Fergus Falls High School - Otter Tales Yearbook (Fergus Falls, MN)

 - Class of 1946

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Fergus Falls High School - Otter Tales Yearbook (Fergus Falls, MN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1946 volume:

1 ' J' -'Y 'Ai' ' V PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL FERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA "AD ASTRA PER ASPERAU lfzv frvk fflflflliljll fziyflz .vclmn 111' f414'4' 41 !4411g4'1' t4'41Wv. I "4'41t4' M' ' ' v' -' I UTTV, Il fmrfz .4 14 r4 HIIUIX f4'4'f 412'4' 11144 ll 114'74'4'f' 4l41,X'. l 'zu 4l41x'.s ffm! ':4'4' 7z4zf'4' .vfwxzf Izvre fl41r'4' 41fv4'1!4'4! f4'1'4f4' flli' .4f41!4'x I fum 41 f14'H4'1', lv1'z'4f11f4'r fl-'ft' Il'lz1'4-X1 fm! :'f4'f411'4' HX r4'411'f.v. lf'4' .wi mfr f4f4ff.v.'4'fm' f4fl'74'411'4f 1 f14'f1111.f fur lhlflvf nm' fmfk If !,':41f r4'l11'4'!4 4ffv4'144'4f fr4'41.f14r4' 7'4111lf.v U" l'14'4fI4'f4'4l4f4' fflr4f414jlz rl 1141411 ff .' fx" 'JI", fx" 4' IIT' .'l4If ll 41x 4 In 4 4 ,JI 4 f H 41' !444,fm'.v rvfff f4M'4' HX vftlff II 4' Z4' f'4,'.v.v4'41 ffm' fzfxvf 4fr4'41f 1l11f4'.v!44114' 4 I 14' lzffjfrrvm' fn 41 .vt41r. hiuinf rwf44,x1.4 ll game thkng. ding, 1 wavy dlu Q , hm' ' nba, hubu, :ing and quccn um' N Y5cnutg,lm1h NL "CH , md bm. Oi xius ' xg to thc C11 N orchn umubcv fmwlc Pcwudd' SWL in H011 Russ Cx King X palace 0 xlcv -.. -1 I ff 'X , k 00 4111! .lfr X' UR Q ' ' Ll' NMI' - ll 2 a wr 15121 7 147 H XLM 4 'ff 171 71 fllff yzf' j5r7!?lr4 ' '1 'fflffzbzz I Xnwlllil 74 lk!! fl fy I I xv' f ,f , f , so N, Q, , 12 'rlfffr rlfx 1 Ni If Warn' 1 f?lffl' v Ill tk 1 111144. rfuzmd zu mmf fl Il mf auf KIHIIIHIYIOH all Inuflfv I uns wmx-kg EIXSNG i l C L 0 A 0 5 S of 9 45 "" 1- 'IO J l J L :F AQ , vii! - ' 5- J 'MT' 'if"3Y. I Y :. -,n.1+':', E" qfaacvz , -. . . w,,w,,,A., - , H' Uzviif - ' ' - , Z ' I-,ffilbllfllf Vim' l'1'f.v1'dv11f Paul Theclc Rmscll Klntclminsky .SI'cw'ff1r--V 7'1'm.w11'v1' Yaljeziinm Lgrgqm Harvey Ormlorff Seated: Vivian Smith, Joyce Hasselblad, Ruth Lunueen, nosemary AIIUCYSOU, Dorothy Boen, Mar cella Faunce, Elaine Mastrud, Viola Knutson. Standing: Annabelle Schmidt, Betty Jorgenson, Donn Olson Bill Vollbrecht Genevieve Mobraten Ruth Wilkinson. SPENCER AAMOT SPENCE AND HIS V 8 PUT THE ROCKET SHAME Dont Take My Penny AUDBEY ANDERSON WONDER HOW IT WILL SEEM T0 BE CALLED MRS Band 44 45 46 Pep Band 44 Journalism 45 ROSEMARY ANDERSON ESQUIRE S VARGA HAS NOTHING ON THIS ART IST Chorus 46 Trlple Trlo 46 Thes plans 46 Annual 46 Honor Roll Otter 46 French Club 46 National Honor Society Sr-mor Class Plav St Paul Mlnn WIARLYS ARNESON LAUGH AND THE WORLD LAUGHS WITH YOU TELL JOKES AND ARNE DOES Chorus 46 LAROL BI-IRG HE CAME SHE SAW SHE CONQUERED Chorus 44 45 46 SHIRLFI BERG HER PAST IS A MYSTERY :QQ y JOHN ANDERSON I LOVE MY STEADY BUT OH YOU ONCE IN A WHILE Thespians 45 46 Dont Take My Penny Semor Class Play ROGER ANDERSON A FOOTBALL TEAM ISNT THE ONLY THING THAT GETS HIS LINE' Football 46 FFA 44 45 46 VALDINE ANDERSON SHE S NOT SHY OR BOLD BUT SHE CAPTURED THE 4 H HEALTH TITLE Chorus 45 46 Sclence Club 46 ALTON BAGLIEN NORTH YOUNG MAN NORTH' Soph Treasurer Chorus 44 Thes :ans 44 45 Dont Take My Penny Eve of St Mark Intramural 44 45 46 POMAINE BERG SMALL OF STATURE BIG OF HEART Drama 44 45 Otter 46 Journal m 45 GAA 44 Senior Class Play JAMES Bl-IRGERLD THEY SAY CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN BUT JIM HELPS Corus 44 45 46 FFA 44 4 GLADYS Bl-ISKE THERE SHALL BE NO TALK ING IN HEAVEN Chorus 45 46 DORIS BLOONIQUIST A MIRTHQUAKE OF GIG GLES Chorus 44 45 46 Triple Trio 46 Drama 44 Natlonal Honor Society BEVERLY BRAATEN ITS NICE TO BE NICE BUT ITS NICER TO BE NICEST' Chorus 46 Otter Annual SADIE CHRISTIANSON SHE MANAGES WITHOUT A SADII-. HAWKINS DAY Band 4 46 Pep Band 45 Underwood Mmn JANE CRAYS WANT WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT IT AND I GOT HIM' Chorus 44 45 46 Triple Tno 46 Thespxans Prxde and Prejudice Drama 44 45 Speech 46 GAA 44 45 ROBERT DEGNER I KNOW A LOT BUT I CANT THINK OF IT DELORIS BLOOMQUIST YOUD NEVER GUESS IT BUT THERE IS A GIGGLE BEHIND THAT SERIOUS LOOK Chorus 44 45 46 Trxple Trxo 4 46 Drama 44 National Honor Soclety Dont Take My Penny DOROTHY BOEN D IS FOR DOT BUT SHE MOSTLY DASHES Natlonal Honor Socxety 46 Chorus 46 Thesplans 45 46 Drama 45 Pl'ld9 and PreJud1ce Annual 46 Otter 46 French 45 Journalism 45 Honor Roll ROBERT CARRISON CARRY AND HIS HORSE LESS CARRIAGE' CLAUDINE COLLMAN THERES A LOT OF FUN IN THIS WORLD IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND IT Chorus 46 Speech 45 Journal lsm 46 BETTY DANIELSON THERES LOTS OF FUN IN THIS WORLD HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE Drama 44 GAA 44 MARION DRAGER HER HAIR IS AS BRIGHT AND SHINY AS A NEW PENNY Chorus 44 CIIARLENE DREWS IM ALWAYS BUSY FIDD LIN MY TIME AWAY Orchestra 44 46 Drama 44 Baton Twlrlmg 44 46 Malorette 'YIARLEEN ECKER WHAT S SHE GOT THAT WE HAVENT GOT BESIDES A MAN" PATTI ANN ENDERSON WHY DREAM OF QUEENS ' SHE IS ONE' orus 44 4 46 G A A Homecoming Queen 46 DORIS FORMO HER BROWN EYES ARE NEVER BLUE ESTHER GRABARKEWITZ ESTHER AND HER VIOLIN ARE BOUND FOR FAME Jr Secretarx Orchestra 44 45 46 Strxng Quartet 44 Chorus 4 Trxple Trlo 46 Drama 45 46 Annual 46 Otter 46 National Honor Society 46 DAVID GLNDERSON MEN ARE NOT MEASURED BY INCHES Speech Club 46 '1 PAULINE DUNCAN POLLY PUT THE KETTLE Chorus 46 Annual 46 GAA 4 ELDORA ECKLEY BENEATH HER QUIETNESS LIES TRUE SINCERITY Chorus 45 46 MARC!-ILLA I-'AUNCE SHE LOVES ATHLETICS AND ATHLETES TOO Natxonal Honor Soclety 45 46 Band 44 45 46 Pep Band 45 Orchestra 44 Thesplans 45 46 Prlde and Prejudice Drama 44 Speech 45 Annual 46 Otter 46 GAA 44 Radxo 44 45 46 Journansm 45 Student Councxl 44 International Relations 44 Valedlctorlan DELORLS FREES MANY A WICKED WINK SHE WUNK Thesplans 45 46 Drama Dont Take My Penny Annual 46 Otter 46 Journahsm 45 Senior Class Plav International Relatxons 44 RUSSELL GULBRANSON SPORTS TAKE UP MOST OF MY TIME BUT I MANAGE TO SQUEEZE DEE IN OCCA SIONALLY Footlzall 44 45 46 Basketball 5 JOYCE IIAGGE I VE LIVED AND LOVED' I Vice president Chorus 46 CAA 44 Student Councll 46 Class Play Cheer Leader 44 45 46 Senior PAII HALLETT HOPALONG WITH HOP PIE Nauonal Honor Soclety 46 Chorus 46 Thesplans 45 46 Drama 45 Speech 45 46 Prnde and Pre- Judlce Intramural 44 45 46 Football 44 Otter 46 Student Councll 46 French Club 45 46 International Relations 44 Repre- sentatne Senior FERN IIANNEMANIV ALWAYS ARMED WITH A SMILE DONALD I-IANISOW DOESN T TALK MUCH JUST DOES THINGS Chorus 46 Intramural 44 46 Sensor Class Play WESLEY HARRY SCHOOL IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM TO NIE WOMEN TOO' Football 45 46 Student Coun c 45 Intramural 44 JOYCE IIASSELBLAD SHE HAS A WAY ABOLT HER katlonal Honor SOCIBIV 46 Chorus 41 46 Otter 46 Journallsm 4a Honor Roll STANIEY IIAIGARTII TALL DARK AWD NIYSTER 'IOUS Football 46 Intramural 46 Long Beach Cahforma I L1 MORRIS HAI VERSON WOMEN ARE WORTHLESS UNLESS YOU VE GOT ONE' Intramural 44 45 46 BYRON HAIQSON IT ISNT WHAT YOU DO ITS WHAT YOU GET AWAY WITH Chorus 46 VICTOR I-IANSON HES CULTURED AGPICUL TURED F A 44 5 RICHARD HASKELL A L L WISDOM DOESN T COME FROM BOOKS WHY STUDY AND SPOIL MY GOOD LOOKS' Intramural 44 45 GWENELLXN HATLING THATS HONEST TO GOOD NESS BLOWD HAIR 0 PLROXIDE EITHER' Chorus 44 4a 46 Double 'Vlvced Quartf t 45 ELAINE IIA! GE FOOD THINGS COVE IW LITTLE PACKAGES TOO' ORDIS HAUGEN SHE WEARS A CLOAK SHYNESS-IN SCHOOL BENNY HIJNZE I CANT GET UP WITH THE SUN I STAY OUT TOO LATE WITH THE DAUGH TER Chorus 45 Drama 44 National Athletic Honor Society International Relations 44 Track 45 46 Senior Class Play GEORGE HOLS'l'l0M NO MATTER WHAT THE DISCUSSION MAY BE I ALWAYS FIND WORDS TO DISAGREE MARJORIE HOVLAND YOU CAN MANUFACTURE BLONDS BUT RED HAIR COMES NATURAL A 44 45 MARLYN ISAACSON MY 'DONNIE" IS OVER THE OCEAN. Band '44, 45. '46: Orchestra '46: Thesplans '45, '48: Drama : 'Dont Take My Penny : Annual 16: Otter '46: Radio 46: Journal- ism '45: G.A.A. 46: National Honor Society '46: Senior Class Play RICHARD JENNEN I'M NEVER LATE. THA'I"S .TUST MY SHADOW SLIP?- ING IN. if DOROTHY IUANY YOU HAVE A GOOD DIS POSITION-CHERISH Chorus 46 Wyndmere N Dak FLOYD HELL! WHEN IN A GIRLS SLIGHT CLUTCH HE BLUSHES-OH MUCH' Chorus 46 Male Quartet Ashby Minn RLTH IIOLG SHE ACCENTS HER WORDS WITH DIMPLES A 44 45 GENEAL IIYSJULIEN CAREFREE AND HAPPY 'VI GAA 46 ARLENE IVERSEN SHE TAKES THE 'T" OUT OF CANT. BEVERLY JOHNSON "'I'EE'l'H'S" IDENTIFIED BY HER LAUGH AND JEANS. Band '45. '46: Thespians '45. '46: Annual '46: Otter '45, '46: "Don't Take My Penny": Journalism '45: Senior Class Play, Minneapolis '44 GORDON JOHNSON A MANY-SIDED MAN IS RIPE FOR ANY ENTERPRISE. Chorus '46' 'Don't Take My Penny"' Annual '46' Otter '46 MARILYN JOHNSON MEN DONT INTEREST ME WHAT AM I SAYING' Band 44 45 46 National Honor Society Orchestra 44 46 Trurq pet Trlo 44 45 Pep Band 44 45 46 Drama 45 Journallsm 45 Annual 46 Otter 46 Semor Class Play VICTOR JOHNSON OH GEE I WANNA BE A GMAN Chorus 45 46 Football 46 In tramural 44 46 GRACE KALTVEDT M WASHBURN S GIRL FRIDAY G A A 45 46 DURWOOD KJER HE MAY DO SOMETHING SILNSATIONAL YET DAVE LABSON THE EINSTEIN THEORY IS QUITE SIMPLE Sclence 46 Bausch Lomb Award MARIAN JOHNSON MEN ARE SUCH INTEREST- ING CREATURES. Band '44 '45 '46g Chorus '45 ORVILLI-I JOHNSON MY FAVORITES ARE B I.. O N D E S BRUNETTES AND REDI-IEADS-DID I LEAVE ANY OUT"" Band 44 Intramural 44 45 46 BETTY JORGENSON HES SWEET MUSIC TO MY EARS Natlonal Honor Society 45 46 Band 46 Orchestra 46 Chorus 45 Otter 45 Dont Take My Penny GAA 44 Honor Roll BETTY LOU KIELMEYEB W A T C H R E D SCALE THOSE MUSICAL LADDERS Triple Trlo 46 Chorus 44 45 46 WIOLA KNUTSON ITS NOT HARD ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS STUDY Journallsm 46 Science 46 Debate 4b Honor Roll VALJEANNIE LARSON SUGAR AND SPICE N EVERYTHING NICE THAT S WHAT VALLY S MADE OF Sr Secretary Band 44 45 46 Pep Band 46 Orchestra 46 FERNE LUNDBY R S V P EYES' Henning Mlnn 44 GLEN 'VIAACK WHY WORRY" ANOTHER DAY IS COMING Chorus 44 45 46 Thesplans Drama 44 45 Speech 45 Intramural 44 45 FFA 44 46 Internatlonal Relations Senlor Class Play RICHARD MALONEY WOMEN DON T APPRECIATE Intramural 44 RLSSELL MATCHINSKY HE MAY BE A STAR ON THF FOOTBALL TEAM BUT HE S A JEWEL IN ONE GIRLS HEART' S Vice president Drama 44 Football 44 45 46 Basketball 46 Intramural 44 45 Home commg Kung 46 GENLVIEVE MOBRATEN ALWAYS DEPENDABLE AL WAYS KIND YET IN HER STUDIES NEVER BEHIND National Honor Socletv 46 Chor u 4 45 46 Trlple Trlo Annual 46 GAA 44 46 Student Council 44 Interna tnonal Relatlons 44 Honor Roll Representatne Senior FRANCES MORKEN SHE S THAT SPARKLE YOU SEE IN HARVEYS EYES Class Play qv RUTH LUNDEEN HERES ONE GAL WHOS TOPS WITH EVERYONE National Honor SOCIBIY 45 46 Jr Treasurer B nd 44 4 6 Pep Band 45 46 Orchestra 45 46 Woodvund Qulntet 44 Thes plans 45 46 Drama 45 Prlde and Prejudice Annual 46 Otter 46 Journalism 44 45 French 45 46 Internatlonal Relations 44 DAR Award Honor Roll Repre sentutlve Senior Senxor Class Play VIOLE1' McCOLl.Al AND WHO ELSE CAN TALK WITH HER EYEBROWS AS WELL AS VIE DOES' Thespnans 45 Dont Take Mx Penny Otter 45 46 Radm 46 Journalism 45 GAA 44 46 Senior Class Play National Honor Socnety E'AlNE MASTRUD HERES A MEMBER OF THE BAND WITH THAT SAX APPEAL National Honor Society 45 46 Soph President Band 44 45 46 Pep Band 44 45 46 Orchestra 46 Thespxans 44 45 46 Dont Take My Penny Annual 46 Otter 46 Radio 45 46 Journal lsm 45 Internatxonal Relations 44 VFW Avtard Honor Roll Semor Class Play WILLIS MA VIS SURE I BELIEVE IN STUD IES-FOR OTHER PEOPLE' VIOLA MUREY TOO BAD SHE ISN T A BOY THE WAY SHE SHOOTS BASKETS A 44 ALBIN MORIKILL WHAT IS SO RARE AS AN A IN JUNE Orchestra 44 4a 46 Senior Chorus 45 46 Football 46 CLAYTON MUSSER 'TWAS A LONG GRIND. BUT I MADE IT. ARLENE NELSON SILENCE IS THE ART CONVERSATION Chorus 44 45 46 Drama 44 4 46 Annual 46 GAA 44 International Relations 44 EDNAMAE NEUMAN NEVER A SAD MOMENT IS MY MOTTO Chorus 46 Speech 46 HAROLD NIRSCHL OF ALL THE THINGS I LIKE THE BEST I MUCH PREFER SIT AND REST French 45 International Relatlons EVERETT NORTON JUST A PAGE THE QUEENS COURT Intramural 44 45 46 RICHARD OLSON EVERYTHING HE DOES HE DOES WELL Chorus 45 46 Battle Lake 'Vhnn GY DORIS MUTHS I LIKE WHAT THEY RAISE "DOWN WENDELL WAY". Debate '46 ROGER NELSON SIZE DOESNT COUNT FOR WHAT A MAN CAN NAPOLEON WAS ONLY FIVE 'EET TWO MARY NIEBELS CALL IT A RUDDY COM PLEXSION BUT DONT SAY I BLUSH Band 44 45 46 Pep Band 44 4 46 Orchestra 44 Trumuet no 44 4 Drama 4 46 Joumallsm 45 46 Annual 46 Senxor Class Play LUELLA NORGREN QUIET UNTIL YOU KNOW HER Journalism 45 46 Sclence DONN OLSON OUR FUTURE JOSE ITURBI National Honor Soclety 45 Band 44 45 46 Pep Band 45 4 Orchestra 44 45 46 Wood vund Quintet 44 Thespxans 44 46 Speech 45 Dont Take Ms Penny Prnde and Pfeludxce Eve of St Mark Semor Class Plav Annual 46 Ot er 4 Journalism 44 4 Radio 45 46 Sclence 46 French 5 45 International Relations 44 Student Band Director 6 VFW Award Honor Roll RALPH OPSAHL WORK FASCINATES ME I LOVE TO WATCH IT BEING DONE Intramural 44 4 46 HARVEY ORNDORFF HELL TRUMPET HIS WAY THROUGH LIFE Sr Treasurer Band 44 45 46 Pep Band 44 45 46 Intramural 45 ARLENE PEDERSON RECREATION IS THE SPICE OF LII-'E Chorus 44 45 46 Triple I'r1o 44 Double Mixed Quartet 45 MELVIN REYNOLDS EVERY MAN S GREAT JUST BECAUSE HE IS A MAN Chorus 45 JAMES ROSENBERG I D RATHER BE RIGHT THAN PRESIDENT Natlonal Honor Socxety 46 Band 44 45 46 Pep Band Theaplans 46 Drama Dont Take My Pennv Annual 46 Otter 46 Journallsm 45 Speech 45 46 Radio 45 French 46 Declam 45 46 In er national Relations 44 Senlor Clase Plav DONALD SCHIERHANV RESTLESS AS A WIND SHIELD WIPER Football 44 45 46 Intramural 45 BEVERLY SCHMIDT SHE SEENIS QUIET BLT YOU NEVER CAN TELL Chorus 45 46 EMERY OTNES NEVER TROUBLE TROUBLE TILL TROUBLE TROUBLES YOU Chorus 45 46 I-'FA 45 46 GORDON RASMLSSEN GIRLS MAY WINK GIRLS MAY BECKON BUT I WON T GIVE THEM A TUMBLE Student Councxl 45 Football 46 Intramural 44 45 46 Interna txonal Relatxons 44 ROSEWIARX RIAN ,ENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES BUT THEY MAR RY BRUNETTES IRENE RUND THERES A GOOD LOOKING MAN IN HER MOON Orchestra 44 45 46 ANIVABELIE SCHMIDT II-' SHE DIDNT TALK SO FAST WE COULD PROB ABLY OUT TALK HER National Honor SOCIBIX 46 Speech 45 46 Declam 45 Journalxsm 45 46 Science 46 Internahonal Relations 44 Honor Roll LORNA SCHMIDT SHE WAS BLESSED WHEN SHE WAS GIPFED WITH MODESTY Speech 45 MARIE SCIIMIDT SHE GAINS HER KNOW LEDGE IN A CAREFREE WAY JERRY SCIIULTZ HE MAJORS IN ALIBI OLOGY Thesplans 46 Drama Dont Take My Penny Pride and Prejudice Intramural 4 46 Football 45 46 GILNEVILVE SHONBLOM LIFE WITHOUT LAUGHING IS A DREARY BLANK VIVIAN SMITH A WORTHY GAL A SCHOL AR SHE HAS BEEN PLEAS ANT WITHOUT AND INTEL LECTUAL WITHIN Natuonal Honor Society 46 Otter 46 Journalism 45 Speech 45 Radio 45 Science 46 Interna txonal Relations 44 Salutatorxan RICHARD STEIN STUDYING HARD HAS NOT MADE ME PALE WAI LY STIGEN HIS EYELASHES COULD SWEEP T H E COB VEBS PROM ANY GIRLS HEART Intramural 44 '45 Cheer Leader '45, 46 BERNIECE SCIIOENING HE PUT THAT RING ON MY FINGER EARL SCHULZ HIS VIOLIN PLAYING WOULD CHARM THE HEART OF ANY GIRL Natxonal Honor Socletv 46 Jr Presldent Orchestra 44 45 46 Strmg Quartet 44 Dont Take My Penny Annual 46 Student Councnl 46 Intramural 44 Football 44 45 46 Na Athletxc Honor Society 4 Representative Semor JAMES SMITH THAT PUZZLED LOOK ON HIS FACE IS CAUSED HIS THIRST FOR KNOW LEDGE Wllmette Illlnols DELORES STAFF THEY ARE OFTEN WISEST WHO SAY BUT LITTLE PHYI LIS STICH WHERE STICH IS HER LAUGH IS SURE TO BE Journalism 45 46 EXELYIN STOFFREGEN WE HEAR YOU TALKINK' X 44 Baton Tlklflllg CHARLES STOBTBOEN MEN OF FEW WORDS ARE OFTEN THE BEST MEN French Club 45 46 PATRINA STREETER AS QUIET AS A 'VIOUSE YET NO TRAP HAS CAUGHT HER ANNA WIAE SWEVSON SHES QUIET BUT ALWAYS APPEARS HAPPY YAIL THEDE GIVE ME ROOM AND ILI MOVE THE WORLD Chorus 44 45 46 Boys Octet 44 Male Quartet 45 46 Thes Dont Take ians 44 45 My Penny Pride and Preju dice Sr President Annual a to 44 Speech 46 Senior Class Play HFLEN THLRNAL HER HEART IS ALWAYS IN HER WORK. JOYCE TROSVIK A REDHEAD WITHOUT A TEMPER. Chorus '44, '46 v Q 44 DORIS STIIASS HER INTERESTS COVER A WIDE RANGE OF TERRI TORY A MAN GEORGE SLIND A CLOSED MOUTH CATCHES NO FLIES A 44 LeWONNE SWENSON A REAL SMILE IS A GREAT ASSET Chorus 45 46 IILA THOMPSON FRIEND OF MANY KIND AND TRUE ALWAYS SMIL ING NEVER BLUE Drama 45 C OLI EEN TROSVIG I HEAR YOU COLLEEN NE LA VERNA VAN METER WAL K I N G DICTIONARY- SHE KNOWS ALL THE ANS- WERS, National Honor Society '46: Chorus '45, '46: Thespians '45, '46: Drama '44, '45: Speech '45, '46: "Don't Take My Penny": Journalism '46: Orchestra '44: Radio '-16: French '-155 International Relations '44 WII I IAN! YOI I BRI-CIIT SOME PURSUE LEARNIVG OTHERS LEARN! PLRSLIWG Natlonal Honor SOCIQIY 45 -if' 'and 44 46 Pep Band 44 46 TIICSIJIZIITN 44 4 46 Speech 45' Annual -lf' Otter 46 R QCKUCC 46 Inlzrnalmnal Rdatmnx 44 Honor Roll gf J 1' GI IN -XSII 'XIX ONLY NIIQT-'XKE IV LIFE VN -XS TAKING LHFMIQTRH II-XROI D DAIII LN OIR 'XIAIRYX DOAT9 D-KH LINIG or 1 44 AD ASTRA PER ASPEHA 444 olafw TURQUOISE AND SILVER 7606002 CARNATION RI TH WILKINSON A FRIENDIE QNIIIE IQ THF REYNOTE or HER PI- RSON ALITX Honor Roll - I ' ' I . ' ,' ' f . .'- , 5, , l , 7: . ,V B. ' . ' L ' ' . '45, ' r. ' 1, ' 2 adio t '44:a IIIITB-IHIITETI '44, '-454, '46J V' f Ch li ' ', '45, '46 ll II N! Teeth and Jeans 5 fa!- ff Whlstle Balt N Q6 Q X Where ve you been ? Chilly ? Hollyv. ood Minnesota 1 Foxy eh 'I Crowde Q .L Ain t love grand! wok., 'UB' 'F' ' ' e-- -V gong Lonesome? for a man. fa' 1'5N5'Y?.X3O a skoderxt who ikrxe char- hovle E-DP-XY'-YJ XL Brit e551-1 to iihd 'nes me quaixues oi a Xeader-a'rA9, 'ook Yhrime 9 i becoming the Vlmd ot NI E' 514. can 'oe corhhx with Kee o h the actet very 'grow ' gh oxivbe 6 561600 proud oi. Y-0414 XASSOSSS 'Yhe DAB-. had no diiikcrmg this year krm sexectfmg a student 'rot its aw ard. h rdore than deserves this honor dd to wear 'me 0.15-B-. Qkrx. Y-or and Ks pro X4 ekfxoh .ng ODSO paruckp oxxwkahdx ' it Dohh, OO through hX9 ctwiires and his e1-erhohikes the krde ooX e hxp , 15 odth. sch schovars merkcah oi A A A' 'ff l gm K' 'kiiflvlr 'L- , sig g525!iwq ':'??. lie 'R-N23 5. 'cal v. N45 ,A f A iKeXd o . W Because oi hee and rhath rsoh was a h rx XIX-ski. hirh any ?Qwer Nfdhrxg DP-VE L-Pe?-SOX4 his abkhvg Sh the errxaucs O-we "1-Lx atdru ior ks X319 SCKG eww' be d. 'loo ce me Y-ed aw or hrs Kato at any . Q A ALL Happy Qnglq 9pXt Thi tall r pres eec Jo 0E7vlW1E'v 11108 4 Beneath that en gin slnie r st I-dy onstl utzo ns gllvho oes ut o act vltles iier cl ar c an e heard in t ple io and her p 11 s llil ve h a he rls scholarshzp d to suc ed W goe h s Hl ett entatl e dabble 1 Ina! In 8.r1ddI'8'?1 Zzrheplayegpiolud Da 8 0 117710 e N at atlc PQI of U 1138 800 r and a e er atlonil Honor Soclet eve Paul cer aln b cess t 9.300 -4? EAR 801171 771s senior I8 outstandzng toot 1 in the N So iet 11 ar -X' H ball ar e laces 821' nal Athletic onor J' Ile at th s e me s an accolnplzshed wollmst ar also serve -9.9 preside t f the Junior class and of the dent Oounczl this y ar What ever ar-eer h ch00ses we know I W1 b ght -N, XM HUTH Llnvo We re proud of u t I6 18 ep' senta We f g est type of student s boast eszdess olarshl he s Q11 excellent uslcz n and prov o a ve a le actress In re udlce er qlue ch 'mln pe o r chow P t et'f1c1en rson lltv 'bake for Swell g-:rl i E' R TEN ga g l lu Irs a u c t 'n, for A, Ge ' a a all o fr Q4.-4. I' . e Ito vol e c b gi ' N7 tl' , ' is to s. S e' bo ce here e r s e s P Ii E77' ' 11 ar' 51 1 . 1' s e If 8 lr I N sp h, u is . '-1 " ' Reine I' U1 ' the - Thespl . l a d ,, sens fh , is Inmb , of th ' .Ve ' Wh r does is t o fl! 9 Q 3110 - I ,ff 5 L . 'Q i ' ' R p L-510 . is , QCII ' 0 e I' D ' bln o If fl or ,' Wh I e ah? u A 'l R ' ' . , "" Ewllhas d II. . F, . P - 0 V , Stu ' e , . nl' 0. :LU ' C e ' If 4' 4, ' Z ll 6 Pi . af, - N .c c V Q 4 ,.'. . rm- EEN ' o 1- editoli Run' ' 1- e t' 0 the hi h Fergu c-in . B ' ch p, s i In ' 'a , ed t be ly b ' fide and!-' j .H ' ' ' OJ' and a 'gf a ' her u '.e a ' . 7 OFFICERS President .,,......... Lon Curtis Vice President Mary Jo Baker Secretary ......,. Evelyn Cichy Treasurer ............ Paul Gust Beginning the year's activities for these freshmen was the annual Freshman Party ln October Their float in the Homecoming parade was outstanding and Evelyn Cichy and Jeanette Weaver were ladies-in-waiting at the royal court Freshmen have participated in many extra curricular activities such as band olches tra chorus verse speaking, choir, speech club intramural and Junior GAA The two one-act plays to be presented on F 1 eshman Light have not b en selected as this book goes to press, but they are certain to be the h1 hllghts of the year S dau O1flflC'lt'lf.S' S7'l'lPl5.X'7' C'Ol'.YC'll. President , 4f .. Robert Olson Thomas McLeod Vice President .. Janet Wilson Shine S nstelien Secretary . .... Dorothy Smith .fIlH'I.S'UIi'.S' K ,th yclly ei o e Treasurer esis., ...,. P aul Hansel Mr. Day Miss Fobes To add to Homecoming gaity, the sophomores presented a skit in convocation and decorated their float using the slogan, "Dump the Deacons". They elected Dorothy Smith and Jewell Torgerson as their attendants to Queen Patti. Sophomores were active in journalism, drama club, G.A.A., intramural, Thespians, band, orchestra, and chorus. Members were also active in athletics. Bill Foss, basket- ball star, was the pride and joy of the entire class. 0 :adam 65444 0 F plc-15 R5 STI VJENT COUNCIL President .,...... Mona Monson Helen Miska Vice President Joseph Elliott ' Secretary ...... Gordon McLeod Treasurer ....,. Frank Johnson Nyland Duhn Noble Hatling ADI 'ISORS Mrs. Bechtel Miss Huseby Miss Minor This high-flying class of '47 established quite a record for itself with members active in all phases of school life. They reached a new high in ticket sales for their class play, "J une Mad". Diane DeLaurier and Jessie Rix were chosen by the juniors to attend the Home- coming Queen. A large number of junior boys turned out for football, and Joe Elliott, Ham Muus, and Frank Johnson were starters on the Olter basketball squad. QQCCZGQI WW Vg N X 6 Dia 99 'PNP-0 0 CA.-U0 oh eel, woe Av so qt 4.6 ov' Q- PM vN-59 49'- C Bo QUAY9-251 v ll -l Hl of Nr? limi 'fgn yv r -X lil! 'Vi 2. 1 I First row: Dorothy Boen, Rosemary Anderson, Marilyn Johnson, Betty Jorgenson, Violet McCollar, LaVerna Van Meter, Ruth Wilkinson, Elaine Mastrud Second row: Doris Bloomquist, Joyce Hasselblad, Doris Bloomquist, Vivian Smith, Annabelle Schmidt, Marlyn Isaacson, Genevieve Mobraten, Esther Grabarkewitz, Marcella Faunce, Ruth Lundeen Third row: James Rosenberg, Donn Olson, Bill Vollbrecht, Paul Hallett, Harvey Orndorff, Earl Schulz ' 7000? ' JUNIOR MEMBERS Seated: Ruth Washburn, Helen Miska, Lois Fried- rich, Diane DeLaurier, Mona Monson Standing: Eivend Bye, Frank Johnson, Gordon McLeod By demonstrating' in class and in extra- curricular activities their outstanding quali- ties of service, character, leadership, and scholarship, these students have received the highest honor in the school. Fifteen per cent of the senior class and five per cent of the juniors are eligible for membership. Mr. Wilson was their advisor. Ile" These student council members are the governing power of Wash- ington High. They make and give suggestions for improvements in school life and plan the various school events. One of their main activities was selling tickets in the halls for the football and basket- ball games. MEMBERS ' Standing: Noble Hatling, Earl Schulz, Paul Hallett, Nyland Duhn Seated: Tommy McLeod, Helen Miska, Joyce Hagge, Shirley Synstelien, Keith Cole OFFICERS Joyce Hagge, vice president Tomm McLeod secretar Y ' . Y Earl Schulz, president PF Q.--X-ff 1860 N- e, nfl Helen Misk a, treasurer For Activity Day the Student Council presented a style revue Duma The drama clnb was made up of sophomore and junior students interested in be- ginning acting and stage work. This year their activiLies have included three student- directed plays and a radio broadcast of "The Pied Piper of Hamelinu. The combined chorus, orchestra. and dramatic groups presented a Christmas Mystery Play on December 22. The story of the natirity was presented in several scenes beginning with the coming of the angel Gabriel to the presentation of the Christ Child in the temple. The role of the Virgin was sung by Marjery johnson. rig can Cast from left to right seated: Jane Crays, Ruth Lundeen, Dorothy Boen, Beverly Brandon, Phyllis Wyffles, Kitty Svenneby, Loren Kildeg standing: Donn Olson, Dieseth, Paul Thede, Marcella Faunce, Herbert Thorndahl. 'ideapawe The main activity of the Thes- pians this year was the presenta- tion of the three-act play, "Pride and Prejudice," adapted from the novel by Jane Austen. Authentic costumes from the eighteenth cen- tury added C0l0l' and atmosphere to the production. Mrs. Luc y Lee Paul Hallett, Jerry Schultz, Joann Troupe Sponsor The Bennet Family Thespian Troupe 443 EW ,N '4l"w H Y. , ,B I Q f., Q' Q' H lf Fff3 1?--L5 .W- ' ',k wg: ,mhz Li ' 'VA -3 , , ,L.A.,-3- -.. :A ' --mln f' A4 'wiki JW -5 ', 931: xiii ' 5 . , 1 Qs- ,B cgi:-'L' ,x.nfr'-1:7 - m mil:-f L H w , H, ' W wh 3 . . ' , Y. , Rf .I ff .H 5 QL fi 5 ,,f ,,,, ig- 5,5 f',' 'ECA ' I .--1 5 ' I fi' . 1 GE ,Q , ki 1 ' i . 65. 94 I I 'I 3 4 I rr N.: V x A ,ig 5' XI 4 , - 1 I , r "' 1? . 'Avi 3 A 5 , 11 ' 1 ,Q v 5 , A-, ,-..., 1: 1 T "' S? J' j, - , ,V .,. 11. Y. 1.11,-.gnuuu-sun:-r-1-f.:-W I . 0' 5. is R A ' 'Q xx . P .5 ' ,im ,X 1 'Ti' 2 f Q mlm K' U 4 s, f 1, 31, .-.,-., ,, ......,2..-- .-..,7.ik . -sisrgl , , . + 5-,ga.'g1Qaffw,'g-fs""o-. ujwsw . .i ,, ,F .HJ U - V img t 1-5 4'4.QQt,.,' ' X ' , gpr. f .,.w-f,,, K' ., ...V--4 . ., .1.......... pmem Ded4z'eS At the begmnmg of the year the speech club conducted panel dnscussnous on such subyects as mllltary trammg and atomxc bomb control and presented several at convocatlons Later ln the year they spent most of their tlme on extemporaneous speech work For the flrst tlme mn several years Fergus Hxgh has a debate Squad Wlth Mlss K1orl1e as thexr advlsor they have attended a de bate meet at Lake Park the fn State meet at Concordxa Col lege and th dlstrlct debate meet The topxc for debate was R solved that all able bodled male cxtxzens should have one year of mxlxtary trammg before attammg the age of twenty four " R -.QQ 'rj 1 H -' ,LV , v , Sf 1 A 95 ?!2 'P 6 5 .0 " It ',. ,P ' i fly! 5 . fa V t' 'Q ' K' P gg I ' ' ' .4---0 Z- fm 'Q ' ii: 4' 3 V' ,, - n adwglad' Every Thursday morning the Fergus School of the Air broadcasted some phase of school life. Various depart- ments in the school presented different programs each week. Donn Olson was the announcer for the year, and Roger Stake and Lon Curtis were the tech- nicians. 7-Medela! "Parlez vous francais? Je ne sais pas". Such conversation could be heard on Wednesday evenings issuing from Miss Fra.nkoviz's room. Besides study- ing the intricacies of the French lan- guage, they had fun too, at picnics out at Otter Tail Lake. Arthur Carlson Advisor UW OTTER TAIL POVVER - Paul Thede 3 9 DR. FEATHERSTONES OFFICE - Betty Danielson Bl ff Yf ,-4 ggi. 1' NELSON DRUG COMPANY - Marlyn Isaacson, Betty Jorgenson OTTER TAIL POWER - Colleen Trosvig, Rosemary Rian, Ruth Wilkinson ind 1i ARTHURS' - Elaine Mastrud, Geneal Hysjulien, Audrey Anderson Zami "Boogie Woogie Band" and "Auditorium Session" as well as the tradi- tional marches and overtures were played by these versatile musicians this year. Their major appearance was the formal spring concert. Playing in the massed band at the music festival highlighted the year. TRUMPETS Marilyn Johnson Gordon McLeod Bill Messenger Marie Steen CORNETS Joyce Evjen Marcella Faunce George Gard Frank Johnson Marian Johnson Mary Niebels Harvey Orndorff Marjorie Salmonson Marjorie Scott ALTO SAXOPHONES Audrey Anderson Mary Bergerud Paul Hansel Christine Larson Gordon La Vallcy Elaine Mastrud FLUTES Eivend Bye Valjeanne Larson OBOE Ruth Lundeen 176 Frank Hedlund M E M B E R S . Director TENOR SAXOPHONE Elaine Halverson BARITONE SAXOPHONE Betty J orgenson TROMBONES Sadie Christiansen Evelace Garberg Robert Johnson Val Jean Larson Tom McLeod Mona Monson Roger Stake BARITONES Beverlee Brandon Shirley Loomer Rita Monson Kitty Svenneby BASSES Alice Garberg Betty Hellickson Eunice Hellickson Billy Vollbrecht BASSOON Margery Johnson HORNS Jim Rosenberg Barbara Swanson Ruth Washbum ALTO HORN S Phyllis Arneson Gail Iverson Marvin Manthei CLARINETS Jacqueline Alm Virginia Hanson Phyllis Haskell Marlyn Isaacson Beverly Johnson Irene Kroneman Pearl Miller Helen Miska Paul Olson Robert Olson Donna Peterson Ruth Quast Beverly Sawyer Cora Mae Zenner BASS CLARINET Donn Olson PERCUSSION Marion Dominick Arlene Fick Lois Friedrich Aa. vm 2 - . L. ,Q-,,1' ,V 531. : , rl wi," F' "V V f, :f ,..1 ,,-. , Yi, ' 'f' . Y, V, A g .X , , It i fl V 7: 55' , fx! ' I 1 , 3- .X 49" :mg f f M .3 ' mi' ' 5 ' nu 5 - I 'Il , 2 A Nbr' sl I , L. r,i ,f 'III , Inf , 11", ' ' 'W A ' K 4 ' X sv-4, FHM ' W' 'Pb H" 'ff' 1 1 I H .V ll lj, . Q ' - if N 4 , mg -M 'ang . . 1 ' 4' n I ' I lg 'Fai J' ' ' ' J lk-4 M. ' . , Q2 'L .4 Y A L? -V1-I Q, 2 4 - I I - I Ouiewm Upholding the tradition established in former years, the. orchestra played for the class play the Christmas program, and the spring concert. To really get in the swing of things, they played such popular numbers as "Shoemaker's Holiday", "Tea for Two", and "Strike up the Band". Of course classical music wasn't forgotten either. Two favorites of the year were "Andante Cantabile" from Tschaikowsky's Fifth Symphony and "Orientale"by Cui. FIRST VIOLINS Esther Grabarkewitz Earl Schulz Irene Rund Geraldine Hasselblad Elaine Way Faith Naeglei Ruth Morken Mildred Straus Eugene Wething Phyllis Kvern Elaine LaValley Ardith Kilde Beverly Schempp SECOND VIOLINS Lorraine Aas Berniece Langseth Lorraine Anderson Ellen Friedrick Joan Formo David Vigen Donald Nelson Leroy Albjerg Joan Hasselblad Ramona Martinson Virginia Jacobson MEMBERS VIOLAS Frances Morken May Eastman Billy Sha Lorraine Pergande CELLOS Sylvia Grotte Mary Quernemoen Rebecca Pederson Ilene Haugen Elaine Clausen BASSES Delores Ledding Cora Mae Zenner Charlene Drews FLUTES Valjeanne Larson Joan Elton Betty VVright OBOE Ruth Lundeen BASSOON Margery Johnson CLARINETS Helen Miska Marlyn Isaacson Robert Barnack Leroy Johnson SAXOPHONES Elaine Mastrud Elaine Halvorson TRUMPETS Marilyn Johnson George Gard FRENCH HORN Barbara Swanson TROMBONES Mona Monson Berniece Nycklemoe PERCUSSION Lois Friedrich Irene Schulz PIANO Betty Jorgenson Junior High Members The chorus, one hundred twenty voices strong, had a very active year. They sang in the all school chorus at M. E. A., at the spring festival, at the Christmas program, and at convocation concerts. Some of their numbers during the year included Fred Waring arrangements, works of Victor Her- bert, and several selections from Handel's "Messiah", FIRST SOPRANOS Christine Larson Frances Estxold Bt-xerly Gerhardson Geraldine Halvor-:on Margery Johnson Shirley Synst'-lien Jewell Torlersmi Ann Tysver Mary Wylie Janet Wilson Maxine Gunther Shirley Tenny Marian Dominick Sally Hanson Sylvia Grotte Delorls Ledding Carol Bergerud Elaine Carlson Juanita Spitsberg Hazel Nelson Harriet Lien Julienne Nycklemoe Beverly Schmidt Carol Berg Betty Lou Kielmeyer Doris Blooinquist Esther Grabarkewitz Arlene Pet-rson Gwen Hatling LaVonne Swenson Rosemary Anderson Elaine Bergorud MEMBERS Bei t rly Diest SECOND SOPRANOS Margaret Cloeter Lorraine Aas Audrey Haggstrom Charmayne Thompson Jean Thompson Adeline Borchardt Joan Mohagen Mary McGinnis Mona Monson Beverly Stock Virginia Schulz Shirley Ann Neuman Jmve Hasselblad Jane Crays Valcline Anderson Delores Bloomquist l,aVerna Van Meter Pauline Duncan Claudine Collman Joyce Hagge FIRST ALTOS Donna Mae Pederson Marjorie Sund Rita Monson Marcella Landberg Dorothy Stein Geraldine Jenson Kathleen Araekog Genevieve Piekarski Val J an Larson Mai Jurie Orpen Gladys Beske Beverly Braaten Eldora Eckley Arlene Nelson Ednamae Neuman Joyce Trosvik Dorothy Boen Marlys Arneson Mary Bergerud Margaret Lillevold Minerva Thompson Georgia Van Dyk Arlene Fisk Dorothy Smith SECOND ALTOS Marcia Eide Joanne Dieseth June Michealson Lois Friedrich Delaine Brevig Evelance Garberg LaVon Ristbredt Phyllis Wyffles Betty Jorgensen Genevieve Mobraten Dorothy Hianey Patti Enderson TENORS Floyd Hell-x Ardith .Lee Director Bob St. Clnir John Eckley Javrc Roberts Bobby Gustafson Darwin Haegstrom Marlyn Knoll Norman Toso Roberts Johnson Dean Newton Loren Kilde Byron Hanson Nyland Duhn Glenn Maack Gordon Johnson BASSES Victor Johnson James Bergerud Noble Hatling Wallace Haave Emmett Heiberg Lewis Strass Richard Olson Albin Morrill Marvin Bloornquist Herman Muus Bob Olson Paul Thede Emery Otnes Harold Dahlen Bill Gamber Paul Hallett Donald Hanson gow Zaafztez' The Ink Spots have noth mg on thls popular singmg group They became a favor lte of thexr audlences wher ever they appeared at con vocatxons concerts or PT A s Some of thelr songs that were most engoyed are Oklahoma The Desert Song and Nola Members pxctured from left to rxght are Loren Kllde Paul Thede Floyd Helle and Dean Newton Thelr accom pa.n1st IS Donn Olson 7z6ple 71:4 Nnce to look at and mce to hsten to thats the glrls trxple tr1o These gurls de lxghted muslc lovers wxth such songs from muslcal comedxes as Surrey with the Frxnge on Top Members seated from left to rlght are Esther Grabar kewntz Gerry Jenson Jane Crays Standmg Betty Kxel me yer Rosemary Anderson Delores and Dorls Bloom qulst Genevxexe Mobraten Lois Frlednch and accom pamst Donn Olson Dfucm77K4 These hlgh stepping baton twlrlers put the marchmg band through then' paces IH parades and at football games They also put on a twxrlxng exhxbxtxon at one of the basketball plctured 1n the front row and Elaxne Bergerud Margaret Lmllevold and Ruth Rostad are shown ln the back row I v . 1 - - , . ll I1 ll 1 . ., .. ., , . - . , I games. Marjorie Scott and Alice Garberg are - . - V 'L' u ' Il . . . . . . A - Y . - A , , - , . je afulze 0111-.ac2'1a,, mn! mn f C Q . f MQ. -CF' .: r. 2191: sf W r'15,., ,454- f,5fJfi-fr. ,J 1. ., h,v,.4:kn Mwr.1,. .mf , -511 ' ' .-'wg-" W ,.-,,. Ji f "J " ' A ,3 , '1 . -' A, WW' . . 4 , 5 4 ng. , .2 . . , " s ' " . - 1 7 . - ., , .n Lf. ' pu. 'zu 1m'3vg'f5pA-.f?,f?vf' Ar' 9 , '- -. '-Fu' ,'- . V 1 l Q 4 in ,v,44,,AA, .fvgv K 1 ' Ag ltwb iq.. . if Q 41. tl 1 135. -.vw n - .-4 AQSQQN ,, , .,,.:a.,- -,.??,.g','.,,. v -N 11011 Sig 5 rv :1 Wag Q cgi :- 52 ug C-1 O O :EIO Q85 EEE. 15" :www .233 ,313 F53 Fog: 8"5 now :GJ as ga QQ OE :"UQ "'-1 WE? E3 F: CII! Um sa. 33 :Z QE Olll E' ,355 ZZ? Q2 94 FD o :z III x: rr O "1 FY IT-1 o E. m :x ca. Wldmzohs Moorhead Fergus Falls Breckenridge Wahpeton Fargo Valley Clty Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls OWAAUYQ 5 Fargo Pelxcan Raplds Wahpeton Barnesvxlle Alexandrxa Moorhead Perham Elbow Lake B1 eckenrldge Detroxt Lakes Barnesvllle Moorhead Breckenrxdge Alexandrla Wahpeton Detrolt Lakes Elbow Lake Pelican Rapids 14tlldc'c Wann Sandy 145 Daniel Sauna Fergus Falls 35 Comstock 21 Fergus Falls 38 Hawley Fergus F3115 26 Moorhead 42 Athletes can be scholars too as these fellovss proxe Members are Earl Schulz Joe Elllott Benny Hemve and Frank Johnson p ll W L 3 . - 3 ' 23 ' 3 4 4 ' 6 Z 43 30 57 ' ' 29 37 36 51 ' 39 38 ' 31 29 18 25 21 Fergus Falls 40 Valley City 27 34 43 33 ' ' 37 45 ' 28 37 ' 24 1 , 29 1 30 43 ' 32 44 ' 25 38 ' 43 38 ' 28 48 41 A ' ' 30 'ik 5 ' gba -I Y! E YQ y 1.6 v- Q is 5- 3 J,- , 'Afif , Q ' ' - ,tm .. , Z'. TT J u- J' " L -' - , aa- 5 '. - f, avi! gf " xi t -- N r ll. .,. If . f,XxJ .NJ 1. -1 W UIQ I. A 1 Y ?f - r I 8 .,,- ,. .w.f-Y..h..,-,-o- If Y -af',',..fa-Q X, E3 , 2 X. 1 V , My ,W .V 0 r 5' .. ,. r g ' 1 ' " -4-E-1 3- .1 .51 . Q I 'By S First row: Tommy McLeod, Allen Snow- berg, Paul Gust, Clinton Schroeder, Earl Perkins. K. ,A Q 5 Second row: Coach, Joe Formick, Jerry Heyen, Scotty McLeod, Duane Atkinson, Wallace Haave, Walter Cichy, Manager, Bruce Listoe. "Let's have a big swing peppy cheerleaders made really give out with the make the team know we yell!"AOur the crowd cheers and were there backing them up. This year they initi- ated several new yells such as, "Crank that Ford", and "Hubba, Hubba", little Diane Gulbranson's specialty. P L75 A I r I P , 'll b YP' Q Ctvvtsdwo wk 5 QCTUQL CCIQL CQTGLCG EGBRICS 'KV - SEARS ROEBUCK-Grace Kaltvedt, Bev Braaten, Joyce Trosvik KNOFF PETERSON-George Sund, Emery Otnes, Charles Stortroen 5? l SAGE BEAUTY SHOP-Doris Strass, Romaine Berg ww fetwmed Kg popalcvz Pegaecr It s been a long long trme klds but Just se rf you cant take your mmd off the more 1m portant thrngs rn lrfe-dates dates and oh yes dates and go back to the days when we were really blg stuff Freshmen We came to school that day wrth brg plans and the braver glrls wrth a trnge of hpstlck on My but we felt blg Wlth that tube of llpstrck rn our pocket Our freshmen party was really fun l emember how we talked for days afterwards when Betty Jorgenson plcked Benny Hernze as the cut st boy ln the class? Some romance' Oh yes that strong srlent man Moe Halverson was proposed to by that cute gal Gen Mobraten Never to this day have we seen Beans rn a more becomlng outflt than those beautlful strrped shorts he wore rn the Freshman Class Play My but he was proud of them' That year also brought us some new frrends You krds from the country have really added to our class-we just couldn t get along wrthout you We know some of you werent along wlth us on that mght hlke but It really was nree Of course our parents werent very anxlous for us to go on another one wonder why? Last but not least we must mentlon those coy lrttle slam books Just ITl6Iltl0Il1Ilg them rs enough Our Sophomore year was a year of swooumg over Benny lFrank Srnatraj Hemze We were really sent when Benny flrst sang to us Modern Hrstory was made much more mterestmg by the presence of Mrss Hanschen who also started our Sophomore partres She sllpped up on one thmg though She put Mary Nlebels and Wally Wyffles srde by slde ln hlstory and she thought that they studled The wrzard of the tenor sax Don Ohe really cut loose and put on some dances that were enjoyed The one thmg th t made the dances so much fun was that the fellas danced wrth us' Most of us grrls have decrded srnce that berng a wallflower rs our calhng The basket ball tournament that year was really a tear Jerker Most of us felt that we d never get over the shock of losrng to Crosby Ironton Gee we were mad but the fun after the game made up for xt The beglnmng of our Jumor year brought us the Teen Canteen We really drdn t appreelate lt untll we lost lt There was the place to go to dance and have fun It was mvaded of course by Boogle Woogre Beat Harry who really showed us how to cut a rug The St Cloud football game arrrved and so drd the St Cloud team to spend the nrght The poor boys were lonesome so we all took trme out to be wlth them It was worth rt The Vorce had a rlval tlus year rn the form or rather bulk of Harold Dahlen Harold entertalned us rn the talent program by srngmg Marr zy Doats rn Chmese or was rt N0FW9g'13D7 Our class play went over Wlth a bang but rf we were gorng to glve one person credrt for the suc ess of the play we would have to take our hats our semor thanks for hrs unselflsh contrlbutron to the play After a day of hard work we arrived at the Junlor Senror banquet all tired out We were soon revrved by an atmosphere of stars and Jokes and also by sharp klcks from our escorts fl m strll tryrng to forget about ltl We gulped our good food lent an ear to the program and then dashed out to our ears Some of the lucklest klds went to Detrort where they really had a f arless and wonderful time Some of the other krds went over to the party at Boen s and had fun and some trlpped the nghts fantastlc at the party at the hrgh school Hold on to vour heads klds fvou know how easrly a head can be lostl and well have a llttle talk about the year we became the hrgh and mlghty senlors At least we thrnk so and who else matters? Homecommg was extra specral wrth Queen Pattr and Klng Russ The semore won the plaque for the best skit We throw all the credit to Paul Hallett who represented Sacred Heart fLeave rt to Paulj The guls are strll wearmg those darlmg Jeans and skrrts We only do rt to keep up wlth the fellas rn therr yellow and whlte cords The best looking pau' belong to Stanley wear them small Haugarth The hrghway to Detrolt was frlled with cars Somehow the cars never qurte made rt even to Pehcan Some of the gals decrded to go to Macalester College Thrs all started when the Mae football team stayed rn Fergus Hmmmm' Some of the fellas became mterested IH books and smfrmg Jaunts every fourth hour to the lrbrary How drd they know that the OfflC6 drdnt lrke mUSlC9 Semor steadles weren t as much m promlnence as ln years past but Fverett and Pattr Frankre and Harvey and Betty and Wally trred to keep up the tradrtron Jerry Schultz Just plarn trred We couldnt let the former classes get ahead of us so we must mentxon our gals who have rmgs on thexr fmgers Audrey Anderson Bernlece Schoenmg and Marlene Eck er There wasnt a canteen thls year but the Joos Daughters kept up our sprrrts untrl the Jay cees started a Youth Club In the spr mg we all looked forward to the banquet grven by our wealthy underelassmen And of course after four years of hard labor UD we arrrved wrth mingled feelings at that great day of raduafron VN cll we fmallx n ade t Gee lrds asnt rt bern fun" , 1 1 4 0 u y e ' - 1 , , V v 1 f v 7 Y'-I i I Q Y . 1 1 1 1 1 Y . , - 5 T 1 L ' l S . . . , y , , , . D . . ' 1 ' . ' ' . , . . l ' , . Q Y ' V . I ' 9 Y . I , . . , , Q. . V , . ' ' , c , , ' . ' a ' 1 I , - Y 1 - ' ' - f S f 1 - . . . . , v . , . 41 ' - ' - n , . C T . . . . . , H . ,, . . . . 4 , I . . ' . . H . y , 1 I " Y ' ! . . . A V Y off to Art Fabxan. Art has taken his umbrella and gone to sunny California, but with hun went . - . . p I . i . A Q . . , . . . , -y , u 1 D L . . U 3 ,, . - . . , 1 1. . . a , V u ! 1 . ' , Y ' I o Q 1 . 1 , Y 1 . 'I u I . - 14 !V I 1 1 u I 1 ' . 1 L v 1 1 , . . N . 1 , 1 1. . 1 1 . K Y 4 1 1 r . ' ' 1 . 1 , l v - , '- 1 - , X, 1 1 . . , - ' ' ' . y ' V. 1 . v . . o Y I 1 1 . 1 ' "' g' . . . " . jr :I ,c ,'1.c 11 L :I Q gi.: fill v,. ,,,... ,,,,, , 7: ,, A.: Q li. v ,J E- s ,f ' ' Wm: " I M 3 il g. ' N 'W l"'I 'Ss 1 w sw 94 V6 91 'T Slt up klds and take notlce We are glylng you a chance to see lnto the future Hayent you often wondered what fate has ID store for you and your pals' Well cease wonderlng for here lS a DTLVIEW of comlng attractlons Dayld Gunderson Professor of Atomlc Energy at the Unlyer slty of Slng Slng Betty Jorgenson plavs plano for the Korn Kobblers Richard Jennen lny ented a dCVlCE on cars for turnlng a corner on one wheel lnstead of two Gen Mobraten and Ruth Houg are fashlon deslgners for a com pany ln New York Clty Roger Anderson recelved a trophy from the Klng of Norway for hlS Skllhg Charlene Drews Irene Rund and Frankie Morken are stlll flddllng away thelr tlme Patti Enderson IS Queen of the Rose Bowl Orvllle Johnson Ralnh Ousal and Gordy Rasmussen are now mllllonarles havlng made thelr money lr' a chaln of pool halls Doris Straus IS maklne use of her past flylng experlence bv belng an alrllne stewardess LaVonne Swenson IS a success as a hostess at the Stork Club Joyce Hwsselblad Arlene Nelson wrote a book of poetry called Loye Lyrlcs Blll Vollbrecht lnyented al automatlc snow shoyeler Glen Maack IS stlll collectlng garbage for hls hawgs Betty Danlelson lS the outstandlng woman wrestler Geo' - Sund and Robert Degner are taklng over the Olsen 81: Johnson show Rosle Anderson runs a danclng school speclallzlng ln the hula Russ Matehlnskv vs dlylnv for cmrls for tourlsts ln Hawall as SlStEd by that famous deep sea dlver Carl Schlermann Roger Gabby Nelson IS a helmlt because he cant stand to talk to people Jlm Smlth dlscovered the l5th dlmenslon Durwood KJer IS a bouncer ln a New York nlght club Wlola Morey Grace lxalvedt and 'Vlarjorle Hovland are starrlllg on a womens basketball team Bunnv Hrlnre now has h s own radlo program at 8 oclock on Wednesday nlghts James Rosenberg vs Professor of IIll'llblC Pentameter at the Har vard grade school llfarlys Arneson lS a famous Powers model tl allty from the Board of Fducatlon at Elbow Lake Hlgh where she teaches Modern Hlstory Donn Olson lllsf nlade hls debut ln Carnegle Hall alone wlth the rest of the Janltors Whlle watchlng Haryey Orndorffs Hep cats along comes Marcello I-'aunce scrubwoman wlth her golden yolce screamlng Glt busy' Byron Hanson ls a stalld ln for actor Van Hefflln Rally Stlgen and Dlck Haskell are collaboratlne on a book Foreyer Dark Plnk a sequel to Foreyel' Amber Robert CBTYISUD establlshed the worlds typmg record of 1:10 words per mlnute Fyerette Norton runs the C'allu'l Poll for the Iwayy where Vally Larson wa yot-cl the one they would most llke to be stranded wltn on a desert lsland Ile MtCollar and Geneal Hysjullen are taklng turns as stand lns for swlmmlng star Esther Vtllllams Albvn Morrlll IS runnlng a Lollely Hearts Bureau and he and Harold Nlrschl are dltldlllg up the dates Niarlon Drager and Betty Lou Klelme-yer are ln Hollywood keep me up the tradltlon that so many actresses are redheads Floyd Helle and 'Vlelyln Reynolds are thelr agents Glen Ash ls a wlndow deslgner at Daytons because he wants to keep ln the pllblll' eye Our great casanoyas Budge Harry Vllmp Gulbranson 'Wo Hal yorson and Stan Haugarth Just took a trlp to Mars to sew f there were better looklng women there Arlene Iyerson lS an orator on womens rlghts speaklng at all the colleges and unlyersltle: Daye Elnsteln Larson flnally solyed the theory of perpetual motlon Earl Schultz lk a mtlslc CTltlC or the New York Sun whlle Nictor Johnson ls thelr most 8Ctlyi reporter Phyl Stlch Eyle Stroffregan and Romaine Berg dance wlth the Rtckettes at R3dlO Clty n New York Spencer Aamot and Johnny Anderson lnyented somethlng to make walklng easler Dlck Maloney lnyented a new can opener and has glyen lt as a speclal annlyersary gltt to Audrey Anderson who has used up flye already Claudlne Cullman Luella Norgren and Waldlne Anderson are now ln Holland deslgnlng arch supports for wooden shoes Beans Baglien found a wav to manufacture sllver dollars Gyyenellyn Hatllng IS a Metropolltan opera slnger starrlng ln the opera The DIVOTCH of Flgaro wrltten by Anna Mae Swenson and Ruth Wllklnson Bev Molar Menace Johnson wlth her left hand deputy Ferne Lundby started a blg Youth off tre Streets campalgn Richard Olson after belng ln the senlor class play declded hls future Iles ln the tuba lblg futurer Vivlan Smith and Annabelle Schmidt flunked out of Foxhome Tech because Fs Just dont rate Marian Johnson lS a well known authorlty on the derlvatlon of yerbs Gerry Schultz IS football coach at Notre Dame Ruth Lundeen 15 worlds woman champlon at push ups Fern Hanncman and Doris Muths are deyotlng all tha lr tlme to tue betterment of caged CHDHTIBS Emery Otness lnyented a new permanent klnk He trled lt out on Vlctor Hanson so now hls halr wont go Slfalght ln damp weather Jlm Bcrgerud and Willis Mavls are runnlng a sclentlflc farm Mane Schmidt Bev Schmidt and Lorna Schmidt are wrltlng the hlstorv ot thelr dlfflcult and unfamlllar last name Charles Stortroen and LaVerna Van Meter are wrltlng a book on tlle explanatlon of the alphabet Joyce Hagge wrltes an 3dYlC8 to the lovelorn column entltled Voice of Experlence Marleen Ecller and Bernlce Schoening have flnallv persuaded Donald Hanson to perform thelr marrlage ceremonles Paullne Duntan Esther Grabarkewltz and Bev Braaten were flred from the Barns-svllle Braln and Brayyn Works because the work reqourcd ty plng at the rate of 10 words per mmute Gordon Johnson and Shlrley Berg are employed as artlsts for Esqulre magazlne Mary NIPDEIS lnyented a new powder guaranteed to conceal blushes Edna Mae Yeuman and Arlene Pederson have started a new restaurant ln compctltlon wlth Skogs Marllyn Johnson lllct got arrested because a law was passvd against llaylng more tllall SIX boy frlend Genevlcye Shonblonl lllade a hobby of falntlng at operatlons and caught herself a handsome husband by falntlng H110 hls arms Dorothy Boen wrote a cook book entltled Dorotlly s Delightful DQIICIOUS Dlshes Delores Staff runs a bakery USIDQ the slogan bread IS the staff of llfe Paul Hallett lS playmg romantlc leads IH Broadway plays Marlyn Isaacson lS playlng thc role of Ma Perklns ln a real llfe drama Harold Dahlen IS professor of Norweglan at the Spanlsh settle mf-nt IH Dalton Jane Crays ls teachlng ChClJllSlI'X ln Germany whlle keeplng Don company One day we went to a clrcus owned by Gladys Beske and Helen Thurnau Clayton Musse' and Dlrk Stein were the top acrobats and Elalne Mastrlld was the featured clown At the Slde show Rosemary Rlan was selllng tlckets where we saw Sadie Christiansun belng cut lh half bv maglclan George Hol strom The freak show contalned a few fakes Dorls and Delorls Bloomqulst posed as Slamesc twlns whlle Vlola Knutson scared the lslds Wlth her snake Other feature attractlons were Patrlna Streeter the bearded lady Llla Thompson and Joyce Trosylk mldgets and Colleen Trosyig fat lady welghlng 510 pounds Paul Thede was the llon tamer and to be dlfferent he had the llon stlck hls head lh his ncnuth Carol Berg and Ordis Haugen were the trapeze artlsts Out on the mldway Elaine Hauge and Eldon Eckley ran a popcorn stand and Doris Formo and Dorothy Iljany sold cotton candy All ln all these alumnl of the class of 46 made a cllcus to equal Barllum and Ballevs but they stlll sald thelr regular eyery day IINES at Washlngton Hlgh were more of a cllcus than tllat could eyer be .. .. - - ' - .. ., - .- .- x ' , ' V , , l . ' A - , . . 1. .V . ' . . ' ' v . . . ' , ' , Y . ' . ' . Y lt - vv ' - , U , . , ' V . . . ' ' l ' . . ' . ' . . Q . . A 4. y. ' l ls - - ' n A A - ul Y fl- K ' , A - J - A It -Y ' ' sf ' ' - g ' v 1 ' s - ' ' u vu ' . ' ' s ' V . . . A - I ,.v , 1 v- . - ' ' , . , . 4. ' ' , A - , - - .l B 4.. A . -V ' M V - b Q Delores Frces received a medal for l00'J attendance and punc- . A ' ' ' ' , V . . . . . 1 . Q , v . , 'L 5 A v ' A - L - .H 4 ,. V' V n . . . - . i ' I F l F . V. . . , .. - - -y 4 , , , v- ' . .- . - . - . I , -S . . -l i ' , -. V - h. - g 5- 5 V . . Y 7 . . V , .5 , D May I take this opportunity to commend the students of the Fergus Falls High School, particularly the annual staff, for selecting such a timely theme for the "Otter Tales of 19-46." Sportsmanship is just another name for good manners and invariably gives the key to the kind of home and school situation in which the individual has been reared. The emo- tional stress and mass psychology evident at an athletic con- test may give a truer picture of a community and its individ- uals to the casual observer than any other series of events. Good sportsmanship reflects credit on the individual, the school, the home, the church, and the community. Surely in these days, "when the old order changeth" and a new world has come into being, the necessity for universal understanding and mutual respect has become of the greatest importance. Let us develop a philosophy of life wherein we expect the best from others, prepare to accept the worst life has to offer, but take what comes our way without becoming bitter or cynical in nature. Leo H. Dominick Superintendent of Schools Leona Mahler--Secretary to Principal I I I Frances Haller'-'Secre- tary to Superintndent Few lessons in school life are more valuable in meeting the problems in our complicated civilization than those learned by active participation in competitive sports and games. The complete absorption of attention, the integration of personality, the vigorous pursuit of compelling purposes, the development of enthusiasm and self-confidence, the opportunity for satisfying social relationships offer the essential elements in normal personality adjustment and produce moral qualities of honesty, courage, and fair play. World events prove the need for building strength, co- ordination and endurance. Our young people must prepare themselves to be members of the greatest team in the world-- the American Nation. We must be prepared as a nation and as individuals to exert a world-wide influence for strength and peace. and we dare not be hesitant to become militant and unwavering when liberty and humanity are threatened. Edward VV. Bechtel Principal 5 as gt 5. Hillman Engquist Dorothy Fobes Helen Frankoviz Elmer HKQVCFSOH Industrial Arts Biology English XI Vocatwnal Geometry Agriculture Qu, Doris Haugerud Mrs. Beatrice Hedlund Frank Hedlund Ethel Huseby Home Economics Bookkeeping Band Stenography IV and V Business Law Orchestra I Beatrice Irmen Dorothy Kjorlie Ardith Lee Mrs. Lucy Llee Girls' Physical Social Science Chorus English X Education an-i ri fv- .-.x Oletta Lunde Winifred Lutz Roy McLeod Harriet Minor School Nurse Home Economics Higher Mathematics Latin Physics . German Head Coach . Helen Steppe Russell Washburn Isaac Wilson English X and XII Coordinator Am9I'iC9.H HiSt0I'y Custodians Back row: Charles Burmeister, Alfred Svenneby Front row: Martin Saure, Anton Aas YOU MUST LEARN If You Don t Already X L KNOW V, That the XJ .3 Best Servant X lS all ELECTRIC D GD Reoov KuLowA'rT X Wwfwflfmm SERVANT Q Q W? rf T? TThR TAIL Z f POW ER Wg will 9 Congratulatlons Semors Congratulations' ST CLAIR 85 GUNDERSON By C th g h 3 d F F REES CLEANFRS Compllments and Best Wlshes O'MBAR MS DEPARTMENT STORE , T W! T Aff? ' .' 2 pf., Q XY' ' n ,, 6 N U ,y 7 ' . Q V' Q. N3 I T5 . Qi' I J Your Electric Servant Y 7 X V, "MW lf' ,,,, MH, .. WWM W ' w ' 1" W , M N 0 '1 W 47? ig if , W- . 7 Z 1' ' , W A K 5 ' I 0 o 1 n , l for N Men's and 0 s' lo in , S oes - T n urnishings Q T V of Y L I I c ooo LUCK SEINIORS 'VIADSEN S Reach to Wea1 Footvx eai Mllhneiy Fuis Beauty Shop Congratulations and Best SP NIURS Wishes for the Class of 1946 SPAR I AUNDRY 8 LLFANFRS E J WINDMILLLR Success and Best Wishes OYLOIL PHUI 0 STUDIO Congratulations' 1065 East Lincoln Avenue I-IAUBERG Fergus Falls Vhnnesota Congratulations and Best Wishes, Seniors NORBY'S DEPARTMENT STORE HFERGUS FALLS' FINEST" 1 Y I s 9 1 V- - 1 Y ' . ' n -,- 4 u -an I 106 W. Lincoln Avenue Fergus Falls, Minnesota H 1 J s o 0 . . L l ' . J 7 W w J J 1 10 I V1 O O I I . , A Congratulations Seniors CITY BAKERY and CAFE Congratulations, Seniors JOHN DIESETH COMPANY II1ghway and A11'pOl't, Contractors .Ih D'.'th-FRJh.' -BK5b,' COM PLIM EN TS OF ARIN ESON 8: LARSON GOOD CLOTHES CONGRATULATIONS IVES ICI' CREAM COMPANY M f t fDl LOG CABIN OIL COMPANY G'1s Lunches Tires CONGRATULATIONS RED RIN ER NIILLING LOMPANY WISHING SUL CESS to the GRADUATES FIRST NATIONAL BANK FERGUS FALLS MIINN C lp mtl n WITH FW ERY C OOD WISH to the GRADUATE Countryman Drug Co CONGRATULATIONS SEN IORS ROVANG S Jewelry and Muslc Fergus Falls Mlnnesota Congratulatlonsl VICTOR LUNDFEN Sz CO P1 1nte1 s and Stat1one1s School Supply Heaclqua1te1s Fergus Falls Mlnn DIAL 595 WITH OUR BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE Glll6Spl6 Shoe Company Across From Orpheum Theater COMPLIMFNTS FERGUS LUMBER AND FUEL Better Lumher Cleaner Fuel A WISH FOR THE GRADUATE GREFTIN GS Success in Life from Your Patronage Spells Our Success J, C, PENNEY CQ. We Aim to Please Dry Goods Clothing Shoes The Store for VVALGREEN AGENCY All the Family W T1 W , ' ' I Y I 4 1 '1 T 0 3 Q Member of Federal Deposit Insurance The Rexall Store ro' o 1 'o I Y ' ' ' 9 '1 1 ' A 9 -' A - ' f l , . . , ss ' J of 1 1 Y A BEST WISHES NNQQO Chevrolet u f 0 Bulck omg C Cadlllac J I Case Farm Machinery BRIMHALL BROTHERS BEST OF LUCK Fergus Falls National Bank Fergus Falls M nne ota Orga lzed 188 O V Habb lstad P sd t S Llland Chan an F C lw lmel Cash er COMPLIMEN TS Ebersvlller Implement Co Successors of the Pehcan Supply Co Home of John Deere T1 actor s and Fqmpment Maytag Washers and I1 oners DeLaval Cream Separators and Mllkers CONGRATULATIONS from Checker C lb Elllott Cafe Ell1ottTra'1sportat1on Co YOU HAVF OUR BEST WISH for I1 SUCCESSFUL FUTURE LAMPERT S Lumber and Fuel Yard CON f RATULATIONS SENIORS FAT MORE CAFF 115 E. Lincoln oUR COMPLIMENTSJ and BEST w1sHEs FERGUS CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS ELTON'S Hotel Cafe q W , ,:-:::::-. 'rf' ,fmf41:2Q5:5Zg:5g,: '4 Oldsmobile "' , and 1rust Company ' ' l - . . e' srss.,sosss1.Arrrrss re 'i en J , , ' ,,v,,,,,,,,,,v,,,,,v,l,,.wYrsrrs ' 'm' ,. . 'e' ' s,,so.,,,,,s,srsss....,,,,,,,,,,.. ' i of - ' , . , 2 V I ' V' . . l . 0 o J Y Y L I W J ' 4 A 9 COMPLIMENTS SKOGMO CAFE "Where It's a Treat to Eat" CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS A B KILDE CO an BEN KILDE MOTOR CO Fergus Falls, Minnesota COMPLIMENTS DR M R WRIGHT DDS T S PAULSON MD Fye Ear Nose Throat and Glasses Donavon Bulldmg Fergus Falls Minnesota COIN GRATU LATIOINS DR FEATHERSTONE DENTIST COVIPLIMFINTS DR TILLISCH Optometrlst Fergus Falls Mmnesota GEO C JACOBS PHYSICIAN and SUPGEON Benson Bulldlng Dia 8 4 CONGRATULATIONS DR V J EASTMAN DENTIS CONGRATUI AT1oNs M O BRANDON Attorney at Law Brandon Bulldmg Fergus Falls Mmn CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS A A VOLLBRECHT 106 N Court Street DR A L F WAYLANDER CHIROPRACTOR The Natural Way to Health Waylander Bulldlng Fergus Falls FERGUS FLORAL CO Flowers for All OCCZSIODS ESTREM CLINIC C O Istrem MD F A Helberg 'XID G J BIOUFILSOII MD C J Iund MD Dr Iobelt Estxem 106 So Union Avenue SE NIORS SINCERE GOOD WISHES TO EACH OF YOU Cltlzens Loan 81 Investment Company The Frlendly Loan Comp nx 110 South Mull Street PERGLS FALLS MINNESOTA 0 f O l O ' d . I 0 , O O of ll 9 1 v r ' C O I , O O O , . Y v v L Jw '46 of . I l , 9 1 I I of L 'I I I ' 'l 5 T 1 L , , O l 0 0 " . . Q , Q , . . l I I C ' L 3 .. , . . 1 , . . . ' ,1e.. . . , . . as - n 3, , L.. . . A , . . 1 . . . ' ' . . L L ' v 1 Y vv - ,. L COMPLIWIEWTS OF Fergus Plumblng 8z Heatlng Co 113 WashIngton Avenue East R L FLEMING LOMPLIMEINTS and BEST of LUCK COAST TO COAST STORE H A KAINTRUD Owner COMPLIMENTS BOPP HATCHERY Fergus Falls Mlnnesota AT YOUR SERVICE Wlth JUNIOR STYLES E 8: E SHOPPE The Yarn Craft Studlo all Glft Shop Lmcoln Avenue East WILLER 81 TEISBERG Pxescrlptlon Drugglsts 10: Lmcoln Ave East Fergus Falls Mxnnesota SWEET SHOPPE Ice Cream Sodas Sundaes Candles Lunches 110 IN Mlll St Fergus Falls Mmn CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS PARK REGION BAKERY We Ls the Best to Make the Best GREETINGS SENIORS WM GALENA 8L SON PlumbIng and Heatmg Contractors 114 Unlon Avenue South CONGRATULATIONS THE STYLE SHOP Where Style Predommates CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Consumer s Grocery and Meats IONGRATULATIONS SENIORS HINTGEN KARST Electrical Apphances WHEN IN NEED OF A HAIRL UT TRY Pete Barry s Barber Shop LEABO S SUPER VALUE Quallty Meats and GFOCQTIQS Meat Dnal 9141 Grocery Dual 4214 Fergus Falls Mmnesota CONGRATULATIONS' FOSMOE SHOE FIX COMI LIMENTS DIAMOND FURNITURE BEST WISHES W WOOLWORTH CO mc 1Oc and 1 mc Store Hlghest Quahty Used Cans JOE BURRIS MOTOR CO Fergus Falls Mmnesota Dlal ZIO4 Joseph Burns Mgr COMPLIMEINTS DO YoU NEED PRINTING' Ugeblad Publlshlng Co If So We Are at Your Seruce Fergus Falls Mlnnesota in I I I V , U o 0 , . . v v - Q - , . . I . of Q u , 4 o I- . . . , ., -I I 1 ,I , T -h. 1 - . 41 To 'Y . 1 , . ' u w 1 of n ' 44 7 N ' l v1 i I ll w 1 r v w 1 x 1 ' I 3 - . . I 1 l 1 - 1 w 9 - . - . - .4 . , . ! 1 v w - I of , .. . . of . - 7 ' .v ' . , I - , . . o n of , , . 0 . , . COM PLIMENTS of ARTHUR'S 8z GREEN'S I Foss-Welander, Jewelers Diamonds - Watches Repairing 114 East Lincoln Avenue Fergus Falls, Minn. CONGRATULATIONS sEN1oRs HORD'S Fergus Falls, Minnesota COMPLIMENTS of OLSON 8L GLENDE FUNERAL HOME Goon LUCK, sEN1oRs PETERSON MARKET "The Best in Meat" East Washington Avenue R C OMPLIMENTS of HOLTEN HARDWARE "For Service and Quality" LEIDALS, J EWELERS Gruen and Longines Watches 103 W. Lincoln Avenue WITH BEST WISHES West Ottertail Service Co. 224 West Lincoln Avenue Fergus Falls, Minnesota CONGRATULATIONS, sEN1oRs NELSON DRUG CO 904 W Lincoln Avenue Dial 2747 WITH BEST w1sHEs YOUR S 8L L STORE Everything to Wear JOHNSON FURNITURE CO Home Furnishers Funeral Directors F rgus Falls Minnesota BEST w1sHEs students FIRESTONE STORES Tires Home and Auto Supplies Congratulations and Best Wishes hood Things to Eat BOEN BROS GROCERIES M C KRONEMANN Insurance Agency ZOVVZ Lincoln Ave W Dial 733 COIN GRATU LATIOIN S SEINIORS MALSTROM SHOE REPAIRING BILL NELSON OIL CO TYDOL x EDOL 171 So Lnlon Avenue Dial 691 Con GRATULATIONS The Adelsman Company and Fergus Foundry Co Division COMPLIMEINTS GAMBLE S HIGHWAY GREEIN HOUSE FIOVHQIS for all Occaslons WE DELIVER Open Evenings and Sundays CONGRATUL ATIOIN S SENIORS' OLSON ALTO ELECTRIC CO 1Bok gComp L O . .. . . . . h y I . - - - D . ' - " y , O I xx 1 ' va f ' ' 0 I -1 n n rl 1 ' f v v 9 v 1 ' V -1 I X A I v 9 v of F of l I O V I I1 Y v 7 . . ' T Plastic Binding ' "vig 'N F12 L 'jpg' ,A w , iona o bindin any A- "-A VJ- ' H I--A' AMJHCT- tevens Point, Wisconsin P,--Avf.1. T .,. ,WMV-,. fyg NJ..c-.vu ,..,L..,v..A,,.g -J, . stent , , .1 . V USP 1970 285

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