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Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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FENVVIC ' G MW blackfrmrs, W4 fenwfck lugfz scbool oak park fllmors ff -1 .ff ' X - 5 1 f I' 151, 0 B s . I ff .3 H ff X x s -- l f ff J 6 I A? wh- , 0 I 0 l C O I A Fenwick Friar far afield f gt k X f ,,,f X lxffitl ,, ll, 1 ri,-'r.".-awww tx ,QSM vw f,f qw J W X261 ,ff l f I' L41 ry h battle lulls ard l car rest at lat My weaned thoughts turf homeyyard ana l see Those lruends now gone who hlled a recent past VVrth hapamess that nowt 5 fled From me What boy woJld not te all has hugh school llle It he had spent 1thlled wuth plewwe gay Amd tellayy5 pledged no omr1deshwp7 But stale And war have made hooe rot IH loul decay What dream are oemg dreamed omght back there f What lad erwlsuoh oeace7 Vtlhat goal a e souaht By eyes ol Youth as sought them I7 prepare' Tue peace Shall come that peace for which we louaht jOHN GRAI-lfflf ft O O U 0 O U Q 5' AWXVWY ff V 1' 1 If ' I -N 1,1 I Alf '7 ' W X 4 CT li Nfl, I 3 . 0 twill? l WW 'lf Xi - X Nl ll bf t, A' X7 Q1 l l,f f 02 ,WP I 5, 2 nav' l fll fz.u,"'lv,k 'WJ X A '54 l 0 ,, tw -, I ll ll ll ll fffywfwm V N F H I lh V W l ll l' ll ff tt - ,,,,,,,t....,..t "' -1 - " l ll llll l 1 I' L ll "" 'V 347 xx' 115,--'.,, N X i J' 0 x KN tw 'tu tl Mlll Xltw I mg at X f QM S lm X J !V,r7f,x ,V A X , f f X- :aa 'L Q f N ,ff M6 1 Af g, - x T e , . , sl . I , X J t tv I W S . . W f X . S l ' lc 'T X N ' S , 5 r W c , . I , I V . tllx Foreword from ffze Fenwick I-'ronf 8l9 Monroe Avenue, River Forest, lllinois September QO T943 L 1 QDG G Spell 4 U S S Cunnmglwom ln core ol Fleet P Q Son Fronclsco Colnlornro Deor George ust o note to let you lcnovv now tlnngs ore coming olong lwere on tne Home Front lNl'1enever you lellovvs vvrlte from lw re you never o to osl4 obout tlwe octlvltles lwere ot Fenvvlck Because ol tlwls ond tne loct tlwot letters ore o good morole builder ond mony copies must be sent to vorlous trolnrng comps tlwrougnout tlwe country at lwo been decided to ore ent the onnuol Bloclflrlors ol tlwns yeor os o enes ol letters from tlwe students to tlve f-xlurnnu serving IH tne ormed lorce 'llne oresentotron ol twe yeor bool4 IU tbrs monner vvrll give you fellows tn rrect vvord ol tlme ent u net obout vvlwncn vou vvo l e to Lmeor Je nooe tno Blocldruors ll o vice nf nour ot leo Jre on reloxotuon wh: you e erv Keeo o tne good vv li Y xmt sw X vs Xff' WM ffff ff 6? 5? 1,5-' 5, NNW Xxxf A lellovv l lor Q I ED SPAULDING 4 t. . . , n, V3 l , . t e , g M l il ,l xx N Mn ' . ' , S N N N x , X -t l r - kb X X Y X . Q! , , xxx xx T NX lk l 4 I f f 4 S . S ,4- f r D r c E 5 gt d' s stud .s on tbe r El- C A r 3 r ' l J 3 E fi:-gifs! M bl L r l l W . ll I I . l I ll' r . lvl , f VH ' ' i"' ly'-an -5 Mp' ll r fo l mo X l s ol th 73 51 1 X , u y fa C S, ,. Y 1 ,N gy E X r f X in like QM Fenvviclc in the summertime Helps the wor olongf OM S Wwe Its Sensors corry on through heot, Chagrin, ond closses long. Une half the close oeports one holf o yeor oheod, The other holf in Mov. And so the Army connot toke our Fenwrdc boys Before Commencement Doy. GEORGE SWEENEY, '44 fl LF RAFT II94 Park Avenue Rrver Foret III une 'IO 1943 Lf ohn Cronln USN? Q5 USS Gullespue FPC New York N Y Dear aclq Guess what' I am gorng to graduate on anuary Q3 I944 Instead of next une For the hrst trme ID Its hnstory Fenwuclc has tnstututed a sum mer course The program wall be dnvuded Into two sux week periods the Furst begunnung last Monday une seventh and the second beglnmng uly twenty sixth From uly saxteenth until the twenty suxth we shall have thnnlc III mund goung to school durung thus summer because by dolng so and pa sung everythnng I shall be able to get at least one semester of college ,--4 ffft gl HA SENIOR CLASS FACES D J J '-J'J. j : - A J , f ' ' ' ' ,J , ' ' J -' . J ' ' -' a vacation, and l intend already to make the most ol it. Anyway, I don't I li 4 rf' X. 1, , ,1 NW SUM SI I-Ieres the way the cIo ses WIII e mn Ihe wr IoCt For wa hoo each oy and there WII e tnree at them Ihe harre r Want I3 t VOU t h anIv have halt as fnoh e t o re re ar en CII o t e two ol eo day the eoJtvoIent at three dar of Cla Q dunno o reoulor 5eme5ter5 hoII o e o oo that we atnerwr e waJIrI do a namewark ooe eo the reason Iar nrs SJ mer eQstan It Fenwrck nod rot rrooe one arrangement at trt n we ohoqt oI the entor o at 44 wo1IcIhove een arotteo before Qroduatron Ihe r and tne trrne put n on tI Qemeyter WIII maI4e rt orth ult ar In we IeeI tho wrth nrah 5chooI c'IraIavwo and what caIIege wo I4 we can get rn we wrII be that much better eourooed Ior our port In the War and the doys that IoIIaw he war Dunno tne absence at Father Nuoent wno rs Durector af Ds I Ilne other Nreser I n t atIhcJIt I h Father u tough wna rs naw our ennor Moderator h co e of Path xj I CIeportJre Ior Q9 vm e o Now choaIo1n I teoc rn e lglan S-ottrn Q. engt thot Important Subject hr: tlon fworrxaoe M E R S E S O N . . . hm I . T y 'II , t I. rs , CI It r In I , . I - WOI4 I e so drhfrmlt oi nnrght thinI4 Iar each nrght I S oII I , y Sthrocs t o ao I Th too, ,t rin, h h rs ,rih C X: we 5. be bl t , rrrufh I fpraaoge yarve olreaav ,ot V, I h I S Cl 35 ' IJ wok I , r rt, , ' Q 'Q I us, ut t ' the . r , V l . . i- c'p' , F ' S Fltlr Q hot I ' I. 'a M r- , I S I e qs .er 'Arynns I . f C aS I 9 h Q R I' ' , YT , Q 't I h aI , C 5 .SIXTEEN OF FACULTY STAY O Srnce debating teams dont Nnchon OS part Ol O Summer semester, Father Conway is con- centratrng on the boolrestore and Trigonometry which IS quite an rmportant study these days The boys are learnrng their CIVICS very well from Father Malone who also has charge ol the Caleterra or the Frrst half of the summer Every day durrng our History Class taught by Father Vltle We have an rnterestrng dnscussron on the War between the States stnl har o believe that Father halls from the Crty of Brotherly Love rnstead of from the Deep South New Qrleans Father Regan s exten sive vocabulary daily battles rn Relnguon those of our class who are not talcrng Chemistry for the second hall ol the summer Brother Giles who rs worlcrng as hard as ever has added dutues be cause of the summer session but manages strll to be the some genial Fellow who rs always glad to see one As you can guess thrngs are well under Way here at Fenwrclc It rs hard to belreve that today we completed the eaurvalent ot hlteen regular days ol class As thrngs are now I expect to worlt plenty Your brother DICK CRQNIN 44 ff' ,f W 1 ff-AA L 612601053 mmf FULL SEMESTER'S WORK COVERED 497 S. Taylor Avenue, Calc parlt, lllinois September 7, 1943 private loseplw Sullivan, x42 Fort Riley, Kansas Dear oe Well we Finally Finislied our summer session and will soon be starting baclc to a regular semester lm your letter you aslcecl many questions about tlie summer As you may well conclude l lwave been pretty busy and only now do l Find time to answer tltose questions During tlwis weelc be tween classes l am trying to get in all tliat l lwad to miss cluring tlie summer But l have taken time all to try and answer all your questions l-lere goes J , r - . i t , A , X. ' X 4 , " N, 1 s , ,, I ' ' ' l I ' .0 M urlng the second half ol the summer session school began at erght o cloclc and lasted unt1l3 30 each alternoon This second half ran from uly twenty snxth untrl September thrrd The mud semes ter yacatlon lasted tram uly sux teenth untul the twenty srxth Although the sessron was short we lulhlled all reaurrements for one halt ot a regular semester Belreve me It wasn t easy to stay home those hot nrghts whale the rest of the gang went to play a The second half ot the summer semester saw a second group of the Fenwuclc famrly and statt on n to keep us n e farthtul Father Myers exercrsed hrs regular dutres as Director of SfUdI8S and conducted hrs French class Resumrng hls teachrng ot Spamsh because ot the departure ot Father Quunn For servrce rn the Navy Father Nugent also acted as Dlrector ol Discipline Father Feltrop returned t tal4e up h duties as teacher of Relnguon and prepare that most um portant upject at thl most rmpor tant trme ol our ll e There was o and durrng the summer but Father Snmones was present ana ent hr tlme conauctrng e La rn along therr drthcult path Qurte a tlme wa had by Father Fisher battling the chem: ts again t explosion and introducrng us to a scrence -0 important today rw' JJ?-fdyfw ,059 UHQJJA, I C975 65 czw gf' 'eu' 'nf 1 if 'ki Ill Under the direction ol Father Lillie who himself writes poet y as you remember we oolt n t writing erse cf n el u m w s pretty awful b t then all a part of Senior English Qt the Social Sciences the only one taught during this second hall was Sociology Father Walter was the teacher With the able assistance ot erry Broucek and Gene Frett of the Class ol 45 Brother Nlannes was on hand preparing for the opening ol school next week Throughout the summer and especially during this second hall we saw many Freshmen to be with or without their parents around the school We suspected that next years enrollment will be larger than usual and we lcnew that Father Van Rooy was on hand as Assistant Principal interviewing interested people and conducting them through the school Brother Giles was also on hand during the greater part ol this second hall ol the sum mer semester Well that s about all lor now This has been a pretty long letter especially coming from me. You will have to wait some time For another. I doubt whether it will be as lull as this, although from here it lool4s as il Fenwick has a big year ahead ol itl Your brother, TCM SULLIVAN, B44 SECOND TERM ENDS IN SEPTEMBER 746 Wesley Avenu e, Calc park, Illinois September Q, l943 plc. N. E Maloney, U.S,lVl.C., '4'l Company HlVl"-3rd Raider Battalion Qnd f'."arine Raider Regiment ln Care OF Fleet Post QFlice San Francisco, California Dear Ned It is u t 'lO OO in Qalc park and l am getting ready lor be l received your letter yesterdaf aslcing vvlwen l vvaS going to graduate and vvliat l expected to ao lter FiniSl1ing Well l expect to graduate in anuarv and tlwen enter tlwe Service My grad ua ion vvas made ooSS ble by my attending Summer Sclwooi at Fenwick tliroigliout the Summer Wlwen l tell you tlnat vve covered tlie vvorl4 ol an entire Seme er during only twelve vveelcs you can under tanc nat tlwis Summer lwas been no Snap Smweflm 2 "SML," M.,Ev, SKGQQGUTTL ... I -iii flulfril fyiunmpx 'Q 9 V , 15 tliluilclup WWW BC3lSCl5TIGIlfl.? Stigieiihow , S , . . . I Y i S 1 ' ' ' l a. 3, o ct E . , L ' L I . , , l . v . St , - A I ,g , an 11 4 V J L . L or ,K f- , 1. ,-H,p. fA F- D v,AV: GO OD TIME HAD BY ONE AND ALL. lBn,O.o.cI, llmuz, Ullmt ufoulti Ctmdwy sau, dlll Illrutwt OMIA hernia um HWQNL GTLQI llmuzmg eh Oc UJIH' And yet as I look back I thunk I can honestly say that the summer has not been too tough We were not too large a group ancl we got to know one another much better than We had durlng the regular school year Wnth two hours ol class In each day there was not much home work oh yeah' As a matter ol fact many ol the fellows drd most of theur home work rrght at school an the Ilbrary alter hour Do you remember how the swlmmung pool used to be open to the public durlng the summer? VXleII during the second hall ol thus summer the pool was closed to everyone An epudemuc ol oolno had broken out ID the village and the I-Iealth Department asked the school to cooperate ID hghtrng I VVeII IfVVOI'1 t be long before I shall be leavrna Fenwnck lor good As I look back over the lour years I have spent here I can thunk ol no greate or more pleasant memorres to take with me as I go out and lace the world ID Its present condltlon I know I speak these words lor all ol Fenwrck s men Your Irlend JIM WALSI-I 44 1- the We!! The Fall brings thoughts ol joy and Cheer, The starting day of school is near. The beaches we must now Forget, For homevvorlc looms and must be metl The Freshmen come all spic-and-span And malte more noise than a ten-piece band The Sophomores return, 'tis said, VVith noted swelling round the head. The vluniors gather about to hear, Maturity for them is near. And last there comes the Senior Class, They do not act as does the mass. And naw all these you are to see ln Fall events ol 'Forty-three NED Sl-IANAHAN, '44 A A 6' H1 JSM? 9, 832 Wesley Ax nue Ga Dark lllinou September '15 943 CadetC VV Singer 49 Nayal Air Training Center Pensacola, Florida Dear Clwarlie, Une ol tlwe most important clwonaes tlrot bas come to Fenvyic you lwaye graduated lwas been tlwat ol Administration Revere-no Kellelwer bas been succeeded by Fatlrer Van Rooy wlno was C, principal last year. Before tliat, you will recall, Fatlier was Mode ol tlwe Wiclc, in addition to teaclwing journalesrn and Englislw. Upon ing tlwe duties ol lwis ollice as principal, Fatlwer Van Rooy displayed 3 14 Wie R l:lUUl 'ator GSSUVVF- zest . FATHER VAN ROOY MADE PRINCIP and industrious spirit that spolce of new and better things. Mindlul of the predicament lacing the older members of the Senior Class from now until the end of the present conflict, Father Van Pooy last spring called a meeting ol junior parents, and a regular summer session has been the result, with graduation in january and June. The duties ol Superior of the Community ol Dominican Fathers and Brothers at Fenvviclc has been assumed by the Reverend T, G. Kinsella, who was Formerly Master of Students at the Dominican House ol Studies in River Forest. At one time Father Kinsella taught Mathematics at Provi- dencecollege in Rhode lsland,and l understand that several members ol our faculty studied there under him. You may recall him as a steady visitor to Fenvviclc on the Thursdays preceding First Fridays. l shall write again soon. Your former lellovv-student, HAROLD SCI-IWIND '44 '7 14 RE GULAR FALL CLASSES RESUME... Afvfff Afton! yd -"X.!,!Qf -1' l l55 N Elmwood Ave Ca l5arl4 llllnous September Q1 1943 o xns 9 6119356 36 U S S Denebola Raduo Peoaur lo Fleet P Q New Vorl4 N Y Dear aclc l have completed the summer semester and today the hrst day Fall hnds me baclc at cass once more launched upon y last semester at Fenwlcl4 The Fathers and Brothers who were at school durlng the sum mer and about whom l wrote are stall here and engaged wuth their regular dutues The other have returned once more there are a nurnbe ol new prlests li w Ol be I e to earn o then' At Eenwlck again thus year I Father Tuclcer who you wall re call conhnes nrmsell to the Physrcs Lab and teaches Physlcs and Mec unreal Drawing Father Townsend who came to enwncl4 o year ago IS one ol the teachers ol Sophomore QelIglOH onduct all unlor l'lustory classes and talcen over the u es o umor Class Moderator and sung :ng dlrector A newcomer at Fenvvnclt this year ns Father Bermer For sev eral years a member ol the lacu ty at Aaulnas l-lmgh Scnool In Colum bus Qhno Father does not teach hre be has charge o e hnances of the schoo and D mrnlcan commdnlty Again on hand hs y ar teach Ing that very lmpor ant subject Mathematics IS Father Carosella Father also supervuses a nome r m d rs an cnarge ol e cheer leaders at athle uc events ou vvnl Fat er all basketball games Again this year he has a corner on Sopho mores teaching them G ometry For the second year Father Barron IS Moderator ol Black lrnars l addltuon he con ucts classes n unxor Englush Sopho more Reluglon and Freshman Speech Fathers Dymelc Smith and Mor genthaler have been at Fenvvn lc lor one year Fathers Dymelq and Smith were classmate here and mem ers ol the hrst graduotr g class rn 1932 Father Dymelc Moderator ol the Sophomore Class teache Sophomore English Freshman Re luguon and Speech leachlng ournollsm th. year a actrng as fflooerator ol the Wuc Father Jmrrh fvho also teache Freshman ara Jopharnare English MM' 1 '54-.Ht 616 W I T H R E T U R N O F F A C U L T Y y 4 A g 3. , .zpff e , ' t l th ',,A' , . l o- oo an ' ' ' . th U All A Y ' l recall h c owan or IS nlpresence Xa 1 :P ' . n ' ' d i j ' , - r ' 499. . K 3 U I . lD ' ' n A J . I - 11 . . A l X A J t S nd X Q . , X V 'ul ' lf as F I, X I In Aaarn thus year Father lVlo ale actrng a Atn et: M ectar l-l also teaches Fresrr Religion and Latin to lbotn r e hmen ana aopnorfore l e QJoeryNrng 'ne Fre W Q t lun h peru s foJ will recall each yea along the Fenvvlclc Faculty front nere are rernlorcement or re placements Th s year Is no e p es who have been called er e Cnaplaln Corps ol the Armed r es are three new pruess ere t the sch ol They are fathers Nadeau B ady and Dempsey and already they are nard at worlf along the Fenwrclf ront ln addltron to perng A oclate J rector of the band Fa r Nadeou manages to Keep has eye on the Feshmen during the day l-le has tnem In General Scrence Algebra and Speech Also occupied yy h the Fresh en ol whom he teache a large ercentaae the mysterres of Lotrn Father Brady Father al o a tne Freshmen rn Speech and Re lrgron Father Dempsey ls the nevvet recruit to the English departmeht here at l:enyvrcl4 l-ns odprls are freshmen r , r . r- genth r rs , s 'I 'c PV 1 ,r . e s . - Frei. l Q f A s, pe- Qd s 1 - t. sh an durrn .herr ,cl od, Ac X ' , , r cl ' s - l . i ' X- ception, and so replacrng those X VI T9 , to oth duties- specially the , Q v ho c - , ' h a. o , r r r I V , r . l . ' ss I Dr , the g l . ' If , . - M f 5 If . s h s 'W' WWQGQM, As lor the Fathers who taught during Fenwick s First Summer Ses sion l have already said that they are on hand again this year Bu there have been some changes which yod might lilre to lcnow French is again taught by Father Myersto both uniorsand Seniors Father Feltrop no longer has his S nior Religion class but as classes in Latin for Freshmen Soph omores and uniors and teaches German to a number ol uniors ln addition to his ddties as Di rectorolthe band Fathergimoness teaches Latin to Seniors Sopho mores and Freshmen Father Fi hers sole con ern this year is qcience to the Seniors he teaches Chemistry and to the Freshmen General Science Father lille ll ole teacher ol Senior English Now Moderator ol the Fathers Club Father Walter con- duct classes in the various Social Studies Economic Geography Sociology and Business Law. lhen there are the Fathers who acght du ing the First hall ol the Summer Semester. Father Mur- taugh is tea hing Spanish to the unior now in addition to ophe omore Latin and Freshman Re- lg n. Father Conway hard at worlc with Debating once more, teaches Advanced Algebrdgolid Geometry, and Freshman Speech EXTRACURRICULARACTIVITIES 5.V' Father Malone has looth Freshmen and ,luniors in Religion. and teaches the Social Sciences. Re- placing Father Kanavaugh as sole teacher ol Senior American l-'lis- tory is Father Vitie, Who also teaches Speech to the Freshmen a d Religion to Soohomores Father Nugent this year has an assistant in his duties as Director ol Discipline l-lis Assistant Di na a is Father Re teacher ol Senior Religion Brother Schoffman con entrates hs attention on Freshmen and Goo omores T h F teaches General Science and to the second Biology Miss Loretta Frcisz Librarian here noW For a numoer ol years ha aone a marveio s ioo With r W i noW W eauipoed to meet the ircreasina emands ol rh boy here a FenWici4 Since his coming to our school Mister Sovinec has succeeded i iaing up our Banc until noW recognized as one ol the bes amorg Catholic i-ngh Schools in he Cnicago are Ihe onysical end ol odr Wel larei a yoJ Will rem moer Well talcen ca e o here a "enWicl4 ANDFALLATHLETICSBEGIN Cn the lront this year are Dan Q'Brien, Doctor Sullivan, and Coach l.awless. Dan O'Brien, who has talcen care ol aches and pains among the athletes lor nrne y ars rs on the rob helpnng the coach Doctor Ralph Sullrvan replaces the Athletrc Departments former consultlng physician, Do tor DI Cosola, who rs now rn the Armed Forces Coach Lawless IS entering upon hrs hlteenth year as head ol the Athletrc department The loss ol valuable swrmmers and lnasmet eers, due to med year graduation, has alven hum new worrles VV en you read thus letter l Imagine rt wall brrng baclc some pleasant memorres ol your lour years he e at Fenwrclc As you have noticed there are a ew new prrests at Venwrclt thus year The reascn tor thus l ho JG already cages ed ln addltxon to Fat er Qurfn h ye entered the Chaplain Co C bowl Naval 0 lcers lor n f re aln oon rodr brother llff CQ' LINJ 44 . D . V 1 , . - I h 1 ' t , Y . .-V I f r . ' V I l arg 't . A h lfayanaugh, Fathers lflorrrsson and r I ' rl 5 Q as A r Fl 6 lhat 'E dl . .ow. l shall 'fr to aC E , . X! l - f . c W 558 Lathrop Ave River Forest lllrno September 30 l943 A S ustun Gnbson 'l603638f Pa rent Ward C 3 North ngton Gen l-losp Tuscaloosa Ala Dear ustrn You wall be Interested to learn that rn September l943 Fenwnck welcomed the largest Freshman Class rn nts hrstory The Sophomores were ol course happy at the thought of all these new vrctums for the comrng rnrtuatron For the Frrst lew weeks upperclassmen encountered more than Probably due to their great numbers the Freshmen were well rep resented on the Football and Baslcetball teams and rn other student ac tnvutres such as Amateur Nrght the Band and The Wnclc statt they were very active Father Malone Freshman Moderator plans to want untul the second semester before holdrng electron ol class ollrcers They should prove Interesting' Suncerely THOMAS SAMMON 44 Left to rlght john Wrlson Treasurer Charles Fox President Father Malone Moderator Ronald Jablonslcn V: e presldent Charles l-lrnm Secretary 72 F E N W l C K W E L C O M E S ' , ' is J ' ' , T il J ' 1 the usual number ol green students looking at door-tops lor room numbers. :- 4 N-0 hm Q W h A S 2,5 fl A , tg f ow 4 M is X, s , , . , n f if .3 .b k EQ Q In , 'W1 A 43 9' 4 , V Q A Q ' Q? wh W iff 1' Sf lm f if if 21452 if 'i ,, '46 ,LJ 4 Q7 I 9 g ? i 5, .i 8 . Y , , 9 4 ,J E, 0 . ag 4 . gl A Q, f' Q1 , 7 W I ' ' ev V' Q W? uf I5 ,, ,EW X Q fr ww as ' V ' l I' , Y' . w ' -K u 1 .L 'f, 5 .l . ? , fi? ' 1 ,Z -P 1" 'H 'Z - Vi'-T' J zf .. Left to Rrght John McDonald Presudent Justnn Caron Treasurer Coleman Caron Vnce presrdent Roger Brown Secretary Father Dymelc Moderator 'lQ6 N Austin Blvd Oalc Parlc lllrno s September Q8 'l943 ohn VodaAS USNR V TQ Unit Quarters 7 3916 S Michigan Ave Chicago llllnos Dear ohm You wnll be glad to lcnow that the Cophomore Clas ns really setting a pace this year lor the rest ol th school Unaer the leadershup ol Father Dymelc nts new Moderator and greatly :ncreased srnce last year It has well established ntsell n Football Basketball ard Swummung largely through the efforts of the Caron twrns R Brown R fvlartrn W Langford A Skehen W Darley and Cantu Repre entrrg he Class on the l-onor Roll ard l-lororable Nlentron lust a e Bncan Endres W oedert l Stevens and your brother the last two o whom have been l4ept bu y on The Wlclf and Blaclclrnars With he untroauctlon ol Belrnda the Qophomore Maud olhlonor and the reaun ement that all rrosh must pay homage to her the Sooho mores gave a r-ew twist to the old cus om ot mcuat on Slncerely l2lCl'lAl2D l-HCKEY 44 71 SOPHOMORESELECTNEWOFFICERS Jud , ., .r ,. ' J f '- lf tlg- b , ftl..l' 1 'I G l 1 J-l l 1' I V f FRESHMANINITIATION G Aomodt G Bombenger G Brooker J Cogley J Courtney R Dovns R Boclwner Bonn Brown C Coyle R Dovy C Berrngon R Brohm T Burke F Connelly W Crowley F Denss Bersell Brennon Consudnne Cummins Duchon 78 Bzcon Broderrck Contu Cormock Curran W Duchon Bldvvlll J Ccssnn F Coughlm W Darley W Dunn l A W, ' R. ' W. ' sal JJ J. - J- COVWY J. Coldorulo J W. Broderick - . le. A T. - , ' . ' J. F. . SERIOUSLYT AKEN IN HAN P Dunne J Frrzsrmmons G Hall W l-hgh W Kennedy R Dunne j Fosse W l-larmlron j Hnrlo W joslnn Kevrl F Eder W Franta E Huclcey Karl G Krlroy 79 Endres Freyder l-luesrand Huber Kauclcy Knrby NN Fanning W Gleason T Hughes V Kelley KDClUb6V D Felz W Goedert Hlggnns Huspen Kelly Krause ' . ' J. I R. jordan T. Holland F F, Higgins J A . ' J .l.' J. L. R. ' J. ' A J. j. R. FATHER DYMEK BECOMES J Lambert E Macro M Moylan J McDonald G O Brren Lamberty Magee Mu llgan McGee Neckar jas Q Bruen A Landerghnnu W Langford Manning W Marsells Murrello j Murphy D McHugh Nerrleron A Newhart jn O Brren W OConnelr 30 Lonergan Martin McNally Nrcolette W O Day G Lorr VV Mathers R M Carrhy R McNerney A O Brren L ODonreI! r w . B. Q - ' C. ' . . P. ' H. '! ' . . . F. R. ' I.. . . ' T. McPoy E T. McGeeney E. Mcfarron . ' ' V I D E. ' F. ' V O O VV Olnlc T O Neill T Patterson E Petrowsky J Phelan o R Rauth E Reidy A Rellly D Romano Russeil J Sabatlnl A Schuess B Schindler B Schor ch Shield J Slebert R Snlces J Skehen R Slrwnnskr Stevens S Srrorh J Stumm W Svehla R Tepper Thomas R Torfenettn C Trembach F Valentme E Vasen Voda D Walsh J Walsh D Ward J Wertzei Whalen W Wroblewslu B Zncarelln B Knlbrnde 31 D3 S O P H O M R E M D E R A T O R Rpm ' T' ,, J. nr V W E. A ' 4 sr J. A M Li. OTA 423 Ashland Avenue River Forest lllinois December Q0 1943 A C Guy E Nlunger 36614031 41 Ba 303 35hl S Sqdn B Chanute Field lllinois Dear Guy With the hrst mid semester commencement coming up depriving Fen wick ol its star debaters it begins to loolc as it the uniors will lead n that held lor the rest ol this year But the Class of 45 are with increased numbers this year mighty active in Athletics UVlcNnchols Frett McElroy l'lonor Roll with Wilson s and Kricld s names coming up frequently Merrv Christmas' Write soon Your brother MANUS MUNGER Left to Right Austin McNichols Treasurer joseph Archibald Vce president Robert Hanley President John McKitrick Secretary Father To nsencl Moderator N 5. 37 N BLE INCREASE OF jUNIORS yE. - t A . . . . . I. , . J . . I Higgins, l'lanleyDf Activities fWilson, Archibald, Burke, ylablonskibf and i ' , ,44 . . A QN- f A g ' il r r 5 CLASS DISPLAYS ENTHUSIA S Anderson W Ashton R AuBuchon J Boggott Borottc Barrett J Bosnen T Bennett J Brohrn H Brondstroder Brnzzoloro G Broucek J Burelboch T Burke J Butler Cosrons G Collnos J Cullerton J Davy R Dlttmer W Dooley R Dreveny J Dwyer F Emnch Fegon W Fltzmcurnce H Frederrclq E Frett J Furlong Genoor J Gnlboy Goldthwoute R Grrllnng P Grunert l J. ' P. T' . R. ' E. I H. Donlon A. . . D, ' . JI V. 33 G l-lampsch W Hanan W l-lanneman l-lealy C Harley J l-lart S l-lelllrlch M l-lernbroth Jablonslcl D James F l-lleber W l-lrggrns J Jennrngs Klaclce J Krnclcl R Jensen P Kelleher N Lrndholm Maleclcl J Long J Magrady W Maloney D Manmon Mehrrnger D Martin D Meersman R Monaco G Mraz MCAlllSter W Mulcahy J Mulvey E McCa be W McElroy W McElroy P McGrath AND VIGORIN REN N M.4 l2.' J,q 1' l.' J.' McNerney R Nelson D Nugent D Organ D O Rourke Pondow C Pentls F Peo C Perrello H Poole Quinn F Relners E Rhlne S Schorsch T Serr Serwot R Shea P Smlth C Stolzer Steinbach J Svrtok l-l Volker j Vonesh V Wogener A Wolloch W Wollensock ll Walsh D Weber R Weltzel Wnllloms Wvlson D Zutnnk R Foster T l-lcnnon J Kucero R McClellan S T U D l j. F. I J. A I L. I E.Silcorslci. J- ' - R- . . J' A . A FOGTBALLERS GET OFF BAD Q wg if K s I rf! Vg. cgyfz 1 1 ,-f.+ gf f f W, , . ff ,mf fzM..,4..f9' 3 ,hr Af' Y . T? ivim' JJJWM? NBL' !t'1f4f"k QQ fwg QSJW7 3. f' ff M14 Za f ,5.,ff7fQz.f RT QL it ...wt 4 Top Row C Davrs M Moylan R Dunne J Phelan G O Brlen E Reucly J Broderrclc C Berrngan C Collra A Wallach T Powers W J McElroy R Huspen T Hughes Hrggrns manager T Barrett P Walsh A Mc Nrchols E Castans P Dalton W Frtzmauruce R Cronin cap tcun R Hanley P ordan P Smith J Graham W Langford V Koth manager Rev J N Morgenthaler his 1. drrector of Athletucs Coach Lawless Next Row J Budwrll R Martin E Kavanagh T Nlurtauah N A Collras A Connolly E Shanahan R Brown 65 a onslcn W :guns Rusa F Emc R Weber W Dunn Bottom Row J Hennessy G Galley J Whalen C Har ley C Caron F Macro W Crowley D Romano D Patterson F Duchon R Tepper W Duchon J Caron T Nlartrn 718 Lathrop Avenue Prver Forest lllnnoas Decembe-r'l5 T943 Lt ohnF Barrett 39 CO F Qnd Bn 5th Nlarrnes ln care ol P C Fleet San Francisco Calslornla Dear ohnry, ln late Aug st Coach Lawless called lor canal dates tor Fall Football practn e Nrne veterans reported wuth the group They were the men around wnom tne team was to be buult The group nnclcded Capt Dclc Cronun aclr Hennes sey aclc Vtfrl-an Ed Kavanagh Art Connolly G J S T A R T B U T F l N I S H S T R O N G GTM he wify A3 F L ,, - 75? ,gs I T Next Row: Dan O'Brien, trainer, J. Walsh, manogerf J. M 6, . f - i . i l' J ji . A ' 'Q .. i J I . V I . i I . Q-V v D ' i l-' lil- li'-A Tl TQ? 'f I R. J rf . F 5 li j . l"lj ' ' RH. . J . , ' b J I . . c . ' lzfy J 1 T l,.ll- V ,L , i ' , J T ,- JEL? f .l ll' I -J' '1 ' I I F I ft - Nrcl4 A Collras Tom M rtaugh Tom Martnn and Tony Ruslca all Senrors Cronln and COlllGS were converted Into taclcle tind pos: trons were held down by Bob l-lanley and Pay Dalton the guards were Wllhln and l-lennes sey and the center lVlL.rtaugh The baclcleld was wade open 'lo start the season I consusted ol Martnn Ruslca Guy Galley and Chuck l-larley The Fruars of 1911? ooened thenr season against a rugged St Ruta team Cutwelghed twenty the lighting Frlars succumbed 25 to 6 Four touchdowns sparked by Don Doody nn the hrst hall were all the Rntans needed Ruska scored the only Fenwnclc touchdown rn the second quarter on a four yard scamper Terrific taclclnng and bloclcsng featured the play Facing heurp rennlal rlyal the Austun Tigers the FVIOVS played Improved ball but were defeated 14 to 12 AJstan toon th ea atthe opening l4lcl4otl when Car bone raced 64 yards to score The Frrars rallued and Cl Galley to l-larley lateral and a Q3 yard pass l-larley to Bob l-lanley unuor end p led the ruars ahead A la t mrnute pass from Carbone to Moore snatched yuc tory from the Fnars grasp mandn 38 A F T E R S T R O N G B A T T L E pounds per man through the line, . ' ' l e l d j ' , ul F' Qpenrng league play agarnst Qt George the ultimate crty title holder the Frrars were edged 2 to 6 Nrck Colllas re covered a Dragon fumble lor the Frrst touchdown The Fruars held theur pace and Forced the Dragons to therr goal as the hall ended St George recovered rn the thurd period and pushed over a touch down with Wendell totlng the ball A 45 yard pass Wendell to Radclrlle rn the last two mrnutes ol play accounted lor the winning score The team recerved a blow by the loss ol aclc Wrllcrn because ol an appendectomy three days before their game with Culver The game was played at Culver Indrana For the First tame ID the season Fenwlclc brolce unto the wrn column by downing the cadets eleven 18 to 6 Alter halting a Culver drrve on the the Frnars toolq over and on t e First play lam Martin ran yards to score Culver tred e count on a 39 yard jaunt Eacls The Frlars rallied and l-lan ley scored twice on runs ol 'I9 and Q5 yards The puntung F Eads and he crushnng play of the Frrar lrne sparlcled the encoJnte Continuing thelr wrnnung ways the Fruars overwhelmed a help 0LLTTb1.D'Q1CA,B wmmywm 3:lcmQ,ewr0 N tlmfwla' 40 less Qt Patnclr eleven bv a lop 50 to 6 lorn lVlartsn Clwclc l-larley and 'lony l2usKa ra vvlld s orung ID every peruod tan t rue tlrree trrne nts ol lQ and 6 ya l'larIey parlcung tlwe se ond ball druves scored on runs ol 4 T3 33 and 40 yards Puslca scored once from 6 yards out llwe lone Sbarnrolf tally resulted lrom desperatron pass agaunst our subs lasted tlnrouglnout tlwe game Fen vvrclcs l'r1ars downed a potent St lgnatuus team 13 to O Martin and Ruslca set up tlwe lurst score vv a sustanned druve In e lrst acarter vvlwlcln ended by lVlartun s plunge lrom tlwe 3 Early rn tlwe second auarter Roger Brovvn completed lo r successuve passes tbe lnnal to Puslra In t e end zone lor tlne second tally lvlartuns brllllant puntlng IQ llglwted tlre scoreless second ball From an lrjcry received an prac tlce tlwe services ol Bob l-lanley were lost Plavuna lor tlwe second vveel4 on a sea ol mud tlwe Frrars eated St Ph l p 19 o Early an tlwe lrst quarter Connolly bloclred a punt and ran It over 5 y rds to score A pass Brown to Cronin vvlwo ran 50 yards to tlwe 5 scored on tlwe next play SETBACKSNOTWITHSTANDI G sided . ', Mar' a'l d I s, on taut Q, , rds. c. a I ln a driving rainstorm vvlniclw itll ' ' ' tlw - .. , Hb! del . ii, t 7. i M, . Alter the Gaels oassnng had got them a touchdown the game de veloped rnto a delensuve battle Brown lntercepted a Gael pass ID the hnal m nutes and ran lt to the 5 lV'lartun toolc It over Facing one ol the todghest For ward walls or the season the Fruars Fnnally downed the red hor e from Weber 13 to O Eary an the second quar er Fen w-cl4 began to mofe soarlqed by lo y l2usl4a They advanced the ball from midfield to the 3 Ruslca plunged For the score The e malnder ol the game was a de lenslye battle due to the soggy con ation ol the held ln e Final mlnutes Brown went over From he Q0 yard lane by noslng our Loyola 6 to O The First quarter was a puntlng duel and nenther t am was able O sart a rve n t second hall Tom Martin punted dead on the one loot lane The Maroon and Gold locked out bu t was a wealc lcuclf A pass l'larlev to Cronrn on the ball on Q Mar n plu g d lor score So long NILLIAM CM-llLI. 44 F R l A R S S d . , , I ' L I L ' . . i 4 . V - cl' ' ' . th T - V , The Friars ended their season , V ' 1 Q t t d i . Early i the , Q I , 'I f l ' ' the , r ti n e r the RUGGEDLlNEedFASTBACKS PS.-Alter the season, Coach Lawless awarded major letters to Seniors: Capt. Dick Cronin, Tom Martin, Tom Murtaugh, Ray Dalton, Tony Ruska, Bob Weber, Art Connolly, Guy Galley, xlohn Graham, Ed. Kavanagh, Nick A. Collias, Ned Shanahan, ,lack Wilkin, jack Hennessey, Bob Mar- quardt, Don Patterson, Don Ryan, and Manager Vince Koth, They re- ceived white sweaters with black monograms uniors Bill Higgins Bob Hanley Chick Harley and Manager Hugh Donlon and Sophomores Roger Brown Coleman Caron and Dick Martin received major letters lor their labors Minor letters were given to Bill Fitzmaurice Gene Macro Bill Langford Bill Duchon im Whalen ustin Caron Austin McNichols Harold Frederick Fred Emich Bob ablonski Ed Castans oe Bidwill Ron Tepper Bill Crowley Tom Barrett Bob Walsh Dick ordan and managers Jack Higgins and ack Walsh Bill Higgins was chosen by his teammates to lead the 1944 squad The Alumnr awards lor the out standing lineman ard back were received by Tom Murtaugh and Tom Martin Dick Cronin Tom Martin Nick Collias and jack Hennessey were picked on several all section teams The future Football teams at Fenwick were represented in the lorty six numeral awards given to the Freshmen The team was honored at the Football Banquet at the Morrison Hotel W 'R DFILTUN H CDNNULLY E KFlVFlNFlGl-l TNURTFXUGH Il' HENNESSEY Ti CRONIN 'R HHNLEY Gr GHLLEY F' l'lFlRTlN Fl RUSKR C HRKLEY 47 Top Row J Whalen E Castans W Dunn E Macro F Duchon Next Row Dan O Brien W Langford ll Jordan E Reldy G Kulroy J Broderick l? Jablonslcl J Phelan J Bndwull J l-lnggnns manager J Walsh manager Next Row R Davns P Dunne C Berrlgan G Collugas W Crowley l-l Frederuclc G CDBr4en Bottom Row W Duchon J Caron D Romano R l-luspen T Cummrnas M Moylon Rngney J OConnor R Raymond Conley Dan OBrien Next Row W Mosler J McMahon D Lal3occa J Dlneen T Zurelr T Leonard W Morse J Prgall W Moore l-l ones D l-lennessey C Zelzer NextDRoCw5H Quann J Coakley J Walllch D Martin F l-lruslca R Nelson W Coakley J Wrlson T Vrtns D Banne eu Bottom Row D Powers R Antonella l? O Connor S Zanonl J Farley C O Loughlln M Serblclc D O Really W Callunan H Taylor 4 F R O S l-l L l G H T S W l N A L L Top Row: J. l-liggins, managerf L. Steslcalf F. Schulze, J. Clleasonf C. l-lansonp P. Jablonslcif W. Nchoneyf C, Fox, W ' 1 - l 1 - f J- f l ' V J .F I , . Z ' , V. I , . g , . , , , . , H. , ,I , . PARENTS LOOKIN ON CLASSES lloprwmrjhr ensue' Gwwaibm iluwlmlwy snot cfm BLM? W ace the the ? 44 530 N Euclrd Ave Ca park llrnos November ll 1943 Pvt 'Nfl hael Kerwrn 49 lnternatronal l-louse 1414 East 50th Street Chrcaao lllrnors Dear Make Annua ents Nrght was orrgrnally sched uled thus year lor Friday Qctober Q9th Later the date was changed to the tollowrng Thursday No vember 4th The program consrsted of two classes whrch were conducted rust as on an ordinary school day lhursaay mornrng classes dad not begun untrl ten oclock because two oerrods were being omitted My Frrst class that nrght bolrd Geometry taught by Father Con way began at 730 For my second oerrod l had swlmmrng As yoJ know the parents who came to see how well therr are taught were rn the rooms durrng the classe Your brother EDWARD KKRWIN FR NU GENT HEAD CON FRATERNITY Left to Rnght Austm McNnchols Senior Treasurer Wnllnam l-llggsns Sennor Secretary John Foley Sensor Presldent Robert Dunne ,lumor Presudent Roger Brown Junior Vice president John Skehen JunnorSecretary Richard Martsn junnor Treasurer 138So,1th Fast Aye Ga park llllnoxs anuary Q8 7944 l.ueut W M jennungs DSN? 35 8 C:l1lSVVICl4l200d Brooklrne Massachusetts Dear Lieutenant Since you were once an othcer ol the lhomas Conlraternlty l tnought you rmght be Interested to learn that It us stull yery active IU At the opening meetnng Father N gent IF trocluced he new othcers As at lVloaerator Father ou lsned he purpo es ol the organuzc tlon rnh tallc to the 1 n o Conlraternlty ooh ornore a cl Freshmen e Fall Contratvlluon wa a blg Jcce Vu e Pre xaent T943 l-,144 ED KAVANAGH 4 4 52 Z O I"'l ZOO -Z F"1V"l'l"l Mamet W . '17 ' , CD I -4 D tn A , 5' V 4 ' ' - .3 5' - - - , A ' K N Q V , A 3 N F, Q. s. - CL A . X' is ' O , . L- -- Q L 4 I D X o ta , X l - A1 ' Q ' - . - r as ' E it I .M U' 5 A . ' 2 ' F ' 'N F Riu ' X . . u ' 'A rg X J - U, es V , in . D V A , U. A V UW ' f s - V' . . N N, N N. 'I l , F F ,N F ar C 4 1 . Q35 Wesley Ayenue a pork lllrno S December WO 1943 Lt JQDC W Marauarat U55DC 557 ln care ol Fleet postmaster New York Cnty New York Dear Rube As you will remember two ol tbe most octrve oroanlzatlons arouna Fenwick are tlme lvlotbers and Fatlrwers Qlubs lbrs year bas been no exceptron day tb: year contununng tlwe practuce started last year ol bayrng talks by tlse faculty on var ous subrects Left to Rrght Standmg Mrs Thomas Cusack Vrce presrdent Mrs Raymond QConnell Recordm Secretory Mrs Wrllram Qunk Treasurer Mrs Robert McCabe Corresponclung Secretary Mrs Warren Brown Frnancral Secretory Seated Mrs Daniel Slwleld Presrdent Father Nugent Honorary President THERS ANDFATHERS CLUBS 0 li , ' I customarily tlwe Nlotbers meet every First Fri- ,-- A, I. 1 V 4 I, I In I gg l HAVEBUSYSOCIALSEASON W, """V Left to Rrght Standmg Mr john Kloclce FInancIalSec retary Mr Frank Gleason EntertaInmentCl1aIrman Mr Edward Dunne Correspondmg Secretary Mr Robert McCabe Recordmg Secretary Mr l-lenry Engel Semor VICE presldent Seated Father Walter Moderator Mr Ralph Ryan Pres Ident Mr Joseph Arclmbald Treasurer Lnder IfS new Moaerator Fatlwer Walter tlwe l:atl'Iers Club l'Ias Inatqurated a montlw y meetma on tlwe tl'IIrd Monday ol every montlw DD9ClOl en tertamment ol an eaucatlonal or sports nature lwas Increased tne general Interest IH tl'Ie Club lo one ol tlwese meetmgs bob Fatlwer and Qons were InvItea llwe lwgh poInt ol the season so tbe lflorn on l-lo el on atner and o er coo e e e nn a Qemor crepe e ay n y OJr brotber RFBCPT MARC! APDT 44 4 We I. if A : 1 : . Q , I - i ' 1 t i . , E , . 1 f ' 3 1 f - I ' f ' 1 ' I V I f I I . X I .IM . f , . , . ' f I s I A . tr S o lor was tlwe Annual Football Banquet last nigbt at I I 's L . B t' F 3 lf tb 5 wIll o 'at For tb A. u l ,V B I t-InF bru ' rl lf 5 ear. V X VV gfl g . l ,1 . V ll MA 7 woe PI I C 8QId I J IUQIIIVI CJOIIQKTQ IVY XJ IO ma e INIIUII W 0 P cember e w vI"'m rv'I e er cwm P or O Iwe oblomskl bro Iwerc ob and Ronald won Frst prize WIII1 I e e'e trac guitar cnc' GC or now duet II1e BSCOTCI ornze went to Ioow buIInv:m aw4 Compzm S r e mor' on e woo e roo Po N IVIQI1om stoIe Hurd p :ze A mg cs chorrwom Q I3 Huggins NIO ter OI Cerern rw es vv Ioe Arc who everyth ro IU O me Mow wutI'w tI'1e everwwo wc r me IW oterIVIooes Q uno as YOJ brorIwe IAVK I-IEAI V In Ilmihcrrm U"KO'0'fU5 'Ujuwv-vem, fIOUm SLLINLJUUIYL umd Qc Cermaowwi' pnQ.LU55eQfiQj -IH A IEUR NIGHT EXHIBITS TALENT 5925 Elperac' fa Cmigugo II:1roII k4I1I'JG'I-I6 ' A-44 Irfwi IIIQOIIJ Q A S LASNII2 44 V39 Iemwr f we I-IfII C' , I A CI3erI 'FW Dear If Ice, A t Jr ,E me wear os IweI: v fe I sxxz e. tIw orc- N QI. g IJG G ,J nt i I.9,fI II . I I ' r ,, B Iw rr . C Q de For tI'1eIr Io IUMI I, CGII IIw 5 1 'C Her II Z v C I I r I CLI , W 5 :II , I cs Q V H Id. AS ,s,oI, .I V ' Q rv- C. f V Qcr- , GT? Ce F Iv I P I sfmm r I2eI:f ' S v If I y I , V -I 4-I . , r , gg flfmc M Zke m ciwwmfmi Now ns the winter of our dlsconten F Ifbllt h0IForFenw.QkW1II be Dent Vle all o most have lcmowfw that orry day That rend G under pre moo bonds mo t true Fo dorm 'wg of nhe lcholo or the b' e DP-HUP FOLVf 44 4, ' I U V P. K1 0 . , . Sl f For os you reed these Innes some-tlrre m Moy - r - . S S S C 'S 3 V 1 1 1U X , f FRMURTAUGH NEW MODERATOR Left to Rrght john Wrllcun Treasurer john Foley Secretary lhomashflurtaugh Pre :dent Prchard Crorrn Vuce presldent Father Murtauah Moderator l5Q5 S Elclnd Ave Berwyn lllrnos lan,1arylO l944 A C john Rlchard l:rnn 36754938 43 ca D Qlass 44 17 Barraclcs 4Q'l lyndall Feld Florrda Dear Duel one hundred and swty boys Gt the orrgrnal aroup all are not novv present and accounted For Some ol the old laces have disappeared and other new one have come to replace them But rn the course ol tour raprd years the class has retained nts undlvlduallsm nts srngulanty Forty slx ol us vvlll leave the portals ol Fervvrclc belore the ernalnder ol the clas Lt rrll vve luke to consncler ourselves as a srnale unrted group representa tnve ol the class ol 44 Srncerely yours ED HUSTQLES 44 rr l' I 1 f 1 r , S' ' r , ' - I , r - . l l , ' a f J I 1 J . I x ' ' I 1 Four years a o savv the be innun s ol the class ol Y44, numberin about Q Q Q Q . U E I d I C ' r ' I . , . . I . . A - ' . . V r ' 3. Bl s ' Q , - I f f 5 O WILLIAM BELL Ascensron School ond Rorrsh B xrng I Q 3 Intr urols I Q 3 4 AMES EERTRAIV' St Edmund School and Rorrsh Boxrng 'I IntrornuroIs1 Q 3 VERNON BREEN Horance Mann School St Grles Parrsh IntromuroIs1 Q 3 4 ROBERT BUCKINGI-IAIV' St Edmund School and Rorrsh The Wrclfi Q Band 'I Q 3 4 Rodro lub Q Cheerleader 'I Q Sclence Club 4 Bo :ng 'I Q IntromuroIs1 Q 3 4 WILLIAM CAIHIILL St Edmund School and Parnsh Servers Club 1 Q 3 4 Dnscussron Club I The Wnclc Q 3 4 Blaclcfruars 4 Band 1 Q 3 4 The Freshman Symposrum 3 Red Cross Dance 3 unrorprom Confratrlluon 3 4 New World Drrve 3 Roller Slcatrng party 3 Basketball 3 4 Golf 3 Traclc 3 Boxing Q Intramurals 'I 9 ,IAIVIES CAVE Immaculate Conception School Germantown Pennsylvania St Edmund parish wmmlng 3 4 Football T Boxing 'I Q Intramurals T Q 3 4 a el sBe V o Bee Bclc W a Cahll mes av JI F R. Q U I N N N W I N N A V Y -T A I - Ol 1 1 1 1 Gm 1 1 1 1 ' XI 'i - I - A 1 1 1 1 ' , - V . . i '-' 1 ' 1 1 1 ' Ii ' I i I 1 I 1 1 1 1 f I C 1 1 1 1 i I 1 i X' 1 1 i 1 1 1 - i ' I T 1 1 1 1 f I I 1 i ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 .I I I I I 1 1 I I 1 i A 1 1 1 1 I 1 Q1 I 1 I I 1 in 1 1 1 1 . I I .i l . - C I ' . . ' . J ' I I I I I I I I I I I f " Willi mB I jame rtram ern T1 I' n Robert u Ingham illi m I Ja C e SENIOR CLASS LOSESMEMBE Co A thu Co olly R cha d C o J clr Dalto Ray o cl Dalt Pet Da elos H y E gel E ge eF ey AMESJ CGLLINS St Edmund Sclwool and Rarnslrw Blaclclruars 4 Boxang l 3 lntramurals 3 ARTHUR CQNNQLLY Resurrection Sclwool and Ra :slr The Freshman unuor Prom Ama r Nlglwt 3 liootball l Q 4 Boxxng Fl UVG S RICHARD CRQNHXI Roosevelt Sclwool St Luke Rarrslr Vuce presndent l 4 Secretary 3 Blackfrlars 4 unuor Rrom Wnnter Rrom 4 Roller Slcaung Rarty 3 Football l Q 3 C o t n 4 aslcetball l Q l'racl4 l Q Boxung Q l"leavyWelglntCl1amp1on 3 lntramuralsl Q 3 lQl-lN DALTON St Francis XGVI r Sclwool and Rarnslw LaGrange Fenwnclc 3 4 lntra mura S 3 4 RAYMQND DALTON St Eulalla Sclwool and Rarnslw Maywood Glee Club 3 un1orRrom ot all l Q 3 4 Basketball 'l Q 3 ro urals PETER DAVELCDS St LucyScl1ool lntra raslQ :slr Band l Q 3 4 Clwrnstmas Bas ets Bond Drlve Q New World Drve 'l Q 3 Clsca neral Meeting Q Borng l Q 3 n ras 'l EUGENE FAHEY St lVlel Sclwool and Rarlslm New World Drive l Q 3 Roller Sleatnng Rarty oxlng 'l a l James J. llins r r nn i r r nin a rr m n on er v enr n u n al'1 n 1 3 , 1 A ,1 , 1 1 I 1 1 1 i.l I 1 Q1 1 FO b 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1-l, Clif 'l, Q, lntram , l, Q, 3, br. T I .J A f' ' mu l1 1 13- teu 1 i 1 1 1 31 i 1 ,l1 Q, 3, l tram ,'l, Q, 3. . - . C f ' HENRY ENCJEL-Ascension Sclnool and Rar- C A ,jr T R121 I I I I I I . I Q . ' I A A I I Q Q I I f I ' B l l I l l G Ge 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 l UO' Ol 1 1 I 1 1' 1 1 1 I 1 1 mu II I Q, 3, - , ' 'e - , ' - I 1 L Q 1 1 T ' l 1 1 1 1 I 1 l, , . 3, l3 ' , , Q, 3, lntramur ls, l, Q, 3, 4. lQl-N FOLEY St Grles School ond Rornsh Notuonol Honor Socuety Secretory 4 Servers Club 1 Q 3 Presrdent 4 Drscussuon Club 1 Q The Wick 3 4 BlC1Cl4lflGfS 4 Debotlng 'l Q 4 Chompuon 3 The Freshman Symposium 3 unuor Prom Conlroternuty Presudent 4 Wunter prom 4 COUlVOfIllIOn 3 4 Roller Slcotlng Rorty 3 lrocl 3 Boxing 'l Q 3 Commandos 3 lntromurols 'l Q 3 ROY GABRIEL Ella F Young School Fen c 3 4 lntromurols 3 OSEPH GEIGER St Leonord School ond Ror sh Berwyn Fenwick 3 4 Bloclcf cars 4 Boxing 3 lntrcxmurols 3 4 THOMAS GQRMAN St Giles School and Rornsh Nctlonol Honor Society Discussion Club 'l The Wlclc Q 3 4 Blcnclcfrucrrs 4 The Freshman Science Club lreosurer 4 unuor Prom Winter Prom 4 Chrlstmos Bcuslcets Conlrotlllnon 3 4 Crsco General Meeting Q xung 'I Q ln murols 'l John Foley Roy Gobrnel John Grohom Rnchord Houg JGHN GRAHAM RooseveltSchool St Vm cent Ferrer Rorlsh Conlroternrty lreosurer 3 Bloclclruors 4 umor Prom Wrnter prom 4 onlrotulllon 3 Roller Slcotung Porty 3 l:OOt RICHARD HAUG St Celestune School ond Porush Elmwood Rorle Fenvvuclc Q 3 4 Foot Q 3 Boxing Q 3 lntromurols Q 3 QHN HEALY St Lucy School and Rorrsh Notnonol Honor Socnety Servers Club 'l Q The Wnclc 3 4 Bloclclrnors 4 Bond 'l Q 3 4 Debotung 3 4 Scnence Club 4 Footboll W xnng 'l Q In urols JOHN HENNESSEY Resurrectlon School and Ish Fotboll 'l Q ln Clmurols 'l Q 3 Joseph Ge ger Thomos Gormon John Heoly ,john Hennessey :S B Y M l D Y E A R G R A D U A T l O N L l 1' I I I f '- j , I - I A 1 1 1 1 U 1 1- - - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A ' 1 1 1 1 1 J ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 - 1 1 1 C 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 A 1 1 1 I 1 1 bGll1 ,l1 Q1 31 J 1 1 b - A 1 1 A 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 4,1 1 I 1 1 1-1 1 1 1 iv. A ' ' ' A 1 1 1 1 1 1 L ' boll , f V , 1 , , wi lc, , - , , 4. J -M - J - - A -' l 1 1 1 1 1 L rl I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 BO - 1 1 1 31 tram 1 ,l1 Q1 . T . J . i . . 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 J A - ' 1 A l 1 1 ' 1 Qi Por' - o , , , 3, 4, Boxing, 'l, Q, 3, ' 1 1 1 A l 1 1 U' , , , . Bo , , , 3, tro , , Q, 3. l dl-l sto s oyM k lsMeye AldoM o EDWARD HUSTQLES St Mary ol Celle School and Rarlsh l3ervvyn National l-lonor Society l'heW1ck Q 3 4 Blaclclrlars 4 Cheer leader 3 Science Club Secretary 4 Crsca General Meeting Q Boxnng Q 3 Intramurals ANl'l-lQNY MARlfARlAN Brshop Quarter School St Edmund Parnsh Ba ketball 'l Q 3 vlUl.ES MEYERlNG St Catherine ol Siena School and Rarlsh Servers Club 'l The Wuclc 3 Radlo Club 1 Chrrstmas Baskets 'l lnt ra s 'l ALDQ MQRQNl St Angela School and rush Blaclclrlars 4 Band l Q 3 un: r Prom Football 'l Boxnng 'l Q 3 Intramurarls DANlEl. QCQNNQR St Angela School and Parish Cheerleader 'l Q 3 4 Red Cr Dance 3 Amateur Night 3 Conlratulluon 3 Bon Drive 3 New World Drive 'l Q 3 otall'lQGlll alsl HARRY O TQQLE St Genevneve School and Rarrsh Fenwick 3 4 Boxing 3 lntramurals DONALD PATTERDQN St Marys School Marlon Chia St Giles Parish Fenwick Q 3 4 Blaclrlrlars 4 unlor prom Wlnterprom 4 Conlratrlluon 3 Football 3 4 Track Q Bo :ng Q Commandos 3 lntamurals Q 3 MATTHVW RAWLQWSKI St james School and Rarlsh Chicago lntramJrals 'l Q 3 Da el OC l-l v Olool D Id Patt o tthe Pa 54 l l Edvvar u le Anth n ar arian ,lu e ring or ni A A 1 1 T A 1 I T 1 A 1 1 1 1 b A OSS 1 b 1 1 1 1 1 1 V ' 1 A1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 b A 1 1 d 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 , , , Fo b , , , o , , lntramur , , Q, 3, 4. 1, Q, 3. 1 ' A I 1. S 1 1 1 1 A i 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 Track, l, Q, 3, Boxrng, l, Q, 3, lntramurals, 3, 4. 'l, Q, 3, 4. 1 A 1 - A 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - 'A l 1A A 1 1 1 1 1 VO' 1 ' ' 4 1 1J 1 1 1 mu I 1 1 Q1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X' 1 1 1 1 lf 1 1 A DO 1 1 I 1 1- 1 1 1 1 ,1 ,O S 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V- A i r ,ll Q! 31 I T l I I I ' ni ' onnor arr ' e ona ers n Ma vv vvlovvski A Thomas Po e s ,ja es Pr cha A THOMAS POWERS Our Lady oIV1ctory School and Parlsh Chlcago Radno Club I Football 4 Boxlng I Q 3 Commandos 3 Intramurals I Q 3 JAMES PQUCHA Ascensnon School Oalc Parlc I-Ioly Mount Parish Cncero Athletlc Manager 3 Swimming 3 Intramurals I Q 3 4 ANTON RLISKA St Mary School and Parish Nnght 3 Roller Slcatung Party 3 Football 4 Ira 3 Intramurals I Q DONALD RUTZ St Mary of Celle School and Parnsh Berwyn Eenwrclc Q 3 4 G If 3 Boxing 3 Intramurals 3 Ge Id Ryo Ed o d Sha aha A to R ka Do ald Rutz GERALD RYAN Ascensuon School and Pa :sh The Freshman Eotball I Golf I Q 3 Boxnng I Intramurals I EDMQND SI-IANAI'-IAN Ascenslon School and Parlsh The Freshman Red Cross Dance Q Foot all I Q 3 4 Baslcetball I Q Box ng Int murals I Parnsh The Wuclc 3 Football I Basketball I nnus 3 Boxing I Q Intramurals I Q ALBERT SISKA Hlawatha School Berwyn Band I Q 3 4 Sclence Club Warden 4 Foot all Q Boxung I Int amurals I Q 3 4 Tho as S pson Albert S Ska 55 E C E I V E D I P L O M A S . w r m u n n us n ' A 1 I i I 1 i ' i O 1 i 1 1 1 .I I . ' ' I I 1- I lj 1 1 1 1 i I 1 1 i if 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' QI 3i ro I I Q, Riyerside-Glee Club, 3j ,Iunior Prom, Amateur THQMAS SlMpSON-St. Giles School and 1, Q,'3,i4, swimming, 1, Q, 3f ,I Ck, QQ h .-, f ' f , f f ' ' Golf, i I l I Te 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 . 1 T I I 1 1 1 -' O 1 i 1 1 1 1 i I If 1 i I 1 i 1 ' b 1 i I 1 i r 1 1 1 1 ' ra n m n n n m im i SPECIAL HONORS GIVEN EdadSde pp o gSee EDWARD SNYDER Qur l.ady ol Christians School Chicago St Vincent Ferrer Rarush Amateur Nught 3 Football T Q Boxnng 'l Q 3 ramurals 'I Q 3 JOSEPH CPANOLA St Odllo School and R Ish Berwyn l ramurals 'l Q 3 4 EDWARD SDAULDING St Luke School and rlh clcfruars 4 ntramu als T DONALD STUART Rober l:mmett School St Cather ne ol Sl na Ra Ish Cheerleader 'I Q 3 4 Deba Ing 4 Blaclclrlars 4 Roller Slcatlng a o ng murals E adSpaldg oaldSt Ja es Walsh Rob tWeb THOMAS SULLIVAN St Catherine olS1ena School and Rarrsh Blaclcfrlars 4 The Freshman Scrap Drive 3 unlorprom Football 1 'lraclc oxung l GEORGE SWEENEY St Glles School and Rarlsh The Wlclc 3 Blaclcfrnars 4 Debating m etball Ing 'l Q Q 3 Intramur AMES WAl.Sl-l Ascensron School and Rar I h Vrce president Q Treasurer T Blaclclrvars 4 The Freshman Red Cross Dance Q unnor prom Amateur Nrght 3 Roller Skatng party ashetball T 3 Co ca 4 n ra s 1 ROBERT WEBER A censlon School and par rsh The Freshman unlor R om Football Q 3 oll Q 3 In ramur f vv r ny r Jose hS anola dw r u in D n uart Th mas Sullivan Geor e w ney m er er 1 D' 1 1 ' I - - 4 A -I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 icl 1 1 1 1 lnt , , , ,4, 3, B , , Q, 3, Intramurals, l, Q, 3, 4. A " ' 1 1 I 1 1 ' 1 - - T, Q, Winter pro , 4, Baslc , W, Q, 3, GY- V I-nt ' l Box' , , , 3, Track, 1, , , als, ' f l I f I ' 'Il Q! 3' .S T . ' I 1 1 1 i J 'I 1 Ras.-Bla ' , ,I r , ,Q,3, I i I' I i lg I X 3, B 1 , , Q, , - ptarn, , l tra- mu l , , Q, 3. 1 L - -J . t ' L t. o 1 - 1 S - K 'Q rl 1 1 1 1 I 1 f J I lf 1 1 1 1 1 1 R 1 1 I 1 1 'I Ai G 1 ,l1 Q1 31 BOXlng1 !l1 1 1 S GIS1 R rty, 3, E Xl , 3, lntra ., 'l, Q, 3. l, Q, 3. TO NUMBER OF SENIORS 008 Foirbonlc Pood Ryerside lllinous onuory l8 1944 oclc Lindsay A S U S N R 43 V12 Unit Co l First plotoon University ol Notre Dome Notre Dome lndrono Deor ock Since you were elected to membership in the Fenvviclc chopter ol the Notionol l-lonor Society lost yeor l know that you will ogree with the choices for the hrst semester grocluotes ol our Class ol 44 The hve looys led ID Wlclny Flelds Will write loter Tho S all for now YOUT' pcll ANTON RUSKA 44 i 4 I . , J , J I I ' ' ' 'I I J z ' ' A t' . Left to Right: John J. Foley, Thomos Gorman, William Cahill, John J. Heoly, Edward l-lustoles Letto Rrght A Maron: T Sulluyan R Cornrn G Sweeney E Shanahan W Cahill xl Walsh mmtgtm W COJLQULOM Gerger P Brown A Ruslca E l-lustoles D Patter sonE Spauldrng J j Callmns j Healy H Engel T Gorman D Stuart j Graham E Kavanaugh D Rutz ul Fo ey T11 l'larruCon t Ca l7arl4 lll anuary QD T944 Pvt Bernard Frett 40 Post Qlllce Box Q60 Washungton D C Dear Bern l"lal :ng steady to thefr thnr een year ra tlon the Blaclcfrnars stall yynll agamn present their product on schedule again an 44 The YVL yearbook Wrll appear In the Farm ol a comore b"Ov?6.u, Ji ,Cwaax I hensmve letter to our alumnn and lactlty mem bers In the seryuce Work was begun early an the hrt Qemester and appountment we e made lay Fr Baron The Qtall vvaS Comprwed ol Rlcharf' Crown rrmer crtor onn Fo ey to otthe e NX S T U D E N T S W O R K O N D E V E L O P M E N T f ' 1 . , . T 5 . , . fi A ij . f 1 lf 1 flg 'T . L' Y' I S 4 A 1 wi It , . v-.' -Xl' - l cl' ' at r 1 l X Sun M E ,j 5 . ,Edt ' fslhalls C' xl 3' A BO AND W tlon Edward l-lJ tole Personalities ohn lpl ay A tryntues Nlllua ahnll pors and Aldo Moron: Bu :nes Yes the lo al ew l st l belng sprea y the Wuclf Wlth the same regularlty the stu pape As yod probably remember the style or the Wuclf has been changed ID the last two years It now ns smaller an size but has enght pages Instead ol lour lhomas Gorman was Edrtor Wnllnam Cahull Assustant lfdvtor Manus Mun ger Sports Edltor peter Brown Columnist and ohn Stevens 46 Busnness Manager These boys are aaann working lor that all Catholic rating Sincerely yours j0l-lN lVlcSVVEElNlEY 44 Leltto Rrght P l-lsclcey W Cahill P Brown E l-lustoles T Gorman M Munger J l-lealy J Foley LLJZQ ,QQIA 4.0.9. yi' 4-so I Y E R - O K N E S P A P E R z 'SL if 'P f J e l , c' , ll' m C A , S Lf , c n s s il ' d b aents and alumna receive their copy ol the l CfO'OP,QfL 1 OVQQ' 3 -J f x f - ' T . A : Ai I A l l f lj I f -Z V - i .V My UALITY OF BANDIMPROVES E owud., '17 sta? l74l N Austin Aye Chrcago llnnos anuary Q5 1944 A R l 3rd Class George Benedrct Welch 41 U S N A 'l T C Ward lslortd Corpus Chnstu Texas Dear George ln you last letter yoJ asked how the band IS coming along this year It rs dolng hnel We have about lrlty boys ID the band hall ol whom are Freshmen As you can guess the anuary Commence ment tool4 nts toll rn varlous sports and actlvutles rncludung the band lhe loss ol lour members mnght our Drrector Although Father Slmones rs stlll working as hard as ever with the band he has on assistant thus year Father Nadeau a newcomer to the laculty lhe annual concert thrs year was a social as werl as a hnancral success lhere were a number ol hrsts connected wrth It It was the hrst time a v olln solo was played by one ol the band members the hrst tlme that ods were sold lor the program and the hrs t me that the concert was held IU janu uary lnstecc Ol ID tlse Qprlng Wrnte ard tell us how you are gettrng alohg Drop nn and see us when you aet nome on lu lough You are always welcome at Fenwrclc As always ARTHUR KAINDL 44 Ill ..ff r I X I . b . ' , l , N I 1 ' - 'f lf ' A U - . Y - ' . 1 have weakened the band some years ago, but not now, owing to the larsightedness ol lVlr. Sovinec, - X E A . , . . , I ll . 'V . . Q I . . . Y A i I H . j ' l l .. l I I - r , . W . I . V A I , g , Ig f T NEW SCIENCE CLUB FORMED Left to Rlght Edward l-lustoles Secretary Phnlup Long Presldent James Lawley Vtce presudent Thomas Gorman Treasurer Albert Suska Warden 3VU8 S East Avenue Calc parlc lll nous February l5 1944 A S Everett l'lannllln 36 Augustana College Roc lsland lllrnols Dear Everett You wall be xnterested to lcnow tl'1at a new Scmence Club lmas been lts ollucnal name us tlrme Albertunum Gunld St Albert tlwe Great beung orlglnal members are masters new members adml ted are apprentices Q project must be perlormea by tlwe aporentuce AS an aid to the ottlcers several Committees have been appounteo' ranges meetnngs tlte project Comrrnttee lmelps wrth projects and tlwe lwas aone an excellent job so lar adver uses tlwe ac uvttues ol tlwe Club As a scuence student lwere a Fenwxclc not so long ago vos wnll be nn erestea oraanlzed by tctlwer Fnslwer patron ol tlwe g oup llme To obtain mas ers ratung true Prograrr Corrmut ee ar publuclty Cont' t e wlmclw our nrcere f f I P' NG 1 I i 1 i 1 - f i 1 ' I I ls f , . L . C , 7 , L . . , , , , , ff . 1 . ,. fs ,. t . W . I . . A . , V ., 'NFB - , I , ,nl...,, , . . + + f , , t t A T 1 Y " l . . . . a Y'ss V Pl-lll.l A -V l A Qlyxmm lllnsftlvoeci? N erfgiw Q8 S We ley Ave QQ Pant Illinois lanuary Q9 944 V R Co tello QQ7 Guard Squadron Shepherd Field 'lexas Dear Wallie Nell the C a s ol 44 wa toaether lo the last time Sunday January 16 1944 at the Senior Banauet in he iral ol t e Nl n lnlote We shall probably never forget the day a long as welive allthe boys with cigars charming songstresses and he aooa load Before the dinner and durina it we were entertained by said song stresses Alter dinner he lamous lunchroom quartet gave a memo able rendition ol one ol the more famous bar songs This was lollowed by the speeches which were very good Mr Ryan president ol the Fathers Club as Toastmaster, introduced Frank Smith '39 who invited us to beeome members of the Alumni Association ol which he is president. Q rC,lass President, Tom lylurtaugh accepted for us with a note- worthy speech. Father Murtaugh our Moderator lor the year bade us good- bye and good luck. Father Vonl2ooy gave us some idea ol what we might expect as high-school graduates at this time l,ast but not least, Qhaplain Con- nolly, Ll.S,lNl., a Dominican from Great l.al4es, also spolce, WILLIAM MQMAHCDN, '44 PROM HELDATKNICKERBOCKER Q933 Maple Ayenue W Berwyn lllrnos anuary W9 1943 Donald Svrtal4 49 OOlst Trarnrng Group 63d l:llgl1t Wing Qnepoard Field Texas Dear Don Qn tlwe nrglwt ol Jlancary 7flWF9V1VVICK lwad a Prom lr was a combrnatron Se lor unror allarr called a Wrnter prom and held In anuary because ol the mud term Commencement l-leld In tlwe Knrckerboclcer l-lotel It was a bug succes tl1anl4s to tlwe vvorlc of tlwe varrous commrttees of unlors and Sensors Dancing was to tlwe music of olmme Mullaney and lwrs orclwestra llwere was no Grand Nlarclw tlwrs year Blame rt on tlme War' l tl1otalrtyoJ mrglwt be Interested to ear of tlwus event l-lere op: g we ll ee you oon Your trrend CCEDI-4 GHGVIQ 44 Ama: ? CUYYKQCTYL oltwwt LM G O OM MQW CLa4m.,143T119mC.3w J 4i+0ma0tgjl4sQwmW1M'tMfHb- K4 558 Franlclln Avenue Rr er lrorest lllrnol anuory 30 l944 Arthurj Doody A S lol S N R 42 V 'IQ Unzt Co l Second Platoon Unuversltv ol Notre Dame Notre Dame Indiana Dear Art By thus time you probably thlnl4 l have broken my arm but l have really been pretty busy My mann reason lor wrrtrng yocl at the present tlme ns to tell yoJ about Fenwrclc hrst mud year Com mencement Nearly hall ol the Class ot 44 grad uated on the nlght ol anuary twenty thrrd The gym lool4ed about the nncest l have ever seen Father Nugent was In charge ol all arrangements John Healy was Salutatorlan whsle the valeductory for the occasnon was glven by ohn Foley prominent throughout the evenlng was the Band one ol whose members played Schu bert s Ave Mana as a solo The customary awards lor excellence rn studies actlvltles and atnletrcs were glven lhe only exceptuon was that ol the l'lonor Stcdent for 44 whrch will be awarded at the Commence ment In une when the enture Class will be elrgnble Alter the diplomas had been con lerred by Monslgnor ohn Code pastor ol St Edmund s Church a short tallc was given by Father Egan S presrdent ol Loyola University The graduates were Forty sw ID number and they loolted very happy although graduation meant the separation lrom the rest ol therr Class Srncerely MARK DCODY 44 Q6 Long Avenue Chucago lllnnons March 'lO T944 A C Wnlllam W Brown N 'IOS Bon l-lomme Rlchard Athens Georgua Dear Bull Dunno the Chnstmas holidays the Fnfth An nuol Fenwuclc unuor Tournament was held S Phllup Funally broke uts my The team defeated a strong Weber Fnve For the chom puonshup Loyola hnushed thurd and Mount Carmel Fourth Don Q Donnell of Loyola was tuimffiltm KICK WV ,gt VUJLM, U O A fu ruff At. A-, JCJIM Srfmwc wh W 1 ffl 3, chosen outstanding player and the all Tour nament team consisted of pandera and Deplca of Weber Ahern ol Carmel Catambrone ol Stl Philip and Qllonnell The Fnar season started on the elghth ol December ID Austin s gym The unrors downed the Austm auuntet Q8 to '16 ack Kewl ac counted for T4 pounts The Sensors were not so fortunate Austnn sank them Q8 to T4 Walsh and Bull Nlclflroy were hugh men wuth 4 pornts each Brll Mann of Austrn scored half ol hrs team s ponnts Two days later the cagers split a pair with Mount Carmel rn their gym The unlors held a Q pomt advantage for the second hall to come out on too Q6 to Q4 Top Row H Frederuck J Skehen R Brown W Mc Elroy andj Walsh co captanns E Frett fx Center Row Coach Lawless D OBraen trarner W Fntzmaurlce G Krlroy I2 Smxth W Langford Rev J N Morgenthaler V Koth manager Bottogm Row T Barrett P Martin A McNrchols N ollros Y O T H I S K E Y N T E O F T E M I all ' af "M ,T 4441? CMM . . . 1 ' X f ' J. V . ' , . ,lim C,L.1c,,,bg,7ftWdJ,Qj v . , ' J , Vjrfglwo Twin' Y, A Q, - VY 'fe L52 f . ' , " 7 4- . m? - '- , 4 4' ' ,' A Q Q 1 ' If r 1 - I - I : . il. If . ' i il!! ILCS 66 WALSH LOST THRU GRADUATION Muclfey Grunert was hugh man vvuth1O, The lack of height was the main reason for the Seniors loss, 38 to 30, Rose and Benugni, Carmefs tovverung forwards ac- counted for Q4 pounts between them Waush was hugh for Fen wuck wuth O The Alumnu game was ne t on the hst Coach Da 0Bruen F the Alumnu started Frank Leahy and Meri Mcblellus at forwards Robe at center and Larry Ryan and Bob McGrath at guards Before the clo e of the eyenung 48 of the Alumnu squad sow a ton The Funal score was QQ to T6 for Fenwuclc s Senuors Tne Frederuclf brothers ohn and Har olc led theur re pectuve teams un scorung Wohn got 6 and Harold St Ruta aamunustered the unuors theur Furst defeat un Fenwuck s gym 34 to Q4 Ron Teooer led the ar un scorung wuth WT ooun s m es or Quto also had W 'ue ruar enuor came out on e long end ot a '31 to 94 Core wth th Nu tang uve Wal h ACK' R ll lanaford each rra e 7 oount Benout of Ruta wa too an wutn sf The Fr t League aame wa next lun The ym ot St George s the e Fruar unuor 'Jae O t C' f O'bUsQJl, JO'YLA.QJf MJ QJODJ1 B043 I glefj-4'M.L me E A WMM? GSJC, fy-X11 P' M JLLlYL,C54L whim walcywnf 4 Dover dropped 3 p In t GG tfte Fngrs trno 0 g ot O dd 8 F tedr' The Dre on Qen orb ted C tne Dorn nr Cl Q5 p dn ford WIKW 8 pornt we 3 or enwuc-4 :Je r JQOTGQ vvtttw 13 potnt Weber ddmunu tered domte detedt to tlwe Frudr weeds Tre Frro Jnrors were swamped 6 to 5 epper WGS nng rndw wrtn 6 pornts pdndero or Weber tw t For W5 pon ts We come wp verv rcmgn Attogetner tnere were 45 perQoncl touti :und one ec nmol fOJl n Splte of r 75 pornts tne Frmd S were owned 33 Q4 onzot Weber wutn 9 point St Patrick s gyrn was tne 5 ene 0 tne next Frldr gornes e u Ori womd lp on tne no end of Q 36 90 more Tepper ogorn ted nts tegrn wrttw O por t AVtG'6 dn ot St Pdtruck nrt to Tne Jennorb cropped Q to gh one U v QE roy ed t O er vv TO punts on fr VV WGN to wrtn 8 We Frnpr onbcored tne oe Q nn tne Second rt jut was not enOJ We Frncr dropped onotnerppur ott"e Qt Phulxp gyrn The unto lot 47 Q8 MICk9Y Grmert ef' Frrdrs n 0 Q t On t e or W pount ecdn FRIARS LOSE IN L GUE OPENER T, ., nn xo ,ts 0 X ' I d f . CGS ot St Ge r e 3 tw d ,to1eod nts ' te' I C nz Q t, QA. Lt gr l , 5 str gn nw n F ' F ' Xfxyllfd n red g S.. fx N M 2 Q , T . f n tr ' t . 1 1 V S t tw r . l ,Mcfir oyys .,', r d , f A K ted ' f . , ra j nr 1 J 3 trt 4 . f . r it QQ-Qt Vt- t I he t 5 g :tn p Vvfnls , ot St ' 90.1214 ds nrgn r tnep S G ls 1 -8 ' ngtt but 3 ' . 'gn ,, ,. " tri tne Gm ert nd j :Q Z PML VV If led ,tw Frr S :tn TC VICTORI Fortsns and Bryers each had TO lor St. Phslsp. The Sensor score was Lil-Q7 for St, Phslsp. McElroy agasn led thehrsarsvvsth lGposnts. Kluck was hsgh man sn the game, Scoring 13 points lor St, phslsp. Fsgzpatrsclc and l-lsnger each had TC posnts. The Frsars lost their lodrth con- secutsye pasr ol league games to natsus sn thesr gym e l nsors were defeated 4718 Tepper and Grunert led the Black and Whste wsth 6 posnts each onnor ol t lgnatsus was hsah posnt man ol the afternoon corsng 'I4 posnts The Sensors lot 3Q Q3 lVlcElray lrept up hss pace bv scorsng 'll posnts ar roll and Goldberg led lgnatsus W th 7 A non league tslt was next on th l t It was played at eo The Domsnscans came out an the short end on both scores The unsors lost 5199 Wslson e t e rsars wsth TQ posnt thoJgh he played only hall the ame Murphy ol l.eo led team wsth 17 posnts The Sensors dropped thesr aame 34 Q5 Nl Clrof topped the Frsar qusntet 9 po en a Donnell led leo wsth 9 oosrt l e Fenwsclt gym wa N en the Frsar toolf on Loyola ne lfssor we e carely be A7 '93 e par ea r QJO Wst V posn We Wa gh' n o r n 9 posnt St. lg ' ' ' . Th QVC S, W - ' - r S , - s , A C - l . e ss. L . tl I r ' - l d h F' ' s. Al- g ,r X hss wtth snts. CD'Brs nd O X , , A 1 W mC h s the scene ol some good basketball ' 5 s . . T Y . 5 r ' s aten P -I Grun rt s lf l the Frso 5 s d .h F ti De- Calu 5 hsa. -ma l r the Ramble i, Scots g F .t ,I f fegfnwlfff JZ-:fu-J ..4i"' A -W Mgr? "5 if K GLJL. 0+ lhe Fenwick Seniors hnally brol4ethelrj1nx by deleatlng Loyola 30 QQ McElroy was hugh man with 'l5 polnts Q Donnell ol Loyola led hrs team wnth 9 points Freshman aclc Wilson ol Fenwlclr showed areat oosslbulltues by scar ng lO oomnts lor the Senuors ID hrs hrst game lhe second hall ol the season started with the St George game IH the Fenwlclc gym The St George unmors had thelr revenge by de featmng the Frlars Q7 QQ Tepper led the Flars In their defeat Mcl-lugh wnth 6 oolnts led St George lhe Friar Sensors lost 35 Q7 Nlclflroy led all scores wnth 13 ponnts Cher Top Row R Tepper j Walson C Caron F Nlurlello W Crowley J Caron Center Row D OBr1en trainer Coach Lawless L Compagna C Fox T McElroy j Kewl R Tl Fenettl J l-llgglns manager Fr Morgenthaler Bottom Row I Mehrlnger P Nnlluams R Brennan P Grunert AGUINAS KEEPS PLAQUE wood s hgh man lo the Dragons wrth lO pornt Aqurnas l4eo oo sessron of the olaaJe symholrc ol the rrvalry he tween the two Domrnrcan school 5 deleatrng F nwrcl4 rn h Aqurnas gym Columous ho 36 Q9 McElroy led the Frrars wrth T6 oornts Campbell led aaurnas wrth T4 pornts Weber agarn trounced the Errors rn two games The unrors lost 1629 runert Kevr and O led the Frrar wrth 5 pornts each panderra led Weber wrth The Senrors lost 4 Langford led the Error scorers wth ll Kozrol duolrcated thrs Frgure For Weber The brrght part ol the Fenwrclc season started wrth the St Patrrck game at Fenwrclc The unrors lost a hard struggled game rn an overtrme 38 35 Kevrl dropped n l3 pornts to lead the rrar vrn le the Gaels wh 8 pornts The enros won therr oame 39 Q8 McElroy was nrgh rn n wth TQ oornts Samp ol patrclf led hs team wth 1 rlro wa next to rnva e t e enwr lcavm he Ct nr Jnror wo 73 wa low garre w th Grunert orrn everyore e wrh oornt nlce l fl D o w n 8 e Ph lrp enro won 54 Q11 o wa r man, wrth 7 oornt' Klualc le O-'LA.J'L.L0'YL lwwfrww 'r O'LJJQf cond. J O W h D Q or -fo or oe he rrode tree throW dmc they fade o Wo ln he Whole one r W gnotlus e a 1 U mer fl r fvtwl o mtg lfder mom W Q or e emor drrre WGS 0 m terdlefe l r We e o 1 J but dme r m belotrwd TO Wm 31 Q9 t lgmd W C ou' core by the Frndrs W3 3 rm e third quarter Nlclflrov led both tedw Wlth'l6pomts DeGrdhce Wrth 8 oomts Wos hugh mon lor t lgmdt 5 Femvv Cl4 lmlshed ttf SGGSOH Wt h o doub e vt tory over Loyola rm the Nor hinders dym True tmro D me o t on top Q8 Q7 IU overtrme The score ot the e d ol the lourth dudrter Wd Q5 Ov vt cot nted or he t re drr memt wtf We WG I O r rn W rm count l e emo more Woi 3? Q6 I ldvor ol Femwtclq Nc rov WGS hugh mom Wrh 0 Donnell dmd Nldlomey led Lo old Wah 8 porrwts edch At the corwcluslon ol the Qedsom major letters Were oWorded to Q cdptdms m Wdlsl and l Mlchlroy Nrck Colluds, hldrold Freoerrtlc Ahhh Nclxlu 'vo dh lord G d Dc 'crtm Vowbrotwer Phlhp BRG Nl 4:4 A Top Row P Smith G Knlroy T2 jordan Knrby Top Row j Coculcley L Compogno T McElroy W Coolcley T RIQOT Bottom Row P Donohue D Romano D Glbson SJ Tepper NTAMSSQFLYS MEET SUCCESS I . ' , A ' , . ,J ' . Bottom Row: S. Helffrrchf T. Borrettf j. Wholenf E. Frett. WIMMERSUPHOLDTRADITIO lf Q CD85 4 fc, if WHL JU ,pg 11 .QQJL QJIQWQ7 'WL fam A1 4 , ,AW ,Q Y AMA Q 'E 5 Bfwff . U4 D r 'ua ' . ' fr QQ UD C226 , Wi 5 1 3,2 dkkr 6 hs f ii 1160 ,F C 1 2,4 nh? W B4 aiffhcj V45 O W A E Top Row V Kath manager A Wallach P Brown E McCabe G Collaas J Braue Fr Morgenthaler D O Brien coach Bottom Row E OBrlen M l-lealy J Caulfield W Mulcahy W Darley R Monaco D Q Brnen coach CenterRow P Nelson J Cantu R Dunne J Kelly J Healy W Whalen Bottom Row J Collins J McMahon J Doody R Monaco P Arend BRAUE, BR N LE D M RMEN Top Row: lfliggins, managerj L. Dellf J. Karl, E. Hickey, E. McCabef W. Georgen, W. l-Iarki W. McErlean, Fr. Morgenthaler 731 Bonnie rae Ruver Fore t III Nlarch 75 7944 t P 'Vloran 6 Battery B D 'l84th A A Gun Battalion A P Q 654 ln care ol postmaster New York Cnty N Y Dear Ed Qn the twellth ol March the Fr ar awlmmlng team gained a commendable vrctory over nts Four nvals In the Catholxc ceague Swrmmlng meet thereby wnn mng the tutle lor the eleventh tame The hnal score Indicated the lormld ableness ol our mermen Fenwlck 50 Loyola 30 St George 7 and leo 6 Fenwick took hrst place In all events except dlvlng and the two hundred yard relay which two events Loyola won ohn Braue unbeaten all season swam ID three lree style style events l-le was backed up by Bull Darley out standing Sophomore swnmmer B ll l-lark a very able Freshman gauned a Frst n the hundred yard Free style George Colllas Ray Monaco ana Eob Dunne were exceptuonal In tree style events all season Peter Brown a con slstant winner all season ted e record For the backstroke wuth a tnme ol 1304. Assistlng pete was another Senior, jim Caullield. lVlike l'lealy and Bill Nlulcahy were this years Senior breast- 'is D Ml ..LfY'L, JM Jbtmm A U AI oft Amcllum 3 5 O"WUL. Stroker? Conaratulatrons are rn orde for Anderson and Arend Freblnmen botl'1 of Wl'1om placed IU tbe meet lrlwe team was lead very competently by co caotauns olwn Braue and peter Brown llwe swummers enjoyed a good easow tlms year by wennrng ten out of eleven meets and tlwen capturlng tlwe Qatlwolrc eague tutle V Ils and Nres e botlw tumes we met tlmem Morton Taft and Stelnmetz were all easlly won Loyola succumbed to tneur superuors an two meets Altlwouglw olnn Braue made a new pool record lor tlwe QOO yard free Style Culver won out Tlwey beat uS by Srxteen pornts Braues able un derstudy In tlwe QQO yard event was Qoy Q Brxen Conylstent wrnners thus year were Braue Brown Darley Ed Qlduen l-lealy Roy Qbrren Monaco Wal laclr Cantu Nlulcolwy Caulfield Dunne and l-larlq, Because ol twe ab ence ol D cf llwompson Dan 0,BVIGU toolc over tlve coaclwing dutues tlri year. He rust be gnven credit For doing a Fine 'ob Near tne end ol tte Season tlwe team was lwonored to lwave as its guest tlwe Great l.alceS Ewrrfmrng team, Blll Smzro swam tne 440 yard tree style. llmere was sn events 11 all, lnoze Fellow: really out on a zlwow. Qur zwmmers engaged tn an 'wter squad meet be tween the eventz Although the unlor team su ta ned o Austun thls season t y p og essed rapldly under the careful gmdance ol Dan 0l3rlen who put them In shape wltn a rlald workout and a lnrm deterfnl watlon to groom them lor a bugger and better team In seasons to come lhls they will be lor t ey how much promlse and are very able swlmmers Anderson Freshman dryer and Arend Freshman breast stroker dld exceptionally lune worlr during the season and they both drd well ID the Qatholuc League Meet Qther prornls una swlmmers are lVlclVlahon Coll ns Karl Fitzgerald l-lealy Nelson Doody Whalen and powers Loolana oyer thear record we leel are that these Fellows wrll mauntaun the precedent set by thelr predecessor and wall In years to come attaun the he ahts garned by thus year s team l-lere the :nal tally lor the year Fenvylcl4 C5 5 Fenwlcn Fe wlclc 5rD Fenwlclc D l:enyyucl4 brl Fenwlclc D l:enwrcl4 5 D l:enyylcl4C Ferwlckf D Fenyy clcf Fenwlck C5r y tln Venyyncl4 C5 Fenwlckf 3 Fenwrclc 5 N Ferwlclc Fenyylclc S F nwlclc l Ll yer 4 l:enwucl4 5r 5 Fenyynclc 35 'l Morton Sr Mortonf r Wels CSr Wells Wels 5 Welsfj Nllesf5r Nules 4 Loyola f5r Loyola Austin 5 Fenwuclc N les Sr Nlle Loyola 5r Loyola jr lalt 5 lalt Fenwick Q9l Q 5tennmetz 5r ll telnrnetz lr QQ uwll e adolrowtat Blackfruars anyvng tl more ptrbllclty lncerely RQY Q BRIEN 44 l A N K E R S R E G A l N T l T L E , , 1 . il ' . s r one l ss, , A , he . A ' , L h . IS l' : ' r., 49 C Q4 , ' ' 36 4 30 C C . 36 I ., QQ A Q5 . ., Q3 ' C . 35 l Carl . ,. Q0 ' 32 l rj , ,. 15 ' Cxr. 44 ' X .. 16 glrl 44 ' r., , 13 , 5r. 43 Q3 , 1 40 . Q6 .X 47 ' Q rj . Q8 Aus Cglrl 38 ' Q8 , A JD 48 l Q ... 'I8 ' slr., SQ ' sCjr.j 14 , ' C r., 47 C .. 19 ' Q rj 44 C rj 45 e ' QLD 34 .,. Q4 C l 5 l Q ' C -D 9 ' C -5 4 UU S . Cs -5 Vo l b gl t U h thlf year V 5 , LOADS OF FUN FOR EV ERY Gtdllildmm fzmmm. Bltoftlfa WML P01-jjmft Cmmxggg T448 Soutln Eleventn Avenue Maywood lllunos lVlarcl13 T944 I l-l Ryan 4Q 36637713 Army Arr Baqe Squadron D Saltl.alceCty Ualr Dear Btd wfell anotlner year at Fenwrck as last drawrng to a clo e and wutln It the sportq as well As you remember from your own years lnere everyone can not co out tor tlne varsity teams and o we bafe Intramural sports and tlwe regular gym ClaSS aCtlyltleS all ol wb: ln luelp to malce uf plwyylcally lit and mentally alert lcourse we baye many lands ol IO rafmral fpor 5 a you remember 'llwere are yolleyball basketball bowllra omg pong boxrng lwardball and baseball Ilweye awe the boyQ an opportunity to enjoy tl're atnle :C tnat tney like be t and to deyeloo tlwem ony: ally at a tume wlwen olwy ufal rtne ns rn a eat derrand to the deren e of otr country lf rate wner you can l lnaye to rlo e now lake care ol yoursel You brotlwer DONALD RYAN 44 J Glam! nlttmt VN I , I l A . , , . ' I I , t , . , , C - . f J! f 4 Y l r ' r Q r ' -1 I ' I . F F. . , ,- . I Q . .t N - t, 5 o . ' ,f f 'ur ' f 1 'X 1 . f ' , ' ' t 2 1 V I S QC . Q F S5 J r r S r . yy - 1 . - e I F, l I l 'r ONE WLQAA. GP-QM CUML vuzfxl M llusm 0.fYLlYk,O'bLfYX..QA.fYL? xlrcl1fYL'YLQJbQ, K LY?fYK,Q. X0 832 We ley Ayeme Ga Dark Ill lVlo h 1 5 l -'14 A C oh1E lwo ey 47 31 Af-XFTTD lr ernat onal l-lo e 1414 East Soth Street Chicago llllnou Dear ack Slnce you were one ol the St lhoma Symposuum wrnwers l knew tha would berntere ted nn thus y o s Sym poslum The Elghth Annual Symposium w held on Wednesday March 7 Pre ymous elumnnatlons narrowed the held to three gurls and three poys Twenty one students were en ered and take It from me the comoe ntlon was keen Gt the szx that made the hnal M s Margaret Egan who spoke on Thom :sm the Low of Truth and rder took rrst place amona the gurls Wrl tom G Ehler of De luagalle l-hgh School was hrst among the boys wuth tne sub ject St Thomas and the Quest l l-lappmess Fenwu kwa represented ID the hnal by lhomos Nlurtaug Your, l-VXPQLD ,Cl-Nl IND ' WQQV N Columbian Aye alc Parlc lllrno s anuary Q8 V944 A Q EdwardF Dunne 43 Squadron l-l Group 8 Flrghtl Class 44K AAFPFS lVlaxwell Fneld Alabama Dear Ed The debatrng team again under the super VI non of Father Conway began rhe season wrth two Sensor debaters ohn l-lealy and ohn Foley aided Father rn preparmg the umors besndes wrnnung a few debates before graduatron Mrd year graduatuon lrmlted the team to lour unlors Thomas Burke ohn l-lart ames Wilson and yours truly Sincerely yours WILLIAM ASHTON 5 t to Rlght j jenmngs J And eos T B rk H rt W Ashton W Han eman J B tl a d a d j W1 on h PQWL fbslmw Q,LoAJ?"+-Ll'b T3JZ,.u,.sL Milan Xl M 7ke 4-7 ik Z Maw m like MGM? lne sum storts o peepm mm wrmdows and doors, The lellovvs ore sleepy, Srr Lozy as long, Sur marvelous studres become suclv greot bores We coll it tlwe Femwnck tlwot blooms rn tlwe spring WILLIAM SMITH, '44 Q- CHN AYRES St Fdmund School and Parush Dascussuon Club W Band T Q The Freshman The Wrclc Q Red Cross Dance 3 Chrnstmas Baslcets Q New World Dnve 3 Footballl Q 3 lraclc O Ing l Q 5 WILLIAM BASTIEN RooseyeltSchool St Vnncent Rarlsh S lmm1ng'l Q BOXIDQ1 Q 3 4 l tramurals 'l Q WILLIAM BENDIG Resurrection School and parrsh The Freshman Chrnstmas Baskets Q Roller Slcatlng party 3 Intramurals 'l Q 3 4 EROME BORKOVEC St Qdnlo School and Parnsh Berwyn Cheerleader 4 Scnence Club 4 New WorldD ve 3 4 Fotball 'l Q 'l clc 3 ltamurals 'l Q 3 4 hurch Vxfrnnetlca Glee Club 3 Football 1 Q Swnmmung 1 Q 3 Co captarn 4 Track 'l uras 'l PETER BROWN St Angela School St Thomas Aquinas Rarnsh Treasurer 3 The Wrclc 3 Blaclcfrnars 4 unror Prom Wrnter Prom 4 Conlratulluon 4 Bond Drive 3 New World Drive 4 Cusco General Nleetlng Q Conlraternuty Vrce presudent 3 Swrmmrng 'l Q 3 Co captarn ot all 'l 3 Boxrng 'l Q 3 lntra urals 'l Joh Ayes aBs W aBe Q Jerome Borkovec john Braue Peter Brown 33 T A N K E R S B R A U E A N D B R 0 W N E X C J I 1 ' A - 4 L . - 1 .1 1 1 i f T, B x' , I, Q, 4, lntramur l , 'li Q, 3, 4. I l I I l I I I t- i - A 4 '1 WA - 1 1 - 1 1 1 i rl' -l I 1- ' A ' 1 1 1 f A 1 I rl 1 1 1 O 1 1 I ro 1 f V1 L 1 1 1 1 ' gi0l'lN BRAUE-Abraham Lincoln Grammar School, Rarlc Ridge, Sts. Faith, hlope, and Charity 1 - - 1 i 1 1 f V 3 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 i 1 1 Q1 3, 4, lntram , , Q, 3, 4. - - 1 - ' ' " 1 1 I 1 1 41 l 1 1 .l V 1 I 1 f - 3 1 I A 1 I I 1 31 f A l 1 f 4 ' ' A 1 1 - . 1 1 1 1 ' A 1 41 FO b 1 1 f ' 1 1 1 iv m 1 1 Q1 n r Willi m a tien illi m ndi OLLIASCOUSINSATHLETES Richard Byrne James Caulfield William Cline Jeremiah Coakley NcholasA Coll s Nc ol SJ Coll s Ja esM Coll s Co hey RICHARD BYRNE St Luke School and parish Fenwick Q 4 Boxing 4 lntramurals Q 4 AMES CAl,ll.l:lEi.D St Edmund School St Giles parish Band 'l Q Symposium 4 Radio Club 1 Science Club F Bond Drive 3 4 Football l Q 3 Swimming Q 3 4 Track 3 Gall 3 Box g nt mura s l WILLIAM CLINE O A Thorp School St Rascal Parish Chicago The Wick J Blackfriars 4 The Freshman Radio Club 'l Amateur Night 3 Boxing J Q 3 Intramurals l Q 3 4 xing l Q 3 urals l NICHQLASA COLLIAS Robert Emmet School Football 'l Q 3 4 Basketball J Q 3 Track 'l xing J 3 4 lntramurals Q 3 NICHOLASJ CQl.LlAS Robert Spencer School Footballl Q 3 Basketball J Q 3 4 Track 'l ramurals 'l Q 3 JAMES M CQl.llNS Aseension School and Parish Radio Club J Glee Club 3 New World Xing 'l als WILLIAM CQWHEY St Catherine olS1ena School and Parish Fenwick 3 4 Boxing 3 4 lntramurals 3 4 84 . ia i h a . ia m . in William w J H I " - A 1 - ' ' f , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 4 41 1 i 1 1 I 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 i 1 I 1 I ln Al, Q, VO , , Q, 3, 4. l - - 1 ' A 1 A i l 1 i I 1 I - 1 1 A 1 i - 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' JERlfMlAl'l CQAKLEY-St. Catherine ol Siena School and Rarish-Servers' Club, 'l, Q, Track, 'l Boi , , , , 4, lntram , ,Q, 3, 4. BO . I , I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I' I I 4' I I I I I I I I I 3, 4, Bo ' I , , Q., lntramur , J, Q, 3, 4, I I A I I i ' . V A i b I I I . I I I FOLEYANDDOHERTYLEAD CHARLES DAVIS-St. Francis Xavier School and parish, LaGrange-Band, 'l, Q, 3, 4, Camera Club, 'l, Radio Club, 'l, Boxing, 'l, Q, lntramurals, 'l, Q, 3, 4. jAfVlES DQHERTY-St. Giles School and Parish-Debating, 'l, Camera Club, 'i, Radio Club, 1 Blacklriars, 4, Symposium, 4, Science Club, 4, Boxing, 'l, Q, 3, 4, Golf, 'l, Q, Intramurals, 'l, Q, 3, 4 MARK DOODY-St. Edmund School, St. Luke parish-Treasurer, Q, 3, Glee Club, 3, Blaclclriars 4, ,junior Prom, Winter Prom, 4, Conlratillion, 4, Roller Skating Party, 3, Football, 3, Boxing, 3, ln tramura s, 'l, Q, 3, 4. jAlVlES DUNNE-St. Catherine ol Siena School and parish-Secretary, Q, Blacklriars, 4, Servers Club, 1, Q, Science Club, 4, Conlratillion, Q, Conlraternity Treasurer, Q, Football, 1, Q, Basket ball, 'l, Q, Golf, Q, 3, Boxing, 3, lntramurals, 'l, Q, 3, 4. RICHARD DWYER-Wilson School, Bellwood, St. Simeon Parish, Bellwood-Christmas Baskets, Q Flew Wowld Drive, Q, Amateur Night, 3, Band, 'l, Q, 3, Football, 'l, 3, Basketball, Q, Boxing, 'l, Q, 3 ntramura s, 'I, Q, 3, 4. BARRY FADEN-Hawthorne School, St. Catherine ol Siena Parish-Symposium, 3. pl-lll.ll7 FOLEY-St. Luke School and Parish-Christmas Baskets, 'l, Q, New World Drive, Q, 3, Block- lriars, 4, Symposium, 4, Track, Q, 3, 4, Boxing, 'l, Q, 3, lntramurals, 'l, Q, 3, 4. GUY GALLEY-St. Catherine ol Siena School and Parish-Football, W, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, W, Q lntramurals, 'l, Q, 3, 4. Cha les Da 's J m s Dohe ty Ma kDoody e X r vi a e r r slam sDunn Richard Dwyer Barry Faden Philip Foley Guy Galley T M kGbos HenyH ke see H s Joh Heron FRANK GIBBQNS Ascensron School and Parush The Freshman Radio Club 1 Christmas Baskets oxrng 1 In als HENRY I-IARKENDEE St Catherrne of Srena School and Parish Servers Club 'I Q Dnscussron Clucb 31 Scrence Club 4 Chrrstmas Baskets Q Football 'I Basketball Q Boxing I 3 Intramurals 1 RQNIAN HAVLIS Holy lVIountSchooI Cicero Ascension Parish Boxrng 'I Intramurals 1 Q 3 4 CHN HERRQN St Leonard School and Parrsh Berwyn Fenwrck 3 4 Debating 3 Boxrng 3 Intramurals 3 4 RICHARD HICKEY St Catherrne oIS1ena School and Parrsh Football 'I Drscussron Club I Q The Wuck Q 3 4 Blacklrrars 4 Science Club 4 Boxing 'I Q Int murals 1 Q 3 4 EDWARD HUDSON lntermedrate School Riverside St Mary Parrsh Rlversrde Glee Club 3 Bond Drrve 3 4 New World Drrve 3 4 Bo mg I Q 3 4 lnt als I Q 3 4 AMEC HLIRLEY Qur Lady Help ol Chrlstrans School St Giles parnsh Blackfrrars 4 Boxrng Q n amurals I DAVID JAREIVIA St Luke School and Parrsh Basketball 1 Track 'I The Freshman Science Club 4 Chrrstmas Baskets 1 Bond Drrve 3 4 Boxlng I Q 3 Intramurals I Q 3 RlchadHcky E dH so Ja esH ey Da djae Bo H I C K E Y A C I V E I N I O U R N A L I S FVGV1 i 5 fl I' Gr H Roman avli n r . --' I I 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 'lf B , ,Q, 3j tramur , I, Q, 3, 4. f' - . , 7 4 Y . 1-1 A , i . I I i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'l, , , 4. 1 1 ' . ' ' ..,. ' , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' .I -' ' I 1 T I 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 - I T ' . I I . A L 1 1 I 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 IPO 1 1 1 1 ' ' T AA 1 I 1 ' A 1 I A T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 1 roml-II' 1 1 1 1 ' .I N- i - I 1 - - - T I 1 1 I 1 1 LI-j I Lf , , Q, V 1 - ' A - V 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' r i e dwar ud n m url vi r ma VA U D Idese Ed adKe DQNALD IENSEN St Giles School and parish The Freshman Roller Slcatrng party 3 Boxing I ramurals I Q 3 ARTHUR KAINDI. St Angel School and Parzsh The WICI4 'I Blackfruars 4 Band 'I Q 3 4 Symposlum 3 Radro Club 'I Science Club 4 CISCO General Meetmg Q New World Drrve 4 xlng 'I 4 n murals I Q 3 EDVVARD KAVANAGH Resurrection School St Edmund parrsh The Wrclc 3 BIOCIQITIOTS 4 Amateur Nnght 3 Roller Skatlng Party 3 Wrnter Prom 4 Qonlraternrty Vice oresrdent 4 Foot EDWARD KERWIN St Gnles School and Parrsh Fenwrclc 4 Band 4 Scnence Club Secretary 4 Blaclcfrlars 4 Intramurals 4 WALTER KEYS St Giles School and parish The Wlclc 'I The Freshman Camera Club I Band Bond Drrve Q 3 l2oIIerSI4atlng Party 3 Scrap Drrve 3 Boxing 'I Q 3 Intramurals 'I Q 3 4 OI-IN KILEY St IVIel School Chicago St Vincent Ferrer Parish Fenwick 3 4 The Wnclc Science Club 4 Boxing 3 4 Winter prom 4 Intramurals 3 4 LEROY KLQTZ St Glles School and Parnsh Amateur Nrght 3 Boxrng 'I Intramurals I Q VINCENT KQIH St Angela School and Parush Athletrc Manager 9 3 4 Bo ng 'I Q Intramurals Q 3 Walte Keys jo K ey LeRoy Klot V ce tKoth 8 K A N A G H , 4 Y E A R F O O T B A L L E R Ona ,I n n Arthur Kaindl Edward Kavanagh W r rwin , L ' I l i 1 . 1 1 A 1 1 lnt , , , , 4. A f - V ' f ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Bo , , , I tra , , , , 4. A - V ' A 1 - X I " A A' 1 1 A ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '. 1 1 ' ball, I Q, 3, 4, Basketball, I, lraclc, I, Boxing, Q, 3, Intramurals, Q, 3, 4. A i ' A I L I -1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 - A T - I A ' i A l 1 1 A 1 l 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .I ' 1 ' A 1 A A 1 ' I A '- - A 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' T ' - I i I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I i ' 1 -1 1 1 Xl 1 1 1 1 1 - r hn il z in n 7 AMES KUCABA St Mary ol Celle School and parush B rwyn Band 3 4 Boxung 'I Q 4 ramurals 'I Q 3 'AMES LAWLFY Ascension School and Parlsh The Wuclc 3 Blaclclruars 4 The Freshman Science lub Vuce presndent 4 Co latllllon Q Football 'I Q Baslcetball Q -lennrs 'I Q 3 4 Boxung I amurals I Q POBERT LEANDER St Giles School and Parish The Wuclc 'I Discussion Club 'I Q Blaclcfrlars 4 Servers Club 3 President 4 Symposium 3 Chaurman 4 Sacrlstan 4 CIVIIICD Defense Book Drive 4 Ped Cross Dance 3 Wunter Prom 4 Conlratlllson Q 3 4 Bond Druve 3 4 Cusco General QI-IN LO MIGLIG Bushop Quarter School St 'lhecla Parish Fenwlclc 4 Band 4 Pl-lILll3 LONG St Edmund School and Parish Scrence Club 4 Bond Drnve 3 New World Drnve Blaclclrnars 4 Football 'I Q 3 'lalc I Q Bo g I Intramurals I Q 3 CHARLES LUCAS St Cornelnus School and Parish Fenwlclc Q 3 4 Boxnng Q 3 4 Intramurals EDWARD MAI-IER Ascensnon School and Parnsh Dlscusslon Club 'I Glee Club 3 Radio Club 'I Chrnstmas Baslcets 'I Q New World Drive 3 4 Track 'I Q Intramurals 'I Q 3 4 OI-IN MAJEWSKI St Ann School and Parnsh Barrnngton Football 'I Basketball 'I Baxlng In muralsI J meg K abg a es L e Robe tLeande Joh LoM gl o Phnlnp Long Charles Lucas Edward Maher ,john Mayevvskn 88 L E A N D E R L E A D S I N A C T I V l T I E S ,l i + A 1 e i 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 lrwt 1 1 1 1 E: 1 ' T 1 1 VI r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 Q, lntr , , , 3, 4. , , -' 1 - 'I A A 1' A I 1 1 -A V A '1. 1 1 ' 1 i 1 1 1 -1 1 1 A V 1 1 1 A 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Meeting, Q, Conlraternity lpresident, 4, Football, 'I, Traclc, 3, 4, Boxing, Q, 3, 4, Intramurals, 'I, Q, 3, 4. il ' - I 1 - ' - ' 1 i 1 4 T. - A T I ' 1 1 A 1 1 A 1 3, Ali . 1 1 1 1 1 1 lf C 1 1 1 Xln 1 1 Q1 31 4i 1 1 1 1 ' - A A U- A 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 ' 1 Q, 3, 4. i 1 . 1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 ' , 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' J - A ' 1 A '- 1 1 1 1 ' 1 II, Qi LVG 1 1 Q1 31 G ug J m awl y r r n i i MURTAUGH,CLASS PRESIDENT Robert Marquardt Thomas Martin john Mulhern Manus Munger Thomas Murtaugh Robert McCabe George McKerr Raymond McMahon ROBERT MARQUARDT St Edmund School and Rarlsh BIGCTCTTIGYS 4 Football T Q 3 4 Traclc T ramurals T Q 3 THQMAS MARTIN St Retercanlslus School St Gales parlsh unuor Prom New World Drvve 3 ot all T Q ac 3 BOXING T Q als T lOl-TN MULHERN St Angela School and parish Fenwuclt 3 4 Box Q 3 lntramurals 3 MANUS IVTMNGCR St l.ulce School and parnsh The Wnclc T Q 3 4 Blaclclrlcrs 4 Band T Q Debating T Q Symposium 4 Radio Club T Sclence Club 4 Bo :ng T Q 3 lntra als T Q 3 THCDMAS MURTAUGH Roosevelt School St Catherine ol Siena P rush Presldent T Q Vnce president 3 Blaclclruars 4 Symposium 4 Red ross Dance 3 unuor prom Wnnter Prom nratullnon 3 Roller Slcatmg party 3 Football T Q 3 4 Baslf tb Il T Tra T lntamu I Club 4 Chrstmas Ba kes T New World Drlve Q 3 Roller Skatung party 3 Foo bal T Q 3 Traclq o a s GEQRGE lVTcKFRR S l.ul4e Qchool and Rarush S ryer Club T Q 3 Th W l4 T Q 3 l Club 3 The Freshman Camera Club T Science Club 4 Chr tmas Baslfe s T Q Conlratulllon w World Dr e T Q Sw mm ng T Q Tra lf 3 4 amnals T RAYMOND fVlcfVTAl'-lON St Luke Qchool and Rarnsh Glee Club 3 !5smateurN1ght 3 Con 1 lon 4 otboll T etball X! T ' T T T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lnt , , , , 4, - ' .. i A . . -J . i . I i Fo b , , , 3, 4, Tr lc, , ' V, , , 4, lntramur , , Q, 3, 4, .,1 T - T T T 1 31 1 Tn 1 1 1 1 - T '- 1.1 . 1 T -T I 1 1 1' ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 131 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 mul' 1 1 1 1 1 - T I 1 ' I I I T- I , 1 1 1 41 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 C 1 1,1 1 1 41 CO T T I '1 1 I 1 m1 1 1 1 1 -1 'e O 1 1 CTC1 1 T V051 T, Q, 3, 4. ROBERT lVTcCAl3E-Bishop Quarter School, St. Edmund parish-Band, T, Radio Club, T, Science 1 1 5 9 f1 11 ' 1 1 1' ' ' 1 1 T l, 1 1 1 1 1,6!,1,3,BOX111g,1,Q,3,lm1Qmu1I,T,Q,3,4, , - t, ,, ' - e s' , , , , e ic , , , , G ee 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 is T1 1 1 1 Q1 N6 IV , , j , , -1 C , , 1 lntr T , , Q, 1 ' V T 1 1 1 1 ' frat Il , ,Fo , ,Q, Baslc , Q, 3, Boxung, T, Q, 3, Intramurals, T, Q, 3, 4. f OBRIENS ACTIVEIN SPORTS William McMahon John McSweeney John Niemeyer Joseph No lc d O B Roy O Br WILLIAM lVlclVlAl'lQN Ascension School and Parish The Freshman Blaclclruars 4 New World ve 3 Boing 1 amurals 'l Q ,lQl'lN MCSWEENEY St Cornelius Grammar School Ascension Parish The Wiclc 1 3 Black lriars 4 'The Freshman Camera Club 'I Radio Club 'l Christmas Baslcets Q Football l Boxing nt ura s Cl-iN NIEMVYER St Giles School and Parish Fer-wiclc 4 Boxing 4 Intramurals 4 otball 'l Q oxing T lntra urals EDWARD OBRIVN St Lulce School and parish Glee Cluo 3 Bond Drive 3 4 Roller Slcating ry3Swimmina'l434'l'raclcTQ3 glnmalsl RQY QBRIEN St l.ul4e School and parish Glee Club 3 Blacklriars 4 Science Club 4 New World Drive 3 4 lQollerSkatina party 3 Swimming 'l 9 3 4 lack 'l Q 3 4 lntram rals T O 90 l va Edvvar ' rien ' ien Dri , j X' , j lntl' , , , 3, I I I ,ll 3114! rgm 11, :QI 3, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 cl - T - A A 'L - l 1 I A 1 I 1 ' ,lQSEl3l-l NQVAK-St. Catherine ol Siena School and Parish-Fenwick, 1, Q, 4, Servers' Club, 1, l:o , , j B 3 , , Q, m , fl, pat , , ' 'pw ,S, , 1 ,I , , , 4, Boxin , , l tiia ,ur I, , Q, 31, 4l I - 1 ' i 4 - U c, X1 1 - V 1 1-1 lf li 1'1 1, 1,1 U 1,11-I1 31 S A W- N JAMES ODONNELL-Darwin School- St. Sylvester Parish, DONAL OSULLIVAN-Ascension School- St. Edmund Parish-Bancl 'l Q 3 4- The Freshman- Radio Club 'l- Science Club 4- Christmas Baslcets Q- Bond Drive 3 4- New World Drive 'l Q 3 4- Boxing 1- Intramurals 'l Q 3 4. LEWIS PALMER-St. Stephen School Geneva N. Y.- St. Lulce Parish-Fenwick 3 4- Glee Club 3- Science Club 4- lntramurals 3 4. ROBERT PROVOST-St. Mel School- Our Lady l-lelp of Christian Parish-Assistant Freshman Foot- ball Coach 4- Football 'l Q- Boxing 'l 3- Intramurals 'l Q 3 4. B xing 'l Q- lntramurals 'l Q 3 4. DONALD RYAN-St. Eulalia School and Parish Maywood--Football 1 Q 3 4- Basketball 1 - xing l - Int als . Jo es O Do nell Donald O Sulliv Lew s Pol Robe t Pro ost Ray ond Ou: lan Donald Ryo 91 O ' U L L l V N , 4 Y E A R S I N B A RAYMOND OUINLAN-St. Angela School, St. Giles Parish-The Freshman, Bond Drive, 3, 4, O I I I I I I I Q,3,Bo ,,3,4, femur ,i,Q,3,4 ' " m ' n ' ' on i mer r v m in n N Il-IQIVIAS SANIIVIQN St Luke School and Parlsh n I Q Blaclcfnars 4 Otball I r clc Yung I 4 II ras I I-IARCLD SCI-IWIND As censuon School and parnsh lfdutor BIOCICFYICYS 4 Box Q 3 4 Intramurals WILLIAM SMITH St Catherine ol Srena School and parish Band Q Glee u 3 Bla Christmas Baslcets Q Ama r Night 3 Boxlng nramurals I Q 3 KENNETH SWIESS St Dhrlup Nern School Cleve land Qhlo St Gxles par sh Fenwlclc 3 4 Boxing 3 lntramurals 3 4 PAYIVIQIVID URBAN St Catherune ol Suena School an parrsh Band I Glee Club 3 Amateur t 3 ennls OIII 3 4 oy n murals I ICI-IN WAKEFIELD St Lucy School and Parush Ferwlck 4 Boxing 4 Bond Drwe 4 New World D uve 4 lntramJrals 4 JGSEPI-IXNELCI-I StAlex ancler Sdhool and parish Vnlla Park Servers Club I Q Cheerleader 4 Chr st mas Baskets Q Football 3 Ing I 4 n ras I JCI-IN WILKIN I-loly Mount School and parish Cicero-President 3- Treas- urer 4A unior Prom Winter Prom 4- Blaclcfriars 44 Roller Slcating par y 34 Conlrater- nity Treasurer 34 Football , 4- Bash al of Boxing, 4, Intramcrals, I, .f f ' T o john Vkfalceheld ldSh' joseph Welch I2 y o cl a john Willcn 'IO47 Fair Calc Ave a l3arl4 lllinos lVlarcl1Q5 1944 Pvt llieodore Colgan 4Q BatteryB Q91 FA UBSNBN Camp Gordon Georgia Ll S N Dear led An integral part of tlne sclwool day lwere at Fenvviclc is still tlwe Mass wlnicli is ce ebrated in tlne clnapel at 8 oclo lc eacln morning by a member of tlne lac ulty assisted by two members ol tlwe Servers Club Yes tlwe Servers Club is more active tlnan ever under tlie leadership ol Fatlwer Vitie tlne moder ator olin Foley 44 and Ro ert Leander tlrie Clubs presidents lo First and second semester re pe tively aided Fr Vitie in preparing tlwe various activities. 'llne members ol tlwis club have con- tinued to Function as servants ol Gods altar vvlnerever and vvlnenever tlie o'casion demanded. llneir vvorlc is indeed laudable. We are all praying lor you lellows. Sincerely, RQSERT LEANDER, '44 MI R I. O'YL LITTLEMAN GETS CHANCE Q4II S 6'Ist Aye fcero IIImols IVIorcIw Q9 T944 IDor1oId IXI VVuII4mr1 40 CompG ont IIImous QILMIDE gg I no Qnt tInot you wouId InIce to Icrow Iwow ne IntromuroI Nrght turned out I bet Inot ou co remember tIwose WI1ncIn tooIc oloce wIn ue you were In school Ineo er1CIonce vvosoulte Iorgeomd ev ryorwe eev d to enjoy tIwe yoruou contest e tt t event wos tIwe qw mrmrmo FmoIs ver 600 IeIIows entered The Imol sco e Inow H -I gg' E C , r 4439 I Dvt . ' ' ,I " DSMOICIIVIIC I, A, , : , r I ' t4 ' . t F me I 'S , 5. Th fu ffs , I J ' . Q , A ' r 5 eu , I N T R A M U R A L S P O R T S the Seniors out on top with 38 points, sluniors with 33, Sophomores with 15, and the Frosh with 8 points. There vvere Fifteen teams entered in the Lightweight Baslcetball Tournament. The Finals brought two junior teams together in a thrilling game. The Heavyweight event was dominated by Senior teams, although their vvere sixteen teams entered. The Ring-Rong contestants, C. Stalzer and D. Romano,gave the crowd a good exhibition ol hovv the game should be played. Stalzer vvon out. In the doubles Stalzer was paired with Vonesh and Romano vvith Voda. Again Stalzerls paddle proved too much for his opponents. The Bowling Championship was vvon by Tommy Mitchell. The doubles have not as yet been decided. Vour brother, j0l"'lN WILKINV14 mimi QQJJVQ. Cdujloft cgomos MR cuties irliwi G D F83 Jl melaixte WIC lm l F A v va Qnop 1 NAS San Dread C wtarr d Q SG an Friday lVlarCn 3l Fenvvaclf Crowned tlwe lana of l'1eCanvaS be Fare an averllavv cravvd at Fenvvwclc l4t Annual Boxing 'laurrarnent The program started vvntlw prelnrrtnarv boa s vvnnners were avvaraed sllver medals Prelnmnnarv vvmners vv re CO lbs Dan Qpeully over av D lu t T35 Ib oe Galovvntc ave lam mmlns a Cla e battle O ca 5 Ed Swlcar eat jlrn S Italc at T43 l Dan O mana over Frank Ddcnan and In tlwe lmeavyweuglwt bam barrmans p vverlul lelt vva taa muclw la d Penav l ese contests were nwuallv even ana paved tne vvav or ma n ev nts tlwe nampranslwlp boats er a snort lnterrm ran a 0 es ana malfe5 tlwe Flag wah ral ed vvlmle tne band Olaved tlwe lNldtronJlAnnen1 llwen avv rdy vvere guven ta tlwe waht valuable neavyvvesvnt and lea l4etl"all plave I Bull lvlclglray vat t e lweavv vveldnt award and NH kev mert tlne lglntvvelg t B 0 X l N H E A T, in lk .al r v C aaa lli are ffltprl 3 '944 We D 'fvalslw '42 A vvwfl. 3 C Dm lf n 7-V. BQ V , al, u D r Blll fx , l st. . Y lllf- l at 7 - ' ' P Eganf at T15 lbs., jack lVlcDonald Over Bull a l, a 9, j ,lw ' Cu ' IH 3 f als rn tne T35 lb, l 3' ski 5 - VV j F 63, R - N Tam A X ' 0 5 r E Att , ' ss l Mc li "N , lf Gr!! , ...NG LO New talent was uncovered ID tlwe Cbarnoronslnp bouts, as none ol tlwe contenders were lrnalrsts nn orevrous years ln the 90 lb class red-lweaded lam lVlcGrnn outpunclwed Clwuclc Barr to wrn jalce Tepper was a lrttle too mrclr lor Don Grbson in tlte TOO lb class. lack Mcfetllnster and nas strong tlwrrd round was Dan Felz s Waterloo llwrs gave oclc tlwe 195 lb title llwe exoerrence ol Roy McClellan overslwadowed Bull Cowbeys game ne s to enable burn to capture tlwe 135 lb clwampronslwup Bull ran rnto trouble tryrng to puerce Roy s delen e ln a blrsterrng battle Coleman Caron snatclredtl1el45 lb trtle from the lwands of lm Done-rtv llnus proved to be tlwe best Frgbt ol the evenrng and botln boy s recerved a tremendous lrand from tlwe crowd ln one ol tlwo e lanoclc down drag olt allanrs GuyGalley bested George Collas to wallf oll wtl'1 tlrre l55 lb trtle A terrrlrc pace was set by bolw Fglwters bJt Guy wrtlrr a strona Frnrslw won oJt ln tlwelr avywerglw la N clc Coll as and lorn lflartrn orovrded tlwe crowd wutlw a tlwnllrna battle to end tlwe nrglwt s v Al boualw lorr on JD one ep a lOP and UUVJ e e lr owner tl a er o rwr D fed J 5 D' NNN 44 S 1. A ' c . s U - , - l ,V V I i . Q , r . 4 , e A tc ss r r t , acti :tres t r r r u al the bnggest irglrts al tlwe nrglwt, Nrcl4 wed up to nri r Ji t . . c ,Q r a tn re ' - , gnt tle 5 ,aea ore Wet c Ebrg nrants ol tnel ' Srncerel, lfkllfgb of ' L NEWSQUADSHOWSPROMISE mu-allllprrnfsllu. 'Y'l.QJXj:Y3lDJ'L ijumotwmiiluttm, CL Quilm. svmowtaztttum uulgwwx, 'IO'IO N Waller Avenue Chncago Illnnous May 'IO 1944 Plc ohn I. I-Isgglns 49 A Company 'Ist Batalllon 4th Marines 'Ist prov Brrg 3d A C In care ol 3 P 0 Son Francusco Calrlornuo Dear aclc Well how ns the old Marme Isle thus mce sprung weather? Doesnt rt remlncl you ol football producer? I remember just two years ago when you exclaimed Boyl my last spring practice-I I bet you Wish you were D OYIUQ It begins to Ioolc as ul the Ime up wrll read as It clad during your trme for there s Costans Walsh Martln Brown and last but we hope' ITIQQIDS Well we have our brothers reputation I hope thats not alll Sincerely WILLIAM HIGGINS 45 ax CD., . 1 X. . 1 1 J . . - -5 . . , 1 1 4 '1 1 J , . . . . . . ' , . r 1 A 1. , , ,. 4 , . . I I . x ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 K I. . , . . 1 I I C 1928 N Columbian Ave ala parlc llllnous May Q3 1944 Pvt R sl Foley 36765990 43 'lst Platoon Sec C QSQ3 AAS Base lslnrt Mrdland Texas Dear Bob Well the last page ol the sclwool Gtl"Il9fIC calendar rs about to be torn The Traclc season a slwort one because of tlwe early summer se mester was favorable for Captaln Hanley vvlwo placed Frrst rn tlwe Catlwolrc League Sensor QQO yd low lrurdles He also placed tlwrrd rn fow tlwe 'lOO yd claslm Due to laclc of transportatron the squad was sma Sincerely ROBERT SMITH 45 LefttoR gh! Rec Ro G Scorby D Romano J W Iso ,J Wrlson J Castans W Crowley Coach Lawless W Bochne FontgoF H Abblnantl R Martin R Brown R Hanley o 99 MlTHe4eGOLFCAPTAINeELECT oH.-l THAT Poem! IF AT FIRST You DONT SUCCEED . 309 S Chester Ave park Pudge llllnous May Q4 1944 RE Murphy USNR 4Q U S S Vulcan ln care ol Fleet Post Qnhce New Yorlc N Y Dear Bob Cn Sunday May Fourteenth from over enghty hopelul gollers who lourneyed to the Mldwest Golf Course the lollowrng excelled Q Smlth won by two strokes over R Thomas Dunne and T Powers led Sensors and Posh respectnvely At the Catholuc League Champuonshlp on Ascenslon Thursday May elghteenth l:enWucl4 placed third with P lhomas and R Smlth next years Captain as low men Cathollc l-hgh ol ollet won Wrth Loyola comrng an second Suncerely DAVID O ROURKE 45 1011 1 . ' N ,4 . 1 Ns i' N . Us I I ,. ,..,,, 'A l ,,. I 1 , , I.. . r A , I y I I ' ' - A J , 1 L.. BANCAPTAINSTENNISTEA SQQ S Elmwood Avenue Calc parlc llllnols May QO 1944 Thomas Brady A S U S N R Co lplt 1V1QUnrt Doom T16 Drllon Hall Notre Dame lndlana Dear Tom Cut ol the Annual lntramural Tennns lourna ment again rose a squad of Frrars who stood ready to meet all opponents bnder the captalnshlp ol Ray Urban our netmen won fourteen matches whsle losrng ten The clrmax of the season was the Catholic league Tournament OF the eight teams entered Fenwrck placed thrrd to Weber and l.OYOla Bill l'lanneman 45 and Bob Smith 45 played rn the snngles The doubles team was composed of Sensors rm Lavvley and Ray Urban l-lanneman was elected captain ot next years team See you soon jAMES LAWLEY 44 Left to R ght R Smnth W Hanneman Lawley R Urban 101 1 1 ,X 1 1 1 I , . t. . 1 . A 1 1 1 3 , ' I . 1 J . 1 l 1 - r 4 N i : . . . . I i ' , , r. ' '- Q 1 V xvllv lf! 'Q 4'p K ' 1 . I 1 . n n u . lQQ3 N Euclnd Ave 0 Pork llll o May 5 4944 A C Rlcboro Finn 36754938 4 Sq D Clos 4417 Borrock AQW lyndoll Field Florrdfl DGGV D cl4 A l recoll you were once o nerr ber Ol tbe bond lwere ot Fenwick cnc so l tnougnt you mrglwt b Interested lf nts members during tn: second seme ter eore Brcon 'l Serr Q re D Sullivan G Bomber V Kelley R on I2 Routlr Coyne l Leone d olentrne VV l-lorl4 N wno Om rlc lVlcJlecl F Kelners E X retzen W Q lc E oye rndl Kor P Lormoc l-lompsclw E Kervvun l. Wonomoker E Necl4or G l-lolt E lrnlco corby C Doyus C Pentls lf Kennedy F l-lreber E Von Ness R lVlcNerney Good lucl4 to you' Sincerely lOl-lN KRICKL 45 S I C M A K E R S A P P E A R O F T E N Q lc I n ls l f X-lv 1 j . jxl. ,ll lC, . I j . f . , .D j . jsl, , , V j j, LeOc1rdl,VV,lorpey, F,CzerWmSl4r JW V r - r . L V lr l yxl, lilj . N l 'f . xr! , . Iflj j A. K ', l I, , f k, G G S j . f A J AV. CONFRATERNITY OFFICERS ELECTED Q93 Waller Ave Clwlcago llllnos May 'IO 1944 AS V'lQjol1n Qlarlc 42 Company K Qnd platoon University ol Not e Dame Notre Dame lndlana Dear olwn As one who was always most unter ested un Fenwrclc arlaurs you mnglwt lnlce to lqnow wlwat tlwe Qonlraternlty lwas been doing durnng tlwls second semester Because ol tlme graduation ol olrmn Foley an anuary a new president was appointed by tlwe faculty l-le us Robert Leander and has slwown lwum elf most capable Durrng tlus semester tlwere have been a number ot unterestnng Conlroternlty rneetrngs botlw of tlwe Sensor and unro dlVlSlOnS Before Easter rn cooperatuon wrtlw the Arclwdnocesan Vocatrons Week we lwad Fatlwer Carty outlwor ol Rad O Replxes wlwo spolce to u rn general as embly on relxgnous vocation B st ol lu lc' AUSTIN N Nlfl-lQl.S 45 FRESHMEN DECE IVE ST.THOl"lA5 COQDS FR CART7 OCATIO N5 PRESIDENT AT WORK ,SE Nrofe. c,oN Pre.A-rEfe1Nl'r7 MEETLNQ, 10 O GONE , BUT NOT FORGUUTN ALUNNi TO DE SUPPORT NNAR EFFORT 5648 Woshungton Blvd Clmcogo lllrnous onuory 15 1944 Pvt Connie Nlulllgon 36611960 4'l 6Otl1 l'ldqts 'A B Sq Stockton Colulornuo Deor Connue Becouse ol on oversnglwt your nome wos not lnsted nn the lost edltuon ol Blcucklruors Fotlwer Borron tlwe mod erotor regrets tlns loct very muclw ond would luke me to oller lwrs opolognes to you ond tlwrouglw you to all the Alumnr vvlwose nomes drd not oppeor llwere ns not muclw to tell yoJ ot tlnns time concerning tlwe Alumnl sunce so mony ol tlwem ore IU tlwe service ol tlwerr country llne olllcers ol tlwls yeor ore Fron Srmtlw 32 President olmn Wo slw '41 Vice-president Williom Rosemeyer '43 lreosurer- Riclmord Buclrlnglnom 4l Secretory. Fotlwer Feltrop Moderotor ol the Alumni Associotion lwos orronged to send out montlwly copies ol The Wiclr to tlwe men in tlwe service. Sincerely DQNALD STUART '44 A L U M N I I N S E R V I C E P S Slnce thus letter was written nts wrrter has been graduated IU our hrst mid year commence ment and you have probably been transferred to another place ol trarnrng ust where you are rs ol no partlcular concern Vlfhat matters now IS tnat you are prepanng to talce your place wnth so many other graduates ol Fenwnclr rn the accomplishment ol the taslc to whuch God and your country have called you I should Irlce at thus tlme to send you a copy ol the pncture that was talcen ol the gym bulletln board on the nrght ol our une commencement But unfortunately the picture drd not turn out On the bulletin board was hung on Sunday une fourth the Fenwlclc roll ol honored war dead Your alma mater s servnce Flag can now proudly but sorrowlully clarm ten gold stars Ihe honored dead beloved ol both God and men are nn the order rn whuch news of their deaths have reached us Qnd Lreut W Irchy 41 U S Army Arr Corps Seaman s Class E at selc 32 U Qnd Luect C E Zutnrlc 34 Sugnal Corps US Army pt B I'Iatch 40 U Army n Lneut Arnold Llzotte 35 U S Army AnrCorps Pvt A j IVIcAndrew 36 Communications Crew U S Army Coast Artullery Ants alrcralt DIVISION Enslgnp Shevlln 49 U S Naval erve Qnd I.leut I2 L Neller 39 Army Arr Co ps Lneut Col W A Bowen 39 U S Army Arr Force Statl Cthcer Ist l.leut Adam Serwat 38 U S Army Arr Co ps May they rest un peace REV V S FEITROP QP 4 .I 1 I ' ' I 1 ' . . 'I t . I F ly , jr., ' , .SN.I2., f v- J- . , ' , . 5. f 9 d Res , '.., I , ' , U. S. I I' j I . . . , ' I I X ' ' I Lgfgwwamms OTHERS'AN D FATHERS' CLUBS iglrfa-lvR'u.mQ.fJ Wings 3,lfQm,t.t adlflfmus ho--.- Sum QRS. Gm QLACJIAALIJ arvrllrtfr 'frxsrfzgtt ai FJ, mia ,UQ,Sl?F,umuzi13n. dmntwm B, Sumo, Cltt-tan., QSM? ... 104 'ISQQ Forest Avenue River Forest, Ill. lvlay QO 1944 Pvt Edward F Snyder A S N 44 Companylf 6ASF RT Camp l.ee Vrrgnnla Dear Ned Yesterday l receuved your letter seelang proololtbelacttl1atFenwlcl4s Mothers and Fathers Clubs are tlne best and most actuve ol any sclwool l tl1lnl4 tlwe lollowlng Information w Il clear up tlme little debate you lwave bad wntl'1 your friend at camp You will recall tlwe last event ol tbe lvlotlwers Club the Sensor Banquet at tbe Nlorruson l-lotel Since tl'1 n n ad ltxon to Its regular montlwly meetings the Mothers Club bas sponsored tlme Following events ln February Fatlwer Bernard Hubbard S addressed lull lwouse on tlwe questuon ol tlwe Aleu trans xn tlwe pacslxc War Mrs Emmet Dwyer was clwalrman ln April tbe annual Sprung Card party under tlwe general cluanrmanslwnp ol Mrs Andrew Wallacb drew lnundreds to tlwe gym f 1 C s ,A 'Ka . , I . . ,J TMJWD , . . ., . . vt 1 csv E V ' f ltd... r , I5 lr, I K 4. ,-:, 1 4 . ' Cx 'K ll i .4 - V l V W . ' . ' e , i d. . . . I if i? A ' l A , a , . an r 4 4 4' - 5 ' ' VY rl I E 4 ' 'lf 4 as g 4 r - r r'r, A Y C L O S E S O C I A L S E A S O N I' AND THE NUVIDER But the unusual evewt of the year tool4 place the followrng month when the Mothers wrth Mrs J G l-loplmnson as gurdrng sprrrt put on ffenwuclc Cavalcade a musrcal revue Now how about the Dads? Durrng the semester the Fathers Club contrnued nts regular thrrd Monday get togethers at whrch there were outside speakers who sometumes addressed fathers only and at other rrmes both fathers and sons Thus Father l-lenry Koemg Lubrarran of St Mary of the Lalce Semrnary Mundelern addressed an Interested group of fathers and debaters, on the Pope s Peace Plan Both fathers and sons were ad dressed by the followrng Mr Franlc Saun warden of the County all uvemle Delrnauency M paddy Drrscoll Coach of the Chicago Bears who also showed some Interesting football shots M Bull Davre techmcal engrneer of the Umted Anr Lanes who drscussed the arrplane of the future Yesterday and today IS bemg held the Sprung Carnuval There are booths contalnmg the usual carnxval prrzes The proceeds wrll be used for contrnued addrtrons to the library and new equrpment for the varrous scrence laboratorres rn the school Srncerely JOSEPH ARCHIBALD 45 10 'THE MEN THAT DQOKE THE BANK , C , r , OOO 1 1 1 - - r 1 .. , A U . , . , f ' , . ' ' 1 1 , , . 1 1 C N . I ' 1 .l 1 .. , , 1, .. ,. , I OD sl i V. , , . 1. . .. I 1 I V- S1 1 . . 1 1 7 A AW 800 West Goodman Avenue LaGrange lllnnols May QQ 1944 Rev Bro Cajetan Donlon PO 35 Domrnucan l-louse olStud1es l-larlem Ave and Dlvlslon St Ruver Forest Illlnols Dear Brother Cajetan Wrth the prospect of rnvaslon laclng all ol us we cannot help lout thlnlc ol the hrlng lvne upon which you have talcen a posltlon srnce you lelt Fenvvlclc and entered the Order ol Preachers l understand that you are soon to be ordained Since you were a member of The Wlclc staFl durlng Father Myers term as moderator l thought you mlght be Interested to learn what both The Wrclc and Blaclclruars have been doing dmng the second semester of the present school year 741616. WICKHRETAINS ALL AMERIC N AD BO WLM ffm? bwim G Q? s.1Wfl.7.5.ff7,fW.,4f'7f2m14- ?f7'Dfww TPR YJ QWJUMQ -76 3253 You wnll be glad to learn that agaun thus year The Wuclc achneved the Na tnonal Scholastlc Dress Assocnatnon s hnghest ratnng All American lhs ns the eoghth consecutnve ratnng of thus class won by the paper All Catholic ratnng awarded by the Catholuc Press Assoclatlon was also won Credut was glven to the follownng Wllson Edntor T Burlce Associate edutor W l-lrgglns Sports H Volker R Weltzel R ablonslc: H Brandstrader and O Perrella page eclrtors and reporters Under the edntorshup of l'l Schwlnd Blaclclnars thls year was compiled by representatnves of the unuor and Sensor classes Sectronal editors were l.awley Winter R l'llclcey Sprung R Leander Rersonalltnes R Brown Sports R 0 Brien Art Remember peace and Vsctory your Fxrst Mass' Sincerely jAIVlES WILSON 45 109 fat .4 Www 5zf..1., edama fart.-ur-A gbrdasg- jZf,fi1:,-2.2, 9 CWM Hat, ,L.zfz" !x,,LMi: JfOJ:i:t5,7If-.MAL U A T I O N C O M P L E T E S Y E A R O K X. ' ' Q 5 Q QT., S mn, . , ' vt . . 2 y ,g y y y , Q t ' A IJ- ' , l 5, V A A A i TK r r A ,l- f ' i - ' 1 ' i f' Us . I ix 4 FRESHMEN EDIT ANNUAL FRESH VIEN AGAI N EDIT ANNUAL 179 Parkview Avenue Rrverslde IIIlnols IVlay Q4 1944 I S paul Slkorskr 16171753 41 Department No 4 Photomanl Co APC 887 New York N Y Dear Paul Well here I am agarn I thought I would drop you a Ilne right at thus years at Fenwrck I refer to The Freshman which was and IS a great rdea started by Father Van Rooy when he taught Freshman English Thus year the boys set to work under the supervision ol Father Malone therr Moderator and drd a neat piece of work wrth G I-Iolt as Edrtor and I2 ablonskl E Van Ness F Munger and W Kennedy asslstnng Keep up the good work over there and write when you can Sincerely EDWARD SIKORSKI 45 110 . . I . . I 1 . . 1 I I f . I 4 . .. . , , . . I . ' . . . time of the year about something you undoubtedly associate with your l I . , . I 1 I ' . . . I . . . I . ' . i tsl ', ,. , . , . ' ' . I 7 4 I l I FOUR SENIORS IN HONOR SOCIE 335Soutl1'laylorAve alc l3arl4 lllrnols MOV Q4 4944 Robert Goedert 43 Keane I-lull Loras College Dubuque Iowa Dear Bob As one St Thomas Symposuum Frnalnst to anotber l tlmouglwt you muglwt b rnterested to learn the une 44 Cl1OIC6S for memberslmp rn the Fenwrck Clwapter ol tbe Natronal Honor Socuety We are Peter Brown ames Lawley Robert Leander and yours truly Thomas Murtaugb We only lwope tlwat We can lrve up to the tradrtrons establrsbed by you and the otlwers In past years Well IlIb9QIl'1S to loolc as If D day rs cormng You occupy an Important post tron on a most strateguc front e prrrtual front Be sure and remember cs rn your prayers l understand tbat you vvrll be talclng tlwe wlwrte lwablt of tbe Domrnucons soon Best ol luck' Sincerely THOMAS MURTAUOH 44 NUR TAUGX7' LEHNDE6 -1' 012, owfv AAWLEV FR OCONNELL GIV ES ADDRESS Jim QMWT L C Z IT! O HZWZWOZWZZO l l 839 Wesley Avenue Calc park II 1 fy A Gorman A N V lQa Company platoon Q Llmyer :ty ol Notre Dame Notre Dame lndrana Dear lon laugh luclt that you couldnt male the graduation last nlght By thus tlme you ltnow that you receuyed he Faculty l-lonor Award and Alcmn l-lonor Key E l-lcstoles also won the latter You wlll be Interested IU tne other awards alyen R Leander Catholic Action l Murtaugh Scholarathlete ana public Spealclng lVl Munger ou nalusm D Long Rellglon bclence and Soanrsh P l-llcltey Engllsh and Klotz Soclzl Science and hl Schwlnd La IO Father Q Brien proynnclal ol the Dormnlcan proyln e ol St Albert the Great oreslded with Father IV' onnell CM Presldent ol the De Paul Llrnyersuty as soealter P Foley a R earder a utato ra a 1 yaledlctorran elofy Jmn o 4 HARQLD bfl-lJNllNllJ , lnons l wld e 5, 794 TR S US R I, A-414 f J J, ' t J lf I - r A f A - French, j Lawley, Mathematucs, L 'A , ' ' ll CC , . ., ' nd L . S l r' n A l l X fal' rug l ' J 4 PATRONS Very Rev R P Q Bruen O P Provuncual Provunce of St Albert the Great Very Rev T G Kunsella Q P Pruor Fenwucla Hugh School ev GV ev GV ev ev GV ev GV W D Van Rooy OP Pruncupal Fenwuclc Hugh School B B Meyers 0 P Durector ol Studues Fenwuclc Hugh School Nugent Q P Durector of Duscuplune and Honorary Presudent Mothers Cub Fenwuclc Hugh School Feltrop Q P Moderator ol Alumnu Fenwuclc Hugh School Murtaugh O P Moderator Class of 1944 Fenwuclc Hugh School Townsend Q P Moderator Class of T945 Fenwuclc Hugh School D Malone O P Moderator Class of 1947 Fenwuclc Hugh School Walter G P Moderator ol Fathers Club Fenwuclc Hugh School TA Dymelc O P Moderator Class of 1946 Fenwuclc Hugh School Very Rev J A Druscoll OP Pruor Domunucan House oTStudues Ruver Fores Rev l l Bouanuc OP Pastor Holy Trunuty Church Chucago lll Rev E L Hughes OP Pastor St Puus Church Chucago lll Rev B R Connolly OP Pastor Vuncent Ferrer Church Ruver Forest lll Very Rev Msgr Code Pastor St Edmund Church Oalc Parlc lll The Late Rt Rev Msgr W A Cummungs Pastor Ascensuon Church Oak Parlc Rt Rev Msgr R C Maguure Pastor St Catherune ofSuena Church Calc Parlc lll ev GV GV ev GV Mrs Mrs Mr Mr Muss T C Canty Pastor St Lulce Church Ruver Forest lll F Cuchozlcu Pastor Qur Lady of Vuctory Church Chucago III F F Dampts Pastor St Thecla Church Chucago III M E Muzuk Pastor St Eulalua Church Maywood III T A Rowan Pastor St Lucy Church Chucago lll and Mrs j A Borlcovec and Mrs C F Breen and Mrs Warren Brown Bruce Buclcungham and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Kathryn and Mrs and Mrs Anna L Charles E Byrne Wulluam C Cahull Edwun W Clune ames P Doherty A A Doody HenryC Engel H C Foden Vlohnj Foley ohn S Gorman A Graham Henry Harkensee ohn F Hudson dward Hustoles Kavanagh E M Kerwun Fred A Kucaba Lacey Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Benuamun and Mrs and Mrs Danuel F and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Rose O and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs W F Lawley Russel Leander Harold Maher P LOMugluo ohn Lucas L Mauewsltu Marlcaruan J V Meyerung Harry Moronu Morrussey Guylf Munger Georgej Mclferr F W Nuemeyer Roy D 0 Bruen Sulluvon Donald B Patterson Andrew Thomas Powers Harold P Schwund E W Swuess LeonardQ Walceleld R 1 1 1 , 1 1, , ' ' R I . I l A -I . . I . . R 1 Li F. 4 , A1 1, ' ' ' A ' , R I I w .I .I . 1 R 1 A. , 1 1, , , ' A R 1T1 A1 , 1 1, , , ' ' R ' J' ' I ' 'f I I A I R 1 G. F. , 1 1, ' , A A R 1 1 1 , 1 1, , , ' A 1 1 1 ' , 1 1, A , ' ' ' , ' t, lll. ' ' J' J' I f ' I I ' uuu1 uz1u1P1 ' A A ' ' ' ' ' R ' ' ' f f ' l T I ' R ' ' T -I f . 7 I I ' R 1 1 1 , , 1 , ' , 1 R - ' ' H I I - I I I ' R - ' - 1 1 r 1 ' 1 - Mr. 1 1 1 Mr. 1 1 . Mr, 1 1 1 Mr. 1 Mr. . Mr. 1 M A A A M' ' A un T M51 1 4- 1 A M11 1511+ A Mr. 1 ' 1 ' Mr. A A A mr. 1 Mr. 1 1 1 ' r. 1 1 1 r. 1 ' M 1 1 1 M 1 ' 1 A Ml 1 1 1 Ml, 1 1 Mr. 1 1 Mr. 1 1 r. 1 1 1 r1 1 1 ' M 1 1 1 ' A Mr. 1 Mr. 1 1 ' mr. 1 1 ' gi 1 1 1 1 uvuli 5 1 1 1 1 lll I V V IV V V IV V V V FENWICK MOTHERS CLUB :G C nf 'C I Q P wN'lVVCV'I JVVV IUVTI A KX CDT A f c INC ure Horry m A D I3 Potter on an I AMIIGWN c Cl W IGM 'W C-I IC 6 fmmctt vxye C meIIu, ro J O cpI1 I-I I-Ie v I I QFFICERS STANDINC5 COMMITTEES CLASS REPRESENTATIVES II4 L., C ICI9 V I QW No fn: um JI Se re O IA ICJV G V9 Itmfl CQ emdw o rt-My PIOJ e Membersmlw 'IVI I Q DIOGVO TI I2 v no Socmo and Mean IUETIOV SopIomo Q Ie IWIT U Q s . l IV-53 9114 . PP, INI:,'f-'wt I IICrO'f:rE,'IV'Q,1AQ'I Ifr' IM-IIQI SII MI IL22 -HI 'fr' T?-Muni ,. c if IY.'we'I5'fe ICIQ"I Ifxv Igrz. "II fmrf fl C I ' f II Pv0ffIIV.f1SQV IICVY 'ff' I?QQe' VMI C Ei COHPSF CI 'wg S fi Stow Wm If I, A Bw Im IC I L .I 'v Ifff X'.:IIE ', ,If-f Tr Clip I VVI H 2 I If EIIKIIVT A-UCI IICIVS. ,I :rd If.. ID A 'Q I Jw M 5. T. Pwcm C u S- N 5. VVQIIIG, fy IQQSIH ' 's NI fy. . , f. I , I-fu VWIII m' I7If1Ior I'L1IrI'C1Iy MISS. , cII In U1 WIN xICI1r'V Fcley , I' IVI S YIOII' I If'IfI:I'I'1 9 as "I We B E F' , S I N- f- jdr D. Sboth C , 5 I'.".rf IIJWC I fPV'CV IVV f. sl, E - If f r , NTIS. C ' ' C v Iev C, I V M 5. ,I fx,f Sze: F L I VT IVV Edwcn CI KI I9 Ie.f A.II,rwwl DJ Qc QF C Hem e B Nurerr rm Xl Caron CJ hfvvgrc Nc edu Q n F Corrf V 161C O ISV .- 5 ' Complnments THERS CL 19431944 OFFICERS 6 D 6 em' UI frfQ G 9' JUG Q 9 er' Of EBV'-1 Q Q rm Q ,r fc-5 O Off r' r VIHQQ ff 6 U O 1 I of F A ' U B ffrf ' Pvcfw pf P ff6VTi ffrf 4 v C Eng l ?,mo' xvfwze-pf 1, 3 A Nr 'Qficgrie . J 1 gp O' N! - -Dr S if it ffm Alu ' 1 Sari?-H' x. XAVXNVQ-DY f LJ w. fir pc: JI A Vidiom :re:L1H:3r. Vane'-PVP dcwt ffm Q F90 rh-'Afcllbb' QQ: ' fmfx I Ltczry .vmf JCVKIU Fl'..,f'Nflf1 'fifilf 1' ffwr F1 f "ff Dsmme fc" ELC' in Q S,i'9tN vf "Ar, ' , Q! Aff MEC: V 9,1 ur 4 'fur j 1 ,J xg My F E--Pre' ,ferr 'fu Fra W K CJ' , rw fi' '1"'ff:'! P'Cf"f:rw Cf .QV QQ C F V. l T L T--i f t f Compliments of Alumni Association Fenwick High School 1943 1944 Re V S Feltop OD Mode to OFFICERS R Cho d B ck O Wlo oseee 43 I9 es de V ce P es de t Sec era y T eos I I Of v. , r I, , ., ro f Frank Smith '32 , . . r I nt John Walsh, X40 , , 4 . . I - r i n I r' u mglw m, '41 . r r' ili m R m y r l . , r ure za imfmna L HAS BEEN THE KEYNOTE of Rogers yearboolcs for thlrty four years And rt wlII contmue to be our lcIeaI because respon organization The Rogers tradrtron of smcerrty and qualrty has been recogmzed by many schools as a securrty to the mstrtutron and an sprratron to the staff MJGEEFSS WBUINTUINIG CCCDIMIPAINIY DIXON ILLINOIS ir CHICAGO ILLINOIS 307 First Street 228 North LaSalle Street sibility to see that your publication is well printed is shared by the entire . . . . . in- D I I ' 9 ' -4 s 1 ,, Q X K S X X ,A ROCJT STUDIOS IEstabIi5Iwed I889 185 VVaI3asIw Afemue Sulte 310 Phone State 0113 OFFICIAL PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER 1944 BLACKFRIARS I I X 0 0 0 Special Rate-staFen-NIcI4SuaemtSamd t1eIrIarmIIesaiaIItlme5 COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BANK THE AVENUE STATE BANK 104 NortIn Oak Park Avenue Oak ParI4, IIIrnors INVEST NOW RIGHT PRICES CONVENIENT FINANCING COMPLETE LISTINGS We Are Eau pped to Meet Your Needs n ReaI Estate SALES IMPROVED AND VACANT PROPERTY MORTGAGES INSURANCE RENTING 7629 Lake Street Rr er Forest IIIrnors est 9043 44 Aust n 1275 Watches CompIete Dramoncls OptrcaI N J eweIry ervuce Prescr ptron D ugglst ULIDN BREUNIG IIU NDQK PGRKWE OQK DRRK ILLINOIS HVCNUC IQMK BLDG. 501 M d P EuQId1854 KURT I2 PH E Ido 3 Ill I I I .V I . . r - I .I 5 ' I ' r ' N K I I o :son St. Oak ark, III I N. 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Suggestions in the Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL) collection:

Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Fenwick High School - Blackfriars Yearbook (Oak Park, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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