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1 1 ID as :-'S T110 ZS 011:11 V MM null: Qu inn., m9sta3i'3?5mE1Ass Whshinqfon Hiqh School v V l Ferq us Falls,l'1inn. ,-..-l.- - I- -K--H--nr DEDICATION Today the world architects are design- ing a new and magnificent building. Soon construction will begin and this imposing edifice will arise from the ashes and dust of past buildings that have succumbed to the ravages of time, hate, and destruction. It is the duty of the young men and women of tomorrow so to build this structure that it will withstand prejudice, distrust, and selfish greed. To these builders we dedi- cate this Annual. FF"'?.."1"-I 'Il fr:-Q, ."-f-- K if 4-I. FGREWARD Seniors, you have taken off from Wash- ington Field and are on your way to your chosen destinations. Many are flying directly to commercial fields where they shall start sewing mankind immediately. Others are going to advanced training bases where they will become better pilots and acquire better instruments. Some will soon bear the insignia of Uncle Sam. It is their duty to maintain freedom of the air. This Annual is a Flight Log of your basic training. As you glance at it in later years may it inspire you to open your throttle and climb from the clouds of doubt into the brightness of clear judgment. Good luck, and may strong tailwinds attend all your flights. ' .xv Pre -Fliqlr X FUTURE Scenes u"Yf,:::5 , Q f .. . 14' A 1-1.11 EN A' T4 AVIATCDRS lggv- n I X1 CCDNTENTS Field l Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 Field 5 Administration . . Classes Grganizations . Sports . Features BGARD CDF EDUCATICDN Seated from left to right the members include-Dr. W. O. B. Nelson, Superintendent Dominick, I, I. Svenneby, V. I. Eastman, A. A. Vollbrecht, F. I. Kloster, Ralph Sinner. A student at Washington Field usually remembers his C. O. and Flight ln- structors but he may target the governing body behind this organization. They manage to obtain instructors and keep everything operating smoothly in spite ot difficulties they may encounter. To the schoolboard We owe a tremendous debt of appreciation and gratitude for what they have done in helping us toward our goal. YV Students of the Fergus Falls High School: Henry Van Dyke offers good counsel in, "The Foot Path to Peace." "To be glad of life because it gives youithe chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars: to be satisfied with your possessions, but not contented with yourself until you have made the best of them: to de- spise nothing in the world except falsehood and meanness, and to fear nothing except coward- ice: to be governed by your admirations rather than by your disgustsf to covet nothing that is your neighbors except his kindness of heart and gentleness of mannersp to think seldom of your enemies, often of your friends and every day of Christ, and to spend as much time as you can with body and with spirit, in God's out-of-doors --these are little guideposts on the foot-path of peace." EDW. BECHTEL, Principal Students of the Fergus Falls High School: The older generations have failed miserably in attempts to solve the world's great problems. They have been deceived by the subtle shib- boleths of the past thirty years, deceived by in- competent selfish politicians who have sought personal gain rather than the promotion of the welfare of humanity, deceived by the wishful thinking of the masses who have had visions of an impractical Utopia not of this world. Former generations have produced geniuses in the fields of science and invention, and because of these inventions, a social order that they have been unable to control. The great need of the future is leadership- a leadership which is able to control the dis- coveries and machines produced by the inven- tive genius of the human mind: leadership in the social, economic, and political fields: a lead- ership which has discrimination of the highest formy a leadership that will build on the ideas, faith, and ideals discarded as useless by pre- vious generations. Such leadership will come from this high school and from other high schools throughout the nation. Through that leadership, the civiliza- tion developed through ages of bloodshed and torture, will be preserved and unfolded accord- ing to God's great plan for the universe. LEO H. DOMINICK, Superintendent of Schools MARGARET BERGE English XII Study Hall Otter Senior Class Adviser CAP' 9. . ,,,,, 4 -. ,Cl , R A 9 HELEN FRANKOVIZ English Xl as-' as id .L ,.Mm.ag,. :isa ARTHUR 1:-I CARLSON IRVIN CI-IRISTENSON Chemistry Boys' Physical Education Radio Athletic Director Preflight Intra-Mural Noon program Noon Program Teacher Training Department lv ALICE HANSCI-IEN Modern History Study Hall Dean of Girls Sophomore Class Adviser International Relations Club HP" inf' -7 . 1,, ,, I G . HILLMAN V. ENGOUIST Industrial Arts Iunior Class Adviser Teacher Training Department Student Council Victory Corps -L -U if Fd' fe- 'tt 'S ' l 5- k Ati Q at xl., lu E. l. HALVERSON Vocational Agriculture Teacher Training Department Senior Class Adviser Future Farmers of America Convocations Convocations :Honors H. HASKELL DORIS HAUGERUD FRANK C. HEDLUND Mis' BERNQSF HEDELUNQ L Relufed Subjects Home Economics IV Gt V Band Bgifgif' irfmclpms GH GW Student Employment Supervisor Orchestra . I Activities Tgensurer School Patrol Fire Drills Saietv Guidance S if tty ig bk K M.. V -Lf' .' ,y 42.2 . J T .71 e wr' - ll Teacher Training Department Grade School Music Chamber Music Ticket Sales A-rr bW - 43:53 '-'S-D fff' '41- il 'S PW' 'Qi E. C. HERRMANN Geometry German I 6. II Faculty Athletic Manager National Honor Society Senior Class Adviser 7'- . f"' T NORA LUNDE Chorus Convocations Teacher Training Department Grade School Music Chamber Groups ROY D, MCLEOD Physics Solid Geometry 6 Trigonometry Higher Algebra Head Coach ' I X 1 ,rf I 'F ETI-IEL I-IUSEBY BEATRICE IRMEN Typing Girls' Physical Education Iunior Class Advisor Girls' Athletic Association Convocations Cheer Leaders Teacher Training Department wi W 1 A I 53 f M is ""' fm' 'W I .. Y. Y Q. , K A ' ' 2 MRS. LUCY LEE English X Iunior Class Play Senior Class Play Thespians Drama Club Speech Work Convocations ms. OLETTA LUNDE School Nurse HARRIET MINOR Lctlirl I 5: II English X Iunior Class Adviser Assistant with Annual VIRGINIA MOLINE Stenography I G II Bookkeeping Student Council Convocations Box Office Cashier Victory Corps '1 an 'Citi WINNIFRED LUTZ Home Economics LEONORA OAS Study Hall Noon Program Iunior Class Adviser xer- Hilfe, Cf' " Ge 'fi Q 'VX W X oco 1 . . ,W L.,-new J.. .. -4, In pp-Qc Cl ROBERT T. PEARCE ISAAC WILSON ' M- O- ZENNER Social Science American History Biology Modem History Stamp and Bond Sales Geometry Dean of Boys Visual Education Proqram Assistant Coach AHHUG1 Senior Class Adviser Senior Class Adviser Convocations LEONA MAHLER ANTON AAS Secretary to Principal Custodian JOSEPH HOLT Custodian 'iil 29 FRANCES HALLER Secretary to Superintendent " ---- Q-. CHARLES BURMEISTER Custodian MARTIN SAURE Custodian A A X . , 'Qgtial I f t JQA M .gpg x., ,, , X. - FRESHMAN CLASS CLASS OFFICERS CLASS ADVISORS President ..........Y... loseph Elliott Miss Midthun Vice President .......... Pearl Miller Mr. Quam Secretary .......... Kitty Svenneby Treasurer .... .... I-I arlow lrqens The Freshmen tried their Wings with qreat success. Freshmen niqht was a gala event celebrated as the annual custom of the freshmen class. The boys took part in an active intramural proqram. They entered a float and many clever stunts in the homecoming parade. Pearl Miller was selected as Queen's attendant. An industrious Red Cross Council did much to increase the donations oi the Iunior High. Mona Monson and Hermann Muus were elected outstanding students. SCPHCMCRE CLASS CLASS OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL President ..,......... Elaine MaStruCl BSHHY lllelnze Vice President .C...... Arthur Fabian GQUQVPSVS Mobwften Secretary ,.,.. ..-. I ean Brendal Marcella FUUUCG Treasurer ,-- .... Alton Baglien CLASS ADVISQR Miss Hanschen The sophomores increased their confidence in their wings by several im- portant tlights. They learned to ily well in formationg no class was better uni- fied in its spirit of giving to the Red Cross and buying war bonds and stamps. Russ Matchinsky and Russ Gulbranson represented the sophomores in athletics. For the first time the sophomores had a class party, and an International Relations Club was organized by Miss I-Ianschen. Violet McCollar and lean Brendal were attendants to the Homecoming Queen. I3 IUNICB CLASS CLASS OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL President ..,........,. Phyllis Barke Eggfffllghglrffviq Vice President ...,, Dorothy Sullivan Mark FOSS Secretary ,.Y....... Patricia Morken CLASS ADVISORS Treasurer .... L... S tanley Bristol Mr. Enquist Miss Huseby Miss Minor Miss Oas These hiqhftlyinq juniors have made many altitude records. Outstandinq amonq the athletes were Chuck Nelson, Stan Bristol, Dick Beimer, Mark Foss, Bob Deiseth, Herb Aune, Bob Nyman, Don Perkins, and Gordy Peterson. They exhibited their dramatic ability in their production oi Ever Since Eve under the direction of Mrs. Lee. luniors were prominent in such activities as band, orchestra, chorus, drama club, and Thespians. Delores Breviq and Lorna Fairbanks were the charminq attendants to the Otter Queen. 14 CLASS OFFICERS ! Beverly Oyen Catherine Ebersviller Charles Bullock Charles Estrem President Vice President Sccretcny Treasurer HONOR STUDENTS Left to Right, Seated: Leoru Schuetze, Virginia Smith, Beverly Oyen, Murdelle Brandon, Fthod-,x Cloeter, Grace Erickson. Center: Mcxrqie lversen, Arlene Skepstad. Buck: Ellery Roberts, Warren Lueblze, Steve Alnes,Chcr1es Estrem, Norman Ciorqini. 15 MARGARET ALSAKER Number Please? G.A.A. '421 Otter Staff '443 Journalism Club '43g Pep Club '4lg Latin Club '42g Chrous '41. DOROTHY ANDERSON Full of fun and mischle! too, doing things she shouldn't do! LORAIN ANDERSON He won't have to talk, he can serenade them. Chorus '42, '43, '44g F.F.A. '42, '433 Boys' Quartette '44: Triple Quartette '44: Boys' Octette '43, '44. ALICE ASH She may be short of height, but not of knowledge. Band '42, '43, '44, Orchestra '43, '443 R, G. C. '41. GERALDINE ASH Her only desire-to have a good tlme. R.G.C. '41. RUTH BERGERUD Life may have its troubles. but they don't seem to bother "Bergy." Chorus '43, '44: G.A.A. '433 Triple Trio '43g Triple Quartet '44: R.G.C. '41. ALICE BESKE The best ls none too good for you. R.G.C. DELORES BJORKLUND She enjoys "Duncan" in a pool of love. BEVERLY BOEN "Bev" loves to be loved. Band '41, '42, '43, '44g G.A.A. '4lg Latin Club '42p Pep Band '41, '42, '43, '44g Clarinet Quartet. IVA MAE BOREN Mr. and Mrs. is the name. KENNETH BRAATZ He is the best scholar who has learned to love well. Intramural '41, '42, '43, '44. MARDELLE BRANDON How does she do it! Band '41, '42, '43, '44g Orchestra '42, '43, '44g Chorus '41g National Honor Soclegg '43, '441 G.A.A. '41, '42, '43g Otter St '44g Annual Staff '44: Thespians '42, '43, '44g Radio Club "41, '42, '43: Student Council '42: Woodwind Quintette: The Eve of St. Mark: The Pampered Darling: The Nervous Wreck: The House Without a Key: Pep Club '40, '41g Honor Roll: Latin Club '42g Pep Band '42, '43, '44g V.F.W. Award: Legion Award: Journal- ism Club: Vice President '41g Vice Pres- ident '43. BARBARA BRENDAL "There's something about the Air Corps," says Barb. Chorus '42, '43: G.A.A. '41, '42: Radio Club '41g Journalism Club '43: Preflight gitgb Irgernational Relations '43g Latin u ' . BRADFORD BRIMHALL Study is a luxury in which I seldom ln- dulge. Treasurer '43g Basketball '41g Football '42, Track '42p Thespians '43, '443 The Nervous Wreck: The Eve of St. Marky Speech Club '43g,Intramural '41, '42, '44. MARY BUDACK Oh what fun to put a fiction book inside a subject book and fool the teachers- Well, it works some of the time! Chorus '41, '42, '43, '44: G,A.A. '42, '43, '44g Triple Quartet '44, CHARLES BULLOCK He likes things solid-and solid geometry is no exception, Chorus '42, '43, '44g Secretary, Senior Classg Treasurer, Freshman Class: Na- tional Honor Society '443 The Nervous Wreck '43g Preflight '43g Pep Club '413 Intramural '41, '42, '44g Annual Staff. DORIS BUTCI-IER Laugh and the world laughs with you. Chorus '41, JEANETTE CARLSON 'Tis rumored she can cook too! KENNETH CARLSON Work fascinates me-I love to watch it being done. Preflight '43g Intramural '42, '44, RHODA CLOETER Mathematics and Rhoda really click. National Honor Society '44: House With- oilgt A Key '44g Honor Roll, Chorus Club ROBERT COOKMAN If the world is round, how can it come to an end? Pl-IYLLIS DAHLMEIER Small, but with plenty of pep. Chorus '41, '42g G.A.A. '41, '42g Girls' Intramural '41, '42. BEVERLY DAVENPORT This "retread" gum! Drama Club '41, DELORES DRAGER She is rich with contentment, Otter Staff '44: Speech Club '43, MARILYN DRAGER Moogie thinks life could be bettergbut it could also be worse. Band '41, '42, '43, '44p Chorus '41p Pep Band '44, WILLIAM 'JRESCHEL Keep your eyes open and you'll succeed. Chorus '44g Journalism Club '44L The Nervous Wreck '43g Preflight '44g Intra- mural '41, '44. ANNLYNE DREWS I-Iere's an Ann who isn't "lyne" down on the job. Band '41, '42, '43, '44: Orchestra '4l. '42, '43, '443 Drama Club '42, '43, '44: Speech Club '42, '43g Pep Band '42, '43. '44g 3313114 Twirling '41, '42Q Majorette '42, IOLYN EASTMAN Her heart is like the moon-there's a man in it, Band '41, '42, '43, '44: Orchestra '41, '42, '43, '44: National Honor Society '44g An- nual Staff '44g Thespians '42, '43, '44g Radio Club '41, '42, '43, '443 The Pam- pered Darling '41g Pep Club '411 Inter- national Relations '42: Latin Club '42g Pep Band '42, '43, '44, CATHERINE EBERSVILLER Kilty's thoughts are "He-yen, the Army" Air Corps. Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Vice President, Class, Thespians '43, '44, Radio Club '41, Swept Clean Off Her Feet, The Eve of St. Mark, Latin Club '42. AUDREY EIDAL While the cat's away, the mice will play! DANIEL ERICKSON Daniel knows that lost time can never be found again. GRACE ERICKSON "Five feet two and eyes of blue." Otter Staff '44: Annual Staff '44, Honor Roll '44, Latin Club '42, GWENDOLYN ERNO Supple and strong, she helps an athlete along. G.A.A. '41, '42, '43, '44, Drama Club '43C Pep Club '41, '42, International Relations '43, Latin Club '42. CHARLES ESTREM Love me. love my dog! Senior Class Treasurer. National Honor Society '43, '44, Football '43, Otter Staff '44, Student Council '43, Honor Roll, SHIRLEY EVENSON This is one "Slip" that will always show. and we won't mind. Band '43. '44, Chorus '41, '42, G.A.A. '41, '42, Otter Staff '44, Journalism Club '43, Latin Club '42, Pep Band '43. '44. EVERETTE FAU NCE An athlete, a gentlemen, and an all-around good fellow. National Honor Society '44, Basketball '41, '42, '43, '44, Football '41, '42, '43, '44, Track '43. '44, Annual Staff '44, The House Without A Key, Preflight '43, Windmiller Award '44, Bruce Award '43. LORRAINE FENSKE Ambition, sugar and spice--need we say more? Band '43, '44, Chorus '43, '44, National Honor Society '44, Otter Staff '44, An- nual Staff '44, Thespians '43. '44, Radio Club '43, Triple Trio '44, Girls' Octette '43, The Eve of St. Mark, International Relations '43, Pep Band '44, R.G.C. '41, Journalism Club. DOROTHY FROSLIE Our "Fauncy" Queen. Band '41, '42. '43, '44, Chorus '41, Secre- tary of Class '42, G.A.A. '41, '42, '43, an- nual Staff '44, Thespians '43. '44, Student Council '43, '44, The Pampered Darling, The House Without A Key, Cheerleaders '41, '42, '43. '44, CHARLES GAMBER Pat wants to live with "Bugs" in a little cottage happily ever after. Chorus '41, '42, Football '42, Track '43, Thespians '43, '44, Journalism Club '43, Swept Clean Off Her Feet, The Eve of Mark, Preflight '43, Intramural '42. GRACE GAMBLE A good "Egg," Band '42, '43, '44, G.A.A. '41, '42, '44, Journalism Club '43, The House Without A Key, Pep Band '43. NORMAN GIORGINI Girls? Nah, give me a book and let me study. Valedictorian, President of Jun'or Class '43, National Honor Society '43, '44, Football '42, '43, '44, Annual Staff '44, 'Thespians '42, '43, '44, Radio Club, F.F.A. '41, '42, '43, The Eve of St. Mark, The House Without A Key, Intramural '42, '44, V.F.W, Award. MILTON GLENDE Gabriel, come blow your horn. Dinner Ensemble '42, '43, Band '42, '43, '44, Orchestra '42, Trumpet Trio '43, The 1igrvi15is'Xreck, Preflight '43, Pep Band RUTH HAALAND The Spirit of the Dalton Bus! Chorus '42, '43, '44, Triple Trio '43, Transfer from Wisconsin. ARLENE HAGEN A pessimist? What's that? Speech Club '43, BARBARA HALLETT tSlI-Ie is truly happy who can make others happy too. Band '42, '43, '44, Chorus '41, '42, '43, '44, G.A.A. '41, '42, Otter Staff '44: Jour- nalism Club '43, Triple Trio '44, Latin Club '42, Pep Band '44, Trio '42. FRANCES HANNEMAN Franny always comes prepared. Chorus '44. R.G.C. '41, COLLEEN HANSON She seems so timid and shy-until you get to know her. Chorus '41, '42, '43, '44, Speech Club '43, EUNICE HANSON Nothing is impossible to a willing mind. EUGENE HASSELBLAD "Hass" could make Romeo look like a bashful school boy. Chorus '44, Vice President, Sophomore Class, Basketball '42, '43, Football '42, '43, '44, Track '42, '43, '44, Boys' Octette '44, Preflight '44, Boys' Quartet. DOROTHY HOGLUND She does a lot of beefing-but she gets things done! Chorus '41, '44, Natl. Honor Society '44, G.A.A. '42, '43, Otter Staff '44, Annual Staff '44, Radio Club '44, Journalism Club '43, The House Without A Key: Speech Club '43, ELLA HOLLOWAY Oh! how I hate to get up in the morning! R.G.C. '41, LYLE HOMES A miss in the car is worth two in the engine. Chorus '42, Annual Staff '44, The Ner- vous Wreck '43, Intramural '42, '44, DONALD IERIEN Like a spring onion-he's strong enough for anything. Orchestra '42, '43, The Nervous Wreck '43, MARGIE IVERSEN Margie came to school to study and what is more, she has, she does. and she will, Speech Club '43, Honor Roll. PEARL JACOBSON There's Pearl, there's Pearl, of course there's always Pearl, Dinner Ensemble '43, '44, Orchestra '41. '42, '43, '44, Drama Club. '41, '43, Jour- nalism Club '43, The House Without A Key '44. CECIL JOHNSON Sinatra makes them swoon by singing, all Cecil has to do is talk!! Thespians '43, '44, Radio Club '43, '44, Speech Club '43, Intramural '43, Swept Clean OH Her Feet, The Nervous Wreck, The Eve of St. Mark, The House With- out A Key. MARY ANN JOHNSON We've often wondered what's beyond that shy look. MILDRED .IORGENSON This little welder has a "Truck man." Chorus '43: G.A.A. '43: Otter Stah' '43: Annual Staff '44, Triple Trio '43, R.G.C. '41 HARRIET KALVIK We women may talk too much. but you haven't heard thc half of it! CLA A. CARROLL KASTELLE Carroll has n future in the air-corp, CAROL KVERN My eyes may need glasses. my ears trump- ets, but my tongue will never wear out Chorus '41, Orchestra '42, '43, '44, G.A.A. V12. ALICE MAE LARSON There's something in life for everyone if you look for it-and 1'm looking! R.C..C. 41. 13EVEF.',Y LARSON Some day we're sure to hnd her singing at the Metropolitan Opera. Chorus '41, '42, '43, '44, National Honor Societyg G.A.A. '41, '42, '43, '44g Thes- plans '44g Triple Trio '43, '44: Speech Club '43, Pep Club '41, '43, '43, '44: Latin Club '42, A-of ,r- v-4 swf, ,T A.,, ,J LORHAINE LARSON She not only likes to take dictation. but she's also planning to give it. ROGER LARSON Experience without learning does more good than learning without experience. Basketball '41, '42, '44, Football '41, '42g Track '41, '42, '44, MARCELLA LEE Listen, you guys, my name is Tetta! Band '41, '42, '43, '44g Chorus '41, '43, '44, National Honor Society '44: G.A.A. '41. '42, '43: Otter Staff '43, '44: Annual Staff '44: Thespians '42. '43, '44: Journalism Club '4Rg Chamber Groups '4lg Triple Trio '43: The Nervous Wreck: House Without A Key: Eve of St, Mark: Pep Band '42, '43, '44. COLLEEN LOOMER Make way for the Navy! Chorus '43, '443 G.A.A. '41, '42, '43, '44. WARREN LUEBKE A man among men, but most of all among women. Treasurer. Sophomore Class: National Honor Society '44, Track '41, '42: Otter Sitiff '44: Honor Roll, Intramural '41, '42, MARION LUNDEEN She has a heart with room for every boldly Band '41, '42, '43, '443 G.A.A. '42: Pep Club '41, '42: Latin Club '42: Pep Band '44, CHARLES MALMSTROM I want to be bashful but the girls won't let me. - Intramural '42, '43, '44. GEORGE MAROTTECK It isn't what you do-it's what you can get by with. Chorus '42: Thespians '42g Swept Clean off her Feetg The Nervous Wreckg Intra- mural '42, '44. ARDITH MARPLE Did you ever see anyone who wrinkles up her nose when she laughs as cute as "Pep- per" does? Orchestra '4l. '42, '43, '44, Chorus '41, '43: G.A,A. '43, '44, Triple Trio '43g Latin Club '41, '42. JOYCE MATCHINSKY Together we stand: divided we correspond. Chorus '41, '42. Radio Club '41. AUDREY MELBY When you can lrollerj skate along like Audrey you don't get hard "knocks" G.A.A. '41. EDWARD MELBY He's a "high-point man" with all of us! Chorus '43, '44, Basketball '42, '43, '441 Football '42, '43, '44: Track '42, '43, 441 Preflight '443 Henning: '43 Junior Class Playg President, Junior Class, Basketball. EUNICE MINGE A A hospital Blue Girl. Chorus '43, '44p Drama Club '44p Triple Trio '44g Girls' Octette '43. MARJORIE MOLTER Her smile lights up her eyes. Speech Club '42, '43g R.G.C. '41. 1, HAZEL MORTENSON She likes to get in people's hair-as a beauty operator. R.G.C. '4l. GEORGIA MUSSER Georgia on iChet'sl mind. Speech Club '43. DOROTHY NELSON Always on the go-that's Dorothy. Band '42, '43, '44g Class Office '41p G.A.A. '41, '42, Annual Staff '44g House Without A Keyg Speech Club '43. LORNA NELSON I try to work and do my share. But giggles slip in unaware. Orchestra '41. '42, '43, '44. ROGER NELSON "Rug" practices what he preaches, "You're only young once!" Intramural '41, '42, '43. WILLARD NELSON . Wait a minute-this has to be accurate! Chorus '42, '43, '443 Track '441 Boys' Octette '43, '441 The Pampered Darling: The Nervous Wreck: Preflight '43. LORRAINE NEWMAN A capable nurse in anyone's eye. G.A.A. '41, '42, Speech Club '423 Pep Club '41, '42g R.G.C. '41. GENE RUST IRENE OLSON From an athletic family-she's no excep- tion. G.A.A. '41, '42, Annual Staff. '44, Speech Club '43, PATRICK O'MEARA Take away my good name and take away my life! Chorus '44, Football '41, '42, '43, '44, Annual Staff '44, Triple Quartette. BEVERLY OYEN Every fellow, any fellow, all the fellows! Dinner Ensemble '43, '44, Band '41, '42. '43, '44, Orchestra '41. '42. '43, '44, Chorus '41, President, Senior Class, Na- tional Honor Society '43, '44, G.A.A. '41, '42, Otter Staff '44, Annual Staff '44, Thespians '43, '44, Radio Club '42, 43, '44, Drama Club '41, Student Council '42, Clarinet Quartette '43, Woodwind Quintette '44, The Pampered Darling, Pep Club '41, Saxlutatorian, International Relations Club '42, '43, Latin Club '41, Pep Band '42, '43, '44, D.A.R. Award. ELSIE PEDERSON "Butch" anticipates a happy life-after the war! ELEANOR PEDERSON Round and round she goes but where she goes-nobody knows. Speech Club '43. GLEN PETERSON Glen always has fun cartin' kids around in his Ford. LEROY QUERNEMOEN A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Chorus '41, Radio Club '41, F.F.A. '43, '44, Intramural '42, '43. '44. ARDELL RAMSE Let us enjoy the present, we shall have trouble enough hereafter. JOYCE RIPPIE She doesn't glve a "Rip," ELLERY ROBERTS A real hero-drives a Ford and seldom gets a zero. Dinner Ensemble '43, Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Orchestra '41, Chorus '41, President. Sophomore Class, National Honor Socie- ty '43, '44, Annual Staff '44, Thespians '43, '44, Radio Club '44, Student Council '44, The Pampered Darling, The Ner- vous Wreck. The Eve of St. Mark, House Without A Key, Honor Roll, Interna- tional Relations Club '42, '43, Pep Band '42. '43, '44, Bausch Lomb Science Award. What's G.A.A. without "Rusty"? Chorus '43, G.A.A. '41, '42, '43, '44: Girls' oetette '43, MARIAN SCHIERMANN "I want to be happy." Speech Club '42, '43, R.G.C. '4l. ALICE SCHMIDT Studying seems to be her second nature. Latin Club '42, ARLENE SCHMIDT "Life is what you make lt, so why not make lt worthwhile?" FRANKLIN SCHUTTE Of all the things I like the best, I much prefer to sit and--chew gum! Intramural '41, '42, '43, '44. LEORA SCHUETZE She has a way with tests. National Honor Society '44, G.A.A. '43, '44, Otter Staff '43, '44, Radio Club '41, '43, '44, Speech Club '43, Pep Club '43, '44, Honor Roll. B. ARLENE SKEPSTAD It is our loss that she wasn't with us longer. Honor Roll, Latin Club '42. VIRGINIA SMITH She came to us a stranger. but remains with us a friend. Chorus '41, '42, Class Offices '41, '43, G.A.A. '41, Drama Club '42, Girls' Oc- tgte '42, Honor Roll, Little Fork '41, '42, DORIS STEINBACK Eelng a "hash-thrower" ls secondary with er. Chorus '41, '42, '43, '44. HELEN SUND She's our pride and joy as a bookkeeper. MARIAN SUNDBERG Her red hair doesn't seem to affect her dis- position! Speech Club '43, Otter Staff '43. BEVERLY TENNEY :geep 'em laughing" Battle Lake '41, '42, Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Chorus '41, '42, '43, Junior Class Play, Speech Club '43. PATRICIA THEURER Patty has a way with the sailors. Band '43, '44, Chorus '41, '42, '43, Otter Staff '43, '44, Mixed Octette '43, PAUL THUNSELLE This land was all covered with bushes and weeds, Now it's all covered with Norwegians and Swedes. Football '42, '43, F.F.A. '41, '42, '43, Intramural '41, '42, '43, '44. v VIRGINIA THUNSELLE The patients might say, "I don't want to get well 'cause I'm in love with a beauti- ful nurse." R.G.C. '41. ARLENE TOLLEFSON Smile, and if you can't smile-grin. Chorus '44. WARREN VOLLBRECHT "I wonder if he'll be a cowboy-going around a 'Brandon'." Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Orchestra '41, Chorus '41, National Honor Society '44, Football '42, '43, '44, Otter Staff '43, Annual Staff '44, Thespians '42, '43, '44, Radio Club '44, The Pampered Darling, The Nervous Wreck, Eve of St. Mark, House Without A Key, Intramural '41, '42, '44, Pep Band '42, '43, '44, Inter- national Relations Club '42, Preflight '43. LOIS WEISLANDER Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. Chorus '41, '42, '43, '44, G.A.A. '41, '42, '43, Otter Staff '44, Journalism Club '43, International Relations Club '43. LUCILLE WILLER Just a saiIor's girl at heart! , , Band '41, '42, '43, '443 Pep Band '42, '43, Rcstlcss :us an jumping lmzui! -441 Orchestra '42, '43. '44: Chorus '41: G.A.A. '42: Pep Club '41, Latin Club '42, PAULINE WENINO SHIRLEY WILKINSON VERNON LARSON Oh. the morning after the night before! Ill-r lift- work is no secret! 5- 5, K. STEVE ALNES When he starts to talk . , . Ye Gods. . . how he does talk. Chorus '42, '43, '44, National Honor Society '44: Basketball '42, '43, '443 Track '42, '43, '44g Otter Staff, Student Council '44, Triple Quartette '44: Boys' Octette '43, '44, The House Without A Key, Honor Rollg Intramural '41, '44g Junior Class Play, Thief River Falls '42. GEORGE llAR'l'MAN FRED HORMAN MARVIN STRISSEL Scl1ool's il good place to catch up on my He's "drumming" up trouble for the Axis. Wasliingwn Hlglfs- ElHSt9il'l-H9'S gfiing 10 Slccp, Dinner Ensemble V43. Band -41 -42 43. take a quick trip to Mars tomorrow and Orchestra '43, '443 Pep Band '42, '43, '441 Come back Yeslerdayl Preflight '433 Intramural '43. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY llr-rw frm tho lll'F'F'Il 5-or wont of tllo senior class nntl the tivo por Cont ol the innior class who wt-iw tops in lmrflf-Isliip, c'l1trrttt'tt'br', S'lir:lt11sl1ig', cmd servircx 'l'l1v,- lllv!IlllJ'Q'IS urn Cliurlos Bullowk, Eve-rotto Fuunco, Clitirlvs Estrcni, Wtrrrcxii Vollbrorlit, Stove Alncs, Mfirk Foss, Wfirron Leulvko, Ellery Roberts, Norm-rn Giorqini, Lorrtxine Fenske, Beverly l.-xrson, Mtrrclello Br-rncion, Loom Srliuotze, Dorothy Sullivan, Dorothy l-lotglund, lolyn Eastman, Mtirvellu Lee, Htiodu Clog-ter, W-,xivu Strlislnury, Puultr lolinson, Nancy Underwood, Eliznlzetli Hab- lierstud, Gnnovu Berqlund, Putririu lvlorken, Phyllis Burl-Co, mind Beverly Oyen. 24 '1 REPRESENTATIVE SENIORS DOROTHY FROSLIE: "What's the matter with 'Friz'?" "She's all right." "Who says so?" "We all say so." For four years Dorothy has led the cheering section of Fergus High. Sometimes We marveled at any one person's possessing so much pep and energy-especially at 9:30 in the morning when a pep fest was included in the convocation program. Her devotion to sports, especially to football and basketball, was wonderful to behold, In spite of the fact that she worked at Norby's after school every day and on Saturday, Dorothy participated in band, G.A.A., and Thespians. She was a member of the annual staff, and furthered the democracy of our institution by serving on the student council for two years. We hope that the "Queen of the Otters" will succeed elsewhere as she has here ELLERY ROBERTS. Something important going on? Ellery's in it! Ellery around? Something im- portant will happen! That sums up Ellery as we know him-never a dull moment from morning to night. Ellery's leadership in extrafcurricular activities, including Thespians, radio club, and International Relations was certainly deserving of special recognition. He gained a high rank on the Honor Roll, was a member of the National Honor Society, and as a reward for his outstanding accomplishments in his science classes, he received the Bausch-Lomb science award. For many years he was a mainstay of the band and he also displayed special ability as a soloist on his sousaphone. lf there's a difficult character part in a play, Ellery is your man. He has given excellent portrayals of everything from a pampered darling to a nervous wreck. His ever-present wit and smooth personality will carry him far on the road to success. '11 uf 'tv N NORMAN GIORGINI: Would this little realm of ours collapse without this quiet, efficient, son o' the soil, Norman Giorgini? One would almost think so when we think of his accomplishments. Norman's studiousness won for him the rank of valedictoriang he was president of the National Honor Society, and also received the V.F.W. award. Play practice for several plays took up many of his after school and after supper hours. Being the announcer for the "School of the Air" sent his clear, distinct voice out over the air waves. He proved a valuable addition to the football team and to intramural sports. Norman's non-participation in the pleasures of "coke, girls, and song" is repre- sentative of quite a few of the senior boys, but he did have a good time anyway, and we believe that his "formal" education and his hard work will bring big dividends in the future. BEVERLY OYEN: "Bev" is the gal who puts her gray matter to good use and still manages to "get around"-all of which makes for quite a combination. Her seemingly ceaseless ambition accounts for her not only taking an active part in extra-curricular activities but also for working at the hospital and clinic before and after school. She belonged to Thespians, International Relations, and served faithfully as a clarinetist ir: the band for four years. As a result of her work in high school she was one of the initial members of the National Honor Society, salutatorian, and recipient of the D.A.R. award. At present she is interested in nursing, but no matter what her life work may be, fortune will surely smile on her. HCDNCDRARY AWARDS up-QL lsr-26 'nl R at qpaigx- W4 Two good citizens, Mardelle and Norman, are the recipients ot the V.F.W. good citizenship medals. This award is given on the basis of scholarship, leadership, courage, loyalty, temperance, and cooperation. The war didn't stop the Bausch 6 Lomb Optical Com- pany 'from Qivinq the science award again this year. Ellery, whose ambition is to be a chemist, has made exceptional progress in science studies dur- inq his high-school career. ig-Q-'f ,X ft , Beverly, the proud wearer ot the DAR. citizenship pin, en- joyed a trip to the state Conven- tion in Minneapolis last March. Dependability, service, leader- ship, and patriotism are the basis for which this pin is given. STUDENT CGUNCIL Standing, left to right: Paula lohnsonj Genevieve Mobraten, Wallace Brudviq, Marcella Faunce. Seated, left to right: Steve Alnes, Benny Heinze, Ellery Roberts, Dorothy Froslie, Mark Foss. Democracy reigns in Fergus High through our Student Council. In previous years, anything the council has undertaken has come off with a bang and this year was no exception. Our student council is a body of the students, by the students, and for the students' benefit. OFFICERS Ellery Roberts .......... President Benny Heinze ...... Vice President Dorothy Froslie--- D... Secretary ANNUAL STAFF Editorsfin-chief N, Class Editors ..,, Organization Editors ..s. --Lorraine Penske Vtfarren Vollbrecht Mardelle Brandon Steve Alnes --- ,lolyn Eastman Ellery Roberts Business Managers ,vo,. ,.--,Charles Bullock Feature Editors ,w,, Sports Editorss-, Sales -- Typists ..,, Dorothy Nelson Pat O'Meara ,Dorothy Hoqlund Marcella Lee s-----lrene Olson Norman Giorqini - - - - -Dorothy Froslie Virginia Smith Everett Eaunce Lyle Homes - - - - - - -Grace Erickson Mildred lorqenson Beverly Oyen 2 S Q 4Q',,n-v -1 ,. 5'- f W ,fig-Q ,-s2?" ' ' I , my . ', 'WVR PM W fs' MARCHING BAND A parade in Perens just wouldn't be complete without the pres' ence of the inarchinq band. lf has paraded for many city affairs as well as for school activities. A Command performance was qiven at our annual Homecoming. Each appearance was commendable and definitely enjoyed hy everyone! M!-XIORETTES These girls lead the band and do it expertly. They have also qiven several bafon twirlinq exhibitions. They are- Neoma Garberq,Annlyne Drews, Alice Garberq, Geneva i Berqlund. C O N C E R T B A N D li the band plays we are assured of a good attendance at any program! The band has made many appearances during the year. The convocation that it presented in lanuary was proof enough that the student body thought the band was "tops". CORNETS Milton Glende Marilyn lohnson Wallace Brudviq Barbara Hallett Howard Alm Mary Niehels Harvey Orndorfi leanne Bmndal Dorothy Nelson lean Frisch Marcella Faunce Marion lohnson BARITONES Catherine Eloersviller Shirley Evenson Grace Gamble TUBA Lorraine Penske Alice Garberg PERCUSSION Fred Horman James Bailey George Ruliison Patricia Theurer Karlene Ramberq FRENCH HORN Lucille Willer Annlyne Drews Lorna Fairbanks ALTO HORN Maurice Lund lames Rosenberg BASS CLARINET Donn Olson SOUSAPHONE TROMBONES Ellery Roberts William Vollbrecht Patricia Morken Delos Dunlap ALTO SAXOPHONE Morris Firkins Elaine Mastrud Audrey Anderson Donald Ohe Mary Lou Duhn TENOR SAXOPHONE Warren Vollhrecht BARITONE SAXOPHONE Iolyn Eastman BASSOON Mardelle Brandon SOPRANO SAXOPHONE Elaine Brandt CELLO Maxine lohnson Neoma Garberq FLUTES Duane Larson Marcella Lee Alice Ash Phyllis Barke Donna Waylander Valieanne Larson OBOE Ruth Lundeen CLARINETS Beverly Oyen Beverly Boen Dorothy Froslie Marian Lundeen Marilyn Drager Geneva Berglund Beverly Tenney Florence Beck Duane Wethinq Beverly Opsal Robert Dieseth Russell Evjen Connie Gleride Marilyn Isaacson Maribelle Elliott O R C I-I E S T R A The orchestra performs when more soothing music is desired. They were an added attraction at the class plays and also presented their own radio broadcast. Although it is small, we are proud of it. BASSOON Mardelle Brandon CELLO Maxine Iolinson Nr-oma Garherq TROMBONE Patricia Morken FLUTE Alice Ash Duane Larson BASS s Alice Garberq FRENCH HORNS Lucille Willer Annlyne Drews Lorna Fairbanks VIOLIN Pearl Iacobson Esther Grabarkewitz Earl Schultz Paul Nycklemoe Carol Kvern Lorna Nelson Ardith Marple Irene Rund La Verna Van Meter Harlow Irqens' Charlene Drews Sylvia Grotte' Geraldine Hasselblad Salley Hanson' Kathryn Laney' Elaine Way' Ruth Morken' Mildred Straus' CORNETS Wallace Bruclviq Ieanne Brendal Mary Niebels Marcella Faunce A Marilyn Iohnson IS FOR IR. HIGH PIANO Iolyn Eastman VIOLA Kathleen Moen Frances Morken Gwenneth The-de OBOE Ruth Lundeen PERCUSSION George Rulitson Fred Harman BASS CLARINET Donn Olson CLARINETS Beverly Oyen Florence Beck Geneva Berqlund IST SOPBANOS Carol Berg Lorraine Bredeson lane Crays Laverne Gothe Ruth Haarsticlc Elizabeth Habberstad Patty Hanson Gwennelyn Hattling Betty Lou Kielmeyer Marcella Lee Phyllis Mobraten Arlene Pederson Marilyn Robertson Eunice Salness Anne Stock Nancy Underwood IST TENORS Gene Hasselblad Leroy Newton Arthur Stortroen Doyle Tomhave A CAPPELLA CHOIR The chorus is an important and large organization. lt has performed for con- vocations and special occasions during the year. They made an appearance at Alexandria School as an exchange concert for the previous year. Under the efficient direction of Miss Nora Lunde the chorus was a huge success. 2ND SOPRANOS Deloris Bloornquist Doris Bloomquist Betty Braaten Marcella Brause Florence Dohrer Colleen Hanson Dorothy Hoqlund Dorothy Iensen loyce Iohnson Beverly Larson Grace Otnes Betty Rian Lorraine Schiermarm Elaine Thompson ZND TENORS Steve Alnes Alton Baglien Owen Kohler Willard Nelson Glen Maack MEMBERS I ST ALTOS Ruth Bergerud Beverly Braaten Marion Drager Lorraine Penske Betty I-lultman Ada LeMont Eunice Minqe Genevieve Mobraten Evelyn Pederson Arlene Nelson Marion Schreiber Ioyce Trosvik Doris Steinback IST BASS Iames Berqerucl Iames Bailey William Drechsel Byron Iohnson Donald Ohe 2ND ALTOS Alta Anderson Audrey Anderson Frances Hanneman Ruth Haaland lean Neuman Marie Olson Ioyce Stock Dorothy Sullivan Elaine Tjaden Arlene Tolletson Ioyce Twedt Barbara Hallett Mary Budack Colleen Loomer ZND BASS Lorain Anderson Charles Bullock Harold Dohlen Bennett Holman Ed Melby Pat O'Meara Paul Tliede Ik 1.4 Xx Gcrlrriril has nothina on this talented fellow. Prior to his: enlistment in the Navy in lanuary, "Milt" appeared many times as a soloist in the ZVQ years he was with us. MUSlC HATH lTS CHARMS A zzolrivt VlTU'l,llit ot voices lorrn the Boys' Qcdtet, Triple Trio, and Triple Quartet. They have not made as many arirnoararrcef1 as we would have liked, hut they had a part in each Chorus ap- pearance, The Boys' Qt-'tet provided music for numerous ocrtasions and received deserved rocofrrrition oavlr tirrro. lVlorrrl'vor'1: ol tho qroups are: Boys' Octet. Lorain Anderson, RlC"l1FIVClB9lIllGT, l,oroy Newton, Steve Alnos, Paul Tlrede, 'VVill- ard Nelson, Art Stortroen, Gene l'las:selhlad. Triple Trio Beverly Larson, Lorraine Penske, Dorothy Sullivan, Marie Olson, Narroy Under- wood, Eunire Minae, Arlene Pederson, Geno- viove Molvraten, Barbara Hallett not pictured. Triple Quartet Ruth Beraerud, Mary Budaclc, lflairro Tiadon, leroy Newton, LaVerne Gothe, Paul 'lllreflo Ruth llaarsticlc, Pat Q'Meara, Eli- zalretlr l-lalsherstad, Steve Alnes, Lorain An- derson, Gene Hasselblad not pictured. Trumpet Trio The music played by this group, the Trumpet Trio, Whether it be a lullabyt or a rhapsody, will be clear and ex- pressive. The girls who make up this group are: Mary Neibals, Marily n Iohnson, and Ieanne Brendal. String Quartet Each orchestra possesses members who have special talent and ability. Such a group make up the String Quartet. They have made numerous appear- ances in public and over the air. They are: Gwenneth Thede, Maxine Iohnson, Esther Grabarkewitz, Earl Schultz. Woodwind Quintet The Woodwind Quintet is an entirely new chamber group. They have had very few opportunities to practice: therefore this group is not too often heard-not too well known. They are: Duane Larson, Mardelle Brandon, Donn Qlson, Beverly Qyen, Ruth Lundeen. "Sweet and Low" are the sounds emit- ted from the 'coils of the monstrous in- strument played by Ellery. His versa- tility on the instrument ranges from "classical" to "swing". . Making up Charlie "l-ICUSE WITHOUT A KEY" Minerva Winterslip-Dorothy Proslie S e H i 0 I' Harry Iennison-Steve Alnes Kamaikui-Grace Gamble lim Egan-Cecil Iohnson Madame Maynard-Dorothy Hoqlund Charlotta Eqan-Marcella Lee Charlie Chan-Norman Giorqini C I at S S Arlene Compton-Mardelle Brandon Dick Kaohla,-Everette Faunce Mrs. Brade-Rhoda Cloeter Barbara WinterslipADorothy Nelson Mrs. Ransom-Pearl Iacobson Iohn Quincy Winterslip-Ellery Roberts at Y Mr. Saladine-Warren Vollbrecht Barbara Winterslip returns to her home in Honolulu to discover that her tather has been mysteriously murdered, and that the veteran detective, Charlie Chan, is in charge. With Barbara is her highly correct cousin, Iohn Quincy. who has come to fetch his elderly aunt back home to Boston. Various suspects have been found, tor Dan Winterslip's career has not been irreproachable. There is a story ot buried gold, a mysterious chest to whose ownership a jewel- ed pin is the clue. The pin was found by the floor near his body and it is sur- mised that a certain woman may have dropped it there. Suspicion points to numerous other suspects, some of whom had excellent reasons for murdering Winterslip. The murderer, of course, turned out to be the one least suspected -Harry Iennison. Assistant Student Coach-Beverly Larson, Prompter-Barbara Hallett: Co- Staqe Manaqers-Charles Bullock, Lorain Anderson: Property Committee Chairman-Colleen Loomer. Rehearsal Scenes Mrs. Clover-Gwenneth Thede Iohnny Clover-Alex Sample Mr. Clover-Duane Wething Spud Erwin,-Steve l-lalvorson Susan Blake-Phyllis Barke Betsy ErwinePat Kimball Martha Willard--Nancy Under "EVER SINCE EVE" lunior Class Play Officer Simmonsfkrvid Torgerson Henry Quinn-Bennett Holman Lucybelle L9E?7CODHl9 Glende Preston Hughes-Merwyn Nelson Members of football team-f lames Bailey, Lorne Kenitzer, Don Per- kins, Mark Foss, Robert Dieseth. The play was one typical ot high school students. The plot centered around the production of the school paper. Iohnny Clover and Spud Erwin made plans and preparations only to have them completely upset by Susan Blake and Betsy Erwin. Complications were numerous but in the end every- thing turns out quite well as Iohnny and Susan decide to be friends and at- tend the school prom together. Production Staff: Asst. Student Coach-Elizabeth Habberstad, Stage Mgr.- Merwyn Nelson, Prop. Chr.--Buth Haarstick, Ticket and Program Chr.- Pat Morken. ACT WELL YOUR PART -and they certainly did. The two-act play, The Eve of St. Mark, which the Thespians presented in March, was a huge success. Other projects, under- taken, were radio broadcasts and a convocation. Officers are: Pres., Nor- man Giorqinig V. Pres, Elizabeth Hab- berstadg Sec., Lorraine Penske, Treas., Brimhall Bradford, and Clerk, Paula Iohnson. "On Fergus" The Pep Band, which is directed by Mr. Hedlund and composed of members of the Concert Band, played at all Home football and basketball games. They also played at both the District and Regional Basketball Tournaments at Moorhead, thru the assistance ot the athletic department. Are You With Us? These peppy little gals helped to put plenty of enthusiasm into our cheering section at the games. These girls, the Iunior-Hi cheerleaders are Io Ann Deiseth, Ierry Iensen, and Pearl Miller. Lets Have a "Team Rah" Dorothy Froslie, Paula Iohnson, and loyce l-lagge, our blond Senior-Hi cheer- leaders, are tops, as has been evi- denced by the inspiration which they have been for the team, and student body. Whether losing or winning, these girls have been right out there, giving their all. GCOD MORNING STUDENTS AND . . Every Wednesday morning at 11:15, Fergus Hi goes on the air with a program of its own, originating in its studios in Washington Hi. Each department in both junior and senior high school presents one program. The performances of the Radio Club include several radio broadcasts and two convocations. The announcer this year was Nor- man Giorgini, with Warren V011- brecht as Newscaster and Dorothy Hoglund as Feature Reporter. Tech- nicians were Billy Vollbrecht, Delos Dunlap, Paul Thede, Duane Wething, and Art Barke. The faculty advisor and instructor was Mr. Carlson. DRAMA CLUB Amateur actors find a training camp for the National Thespian Society in the Drama Club. As evi- dence of this ambition, they have the play, "Why the Chimes Rang", which was presented at Christmas time, and a radio broadcast, also pre- sented at Christmas time. Aviation-Profession ot the Future Aeronautics definitely has an im- portant part in the future. For this reason, a Pre-Flight class has been organized under the guidance of Mr. Carlson. This group meets two nights a week in the chemistry rooms to study the science of aeronautics. G. A. A. Physically Fit -that describes these girls who meet once a week in the new gym under the direction of Miss lrmen. Some of the sports in which they had scheduled tournaments include-bas ketball, badminton, and volleyball. Officers are: lean Rust, presidentg and Virginia Fabian, secretary. Food for Freedom- F. A. A. These are the men of tomorrow who will be feeding the nation. They meet once cz week under the leader- ship of Mr. Halverson, Vocational Agriculture instructor, to study the tundamentals of farming. Officers ot the club are: Pres., Stan Erickson: V. Pres., Victor Hansony Sec., Russell Vilceslandg Treas., Goodwin Erland- song and Reporter, Doyle Tomhave. First Ftow: Schultz, Perkins, Kilde, Hallet, Nelson. TIME Second Bow: Hasselblad, Faunce, Aune, lanke, O'Meara, Nyman, Giorqini, Peterson, Thunselle. Third Row: Asst. Coach Pearce, Dieseth, Melby, Foss, Matchirisky, Bristol, Vollbrecht, Alnes, Bs-imer, Perkins, Mr, Christensen, Coach McLeod. Although the Otters were weakened considerably by injuries about the middle of the season, they managed to come through with a .500 percentage. Coaches McLeod and Pearce took the team to Wahpeton for the first game where they battled to a 7-7 tie. The Fargo Midgets proved too much for the Otters as they dropped a 14 to 21 decision to them in the second game. The Otters trampled their next two opponents, Barnesville and Staples, by scores of 46 to U and 39 to 6 respectively. ln the next game the Qtters bowed to mighty St. Cloud 31 to 6. Breckenridge next fell before the Otter charge 21 to O. Moor- head upset the Otter homecoming 14 to U. And in the final game Fergus Falls and Alexandria wound up in a 13-13 deadlock. By virtue of his fine performances at left half back, Evie Faunce was placed on the All-State Team. Pat O'Meara and Steve Alnes also received honorable mention. THE SCORES Fergus Falls ,... ............. . .Wahpeton 7 Fergus Falls ..... Fargo 21 Fergus Falls .Barnesville O Fergus Falls ..... Staples 6 Fergus Falls ..St, Cloud 31 Fergus Falls Breckenridge O Fergus Falls .Moorhead 14 Fergus Falls Alexandria 13 EVIE FAUNCE All,State Halfback Football Award '1 .0 4' HASSELBLAD -has GIORGINI SENICDR rf if Q C ROY D. MCLEOD Head Fooiball Coach Head Basketball Coach ROBERT PEARCE IRV CIMISTENQON ASS1SlGnl Football Coach Alnlell Dmector As xstcmt Baskelball Coach Physmal Educauon I Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Fergus Falls ............ Fergus Falls ... ... Fergus Falls .. First row: Nelson, Larson, Alnes, Faunce, Melby. Second row: Foss, Gulbranson, Bristol, Beimer, Coach McLeod, With all but one of last year's lettermen returning, Coaches McLeod and Pearce proceeded to mold the Otters into a championship team. They started rather slowly, dropping several games by one and two-point margins. After Christmas vacation, however, the Otters were break- ing into the "win" column regularly, When the season ended, the Otters had l0 wins to their credit against 8 defeats. During the course oi the season, the Otters broke two winning streaks, Elbow Lakes 8 game winning streak and West Fargo's 23 game streak. Going into the district tournament the Otters were determined to take the championship. They coasted through the opening round against Perham with the reserves playing most of the game. In the semi-finals the Otters were paired against Moorhead. lt was a hardetought coritost, but the Otters came out victorious, 30 to 25. ln the championship game the Otters sguaredeoft against the Detroit Lakers. ln a strictly defensive game the Otters came out victorious and were Crowned district champions. Ed Melby, Steve Alnes, and Evie Faunce were placed on the All-District Team. In the first game of the regional tournament, the Otters bowed in defeat before a tough Crosby- lronton team. In the consolation game the Otters were easy winners over Alexandria, 60 to 38. Ed Melby and Roger Larson were placed on the All-Regional Team. BASKETBALL SCORES t PelicanRapids... .....30 l ....Z7 Fargo......... .....3l ....30 Wahpeton .. .....40 ....33 Alexandria .....3l ....36 Sacred Heart.... .....Z2 ....ZS Moorhead .. .....25 ....34 Elbowl,ake... .....31 ....38 Breckenridge ,.,,.28 ....SS Barnesviilc .....29 . . . .20 Detroit Lakes .. .....29 ....20 ElbowLake... .....27 ....34 Moorhead .....43 ....30 Breckenridge ... .....29 ....26 Alexandria .....2l ....30 Detroit Lakes .. .....3l ....45 Barnesville .....27 ....34 Pelican...., ...Zi ....SO WestFargo ...22 First row: Brudvig, Perkins, Aune, Peterson. Second row: Coach Pearce, Nyman, Dieseth, Elliott, larike Manager Hallett. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT REGIONAL TOURNAMENT '49 perhgm . D , , .28 Fergus Falls ............. 22 Crosby ..... . . . .39 .30 Moorhead . . . . .25 Fergus Falls .... .... 6 0 Alexandria . . . . . .38 ....29 Detroit Lakes... ...l9 W 1 if 3 Qfiw if E Q nv 'E A 5 1 5 22 , ...- ' Wm, 4 wa HQ 55 p , . 5' 'J 0 xr H 1.1 ,r P K K 4-M 5' iii' sew Sad? twang., or. Q 1 E 1 Q I' 5 . . R- :' y A "" za" 1 5 U G u -,,.1---' '- , -w'.- I if-if f, , ' nf . . , X. fw? - 2, ' 9 gf' ' ', ,,1.'A' . ' -'FT J L" fp M 3 71' Wlwfs 'N , Ng"fV :' ' fy, C, LL 1 v ' in Wil Y ,J - if 575 "fbi, -f .v Xu F ,241 iff Q ,LQ...4 First row: Aune, Hasselblad, Dieseth, Bailey. Second row: Butcher, Perkins, Faunce, Beimer, Larson, and Coach Herrmann. tnot on picture are Coach Hall and Fred Andersonl TRACK The 1943 track team, under the direction of coaches Hall and Herrmann, made a very good showing. ln the Rotary Invitational Track Meet held in Fer- gus Falls, Bob Dieseth placed 5th in the 440 yd. dash: and Dick Beimer placed 3rd in the discus throw, 2nd in the high jump, lst in the shot put and 4th in the 880 yd. dash. ln the district meet Bob Dieseth placed 4th in the 440 yd. dash: Fred Anderson placed lst in the low hurdles, and lst in the broad jump: Evie Faunce placed 2nd in the broad jump: Gene Hasselblad placed 2nd in the 220 yd. dash and 3rd in the l00 yd. dash: Dick Beimer placed 4th in the 880 yd. dash, 8rd in the high jump, 2nd in the shot put, and lst in the discus throw. Fred Anderson placed 2nd in the low hurdles and Dick Beimer placed 3rd in the shot put. By virtue ot his placing in the low hurdles, Fred Anderson participated in the state track meet. Plans have been made to hold the Rotary and Regional track meets in Fergus Falls on May 6 and 20 respectively. INTPLAMURAL A Under the supervision ot Athletic Director lrv. Christenson, an extensive intramural program was introduced into Fergus Hi. Every boy in the senior hi was placed on a team. An entire round of basketball was played by the teams, followed by a double-elimination tournament. The Rum Dum team, managed by Steve Alnes, won the championship. Mem- bers are: Front Row left to right-Elliott, Bailey, Anderson, Norton, Second Row left to right- Vollbrecht, Haskell, Alnes, Luebke, Heinze. NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCI-IOLASTIC SOCIETY First row: Giorqini, Vollbrecht, Alnes, Faunce, Melby. Second row: Mr. Christerison tsponsorl, Perkins, Bristol, Beimer, Foss. This organization was formed in 1925 for the purpose ot fostering high scholarship among boy athletes, stimulating a desire for balanced training, elevating the ideals of sportsmanship, and developing more outstanding leaders in the secondary schools of the United States. Any high school junior or senior is eligible providing he has earned an athletic letter by taking an active part in either a major or a minor sporty his average for three consecutive semesters, before, at the time ot, or after he has earned his letter is equal to or higher than the general average of the school: and that he has shown the highest type of citizenship or sportsmanship. ED MELBY All District team All Regional team W. D, Bruce Award 'Q .:. ,. ,Qs The big Irishman. W " ff Mil . My, c1ren'i these work excuses V' " t Our representative seniors! convenient! M, The modest Lee qirls. HA er 1 ik if ff, UE 1 g n, 752332 W . ',Ygf?ijf .jfihaf : lvl-F.-h ' . I . U gg ' ' X 2, . + f ,gpg sl i fm--.W pw, 4 if. , " T 7 if ' - ' ' 5,41 , The Inner Sanctum. ,. lk 'H' ,. . ' :eh 3, ,M.M.,.a,qv7q- - ri Maw ' ' if China Doll. . rf ' f w fl.- gfi or Na- ik The Open Mouth Policy! via- Y A :X ,V Why so qlum, chum? '. --em! 1 fm-fir," .3 ,,,, ,new egg , 5,3-'vnu - v i Did she hit cz tack- Look cri ihe books' 'T A joik in cz skoii, Leg cxrt I Ooogooh Frgqqgnkeeeeeell Greater love hoih no womcm. INTO THE PAST Remember 'way back in grade school what a treat we considered it to get chocolate milk instead of just plain milk for our mid-morning repast? And how in the spring we had to drink it right away so it wouldn't get hot? .... Forever and everlasting, the favorite recess games were always pump pump pullaway and stealing sticks. On days when we couldn't go outside it was eraser tag . . . . . Remember the day over at Madison when little Evie Faunce made Chuckie Estrem pay him 15 cents for a birthday present because there were no eats furnished? ..... In those days the keyword to possession was "dibbies." And the plea for a hand-out was "Aw, come on! Bute!" unless tho other guy could get in "No buts!" before you spoke up . . . . Remember how little Dorothy Hoglund invariably traipsed into school every day with a new species of butterfly to show Teacher be- fore adding it to her already sizable collection? ..... Remember how proud we were when we became sixth graders and could take on that very responsible task of being school patrols? We always got an ice cream cone at the end of the year as a reward for our heavy duties . . . . . Remember the time Georgia Musser declared she was going to be a tap dancer? And Chuck Estrem's ambition was to be a mis- sionary! ..... Remember how we always believed that snap dragons really did snap? And how we steered clear of those blue beetles be- cause they had needles for noses and would stitch up your mouth good and proper if you ever told a lie? Remember when we entered the junior high school as timid little seventh graders? The way we dashed around wild-eyed the first day of school asking the first person we bumped into, please, where was Room 71 or what floor was Miss Whosit's room on? ,.... Remember how we always walked single file in straight orderly lines from class to class, never getting out of line by a fraction of an inch? Now when we have occasion to go over on the junior high side, we usually find our progress completely halted by a solid little line of seventh or eighth graders solemnly marching to their classes. Slight contrast from the senior high side-eh, what?!! ..... Remember the home room clubs every Friday? The girls always brought their embroidery and the boys messed around either with stamp collections or else those crazy little model airplanes ..... Remember the day Barb Hallett and Tetta Lee were sent to the of- fice for leaning out the window in the girls' locker room? .... Remem- ber how all the boys flocked to the cooking class when the idea was first inaugurated in F. F. H. S.? How cute the girls thought it was that those poor dizzies wanted to learn to cook? .... Of course you boys wouldrrft remember this, but do you girls remember the first day of gym class in seventh grade when we had to take showers? We were so very modest and so painfully embarrassed! We stood around with our towels wrapped carefully about us grinning at each other for about five minutes before anyone got up nerve enough to go in-and at that with their towels still wrapped around them. Wasn't Elsie Peder- sen the first brave soul to venture forth? .... Of course the highlight of every freshman's career is always Fresh- man Night. Remember ours 'way back in 1940? Do you remember the officers who were initiated? Donnie Larson was president, Mardelle Brandon was vice president, Dorothy Nelson was the secretary, and Chuck Bullock was treasurer. Remember how Mr. Haaby, the recently wed seventh grade history teacher, had to demonstrate to a lifesize cardboard Coca Cola girl how he proposed to his wife? And how poor Miss Mtdthun had to do a balancing act on the little conductor's platform held a foot off the ground while she leaned on Mr. Gustaf- son? Yes, it was quite a party ..... Remember the day in ninth grade when Miss Mitchell made Marion Lundeen and Lucille Willer go to the washroom and wipe off their lipstick? Remember in senior high how we always hollered so loud and long about those blessed little Unity for Victory and Unity for Peace themes-and never got any results? Well, there's one pleasant thought in connection with them-You always experienced such a feeling of re- lief when they were handed in-for that year, at least ..... Of course you all remember tas who could forgetll the episode of the velvet bow ties. There is history in the making, dear readers. Long flowing ones, they were, in the most delicate of shades. And who started the fad? None other than our dear friend, Mr. Ellery Roberts -closely followed by Warren Vollbrecht and Carroll Kastelle tto men- tion but a few of the demented malesl. But when the master scientist of the age, Marvin Strissel, made his appearance with a red velvet bow tie fluttering in the breeze, that was the touch 'sublime. Bring me the icebag, Mother. lt's just too much for me ..... Remember in our junior year the slam book fad that was started? And how Mr. Bechtel finally had to intervene? Those deals were pretty rugged. But at least you got to know what the other fellow thought ..... Remember that day in our junior year when we sat up in the music room while a red hot debate raged about us concerning the ques- tion ofa junior-senior banquet? Who would think that such thunderous oratory could emit from the lips of such outwardly shy and reticent per- sonalities as Steve Alnes fthe Senatorl, Patrick Henry O'Meara, Brad Brimhall, and Warren Luebke! Remember the growing excitement over the petition, the climax occurring when a two-thirds majority was reached? For a while it looked like a little more than friendly rivalry between the two "parties" But the banquet itself proved very con- clusive evidence to all of us that it was well worth the time and effort that was necessary to make it a success ..... Remember when Sin- atra first struck the hearts of all red-blooded female members of the F. F. H. S. student body? And the pictures and pictures and pictures of Frankie in every possible size, shape, and pose decorating every locker of every loyal Swooner? Remember the utter contempt with which the boys beheld those pictures-and the tems drooling over them? Remember how absurdly happy we felt that night at the district tournament when Fergus received the lEl44 championship trophy? How proud of "the boys" we were? Isn't it a wonderful feeling to remember that the year we were seniors, our school basketball team, four out of the first five of whom were seniors, won the district tournament? We had a right to be proudl ..... Remember the gruesome physical fit- ness program innovated in this time-honored and time-worn institution the year we reached the rank of seniors-just one year too soon to suit us? Those much loved "conditioning" units which far from con- ditioned us? On the contrary, it took about six weeks thereafter to recover from theml ..... ' Remember when we were seventh graders how we looked up at the seniors as if they were some brand of white gods? They seemed ages older than we were. Then as we grew older, each succeeding class of seniors grew younger. When we reached our junior year, we wondered how we could have thought seniors were so old. And after we became seniors ourselves, we were amazed at how young we still felt-in spite of ourselves! Ah, well, such is life .... And so we leave the past to proceed into the future-with a very interesting prophecy of the years to come . . . . . suv INTG THE FUTURE After that long tiresome journey from the past, bumping up and down in the old AA-26, how excited we are to be skimming into the future in our streamlined FF-44. Once inside this special airplane de- signed by Marvin Strissel and Donald lerien, we're able to look thru the new futuriscope and see what our former classmates are doing to keep out of mischief. tBy the way, this is the same machine Marvin used to go to Mars in. He made the trip in record time and got back the day before yesterday.l The readers twe do hope there will be a fewl must remember that we are traveling at such terrific rate of speed -faster than a bullet, faster than a speeding locomotive, and even faster than Superwoman Dorothy Nelson-that we can't possibly see everyone, but what we do get a glimpse of is quite authentic. Isn't it super duper to be whizzing through the clouds instead of study- ing? But look! There's a great tall factory. That must be where Pat O'Meara and Bugs Gamber manufacture lefsa and stolerolapulsa for the Scandinavians of the surrounding country. Ah ha, it looks like Ellery Roberts is booked up for another tour of Minnesota with his "Bevy of Beautiful Babes" starring Susan Hayward. His famous troupe is presented under the auspices of the General Ex- tension Division of the University of Minnesota. Margaret Alsaker has just been promoted to the position of head telephone operator at French. Roger Larson owns a ballet troupe in New York. He's rapidly be- coming wealthy since he doesn't have to pay his star ballerina. tNa- turally, a wife doesn't ever get much, does she, Gwennie?J Oh my! "Meatball" Melby has turned vegetarian and refuses to eat anything but shredded lettuce and beet tops. Rhoda Cloeter must have changed her mind about certain things because now she owns a factory which turns out slack ensembles- snood, organdie blouse, slacks, striped anklets and pumps. You may get the complete outfit for only 33.65. Better put in your order today. Kenny Braatz, manager of the Lyric Theaters, Inc., has a chain of twelve show houses in neighboring communities. lolyn takes tickets in the afternoon and the four little ones serve as ushers. Nothing like keeping it in the family! Marion Lundeen has settled down on a turkey farm east of Pelican Rapids. Also in the vicinity is Beverly Boen, who is the girls' athletic director at the Pelican High School. Iva Mae Boren and Shirley Wilkinson, who are now grandmothers, seem to be handing out advice to former classmates just starting their marital careers. The head mistress of a very exclusive iinishing school for girls is Alice Ash. Speaking about schools-Ieanette Carlson is conducting a Charlotte Atlast course for puny boys who want to become MEN. You should see the finished products! Warren Vollbrecht, "King of Burlesque," is the manager of the Alvin Theater. Among his troupe of burlesque queens are Virginia Smith and Alice Beske. Lorraine Fenske is making quite a hit as a blues singer and Ordean Larson acts as chief bouncer. Glen Peterson and Grace Gamble have formed the Peterson and Gamble Taxi and Transport Service. Glen keeps the Ford hot taking calls, and Grace operates a fast line between Fergus Falls and Elbow Lake. Leora Schutze is the supervisor of a large New York office. She has almost fifty girls in her charge and among the fastest ttypists, of coursel are Harriett Kalvick and Arlene Hagen. When not sleeping, Vernie Larson still matches nickels for a living. His income tax for last year amounted to S6,973.47. Patti Theurer has transferred her affections to the army. Norman Giorgini, tTommy Manville lll, the society playboy, has been married and divorced eight times. He is at present madly in love with a movie starlet and has very favorable prospects for his ninth attempt. loyce Rippie and Colleen Loomer are co-professors of German at Harvard. They attribute their success to the valuable training they received in high school. Mary Budack and Franklin Schutte have bought out the Wrigley Company. Willie Nelson has written a book to prove his point that just be- cause you give a girl your class ring, that doesn't mean you have to go steady with her. ' Dorothy Froslie is a cheerleader for Crosby-Ironton. Go CI! Go! Go CII Go! Go CI! Go! On his daily radio program over KGDE, Daniel Erickson, who is in partnership with Mr. Anthony, gives advice to all those victims of Cupid's arrows who are suffering from heart trouble. "Slip" Evenson is running a properous petticoat factory. Mardelle Brandon has accepted the position of campaign manager for the Republican party. Steve Alnes, former man about town, has become disgusted with the society in which he formerly circulated and has retired to a cave in the mountains. He refuses to speak to anyone save his two bosom buddies, Stanny and Bobby. Warren Luebke has just been appointed to the position of Poet Laureate by King George Marotteck of Corntopia, one of the new coun- tries formed after World War ll. Eleanor Pederson has started a beauty shop on the Fiji Islands. Instead of giving permanent waves, she specializes in the "De-kinker." That tough old line sergeant, Brad Brimhall, is still in the army and is still yelling at the trembling rookies to "pull in dat rutten podl" H Which is the bigger bag- Dorothy or the paper one? Three mon on a course. Down on the farm, !PreD occupied Kerriiory. Who says they're ladies? N Sunny boy. Harrie! must be camera-shy. The age of innocence. if Hay! You're heading for a fall gl .W Oh, What rr Br-iniliful Morning! The Dreamer. Varqa art. Ah, the beauties of the Great Northwest. Fleas Mr Dominick? Q J My clears, how you've changed! I 91'- Well, we coulcl think of happier ways to end a Homecoming Festival, but evidently luck was against us. In spite ot the team's valiant efforts to make good the threats ofthe 1943 Homecoming slogan, "Behead Moorhead," the tables were reversed-with the result that Moorhead beheaded us, 14 to U. The various committees groaned at the thought of gas rationing, rubber shortage, crepe paper shortage, thumb tack shortage, inspiration shortage and a few other minor matters of the greatest importance, but they all managed to survive the ordeal, and had a swell time doing it-in spite of themselves. Also We might add that the results of their labors were really impressive. Homecoming Day started off in the wee hours lalong about 8:45 a.m.D with the Coronation of charming Queen Dorothy and the presentation of the various stunts cooked up by the classes. Then on with the show- the gay colorful parade and pep fest downtown in the afternoon. And of course the climax came in the even- ing when two strong rivals were pitted against each other in a hard-fought game of football. What if we did lose the game? Mere matter. Fer- gus got her revenge in basketball. There was still the usual happy aftermath down at Skogrno's. And chillun fthink of all the school we got out of! ll That's no mere matter! FAMILIAR Cllll AT Flllttl HIGH Does it taste good, Mary? Ah ha! Working during the Hem daytime-for a change. Danger! Woman at work! . Oh, oh! Who's wanted now?! M " agua Ah No comment. The Barbershop Quartet, Angel Willie descending in his heavenly garb. The endtsl. Ye Olde Reste Roome. CCMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES C'lVleara.'s Congrgtulcttions, Senifbrs SENIORS . . . ST' CLAIR 6' GUNDERSON Success gnol Best Wishes for Men's gnol Boys' Clothing, Shoes A and Furnishings I-I 0 E CONGRATULATIONS! f 106 V2 Eost Lincoln Avenue FEHGUS FALLS, M1NNEsoTA , EREES CLEANERS Diol 2547 Good Luck, Students HANSFQxlQlYW1gEtDQvlEiil.iRSCN 57 YOU HAVE OUR BEST WISH FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE 41 L A M P E R T ' S LUMBER AND FUEL YARD coMPL1MENTs OF G A M B L E ' S Compliments of FRANKOVIZ HARDWARE S T O R E QUALITY HARDWARE Congratulations and Best Wishes "Good Things to Eat" BOEN BROS. GROCERS Congratulations, Seniors O'MEARA'S BEAUTY SHOP BEST w1sREs . . . STUDENTS FIRESTON E STORES Tires-Home cmd Auto Supplies CONGRATULATIONS, SEN IORS ir HINTGEN-KARST Electrical Appliances GOOD LUCK, SENIORS PETERSON MARKET "The Best in Meat" East Washington Avenue Compliments of FERGUS LUMBER AND FUEL BETTER LUMBER CLEANER FUEL OUR BEST WISHES . . . . . . CLASS OF '44 WINTHERS LUMBER CO. CITY BAKERY and CAFE CONGRATULATIONS I The Adelsman Company and Fergus Foundry Co. Division THE YARN CRAFT STUDIO and GIFT SHOP Lincoln Avenue East CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS TED TOSTENSEN, Barber COMPLIMENTS or .... DR. M. R. WRIGHT, D.D.S. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS OLSON AUTO ELECTRIC CO vnu unfu Q - , up A A . FRANK ,T foo MINARS O 3 o I Prop. Q ' lrllnlsvnu KILDE-BLIKSTAD COMPANY Commercial Body Buildinq CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS NYMAN FUEL COMPANY 506 East Washington Avenue CONGRATULATIONS n BIG BEN FEED CO. East Washinqion Avenue COMPLIMENTS or LIEN HARDWARE "For Service and Quality" DO YOU NEED PRINTING? If So, We Are At Your Service UGEBLAD PUBLISHING CO PERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA COMPLIMENTS or FERGUS HATCHERY We Specialize in Turkey Service Work CONGRATULATIONS ! ELLIOT CAFE and TRANSFER CO. THIS ANNUAL PRINTED BY BUCKBEE-MEARS COMPANY ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA Compliments of ARNESON QS LARSON Good Clothes Congratulations and Best Wishes, Seniors NORBY Department Store INCORPORATED "Fergus Falls Finest" Congratulations l Congratulations l HAUBERG- RED RIVER IEWELRY MILLING CO GOOD LUCK, SENIORS MADSEN'S 106 W. Lincoln Ave., Fergus Falls, Minn. ' Ready-to-Wear-Footwear Millinery-Furs-Beauty Shop LUG CABIN Congratulations and Best Wishes for the Class of 1944 STAR LAUNDRY 6 OIL COMPANY CLEANERS Gas Lunches Tires E' 1- WINDMILLER 60 Ebersville R. Implement Co. Successors of the Pelican Supply Co. Home of Iohn Deere Tractors and Equipment Maytag Washers and lroners DeLaval Cream Separators and Milkers A Wish for the Graduate Success in Life Your Patronaqe Spells Our Success We Aim to Please I OI-INSON DRUGS WALGREEN AGENCY Our Compliments and Best Wishes ir FERGUS CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY CONGRATULATIONS 1 VICTOR LUNDEEN 6 CO. Printers and Stationers School Supply Headquarters FERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA Dial 2444 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS 'k ROVANG'S Iewelry and Music PERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA WISHING SUCCESS TO THE GRADUATES 'A' FIRST NATIONAL BANK PERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA WITH EVERY GOOD WISH TO THE GRADUATE 'A' COUNTRYMAN DRUG COMPANY The Rexall Store BEST OF LUCK ! Fergus Falls National Bank ci Trust Company FERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA Organized 18822 O. U. Habberstad ................ President I. S. Ulland ...... ..... C hcxirman E. C. Beimer-- ..... Cashier Best Wishes to Class of 1944 FRANKBERG 54 BERGI-IUIS Attorneys at Law DR. I-I. A. ANDERSON DENTIST Iverson and Lee Bldg. Dial 2573 SWEET SI-IOPPE Ice Cream Sodas Sundaes Candies Lunches 110 N. Mill St. Fergus Falls, Minn. YOUR S ci L STORE EVERYTHING TO WEAR FOSS-WELANDER, Iewelers Diamonds Watches Repairing 114 East Lincoln Avenue FERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA WILLER CS TEISBERG PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 105 Lincoln Ave. East Fergus Falls, Minn. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS PARK REGION BAKERY "We Use the Best to Make the Best" WITH BEST WISHES West Ottertail Service Co. FERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA 224 West Lincoln Avenue LEABO'S SUPER MARKET MEATS and GHocEE1Es 2141 4254 EEST WISHES F. W. WOOLWORTI-I CO. Sc - l0c and l5c Store CONGRATULATIONS I FOSMOE SHOE FIX FERGUS FLORAL CO. Flowers for All Occasions CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS NELSON DRUG CO. 204 W. Lincoln Avenue Dial 2747 COMPLIMENTS OF DR. TILLISCI-I, Optometrist FERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA COMPLIMENTS OF BOPP I-IATCI-IERY EEEGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA COMPLIMENTS OF DIAMOND FURNITURE COMPLIMENTS OF E 61 E DRESS SI-IOPPE "KEEP LEARNING" COAST TO COAST ESTREM CLINC C. O. Estrem, M.D. G. I. Mouritson, M.D E. A. Heiberg, M.D. C. I. Lund, M.D Dr. Robert Estrem 106 So. Union Avenue CONGRATULATIONS, '44 I DR. FEATI-IERSTONE DENTIST LEIDALS, Iewelers Visit Us at Our New Location 103 W. Lincoln Avenue T. S. PAULSON, M.D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Norby Building Fergus Falls COMPLIMENTS or THE STYLE SHOP "Where Style Predorninatesn CONGRATULATIONS 1 M. O. BRANDON ATTORNEY AT LAW Brandon Building Fergus Falls CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS EAT MORE CAFE CLENNY LYSNE, Prop. 115 E. Lincoln coMPL1MENTS or SKOGMO CAFE "Where It's a Treat to Eat" GREETINGS, SENIORS WM. GALENA 6. SONS Plumbing and Heating Contractors 114 Union Avenue South CONGRATULATIONS, SEN1oRS A. A. VOLLBRECHT 106 N. Court Street CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS COMPLIMENTS OF SEARS ORDER OFFICE PERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Malrnstrorn Shoe Repairing DR. A. L. F. WAYLAN DER CHIROPRACTOR The Natural Way to Health Waylander Building Fergus Falls GEO. C. IACOBS PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Benson Building Dial 854 WHEN IN NEED OF A HAIRCUT TRY Pete Barry'S Barber Shop CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Ouernernoen Shoe Shop 1 16 Union Avcnue HIGHWAY GREENHOUSE Flowers for A11 Occasions W'e Deliver Cpcn Eve fings and Sundays COMPLIMENTS CF Fergus Plumbing G Heating Co. 113 Washington Avenue East M. B. OLSON 17. 1. ILOPPFRT BILL NELSON OIL CO. Tyio1eVcdo1 121 So. Union Avenue Dial 631 and FERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS- CONGRATULATIONS 1 M C .INSURANCE AGENCY DENTIST 201 V2 Lincoln Ave. W. Dial 3733 DTTER TAIL PUWER CUMPANY GREETINGS, SENIORS With Our Best Wishes F Y F t CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS or our u ure "' ELTON' S ILLE PIE SHOE COMPANY G S HOTEL CAFE Across From Orpheum Theater GREETINGS FROM tj ,iiiz Egg ::1,.:, V1.1:1b-A A-.:li4:4A BEST WISHES CHEVRCLET 00' BUICK 1 LOTHING SHOES ..,- DRYCGODS C - .4-: s:a:s:s :2:. '-'- ----- A CADILLAC 'lr The Store for AH the Family I. 1. CASE FARM MACHINERY BRIMI-TALL BROTHERS . mmm 1-:KAQQ-:.nrl.m - mr. '40,-: .3 mum 1-vu

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