committee 4, Secretary 4, Historian 4: Student Council 4: Pep Club 1-4, Secretary 4: Point Committee 3: Junior Red Cross 2: Candy Sales 3: Riding Club 4: Scoop 4: Busy Brushes 1, 4, Vice- President 4: F.T.A. 3, President 3: CREST Court 4: Quill and Scroll 4: National Honor Society 4. MARIALTA SHERMAN "A friend of work, a friend of ease, A ready smile, and aim to please." GAA 1-4: Softball Manager 3: Softball 2. 3, 4: GAA Board 3: Basketball l-3: Volleyball l, 3: Softball All Star 2, 3: Basketball All Star 3: Publicity Committee 4: Junior Ring Committee 3: Pep Club 1-4: F.T.A. 4: National Honor So- ciety 4. DONALD RAY "fl jolly rhup we all agree: A success in lifc he will he," Co-op 4, ' RICHARD RETTKE "Rich is ix merry lad, To see him all his friends are glad," Beaumont High l, 2. CAROL SMITH ur is the athletic sort, erits credit in any sport." nior Dramatics l, 2: Stage Crew 2, 3. 4: GAA l-4, Board -4. Secretary 33 Softball 1-4: Basketball 1-3, Manager ZZ Volleyball l-3: Varsity Basketball 41 Softball All Star 2, 3: Basketball All Star 2, 3: Volleyball All Star Z. 3: T-13 1-43 Tennis l-3, Manager 4: Assembly Committee 2: Publicity Committee 4: Pep Club I-4: l:.T,A. l-4, Treasurer 1: Pro- jection Z: Bowling Club 3: Busy Brushes 1-4: CREST Sports Editor 4: Modern Dance 4. MARILYN SMITH "fl personalily that makes friends, a loyalty that keeps them." Choir 2, 3: County Chorus 2: Junior Dramatics lg Busy Brushes l: Co-op 4. RICHARD RICE "All his friends rate him high, He's what you'd call a regular guyfl Choir 2-4: Boys' Glee Club 3: Special Ensemble 3: County Chorus 3: Bowling Club 2-4. DONALD ROBERTS "Don makes new friends each day In his jolly, carefree way." Choir 2-4: Boys' Glee Club 3: Rifle Club 2-43 Bowling Club 4. NORMA SMITH "Earnest, sincere, straightforward is she, A friend to admire, she'll always be." XVQ-st York High, York, Pennsylvania 1, 3. Seniors HOWARD SAMPLE "Students like him are hard to find, Steady. noble, willing, and kind," Norwalk High, Norwalk, Connecticut l-3. PHYLLIS SOUTHARD "A louely blonde with eyes of blue: A real friend shc'll be to' you." Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Senior Dramatics 4: Senior Play 4: GAA 2-4: Pep Club 2-4: Point Committee 4: Busy Brushes 4. GLORIA SPEICHER "lt is indeed, a' rare and happy treat. To watch this girl and her dancing feet.' Senior Dramatics 4: GAA 3, 4: Junior Ring Committee 3: Pep Club 4: Modern Dance 4. ROY SCHAEFER "Brief were his answers, His questions were none," Football ll Co-op 4. CLARENCE SCHMID "He'll play a joke on anyone, As long as it is for fun." SUSAN SPENCER "A little mischief by the way, A little fun to spice each day." Junior Dramatics 1, Vice-President 1: Senior Dramatics 4: Choir 2, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2-4: Special Ensemble 4: GAA l-3: Riding Club 4: Public Relations Committee 43 Junior Red Cross 3: Pep Club Decoration Committee 4: Modern Dance 4: Busy Brushes 1, 2. . CAROLYN STANFIELD "Laughing and joking all the while: lVhereuer we saw her, she had a smile." Girls' Glee Club 3. 4: GAA 3. 4: Basketball 3: All Star Basketball 3: Softball Hodge Podge 3: Student Council Pub- licity Committee 4: Pep Club 3, 4: DeAndreis High l, 2. FRAN KIE SLADE "Al1h0ugh quiet and not loud, His winning ways are many." Football Intramurals l: Basketball Intramurals 2: Student Council 4: Publicity Committee 4: Rifle Club l-4, President 3, 4: Rifle Team 3, 4: National Honor Society 4. ALBERT SONA "Some like to have a lot of fun And Al was always such a one." Choir 3. 4: Baseball Varsity l-4: "B" Team Basketball l, 2: Varsity Basketball 3. 4: Football l, Z: Varsity Football 3: Pep Club 4: Decoration Committee 4. CAROLE STIARWALT "Always busy and full of zest, She is the editor of the CREST," GAA 1, 2. 3: Basketball 1: Softball Hodge Podge Z: Basket- ball Hodge Podge Z: Volleyball Hodge Podge 3: Education Committee 4: Rifle Club 1: F.T.A. l: Pep Club 1, 2, 4: Human Relations Committee 3: Mock U.N. Delegate 2: CREST 3, 4, Girls' Sports Editor 3, Editor 4: Quill and Scroll 4: National Honor Society 4. -37 -. Seniors WILLIAM SPARKS "He liues at peace with all mankind, ln friendship he is true." XVrestling 2, 3, 4: Co-op 4. BARBARA STULAC "Always pleasant, always cheerful. Of Barbara's future iue're not fearful." Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Jr. Dramatics 1: Glee Club 1, 2: Stage Crew 3: Pep Club 1, Publicity Committee 2: Assembly Com- mittee l: Busy Brushes 1, 33 Photography Club 2: Co-op 4. JACQUELINE SYMONS "Quiet and self composed, What she thinks no one knows." Co-op 4. BRUCE STINCHCOMB "Someday this lad will reach the top, For at a failure he'll not stop." String Orchestra l-4: Orchestra 1-4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3: All County Orchestra 3, 4: Earth, Science and Nature Club. President 3, 4. JERRY STONE "Life witl-1 Jerry is full to- the brim lVith fun and frolic that's never dimf' Band 1, 2: Orchestra 2: Election Committee 4: Basketball 1: Intramurals Football 2: Track 2: Intramurals Basketball 2. 4: Tennis l. JACQUELINE THOMPSON "Jackie is an outstanding lass, Ever a leader of the class." Girls' Glee Club 1, Z, 4: Special Ensemble 2: GAA 1-4: GAA Bo-ard 3: Prom Committee 3: Assembly Committee, Secretary 4: Publicity Article Committee 3: Busy Brushes l-4: Rifle Club 1, Z: Dramatics 1: Riding Club 2, 3, 43 Pep Club l-4: National Honor Society 4. SUZANNE TIPTON "One to- trust and euer L' friend, Constant and faithful to the end." Senior Dramatics 4: GAA 1, 2: Pep Club l. 2, 4: Trans- portation Committee 4: Junior Welco-mer 3: Office Assistant 4: F.T.A. 1, 2: Candy Sales 2, 3. RONALD SUTTON "He is a boy with an aim, fls a man he'll win fame." Soldan Blewett High School l, 2. MAURICE THOMAS "lf its life or a game, I intend To fight hard and fair to the end." Service Committee 2: Projection Club 2: 3, 4: Photography Club 3. JUDITH WEIL "Her smile is welcomed everywhere. And she ranlzs high among the fair," Junior Dramatics 1, Z: Senior Dramatics 3, 45 Stage Crew 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: Special Ensemble 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 4: GAA 1-4: Class Volleyball Team 2: Little Shots Basketball 3: Publicity Committee 41 Handiwork Club 23 "Grammercy Ghost" 3: National Honor Society 4. -38- Seniors GARY THOMPSON "At basketball he can't be beat: Just knowing him is a treat." "B" Team Basketball 1, 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Baseball l, Z. YVONNE WHITE "Hcre's a friend that's really true. One who will always remain with you." Beaumont High l, 2: Choir 3, 4. CAROL WILLIAMS "A quiet girl is this lovely lass, One of the nicest members of the class Girls' Glee Club l-3: Choir 3: Hodge Podge Softball 3: l.iltle Shots Basketball 21 Little League Volleyball 3: Varsity Basket- ball 4: GAA l-4: Junior Ring Committee 3: Prom Committee 3: Student Council l, Historian 1: Executive Committee 4: Publicity Committee 1, Z: Articles Committee 3: Service Com- mittee 4, Chairman 4: Rifle Club 1-4, Secretary 1-4: Pep Club l-4: Transportation Committee 3: Softball All Star 4: Basketball 4: CREST Assistant Editor 4: CREST Court 4i Quill and Scroll 4g National Honor Society 4. WARREN UNGER "Slow ana' easy-never a care. Time and minutes plenty to spare." Basketball 1: Basketball Intramurals 2, 3: Fcovbail Intra- murals l, 2. GORDON VOLZ "A happy lan' with a winning way. And once a friend, iz friend to stay." Earth, Science, and Nature Club 3. RUTH WILLIAMS "Ruthie is like a gleeful song: Cheerful and happy all day long." Ensemble 3: Softball 2: Basketball 3: GAA l-4: Public Re- lations Committee 4: F.T.A, lg Roller Skating Club l, 2. DOLORES WOLFE "A mind with sweet thoughts in her mimi. A friend well worthwhile youill find." Choir 3, 4: Ensemble 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 4: Dancing Club 3: Earth, Science, and Nature Club 3, WILLIAM WAGENER "Sometimes serious, sometimes smiling, always friendly." Ritenour High 1: Football l, Z: Junior Varsity Football 3: Varsity Football 4: Track 3, 4: Pep Club 4. HERBERT WAHL "Quietly on his way ht' went, Never an idle moment spent." BETH ZIMMERMAN "Ever happy, never blue, Sometimes witty, always true." Orchestra l, 2: County Orchestra 2: Junior Dramatics 1, 2: "You Can't Kiss Caroline" Z: Masquets 3, 4: Stage Crew 4: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: GAA l-4, Board Z: Student Council 3: Pep Club 1-4: Social Committee 2: Ethics Committee 3: Point Committee 4. ..39.. Seniors With JANICE BURKE "Gracious in manner, loyal to friends." SHARON LEE BOWLING "Quiet, easy goin' Well worth knowin'." Washington High, Kansas City le3, MARILYN KOCH "She enjoys life at all times." GAA 1, Z3 Pep Club 1, 2. JUNE REED "Her friends are made to last, As June is unsurpassed." Jennings High I, 2: Hazelwood 3, NIARLIN BRAKENSIEK "The master of any situation." RONALD SPADONI "Sometimes quiet, sometimes sad, Here's to a very friendly lad." LEO STRUTMAN "Let us enjoy life while we ran," Candy Sales 3. Seniors ERICK LEE WERTS "He shall dance along life's way, Spreading sunshine about him." Junior' Drnmatics 1, 2: Senior Dramatics 3. 43 National Thespian Society 4: Choir Z3 Rifle Club 1, 2. RNA WHITNAH "lVhat's the use of worryin' when there arc so many other things to do?" JOHN WILSON "What he does is done well." CHESTER WILLMAN "He who has ability finds his place." Co-op 4. LARRY DENNISON "If you look closely you will spy, A look of mischief in his eye." Wrestling 2-4. MARILYN HEMMINGHAUS "Always ready to help, it seems: She is full of life, yet full of dreams," ciety 4. 0 Pictures RONALD FIGIEL "Happy-go-lucky lad, Always smiling, never sad." PAUL GORMAN "I can resist anything except temptation." Beaumont 1, Z: DeAndreis 3. WILLIAM HOFFMAN "A grand, good pal in ways no end." LOUIS KEEVEN "Always cheerful is this lad." McBride High I, 2, 3. MEL OPPEL "I never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles me." PHILIP ZERILLO "Of him I will make this admission, He has a friendly disposition." ..40- GAA 1-3: Pep Club Z, 35 Co-op 45 National Honor So- 3 Juniors Back Row: Kennett, Gentry, Donton, Hooker, Grosch, Taylor, Meyer, Frede, Arkes, Rennecamp, Brockmeyer, Tippett, Tennant, lngham Second Row: Pyatt, Byrnes, Wahl, Wachter, McNeely, Martin, Cunningham, Wrozier, Ludholm, Mandry, Moore, Kintz, Geiger. Front Row: Roth, Prosser, Spies, Phillips, Scholl, Wermke, Schroeder, Klinkman, Delashmet, Kattleman, Liklader, McDonald, Ludwig. Back Row: Kramer, Coffing, Lamkemann, Linsin, Wilson, Warzeniak, Harris, Holtsclaw, Kramer, Galanos, Dei Santi, Vassolo. Second Row: Messner, Long, Cody, Farver, Brenner, Mosely, Lips, Bahmeyer, O'Neil, Ruhr, Buettner, Ulrich, Lohmeyer, Polivick. Front Row: Webb, Hanrahan, Richardson, Jawororski, Crawford, Bourden, Douglas, Page, Hampp, Constantine, Nienhaus,, Hayden, Curtis. 4 ra' , ,fi t, 2 VT i W719 " fuk -' . 'V :mag '. - my I- Juniors Back Row: Rankin, Hartmann, Bunting, Cooksey, Kester, Maurer, Holmes, Burgess, Kruessel, Hern, West, Letford. Second Row: Amrein, Bingaman, Twillmann, Dueing, Steel, Grubb, White, Hazard, Jackson, Miller, Kirby, Erdelen. Front Row: McNulty, Nix, Ray, Tate, Rueger, Schaaf, Ellis, Geno, Allard, Anderson, Olsen, Clarke. Back Row: Linberg, Baum, McMahan, Krueger, Fox, Schultz, Brinton, Chamberlain, Pope, Schuette, Tarrant, Bernhard, Stark, Richards Second Row: Bouska, Hickman, Burke, Flesch, Fruhwirth, Lodholz, White, Pearce, Schuman, Kohrs, Frey, Siebel, Morie, Hagen, Wil kinson, Kempfer. Front Rowzu Brindley, Hall, Burnett, Tebeau, Craig, Dolce, Strantz, Papp, Trotter, Quick, Kretzmann, Wurth, Siefker, Hutson. -43- Juniors Back Row: Lenauer, Kohnen, lsenburg, Neel, Krebs, Fahrig, Bemis, Graham, Buchmann. Second Row: Richardson, Britton, McDowell, D. Behle, B. Behle, Parker, Schroeder, Davit, Becker, Meyer. Front Row: Ganfner, Gast, Byrnes, Blackburn, Kunkel, Ferrara, Hudson,S:hmid. x Back Row: Aubuchon, Amato, Counts, Atkinson, Wise, Taylor, Ellis, Crews, Boos, Brown, Collins, Daniels. Second Row: Rice, McKenna, Dauwalter, Rosenow, Klostermann, Ambrose, Litzau, Ostendorf, Cook, Conard, Hall, Funke Front Row: Hubert, Marshall, McCulley, Ayat, Nevin, Schmidt, Hulbert, Pallett, Duback, Stephenson, Fiala, Geiger. 4, Sophomores Back Row: Powell, Sheridan, Schreck, Hood, Slayton, D. Pauley, Carspecken, Davis, Callies, Sulser, Sitzes, White, Hamlin, Jenkins, Thomas, Berry. Second Row: Jones, Kehoe, Rauch, Zurbriggen, Clay, Reagan, Jens, Thompson, Glaser, Brown, Hutsler, Allman, Niehaus, O'Dell, Nobles, Brinkman. Front Row: Garagnani, Ostenclorf, Boyntan, Meier, Horr, Gray, Jackson, Ray, Mizell, Predock, Arms, Brace, Guth, Bindbeutel, Meyer, Micheal. Back Row: Kline, Seiler, Monroe, McDonald, Frioli, Gronemeyer, S:hulte, Farver, Werner, Lamkin, Tracy, McGuire, Jones, Beard Spaulding, lsenberg. Second Row: Meade, Press, Plavnick, Franke, Meyer, Rauth, Holtshouser, Tucker, Baltz, Underway, Jones, Bartareau, Hartmann Smith, Miller, Borbein, ,J Front Row: Sheridan Yates, Wills, Nix, Kolcle, Adams, Hampp, Gasaway, Calati, Holden, Evans, Martin, Carter, Gantner, Mahr. Sophomores Back Row: Osborn, Ellern, Brown, Chilton, Porzenski, Frioli, Lark, Plank, Griffith, Kitcher, Lauber, Schellinger, Koob, Hastings, Mc- Gee, Brockman, Bowen, Murphy, Wessel, Tullock, Towell. Second Row: Mueller, Pauley, Ansel, Ott, Robertson, French, Martin Steig, Homeyer, Fahrig, Schallert, Littenken, Swank, Aldrich, An drews, Dawkins, Rea, Ven, Zurbriggen, Moss, Hayden. Front Row: Metzger, Perry, Sell, Sturm, Rusnack, Cobb, Harris, Bogdanor, Smith, Whitehill, Largent, Wafner, Hemminghaus, Turner Freise, Mandry, Basile, Warden. Back Row: Watts, Speicher, Negwer, Krone, Miller, Grubb, Peters, Crouse, Crowell, Northcutt, Powers, Dunn, Teare, Love, Swyres. Second Row: Lammers, Emery, Ambrose, Hellmer, Hutcheson, Raley, Harl, Begole, Often, Codean, Beyrau, Staple, Unser, Hennage, Kennedy. Front Row: McClenning, Drysdale, Amos, Roth, Collins, Siesenen, Sshantz, Henke, Loyd, Wasterman, Keen, Gray, Campbell, Olsen. -46- r ophomores Back Row: Purcell, Moore, Eddings, Nash, Morrison, Heggarty, Whitnah, Bock, Tipton, Fenwick, Broeckling, Miehe, McCleery, Burns, Marshall. Second Row: King, Fairbanks, Fowler, Kleinschmidt, Sample, Bressie, Kotalik, Watts, Smith, Tabler, Jaspers, Smiley, Lunda, Scott, Costello, Bardon, Doughton, Front Row: Altwood, Wyatt, Hardin, Miller, Schilling, Rice, Schnell, Sime, Byrn, Kuiawa, Lenauer, Scherer, Latta, Jones, Stopple, Schlueter, Ellern, Parks. Back Row: Lee, Runnels, Jobsky, McDonald, Shaw, Jackson, Wallweber, Holmes, Free, Austin, Carver, Jones, Rice, Baldwin, Wilson, Collins. Seconcll Row: Williams, Nelson, Killmer, Montrey, Werremeyer, McGuire, Lovely, Walters, Horer, Hinderer, Compton, Kirk, Weiler, Frieda, Muckle, Timme, Kattleman, Moreland, Henke. Front Row: Klein, Sheridan, Slater, Patterson, Aubuchon, McGee, Young, Fleetwood, Menish, Spaoloni, Maxwell, White, Brewer, Kellee her, Eliott, Prosser, Carter, Freshmen Back Row: Mesnier, Butler, Mangrum, Sadowski, Brewer, Krupp, Lawson, Blackburn, Skeen, Mullersman, Slade, Blondin, Lashley, Cool, Ray. Second Row: Morotz, Sneed, Crowell, Jones, Tate, Lauburay, Moore, Luebbert, Schiermeier, Nemanick, Lockhart, Amick, Dittrich, Grow, Harris, Leonard. 9 Front Row: Meador,9.lohns, J. Routledge, Anderson, Hudgins, G. Routledge, Ballingar, Graham, Petrea, McCormick, Gisburne, Orrell, Goodwin, Nash, Rudin. Back Row: Onstott, Tinclall, Heuer, Coates, Gray, Scheppers, Knittel, DeMay, Coleman, Windisch, Daniels, Schmidt, Pape, Renaud Chiantaretto, Snyder. Second Row: Graff, Hoelzer, Hearn, Rice, Perry, Von Berhren, Stopclill, Eichmann, Gustin, Bennet, Mitchell, Haefner, Wilderman Figgemeier, West, Johnson. Front Row: Kumlcel, Stilts, Hill, Brankensiek, V. Williams, Casteel, Michael, Graber, S. Williams, Dorman, Oberle, Zimmerman, Schu ler, Knapp, Brauchieker. -43- Freshmen Back Row: Stark, Runion, Benton, Yenny, Blackwell, Rhoades, Gaibel, Gardner, Hamilton, Alwood, Allen, Thompson, Gracey, Seitz, Latta. Second Row: Dale, Parker, Wiley, Reeves, Lafata, White, Weidman, Doyle, Corradi, Frieda, Hanke, Hammerschmidt, Rossiter, House, Williams, Nichols. First Row: Dillon, Parsons, Drake, Renaud, Chandler, Adkins, Wright, Myers, Zimmer, Wittke, Hundelt, Dieckmann, Jarzenbeck, Hus- key, Lowery. Back Row: Chesley, Mason, Estes, Schoeninger, Patterson, Mooney, Schaefer, Stanfield, Alexander, Riggs, Rusnack, Sutter, Ries, Har- rington. Second Row: McGee, Maull, Olson, Holtshouser, Payne, Moloney, Weidner, Switzer, Fox, Walz, Sanders, James, Clevenger, Beech, Broyles. Front Row: Dretschmar, Nienhaus, Wilson, Wahl, Patterson, Moceri, Taylor, Rivera, Jackson, Maclden, Charlwood, Umfleet, Wilkinson, Hart, Finney, Ryan. Freshmen Back Row: Kauangh, Spaulding, Hoffmann, Watkins, Garofalo, Feller, Krutzman, Rogers, Hughes, Cook, Cosey, Yates. Second Row: Nick, Eiley, Pauley, Wessel, Behle, McArdle, Piechounski, Zaetich, Rohne, Pont, Hart, Reynolds, Steging. First Row: Chrizty, Steinmann, Farmer, Scarpace, Hannah, Adams, Blasingame, Lambert, Robertson, Boyle, Runge, O'Brien Back Rovv: Anderson, Heil, Wiese, Raup, Joseph, Kelleher, Sonderegger, Braucksieker, Sesney, Ozenkoski. Second Row: VVilliman, Vaughan, Raney, Largent, Tilley, Berthold, Morgan, Kirby, Davis, Irons, Tate. Front Row: Leonard, Ford, Funken, Williams, Place, Jones, Killmer, Rutledge, Taylor, Schieferle. -50- Freshmen Back Row: Angel, Chrisfy, Mueller, Carmichael, Beckman, Bowman, Carter, Boyd, Arnell, Luebberf. Second Row: Beck, Bass, Hendrick, Polivick, Lowe, Reid, Young, Giovando, Curran. Front Row: Molen, Brarnneier, Mahoney, Benne, Maze, Buescher, McCullough, Kunzwick, Forfel. Back Row: Chrisco, Bilyeu, McBride, Marshall, Wagner, Krueger, Neel, Fields, Peimann. Second Row: Nienaber, Smith, Gruckertz, Dennison, Marshall, Strauser, Repp, Stark, J., Craft. Front Row: Hickey, Schwartz, Tooley, Barnett, Hutman, Kesting, Wermke, Meador, Brautegam, Suffmoeller. Q K. ox xxxx NI xx X I x I X X R . X I .. NIM x I IX k ix .- X X ,x.wNII I .vi -' ,A -I ,xx IAN. . fgv : g, 'Z fm wife "They do nne wrong who say I come no more When once I knock and fail To find you ing For every day I sfand ourside your door And bid you vvaii, and rise To fignf and win -Judge Walter Malone -53 VARSITY FOOTBALL The 1955 season proved To be a disappoinfing year of rebuilding for The ComeTs. Suffering Tremendous losses in personnel by graduaTion of previous sTandouTs, The Team won only one game, Tied one, and losT seven, ending up in fourTh place in The conference, The lowesT po- siTion in four years. The Team was unduly small and lacked sufficienT experienced hands. MTW M NexT year The siTuaTion should be somewhaT improved as l8 leTTermen will reTurn, plus added supporT from players up from an excellenT fresh- man Team. The highIighT of The season was our T6-O vicTory over WellsTon as 57 boys saw ac- Tion. The biggesT disappoinTmenTs were The 7-O loss To co-champion ClayTon afTer ouTplaying Them mosT of The game, and our inabiIiTy To score againsT ST. Charles in a O-O Tie. Back Row: Howie, Burke, lsenberg, Bradbury, Jaworowski, Aubuchon, Elliott, Parnas, Bunting, STark, VVinscoTT. Middle Row: Johnson, Maull, Rogers, Spaulding, Hamlin, WhiTe, Knickmeyer, EsTes, Knibb, Blackman, Crouse, DonTon, Khors, lhle. FronT Row: Fleetwood, Emmons, Geiger, Wagener, PyaTT, Chamberlain, Prosser, GenTry, Raley, TippeTf, Pauley. M 5? 1 fl w 1 E ii ? 3 9 Z? ? Football JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Back Row: Daniels, Hall, Killmer, King, Jones, McGuire, Fowler, Sheridan, Hartmann, Pauley, Weber, Rauth, Towell. Middle Row: Hoff, Dunn, Crowell, Schuehe, Siefz, Berry, Andrews, McGee, Dawkins, Meyer, Thomas, O'Brien. Front Row: Collins, Wyall, Kennet, Ansel, Werremeyer, Bernhard, Costello, MonTrey, Kline, Dilallo, Griffith, Schultz FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Back Row: Chianferrelto, Tindall, Mueller, Rushing, Watkins, Myers, Mooney, Porfwood, Cook, Bass, Dilallo, Coates. Middle Row: Reynolds, Ozenkoski, Petrea, Carofalo, Willman, Morgan, Stanfield, Lashley, Schoeninger, Hughes, Estes. Front Row: Alexander, Sonderegger, Schaefer, Hoffman, Spaulding, Sesney, Mullersman, Cool, Joseph, Prokop. -56- A V - . f ' 3 2 X ? :., , zzqzz V Q ' Il- --Q' 1 -- 'QZA af ,A A Q- ' "' 'A --- www ' E :iEf:::' :'2.:2:i i:i : gEzEi3'fE52f"' "" :': ':': 5 :1:':" "-.,::-- ' -" ,....4 .............,.., ,.,.4Q, ,,.. .,,,,..,.,.. .,,., : . z 1 . ...,.,,,:.,,,.,. :,,:.,,,: 1 :,,N,?:.Q,: . .,.f ,.:. ,-.- , , .,,:.Hi5::E5':E5E::EEE:gEEEEEl:5E!::,. ... . .. ,,...,- E :::5 - v,,.,.,, ,,,, ,,'. I i : v-- U rx 5 'P 2 V V5 , K gisxx .,.f-pi i1,Y, ,3 , , ,. :,1,.,,.,.. , 1- Q E: . , sw ,. ,w . . S fum -.tg X A -, - :lg .l. I 4, 911 1. ,1 -,,i'Q,,,, 3: ,,,,,,,-, , ' x '+P "Q 1' 'V X l'1f:- :: ' mewa':w.s,a- if W Q A S ,ss W 9 Q A v as K v W- 2 5 Q gg X v M C ob R 1 9' X9 gf X V V' K+ 4 W 4 "' 4 M A , , . x ,Q ' fx-RN Pep Club PEP CLUB OFFICERS President ,.............,.,.,,.,,....,,...,.......,.,. Sweet Long Vice-President ..... ,.....,...,,.. J oan Burgess Secretary .....................,.,...,,..... Claire Schoeninger Treasurer ......,..,..,...........,..,..........,.,, Sally Predock Captain of Cheerleaders .....4........,....... Kay Rugen Point Committee Chairman ...... Jolly Ann Lowther Decoration Committee Chairman .,Mary E. Hatcher Publicity Committee Chairman .......,.. Janet Kelley Nomination Committee Chairman .Anne Moseley PEP CLUB Mr. J. C. McPhail, our English exchange teach- er and former sponsor of an American Cheering Squad at the Olympic Games succeeded Miss Regina Jerzewiak as sponsor of the Pep Club this year. At the first assembly he appealed to the boys to support the club. On the next school day three enrolled, and others, including members of all the football teams, soon followed-a sonor- ous accession at the varsity matches which fol- lowed. At the usual November dance the theme of "Lullaby in Birdland" owed much of its success to the vivid conception and hard work of Mary Ellen Hatcher and her decorations committee, but an innovation was the Homecoming, held for the first time in several years, at which the team led cheers. At a further assembly on "Sportsmanship," which Mr. McPhail and Bob Flesch addressed in December to open the basketball and wrestling seasons, the cheerleaders again appeared in the uniforms which have been generally voted the brightest on view this year. Especially notable has been the help in select- ing and coaching the Junior High team and their presence at the Sophomore basketball matches, including one on a Saturday afternoon when other attractions were doubtless calling them. On some occasions they have had to divide to support games at the same time in different places. Miss Mathias and Mr. Hoemann have re- corded their appreciation of these efforts which have made the year specially memorable. PEP CLUB Back Row: Hinolerer, Homeyer, Am- rein, Burke, Chamberlain, Schultz, Ellis, West, Brinton, Klug, Siebel, Tennant, Jones, Klos. Fourth Row: Collins, Dauwalter, Rosenow, Klostermann, Horer, Cobb, Conard, Miller, Mc- Dowell, Largent, Meiners, Buescher, Moloney. Third Row: Baldwin, Wilson, Fin- ney, Marshall, Butler, Krueger, Reid, Lowe, McCullough, Wag- ner, Mahoney, Leonard, Von Behren. Second Row: Zimmerman, Schuler, Jones, Knapp, Nienaber, Kest- ing, Dennison, Gardner, Kelley, Tooley, Dornan, Robinson, Sneed. Front Row: Arms, Predock. Back Row: Dale, Franke, Dunn, Schoeninger, Maxwell, Patter- son, Carspecken, Pugh, Farm- er, Barden, Flesch, Daniels, Puskar, Janssen. Fourth Row: Hutcheson, Lovely, Reagan, Hickman, Litzau, Davit, Steel, Twillman, Martin, Stieg, Bogdanor, Ambrose, Lowther, Williams. Third Row: Southard, Tabler, Tip- ton, Hanrahan, Crawford, Ja- worowski, Ruhr, Moseley, Boh- meyer, O'Neil, Farver, Pahl, Stanfield, Otten, Harl. Second Row: Borbein, Carver, Compton, Mahr, Roth, Prosser, Whitehill, Smith, Chamberlain, Marshall, Morrison, Jaspers, Smiley, Kunzwick. Front Row: Riggs, Long. Back Row: McPeak, Krieger, Estes, Wagner, Parnas, Sona, Bind- beutel, Raley, Allen, Berthold, Neel, Tippett, Pauley, Knick- meyer. Fourth Row: Kretzman, Ambrose, Hatcher, Wahl, Schaff, Behle, Wrozier, Cunningham, Kattle- man, McNeely, Czeschin, Gard- ner, Gantner. Third Row: Stiarwalt, Dolce, Brown, Papp, Williams, Craig, Owen, Burgess, Griffith, Reichert, Speicher, Kirk, Largent. Second Row: Gluckhertz, Wermke, Bingaman, Thompson, Learn, Kelley, Nienaber, Fuhri, Zim- merman, Biermann, Schoen- inger, Goodwin, Curtis. Front Row: Rugen. Back Row: Lee, Hellmer, Dillallo Kester, Davis, Neel, Reynolds Plavnick, Meade, Chrisco, Ries: Meier, Schiermeier. Fourth Row: McBride, Tipton, Waf- ler, Turner, Heggarty, Walters Jones, Aubuchon, Glaser Thompson, Jens, Brown, Wall- weber, Mesnier, Hagen. Third Row: Hemminghaus, House Gaibel, Menzemer, Friese, Car ter, Rice, Niehaus, Mizell, All man, Meyer, Bindbeutel, Steph enson, Ray, Hulbert, Smith Second Row: Hickey, Blackburn Byrnes, Nevin, Schmidt, Boyn ton, Mr. PcPhail, Miehe, Mc Cleery, Guth, Brace, Sheridan Runion, O'Brien. Front Row: Lips, Brenner. 1 1 Back Row: Hughes, Burgess, Frieda, Dilallo, Chamberlain, Schuman, Collins, Costello, Meyer, Cline, Coates, Olsen, Schmidt. Second Row: West, King, Olsen, Taylor, Gentry, Stalling, Geiger, Pyatt, Montrey, Ellern, Ruthledge, Killmer, Chapman. Front Row: Crocker, lsenberg, Kennett, Ansel, Nib, Dennison, Klug, Heffington, Burke, Repp, Killmer, Bahora. Wrestling A This has been one of the best years for our Wrestling team as far as season records and State Tournament results go. This is the first time the wrestling team has won a trophy, although they had previously taken second place in state while Mr. McCollum was coach. This year's team consisted of 34 boys, 9 who were returning lettermen. The season's record was 8 won, 2 tied, and 3 lost. The most interesting match was our home match with Ritenour. The meet was not decided until the last match. Unfortunately Ferguson lost by l point. This year Ferguson placed second in the Mis- souri State High School Wrestling Tournament, close behind Ritenour who has won the tourna- ment for the past 9 years. Ferguson has improved its place in the Tourna- ment every year since Mr. Chapman has been the coach. The boys who placed for Ferguson in the tournament were Sonny Knibb, who took first place in the 133 lb. class, Ben Bahora, Don Klug, and .lirn Heffington who took second place in their respective weight classes, Paul Kilmer who took third place, and Tom Burke and Jerry lsenberg who took fourth. The team captains were Don Klug, a four year letterman, and Larry Dennison. Next year Fergu- son will return 16 lettermen, 7 more than re- turned this year. Their goal for next year is the State Championship. Coach Chapman and our Wrestling team should be commended for their good work and excel- lent sportsmanship throughout the wrestling sea- son. We are looking forward to another oood wrestling season. STATE WRESTLING TOURNAMENT Individual Wrestling pictures on opposite page: Top left-Bob Knibb CChampionship-133 pound classj Top right-Don Klug lCaptain-Second Place-120 pound classj Center Center Bottom Bottom Bottom left-Jerry lsenberg CFourth Place-154 pound classl right-Ben Bahora fSecond Place-T75 pound classj left-Tom Burke CFourth Place-l l2 pound classl center-Paul Kilmer CThird Place-95 pound classj right-.lim Heffington CSecond Place-127 pound classl x ? The varsity basketball team, who began their season with five consecutive wins, closed their season with an overall record of ll victories and l3 defeats. The team consisted of five returning varsity players, eight members of last year's "B" team, and one transfer student. This was Coach Tschannen's 5th year as coach of the varsity team. Everyone is very proud of the 2 third place trophies won in the Suburban League Tourna- ment and the State Regional. aww W The team played good ball throughout the season and showed signs of being a much better club than their record indicated. Gary Thompson was high scorer while Howard Hamlin was our leading defensive player. Good players and able substitutes filled out the team. The team showed good clean sportsmanship throughout the season and were a credit to our school. We look forward to an excellent season next year with the strength added by our "B" team. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: Rennecamp, Flesch, Bunting, Kohrs, Neel, Tippet, Atkisson, Funke, Mr. Tschannen. First Row: Hamlin, Raley, Frede, Howle, Thompson, Krueger, Sona. B BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: Krone, Pauley Spaulding, Spadoni, White Rauth, McGuire, Mr. Hoe mann. First Row: Fleetwood, Elliott ser, Crouse. "B" Team This season was one of the most successful in recent history for our "B" Team, as they ended the season with an over all l9-won 2-lost record, winning their first 16 games in a row to set a new "B" Team record for consecutive wins. Twelve of Coach Hoemann's previous records have been exceeded by this year's "B" Team. The "B" Team carried off lst place in the Su- burban League Tournament held at Brentwood. FRESHMEN BASKETBALL Coach Prokop. seph, Heil, Spaulding. Front Row: Schoeninger, Ses Stanfield, Morgan. Managers Dickman, Hickey. Freshmen Basketball This year's freshmen team ended a successful season with a l2 won, 6 lost record. The team topped off their season by taking fourth place in the Ladue Invitational Tournament. The team showed much strength and promises much valu- able material for the "B" team next year and later for varsity. This was Coach Prokop's third year as freshman coach and we are proud of the work he and his team have done this year. 1 Crowell, Berry, Byrn, Pros- Back Row: Coach Winscott, Wessel, Garaflow, Schaef- fer, Wright, Estes, Gray, Second Row: Rust, Lashley, Jo- ney, Alexander, Mason, Q This is the first year Ferguson has had a var- sity and "B" team with two separate schedules. The varsity team with a thirteen game schedule was coached by Mr. Tschannen. The "B" team, made up entirely ot Freshmen and Sophomores, was coached by Mr. Koch. This year's varsity team had only tour re- turning lettermen and was built around the Jun- Qu iors. This gives us hopes for a very good sea- SOFI next yea F. Practice for pitchers and catchers began im- mediately after the basketball season ended, while the full team started a few weeks later. The team started with a non-league game, with Riverview Gardens, and came into full swing with the start of league play on April TO. RETURNING BASEBALL LETTERMEN Left to right: Bob Tippett, Al Sona, Howard Hamlin, Don Funke. ,Mwgf H , - 1-1 MK This year there were eight returning letter- men on the track team. Coach McDaniels has a schedule of seven dual meets, three triangular meets, and two invitationals, the Little Six, held this year at Ferguson on April 24-28, and the University City Invitational. The three divisions in track are Freshmen, Jun- ior lthat is, any boy who has not reached the age of T6 years, 7 monthsj, and the Senior Di- vision fany one over 16 years and 7 months oldl. In the Junior Division the events are lOO yd. dash, 220 yd. dash, the 440 yd. dash, the 880 yd. dash, high jump, pole vault, discus throw, shot put, 880 yd. relay, broad jump, and the T80 yd. low hurdles. The Senior division has all of these events plus the T20 yd. high hurdles, mile run, and the mile relay. The track team must work constantly to keep in shape for their different events. We are proud of the work our track team has done this year. First Row: Arkes, Coates, Kirby, Killmer, C. Graham, Giovando, R. Neel, Raidt, B. Fox, Orrell, Luebbert, DeMay, M. Stark. Second Row: Walz, Ozenkoski, J. Stark, Pape, Hundelt, T. Stark, S. Ries, E. Sheridan, Watkins, Reynolds, Mr. McDaniels. Third Row: Crouse, Hartmann, Montrey, Dawkins, Gronemeyer, Shellinger, Crowell, Shutte, lsenberg, Burns, Pope, J, Graham, Kat tleman, Weber. Fourth Row: Bernhardt, Dei Santi, Emmons, Donton, F. Fox, Howle,Wagener, B. Neel, Jaworowski, Flesch, Krieger. G.A.A. OFFICERS Top Row: Anita Riggs, Secretary-Treasurer, Faye Probus, Vice-President. Center Row: Carolyn Griffith, President. Bottom Row: Sharon Ploudre, Point Committee Under the leadership of Mrs. Dieselhorst and Miss Crawford, the Girls Athletic Association en- joyed an eventful year of softball, basketball, volley ball, tennis, and two newly added fea- tures, track and varsity sports. The purpose of this organization is to promote good sportman- ship and leadership. The Social Committee successfully planned and directed the annual "Backward Dance" using "Round-Up" as the theme. On January 21, the students in attendance were doubly surprised to G.A. Back Row: Borbein, Mrs. "D", Finney, Lowe, Ambrose, Miss C Second Row: Baltz, Ambrose, Lowther, Bohmeyer. Front Row: Larson, Schoeninger, Learn, Dennison. Chairman, Sally Predock, Social Committee Chairman. see twin honorary members, Doug and Kevin Pauley instead of the usual single member The ambition of every member is to earn her letter. One hundred points must have been earned in one year to receive this coveted award A girl who earned one hundred points for the second time was awarded a chevron and any one who earned one hundred and fifty points in a year received a star and a chevron. It was the job of the Point Committee to record all points earned by each girl during the year A. BOARD rawford, Kretzmann, Ruhr, Farver, Mrs. Cleary, Rugen, Smith. G. A. A. Back Row: Von Behren, Sneed, Mo- loney, Meiners, Bouska, Coleman Hutcheson, Hellmer, Miss Craw ford, L. Miller, Bogdanor, M. Mar tin, Stieg, Raley, C. Begole, N Jones, Klos, McBride. Third Row: McCullough, Buescher, Conard, Cook, Fenwick, Hoelzer, Nienhaus, Jouse, Lee, Klinkman, Kirby, Wagner, J. Gardner, Leon ard, Kelley. Second Row: Hulbert, Pallett, Stephen- son, N. Ray, Morotz, Mahoney, Krueger, Butler, Marshall, Lips, Mosely, O'Neil, Brenner, Jawo- rowski, Lovely, Kirk, Reid. Front Row: S. Morrison, J. Smith, Mar- shall, Tabler, Tuner, Heggarty Jaspers, Smiley, B. Meirer, C. Mc- Donald, Carter, Baldwin, J. Wil- son, Collins, Kunzwick. Back Row: Sell, Reagan, McKenna, P Hickman, Davit, Mrs. "D", On- stott, Dittrich, Amick, Brewer, Rohne, Nemanick. Third Row: D. Gantner, D. Horr, Boyn- ton, Austin, Vorce, Cobb, S. Horer Sue Hinderer, B. Jones, B. Rice Cunningham, McNeely, Spies. Second Row: C. Gray, Roth, Collins Sadowski, Tucker, K. Largent, S Largent, Rhoades, Fortel, L. Dale, Gaibel, Wafler, Friese. Front Row: Kunkel, Tooley, White Miehe, McCleery, Schaaf, M. Wahl Prosser, M. Marrison, K. Roth, Kap- pel, K. Jones, L. Nienaber. Back Row: Brockling, Martin, L. Jack- son, A. Jackson, Behle, D. Behle Mrs. Clary, Dauwalter, Rosenow , Klosterman, Hanrahan, Hemming- haus, Tate. Third Row: Mesnier, Gluckhertz, S. Brown, Rivera, Delashmet, I. Clay, S. Hampp, C. Hampp, Papp Dolce, Stiarwalt. Second Row: Blackburn, Yates, Under- way, P. Bressie, Zurbrigen, Fuhri Walters, Schettler, G. Begole Craig, R. Williams, B. Tate, Rey nols. Front Row: Dornan, Arms, Guth, Brace Jens, R. Wermke, Schuler, Geno Lanbert, Funken, Menzemer, Frie- da, Shaw, J. Zimmerman, N. Sheri dan. Back Row: Thompson, Aubuchon, Ho- meyer, Dale, Franke, Perry, Mrs. "D", Bressie, Stanfield, Janssen Williams, Glaser, J. Free. Third Row: Jobsky, Allman, Hagen, Gray, Hughes, Clay, Otten, Wall- Weber, Jones, Twillmann. Steel, Harl. Second Row: Puskar, Pahl, McDonald, Long, Southard, Zimmerman, Chamberlain, Kelley, Nienaluer Thompson, Curtis, Reith. Front Row: Mizell, Harris, Aydt, Weil Burgess, L. Gardner, Czeschin Reichert, Huitt, Speicher, Kern Nash, Pont. 1 1 I 1 1 f 1 r SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS Back Row: Kay Rugen, Betty Bressie, Hope Clay, Faye Probus, Sally Fuhri. Maria Ambrose. Front Row: Carol Williams, Carolyn Griffith, Marialta Sherman CCaptainD, Jackie Schletter, Anita Riggs, Carol Smith. G. A. A. Softball The G.A.A. Softball Class Tournament took place in the tall, and was directed by the Assistant Manager, Maria Am- brose, who willingly stepped in when Betsy Carspecken was unable to con- tinue her school activities because of illness. After an exciting season the Seniors took the championship for their third straight season and the Juniors finished second, Sophomores, third, and Fresh- men fourth. A "Hodge-Podge" League consisting of tour teams was formed of girls who did not make the class teams. They had their own tournament of after-school contests and winners of this league played the last place team, the Freshmen. Also this year the All-Star Team was changed to a varsity team and more members added. A short schedule was planned for the spring. FRESHMAN SOFTBALL TEAM Back Row: Heitman, Schiermeier, J. Tate, House, B. Tate. Front Row: Mesnier, White, Gardner fCaptainJ, Nien' haus, Hoelzer. SOPHOMORE SOFTBALL TEAM Back Row: Homeyer, B. Ambrose, Boyntan, Harl, Cobb. Front Row: Predock, Mizell, Gray, J. Hemminghaus fCaptainJ, Allman, Yates, Shaw. JUNIOR SOFTBALL TEAM Back Row: Schaff, Ruhr, Lips, Rosenow, M. Ambrose. Front Row: Hampp, Ray, Hagen, Bohmeyer lCap- tainj, Jaworowski, Dolce, Kretzman. -70- Kay Rugen G. A. A. Basketball The G.A.A. Basketball Class Tourna- ment started shortly after Christmas un- der the able management ot Kay Rugen. On February 12, the class teams went to University City for the annual Play- Day. This year they were able to bring back two winners, the Sophomores over Clayton's Sophomore team, and the Sen- iors over the Fairview Senior team which were their first wins in all three years of attending. The Seniors captured the Class Cham- pionship in an overtime game with the Juniors which put them in second place, the Sophomores in third, and the Fresh- men in fourth. The Freshmen were able to win the annual Eighth Grade Fresh- men game. The Varsity team had a much more successful year than their record indi- cates. They gained much in personal ma- turity and sportsmanship. FRESHMEN Back Row: Hoelzer, Maze, Reid, Lowe, Harris, B. Tate. 4 Front Row: Leonard, White, J. Gardner, Wermke, Tooley. SOPHOMORES Back Row: Homeyer, Begole, Harl, K. Thompson, Jaspers, J. Hemminghaus, Allman. Front Row: Predock, Boyntan, Gray, Yates, Frieda. JUNIORS Back Row: Farver, Ruhr, Moseley, Bohmeyer, Lips, Schaaf, M. Ambrose, Kretzmann. Front Row: bert. Hagen, Dolce, Jaworowski, N. Ray, Hul- ..71.. SENIORS Back Row: Rugen, Larson, Probus, Ploudre, Hughes, William Front Row: Begole, Stantield, Sherman, Fuhri, Smith Claire Schoeninger SENIORS Back Row: Clay, Larson, Riggs, Rugen, Lowther, Carspecken Stanfield Schoeninger. Front Row: Begole, Fuhri, Probus, Sherman, Smith ball Manager. mann, Ray. Gray. Dornan. l Volleyball On April 3, the GAA Volleyball Class Tournament began under the dl rection ot Claire Scheonlnger, Volley The varsity schedule opened April 4, with Ferguson playing host to three schools, Hazelwood, Fairview, and Normandy. The following week a similar event included Riverview, Douglas, and Rrtenour Two other games filled out the schedule The Crazy Mixed Up League en ioyed a very eventful season as their names may indicate The teams Choose the names, Classy Mobsters, Clever Make-up, Crawly Moles, and Crazy Mouseketeers JUNIORS Back Row: Bohmeyer Moseley Davit Kloster man, Rosenow, Wahl Front Row: Jaworowski Farver Hagen Kretz SOPHOMORES Bazk Row: Freise, Au tin Homeyer C Begole Cobb, J. Hemminghaus Staires Predock Front Row: Roth, Boynton Menzmer Hertlem FRESHMAN Back Row: Mesiner, Harris Dlttrlck Maze Lowe Butler, Mahoney, Nash Front Row: N. Kelly, Wahl Leonard J Gardner l ALL-STAR SOFTBALL TEAM Gray, C. Smith, Sherman, Griffith, Wil- liams, Schettler, Lips, Rugen, F. Probus, M. Ambrose, Fuhri, Ray. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Gray, Ray, Hagen, Harris, Fuhri, F. Probus, Larson, Schaat, Lips, C. Smith, Homeyer, M. Ambrose, Ruhr, Stantield, Rugen, Wil- liams, Sherman, Kretzmnan, Morrison, Jaworowski. VOLLEYBALL VARSITY Sherman, Hagen, Kretzmann, F. Probus, Riggs, Rugen, Clay, Bohmeyer, Homeyer, C. Begole, Davit, Klosterman, Rosenow, Lar- son, Carspecken, Hemminghaus, Menzmer, C. Smith. T-T3 Back Row: Behle, Jaspers, Meier, Riley, Hagen, Homeyer, Harris, G. Begole, K. Begole, Borbein, Baltz. Front Row: M. Ambrose, Kretzmann, Lips, F. Probus, Smith, Larson, Allman, Ambrose, Hampp. T-13 Each grade period thirteen girls were selected by the physical education instructors to become members of T-13. After a girl had been in T-T3 two times, she became a permanent member and was allowed to wear the insignia on her gym shorts. A girl must be enrolled in a gym class each year to retain this honor. T-T3 members are outstanding gym students and high in leadership and co-operation. Varsity Girlis Sports In each ot the three main fields of sports a varsity team was selected, which was comprised ot members ot the tour class teams. The players were selected by Mrs. "D" and Miss Crawford, the coaches. The varsity teams took the place of the past All-Star teams. The number ot points was raised from ten to twenty points because of the amount of time taken up for practice. -73 .., aw. up 2 9 ,si 3 Bob Tippett Howard Hamlin Kevin and Doug Pauley Honorary Members On January 21, The G.A.A. presenTed Their annual "backwards" dance. IT is The only evenT of The school year To which The girl is permiTTed To Take a daTe oT her choice. TradiTionally The girls' corsages, which They make, were judged and prizes given Tor The Three mosT unique. The Theme being "Round-Up," The clecoraTions consisTed of life size cacTii, a long horn sTeer, colorful mounTains and an enormous chuck wagon where reTreshmenTs were served by The lVloTher's Club. The evening was highlighTed by The coronaTion of The honorary member. Three sophomore boys were nominaTed by The board. Then, The day be- Tore The dance, The members marked Their bal- loTs. AT 9:30 ThaT evening The band sTruck up a Tanfare and aT The rear oT The gym enTered a huge Mexican haT which held The surprise of The evening. InsTead of The usual single honorary member This year he was a double. Doug and Kevin Pauley emerged Trom under The haT To be The second seT oT Twins made honorary member. G.A.A. Dance i 4 3: W- 5 2, E , s -1 ii 2 V 5 li E ii ,, E., :lg in 2 3 if 5 asf . fs ZZ: ff? is ,M . Q ,m I .kxxxs as x 1 X R x ,XX X X o ,T xy? x NY- X X qvxxqk A V -. tv. 4, . Ig? 1 2 fgclfdadlfdea "AcTiviTy and duTy are hoT To be found by The roadside. Orme musT awaiT Them on The Thresh- old, ready To bid Them er1Ter aT The rr1omenT of passing, and They pass every day." -Maurice MaeTeriihck -77... Crest Coronation On The evening of February l8, 1956, more Than 500 people saT breaihlessly waiting in a wonderland of hearTs and cupids for The Twenfy-second annual CREST CoronaTion. As The CREST maids and Their escorTs walked up To The sTage, Carole STiarwalT described The maid's dresses and Told of Their acTiviTies during Their high school years. Bruce ArmsTead relaTed The high school achievemenTs of The escorTs. AfTer The courT had assembled, The momenT arrived when Miss AniTa Riggs was crowned CREST queen of T956 by Ray Miller, Business Manager of The CREST. The queen was aTTended by Kay Mills as flower girl and Charles STiarwalT as crown bearer. The high school orchesTra, under The direcTion of Mr. Plavnick, played The pro- cessional and recessional Tor The Coronafion ceremonies. Wifh George Johnson providing music for The dance which followed, Miss Riggs chose "Funny Valen- Tine" Tor The TirsT dance, which was exclusively for The queen and her courT. Crest Queen MISS ANITA RIGGS 79 C!'6St Coronation Alda Goodwin Bob Flesch Joan Burgess Don Farmer Judy Nienaber Harry Barden Carolyn Griffith Howard Hamlin Pat Howle Kay Rugen Carol Williams Don Raley Roger Allen Claire Schoeninger Sweet Long Fred Krieger l l Crest Coronation Striving to make this, The twenty-fifth anni- versary CREST, something which will bring back many pleasant memories of the 1955-1956 school year at Ferguson High, the CREST staff met sixth hour every day to publish the best yearbook yet. The CREST staff started its sales campaign late in November with an assembly to promote the sale and to enlighten the students as to the con- tents and prices of the CREST. This year each member of the staff took orders for the CREST, Crest CREST STAFF Back Row: Ron Frede, Bev Behle, Bill Neel. Fourth Row: Pat Puskar, Norma Reith, Carol Smith. Third Row: Anita Riggs, Kay Rugen, Pat Curtis. Second Row: Dick l.aVal, Carol Williams. Front Row: Ray Miller, Carole Stiarwalt, Miss Berger. competing with one another to see who could make the most sales. Ray Miller succeeded in outselling the members and thereby received his CREST free of cost. So that the price of the CREST was kept at a minimum, members of The staff raised money for the publication of the book by selling refresh- ments at thelfootball games, and by sponsoring the sales ofthe individual pictures, and by spon- soring the CREST Coronation, which was one of the social highlights of The school year. -52- Besides learning the fundamental principles of iournalism, the SCOOP staff also did an ex- cellent iob of issuing a bi-monthly news publi- cation. The SCOOP is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association and the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association. The platform of the SCOOP carries both of these insignias. Members of the SCOOP staff met sixth hour everyday and were usually found working fev- COOP erishly after school on the days before the SCOOP was scheduled to be issued. One of the main attractions to the SCOOP was mimeographed pictures which were featured by means of the photo-stenciling process. With Mr. Koch as sponsor and Don Farmer as editor, the SCOOP staff did an excellent iob of providing SCOOP readers with interesting items such as Social Side, Barden's Beat, Mystery Student, edi- torials, sports write-ups, and various types of fic- tion. Back Row: Dave Marshall, Bob Flesch, Harry Barclen. Fourth Row: Peg Heil, Betty Bressie, Marlene Klos, Carolyn Griffith Third Row: Joan Burgess, Lynn Gardner, Claire Schoeninger, Donna Bier mann, Alda Goodwin. Second Row: Jolly Lowther, Carole Learn, Sweet Long. Front Row: Roger Allen, Don Farmer, Mr. Koch. SCOOP STAFF Editor-in-Chief ......,., ,......,...,..... D on Farmer Assistant Editor-in-Chief ,....... Lynn Gardner Business Manager ,......,.. .Jolly Ann Lowther Co-Feature Editors Harry Barden, Roger Allen Assistant Feature Editors .. Donna Biermann, Betty Bressie, Alda Goodwin, Carolyn Griffith, Sweet Long, Claire Schoeninger, Sharon Schultz Art Editor .....,....,...,.............,..., Carole Learn Assistant Art Editor ...... .,... M arlene Klos Boys' Sports Editor ..,.,. ....,,. B ob Flesch Girls' Sports Editor ..... ...,.. J oan Burgess Mimeographer ..., ........,..,. P eg Heil Photographer ....... ...,.. D ave Marshall Sponsor .......... ,..,.,. M r. Paul Koch QUILL AND SCROLL Back Row: Miss Berger, Allen, B. Flesch, Farmer, Barden, Mr. Koch, Miller, Laval. Second Row: Griffith, Schoeninger, Reith, Lowther, Klos, Rugen, Riggs, Williams. Front Row: Stiarwalt, Long, Goodwin, Gardner, Burgess, Bierrnann, Bressie. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Back Row: Slade, Miller, Armstead, Jaspers, Farmer, Pugh, Allen, Barbay, Mitchell, Flesch, Krieger. Second Row: Goodwin, Biermann, Rugen, Huitt, Riggs, Sherman, Gardner. Front Row: Weil, Thompson, Stiarwalt, Long, Schoeninger. fNot shown: Williamsl ational Honor ociety Membership in the National Honor Society is the highest goal toward which a student can work throughout his four years in high school. Members are chosen from the upper third of their graduating class on the basis of superiority in the fields of scholarship, leadership, character, and service rendered to the school. uill and croll The gold Quill and Scroll pins were awarded to the publications students in recognition of their outstanding work in the field of writing, editing, or business management. This year's membership was limited to Seniors on the Scoop staff and CREST staff who had been recom- mended by their advisors and maintained at least average grades. SENIOR DRAMATICS Back Row: Ingham, Tipton, McBride, O'Neil, Bohmeyer, Mosely, Klosterman, Kloz, Gordon, Cook, Spencer, Werts, Steele Riley. Second Row: Anderson, Weil, Long, Nienaber, Riggs, Zimmermann, Schoeninger, Griffith, Learn, Kern, Speicher, Burgess Reichert, Southard, Biermann. Front Row: Heggarty, Huitt, Goodwin, McDonald, Parker, Lips, Rugen, Kelley, Kester, Jones, Dauwalter, Mr. Beck. ational Thespian Society The National Thespian Society recognized outstanding work in the field of dramatics. Eligibility for this society was determined by points received through active participation in the ,Junior Dramatics Club, the Masquers, the Stage Crew, and the Senior Play. Members of the society attended the local Dramatics Arts Con- ference, and participated in group and panel discussions on high school drama and its manifold problems. Mr. Beck sponsored this group. SENIOR DRAMATICS The Senior Dramatics was an organization whose membership was open to any iunior or senior who was interested in dramatic productions. Under the direction of Mr. Beck, the members of the club selected and presented the play "Years Ago" on the evenings of November IO and II. NATIONAL THESPIAN Back Row: Huitt, Smith, Kester, Davis, Parker, Werts, Gorden, Mahoney, Fuhri. Front Row: Morrison, Heggarty, Long, Goodwin, Mr. Beck, Biermann, Riechert, Klos, Cook. JUNIOR DRAMATICS Back Row: Pascino, Whitehill, McDonald, Horer, Thompson, Homeyer, Ambrose, Smith, Jones. Middle Row: Mahoney, Turner, Jones, Haggerty, Kirk, Allman, Marshall, Jaspers. Front Row: Meier, Mizell, Wilkinson, Predock, Rice, Morrison, Wilson, Vaughn, Horr, Gantner. JUNIOR DRAMATSCS CLUB While on the way to becoming future Thes- pians, these freshmen and sophomores were helped by Mr. Beck who taught t stage techniques. Early in the se the members selected a play wh given for the Parent-Teachers' Clui endeavoring to use the experir play as its main bill. Back Row: Speicher, Mizell, Allman, Whitel Fuhri. Second Row: Jones, Jens, Goodwin, Thompson, Mr. Beck. Horer, Meier, McDona hem the basic cond semester ch was to be 9. The club is mental one-act STAGE CREW Creating the proper atmosphere for the action of the play is the iob of the Stage Crew. This unique organization designs, constructs and dresses all stage settings at Ferguson High School. The crew is divided into four work areas, lighting, setting, properties, and make-up. Stu- dents work in different areas for each produc- tion. The crew is under the direction of Mr. Beck. STAGE CREW till, Walters, Jones, Kester, Davis, Klos, Sheridan, Cook, Ingham, Lips, Moseley, Probus d, Gardner, Learn, Griffith, Schettler, Kelley, Biermann, Turner, Southard, Zimmerman, First Row: Pahl, Rice, Kern, Anderson, Weil, Riley, Heggarty, Reichert, Horer, Marshall, Morrison, Jaspers, Smith. f Choir Back Row: Parker, Carson, Raley, Crocker, Emmons, Schilling, Crouse, Griffith, Cool, Kelleher, Jenkins, Atkins, Krieger, Ambrose Hudson, Harl, Raley, Spencer, Parker. Third Row: Linberg, Erdelen, Moore, Heffington, Betts, Meade, Rohlfe, Willman, Wessel, Neel, Marshall, Carter, Wagner, Dittrich, Williams, McNeely, Buescher, Ambrose, Mr. Owen. Second Row: J. Ray, N. Ray, Schuler, Risely, Weil, Riley, Adams, Goodwin, Kotalik, Staires, Harris, Wolfe, Hazard, Sell, Nienaber, Amick, Schaff, Clay, Lips. Front Row: Kretzmann, Riggs, Reichert, Hampp, Gardner, Johnson, Perry, Farver, Wrozier, Jens, Allman, Nienaber, Nichols, Huitt, Bindbeutel, Wermke, Predock, Dornan. This year Mr. Owen, director of the Ferguson High School Choir, chose the performing choir members from five chorus classes, with the ma- iority of them from the second and fourth hour classes. Choir members had the privilege of striving to artistically interpret the best of choral music. The choir performed at a high school P. T. C. meeting, and also participated in the Christmas concert, the spring concert, and the county music festival. An ensemble also sang in the festival. Ensembles selected from the choir sang for vari- ous school and civic functions. Throughout the year, choir members earned points by attending rehearsals, maintaining at least an "S" average, and participating in the con- certs and other events. Then, at the end of the year, those members having 75 per cent of the highest number of points earned music letter awards. Back R w: Plavnick, Holtshouser, Wafler, Preise, Mr. Plavnick, Ries, Sample, Goodwin Fourth ow: Schnell, Powell, Neel, Runge, Blondin, Reynolds. Third R w: Taylor, Steinmann, Lawrence. Second Row: Steel, Marshall. Front R w: Costello, Werremeyer, Turner, Cook. l Back R w: Horer, Schnell, Towell, Neel, Tindall, Ries, Messner, Goodwin. Third w: Finney, Marshall, Conard, Kesting. Secon T Row: Smith, Patterson, Ihle, Yates, Werremeyer, Cook, Costello. Front Row: Long, Goodwin, Broyles, Hill. Orchestra ' if 4 iymw-M1 V ig 'fqqsi V X Q , L A ' ' rs . Rai' X -in ix, v m E' N" I ffm ff f. x iff, h ' K 3 ,M, 7638! N Mex, 'Y Six . E f 9 f 1 , iggffw I 11? 'mx its 'Q 4, .VN ,U H3 'ffiffw We if X ' HF? Im , .afi- E m W il 35 m',' . -1 W,.., A , . Q X if X . i , 2. 1 J Y 3 A Wff 4 ig , .4 X: if A Yrr, " f 'W .Aw -Q t if fig .,L, if .75 V . 55, .f ,KK s, W 6, ggi, . 232, Girlis Glee Club Any girl of Ferguson High School who was interested in the Girls' Glee Club was eligible for membership. This organization met every Monday afternoon to practice the songs which they sang in the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, the Spring Festival, and other school and civic functions. Back Row: E. Wermke, Buescher, Lowe, Hemminghaus, R. Wermke, Rauch, Sneed, Chamberlain, Raley, Harl, Cook, Rugen, Spencer, Nie- naber, Zimmerman, Glasier, Tabler, Fuhri, Hellmer, Behle. Third Row: Maloney, Hudson, Jackson, Hazard, Clay, Butler, Krueger, Schuler, Brown, Gardner, Janssen, Ploudre, Thompson, Husler, Hagen, Lips, Bohymeyer, Parker, Ried, Clunard. Second Row: McCulla, Wagner, Wolfe, Sell, Kretzmann, Riggs, Smith, Mensmer, Tata, Gluckertz, Oberle, Clau, Ambrose, Schaaf, Farmer, Moseley, Dietrick, Amick. Front Row: Carter, Friese, Rauch, Cleary, Riley, Weil, Huitt, Jones, Dornan, Guth, Brace, Predock, Jawowosky, Allman, Reichert, Rever. Back Row: Hazard, Farver, Griffith, Schilling, Parker, Carson, Emmons, Cool, Jenkins, Neel, Meade. Second Row: Goodwin, Wolfe, Smith, Harl, Parker, Schaaf, Spencer, Ambrose, Nienaber. Front Row: Weil, Hampp, Reichert, Kretzmann, Riggs, Gardner, Wagner, Jens, Allman, Carter, Huitt, Predock. Mixed Vocal Ensemble The Mixed Vocal Ensemble was comprised of a group of stu- dents from the choir and chorus classes who were especially in- terested in music, and willing to give of their time extra curricu- larly. Most of the small groups that sang at various school and civic functions during the year were chosen from the members of the Mixed Vocal Ensemble. String Orchestra Back Row: Mr. Plavnik, Finney, Marshall, Conard, Kesting, Horer. Second Row: Smith, Patterson, lhle, Yates, Kruntzman, Gordon, Hazard, Feller, Stinchcomb. Front Row: Long, Goodwin, Broyles, Hill, Jobsky, Frede, Plavnick, Ploudre. Back Row: Parker, Frede, Gordon, Davis, Monroe, Marshall, Sample, Lindberg, Stinchcomb, Schilling, Patterson, Jenkins, Feller. Second Row: Mr. Plavnick, Riggs, Bogdanor, Conard, Hazard, Jobsky, Horer, Marshall, Finney, Mahoney, Smith, Wagner, Wolfe, Kretzrnann, Schaat, Mr. Owen. Front Row: Plavnick, Krutzman, Meade, Gisburne, Broils, Allman, Kesting, Yates, Goodwin, Long, Weil, Hill. County Chorus, County Band, and County Or- chestra were composed of outstanding students in choir, band, and orchestra. The members ot these select groups represented Ferguson High School at the County Music Festival by performing in a series of concerts throughout the spring season, culminating in the All-County Festival Concert. , -91- County Groups Back Row: Werner, Davis, Blondin, Clevenger, Front Row: Steging, Routledge, Runge, Reunior Back Row: Baum, Harris, Garagna-ni, Franke, Ba Second Row: Pacino, treasurer, Unser, Hall, Be Thomas, Holtsclaw, Becker, Kirby, Olsen. Front Row: Holden, Place, Lockhart, Boyle, l White, Hartmann, Siler, Press, Ray, Rogers, Smith, McGee, Powers, Bowen. , Curran, Bass, Seitz, Campell, Staples. 'den, Mr. Watson, Hood, Schilling, Latta, Plavnick, Meade. I rnhard, Behle, Wilson, Brockmeyer, Bemis, Monroe, Bindbeutel, Mitchell, I I Nurth, Behle, Probus, Jobsky, Mahr, Martin, McCleery, Jackson. On Floor: Emmons, vice-president, Bass, secretary, Japers, president, Brand, Procter. Projection Club The purpose of the "Doc's Watts" Club was threefold: to acquire knowl erating equipment, to perform servi son Public Schools and the commu UI il senting audio-visual programs, and sociability among the members. The new members of the club w and tested by those members who Projection edge of op- e to Fergu- ity by pre- to further ere trained had already passed the required tests to receive bership cards. To meet the club's grox a new constitution was adopted a committee was established for oper Fi 6 their mem- ving needs, d a sound tion of the 1'i l , . public address system at assemblies and athletic activities. One of the biggest jobs of the club was its community work for civic groups. At the end of the year the members were awarded certifi- cates for school and community service. The club was the first accredited projection club in the state of Missouri for high school practical arts credit. The club also planned a trip to Chicago for March 15 and 16 to visit the Bell and Howell Pro- iection Plant, Encyclopedia Brittanica Film Studio, Museum of Science and Industry, and other points of interest. -92.. F Back Row: Front Row: Back Row: Front Row TOYS FOR TOTS Back Row: Latta, Jenkins, Tilley, Jones, Neel, Patterson, Klostermann, Lips, Bohmeyer, Moseley. Front Row: Mrs. Chamberlain, Marcucci, Crawford, Fuhri, Martin, Ozenkoski, Hinderer, Kern, Guth, Horn. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Mehr, Gustin, Mrs. Chamberlain, Swank, Collins, Witnah. Knibb, Johnson, Ramey, Clay, Hampp. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Tipton, Franke, Jones, Robinson, Delashmet, Bierman : Mrs. Plavnick, Pahl, Goodwin, Wilkenson, Niehaus, Bingaman, Compton, Mrs. Rippstein. TOYS FOR TOTS "The Toys for Tots" was or- ganized this year in the place of Junior Red Cross. It was composed of the Library Staff and Student Council Alternates, who made collections at school and in their neighborhoods for toys to be turned over to the Marines for repair. These toys were then given to underprivi- leged children for Christmas. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS A library assistant's day may begin before school officially opens when one comes in to put out newspapers, check over- night reserves, and prepare the library for the day's rush. Dur- ing each hour of the day, there are at least two students work- ing in the library so that one may assume full responsibility if it is necessary for the other to study. The assistants' duties vary from filing, typing, checking over-due books, collecting book fines, run- ning errands or helping other students find desired material. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Mrs. Rippstein and Mrs. Plav- nick were freed from tedious, routine office tasks for more complex ones by the office as- sistants who volunteered their time and services. These girls helped record daily attendance, took announcements to the class rooms, answered the telephone, wrote out excuses, and did in- numerable other small iobs. ...QS- F. T. A. Back Row: Rohne, Zaetsch, Nenlianick, Kester, Steel, Jobsky, Behle. Second Row: Amick, Turner, Hsmminghaus, Hampp, Kelley, Dale, Freise, Ambrose, Perry, Goodwin. First Row: Hickey, Hutcheson, Kirby, Miss Nourse, Curtis, Pahl, Jones. Radio With Dan Mitchell as President nd Mr. Koch and Mrs. Brawley as co-sponsors, t e Radio Club met on alternate weeks. This ypar the club moved into its own room in the new addition. RADIO CLUB Back Row: Kirby, Lawrence, Munro, Garagnani, Marshall, Schleuter, Lambkin. Front Row: McGee, Dunn, Mitchell, Press, Holtshoyuser, Mrs. Brawley. Club Classes in Code and Radio theory were held to aid members in obtaining their amateur radio li- censes. Several members passed the examina- tions and became licensed amateurs. F. T. A. Club The Future Teachers of America Club was open to any student who showed interest in teaching and who had the qualities of character, scholar- ship, and leadership needed in the teaching pro- fession. Members earned merit points through activities which promoted personal growth, through observing in elementary schools, and through other school and community proiects. Merit points earned in high school may be added to those earned in college and included on the Certificate of Merit awarded upon graduation from college. -94- Astronomy Club The AsTronomy Club was organized in The middle of The T955-56 school year. The mem- bership is small, Thus affording more To each of The members. The club, under The sponsorship of Mr. Chamberlain, has planned discussions, field Trips, and a proiecf for The Science Fair. The amafeur asfronomers use The school's Tele- scope, shown in The picTure, but mosT of The members have, or are in The process of making, Their own opTic Tubes. Earth, Science and ature Club Earfh, Science and Nafure Club, sponsored by Mrs. Brawley wiTh Bruce Sfinchcomb as presi- denT, has been very acfive This year. Meefings were held every oTher week, during which field Trips were planned. A number of good films were enjoyed by members aT regular meeTings. The club wenf on a number of inTeresTing field Trips during The year. ASTRONOMY CLUB Ellern, Staples, Plavnick, Press, Dunn, Mr. Chamberlain. EARTH SCIENCE AND NATURE CLUB Back Row: Sheridan, Laval, Gordon, Barbay, Marshall. From Row: Mrs. Brawley, Lamkin, STinchcomb, Werner, D. Flesch, Dunn. -95.. Rifle Club Riding Club RIFLE CLUB Back Row: Graham, Hern, White Dawkin, Ellern, McGee Hanna, Slade, Kline. Second Row: RouTledge, Dunn Fuhri, Moore, Plavnick Messner, Meade, Ballingar liams, Probus. RIFLE CLUB The Rifle Club, sponsored by I Took in several new members This I Tinued iTs program of Training und The NaTional Rifle Associafion. Tlj This club was To Teach beginners T cipals in regard To The use of fireari Team parTicipaTed in The marches The Junior Rifle Club League of Gr S xllr. Campbell, year and con- r The rules of purpose of e basic prin- ns. The Rifle ponsored by Ter ST. Louis. RIDING CLUB Pugh, Liebke, Miss Nichols Second Row: Free, Farver, Ruhr Ambrose, Harl, Bohmeyer Homeyer, Whifehill, Mar Tin, M. Ambrose. Borbein, Schoeninger. RIDING CLUB The riding club was reorganized This year and adopTed The name "The HoofbeaTs." Sponsored by Miss Nichols and Miss Crawford, The members elecTed John Pugh as presidenT. lTs purpose was To Teach proper saddle Techniques and give sTu- denTs an opporTuniTy To go horseback riding Twice a monTh. 1 Davis, Wilson, RoberTs, Olsen, Hampp, White, FronT Row: Mr, Campbell, Klink- rnan, McDonald, Slade, Wil- Back Row: Miss Crawford, Phe- lan, Lips, STieg, Spencer, FronT Row: Chrisco, DiTTrich, Fortel, Burns, GanTner, HolTshouser, KoTaIik, Nie- naber, Mizell, Thompson, Back Row: Wurth, Blackwell, Second Row: Olsen, G. Smith, Front Row: Brockman, Ringe, Back Row: Rankin, Schaffer, Second Row: Mr. Laules, Amos, FronT Row: Smith, Osburn, Sy- Bowling lub - 19 The Bowling Club, sponsored by Mr. lrn- pey, bowled on Monday of each week. Eight Teams were formed wiThin The club To bowl in a TwenTy-five week league and Trophies were awarded To members of The winning Team in rec- ognition of Their achievement. The boy and girl who raised Their averages The highest number of pins by The end of The season also received a Trophy. BOWLING CLUB Kotalik, Johnson, Phelan, DauwalTer, Delashmet, Lick- lider, Schroeder, Biermann, J. Smith. Schreck, Hannah, Murphy, Towell, Wessel, Sfopple, Mr. lmpey. McGee, Franke, Hardin, Lodholtz, Rice, Roberts, Miller, Beckmann, SuTTer. CO-OP CLUB Costello, JusT, Unger, Gis- burne, Couranz, Ray, Bind- beuTal, Fullington, Miller. Hodges, Willman, Raney, Blanner, Spadoni, Sparks, Doyle, ProcTor, Robinson, Bardon. mons, Hoemeyer, Farley, Kunkemiller, C z e s c h i n, Bradley, Goss, Clark, Ham- ilton, Hemminghaus, Mil- ler, C0-op Club Co-op Club membership is limiTed To Seniors who are enrolled in The Co-operaTive Occupation- al Education program, and is designed To pro- vide Training on a part-Time pre-apprenTiceship basis. DirecTed by Mr. Lauless, Co-op studenTs alTernaTe between work and school, usually on a half-day basis. The club's main social event is The annual Co-op dinner given in The spring by The sTudenTs Tor Their employers. -97- , BUSY BRUSHES Back Row: Neel, Behle Ruhr, Bog- danor, Martin, Steig, Mrs. Ul bright, Conard, Jones, Klos, Rugen, Jones. Second Row: Smith, Morrison, Mar shall, Hutsler, Thompson, Kirk Gardner, Pahl, Trotter, Nie naber, Southard, Zimmerman Schoeninger. Front Row: Sheridan, Brace, Guth Brown, Whitehill, Griffith Learn, Papp, Brown, Predock, Thompson, Crawford, Comp ton. E MODERN DANCE Back Row: Riley, Ruznack, Ki k, Leonard, Kelley, Finney, Reid, Swank. Second Row: Southard, Spencer, P a h l, Gasaway, Heggarty, Mahr, Conard. Front Row: Aubuchon, Learn, Loyd, Carver Whitnah Ri s Horer 1 1 QQ 1 1 Davit, Hellmer, Behle. Busy Brushes The purpose of the Busy Brush the club to understand and appre 1 1 1 Mrs. Ulbright as sponsor, the club through the St. Louis School of Fin es is to enable :iate art. With took field trips e Arts, the Art Museum, and the St. Louis Artists' Guild. The Club's activities also included pair windows in Ferguson tor Hallo ning holiday decorations tor th tting the store ween and plan- year's activities are concluded witl the students' art work. e school. The 1 an exhibit of odern Dance Club The Modern Dance Club was organized at the beginning of the school year at the request ot a number of students who attended a Modern Dance demonstration at Normandy High School last year. Dance work is concerned with funda- mentals of dance and emphasis is placed on con- ditioning for dance work through various dance techniques and problems, also emphasis is placed upon creative dance ability. -93- Prom Committee and Two commiTTees whose membership belonged exclusively To The iuniors were The Prom Com- miTTee and The Junior Ring CommiTTee. The purpose of The Prom CommiTTee was To plan The annual Junior-Senior Prom which was held This year in The ballroom of The Kingsway HoTel on The evening of June I. Music was pro- vided by Charles Dennis' orchestra and a buTTeT supper was served. Eighf members of This commiTTee were elecied by The Junior Class and Tour members were ap- poinTed because of Their service in The candy sales. The Prom CommiTTee, wiTh Liz Lips as chairman, was sponsored by Mrs. KurTz. The oTher commiTTee which was comprised of Juniors was The Junior Ring CommiTTee whose duTy was To Take care of all details involving The choice, purchase, and sale of The rings which Their class would have The privilege of wearing The following year as Seniors of Ferguson High School. These seven people were advised by Mr. Hoemann. Junior Ring Committee JUNIOR RING COMMITTEE Back Row: Amrein, Kohrs. Middle Row: Hagen, Lips, Kretzmann, Ambrose. Front: Curiis. - PROM COMMITTEE Back Row: Brockmeyer, Gieger, TippeTT, White, Flesch. Front Row: Wilkinson, Moseley, Ambrose, Lips, CurTis, Scholl, Nix. 5 Auto Club and Photography Club AUTO CLUB Jackson, Curtis, Olsen Arrnstead, Geiger. man. Kruessel. AUTOMOBILE CLUB The Automobile Club met once each month for a business meeting. Several safe driving films were shown and discussed. Work sessions were held in the sponsor's car during which time members obtained many hours of guided practice. One such session was a three-hundred mile round trip to Columbia, Mis- souri, with a visit to the University of Missouri. The officers were as follows: President .....,..,...,..................,...... Bruce Armstead Vice-President ,.... ,..,.,..... K arl Olsen Secretary ..,.,.. ....,....... P aul Geiger Treasurer ......, ..,.... R ichard Buckman PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Back Row: Turner, Staples, Mr Ulbright, Peters. Dunn, Schlueter, Press. Front Row: Meier, Gordon, Mar shall, La Val, Frede. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The Photography Club which met every other Friday was sponsored by Mr. Ulbright and head- ed by Dave Marshall, the president. The pur- pose of the club was to provide its members with the basic skills necessary for black and white photography including taking, developing, and printing good pictures. Along with this ex- perience of working with a camera and in the darkroom, the club members sponsored pho- tography exhibitions. -TOO- Kneeling: Becker, Burgess, Bass, Standing: Mr. Crawford, Buck- ln Car: Lohmeyer, Brockmeyer, Second Row: Hutcheson, Miller, Uur Foster Children Yum Kwang Sook OUR FOSTER CHILDREN During The 1954-1955 school year The STudenT Council inTroduced To Ferguson High School The adopTion of Two war orphans, This highly worTh- while projecT made possible by The volunTary conTribuTions of The sTudenTs, was carried over in- To 1955-56 school year. The STudenT Council is To be commended for Their work of This project Twelve-year-old Regina Zigmunds, was born in Riga, LaTvia, and is now living wiTh her moTher and sisfer, VeITa, in a Unifed NaTions Refugee Relief AssociaTion Camp aT Memingen. She is re- porTed To be "a brighT, inTelligenT child, very dili- genT in school," where her record is above av- erage. Seven-year-old Yum Kwang Sook, The oTher war orphan, was born in Kand Won Do, Korea, and now lives in Seoul wiTh her moTher, uncle, and Two broThers, ages four and nine. Kwang Sook is considered "a clever IiTTIe girl, very spir- iTed, who like all Korean children, loves To sing." The sTudenTs of Ferguson wroTe To These chil- dren and received in reTurn leTTers such as The following: Regina Zigmunds Dear Friends of Ferguson High School: IT is spring now. Every greens are waking up from iTs long sleep. To meeT a new Term aT school we have a hard Time Taking Terminal ex- aminaTion. Affer a few days I will become a second year grade sTudenT. IT is a happy Time for me. My school is IocaTed aT The ouTskirT of The Town. Near The school There flows a brook. As iT is very warm There are many women on The brookside washing cloThings. I am sTudying very hard. WhaT are you doing There IaTeIy? I like To know. The oTher day I received your sendings of a knapsack, a suiT of underwear shirTs, Two pencils, a box of crayons, Two bars of laundry soaps, Three bars of ToiIeT soap, a pencil case and 4800 Whan of monThIy cash granT. Whenever I receive your sending I can noT help Thinking of my dead faTher. May your happiness. Yours sincerely, Yum Kwang Sook. -101- l CAFETERIA STAFF Back Row: Sonderegger, Wa ener, SeiTz, Vessel, Fowler, McKinney, Letford, FrichenschmidT, Poole. Front Row: Becker, KesTing, ason, Tipp, LaRoue. Back Row: Ahring, Kr Second Row: YaTes, L FronT Row: Baumgartn BUS DRIVERS mer, PresTon, Thies, Owens. 'renzen, B. Werner, Menke, Waison, H. Nemnich, Couranz. r, B. Nemnich, Turner, Kinder, Werner, LiTTeken, Kesting, Hoffman. Cafeteria Tiaff Under The direction of Mrs. Bolin, The diefician, The caTeTeria sTaTT daily prepardd and served a well-balanced lunch Tor The s"udenTs of The Junior and Senior High Schools.y kepT The kiTchen clean To mainTai raTing as well as preparing spec priaTe lunches Tor The various hol' These women n a grade "A" ial and appro- idays. Bus Drivers AlThough The main iob of The lous drivers was To serve all The schools in The R-2 DisTricT by TransporTing To and from school sTudenTs who lived ouTside of a Two-mile radius of Their school, They also Took care of The louses and add main- Tenance during The summer. In February, a spe- cial luncheon was held in honor of The bus drivers aT which Time safe-driving awards were presenT- ed. -lO2- 0 -w 212 zz -Q rm, , , BS V 1,1 , ,, ,,,,,, .wi H-'MA' 1-Q " ' 1:W am- ""' - ----- M xv , H vw v 1? .Ss Q4 . 9 eva2x,infgf,mw1a: w,mq,:.g....',gwss1a Exim -- ' X2 ec Kew: '- " 1 wmywv Qm f- 'V '21 4-.rv V E Q 4.x ? Q Q A as M Zi' Q Q 1 M ng 5? E W 52 5 5 is ? g. EE S D1 4 8 fj- Q E Q.. 3 97 5? 5? .4 ,Q W. 1 a v 5 2 94 5 1 ,S , , V ,,,... ......,.......,,.. NM ,,...........A...A, . , MM--- ..,,,. , M, ..,..,..... ,.... - M ,,-.....,..,i l3ARBAY'S MARKET WE DELIVER A J. H. BARBAY . . . Proprietor 15 South Florissant Road JA. 1-2091-JA. l-6808 Leonard's Jewel House Watches . . . Diamonds . . .Jewelry Watch Repairing Wells Shoe Store 24 South Florissant Rd. Dress them smartly in shoes that fit Buster Brown -- for children 5 SOUTH OAD ' Alifgfep 1 fof ujonqgn Ferguson 21, Mo. J . 2-3016 Freemon--for men Compliments of BUESCHER'S . FERGUSON JEWVELERS AND OPTOMETRISTS CLEANERS 8 Church, Ferguson 21, Mo. Across from Bank JA. 2-8484 JA- 15000 TOWN PASTRICES We Specialize in Wedding Cakes 218 S. Florissant Rd. Ferguson 21, Mo. JA. 1-0796 Savoy Record Mart s 121 SOUTH FLORIS1 ANT Cnext to the shovvj JA. 2-8373 EARL SPENCER General Electric Appliances Across from the Show St. Louis County Radio Service Television Sales '55 Service 2 S. Florissant Ferguson 21, Missouri We repair all makes of Television ana' Radios D. S. Fulbright JA. 2-1234 Dellvvood Beauty Shop Mary Etta Kellenber 101 17 Florissant JA. 2-3933 ger Ave. Moore's Delicatessen To Serve You Best When Needed Most JA. 2-8335 No. 1 Airport Road JUST HDWE '55 SUPPLY Complete Home Maintenance Store 441 South Florissant, Ferguson 21, Missouri Marjorie '65 Fred p JA. 2-9752 JA. 2-3300 GASEN . . . H. Vernon Ball, lnc. Prescription Druggists Realtors 20-22 South Florissant Road JA. 1-2721 Stores All Over the St. Louis Area Real Estate, Loans, Insurance 246 S. Florissant Rd. Ferguson 21, Mo. Bierman Hardware Co. 46 South Florissant Road JA. 1-8711 FERGUSON 21, MISSOURI Compliments of COOL VALLEY DAIRY Everything in Dairy Products Ho-Made lce Cream Cash and Carry and Home Delivery 1200 S. Florissant Rd. JA. 2-1166 8305 Airport Road Hy Style Furniture 1nc. "Quality Furniture at Moderate Prices" 48 South Florissant Rd. Ferguson 21, Mo. JA. 1-5228 EV. 5-7000 JA.1-1139 A Direct Factory Dealer Stiver's Auto Sales, Inc. Your Friendly Ford Dealer 222 South Florissant Ford Cars, Trucks Used Cars THE COLOR MART 106 SOUTH FLORISSANT Ferguson 21, Missouri JA. 1-4128 Paints - Wallpaper - Toys - Gifts Compliments of SHEAR'S Department Store 19 South Florissant Ferguson 21, Missouri JA. 2-3206 HEADY . . , Darline Hilker s Floral Shop Cleaners Choice Flowers for Every Occasion 1 4 d 0 Darst R03 240 South Florissant Road JA' 2-0199 Ferguson 21, Mo. WDW? W Cf nl 3, f?U'7YuAf' f' JV MW 1 '13 " QW W my of I AJIAL-,M ,, fvwyj Z, ,af .Q Zig? C Best Wishes from I UNIVERSAL MATCH CORPGRATIGN PERGUSUN 21, MISSOURI Henke's Delicatessen 701 CHAMBERS RD. Weekday Hours 7 A. M. - 9 P. M. Sundays 9 A. M. - 9 P. M. Fresh Country Eggs Borden's Ice Cream JA. 2-9730 R. SACHSE EXPERT SHOE REPAIR 409 South Florissant Ferguson, Mo. Geraldine Florists Flowers For All Occasions 6l5 S. FLORISSANT RD. Phone JA. 1-IIO7 TALLY'S GRILL 313 I6 South Florissant Road Plate Lunches Sandwiches SKINKER SERVICE STATION Phiiiips 66 600 South Florissant Ferguson, Mo. JA. 2-9786 The Lewis Shop "Ferguson's Only Exclusive Children's Shop" Infants to I4 I4 S. Florissant JA, l-6380 Walter Freund Bread Co. 920 SOUTH TAYLOR AVE. FRanklin I-l282 Bread - Rolls - Cakes - Pies CARLJS SERVICE STATION 143 North Florissant Road JA. 2-9792 Ferguson, Mo. Compliments of QUALITY FOOD SHOP 626 Carson Road JA. I-8262 DELLWOOD CONFECTIONERY Dellwood and Chambers I JA,2-9622 Open Sundays Florissant Food Locker E5 Market, Inc. Food Lockers for Rent Meats Sold ana' Processed For Home Freezers 598 North Florissant Road TEmple 7-3433 BAG OF CHICKEN FRIED SPRING CHICKEN Jumbo Shrimp - Hamburgers Highway 66, Near Florissant Road UNiversity 4-775 5 Negwer Fuel and W H I T E Material CO. F U N' E R A L ZIEGLER COAL H O M E Building Materials Ambulance Service Feed and Hauling 118 NORTH FLORISSANT 49 AIRPORT ROAD ROAD Ferguson 21, Missouri Jlflckson l-1500 JA' M579 Ferguson 21, Missgufi Compliments of Ferguson - Broadway Fran, Matt, Johnnie, and Linda Bus Lines, inc. Delicious Hamburgers and Sandwiches Home-Made Candy CHARTER SERVICE Delicious Ice Cream Pie JA. 2-1414 219 NORTH FLORISSANT RD. JA. 2-9603 JA. 2-0893 -JA. 2-0293 Established 1923 KINGS DRUG STORE za SOUTH PLORISSANT ROAD Camera and Photo Supplies W, E, King Tom E. King -112- At Your Service Our Lobby BANK OF FERGUSCN UPEVELY the BEST MILK" "White in the Bottle, Pink on the Cheeks" BRIX FLORIST, INC. Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere 4820 NATURAL BRIDGE COlfax l-5032 Real Estate For Sale Van Zant, Inc. JA. I-l7I3 401 North Florissant Rd. Compliments of The Crest Staff R A L L Y ' S Consumers Grocery Co. Institutional Food Specialists Sth and Clark Avenue St. Louis 2, Missouri MAin 1-0566 -113- Stiarwalt Electric Co. Westinghouse Appliances 26 South Florissant JA.1-7330 - 7331 Wilson's Super Market Highway 66 at New Florissant Road Florissant, Mo. Compliments of I V5 OKay Meat Lo. Phone: Hflrrison 8Lr5l55 FERGUSON DEPARTMENT STORE 1 2 7 SOUTH FLORISSANT ROAD E. F. LAMMERT Ferguson 21, Missouri JA. l-2500 Frank 25 Stanley Produce Co. Serving St. Louis' Finest Hotels, Restaurants, Institutions, Schools and Clubs CI-Iestnut 1-3046 15 PRODUCE ROW The Covers anal Binding for the 19 5 6 CRE S T BY BECKTOLD CO. 2705 OLIVE STREET St. Louis 3, Mo. Compliments of The Carousel "the merry go round of fashion" ll S. FLORISSANT RD. Ferguson, Mo. -114- HA friend to euerybodyj' Keep Fir and Have Fun ar Ferguson Shoe Repair Shop For a smart appearances, start with Ferguson Bowling Lanes your shoes. Replace worn soles and heels. JAckson 2-9780 I-CW Prices ACROSS FROM THE BANK LEISER DRUG Fountain Specialty Chocolate-Marsh-Nut Sunclae Prescriptions - Money Orders I JA. 1-5666 422 South Florissant DAY 25 NIGHT SUPER MARKET Newest and Most Modern Market In St. Louis County Low Prices Every Day FERGUSON, MISSOURI WALTER SCOTT'S MARKET 10 CHURCH STREET JA 2-0108 JA 2-0107 H5 Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN ACE HARDWARE CO. 14 Plaza Duchesne Hardware, Paints, Household War Electrical, Plumbin , 9 Janitors' Supplies, Toys TEmple 7-3515 Shell AAA Roy's Super Service Florissant Pharmacy Your Rexall Store 24-Hour Wrecker Sljglicc 701 St. Francois Florissant, Mo TEmple 7-3500 ighway 66 and Phone TE. 7-3419 Night--UN. 4-2784, Florissant "Vff1Qe'i VUSSQIOI Prescription Specialists Florissant, Missouri Florissant Bake Shop Jos H atterott Inc 1080 ST. FRANCOIS ST. i 0 :Y ' i Florissant, Mo. ' L WL UN. 4-2088 QW WU TE IWMBWV 7 A . J,-lcv ' C ,VU p Full line of bakery goods WL' I 1' if - XX xp 19 MM ,f -ff if A 9 U Mr!! W 3 I K Clie! if 'W if P 11 JY 7 1 lf .1 , . WW K 2 ll- Ji MW 0 mf on A If SWSOUTH PLoR1ssANT ROAD W TA 2 9735 ..-X- lv HOLZ BROS. JA 21100 ALQO PARTS FOR ALL MAKES OF AUTOMOBILES 9 ...,.,g. A K you I N i rp ix J ,ff 'l'l ,il T9 f llfv W . X I I Q .li 9 17X 179 V Lui x A-lf! . f V by X IN xx 'D fi'-X ' l xl I N' N Cl fl ll 'Q ' 24' V N -. X Comm U W l W 4' M lf g p 9 Q . 'hi mgwlw, A, iw ll-l if fr ire f V N- low ir lg illl. Ik N4 if 1:.:.:. A " is .,4,.,. , ' 5 'N' .Zidf Vi --":':' -f ,ye .L ' ,... . .,.... ,.,.,....... 1 . A:.,.:. .:.:. Q .,.,.1....,.:. , i 4.,....V ....1:.,.-. A ,....f. z .,:.A,,,,. L iqw :':: CN .ir .f.:f a2s2fff:e ':,: 2 ilv' " H .'-f.1 - ---- -:-1 . . . . ""A" ...., - 2:11 411"' ' " , ..:2:: Q . ...I i EEE, :::f:,r: 3 .,.. ,.A.,. . i ,,,,,.,... ' "'::' z H ""' I f:5151333E3i.EE2E5S5EE5E2S5E555E5:-:+:-. X -.1-, f-101 Voodoo World's Most Powerful Jet Fighter This supersonic twin-jet fighter, now in production at McDonnell Air- craft, will soon be joining the forces of the Strategic Air Command. Capable of carrying atomic Weapons, the long-range Voodoo continues in the McDon- nell tradition of providing the Nation with the best of aerial weapons for the preservation of the democratic way of life. Many alumni of the Ferguson High School are currently "coming up" in our organization. We salute the Class of l956 and welcome them to discuss the opportunities of their future with us. lVl9DONNELL jg t r c AIRPLANES AND Haucopvsns f Sr. Louis 3 ,Mo. -117- ' ' .1 1 W ' fff'1wDf'1M -J V TEmpIe 7-3555 gi A Florissant, Missouri 1 it MEMBER .M MW -WWWW 1 MMM-M....,.,gMgW Www. . ,. .1-f -,145 ,N fd. , -tl 4 ,I ,SQ , d f Ill- yi ' 'aye .Rfk ,E 12g55Q ,1h gf if jf, - . f E Avi' f VF' in 9 'S ,.., Q 4 ,- . N MJ , W-? ..,,,.,., ,Nm 1 X 1 ,, 5 .... : Q .......,.... , 4. .,..i,,. . M- -, Af. . . .,,4-z.:'-,x...,.,.,,,. " A fm 1 53 --'1-: -M A ' A "" .... X WV N Ll x I Q V .......,. , - .,,..... "ISE"-'A' -'-'- I - " "'?9".3Q-912' -,., "" ,, '--' '15, "" :'f:s.3:5:.':g,:-:-,:-,gg-,I-gg,-j,:g,. 4,,.. , Q' - V R4 Q FDIC EMQQEE U - 'r ,J - 1-x . P x , .. . , r 111251 1 wich Bdsm? 33 S5355 sf 453353 . I, C0mpI1'n7m7Is of FERGUSON HARDWARE AND SUPPLY COMPANY 9 CHURCH STREET JA. 2-1531 -118- .hip-25? Z4-aaa lib if lr ' Compliments Gra a -Q as ea Y Realtgsg mix? of In Ferguson Sinc 4 Q Q 9 South Floris ant Ro d W Ferguson Bake Shop ioo CHURCH STREET JAckson l-0259 JA, 1-0 J! Quillman's Drug S e -QE, 'iln Business for Your Health" 42 South Florissant Road JA. 1-0422 Ferguson Sheet Metal Hemminehaus Works, Inc. I'7C0fP0fUf9d Healing . Ventilating . Air Conditioning 119 CHURCH ST. Ferguson 21, Mo. JA. l-0284 Louis R. szomimhy Alfred R. szombathy Engfineefsl- C0mff'Cf9fS Refrigeration - Electrical Texaco JA. 2-9630 CIL-MICHLER SERVICE Ferguson 5 and 10 STATION Marfax Lubrication - Washing BL F. Goodrich Tires and Accessories Call For and Delivery Service 402 Florissant Ferguson, Mo, "Your Dime Store" 104 South Florissant Rd. JA. l-8485 Phone JA. l-6766 We Deliver BEN XVRlC1HT'S Color-Kraft Shop 313 s. ELoR1ssANT RD. Ferguson 21, Moi. Paints -- Wallpaper Floor Covering 1 Art Supplies Compliments of BEHLEJS FooD MARKET JA. 2-9744 l Dade Ave. Ferguson Compliments of Orr's Service Station AAA Service 130 South Florissant Across from Show MEYER SHOE STORE 4 South Florissant Road Across from Bank Hours Daily 9 to 9 Ferguson, Mo. JA. l-6203 1 1,1 Y X Off R.x D,-Ag f6,+Q:'Z:Lf'?'f- . M M WWW A f8152.,?1P9jSH111 M JM ff W 'K L fwx My D 9 of x NAM 1 APERGUSON SNACK BA X101 A 0 ff in ' X9 f Al' JMANUARY WABASH PARK Q NU 7 of ffffw fjw1,1W DJ' wb 'QL Urn A 05 014,92 OED R1-1otDogs and Hamburgers PV. -'U ff' JVM QW? Malts and Milk shakes 4 Q01 My W 0 W LAKESIDE ' X: W9 DINING ROQM JANUARY - WABASH PARK GROUP DINNERS - LUNCHEONS A RECEPTIONS -WEDDING BREAKPASTS By Reservation Only JA. 1-5151 JA. 2-3232 ' A A PLENTY OE FREE PARKING SPACE fs. Y Fin. is iihfifg Uvflff E wif' QL . Nba! U sv L W4 J? J fix jig jglvy f WW QQTQQN yi Egg GJ bi ' JH ff if CG W of Si B' is E ' iw? 252, QM W Uv Q gy WW W igggi Mmm u,13vWf5j'Jf'iJ WQ0 5 H+? is ' L, . 1 Q L , sv X , RW" .ff-TUV-DL 'u by W' U " I ' ' W ,N U 3 ' an , uf Hi, ' 1 1 , ' A ' X V wi ry v Lf'Lf'f 'IA -l ,HE-3 W by Ex V A gp E it ?AUi,.,'Vf,1f" W W if CE? ' Ay." V J ' A, I I -Ii F X' I 6: l 5 T uh- 'VJ A cn , V 4, " jp A ' 1 Q1-fx W Q 5 if-if Q3 ,bk - ,XA qff 7,0 aff 3 -iw y Q2 9 iw fx ff N' 3 L Sz Q3 Afjff 7 fan Mi S Q 'E K l X4 ,M 5 U QJ . 1 N ..Y. --V wv.,T-- . .. ...G -. x W' xr , Q ...Q S " xg E A N . .Km 5. N -wx M M N 155 ' x ' fp Ck , V ,. X X ' . 5 . .sq S Q I K MS X X L ' .4 ,, . . K Vifxg i 'E ' 5 Q,, ' ug !, v3 I s k . 5 xx, vii., SA! X 9' x I l -Q: .X N ,, . J, K 5 W ' x , X eq S' N 1' Q x A A ,I ,W Q , Q SQ 5M iii f x K i S HO X' J K A s f ' is f . S 8 X 3 " r fri Q bmw, 3 ffm: If -1 x . A -N., : ,, .Q A : 2,1 5, .: , -- 4 '4 4 N ,A E NK X 1 .- 4 gymgx X 2 . 350 X X S 'JS 2' B5 K 3 gg N I3 2 5 I J' M its :gr I 1555. f a li I llll V xghgdyl-g-S.k.X X x ,X NX. We s , ,Q . .fl 1. Y ' L sd I .1 ' V: i'ii'iTT ,....' ws- ", ,,...::: 2' I anal: ,kwmwwfny I--, M 1, ""' ' -Q ly zzz ""' 3 :': , J .N .:., 9 ' i q, 1 f-"" f"" 11,-' 1 :: ., 4' . . Y ,. iv'-Q. lx 4 , G zzz ' .. ' , - '. uf 5 'QHMfii F W A Q If it LL? F11 A 411,352 ' h QA - . gngrQmi 2 , P N' 3 5 S 3 I -3 .X . R 4 V , nk- ,. , .,-,. ' ' K v ff

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