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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1949 volume:

SH, 'Sc 'W "4-"I: Tbe cmnuo1pubH FERGUSON HI Ji.. 1c1ton cf the 'H SCHOOL FERGUSON MISSOUQI Be-cktom Bmdmg Comp ny S n Ir pentru! Enqrcxvmq C mpary Hurry wcn d Hazard Wes Lester Studlo Wxllcxr ' C Grlmrr J' J uni-X Wlese Barnes Frm! nq Company Cds: es Nuuonal Scholashc P e S Assocxcmor Page OH H H H H H H . HH HHHH HIHH HHH H HHHH R K1 . Each year the graduating class undertakes the publication ot a memorial to their high school days. This publication, The CREST, is an attempt to document our teen-age days in a Way that will afford us a continuing enjoyment ot them in years to come. lt is in tribute to tour happy years that we have produced this yearbook. Page Two llllllllllll As high school students near graduation they frequently find themselves looking back to grade school days and the people associated with their early schooling ln the case of the Class oi 1949 the most dominating figure ot these recollections is Mrs Sarah Thomas 1-lamil ton who was for sixteen years principal ot the Central School Born in rerguson Mrs Hamilton graduated from the two year Ferguson High School in 1900 She subsequently attended Central High School in St Louis for two years and Kirksville State Teachers College tor one year Later she com pleted her education at Washington and St Louis Universities ln 1903 she commenced teaching the third grade in Ferguson a posi tion which continued until her marriage in 1911 During her married life she lived in De Ridder Louisiana returning to Ferguson after the death of her husband in 1922 ln 1923 she returned to the school to teach the sixth grade until she succeeded Miss Belle Page as principal of the primary and intermediate departments in 1926 She remained in that position until 1ll health forced her to resign in 1942 During her term as principal many great im provements were made in the grade school especially in the primary department Mrs Hamilton s hobby was always the attainment of harmony in her school and under her di rection the Ferguson elementary school devel oped into a smooth running system of balanced education ln her years ot retirement Mrs. l-1am1lton has taken great joy in marking the progress ot her former students. Despite great physical handi- cap sne is even today one of Fergusons out- standing civic leaders. lt is but a small part of the tribute she deserves that we dedicate this yearbook to her. Page Three MRS SARAH THOMAS HAMILTON AHMINISTRATIHN A teacher effects eterruty he can never tell Where h1s mfluence stops Henry Brooks Adams Page Fxve AIHVII I THATIU lt civilization is to survive we must work continuously to keep our public schools strong and free With students and teachers working to gether we must build schools that will put the ideals ot democracy into practice We must realize that our greatest neea is teachers and student leaders whose habits and Ways ot life indicate that they are convinced that the most important art is the art of learning to live harmoniously with others. "We cannot expect democratic principles to triumph in the world at large unless we put them into practice in our nation, our commu- nity, and particularly in our own school." fl. S. MCCOLLUM. ll PERINTENHENT The rnilitary torce international diplomacy ard nati nal wealth which are us d o bring about world peace are all imp rtant aspects ot th total task of developing under standing and peace N vertheless War will not be averted by merely providing armed protection and enough for the vt crld to ea Ne have begun to use tor the first time another powerful instrument organized education UNESCO Gnly through clear understanding can rival ide logies be curbed lt is our hope that tne force ot education properly directed and coordinated with other agencies may be a po tent factor in guiding the thoughts and action ot the people oi the world to a better ,iraerstanaing and sense ot fair play V C MCCLUER Page Six 'Y-R' , ., W MW.- ---, wap, v ln A. l. LEE W. C. BROWN T. T. MONNIG MRS. F. TESKE G. C. BRADSHAW MRS. C. STABENOW E. GORDON V. C. MLCLUER The direction of the policies and finances of the Ferguson Public Schools is under the con- trol of the Ferguson School Board. This group is composed of six members, two of whom are elected each year for a term of three years. The board is to be commended for its mainte- nance of high standards of education in the Ferguson schools. Pill TS Elllll The Parents Club serves as an active link between the school and community. This or- ganization sponsored the annual Christmas Dance, paid for the floral bouquets used in the CREST Coronation, and has served the refresh- ments at student dances. Besides, the mem- bers offered unusual support in promoting the campaign for the passage of the school levy. The officers are as follows: Mrs, Eugene Beal Mrs. Donald Webb Secretary-Treasurer - - Mrs. Max Randall Historian -f--- President ------- VicePresident - - - - - Mrs. D. B. Coleman President - - - - Vice-President - - - Secretary - - - Mr. loseph T. Monnig Mr. G. C. Bradshaw Mrs. Mildred leske Treasurer - - - Mr. W. C. Brown Director - - Mrs. Corinne Stabenow Director ----- Mr. Eugene Gordon Superintendent of Schools ---- Mr. V. C. M':Cluer Auditor ----- Mr. A. T. Lee Left YC Page Seven o right: The Mrs. Rug-en, Kneiht, Wahl, Webb, Beal ang, and Coleman. tlffrs. Randall not an picture! MAXINE KASSING REGINA M IERZEWIAK North Dakota State Teachers College BS Washington University A B Home Economics 1 6. A Cheerleaders Pep Squad GERALD IMPEY Missouri Unilersity B S Washington University MA History World His ory CREST Staff Quill and Scroll Society CREST Coronation Riding Club BENTLY BOLIN General Shop 1 5, 2 Mechumcql Dmwmq Northeast State Teachers College BS MARILYN CARTER Chemistry Advanced Algebra Health Smith College Coach Varsity Basketball Washington Univ rsity English 3 G 4 5 51 6 Washington University A B MARIAN SNIFFEN English 7 G 8 Literature Washington University A B Dramatxcs Club Senior Play Senior Sponsor Enqhsh 1 5, 2 Lgfm 1 5, 2 Senior Guidance Counselor LILLIAN RlPPS'l EIN GERALD MEFFERD Maplewood High Washington University A B M A SGCTGKIYY Spanish l G 2 School Publication Office Assistant Scoop Quill and Scroll Society Student Federalists KASSING IMPEY CARTER SNIPFEN RIPPSTEIN OVERTON SMITH KLICKMAN WATSON IERZEWIAK KENNETH D OVERTON LYDA NOURSE Northwest Missouri State Teachers College B S Western Kentucky State Teachers A B General Mathematics Algebra George Peabody College for Teachers M A English Assistant Coach-Football, Track English l 6 2, English 5 :St 6 Freshman Guidance Counselor Southeast Missouri State Teachers College, B.S. l-AN-E B- Washington University, A.M. History Harris Teachers College, A.B. American History Girls' Physical Education, Health Student Assembly G. A. A., Bowling, Iunior Guidance Counselor lOHN A. KLICKMAN MAX PLAVNICK University of Redlands, A.B. University of Vxfisconsin, B.M. Claremont College University of Wisconsin, M.A.-Music, History, Theory Driving ' Director-Band, Girls' Glee Club, Orchestra, Choir "B" Basketball, Assistant!Coach-Football, Track WAYNE GORDON ROBERT VJATSON Valparaiso University, A.B. Biology Projector Stall Page Eight Kansas State Teachers, Emporia, B.S. Washington University, M.S.-Sociology Sociology, Psychology, English 5 G 6 Student Assembly, Sophomore Guidance Counselor ' ' e ' , A.B. l Creative Writing Club, Iunior Red Cross Washington Universityl M.A.-English and Education FAEULTY HELEN SMITH U rverrtyc cwa Ar: Ell als'n Llbrarran Iumcr Spenser Candy Sales VERNON LAVAL Southeast Mrsscurz State Teachers Celleq Speech Enqlrsh 3 6- 4 HAROLD LJLBRIGHT MISSOUII Unrversrty BS Mrssourr Unrversrty M A Htstery Algebra Plane Gecmetry Crtrzenshtp Photography CHARLOTTE BEHRENS Southeast Mrssaurr State Teachers College B S Artl 2 3 World Hrstcry MARGARET D KURTZ Washrnqtcn Umversxty A B Shcrllard 2 Eeclckeeprng Typrnq Kmthnq Club MARGARET BOLIN Central MISSOUII State Teachers College B Cafeterra Manager and Dretman GOLDIE SUBCW Washmqtcn Umversrty E S Commerclal Semer Gurdance Counselcr ALECKI BURGESS Central Ccll ge A B Ba eball Health G Physrcal Edsrcatrcn BILL PUFALT Washmqtcn Jmversrty BS Crtrzenshrp BCUN MOORE Coach Fcctoall Wrestlznq MEFFERD NQURSE DIESELHORST PLAVNICK GGRDON SMITH LAVAL ULBRIGHT BEHRENS 4-'v J! 1' vw- Q , r, Lf .3 KURTZ EOLIN SUBOW BURGESS PUFALT raqe Nrne n' s fl , .',, .,.f:urn 1. 1 V ' ., e,B.S. .r r , . ' , ' ' , .S, .e , .. , , . , .- .- ir Q, ' 2' . r r 'f f T " 'Q A " ' ,- H X W A M.. ' ff , . ' xi, I K . A M . N fu 3, . x 1' 0, .y .r f I -T Y ' .rf-A f' , -K3 A 4..I...' ' -e I' .2 f- ' QQ' N , , - it fs Q, V K .1 '55, ': l I ' ' l V Y , . S is ll' SECOND ROW Patterson Gordon Trrney Mr Gordon Lemmon Gockenbach Dcxvms Reeves Ieske Worthmgton Ryals Ca ey Mtss Smrth Brown Kassebaum Wtltams FIRST ROW Buehrle Erman Wetgel Stabenow Davre Schmxtz NOT ON PICTURE Dlane Hayward Ronald Edler Each year the Student Assembly has grown 1n number and strength acceptmg more respon S1b1l1l1GS and accomphshmg more tasks It has now become one ot the schools most act1ve orgamzatlons AHXIOUS to get thlngs started early th1s year the homerooms elected the1r representattves early 1n September At the flrst meetlng nom matrons for the ofhcers were made Qutte an extens1ve campa1gn was waged and the results of the electron were as follows Prestdent B111 Errnan V1C9Pf9S1d9Hl Marlene Welgel Secre- tary Sally Stabenow and Treasurer Dlanne Dav1es After the electron otflcers and members were tnstalled 1n an assembly and regular meet1ngs were begun To carry out the work of the Assembly comm1ttees were appomted by the pres1dent Thls year a new commlttee the Executrve Commlttee was establlshed Thls comrrnttee composed of the offlcers and the commlttee chalrman serves as a gutdance comm1ttee for the Assembly Through the Executlve Commlttee the varxous cornmlttees get a chance to Work together and become acquamted wrth each comm1ttee s work Each year two sponsors grve therr tune and effort to work Wllh the Assembly Thrs year MISS Sm1th and Mr Gordon are the advxsers Mrs Bohn Mr Watson and Mr LaVal have also contnbuted to the success of the Assembly by each workmg W1th one ot the commlttees Although the Assembly has had 1ts 1nev1table d1ff1cult1es th1s year has been the most success ful 1n 1lS ex1stence Page Ten A Elllll PROM COMMITTEE Ffth Row Brmkman Fourth Row Mlss Sml n Chandler Carroll Ruqen Thrrd Row Mrs Sm Beal Buehrle CCha1rmanl I-Iarnmer Second R vv O ade DGVIES I-Iortshcuser Po r Frrst R W Reeves ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Thlrd Row Werqel Webb Martm tCna rman Second Row Casey Frrst Row Kassebdum EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE Standmq Backus lCha1rmanJ Ottmqer Erman Overt rf Teqethoff S ated R Brandenbura Coleman SERVICE COMMITTEE son DOVIS CCha1rmanl BIJILDING GROUNDS AND CAFETERIA COMMITTEE Fourth Row Motten CCharrrnan B and GJ Beolc er Gockenbach Thxrd Row Hammer Stabenow MOIIISOH Second now K Ryals Patterson FIYST Row Welgel lCl'1U1!'II1Gl'1 Cafetemal Mclimney PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Second Row Campbell Lemmon Frrst Row Dodge Rowden t1rowCCba1rmanJ Smrther VISUAL AID COMMITTEE Second Row D Sm1thCCharmanJ Reeves Mller Fzrst Row I.eMert K1te SOCIAL COMMITTEE Flfth Row Brown lChG1fmCHl Fourth Row Camp bell Thrrd Row Lemmon Worthmqton Second Row Reeves Sullrwan Werqel Buehrle Frst Row Gordon Poor Ouade Ieslce Page Eleven S O I I T T E E ' f , ' . - ' i . mil , . . . . W X Clockwise: Towner, Vlfilliams, Stabenow, Pattere Y 1 ELASSS Let ignorance talk cfs it Will, learning has its value -Fontaine PqT1 .,.. ' A N R f Y g cz e we ve Physlcs Clcs the prm 1p1es of rcrdlo . Sii , C, . age Tiimeeru IACK MCKINNEY Senror Class Prestdenr 4 Student Assembly Rep resentatlve 3 Publtctty Ccmmlttee Chatrman 3 A Footb1ll 2 F 4 Basketball Intramurals I Volleyball Intramurals 3 Softball Intramu ra s 3 :rt blers T en ress 4 Sc on Publtcatrons 3 Idttor 4 Qutll and Scroll 3 4 u cnt Bowltng 2 3 .luntor Mtss Honor Society 4 DOLORES BELEW Class Vo e a ass B1sketb1ll l 2 3 Class Baseball I All Star Volleyball 2 3 All Star Basketball 2 3 T I3 3 Mtxtd Chorus 1 Skatlng Club Z nt n C ub 4 S lool P bltcattons 4 F H A TCNY FREIHOFF IR nt- 1 asketball 'Iran xul Chtrus 4 n Orchtstn Cnrxhutn cenarto I3 ess X nul tn SALLY STABENOW tudtnl Assembly trrttary Secrclur rxtrt Commuter 4 A cm c mtttte 3 1 C tru on mttltt yer 1 A res 4 our ass V llxyball 4 Cslass Basket 1 C.1pt1tn l 2 Manager 3 4 Class Baseball tam 3 r t ar l3asl-tttbmll I 4 All Star Base I m ssts m nr coop 3 Md xmus armtlltt Cltrshvun Setntru Ilrxmxttcs .Iunmr ns 4 ltp Sq 4 Rndun Club 4 Stunt vsltng Z 3 lx I 4 Studt t tsls C ret Assus an enctl 7ush rs 4 ll ktng Club I C REST Staff 4 CR Nlaud 4 Qulll and Scroll 4 Honor Srctety 4 FRANK WYIATI MARRIOTT xrbwll Z ac Ptng lon Intrmmur ls 3 Volleyball Intrmmu s 2 3 Iombmll Intramurals 2 3 Ptp Squ S un C. 2 4 Student Bovtltn School Publtcattons 3 4 Candy Sales 3 ,b MARY FRANCES LOHOFENER gg- ,. A t um JUHR Club 3 trm u ll: tn ub l har St1fI Z L .vt Vx' WW PAT SULLIVAN cretary Semor Class 4 C A A 3 4 C Volleyball 3 Class Basketball Captatn 3 Class Baseball 3 All Star Volleyball 3 All Star B s ketball 3 Student Bowltng 3 4 'Ieen Press 4 School Publtcatxons 4 ulll and Scroll 4 Beau mont Hugh 1 REN PAULEY Xtce Presment Sfntor Class 4 A Football Z Basketball Track Xl restltng 2 l31sketb1ll Intramurals 2 Volley ball Intramurals 2 3 Isootball Intramurals Z Iouts Lmurst Hug M ARY BETH CAMPBELL s er Sr ff I 3 Publucny Commntet 4 Socn e nmrttet 4 turd 4 'K xt: horns Bless My ou ramattcs I3 ua 4 Skatxn ub nr 1 Ptn: 'us A I Club 1 QRIST staff 4 IOHN PETER SCI-IMITZ C unsttrutronal C ony nntlen l Student Assembly Reprtsentattyt l 4 Prom Lommrttee 3 Izduca tlonal Lomn-nttet Llutrmmn l 2 A Baske as tt a Trac Tennts txed horns l armtlxli Gus um Sctnzrtn All C tunty Chorus Z Stu en tttrallsts 3 ex It I ocnty 4 u ll 'md Scroll GLORIA COOK A Clus l3astba 'w Squad2 Ixntrttng Club Prestdtnt4 F A BILL KOI-IRS ootball NN rest ln Skattng ub FAYE C BACKUS Edueanonal Cxommlttee Chaxrman 4 Usher Staff Z 3 4 Mrxed Cshn Q Gershwrn Scenarm Z ess My Soul All County Chorus 3 Dramatlcs3 Treasurer -v Pep Squad 3 Student Federwlrsts forrespond mg Secretary 4 Scrrbblers l CREST Staff 4 School Publlcatxons 3 Gxrls State 3 Sopho more Prlgrmmage Z Qurll and Scroll 4 Honor Soclety 4 BOB GORDON Student Assembly R presentatrve Z 3 4 Socnal Committee Z 3 l7romComm1ttte Chalrmm 3 ootball F res mg 4 'Vlrxed C.horus Z Gershwin Scena no Ska ln ub Card S1 es 3 Jun or Rotanan 4 .lunmr Mlss 4 DOLORES BURKE A 4 Class Baseba 4 C ass Basketball faptaln 4 C.lass Volleyball 4 T l3 4 Gym Assrstant 4 Pep Squad 4 DAN COLEMAN Pducatnonml Cnmmlttee 4 Tennis l Ping Pong lnlramurals 3 Boys State 3 Honor Socrety 4 AVA GEISS A A Pap Squa Usher Staff4 ARVIL BYRD Dramatxcr 4 Rndlng C lub 3 Page Flfteen GENE LOEHRER aseball l A 001 a as et al B as e all l Bas e all n ramurals l Volleyball lntramurals l 2 3 4 Football Intra urals l Z MARILYN OTTINGER Educatlonl Committee 4 Prom Committee 3 A A A Boar l C Vo eyball 3 C'apt1m 4 Cl1ss Ba ketball l 2 4 Class Baseball l 4 All Star Basketball All Star Volleyball 4 T l3 4 Gym Assxstant l xxed Chorus l Z Carmellta l Gers wm Sccnarlo 2 All County Lhorus 2 Drama! l 2 Star XVagon Z Student Bowlxng 4 lencnl Pushers 4 C.RFS'l Staff 4 Junior Ring ommxttet Chalrman 3 DONALD HILLEMAN Ping Pong lntramurals 3 Football lntramunls 'Vllxed Chorus 3 ess y oul 3 County Chorus 3 GLORIA LEE O BRIEN lxed Chorus Z Gtr s Glee flu Gershwin Sctnano B ess My oul llramatlcs 3 Knlttlng Club 4 Office Assistant ro Nkcrkshcp 3 F H A RALPH BLAKE rxed Chorus l C-vJfm2lll3 Gershwln Scenario Z Bess Vly Soul All County Chorus 2 ROSE ELAINE BRANDENBURG lxnxtllng Club 4 CLASS lll Ill!! IANET LOEHRER G. A. A. l. Z, 3, 4: Class Baseball 3: Gym Assistant 4, Dramatics Z. Pep Squad 3. 4: Cheerleaders 43 Knitting Club 4: CREST Maid 4. BOB I-'IAYNES oltyball In rimurils Nhat: Chorus tss My Soul Jtnnnings ga PATRICIA LEE EVANS IONES School Publications 4 Ilonor Society 4 utll and Stroll 4 IAMES RAY notball Trac 4 Vvrtsllin an High I Z MARLENE WEIGEL Student Assembly K1ccPres1dent 4 Assembly Committee 4 Cafeteria Committee Chairman om Committee 3 G A A I 3 Pesident 4 G A A Board 4 Class Valley I Cla B ball Z 4 Class 3 ar as e a All tar .tseball 3 T I3 4 Gym Assts an 4 Mixt orus I Z Carmelita Gershwin Scena no All Count Chorus Dramatics Knitting Club 4 Pep Squad Iresident 3 4 Riding Club Secretary Treasurer 4 CREST Stat? 4 Prom Reporter 3 4 Candy Sales 3 Junior Ring Committee 3 Junior Miss Honor Society 4 ull and Scroll 4 CREST uecn 4 BOB VAN REED aseball 2 F A Foot a asketball 2 Track I 4 as ketball Intramurals I 3 Volleyball Intramu s 2 3 4 Football Intramurals 3 4 Mixt orus I Carmclita I Bless Soul 3 All County Chorus 3 Skating Club I Softball Intramurals Z 3 CREST Lscor! 4 Page SIXIEQD 3 1' BOB EHRMAN 'AH Football "F" l, 3, "F" 4: "B" Bas- ketball I. Z. Xk'rcstling 3, Basketball Intramu- rals 3, Volleyball Intramurals Z, 3, 4: Font- ball Intramurals Z, 3, 4. llramatics 3: Band I. ' Brc - Z' "Gershwin Scenario" ' nts 31nd 1 in DOLORES MILLER 1 In lu 4 Htturnon I1 1 iss Xolltvball 4 KIRK DODGE ascball 3 aptain Football I rtst mg 3 Basketball Intramurt s Xolleyball Intramurals 3 Skating C ub 4 School 'ubltcatiuns 4 Junior Ring Committtt 3 C n alts Pu ici Committte anston 1 h I unior iss CRI S Iscot Fuill and Stroll Sucnty 4 MARDA NEUSTADT A 4 Ciym Assistant 4 Class Basket A Star I3as etball Mtxe Chorus Gershwin Sctnario Z Skal1ngC Pencil Pushrrs 4 DALE SMITH and I rc es ar mclita l Gershwin Scenario Z Student Bowl ing 3 Irojector Staff 3 4 CRFS'I Staff hducational Committee 2 Visual Iducational C ommittee Chairman 4 Scribblers askttball F SHIRLEY WILSON knitting ub 4 Usher Staff I lbrary As s ant 3 4 Skating Club 4 Z. C htstra I. , C . 2, All- ccu V-1. 1. Z.Sk.t'gC1lubZ. - .mf A ,, t A V1-' 1. . 4. .'--1 1 1. 1 L L- A A . K-1 -b ,l ,', HBV A in H I V Hi, lt lijlhzhcn. nlzhl-It I . I R . A l I gs' B .c 4. "A" 4 'P' x 4. kk' ' li ,"I7' I .l 32 , ' L 'IQ ' L" i ' 1 'ii i 'iv-'fu' -Q dy S ' 3: bl' 'ty f ' ' 41 Et' . A Hg ,l.".I ' NI""4. C f,Tf l4Z . if F HF.. 4. ,K I -g 41 I ts. .A. . 'e J , ' , .- ball gold . 3 ' A - A . 4. ll-1 1. 4. ' a i . 1. S ' ' ' " ' ' . ' ' " 1 , ' flub Z: ' 4. Pr ' ' . ,... 'z, . vice- gg ' ' 1' I 3 ' - - 3 " . S , ' ball - 33 - SS JSIWY V 3' ? - BBW' - if , "B" Basketball Z' Track I Z 3' Tennis I 2' gal' ' 41 AWS' .B.f'l' 11.3 fi V 'svd 1 , ' Q B I ,z, 1. 4. 0 h Us 1, 2, 1, 4. "ci . Sh., ' if I. N ll U 'i .I ' 3' 's ' .fb . . i .I A 3,-1: Z: - y a I: 3: Q g3g,.,,L ' . - - - - . f : ' ' ' . ' 4 1 4.5- . K . 4 ' 1 I ' I 4 .. ' V ' I , ' ' f M 5? 3 1. . . 1. "A" ' ' ' z " ' ' " 4. . ' 3 Q i K, 3 I .:,.:: . , Q . I . .sr J", I A - 1 I B , " " 3, "F" 4: H N b ll "F" C 4: B I 3, "F" Z B - . ' L , ' .V I ' ' ' Cl 1 , 4. l.' - ral . . 1 . : 'd . Sit V 5 - 1 I Clh . 3, 4: " 4 ' " : " My V CLYDE SCI-IUSTER Football Z Nolleyba InIr.1 murals oothzll nlrxmurlls Nlnxu 0 1 I School I'ubl1c.11mns 4 Sofllnll Inlrlmu S LOIS KNECI-IT A Class Bas L ra m tlcs l 4 'Vllxed Chorus l Knrxrm Club 4 Pencil Pushers 4 Secretary 4 School Publrcatlcns 4 Usher Staff 3 4 'Ilen Pun 4 CLIFFORD IOHN RICHTER Yhxed Chorm l IANE LAYTON I 11 r1 1 Ly all asx S 1 1 ass .1 All Stxr Vo e .1 ar .11 e 1 Star Softball I 4 L1 suitunl 4 1x1 orus Jr mc1t1 Crershwm Sunarlo Blau 'Nl nu Ummatui p Squl ur tar rudenr Bowlnng 4 Kmrtmg Club Pencr Pusher: Presldent 4 School Publlcalrons 4 CRFST Vlwrd 4 WYNNE MELTON Md I urus Cnrshvun Sunarlo ms V uul Coun Chorus Jrx matnm 4 :rm Sc ou 1111 1r Sufi unmr Vlnss IERRY DEAN Jung C lub J MARY ANN CARLSON A X11 C orus 4 Clrls 1 e1 u 1u1 lxmttlng Club 4 Tecn 1 1 I l1nc1l I u1h 4 Sghool Publrcmtmns 11m 1 1 ls gr .1 ull Sgrml 3 D ID E S F Q AV RA S XX re tlrng 4 Football lntra murals 3 'lrxcd C horu1 l Cmrmc rta C11 shwrn Scenarlo Bless Nly oul -X C ount Chorus Z Dnmaucs arm Schq I Junmr 'Vllss 4 .rv IACOUELYN CI-IENEY '-' A l 2 Class Buch ll l 'VI1xed Chorus arm1l11x C11.rshw1n Scenarlo lrammtrcs 3 Stagg Door 3 Student ed 1r1l1st1 res1d1nt 4 Scrr us l R1ctan e Club 2 Burldrng 1nd broundx C ommrtue Chau' m n u 1c1 5 ommll 11 U N Con es l Honor Socnty 4 HANK WILLIAMS r1s1l1ng 3 Bxslulball Inlramura S o '1 n mn ra 1 3 F1101 A r1mur111 l NCRMA IOI-1NSON mc: 114l'1rs 1 nn u almyra CAROL KRULGEH ramn 11:1 e u 1l 4 1 1 1nc1 Iu1 1rs Page Seventeen F' " ' I 'PV' , 111 "F" 41 ' H K - .,. ,A 1,4111 -1 fh 1, , 1' 'Cl- l,l' . -Il. . l.1 -lK.h- . ' flb3:I'1:pS1.1l4: Q : ru :. 3. . . A , pr., 5 1, ' 1 Us Q - 1-1' 213- 1 1. 4, 111-. 1.11-1:1111 11 L hr S1 ff 1, Q 11 .und ' ,4, G. .A. 1, 1. 1, 4, . lvtbnll 1, D 1 , 1 3 , 3, Hp, 3, --ph 1 , . A 121F11' - 3.13 1 ,x'- l,.Z,'1.4i"1- . V :I .1 : 1 - -:A:,:,,- 1' " 1: ' 5 Z: 4' A 5 ' '3 ' ' - S "3:.ll-f y 'I : . ',4: j '-ch ,.4,,"4," ' , 'S 2 6, N Cv. ,A. , : ' . a 31' . 7' 1.1,"C '. 2: . , 1 11' - F, ' ' ' I' '1 'bbl-, 3 ' gl YH' la 1QPb1"1fc5 1114, 1 11 1, A 1. 1, 1. 4, G, 11. A, 11 .1 1 1, 11.141 I 1111111 1. 2. 1. 4. 1,1 -,11.1111111.11 1, 2, 1, 4, 151 - S14111111 1. 1. 1, 4, ll yr 1111, 1, 1, 1. 4, A1151 11 111b.111,1,4. All- ,,., 1, 1, 4, T-11 1, , Sym W, - ,b 2' . A , 1 12, Aol. 1, I QV 'df-h, l,g,3,73-H41 "V - 1, x'111y1.111 1. 111 1 1.2, . 1 1111 111- . 1 . ' -, ' 1 y , t K' V1- s 1" 1, , '- 1, P1 , .11. 51,1 1-1, I S ': .A ' . 4:1 'l , , 111-- 11 1.1,4,"'- f .1 1, 'G '141- M s " 1, A1111 11. 1,11 111. 1 11 .- 4, K11'1'1r'111 4, 1- 1 1, - , "fIh. 114 1" 4. 1-fp 51, 1 1, 1. 1, 1 u11.- ,. 4, 4.1 " 4 gk- , 1, 1, 1, c1A.,x,1,z.1,4,11 1' 1. 1, 1 1111 fr. 1 ,x11'111111ci111114,11- 1 1 11- 4. BOB TOWNER Volleyball Intramurals 3 Band l 2 4 Orche Mlxe L orus Cvershwm Scenario 2 Bless My Soul 3 CREST Staff 4 CREST Escort 4 Honor Socrety 4 DORIS WOEMMEL A A 3 4 Class Volleyba 1 Cass Basketball 2 4 Class Baseball I 3 Captam 4 Pep Squad 4 Rrdmg Club President 4 Skating Club 4 Knitting Club 4 CREST Mald 4 WILLIAM HARRIS Our Town 3 Skating Club 2 ed Cross Represcntatrse 4 ISABEL DuBRAY Publrcrty Commrttee 3 Usher Staff 3 G A A 2 3 4 Class Volleyball 3 Class Bas e 3 ass seball 3 4 rt m ttcs I 'e ua 3 Sc e tary Treasurer 4 Skating Club 3 4 Knrttmg Club 4 II kung C lub I Rnd Cross Representa tue 4 BILL WOOLEY B Basketball 2 Track 2 Wrestling 3 Vol leyball Intramurals 2 3 Football Intramurals Band Z Orchestral Z Mixed Chorus Crershwxn Scenanc Skating Club 3 Can.Iy Sales 3 CREST Lscort 4 BETTY IANE FISCI-IER A T I3 4 Gym Asslstan Skating Club I 2 Pep Squad 4 Stuuer' Bowlmg 3 4 Knitting Club 4 Pencil Pushers 4 NANCY BROWN Student Assembly Representattve 1 3 Hrstonan 4 Constltutronal Contentron I Soctal Comrmt tee Charrman 4 Prom Commxttee 3 G A A I Z 3 Socral Commrttee Chatrman 4 G A A Boardl 2 3 4 Class Volleyball Captain tam Z 3 ss asketball 1 Class Baseball I 2 3 4 All Star Volleyball 3 All Star Basketball 2 3 4 All Star Baseball 2 n c sra Carmelrta Cuershvurn Scenarto 2 Bess M Soul 3 All County Orchestral 3 4 amatrcsl Z 3 4 Stage Door 3 Charm School 4 .Iumor Miss 4 Pep Squad 4 Cheerleaders Captam 4 Rrdxng Club 4 Student Federalrsts Secretary 3 4 Creatrve Wrrtmg Club 4 Hrkrng Club l School Publlcatrons 4 Prom Reporter 4 CREST Maud 4 Honor So crety 4 Qulll and Scroll 4 IOI-IN PETERSON Volleyball Intramurals 3 Basketball Intramu ra s 3 ALTI-IEDA LAURA FARIES crety 4 IOHN SHARP ootball F 4 Trak 2 3 Wrestln 3 Captaln F 4 McBrtdeH1g VELMA KIRKPATRICK G A A 4 Crym Assrstant 4 Class Basketball 4 Class Volleyball 4 Usher Staff 4 School Publrcatrons 4 .Iunror Rmg Commtttee 3 WALLACE OVERSTREET ootball 2 rac 2 3 Foot a Intramurals 3 Pep Squad 2 Skatrng Club 2 3 Prom Ccmmrttee 3 ' V I, . , : V 3 T' I: I I Q Cap ' . , 4: Cla B , 2, 3. 4: :ra l,' 2, 4, ' 4 at 3, -of f' ' l ' ' 'I 2 ' - 1 I ,5 ' 4: T-13 3: Bad 2, 3: Orhet I, Z. 3, 4: I 3 ' " ' " I: " " ' " 2 " I Y " 2 - 'A - 1 Dr ' . , 3 1 " 2 ' G. . . I, 2. . 5 ll 1 .I : 3 . ' . ! 5 ' Msixiq Chorus 1' ZYFI !.Carm?limN' 3: Dianaul A. A. I, 33 Office Assistant 4: Honor So- 1, , , 41 ' 1 . ' ' kt! ball 1 CI Ba , 4: T-I3 3, : D .- --A" F H " 3 C 1, . I r 1' g a' . 2. 3, 4: I p Sq d l. Z, , cr'- 2' 4-F" V - ' 1' " I ' 'h 1. 31 1, 1 I '. 1 ' 1, Q 5 ' I 1 I ' 1 .. . . ,. 2: . . J . . 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' 4. 4 Q P ' ' . 1 .. . 1. 2. 1, .Q A. . " ' 1 cz. A. A. 2. ,ep slum 2. . . " 11.11 A, . B. 1.2. 3.4:Och'st. 1.2. 4' 4: Sk t' , f , . 1. 'g 4, 4, 4. "cj 1. " . 2. . . l Kn' ' .1 . ' ' . , dy fB1- . r 5 " 1. llr' 4 .1 2, 3. A ' 5.1 . ' U V' I I ' A I ' : Q. .I NA it I I i -' ' i . ' ., 1 X- .' :'uf I6 , s1'f1".c3.A.A.'. . .4 -' -A 11' ' . :" 1' . 4.6, . . .1 , . ll 3. . . " : ' ' : ' Cl , . L -I . 1 ist- ' b.1.'M'kc1h'l .1Jf"x,z,3,-sf . A 1. 'nn' .1 c. B 42 I :il .11 f4. . .A.. I I 110.11113 st-cam 4.'AQ11111 .ma Scrdll 4. I ,ay Q A' .32 3, ' . 'B 3. 4g G. .A. 1. . 1. 4. '1.f ' 1 1' . 1 ' I. Z. gi 3,41 -'s D 3. w "21'O' . ' ' ' "' " 3 ' Q : ' ' I :l7en- 1 ci : i' I 3. ' tio 1 . Q " : S, . . 3, 12' ' J .' "3. I - .Ll-. .M--111311, 1.11.35 hc. - " 1. 14' s . " 2. " 1- V - ,.,,, S , . -- b4. My .' " 1. A1143 1 cih. 1. 2. 1. AQILB ,""iV','I f' '. - ' K ml 1c.1.:111'gc,1ub1., -1 ..1'gs.51u. Ky , A 4 d -- ' . ti. - x' c. 11 4. ' ' ' ' .2 1, J . Sl U 3 U I Nl M 'I' G. IA. A. I. . 3 I ll 1 ' 'ng BOB BECKER ootball F Ca am askctball F Captam asketball l Track F F 4 Basketba Intramurals l 3 o leyball Intramurals l Z 3 Football Intramu s Star of Scoo 3 All Nor County Basketball 3 Nl xcd C horus l Z 3 4 Carmcllta Gershwin Scenarxo 2 Bless My Soul 3 Comet Hop K ng l Junmr Ro tarlan 4 Junior Miss 4 BILL ERMAN Student Assembly Prcxndent 4 Prom Commit t 3 avketball Basketball Z 'Irack l 4 Basketball Intramu s 3 and 4 Orches Ctrshvnn Sctnaruo Z CRI ST Staff 4 Honor Society 4 Quill and Scroll 4 Jumor Rotanan -v GENE MCCULLOUGH ootball 3 4 Track 3 Dramatlcs 4 Charm School 4 Skating Club 3 Soldan Blewett Hugh I Z GEORGE ADAMS Basketball Intramurals l 2 3 Volleyball murals l 2 3 Football Intramurals l Z nd l 4 Gers W n Scen1r1o 2 Boys S atc l IUEL WILLIAMS Football 4 Track 2 3 4 'rcstn g F 4 Basketball Intramurals THOMAS M SKINKER ootball F A as ketball 3 B Basketball Z Track 2 Skatlng Club 4 Candy Sales 3 Softball Intramurals 2 Junior Miss 4 CREST Escort 4 BOB PRUITI' SI-IIRLEE ROWDEN B ass Xolleyball l Clxss Basketba ass Baseball Z 4 All Star Vclleyba A Star Basketball 3 T13 3 4 Gym Ass I 4 ramatrcs l Stage Door Charm School 4 Star XVagon Z Mlxcd orus l Carmcllta I Gershwin Sce narlo 2 lxnlttlng flub 4 Tun Prtss 4 n cll Pushcrs 4 School Publications 4 Publxcxly mmrtttt S or Boo .1 .lunlor IN rss 4 ROGER DAVIS 'Irack Manager Wrestling Manager Z 3 ur Town l R1 mg lub Skatlng ub l w 1 Lubrary Asslstant l Projector Stall' l CRI ST Stafl 4 Junlor Rotarran 4 Jun or lk Iss 4 SHIRLEY LUDWIG A 2 3 4 Class Volleyball Z G Assistant 4 Pep Squad Z 4 Skating Club 2 3 4 Knitting Club 4 Junior Ring Commlttcv. 3 Junlor Red Cross Rcprcscntatnc 4 CREST Maud 4 CHARLES SPRINGER restlxng 1 Z 3 Volleyball Intramurals Football Intramurals 3 Mlxed Chorus 3 4 es My Soul 3 All County Chorus Skatmg Club 1 2 DALE STABENOW Skating Club I 2 3 4 CREST Escort 4- TOM MOTTIN Bulldnng md Cnounds Ccmmutuc Chnrmm 4 .1 1' 1r11 nmrnntcc 4 Ushar Stuff rut Pm Pong In1r1mur1lw I 4 Huang Clu n Squad Z 1 11 X Cluh 4 Sc oo 'u 1c.111tns 4 Junmr Rmg fummxttct I Inu 4 Honor Qocnly 4 u ll mtl Scroll 4 LOES IEANNE DAVIS Student Axscmbly Rcprcsi:nt1t11c 3 4 Axstm bly Commlttee Cuhurman 1 itrtncn C ommlttu Chaurman 4 Usher 91.117 4 Junlor Rtng Com tu I Cl.1xi Nollny 1 t.11n .us 111 1 4 C1 ssuunt 4 nxt orux Cnr 1 1 an u .1rmtl1t1 C1rxhv11n Su num tw y ou 4llCcun1y u s r1m11c5 1 u.1 4 R1 11 uh Ptncll Pus rs .Iunmr Vltsx Hunor Socnty 4 BILL OX ERTURF Iduc111on.1l C1mm11ttt 4 Ft1otb.1ll rack cnnm un rue Junmr 111 NITA TINSLEY A 1 s Butbn Cl.1ss 11 1tb1ll 4 1p quad VERNON RICI-ITER Vullnball Intramurals! B.1s1b.1ll Intr.1mur1 1 NORMA QI-IANKLE A 1 1xe orus Cnrs wm Qcenano 1215 y Soul 3 IDr.1m.11 e ua 1n u Knlttln ub 4 Llbrary Assratant l I l u ,pm Q'- SIL if ,hw W-it 75.1 4? x .1- S Page Twenty One -1 IACOUELINE MARIE I-IUBERT Bo 1 C sw 1 ryball l 1 1 1 C xg nblll l Nhnngtr 4 AllS1.1r Ban 1 4 C .xndy 9.1 cs ROY MEYER lubnll not 1l 4 A .11 1 brll Bzskt all Cap n r k Z B.1:krtb1l In1r.1mur1 s Nollev .1 r.1mur.1ls Ioo1b1 murnx 4 Star of 1h4 9:00 Honor 1r Nl mbtr rf C1 C RI QT 91.1 SI I sm DORIS I-IEMEYER A 4 Orchcs Cnervhwln Scenarlo Blew 'Vly uu 0 nd Rldlng C lu 9lt.11 mg C lub 4 Studrnt Fcdt'r:1l1s1s 4 0fT1c1 Aunt mn 4 Iunmr Rm ommnttw I mm Cm-1 1111 I Z C RI ST itqff 4 Honor cnty 4 Qulll 'xml Scro BOB BERNSTEIN s r 91.15 I 1xed Choru1 I C.1rmc 1 us y You 3 5k.1t1n lub Z DOLORES CHURCHILL A 3 4 Vhxcd Lhorua nr s C1 ee C. ub Gershwm Scen.1r1o Z Blue Vly 51 ul 3 All County C horus 'I r m nc, ar Vkngon tp iquu 1 u .1 1n u nn rn u H rn lu I ic oo I'ubl1c.1111 ns 4 I nncll Pushtrs 4 EDWARD I-I BIER IR B1slu.!b.1ll Intramurals 3 Cf:-'.'C' ' . 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" I If , C, 5 P I i ' 4, " M" -1, - -V 14 1 ' I 1 -- mi " :F H.A. l, 3 ' 5. . 1 Su 1 . ' . ll 4. I G A. 1. 2. 1, 4. 131.1 . - ll 41 3 ' Uh M, 3 4 11.11. .Ls 2.1, 11 I 1 "- 1 -11 4 - ' 4 ,f 5 l't.1" l. "III- M . l" . 1 'g Cl . W 'rg ' 'I f . G. .A. I, Z, . 11' ' -2.142 1 ' 'V' I C' 1' 11 "1 11 " ' . "' . H , ' " 1. .1" : V. t .1111 ' ' " 3' 6' 5 ' .1 I, Z, 3. 4: "St ' " Z: IJ' . d 'M",' 1.2, I.4:R'ding Cll b I. Sk t' g Cfl b l. Z. , f '4.4:K'ttgC1lb4: ik'gCQbg.hI 1, . . ' , . 'f ' 1 . a'z ' 1, ' - I Q J,wf,,L.-1, - . X 4 , R1 , 1' uf I G. .A. ll. Z: 'NI' d Ch 1.1.41 ' A- h- A YH' C' ' ' ' . " 2. HB' 11- .1 ' . . V. X ,r 1 A , I 1cSl:PpSq d3.Rid'gClb4: g ' '5 4, "' Cl 5 ' ' ,..I liking Cll bl. - ,js ' U ' ' , V! BOB TRAIL Iootball Intramurals I Rulmg Clu 3 Usher Stall' 3 Serslre Commxtlee 3 RAYMOND MEYER WILMA SMITI-IER 1 4 C Ins Vollt' 1 ass Basketball I Class I3asc a 3 All Star Basketball Z M1,tcd Chorus 3 All County Chorus 3 Ptp Squad 2 3 Skatlng Club Km 1n u 4 CRI ST Staff 4 u l1c1ty Comm1ttet 4 STANLEY BRENNER I3 stball I -il' -Im ootball as ttball 4 I3 Basketball I Star of Scoo 3 Baskttball Intramurals 2 Volleyball Intra murals 1 Pep Squad 4 Comet Hop l Junmr Rotartan 4 Jun1or Mrss 4 HARRY GROW asketball 2 Track 3 4 ennls Volleyball Intramurals l Pep Squad I 2 3 4 Rldtng Club 3 4 Student Bowllng 3 4 Stu dent Federalrsts 4 Ttcn Press 4 School Publl canons 4 Candy Sales 3 Art Club I Student Assembly 2 Publ1c1ry C.omm1ttee 3 Chanrmln 4 .Iumor Rotarxan 4 Qulll and Scroll 4 DONALD STAMER Volleyball Intramurals 3 Student Bowlmg 3 RAY BEAN ootball F 4 Trac l Wres mg I F 4 Pmg Pong ntra murals 2 Basketball Intramurals I 2 3 Vol leyball Intramurals l Z N0 PICTURE Page Twenty Two ROY I GILLI-IAM Xo1tyb1ll Intramurals I 2 Dram1t1s dent Bovlxny 3 Candy Sales 3 ERNEST WAONER tnms 'l I and Orchestra I 2 Carmr Ita trshwm Sct11'1r1o Z Cnun Orca 1 In DON HAI-IS Xlrestlmg F 4 Hadley Xocat1onalSchocl I I3ltv1t11 Hugh Z MILTON TEGETI-IOFF XX rtstllng 4 Pmg Pong Intramurals 3 Band Z ts Crtrshwln Sctnano a mg ub 4 CRI ST Sta .Iun1or Rmg Commlttee 3 Fducahonal Commn tee 4 Prom Comm1ttee 3 Qu1ll and Scroll 4 HELENE MARTIN Student Assembly Z V1cePres1dent 3 Assem bly Comm1ttee Charrman 4 Seruce Comm1ttee Chalrman 3 Vlsual Educat1on Comm1ttee 3 Prom Commxttee 3 Const1tut1onalConvent1on I s er Staff 3 M1xt'd Chorus I Z Carme 1 a Gershwm Scenarlo Z Rldmg C lub 3 4 Student Federa 1s s 1 e Presl dent 4 Scnbblers I School Publlcauons 3 4 Qu1lI and Scroll Secretary Treasurer 3 4 Hon or Soc1ety 4 CREST Mard 4 EUGENE SCI-IMIDT Beaumont 1h l IOI-IN MULHOLLAND ootball F F Co Ca ta1n as ethall F 4 Track F 3 s ketball Intramurals 3 Volleyball Intramurals 3 Football Intramurals 3 Star of the Scoop 1 Mrxed Chorus 3 Semor Assembly 4 CREST Escort 4 Oklahoma H1gh I 2 Y 2 . 1 ' ' 3 11 1 1 . ' I' I ' ' '1',.K , 3 .'c 4,Stu - T-'11 2, 1 1" 11 "cz-f 1' 5 - . ' " 1 All-T 1,1 111 tra l, Sk.1 g Club I, Z, 3. c1.x,A,1.2,1. 1 7. 1 y11.11 1, 2, 31 I I ' CSI 1 1 , 2, 11 3 1 11 ll 1. 2, 1 'T 1 1, 21 ,III g CII b 1 i '. 1 P 11. 1, 'W I ,l, - I ' A ' ' I A J 'II 11 .1-1 . "F" 2. "F" ci 1' 2, "F" 41 ' 1 1 . 1 U , , "A" F "F" 4: "B" II .k' "F" 2. 3' 41 Orch.-lm Z' 3' .45 " ,K ' A' , ' " 'F" 1, "F" 1" " : 1- P 21 st 1'. C21 11, 2, 1. 1 , . ff 41 "B" B , 1 T ' 1. 21 - , 1' ', 11 I - T 'V f - 1: '- uh 1 1 ,fm Q ' 1 H 4: -. 2 A ' 1't"l:" ' 3 " j y : I A 1 - 1.2, ,1 l't3,V'cf '. 1 ' - Frg , 2, "A" F U " 1, "F" 1 11 1 - --AH rf 1- " 3. -' " . p ' 41 "A" tl' . 2. "F" 3. " " 1 ' I - B 11 " " 1 " " 2. "F" 1 B.. ' . . 3. ' ' ' ' 1 'Q THIRD GRADE BACK ROVV Ehrman Tra1I Smlth Becker Mlss Lynch Skrnker Thorouqhman Wagner Schuster MIDDLE ROW Vlartm Inman row Jones Tretter Cowan Stabenow Reed Ottlnqer FRONT ROW Overy Rozxer Paul Kobets Lohofener Pearl Kennedy Brown Davls FOURTH GRADE BACK ROW Parkman Becker Skmker Thoroughman S hmxtz Smxth THIRD ROW Coleman Sprmqer Trarl Erman Snodell Fuqate Wagner Schuster SECOND ROW Smrth B Gay Backus Cowan Iones Stabenow FRONT ROW Brown Gray Martrn Crow I.oho'ener Kobets Romer Davrs PAN AMERICAN PROGRAM CFOURTH GRADED BACK ROW Pack Cowan Rozrer Iones Stabenow Crow Kobets Backus FRONT ROW Gay Lohofener Bro .vn Davis Ott nqer Gray Mart n PAN AMERICAN PROGRAM CFOURTH GRADED BACK ROW Ehrman Thorouqhman Skmker Becker Park man Schmitz Sm1th FRONT ROW Trall Coleman Fuqate Schuster Sprxnger Snodell Waqne KINDERGARTEN RHYTHM BAND BACK ROW Brown Brttner Iohnson Gay Srruth Rozler THIRD ROW Rcwden Tretter Trarl Inman Lohofener Ehrman Martm Wooley Ferrante SECOND ROW Davrs Mueller Schmltz Skmlcer Elhott Gardner Eqar FIRST ROW Wrlson Cody Ottmqer Iones Stabenow FIFTH GRADE rOURTI'I ROW Wagner Trarl B Cker Skrnker Parkman Smxth Adams Ehrman THIRD ROW Mclfown Handlanq Shouse Coleman Kobets Pack Ione Brown SECOND ROW Cwan I.o'tman Stabenow 'ones Martm Crow Ottmqer FIRST ROW Davrs Bray Gay Backus Lohotener Rozxer Fan Page Twenty Three " X FIFTH ROW Rcthwerl Werse Strlnqer Bmppen DuBray Love Be l Mack FOURTH ROW Cayce Ruqen VVarneclce Relch mar Dcdy Lcqan Blel Schlrchtemeler Wolfe OBr1en Ncblxtt THIRD RON Ktrkpatrrck Schwab l-loltshouser Chapman 'Nlrehaus Hmds Kcenzq Coffey Lbbesmeyer Aubuchon Orf Schway McCluer SECOND ROW M.1ehl1r1q Smlth Brewer Pattcrscn Vfrlcox auehrle Sncddy Hammer Fehrlaqe Davrs Lrrderwcod Odfather Ruschmeyer FTRST ROW Kent Gc way Sclnwcrzer Gould hume Kenstra Herrrnaw Davzes Krueae Bcwden Carter Shaw 'Rn FCTJRTH ROW Mrs Dlcselhcrst Carroll Ouade Poor Noettl Chandler Shouse Tucker bollrnqer Aubuchon Frant7 THTFD ROW G Plcardr Walbrldqe Bone Stelnrnan Warren Edler Buenrle Qulfk R Hcardl Young Rane SECOND ROW M Mer emy G ss mndoe-utel Gorges I-leffner Hamrnel Gena Kr op Vrtale Brmlcrnan Hackett Fl:-.ST ROW Lammert Medley Ovorstreet Graharn Stevens E Welwba Rauch Stanfreld Demp ey Humnq l-llld Twellrrwan INctc'1 prcture Harold Lamertl 1-fats off to the Iunror Class wrth cheer Who produced a succesful prom th1s year The thlrd year s done now comes the last They ll always cla1m that 1t went too fast Page Twenty Four 7 Q 7 f I ' . S I . gh 1 5 X I A l x l ' , . lr Y 3 "T-iff' gg VA . , , ' Q11 ,- A -,,, , T S Rl l 4 1 Ik z P l s - 5 AI ' l ' A J ' - I ' X . , u I x - x , ,. - lg if f I , X ,. ,xi E A . M . . 5 T 3 Y, ' C 1 1 T Here s to the Sophomores strong tn heart Wrth two years rn they re becomrnq smart And as a predrctor We ll qrve you a lead The Sophomore Class rs hound to succeed EE E? 2 C9 Ls'-fa FIFTH FOV! Neqvver McCoy Vlehmann Plath Ienmngs Franz I Wrlltams Weldman Tucker Tmncy Fltzqerald Tebeau I Wlllrams Hayward FOURTH ROW Thles Cervenka Bassler Hesskamp Shank Haclvnelster Mcrrrson L McClure B Holtshcuser I Lohofener Kuhlenqel T Rothwell Depker Adams THIRD ROW Wteqand E Sullrvan Moss Bruce M Old father Maxerner Marlow Heron Ioan Patterson I Schwab Castello D1 tz Grosch Futrell Tedqer Towner Coleman SECOND ROW I-tolrnes B Gerss Cunnrngham Le H uxlrer E Hubert R Burkc Amelono Kenner Kappel Ke-now Bloom trela H111 Schuster Kreder Love Seal D Patterson FIRST ROW Sande Hasselhe qer Guyct Overy Boatwrlqht Sharp Hartwrq W tdle Herwtq Dreckman Behle Busohard Pounds Olrq chlaqer Grob Hafner Mtlner Lanler Buchanan FIFIH POW Lee Cglltes Go ar Soles Kreylrna M r n Noernmet Parker Wlson Mtller Huqloes Krupmskr Thompson Rteqal Ludwq Iaokson Dal Heftrngton E Gruen rqer O Gruentnqer Asher Warren Hcffert Pope Sohwaebe Gocken hacl' rCUR'IH Ran! Kasper K1 trtokland Underwood Vrtale Gordon Czescl Golhofe Patron l..tcas rttnehart Ieske Dawson Fevnolds Toad Alb afvson Iones THIRD ROW Wetse Herneyer Vance Kassehaum yran Schewe Brer Hammel Lnqemann Vells F' y Neleb Elart 't INGSSIHQ Htehaus Cratq Tr o SECCND ROW esl-'e Carden Nrnker Shaw Stafford Srr tr r-Iackme ster Gusttn Orr He demart Meter Craq Brmqqs Ad ms Bruce Trema FIRST ROW Ktel Wclf Garnlzrll Humnq Ar tna M hon Peters Axrr r Koenneker Wlson Ze 1 an Ha'ne Gar Whaley Frlesen R ndall Mo ller Hoeltrtq Pda twenty Frye FIFTH ROW Wrlke Carden Snyder Temple Meyer Btndbeutel Vtaftnmqer Schulte Kluq Warner Lay Htlqernan Hannrnq FOURTH ROW Wallace G LeBeau Ryles M Warren D Smttn Wobrck Love 'Woell Zumwalt St phens Imboden Wall mg Albers THIRD ROW Sternrauf Strutman VV llman Koehler Rull Fads Masterson Boque Ryles Tanner Bass Klte Creqctr SECOND ROW W 1ql Barnett Fulford I-lomberq Drckerson Schutz Stabenow E lohnson I LeBeau Schoen Grosh Funkhauser Lrttek n Hotsclaw Douglas FIRST ROW Kell V Narsh Wooason McClarv D Fhrle Mahon Koser Byrd R Ehrle Cleland Graham Peterson Guyct Montes Bean BACK ROW Iones Wetse Mxller Ieske Rowles Frsher Harvey Hans Albers Mrss Nourse Casey Ferguson C Smrth Klrk McArthur Cool Spetcher Krreqer THIRD ROW Walwlck Koehlem Phrlltps Hetdorn Goodson Wotawa Upton Prrce Dempsey Pope R Davrs Schwaebe l-Iolderfreld Vlerqand Zwtck Flesch Dougherty SECOND ROW Summerton Wells Karston Ryan Potts Lemmor' Spencer Lynn Wcrthmqton Wrlcox Lott Wertz Eades Otten Baldwm Madrson Allen FIRST ROW Brandt Woodward W Thompson Overy Haynes D Thompson Brrdsonq F Smxth Wrse Wrlharns Wolfe Ulrxch N Davxs Clark Crusxus Farrbanks Brandenburg Let s remember the F rosh ln stature they re small They re only here shortly but we love them all There s three years ahead and they ll really be fun But they can always look back on a Job well done Page Twenty Srx CLASS H1952 igih-1 muh Cam-polqnmq Cast Your Ballot S 1- offlcers take pledge Ium rs choose class rmqs Semors eleft offlcers Tense Moments Yes: Ferguson' Rxd g Club PICHIC Page Twenty seven T . 1 , , Q, ' 4 W x A b 1 . A - N. V ' V .Q ' - f ' Q -W Q' W ,L K G . , H . WI TEH S APS Parents Club Serve Lurch Hou Ke-epmq core GAA CYU1SG Buzz' Iumcr Town Meetmq Charm Qchccl Page Twenty Elqhi ' ' A ' s It goes like ihis BUQQYIICEG Crest Staff-busy? .Q h was ,end Jury Q r S PQ 1 Paqc fl . SPHIIIII S APS .e,q-ww 3 'Jl'GS fi 1, . I 3 , X , ' s 3 ' , , I' ., Vx The QT.: min type. . "VJ 2 are il.- Q, 1.2237 Ny.-r il5'EY1 ycuriq Qcdyf Sf , y. Dr1v1:.:j QL clzss. Sezzzr Innetzng. f' tutes 2: HF. .,prL.g 1 1.19. Cree' Q4-32: Cf1:'1' X, AI' xr. siys sz. QT' sixty-Wine Thls they all Wlth a Joyful mmd Bear through llfe l1ke a torch ln flame And fallmq flmq to the host behmd Play up' Play up' And play the game PgThty Newbolt I - . . . I I I I I w...,..,. , .fun-,www-una.:-2-m-4+-I ,. I 'W' , I . . 1,74-QWIIMI, , M , mr, MM My I I 'Q' ,,,.I ....,1.,,u, , mv fam Q, . , 'NI,f1Sz:'i' . vm- N. R ,, , 4 1554452 z Q. I K, .I I fg - H ,,,, I ' I f' idx. ,A ikii,:WMW ,Q W 53? V I I ,ix 5 ,CE wp fI3?.,,MfIv new ' G z1z41,,. ,QA I ,,f,2M I , fI " I -I D 'If 1 f In wzwkwz-fw , I Wa: II I, ' -'wr ff Q- ,. I 4 ' , I , ,. 34 7' of lf., wk f 0 I, L I :X 4: ff!! I g N , W I X lim if- . Igxf-If X B .AX " iffy ...'V""'5? xi N A 'n V. SECOND ROVV: l-luning, Reynolds, Dawson, Ieske, Lucgs, Poor Kropp Young Gray Orr Homes Couch Burgess FIRST ROW: B. Welebcr, Reinhcrrt, Mcrrriott, Dodge, Chandler Loehrer Meyer Vgn Reed Ruff Brenner I Weleba BASEBALL Loehrer, Catcher .... Reinhdrt, Shortstop .. Ruff, Right Field ......, Von Reed, Left Field ....,,. ,.,.. . Cihdndler, First Base Marriott, Third Bose. Dodge, Right Fieldu, Meyer, Center Field. Ierry Welebcx, Second Bcrse , ,,.,, . Bob Welebcr, Third Base .,..,. . . Lucas, Left Field .,.,.,,........ ..... . Brenner, Pitcher , 333 240 l67 500 500 333 308 182 287 083 200 263 Page Thirty Two Coach Burgess, with only a week in which to build a team, again came through with a capable nine despite the loss of three veteran infielders. Although the Comets got off to a slow start by dropping games to Fairview and Iennings, the true colors of the Ferguson team were really displayed as the Comets swamped Riverview in the third league game 22 to 3. The following week the most exciting game of the season developed as Bobo Brenner lost a lO-inning pitcher's duel to Eureka 3 to 2. The Comets were outclassed the following week by Fairview, the Ferguson nine being held to one hit. Such a game did not discourage the Comets, however, as Ferguson led by the hurling of Kirk Dodge, the team captain, mauled the River- view Rams by a score of 17 to 3. This was the first time in three years that the Comets were able to take both season games from River- BASEBALL view. The season came to a close as the Comets lost a tough game to Berkeley in the latter innings. VV'hen the 1948 season ended, the Comets had won 2 of 7 games played, finishing fourth place in the North County League. To avoid the conflict between the two major sports, football and baseball, Ferguson's base- ball season will hereafter be scheduled in the spring. The teams to be contested this spring include Country Day, Principia, and Wellston. Before this publication had gone to press two of these games had been played. The first brought a 4-2 defeat for the Comets at the hands of Country Day. The second, how- ever, proved more promising as the Ferguson nine captured a 3-l victory from Principia Academy. The game was especially impres- sive since the Comets presented a game free of errors. SECOND ROW: Mr. Pufali, Mr. Klickman, McCullough, Weigel, Czeschin, Gordon, Graham, B. Grueninqer, O. Grueninqer Warren, Galhofer, Reinhart, McKinney, Wcoley, Quade, Buehrle, Hoffert, Edler, Hughes, Chandler. FIRST ROW: Loehrer, Van Reed, Bean, Pauley, Erhman, Skinker, Sharp, Mulholland, Becker, Dcdqe, Schuster, Reeves, Kohrs Brenner, Fulbright, Ray. Fllllllllll BECKER MULHOLLAND FULBRIGHT DODGE PAULEY BRENNER SKINKER SHARP MQKINNEY El-IRMAN BEAN Page Thlrtyelfcur The football season rolled into progress with the outlook very dim. But when the sound of the first kickoff came, Coach Bill Pufalt had whipped into shape a powerful eleven. With only these five returning lettermen- Quade, Fulbright, Skinker, Ehrman, and Beckergthe team was able to win four of its eight games for a very successful season. The team was sparked by the brilliant passing and play calling of the quarterback, Iohnny Mulholland, the powerful line plunging of full- back Bcb "Mudd" Becker, the sparkling pass receiving of Stan "Bobo" Brenner, and the vicious line play of Tom Skinker. When the final gun sounded, ending the 1948 football season, Ferguson found two of its team members, Becker and Brenner, with honorable mention for the All District Football FUUTHALL Squad. Looking back over the season one can now see that the spirited teamwork of the Comets paid off as the Ferguson eleven de- feated such favored teams as St. Charles, Principia, and Wellston. The many well fought games of the season gave to the l948 squad the best percentage earned by a Ferguson football eleven since the sport was reintro- duced to Ferguson in l946. Ferguson Ritenour .... Ferguson St. Charles Ferguson Roxana ...... Ferguson Principia ,.,. Ferguson Brentwood Ferguson Wellston ..,. Ferguson Western M. Ferguson .......,.,.,..,,., Maplewood Page Thirty Five BACK BOW: Carroll, Meyer, Poor, Becker CCaptainJ, Erman, Brenner, Chandler. FRONT BOW: Bone, Ruff, Smith, Ouade, Reeves, leske, Coach Bolin. BASKETBALL With four returning lettermen--Bill Erman, Bob Becker, Stan Brenner, and Boy Meyerf Coach Bentley Bolin thought he had most of his problems solved. Looking for a guard, he found lack Carroll, a hard driving junior, and was all set for a victorious season. ln the first game of the season the Comets displayed everything Coach Bolin had hoped for by defeating the former North County League Champion Biverview team by a score of 44-25. ln this game everyone contributed to the scoring and a well rounded team seemed promising. The second game against a power- ful Bayless five brought a loss by a narrow margin, but the Bolin men made up for lost time by defeating lennings in the best de- fensive game of the season. lt was a happy coach that was looking forward to capturing the North County League championship who walked into the shower room that night. But the following two games high spirited team as the at the hands of Western view. The Comets, still looking proved fatal to a Comets met defeat Military and Fair- forward to a North Becker Erman Page Thirty-SLK Brenner Chandler County championship, were upset in their first l949 game by a hot Berkeley team. However, the team came back to gain three consecutive victories from St. Charles, Riverview, and Country Day. A following loss to Iennings proved decisive, as the Comets went into the Ferguson lnvitational Tournament slated as underdogs. The Comets defeated a favored Eureka team by ten points in the Ferguson Tournament but, after leading throughout the second game, were defeated by the number one seeded Afftcn by a margin of three points. The latter part of the season was climaxed by a one-point victory over cr favored Ritenour five and a six-point overtime victory over the Berkeley cage men as the Comets clinched Poor Carroll BASKETBALL third place in tho North County League. Fergu- son was dropped from the sub-regionals by losing a tough game to Principia Academy, the Normandy subregional winner. As a highlight to the season, guard "Bobo" Brenner was selected on the All North County team. Cther important scorers on the Fergu- son team were "Mudd" Becker, second team All North County selection, B1ll Erman, and Roy Meyer. With these returning lettermen next year, jim Poor, Charles Chandler, lerry Reeves, Phil Ieske, and lack Carroll, Coach Bolin looks forward to a good 1949-50 season. Next year, however, will see the Comets in the powerful Suburban League. leske 'll-llP.D ROW Dempsey Ar tngton Schulte Ft. houser nahs Montes SECOND RCW Brtggs Gordon G Gruenrrge P tr ck Wrllrams Whaley Bean H lmb rg FIRST ROW och Pufalt Schwaebe Ray S rp lxlug Brass N Hunmg G l-lunmg Gruemnge Pretzels? Page Thrrty Erght I 'lhrs year Coach Pufalr wrth hrs frve return mg lettermen lack Sharp Dave Brass hm Dempsey Iuel Wrlhams and Rrchard Gordon looked forward to a successful l949 wrest wrth drsappomtment as far as vrctory was concerned The team was put through all the ropes and showed they could hold the1r own agarnst uch teams of the Suburban League as Rrtencur Normandy Maplewood Webster Groves and Krrkwood The team fmally met J1CtOfY by defeatmg a rough Untversrty Ctty team on the opponents floor The team also met Bellefontame and Gramte Crty rn practrce matches Desprte the poor record of the team a brrlhant ftghtmg sprrrt and ha d work were dr played by all the wrestlers Among the lettermen were lack Sharp Gary Hunmg Dave Brass Don Hahs hm Ray George Schwaebe Nel Hunmg lack Bean and luel Wrllrams lack Qharp lettenng for the second year was the team captam a posrtron of whrch he was certarnly deservrng ln the state meet George Qchwaebe captured fourth place rn the 175 pound d1V1S1OU Wrth most of the lettermen returnmg next year Coach Pufalt IS lookmg forward to a good season To add to hrs hopes are the many promrsmg freshmen wrestlers who should help to develop a strong wrestlmg squad for Fergu son w1th1n the next four years ' 'z , r , , " , " . , . : , , . '1 r a 1 ' . , - , , o e . :Co ' ., , , ha , ' , , . , . ' , ' r. ling seasony but due to many bad breaks, met ' s YW W f 1 1 1 w l 1 ' ' ' ' 'C N1 1 I 1 KJ I I - The l949 track team was well prepa ed tor a good season as Coach Kltckman wo ked the track men mto shap and Coach Overton worked wrth the held events The team had only tour returmng lettermen Mudd Becker lack Sharp luel Wrllrams and hm Poor Yet Coaches Klrckman and Overton produ ed one ot Ferguson s best tra k teams wlth uch men as Mudd B Crier who was due to b eak many records tn shct put and arscus Im Poor a tlashlng man on the hurdles hm Bay an endur lng mtle and halfrntle runner luel Wtlllams and Btll Parker fast men on the lOO yard dash and Tony rrrehott Ferguson s 440 yard runner Other men ccntrtbunng to the all around suc cess ct the team were Stan Brenner Charles Chandler Dale Srntth Btll Betnhart and Ed Hoftert Among the me ts held thts yea were a practrce meet wtth Central Htgh School regu lar meets w1th Tennmgs RIVGIVISW and Coun try Day and tour post season events the Clay ton lnvttauonal Meet the Drstrlct Meet the County Meet held at Iennmgs and the State Meet held at Lolumbla tht year as they capturea three regular meet from lenmngs 74 38 RIVQTVIGW 07 l6 and Country Day 76 37 wrth ease Though the team s ucce s was due to the contrtbutrons ot eve y member one trgure was outstandlng He IS Mudd Becker who began the s ason by captunng s cond place rn the State indoor Easy' Freld D1str1ct meet at Columbra ln the meet Becker thrllled the specaor wtth a record breakrng l66 SV2 d1scus throw h1s b st tor the year Agarn 1n the Clay on Inv1ta1onal State and County Meets he set new d1scus records whrle capturmg ttrt place shot put Becker was not the only one who showed hts abtltty tn the County Meet whrch IS ev1 dent by the hrst pla e trophy whtch now stands 1n Ferguson s tophy case The County Meet cltmaxed the eason s records and brought to a clcse a most bnlltant season TFMHD BOW Coach Kltckman Hay Chatdler W'1lke T-loftert Bc ker Smtth Overtdrf Ouade Poor Coach Overton SECOND BOW Dodge Schewe ske Marrtott Remhart Parker T rn Brenner We gel Bndbeutel Ixluq Smtth Waldbrrdgc FTDST ROW K r Funkhouser Sc ess r Krel Koehler Meter Brass Love Dempsey Sharp Kcuey Erhlc ra T ty Nm ' rf . A 7 V 1' I ,. . S ' ' c ' s e l r , , K X 9 1 I ,, U I I ' I I - l I I Y ' - i - ' i t s ' , ' , t . A ' T ' , , ' ' s The tlymg Comets really upheld the1r name in the County Meet, C1150 G new record. s s N 1 ' I I I t Q ' 1 ' s s T ' 'o c ' r , ' t ' . ' ' I . . I S . S , ' ' e . ' ' ' ' . ' X ': ' , , t ' , , , -c , . ' , ' ' , , , . O : , , fe , ' , , , .e ple, ' , L , i , ' , , ' -. .. 1 :se , l , e , 7 ge hx . e THIRD ROW Smith Wannzger Zeilman True SECOND RCW Kiel Weigel Temple Wolf Pope rjindbeutel Wzlke FIRST ROW Ccach Klickman Wiese Lucas Rein rt Captain Hoffert Woemmel K ehlerfltflanagerl 'll' HHSK The Ferguson 1949 B Team Comets led by the steady hand of Coach lohn Klickman really clicked this season to present the best B Team record ever witnessed by the students of Ferguson High Such hard fighting sophomores as Ed Hoffert Bill Reinhart Law rence Lucas Wlmp Woemmel and Bob Weise contributed to the lunior Comets six "Congratulations, 'B' Team." teen victories against only one defeat The team revolving around Bd Hofferts height and ability to rebound and the brilliant out side shooting of Billy Reinhart Lukie Lucas and Wimp Woemmel simply broke the backbone of the opponent s defense With the exception of a heartbreaking 38 37 defeat to lennings early in the season the Iunior Comets picked off their opponents one after another Riverview Bayless Fairview Berkeley St Charles University City and Ritenour Two games in the season stand out above the others the 35 34 victory at University City and the revengeful victory over lennings 3123 Be ides the Well deserved position of First Place B Team of the North County League the Junior Comets made a flashing finish by capturing the Riverview B Tourney for the second straight year defeating once again the lennings B five 3727 In the annual Faculty B game the B five again was vic torious With such B Team freshmen as Weigel Wilke Temple and others Coach Klickman can look forward to another brilliant r cord in 1949 50 But the B Team record can mean more than simply figures in a book. Such promising sophomores as 1-loffert Lucas Woemmel Weise and Wolfe will be available to the varsity squad, an encouraging prospect for the team of next year. Page Forty "ll" llllllllllll The Ferguson "B" Team Comets, under the able supervision of Coach Ken Overton, were unable to pull a victory out of four hard fought games However they proved that they were able to meet strong opposrtron thus prepanng themselves for future years on the varsrty Though the Iunror grrd men opened the sea cn wrth a 2l 0 lcss to the Lutheran Crusaders they showed aggressrveness and f1ght1ng sprrrt whrch 1S an outstandrng factor rn the develop ment of a good football squad The followrng week the Iumor Comets were once agarn decrsrvely defeated by Wydown Iunlor Hrgh Followmg the game agarnst Wydown the Ferguson lunror eleven matched the efforts of a powerful Normandy team on the Ferguson horre grounds but farled to ga1n a v1ctory meetrng everal tough breaks In therr frnal game the Ferguson B eleven sought revenge at the expense of Normandy In va1n they made a frghtlng comeback but were nosed out of vrctory once agarn by the Normandy gnd men 6 O rn the hardest and best played game of the season Though the B team record may hardly seem enccuragrng Coach Overton looks back i Bulldrng a team over the season a a brg step toward the development of football at Ferguson Hrgh Many of the boys on the squad have been prepared for future servrce on the Ferguson Varslty Lrkewrse a strong freshman squad has been developed whlch w1ll undoubtedly produce a frne B Team record for l9-49 THIRD ROW Kelly Warren Strzckland Patrrck Gordon Ieske Klug SECOND BOW Holrnberq Mrller Bmdbeutel Krel Lucas Love Bean Schwaebe FIRST ROW Wrlscn Hrlgemon Wrlke Wanmger Mr Ov rtcn Graham Schulz Smlth Parker vwx ,fc Page Forty One lllllt NI HMS Each year Coach Alex Burgess the athletic director of Ferguson High School holds a eries of intramural tournaments among the various gym class champions These tourna ments increase the athletic activity of the boys in school allowing more students to partici pate in athletic activities Among the contests held are football volleyball basketball and softball The Sophomore class which cap tured championships in the first three tourna ments may boast a good record The Softball tournament usually held on Field Day had not been run off by the time this publica ion went to press The touch football intramurals saw the third hour sophomores captained by Everett Briggs de eat the fourth hour Juniors by a score of 20 to U Both teams showed teamwork and real skill though the sophomores held an upper hand throughout the contest Ray Czeschin continued the record of his classmates by lead ing his third hour s phc'nore volleyball team to the volleyball intramural championship in November The volleyball championship game again mvolved the fourth hour Juniors who though giving the sophomores a hard fight for their title failed to match their teamwork Ba ketball of course highlights the intra- mural tournaments. Again a sophomore class this time the sixth hour gym class lead by Billy Reinhart fought a close battle with the fourth hour juniors to gain the championship. The championship battle presented a combi- nation of long ball shooting and hard defensive play. All of these hard fought games were sparked by the enthusiastic team spirit and fair play which help make the intramural program a success. Page Forty-Two HIGHLIHHT Id 1 SECOND BOW Bugen Campbell Lctt Cayce Dawes I Wrllrams Morrtson l Hubert Buehrle Towner Noblrtt Mrs Dreselhcrst Farrbands Kreder Bowden FIRST HOW Brown Wezgel Meyer Stabertow Weleba Lemmon Ebbesmeyer One hundred and torty e1ght G A A mem bers partrcrpated rn basketball volleyball sott ball tennrs and track The G A A 1S com prrsed of a board pomt and socral commrttees honorary members regular members and Mrs Dteselhorst the sponsor The annual dance was planned by the soc1al commlttee conslstlng of chalrman Nancy Brown Isabel DuBray Nancy Rugen Mary Beth Campbell Genevleve Cayce Nancy Mor rrson Iudy Wrlllams Marrlyn Davles and Madrene Lott The coronatron of the twm hon orary members Ron and Don Ehrle by Sally Stabencw and Nancy Brown hrghlrghted the evenrng Later the corsage ct Iack Carroll made by Iean Buehrle was dlstrngurshed as the best one there The pomt commrttee has the task of record rng the polnts accumulated by each member throughout the year whrch are later comprled tor the awardrng of letters These records were marntarned by Charrman Grace Ebbesmeyer Shrrlee Bowden Martha Logan Betty Kreder and Nancy Parrbanks Presrdertt Vlce P csrdert Secretary Treasurer Charrman ral C 'tmnte Charrman Pcrnt C rr m t e Baseball Mor tager Basketball Manager Jclleyball Man ger Tennrs Manager Track lvfarager Sponsor Llonorary Members R Meyer B Weleb Page Fcrty Pour Sally Stabencw Marlene Wergel Mary Ann Lemm n Nancy Brcwn Grace Ebbesmeyer Iackre Hubert Mary L Towner Lorra re Ncbl tt lean Buehrle Pat Sullryan Mrs Dxeselhorst a B Ehrle and D Ehrle ' ' - Ski X ,. 1 X S , , , E 1 , C x I V - , , . . . . ' 1 1 W I I . , . t 1 1 1 1 1 I I - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - r- ' . . . . , C ,occ cr. t e ,. . , C 1 rt e . ' ' N Q 1 . 1 . 1 . ,, ,, ..., , f'54 1 xii? ku Grrls Athletrc Assocratlon The T13 IS an award grven to the th1rteen h st gym students each grade perrod A qrrl may only earn the prrvrleqe of weannq the T 13 rnsrqnra by makrnq the T13 group three trmes rn one year Those who make rt once or twrce are assocrate members unnl they complete thrs reaurrement THIRD ROW Tcwner Neustadt Stabenow Burke Mrs Dresel horst Hubert Bhe Ottmaer 'vVerqe1 SECOND ROW Ferhlaqe DuBray Buehrle Auouchon Nrenhaus Muehhnq Laytrn Ebbes meyer Frtzqerald Frscher FIPST ROW Monson Krrkpatrrck Howden Davles Lemmon L errer Werdle Kreder Underwood Brown Grrls Aihletrc Assocratlon P a r 'yF1Je T X , ' t , 1, A, I ,Qs yy F -f ' Y L ' Q 1, 44 ,ri-fi fl L, .1 My , 3 A , 2 V T I f X my f 5 4 ' 7 , , '-FQ' I X T A-f 1 fi' ' ' 'W f A 1: gf? T , Qfffzvl- T - 1 3 FIFTH ROW: M. Wiegand, Fitzgerald, Williams, Coleman, Ebbesmeyer, Elei, I. Wiese, Snoddy, Mrs. Dieselhorst, Stabenow, DuBray, Burke, Casey, Smith, M, Wiese, Miller. FOURTH RGVV: Morrison, 'Wiedle, Towner, Noblitt, Buehrle, Niehaus, l. Hubert, Carlson, Tinsley, Lott, Harvey, Cool. THlBD BOW: Heron, Kreder, Schuster, Aubuchon, Schweitzer, Cayce, Kirkpatrick, Dempsey, Baldwin, Krieger. SECOND ROW: Buchanan, Grab, Orf, Muehling, Brown, Lernmori, D. Wiegand, Davis. FIRST ROVV: CaptainsfMcClure, Wolfe, Ottinger, Zwiok. Vllllllltllll The spring season in girls' sports opened with volleyball which was played indoors. Lorraine Noblitt served as manager, and the class team captains were as follows: Mari- lynn Ottinger, senior: Pansy Wolfe, iuniorp Barbara Buchanan, sophomore, and Eileen Zwick, freshman. In the tournament the sopho- more team came out in first place with the junior and senior teams ending up in second and third places, respectively. All-STARS At the close of the intramural tournaments, the four class captains met with Mrs. Diesel- horst and the manager of each sport to submit the names of eligible members for the All- Star team. All present then voted on the girls who were recommended, and the elected num- ber oomprised the Varsity team. This member- ship offers 25 points toward a school letter plus the honor of being one of the Top-Thirteen in the sport. Basketball All-Stars Volleyball All-Stars C Baseball All-Stars Page Forty-Seven ACTIVITIE "Recreation should sometimes be given to the mind that it may be restored to you in better con- dition tor thinking." -Phcmedrus. Page Forty-Eight PqFrtyN ah MABLENE WEIGEL QUEEN OF 1949 f . .19- X II , ,n,1 ,J QQ 5 'iv Kxrk Dodge lone! Lcehr Icnn Mulhcllond Nancy Brown Dale btcrbenow Mary Arm Lemmon TC "1 Siclnker Icme Layton JW' OC Bob Towner Helene Mcxrtm ' c 'ev Shxrley Lud wg B b Van Reed D r S Woe-rrmel Roy Meyer qczlly Stuben w 'AW' wi 11 Z,....v OC Faq? F1 w CREST llllltll Allll QT1 Saturday evenmg Aprll 2 M1ss Marlene Welgel was crowned CHEST Queen of l949 by Peter Schm1tz Edrtor of the CREST Cn ar1 elevated da1s set off by palms and colorful decoratrons the Queen was attended by a Court of e1ght Malds and therr Escorts whrch mcludea Nancy Brown escorted by Iohn Mul holland Ianet Loehrer by Klrk Dodge Mary Ann Lemmon by Dale Stabenow Shrrley Lud w1g by B1ll Wooley Dons Woemmel by Bob Van Reed Helene Martln by Bob Towner Sally Stabenow by Roy Meyer and lane Layton by Tom Sklnker The Queen and her Malds Wore exqursxte gowns ot pastel shades and the escorts and the ed1tor wore summer tuxedos The Queen and the elght malds are elected by the popular vote ot the ent1re school body These grrls are chosen from the group of ht teen senror glrls whlch are nornlnated by the enlor boys The glrl recervrng the greatest number of popular votes becomes queen The erght malds choose therr escorts from among the senlor boys The crown bearer lean Smrth the flower g1rls Susan Crume and Ieanne Farley and M1chael Dreckmarm and Rrchard Von Behron the tra1n bearers who were all of pre-school age added a gay touch to the ceremony The H1gh School Orchestra drrected by Mr Max Plavmolc played the Processronal March as the Mards and the Queen advanced to the da1s where the ceremony took place After the recesslonal a short 1nterm1ss1on fol lowed The queen and Edrtor danced the frrst dance to The Way You Look Ton1ght se- lected by Marlene Then the Court Jomed the trrst dance to the mu 1C of Blll Wallmgiord and h1s Qrchestra As a remembrance of the occaslon Marlene presented each ot her mards W1ll'1 a darnty locket pm contalnmg plctures of the Mald and her Escort age r rf y One , l 1 1 , ' . 1 1 , . l 1 1 1 1 1 . . - ' , . 1 1 1 ' 1 - . . . . 11 . 1 1 . 11 . 1 1 u , . . , ' . 11 . 11 1 S ' 1 G . .. . , :- v-1, t ' r 'Hug SECOND ROW Mr Mefferd Churchlll Knecht Buehrle Kirkoatrick Ion s Sullivan Carlson Patterson Brown Schuster Howden Dcdqe FIRST ROW Layton Mottin Grow McKinney Overturf Marriott Chandler Page Fifty-Two The biweekly publication of the school newspaper the Scoop is a student operated proiect sponsored by Mr Gerald Mefferd The staff elects its own editor and assistant editor who in turn select from the class people to fill the various Jobs This year four seniors were allowed to re enroll to engage in special Writing proiects These members receive one-half credit for the second year while the first year members of the staff receive one credit Because of the shortage of news print the Scoop returned to the prac tice of mime-ographing the paper An outstanding feature of this year s Scoop has been the an work of Patsy Iones lack McKinney editor assisted by Harry Grow is responsible for the assembling of the dummy and meet ing the deadlines Frequently guest editors assume this responsibility for an issue to gain experience During the second semester the Scoop staff under direction of Bill Overturf, solicited ads for experience in advertising and business. The money collected from the ads was spent to improve the paper. One of the im- provements made during the second semester has been the better quality of paper used. The nlneteenth Annual CREST Staff selected the theme Hats Ott to Ferguson Hlgh School hcnormg students act1v1ttes and 1nd1 vrduals Crganrzed as a class rece1v1ng one- half creoht the hfteen members worked the last penod dally to plan thrs book ot memor1es 1n prctures and prmt The CRESTS of 1947 and 1948 each recewed a F1rst Class Honor Ratmg rn the Nat1onal Scholastrc Press Asso c1auon The 1949 Staff rs determmed to uphold thls ratrng lor the1r CREST F1nanc1ng the yearbook often proves to be the blggest problem Towner and Mrlton Tegethott topped the amount sol1c1ted tor ad vert1s1ng 1n prevrous years The remamder of the money needed to produce the yearbook was obtarned through the sale of cokes and hot dogs at the Ferguson home games the sale of drscard plctures from the CREST the pennants pms and padded covers A per centage was also recexved from the act1v1ty fund Lastly the CREST sponsored the Annual Coronat1on of the CREST Queen whxch hlgh lrghted the socral QC11V1119S of the year Edrtcr Peter Schmztz Asststant Edttor Faye Backus Advertts ng Maragers Mtlton Tegethoif Bob Tcwner Busrress Managers Roger Davls Dons 1-lemeyer Treasurer Marlene Wexgel Ltterary Edztor Margaret Webb Semcr Edltor Sally Stabenow Boys Sports Edrtors B111 Erman Roy Meyer C1ICUlGflOH Ffdltor Mary Ann Lemmon Art Edltcr Mary Beth Campbell Photography Roger Davls Wrlma Smrther Harold LeMert Camera Ha old 1 Ulbrrght Advlser Regrna M lerzewlak SECOND ROW Tegethoff Mtss Ierzewtak Smlther Backus Erman Webb Schmltz We1ge1Dav1s Meyer FIRST ROW Stabenow Campbell Lemmon Hemeyer Ottmger Not on pzcture Harold LeMertJ W! I I ' - Girls' Sports Editor . . . Marilyn Ottinger t . I Page r tty Three lflltl The purpose of the band and orchestra rs to grve the student an opportunrty to acquarnt arm elt wtth the vast source of band ana orchestra lrterature and to contrrbute hrs tal ents rn the burldrng of a well balanced en semole The value ot parttcrpaung rn musrc rs that one can better under tand the compo srtrons when they are analyzed and each part s carefully studred Berng a member of the band or o chestra requrres a great amount ot teamwork on the part of each part1c1pant Each nstrument rs drtterent and lmp rtant out to create beauty rn the rnustc each rnstrument must blend wrth the others Mr Plavnrclc the nnusrc dlrector has trred to teacn the students row to work as a group ano to blend therr tndrvrdual p rsonalltres so that the group wrll enettt Thrs year the band and orchestra partrcr pated rn the Chrrstmas program the Corona Unrversrty Crty and the graduatron exercrses Seve al of the members were selected for the All County Orchestra and the All County Band ln the sprtng of l948 a group ot musrc stu .tents met to arrange a pomt system by whrch musrc emblems or awards mrght be grven to the outstandrng members To D9 ehgtble to an award one must be rn the upper 25 per cent ot hrs organrzatron and must marntarn an S+ average FOURTH ROW S hwaebe Frerhoft Damke Kappt Casey Carden Cregar Sternrauf THIRD ROW Stabenow Schesser Martin Russ Srr Erman Wrlke SECOND ROW Wob ck Tegethoff Vance Sohwae e Upton I-le'neyer Harnes Ines FIRST ROW Brown Schlrchtemter Hammer D Pct rsor I Patterson McClu e Buehl VV b' Page Frfty Four , . T , L S V 1 w , , A, , , IT' C . r ' V 4 - - t A 1 f ' , ' , Lo t t , A - tion, the Spring Concert, the Music festival at . , I , . . I I I , A I C I, A I , . Tl, J I fl if 9 9 J. HA H UREHESTRA The more advanced musrcrans rn the band and orchestra become members of the All County Cr chestra These orqanrzatrons are composed of the best hrqh school musrcrans rn the entrre county Ferguson representanves to the All County Orchestra thrs year were Nancy Brown vrolrn Ioan Patterson and Lorrame McClure vrolas and Dorothy lane Patter son cello The only Ferqusonran attendrnq All County Band was Dorrs Hemeyer clarmet The mstrumentalrsts of the mu src department thrs year were as follows STRINGS Vrolrn Brown l Patters '1 S hl ct me er hammer Vrola McClure C llo D ratterscn Bass Frrehoff Carden WOODWINDS Flute Webb Buehrle names Saxoohone Teqetcff Vance Web cln BRASS Trump t E Stabencw S hesser Trombone Lrman Wllke l-I ltscaff trench Horn D Smtth Russ Barrt ne M lones E Flat :Sass C Schwa n Double B Ba S Sternrauf PERCUSSION Tfnpanr l asey nare Creqar Bass Drunn Darnke P11110 Kappel Page Frfty Frve L. I 2 , I - , . , I I ' : , . cl, cn: e i , e : .D Clarinet: l-lemeyer Upton. M. Schwaebe, Z , f -11 - e: . , c , va 3 t , T -. 2 . S , ' c. : , ' 1 . e' e s : Q ,-. , . f- , . . C Q . S , Hll Under the able drrectron ot Mr Plavmck the ocal department has agam completed a suc essful season The Chorr has partrcrpated rn 'rany varred actrvrtres that have resulted rn a ull schedule The most tmportant musrcal presentatrons durrng the year were the Chrlstmas Concert he County Muslc Festrval at Untversrty Crty he Sprlng Concert and the Baccalaureate and ommencement servrces Asrde from pubhc appearance the cholr ap eared on two radro programs The ttrst ot hese programs was Cul Newsomes Teen uurty Club on KWK on whrch they sang everal numbers They also prepared a thrrty 'mnute program tor presentatron over radro btauon KFUO AS1d9 trom me ttng every day dunng the Meek selected members ot the chorus also 'neet on Monday evemngs tor rehearsals ln ne sprmg of last year a commrttee cons1st1ng t members ot the Chotr and Orchestra met and set up a po1nt system Thrs was to estab rsh a way m whrch to determtne whrch mem oers ot both organrzatrons should get letters Those who recerve letters must have an S+ average and attend all programs presented by hetr organrzatlon the award IS a large lyre shaped emblem made up rn the school colors red and blue THIRD ROW Baseler Vtlerts Krteger l-lesskamp Dody Churchx logan Love Mtller Schwaebe G Love Hayward Daw son Gordon Backus Otinen Campbell Carlson Davts Carter QECCND ROW Wells Walwtck Ebbesmeyer McCoy Towner Bernstem Wooley Spnnger Van Reed Layton Herrmar Deckrnan Plath Iones McCoy Hume Wledle FIRST ROW N Davts Oldfather Flesch Zwtck Hartwlg Frlesen W lls Melton Frelhoft Brass Cervenka Potts Heron Ulrlch Thompson Mrlner Page Fttty Q x - . wavy ' , - . fs , C . r . . . 1 T1 . . C , F. . , Q . , . A f F . U , A L., sf . ' 5 . . . . , Thrs sprrng a Grrls Glee Club was organrzed wh1ch alternated wrth the whole Choru tor rehearsal on Mon day nrghts These twenty two grrls wrll parttcrpate rn the school Sprmg Concert the Baccalaureate and the graduatlon program One ct the most rmportant protects ot the musrc department each year rs the producnon of the Chrrstmas Con cert Thrs concert IS always a testrve occasron Just precedrng the Chrrst mas holrdays Each year the Chorr srngs at the Graduatron ceremony Thrs cere- mony customarrly held on the front lawn would be lncomplete Without the and of the muslc department In February the Ferguson Hrgh KFUO The several solorsts who sang w1th the chorr rn thrs program rncluded lean Dayrs srngrng l Wonder As l Wander Bob Van Reed srngrng Erre Canal and Katherrne Dody mgrng Cossack Lullaby The Chorr appeared rn a speclal program before the Parents Club rn early November Thrs was the trrst publtc appearance of the Chorr thrs school year The several songs they sang were well recetved by the large number of parents attendrng Page F ty Ce Jen s s - 4' 1 - School Choir sang over radio Station . Q. . ,. 4 ' - t t - t NIASUUER -i The Masquers rntroduced a new phrloso phy ot educatron on November 22nd and 23rd when they presented The Charm School as therr annual productron Thrs comedy 1S wrrt ten rn three acts by Allce Duer Mrller and Robert Mrlton Austrn Beavens CWynne Mel tonl rnherrted a grrls boardrng school whrch he and hrs three trrends attempt to admrnrster The comedy develops as the srtuattons grow rrdrculous w1th the reactron ot the students and faculty to these new admrnrstrators A sudden twrst rs added when Wynne Melton ralls rn love w1th the presrdent ot the senror class Elrse Benedottr CSh1rlee Bowden? The Masquers offer dramatrc opportunr tres to students who wrsh to engage rn dra matrc art Membershrp TS based on regular attendance and actrve partrcrpatron rn the program Actrvrty 1S not merely lrmrted to dramatrcs but also enables students to engage rn numerous phases ot stage producuon such as costumrng stage settmg stage destgnrng promptrng make up busrness management sales and productron Consequently The Masquers denve enloyment and pleasure IH splte of hours ot hard work Oftrcers are elected each year Ottrcers tor the current year were hm Poor as presrdent Shrrlee Howden vtce presrdent Esther Wrlson secretary and Faye Backus treasurer To close the actrvlty ot the year hm Poor entertarned the cast at hrs home BACK BOW Lemmon Stabenow Molton Flsher H ltshou er Bra s Beal DuBray Mr Moore Churchlll SECOND ROW Welse C Smrth DGVIS Ieltrngs Hume Chapman Cheney McClure Wotowa Hammer FRONT ROW Brown bchwaebe Bowden Wllson Po r Backus Patte son Herrman Hasselberger Sharp Page Fxfty Erght T T T T T T , T HT T Q T . . T 1 A T-gf T T T ' tT T T T T T ii T ' I . 5 I TT TT T T T V J T T. I - I - I I - 1 I T TT .T T , "You, in charge ot a girls' school?" ff T - T ll ll v - - - 7 T ' I ' T TT TT I T - T I T T 4 T ' T o S T s T T T . T T T 1 T ' T T ' T c, T r T The Senror Class of l949 presented Iunror Mlss a humorous comedy rn three acts by Ierome Chodorov and loseph Frelds on March 21 and 22 for the trnal dramatrc productron of the year Thrs rs the sory ot ludy Graves a een aqer who lrves m New York wrth her mother father and her srster Lors Iudys escapades wrth her very close trrend Puffy Adams provrded an evenmqs entertarnment of mrrth and laughter The cast for Iunror Mrss rs as follows Harry Graves the father lack McK1nney loe he bell boy loe Frsher Grace Graves the mother Esther Wrlson Hrlda the mard leanne Davrs Iudy Graves a typrcal teen age Shrr lee Bowden Lors Graves ludys ba srster Sally Stabenow Putty Adams ludys b s trrend Nancy Brown I B Curtrs Mr Graves boss B1llOverturt Ellen Curtrs I B s dauqhte Marlene Werqel Wrllrs Reynolds a relauve of the Graves Tom Skmker Haskell Cum mrnqs and Barlow Adams ludy s and Futty s boy trrend Wynne Melton and Davrd Brass Western Unron Messenger Pat Sullrvan Roger Davrs as Ferrrll Feurbach Stanley Brenner as Sterlmq Brown Harry Grow as Albert Kunody Bob Becker as Tommy Arbuckle Krrk Dodge Its a Cape Cod Bar meter Daddy as Cha les and Dale Smrth as Henry were Lors s boy frrends throughout the en rre p ay The Senrc Class of l949 produced an ex cellent play under the very cabable drrectron of Mr Moore the class spon or Each year the senror class produces a pray tor the pur pose of rarsrnq money for a qrft to the school Iunlor Mrss by Ierome Chodorov and Ioseph Frelds Page Frfty Nrne S LEFT TO RIGHT Brown Coleman Hemeyer McKmney Webb Stabenow Martm Schmrtz Lemmon lones Mottm Davrs We1qel Erman Fartes Not on P1cture Faye Backus Bob Towner Iackre Cheney One of the hlghest honors a senlor at Fergu on H1gh can attam IS to be appo1nted a member of the Natlonal Honor Soclety Those tudents who rank 1n the upper th1rd of the class are ehglble for membersh1p 1n the So C1SlY All members of the faculty rate these students on four characterlstlcs Scholarshlp Leadershlp Character and Servxce to the school These characteustlcs are represented on the pm whlch members recelve by the 1n1t1als S L C S Those students who are acceptable to th1s formula are subm1tted by Mr McCollum to the teachers to be voted on Because ot the many students el1g1ble lh1S year e1ghteen members were chosen Tl'11S constltutes the largest number that has ever been chosen from cmy en1or class Members of the Honor Soclety recelved thelr awards at an evenlng program on Aprll 25 The usual procedure has been to present them 1n a school assembly and also glve them some recognltlon at the Commencement ex erclses ln order that more S1QT11flCI1C9 mlght be placed on the memberslnp to the Honor Soc1ety xt was dec1ded that the presentanon of the awards should be the central attractlon of an evenrng program to whlch all of the parents friends and former Honor SOC19lY members of Ferguson Hxgh would be tnvlted PRHJEETUH STAFF These llF111'lYl1V9 selected volunteers are tralned by Mr Watson 1n the art of operatmg the mov1e prolector and 1n showlng slldes and ftlm str1ps Re crulted from study halls the members are avallable at all tlmes tor employ ment by teachers wlshlng to show fllms Requests are made by teachers for an operator durlng a certa1n hour and asslgnments are rotated among the members The ProJector Staff IS a pro Ject of the Vlsual Aid Commlttee and IS sponsored by Mr Watson THlRD ROW Klte Schwaebe Vance Werse Mrller Mr Watson Aubuchon F D Smzth Brmkman D Smlth Masterson SECOND ROW Holmberg Ba s Albers Stevens Bogue Reynolds Blanton Orr Brosch Zumwalt FIRST ROW Lanmert Peters Hunmq Welgand Sulhvan Lamer T1nney Brer Jackson Koser Frersen tNot on Ptcture-Harold LeMertl Page Sxxty LATIH AL Hnnnk nmllv S SECOND ROW Lemmon Webb Miss Ierzewiak He-mey r Buehrle Grow Schmitz Erman Weigel Stabenow M Metierd Iones Sullivan FIRST ROW Brown Dodge Martin McKinney Carlson Mottm The International Honoraxy Society for Hlgh School Iournalists better known as the Quill and Scroll Society was organlzed by a group of high school advisors for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual achieve- ment in lournahsm and allied fields A chap- ter was organlzed tn l947 at Ferguson High tor members ot the Scoop and CREST Statts by Miss Ierzew1ak A person eligible tor membership in the society must meet the tollowmg requirements Cll They must be of at least Junior standing C27 They must be 1D the upper third of their class in general scholastic stand1ng C35 They must have done superior work in some phase SECOND ROW Kelly H ttsh user Bndbeutel Smith Mr Mefferd Webb Cheney, Backus, Mr. Gordon, Farbanks, Stabenow, Brown, Grow. FlRST ROWI Patterson, S-hwacbe, Mart.n, Schmitz, Hcmeyer, Davies, Davis. of journalistic or creat1ve endeavor C49 They must be recommended by the advisor or by the committee governmg publications C53 They must be approved by the Executlve secretary The membership is comprised of students selected from both publications the Scoop and the CREST Mr Metferd recommending mem bers from the Scoop Staff and Miss Ierzewiak from the CREST Staff The Executive Secre tary Edward Nell made the final approve- ment of the members Those in the above picture who were mem bers last year also are Faye Backus Mary Ann Carlson lack McK1nney and Helene Martm " Sllllll T FEHEHALISTS Working for a federal world govern ment is the slogan of this actlve group of peace-mmded students Newly formed in the spring ot last year this group has rapidly become the most active club at Ferguson High Constant assemblies movles posters and speeches are their proiects in working toward a peaceful and governed world The Student Federalists are a part ot the United World Federalists Inc. a national organization Page Sixty-One IH IUR REU URUSS HHH EIL The Iunior Red Cross Coun- cil accomplished many pro- jects such as filling Christmas Baskets with groceries and boxes fcr school children over- seas. The activity is conducted through the delegates elected from each home room who are: THIRD ROW: Harris, Guyct, Pauley, Albin, Kelley, SECOND RONV: Lctt, Ccffee, Cccl, Mrs. Carter, DuBray, Wclf, Hammer. FIRST RCW: Allen, Hafner, Ludwig, Vtlergcl, Chapman, M:CIuer. Students who love horses and riding engage in this off- campus activity which takes place on Thursday afternoon at the Riverview Stables. A weiner roast and picnic high- lighted the fall activities. The officers were: President, Doris Woemmelg Vice-President, Bet- ty Heron: Secretary-Treasurer, Marlene Weigel. THIRD ROW: Hafner Coleman, Stabe- now, We-lbcrn, Meyers, Love, DuBray, Mack, Logan, Miss Ierzewiak. SECOND ROW: I, Martin, Eads, Grow, Heron, Wcemmel, Weigel, Davis, Hartwig, Beal, Rugen, Brcwn. FIRST ROW: H. Martin, Spencer, McClary, Tucker, Brewer, Wcrthingtcn, Holtshouser. PIHEII PHSHIRS The Pencil Pushers gain prac- tical experience in bookkeep- ing, typing, filing, mimeogrqph- ing, etc., in serving as a "secre- tary" to a designated teacher. All students enrolled in Com- mercial subiects participate during their free periods. They CITQI FOURTH RCW: Aubuchon, Fischer, Carle scn, Blei, O'Erzen, Stabencw, Dcdy, Bipl pen, Ottinger, Neustadt, Love. THIRD ROW: Cayce, Ncblitt, Churchill, Camp- bell, Krueger, Lemmon, Iohnson, Holis- hcuser, Bcwden, Oldfather, O'Brien, Warnecke, Riechman. SECOND ROW: Rcwden, W'1ll1arr:s, Carter, Davis Davies, Patterscn, Mrs. Subcw, Hume, Schwab, Crf, Schcnde, Kcenig. FIRST ROW: Kent, Gctway, DuEray, Eehrlage Under- wcod, Weise, Layton, Davis, Knecht, Ebbesmeyer, Schwietzer, Ruschmeyer. LIHHAHY ASSISTANTS Students who have study halls render a service to the students by volunteering to work in the library assisting the librarian. They work at the desk, type, tile, run errands, and aid students in finding books and reference material. Tlsllhll RCW: Coffee, Wilson, Thies, Mcrriscn, Harvey, Smith, SECGND ECW: Mrs. Smith tI.ibrar1an', Baldwin, lenriinas, Ferguson, lackscn. FIRST ROW: Pounds, Saunders, Eoatrxght, Amelcng. HFFIEE ASSISTA TS Each year Mr. McCollum in- vites members of the senior class to assist with the clerical work in the office during their free period. The office assist- ant gathers attendance slips, delivers messages and bulle- tins, runs errands, and relieves the office routine. They are: SECOND ROW: Meyers, Stabencw, Mrs. Rrppstein, Ferlilage, l-lenzeyer, WRST l5lO'W: Cbrien, Faries. HUWLEHS Bowling is another otf-cam- pus activity whose membership includes the faculty, students, parents, and friends in the com- munity. The teams, organized as a league, meet at the Fergu- son Alley each Monday after- noon. The bowlers include: FCUPTH PZVV: Rev. Press fssia fi. lirrz Srrgzii. Lava. Hz.-.'Qe,Ee?.1e lfnr, Tl-ilP?ll ECT: Sparks, ffunzri, l:i',:r.scr fiber non-1, Eplfs Kf"5'i,f,'1 Stab' :J '.-1 1.rr1k,f:!Egy HI diy. Sbfillf, FCV.: Q. s--.bcrst Sljllflflf. '.'1eE.::1'1:in jaw: La len, I.aytor. Cfzxgez Grow fkrvis Silt J. i'lF1ST PC'.'.': Gilles brpaas l'J1r.ker 'zhriscx Czfaar. WILLIAM F. SAFRON 7603 EORSYTHE BLVD. ST. LOUIS KCLAYTONJ 5, MISSOURI Ph DEL 1AR 9696 CLASS JEWELRY ENGRAVED ANNOUNCEMENTS NAME CARDS Representatzue for Pzoneer Deszgners and Manufacturers of Rzngs and Engraved Commencement Announcements for Hzgh Schools OI19, N Complzments of UNIVERSAL MATCH CORPORATION FERGUSON MISSOURI Fmture Equzpm nt Supplzes dOfT BENSINCJER S THE BENSINGER CO 3 11M kr IOL 1 4040 QUALITY FOOD SHOP Lunch Meats Grocerres 602 C t 2631 704 H VERNON BALL INC Realtors 14 W 1 y A Z1 M SCHETTLER S 30 Srl: I O g661 RUSSELL S SERVICE STATION A R WEDGE MOTORS INC 0 N 1 1 B 71 VI dy M EV g 7800 S S K 5 " 3 . ' Q . ' For Hojclrf, Reslauranfs, Taverns, lnst1'tuI1'on'. Stores an :ces Qualify Ice Cream 100 , 3, C Blvd- arson Vlc or 7- ST. , IS ,MO, CHHS Ito! - 26 Y ' ' ' FLORISSANT MARKET 2 . rancois Real ESIGI9-LOSUS--IUSUFHHCC Florissan ,Mo. Ran e 7 'Ia es c vc. Ferguson , o, v C,onrpl1m.n1x of 901 1 irport oad 730 a ura ridge FWS'-1S0f1 - 11 0- Norman 1, o. cr reen FERGUHIQ DEPARTMENT STORE 27 South E1or1ssant FERGUSON MISSOURI E F LAMMERT ATwater 2500 7 1 FERGUSON SALES COMPANY Kazser Frazer Sales and Seruzce J I Case Farm lqulpmcnt ana' Rolotzllers 32 North Elorxssant Road Ferguson Z1 Mo GASEN Preqcrrptzon Druggzsts 20 22 South Flornssant Z Stores All Over the St Lows Area DELLWOOD CONEECTIONERY AI' ter9 ZZ en u d CARLS SERVICE STATION 143 North Elorxssant Road tc 9 Ferguson Mo HENDEL S MARKET 599 St Drnms Grocerzes Frazts Vegetables Meat ORangn 7041 Elonssant Mo AL NICK REALTY CO Phone, VIctor 7 2009 -IZA SOUTH IMLORISSANT COMPLIMENT S NORMANDY STATEBAWK 7301 NATURAL BRIDGE NORMANDY S S O U R Pcae S xty Vlclvr - 000 ATwnter 724 ' ' Dellwood and Chambers ' wa , 6 O p S n a y s A'1'wa r 792 M I I FLORISSANT PHARMACY visor vfxssoto R Ph Ph O B s Prescrzptzons Our Speczalty 701 St Francois Ave Florrssant MO Orange 4731 t I T 272 d doqg Juted Olny s Anuug We Specialize zn Auto Painting C I M 1 C Il d D I Compliments of BEHLE S FOOD MARKET ATwater 744 l Dade Ave Ferguson FERGUSON MOTOR SERVICE Tounng and Expert Auto Repazrzng 32 North Florissant Road Ferguson MO 0 OT IOI: HERNISNIEXER WVI J XXUINNLNBERG 'I HREE ACRES MARKET 956 North Ellzabeth Frozen Foods Meats Grocerzes A Fwater 9686 0 A 0 P M1ssOur1 Steel '55 W1re Company 1406 NORTH BROADWAX Natzonally Aduertzsed Products Ol' Buzldzng Mazntenance and Repazr Armor Coat Waterproofing Bennett Fireplace Equipment Certainteed Roofing Products Glidden Paints Lawson Med1c1ne Cabrnets Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile Fruson Steel Windows Keep Fzt and Have Fun at FERGUSON BOWLING LANES A Twater 780 HAROLD s SERVICE STATION Sznclazr Products Tires Batterzes Accessorzes I CARS CAI I FD FOR AND DEI IVERED Complzments of Brockmeyer COnstruc:t1On CO 634 NORTH GRAND BLVD ST LOUIS 3 MO P cg S tyEght ATwa er 591 Res., A water 5-M ' ' Fender and BO ies Rebuilt. Refmished, Glass Installed f 1 4 1 All O ors a chetl - We a for an eiver-Estimates Given Free On Highway 66 . . . M Mile East of Old Florissant Road ' . . '. . . ATwater 013 ' 7 Z ' Polishing and S eam Cleaning 30 I ' d Open Sundays and Holidays' 8:3 . M' to I V M. ATWater 9766 l South F Orlssant Roa 0 O e ix - I Newest and Most Modern Market In St Louzs County DAYQSNIGHT Super Market Jnvmn MANNINO Produce Manaqer DARST ROAD CONEECTIONERY Lunch Meats Grocerzes I uh! H 101 DARST ATwater 0001 HARRY S SERVICE STATION A1rport and Elorxssant Roads Lubrzcatzon and IVash1na Phzllzps Products AT are 9791 HOME CREST MARKET Open 7 10 Evrry Nlght 1400 South Florlssmt Ro1d A'I water 9734 KREDER S CAEE Fountazn Seruzce Plate Lunches ISEAITEST ICE CREAX11 Worth Elonssant Road ATwater 9797 COLOR KRAET SHOP Wallpaper Paznts Venetzan Blznds Phone Vlctor 7 2510 Ben F Wrlght 313 South Elonssant Road RINEHART S PATRICIA PARK PHARMACY Prescrzptzons Complzments of the FERGUSON COMMUNITY South Florlssant Road Ferguson Mo 1 Ferguson Broadway Bus LIHCS Inc Half hour Seruzce to St Louzs PqSty l G. E. ,Ib ulbs - Horden's lcv Cfrvunv Y 1 W r F E R G U S O N M I S S O U R I Also Sundays .md Holidays Compliments of , - 20 1 ' ' ' 1 I , . 422 ' 'A , . 1,1TOI'lC.fx'1-VVJICY 461 .- 1 Q G e ix -Nine WALTER FREUND BREAD CO 920 SOUTH TAYLOR AVE BAKERS OF Olde Tyme Rye Delzcatessen Rye Cap Sheaf IOOW Whole Wheat and Tender Crust Pres HEADY CLEANERS VIctor7 0199 FERGUSON MO Wall s Auto and Home Apphances 214 South Florlssant Road 70616 Auto Acce or es Sportzna Coods Appliances LEONARD S JEWEL HOUSE For Jettelrq Needs and Fzne Watch Repazrzng Leonard Heckethorn 5 South Florxssant Vlctor 7 3016 1299 FRANK WOEMMEL Plasterzng Contractor 515 Br otherton Lane Ferguson 21 o CATALANO CANDY SHOP hD Fzne Homemade Candles Green Lea Ice Cream and Fo ntazn Service 219 North F1or1ssant ATwater 9603 And or CoURsE FLowERs FRoM JENNY WREN ATwater 1170 240 South F1or1ssant Road FLORISSANT BANK TErryh111 6 3311 FLORISSANT MO M E M B E R F D I C PQ O , . Vlctor - ss 1'. . 'Q 1 . Y V . ATwatcr Estimates Cheerfully Given . N1 . Fres arly l - U . . S ty HALLS FERRY SERVICE STATION Shell Products ooduear ltrts lubes and Auto Suppltts Halls Ferry and Chambers Road IO lu MCDORE S DELICATESSEN Io Scrue You Best ll hen Needed Wost n f X VIctor7 2036 No l Airport Road SKINKER SERVICE STATION Skellu Products 0 South Florissant Arl wattr 9786 ll RC LSOV Your Seruzce BANK FERGUSGN Ratlroad ll atrh Inspector A L KARST N E G W P R Jeweler 8 Church Ferguson 21 Mo C 0 A L ATwater 1580 C 0 M P A N Y Zzegler Coal W E BUEHRLE SHEET METAL WORKS and R pa ring Warm Air Furnaces Bulldlng Mafgflals Oil and Cas Furnaces Stokers Cl an d l RC USUN 'VlO Feed and Haulzng 8 Bangert Au ATMII 0166 14 BARNARD for the BLSI .Seruce See ATMM 579 IKE BAXTER S Ferguson Barber Shop IZ South Florissant Road Ferguson Mo P: fC CI E 'U fx. M . lzixpert Lttbrtiation . ST. . UIS '. MO. A'l'watcrfP76-1' ' Q . ' ' I ' .' ' I ' I .' C Ope :om 7 A. Nl. Till l0 P. M. Veck Days ll A, M. Till l0 P. Nl. Sundays and Holidays ' 60 A T A ' 52 1 'Q I T -I Installation e t" of . . . I I xv A U It I lv lfarnaiex Vuruum fe e - lfi H f .'.i . K f ir Yf149S9'JGHl' - me ARTISTIC FLOOR COVERING DESIGNERS Carpet Ltnoleurn fzle South Flortssant F rguson V10 ALEXANDER S CAFE 17 South Flor1ss1nt Just a Good Place to Eat Breakfast Luncn Dznner BIELER DAIRY FARM Grade A Pasteurtzed Mtlk 20c a Quart WILSON S MARKET I-Itghway 66 at Florlssant Road Flortssant Mo JUST HARDWARE 'Ed SUPPLY 441 South Flortssant Road Ftrguson 21 Mo FRANK E5 STANLEY PRODUCE CO INC resb Fruits and Vegetables Throughout the Year Serunq St Louts Ftnest 4 Hudson Road Vlctor 7 0949 CHcstnut 3046 508 10 COLE STREET WHITE FUNERAL BOLIN S SERVICE STATION 252 South I-lortssant Road Ambulance Seruzce llctor 7 1 00 Itrguson Mo IIRCLSON Z1 NIO 9607 AL S MARKET 118 NORTH FI ORISSANT ROAD LSU S A71 wlttr 2798 217 North Flortssant Road I ERGUSOIN MO FqS 1y'I' Y Y Y l IC , A . Y "I-ksuntutn Se'rL't'ctV' ' X'I7w.1tcr0777 Ifcrguson. Mo. F ' Hotels - Restaurants - Institutions - Clubs 3 2 - ' Conypltments of Y I 32 I 'Q 1' , . . ATwatcr Y 4 ' At. PA "5.1L':, Prop. X - 5 7' , . S ' Y o e even V wo KORTE ELECTRIC Radzo and Applzcmce Seruzce 11 C A RAD os 601 St Francoxs Florxssant Mo Complrmenls of BILLS BARBER SHOP South Florlssant ATvxater 9790 BIERMANN HARDWARE Euerythmg m Hardware Ntxt to Post Office 46 SOUTH FLORISSANT ROAD ATwater 9726 Ferguson V10 COLE OLDSMOBILE CO INC Oldsmobzle and G M C Trucks 100 NORTH FLORISSANT Ferguson 21 Mo 1 7 I 0 tt the New 1949 O1dsmob11e Wlth C1 M Hydromatlc DFIYC Cenuzne C 'W Pars for All C M Cars SAVOY THEATRE ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW 119 South Florlssant Road Plumbznq by NI E I N E R S 6736 Page CAbany 1213 Ferguson Sheet Metal Works Inc Heatznq Ventzlatznq Arr Condztzomng VIctor 7 0284 Complzments FERGUSON CLEANERS BARBAY S MARKET WE DLLIVER J H BARBM Prop 15 SOUTH FLORISSANT AVE Vlctor 7 2508 F S ryT 6 1Ihonc.ORnngc 7261 ' .... 1 .7 A4 I - VY 102 ' f , 1 . , . Q, 4 A . F . 1.111115 R. Szonmhathy A1fru1R. Slomhnthy VIc or - 00 A of 1 1 1.1 - 1, . . r V1ctor7'120-1 7 - X 7 ctge -even V ht e Russ I-Ialveland s COCkt31l Lounge 25 Restaurant We Speczalzze zn Chzcken and Steak Dznners al .1 tth Organ and MICI-IEI OB IIQLORS Ferguson Mo ELORISSANT ROAD AND BLACKBURN AVE ATwater 9609 YOUR IOCAI IRINTFR FERGUSON PRINTING COMPANY F ruth na Soczal and Commerczal Przntzng VIctor X 1724 406 Alrport Road I-ERGLSON MISSOLRI KAUEMANN S CONFECTIONERY 449 S Eerdmand Street Elorlssant Mo ORange 6841 GRAE AND CASE REALTY Co Realtors Insurance Notary Publzc 9 South Elonssant Road NIctor 7 0046 Ferguson Mobzle Products BROECKLING SERVICE STATION Tzre and Battery Seruzce n a T n Darst and Elorxssant GEORGE GERHART DAIRY Grade A Mzlk ELORISSANT MISSOURI Food Lockers Food Processzng Flonssant Valley Erozen Foods Co Elonssant Mo Telepho e TE ryh ll 6 3231 KINGS DRUG STORE 23 South Elorxssant Road ATwater 0293 Come In and Look Around FERGUSON AUTO BODY AND REPAIR IVork Guaranteed I5 DARST ROAD ATwater 2590 STIVERS AUTO SALES "Your Frzendly Ford Dealer" 272 SOUTH FLORISSANT ROAD MULBTRRY 7000 ATXVATER 1139 P41439 Seventy Four , . Russ H vel nd A e Piano . . I , . . , J , . - . . Y .ue 1 I' In , ' , . Robert S. Lorenz ' 4 . I V I ' Y Ge eral Rep 1'r1'ng-- u e Up . .. H - , , . , n . r I - ll ' VV Cornplzments of Ferguson Hardware and Supply Co 9 CHURCH STREET T ED LORENZ THE TOWN TALK Your Cornrnunzty Newspaper l0 ADAMS Vlctor 7 0202 The Cut of Your Hazr Counts VOGELSANG S SHOP 36 North Elorlssant Blvd ROY S SUPER SERVICE 24 HOUR WRECKING SERVICE Hlghway 66 and Florlssant Road ILORISSANT 'VIO -+931 OR ge683D Complzrnents f MoL1NE HARDWARE 25 COAL Halls Ferry and Chambers Road ATwattr 9682 STIARWALT ELECTRIC Applzances Electrzcal Contracting 26 South Florrssant 7 2 to 2744 ELOR ALIL BEAUTY SHOP 38 North Elorxssant A'l water 9224 Ferguson Mo QUILLMAN S DRUG STORE In Buszness for Your Health 42 South Elonssant Road ATwater 422 BEN FRANKLIN STORE n K Joh st n Natzonally Known Locally Owned 104 South Elonssant Road ATwater l742 JODYS CAFE Chzcken and Steak Dznners HIGHWAY ee AND FLORISSANT ROAD ORang949ll 9 , - 5. l' . 1 . ORange JH 7 I . 1 . I O Y Co. Closing Hoxrs 6:30 P. M. Saturday and Days Before Holidays 6:00 P, Nl. Vlctor - 295 Vlt r7- Complz'n7enls of 1' ' " li. XV. Sherman a d J. . n o 1 '41 V ' v F- v " 9 Page Seventy-Five Complzments of C J Harrrs Lumber Company LUCAS Sheet Metal and Furnace Co Grauzty O11 and Gas Furnaces LUCAS HUNT ROAD AT NATURAL BRIDGE W E LUCAS COlfax 5032 BRIX New Crystal Flower Shop 4820 Natural Brldge Store No l 1518 St Lou1s Ave CEntral 1885 PHILLIP S Managed by ADA U GEORGE MOLONEY Ice Cream and Food Delzuery Fountazn and Curb Seruzce 7 South Flonssant ATwat r 9604 Comp! ments SCHULTZ ii RUSSELL Sportzng Goods 4738 NATURAL BRIDGE ROAD GOodfcllow 7055 Shulte Hardware and Supply Co 7204 06 NATURAL BRIDGE PQS 1S Res- Vlcror 7-2041 EVergreen 1271 Visit the Only Corsage Bar in St. Louis i , ' of .. ' e rnes Prmtmg Company WIGSG Ba ST LOUIS IVIO 9 PINE STREET 2l2 CEntral 3669 and 3670 Compllments EERoUsoN SUPER MARKET ' AUSE 208 SOUTH ELORISSANT AVE GEORGE KR Ferguson Mo For Euerythmg Muszcal SJ U Tle n nd Ofhesl I tru e I ad h t 9 L ss ns ep SCOTT S MA WAI TER SCOTT Pop if S 6' O9 PINIE 3535 S ra 1826 IA 3 88 O enE e Qualzry Foods Open 'Vlo i5 P4 p HOJSI Ex cpt S t Vlctor 7 0806 T ur E e I-lenrx C Ruester Pre 24 South Florissant Road Dubberly '25 Meyer Shoe Store Comphmems f X RU!! Flffed KIENSTRA SUPPLY CO North Florxssant Ferguson Mo Po of 4 South Florlssant Road 19 IFD KIFNSTRA of ' Pianos . Organs . flo ox Ba d a r ra ns m n s . R Kos . e L'1'sz'on 1 V 1- , Refor s . e lwU.lIf . e o . . R airs 7 I ' X ' .G nd - z CE. ' - . 6 - 1 1 n. usxf ' v . h s. v . ' ' c rn . I' . . s. ' o ll- r ' sl. ' nu- an - ... .,. V l Open Mon ay. Friday and Saturday Till 9:00 P. M. -- 4 Fruso,lVl. 'va o Y E 1' r , . . . 'Q 'er n 7 Y I Open Dnilj from 5 A. M. no P. Nl, inc udinf l5 XVest Florissan - ' ' - on u e Ven -Seven d ATN ter 2203 HARRY Cul l BER e g n o IIOINARD CEI BI R SACHSE GELBER s shmgs R Clothmg and Fumz xpert Shoe Repa Mens 409 South Florissant Tuxedos and Summer Formals Rented Cl-ltstnut 1851 Ferguson MO 1025 Franklm Aw COMPLIMENTS OF M gm 8 00 KNODEL S BAKERY D I SUNDAY I 5 t Jennmgs 67 208 South Florlssant Fergus Pq Se ty MRS RAUP s SANDWICH SHOP GAS Q L Sandttzches Sodas U iz u d B WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES 298 St Francois Street 517 South Elorxssant Road AI' ate 9735 Elorlssant Mo ORange 4771 QREASF BATTERIES Vcto 71816 AT ate 503 XX R ICO f T KAEMMERER REALTOR Real Estate Loans 9 Axrport Road Ferguson 21 Mo C SCHATZ SHOE REPAIR 18 SOUTH FLORISSANT A GOOD DAY S work requlres a good nlght s sleep If you havent been sleeplng as Well as you should try th1s Tomght and every mght just before retxrrng drmk a glass of fresh pasteurrzed nnlk It soothes the nerves and Induces sound natural sleep Remember a glass of mrlk at bedt1me1 TRY IT TONIGHT FRESH MILK INSTITUTE 1200 SOUTH SPRING AVE Telephone LAclede 3355 ST LOUIS 10 IVIO FISCHER s SHOES 85 DRY GooDs 601 Jefferson FI ORISSANT MO Shoe Repazrznq ORange 7271 WALTER SIMONDS SUPER MARKET 21 SOUTH FLORISSANT HEMMINGHAUS ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR II' 1adGEAppa IgA ll South Florxssant Road Vlctor 7 0898 SAVOY JEWELRY 26 GIFT SHOP GIFTS INFANT WEAR JEWELRY ll5 South Plorrssant Road V clo 7 2317 If ty E qht I ! u' .- Qualzty Ice Crt m-Brit' n ullz . ' W r Y ' E 4 I r - W r - I Notary Public- cn Ile tions ll 9 Y? ' ' Y , . , . Y . , . , , . , . v A D 1 , V Ho fom n . , I1 nfeg Easy lX'ushr.rs . Cros eh ppliunves . I r . C1qCSeven - i . 1- WES-LESTER STUDIO and CAMERA CENTER PORTRAITS OP DISTINCTION PICTURES TAKEN AT WEDDINGS PARTIES AND MEETINGS Commerczal and Photostat Photography BABY PICTURES OUR SPECIALTY 8 m and I6 mm Moto Pctu es Rental L b ary VICTOR72099 218 SOUTH FLORISSANT ROAD 1 O m inir ir I E Hltl ADVERT Alexanders Cafe Al s Market Artrstrc Floor Covering Desrgners H Vernon Ball Inc Bank of Ferguson Barbays Market Behles Food Market Ben Franklrn Store Bensmger s Bleler Darry Farm Brermann Hdwe C Bolrns Servrce Statron Brll s Barber Shop Brtx Flower Shop Broecklrng Servlce Statlon Broeckmeyer Construction Buehrle Sheet Metal Works Carls Servlce Statxon Catalano Candy Shop Cole Oldsmobile Co lnc Color Kraft Shop Communrty Players Darst Road Ccnfectronery Day G Nrght Market Dellwood Ferguson Fergusor Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Confectronery Auto Body and Reparr Barber Shop Bowlrng Lanes Broadway Bus Lrne lnc Cleaners Department Store Hardware G Supply Co Motor Servrce Prlntrng Co Sales Co Sheet Metal Works Inc Super Market Ftschers Shoes G Dry Goods Flor A111 Beauty Shop Florxssant Bank Florrssant Pharmacy Florrssant Valley Frozen Foods Frank :S Stanley Produce Cc Fresh Mtlk lnstrtute lNalter Freund Bread Co Gasen Drug Store Gebler s G neral Grocery Company George Gerhart Darry Graf 6 Case Realty Co Halls Ferry Servtce Statlon Halveland s Cocktarl Lounge Harold s Seryrce Statlon C l Harrrs Lumber Co Harrys Servrce Statron rleady Ueaners Page Erghty Hemmmghaus Electrrc Hendel s Market Home Crest Market lenny Wren Iody s Cafe lust Hardware G Supply T Kaemmerer A L Karst Kaufmann s Confectronery Krenstra Supply Co Krngs Drug Store Knodel s Bakery Kor e l:.lec rrc Kreder s Cafe Leonards Iewel House Lodholz Bros Lucas Sheet Metal Ludwrg Mustc Store Merners Plumbing Mrssourt Steel CS Wrre Molzne Hardware 15. Coal Co Moore s Delrcatessen Negwer Coal Company Al Nrck Realty Co Normandy State Bank Phrllrp s Qualrty Food Shop Qurllmans Drug Store Mrs Raups Sandwrch Shop Rrnehart s Patrrcta Park Pharmacy Roys Super Servrce Russel s Servrce S atton Sachse Shoe Repa1r Satron W1ll1am F Savoy lewelrj :S Glft Shop Savoy Theatre Schettler s Florrssant Market Scott s Market Schatz Shoe Reparr Schultz G Russell Spo ting Goods Shulte Hadware G Supply Snnonds Super Market Sk1nker Servrce Statron Sm1ttys Auto Pamt Shop Starrwalt Electrrc Co Strvers Auto Sales Three Acres Market The Town Talk Unrversal Match Corp N ogelsang s Shop Walls Auto and Home Applrance Wedge Motors lnc Wes Lester Camera Centre Whrte Fun ral Home Vtfrese Barnes Prrntrng Co Wrlson s Market Wo rnmel Plasterrng Contractor It El - ' ' CREST ' ,.,.,....,..,.,.. ,,.. ,........,. , , .... 72 ' ' ........... ' ...,...............,...,..... ..,...........,.. .....,... 7 2 ' ..........,,.....,.....,.... .. ' ' ' ' ., .,,.........., 72 .....,., . , . ........,.,... ............,,..,.......... 6 6 ...........,...,.....,.....,....,..,. ' .,.,......,....,.. ,.,.,....,......,.,........., 7 3 . ,........... ., ' ...,.....,.....,..,............,......., 68 . ....... .......,.,... ..... ..,... . . ' .......................,.................,.... 75 . . .......,...................,..,......, ' ' ..,..................,..,,....,.,......,.....,....,......, 66 ' ' ---,-.---, ' ' ....,....,...,...,,........., .,....,..,...... 7 2 l . ....,. ..,....,.,. . ' . o. ,..,,,...,.,...,... ....,,....,., , ,. H73 ' ' 7 --,-r...----...----- ' ' ' ' ........ ....,,,,,,....,. , .,... 7 2 ' .-.,.--.----..-,-.,.,.. ' ' ,..............,..,,... ..,,,,,, ...., , ..., 7 3 lt 7 3 Q - ...,. V ,.--..-,..--,,...--. ' ....., ...,,..., . ., .. , .....,. .,..... 7 6 l --,..,--.,.---,.A,-----. .. ' ' ' ..., ......... ..,..,. . ..., 7 4 ' .,. , ,. ' Co. ,.,., . ,, ......... 68 . . ....,......,. ,....v...,..., . ' ,...,.. , , 7l ..... ...,......,,,.. , ' ' ' ,,,.... . ,. .,,,....,.. . U67 ' ' .,...., , ., ' ., . ...,., ., ,... ....... 7 3 ' ' ' ...,..,. - .................,. ....... .,,.,....... . . . 69 A ' . ' ...,......,,.. ..,. .........., ..,... 6 9 ' ' ..,....,..... ..... , .. ' ............ .,.....,....,, 6 9 ...,.....,... ' .,,,....,,,,. ......,.........,....,,. . H69 ' . .,...,........,..... ' .......,......,...,....,..,..... H67 ...............,,. ,. Dubberly 6. Meyer Shoe Shop .,.......,....,.,. ...,. 7 7 ' ' --....,.-....,.4........................... ' ......,.... ,,,...,, 7 4 ....4,...........' ........ . r ,....,..,...,....... ................ 7 l l ' .,..........,.... ' .,,....,.,.... ,...,..,......,..., 6 8 - I ' .--... ' , . .. . .,...,,,,. 69 V I 4 h , ,.,..,,........ ......,,.,,......,,.., .,.. 7 3 ' S ' ,..,......,.,........, .. . .. . ,75 ' ......,. ,. ' ....., ........ , ..... . ...68 , ' . ...,.......,.....,.. ' ' . .,......,.,., ,,.. .,,.,..... ,.... . , 7 4 ' ' ..,..,. . ,..,,....,,...., .......,.... ,,.....,,,... 6 7 ........ ...,..,. ..,............ . , . ....,.........,. 73 I ' .,.... ' ' ..,... ..,..,...,....,, 7 8 ' .....,.,...,......,.. - ' ..........., ...,... . ,. ,..... .. , 75 r' . ' .....,..............,,, .......,.... .....,....... 7 O ' Co. ' ...,..,........ ,...,.,,..,, ..., . .,... 6 8 ' ' . ............,. ' Co. ......,.,.... H74 ' ' ' .........,,., . .,.,..........,......... 72 ' ' ' ......,. ,. ' ' ...............,......,..,..,,.......,..,.. 78 ' ' . ................. . .... , ,..,,,.................. 70 ' ..,....,............... ' ............,.............,,..,,................,...,........... 77 .,.....,... ,....,..,....,..... , re . ......., ,, .. ..,,,,77 ' . .... A ......... , ,,...,,,.. ..,......... 7 4 l ' 7' ,.,....,... .,.....,.... . . .,...... , , . ..,. , . . , 74 ' ' ' ' ' . ,. ,.,, 7l , . , ' ' ' ., .... , ,.... ,.,, . ,..,...., , 68 e ...v.......... . . ' . . ....... .,,......,,...., . .... 7 6 " - ' . ..... ' F f' ' , .... ....,r, ..r,..,r .,.. 6 9 ' ' ..s.l-r,------t-r-.--,- ,,,,,,.,,,.,. , .-,...-.,,....... -1-3.

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