Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL)

 - Class of 1950

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BLACKFRIARS of 1950 1' f' J 130. wig ,b'f:7'q1l? t yr Q51 Q A . .1 , -I f.,,, 1, 1 'r , ,ff '31- , vs J',:3.-,, Lv .?12,1"f-..1, ' w .. ,Q ,, ' Fda: wi, , " 'I '7, 45 " l'. TQ' Tv' ' W-'G - ' ., -fy, .. . :. .fm . -1-.. , 'Q - , .-rg' .- , -, b, JL ' Q ., 2 3" - A sr ' f4..3, nl . Qu., . . Ng, " lui ? 4 eg-' , S-.r J: I Jn. 'fi .' .'7 may "5 'Q f . 1 . '7' A 5. x, n g '. flag' 5' lil' Q ll .75 . fffl -L 'l' Sw, . BIA elif -1 -' J' 'E 1, - ,. F ENWICK HIGH SCHOOL 505 Washington Boulevard OAK PARK, ILLINOIS Volume XIX 1950 FE Wlcli it we were to state here that Fenwick is merely a school, something would be lacking. Fenwick is more than a school. lt's a spirit, a soft spot in the hearts of its many araduates, a certain intanaible something in the feelings of its students. Far more important than the studies is the sense of decency, patriotism, and fair play which is instilled in each Friar araduate. We Seniors have spent the best years of our lives here, we've grown up in the locker- bound corridors and the picture-studded class rooms. Weve found solace in the chapel, guid- ance from the faculty, and example in our su- periors' lives. We've sweated out the football aames, joked about the cafeteria food, prayed toaether at Holy Mass, and now its just a memory. Yes, its just a memory now, but an indel- ible one stamped on our minds by myriad incidents and happenings, each one making us cry out, l'Thanks, Fenwick. Thanks for the best years of our lives." nJ3M.?' f.,-N' ., , A , ?5'5H ' . . ,ix an I ,V 'f .ar P A-. "f'?'. 'L .f vw , "4 pf' 'f . ' '1,3 L. .3g,,., -A , ,V , 155 r. - ' A? 1 , . .4 .l 1 Bd -,' ll .f' i""Vl.-'-1 Q' . . I 1. 1 . -. ff Y 'I ".'f.-V" .4 , xt' Z., -I--ff.. S v :Y 3' " . -If N ff.-1' . . , -I ,IA 655. ry! ' Ji xv. . , ' Q A . 25 - '. A.pf?., ' wr. -5 a21,amz,.g . ' w,-' 'p 'x ff ff-SL '?y.'.9f' - Q X- aj. ' . .,f- ' ' MZ,-sf H ' 1- X ' "' 2-'. I ,Q ,1 I. ,A , ,7! . -jfrg-. 9,4 'QL 1, Ha, ', .,. I -n ffm? N - x VA, V'?,kV.u 'V ,, -iv: Aix rx .A ' ' ' 4- ,X - ,' J ' , ' L, 1- 7 M 4 ,r , f. 'Q' .. .I . ffrmayl , A .fy 5 Q, iff- Sq, 3 dm- 3.5, I . X-'X - fill,-fx c .W 1 N rvxxc. ,4.,:,zE' :: -if, nf R A , H N.-.,,,3 A, ,W f ' Y .v X Vtqfyff 'F-3i,' y 4-9 ' -' 'pf ' ' . la P, . 553:-,A-H, . ' V 6' ,..' .1 ,fat "' 3 , f . -4-' vt ' W ' ' . x S 1 1 . - .4 ' . . 1 , if . ' ' ' ' 7 Ego, 9. ,LX ,- ' - '.-- . A .j- 'f ' 1' A v,.1' -ag 1 l 1 ', ' , "F',r"' 'T'-. ,K ,-I x w A -53? A Irazhk. ' v- 3-uifzq, .1, W-'g vw, ,H W .W .O V, Q 7' "M "pil-5:2 .N 35' 1 V , '-, ,g' -'..,3"-i,."',' .. , "' ' .' , ,," ' ,Q 5 3241: f- 1 '?'.' 1 Q?-fy l' f .' ' "ua f-.5 'J gl Q' "1'5::s 'A K Q 1' .f ,. .XA ll., K' V A 1 K l S., ff air- - -.-fi - W .V .-'agfcmf ' 'nm 'iz -ha,-wa , ' 4 A-'O , V f 3 4 1' ' ffl A . , ,vu ' ' Q 6 ,Q .. A-. , .V '-'Q' ...fa L t ,. J' " .4 . n .5 xx X' nfs .0 X K, Hjiffzfmg ,fn NM' J s ""sw...hhX .sk ma., Q-. Nu. ws W, -, ,1.,,-J,,3,1.- ,Z . is x,G,,g 'fra A' g 1 . I if .W E few - f . A, , . s 4 7 1 lg ss M , s ' . I E -an fm 51. 11',,f . 'fall , if-' . -gf ! 1 N .0 13213. 1 x ,Mm-s Q Xxx. F: I P 2' ' 3 Q' 1225 I V 6 fax M ,Q Y may , . -.-Q... 1.i - f Z1 EQ .Q fy U , ' ,. mi g K , wa Y' 'ws K vs. XA --LM,-. W..- W ESQ.. 5 5 wif ggzyb " 555: I is if fi W Qfuffig 1 N . , my. I 2 , ' ' A 531 1 ,. if , .K Abu V 551' A "" Tifl I if J "-Y .. ' IVA, H 1 "f ...- A ,.,..-my - I v 3' swam 5 2' 'av A IEEQ' ' QE' 41? xi! ,A aim Q 2,12 Q ii P LX4' M ff- ba L me 'f 5255 if -.Q PM if 3 ef? new iw' 'tfa'-fe FACULTY Page 8 K i CLASSES Page I8 I SPORTS Page 60 ACTIVITIES Page 96 FENWICK HIGH SCHOOL . . . OAK PARK, ILLINOIS A X Qtfi' . - 5:5 'fag'-wr'-'f' ,ga ng ' ',-d -DfY,'aLx, 1 . . U45 -gig- . -' 'JT .A " IE T- 'lffik' ' 2 ' Q-V .'7Qli'-L - " 1' , H Y if-ISI' -I K- l C5 ' ,f 7, ' I ' 'I f N .. '- QIQHJTX - I' ii' ' -T. 1-4-vu - wg? f -. ef - - -M ji l. ,- .r ig - A, 1 . J u - t-' - '- S--J aff: '-5-v , 8' Sgt., ' f L 'av-.1,. A .WF , QA.-st' , . I A e . - sl ef S M-1 fe PTT fe" vc: A I b' .1 Q' 'v 'SH . Q A I .3173 f-L-D - ' ,5 " Q X L- I , 'J 5,42 J I ififs K I W- -142 ev ' . a, , , 1 'ns -It L1 tx I- 7, Aj. 'A . , 'tyqbfafyigf-I U f J I uf' ' 2 Q'r'H: "'5' QLD,-fc' X' wx ' - K5 9 Q' ,.,,X'f-3 A' 'A " ' we - 1 1 'ff P, 2-1904 4 f xx Q ,I .N Z X I Leif L 4' I 7 ,, V1 ' ' I Iixwxl A hi: .QI -K - ies I I 7 EQ L ig. if 1 X :ax 5, i- .324 ,Q .' - It 41053 Sir, l -A P- .fm Q are f -I x 1 . qv? ,I , X L." .L , .Wu 4 gf . S! .. ,,. . 'ffi.?'g"fg2j3, -fv . F, -,',, 'ff-',-- 1.7 ,fu avr ' 1- . 11 :J I. , ui' A ,- v'- , jj ,' i4-1 A N i.-I L ' --if I .A - I . 'FY Q ce ' 13 Ir' lv I . X . ,-. ,lvf Q 1 , . 1f1,'y - XL if If Ti Q 'I '7 I Forty-one men de voted to God and the moulding of Catholic manhood. With the completion of the new Priory the first step in FenWick's expansion program was accomplished. Shortly after this picture was taken the workmen packed up their tools, and the faculty occupied the building. 1- ef! + s ! - x yagrylr f ,vim A 1 Q Y X 93: SL M 1 2 7 ! q --E! H -Pfwetfw X'l!Ff'fv.fmx N avwfv W.Ml'. 4 AA A - ., . 1 M , v AAS 'nr ' I "Q, l' In fM?3' 1 f , I 4 I Q , ' ' r " if 5 " A ' J 5 1 JZ . ' 5 ids-fi' :fe-fx 1- L ,. 'Q N A1 1 - l A 7,--J' T5 rE"""' , wmm, 3 law ,. MM, 4'UP PRINCIPAL Pnncz pal Stnce nts orrtvod at Fenw1ck n 1942 Fother Wollter h gone for IH estob11sl'nng the name of Fenwtck os one of the top htgh schools 1n the M1d Nest After four years teochmg the soctol studtes he ossumed the prlncxpols otttce He IS the post prestdent of the Chtcogo Cothohc Boys H1gh Schools Prtnclpols Assoc1ot1on At present he IS tn h s fourth X eor as prlnctpol K , REVEREND G. F. WALTER, O. P.. M. L. 1l4v",.--""" ....-v"""" REV A M. TOWNSEND OP MA Duector oi Studxes Busmess Law Mothers Club 'Nun --4d REV. C A. MYERS, O P., BJ-I. Dlrector of Dzsclplme DIRECTOR OF STUDIES One of the foremost educators rn Arnerrca Father Townsend has dts wlth hrs excellent vocatlonal gurd ance ln hrs role of drrector of studres Father rs always avarlahle to the students for counsellrng rn choosrna therr courses and colleaes DIRECTOR OF DISCIPLINE The task of drsclphnrng the students falls to Father Myers A the Dlrector of D1SC1pl1HG hrs day beams at 7 45 and doesnt end untrl four ID the afternoon 950 students are under hts watchful eyes ill? 3 tinquished the Dominican Order my - .. -.....-H , , . . s 412D fy" Reverend ID MALONE OP MA l Economlcs Crvrcs Sociology Amateur Night Very Reverend V. S. FELTROP, O.P.. M.A. Sub-Prior, Latin, German. Director ot Alumni Reverend IR TUCKER OP BS Physics Mechanical Drawmg Reverend WDVANROOY OP MH English Director oi Building Fund Reverend G G CONWAY OP BA Advanced Algebra Trigonometry Solid Geometry Speech Moderator of Debating Y Reverend A SIMONES OP BA Latin Director ol Band l 'Ulm wi- it-I Reverend W REGAN OP MA Religion Stamp Club 4 1' . . , . ., . . '14 v , V . . , . ., . . I . , V , 4 5 , , V f , ,ge -Qi? ' HF. 3 in ' s 4 'f i t 2 x . X , Q 'g -S w ' - -A-Wo' ""' . 4 ' . . . . .. . . . . I . .. . . . . I . ., . . I I . I . . . I . . W""K4 N. Reverend I. I. MADRICK, O.P.. B.A. Algebra. Plane Geometry. Blacldriars Guild. Moderator ol lunior Class af IM I SCIZNCE 3 M S M Reverend C. M. FISHER, O.P.. M.A. Chemistry. General Science. Albertinium Guild Reverend I A QUINN OP BA History Spanish Rifle Club Fathers Club Reverend E M MCGOWAN OP MS Geometry Algebra Advanced Algebra Speech Gym Refreshments Reverend E M ROBINSON OP M.S Physics Advanced Algebra Speech Radro Club Reverend Latm Athletic Drrector 'bv' Reverend E. C. LILLIE. O.P.. M.A.. Ed.M. English. Blacldriars -if QQ-,-,lx 4137 r ,I ',,L ,- W I I Z j I I l U. . I, .,, .. .. 1 lj!! .1 I I -1 .-.4,.e,,, yi... Y .J --, ,, 2 I e I s ' 1 . ii I. R. Mor1GAN1'HA1.E13. o.P., B.A. V 4145 , g S cl 12 NC E Reverend D. D. SMITH. O.P.. M.A. English. Speech, Dominican Bulletin. Moderator ol Freshman Class Reverend V NADEAU OP MA MS Algebra General Science Camera Club Reverend W D BRADY OP BA STLr Religion Moderator ol Senior Class Reverend I M DEMPSEY OP English lournalrsm Wrclr it -qnnusl"' B-. Rfucvlou QP!-28 W K.. Qgi.--an Reverend W E CONLEY OP BA History Sea Scouts Religion Assistant Director of English Assxstant Athletic Director Religious Activities Grammar School Sports Reverend E T LAWTON OP BA Reverend M M SCANNELL OP BA f. R P 4 , ,In k 'L . I.. . , . .. 1 .. . . l . .' ,. . .,1Vl.A. g ' 'lk B so f , f Y . , WJ A V I I 2 g R , W , P S ' B' . fi .. 'f xi tg . Reverend I A HENRY OP BA Relxglon Speech Blaclrtnars Guild ---'N----M..ib"'f H8 I car Reverend T C DONLAN OP STD Relxgxon Director of Rellglous Actxvzty Reverend I L LYONS OP BS Algebra Geometry Director ol Dnves Reverend E F BROWN OP BA Spamsh Speech Reverend P A BARRETT OP BA Latm Speech Asszstant Moderator ot Band Reverend I I HREN OP BA Latm Speech Reverend IG OCONNELI. OP BA English Algebra Assistant Director ol Dxscxplme Moderator ot Sophomore Class '-fe 4157 ! f trhr f 2 S , l--wi,., We , f thi ,Gr 1- K Vrql 3 S HA 3,3 P ' ' - f'e mi l A 4167 M16 ' SPEZWI ENGLISH Reverend P BRADY OP BA Lalm Algebra Brother SCHOFFMAN C S V Bzology DVM Reverend Reverend Mr G E CUNY BA L R WHITE CSV MA I C PUISIS CSV MA Hxslory Economlc Geography 5,191,511 Hlsfmy Lalm French Fench Club THE OFFICE STAFF MRS HAZEL IAEGER MRS GEORGE PRICE MISS IOAN PINTER R-L . .. . I . 4 N Y' 3 3 Q V 1 - , " ' ', , I ,' ' 1 ' X Q? i 3 .vs Q f ST DOMINIC S PRIORY Very Reverend F L VANDER HEYDEN O P P G S T Lr Pnor Reverend I H KELLEHER OP Pzocuzator Brother LEO LANDE O P Faculty House Mamtenance ul. 1' fn-mul' Brother HENRY DENIER O P Faculty House Mamtenance Brother MICHAEL MCGREAL O P Faculty House Maintenance Brother DOMINIC ROTHERING OP Faculty House Maintenance 4175 N1ne hundred and fzfty students from Chzccxgo and area r1se the classes comp of Fen w1ck 55" 3+ P MQ-. lg f""'-.55 "' 'C if hr iff' 'K an j-:nl X 1 Zi 'E'-li? T' 79 2' I Vt' 'sv sv' nfl J 'fi X ??x sf'-'iil ,wr HAR 'A FFA I' QL 1 - Y W , Z ss s ' I, s iii' 4? Hs Q "-f t .Adm Q ,. 'X ' sf Ai 5 gf.. Wx I Y 1' 1 In if fl! 'Q WLt E, . 1 Q W1 1 iid? K'M sg, XY' f li-iN x A I L -Y- X -"u S31 4 w?FKkfx :?jg-gfgiffzii Q , .. 1 Q Q f 1 , N 1 1 Q 1 fi. N. fa ,J 420D Wayne Lcxflue Nell Car others Robert R1gal1 Iohn Lcxttner and Father Brady THE CLASS OFFICERS IOHN LATTNER Presrdent BOB RIGALI Vrce Presldent NEIL CARROTHERS Secretary WAYNE LA RUE Treasurer FATHER BRADY Moderator CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY IAMES R ANDERSON Football 2 3 4 Intra'nuralQ IAMES L BAILEY Blackirzars 4 Debaung I Z The Freshman Intramurals l 2 3 4 SCIENCE Club 4 Tennt 4 Wlclc 3 4 IOHN T BAKER Glee Club I 2 4 Intramu al 4 Rad C 1 Club 4 Track l VINCENT F BALDASARRI Amateur NIGHT 3 Ba ke-tball 3 Rlaclctrzars 4 Int amural l 7 T nnli 2 3 4 W IAMES M BARRETT Dance Commtttee 3 Iklatlna IOHN L BARRY Intramurals l 2 3 4 EMIL I BELANGER Intramurals I 2 3 4 Tacx BRENDAN T BOLGER Footballl Intramural l 2 3 IAMES E BONK lanauaae Club 3 Int amural 3 4 Tennts 4 VINCENT L BONUS Came a Club 4 Int CII 2 3 4 Scrence Club 4 Stamp Club 3 4 ALFRED P BONVOULOIR Camera Club 3 4 Lanlua Je Club 4 Glee Club l 2 Intra murals 3 4 Radlo Club l Z 3 RONALD E BOROWSKI Intramurals 2 3 4 421D 1,2,3,4. ' ' I A I 4 l , , g r fi l, 2, 3, g io lub l: Rtle Q 47 e I I, ,Ag 1ck'3, 'V Zg Football lg Swtrnrning l. ' . , , , Q r l 3. 'Gt 3 Af, . 4. I 5 I I ' X, 3 r I 7 r 1 r urals l, 4. I I I I I IAMES I BOULEY Bnd34Deba1nal23 Football I Intrarnural 2 W CP 3 4 WILLIAM I BRADY sketballl 2 F3 otball l 2 3 3 Intramurralsl Z 3 LOUIS R BRELL Basketfall 3 Intamural 3 1 THOMAS C BRESNAN Amateur Nlahtl 2 Banol l 2 3 4 Football l Language Club4 Freshman Paper lntra murals l 2 3 ROBERT W BRETT BlaCl'tr1ars 4 Intramurals Sea Scouts 2 3 Servers Club KENNETH C BRIEGEL Amateur Nlaht 4 Football l Intramurals l 2 3 4 ALBERT I BUNTA Dance Commrttee 4 Intramu r s 2 3 4 EMII. I CAFARELLI Amateur Nlaht 4 Football l 2 Glee Club l 4 Intramurals I 3 4 Radro Club l 2 1 C ub l 2 PATRICK G CAHILL Footballl 2 3 4 Intram MARTINI CAIN Football l Intramurals I 2 3 NORMAN W CANTY Basketball 1 2 3 4 Clas Of er l ball l The Freshman Track l Dance Commlttee 4 Catholtc Actron Cell 3 4 FRANKLIN D CAPITANINI Amateur Nlaht 3 Basketball l Football 2 lntramuralsl 2 3 4 Track 2 3 CI l , 5 Q' .1 , , 4 g . 3 , 3- 1 . , Ba. I , g . faclffrfzfrf 4 Fo , , , 45 Dramatic: . 'I g S I, 4, Wick 3,41 ' al , , , I F 2, , Q 'F ' , Z R115 I , . I , , , g urals 1, 2, 3, 4. 4' t , , , fic , 3g Foot ' I , 2,' 4f . In I Q 22 P ggi? 2 ' , ,LQ' vqy NEIL B. CARROTHERS Class Officer 45 Football l 2, 3 4: Intramurals l, 2 3, 4. DONALD O CASSADAY nd l 2 3 4 Da Com rmttee 3 Intramurals l WILLIAM F CAVANAGH Basketball 2 3 4 Dance Com mlttee 4 Football l Intramu s l ERNEST I CHAPLEAU Amateur N1aht 3 Football l Intramurals l 2 3 4 IOSEPH A CICHON nramurals l 2 3 4 ea Scouts 3 4 DONALD B CLARK Band 2 3 4 Languaae Club 4 Rad1o Club 3 Wxck 3 ROBERT F COLEMAN Footballl 2 3 4 Intramurals ROBERT S CONFORTI Band 3 4 Dramaucs 2 EDWARD C CONNOR Lanauaae Club 4 The Fresh man In ramurals l 2 3 4 Track 4 ROBERT I CONRAD Basketball 2 3 4 Footballl Intramurals l ANTHONY F COSENTINO Amateur N1aht Z Football 2 Intramurals I 2 3 4 Track 2 OHN CULKEEN Amateur lwxaht 3 4 Irtramu ralsl 3 R eClubl A CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY 4235 DAVID I. CURRAN Easketball 35 Intramurals 1 ROBERT W CURRAN Camera Club 3 4 lntrrvnu CONRAD E CWIK Ba lcetball l Football l ural EDWARD G CYRIER Amateur llanf 3 Footb ll l Lanauaae Club 4 lntrarnu al IAMES R DAVY Intramurals l 2 3 4 IOHN P DINEEN Intramural l 2 IOHN I DONAHUE Football Int amurals l ROBERT P DORAN Amateur l rant 3 Band l Foot l 2 3 4 Intramu alQ I MATTHEW P DUNHAM Dance Commlttee 4 Lanquad Club 3 T e F esnrnan l murals l 2 3 Radto Clul' l S w rrnrmn l WILLIAM I DUNN o l ln TGVIJ alw NIUIIYIIPQ 2 RAYMOND W DURST ful' r a W ck 4 Club 3 Camera Club l murals l 2 3 4 WILLIAM P DWIGGINS Amateur Nlaht l 3 4 Band l 2 3 4 BIGCICIIIGIS 3 4 Cam eaClubl 2 3 4 Tnelfcs an Servers Club 3 4 W CK 4245 331' CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY DONALD R DWYER Inramu alsl 2 3 4 IOHNI DWYER Amateur 'Nhght 3 Basketball l Football l 2 3 4 Intramurals ALLEN C EICHENHOLD Amateur Ntaht l 3 4 Golf 3 In ramurals l 2 3 4 W DALE R ELSER Intramurals 3 4 IOHN ENRIGHT Amateur Nlaht l 2 Camera Club l Intramurals l 2 3 4 Rltle Club l 2 Swunmrng 4 DONALD H FEIRTAG Amateur Nlaht 3 Radla Club 3 4 Sclence Club 4 IAMES A FERRONE EDWARD H FIEDLER Bas etball l Fotball l 2 Intramurals l 2 3 4 Ten 3 4 WIC GEORGE E FISHER Ba l-:etball l Intramurals 3 4 Rttle Club 3 DONALD S FLANAGAN Amateur N1aht 3 Intramurals EMMET T FLOOD Football l Intramurals l 2 3 4 Racllo Club l Rlfle Club 4 Wzck 4 RICHARD I FOLSOIVI Amateur N1ql'1t 3 Camera Club 3 4 Intramuralsl 2 3 4 4257 I ' t f . ,,,, 1,2,3,4."'l 41 1 , I' I' I ici? 3,4 Intramurals l, Z, 3, 4, . I .k U 7 O , , , , 5 nis l,2, , 5 'k3 4. is In g i l, 2, . 1, 2, 3, 44. I A I DANIEL R FONTANINI Intramurals 3 4 WILLIAM C FOREMAN The Freshman R1Ile Club A Intramurals I I OHN I FREELY Camera Club 4 Intramurals l GERALD A FRIEDEL Football I 2 Freshman Paper Intramurals l 2 3 4 FRED M GALE Amateur N1aht3 Football l 2 Intramurals l 2 3 4 Track I IOHN T GILMORE Intrarnuralsl 2 3 4 WILLIAM L GIVENS Glee Club 3 Intramurals I 2 IAMES A GOEDERT Basketball l Glee Club I In tramuralsl Z 3 4 PHILIP M GORDON Lanquaae Club 4 Glee Club l Intramuralsl 2 3 4 :lamp Club l 2 Tennls 3 4 Track IOHN P GROSS Basketball 2 Football l 2 3 The Freshman Intramurals l ROBERTI GRUNERT Intramurals I 2 3 4 LAWRENCE R GULDAN Intramurals I 2 3 4 2, 3, 4, ' ' I 2, 3, 4. ' ' ' ' ' 3, 4, StampIClub 1, 2, S, 4. ' 2, 3. ' ' ' ' 2, 4. ' ' 4 25 P IOHN W GUSTAFSON rtateur I abt Ban Blackrars 4 Debatrng 4 In trarnurals l 2 3 4 Wzcl' 3 IOHN E GUSTAINIS Black'r1ars 4 Camera Club 3 4 Intramurals l 2 3 4 Hadro Clubl Z 3 4 Sclence Club 4 Servers Club 3 4 WILLIAM M HAGGERTY Amateur Nraht 3 Dance Com mrttee 3 Football l Intramu DONALD R HAND ootball l T e F es t arnurals I 2 4 WILLIAM I HANK Amateur Nraht 4 Black r ars 4 Camera Club l 2 Class OII1 Cer 2 Dan e Commtttee 2 3 rnan Intramuralsl 2 3 Samp ub l 2 W BERNARD K HANLEY Dance Comrrnttee 4 Intramu IAMES E HANLEY Football l Z 3 Lanauaqe Cluo 4 Intramurals l 2 3 4 IOSEPH L HAPP Football l Z Intramuralsl 2 4 Swmmnal 2 3 LAWRENCE A HARAST Amateur Ntant I 2 3 Intra murals l 2 3 4 Stamp Club l Track 4 Chee-rleadrna l 2 IOHN I HARTNETT Intramurals 2 3 4 ROBERT M HAYNY Amateur Nrant 3 Fo tball Intramurals 3 4 IAMES S HEARONS Camera Clubl 2 3 Languaae Club 3 Intramurals l 2 3 4 Radlo Club l Sw1mm1na l CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY 4 Af. ' wr 1, d lg fi 5 ' 1 - , , , , 5 . , 4. rals I, 2, 3, 4 I - F I 3 E r brian, In- r , S , , 3, . ' . I 41, 45 Debatingw Z, 3, 4, The Fresh: ol ' , ,3, 4, f5k'1,l3,l4. rals 1, 2, 3, 44 A ' 3, , i ' i , A, ,fi A ' 3, 4. ' I ' ' . ' I ' l 5 O 35 27 WILLIAMI HEBEL Dramat1c 3 4 I Q F Nanaaer I 2 3 4 ROBERT S HEGBERG Intramuralsl 4 Sea Scout Rltle Club 4 DANIEL I HEINTZ Lanauaae Club 3 Intramural WILLIAM F HENNESSY Amateur N1aht 3 Intramurals RICHARD R HOHMAN Football I The Freshman In tramurals I 2 3 4 Swtmmmg WILLIAM B HOLT Football I Lanquaae Club 4 Intramurals I 2 3 4 IAMES B HUBER Dance Comm1ttee 4 Football I Intramurals I 2 3 4 1 e ub234Track123 KENNETH M HUSCH Camera Club I Intramurals I 2 3 4 RGd1O Club I Tenrus 4 Track 4 DAVID F HYNOUS Blacktrzars 4 Camera Club 3 Intramurals 3 4 Rad1o Club 3 Servers Club 3 4 W1ck3 4 WILLIAM H IENKS Basketball 3 4 Class Olflcer I 2 3 Dance Commntee 4 Intramurals 1 W1ck 2 3 4 KENNETHI KALLAS Amateur N1qht 3 Band I 2 3 GERALD E KAMINS Amateur N1qht 3 Basketball ball 4 Freshman Intramurals 3 4 '. s , 5 .ft rc-sf'i.ar1,' E . , 5 ss 4, 1, 2, 3, 4 I I 'I 1, 3, 4. ' A 1, 2, 3, 4. ' ' ' ' , , , ', , R11 Cl , , 5 , , , 4. 4: I , 1 I 1, 2, Foot 1, Q, 3, , The 4 29 P CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY ALEX M KASPER Basketball 3 4 Dance Com mlttee 4 Intramurals l 2 3 4 W1ck 3 4 FRANK F KAY In ramurals l 2 3 4 Rad1o Club l Track l 2 ARTHUR T KEENAN Football l 2 3 4 Language Club 3 Intramurals I 2 3 4 GREGORY M KEENAN Amateur Nrqht 3 Dance Corn mlttee Z 3 Intramurals 4 R1 e Club l 4 Sea Scouts 2 ROBERT A KEENLEY Lanquaae Club 3 The Fresh man Glee Club 3 4 lntra murals l 2 3 4 ROGERI KEITH Amateur N1ql'1t3 4 Band l 2 3 4 Blaclcfrrars 4 Camera lubl 2 3 4 The Freshman Intramurals l Science Club 4 ckl 2 3 EDWARDI KENNEDY Intramurals l 2 3 4 GERALD E KENNELLY Basketball l Football l Intra murals l 2 3 4 Tra k IEROME F KENNY Camera Club 4 Dance Com mlttee 3 Lanauaae Club 3 The Freshman Intramurals l THOMAS M KERN Debatxng l Lanauaae Club Y Glee Club 2 3 Intramurals l IAMES Q KISSANE Band l, 2, 3, 4 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Radxo Club 2 CHARLES H KOSIN Intramurals l, 2, 3 4 4295 " 3. 'T ' A , : ' 1 f , , : t , , , I A 5 . - ' , 5 : 'fl , : - , 5 . , , 2 : C , , , 2 f J 7 W1 , , , 4. 1 Q - ' , , , : C 1. 2, 3, 4. Q 2 5.5 . 5 , 2, 3, 4. EDWARD T KOWALSKI Vlrnum I GEORGE I KUNZMANN 4 Ixeovun am 1 f' 110 V I RICHARD F LQPATA n fs' II WAYNE E LQRUE IQ Nr17c1rPtI1ConI0rencf 4 Swum rr nq 2 3 IOHN I LATTNER k tbcxll I 4 er 3 otbmll I fuck I 2 IAMES T LAVAN .Dance Cornrnlttc 4 Inv Grnl ROBERT I LEAHY I. ncfumie Club 3 4 In II I IAMES A MADELI. G Scout 3 4 SCI nc 1 IOSEPH D MADIGAN Dance Connrn tt 3 Lim CIuo Ir crrnfll Club 4 GEORGE I MADUROS Dfmcf CIOITIITIIIIFG 2 Foutk munural I GERALD I MARTH mm ra Cluh I 9 4 In mural 3 4 Stamp Club I 2 ROGER E MARTIN In fifnurcl 3 4 Te n 544 mu. '1.f.,2,3,4 ,, I Bfzckffifrzfg , ' A' 3 ., L, 3, I 4, Int? , rule I, 2, 3, 4 Stiiif CI' I,2,3,4- JIWIY3 4 ATI fzteur-113513, 4 "lf':. 'z' 4: I,In' .1139 CILIIQ 4 Infiniti Q- A ff1I.f 3, 4' Sffrif-r.' CIR? 3 4 3 f F, '.4".c'If 3, 4 J' A I gi Clam.: gDIIlCGT 4, Iicxncwf Com- , nut -C 3, 4, Introxnumlaz 2, 3, 4, li H I, , I I I K VI . am? , 2, 3, , Clfm 013 Iic , 4, Fo , 2, 3, 4' Tr , , 3 I ' ' EQ , I 1 - :GIA 3, 4. CI ' , , Iff :ii - TGIJ I, 2, 3, 4. Se I is , , e 'ff CII If 4. A I . . 1 ee . dunve I 3, .tr If ss 3, 4 Rlfie I 2 ', ' , , f ,111 2, Irll :S , 2, 3, 4. C Q l ' , ,, 3, , tm- ' Ir. . 1.1 , ' n .ix 4 EDWARD M MASH Gloe Club Z 3 Intrarru a S I 2 3 4 Radio Clubl Fllfl Club 4 Track l FRANK A MATTUCCI Basketball I 2 Football l 2 Intramurals 3 4 Ta GERALD L MCDERMOTT Intramurals l Track l 3 IAMES R MCGRATH EUGENEI MCKERR Intramuralsl 2 3 E THOMAS MCMAHON Bandl 2 Intramural l RICHARD C MICALETTI Dano Commlttee 4 Football l Intramuralsl 2 3 4 Swxrn na I 2 GERALD P MILLER Amateur N1al'1t 3 Football l 2 The Feshman Golf 2 In tramurals l 2 3 LOWELI. F MILLER Intramurals l 4 S a Scouts 3 4 SCIQHCG Club 4 EDWARD I MILOTA Amateur N1aht 3 Football l Lanauaae Club 3 Intramurals DANIEL I MIRABELLI Intramurals 3 4 Stamp Club RICHARD E MLADY Dramatxcs I 2, Intramurals l, 2 3 4 1 CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY 4317 Q , " , g . r ls , " 3, 47 .ull I , 7 rlcli 3. Camera Club 2, 3, Radio Club 1. nit - , . , g e 1, 2, 3, 4. ' 4, ' ' IOHN R MOORE ramu al I 2 3 GERALD I MOREAU Intramural 2 3 5 mtng RICHARD L MORGAN lc IOHNI MORSE Football I Intramural ROBERT I MULCAHY Amateur Nlaht 3 Dance Com mttee 3 4 The Fresltmar Intramurals I 2 3 Sea Scouts I 2 Swrmmtnal 2 Stamo Club 3 Cheerleadrna 2 3 4 GEORGE E MURPHY F otball I 2 3 Int amural I IOHN I MURPHY Lanauaqe Club 3 Golf Team 4 Intramurals l 2 MICHAEL I MURPHY Football I Intramurals I 2 PHILIP I NASH Camera Club I 2 Football rtle Club 3 4 W WILLIAM I OAKEY Amateur Ntaht 3 T F nt arnurals I 2 GEORGE E O BRIEN 'I' ack I 3 3 4 W cr 3 rn teur Nlqht 3 Intramural I 2 WILLIAM H O BRIEN o tball a 4 4327 Im ' f 3 , , ,4. . U :a , g ".'.'iri1, f I, 4. Rag: otball 3, 4' lntraiiurfxln I 2 3, 4. ' , 1, 2, 3, 4. I , 5 I I II o- I , , , r . :s , Z, 3, 4. 2, 3, , ' , , 3, 4, U J , ,3, 4, I , 1 I, 3: R' , 7 fclc I. I .' g fze msln man, I r . , , , 3, 4. r ,'.., , 5 1' ', 1 A. a- 3, 4, I U D I I F o .lg Intr mural.: I, 2, 3, CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY lOHN R O CONNOR ramural l 2 3 Q DANIEL l ODAY lntramurals l 2 3 4 IOHNI OMALLEY Basketball 2 3 4 Football Z 4 lntramurals 3 ARTHUR M O REILLY Football l 2 lntramuraa l 3 4 Sw1mrn1nql Wzc DONALD I OTTEN Amateur Nlaht 3 Band l 2 3 4 Intramurals l 2 3 4 Radto Track 2 RONALD A PARIZEK lntramuralsl 3 4 Ra to Club ROBERT U PERRY Dance Commtttee 2 3 Lan auaqe Club 3 The Freshman Intramurals l 2 3 Swtmrnmq IOSEPH V PIKELL lntramurals 2 Sea Scouts l 2 3 4 SCIQHCG Club 4 Servers ub1Z3 ARNOLD F PINS Blacktrzars 4 Catholtc Actton Cell 4 lntramurals 4 THOMAS l PINTER Intramurals 3 Golf 3 Radio Club 2 IOHN R QUINN Amateur Nmht 3 Camera Club l 4 Lanauaqe Club 4 Int a mural l 3 4 Sea Scouts 4 PETER l QUIRK Amateur lN1al'1t 3 ln 'nu al l Z 3 4 Wm 433D 41 'C 42 lnt I S , , , 4: VV1' 3, , A , r ,3, I , 2 lf .2. ', 5 A ' j Ak l. Club 2, 3, 4, siieiqcg Club 4, 3. ' ' 4 M 4. ' ' ' C1 4 , , ,4. ' , , , , fk 3. 'M ' J 434V ROBERT E REICHARDT T c Frc 511 In rarnural IOHN P REILLY a Fur 3 Dam: f' C4 ub I n ar? GEORGEI RENALDI Intramural 2 3 4 ROBERTI RIGALI ke-tball I 2 3 4 Cla 4 2 3 4 Footba Track I WILLIAM H RITCHIE Basketball I 2 3 4 Dramaw: Football I Z 3 4 Trac HERBERT I ROHR Intramural I 2 3 S co GEORGE A ROKOS C mera Club I 2 3 4 Inta rnuraIQ I 2 3 4 Sclence Cl D IAMES T ROSSI Amateur Nralftt 3 Band I 2 3 4 Intramuralsl 2 IOSEPH V RYAN Amateur Nraht I 3 Blacfc r C' s 4 Dance Cornrntttee 3 Debat ma 2 Glee Club 2 Intrafru rats I Swvnrntna I RONALD S SARLITTO Glee Club 4 Intramurals 2 Rad1o Club 3 Track Z 3 ROBERT SCHAUDENECKER Football I 2 In amurals I Z f THEODORE V SCHLICHT Band I 2, Dance Comrmttee 3 4, Lanauaae Club 3, Intrarnq rals I, 2, 3 4 Swrrnmrna I 2 I im 'VMS 4' V RICHARD R SCHULIST Cawtera Club l lntram GEORGE R SCHUMANN F tball l 2 3 4 Lanagaae ub 3 lrttrawtu al l 2 o Club l IAMES P SCHUSTER Band l 2 3 Football l Int a al 3 4 Sum rt l RICHARD R SHEPHA D t ram ral5 l 2 IOHN I SMITH Amateur Ntfgltt 2 3 nance Comrmttee 2 3 lntramu al 4 Sw mmma l Q DONALD I SOBEY Lartauaae Club 3 ln 2 3 4 Radto Club FLOYD P SORQUIST lntramuralil Z Wg l DOMINIC L SPARACINO Football l 2 Lartau ac Clotb 4 lntramural 2 VERNE A SPERRY Football 3 lrttrarrural 3 4 PAUL A STEGER Lartcguaae Club 3 ln art lral l 2 4 Radto Club 3 Track 2 CONSTANTINO A TADDEO otball l 2 3 4 Track 2 In ramural l 2 3 4 PAUL TIERNEY Football 2 Lanauaae Club Intramurals l 2 3 4 CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY ww ., I f g . uralis l, 2, 3, 4. oc' . , , , 5 J' A f Cl " 5 .. r S ', , 3, 4: Raai , 2, 3, Wgck 3, 4. r, , Q 1 Y - :rtur l, 2, , 5 'i fl . ' . If Amateur Niaht 3, Dance Com- mit ee 3, lnt .u 7 , , 3, 4. ' : I l- T I 1, 2, 3, 7 i ' I Q 'Fxtftlf 3, , I ' trartturalrs l, , , j I ' l. FO , , l, Q , 35 - t . S ,,,, I 1 , 4: FRANK I TRANKINA mat u l rm e C tee 2 3 rttra u ale. b S C ub 2 3 EDWARD C TRIMARCO Football l 3 4 lrxtramural l 2 3 4 Manaaer 2 Track 3 IOHN F TUERK Lana 1 Club3 lntam a IOHN D VALLEAU Amateur Nlaht 4 Dance Cc 1 mlttee 3 4 Tl'e Fre-sFma'1 ln tramuralsl 2 3 Stamp Club NORBERT A VALLEE Dance Commlttee 2 Lanaua ub 3 lntramu l l Servere Club l ROSS D VARCO arm EDWARD M VERTUNO Amateur Nlght 3 The F 5 Speecb Contest l Swurxrmra 4 Te S 3 4 IOSEPH P VITOUS lntramurals l 2 Ra lO Club l S ue 5 C EUGENE M WALSH ln a a PATRICK H WARD Arla 'tt a IOHN I WATERS Football 2 lntramu als 2 Track 4 DONALD I WEAVER sk tball l 3 2 3 4 ln ramu al 136D A r blight 3- Da c citi- rr11t,,,gl m'r'l,2,3, 45 Rifle Clu 2, 3, 4, erveris l , bhllf 'Ie l rt . ur ls l, Z, 3, 4. 4- , , , I ' p A ae Cl 5 ras , 2, 3, 4, lrrtr rals l, 2, 3, 4. man, lrttramurals' l,M2., 1,2, sf , nni 1,'2, , ,wir 3. 4. 2, 3,45 6T'r 'zutfr A' tr Iriuflals l, 2, 3 4' Tr Ck l. z teur. lltaht I l. r rriurala l, 2, 3, 4: Rule Club l, 2,3 4 l 5 . r , 3, 4, Ba: e l , 2, , Football l, , , 1 r l, 2, 3, 4 CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY RICHARD H WEHMAN Football l Swmmmtrg I 7 3 4 CHARLES I WEITZEL Languaae Club 3 Intramural 2 3 4 Rule Club 4 CHARLES I WELTER Camera Club 2 Intramurals l 3 4 Rtfle Clubl 2 3 IOHN L WELTER Band l 2 Lanauaae Club 3 Intramurals l 2 3 4 IAMES E WHITING Amateur Ntqht l 2 3 4 tramurals l 2 3 4 IOSEPH M WOITYS Amateur Ntaht l Basketball l 2 Football l 2 3 4 TheF1'esH man Intramurals 3 4 Track I ROBERT F ZIEBELL Football l 3 4 Intramurals 1 2 RICHARD G ZILLIGEN Intramurals l 2 3 4 4375 -I Iifff.. " " ' - . . I : 1' , . j S , , 1 - 2, , : ' , , ,4- f I ' V ' , . , 1 In- : , , , 2 - - , , , 7 , 2, 4. , , 1 . . ,,,. THE CLASSES Freshmen, Sophomores, and Iuniors entertained by profes- sional cartoonists during homeroom assembly Ml!! .vw""' is- Father Mcxdnck Fred Baer Dxck Bee man Reg Darley and Bob R1gney THE JUNICRS IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FRED BAER If w Pfesldcn DICK BEEMAN VICP Pfeslcrent BOB RIGNEY T REG DAELEY roasuror FATHER Moderator ftjll 'K' F59 1 WY' , , , ' r ,Ay fx ' A A :fy ' . Secretary ff' sill I if V - MADRICK if X J 4395 4407 IUNIORS . . I H. Ahern R. Allen H. Atkinson R. Auer L. Bachner Baer D Bannon E Barretl R Barton R Beeman Behrendt R Bender I Blehle R Blewuld W Bluzek Bole A Bordlgnon G Bosco E Boswell I Brcxult Brennan K Buksas D Burggraf I Burns C Cadwell Callahan G Cumzzo A Cantu P Carey 'A T Carslens Catcxluno I Ccxvarretta K Chrt I Cermuk L Colella Q Colleltx C Collms I Connelly 'U' T Conroy R Consaqo Q YY' sd an ff . OF 1950 R Cook T Corcoran P Cowan D Coyle D Crews Crowley R Cummms I Curl: R Darley F Del Pnncxpe DlflX'lO W Dzgzson I Donlan D Donahue W Dormln Drella I Dresen W Duggan I Dunne G Eder Ella R Elllolt I Emerlck 3 R Evcmgelxsta Fw K Fahey Feeley W Feely I Fencxl R Fmnegcm E Fxtzmaunce Flynn T Flynn I Forbes I Franzen P Frauenfelder D Gancer I Gamey M Garvey I Geary H Gres 4417 4425 IUNIORS W Gzllen R Gzroux S Glryotas Glts E Gotlschalk C Green Gubbms W Guglxelmo N Halloran L Hanlsko I Hantsch T Harie T Hartmann 45 T Hayes .3 Q. Hentschel R Hernbroth F Hmton I Hoffman A Hunkeler D Iudge Kauer D Kauth K Kearney W Kellogg S Kennedy L Kxmmel R Kmg R Klauer I KMPP R Koch R Kosm G Kowalskx D Lackowskx Lamberi G Lane A Lawson R. Leak D. Lehman . Lenz F. Lolli T. Losos R. Luigs W. Lyman . Madell P. Madigan 'fm W 'Q' Q-Q i 2 5, t- L 4-4' 1: Q15 -0- ,, . 1 F. Maier X"-Q i UC" C, - .5 QS, G. Main E.Muywa1d , 'Q ' -' A QA . A I ' F 44 , un- -.J - 3 ' 2 9 if . . OF 1950 ' I L. Mclkuley lt- W. Mcflnery W. McEnroe D. Merkel I. Mikos 5 W. Muldowney I. Mullcme M I. Mumane tv I H. Murray I. Netileton D. Normcmdt R. Ortmcmn 0' ,-Q, 41'- E Pxkell T Podock I Qumn E Rcxfiery I Hakxtan N Rutkovlch W Redmond R R1gney E Rxley T Rolfe B Rooney D Rossl Q 'S' ,rs 5 Lean 'Qt 'CZ' Va W Rozcmas I Ryan R Sarhtto c' A Sculzzttl R Schleser F Schuessler R Schuler P Scott M Scukcmeck E Scullxon D Sechier I Sheuhcm Sxewers I Slmon Sxzer D Smxth I Smxth I S Sm1th R Smxih R Spxcuzza I Srmek Sullxvcm L Sulhvcxn R Sulhvcm 443i 5 , . ...R f' N l w 1 ., . , . I ' Ph ,,,, ' 6- - 6' . ' Il ' - n I . I z ,. . . vw ' . A , I ' I X I w . 1. ' U 1- is g 9 -I . L.. ,X j t f . ' , . Q' , , l I I 'X K . . I 0 'R if , . --f - ' ,L Q . . n N, Z . , I x EFI 2, iz , vii r al Nd' V K - B "" I. . ' Q 'G Rx - I ' .: I I' " l , f I Q A-Awrvll AAAAAV 'AA' YM A . , , A I UNIORS T Sullzvan Sweeney L Tarpey F Thompson D Tolosko Tracy I Trnovec I Trucco I Tully I Tuohy Twardos I Vcumsl S Victor A Vzola E Vodlcka Volker I Watts D Weydeman I Whalen Wlsdom Wlll R Wodzmskl C Wynne I ld Enyart I Hanna W Mullen A Potockx I Scheve R Schmxdt I Schnexder R Shockey ' W. I. I- I I . W. I. Waldman C. ' ' .z' W. THE SCPHGMORES Terry Moran, Iohn Cy- winski. Tom McKenna, cmd Ioseph McCormick. 55' SQFRQMQRE CLASS OFFICERS 'R gm K TOM MCKENNA .. A , ,,..,, President ' W vi? IOHN CYWINSKI ..S. ..,. V me-President - F V -1 VK N TERRY MORAN .S.,..,. ..,... S ecretory 9 1- IOSEPH MCCGRMICK Treasurer .3 K FATHER OCONNELL Modemfof 1 I A 3 4457 SOPHOMORES I Ahern I Allen I Anderson I Bachmann I Barron Bendlg I Belfuss M Benson I Benxacs D Bernacclu Bmger R Bonaccorsl R Bonus W Borowlak H Bowman Brennan I Broderlck T Bronder G Broucek R Burns L Cannon G Caron I Carslens I Casey Chnrpka B Chnst T Clancy L Clarlzlo R Clark Cole D Collms T Comparato A Costello E Crelghion Crowe I Cullman E Curtin R Cyner I Cywmskx A. ' D I U I L. U i I R. Burns . 1. 1 i D I. ' In ' D l 3' f OF 1950 A. Dcxddono W. Dczddono R. Dono D. Daley I. Dillon V. DiVenere VCH1 R. Dooley D. Doucette I. Doyle R. Drexler Dunne Duzenskl Fana I Dvorak F Dwcm T Egan Feeley Fox I Fman B Flaherty I Flood Frcxmey G1er R Fndlund A Gcrtscxkos F Gzcmeth Gxlhgan I Gllroy G Glts I Goeb Gone cz I Grant I Grogan R Gross W Grow Haggeriy I H cx W Hall E Hcmdtmcmn K Hanley 47 4485 SOPHOMORES D Hansen S Hart B Haslerok W Hayes R Hayner W Helget R Hennelly B Hennmgs F Heroux R Hofste-tt 1 Hogan C Hollenbach T Holmberg L Holmes R Holmquest Horne I Howard Hoyne W Huber E Iams I Ienks F Kasper I Kavanagh E Keller Kelly I Kennedy R Kxller D Kung T Km Kmg I Klein A Kmoch I Kolar R Kremer Kroger A Kuta T Lackovxc D Lackowskx T LaRocca G. D. ' w. ' W. Ioy I. . I lg I. OF 1950 L 'Q H Lavlgne R Lechowskx G Lenea R Lew1s K MacKenzze 5- Wx' "' -x 'L 0 Markowskx G Marhn R Masxm V R Massoth N Mavlglxano ,sv Merkes R Mesenbrmk 'R' A' P Meirlk R Meyer P Mlchalxsko as M L Moorhead T Moran R Morman R Morse Munello R Murphy N... C Murray W Myalls G McCarihy McCorm1ck G McEll1gott I McGovern W McGu1nn E McGu1re 'Z' McGuxre T McKenna R McNaney T McSteen H Newman gar- P Noland I Oakey .,, E OBr1en T OBrien I OConnor 4 4495 -i ,, J - R A 4 f '34 8 ' Mi V Nas I . I , sg I - H-A Y-V ' N. ' ,A ' ,,. 3 , ,,, 2 l 1 Lax VV I A 1,3 'Ji Ji R . I Ae" A R ' -:r . fl, - ' ' . I 'f' "H - . . ii ' b " . . ' - "!,.:..- 7- . .v I . X . R kr , , ' 9 1 f' T 'ff . 1. Miner 74 .A if L. , ,S R f f- 51 - - ,R ... , . t I ' 1 I T. , ,, X I. k u . 0 H I. - A . R rv ' ' 9 A ' w. ' If an . n . . ,ff-iffy x,, R ' K ' l 1 7'-r 6 I ,. - I . ,rgffvg , SOPHOMORES W ODay O Rexlly R O Rexlly T O Shcxughnessy M Paghczro Pcxnzek M Pawlowskl D Petersen G Pezek P Putnm Quxnllsk L Racine R Reynolds I Rxchter R Rlghelmer D Ruder R Rushford E Ryan D Ryson Salemo R Salmon R Scisseth R Sauer F Suv1sk1 Scaro E Schayer P Schmdler D Schnexder R Schoonover Schukay P Sculllon C Scully P Sercxfm M Seno C Smullwood I Smxih K Spnnger R Stefcm T Steilen . L' , -I In .I I ' . R. Roeers. R. I I U l. I . ' D I. I I . I 71 sf, hh! .R OF 1950 W Stem R Steinbach R Struckmcm B Sulhvan C Sullxvan Swzeca C Swlsher I Szott R Taeschner C Thomeiz Touzmskx F Trankma T Troccolx L Trosch C Tuerk Twohey I Uecker I Vallecxu R Waghome I Whaley Whalen F Wxllxams D Wmdsor M Worley I usi 151i ,4 Ani If- W, I 1 X E ' F116 liq-Fig? - K f " 'AV'.f:f3Y" , X . . X , X ,a Ed Shannon, Don Mur- phy, Iim Maddock. Bill Rigcxli, and Father Smith. 4525 THE FRESHMEN :EEQRM ELL RIOAL1 LTI NADEOOK ED SHANNON DON MURPHY FATHER SMITH AN CLASS OFFICERS Preszder. Jffge-Presicem Secretary Treasurer . Moderator 13 mf! M 43 - . 1 ii' '7 --sr l bl M OF 1950 Abate Ackermann W Ahern J' A 196: , R X 79' 1 1 'W F D B Ales1a T Aman I Anderson rmour Auer G Bachner W Barrett M Barron V Battaglxa ehrendt Belzer B K B N Bertaut R Blcek I Bllllhgs F Bxondo lackwell Bolger L Bo zag K Borkovec R Borkovec L, Brennag rown Burke T Burns I ButleH D a a a G Canal Canar D Cantrell R Capxtanmx R Carbon R Carzolx W Casey Cermak Chesinut I Chlaro Chodera E Chott I Coffman Coha H Collms P. Colhns D. Como I. Conste 'n . orrigan 4537 4545 FRESHMEN . E. Cox E. Croke R. Crudele T. Culhane U Lilfllikmsa G DAmore H DeBell1s T Deka L DeLarco S DeSerto D DeVale D DIIUIIO T Doherty D Donatello I Doody I Dougherty P Dr g R Duckett L Duffy Duggan W Ebben H Enright D Every Ferrone R Fxedler T mer! F10-156 M Fxsher T Flynn Fvnma -E-Frugel R Frankowskx R Fmnzm T Fntz R Gaddml 5..CiazzQl.n W Glblm T Gxlboy Lili llihllman I Glxmco I Glowe I Goedert L Gorman C Graban L Graham I Gnmley ayton ffm in i 4- fe Nl YT? .4 IIE L ll!! 361 ew 5 q,-,fl R 'W-4' ,0- vi Q li ' 3 , 9 . ' 3 .4 'Z " V' '-Q0 ' I 'W-Q: . A D . . 14, ga , ' V GQ' I f- 5 . e e I 5 ' I -.b in -fn f', I . .,f - , ,L FQ A .T--'Ll" I Q-"' I" '1. p I ff I V-3-I - . - I I I L A e fe . -cl e V KA V . I- I 4' Q .V 5 F. ' I , 5 ngg' ' ' EI I We V1 , - Y L. I D 5.4, 'f N 'I cu' .kg Q' " J ' , V vt I 5 -.-x f 23 Q gl by A ' . . I 0 1 9 X . A. nfl- Q of, D -I ul a , ?Y 6' I . I 1 I , 1' 0 r' I V ' . QM' xA 1? ' gl 5. I .K ,I - - Q I Q 1' by f 'I Q. - I f L 'Ny TV ff - wg I .L 4 I . I ... :V W f l A J Agfsif' ff: 5 Sify' I ' OF 1950 an A " , Q R. Grunt ,V 9 X J A. Gustainis F. Gultman F. Haas R. Halloran N. Hahn l x Y ' GJ ' at G. Handley .-. X R. Handtmann ,J I. Hanson .5 R. Harney Q53 P. Hart f-'7 L. Haubl 5. , B. Heintz ' V C. Helmboldt T. Hemrich G- ,Higgins T. Hogan P. Hohman W R Holland F Huss R Iablonskx R Ianmnck R Ianus S lenclras if if 'W R Iones W Iones Iudah G ludy D Karas D Keenan D Kell M Ke ly G Kennedy P Kerw1n R Kolodzxel G Kowalslu N Krelz W Lange C Laport I Lardmo T Larsen C Laurx .,-v fa iii R Lawler H' ' su' Q L Lawqlesg D DeFevre zu L Lehman R Lemar A' .A P Lenea Z--Q... . . A w , 4555 A A V ' Aa - A ' . 5' . x ibfxh ,fy I KYLV 5. YV Q x Abjflxl. V Q 3 2' ' ig I ' 4 . G 1 e- G V , 5 l I . S Q V . . ' 1 ' - . Mr L . ffl, Lf, v , T' ' 553 -' Q I ' . 5.7 -1 ' Moyncxhan t -a S' fe 5' f f ,, W up 1 I 'TZ' I I -3 Y 'inf' . , V . W7 57' . Rx t' 4 "7 141' X, 40- -ho '7 UQ u'1'M'fff":' Q fri 0' Y' ,.- If , if A 1, . , Y. V' 7 'lg ' 92' f f A .-.- 4 ,S-,T ' 1"- .1 ,AWS - A "-:' , 1. w Q , r., Q, , K ,,. . R, f if 'rf 7 Q, .f- 4 A .Q ' k K 1' " Q .flvfdk rt N ' 5, E V f , 1 18 ,, - 1 363424 OF 1950 OConnor M OConnor R OKeefe T wens ...G Pa st I Parlchy Peebles T Pendergast I Perry Peschke K Phelan C P1etk1ew1cz Pxkell W Przybylsln E Qumn K Raclawsln T Reger R Hezek Rxedhnger 21.33, 11 P H1133 Roach R Roberfson Royek I Rossx E Hoih M Ryan M Ryan r Schxma H Schlacks P Schultz E Sculhon I Sebesta E Seeger D Selbert R Sewall C Sexton I Shanahan E Shannon P Shea I Shehee E Shumllak ,A I Skach T Skrydlewskx H Smxth R Smxth . I. . G. .I- IW. Robinson -D. Smuszkiewi e. , ,, ,. FRESHMEN R. Slumm A Stearns T Sierggg, "9 l Tarp x W, w!"'M 'Sc' Thcxllemer G Thees R Thompson P Trmme L Tralmer D Trosch T Trybul R Twcxrdos T Tyrrell K VGIHISI Van Pettm C Vletzen W Walsh I Wundrey Watts F Wellman 6 ii D Whalen D Wh1s!on I W1edemcmn Wilhelm D Wxll I Wxlllams R Wlsner M Wxttenberg Wolcxechowskx G Wood T Woods S Woody F Wnght Wal? N Wronu R Wubbel .Andaman 4595 . -fix - ' , za . sl ey 'X ' : ll 4 ab. I. I , I 1. ' I E. , I , .. Ig . I I A I W IT I L I L D. ' .. , 5' I ' ' - - ' 11.4 I - ' l ,li 'w,. I A f ' ff 5' l 16, X vu, Ax P' .. . I ' ,QQ - I ' 5 5 V I 4, R . V Q A . I ' : A I rx Q f . N 1 f 1 I I ' 'mf I I .P-QP' A 3 .?"Qv. , -'S W gfx SQQ -UN Kr! as if 1' 4 1 71' 4-141,15 fb Ar-I K '-'k"x. 11" jj? 1 C MAA .f'Jl ""'N 1 -fl UA. 'fxk ,X -ix , 1-Q 5 52-f J Yr, - ' 'Vx-'Q N' J. ,EL ff! , ' qi X4 it at Aff" -'U ti in N ' ':.V Q ,. lg x A .MP A TTCS FOOTB Ahh BASKETBALL XNTMMTNG TNTRBMU RALS e best rn the Cathohc teagae at one sentence surns up Yenwtck tchgh Scheet s athtetrc achreyernents tor th year TQAQ 50 t ough enwxc has atways been tn he woras ott e newspapers the erenntat c arnps o the tho rc tea ne rt toetc thrs year o rnatce t es words resoun ac n the taces o enwtc s op enents or t e trrst t rne n thrs schoo s brre ut success u ath ettc htstor he trr e crown toot a bastcetbatt a d swtrnrnrng charnprons rps was captured by the Oak tc schooT arty rn atter tostng rnost ot tast year s rrst strtnaers Yenwxctr. ootbatt tearn ernbartce upon rt secon successrve Cathehc tea ne rt e The reen but wtt rng boys taye hke veterans throng out the entrre seas e prnnac e o success was r ache wrt a srnas tng A2 VL ytctory over George tor the Cathohc tea ne tttte That was the hrst ttntc e swrrnrnxng tearn an bastcetbatt tearn wetde the tuna two hntcs atrnos T e stu ents o enwt tc a rnost expectrng he r ar e swrrnrnrng earn were n t atsa porntea thrs ear therr res ectwe trttes T e work u nb trre ear The hard wer ttrrnrrtphs he p rrnuX a c octc ht-Le wrnnrn o the tuntors an senrer t e swtrnrnrng te rn near y an e supertor coachrng are the reasons tor the endtess e bastcetbatt tearn et the Xunrors an Senrors a yanc o s e tunrors teh tn e sernr trnats to e auT but t e br be s entrre drstance to annex the tt e beatrn an oT nernesrs St rza eth A6 'BQ Then the won the crty charnpronshtp by whtpptng Tnden the Pub rc Schoot Charnp M u rt tatces more than tn t a wtttrng g ng ot boys to wrn trttes tt takes coachrng ot he hnest brand Ton Law e s Brtt Shay Dan O Brten gave proo ot therr great abrhty rn rnokirng w rnnrng tearns tth the trrpte crown tucked. away Yenwxctc can rest on tts aureTs xt year teast untn ne k l 2 in "Th ' ' Th ' A A ' ' e - . Nh Y ' tc , ' t h K "p ' h " t Ca t' g , ' ' A t h e d b ta t t Y ' tl' p . Y h ' t t ' t' ' tb tt t ' ' y, t 'pt , b Xt, , n ' A A ht , Par E ' XQAQ, A ' t' - A J , ' 's t d ' a ' ' 'g t' t . ug , 't' " p d ' h ' en. Th ' X t e d ' h h' I A ' St. . Q . ' . , V Th ' ' d d ' t ' t s' t neousty. h d t Y Ac , X ' t egut t -' ' ' gs ot th ' ' t , o ' p ' ' y , T5 th ' ' a ' s won ' p A ' . h , p t t y h ' ' a , t bt tc ts the en' y . tc and ' ' strtng o ' . Th , b h ' a ' , a ed tot tay- tt . Th ' ' ' th D P , h " 'g- y " went the ' ' 'tt, ' g d ' , .Et b , D Y . . . . . g , V X. ,SIL . B t' ' s ' ' a ' ' . 1 X . .- ff . ts f 4 - ' ' T NN' V X' ' " , ' ' t , a WE, QB' J , L , t QSZP ATHLETIC DIRECTOR REV I N MORGANTHALER OP The Reverend l N Morgohthorler OP took the posrtrort of Athletlc D1reCtor m l942 cmd ever Smce thot doxy he hos performed neor rrurocles w1th hrs othletes Wherever there IS on othletrc contest or somethmg concermng sports Fother Mor gontholer w1ll be there to look out for the mterests of the school ond the players themselves xv. 1 it 1.7! 4 rs, wg A A l - HEAD COACH ANTHONY R LAWLESS e ears ot masterful coachmg lS the record of Twenty on y Fenwtcks Anthony R Lawless Coach Tony Lawless IS the athletlc department ot Fenw1ck HIS record IS a stung of never d l t every endlng VlCtOflGS and successes He has coache a rnos pOSS1b16 sport and has lead Fenwick s athletes to nearly every posslble champlonshlp 4537 r . V Q ' ,Q , V THE COACHING STAFF f- www REV WAYNE E CONLEY OP Asststtng Father Morganthaler as the asststant athletlc dtrector the Reverend Wayne E Conley OP has taken charge of the golf team the grammar school SWIITIXTXIHQ and basketball tournaments and the numerous other Fenwtck athletxc campatgns Thls 15 hts fourth year m thts capactty A' Malay DAN O BRIEN A Fenwtck alumnus 1n the person of Dan O Brlen has returned to hts Alma Mater to brmg fame to hrs the dutles of a tramer He then took charge of the swrmmmg team and has always produced a wmner Now he also coaches the freshman football team wtth almost the 1denttcal result BILL SHAY The new st adaltton to the Fenmck At'1let1c Department 1 the ba netball coach Btll Srtay Corn na here from Ve La Salle Htah he provea to be the needed shot tn tae a rn that Nosllo ex ve the Fen v 1ck caaers In thts f1r t year ht Junto qutntet Non the sectton tltle and now m hrs second yea ht seruors have won the Catholtc league t1tle and crty Champtonshtp LARRY FLYNN Fenwtck s Lme Coach Larry Flynn ts a former team mate of Coach Lawless and has asststed Tony Lawle IH butldmg up the Frla forward wall for the past eleven yea s Havmg pl ved pro football for f1ve years and navmg coached both Loyola and St Patr1ck l-ltgn School teams Larry leaves h1S lme as hts record of achtevement m , ' H W Y 'Y vw -C-MN V V-V W' .1 . I ' ,ici .r J ' X L . 2 I- .A I , A . school. A graduate of the Class of 1934, Dan assumed L . . - Y , Y 4 , F . 5 A 5 sl ' l . r 1 4 .., , ", :gg 1 ' I r,. " .1-I 'A ' ' r 'f A . A - - r , ' - ' J' J ., . s , 's ' ' r ' ' ' ' , A ' ' ' CATHOLIC LEAG UE CHAMPIONS Fzrst Row T Vxola F MQllUCC1 R Rxgalx A Taddeo D Weaver I Forbes I Cywmskx I Waldman T Moran E Trlmarco R Zlebell W Rxtchle I Anderson T Losos Second Row Coach Lawless Father Conley C Collxns T Egan G Schumann I Kamxns G Kowalskx R Shockey N Carrothers R Doran I Lattner I Woltys H Gres L Canon G Caron Coach Flynn T McKenna R Coleman R Hernbroth E Boswell T Carsten Fourth Row Tramer OBr1en Manager Qumn Manager Hebel W Hayne I Cullman D Collms I McCorm1ck F Kasper S Harte F Lolh E Brennan I Fman F Trankma I Carstens Father Moganthaler Manager Dxllon Manager Gubbms FOOTBALL RECORD CATHOLIC LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Fer1w1ck Webel Fenwlck De Paul Fer1w1ck eo l?er1w1ck Mt Carmel Fer1w1ck De La Salle Fenwmk Loyola Fer1w1ck St Rua Fenwlck Green Bay Fenwlck St Ellzabeth l:'er1W1ck St George Schurz 20 Fenwlck 455? Third Row: R. Sassetti, C. Wynne, P. Cahill, T. Harte, I. O'Malley, F. Baer, I. Dwyer. N. Canty. ' 28 A O ' 33 l3 ' 34 L 13 ' l3 , 6 A 50 20 A 27 U ' 45 . ' U ' 27 6 ' 42 . ' ES ' 42 . 13 ' 7 FENWICK'S FI Q ne P' TING FRIARS Iohn Dwyer Ierry Kamins Augie Tcxddeo Norm Canty Q v X . 1:53- George Schumann Fred Baer 168P ' fr Bill Brady Tom Harte Bob Doran Shockey D'-Q-I 1 v--w 'Q' 11 U Iohn O'Mulley Bill Ritchie Frank Mcxttucci Ed Trimarco Bob Coleman 469D Iim Anderson Bob Ziebell PS1 Cahill The brain trust: Coach Tony Lawless. sportsters Marve Ward cmd Ed Norris. and line coach Larry Flynn 470i '4 The last round-up lor a Weber back FENWICK 28 - WEBER 0 Fenwick opened the '49-'50 foot- ball season in line style, shutting out a hustling Weber team in a practice tilt at Hanson Stadium. Lattner went 55, 50 and 20 yards for his three touch- downs. Tony Viola snared Cantys pass in the end zone for Fenwick's tinalscore. 'QRQVQN sEAsoN's RECORD , fi ' 7 :'1 i?:J FENWICK 33 -- DE PAUL 13 Long runs were the feature ot the De Paul game with Lattner going 82 and 76 yardsg Rigali 58 yardsg and Ted Baer 25 yards. Tom I-iarte got three points on conversion. And another Leo Lion missed his prey TV? A De Paul tackle: gets cz good stiff arm from Bob Rigali FENWICK 34 - LEO l3 The score ol Fenwiclds iirst league game does not indicate the bitter bat- tle staged by these two teams on Shewbridge Field. At the half Fenwick led 7-0 by virtue ot Lattner's 76-yard run, and with only tive minutes remain- ing in the game the score was 20-13. Then Rigali and Lattner tallied quick T.D.s to pull away from the Lions tor good. Mt. Carmel almost stopped Iohn Lattner and the Friar title hopes FENWICK 50 - DE LA SALLE 20 Fenwick's versatile attack proved itself superior to De La Salle's in a free-- scoring affair which found Lattner counting five times. Consistent Bob Rigali got the other three, while Harte added two points by way of conver- sions. De La Salle scored twice on a play in which the guard was an eligi- ble ball-carrier. On a 76-yard iaunt with Iohn Lattner FENWICK 13 - MOUNT CARMEL 6 ln one of the toughest and closest games of the season the Friars eked out a seven-point win over the Caravan team pitched to a high level for this all- important game. Lattner scored from the two after Fenwick had marched 60 yards downfield. The final Fenwick touchdown was contributed by Fred Baer who raced 40 yards over center in the third period. Rigali enroute to a T.D. FENWICK 27 - LOYOLA O Chicagoland television fans got a good look at the talented Friars as they humbled the Fighting Ramblers from the North before a capacity house at Loyola Stadium. Rigali and Lattner split the four touchdowns while Harte was splitting the goal posts three out of four times. FENWICK 45 - ST. RITA O Visiting Alumni were treated to a Fenwick scoring spree against a heavy Rita eleven in the annual homecoming game. lohn Lattner took the opening kickoff back 88 yards for a score. Baer, Rigali, and Cywinski also crashed into the scoring column, Fast action under the lights in Green Bay FENWICK 42 4 ELlZABETH 6 Another sectional championship was added to Fenwicks growing list of trophies as they defeated St, Elizaf beth before a Fathers' Day crowd of 7,UOO. Fred Baer scored three touch- downs while Bob Bigali was collecting two Tom Harte had a perfect day with 6 P.A.T.s. Rigali leaves the heavier but slower Rita team behind FENWICK Z7 e GREEN BAY 6 For the first time in its history a Fenwick team traveled out of the state of lllinois to face a football opponent, in this case Catholic Central of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Friars were 12 point underdogs before the game. Don Weaver scored the first touchdown when he blocked a punt, picked up the ball, and scampered across the goal line. Central got its only touchdown on a desperation pass in the closing min- utes of the game. If we'd a known you were comin'. we'd have baked a cake CATHOLIC LEAGUE CHAMPIONS FENWICK 42 3 ST. GEORGE 13 For the second yectr in succession Fenwick proved to be the best tootboll teorn in the Cotholic leogue when they downed the St. George Drogons of Evonston in o wild gctme ot Soldiers Field, Lottner proved he could pcrss os well os run, completing 5 out ot 8 tosses, two tor touchdowns. Besides this he punted tor on overotge ot 47 yords ond troveled l88 ycrrds on the ground. His longest run wos o 70-yotrd jotunt through the center ot St. Georges line. Two ot Rigotli's touchdowns come on posses from Ldttner. Boer ond Conty completed the Fenwick scoring on short runs. Lattner lost his shirt. but St. George lost the game. 4745 A IOB WELL DONE . 'wa x -Q35 1 U . 4 . 4 , ,. -v, AFS to Q -n N'?"m K . A A nv' , j fx, 'Tn . , . . .-' ' fs f' in YVAIWT' 'iff :'fg"B + 1 ., 4 gg f , ,w fl 4 1 A 1 1 . 'aw' E ' 4' . Q if 2 6 g Q , . - on-9... , V-Q. ,4,Af.9-f-,. M.. A 1 bf v M Q 4,1 RJ I Q kv fgfi Q, ,IM , M ' ' if fb N 5 r it NM, SCHURZ 20 f FENWlCK 7 Before cr crowd of 70,000 prep footf boll tons under CI bright Decernbers sun in Soldiers Field, Fenwick suc' curnbed to the steody ploy ol or well- knit Schurz team in the Prep Bowl gorne. The Friors for the first time sul- lered from on ottock of ocute fumble- itis which eventually cost them the gorrne. Fuddlo ond Swienton corried the brunt ot the bull-dogs' ottdck while Lcrttner ond Rigoli corrried the chores for the Fricrrs. Mayor Kennelly hands out the bull in the Prep Bowl game CITY CHAMP SCHURZ zo Out of the way boy you bother me 4755 Closing in on Schurz NSHIP GAME FENWICK 7 L30 QQA4. 0: - 'J , :1,:1gy,f j W ,f mvv:Qxw.r . , -If .1 X .J 'Vw N I x Wifi? ,Q di -B,1 Good downiield blocking by Schurz 6 4775 H d dnt get away Schu b ck JQL. ICK Z 47" I VS -' SCHURZ e i ' Frictrs converge on a ' ' fx F ENW 4'a:j':'r N4 XXX Ifff L-,f :xv ' 1. 1 l!!!,, ' ' , Q if ' IIIIE Zi, 5 UNDEFEATED FRESHMEN THE UNDEFEATED FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM The Freshman football team trnrshed therr season Wlth a record ot three WIHS and no losses thrs year At the start of practrce about 180 boys turned out for the team but at the end of the season only 65 remalned Coached by Dan OBr1en the Frosh team made a good shoW1ng agamst therr regular seasonal opponents and agamst the Sophomores They played Loyola at Loyola October 15 and routed the Frosh Ramblers 45 to O A Week later they defeated St Phrlrp 35 to U St Mel was the1r thrrd v1ct1m three days later 21 to U Although many boys saw acttve duty erther 1n the l1ne or backheld those who played the most were centers Ierry Mur phy and Iohn McDonnell guards Larry Dutly Don Murphy and Iames Burke tackles lun Belzer and Dtck Thompson ends Fred B1ondo B111 Makel and Roy Iab1onsk1 quarterback Irm Maddock left halfbacks Wally OBr1en and Eddre Shannon fullback Rudy Gadml and rlght haltbacks B111 Rrgalr and Bob M111er ... an SW! di FOOTBALL TEAM Q79P 4' uf :fr-if . 1. 'Q JU ' 525' 'Q ' . 5 I ' 1 :'Lt?'!' 4 is I wal 1 ' 'Ml 4-4 . - vw N ., A Y fr .X . ,, , ,V .as . - Q fl. F V ,sw -, ,,,, V "A A -M .,. K R A, 1 , . 1 - 1 1 . . . , , . I - I I 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 - . 1 1 1 BASKETBALL . . . ot wif ,,. x f- ' 1 1 39' 'I 4805 Seniors Win Catholic Leagu First Row: Tom Corcoran. Tom Carstens, Norm Canty, Tom Hayes, Fred Baer, Pete Carey, Ierry Dunne. Second Row: Father Mor- ganthaler, Bill lenks, Bob Conrad, Iohn Lattner. Dick Shockey. Ioe Donlan, Bill Cavanagh, Manager Hebel, Father Conley. Third Row: lim Forbes. Bob Bender, lim Barron. Ed Curtin, Tom McKenna. Iames Zid, Manager Quinn, Coach Bill Shay. With a Catholic league title, City title, and a seasons record of 22 wins and 7 losses, the '49-'50 Senior basketball squad can well take the plaudits they deserve. For the first time in 15 years the seniors captured the Catholic league title, and for the first time in the history of the school they went on to beat the Public league champion Tilden for the City title in the Charity game in the Chicago Stadium. Starting slowly in the practice games, the Seniors were bolstered by the return of many football players to the hardwoods. ln the pre- season tilts the heavies won 6 while dropping 4 games. The Friars started the season with a 63 to 28 victory over De La Salle. With Lattner and Conrad leading the way, Fenwick beat St. Rita 66 to 34, Mt. Carmel 53 to 43. ln the first big game of the year Fenwick edged St. Elizabeth 54 to 53. The heavies finished the first round of play undefeated with vic- tories over a tall St. Leo quintet 49 to 40 and Loyola 53 to 42. The second round was started with the same winning habit, Fen- wick took De La Salle 47 to 23, St, Rita 00 to 44, and Mt. Carmel 50 to 47. But then Fenwick met the strong St. Elizabeth team, and even Iohn Lattner's season high for one night, 30 points, was not sufficient to stop the lronmen. The heavies lost their first league game 5l to 43, ln the next game. Leos Lions tipped the Friars 39 to 37. ln the itle and Championship last game of the season, Fenwick beat Loyola 53 to 34. Tied with St. Elizabeth for the South Section lead, the Friars dropped the play-oft game to St. Elizabeth 45 to 24. ln the first dame ol the play-offs Fenwick trounced St. Philip 48 to 34. ln the semi-tinal game, a larae St. George team was toppled by Fred Baer Bob Bender Norm Ccxniy Bob Conrad Iohn Lattner 4 4 .ww ag N4 if JN my ki M r V xl' 56 Q Q ' ss. 1 X gf R n., ,.z his Q 7-ring 6 x N:- Xi:-XQ the Frigus 54 to 4l with the Cid of two junior squad men, Dreiicz cmd Sullivan. Meeting tlieir old nemesis St Eliziibetli, the Friurs seared Ui upset victory over tlie lrerirnerz 45 to 39 to wifi the Cctheiie lecuyie Clicirtipioriship .litter ive 'xxeelfsg dee 'A,' , Fenwick :tiet tie Tidei Eige Devils Li tlie lltilt Ot the year tor iiie City clifirripiomsliip W1tl1 an height Cid' vfiritcze of :tt lefzst izmxr fffiicfl yer rr 'xi tlie tizll 'ffider :vc tige- fififllff f'IV'JTllf'.3, 'xqem Clie -d 24 tp fl' nt the ifxlf Teri '.'.' f' zxgzfgi tie in tlie SQfTOI'1d lzfilf, fqlttzicz-:cd lcy fl 2l point lust Cf'.l',1ffCT Q id ','.' rete 1 54 to 4l vpciorg' ever Tiidei ii their trees-,ired reiorcl heck All eyes on the bcxll in the Til' den game Two points for Conrad crgcxinsl Tilden JUNIOR BASKETBALL First Row: P. Cowan, ' R. Rigali, T. O'Brien. X R. Auer, W. Kellogg. Second Row: Father Mor- ganthaler. R. Giroux. R. Morgan, T. Sullivan. L. Tarpey, R. Cummins. A. Kasper, Father Conley. Third Row: Manager Hebel. C. Cadwell, I. Buksas, I. B urns. I. Cavaretta. I. Twardos. R. Rigney. Manager Gubbins, Coach Bill Shay. FEN WI CK I UNI ORS Continuing last years success pattern, Coach Bill Shay piloted the Friar Iuniors to a seasons record of l9 wins and 7 losses, The lights, after a heart-breaking Catholic league start, finally ended in second place in the South Section but lost in the semi-finals of the playoffs. The Friars opened the practice season at Steinmetz with a 68-36 victory. Proceeding to win the next 7 practice games, the Friars were established as a definite threat in the Catholic league. After winning Fenwick's Round Robin with victories over St. Philips and St. Ignatius, the Iuniors were given a good chance to be the first Fenwick team to win its own Iunior tour- ney. But the Friars suffered their first defeat of the season, losing to an inspired Weber team 47-44 after ten consecutive pre-season wins. Fenwick opened its Catholic league season playing host to De La Salle. The Meteors put on a strong fourth quarter finish to edge Fen- wicks juniors 47-46. The Friars lost two more successive league games in tough battles to St. Rita, eventual Catholic league winner, and Mount Carmel, But, then the lights started to 494i roll, and lost only one more league game. Starting with a 64-30 victory over hapless St. Elizabeth, followed by a narrow 47-46 vic- tory over Leo and a 66-25 win over Loyola, the Iuniors ended the first round with a 3 win and 3 loss record. The Friars, starting to gain confidence, de- feated a strong De La Salle quintet, Sl-34. With a driving 25 point last quarter the Iuniors beat St. Rita 62-49. Mount Carmel momentar- ily halted the Friars 44-33, for their only second round loss. The Friars ended the second round with victories over St. Elizabeth 61-17, Leo 59-46, and Loyola 69-39. ln the opening game of the junior playoffs Fenwick defeated St. Ignatius 53-37. Against the winner of the North Section, De Paul, Fen- wick lost a 46-43 decision and bowed out of the tournament. Ierry Drella was named to the all-section Iunior squad after scoring 383 points in the season, and Tom Sullivan received the second team berth at center. Both boys moved up to spark the Senior squad in their tournament games. . . . W1 i F. Maier. I. Drella, econd Place 1n South SeCf1OH f NA Q 'I R W K11 it V wav U U I 4' ,J IE 1 Y 4 4 mr 4 ! Ji, E - 1 4 . X In I D ll R ' " - ,:., fr V ' oux fa .W . , Q 3, f I Q? , I . 5 E 1 4 - 7 NWN 4 T S H. 4 Q , X A 'R I X 'T ag ' 'V H R n Aue' I by 1 7 if S, E 1 1 I! ,, L,-ru: ' I Bob igal' jx- '1 Lx 1 L, J ,' CX X v 1 au e ogg ' 5 4 4 I q L Tcrrpey ,- Q 1 E Vw ' . A, X M , Action on the hardwood . . . 1567 After the ball in the Iunior Tourna- ment with Weber are Drellcx, Auer, and Sullivan LEAGUE GAMES Fenwick 46 De La Salle Fenwick 46 St. Rita Fenwick 37 Mount Carrriel Fenwick 64 St. Elizabeth Fenwick 47 St. Leo Fenwick 66 Loyola Fenwick Sl De La Salle Fenwick 62 St. Fiita Fenwick 33 Mount Carmel Fenwick 6l St. Elizabeth Fenwick 59 St, Leo Fenwick 69 Loyola PLAYGFF GAMES Fenwick 53 St lanatius Fenwick 43 De Paul Up for grabs with Sullivan. Rigney, and Kellogg JUNIOR PRACTICE GAMES Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick 68 Steinmetz 52 St, George 3l Weber 5U St. Philip 44 St, lqnatius 43 St. Georae 94 Taft 61 Austin 61 St, Elizabeth 40 Leo 44 Weber 4l De Paul A tough break m the De Paul game SCORING SCORING SENIORS Player Fzela Free Total Goals Throws Fouls Porn! Lattner Iohn Conrad Bob Bender Bob Carty Norrr Sho kex D K Baer Fred Cavanaah B111 Donlan Ioe Barron hm Curhn Ed Ha es Torn Dunne 1err Carex Pete Ienks W11 Carstens Tom Zld lm' G11boy Torn 0 SCORING IUNTORS Player Freld Goals Dre11a Ierry Su111van Tom Grroux Bob Auer Bon Ke11oaa W11l Taroe, Leo Moraan Dlck Cadwell Chuck Twardos Iohn Blonev Bob OBr en Trm Co an Pu Kasloe A1e-Y Ma er Frank 4 s e Curnmms Bob Cavaretta 11m Free Total Throws Fouls Porn! 0 4375 , 161 135 69 457 , 146 106 56 398 , 119 94 76 332 ' , , 71 57 63 193 , 62 46 52 170 ' , 43 42 57 128 A , . 33 20 54 86 , 42 34 72 118 . C j, ic' 14 12 19 40 ' Af, ' 45 25 61 115 , 18 4 29 40 A V, 38 25 45 101 A , ' 15 5 12 35 7 , ' 27 7 39 61 Corcoran, Tonu 10 6 17 26 Biaah, Bob 23 10 26 56 , 9 7 35 25 , 21 12 22 54 , 5 6 2 2 14 , 23 8 12 54 A , 4 3 13 11 'Y j, 15 14 36 44 y , . 2 6 8 10 ' 1 , ' 8 5 3 21 , 3' 4 1 9 9 vi , 1 1 7 5 16 19 j, 1 0 7 2 n r, . 4 1 7 9 , 1 0 0 9 0 1 i , 3 2 5 8 , A 0 0 5 C T,iko ,1o 0 0 0 2 ', ' 1 0 0 2 0 ', , ' 0 0 2 0 ' , 0 2 0 , ' 0 0 2 0 0 Iumors ver us S1 Ellzczbeth In the Tlld n game cxgcmsi Txlden ACTION T21 ' S . ' Hn all-important two poinis Shockey neis CI basket . Q . . l l l BANTAMS AND FLYVVEIGHTS Shay. Finishing their season with a 42 to 35 victory over Loyola, the flyweights established the remarkable record of seventeen wins and only one setback. Losing only to Leos flys in the first round, the flys came back to rout the Lions 47 to 30 and obtain suitable revenge. Iirn Barron, 52, was the leading scorer for the flys, averaging sixteen points per garne. The Bantarns got off to a bad start, but rapidly improved. Winning only three of their first six games, the lfantams picked up steam and finished the season with a record of ten wins angl six losses. Ed Curtin and Torn Mclienna, both sophomores, led the tearn thrcughout the season in scoring with 98 and 83 points respectively, Fronl Row: Manager Casty, T. O'Brien, I. Maddock, A. Norville, W. Rigali: I. Barron, E. Scully. Back Row: Father Morgan- thaler, T. McKenna, E. Curtin, T. Harte, I. Gilboy, I. Ienks, Coach Shay. Front Row: Manager Casty, E. McMahon, I. Salmon, Dougherty, Ebben, I. Grant, Ryan, I. Carstens. Back Row: Father Conley, L. Mehczlek, T. O'Brien, I. Mcxddock, I. Barron, A. Norville, W. Rigali, W. McMahon, Coach 4895 SWIMMING . . . Senior and Junior Teams Win Catholic SENIOR TEAM 490D First Row: I. Valleau. R. Perry, S. Moreau, E. Barrett, H. Lavigne, R. Cook, I. Sullivan. W. Dunn. I. Dunne. Second Row: I. O'Reilly, N. Dougherty. I. Happ. R. Darley, R. Micaletti, E. Vertuno. T. Hartmann. Third Row: Coach O'Brien, H. Beeman. H. Gies, C. Green, I. Ilnright. R. Wehman, G. McElligoti, R. Hohman. Manager Hebel. ague Championships For the 18th time in l9 seasons, Fenwick has done it again. Led by Captain Ioe Happ, and coached by Dan O'Brien, the Friar tank- sters swept their way to another league crown. The '50 team, led by seven Seniors, Won seven out of eight meets, and brought home two more trophies for the school showcase. During the season the mermen met and downed such op- ponents as Loyola Academy, St. George High School, University High School, Culver Military Academy, De Paul Academy, Mt. Carmel High School, and St. Mel High School. The only defeat suffered was at the hands of Culver in the Midwest Invitational Swimming Cham- pionships held in Culver, Indiana. For the second straight year Fenwick was runner-up in this particular meet. Some of the more exciting events of the past season were the victory over Culver in a dual meet, Dick Wehman's upset victory over Mt. Carmel's Iim McKevitt in the senior cham- pionships, and the record breaking exhibitions of the team's number one backstroker and captain, Ioe Happ. Ioe climaxed his high school career by breaking two league records and set- ting an unofficial state record for the 100-yard backstroke. On the last day of the season, the league finals, Ioe traveled the distance in l:03.l to set a new league record and an un- official state mark. From the performances of the Freshmen Captain Ioe Happ confers with Coach O'Brien and Sophomores of the team, the prospect of next year's team is very bright. Outstanding on the Iunior team were Hilaire Lavigne '52 and Iohn O'Reilly '52. Lavigne climaxed his seasons Work by taking both the Iunior 50 yard breaststroke championship, and the Sen ior 100-yard breaststroke crown. Iohn O'Reilly took the Iunior 50-yard freestyle and placed 3rd in the Senior 100-yard freestyle. ln Winning the 50-yard event Iohn established a new league record by negotiating the distance in 25:2 seconds. George McElligott '52, and Ierry Dunne '52 both showed promise in taking 4th and 2nd respectively in the league meet in the 100-yard backstroke. Some of the first year men who showed promise were Dick Grunt and Harold Enright backstroker and freestyler, respectively. Chuck Green, breastroker, Reg Darley, freestyler, Dick Beeman, backstroker, and Iack Sullivan, diver, Iuniors scholastically, all placed high in the league meet, and their ef- forts were climaxed by Sullivan's winning the diving crown. Some of the other men who helped win the Senior meet were Bill Dunn, freestyle, Ned Dougherty, freestyle, Dick Mica- letti, freestyle, and Ed Vertuno, breaststroke. All these men put their talents together and worked hard to win their share of the triple crown which Fenwick won this year for the first time in the school's history. 4917 A relay race wxth R Cook N Dougherty andS Moreau BackstrokersR Beeman I HGPP I Dunne and dxvmg andl Enrlght R Mlcalettx and W Dunn m the G McEll1gott prachcmg for the b1g meet water '-'if 4 as rf 'MESH One brg splash commg up Domg the breaststroke C Green H Lavlgne E Ver tuno and H Gres On the mark' Valleau Barre!! R Perry and T Harimann Go' R Darley I ORe11ly R Hohman and R Wehman 4925 u I I 1 u I , n ' l , l -, , . X n 1 as s I X . . x 5, ,,W.. J ' Q A g X I I pf I I xr I --. uqgw- A i y ",i'ff.Wi1 fl 1 EPVG: Awfflifli fi, f S531 V 3 E ff? se r , , ,-,,, ' " . ' 1.,g.r. as If ? , -, - Me: fx., -. ,ge -A 1 S, x I I x I I If r I I x x I I x I I x. . . . . , . . . . JUNIOR TEAM F1rstRow I Moynahan R Leone Qumn D Wxll I OConnor I Doody I Allen H Ennght P K ermes Second Row G Vons R Freeley E Shannon Robmson H Lavxgne I McGovem I Halloran Morse Maslowslu Lovargon P Hohman Third Row Coach OBnen I Perry I Chestnut R Dunne R Grunt G McEll1gott Handley I ORe1lly I Valleau W Makel Manager Hebel SENIOR SWIMMERS POINTS Name No oi Total Meets Pomts Wehman Happ O Re1lIy Sulhvan Vertuno Darley Perry Green Hohman Dunne Name Beernan Dougherty Moreau Dunn MICGISIII Gxes McElhgott McGovern Barrett Shannon Hartmann No ot Total Meets Pomts 5 1935 1 7 61 6 12 7 45 6 11 ' ' 7 36 5 11 ' 7 32 6 10 7 22 ' ' 6 8 7 20 ' 6 6 6 20 ' 3 6 7 19 3 6 7 17 2 4 6 14 1 3 2 INTRAMURALS Throughout the year the rntramural pro gram at Fenwrck glves every student a chance to partake rn those sports surt d to h1s skrlls ln the fall volley ball took over the gym and 843 boys entered the fray After the 82 teams formed from th1s number had been nar rowed down to a handful the champronshlp matches were held after school The Senlor team of the gym class won the t1tle On February 13 and 22 at the Clrcle Bowl mg Lane and the Suburban Bowlmg Lanes 108 students bowled for the champ1onsh1p of Fenwrcks annual tournament The Senror class swept the tournament The champronshlp four man team was composed of R Sarhtto C4851 V Bonus C4751 F Trankma C3981 and R Durst C3641 for a team total of 1721 Wrth 959 p1ns R Sarlltto and V Bonus won the doubles t1tle I Qulnn wrth 512 pms won the stngles champlonshlp by 23 p1ns over h1s near est competrtor I Gustafson C4891 On March 24 lntramural Nrght was held dur1ng the course of the evenmg the sw1mm1ng pmg pong and basketball champ1onsh1ps were declded ln the plng pong smgles T Comparto beat R Hegberg R Hegberg and D Smrth beat P Scott and I Murnane IH the doubles The swrmmmg events were Won on the most part by the Iunlors wrth 29 polnts The Senlors were second w1th 18 the Freshmen W1th 10 for thlrd were closely followed by the Sophomores wlth 8 polnts George Lane ham 50 won the 25 yard backstroke The 25 yard breaststroke was Won by F Lollr 51 George Lane also Won the 50 yard freestyle race The Iumor relay team of I Ryan F Lo1l1 and G Lane won the 75 yard medley The 100 yard relay was Won by the Senror medley team of W LaRue K Husch T Schlrcht and M Dunham ln the heavywelght d1v1s1on of the bas ketball tournarnent the Semor team of D Weaver I OMal1ey G Kamrns R Doran I Woltys Zrebell A Taddeo andI Hanley came from behmd to defeat another semor team 28 to 27 1n an overtlme and W1n the t1tle The 11ghtwe1ght game was more an open battle The same team that won the Cham p1onsh1p last year Came back to annex the1r second t1tle w1th a 37 to 10 drubblng of a Fresh man team The Senlor champtonshlp team was composed of E Fledler G Kunzmann I Gus tafson I OConnor I Ferrone P Qurrk L Harast I McDermott I Smrth A ORe1lly After more than 400 students had boxed over 375 bouts Fenwlcks 20th Annual S11ver Gloves tournament came to a close on March 31 Of the fourteen bouts that evenlng SIX were prellmmary non t1tle flghts curtaln rarser Bob Carbon was defeated by Ed Scull1on 1n a 100 pound class bout In the Dur1ng the 115 pound d1v1s1on Pete Qur lc took a close one fro'n D ck Stelnbach Then the fans watched a pour of 135 pound flghters Ronald Gross and Ramon Prokoskl overcome Iack Moore and Bob Reynolds The 145 pound bout brought together the battltng Huber brothers w1th I1m gettmg the nod over h1s brother B111 ln the 155 pound class Ray Allen defeated Norb Vallee ln the flrst champtonshrp bout Bob Auer and Drck McHale mrxed 1t up 1n the 90 pound class wrth Auer commg out on top The 100 pound champ was Larry Harast who beat Ierry Qurnlan for the t1tle Dlck Marshall topp d Ierry Bachner rn the 115 pound event Ioe 1-'er rone lost to Drck Zlllxgan tn the 125 pound bat tle Wally Dtgtson a wmner from last year wa upset ln the 135 pound bracket by B111 Mullen Ralph Schuler beat 145 pound B111 OBr1en Larry Duffy was defeated by Terry Moran 1n the 155 pound bout Nell Carrothers got the nod rn h1s frght w1th B111 Brady to be come the new heavywelght champton of the school ln the last frght of the evemng Fenwlck s Iumor and Semor tennls teams hoplng to contrnue the success en1oyecl dur1ng the 49 season and also to glve Fenwlck an other champtonshlp team began Aprll 19 to prtme for the Cathol1c League meet The Sen 1ors who 1lI'11Sl'1ed a strong thlrd 1n the Catholtc League last year featured Ed Fledler 50 Ed Vertuno 50 and Vlnce Baldassarr 50 Thrs year D1ck Feeley Reg Darkey Conrad Tuerk and Iohn SIGWSTS all 49 the defendlng Catho llc League Iumor tenms champrons wtll bolster the Senror team Dur1ng the track season of 1950 Captarn George O Brlen 50 had a strong team Run n1ng the 660 were W Hoyne 52 T Cannon 52 I Kelly 52 R Morman 52 and R Stefam 52 F Gale 50 H Murray 51 and B Frtzgerald 51 ran the 440 WOTKIHQ also rn the 220 were Cannon Murray Frtzgerald and Morman ln the 374 m1le relay were 1-loyne and Kelly whtle O Brlen ran the 172 mrle relay The relay team of OBr1en Gale Cannon and Hoyne was one of the four teams out of the ten Cathollc League teams to quahfy for the Da1ly News relays They turned 1n a t1me of 2 40 5 before a crowd of over 20 000 the largest ever to WIIHGSS an mdoor meet ln Amerlca The team ran 1n the Iumor and Senror re lays 1n the Iumor sectlon of the Cathollc League meet and 1n the Semor Cathollc league meet Wlth 108 golfers compet1ng rn the 16th Annual Intramural Golf Tournament Al Ace Elchenold 50 came out on top w1th the low score 44 39 83 Three other Semors I Murphy G M1ller and T Prnter ended up 1n second place wrth 86 Class champs were T Corcoran 51 47 41 88 R Framey 52 50 45 95 and M Mur phy 53 44 52 96 , . 1 l . c . , ' 1 -, I . L , S 1 ' . . 7 1 . ' I I . . . S - , . , ' I - . , ' ' , I I I ' ' I I I ' 5 ' I I I I ' I I ' I v F , , 51, won the 25-yard freestyle event. M. Dun- . . , . . ' 1 1 1 T - ' - ' I ' . . - I 1 I I I ' - ' W ' ' ' - 1 1 ' A ' I I - I ' I ' I ' I I I I , I I 5 ' ' ' ' - 1 1 1 - L , . 1 . . ' ' . I I ' I ' I I I I - I . , , . , . , . ' , . .. . , . , - ' I ' ' ' . , . , I . . - 7 ' I I I ' 1 ' ' 1 - 1 ' ' 1 . ' - A I - - I According to the bells that ring every forty tive minutes the school day at Fenwick be gms at 8.30 rn the morning and ends at 2:45 in the al- ternoon. But everything that a gentleman should learn can- not be taught in a classroom. At 2:45 the school day is just about halt over tor most of the students, Extra-curricular acti- vities play a major role in the lives ot the students. The vaf rious teams clubs and activi- ties sponsored by the school supply the needed incentive to learn in a healthful atmos- phere for all work and no play makes Iohn a dull boy. Sag 55" " :QP K an 5453? Cf' Ulwnfa , az 1. X!! 'L in Q-' gi? ff' E fill, w'-'L ' K ff , M Q i 'Q 4...v-'ls ,xr 3: lnfk J i'a"x 'lk x 4-'ST .arf Y Tiir -N f . ' J-'Q-18,1 -. ,I , , - A I A s if? ' 'fL5,5. X ? k4f's'?s.:'Vt f- n-si WK 4985 Sealed Roger Kexth Donald Often Ioseph Pxkell Iames Barley Gerald Touzmsky Standing Iames Madell Ronald Smlth Rev C M Fxsher OP George Rokos Lowell Muller Iames Zust loseph Vxtous ALBERTINIUM GUILD The Gulld engaged upon a year of re search wlth enthuslasm rarely seen tn sucn efforts Reorganrzed by the Reverend Cyr1l M Frsher OP the Charter members elected Roaer Kelth 50 presrdent George Rokos 50 Chatrman and Donald Often 50 as secretary At the meetma varrous pro1ects of the mem be s were dlscussed and the Club Went on two Held trtps one to the Museum of Sctence and lndustry and the second to the Desplames R ver to stuldy flora fauna and the advantages of outdoor lrfe The club has arown by leaps a d bourds nearly doublrna rts membershrp 1 one year I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 -1 1 1 , . 1 - -1 - 1 - 1 'V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - l , . 1 l , . , . A ' 1 1 V Y. 1 , ' ' ' ll . , H In 1 l. . lack Culkeen and Bob Conforti, winners on Amateur Night. Fulhllmg thelr promtse of an even btgaer and better show tl'11s year than last the lamor nome room class ot the Be Jerend lolm Malone O P presented Fenwtclc s seventeentn annual Amateur Ntaht on December 7 tn tl'1 school aym Under the supervrston of Ed Boswell gen eral chatrman and talent co cnatrman Abel Cantu and Ed Barrett audtttons were hed tn room Sl after school to choose the best per lormers lor the tamous extravaganza Bob Contortl 50 won the ttrst prlze mtl tus stantna of Some Encnanted Evemna and l'11s playlna Rhapsody ID Blue on the ptano Second place went to lack Cullceen 50 wttt lns p1ano tnterpretatton of the Sabre Dance Iames Moynahan 53 w as the tlnrd pla c ftn ner wtth lns mustcal poao strck me proceeds lrorr mateur F l amounted to S520 nclt was t to tlfl Domrntcan Mtsslons 1D Boyce LOIJISICIFCI AMATEUR NIGHT nf 1 rfjgql fV l lvl X L 1 QQQP ' It ' Dr 1 ' A ' "1 5 ' ' ' ' 'l I I 'V fl .2111 ' , ' t B' B A . A W Tl A 1 A Iigzt W ll FENVVICK BAND qgflwlcf- sc?-0 Mr. Iohn Sovinec, conductor First Row: C. Heurnshcxw, I. Frcxnzen. T. Bresnan, R. Brown. 1100! Second Row: G. Pabst, I. Rossi, R. Biewuld, R. Lechowski R Rushiord D. Trosch, F. Williams. I. Broderick, D. Keenan, Rev. P A Barrett O P Third Row: E. Vodicka, W. Dwiggins, I. Schukay, R. Lackowski Completing its twentieth successful year with a fine school activi- ties record, the Fenwick Band maintained a full schedule, as in past years, with its repertory of marches, overtures and current popular music. The band was organized in 1930 to fill the musical education needs of Fenwick students, and has grown steadily ever since in its quality and capabilities. The Band is under the direction of Mr. Iohn Sovinec, who assumed the post in 19395 and efficiently managing the forty-piece group is the Reverend I. A. Simones, OP., in his thirteenth year as moderator. Beginning the year with many performances at the fall football rallies, the Band later played at the Prep Bowl game on December 3, the St. Thomas Symposium on March 6, the Silver Gloves bouts on March 3l, the Mothers' Club meeting in May, and its major perform- ance, the Annual Concert on April 30, concluding the year with its appearance at the Iune graduation ceremonies. ln addition, this year Fenwick Band took a major part in the band division of the All-Chicago Catholic High School Festival at the Morrison Hotel March 20, of which Father Simones was General Chairman. Fenwick rated high in this organization's band contest. Having been outfitted in the fall with new uniforms at a cost of 52000, additional instruments, and other equipment, Father Simones and Mr. Sovinec are now making plans for a larger membership and a broader schedule, looking toward another decade of even greater musical' progress. ' sf ,h 1 ,, ry E, v-1 5. I - , gi 4, 'f 5 1 I ,V i .3 I WL' 4 Q4 If Q 0 'K 41 'ld an 1 'Q 'Af A if f Q Y lf ' "fi I Q M ' 4' s eq, ff ! -Q K Dx , N, A 3 3 six! " f - Cf - 4 Kit' E' M, "'A , A , 3. 54 X f 'f w,:,y, ,fZfi W , gt!! ,W , A A Y ' 4 if ?.i2ff W ,x Lf Qc 'pw xii' W4 . I v-if A,- s 1' if . A W3 3 , 5 Vt X 3? f l f-.wifi ,' I "T gy, ,,1. V 2: 1' ,X 1A , 4 A - - 'fin' '. V . ff- fi f. .' D X 'X A ,1 ..f'u ' ,V .s f i A. and Q4 WI THE BLACKFRIARS YEARBCOK Look at this one of Georgel Let's talk it over . qiozy With his return to Fenwick this year the Reverend Edward C, Lillie, OP., became the head of the English Department and the task of selecting a Yearbook statt tell to him. Early in October, Father Lillie appointed lohn W. Gustafson as editor and then the statt was chosen from a list ot volunteers. The Blacktriars was divided up into three sections, the Faculty and Students section, the Athletics, and the Activities section. A chairman was placed at the head of each division with several men working under him. The work on the Stu- dents and Faculty section began almost immediately with the photographing of the members ot the faculty and the students. William Hank was placed in charge ot the Students and Faculty section, Assisting him in picture identification and copy writing were Baymond Durst and Arnold Pins. The first two sixteen-page sections and cover were submitted to the Yearbook printers, Campus Service, during the Christmas holidays. The Athletic department was handled by lames Bailey. While lim covered the basketball games, Ed Vertuno wrote about the swimming team, Vincent Baldassari had football, and Bob Brett took the lntramurals. The Activities section was put into the hands of Roger Keith. Writing for him were his assistants David l-lynous, Richard LaPata, Donald Clark, loseph Ryan, and George Kunzmann. Pictures for the Annual were supplied by Iohn Gustainis, William Dwiggins, Toloff Studios, and the Oak Leaves. First Row: D. Hynous, R. Durst. R. Keith. I. Gus- tafson, W. Hunk. I. Bailey. Second Row: W. Dwig- gins, W. Brady. I. Ryan. R. Brett, Rev. E. C. Lil- lie. O.P. Third Row: R. LaPatG. G. Kunzmcmn, V. Bcrldcxssari. D. Clark. First Row: Rev. E. C. Lil- lie. O.P.. D. Hynous, G. Kunzmunn. W. Dwiggins. I. Gustafson. Second Row: H. Brett. I. Bailey. R. Keith, E. Ver- tuno, R. LcxPata, V. Bald- cssari. 4103! BLACKFRIARS' DRAMATIC GUIL Bonme McGrath Bob Coniorh Bxll Phtchxe lack Connelly and Ieanne Walsh look over cx song h1t for the show Encouraged by the record attendance ot last year s product1on Frght Tlme the Black lrlars Dramattc Cfulld t1n1shed the1r srxtn season w1th a tour mght run of the mustcal comedy What a Lxlel PTSVIOUS Gurld pre sentahons were 11m1ted to three nrghts What a Lttel wrttten by Clltlord Cold sm1th lrved up to all expectatrons lt proved to be a smash h1t packlng m the crowds on the 17th 18th 19th and 20th ot May The play had tts setttng m the ottlce ot the pr1nc1pal ot a mld Western h1gh School lt told rn a cornl cally appealmg manner of the trlals and trrbu latrons of a hlgh school teen ager and h1s trlends How the young man got out of hls many cornpltcated sxtuatrons provrded an eve nmg sparklmg wrth laughter 1104i V J What a Ltfel was dlrected by the Bever end lohn A Henry O P w1th the ass1stance ot Mary Ellen Qurrk Mrss Qulrk also acted as choreographer lohn B11ey 50 who was ass1sted by Dtck Beeman 51 The cast cons1sted ent1re1y of Fenwlck and Tr1n1ty 1-hgh School students tn cludmg B111 Brtchre and Drck Cook who alter nated rn one of the 1ead1ng roles as drd lohn Culkeen and lack Connelly Fernlnme parts were taken by Bonme McGrath leanne Walsh Lou Ann Babun Catherrne Batrgan Rowena Schlacks Nancy Ryan and Marllyn Zmt Other male parts mclude those of Bob Contortr Drck LaPata Bob Coleman Ed Connor Ceorge Murphy and lohn Lattner K ...nz Iihilf, AY K -CW . . , , " . , . ., l I 1 A - - ' - Student in charge ot the production was V 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 3 I 0 resents WHAT A LIFE Scnpt readmgs at a rehearsal 1n Room 31 41055 BUILDING .,.. 5-"L-?.f""', I A FUND WJ To the winner a S25 U00 home ln November 1949, the Reverend William D Vanlztooy, OP, mod erator of the Fenwick Building Fund Drive, announced that returns from the successful September house raffle had supplied the remaining 3100000 of the 5400000 auota needed for the construction of a new school addition, The drive was started in the summer of l945 to raise the necessary funds for expanding the facilities of Fenwick in order to accommodate the rising enrollment. Father VanRooy was appointed by the Very Reverend Peter O'Brien, OP4, then Provincial of the Prov ince of St. Albert the Great and Mr. Hugh E, Mulligan offered his services to act as chairman. On March l, l950, the leveling of the old Priory houses was begun the new Priory building having been finished the previous November and work on the new school building itself started May l, with it date of completion set tor some time late next fall According to Architect Lester D. Whites plans, the addition will consist of a series of class rooms on the third floor, a twoestory audi torium, and a combination cafeteria and study hall in the basement. Richard Lewis, '52, draws cz prize- , winning ticket in the House Ruffle ,f ' The Fenwick Camera Club, moderated by the Reverend Louis V. Nadeau, OP., had their most successful season yet. As the schools largest club, the organization Went on numer- ous field trips to places of interest in and around Chicago, erected and furnished a S5000 darkroom and studio, and ran a giant photo solon contest. Roger Keith, '50, served as the clubs presif dent, and William Dwiggins, '50, and Thomas King, '52, filled the general manager position. The Camera Club held weekly lecture meet- ings, with numerous contests and exhibitions of the members' favorite prints and slides. As in the past, the Camera Club has helped the school publications by furnishing photographic records of nearly everything that has happened at Fenwick. ricular activity X CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club. Fen- wick's largest extra-cur- Finding out how things work, in the new darkroom Rog Keith demonstrates lighting techniques to George McCarthy, using guinea pig Dick Schoonover 1107! 1108! F1rsfRow P Schxndler L Hams! R Mulcahy R Smlth I Gxts Second Row Rev I N Morgcmthaler OP T Troccoh S Vxctor R Spxcuzza CHEER LEADERS .IL 5 44 CODSplCUOUS and ver acttve thts year at all 'oothall and basketball aames were Fen W1Ck s cheerleaders a hard worlctng group ol ten men To them went the responstblltty ot lceeptna student enthustasm w ll organtzed at these sports events as well as tn the schools pre game ralltes Thts year as tn the past the cheerleaders share no small amount ot credt tor bulldlng up the Fenwtclc ttghtlng Splfll that has lead our teams to so many 1mportant Vlctorles Graduattng members thls lune w1ll be Bob Mulcahy and Larry l-larast spark plugs srnce thetr Freshman year Each w1ll recelve a mono grammed whtte sweater as the customary four year servrce award Meetmgs are held regularly every Monday and Fnday 1n the tower room where under tts moderator the Reverend I M Morgan thaler OP and 1lS presrdent Larry Harast club busmess and new routmes are worked ou ' : . ' . . , . , . ' . . ' . . P V . , L . . 3 . ,, V I - , I . . - ' V I i. lit I ' Qt C' ' - , 'V Qysw I I . . ' f - l ' A . . I g V. , W ,. I --1 1 , Ay M., . A -L74 LQLJWQ ' r .. , ' l. JJ Y 5 I Gustafson G Kunzmcmn W Hank at the rostxum I Bouley P Scott and E Pxkell DEBATERS' UNION Debat1ng enables you to speak more 1nfluent1ally and express your rdeas more clearly says the Reverend George G Con way OP moderator of the debaters Under the gutdlng hand of Father Conway the debaters pract1ce tw1ce weekly The tlme mvolved IS sometrmes extens1ve but 1t pays great drvldends Dur1ng the past season the affrrmatlve team of George Kunzmann 50 Iames Bouley 50 and Edward Prkell 51 and the negatlve tearn of Iohn Gustafson and Wlllram Hank both 50 debated on the top1c Should the Preslden' be Elected by the D1rect Vote of the People? In the last Forum Tournament of the year Wll ham Hank gamed the Best Speakers Medal The week before at Mundelem he recelved the second place award The team had a better than 500 average for the season However debatmg IS not conflned to the Chlcago area because the debaters have trav eled to Mllwaukee and Racme W1scons1n The Freshman team composed of Robert Robertson Edward Croke Dav1d Wrlhelm and Glenn Iudy entered the Iun1or tournament rn Mrlwaukee cnd managed to gam the fmals where they won second place Besldes debating the senlors were ln dis cuss1ons twlce on the radlo on stat1on WEIL PM The flrst trme they spoke about the ex cesslve power of un1on leaders and the latter appearance they dlscussed the Chma gues t1on After Father Conway addressed the agam drscussed the Chlna questron before the mothers All members partrcrpated 1n a speech festlval held at Alvernla f-hgh School Cate gor1es were dramatlc extemporaneous and prepared speeches Later the Semor debaters lourneyed to Mrlwaukee to attend a mock Unrted Nat1ons assembly at Marquette Un1vers1ty At thls UNESCO meetmg the debaters adopted a country whlch they would represent IH talks on educat1on sclence and culture All thls act1v1ty resulted 1n another successful season for the debaters 4109! , . , ' ' . ' Mothers' Club meeting on March 3, the seniors l THE FATHERS The true Cathol P tather wrll always s tow lt s rnterest n hrs sor' The Fathers Club pro Vtdes Just s h an outlet for thrs rnterest For the past tour wears the Fathers Club has sponsored vocattonal talks ,nven to the entlre student body for the purpose of acauarntrna them w th drlterent ltelds o en deavor n tt e nope tnat t ese talxs ma nelp the decrde on the r lrtes ork Promoted bv t e Fathers Club the l9th Arnu l Fatl er ard Son Football Banquet lsela n the lvforrrson Hotel n December Su h rmpo tant traures as Iohnny Lujalc Btll Barrett and Ceorde Connors entertatned the aud ence J ttl trerr or drron experrences e rs Fathers Clul' nder ae rro r J Hole ar Se or Class vrfe presrde t Mr Vrc: tor Gres Tumor Class vce presrdent M Thofnas Frat ex Sophomore Class vrce p est den and Messrs Tonn Chraro and L D Moor head Freshman Crass vtce presraents Mr l-larry Valleau Nas appornted to be the 'manual secretary Mr Nrck Mavtaltano the treasurer Mr RobertR1aney the recordtna secretary M lohn Qutnn the Correspondtna secretary Mr Mrchael Cveoraen was tn charae of the Vocat onal Program and Mr Paul Nel son the Alumm secretary V Gles Rev I A Qumn OP moderator I A Chlaro R Durst president M Georgen B Hohman and H Vallecxu IGP i 't ' , ' T '. r 1 n l ' . i Q :ur . A ta 1 . ' was . ' i . A i . . C . T X . , 5 i ' I f ri ' ' This V 3 ' ' ' , is . the Qea ' rsfilp of Mr, Ray r nd W. Du st 'Jith vice Q : I presidents from each of the Classes Mr. Burton r, s Q -A ' n' .. ' W I , " F 1 v V 5 T. r ', .. ' - r F t E l . . I I A , , . . . 5 ' l . . , . , A r V 'r 1 ., , - Q V A E E . . up W . . A ' L I I I V , Y' w V I . T . T A group o eaaer youna men entered the Sherman Hotel ln Ch1caao last February where they had g thered to attend the Fre F1 Travel and Trade Show France Ccmes to You Thls was one of a sertes ol actntttes ot Le Cercle FTFFFGTS the Fren h Club of Fer mck l-hgh School The sho 1 ttself alto ded an opportuntty 'or the members ol the f lub to be ome more lntlmately acauatnted vx1th the culture products and well known beluty of France Le Cercle Francals IS under the dlrectlon of the Reverend Iohn C PUISIS CS V lts pur pose IS to famtltarrze French students wrth the lanauage customs and culture of France The members of the club part1c1oate m French slots ftor the1r own amusementl and pass the1r tree tlme readlna var1ous French THE FRENCH CLUB lanauaae newspapers such as L Actron Cathohque the d1ocesan newspcq er t Quebec whlch the club recelves reaularly Le Ctrcle Francats has htteen members all o Nhom are Semors First Row I Lcxttner T Bresnan D Clark R LcxPc1ta A Bonvouloxr I OConnor Second Row Rev I C PUISXS CSV P Tlerney E Cyner P Gordon R Mulcahy R Leahy Third Row D Sparacmo V Qumn W Holi T McMahon 11115 5 . 1 ., .1 1 C HC. A 1 '11 . .r. , M .C , C V I . V F - -N , .1 C . .1 7 . V. - 4 1 . , . , . - J . , , 1 1 - 1 'J O V1 f . 1 A , : - 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 - 1 1 1 1 1 . 1. - . I 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 . Fxrsl Row R Lawler F Fxorxte D Mongoven L Duzenskx G Iudy T Hogan R Frankowskx Second Row C Smallwood K Fahey I Hantsch I Dougherty C Vxetzen M Mavxglxano R Majerowskl Third Row M Ryan R Sarlxtto G Mam E Cafarelh P Metnk E Schayer W Ahern Fourth Row Rev L V Nadeau OP R Keenley C Swisher T Comparato I Baker R Masmx I Sheehan T Tyrrell Mr Leonardl Sxmuhs Alter a year bsence the Glee Club re sumed act1v1t1es thrs tall and soon began sere nadna Fenwlclc usually for an hour or so ever Tuesda and Thursday afternoons from th schools concert hall roorn Sl Under thelr new rroclerator the Reverend L V Na dear, OP and dtrector Mr Leonard Slmutrs the club IS becornlna an estabhshed and Well L a ned oraanrzahon Thts year the thlrty member aroup has per formed at the Nazareth Conlerences Notre Dame Hlah School Tnnny lrhgln School on the Clttzens ot Tomorrow Proaram over Radro Statlon W G N broadcast trorn Fenwlclf and has made var1ous other outs1de appearances tncludlna the AllC1ty Cathohc lnhah School lfluslc Festtval at the MOTTISO Hotel I-I Mr Leonard Sxmuhs Sound olll conductor 4125 al A Q 1-I W 2' f Q, .' Q - : . , . , . , . , . ' , . ' ' . I - 1 - I I - ' I - If . l 1 - I . . : . . . , . ., . , . ' , . . . , . ' ', tr Q . ' ' . S C ' , ' l , ' A Y 1 L 1 AQ f ' Q' - J , .Y , 3 H , . i , Y . E . . , . , . . . . Y , . . X . , . n , . ,, - , - , .. r. . r rr i x X r I K X .. I . J , X 'N ' x I , l 'I ' J First Row Mrs E C ORe1lly Mrs P M Gordon Mrs L S Racme Mrs W C Foreman Second Row Mrs E T McEnery Rev A M Townsend OP The obtect of the Fenwtck Mothers Club IS to promote a better understandlna betweeft the taculty and parents and to benettt the school soctally and hnanc1ally The Mothers Club has successfully carrted out thts protect on each succeedtng year SIHCG l93l The Mothers Club has also been able to brlna splrrtual benehts to tts members by means ot maklng vartous splrttual exerctses tn a body The mothers promote parent teacher un derstandtng at thetr monthly rreettnas whtch are held each Ftrst Frtda J tn the scnool aym at ot the tacult On the soctal hnanclal stde the mothers sponsor vartous card parues throughout the scholasttc year and thus are able to make such contr1but1ons to the school as the hlms on the hte ot Chrtst vvhtch are shown each Frlday 1n Lent to the student bodx These ftlms were atven to the school by the mothers th1s year The mothers aather splrttual benettts each year by sponsortna the Nazareth Conferences Club Masses and Communtons and thetr yearly day of recollecnon THE MOTHERS CLUB OFFICERS Rev Anselm Townsend CP Presldent Mrs Lawrence S Ractne V1cePres1dent Mrs Eugene T Mclinery Recordmg Secretary Mrs Eugere C 0Retllx Correspondmg Secretary Mrs Harold F E rt ht F1nanc1al Secretary Mrs Phrllp M Cordon Treasurer Mrs W1ll1am C Foreman 4113! f f E '5 h - if I . - 5 . . X , I I which they are addressed by various members HOIIOICIFY Pf9SiC1l9f1f - . A r - - - V - - - A Y' .....,....., . . . ' A ' I . . . 1 . I T L' 414D NATIONAL I' Thls year a new system was rn augurated rn the electron ot Semors to the Natronal Honor Socrety Th electron was splrt mto two sectrons wrt' ten Semors bemg elected ln Septembe and llfteen more berng added ID Febru ary The Semors were chosen by the faculty because of therr scholastrc rat mg and the work that the students had done for the school m therr extra cur rrcular actrvltles At the begrnnrng of thetr Senro year Norman W Canty Wrllram P Dwraarns lohn W Gustafson Wrllram I Hank Rrchard B Hohman Davrd F Hynous Wrllram H lenks Roaerl Kerth Alex M Kasper and Georae I Kunzmann were appomted to the Na tronal Honor Socretx Those elected rn the secord semes ter were lames L Barley Vlncent F Baldassan Franklm D Caprtanrnr Wrl lram F Cavanaah Robert S Confort Raymond W Durst lohn E Gustalnrs Donald R Hand Rrchard P Lapata lohnl OMallex Donaldl Otten lo seph V Plcell H lohn Rohr Georce R Schumann and Verne A Sher Iames L Bcnley Norman W Canty Wxlham F Cavanagh Raymond W Durst Iohn W Gustaison W , 0 MW- .5 I. - 9 7 . . , T A . . . . F . , . , . , . r f - 1 - , , . . , . f - f ' , J , . 1, , , . , , r . - rf V f Q 1 . . , . , . rw ., . , M, r .. Vmcent F Baldassarl Frank D Capxtanmx Robert S Confortl Wrllmm P DWlgg1nS Iohn E Gustcnms HCNOR SOCIETY Donald R. Hand William I. Hank Richard R. Hohman David F. Hynous William H. Ienks Alex M. Kasper Roger H. Keith George I. Kunzmann Richard F. LaPata , Iohn I. O'Ma11ey Donald I. Otten Ioseph V. Pikell Herbert I. Rohr George R. Schumann Verne F.. Sperry 4115? A packed house ai a Nazareth The speakers at the round The combmed Glee Clubs 0fF6!1WlCk cmd Notre Conference table dlscussxon Dame High Schools entertum at a Conference N AZARETH CONFERENCES Three Nazareth Conferences were spon sored by the Rehgton Department th1s year at Fenw1ck 1n cooperat1on Wlth the Cardlnal ln bnngmg the problems of modern youth before the eyes of the1r parents and showmg the Cathol1c outlook on these d1tt1cult1es The rmportant subyect ot vocat1onal gu1d ance rn the Cathohc home was dlscussed at the t1rst Nazareth Conference held on Monday rnght October 24 The Reverend Gordon F end lohn Sntder SI ot Loyola Un1vers1tJ Guxdance Center and the Reverend lohn Ken nelly of St Angela Parlsh were the speakers that evenmg The questron of Who ls Respons1b1e lor the Character Tra1n1ng of Youth was d1scussed at the second Nazareth Conference held lanu ary 30, 1n the gym The Reverend Dom1n1c 1116! Brady OP otFenw1ck explalned the schools responstbtlxty ln th1s matter whlle the Reverend Eugene P Rtordan ot St Cathenne Pansh spoke about the role that the Church plays and Mr Edward W Dunne ol the Penwtck Fathers Club presented the parents polnt of v1ew on the sertous top1c A repeat performance ol a top1c dlscussed four years aao was held by popular request at the thlrd Nazareth Conference March 27 The Problem ot Youth Entertamment was th top1c The Reverend lames M Dempsey OP who IS moderator of the school paper the Wlck and tor the past seven years has had charge of the Dramatlcs Gulld at FenW1ck spoke on The Morahty of Entertamment wh1le Mr Dav1d P O Malley head of the Chl cago Theatrlcal Bookmg Agency talked on The Entertalnment Busmess T 1 - -f l f I I- Walter, OP., Principal ot Fenwickg the Revere -- P ff D ' I I' 1 I . , , . ., PARENTS' NIGHT The marks dont count It s what you know lsnt nt' Wcutmg for the sad news Heres another major letter Approxunotely f1VG hundred porrents o' N1ght wh1ch wds held Fr1doy October 28 The open house ottorded the porents or opportun rty to meet the prtests who would mold the chdrdcter of the students durlng thelr four years dt FenW1ck For over three hours the protessors onswered the mony questtons of the pare-nts 1 7 Fenwick students ottended the onnuorl Parents' 1 ,,,,.-v' W9 ANF is on the air First Row D Conroy L Kimmel I Vltous E Plkell Second Row P Kerwm R Waghome D Otten Rev E M Robinson OP THE RADIO CLUB Progress was again the by word of the Fenwick Radio Club as it successfully com pleted its l949-50 curriculum with the addition ot a new radio room and more equipment, After being evicted from the basement of the old Priory by the wreckers, the club moved en masse to the physics laboratory and pro- ceeded to construct a new "ham shack" in one corner. l-lere they reorganized their equip, ment, which this year was embellished by a new transmitter and receiver, donated by the 4118! l-lallicrafters Radio and Television Corporation Under the direction of the Reverend E M Robinson, OP., club moderator, and Iosepn Vitous, '50, chief operator and club trustee, the 15 members completed installation of their economy-size rotary-beam antenna, set up last year on the gym root. Licensed members Ioseph Vitous, Donald Otten, '50, and Edward Pikell, '51, have con- tacted as tar locales as Czechoslovakia and Australia this year. LUNDI GRAS Entertaining for the Dominican Fathers' Seminary Fund are: Pat OBrien, Ann Blyth, Iimmy Durcxnte. and Phil Regan A star-studded cast headlined by limmy Durante, Ann Blyth, Phil Began, Pat O'Brien, and Al Morgan presented a three hour variety show in the Chicago Stadium, February 20, for the benefit of the Dominican Fathers' Seminary Fund. The Lundi Gras testival was planned to help finance the re cently constructed millionfclollar Priory and Novi tiate ot St. Peter the Martyr in Winona, Minnesota Backed up by Claude Kirchner ol TV's Super Circus, the Four Kit Kats, Shirley Watson, an acro batic duo, and the Notre Dame and Bosary College Glee Clubs, the show was a areat success and the crowd that packed the stadium went home well pleased Ann Blyth picked the lucky numbers for the rattle, Sally Beck ot Bacine, Wisconsin, won the new Ford and lsabell Winkler won the all-expense paid trip tor two to Bome. ll9 RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES ln more this 'gear than in the past, the Department of Religious Activities has pro- vided the spiritual necessities of life for the student body of Fenwick. Climaxed by the use of the new chapel and confessionals this year has seen a rapid growth in the depart ment under the guidance of the Reverends Thomas C. Donlan, QP., and Edward T. Law- ton, QP. For the benefit and convenience of the students, Mass has been said every mornina in the new and comparatively large chapel in the priory, and confessions have been heard every afternoon after school. Undoubtedly the areatest spiritual benefits were offered by the yearly retreat, takina place after the mideyear examinations. This year 2 retreat was aiven by the Reverend Thomas L. Dolan, OP., director of the Society for Voca' tional Support. The St Thomas Symposium, March 7. held in the gym x 5X l F x xii, . Xvrt Y" F' - . A3 IK ijfi ., 45' .yi i tai? Q15 .. Q F, -If -if 1 ,, MQW f ---3 L' 'JK4 Another important event on the calendar the vocational talks given by three relig- ious communities with the intentions of helpini: anyone interested the priesthood to make 11 'xfortny choice The Reverend lohn F. Kennelijr frorn St. Angelas Church spoke on "Diocesan l3riests'fOur First Line of Attack". The Rev erend Charles R. William, CSV., addressed the students on l'Viatorians Rrinaina Christ to Modern Men". The final talk was given by the Reverend Andrew C. Geary, OP., on Domini cans lffissioners to the World . ln honor of St Thomas Aauinas, Universal Patron of Catholic Schools the l4th annuc. Symposium was held. Fenwick was repre sented b 'A,' lohn Crustafson, SU, ',-.' ho i,-.' awarded third place in the boys! division Thirtyffour Catholic hiah schools participated in the Symposium. Father Donlan advising two of the mothers Fxrst Row W Gughelmo F Trcmkmu I Mcxdlgan C Welter Second Row Rev I A Qumn OP P Nash P Ward R Schuhst I Baker E Musa E Flood Third Row I Hantsch, R Mcxsxm R Hegberg I Culkeen One of the more stead11y growmg organl zatlons the Rtfle Club has completed 1ts fourth year lt Was hrst mtroduced to Fenwrck by the Reverend Iames A Qumn O P Father chaplam ln the Mar1nes The ob1ects of the club are to glve practlcal knowledge of guns as a sport and to teach safety Wllh hrearrns Any student who IS 1n good scholast1c standlng and IS past h1s IIYSI semester IS el1g1ble for the club There are approx1mately 15 members 1n the club whrch has 1ts Weekly meetmgs on the r1fle range at the Austm Town Hall The club IS a member organlzatlon of the Natlonal Rlfle Assoclatron and therefore most of 1ts equlp ment IS supphed by that assoctatlon ln corn petttton the Rrfle Club has a comparatwely good record The othcers ot the club are moderator Father Qutnn pres1dent Iohn Culkeen vxce pre-s1dent Phthp Nash treasurer Charles Wel ter and secretary Frank Tranklna RIFLE CLUB 11215 Quinn, the club's moderator, was formerly a Cruising down the river in the "Amos Brett" First Row: R. Hegberg, L. Miller, I. Pikell. R. Pikell. Second Row: M. M. Scan- nell, O.P., I. Cichon. R. Brett, I. Madell. 11225 -3 1 A? THE SEA SCOUTS ln keeping with the Catholic ideals of scouting a Sea Scout Ship has been estab lished at Fenwick The moderator and Chap lain ot the Ship S S Santo Domingo is the Reverend Martin M Scannell OP Father Scannell is also the Catholic Chaplain for all Scouts in this area The most ambitious prolect of the Sea Scouts past season was the constructing ol a "canuyak" - a combination between a canoe and a kayak. ln the near future the seven members of the Sea Scouts plan to acquire a surplus ship from the Navy upon which all phases of sea- manship may be studied in great detail. I. McConnell, R. M Ncxney. W. Lange. Second Row: Rev. I. sack, I. Flynn. E. Pikell, R. Pikell. - K THE SERVERS' CLUB More important than ever, the extremely active members ot the Servers Club have added several features to their organizaf tion. The 23 members now have the privif lege of assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the new Priory Chapel completed last winter. Also, this year has seen the tram- ing ot a new club constitution, as well as the designing of a special club pin, to serve both as a sign ot membership and as an award for laithtul service to the school. The other rewards gained by the members are unable to be seen, but through their partice ipation in club services, the servers obtain spiritual benefits and a more thorough appre- ciation of Church ceremonies. Assisting at all religious activities constitutes the task ot the group. The busiest work remains for the Sac- ristans, William Dwiggins and David Hynous, SU, who must assemble the altar and prepare the vestments and sacred vessels for school ceremonies. The growing membership has caused the new club moderator, the Reverend Iosepli l, Hren, OP., to hold numerous classes to train neophyte servers in the rituals ot Dominican ceremonies. This year, the club was not only active around the school, but also distinguished itself by providing servers for Dominican services in and around Oak Park, and for a special Solemn High Pontitical Mass celebrated at Holy Name Cathedral last March, 1123b First Row: I. Huntsch. I Ryan, R. Boncxccorsi Hren. O.P., R. LctPata R. Brett, I. Gits, E. Mc Mahon. E. Malloy, I. Cu Third Row: D. Hynous. R Righeimer, W. Dwiggins L. Moorhead. I. Pikell W. Dwiggins shows the new sacristun, E. Pikell how the vestments are set SCHOOL DANCES 1lZ4b Fenmcks Irst soc1al act1v1ty the Fall Contratermty Dance was held 1n the school gym October ll The dance was held from 8 30 to U mh e ldS at Sl U 1 Musgrave and h1s orchestra fur rushed the musc Approxlmately l25 couples attended the dance the proceeds from wh1ch a1ded the Do rn1n1can m1ss1ons 1n Lou1s1ana Tae lumor D o f as he d at the lxmetee th Certury Club 1 OaK Park on February ll The b ds were Q3 DU Dean Wlll1Gm and n s e1ght pece Soc1ety Orchestra Vfllh D1 ane Le 18 as the vocal1st prov1ded the mus1c lor the affa1r The Sprmq Conlrat1ll1on Dance sponsored by the Rel1a1on Depart ment Nas held on the n1aht of May l2 1n the school gym Pat Mahoney lurn1shed the mus1c Over l5O couples attended the dance The Fenw1clq Sen1or Prom was held at the Elmhurst Country Club on the mcght of May Sl The b1ds to the only formal dance of the year cost S5 UO Don lohns and h1s or chestra prov1ded the mus1c for the evenma A few of the couples at the Iumor Prom The Iumor Prom at the 19th Century Club Two couples vxew the decoratlons at the Fall Confmtermty Dance Fust Row T Trybul G Kunzmann D Mxrabelh W Hank F Thompson Second Row Rev I W Regcm OP I Vcm Pettm V Bonus R Bonus R Fndlund W Gxvens lts not the slze but the thought that counts Th1s anclent say1ng can readrly be appl1ed to the Stamp Club for though the number ot members lS l1m1ted the work they en1oy rs rmmense For the beneht ot the mem bers the club ha stamp catalogues tor re search purposes Besrdes the club has drrect connectton wrth some of the largest stamp con cerns throughout the world Under the leadershrp ot the Reverend Kunzmann presldent SU and VV1ll1am Grvens W1ll1am Hank and Danrel Mrrabellr also 50 the club has progressed successfully A new measure was adopted whereby no sentor can hold otttce durmg the second semester because ot the l1m1ted actrvrty ot senrors Durmg the second semester Theodore Try bul 53 governed the clubs act1V1t1es Talks about some phase ot starnp collectrng were THE STAMP CLUB g1ven once a month to ard the collectors rn therr own collectmg eral collectrons on exhlbrt rn the l1brary Thrs actlon aave other students a chance to see what stamp collectmg lS lrke No prrzes were awarded tor the drsplays but cornpetrtron was keen because each member desrred h1s collec t1on to be the best Wrth the passmg of the Semor Class ol SU the Stamp Club celebrated rts fourth year ex1stence 1105 Iames W. Regan, OP., club moderatorg George On April 27, the Stamp Club placed sev- , ' , ' ' " . ' of 1126! VOCATIONAL LECTURES x..,,,J' Mr Harold O Fxchte Mr Iohn C Iensen Mr Vxlas Iohnson Now 1n tts tourth year Fenw1clcs Voca tlonal Gutdance Proaram sponsored by the Fenwrck Fathers Club has dtsttngutshed tt self for the valuable servtce 1t renders to the students A countless number ol Fenwtck boys have prohted by the tntormatton passed on to them 1n vartous talks by experts tn the ftelds of lndustry commerce and sc1ence For thrs years lecture ser1es Mr M14 hael A Georgen cha1rman of the program pro vtded exceptlonally well qualthed men to ad dress the students Ftrst to speak was Mr Iohn C lensen 1nternat1onal sales representattve for many World wrde merchandlsmg corporattons l-le spoke on Forelan Trade Shrttmg to the popular held of ms trance the program next presented Mr Harold O Prchte ot the Lumbermans Mutual Casualty Company who outltned the numerous occu patrons connected wrth hts bustness Posstbly the most surprlstng of the lec turers th1s year was Mr Vtlas lohnson dtrector of the Accounttng Employers Assoclatton ln hts talk on accountmg as a career he asserted that more than any other asset a strong per sonalrty was needed by th asprrant ac countant Fourth on the l1st ot speakers was Mr lames H Tyndell who sent out an appeal to the outdoor he men wtth hrs speech on For estry as a Profess1on CANDIDS M-E5-7' .JW J--EW' if ,Jlqnvmvf E3 Ffxkvss fx' H75 gs fr NW' 1 if fY"g ff! ml J fffib 4,9-Cf V 11275 I - fu-xffl' MT, -W ZW :Tj im N ' l -091 'NI' if L X' 4 xr ,, X , .Nd fc 'HC S fs , K HT ' fvffzl ff ax . , am,-7 ," Af' I J' , X ,, Q- Af 1. 3 ,x I r , , . lb gg Q V' L4 ' A S A ...D ? if ' ,ff A , q . . ,,,f ,V A 7' si . flu 5 f' 7 .. ff . , X Y V Lf R 2 W 3 'wg W .. , . 7 XA 3 X' Yb- 1128! J! D Hynous edxtor for hrsi semester hcmds W Ienks h1s assxgnment whxle R Kelth and R Durst look on F Mcner and P Scott second semester edxtors cant be heve thexr eyes Never cx dull rroment THE WICK Fenw1cks only newspaper th W1Cli saw many chanaes dunng the year The Senlor statt was Jua aled ln the mlddle of 1ts term tn othce Roger Ke1th and Davld l-lynous alternated a edrtor ln chle and assoclate edltor A new pnnter was found tor the W1Ck Forest Pub hshmg Company ln Forest Park re placlna the Church Prlnters A spe ctal Freshman lssue was pnnted ln troducmg the Frosh to Fenw1ck The Iuntor st tt replaced the older start at mldy ear Pat Scott Frank Mater and Robert Leak became edltor ln chtet and assoclate edltor respect 1vely Father Iames M Demp sex OP IS the cdvlser to e Journahsts THE IUNIOR WICK STAFF First Row: Rev. I. M. Dempsey, O.P., F. Maier, P. Scott, R. Leak. Second Row: L. Tarpey. E. Pikell, R. Schoonover, R. Smith. Third Row: P. Carey, R. Sullivan, I. Gits. Fourth Row: E. Flood. R. Darley. R. Beeman. I. Sullivan. Filth Row: W. Ienks, R. Luigs. D. Gcmcer. THE SENIOR WICK STAFF Frrst Row R Kexih Rev I M Dempsey OP D Hynous Second Row I Bculey R LaPata D Clark I Gustafson Thxrd Row E Vertuno, V Baldcxsscxn G Schumann Fourth Row R Durst W Hank R Brett G Kunzmann Fifth Row W Dwxggms A Exchenold 4129p .. , ... ..-1. . f 1 - f A 4 So Long and Thanks . . . . . Everybody! Sign Here . . . Please Sign Here . . . Please ,awk 611166 'QW' CHICAG A COMPLETE PUBLICATI 1402 N. PAULIN s

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