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,K Qi -.,.--.km -1-.7 --. , wx ---.45 -zf-Y 'Y ..a- refsf I9 7 g- FERGUSON HIGH SCHOOL Pig 1 'K PREVIEW For your enjoyment now and in future years, we, the CREST Staff, have published the l95l CREST. lt is our sin- cere hope that we have presented a complete record of your memories for this school year and that by merely glancing through this yearbook you will be able to recapture for a moment the many happy, worthwhile days spent here at Ferguson High School. lcqfiofz e the C rat' deo9cat our pu :cation t wel llre eacher here sc Ool For t e past seve ears :ss egfna Jerzewl as gfven her tim an effor he sponsoring of the Ta d as don xce len o or t at reason we were re uctant t accept er reslgnatlo e as seen t e ES7'grow from a mere or e 00 t n-,ore t an Ice t at slz urm t re f her years n t e sr taf s e sponsored e sch00l newspaper the S 1 er hel the C sr Staff was a le to se cess ratings rofn the atlona c ola or t e vera qu-af oft e Iss Jerzewra ere e r egr lwo Hrs ress ASSOQ-lation can ated fr0n, as lngton nlversf 6 achelor of Arts and aster of Arts fsto S e star ed wor recently on her Ph St oufs nlversf urfn er years sponsor e rntr0q'uced the uzll an Scroll Socre to Ferguson 1 Sch00l Students w o becolh efnber t e sOg1e are recognize a oufstand g fournalls s 7' ese are fust few f t e t rngs Ss Jerzewla as e for e befrerfnen our sc l and earb0ol, E taff gratefu for t e har wor s e as put fnfo nnual de lcatlng our ubllca 1 to her are glv er but small part o the remt hfch she has pains a 1 y earned eQA ' W, RESTS if ' e bl' " o a vely l i d t at h . h 17 y , M' R ' M. lak h ' ' e d t to I t ' CRES n h eane l tjb. Q F h I o h ' ' n. Sh h h CR f fypag b lc 0 h fw' h 'e. D 'g h eo o h CRE S f h th , c0op. , Wth h D RE b cure ' r 1 ' f lv ' I S h stic P ' ' f h 0 - ll fry h publf bn. M' 'kgradu W h' U ' wh sh eceived B M d ee in l-l' fy lv t lc .D. lr at .L ' U ' 'fy D 'g h as sh ' Q ' d 'fy Hgh . h e In s of h 'fy ' d s - lh ' 'f. h ' a o h h' Mi 'lc h don th t of h0o y . The CR STS is l h d lr h h ' oura . By d' ' p ' tor, we '- ing h a f c ' w ' ' - t lrhgl . "We are justly proud of being descended from men who set the world an example of found- ing civil institutions on the great and united principles of human freedom and human knowl- edge." Webster a-Pi ' Qu.:-,pq A 'T v ....,,,:,,,,,wa QA, I ' A alll' 1 .xdclminiafrafion It IS regrettable that o.1r young people of today have such unsettled condntnons to face as they have heard nothnng an the way of news from the lnternatlonal scene except war and rumors of war Tl'-e past generations whale accomolnshmq mJch along screntlflc lanes have learned very lnttle about ltvnnq together peaceably Young people can not be blamed for developing a philosophy of Oh' What s the use However those who would qnve way to feel :nos of despanr should remember the old saying that ut as darkest just before the dawn There are m ny thungs for whuch we may be thankful D velooments on the unternatnonal scene are not all bad We mJst remember that a better world cannot be qauned by one day s work Wnth that an mnnd let us all work contlnuously together for the peaceful and harmonuous world that can be had only by the uollftnnq of all rnankund J C McCOLLUM ulaerinfen enf General Robert E Lee a great American gave thus counsel to has Soathern Confederate wufe Madam dont brung up your sons to detest the United States government Recollect that we form one oovernment now Abandon all these local ann mosntuc and make your sons Amerncan The United States government us again facung a crlsus external as well as Internal The hngh school stu dents of today are the people who will determnne the coarse of Amernca and probably the world and may we all work and pray that their declsnons wall change the course of history for the last half of the 20th century V C MCCLUER l"U'lC 7961 II ' - , f I , . ' I f . V . hu. F . I IJ, L . C , ,, H . I , t l they graduate from high school. All their lives - , , , I C Y . . . . ' . C A I tg . ' - - I I I I ll ' ' I g - a A ' ' . e- . ,. . , . . . . . ,, C I Emu' of gducafion BACK ROW W C Brown J Eugene Gordon Janes Geuger FRONT ROW G C Bradshaw Vlnldred C Jeske J T Monnug BACK ROW Mrs Plavnuck Mrs Hackman Mrs Wnse Mrs Upton FRONT ROW Mrs Schoen Mrs McNeely Mrs Remhart Mrs Knecht The Officers of 1951 Kiwi, The Ferguson School Board controls the derectuon of the pollcnes and finances of the guson Scnools IS credited to the board PARENTS CLUB The Parents Club IS an organnzatnon whnch endeavors to promote better relatrons be tween the parents and the teachers lt sponsors the annual Chrnstmas Dance fur nlshes the floral bouquets for the Crest Coronatuon and also assusts un promoting School Board campaigns and plans Fnnances for these actnvltnes are made possible by pro ceeds from the annual card party Pregldenf Mrs R McNeeIy Vice President Mrs H Relnhart Secretary Treasurer Mrs R Schoen A E Knecht Hastoruan Mrs . . . , r., , . . . . , . . , 1 , . . ' ' 1 - 1 - 1 - . - - , . , . , . . 1 Ferguson Publuc Schools and employs the Supermtendent of Schools The board IS composed of sux members two of whom are elected each year for a three year term The hugh standards of educatuon un the Fer M. BOLIN COCHRAN GORDON SCHNEIDER NOURSE PUFALT GC!! DOROTHY BIEBER Unlverslty of lllnnous B FA In Art Edu cation Art Busy Brushes lce Skating MARGARET BOLIN Central State Teachers College B S Cat eterla Manager Duetutlan BENTLY BOLIN li' PAUL COCHRAN Washmgton Unlverslty BS Amerlcan Hlstory Drnvmg Wrestlnng B Team Football JANE DIESELHORST Harrus Teachers College A B Washing ton Unlverslty MA Glrls Physical Edu catuon Health GAA Bowling Junlor Guudance Counselor ALTH EA GORDON Emporia State Teachers College BS nn Education Llbrarnan WAYNE GORDON Kansas State Teachers College BS Washmgton Unlverslty MA Psychology Student Assembly Sophomore Guldance Counselor Student Federalnst LYDA NOURSE Western Kentucky State Teachers Col lege BS George Peabodv College for Teachers MA Englnsh Englnsh l and 2 Freshman Gundance Counselor ROBERT PFLEGER Washungton Unnverslty BS MA Edu catuon Englnsh 5 and 6 Sensor Play Scoop Quull and Scroll Society Sensor Guudance Counselor MARIAN SNIFFEN Washlngton Umverslty A,B MA Edu cation English l and 2 Latin l and ll Jumor Red Cross Councul Roller Skatung Club ELMER SWIFT Washungton Umverslty B S Educatnon M A General Math Algebra Crest Staff Qulll and Scroll Socuety GOLDIE SCHNEIDER Washington Unlverslty BS MA Com mercual lelortheast State Teachers College BS entral Mussourn State College MA Chemustry Advanced Aloebra Health CALECK BURGESS entral College AB Baseball Health Physncal Educatuon Athletnc Dnrector GEORGE CHAPMAN Culver Stockton BS Mussouru Unnver suty Dzversxtued Occupatuons Coach Va l' stty Football Wrestling Dnversufled Occu patrons Club VIVIAN CHRISTMAN Stout lnstltute BS nn Home Economics Educatlon Home Economlcs Junxor Candy Sales Q Dleseu-lOR5T W A-f SON BU RGESS EWlAlS Cl-lRlSTMAN SNWFEN JERZ ,I ,J- , ' M , - 1 , . V v 0 at I ' I A I 1 If T D V , . - - 5 , "1 r J. I 5' , . Y 4 ,. I 1 I ' ' f x, I , . r I v , . I gf . .. D .I - - 1 , , . K - - . . . . ' ' " , ' Q l . , . I I I ' l 11 , 'V I I A C f A ' l x ' ,. ' - , ' , k D cf, fy ' LV - 'i' 2.-If 0 ' T xy- ' . C 2 N - 'J I 4 th N . . . . -1' 4 . . ' .' ' S ' I I I 'X 1 V 1 ' 1 ., x 9,0 ' , . ., - I W 5 , , . , . - , , . ' I I ' ' 'I I P ' ' 3. ft. ., ' f ,A . y . K , T 1 -. I - -I I , . . , ,. , , 5 A 1 3 , A ., V I ,, , - ,, V L ei, ' - X I I 3 :S , . ., , aj Aja , . ix .Qc .. , . ., . ., - 5 ' I I H , , Q. ,. . L : 1 '1 - -1 ' , I I - -1 V 1 . . , , . 1 - -1 ' - " LEGER LaV AL PF A Len ULBRIGHT CHAPM GCI! HAROLD ULBRIGHT Mlssourl Unlverslty AB Algebra Plane Geometry Intramurals ROBERT WATSON Valparaiso Unrversxty A B Unlversuty of Muchrgan M S Zoologv Bloloqv Pro rector Staff Outdoor Actuvmes Club LILLIAN RIPPSTEIN Maplewood Hlgh School Secretary Of fuce Assustant MAX PLAVNICK M Unlverslty of Wnsconsln B M M A u src History and Theory Dnrector of Band Orchestra Gurls Glee Club Chour Boys Glee Club WILLIAM PUFALT Washmgton Umversuty BS MA Cm zenshnp Coach Football Basketball RICHARD HIRSCH Elmhurst College A B Washnngton Un: KURTZ IMPEY PLAVNICK KLICKMAN BIEBER B BOUN RIPPSTEIN HuRscH SMITH S OORE sW,FT X GERALD IMPEY Mussoun Unnverslty B S Workshop I and 2 Mechanucal Drawmg Bowling Club REGINA JERZEWIAK Washington Umversnty AB MA Has tory World Hlstory Cheerleaders Pep Squad Rldlng Club RUTH KELLER Boston Mass Schools Lubrary Club JOHN KLICKMANN Unlverslty of Redlands Callfornua AB Claremont College Admnmstratnon Dnv mg B Basketball Assistant Football Track MARGARET KURTZ Washington Unlverslty AB Shorthand ll Bookeepmg Typmg Sensor Guudance Counselor Knlttlng Club VERNON LAVAL Southeast State Teachers College BS Speech Englush 3 and 4 Assembly Com mittee Rifle Club THOMAS GILBERT MOORE Washington Unuverslty AB MA Eng lush and Educatnon Englush 7 and 8 Lnterature Dramatncs Club Sensor Play Stage Crew Tardaes Counselor SHELTON NIEHAUS St Louns Umversnty BS Education World History Cntnzenshup B Basket ball Track EILEEN SMITH Southeast Messoun State Teachers Col lege, BS , Washmgton Unuversnty, MA History Amerlcan History, Student As sembly, Junuor Counselor 1 , . te ..f 4- , I r rf ' I ' , . N . u I. . , . . I S :I J 'I W k A , ' . ' I Q., . 1 A v I F x I Z ' get , MM, I . W I V I r - -1 ' ' I l' , , - K r - -r 'A I' versity. Spanish I and II, Englnsh. W . .. I I 1 ' 'lk N I 4, ,V . ' ' , . ., . ., . - ,, li I ' ' ' W We i . I u , , ' . , . , -f - - . . In ' . I. I ' 'I 1 ' ' - 1, H . , , , ' ' f 1 - : . , , 1 , . . , .. I I I ' , . . . . I n 'I U 'I - . .I . I , ' , , , . U . . . I ml , h - -. - 1, ,I I I ' , . .Slfmlenf 5:58171 g ommzlfeed STU DENT ASSEMBLY OFFICERS lLeftl BACK ROW Orr Lorrame McClure Lucas FRONT ROW Daw son Mess Smnth Mr Gordon SOCIAL COMMITTEE lRnghtl BACK ROW Orr Reynolds Dawson Kasse baum Mr Gordon FRONT POW Muss Smnth E Behle Heron Franz lco chalrmanl Andrae Fanrbanks lco chanrmanl ELECTION COMMITTEE lLeftJ BACK ROW Gollohofer P Jeske lco chairman? J Hughes Knect M Gordon FRONT ROW Lucas Loe her S Prnce lco chaurmanl Paxton LaVal ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE lR:ghtJ BACK ROW Mr Laval Dawson lco chalrrnanl Fruesen FIRST ROW Bradshaw Hafner Pyatt Wotawa lco chalrmanl ATHLETIC COMMITTEE lLeftJ BACK ROW Phul Jeske Temple Wnegle FRONT ROW Lucas lco chalrmanl Rob Jeske lco chanrmanl S E R V I C E COMMITTEE lR1ghIl BACK ROW D Wxegand Towner lco charrmanl Davls Casey lco chair rnanl FRONT ROW Prxce Clark Gilbert Otten EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE lLeftl BACK ROW Hughes M Patterson C. Smrth Long. FRONT ROW. B. Brown Co-chairmen Wiedle and R. Shutz W. McClure Hasselberger Mr. Moore. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE lRightJ- BACK ROW: N. Sfabenow Schoen Lee Weleba. FRONT ROW: L. Mc- Clure lco-chairmanl Tucker lco-chair- manl. Hackman. W' The Guidance Council Teams have been very active this past year under the leadership of the two lunch-shift captains, Elizabeth Franz and Dorothy .lane Patterson. This year's teams have been selected on the basis of co- operation and interest by the Guidance Council and team captains. lt is the duty of the members to interpret and enforce the laws made by the Student Assembly concerning the cafeteria, school grounds, and general conduct of the students. Qyuicl ance edlfld aw 5 "D C' BACK ROW: Orr, Lohofener, Hil- geman, Blackshaw, Dawson, Tem pel, Albin, Herzog, Gordon, Peters MIDDLE ROW: Williams, J, Wil- liams, Weidman, Plath, Wiegand Dempsey, Kohrs, Love, Schutz FRONT ROW: Patterson, Brown Bradshaw, McEwen, Heron, Diecka mann, Buchanan, Schutz, Maze Franz. BACK ROW: Smith, Hughes, Towner, Kern, Pat- terson. FRONT ROW: Amelong, Dieckmann, Ripp- stein, Oppel, Marlow. O e The Office Assistants are students chosen by Mr. McCollum to assist with the clerical work in the office during their free period. Each hour they collect attendance slips, check them with the roll in the office, deliver messages and bulletins, answer the telephone, operate the switchboard, and ziziidfanfd do typing and stenciling. Ferguson has had office assistants since l939. Besides being enjoyable, the experience and training will prove worthwhile in later years. The staff will always remember the cheerful assistance of Mrs. Rippstein. 12 Olggfafg Aaialania if BACK ROW: Koenneker, Patter- my son, Baldwin, Jennings, Herzog ' Jackson, Piwinski, Kite, McArthur Green, Hamilton. FRONT ROW: Myers, Sullivan, Saunders, Bab- cock, Bean, Blei, Hayden, Walwick, . hyyw L Mrs. Keller. V Each year students from the various study halls volunteer their study time to assist the librarians. Some of their jobs are typing, filing, working at the desk and other such tasks. Besides being helpful to Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. Keller, they are of assistance to their fellow students. This year our library assistants toured the Saint Louis Public Library in order to learn just how libraries are run. 5 if 2 S 517 was . X E Xl YH 5. it l .i y as BACK ROW: Carden, Ninker, Williams, Detter- man, Hughes, Dempsey, Wills, Harvey, Embeck, Q Boain, Czeschin, Reeves. FRONT ROW: Keller, Wallach, Buche, Kreder, Mrs. Sniffin, Bradshaw, Q' Spencer, Old, Noatch. Lg," " l ', unior The Junior Red Cross, sponsored by Mrs. Sniffen, is an organization of students representing each home room class. Every year the representa- tives choose a Christmas project to which the students donate different ar- e pork, ticles. This year these donations were used to fill stockings which were sent to servicemen in various hospitals. I3 Cakfma 5? M X. Th under the supervuslon of M rs Bohn the dnetltlan The meals are planned and prepared to meet the Government National School L unch Program requirements for a well balanced and e Cafeteria Staff functlons tasty meal Pl uerfi The b vlces In all kmds of weather to transport students to and from school Between trups they ser vuce the buses and help keep the and nts grounds on top con us druvers offer their ser school dltlon MWF rua -:W x za, as :ua 'ZS ff-4-A l U ,QI "J . 4 .. L1' i,-gl, 'f7't buf' I SPIRXT UP V, S' g I4 ff s V X3-g Q m a WU mm mm 1-1- 2 "The Office of the scholar is to cheer, to raise, and to guide men by showing them facts amidst appearances." Emerson if PJ' en L 0I"15 EDWARD HOFFERT Bowling Club lp Varsity Foot- ball 2, 3, 4g Varsity Basketball 3, 4, "B" Basketball l, 2, Track 3, 4, Volleyball Intra- murals 2j Basketball Intramuf rals 2, President ot Senior Class. ADELE HAFNER Student Assembly Representa tive 4 Committees Assembly 4 Ring 3 Guidance Team 2 Scoop Staff 3 Dramatics 3 Junior Red Cross 2 3 Student Secretary 4 Ushers Staff I 2 4 Riding Club 2 Pen Pushers 3 Knitting Club 3 4 Club 2 3 4 GAA I 3 4 Class Teams Volleyball 3 Softball 2 4 Basketball 3 4 Senior Class Treasurer CREST Staff 4 National Honor Society Quill and Scroll W, PAT KERN RICHARD ADAMS Office Assistant 4, St. Charles All Stars Football High School I, 2, 3. GILBERT AXTMANN LOUISE ADAMS PAUL SMITH Touch Football Intramurals 2 Scoop Staff 4 Rifle Club 3 Varsity Football 3 4 B Foot b ll 2 Intramurals Touch Football 2 Volleyball 2 Basket ball 3 Vice President of Senior Class Wellston High School I DO Club 4 JERRY WELEBA Student Assembly Representa tive 4 Publicity Committee 4 Prom Committee 3 Student Secretary 4 Pep Club 4 Var sity Baseballl 2 3 4 Touch Football Intramurals I 2 3 'Basketball Intramurals I 3 Volleyball Intramurals I 2 3 JANE AMELONG CLARENCE ALBIN Secfefafv of Semor CIass Office Assistant 4 Junior Red GuId2"1Ce Team 4 D"ama"C5 3 Lb A g 2 Club 4 Skidding 4 Junior gggszlub 2 I6a,fItyA 2553 Zrgke Red Cross I Varsity Football Iey High School I Manage' I jx 'KY' GEORGE BOYLAN BERNADINE BOLLINGER B Football 2 Track 4 Touch Pencil Pushers 4 Class Softball Football Intramurals 2 3 4 Dramatics Play 2 South west High School I I eniorri EVERETT BRIGGS "Captain Applejack" 35 "Skid- ding" 4, Junior Red Cross 35 ' Bowlin I 2 3 "B" Fo g , , 5 otball I, 2, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Intramurals --Touch Football 2 3 Volley- ball 2 3 Basketball 3. BARBARA BUCHANAN Guidance Team 3 4 Dramatics Club 2 3 Pencil Pushers Knitting Club 3 Pep Club T I3 4 All Star Basketball Class Teams Volleyball 2 Softball 4 Basketball 2 3 4 -ne: , '15' DONNA BAKER HAROLD BAIN Southwest High School I 2 3 Hadley Technical Hugh School Student Secretary 4 Knitting Club 4 DONALD BIER Proiector Staff 2 3 4 DO Club 4 Intramurals Touch Football 2 3 Basketball 3 DAVID WARREN JEANNETTE BEHLE Choir 4 Rifle Club 3 4 Out Orchestra 3 4 Busy Brushes door Club 3 4 3 4 Knitting Club 4 GAA I 2 3 4 CREST Staff 4 SHIRLEY BASELER Choirl 2 3 4 County Chorus 4 Girls Gle ub 3 4 Double Octet 4 Student Secretary 3 4 Pencil Pushers 3 GAA Boardl Class Teams Softballl 2 Basketballl 2 if 2l'll0l'ff MARILYN CASTELLO Chour 3 Student Secretary 4 Bowlung 3 Pencul Pushers Knuttung Club 4 Pep Club 2 T I3 2 Class Teams--Volley ball 2A Softball I 2 Basketball I I' IV' RICHARD CARDEN Junuor Red Cross 4 Bowlung 2 3 Rufle Club 4 Out Door Club DOROTHY COLEMAN Skuddung 4 Ice Skating 3 Rudung Club 2 Knuttung Clu Club I 2 3 T I RAY CZESCHIN Guudance Councul 4 Scoop Staff Sku ung Cholr County Chorus 4 Pep Club 4 Varsuty Football 2 3 4 B Basketball I Varsuty Baseball I 3 Intramurals-Touch Foot b I Volleyballl 2 3 as k all I 2 3 CAROL ANN BUCHE Pushers 3 Junuor Red Cross 4 Student Secretary 4 Pencul Pushers 3 Carlunvulle Hugh I 2 West End Hugh 3 4 Varsuty Baseball 2 3 4 Touch Football Intramurals 3 Basketball Intramurals 4 All Star Softball 3 Class Teams Vo eyball I 2 3 Softb Il 4 Ba etball I ROBERTA CUNNINGHAM Student Secretary 4 Pencul EDITH CERVENKA Scoop Staff4 Chourl 2 3 4 County Chorus 4 Gurls Gee Clubl 2 3 4 Double Octet 4 Ushers Staff I Roller Skat ung 2 Pencul Pushers 3 Sharps and Flats 2 GEORGE E CRAIG III Scoop Staff 3 Captaun Apple jack 3 Skuddung 4 Lubrary Assustant 3 Stage Crew 3 Ice Skatung I Pencul Pushers 3 Varsuty Football I KMOX Ra duo Workshop I, Student News Bureau 3 CECIL DAFFRON RITA BURKE Clayton Hugh School I, 2, 3 Servuce Commuttee 3, Student Secretary 4, Pencul Pushers 3, Sea Club 2, 3, GAA I, 2, I . , I 7' 4 ' 1 A 1 ff I 1 31 1 ,31 M, . I - L' 2gG...,2,3,4. I r . , . 1 ,.., 1 , . , . I I 1 ' I 1 A 1 1 b41 1 1,1 Pen ,,,41-331 1 1 . - ll , , , a I,3, , sk ,2,3,4. 1 45 " 'dd' " 45 ' 4, 1 1 1 11 - all , , , ,B - etb , , . R 1 ' 1 ' ,111 . - 1 I .. f. I ,1 1 - . . 12 1 5 I ll I ' I - . 1, ,H - - ll . - I , 1 1 , 1 - . I I 1 - I JACKIE FUTRELL GAA 3 DO Club -'Q'-s ESTHER DIECKMAN Gundance Team 3 4 Scoop Staff3 4 Dramatncs Club3 4 Chonrl 2 4 Offnce Assustants 4 Lnbrary Assnstants 2 Student Secretary 4 Stage Crew 3 Pen cnl Pushers 3 Knnttnng Club 3 4 PepClub4 GAA 2 3 4 Bless My Soul l Qunll and Scroll fl, JORDEAN DIETZ Chonr 2 3 4 Gnrls Glee Club 2 Busy Brushes 4 Pencnl Push ers 3 Knnttnng Club 4 PeD Club 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Co Cl-nanrman of Decoratnng Commnttee for Pep Club MARIAN EMBECK Gundance Team 3 Dramatncs u I 2 3 4 Junnor Cross 4 Lnbrary Assnstant l Roller Skatnng 2 3 Pencnl Push ers 3 Knnttnng Club 4 Pep u I 2 3 4 GA W M' BETTY 55155 JOY DETTERMAN Sfudenf Segfefary 4 Pengnl Amerncan Junnor Red Cross 4 N l Honor Socnety Pushers 3, Pep Club l, 2 ENUM 011 nord ANNE FITZGERALD Student Secretary 4 Pencnl Pushers 3 Knnttnng Club 4 Pep Club 4 Secretary Treas urer ofGAA 4 T13 2 All Stars-Basketball 2 3 Soft ball 2 3 4 Volleyball 3 Class Teams-Volleyball 2 3 Soft ball 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Cheerleader 4 Natnonal Honor Socnety JIM DAWSON Student Assembly Vnce Presn dent 4 Commnttee-Socnal 4 Assembly 3 4 Prom 3 Gund ance Councnl Chanrman 4 Gund ance Team 3 Chonrl 2 3 4 County Chorusl 2 3 4 Boys Octet 3 4 Double Octet 4 Junnor Rotarnans 4 Clubs Rnfle 4 Pep 4 Radno l Var snty Football 3 B Basketball l Baseball 2 3 4 lntramur als Tennns 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Representatnve to NCNASC and MASC CREST Staff 4 ELIZABETH FRANZ Student Assembly Representa tnve 4 Socnal Commnttee 3 4 Prom Commnttee 3 Gundance Team 2 Captann 3 4 Dramat 3 4 Sknddnng 4 C our GAA l 2 3 4 Class Softball l Jr Town Meetnng of the Anr CREST Staff 3 4 Natnonal Honor Socnety Qunll and Scroll GEORGE FRIESEN Assembly Commnttee 4 Gund ance Team 4 Chonrl 2 3 4 County Chorus l 3 4 Boys Octet 3 4 Double Octet 4 Projector Staff 2 3 4 Rnfle Club 4 Pep Club 4 Wrestlnng l Intramurals-Tennns 3 4 Basketball 3 Radno Workshop N., ..-1 811 LOI':f LEROY GOCKENBACI-I Student Assembly Representa t e I Building 8. Grounds Committee 2 Bowlingl 2 3 4 Intramurals Touch Football 2 3 Volleyball 2 3 Basketball 2 Junior Town Meeting of the Air 4 National Honor Society V- JUSTINE GUYOT JOHN GILLIES DO Club 4 St Vincent High Scoop Staff 3 Bowlmg I 2 3 ool I 2 4 Wrestling 4 PATRICIA GROSCH Choir 2 Girls Glee Club 2 Student Secretary 4 Pencil Pushers 3 Knitting Club 4 Pep Club 4 Tennis Intramurals AA RICHARD GORDON Ring Committee 3' Guidance . JACK GERHART . HAROLD GRAY am 3 4. Choi, I 2 . Choir 4' Bowling 3' Pep Club Varsity Baseball 2 3 4' Touch County Chorus 2 3 4. Boys 3' Varsity Football 3 4' Track Football Intramurals 3' Volley- cet 3 4. B Fomban 1 , 4' Intramurals-Touch Foot- ball Intramurals 2' Basketball Tack I 4. Wrestling I 2 3 ba I 2 3 Volleyball 2 oft- Intramurals I. 4' Intramurals--Tennis 4 Bas- b 2 3' ketball 3 4' CREST Staff 4' National Honor Society' Boys State 3' Quill and Scroll. CLARISSA GUYOT Scoop Staff 4' Choir 3 4' County Chorus 4' Girls Glee Club 3, 45 Ushers Staff 25 Rol- ler Skating 35 Pencil Pushers 35 Knitting Club 45 Sharps and Flats I, 25 Quill and Scroll. MYRA GROB Guidance Team 35 Roller Skat ing 35 Riding Club 2, 3, 4 Bowling I, 25 Pencil Pushers 3 Class Volleyball 25 Class Basi ketball 2. FRANK GOLLHOFER Committees-Election 4, Prom 35 Busy Brushes 45 Rifle Club 45 Pep Club 45 Varsity Football 35 "B" Football I, 25 Manager of Basketball Team 3. ED HAMMEL PAULINE HACHMEISTER Student Secretary 4 Pencil Pushers 3 G A A 4 ARLENE HESSKAMP NORMAN HEMEYER Scoop Staff 3 Chour I 2 3 4 Ice Skatung Club 2 3 Bowlung Gnrls Glee Club 2 3 Student 3 Busy Brushes 3 Rlfle Club Secretary 4 Pencul Pushers 3 3 4 Touch Football lntramur A I 4 G als 3 Board 3 GA A Softball Scorer Bless My Soul I LEELON HACKMEISTER BARBARA HAMLIN Outdoor Club 3 4 C our I Gurls Glee Club I Student Secretary 4 Class Vol leyball Team 3 DO Club 4 Hannibal Hugh School 2 3 en lord HARLEY HEFFINGTON Choir 4 County Chorus 4 Stage Crew 3 4 Touch Foot ball Intramurals I 2 3 Volley ball Intramurals I 2 3 Basket ball Intramurals I 2 3 BETTY HERON Social Commuttee 4 Guidance am 4 Chorrl 2 3 ee Club I 2 3 Coun Chorusl 2 3 Student Secre 4 Riding Club I 2 Bowling 2 3 Pencll Pushers 3 Knrttmg Club4 Pep Clubl 2 AA 3 4 Teams Volleyball I 2 3 4 Softball I 4 Basketball I 2 4 Cheerleader4 RONALD HEIDEMAN Student Assembly Representa tuve Track 3 4 Wrestlung 3 DIANE HAYWARD Student Assembly Representa tuve 2 Committees-Publicity 3 Prom 3 Guldance Team 3 Cholrl 2 3 Bowlmg 3 Dra matlcs I County Chorus 2 3 Glrls Glee Club I 2 3 World Federalnsts 2 3 Student Secre tary 4 Pencul Pushers 3 Knut tm Club 3 4 Pep Club I A I 3 4 Class ketball I GAA Student Bas ketball Offlclal 2 3 4 Bless My Soul I Prom Reporter 3 4 Junuor Acheevement 4 CREST Staff 4 Natnonal Honor Soclety Qulll and Scroll 5 -1-. hi 11145 Q ell L Orff JERRY HUGHES Student Assembly Representa tlve 3 4 Commnttees Elec tlon 3 4 Prom 3 Varsnty Foot ball Manager 2 Outdoor Club Farmmgton Hugh School New Mexuco l BETTY LOU HOLTSHOUSER Gundance Team 4 Dramatlcs u l C our 4 Glee Club l Student Secretary 4 Rndmg Club 2 Bowlmg 4 Pencul Pushers 3 Kmttmg Club Tl34 b PHIL JESKE Student Assembly Representa tnve 2 3 Socral Commuttee I 2 3 Electron 4 Athletacs3 4 Prom Commrttee 3 Gundance Councrl 3 Junror Rotarnan 4 Prolector Staff I Varsnty Foot 3 B Foo a Varsnty Basketball 2 3 4 B Basketball l Varsvty Baseball I2 3 4 Track3 4 Voey ball lntramurals 2 CREST Ed :tor 4 CREST Staff 3 4 Na tsonal Honor Socrety Quull and Scrol 3 4 WILMA KAPPEL Scoop Staff 3 Dramatncs Club 3 Orchestral 2 3 4 Student Secretary 4 Busy Brushes 3 Pencnl Pushers 3 Kmttung Club 4 Pep Club3 GAA 4 Plano Accompamst for Choir and Gnrls Glee Club 2 3 4 CREST Staff 4 Natlonal Honor Society Quxll and Scroll i JEANNINE JENNINGS Prom Commnttee 3 Scoop Staff 4 The Charm School 2 Captaun Applegack 3 Slud dung 4 Library Asslstantl 2 3 4 Stage Crew 3 4 ep u 3 4 A Prompter for The Man Whc Came to Dmner 3 'YP- ARCHIE JACKSON Projector Staff 2 3 4 Lubrary Asslstant l 2 3 4 Ushers Staff I Rifle Club 3 4 Wrest lung 4 Radno Workshop l 3 ' MURRELL JONES Ban l 2 3 4 Orchestra l 2 3 4 Chorr4 Projector Staff l 2 Ushers' Staff 2 Stage Crew 3 Touch Football lntra murals 3 Volleyball lntramur als 3 Outdoor Club 3 4 PEGGY HORTON Umverslty Coty Sensor Hugh Sc ool l 2 3 EILEEN HUBERT Pencul Pushers 3 All Star Soft ball 2 3 Class Teams Volley I 2 Softballl 2 3 ke all I 2 3 DONALD HOELTING Roller Skatmg Club 3 lce Skat ln Club 3 Rifle Club Wrestllng 4 Touch Football In tramurals 3 Volleyball lntra murals 3 be . qua- RICHARD LEE Publicity Committee 45 Track 3l, 35 Touch Football lntramur- as . 5 W, MARILYN LANIER Library Assistant l5 lce-Skating Club l5 Pep Club l5 All-Star Softball 15 Junior Town Meet- ing of the Air 35 D.O. Club 45 G.A.A. l, 2, 3. -lr' JEANNE KENNER Choir 3 4 County Chorus 4 Girls Glee Club 3 Junior Red Cross 3 Roller Skating 3 Pen cil Pushers 3 Class Softball 2 DO Club 4 Beaumont High School l 467 WTI ALAN LAWSON Varsity Baseball 3 Wrestling JOE KASPERSKI Roller Skating Club 3 Track 3 4 Wrestling 4 Touch Foot ball Intramurals 4 ww.. X S' f WZ? xii 4 4 JOAN KENOW Student Secretary 4 Pep Club QFLLOPJ JACK KASSEBAUM Student Assembly Representa- tive l, 2, 45 Assembly Commit- tee 2, 35 Guidance Council 35 Scoop Staff 45 Busy Brushes 35 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Track 32 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society5 Quill and Scroll. BETTY KREDER Election Committee 4 Gund ance Team 2 3 Scoop Staff 4 Dramatlcs 3 Choir l Junior Red Cross 3 4 Bowling 4 Pep Cubl234GAABod 3 T l3 3 4 All Star Basket ball 2 3 All Star Volleyball 3 Class Teams Volleyball l 2 3 Softball 2 3 4 Basketball L H KINSEY Band 4 Orchestra 4 Roller Satlng Club 4 ce Skating Club 4 Beaumont High School Soldan Blewett High School Litchfield High School Poplar Bluff High School l 2 3 AUDREY KOHRS Student Assembly Representa tive 3 Committees Election 3 Prom 3 Guidance Team 3 4 Dramatics Club 4 Student Sec retary 4 Pencil Pushers 3 Knitting Club 3 4 Peo Club 4 GAA 3 4 Class Basketball 3 Riverview High School l 2 ywwwmss '?""V' 36 gp: R fwmpu 4 wk 35- .ff '1-In 'Wi "9'::mI:- V9 zhulhvrf JFK "fill ff' K,,,.J7 -sw' ell L 0125 ROBERT MILLER Vxsual And Commlttee 2 Chonr 2 3 County Chorus 2 Pro ec or Staff I 2 B Foot a 2 Touch Football Intramurals 3 Volleyball Intramurals 3 Basketball Intramurals 3 Na txonal Honor Socuety LORRAINE MCCLURE Student Assembly Secretary 4 Publnclty Cornmuttee 3 4 Rnng Commlttee 3 Dramatscs I 2 3 Orchestra 2 Stage Crew 2 mg ub 2 us Brushes 3 Knnttung Club 4 P Club 2 3 GAA Socral Commsttee Chanrman 3 4 Class Teams V lleyball I 2 Softball I 3 4 Basket I 2 3 4 All County Orches tra 2 CREST Staff 4 Natlonal Honor Socxety Quill and Scroll LAWRENCE LUCAS Student Assembly Treasurer 3 4 Commlttees Socnal 3 E ctnon 3 4 Athletlc 3 4 Prom 3 Guidance Councll 3 Junuor Rotarlan 4 Jumor Red Cross 2 Varsuty Football 3 4 B Footballl 2 Varsuty Bas ke all 3 4 B Basketball I 2 Varslty Baseball I 2 3 4 Track I Intramurals Touch Football 2 Volleyball 2 Bas k all I 2 Softball I 2 pi 149' if CAROL LEHOUILLIER Chour 4 County Chorus 4 Double Octet 4 Q' inf' -1:1-,""" 'Saw GEORGIANA LOVE Cholr 2 3 4 County Chorus 4 Gtrls Glee C ub 2 4 Double Octet 4 Student Sec re ary 4 G A A I 4 ma ' -a""'J' MARY LOU MARLOW Offlce Asslstant 3 4 Roller Skatmg Club 3 4 Busy Brushes 3 4 Pencll Pushers 3 Knuttmg Club 4 Pep Club 4 GAA RAYMOND LINGEMAN Scoop Staff 4 Intramurals Touch Football 2 Volleyball 2 H? 414 WW! an 55't'l'Qt. 'www--5 IDA LEE LOHOFENER Guudance Team 4 Dramatxcs 3 Orchestra 4 World Federalist 4 Student Secretary 4 Ushers St f I 2 Pencll Pushers 3 Knlttlng Club 4, Pep Club I CREST Staff 4 Natlonal Honor X W ' Socnety, Quull and Scroll I 'KITTY '30 ww JEAN MARTIN Student Secretary 4, Rldlng Club I, 2, 3, 4, Busy Brushes 3, 4, Pencil Pushers 3, Knlttlng Club 4, GAA I, 2, 3, Class Softball I ARLENE MAXIENER Dramatncs Club 3, Chonr 3 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, Pep Club I, 2, 3 4, Roller Skatlng 3, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, CREST Staff 4, Pencll Pushers 4, Quxll and Scroll JOHN WHALEY if mam. MW :arg I GERTRU DE PARNAS B Football I Wrestlnng hour 4 Lnnn Hugh School I -auf? fir' Us wtf' New HERBERT MOELLER Varsuty Baseball 2 3 4 Touch Football Intramurals I 2 3 Volleyball Intramurals I 2 3 Basketball Intramurals I 'amass W' r g 1 -1-v ROGER NELSON Rang Committee 3 Captam Applejack 3 Skuddung World Federalasts 3' 4 Pro jector Staff I 2 Stage Crew 4 Presldent B Football I Plalnfleld Hugh School New Jersey 2 'QI' PIERRE NESSING BETTY JEAN NEGWER Cholr I, 2, 3, Rldlng Club 4 Scoop Staff 4, Roller Skatong Club 3, Candy Sales 3 Q11 l 0l':J ROBERT NINKER Junuor Red Cross 4 Bowleng 2 3 4 Pep Club 4 Track 3 In tramurals Volleyball 3 B s ketball 3 4 Softball 3 Candy Sales 3 NANCY MORRISON Committees Publzcaty 3 S nal I Cafeterua 3 Bulldlng 8- .-Jrounds 2 Runq 3 Prom 3 Quldance Team 3 Scoop Staff 4 Lnbrary Assistant 3 Ice Skat n 'l Bowllng 2 3 4 u Brushes 3 Pep Clubl 2 3 4 GAA Presrdent 4 Board 2 4 All Basketball 2 3 Softballl 3 4 Volleyball 2 3 Class Teams Bsetball I 2 3 4 Soft ll 4 V heerleader 4 Cafeterxa Cash e34 BILL ORR Student Assemblv Presldent 4 Student Assembly Representa tlvel 3 Commxttees Social 4 Electron 3 Servxce I Prom 3 Gundance Counctl 4 Gund ance Team 3 4 Junnor Rotar lan4 Protector Staffl 2 3 4 eo Club 4 Foot al B Basketball I Varslty Base ball 2 3 Intramurals Touch Football I 2 3 Volleyball I as tball DO Club 4 National Honor Socnety MARY ANN OLDFATHER Chonr 2 3 4, County Chorus 4 Gnrls' Glee Club 2 Student Secretary 4 Pencel Pushers 3 Knnttunq Club 4 PED Club 2 3 4 G A A I, 2, 3 Aa 'QW'- ol Hr ""U!-Q vu. way- 'aces .af "'N""'s' Wana-"3 41' -ff 211 L OPJ BILL REINHART Junuor Rotaruan 4 Varsuty Foot 3 Foo a Varsuty Basketball 3 4 B Basketball I 2 Varsuty Base I T 4 Natuonal Honor Socuety DOROTHY JANE PATTERSON Guudance Team 3 4 Captaun 4 Dramatucs 3 Band 4 Or chestra I 2 3 4 World Fed eralusts 4 Office Assistant 4 Lubrary Assistant 4 Student Secretary 4 Ushers Staff I 2 Knuttung Club 4 Pep Club I Teams Volleyball I Softball I Basketball I County Orches tra 2 4 Strung Quartet 3 4 Lubrary Club 4 CREST Staff 4 Natuonal Honor Socuety Quull and Scroll DON REYNOLDS Student Assembly Representa tuve 4 Commuttees Socual 3 ng 3 hour County Chorus I 3 4 Boys Octet 3 4 Double Octet 4 Progector Staftl 2 3 Rufle Club4 Varsuty Baseball 2 3 4 lntramurals Tennus 3 4 Vol Ieyball 2 Jumor Town Meetung of the Aur 4 CREST Staff 4 Quull and Scroll THECLA ROTHWELL ce katung I 2 3 Pencu Pushers 3 Pep Club 3 G AA ROSEMARY PLATH Guudance Team 3 4 Dramatucs 3 4 Chour2 4 Student Secre tary 4 Busy Brushes 3 4 Pen cul Pushers 3 Knuttung Club 3 ep Club 4 GAA RICHARD RANDALL Roller Skatuno Club 3 Bowlung 3 Camera Club 3 Track 4 Wrestlung 3 4 BILL REEVES Band 3 Chour 4 Junuor Red Cross 4 Pep Club 4 Track 3 4 lntramurals Tennus 3 Bas ketbalt 4 Soldan Blewett Hugh School I 2 MERRILL POPE B Basketball 2 Touch Foot ball lntramurals I 2 Volleyball lntramurals 2 Basketball lntra buralsl 2 3 EDITH RIDGEWAY Beaumont Hugh School I 2 3 DOUGLAS PATRICK Varsnty Football 3 B Foot ball I 2 Track 3 Wrestlung I 2 3 4 Volleyball lntramur als 3, D0 Club 4 o : ' - I ball , 45 "B" tb II I, 25 . 5 II II In I I I ' ball 52, 3, 45 rack'l,2,3, 5 . . ' I : ' ', 1 ' I I I 5 - : ' I I I I I ' I - 5 I 45 P 5 ...l, 2, 3,4. . ' I I . I I I - . 1 D : I N I I I I I 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Class vi I I I ' 5 I I I I I I I ' J . - 4: . . II II . 4, Ru 5C I, 2, 3, 9 5 5 I - I I I 5 I' I I 7 I I ,I 5 - I U' I ' ' I I 7 5 - I I - I I II , . - , I I . I I I I -S ' I I : 'I I I -I - 2, 3. . . , II II I I ' I ' I I I I I I I - Aff 1 L JAMES STAFFORD SHIRLEY SEAL Choir Roller Skating Club Ice Choir 4 Student Secretary 4 Skating Club DO Club Fair Pencil Pushers 3 view High School l JOY SHARP GEORGE SCHWAEBE Dramatncs Club 2 The Charm Band 2 3 Choir l 2 Proyector School 2 Sharps and Flats 2 Staff l 2 Rifle Club 4 Varsity Football 3 4 B Football 2 Wrestling l 2 3 4 National Honor Society eil LOFJ VERNON SCHEWE Choir 2 3 4 County Chorus Bo O e Double Octet 4 Busy Brushes 3 Trackl 2 3 4 Wrestlung 2 3 Touch Football lntramu rals 2 3 Volleyball Intramurals 3 Basketball lntramurals 3 MARCELLA SCHUSTER Committees Building and Grounds l Prom 3 Guudance Team 2 3 Dramatlcs 3 Choir l Ushers'Staff 2 Bowling Knitting Club 4 Pep Club Class Teams Volleyball l Softball 2 Basketball Captain TOM STRICKLAND World Federalists 3 4 Bowl 2 4 Rifle Club B Football 2 Touch Football Intramurals 2 3 Volleyball ln trarnurals 3 Normandy Hugh School l National Honor Soc: Q- Q59- 'QTY' 'CT' JEAN SCHWAB Scooo Staff 3 Ushers Staff 2 3 4 Busy Brushes 3. Knitting Club 3' G.A.A. 1, , 4 Board 3 4' Class Softball ' D.O. Club 4' National Honor KEN SCHESSER CATHERINE SAUNDERS 50Ci9fY- Band: Orchestray Choirg Varsity Library Assistant 2, 3, 45 Candy Footballg Track. Sales. of -rf' ang A w.-U,-r if-H 54' 'Ute Qlfl L 0115 ALLEN TRUE Rifle Club 3 4 Varsity Foot B Basket a Touch Football Intramurals 2 Junior Town Meeting of the Air 3 Blue lsland High School Chicago l Southwest High Sc ool l 2 PEGGY TUCKER Publicity Committee 4 Ice S ating l Riding Club l 2 3 4 Bowling 4 Pencil Pushers 3 Rifle Club 3 Knitting Club 4 Club l 2 GA 4 Board4 T 4 Teams Volleyball l Softball 4 Basketball 4 Cheerleader 4 murals l 2 3 Protector Staff MARY LOU TOWNER Student Assembly Representa tive 2 4 Service Committee 2 3 4 Guidance Council 2 Scoop 3 our County Chorus 4 Girls Glee Club l 2 3 Office Assis ant 4 Library Assistant 2 Ushers f l , 4' Bowlin 5 Knitting Club 4' Pep Club 2, , ' , , . d , , Q - , 47 All, - s etball l, 2, Softball l Vo eyball l 2 3' eams- 0 eyball l S balll 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4' CREST Staff 4' Na- tional Honor Society' Quill and Scroll. 'GFS' DOROTHY SU' LIVAN Student Assembly Representa tive 4 Social Committee 2 Protector Staff 2 3 4 Library Assistant 3 Busy Brushes 3 4 Pencil Pushers 3 Rifle Club 3 AA l 2 3 DO Clu ,stiff "f-..,,gr"" qv' Wit' KELL TODD Basketball Intramurals 3 DO Club 4 Thursday Night Basket ball Intramurals 3 4 'E-E-' JUNE TEGDER LOUISE VIEHMANN Library Assistant l Student Roller Skating 3 4 Bowling Secretary 4 Roller Skating Club 2 3 4 Class Softball Team KENNETH VANCE Ice S a in u B nd l 2 3 Volleyball ln a Pencil Pushers 3 'U' -all JEAN THIES Li rary Assistant l 2 3 4' Pencil Pushers 3' Rifle Club 3 ' ep Club l ' T-l ' Class Basketball 2 3' D.O. Club 'K A CARL TIEMAN Projector Staff 4' Junior Red Cross 3' Roller Skating Club 3 ' Rifle Club 3 4' D.O. 4' Outdoor Club 3 4. Q11-rf 'RQ 'Iv' 'Q'--Q aw- CARL WINDISCH RICHARD WOEMMEI. Bow Ing 3 4 Pep Club 3 B Basketball I 2 Intramurals Touch Football I 2 3 Basket I S 'inn-f 'whigg MARY LOUISE WIEGAND Projector Staff 2 3 4 Llbrary Assistant 2 3 Roller Skating 4 Pencul Pushers 3 GAA I 2 3 4 Class Teams Volleyball 2 3 Softball 3 Basketball 2 3 DO Club 4 ga ,us MG' 4 GENE WILSON JUNE WILLIAMS Guudance Team 3 4 Chour I 2 County Chorus 2 Llbrary snstantl 3 TI3 3 C eams Volleyball I tball I 2 3 Basketball 3 DO Club4 as N DOROTHY WELLS arsuty Football I B oot Chour I 2 4 County Chorus I 2 DO Clu GI Gle Cu Class Volleyball 2 GAA 2 4 Sharps and Flats I Cholr of 42 en l0l'ff JUDY WILLIAMS Student Assembly Representa e I Guudance Councll Dramatncs2 3 Cholrl World Federalusts 4 Ushers Staff I Pencul Pushers 3 Knltttng Club ep Club I 3 4 G ard I Class Teams Volleyball I 3 Sot as e a CREST Staff 4 Quull and Scroll SUSAN WIEDLE Commlttees Educatnonal 4 Prom 3 Scoop Staff 3 Dra mat1cs4 Chonr I 2 4 County Chorus 2 4 Gurls Glee Club I 2 Double Octet 4 Roller Skating 2 3 Knlttlng Club 4 Club I 4 G ard 3 4 T I3 3 4 All Basketball 3 Class Teams eyball I 2 3 Softb ll a etball Cheerleader 2 3 4 Natlonal Honor Socrety HENRY WELLS Chonrl 2 3 4 County Chorus Pro ec or ff Sharps and Flats I 2 Chour of 4 Bless My Soul VERA WEIDMAN Student Assembly Representa trve 4 Vnsual And 3 4 Gund ance Team 3 4 Dramatncs I 2 3 4 Chourl County Chorus I World Federalusts 4 Bowlmg 4 Pencil Pushers 3 Pep Club 4 GAA Boar Class Basketball 4 Junror Town Meetrng of the Arr 4 'Su Ng W tm- , ft!! UQ.. HIP' bww xaN.,..f rs.. N!!!-f 'bv el'll0I".'5 HERB WOLF Varsxty Football 3 4 B Foot B Basketball 2 n ra l murals Touch Football 2 3 k tball 2 3 Volleyball 2 3 Bas e EMORY WRAIGHT Dramatncs 4 Chour 3 Stage Crew 3 4 Southwest Hugh School l 2 DOUGLAS WOOD Bowling 3 Varsity Baseball 3 Volleyball Intramurals 3 ,K or 1 2, 1:2 GEORGE ZEILMAN Prolector Staff 3, 4, Bowlnng 3, "B" Football 2, Tenms lntra murals 3 wi' X ALICE TEBEAU N0 PICTURES DELMON ASHER Junlor Red Cross 3 WEN DALL BLANTON MAURICE NIEHAUS MARY SUE HASSELBURGER Student Assembly Representatlve ramatlcs Club 'l 2 Stagedoor The Charm School 2 , sa.- W'-I ,f l .ft s it 4: Q , f ,og fm, 4 . 5 ii .. A - ' "...'l'L' , -:- 05' i mf , ff. in 1,2 ,n, 14 I if . 1 9' y '4' 314 x v1.- gv 4 ks Y ,rid-X I 0 , 3, I ' NX 4411991111 ::.,,.. 1144 1' If xgxl- m iltlluh "f"' LL 1 . ,Ju ' I egg W ww- 5 Y '.. Q L4 t Aaxsxax if '44 I V' ' S1255 all ltQUFf f 58" V5 .mi , ,M 1 3 , ' F-, I , FMU gg ff PQI, ,ii ...L A 'II 91 - , D , h I 1 , . , , N .1 , S ., yn K It F fha, H x G uf , - ws 'A' s N4-f 9 ji sex' f- -A ' xiii fr 5 V 5 1 11 I LJ fd .T g K.-,, E L, m ,.'::.W..m:r ' J' I . ,. :..,...L.,. -QM . .1 ,,, W V4 Q z .. , W 4 .MLM W. Wx... T 1 1- f i 5 Zi . 'NQ E "Nothing ever succeeds which exub- erant spirits have not helped to produce. F. W. Nietzsche "-..- 4 4' n'-onwvz deaf -gay Q CCD FW ,A 9-1 ov F, ,X O BACK ROW: Jeske, Gordon, Reynolds, Dawson, Schoen, Kite. MIDDLE ROW: Maxeiner, WiHiams, Kappel, Lohofener, Patterson, McClure, Franz. FRONT ROW: Hafner, Towner, Hay- ward, Behle, Mr. Swift. CREST STAFF MEMBERS Editor .............. Literary Editor .... Art Editor ......... Msistant Art Editor--- Senior Editor ------ Girls' Sports Editor ---- Boys' Sports Editor -.--- --- Photographer ----------- - Photographer's Secretary ------ ------------Phil Jeske - --- -Elizabeth Franz - - -Lorraine McClure - - - Roddy Schoen - - - - -Wilma Kappel Mary Lou Towner --Richard Gordon - - - - Richard Kite -Arlene Maxeiner Business Manager-- ....- ---- J eanette Behle Business Manager ----- Advertising Manager ----- - Advertising Ma nager- - - - ---- Judy Williams - - - Don Reynolds ----Jim Dawson Corresponding Secretary .-.- ----- A dele Hafner Treasurer- --------- - - Circulation Staff .------ - - - Circulation Staff -.-- - - --.-- Diane Hayward Dorothy Patterson -. -Ida Lohofener This year the CREST staff is being guided by Mr. Elmer C. Swift. He has taken over the job of sponsor at the resignation of Miss Regina Jerzewiak. The staff consists of fiften seniors and two juniors, se- lected by a board of five teachers. Each year the CREST Staff sponsors the Coro- nation Dance at which the CREST Queen is crowned by the editor. Additional funds are obtained from the proceeds of this dance. Money is obtained by soliciting advertisements, by personal contacts and correspondence, the sale of cokes and hot dogs at Ferguson home games, the sale of discarded pictures, pennants, pins, and padded covers of the CREST. Staff members are chiefly concerned with the publication of the CREST and their work consists of planning the layouts, writing, proof-reading, identi- fying pictures and designing division pages for the CREST. The members of this staff are eligible, at the end of the year, to be selected to the Quill and Scroll Society. The CREST Staff is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association affiliated with the Jour- nalism Department of the University of Minnesota. if Fefff C0l'0l'latl0l'l On the evening of March IO, 1951, Miss Lorraine McClure was crowned Crest Queen by Phil Jeske, Editor of the Crest. Her throne was situated in a beautiful garden-like decorated stage, a truly stunning sight when the court was assembled on the stage. The Queen's Court consisted of eight Senior girls and their escorts who were chosen by the Crest Staff. The maids were: Susan Wiedle, escorted by Bill Orr, Betty Heron by Don Rey- nolds, Barbara Buchanan by Bill Reinhart, Mar- ilyn Costello by Lawrence Lucas, Peggy Tucker by Paul Smith, Nancy Morrison by Jim Dawson, Anne Fitzgerald by Jerry Welebag and Audrey Kohrs by Ed Hoffert. The Queen's attendants were: Crown bearer, Joe Lynn Holtshouser, and flower girl, Linda Jane Hunn. Nominations for the queenship was handled differently this year than in previous years. ln- stead of nominating seventeen girls, the Senior boys nominated only nine. These nine girls were automatically on the court, one of them being chosen Crest Queen by the student body. The high school orchestra, directed by Mr. Max Plavnick, played the processional "Queen of Sheba March," and the recessional, "Proces- sional March" from the opera "Norma." The ceremony began at eight o'clock in the school auditorium with Elizabeth Franz and Richard Gordon acting as Mistress and Master of Cere- monies for the evening. The first dance, "Embraceable You," was played exclusively for the Queen and her court. Queen Lorraine and Phil began the dance, with the maids and escorts joining them. The music for the evening was supplied by Benny Rader's Orchestra. 43 RW ww F f, 1 fi , . , , :Azad is 3' K If L , ' If , 4 x 1 'N If f -"P , f X - ., T- . . L N., ,,, 34 ,,,, ,..f--"'i fi , 1 if - A '55 Viv af' W M, W ' Q a A W. -r up , M . " . "S-S. N' Sed Qlleelfl 0 LORRAINE McCLURE ORR -WIEDLE HOFFERT - KOI-IRS WELEBA - FITZGERALD REINHART - BUCHANAN oronafion CREST QUEEN Lorraine McClure was the students' choice for Crest Queen of 1951, and this lovely young woman re- ceived her crown from Crest Editor, Phil Jeske, at a large and colorful Coronation on the evening of March 10. Queen Lorraine has a long list of achievements to her credit, all of which, with her beauty and graciousness, has added much to the betterment of our school. She has been an active G.A.A. member for the past two years, has served as the Social Committee chairman of the organization. Being interested in student govern- ment, she was elected by the student body this past year as the Student Assembly Secretary. She was one of four this early Spring who represented our school at the Missouri Association of Student Councils Convention in Warrensburg, Missouri. As a Junior, Lorraine was a member of the Ring Committee, and in her Senior year served as chairman of the Publicity Committee. She has participated in various clubs such as, Dramatics Club, Stage Crew, Busy Brushes, and Pep Club. For her fine work as Art Editor of the 1951 Crest, she was elected to the Quill and Scroll Society. Climaxing these suc- cesses was her election to the National Honor Society. Our Queen has a personality that has won her many friends, and our best wishes go with her through the years to follow. O mai LUCAS - CASTELLO REYNOLDS - HERON DAWSON - MORRISON SMITH - TUCKER H S A 15' W grits, 1 Z l l . ifgii QUE-,, ' A I I ks ,A I 6 , 1, ii 3 enior - 'o . THE CAST Q lf Aunt Milly ........... ..... I V Elizabeth Franz Andy Hardy ............... Everett Briggs Mrs. Hardy ............... Denise Walwick Judge Hardy .............- Ray Czeschin Grandpa Hardy ........-..-- Clarence Albin Estelle Hardy Campbell ...... R l D ' C Marion Hardy - --?f.ef:l--ili MZST OF gk Carol Smith die Ro fDD,N , Wayne Tranton, Ill .....,,.. W-' D , axe 'xx avr ack Bob McNeely 5' Wal I Row. Myra Hardy Wilcox ......... w'Clc, C- 'sfnifh Dorothy Coleman 1eScl,i ' MCN Mr. Stubbins ..........--. - George Craig Since 1938, the "Masquers" under the direction of Mr. T. G. Moore, have produced at least one play each year. However, this year, due to the great par- ticipation shown by the students, it was necessary to divide the "Masquers" into two groups, the "Junior Dramatics Club" consisting of Freshmen and Soph- omores and the "Senior Dramatics Club" composed nf C . eefy rafg, Fr , I-yanzl onr Row Albin C .' Bri ' olem 995, ah. of Juniors and Seniors. This year Mr. Moore directed the "Senior Dra- matics CIub" in the first play of the Andy Hardy series, "Skidding." The play was most successful and the acting ability of the actors was outstanding for high school players. MASQUERS-Back Row: Mr. Moore, Juengst, Czeschin, Albin, McNeely, Nelson. Middle Row: Dieckmann, Schwaebe, Wotawa, Franz, Weidman, Jennings, Jones, Smith, Casey, Wal- wick. Front Row: Crusius, Wiedle. Vihlcox, Ernbeck, Otten, Zwick, Lemmon. 'T 6 Lawrence ni. Ad"""l' The cast of the Mr- APPODIOUS ------------------ --George Craig Ruth Sherwood ................ --Elizabeth Franz Eileen Sherwood ............... ---Vera Weidman Jensen ............................ Bob Ninker Waldo --..-.--..-............. --Don Reynolds A Boy ---..-.................. -Vernon Schewe First MBU -------------------------- Bill Reeves Second Man .....................,,, Herb Wolf Lonigan ...............-..., -Harley Heffington Street Vendor ------------....... Frank Gollhofer The Wf6Cl4 ---------..--------- ---Ray Czeschin Mr. FlefCher ------------- -..-.-. L awrence Lucas Helen Wade -------------- - ---- Esther Dieckman Frank Llppef'1CO1'i' --...--.--- .-----. R Qger Nelson Chic Clark --.---------------.-. ---Bill Reinhart Cossack -..-.--.- -------------George Schwaebe VIOl6f Shelton .-...---.-.,,..--- ,-,Susan Wiedle Mrs. Wade -------------- ----- D orothy Patterson Robert Baker -..-- Six Future Admirals -------------------Phil Jeske Lucas, Bill Reeves Don Reynolds, Vernon Schewe George Friesen, Richard Gordon Walter Sherwood -------,-.,---, ----- E d Hofferf CAST iLeft to Rightl: Hoffert, Jennings, Lucas, Wolf, Patterson, Czeschin, Schwaebe, Dieckmann, Nelson, Gerhart, Wiedle, Schewe, Reinhart, Reeves, Weidman, Reynolds, Craig, Friesen, Franz, Gor- Qlfl LOI' Ffa, in .Gu0n' play was as follows: A Prospective Tenant .---.-..--. Lorraine McClure The Consul --------..--------.----- Jim Dawson Sand Hog--- - -----------....--.--- Jack Gerhart Properties ------..----.-..-.-- Jeannine Jennings Sound -------------,-------.--- Nancy Morrison Prompters ------------ Judy Wlliams, Adele Hafner The popular stage and screen comedy hit, "My Sister Eileen" was given by the Senior class on March 29 and 30 under the direction of Mr. T. G. Moore. This three act comedy by Joseph A. Fields and Jerome Chodorov presented many hilarious situations which kept the audience in an almost continuous state of laughter. "My Sister Eileen" tells the story of two sisters, Ruth and Eileen Sherwood of Columbus, Ohio, who went to New York to pursue their respective talents in writing and acting. lt took real fortitude and cour- age, coupled with a sense of humor and a determin- ation-to-succeed, for the two girls to stay through a hot summer in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. The entire cast and Stage crew worked hard to present the play, and all are to be complimented for the overwhelming success it was. don, Jeske, McClure, Gollhofer, Ninker, Mr. Moore, Dawson, Mor rison, Heffington, Love. .gage fell! S A BAC l J9,.,m,l5gRQM4 H 5, Jones egfrygro 1 D ahone' BOgLl Y, M 6, M . p f. M This club is a new addition to the extra- curricular activities at Ferguson High School this year. Because of the increased turn-out and in- terest in Dramatics, Mr. Moore, the dramatics sponsor, decided to divide the large group into two smaller ones, thus making work easier. One group, the Junior Dramatics Club, consisted of Freshmen and Sophomores. This year the group put on an amusing comedy, "Too Many Dates," which was quite successful. From their first showing it appears that the Junior Dramatics Club is an important stepping stone to bigger and more successful dramatic productions. afferso OQ,.e fl, W' ,vel wwf .", I 'w- Mfcfuj9fnAjhe,,dan C""'Hhf FRONT Row -' Wann. l'79er "A big job well done," is indeed an appro- priate expression well earned by the Stage Crew. lt was organized by the students not interested in acting, but specializing in furnishing scenery and lighting for all stage productions. This year, the Stage Crew was sponsored by Mr. Robert Pfleger. unior ramaficfn BACK ROW: Brown, Diamond, Sheridan, Holtshouser, Goodwin, Holmberg, Pol-iner, B. Baine. MIDDLE ROW: Rader, Rippstein, Collier, Babcock, Learn, Gardner, Grif- fith, Paxton, Brigham. FRONT ROW: Pyatt, Johnson, Bradshaw, Loehrer, Crowe, P. Gordon, Mr. Moore. 2 5 in as T -if .'..... J 1:4 vw S S-I C' oil' f f -,fm ww-,Wh . , 'bg MW ,.w,,,,,,,.A ,g,,f,g9Z,.,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,.,W , ..,,L,,,,.,,.W,..A.,,W 4, , , , W, , WW, . , A ig. 4- ., .,,, ..,...N.. ,. AHVM. ..,..,,. ,, Q? YV The Boys' Octet is composed of the male members of the Double Octet, specializing in "Barber Shop Harmony." The boys in the Original octet, formed last year went on to make quite a name for themselves as the "Humsters". Five of these boys were back again this year in the octet which performed so well at the Spring Concert. course, the Christmas Concert, and the Spring Concert, but also sang for the Parent-Teacher Association, Baccalau- graduation, and on many other occasions. As usual, they :d at the County Music Festival. Members of the choir who maintained an S plus average, to all rehearsals, and participated in all programs which presented, received a music letter-award. KAOD' ,,n,,W ,,,,,,,,..,.-,.-z,... .,....... - .f M ...W I BACK ROW Warren Blackshaw Gerhart B Nelson R Czeschm Gereau, Cool, Weise, Baseler, Love, Hesskamp, Towner, Frohock Flesch, J, Jones. SECOND ROW: Poehner, Woemmel, R. Behle Reeves, Walwick, Maze, Lodholz, McKown, Shelton, Rippstein T. Smith, Babcock, M. Oldfather, Werts. FIRST ROW: l-letting ton, H, Wells, M. Ulich, C. l.eHoullier, Dieckman, Parson, E. Davis Ellis, D, Wells, N. Davis. 0,4 ' Offer loecia orud AKA S S li? R N. ,-Q.. FRONT ROW: Shelton, Wiedle, W. Thompson, P. Gordon, 'M. Ulrich, H. Wells, Friesen, R. Schutz, Heffington, Werts, C. Lei-louillier, D. Wells, Davis. SECOND ROW: Harris, McEwen, Guyot, Cervenka, Kenner, R. Behle, Reynolds, Blackshaw, Poehner, Peters, Maze, Walwick, M. Oldfather, J. F. Jones. FACK ROW: Newhouse, Learn, Schuler, Franz, Seal, R. Gordon, Dawson, M. Jones, Wallace, Klug, R. McNeely, Wiegel, Love, Baseler, Hesskamp, Towner. This special choir of forty-two people was chosen on the basis of atti- J' tude, talent, and quality of work. lt can be said that the best singing voices 1 in Ferguson High School were in this choir. They held their rehearsals on p Monday nights after the Choir of eighty-two finished their rehearsal. I' f 1291 .Fig l' L X. 'ix S " QW l ff ffll Rv: 4: ... N.......L.. -si M7 'sr FIRST ROW: Schutz, J, Behle, Lohofener, J. Plavnick. SECOND ROW: M. Wells, Richardson, D. J. Patterson, Goodwin, C, Windisch, F, Cregar, M. Jones, Brown, K Williams, Wilkinson, N. Pifat, Payne. THIRD ROW: Wilke, Long, Gardner, Crews, Jim I-lolmberg, D, Griffith, E. Behle, J. Schuler. FOURTH ROW: Kappel, L, H. Kinsley, J, Trampe, M. Patterson. BACK ROW: Steinrauf. 43 ff! Cmlllfy 6401115 0I'CAeJlI'l1, Kan!! The main purpose of the band and orchestra is to acquaint the -Jent with the vast source of musical compositions and to contribute his talents in the building of a well-balanced ensemble. The value of participating in music is that one can better understand the compo- sitions when they are analyzed and each part is carefully studied. Each instrument is different and important, but to create beauty in music each instrument must blend with the others. Being a violin artist himself, Mr. Plavnick has been able to build up the quality of the string section of the orchestra. The band meets second hour, while the string section meets first hour. Each year the band and orchestra participate in the Christmas pro- gram, the Coronation, Spring Concert, Music festival, Baccalaureate service, graduation exercises, parades, and assemblies, In the spring of i948 a group of music students met to ar- range a point system by which music awards might be given to the outstanding members To he eligible for an award one must he in the upper 25 per cent cf his class and must maintain an S plus average, The more advanced musicians in the band and orchestra be- come members of the All-County Orchestra These organizations are composed of the best high school musicians in the entire county Ferguson representatives to the All County Orchestra this year were Rosemary Schutz, violin, Joan Plavniclf vicla' and Dorothy Jane Rate terson cello The Ferguson representatives to All-County Band were Joyce Trampe clarinet, and David Goodwin, baritone. FRONT ROW: Wiedle, Thompson, P Gordon, Schutz, Plavnick, Guyot, Cer- venka, D. Wells, Maze. SECOND ROW. Behle, Oldfather, Baseler, Love, A ". f Towner, Trampe, D, J Patterson, H NNeils. THIRD ROW: l-ieffington, Schutz, Friesen, Schewe, R. Gordon, Goodwin, Wiegel, Poehner. BACK ROW: Czeschin, Holmberg, Peters, Mr. Plavnick, Dawson, Reynolds, Black- shaw. -I ..,.,,. sw a aa ai ' mi iz! FRONT R 4 . cefmkaf nings. BACK ROW Fairbanks- The bi-weekly publication of the school newspaper, the SCOOP, is a student project sponsored by Mr. Rob- ert Pfleger. The SCOOP staff meets during the sixth hour ev- ery day to produce the school newspaper. This year's staff has done an excellent job and each member has earned the one unit of credit given for the course. Our school paper is again being mimeographed, with the Town Talk printing the heading of the front page, With the help of the Town Talk, we have an added attraction, a picture printed on the front page. Negweff Jen' Ray Czeschin, Kassebauillloell, Dieckman' , P4 Smith, M 4 Pilegeff OW' Kreder, Morrrsonijngemanny C, Guyot, r This year, the members of the staff have not been assigned to one specific job. By this arrangement, ev- eryone on the staff has an ooportunity to learn and per- form the various duties connected with producing a school newspaper. Jack Kassebaum and Fred Woell have done a splendid job on the art work, and Ray Czeschin's sport stories have punch, which arouse the student body's interest in all athletic activities. Two other out- standing members of this year's SCOOP have been Nancy Fairbanks and Esther Dieckmann. 1, ' xv-.Up xv Q1 '1 2 ns' X x .- X.- X-c ...Q .. QI- .. ' 1 A.: X M1 xi ' v f. E '.-' -I" ? M My LMI! , , WV Iv- ? , I if " A gf 13 wi an 'P 174 I 5-7 4 119 Y,. if A -..,...,-w, -1 ,,.3 .A,.... , I R 9 '5- bi A 95 30 :fav '-'-Q-.1 'S--1' Wafiona! ,Honor Sociefy The National Honor Society is a goal worked toward by many students all through their tour years of high school. This is continually a subject ot spec- ulation because making the National Honor Society is the highest achievement a high school senior can attain. Members of the Society are chosen from the upper third of their graduating class. These students must qualify with superiority on the basis of Scholar- ship, Leadership, Character, and Service to the school. With these standards in mind, the teachers choose and approve the members to the National Honor Society. yr. ing ommiffee in-N 4 wr-'Q-gf -eff----5 5124... . H1 ll , . i F f - I 9' f ll I li I 4 ll 'bv tum 1 .. FRONT ROW: Fairbanks, Dempsey, Da- vies, SECOND ROW: D. Ehrle, K. Ryles. g THIRD ROW: Long, Bean, Herzog. LAST ROW: Mr. Bolin. FRONT ROW: Price, Fairbanks, Clark, J. Jones. SECOND ROW: C. Smith, Weise, Harvey, Casey. LAST ROW: Juengst, Kohrs, Kite, Mrs. Christman. FRONT ROW: Kappel, Wiedle, Lohofener, Hafner. SECOND ROW: Detterman, Fitzgerald, McClure, Franz. THlRD ROW: Strickland, Kassebaum, Reinhart, Towner, Hayward. BACK ROW: D. J. Patterson, Miller, Gockenbock, Schwaebe, Gordon, Jeske. The Junior Ring Committee is made up of eight Jun- iors who are elected from the American History classes. Their job is to contact various ring companies, decidelon a style,take the orders and see that the rings are distrib- uted to their classmates the following semester. This year's Prom Committee consisted of eleven mem- bers, the Junior members of the Student Assembly and those selected by the Student Assembly officers. Mrs. Christman, who sponsors the candy sales, also sponsors this committee. This committee is designed to plan the annual Junior-Senior Prom. rom ommiffee .. . :aes 'W 2'5"-fin ics-ii, ff U T ' 0 - - 0 Q 2- - ' Q " . f--.1 - 4 N TR 5 I X 'Q 5' if ff 1 ' J Q' '- is L 4 '-Q FRONT ROW' Hafner J Williams Kappel Dieckman Fair ., banks, Guyot.. SECOND Row: Maxeiner, 'Lahore-nef,'p. Jf Q .f J . Patterson, Towner, Franz. THIRD ROW: Reynolds, L. Mc- ul an Cro octet? Clure, Hayward, Kassebaum. BACK ROW: P. Jeske, R Gordon, Mr, Pfleger, Mr. Swift The .mudent World Federalist movement at Ferguson High School was first oroanized four vears aqo with the same purpose in mind as that of World Federalist this year that is, to establish a world government with power ade ouate to assure peace. Membership is open to all students wishing to participate, and meetings are held every other week in the homes of the various members For the first time in Ferguson High School's history a Diversified Occupations Program was established this year with Mr. Georqe Chapman as co-ordinator. The pro- gram is regulated by the federal and state governments and is sponsored and operated by the local schools. The Durposes of Diversified Occupations are several, one be- ing that it allows you to gain work experience and still graduate with your class. During its first year, there were thirty-six students participating in the sixteen occupations. The program has a "D.O." Club granting them the privileges of a club by the Student Assembly with meet- ings held once a month for all members. A great honor established for high school your nalists is membership to the Quill and Scroll Society an International Honorary Society for High School Journalists Ferguson High School became a member of the society in 1947 and has since then selected students for the honor from both the CREST Staff and Scoop Staff Mr Swift selects members from the CREST Staff and Mr Pfleger from the Scoop Staff Members must meet these qualifications they must be of Junior or Senior classification be un the upper third of the class scholastically, have done superior work in some phase of journalistic or cre- ative endeavor, be recommended by the advisor, an must be approved by the executive secretary of th Society. 225. O CAL meyer. Schutz Weidman FRONT ROW: Grob, Hamlin, J. Schwab, J. Futrell, Thies, T. Rothweil. J. Wil liams. Mr. Chaoman. SECOND ROW: J Guyot, D. Sullivan. M. Wieqand, Brioqs, Orr, Patrick, THIRD ROW: Bier, Axt- mann, Carlson. Tiernan. Vance. Carden LAST ROW: Eades, Wilson, Todd, He BACK ROW: Schoen, Strickland, Kellv, Shulte, MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Gordon, D. Patterson, Lohotener, M. Patterson, Mr. Niehaus. FRONT ROW: K. Williams, R. ,Min-fa! Szaalerahala QQLOS aotd 'harm Nga 3 fm . . WD ,Nome 'Y xi 933 ' aixo 6. Ps ie,,er.dlNt. XNWQ . wi 6 xe9an 1 BYO .BN one ' -AO QQS' 30 2, Gagovl-va dm, YXN-mf' aan 'ww x . to Q, -Q95 gOe' 160 . I an' V2 'leave' 'xvfxemyf . KN i C3939 Green veil tg. vs exx, rev. gone eh NX I QNX" 5.500 Y '60 err? x. N IQJW Aa ' 9 CM 529 tw if QC rin f 1 9,0 .Nxe NAQSQSNR dew' urvekgn, E O . Oiifimiwe Q0 ' T eyxef I BPS N NSY ddlasl si oebjge' V-Ovtn. Go O90 ,Gem doe. Sic' rw- N43 Hinds' Yxodggxil Sc ouniigmbis' ?Xa'm x.2a"'otN" xwfo' - V.. V- C0 me VWOQYXWQOW' W' we 'OW' 02" ' v. B' ft 31606 Seb ,650 ' 1 QOL?" 3383192 VAN SLO L0 OL The Roller Skating Club consists ot a group of enthusiastic stu- dents, interested in skating. Their sponsor this past year was Mrs. Sniffen. They went in the school bus to Hodges Brothers Rink every other Thursday and enjoyed many wonderful evenings of fun. The Chess Club is a newly formed organization under the co- sponsorship of Mr. Plavnick and Mr. McCollum. It was not organized until the beginning ot the second semester, but within the first few weeks of existence it had a membership of over twenty-five. The club is divided into two groups, the Beginners and the Players. The Begin- ners are those students who are just learning to play and ones who have played very little. The Players are those students who have been playing for quite a while and have some experience in the game. mn, I-'RO ' W' 0 1ll1a'77S, lflggdllpfon E5 'l4fSsH-ifvey N erze waiEsSi,7 9, 1e,,,,s, Efffk. BACK ROW' fc.,,,, Old 1-f.,,,sh PRO Nr Sgh R RO' S5 OW. W. Co - 2 - ,mp ' P - elf Sk rice 77817, D 7'owf1QCWZd,::L7 iggifliland G rs. 1 , ' ofegeggshousffalsfklflenbock rsl I kredglfvek 'U4'1O,-,ko , kos Dfon 11, J nneke, Sch o hs r Usr OU - s en ' Sfe Ac er "7l'a Uf ovlfrl Greg ego Students who enjoy horseback riding engage in this off-campus activity sponsored by Miss Regina Jerzewiak, which takes place on Thursday afternoons at the Riverview Stables. After a brief round in the corral, they set out into fhe bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River A picnic and wiener roast highlighted the Fall activities. Planning a broader program of activities, the members elected the following off: cers: President, Pierre Nessing, Vice-President, Joan Ryals, and Secre tary-Treasurer, Joan Harvey. Every Monday anxious high school students pack the Ferguson Bowling Lanes to enjoy a wonderful afternoon of fun. Although orig- inally started as a Faculty League, its membership now consists pri- marily of high school students who have been admitted to the American Bowling Congress. The club is sponsored by Mr. lmpey and the officers for this year were LeRoy Gockenbach, president and Nancy Morrison, secretary, who handled all records and tabulations. sf 5 '9be, 'RD f L.. .Siuflmf Ou! efd ousec ref. cm FRONT ROW: D. Gollhofer, N. John- son, McDonald, Ulrich, True, Olds, Friesen, Paxton, Sullivan, Moore. SEC- OND ROW: Strickland, Jackson, Sul- livan, Holloway, Scott, Aberle, LaVal, Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Roberts, Tie- man, Reynolds, Nelson, Noell, Schwa- ebe, F. Gollhofer. BACK ROW: Wade, Hughes, Dawson, Warren, Blackshaw, Mr. LaVal. The Rifle Club, an affiliation of the National Rifle Association of America, was organized last year by Mr. LaVal. The purpose of the club is to improve the individual's knowledge and skill in handling firearms. ln this year's ac- tivities ten students were entered in the William Randolph I competition. acl 'lflfazfs Last year this service organization was called the Proiector Staff, but this past school year marked a great change in the club. Aside from hav- ing a new name, the membership, which is now about sixty-five, is more than doubled from last year. Through better and more extensive organiza- tion within the club, both school and public service have improved along with increased interest. The purposes of the club are numerous, but the basic purpose is service to the school, and this year, even to outside sources. In the club are committees to take care of various problems and difficul- ties that arise. Mr. lDocl Watson was the sponsor, and was assisted by Mr. J. C. Place of the Ferguson Public School Audio Vision Program. The Club met every month at January- Wabash Club for a business meeting and entertainment. Along with other activities, they have taken over the Public Address system at school events, and planned several field trips. FRONT ROW: Kern, Steelwell, P. Futrell, S. Johnston, P. Moss, A. Sulli- van, Hill, Blei, Hoepf, Dimond, Murat, Bean. SECOND ROW: H. Wells, Orr, Friesen, Bass, Zumwalt, Plavnick, D. Guyot, P. Kite, H. Hughes. THIRD ROW: Pivinski, M. Wiegand, Bald- win, Albers, D. Sullivan, McDonald, Press, Davis, B. Love, Tieman, Mr. Watson. Last Row: B. Smith, Bogue, Kell Nienhaus Stabenow, Holtsclaw, Y, f Graham, Stukey, D. Smith, R. Kite, J Albers, Wilkie. Jcziffing The Knitting Club held their meet- ings after school the day of the home basketball games. They prepared their supper in the Home Economics room and stayed for the game. Any girl who stayed for three con- secutive meetings was considered a regular member of the Knitting Club. The officers for the year were Marilyn Davies, President: and Eileen Zwick, Secretary-Treasurer. Mrs. Kurtz spon- sored the organization. FRONT ROW: Schutz, Davies, Fair- banks, Thompson, Wiedle, Clark, Dieckman, Laienness, Klosterman, Martin, Kappel, Marlow, Hafner, SEC- OND ROW: Schuler, Plavnick, Crowe, Baker, Castello, Tucker, Fitzgerald, McClure, Krieger, Baldwin, Lammert, Coleman. THIRD ROW: Walwick, Williams, D. Patterson, Lohofener, Wise, Wiegand, Price, Schwaebe. Mc- Kown. McArthur, Uoton, Davis. FOURTH ROW: Ryals, Flesch, Grosch, Oldfather, Dietz, Embeck, Gilbert, Dauerheim, Zwick, Casey, Harvey. Towner. BACK ROW: Hayward, Wiese, Mrs. Kurtz, Cool, Kohrs. sl N 1'-Q JM... X ., The first and best is to conquer self. .Silva v W bi a Fi I Q-I 1 ' ,Q 4 :V W 11' Q , if - if s g 3? Aan- I 2 Q, K! W 4 .,V. a , , AQ? W ,Z I 1 , Q ' if 1, f 1 - 4 V lv gf ,i :A .,. 4 1 , Y WA.: ' l"fif'W fv' ff V "4 Y. o fy Q AN ' . wig! ' , W S ,ivy 4 4. ,,,,,,,,,,,w,,-,..,W , 'if 43 . nl 11" : 5 .V f .M ' ,fy ig f .U 2 'L y I 5 FRONT R N' 5-, OWY Ch ie aus. MISSING-TE1an, Diesemorsf OM PICTURE: fBKliCkrf-,ani Pufalr urgessf Hirsch. ' BACK Row. Boi' "T, C0 Jane Dieselhorst-Girls' Physical Education, G.A.A. A graduate of Harris Teachers College, Mrs. "D" has done post graduate work at Washington University. She teachers girls' gym classes and also coaches the Girls' Athletic Association teams here in Ferguson. John Klickman-"B" Football. Mr. Klickman graduated from the University of Redlands where he played on the baseball, football, and track teams besides being interested in other sports. Here at Ferguson High School he coached the "B" bas- ketball and track teams besides assisting with Varsity football. This past season, however, he confined his interests to "B" football. Bill Pufalt-Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball. During his college days at Washington University, Mr. Pufalt played on the football and basketball teams. He has coached football, "B" basketball, and wrestling teams, but this year he dropped the last two to become the Varsity basketball mentor. Aleck J. Burgess-Boys' Physical Education, Intramu- rals, Baseball. Mr. Burgess attended Central College where he played with the M.C.A.U. champions of 1932-33 lin i934-35 he was Honorary Captainl. He has done gradu- ate work at Iowa and Washington Universities. Mr, Burgess has coached track, basketball, and baseball. Richard Hirsch-Track Mr. Hirsch attended Elmhurst and Central llll.l Colleges and graduated from Washington University. Always interested in athletics he has participated in COGCA 8:5 Chran boxing, baseball and football. This past track season found him working with Mr. Niehaus out on the cinder oval. Bently Bolin-Tennis. This year another attempt was made at forming a tennis team. Mr. Bolin, who in the past has coached basketball and baseball, assumed the new coaching po- sition. He has done graduate work at Missouri Univer- sity, University of Houston and Central Missouri State College. During his college days he participated in tennis, baseball and basketball. Paul Cochran-Wrestling, "B" Football. After graduating from Washington University, Mr. Cochran began teaching in Ferguson. His interest in sports made him a logical person to fill the wrestling and assistant coach of the "B" football positions. Shelton Niehaus-Track, "B" Basketball After transferring to the Ferguson school system from his teaching position in St. Charles, Mr. Niehaus worked with Mr. Hirsch in organizing another track squad. He also was the coach of the "B" basketball team and really brought out the talents of his material with an impressive winning record. George Chapman-Asst. Varsity Football, Wrestling. Another new arrival on the Ferguson teaching staff, Mr. Chapman, assisted Coach Pufalt with the Varsity football squad. His valuable experience in wrestling has made him an important member of the coaching staff. 65 Mraify joofgaf At the close of their fifth year of foot- ball lsecond year in the Suburban Leaguel the Ferguson "Comets" bid farewell to nine of their first string seniors. The casualties of the season were light, the most hard felt, being the loss of Paul Smith, driving halfback, due to torn ligaments in his left ankle and then Phil Jeske, quarterback, who tore his knee out of socket in one of the last games of the year. The luck of some teams is usually a poor line and driving backfield or a terrific line and a backfield lacking steam. The "Comets" however, proved they had a solid line and a solid backfield by rolling up a three wins, four losses and one tie record in the rugged Suburban League. The outstanding performance of three of our graduating seniors netted them All- District honors. Ray Czeschin was nominated as a second team guard while Bill Reinhart and Ed Hoffert drew honorable mentions. The team elected Ed Hoffert and Paul Smith as co-captains of the 1950-51 season. FOOTBALL RECORD OF SCORES Lutheran - 6 Ferguson - 32 Ritneour - 13 " - 13 Brentwood - 0 " - 13 Webster - 19 -- 7 St. Charles - 6 - 19 Maplewood 1 42 - 18 Clayton - 42 - 12 Wellston - 35 - 6 CC 77 oofgaf -1553-flggxiix 9 M ff yii The past football season saw the Junior "Com- ets" building up their experience for the bio step to the Varsity squad, Mr. Cochran and Mr. Klickman collaborated in developing their skill and knowledge of plays. Most of the members of the squad showed a "will to win" plus good sportsmanship. The practice sessions against other schools were extremenly worthwhile and much valuable playing experience was gained by the majority of the team members. All of these are factors which will helD develop the team for the l95l season and for future Varsity activities. BACK ROW: Mr, Klickman, Holmberg, N. Stabenow, Schonde, T. Watson, M. Nienhaus, C. Wade, Aubuchon, Mr. Cochran. MIDDLE ROW: B, Nelson, Hargrove, Capstick, E. Stabenow, Crittendon, Glass, Rienkemeyer. FRONT ROW: Stevens, Bean, Stillwell, Hill, T. Watson, Noblitt, Wraight. 'SJN 'pw 1,15 V f ww Q I Hu u U L 4, gfaxg, S f fa -an 4- 0 XA A XX 1 .ff A QSJUS 61504 5 3 . 1, Q Q1 Q I K g X Jxjx X 1 x x v xi xx w I N M A-Qs bi' , I O4 V X 'ir ,QQUSO 6' 15213 ous Q- 704 ff' I -58' olisgq 34 hrs 'Yempd Pope Ho ie 'egeX, Lucas Je k ROW: Boakn, NT ROW xCxXpaKrKck, Ko , 1 Coach Pufak, Wx BACK einhart. PRO eXK Qlxanaged. R Long, Wo Bu .u Reinhm Q i E 1 Law fence Lucas Phil -'Bike V 'Ku X Q7 Duck Kohn WM QW Ng Don Weigel Jam kIlP3fllCk Arlle Tempel 'Ed Hofferl' Q f , I m -.af wJ f ' . , ' g' U, Wm ,V. .gif gf wf' I . .. - Y . w " ' , 'W , R , A V my , 1 ., M " ' '1"f'a' -' AITWQZ ffeuiw . ' 'H L ' U ia, ,. A Ju 'fS7?iw"73"','3'- f. 53:3:1Qf':f2LAS757,f' " "Taxa J kyfxffi. . viz, A f ' -,J V 3 ' 11 nit., a I v k - ,. v ,JA 4 x , f Qf' " - - ,fs J 5,9 W 1 - . I V www-'Q' 9 A be uw! 5 111' ,:,' it .,.,.-.,... . 5 A , . J, , - ' ' vi z l , f U Bob Lon A sr ardifg Z?a:5Lef6a! The l95O-5l basketball season-Fergu- son's second in the powerful Suburban League --ended with the Comets in the cellar posi- tion in League Play but with an undefeated record in non-league competition and first place in Ferguson's Nineteenth Annual lnvi- tational Tournament. In Suburban League competition Fergu- son was able to defeat only Clayton, while Normandy, Wellston, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Brentwood, University City, Maple- wood, Ritenour and St. Charles defeated the Comets. In non-league competition, the Comets walloped Riverview, Fairview, Berkeley, Jen- nings, Eureka, Valley Park, and Hancock- the last three having been in the Ferguson Tournament. Thus Ferguson had the satis- faction of having defeated this year's cham- pions of both the North County League and the South County League, Jennings and Han- cock, respectively. Ferguson's overall record for the season -eight victories to nine defeats-does not tell the whole story. While Suburban League competition proved too much for the Comets, several of the contests were nip-and-tuck battles and could very easily have gone in Ferguson's favor. It took two overtime pe- riods for Ritenourto triumph over the Comets by one point. Wellston, likewise, won from the Comets by one point in an overtime period and the Kirkwood-Ferguson contest went into overtime. Bill Reinhart, Phil Jeske, Ed Hoffert and Lawrence Lucas will be graduated in June and Coach Pufalt will have to build next year's squad around Kohrs, Temple, Weigel, Kil- patrick, and Hart, all of whom saw consider- able action this year, plus Boain, who stuck through the season with the Varsity, and sev- eral promising sophomores from the "B" team. Ogden goes into the air. K v ga.5LefLaf ' Winning the Riverview Garden 'B' Tournament climaxed a success- ful season for the Junior Comets. Under the fine coaching of Shelton Niehaus, the future Varsity boys won nine games while losing eight tough contests. The 'B' boys defeated several of the tough Suburban League teams. Rich Allman, Eddie Ogden, Pike Lawless, and Rob Jeske should strengthen the Varsity next year. Rich Allman proved to be the bright spot of the team. Rich was the backbone of the team, averaging about thirteen points per game. Allman, Ogden, Lawless, Jeske and Don Czes- chin, a freshman, made up the starting five. Leroy Aubuchon and Neil Stabenow saw considerable action also. Defeating the faculty 31-30, the 'B' team has the distinction of being the second team in the history of the annual affair to do this feat. Rob Jeske and Rich Allman were elected co-captains of the team. 'B '73 r Watson Schonde Bindbeutel Aubuchon Stabenow Knecht FRONT BACK ROW: Holze, , 1 , , , - ROW: Coach Niehaus, Lawless, Allman, Czeschin, Jeske. Missing from picture: Ogden. f C158 af xt V' BACK ROW: Scott, Rapp, Kilpatrick, Hilgemann, Kohrs, Love, Jeske. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Burgess, Stevens, R. Czeschin, D. Czeschin, Ryals, James. FRONT ROW: Predock iManageri, Moeller, Gray, Weleba, Carden, Lucas, Hart, Holmberg fManagerJ. With ten lettermen returning to this year's squad, Coach Aleck Bur- gess expects to have a very successful baseball season. When this article went to press, the team was yet to play a game. Games were scheduled with the following teams: St. Charles, Maplewood, Maryland Heights, Patton- ville, Country Day, and Lutheran. Ferguson is also entered in the state tournament. The starting line-up consisted of seven seniors and two juniors. With most of the first string graduating this year, Coach Burgess hoped for a large number of freshmen and sophomores to try out. He was pleased when twenty-five underclassmen turned out for the first night of practice. lt is always a good sign to see underclassmen out for athletics because this means a strong team in the future. Kel Ryals and Don James were the starting pitchers. Phil Jeske and Dick Kohrs did the catching chores while Harold Gray was at first base, Jerry Weleba at second, Rich Carden at short, and Everett Briggs and John Hart sharing third base duties. ln the outfield, Lawrence Lucas was in left, Herb Moeller in center and Ray Czeschin in right. With this line-up the Comets had a well rounded team with plenty of batting power from both sides of the plate. reafgng lenen' W ,esllefs get BACK ROW: Schulte, Conaway, Hilgemann, Hoelting, Jackson, Lawson. THIRD ROW: Gordon, Probus, Bain, Roberts, Capstick, Schleicher, Crittendon lMgr.J. SECOND ROW: Coach Cochran, Summerton 1Mgr.l, Meador, Stevens, Manino, Randall, Hines, Quirk, Coach Chapman. FRONT ROW: Schutz, Kasperski, Cooper, Hargrove, Schwaebe, Whaley, Klug, Aberle, Geno, Thompson. Wrestling at Ferguson High School is be- coming more popular each year. This year under the coaching of Paul Cochran and George Chapman the grapplers won two of their scheduled contests defeating two of the big schools in the district. More inter- est in wrestling than ever before was shown this year as about thirty boys tried out for the team. Many of the boys trying out were freshmen and sophomores which means that wrestling will rise to greater heights at Ferguson High in the future. At the State Wrestling Meet, Ferguson had several boys make a very good showing. Everett Briggs took second place in his weight throughout the state. John Whaley, captain of this year's team, took a third place while Doug Patrick and Harold Geno, a freshman, took fourth place honors in their respective weights. Nine boys received awards in wrestling. They were: Everette Briggs, Harold Geno, Bob Hargrove, Joe Kasperski, David Klug, Douglas Patrick, George Schwaebe, and John Whaley. QCLH1 F Yxer-L09 gd Xa swat ROW xD9l-E Belief' :X9eXe'5 V laftlo Cvtenbacgxae B lu W Xu xkp,O Mcgol ef'-C' wx XN v.O Golf was started at Ferguson Hugh School last year Last year the golf team won two matches un league play Thus year the golf team whuch us coached by Mr McCollum should wun quute a few matches from theur Su burban League opponents Wendell Blanton LeRoy Gockenbach and Tom Struckland provude a good backbone for thus year s team because they were on last year s team Every Monday durung golf season the golfers get free use of Norwood Country Clubs golf course for practuce The matches are held at varuous courses throughout the County The fellows on the team have made quute a but of progress un the last year A good score when golf was furst started at Ferguson was un the low fuftues for nune holes Now some of the boys get scores un the low fortues All of the boys are keenly unterested un golf that beung the reason for uts start at Ferguson Hugh School ROW 306' as- w Y" bY """' sm Lev an lead' UP! UP! W' Ill he So over? BACK ROW: Tempel, Hoffert, LeVan, Kasperski. THIRD ROW: Warren, Johnson, Cooper Wlegel, Allman, Heidman. SECOND ROW: Hirsch CCoachl, Jeske, Schewe, Reeves, Klug Woell, Niehaus iCoachl. FRONT ROW: Kelley, Davis, Whaley, Holmberg, Meador, Smith Goodwin CManager7. Defeatung Jennungs by a bug score 77 to 36 un the Comets furst track 'neet us some unducatuon of the type of team Ferguson boasts thus year Wuth quute a few men back from last year Coaches Nuehaus and Hursch trauned an excellent track team Agaunst Jennungs Ferguson won ten of the thurteen events Bull LeVan was a double wunner wunnung the hugh and low hurdles All season long Le Van was a consustent wunner of the low and hugh hurdles Vern Schewe won the 220 yard dash Terry Kelley won the mule run Ruch Allman won the shot put and took second un the lOO yard dash Ed Hoffert won the duscus throw Leon Meador won the 440 yard run Phul Jeske won the 880 yard run and Joe Kaspersku won the broad lump Don Wuegel Bull Warren and Davud Klug also added pounts to the total wuth second places Thus us uust an unducatuon as to how the team fared all season lt can be saad that Ferguson Hugh had an excellent track team un 1951 L f enum Pall' ,ff Tennus as an unter school sport was started at Ferguson Hugh School thus year Coach Bentley Bolun worked wuth about ten boys every afternoon thus sprung on the tuner pounts of the game Agaunst Suburban League competutuon the tennus team dud a very reput able job consuderung thus us the turst year of tennus Don Koser us Ferguson s best tennus player all of the boys on the team have a keen unterest un playung tennus lt was through the suncere Interest of these boys that Coach Bolun organuzed a team and entered Ferguson un the Suburban Tennus League lf any boy shows that he has tennus abuluty whule playung un gym class Mr Burgess encourages hum to go out for the tennus team Through thus arrangement ut us belueved that Ferguson Hugh School wull develop a cham puon tennus team un future years The boys on the tennus tem are Don Koser George Fruesen Don Reynolds Eugene Schulte Bob Blackshaw Rob Jeske Ruchard Gordon Muckey Byrne . . . . 1 . N ,J 1 I ,,-f- : X , . I l - ' r 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 ' - 1 . Y ws' V, '. of A -v.v-,Af-,1 X Aan- .. u I. :':'L,-.',.:.,4'-I-.T,A'. 'X Q 1 4 I I . . 1 - I 1 I I I 1 I 1 1 I f Riagg f A ix wif- Q Q 1 ki if ff ELL f af, ,,,s W QF w RAQ ,wig 5995 0 1' f I' ,gnfralnura 5 WINNERS OF THE TOUCH FOOTBALL INTRAMURAL TOURNAMENT Back Row Ogden Volz J Kasperskl Wnlke Second Row Wade Brngham Holtsclaw D Kaspersku Cregar Front Row Srabenow Caruco Knecht Aberle WINNERS OF THE INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT Back Row Brndbeutel Wannunger Tempe! Kohrs Mnddle Row M Ryals Smuth Carden Front Row Snyder Graham Ryals 8' y, f . A ' 1 Wig in , I I ., K I I f 1 . ,' 5 , ' . 1 , 0 I , 5 - I ' I F 4 , A r R lv NANCY MORRISON ir A 7 -xdfidfic -fgfkiociafion The Girls' Athletic Association was organized in 1943, un- der the sponsorship ot Mrs. Jane B. Dieselhorst. A constitution was drawn up and major officers were elected. This year there are five major officers, president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, social committee chairman, and point committee chairman. These committees, along with the rest of the Board direct all the major activities of the organization. The social committee makes all ar- rangements for the G. A. A. Dance. The point committee records all points earned by each girl during the year and then compiles them for the letter awards. QP I 1' 'W MARTY TOWNER President School letters are awarded to all G. A. A. members who earn Vice-President lOO points in one year. Second year lettermen are awarded chev- rons, and a girl who earn ZOO points in a year is awarded a star. Points are awarded for gym grades, class teams, tournaments, squad leaders, and other athletic achievements. OFFICERS President ..... ---Nancy Morrison Vice-President ........ Marty Towner Secretary ,-,........ Anne Fitzgerald Soc. Com. Chrm. .... Lorraine McClure Pt. Com. Chrrn. ......,.. Joan Harvey Softball Mgr.- -------. Marilyn Wiese as Basketball Mgr. ----..---- Carol Cool Volleyball Mgr. .---.--- Susan Wiedle . . Tennis Mgr, .--------- Helen Hughes Sponsor .---------- Mrs. Dieselhorst 'I' Honorary Members ------ Arlie Temple, Ron Ehrle, Don Ehrle, Rob Jeske 'Q' JOAN HARVEY LORRAINE MCCLURE Chairman-Point Committee Chairman-Social Committee tg '25 ANNE FITZGERALD Secretary-Treasurer G.A.A. BOARD. Back Row: Weidman, Schutz, Smith, Gilbert, Upton, McArthur, Old. Sec' ond Row: Mrs. Dieselhorst, Hughes, Harvey, Towner, Fitzgerald, Wiedle, Wiese, Tucker. Front Row: Tempel, Cool, Morrison, McClure, R. Ehrle, D. Ehrle. BASKETBALL CLASS TEAMS-Back Row: M. Lammert, Patter- son, Plavnick, Piwinski, Behle, Schuler, Mrs, Dieselhorst, Wiese Krieger, Cool, Towner, McClure, Coleman. Fourth Row: Strat: man, Griffith, Land, Hughes, Blei, Upton, Harvey, Jones, Wil Just before Christmas vacation, tryouts for class basketball teams were held. Captains were elected and at a later date, with manager Carol Cool, Presi- dent Nancy Morrison, and Mrs. "D", the class teams were selected, Before the class tournament at Fer- guson, the class teams went to University City for the annual basketball play day on February third. Al- though the teams were not victorious, a good time was had by all. The first game of the school tournament was played on February l4, between the Juniors and the liams, Wiedle, Kreder, Third Row: Brown, Loehrer, Gordon, Schutz, V, Lammert, Zwick, Parker, Fitzgerald, Tucker, Morrison. Second Row: Dauerheim, Paxton, Crowe, Sullivan, Davis, Baldwin, Heron, Hafner. Front Row: Leary, Ryals, Clark, Buchanan. Seniors. This was the annual night game sponsored by the Parents' Club. The Seniors were victorious in a very interesting game. Each girl on the team which won the tournament received ten points toward her school letter. An all-star basketball team was also selected, in which each girl received fifteen points for her letter. Girls on the All-Star team may buy emblems with the sport initialed on them to designate their outstanding ability. Z?C.,LQfAaf Af! .Sim Heron Harvey Wiedle Kreder Wiese Crowe Patterson Towner ap . Fitzgerald Upton Morrison Baldwin McCluer M. . . . f ' X M "X J new ' if a at? qv ,. if ,lfeiylfu Volleyball is the last team sport sponsored by the G. A. A. Volleyball is introduced in the gym classes in the fall, but the tournament is held in the spring. Susan Wiedle, volleyball manager, scheduled team tryouts and teams were selected. At the first tryout, team captains were selected as follows: Fresh- 4-faq VOLLEYBALL CLASS TEAMS-Back Row: Griffith, Sloan Asher Hughes, Land, Green, Mrs. Dieselhorst, Harvey, Wiese, Baldwin Jones, Tucker, Morrison, McClure, Towner. Third Row: Lammert Brown, McKown, Hurtt, Crowe, Loehrer, Behle, Plavnick, Upton, Lammert Brown Hughes Morrison Upton Towner Harvey Wiedle Heron Wiese Baldwin McClure Fitzgerald u,f.,i..ff Aff men, Marilyn Patterson, Sophomore, Joyce Schuler Junior, Marcia Flesch, Senior, Betty Kreder. The only individual sport sponsored by the G A. A is tennis, which comes too late in the spring Krieger Zwick Lammert Fitzgerald Hayward Holtshouser Heron Second Row Dauerheim Rippstem Mahoney Schutz Sullivan Clark Thompson Davis Wells Wiedle Schuster Front Row Harvey V. Lammert Crowe M. Lammert Wiese Hughes Morrison Brown Fitzgerald Towner Upton Baldwin Ginkgo! iam The first major sport ot the season is softball. After team tryouts, class teams are selected by team captains, G. A. A. President, softball manager, and the sponsor, Mrs. "D". The senior team won the tournament again this year as in the two preceding SOFT Land rison Kite BALL CLASS TEAMS-Back Row Knehaus Dauerheim, Ryals Fischer Weise Harvey Cool Towner Williams, Mor- Fourth Row Brown Burnett Griffith Mrs Dieselhorst Flesch Upton Zwick Piwinski, Schuler, Kreder, Coleman, years. An all-star team, consisting of thirteen out- standing players, is selected from the combined teams and each girl is awarded l5 points toward her school etter. McClure. Third Row: Gardner, M. Lammert, Leary, Loehrer, Gor- don, Otten, Baldwin, Karsten, Tucker, Fitzgerald, Buchanan. Sec- ond Row: Reel, Marlow, Crowe, Sullivan, Davis, Clark, Wiedle Hafner, Front Row: Patterson, Hughes, V. Lammert, Heron. The winning corsage. G. A, A. DANCE. Crowning of the new honor- ary member ofthe G. A. A. climaxes the annual dance sponsored by the Girls' Athletic Association. This dance is a backward affair where the girls ask the fellows. This year they followed a circus theme and the new honorary member was brought in as the "Thing." President Nancy Morrison crowned Rob Jeske, a sophomore, as the new honorary member. He was elected by the girls to serve with Arlie Tem- pel, Ron Ehrle, and Don Ehrle who were elected in previous years. Before the crowning of the new honorary mem- ber, the owner of the most unique corsage is presented with a prize. This year Don Reynolds' corsage was chosen, it was made by Elizabeth Franz. Q A CHIC? Q d.,,c The T-13 is an honorary organization that was organized four years ago. Each grade period, the thirteen outstanding girls in qyrn classes are chosen. When a girl has been on T-13 for three times, she becomes a permanent member and is eligible to wear the T-13 on her gym shorts. Q9 AQ ,,,,f ? BACK ROW: Fafzgefald, Behle, Mfg IW, 1' 'R V Dieselhorst, williams, Hafner. THIRD l 3 ' ROW: Baldwin, Parker, Weise, Harvey, Buchanan, SECOND ROW: Tucker, Lammert, Kreder, Wiedle. FRONT ROW: Davis, Morrison, Ryals, Upton, Towner. 87 UI' Leonard s Jewel House Shear s Department Store Kung s Drug Karst Jewelry Sumond s Market Ferguson Bake Shop Eddle s Hut Barbay s Market Wes Lester Studlo Sue Ann Shop Ferguson Barber Shop Bank of Ferguson McDowell Realty Company Ferguson Department Store Al s Market Halveland s Plaza Henghts Food Shop Unnversal Match Corp Normandy State Bank Negwer Coal Company Ferguson Hardware Stanrwalt Electrlc Graf 81 Case Realty Hemmnnghaus Electruc Well s Shoe Store Dubberly Meyer Shoe Store Scott s Market Jody s Bank of Florissant Behle s Food Market Heady s Cleaners Darst Road Confectnonery C J Harrls Lumber Co R Sachse Shoe Repair Alexander s Cafe H Vernon Ball Realty Day and Nrght Market House of lvy Just Hardware Lodholz Brothers Mnke Clayton Barber Shop Skunker s Service Statnon Dellwood Confectlonery Wnlson s Market Town Talk Qualnty Food Shop Ferguson Cleaners .J4 Uerfw em Vncs Grrll Dneselhorst 81 Sullivan Plumbing Ferguson Broadway Bus Lnnes Charlene Beauty Salon Horstmeyer s Jewelry Schetler s Super Market Bolnn s Cutles Servace Mrs Raup Sandwnch Shop Charlle s Service Statlon Florissant Food Locker Gettemler Realty Merker s Drug Bag of Chzcken Joseph H Vatterott Realty Chamberlrn Co Three Acres Market Bleler Dairy Red Crown Bowling Lanes Vnllage Super Market Buescher s Pharmacy T Kaemmerer Realty Larry Whute Funeral Horne Carl s Service Statlon Lorenz Prlntnng Moore s Delrcatessen Fred O Behle Contractung Kreder s Cafe Buerman s Hardware Jenny Wren Florust Wall s Furnnture and Appluance Savoy Jewelry Shop Ferguson Sheet Metal W Safron Jewelers Ben Franklln Store Cole Oldsmobile Color Kraft Qulllman s Drug Stuver s Ferguson Motor Servxce Harold s Service Station Olue s Barber Shop Brix Florist Frank 8. Stanley Produce Company So Good Potato Company General Meat Company Flornssant Tot Shop Ferguson Bowling Lanes c! ' I . I . , . . I U I l I I G-35e"1'5 DV'-19 Earl Spencer Electric , , , ' 1 I ' I 1 y U , I - I I ' I , . . I I I . , . , ' I Mcllnwell Bulllllnq an Really Enmpany l I S I L . . . Insur ANT . 35:1 'W White Funeral Home AMBULANCE SERVICE 118 North Florissant Road Vlctor 7 1500 Ferguson At Your Service BANK OF FERGUSON Moore's Delicatessen To Serve You Best When Needed Most Open from 7 A.M. Till 10 P.M. Week Days ll A.M. Till 10 P.M. 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W ' RUSS HALVELAND'S COCKTAIL LOUNGE 8. RESTAURANT We specialize in Chicken and Steak Dinners MICHELOB :: LIQUORS Ferguson Mo. Florrisant Road and Blackburn Ave. ATwater 9609 WALTER SCOTT S MARKET 10 Church Street Victor 7 0806 ATwater 0107 JUST HARDWARE 8. SUPPLY Complete Home Maintenance Store 441 South Florissant Ferguson 21, Mo. MARJORIE 8. FRED ATwater 9752 Compliments of VIC S GRILL 620 St Francxs Florissant Mo CARL S SERVICE STATION 143 North Flonssant Road ATwater 9792 Ferguson Mo Newest and Most Modern Market In St Louas County DAY 8. NIGHT SUPER MARKET Ferguson Missouri BARBAY S MARKET We glve Eagle Stamps Your extra saving We Deliver J H Barbay Prop l5 South Florissant Ave ATwater 209l 2092 Complnments of BEHLE S FOOD MARKET ATwater 9744 Cleaners Dade Ave Ferguson IO4 Darst Road VlCtOI' 7 Ol99 DARST ROAD CONFECTIONERY Lunch Meats Grocerles Fresh Country Eggs Darst ATwater R SACHSE EXPERT SHOE REPAIR 0001 409 South Florissant Ferguson Mo I7 South Florissant FERGUSON S FINEST Breakfast Lunch Dlnner ATwater 9777 Ferguson Vlctor 7 0264 ATwater H VERNON BALL INC REALTORS Real Estate Loans Insurance 334 Wesley Ave Ferguson 21 3300 M DELLWOOD CONFECTIONERY Dellwood and Chambers ATwater 9622 O e n S u n d a y s Compliments of FERGUSON CLEANERS Compliments of QUALITY FOOD SHOP 626 Carson Road Vlctor 7 2631 WILSON S MARKET A G Hughway 66 at Florlssant Road Flornssant Mo I , j l , lOl ALEXANDER'S CAFE - I , O, , Mo. P as I Grease Batfenes A-yfw he Mir lodholz Bros 517 South Florissant Road ATwater 9735 6 QI- v ,hiv Virtually Everybody Reads The Community Newspaper The Town Talk 10 Adams Ave. Vlctor 7-0202 Shop At FLORISSANT TOT SHOP 35N FRANKLIN STORE For Ladnes and Men s Accessorles Nahonally Known Locally Owned The unusual ln gnfts 302 St Francous 104 South plonssanf Rd AT 1747 TE 6 3457 Open Eves COLOR KRAFT SHOP COLE OLDSMOBILE CO INC Wallpaper Palnts Venehan Blmds Oldsmobrles and G M C Trucks Art Supphes 100 North Flornssant Rd Phone VI 7 2510 Ferguson 21 Mo V 7 l en F Wright 313 South Flornssant QUILLMAN S DRUG STORE A durect factory dealer In Business for Your Health STIVER S AUTO SALES INC 42 South Florrssant Road AT 0422 222 South Florissant Ford Cars Trucks Used Cars HAROLD S SERVICE STATION FERGUSON MOTOR SERVICE Smclalr Products Towmg and Expert Auto Repalrlng Complete Lubrlcatlng Servlce 32 North Florussant Road Ferguson Mo AT 0013 Otto F Herrnsrneyer Wm J Wunnunberg Washung and Glazing Cars Called For and Delrvered AT 9766 130 South Florissant Road OLIES BARBER SHOP 804 South Flornssant Road EARL SPENCER Across the Street from Torn Sproul s Servnce Geneml Elecmc Apphance Statlon Near Ferguson Cleaners Across from Show Just the cozy place you ve been lookung for FRANK 81 STANLEY PRODUCE CO CH 3046 508 Cole St St Louns lll Mo , . 1- - 900 ' ' B . ' ' Rd. , Mu-7ooo AT-1139 illaqe Super Market 932 AIRPORT V 71816 VI72507 Notary Public Rent Collectxons T KAEMMERER Realtor ReaI Estate Loans 931 Airport Rd VI72614 Your Rexall Drug Store BUESCHER S PHARMACY Dependable Druggust We DeIlver 921 Airport Rd BIELER DAIRY FARM 342 Hudson Rd VI 7 0949 Open THREE ACRE S MARKET 956 N Eluzabeth Frozen Foods Meats Groceries Sundays 81 Holldays 8 30 A M IO Cornplxments of CHAMBERLIN COMPANY AMERICA BAG OF CHICKEN DRIVE IN No 6 Plaza Ducrwesne Hughway 66 near Florussant Rd RD. - - . In - Grade 'A' Homogenized Milk I I or I A A pl e ts GENERAL MEAT COMPANY DIESTELHORST 8. SULLIVAN PLUMBING COMPANY N Wo k Ch V1 7 2618 Compliments of A FRIEND Brlx Flurlst Inc. 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