Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL)

 - Class of 1954

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Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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1 H , 1 ,swf . -E922 . ,f. , 'hy- . X, ,fl - 1 ,v -. fs 'ff e 'Z' , ,L .3 ' if Fi -- V ... fb w ,. f-, lv 1 . .4 . K I .4 L 1" 1 Y X ! Q .1 a M 4 Q. JI Q' i ,N rg , 355 , 3111 Lim 39' 533 Xfir- . .. T4 EI J " L'-122. .n gx . nf xx f In ., ,4 4 I- 'K 3 v :Q J iff' Q-A156 - V bv - K. -v-rf' , - ..- M, 1. -.njag gf... , .cfkwi '-sw 9' Qi, , 'YY , . Jr WA- KV - 4 Hr' "qi 1 -142 ',,-4. .. hi. BLACKFRIARS 1 9 5 4 FENWICK HIGH SCHOOL OAK PARK 0 ILLINOIS 'iWl1o is she that comes forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array?" Cant. VI, 9 . . our Mother, Mary . . Seat of Mfisdom, pray for us. Marian Year, 1954 "Pg Z' . .xx 4-M4-, gv,-- "M me-i5.j"fj' ,, ff' ,jgg,.v-If AAA " ' 'xi 'THELV-. 'J , jf"ff'25'3"i 1. Q, V" A fe-' i -' -fqpk-'?,,yi'e vi' new I - ,stew ,, A 2 ,,.gx, ff, ,,,..4- . . , WTA if ' . , ' 'g ll 3 X' Q g A -- ' ' . e ft ,Q - in .- 1 "wb 'C C mf Z I i t o 0 o . " , 'f .ut-'iss W, .na l 4 r Ti za? fa 2:-" 'Sm P kv app, 1 ef. , r an ,. J. Gr, ,I l- ,flu tif: J The imaginary hands of a century-faced clock have now swept througifi, a quarter of their circuit, leaving behind them twenty-live years of gloriousilgis-Q Fenwick history. We are signally honored in that our personal four-yearfrag-' ment of that history ends where the second quarter begins. And so the graduatesg VQffvQg5 of '54 are in a position to pay tribute to the principals, the teachers, the studentsie-Wi of and the Fenwick Spirit of the past, and to salute the Men and Spirit of theiugz , future. ' Q' Our Dominican Fathers, inspired by their great founder, St. Dominic, have offered to us the ideals of that great saint. They have done this within a f magnificent shelter of steel and stone laced and mortared together by the self- 5 sacrificing principles of Christ. What they have given to us, to our community, , to America, and to mankind is beyond tabulation, either in this volume or in all the journals of the world. It is for the men of Fenwick to constitute a living record and repository of this undying heritage. God grant that we may be worthy , custodians. May we increase in love and knowledge of Him, in respect and friendshi for our fellow-men, in honor and service to our country, and ine striving or truth. May the halls of our Alma Mater ever be graced with an, expanding display of the symbols of victory in teamwork and good sportsmanship. Our sincere congratulations and humble gratitude, patient Faculty, for ' e your succ s , r sacrifices, and your guidance. We announce to the world E+ our sign appreci ' our proud proclamation, "I went to Fenwick!" f e G25 5 ' -Nils K , L rf 5+ ,iii ' " nf? ' 53-'Q wig 1,1 N X Q , fffmf 65.2-if F " x ,.f,.. w id- '4.,,in.C' V ' ffl " if-t?li'., " .ESQT 5 eff.: . ware. f " . A r- . if 5633 ,f t if 1 e , .1 ' , 1 4iz 1.,,'..! VK u .359 ' ' A l1,Qzwi,A, ' e s Y,-nf L - fm. - , - , 5' 'a 4. 'w ?enwiclz Hi to q Sign 3lllllUlllII'CS site nt' lntnre lfenwitls Beginning ol' the ll1lSl'lIN'llI During 1927 and the spring and summer of 1928, fertatin lloininitun l'l2lIllL'I'S were lllflllllllllg znnong the pznishes ol' the XX'est Side, inlorining locztl grann- tnzn' school gmclnzites ol' the new institution which was being t'0llSll'lH'UfCl on zt portion ol' the old Cusack estate in Ouk l'zn'k. Few ol' these hoys were overly enthusiastic about entering at completely new school such :ts this one wus to be, hut the pioneer spirit lIlilllLfllC'Cll at snlzlll ntnnher to enter Fenwick :xt its opening in the lull ol' lE!28. Here was the lounclzition ol' at mighty trzlclition. Halls of Fetnvick Going up! Rapid clevelopnient lol- lowed under gnidztncie ol' the lirst princ'ip1tl,Rev. I.eo Cl. Guinor, O.l'., to WN'llOl1l much ol' the credit for Fen- wic'k's stlecess must he git" en. The liztfulty ol this per- iocl was well equipped lor the clilliftxlt tzlsk :assigned to il. :incl within ll few years the scholastic' l'L'lJUl2l' lion ol' the school wins es- tzuhlishecl. .Xn interesting stntly is oIl'e1't'tl hy the vznl ions fluhs ol! those years. The XVir'k :appears to have been the first CXIl'2l-K'llI'1'lt'- Fc'nwirk's Pringipzlls -nur Rev. I.. C. Rm. lf. ll. Rm. XY. .X. Rm. R. Rex. W. IH. Rm. K iinur. 0.I'. llzicsllc-r. O.l'. lfitiu-l, O.l'. Kelleher. 0.I'. Yam Rom. O.l', Wztltc-1'. Ol l929-l936 llIfl7flllflH lllflll-lflll lfll2-llllfl lfll l-lfllli lfll7- ilozifli lmty l.ziwlt'ss' splcmlicl zttlllctic IJl'Ugl'2llIl clrvw lzivotuililc' COIIIIIICIII lrmii thc' press :tt :in ezirlv tlzite. Ott Novetitlmet' 2, lllflll, lfc'ttwic'l-Us lirst sports write'-up zippcztwcl in thc Cllticztgu Daily Ncws :tml rcztcl: "l"ci1wit'k High in Oak Park is rzipitlly rcztclting thc point wlicrc tht' higgvr sclmols will ltztvc' to give: it sonic c'ottsiclct'zitiuit." Soon l'lCIHVlCl4 hztcl :tflticwcl thc status ol' zi ntzijm' zithlc-tic' powvr. lfitst ol' at long lim- ol illttstrious Iioothzill fziptziins was Ray Vfmvsh, Till. Om- ul' thc iiicttilxws ol' tht' Cllziss ul' Illflil wats llzm O'lSrit'ti, whosc lzitct' sttfwsscs with l"c't1wick's switmititig tcaitiis wvrt' to ht' lJllCllUlIll'll2ll. l'ciiui4k's hrst faictlltx lcsls -melt thfttl li Qi .M Es E? 3555, H ,AWWA 2 as Q Q 3955? 61:2-za .J m uf 1 . .41 : 4 vu we nk '.-1 4,4 A , fi-'35 QW- M ,, . 1- . :.,.,::,::z:,:5:.: :-Ez-5:g::. 2 , "W Mz"s.f"' WXWW aug, fi 3' 'ifilki ' 'i'l'M E'.,1335522355iwiimgwfwig ' A Ein I by A 5 1 , A A -L.sm. ngsgg ' 'Li , , A si 1 Q . 'A ' T7 P ifig. f, ., :mm ' Y :::I,4--:-ff rw . 4? ,:' zw. :1-':,-5:-,ywz...,,,:: ,w ww W. ,ww .. .,..,.,,..,. fm , , W ,5 , M. ,e,,m4,f I I 1, - ' ,wave yeiiwmh .km mivwg 4 1,5-cf .g., - WWW .,,,.,f, w -"' :..,:..g, W.',3-,,:-- wg W ,, wewvwwsmiiiiiipmeg wsggf-gf-gy, gsm f:.:f:f:,- L Nw 1 N . ,. A , ..... 1 , ,,., :., A, 1 H , , , 'VIEEJE-: :' A a wm " "' A " ' ' -.4:- -- -' .,.. , .,... .... H ....d Wi2p,,'Mxw wwfiwwwb W4z:14i6w mmw,wff? :?f2!::.s51:::i:5Gim::iss5s2sf . f -n:-j3,3-13'-uj- "' v . :Q-. , :: gEEE A 'www' Mwm s v ling - if Kxm i fyg ' ii? 7 Q45 zwiilbffv w?"3iZ?W 5QW w Z 153. ,gf gg M. 25425:-: . - -:egz-:fa-1s1s-ea - 7 W' q ,Q dugg 1 1555::3:E:g, L ms. J 2' E Q4 if-W if , zegmzq, f 5 1 . " :-' ..,.. r urs' Ihr fll'Sl gym A I Nl: l'lxxls'w'umllI11 IIIIIN ul ul ,,.. . lfirul lmskcl hull In-ann Pulllcr C.n1rmr was slncu-ccIc'cl hrsl hx Ihr: Rm. lf. lizlvsflvr' :incl lhcrr hy thc' Raw. XX. .X. lllllfvl. llIlllCl' hoth mls was llIlC'L'llNllIg. :as lhr' z1llc'mlz1m'c- in ll1llllSIl'llllUllS tha- progrcss ol lhc' srlruol . . 'z I .- Fenwick c'rm"1sccl XUIIA In xn ll lix IUIU grzulllntcs wc'rc lllllilllf clistinguislrillg lllL'lllNL'lYl'N in lmth sm-c'ulzlr und I'l'llgl0llS hvlcls. Ks lair as rc-llgrous YOCLIIIOIIS zirc- COI 1c'c'rm-cl. lll"llIX-DIN' "l'z1cll1z1lL's llzlw F? , 5 gum' on lu thc' plh-sllrfmcl, filly-six ol wh nm lJL'K'lllIll' l,OIIIlIllI'2lllS. .xlllflllg thc -' - ' z -' 'c-turnvcl In lzmllcr uma somf who lilu I Ivzlch I llhu l X ' -- 7: "s .. llyrnck. D. IJ ,Sm ith. lf. R. Cl1'uwa'. CL. XYc'lc'lx. 'lf C Ilrmlzm. :mal XX. .X. Rock. Hr. U. N Xlfflrnth :incl Xlr. Spzrlzaloral zllsfm rc'- Illl'llL'fl ns lzny ll'2ll'llL'l'S. 'l'hc-sc' czrrlx xp-:Irs -during lhn' pri'- 'wang .W 3' JM, nw ,.: . I wxlr pcr'iml-wc-1'c not without their 1 ,,r shzlrc' ul mllslzurlcllrrg' 'ulhlvtcs NIL-rr hkc Don Krugrr. '38, l10lCll'l'0l'1'll'X'l'Il lct HTS lllllltxlfl :xml zulclccl lo thc' l'wl'lHN'lK'li sports lrzulitirm. 1' ' " lollowclrl Ihr! Rc-xp R. lscllchu lr. l'llll'C'l :ls prmclpzll :md hvld thi olhcm' through smnc uvnllul IIIYICS. l'cnA wlck grzuluzrtcfs sc'r'x'vcl ll1l'Il' countrx' wc ll .mul lJr'zu'c-lv during NN'rmrlcl XVz1r ll ns thc plznqur' on thc' wall Ol-lllC'LfYlIHl1iSllllIl Ill 1 , CllK'2llC'5, :mcl illIL'l' thc war thc slfc' ol lhg gl'2lClll2lIlllQ classes grzaclllzllly imrcusn-cl. 1'his l'L'1ll"S cl: L iss lJllllgS lhc lfll 11 Illlllllhl ol' gl'2llllI2llC3 to 35,012 .Xltlmugh this nun' 500111 rz1lhc'r small. l'0IlSlClL'l'lllQ' that llllS 4 4 IS thc' Iwcnlx'-hllh vc"1r ol thc sfhm rxislc-r1c'c', it must hc r'c'r11c'1rrlx-mul that lhc vzarlv clzlssvs wc-rc 1101 llC'2ll'lY :ls lzlrqc .ls !hosc ol l'C'K'i'llI vc-'Irs Thr' Class ul L . , ... rl. IEHQ umsxstccl ol fmh IM'l'IlIY'IV'0 s clams. zmcl no group c'xc'c'c'clc-cl 0 hunclrvcl until I9259. ,. ' ' V Q 5 f Q g Q, ff 3 65 f , pmy, 1 .f x ' M ' A 'H V A 'mmmmrv U Clmpcl umlcl umslrrulrurr - I Original lnuullx Hn lllrsl l.K'lll'l'IHL'll Hi" USC HIS Nearly a hundred Dominieans have given their services to Fenwick. Four oli them have died while on the faculty and will be remembered lor their outstand- ing eflorts in the education ol Catholic youth. They were the Rev. XV. C. Daley. the Rev. A. Murtaugh, the Rev. B. li. Myers, and the Rev. C. Mcllonald. who passed away early in the present school year. The year l948 was eventlul in the history of the school. On March I5 a hre broke out in the laculty house. during which Fr. Myers, Fr. Dymek, and Fr. Lyons were injured. This nearscatas- trophe resulted in the building ol' the present St. Dominic's Priory. On May llth of that year Xlr. Bill Shay came to Fenwick as basketball coach and since then has turned out several line cham- pionship squads. Alter Fr. Kelleher the Rev. XV. ll. Van Rooy became principal: and Fr. Van Rooy was succeeded by the Rev. G. F. XValter, who has now completed his eighth year ol' administration. During the post-war years Fenwick has continued to produce great scholars and athletes. who have later assumed important roles in thcir communities. Colleges lind grads uates of Fenwick to be ol the highest caliber, are always willing to accept them, and scholarships lor many grad- Hates are by no means uncommon. Hlhether it be on the rostrum or on the gridiron, the Fenwick man is noted lor his complete moral. mental, and physical development. The character ol the school-- summed up in a quality we call "Fenf wick Spirit"-has inspired and, at the same time, grown lrom the attitude and actions ol' the men who have taught here and the men who have learned here. 'I'hat spirit laithliully rellects the indelatigability ol' pioneer Bishop llomk inic Fenwick. who traversed his diocese on horseback, bringing the comforts ol the Faith into the .Xmerican wilderness. In Memoriam liKll'lI--lilllllilld lti. 1912 l,l'0iiL'SSK'tl-.XllgllSl lti. ISN Ordained-.Iune lo. N38 Died-Nov embcr IB. lilil Rev. .loseph Cl, Xlcllonald 0 l' NNE. in xmk fx :M a mn y -.A X, JL A G u x 'S , f - 2 x 5. -1 , , 'X an, , 3 A " f X L Ref. Q Hx EM ' X. QW M xy ,K A fx Q 4 35? x x x N x sa f H 'Elk 'L A " Y wfvmf E303 tv r .. isiiiifbla -Q- 'H 1 .I ',,3J'n'?,,,h" . 'V . . ' '-N I 'hi N-v - J? I . I' ' , 'iv . I l . a -57, ,s Ain. V ,Ns 5, - . 4 . .! .r Rr , .P K " .W by wr 1 'J lr' 1 ' - 3' " - . 'J nl :- ' 1. if ,., - 4' Af N23 . .: tflgffc ' rv V ia. -F F hai :fr ga- QM. JS.. 7.-.5 Q, f ' -r1.f:-'si -M-15S5f51'2:1:i :asf ' '- ',1-1546319 ' 'tj' - 'S' " 'F' SQL, ff' ,991 . 'Q - ' ff- . ,, 4.-' 'S'gy2 4'-' 1-ff ., 455 ff! Q55 'E , - 1 42,2- 'I . 0' If '. 4 pffhfydl . . ., RICYICRICNIJ GORDON lf. XX'.Xl.l'liR. O.l'.. l,I,,Nl. Nltuh lllllwl lu' 2lllI'llJlllL'll lu l"t'. NX'ztlLc'1' itt t't'wtt'tl tu tlu' ittttvztsittv 21 IH ul tlu sptrtt lute' :tt l't'ttwu'l4. Now ttt tlu' st'c'u1ul stunt' ol hts thtttl tt't'ttt :ts prttutptl lu' ts llkl'ilIll'il wtth tumt only ltgtxtttg t'sl:thllslu'tl l'c'ttwu'l4 tts mu' ul tlu' h lIl'VlJlll'ZllUl'X stlumls in tlu' cuttttttw, httt also with his t'xt't'llt'ttt t't't'ut'tl ol svn ntl l uttltx ttul sttultttts Sllltl lt NX tlttt tssttttutl tlu ttslx ul lutttt nttut Jtl luwz' zu A ' 'L "1 ' 'Q' 'l gl" "1 ttt Illlh. tlu' t'ttt'ollttu'ttt hats ttu't't'1tst'cl lmm atlppmxttttsttvly stx lttttulrccl to 0 mu' tlumttszttul sttulvttts: Clzttlurlic' .Xrtiutt hzts grrmwtt tmticvztlmlxi zttul tlu' Ifztth :ttul Nlotluws' Clluhs ltztvt' :tssislvtl tlu' scluwol itttttu'ttsc'lx. 'I'his is hut at sh Nil 118 Oll lllSlHlgX ul tlu' stu't't'ss tutttu't'tt'tl wtlh l't', lV:tllt't's lt'1ulc't'slttp. XXL' ltulu' thttt lttul wtll tuttttmu' tu hlvss htm with guml luxtlth. stutcss. :ttul thztl lu' wtll lu' 'w Us lttl IIILIIIX lIlUl't'Xl'1lIN. ll bil-cctv Stud? . . . Rl'X'liRlfXlJ IIUXIINH. W. lllsl XIJN. lJ.l'.. l'l1.lD. Xllllllllgll Ll 1r1111I141111l1x1- 111'11I1l11I1' 111 llic' 1 .Xcl111i11isl1'g1Iix'1 ulliw. l"1. I11111lx l1:1s llL'k'll lilvssvml ivilli gixuil sllllkss 111 lllN w11'k 41s llll'l'ilU!' ul Slll alias. Cluilliiig llll' sl11cln'111's mlmiu- ul Hlllllll'S .111ml .issisliiig l11111 lll ml11111s111g llls 111sl1l11l1' ul lllQllL'l' ltlilllllllg .ll'L' 111111 ll ln-11 ul ll111 lllllll'S lll.ll l11'111g l'1', liipulx IIIIIJ clzulx 1111111111 11'1ll1 llin' lllll llsllllll lims All flllli lligli Smliuul. llLlKlllQ um t1'1l11111'cl Illlllll In 1l11' wvllslml-i11g ul llll'Nk' slll 1lc'11ls cl111'i11g l1isI1111xc'111's 111 ullicv. I11-111 is 11111' IJl'll'Nl wliu will Illll lu' lmgiillvii l111'111g1111 wlirs .1lI1'1 Il1n-sv lmvs llLlXL' lllllllt' llll'Il 11:11 Ill lllv. bi ectol- lbmgvline . . . ll ICYIC R li N ll C1llliS'l'liR .L XIXIQRS. U,l'.. X.li, M' l'l1c' 111-olmln-111 ol z1c'c'o1111li11g lm' 1111111 lllilll ,bww um' ll14111s:111cll11'z1l1l11 lJr11s.:111cl 1111111111-111li11g I11 QW llic' lllilllf 111i11o1' mlm-l:1ils pn'1'li11c'11I lu 1l1is lmilm lClIl is om' t:1sk ll1:1l 1111 mic' lIk'l'K' LII l'iL'llXN'lllx """"""v u111siclL'1's il lzuoiilc' lJ2lSllllll'. I11 l1is liu' yvaus I, ,I -'-"":':l:':" V ill lliis cliziigr' 151. Nlyvrs l1:1s llllll s11c'l1 NUKKKLSN " '.,' ' ""i' i Illlll Ilia- sc'l1r1nl clay IIIUXUN rzipiclly. busily, lll o1'mlc'1'l1' lu llic IJlCZlSlll'L' ol :1ll UllH'l'l'llt'Cl. Ill' l11s IDITJXCII l1i111sc-ll 1:1 ln' :111 0111-1111 411111 I11 Ili: who llllllslx llllll 1111 :'11v111x. lblll. 111 ilu' L-ml. lim is :1 l1'ic'11ml ul :1ll. lHK Y cultq Yvlx Rk'Xl'Ii'IIlI I. X. XIORiQXXIIIXI.IiR. 0,I'.. ILX. Prim. Igulin. Xvlx Rl'Ni'll'lllI K.. XI I'INIIl'.R. O.I'.. XI.X. ,. , , ., Sub I xlm. l.In-lumix. I-I-m'1:vI sll1'lIlt'. RK'Xi'lt'lllI I. R. IIK1kIf.R.U.I'.. ILS. , . . . Ilnslu. XIm'1Il:llllc:lI lhzuulug Rua-lclul XY. ID. X XX ROUI. O.I'.. XI.X. Iangllxlu. 1-mnlzln. Rvwln-111I lv. l-. C10XH.XY.O.I'.. II.X. Xmlxalmml XIgvIu':l, IIIgllIlUIlH'Il'I. Solid l.1'mm'I 1 x. Iivlnzll ing. Bli0IxNllIIK'. Rm-xc-11-llml I. IJ. XIXIUXIA.. O.I'.. NIA. I'.11lllUIlIIlN.SUCIHIU2IN.c.INl1N. XIIILIIUIII Xl' Ill 1 . N . Iimmclmml I. X. NIXIUXICS. 0.l'.. ILX, IIIIIII, Xlumlvlulul UI ISQHHI. Rmvlrml I. W. RIKIXX UI'.. I5.X. Rc-Iigiun. Rmclcml I. I XIXIJRIIIK. 0.I'.. III. Xlgrlngx. IIILIIIL' I-CUIIIUIIX. lizlllxrlzr I Iulr. Ron-lvml If, XI, XICCUXYXX. 0.I',. NIS. fQ4'lllllL'lIX. .XtIX1lIlC'i'lI Xlgm-Inn. Sulixl fnl'UlIll'lIN. Illgcmmm-lux. IIIITKIUI OI Ill in-N. RPIIICNIIIIICIII SIIIIIKI. Rem-1'cll1I I. X. IBYXIIQK. O.l'.. XI.X. Iirlglixll. Slzvvclm. Illnim NImI1'l:lIul. Rcwlvml If. NI. RUIIINSUY. U.I'.. XLS. I'I1uiu. Xlgcluzu. SIN1-LII. Rzuliu Clluln Upper Upper Lower Lower 14nAwel- We A left: Mr. Sl11ll1lfUI'll'S .Xtnerirttii History tlztss is zi study in Iiztppy clzissmotn moods. right: .Xi'ntlt, lkowers, :intl Cizliitvello ztppt'ct'izite :I hit of "j0c1t1lz1t'i:t" in Fr. Freetn:in's Lzttin clzlss. left: Bl'L'llll1lIl ztppinzlclies Fr. Sctttim-ll Zllltl "'l'lie Illizid" with extreme cznitinn. right: Leuli and Ryan ooze case and confidence in negotiating Ll geometric theorem. 17 ? caltq wwf ""IQm.w IH Rc-wa vml Iglixll. NlJl'L'lII Rm'wu'ml I.. X' NXIIFXI' OI' XIX XIS K-1 nr-ml 5lIL'IIl4'. Xlgclnu. I-Im' C.I11I, Ilucu-11sI XXX ll. Cl0XI.liX'. U.I'.. lI..X. Iiuglixlx. H2ISIxi'lIX1III VIUIIIIILIIIIVIII. fIIIt'l'IIC'lIllC'l'S. fII'2lllIlIl1lEI slllfllll. Xllxlrlns. mlfl Ilmmx. 81:11-III. Xlumm uII'lzIlm', R4-wu I-ml Ia. In IIROXXN. O.I'.. IIUX. SIJZIIIINII. QIIIIIIUI' III-Imling. Iinglish. Iln-wl'c'mI IZ. Ii5l'I"fLO. 0.I'.. S. I .l.1. lilulugx, 'Xl'Il'IllI ' 1 1 RVXUIVIIII I. I. IIRICY. 0.I'.. BMX, I l'IIIl. Hvnim Xlmlwxulm. R.1Xl'I4'Il4I II. I'. ISRXIIX, U,I'.. I3.X. Izllm. Hlilllxllllllkk. .XNHINILIIII Ihlulm ul III'-I'IllIlIII'. 'Xl'll'IIlI -igiam. llilcclm ui RI-Iigium .XcliX' Ilnwucmxfl II. SIXI XRD. lJ.I',. I4,X. I' rum II. I'1'1'm Il l.I11Ir. RUXCIUIIII XI. K. IIUPIQIYS. 0.I'.. I'l1,I... Sfl' Il RCIIQIUII. Xxllmmmm C.IuIm. SX nulrwiunn. uAt the 7 ctA Upper left: Nlulxihill :mel Graves join other fmsh in A'lfisl1-Gazing" cxpcclilion, Upper right: Kiulllcci in zmolhcr world. Low:-r left: Ryzm flu-cks llnmlgll ll final rlrznfl of smnc c'un1:nc-mlzlhlc llmncwork. Lower right: Smurf of lflx llrzuly's hcllcl' hruim lmzmlc- lmillcrly lln'm1g'l1 Gaul with lfr. Bl'2l1ly :lml Cizncsulx facult I O O RL'XL'IL'IltI 2 U I. C.. XXII.XI.l.N. O.I'.. lS,.X. Ianglislx. Slam-III. SuI1Ilm1lm'L- NIKIIICIXIIUI lil :lmzll Il Q. RCXl'lt'lIlI X. R. .XSIIICX ISRICXNICR. v n 0.I .. I In.I... Xl. X. l:i'IllllIIl. Ri'IIgIlIII. fmlklllxlll l.Il1Iv. II.mmI Rm'x4'I1'mI . X'. ISIUXKIC. U.I'.. I'I1.I... NI..X, Rl'IIgIliIl. IIIIIVKIIIII' of Ilrixvs. 5XIllIl1lNIlIIll. lim-wlvml I. II. DIQIIQRXI XX. O I'.. I'Il.I... XI X Rm-Ingmn. CnIIx'c'lm's Llulr. lin-wl'n'ml I, K.. XYICICIII, U.I',. S.l'.I.r., NI..X. 'RvIig'irm Rc-ww-ml I. II. IfRliliXl XX. O.I'.. l'In.l... X,IS. I,:ll1n. SI1cL'c'Il. XIR. 'I IIUXIXS R. KNII'I'. .X.II, Iuuumlixm. Iiuglislx. Rpm-c'rI1. XX'i4 XIR. ICDXXQXRIJ li. l.l'IlXX'lt.. lib, XIgl'Ibl2I. hcmlwlux. XIR I4l'I.I'NI' NImNXXI.XRX. X.IS Iinglislx. Spc'm'c'I1. IIIlllIllllIlN. NIR. CLIQORIQIQ 'IQ I'Ol.R. ILS, fIt'UIlli'll'X. XIQUIIIQI ISlz1cIXI'l'i1l1x, XIR. XIIKLIIXICI. CI. SOKOI.0IfIf. .X.lS, Xlllrliulll Ilixlmy. Nloclcln llislmx. NIR. .IOIIN II, Sl'.X'l'.Xlf0R X. IB.S.S Xlm'rium Ilimlury. Iillsim-ss I.:lw. IQKOIIKYIIIII 124-ogl'11I1I1x. .XIum11i. I XIR, I'R.XXCllS X, SI'lCCLCQIiR'I, IS.S.S,, Xl..X. XIIICIIIKRIII Ilixlmy. Spzmislx ,Xmc-ric nl Ilixlnrx. RIIIQ- Ifluln. W eeft... Nic'li1ic'i'l1y docs his pail in spinning an interesting yarn in Fr. Sn1iIh's English l.llCI'1lllll'C class. Munlis shows clzissnmlcs unc of mzlnv mkills 2ll'IIllil'C'Ki fron: Mr. Ludwig. I Burke. Huck, xilllilly, :incl Mahoney arc zlnmng thc- soplimimrcs who formed hist- ing friendships with Shcrlnck Holmes, Dr. XVzlts0n, .'X1'islullc, I'11lli1Cl' Brown, :md nizmy ulhcis ziflm' an inlrorluclion from Mi. Mc'N1llnzn'zl. I'1l'CSi'lIl12lIl cxzlm qncslion: Synopsizing is always :1 favorite fresh- man pastime in Lzilin. True or False? 21 S' . bvminic fd Priory 561.001 affine Staff P Y vu Rf 1. x. no Vlklill fwrm-ml RG XX lglI.XI,liR. O.l'.. B. X. lll'Ni'l'l'llIl I. R lil-1I.l.l'.IllaR. O.l'.. NIA. l,lUK'll!'ill0l H1111 ' I141 I l.Ol'lS XI, I5.XIILI,l'l, 0.1. limlllm' .Nllill.X1Cl. NILCQRI-LXI.. U.I', lhulln-1' IJOXIINICI RUIHICRINCL. O.l'. lhfvlllvl' ISICRXARID .XRNHICINL O.l'. l1I'0llll'l ROIHCRI SlIl".l'XRlJ. OP. BIUIMCI' FRANCIS lJlXli'l'. 0.l'. pnl'illlll'l' R XI'Il Xlfl, KI-1I.I,l-Illl-1R. O,l'. 5. lI.Xl 2. ll l.x1c.14,R XIIS5 XI XRYISSIC NELSON Top: .XIIUIIICI ni lfl. !ispcwu'x lniulugy :luv-cm izikrr- gmrl in llllXl'ilillg SUIIIC' of llll' IllXNll'lIlN of liik-. Culu-r: I'klIllIl'l' !JLlILliIilI2llllN in Illc Hklllllllil' urn" gvt Ilwir nlzxvl in lfr. I"iNlll'I'N gvm-ull -.rim llllNN. lsUlIUlIlIni0lllQX 5llllll'l1IS scam alml skvlmh uilll the zlicl ul that izllflllml-s mul. thu lllilklklhli 23 ,QM QW 3"13w .. it C'laAArvom br ma Opposi le Page . To : Fiilurc 111z11l1c111:1licia111s sliow 4'lllliliSC!'lCil Ll on ll N11 Folks L0 c s 2 Center: C:11'11cy is 11111211011 ill RlJilil!S!JllvS clczn' ex 1.1111 l0ll 0 llllll Rum RCll1lillN 211141 C0llIlll'yl11Cll. Bottom: Fr. Si111z11'd: "Clo111p1'c11dcz-111115 lc qucslloli Mr. Bums: "Mais oui, 111011 Pi-rc, jc FOIIIPTLIILS L cues IOII, IIIIIS C nc 5.115 .3 , ,,. Upper left: Lower left: Upper right: Lower right P215 la ICPOHSC. F11 Hopkins' rcligimi students learn what makes lllcm go. M11 Sokcmloifk j1111ir11's "stay loose" wliilc learning AlIlCl'iC2lll History. Fzltlim' Scz11111cll's smile sc:-111s In i11dicalc that il is bcllcr lo give than lo receive lilCl'ill'y gems. Having solved thc Clillllfllllitf proh- lcms of Illinois, l-'11 Nf2ll0llC'S "brain Il'llSl" nioves into l11diz111z1. SQ? 55 : A WMS f SJ X.-121 Q5 . - . ejf- .psig 2:9 34,2 .3 J.,-Y' ifbig. 3 I ' -gitlr hh , Tiff' g. Q 1 M A efsig. ' 1 ' V - f v . 1 1f3?:fa4'-xp Q553: 'AGE - -2,6 1 9 fs is -V1 .ff hi 1. . f 2- i -,N - H, A V 1' ,.. ' 'ifisaagsfii I L Q-E. ' r 'f r-532-g. , N 'W '1'I"!'Q' ' , ?'-, . 371-w' S9312 Jmhg -,- . W Senior Class Officers: Robert Larocca, Raymond Iiarocca, Fr. Hren, Joseph Lawlor, Michael YValsh. al-at: Sansa . . . As the graduating senior reviews his four years at Fenwick, he realizes the value of his Catholic High School education more than ever. Here at Fenwick he had the opportunity of developing a character founded on Christian morality. Here he not only learned language, math, history, and social or natural science, but also added to his knowledge of God and His church. Not all of his time was spent in wrestling with studies. Activities and clubs provided an atmosphere for cultivating his own special interests and talents. He learned the meaning of clean fun, good sportsmanship, and good living, and he was shown how to think clearly. With this armor, Fenwick has equipped him to face the adult world of reality. Now begins the task of building a job-a profession --a life. Ahead appear the battlegrounds of the future on which campaigns II1l1St be fought against the adversities of his own life, against the errors of modern thinking, and against men and powers whose aim it is to destroy the principles learned here. Thus, our senior leaves the work, pleasantries. and friendships of high school days, forewarned and forearmed for the coming adventures of life, and for the winning of the biggest trophy of all-Eternal Happiness. 28 ALPLANALP, WILLIAM EDVVARD St. Mary, Riverside- 17211166 Clo111111illce 3: lfoothzlll 2.32 Slldlllllllllg 12 lllll'2llIllIl'lllS l.2.3.l. ADLER, ROBERT JAMES St. Edmund, Oak Park - llilllllif clUlllllllllCC 23 lllIli2lllllll'LllS l,2.3,-4: Class l'1'cside11l l. ALLISON, ROBERT HOWARD St. Joseph, Summit- IJZIIICC CIo111111i1lcc' 2.3. -I: Golf l.2,3.l: lllll'lllIllll'2llS l.2.3,I. ASCHBERGER, ANTON Holy Trinity, ChlC1lg0-.xlll2llClll' Night al: lllll'2lllllll'2llS Ml. AUGUSTYN, ROBERT THADDEUS Sl. Pius, Chicago-l11l1':1111111':1ls I.2.El.'l. BAMBER, NORMAN JAMES St. Bernardine, Forest P3I'kfBlZlL'lifI'lill'S I: lllillff? Co111111illcc l: lllll'2lIllllI'1llS 3.1. BARNETT, LOWELL JOSEPH St. Leonard, Berwyn- Bz1skclhz1ll 3.4: ll:111r0 Commillcc 2.4: IlllI'Hllllll'21lS l 2.3.41 Wick 3.4. BEALL, THOMAS WVOODWVARD St. Giles, Oak Park-llaskeihull l: D:111r'e Comlniltee 2.3.-I: IlllI'2llllllI2llS 1.2.3,-1: C1I1cc1'- leaders 1. BEHRMAN, ROBERT JOSEPH St. Eugene, Cl1lC8g0-lIlIl'2lIlllll'2llS l,2,3.l. BELL, OWEN PETER St. Bartholomew, Chicago-llznice fitlllllllll- lee -lg IlllI'llllllll'ZllS l.2.3.4: Swi111111i11g l. BIANUCCI, ALFRED PETER Our Lady of Charity, Cicero-l1111'z1111111'z1ls l,2,3,1l. BOLGER, JOHN JOSEPH Our Lady of Victory, Chicago- l11l1'z1111111'uls 1,2.3,f1g SWllllIlllIlg l,2.3,I. u6i ee Cla A The Cl AA 30 BOLGER, WILLIAM ROBERT St. Angela, Chicago -Dance Committee 23,45 Football l,2,3,-lg Intramurals 123,45 Class 'I'rcasurer 3. BOLTZ, CLEMENT WILLIAM St. Philomena, Chicago-Football l,3,-lg In- tramurals l,2,3,4g Track l.2.3,Al. BOROWSKI, NORMAN MICHAEL Our Lady of Charity, Cicero-Intramurals l.2.3.4. BOUCHARD, MICHAEL BERNARD St. Luke, River Forest-Swimming 12.3.1 Capt. BOURJAILY, PAUL RONALD St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest- Basketball 23,13 Golf 23 Intrzunurals l.2,3.-1. BOYD, ROBERT LEE St. Francis Xavier, La Grange-Basketball l: Football l,2,3.43 BRESINGHAM, JOHN JOSEPH St. Pius, Chicago-Intramurals l,2.3,fl. BRICTSON, DAVID NEIL St. Thomas Aquinas, Chicago- Basketball l.2,fl.'l: Intramurals l,2,3.l: Golf 3. BUCK, STANLEY BRUNO St. Mary, Riverside- Band l,2,3,-lg Basketball lg lntrzunurals 1.23.42 Wick 3,13 Scorer -1. BUCKLEY, JOHN JOSEPH Sl. Angela, Chicago-Intramurals l.2.3.'l: I-'ootball l. BURNETT, DENIS JOHN St. Bernardine, Forest Park- Football 21 In- tranuuztls l,2,3,-lg Rifle Club 1. BURNS, JOSEPH GERALD Ascension, Oak Park -Dance Committee 3.1: Football 1.3,-lg lntratuurals l.2,3,'4. BUTLER, PATRICK LOUIS St. Bernardine, Forest ParkflIlac'Ll'riars 1: Dance Committee 3.1: lutrzunurals 3.1. CARLSON, GERALD RICHARD St. Bernardine, Forest Park-Football li Ill1l'2lllllll'lliS l.2.fl.1. CARROLL, JOHN RICHARD St. Angela, Chicagoflbzttlw ciOlIIlIllllCC 12 Ifuullmztll 1.2.3. Capt. 12 III1l'1lIIIlll'1liS l,2,f5.1: Servers Club 3.1. CAVANACH, ROBERT PAUL St. Giles, Oak P2ll'kfIi2lIII'C Cununillce I: Clec Club ll IlllI'2lllllll1liS 12.3.11 NIQIIIZIQCI' 1 'f .-. CONNELLY, KEVIN PATRICK St. Giles, Oak Park-Czunerzt Club 1: Intra- llllll'2liS l.2.3,1: Radio Club l. COONEY, BERNARD JEROME Sl. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest A Iulrznnurals 1.2.31 COIVDRILL, DAVID THOMAS St. Francis Xavier, La Grange-Amateur Night 1: Ililllftf Colnnlillec 11 Illll'lllIllll'lliS 1.23.13 'Hack COX, IVILLIAM DAVID St. Luke, River Forest--llaskclball li In- tranturslls l.2.3,1. CRILLY, .IOHN STEPHEN St. Catherine of Siena, Oak Park-lilzlclv friars -1: Dance Committee 3.1: Debating 1,23 Dl'2llll1llIlS 1: Illllllllllllllii 12.3.12 Rifle Club 3.1: Wink 3.1. CURCIO, JOSEPH DONIINIC St. WVilliam, Chicago - Inlt'zunul'1lls l,2.3.1. CURRAN, GEORGE EDMUND St. Peter Canisius, Chicago-lilackfriars 13 Dann: Committee 1: Clan- Club 1.2: Intra- tnurals l.2.3.1. CUSICK, THOMAS ELMER St. Catherine, Chicago - Baskerlball 2: Ft'eurl1 Club 1: Football l: Intrznnllrals 1.2.31 ile u6'ee Claw 31 7lne C7444 32 DADICH, RICHARD MARK St. Daniel, Chicago-Intramurals 1,2,3,4. DALY, THOMAS ANDREW St. Tarcisius, Chicago- Blackfriars 43 Dance Committee -13 Intramurals l,2,3,4. DAMKO, JOHN LOUIS Our Lady of Grace, Chicago-Amateur Night li Blztckfriars '11 Dance Committee 4 lIll1'21lTlllI'21lS l.2.3,l. DANIEL, EDWARD FRANK St. Mary of Czestochowa, Cicero-Footbal' 2.33 Intramurals l.2,3,i. DEVANEY, EUGENE FRANCIS Our Lady Help of Christians, Chicago- lfootball 2,32 Intramurals 1.2.3,-I. DEVITT, DONALD FRANCIS Resurrection, Chicago-Football 1.2: Intra murals 1.2.3,-I. DRAGOS, STEPHEN FRANCIS St. Barbara, Brookfield- Basketball -1: Intra murals 4. DRISCOLL, JAMES JAY St. Giles, Oak Park-Basketball 1: Dane: Committee 4: Glee Club l lutrunulrals 1.2 3,4 Swimming 1. DUERINCK, PHILLIP LAURENT St. Mary, Riverside - Band 12.3.-ll Bllld friars -lg Intramurals 1.23.13 Wick 3,4. DVORAK, DONALD THOMAS St. Barbara, Brookfield- Blackfriars 4 Dance Committee Al: Intramurals l,2.3,-I St-rvt-rs Club 3,15 Stznnp Club l,2. ELBRECHT, EUGENE ARTHUR St. Simeon, Bellwood- Basketball 22 Foot ball lg Intramurals l,2,3,1. EMMONS, FRANCIS ASBURY St. Mary, Riverside-Band l.2,3,113 Black friars 45 Dance Commttee 3.-lg Intramural 12.3,-lg Wink 3, Editor ll. ENRIGHT, HAROLD FRANCIS Sl. Thomas Aquinas, Chicagow Ilancc Com- lllillcc 2.3.13 Inlramuralls 1.23.11 Wick f1,1. FANN ING, IVILLIAM EDIVARD Sl. Luke, River Forest - liluckiiialrs 1: Illlllll' Ciommillee 13 Iiilrzmlurals 2.3.1. FEELEY, GEORGE THOMAS St. Luke, River Forest-Dance Connnillee 2: Inlrzlmllrzlls 1.23.11 Sum-1' 2.3. FENNESSY, JOHN FRANCIS St. Giles, Oak PHI'kfIl1II'2lIlllll'2IlS 1.2.3,1. FERRONE, .IOHN FRANCIS St. Catherine of Siena, Oak Park-Dzmce Committee -1: IIIl1'2lIlllll'lIlS FIGIEL, DANIEL MICHAEL Our Lady of Victory, Chicago-llnslcellmall 1.23.12 lnlrzlmurals l.2.3,1. FILIPPI, RICHARD JOSEPH St. Vincent Ferrer, River FOTESI-Iilllblllllll 1.2.f1,'1g 1nlx'znn1n'z11s FINNEGAN, THOMAS IVILLIAM Divine Infant Jesus, Westchester- Dance LKJIIIIIIIIICC -1: Football 1: lnlrzlnlurals 1.23.15 Radio Club 1.2. FLEMING, DAVID ANTHONY St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest-Foollmzlll 123,13 Ixitxunimuls 1.2.31 FLEMING, PETER MARS St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest-Football 1.2.35 Intramurals FOGARTY, MICHAEL -IOSEPH Sl. Lucy, Chicago-Dzmfc Committee 1: In- lramllrals 3.1. FRANZEN, THOMAS EDYVARD St. Philomena, Chicago- Intramurals 12.3.13 Swiinniing 1.2, Si! e ubi ee C7 AA 33 GALINIS, JOHN WILLIAM St. John Bosco, Chicago - Iutrztmurztls 1.,2,Z4,1: Servers Club 213,1. GALVIN, RONALD PAUL St. Simeon, Bellwood- lutramurztls 1.2.31 GASPERS, JOSEPH CHARLES St. Catherine of Siena, Oak Park - llasketbztll 1.23.11 lmrztmuxztls 1.2.31 GRAHAM, WILLIAM GEORGE St. Giles, Oak Park-Amateur Night 1.2: IllII'2IIlllll'2llS 1.2.3,-1. GRANE, HUBERT St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest- 13211111 1.2: l5lackfrizu's 1: Klhecrlcatlcr 2.3. Captain I: Intramurals 1.2.31 GREGORY, DONALD JOHN St. Thomas Aquinas, Chicago-lllztckliriaus 11 Dance Committee 11 Debating 1: Servers Club 2.3.12 Wick 3.1. GREIG, JOHN ROLLAND St. Charles Borromeo, Melrose Park-Czmr era Club 1: Football 1: lll1I'2l1IlllI'1llS 1,211.11 'I'rztck 3. GROSSMAN, LEONARD IVARREN St. John Vianey, Northlake-lllzickliiztrs l: llantte Committee 11 l1I1l'2l11l11I'2llS 1.213113 Swimming 12.31 Nick 3.1. HANK, RICHARD JUDE St. Giles, Oak Park-Czuncrzx Club 1: llc- bziting 11 ll11I'2lllIIlI'1llS. HARTNETT, WILLIAM THOMAS St. Thomas Aquinas, Chicago- llzmcc Com- mittee 4: lutrzuuttrals 11213.11 Servers Club 213.111 Wick 1. HAVILAND, NICHOLAS ALLEN St. Giles, Oak Park- llztskctball 1.23.12 lu- l1IIIlIlll'IllS 1.2.3,l. HAYES, ROBERT JAMES St. Francis Xavier, La Grange- liuskctlmll 1.2.41 Iutrzuuurals 1.2.3,'l. lee C7 AA 4 HEFFERNAN, RICHARD JOSEPH St. Lucy, Chicago - Intrzunurztls l.2.3,l. HIGGINS, FRANCIS JAMES St. Ferdinand, Chicago- Bl2lClifl'i2ll'S 3,13 De- bating 13 Intrzunurztls 12.3.11 Servers Club 2,33 Scorer 3,13 National Honor Society 1. HOERSCH, REINHARD JOSEPH St. Hugh, Lyons-Amateur Night -13 Cam- etzt Club -13 lntrattuunls I. HOLLOWAY, WVILLIAM JOHN St. Francis Xavier, La Grange - Czunerzt Club 22 Intramurals 1.23,-1: Wick 3,-1. IIUNTER, EDWVARD ALBERT St. Giles, Oak Park-Blztckfriars 13 Dztnce Committee -13 Clec Club 3,13 Intrzunurztls 123,413 Rifie Club l.2,3,fi. JAMES, RICHARD PRIDMORE St. Francis Xavier, La Grange-lizlsketbztll 1,23 Intrzuntu'als l,2.3,1. JARVIS, WILLIAM JOHN St. Vincent, Ferrer, River Forest- Bzuul 1.2: Blackfriars 13 Intramurals 12.3.13 Ruclio Club 33 Rifle Club 1: Dance Committee 1. JENNINGS, JOSEPH PATRICK St. Ferdinand, Chicago- lntrutnurztls l.fZ.3.1: Rifle Club 2. JUDY, KENNETH JAMES St. Frances of Rome, Cicero - Amztteur Night 3,113 Astronomy Club 1: lllztckfriztrs '13 Cztm- era Club 12,33 Dance Committee 1: Clee Club 23,13 Intramurals l.2.3,13 Wick 3.-1. JUSTUS, JOHN WILLIAM Presentation, Chicago- Intrzunurztls l,2,3.1. KASPER, DONALD CHARLES St. Leonard, Berwyn-Ifootbztll 33 Intrzunu- rzlls l.2.3,1. KAVANAGH, GERALD MATHEWV St. Angela, Chicago-Dance Committee Fl: Football 13 lntrzunurztls l.2.3.13 Servers Club 3,f1. 116' ee C1444 KEEFE, JAMES VINCENT Our Lady of the Angels, Cl1IC2lg0-ll1lI'2lllIll- rals l,2.3,4g Football 2.3. , KEHOE, RICHARD EDWARD St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest-lntranuv rals 23,43 Blackfriars el: Radio Club 31 Rillc Club 43 Servers Club 2.3,-ll Danre Clmnnrillec 4. KELLER, JOSEPH SCHAEFER Sl. Giles, Oak Park- Basketball 2,33 Black- friars 4: Debating -l: Intramurals l.2.3.I3 Rille Club 43 Wick 3. KELLY, THOMAS JEROME St. Giles, Oak Park-Blackfriars el: Dztnre Committee 43 Glee Club 1: Inlranruruls l.2, SA. KEYE, JAMES RENAULD St. Giles, Oak Park- Intramurals l.2.3.4. KILEY, ROGER JOSEPH St. Lucy, Chicago - Basketball 2: Dance Com- mittee 2,3,-43 Football l.2: lntrzuuurals l.2.3.'l: Servers Club l.2.3,4: Swimming I. KIMMEL, THOMAS RICHARD Sl. Alexander, Villa Park-Basketball 3: Blackfriars 43 IlllI'2llIIllI'LllS l.2.3.l. KIZIOR, RAYMOND JOHN St. Mary of Czestochowa, Cicero-lllark friars 4: Dance Committee 3.4: Intramurals 123,43 iVick 3,l. KOGER, FRANCIS PAUL St. Peter Canisius, Chicago-Banc! l,2,3.l: Blackfriars 4: Dance Connnillcc il: lnlrzunu- rals 1,2,3,'1. KRUMLOVSKY, FRANCIS ALBERT St. Odilo, Berwyn -Intramurals l.2.3.l. KUHAR, RAYMOND JOSEPH St. Matthew, Chicago-Dance Connnillec -I: Intramurals 3,43 Amateur Night Conuniltee 3. ' KURTZ, THOMAS EDWARD Ascension, Oak Park-Football 12,33 IntraA murals l,2,3,4. The C7444 4 36 KUZYK, JOSEPH WILLIAM St. Ferdinand, Chicago-Astronomy Club 2.3: Dance Committee 3.13 Intramurals 1.2. 3,4- LAFOND, ARMAND LESLIE St. Giles, Oak Park-Glue Clllb l: Intramu- rals LARABEE, FRANK J. St. Thomas Aquinas, Chicago-liasketball 23,13 Intrztmtxrals 1.2.31 LAROCCA, RAYMOND JOSEPH St. Charles Borromeo, Melrose Park - Dance Committee 3.1: Intramurals l.2.3,1: Class Of- llI'C1' 3.1: Nzttiouttl llouot' Sotiety 1. LAROCCA, ROBERT JAMES St. Angela, Chicago-Dance Committee 1: Intrmmnals 12.3.11 Rille Club 1.23.12 Class Olhfet' 1.2.13 LAWVLOR, JOSEPH THOMAS Resurrection, Chicago-Football 123,13 Iu- tramurals 123,413 Class Ollicer 3,l. LEAHY, GEORGE ALOYSIUS Our Lady of Victory, Chicago-.Xmateur Night 1: Clee Club 123,13 Iutraulurals 1,2,3,13 Somers Club 1,2,3,l. LESLIE, JAMES RICHARD St. Giles, Oak Park- lntt'amtu'als 1.2,3,1. LIBBY, BRUCE JOHN St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest - lllackfriars 3, Editor -1: Dance Committee -13 Debating lg Intramurals 1.2.3,lg Wick 3.1. LILLIG, EDYVARD ANDREYV Ascension, Oak Park-Intramurals 1,2,3,1. LITOBORSKI, CHESTER WALTER St. Mary of Czeslochowa, Cicero-Dance Committee 3: lutrzimurals LOEF, JOHN FRANCIS Immaculate Conception, Elmhurst- Band lg Dance Committee 15 Intramurals 1,2,3,-1. Si! er 116 ' ee Cla A 37 he C744 4 LOPEZ, DONALD PHILIP Resurrection, Chicago-Basketball 3: Intra- murals l,2,3,l. LORR, JAMES DONALD St. Barbara, Brookfield - Blackfriars 41 Dance Committee '13 IlIll'2IlIIIll'2llS 1,2,3,4, Servers Club 3,l. LYON, ARTHUR LEROY St. Catherine of Siena, Oak Park-lllzu'k- fl'l2ll'S el: Dance Committee -1: Cflce Llulm 1, lllll'2llIlllI'2llS l.2,3,'i. MADDA, CARL JOSEPH Resurrection, Chicago-Football 1.23,-l: I11- Irzlmllrzlls l.2.3,'l: 'I'l"1lL'li 2. MADDEN, JOSEPH WALTER St. Luke, River Forest-lnlrznnurals l,2.3,-lg Track 2.3,1. MANNING, DAVID JOSEPH Our Lady of Victory, Chicago- Golf 3,-I: In- ll'2llIIlll'2llS l,2,3,l. MARCHELYA, NORMAN ALAN St. Hugh, Lyons-Foolhall 1,23 Intramurals l.2,3,4l. MARSTON, JAMES RICHARD St. Francis Xavier, La Grange-lluskellmall l.2: Dance Committee 31 Football lg Intra- murals l,2,3,l. MARTIN, IVILLIAM JOSEPH St. Giles, Oak Park-l3lackfrizn's -I: Dance Cmmnillce 3,13 Inlraimlrzlls l.2,?m,Nl: lVick l,-I, Editor 3. MELON E, GEORGE ANTHONY St. Priscilla, Chicago- lnlrmmlrals l,2,3,-l. MILLER, JAMES FREDERICK Our Lady of Victory, Chicago- Intramurals l,2,3,1. MILOSH, JOSEPH EDMUND St. Ferdinand, Chicago- IllIIA2lIlIlll'2IlS 1,2,3,Al. MIOLLIS, PHILLIP JAM ES St. James, Maywood-llzlncc Ccnumiltcc I: lIlll'2llIllll'2llS l.2.3.l: Rifle Club l.2.fl.l, MOONEY, JAMES FRANCIS St. Giles, Oak Park - Czuncra Club I: Clxccr- leaders 1.2: lntrzlmurzlls l,2.3.l, MORAN, FRANCIS JAMES Ascension, Oak P3l'killlll'Zlllllll'1llS l.2.fi,l MORAN, JAMES JOSEPH Ascension, Oak Park - luuzuumzlls l.2.?4.l. MORRIS, THOMAS JOSEPH St. Giles, Oak Park - lluskclbzlll 2.51.12 Ilzulfe clillllllllllifl' I: llllliillllllfilli l.2.fl.l. MORRISSEY, JOHN ANTHONY St. Luke, River Forest- Inurauuuruls l.2.fi.I: Swilmuing l.2.3.l: Nzuional Hamm' Society. MUELNER, JOHN PHILLIP St. WVilliam, Chicago-Iulrzuuuruls l2.3.l. MULCAHY, JOHN BERNARD St. Giles, Oak Park-llzulcc Conunillcc l: lIlll'llIlllll'2llS 1.2: Suinuuiug I, MULLENBACH, OLLIE JOHN Ascension, Oak Park-Drzunzuics I: Intram- nulmls l.2.3,l: Stamp Club 1,21 'I'1'zu'k fl. MYSCOFSKI, ROBERT JEROME St. Daniel the Prophet, Chicago-Czuncrzl Club 1,22 llzulcc flOllllIlll'CCS 3.l: Inlrzunurzxls 123,13 Rifle Club 1. MUARTHUR, ROBERT FRANK Immaculate Conception, Cl1lC2'ig0-llllllll' Conunittee 1: l-'ootball l.2,3.l: lulranuuals l.2,3,'l. MCCARTHY, JAMES AUSTIN Our Lady of Victory, Chicago- llIlI'1ll1llll'2llS l,2.3,l. Si! e u6i ee 61444 39 The Claim 4 McCARTHY, WILLIAM JOSEPH St. Angela, Chicago-Intramurals l,2.3.1. McENERY, CHARLES THOMAS St. Giles, Oak Park-Amateur Night 1.2: Basketball 2.3.-1: Dance Committee '13 Clce Club lg Iulrzunurals l,2,3,i1. MCGOLDRICK, TERENCE AUGUSTINE St. Domitilla, Berkeley-Daunte Committee I: Clce Club 1.2: lutrzunurals l,2.3,13 Rifle Club l.2,3,12 Servers Club MCMAHON, JOHN JARVIS St. Celestine, Elmwood Park-llzuitl l: lu- trauiurals l,2,3,41. MeNAMARA, JEROME FRANCIS St. Giles, Oak Park-Dance Cotumittee lg Glee Club l: lutrzunurals l.2.3.1. McSTEEN, HARRY CHIARO Ascension, Oak Park-liztskclbzlll l: lllztck- friars 3. Asc. Editor -1: Clee Club l: lutrzt- muruls l,2.3.'1: Rifle Club l.2.3. MeSWEENEY, STEPHEN MATTHEWV St. Bartholomew, Chicago - Haute Committee 1: lutrzuuttrals 1,223.13 Rifle Club l,2,3.i. NARGIE, JOSEPH EUGENE Sacred Heart, Melrose Park 4 Anmtt-tu' Night 2.3.13 lllzlt'kfl'izlrs 1: Czuueia Club I: liauft' Couuuitlee 3,13 Swimming l.2.3.1: Intramu- rals l.2.3.'1. NASH, EDWARD THOMAS St. Thomas Aquinas, Chicago - lllzu'kf'rizu's 11 lulrzuuurals 3.13 Servers Club l.2.3,l: Wick 5.1. NELSON, JOHN ANDREW' Sl. Leonard, Berwyn- lllll'2lllllll'2liS 3.1. NIEC, MICHAEL ANTHONY Our Lady of Victory, Chicago- lutrzuuurals 12 '5 1' Swiunniuq l 2 3 -'1 ,,4,',- . ,.,. NIGRO, JOSEPH JOHN St. Giles, Oak Park-lbauce Couuuittcc lg lutr:uutu'ztls l.2,3,1g Glee Club l. NISSEN, DONALD OWEN Ascension, Oak Park- Baud l.2,3.1: Czuucru Club 1.21 lllll'1llIIIlI'2llS l.2.3.1: Radio Club 3. O'KEEFE, WILLIAM JOSEPH Ascension, Oak Park-Czuncra Club l.2.3.'13 Iutrzuntuals l.2.3.1: Radio Club 2: Ritlc Club , ,. 1.3 lrack 3, O'MEARA, JOHN FRANCIS St. Ivilliam, Chicago- Debating I: Iutrzlmu- rals l.2.fl.l: Wick 3. ONGEMACH, KENNETH JACOB Ascension, Oak Park-Amatctu' Night 3.1: Astronomy Club l.2.F'l.1: Ilaucc Committee 1: DI'2llII2lIi!'4 3.1: Give Club l,2,fl.l: lutrzi- murals l.2,3,l3 Radio Club 13 Stzuup Club l: Wifk 3. OTIS, EDWARD ALDEN St. Thomas Aquinas, Chicago- Dllllfl' Com- mittcc fl,1: Iutrzuutu':1ls 3.1: .XIIl2llClll' Night 1. PACHTER, IVILLIAM RAYMOND St. Odilo, Berwyn - llltrzuntlrzlls l.2.3.l. PANFIL, ROBERT JOHN St. Eulalia, Maywood- Iutrzuuuruls l.2,3.l. PAOLINI, ARTHUR JOSEPH St. Angela, Chicago-Iutramurzils l,2.fl.l. PAREJKO AVIES EDWA RD J . St. Constarice, Chicago- Football 33 Intramu- rals 3,'!. PASSARELLA, LAWRENCE ANTHONY Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Melrose Park - Football 12,31 l11tmmtu'uls l.2,3,l: Wick PAULY, JOSEPH R. St. Eulalia, NIZYWOOII-iIlll'2lllllI'2llS l.2,3,1g Radio Club l,2. PERGANDE, FRED WALTER St. Luke, River Forest-llzmcc Committcc 3,4g Iutmmurztls l,2.3,1g Tcnuis 1.2.3, Capt. -1. Si! er 116i ee Cla A 41 The Cl AA 4 42 PESHEK, ROBERT DONALD St. William, Chicago- Intramurals l,2,3,'l. PETRUCCI, EUGENE ROBERT St. john Bosco, Chicago-Football 12,35 Intramurals l,2,3,4. POLLARD, HOWARD EDWIN Immaculate Conception, Elmhurst- Black- friars 4: Camera Club l.2,3: Dance Committee -tg Intramurals 1.23,-1: Rifle Club l,2,3,-lg Dramatics 2. POWVERS, JAMES EUGENE St. Catherine of Siena, Oak Park- Intramu- rals 1.2.3,-li Rifle 1,3,4Z Amateur Night Ll. PRAZAN, ROBERT LOUIS Ascension, Oak Park-Football 1.23 Intra- murals l,2,3,4Z XVick 3. PRIGNANO, EDWARD ANTHONY Sacred Heart, Melrose Park- Intramttrals 12.341, PURCELL, WILLIAM ALOYSIUS St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest- Basketball 3: Intramurals 2.4. PURTELL, WILLIAM ROBERT Our Lady of Victory, Chicago-Intramurals 3 1 ,yn QUINLISK, PHILIP ROBERT St. Ferdinand, Chicago- Intratnttrals l,2,?i,Al. RAUZI, GEORGE MARIO St. Eulalia, Maywood-Amateur Night 43 Football l,2.3.-11 Intramurals l.2,3,4l. REDFERN, WVILSON I. St. Luke, River Forest-Amateur Night 3: Dance Committee 2.41 Intramurals l,2,S,4g Tennis 2: Freshman Paper 1. RENN, RONALD MATTHIAS St. Odilo, Berwyn -Intramurals 1.23.43 RiHe Club 43 Tennis l.2. ROBERSON, JAMES jOSEPH St. Angela, Chicago-Intramurals l,2.3,l. ROCHE, JOHN FRANCIS St. Luke, River Forest -Dance Committee 4: Golf 2,11 Intramurals l,2,3.4: Swimming l.2, 3 1 ROONEY, JOHN GERALD St. Thomas Aquinas, Chicago -Dance Com- mittee 4: Basketball 123,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. ROSELLI, KENNETH JOSEPH St. Angela, Chicago - Basketball l.2,3,l: Dante Committee 4: Football 1.2, lntraniurals l,2,3,4. RUSSELL, DENNIS PAUL St. Francis Xavier, La Grange - Ratlio Club 1.2,3,-1. SCANLON, WILLIAM ALOYSIUS St. Luke, River Forest-Intramurals 2,3,l: Swimming 23,42 Wick 3,4. SCHEJBAL, JAMES FRANCIS Ascension, Oak Park- Intramurals l.2.3,l. SCHLESSER, JA MES ALLEN St. Cyprian, River Grove-Football 3,15 In- tramurals l,2.3,4: Radio Llub l. SCHMID, GEORGE jOHN St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest-Servers Club 3,41 Stamp Club l,2. SCHNEIDER, WILLIAM LEE St. Lucy, Chicago- Basketball 25,11 Football 1: Intramurals l.2,3,4: National Honor So- ciety. SCHULFER, WALTER RICHARD St. Joseph, Summit-Intramurals l,2,3,l3 Rifle Club 1. SEELMAN, GERALD WILLIAM St. Giles, Oak Park-Intramurals 4. 116i ee C1444 The Cla A 4 SENECA, ROBERT ANTHONY St. Hugh, Lyons- Dance Committee 4: Foot- ball 1,25 Intramurals l,2,3,tl: Track 23,-1. SENTMAN, LEE HANLEY St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest- Cheerlead- ers l,2,33 Intramurals l,2.3,'l: Rille Club Ll. SEPKA, THOMAS VICTOR St. Charles Bon-romeo, Melrose Park-Cam- era Club lg Intramurals 1,11 Radio Club l, Rille Club l. SEVERINO, RONALD MICHAEL Our Lady of Charity, Cicero- Illackfriars -1: Dante Committee li Glee Club lg Intramu- rals l,2,3,'lg Servers Club l. SHANNON, ROBERT FRANCIS Sl. Paul of the Cross, Park Ridge-Dance Committee 3,13 Intramurals l.2,3,l. SHAW, DAVID CHARLES St. Giles, Oak Park-Dance Committee 3,l: Intramurals l.2,3,l. SHERLOCK, DAVID .IAMES Our Lady of the Angels, Chicago - Intramu- rals l,2.3,l. SINKULA, JAMES ADOLPH St. Constance, Chicago-Amateur Night -l, Football l.2: Intramurals l.2.fl,l. SLOAN, ROBERT JOHN St. Catherine of Siena, Oak Park - Hand l,2. .Xmaleur Night l: Dance Committee lg Intra- murals l,2,3, l. SLOTA, ROBERT EUGENE St. Leonard, Berwyn-Blaekfriars l. lntra murals l.2,3.lg Wick 3,l. SMITHE, WALTER EDWARD St. Ferdinand, Chicago- Ifoothall l: lntramu rals l,2,3,l3 Swimming l,2,3,fl3 Wick 3,l, SPAHN, ROBERT FRANCIS St. Giles, Oak Park-Amateur Night l: In ll'2llIllll'2llS l,2,3,fl. SPERO, JOSEPH JOHN St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest-timutetn Night 1: Dance Committee 33 lfoolbull l.2: Intramurals l.2.3.l: Wick 25. SPERRY, EUGENE NIAURICE St. Barbara, Brookfield-Ulec Club l.2.fl.I: Intrzmltlluls l.2.3.l: Blzu'kf1'iztt's I. SPEVAK, FRANK J. St. Mary of Celle, Berwyn- .Xmzttenr Night c . Zfl, Dance Lommiltee 3.1: C-lee Klub l,2.3.tlC lnt1'z1n1tt1'als l.2.fl.l: Rille Club I. SPINGOLA, RICHARD CHARLES Resurrection, Chicago- .Xmatettr Night l: Intramttrttls l2,3.l. SPINGOLA, ROBERT JOHN Resurrection, Chicago- IllIl'2lllIlll'1liS l.2,El,l. SPLIT, THOMAS EDIVIN St. John Bosco, Chicago-Amzttetn' Night -lg Dance Committee fl.l: lntrztmurztls I.2,F5.l3 Swimming 12. SPLON, DAVID T. St. Catherine of Siena, Oak Park- .Xtnatettr Night iz Football l,2.fl.l: lntratmttruls l.2.3.l: 'Franck 12.31 STAIR, PATRICK SHERIDAN St. Bartholomew, Chicago-Camera Club 1,21 Dance Committee l: lnlrztlntlralls l.2.3,I. STESKAL, THOMAS JOHN St. Cyprian, River Grove-Football l.2.3,l: Intratntirals l.2.2l.l. STRUCKMAN, ROBERT McNAIR St. Giles, Oak Park-.'Xmatetu' Night 4: Dance Committee I: lfootbztll l.21 'lizlck 1,23 Intramurals l.2.3,l. SULLIVAN, ROBERT CROWLEY St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest- Basketball 1.2.3511 Intramurxlls l.2.3.l: Class Ollicer l,2. SWEENEY, JOHN EDXVARD St. Francis Xavier, La Grange-National Honor Society: Baskelbztll 2.31: llIll'2lllllII'1liS 2.3512 Tennis 2.3.1. 116 ' ee C1444 The C7444 4 SZCZEPANIAK, DONALD WALTER St. Mary of Czestochowa, Cicero-Intramtr rals l,2.3,fl. THIES, BENNETT EDWARD St. Giles, Oak Park - Amateur Night tl: Black- friars 45 Cheerleader 1,25 Dance Committee fl: Dramatics 23,13 Intramurals 12.3.43 XVick f5,l. TIBBITTS, WILLIAM CHARLES St. Catherine of Siena, Oak Park- Amateur Night I: Dance Committee 3: Intramtlrztls 2.3.11 Manager 2. TOMAZIN, JAMES STEPHEN Blessed Sacrament, Chicago- Intramurals l,2.3,l. TOOLAN, JOHN HOWARD St. Luke, River Forest! Astronomy lg Rille Club I: Intramurals 1.2.3,-1. TULLY, JOHN JOSEPH St. Luke, River Forest-Amateur Night -1: Dance Committee el: Glee Cluh 2: Intra- murals 1,2,3,4. TWOMEY, IVILLIAM JOSEPH St. Francis Xavier, La GrangefAmateur Night Al: Collectors Cluh 3: Intramurals 1.2.3,-1: Stamp Cluh l. TYLUTKI, RICHARD JOHN St. Giles, Oak Park-Amateur Night 41: ln- tramurals l.2,3,l. VALENTI, JOSEPH PHILIP Resurrection, Chicago-Amateur Night 43 Astronomy Cluh 3: lilackfriars 4: Dance Committee tl: Dramatics 2.31 Glee Cluh 1.2.3.-I: lntrzunurztls l,2.3,l. VAN DE YVALLE, RAYMOND FRANCIS Ascension, Oak Park-Amateur Night 4 Czunera Cluh 1.2: Collectors Cluh 23,41 Dra matics 2,31 Glue tlluh l,2,3,-lg lntrzunural: l.2.3.'l: Rille Cluh 1.21 Stamp Club 1.2 Swimming 12.3.13 Tennis 3,-I: IVick 3.4. VAVREK, THOMAS RAYMOND Sl. Mary of Celle, Berwyn- Amateur Night '43 Band l,2,3,flg Blackfriars 4: Intramuralf l,2.3,'t: Wick 3.4: Freshman Newspaper l. VERTUNO, ANTHONY ABBOTT St. James, Maywood-Dehating 3,-1: Intra nlurals 1.2.3.-l: Swimming 12: Wick 3,'l. VIRZI, JOSEPH ANTHONY St. Giles, Oak Park-Amateur Night 4: Blackfriars 45 Glee Club l: Servers Club 1,23 Catholic Actiong National Honor Society. WALLENBERG, FRANK ALLAN St. Constance, Chicago-Amateur Night -l' Intramurals l,2,3,4. WALSH, MICHAEL JOSEPH Ascension, Oak Park-Basketball l.2.3.'l: Dance Committee 3,43 Glee Club l: Servers Club l,2,3,4: Catholic Action: Class Oflicer 2,3,-1. WEITZEL, WILLIAM BLAZE St. Luke, River Forest- Dance Committee 4: Intramurals l,2,3.4. WILLEM, RAYMOND ALFRED St. Bartholomew, Chicago-Intramurals 1.2. 3,4. WODKA, MARION CHESTER St. Hyacinth, Chicago-Amateur Night 43 Football l.2,3,'43 Intramurals l,2,3,4. WOJCIK, ROBERT CLARENCE St. Eulalia, Maywood - Dance Committee 3.4: Football 2,33 Intramurals 123,41 Wick 3.4' Catholic Action 2,3,4. WOLF, RICHARD JOHN Presentation, Chicago- Amateur Night 4: Intramurals l,2.3,4. YOUNG, DONALD WILLIAM Ascension, Oak Park-Amateur Night 4: Dance Committee 2: Intramurals l,2,3,4g Wick 3. Si! er 116i ee C74 47 Top row: flcfl to riglnj Dzlvicl 'II Cl0wcll'iil. Wil- liznn li. Fanning. .john W. lnllnns. Nlt'ilUi1lS .X. Hau- ilund Second row: Ifrznlcis j. Higgins. -luscpli S. Kclicr. Rilylllllllli il. Kiliill' Third row: If1':nn'is A-X. Krlnnlovsky. llilylllflllti l.ui'ou':1. -lllllll'9 D. Lori' nation I HOMOI' Society Inscribed on thc ll'62lSlll'Cli Nznionznl Honor Society pin are the lcllcrs, C,S,l.,S,-syiiilmnls oi' thc requisites lin' inc-nlbersliip: Chan'- 2ll'llfl', Sfliolzlrsliip, liC2lClL'l'SililJ. and Scrx'ic'c. Althougll we liuvc all been exposed to thc- U'lll'hillg oi' Sllfil principles, ihcre are scnnc' :nnong ns who, lxrcznisv ol' diligence and Cii.lJl'I, have clvseiwvci ai npvcizil rcfognilion. These ure thc nlcn ii! Top row: fleft to rights hlzunes R. Nlztrston. -lohn .X. Morrissey, l'lLlW1ll'll 'I'. Nash, xlilllllllll .X. Stun- lon Second row: Willitnn 1. Schneider. NV ll I l e r li Stnithe, john li. Stxcenct Third row: joseph P. Yu Ienti, -joseph .X. Yll'll lfruttk .X. Watllcttht-rg National lelonor Soc btq elected by their tt'z1c'l1ers to receive the honor ol' IllCllllJCI'Sl1llJ in the society. Once each semester ll list ol' Ollwlllllillllg' seniors is presented to the lztctllty, resulting in selection ol' hull' the yez1r's illlfblll. In l9?l9, l"enwic'k's first tontrilitttion to the lY.H.S. consisted of six ntetnhers. 'Ilhis year 20 ol' our seniors tnztde the grzlcle, raising the total nientbership ol' the lfettwicrk Chapter to l95. '19 junior Class Officers: David Cook, joscpll liifck. joseph Maier, Ffilllli Rcynohls. Fr. llymck. 71.6 cfm 5 1955 .1 At , ' ' gg l ,Q ,if . Eg : W v gsm 'vw' H - 'ali K K :E 2 S g .,,.. . f , ,.-. - 5 5 .. . '--..:, fu 1 -Mar .:., .. . W. ., f ,:,, g '14 .2 ...,. , , , l g g m , , 7 z ....., ,H F . ,.,,s,. l . " f "':' V if -N '- ' ala - 'nf' W 1 355. ' '5 '3 -' is ' l --':1 l . 'Z Q... . ., If 3 - . '- .:,, .,.,: 5 ffff ' ,, .. -- s . -V--' 3 E -I .,.. . .,,. g -, W 1 A Q. '- ' is-iss I N D 50 Abalc, J. Allen, Al. Allfllllll, 1. Ansliss, G. lnlon, G. Bllllllilll, C. Bkllllllid. BI. lgCRll'Kl, nC2llll'CgZlI'll. ll Bcllundi, KI. llcrcjka, A. Berg, W. Berry. XV. lleshk, R. Ricek, -I. F. lsicek, J. w. The Cla A o 1955 Biemlka, F. Brzmson. YV. Breilenslein, Brosnan. P, lglillllilllll. NN BFUWII, C. Burke, M. C. Burke, NI. J Byrne. Callahan. li. Carroll, Carroll. Nl. Cenek. S. Cilnino. F. Clohecy, C. Collins, C. Collins, P. Conley, F. Connor, T. Cook, D. Cooney, XV. Corhally. l'. fll'2lN'f0l'Kl, ll Cullen, F. J. Cullen, K. Cunninghznn Curry, J. Dalnn, C. Dalton. XV. lle Vito. 'I'. .ln .I. in 6 M s 1. M fx M ff 39151, . 3? ' ew? 5 58 3 ,f X , 5 . .W N, if . , if l,,,.'l lA..A'l' J .,.. . , ..." fi gm' V '1f. V z' , W 5 , ,A.. l"l fiz AEIZ " ---' ,-.. " :'-. "?l':" ":""'l A Q , .i wa ..,1 J VAIV .:JQf..... wgfww 4 W' , ., ,m,,g. ,xv .,.,:5,.2e':1'a2': .ffw ,.,..:,:,. ' xv-.-.1 .... M ,...a.,.,fg - X J lnln h Q . 'EM 'lil ww if 'E M iw ? -"' fo . f iw. f l.., C ...Qi J ., "" 22. . '32 3' if wi 1-V ,:., J H V I ' -Q w i use ,. .. A355551 egikl' . Q a ve.sew..qi 2 f . if 3 , N 4 ' 4 P9 A X E . -' If:- " W' 3 , wwf ,Q M 51 lllmogc, J. Dulmin, J. Eekslcin, G. Eisfclcl, 0. Elia. J. Fagan, W. Feeley. D. Ferguson, XV. Finn, NV. Floocl, M. Foley, J. Franklin, P. Exzrgf ..... '-65.2 .gf .' J 5f, ' A MV .- . g,: . W ,sw 2532. X., ly 3322 unior Frost. R. Fuller, -I. Gabriel, G. Guliolo. G. Gallo. R. Gorman, XV. Grace. YY. Grzlllum. M. Grauer. R. Griililhs. E. Gross, K. Grow, II. Hujck. AI. HlllliIl'2lll. E l'l2llIllIlCI'S. ll Hanley, R. Hanson. AI. Hurt. C. Holmcrg. T. Huck. -I. Holllswcll. R Huspcn. F. lmhcr, j. Ingram, R. hluros. J. lnslruh. R. llcnnings, S. jones. P. jordan. -I. Aloyre. l'. Kass. M Kassel. W. Katis. R. Kelly, P. Kcmpkzl, C. Kennedy, Kilian. S. Koch. A. Kolinski, R. Kcnninck. L. Kovilch, J. Kriclcr, R. he cfm of 1955 Lzlhs. XX. I.zl Alunc. ID. l.2iIlIIlCl'lf. 'l'. 1.21 Pzllzl. R. l.2lSi'2l!'U. I.awlor. il. Lccn. XI. I.c l"cxx'c'. CQ. l.ic'lmn. l.m'l', R. l.owlI1. Lusk. D. Nfzlcislcwski. F. Hur' Lcnnun. 'I' Nlllllilllll. Maier. Al, Malizia. N. Mannion. Nlzlren. l'. Nfllflill. QI. Marlin. R. Nlrlvin. Nl. Milolzl. ml. Nlimur. D. Hmmm. lf. xlllllilgllllll. NI. Monlicgcl. Nlllisrngzl. Wi 3 5: ,Q it vm, '83 x 1, ww 9 - 'vurrff fmf . ..., . xllllllly. Murphy. R. .gif . - " .... . 6 ? -f i QV-- - Lf' Murray. J. Murray. T. Nluscarella. R. Musolf, F. Nlnstari, F. Mc Auley, R. Nic Bride, J. Mc Bride. '11 Mc Call, j. Mc Dermott, D Mc Dermott, Mc Donough, J anim! if-:.'1 ss. V :q . . i . we w xz fx 'i x y '-.-: I.,l- ,- v- img g n... . RRRR . 11. 1 ' 3 . I -ffl.. mrs! 1 KW." K ' -'.' fx 'mf 23" .1'E:: "'l: .y...w5? zw. ..... W 7 WA c . .. -5: R35 .:1f., xlfflllllll. 'II Mcflcc. R. Mc'CLold1'ic'k. Mcfiowznl, Nl. Mc' Kcc. H. Mc' Laughlin. I NCIHQZIII. Il. Neville. W. NCXVIIIZIH. XV. Nichoill l-1. Nogzljcwski. N Nolan, D. 0'lSricn, il. ffBl'iCll. 'l'. O'llonncll, IE. 0mlrzn'ck, E. Opclkzl. O'Rcilly. l'. 0'SIm11g'In1cssy Oslrznlclcr. Pcrcll. I'. Piclgcon, NI. l'l:lc'l1y. R. Powers. Ii. Prcnlon, -I. Rzllmolll. NI. Rm-vc. H. Reynolds, I". Rilffy. 'l'. Rishcr. R. Robertson, R. Robinson, H. Rogan. Rogers. Rollo. Rooney, ll. Rooney. P. Roszni. W. Rosncr. Rossi, L. Rowder, Rowclcr. XV. ae cfm 5 1955 Ruks. li. Rutkoski. Nl Ryan. il. Ryimcrg. ill Sain. W. Sclizichlc. II. Sclimirll. P. Schmidt. T. Sfhuhcr. Scliucsslcr. C. Scollzlrfi. I'. Sclxziggio. Skrydlcwski. Slomkzi. R. Smith. j. Smilh. R. Spcvzik. N. Spina. A. Slchor. SlliiiY1ll1. W. 'l'zmimzu'o. R 'luzil. I'. 'l'r0y. R. 'I'rms. lf. lfhlir. If. l'znzmski. K. Vidal. F. Yifli. .L Ymiclrzlsck. R. Walsh. ml. Q... "ills .. Wchrs. NV. V...-1I...f.E. .i., Q, NVQ moul Il, Wicklwmlcr, R XVicm'k. S. , xx. .F wma, cz. Wirth. W. ixfiiflullil F. Wood . 'UUISHV inn D . ii fig. . , W 'yn A- zvz' . w-- . .I- Yfffeki R- 5 '5 2 Sophomore Class Ollicersz N2ll2llC Illzmxlrrzl, John R. Hoync, lfr. Wlmlcn. Cll2ll'lC9 Jackson. Rivllnrd J. Allison. he Claw o I9 6 :xC'liCI'lll2lllll, K.. Akalailis, J. .-Xllcgrclli, Allison. R. .Xmhrosc, Nl. Anmeclmc, J. Arndt. J. Bachl, l-'. Bzlggio, D. Baker, R. Barry, L. Bennan, J. A. Berman, J. M. Bcrtaux, L. E in-E g ... my Q 7 Wi?-. - . ei . lm ' I "'kf 5 .1 -V X Af' X ' 'iv D J . .. -I-S:-.:... ' - . -zz .g l X ' ESI hw- E .523- . . H 'wkxlag L Q. si wg K , .. . ,, P' "M :Q fi' r ,--- 'Z "'- iw ' ' ' 23 V . . " WY" 5 .2522 V.. . SB' J. - 'EQ - J.-M . l E . ..... ' K.. iruf.. . 56 71.6 cw f I9 6 Billings. W. Binder. YY. Blair, KI. Boehm. K. Borge. G, Bowers. J. Bowler. Brennan. B. Brennan. R. Brett, W. Bronder. C. Burke. ll. Burns, Al, Clallcncler. XY. Ciaravello. A. Carey. Al. Carney. R. Cashman. '1'. ' w 'hmmm Pe' aa fe E AZAI. . A Klaslellini. R Cezis. ll. Klccrhin, Clegielski. R. Clliaplicki, l' Chestnut. l'. Coates. R. Collins, 1 Collins. . CUlllC'4'l, cilllllflfi, A. Cloiilioy, P, I. 11 Cook. D. Cotter, M. f10lll0Il. 'l'. Clreadon. F. Clulhzmc. l'. Cullinan, B. Dalton, W. llarda, G. Dawson, F. De Carlo, D De Cola. A. Delaney, D. Soplwmo eA 58 llc Sin. K. Dcvcrcux. nl llmmlmc. D Donlolmucr. R Dmmvznl. I. Dooley. 'l'l. l,UllC'Clll'. H llrisfoll. M. lllllfy. Dlllfy. P. lllllllilli, R. lzgzm. j. limmc, KL. Fillichio. NI lfilzgcralcl. I lfilzgihhon, lflcming, P. Vlvllll. CL. Flynn, XY. Folsom. R. I"ol'ln'icI1. A I'1Ulll'lliCl'. l'xl'1llll'iS. IXI. l"l'ylll2ll'I'i. l'. Uzllguno. Al, Gzlspcrs. ll. fizlwllc, li. K-izmllrmi. K Unch. J. Golcll, Al. GOHIIZIII. T. CQl'1llllHl2iS, J Gray. gl. Grccn. R. Grill. G. fnl'USSlIlIlll, AI Hllllllllllllllll Hansen, MI. Hansen, R. Hzlrlc. J. Harvey, J. Havlik, W. The C7444 I9 6 'Iggy Vvazzzl 5 zz. 3 f v g g La Pierre, M. Hefner. j. Q Hclgcscn. Ii. ' . HC'll10l'l- W- , f . - ff '-" Ab, - ..:.V::- M' . ' l'lCl'IlllI'0lll. IJ. ":V" 'll H ' 1 K . Hill- .ll Z"Q- SQ? . .,vv-'.AA,.A f '1-'.2 , , Honikclv L. I :.:, 1 -,,, V? , --.A,-- E i i -,-. E : lll, . - -ill .." W Y. z AIVAIZ A.... . .,,, . A4 t 'x Ng-?iL:m, 3 , ,ZZ V ., . t ., . i Horan, KI. 'I Kvlbll 5 Q Horn, II. "" Hoync. Al. L ulqu I IMIOYIIC. R. K l' ', wh ! ' V l-lurk. bp . Azv- 'Y 2 gglgggg 'l H mlgcns' 3 is-I ,-.,,,.,.. : 'ls-.M N In Q'l.,M5""v z - . -V1. 3 K AA:. ,E -AVA f ' W A' "A A .jf ,,,"- "" I X -A'1" Z gg 2 ,. . ,..' - f .R l3?:2.."?ffw lzlmlolo. lj. A I ulu. K Illgflllll. 'll E jackson, Cl. -:-. ,. 5 - as Q A :Ei 3 gg . ljacobson. B. ' ' K Q i "" W' 1...-'55A Q Z Qf Alanis: l'. W' 5 it iw 5 5:2 YZ f ""'. 3 , .f .,A,. -1 .Eg5j.j.fl.Q. ,gif jarmmck. D. ,4 ' - "'- mf! ' 'W A Mg - 145,-V llala . . lvll ., .,.: 3 It P 5.1, ,-:-: -3 I mg .- 5. 1 G. ,M . M3 K Q, t - -2-- Izxrvis, ,x g f juciknicss, R. Q faa M jucly. U. Zig' M I Kccfc. IJ. """'l A Kccnun, W. ll A Kelly, E. Kelly. xl. al' 4 K ' M Kelly. 'l'. I 435 W f M Kenney, R. MI Q., .'.. Klng. C. Q 'VA. ' Eg. Kung, 'F . , .-v- 2 2-'- - :M Klzlcr, J. 3 5233? X . .. Q., R Koepkc, D. ,I ' gl Kopcfky. R. ulzu Kornak, R. if f Kovaccc, G. 'E rx ' f lSllCCl2i, D. aa? . ...M W .I 5. . ,. Kus, R. . ,.., V , 'A Kvismd, A. like 5? .:., "' ., . , Alu' Y Lalmml' I" S ill Q- . if ll ll -lll 1 ,gg , gk LaHgf-.J- .ii v- ,g fr V . W in A Av,. -1.,.. lv 'zf f" Lzmphlcr. R. . -.,, ' ,, ' 1' ' W r 'Q W W-. 59 Soplwmv RER, G" W W A vu .x iw M Q QE F 11 iv i -.vvw AWK' 60 l.zll':1iz1, R. Lu Yzlllic. A. Lcnli. IJ. Lech, XV. I.cmmrcl. C. l.cona1'd. W. l.c-unc. R. l.oc-asuo. C.. Lodge, W. Long. D. Madden. R. Mahoney, G. Maier. R. RIZIRZIIISRZIS. la. Nlakowski. AI. Mallilia. KL. RIEIVZIICEI, N. Nlurclmk, AI. Nlartin. ll. Nlllflill. 'll Mayer, il. Meyer. Il. Nlillarml, 'll Miller. I.. NI0llgUYC!1. Nlonlallmzmo. 'll Nlullcr. l.. Murphy. I'. NI11rpl1y, 'l'. Nllxrrzly. E. Myers, Nlcllall. D. RfCC2lI'llIy. W. P. D NIL'Czu'lhy. XY. P. J McE11cl'y. P. Nic Erlczm. Cl. Nlciizuly. R. NIC Cowan, 'I'. Mc Mullen. J. McNaney, L. Mc Neil, J. McNichols, F. The CI AA Nh' Nnlly. W. Nosck. W. 0'llricn, 'l'. , Oilonnor. B. Alzl 5 A O'Ncili. R, .2...25-II i'2lJJ2l. NI. , Pzlwluk. J. Pellegrino, P. l'ellellicl1'. li. Pcllon. R. -V -f . lmctkusv i'Cll'ik, R. : J .- " 52225 1 .V .... i,Cyl'CiDI'lllll,', ll. Pokonosky, 'l'. i'oIIL'l', NI. I'rerloxic'. R. i'l'0lL'1lll. R. Pugh. H. "EQ--1...a 196 E vim 4 'ik E-: u . 1 as 1- . 'Wu' W 'Kr 51 .3 .AAF I .,,. i ,,,, 11 . A I .,,. ... , V K :QP 'R R -.. is X 1111- Quinn. B. Quinn. M. Quinn, T. Reardon. R. Rcidy, J. Righcimer, J Ring, J. Rivers, 'l'. Robinson, W Rokos, K. Romano, R. Ross. D. Rossetli, C. Rothstein, R Ruck, J. Ryan, A. Ryan, Santoro, A. Schauer, I.. Schayer, R. Schlitl, R. Schneider, J. Scholtes. P. Serritella, M. Soplwmo eA 62 Shikany. l., Sinclair, Al. Skowlm, N. Sorquist. R. Spzxlaforzi, R. Spam, R. Spinelle, 'l'. Spychalski, R. Starshak. E. Slehlik, D. Sullivan. D. Szymzlnski, W. Tarpcy, T. Tuul. ll. 'll2ll'70l1, G. Tomck, C. 'l'0nne. l'. 'l'1':1ln1cr, J. Twomey, LI. Tyniick, H. Urquliarl, J. Valenlc, A. Van Pcllcn, 'l V01-is. W. lVz1llzlc'c. Waller, R. Wunlrolmu, A. Warren. -I. Wegner, K. Whalen, W'l1iga1n. W. Wicklanclcr. P Wlicch, N. Wiener, W. Wilhelm, J. lVillarcl, NV. Wisner, 1. Wolf, R. Wolfram, D. Wysocki, -I. Young, AI. Zalcwski, T. Zerhlis, J. Freshman Class Officers: Fr. Dclerman, IJOIHIIKI Rigali. Mnhmsl Mnfcwean Ihn Pcllmgu Wxllu onus The Clam 0 195 7 ALIZIIUS, 'If Allen. I.. AlllIllIJ2lll2h. ll, .Kl1dCl'l, G. Anderson. YV. Andrew 'l'. Mmlepcxlko. R. .'Xl'lllhlAllSlCl'. R. Bllilllil. J. P. Bllilllil. S. Bzmc. K. liurncs. R. Rv -my-v wx ?r lumen. . . Currella, R. Carroll, R. Carroll, W. Cerny, J. Chudzik, F. Cimino. D. Clinkert. IJ. Coakley, E. Coffman. R. Cogan, I.. Colby, A. Collins, R. Conley. Cordes, P. Cormack. XV. Cummins, J. Cusack, IJ. Dawson, P. Dcclic, R. Dhooge. R. DiD0menic0, H Diserio, J. Dolan, J. Donahue, R. v Bartlett, M. Boluulck, R. ll0SCl2l. O. Boyle. Braun, KI. lin-llc-iwclm. R Brenner, B. llmrlcrick, C Buckley, T. Bllkovsky. J. llurke, 'l'. Burke. 'l'. llynlc. NI. C2llLllll'CSC, NN Cllllltlllijlfll. l'. Campbell, C Czunplmell, Cunning. M. J. XX v he 61444 v I9 7 lloolrsy. T. IIOIUSI. Downs. K. lllllllllllli. llring. R. lhnmk. R. Emrick. R. Engel. 1. Iiric. R. Fzzlxcy. l-1. Fzinning, I. lfurranx R. Fclclhuscn. 'll l'1ClkgllS0ll. IJ l"Cl'gllSUlI. J. li Fikcjs. -I. Film, R. Fiorznzmli. C. lfisclmcr. R. I"isc'hcr. W. l'4lllgCl'2llll. D. FlklllCl'll'. D. Foley. D. Foley. CL. l'.llllCl', 'l'. Gullug'l1cr. G. Cllllllllk. W. Ccwr. I.. Gilbert, -I. Ciulclvrk. R. Gurino. P. cfllflllllll, R. fQl'JlllCl', QI. Graves. T. Cree-llwuod. NI Greig. QI. Griililll. D. Grunt. ll. Hzlckc-r. R. Hagemann, W. Hzmko, Hanley, A. H "' his hr K .gf rf rf Km? 'Iwi 11 I ,A 'TIS' hm:-f . I .,,.,..,. , Q, r my M R -:K-:ii ffggg Q.. ' U , . 'M " ' Jw 1, ,.,... . 54, , f .F Q .lsr nl 4 Q wks I". , 21. . . . i ' 1 x . 1. ., .aw W -, .: ' 4-nw Q redamen . . . Kamm, R. Karalis, A. Kaspar, -I. Keefer, 'l'. Keenan, R. Kelly, J. Kelly, 'I'. Kennedy. D. Kerekes. J. Killeen, M. King, D. King, P. Kledzik, M. Knudsen, B. Kolek, K. Korbas, D. Koridek, J. Korinek, F. Korn 'iebcl B. Kowagski, K. Krankoski, R. Kubacki, R. Kuehl, Kunler, J. I-lzlrringlon, R Harris, G. Hart, -I. Hklllllgilll, U. Hawke, A. Henlschel. W. llcrnlcs, j. HCII. lb. l"l0llll6S. G. Houillon, R. Hl'LllIl11llli2l. ll. Hughes, 0. Hunter. U. Hunyudy. W. Ingersoll. R. jones. R. Innes. W. llumly. I.. The Cl AA 0 1957 Kulla. R. Kurland, Riclmard Kurlumi. Robe-rl Pilch, S. Rush. Richzlrcl KllSlllillCI'. R. Lah. C.. Lahs. R. I.um:aslcr. W. l.ZlN'lUll, Leahy. K. Lehmann. ll. I.:-umm, W. lrmumli, D. l.iC'iil', l.imlal1cl', R. Linker. Ci. I.owll1, I.llkOWill. I. Lupie, S. Lyons. J. Nladcla. R. INIannion. QI. Nlunzo. A. Marlin. R. Nlarlinu. sl. Nlllflillli, NI. Mason. W. Nlulclynski. XY. Mikes. il. Nfillf:'l'Cl', W. Nloran. li. Moulis. ll. NIIIIYCIIIIZI. 'If Nlulvihill. 'I'. Murphy. il. NlcxXlom1, 'l'. NIc'C1:1l'1'011. 'lf NIl'Clll'llly. QI. Nldlzlllglxcy. R. NIc'Czu1lQy. Mcboy, XY. 67 We lumen 0'Com1ell. R. 0'Connm'. D. 0'Day, n. 0'lJm1nell. 'll Okerhloom, D. Okon, R. O'Malley. P. O'Niel. j. Opatrmy, D. Pape, J. Parrilli, A. Parsons, R. Pearson. R. Peary, R. Pecoraro, J. Pellegrino, P. Pellak, E. Pelrowski, N. Peuinger, J. Pickell, -I. Pierce, N. Pilas, j. Pilch, S. Pisano, F. Mctllonagh. ll Mc' Donald, 'I' McGovern, M NIctGrail, I'. Nlcfmire. CZ. xIIfQlIil'l', Nlcilurn. li. Mrlllerney. Mc'Keown. A. McLean. .L McMahon, R. MfNIz1nigal. 'l MciQu:1id. -I. Nclllelon, ll. Nicholas. G. 0'Bricn, li. 0'B1ien, l'. R U'Brien. P. B . The Clam o I9 Pospisil. O. Powell, R. Powers. W. Puchalski. ll. Purcell. R. Quinn. NI. Ready. l'. Rcagcn. il. Reese. M. RCIIIIRIP. K. Rich. 'l'. Ricck. C. Rigali. IJ. Riplingcr, 'I. Rivers. J. Rock. F. Rogus. R. Romaniuk. W. Rmmlrcc. 'l'. Ruud. Sammon. NI. SZlYiIl0. A. Sharhrno. Scalisc, I". Scanlon. AI. Schailmlc. D. Schlzmscr. -I. Schmid. -I. sK'h0CI1h2lllIl1. 'I' Schralz. QI. Scnlman. xl. Shanahan. 'll Sharkcy. F. Sheehan. P. Sherry, W. Sllockcy. R. Showel, I. slmniikowski. P. Skach, R. Skelton. R. Skrypck. XV as Slcpicka, J. . A Yre lumen . . . Thoner, C. Tieman, W. Tooley, 'l'. Tosto, G. Tralmer, xl. Troendly, R. Trzos, R. Valentino, N. Vejvoda, E. Vertuno, I.. Vincenti, D. Vitha, T. Vondrasck, R. Vondruska, G. Vrtis, J. Walsh, P. Watson, W. Wegcrzym, N. Nvehrs, R. Weller, W. Williams, B. Yanges, I.. Zamer, W. Zwijack, J. Q 23' af., 'M' 4 'mrs my if M , 'W ' , 'V' A 1 . . 'kv 'Q Ty " . L ia k ,. ' V 'f' . 4 Smilzinicli, ll. Smith. l'. Smith, R. Smith, W. Sokol. ,L Spcfhl. Stanton. li. Star. R, Stella. M. Stevens. R. Straka. P. Stmuse. R. Sllllhklll. I.. Sullivan. I. l'. Sullivan, la. Sullivan, nl. W Sullivan. 'l'. lf Swziglcr. P. 3 ... ' .f fa Q .,. K M nw 0 n ' D . " iq 'Eff' . 5' ,. U' .v.:.,,:E::g, 1 ww Q W V I : U . -,,- - , A- -F it R I 'K ig .,,. 1 70 ORIGINS OF THE' CLASS or PARK o GERMANY VILLA ELMHURST PARK S NORTI-ILAKE RIVER NORWOOD PA R K anovs ELM' WOOD PARK MELROSE RIVER PARK Z BE LLWOO BROADVIEW BROOKFIELD G RANGE 0 D MAYWOOD FOREST PARK RIVERSIDE I OAK PARK 42 Af W esnwm fo cnceno GI R I G a 03 UI 0 'Sf GJ C57 0 cz, C JJ al BERKELE FOREST t J C0 C23 1 C52 X F GJ C0 A . 1 J G5 C0 C4-J JV LA QI 7 Ohh I'.f"Q -ww. bsW"M sm. 6 15-4 595 ,.. , 00.43 ig,-.Q wink 'tis-'QSO' URL lxchfriifs Q gf www ,,,,..-rw ,ffl 'tvs L I 'KV' K qwiw 'L wi., . gi'52?:".:,y4N 4, J 47'-'. 'ss-I - .5 v . ,'.,'Q1?gsx f 5 qi'-' 4 ",- 41:13 ff , :I 14. ' 1? fggfifif-1 fl! ' if yr ' IJ? ,JSF N. -'.--z-v .5--P ,, - I -' .Q x A' ' n A '???:-.M ' " - '5a5s?:'f:4'5'f T:- .. .-hz.-,zgqgi 1 . 'I Qfdgfv . xtfz aria 'YQ' is " 3 uf I .' . Was- " wb, if Q Hua.. H-Jw 1.5 ,' I 'lg , "sn .' 'sign ' 4 .5 "-' 5' - jf . ., - . I mfg? f .-. 1 2fffL'fF wr! J ' 64 ..s ,hp , : U. -1 I , , ' 4 "' . 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W, XVillzn'd. 75 The Kane! llu' llzuml. lmunuks l1lI1lI'IlHIll1lll lu lllc' mcluwlnzul mlumun oi ilu' lmmrzxl xmrlml. mm lmlvlcfl ils Kill: suucsslul xczll' uilll thu xvlx 111-mliizllulv lin! ui illlIil'Xl'lIlllllN. Xs in lllc' Irul Ihr' Ul'g2lIlil1lli0ll has lllklilllllillwx il full H1141 2llliU' Ni'lll'4llIll'. illllllllillg in ils rupc'l'lui1'c Ill sc-lxllrlc of IIIRIHIIUS. UXl'l'lllH'S. Zlllil lllI'!'L'Ill lktllllllill musing Klux EI. clam' of lhc 2lHllll2Il Bum! :xml CLI1-1-illulm mmvrx. llmrkc-ml ilu- prinrinlz- 2ll!lK'2ll'2lll" Im Ihr' llVL'lIlhl'l'i ul mu- uf Pcllwlrlxs ulmlvwl amd nmwl Clllllllill l'Xll'1I'KlIIlll'llI2lI' 2IK'lIXIll1h. In Zllltllllllll In ilu' mmm-rl. llw liamml has plzlwcl :ll ull the 'DCP-l'1lHll'9 l!1l'0ll2lIOlll llu Xl'2Il. :ll lllc- Sl. Ihumzls SYIIIIDUSHIIII. :Incl llw Silwr Ulmvs lmllls. .Xlw iIllllllli'il un thx IILQUIIKILI xwrc- llw c:lll'iSlIII2l9 mul lizulcl l'0lll1'I'lN. r0.nIrim'ml vfiurls ul I1-l1xxim'k'x Iwo mus tllkgillllllllltfllm. 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Iluck. R. lhllwllw. I. XI1lc'I.cnmn1. Lmlln-3. II. Xxssmm, UI. Nluulis. SCIIIIIIZIII. W, I'Illgl'Ill1lllll. R, Iblmugc. R. NlcXlz1hm1 Fifth row: . . , . . . In IUIIIIIIUIIN. I. lim-rlmk. Il. Illgllllll. Ia. 1.01111-x. UI, NIQQH nl X. Koch. II. Ifulm. I. Yuxrc-L. ll. IJIJLIIHIX. I.. XIIIIIFI. The land Wee 111212 History rannot ht' p1'cscl'vctl tor postcritv witht 1 tnno ' , , I I Jlll 50111001115 to ll " ' "' ' ' oncstly iuoid and kccp it secure. So also ncus . t hc. nuts unltss thcrc is sonic-one to ohtain. intvrprct. and publish it. llivsc fur ' ' ' ' " ' Wick" and thc mc ' ' ' " " lCllOll5 haw hun entrusted to tht mhus ol tls stall. It is through thc work and pcrscrcrancc ol' those who arc entrusted with thc some what sacrml ditty ol' composing, editing, and ptthlishing thc "W'ic'k." that thc news is prcscntcd to thc studcnts of l'iCIlWll'ls intl is rct'ordcd, hy tht- nroccss ot' iiiitrotiliiiitig, for history. 'lhc "Wick" has i'ct'ortlc:d thc triumphs along with thc scthacks ot' thc Fenwick athletic' teams. lt has hrought ns guidance through thc lllCtllllll! ol' thc cdilorial page, and it has also lllllllglll tts a goodly share ol "htlnlor intcrcst' through its fc-atiirc page-. .Xs lfcnwivk High School has grown. so has thc "lYit'k" grown. lfcnwick has expanded from at school of ll fctx lllIlltll'K'll WllltlClllN to its prcscnt captivity OliUNtfl'1l tliottsand young ntvn. 'lht' "W'it'k" has also cxpantlctl from a small iUlll"l21lgl' tahloitl to its pttsunt silc ot' L-ight pages. Io all thc nit-nth Us of thc "Wink" stalls. hoth past .intl present wc own' our tt J JI ' ' lll'lIDlllg' to cstahlish and IJl'CSl'l'l'L' thc l"cm'i'k ' ' ks is olltiul to otn nic lo tht Nlllllll still Its ulttoi Burl lniintns nid hi 1.. . .. . ll 'cciation and gratitude for it spltlt. X spatial wortl ot' thanx' " K . mst rct'cnt stalls s tssociitms. Hill Nlatttn. jot- X3llL'llll. loin Vaxrck. Rav Kilim' intl tak ftlllll. .ind to thc' lttnior stall: its crlitor H'trrx' Nlvlict in ' I A .K - .1 1 1:11 1 ' ' rnalis. Q . . A . '. 1 tl his associates. Dirk Nlnrplix' XI'trsh Pidrton Bill L guson. Bill llc-rg. loin llohvrg 'ind ltd ltmlxiu go on thinks ind ippvuiation our ow :od lou nt . Il awards for gt SENIOR Standing: A. Vcitnno K . .Indy K. Ongcmacli I.. Barnett F .. Nash R. Slota l'. llllCl'illt'l-Q Seated: il. Clrilly mms .A-X4-ff' wiilfiu XY. Martin Valenti lf. liininons 'I'. Yavrck R. Kilior .IIINIOR Top row: XV. llroniann I'. fiorhally l'. Kclly I". Mustari Middle row: W. Bcrg R. Nlllfplly R. Yondrasc-k .-X. licrcjka bl, Rogers Bottom row: 'l'. Hohcrg W. Ferguson H. N1tKc-0 Nl. Pidgcon 'l'. l.aniht-rts TH rfb'-in Sealed left to right: l'r. C-. Cmnrzix unmlelnlmj. Keller. .X. Sliillil. flSlT2lllIll'l'. .X. Yerluno. ll. lieefe. N. lVCgL'l'lyIl Standing lefl to right: I. xll'f.2llllCN. K., lllCL'lx 'I' Riplinger, 'I. .Xnclrexsg B. Ciullinzln. N. Skmrlm. 4l. Yrlis, R. Nlnier be6afterA Ylnion Sinee llreir lmeginning in lililli, llie Delmlers liiive grown klllil expzlncleml llreir .lc'lix'ilies. Sexenleen leurs algo llrey Sl2ll'lC1l ll line ol' suecesses lay winning llieir lirsl zxwzlrml in llle lilsl 'nnnrrl lolnnnnenl 'nl Sl Xl.ll'N'5 Clullere nl Winona, Nlirniemlzx. Since llien. llrer haue lmeen . 1 . . I 5, ' eziplllring llilllilli. In lllll, llllff wun llle Sllllll NI:n'r's College, cillllllgfl Ilzxllmlie l.C2lgllL', Zlllll Ollllllllll Clrnnniunslnps In llllll 11 sms the lrnolu lllllllllilllll lmnnu nnml llrn Rniglils of Cl s . .. , , 1. . 4 1 4 . 1 .lrrlnlioeeszln lonrney. znnl-llre l'1l'l'SlllIl2lll carried lmek llle nlnnicn' 'lropliy in l!l5fi. Nlenrlmers ol' llie llL'lJllll'l'i Cllulm who were :retire in bringing lionre lliese trophies zrnzl bringing Irunur to lfernriek were lezlclers xrlrile llere ill selwol llllil lime prmecl lllL'lIlSi'lYl'S lezuler-. exer sinme. .Xe in ll1e llllxl, llie llelmlerw lrzrre enjmeml il gmul znnl :retire aezrson. len rnzlior lournznnenlx . inxnlxing .ill Qlnclenls. lwn rznliu lll'02l4llllSl9. Iwo Yllllll'lll enngrexses. Zlllil il speulr lesliml lUllNlllllli'Kl an lrezuy lJI'UgI'illll lm' llie mlelmlerf. llllllllq llle mnrrenl ren llie slnrlenls inns! lmnninenl grinning nur mlelmlers were: Xnllmm iii 1 I Yerlnnu. Xnllmnx S lIll'l user -4'iWf21?,1'fZI, .4 ,,,. ' gb e ' I ' fu-v,,,MA-.M -fwuy-as wif- Q V ,iw T, ill Keller, lnlrn f,Nll'.lllllK'l'. llzniml Keele. lllillll Clullinun. RllNil'll lellun, und Rnmly Nluier. .Xn rnlporlzlnl elernenl Ill llre xllecess 4-li llle llelmzrlers' lllnlr is llle exeellenl eualelmixlg uillm nlrieli llreir lllUilCl'illl7li. l'l1lllll'I Cimlwznx. hum rxrmiclecl Iliein, 'lwu relireml senior emlilors llflhl lo rielllb Bill Nlilfllll zrnml Bull C s 9 ' e llielw ui lln yeci '. 'im1. ner' 3 msc. KI cle riam V01 ,X llllltlllk' progrzttn ol' pl111111i11g 111111 lJ!'U11lli'11OlI C0llfl'0lllCl1 this ye11r's Blz1ckf1'iu1's s 11111 llistory. sy111I111lis111. llllll se11li111e11l 11ppropri11te for il Silver .X1111ivers111'y e1litio11 112111 to iglrliglil our work. 1311111 i11 October we 2ll'gllCl1 o11t Wlllll wr' thought might he 1111 expressive 111111 lllC2lll1I1gf1l 'cr 1111-11. 11.11011 we swe11tc1l througli the interior design work. sl111'e1l 111 l111111l1'e1ls of smiling l111i1le11lii1e1I 1'111cs, gl'01lllt1 out ll few l'1l01L'l' 111111 inots fso 11s 11ot to 11111ke Ulll' ellorls ZIIJIDCLII too I1o111l1:1sli1'j. 111111 111-lr1-11 into 1'1l'llW1l'14'S :11'1'l1ives for i11te1'ew1i11g 111111 1l11str fatcls 111111 llIL1llIQ'S. 'Illia wats our lilo for New-11 lllllll11lS. 111011 we w11it1'11. 11s they S1111 "with l111le1l 1ll'C'2ll1lH fm ll11' lJlI1l11l'll11tlll 111110 111111 your l'C1ll11tlll. XY1' Sllll'l'l'l'1y hope you enjoy the Pl'0l1lll1-IIOW 11111 1111 Illlllly 51-111s to l'lllllCf1lS we Cll,1Ui'Cl1 its lilitltlllfllllll. Editorial Staff Standing: l'. Scollurcl B. Libby H. M1'Stce11 NV. F111111i11g Seated: Rev. l'. Brztcly Mr. Cl. Polk Student Section Standing: XV. l-i111111i11g, R. Kehoe N. Billlllllll' l'. 11111161 li. Sperry Seated: l'. St'o1111r1l ll. llvoruk H. 1'oll111'1l li. 11111111-1' l'. Dtterink R. Koger . Daly .I. Typists Standing: W. jztrvis D. Gregory Seated: C. clllliliilll I. Keller J. Nztrgie 'l'. Kelly H. f1l'llllC S0 ,gt KI cle I-iam Activity Section Left to right: Mr. Polk. B. Sitllil. X. Lyon. H. Utztnc. li. Nash, li. lhies. R. Kilior Standing: W. Jarvis. -I. l.orr. R. Severino. K. Alutly Sports Section F. Emmonts. xl. llzunko. Al. Xnrgie. W. Retlfezlrn. li. Ifznniing. 'Il Yttrrek. lf. Higgins, Ifr. Brutly. We wish to express our grzttitutle . . . ' Si'llK'l' to 'l'ololi Studio. Oak Pztrk. ztntl to its l'ClJl'L'SClll2llINL'flDllUl0gI'2llDi!l'l' john . . W who has hefonie Zl fznniliur "flushing" ligure atrouutl the school :intl is respon- sihle for the rluh, clixision page. and clussrooin shots , . . to Farther Nlzulrick and his ezuuerzt rluh for interesting urntlitls . , , to .ill-States lhoto Co.. the ttntlerqrad pictures . . . l their !llUtiCl'2ll0I'S for pttnrtuztlity :intl cooperation . . ' Clltirzlgo. for the uniformity and general gootl tlllllllli ol to the cluhs ant to the patient lJrofesso1's who haul to live through clztssrotnu "1u'tion" seettes. ' l s to our nuhlislter 'Xlr l H2lQgt'l'lX' ol' Leztntler Special zuiknowleclgetnent and grzltttut e goes l . . . . .. I 4 Puhlishing Co.. Cllticzlgo. who very generously zlpplietl his artistic' tlrive :tml talents to our rough designs. and Cl'CZllCii this polished eontlminzition of zu hzltful ol itlezts. Bruce Lihhy was the editor of this issue. Hurry NIt'Steen-ztssoriate erlitor. Ht-zxtls ol' sections were Bill Fanning-Stutlentsg Rm Kizior-.ictivitiesz Frztnk Higgins-Sports :intl History: :intl it 't 'tin lfr l"ttric'k lirzttlx' :incl Nlr. George Bill llromznm-Ilztrtogrupliy. I-'ztrultt Nlotlerut-mrs we - tg. . . I Polk. 81 -was h 5512. The S rzlem' C7116 Top row: R. In-lim-. l.ml, XS. Ilzixlilx R Imi X 5- ' . , , . . Xlcluiii ll. lilsk. ll. RlgllL'lIlll'l. B0ll0lll HIWZ l"l.l"l'C'l'lll1lll.fl.l'., l. Nll1lxil'ilI ll lfnlm W l"sl1 ' llll I lglll . . . . . 'if my I . Siiziglcr. R. Nlz R. Iiulwix Lllllflllgllll lil. llwcimiii. 0.l'.. ul. lmr. lf.. Xnsli. R. Kcliuc. W. Hzulik. in lmiulm ul lllllt' iulaix :iii ini Mill' ' ' ' ' ' ' . 1 V I .llll lmil in llim' 2lC'llXlll1'N of ll iiiviiilmv.-1' ul' ilic Ifciiixiclx 5l'lXl'Is' filllll. llc- l'K'2IlllL'S lliis lzicl wlicii lic' gc-ls up i'2lI'lli'li lliaiii llSll2ll lo liillill liis 8:00 .LM waxing zivigiiiiiviii. lluriiig Iliv mkliuol your. lim mziv ln- uillvil mi to wrxc l5c'm'ilic'liuii nr 2 sim-mizil Klum iii Ilia- gfllllllwllllll in zulmliliuii in luis ix-giilaii' ilSNlg'll!lll'IllS. .X im-ixiluci' ul llic Sc1'wiN' Clliilm llul imlx gains siipcl'i1zill1l'zil lmiiclils hy pc-i'l'm'iiiiiig his ilillim. lrul mlm lizix ai nliziiiw Io lczirii wnwlliiivg alum! llic' liturgy ol' llic Clliiircll. Il iw very lilwlx llizrl ai sc-iwvi' iiiiglil Iwmim- i'Sl?l'll2lllf ilvvolcrl in iliv lllcssvil S2l1'l'1llIli'lll. .is was Sziinl 'I'liuiii:ls Xllllllllli. Ilia- pzilmii ul lliv rliili. 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U.l', is lha- iiimlvizilm' ul thc' I-iiilml, Top Lcfl: Xli. glllllllllblll. IllI1'llHlI Xli. NlmX:iiiiziiil. l'iu1liiu'i: lfl, N'liiil1'ii. xlfIIll'llIlUl fil'llll'lA Lcfl: Xlr. SlJ2Il2lllUl'1l giuw cxplusiu- mliic-rliniix lu Mlm' Nl.lii'i murli In lhc' :ililzilm-iliviil nl lf. Xlumicy llllll lhiidi. Cvnlcr Right: Simciu ziml Nl. Sic-pin lull iiiiu iliziialcli-1' zxilh hm-lp ul rlirm-:lin :iinl Iiimlliu-ip Lowcr Lcfl: XY. SmliiiL'i1lc'i'. ll, lhics. :incl lf. Xlmiiivi rvlzrx lJL'll0ll' piilrlirc. Lowcr Right: Klzixl'-Ifimil Rim: ID. limlsaii. lf. Xliixlaiii. Xl. Nliiirzix. CQ ilcmlx. Xliilillc Rim: I XlLX:iiiizii:i. W. BL-ig. UI. llrixzi. Xl. Siu-pin. lu Xlmnii-i. bl, Nlziin-i'. llziclx Rim: QI. Yulvriii, ll Xll'XlllSlL'I. lb. Sham. l'. Ki-iiiiwlx. ll, Siu-io. W. Smliiwimlvi. ll. Ciimiliill 4513. X 34' 85 Canadian 71' 12 Another 'Noyztgt' it Qtu'-lm" topped the lSl5-l activities of l"enwicl4's "lfrcnch Colony." Greatly encouralgetl ln the line student co- operation and all-around Sllt't'l'S9 ol the tin- nztdian trip of two years ago. lfr. llertruntl Simard. 0.l'.. signin tnztde extensive and thorough prepztrzttion for ll ntost enjoyable journey "pour le ln'-nel'ice exclusif des f'llllli2llllS en l"rztncztis." lhirtr-two students signed up for this expedition into :tn utmos- phere of tezil French culture :nnid histori- czll places. Father SllIl2ll'CliS exciting itinerztry in- cluded such places its Windsor. loronto. Montreal, Quebec, the Shrine of Sztint-time de Beattpre, and the famous lhotnus .X. lidison Museum :tt Henry lfortl's Greenlieltl Village near Detroit. Scheduled ztntong ll week's husy ztctixities were guided tours of historic spots, two pilgriinnges. evening Solemn Mass ut Saint-Xnne de lleztuprt'-. an "moonlight cruise" on the St. l,z1wrencc aboard the S. Duc cl'0rleuns," "Diners Canadien, Speciztux, :intl Fl'klIlK.'2liS.H indoor swimming, and ll visit to the Royal tlunu- clizln Mounted Police lJ2ll'l'2ll'lxS :tl Ottztwu. Departure date for this 23500-inile trip by chartered fi1'C'yll0lllltl hus wus set lor June lvlth, the clay llflC'l' grznlttztlion. lj 1,21 Fond checks Fr. Sinutrd to see that he has forgotten nothing. 2D Au Revoir! See you in at week. flj Ready for departure! Front row: QI. f,Sll'2lllll1.'l'. W. Gorinatn. 'IQ Ryherg, K. Satin Back row: M. Kass. R. l,:1l'z1tz1. Nl. Grzrliznn Anconxt, -I. Allen. II. Selrztgio. W, Ro- sztti. I. Ryan. I. Preston, Ifr. Siinurd. R Frost. QI. Skrydlewski 45 Qtleheckility ol' wonder! 86 ge man C116 'llirougll the German Club, members lind an greater zippreeiznlion lor the Gernlzin language and culture. A change in die ranks ol' the Gerniun Club czune about this year when Fr. N. .'xSlll'lllJl'CllIlCl' replaced Fr. XV. Vain Rooy as modern- lor. Steve Mc'Sweeney, joe Keller, Llzick Dznnko, :ind NVilson Redlern served as president, vice-president, secreluri and ll'C2l9lIl'CI', reslx-c'1ix'ely. vlllll' flub lius or- ganized 21 live piece bzind and recorded nmny lolk songs which were replznyed :nl Lbe meetings ol' llle club. Cloniprlsing the lolk-bznld were 1'l1'2lllK Kruger, Bud Ennnons, Stain lluclx, Ken lllll2ll1SKl, zlnd Toni Vzivrek. Top picture: llelt lo Tlgllll l'.lllIllOllS. lloel. Crane. lluerinck. Ilznwis. Rus- sel :ind Fr. :xSllCIll7l'Clll1Cl' Middle picture: Gernmn Club Ollicers: Keller. Nlc'Sweenei'. Fr. .Xsl1enln'em1e1'. Ilznnko, Redfern BOIIOIII picture: Nun' lin' :I fiCl'Ill2lll lullwung- ein. lm-i. mlreif HT Y.C.S. juniors Standing: lfr. Hopkins, l'. Collins lVreu K. llzananski l'. Corhally J. Ostrander NV. llromann mt.. .N Seated: A. llerejka, Allen. A Koch. ml. Rvan. R. katis lfr. Welch Y.C.S. Seniors Standing: lfr. Ashenhrenner R. Kilior IJ. Cowdrill Seated: N. Nlarchelva R. Hoersch ll. Valenti Il. Marston Morrissey Y.C.S. Sophomores Standing: ll. Ryan Il. Gray ll. Long Fr. Freemzm Seated: II. Carney. Al. Ifrquhart R. Spvchalski N. XViech -I. ligan Hoang Gztlt olic Studen tA As part of specialized Catholic Action in Chicago talong with the Young Christian Worker- ind Christian Family Nloveineutj. Y.CZ.S. is the ollicial religious UI'g1lllil2ili0Il for Fenwick students Being strictlv a lay organization. its direction comes from student leaders representing thc Nlidtvest High School Region and Chicago Federation of Young Christian Students. Open to all lfenwick students, who may join as either leaders or team memhers, thit organization tries to help the student in development ol' the whole man hy showing him thc lull meaning ol' his vocation as a stttdent. .Xt each weekly meeting a systematic' study of thc Gospels helps the ltaders to attain a tuore personal knowledge of Christ, while a corresponding studv ol' the liturgy leads them to greater appteriation of their place in the Mystical Iiodv lfinallv, the social inquiry shows YCIS memhers ways and means of removing ohstacles tic Christian perfection which exist in their student environment. The annual YCZS retreat held each fall at Childs-rlv provides initial motivation for thc coming school YCZIIX Spiritual direction is given to ln ktuclent-run attivitv hy lfrs. Hopkins Xschenhrenner. lfreeman. and Welch. The year H054 should witness the lull llowering' ol' thi: voutltful organization. which tripled its ntemhership during' its past school vear. S8 gif e, Came a 611164 Top picture: Seated: S. Nlc'Swc-rin-y. ll. Kel- ler. li. Hnnlcr. l'. Nlinllis. R. l.:xl'nuzt. Standing: Mr. Slrggt-x'l unod eralorl. ll. Nnlun. Il. lllll'Ilt'll H. l'oll1n'tl. W, Srllullt-lp I.. St-nllnun. R. Kclmc, Second picture: Senior Slmrpslmota-xx slmul strxligll t. Third picture: lfr. Nlzulrick explains ilu- working of llle Cllllllgfil' :incl the l'2llllCl'1l to .X. Huslw, Il. Nltilztll, K. lllllilllilil, illltl li. Conley. Bottom picture: Front row: R. vl'l0Clltllf. R. Houillon. R. Knlmzuki. .L Hzlske, XY. l.t-o1mnl.t:. tlznnlm- lmell, R. fltlllllllill Second row: K. lllll2lllSlil. R. Baker. -I. Wren, lf. l'illlg'L'l'2lltl. ll. tlanninrk. ll, l'wm11t-3. R. Powell Third row: il. Sllll2lll5t'l'. CI, NICI-lneri. .L Ruin. W. Koon- nn. ll. Nltllull. ll. KlllltlNL'll. I. xliltilkllllllll. l-.. tnillvx. Uvcational lectu eA Dr. C. F. Gerald R. Rf. Felton Nf. J. Day Chemical Engineering Import-Export Xletallnrgy Aj. li. Chestnut Nl. George Salt-swork Chairman The Fathers' Club made possible four vocational lectures during the year, mainly through the eflorts ol' Mr. Nlichael Gt-orgen, who enlisted the services ol' four men who are experts in their holds. Mr. M. Day addressed the student body in the first ol' these talks, pointing out the many opportunities existing in the field of metallurgy. Mr. Day has been Closely associated with industrial metallurgy and research and holds several patents on inventions which are involved in the making ol' steel. A distinguished man in sales work, Mr. -Iznnes E. Chestnut, presented the second of the talks. Mr. Chestnut started as a salesman for Ditto, Inc. in Phila- delphia and soon rose to manager ol the Buffalo ollice. In 1938, he became man- ager of the Chicago office. He is also ll director and past president ol the Sales Executive Club ol' Chicago. "Chemical Engineering" was the subject explained by Dr. C. F. Gerald. Dr. Gerald works in the development ol' new processes for the petroleum refining industry. I-le is an outstanding man in the chemical engineering field. The final speaker of the series was Mr. Russell M. Pelton, who is in the import-export business. Mr. Pelton became interested in foreign trade during the war. The company which he heads is primarily engaged in the exportation ol' flood-stuffs to Europe. 90 oo n 111111111 I1 Bonne. Dr. Herbert R11111e1- 0 ll' Io 1 K 1lhoIi1' College. 714541-e tl: Con e ence fllll' series ol' SCIIll-Zlllllllill N2ll2lI'Clll Clonl'erenees l111ve entered into their eighth s11ec'essl'111 ye11r. The cto11l'e1'e11cies are sponsored by tl1e school to liztnliliarize 1221161115 Zlllll students witl1 w11ys ol' 0VCl'K'UlIIlllg problems which confront parents Zlllll their teen-ugers. Fe11t11red 111 these meetings 11re noted 1111thorities on pertinent problenis, who present their helpl'11l views 11nd zidviee. Spirituztl, moral, Zllltl physical aspects are 11ll discussed 111 length. Scheduled talks are followed by 21 question Zlllll answer period. 'l'wo eon1'erenees highlighted this YCZIIJS IJZITCIII-SlllllSIll relzttions. The first w11s entitled "Choosing il College lor Your Son." Speakers lor t11is occasion were Rev. john 'lf Bonne O,l'.. Zllltl Dr. Herbert Ratner. March 23rd mztrked 1116 d11te for tl1e second C'Olll.6l'Cllt'C whieh was entitled "Cl11tl1olic Home rllfillllllig lor Purity." Dr. George .Xndrew 11nd Fr. Townsend served 11s panelists for tl1e xl2ll't'1l eoiilerenee. Nlr. .Iohn NleDern1ott was t'lllllI'l1l2lIl ol' botl1 meetings. 'l'l1e Conferences bring 11bo11t il lllklllllifllfl good, zicquainting parents with don1in11nt probleins ol' tl1e d11y, expert viewpoints for t11eir solution, and thoughts ol other p11rents, Zlllil providing 21 1ion1n1on IIICCUIIQ--211111 discussion-urea. In this Wlly, tl1ey 11elp provide Il btittressing elleet i11 tl1e l1on1e for CIltlllI'EI1lt'IlIl of tl1e principles taught i11 sehool. 91 14 tronomq and K div 671164 ASTRONOMY CLUB The Astronomy Club is one of Fenwick's least publicized, yet most active groups. Founded in 1951, the club enjoys a total membership of twenty boys, the majority of that number being freshmen. Rev. M. Hopkins serves as club moderator. The organization meets once a week, with elected oflicers presiding and parliamentary procedure being observed at all times. At present the club is building a new telescope which will be much larger than its present six inch reflector. Twice a year, as in regular credit courses, tests are given. These determine how much each member has absorbed during the past semester. Each member is responsible for a lecture to the club on some phase of astronomy during the year. RADIO CLUB Fenwick's Radio Club, one of the school's more technical organizations, has been active for eight years. 'Directed by Fr. Robinson, the club has grown into a highly efficient group. Fr. Determan, faculty radio enthusiast, also helps the boys at meet- ings although not ollicially connected with the organization. Meetings are usually held on Friday evenings from seven to ten o'clock, and are sometimes scheduled for Wlednesday al'- ternoons during the winter. The radio room is open almost every afternoon to members who want to work on their radios. This year, because of larger membership-now over thirty- and more equipment, the radio room was moved from the Phys- ics Lab to tower room 41. Main unit of equipment is the phone station, BC-610 type, which operates on 75 or 20 meters. A club subdivision is the novice class station, which Fr. Robinson es- tablished two years ago. Boys in this group have the privilege of operating, as do licensed members. but on a smaller scale. Trustee for the club this year is Dhooge. He is respon- sible lor the use of the school station, and sees to it that only licensed members use it. Those members are R. Parsons and R. Green on the phone station and B. Robinson, C. Giannoni, and F. Dawson on the novice station. 92 14 tronomy and H div C'lu6A Astronomy Club Bottom row: ll. lfilzgcmltl N. l.2lllt'ZlSlCI KI. 'l'llOllCl' XY. fl0l'lIl1llili R. Ingersoll tlznnpbcll Second row: S. Clcnck li. tionlc-5 K. Ongcnlzuln K. judy Standing R. liolmzuuk QI. SCIHIIHIII ,L Koch l'.Cl'gllN0ll j. Cionlc-3 l.. .Xllcu l'. Kim: Fl. Hopkins .xSll'UllUllll fllub llll'llllll'I'N grind llltfix' lcnsc lol homo- llliltll' lclc'sc'opc. Radio Club Supcrtisvml by lfr. Robinson. ll. llllooga- runs lllllilltlll' 1:1- dio Slillltlll. ullilc Robinson. Kl'1lllliUWSlxl. und lbzuwcm look on. Radio Club Seated: XY. Robinson Bitch -I. Ilboogc- lf. llzuvson Halle 'I. .Xmlrt-tx Standing: l"1'. Robinson. l . Slcbol' . kl'2llllx0ltSlxl I.. fit'fl'l' 0. Huglmcw R. lloflswcll W. llzulik ti. Cmuplucll .I R 93 Pa ent! 71' lat Upper left pieture: linger lD2ll'l'll1h lD2l11Clll11' w11it 11lt'll' l111'11 111 111111. Lower right picture: 1'11l11lCl' lispeso l'XlJ12llllh 11111111111 11111 111 1ll1C'l'L'Sll't1 lll1ll1lCl' 111111 t12ll1. Middle picture: 1.119 'I11iew iiilllliif' lllSIJL'i1 1k1l1l'1IlUt11 1111t11. Upper right picture: i'12l11lCl' xY2l11L'l' CX10lll15 greet- iugw. Center: Nlrs. R111111ey 111111 S1111 get 1'i2ll1ll'l' 'l lll1xi'l'1S 11pi11i1111. Lower eenter left: 1,110 111' l'i2ll1lL'l' i'i1S1ll'l"S S1llt1t'll1h tlYL'l'1lf'1ll'S mine 11111sl1'111'lixe 11'iti1is111. Lower eenter right: 1'12l11l1'li l1l'1l'l'lllllll 111111su1ls 5111- tiwli1s iitll' 1ll1L'l'1'S1K't1 1iste11e1's. B11tt11l11: F11t11e1' R1111i11s1111 11ifa1'11ss1-S p11ssi11i1ities 111' LI 1'11t111'e pl1yui1'is1. ,Xlter t11e 11151 lit'llOl'1 1'111'11s Ill'l' l't'lil'lXlt1 111 the lJ2ll'Cll1S. 1't'llWlt'1'i 11115 I111' 11111111111 x'11111111111'y lllCC11llg' IJCLWCCII t11c 1v1lt'll11y IllClll1JCl'S 111111 111e lJ2ll'C'll1S to get lllll1ll2l11V 111'1l1111i111e11 111111 111 11is1'11ss the IJITJQTCSS 111' their s1111s' work ill se1111111. Beside 1llSlJCt'l1llg 11111' 511111111 1i1111111'y, 1-l111pe1, 111111 gym, 1110 lD2ll'Cll1S were 11111e, t11is yC1ll', 111 we 11lC lJl'0glil'SS 111 11111' new 111111iti1111, w11i1'11 1lll'1lll1CS 1110 11111110111 1'111'ete1'i11, t11e illlgt' 111111it111'i11111, 111111 11111111' 1'111ss1'1111111s. v1'1lll1s, they 111111 t11e tlllllfhlllllllly 111 see iN'1lt'l'C 211111 111' w1111111 their s1111s 11111- t'UllllJ1C1C'1y e1111111te11--11111 111111' lllL'll12l11y 11111 111511 p11ysi1'1111x' 211111 1111111111 91 160' To 1: fiilllllllillll' lm' l'11ilc-ml Iiiiml of I':l1'n-uri' Kllulms lu l'mnmIc Xlusl Sx1u'cssl'lll xllll I bras llullu' of IUGI. Ccnlvrz XIUHICIN4 Cilulm Oilncls - Rm, f1Ill'Nll'l Hu-lx. O,I'.. Klux. NY. -l1ll'XiN. NIM. C.. hxmn NIH. X. lxrrpcmlu, Xlrs. XIIIIIIIIUII. NIH. K-. xxllllfllll. Xlrx. II. lim-zlrxl. liullmn: Clamcliml f.llIllL'l2l ul llu- xlllflli 1-rm UI'l'USl'l li l'.XfLli Top left: l't2IIlIl'li' Club lIll'IllIN'l'N lu I-',mnums. Rm. H. Ihzuly 0.l'.4 XX. lim-null. lf. K.rc'aul1m Top right: W, I'.K'l'gllNUIl. Pu-Q, lh-:ull Bottom: l,2lI'l'Illi u'ul'lx on l':ul'c-Ill! Xiglml Illotlne 1 ?atlae1-A' C7116 During twenty-three of l"enwic'k's twenty-five years, the Mothers' Club has been an active organization, most successful in its many programs and projects aitned at helping the school. This year's president was Nirs. Harold NI. Beard. mother of one of our juniors. lfor the past two years Father Myers has been honorary president. As with all other clubs, the Mothers' Club follows a busy standard schedule. 'l'he First Friday of the month is its regular meeting day. .Xnnual highlights are the Day of Recollection. the Nazareth Conferences, and the Symposium. Art outstanding accoiuplislnnent of the past year has been the establishtnent of a much-needed meeting room. Were any of the K1lub's former members to return, thev would see the astonishing results of the Mothers' ability to convert Fr. lispescfs antiquated Biology laboratory into a pleasant, comfortable lounge. .Xctive membership in the lfathers' Club affords both profitable and pleasant ways for fathers to add to the fulfillment of their obligations in rearing and educating their sons. Not only are means provided for better understanding between father and son. bitt activities con- ducive to better personal and spiritual companionship are engaged in to bolster that under- standing. The Communion Breakfast held on january fllst was one of these activities, its success indicated by excellent attendance. .X combined ellort of the lfathers' and Mothers' Clubs resulted in a very successful Nlardi Gras Dance on February 27th. This allair, planned as a Fenwick family night for parents. students. and their dates. featured novel dances, good food, colorful costumes. nutnerous priles and enjoyment for all. 97 'Q :ag -I 'Tfjw ww mn, glam mx ,ff -.of Lcfl Column: Cc-nlcr Column: Right Column: I. ,Xlllul1'11ls?lf I. Xmmu' xxzml an fllznllw? I. 23115 I'.XI. 2. Bllllg' fm IIIL' alum 2. IIIICYIIIISQIUII :ul II1r'SIx:1lI11g I'LlllX, 2. ,XI II1c NUIKIIIUIII IInlL'I Inio 1 4 I. Ou c' Im' IIN' mzul. plum' V,-' X, "' 8 nv . Eff N . ,M if NRM .fu J wk Q Y 'PI 'N ,vim I--.gf .I. Iusl In-Iorc lhc Imll. II. ISL-illg"c'o:lrI1c1I lo f:I'L'Cll Iilx ...md J? F gunna CI. IIIIKIQIIIII' Julilivizllls. A I a In Imokslm I. IIIISIIIUS5 is Imonling' ll l .4 ..-'-"Q ff' 9 MF wa Q 1 Wa 'mmm 4 552344 S, 'ixk Vi? if . z 'wx 1? x XX A JV :gf Q .47 ,h . , - -I, 3 .2 ,u qyl m s.- sq.. ,J V' I I-u AX. if 1, x"3V '?3'1N,"x .o. ' 'll R -N .af-.,,. .gg - s .' 'V . M- ,PZ c?"I5' if? aff- -+1 ' A " . ' 'nf.2f:l4fS -- , , 1. 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R211 X11111-sh. 1.2l1'l'f l'i11llIl, 1iUI'IllL'Z' Ii111- 1'11z1111. 111111 1Y111'1'1-11 511-11-11s 111111 11llY 111'111'i111-11 1'iL'1l1S11'1i 151111 p11I1li 1-ily i11 111l' 111111 1.1-1111-N 1111' 11111111 111115. 1Xl'1'1' 111111 1111-11-. 15111111-1' 1I1'1111'r:. 11111- 11'I i1' 11111-111113 IPI'l'91'1l11'l1 1111- 11111111 1Vl11l Il Si11'1-1' .X1111i11-14111-1 gi1'1. 211111 N111 1.111111-ss, :1f11-1' ll 1i1111- 1'1-111i11is1i11g. 11ll'Ill'11 1111- 1111111-s 111 111-1-x1-111i11g g11'1s 111 1'i1l11l1'I' 111111111 111111 f111'1111-1' 1111111-111 11i1'1-1'1111's. 1"11 XI111'g1111' 1111111-1' 111111 Fr. 11111111-11 N1i111- R111111111. NUI'- pris1'11 211111 1111I1l11. 1111s 111-sig111111-11 1'11l1111i11 101 1111- 1'11111i11g's1-115011. 511-111 111111l1111111, f111111 1111- Sllll- I'i1111-s. 1111-S1-1111-11 -1111111 fillli- 11111 111111 1111- 51111-111111-s 2l1X'1lI'11 1111- 1111- f1111l'1lg'17S 1lll1N12lIl11lllg 111111111111 lD11l1'l'1' 111 19511. C. W. 111-1111. 111' 111L' 1'i1l11lL'l'.S 1111111. was 11l1'g1'1f 1'1-wI11111wi1111- 11111' 1111- S11111-ss 111 1111- 11l1l1l1'l'. 111111 111 111111111111 X11-11 1111111'1111111l1I1x11111111-1111111111-111 1111 112I1l1llI1'1. 1'L'1l1Y1l'1x 1121111118 111111' 1111-i1' Q1-1114 1111 1111 1111 X11l'11 ll1llI1'1. 1111 1111- S111-11111-rs' 1111111- 111111 its 111-1 OTZIIIHIIS, 11-111 1101111112111 lll'1'91'll1S '111111 f11ll'l'1111 111111 1111- 51111-1 11111-s 111111111 1111' 1.1111'11g11Q 11111 sl:11111i11g 1111111-1 111 11153, F13 11 1111 s1 1117111111111 Q1-11s1111. 1111111111111 NQIIIZI11 111111-. 1111' 11111111 11111111-. 1112 '11111-1' :11111 XI1. 1,1lW11'iS 11is1'11wsi11g Rox. lf. R. Cro Xthlotic llircttor Coaching Staff 1'Cl11S1l'1iiS grout uthlotic trutlition hus 110011. in lurgo purt, u rostilt 01 lho hurtl work 111' tho ouutllos. ir11o. your u1'lor xour. huro put iurth loums 111 tho illgilljhl Luhht r. .X 1!i'Wt'U11ll'1' to this illttstriuus group 01' mon is tho Rov. lf, R Lrmxo. O.1'., who sttooootls tho Rox. N. X101'g'Illll112lilT1', 0.12. us .Xlh lntit llirortor. lfr. C1rowo is himsolf u g1'2ll1lli1ll.' of lfonwiok from th cluss 01' '2ST. In his first your of 2lt1l1111l1Sl1'lll1tDll lfriur loums t'0lll1l1l1lTt1 to lixo up to thoir long'-siuntling truclitirm. "Six Yours of Sticu-ss" multi ho tho titlo of Bill Shux's FCllXX1l'1x story. lukmg' uror tho ltrtur huskolhull loums in 1919. Nlr. Shuv pro 41116611 six junior :mtl six sonior toums with uhnost us llllllly orowils 111'11'iiIlL:' him in mt uimiuimi tho iimst hu lnthlll nliml in tha. tit 4 11 . 11 . ' " Sis' 2 ' Y. During his two xours ut lfonwirk, Lino Couch I'ut Nuttglitrm turnocl Utlt u hno puir of fnrwurcl wulls. Such mon us Rug Sowoll Pole liltming Bill X1 - 1 - . ukol, und .john Klurmll honofittotl groutlv irom his inslrtttticm. Shorty uftor tho tlnso 01' tho 15153 soustm, Nlr. Nutlgl' 'ids' tml 1o1't lfonwiok tor u cwucluiug ussigmnont ut Ilotroit lhixorsity umlol Wullr 1'il'UIl111Gll'l. lho 151.11 SWIIIIHIIIIQ sousoh wus lust mio nmro xour of triumph im Dun O'11rioll. to wliotil stlrross is IlU1111Ilg IICW. Bositlos ilC111g tho most iumous 5W1ll1I1l111g ouurh in t11o city. Mr. O'15rion Iuys tho fnumlutiun for mum' fllturo griflircxn sturs in his rolo of froshmon foothull ooufll N11 X '. Vm. Shuy skothull tluucli Nlr. l', Nuuglutmi Lino Clouoh 1 Nlr. 11. 0'11rion SW1lll1ll1Ilg Couch ' 103 Front row Ql to rj: 2nd row: Eird row: Back row lklsxlzlk, I". Rcylmlmls, lf. NIcNicl1uls. Cl. jalcksmx. Dl'VCl'l'llX. liurns KZ, Nlzlcldzl, P. 0'Rcilly, R. lfilippi. l.zlwlu1p KZ. Bcvlll. A. Cloluui Qlglxjg XIQHIKICII. ll. ll2ll'l. XV. Bulger. NI. Nhnlkzl, Nl. Rzlhuhl Ib. Slalom, Bifck, NI. fLl':ll1:1n1. 5l'llICY5l'l'. X. l.:1Y1llliL', N. NIzn'zzlL'1l A. l"m'ln'i1I1 1-Mgllj R. All'.xlglIllll', flilllill l.z1wlc'ns, Ifr. f.lKHkL', O.I'., lf. Nlzwivcfnski, K. Rokus. R. xVil'kIllllllL'l', Il. Klzllwoll Iifllllllj. Vl'. Skrymllcwski, G. .'xl'kl'l'lllllllll, bl. Wznfcn, ll. lflcming, R. Gzlllu, R. llunlzxp. Al. linyxu-. l'. Xuuglxlmu rXl.im- muclry, lb. 0'lh'icn Ylk'l'l'lliHCI'j. W. lloyd, 'Il Slcskzll, Bmvcrs, IL. llllllli, Rcicly, H. C1'z1wfm'd. I". Climino, NI. Fillictllio, CL. Klzlllzlhzln, R. Bcsllk, R. Krcilm. rl.owcr lcflj lfighling lfriurs Clltlll hungry Whlvcs! W mm gg .... 'r-:- 1, , 02,3 .,... ?oot6 ll With the entire lirst-string backfield ol' H352 departed. tl1is year's squad based its hopes mainly on a splendid line. built around Captain .lohn Carroll at Center. Coach Lawless shilted George Rauzi lroni lullbaek to guard, where he starred throughout the season. loin Steskal and Dave Fleming alternated at the other guard slot. with big Spike XVodka and Nike Rabold at taekle. Carl Madda and Dirk Filippi gave Fenwick two ol' the linest ends in the league. Shewbridge Field and a warm, sunny day in early Septeinber provided the baekground lor Fenwit-k's lirst game, an exhibition contest with the highly rated I.eo, lavored by many lor the South Section title, .Xs expected. the game proved to be a defensive struggle with neither team scoring in the lirst hall. Finally leo drew lirst blood with a third period touchdown scored by Ioe Gorman on a six-yard dash. However. the Friars lought bark with halI'bat'ki Ron lieshk going oll' tackle twelve yards lor the equalizer as the third quartet' neared its close. Beshlis conversion but Fenwiek ahead 7-li. A luntble by Fenwick on their own fourteen yard line set up the g2lIllClS linal score. A brilliant goal line stand went lor nought when a penalty put the ball on the two, from where the Lions pushed it over tor a I3-7 victory. 1 W' ij! Holy Trinity was the next team on the list, and the Friars proved their ability with a 26,12 victory. The Tigers were reputed to have their best team in years, and it was not without a fierce struggle that they went down to defeat. Both fullback Bill Holger and halfback Bud Reynolds scored in the first half for Fenwick. Reynolds on a 51 yard run, and the score stood I3-0 at the intermission. However, in the second hall' Holy Trinity demonstrated a surprisingly sharp passing attack, and two last Tiger touchdowns brought the score to I3-I2. Once more the tide turned as a high pass from center gave Fenwick the ball on Trinity's 17. Two line smashes by Bolger were enough for the score, and after the kick-off Ron Beshk intercepted a Holy Trinity pass. With john Hoyne calling signals, the Friars marched to the 24, from where Beshk hit Reynolds with a touchdown pass, Ronls extra point making the final 26-12. XVith this league victory safely stored away, the Friars traveled to Green Bay, X'Visconsin, for an exhibition game with a powerful eleven from Central Catholic High. Fenwick, incidentally, was the only Chicago team undefeated by Central through the years, and it was with this in mind that the players took the field on the first Saturday night in October. Rain fell periodically during the contest, but it failed to drown the enthusiasm of the many Fenwick students who had accompanied the team to Green Bay. A concentrated ground attack provided Fenwick's first touchdown, as Bill Bolger and Bud Reynolds tore wide holes in the Central line. Finally Reynolds went over front the five after faking a pass. Ron Beshk's extra point gave the Friars a 7-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. ln the second period, Left: R. Beshk T. Steskal C. Boltz C, Raufi W. Bolger R. Filippi I'. 0'Reilly Reynolds Sleskal Rabold Below: Klarroll llicek Nl. XN'otlka after a tight defense had forced Central to punt, Beshk hit Reynolds on a 49 yard pass play for a touchdown, Ron's second conversion making it 14-0. Immed- iately, however, the Cadets struck back and marched to Fenwick's 14 yard line. Then quarterback Dave Keifer passed to end Jim Gillis for the score, and Gillis booted the extra point. Thus the score stood 14-7 at half-time. During the intermission the rain fell quite heavily, but it subsided just as the teams began to play. The third quarter was scoreless with both teams playing a good defensive game. In this game, as in all others, Captain Jack Carro1l's play was outstanding both on offense and defense. In the final stanza. Beshk crossed the goal line after setting up the touchdown with a pass to Reynolds. The attempt for the conversion failed, and the score read 20-7 in Fenwick's favor. Desperately Central began to move and Keifer scored on a sneak after a fine display of quarterbacking. However, after Fenwick received the kickoff, they retained possession till the final gun for a brilliant 20-14 win. By this time the team was rapidly developing into a well-organized machine, with a more experienced backfield. At quarterback Joe Lawlor and John Hoyne had turned in fine performances, while the elusive running of halfbacks Frank Reynolds and Ron Beshk had caused great confusion among Fenwick's opponents. Bill Bolger was carrying the load at fullback, ably backed- up by joe Bicek. Fresh from their Green Bay triumph, the Friars turned their next contest with St. Ignatius into a rout, smashing the WVolves by a 25-0 score. St. Ignatius had its good moments on defense, but the Ignatius backs were unable to pene- trate the Fenwick line and were repeatedly forced to punt. Ends Carl Madda and Dick Filippi harassed the St. Ignatius air attack by many times breaking through on the passer. Ron Beshk, Bud Reynolds, joe Bicek, and Bill Bolger all scored for Fenwick, the lone extra point of the game being kicked by Bolger. Opposite Page First row: D. Splon, C. Madda, F. Reynolds Second row: J. Schlesser, D. Fleming Third row: j. Hoyne, j. Burns, J. Lawlor Below: R. McArthur, M. Rabold, W. Boyd 4 fat? 77 N Q -img' .V '1 ,:. . 1- " -. Y . :I y -gggxv .fm , li A .,f .. ygyaaf, ima gd' -' 6 S M I 'ALI :LA " 1-Vf "" - 'V .. iw, S 5? 6 """' " L71 .. :' 1 . H Mr? 'Q' 4Qnnb1v' ...nf Top row: .K lfriztt' n'l'ztppc'cl up in his work. .X Knight in at clark lll0lllt'lll. Now, wllvn you get in llIt'l'l'. wt' . . Knight on inxisihlv liorsc. On thc' lollowinq Suntlztx' 'tt lox'ol't SH li " i i 4 - it lllll lllt' l'l'l'll'S t'lll'OlllllCl't'tl rzttlici' ttticxpcftc-rl opposition lrotn at spiritul Loyola lt'2ll1l. Tha- clztv was hright :intl sunny. :incl soon nrmx' ol' tht' Rzttnhlcrs' lollowcrs h tcl ic tson to hz ' ' ' ' . 1 . . -. 1 'optimistic ovci' their tcztnfs t'liztt1t'c's. .Xt thc vml ol' tht' Iirst hall' l"L'IlXK'll'li lul hx' onlv at IV-ti score, ztntl :tt thc linztl outfotnt' thc l'il'l2ll'S tnztnztgctl to Clic ottt :tn ll?-l-ti lvictort. l"CIlXVlt'li stztrtctl lztst with Ron Iicshla storing soon Ill-ICI' tht' kickoll, hut tht: Rztinhlcfrs hcgztti to show ll tight clCl'cnsc whifh mztintztinccl itscll' in sports lllI'0llgllOlll thc g2llllC. Bvshl-L lzttci' scored at tottchclown, thc other scorc huing proviclccl hy Bud Rcynolcls. For good, oltl-fztsllionctl loothztll nothing could ctlttztl l'wL'lHVll'lliS ncxt two clztslies with at pair ol' hittct' rivals. lhc liist ol' tliestt. the Knights ol' St. Mel, 110 Bottom row: What'll it bc? Heads oi tails? lrriars to the lcfl ol hnn. l'i'iars to the right ol linn . . "NYhal goes on lime?" lought a saiagc delensive battle with the l"i'iars at Roc-kne Stadiuni, in which Fenwick finally enierged the victor by a scant ti-0 count. However, the triumph proved costly, lor Carl Madda, the crashing end, was carried oll thc licld with a broken leg. This was the second ol' three bad breaks which Fenwick received in its lootball lortunes. The lirst canie when Pete Fleming, who seenicd destined lor a brilliant year in Fcnwick's line, was ruled ineligible to play, belore the season began. The lonc touchdown ol' the gaine was scored on a line smash by Bill Holger. At St. Philip Stadium. the lfriars niet another ancient loe, and, as in the clash with St. Mel, thc ganic was marked by vicious blocking and tackling and hard, straight football. The Fenwick line held the Gaels back throughout the long afternoon with 'lack Carroll dropping one runncr alter another in his 111 Bolger tears a hole in the "Dragon-net." tracks. Nobody penetrated Spike Wodka's slot at tackle, and George Rauzi, Tom Steskal, Mike Rabold, and Dave Fleming sparkled in their play. Pete O'Reilly filled in capably for Carl Madda at end. The final score was I4-0 in Fenwick's favor, and Bill Holger, whose running was a high point of the game, scored both touchdowns, the first of these coming on a long, break-away run. Ron Beshk passed to Bud Reynolds for the first extra point and kicked the second himself. When St. Philips passing game began to click, Carroll inter- cepted one of the tosses to clinch the decision for the Friars in the last quarter. All season long the Dragons from St. George had matched Fenwick victory for victory, and the North Section title rested on the following Sunday's game at Hansen Field. The players were hopeful at the prospect of avenging last year's defeat at the hands of St. George, but during the week preceding the game it was learned that John Hoyne would not see action because of a leg injury which he suffered in the St. Philip game. Thus the squad was weakened by the loss of two of its regulars for the season's biggest game. Nevertheless, en- thusiasm ran high as the teams took the field before an almost capacity crowd. The Friars started off with a bang, drawing hrst blood from the Dragons with a downfield ground march. Bill Holger and Ron Beshk followed Jack Carroll through openings in the St. George line until the Friars found themselves deep in Dragon territory. At one point the drive appeared to stall, but Joe Lawlor dropped back and hit Bolger with a pass to pick up the first down. Soon the ball was moved to within striking distance, and Beshk drove over for the score. The conversion was missed, and Fenwick led for the last time, 6-0. After the kickoff St. George, failing to gain in the mighty Fenwick line, resorted The "Thundering Herd" engulfs St. Mels on the plains of Rockne Stadium. Cheerleaders: tl to ry lfr. Nici-owau, H. Crane. Harvey. R. Spvclialski, Kerekes. liukovsky, Ci, Yondruska. R. Powell. 'l'. Graves. to the air, and pass interference set up the lDragon's first touchdown. The extra point was niade, giving St. George a 7-6 advantage. Once more the Friars engi- neered a magnificent drive with Bolger time and again finding daylight in the George line. Fenwick penetrated to within the 10 yard line. but there the attack failed as the half drew to a close with the Dragons leading by a score of 7-6. 'l'he second half changed the picture completely, for St. George immed- iately turned on a devastating air attack which left the final score 33-6 in their favor. The Dragon quarterback, Doug Stretf, found open targets in his ends, Aykroid and lN'ulll', and his passes opened the door for four additional touch- downs before the game ended. Despite the score the losers could hold their heads high in defeat. Holger and Carroll, whose true greatness was recognized by all, especially stood out, and not onee did the team lose its spirit. even when the score was obviously beyond its reach. lleshk skirts the pack. heads for thc wide open spaces. Q ll? Et- eAlaman ?ovt6all 1953 Freshman Football Squad lst row: K. Leahy. l'. 0'llt'icn, X. l'at'1'illi. I'. Xlalsh. XY. llcnlschcl. Iioritlcle. li. Xlc'Gttrn ll.C1itnino.ll. Rigali. A. llanhry. R. Nlacltla. 'l'. loolvy, l'. l't-llcgrino. 2nd row: l'icl4cll. li. Stanton. ll. lwlilllllillllill. llart, R. sll0fliL'f'. l'. Dawson. R. lfinn. l' O'lSt'icn. R. llonahnc. 'l'. lfcltllittsvti. R. Skelton. XY. l.cnnon. NY. Hnnyacly. lwijatk 3rd row: l.. Alntly. l.. Snllixan. ll. Crillitli. X. l'icru'. l. llnrkc ul. Sullivan. ll. Nlc'Gt1irc- NI. xlL'fi0YCI'll. l"l'l'gllSUll. ll. Ncttlclon. bl. Nlattino. 4th row: lft. Crowe. Kasper. Boyle. R. O'KIonncIl. K. llanv. KL. Papo. Shotscl lNlgt'.ij ll. O'lh'icn ltloaclil. 'l'hus thc tm-:nn closc-cl its sc-ason with a t'cc'ot'd ol' six wins and only two clclcrats, a total which incluclccl lintr wins ova-r cil'Ci'll Bay Central. and St. Philip two powcrlnl fluhs. Truv, no l'll2llll1Jl0llSllllJS wort' won, lint this is not always thc lncasutc ol' a great tcain. lfot' haul. slmiritccl loolhall this yn-ar's team will bt long t'cti1c1i1l1c1'ccl ilw its l'ollmx'ci's. How others sce us . . . momentarily. liaflt row: fxlztlltlillg--1 In lil-l"I'. lllmw. K. stlll 1 Rnw . . 1 ' tllc row: R, Sn ' ' . . A' .K .Swcc 1 , n' -. jnots. '. S 'it " "INK ' XVI 2 1. . I . . 'Q ' . . -Ii'I'g,fi. '- a': '1f.. Q. Wiwiiei' liottmn piflurc: Cluzlth 511:15 consults st'01'et', Higgins :intl 11lllL'l'. I.nc'l'. Senio Kulzetb II Fight is tertznnly one nl the greatest ln1lt'101'S nl sl1t'c't'ss in zinytlnng. Ihlh yczirk lmztskctlmztll teznn rztn verily than. 'l'hc- lfriznis, liztmlicztppecl in the height clepztrtinent, m'erc':tn1c' this clelifit :ind wouncl up their 1515-1 xc-:tsuil in secnnrl place in the North Sec-tion of the Clzitliolit- League. Sporting za 21 :incl ti rt-Corcl, the Frizirs were zthly coztcliecl by N111 Bill Shay who hats cnnsisteiilly lJ1'flClllCC'Kl top-flight tennis lien' :tt Fenwick. Returning' letternit-n Holm Sullivan. Ken Rmelli, :intl -joe Gztspers were ininetl hy Hike XV:tlsh, Nifk Hztvilztncl. :intl Stun Kiliztn to lfmrin the llllflilltilll' ol' this ye:n"s teznn. 1Vztlsh :incl llztvilznicl were nntstzintling lloornien: Roselli, Gztspers, :incl Kiliztn pmviclecl the relmnnclingz :incl Sullivan lecl the tcznn in SC'01'l1lg'W11l1fil1illJ0il1lS.Sl1t'lI ineinhers 1191121111 Sweeney. llzin Figiel, Bill Sc-lnic-ic1c'i', :incl Clliztrley Mc'li11t'i'y hztckecl the teznn in i'csn'i'x'e strength. 115 Senior Ka lee t6 II In deleating Mendel High School 86 to lil in the Iirst game ol' the season, Fen- wick opened the door to a winning streak to be ultimately snapped at ten by the St. Rita aggregation. The second game found Fenwick crushing St. lXliehael 76 to 26 with Bob Sullivan, captain ol' this year's team, leading all scorers with 21 points. Taking the Fenwick Round Robin in stride, the Friars defeated St. Philip in the preliminaries and captured the tourney crown by beating XVeber to 30. Mike Vfalsh, who was brought up lrom the jun- iors along with Nick Haviland, was the high scorer with I6 points. Next, Fenwick chalked up three victories on three consec- utive davs beating l.eo, Ile La Salle. and Mount Carmel. Again Fenwick met I.eo and lor the second time defeated them, this time by a score ol' '19 to 357. Sullivan re- peated his role ol high-scorer by hitting lor 25. Following this the Friars won their ninth straight game ol' the season by out- running De l.a Salle 76 to 65. Notable were the F554 points scored by captain Bob Sullivan, the best single game total lor the year. Fenwick had no trouble in disposing ol' Gordon 'I'ech 69 to 23 in their lirst en- counter ol' the St. George Tournament, but, in the following game with St. Rita, the Fighting Friars fell victim to deleat lor the lirst time this vear by a score ol' 56 to 45. XI'aIsh and Haviland scored I2 and II points respectively, but their ellorts were in vam. Ht-lore beginning the regular season, Fenwick took time out to plav host to the tXlumni whom thev drowned 68 to 60 despite the ellorts ol' high-scoring graduates XVillie Kellog and Bill Ebben. Then. to start ofl' the new vear right, the Friars. paced bv Ken Roselli's I5 points, toppled Holv Irinitv bv a 52 to fI6 score. Ioe Gas- per's 2I points were a leading Iactor in Fenwick's next victorv over St. Patrick. 58 to LIU. Nick Haviland's speed and accuracy netted him I9 points and high-scoring hon- ors in the 56 to -I5 victorv over St. Ignatius. Thus far Fenwick had a 35 and II record lor the regular season and a Ill and I record lor the over-all season. F. I.2II'2lIll't' IY. St'IIlIi'ItIl'I' IE, I"iQ'ieI Ik. Ross-Ili N. Ilaiilantl R. Sullivan II6 2 I? V .4 KNWILX L ,. i ,f V? W -'ff Wife - W f 'af X :EE -5,-1: X -. A Q QS? r' 2.222552 --'- Q M Q 2 '-'- , , ,,,.,: :,: ' M W - W .4:.:a.ag-:L A'- ffv W 12 . X 52: . M , T, QQ fi , 1 Mia A 'fir in Neff-1 25 , 5 1 ' W .4 V MW mf.,,Wf.,w.,..,,.,.,1m.,.W,..M.,m.,,.,,n..f WM fzjigg ' f J if--A' ' ' ' -"hZZf?5? if ,, , KW --'- : , ----' 5 , ..,. :gz A ffm' 4 E . lmww M. 5 X ,mm+..m MW .. ww si ,N-.,21.m...,V.W3M if 32 '55 Wmwgmw qmwdwwamwm U Y E X Ag, ,Q ' i f ,. A2 . ffliiiy h S-ff fi' Ri-wSE?M T ff! . gg f . A " jf ,l J, .,,,, XX Ill' .Xa Ii rnwull. I'I1'IIWII'Ii, Sl. Cin-nmrgng unnl Inmynmlal wn'1'n' IIIIUWII mlm Ll sn-nnmnl plzunn' un willx 1'cn'nn'nls oi III LIIIII I, Sl. Conn-gn' KNO II, by tlln' H111 nal an nnmln, an IIIlI'iI plzlnn' Imnrlh in lllnf plzunmils. zmnl I"n'mx'in'k lxlncnl Inwnmlzn III an SIJCIIZII LTIIIIIIIIRIIIUII QLIIIIC ln: ' '- ' ' ' ' I umlmn-1' kIlI'IIIIIIIl mlm xsnmulnl nmnnupx llln n nm spot. 'I'I1ix IIIIIC lllnx l"1'i:u's. unlmm pnrcnl In IIIQ' lIu, xzlllnluiwlmn-nl llmn- RIIIIIIJICIN mnl n'l1lCI'n'nI llmnl Clznllmlin I.n-:ngunf plzmynmllx. In thnx Imznl glllllf' nal' llxn- snxnsnnm lhn- Ifiglllr 4 I'II'IlII'h Inzsl Inn Un' Pilul lmy lhn' pmunI are ul' I8 ln, Ili, IIIIIS cnnling 11 higlllx' sun nm Innwink spnmrlx. 'nn-xsllll x'n'zn'n1l Imzlsknlllmll1mnIn'InNnglI1n 'cl' on zlllnmlllnn' nllznpln-I' in IIIL' IIINIOIX ol Senior Ka lee Mall Cn-nln-r: Sullivan uzllks on :mir Bmlnnn: Kiliam :ull In IIIIIISUIII Ifn-mx I'n'11xx' I' vnu In Ifn lfn Ifn I'n In Ifn 'IIN Inn- I"n I I 'IIN 'IIW 'IIN IIN IIN IIN IIN 'IIN S ink ink ink ink ink ink in ink ink ink in in Sl. SENIOR RECORD Exllihilinm KQQIIIICS Sli XIn'11nIn'I TIS Sl. XIin'Imn'I 31 Sl, Philip .TI IYn'Imn'l' ISU I.n'nn 53 Iln' I.1lSz1IIn' Iiti XII. Lznmn-I III I,n-nr 749 Hn- IJISZIIIL' Gnwrgn- Tnxurnunwnt 419 Clnrrnlnm In'nIx IJ SI. Rilu HS Xlumni I1 243 III fill II 51 IN IIT IIS Q.: .DIV III! Senior Ka lee tball 'enwick 52 Hull lilllllll -Ili 'enwifk 58 Sl. l,1lll'lLLIx IU iellwirla 315 Sl. lgIl2llIlIS I3 'iCllWlt'Ix 38 lnlolzx III '.l'lllK'llIx I5 Sl. Nlel 'II "CllllIl'Ix till Sl. l'I1iIip Bl feliwielx 3:3 Sl. George SH 'AUIIIYIKIQ Nl! Hulx I rinili I7 feiiwielx SI Sl. I'znlrieL III ieliwiflx .HEI Sl. lglllllllls T47 'elinillx 3.7 l.Ufl7lLl 51 "L'IlWIl'Ix Wi Sl. NIVI Ifi "l'lilx'icIx 07 Sl. Philip 62 'enwimk I2 Sl, K.t'ul'gl' -II 'ellisiflx IN lnxnlal II fellwilk IIS Ile Illllll IN flllilhlllllill Scoringj Senior Tuznn B. F.T's Total lllllllllll ... ,.,. lilly III Iiliii Ylllsli .. .... IIII NI QHII Qznspt-lx . .. Ii!! IHI QI2 lnselli ,.... . . TCI sl 25511 Izuilzlml ,.. .. Iili fi? IW! Lilian .... ,. Ili Ill 132 Vigiel ... .. I7 3 IIB llXl'C'Ilt'l ,,. . 7 Ill BI elllleiclt-I ., . Sl fl QI blK'l'lIlt'l'l .. . 7 I IH lc-imillls .. . I Ii N IZIIIIIIICIN , . II 2 S iUI'lllllIl .. . I II 3 lylwlg .. 2 I 3 Olktlllll .. 2 I v Yisner . . 2 I .3 .2ll'2IIK'K' . . . . I I II ln1lI'llL'Il ... . Il I I SII .FIPS IBS7 llpper left: Way up llil-re Upper right: "Stop lllit-IT" Center left: l'p Im grzllns Center right: .XIICIIIIJIUQI cle-lxnpilxlllull In an R2llllIlIL'l'. Lower left: Sl Al'-0-l-CII Lower right: Nilhk pm: :null IJUIHIN II!! Back row: lfr. lf. R. CYt'tm't'. Rumic-V. ll. l3t'it'tson. H. fiI'2lWliUl'll. lf. Clttllvtt, It. Ht'tl.K1o.lt'l1 Shay. Middle row: ll. llzihttt. S, jotmittgs. R. ll1lyl'Q, R. Kiztllu, R. ilztstcllitti. R. O'Nt'ill. First row: ll. Iluok. O. l'c-llcgriim, I'. liottrjztilx, lu-tim-tlt. I-. litwlt-t'it'L. anior Ea lzetbal l.tk their pt'cclcfessot's. lo this ycztt"s -juniors taunt: the task ol' lollowittg in thc wake nl thc' l'l5f5-54 Clzttltolic' Lezigut' -luttior Clltzmtpimts. e ol the littlc things that gives ll mztclt ittcligcstiott is grzttluzitiott. XVith six ol last yt-zir's litst tc-tt men grzttlttutittg. Cloztclt Shaw was lt-lt with one very ittcxpct'iem'ccl .junior cluh. XVhztt's ttmrc. with thc excvption ol' the -luttiot' 'lout'- . . . . , . . ttzmtc-tit, thc lights were cleprtvetl ol thc set-vices ol Mike XVz1lsh :incl Nick llztvt- l.tttcl, who wvrc tttovecl up to tht- Seniors. l'lowcx't't', as ztlwztys, Cloztclt Shay turttetl out at line cluh, hztsing his hopes mt the "Big Sew-tt" ol' lohn Roottcv, Dave 1 1 . 1 lil'lt'lS0ll, Bula llztws, Paul liourjztilx, Clltuck llzthm, Huh Gallo, :tml Hztrrv Cltziwlc 120 c' tttctttlitts ul any big' lztmily, lfcnwick ICZIIIIS must fill the shoes ol ngziinsl Il1l'Cc' clelczils, one ol lhc wins coming over thc' highly rzilccl Sl. Phi unio Ka lzetball During thc' lJl'C-51118011 Glllllllllgll thc lfriin' qluniors 2lIlIlCXl'll six Victor hp i game in which llohn Rooney allowed that he was clvslinccl lor ai hright suis is one ol' thc lC2lg'llClS top c'c'iiIc-rs. 'lhc zninuzil Fenwick junior 'l1Ulll'llQllIlClll hrougln thc l"rizn's the gill ol O11 Uiilsh :incl Hzwilzincl, who lcd ilhc' lcann lo lhi-ii' sccoml c'onscc'utix'C chznnpi ship ll'OlJllY. .-Xlter the linzll gznnc in which l"c-nwick clcl'e'1lccl SL Rim 50 to -IU 1 1, 1 i. s.. XVzilsh i'ec'cix'ecl the most xziluzihlc plziyci' trophy, whilc Hzivilzmcl was chos ull-lou1'n1nnn'111 lorw'n'cl 1 . Lcll: X liinilx ligci sixoolw iloisn on :I liopcilll Ifrizn. ight: Uxlll-H-ki-llllllfu unio Ka lzet6 I Fntering the lirst rottntl ol' the reg- ular season, the lights ran up three straight victories over Holy Trinity, Sl. Patrick, and St. Ignatius, with Rooney paving the scorers. Loyola stopped the Friar streak, but the little tnen snapped hack to tleleat St. Mel in a gynl packetl with Mel stttclents ancl with St. Mel lmantl pounding ottt the praises ol' the Knights. .X hrilliant St. Philip five aclntinisteretl the junior team its worst beating ol' the season, 75-52, and, in the linal gante ol' the lirst ronntl, St. George scored a vit'- tory over the Friars in the liyanstonians' gym. 'l'hns, clespite their three initial wins ancl the line play ol' Rooney, Dahnt, and the others, the lfriars seetnecl to have only a slight chance ol' reaching' the playoffs. However, in the seeontl rottntl, lfen- wifk won live ol' seven tilts. tleleating lloly Trinity, St. Patrick, St. lgnatitts, and St. Mel lor the seconcl titne, and avenging their lortner loss to St. George with Il -Ili to I0 victory as Rooney hit lor 25 points. Loyola won its secontl from the lfenwick lights, but St. Philip barely ntanagetl to eke ottt a lil to 57 win in their secontl t-lash with the Top left: llhtttk Dalnn. tlaptain 'Sl-'57 Top right: R. Gallo Center: ll. Rooney Bottom: ll. ilrawfortl lot, ...M Top lcfl: Holm Huyw Top riqhl: l':111l l511111,lz11Ix Middlv: K'I1111k IJ:1I1111 Bllllllllll II1111' lgllilxtlll Sl. Gcorg 1 . scc'1l111cl pl11c'1- lic with il Illllk' 1 ' "' ' L11 Sl lflillllbiflll ill lllc' plzuyr IIIIIS 11111111 11111lx11l In Q11 ll LXKllllIltlll H11 111- 111u11k llgl ls lll '1 1 tors' owl' ' 1111l five 1'c1'111'1l -X llC1lll- Jifs I11'cz1k111g -I2 111 .111 loss . . . 111 Dc 1,11 Sullc- c'111l01l :1 5111x1111 i11 wl1i1'I1 II11' l1111i111's 6 1lis1i11g11isl1111l 1I11'1mcIx'1-s ln' fight, dvI1'1'111i1111Iiu11. 11111 '- ' "111'v. anio Kuleet 1225 unio Ka lzet6 ll l'i'llIXI1lx l"l'IlM i4hL Ifm-Ilxvia lx l'll'lllX ia L Ifcmx ic lx I1-mx ick I4 I-nw irlx l'1'11xxiLlx lwmx imk I-'cms im lx Im-nuimlx I1-:mick lwlm nk I1-mx irk I1-nwim lx llc-mvic lx Ifvnwim k Ifcmxink I'11'llWIl lx I'l'lllKlllx I'l'llNIIIx I'.t'IllS im lx Ifmmirlx Ik-ms im lx l'L'llM iclx Ifvlmillx I'l'llNlIlx Iwlmixlx ,IIINIOR SCORES Exhihiliuns Sli Nlcmlc-I ,WI Sl. Xlimluwl Rmxml Rollin full Sl. Pllililm Ill XYQIWI' Sli I1-rn Il llc I,.l Sullc- .75 XII. ilzxrulcl 33 Inn frfi IM' I.1l Sillll' junior T1llll'Il1Illll'lll BI Iluly 'I I'IIlIly 4313 Sl. Nlcl .76 Ill' I'11ul SSI SI. Rilzl Season Bl Iluly VIIIIIIII I9 Sl. l,2lIl'Ill'i Bl Sl. Ignatius II Inyulzl full Sl. XIQI .32 SI. Philip flli SI. CQvn1'g1' til Holy lrillily 315 Sl. l'1ll rick ful Sl. Ignatius lll IIOIUIRI I2 Sl. Nlrl .37 SI. Philip Hi Sl. 6.1-urge Plnyull' .Hi Nl, l'IlIl1lIK'lll Top In-ll: 1.115111-rs IIUSIIS pals! LI 'I IJ, Top right: Ima lm' IIIIXIIZIINI Boi mm: IQI 'AI-ilrlllw llml hall" univ Ka lret6 ll junior Tcann Virlorics - I9 Losses - 9 junior Scoring ll. F.T's Tlllill Room-I .. . ISI! III 'I II I5nI1m ,.... IMI TT 223 I5l'Il'ISUll . . TI 37 205 Iiziyu .,. IIT IJ I I'l CLAIIIU ....., II QI IIIIS IIIXIWIIUIII ... IT I7 BI lkuurjuily ,.. 123 III HI llullc-ll .... 2 I N funk ..... I II 'I KCIIIIIJIIN ., I 2 I IICII ,,., I II J IIS Illl IIIHII Top: Rmmm SIIII ullmlwl In IIIL' L'lIIIlkl C.1n'I ICZIIII Middle: Ifxizu mm lln- xhm ml Im Ulll'K'. Bultmnz Yu uw XXZIIIIIIQ' Img IIN- ra'- Iuuumi. I 2.7 IVNIOR IYXSKIQ I l5.XI,l. mp: fizlllok Inu llHiIllN mm ug,,u I Runlulu Nlirldlc: fQl'K'1ll I'2XIlCl'I1lIi0IlN Bollmu: Two funn por! N Kantam, ?qwe' lat Te mA BANTAM TEAM Standing: I-'np Clrmw. ll. 0'lEricn. ll. Nlcycr. W. Kccnzm. R. 'l2lllllIl2ll'0. W. Rowclcr. W Newman. R. Slmckcy, Clozlflm Shay Second row: Nl. Llillllilll, B. nlfllllllll. IJ. BC1llll'CgZll'Kl. R. Brcnxmll. D. Rigzlli. 'l'. 0'Bricn, M. Nlilflillfl Bmtmn row: .X. Hamm. 'l'. Cluslnmln. J. Wisncr. CL. W1-llcl. li. XICKQKIITI. R. QIHSIVRIIJ. A. Hanley FLYYVEIGHT TEAM Standing: l"l. imma-. IH. llcll. Sullivzm. R. O'NcilI. Ki, Burgc. ll. l'Cy!'C!7l'llIlC. l'l!l'0l'2ll'U. Cluzlrll Shan Second row: R. Clzlslcllini, P. l'cllcgrimu. -I. 0'Ycil. .X. Wznllrolmzl. P. Shcchzm, D. Cook, XV. jones liollonl row: IJ. Okvrlmloom. l,. jlldy. I.. NIr'Ncil. 'l,. xlilflill. 'I . Nlc'i1:nrrml. Nlflncrllcy 127 ig? f-1" Sienior Swimming H, , - A I .. - lhis is l,oyolas year was the cry ol the Catholic League tanksters. but when the cham- pionships were over. the lfriars had overcome all opposition in winning their 7th consecutive championship and their 22nd in 23 years. The undefeated senior team. led by Captain Mike Bouchard, took all ol their ll dual meets, lacing by lar the toughest swimming schedule ever encountered in I-'enwick's swimming annals. They met and deleated such teams as: I.ane Teeh-eity champions: Fenger-runner-up to Lane Tech in the City public meet: Kenosha- 2nd in the state ol' lVisconsin tthey lost tl1e state meet by hall' a pointlz and Loyola, which boasted its best team since IEI37. In the championships. Fenwick won ti out ol' EI events, while quali- fying 20 swinnners and two relay teams. The only record-breaking was done by Niec. Van De lValle, Petkus, and Bouchard in the 200 yd. lree style relay as they swam 1:3232 in the preliminaries bettering the old mark ol l:40.5. Also. they established a new school and pool record ol' l:38.8. In the course ol' the regular season, this loursome pulled the Lane and Fenger meets out ol the lire. Petkus, Bouchard, Niec, and Scanlon took lirst in their particular events in the linals. The medley team ol Scanlon, Kelly, and Bennan took that event in the Finals. Thus ended the 1954 swimming season as the lfriars racked up 85 points to the F59 points by their closest rival. Loyola. Coach Dan 0'Brien has stated that the Ifriars were a weaker team in June of but that through hard work during the summer the seniors improved ltlllff. The eight seniors were backed by a strong con- tingent ol' freshmen and sophomores. LEFT PAGE Top left: I954 Senior Team First row: bl, Carroll, I'. Sclmessler. J. Roche. Capt. NI. Iiouthard. II. Kelly. Morrissey Second row: R. Katis. W. Scanlon. W. Smithe, M. Niec. R, Ingram. Al. Bulger Third row: Coach Ilan 0'ISrien. li. Halloran, l'. jones. D. Cook. Rex. F. R. Crowe, O.P.. Mb. Dir. Middle left: Captain Mike Ilon- chard and Coach Ilan U'Brien Middle right: Niec. Yan Ile Walle. and Petkus congratulate Captain Bouchard Bottom left: llackstrokers Scanlon. Smithe, Roche, and Katis Bottom right: Ifreestyle relay team in action r l r IQ9 RIGHT PAGE Top: II. liolger. W. Smithe, ij. Roche R. Yan De Halle Bottom: C1a'pt. NI. Bouchard, W Scanlon NI. Xiec. Morrissey First row: J. Bennan. J. McGuire, BI. Francis, J. Pettinger, W. Whigam, C. Petkus, J. Kelly D. Walter, D. Allison. C. Toniek Second row: Pi. Mason. R. llring, N. Pierce. R. Creen, ll. Puchalski. J. Sentman, Fitzgibbon NI. Bartlett. Third row: T. Mulvihill, Coach Dan O'Brien, L. Vertuno, J. Kelly, R. Leone, R. Erie, J llarda, P. Shullitowski, W. Quinn, J. Ccrny, E. Helgesen, Rev. I". R. Crowe. 0.P. Ath. Dir. Upper left: Switntnerswtake your mark Upper right: Cullen advises on proper form Center tlj: It's all over Center QZJ: Over he goes Center 131: . . . Go? Lower left: Cullen and Chestnut talk it over Lower 125: "The last lap" Lower right: Petkus aims at another record O O O llhl0I' lmmlhf Having been blessed with the strongest Junior Swimming Team in Penwicks history and backed up with tremendous spirit, Coach Ilan O'llrien held few doubts as to the ultimate outcome of the season. These few doubts were all quickly cast aside as the Fenwick swimmers went undefeated in dual meet competition and took their tenth straight Junior Championship. Many of the Junior swimmers were also instrtnnental in fashioning the Seniors' undefeated season. However, the story doesn't end there. for many Junior records were broken and new ones set. Among the record-breaking swimmers was Jerry Petkus, the fastest member of the Senior relay team which went on to set a new school record. Petkus swam the 50 yard free style in 24.-l seconds which is not only the Catholic League and Ft-nwick record but probably one of the finest in the entire country. John Kelly established a new record in the 50 yard breast stroke with a time of 31.3 seconds. A new Fenwick and league record was set by Kelly, Petkus, and Bob Greene. in the 1511 yard medley. as the trio clocked l:27.5. The individual 75 yard medley did not last very long without having a new time set and the man who did it was Jack Pettinger in 46.7. Don Puchalski figured strongly in the Junior and Senior championships and shows promise of developing into one of the best and most versatile swimmers that Fenwick has had. These sterling performances were augmented by the work of other excellent swimmers, including Wally lVigham, Bob Erie, Norm Pierce, Bob llring. Pete Schuflitowski, Jim Bennan. Jerry Darda, Paul Chestnut, Ed llelgesen, John Fitlgibbon, Prob Leone, and Chuck Tomek. lfil mc , qv! , enni This year's traek team was well represented by ex- perienced seniors, and, with help from many newcomers, who turned out for the sc uad this syrin , it Jrodueed a l g I fine record for the season. The relay team, composed ol' Ca Jtain Dave S lon, Clem Boltz, Bob Seneca, and im P . Schejbal took second place in the Daily News Relays with a time of 2:29.2. This April's Catholic: League Meet featured a Fen- wick golf team headed by Captain Bob Allison and the team's only returning letterman, -lim Montiegel. Supple- menting these two mainstays were the finalists in the school tournament, which was held this year at the Midwest Golf Club in Hinsdale. Another successful season was completed by the tennis team during the closing school months of H15-l. Capt. Fred Pergande headed the netmen, and and, along with .lack Sweeney, participated in the doubles, while Bill Ferguson and Ray Van De XValle formed the singles team. Ernie VVatts was the man in reserve, and, with Ferguson, should form the nucleus ol next year's team. IS! Track Team: tlefl to Flglllj Nl. Burke. ll. Sehejb Seneea, C. lltilll, ll. Splon, ll. l.aIc R. lillllllllil Track Captain-David Splon Relay Team: Sclitjbal. IH. Splou, C. liillll. R. S Golf Team: Nlflltillflllgll. R. Allison. Kelly R Kalis. Nlontiegel Tennis Team: li. Watts. lr I' ergande. Sweeut Mtn Ile XValle. Ferguson Sfglwkg gnu - V w4.?wf, , W V Sas 03332 www ,eY:Q.M1y- 4232? gif 6 ,N vw A3 my 'W --M. iv E K -fiafgvgy Kr e 7 if FE Mud' Ko ing l,llxl xlilllll Eli. 4-iglll llrll mlllllllglilllls lll-lv iI'Ulllll'll ill llll' llll1llN ul llll' fllll :llllllllll Sillul' Llmlw lclllrllzllllclll. vlllll' llrlllls lvclll' NOIIII' ol lllr' llc-Sl vu-l' welll ill l'Nl'IlWlflx. lfilxl lu llxviw llix llwllsll llalw UU lll, cllzllllllillll 'llilll xlllfllllllillll ill ll ll2ll'll-Illlllllllllg llglll llilll lilll lilC'Ill1Ill. ll llzls il llmc liglll zlll lllc- Will llilll Nlllflllflllllll Il'H'lXlllg llll' vllgc. Ill llll- lllll lll. mlzlw KCII IM-Sill gms :l going mvl lu XYZIIVCII Nlalllflllxki wllilll l'l-wlllll-cl ill llix llcillg i'llU5l'll llll' lsilllll-ly lTl'S!Dlll' ll l'l'lX' l4llm'kllrlllllx. Nlzlrcflllslxi I'i'l1lllZll1'll ln-ll Nl'll lllll llt'5llD lvals :l lllllc' Irlo llllllill lol llllll. lllc ll.'l lHllIlllll'lN ll'2lllN lilll Ull lllllli' il sllrlll. l'l'lI' ilulllllll. Rl sllillx lmxl-l. lllL'l llis Nlzllvlllul llllvll llllll l.1'2lll lllll llll II lllallgc. f.UlllPl7X. Slllfllllg Ulll llINl. lurllwll :ls lllflllgll llc- wan ill lllllllllllllll lllll llllx small slllllllll-ll ill llll' Nl'lUllll llbllllll lXlll'll l,l-alli Illll llis illlgglllg Ixlcliu lzl lllnk. llill Kiux In-:ll l'4'IlN Lzllllllllmgl lm llll' 12.3 ill. llllllll. Klux. lxI1174lxl'll llllhll ill lllk' lIlNl Nftllllll ul Itlllllll rllll' ull ll sllzllll llllllk ll'UIll f.2llll0tll'K2I. l'c'Q,1llllL'll lllN lllllil' 2lllllllYl lllllllK'1lI2llI'lX llllll lll-lll Ull lu lllll lllc I'C'IlI1lllllll'l ul llli' lllllll. luck 5lllllXIlll :lllll f,Ml'll llvll mlalxllvll lill' llll' lil llm. lIlll'. llIIN llllx lllc' lIlD5l'l ul llll' l'Xl'lIlIlg ill llllicll Sllllilzlll. ll ll'i'NllIllZlIl, lxals lllrlxxll llll' Nllllll'l'. ll Sl'L'lllL'tl zlll llllllllgll llll' llglli Illzll llc-ll llzls NlI'llllQCI'. lllll Sllllilzlll lvll lllc' llgllllllg' llilll ll lx1'l'll. lIgQli1'5lXl' sllll-. lllllN llilillg lllb llllilllx llllilll gnu' llilll llli'1ll'KlNlUll. M llll' Ilgllls RlllIJl0Llllll'll llll' llC1lXflXl'lg'lIl lilllil. lllcl llCl'2lIllL'41IlllL'2l llil lllSlC'I' .lllll lUllglll'I, ll'IIN 0 lll'l1'll Imllx lllc- ll.l Ill. lllll' Ill llc-zlllllg l'l'c'cl llll5!Jl'll ill Ulll' ul lllc- clmvsl llglll9 ol llll' lllglll. llfllll liflllglll lIl'I'li'lf lifll' lllt' lIlNl lllu lullllmlx. lllll llli' lzllc- NHS llilll ill llll' lllilll llilll f,'l5lll'll llllllllllQ ll!! lll will. Illl' l.'l,'l lll. class Iilli' lu-lll lvl junk U'Nll':llzl ill Rl lll-cixillll owl 1,1-llc' l'l'll'llrl'i. Iilllll llll'll fllllglll ll1Il'll ill lllm' l'2ll'lN Hllllllli llilll O'Nll':ll'1lR 4-lllllllalllu' lllillgillg' llilll llllllllgll lu lX'lll Illc' l'll1IIlllJllPIlNllllD. Illl- llilllalx :ll llll' l'Xl'IllIlg lsals llli' ll!'2lXNlSK'lglll lllzllcll llvlllvc-ll kIlIl'lx flllfltlll illlll l'c-ll' l'll-llllllg. llll' llglll hl2lIlL'll llllll llmllll lmllllcmlzlllls l'Nlll2lllglllg Rl lllll'l'l ul lllllllw. llilll llll' mlslll lll-xx ul ll till. l'ilL'lIllllg lzlllllc-ml il lI'l'lIlC'lltlUlIN riglll till C1:ll'l'llll's kjzlll 5I'lllllllg llilll lu llli' lallllzls, Ill llll- xl-mllll lclllllll ul' llln- ilglll. l'lli'IIllllg's llllllls lilllllll llll-il lllilllx Zlgillll :lllcl zlgqlill. Vllllxlllg Calllull llllll gl'l'2ll jrlllx. llll' l'l'll'l'l'1' il0lllJL'll llll' llglll. alllll 1llX2ll'llL'll llll' lli'1lXNlYl'lglll clmlllll Ill I-lc-lllllllg ull il IKU. Ollprlxill' l':lgl': lloll ligllll Cllzllllpilllls: l. Xltlllllllllll. ll. l,l':lli. Sllllinlll. I. O'Xll'lll:l. l'. l"ll'IlllllQ. l. U'ISlir-ll. XX. Klux radaativn 'I'I1t-wuitl "gi'zttItizttitn1" hzis lm' mit' tml' its llflllllllif lllt'2llliliy,'s"2ll1 imprmt' mt'i1t"oi"':ii1cxziltzttitmol tluzilititsf' Ixmolting hzitlt on our Itmtti' x't'zi1's :tt I"t'nwit'It wt' st'niui's must I't't'I that just slith Zlll iiii1n.n't'i11t'11t hzis t:iItt'11 lJI:1t't'. Ihzmlts to tht' t'II'm'ts ol tht' Ilrmiinitztll Ifzttlitrs. wt' hztxt' tIt'x't'Iopt'tI in mintl :mtl hotly in lJl't'lJ2ll'2lll0Il Im' thzit tlzix' ul grzitlttzitimi wht'n t'nf'I1 man suv. "I liztvt' put ztwziy tht' things ul' gt chiltl . . now thztt I ami at inztnf' ' Iftn' stunt' tml us our lurmzll t'tltlt'zttim1 will t'ntl with this tlztv. Otht'rs, whos: work has ht't'1i L'XK'i'lJlIOIl2lIlf UIIISIZIIIKIIIIQ, will i'tt't'ix't' rt'wzu'tIs Im' pzist :tt'I1it'vt'- tlltlll :mtl stlttrlttrsltlps to ztitl Illfll' IIIIIIH' in1prtmvt'mt'iit. Still otht'rs will go tm to tht' hight'st tml Y0ti2lIlOIISfIlI2lI ol tht' pritwtlitmotl. Iht'11. too. tm thztt smut' tlzty tht' KIl'L'2llllS ol mztm' pztrctits will ht' 1't'z1li1t'tl :ts tht'y st't' tht'ii' sons rt't't'ivt' tht tlipltmizi :ts :i sxmhtml tml' ItlIIJl'0X't'lIlt'lll. In I'C'llIIlIISi'IlIg thus :mtl hitlthng I:ii't'wt'lI to tht' stlloul in which wt hzivt' ull hx't'tI :intl wt1t'Itt'tl tngt'tl1t'r Im' tht' lztst lout' xt'zu's, it is also httmg thzit t , 1 wt' hitl l'zirt'wt'll to tht' tltmsing tlll2lI'I1'Ik-CUIIIllI'X'. whusi' t'l1isst's lizivt' shtmwii in lztttr lilt' just how gltztl at uglllillllllltlllll hats zitttiailly t:tItt'n plztt't'. PHOTOGRAPH - TOLOFF STUDIO YEARBOOK PUBLISHER - LEANDER CO Iflti ...Q i 'T TI - ' x 94 fl , 14 -, ? "-2331551 ,, L :- 1' ' - ' ,1 - -iii? -I'?:Q-2:'fA3"'4' -??Q'i-I-fax I' : Q, :.:,. . xl ' i , . .'.'- .j?.iiLl22lIrg: .1 .3 E 5 i ES si

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