Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL)

 - Class of 1955

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Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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1 Alll. ,,,'-v Q R-"'d...f'XfX..fM " fp In' 5. ' 'y 4. M . - " -p -1 an ' in .WM MJ gfacLZ'iar:5 19 5 5 FENWICK HIGH SCHOOL OAK PARK o ILLINOIS Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee . .. Seal of XVisdom, pray for us. ,!3lacLAoarol joffincqs The Class of '55 reaches the end of its high school career . . . four years . . . gaining knowledge . . . always against a background of the Faith . . . the reason we came to Fenwick. We have learned to be good citizens of the Catholic Church . . . and of our country . . . while our minds were being trained .... We have been taught to keep our ultimate goal always before us . . . as we per- form our allotted tasks in this life. By means of simple blackboard jottings we are presenting these thoughts in this edition . . . a record of school life during the past year . . . the studies . . . the faculty which has molded our character . . . the sports . . . the many little things which were so importantto us .... We hope that in the years to come this book will be a link . . . between you and your days at Fenwick .... May it remind you always to perform all the deeds of your life against a background of the Faith. 2 .s .26 .43 F: 1.1 iefkl f- . .fl I -,Q 1.,. V 5'-. me OWQV Looking' lowznxl thc blnv cx- pzinsc . . . an custcllzncd tower . . . 'l'l1cpinnzu'lc of Fenwick education thus dcpiftcd . . . thc zn'c'l1itcc'- ture, thc building ol' nicn . . . thc l'I'lli-lSlllCIl. thc Doniinicun Black- frizlrs . . . thc liypostzisis,theology. philosophy. natural sciences . . . tht- dtworntions :ind cnibcllisli- lntnls. our prcpurzition for life thc :apt-x pointed toward our goal . . . thc nn-:ming and life oli our education. direction and doniinznion by tln- Cross. F. 4'4" ' ,-I4 1 ' , V - .5x'l, '4 n, 'V' I ' ,s :iw Tliij 17- A.. ., 3 1 -,,,, . ,., ,, 171' rl' : !,,.' nf. .r . " '. ,, ., .'f, ' A 1 -V. , . f , ,.'f v Z 1 . J, ,Q , 7' f.. min fs? ,,c.,1,3i?,1 A ' w Aw Nui ff, M 24.2 . 1 mm. A + kwa-1,f?'LA a A 'TVN :N M "LQ yfmfy SWA sg' 5 X Xi' 4 ,S Q A me 'G' W ,H ' 'Q' X , Ai V21 5 ' we f N a. ig Mari 5 Q f '+ ' -I Q 3, 'gf' SF A Q if W, ,i , f -k I: I f if bw, .sw W 1 Q U YA QNL ,P . xsrxig Q f V21 ' ,, W A, x 4 'ff' . A Mg. Q Q? I ff, ,xx .wtw A iw, 'K ,si .51 Q A In '94 Q ,,,,,.,,....-M -vw-n-wam.:m.,.W W M 9, Q I Q I 'ar 5 as Y A.. kd Y, 1.11 slay: 1 , -' JS Q w 3 0 V gg 5 ,e-,pi J O A as f ' il ' 5 wg, I Q .f , 1 0 Q Q J 'Q N' 1 'f N ' f , Q 'P la x A Q ' 'H wi' A 'B 'Q '13 saw Q ww: :S Very Reverend Edward L. Hughes, O.P., S.'l'. Lr. Prior Provincial of Sf. Alberfs Dominican Province His Eminence Samuel Cardinal Stritch . . . blesses new addition M 5' S mfgim' NU .dx r , M2 , ' i . 12 I x Q -A .lla A 4 p .2 Jake .1 .5 A J 4 Q Q S il E 3 E 5 Ks is fx if E i '-no wad .ffsw y . ak --wg i . ss. J? fi .W-A an-fc , 5 ,th , xxx Els 11, 5 l JY ,Q ,. E fx? .nl -Ni Bu? 5 PL FJ Lf W .' sux- L, .4- Qi Q .0 J Lv f, 53, 3 A ' I ,u I E ' x i 6 S I S 'R Yr 'S xi Q 5 i I 2- '1- .nu i 0 .3 K fr Sf , 113.1 ,f4'5f" -1---'s""4 S , A M... . ff gig ix' 1 5 S- l,il..l" K.-w'J .ff N A r 1 . j J J ,. 5 .. .A Y., ,N sv- L I . 4' S if .A i fQ':....rs' ' , ,Q as 'ii' XX A .f - 9 -.--.. ...al ...M W' '-.W .wg Yurx Rm. Rcx lCZ.IllCl.l..K I'l'1Nl,X.O.l'..l'l1.ll. Ymx R1'X.'I.X. XIURCLIQXlll,Xl.liR.0. l'..l5.X C. Xl, HSIIICR. U. l'., NIA. I'1'nh-wuz' ui' l'hilosuphy, l'lim SIIIIIJHUIK. f1IlCIlliSll'y. Clcllclnl Sl'i0llCC l,K'Plllll l'uivm-rsily Rm. I.. ll, ll'l'RSO, 0. P., S.I .ll. Rm.R.I".I..XRK1lll-lR.U,l'.,Xl.S..I'I1.l1. Xliwimmrx' fm' llilliilll I':ll'islws l'nu11l'zllnr, l'1'of4-ssm' of I'Ililuwplmx', IJcI'nul l'lliNClSilX, O I , O Si. ibomlnzc 5 mercy UIIIUI' Ihulhcr limllu-1' limllu-1' Xl.lHiRI lRl'lIl.l.U.U. l'. IDUNIIXIC. ROIIHCRINC-,U. I', ISICRNXRID XRNIHzINI.O.l'. RUISICRI SI ll I XRII. 0 I Ps? fl u . v . n UIIHI l1wII1c1 Inullul IIlllIl1I IIIXXN XII iUXXI'II,U I' IIIIIII XIIIIIOX H I' IJXXIIXXIEIXIIIRN Il I' RXI'IIXII XIHXXIIIXX ul mf Q,-N J fs fy ,R ,nf I gf' X if If 5 , 2 3 I f B? II I 1 I Iiullum I'I1NIIIII1II.II III.IXl'I III IUIIIIIIIIIIIIX sImlwI sf' ,I 2 w :ii S H 57 ' Y-he me-asa , 'ii Q' 3 if I I fy I f ' KIM 3 X P 6 I I I, I' Q 4' I V ...,..W.x...H-ww-1 ' 1, I K. N N W my fm vm 'gf I ?" A S ' M J fr 7-A sf' A gi Q? Q if ., in . if si 1 I A X I I I I-gi r E i , I 1 I' I I QQ + W I 'I L 5 I I Q Qs as-gk .:. X 5 L. ix . K. , f -X J Q 0 x , . +. i fx kk AQ x XX x Q I 'X W I . , - ' . ' I 1 I A ki 'x ir' . . I - 7 X Q- guy 5: .. V 5, i I I: , I -' -Q -. I ., - xi 1 I : w.,.s.as',wwwis1Q5l.Ni ' ' , .- I , '- - "" ' 'II' I I 5 me - K wiv ' .rxzmrsgggifi fn get gg! Q , c 5 9 , das 1 1 2 2 ww ., it W M, ...,. W , A H K wiv? -H z' aw .fx 1 5 A Q ul 1,4 1 f W 4 wi YM is 42 4' fi A' mf 5 V . ii 7 ,fwfg 36' f f 27 RWM 'mv me f , ' -. aculey l . . . far more excellent than any sculptor or any other artist ranks, in my esteem, the teacher who molds the character of youth. -St. John Chrysostom aku 'Q un VIHCIPQ . . . RICYICRIQXIJ GORDON lf. XY.Xl.l'lCR, O.l'.. lAl..XI. l'1'lm1p:nl mmm' lillh . . . l'Ul'W1Il'Kl-lwllklllg Qllllll' ul 1'CIlXX'll'lx :mil llx N mlcnlx ,.Ill1llK' lllllll SlXlC'Cll'llllll1ll'l'il glllllll1lll'N tlllllllg mm' wan ui llilllllllhlll Ilflll . . Clzum' lu l'4CllWitlx in IU!! . . . smignl minimum' lL'l!Llll'l' . . . llc llu uvml . . . null Vlllllllllvll . . . ilu- UIIXILIIJIK' l'l'IJlIl1lll0lI ul l'L'IlXN'liIx . . . lllx lllIllIlliSll'llliXl' pwliu: XiSllLlI Ulllllilliflll . , . xmxnlimml Qllilllllllll 12 irecfor of Sfucfes . . . R EVIE R li ND DOMINIC NV. BRADY, O.l'., l'li.lJ. lJit'cc'tor ol' Studies . . . patiently und L-xpcrtly utlrztvcllittg innutnerztlmle lJl'UlllClll5 . . . students' schedules . . . tt-zu'llct's' schedulcs . . . interviewing pant-nts . . . cutuiscling us in our clloife ol' college und cuttrses . . . cn- mttrztgitig zlczulvillic' itiipmvctiiettt . . . guiding the inevitable sunnnet'-sflmol students . . . Nlodcrzuot' of the Fzttltcrs' Club . . . l'ml'cssor ul' etltlczttioti :lt llmninicztn House ol' Studivs. r I 04 Slver nnwersarcy Rey: Rohert I. Tttcker. O.P., IIS. flflfifl-l955j UI nas horn in Nlt. tlletnens. Nlichigan. on .Xugust Ili, ISEI3 atnl received iny early education in St. NIary's School in that tity. I attended the Catholic' l'niyersity of .Xtnerica in Washington, IMI., graduating with the degret' ol Ilathelor of Science in IEUIT. I inunediately entered the l'nited States Ariny' and after serying twenty inonths in Ifrantt' was honoralyly' discharged as Sergeant Nlaior of the 2nd General Headquarters Battalion of the Nlilitary l'olice florps. .Xfter three years in the foreign st-ryiee of one of the ntajor oil cornyzanies. I returned to this country atnl taught Ilescriptiye tkeoinetry for one year at I'royidence College. l'royidence, R.I. I was pro- fessed as a tneinher of the Order of I'reaehers at Sonierset. Ohio. on .Xugust Ifi. l92l. .Xfter studying I'hilosophy at St. Rose I'riory. Springfield. ky.. and at the Ilotninican Hottse of Studies. Washington. DIZ.. I was ordained in Washington on june lti. l930. hy' .Xrchhishop Nlichael Curley of Baltimore. Nld, I spent sotne tnonths in parish work at St. lIoininic's Clhttrch. Detroit. Nlich., and was assigned to I-'enwick High School in August. lllfll. "During tny twenty-four years at Ifenwick. I haye had in tny' classes of' physics. lnechanical drawing. geotn- etry. and religion. ahout eighteenshundred and fifty' of I"enwick's some three-thousand graduates. I hare noticed no particular change in the stttdents as the years went hy. except. perhaps a sort of restlessness and lack of in- quisitiyeness in recent years. due to the general indecision present in the world today. Basically. the stttdents are tlte saute. I haye yet to find any' originality in "cribs" or "ponies" - they are alluost eXat't duplicates of those of forty years ago. "Perhaps the funniest incident. to ine at least, of tny' years at Fenwick was after the fire in the Faculty House in lfllrl, when I was wrongly accused of cotning down the firetnen's Iadtler in tny' hare feet and clad ill pajamas and a derhy' hat. 'I'he fire. of cottrse. was not fttnny as three of the Fathers were seriously' hurned. I freely adtnit I was in tny hare feet and paiznnas: httt the derhy I vehemently' deny. It is true that a short tiine after the fire. wearing Ifather Walter's overcoat and shoes. I returned to iny rootn to find ottt if I had any' clothes left. and finding tny' derhy' intact. placed it on tny' head to saye c'arry'ing it and returned to the Woods house. httt I did not wear it down the ladder. "I think that the City' Championship Ifoothall Caine in Soldier's Field in IEISG, played to a tie hefore Il0.fJ0fl people. was the tnost outstanding event in I-'enwiek's history' so far, hecause it tnade the natne of the y'oung school wellfknown not only in Chicagoland proper. httt also in far-outlying districts. Iiyeryone, there- after. knew where and what 'Ifenwiek' was. Besides. it proyed a great rnorale-huilder for the school spirits of the stttdeuts. for it showed what a young and growing institution with high ideals could ZICCUIIIIJIISII in a cotnpara- tiyely short titne. I hope that the reputation of Fenwick for its spirit of fair play' in sports and its lofty' idealistn in stholarship may never he sullied in the years to come." I-I ,...,.-vi? Q-wwww Rc acu lliy Xl'H'IllI IN Il xllll R1u1n.U.I'.. XIX R0 Rl' R0 R1'x1'1 R1-11'1 111 IlI11k l'11gI1xI1 I. IX: U111'11l.1l11 . . I1i.11w, I11wl1l11.1l1 XI1s1I1'1.111v1 x1'11'111l l..1..I111111.1LU.I'., ISA. H141-Isl.1, X1Ix.11111'1I XI141-In.1. N11 1.1-1r1ll1'I1x. I111g11111m11'l11. I!1'l111 mg. II1r11kx11n1'. x1'11'l11I I ll. Xl41l1u111'. U.l'.. XI.X Iwnvllnllllnx,S1n1111I1v14x,Klx11N. Xxl I11u1111.1l111. X111.1l1'111 X1gI11 x1'la'l11I I X. 5111111111-N. U.I'.. IS. X l.1I111 Ill. IX: Nl111I11'11 ll11I XI111I11.1t11l 1'111I I XN.R1'g4111.lJ.I'.. Xl,X R1'I1g11111 I. IX, N.1111N1.111 K'IllI I XI:11I1l1L. U.l'.. XIX. X121-Iu1.1. 1.1w11111'111, 4.111111.1 l I11I1 Rcu-11-111I l.XI.XI1C.1111g111.O.l'..IE.X..XIx XIQ1-Iu1.1. MI1.11111'1I XI111' .. 1 1.1-1m1111'l1s, Il1g1n111n111-lux. IH111-11111 of Il11x1w, R1'l11wl1111111l N1.1111I Im11 x1I11I R1'w1v111l I. X. IIXIlI1'L.fI.I'.. XI.X IIIQIINII Il.N1'111111 XI111I11,11111 1'X1'11'Il1I 1I1111N1111.U.l'.. XI N mx. 1.1-111111111 I4.11l111 lI11V IiL'X1'II'lIlI I5. ll.S111ilI1.U.l'.. XI X I'11LLI1xI1 l.1l111111.1111111 Rk'XL'll'IHI XI. Xl, 81.111111-ll. U.I'.. lS.X N11lI1I II1sl1nx. XI11l1111l XI111I .llnl R1'x1'11'111I .A I, 1w11. O.I'.. N. I .I.l1 I.1I111 I. Mu. I-14111111.11 N1I111 XII1 Ivllu. 1 aculfcy Rn-Xu tml R. I-.1 1uxxL'.0.l'.. l5.X, I.ulln I. Ilumlm ui Xllnln-Inu, Rk'XK'lL'lllI I.I.IIlL-11.U,I',.IS..X. I.ulm II. Suu-If 4'Il1Iy Ri'Xl'll'IlII I. XX. 5IlCI'IllllIl. 0.I'.. II. X, Rvlrginm I. Xml, NXIIIIHINIIIIII IM ILIIUI. Rcxvlc-llcl XX, II. Iirumlu. O.I'., I'I1.II. Rn-Inglun Il. III: l.I1w1Im-11414-lx. Rt'Xl'lIl'IIlI R,XI.IJuuIcx.O.I',.I'I1,l5. Rrligic-n I. IX'. Iiulhling I-und Illwulm. Ihlvclm' ut Rvligirrux Xmlixltlu. Rcwncml XI. VI. XX'ImIc'n. 0.I'.. IS..X. I'.l1gIisI1 II, IIIIIIUI Llnw NImI4'l Jim. Ilnxulmliu, Xml. IXin-atm' ol Ilmlpllmz RUXCIUIIKI Y. R. Xsllc-lllnc-lu-l'. O.l'.. I'Il,I... XI.,X. f:I'IIlI1lIl, Iigmzl Xlmlcmlm. In-1 m.m Lluh. Rc-u'l'c'mI X'. IXIAILQ-, U.l'.. I'I1.I... XI, X. In-neIl. Illrmlm Klub. Ihlc-atm nl Sxmpmium. RvXn'lcmI I.II.131-u-nnzun.0,I',.I'I1.I... XI.X, R1-llgum II, Nuplumnmm' Llzux XImI4'l.nIm. R4-wlv11mI I. II. Ilu-ml1u11.0,I'.. I'I1.l.. Izullll I. II: Xssl, II.l11rI XImIs'1 .1lm, Ru L'Ikl'II4I Ia. XI. Nullnzm. U.I'.. I'I1.IS. Rrliuiun III. K-lm' i.IuI1 Xlmlrl .ll4rl. R1'X4'Il'lllI XX.R,NI1XicIl0I:lx.0.I'..IKX.. I'Il.II.. IIUX. Iiiulngx. f.l:lll1m1n' Nmlumul Xlll Inlns. Ifi NINE N Wm-Nw acufiix Rl'XI'll'lI4I II. XII XII XII XII XII I. I1IuIIIN.f3I'. I'II I ,. II.XI.I".. I-4IIII.II NIIIIIII. XIuIIII.I. HIIIIILI IIIIII. XNIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII XMI XIII IIIII IIIIIIIIII II.IlllIt I . LIIIIIIIII, IIN., I'.II.XI. IIIQIIXII I. IIIIIIIIIIIII K-IIIuI.IlIIII, IIIII IILIIIIIII I IIIIIIILIX R IXIIIIYID. XI. X. IIIQIINII III. IX. IIIIIIILIIIXII XXIII XIIIIIIIJIIII, .RIIILIIIII 1 . IxIilI'III-IIA. IS. X. xp.IIIIxII. I.IIIII XIII1III,III IIINIIIII UllI'IIl.IIIIIII. NlI.IIIIxII IIIIII. ,I'1IXX.IIII I'. I IIIIXXIQ, IIN. XIIgIIII.I, IIIIIIIIIIIX. ,I'lIgL'IIl' XIIX.IIII1II:I. XI X. lIIuIIxII III. IIIIIIILIIIIIII. XII, 4.1-Ingm' I , I'IIIIx. ILS. XII XII XIuIIII.I, LIHIIIIIIX, UIII III.IIIIIII I5I.II kIII.IIN. .XIIIII,II'I I ,Nl!IX4IIlIII. XI. X. XIIIIIVIII IIINIIIIX . IIIIIII II, 5Il2II1lIlllJI. BNN. IIIIXIIIIM I,III. XIIII'III.III IIINIIIII IDI,IIII.IIIIN. XII. I'IilIHlN X. 3I1'I'l'l'II. ILS5.. XI.X. rm I IIIIIII Nl.Itu IIIXIIIII. RIII. XIIIII NI IIUUI UIIIC I2 NI XI'I' XIIN, II.IlI'I I.II'QI'I XI iw XILII I ixw NI-Iw1I ,wg ""l-...W.....N aa-nil? WN b-05 J-""f' nf' Gus' -'Gmini 'gl' -Q., w gk ...uf 5' .3 A. M nf if W 1 is if F ' Srfuclen is Q The young who form the most eherished and. most ii - attractive portion of human society, and in whom are centered all our hopes for a happy future . . . --St. John Bosco 5 A Q4 I 'F J NX XX X M wiv. 1 n. AF' as 1 'E w Y QW? . ,Z ,:.. W W J iw S . K ai' 'Q R af ww K s f 'W' W-W mama 5 2 i f 3. . .1-5' L, , . s 3 Q' E . x 'Xu x , 2 1 4 N D Q kg Ar L 3, 4 .,,. A ' -Q 'Q , Q f , . ' i .'x 5 Q, get , sv 'SQ ZZ ,fig bfi: M. ,af M44 , wh SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Left to right: Frank Reynolds. Vice-President: Fr. Dymek. Moder- ator: joseph lf. llicek. President: Charles Ilahm. Secretary: David Cook. 'I'reasurer. GZ? CICISS of ,X student . . . a learner . . . a scholar sometimes. Fenwick . . . Dominican education . . . more than seven hundred years of tradition to confirm the correctness ol its aims . . . the rightness of its direction ol' youth . . . the usefulness ol' its philosophy ol' education. Fenwick . . . students seeking direction in religion . . . learning . . . living . . . planning to conform to St. Paul's advice: "Be not conlormed to this worldg but be reformed in the newness ol' your mind" . . . cultivating correct manners ol' lile and thought . . . correct learning habits. Dominican education makes the presentation: the student must accept because he sees it is sensible, reasonable . . . The degree ol' the students' accept- ance makes the degree of excellence ol' the school. Dominican high school education . . . a fragment of life . . . but the frag- ment that is lil'e's foundation . . . the director ol' your life's vocation . . . the searchlight for your future. 20 Class of XBATE, JOSEPH DOHINKI Sl. Lllff, Chicago -- lllllZllllllI'2IlN I.2.IS,l. XLLEN. JEROME RONALD Sl. Gilvs, Oak Park - lklackiriaxx li llilllltblil' Xtlilbll 12.11.11 llama' fimmnillc-ms SLI: lnlra muralx I.2.fi.I: Rlllc fluln 1: Huck 1, ,kNi1ON.LjOSEl'll ANTHONY Sl. JLIIIICS, Nlaywoml Illackhiau 1: K alhulim Xilillll I: Dams' f.UIIlIlIilIi'l'N 1: I'ls'ml1 fllllll li lfumlnall Ili IlllI'2lI!llII1llN l.2.fS,l1 Sm-zu-xs Club l.2.l. ANSTISS. GEORGE PHYNIE Our Lady Help ol' f:hl'iSliQlllS, Ghifago - Gm-rmanm Club I. llllI'2llllllIk2llN l.2.f5.1. XNTON, GEORGE EYENEND Sl. Edllllllld, Oak Park - IIIIILIIIIIIILIIN I.2.f3.I. BACHL, JOHN ANTHONY Sl. Calluwim- of Sivna, Oak Park Inna' lIllll.lIN 1. ISAIER, CHARLES RICHARD Sl. florm-lim, llhizago - llllI'2lIlIlIl1lIN 1, ISANNON, GERALD jOSEl'H St. Pclcr Canilrius. Chicago - l5la1kili.nN li Damn- KQIIIIIIIHICVN 1: llllI'1lllllII1I'N I.2.f5.I1 Sllllllhll flllll 1. UNL il. ll.-XR.fXTlx.X, AIIJHN HENRY Hary' f!lll't'll of Hvawvn, Cifcro -- l'lHllllLIH l.2: Illllllllllllkllh l.Q.fi.l. N, 2 0 l f7Ae Class BEARD, JOHN TAYLOR St. Giles, Ozik Park - I1l:1ck1'1'iz11's 1: Ilzuue fit1IIlIlIIlll'l'S 21.11 lJ1':1111:1lits 1: IIllI'2IlIllll'2IlS 0, . . . 4, . . . l.-..1.1: SXYIIIIIIIIIIQ l.-: N:1t1u11z1l II1111111' S11- tiely. BEAUREGARD, DAVID NAPOLEON IIIIIIIRICIIILIIK' Conception. Chiuxgo -- l1:1wLet- llklll 21: lllll'1Illllll'2llS 12.21.I. ISELLANDI, JAMES RICHARD SI. Anthony, Cicero M I1t'll1lIIlIg l: IlIll'IllI1llI'- 1 1 1 1 111s 22. , BEREJRA. ANTHONY JOSEPH Ft. Mary ol' the Woods, Chicago - .AIIIZIICIIY Niglu 1: 11111111 2.11.11 I1lz1tL1'1'i:11's 11 Czillmlis .Xtliou 2.21.11 Culleftuis Club 2: lfuulbzill 1: I1IlI'1III1lI11IlN 12.21.12 XIIIIUIIZII llouur Society 1: 11111. 21.1. ISERG, YVILLIAM JAMES St. Ednumd, Oak Park -- I1ZIS1xl'1l11lll 12: l1lz11k11'i411's 1: Czitbulit 11111111 121 Class Ol'- llt'l'1' I' llzuue c:OIIIII1ll1Cl'S 1: I11':1111:1li1s 21.12 I'iI'L'11tll Club 1: lfuutlmnll 1: IlIll'llIIlIll'IllS 12.21.11 Wick 21.1. BERRY, YVILLIANI St. Hugh, Lyons - .ASIIOIIOIIIA Club ll lllllill' II1lIl'2llS 12..1.1: Shllllllllllg 1. BESHK, RONALD JOHN Our Ladv Help of Clmristians, Chicago - Bzisketbnll 1: Ifoollmll 12.21.11 IIIIl'2IIlllll'IllS 12.21.11 111111. 12.31 BICEK, JOSEPH FRANCIS St. Leonard, Berwyn - .AlIl1lll'lll' Night '12 Class Ollicel' 12.21.11 Ilauue fiOIIlIIlII1l'1'S 21.12 150111111111 12.21.12 III1l'2lIIIlII'2llQ 12.11.12 'I ralfk 2. BICEK, JOSEPH G. Maier Christi, North Riverside - .-Xst1'u11u111y Club 2: I1111':1111111'z1ls 12.21.12 R:1diuC111112.21,1: Rille Club 1. BIEDKA, FRANCIS OLIVER St. Giles, Chicago - 11211110111 Club 12: Glee Club 1: tit-1'111:1u Club 1: I11l1':1111111'a1ls 12.21.111 Wink 11.1. BRANSON, IVILLIANI HOISAN St. Edmund, Oak Park - IIZIIICL' Cu111111iIIees 1: f:l'l'lIIlIl1 Club 1: IlIlI'2llIIlII'illS 12.21.11 Swim- uuug I: Mink .1,1. BREITENSTEIN, THOMAS EDW'ARD Resurrection, Chicago - fit'I'llI2lII Club -1: Iuf 1I'2llIIlll'illS 12.21.1: SH'IIIIlII1IIg l. BRESNAN, PATRICK SMITH Sl. Edlnund, Oak Park - fiCI'III1III Club fl: Iut1':1111111':1lw 2.211 IRROMANN, WILLIAM HENRY St. Giles, Oak Park - .X111z11e111' Night -1: As- 11'o11o111y Club 1: I1lIlt'lil'1'I2lI'S 21.11 Cutlmlif A11 lion 21.11 Collectors Club 2: fiL'I'IIlIIII Club 11: IIIlI'2IIIIlI1'2IlS 12.21.11 Swiiuiuiiig l: 1Yit'1L E11 NLIIIOIIZII Honor Society. BURKE, JOSEPH MICHAEL St. Eulalia, Maywood - lIIll'2lIIIlII'1IIS 11: Rifle cilllll 1. of 1955 BURKE, MICHAEL AIOSEPH Sl. Frances of Rome, Cicero - lfililllhklll 2: l11- l1':1111111'11ls l.2.fl.lZ 'l'1'z1c'L 3.1. BYRNE, .IOHN G. Awccnsiun, Oaxk Park - clllllll'l'Zl Club l.22 lluollmll l: ll1ll'Zlllllll'2llS l.2.f4.l. CALLAHAN, EUGENE JOSEPH fl. Angcla, Chicago - Alllllltlll' Night I: Foul- lm:1ll l.2.3: lIlll'1llIllll'1llS l.2.fl.l. CARROLL, JAMES BRAERTON Sl. Hughs, Lyons - l'.l'Cllill Clulm l: llIll'2l' Illlll'1llS l.2.fl.I: Slkllllllllllg 2.3.1. CARROLL, MICHAEL EDNVARD St. Pclcr Canisius, Chicago - lllll'2lllllll'2llS l.2.fl.l. CENEK, STEPHEN GEORGE Sl. Mary of Cello, Berwyn - .XSll'UllUlllf Cluli 3.l1 Gln-c filllll l,2: lllll'2lllllll'RllS l.2.fl.l. CIMINO, FRANK JOSEPH Sl. Vinrcnl Ferrer, River Forest - .X111z11e111' Night I: llzlskn-llmaull l.2l Class Olliu-rs l: Dilllll' LllllIlIIlllll'l'S fl: lfcmllmzill l.2.fl.l1 l11l1':1- ll1lll'ZllS l.2.fl.l. CLOHECY, CHARLES RAYMOND St. Giles, Oak Park - Illll'klllllXI'1llS SLI, COLLINS, CHARLES EDYVARD Sl. Eulalia, Maywood - .xlll1llL'lll' Night 3.1: fil'l'lIl2lll Cilulm lx lIllli2ll11lll'2llS 2.f4,l. h-m-m-m . . . How Abouf Thai? i7Ae Class COLLINS, PHILIP ALEXANDER Sl. Mary's. Rivcrsidc - Calhulic ,Xaliml 1.2. 3.1: DL-baliug 1: I-lcv Club 1.23.11 Illllklllllllll als 12.11.12 Nalioual Iloum' Smicly, CONLEY, EDYVARD JAMES St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forcsl - ASIIUIIUIIIX Club l.2.Il.1: liaml 1.23.12 fl1lllll'l'3l Club 2.21.12 IIl1l1lllllll'2llS 12.11.12 lrzul, 1.2. . CONNOR, TERENCE VINCENT Sl. Luke, Riser Forest - Cglllmlic A111011 1.2: Illllilllllllllls I.2.fl.1. COOK, DAVID MICHAEL Sl. VIIICCIII Ferrer, Rivvr Forvst - Callmlic' .kllltrll 1: ClaxQO11u'L'l' 11.12 Dana' COIIIIIIIIICCS -. .. ...'.' ' ls. 2 5. III1l1llIllll.ll5 l..l,.5,1. Shllllllllllg l.l..1,1, Na+ lioual llmlur S0l'lL'lX. COONEY, IVILLIAM JOSEPH Sl. Giles, Oak Park - lllzukllizux 1: Dance Cuuuuilu-cs 3.1: IIIZIIIIZIIICS 1: flL'l'lII2Ill Club 11 IlIll'ZIIIllll'lllS 1,211.11 llaskclball Sl'0l'l'l' flg IYiL'k f1.l: Nalinual lluum' Sucivlx. CORIIALLY, PATRICK DENNIS ASCCIISIIIII, Oak Park - flllllliilll' .Xcliuu 1.2. 5.1. Illll-llllllllllx l..Z,.5,1. DIMIIIINII Club 1. Wi 11 ck f.. CRAIVFORD, HARRY ANTHONY Ascension, Oak Park - llaslu-llulll 2.21.12 Ifuol- ball 1.23.13 Iulrzuuuralw I.2.fl.1. CULLEN, FRANCIS JOSEPH St. Edmund, Oak Park - llaslu-llmll 1.2.33 llauu- Cmnmilu-cs 3.1: lfomlmall 1: Illll'lllIIlll'- 1 ' l 1 1 . Cl'LLEN, KENNETH EDIVARD SI. Lucy, Chicago - I-'uulball l: Illll'lllIlllI'LlIx 1211.12 SIKIIIIIIIIIIQ 1.2.3. CCNNINGHAM, THOMAS PATRICK Ascension, Oak Park - ASIIUIIUIIIX Club l: llaskcllmll Ili fllllllillll Al110Il2.flZ II1llIi'CI1UIIl- IIIIIICCN Il: Illlllllllllllllw l.2.f1.l. Cl'RRY, JOHN JAMES Immarulatc Conception, Norwood Park - Dame flUlIlIIll1ll'i'9 31 Ifuulball 1.21 IlI1I'2lllIlll'- als l.2.ll.1. DAH M, CHA RLES N' I LLIA M Immarulalc Conception, Elmhurst - llaslwl- lrull 1" 'l' C'lpI 1A K 011' '1 1' Ill1l"lllllll"Ili I" 3.1: ICIIIIIS 1.22 Nalmual lluum' Snfivly. DALTON, YVILLIAM JOSEPH Mick 3.1. DE VITO, THOMAS CARMEN St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forvsl - lnuamur- als 12.3.12 Spzumisll Club 1. DHOOGE, JACQUE ROGER St. Leonard, Berwyn - IlllI'lllIllll'1lli Radio Club l.2.fi.1. Sl. Francis Xavicr, Laflrangv - Dauu' Com- luillvcs 21,11 lfoullnall I: IIIll'2llIIlll'illS 1.2.31 of 7955 Dl'lilN. JEROME JOHN ht. pllli, czhlfilgil - llllIkIll1llllll1S l.2.f1.1. ECRSTEIN, GREGORY THOMAS Sl. Odilo, Berwyn, .XNIIOIIUIIIY fzlllll 1.21 lllzukhianw 1: f.U11Q'l'1UlxC1lll1lf1 fQ1'1'lll21ll llluls 11 Il11l1lIl1lll1l1S 12.21.12 M'i4L 21. EISFELD, OTTO FRED Rt'SllI'I'l'l'li1lll, Clliulgn - Glh11l'll0l'S 1111113 22 I-vllnxm Cllulu 1: llll1llI1llIl1llN ELIA, JOHN Al'Gl'STl'S Sl. Fl'Allll'l'S nl, Rumc. Circro - 150111111111 2: lnllalmurulx 12.21.11 Mllllllhll f.1ll1I 1. FAGAN, YVILLIAM EDWARD St. M1-1, C11icugo-- llllI'Zll1llIl1I1N l.2.I1.1. FEELEY, DONALD XVILLIAM Sl. Luke, River Fnrvsl - Illllllllllllklli l.2.f1,1. Xllxlvlim XIRIIIZIQUI 1.2, FERGUSON, YVILLIANI DAVID Sl. Giles, Oak Park - llaukc-1111111 1.2: Kialllmlic xll1Ol1 1.2.32 llxmu- llulxllllillrvs 3.12 lllllal Il1lI1'111S 12.3.12 Sl'l'Nl'l'N 1111111 1.2.I1.1: ,lVl'll111S 2.21.11 Wink 3.1: Ynlirnml llmmm' Smivly, FLOOD, MICHAEL EMORX Rcsl1l'l1'rliull, Chicago - 1fuuI1m11 1: 1.4111 2.33 I11l1'11llllI1'2l1Q 1,2111 FOLEY, JAMES THOMAS Our Lady Hrlp of EZIIYJSIJHUIS, Cl1icag0 - 1-'uuI1m1l I: l11IllI1lll1llIlN 1,2.f1.1. . . Ain't That Fourth One ca Corker!! VU im UTQALL f UA? Cflm FROST, RONALD JAMES St. Giles, Oak Park-Clcc Clulx l: lulra- murals l.2.fl,l. FULLER, JAMES ROBERT Asccnsion, Oak Park - IlIll'2Illllll'lllS fl,l. GABRIEL, GORDON LEE St. Angela, Chicago- l-'oollmall l.2.fl.l: lnlra uuuals l.2.f4.l. GALIOTO, GERALD PATRICK St. Celestine, Elmwood Park - .Xslrononuy 22 Glcc Clulm l.2,f4.l: Illll'1lllllll'2lIS l.2.fl.l: Scrv- crs Llulr l. GALLO, ROBERT VITO Sl. Francis llorgia, Chicago - llaskclliall l.2. 3.11 Catholic Aclion I2: Ifoollmall l.2.f5.lZ ln- ll'llIlllll'2llS I.2.fl.l: Class Olliccl' l.2. GORMAN, WVILLIAM FRANCIS St. Edmund, Oak Park - llaskcllmall l.2,3: IllIl'2lllIlll'2llS l.2.fl.I. GRACE, IVILLIAM THOMAS St. Barbara, Ilrooklicld - Anlalcur Night Al: Baskcllmall l.2: llaucc Couuuillccs It lulra- xuurals l,2.f5.l. GRAHAM, MEL JEROME Ascension, Oak Park - II2lSIxl'lllilIl 1.2: I-'ont' hall l.2.3.l3 Ifrcnclx Clulm l: Illll'1lIlllll'1IlS l.2.Il.l. GRANT, DANIEL JOSEPH St. Eulalia, Maywood - IlIll'llllllll'1lIS -It Rillc Club l. GRAl'ER, ROBERT FRANCIS Our Lady of Charity, Ciccro - Intramurals 1, . - -. - l.-..l.l1 Spanish Club l. GRIFFITHS, EDWARD GERALD Sl. Thomas Aquinas, Chicago- llaskclball L21 IlIlI'2IllIlll'2llS l.2.fl.l: Scrxcrs Clulm l.2. GROSS, KEVIN 'FHQINIAS Ascension, lklk Park - Daucc Conuuitlccs -1: Glcc Clulm 3.1: Illll'lllllllli1llS 3.13 Scrxcrs Clulm 3.1. GROIV, JAMES EDIVARD Sl. Thccla, Chicago - lfoollmall l: Illll'llllllll'- als l.2.fl.l. HAJEK, JAMES JOSEPH Sl. Odilo, Berwyn - Iil2li'lxI.l'I2ll'S -lg Czuucra l: lfoolhall 1.2: Illlli2llllllI'2llS 1.2.32 Radio Clulm ll Rlflc Club l. HALLORAN, EUGENE THOMAS St. Lukc, River Forcsl - Illll'2lIlllll'2lIS l.2.3,'l: Swimming l.2.f5.l. of 1955 HANINIERS, DAVID ENINIETT il. Monica, c:hil'1lgO - liaxkcllvall 12.21.12 Iu- IHIIIIIIIZIIN I.2.fl.l. HANLEY. RAYMOND LAWRENCE Our Lady Help of Christians, Cllicagu - lfnullmall I: IIIIVZIIIIIIIZIIN l.2.f5.I. HAANSON, KIOHN CHARLES it. Eulalia, Nlaywoml - fntllllllll Club 1: Inv llQlllllllIllN 2.31: Rxliv llluln 1. HART. CLARENCE RICHARD Ascension. Oak Park - I-'nollmall l.2.3,l: AVick Z.-1. HAYES, I'A'l-RICK FRANCIS Our Lady of Grafv, Ilhirago - lIllI'2IlIllll'1llS -1. HOISERG. THOMAS JOSEPH il. Edmund, Oak Park - llanu- C10llllllillCl'S I: I-rm-mln Club li lfuullmll I: Inllmnurals l.2,fi.l: Nimk CLI: National llmun' Smicly. HOCK. JOSEPH ALBERT Sl. Lulw's, Riwr Fon-sl - llllI1lllllllZllN l.2,3,4. HOFFSAVELL. ROBERT .ALFRED Sl. Fraluis ul Roms, f:i1L'l'0 - f1Il1'L'll4.'llllL'l3 I: l'lt'lHIl Club I: Intramurals I.2.f4.l: Radio Lluh I4.l. HUGHES, KIOHN P. it. Lulw, Riu-r Form! - lbamc f:OlIlllliIlC'L'S 4g f'EI'l'lllh Cllulv I: 1-ull 2: IIIIIALIIIIIIHIIS 1.2.3,-11 Alhlvlu NIZHILIQUI l. . . . Looking fo the Outside World . . . ,ow Q elif 748 Class HUSPEN, FRED JOSEPH St. William, Chicago - 1-'oolball 1.21 lnlra nxurals 1.2.I1.11 Sewers Club 1.2.1. IM BER, JOHN LOl'IS St. Juliana, Chicago - I1l1l'Zlllll1I'lllS 1.23.12 1Yick 11: Spanish Club 1. INCRAM, RICHARD FRANKLIN St. Viator, Chicago - .ASIVOIIOIIIX tllnb 11 lfrench tilub 1: Intramurals 1.2.1111 Swim- ming 1.2.31 Capt. 1. JAROS, JOSEPH JAMES St. Odilo, Berwyn - IIl11i1l1lll11'1I1S 1.2.ll.1. JASTRAB, ROBERT FRANK Basketball 1.23.11 I1llI'1llIllll'iIlS 1,221.11 St'l'Il'1'5 t.1ub l.2.f1.1: lennls 11 Mick .1. JENNINGS, STEPHEN EDIVARD St. Catherine of Siena, Oak Park - Danct f1U1llIIIll1CCS 1: Illll'1I1lllll'1IlS I.2.f1.1: Basket ball 1.2.31 Basketball Scorer 1. JONES, PHILIP THOMAS St. Catherine of Siena, Oak Park - Danu tlonnnillves 11 1-'rench Club 11 Ill11'1llllllI'ill5 12.11.12 Swimming 1.2.f1.1. JORDAN, JAMES RAYMOND Immaculate Conception, Elmhurst - Basket ball 1.2.I1.11 lfoolball 13 Coll' 21.11 IlIll'1l1IIlll'1Il1 1.23.11 National Honor Society. JOYCE, JOSEPH PETER St. Lucy's, Chicago - lllacktriars 1: Gamer: 1.2.f1: Dance Connnillees 3.11 lIl'2l1llll11t'S 21,1 lntraxnurals 1.23.11 Rllle Club 1.23.13 Span ish Club 1: .Xlhlelic Manager 1. KASS, MATTHEW ANTHONY Sit. Gertrude, River Grove - lfrcnub tllub 1 lll1l'2llIll1l'2l1S 1.23.11 Mick 5. KASSEL, IVAYNE MARK Ft. Leonarc1's, Berwyn - tlanu-la tllub 21 film tilub 11 Ccnnan Club 1: lnlrannnals Mick 11. KATIS, RICHARD MATTHEWS' Sl. Petronille, Glen Ellyn - 11511110111 Club 2 Catholic .Xcllon 1.23.11 Clee Club 1.22 Col 2.3: IIllI'1IIIllll'lllS 1.23.11 Sc-rxers tilub Swinnning 12.3.11 .AS1l'tlll0lllI lllub fl. KELLY, PETER O'CONNELL Ascension, Oak Park - tialholic A111011 1.211 IIl1l'1llllllI'lllS 1.2.f1.11 Servers Club 112.211 Suinnning 1.23.13 Wick 21.1. KEMPKA, CARL STANLEY St. Mary of Celle, Berwyn - Astronomy Clu' 11 lntrzunurals 1.2.31 KENNEDY, JAMES PATRICK St. Angela, Chicago - Baskelball 2.3.11 lnlr: nnn'a1s 1.2.3.-1. of 1955 RILIXN, STXNLIQY NIXRION Sl. Fidclis. llllimgu - lkgukcl 1 .Zig A I: ldvmh ilulm I: IIIIILIIIIIIILIIN I.!.Fl.I. KOCH. .XRTHVR YYILLIXNI Sl. Clclcslilw. lqlllnuoml Punk - Mmm l.2.fg,l1XlIlillllIII llmnn Smivlj. KOLINSRI. ROBERT .KNTIIONY Szurcml Ilvurl, Lomhanw - H 'Q - 1 llitlllllhllx I.l,fS.l1 Rzulm lllllv I, RUXIINIZK. LEO .KLYlSll'S Sl. Plus. Cllimgo - IIIIIJIIIIIIIJIIN I.!.Ii.l. KOYITCIII. AIUSIZPH l'.Kl'l. Sl. Ll'0llLll'll'h, Bvrw' - A ' mgm llulm I: IIIIIKLIIIIIIIKLIIN l.2.fi.l. RRIETER. ROBERT Kill KRLIZS Sl. I-cl'lrllcl4', lframklin Park - lu-mlm 1.11111 , ..,, , , .., 1. l'uulI+.1ll I.l..v.l. ll1ll.IlIllll.IlN l.l..-.li Suu vu 1 lull I. LAIIS, YYILLIXNI RUISERT Our Lauh - ' Irisliuns Killian-0 Lxjoxu.noxALn PAVL xr Lad! 1' 1 ' l l'i5li1lllN, Cllliraljo IL - U 1 is - 4 2 1 - ' l.!.I5.l: Ix.uL I.2.I5. LAMISIQRTY, THEODORIQ Ll'kLl Sl. Fllllllii Xznirr, l.nGrnl1gu - Xmg Night 1 1 ' 1 ' " Q. 1 " a -' Q . I A L .-...I . Con You Bdng A Fdend? Vik -6 -av 6. Q,. NSS? fx if il 9' 3 49 J .,:. Ak f ,. K .1 'sf '. x 5NSS3l I GZ? C1655 LA PATA, ROBERT EDYVARD St. James, Maywood - .Xtuatcur Night 11 lllackfriars -1: lfrettcli Clttb 1: 1ntratntu'al1 12.3.12 Wick 3.1. LASCARO, JOSEPH NICHOLAS St. John Bosco, Chicago - Intramurals 1,2 3.1. LAWVLOR, JAMES GEORGE St. Catherine ol' Siena, Oak Park - Footbal I: lulratnurals l.2.fl.l. LEEN, MAURICE JAMES St. Thomas Aquinas, Chicago -- lntranturalt 10111 Rillc Club 1 LE FEVRI-I, JOSEPH GERALD Our Lady Help of Christians, Chicago - Atnatetu' Night el: Football 11: Intramural: 1.2.31 LICHON, JAMES S. St. Blase, Summit - Dance Committees 4 1utt'amurals l.2.fl.1. LORR, ROBERT ARTHUR St. Barbara, Brookfield - .Xstronotny Club 2 l1lat'kl'riat's -1: Catholic Action 3.1: lntramut' als 12.51.43 Scrtt-rs Club 2.3.-1: Spanish Cluli 1: National Honor Society. LOYVTH, ROBERT JOHN St. Ferdinand, Chicago - lntt':uutu'als l,2,3,f1 LUSK, DONALD IVAN St. Celestine, Elmwood Park - .Xstronotny Club 1: Baud l.2.3.'1: Dance Committees 3.1 Clee Club 2.3: lntranutrals l.2.3.1: Radit Clttb 1: Servers Club l.2.3.1: Wick 3.1: Na tional Honor Society. MACISZEWSKI, FELIX ARTHUR St. Luke, River Forest - Ifootball 123,13 In tramtlrals 1.23.11 Switntning 1. NIAC LENNAN, THOMAS PETER Ascension, Oak Park - .'Xlll1lll'llli Night 4 llantl 2.3: Cantt-ra Club 12.31.13 Dante Com ntittecs 3.-1: French Club -1: Clee Club l.2,3,L1 lutratuurals l.2.f5,1. MADDEN, JOHN ROGERS St. Francis Xavier, Nfestem Springs - Danct Committees 3.1: Football 1.2.3,-1: Intratnur als 1.2.3,-lg Xl'ick 21.1. RIAIER, JOSEPH STEPHEN St. Edmund, Oak Park-Amateur Night 2 Basketball 1,23 lllackfriars el: Catholic Action 1: Dance Committees 3.11: Dratuatics 3,43 Foot ball 1: lntramtu'a1s l,2,3,A1: lVick 3,43 Spanish Club 1: Class Ollicer 3. MALIZIA, NATALE FRANCIS St. Thomas Aquinas, Chicago - Catholic Ac tion 1: Intranutrals MANNION, JOHN FRANCIS St. Giles, Oak Park - Dance Committees 11 II1ll'2ll1llll'2l1S 1.23.13 Swimming 1. ,,f 7955 IIAREN. PAl'L ANDREW' it. Fmllfis Xuvicly Ln Grange - Damrc C1 lIIllllx 14.1, IlIlldIIllIl.II5 l.2.II.I, Wink 3.1. SIARTIN, MIOHN LAAVRENCE Rl'SllI'l't'l'IIDll, Chicago - lulrzmlulalls I.2.fI.l. IIARTIN. RICHARD JAMES il. Angcln, fIIlIf1lg0 - Ifonllmull l: Inlrzm :lx l.2.fI,l. NIELYIN. NIARSIIALL DENNIS il. Lucy, Clliuxgo - lfm 1 2 Q - 1 1 I: IlIlI'1lllllll2IIN l.i2.f5.I. NIILOTA. LIOHN THOMAS it. I'nuI ol' thc Cross, Park Ridge - '- . ' Q. .. .. , nk . " SIIZAVR. DONALD GEORGE it. Mary, Rivorsidc - IlllI'illIllIl1lIN 2.fi,I. NIUNACO, FRANCIS PATRICK Jlll' Lady Hvlp of Christians, Chicago fnullmll 1.2: IIIIIKLIIIIIITZIIN l.!.f3.l. SIONAGIIAN, MICHAEL PATRICK Dur Lady Help of Christians, Chicago lllu-m'l4-zulcrs l: Ix1l1':un111':1Is l.2.Ii.'I. AIUNTIEGEL, -IANIES FREDERICK il. Paul of the Cross, Park Ridge - C , 'apt I Inn :mul :lx I" 'Il . . Mod Dash to Class Ijze Class MLISENGA. JAMES EDWARD SI. Mary 111' f1l'H1', Bvrwyn - I111111111111111 1.2.I1.1. NILNDY, JEROME JAMES Sl. Ni1'l111Ias, Esanstun - l1li11l11'l'11llS 1: 1111111 f11lllIl111l1'1'S 3.1: ll1'11111111i1w 21.11 1-1'l'llllIll 111111 1: l111111111111111x 1.23.11 R111li11 1111111 1.2.21 Wick 3.1. MLRPHY, RICHARD JOSEPH Sl. Ll'Ollkll'1l, IS1'rwyl1--B1111k1'1i111s 1: 1l111111'l' 1111111 2: l"I'L'll1ll 1111111 1: l1111'11111111111s lxllllx 21.11 B11xk1-1111111 'I 11111-1' 21.1. MLRRAY, THOMAS DANIEL SI. Domililla, B1'lAli1'l1'A --A lllll'illll1llLIlS MLSCARELLA, ROBERT CARL Our Lady Hclp 111' fll1lElSllLlllS, Cllifagu - l1111'11111111'11lx 1,211.11 Sl11111ix11 1211111 1. MUSOLF, FRANCIS ALBERT St. Giles, Oak Park - 1-11-1' 1111111 11 11111111111 1.11111 1: I111111111111111s 1.l..1.1: R1111i11 1211111 l. - 1 1 MUSTARI, FRANK JOHN Rcs11l'l'1'1'li011, Clllfilgll - AlII2111'lll Night 1 l1l2l1lx1,l'12IlN 1: 111111111111 .X1li1111 12.24.11 1111111 1111111111i1l1'1-Q 3.11 D1'11111111i15 21.11 1L11'1- 1111111 1 l1111'11111111'111x l.2.f1.11 181111 21.1. MYERS, ALFRED ORD Sl. Edmund, Oak Park - lIlll'ZlIll1ll'2llS 3.1 SIb1IllISl1 1.11111 1. MCALLEY, ROBERT ALLEN Sl. Eulalia, Maywuml - l1I1l2lIllllliIlN AS1l'1YIl1PlIlX l: Ri111' 1.11115 1. MC BRIDE, JEROME FRANCIS Sl. f12lIh1'l'lll1' 01' Siena, Oak Park - 1-1111 21.1 lll1lLIIllll1'2IlS 1.23.12 Sl.11111x11 1.11111 1. MCIBRIDE, THOMAS KERR Sl. Call1cr1n1' 111' Sicna, Oak Park - 1111111 1111111111il11'1-x 11 l"1'1'll1ll 1111111 1: lllllilllllllklll 1.23.11 S11i111111i11g 1. MCCALL, JOHN RAYMOND Sl. Vinrcnl F1'rr1'r, Riu-1' Forvsl - AlllZl11'll Night 1.1: 112111110 1.11111111i1l1'1's 3.1: 1Q11'1' 11111 1.2.f1.1: 1llll'2lIll1lI'2llN 1.2.f1.1. MC DERMOTT, DONALD GREGORY Sl. Callwrim- 111' Sicna, Oak Park - .AIIl2l11'll Nighl 1: 111111111111 .A1l1Oll 2: lll1I'1lIll1II'1llS 1,1 , . f1.11 R1111111 1.11111 1.L: 5Jl2lllISll 1.11113 1. f,Hl1'l'1 MCDERMOTT, JOHN TERENCE O11r Lady Hclp 111' Christians, 1Il1i1'ag0 - 11 11'11111111'111s 1.2.fi.1. MCDONOUGH, JOSEPH JAMES RQ'SllTTC1'Il1lll, ClIl1'2lg'0 - B11sk1'1111111 1.22 1111 2.21: lIllI21lIIlll'1IlS 1.2,f1.1. of 7955 MCCANN. THOMAS ALOYSIUS St. Giles, Oak Park - Cllieex'le:ulerQ l.2.fl: ln- lrznnlnzlls l.2.fl,l. MCGEE, RONALD j.-KMES St. Angelafs. Chicago - lllll'2lllllll1llN 12.24.11 Swinnning l. NIC GOLDRICR, jOSEPH YVILLIAM St. Dolnitila, Berkeley - fillllllblll .Xcliun I: Illlllllllllllllx l.2,f5.l: Serxcrw illnlm l.2.fl. MCGOWVAN, MARTIN PHILIP SI. Frameis nf Rmne, Cieern - klllLlll'lll Xigln -l: BllllilQll'l1llN I: Dame ilmnlnillees fi.l: ln- lli1lIlllll'1llS l.2.fl.l: XYNL fi.l. NICREE, HAROLD EARL St. Francis Xavier, WVexlern Springs - Blank- frinrs l: Dunn' fiOllllllllll'K'S Dil: Diznnznims fl: l'll'l'Iltll Kllnlm I: lllll'llllllll'ZllN 1.23.11 Wick. Iimlilm' 3.1: Nailirnnll llmnn Smielxi Allllelic' Nlanmgex 2. MCLAUGHLIN, LAWRENCE BRYAN Ascension, Oak Park - l"l'L'lllll illnlr lt ln- ll'2lllllll'lllS l.2,I4.l. NELLIGAN, DENNIS ANTHONY Our Lady Help of filll'lSllklllS, Clmiealgu - Cslllwlic' .Xclion l.2: lllll'2lllllll'1llS l.2.fl,l. NEVILLE, XVILLIAM ,IAMES St. Paul nl' the Cross, Park Ridge - lfrenmlm lllulw l: lfumlmnll l.2.f5: lllll'llllllll'1llS I.2.fl.l. NEWVMAN, YVILLIAM JOHN SI. Elllllllllll, Oak Park - llnskellmll l.2.fi: l'l'l'lNll Cllnla l: lllll'1lllllll'QllN l.2.I5.l. . . . East End Gargoyles . . . 33 me Class NIEHOFF, EDMUND ANTHONY Sl. Edlnund, Oak Park - I'il'1'll1'11 1111111 12 I11 11'11111111'111s 3.1. NOGAJEWVSKI, NORMAN GEORGE St. Mary of Celle, Berwyn - I'il'1'l11'11 111111 11 II11I'illllll1'2l1S 1.2.f1.1. NOLAN, DONALD EDXVARD Resurrection, Cliieago - 11111111111 1111113 2 1111111-1:l111's 1111111 2: 1l11I'2llIlll1'll1S 1.2.3111 R1111i1 . . . K , 1.11111 1: Rl111' 1.11111 1.J..1.l, O'BRIEN, JOHN GLENN St. Edmund, Oak Park - 111lS111'l1Hl11 3.1: 111 11'11111111'111s 3.1. O'BRIEN, TERRENCE MICHAEL St. Odilo, Berwyn - B11s11el111111 1.2: 1'il'l'll1'1 1111111 1: 151701111111 11 1111I'1llI1ll1'1l1S O'DONNELL, BERNARD JOSEPH SI. Franees of Rome, Gieern - 11l1S111'11lll11 1 - 4 - 1 ,. I'l'1'1l1'11 1.11111 I: 140111111111 1.2: Ill11i1l1lllll.l1 1 1' '1 1 ONDRACEK, EDWARD THEODORE SI. Pius, Cliifago - 1L1ee 1111111 1.2.31 Illl1'1l llllll'2l1i 12.11.11 11011111111 1211111 1. OPELKA, JOHN JAMES Sl, Callierine 01' Siena, Oak Park - Illll'21 111111'111s O'RElLLY, PETER CHARLES St. P21111 of t11c Cross, Park Ridge - 111111111111 II1Il'1l1llllI'111Y S1xi111111i11g 1.2. O'SHAl'GHNESSY, JAMES MICHAEL Sl. Giles, Oak Park - 11111'11111111'111s 1.2,3.1. OSTRANDER, JOHN WVILLIAM Sl. Luke, River Forest - 111111111111 A111011 1.1 3.1: lJ11111'e 11UIll1ll11l1'1'S 1: 111'1l2111ll412" 2.3. 111'1111111li1's 1: 1'il'1'1111l 1111111 1: 1111111111111111 1 .2.3. 1: S11'1111111111g 2. PERELL, PATRICK Sl. Michael, AVIIUZIIDII - .All1ll11'1l1' Night 2.f Glee 1111111 1.2.3: 11111'2lll1ll1'211S 1.2.3.I1 Wick f PIDGEON, MARSHALL JAMES Sl. Catherine 01' Siena, Oak Park - 11111111 1'1'iz11's 11 11211110 111ll11lIl1l11'1'S 3.1: 1111111111111 1: 11l1l'2ll1ll11'2l1S xx11'1x 3. 1'.11lIO1' 1: N1 111111211 111111111 Society. PLACHY, ROGER JAMES Sl. Leonard, Berwyn - B1111'111'ri111's 1: 1121111 1111111111ill1-es 1: 1-11-e 1111111 1.2: Ill1l'll1llll1'2l 12.3.11 Wick 3.1: SJJZIIIISII 1111111 I. POWERS, EDXVARD JOSEPH Sl. AIZITJJS, Riverside - 1111111111111111s 1.2.3. of 7955 PRESTON, IANIES DENNIS St. M011il'a, Cllifzlgo - I"1l'lIl1I 1111111 1' C1111 1.1: 1ll11'llllIll1'2I1N 1.2.31 PTAK, DONALD .IOSEPH Sl. Ann, t1hIl'2lgO - 11211111 1: I11l1':1111111'z11s 1 RA BOLD, M ICHAEL JOHN Sl. PI1i10lnl'na1, Cllifago - 1Jz111c'c f10lIIlll111l'l'N 'S 1110111111 1 'E C1111 1 11111 1111111 11s 1 'VII ., . 1-. ', , -. -. . , 1 .-.. . .1 . . 1 1 ,' 'I'1a11L 1.2. RAY. LOUIS Sl. Edmund, Oak Park - G1-111111111 f11lI1l 1 111l1:1111111z11e 1. REEVE, HAROLD RICHARD Sl. linrbam, Ih'00kIil-Id - 111l1'11111111':11s "fl 1 AAll'1x 3.1. REYNOLDS, FRANCIS RAYMOND Sl. Gilvs, Oak I':1rk - 11llS1xl'11J2111 1.23.12 Ifuol 111111 12.21.12 1lI1l'2llIlll1'3l1N 12.11.12 5l'l'Il'1'S f11lI11 1:lZ1:1ssO1l11c-r2.f1.l. RILEY, THOMAS HAROLD Sl. Callllcrim- 01' Sicllu, Oak Park - llllll1l1S 1.2.f1.l. RISHER, ROGER GEORGE Illllllilflllllll' c10lIl'C llion, Chica 0 1111111 11211111 1,1 1 g " f1OIIIlIII11L'l'S 1: 150111111111 1: 111l1'11111111':11s l.-..1.1 I1l"llll'IlIli 1 ROBINSON, HENRY LOl'IS Sl. Dionysius, Cirvro - 1I:111u- f1lllllIIlI1lllN 1 X 1IllI3lllIlll'2l1i 2.51.11 'I 1'21l'1x 2.21. . Hammers Lights A Vigil . . . . Periodicals Enlighten Selvaggio I1 5 me Class ROGAN, JAMES MICHAEL St. Angela, Chicago - Basketball I: Intramur- als ROGERS, JAMES VINCENT St. Edmund, Oak Park - Dance Committees 1: Intramurals 1.2.3.-1: Mack 3.-1. ROLLO, JOHN NEWTON Ascension, Oak Park - Dance Committees 43 ., .... lntrzunurals l,-,.5.l1 Spanish Club Al. ROONEY, DENIS JAMES St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest - Basket- ball 1.3: lntramurals 1.2.3,-1: Ratlio Club 1,23 Scrxers Club 1.23.13 Wick 3.-lg Spanish Club I. ROONEY, PATRICK JOSEPH Ascension, Oak Park - lfrench Club -1: Intra- , . 4 murals 1.23.13 Servers Club 1.2. ROSATI, YVILLIAM FRANCIS llaml l,2.fl.l: Catholic .Xction 2: French Club 1: Intramurals 1.2.3.l. ROSNER, JEROME MICHAEL St. Philomena, Chicago - Football 1: Intra- . 4 1 initials l.l..i.1. ROSSI, LOUIS LAWRENCE St. Edmund, Oak Park - Band 11 French Club 1: lntrzunurals 1.2,f1.1. ROWDER, JOHN JOSEPH Ascension, Oak Park - Astrononiy 1: Basket- ball I: Camera Club 1.2: Golf 1.2: Intramur- als l.2.3.l. ROWDER, WILLIAM LOUIS Ascension, Oak Park - Astronomy 1: Basket- ball 2.3.l: Camera Club 1,23 Intramurals l,2.3.t: XYick 33 National Honor Society. RUKS, EMMETT EDWARD Mary Queen of Heaven, Cicero - Intramur- als l.2.3.1. RUTKOSRI, MILLARD GEORGE St. Frances of Rome, Cicero - Amateur Night 1: Football 1.2.31 Intrznnurals RYAN, JOHN JOSEPH St. Giles, Oak Park - Blackfriars -li Catholic Action 1.2.3.-1: Intramurals 1.23.13 French Club -1. RYBERG, THOMAS CARL St. Giles, Oak Park - Basketball 123,45 Cath- olic Action 1: French Club -1: Intramurals 1.2.3.-1: Blatkfriars -1. SAIN, KENNETH WAYNE Blessed Sacrament, Chicago - Camera Clul 1.2: Intramurals 1.2.3.-ig Servers Club l,2. of 7955 SCHACHTE, JAMES E. Immaculate Conception, Norwood Park - lIlll'2llllllI'2llS l,2.3.l, SCHMIDT, PAUL FRED St. Eulalia, Maywood - lnlrzmlurals 2.3.4. SCHMIDT, THOMAS JAMES Ascension, Oak Park - lllll41lIIllll'lllS l,2,3,l. SCHUBER, JOSEPH LEONARD Sl. Eulalia, Maywood - flfjllllllli Club lg In- t1':nnu1'als l.l..l.l3 Rlllc Club ll. SCHUESSLER, CHARLES PHILIP Sl. Edmund, Oak Park - Dance flOlllllllllCCS Al: l'll'CIll'll Kllub l: lnn'znm11'als l.2,Zl.l: Swim- ming l.2,fl.l. SCOLLARD, PATRICK JOHN St. Angela, Chicago - lllzu'kl'ria1's fl. ulilor 43 llanfc Connnillccs l: lfrcnclm Club I: Clcc Club l.2,fl: lnlrzlmurals l.2,fl.Al: Wirk 3,43 Basketball scoring 3.13 National Honor So- ciclv. SELVAGGIO, JOSEPH KENNETH Our Lady Help ol' Christians, Chicago - lluskclball 2: lntrzmnnals 1.2.3,-I. SKRYDLEIVSKI, JOHN St. Mary of Czestochowa, Cicero-Football 12,3413 Intranlurals 1,2.3,4. SLONIKA, ROBERT ALLEN St. Barbara, Brookfield - gkIll2llCllI' Night 3,13 Intranlurals l.2.Zl.l, . . . Hayes and Rosati Among Many Alfracled By Exam Schedules . . . . . . Grant Responds To Annual Appeal . . . 37 fjAe Class SMITH, JOHN IVALTER St. Simeon, Bellwood - Amateur Night lg lllll'1lllllll'illS l.2.fl.l. SMITH, ROBERT FRANCIS St. Mary's, Riverside- Intramurals l,2,3,-1: Spanish Cluh -I. SPEVAK, NORBERT FRANK St. Frances of Rome, Cicero - Amateur Night li Danct' Committees el: Ifootlmall lg Intra- murals l,2.3.'l3 Spanish Cluh Al. SPINA, ANTHONY F. St. Giles, Oak Park - .Xniateur Night I: Canu- era Klluh 2: Catholic .Xctiou fill llchatiug l.2.3.l: Glee Clluh lg Intramurals l,2,3,'lg Na- tional llonor Society. STEBOR, JOHN BENJAMIN Mary Queen of Heaven, Cicero - Catuera Cluh 2.3: Glee Cluh 12.3.45 Intramurals l,2, , . . .Liz Radio Lluh 3.1. SULLIVAN, WVILLIAM THOMAS St. Thomas Aquinas, Chicago - I'-askcthall 2: lfoothall l: Intramurals l.2.f5.l. TOA L, PATRICK St. William, Chicago - Intramurals l.2.3.Al. TRENN, THADDEUS JOSEPH Immaculate Conception, Elmhurst - Band lg f:Cl'lII1lII Lluh el: Intramurals -1. TROY, ROBERT PATRICK Our Lady of Angels, Chicago - Intramurals l.2.fl.I. TRZOS, FREDERICK JOHN St. Mary, Riverside - Dance Committees -ig V 1 ., . Glcc Llulm l: Intramurals l,-.:l.-l. UHLIR, FRANKLIN JOHN St. Bernadine, Forest Park - Aiuatcur Night 1: Intramurals 3.1. UZNANSKI, KENNETH BIATTHEWV St. Helen, Chicago - .Xntatcur Night lg Band l.2.3.l: lllackliriars Assoc. editor el: Camera Club 3.4: Catholic .Xction 2.3.12 Collectors Club 2: lfoothall l: Intramurals l,2,fl.-ll Na- tional llonor Society. VIDA, FREDERICK IVILLIAM St. Leonard, Berwyn - llaud 123,11 Intra- uturals l,2,f4.l2 lcnnis -l. VONDRASEK, ROBERT THOMAS St. Odilo, Berwyn - lllackfriars 1: lfootlmall I: Intramurals l.2,3,Alg XVick 3.-1: National llonor Society. YVALSH, JOHN PATRICK St. Giles, Oak Park - Dance COIIIIIIIIICT5 33 lutratuurals l.2.f5.l: Spanish Cluh el. of 7955 YVATTS, ERNEST FRANCIS St. Luke, River Forest - ,xll12lll'll1' Night 1: llanct' C1ontutittcc's 3.1: l'11'l'11fll Clull -1: Fool- hall l: l11ll'll1I1lll'lllS l.2.ll.lI Icnnis 2.21: Wick -1 WEHRS, WVILLIAM R. Our Lady Ht-lp of Christians, Chicago- ln- tt':unut'alw l.2.f5.1. YVETZEL, GEORGE JOSEPH St. Vincent Fc-rrcr, River Forest - Baskc-thall 12.21.13 1utt'auitu'als l.2,Il.'1. WVEYNIOUTH, JAMES HENRY St. Simeon, Bellwood - Glcrc' Clulx 1: Intra- murals 1.2.31 YVICKLANDER, RAYMOND OTTO Ascension, Oak Park - lfoolhall l.2.f1.1: lu- ll'2l111llI'1llS l.2..l.lZ Swtuuunig 1.2: Nick 3.11 National llouor Socicty. YVIENCEK, STANLEY PHILIP St. Lucy, Chicago - lfootlmall 1: ll111'11111lll'Lllx l.2.fl.1. WVIRTH, YVILLIAM THEODORE St. Francis Xavier, La Grange - Blackfriais 13 llancc Comniitlvvs -1: Frm-ucli Cltth 1: In- ll"l1lllll"llS l " 'S 1' N tck '1 1 WVOLFRAM, CHARLES BARRETT St. Francis Xavicr, La Grange - ltitratuuralm 1.2.f1.1. XVOOD, ROBERT XVILLIAM St. Edmund, Oak Park - Baslcc-thall 1.2: ln- tt'znntu'als l.2.f1.l. YVOOLSEY, ALVIN JOSEPH Our Lady ol' Sorrows, Chicago - Baslcclhall 1.2: l11l1'1l11ll1l'2llS 12.3.12 Swinintiug' I. YVREN, j0HN LAWVRENCE Saint Thomas Aquinas, Chicago - tlatncra Cluh 3.1: Catholic Action 12.3.12 lI111'21Illl1l'1llS 1211.12 Radio Club I: National Honor Socictx. YORECK, ROBERT .IAMES Sl. joseph, Dcm'na:rs Grove - .xll12llClll' Night fl: K-lc-c' Clulm l.2.f'l.1: lutrauturals l.2.Il.1. 0 afional xjfonor ociefcy Beanxl. john 'l'. Bc-rejka. .Xnthony xl Cook. Dzlviil Nl. Cocniey. Williann J. Dulnn. Clhznlcs W, Koch. Arlhln' XY. Lorr, Rohert A. Lusk. Donzilil l. Scollard. Patrick J. Spina. Anthony F. Ulnzinski. Kenneth M. Class of adds twenty-two inenihers to National Honor Society . . . lXlClll bers chosen for exceptional scholastic ability . . . lezidersllip . . . cllaracter . . Interest in extra-cnrricular activities . . . willingness to help . . . At least 21 HB' 40 aiional yjfonor ociefcy Bromann. William H. Collins, Phillip A. Ferguson. William D. Hoberg. Thomas jordan. james R. McKee, Harold E. Pidgeon, Marshall Rowder, William L. Vondrasek, Robert T. Wicklantler, Raymond O Wren. John L. average for four years . . . election by the faculty . . . I-'enwick's Honor Society membership now 217 . . . Honor Society teaches that ability and excellence must be used for the benefit of others. 41 unior Class fllkcers Left lo right: Rifluml Xllison, ll'C2iSlll'k'l'I john Hoynv. xvilfl-I,l'C'Silli'lllI Xfllllll' I.nY:lllic. SL'lll lun: Nliclmvl lfilliclmio, I'1'L'siclvnl: Fr. Whnlcn. NlUflCIk2llOl'. Xie-llo. -john Cl. W' 'xk2ll1IiIiS.kl0l1Il CZ. ' V4 'XlkCllll1lllll.fQCl'Zilii C. at ' hi .XllCgl'1'lli..IUSCPII .- Xllisrm. Ric'l1:l1'd 3 Q ' ' ,xllllll'USO. Nlichzlcl XY, K- 44 4 .xl'llllI. lusvph II. . "f-5. i , ii f.' 'H Bzlchl. i'1l'C'il1'l'it'k ' '- , f . . S'2W":EiI1?G l . 3 " , 3 1 'xx . I , 1 ' . B2Il'llL'S. Nlicllzlcl IJ. A Q, '3' .3 Bnggio. Dmlnld li, iw ' 15 ir , ., Ilzlrrx, l.z1u1'cn X. ...W A fi 7" q Cl'l'l'ilil!.Al0llll Y. ,N I . . ' by .fl x ......, -. , 32 Beckert. Robert j. Bennan. james M. Bennan. john A. Bertaux, Louis A. Billings. William j. Binder, Halter E. Blair, George B. Boehm, Karl j. Borge. George F. Bowers. james E. Bowler, john XV. Brennan, Bernard F. Brennan, Robert T. Brett, Xvilliam F. Bronder, Carl E. Burke, john E. Burns, Emmett Francis Burns, john j. Callender, William D. Caravelle, Anthony C. Carelli. Paul V. Carey, james P. Carney, Robert j. Cashman, 'lhomas j. f7Ae Cla.. of 7956 '-iv! 43 C astellini, Robert j. Ceas, john R. Cegielski. Riehnrcl S Chaplicki. Edward j Chestnut, Paul C. Collins. john M. Collins. Philip E. Colucci. Anthony V. Colueei, joseph R. Conboy. Peter R. Cook, Dennis Q. Conlon, Thonms F. Creadon. Francis P. Culhane, Patrick P. Gullinan, Barry Dalton, xvlllilllll Fl. Darda, Geraltl FI. Dawson, Francis J. Deflarlo, Daniel G. Deilola. Anthony X Delaney. Gerald D. DeSio, Kenneth Al. Devereux, Iohn ll. Donahue, Daniel ml. 1 f7Ae Cla.. of 7956 1' W' . K...,rMii E 4 5: 4 -I ,,,. :"Igigs:5F:::2Q1', . R . e L... 3: ii :Kr X . ii ' I "--r- ' F 2 'n---... . F 3 ' , ,.,- In :Z v,:- vt A .... X y S . xl N fa 'Liz . a , -- A X61 K A l F h s. ,.. gg 1 I' 1 E A in Donohoe. Raymond A j Donovan, I. Daniel - , , Doucette, William J. ' Driscoll, Michael G. X' Duffy. john E. Z :"" Dunlap, Robert E. N Egan. james A. limnie, George R. Fillirhio, Michael li. Fitzgerald. Frank R. Fitzgihhon. john M. Flynn, George E. Flynn. William L. Folsom, Robert F. Forbrich. Anthony F. Francis. Michael li. Frymark, Paul F. Galgano, john P, Gaspers. john C. Gawne. Edward P. Giannoni, Carlo B. Goch, joseph P. Colen, joseph A. Gorman, Thomas Grannnas, james J. Gray, john F. Green, Robert G. Crib, Gerald L. Handtmann, John R. Hansen, joseph H. V' 1 A.,i I I 3 I "--.'1,.,.. ls, '37 -... J N. ...Q . J g -Q' ii A' 41- .gf lloyne. john R. Hoyne. Richard 'l'. Huck, james Nl. Hudgens. j. David landolo. john jackson. Charles E. janis. l'all'ifk K. janninfk. Donald R. jarvis. james S. juckniess. Robert judy. Donald j. Kawka. 'lhonias j. Keefe. David NI. Keenan. NYilliam B. kelly. Edward j. kelly. john L. Kelly. Thomas j. kenny, Robert E. King. Charles li. King. Edward A. Klaer. james O. koepke. Dennis A. Kopefky. Robert j Kornak. Ronald YV. liovacec. George l'. Krueger. john j. Kncera, Donald j. Kunkel. Eugene H Rus. Robert K. Knlh. john S. 'W M . f . ks S fs X . 3 Q. 1 'QE . 'iv s-.1 f uniors Hansen. Roberl A. Harle, joseph A. Harvey. james l'. Havlik. William j. Hefner. jerolne G. Helgesen. Edward XV. Herbert. xvlllllllll Hernbrolh, Donald R. Hill. joseph P. 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Twomey, John F. Tymick, Henry W. Urquhart, James G. Valente, Anthony D. VanPatten, Thomas A. Voris, sviililllll J. XYallm'e. Joseph E. XValter. Richard E. Warren. John R. vVCgllCl', Kenneth Whalen. James lf. Wliigain. H'allace D. Wicklander. Philip Wiefh, Norbert l.. XVielgos. Ronald XV. XViener, Richard R. Wilhelm, John G. Wlillard, M'alter J. XViSl1Cl'. James P. YN'olfram, Donald E. ' H'yso1'ki. James A. Young. Jerome 'II Zalewski. Thomas Zerblis, John A. uniors Serritclla, Michael A. Shikany, Louis G. Sinclair. James XV. Skowlmo. Neal F. Sorquist. Robert J. Spatafora, Richard B. Spero. Robert I.. Spinelle. 'l'hoinas F. Spychalski, Robert G. Slarshak. Edward Stehlik. Dennis G. Sullivan, Dennis W. W Wnlxll. S4-ue-lnlx: Wal SOIJAOVVIOVG Class CXADXQECGVS T? 'T I S sg H, .. imlvnl. , Mlannx. Ilmmns lx. . Xllc-ll. l.1nslc11u- I. 2 ' '97 Xlulnlmugh, l,l'lllliN l.. x Xllmciml. xslllllllll I'. A Xmlm-ll. i.cnrga' I. Xxullmx. I L'I'I'l'll1l' QL. R X Killa-In-llknr. Ruxwll N. 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Dennis Kinn, l'a1lrit'k Kletllik. Nliclmel Y. Knntlsen, Brute Ii. Kolek, Kenneth H. Korbats. Daniel Koritlek, joseph S. Korinek. lfrztnk Korngiebel, Hurry -I. Kowalski. Kenneth W. CYAQ Clay of 7957 . . - mv. ,t --,---.. V l M Q ll "'-.nr are 9, ' .sr . t R 7 Ll, ..... .... ' ,. ' V ..+ at V I Q , X 4, it il' 'N ' 'f 'X --V-' . 4 Hx if "4 'RH . . ' . ' ' tr ,, " ..Ef......::L: . gg.. - 5.3 - 7 , Q -r:?:- L 5 2 . Krantkowski, Riclmr Kubztcki. Ronald D. Kuehl. Ernest A. Knltter, jznnes li. Knllu, Robert ul. Kuslt. Ricltztrcl ll. Knsntitler, Ratyntont l.ztlt. Gordon G. Labs. Robert A. :lg tll 11 l,z1nc'rtstcr. Williznn ll. l.zrwton, klznnes N. Lexthy. Kenneth ml. Lennon. Willi1nn j. Leonardi, Dennis ll. l.icztr. john G. Lowlh. Iznnes li. Lukowitl, jerotne I". l.upie. Stephen D. Lyons. john XY. xiilflilil. Robert KI. NIztnnion.j1nnes E. Nlztnlo. Anthony R. Martin, Rli'llRll'll B. Martino, john l'. 5Il'C2llll1'y. .Izunes H. Mdloy, William N. McDonagh. Dennis LI. McDonald. 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Patrick l'honer. Charles BI. liienmn. XN'illiznn A, l'osto. Gabriel P. lroendly, Robert B. Trios, Robert S. Valentino. Norbert M. Vejvodzi. liclwztrd j. Vertuno, Leonard I., Yincenti, Dennis L. Vithu, Terrence F. Yondrasek, Robert j. Yondrtiska. George L. Vrtis, john F. XVZIISII, Patrick YV. XVatson, XVillian1 M. XVegc rzyn, Norbert j. XYehrs. Raymond F. XYellcr, Xvilliznn j. Williams. Blaine V. Zellner. XVilliam F. SOIJAOVVIOVQS Slioekey. Ronald Y. Showel. john I.. Shntlitowski, Peter Skrypek. Wayne 'l'. Slepirkzi. jznnes F. Stnilzinieh. Daniel Stnitlt. Peter Nl. Smith. Rztytnontl K Smith. Williznn G. Sokol. .Xnthony SjX'l'ill. joseph F. Staunton, l'ltiW2ll'tl Stzir. Roger ll. Stella. Nlieltuel B. Stratkzl. Plllll j. Strouse. Robert 'l'. Sullivan. jznnes l', Sullivan. john l-1. .xlltllllllC. l.uuiw l. QVQS 1446172 Class Left to right: lfrml lgUlxlIlllCWli'l. Yicn--l'l'csimlc11lg Rinllzml NI1llUXl'l', l'l'l'Sllll'llII Rm. W. ll. Yun Rom. xlOilCl'1llKYI'I Ricllzlrll King. 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'fl e Q I Cappetlzl. Frederick C. ' . ' ,f " X C:1rdinal.jr.. Lawrence G. . R I new if 2 2 1 Curnilrlinel. james j. . E 1 Carroll. Roger M. if . ' N 3 I Casserly. Nlielmel C. 'Q i JA: ' 4 Ccrone, jack P. 53' 3 Chelz. Anthony W. -ur A - Jwigfj flllCSllIlll. john W. if W , ' fllllllCllli, john NV. Ciolli. Donald ll. Collins. Thomas I.. xi ad Como. Angelo A. ,M M M Condon. ludwnrd j. 'H h Q. Conlon. john l.. QQ M f N. . . ti. ... IJ 3 'try .K T. tl! .3 L Q.-Q. X E Y f . . Ik ni xi. .Q.w..K'X' L sig! " ' X S . ' 3 5 -. . Q , QI ' iz -'i: E, 5 ' Defirenier, Herbert XV. Demski, Stanley L. DePaepe, Thomas W. de St. Aubin, Edward Desmond, Paul F. DeTolve, James F. l,ClllllCIl Lawrence XV. Digate, Andrew L. DiGiancinto, Henry O. DiPcgo, Robert P. Donahue. Lawrence P. Doocy, Edward D. Feeley, XVilliam P. Finn. YVilliam J. Fitzgerald, Michael D. Fitzgerald, Sean F. Flowers, Arthur F. Forbrich, Paul C. Frait, Yvilliam Giaccio. Sam S. Godman, Robert A. Goedert, Patrick J. Goreeki, joseph F. Graham, L. F. Dores. Daniel R. Dorncr, Martin R. Dole. Alphonse C. Doyle, james R. Dragel. Donald P. Drennan, Thomas G Drymalski, George E Durdil. Michael N. Dusing. Thomas C. Duzansky, john B. Dyheck. Dennis J. Egan, William M. Egan. William P. Elliott. Edward M. Enright, Ronald R. Fahey. Charles M. Fantelti. Patrick J. Fanl, Thomas J. Haselow. Charles F. Hawley. 'lihomas li. Herlehy. 'l'inr0lhy Hickey, Thomas j. Higgins, William A Hill. George T. Hillenbrand. William H. Hilliard, joseph E. Hillig. Charles A. Hood, Richard NV. Hoolhorst. Waller Horan. Michael j. Horan. Xvllllillll D. Horn. Kenneth l'. Hurler. Edward A. Ippolili. john F. jahlonski. Ronald E. jackel. Milton Nl. Grant, 'l'. A. Griffin. james 'l'. Grimley, Robert G. Haase. Arlhur C. Haboush, james NV. Haddad. Ronald I.. Haley. Gerald Hanley. R. M. Hansen. Alan E. Harmon. Bernard j. Harnetl. Vincent Harney, Bernard j. jalovee. Richard S. james. Philip janda. Charles W. janiszewski. Thomas jardine. Charles M. jech, joseph F. jendras, Michael M. jordan. Thomas joyce. james M. Kallal. john M. Karniek. Robert Yaska, Gerald N. Kay, William W. Kearney. James J. Kelly, james J. Kelly, Walter M. Kennedy. Maurice A Kenny, Kenneth J. Kent. Denis ll. Kernan, Richard M. King, Richard A. Klebek, Daniel 'l'. Klobucnik, joseph Knox, Donald 2' 'EF 'Nt . ik Fifa' .... . . 'S ,. W , - .-af! if ix X . N t .Y t .. f X q . 14. ' . 14' .. SQ 4 , ""' -' . 49 Q, 8 x Mack, Raymond P. Mack, Robert F. Mac' I.ennan, Jerome C. Madden. lvlllllllll P. Malek, Lawrence C.. Malirki, Alfred 'I'. Manriorte, Philip G. Marrhini, Robert R. Mashek, lVilliam -I, Mayer, Richard A. Mazza, Patrick -I. Merkes, Donald YV. 9 J tt. fit if .... 31. a..Qg.9"' P Q iii W, Wt A x 4 ... 3? 6 we Kodl. Franklyn . Korzeniewski. George P Kretlow, William KI. Kubiak, Martin M. Kuhfttss. Charles S. Kustnider, Casitner A Kvistad, Ioltn N. l.ane. Patrick J. l.arocc'a. james R. Leahy, 'lihotnas P. Ledvina, lhonuas M l.ehncr, XVilliatn lf. Leone, Barry P. Lore, 'Thomas A. Landertnan, Anthony I Ludwig. Frederick I.. Mar.-Xrtltur. Robert B NlacDonald, james D FK .4 .8 it 2 A - , ' -5'ET"f5fff5i'.:ff:f: ' ,. ' if 'il' A , Mfllermolt, james P. Mcllonald, Clement j. MacDonald, joseph E. McGrail, john XV. McKenna, joseph M. McMahon, Patrick j. McMahon, Robert W. McNamara, john P. Nemec. Carl j. Nichols, james M. Obermaier, George F. 0'Brien, james P. 0'Brien, Matthew XV. 0'G0nnell, Daniel E. 0'Gonnell. james A. 0'Gonnor, Bernard M. 0'l-lagan. Patrick 0'Halloran, Thomas j. nf. :ff 3' ,N ..., K+, '- Q . 1 'T I Ygijf. . Rita '.E1ij5 E3 af ' ' 'lf ' . 4 I 2 Pl +5 N -.. , Q 2 lil? I 'A as 293. gl N, Micek. Ronald A. Miley, Robert NV. Mollsen. Glillord XV. Morforcl. Earl S. Muisenga, john A. Mulkerin. Thomas P Mullenbach, Robert Murray. Denis A. Mfliabe, Thomas E McCa ffrey, Patrick K. McCue. john M. Meflurry, Merle P. O'Hara, Barratt j. 0'Keefe. Gerald O. O'Krongley. Roger E. 0'Ncill, Brian j. Ostap, Eugene M. 0"l'oole, William H. Owen, Richard A. Papa, Felix Parejko, George A. Parrilli, Patrick YV. Patla, Donald L. Perry, Stephen O. Petrino, Leo A. Phelan, Michael E. Pilot, Gerald N. Polli, joseph j. Poole, Robert J. Pruyn. George YV. Pugh. Charles E. Rafferty, John T. Ratigan, jerotne W. Readey, Patrick XV. Reimann, Henry E Reinhardt. Barry j Schmitt. Donald j. Schnakenberg. Will iam R. Selcke. Lawrence li. Sheehan, Daniel j. Siblik, joseph F. Sicilia. Anthony A. Sima. Todd P. Simons, W'illiam J. Skopal, Henry W. Smith. Bruce R. Smith, Dennis R. Smith, Xvilliatn J. . .,,, .rt , ri ' ' Q " fl 1: A . . as ' r it at Q.. 0 . K b A .,.. 4 .4 . m ,, l V ' f ,D Ziff a lift ' W A 'bf 'vzr X we P t't' or . at , , ' ' -it 5' , k r ii' '.11' E 1 62 Reischmann. Gilbert Nl Ricrio. Richard G Richied, Donald li Richter. Glenn j. Rigney. Stephen -I Riley, Michael ul. Roach, Robert Il. Roche. Patrick B. Rock. Robert W. Rogowski. Norman A Ryan. Dennis ll. Ryan. john H. Salerno. joseph .-X. Santen. Edward R Santo. james V. Scello. james R. Schlarks. Robert Schlent7. Robert .I J SWCCIICS. Nlll'll1lL'l H Sh'L'K'IIl'f. XN'illiain 'l'liivlcn. Rll'll1lI'll Nl 'lllL'l'lll'f. limlwarml F, 'I'ocld. Michael 'I'. 'l'm-pfcr. Alan ul. 'l'ullii'k. Rulwrl XY. Tolnasclln. Lcunalml 'l'0nnc. jay Cl. 'l'ufu, l.c0nanl il. Tully. Roger l'. l'lu-ling. Eilwiii lf. Yan Dyke. Neil I". Ymnlruska. janlcs If Waco. Rim-haul lf. XN'allcr. Rolmcrl C.. NN'arcl, .lnlin Nl. XY4-inslcin. -loscpli QQ' sf Sulmicsk. Gvorgc A. Spink. G1-urgv li. Staincr, jose-ph li. Slainilkas, Slanlcy Slasi. l'il'lIl'Sl. Slcclc, N'illiain B. Slcscnson, Nlicliacl lb Slolfc. Louis Sllflllllg. Mirliacl CZ. Sullivan, l'illgl'llt' Snllixan. john I. Snllixan, Roger Nl, has N'csll1oll'. Ralph 'l'. xvllillflll, jaincs T. Whalen. Marlin J. Williams. l.awi1-xn'c Wills, james C. N'ilsun. Rulrcrl XvllllCl'll1lllK'l'. lohn j Zajack, I-'ram-ii KI. lanoni, Ricliard Ii. lalopa. Anthony A. Znligrocki. jaincs il. luck. John N. E., 1 ..1 S H 1 5 Sfucbes . . . to give the mind clearness, accuracy, precision, to enable it to use words aright, to understand what it says, to conceive iustly what it thinks about, to abstract, compare, analyze, divide, define, and reason, correctly. -Cardinal Newman Q wk. M 5 i if f35S'2i?12Tf I.. 2 . ., X, 5 cf Q S. Qi X, ,is ,Q ,Q 3 3 f 4552. -Y 1 Q , XT - 4 Ytfi ig? 452959 J V' -is F ,lf ' Q 5 ff :X , . 1 Y' -2 2'-1' Z'-f 14 It YI, ,Q -www 'f v 2' K if ' F' G , X N Q n il N I ,I ll , . - 54 X .4 X Q 8 1633 3 if I 1 . SW, ',.,,1I:?. 'fa' X k '-mx: Q' TJ . '-R -,N o .5 ? Q ' wi 'fs- .. -fx 1' Q 'V' - W . A Q2 y Qpgss, ,V v New -.Ni v T' NK llftltlll Ifltl XI: ,M N Kulnlnlllmnl -fm FHM . -1... ' ilit O O 2 lglOVl Religion Department . . . to allect the personal life of everv student . . . the responsih i ol' every teacher in every department . . . under central direction ol' Father Dooley, Fath- .' erman, Father Blake, Father Sullivan. Fftthe Brenda, and Father Freeman . . . 'l't-aching, tt Sh . r and guiding through classes, personal conferences, outside activities . . . to reach the students' lit in ' d iclt l vol 'es side an outs ' the sc it . Principles ol' Clliristian living . . . marriage counseling lor seniors . . . encouraging s dents to know the reason lor the laith that is in them . . . clailv Nlass . . . frequent confession First Fridav Blass and Communion . . . annual retreat . . . good literature about tht problems ol vouth . . . pilgrimage to honor Our Lady . . . investiture in the St. Thomas Con- lraternitx . . . vocation week . . . St. 'lihomas Svmposium . . . Nazareth Clonlerences . . . Serv' Cl' s' Clluli . . . Yountf Christian Students ...A Xdvent collection lor .Xlirican missions . . .over two PQ thousand dollars collected . . . enrollment in the Propagation ol the Faith. Social activities: Clonlraternitv dances: Hernando's Hideaway. In the Nliller Mood. llar lem Nocturne . . . profits to the Dominican missions . . . sock hops alter liasltetlmall games. Top: X .C..S. l,elt to Xvieth, lfr. Llatolms. lx Nlus- lait. X. Spina. .XIlen. Nl. Xlclnmali, .X. Koch. .X. llerejlva, Nl. Ser- ritella. -I, Wren. ml. ligan. la. Xlurrax. lx. llllllllilil. Center: Pilgrimage Bottom: I-r. Sullnans lumor Re- ligion Class 1 l l right: N. R. Romano. 67 lll- t. 3 A014405 4714114675 cyVVlPOSllflVVl liig11l4'4'111l1 Zllllllllll hfllllifhilllll . . . I4-1151 411' Sl. 11141111115 .xilllilllh . . . x12ll'4'1l T . . . c,lX'l1Cl1 with S4114-11111 High Hass . . . Rt. Rev. Nlsgr. ulos. N14kCiU1N'2ll1 111 SI. 1'ris4'illz1's lJI'L'S1C11l1g' . . . R013 Vi114'4'111 lilzakc, UP., 41ir4'4't411' .... 'Xl1'r4'41 Myers. '55, 111z1s14'1' 411' 4'4'rc1114111i4's. 1v1llIlCl'SI First 11121443 girls' 41i1'isi4111. 1741111111 RZIL' Vero, ,'X1X4'l'll12l . . . 54401141 111111 l11ir41 plziccs, Aillfiillllll' Collins, Si4-1121: 111141 Ei14-4-11 Di Ruin, St. l'1'414'opi11s. First p1z14'c, boys' 41ix'isi4111. 41411111 'l'il111s, St. N101 . . . s4'4'411141 ZIIIK1 111i1'41 111z14'4's. Ro114-rt Cox, Sl. 1'i41M'21l'f11 111111111111 1l2ll'C111l'. Sl. Ignzitius. i11l'0IJ1l1L'5 pr4-S4-111041 111' Nliblhigllfll' iX14'ciOKV2lll. ggi? if 611:-an uf ,A ,130 4,1 11 . 'fix 'J ...lf e llgions cfivifies Top: Sl. lhomus Sfllllllhilllll Center: Setters' Club: Stalntiing, lell lo righl: R. Nluier. ,l. Righeimet, I.. NlttNIz1tlex, ID. l,1 XX. l'l'l'gll5t!ll. S2llI'iNI1lIlI lf. Bath, I. liqzm. W, llznlik. Sllt'l'iSl2lllI N'Utll'l'1llUl' lfl, llltn kneeling: 'IQ Xlillalnl. S:n'rislam: X. Sztntolro. R. l.oll'. C. Rivth. Sllffiilllll Center Top: lfr. Chester X. Myers, 0.I'., N33 Retreat XIRIYICIQ Center Bottom: xlll2lI'L'lll f:0llft'l'l'Ilt'C1 Spenkeri lfr. CQIRRIIIZIIII. O.l'. Bottom: tionfession before Ifirsl lfritizls. lift 5 'N 'MM""x lllllll ....-P--53 Q x Top: F1'L'm'l1 Club cmlliccls :xml nlmlcrzllm l'1 lllzllw. Sczllvnli 'lllomals Nlflirimlc. Riclmzllll Nlllrlzlly. Rflllillll lfmsl. Slznuliugz Rll'l12ll'll Ingram, Hzlmlml NICKCC. Center: Fr. .Xsl1c11I1rcnm'1' fomlucls ll lIlL'Cllllg of lllt flCl'IIl2lll Cllulm. Ofiiccrs: Slznulingz xl2llkSll2lll Nlvlvin. William Lahs, William Cooney, m L0 fQl'K'g'UI'y lifkslc' . TU wer Left: Nlcllrinlc :lull Xlllllbllf lJl'llSll up on llwil' l7l'Ulllllll'lilll0ll. A i 1' , Ann cc ' fi FK . iw., xx R RWE N N x Ql4gMGg2S l'ppcr lm-fl: 4lllIliUlY chmk mlimlimmanx lc-clmlliqllv. l'ppcr righ Center lcll: Hunk IIUIIKICYSZI1lllL'SIi0ll on Zlll cxann, I: Ifl. .xYllCllIll'l'llllL'l'l'XIllllillNf:l'lIll1lIl iolklmc lu wuimg Nlllllk' llls. xx llfl In ll0l1l. Nlkllllllllll. 1.1-mm lulll Ct'lllL'l' right: llunim' zlml Scnim Sllllllhll lllulm ulluc . .' 'h X ul Nl: klll1llllkX Nlllal IIIUIIIIN Xlmlrln. Ile Ruuu Rmnnno. -Iulm lil ' . , ' - ., -1 ' 1 . YHl'lK'I'l 5l7l'Hllx, Tl 1 ll llml NIL IM I mul! flffiiik X gsm NSY! if Yi mm ,JZ 5.9 Q S x M E z fi blur: QW 9 ll gcmm-lric Iig'xl11'w. BOIIUIIIZ Xlallh cxzun urmhlclcd lay lllc IIUIHII NNSIUIII. mposilv Page: I':u1l NIQIQIICIW, Xvlllltl' YYillzn'c :md john .xkillllilf lake sinh' lllC2lSlll'K'lIICIllb 111 Illl'l'Il2lllli2ll mlrzlwlng class. Top: ,Xlflcml Nlycrs :md ,IZHIIUS Clznrnll illNl'Nlig'1llK Lf gMafAemafic5 Altci' two yours of 1't-qtliwcl math thc junior lzu-cs at decision . . . Should hc continue in math? . . . 'l't'zu'l1c1's counscl, "Gt-t all thc ninth you fain." . . . .-Xdxuuifccl zllgclmt . . . l1OlllCYV0l'k . . . lionicwork . . . liomt-work . . . lizuy con- ccpts bccoinc cle-zu' . . . usclulncss and lIC'CCSSilf' ol' 2liiV2lllCL'ti math lmccomt-s :tp- parcnt . . . lizard work is rc-wzu'tlcd. Then thc sc-nior . . . solitl gt-onictry . . . trigononictry . . . I3-D ng'lll'l'S . . . sincs . . . cosincs . . . and tztngc-nts . . . :Incl then ht- In-urns this is just thc fringc of mzuh. AIL'i'ilZllliC'lli drawing . . . zt junior lztlmorzttorx' sulmjt-cts . . , uppliczntiou of gcolnc't1'ic'z1l princ'iplt's . . . for cligiliccrillg and iclzutt-cl fit-ltls. 76 Top: Fr. NILGOWRIII clit-cks Bren- ll1lllvS work with t':ulic'zlls. Bottom: Fr. Nlzulrick rt-:nt-ls to sopho- mores thc happy approach to gL'UlllL'll'y. s ull!! . ' Q 9 'Rial' :M wa- L' 'mm ' 0 K gig i Biixw., , ln A . 1 V ' , , A. fx Q N ' S? A ,K ' 33,3 s " X ff if X' from Havlik. Right: Fr. Robinson reveals wireless mysteries to furious freshman. Left: Wires all over the plane! Right: Dliooge attempts to Contact .Xfrica. Left: "Connect it here and trtss your lingers." Left: Fr. Deterinan gingerly repairs a transmitter. ..40"' General sc'ient'e, biology, pliysics, eheniistry . . . both lecture and laboratory periods for theory and application . . . Teachers present the material of experi- niental sciences . . . but all have studied IllCI2l1JllySlCS also . . . a philosophy direct- ing science. Clllemistry . . . nieniories ol' the inevitable quizzes . . . the structure ol' llllll- ter . . . Laboratory courses . . . qualitative and quantitative analysis . . . relation to Ill2lll1Cl1l2lllC'S enipllasized. General science . . . the lreslnnan introduction to laboratorv procedure . . . meets the first problem of using scientific methods for all other experimental sciences. 78 Left: Freshman learns radio operation Top: lr, l'lNlll'lN 1-3.50 tllQ'lllIWllX lllINN. Ccnlcr: l,cll: lllllllll. Xlclxcv. annul lilo- manm xwigli Zliiillli2lll'lf uilll am Llllilllllilll Imlzinu: Rigllli liiglil prmm llllL'l't'Nllllg to lDllXNlKN NlllllL'lllY. Bollom: Dlauxix. -llli'lxllll'S5. kcllv, ziml lzmis oliwrw llIlL'1ll' A-xpznisiml llllllbl ilu' iszilililul cu- of lfr. 'I in l Physics . . . Ilia' basic' pliyniuil scicliu' . . lll2lIll'l' . . . L'llL'l'g'l' . . . l'ui'w . . . lu-an . . . sound , . . liglil . . . c'lcc'l1'ir'ily . . . 'l'cz1c'lu'rs C'llIlllgL'll during flill' to gin- 5lllill'lll5 apccizilists . . . Sciviililic' irzimliiiig sti'csm'cl, Biology . . . lmlziliv. plum lilo . . . mulogy. :inimzil kingclmn . . . l.1llJUl'lll0l'l work plays minion' mlm' . . . lllSSl'C'IlUll . . . claims . . . fish . . . lrugx . . . clraiwingx :incl lll'2lXX'lllg5. . . Ut , Iwi. 1 TU L0 cience llmuiniczm ulllfzatiull K'llllJllll5llC5 sfimlu' . . . in ilu' spirit of Sl. .Xllmcrl ilu' fQl'l'1ll . . . clcclznn-cl by thc' cllllllxfll thc lJ2ill'Ull ol mficllu- . . . Olhjcctivc strcssul in syllnlmus for 4'l1CIlllSllAl' c'u111'sc': thc illl'L'C'll0ll ol' scivncc courses Iuwzlrd lllc llonrn' and glory ul' Cod . . . Sufh diru'lion Cll'Ill1ilKlS cznrclul knowlcclgc ol thc' NlllJjK'C'I. Top: l"'I'CNlllllL'Il llc-nncll :mel livin llClCl'l1lllll' llll' cumlmlixily nl' u1llL'l'. . , 1- A E ' iddle right: XX'lmI gin-x lu-lm-P my P' "" 5 f 15' wtr lfsll: Puulc 1 . mn 5 lrrzllc- Ilwll' rlcwk lllllllllllllilll M 5 S i 3 Lower right: Howl. Ullmmcll. alml l'l'. lzuolws llmc czlrllm. llIiK'llNS Iln mln! ul , sew V Kd Q ing 'c Wqxi fx wcgff f . 5 c if " 122- fl' ' 19 .. Jgwg, ' X P H. me nm cum: usuam my H Wm Left: l"l'. Nlnlonc spcnds thc gUYCI'llllll'lll1S millions. Middle Left: llumorous llistoriczll facts. Bottom Left: N113 Solcololl c-xlols Xnpolcon. Top Right: llcrg, Allftlllll. and Nllp Stcggcrl Slll'XL'l uxynnsion. Bottom Lt-ft: Chicago - so lmig ycl so small. ocial Sciences Social ncicnccs . . . all thc history coursrs . . . business lam' . , . cconomics , . . sociology . . . cixics . . . to ztcquzlint studcnls with g'0gl'2ll7lllti1Il. cconomic. social, political lorccs Zllliffllllg tlicil' livcs and lulurc lmmimms . . . lllc :applica- tion ol' Cl1l'iSll2ll1 principlcx lo thc sc' lorccs . . . to IDYCIDZIILL' sluclcnls lor thc com' pliczltcd world into which llltf' will Still! . . . to point tlltl tllcir rcsponsilmililics lo lllll7l'UX'l' socictv . . . thcir obligations to inicct Clliristizinily into commcrcc, Immi- ncss, politics. K Sl ,www r ff' M.-v""""'w 'X Aka!! .9 l Misc. UX1 ma. Y'. 4-4'-c f"' fp nfx .AXNN -ex dsl... be adcfisiifies . . . Christian education takes in the whole aggre-' gate of human life, physical and spiritual, intellectual , and moral, individual, domestic, and social . . . i. f ... DI... YI Q pk' ,Q G 1. , Q ' asf!-,QLQL 'U .-I'Q,2W q let 1, '- U 9 r I . 1 N 5 - """"""'u-1 M-.T 'QA Q X , ,il 33 ZH Q 'Q V. V """'H-v . k fl I r I I 5 X! A . K, . ga Qty Q f,,,., I , 5 "' 'i. Af, uf -I ' is 5 tk. . V il g 'Z '-X M "' 3' wi l! , f ' ' , f ff- ' A sz' .Q Q iv U 5 ' ' Q' Q ' 0 ' " ' X- ' V 3 1 'ag Q. 'S W . , I K F Q .va ' 1 J ,H I W L-1 M fyx . t hi if ' - J " L 7' M- W M-W ' 0 N 2' . ' H, I ' 9 , of 0 .a ' f . L L, f . 1 r I . if ' - si' 'r ,,.w A F W g if ' -. - , , , -sl V, ' ' ' M All ,,..,.. 4 ' wg: ' L . b , Ny ,, Q iw M Q V , ..f A - gf - , - r' ' M ' ' H W A ,L 4 wb I Q5 A Q ,,. Q id. K' me .S . --, Ii A v , , .gd 'I : W 'W M as 1 , . w M ' ,, y ww My NN! ., s' 's 0' ,lr f I-4 fx Q a ff- , ,. f 5175 ,. 'NA A' 55' r n v ls ff 3 fm N ,L I 1 is Yu., SENIOR DEPARTMENT EDITORS: Standing. left to right: H. Xlmkee. Nl. Pidgeon. R, Nlnrplty. Seated. left to right: W. l"ergttson. Nlr. Knipp. R. Yondrasek. SCAOOI JEWSPQPQV . . .. llie school newspaper . . . the running rtcord ol' school ltistory . . . to en- tourage inttrzst in scltool activitigs . . . to help mold Fenwifk spirit and attitudes . . . An eight-page tabloid dedicated to laboratory practice ol' school jottrnalisnt . . . For many outside the school, their only Contact with Fenwifk .... -X new stall' each semester, senior and junior . . . First semester stall' headed by Marshall Pidgeon . . . assistants: Harold McKee, Robert Vondrasek. Frank Biedka, Theo- dore li2lllllX'I'If', Thomas Hoberg, lN'Iartin McGowan, james Rogers . . . Second semester stall: under direction ol' John xvlllllxllll . . . assistants: James Bowers, 8-1 1 C711 ' ' ' 1 ' . 01 1-1 1'1111 1,1111l1x C11 1111111. 141111111 S111.1111 . . . 51.111 puts 111 1111111 11111111 111115 1g,s 1111'I' 111111111 11'l'l' 111111 . . . 111 I11l11iL'T1lC 1Vi1'k 1111- 11111 . . . 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'Il'11lll11j.1N. 11lS1x 11111111111 1111111 11111 1 1111s1111'i. 1,ll1'2l1l1. 1J11111D1l. S1111111111. 11'11111LII111K'1'. X11ll111l'1l. R1111111'1. 11lIg1Il'N. 1 . . 1 .1111'11. wg... Xu. 11.1- " Xx. slklllfllllf. II-II , ll -5 L. I lllllk IIII l IIIIII IX ISII Scaled, lcll In Ii-III XX IMI' ll XIIKII I' Sllllllll limlilmt K. llIl.lllNlxl. .hmm l',IlIlIII: X, lgl'lt'Ilx2l. R. l,l2llllX. llllll lfr. Yam Rum. IIIIIIII-IIIIIII, Lcll: Nwu. I-QIlilm'. kl'llllK'lll IJIIQIIINXI. Il ijfhlz I limlilmy l':IlI'II'lI 5lUll2ll'4l. 'SQ lu I'ijlIl: R, YUIl4llZINl'lx. R, Xllll ,lIy. XII. 1-7 1 4, 'llll2lIlIl, I -. N.: .,,l2'. ScAool GGVAOOA lSlzIc'lal'1'izII's YI-1II'lJuul4 . . . IJll'lOl'l2ll I'I-c'm'cl ol' thc f'L'2ll"S CYCIII5 , . . :I plu Illlllllll ol :Ill SlllLlL'l1I5 . . . with :I willing. ll2ll'll-XX'Ul'lilllg' stall' . . . llllll'Ilf Inc panning IlIim lmnk lll ilu- wI'lIIIlI'cl. l'O0l'-Hill lIiclI':III'zIy :It llll' south I-ml ul IlII III'Ix' lmilcling . . . liIliIm1iII-c'lIiI'l. l'1II1'i4'k SI'ull:II'cl . . . zIssisIzIIIl cclilur. KUIIII l'lII:IIIski . . . xl0ClL'lIIlIUl'5, IfzIllII'I' Yam Rom Imcl NIV. Polk . . . Ri'lJl'l'hl'l1lilllXlN nl lllt' yc'zIrlJmIl4 llllll' lJL't'll prI'ss'III ill i'Yl'l'I' singlc- :Ic'Iix'ilI ul' lllc' School Ill IlII'fmIIglI tllc' Ivan' . . . lin-ry 5IllllCllI lI:Ix lX'C'II IDll0l0g!'2lIJlIK'll . . . Hrzlcl lJllUlUg'l'2llJllf Ilc'pzII'lIIII-III. AIL'l'Ullll' .Xll4'll. .Xrl stall: lVilli:IIII liI'mII:IIIII. -II-III Ring. Rulx-rl l,In'I' . . . IJl'UllllCL'll lllc lim' lllllll llllll I':II'IuoIIs in IlIix hook . . . l'I'II'zIIIIlfiI1l4 lll'llXYllIg ul lllL' sclu l0XX'1'l'llUIlC by-Icrry lS:IIIIImI, :I semi-pI'ol'I'ssioIIzIl zirlisl, IIIeIIIlJcI' ol. g1'zIIlII1IliIIg claus ,I. IIIAIIII- nl lmook ix ISLACKBOARD JOTTINGS .... Xll writing clone li in lUllgL'l' l'Ul'lll . . . IIII-II t'Ol1llL'llSL'll into IIUICS lm' quick rvzlclillg . . . 'l'1'izIl lol llll origimlnl SXslL'lll II'uI'I- out III-riocl kms Im lXlM'lX'l'llL'l'N . . . gum' lJI'iI1II-In lII':Icl:II'lII-. S15 6lacLfriars faff Top, Stzttttlittg l1'l'l tu right: ll. -Iztttttittck. Al. Ring. :tml lf. Nlttstztti. Sitting lclt to ttgltl R lott I Xltlltttl Xl l'iclgvott. .X."Cullty. QI. ll'tvtttttct. I-. lickslcitt. lltcztrtl, W. liuottcy. Nlztict. Rigltcitttw. zttttl NI. Nlt'Gotx'1ttt. Bottom, lclt uttigltl:XY.H1txlik.llnlztttttitttk, llcztvy task ol' itlctttilyittg :tll SlllClL'lll pirttttws . . . ltzttttllucl by Rogt-t' Plztcltt l't'lt't' lluyfc, .lolttt Ryzttt, .lzttttcs Hztjt-la, CLt'cg'ut't lfrkstcitt. Roltcrl l.ztl'zttzt . . Xftivit v scctiott . . . llztrultl Nlclicc' witlt tttttflt ltulp ltmtt Nlztttitt Nlc-Cluwzttt Nlztrsltzill Piclgcott. Alvtty Nllllllly. hlctscltlt Nlzticr. Rt'utt'tls ztttcl :trutttttts lot' spttttx . . . ln' XVilliztttt Berg, Rulicttt Vottcltutscla. Ricltzml Nlttrplty. lttttiot' stttll' . . . QHztvlik-qlztttttittfkt workccl itt ztll clcp:tt'ttttt-ttls lot' t'xpct'i cttw . . . Smut' SI2lliSlit'S2 lll1ClL'l'gl'llllll1llC ltic'tttt'cs pt'ot'c'asccl. Sill . . . ncttiot' picttttvx ptwtfcssccl, 2-I8 . . . t'lztsst'oottt ztttcl cztttclicl pic'tttt'cs pttmrssccl. T95 . . . totztl Imicttttx-x pt'ot'c-sscrl, 1881 . . . ztppmxitttzttc ltouts ol' work, I8-IS . 513 Co. . . cfiztl c't'c'tlits to . . . tltc pttlilislttt. Nltx l.. llztgcttty. lmzttttlct' Pultlisltittg . to tltc lJl'0llL'SSl0ll1ll lJll0lUQl'2l1Jlll'l'S, 'lktlttll' Stutliu . . . Nlt. lolttt Slzttvt to tlu- sfltool zttttlturitics lot' 4-Xu-llcttt fo-opt-tuttiott :ttttl 1-ttutttt'ztgt'tttt't1l xt mf ,Q 2 gx iw Nm! +NY Q M X52 T2 5 5' .1 piggy x f,.w.gkl t..K.i?3 fx M mgf'm,N xx' 6' K 3 aj ' Q NAAW X ff' V 7Zl.xX,W?ji 5, E fa X ,xxikxk " so A A Y ' x ' 4 ' hx it F Rx ,SX wR"'3 1 1? 5:4 wx I' H 5 Nix ' , -X al Q, F? H X XX MX if "- .3 W " Q X 2 n Ah S., VX ,Y 04, ,ff we min' AN 5 , XX K Lo? . A f ga? .Mr ,mx iw. A kg N A A gy. ,, .ew iv s is X KC' sn- ' - ,Sw 3 1, f , I . .- I, Q. ,.., f ,MJ 'W' Aff? if fx 'ffl' i A m X SN 21 if 'ff 'FK , If H, 4? S I X fii x igljwmpfj- ggi, ,git hi um Q Q I JK f jx 'fiefyax Q 5 f' ' 3+ xv y X, X , ... 'IL-M K 1 m x ff ,.. , 1 1 f f 1 W X . X X . N an 1 -A 5 ' fy K , Top: lr. f,UIlH2lX li'lIlI1lN Splunk new Qu llllllllllilll lcmlxx ml. egafers nion lfc-mvick lh-lmtlng l'nion , . . lfanllmvr li. CQ. llmlwgu. O.l'.. llmrmclumlm' . look pilll in 5lllill'llI cl0llgl'l'SS . . . Iwo xpc-ull lwlimlx . . . num' llmam 4 lllllllllfll clvlxzllvs wllll olllsiclc sclmulx . . . clvurlccl S2lllll'll1lf5 zlllcl llrmllclalys . lNPlll'S. lmurs. llUlll'S. alllvr sclmnl. lizlrrx Clullinzln . . . xolul but lam xpc-nzkvl' in .X1'cluliuc'u:u11 IM-lmlc' Vllllllfl x . . . ln cilxfwiclv xIx'c'c'l1 unllcwlm . . . Dzlviml Ku-lc' mm lll'Nl plauv in .xlIIi'l'li lll ln-Uirm lJlSIl'lt'l Clcmtvsl ,,.. Xllrvml Nlvwr plzlfccl In lll'1ll'SI Ruluvrl lt. lu A :1 K ' . - ' 1 Sfbllllfllllibllk' 'l'l1mm1gu Riplingvl' zusxmlvcl ilnllmlin lfurum Nlulul lm' L-x lvmp lUllli'Nl lolm Oslmlxclcl' rL'p1'c'sn'11lc'cl l'L'llM'lt'li 111 llc' l,zn Salle- KUIIIVNI . ll Nllklllilllg. liullom, xlguulfng ls-ll In ligllli f,Nll2lIlIlt'I. l-1. QIHIXXLIX. R, Xl1lIl'l. N. Xlvgvllxll. Nrnlul ll'll In ligllli X.Spirm l.Sl1mwll. l. lllllllllgfl. IS, lnllinzm. Xl. 5ll'llllL'llLl. C. Riccll. ll. licn-llv. megafers nion rpm' loft: l'alt fiuvtlvlt. K,-1 Jpcr right, fllli'glUllllllI Ralph Wcslllull. Rt-ur. lc-ft lu light: sXkCL'llL'f. l,utlu'ig. NYilliatm Smith, Bottom, hffl tu light: xyillikllll Smith. l'ztt I-uulclt. .Iztxmw Batrrctt. mul Stun Dcmski. 11XV0ll'ilJ5l0NIilYYllllkL't'...f'Ol'NIiCl-XSTSI'IAUlIl'll2ilIlk'lllS. llunim' division: Srmpltutttutrs Cltztrlcs Ricrk. Tltotnats Riplingcr. Xorlmcrl xxvK'g'L'l'lyll. john Shown-ll. hluniut' llltztnthcl' ol' c10llllllL'l'K'Q dL'lIlUl'l'2ll'y s1x'cc'l1vs . . ztwztrtls won hx' .Xli'l'L'tl Nlcytw. .john Ostrztmltw. l'z1t1'ic'k'I'oz1l. l.tlIL'l' in watson . . . I'l't'NlllllCll ht-gain alt-hzttc ztctixity . . . In April . . . itwlt- mam ltlltltlllltllvlll :tt Rztcim: Wis. . . . lJlll'lii'ilJ2llllSI l'z1trick Gut-tlt-rl. Iznm-s 152ll'l'l' Buss, tt, XX lllllllll SWLTIICX. lwctl Luthvtg. XX tlltztm l'l':t1t. Stztnlvx' Dcmskt. XX tlhzuu Stl rs' fm-4. My Q, ,rg Top. left to right: Mrs. M'ilhelm. Mrs. Ferguson. Mrs. Harold Keefe tin rearj. Mrs. Kopecky. Mrs. Walter O'l'n'ieu. Mrs. l.usk. Mrs. Iliedka. Mrs. l'znanski. Mrs. Wicklander, Mrs. Hunter. Mrs. Horan. Mrs. Cook. Mrs. Kretz. Mrs. Allison. Mrs. Green. Mrs. john Foley: standing: Mrs. joseph X. O'C1onnor. Mrs. joseph .tllegrettiz extreme right: Mrs. Ryberg. Center, left to right: Mrs. George O'lbay. Mrs. Richard li. Gorman. Mrs. Richard Finn. Bottom left, left to right: Mrs, Lancaster. Mrs. Madden, Mrs. Connor. Mrs. l.usk. Mrs. Kass. Bottom right, left to right: Mrs. Richard Gorman. Mrs. .Xlhert R. Hock. Mrs. George Wilhelm. Fenwick Mothers' Club . . . the devotion, the love. the care, the consideration which moth- ers are known lor . . . their interest and help in nearly every activity ol' the school . . . Their work and zeal to conduct parties . . . to raise money . . . and what lor? . . . to give extra style, comlort. "class" to every school activity . . . for their sons . . . for the school. The special "tea" alter Nazareth conferences . . . the dinner lor the publication stails . . . the Holy Masses for the deceased members . . . for their sons . . . the help given to various clubs to buy equipment which school budgets won't allow . . . the flowers lor Our Blessed Mother's statue in the corridor . . . the llowers lor the altar . . . that little added home touch that men teachers so fretluently overlook. .Xnd this year . . . God bless them . . . the biggest thing the mothers have ever done lor the school . . . with a most successliul party under the chairmanship ol' Mrs. Albert Hock . . . a terrazzo floor in the new cafeteria . . . Other parties under the chairmanship ol' Mrs. Harold Keele. Mrs. llohn Franzen. and Mrs. John Foley and their many hard-working helpers have made possible the mothers' touch to all our school ventures. Moderator . . . Father john Simones . . . President ol' Club . . . Mrs. George lVilhelm. Fathers' Club . . . ollicial welcoming lor fathers ol' lreshman students . . . October 5 . . . Fathers and sons Communion breakfasts . Oak Park .-Xrms cocktail party . . . sponsorship ol' Nazareth conferences . . . the Football Banquet . . . and Sports Banquet. May I8 .... -X new ventttre: Fathers' day ol' recollection . . . March 20 . . . conducted by the Rev. blames Regan. O.l'. . . . Club moderator. Father Dominic Brady. O.ll. 92 ,. W.. Club Ms mf is-rv wifi--A w'f' i' nr I: 'K 4 N , -31-1 .4 if fl, I' KBOYE: OPPOSITE PAGE: Top: lung unit lu ww llu, lin-zulu. Top: l,1lH'IllN In-Lciw ximu lnmm Ill' 5l'IIlllL'll. flflllfl' left: Nlulluws ll'Ll'lXl' ycglllumlv. llcnlcrz I-'1. Wzullvl gum-ls IY1lll'IllN 'II llu' mwin vu ffllllfl' right: lllllllllllllll iuxllluliun Ull llu' lxliulmultv. llllllklk liollolll left: Ifr. Rulminwu gixcs Ilu' lmulmxn un cl1ll'Clll. Lmwl' lcfl: 'luxl llu' laulx lmm lfr. xlUl'Q'1lIllll1lll'I. Bottom right: l'kllllIl'l'1ll'i'2lllN. Lowcr right: C21m'l limi llll' u-:ulu'1's uillunll an xt0l'A'1Lllll. f 9 4 aren fs lg f Urlolmrl' 28 zuul 29 . . . zlllm' lll'Nl sn-rim rvpm't l'1ll'KlN l'1'1lill lumu- . . . lmu' gm am UlDlJ0l'fllllllN lu IIIUUI llu'i1' suns' IQ'2llklll'l'S . . . lo mliwusx Pl'0lll4'lllN . . . to su' llll' lzuililicn ul' llu- wlumol . . . Nlllliilllll llmun' Smulivlx men sul als usluwx . . . l':lllu'r llllllkl :uul l'k'lJl'l'NL'lll1lllXl'N ul ilu' Nlnlllclx zuul l'lllllCl'N Llulms grew! lJ1ll'l'llIs LII ilu' main c'llll'AlIIi'k' . . . lfN1'l'XllllI1g lmrccl In lllt' Nillllllll ol lllt' lJlll'l'llIN . . . mlanssmmxls . . . lllllklllf . . . llllllvlll' clc'pz1l'l11u'11I . . . illlllbtl . . . Illi' ll zulclilifm . . . ull illxzuln-cl zuul g'lYl'Il llu- mlm'-owl' , . am cxccllcllt nu-lluul ul Q4'lllllg lo know l'l'llXX'll'li :mel llN lzuully. UI .f "7 .ST -"Q gt "Hs 993- , , , .. Y ' 5 z,4,,,1 , 'S K ' Tu x -NA.. 3, .:' - A if a 1 w i -S fr x 3 N wx 1-ft: "I,cl's ful lllill line." Loft to rigluz lfr. Whnlvu. uiomlcrnlor: Right: 'Speak thc speech. I pray thi-c." I4-fl to right: XVilli:uu Xlr. Spzilzlforzi. mliru'loi'. Bcrg. Rilzi Scumlcri. Nlnry .Xlicc Scurlvri. Riikll2ll'll Allison. .john Nlrilull. Nlr. Spnlziforzi. Blacgfriars guild. . . ilihc gram drzmizilir production . . . Lowa-ll 'liliczitrc . . . llll'l'4"lligl1I run . . . April lil. 20, 21 . . . "Arscuif zuicl Old l,zu'c" by -Ioscph Kcsscrliug . . . l'hc Guilcl silc'1'c'Lclvcl in following lllc'ziIl'ic:il ziclvicc: ".- Xlwziys lczivc' lhcm laugh- ing." Mails' loading roles: -john Oslrzimlcr. .Iolui Kldlaill. NVillizuu licrg. .Ioscph Xlziicr . . . lfnuzilc rolcs played by 'liriuity' High School girls . . . Cloincdy lvzuls: Mary Alice- Scuclcri. Ritz! Sfudcri . . . romziutic' lead: Kathy Pouto. Thc story: 'Ilic Brcwstcr family ol Brooklyn . . . Mortimcr Brcwstcr Q-john f,SlI'2lllill'l'b szuic :md zunbilious young mam surrouuclcd by lunatic' rclzitivcs Supporting rolcs: Rogcr Rishcr, -lack Bczircl. Mzirshzill Pidgcon. -lzuucs fYSl12illgllIlL'SSf'. Richzxrd Allison, qlzuucs Rogers. lhomzis Murphy. Scvc-11 wc-4-ks ol' imc-nsivc przicticc . . . four hours zi l'CllC2ll'h1ll . . . Director: Mr. .lack Spzilzilora . . . Moderator: I-'zuhcr ilanics G. XVll2ilCll, 0.l'. 96 -v U rain a fits Imp: Ilnxumlru Xll, Sunmlmg: ll. lllmlm-11. lzumw Rm ru, lulm Xlfl .ull. 'Ullll1lNllLIIl1l1'l. lulm llvauml. RI1ll.llll Xlllwn. Rugs-I Rixllvl. ILIIIIUN fl'Sll1lllgllIlL'NNX, Xlgnxlmll l'lmlg1-ml. llnnnxu Xlllllllh. XII. Nlllllilllllil. 5IllIllgI Rllil , Nllltlvll. Xlgnx Klum- Sunil-ll. IXZIIIIN Immun. lxlllllllll Nliclcllvz 'lllxv plank llw lllll.. llligfl RlNllk'l. lx1IllIN l'm1l11. lulm llc-null liullum: "Im rm-L' lnlm Uxlxgnmlvr. Xlznx Xliu- Nlllill'll, Rillu Sclulrll. , . . Iwo ulml lllllllN qllu- 51llilK'll xlxlvlxl maulm' an Inxuliw ul lunwnixlg lnm-lx lmalcllvlolx . , , hlllllillllllll l3ln'wxln'l' llnlm Xllilnlll . . , m.nl lxillvl .xml l.llllllN Ibllblllglll . . . llNt'N Imam' lm .1 lllllK'Hlll . . . Ulm. llvrgl . . . lllllv, llllIll'k'lllll.Illll' Imlauiu x11l'y,un1 who nm' Ilml lu' lull Ill! 'mm . . . ln-mlclx lin-uxlvl ltlux. Xl.lI1'll lllllllglll lu' um lumlcly llmm-xvll . . . ltlllglll llllllglllllll lmlllmw . . . 4411111-ml lm llllilQllllIl'X L:llXK'l'Illlll'lll lJl1lIl'l IN. 117 Nfl? 51.4 Rifle Club Kneeling, left lo righl: R. Sclililt. Mr. Sleggerl. lll0tlL'l'2lllll', l'. joyce. LI. Ha- jek. D. Nolan. ll. Grant. Standing, left lo right: J. Schulmer, R. Nlt'.-Nllley, AI. llicek, M. l.een, -I. Burke. il. Hansen. lnformzll fi2lllll'l'lllg of ll segment of the Glee Club-l.efl Io right: Flowers. XY. XVillau'tl, D. llYUl'Zll'i, D. T. A. Huclgens. R. Kornzik. R. Kopecky, K1u'L-ra. C. Gziliolo. A. Santoro. Nlillsml. P. ixlfxlilllllll. Sealed: Mod- Cl'Zll0l'. Fr. Mark Sullivan, 0.l'. Rifle Club . . . to instruct in the proper use of Hrearins . . . inter-student competition . . . awards and medals given through National Rifle Association . . . meetings at Austin Town Hull . . . Director: Mr. Steggert. 98 ch ilu-x IllINxk'Kl ilu' 1 Ivxgllul. Nun .md Xlmiiwll. Rlglll, XII In-'hlf ll r- UXl'l IIN' pm: ll I.uktmu1m4- l.l., XX Ivrn :hu IN Alum 1 .IU ww Q E Q. fi M, Xa V52 MM N-Q-Annu It ,Q S x x ww .nu Q M, 1 A .Q 3 Q. ,ii wfQ M A 6 .. A WV pw? WM' V -,. ' QW f wand 3 Porfs Do yob not know that those who run in a race, all indeed run, but one receives the prize? So run as to obtain it. St. Paul, I Cor., 9 5 Q ' 5 :eww ' 3 89' 5 ,ls K' My V W wg J S A 4- kgs 'S 99 fl I x X345 ' J' as Ps- Top, lcfl lu righl: 1-L'm'gv f.UlIlHll'. I-'13 Wnllcr. .john Rzllmlcl. William l"c'l'g11s- un. You Rm. Emluzml Huglxw. I HYXIIHI ll C lfclcrin in Lk KCIIIZIII. klulm Klan- rllichzlvl. Sum c.llllU. oofgall J ganquef Twcntx'-sixlll zmnuul footlmull lmnqucl . . . Izmuzuw 8 . . . in ncw school cafclcrizl . . l1u11m'L'cl Fcml'ic'k's Figlllillg lfrizxrs . . . :md their c'olu'l1c's . 1 , slD0ll5Ul'L'd by Fcnwifk l'i2llllCl'S.c1llllJ. of Outstzmding guests: 'l'hc Vvry Rev. liclwnrcl Hughns. O.P.. P1'm'inciz1l ol' thc Pluvinu' Sl. .Xllmcrt thc KQVQZII . . . George Clmnmr :mal Bill XYighIkin oi tha' clllifilgii Hours . . . .luhn Clzn'n1ic'I1zlcl, c-nlcrtzaining :mal humorous IUZISIIIILISILT. l.L'IICl'S and t1'0lJl1ic's QIWLIIIICQI by I'i2llhl'l'f1l'IHVL' :xml Hr. lglwln-ss . . . Hike' Fillifllio IIZHIIUCI I955 lhotlmull czxplzlin . . . Nlosl vnlllznlzlc lincmzm :md luck inwards to Miko Rzlbuld :md Iiucl Rc-ynolrls . . . lJl'CSl'lllt'd by NIV. ITIL-1' Kvll.. ol' l'.l'IlWii'li AXlumni .xSSOfi2lliOIl. M051 EVSKI HART GAU-0 DES!! LE FEVRE GABRSEL sl x lx' I :mx l..ml1 x lolm BKIEK XX'illiLu1l Ifclgllwlx. Y CI N Rm. limluzml l!llglll'N. K..x1nml1 lcl Right: Plzuuu nilf lll kkl oac ing fajlf Another season ol contests . .. highliglnecl by an excellent job clone hy the coaching stall. YG Rev. F. R. Crowe, 0.P .... lleamlefl Ille stall as .'xlllll'lll' lliree- lor . . . asxislecl ln' Rev. -I. If. ja- eolns, 0.l' ..., Fr. Crowe was a sclmolnlale of lban O'lh'ien. our YL' If suuessfnl Slt'llllllllllg moaell. Tony Lawlesvi . . . n ln'-worll llll'Ullg'lI0lll llle slale . . . C0IlIlllll'l- eel his llK'0lIlYfSlXlll Near as Fen, uiskk one anal only' heaul eoaeh . . , He hall a line loollmall squad wlxirh was hznnperecl ln' injuries . . . Nlr. Lawless also headed the line intrannnral progrznn and the Silver Gloves. I Bill Duehon . . . another l-'en Mr. 0'Brlen has preppecl eleven Nllillglll junior lillisls and a L'0lll' comhing tasks and lmnul Um Am l'5"3'l'l" llllllllm 'll 5""l"" dum' nnnsnallx Sll0llgtll'lll'llSC1lS well as pionslmips . He lllISAll0llL' Illllfll im l,ul,5imc mfkll.. Mike Rnhoh E"1',l" "ll"'l""'l4'5 llllllcllf 'mlm' Mull . . . Sain fllblllb assisleml Nlr, llll nl lights." 4-hon' .lark Kernan . . . serond new lllL'llll7L'I' of the stall' . . . ealne lo us llnougll moullesx' ol ,hneliman xQNll1lllllUll . . . flU2lllll'll previously al Sl. George. He lnul a monnnennl- almle llrsf year , . . is now inlenl on lnlilmling llllllllt' illllllllllillldllll li'2llll9. Rev. F. Jacobs, 0.l' ..... Xwsisl- gum ljono. AXs,Nu,H anl Xllmlelim' lllI'CllKll'. 103 wick graml . . . look oxer llle linm Bottom: l-'rmn lcft lu right: l'iCIlWll'li'S stalwart front lim-. l'. O'Rcilly. NI. Ralholml. HI. llcu'l't'tlx. KI. liirck, Xl Ill Iirhiu. ll. tlrziwfurml. ti. kl2ll'liSUll. enior oofgall ST. MEL .Xu ull i't'lmc-zitml szning . . . good :tml worllmliilc things strc 1lll1lll1Ctl uulx hx' mt-:turning hurtlships :mtl lD2lIlll'l'N ut lhc g2llCXK'2lyiUii suut-ss . . . cxt-niplilit-al in tht' spiritccl light ol' lhci Blank :tml Whitt-. l.:asl 3c:n"s lmrklicltl rt-turnml fmm thc- prcxiulls SCZINUII-Sli2lllllJ1llgIlS . . . hut iniurics plzigucml lht-in lllt'0llQ'l1 mul tht- sczismi. l'hv lint- . . . llll cntirc litlI'WZIl'll wall qrtultlzllcal . . . ilirllulixig 0lllSl1llllllllg ull Sllllt' c't'lllt'l'. .Int Cialrmll. Cluzlrll lgnwlcss knew his task . . . srl out to Ctllltllltfl' il. .X miltl lull Zll'lCI'Il00ll :Intl tht' I-'riars l'1lt't'tl lhcir lirsl ulnpmlcilt nl' tht' NCUSUII . . . Sl. Nlcl. It was only lmrzutiu- glllIl1'. hut no hcctl ixzls gixcn this ln thc roaming lzms who llIl'lll'tl out to untth tht- gunna 104 gl mn ' ',,- Top row: Il. Nllllllllllgll. .XllL'glQ'lIl. ll. King. lioxlc-. ul. Xl'lllL'IUIl. l'. Wicklzlmlvr. ID. IIIUIIILIIIIMI. nl. lk-lgnmmnx R. Xlzulmlal. I.. Sullnzm, IL. IoNlo,.X.Nl:ll1lo.R,Ixl'lvlL'l'. Im Nlzulsfcuskl. Third row: Kloaulx O'IHlin-n. Lozull llufllou, lfl. llzuolms. C.. i.znln'iul. Xl. Nlriiowrn. Al. IIUIUIZIIKY. ll. llimino. R. Ilinu -I. f:Illll'Ikl. II. Koximlvk. l'. llzuuon. R. llonzllxlu-. .X, l'zlll'llll. ll. NIUHIII. l'. IN :1lsl1, I.. nlmlx. l'r. K.row4'. Lozuln I.nu lvss. ccond row: xl. XYLIIIPII, ul. lklwlalk. N. Nlznrallcn. ll. Xlaulmlcn. Nl. Grnlmnl. .X. I.uX':1lIic. NI. Rzllwolml. ul. lim-L. ul. Ik-wx cux. R. Slxomkcx. l'. 0'Rvillx. Cl. Ialrlwon. W. IICIIISKIIUI. Rvicly. If. Rcynolmlx. I Bottom row: I. Saluollm. Nl. Ifilllimlnio. HID. f:l'IlIIlIl. K.. I.cI"cu-r. R. llunlzlp. xl. Holm-. W. llumzulx. ul. Skrullmuki Il. C.laluIorml. ID. Rigalli, R. Wimklnmlcr. R. livslmk. R. I-ullo. Bottom: Rn-:ulx lo l'XK'lllIl' plzn. I'.l'0lll lvl! Io right: thc lim'-I'. 0'Rvilly. Xl. Rzllmolcl. IYt'Xl'll'llX. ul. lliu-L. Nl lfillilllio. II. fllllltlfllll. amcl IL. llaukwoni Ilu' liauokllclal-I". RK'flI1lIllS..l. Iloync, R. clllllll. :lml R. lhwlulx. .Xllllougll llmc' lllkl 1IlI2ll'll'l uxlx xlrongly conlmwlul. IICIIIIUI ll'llIll uns :lm xc! ICZIKII lo sllou ilwll' lo llu' ollu-I . . lllc spurring lnrouglxl llw flll1ll'll'l' lo an curl Ill ll sforvlcss In-. 'IlllIlgN NK'll'lllllL'l1'lll llllllllgIIIUSUKUIIIIllll1Illl'Il .... I-loxmxxink mln-w lirsl lmlooml :ls Ron lk-wlxk lmilkwl lluouglu lnrlxlc lol ilu' six IJHIIIICI' lrom I xzmls out . . . uomvreion Ivy llcshk was good. :uul llw I'll'I2ll'N lcml T-ll. I,:llm'l wlwn ilu' Ifrizun omc :again haul llu- lunll. ISI-sllk pzlswcml lo L-ml flllllllx jackson lon lo yzlrlls. lw-nuuk una non 'lu-In III llw KIIIQIIIIN lc-rrilorx. lfollouing an wrim ol' plans llmc lmll moxvml lo ilu' Nlcl's f'Xlll'll lim- , . . lligllliglllml ln lirsllkk 20 xaml run .... Ron llu-ll Illl'lli'1I in luis scnoml l0llt'llllUIklI ol' Ilan' llzly In picking up llu' lflllllllllllg lm 105 yards . uttn E . . 1 ' tpted eonyersion was wide to the left . . . the score stayed at Ill-tl. lfollowing the kirkboll Beshk inter- cepted a Knight pass at their IT. and ran it hatk to their 28 yard line. ,Xgain the irrepressihle little halfhaek proyed to he at thorn in the side of St. Mel-the right side. this time-as he starnpered through for 28 yards and lfenwiek's third tally' . . . ronyersion tnade it l9-0 at the half. In the third quarter. St. Nlel's defense stiflened and tlte lfriars tnerely ttpheld their poliey of preyenting the enemy' frotn getting within shooting of their goal line . . . tluarter ended with the seore still ll!-0 in fayot of Fenwick. In the final quarter St. Nlel eatne as close to ehtdittg a whitewash as they were ahle to tnanage. hut it wasn't enough . . . tlteir driye was halted at tlte lfenwiek I9 .... Beshk llttl the frosting on the cake with an Nl yard jattnt for the final store in the game and his fottrth touchdown .... His eonyersion tnade it 26-tl . . . tlte lfriars went honle with a win. LOYOLA First league game followed prattiee win . . . the lfriars took on the Loyola Ramhlers. Fenwiek wasted little titne in getting its oflensiye attaek rolling. Midway through the first quarter. Ratnhlers drove to the I"riars I9-yard line . . . stopped . . . lfriars took over . . . halfhatk Ron Beshk went arottnd left end for Sl yards and l"enwiek's first store . . . conversion ntade it 7-0. The lfriars kitkolf . . . tnotnents later lleshk retoyered ftnnlmle on l,oy'ola's 29. lfettwiek pushed hack to the 38. Beshk got the call. scored front arottnd right end . . . tonyerted once' again to rttn the score to ll-tl at the quarter. l'h stcond tlllIlLl yy ts 1 stottltss ' ' e I 1 " 'af 2 U " lmattle . . . at the half it was still ll-tl. lhird tlttarter. l.oyola hegan to ntoye. Nlixing their plays yery' well. they stttteeded in getting to the lfenwitk l-yard line .... Here halfhatk Clhuek Rondoni went in for the touchdown .... llitk Hoolahan added the point to make it lfenwitk ll . . . Loyola 7. lint the I-'riars were ttttl to he denied ,... l.ate in the quarter. Bud Reynolds intercepted a pass hy Loyola tptarterhaek lioh loland. and went 53 yards for the store .... lleshk tonyertetl tnaking .0- tt -l-1 at the tlttztrter. ln the ftttal period. tl was at lvattle ol the defenses. Neither teatn seriously' threatened ..,. Laine ended wtth lfenwiek on top hy a 2l-T tnargin. Ih NIENDEL e St. Nlel and Loyola tontesls hehind thetn. I-'riars' next opponent was Xlendel. l-'torn pre-season rzllllllls the Nlonarchs gained little or no esteent front grid foret'1tsters , . . a seemingly hopeless struggle against defeat. Sunday. Ott, Il. Ifenwitk fans and players alike distoyered tltat talk is theap. 'l'he walls of Kiatley Stadiutn entlosed a rain-soaked playing field , . . :tit tlean . . . sun shining. hut a stortny' week had left its ntark on the sod . . . a ntark which was definite disadyantage to the lfrtars. who held no tlaitn to heing good tnttdders. l'enwitk kitked oll to Nlendell ..... Xfter that the lfriars kept the Nlonarths deep in their own territory . . , toreed thetn to ptttll . . . hut the I-ttars ollenstxe attaek conltl ttot take adyantage of tlte sttuatton. Once tn the ftrsl S NN. X Upper right: Nlt. CZarmel's fullhatk Drew prepares to reel in a prile t-att'h. Lower left: Horne leads Reynolds across as lfriars smash Caraxan's defense. quarter they threatened to score .... Bud Reynolds intercepted a pass at the Nlendel lu-yard lint' ami ran it hatk to the Ill .... Reynolds then gave Fenwitk a tirst down on the ill hy picking up ten yards froln his right half hatk spot. Ron Beshk stampt-red for I3 tnore yards . . . gate the I-'riars a lirst and goal to go situation on Nlentlel 9-yard line. But all to no axail as a lleshk to Reynolds pass was intercepted in the end llllll' ht a Mendel defender .,.. Nlinutes later lirst quarter entled in a scoreless tie. 'l'he second quarter followed much the satne pattern as that of the lirst with one t'xt'eption ,... Nlentlel's ollense hegan to mote . . . not all at onee . . . huilding up slowly and surely. lime antl again the lfriars sustained what looked like an unentling tlrite hy the Nlonarehs. 'l'he gun went oll' ending the half with Mendel in possession of the hall on lft-nwit'k's 32-yard line . . . still no store in the hall game. lYhen the learns took the field for the second half the story was the satne . , . lltlllt tluhs displayed hrilliant dt-fensixe maneutt-rs . . . a hattle of fourth tlown punting througltout the quarter. lfourth and linal quarter .... john Horne retoteretl a lumhle for lfenwitk on the Xlendel 2-yard line. Still the stuhhorn Nlonarth lint- refused to give an inth. 'lhe lfriars were pushed hack to the I2 where Nleudel took oxen' . . . so went the llllfllilllglllg struggle. l,ate in the quarter Fenwick got a hreak . . . an attempted pttnt on fourth down hx' Nlendel resttltetl in a high pass frotn center . . . kitker was unahle to get the hoot away and the lfriars took ovtr on the Nlonarths' IS-yard line. Danny Cirilliths. a sophomore hall'hat'k. replacetl Reynolds with less than a tninute remaining in the game. . . . lfirst down Grilliths dropped haek to pass and hit lleshk on tht' 39 . . . the llet-tlootetl little srathaek ran the lflllilllllllg tlistaute for the score ,... .Xttentpletl ronxersion was wide, hut the margin of xittory had heen reat'hed. ST. ELIZABETH 'lhe seasons record standing at three tietories without a defeat . . . lhe lfriars met the St. l-llizaheth Iron Men. Despite their season record. which showed no wins. the nick-name of "Iron Men" was to he justified on this wartn Ottoher day. 'I'he opening quarter was strenuously contested on hoth sides .... St. lililaheth was held without at store .,,' l'he lfriats were ahle to manage ont' tally . . . taint' on an S said run hy Ron Beshk ..... Xttemptctl conversion failed . . . the store remained at ti-tb as the tptarter closed. 'lihe second quarter was altogether different .... The lron Men were on the march from the start to the tinish. A Picket to Duplesis pass was good for Tl yards and their lirst score .... lSutler's point was good . . . 7-li in fator of the l'llll2llll'lll1lllS, 'lihe lron Nlen stopped repeated I-'riar drites .... Picket once again found the mark with a touthdown aerial. 'I his time to Butler. who then converted making tht- store 14,6 at the intermission 107 W llu' Minus tl1u'alu'lu'll to sllikl- lnuk an llu' NClUll1l lllllll lucgzm . , . t'UIlll'Illl'1lll'tl glllllllll :lllzuk lilllllglll thcm lu tlu' 0llll0lll'lll.N H-yalrll lilu'. l'rlugl'l'w uns YlUllllL'll, ll0XXl'Nl'I'. llllil llu' Iron Xlcn llmk mm A... llu'il' llllllllx slzlllcll lun. illltl ll punt llulllll lllmn kick gun' llu' I'ti1ll's llu' lmll Ull llu' L'lll'lllX'N 215. I-'rum this puinl llll'f nlmcll to llu' I ulu'u' l5L'Nllk Nllllllx 'my llirl . . . kglllll hix lllll'lllllIl'4l l0llNL'l'NlUIl uns uillt' . . . llu' stun' N218 ll-I2 in ll2lXUll ul Sl. l'lllllllN'lll. Un llu' lollrmiug kilkull llu' lflizllx glll llu' lmrvalk llli'f lu'l'lll'll . . . l':lll1llJl'lll'N fllmlmlcll. :uul lfclluilk look mm All lllillllclll, . . . llillllll crllllIIll5 lmlllucll llll llu' lmll lm' llu' l'l'izll's. l-'lllllmzuk nyllllu Gallo lmmkt' lmrsl' lol an lf!-mul gallop ln llu' I .... X IDl'llllllk Illll llu' lnlll lmauk lo llu' fi, lllll llvshk lliillllil tlzlxliglll in llu' litu' I'l'g2ll'll lcv. :ls lu' put l'.l'llWlKlx Hlll in lllt' lvzul . . . llix l1lllXl'lNllYll lllkllll' il I9-I l. bringing llu' pcrilul lu illl mul. lfillzll llll1ll'lL'l' um higllliglllml In ll llllllllillli guall lilu' Sllllltl lu llu' l'll'l2IIN :ls Iron NICII glue' alll llli'X haul in ll lllNl Zlllvllllll lu pull llll' gilllli' lllll ul' llu' llu'. .M llu' linzll gun Y0lIlllll'll tlu'x haul llUSSt'SSlUIl of llu' lmll insult' llu' l-'clllxifk l'HlI'll lim' ,... Haul lll1'X illi'lL'L'llK'll in lrcitlg lllllt' lo lllll Illl' lulll in play mul' llllll'1'. llunucs url' guml llllll llu' sum' hlblllll llznl' llulngvll illlll Xllltllf XYlllllIl haul' lu'l'n llwits ....' l imc' lllll out lluu't'xl'l'. :mtl llu' l"ll2ll'N haul maulc' il lout' in ll nm. MOUNT CARMEL llu' l'.I'l1ll9 l1l9Ii'll llll'll lint llL'l4'1lI ul llu' YCRISUII :ll llli' lllllltls nl xllllllll k:lll'llll'l .... llu' flllllllllll tll'l'w lux! luluml ln Iulslming' :umm llu' unly sum' ul llu' lIl'SI llllzltlcl .... f!'ll1ll'll'l'lJ1IClx Hill llalu' mixcll lllS plum ucll. .kl,ll'l " - 'x' uns llifllliglllvll ln lull Cillstlfs lllllllgl' llllil llu' Clltl mm' llrmll l Nzml llllllflllllfhf lill yamls lllmn lulll llu tlll L 5, Ulll .... Nlall'l'il1i1lk'a l'UllXl'l'NlUll was glmoll .... fl2ll'lllCl lcll all tht' llllill'lL'l 1-ll. f'll'lK'lll slrlltk again czlrlx in llu' scrmul tlll2Il'lt'l' .... llzlslu suruwl his sclmul Hllllllllillkll lrmn llu' 2. illlll um lllrlllx lwgwtl to mzlrcll . . . mul llmxl' Ill llu' fl2ll'llll'l Sl-yallll tnuk llu kick Yl'llL'll marking it ll-ll. l'll'llNllk luuk llu' kuk ull 4 . . . V . lim: I-gllln XXVIII ull right glllllll lm llu' talllx . . . llcshk lUIlN1'Ill'll . . , fl1llklIll'l lvll ll-T. 'llu' clllllllklll ' llllll lmcgzlu lu roll ilglllll . . . Clanlu lin lint lllusn lu fllllllll'l lli .,.. X long pass Ull llu' lll'Sl llmvn mls tlmlplctfcll lrlnn IILIIK' llu Sllllllllllllll on lllt' l"l'llu'itk :l'X1ll'll lilu' . . . llrcw Sl'0l'l'll from llu' fl Sllllllllllg up .... xl2lll'llll1lli.S lrx fm' llu' pwllll was lwlorkctl. Stoll' UI-T. l.zlll' in llu' 1Ill2Il'll'l llll 1lllt'mpu'll l'lCllNll'k lllllll was lwllukvll .... XII. ilzn nu'I lk'l'UXl'l'l'll nn llu' lfclluilk 2S, , 4 . llu' fl2ll'2lX1lIl mml'll lm' il lust llrmn lu llu' I5 .... llUllL'l'll!llll. num in All 1Ill2Il'lL'l'l71Nlx lm' Xlt. f.2ll'lIlCl. llil llglll mul llllllxlllllll will: il ltlllllllltllkll pans in llu' l'llll lKlllL'. llllllllllll' sum' . . . Nlt. i.:n'nu'l 27 . . . l'll'lHXl1lx T. llu' wcuuul hull mu llu' l'll'l2ll'N wlill in llll'lK' llgllllllg' . . . pukvll up llu' lll'il ll0hllN illlll llrmt' li! mulls lu " 'whk AI1llll'll llu' lUllXl'I'Sl0Il. . . , Nll. fl1ll'lllCl 27 , . , l'll'lNSll'lx " " ' 1 l'l store. RL'NIl1llllS kuill-ll llllllllgll lrlnu llu' ... . . . lit . ll. l..llll Ill llu smu Kllllllll 0'Ru'llx ll'llnl'u'll Rl lrlmkwl Iilllll llu llu' I-'rianx . . . lmll on llu' K,.ll.lx.ll .. . . l l x I l'l"l'xu' XII I 'lY1lIIu', Tom Row: Bllll Rt'XIl1PlN, .ll'llV , . .. ' ll lil-whk clllllflx lzukmn. I Bottom row: I'c'u-0'Ru'lll. Ilzml.rlIl1ll1. Rn . , E "5 'if lava X 4? Q. 5 .mi 4 'thi IOS N. 1-. L 'av 233' ' ' " ' 1'2 lllll. Top: ll:11'1'1' 111':111f1111l Yll X NIi1l1ll1' Row: KI11 ' Bntlonl Row: II111- B111-L. Lower Right: C1l11111ls Ill' 1l1111111 llilllg I1111. 111111 Allltl C"1ll11 s11111'1l l1'11111 1l11- 2-1111'1l li111' ..., l51'sl1k 11lllXl'l'lL'll . . . XII. flllllltl 27 . ' . .2 .l.11.111.1. Xl1l 1 11l1 llll Slg1'11ll1'11wLi. C111:11l1 l11111 l.:111l1'w. ll11l1 I-.1ll11. II11- l'lI1llN 11111 l1lNl 1l . 1. , 11 l1llLll '1 l'1i'11 I1-111 11.11 111 ' ' ' ' 1'111l 1 111111111l1 l1'll lll 1l11' l111ll hklllll' ' . . . ' l1lll 11'1l A' -' .... 1' Mg., 'z ' 1 . " " l:1'f..."1'11"l1L. 1111i1l1 2l .11 1l11 1111411111 l'111111l1 lllllllllk 1l11' l"1'i'11' 11ll1-1111111 illlilllx x1.1ll11l ... s 111111 IN l11ll1111111 l11 lllllllll l1l11l1i11g ll'111- l11'11L1- 111111 ll11' 1l1':11' l11'l1l .llltl 1 1 1111 Xll 111 llll ll l Il ll 'I lllltllllll l11 H.111 1111 l11 1' 1 ll1lN 111111 l1111li1'1 '11 1l11- gun 1'111l1'1l 1l11' 11111111-, l'lll2ll Sl . . . . 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Rl'll'lNlllg llll' kirkoll. llu'y Illllllllllllll'Kl possession ol' llu- lralll lung cnongll lo lllllllll llmxn llvlll lm' llll' cqllzllilc-l .... clUllXK'l'Nl0ll was good :nul llu'y lvll 7 lo li. Slunllly 1ll'lt'l'h1ll'KlS Sl. Rilzl mls in cunnnanul ul plan mul- Zlgillll , . . lllis Iinu- :ls lllc rvsnll ul' ll lmlorkcal Innl ln gllull illilll' ' ' ' l.lny,s nsull llu' lm-:lk lo llll'lI' .ull 1 . . . .ly nl l'CIlWll'l4 Il2lI'llS2lllS. llu' Xlns ' lllllllgi' znul l'ln'gc'cl lllltilll ll lu li All llu' llzlll. .Xs llll' lllIl'll qllznlvl' gm nnllcr xxzlx llu- l"l'lZll'S lrul llu-il' rr' ' ' ' ' ' Xlosl nl' ilu' 1llllll'll'l mls m A . . will llll onl lm llu-ln. On llns crlsp Zlllllllllll lllll ln NUXl'lIlllCl'. 1li'll'l'llllll2Ill1lll mls pcl'snl1ilu'cl in llu' lln'll lllirll' lllllllllfi ol' ll - 1" . A u y.,.nnc, l llK'llL'llSlXL' lblllllll nnlil llznnn Urilllllls l'll'l'll'llIl'll Ilu' cmwll lx' ' " " " ' ' llll .1 lnlllmnl J.l'X.llll ll'lIlllll0hll rnn .Ks llu' lUlll'lll llll2llll'l gm llllllll lx ' ' slill ll " an llu' l'l'Illl'N ' 'xlilcml . . . lull lll1'lll ullvnsiu' lllllllk llllll lwgnn ln nunc bp: -'Ullll Nlzulllcn. llnn Rigzlli. XlllsCR1lllUlll. Nliddle: Ran Willxlallllllw. lfclix Nlzuislcuski. Bot tom: Nlikc lfillillliu. -,llllll DCXCll'llX..l1lllll llllflllk sl s. N-1 ,ff J' X ,QM ,. .Xll through the quarter Fenwick worked for "the one that would do it" .... Finally the tally catne . on an end sweep, went in standing up frotn l2 yards out, It was pay dirt for the l-'riars . . . the hla . . Reynolds. ck and white had come from hehind. Booming punts. including one good for 70 yards hy Reynolds. kept St. Rita deep in t their own territory for the remainder of the contest .... XYhen it was all oyer the score read . . . Fen St. Rita l l. DE LA SALLE wick l.l . . . With the possihility of a tie for the South Section championship. the Ifriars took on their last foe of the reg- ularly scheduled season . . . the Nleteors of De LaSalle .... The gatne was originally slated for Octoher lll, hnt in- cletnent weather forced postponement . . . on Noyemher l'l. the two teams clashed. Fenwick kicked oll , . . and from that tnoment dotninated play. Immediately after a lle LaSalle plltll the lfriars hegan to roll .... On second down Danny Grifliths connected with llud Reynolds for a 58-yard touch- down pass . . . Grifliths added the "point after" and Fenwick led 7-0. 'l'his was the heginning of what was to end in a :El-ll route. Once again the Meteors were forced to kick after heing stopped cold hy the l'rtar for- ward wall .... No sooner had Fenwick gained possession when Grifliths was oll on a mission whic h netted the lfriars 39 yards worth of touchdown and a lflstl hulge. , . . 'l'he quarter ended with Fenwick once again in posses- ston ol the hall as a result of a futnhle which Harry Lrawford recovered on the De LaSalle ti-yard ltne On the first play of the second quarter Bud Reynolds went the ti yards for the score . . . Grilliths converted making it lfl-0. After this hoth teatns exchanged possession of the tititl . . . no more scoring catne until late in the quarter when Grilliths passed to Hoyne from the Nleteors' lil-yard line to their six .... Next play Grit'- liths skirted right end from scrimmage and scored his second touchdown of the afternoon. .Xt the half lfenwick led 25-0. During the third quarter lfriars continued to show tio tnercy as Gallo picked oll' a Nleteor pass at midfield and ran it hack to the De LaSalle ll . . . Gritliths droye to the 2 for a hrst down . . . Gallo went straight up the middle for the tally. .X safely hy captain Mike Rahold ntade the score 33-tl, lhe rest of the quarter helongetl to Reynolds . . . tnade his third 'l'.lJ. of the game on a 35 yard jaunt oll' right guard . . . his fourth on a hril- liant 57 yard rttn which started .on his own 13 .... Score was now I5-0 as the quarter came to an end. 'l'he final quarter of the game saw one tnore score as Micky NlcGoyern hrought the total to 51 on a ll yard sprint. 'l'hus endcd the lflil season for the lfriars. It wotlld he nice to he ahle to say that they got their tie for the champion- ship and wcnt on to win the Catholic and Gity titles. httt unfortunately this nas not the case. Howeyer Fenwick did win one thing . . . the adtniration of everyone who saw thetn display the hard-fought. spirited hrand ol hall that only the Fighting lfriars can display. I i 1 res man oofgall 'U in ,H Top, left to right: lVeinstein. Chetnlek. Leone. McKenna. Hasse. Hanson. Mollsen. Blockw Al. Mcllonald. Second row, left to right: Fr. llacohs. Pugh. Leahy. Korzieniewski. jaloyer. R. Mack. Hi hrand. lluszansky, lfanttetti, latopa. A. Burns. Dan O'Brien. Third row, left to right: Yan llycke. il. 0'Brien. Sohiesk. jahlonski. llarr. llrennan. Alan Nlorford. ell. lleng ICS. Bottom row, left to right: Finn. llonucelli. 0'Keefe. Rigney. Ryan, X. Como. llusing, llokunowiecz. Ledyina. el' Whelan. The Frosh eleven won 4 games and lost only l . . . Coach Dan 0'l5rien did his usual fine job . . . preparing the ncophytes lor their haptisms ol' fire in next three years . . . Gaptained by Angelo Como, the freshmen turned in white-washes against St. Philip. St. Mel, and Loyola . . . lone defeat was dt by ll'eher . . The lfrosh sported an outstanding defcnse. lll the fl .tlt rain in oem Nlllllilun h.nshu1l1 .1 welll-mllllppml llilllllllg mmm -- with 1000 llllllhlll llfllls an wan' -A- lrum sm nriginnl 10,1 lIlQ'1lH'IIli' mlnm-I rp Ich: l'kl2IIliiN "vujms" urn xlmucl lllllh'IX up right: X1-xillm' wvkx tint uid. 4 . Xlidlllr, lvil lo lighl: kl2llkSUll Nlll'IlglIH'llN his legs. Ironic :hula his xxvighl. Nl NUII lhl uxwulium ul' l'llllilJIlll'lll. lxlgrzllll loam-m IIHINQICN Ill NIIIIKHYIIII llollmn, I1-fl ln lighlz Bimvk ww Ihm' thulul, Ilmm- lzllwx an dizlllnc-xnlx II'L'2Ill!ltllI Rum tl IDLIICN fm lvg rxvn iw. ivtigff f '19 AMMQQ-. ? M iii: 0.-....,..,,.,f--ww... . - ww A ' f -X98 HTF? ,1 it b 5 N, A q g cg' 'Qi' A 0 nh 0-No Wa..-W a.pK"' we " V X X 5- X .. K Q Q 135 Q. A xx Q is enior kBasLefAall .lack Kernan's arrival on the Fenwick scene was one ol the most outstanding and successful changes made here during the past year. Only Stan Kilian returned from '5hl's playoll' quint . . . and Mr. Kernan laced an unenviable rebuilding job .... Somehow over the practice season he managed to lind the right combination . . . for the opening game he chose a starting live ol' "jumping Klacku O'Brien and .lint Jordan as the forwards . . . Stan Kilian, captain, at center . . . Dave Hannners with Bob jastrab as guards. . . . During the rest of the season only o11e major change was made . . . Chuck Dahm was placed at the play-making guard position after being moved up from the juniors .... jastrab, Bill Rowder, Bud Reynolds, George XVetzel, Bill Keenan, and john Hoyne were the mainstays of the bench . . . which saw the Friars over the bumpy road to the playoffs. Mr. Kernan's stay opened successlully with a 51-39 victory over St. Pat . . . Kilian led the scorers with I5 points .... Holy Trinity was next . . . their's was a 65-58 decision oyer our boys . . . helped along with 35 successful free throws. . . . Kilian and O'Brien took scoring honors with 23 and 17 points respectively. Kilian once again led the pack in the next two tilts . . . St. Ignatius and Gordon Tech ...., Although the XVolves were triumphant 5-1-45, the Rants fell 114 ffl--lt! . . . Kilian hit I6 both times .... Hammers and liilian hit I2 and I3 as XVeber tumbled 42-110 .... The Alumni taught their younger cousins a few tricks in dumping them 65-62 .... O'Brien pumped in 23 as the lfriars dumped X'Veber's Red Horde for the second time 49-48. l,ess generosity and a 66-55 defeat were handed to Holy Trinity . . . Kilian dunked 22 .... This was the first inter-sectional game that Dahm played for the Heavies .... Chuck really made his presence felt against St. Ignatius .... XVhen he came in, the Friars were losing by 21 points . . . they were down by 2 when the buzzer sounded .... Hammers hit I8 in the 66-6-1 loss .... Wleber later revenged its earlier defeats, 62-43 .... Gordon Tech bowed a second time 57-245 closing tI1e practice season . . . 0'l'n'ien, Kilian, and llahm hit for I8, I7, and I2 respectively. The practice season . . . marked by inconsistency founded on experimen- tation . . . enabled the new coach to discover the weaknesses of his starting five and the possibilities of his substitutes .... The switch from a pressing zone to a man-to-man defense also had a share in the losses. The underestimated Friars carried a 6-5 record into the St. George holiday tournament .... Kilian poured in 20 points when the Friars reaffirmed their superiority to Holy Trinity 52-35 .... Mount Carmel edged out the Friars in the tournament thriller . . . a quarter-final double overtime affair, which ended 51-49 .... Chuck Dahm walked away with the Best Defensive Player award for the tourney. The Friars now faced the task of reaching the playoffs in a tough and well-balanced South Section .... To top it off, they opened up the first round against the St. George Champions, the preseason championship favorites, Loyola. on their home court .... YVe surprised everyone but ourselves by coming within 115 Bottom row: QI. Hoyne. G. xYClll'l. l'. Pellegrino. ll. Rigali. ll. Hett. Second row: R. .l2iSll'2llJ. ll. Alortlan. ll. Hammers. S. Kilian rtaprp. ul. O'Brien. KZ. llalun. F. Rey- nolds. Top row: lfr. Crowe, A. Hanley. W. Rowder, W. Keenan. R, Brennan. Coach .lack Kernan. en ior ,!3asLefAall a hair's-breadth of victory . . . only to have it snatched from our grasp in the waning minutes 49-47 . . . Stan Kilian scored 18 .... NIendel's Monarchs were next on the "dump 'emu list . . . O'Brien stink 28 points to lift the final to 63-55. . . . A fabulous fifty-three plus shooting percentage against De LaSalle . . . saw the boys over the "hump" to an 82-7l win . . . O'Brien, Hammers, Kilian, and ,Iordan hit 24, 23, l5, and l2 each. Hammers added I8 more as St. Elizabeth's tight defense stopped O'Brien and Fenwick to win 68-56 .... The return engagement with Mt. Carmel saw another thriller result . . . this one a triple overtime tilt . . . Kilian sunk lf? points . . . including the winners with l:37 left to play in the second sudden death period .... Leo the Lion roared with anguish as we clipped his claws 51-44 .... Dahm, the playmaker, stink I0 free throws . . . Kilian and Hammers had l2 and I4 ..... Although St. Rita had ll0t threatened seriously throughout the first round final. they almost tripped the Friars in the closing minutes . . . final score was 525-52 .... jordan played an outstanding game and scored I3 points. The second round opened with Fenwick having the chance to throw the South Section into a turmoil . . . a three-way tie for first place .... Loyola's once-beaten Ramblers stifled that hope all too quickly with a ti-l-50 conquest of the Fenwick banner carriers to more into first place alone .... Mendel fell before the combined efforts of Hammers, Kilian, and jordan til--HS .... O'Brien and Kilian netted 2l each against De l,aSalle along with a 48 percent shooting average as the Friars took the game 72-158 .... The Friar tail spin opened with a 62-til loss to Mt. Carmel . . . after leading by 4 with a minute left .... St. Elizabeth overcame a 7 point half-time deficit to win 53-49 .... Leo smothered our boys with an all-court press 76-58 . . . Dahm's efforts produced H .... .lack O'Brien closed the regular season with 20 as the Mustangs fell 57-52 .... Our playoff hopes were ended with a bfi-ti-l defeat at the hands of De LaSalle . . . O'l5rien hit for 22 while llaye Hammers got l7 more. Our loss of three of the last four season games , . . after holding a substantial edge . . . cost us a playoff berth as well as a shot at the championship. 116 .X N52-Z? Top left: Aflvr thc game gala lwlwn-cn .IZISIIYIIJ and RcynoIaIs. Top right: O'II1'icn. -Iunlam. nm! czlgcl' lrlllllnlflll IICZIIC an SIIIIIX III NIINIDLIIN llollom Icft: IYzll'l'iol's IJ. Rigzlli :xml XY. Rmulcl' ulmlzlin VIIIIIIDIIICIII hum I X uns Slilll kxllzm luck O'IIricn . Ilalw II2IllIlIIl'l'S lim .IOIXIIIII ... Cllnuk llnhm I Hula blzxslruh .. IIIII kt'l'lI1llI .. Izuk Sullixzm . Iiill RmuIcl' .. Huh lircnnzm . IIIIKI Rvynulals XI Ilzmlvy lim Wisllvl' ... Dunn Ilvll lulm Iluync .. Dun Rignli Imn Rxlwrg . SCORING .Hb .XICILIQC pc! ganm' .'v.'n.II IJKYIIIIN 'I '17 Pls ITB 2X5 IIS!! IJII lm IS II III II IH li li fi 2 I I 'MII Fa 1:42 I IEP IIIT BI xx 25 I I I7 's I 1 IS -I I I II ll 3 III 'a Fl III .TTI Tl HT 77 23 'III III I II S II 'P I II I I IISII ul llu' Lmvcr right: IIJIIILII SILWLIIS Iain IIIIQN imc mln IIII Iwlnlk KIIIIIIII IIIIII 'Q IIT .-I Im- I-: Q ..m vw -.- IU2 4540 Ii.II fI.ll 2.1! 3.1! I.I I.I 2.1! 2,0 I,lI ILS tl.I 0.2 I.lI Unk llIl'. f.-:En-M laws. fl PRACTICE SEASON I1 I'lCllIYIC'lx Sl Sl. l'z1l1'ick Fcllwick 58 Holy 'l'1'i11ily I'lL'IlWIl'L I5 Sl. Ig'Il2lIlllS I'lL'IlIk'll'IN II 00111011 'l'01l1 I'lCllWlL'lx I2 XTCIICI' I'lCllIYlK'li 62 .Xlu11111i I'lCIIWIK'lQ ISI Sl. l'z1l1'ifk lfc11win'k 66 Holy 'l'1'i11ily I'lCIIIX'lA'Ix 4iI Sl. Ig11z1li11x I'lL'lIIX ink III XVCIDCI' l"c1111i1'k 37 fQIlI'ilOIl lc1l1 ST. GEORGE SENIOR TOURNEY l"c1111i1k 32 Holy l'1'i11ily I"c11nic'k I9 Xll, fl1ll'IllL'l REGULAR SEASON Ifcmx ifk IT Loy olzl I"lCIIlK'lKIx 113 NICIIKICI lfc11wic'L P42 llc l.z1Sz1llL' l-'c11wic'L Mi Sl. lilizzlhclll I'lClIN'li'lx I3 Nll. flilI'IIIt'I IICII win L 5 I I4-11 I"c111x'i1L 314 Sl. Rilzl lfc11wimL RI l.oyola1 l"c111xi1'k lil Nlcmlcl lfcllxsirk 72 Dc l,a1Sz1llc I'ACIlWllIi lil XII. fl2lI'lIIl'l I-'c11wi1'k I9 Sl. Elilzlhclll I'lL'IIIk'll'lx SS l.o11 I"t'IlIX'Illx 57 Sl. Rilzl PLAYOFF FOR THIRD PLACE I'-l'IlIXllIx ISI lk' l.z1S:1llc lili SEASON RECORD I5-I3 LIYIIUIIIIIL' ox L'I'lllIIC loss In-lriple OX'Cl'lIIlll' win I'lt'IllK'IlIi 'I'olz1l ... ,... ISISI QIIDIJOIICIIIS lulzll .,. .... ISSN II11111111c1's hits l ln Oll :1 Ian-up. 39 65 5 I I0 I0 65 -IN 55 Gil G2 35 245 .lvl III :Tx 7l OH Il I I 52 lil Ili lax 62 524 743 52 N901 fbeogksf Q6 QS' Xi , ' , 2 Q XM !! fs 'G 5 f 0 Q ,mga as wmv N-..- 1 , xg f tu. .0 x fr .XX b, R fi? eg N , . K if at f z. ff R ,ma Ia 1 .IU N IOR B.-XSKETBALI, h Chuck llihm huh Cnllu mil lluix Ciiulmcl hzuk Imm lam XXII . ' A .' : .A "1 ' ' yc:ni"s IL'LIlll. pix--si-ziwii pl'1lNIM'c'lN lui' lhi- Iiihioi' lmaixlwllrzill lL'LllIl luuki-al good . . . Duringlhc'L'xliihiliui1wzlmil thc' lfriaii' lights t'0IllIJllt'll ai Illl'tll0l'liL' l :xml h ix-uml . . . lmmg lu lJUW1'l'llll St. llillllllx mimi mil lu XX 1-hui' in ai mir ul lijihl gillziiix , . . 'lhc' l'il'llll'S galil iiilh Sl. l"lI1lllllN zmcl llulx I w I 5 'liihilx . . . lhvii wliilmpi-ml Cmixloii 'lk-ch lXX'il'4'. 'Ilia-si' cziilx gxiinvs wvim' llllll'lQl'll hx' lhvii mlowiiux . . . with l4'n-iiwick uxiizillx umiiiw Hlll , N mi thu xlmrl uml . . . lmzicliiig x1ul'k'l'N in zilinml gill ol lhi-sn' Lgznmw iw-ix-C1"iu'ln1'il ziml lbnlim . . ul" Rc-nmwlx OPPOSITE PAGE: l'ppcr lrfl: llc-slik gum high in lhc :lil lm 2 Illlllllm Ccllu-l': What. again! Lnwvl' right: Wxwmki copies lim-slikk llll. fullllil, nm! imaiivluicl . . . R1 lvzim won' lim qllcclj liviiiiulx :xml Run lim Huh Rt'1lltlKIll l'iXlJCl'llIll'lllllllllll lfllllllllltll llllk0llQll0lIl lhm' rx llillilitlll NUZIMJII . . Conch KCIKIIZIII hiizilh' ali' 4-ich-cl on am alll Sl'lllUl hu llL'1lllL'll hy Dzilim. illlllllllg Ulll thi' l2l hlx. U lim Look The team was now poised for the big Fenwick Junior Tournament . . . In the hrst encounter Fenwick trampled Holy Trinity 53-30 . . . The next game saw the fighting Friars up against a Wleber team that had beaten them twice previously . . . bttt Bob Gallo made sttre that they would not make it three in a row by sinking a jump shot in the last few seconds for a one point victory . . . Fresh front the win the Friars were pitted against an undefeated pow- erhouse from De LaSalle . . . The Meteors, after piling up a tremendous early lead, were able to knock the Friars ottt of championship contention with a 63-48 win . . . De LaSalle was destined to win the crown the following night over a speedy St. Elizabeth quintet . . . The Friars were able to knock off St. George in the Eird place consolation . . . with Chuck Dahm hitting for 24 points . . . Dahm was selected as the tournaments most valuable player at the conclusion of the tourney. The Friar lights opened regular season play by losing to a spunky Loyola club 48-38 . . . After this game Captain Chuck Dahtn was brought up to the seniors . . . His loss to the club was keenly felt . . . bttt offset somewhat by the improved play of Red Kennedy and Ron Beshk . . . junior Bob Reardon filled the other starting post. JUNIOR BASKETBALL SCORES EXHIBITION Fenwick -13 St, Patrick -lti Fenwick -IN Holy Trinity 2-4 Fenwick 58 St. Ignatius -19 Fenwick 57 Cordon Tech 37 Fenwick -I6 Weber I9 Fenwick 53 St. Patrick til Fenwick flfi Holy 'lirinity -15 Fenwick I8 St. Ignatius 55 Fenwick 35 Weber 36 Fenwick 52 Cordon Tech 16 FENYVICK JUNIOR TOURNAMENT Fenwick 53 Holy ililillllly 30 Fenwick 12 Weber -1 l Fenwick IH De LaSalle tifi Fenwick 50 St. George 13 REGULAR SEASON Fenwick HH l.oyola 18 Fenwick Hi Nlentlel -ll Fenwick 19 lie LaSalle 7l Fenwick 155 St. Elizabeth 57 Fenwick 3-1 Nlt. Carmel -17 Fenwick ll Leo 57 Fenwick SH St. Rita 72 Fenwick ISI Loyola tif? Fenwick 32 Nlendel 35 Fenwick Sl De LaSalle 78 Fenwick 38 Mt. Carmel 65 Fenwick 35 St. Elizabeth -V5 Fenwick Til I .eo I5 Fenwick 39 St. Rita tif? Fenwick total ...... .... l 282 Opponents total ... . , . .l 415 Herels hoping Suspended animation OPPOSITE PAGE Upper left: Now if I only had the ball Center left: Private lessons Lower left: Watch that elbow Right: Hey! He's one of us 122 'liht' nt'xt gztmt' wus ztgziinst NIt'ntlt'l . . . lht' lfriztrs lt-tl hy Kt'mit'tly it ntl Cli'ztwltn'tl whippt-tl tht' Nlt'tt'tn's 'Ili-'ll . . . Bzttl timtm. lttrwt'xt't'. wt't't' to follow . . . Dt' l.ztS41llt' tl'llNllt'tl tht lights Tl-'19 . . . St. lili1:tlJt'tlt trztmplttl m't'1' tht' l-'tizttw 37-flfv :mtl Nlt. CI1tt'mt'l t'tmllt'tl tt: ll I7-Ill wilt . . . 'l'ht' l"t'i:tt's lost out to at gtrtrtl l,t'tr tluh 37-ll . . , St. Ritz: t'tmtinttt'tl tht' tlt'lt':tts T2-fm l'h tltxpilt' Run lSt'shlt's 22 points. 'l'ht' st't'tmtl rtmutttl pt'm't'tl tu ht' tht' stunt' story . . . Inytmlzt tuml1lt'tl l't'ttwit'lt hi-lil . . t' l'lilill'N t't'umlJlt'tl NIt't1tlt'l signin. 11.4-511, llt'hmtl llatrry l.t':twltn'tls lf . . . Dt' l.atS:tllt- mgttlt' it F thrt't' out ul thrt't' with at T8-ful win . . . 'l'ht' l"t'i:n's lt'Il tt: Mt.l1ztrmt'l 155-58 :mtl 1051. l".li1:ilmt'tl1 ' ' tl l i ' 2 ' 'D ' 'D ' . . . .' '2 ' HHN J-. . . . ' QS tlgtllll in thtn losing lmtttlt with tht lit nmtn lttm ht tt tht lun It il In tht lit Qzmtt' til' tht' wzistm :tgztinst St. Ritzt. tht' l"t'i:tt'x tnattlt' at lll'lk'liIIlllll'il hitl lm' at win . . . hut thtw . lust mlztx . . . but :tltt't' tht' loss tml llzthm mzm:tgt'tl only to lmtutt Nlt'tttlt'l twitt' in ttgtllnti' stvtw out ttt tht' lzttt' Slltgvs lull-nfl. .Xll in :ill tht' stztstm wan tlixmztl :mtl tlixztpptmintitig . . . 'l'ht- l"t'i:tt's tlitl wt'll in ln't-xt'gis ... I t tt t l pl'tx lht' ltmt' bright spot w'u tht' l'l'l'Il'Si thtrtl pl'tt't' hmsh in tht' ltuittn' lUlll'll2lIlIi'lll. htnth mtl tti untltltttttl Ilx tt tm l'rtmpt't'ts Im' IIt'Xl x't':1r:n't' lzm' with at gtmtmtl xtvttng ' ' A 1 ' -1 ' 'Q gl tk it Ol! Il fIt'lllK'l'Z R. Rm-gmlmu. R. l..nIIu. II. Top: I41. f,lllIU', U.I'.. I. Wxwnki. Znllmnz I. IXL'L'Il'I. I'. hire-1-Imn. IX. . - ,IUII1'N.II.f,IlUIx, 5gfNwIQ I :JQIQ wig., Clzmlcml. I. kl'IlIl1'tIN. R. ISI-xI1L. , If 5 11 Y Q T s s' I II E L36 II, I'n'x1n'Ivll1m'. IUIILII lguk In-I . . "-' 4 WWW QA F , mm I QNWICI , U , K S rf L. I 'II 1 X , I 1 Y I sf 2 I 5 L " . E-'-,im--. W f , v . I tv X I 5 X ,H f ff ? . f iff?-.. XE WW . eg 55. M ' A.. .,..-c 2.1-I I ' KN I JUNIOR HXSKETISALL SCORES KQSIIIICS Pts. FG Fl .Kun lmhm .. .l I Qllu 77 film lim C.lamImeI .. ...ZS 2120 IHS! IH2 II.I Ih-xI1Ix . .UT 2311 T15 TF N3 IX1'lllll'lIN . . 27 IST 'HI 'II 'vb I-11IIu ... .QT ISU 3.3 IU .Hi Rc-xmlmu ... .2I UI! IN IIT TI!! Xlmtmxs-111 .. .IT Iii Il 21 2.7 Lmnrk . ,. . .Ili 27 N ll If NXQUQLI .. . fl II II N I.Ii Kc'n'lc'l . . . 'r S 2 I I li Ifllllllk' ..... .., li SI I I l..'v I'r'IIc'gl inn ... . . I5 II I I I..'v Ium-S ...... .. I I I 2 III f,IxK'I'IlIlNIIII .. . 2 2 I ll III 5Il1.'L'I11IIl .. 3 II ll II 0.15 I'xlcInum' H ll ll 0,0 Iul1lIN .. .,. . .......... H25 IQNQ IIIII If: XXUI2lgl' puinlx pm' gxnm' .. .... IRS IPIIIIIIN llc-xlxk mlmuw In-:MI on Imakvl. IZI BANTAM WVEIGHTS Top row- l"1', Cl'011'0 ll llvrlcln .X. 111101111 ll. .XStllClllJl'K'llllL'l . .liulrvw R. Wilson 61011111 KL'l'll1lll filblllll lll1cl1011 Middle row- Xl. H01'z111 C. Klllll'llSS W. l.L'llll0ll N. Xiwal W. llillc11l11'z111al R, Sliuckcy 'l . ll111'LL' R. blailovcc Bottom row- il. 0'Bricn B. 0'Ncil ll. lin-11111111 X. 1201110 ll, xlC'KCIlIl1l Ili 1 Xl. Riley in-x FLYWEIGHTS Top row- Cllllill Kc'1'11:111 lfr. fil'0lK'l' Y. llilrllvll ll. Ryan Nlgl. R. Wilson Cluaull lhulimm Nlicldlf: row- ll. l.a1Il:1I1z111 ,l. . Kvcl'1'r L. Xlllllvl' Njsirclki ll. ll1'01111 R. Nl01'i:11'il1 XY. .IUIIUS Bottom row- ll. filll'llllllx l..kl1ul1 R. llcxlii' XliNn-il C-. Solbivsk Ulllll'l' thc Cllllflillflll 0l' Bill Dllfllflll . . . thc Flics 0l' '55 c'011111lctccl :1 ll'L lllCllll0llSlf' suc'c'csml'l1l SCZISOII with lil c011scc'111ivc viflorics . . . 'flu' lflics il0l.k'lldl'Cl the I'6C0l'Ll of lllillly previous line Fenwick Lights . . . Lcd by cilllllillll XVz1llv .l011L-s. l.0u Nlucllcr, -lim lX'ymcki. VIQOIII KQ'Cl'L'l'. Paul SllL'Cll2llI. amd l.L'll Alucly li0l'IllL'il thc IlllClCllS 0l' il fine squad. xxlllllbllgll ll0l us siicccssful as thc Flics. thc HZIHIZIIIIS finisliccl with Zlll ll-8 1'cc-0111 . . . Clilblillll R011 Sl10ckcv. P1011 B11-1111zi11. .-Xl Hzmlcv. ljilllll Hott. Il IDOII Rigzlli wcrc cillilfll lyllfllllllqhllll2llllSl2lf'S . . . Next l'C2ll'. tllcsi- Imp will l'0l'lll thc lJ2N'lilJUllC 0l' thc Fciiwick xursity. l25 Sgiggw Ni: W f may ww, -R dm, K W1 vw -M, fs? My .po W9- enior wimming Fenwick's lighting frogmen . . . their string of consecutive titles now numbers I8 after capture of the Catholic League Swimming Crown on March l2-13 . . . Every meet during the regular season was won . . . The Friars romped over all competition in their quest of the Title. Senior members contributing to the outstanding success of the unit . . . Capt. Rich ln- gram, Pete Kelly, jim Carroll, Gene Halloran, Duke Cook, Phil Schuessler, Dick Katis, and Phil -Iones . . . juniors . . . Jim Berman, john Kelly, Bob Greene, Ed Helgeson, jerry Darda. Paul Chestnut, John Fitzgibbons . . . Sophomores . . . john McGuire and Dan Griffiths . . . Starting performances by -Ierry Petkus, junior sensation, and sophomore record breaker, lack Pettinger . . . gave the team an added boost in the championship race. i .-Xt the season's opening . . . the Friars downed the perennially tough Loyola squad by the lopsided score of 58-18 . . .The next hurdle . . . St. George . . . was subdued by a tis!-ll score . . . Fenger, the present Chicago City League Title holders came next . . . Fenwick trounced the City League's finest 55-20 . . . The Friars then continued their winning ways by defeating a Lake Forest unit, 66-9. Our swimming team avenged the football loss by downing a Mount Carmel unit bv a 5-1-21 score . . , Morgan Park fell 5lVg-HM3. ' Meeting St. George a second time . . . the Friars were victorious bv a 59-lti score . . . Lane Tech. second place in the City League, suffered defeat 57-I8 . . . South Shore . . . a perennial enemy of the Friars . . . went down -19-l7. Fenwick's pool was next invaded by the team lrom Kenosha. NVisconsin . . . the dairv boys fell at lil-14. Calumet High School and again Loyola . . . lost to the Friars 52-5 and A18-l8 respectively . . . The next meet was for the Catholic League Championships at Loyola . . . For the 22nd time in 234 rears, Fenwick took home the trophy . . . by a score of 741 points . . . far ahead of the sec- ond place squad, Loyola, with its 39 points. Center: Don Puthalski, Breaststroke and individual medley artist. Lower left: jerry l'l'llxllS. Catholic League Senior sprint champion. Lower right: jack Pettinger. OPPOSITE PACE: Top picture: Senior Swimming 'l'eam. 1955. Bottom row: l-'13 Crowe. O.l'.. Carroll. ke lolin Bennan. R. Creen. C. l'etkus. NI. Francis. R. Ingram 1Capl.j. ,lim llennan. R. Katis. Coach Dan 0'l3rien. Top row: R. Allison. li. llelgesen, C. llarda, C. ll il lolan. R. Leone, P. Alones. l'. Kelly. lflllgllllltlll. ll. Cook. P. Chestnut. Young. Middle: Il. Cook, C. llalloran. j. Carroll, Capt R lngtam. l'. Kelly. l'. -lones. R. Katis. Bottom left: jones watches Kelly finish workout Bottom right: Ya-a-a-a-al No water! Upper left: .jerry Darda, Catholic League Senior Diving Cham- OPPOSITE PAGE: pion. Bob l-Irie. Bob Barnes, Rav Webrs. Upper right: jack Petlinger. Catholic- League junior 100 yd. junior Team individual medley rhanipion. Front: XY. ligan. H. Detlrenier. Cerney. X. Yertnno. NY. Kret Center: Mike Bartlett. low, S. Fitzgerald. .lim Kelly. P. Sliullitowski. Chestnut. C Lower right: Bob llring. Catholic' League junior baekslroke Nlellonald. M. Bartlett. eliampion. Second row: R. lirie. Nl. lVlialen. xl. Senlman. McGuire. NI Stella, R. Keenan. R. Wehrs. ll. Sfllllllll. R. McMahon. Third row: 'l'. Nletlabe. NI. Capek. N. Pierce. W. Quinn. ll Puehalski. ll. tirillilli. I. Pittinger. R. Barnes. P. Gromino. I Campbell. QI. NlaeI..ennan. NI. Kennedy. W. Horan. R. llrin CL. Pape. ll. Leone, ml. Kernan. Lower left: john NIt'Guii'e. Norm Pierre. l'ele Shullitowski. Lower right: Len Yertuno. unior wimming ll was the same old story for Dan O'Brign's junior tankers . . . the lirosh-soph swimmers went through another undefeated season . . . racking up their eleventh straight .lunior Cham- pionship . . . unbeaten in dual meets throughout the season . . . Their Closest battles came from South Shore and Lane Tech ol' the Public League . . . South Shore was shipped 34-23 and Lane Tech 38-28. The juniors were overloaded with talent . . . some were brought up to augment the senior squad . . . lark Pettinger, the sophomore record breaker, and Don Puehalski were con- sistent winners both teams . . . Len Vertuno, Norm Pierce, Bob Erie, and Bob Dring were instru- mental in the Friar victories . . . along with Norm Pierce, Pete Shuflitowski, Ray lVehrs and lim Kellv . . . excellent diving was provided by Dan Griflith and Mike Bartlett. The -Iunior swimming story indicates a bright future for next vear's Senior team . A wealth of sophomore talent will be on hand . . . to assure sueeess for the senior squad . . Also. a promising group of freshmen points to another banner vear lor the Aluniors. 128 ww. s x .Q XSS QsfN'3"f? W at 'Sww ww Q awww A W X 'Y 3 A , ,iff qi fi - ': .W . r-fs -.. W +1155 W 'Y' 'W'...-ef" ,aw x if H"'S4QM ff: W Bl' ' X Nwqagvwf- N W we eww 1 mm 3 . 392 1, ' ' ' nw - .:. 3 " 1"" " '-ev-1- 'A . ennis and go? Opposite Page- Top, left to right: W. lieman. R. Lalnphier, O. Hughes. KI. Goeb. J. McDonald. M. Burke. J. Casp- er. A. McLean. C. Mollsen. AI. l,i- far, P. Conhoy, sl. Skrydlewski. W. Brett. Center: Waiting for the gun. Bottom: Bang! Tennis Left to right: R. Kuhacki. j. Wil helm, ll. Showel. R. Vondrawk F. Vida, W. Ferguson Qcaplg. M llriscoll. -I. Fikejs. Golf Left lo right: LI. jordan, j. Dram mis. R. Barnes, Montiege qt-aptj. C. Dahln. 0. Boscia. N Wegerzyn. The tennis team . . . headed by Capt. Bill Ferguson . . . also completed another successful season . . . Members of the team included seniors Fred Vida and Bob Vondrasek, junior Mike Driscoll and sophomores john Fikejs, Bill Quinn, -Iohn Showell, and Pete Shuflitowski. During the Easter vacation the Intraxnural Tournament provided the team with its inenlbers . . . Singles chanr pionship was won by Ferguson . . . doubles championship was captured by Dris- coll and Quinn. Fenwick's golfers . . . with Capt. Jim Montiegel, Chuck Dahln, and -Illll Jordan heading the squad had a good year . . . Intramural Tournament was held at the Midwest Country Club in Hillsdale . . . -lint Montiegel was the school champion. 131 Top left: K. Cen L. OPPOSIT ter: lfi. tht WIIIIIUI' ul' tht In alw'n'tl nl' tht RM t-- I . tt nitcmlutl lm' Bin llrrmv with ' ' . E PAGE ' cwt lightti Top: 0'Kccl'c hits th- ' . ' Illil'IIlllIlllll'X lmulx. R. lamtuii. Right: timilmy tmtl NltXI'tl1n . L tlctk RIIICI' l'lll'UlIl'2lgCIllL'Ill In llcYitrr. . . it vxtltztngc lmlmts. Center: XYinnct's ul' tht- main L-touts: Ivlt to 'I O'Ncil 'I' Sflll ' , right: IS . . . null, AI. Ncltlcttm " ' 'I' Dt-Y't , HI. Ilitck. I-.. l'tm'crs . 10. IS. Bt-slik. limi l.c:tli. Ct-nter right: IIl'UIIll'l'Il lint- its Hola ISL-shlt gms timely ntl xitc Iiltllll IJl'UlIlt'l' Ron :mtl Xlilw Rztlmltl. Lower Icft: Ncttlcttm rt-:ttlics right truss for Clttllctfs thin Lower right: IYitltlt't' tml' tht' lwwt lif zlwam. ' - LIIIUI' of tht' night l lim Xllllllllll with txt I 5,872 'I'h V . ' Ifly Cru r gloves ournamenf li vi . IXKLIIII-IIIIII ztnmlztl Silxcr film' pztflat-tl htm. - ' ' ' ' cs . . . Nlairfll 95 ' sc . . . tllilmu-tl s' i -. . . . in thc sclmul - A , .tries ul prcliitlitlzt " ' lust ztttitm ztlltl ll lbw ' I " gylllllllhllllll lmclun' it bouts begun in gym flaunt-s I' SUIIJIISLS. . . . . 'num Il't'LllL'lI to In tht' Elllhllm. vlan ' ' . I3l'l2l 'I'h tha- tztllt-1' 'l'h Stull .lt't't'y muntls . . , , 4 . . . liimn O Nvil hztcl too muc'h lm' Bula Nltlllctllmfll in at blunt' ztllztil' nk :tggi'vssix'c11t'ss Inicl ull in x'ic'tm'y. L' IUO-Ili. :lass naw .luck Sfllllllil UYl'l'IJOXX'l'I' Put l'zt1'1'illi . l"tt :mtl llc-:txicr Sclmlitl. . . . was no mzttflt lm' t' ll5-llm. flz: ' iss . . . Tom DeVito mint- up with tht- only kimcktlowil ol' thc night to O'Kct-lc . . . 'l'ht- two figltln-is had luught on close lL'l'IllS llnuuv . hut in thc thirtl l3t'Vilo ltntltcl 1 1 4 1 hhout tht- lint two . iight that sont 0'Kvt'l'c sprmlinf lwn thc sccmitl strwiqltt xt n Dt W3 ll: ch llllllltll Ron . 1 ' g to tlclicztt. . . I '-1 ' in l.cztli was thc YVIIIIICI' in his clivision H tt L ' whip hy outslugging liill clfllilllilfli lfiost . . . L' Jo' tht- ' .' :mtl Ecl l'r1wt-rs . . . liookt-tl up in th - ti- " ' ztggrcsmr, llmvt-rs, took thc ' Tha' lla class CIIIIIIIIJIOIISIIIIJ html the 1 qtm ol' Quttnslmix NUIJIIUIIIOII' 4 Isla lla. class 111 ' "1 flow 4 tlu ismn. .1 it tl mc . . . The iin, . -1 'N I -it -- '- Slittlfs ul tl icgulzu' zlllcy lmrztwl " 4 IIIILS tllmwn lll . . . In what w" ' 'lim Xt-ltlt-tt ...IXIIII Nlztr- .ts hy lar thc lm ' ' nt OIIIIIIISIICLI :tm ' ' ' sztggt-tl lxtl ' 2 ' " ' " K in thc lust I ..cxl'IIJ 'z tsl bout ul tht l outpumlltcl tht tlx tltci lllxlllll ' mght. - I:n'o1'itt'. KL-it Cullum . . . Cullcn X . A hc lint rouncl :mtl was tht- victim ' ' IVU. 4 ol .t ttllllit' rztlly ht' Ncttlcttnl I"rt-slmlzm liolm Bt-shk c't1'mtl 1 alt ll cut clumm ' ' xt is sulmlnng lm th . 1 ovcr It-rrx' Chill i 1 ' Q :tiling lm-I Pun 4. ' " t g 1 ' . n the ISS-llx. clans I -' rum. Iht- CYCIIIIIQ was cliinwxtcl ln lm Bucks L In Xl ' on C.: th weight tlivisi 4. mt.. ' ctmy mu Nltl C-rztllztm in thc- llcztvy- :ms Slhlltgl this to outlmx thc aluggcr . . . but it ' ' l'1g'l1lc-1' ol' thc- night ztwzml if tlitlnt work. . . . NIYCII to lim Ncttlctrm. who 1'it'hly tltsc1'w'cl it. lIl2 llll NS 7 .2 .Wm gsm " S A J :f X E? fl Nq , Q BMW 83" WW? Jfrn1llllA glial, S.. Q sf graoluafion Graduation from high school is not merely an end of four years of residence, of study, of some hard work, of many good times. lt means a change of circumstances and location in which these same activities must continue. Truly, we have had trials, errors, successes, some fail- ures: but the reward of graduation without struggles would lack the savor of a victory fairly won. At Fenwick we have been ably guided through this most important phase of our lives by the learned and sympathetic Dominican Fathers and their assistants. Teachers, like parents, are frequently unappreci- ated because the close association of daily life and the constant need of correction and the sometimes unpleasant devices necessary to enforce correction make us overlook their personal interest in our success. Wlhen it comes time for separation, however, serious reflection makes us ap- preciate deeply their unselfish interest in us and makes us understand that our affection for them has unconsciously developed. If we have not learned to make correct choices in the affairs of life, surely it is no fault of our teachers. Each one of us prays that he himself will not be the one who spoils his own life, who fails to respond in action to the principles which Dominican education has so stressed. XVC have been taught what to do, how to make choices. God, please, help us to live accordingly, to use our talents as Christian men, pleasing to God. ' 15 Top: 'l he litho Clhannhei . . . our unfinished ztutli- toritnn. Fr. Dooley. l'lllI'it'lx 'I. Culhztne. O O , i an 1106143 nn The Building Fund Drive . . . One ol' the greatest glories ol the Clntllolie Church in the l'nitecl States , . . ol' the .Xinericztn Clzttholic' people . . . the unhclievztble luncls eolleetecl to pay lor Czitholie ecitimtioil . . . it great elziim to heaven lor their szierilices thus to help in the propagat- tion ofthe lziith .... -Xncl Fenwick lrientls belong to this willing group. .Xlter sexen veztrs' work ln' Fzithers Vain Roov :intl Siniones . . . workinv' to colleet funtls lor :tn :ulclition yet eoinpletecl to Fenwick . . . at new building has been zulcletl . . . is now in use . . . hut not lfztther Malzteln' Dooley, O.P.. has taken over the l'uncl-raising responsibilities . . . new vigor . . . Iireshness . . . :incl hope . . . that the people now in the school will tlo as well as those ol' the past . . . His work is clifhcnlt , . . No parish here . . . No Sunday congregation . . . Father Dooley hopes you will respond not ln' force . . . but In love ol' God :incl His needs I'or the Catholic' Church Debt above ll hull' million . . . the building unlinishecl . . . quick help essential . . . your ehziritt :incl eonnnon sense in this mutter is neeclecl . . . lfztthers, mothers. ziluinni. other lriencls ol Ilenwic-k :incl Catholic education. help to bring closer the completion ol' the new zulclition. 136 Bottom: liuiltling funtl olliietst john I". Nlztnnion. ' .- I- 4- N .ong of fAe qenwic cpegulzrs From the far-Hung frozen Northland Within St. George's guns To magnolia patches growing near the Sag, There resounds the praise of Fenwick From the lips of faithful sons, Proud bearers of the cherished "Friar" tag. , - Shoes, shirt, sox pants hikin' back and forth again, Marchin' to the cadence o' the bells. In sunshine or in rain, - In happiness or pain, I They parade us for a drink from wisdom's wells. The rolling plains of Wheaton - And the clean Chi-ca-gou clay Acclaim the feet of Fenwick and their sound. And when companies of Friars Overrun the CTA T There's naught but talk of knowledgenewly found. When my schooling days are over, i And my weary bones refuse To obey the posted orders of the day, Let me rest among my mem'ries With my faithful travelling shoes, And recall the times my buddies' used to say, p -t Shoes, shirt, sox, pants hikin' back and forth again, Marchin' to the cadence 0' the bells. In sunshine or in rain, t , In happiness or pain, V . They parade us for a drink from ,wisdom's wells. We've tramped through Gaul with Caesar, ' And we've joined the Light Brigade, All this without the battle's blood and strife. We leave to our successors - That same trip to be made. Q May they have a most successful Fenwick life. h .. i . ' - 5-H." '?f'xk..1,1 't.Lk'l?35 2"if.f5: - -. X . . I . f -' .-:qw .2 A-1550-5' f ' f. - .i5'!k6- . ' if .-1,241 ' 'tix il if 2i' f'3-I ' " "H 'dx tmgnlfiau' X. . .Ax .W 4' ' 1 , . nf' -I M2555 K 1 -l ' I7 'X FAIYLRIDGE Noawooo X PARK 5 CU 3 Exits? L1 as - za: if QQ' i F N g f : CR AJ- ' 'x UU! 7 ,X N. '1 cs? ' A x As A ,le-X , , 6 X , . Q- nuuxuu X mx -X cmcaao W X- Rnvigfanovs - ' Um EgQh0O0 f' X 1501 h ' Q ii I J -,--H V X33 mmzoss Ffggggr OAQQQRK mhepfa PARK Cyp, X' ELf?aU,ET L UQ, x x BERGELEY , r . 'HJ ,,, w ' M - ww sw K 1 QNX f N J HIL? 3:05 BECLSYOOD mrxgoo ,L v N9 ' 3 I yi ff- 'XS L ' 2- ffarff J' f N Q . J o nvncw - Q AW J 1' sm Rolzb, 'W -f' iw -. 3 WESTCNESTFQ X ' Nogfpl Clan, y - U57 fff- Rnv asm: K M5 Sikew " M C6 of Q KT Ravensuos XJ HOLLQBIOOD my J, ox?g1?rfcLo .-7f1 v- STICHNEY 'i fw f C 23. MSTFRN LRGRANGE Lvoms vw X12 ov: L33 Sayles cu, M !S"-ff' -Lk QR ilfx , QOVNERS ,ll 'QSYJKJJ 1 ..., X -x 5 A sk sum-ur QSYQSXQ 467 Q . NW . . Anno, - .

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