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 - Class of 1945

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1945 volume:

QTTER TALES of 1945 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS Washington High School FERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA We wish to express our opprecioitioh to Mr. T. C. Wright whose exceiierit photogrophy hos mode this book possibie. .-.-.,. 'Ik ' fs. 1"-2 iw! Ns,-Nw 'Q' Q, A . 'v -M Z1 4? ,QT A,--u -ff Y . A f an .QQ-"Ei, N , L f.. fl:-555 Y" ef 1,6 ,K-yzA9..2f ' -in 3' '-f M,-, f 365, : R.- Q -V 4- . -QF:-, " wg" . 1 Q .fb 3 . -Q 515, . Mk rw ggi x 1 ,. pf' ' . . ifo 1.4 - . A1,'Msz'.a. -f' M y I' ef 9' Q n :Q y P , go 5,4 Q Q el.. . X f wtf sy., , f L at 1, , E -L 'a I 1 PQ 'hug 4' QQ' 'W 1' L t 8 DEDICATIQN To the youth of todoy who fight for the World of tomorrow with its prom- ise ot losting peoce. A CLASS of MARK FQSS President ALEX SAMPLE Vice-President :L ,rffffff A "J H Q N Q R STANLEY BRISTOL Secretary Bw-k Huw: Beity Lou Bri.: men, leon Frisch, P-it Mcrken, Nunyv Unzierwccu, Lean :rd iysver, 1945 Smniey Errrksgn, Mink Foss, Dorothy Suiiivuri, Wuivu Salisbury, Eiizexlzeth Hxhicfrs' id. PAULA IOHNSON First Raw: Fiuine Kvern, Alice Schrnidf, Alia Anderson, Geneva Berqiund, Maxine Iohnscn, T Paula Iohnscn, Phyllis Burke, Icyce Iohnson, Adu Le Mont, Kuihryn Hanson. regsurer K' HOWARD ALM He comes and goes where no one krows Band 43 44 45 Pep Band 43 Intramural 44 45 Preflight 44 ARLAND ANDERSON He never raised his voice ln wrath He never tore his hair Intramural 44 F F A JOYCE ANDERSON Joy IS a Joy to be with Chorus 43 Rothsay 43 HERBERT AUNE "Life's no longer if we hurry: The world's no better if we worry." Intramural '45' Basketball '433 Chorus '44 '453 Football 43, '44. FLORENCE BECK 'I would be true for there are those who love me." , .A. '43: Band '43, 44, ' Orchestra '44g Pep Band '45g S Queen's Attendant. HELEN BERG "If success doesn't mean hap- piness, I don't want it." Chorus '43g Journalism '43' Cheerleader '43, St. Paul '43. Page 6 ALTA ANDERSON She wears a smile that n cloud can overcast Chorus 43 44 Honor Roll RUDREY ANDERSON Shes as fond of dates as an Arab Chorus 43 44 PHYLLIS ANDERSON Anderson IS a common name But Phyllis is different Ju t the same PHYL IS BARKE There s an old saying about the best things coming in small packages-That's Flea!" Thespians '43, '44, '45' G.A.A. ','4 '4gBand'3. '4,'C Student Council '43, '45g Nation- al Honor Society '44. '453 Otter '43, '45g Annual '45g 'Ever Since Eve"' Pep Band '45' Journalism '44g International Relations '4 3 Freshman President' Jr. Presi- dent: Honor Rollg Orchestra 45. RICHARD BEIMER "When love and lessons clash Let lessons go to smash." Thespians '45g Intramural '43g Basketball '44, '453 Chorus '43. ' , '45g Football '43, '44, ' L National Honor Society '44, '451 Track '43, '44, '45g "Arsenic and Old Lace." JOHN BERG "Argues in favor of more fre- quent interrnissionsf' Intramural '43. '44, '45g Football '45: Preflight '44. GENEVA BERGLUND Stop look and stay awhile Thesplans 44 45 GAA 3 Orchestral Ensemble Drama 43 Speech 45 Natlonal Honor Society 44 45 Otter 45 Pep Band 45 Journalism 43 44 Malorette 44 45 Baton Twlrllng 43 Crchestra 44 45 Honor Roll ELAINE BOEHM Good looks come to many but beauty to only a few Radxo 45 Otter 45 Journalism Arsemc and Old Lace Thesplans 43 44 45 G A A ELAINE BRANDT Her Brandt of humor IS bright as her hanr A 43 Band 43 44 Drama 43 44 45 Pep Band 45 Journall m 44 HARVEY BRAUSE Id take the country any day Intramural 45 FFA 44 ARLENE BREDESON I havent tlme to worry LUCILLE BREDFSON A dlsposltlon as brlght as hcr blonde halr A 43 4 45 Band 44 454 Chorus 43 44 Drama 4 MERRITT BLOOMQUIST Life is yours make of ll what ou wlll Intramural 43 44 45 FFA Prefllght 44 Arsen c and Old Lace BETTY LOU BRAATEN If happlness IS vlrtue Shell never slnful be Radio 44 Chorus 43 44 Otter 44 Honor Roll OWEN BRANDT I lxve the llfe I love Intramural 43 44 45 Prefl ght MARCELLA BRAUSE Those who know her best praise her most Orchestra 45 Chorus 43 Annual 45 Journahsm 45 tlonal Honor Society 45 LORRAINE BREDESON The only way to haxe a friend IS to be one Chorus 43 44 45 DOLORES BREVIG Who knows the fun that lurks behmd that quxet mxen Page 7 QTAINLEY BRISTOY ntewdx strong and sturdx Basketball 45 44 45 Football 43 44 4 Natonal Athletlc Honor Society 44 45 Annual 45 Class Treasurer 44 Class Secretwrx 4 Nat onal Ho or boclctx 45 ll ALLACE BRDDVID uch to praise lttle forglxen Thespmns 44 45 Band 43 44 45 Orchestra 43 44 Basket ball 4'i 44 45 Student Coun c 44 Annual 45 Pep Band 4? 44 41 Representatlve Sen lor hat onal Honor coclety ANNE BUDKE One xx ho sevts happiness reaps happmess Chorus 4'5 Peltcan Raplds 43 ROBERT DIESETH He can argue a tomt Lmtl lt vtorn off B nd 4'5 44 45 Ctudent Man ager Basketball 45 Football 44 45 Ever Slnce Eve Pep Band 45 T 'ack 43 44 45 JAMES DREVKS There IS wlvtaws tomorrovt 1 :mural 43 44 5 MARY LOU DUHN Intelligent ambltlous and full of fun Marv makes frlends vslth everyone GAA 44 45 Band 44 45 Drama 44 45 Pep Band 4'i 45 Declam 43 Battle Lake 43 PFS no up-Q' 4 DORIS BROXK N Shes not so qulet lf Nou knovt her ALICE BUDACK Happx and gat the vtholc dax long A 4'3 EARL BUTCHER vnho laughs last hrst and alvlays Thesplans 43 44 45 Intra mural 43 44 Basketball 44 4 Football 45 International Pelatlons 41 FLORENCE DOHRER Once vue caught her studymg Just once Thesplans 44 45 Chorus 43 44 Drama 42 LUCILLE DUENOVl Studx IS a pastlme vthy mer doo LUCILLE DUNCAN All her clouds hate sllxet lm xngs GAA 44 45 JEANNE EARLE Youth comes but once 1 lifetime MARIBELL E' LIOTT Worry and I have never met Radio 45 G AA 44 Band 44 45 Drama 43 44 45 Journal lsm 44 45 RUSSELL EVJEN A llttle nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men Band 43 44 45 Intramural 43 Pep Band 44 45 Preflight LORNA FA IRBANKS A sweet attractlve klnd grace has she Band 43 44 45 Orchestra 43 45 Otter 45 Pep Band 43 44 45 Journalism 44 MARK FOSS His 3CtlVlt16S tell the story of his busy life Basketball 43 44 45 Football 43 44 45 Student Councl 43 44 National Honor Society 44 45 Ever Snce Eve Senior Class President Preflight 44 National Athletlc Honor Society 45 VFW award Arsenic and Old Lace Honor Roll JEAN F RISCH 'Her heart is always in her work.' Band 43. '44 '45g Drama '43. '44, '45' National Honor Society '45' Bausch-Lombg Declam '44: Honor Roll. fy? CLAYTON ELLIOTT Lets hope lifes not all work Intramural 43 44 45 Preflight STANLEY ERICKSON When Im President the farm ers Ill represent Intramural 44 Chorus 44 45 FFA 43 Honor Roll VIRGINIA FABIAN She enters into work and play m the same good natured Jolly way Thesplans 44 45 GAA 43 44 45 Drama 43 MaJorette 45 Baton Twlrling 44 Nation al Honor Society 45 JEANNETTE FORMO Kindness and sweetness everyone A 43 44 MAURICE FRIGAARD His eyelashes could sweep the cobwebs from any girl s heart A 44 ANNE FULLER "I like karats if they come in rings." Breckenridge, Minnesota '43, '44. Page 9 NEOMA GARBERG Begone dull care Thou and I shall never agree Orchestral Ensemble 43 44 45 Thesplans 44 45 GAA 3 Band 43 44 45 Drama Majorette 44 45 Baton Twlrl 1ng 43 Orchestra 43 44 45 RUTH HAARSTICK Wlth a smlle and a song Tr1pleTr1o 43 45 Trlple Quar tet 44 Thespxan 45 Chorus 43 44 45 Drama 43 44 Speech 45 Natlonal Honor Soclety 45 Otter 45 Journalism 44 Inter natlonal Relatlons 43 Declam 4 Arsenic and Old Lace National Honor Society 45 DONALD HAGGE That ha1.r' And glrls have get permanents Intramural 43 44 45 GORDON HALVORSON I am bound to succeed even tually Intramural 43 44 45 DORRAINE HANSON It s easier to laugh than to cry So I laugh LEROY HANSON Im small but so was Napo leon Intramural 43 44 45 FFA 43 44 Page 10 41 fr 4,1 fn CONSTANCE GLENDE A girl wlth a guy Radl0 44 45 Thesplans 44 45 G A 43 44 45 Band 44 45 Chorus 45 Otter Ever SIHCE Eve Journallsm ELIZABETH HABBERSTAD Her heart IS m the a1r Her song IS exerywhere Radlo 44 45 Triple Trxo 43 45 Trlple Quartet 44 The spans 43 44 45 GAA 44 45 Chorus 43 44 45 Na National Honor Soclety 44 45 Otter 45 Annual 45 Journal 1sm 44 Prefllght 44 Sopho more Treasurer Honor Roll RICHARD HAGGSTROM Men of few words are the best men A43 44 DONALD HANSON man of few words F A 43 4 KATHRYN HANSON Uprlght young woman with amb1t1on and hxgh ldeals Radlo 45 National Honor Socl ety 45 Annual 45 Journallsm 45 Salutatorlan Natlonal Hon or Soclety 45 PATRICIA HANSON QUIBI but friendly Radlo 45 Thesplans 45 Chorus 43 44 45 Drama 44 Otter EVELYN HARTMAN She has a glft of making friends LORRAINE HOVLAND A red head IS always ln style BETTY HULTMAN A happy frlend IS the pause that refreshes GAA 43 44 45 Chorus 43 ROBERT JANKE I slept and dreamed that llfe was beauty I woke and found that llfe IS duty Intramural 43 Basketball 44 45 Chorus 43 Football 44 45 Natlonal Honor Society 45 Ot te 44 45 Nat onal Athletic Honor Soclety 45 Annual 45 Arsenlc and Old Lace ELIAS JOHNSON Judge not hrs worth by IS slze MAXINE JOHNSON Ready to work and ready to play ready fo help wherever she may Orchestral Ensemble 43 '45 Strmg Quartet 44, The spans 43. 44, 45 GAA 43 44, Band 43 '44 Orchestra 43 44 45, Natxonal Honor Soclety 45, Annual 45. Honor Roll it -ri WWE 4 ll l BENNETT HOLMEN Hts a1'llStlC abxlxty w1ll always be wondered at Double Quartet 45 Dmner En semble 43 Thesplans 43 44 45 Orchestra 43 Chorus 44 45 Speech 45 Otter 44 45 Annual 43 44 45 Ever Smce Eve Eve of St Mark Inter national Relatlons 43 Arsenic and Old Lace Natlonal Honor cxety 45 MARIE HOLMQUIST HSDDIHESS IS where you find JOYCE HYSJULIEN Lnfe IS short so make lt snappy So am I but still I m happy G A A 45 DOROTHY JENSEN Her smlle IS as loud as another man s laugh Chorus 43 44 45 JOYCE JOHNSON All the world loves a good Ils tener Chorus 44 45 Honor Roll PAULA JOHNSON We often wonder Radlo 45 Trlple Trxo 45 The s ans 43 44 45 GAA 3 44 45 Chorus 43 45 Student Councxl 44 Natlonal Honor So cxety 44 45 Otter 45 Annual 45 Journalxsm 43 44 DAR Award Class President 3 Class Treasurer 45, Cheerleader '43u'44. '45, Preflight '44, Honor Ro Page ll 194,951 PAT KIMBALL She gets attentlon wlthout tn tentton Radxo 45 Thesplans 43 44 GAA 3 44 45 Otter 45 Annual 45 Ever Stnce Eve Joumallsm 44 National Honor Society 45 vi DONALD KRUGER God s glft to women Intramural 43 44 45 Football 'M-J' DAVID LAIRD Not lazy but I Just dont feel llke worktng VERNA LARSEN Q. She speaks thmks acts Just as she ought .ft "" ff' LAURA LONGFELD Llttle said ts soonest mended DENIS LUEBKE f Beware, I may do somethlng sensatxonal yet ' Page 12 OSX EN KOHLER I might enjoy school lf I dldnt haxe to studv Chorus 44 ELAINE KVERN Shes not so qutet when you know her Radlo 45 GAA 45 Speech 45 Honor Roll DUANE LARSON Our vlrtuoso of the flute Band 43 44 45 Orchestra En semble 43 44 45 Pep Band 43 44 45 Orchestra 43 44 ADA I E MONT She IS a gxrl who does her own thtnkmg and needs ltttle d VICE Chorus 43 44 45 Drama 44 45 Honor Roll DONALD LIEDL Htgh school days have their dellghts but they can t compare wtth h gh school mghts MAURICE LUND I have a purpose Im going to broadcast lt Band 43 44 45 Pep Band 45 MARGARET MAROTTECK "She hath heard the chimes at midnight." G.A.A. '43, '443 Journalism '43. PHYLLIS MOBRATEN "Trim, tidy, and a lovely dis- position." G.A.A. '43, '44, '451 Chorus '43, '44, '45. PATRICIA MORKEN "Always dependable, a l w a y s kind, Yet in her studies, never be- hind." Orchestral Ensemble '43 '44 '45' Ra io 45 Band 43 44 45 Student Council 45 National Honor Society 44 45 Otter 44 45 Annual 45 Pep Band 44 45 Junior Class Secretary Rep resentatlve Senlor Orchestra 43 44 45 Honor Roll CHAR' ES NELSON Id rather hug a basketball than any girl I know almost Basketball 43 44 45 Football 43 44 45 Student Council President 45 T H Johnson Award Sophomore Class Vice President Freshman Class Sec retary RUTH NELSON She said less and thought more GAA 43 44 45 Drama 43 LEROY NEWTON God giveth speech to all but musxc to few Intramural 43 Chorus 43 44 i. la ll iz 55 .,,.. ,SQ f 170 FRANKLIN MICHAELSON "Men were never measured by inches." Intramural '43g Preflight '44. KATHLEEN MOEN "Never trouble trouble 'til trou- ble troubles you." Thespians '45g G.A.A. '433 Or- chestra '43, '44, '451 Drama Club '43, '44. LEONA MOORE "She came a stranger, and be- came our queen." GAA 45 Speech 44 Annual Homecoming Queen Pell can Rapids 44 MERWYN NELSON You re only young once Thesplans 44 45 Intramural 43 44 45 Student Manager of Basketball 43 Football 43 Track 43 Ever Smce Eve Arsenic and Old Lace JEAN NEUMAN s nice to be natural When you are so naturally nice Double Quartet 45 GAA 44 45 Chorus 43 44 45 PAUL NYCKLEMOE Hes a little fellow but hes there with the goods Orchestral Ensemble 43 44 45 Intramural 43 44 45 Orches t 43 44 5 Pcwc 13 ROBERT NYMAN Why take life seriously we never get out of ll alive Intramural 45 Basketball 43 44 Chorus 44 45 Football 45 Arsenic and Old Lace MARIE OLSON Quietness makes her distinctixe rather than unnoticed Chorus 43 44 45 Mixed Oc tette 43 Girls Octette 44 Triple Trio 45 LEONA OPATZ Im the other one DONALD ORPEN If I cant sleep at the express company Ill sleep in school RONALD PAINTNER "Millions for defense. but not 1 cent for women." Orchestra '43, EVELYN PEDERSON "Good sense and good nature make an ideal combination." Chorus '43. 44, '45. Page 14 EVELYN OLSON Once known she is a true friend IAINET OPATZ Ini Janet BEVERLY OPSAL A dark eyed brunette with personality to lend Band 43 44 GRACE OTNES A good natured girl and earn est in all her efforts Radio 45 Thespians 44 GAA 44 45 Chorus 43 44 45 Drama Club 43 Speech 45 Otter 45 Annual 45 Journal ism 44 National Honor Society ROSALYN PALMQUIST "Smiles and Rosalyn are syno- np mousf' ORLYN PEDERSON "He doesn't say much, bu t everything he says is worth say- ing." Intramural '43, '44, '45. GORDON PETERSON "The t e a c h e r s discover my faults. They n e v e r appreciate my charms." Intramural '43, '44, '45: Football '44, '45: Otter '43, LOIS ANN RASMUSSON Quiet unrufiled always he same BETTY RIAN Whats the use of worrying when the world is full of fun Chorus 44 MARILYN ROBERTSON There is llttle melancholy in her GAA 44 Chorus 43 44 45 Annual 45 IRENE RUSTAND She has vim and pep enough for three In every sport she s sure to be GAA 44 45 Drama 44 EUNICE SALNESS A friend she is both good and true GAA 43 44 Chorus 43 44 45 DONALD PERKINS "One of the fittest in the F306 of survival." Basketball '43, '44. '453 Football '43, '44, '45g National Athletic Honor Society '44, '45g "Ever Since Eve"g Preflight '44Z Rep- resentative Seniorp "Arsenic and Old Lace"g National Honor So- ciety '45. VINCENT REARDON Too bad we didnt know him sooner Band 43 Basketball 44 Chorus 44 Class Play 44 Class Officer 43 44 Medina North Dakota 4 4 DONNA RIEDEL Shes made a good impress on though shes been here only a year GAA 43 Chorus 44 There Goes The Bride 44 Parkers Pralre 43 44 RALPH ROSENBERG Women? I never heard of them WAIVA SALISBURY Beneath her quietness lies true sincerity Ra io 44 45 Drama Speech 43 45 National Honor Society 44 45 Otter 45 A nual 45 Journalism 43 44 International Relations 43 Pre flight 44 Watertown S D 43 Honor Roll ALEX SAMPLE He lead the Otter through thick and thin Radio 45 Thespians 43 44 45 Intramural 43 44 45 Otter 45 Ever Since Eve Journal ism 44 Senior Vice President Arsenic and Old Lace Page 15 TOM SAMPLE Every man IS great Just because he IS a man Intramural 43 44 45 Preflight EVELYN SCHIERMANN Dark Eyes ALICE SCHMIDT Patxence and gentleness power Honor Roll MARIAN SCHREIBER She IS one of those people who keeps the world from gettmg monotonous Thesplans 43 44 45 Chorus 44 BETTE SHOL Her world ts ever Joyful FORREST SNEVA Variety IS the splce of llfe and I llke plenty of seasoning Intramural 43 44 45 Basket ball 43 Football 43 44 Puqe 16 3 LUCI' LE SANDER Her smlle IS an mdex to her ersonallty Drama 45 LORRAINE SCHIERMANN She lb always the same good frnend to all she knows Chorus 4? 44 45 WAYNE SCHMIDT Hes a hard worker A 4.5 ANNA MAE SEEBA Optxmlsm lxfts heavy loads G A A 45 LOU JEAN SIEMS A merry heart wlth a Joyful countenance A43 I-'AE SPAULDING Qunet and shy but shell get Chorus 4.3 Barrett Mmnesota 4 4 MARGARET STAFF A laugh is worth a thousand groans in any market JOYCE STOCK A sure cure for the blues Thesplans 43 44 45 GAA 43 44 45 Chorus 43 44 45 Journalism 44 45 DOROTHY SULLIVAN A worthy girl a scholar she has been Pleasant without and mtellec tual within Radio 44 45 Girls Octette 43 Triple Trio 44 45 Chorus 43 44 45 Speech 45 National Honor Society 44 45 Annual 45 International Relations 43 Class Vice President 44 Vale dtctorian LA VON SUNDRE 'A bit of California sunshine." Radio '45' Chorus '44g Journal- ism 43, '45g Pasadena J. C. '44. GWENNETH THEDE G for gay. good, gracious goony Gwennle' T for true-blue, talented, trouble- chaser team-worker 'I'hede." String Quartet 44: Triple Trio '45' Orchestral Ensemble '43 44. '45' Thespians '43 44, '45' G. A. A. '44, 45' Orchestra 43, 44 '45g Chorus '45g Drama Club '43g National Honor Society '45g An- nual '45g "Ever Since Eve"g V. F. W. Award: National Honor Society '45g Speech '45. FLORENCE THOMPSON "She's pretty to walk with, wit- ty to talk with, and pleasant to think about, too." G.A.A. '43. '44, '45: Speech '43, Journalism '44, '45g Student Council '43: Declam '43g Pelican Rapids '43. -1. H u Q 4 ANNE STOCK A friend worth having a friend worth knowing and a friend worth keeping GAA 44 Chorus 43 44 Jour nalism 44 45 ARTHUR STORTROEN Whats the use of worrying it never was worthwhile Chorus 43 44 45 Double Quartet 45 LORRAINE SUNDBERG It s best to be happy ALLEN SVAI-IE Our Casanova from Grenora," Quartet 43, '441 Band '43, '44, '45' Intramural '453 Basketball '44' Chorus '43, '44g Football '44g Class Play '44' Pep Band '44, Class President '43, '44: Pre- flight '44: Grenora North Dak- ot '43 44. ELAINE THOMPSON "A genial friendliness is in her manner." Chorus 44 '45. ELAINE TJADEN "True to her work, her work, and her friends." Triple Quartet '44p Mixed Oc- tette '45g Chorus '43, '44, '45. Poqe 17 DOYLE TOMHAVE 'I Z "That man has good metal in him Intramural 45 Chorus 44 45 A 43 EVELYN TOS0 Blondes always haxe a sunny dlsposltxon LEONARD TYSVER MUSIC hath charms but so haxe IIIUSICIHHS Chamber Groups 43 Intramural 43 44 45 Basket ball 43 44 Chorus 43 44 5 Football 43 44 Drama 44 Stu dent Council 43 Class Play 44 Class Officer 44 Honor Roll Natlonal Honor Society 45 Slsseton South Dakota 43 44 DOROTHY VIKESLAND Qulet and senslble at least school DONNA VSAYLANDER As lovely to know as to look Radl0 43 45 Thesplans 43 45 B nd 43 44 45 G A 43 Pep Band 45 Journal lhlll Arsenic and Old Lace W v rls v DONALD VN HITLOCK Oh this learning' Vt hat a trlal 1 s Intramural 43 44 Puoe 18 ARVID TORGERSON "Here's one 'skinnv rascal' who will go far Thesplans 44 4 Exer Slnce xe F A 43 44 AFSEHIC and Old Lace JOYCE TWEDT Generally speakmg she s gen erally speaklng G A A 43 Chorus 43 44 45 Drama 43 MaJorette 45 Baton Tw lrlxng 44 NANCY UNDERWOOD She smlled on many a person just for fun but w know there s only one R'ldlO 45 Triple Trlo 43 44 45 Thesplans 43 44 45 G A 43 44 45 Chorus 43 45 Student Councll 43 Natlon al Honor Soclety 44 45 Otter 45 Annual 45 Ever Slnce Eve Representatlve Senxor Journallsm 44 Honor Roll HENRY WADSWORTH Hes an outdoor man espe cially on skates Intramural 43 44 45 Football 45 Prefllght 44 DUANE WETHINC.. ls lt spicy wut" Yes and dovvnrlght good humor Radio 43 44 45 Thesplans 44 and 43 Ever Since Eve Pep Band Arsenic and Old Lace tlonal Honor Society 45 DELORES Vt ITT Marriage IS a great mstntuuon JAMES BAILEY I u5ed to be 1 woman hater but the Blble vlvs Love thlne enemles, Band 43 44 4 Intramural 43 44 45 Chorus 44 Football 45 Ever Smce Exe Pep Band 4 BYRON JOHNSON Our avxator Ra I0 43 Intrrlmural -H 45 Chorus 4'l 44 45 STEVE HALVORSON All great men are dead 'md ,, Im not feeltng well Thespnans 44 4 Intramural 44 45 Drama Club -13 Ever Slnce Exe ---! Q we X I I A 'giggle RUSSELL You dont have to tower to the sky to be great Intramural QUERNEMOEN 44 45 FFA 44 ' 5 0, Ah f fx MORRIS FIRKINS A bug guy wnth W heart to match Band 43 44 45 Pep B'md 43 4 5 PAULINE MADSEN She always serves you wnth smile Chorus 43 MILDRED TYSVER Somethmg new his been 'ldd Page lil :4'1::n4 '45A .wif ' .1....ff' -fm' 't I , -- I - .i3,2,Uf 'f .,3,':Alg' KV ,2M1? i 'Auf I if 23,31 IX. L nf. 1 L 3 . .. . -d' -':.'44, I "g '45. 1 ' , .- L' ' . 1 2' i V 1 ff" f V . T' f' 'I ' 4. '4 . ' ' ' I ' " Q J " ll ed." In I - Whenever theres w rk to be done thats where you ll tmd Nancy one of would the chorus do wrth Besrdes smama rn the ch trros smooth harmony Nancy was also actrxe NANCY UNDEHVN OOD ur yearbook edrtors What ut her c ear soprano vorcel rus h IS part ol the trrple m G A A and lhesprans She showed her dramatrc abrlrty wrth a fme perform ance rn Ever Smc E N e ve ancy played a part rn helpma democracy to ilourrsh rn F F H on the Student Councrl S by servrna As copy edltor on th Otter she spent many busy hours after school preparmg the school paper to meet the deadlme Because of her tlreless efforts and zty Nancy w1ll succeed 1n everythmq she does her qreat abll Representallve I WALLY BRUDVIG To fmd Wally Just look around for a cornet and very lrkely he ll be blowmq 11' The cornet secuon of our band always seemed to be rather weak wrth out hrm Hrs many hours of hard practrce have no doubt been very profrtable Wally was on the Student Councll and proved to be a necessary part of lt He was also actrve IU Thesprans and Intramural, th1s year he came out for basketball He was a vrtal part of a very elfrcrent bus1ness staff for the yearbook Wlth hlS hrqh ldeals and that rare smrle Wally can be sure of makxna hrs mark rn the world Paae 20 1 , A 1 . V f , O . . A X . v A . C ,S 9 . f . . V . , - . If . H . , ff lf 2 , , . I . I . . . . .. . 1 , . DONALD PERKINS Perks the kind ot a fellow that rates tops with everyone in Fergus High. He battered the opposi- tion's line from his position as tackle on the foot- ball team, and drew plenty ot cheers from the side- lines. Besides being an outstanding athlete, he shows perseverence in his class workg and was one ot the tew who stuck it out with the pretlight course until the end. Don, who also plays basketball, was a charter member of the National Athletic Honor Society. He also appeared in the junior and senior class plays Just to prove that he s not all muscle We wish Don all the luck in the world' Senio rs Pat s warm radiant smile and constant friendliness endear her to everyone Her interest in music has made her trombone a vital part of both the concert and pep bands as well as the orchestral ensemble Pat made the National Honor Society in her iunior year and manages to keep a high standard of schol arship in spite of her many activities She is co editor of our yearbook and spent long hours working to make this the best Annual ever She also works for th Ctter as business man ager and serves as a member of he Student Council Pat is bound to succeed having hitched her wagon to that proverbial star' Page 2l AWARDS D.A.R.-PAULA IOHNSON Because of her dependability, serv- ice, leadership, and patriotism, Paula is the wearer ot the D.A.R. citizenship pin. She also was awarded a trip and a S100 war bond when the gov- ernor drew her name. BAUSCH G LOMB-IEAN FRISCH .K . lean's excellent work in her sci- ' V ence classes during her high school days has made her the recipient of the Bausch ci Lomb award. She has found science to be the most interests ing subject and has maintained a high average. V.P.W.e GWENNETH THEDE AND MARK FOSS Gwenneth Thede and Mark Foss, Washington Highs best citizens, were awarded the V.F.W. because ot their scholarship, leadership, courage, loyalty, temperance, and cooperation. We're sure they find no hardship in being good Americans, too. CLASS HISTORY Way back when oh yes 1942 Those carefree days when men were boys and g1rls were well glrls w1ll be glrls Remember when at the Freshman party Chuck Nelson ma nlpulated those three cornered affa1rs on a doll He even cuddled the thmg and fed Jt Good experrence eh what Charl1e'P Some of the luckler Freshmen got to tnvade the sen1or slde by trudglng each day to MISS MIHOI s Latm clas es Of course on the way they got pushed around by those brg bad sophomores And as another year passed by we became those brg bad sophomores That fatal year brought the downfall of all organtzed reslstance to the wearrng of slacks Oh unhappy dayll Remember those lovely pleasant hours we sp nt under the ever watchful eyes of Mrss Nlcholls Elmer C Herrmann added h1s two blts to the events of the day Hrs qurps always helped keep us on the alert All those erasers he threw to keep our attenttonll The Englrsh department saw a few changes three to b exact MISS Phrlstrom Mrs Nagel and Mtss Relnertsen And oh yes how could we forget Arvrd Torgerson who entered our group and created qurte an uproar wtth h1s lrlsh brogue Remember when those fluffy wh1te sw1rl1ng snowflakes came down and snowed us Jn at Breck Gordy Peterson bought a toothbrush and shared 1t Wllh about f1Ve or srx others A couple of the boys got out at Slug s Place Jn Fox home good chrcken d1nners you know ln our Jun1or year Doc Parntners pool hall bustness flourrshed And even then such sharks as Oscar Brandt Owen Brandt and Oscar P Brandt were Just young hopefuls The more dar1ng boys Jn class l1ke Tarz Berg Herb Aune and Booger Kruger had reserved seats Jn the offlce because of 1nab1l1ty to control therr mrschrevous tendencres lt was then that beaut1ful hunk o man Irv Chrlstenson honored the hallowed walls of ye olde gym Those reet bow tres really swept the class There were a few Varratrons even the grrls wore them Those two promoters Nellte Nelson and Don Ohe started to put on dances some tlmes referred to as shln drgs after the games But most of the fellows sh1ns had already been dug And then there was the banquet What wrth the boys hauhng small trees and robb1ng people of thetr lllacs we flnally got th Frrst Engl1sh Lutheran church decorated Bu the grrls were pretty and the boys handsome so 1t proved to be one of the most successful banquets ever held lohn Berg ralsed a moustache and had the whole town th1nk1ng he was 25 37 or Just plarn nuts The Jun1or class presented the play Ever SIHCG Eve Connle Glende was the ever popular Southern belle and Alex Sample was the poor harassed edltor of the school paper and also the hero And now for the year we ve walted for It seems that 1t Jsnt what 1t s cracked up to be We became the almlghty the all powerful th envred and attltudes as well as marks changed The Rarlroad Express Company was Jnvaded by Nelson Nyman and Orpen Chuck takes the day shrft Bob the mght h1ft and Don well he Just shlfts The Fergus Falls dellnquency problem was solved by the Teen Canteen Hunzre Foss hovered over the coke machme llke a mother h n wh1le anyone and everyone searched beh1nd radrators and 1n cloakrooms for prng pong balls The fourth hour soclal class rndulged rn some heated arguments the most heat commg from the Democratrc Corner consrstrng of Ianke Perkms and Foss Several of the brunettes heard that gentlemen preferred blonds and endeavored to be put on the preferred lrst v1a the peroxlde bottle Engagement rxngs came rnto promr nence especrally around Chrlstmas Among the favored were Betty Shol Delorrs Wrtt and Anne Fuller As for classroom dtversron Don Kruger and Bob Nyman had to be sent out of the1r respectrve Englr h classes to cool therr you know whats Jn the study hall And then we completed our htstory rn the sprlng of the year wlth the banquet and gradua t1on Page 23 . , . , , . . . . , . , , ' 1 1 1 . . . 1 . C .- L. . , , . 1 1 - . , .. Q , ,., Q m . . . , V , . , - 1 1 1 - 1 1 . . . . 1 . . . . I . . . 11 11 . 1 . . , , . . . . . . 11 11 1 1 . 1 . 11 11 1 1 - - 1 11 . 11 - 1 1 1 ' . 11 . . 11 1 . , . Q t , ., . C- , . . . . 11 . 11 . 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 U . 1 , . . 1 1 1 Q 1 1 V 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 . . . L . 1 . Q . - 1 1 - 1 1 1 - . 11 11 . Q V , 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 - 1 S - . PROPHECY On rnto the years great changes have come over the 1945 class Bob Ianke has been sent to the hospital wrth thrrd degree burns suffered from carrying that huge torch for Ella Barnes Louie Parntner has reached the height of hrs ambrtron by being elected president of the Lrly White League He attributes hrs victory to hrs campaign motto Boozers ARE Losers Oscar Brandt 1 prosperrng as manager of the Brandt Trans portatron Company only termrnals are at Foxhome Elrzabeth and a mrle thrs srde of Breck Paula lohnson rs second vice president of the North American Creamery and thanks for the fast delivery servrce go to Cwordy Peterson truck driver deluxe Maurice Lund rs broadcasting from NBC s Piadro City rn New York He has also set up a monument on Radio Hill where he got hrs start Pat Kimball has been employed at the Fergus Falls Natronal Bank Reason obvious The firm of Arneson and Larson rs now known as Arneson Larson and Sample Arvrd Torgerson rs professor of Scandinavian dialect at Yale Duane has gone rnto politics wrth the slogan Win wrth Wethrng People guess that all hrs rdeas are formed in the brarn of Iohnny the oh so wise dummy of the Radio convoca tron Dems Luebke has forsaken the Bed Owl and rs now manager of the Natronal Tea Don dents for he rs a strckler for punctualrty and attendance Geneva Berglund has marrred a rich plantatron owner and gone to South America Irm Barley nas drummed up a lrttle busrness wrth the Navy band and Duane Larson rs solo flutrst wrth the Philadelphia Philharmonic Florence Dohrer and Betty Bran have astounded the world by not speaking David Laird has gone professional as a member of the Green Bay Packers Bennett Hol men photographs Powers models instead of scenery Hrs scenery pictures ended when he caught hrs frrst glance of Esquire Alice Budacks gum frnally caught up wrth her she s stuck on rt Mary Duhn has caught the sprrrt of Hollywood She s now a brunette Art Stor troen and Steve Halvorsen are touring the country wrth therr own brand of humor It has gone over big due to the large femrnrne audrence The elaborate plans for the new and modern Fergus Falls Hrgh School have been drawn up by the Foss architects They are believed to be the most perfect plans ever made for a hrgh school with the auditorium seatrng 5 OOO lean Frisch rs chref chemrst rn a laboratory rn the East Her most recent rnventron rs invisible parnt which would have come rn handy several years before for MerrrttBloomqu1sts quick snoozes rn English class Florence Beck rs now rn Hawarr teachrng the natrves the real art of the Hula Yes thrs class of 1945 can well take rts place among the world s great well anyway rn the world Page 24 Orpen has been elected Superintendent of Schools, but has created ill feeling with the stu- M VV '4 nw I 3--:3,,,,.W , A 'I 17'TT'T'L"'-. gg V 'aa M . , 3 , E X 1 m V 3 gf ': ax K ,M . 1 X 5 ,A if PS Editors Each year the Annual is published to aive everyone a sunirnary in pictures and stories of the events of the year. Under the supervision of their advisors, Miss Helen Steppe, Mr. M. O. Zenner, and Miss Helen Frankoviz, the staffs work is organized. Pat Morken and Nancy Underwood head the staff this year. The class editors, who rnust collect data for each of the Senf iors, are Gwenneth Thede, Phyllis Barke, and Elizabeth Habberstad. The features, which include informal snapshots, are pref pared by Waiva Salisbury, Dorothy Sul- livan, and Grace Otnes. Pictures and scores for football, basketball, and GAA. are in charge of Stan Bristol and Paula lohnson. Arts Manaqer is Bennett l-lolrnan, The financial end of the Annual is handled by the business staff W Pat Kimball, Wally Brudvia, Maxine lohnson, and Bob lanke. Typists for this year's Annual were Mare cella Brause, Kathryn Hanson, and Mar- ilyn Robertson. ANNUAL STAFF 'IV' ' "r i rr-:rw MASS Ifiblill Sirfpg Advisor Sports, Features, and Class Editors 0 5 Business Staff Typists and Arts Manager 1 , A 5 4 W My ea. 3- ,WY W 1 up V , , ., if V 'Wy Q '5 .4 'P Y '51 Q Z 5 J, 1 -'W ,Zi 9 3 , H AW 1 4 if 1 , v Y A ' f V ,f f Z , an ww in "':F"'- ,M ,M M 'mf' 'fb' pw-M-y lf' A " 9 W 7,4 ,, , ,,,, , X 0 A A-J Q A ffpmfyb W' vb MQ " ,.'Z'5-E'-s f 'ff ff' v Q 4 , :, 5. 'Y' ,Q Li 25 I '4 M L3 2 3 , . Az, vi V' 4 ,, avi: gf .,,' V, J -,v 9 f 5,3 Editors "When's the Otter coming out?" "Oh, not for a week." "Well, l guess we'll have to wait." This year, because ot the war, the Otter could only come out once a month. Even this handicap can't stop the enthusiasm ot the students for the paper. OTTER STAFF Managing Editor ........... Alex Sample News Editors ............. Ruth Haarstick Elizabeth Habberstad Feature Editors ............ Paula lohnson Connie Glende Sports Editor .... ........... B ob Ianke Copy Editors .......... Nancy Underwood Gen Berglund Pat Kimball Staff Artist ..,............ Bennett Holmen Business Manager ........... Pat Morken Advertising Managers--Waiva Salisbury Phyllis Barke Circulation G Excl'1ange--Lorna Fairbanks Grace Otnes Typists ,,,,.,,,,,........ Betty Iorgenson Pat Hanson Betty Lou Braaten Beporters---Membe-rs of Iournalism Club Typists Assistant Editors I ournalism Club THE CUTTER qw 11 ?-w Standing: loseph Elliott, Patricia Morken, Gordon Rasmussen, Gordon McLeod. Seated: Kitty Svenneby, Phyllis Barke, Charles Nelson, Violet McCollar, Wesley Harry. STUDENT CCUNCIL The student governing body of the school is represented by the Student Council. The Council undertook rnany projects all of which came ott with great success. The biggest accomplishment was keeping the service flag up to date. To do this the Council made a survey of all of the graduates ot the past twenty-tive years. The Council is composed of three members ot each of the senior high classes. These members are elected by the students. OFFICERS Violet McCollar, loe Elliott Charles Nelson, Pat Morken f f 1 'QQ' 'J . , ,wr Lanai 4 ff ,w1?ffi2Qg2 fn if ii fwfxw H A - , 4'f'1m2z,7g5 'icfljzvw if . ' H I an 'f' . Q , A Q f L '21 .F H I, A' f " ff W? , ... . rv vw C . X J 1 , . J it , xv 1, M4 .Lil ,L W0 AMA ,,,. 4 ' 1 Y 1 as 3 N 4 f f' fn? L' 0 M I I I? fm Y A 'M' 7:59 5 :J ., 5' 5 ,- . f-If 3 m f W M Q' pf gx 4? , 3 4 AV,.A , 5,3 if Q M , 'ai , ' Q ,W , W SK Y fuwfif' nf-ffffg.:+-? if f up ,am j f, E I xg. MRS. LUCY LEE Advisor THESPIANS Our Thespians troupe 443 goes by the Iona and complicated name oi the National Thespian Honorary Dramatic Society. Their motto is "Act well your part: there ali the honor ties," and all Thespians stick to this motto. Their initiation ceremony is the hiahliqhi oi every new members year and is long remembered ior its solemn beauty. This year the Thespians' biaqest project was Dickens' "The Christmas Carol." Every Thespian used all his talent to make it the best production oi the year and succeeded in every way. DCN'T TAKE MY PENNY Iunior Class Play Sally ........... .... D elores Erees Greg ....H...,,...,..,. Alton Bcrqlien Norman Porter ............ Paul Tl'1Gd9 Gram ,.,,,,,,,A,., Delores Bloomquigt Penny ............... Beverly lohnson Monsieur Henri l,,,,, James Rosenberg Caleb Pringle ,........ Gordon lohnson Claire ,,,-,,,,,,,,A, Marlyri Isaacson lVlCH'l4 Pringle .....,....... DOHT1 OlSOr1 Elsie ...-....-., ,,,,. B etty lorgenggn Mavis Pringle ,...-. ---Elaine Mastrud Lucille .,,.-, ,,,,,, I eon Breridgl Lydia Pringle ..... I-aVerna Van Meter Red ,...,.,-,, ,-,- A rthur Fqbiqm loanna ........,..... Violet McCollar Harrison Day--- ----- Spencer Acrmot Kerry ------- ------ I ohn Anderson The plot centers around cute, movie-mad Penny who is preparing herself to play the star role in the movie version of a popular novel. Greg and Kerry pose as the great author, Mr. Day, and the brunette model and completely tool the girls. Gram gives Mother a piece of her mind tor running about giv- ing lectures on child rearing when she should he looking after her own family. Complications are numerous, but in the end Penny and loanna have changed their minds again and paired oft for the tennis tournament with Greg and Kerry. This play has everything-youth, charm, and funny incidents. Production Staff: Assistant Student Coach, Ruth l-unde-en: Stage Man- agers, Earl Schultz and Frances Morlceng Property Chairman, lane Crays. a ARSENIC AND OLD LACE Senior Class Play Abby Brewster ......... Ruth Haarstick Bev. Harper ,..... ..... A lex Sample Teddy Brewster ........ Richard Beimer Officer Brophy ........ Orlyn Pederson Officer Klein .............. Don Perkins Martha Brewster .... Donna Waylander Elaine Harper ........... Elaine Boehm Mortimer Brewster .......... Bob Ianke Mr. Gibbs ................ Earl Butcher Ionathon Brewster .......... Mark Foss Dr. Einstein ........... Duane Wethinq Officer O'Hara ........ Arvid Torqerson Lieutenant Rooney ..... Merwyn Nelson Mr. Witherspoon .... Merritt Bloornquist This is the story of the charminq and innocent ladies, Abby and her sister, Martha, who populate their cellar with the remains of socially and religiously "acceptable" roorners. lt tells of the antics of their nephew, Teddy, who thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt: and the amazing activities of their dear brother, Mor- tirner, who is in love with the beautiful Elaine Harper. Another nephew, lonathon, who has murderous inclinations, invades the quiet household with his friend, Dr. Einstein. After many mishaps, arrangements are made for Teddy to ao to a sanitariurn, and at the last minute his rnaiden aunts ao with him. lonathon is taken by the police, leaving Mortimer to marry Elaine. Production Staff: Prompter, Gwenneth Thedep Assistant Student Coach, Waiva Salisbury, Properties, Dorothy Sullivan, Paul Nycklemoeg Advertisina, Elizabeth Habberstad, Paula Johnson. 3 . P' RADIO CLUB Action Shot Mr. Arthur Corrison Technicians Action Shot 1 4 f 23325 2 Q 2- n l Q Q ii 5 I fs! 5" SPEECH CLUB 1 L X1 f 'ff I 1 Q' 1 , Y 7 ' . , K, , f I 1 5, 5. ff Q f -H A f W , ,V fl A at .L , UQ . ' -' f 'iz ' W " ff fy A J., I Q 6 " A 1 , an af 4 Q' 2 ,G gy I V 9 M" .W 't ,A " " Y' f 8 4' 5 ' ' A g 'P 4 fra I H? ,i I . f 'I 1 y 5' Yzfff 9: u . 0 4' , 2 V V' 8 . , ff di? A W :af L4 'Va A M., mmf C , 'Q 4 K W 1. my 4 1' .L V W, . E V , 'Y + 4 ? , M V gg' ZF, , 5 i A 4 an . 1, 4 I I, , a'5fi1,w4gg -W 1 5-. 35' M ,M ,.. rg., , , ' If if W' 'kv Mg 11 viii, ,4 ,I K . M' FA J. A , 41 K, am aw 5 5' 'V ORCHESTRA Playing for class plays, concerts, and commencement kept the Orchestra actively engaged this year. The Orchestra accompanied the Chorus in several selections for the Christmas and Easter concerts. Under the directions of Mr. Hedlund, this group has proved to be pleasant and appealing to the ear ot the listener. VIOLIN M E M B E R S Esther Grabarkewitz Earl Schultz Paul Nycklemoe Irene Rund Sylvia Grotte Geraldine Hasselblad Elaine Way Ruth Morken Mildred Straus Phyllis Kvern Elaine La Valley Ardith Kilde Beverly Schernpp Eugene Wething Leroy Albjerg La Verne Schmidt VIOLA Gwenneth Thede Kathleen Moen Frances Morken May Eastman CELLO Maxine lohnson Neorna Garberg Mary L. Ouernemoen BASS Alice Garberq FLUTE Duane Larson Betty Wright OBOE Ruth Lundeen CLARINET Geneva Berglund Beverly Sawyer BASS CLARINET Donn Olson BASSOON Margery Johnson F. HORN Ruth Washburn Lorna Fairbanks TRUMPET leanne Brendal George Gard TBOMBONE Patty Morken Bernice Nyfkle-moe TUBA Eunice Helliglcson Eirn Monson PERCUSSION Geo. Bulifson CHORUS Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday melodious harmony surges from the chorus room when the a capella choir practices under the direction of Miss Lee. Among the many songs they have mastered are two selections, "Hallelujah Chorus" and "Glory of the Lord", from Handel's "Messiah." They presented Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter concerts, and an Easter broadcast. For the first time in three years they attended the music festival at Moorhead. MEMBERS FIRST SOPRANOS Nancy Underwood Ruth Hazrsticlc Elizabeth Habberstarl Lorraine Bredesen Eunice Salness Marian lohnson Beverly Schmidt Hazel Mclrnen Mary Mclnnis Phyllis Mol:r'r'en Grace O'nes Lorraine Scliiermarin P"rtric'irr Hanson Esther Grabarkewitz Nona Marshall Betty Lou Kielmeyer Delores Leddina Iulinne Nycklemoe Sylvia Grctie Elaine Carlson Carol Bergerzid Marion Schreiber Dorothy lensen Doris Blcomquist Le Vonne Swenson Gwenellyn Hatfinfq Arlene Pederson SECOND SOPRANOS Myrtle Currie Joyce lohnson Carol Berg lane Crays Valdine Anderson Ioyce Hasselblad Marilyn Robertson La Verna Van Meter Mona Monson Deloris Bloomquist lean Thompson Gwenneth Thede Ioan Mohagen Adeline Borchrrrfit Iuanita Spitsberq Elaine Thompson Dorothy Denham FIRST ALTO Geraldine lensen Betty Hultman Ada Le Mont Evelyn Pederson Ioyce Twedt loyce Stock Eldora Eckley Beverly Braaten Marjorie Orpen Betty Lou Braaten Patti Enderson Arlene Nelson Gladys Beske Betty Farrell SECOND ALTO lean Neuman Elaine Tjaden Constance Glende Genevieve Mohraten Marion Drager Betty Iorgenson Ioanne Dieseth Marie Olson Dorothy Sullivan Paula ,Iohnson Marcia Eide Lois Friedrich La Von Risbrudt Iune Michaelson FIRST TENOR Lee Newton Seymour Norland Nyland Duhn Goodwin Erlandson Doyle Tomhave Iohn Eckley Miss Ardith Lee Herbert Cloeter Norman Toso SECOND TENOR Dean Newton Herbert Aune Glen Maack Art Stortroen FIRST BASS Everett Norton Richard Olson Richard Beimer Robert Nyman George Swenson Byron Iohnson Iames Bergerud Albin Morrill Wallace I-Iaave Victor Iohnson SECOND BASS Paul Thede Bennett I-Iolmen Leonard Tysver Melvin Reynolds Stanley Erickson Billy Gamber Emery Otnes Harold Dahlen .E " f A 5 2 X Q ' FM 0 A 2 " ' 5 r if CONCERT BAND Much praise is due to the band for its never-tirinq efforts. At least one morning a month they played a sunrise serenade for departing selectees. They have also played for several concerts and convocations. Many de- lightful selections were included in these programs. FLUTE Duane 'Larson Phyllis Barke Eivind Bye Donna Waylander Valjeanne Larson OBOE Ruth Lundeen E FLAT CLARlNET Russell Evjen CLARINET Geneva Beralund Robert Dieseth Helen Miska Florence Beck Duane Wethinq Iacqueline Alrn Pearl Miller Marlyn lsaacson Virqinia Hanson Marybelle Ellictt Beverly lohnson Connie Glende Lucille Bredesen Irene Kronernan BASS CLARINET Donn I. Olson MEMBERS BASSOON Margery Iohnson SAXOPHONE Morris Firkins Mary Lou Duhn Elaine Mastrud Audrey Anderson Elaine Brandt Betty Iorqenson CORNETS Wally Brudvia Harvey Orndorft leanne Brendal Mary Niebels Marcella Faunce Frank lohnson Howard Aim Marian lohnson loyce Evjen TRUMPETS Marilyn lohnson Gordon McLeod Marie Steen lean Frisch Donald Searles William Messenger FRENCH HORNS Lorna Fairbanks Mr. Ruth Washburn lames Rosenberg Barbara Swanson ALTO HORN Maurice Lund Marvin Manthei TROMBONE Patty Morken Mona Monson Roqer Stake Evelace Garbera Sadie Christianson Val lean Larson BARITONE Kathryn Svenneby Beverlee Brandon BASS William Vollbrecht Allen Svare Alice Garberg Betty Hellickson DRUMS George Rulifscn lames Bailey Karlene Ramberq CELLO Neoma Garberq Maxine Iohnson P is-in ff Frank Hedlund at Yi. !f, It 1' . 1 A 2 Q41 fg 35. 5 2 k fqg 'iff ' QI, 'C Q - X' .. 3, 1 ft, W t Y ,img 9 L is i " , V ' 4, f' ffl , ,N I ' ,. 5. if J, y if" 4' ff: A M a IWW v It Ill Ne f 2V Q55 if Y Q 7 i P ei ', ' Y - ' , Mg Y If 1 5 - VA ' 'k"' sta . CHEERLEADERS Remember "Maroon and Gold", "On Fergus", and the "Otter Loco- motive" . . . and the kids that led us in all our cheers at the games? Here they are . . . lunior High: Barbara Ander- son, Lois Enderson, and loan Brevig. Senior High: Ioyce l-lagge, Paula lohnson, and Gerry lenson. t-it The purpose of the Girls' Athletic Associa- tion is to encourage the members to partici- pate in different sports, not only every Thurs- day after school down in the gym, but also outside of school during all seasons of the year. Volleyball, basketball, tennis, bowl- ing, skating, and hiking seem to rank high in the members' favorites, and with an eye on that letter at the end of the year they do their best really to earn it. Cabinet Members: Seniors-Nancy Underwood and Miss lrrnen, Advisor: Elizabeth Habberstad, Secretary Phyuig Mobmlen' Iuniorsflqulh Hom? md lfme CYUYS Paula Iohnson, Presidentq Gwenneth Thede, Vice-President Cnot ptcturedl. Sophs-Phyllis Arneson and Gerry lenson. 'ix L , I nm. 35, ff? .'.f5Q.Q 4' ', y si 9 Z , xvirg-fwx Jr 1 a. S ' sw 5-xff ' X , 441 M ' 5. 11 - A .mg . . Q ss' I s . -.. "K E ' ff- ruvffisl , 'f I Q K 1 . L Q A t it 1 lun ' .I ' Wh il I fi ', Coach McLeod SCGBES Detrort Lakes Fargo Park Raprds Moorhead Wahpeton St Cloud Alexanclrta 9 14 ATHLETICS FOOTBALL They Coach Pearce Chuck Nelson T H Iohnson RECIPIQHY The Otters started therr season wtth a scnmmaqe aqamst Detrort Lakes Prnal 47 to 6 Then to prove they werent tnvrncrble they let Fargo trample them 25 to 7 From then on the season was bullt up to the Breck game IH whlch the Otters powered thelr way to two touchdowns rn the thlrd quarter and a 14 to O Homecommq Vrctory To f1n1sh the season the Otters lost to a powerful St Cloud team and defeated Alex 1n the snow 14 to 6 Ftrst Row D Perkms Brrstol E Perktns Nyman Aune Hemze Bexmer Wadsworth Matchmsky Second Row B Foss lanke Berg Butcher F Iohnson B Lundeen G Peterson M Foss Tmrd Bow M r Ellxot' C Nelson Ctchy B Peterson Swenson Schulz Haave Barley Ba k Bow Coach Pearce New on B Anderson Messenger Atkmson Schultz Fablan Schler man Coach McLeod QQ' ' l W ' ............ 47 6 ' ' - 4 - ------------------- 7 25 L' ' ' ' , . ' ............ 34 U ' --------------l3 27 - . . -------------- 6 6 , , , , Breckenridge ............ 14 O I 4 ' . ............... 7 31 1 - . --nu-H-un 6 . I inn: W aim B WJ' 21 -11k 0 x .3 iii-41 " og, niacin, L wwf ..,?51,,, I ,,..,-,N , Q A, , X: A KA. 1-Ralf! , , A ,. ,, . I 'f . . ,f Stk ,I 1' ..' -f .g . ,lx Aa '. af' 0 nf 1 , , 1' im ll? ff ' f , nw, f , ,H I K 11,6 3 :riff A 5 :A ,. 2' 3 gn ,, 'Vg vw-W js QW: FHS 17.1-1.S PHS F.H.S FHS FHS FHS F1-1.S PHS F.1n1.S P.H.S PHS. P1-LS F.H.S PHS F.H.S F.H.S PHS FHS PHS PHS First How: Butt-her, Ionnson, Brudviq, U Perkins, Gulbranson, Nelson. Second Row: Beirner, Hexnze, Bristol, Diesetlfi, Elliott, lanke, Foss. M1NN-KOTA DISTRICT SCORES Wahpeton ........ 6 ..., 3 PHS. 39 ............ Comstock 34 Moorhead .w,..... 5 .... F.1s1.S. 26 .... .... M oorhead 29 Valley City .o..... 3 .... F.H.S. 32 ..,, ..,v B arnesville 41 Breck ...... ..,. Fergus ..,. .... Fargo - - - - - - - BASKETBALL SCCRES 40 ,.o,oeo..... Pelican 24 c.A,,.c.c... Farao 28 ---- ----Wahpeton 41 .... ,.,. A lex 23 v... .,,c C sakis 33 .... ,,,. A lex ---- ----Barnesville ---- ----Perham ---- ----Wadena ---- ----Moorhead ---- ----Elbow Lake ---- ----Breclq ---- ----Barnesvi11e ---- ----Detroit - --- ----Moorhead ---- ----Breclc ---- ----Alex ---- ----Detroit ---- ----Pelican ---- ----Elbow Lake 24 ---. ---- W ahpeton 33 32 31 29 45 28 38 28 26 38 22 26 34 39 15 40 25 32 21 29 34 17 34 31 31 26 34 24 40 40 24 39 22 41 29 3 ---- 2 ---- 2 .--- , H jing ,wx Y f wg v"f'f 4 Q , jf 'ff P .. ug F 1 - .M QF I s gig? Kiki' Q f A N ' PX ,J 1 -Qi Q - hr -1 ' x 3 'F il 'iii' ty' Nw D .5 M I . , 5 . ,va i ' b , , 3 ,, 4 X I , , 13:5 V Q w.. J . ' A -.J-sv' 4 Q , +1 T 1- Pr X , fl '+?' J' -f sf :Y 1 ,. J wk, J f2'k fVf'Y ' x f iff ', , 4 ,, 1704" :gy-'it Q, ' 4 's I iii! 1 ,f 7, , .M 47 ,kv- ,.,, E .W 7 95 Q illm, .AM ww . W Q-.W ..... My f . f, 4 y ii X , j: Q,3:,A,, "S, rv 'S ,, VW S w. ,S ,kk Kwan: 5 W' ,Q ,, , 1 ,L.:':',,, Q 5 2. We DPk StBtI B L- NATKNUUJATHLBUC HQNCEXSOCETY ms, cm rise, Dick Belruer, Mark Ffmss, Bob ICIITECG, Bob Dleseth H E IS h lt SUNY, 911129, CU C L1 Z LQCKEB " BCONI SHQTS FRESHMAN CLASS CLASS orrtcsas Presrdent Btll Foss CLASS ADVISQRS V1cePres1dent Phyllrs Haskell Mtss Mrdthun Secretary Sally Hanson My Qugm Treasurer Cltftord Kvern The year was off to a tlymq start Wtth the trad1t1onal Freshman party As thetr part tn the Hornecomtnq testtvtttes they had a float and elected Ruth Stock and Shtrley Synstelten as attendants to the queen The extra Currtcular actrntres m whrch the Frosh took part are Band Or Chestra Chorus Verse Speamnq Chotr Intramural Ir GAA and Red Cross Councll The outstandtnq athlete turned out to be Brll Foss l-le s the ftrst Frosh to recetve a football lett r for three years and hes also a standout on the B basketball squad They ended up the year by presentmq two one act plays to the publ1c on Freshman Nlqht 1 i . .X ,, . . 4 1 1, . , A , , . . . . A . . 1 . . f H ft , Q J . , SCPHCMCRE CLASS CLASS OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL Presrdent Nyland Duhn KUTY Svennelny Secretary Pearl Mrller Joseph Elhott CLASS ADVISORS MISS Steppe M155 Huseby Mrss Mmor The Sophomares showed frne sprrrt hy leadma The Sernor Hrqh rn both the War Loan Drrve and the Red Cross Drrve Buzzy Elhott and Frank Iohnson represented the class rn athletrcs DeLa"1e BTQVIQ and Helen Mrska added to Hornecomrnq by bernq ihe Sophomore attendants to the queen Treasurer .-.L-.LL-.-.-.TI-dxzvard Lundeen GOrdOr1 MCLeOd TUNIOR CLASS CLASS OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL PIE?SiClGI'1l .............. Earl SCl'1L1lZ Gordon Rggmugggn Vice-President ,. ....... loyce Hagge VjQ1efMCCO11gr Secretary ..... Esther Grabarlcewitz WeS1ey Harry Treasurer ........... Ruth Lundeen CLASS ADVISORS Mr. Enquist Mrs. Bechtel Miss Frankoviz Miss Oas These future seniors established quite a record for themselves as juniors. They demonstrated their dramatic ability with the play, "Don't Take My Penny", directed by Mrs. Lee. lt is noteworthy that they made more money on this production than any other class in the history of Washington High. Russ Matchinsky was the Iuniors' outstanding addition to the football team, and Russ Gulbranson represented them on the basketball floor. luniors were active in Drama Club, Radio Club, Thespians, French Club, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, and on the Otter Statt. loyce Hagge and Maryls Arneson contributed to the Homecoming cele- bration as attendants to the Oueen. 5 7.1 EH , E .4nv"" h '3 Q ii .Q Qsgif WI' 5, I V km, A-1."'9'-f -H ,JW . " i Vey wi'h his iuture iri mind. VOCATIGNAL DAY ncfhc-r Fcss architect in The fucking. Which is which? Masculine Vanity Watch your thumb on that scale. t Keep ycur mini on your work, V rzvs. DCIT'i wcrk fcc h iid, girls! Such iriiustry it locks qood anyway. :us-tg"- 'x k g , X-LII ' 214 ' L al- . TPS' V' x ' - ZSY Q - fir- 'VIL 'z.. U- . W' 9-' - , v "KL,-f' fwf qw, 4 . 2 F ' ,ihzmgfv -.N ,-v... My .W- . Ms - gif ,K ,Wm in " tif """"""'ww-.W rf. , .ff-won W1-24" K T' W , .,w""'P?"' .443 MMMWQEM Q I 1 11150- I ' we 14521 aw. V X 'fa -'Uk r ""' 1 Q: , ,ar . , , , J " , 1, L. if Q, A Gy, 9 , ,N , ' ff' s fix? V' mx 'I -v 'nn 'N 4' un 1-Vf 5 FRANCES HALLER Secretary to Superintendent loy Elmer Morgans comments on The Future" The immediate situati is 'nay seem confused and unpromisrng That eans a the more opportunity for intelligence for nlanrina for pa rent building: and for courageous pioneering You stand on a pinnacle of possibility and the future will be largely what you make it Le' no one tell you that life is too uncertain to plan Every great victory of the human race has been won in spite of the cry that it could not be done You can plan and lose and plan again rising higher each time because of the The idea ot C an iig rr ay be the chef contribu- tion f the twentieth entury to human pr gress. To plan beyond the year or the decade in'o the life as a whole to plan bey nd the individual to the family, the neighborhood the state the nation and even the world is to gain a new perspective and a new faith -a perspective which Knows that rnany of life's un- certainties can be rr ided for and a faith to go EDW BECHTEL, Students of the Fergus Falls High School: As we look into the future we see military vic- tories for the United Nations. Victories that will give the world's statesrnen an unparalleled opportunity to work out a system of universal law upon which a stable civilization may be built. You, who are being graduated this spring, will take an important part in the war, but you will have an even more important part in the policies of this nation in the years to corne. Statesmanship dare not fail again for, as Stoddard has said, "Force and violence shall be the lawg and wars of cataclysmic destruction shall be the penaltyg and blood and tears shall be the inheritance of that people who neglect to learn and to teach that the earth has grown smaller, that all men on it are fun- damentally alilce, that no human being need now lack food or shelter, and that science has made it necessary for men to live at peace if they want to live at all." LEO H. DOMTNICK, Superintendent of Schools LEONA MAHLER Secretary to Principal Principal ,H f . ,fn . Wh , ,.. 1, fl wwf, ,, w5,M,wy I . WW, ..,1-, .V-.pm 7 , 1 fx A ' fav f 5 ,if . 1, ,- ,, z,'r,3gf FACULTY MEMBERS O Zenner B1o1oqy Geo e ry Iso c N' ISP? .lvreri 1 111Q rn C-119715 y' ff rieir ir ' '1 e S1S'lF V , ei " 5 1 o Fran Er Non S'er V nqlish Y Y1 1rr1e' v mor Lo in r Geometry En ,115 1 X11 Mrs L11111n Bech e1 Modern History Mrs Lucy 1. Q, Eng 1511 Drqrr c.s FACULTY MEMBERS Jo. .,: '.: ..V11'l C11ris.Lnson, oys' Physirm EH' an ln tE."':' Jirecfy CI. '-" 1 ..11 fl , .9 Qrfff 'dish-f ... 1 .fxfwr V -.'5If1Ci'1CI1,A.'I'C'1f"I ,F.E,A.g me pg Ply, yi' j 1,1 1.1-fr. f1:.:' 11151331 Q: 1. , C.A.A.: F.L1sse1lVVosP.L,rn, C cr:1in'1':.: .f1l1...1. 311,112 E'1."1,I, +.:'.:g rx oiiond, 111s.ru1r1er1Q111w1i1siC. UC V Fron' 1 Mrs. Bernice 1-1ed1urid, Bookkeeping, Business L- .'1n.1.frw'i Eyv, mf- , m1:sq Leonora OJS, 1.1brorion, Study Holly Doris Hcuqerud, Home Econorniis 1V, Vg Ardifx Lee, ocoi Music: Virqinio Mo1ir1e, Sienoqrophy, Bookkeeping. OMPLIMENTS OF ARNESON ci LARSON oooo clornrss LOG CABIN SENIORS Succe S and Best WlShG OIL COMPANY Gas Lunches Tues STUDIO CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS IO6Vz East L1ncoIr1 Avenue Fergus Falls Mrnnesota Hrjhx ay and Arrport Contractors DIAL 2547 Iohn D1ese1I'1 E R Iohnson B K Soby ooorn LUCK sr3N1oRS M A D S E N S Ready to Wear Footwear IVI1II1nery Furs Beauty Shop IO6 W L1ncoIr1 Avenue FFRGUS FALLS MINNESOTA I roHN DIESETH ooMPANY f I Conqratulctlons' HAUBERG IEWELRY J STAR LAUNDRY CS. CLEANERS 1 x 1 JDMILLE CONGRATULATIONS S 110125 ST CLAIR ci GUNDERSCN F h Conqrcitulcltlons' EREES CLEANERS Concgrcitulcitlonsf RED RIVER MILLINC CCMPANY CITY BAKERY cmd C A E E SCISAIGR.-'-.TTQLATICNS 1.112 EE 1 PCR CHE SLHSS CF Q?-Zi E. . VF R C , EF 'W for J' 'S cmd Boys' Clothmcg, S ,is 1 and urms inqs A W'lSH FOR THE GRADUATE Success tn Life Your Patronaqe Spells Our Sucess Vfe Aim to Please IOHNSON DRUGS WALGREEN AGENCY WlSHlNG SUCCESS to the GRADUATES F IRST NATIONAL BANK FERGUS FALLS, MINN. Member ct Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Ebersvrller Implement Co Successors of the Peltcan Supply Co Home ot Iohn Deere Tractors and Eampment Maytag Washers and lroners De Laval Cream Separators and Mtll ers coNoRArULAT1oNs VICTOR LUNDEEN ci CO Frrnters and Statroners School Supply Headquarters FERGUS FALLS MINN DIAL 2444 CONGRATUL RTIONS SENIORU E L T O N S Hotel Cate BEST WISHES Chevrolet NES or Olclsmobtle GHS F201 .ron cg Butclc Cadlllac I l Case Farm Machmery BRIMHALL BROTHERS WITH OUR BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE Glllesple Shoe Company Across l'rom Orpheum Theater COMPLIMENTS F ERGUS LUMBER AND FUEL Better Lumber Cleaner Fuel D F? 4 1 i' xg I lllllvl 4 Mo ., ,-.:,.,. Z ' . 5 - of noon LUCK srruross PETERSON MARKET B trlvle lfa hnq on Av WITH EVERY GOOD WISH to me GRADUATE Countryman Drug Co The Rexall Store BEST OF LUCK' Fergus Falls Natronal Bank and Trust Company Ferqus Falls Mrnnesota Orqanrz d l882 O U Habberstad Presrdent E C Bermer Cashrer I J JGRAT LATIO IS ELLIOTT CAFE AND TRANSFER CO C ONIGRATULATIO NIS SENIORS R O V A N G S lewelry and Musrc Ferqus Falls Mrnnesota OUR COIVIPLIMENTS and BEST WISHES FERGUS CO OPERATIVE CREAMERY GREETINGS from I C PENNEY CO Dry Goods Clothrnq Shoes The Store for All the Famrly YCU HAVE OUR BEST WISH for a SUCCESSFUL FUTURE LAMPERT S Lumber and Fuel Yard vnu uns ns O Oo IT I.llilS Yllll FRANK MINARS Prop SENIORS SIIJCERE GOOD WISHES TO EACH OF YOU CIIIZGDS Loan CS Investment Company r rdl an C 1 an S lVI1lI Str FERGLJS FALLS MINNESOTA F U , , US' I It .U Im' . "The es rr at' East .'I 5 Lu f errue ' S' , T , A . 1 , A 1 I I. S, Ullandu, ,,,,. ,Ln , ,Chairman , , FTW I F..-T 1 I O ' Q O ? 0 o - "Thi F rex ry Lo crtag y" . , . IIO ouih Q eel , 77 I 1 coMPuMENrs COAST TO COAST coMPuMENrs BOPP I-IATCFIERY Fergus Fa11s MIHUQSOIG AT YOUR SERVICE wrth IUNIOR STYLES E 61 E SI-IOPPE WILLER CS TEISBERG Prescrrptron Druggtsts 105 Ltncoln Ave East FERGUS FALLS MINNESOTA COMPLIMENTS DR M R WRIGI-IT DDS SWEET SI-IOPPE Ice Cream So as Sunctaes 110 N M111 St Fergus Fa11s Mtnn T S PAULSON MD Eye Ear No e and Throat Norby Bu11c11ng Fergus Fa11s Mtnnesota DR A L F WAYLANDER CHIROPRACTOR The Natural Way to Health Way1anfIer Bu11d1rg Fergus Fa11s coNsRArULA'rroNs THE STYLE SI-IOP Where Sty1e Predommates CONGRATULATIONS DR FEATI-IERSTONE DENTIST CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Ouernemoen Shoe Shop 116 Un on Avenue coMPuMENrs DIAMOND FURNITURE Foss We1ander Iewelers Dtamonds Watches Repatrtng 114 East L1nco1n Avenue FERGUS FALLS MINNESOTA COMPLIMENTS Fergus Plumbing ci I-Ieatlng Co 113 Washrngton Avenue East M B OLSON W I I-IOPPERT coMPuMENTs SKOGMO CAFE Where It s a Treat to Eat coNsRA'rULATtoNs I M O BRANDON Brandon Bu11d1ng Fergus Fa11s Mrnn sREET1Nss SENIORS WM GALENA 6. SONS Plumbtng and I-Ieattng Contractors 114 Unton Ax enue South CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS I O1son Auto E1ectr1c Co CONGRATULATIONS DR V I EASTMAN DENT1sT CONGRATULATIONS The Ac1e1sman Company and Fergus Foundry Co DIVISION Q ot V of ot of of Of Candies Lunches ATTORNEY AT LAW of of . 1 of '45 Pa 65 CONGRATULATIONS SENICRS A A VOLLBRECHT l06 N C urt Street BEST wtsrtrs F W WOOLWORTH Sc l0c and lbc Store ESTREM CLINIC O Estrerrt MD G I Mourrtson MD E A Herloerq MD C I Lund M D Dr Fobert Estrern FERGUS FLORAL CO Flowers for All Occasrons Hrqhest Oualrty Used Cars IOE BURRIS MOTOR CO Ferqus Falls M1nnesota D1al 2504 Io erh Burrrs lv or HIGHWAY GREENHOUSE Flowers for All Occasrons We Deltver Open Evenrnqs and Sundays oo JGRATULATIONS sEN1oRs HINTGEN KARST Electrtcal Applrances CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Consumer s Grocery and Meats M C KRONEMANN INSURANCE AGENCY 20212 Lrncoln Ave W Dral 3733 CONGRATULATIONS ' FOSMOE SHOE FIX LEABOS SUPER VALUE Qualtty Meats and Grocertes VI at Dral 2l4l Gro ery Dlal 42F4 Ferqus Falls Mmne ota LEIDALS IEWELERS Gruen anzl Lonqmes Watches 103 W Lmcoln Avenue CQMPLIMENTS DR TILLISCH Optometrrst Fergus Fall Mmne ota GRINA BEAUTY SHOP 220 W Lmcoln Avenue DIAL 4456 The Yarn Craft Studlo and Grit Shop Lmcoln Avenue East WHEN DI NEED OF A HAIRCUT TRY Pete Barry s Barber Shop CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS EAT MORE CAFE ll5 E Lrrtcoln GEO C IACOBS PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON B nson Burldmq Dlal 854 BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1945 FRANKBERG ci BERGHUIS ATTORNEYS AT LAW CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS PARK REGION BAKERY We U e the Best to Make the Best P c U I A l .e C ' 3 ot . . I oo. I o. . , I. . of M' SO- Umm AVQHUQ CONGRATULATIONS, sEN1oRs A We hope that It 49 N lx went be long UDT11 M 4 you can aqam buy XXL! gk ETQCTFIC Apphanees all QV Plan new Z for the Best' OTTER TAIL 3 POWER OO A COMPLIMENTS ANTD BEST 'WISHES O M E A R A S DEPARTMENT STORE CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES SENIORS N O R B Y S DEPARTMENT STORE TEEGUS FALLS FINEST GOOD LUCK STUDENTS HANSON G LARSON READYTOWEAR Jn Zmffe . fi ,j I J . INT fx YTD- Q , D3 ' ' PM ' A f If . X6'7'TTf, ff QQ I TC. 1 TX lmif? -3 , fl- ff f-XX VV 17? ff I , , f lxxl T I X T , f f V . 55 ,IE A7 - T XX? 1 P - J n A J OF T Tcnucznon B I es :1TIn 3 IS BOEN BROS GROCERS DO YOU NEED PRI TING9 emu ECII Mn1 COMPLIMENTS G A M B L E S CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS NELSON DRUG CO 204 W Llncoln Avenue D1CxI 2747 COMPLIMENTS HOLTON HARDWARE For Service and Ouohty CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS MALMSTROM SHOE REPAIRING BEST WTSHES STUDENTS EIRESTONE STORES IJ n e ann Aut Supp OUR EEST V ISHES CLASS CE 4 WINTHERS LUMBER CO CONGRATULATIONS SENTQES NYMAN EUEL COMPANY 506 EGSI Wcshmqion Avenue BILL NELSON OIL CO TYDQL vEDoE I2I So Unlon Avenue DIGI ESQI E rqus EUIIS Mlnnesotcx WITH BEST WISHES West OtterTcuI Servlce Co 224 West L1ncoIn Avenue Eerqus EQIIS MIHUGSOIG YOUR S CS L STORE EVERYTHING TO WEAR CONGRATULATIONS ' IVES ICE CREAM COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF DELICIOUS ICE LREAM I GR C21 Q1 I ' S and eS VIf1Sh , MGCO' :ics NEGI' ' Tues .C T , ' C Iles Uqebkld Pubhshinq CO. ' ' ' S A If Sc, INe Are At Your Servxfe E Q S' i 7930161 ' of of rn..-Q., ..i , ,. E ,lf .... V

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