Fergus Falls High School - Otter Tales Yearbook (Fergus Falls, MN)

 - Class of 1949

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Fergus Falls High School - Otter Tales Yearbook (Fergus Falls, MN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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, A , - 1"w.' . 'H 5 msg- .an '3' . Q , V- 'V, " , g . fa.-1 - ' 1'L 1 . ' . ' f' -a3Q. .k."",1f'v."'f ' - f 1 ., VHVVEV,-Y.:L Mr V.,-V VV .V7 -,r,.V ' .'iV.V.E'.S. V A . ,- SVV VV .A ,. TVVVVVVVVASVV-i ,, V 0 'MVALVV VV !,'A- 1 , VVV--:., :VVVV. T VV V V V 'VVVVVVLQ VV 'V V W 'i.V..V .V V V V ,Vi VVQIFVWV V AQ ,'!- V, XV . . A V .A V: uf- L.V:V,VVVx-V-V . . +V " 41 V ' V' '3f.,VE"7'f ' V - LV " ' 1 . . ' -- f ""3S'7V.ff -, ' . ,. ,V V. ..'V,1!VV Q V .VA.,V4iiLVVV.:3 g?V.V.S-k'VVV fi-5 V V jp V - g. ,VV - V . .,,, V V W'-gs: ,-- .kV V, . -.,VJV. L - , - 1 I' .Y 1- -'-- ' 1' ' ' .5 : -1-N .,g!l-W-----V A ' . . V ' f ' . " ' -V DHL--,VL VVVV ' KIZA VV VV df 4 VVZ., V ""' VH - ff?-I-is: '53-f V - QV, K V- TEX- , VV,' .5-V -V . VVIV VVVVV ,. 'J .V V . V4 Y , gl' V.V,vV4 -...-3Vt.,, - ' - -+11 - .V u 5 ' - w' , - -- . - ff. . . ' if V .fy ,- -q V VV V ,V V ,QV VV .Va V V.. .. VV V V V 1 . V5 VV . . ' X 1 . V f V A N TV V . ' V .V TV 'V v ?,,.'V.f4W , twig' VV, V V N, ,iii V VVVVFV V VV . 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V ' ' 124- Y. xi' , JU 1 , .A . '1 Y Hifi' p?'L1!1K.' :J . . ' ' ' ' , - -'If - fd f ' . ' ,Z ' -31? f , 5. 'i.j, V -1 .' E, 5. f " 5' - . -, " 'ix F"1..-'V , Riu' K -4 '- . fl! Z N u ' f35if" -. I 5 ., ...-ht. -- -,.-.5 ' .5 X.-ru - A V ' V 3 - A. V- ,. V :fi ,. VCU , -V .. X - - . ..,. ,A . . , . . - . . R Au. '. v- X .. V VAN, .V V VV Vii,wVVV . 6... JV.. V..VV VV V V V VV.VVV ,WL V V. ., V . Mskf . 'az . - V ' ' " A L 'T-1. -1 ' - f- 'Q g.,' - . " ' Q 'N -, , N ' 5,3 V' ' Q. ' J 6 ' ggrukg V , V .f V g "' .- . 1- ,fi 'L' 52 " .Q V . - 1517-1 .1 ' .L I P 1 ' , .f." . 1 . ,N 1' 4. .' 1. -,.:,,yga -V rr Y, Q- f ' .V -aff . . .,: ' 1, ' -- if , . A .rx gf- V"g1. L 53' ' ' . ' 1 ' ' 1.52 ' ' 1 -:. "' f f '- VVVVTQ.-1 ' ,3,V1..4, AV Vr.,,L5 , f, 'f ,V If V1, VV 4 ', . - - VV, , " ff-'L ' 'S f - A Rf " . ff'-'ltfi ' - .- 5 ' " ft' -33411 . f "V" yah .V Jw " V .f . , f, V. ,J FV .V mi: ij ,V V. V V, Va V V,V-:J-,AV4 ,f V-V . J V. V 5, ' V:VV.ViffL:"' .- -f ' . N. frgi-'J - V . 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V A 4. ,V . - . - . . ' 1"'w, . ' .2 I vw . B fl 4 as vigfvyywfy P EY., fa X mb 1 . Qfgf5Qg3ff 'pf Lfrfiiw M , 4 3 'E WW' Jfjgf wfwfpiff? EQQX 5? J,,ffQg2giwW'3fySffWfj1z2f'3Yfj'v1? QM fAjM,M'yf"yf' f" W W 3:1 ofQ ' a'WjyW' Bffwjfwjfvwywxyff W Qwfigwgjp xii? 5 ci mfgijfiggfgfs y fic, WWMMW e X: ' E3 if efffiifiy 25239544 222351352533 gif ,gffy fd 013, 'JQ vgipffsga f, ff 4 41 S , . xyX4f'5'9wlQ11? , ,, Q3 if wif yn 6X0 9' iv Q Q 'Q . , x X Q + ww fp. ve gf 7 Rsifiigwwxfw jx ww .ec9ceve,2e44,4mV , J X' , "Q-ice gfffe-e,g may by Am ww MM A6 ,iw ' to ck Kerlgethe photographic AQ Ami qt egxgyhlgbzyemeggnd Mr. Clarence Lee. Z JJ X 'bf fx Awww? if X ff Qi? Qejg Qqffid ei will X - I - WW: 'f .X .L ni XXV X 25. ft f , 551 7 fl , -0 -2 :fx I s J 0 NJN, ' .Elm :f-:X . 'D .X A! . M f. ,5 EN ,feb X ,xx ,I 1 fp , KN w W t ,MW V15 if - D I v VM . ' pl 0,71 F Encus HI, OUR ALMA MATER P 4 x f S J 0, M Fergus Hi, our Alma Mater X JT1 JJ Now we stand again in praise, FP' M ay our song ring out forever, 2 y 'S-JDJ! I n all future days. 9,5 Q Shouts of victory now to hail thee, Mfg ' W ' ' Steadfast in thy ways. Rf? Fergus Hi, our Alma Mater Now we stand again in praise. May our song ring out forever, it ya . Vi fb t far' t ,fa if ef or s 0 ' fry ff t- ss isaffiefwa ,W fZfmr1fie',J i 7. 41- 01 - L' V fy Jyyju if 7 v'35"ivW4'L ' W.vi',fJ',,.vX e7',nA.1Jr WW ef s 539026-' wqwxent-K ibm-" VX Hue! Remembei ktQ QQ vb? X Rum www? Q- XXQ sl X .. 3 - 36 QW XXQ-5AxNNQ sr :xb.0,QX ' X I 6. 6. QE fi 8 .33 Q K .i x X - is N' xxx Ni 3 Ni Qi V giffs No one of us realizes the quantity of work to be done in making a superior yearbook. For her perseverance and in- genious forethought we dedicate this ,49 Annual to our adviser, Miss Helen Steppe. -4-1 Hs., L rj:-fx, if 395- ' I., "-:i,j'. fit? 353 s'i,'..!Sfag E: , ..' w HRW, H. 1' .- ,ix f , qp41z,', ffi-'fl al -an-if ' 11, J, ,:tf11hlmf"' Ffh gi -if, L , , , '. V.: Hr ' w .iff K 1, A 1. 1 I fig . 1 ,M f V, ff. f4"'.,1ii.'2 'fg,j,-5 . 5'5"- -il' , 13151: 4' ., 5 ...pw -V .W 1 -Q. 'fwfr' iglfanff hir: . P' ffivfh' ' ,ref 'ITV' 1'i'X3'bagi-GHKLT4' 31' ff 1 4 p , V Qf,:f?f'I QL' :fgig"'?-945.5-.L1,"-f"TQI:n5'E'X'S5 --up 1,-,.'.q.g4. 21 - asf- I v farm -' -'-mgf , llfvf , fre 1-- 7 ,-. . Q-N, ,W 1,,g:1.' ,..,,- LN I -1-1 I-X. ,, V ,, 'w - J- , .Q f --. f .f:AQ,1' - Q1--1:.z---,ffm -1-,. , V. , . f , . - . , f' ' ,wg-V I Q ' Zmfzq of Q Qcwlq-flfmm Once upon a time, seventeen long years ago, during the great baby rush, we little nuggets who are now the class of '49 kept the stork busy. For the next few years the prospectors, Mama and Daddy, watched their little interests grow. Soon came the time when they decided that their investments needed some "lamin." Every Friday all the little "mamas" of the first grade proudly wheeled their doll buggies to school and exchanged tips on "baby care." After waiting patiently, the day came when the new Adams, Jefferson, and McKinley schools were finished. Although it was a great event, there were some disappointments. Vince Araskog, Marlys Larson, Melane Engen, and Joanne Elton of the Adams, shed big, round salty tears at the lack of a Ere chute in the new building. It seemed as if they had waited forever to be pro- moted to the 4th grade when they could have that thrilling slide down the chute at fire drills. Now they had to give up the chance. Over at the Lincoln, Kathryn Ruud, Anne Dahl, Dave Vogel, Audrey Loberg, and Henry Gerhardson were the envy of their class because they could travel "westward" to the new McKinley. B the time we were in the 6th grade we were really pa ing dividends. Of course sometimes we were baclf Mary Edlund became the first one to have scotch tape on her mouth for talking out of tum. Helen Lundeen was the first one in the Spring to wear anklets fthat is, until her mother caught herj. Out in District 28, Lowell Nissen was fascinated by the bell tower and climbed it at every opportunity. His brother, Norman, sat behind Gerry Drews and pulled her pigtails every time the teacher turned away. Then came the memorable occasion when we put on our new suits and dresses and started seventh grade. We were really growing up. Frankie Sinatra was the subject of a very dreamyf?J radio rogram in Home Room 73. We swooned and diol ed over him and collected his pictures. When the boys wouldn't cooperate, the talented 7th grade girls had to put on the Blondie and Dagwood play alone. Mil Straus played Blondie, Net Hanson, Dagwood, Helen Lundeen, Baby Dumplingg Doe Videen, Alvin, Dar Hanson, Mrs. Dithersg Ruth Morken, Mrs. Wippersnapper. Oh, yes, the Anti-P.M.B. Club was flourishing then too. As freshmen, our interests were changing somewhat. Girls went in for days when every- body wore red sweaters, slacks, and pigtails. The boys threatened to get heinies and wear white shirts, but they couldn't seem to unite for a common cause. Mr. Nyjordet's homeroom entertained them- selves and some lucky guests by hitching up old Dobbin for a sleighride. At the Freshman Party we were royally entertained by the Hill Billy Band. Remember the ofiicers' initiations when Paul Gust was only too glad and too willingfiij to show his motherly instincts by demonstrating how to bathe and change a doll? The next Fall found us migrating "westward,' into the great senior high. There we innocently joined the bustling throngs in the "great wide" halls. Fred Allen's radio program was the theme of our sophomore talent program. Orlin Fick as Fred Allen, and Ronald Anderson as Mr. Cassidy really stole the show. fBy the way, talent pro- grams were discontinued just after thatlj Our junior and senior years marked a drastic change in fashions. Everyone scrambled to lengthen their skirts and Gibson Girl blouses and ties were the latest fad. The long full- backed coats and knee socks came in handy when the mercury dropped and the north-"west" wind blew around the comers. "The Curse of an Aching Heart,', our junior Class Play, was an old-fashioned melodrama. Iuneal Lawrenson, the heroine, had a hard time to keep her water- soaked handkerchief from dripping before she was supposed to shed those tears. We sold a greater number of tickets than any other class before or since. In the Spring all our profits were spent in giv- ing the Senior Class a wonderful banquet based on the theme, "Dreamtime.,' Remember those crepe paper clouds that were strung across the ceiling of the church which kept getting lower and lower every time someone breathed? After a sensational Summer of traveling, vaca- tioning at lakes, working, baseball Lgames, and 'ust p ain loafing, we were all rea y to come back to roam our beautiful halls as high and mighty seniors. Homecoming was early this year as one of the events of "Know Your Own Strength Weekf' We were all very proud of our Queen, Mary jo Baker, and our King, Keith johnson, who reigned over our Homecoming Day. We were also elated over our great football team who won six out of their eight games. Although there were plans made for a new school to be built on the levee, we still don't have a new auditorium. One thing we are hon- ored to have a part in is the use of the inter- communication system. The first month or so its squeaks, blaring noises, and unexpected silences, were unusual, but we became accustomed to it. It proves very handy for the teachers when they leave for numerous trips to the office. All they have to do is turn on a switch in the office and everything going on in the room can be heard very clearly. We can't forget to make a special mention of our super basketball teams which have been tops for the three years we have settled in senior high. Our senior year ended in a whirl of fun. We had a wonderful party which took us way back to Grandmother's day to remind us that our state is celebrating its one hundredth birthday this year. We gave our class play "I Remember Mama" in April. Next year's seniors did a won- derful job of entertaining us at the annual junior- Senior Banquet. And then came june 2nd, and one of the most important events of our lives. We all marched down the aisles in our grey caps and gowns and received those cherished diplo- mas or which we had strived so long. Now we forty-niners wonder what our pros- pects for the future are, and, like the pioneers of old, we hope to strike it rich. -5- .bf 'er NORMAN NISSEN President HELEN LU NDEEN Vice-President CLASS COLOR Lavender Blue CLASS FLOWER Crocus CLASS MOTTO "Ever forward as whose virtue lies in struggle not in prize." a Pioneer SAGA OF A F ORTY-NINER fSung to the tune of "Clementine", I n a high-school, in a city, Excavating for a mind, Dwelt us minors, forty-niners, And our teachers, twenty-nine. Bright we were and like the fairies, And our classes number nine, Alas for us, we were no hookers, Education can't be mine. DAVID ALDRICH He's the "Calamity" in Jane? life. Transferred from Parkers Prairieg Football '49g Basket- ball '49g Choir '49g Boys' 'Quartet '49g "I Remember Mamn"g Honor Studentg Nu- tionnl Honor Society: Nation- al Athletic Honor Society. - ik ZZLQGZM4 MARY LEE HELSETH Treasurer 'xg-5 . AUDREY BRODIN Secretary af! ALAN ANDERSON Cow-town Inwyvr. Tmnxfvrred from Watertown, S. D.g F.F.A, '48, '49. ia! fffw f DALE ANDERSON Cowboy Casanova Football '47, Intramural '47, '48, '49, Track '48, JOYCE ANDERSON Girl of my dreams Choms '47, '48, Girls' Glen- Club '49, Horizon Club '49. RONALD ANDERSON Walkin' ahead of the train Transferred from Duluth Central, Foot- ball '48, '49, Nat'l Athletic Honor So- ciety '48, '49, "I Remember Mama." DOROTHY AUSETH Whare seldom is heard a discouraging Ch'gi?us '48, G.A.A. '47, Horizon Club '49, Girls' Glee Club '49. 13.-5' VQL ou 993' MARY IO BAKER U A bud-ding queen Annual Stall '49, Choir '47, '48, '49, Declam '47, '48, Ioumalism '47, Otter Staff '48, '49, Homecoming Queen '49, gzeech Club '47, '48, T espians '48, ' 9, "Night of 4Ia.nuary 16th", Triple Trio '48, Octet ' 9, Nat'l Honor Society '49, V.F.W. Award, Quill and Scroll. HOWARD BALDWIN Bunkhouse in the sky Cheerleader '48, '49, Intramural '47, '48, '49, Preflight '47, '48, '49, Airscouts and Fl ing. ll' ,. 9 of 'as Q -8 C 5, he ' 'Qi' 3 - 5 R' f 1 ,-fi . ' .' " 'E f V 4' I ' DAROL ANDERSON Wanderin ' Intramural '48, ROGER ANDERSON Headin' for Spike's Pwak Cheerleader '48, '49, Intramural '49, Preflight Airscouts '48, '49. VINCENT ARASKOG Gimme kool, klear water Choir '48, '49, Class President '48, "Curse of an Aching Heart", Debate- '49, Declam '48, '49, Football '47, In- tramural '47, '48, '49, Ioumalism '47, Nut'l Honor Society '48, '49, Otter Staff '48, '49,, Speech Club '47, '48, Thes- nians '48. '49, "Night of Ianuary l6th", "Grand Chnm's Diamond", Tennis '48, '49, Co-Valedictorian, Quill and Scroll. STANLEY BAGLO Gimme my boots and saddle NORMAN BAKER 40 acres and a mule Debate '49, Bausch-Lomb Award, Salu- tatorian, Nat'l Honor Society '49, DONNA MAE BERG As I go riding mcrril along Choms '48, Horizon Club '49, Girls' Glee Club '49. CONNOLLY BERGENE ' ' LORNA BEHCERSON 'I'here's n lavvm in thc town - 4 PVUUU' C'0fm"' lm,-amu,-al '47, '48' '4g. , Chorus '47, '48, Choir '49. ' HGWW' g!3,,X,mfM, BETTY BERGF-HUD HELEN BERTLESON The immortal wife Angel of any heart Band '47, '48, '495 Cl10fllS '43C PPD Speech Club '47, '48, Fri-nch Club '47 Band '48, Horizon Club '49, Girls' Glev , Horizon Club '49. Club '49, Stenography. - UQ WILLIAM BOEN HAROLD BQESE yhgrc have you lvvvn, BUIQI bmi. Bill!! I'm gnmm lake :hc Sfmm Fr' Tmil Baslijgiball '47, '43, '49, Track '47, '48, .-, , -3 '49. 5 24. C i. DENNIS BOLL ROBERT BOREN Hc's really panning gold . , Westward, ho ' nf E0"',':alf48'47: lnfraimural '47, 248- '49 I X YHC . I AUDRIEY PRODIN DARRELL CARRISON Clgghggigaggyhgzgi GAA- un. '48, ,img Swingin' along without II worry S ch Cluh '47, Horizon Club '49, Plonor Student. EVELYN CICHY K ELAINE CLAUSEN My prairie queen ' ' Smkin' a claim nn you Annual Staff '49, Drama Club '49, Orclu-stra '47, '48, '49. G.A.A. '47, '48, '49, Ioumailism '48, ' , Horizon Club '49, Sli-nography. 'A Q' if , . f- 4 .,4 3 1.9:- 1 332333, ' M LON CURTIS He lmr been ddmittcd to the bar Annual Stall '49, Band '47, '48, '49, Choir '48, "Curie of an Aching Heart", Debate '47 '48, '49, Declam '48, '49, Football '4'z, '49, :ummm '41, Nat'l Honor Society '48, '49, Pep Band '47, '48, '49, Radio '47, '48, '49, Speech Club '48, '49' Student Council '47, '49, 'rm-nam. '41, '43, '49, "our Town", "Night of January l6th", French Club '47, Ir. Red Cmas Otter Tail County Pres., Nat'l Athletic Honor Society '49, Co-Valedictorian, Representative Senior, V.F.W. Award. MARGIE DAHLEN Wabash Cannon Ball C.A.A. '47, H rizon Club '49, Girls' Glee Club '49. 5',' LA AE DEUTSCHMAN Lone prairie moon Chorus '47, Choir '48, '49, Drama Club 49,'loumalism '47, Otter Stal! '48, '49, Honzon Club '49, Red Cross Council '48. '49, Nat'l Honor Society '49, Honor Student, Quill and Scroll 5.5! 1166!-'ft-di 7""Z""Q,",z?"-'ZZ fdngfffef' g MARY EDLUND Hear that whistle down the line Chorus '47, Choir '48, '49, Declam '48, '49, C.A.A. '47, '48, '49' Ioumalism '41, om: swf '48, '49, 'rimpims '48, '49, "Night of Ianuary l6th", Horizon Club '49, Octet '49, Nat'l Honor Societv '49- Honor Student' Quill and Sc ll, . spied, city '41, '48, f71W' fif7 MARIORIE EMERY Skier an not cloudy all d Chonn '47, '48, Girls Cl lub '49. ANNE DAHL ,We'll build u sweet little nest Chorus '47, '48, Choir '49, G.A.A. '48, '49, Ioumalism '47, Library Club '48, '49, Horizon Club '49. PATRICIA DAVENPORT I'm all rr in buttons and bows Horizon Cllll? '49. -4 . GERALDINE DREWS Home at the range Chorus '47, '48, Girls' Clee Club '49. JOANNE ELTON Little Io, the night-hawk Annual Staff '49, Band '47, '48, 49, Chonxs Acc. '47, Choir Acc. '48, '49, "Curse of an Aching Heart", Debate '48, '49, Drama '48, French Club '47, G.A.A. '47, '48, '49, Ioumalism '48, Nat'l Honor Society '48. '49, Orchestra '47, '48, '49, Otter Stal! '49, Pep Band '47, '48, '49, Thessians '49, Trirle Trio Acc. '48, Octet '4 , Horizon Cub '49, "I Remember Mama", Representative Senior, Honor Student. MELANE ENGEN Somewhere in the west Class Treasurer '47, Football '47, '48. ligramural '47, '48, '49, Tumbling u S ARLENE ERICKSON .1 . LOU ANN ERLANDSON 1'll love in buckrkln and shirts .f A maid in a western dream that I'oe mvneupun I ,E Choms '47, '48, Choir '49, Stenography. Chorus '48, Choir '49, Stenography. ' . Iv ' X 2 i V74 ,A yd LAVONNE EVENSON 1'm trau gag on the Ar.-heson, Topeka e ,.,, S. en0g,.p if fr w JW' LA VONNE FOGARD Along t .rundown C.A.A. ' , '49. K M' ' X jd PATRICIA FRlSCH Cowbou Pat and her ten-gallon hat Chorus '47- Choir '48, '49, Debate '49, De-clam '48, G.A.A, '47, speech Club '48, '49: Horizon Cluh '49, Madrigals '49, Nat'l Honor Society. ' DUANE GOESE Open up that Golden Gate, Califomia hcre I come Annual Stall '49, Choir '48, '49, Foot- ball '47, Intramural '47. '48, '49, jour- nalism '47, Otter Staff. '48, '49, Sneech Club '48, Madrigals '49, Nat'l Honor Society '49, Honor Student, Pre-tlight Airscouts '48, '49, Quill dz Scroll. PAUL GUST' . I whistle and wait for Katie Basketball '47, '48, '49, Choir '48, '49, Football '47, '48, '49, Nat'l Athletic Honor Society '48, '49, Track '48, '49, Bam-hall '47 '48 '49 ,2z,,,SL'54Jb.f - QQ LE ROY HAGEN Tom Mi: Straight Shooter 1 I . Viv, 3' ORLIN FICK Fearless Falk of the Black Hills Chorus '47, Choir '48, '49, "Curse of an Aching Heart", Drama '47, Intra- mural '47. '48. '49, Journalism '47, Ot- ter Stalf '48, '49, Preilight fair scouts! '48: Student Council '47, Thespians '49, "Ni2ht of January l6th", Madriyllls '49, Nat'l Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. Joyce FRANTZ I'm gonna have a cowboy weddin' G.A.A. '47, '48, '49, Stenography. I HENRY GERHARDSON Oh, aln't you glad you're single? THOMAS GORTON Give him a muskat Basketball KB Squad? '47,'Intramural '48, Student Council '48. KEITH HAGEN 1'm roundin' u the cattle Band '47, '48 '45, Basketball '47, Intra- mural '47, '48, '49. MARLYS HAGGSTROM Every Iauie has her laddir Chorus '47, '48, Horizon Club '49, Girls' Clee Club '49, Stenography. MARILYN HALVORSON just a ralde ramble:- G.A.A. '47, '48. '49, Horizon Club '49, Srcech Club '47, '48, '49, Ioumalism ' 7, '48. ,MQ way """' ee.. f ,fax-g-f1lwU DOROTHY HANSON Meet me at the Golden Gate Chorul '47, '48, Choir '49, Horizon glub 79. X I ,542 "ff ftfww ,ftjbwli fl O VYNNETTE HANSON Pino! gackin' mama Annual tiff '49, Band '47, '48, '49, Chorus '47' "Curse of an Aching Heart", Debate '48. '49, Drama '48, French Club '47, G.A.A. '47, '48, '49, Nat'l Honor Society '48. '49, Iournalisrn '47, Otter Stat! '48. '49, Pep Band '48, '49, Soeech Club '47, '49, Thesoians '48, '49: "Night of Innuary l8th": Library Club '47, '48, '49, Horizon Club '49, "I Remember Mama", "The Clod", Honor Student, Quill and Scroll. MARY LEE HELSETH Goin' to China or maybe Siam Girls' State '48, Band '47, '48, '49, Chorus '47, Class Vice Pres. '47, Class Tren. '49, Debate '48, '49, Drama '48, G.A.A. '47, '48, '49, Ioumalism '47, Nnt'l Honor Society '48. '49, Otter Stag '48. '49, Pep Band '48. '49, Soeec Club '47, Theloians '49, "Ni!ht of Ian- uary l8th", Library Club '47, '48, '49, Homecominz Queen's Attend. '49, Hori- zon Club '49, D.A.R. Award, "I Re- member Mama", Honor Student, Quill and Scroll. JERRY HEYEN The gambler Basketball '47. '48. '49, Track '47, '48, Homecoming King's Attendant '49. BEATRICE HOLBECK Hankerin' Band '48, '49, Chorus '47, Choir '48, '49, Debate '47, '48, '49, Drama '47, '48, French Club '47, G.A.A. '47, Jour- nalism '47, Orchestra '47, Otter Staff '48, '49, Pep Band '49, Speech Club '47, '48, Thespians '49, "Night of Ian- uary 16th", Horizon Club '49, Honor gtudlint, Nat'l Honor Society, Quill and cro . I' 's 15" V! ,Qi ' -12- DARLENE HANSON I'll take you home again, Darlene Annual Staff '49, Chorus '47, Choir '48, '49, Drama '47, '48, C.A.A, '47, '48, Speech Club '47, '48, Stenography. MARVIN HANSON Roving cowboy Intramural '47, '48, Track '48, Bass'- ball '48. ILENE HAUCEN Look for the rainbow gidshestra '47, '48, '49, Horizon Club ALLEN HENDRICKSON C Dropped J JOYCE HOGLUND "' Romance on the prairie Choms '47, '48, Choir '49, Ioumalism '47, Speech Club '47, Horizon Club '49. Q,ClfCLc4l4,ie,a0 'affix JOHN HOLLAND He corraled Coral Football '47, '48, '49, Intramural '47, '48, '49, Basketball '49, Speech Club '47, Track '48, Golf '48, '49. KATHERINE HOLMOUIST l won? be home until mornin! Clhorus '47, Choir '48, '49: sffnoln' P Y- UBERT H .J - Hub-a-I V1 ' fr . I Q r ?""e"i1 '- F 'l 1. . 55 H20 8 . ' -1" -fi' "ji '4 '49, 6 ,vi .,.lEl' Aw . I , Q ' 0 JOSEPH IERIAN Same dirty dug glue in my saddle Infram ural '47, '48. ELEANOR JACOBS Goin' to Califamia for a little change of scene gala Mjwjf Our great John L. Sullivan Mel Olson Award '47, Basketball '47. '48, Football '48, Intramural '49, Base- ball '47, '48, Cheerleader '49, Home- coming Kin G den Cl es '47 '48 . '49. D Z v . u O ff!! If LORAN JOH ON Some day l find me where the mountain ranges part Flux Essay Award, F.F.A. '47, Intra- mural '48, '49. MARY LOU HOLMAN Ulmnpedi DALE HUSE Headin' for the lar! round-up Choir '49, Speech Club '48, '49, "l Rr- member Mama", Honor Studi-nt, Nnt'l Honor Society. L14 jk 1 AMI. ROBERT JACKSON Jack-a-Diamonds Intramural '47, '48, '49, Baseball '49. DWAYNE JOHNSON Therein ,a shes! back there looking for me high a low Igcbothnll '47, '49, Intramural '47, '48, LE ROY JOHNSON Band '47, '48, '49, Intramural '47, '48. '49, Orchestra '47, '48, '49, Pep Band '47, '48, '49. PENNA JEAN JOHNSON She studies cowboy lore Band '47, '48, '49, Chorus '47, G.A.A. '47, '48, '49, Joumalism '47, '48, Speech Club '48, Horizon Club '49, "1 Remem- her Mama", Stenography. SHERMAN KACHEL Leads the life of a happy minor Annual Staff '49, Debate '48, '49' Drama '47, French Club '47, Intramural '47, '48, '49, Speech Club '47, '48, '49, Student Council '49, Thespians '48, '49, "The Night of January I6th", "I Re- member Mama", Nat'l Honor Society. VIVIAN KORT Go! a beau in Idaho DONALD LANDBERG iDwvved J OBDEAN LARSON Father of the Westem Opcm House Entered from Maddock, N. D. JUNEAL LAWRENSON Let'r :iris a song and be haggv Annual St '49, horus'47, hoir '48, '49, Class Oillcer '48- "The Curse of an .aching Hem", D1-clam '41, '48, '49, Sree.-ch Club '47, '48, '49, Thessians ' B, '49, "Night of Ianuary 16th", ori- zon Club '49, Nnt'l Honor Society, "I Remember Mama", Girls' Trio '47, Oc- tet '49, Stenography. IANIS LINDOR Waitin' for Hub-n-long Cassidy Annual Staff '49, Band '47, '48, '49, Class Officer '48, G.A.A. '49, Pep Band '48, '49, Homecoming Oueen's Attend. '48, Horizon Club '49, Honor Student. M WM lm, , 1 , 1 lf, JAMES KASTELL When I roller skate with Kate Football '47, '48, '49, Intramural '47, '48, '49, Track '49, Baseball '49. ROSE LADWIG A prairie flower Chorus '47, Choir '48: Horizon Club '49, Girls' Glee Club '49. ff! K f? MARLYS LAR SON The belle of Old Cheyenne Band '47, '48, '49, Drama '47, '48, '49, Ioumalism '48, Orchestra '47, '48, '49, Pep Band '48. '49, Speech Club '48, Hom:-comina Queen's Attend. '47, Hori- zon Club '49. WINNIFRED LARSON First woman mayor ol boom town Choir '48, '49. DONNA LIGHTFOOT Light-hearted tenderfoot Band '47, '48, '49, Chorus '47, G.A.A. '47, Ioumalism '47, Orchestra '48, '49, Otter Stall '48. '49, Pep Bm1d"48, '49, Speech Club '47, '48, '49, orizon Club will an croll f,Qf?,?Z'i?f?'l AUDREY LOBERG .Skip to my loo Drama Clu 9, G . . '47, Girls' Glee Club '49. Ww'Wf CONSTANCE LUND The angela surely smiled on her Band '48, '49, Chorus '47, '48, Pep Band '48, '49, Horizon Club '49, Girls' Glee Club '49. JUNELLYN M DSON ' , Pen' oat g . 'V Band 8, '4 , hoi ' 8. '4 Home- foming jr '47. . . ' N U 7 I I V W 5 ,tfiwixwj caifyguos MANDEA3 A Waitin' at the cabin door Speech Club '-48. IEROME MILLER The singin' paraon Band '47, '48, '49, Chorus '47, Choir '48, '49, Drama '47, Ioumalism' '47- , 6 ll Orchestra '48, '49, Boys' Quartet '49, '- Pep Band '48, '49, "I Remember 'Q Mama." I 3 PATRICIA MILTON The trail that leads to you Chorus '47, '48, Choir '49, Horizon Club '49. SHIRLEY MUHLENBECK orus ' peec. u ' , ion ' Chshe 'tfafki' Cl h 48 H Club '49, Oirls' Glee Club '49. or Z . HELEN JOAN LUNDEEN Headin' West to the Point, that is Annual sms '46, choir '49, cms om- cer '49, "The Curse of an Aching Heart", Debate '48, '49, French Club '47, G.A.A. '47, '48, '49, Joumalism '47, Nat'l Honor Society '48, '49, Otter Staif '48, '49, Speech Cluh '47, '49, Thespians '47, '48, '49, "The Night of January 16th", "Our Town", "The Grand Cham's Diamond", Library Club '47, '48, '49, Horizon Club '49, "I Re- member Mama", Honor Student, Quill and Scroll. CAROL MALMSTROM just a pan handler Intramural '47, '48. EVELYN MELBY Meet me under western skies af blue Band '49, Chorus '47. '48, Speech Club , '48, '49, Girls' Glee Club '49 52526411 'KRD 4' nf 4' JOHN MILLER Where the dear and the antelope play Ilcgotbrg '43, '49, Track '48, Intramural I ,, n I' RUTH MORKEN By prairie winds kissed Choms '47, '48, Drama '47, '48, '49, Journalism '47, '48, Orchestra '47, '48. '49, Speech Club '48, Homecoming Queen's Attend. '48, Horizon Club '49, I fkui 2.1 'Lf ,174 ,Q Q' 4? 'ofa ,ogy na. Q i , c. L C CL ..fl.A,f'--4-wxflff' in .Af-L M'--lf' ff 1 ' 7f f - ua3Z.g.,U BERNARD MUTHS Let gray skies go by I M i- I ,.--'df' , ,M UIQ! Uxll , f 'U' ,Y . 1 r D. 1" gf? NETH' , rf H . or n w roclm-owl inf from 1 ' totdiv rus ' 7, '48, Chl PAQ, Irrtrxlmur I J f W - . Y, 'Y - YJ! , if f" XJ iv M Aiyf-'CQ L LL NISSEN Co West Vining man, Wen String trio '48, Declam '47, F.F.A. '47, ' Olvhestrn '47, '48, '49, Speech Club '47. if il ' CLAl R E OLSON Oh limes a night Intramural '47, '48, '49. BEVERLY PEDERSON V V Sweet Betsey from Pike chem., '48, choir '49, n.-hm '47, 4 ' Speech Club '48, Horizon Club '47. F an Q. 'f' 'L , wi I 'A . , ,.. ,ip MAR LENE PEDERSON if Dance, dude, dance 1 dr6nugrStaE '49, Chorus '47, Choir '48 A , amn '49, Inumalism '47, '48, Library Club '47, '48, '49, Horizon Club '49, Stenography. ' DANIEL QUERNEMOEN Inst call mc Boom: If' if '91 -K ,i.F"'1- we 2'9" wb' ' Q, LLOYD NELSON Paddle your own canoe Band '47, '48, '49, Pep Band '47, '48 '49, Intramural '47, '48, '49. NORMAN NISSEN My bones denounce the old Fofd's bounce Annual SMH' '49, Class President '49, Debate '49, Declam '48, Ioumalism '47, Nat'l Honor Society '48, '49, Otter Stall' '48, Sgeech Club '48, '49, Thespians '49, " ight of january 16th", Home- coming King's Attend. '49, Representa- tive Senior, Honor Student MARCUS OPATZ The end ol the trail is now in sight DONALD PEDERSON Beatin' a parth westward F.F.A. Award, F.F.A. '47, '48. ROBERT QUAM Hc's got a western draw! F.F.A. '47, '48. FLOYD REISHUS Junior partner of the pony express glasketball '47, Iiootball '47, '48, '49, ntramural 48, 49, Student Council '47, '48, Track '48, '49. LLOYD REISHUS C Dropped J ei R0 RT RIPL 1 j , Zgfw I ff R THOMAS nomznrso .ff 4 Bury me not on tlklana I Slgolr4649g Intramural '48, '49g a KATHRYN RUN D Iimm in a cowboy Band '4g, '48, '49g Horizon Club '49. DORIS SANDER Hair offold, eyes of blue Chorus '4 '48- Girl's , , Glee Club '49g Horizon Club '49g Speech Club '49. MARY ANN SCHMIDT There'.v gold in her heart Chonxs '47, '48g Girls' Glee Cluh '49 Stenography. ELAINE RINGQUIST I' t that fn le-lan le-iinglf' Chol',uesq47?'4'gg Girls: glee Club '49: Stenography. SHIRLEY RIX Beautiful dreamgr c5A.A. '49g Ho b '49g smwgm- P5 Q,,QH r-'A' 554' W-. K . sf DVD W C-Joy OVOHQ9. SYBIL ROSSMILLER Back to the ranafe and paradise G.A.A. '48g loum ism '48g Speech Club '47g Library Club '47g Horizon Club '49g Stenography. FRANCIS SACDAHL Hv'll die with hh boots on Football '48g Intramural '49. LAVERNE SCHMIDT . Gal in calico G.A.A. '47g Joumalism '48g Horizon Club '49. NORMAN SCHOENING Traveling through unpopulaled coun- try . Intramural '48, '49. Qi! 2460 She left a trail of bro n hearts Band '47, '48, '49, Ch ru: '47, Choir '48, '49, Class 0Hcer '47, "The Curse of an Aching Heart", French Club '47, G.A.A. '47, Journalism '47, Nat'l Honor Society '48, 49, Orchestra '47 '48, '49, one, sua '48, '49, Pep amd '47, '4s, '49, Sgeech Club '48, '49, Thespians '47, '4 , '49, "Our Town", "The Night of January I6th", "The Grand Cham': Diamond', Horizon Club '49, Madrigals '49, Girll' Trio '47, Civic Orchestra '47, '48, ' 9, "I Remember Mama", Repre- sen e Senior, Quill and Scroll. " AMW KATHERINE SIMONSON Jun once ln a lifetime Horizon Club '49. IRENE S ERNEST SORBEN The ind Clan 81323: '48, Intramural '47, '48, '49, "I Remember Mama." ALICE SPITSBERG The .mow is "sticky" ln the Rockies Chorus '47, Choir '48, '49. xx-.-c-!4,v...1:x,4wX,Q,-.JS-4 yaacgci-.9-4 Q Q- Q9-Lua., ROGER STEIN lust a cattle rurtler at heart MARCUS STORTROEN Thai: gold ln them thar fills Annual SME '49, Band '47, '48, '49, Chamber Grou '48, Clarinet Quartet '48, Declam '43, '49, Drama '47, '48, French Club '47' Ioumalirm '47, Or- em, fs' 'isa 'se' S.:-as '-12' en an ' . ' s new u ' - '48, '49, Theanpians '49' 'The Night of January l8th', Ir. Rell Cross Council g1c9,n"I Remember Mama", Quill and I0 . il ' 0- I 31" I , in-1, x t po A -18 1, MARY JEAN SHAFFER A woman with the west ln her eyes Annual Stall '49, Band '47, '48, '49, chgna '47, G.A.A. '47 '48, '49, Jour- nalrsm '41, offer sms' '43, '49, P Band '47, '48, '49, Speech Club 1? '49, Student Council '49, Library Club 47, '48, '49, Horizon Club '49, "I Re- member Mama", Nat'l Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Stenography. RICHARD SKUGRUD Dead-eye Dick Band '47, '48, '49, Intramural '47, '48, '49, Orchestra '47, '48, '49, Pep Band '47, '48, '49, Thespians '49, "The Night of january 16th", Baseball '49. HELEN SPIDAHL I left the Wert behind mc Transferred from Seattle, Wash.: Girls' Glee Club '49, Drama '49, Horizon Club '49, "I Remember Mama." . QW ww-. ,Dfw-' WE' "P 4. I' claw BEVERLY STAVAAS GJ Back to the green rolling prairie Chorus '48, Girls' Glee Club '49. f . .ET""""' eu .1.-.G n""',L-4.41. Pr-xox-:BE srocx ' When lt'r midnight on the range Chorus '48, Horizon Club '49, Girls' Glee Club '49. Hevuzba ' fur-U - W TW rnwga MILDRED STRAUS There'r diamonds in your eyes of blue Choir '47, '48, '49, Drama '49, Iour- nalism '48, Orchestra '47, '48, '49, Horizon Club '49. JEANNINE SWANTON Jeanie with the light brown hair Chorus '47, '48, French Club '47, G.A.A. '47, gzoumalism '48, Otter Stall' '49, Speech lub '47, '48, Homecoming gueens Attend. '49, Horizon Club '49, irls' Glee Club '49, Stenography. 13.45.44 . ,-vi 7 ,ansaf ff' JOAN TAYLOR Tuba tootin' Iasaie Band '48, '49, Chorus '47, Choir '48, 49, "The Curse of an Achim: Heart", Drama Club '49, French Club '47, G.A.A. '47, '48, '49, Horizon Club '49. LOIS TENNEY Jun a little gold nugget I Debate '47, French Club '47, Horizon Club '49, Honor Student, Stenography. KENNETH TIADEN Proprietor of the Skyline Stage Coach Band '47, '48, '49, Chorus '47: "The Curse of an Achim! Heart", Drama Club '47, Intramural '47, Joumalism '47, Pep Band '48, '49, Thespians '48, '49, "The Night of January l6th", Otter Stall' '48, "I Remember Mama." LOIS TOMHAVE Makes my hear! sing-yin-e-i-yin-e-o Chorus '47, Choir '48, '49, "l Remem- ber Mama. DONALD TOSO Poe got a Northwest Passage-north and west. that is Rockies . Drama Club '47, Football '48, 'Intra- mural '47', '48, '49. A v ' I , f V ' qi. - I M It T 'l Y, I I x' 1 1. " 4' 1 lf. - --191 H M HARRIET SWENDSRUD Harriet? handy with thc larint Horizon Club '49, ,4.-AJ-dd.ab.4-lffv-444'-'T ,LAM 0m,,1.,.,1.1, mum :Zap J., .4 vw... gf.".4"'JJ"f'7L' GEORGE TEBERG Got the bunkhouse blues F.F.A. '47. MARIE TRIES Mexicali Roll' Horizon Club '49, Stenography. ROGER TOLLEFSON Along about rundown MARION TORGUSSON Where do we go from here? Chorus '47, '48, Horizon Club '49, Girls' Clee Club '49. . '714-14.-8"-4444, I. A MAVIS VALLEVAND Springtime in the Rockin Stcnography. DOROTHY VIDEEN My little Buckaroo Annual Stat? '49, Band '47, '48, '49, Drama '48, G.A.A. '47, '48 '49, Iour- nalism '47, '48, one: stair '49, Pep Band '48, '49, Speech Club '47, '48, '49, Thespians '49, "The Night of Jan- uary 16th", Horizon Club '49, "I Re- member Mama." RONALD WALDHAM They grow 'em big in Texas F.F.A. '47, '48, Intramural '4 71 M I in ELAINE WAY A lun about the .mn sinks low Band '48, '49, Choms '47, Choir '48, '49, Joumaliam '47, '48, Orchestra '47. '48, '49, Speech Club '47, Student Council '48, Horizon Club '49. KENNETH WEBB Swingin' along Football '47. NORMAN WELLBROCK Wolfin5 bait at the chuck-wagon lntramur '47, '48, '49. MARY WYLIE Take me back to my old home town Transferred from Long Beach, Annual Staff '49, Chorus '47, G.A.A. '47, Hori- zon Club '49, ,JM IGGY! DAVID VOCEL Thafa where my money goes Annual Staff '49, Chorus '47, Dramn '47, Intramural '47, '48, '49, Preflight '48, Thespians '47, '48, '49, "Our Town", "The Night of January 16th." DOROTHY WANEK My West is calling me home Horizon Club '49. IEANETTE WEAVER There ain't a cowboy worth u womanir Annual Stal? '49' Band '47, '48, '49: Baton Twirling '47, '48, '49, Madrigals '49, Choms '47, '48, Choir '49, "The , Curse of an Achim! Heart", Declam '47. '48, '49, Drama 48, G.A.A. '47, '48. '49, Ioumalism '47, '48, Orchestra '48. '49, Pep Band '48, '49, Maiorette '48. '49, Speech Club '47, '48, '49, Student Council '47, Horizon Club '49, "I Re- member Mama", Nat'l Honor Societxg Stenography, Thespians '49, "The Nig t of January 16th." IANE VVEFALD Calamity Jane Transferred from Staff, 49, Band G.A.A. '48, '49, St. Louis Park: Annual '49, Drama '48, '49f Ioumalixm '48, Speech Club '49, Library Club '48, '49, Hnrizon Club '49, Girls' Glee Clubl'49' "I Rc'- , member Mam ." WW ewiinlf PETER WILKE ,JP 1 , Cactus Pete .4 , 1 Otter Staff '49, Transferred from 19 ,od Angeles, Calif. f , Qa ' "Now hold these two poles firmly," said Mr. Engan, is the big wheel of the static machine revolved faster ind faster. It was 2:30 on a dreary afternoon in Febm- ryg but as the electrons coursed through my body, ny ears began to buzz and my mind began to gitate. The bum of classroom conversation faded away, nd as I closed my eyes things began to crystallize before ly blurred vision. I found myself walking down a dusty trail when a imiliar voice cried, "Heyl Son, you're headin' the wrong ayl" A white haired fellow was peering at me from :hind a cactus. "You're goin' to town, ain'tcha?" he iestioned. "Town, what town?" I asked. "Why, Paul, Arizona, named after its founder. Chief ig Wind Gust." said the old-timer. "What's the matter, n, you looked kind of mixed up?" "I'll say I'm mixed up. Where am I? What time is it?" "Wal," the fellow said, "we're about live miles out of wn in the Arizona desertg it's 2:30 p.m.. Febmary 7. 99. and time for lunch. Come on into town and l'll ike you to a glass ololte. You could stand one." "0.K.," I said, rather bewildered, and we started down : road. Then I began to recognize my friend, Surelyl was Iohnny Miller. He told me he had become a 'ulthy man when he stumbled on a diamond mine lile searching for his pardners-Howard Baldwin and ike Anderson-who got lost while trying out their nged pogo sticks. Being very talkative, he went on to l me that the town is the home of the Silent Zipper mpany fonly factory-lubricated zipperl owned by Mae Deutschman and Katherine Holmquist. He said ice Araskog, chief street cleaner, and his helpers- ith Hagen, LeRoy Johnson, and Marvin Hanson-were ng very well collecting old oil cans. kt the edge of town we passed lCachel's Hardware re. In the window Judy Lawrenson was demonstrating "Cone Gadget" manufactured by the Duane Coese dget Company. On the other side of the strxet jo ter was working in a flower garden developing a new id" called L.C.K. She has as helpers-Dale Huse, FITI Schoening, and Dorothy Auseth. She told me she a filling orders for Betty Bergerud, Joyce Frantz, Kath- ie Simonson, and Shirley Muhlenbeck. Pat Frisch was :ding near by. She gave up fanning to take a college rse on conversation. . roar and a swirl of dust passed me, and Johnny in- ned me it was the Western Sightseeing Bus operated Iohn Holland. It makes regular trips to Keith John- s famous flower garden. Today he was taking Bix er, Dale Anderson, and jerry Heyen to see a new ety of barbed dandelion developed by Carol Malm- m. lso leaving town were Lowell Nissen and Donald 'o Gun" Pederson who have been elected Mayor and ill, respectively, of Podunk. Montana. Down the walk came Janis Lindor and Hub Hovland speaking ign language as usual. Enjoying a siesta were Mike hun and Ronnie Anderson who retired years ago s professional football as millionaires. .oolts like Anne Dahl and Melane Engen will be ig a vacation," said johnny, "now that Robert Jack- Darol Anderson, and Dave Vogel have bought the Me-Ranch." iparently Marie Thies, Pat Milton, and Dorothy ron had set up a beauty salon. I understand that the lar model. Junie Madsen, patronized them often. l Du Liber Augustine" with a mmba rhythm rang was out from a sidewalk cafe, "The Quick and Dirty," run hy George Teberg and Penne Johnson. In the trumpet section were Cookie Skugrud and Connie Lund. Next week, George told me, he was featuring Orlin F icl: and his band with Dave Aldrich and Bob Ripley as vocalists. By popular request jane Wefald may be added to form a trio. Following them will be Irene Schulz and Kenny Tiaden playing dinner inusic on the bass dmm and sousa- phone. This week "The Quick and Dirty" was having a special on "Munch,"-a food delicacy produced by Marcus Stortroen and Pete Willte. "There's nothing quite like 'Munch' for lunch," ex- claimed lohnnyg but I decided I wasn't hungry when informed that "Munch" was cucumbers aged in milk. On every table were placed copies of Vynnette Hanson's best seller Inside a Bowling Ball or Why I Cot Hole: in My Head. Now I knew I wanted to leave, but as we stepped into the street, another cloud of dust passed. Johnny told me it was a "Rekabecluts" lStudebaker spelled backwardsl, the car with four speeds in reverse. Its inventor, Bob Boren, says it's for one way streets. His only competitors are Roger Stein, who has a spring-wound auto, and Bill Boen, head of Pontomac Motors, and his super salesmen -Claire Olson and Marcus Opatz. The Fjord Garage closed after mechanics Marlys Haggstrom and Geraldine Drews fixed an inner tube with Scotch tape. Emie Sorben's twenty-four hour "You Yell, I Come" cab service was going full blast. Ernie was in the ollice reading Don Toso's book, Study of Colonial Problemsg although the noted critic, Alan Anderson, says it stinks. Emie was up on the news and told me all about those who were out of town. Since Connolly Bergene and Ber- nard Muths received their Ph.D.'s, they are touring the country lecturing on "How the High School Student Should Study." Emie said Thomas Robertson recently created a sensation by racing with Citation and winning by a nose, Mary jean Shaffer and Shirley Rix were in Canada with a girk' hockey team. Although the Canadian teams might be dangerous, Emie thought the girls would "melt the ice." Even farther north were Rose Ladwig and Phoebe Stock who were selling refrigerators to Eskimos. Yesterday Emie received a cablegram from Chinese missionary, Mary Lee Helseth. She and her assistants, Loma Mae Bergerson and Audrey Loberg, are teaching the Chinese Cennan. Wlnnifred Larson will soon join them. Back at Harvard, I was informed, Bea Holbeck teaches math and Jo Elton has charge of a Domestic Relations class. let Weaver is leading the Marine Band in Wash- ington. Senator Francis Sagdahl has been advocating "two families in every garage." Pressure groups are headed by Robert Quam and Kenneth Webb. In New York Lois Tomhave signed a contract with the Metropolitan Opera Company, while Marion Torgusson opened a hoop skirt shop on 5th Avenue. Lavonne Po- gard is first baseman with the Cleveland Indians. "Thanks, Emie," I said, 'but we gotta go." "Well," said Ernie, "if you need a cab, iust yell!" Johnny wanted to see the show across the street. Helen Lundeen was starring for the 10th consecutive year in the revival of "Annie Get Your Gun." The only other theater featured Pederson and Pederson fMarlene and Bevl in a can-can dance. We decided against a show but bought some Jolly Time Pop Com made by Joyce Anderson. Ordean Larson was busy mixing torn tickets with the butter. Joyce re- cw7wcQ called that Harriet Swenkrud was nominated as "The Girl We'd Like Most to Be Stranded Between Fergus and Dalton With" by the Dalton boys. She also told us that she and Evie Cichy were called to Hollywood to star in M.C.M.'s lMorken-Cortob-Melbyl "Lavender Blue" directed by Loran Johnson. The big news in Holly- wood is that Jen Swanton is associated with the famous designer, Audrey Brodin. Crunching our popcom, Johnny and I proceeded down the street. In a sidewalk booth Mildred Straus and Ioan Taylor were selling tickets for a summer cruise way up North on Minnesota's famed Lake Alice. They were also selling a pamphlet written by Elaine Ringquist and Doe Videen entitled "Bowling, the Long and Short of It." Bangl We were startled by a gunshot from a building occupied by the Erlandson and Erickson lArlene and LonAnnJ Detective Agency. They were working on the "Case of the Missing Spur." Two of their agents-Sybil Rossmiller and Kathryn Rund-are pursuing Darol Ander- son and Darell Carrison who tried to sell Manhattan back to the Indians. Johnny and I were stopped by jerome Miller who was looking for his pardner-in-crime, Lon Curtis. johnny told jerome that Lon was last seen heading for the Mexican border in search of a "warmer climate." "johnny," I asked, "what's that awful smell?" He told me that Dennis Boll had erected a factory in town to manufacture saddle glue. He employs Roger Tollefson, Mary Ann Schmidt, ,lim Kastelle, and Elaine Way. Their theme song is "I Can't Get Off of My Horse." The town had several inventors. Nomian Wellbroclr had a tractor that ran on whale blubber, and Nomr Nis- sen and Stanley Baglo were perfecting a square tumble weed that doesn't tumble. Johnny pointed out a restau- rant that Elaine Clausen had recently purchased from the food magnate, Joe Ierien. Her waitresses-Vivian Kort, Eleanor Jacobs, Marjorie Emery, and Doris Sander -were sewing aftemoon collee. I wanted a coke, but johnny insisted that I notice the fine educational system the town had. At the high school Mary Edlund and Mar- lys Larson taught Physics. For pin money the girls curl hair with static electricity. It was this school that helped train Lois Tenney and Mavis Vallevand. the world's fore- most typists. The girls hold the world's record of 360 words per minute. I.aVonne Evenson and Helen Bertle- son are in charge of the Chemistry department. This school developed Dan Quememoen, who has gained fame from his book, The Adventures of Cowboy Dun. His publishers are Nelson and Nelson Cliennetll and Lloydl. Newley, a photography school for shutter bugs, is op- erated by Mary Wylie and Helen Spldahl. Soon Henry Cerhardson will open his "Thschool for Thooth Who Lithpf' Dean of Women will be Gertrude Mantle-Ike. johnny and I proceeded to the other edge of town when' Bernard Muth's camival was playing. In the big tent we saw Ronnie Waldhan1, the clowng Dorothy Wanelt. the Lady Sword Swallowerg and the motorcycle racers- Mickey Halverson and Darlene Hanson. johnny insisted I ride the merry-go-round with him and I foolishly did. As we revolved faster and faster, my head began to spin again, and I could neither see nor hear johnny laughing beside me. I heard him mumble "76" and suddenly-Whaml a blinding llash flooded my brain! When it cleared, the class was laughing with Mr. Engan as he asked, "Did you feel it?" As the bell rang I thought to myself "Did l feel it?"- Physics-NUTSI Q 4 Ui c 0 MSW Sharing the highest scholastic honors are Vin- Previous to his lVest Point appointment, Vince cent Araskog and Lon Curtis, each with a 1.0883 was editor of the school paper, The Otter. Lon is average Following Close behind is Norman Bak- president of the junior Red Cross Council and is er Salugatorian with an average of 1 1333 All considered the most outstanding representative f ' ' ' in Minnesota. He attended the national conven- three l-TOYS have been actwe members Of the Var- tion last summer in San Francisco. Bix has been sity Debate Squad which went to the state con- our inspiration for all Homecoming day festivi- ties in senior high. test this year. Q b A . we ., .I n , Wifi V 4 'rf ' , ' 1, 9 iw- " . ,- ffftftiq ' - , 1 Standing, back row: Norman Baker, Vince Araskog, Lon Curtis, Dave Aldrich, Dale Huse. Middle row: Audrey Brodin, Helen Lundeen, Joanne Elton, Vynnette Hanson, Lois Tenny, Mary Lee Helseth. Seated: LaMae Deutschman, Mary Edlund, Beatrice Holbeck, Ianis Lindor. Not pictured: Norman Nissen, Duane Goese. i -22- ,x"m-iff-it 'Q M. A T 1. , MARY IO BAKER LON CURTIS This year the V.F.W. Awards were given to "Queen', Mary Io and Lon who certainly exemplify the qualities for which this honor stands-courage, temdperance, leadership, ,co-operation, and loyalty. Be sides excellent scholarship, they have done outstan ing work in the Helds of speech and drama. NORMAN Q BAKER Bausch-Lomb X To Bix for his most outstanding work and interest in the Held of science and mathematics goes the Bausch-Lomb Award. His enthusiastic zeal and scien- tific mind, plus his first-rate accuracy, makes the pre- sentation of this honor no problem this year. Bix is well on his way to success. I have a problem, Dr. Ein- steinl MARY LEE HELSETH D.A.R. Mary Lee has received the highest tribute to be given a girl in our high school-the D.A.R. Award. Mary is truly deserving of this great honor. Her high standards in co-operation, initiation, dependability, honesty, service, eadership, scholarship, and char- acter are more than the necessary qualifications. Throughout her high school career Mary has always done er work cheerful? and well-a real asset to our senior class. Hats o to our most distinguished seniorg we are all proud of her. ....23.. IOANNE ELTON Joanne has really proved herself worthy of the title, Representative Senior. Besides being choir accompa- nist she is a member of the National Honor Society and class editor of the Annual Staff. Her efficiency and won- derful personality make her our choice for a swell girl. Qs IRENE SCHULZ Irene has the honor of bein the first girl editor of the Otter, ang was one of the very few to be chosen for Thespians in her Sophomore Year. She continued in dramatics in both the Junior Class play, and "The Night of January 16." Band, in which she is a percussion expert, orchestra, choir, and Madrigals keep her very busy. '41 NORMAN NISSEN Student Debate Coach and assistant editor of the '49 Annual-that's Nor- manl Norman's big interest in high school has been writing contest essays. and he was a winner twice last year. He has been a member of the National Honor Society since his junior year, and as a conscientious student he rates fourth from the top of his class. Q9 f I of LON CURTIS "I impose"-Ever hear that phrase? Lon as had may fine ideas in his school career which have brought him fame, and we hope, "fortunev yet to come. He represents nearly every ac- tivity in our school including debate, annual staff, drama, Red Cross, and others. Good luck, Lon! Q , ' A ffl! J 1 v," - K? 1 t J fr., , xl . ., F' 1 - , , , fl y. fir' X fi XXX KE. ,il f -' -X: 1 4 ff V if 'f 'A Z! ,, ,PJ . fx M, Xml: ll' If ' s fy X f f.' XI il jj ll i w J, ,. X ' 1 1 , . 'I nl . 5, I 1 fm . -f,,1f'f'f'V" ' 'i 1' .- ' if .5 ,.f:' -, ' I MQ pc' '-Lf. 'ff'E,:jgfl,'3,f jf gl' L: L fA1ff"j F4 ,EIN 'IE f,- K- rg, Ars' :qrie -N n 8 I ew y W l 4w7jJfI!Lw fear' Qfdptlcjv ., J, .J N47:fyUi?P'I6EHS STUDENT COUNCIL President ...,... ............,.., 1? viddI3urRdeen Phyllis Kvern Beverly Fletcher Pat Rian V' -P ' 2 t avi 0 nson Sdgfetaifyfl , . . ..... Naomi Melby ADVISERS l '11-easm-er , , , . . . Helen Bromberg Mrs. Bechtel Mr. Loux Miss LaRocque 1 1 XX, mt 'Q I N h- i rx . .X wk X . wk , A wif. all F lb gtg. .-26, Here is the class which will graduate in the middle of the century, following the F orty-Niners. At present they are shooting along on the road to success. In dramatics they are tops, having proved their ability in the presentation of Tish. jane Wadsworth, Helen Bromberg, and Elaine LaValley practically had the audi- ence rolling in the aisles through their por- trayals of three old maids. A charming addition to the Homecoming were two lovely girls-janet Davenport and Naomi Melby. In athletics the class of '50 also deserves great praise. Wayne Larson and jim Henkes are two of the outstanding stars in football. Basketball is right down their track, with Olson, Papke, and Noyes piling up the scores for a top-notch basketball season. 'x x NVQ? .f 4 , 0. i K- N HX N. 'yi X , Q2 y. PNK V dx, +3 tx .i Xi it is ,B v J . fi gi .N . w t 'A X .T I as lt X . u t i 5 xi 'll XS xx ,i Glu! OFFICERS STU DEN 1' COUNCIL President ,...,,. .......,........ D arrell Kuehnel Gerald Liedl Mary Gorton Burnham Elton Vice-President , . . . . . Beverly Snyder ADVISERS Secretary ,,,,, Marilyn Kvern Miss Huseby Mr Anderson Mrs Engan Treasurer . , . . . . Alfred Maahs Mrs. Haskell Miss Minor Although the sophomores are underclass- men, they have already begun to make a lasting name for themselves. Two very charming girls represented the sophomores at Homecoming. They were none other than Gail Halverson and Mari- lyn Kvern, loveliest of the class. Sports have featured many of the sopho- mores in basketball, football, and track. jerry Liedl, Cordy Bakken, and Burnham Elton are just a few of the outstanding basketball and football players. OFFICERS President ..,.. .................., R ohert Bakken Vice-President . . . .,,...,,..,. .... J ack Swenson Secretary ...,. .... L eRoy Krause Treasurer . . A ..., Kenneth Rostacl ADVISERS Thelma Midthun Evangeline Qu im The Freshman Class placed first with its float in the Homecoming festivities. Peggy Davenport and Goldie Peterson were the attendants to the queen. The class had a get-acquainted party early in October. An intercollegiate sports meet served as a theme for the active part of the program. The initiation of the class officers and a "Truth and Consequences" show provided additional entertainment. The freshmen have been very active in athletics, chorus, band, and orchestra. Fifty- one members are participating in speech activities this year. 28- Hi -..,..'- - .1 . W ., -f' .v?IetQ'ri'.rZ 1511. Tn-Wiq F.- ',. .lg 4. - ga, 1 K ,try n. '-- -.' - .rwfgk ,NNMJ 641. ' " . .- if-fi. E1 J:,.' X- -' .'.1,.If'.- ' - ,W F, , Y -41,141 . - v . il 7 5 N tb Az? A it QQ X Ht," fy 'A - in 51.27, 5' 4.. -. -- ay L ,.., irgl,-, " ' 2, 'V' O 'F .V r M..','l . ' 123. 4,7-, . ,-M. .. 'Lk X 'I 9 ., ., W... , ,i fl. A pw J. .W 4, . 1-A n , 1.- wry. E- -9 ily -2 'f 517 Hn iii?" HW 4' ' .Q - V' : 6 .1 W V 4 A 3 if . WV W Q , 7,5 ,iw-42. fm ,. 3- dl . -..:. if V . . L nj , as 1 . . '. i I ' 'r L f 5.3 ' V , 1 "' '55-.X Q ' - wlhsi M ia -K . T " ' -.....-L 51 , - - f .U Q S , 1. Q 'L 4 5 . if . t .: I ' 'V' A 14 . E . , x .l 4 git 1-2 Ut.: V 5-11 5' 'YL' 1 'I ' I h x' . '-4 , , 3 X , 8 -YS : xl A "sf of 2 my . f 5 Q -aff .s 1 ' ' Coaches-Robert Loux, Track, Norm Calloway, Foot- ball: Al Letich, Basketball, John Hennes, Baseball. In the past three years, football in Fergus has made great headway. In 1946, when Norm Calloway took the reins, the Maroon and Cold finished the season with a record of 2 wins and 4 losses. In 1947 it was 4 wins and 4 losses. This Fe,-sus year the Otters lost but 2 games, those to Fargo and Wahpe- Fergms ton, to end with a total of 6 wins, including the 32-13 vic- Fergus tory over Valley City in the Homecoming game. Fargo took the Minn-Kota Championship, Wahpeton placed second, Fe,g,,s and Fergus ended up in third. U gergus ergus Hub Hovland.. T. H. johnson and Bruce Award. winner. Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls 13 7 32 34 19 21 28 0 Breckenridge . . ...,.... Fargo . . Valley City . , . Moorhead Sacred Heart , Park Rapids Pelican Rapids . . . Wahpeton 0 15 13 12 0 14 6 19 u My ,Qi ,. H , Q 1 ' .. A - - 7 Standing, left to right: Gayle Beecher, Ted Butler, Paul Gust, Melane Eugen, Hub Hovland, Lon Curtis, john Holland, Noel Olson, james Kastelle, Milton Pa ke, David Aldrich, Ronald Anderson. Front row, left to right: Gerald Liedl, Don- ald Washburn, Burnh m Elton, Floys Reishus, Gary Spranger, Wayne Larson, David Noyes, james Henkes, Emmet O'Meara, Dwayne Iohisbn by X MFE ,?ffxg,Y' ' 'ig ar -,U 4 gilht - O - Zi - ,az -.1 .7 U . 3 ,C-.J 43- s K 3 :gk Qs xllgngbl, XCZL-Hxl . fp 1 - .ze me ,.-an -11..- 11 L' 2 A- -QQ v:-P -1 1 l l i 'z -,,- X: 1 XV NZAZQZLC J! Sway 5-is iw ll S fn ful, t r is 4-nba This year the National Athletic Honor Society, with Mr. john Hermes, Adviser, sponsored the grade school truck tour nament. Its members are, back row, left to right: Gayle Beecher, Hub Hovland, president, Lon Curtis, john Holland Noel Olson, Paul Gust, secretary-treasurer, Ronald Anderson. Front row, left to right: Eugene Messenger, Don VVash- burn, Milton Papke, Merle Anderson, john Millexk Thomas Robertson. Not pictured, Daye Aldrich. 1 311 S, A K . 1, KN if-J 1,1 av X 1 is ,. t j N ff! -, ff ' N I es 1 M7 f , it ' . "J , X l li .- 3 U. '4 .-x U i FOOTBALL "B" SQUAD-Back row, left to right: Iim Zimmerman, Harry Garberg, Jim Salness, LeRoy Holten, Darell Kuehnel, Milt Papke, Bruce Halverson, Russell Kastelle, Larry Norby. Third row: Walter Stock, LeRoy Skriden,'Dayle Wellbrock, Cy Stadsvold, Emmett O'Meara, Eugene Best, Maurice Ness, Rol Bromberg, Burnham Elton. Second row: Bob Bakken, Billy Peterson, LeRoy Kruase, Jewell Lyngaas, Gary Spranger, Dave Noyes, Duane Stich, Gordy Bakken, Willie Mesna, Carroll Gerhardson. Front row: Chuck Hys op, Quint Brevig, Dennis Moe, Robert Berger, Jack Lohn, Buzz Hel- seth, Virg Kilde, Iohn Oyen, Dennis Wilson, Merlyn Ordal. Not pictured: David Lundeen. Fergus Falls 45 . . . . . . Elbow Lake 0 Fergus Falls 20 .... Wahpeton 6 Fergus Falls 2 ..., Breckenridge' 0 Fergus Falls 25 .. . .,.,,. Frazee 20 Fergus Falls 26 .... Pelican Rapids 6 Fergus Falls 14 ..,.......,.,..,... Breckenridge 14 Perhaps one of the most outstanding teams in a number of years, the Fergus Falls "B" team, under the experienced tutoring of johnny Hermes, brought their consecutive victory string to eiglht games-six of them this year. This team, whic will furnish experienced and well-trained material for the "A" squad in future years, ran up a total of 132 points to the 46 of their oppo- nents. 1 FOOTBALL "C" S UAD-Back row, standing, left to right: Daniel Muchow, Dig Branden, Selmer Trosvig, Daniel Olson, Donald Oleson, John Budack, George Sawyer, David Jensen, lespie. Front row, sitting: David Fe cyn, Roger Lydeen, Bob Glen Nycklemoe. Not pictured: Don Baldwin, Keith Hoppenon, T32 Virgil Trandem, Gerald Nagel, Duane Sachs, David Ash Lloyd Simonsen. Middle row, kneelin : Mack Featherstone Bob Swanson, Buzz Lundeen, Russel? Adelsman, Dick Gil- Andstrom, Wilbur Washbum, Lang' Field, Perry Iacobson Bob Moody, Dale Larson, Raymon Biersdorff, jim Wright x ,F W I. f,' ,J fi, mf, J17"4,l! '7 'i if V 'J' Y Left to right: Eugene Messenger, David Aldrich, Cary Spranger, 'led Butler, Bill Bot-n, Milton Papkv. Melani- ling:-n. manager, Noel Olson, lluli llovland, Paul Cust, David Noyes, jerry Ileyen, Merle Anderson. xxx X X M1NN,Ko'r,x s'rANDINcs H -X K ,, Q1 .Ad -tio gy "c,t.,.sfA,' zW.w1.:LfsR':'Jk F1-rzlus Falls 7 S Kfyuilr Wx XM FJ Yl'alipt-ton T 3 F k l ' Ki pf ,, Jqfy,QL,L ,,' Fargo G 4 7 ffm, X Vt- J VF -. Breckenridge 5 4 Moorhead . 2 T Kg Valley City , 1 T Q NVitli four re 'ulars returning a successful season was anticipatt-cl and a successful season it was! Tlieir record of l9 wins and 3 losses tabbed the Otters as one of the outstanding teams in the state. The three losses were to Breckenridge, Fargo, and NVahpa-ton in the Minn-Kota Conference. Confer- ence ilay was marked with upsets with no teani capable ol' dominating the conference. 0 Fergus Falls 44 . . Valley City 25 Fergus Falls 36 Pelican Rapids Fergus Falls 5- . ...,. VVahpeton Fergus Falls 323 . ,,... Fargo Fergus Falls 64 . . . Barnesville Fergus Falls 70 , , .,..., Moorhead Fergus Falls 41 Crosby Ironton Fergus Falls 44 ...... Gilbert Fergus Falls 57 , . . . . Sauk Centre FergusFalls 40 Fargo Fergus Falls 51 . . . . , Elbow Lake Fergus Falls 44 . Breckenridge Fergus Falls 59 . . 4 Barnesville Fergus Falls 47 , . . VVahpeton Fergus Falls 66 . . Valley City Fergus Falls 54 . , . ..... Moorhead Fergus Falls 63 Pelican Rapids Fergus Falls 63 , Park Rapids Fergus Falls 60 ...... Perham Fergus Falls 44 , Breckenridge Fergus Falls 63 . . , . . . Elbow Lake Fergus Falls 63 ...,. Brainerd Wim milf? NTFP: It Ji!! Qifgpr giifps, ' 1 'im U ffm, ui rf, vu rg, cuff Under the supervision of johnny Hermes, the tumbling team practiced three months on the vari- ous apparatus and presented the program for con- vocation on April 1. This team is composed of Ernest Sorben, Floyd Reishus, captain, Eugene Best, Bob Cudding, Lester Drechsel, Burnham Elton, Don Toso, and Emmett O'Meara, not pic- tured. B . NVith a line-up that included eight letter! men, the Fergus Falls High School baseball team, coached hy Mr. Hermes, played a total of twelve games with eight wins and four losses. This team won the Sub-District trophy, and played a regular schedule of summer gamesg hut lost in the fall District 23 Tournament to Pelican Rapids who later went on to win the district title. Coach Hermes, Paul Cust, Noel Olson. Bill Foss, Ted Butler, Dave Noyes, Gene Messenger, jim Henkes, Keith johnson, Ro- land Bromberg, and Merle Anderson. Wwe Two graduates, Robert johnson and Bill Foss, were outstanding on the Otter track team. Bubs captured the half mile crown in the district and regional meets, while Bill won the high hurdles in both and second place in the shot put in the district and first in the regional. In the state meet Bill took fifth in the shot put for the first point that a Fergus track team has scored in the state meet for a long time. x ., I., ff ff . Lg. IA! If you would go down to the West gym every Thursday after school, you'd find the Cirls' Athletic Association, under the able leadership of Miss Reps, playing either volleyball or basketball. However, these sports do not take all of their time. Bowling, tennis, skating, hiking, skiing, softball and tobogganing rank high as favorites in individual sports. The aim of each girl is to earn a cheveron, star, or letter. ADVISOR, MISS JANET REPS CABINET MEMBERS-Back row: Leannette Weaver, Anne Dahl, Beverly Snyder, jean Ba er, Marilyn john- son, Elaine La Valley. OFFICERS-Front row: Janis Lindor, Mary lean Shaffer, Marjorie Marty, Phyllis Kvern. iam QM! Our up and coming Junior High Cheerleaders did an admirable job of leading the, cheering section for the "B" games and were a great. help to the Senior Cheerleaders. Left to right: Donna Berg, Jack Borowski, Gwen Pushing, Helen Messenger, Dud Willard, and Donna Nichols. ' Wfcwaf he A Due to "Kt1owil Your, Own Strength Week" and its many parades, the majorettes had an unusually tbusy year this year. Q In additidn to leading the baiid in parades and at football games, the majorettes entertainedfithe crowds between halves of some basketball games. Left to right: Shirley Lundeen, ,dural Holme 'Q' Jefanette Weaver, Pat Norby, Janice Grant, Joyce Cilbertson, Janet Roirengrien, Berhwyliagqf. 4, 54444 Enom Nh! The kids got more than one round of applause for this new cheer. Left to right: Evelyn Cichy, Jo Brevig, Roger Anderson, Howard Baldwin, Keith Johnson, and Marilyn Johnson. ,40 ..- X M Mfiw W y yW ,vfWq'jPMf" W Wav WW pM!,WMWjj,3'0 RTM, 9,f ,W Wyfgfw if-,M x One hundred years ago the discovery of gold in California initiated the westward expansion of this nation. That period of our history is over. "We are in a life-and-death struggle for survival with com- peting systems of government, and competing sys- tems of economic organization." Two VVorld Wars have ushered in this era-an era in which the United States finds itself in the unwelcome position of world leadership with larger opportunities and greater ohligations than any nation has ever known. It is upon the assumption of these ohligations by the United States, and upon its acceptance of Di- vine leadership, that the future of mankind will he determined. You students will participate in the destruction of a tottering civilization or in the building of a new world. LEO H. DOMINICK Superintenllenf i The vital pioneer spirit did not die or pass with the gold rush days of '49 or the settlement of Cali- fornia and our NVest Coast. New frontiers in Alaska, new explorations in the Arctic and other sections of the world offer new opportunities to many. The undiscovered frontiers in the fields of sci- ence, agriculture, mining, transportation, commu- nication, government industry and social service are a direct challenge to those who dare seek new outlets and activities, to those who want to make the world a hetter place in which to live. These new frontiers demand the same spirit of adventure, courage and fortitude as they did in '49, for in the words of Tennyson, " 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world To strive, to seek. to find and not to yield." EDNVARD YV. BECHTEL Principal BOARD OF EDUCATION-A. A. Vollhrecht, john Dieseth, I. J. Svennehy, F. I. Kloster, Reno Mittelstadt, Ralph Sinner, Superintendent Dominick. Frances llaller Secretary to Superintenllcnt Earl Engan Chemistry, Ph ysicx Mrs. Lucy Lee English XI, Thespians, Senior Class Play amp, Beverly Braaten Secretary to Principal Paul Anderson Biology, Student Council Mrs. Primeau Secretary to Coordinator Lz1Verne Schmidt Secretary Junior High Semen all Geraldine LuRoL-que Mrs. Myrtle Engan Margaret Schultz Helen A. Stvppe English XI, English X English X, XII, English XII, Otter Adviser Drama Club junior Class Play, I Y' ,I , da..-M Dorothy Kjorlie Hohert Loux Social Science, American H istory, Dchatc Modern H istory, Study Hall I Iarriet Minor Latin, , German Mrs. Lillian Bechtel Modern History, junior Horizon Club Annual Adviser Mrs. Vera Haskell Geometry, Higher Matllcnmtics- john Ohles American H istory, National Ilonor Society WW Oletta Lunde Russell Washburn School Nurse Coordinator Frank Hedlund Band, Orchestra Mrs. Gladys Mooney Librarian Geneva Stegner Vocal Groups Nfrg, Bgrniqg Irledlund Thomas Mortenson A Ethel Huseby Typing Bookkeeping, Typing, Economic Geography Stenography Norman Calloway .l0l1Q HGYIIQGS Janet Reps Football Cough, Boys Physical f Girls Physical Basketball "B" Squad EflUCl1fi011 Education Hillman Engquist Elllwl' HRIIVOTSOH Industrial Arts Vocational Agriculture 244i Louise I I I. Archer Eggan Librarian Conrad Blegstad Choir, Girls' Glce Club Alfred Letich Athletic Director, Basketball Coach Clenna Sewing j e Www Bark row, left lo right: Joyce Benson, Social Science and Spellingg Mae Pearson, Englishg Clifford Barsnm-ss. Ct-nr-ral Science and Drivingg joe Formiclc, Artg VV. j. Wiclclund, General Science and Swellingg Nels Brudvig, Industrial Artsg D. F. johnson, Mathematics and General Scienceg Allie V. Mitchell, junior High Scliool Principalg Hazel Ellenson, Mathc- maticsg Pernell Orpen, Geography and Scienceg Thelma Midthun, Englishg Gretchen Schlicht, Mathematics and llistoryg Mardonna Bartholet, Historyg Elizabeth Hartig, Englishg Evangeline Quam, English and Spcechg Kathryn Ce-ving, Social Science: Agnes Engquist, Mathematics. fs SCHOOL PERSONNEL HQT LUNCH PROGRAM-Mrs. CUSTODIANS-Left io right: Alfred Svennehy, Charles Burmeister, Herbert Lfla Gilfbffg and MTS- Nvllil' M00- Steinhach, Alvin Cess. Not pictured: Martin Saure. l71U5- an My T' Back row, left to right: Marcus Stortroen, Burnham Elton, Lon Curtis. Front row: Mary Louise Quernemoen, Ilomae Hanson, Becky Pederson, La Mae Deutsch- ' fgecf 64044 gamma! IIIZIII. This year, for the first time, a junior Red Cross Coun- cil was introduced in the senior high. It was established to further the ideals of the Red Cross, and to aid the younger generation to think, plan, and work together both at home and abroad. An unprecedented high was achieved in enrollment of students, gift boxes were shigped, and the VVater Safety program enlarged. In ad ition to these projects, the council laid the foundation for international art and correspondence exchanges. To make the fact that "all are brothers" a living reality in the minds and hearts of children throughout the world is the goal of the American Red Cross. Slmfemi gem ' Back row, left to right: Jerry Liedal, Lon Curtis, Sherman Kachel, Pat Rian, Burnham Elton. Front row: Mary jean Shaffer, Mary Gorton, Phyllis Kvern, Beverly Fletcher. The Student Council represents the voice of the student body in our school. Throughout the year they work for student-faculty understanding, and promotion of enterprises designed to better school life. For example, the Hall Patrol, Homecoming Day, and ticket sales are among their activities for the past year. 1" vf H 952 5 Qi I ifQ . 1.1 5.5: sg. .Wi .Cf . " k ' lzjlgk' ' I my 2 SA Y' , Q . . N 4 , ., 5 I 1 P A'4mi - ,',. 'Q ,Q M? J ilfffiw Q' - 'sh A ggi rv' i 2 1: F' :v ..,p I .. is ii! J -N- v P vi fro . ,-A1 ,115 1 , '- 4. ,nf w. - T rm ,'f1.4I,"j . - , .,-I Q f M-"aw, ' - gr A'-4'jff'f, ,Q .fiu-J", ,wwf . . J Vf' .5 fi-.-Q1-. 1v""2'E5T'4'f1TV'4 , . - Q.: .- .. M f -. wif .TTC-"J"9Ql..L -' V -.,',-Q11-.f'i1f15!'f 1" V 3.5 - Y, 1.-.T 2911: 'fm z " W. .gf , 'r wr fl 3-4 -.fvgfy fs '-95:1 ' P ' :J .-'Qg.Q5..- M .i2w , - 15" ' mr1" ' ,fs ' 4 Jr. .LN , '2- 4 -55.5. ,-Nw, fn. Q, .5-, . ' -' ,, UH W' '., . V: I, . .W- .I sa Bibi? Ii .ji . lf. V. a i X nr 5 , ' f . 4. 2 'J H i , is 'V 1 'f 'g'. + A Q ' u w X qx' i QW fs ' ,gg x h 6' Y I ' I ' 5 - g, R' QW' 1 :F ' gi. F Q 1 '. 45 qt ' L . A iv 4 , . 'B 1 n " 1 mf' n W ' ,s-V4J ' Q' 4-"' ., s Q' " . '- 1 I V rw. 'Lv v 'i l. A 1 . -.J .+- I' L., li my 'Q 9 FLUTE Joanne Elton Donna Lightfoot Vynette Hanson Mary Lee Helseth Lorraine Hanson PICCOLO Marilyn Kvern OBOE Marlys Larson BASSOON Joyce Rindall CLARINETS Robert Barnack Leroy Johnson Janis Lindor Cordon Olson Marcus Stortroen Betty Bergerud Dorothy Videen Penna Jean Johnson Phyllis Halverson Keith Hagen Donald Anderson Joyce Miller Jean Baker Joan Gust Alice Wright Cretchen Monson Patricia Vollbrecht Charles Leidal Janelle Rovang Vivian Anderson Darrold Burris Burton Ny n Evelyn Merliliy ALTO CLARINET Jane Wadsworth BASS CLARINET Lon Curtis ALTO SAXOPHONE Mary Jean Shaffer Gcmcwi gm! Director, Frank H cdlund Creat heights have been attained this year by the Concert Band. They have presented several concerts which included such numbers as "United Nations Rhapsody," "One Beauti- ful Day Overture," "Boogie Woogie Band," and many of Sousa's marches. The building of the new movable rostrum, which was designed by Mr. Frank Hedlund, the very cap- able director, was an added feature to the band room. Mwdeaa Walter Wildung Robert Jensen Kathryn Rund TENOR SAXOPHONE Elaine Lavalley BARITONE SAXOPHONE Daryl Keuhnel CORNET Llo d Nelson Richard Skugrud Lenore Riplca Eugene Messenger Noel Olson Constance Lund Ronald Olson Janette Johnson Gayle Beecher Joanne Remster Burnham Elton Larry Norby Ernest Melhy FRENCH HORN Jeanette Weaver Diane Bye Muriel Minge Ona Skrove ALTO HORN Bea Holbeck Elaine Way David Thompson Jean Ledue Jane Wefald TROMBONE Bernice Nycklemoe Beverly Snyder Coral Collmen Willard Mesna Marie Hovland Clenice Sund Harold Olson Peter Larson Jean Hensch BARITONE Pat Rian Dennis Mitchell TUBA Junellyn Madson Joan Ta lor Joyce Clausen Arlene Ryen Leroy Holten SOUSAPHONE Kenneth Tjaden Harry Carberg PERCUSSION Irene Schulz Jerome Miller Joanne Syverson Carl Burdick Rebecca Pederson Howard Steen 'BMJ ,,, . , - .4 w'S"1lM-1. .dl ., - . 1 In addition to performing at football games the Marching Band also took part in the large "Know Your Own Strength NVeelc' parade and the Homecoming parade. Here's congratulations to one of the finest marching hands the school has ever had. pep gmc! This "poppy" group of hand members has really helged to keep up the school spirit. They have played at all the home games and, as a climax to the season, traveled to Moor ead for the toumaments. 0 5 Q FIRST VIOLIN Elaine VVay Ruth Morken Lowell Nissen Mildred Straus Phyllis Kvern Elaine La Valley Eugene Vlfething Beverly Schempp Leroy Alhjerg SECOND VIOLIN Faith Naegeli David Vigen Donald Nelson Gordon Holheck Those mellow strains issuing forth from the band room every Tuesday and Thursday mornings were produced hy none other than the orchestra. They have worked hard all year in preparation for their Christmas and Spring Con- certs. "Marche Slave," "Jazz Pizzicatof' "Smoke Cots in Your Eyes," and "Cossack Revelsi' are in their repertoire of music. Mamiya Beverly Fletcher Virginia Jacohson VIOLAS Charlene Ficlc Patty Sha Lorraine Pergancle CELLO Mary Louise Quernemot n Rebecca Pederson Elaine Clausen Ilene Haugen Jerome Miller BASSES Marcus Stortroen Lorraine Hanson Coral Collmen Joyce Cilhertson FLUTE -Joanne Elton Donna Lightfoot OBOE Marlys Larson BASSOON Joyce Rindall CLARINET Robert Barnack Leroy Johnson Joyce Miller HORN Jeanette Weaver Diane Bye Muriel Minge Beatrice Ilolheclc TRUMPET Richard Skugrucl Lenore Ripka TROMBONE Pat Rian Bernice Nycklemm PERCUSSION Irene Schulz Ilowartl Steen Qhm The 114-voice choir, under the superb direction of Mr. Conrad Blegstad, introduced something new in the line of concert work this year. The program was a series of songs arranged by way of modula- tions so that they could all be sung without any breaks between them. Some of the favorites sung were: "Begin the Beguinef' "Tales from the Vienna Woods," "It Might as Well Be Spring," and "l'm in Love With You, Honey." During M.E.A. a few of the members took part in the all-state choir in St. Paul. FIRST SOPRANO Joanne Syverson Bernice .Nyclclemoe . . . Priscilla Van Meter Joyce Rmdall Patricia Frisch Judy Saarela Dorothy Hanson FIRST ALTO Elaine Way Beatrice Holbeclc Marjorie Homann Betty Kilde VVinnifred Larson Patricia Milton Beverly Pedersen Mary Louise Quernemoen Charlotte Sachs Irene Schulz Lois Tomhave Patricia Vollbrecht SECOND SOPRANO Donna Boe Arlene Erickson Joyce Gilbertson Darlene Hanson Marilyn Helander Joyce Hoglund Katherine Holmquist Harriet Lawrenson Juneal Lawrenson Yvonne Loomer Dorothy Matchinslcy Betty Mohs Joyce Newton Donna Noyes Marlene Pederson Elayne Shol Alice Spitsberg Dorothy Amoth Mary Jo Baker Lorna Bergerson Phyllis Bjorkland LaMae Deutschman Mary Edlund LaVonne Evenson Charlene Ficlc Lorraine Hanson Marilyn Kvern Naomi Melby Delores Nelson Meredith St. Clair Mildred Straus Joan Taylor Doris Thompson Jeanette Weaver SECOND ALTO Diane Bye Anne Dahl Jean Ann Dudgeon L0uAnn Erlan son Patricia Grabarlcewitz Joan Gust Phyllis Kvern Elaine LaValley Helen Lundeen Junellyn Madson Gretchen Monson Barbara Zahnow FIRST TENOR Carol Bailey Jean Baker JoAnn Brevig Phyllis Halverson Becky Pederson Nancy Schulz Alice Wright SECOND TENOR Dave Aldrich V emer Bachman James Davis James Gulbranson Gordon Holbeck Jay Kinne Donald Nelson Pat Rian Thomas Robertson LaVerne Rude James Salness Howard Steen Gordon Wellbrock BASS Vernell Bachman ..5I-. John Bergerud Orlin Fick Duane Gbese Hadley Hanson Llyal Hanson James Henlces Dale Huse Rodney Kastelle Donald Larson Jerome Miller Kenneth Nelson Noel Olson Owen Shaffer Carlyle Schierman Don Siems Wesley Torgerson David Viflen Don Was burn Don Adelsman Gayle Beecher Paul Gust David Heiberg Darell Kuehnel Gerald Liedl Neil Lee Willard Mesna Robert Ripley Mawm e g 5 FIRST SOPRANO Jeanette Butler Joyce Clausen Doris Deutschman Geraldine Drews Gail Halverson Vivian Jensen Donna Krause Donna Larson Constance Luncl Irene Milbeck Faith Naegli Joyce Pederson Carrie Heierson Janelle Rovang Mary Ann Schmidt FIRST ALTO Dorothy Auseth Bette Bergeson gm' ga wa The Girls' Glee Club was just started this year and has proved to be a success. This organization of eighty voices has presented such well-known songs as: "Tea for Two," "Vienna Life," "Slum- ber Boatf' and "In a Persian Market." The highlight of the season was taking part with the choir, band, and orchestra in the annual music festival. Marjorie Emery Joyce Johnson Marlys Ha gstrom Marlyn Halbakken Jane Halverson Audrey Loberg Ruth Morlcen Viola Nelson Beverly Stavaas Connie VVefald SECOND ALTO Joyce Anderson Darlene Bauman Arlene Denbrook Mary Gorton JoAnn Holmes Connie Hoverman Janette Johnson Deloris Lysne Joyce Miller Lenore Ripka Geraldine Stock Phoebe Stock Jeannine Swanton Muriel Swenson Marion Torgusson Pat VValdham SECOND SOPRANO Arlene Anderson Donna Berg Betty Bergerud Helen Bromberg Coral Collman Margie Dahlen Helen Danielson Kathr n Drake Beverly Fletcher Doris Hanson Elaine Hanson Muriel Hanson Beverly Hoff June Hovland 152.-. Virginia Jacobson Beverly Kam Virginia Keane Rose Ladwig Jackie Loomer Charlotte Markle Evelyn Melby Shirley Muhlenheck Darlene Nelson Vashti Piechouski Evelyn Quast Elaine Rin quist Marlys Ruse Arlene Ryen Doris Sander Delphine Silbernagel Ona Skrove Marjorie Stein Joy Ann Thorstenson Judy Tjaden Valera Todahl Jane VV efald 3U,,R.m.u.xQ,4-f. S.. tmowm ,xq,ag,1sGX0v-4- Gu--f.Qw-.uk uxqanuowl XX ba, sw-mo"-'S 5- 555,-Jtcw WW - Ltou-is Q- stgul sto-Ql J QwE? These girls can really singl And why not? To- gether with their natural talent for harmony and their practices several times a week, they turn out such popular songs as: "I Don't Know VVhy,', "Par ' gan Love Song," and "I'll See You in My Dreams," which thrill the audiences no end. Left to right these songbirds are: Joyce Newton, Dorothy W Amoth, Meredith St. Clair, and Phyllis Kvern. MQ- Wav L ff, ' ,mgfb J -fzhfjflf yew' '4'MJ7wZ fad.- a4vt!",fzfbdcv4d-ffi? " M ,hook if A114 , ,ff- ikzgf My we Nice to look at and nice to listen tog that's the girls' octet. These girls have delighted music lovers at many different organizations during the past year. Favorites of most audiences are "The Riddle Song," "Summertime," "Three Cray Stones," and a uumher of sacred anthems including "Hallelujah, Amen," and "Send Forth Thy Spirit." Left to right they are: -Iuueal Lawrenson, Betty Kilde, Joanne Elton, Mary Louise Quernemoen, Mary Edlund, Mary Jo Baker, Becky Peder- son. and Carol Bailey. Hmm Jeanette VVeaver, student director, Joanne K ' Elton, Meredith St. Clair, and Bernice , if . f -1 Nycldemoe, accompamsts. I ,Iq- 7-fl , Ri' A xgkki. Qi x RSXS Director, Miss Stegner Something new has been added! It's great, it's sensational, it's those madrigal singers. In addition to performing for many local groups and school functions, they gave a concert at the Veterans' Hospitalin St. Cloud in February. They have sun various selections including: "I Wonder as I Wander," "Sit Down, Servant," and "Country Style." In the latter they demon- strated with a real square dance. Left to right: Pat Frisch, Pat Rian, Irene Schulz, Orlin Fick, Joanne Syverson, Jeanette Weaver, Duane Goese, Elaine LaValley, Don Adelsman, and Bernice- Nycklemoe. JQCWA' Quaid NVhat would we do if we didn't have our traditional Boys' Quartet? They just seem to brighten up the whole school with their "barber shop" numbers and other four- part harmony. Some of their favorites are: "The Sleigh Song," "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho," "Rumplestilt- skin," and selections from the "Rigoletto Quartettef' Left to right: Dave Aldrich, Jerome Miller, Dave Vigen. and Neil Lee. XXX Si . In ,Ju T' :- -1. I I 4:41 . 'LNG-21,1 'Iva ISE ' wil-,. L xr -1 -1' +1 M QA D . Q -w,'gf-- X -1: :.e.M1 Y-,I My-' ir-A S 1 Q14 -J. '- 0' - ' .. 4 - -, SL,-I ,Q .1 . Mk. -'LP' 'Qx "-g:.'Nf ,.. 4H.."fgfZ ""'- x , V I eh V A L. , gn ,nv 4 . Luigi f :,.52f-:- , In kv, In I -. V. sb' . Zak. . -va 5 .3114 ' lp..-Ez, I.f.,,' I , N, 4 .- Q 'fi 351.311 sh Editors: Helen Lundeen, Norman Nissen, and Marlene Pederson Hmm! Dear Students, Despite the many notices and announcements on the bulletin board about overdue deadlines, the Annual Staff proved com- petent and met its deadline, and the book went to press early in March. Editing the yearbook were Helen, Marlene, and Nor- man, who pushed and prodded, but finally got the work in on time. Although Lon, Janie, Vynnette, Sherman, Joanne, and Juneal were appointed as class and feature editors, they wrote copy for everything. However, they are to be commended for the excellent class history, prophecy, and senior sayings. What a time we had withcfanis, Jeanette, Marcus, and Dave in order to get all the ads sol , but it was their persistent efforts which finally brought results. Our wonderful division pages were made possible through the artistic ideas of Mary Jo and Mary Wylie, who did the actual picture taking and developing. Larry Norby, our sopho- more photographer, came to our rescue late in February and took all of the remaining award and club pictures. And of course under photography we can't forget Mr. Lawrenson, who left after the first semester, but who very ably took all club pictures. Mr. Clarence Lee took our athletic pictures. Of course we can't forget Mary Jean, Darlene, and Evie who typed like mad each night. Little Duane and Dorothy had enough to keep them busy with their separate sports section. Poor Dorothy had a spell one week when she was trying to write copy under C.A.A.-Oh, what a task it was until M.J. helped her out. The valuable assistance received from our advisor, Miss Helen Steppe, will never be forgotten. Without her, our Annual would never have been finished. We hope we have given you a complete picture of the life of the '48-'49 students in Fergus High. Sincerely, THE FORTY-NINERS Art Editors: Mary Jo Baker and Mary VVylie Feature Editors: Jane Wefald, Lon Curtis, and Vynnette Hanson 56- 5504! Editor ...,,... Associate Editors Feat ure Editors Class Editors . . Business Staff . . . Helen Lundeen . . . . . . Norman Nissen Marlene Pederson Vynnette Hanson Jane Wefald Lon Curtis . . . Joanne Elton Sherman Kachel Juneal Lawrenson . ,.., Jeanette Weaver Marcus Stortroen Janis Lindor Business Editors: Marcus Stortrocn, David Vogel, Jean ette Weaver, and Janis Lindor. David Vogel Sports Editors . . , . . Dorothy Videen Duane Coese Art Editor .... . . , Mary Jo Baker Division Pages .,.,..,.,. . , . Mary Wylie Sophomore Plxotograpller ..,. Larry Norby Typists .... ...... ...,... E v ie Cichy Darlene Hanson Mary Jean Shaffer Adviser .,,. , . . Miss Helen Steppe Sports Editors: Duane Goese and Dorothy Videen. Class Editors: Juneal Lawrenson, Sherman Kaehel, and Typis-ts: Evie Cichy, Mary Jean Shaffer, and Darlene Joanne Elton. Hanson. Managing and News Editors: Seated-David Lundeen. Irene Schulz. and Vince Araskogg standing-Mary Lee Ilelseth and Marcus Stortroen. Ulm Dear Students: This year the Otter staff has been working hard- er than ever before to keep up the All-American rating established second semester last year. Vince Araskog was the editor first semester and second semester the editorshi was shared by David Lun- deen and Irene Schulz. Every other Saturdav you could find them with Miss LaRocque, the adviser. slaying away all day to get the paper set u . Before the basketball tournament this spring the Otter Staff sponsored the sale of buttons with Otto the Otter's picture on them. Every loyal follower of the team wore one. Again this year the Otter sent three members'of the Staff, Vince Araskog, Dave Lundeen, and Phyl- lis Halverson, to the NSPA Conference which was held in French Lick, Indiana. Seniors and several juniors were selected to be- come members of Quill and Scroll, a national or- ganization, on the basis of their writings. To the future iournalists of Washington High we say "good luck." Sincerely, THE '48-'49 OTTEH STAFF Feature Editors and Copy Editors: Bea Holbeck, ta . A X y -1,. . ,A LH g Business and Circulation Departments: Beverly PllYlliS HHIVCTSOIL Cflffif' ADD RiC'fS0I1, DOFOUIY Schempp, Donald Seims. LaMae Deutschman, Allmfll, Mary .leim Shaffer, Delores Nelson- Helen Cyril Stadsvold, Mary Edlund, and Duane Coese. Lundeen, Donna Lightfoot, and Vynnette Hanson. M Typists and Reporters: Seated-Elaine LaValley and Meredith St. Claireg .standing-Delores Bye, 'Nancy Schulz, Dorothy Videen, Joanne Elton, James Ilankes, Joanne Syverson, Jeannine Swanton, Eugene Wething, Beverly Stanley, Connie Wefald, Milton Papke, Bernice Nycklemoe, Ted Butler, LaMae Deutschman, JoAnn Brevig, Yvonne Loomer, Barbara NVQ-llhrock, and LaVonne Nord. k SW! SPORTS AND ART EDITORS Mary Louise Querneinoen, Wayne Larson, Loren Norhy, Orlin Fick, Dayle W'e-llbroclc, Peter NVilke, Eugene Messenger, Noel Olson, Mary Jo Baker, Phyllis Halverson. OTTEH STAFF Co-Ifllitorx-lrene Schulz, David Lundeen Hu.virie.vx Munuf.5er-Mary Lee llelseth - News lirliiorx-Mary Lee Helseth, Marcus Stortroen, llel- en Bromberg Copy Iiditor-Mary Jean Shaffer Copyrenders-Vynnette llanson, Donna Lightfoot, Carrie Ann Rierson, Deloris Nelson Feature Editors-Helen Luncleen, Bea llolheck, Dorothy Amoth, Irene Schulz Sports Editors-Orlin Fick, Gene Messenger, Noel Olson, Peter VVillxe Typists-LeVonne Nord, Delores Bye, Meredith St. Clair Jeannine Swanton, Joanne Syverson, Boh Barnack Jo Brevig v Q Alllgcrlixilig Managers-LaMae Deutschnian, Cyril Starls- volcl, Beverly Scheinpp, Donalcl Seiins Circulation and Exclumge-Mary Eclluncl, Dunne Coesm Stuff Arfisls-Mary Jo Baker, Phyllis Kvern, Mary Louis: Quernemoen Photogmpliers-VVayne Larson, Larry Norhy, Dayle Well- lmroclc Reporters-Yvonne Loomer, Tecl Butler, Phyllis llalver- son, Nancy Schulz, Connie Wefalcl, Gene Wething Elaine LaValley, Bernice Nyckleinoe, Doris Deutsch- nlan, Joanne Elton, Milt Paplce, Barb Wellhroek Bev Stanley, Jim llenlces, Dorothy Vicleen Adviser-Geraldine Lallocque First Svrnester Editor-Vince Araslxog -so- l I t l 'I' -x fl! Janm Back row, left to right: Lowell Nissen, Sherman Kachel, Marcus Stortroen, Lon Curtis, Norm Nissen, Vincent Araslco Orlin Fick, Dave Aldrich, Duane Coese, Dale Huse, Bix Baker. Second row: Mary Edlund, Pat Frisch, Mary Lee He? seth, Bea Holbeclc, Iet Weaver, Mary jean Shaffer, LaMae Deutschman, Irene Schulz, juneal Lawrenson. First row: Joann Elton, Mary jo Baker, Helen Lundeen, Vynnette Hanson. Membership in the National Honor Society, an or- ganization that elects members on the basis of leadership, scholarship, character, and service in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities, is one of the most coveted Positions in hiih school. Besides its primary pur ose of mnorinsz the a ove qualities, it has, with Mr. Ohljes, ad- IUNIORS-Back row: Cordon Olson, Beverly Fletcher, David Lundeen. Front row: Doris viser, participated in many activities. These included a float in the Homecoming parade, a centennial program for convocation, a formal initiation for new members, and a banquet. Its officers were Vince Araskog and Norman Nissen, co-presidents, and Vynnette Hanson, secretary- treasurer. CJ ,-- 3 a 6' Deutschman, Helen Bromberg. -50- 'Yin-,. QMZMYZG Q The purpose of this organization is to create ride in the vocation of agriculture, stimulate fann students to enroll in vocationa agriculture, and promote recreation, farm leadership, educational entertainment, and thrift. The Fergus Falls cha ter of F.F.A. is affiliated with the nationa , state, and district organizations. This year's membership. is forty-seven. The oflicers are: President, ,Walter Sc midt, Vice-President, William VVilliamsong Secretary, Dave Brown, Treasurer, Clarence Miller, Re- porter, Rudolph Gerhardsong Adviser, E. 1. Halverson. Among the activities carried on during the ear was a trip to the Marketing School at South St. Pauilwith nine W4 an members participating. Our chapter also participated E1 the district livestock judging contest at Morris last spring. Our dairyrteam, composed of Wally Stock, Don Pederson, and Alan Anderson, placed second and took Ear! in the state contest at Minneapolis, and the local c apter was well represented at district meetings. The district public s king contest held each spring offers an opportunity tg? any member to partici te in that activity. Last year Allen Hanson placed secondla Each spring local students participate in the Flax essay contest. The above activities have helped to unite our group in its attempt to fulfill the purpose of our organization. 61- 2 43 1 Countryman Drug Company Bell Telephone Company Fergus Falls National Bank Mary Ann Schmidt Sybil Rossmiller, Evelyn Cichy Elaine Ringq1liSl. ,loyce Frantz lx X The students in our high school really tested their "own strength" last September 21 by working gn.. in various stores and oflices downtown in Fergus. L- X., 1 f,.,, Pictured here are a few who obviously enjoyed X X ' their experiences and are very grateful to the mer- chants who made them possible. Otter Tail Power Company Duane Coese, Tim Gorton, David Aldrich St. Clair i7 Gunderson Fergus Falls Cooperative Creamery Stanley Baglo, Dale Huse Robert jackson, Marvin Hanson, Dwayne johnson -.62.- mmmwmw Wane Quang Back row: Richard Skugrud, Marcus Stortroen, Norman Nissen, Kenneth Tjaden, Sherman Kachel, Lon Curtis. Front row: Gayle Beecher, Orlin Fick, Helen Lundeen, Mary Lee Helseth, Ioanne Elton, Jeannette Weaver, Rob- ert Ripley, David Vogel. Seated: Vynnette Hanson, Doro- thy Videen, Mary Edlund, Mary jo Baker, luneal Law- renson, Beatrice Holbeck, Irene Schulz. 7 Adviser, Mrs. Lucy Lee Thespian Troupe 443 got an early start this year when they presented an unusual three-act play, The Night of january 16th. In February, a one-act play contest was held, and the lay, "The Clod," was entered. Besides their work on pljays, the Thespians enjoyed seeing a pro- fessional play in the Twin Cities. The end of a successful year was celebrated with a banquet at The River Inn. is GLM This year, under the able supervision of Miss Margaret Schultz and Mr. Thomas Mortenson, the Drama Club was bigger and better than ever before. A skit based on the cyclone was written and produced for the centennial convocation by the junior members of the club. Several other one-act plays were presented for con- vocations throughout the year. The more outstanding members were eligible for Thespians. S ai Glam PM "I REMEMBER MAMA" Director, Mrs. Lucy Lee CAST: Mama . , , ............... , . . . Papa... Katrin . . , Dagmar ,. Christine .. Mr. Hyde .. Nels ..... Trina ..... Sigrid ...... jenny ...,.,. Uncle Chris .... Mr. Thorlcelson . . . . Helen Speidal Marcus Storiroen . Helen Lundeen . Dorothy Videen . . . . Irene Schulz . Kenneth Tjaden Ronald Anderson Vynnette Hanson ,....... Jane Wefald Mary Lee Helseth . ,... Dale Huse . . David Aldrich Dr. johnson ....,........ . Sherman Kachel Anne ...,...,....,........, . . . June-al Lawrenson Florence Danna Moorehead ..., ...... I oanne Elton Soda Clerk . , ,..,......... . ,. Ernie Sorben Dorothy and Madeline ...... Jeanette Weaver and Mary jean Shaffer Nurses ........ Lois Tomhave and Penna Jean Johnson Lctitia Carherry, izzie , . . . Aggie . . Ellen Leighton , Charita , . . . . . Luther llo mlcins Callie lloplzins Charlie Sands Bettina Trent ew ww HTISHH Director, Ilclvn Slcppe CAST: 'Fish . . ,.,,,, .... E laine LaVallev jane Wadsworth Helen Brolnherg . , . Bernice Nyclclemoe Shcrifl' Lem Pike . . . . XVL-slcy Anclrcws Denhy Crimes , Dorice Cuyloul . . , Marg Marty Gayle Beecher Naomi Melby David Lundeen , . Nancy Schulz VValter VVildung . , David johnson Carl Burkick Charlotte Sachs is -r I D' .J if f rl-1 L 67- panel - fmfemyz Advisers, Miss Kiorlie and Mr. Ohles These students have taken part in Panel Discussion and Extemporaneous Speaking during the ear. They are: Standing, left to rigzt: Helen Lun- deen, David Brown, and Nancy Schulz. Seated: Joanne Elton, Mary Lee Helseth, Vynnette Hanson, Bea Holbeclc, and Diane Bye. jamie Adviser, Miss Kiorlie "Resolved: That the U.N. now he reviscd into a Federal NVorld Covcrn- ment" was the debate topic this year. The team composed of Vince Ara- skog, Norman Baker, Pat Frisch, Sher- man Kachel, and Lon Curtis was coached by Miss Dorothy Kjorlie, who was assisted by Norm Nissen, student coach. This team not only partici ated in practice debates, but also plllaced third in the Tri-State Debate Tourna- ment, won the trophies for both the district and regional contests, and ended the season in third place in the state-an outstanding record. ,ZZ V Vu' '-7' S ' A f fp , . f K W f 1,.j'-ZQ 6.57311 ,,,, f J K I 1 X ly 1,1 Y A A . A- N , -f N M y, ,, ,WH K L 11' , l, , of :ef efffz ,X f I ' Sh' ' - . " ' 1 r jf rf., 22, '11, I - Z3 Q ffl' , , , 4 4 ' T fi if -111171. Z, KPJXAMAY 'Ln-,-f' ,Jef e ' ' 1 fl ' 45 du W I1 5 Y.. WTS Q---- f'2.v v, Huh. v-Q. -nifty W OTTER ROYALTY-Richard Jensen, Nancy Jensen, Peggy Davenport, Cail Halvorson, janet Davenport, Jeannine Swanton, Norman Nhssen, Queen Mary jo Baker, King Keith johnson, jerry Heyen, Mary Lee Helseth, Naomi Melby, Marilyn Kvern, Goldie Peterson, Shirley Haines, and Shirley Halvorson. 04 . l ' To the theme of "Charge the Highlinersf' hegan the day of festivities. First on the ' calendar of events was the Homecoming ' convocation. After a series of pep talks and the resentation of the pla ue to the eighth grade, Mary jo Baker antd Keith johnson were crowned c ueen and king. The Home- coming parade, hueing graced with sunshine, was colorful as well as successful. The "best float" prize was given to the Freshman Class. In the evening the student hody journeyed to the football field to see the Otters defeat Valley City, 32- 13. At the field Queen Mary Io was presented with the customary flowers. The last Homecomin for the seniors was brought to a splendic? finale hy a party at the Elks Hall. . ' u Winning Freshman Float ...70.- ll? fa few . B mmm E W 1 . W. " S' X, l A r as . 7 mmf 5 1 Y riff' -4-,+-. :gt 0: 4 "1-r iu-' fl A .E-gg A Kqjl'- ar -.Q-Q., - X ...7I.. A -4"-if il 141, PR 4 1"'l. M.,-5 ., Q ik- "' Yr .Ji L. 'E Q' .I I-, -Q 45j1k' , , QL - -S . ' .'-vi B' 2 J , A ' J- 4 , A ,, n A 10 ' ri' 1- I , v W Y - - I 1 3-yvv' ' A ' A 1-of '- I ' 5 4 .L nw? . 'J ' W. - ,S , x '-Q--4 ' APY ,iq 5 "pr ,-1 Y! il? ll x 9' m 3 ig . 15 -5 WL nw, ' .if Fl 41cza.si? ...xg 1 . X ' f O . I , H,-A at QR Otter Tail Power Company CONGRATULATIONS . . . FORTY-NINERS Printing - Stationery - Books QM? My 5 67411 Fergus Falls, Minnesota M COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES of O'MEARA'S DEPARTMENT STORE Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of '49 "The Home of Nationally Famous Lines" BEST WISHES CONGRATULATIONS and cl"V"0l"' BEST WISHES Oldsmobile For the Class of 1949 Buick Cadillac STC1MR BRlMl'lAl.l. and BROTHERS GUNDERSON CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS ROVANGS Jewelry and Music Fergus Falls, Minnesota Nelson Drug Company Prescription Specialties Complete Stocks of SENIORS . . . Success and Best Wishes Oyloe Photo Studio DRUGS GI FTS 106W East Lincoln Avenue COSMETICS FERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA Dial 2547 CONGRATULATIONS .1 and BEST WISHES X' Congratulations! lb ' s Knese Music Company HAUBERG "Everything in Music" 412 West Lincoln Fergus Falls . Phone 494 . Congratulations and Congratulations Best Wishes FREES For the Class of '49 CLEANERS Ebersviller Implement Co With Our Best Wishes For Your Future GILLESPIE SHOE CO. Across from Orpheum Theatre Congratulations and Best Wishes ELLIOT CAFE "Always a Good Steak" Elliot Transportation Co. "Charter Coaches for School" Let's Go Together Congratulations and Continued Success FERGUS BOWLING CENTER Orville J. Ross Ray Lundeen Best Wishes to the Graduates HINTGEN-KARST ELECTRIC CO. Fergus Falls - Wahpeton Electrical Contractors Fergus Falls, Minnesota Congratulations, Seniors HOLTEN HARDWARE For Service and Quality Congratulations to the Class of '49 UGEBLAD PUBLISHING CO. Printers and Publishers Fergus Falls, Minnesota Dial 2364 Compliments of FERGUS LUMBER and FUEL CO. Lumber - Builder's Hardware Paint and Coal Congratulations, Seniors EAT MORE CAFE 'IIS East Lincoln Alvina and Jerry Melby, Props. CONGRATULATIONS ARNESON and LARSON . Good Clothes Wishing Success to the Graduates FIRST NATIONAL BANK Fergus Falls, Minnesota Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation With Every Good Wish To the. Graduate COUNTRYMAN DRUG coMPANY The Rexall Store Congratulations MAID-RITE 109 No. Union SWEET SHOPPE no N. Mm Congratulations, Seniors TRUMAN MOTORS Studebaker Sales and Services Guaranteed Used Cars Dial 3759 Greetings from J. C. PENNY COMPANY Dry Goods - Clothing - Shoes The Store for All the Family Our Compliments and Best Wishes FERGUS CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY Compliments of SKOGMO CAFE ESTREM CLINIC C. O. Estrem, M.D. E. A. Heiberg, M.D G. J. Mouritenson, M.D. C. J. Lund, M.D R. D. Estrem, M.D. R. L. Estrem, M.D Where lI"S G Treat to ECI' Rolf Daehlinl M.D. ' Phone 559 we som union Av.. Congratulations, Seniors OLSON'S FURNITURE AND CARPET STORE Buy a Bedroom Set With a Built-in Cedar Chest Phone 4114 or 586 FERGUS PLUMBING and HEATING COMPANY R. L. Fleming, Proprietor Fergus Falls, Minnesota BEST OF LUCK Congratulations Class of '49 FERGUS FALLS NAT'L BANK and TRUST COMPANY Fergus Falls, Minnesota ORGANIZED 1882 ,J s. un d ..... . che: man Fergus Falls, Minnesota Louis Peo Y . Pfesideof E. C. Beimer .' .... Cashier soon LUCK, ssruons M A D S E N ' S READY-TO-WEAR - MILLINERY - FOOTWEAR - FURS 106 W. Lincoln Avenue Fergus Falls, Minnesota CONGRATULATIONS, sENuoRss OLSON AUTO ELECTRIC CO. MARSHALL-WELLS STORE Associated Wm. R. Deering, Owner Fergus Fells, Minnesota BEST wlsHEs or F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY Sc, 'l0c, and 'I5e Stores CONGRATULATIONS or FERGUS NASH MOTOR CO. CONGRATULATIONS wAGNen's Amv-NAVY sukrl.us stone DR- V. J. EASTMAN II2 North Mill DENTIST coNoRATuLATioNs '49 DR. FEATI-IERSTONE DENTIST CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS A. A. VOLLBRECHT 'I06 No. Court Street Greetings, Seniors WM. GALENA and SON Plumbing and Heating Contractors 'I14 Union Avenue South Congratulations and Best Wishes . For the Class of i949 STAR LAU N DRY and CLEAN ERS E. J. Windmiller CONGRATULATIONS! RED RIVER MILLING COMPANY Congratulations, Seniors CONSUMER'S GROCERY and MEATS Congratulations, Seniors CITY BAKERY ond CAFE COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES COAST-TO-COAST STORE H. A. Kantrud, Owner COMPLIMENTS OF DR. M. R. WRIGHT, D.D.S. DR. K. SEVERN, D.D.S. For o Neat Haircut Try .IOHNSON'S BARBER SHOP Prop.-Paul Johnson LEIDALS JEWELERS Hami Iton-Elgin-Walthem-Gruen--Longines Watches 103 W. Lincoln Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF DIAMOND FURNITURE BEST WISHES, STUDENTS FIRESTONE STORES Tires- Home and Auto Supplies THE BIBLE BOOK and GIFT STORE Lincoln Avenue West FOSS-WELAN DER, Jewelers Diamonds-Watches--Repoiring 4 East Lincoln Ave. Fergus Fa BEST WISHES FOSMOE SHOE FIX CONGRATULATIONS OF THE STYLE SHOP "Where Style Predominates" CONGRATULATIONS WITH BEST WISHES M. O. BRANDON WEST O1TER TAIL SERVICE CO. Ammy-at-LW COMPLIMENTS OF BENSON-GOSLEE MORTUARY soon Lucx, SENIORS PETERSON MARKET "The Best in Meat" East Washington Avenue M LEABO'S SUPER VALUE Quality Meats and Groceries ect-Dial 2 I 41 Groceries-Dicl 4254 Fergus Falls, Minnesota FERGUS FLORAL COMPANY FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS BEST WISHES TO ' THE CLASS OF '49 GAMB LES succEss TO THE CLASS or 1949 CARLSON FURNITURE HOVALD K. HELSETH, M.D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Fergus , Falls, Minnesota WITH BEST WISHES Your. S and L Store O IIIIIII H IIIIIUBIIIPII IIII' ' 'W ,,A X ' w , A -, , , .Lf ' 5 533 gxQ i ff fjm A V A MQWWWZMW ' ' ' f i 4 ' , WXQWM W - A ' 1 WMA ,ww WM 5 q l'.,,,,W. A ' ' WWW wg 1f'5f K ffq W Awgkffmggf U Def. if X Yfwi ' X If "3L' ,.4, A ' I 'AJA A F , N . 1 l K A L I ? 3 ig4'E3i3w?5Qlw3 X Ei vg 23 5 ii! . 'A"' ' El I 1

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