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Fergus Falls High School - Otter Tales Yearbook (Fergus Falls, MN) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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x 3 'li ,sw 'V 1 ' J . nf., .W Kawr , i pn A, , .W P 1 . a. fx, , 1 wgwfb' A ' ,, ,sf VI ,, - ,W A , . - ,,,, ,if iw ,,,, -..W N I - ,, Y . '- nw9-t The Utter Tale 1943 0 f cm Published by THE SENIOR CLASS WASHINGTQN HIGH SCHOOL FERGUS FALLS MINN D6d1C3C1OH To tho e boy and glrls or our school md to those just of the Umted Qtates me dedlwte the Otter Tale of 1943 May me who stay on the Home Front be worthy of thelr efforts md sitnfites for H1111 uctory QS s 's L ' ' i ' , 1 , ' like them the country over who enter the armed services I e ' ., ' .WL ' . . Foreword Wrth ratronrng eurtarlmg and sacrrflcrng practreally exerythmg bas been affected Exen tb1s year s Otter Tale 15 chfferent smaller ID dlmensrons and 1n the number of vue baxe captured the stenes and trles that you vv1ll most enjoy rev1ew1ng IH future years In thls day of great changes of Slllftlflg populatlons 1n a day when to cross the Seven Seas w1ll be as common as to cross Lmcoln Avenue We hope that the Otter Tale wlll refresh your memory wxth the pleasant thxngs that are Fergus Hlgh So Wxth no apolog1es for a shorter one the staff pre sents to you the Otter 'Tale of 1943 pages. But, though the book is smaller, we feel that in it SCHUGL ,QT CE ES E 4 I L 'J 5? Adm1U1SffitllJD Chsbcs Athletu Feature CQNTENTS g 2 f .............,. ,,........, ,,....., . ,,,,, , , , C Q ---,.-,--...--...-....................Y......................,...,. Urganizations .,.,,,,....,Q.A ,., ........ ,,. .,,,,.. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 'Ns ......,...,......,,...,...,...,..... .,,.,..A..,A. ,,.,,,,,,,,, ' s ....,,,.................,4,, ,.....,A,.........A... .,,.,.A.,A,. , 3 1 fi ,Q ' 16915 1' +- 4 1- , Q, 'V gh V ifgsfg .Y 4' 39" 2 Q' I 3 , 4 , sv,.Li - ." ik' ft 'Y5' ' - 1 Q 5 A f Q . , , . 4, Q . 1 . 5 , 3 Q 4 F ,, , 2 v iff' ,V , VI ,, if . .Fri .Jef 1 f gf is Q, 4, 4 Q if i 1 rm' L V ,tafrvargi i i lt. rf' v,s i k 4 1 4 Q 5 5 ?gv fs g It ig 'lf 4- 1, ft, f ,V 4 ,V rl 'S ag-in H " K G I ' .3 R, .QQ Q , I ' ftgfg ' Z if-4 5 Q XY ' , .UH 7 - - K f : -5 ' 1 ,. ,UA Y , 5 9 , 'gov fg 4 we 'L Board of Education Doctor, banker, or accountantvall have plenty to do. But in the midst of all their regular husiness, these six men, three doctors, two bankers, and an accountant, take time out to administer to the needs of the two thousand students and the seventy- six teachers of our city. We are grateful to the school board for their interest in us and our welfare. ,, 4 Q J they--f 1.1, Q Q A Q in 5, 'ilk Seated-Dr. Nelson, Mr. Vollbrecht, Mr. Beimer, Mr. Svenneby Standing-Dr. Eastman, Dr. Way'lander, Supt. Dominick 7 .lg Students earlmc t possible moment In addition to the 1mmed1ate con trihutions to the vuar effort we mu t prepare ourselves to meet the problems of a new po t vtar world and the many complex reeidjustments to peacetime occupations and the maintemnce of 1 real Democracy 1t home EDVJ W BECHTEL Principal Qtudents: We are liyinq in one of the most critical periods of the vtorlds history a period when the economic political Ox al, and relwious progress of the aries la threatened by a vtar mad world The future of c1y1l1 ation and the welfare of hum1nity will he determined in the next fiye years Yi uth of todiy, you as never before will hayc 1 mayor part in determining the future You must go forth with a determination to do your part whatever the effort may he vtith confidence in your ahility to meet 1nd solye the proh lems xthich he ah ad with 1 loyalty to the principles for xxhi h th: n1t on st1nds and with an unyielding f11th in thit Diyins. Poyycr that t1n restore peace to the world and scturitx for humanity LEO H DQMINICK Superintendent ' . .L vi 4 ,As , .R , 5 -ll K .ai 5 o r U- 7 - , - I A- v. -Z A v E f l I v v -A yo A ' H ' ' ' r v 3 " -' nw I ' ' ' 4 v v , "Q is .i s, ' V 't ' Youth today must assume adult responsibilities at the V P Y 1 ' ' T ' s . - V Q , V QQ ' 1 c y Ls-fkvgkfi 8 . FACULTY HELENE ALLAND MARY BARRETT XVHSCC-all Minn. Fargo, North Dakota St- Olaf' College fvloorlwead State Teachers University of Nlinnesota College English Plqszcal Education Senzor Class Adtrser G. A. A. Dean of Cvzrls Pep Club Annual HILLMAN ENGQUIST HELEN FRANKOVIZ Fergus Falls University of Minnesota St. Cloud State Teachers English College junior Class Adviser Industrial Arts Department junior Class Play Sophomore Class Adviser Teacltefs Training Department ARTHUR F. CARLSON JEAN CHISHOLM Fefgue F3115 Vfliite Bear Lake, Minn. Itasca Ir. College Iowa State College University of Min Radio Club Preflight Cliemzstry Physics nesota Macalester College Gregg College Commerczal Iumor Class Adriser I"'1 GEORGE HASKELL FRANK C. HEDLUND Fergus Falls Fergus Falls St. Cloud Teachers College University .of Minnesota Coordinator of Vocational ' Instrumental Music Education NOBLE HALL E. HALVERSON Fergus F2115 Fergus Falls Gustavus Adolplius College Iowa State College Coach A Agriculture Matllemancs Senior Class Adviser Rural War Production Courses F, F, A. MRS. LUCY LEE Fergus Falls Mankato State Teachers College English Speech Drama Club Thespian Society Senior Class Play WINNIFRED LUTZ Granada, Minn. University of Minnesota Home Economics Rural Girls Club Camp Cookery 'Y SL JOHN H. LIND Fergus Falls Moorhead State Teachers College University of Minnesota American History Faculty Athletic Manager National Honor Society HARRIET MINOR Litchfield, Minn. University of Minnesota Latin FACULTY E. C. HERRMANN ETHEL HUSEBY Fergus Falls Cloquet, Minn, Hamline University University of Minnesota University of Minnesota Commercial German Geometry Senior Class Adviser Annual NORA LUNDE OLETFFA LUNDE Zumbrota, Minn. Fergus Falls St. Olaf College Battle Creek Sanitarium and Vocal Music Hoslmal Detroit Children's Hospital Nurse EDWARD H. NAGEL WINNIFRED NICHOLLS Fergus Falls EIY, Minn- Hamline University University of Minnesota Physical Education M0df"'1 Hmofy Athletic Director Sophomore Class Adviser International Relations Club FACULTY LEONOR-A GAS VIVIAN PROEHL Bioomery Wisconsin Parkers Prairie, Minn. Mayville State Teachers UniV9f5ifY Of Minnesol-1 College Home Economics Study Hall lunior Red Cross Libfavy SYLVIA REINERTSEN RUSSELL WASHBURN Moorhead, Minn. i Fergus F3115 Concordia College University of Iowa English, journalism Commercial OWU Activity Fund Treasurer ISAAC WILSON M. O. ZENNER Fergus Falls Fergus Falls University of Minnesota University of South Dakota Social Science Biology Student Council Study Hall Visual Education luniov Class Adviser Custodians: Amon A35 Charlie Burmeister Joe Holt Martin Saure EN. 4 A J v x 'V 1 6 4 If kiwi .lg W1 .lt ,,as. 'S an 1 A42 iv !,"4H U7 . is 1,4 'Ura-'Q tmp ,, yi Y It s U sb'-P kilahhs ' ef SQ 34 wk-- 1 at afiyt we gt 4 FRESHME Class Officers: Class Advisers: Benny Heinze, President jean Williams Morris Halverson, Vice President George Pushing Betty jorgenson, Secretary Genevieve Mobraten, Treasurer Soon after school started in the fall, the "Freshmen Frolic", high point of the year for these "greenies", took place in which every member of the freshman class participated to the fullest extent. It included a getfacquainted party and initiation of class oflicrs and new teachers. The class secretary turned out also to he the class laeauty: therefore, Betty jorgenf son did her part to make the homecoming festivities a success by serving as one of Lady Eleanofs attendants. Two onefact plays were presented on Freshman Night, May 7. These plays entitled "The Tantrumu and "Cleaned and Pressed" were under the direction of Miss Willizims and Miss Midthun. 12 SOPHOMORES Class Officers Class Adwsevs Paula johnson Pvesrdent Mr Engqulst Charles Nel on Vzce Prestdent MISS N1cholls Raymond Erlandson Secretarx Ellzabeth Habberstad Treasurer Student Counml Members Nan y Underwood Mark Foss Phyll1s Barke Agaln the cla s of 45 took the honors for thelr float 1n the homecommg parade personalxty to represent them as the Flrst Lady s attendant none other than Audrey Anderson Dlck Belmer Chuck Nelson and Stan Brlstol upheld the athletn. standlng of thexr class IH haskethall and football Bennett Holmen served well as Otter tall' art1 t and one of the annual tiff photographers The sophomores showed the1r true character ID the support of a truly xxorthy cause when they came out on top 1n the ,lumor Red Cross drwe 13 E , , 4 . Q ' ' . S . . . . when they "Steamed Through Staples". The sophomores also had a prizefwinning ' " " 5 's s . JUNICRS Class Officers Class Admsers Norman G1org1n1 Presrdent Helen Frankowlz Mardelle Brandon Vzce Preswlent jean Ch1sholm Eunxee Trygstad Secretarx Rus ell Washburn Bradford Br1mhall Treasurer M 0 Zenner Student Cotmal Dorothy Froshe Donald Larson Charles Estrem U uxlly the hm attmty of the jumor tlass IS the umor Semor Banquet Th1 mar hoxxextr at the txme that th Otter Tale goes to press the que txon stxll 1Sf to he or not to he The jumor showed thur dramatre ah1l1ty 1n the presentatxon of the class play The Nerxous Wreek Ent Ftunte vton an appolntment to the all eonferenee foothtll tttm and also retenetl th W D Brute Award the throne 1 Otter K1ng umor ID the llmehght tt the Hom-.eommg were Bextrly Boen and oyce Matth msky as attendants to Ladx Elt mn r umors not m the putture are Alxce A h Bexcrly Boen Nlardelle Brandon lviarxlxn Drager 'Knnlyn Drew Iolyn Eastman C3tl1Cl'1IlC Ehtr xxllcr ghxrley Exen on Lorraxne Fen ke Dorothy Fro he Grace Gamble Mrlton Glende Barhara Hallttt Fred Horman Gene Kulxang Marcella Lee Marlon Lundeen Dorothy Nelson But-rlx Oyen Ellen Rohert Patn ra Theurer Eumce Trygstad Warren Vollbrecht Betty Vvllde 'lmnne Vwlld Lucllle Vvxller and Bexerly Tenney 14 , 7 V Y - , Q s 3 N ' ' s Q ' ' " " ' ' ' A ' ' J ' f ' . lv-yi , -x vs , K - K C V 's -vl S , , . Lu - ' ' s e - f '- L ' ' V ' , A , ,y V A ' c . . ' ' . Members of the class got hehind "Otter" subscriptions to hoost Evie Faunce into J ' 5 ' ' , A I ,. - Q . V. , J , 1 A , ' 5 y 1 - x R 2 v xi 1 V I u X - ' x , . S , , 1 , A v ' V D I 4. V Y fl SY C Y Q V ' 7 V 7 w V 5 v v v v j af' nd Qff, of I 3 hd SENIUR GFFICERS Dick Thorson Vernon Maack Preszdenr XYIC5 Prendeut Betty Nymall Robert Nelson Secretary Treasurer HQNOR STUDENTS HOWARD ALBJERC We 'now gentlemen ue nou Qchrl ars but here ts a rare combmattcu gentleman AJXD a scholar Orchc tra 41 42 Intramural 41 4 Track 41 ARLEEN L ANDERSON She has learned Somethmg oj gr d We LOLISE K ALBRECHT T at srle-mu lot Sl usuallx ue s uoucl lf d x u to belzene h tt L rx se tt 1 eye tells us dt erewtlw La nn Cl .lb 41 4 Ltbrarx Club FRED L ANDERSON Perhaps one reason R rn l d Y 5 S1 X lk 5P0n5maYl5I"1P , ,,,, good uatured tolerame 0 eterxt GA414 Q Intramural 41 4 Pep Club 41 4 'Qi Lxbrary Club 41 Chorus 42 41 WG. ARCHIE ATKINSON Does he uear suclt a smrlmg Conn tenance to begtule the sternness of a teachers exe? BARBARA MARY BARKE She asptres and acluetes he acl11e1 es and sttll arptres n 41 2 Clarmcl Quartett Band 41 4 Dc at Spccch Club 47 Thcsptans 4 4 Imcrnatxmal Rclatlons Club V cc Pr lun or Class F n I1 Club 41 4 Annual Staff Otter Sraff A 1 lumor Class Plax Valedlctr rran Prc flight 4 Dlnncr En emblc lurnal rn Clul 4 Vhar Intcr 'Kmcncan Cmopcrax Mean T1 M DONALD BERGESON en Hes a good end ulmll come to a Q3 i. Football 43 4 41 fan'-., MARY BISHOP Golden notes o musxc sxlvery scales o laughter merrx lxttle Marx 15 a sxm plmnv o song n 41 Pc B n oru 4 Orchestra 42 43 umor Cla s Play G A A 41 Carr net Duct Dmncr Ensemble Latm Club A-nnual Staff 4 1 L -wt SHIRLEY JEAN BAILEY Wor apace apace apace Honest labor bears a lotelx ace Ver e Speakmg Chorr 42 Otter Staff 42 43 Speech Club 43 Thesplans 43 Latm Club 41 42 MUSIC Club 41 Annual Staff 43 ELEANOR BEIMER Trombomst cell1st pxamst orgamst uocatst Beth rs FFHS Q foremost woman o 'note Music Club 41 Otter Staff 41 Natl Honor Socxety 42 C orus 41 42 43 M cd Octane 4 Gxrls Octetre 4 Orc estra 41 4 43 P Band 41 42 43 n 41 2 Trombone Quartctte 42 Brass uartette 42 Annual Staff 43 Honor Student Drnner Ensemble 43 PALMER BERGERSON B03 what our ootball lme would mth a ew ltus tes It e Palmer' BERNITA L BLUHM So uuobtrusxne so demure m act one could become qwte poetic over a 'name lx e that ARLENE M BRUBACK Theres somethx g alrfut he det 1 mined uaw he an u ers q zestl rn t 2 ous us she xs readx prcte r porn! Pen Club 4' 43 Otter Tw pl DOROTHY E BYE Its a unnx :lung abou Dororh seems to h nl: schml Q p gg ulwcn to studw L Jn Cluo 41 4' Choru Orches ra 41 -U VAN A CHRISTEIN SOIN I stud es cruld he trurnpetcd Van would engrx schcol much more 85 U I 1' :lull mr Fr n h Cl h 4 LLJCILLE R DAVENPORT I f- us uhaz von re loo mg r loo no urther Chorus 41 HAROLD DREWS He couldnt eep hlmsel in such a subdued light any longer a ter the scholastic averages were announced. Annual Stall 43 Prefflight '43 Honor Student National Honor Society 43 VIOLET ESTVOLD She lilies to get into a good snappy argument and then how her eyes snap too! Speech Club '43 EDWARD C BLDACK JR He HILCS one the eelmg he could be pugnacxous but usuallw hes good na lured enen about bemg the onlx male rn second year German Chorus 41 4 umor Cla Play Pre fllght COLLEEN CAMPBELL Heres a Coe uhos aluaxs hub blmg over A 41 Athlet c Councl 41 4 C orus 41 42 43 Muse Club 41 Grls Octane 42 4 o nals Club O er St ff 42 43 JUHIOI' Class Play Sen or Class Play Ann al Sr H 43 Drama Club 43 Student Councl f ce pres dem! 41 French Club 41 LUCILLE P DAHLMEIER Although we hate nown Luculle for such a short time ue nou ue lx e her G A 41 2 Home Economrc Clth 41 47 Volley Ball Intramurals 4 Sauk Raplcls Minnesota FRANCES DILLON True patxence ls a mrtue that wzll some day mumficenrls repay ts ouner MYRTLE ECKLEY Her pleasingly quiet mafmg-f gpm 5 or her, Girls' Glee Club Chorus Basketball junior Class Play JUEL M. EVENSON Between a hard day's wor on the arm and a hard daffs wor at school -well, where's the choice? NORMAN FAIRBANKS One o the conundrums of FF H S hou Bus has retamed hrs bache lors standing through the years umor Cla Play ORDEAN M FINKELQON Hes got a tuelte cwlxnder mechanx cal mmd IRENE FRAUTSCHI Someone uho rs always wxllmg to lend a helpxng hand DELLA D FUDER Always thought ul mce and troubled Speech Club 4 3 ELEANOR GANDER So grace ul and dainty Eleanor seems to be the artists conceptron of what the well dressed grrl should be Chorus 41 42 43 Latm Club 41 French Club 41 42 Speech Club 42 43 Verse Speakmg Choir 43 VIOLA R GERHARDSON She has a uay o tal mg wxth her whole ace that IS not only cxpresswe but also attractxve l- 1 ARNOLD E PICK With hrs harmless smxlrng l h carnes a parr o boxzng glotes WALLAC E FIQCHER Wallace films has personahtx rn fawrahle lrght Student Manager 41 4 Intramural 42 4? Student Projcctmnrt 41 4 4? unror Cla Play Annual Staff Pre flxght DONALD E FREE9 Frees and une arent exactly syn onymous but they go well together RUSSELL GALE Better late than never but better never late How about rt Russ7 VIOLET GERHARDSON A lwxng de muon o consciousness who eels that to wor hard at what ever you do IS the rmportant thmg DELWN C GRACE This as the year uhen ug can seg the practxcal value o Delwms hobby o ma mg model arrplanes and studymg 'Milf Drama Club 43 Speech Club 41 42 43 LUTHER GROTTE If school work could only be sketched f-ff JAIRUS E. HANSON The innocent smile of a boy with' out guile. JAMES HAUGEN The boy who always belxeved that part of lgeepmg a class meetmg m order was to be quiet htmsel Student C uncl 41 Clas Pres dent B 41 an Otter Stall' 42 43 Annual Staff Natl Honor S cety 4 3 Jun r Class Play Pre ll ght 43 H r Student MORRIS D HEYEN Daddy Heyert ts hep t more t an just the gtve B n 41 42 J n or Class Play Br ss Octette 41 4 French Flu b 41 42 The p Foorbll 41 47 3 a B nd S or Class Play DELMOND E IVERSON Today Amenca has great 'need of her sturdy sons o the sotl lx e Del mortd to help m the enormous Job of productxon Intramural Basketball 41 FFA 41 2 Radxo Club 42 43 CORIENNE J JOHNSON In her laughter and m her eyes there ts somethmg a m to the spar le champagne IRIS HALVORSON She's the quiet type whose good na- ture never varies. G.A,A. '41 '42 French Club '41 Journalism Club '42 Otter Staff '42 '43 BETTY HARVEY In school we would classtfy Betty as being quiet as a mouse, but when the cat's away the mice aill play. ALBERT N HEXUM A typxcal Norwegxan blue eyed Al bert 15 a studxous substantml cxttzen o FFHS Hts home town 'Yup Carltsle Band 42 Intramural Basketball 41 4 LYLE D ILIFF JR Ox somehow explams Ilxjf ut doesrt t explam hts populartty Football 41 42 Basketball 41 42 umor Class Play Semor Class Play ADELINI1 JACOBSON She s always com ortably pleasant GLENN JOHNSON Ltterally and gurattvely Cor y has establtshed a corner or hnmsel as a good sport m every sense o the word Otter Staff 42 43 Football 42 43 Basketball 42 43 Annual Staff 43 NORM A IOHNSC NN S171 1 I X17171l1 f '1c1ru 1 41 1 0 I x u11111r fi .11 L1 H X Tnc 1111 RF I1 Bard 41 AXTIDLS1 9 af' -1 Q41ut:11cr1ar X F XX UARVWN B VWRC ENQPX 11 1111 fc' Ld LL x pea 11 tx 7071 171111 1 F1111 ' -0 T C1c1'1 P11115 -4 :J SAMUEL RLYVE H11 IV t11e 1111 and bCdT1TlQ 0 a 1111 dent 11110 feels mllfh can be gamed 111 pe1's111e11t SC11o1ar5111p XVALLACE R LADXX IC Q p mszence and mc IJ ll new 1119 ceaseless 111111111 or 1115 bex: L1ld7'd71lC6 Ll job 11e11 done IUUIOT Treasurer 42 umur C111 ay gpeceh Club 'xDI1Ud1 S1111 43 Dr1m1 Club 41 Ridm flub 4 41uurn1111,111 flub 43 Sprcch Club '43 1 1cr111g, at 1,z111c.' '4.. ' . EILEEN C. LEDDINC' ' e 1 1' r 1111111111 A L1 U11 1 . re ' '11' ' , .' 11. -WNW - ', 1 '1l7'11'L1d?d 11111 . .was - 1 121 111171 WN LOOMER XY11113' 1,1 l11e lT1lL'TL'Nl 1111111 111 11111,sc Q 111111b11rr1-11'1r1111111c, S11:111x1111rrj.7 M 3 QQ, 'E I .r I - 1.0 I XX ARREN 9 IOHNSUN 1 L 1111 LITL 1120111 F RAQTFLTF N1 IL T1 I THLL IXRONIEMANN e Idi SILC11 an a.1,1eeab1e uax 1 T110 1 KX! 11171 1 N C I X ic m 111 XVe are sure 1e11 7151 r nd 11 8111710158 111 fr1e11dQ 14 T11 'X t1c111 f11u11111 4 1UNE LARQON Tv1pb1v1L 11111111111 116'T s111d1eS 11111 pmg 11171111311 t11e dm pe111e pmsed we nous just 1111111 111 Sax 1. l1'1 Club 41 Drama Club Speceh Club 4' I'1'CI1C11 Club 41 Honor Student 1 1 ' .'1.X M. LOEFF re111es11111v11, 1.1 1. A .'pcc'11 C ub '41 V12 RN1 WN MAAK 1K A j'111111e 1vdTV71L'T 111111 11111 1-11111-1111 11 11111111 11111115111 111111111 .111 111111111311 1111411 AL'11t11f1. 1: 1:5 '42 Q-33 X'l1C Prc-1d1'111 111' 51111111 C14-N Prc'111g111 H111111r Student SQ111111' Claw P111y N11Z11111.11 H1111k1f S11c1c1v '43 LILA MICHAELSON Her meet demeanor and azdee d mnme rce lune endeared her to all uhc nov her 'X 4 Drarra fluh 4 ADFLINE MILLER r eterxdax feeth a cl m e t r her lmguwtrt azh emu ncrnrtrrunal Rclatmn 41 4 cc lm K luh -4 t Hm r rc X cr t Spcxlungx fhmr 4' 4 C pun 'Xnnual Stall 43 PHILLIP MOE XVe u he 11 t tal and u ll admrt he doemt ma e rt hard 0 to hsten lumor Cla Play Student Councxl 43 Trwck 41 Annual Staff 43 DORIS 1 NELSON Vrfhrerer game Dorn t at complex 1 -4 lfx 1, -w 'W q-1 f-1' I Af' 77 '42 ah: ut har heautxful red half Q oruc 41 4 Rwdm Fluh 47 43 Mrwed Octtttc 43 LOIS NELSON A her uhat she 11 es best what she d 11 e to do what her mterests ave 'K how she spends her tzme rt S always ,,.. .,., 'radio Speech Club 4 Rac11oCluh 41 43 43 ROBERT L IN ELSON 'rev a gin uho has 0 ce rmlx planted 171 the clouds Orc cQtr1 41 4' Scmcvr C11 1 Tera urcr Fhccrlexdcr 41 4' Pre flxght 43 inn' -Q? LOL ISE M MIDDLETON Lau.Uhm,4 L une benezes that SDCTIS are good or the vure 'K 41 4 Pep Cluh -11 4 JLN E L MITTELSTADT ere a 5 ze thats sueet and lou orus 41 4 41 r Octet 41 'vlrx C1 Octet c 4 G A 41 4 L 11" Cluh 41 4 WALTER j MORIS Vvlalts appeavalce zs a d me auaw to hrs chanuter e 0 success ul n J Brass O t ttc t Dmner En cmlnl n r a French Club 42 Orch stra Tr 'nh n uartctt Pc'pBn h n s 1 r ml r r M1311 LrDELLE NELSON! e can gale 1 actented readmgr 1 1 A 41 Pep Cluh 41 french Cluh 41 Otter Staff 47 Soccch Club 4 Choru: 43 umor F11 P115 MILDRED NELSON The sober ace Che sometrmes wears rs but a mas ff her vunnw dmpuu non Latm Club 41 Speech Club 4 P p Club 41 43 BETTY NIYNAAN Languzd an sot broun haw ana tantalx mr, exex Latm Club 41 47 unror Class Play Spccch C lub 41 Scnmr Clase Su v lwuntrus Latrnus Edrtor 43 Annual Stall' 43 HAROLD OLSON Hrs sxgnxfcant smrle tells sou he got JOYCELYN K PAULSON a chrgsalzs of sophzstxcarzon that serv her apart from us all Lrhrary Club 41 French Club 41 umor Class Play 42 Otter Staff 43 Drama Club 43 EVELYN L PORTER A sensxtwe appreczante soul uho touches boo s m such a way xou just La . now she loves them Rugby North Dakota 41 Pep Club 41 Home EC Club 41 Debate 41 Iatm Club 42 DARWIN RITCHEY A taxx dnuer uhos made the grade m hxgh wrth all o us 9 MARY LUIS RULIFSON Louey leads m actzvmes and cmzen ship as uell as she leads cheers. - ,A- , . M , Stud nt Counc'l '41 '42 C eerlead r '41 '42 ' 3 Nat'l H n r Society '42 '43 ,I ur alism Club '42 l ternational Relafons '43 a Club '4 spa ch Club '43 Annu l Staff '43 On r Staff '43 Debate '41 D. .R. ' 3 H nor Srude r e- gh: ' V Clas ay S n r Class Play ELLIS D. RUSTAND He's our first Nan: at-iatxon fade!---f Well say definitely he's "tops," Intramural Basketball 41 42 Prvflight Senior Class Play 'Q' uk 7 -0 CLARENCE S PAULSON JR Clafence pool xour car so the ar sex uont haue to jump the puddles FLORENCE C PETERSON 1 Spend all mx spare mme s rmmmg along on a paw 0 roller s ates JAMES RIAN Hts good loo s alone ought to ma e hrm sel assured and hrs qu et U1 doubly so LAURINE RONNING Her penmanshzp rs a eynote o her exactness FERN J RUND Fern leaves a quxet but dehmte nn pfession. Chorus 43 WALLACE SALMONSON A lx cable fare and a disposition that his it to a T. BERNICE H, SANDER Whoever wrote "Beaut1ful Brown Eyes' must have nouxn Bermce. Speech Club '43 KATHRYN SCHILLER T0 go to class and mcldentally usxt with your pal across the ax le well school xsnt so bad ROLAND W SEIM He carnes plenty o wetght on the ootball team Cooperstown No Dak football 41 Speech Club 41 42 Football 42 43 ERVIN SNEVA Rrght now Oho wears has wzngs rn hrs heart but they ll be on hrs tunic any day Football 43 VINCENT J STAVAAS An easy gmt a sot drawl an un ru lecl spmt Basketball 41 42 EDDIE STREETER Laclqadatstcal Ecldxe has that supreme ly md: erent attttude so many o us try to mar-ntam E' 'S' 'fl X' GORDON C. SANDER We wonder if he delivers sxngmg telegrams via his trombone? B nd '41 '42 l 3 Orchestra 42 43 Ba ketball 41 PEARL SCHUETZE She has netted a lot of attentxo-n her basketball ancl volleyball G A A 43 Orchestra 42 43 Pep Club 41 43 ERWIN SIEMS Most o us wrsh we new hum better because what we now o htm rs plenty o ay FFA 41 2 EARL SORENSEN What a world thu would be nf every one had a sense o responsrbmlzty and dependabzltty hlqe Earl sl F A 41 2 ,IULANE M STEIN Her rmnd rs rn the clouds to be specxjic wxth the Army Aw Corps DOROTHY STROM People who are as unfaxlmgly pleas ant to everyone as Dorothy xs help t ma e school a more enjoyable place Latxn Club 41 French Club 41 Speech Club 42 PHILBERT B SUCHY The 'I' H johnson auard sounds lr e local stuff but rr really means he d be a suell guy anyuhere Ba ketball 41 42 lunror Class Play Football 42 43 Intramural T H Johnson Avsard Natronal Horor Socrety 4 MARILYN SVEINNEBY ln actuxtxes a the bxano an connersalxon She holds the I the srtualnon Cla s Prcsrdenr 41 lnlernatronal Relax ons 41 4 4 ,lcurnallsm Cluh 4 Srudcnr Councrl 4 Chorus 42 43 Thcsprans 4: junror Cla s Play Honor Student French Club 41 f' rls Sexrcne Acc ps: 41 Natl Honor Socrcry Orrcr Stall' 41 42 Edrtor Annual 41 Sen: r Class Plas MAVIS SWEDBERC She has a whxsperecl loo on her face but her scholastzc abzlrty spea s out oud JUNE H SYNSTELIEN Neat and orderly about everythmg any o june s work wall be correct to the final detail C AIUS THEDE Reading ma erh a ull man con erence a ready man and wrmng an CXIICI man Chorus 4 43 Annual Staff Thcsprans 41 lntcrnarxonal Relatrons 43 Student Councrl lPresJ 43 Mrxed Octette 4 Class Pres Student Councrl 4 Varstv Basketball 4 ru Track 41 Bnvs Chorus 41 Lann Club 41 junmr Class Play Boys Octane 43 Nat I Honor Socrery 4- Prr: flrghr 4: Sr-mor Class Play Bausch Lomb Scrcnce Award Tr-km lapan 41 Blue Earth Munn 41 RICHARD THORSON Heap bug cluef of the wxse and mrghry Semors chref among me Otter trxbes powerful and strong Basketball '41 Detroit Lakes '41 Jumor Class Play Chorus '41 Band '41, Intramural '42 '43 Semor Class Play Semor Class Presrdent 'IQ Ni 'lou KATHLEEN SL LLIVAN Modest as are all uho are uorthx she aluaxs jinrlr znne to commend and enr rrage her rrends lnccrnauonal Rclatxons Club 41 4 4 43 Q Secre rx so Na zonal Honor Sc 1 1 r I x Nixxcd Oetettc r X alrdlftor an L rl S xcncc 'ws tr ILI n Lam Ansar LNEVII X I NXX AINSON rnden e l zprores hare mans frxends r ugh ur rcncm Choru umor I JN DOROTHY O SH NSTELIEN Lunch rs only one eature o her noon hour program Pep Squad 41 GAA 41 Chorus 42 43 CHRISTINE TATE Iac sons Mary Lwmgston and shes just as much un'l -ll Q Semor Class Play us KENNETH R THOMPSON Kenneth takes lnfe as smoothly as glrdes over the snow on has s us FRANCES THURNAU 'Frannxe" as a practxcal bUSH1CSSllhC grrl, but what good busmesswoman doesn'z find mme for a lmle romance too7 Chorus '41 '42 '43 Otter typxst '43 CONNYIE TROSVIG Her uture S already shoumg through on the thxrd nger h -r l t hand c 9 ak me a Sta 1 ter T p r DONALD VOGEL 'Thcugh he seems so quzet and so sol emn he was s a spar lmg ense o humor JACK WENINO What wouldnt he do mth an alarm cloc 7 MARY H WHITLOCK Such damty wa s and yet he GAA 40 41 42 and Pep Club 40 41 ind that she has plenty of jightmg spmt too ETI-IELYN WYMAN lt s better to be small and shme than large and cast a shadow Band 41 '43 Chorus 42 Musxc Club 42 Drama Club 43 ,lournalxsm Club 43 French Club '42 Q3 f-D Af' 'J If ' 1 LeROY MESNA 'l'here's a long long traxl from has head to hrs toes ELIZABETH UNGER A madarnolselle uhod t mto the -magazme o the same name uxthout a but o tnmmmg e p a or s 4 F ch Cl lv 41 A r P y 0 rnal lv S 5 47 ter z Ann al Sta 43 r C' a s I c BIRDELLA WEINRICH Shes bash ul and blonde an school but m the character o a armerette she really asserts hersel DARYL C WETHERBEE T e gxrls would lx e to now uhere he has has haxr done VERNON WOLD Oh thus learnmgl What a thmg at ls' Day m day out school school M brarn eels lx e a merry go round DUANE WINDMILLER Its the way he wears has haw IIS the way he wears has clothes nts the wav he srmles thats Dune Football '41 42 43 Basketball 41 42 43 lumor Class Play Track 41 '42 Semor Class Play Representative Barbara Barlqe: Barb is the sort of girl you've always heard about, but have to go to Fergus Falls High to find. She is a girl who can do almost any' thing and do it well. Being valedictorian would be enough for the rest of us, hut Barb lends a helping hand in every phase of school life. A day with her would probably include a beforefschool hand practice, a full six hours of studies, and, after most of us have gone home, more workaun the annual or the Otter. Come suppertime, and she hurries home, only to return for International, Thespian, or prefflight. Her spare time achievements have also included winning a state essay contest and participation in a district speech festival. Although quiet and eflicient, she is also wellfknown for her gay laughter and Mpractical jokes." Her dependability is a joy to her teachers, and her willingness to work is something ever. we students appreciate. She may be small, but she's going to leave a big void in Fergus High. Although younger than most seniors Walter has encountered no difficulty in holding his own among the "oldsters." Thorough and de- pendable, he carries through any assignment. His consistently level- headed and mature opinions are respected by all of us, and he has proved his executive ability as business manager of the Otter. During his three years in band and orchestra, he has developed into a mainstay of the trombone section. And what would the bass section of the chorus be without Walt? A firm believer in the saying, "clothes help make the man," Walter nevertheless proves his true versatility by doing equally well in overalls at home on the farm. Here is a man for whom opportunity will knock more than once, in fact, a man for whom opportunity has been looking. .PNWQ f- Seniors Mary Lois Rulifson: Fifteen rahs for Loueyl If she has a lot of pep, a ready smile, and a helping hand, that's probably Mary Lois you've been noticing. Refreshing, yet sensible, she is one of the outstanding personalities of Fergus High. Boundless energy and activity make her a familiar 'figure around school, at basketball and football games, and even on Main Street, where you will likely find her getting ads for the annual or leading a homecoming pep meeting. She is also noted for her efficiency- for the way she gets things done while the test of us are still discuss' ing them. Winning this year's D. A. R. award is a fitting climax to four years of high school activity. All this, coupled with a high scholastic average, makes us realize that here is a girl who will make her mark in the world. Gaius Thede: He may wander aimlessly down the halls with apparently nothing on his mindg but beneath that calm exterior lies morefthanfaverage ability, as evidenced by "Gayo's" long list of activities and scholastic achievements. As president of the Student Council, he has impressed us all with the importance of that body, and his fine speaking voice has made a success of many a convocation program. His ability as a writer earned for him first place in the annual V. F. W. city wide essay contest, and for his interest in science he has named recipient of the Bausch' Lomb Award. Gaius rounds out his character with his musical abilities-singing bass in the chorus, playing the string bass in the orchestra, and pound' ing a mean marimba. Having lived in Japan most of his life, Gaius has attended Wash' ington High for only one and onefhalf years, but in this short time, he has carved for himself a definite niche in Fergus Falls. AWARDS Imagine anyones having the stamina to take Latin for four years and to maintain a straight "A" throughout! Kathleen Sullivan ae' complished that feat and won the Eta Sigma Phi award as a result of her "A" work. lviayhe they're planning hig things hehind those knowing looks-- -perhaps a suhstitute for ruhher, or a way of extracting aluminum from its ore. Kathleen and Gaius, in the estimaf X 15 's I Her personality, willingness to work, and patriotism won for Mary' Lois Rulifson the coveted DAR award. XVe're proud of you, Mary Loi S. tion of the faculty, have made the greatest progress in science during their high school careers. For their efforts they were named recipients of the BausclifLonih award. Orator, Hrstfrate, f that's Adef line. Speaking on the topic, "To day an American Died," she placed first in a state oratorical conf test held at St. Cloud. As regional winner of the 4H contest for her extemporaneous talk on the "Four Freedoms," she won a S25 war hond and a trip to Miiineapolis. Good citizens, Norma and Walter, find it no hardship to he hetter Americans. They were awarded the VFW good citizenship award. ' O Democracy-Student Council fi, It's a wise council that rises early for the affairs of state. Maybe that's why the activities of the Student Council have been so success' ful. The homecoming was bigger and better than ever. The senior high beat the junior high in the junior Red Cross drive. The shine of the trophy case nearly blinds you when you enter the building. The bond campaign .,.. welll! Thats what comes out of early risers. Officers Trophy Project Donald Larson, Secretary Navy Underwood Gaius Thede, President Cams. Thede Colleen Campbell, Vice President Phyllis Barke Dorothy Froslie DREAM GIRLS "Within A Dreaming Harbor", "Dreaming", and other songs of this type have made the girls' octette an audience favorite. The girls have also done their patriotic duty by entertaining even air raid wardens with their well blendid voices and close harmony. Members are: Beth Beimer, Lorraine Fenske, Eunice Mingee, Dorothy Sullivan, Colleen Campbell, June Mittlestadt, Norma Johnson, and Gene Rust. LASSIES WITH THAT HDELICATE AIR" These nine bonny lassies have sung their way to fame in the Fergus Falls High School by way of "The Lass With the Delicate Air." Front row- Ruth Haarstick, Beverly Oyen, Ruth Bergerudg Sec' ond row - Mildred Jorgenson, Nancy Underwood, Tetta Lee, Elizabeth Habberstad, Ruth Haaland, Ardith Marple. SONGSTERS EIGHT ARE WE The mixed octette has proved itself to be a truly enjoyable musical ensemble at faculty dinners, con- vocations, and radio broadcasts. "The Sea Hath Its Pearls" and "Vesper Hymn" are important selec- tions in its repertoire. Members are: Patty Theuer, Doris Nelson, Marie Olson, Kay Sullivan, Walter Moris, Gaius Thede, Leroy Newton, Lorain Anderson. k,,J rj, W, 'VD' "THERE'S MUSIC IN THE AIR" Everybody loves a band, and especially the Fergus Falls High School concert band. This has been proved by the audiences' enthusiastic reaction at convocations, concerts, a "Food for Freedom" rally, and special programs. "The Morning, Noon, and Night Overture," "Down South," and themes from Beethoven's "Fifth Symphonyw are among its most popular selections. THEY'RE TOPS Here they are-Mary Bishop, Barbara Barke, Beverly Oyen, and Beverly Boen. As a section of the band, the four "B's" rate "A's" in performance. P' vlgglmlnw- MEMBERS OF THE CONCERT BAND Flute and Piccolo Duane Larson Flutes Marcella Loc Alice Ash Phyllis Barlre Donna V.'aylander Oboe Betty XX'ildc Clannets Mary Bishop Barbara Barlce Beverly Oyen Beverly Boen Dorothy Froslie Marion Lundeen Marzly'n Draler Geneva Bergiuncl Beverly Tcnnev Duane YVethm5z Florence Brck Beverly Opsal Rflwrr Diuscth Russell Evjcn Lucille Brvdrsrrn Connie Clcndc hfiarvhvllc Elliott Sallv Yiiuml' Hrltn Miskn' Barr. rin Marjcllti Brandon Soprano Saxophone Elaine Brandt Alto Saxnplinnes Daryl Vk'etherbee Maurice Firkins Tenov Saxophone Vlarren Vollbrecht Bafitovie Saxophone lolyn Eastman Trumpets and Comets Van Christensen Milton Glende lvfarilyn johnson' Gene Kvilvang XX'allace Brudvig Mary' Nxehels' Howard Alm Barbara Hallett Dorothy Nelson ,lcan Frisch Delores Donlay Harvcv Orndrrr5' Fvcntli Hams Lucille Willcr Annlync Drews Lrrtna Fairbanks hfrllrirhrvvie Maxiricc Lund 'T-rombovies Gordon Sander Eleanor Beimer YValter Moris Jeanne Wilds Patricia Morken Delos Dunlap Mona Monson' Bantones Bernt Muus Albert Hexum Cath: rine Ebersviller Kathryn Svenneby' Sousaplione Ellery Roberts Tuba.: Grace Gamble Shirley Evenson Lorraine Penske Vmlonfelli Maxine johnson Nenma Garberg Double Bane: Eunice Trylstad Camus Theclc 'fvmpani Fred Hnrman Snare Dmmr Patricia Thcurer Frhelyn Yfvmart Carnlyrtne Ehbtghausen Bair Dum Norma johnson Fxmholr ',lur.1f: High lvicmhfrs .IUTW5 Ballfv ON TO VICTORY Left, right! left, right! Here comes the Fergus Falls High School marching band! They marched for victory for the Fergus Falls High School football team, marched for victory for the scrap drive, marched for victory for the Community Chest, marched for victory for the selectees. Viva la Band! THE HEAD OF THE PARADE They twirl in the halls, in the gym, on the Held, on the march! Out of a twirling class of twelve only jean Wilds, Geneva Berglund, Alice May Garberg, Neoma Garberg, and Annlyne Drews have come to the front as drum majorettes. With such competition, we believe, they'll step lively to lead the parade. ' ,. 5 A 'VL . '32, X WA' f , if! .'-1 kr n 1' ,A . '45 1 AF' ' 4. N , 5 ' ' I 4 , - ,S+ 6 AQ' 4 Q S 1 I 'a X SYMPHONIC STRINGS Under the direction of Mr. Frank Hedlund the orchestra furnished music at the Christmas vesper concert, meetings of the Parent Teacher Associations, and class plays. Although their aims have been high, they are accomplished in their playing of such difficult and beautiful music as Tschaikovskys "Fifth" and "Sixth Symphonies" and Q Schubert's "Unfinished Symphonyf MEMBERS OF THE ORCHESTRA First Violins Bernt Muus .lames Wells Esther Grabarkewitz' Bennett Holmen Pearl Jacobsen Earl Schultz' Harlow lrgensi Carol Kvern Lorna Nelson Ardith Marple Paul Nycklemoe Ronald Paintner Donald lerien Second Violins Irene Rund' Sylvia Grotte' Geraldine Hasselb Salley Hanson' Katherine Laney' lad' Virginia Frees' Herman Muus' Carroll Anderson' Keith Cole' Elaine Way" Ruth Morkenu Mildred Straus" Violas Kathleen Moen Cweneth Thede Frances Morken Violoncelli Eleanor Beimer Maxine Johnson Neoma Garberg Double Basses Eunice Trygstad Gaius Thede Fred Anderson junior High Members 4" Grade School Members Flute Duane Larson Clarinets Barbara Barke Mary Bishop Beverly Oyen Bassoon Mardelle Brandon French Horns Lucille Willer Annlyne Drews Trumpets Van Christensen Milton Glende Gene Kvilvang Trombones Gordon Sander Walter Moris Tympani Fred Horman FIDDLERS THREE It seems that the girls have the upper hand when it comes to Hddling. Beth Beimer, Neoma Carberg, and Maxine johnson, the cellists in the orchestra were selected as the best section of that organization, THE NERVOUS WRECK Yippee! Ride 'em Cowboy! The junior Class Play this year was a really old fashioned "meller' dramerf' The plot of "The Nervous Wreck" centered on a nervous, jittery sort of fellow llillery Rohertsj who comes out Vfest seeking peace and quiet. His dreams are doomed to he tlzxvarted. hoxvf ever, for at this point he meets the heroine QMarf delle Brandonj, a pretty, vivaeious young maiden who unfortunately for everyones peace of mind is addicted to telling "little white lies." From this point the action is fast and furious: mistaken for highxvaymen, the two take refuge at a nearhy ranch' house which proves to he the property of the very people who are accusing them of rohhery fDonald Ierien, Marcella Lee, Bradford Brimhall, and George Marotteekj. The play romps along with several cowboys fCecil johnson, Lyle Holmes, Wil' lard Nelson, Milton Glende, and Charles Bulloekj adding both authenticity and humor to the atmosf phere until everything settles down to the final romance. gg fl Jef' Kl'af'x,1 IA xg' ful , I 4. - -1 g . 1 z,w,V,, , fi f 9 ff, if 13 1 'F F, Q 'E' , ' I Mft Q M1 w ' 5 !f :- -sr 1 , f 1, T .1 ,pr E. I I 1 4' EJ Q' 4 n v , , I 1 1 I k I , if f I I ll ,l - !, 3 , FUTURE THESPIANS-DRAMA CLUB Are you interested in dramaticsf' XVhy don't you ,goin the Drama Cluh7 It's more funl The meetings ' are highlighted with plays which are often times presented in convocation. The kids learn how to apply rnakefup: how to speak correctlyg how to pantomine, Oh. I could go on and on. By the way, you can win enough points to get into Thes' pians. XVhat do you say? "Be careful of my hair! Ouch, that stuff hurts my eyes! Do you have to put so much grease paint on? I look like an Indian!" Don't he alarmed. They are just exclamations that popped out of the feminine devotees of the drama the night they pracf ticed applying makefup. It was messy fun! 41 SPEECHMAKERS The most grandiloquent activity of the Speech Cluhs this year was the choric "If He Could Speak." Complete with chorus, orchestra, versefspeaking choir, and speaking actors, the spectacle portrayed in a graphic way the humanity and greatness of Wash' ington. Speech students, however, have lent their talents to other helds. They have discussed the prohlcms ot' the world in panel discussions and extempora- neous talksi and portrayed masterpieces of literature i in interpretative readings. Nr AND WE HAD A FORMAL INITIATIQN!! "Yes, our initiations really have that cerf tain something!" Besides presenting two elabf orate initiation ceremonies, one in which robed Thespians delivered messages under ghostly blue lights and one during which the audi' torium was filled with the swish of multifcolf ored formals, the Thespians found time to prof duce and direct a onefact play every month. The membership of the Thespian Society has grown by leaps and bounds. Starting with eight members last fall, they will finish the year with thirtyfnine enrollees. An honorary society in every sense of the word, it has ac' cepted only aspirants who have proved their dramatic interest and ability. Sadie Socks the Saboteurs Thank You, Doctor WHAT'S NEWS Studies vital to every American citizen kept nineteen Inter' national Relations Club members busy during 19-011943. They made it their business to understand better the aims and views of the United Nations, sketching briefly the background of each. Upftofdate supplementary news was discussed twice a month. With every American so concerned with world events, the International Relations Club holds a spot all its own among Fergus Falls High School activities. A BIT GF RESEARCH Seniors studying? A bit of scholarly ref search, no doubt. Mary Lois Rulifson, Bar' bara Barke, and Gaius Thede are getting set for a ine discussiondwell, maybe its on World Affairs. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA "Learning to do: doing to learng earning to liveg living to serve." No, this is no Jingleg it's actually the F.F.A.'s pattern for his way of life. These fortyffive boys are an important contribution to the farmers allfout effort to win the war. The ofhcers for the 194243 season were as follows: President--Norman Giorgini Secretary--Raymond Erlandson Treasurer-Vernon Maack Faculty AdviserfMr. E. J. Halverson If WINGS OVER AMERICA We're not fooling. The PrefFlight Class, new this year, is as modern as the latest styles. Providing a foundation of basic aeronautical knowledge, the class is designed to aid boys and girls in this air- conscious age to prepare themselves for actual flight. During the course of the year these airfmincled youths learned all about the principles of aeronautics and heavierfthanfair machines. Busying them- selves with maps, papers, pencils, and rulers, they discovered the fundamental rules of avigation, interception, compass work, and weather forecasting. The flight enthusiasts, who devoted a two' hour period every Monday and Wednesf day to the class, report that they had ample opportunity to gain at least an insight into the intricacies of aeronautics. We salute the future air power of the United States. 1 '1 Last, hut certainly not least, is the staff of loyal typists: Leora Schuetze, Marian Sundberg, Mildred jorgenson, Connie Trosvig. Not pictured are joycelyn Paulson, Laurine Ronning, and Arlene Bruhack. MEN AND XVOMEN OF THE PRESS Coodhye Miss Pihlstroml Vsere glad to have known you, Mrs. Nagel. Hello, Miss Reinertson. But although the 'iOtter," official mouthpiece of XVashington High. has been forced to change advisers not once, hut three times, the presses have heen kept rolling with' out interruption. Here are Iris Halvorson, Cir' culation and Exchange Manager: Marilyn Svennehy, Copy Editor: Mary Lois Rulifson, Assistant News Editor: and Barhara Barke, News Editorg holding some sort of a eonsulta' tion. And here are the business and sports staffs. On the left, sits the efficient Managing Editor, james Haugen. Next in line are the Busif ness Manager, Walter Mor-is, and Shirley Bailey, Advertising Manager. Standing are Gordon Peterson, Assistant Sports Editor, and Glenn Johnson, Sports Editor. This row of absorbed faces belongs to the feature staff: Eunice Trygstad, Patty Theuer Ethelyn W5'man, Marcella Lee, Paula johnson and Phyllis Barke. Overseeing their work are Colleen Camphell, Assistant Feature Editor and Elizaheth Unger, Feature Editor. 0, l A TALE IS TOLD "We're going to make our annual the best ever! The writefups are going to be super- dupers. And the pictures, oh, boy? The kids will really be amazedfi' That was last Sep' tember. Come March-"Gee, I'll never make the deadline. These pictures aren't any good, what will I do? Gosh, why did we ever de' cide to have an annualf' But now that we see it in print, well, it's reallyiwell, what do you think? "How shall we arrange the seniors this year?" That is the question the class editors, Mary Bishop, Adeline Miller, and NValter Moris, ask of Marilyn Svenneby, editor, and Gaius Thede, associate editor. Mary says, "I like them this way," And Adeline is hunting .I 1 for another layfout. The organization staff, Barbara Barke, Norma johnson, Kathleen Sullivan, and Wal- lace Ladwig, are planning their pages-where to put the pictures, etc. Glenn johnson and james Haugen, the sports department, look on to get some ideas from the kids. The ref sult? Wellllll "Do you think we should take that picture over again?" "No, I think this one is simply grand!" Such is the big headache of the photography department made up of Eleanor Beimer, Betty Nyman, Wallace Fischer, and Bennett Holinen. --nf I awww ,,,,.,,, .-,, , A ,,f4""BQ?'IWL 'ji' ,W .. , ' ,gli -.-e. B Money, money, who has the money? The biggest job of all is to get the funds to print the annual and then to sell it. Elizabeth Unger is the business manager. Mary Lois Rulifson and Harold Drews are the advertising agents. Shirley Bailey, Colleen Campbell, Connie Trosvig, and Philip Moe take care of the sales. me '9- IT'S WEDNESDAY MORNING-11 130 A radio club under the supervision of Mr. Carl' son began functioning during the year. Its purpose is to study the different uses of the radio in the modern world. The club members are Donald Larf son, Norman Giorgini, Lois Nelson, Sally Young.- continuity writers: Doris Nelson, f- typistg Delos Dunlap, Duane Wething, Billy Vollbrecht, Delmond Iverson: Iolyn Eastman-musician: Pearl Schuetze, Lorna Schuetze, Lorraine Fenske, Mardella Brandon, Beverly Oyen, Marcella Faunce, Wallace Fisher, Ceil johnson, and Wallace Ladwig. ,,,, , "Take it away, Don!" was a familiar phrase which rang out at every radio workshop broadcast. Of course we all know it's Don Larson who is doing that "Take Off." The purpose of these programs is to inform the listening audience of the type of work done in the various departments of our school. Every Wednesday about 11:30 a.m. the pleasing voice of Norman Ciorgini interprets the news of Fergus Falls High as he sees it. The technical side of radio and transportation of equipment is ably handled by Delos Dunlap, Duane Wething, Billy Vollbrecht, and Delmond Iverson. KEEP FIT "I hope my team wins the basketball tournament." No, this isn't Coach Hall speaking It is just a GA A member looking into a hopeful future Every captain want her team to win but in case it doesn t in basketball she can try in badminton volley ball kittenball soccer or deck tennis In short she cant lo e And she might win the coveted letter under the new point system More power to her' PicturefKids in Order Fourth 'row-Geneva Berglund, Lila Michaelson, Verna Larson, Ruth Nelson, Betty Hultman, Pearl Schuetze, Gwenndolyn Erno, 'Third mu.--Maxine johnson, Eliza' beth Habberstad, Nancy Under- wood, Mardelle Brandon, Dorothy Froslie, Eunice Trygstad, Virginia Fabian, Colleen Loomer, Gene Rust Second row - L e o r a Schuetze Louise Middclton, Caroline Ebbig' hauscn, Marcella Lee, E l a i n e Brandt, jean Neumann, Eunice Sal' ness, Ardith Marple, Lois Weis' lander, Barbara Brendall. First row-Kathleen Moen, Maribel Elliott, Neoma Garberg, Beverly Larson, Mary Lois Rulifson, Mary Bishop, Paula Johnson, Phyllis . Barke, Mildred Jorgenson, Ruth Bjorklund, Barbara Barke. Let s have a yea team' Are you wlth us? We are' Every Monday mght at 4 OO oclock the aud1tor1um resounds wxth yells as the Pep Club and the Cheerleaders get to gether Whats the result? An organxzed Club has become a deflmte part of Fergus Falls Hxgh School Have you ever thought what would hap pen 1f the cheerleaders d1dnt show up at a game? It goes to show how xmportant they are It wouldn t be a game lt' Louey Frxsz Paula Joyce or Ruth arent there And weren t those new formatlons cute? Keep lf up klds' 45 451 l v , .5 f, 5 ': M . ' '?,, ' sv, Q d ' -on . A 5 - ' , ffl'- oo ' ' 53 - . 4 E ' I., . 54 . ' ,, 'U , I Zbme bmw 5 m wJ4mw WELL, WE MADE IT National Honor Society "Who do you suppose will get on the National Honor Society this year? Gee, I hope I make it. Do I have the qualities of leadership, character, scholarship, and service?" Every year the juniors and seniors wait breathlessly for the decision since only five per cent of the junior class and Hfteen per cent of the senior class are selected. The members of the society are james Haugan, Ellery Roberts, Harold Drews, Philbert Suchy, Vernon Maack, Wallace Ladwig, Norman Gorgini, Charles Estrem, Walter Moris, Donald Larson, Eunice Trygstad, Eleanor Beimer, Kathleen Sullivan, Norma johnson, Adeline Miller, Connie Trosvig, Gaius Thede, Marilyn Svenneby, Mary Lois Rulifson, Elizabeth Unger, Barbara Barke, Mardelle Brandon, and Beverly Qyen. An impressive candlelight ceremony initiated fourteen new members, 4 , . , , . . , V -. . ."-w' "'7"""fiQ 1: Q :v . .f ,f Q. . ,. VM.. all k -T-nv .. , 7512 ' ' s...,. .. A , ., -a ,,, 4, fs ...4,,,,,,.,,,..,,,,,, , ,5Z,,i,,?j Ji Ugg. 'Mt ' --'41-4.2-Si?:q,A., ,4-5V,,,5,,, l '!'qf-MZMA, "' 'H -a 14- wg Snvffn-V-,I , ""' , . .- f -sag-Gif-pF.f,t.,r2.,5"fz:fhfif-,T-ilA -v Af ' , , - f, ,.1, , v "s,., . W.,. ,R Q4, ,,,,,,,,fE.iq' 1,,, "' Z 6+ 1 H 0 -4.-0 Q-4gf.,2 "is" . 'M A ,, ff ',.,,- f -y.,5,: "-'fs - - 'Ap ., .."5mf v-v. W: li :,AT,,ij5 ,i 5. 'A . . C, M... K, ., ,',. r , ' 'Q " M: " 3""4' "I""'afj- T-nl-Lf.: ..,-- v-,, ,AQ "iff ."gg'gf-- . ..,1, , Q f N f,.-.4-no -p 4-.4 Q 5, A, H 9' ,nf A '- 'eu ',,.. .,'vm4fy,bi--y., , IQR, f-meg, ,, -, xwk, 14, ' figrfr ' " A-4 . V ,.,5L 5 1 ,,, , A Y iifihiw. X, . , ,Ep K, PPHLBERT SECHY Redpient of T. HA johnson Auard COACH HALL COACH NACEL 4 fp, wx FOOTBALL SCORES H3115 19 Alexandri 6 Fergus 6 St. Cloud 27 Fergus 0 Fargo 7 Fergus 40 Barnesville 6 Fergus 0 Moorhead 8 Fergus 13 Breckenridge 7 FOOTBALL Under the new leadership of Noble Hall, the Otter football team opened its 1942 season by meeting a strong Wahpeton eleven. Although the Hall men lost to the power ful "Wops", they showed marked improvement in defeating Alexandria and even in losing to Fargo and Moorhead by close margins. All of which brought the season to its climax, the homecoming game with the "Railroaders". The Otters "steamed through Staples" in their best game of the year. The Fergus eleven then completed their schedule by losing to mighty St. Cloud and defeating Barnesville and Breckenridge. ILIFF CHRISTENSON WINDMILLER BERGESGN SHEVA SEIM HEYEN JOHNSON BASKETBALL It was not surprising that the Otter basketball team should lose their first eight games of the 19424943 season when they had to build practically a whole new team. However, after their first win with Barnesville, the Hall men became one of the out' standing teams in the district. Although the season's record showed four wins against thirteen defeats, the Fergus Five was really better than these figures show In the subfdistrict tournament at Detroit Lakes, the Otters won the championship by defeating Frazee and Perham. However, in the district tournament, the Otters dropped their first round game to Moorhead in the most thrilling game of the year, BASKETBALL SCORES Fergus Falls ..,.,,............ 21 Pelican Rapids ..,.......,.,. 36 Fergus Falls Fargo ............ Fergus Falls Wahpeton ..... Fergus Falls Alexandria Fergus Falls Moorhead .,..... Fergus Falls Elbow Lake Fergus Falls Detroit Lakes . Fergus Falls Breckenridge . Fergus Falls Barnesville ..., Fergus Falls Elbow Lake Fergus Falls Moorhead ..... Fergus Falls Breckenridge . Fergus Falls Alexandria ..... Fergus Falls Detroit Lakes . Fergus Falls Ashby ..,......... . Fergus Falls Staples ........... Fergus Falls Pelican Rapids Fergus Falls Perham .,....... Fergus Falls Frazee ............ Fergus Falls Moorhead .... . X Fergus Glass E99 Pamt Company 116 N M111 Street 1 yd H d fro mr pfPOT S E99 L STORE ELTON S CAFE WORK FOR ALL Of the 119 m the Class of r VV Arneson E99 Larson Clo th1ers f + NIIES 7, b 0 To WW BUICK CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE BRIMHALL BROS Congratulatlons Semors O MEARA S BEAUTY SHOP 8 WILKE S MEN S STORE ff Compliments ' . I' of L o ' ei ner, Owner Y 3 - Tom f- f s- al . 5.1 , o v 'Q " . 1 . C 5? . . ' i fl A T X J ' ' Y C W 7 If Compliments Of 'I u ' ' ' BN '-g :5. 'n :j :f" f "f-f . ,Z .W , . i " "" " . f a v 1 v ' ' . - , I Bes 'ishes S O . , N , , J 9 f r ' , W W X O . r 4 A k. -xg . Q, Rfco Con ratulanons ' , ,ff Z' Seniors 5 'i DRY GOODS CLOTHING SHOES J o PENNEY oo 8 HINTGEN KARSFI l Appl AND ALL FOR WORK ld p ORPHEUM DRUG STORE H CITY BAKERY E99 CAFE W G111esp1e Shoe Company Service Food Market GRooER1Es MEATS om rments Of FRANKOVIZ HARDWARE STORE Y Quallty Hardware A A 5 c 1 ' Q. 5 ' S A I if ' ' Electrica iances ' p V.. Compliments Of '43-70 he artftime jobs S. K. augen Best ishes- C pl' NO FAILURES There are no failures in cooking or baking when you use an Electric Range OTTER TAIL POWER COMPANY gt WhgS 'rhod FIRST NATIONAL BANK R GVAN G S F I FERGUS FALLS MINNESOTA t dBr FERGUS FALLS NATIONAL COOPERATIVE O F Z d 2 CREAMERY U H bb UH d E C Beimer, Cas xer 54 O O O !, , , . , .,,, . .,.. , ,Q ., l L' shit,-1--.K Q ,ji I 'L , A S N, if 5222 V... "" 1 ,,..------M""WM' if Con fd ulations, Seniors is in uccess To e ra uates 7 Jewelry and Music Store Fergus a ls, Minnesota I Bes of Luck Our Compliments an es Wishes Fergus alls, Minnesota rgani e 188 1.5. an , Chairman O. . a erstad, Presid t . . ' h' GOOD LUCK SENIORS READY TO WEAR FOOTWEAR MILLINERY FURS BEAUTY SHOP HAUBERG JEWELRY LOG CABIN mtimiaiu OIL COMPANY OUR SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FERGUS FALLS FINEST Congratulatlons And Best Wxsh s For T e Class of 1943 STAR LAUNDR CLEANERS E. J. Windmiller YE? CONGRATULATIONS RED RIVER MILLING CO H 0 M E FERGUS FALLS THE 18 K S I C O M I N G STAPLES SCORE 7 COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES O'I I lea ra's DEP T STORE SENIORS CONGRATULATIONS SUCCESS AND BEST WISHES FREES CLEANERS OYLOE PHOTO CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS St Clan' E99 Gunderson 106' 2 East Lmcoln A e MEN S AND BOYS D1 747 CLOTHING SHOES an FURNISHINGS GOOD LUCK STUDENTS Jfawionancffaadon READY TO WEAR 58 I f ' v . ' . FERGUS FALLS MINNESOTA FO' ia 2 , 4 FURS Fergus Falls Finest Fur Storage Greetings rom VICTOR LUNDEEN E? CO Printers a d Stat one s School Supply Headquarters Fergus Falls Minnesota Dlal 2444 Congratulations and Best Wishes Good Things To Eat BOEN BROS GROCERS Compliments o FERGUS HATCHERY WITH EVERY GOOD WISH TO THE GRADUATE COUNTRYMAN DRUG COMPANY THE REXALL STORE EBERSVILLER IMPLEMENT CO Successors o the PELICAN SUPPLY CO Home o ohne D eere Tractors and Equipment Maytag Washers and Ironers DeLa al Cream Separators a d Milkers Our Best Wishes Class of 43 WINTHER S LUMBER YARD Good Luck Semors PETERSON MARKET The Best Meats East Washington Avenue A WISH FOR THE GRADUATE SUCCESS IN LIFE Your Patro age Spells Our Success WE AIM TO PLEASE YOU JOHNSON DRUGS Walgreen Agency YOU HAVE OUR BEST WISH FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE LAMPERT S ? ' n i 1 s - ' U . ,, ' We specialize in turkey service work v n ' ' Q .. in ., 1 n 9 9 cfbxsifx WK, 196 er 81,5 Q96 QPSN we QBSO. On tb 6 4 If 3 fighiiff 'Y Q Got ASIC N Bova, YK Ou r Fu ture D cmosthenese s 60 QQKCY Qawa 9 Turn mg Wheel S Of F.F.H.s. W., Qxue ot Don's N S ight Life T . wenty Engers 1 Time , Wonderfu I-Iavmg a X I I S13 ugh ter Sta 1 D165 A. A. VOLLBRECHT Insurance--Real Estate-Auto License 106 North Court Street CONGRATULATIONS DR. V. I. EASTMAN DENTIST CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS NELSON DRUG CO 204 W Lxncoln Avenue Dxal 2747 -COMPLIMENTS OF- WHERE STYLE PREDOMINATES COMPLIMENTS OF E EQ? E DRESS SHOPPE GEO O JACOBS PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Benson Buxldmg Dxal 3467 Best Wlshes to Class of 1943 FRANKBERG E3 BERGHUIS Attorneys at Law W1ller E3 Tersberg Drug Co PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 105 L1ncoln Ave East Fergus Falls BEST WISHES F W WOOLWORTH CO s 10 d 1s CENTS sToRE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Consumer s Grocery and Meats Complzments o DIAMOND FURNITURE FERGUS FLORAL COMPANY FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS -Congratulatrons GAMBLE STORES CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS MALMSTROM SHOE REPAIRING NATIONAL TEA FOOD STORE Grocery Manager Joe Huska Meat Market Manager Art Bugge ESTREM CLINIC c o ESTREM MD G J MOURITSON MD DR ROBERT D ESTREM 106 South Umon Avenue CONGRATULATIONS M O BRANDON Attorney at Law d WITH BEST WISHES WEST OTTERTAIL SERVICE CO FERGUS FALLS MINNESOTA L W t CONGRATULATIONS FOSMOE SHOE FIX DR H A ANDERSON D E N T I S T Iver on and Lee Bldg Dral 2573 - an "Lowest Prices Every Day of the Month" 'E 'A HEIBE1-KG' MD ' .C J LUND MD' ' U l , . Bran on Bldg. Fergus Falls 224 incoln Avenue ei 62 T 5 PAULSQN M D WHEN IN NEED OF A HAIRCUT E Y Durrell Blk Fergus Falls PETE BARRY S BARBER SHOP Congratulauons 4? DR FEATHERSTONE Dentist DR A L F WAYLANDER CHIROPRACTOR N r W H Waylander Bldg Fergus Fa S Comp! ments DR TILLISCH Optomemst FERGUS FALLS MINNESOTA KEEP LEARNING COAST T0 CGAST STGRE Best W1ShCS to Class of 1941 LEONARD ERIKSSON L E I D A L S Iewelers VISIT US AT OUR NEW LOCATION IO? W Lmcoln Avenue Complzments o SEARS ORDER OFFICE HIGHWAY GREENHOUSE FLOWERS EOR ALL OCCASIONS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS PARK REGION BAKERY USE THE BEST fro MAKE THE BEST Congratulatwns Semo s M C KRONEIVLANN INSURANCE AGENCY ZOIH Lmcoln Ave W D1a 3733 COMPLIMENTS FERGUS LUMBER E? FUEL FOSS WELANDER Iewelers DIAMONDS WATCHES REPAIRING 114 East Lmcoln FERGUS FALLS MINNESOTA SWEET SHOPPE 110 N M111 St Fergus Falls Mlnn Comphments o BOPP HATCHERY FERGUS FALLS MINNESOTA Congratulatzo-ns SKOGMO CAFE LEABO S SUPER MARKET MEATS AND GROCERIES 2141 4254 I l I - - I - ' . . , . . I Eye, ar, Nose, and 'Throat - T 'V 1 A The a u1a.1 ay To ealth ' ' . ll I " .. .. ' J ' 9 -Attorney at Law- - - ' A f FERGUS FALLS MNNESQTA We Deliver Open Evenings and Sunday . . T "WE H ' . . A l I 9 Better Lumber Cleaner Coal ' f Ice Cream - Sodas - Sundaes Candies - Lunches 63 I O 9930 gf ,. yyeio' 0067 Irg a ,4- .1 Hard Life MQ' .Y QQQXC 5016 YJ X9 Bob , Ea woo Oo 1' mark Thespian Initiation Didn't the fo rmals cramp your style, girls? 64 We 6 fe Po U11 g and QQ iw J'

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