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ww-.QL gk, 2, M 4 ,Q 'PB , ,, ,paw K xfkl ' mx., ' WP.. MM ffmwfff WWW fw- . 'A' T' 'Wim' M ,. fflkf, ,-,J ,Q fA ,A "MM 7 M k .A Q Mymy' . fx ,.,. ff 1 "Wy, M4 A f' ,ff ' ,f ,, wg V. 'z f , 1 'fvyrff f A V591-. fyx JN, f ,Q 'x xr - 559 :- ' f 'W vig - . S., K , fx WA N I ' lj f f 1 7l315'T?M?iEffH'E.0EnF' 1kifXXW'5JfZ 15.1 ffifikh. Rs:i51'l'f3!'5 'BYE' ?f.F?'5'iX.'1.,i'fQ' 'PJK'?3f!l'+?B:L'Lilii' W. BLACKFRIARS, 1943 FENWICK HIGH SCHOOL Oak Pork, Illinois DEDICATION By lhe use of a microscope 'rhe scien+is'l' is able +o see fhe real qualilies and componenfs in such ordinary fhings as a drop of wafer or a flake of snow, aspecis never realized by 'rhe ordinary person. He sees ihem from an enfirely diFlieren+ perspecrive, 'rhrough which we, 'raking such fhings for granred, never irouble +o look. Bur now, wirh ihe deeper insighr and 'rhar fruer evaluaiion of fhings 'rhai war gives +o all of us, we undersrand and appreciare +ha+ which has been given us by our school 'rhrough The efforls and sacrifices of fhe faculry, paren'rs, alumni, and friends of Fenwick. And especially 'ro our alumni do we feel indebfed. For Fenwick has come of age. Her sons are in uniform, profecl- ing, preserving fhe Calholic and American ideals which 'lhey have learned here and which fhey have passed on 'ro us. We are indeed proud +o dedicafe 'rhis '43 edi+ion of BLACKFRIARS +o our alumni as a presen+a'rion of 'rhe everyday American 'rhings we love and believe in and in apprecialion of 'lheir sacrifices. Wi+h fhis, fhen, as our mofive, we are happy 'ro announce +he iheme of +I-me '43 BLACKFRIARS . . . QAM :704 J A IS ITS ADMINISTRATION the true state ot the stucIent's progress as reveaIed to serious-Iaced parents on Parents' Night . . . Father Van Rooy's announcements about the Iatest Army and Navy opportunities . . . I:atherIVIyers,tatherIy advice and encouragement to Iagging students . . . Father Nugent's cynicoI smiIe at weaI4 excuses tor tardiness . . . curt requests tor siIence in the Iibrary from Miss Frasz . . . the sincere interest everywhere tor the stu- dents' weItare . . . Perfect schools are the resuIt not so much ot good methods as ot good teachers, teachers who are thor- oughIy prepared and weII grounded in the matter they have to teach: who possess the inteIIectuaI and moral qualifications required! by their important otticeg who cherish a pure and holy Iove tor the youths confided to them, because they Iove Jesus Christ and His Church, ot which these are the children ot predilection: and who have Iheretore sincereIy at heart the true good ot tamily and country. Pius XII Clzrisljan Educzzzion of Yozfflz v 1 gully 4 IS l'l"S STUDENTS +he basketball players frying +o sell 'rickels +o +heir games . . . ihe fellow who lends you a nickel for an ice cream bar . . . 'rhe Honor Roll prodigies . . . 'rhe boy who ea+s his lunch during home room . . . 'rhe boys behind +he candy counter . . . ihe servers a+ Mass and Beneclicfion . . . The "dealers" and +he slay- a+-homes . . . players on 'rhe faofball, baskel- ball, and all +he ofher Fenwick +eams. The o+hers smiled wifhoui answer, and after a pause Chips began a 'fainf and palpifafing chuckle. "Yes-umph- I have," he added, with quavering merri- menr. "Thousands of 'em . . . +housands of 'em . . . and all boys." James Hil+on: Good-bye, Mr. Chipt' -kQuotation by permission of Little, Brown and Company, Boston: Publishers End sheet quotation by permission of Macmillan Company, New York wig 'T ,Q iff - X M 'E -4 , -f 42 f 1, 4 X X fl Q .gr X", . aw - .4 H , .J IS lT'S ATHLETICS If is a pigskin ream 'rha'r s+ar'l'ed 'ihe season wi'rh +wo veierans back, and won fhe Norih Seciion . . . "Tony" Lawless, 'rhe man re- sponsible .... His able assis'ran+, Dan O'Brien. . . . A swimming 'ream +ha+ won iis sixfh sfraighi 'iifle .... The heavyweighi' quin'le+ Thai' rose in a mediocre season and knocked off The champion S+. George Dragons. . X. . The lighls, who foughi all 'rhe way .... The now famed Junior Tourney .... Commandos a+ dawn .... lniramurals .... Boxing, wi'rh i+s hazards .... H' is Following Fenwick's Fighfing Friars. H's nor 'rhe dog in The 'Fight bu? +he Hgh+ in 'The dog fhai' coun'rs in 1, , In 4 ,,,.,4-ff if ,HZ g ,-W X ' 5 4 f. ff , fbi. in Zgfm ,M V. M, .4 .4 -f - f f, Q.. gf ,. 7 SX, 'dif f af 5 f ' , 3 ' f a 4 3 15' f D A W M' 'Mr' ,Q Jw, 2 -, 1' 1 : if? ., V40 ,ff . + Q 1 f f I O , I Y? I A. , fp ' . 1 I J 1, B 1 3 W I 4 I .liz-If X w W f ., zo if , g 5 ? 17 V L, lb, , H 'Z ,X- 7 1. i O "'-wean-M.-, W Q r f X .4 fa. .ni k U Q Xx . , g , , , 1 X ' .af 1 --ar Q I , ,Q XX' us .M .,,, . S 9? .Q 5 , Q sw . -film ,S ar' ' ,X 1,1 1 .J -Q IS IT'S ACTIVITIES Fenwick is ifs acfivifies . . . fhe worry over Confrafernify speeches . . . sfriking of sour nofes aI band pracfice . . . Hunfing hof copy dead- line nighf , , , nervousness of fhe amafeurs before fhey face fhe mob . . . 'frying fo sell prom fickefs fo underclassmen . . . Debafing fhe ap- proved fopic . . . speculafion: who will make 'rhe honor Sociefy . . . scrambling for spirifual books during refreaf . . . endeavoring fo find new ideas for Ihe Symposium speech . . . frying fo figure ouf which girl friend 'Io ask fo fhe nexf dance . . . . . . There remains fo us fhe consideraflon of His IGocl's1 image, fhaf is, man, insofar as he is bofh fhe inifiafor of his own works, as one possessed of free will and having dominion over fhose works St. Thomos Aquinas: Summa Theologzm Prologue to the Second Port , f '7 , . , 7. f.,f,,,, fm ,,,, 7131 V , 2 - iw fifiia . Q Y ww., 1 44132 . ' 'tw Q- ., 1 f' fic , Q zz Q ., .. . 0 Y H ' , -ms yy ? iw Hz P .S 5. fi sz 1, V. . , ww. J IS IT'S FRIENDS Pafrons and adverlisers . . . Moih- ers' Club . . . Faihers' Club . . . bus drivers . . . s+ree'r-car conduciors . . . mo'roris+s who give rides +o hifch- hikers . . . +he diocesan priesis pay- ing +ui'rion of promising boys . . . +he eighlh-grade Sisier in a 'far-away neighborhood who boosis 'ihe school every spring . . . +he man who has no son bu+ "sells 'rhe school 'ro 'rhose who have" . . . all fhose quiei ones who prefer 'ro be unlcnown, who wafch in silence, knowing 'rhemselves io be a par'r of i+ and reioicing in +heir par- ficipaiion. I have loved my friends as l do vir'rue, my soul, my God Sir Thomas Browne g U K w ma, it .,j-L-f L, ,, .. f f 4 7 .gg 1-,fx 40 f .-'ff'-.'41-vS'f7: 4-4, ,,.-f f- w-ffm , f I f V ' V f ME? 5 ,,,, ,K z ,ef -fm., 7 i sf, ax: -2 -,L 'Wir 4 K 4 Ncimmmwlm The success of any business organizafion de- pends greaily upon 'Ihe capabiliiies and person- alilies of 'Ihe men who head if. School, af+er aII, devolves ilself pre++y much in'I'o a business, wiI'h The Ieachers as Ihe head of Ihe corpora'I'ion. Buf while business men may work hard and long, 'Ihey are working for Ihemselves, for whaf I'hey personally will ge'I' as I'he fruii of Iheir hard work. Bu+ 'Ihe priesl' is a business man of God who devo'Ies all his life, knowledge, and energy Io Ihe honor and glory of God in whafever manner he is bes+ qualified. ADMINISTRATION Rev. R. Kelleher, OP., NIA. Principal, Communications Rev. W. D. Von Rooy, OP., NIA. Assistant Principal, journalism, Plane-spotting The ambition of their business life is +o edu- cate young Ca+holic men in the various ways of making a living, taking their places in society and bettering the world because of their training. However, the mosl' imporianl' phase of Cath- olic education is the religious aspect in which ihe student comes io know his relationship with his Creator, his obligations to God, 'ro his coun- try, and to himself. He is taught the ultimate end and purpose of life, salvaiion. ln public schools religious educafion is dis- missed as unnecessary, impractical. This is 'the greatest mistake of the modern world, "For whai doth ii' profil' a man if he gain lhe whole world bul' loses his immortal soul?" This training, above all, should we absorb and utilize. The priests of Fenwick have done 'l'heir best +o impart this basic +rul'h of life 'lo us. Especially in these days of war when many gradu- ales will immediately srep in1'o +he Army or Navy and aclive service is l'his religious 'training necessary and praciical. During Falher Kelleher's lwo and one half years as principal Fenwick has prospered and her courses of study have expanded. The many iobs l'ha'l a principal performs daily are seldom brought +0 light fo be appreciated, but 'rhey are most vil'al +0 fhe mainienance of the insii- fuiion. Father Kelleher's experience as a navy wireless operafor during the firsl war has greatly benefited his communications class, one of the pre-induction courses. He has helped in many ways fo further advance Fenwicks and her en- viable good name. To help in +he trying task of running such a school, Father Van Rooy was installed as assist- ant principal and has very capably shouldered a greal' par+ of the responsibility. Father teaches plane-spoHing and iournalism. Under his direc- tion The Wick has won several All-American Awards. Rev. B. B. Myers, OP., S.T.Lr. Director of Studies, French Rev. L. E. Nugent, OP., M.A. Director of Discipline and Religious Activities T L . Rev. V, S. Feltrop, O,P,, M,A, Religion, Latin Rev. R. L. Tucker, OP. BS. Physics, Mechanical Drawing, Aerodynamics Rev. A. Murtaugh, OP., B.A. Latin Rev.A, T. Townsend, O.P., M.A. Modern History, Religion 3 ' ' . ' -..-........ - Rev. G. G. Conway, O.P., B.A Mathematics, Debating FACULTY Seeing the need tor special war- time training, the Fenwick admin- istration has adopted special courses which will be ot good value upon graduation to those who have taken them. With the emphasis on aeronau- tics, courses have been taught which acquaint the novice with the basic principles ot airplane navi- gation, including courses in aero- dynamics, meteorology, and plane- spotiing. Instructions have also been given in communications and in otfice work, shorthand and typing. Father Tucker has instructed students in aerodynamics, Father Walter in meteorology, and Father Van Rooy in plane-spotting. Un- der the supervision ot Father Kel- leher, who was a navy radio oper- ator, students ot communications have made excellent progress. Thus Fenwick, as always, has equipped her students so as to be better able to tace the world, even in these days, and the problems which they will soon meet both in times ot war and peace. -m.,,,. va, . Zi X 1- D. Malone, OP., M.A. Rev.C. A. Carosella,O.P.,Ed.M. Rev. M. A. Kavanaugh, Rev. E. A. Vitie, O.P B A Economics, Civics, Religion Mathematics, Refresher Mathematics lt would be impossible to find another priest more interested and better qualified for the posi- tion of Director of Studies than Father Myers. Father has always shown the deepest interest in boys and their problems. His sound advice and admonitions have helped' many a boy of Fenwick. Maintaining discipline in a high school is con- stant and exhausting work. Yet Father Nugent, as all Fenwick students can testify, does a thor- ough job. Father has also been a zealous pro- moter of religious activities. OP., B.A. Religion American History, Speech Father Feltrop-Alumni Moderator, Christmas Baskets, long hours coaching his basketball bantams and flys . . . Father Tucker-Physics ex- periments, aerodynamics classes, and his base- ment contines . . . Father Murtaugh-guardian of the cafeteria door, study-period jokes, no li- brary permits . . . Father Townsend, director of the Glee Club, his pipe collection, and British accent . .. . Father Conway-algebra homework, debating teams, algebra homework, book-store, and algebra homework. A. Simones, O.P., B.A. Rev. C. M. Fisher, OP., B.A. Rev. W. Regan, OP., M.A. Rev. E. C. Lillie, O.P M A Latin, Director of Music Chemistry, General Science English, Religion English if P "Is--1-,wf1y1gfiLf" my UQ Rev A. Quinn, OP., B.A. Rev. E. M. McGowan, Rev. A. B. Nieser, OP., M.A. Rev. M. M. Barron, O.P B A Spanish, Spanish-American OP., B,A. World History, Religion, English, Speech, Moderator of History Mathematics First Aid BLACKFRIARS Father Malone--"Clean up the lunch-room. Father Fisher-a blackboard filled with per- please!"g Amateur Nighty "Does everyone in this Religion class take Economics?" . . . Father Caro- sella-refresher math, "Now listen, boys, this isn't funny!" . . . Father Kavanaugh-history book reports, his basement beat during lunch period, Frosh Moderator . . . Father Vitie-Red Cross and defense stamp salesman, Latin and scripture quotations, a ready smile . . . Father Simones-Band work, faculty ration points, Vlrglllfu fieneid. Rev G F. Walter, O.P., LL.M. Business Law, Sociology, Rev. T. A. Dymelc, OP., B.A. Religion, Meteorology English, Speech plexing formulas, the Fathers' Club, his three-foot flashlight . . . Father Regan-"This is a study- period, remember?" . . . Father Lillie-memory lines, his three reserved seats in the front row, photography fan . . . Father Quinn-Junior Class Moderator, "cokes" and candy bars at basketball games . . . Father McGowan-Senior Class Moderator, rolled-up sleeves after school hours, Senior Prom . . . Father Nieser-'f-"When evZrything's quiet, we'll say the prayerg" First Ai . . . Rev. N. Morgenthaler Rev. D. D. Smith, OP., B.A. O.P., B.A. English, Speech, Moderator of Latin, Religion THE WICK Director of Athletics .... , 'rr-r Father Barron-BLACKFMARS, uHave and Have notn, scrupulous enunciation, his freshman friends . . .FatherWalter-meterology, Sophomore Moderator, piercing eyes . . . Western friendliness . . . Father Dymek-Fenwiclc alumnus ol '32, blitzlcrieg tests on sophomores , . . Father Smith-WICK Moderator, class- mate ol Father Dymelc, begging lor copy and news . . . Father Morgenthaler-Athletic Director expostulating pep talles, deep tan and gleaming teeth, confirmed jugger . , . Brother Scholtman- bugs and crawfishes, ardent sup- porter of Fenwicla teams, Briefcase andumbrella . . . Coach Lawless - Commando Tactician, "Line up, two on each side of the boardf' "Clean towels . . . tomorrowzu HBrealc up and start playingf '... Dan O'Brien+ tape and bandages, alumnus of '34, first aid classes . . . Miss Frasz-UKeep quiet or leave the library," 'This bool: was due two weelcs agof, i'Will you boys please sit at ditferent tables?" . . . Mr. Sovinec-his baton, band rehearsals, concerts. Rev. R. Schoftman, CSV., M.S., D.V.M. Biolo y General Science Q 1 Mr. A. R. Lawless, B.A. Coach, Physical Director ' , 5 f iff- J.-v Miss Loretta Frasz, B.A, Librarian I 5 2 Mr. Dan O'Brien A Trainer, First Aid ' i Mr. john Sovinec Director of Band 21 Bro.Mc1nne3, OP. Bro. Giles, OP. Maintenance Regigfrqf XX U 2.2 ,4f,, I '.1f ff-7 "h' A Wil V STAFF lmporlan+ cogs in 'rhe wheels of Fenwick are 'fhe mainfenance, +he office, and +he cafeferia sfaffs. Fen- wick's repu'la+ion as a beau- 'iifully-kepi school is due largely +0 'lhe efforls of Brofher Mannes. His are ihe lasks of cleaning black- boards, floors, repairing lockers, replacing lighi bulbs: numerous 'I'asks, each helping 'ro keep 'rhe school in smoolh running condi+ion. Callers a+ Fenwick are greeled' by Brofher Giles, fhe regislrar. He fransacfs all office busi- ness and execuies +he clerical work involved in fhe opera- 'Hon of +he school. Besides sending oui' mos+ of 'lhe cor- respondence issuing from Fenwick, and +he regular ser- ies repori cards, Brofher Giles has ihe pa+rio+ic duly of seiling war bonds and siamps and accepfing dona- 'rions for ihe Red Cross. Since 'Phe inner man musf also be forfified, 'rhe cafe- 'reria sfaff has 'rhe big Task of feeding +he s1'uden'rs of Fenwick. Under ihe direc- +ion of Mrs. Mahoney, nour- ishing meals are provided daily. Mrs. Mahoney Mrs. Nolan Cafeteria SENIORS ln Sepfember of I939, one hundred and forfy-fhree boys enfered Fenwick High School as freshmen. Germany invaded Poland' fhus sfarfing fhe second World War, and, afler almosf a year of a "war of nerves" swepf fhrough fhe Low Counfries. During fhe summer vacafion came fhe fall of France. Nexf Sepfember fhe class of '43 again convened, a few new faces had appeared and a few old ones had disappeared. The summer saw fhe air blifz roar over fhe skies of England. The class of '43, sopho- mores now, was sfill unaffecfed. Many were now playing on fhe foofball, baskefball, and swimming feams. The Lend-Lease acf was passed by Congress. The nexf year was a big one for fhe class of '43, junior prom, sporfs, Wifk, Amafeur Nighf, debafing, band. And during all fhis fime we were innocenfly unconcerned, righf up fo fhaf disasfrous Sunday, December 7. There was much falk of enlisfing buf few enlisfmenfs. ln Sepfember fhe class of '43 came back fo school wondering whefher fhey would finish fheir lasf year. The eighfeen year old regisfrafion acf was passed' and war courses were added fo fhe school curriculum. Up fo fhis fime fheir high school life had been iusf 'rhe same as fhose of preceding classes, buf in June fhey would have an enfirely differenf fufure fo look forward fo. May God wafch over and profecf fhe class of '43, Senior Class Officers John Higgins Presidenfg Frank McDonald, Treasurer: Merlin McNeIlis, Vice-Presidenfq Richard Finn, Secrefary Re E. M. McGowan, O. F. Moderafor. James Aldworfh Leonard Baker John Bowman Thomas Brady Richard Brooker Joseph Brousil John Casfans Donald Cloufier James Aldworih Richard Brooker SI. Edmund-Band, 2, Boxing, 2. S. E. Gross-Glee Club, 4, Foolball, 2, 3, Baskef- ball, I, 2, 3: Boxing, I, 2, 4. Leonard Baker Mary Queen of Heaven-Blackfriars, 45 Foofball, Joseph Bmusil 3, 4, Boxing, 3, 4: Bowling, 3. our Lady of me Mounl, John Bowman h S+. Angela-Amaieur Nigl-1+CommiHee, 3: Com- 'Io n Casifans Resurrechon-Foolball, I, 2, 3, 4, In'rramuraIs d,4gF 'rbII,3gB' ,4. , , man os oo a oxmg I, 2, 3, 4, Swimming, I, 2, 3, 4, Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4 Confrafillion CommiHee, 4. Thomas Brady Ascension-Dramafic Club, Ig Speaking Club, Ig Tennis Team, 3: Capfain, 4, Inlramuralsg Free Donald Cloulier +hrow champ, 2: Tennis champ, 2, 3, 4. Nixon-Boxing, Ig In+ramuraIs, 3. 2.7 SENIORS . . . John Cody William Creedon St. Catherine of Sieno'c-Wiclx, 3, 4j Blocldriors, 4, S+- EUIBIIB-Am6I'9Uf' NIQITI Commiflee. 3? Dra- Lightweight Basketball, 1, 2, 3. ma+ic Club. I: Boxing. I. 2. 3. 4. Richard Corbe++ Thomas Culler+on S+. Luke Our Lady of Vic+ory-Blackfriars, 4: Amaleur Nigh+ CommiH'ee, 3, Junior Prom Commi'Hee, 33 Foofball, I, Z, 4, Bowling-Class champ, Ig Geo,-ge Corn-,ack School champ, 35 Caplain, 4g Boxing, I, 2, 4. S+. Eulalia-Servers' Club, Ig Boxing, 2, 4, Fool'- ball, I, 2, In+ramuralsg Blaclcfriars, 4. Thomas Cusack Roosevelf-Commando, 43 Foofball, I, 2, 3, 4: Edward Codeuo lnframurals, 3, Track, 2, 3, 43 Boxing, 4. S+. Thomas Aquinas-Deba+ing, Ig Discussion Club, 3, Chrislmas Baslce+s, 3: Confrafillion Com- John De Celle mlflee. 4- S+. Lulce-Wick, 3: Boxing, 4: Band, I, 2, 3, 4. I I John COCIY Richard CorbeH' George Cormaclr Edward Cosfello William Creedon Thomas Cullerfon Thomas Cusack John De Celle 26 1943 Fred Domke William Donlan Roberf Dwyer Richard Farrell Fred Domke Sayre-Blackfriars, 4: Public Speaking, I: Junior Prom Commiliee, 3: Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4: Bowling, 4: Foolball, I: Iniramurals. William Donlan Resurrecfion-Lighlweighr Fooiball, I, 2, 3: Box- ing, 4. George Doyle Resurreclion-Boxing, I, 2: Foolball, I: Lighl- weighl' Baskelball, I. Edward Dunne S+. Giles-Debafing, I, 2, 3, 4: Blackfriars, 4: Public Speaking, I: Junior Prom Commillee, 3: Discussion Club, 2, 3: Amaleur Nighf Commilfee, 3: Confraliflion CommiHee, 3, 4: Servers' Club, 3, 4: Wick, 3, 4: Boxing, I, 2. George Doyle Edward Dunne Cyril Farwell Richard Finn Roberl Dwyer Wilson Richard Farrell S+. Edmund-Blackfriars, 4: Dramalic Club, I: Servers' Club, 3: Discussion Club, 3: Boxing, I, 2: Foofball, I, 2: Inlramurals. Cyril Farwell Ascension-Blackfriars, 4: Wick, 3, 4: Discussion Club, I, 2, 3: Servers' Club, I, 2, 3: Boxing, I, 2: lnlramurals. Richard Finn S+. Calherine of Sienna-Class Secreiary, I: Presidenl, 2, 3: Secrelary, 4: Band, I, 2: Discus- sion Club, 2, 3: Chrislmas Baskefs, 3: Junior Prom Commilfee, 3: Confrafillion Commillee, 3, 4: Freshman Paper: Secrefary of Confralerniiy, 3: Baskelball, I, 2, 3: Co-Capfain, 4: Golf, 2. 27 f 4 T 2 f 1 Gerald Fiizgerald John Filzgerald Rober+ Fleming l'lober+ Foley John Frederick James Froelich Thomas Gavagan Raymond Gillen SENIORS Gerald Fi+zgeraId S+. Giles-Blackfriars, 4, Chris+mas Baske+s, 3: Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Coun+ry Team, 3: Foo+- ball, Ig In+ramuraI Swimming Champ, 3, Swim- ming, 4: Track, 3, 4. John Fi+zgeraIcI S+. Pius-Servers' Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4' Chris+mas Baske+s, 3, Foo+baII, Ig Manager, 4. Rober+ Fleming S+. Angela Rober+ Foley S+. Ca+herinc of Sienna-Freshman Presiden+g Chris+mas Baske+s, 3, Discussion Club, 3: Boxing, Ig Track, 3, 4. John Frederick S+. Edmund-Amaleur Nigh+ Commi++ee, 3, Box- ing, Ig Ban+amweigI.+ Baske+ball, 3, Baske+ball, I 2, 3, 4, Foo+baII, I, 2, 3, 4. James Froelich St. lomes Thomas Gavagan Visi+a+ion-Freshman Paper, Public Speaking, Ig Wick, I, 2, 3, Edi+or, 43 Discussion Club, 3: Chris+mas Baske+s, 3, Blackfriars, 43 Boxing, I, 2, 3. Raymond Gillen S+. Angela-Debaling, I, 3, Boxing, I, 2, 4. 1943 Roberl' Goederi' S+. Giles-Sophomore Treasurerg Debaling, I, 2 3, 4, Public Speaking, I, Wick, 3, 4, Blackfriars, 4, Freshman Paper, Discussion Club, 33 Chrisf mas Baskeis, 3, Ama'I'eur Nighl' CommiI'Iee, 3 Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4: Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4. Rober+ Gross Ascension-Dramalic Club, Ig Public Speaking Ig Amaleur Niglwi' Commi+'Iee, 33 Boxing, I, 2 3, 4, Ligl'1Iweigl'1'I Baskelball, I, 2: Foolball, I, 2 Track, I, 2. Edward Hall Irving-Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club, Ig Fly weiglwl' Baskeiball, 3: Inlramurals. James Hollowed St. Angelo--Glee Club, 4, Boxing 4, Intro murals, 4. William Hafclw SI. Paul of Ilie Cross-Discussion Club, 3: Dra malic Club, Ig CI'1risI'mas Baskefs, 3, Foofball, I Boxing, 4, Swimming, I, 2, 35 Co-capI'., 4: Track, I,2. Roberi Havranek Our Lady of 'Ihe Mounf-Amaleur Niglil' Com miHee, 3: Boxing, Ig FooI'baII, I. David Head S+. Luke, S'I'. Paul, Minn.-Amaleur Niglnf Com miH'ee, 3, Boxing, I, 2, 3. William Hedberg Our Lady of Vicfory-Band, I, 2: Glee Club, 43 Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4, Foofball, I. Rober+ Goederi' Roberl Gross Edward Hall James Hallowed William Hafch Rober+ Havranek David Head William Hedberg William Hessler ImmacuIa+e Conceplion-War Bond Winner, 3. John Higgins S+. Angela-Senior President, Glee Club, 4, Baslcefball, Ig Boxing, I, 2: Foofball, I, 2, 33 Cap- Iain, 43 Traclc, I, 2, 3, 4. William Hessler John Higgins Richard Hoelzer X- Frenlx Hozficka James Immerman Donald Kenney James Kilbridge Georg 3 Koss Richard Hoelzer S+. Calherine of Sienna-Freshman Paper, Junior Prom CommiHeeg Chrislmas Baslcels, 3, Discus- sion Club, 3, Radio Club, Ig Blaclcfriars, 43 Boxing, Ig Swimming, I, 2, 35 Co-capf., 4, Track, I, 2. Frcnlc I'IosticI4c1 S+. Barbara-Glee Club, 4, Servers' Club, 3, 4. 30 James Immerman S+. Edmund-Amaleur Nigh+ Sanla Claus, Chrisf- mas Baslcels, 3: Camera Club, Ig Discussion Club, 3, Junior Prom Commilieeg Boxing, I, 3, 4. Donald Kenney S+. Cornelius-Dramalic Club, Ig Amaieur Nighl Commi'Hee, 3, Glee Club, 4, In'I'ramuraIs. James Kilbridge SI. Lucy-Glee Club, 43 Boxing, I, 3, 4, Baslcef- ball, Ig Iniramurals. George Koss SI. Paul of Ihe Cross-Amaleur Nigh+ Commil- fee, 3, Chrisfmas Baskeis, 3, Confrafillion Com- miHee, 4: Red Cross Dance Commifiee, 3, Servers' Club, I, 2, 3, Wiclc, 3: Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4. John Kuhlman S+. Francis Xavier-Glee Club 4' Boxin 3 4 I I gl I I Golf Team, 3, 43 Bowling Team, 45 In+ramuraIs. James Leyden Resurreclion-Boxing, I, 4, Foo+baIl, I. James Marlin S+. Francis Xaxier-Boxing, I, 2, 3, 41 Foo+baII, 3, 4: Traclc, 3. Gregory Moran S+. Pa+ricIc Academy-Chris+mas Baske+s, 3: Blackfriars, 4, Discussion Club, 3: Boxing, I, 2, 4. John Lindsay S+. Eulalia-Drama+ic Club, Ip Junior Prom Com- mi++ee7 Confra+erni+y Presiden+, 4: BIack+riars, 4: BasIce+baII, 2, 3: Foo+baII, 2, 3, 4. Cons+an+ine Marsalli Bishop Quar+er -Band, I, 2, 3. 4, John Kulhman James Leyden John Lindsay Cons+an+ine Marsalli James Mar+in Gregory Moran Harold Moroni Daniel Mueller Harold Moroni S+. Angela-Ama+eur Nigh+ Commi++ee, 3, Blaclc- +riars, 43 Drama+ic Club, Ig Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4' Foo+baII, Ig In+ramuraIs. Daniel Mueller S+. Ca+herine of Sienna-Manager, I, 2, 3, 4' Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4. 31 I Thomas Mulholland Richard Mullen George McCarIhy James McCar+hy Thomas Mulholland Ascension-Amafeur Nigh+ CommiHee, 3, Ten- nis, 4. Richard Mullen SI. Angela-Junior SecreI'ary, DramaI'ic Club, Ig Chrisfmas Baskels, 3, Junior Prom Commilfeeg Glee Club, 45 Discussion Club, 3, Public Speak- ing, Ig Radio Club, 2, Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4, Fooiball, I, 2, Bowling Team, 4, Iniramurals. Frank Murnane S+. Cafherine of Sienna-Chrislmas Baskels, 3, Servers' Club, 2, 3, Foo+baII, I. Daniel McCarI'hy S+. Eulalia-Dramafic Club, I, Public Speaking, Ig Blackfriar Edi'ror, 4, Wick, 3, 4, Amaleur Nighi CommiH'ee, 3, Red Cross Dance CommiHee, 3, Chrisfmas Baskeis, 3, Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Counrry, 3: Foo+baII, I, 2, Commandos, 4. 32 Frank Murnane Daniel McCar+hy Frank M:DonaId Edward McGah George McCar'rhy S+. Mel-Camera Club, Ig DebaI'ing, I, 2, Black- Iriars, 4, Wick, 2, 3, 4, Chrisfmas BaskeI's, 2, 3, Boxing, I, 3, 4, Foorball, I, 2, Commandos, 4. James McCar+hy S+. Calherine of Sienna-Servers' Club, 3, -4: Boxing, 3. Frank McDonald Roosevelf-Vice-presideni of Class, Ig Secreiary, 27 Vice-presidenf, 3: Treasurer, 4, Amafeur Nigh+ Commi'Hee, 3: Junior Prom CommiI"reeg Boxing, 4, Baske+baII, I, 2, 3, Foo+baII, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, I. Edward McGah SI. Giles-Blackfriars, 4, Chrisfmas Baskefs, 3: Discussion Club, 3, Boxing, I, 3, 4. I I I John McGinn Edward McHugh Merlin McNeIIis James Nuslco Joseph O'Connor Roberl' O'Connor Roger O'Connor Frank O'MaIIey John McGinn Ascension-Band, I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 4: Box- ing, 2. Edward McHugh Shorewood Merlin McNeIIis erlne of Sienna Senior Vice presidenl' SI. Ca'Ih ' - - I Amareur Nighr Commilfee, 3: Chris+mas Baskers, . I I 3: Lighrwelghi' Baskerball, I, 2, 3, 4: Box'ng, I, 2 3, 4: Champ, I and 3: Inrramurals: Track, I, 2 3, 4. James Nuslco S+. Giles-Blackfriars, 4: Confrarillion Commi-I +ee, 4: Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4: Baskerball, I: Foolball I, 2. Joseph O'Connor Our Lady Help of Chrisfians-Boxing, I, 2: Swimming, I, 2. Roberl' O'Connor Our Lady Help of Chrisrians-Amareur Nighl' CommiHee, 3: Banramweighi Baskefball, I, 2, 3: Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4: Champ, 3: Foo+baII, I, 2. Roger O'Connor SI. Edmund-Band, I, 2, 3, 4: Discussion Club, 3: Chrislmas Baskers, 2, 3: Amareur Nighr Chair- man, 3: Junior Prom Chairman: Red Cross Dance Chairman, 3: Amaieur Nighl' Masrer of Cere- monies: Dramaric Club, I: Blackfriars, 4: Golf, I: Baskerball, 2: Iniramurals. Frank O'MaIley SI. Mel-Dramaric Club, I: Glee Club, 4: Fly- weighr Baskerball, I: Boxing, I: Foofball, I, 2, 3, 4. 33 if William Parker Edward Pen+is Richard Perry. Rober+ Pe+singer Norber+ Pogorzelski Edmund Quinn Harold Raphael Rober+ Reagan William Parker Our Lady Help o+ Chris+ians-Sophomore Vice- presidenlg Junior Treasurer, Ama+eur Nigh+ Com- mi++ee, Junior Prom Commi++ee, Baske+baII, Ig Bowling, 3, Boxing, Ig In+ramuraIs. Edward Pen+is S+. Barbara-Band, 3, 4: Servers' Club, 43 Glee Club, 4, Discussion Club, 3, Richard Perry S+. Eulalia-Blackfriars, 43 Drama+ic Club, I: Chris+mas Baske+s, 3: Discussion Club, 3: Servers' Club, 2, 3, Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4: Foo+baII, Ig Track, I. Rober+ Pe+singer ww? PW? S+. Ca+herine 0+ Sienna-Glee Club, 43 Boxing, 3, 4, Foo+baII, I, 2, 3, Ligh+weigh+ Baske+baII, I, 2, In+ramuraIs. Norber+ Pogorzelski Good Shepherd-Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4, In+ramuraIs. Edmund Quinn Camera Club, 2: Chris+mas Baskels, 3, Discussion Club, 3: Glee Club, 45 Boxing, I, 2, 3, Foo+baII, 2, 31 In+ramuraIs. Harold Raphael S+. James-Discussion Club 21 Radio Club, 21 Band, I, 2, 3, 47 Ama+eur Nigh+ Commi++ee, 3: Boxing I, 2, 3, 4, In+ramuraIs. Rober+ Reagan S+. Bernardine-Drama+ic Club, Ig Boxing, I, 3, 4: FIyweigh+ Baske+balI, I, 2: Foo+baII, I, 2, In+ra- murals. James Reecly St. Catherine ol Siena-Dramatic Club, 4, Band, 1, Q, Debating, 2, 3, Blacklriars, 4, Football, 1. William Regan S+. Edmund-Band, I, 2, 3, 4: Blackfriars Sporls Edilor 43 Chrislmas Baskels, 3, Dramalic Club Ig Freshman Paper: Wick, I, 2, 3: Associale Eclilor, 4: Glee Club, 4: Discussion Club, 3, Servers Club, 31 Boxing, I, 4, Swimming, 2: Foolball, Ig Com- manclos, 4: Inlramurals. John Reil John Mills-Blackfriars, 4: Discussion Club, 2: Banfamweighf Baskelball, I, 2, Foolball, I, 2, Box- ing, I, 2, 3, 4: Track, 4: lnlramurals. John Reilly SI. Giles-Chrislmas Baskels, 3: Glee Club, 4. Roberl Richerson SI. Peler Canisius-Glee Club, 43 Boxing, I, 2, 3, 4, Champ, 23 Lighlweighl Baskelball, 3. William Rosemeyer Sl. Francis Xavier-Confralernily Secrelary and Vice-Presidenf, 43 Blackfriars, 4: Discussion Club, 3, Baskelball, 2, 31 Co-caplain, 4g Boxing, Ig Foolball, I. John Sebaslian S+. Paul of Ihe Cross-Chrislmas Baskels, 33 Box- ing, 2, Foolball, I, 2: Track, I, 2, 3, 4. John Shannon S+. Giles-Blackfriars, 4: Glee Club, 4, Boxing, I, 2, Foolball, I. 'lf I4 45 I , ff, N ' ,fu N - ff r ' 4 fi James Reedy William Regan John Reil John Reilly Robe:-'I' Richerson William Rosemeyer John Sebaslian John Shanno P- - """"" ' l l Dale Smi+h Gerard Spahn John S+ava Philip Suess Joseph Sullivan Thomas Tappins Rober+ Teichen Thomas Venn Dale Smi+h Joseph Sullivan Ascension-Glee Club, 4, Flyweigh+ Baslce+ball, 2: S+. Giles-Blaclcfriars, 4, Boxing, 3, 4, Com- Ligh+weigh+ Baske+ball, 3, Heavyweigh+ Baske+- mandos, 4, Foo+ball, 2. ball 4: ln+ramurals. Th T ' Gerard Spahn omas appms S+. Giles--Chris+mas Baskels, 3, Glee Club, 4 Servers' Club, 2, ln+ramurals. Rober+ Teichen John Sfava William Ha+ch-Discussion Club, 3, Freshman our Lady of ,he Moum-Boxing I. Paper, Wick, 2: Boxing, I, 2, Baslce+ball, I. Philip Suess Thomas Venn S+. Giles-Blackfriars, 4: Discussion Club, 33 S+. Luke-Chris+mas Baske+s, 3, Swimming, 3, 4: Freshman Paper: Boxing, 3, 4g Tennis, 2, 3, 4. ln+ramurals. 36 Our Lady of Lourcles-Glee Club, 4, Boxing, 4. Thomas Weger James Wesl Jaclr Milder George Wilson Paul Wilson Thomas Weger St. Luke'-Band,1, Q, 3, 4, Blaclclriars, 4, Boxing 1, Q, 3, 4, Champ, 1, 2,4, Commandos, 4, lntrs murals. James Wesl' St. Xaviermflraclc, 1, Q, 3, Captain, 4. George Wilson Sl. Edmund Paul Wilson Lincoln High School, Maniiowoc, Wisconsin Jack Milder lntermediatewswing Band and Glee Club Ac- companist, 4. JUNIGRS Soon afier +he beginning of 'rhe school 'rerm 'rhe juniors elec+ed John Wilken, presi- den'rg Thomas Mur+augh, vice-presidenlg Richard Cronin, secrelaryg and Peier Brown, freasurer. Falher Quinn reiurned as moderafor. Scholarship among fhe juniors has been no'reworl'hy. They were represenfed on lhe Honor Roll by Edward Hus+oles, Richard Hickey, Philip Long, Thomas Gorman, and William Cahill wi+h more fhan a score of juniors making honorable menfion. We are jusfly proud of lhe juniors who have represenled iheir school and 'lheir class in all fields of spor'rs. Richard Cronin, capiain-elech Thomas Muriaughg Nicholas A. Colliasg John Henneseyg Thomas Mar+ing Ar'rhur Connelly: John'Wilking Edward Kavanaughg and Anfon Ruska all won major leHers for lioofball. Peler Brown, An'ron Ruska, and John Braue helped Fenwick clinch her elevenfh Calholic League swimming championship. Ofhers who swam on lhe junior feam were Roy O'Brien, and James Caulfield. Ray- mond Mclvlahon and Ned Snyder won 'rhe inlramural bowling championship. Members of fhe junior class who lasled ouf 'for 'rhe Commando course were Donald PaH'erson, Philip Long, John Foley, Andrew Powers, and Roberi' McCabe. R. Cronin, secreiaryg T. Mur+augh, Vice-presidenfp Fr. J. A. Quinn, Modera+or: J. Wilkin, Presidenfg Peier Brown, Treasurer. J. Ayres W. Basfien W. Bell W. Bendig J. Borlcovec P. Brown R. Buckingham W. Cahill J. Caulfield J. Cave J. Berfrarn W. Cline J. Coalxley N. A. Collias N. J. Collias J. J. Collins J. M. Collins A. Connolly W. Cowhey R. Cronin J. Dalfon R. Dalfon P. Davelos C. Davis J. Doherfy J. Dunne R. Dwyer H. Engel B. Faden M. Doody E. Fahey E. Farmer J. Foley P. Foley R. Gabriel G. Galley J. Geiger F. Gibbons T. Gorman J. Graham 39 J. Braue H. Harkensee R. Haug J. Healy J. Hennessy J. Herron R. Hickey F. Hogan E. Hudson J. Hurley E. Husfoles D. Jarema D. Jensen A. Kaindl E. Kavanaugh L. Keoughan W. Keys J. Kiley L. Kloiz V. Ko+h J. Kucaba J. Lawley R. Leander P. Long C. Lucas E. Maher J. Maiewski A. Markarian R. Marquardf T. Marfin J. Meyering A. Moroni M. Mulhern M. Munger T. MUF+6Ug:1 R. McCabe H. McHale R. McMahon W. McMahon J. Mcsweeney E. O'Brien R. O'Brien H. O'Toole D' O'Connor J. O'Donnell D. O'Sullivan L. Palmer D. Pa++erson M. Pawlowslxi A. Powers R. Provosf J. Prucha J. Quigley R. Quinlan T. Reynolds A. Ruska D. Ruiz D. Ryan G. Ryan T. Sammon H. Schwind N. Shanahan T. Simpson A. Siska W. Smiih E. Snyder J. Spanola E. Spaulding D. Sfuarf T. Sullivan G. Sweeney J. Sweeney K. Swfess T. Tierney R. Urban J. Walsh R. Weber J. Welch J. Wilkin SOPHOMORES The sophomores 'rhis year, under 'rhe able leadership of +heir modera+or, Fafher Waller, disfinguished +hemselves in every way. The class was promineni on 'lhe fooiball field wi+h J. Padula playing 'Firs+ s+ring and winning a major leHer. Several s+alwar+s backed him up by earning posifions on 'lhe second +eam and minor leH'ers. McElroy disfinguished himself by being +he only sophomore and also +he only under- classman fo earn a maior leH'er for baske'rball. Several sophomores were also on +he second sfring heavyweigh+ and +he firsl' sfring lighfweighl' lineups. Alfhough fhe sophomores did no+ win 'rhe iniramural swimming championship 'lhis year +hey did come in ahead of 'rhe juniors. Many members of 'lhe class of '45 broughl' applause from +he crowd on Amafeur Nighf. The boxing 'finals in April were no+ lacking in members of +he sophomore class bo'rh in lhe finals and in fhe preliminaries. Sophomore Class Officers P. Gruner+, R. Hanley, J. McKiH'rick, T. Burke, W. Ashfon, Members of fhe Council: S. Helffrich, Vice- Presidenfg W. Walsh, President Rev. G. F. Waller, Moderafor. ,K Top Picfure-Leff +o riglnl downslairsz F. Emiclm, J. Dwyer, W. Dooley, E. Caslans, D O'Rourlce, J. Goldlhwaife, R. Jablonski. Lefl +o rigl1+ on floor: J. Long, J. McAllis+er, J. Brundage, P. Barafla, W. Higgins J. Magrady, R. Walsh, C. Sfalzer, P. Grunerl, W. Mulcahy, R. Monaco, D. Organ L. Serwa+, J. Wilson, R. McClellan, T. BenneH. BoHom Piclure-Leff +0 rigl1+ downsfairsz N. Linclholm, W. Filzmaurice, D. Weber W. McElroy, R. Dreveny, H. Brands+rader, T. Surr. Leff 'ro righl' on floor: R. Shea, J. Gilboy, R. Jensen, G. Perrella, G. Hampsch, J. Krickl D. Mannion, J. Sfeinbach, G. Mraz, C. Penfis, R. Griflfing, F. Hieber, R. DiH'mer A. l"lar'rung. Top Piclure-lefi lo righf downslairss W. Hanan, C. Ellerrnang J. Bufler, D. Nugenl' J. McCar'rhy, R. Hanley, F. Peo, D. Mearsman, H. Poole, R. Aubuchon, D. Marlin J. McNerney, H. Frederick, J. Padula. l.ef'r 'ro righl' on floor: V. Wagener, lvl. Healy, T. BarreH, J. Maleclci, C. Harley F. Reiners, E. Rhine, J. Hughes, E. FreH, H. Donlan, J. L. Archibald, R. Williams A. McNichols, l. Mehringer, J. Baggof. Bo+iom Piclure-Lefi +o righf downsicfrs: E. McCabe, R. Smilh, S. Schorsch, VV. Ash +ong G. Broucelc, T. Burke. Lefl +o righl on floor: J. McKi'I'riclc, R. Brizzolara, F. Panclo'-ef, J. Vonesh, R. l'v1cGra+h J. BTs+ien, S. Helffrich, A. Wallach, J. Brahm, W. Hanneman, J. Archibald, R. Nelson J. K oclxe. Fa'l'l1er Vifie gives Red Cross reporf fo sophomore religion class. Frosh delve info mysferies of science. Q, J, - , 1, f .V , Parl' lunch period is used for spirilual nourislmmenl' ' I .,L, Z ,,lV. 5 " 'Tain'l' funny lvlcGee"- or is H? FRESHMEN This year's freshman class was one of fhe liveliesf in fhe hisfory of Fenwick. Under The direcfion of Fafher Kavanaugh, class moderafor, fhey conducfed a spirifed cam- paign for 'rhe class officers. Slogans such as "For good governmenf and clean living, vofe for C. Caron and R. Brown" were prinfed and passed around. The resulfs of fhe campaigns were: Coleman Caron, presidenfg Donald Romano, vice-presidenfg Roberf Dunne, secrefaryg and Jusfin Caron, freasurer. The freshmen have backed every aclivify of 'rhe school. In fhe scrap drive 'rhey broughf in 20.8 pounds per freshman, and fheir average of poinfs in fhe New W0rld subscripfion drive was 4.32. Forfy-fhree freshmen were awarded foofball numerals. A large percenfage of 'ihe class wenf ouf for baskefball. They parficipafed mosf acfively in swimming and in- framurals. Some even fopped fhe seniors in fheir evenfs. They have supporfed dances, fhe sfamp drive, and fhe school feams as well as, if noi' beffer fhan, some of 'rhe ofher classes. This class of '46 was fhe firsf one ever fo have class parfies as freshmen. Af fhese parfies fhey play baslcefball, swim, and play various games. Freshman Class Officers, Leff fo Righf: R. Dunne, Secrefaryg C. Caron, Presidenfg Fafher Kavanaugh, Moderaforg J. Caron, Treasurer: D. Romano, Vice-presidenf. Top Piclure-Lefi +o rigln' downslairs: J. Conmy, J. Kelly, W. Dunn, J. Hewiff, J. Cogley, A. Sclniess, R. Davy. Leff fo riglwf on floor: J. Considine, W. Darley, F. Coughlin, R. Bachner, J. Crowe J. Bican, D. Romano, C. Coyle, M. Can+u, F. Deiss, R. Brahrn, E. Conroy, B. Schindler W. Bonn. BoHom Picfure-Lef+ +o rigl1'r on sfairsz C. Berrigan, C. Salalc, J. Endres, G. O'Brien R. Dunne, J. Kinner, W. High, J. Slcehen. Leff +o righf on floor: R. Silces, B. Lamberfy, E. Voda, V. Kelley, J. Fosse, W. Fanning W. O'Connell, J. Biclwill, W. Gleason, W. Hamil+on, R. Rau+l1, J. Knauber, W. Goederf f-'QW' Top Piclure-Leif +o riglil' on s+airs: J. Whalen, P. Puzzo, R. Booker, W. Kennedy J. Sabaline, W. Joslin. Lefr +o riglwl on floor: 'P. Dunne, R. Freyder, E. Hickey, J. McNally, J. Lonergan, D Word, C. lurner, R. Toklenetti, E. Mcforron, E. Vosen, C. Paul, Plwelen, P. Petru A. De Lucia. Bolrom Picrure-From lefl ro rigl'1+ on slairsz J. Shield, W. Wroblewski, J. Broderick J. Weilzel, R. Cormack. From lefr ro riglnl' on floor: W. O'Day, E. Perrowsky, W. Svelwla, R. Marlin, J. Hnilo W. Brown, R. Davis, W. Mallweis, J. Higgins, J. Caron, R. Brennan, R. Sliwinski, J Courrney, R. Brown, B. Zicarelli. Top Picrure-Lefr ro righ'r downsrairsz W. Langford, J. Kevil, W. Barrelr, E. Macro E. Neckar, F. Connelly. On floor: L. Kaucky, C. Caron, R. Huspen, M. Moylan, F. Duchon, F. Gurrell, W Duchon, T. Cummins, W. Broderick, G. Lorr, D. Felz, J. Cassin, G. Kilroy, R. Nicoierre G. Danigeles. Bo'Hom Picrure-Lefi' 'io righi on srairsz R. Krause, A. Newhar+, W. Marseils, D. Mc Hugh, R. McLaughlin, R. Jordan, G. Bombenger, J. Kirby, J. Murphy, R. Fischer. Leff +o righr on floor: G. Hall, J. Caldarulo, W. Franra, W. Crowley, H, Muiligan L. McGee, J. Hiesiand, R. Brooker, Jas. O'Brien, G. Aamodi, R. Goode, J. Firzsimmons Jn. O'Brien. Leif 'ro righ'r downs+airs: E. Reidy, T. Russell, R. McClellan, R. Thomas, J. Karl. Leif +o righ'r on floor: R. McNerney, F. Valenfine, A. Reilly, A. Landerghini, J. Walsh F. Higgins, F. Muriello, W. Pohl, R. Tepper, L. O'Donnell, B. Schorsch, J. Sfevens T. Hughes. ' 7"""""5"Y Nihkm K 4 Coaches Coniemplaie The drive ro 'rhe Norrh Secfion 'ri+le began lasr Augusr. Caprain Jack Higgins and caprain'-elecl' Dick Cronin were sole veierans: Higgins a speedy, CHAMPION elusive back: Cronin a charging end and poison for plays 'rhrough his side of 'rhe line. "Fri+z" Frederick was moved from cenier ro fhe oiher end where he added +he offensive punch. Jack Casrans and Connolly developed info rackles 'Thai' could sfop anyrhing bui Hanlon of Leo. Wilkin and Hennessy +ook a large weighi handicap in siride and became fasiesf guards in The League, while Muriaugh soon sparkled ar cenrer wi+h his passing and defense. Jim Padula, a sophomore, blocked and 'rackled like a pro a+ quarrer, and Frank McDonald be- came one of +he league's oursianding kickers ai' lefi' half. Righr half Jim Mar+in blocked like a 'lank and smashed 'For yards when 'rhey were need- ed mosr. . . . And so, anoiher Friar championship squad. xp, as ,, , X , . .M fisi r - is 1 . -. J if X ly? T .- Af Q . , 'T , wff , ., ,,i, H..- Foorball Top row: J. Collins: D. Pafrersong R. McCabe: J. Caulfield: G. Collias: D. Ryan: R. Dwyer: F. Emich: J. McCar+hy: F. Peo: J. Ayres' A. Wallach: W. Higgins: J. Long. Nexilrowz Assisranr Coach Larry Flynn: V. Koih, Mgr.: R. Walsh: N. J. Collias: A. Connolly: F. O'Malley: A. Dallon: R. Hanley: W. Filz- maurice: T. Murfaugh: T. Marlin: E. Kavanaugh: A. McNichols: R. Marquardl: C. Harley: Coach Lawless: Rev. J. N. Morgenfhaler' D. Mueller, Mgr. greg rgw: T. Barrefr: H. Frederick: R. Dahlberg: J. Lindsay: R. Weber: J. Ca:rans: J. Higgins: R. Cronin: J. Frederick: N. Shanahan: . ra am. BoHom row: W. McElroy: J. Wilkin: J. Padula: J. Hennessy: F. Long: F. McDonald: A. Ruzka: R. Jablonski: T. Cusack: G. Galley. GRIDDERS - - ' i ' WXTY' 3. LeH fo righ1': Falher Morgen+haler, a'l'hle+ic clireclor, Dr. Walsh, Larry Flynn, Coach Lawless. Leif 'lo righh llinel Dick Cronin, Ari' Connolly, Jack Wiikin, Tom Muriaugh, Jack Hennessy, Jack Caslans, John Frederick. Lefi +o righf: lbackfielcll Jim Marlin, Jack Higgins, Frank McDon- ald, Jim Padula. ANDITHE MAN RESPONSIBLE . . LEAD FENWICK: I8-ST. PATRICK: O Friars of I942, wi+h nine unlesied' s+ar+ers, bow in by Ioppling S+. PaI'rick in defeai' . . . Shamrocks fail 'Io Ihrealen . . . Black and WhiI'e galher momen+um slowly . . . No score in opening half . . . Then Jack Higgins breaks away in 'rhird quarI'er for 'Iirs+ Iouch- down of season . . . Tom Mar+in snaI'ches a Gael pass aI midfield, and scores . . . Friars maneuver I'o Palrick 5 . . . Bill Higgins smashes Ihrough guard and across 'rhe goal . . . Gael passes begin Io click 'Ioo IaI'e. AUSTIN: 20-FENWICK: 6 AusI'in's formidable Tigers revenge Iheir 39-0 clefeai IasI' year . . . Massive Maroon line pro+ecIs John Malloy, who spirals Iwo 'Iouchdown passes Io Peierson . . . Mud and v7aI'er slow down ground game . . . Higgins fumbles on Fenwick 38 . . . Maroons roll downfield, McKiernan scoring . . . Malloy Peierson clicks . . . Friars perk up aI' end, Cronin faking McDonaId's pass on Ausfin Ihree . . . Higgins plunges over . . . Malloy- Peferson clicks again for fiffy yds. and score. FENWICK: 25-ST. PHILIP: 0 Friars forgel +heir inexperience and Irounce SI. Philip in league opener . . . Backs all en- ioy good yardage in firsf half, bu'r only Higgins scores . . . Gaels +urn on pressure Iaie in half . . . PaImer's passes spear deep info Friar Ierrifory . . . Half ends wifh Gaels on I'he four yd. Iine . . . Black and While seHIe down in second half, Higgins and McDonald scoring . . . ConI'es'r speeds Io conclusion . . . Padula grabs Mar+in's fumble on 'rhe bounce, runs 80 yds. +o score. HE NORTH SECTION AGAIN FENWICK: 26-LOYOLA: 0 Second League viclory in lhe bag as McDonald hils Higgins for six poinls . . . Loyola's Brown slarls passing . . . Higgins spears one ol his shols, down lo 43 . . . Marlin moves lhe necessary yards lo lally . . . Lale in hall, Marlin bucks down lo Loyola's I2 . . . McDonald flips lo Frederick on 3, lhen slips across . . . Lillle aclivily in second half, unlil Caslans pins 'fumble on 43 . . . "Mac" counls on Higgins' laleral. FENWICK: I9-ST. GEORGE: 0 Fighling lirsl lough League ballle, Black and While baffled by lricky Dragon reverses . . . George's 'lirsl down on Friar 6, bul line holds . . . Punl lrade, 'lhen McDonald kicks from own IO . . . Frederick iolls safely man, and grabs fumble . . . Higgins scools 40 yards 'lo end zone . . . Threal passes as Cronin snares Higgins' loss and scores . . . Murlaugh knifes inlo Dragon line 'lo block RadcliFle's punl . . . Marlin over on reverse. FENWICK: 4l-DE PAUL: 7 The Friars exorcise The Demons lhoroughly in poinl lesl begun by Higgins on lillh play . . . Jack relires afler I2 more poinls on long runs . . . Tom Marlin gallops over Demon goal wilh inler- cepled pass . . . Harley bounces pass from Cron- in's arms lo Frederick's for six more . . . Demons surprise . . . Fanning dashes 32 yds. lo score and Smreczak converls . . . Harley bullels anolher counler lo Dallon . . . Lindsay bools 5 P.A.T.'s. FENWICK: 6-ST. MEL: 0 One yard' 'lhrough mud and Mel line plows Jim Marlin lo clinch lhe Norlh Seclion for lhe Friars . . . Bolh 'reams unbealen . . . Higgins-Maggio duel slowed by muddy ground . . . McDonald's kicks keep Cadels back in lirsl hall . . . A lhird quarler of desperale play . . . Ball slips from Maggio's hands lale in game . . . Friars recover . . . Marlin scores on successive plunges . . . Wel Homecoming crowd goes wild . . . Mel rally fails. 55 MET LEO AGAIN FENWICK: I2-WEBER: 0 Norih Seclion champs again . . . Scoreless lapse in second hall lails lo hold Friars in Tille conquesl . . . Slow slarl . . . Vicious wind blowing downlield . . . Tokarski's kick blown down on 32 . . . Eighl plunges by Marlin lo score . . . Friars cling lo six poinl lead unlil lasl period . . . Cronin begins aclion wilh season's sole end run, 36 yds. lo lhe I5 . . . Marlin bucks across . . . Lindsay's conversion allempls blown away. LEO: 33-FENWICK: I3 Leo again . . . Anolher powerhouse eleven blocks lille hopes ol lhe lighling Friars . . . Hanlon scores lwice . . . Murphy rushed by Friars, losses 40 yd. desperalion pass lo Walsh-six more . . . Kelly opens hall wilh 40 yd. scoring dash . . . Friars launch olfen- sive . . . Dallon recovers Barry's lumble on Leo 6 . . . Marlin bucks over on lhird lry . . . Kelly clicks on punl relurn . . . McDon- ald hils Frederick wilh 20 yd. pass lor lasl minule score . . . Lindsay kicks lhe poinl. j. Ccxstano F. McDonald J. Frederick R. Dahlbe-rg N. A. Coilicxs R. Cronin J. Poduic 1. Higgins E. Kavanaugh CHAMPIONS T. Cusack A. Ruska j. Hennessy Tflvlurtcugh J. Wilkin j. Martin A. Connolly F. O'Molley and J.-Lindsay THE SEASON WAS TOUGH When 'The Fighfing Friars 'look i'he field againsi' S+. Philip. anyfhing could happen. A previous vicfory over Pais and a loss +o Ausfin had lefi' fhe fufure uncerlain. Bu? Philips fell 25-0 affer 'rhreafening once, in +he firsi half. Loyola was easy, +hen +he Black and Whi+e crushed DePaul 4I-7 and all eyes iurned +o 'rhe coming Mel game. S+ar+ing The George game, +he Friars found +hemselves baffled by fasl' reverses, bu? came Through in 'rhe second half 'To win I9-0. Then +he game-a rain soaked field, homecoming for bofh schools, and Jim Marlin buclced over wifh The Norfh Secfion Tiile under his arm. For 'rhe Cafholic fifle game, +he soufh secfion will have +o answer nexf year. LIGHTWEIGHTS W, i ,al Back row, left to right: Rev. J. N. Morgenthaler: J. Caulfield: J. McCarthy: W. Higgins, R. Walsh, R. McCabe, D. Patterson: D. O'Brien, Coach. Middle row: H. Frederick: A. McNichols: A. Wallach: D. O'Rourke: F. Emich: P. Long: R. Brizzolara. Front row: J. Graham: E. Castans: T. Barrett: D. Ryan: R. Weber: N. Shanahan: R. Jablonski. Winning two games, one from St. Philip and one from St. lgnatius, the lightweight squad played an undefeated season. The team, playing "Red" Hanley and Bill Fitzmaurice, ends: Bob Jablonski and Ned Shanahan, tackles: Jimmy Caulfield and Don Patterson, guards: Austy McNichols, center: Tony Ruska and Bill Higgins, halfbacks: Harold Frederick, quarterback: and Tom Barrett, fullbaclc, defeated St. Philip 14-O and St. lgnatius 6-O. Engaging the Gaels at their home field, Barrett scored the first touchdown and extra point after Ruska had advanced the ball within the ten yard line. The second tally was registered when McNichols intercepted a pass and' returned it 95 yards. Frederick scored the extra point on a quarter-back sneak. St. Ignatius ventured to the House of Studies field to be defeated when Tom Barrett plunged from the one yard line. His score proved to be the margin of victory. 66 ra... JM. Fron+ row, le++ +o righ+: R. Mar+in: J. Broderick: R. Cormack: R. Jordan: W. Langford: W. Broderick: R. Brown: C. Caron: J. Cour+ney. Middle row: R. Tepper: J. Cogley: D. McHugh: T. Hughes: J. Conmy: W. Crowley: D. Romano: R. Thomas: W. Duchon: B. Schindler. Back row: Rev. J. N. Morgen+haler: M. Moylan: F. Duchon: A. Reilly: R. Huspen: J. Bidwell: W. Dunn: E. Reidy: E. Macro: R. Dunne: J. Caron: D. O'Brien. FRIARS OF '46 Winning +oo+ball games is a habi+ wi+h Freshman football +eams. No excep+ion is +his year's crop. The vic+ims were S+. Leonard, 27-0: S+. Philip, 25-0: and S+. lgna+ius, 28-0. Averaging 26 poin+s a game, +hey held +heir opponenis scoreless. The +irs+ s+ring line was AI Skehen and Dick Jordan a+ ends, Ed Reidy and Jack Broderick a+ +ackles, Bill Duchon and Bill Crowley a+ guards, and Bill Lang+ord' a+ cen+er. Coleman Caron called signals +rom +he quarierback pos+. The halfbacks were Dick Mar+in and Roger Brown, while Jim Whelan played +ullback. Bill Lang+ord, cen+er, opened +he season by in+ercep+ing a Sain+ Leonard pass and running i+ back 'For a +ouchdown. Mar+in scored 36 poin+s, Whelan 20, Brown I2, and Caron and Langford 6. THE CAGERS ll is common knowledge lhal lhe Heavyweighl Five suf- fered an unsuccessful season. Bul' some facls concerning lheir apparenf poor showing are noi as common. Their s'ryle of play cannor usually be found in a 'ream rank- ing fifrh in rhe league. They accepled six our of seven league losses by a margin of eighl poinls or fewer, and in only one case was lhe differ- ence eighl' poinls. They beal ihe firsr place and second place learns in games which cannol be called remarkable fears for on 'rhese scar- lered nighls and a few oihers 'They possessed 'l'ha+ undefin- able somelhing 'rhal' was missing lhroughoul' The season. This someihing, had il' been wirh 'I'he Friars lhroughoul' rhe season, would have made rhem one of Fenwick's few cham- pionship fives. i n "Mac" McNellis fopped boih reams wilh l56 poinls and lied fhe '43 game record wirh I9 poinls. Top row: D. Mueller, Mgr., Trainer D. O'Brieng T. Barre'Hg N. A. Colliasg A. McNicholsg A. Dalfonq H. Frederick V. Kofh, Mgr. Middle row: Coach Lawless, J. Walsh, W. Cahill, J. Gilboyg W. Smilhq R. Hanley, Rev. J. N. Mor- genlhaler. Bofrom row: D. Finn and W. Rosemeyer, Co-Caplsq J. Frederick, W. McElroy: D. Smii-h. 61 AUSTIN: 29-FENWICK: 23 Tigers shoof fo I4 poinf lead af half behind Mann . . . Aggressive defense by Friars holds fhem fo four poinfs in second half . . . Friar lack a dead eye and fail Io cafch up . . . Finn high wifh seven markers. VARSITY: 28-ALUMNI: 24 Twenfy-six grads, many who played on fop college fives, come back fo provide anofher nighf of colorful baskefball . . . The sure shof Alumni, coached by frainer O'Brien, paced by Ed Norris and Don Kruger, grab a I9-I2 lead al fhe half . . . Dan changes enfire feam every four minufes . . . ln second half Old Grads gef rough, and Varsify wins by four free Ihrows. PRACTISE BATTLES AND DE LA SALLE: 27-FENWICK: 25 With whole teom scoring, ccigers lead 10 to noth- ing af end of firsf quarfer . . . Mefeors amass only five poinfs in firsf half . . . Then sfarf hiffing . . . Lead 2I-20 going info lasf quarfer . . . Friars make if 25-25 wifh len seconds leff . . . Mefeor's ball . . . Dermody cufs in and scores on fhe gong . . . baskef sfands. DE LA SALLE: 35-FENWICK: 32 Schulze and Lyons give Mefeors early lead . . . Friors miss everything os Meteors move further ahead . . . Finn and Frederick spark lasf minufe I6 poinl rally, buf game ends wifh Friars fhree poinfs behind. FENWICK: 38-ST. MICHAEL: 32 Eighf quick poinfs by Finn puf cagers 5 pfs. ahead, a lead kepf fhroughouf 'rhe game . . . Michael's fricky pass and cuf offense fails fo funclion . . . Finn gafhers I8 poinfs for season's high fofal. FENWICK: 36-ST. MICHAEL: 2I Sfarfing slow buf galhering speed as game progresses, confidenf Friars complefely crush sfricken Warriors and chase fhree ouf on fouls . . . Michael donafes 20 free Ihrows in "foulesf" game of year. AQUINAS: 30-FENWICK: 23 Irish from Columbus, Ohio, iourney fo Fen- wick fo seek firsf vicfory of biffer rivalry . . . Bob and Dick McQuade nofch IO and 9 poinfs . . . Keep Irish well ahead . . . Lasf Quarfer . . . Finn runs up five poinfs . . . Bul Aquinas freezes fhe ball . . . Coasfs in 7 poinfs in fhe lead . . . Domin- ican Champs for firsf fime. THE LEAGUE LOYOLA: 38-FENWICK: 33 Hicks Connelly brings Ramblers +o his debul' wiih 'rhe league . . . Brown, Loyola guard, gels acquainied wilh +he hoop and bags seven poinis in firsi quarrer . . . Norih Siders, conirolling re- bounds, increase lead and forge five poinis ahead al' +he close of a nip and 'fuck firs+ half . . . Smiih shows why he was swifched from lighls +0 heavies . . . Capably 'fills fhe s'rar+ing guard posi- fion . . . Third period rise brings Friars wiihin one poim' of Loyola . . . Sieadier play by Ram- blers is reason for firsi league loss. ST. GEORGE: 30-FENWICK: 28 Mullaney, s+ar Dragon forward, shoofs Evans- 'ronians in'ro an early lead . . . Smi+h's one hand sho'r is only consisreni Friar scoring +hrea+ . . . Slow game, hampered by sloppy shooling on bofh sides, arouses no exciiemenl' unfil fhircl quarier . . . Black and While unleash a six poin+ rally . . . Hold Dragons +o a baske+ and grab 3 poinf lead . . . Comback suHers when S+. George pu'rs on defensive exhibiiion ifself . . . Holds Friars fo 2 free fhrows and ne'rs 7 poin+s during fourfh quar+er fo come in on fop by a basket FENWICK: 29-DE PAUL: I9 Friiz and McElroy conirol rebounds and sei Friar five off on fasf s+ar'r . . . Frederick knocks in ihree under fhe baskei and s+ar'rs ou+ for his firsf high scorer honors . . . Friars gradually build up lead as Finn and Rosemeyer shool' 'l'wo buckefs apiece . . . Van Dyke of Demons begins 'io conneci, buf loo laie . . . Black and Whiie welcome DePaul's ragged defense io pos'f firsl' win since fhe S+. George Tourney . . . De Paul shares league cellar wifh 'rhe Friars. "Frilz" Frederick hif 'for I22 poinis from cenier. Dick Finn led The heavies for ihe second year wi+h 130 poinfs. Jim Walsh filled in capa- bly af forward. Bill Rosemeyer sparkled on defense and made Il5 poinfs. Bill McElroy, a sopho- more, gave promise of beHer years fo come making Il2 poin+s. Smirh sighied ball, sank same. WI-IOO! ST. MEL: 25-FENWICK: 23 Soldier's rubber rims slow Friar aHack . . . Fri'rz and Finn can'l' malch scoring pace sei by Mc- Carlhy and Kernan of S+. Mel . . . Pulling close wifh scaHered baske'l's 'rhroughoul +he game, Friars are 4 pls. behind a'I' lhe in+errnission . . . Missing eleven ou'r of fourleen free shols cos1's Black and Whi+e 'rhe Ball game . . . Finn, usually accura+e on free lhrows, fails 'ro sink seven of same . . . Friars sfage desperale rally, as usual fall shorr . . . Cadels move pasf Fenwick in league slandings as a resul+ of win . . . Smifh paces Friars scorers wi+h seven poinls. WEBER: 38-FENWICK: 33 Bill McElroy rings bell +hree 'rimes wi'lh charg- ing cul-in shols . . . Niemiera and Prill keep 'lhings even wiih barrage of one hand goals . . . Score slands al' eigh'reen apiece al' half . . . Weber crowd cheers as 'I'heir heroes pull ahead on 'ianiaslic one hand efforfs . . . Red Horde 'lakes advanfage of lel' up and is six poinls ahead wi+h fwo minules leff . . . Smifh losses in a free rhrow as 'rhe game ends . . . Finn benched for game wi+h slomach iniury . . . McElroy sinks 5 baskels and 3 free 'rhrows 'ro pace +he Friars. UP AND UP ST. PI-IILIP: 40-FENWICK: 32 Friars ballle Norlh Seclion leaders in "PhiIips Phone Boolh" . . . Kachan regislers lour slraighl pol shols al lhe righl lime lo keep lhe Gaels 'lour pls. ahead lhroughoul lhe lirsl hall . . . Black and While rely on 'free lhrows lo keep close lo Gaels as pols and closer shols bounce oul . . . Twelve poinls behind al lhe lourlh quarler. High scor- ers Finn and Smilh come lo wilhin lhree poinls ol Sl. Philip, only lo walch a llurry ol Gael baskels leave lhem 8 poinls behind al lhe 'linish . . 2 Eirsl round closes. LOYOLA: 38-FENWICK: 27 Friars laller aller running up seven poinls . . . Ramblers sprinl lo a I0 poinl hall lime edge paced by Dolan and McCue . . . In Iasl hall, Finn and Rosemeyer run up nine poinls bul margin is reduced by iusl one poinl . . . McElroy lails on lree lhrow opporlunilies . . . Frederick sinks lhree in Iasl frame bul Black and While remain I0 poinls lo lhe bad . . . Dolan ol Loyola is high wilh live and lhree. FENWICK: 27-ST. GEORGE: 25 Lowly Friars enler den ol league leaders . . . Oil lo winning slarl as Smilh drops lhem in from lhe circle . . . Dragon offense checked complele- Iy by leech-like guarding ol Finn and Rosemeyer . . . George crowd groans as Black and While hold lead . . . Rausch sinks lwo quick pols, and Dragons lrail by lwo poinls al hall . . . Dragons lighl lo ward off lirsl league loss . . . Two min- ules Iell, Sl. George misses lhree ol live lree lhrows . . . Smilh high wilh I3 pls .... Whalla game! I FENWICK: 45-DE PAUL: 22 De Paul delense run ragged by Oak Parkers . . . McElroy drives in and sinks lhird score on same shol . , . De Paul lrails 28-I0 al hall . . . Finn and Rosemeyer add lo lolal in lhird quar- ler . . . Share 24 poinls . . . Van Dyke sparks feeble Demon resislance . . . Enlire squad ac- quires playing lime al DePauI's expense. 65 FENWICK: 27-ST. MEL: 23 Frilz hooks wi+h deadly accuracy . . . Friars lead 3 pls. al' half . . . Mels 'ries score in lhird period . . . McElroy scores and Friars move ahead 'lo win. WEBER: 39-FENWICK: 35 Cagers lead al quar+er buf Weber shofs push +he Red Horde +o a IO poinl lead wi+h 7 minuies lefr . . . Friars surge +o 4 poinl' margin buf +oo lafe. ST. RITA: 33-FENWICK: 22 Borh leams sian' slow . . . Tilans pass Friars io gain I5-I0 lead a+ halflime . . . Friars bag 8 pls. +o O for Rira . . . Lead shifls . . . Ganey sinks winning baskel. 66 ST. PHlLlP: 20-FENWICK: I8 Gael's flashy cu+s around pivol' spol pul 'rhem ahead lhroughoul 'firsl half . . . Finn sinks 'rwo baskels wilh a free +hrow, culling Gael's half- lime lead +o ihree poin+s . . . Rosemeyer and Frederick +urn on +he defense . . . No Philip poinls in lhircl quarier . . . Nine Friar markers, and Bill Shay's championship dreams begin 'ro fall . . . Bul' Gael's lie +he score a+ I8-I8 . . . Fiffeen seconds . . . DiBenedeH'o breaks down courl' and 'flips in winning baskel . . . Friars' ball wiih 5 seconds fo go . . . Las+ sho? misses. FRIARS LOSE LAST GAME Early lead buil+ by Smiih and Frederick lasls 8 minules . . . Kaufmann, lggie cen+er, hi'rs 'From four ranges . . . Wolves coasl' 'lo win . . . Frederick high wiih 9. '1 JUNIOR BASKETBALL The Fenwick LighTs were The worsT Team in The besT secTion in The CaThoIic League. The NorTh SecTion had as many superior quinTeTs This year as ever before in iTs hisTory. Game aTTer game The hapless Friars played Top Teams and IosTg buT as soon as They IeTT The league, They Tound Teams They could con- quer. This was The TirsT Time in hisTory IhaT The IighTs Tailed To win a league game. Tom Tierney and Gene FreTT aT guards, Jack Wilkin aT cenTer, and Mickey GrunerT and Mac McNeIIis aT Torwards were The sTarTing players wiTh Nich Collias a consTanT subsTiTuTe. McNeIIis was The only consisTenIIy good per- Tormer, sTarring aT 'Forward Tor The Third year. This year again, we have To waiT unTiI nexT year Tor a good IighTweighT Team. Fenwick Juni Fenwick 30 Loyola 26 Fenwick 30 ST. George 39 De Paul 32 ST. Mel 4I ST. Michael 36 Fenwick 27 Weber 47 ST. Michael 32 S+. Philip 46 Loyola 33 ST. George 32 De Paul 42 ST. RiTa 33 ST. Mel 4I ST. Philip 4I Weber 56 ST. IgnaTius 7? or Tourney AusTin Fenwick De La Salle Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick De La Salle Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick Fenwick 2I 24 27 I9 2I 23 22 24 2I I4 I4 28 23 27 28 27 I5 28 ?? BoTTom row, IeTT To righT: P. GrunerTq M. McNeIIisg J. Wilkenq A. Markariang T. Tierney. CenTer row: Coach Lawless: D. O'Brien, Trainer: R. ToTineTTig N. A. Colliasg T. FreTTg J. Kevilq J. Hig- gins, mgr.: Rev. J. N. MorgenThaIer Top row: W. HamiITon, mgr.: R. Brennan: W. Crowleyg J. Caron: W. Hannemang C. Caron: W. Duchong H. Donlan, mgr. 67 A FAMOUS JUNIOR TOURNEY M+. Carmel's migh+y juniors reiained +he-ir Tourney crown by +heir second +inals vic+ory over S+. Philip, score 29-26. Ou+ +o revenge +heir 27-I7 de+ea+ by Carmel las+ year, +he Gaels missed con- sis+en+ly +hroughou+ +he +irs+ half on every +ype of sho+ and were behind I8-6 a+ +he half. S+ar+ing +he +hird quar+er, Jim Bryers wen+ in a+ guard and sank six +as+ po+s, bu+ his males meanwhile missed six +ree +hrows, and +he Caravan had +heir second '2'i+le. A++er +he +irs+ round, Weber, lgna+ius, Fenwick, S+. Philip, M+. Carmel, S+. George, De Paul and Leo remained and +he quar+er-finals narrowed +he +ield down +o S+. George, S+.'Philip, S+. lgna+ius, and M+. Carmel. Carmel and Philips wen+ +o +he finals, leaving S+. George and S+. lgna+ius +o figh+ +or +hird place. Bob Jones 0+ George dropped in +he only baske+ of +he over+ime +o bea+ lggies 22-20. Carmel's Ernie Kovack +opped +he mos+ valuable picks, while named All-Tourna- men+ were Carrol, S+. lgna+ius, cen+erg Cox, S+. Philip, and Thomas, lv1+. Carmel, +or- wardsg Mroz, Weber, and Ellswor+h, S+. George, a+ guards. The li++le Friars cu+ down S+. Pa+rick 36-I6 +or +he +irs+ Friar Tourney win in his+ory buf +hen bowed +o S+. Philip 38-I7. COMMAN DOS AT DAWN On a biHer cold February morning, foriy-eigh+ boys me'r in Columbus Park +0 go lhrough Fenwiclc's firsl Commando drill. Many were "washed ou'l" as The course inlensified, bul fwelve boys finished lhe Friar version of The body- building courses now very widespread 'rhrough The counlry. The iwelve were Dan McCarlhy, Bill Regan, Joe Sullivan, Tom Weger, Jake Bowman, George lvlcCar+hy, Tom Cu- sack, John Foley, Phil Long, Bob Mc- Cabe, Tom Powers, and Don PaH'erson. Coach Lawless 'roughened ihe Com- mandos by weekly excursions 'ro 'The Park or 'ro 'The Fores'r Preserves, several Sun- day iaunis ranging from len 'ro +wen+y miles and one 4 A.M. soiourn fo 'lhe Fores+ Preserve for a cross-coun'rry race. Wilh +his Training, ihe Commandos passed 'rhe oiher sfringenr requiremen+s wi'rh flying colors. These were swimming, chins, push-ups, and engaging in +he ari of self defense. SCORES THE COMING CAGERS Frederick, Collias, and Smilh, 'rhree likely candidafes for nex+ year's varsify, were noiably Ihe besf of 'rhe banfams. The banfams Ios+ 'Five of eighf games bu'r mel mos+ of 'rheir defears a'r 'rhe sfarf of +he season. Carrying 'rhe Aquinas game by 22-I9, Ihe banlams showed +ha+ Ihey were iusl' reaching Icp form a+ 'Ihe end of Ihe season. SCORES ' Weber I8-Fenwick I2 S+. Rifa 2l-Fenwick I9 Fenwick 25-DePaul I3 Fenwick 22-Aquinas I9 Fenwick 22-SI. Philip I6 Weber I0-Fenwick 9 BANTAMS Top row, Ie'II' fo righl: R Marlin: H. Frederick: R Brown: T. Barre++. Cenfer row: D. O'Brien Irainerg A. McNichoIs Broderickq J. Gilboyg W gins, mgr. BoHom row: R. Jordang W S+. Philip I3-Fenwick I0 S+. Ignafius 2I-Fenwick I4 Dunn: N. J. Colliasg J. Hig- Cahillg G. Kilroy: W. Lang: Fenwick I8-Weber I5 S+. Philip I0-Fenwick 8 Sl. Rifa 25--Fenwick 9 Fenwick 25-S+. lgnalius IO DePaul I6-Fenwick 7 Sl. Philip I6-Fenwick I4 Fenwick I8-Weber I3 FLIES Top row, leH fo righI': F. Duchong G. Hall: A. Reillyg R. Williamsg D. Romano. Cenfer row: J. Higgins, W. Crowley: F. Muriellog R. Brennan: W. Duchon: D. O'Brien, frainerg Rev. J. N. Morgenfhaler. Bolfom row: R. Dunne: C, Caron: J. Kevilg R. Tofinel- fig J. Caron. T Ihaler. Five freshman flys hung up a commendable record of three wins and five losses. In almosi' every game Ihe midge+s played feams wiI'h Iwo or 'Ihree upperclassmen. Only Frosh were played in hope I'ha+ a good Iighfweighf feam mighl' be formed in Ihe furure. Crowley, Kevil, Duchon and Ihe Caron Iwins were Ihe consis'ren+ sI'ar+ers wi'I'h Crowley ou'r- shoofing J. Caron for scoring honors. ford: Rev. J. N. Morgen SIX IN A ROW SWIMMING SCHEDULE Fri. Jan. 8-Morton at Morton Wed. Jan. 20-Tatt at Tatt Wed. Feb. 3-Navy Pier at Fenwick Mon. Feb. 8-SuIIivan at SuIIivan Wed. Feb. I7-Senn at Fenwick Fri. Feb. 26-LoyoIa at LoyoIa Sat. and Sun. Mar. 6 and 7-CathoIic League Swimming Meet at LoyoIa Sat. Mar. I3-Culver at CuIver Wed. Mar. I7-Navy Pier at Fenwick Retaining their Catholic League swimming title tor the sixth straight year, the Friars scored 55 points to their toes' 38. Dick Hoelzer Iowered the record tor the I00- yard treestyIe trom 56.8 to 56.7 in the pre- Iiminaries. Ray of Loyoia took the onIy tirst, in diving, that the tankers didn't capture, ruining their chances tor a meet scoring record. Second place went to Fenwick in tour ot seven events. Seated, left to right: J. Braueg W. Hatch: T. Venn: P. Browng R. HoeIzer. Standing: Rev. J. N. Morgenthalerg W. Mulcahy: G. Fitzgerald: A. Ruskag D. O'Brien, trainer: H. Donlan, mgr. I Champions tor the tenth time, the Friar tankers were a dream team, and unstoppabIe as a unit. Most ot the time, the team couId count on victories in all events, but in the tew contests where the score was cIose, the medley reIay team ot Braue, Brown and Fitzgerald, or several other combinations, always came through with the needed' points, as in the tirst Navy Pier meet and the Morton meet. John Braue was undeteated all season in the 200 yard treestyle event, and Iowered the CuIver pool record trom 2:I6:3 to 2:I6:2 in the only meet the Friars Iost all year. Dick HoeIzer, toIIowed closely by Bill Hatch, set a new point record ot 85, consistently win- ning the I00 and 50 yard treestyIe, whiIe Hatch monopoIized the 50 yard breast slroke and back- stroke. 71 CULVER Firsf 'resr of Jrhe '43 champs was Morlon High School, mei' a+ lheir pool. Afler a see-saw baHle, 'ihe score sfood a+ 28 pls. all, bur 'rhe medley teom of Hoelzer, Hatch, ond Mulcahy broke deadlock +0 win 'rhe meet Tail' gave 'rhe Friars a real scare in 'rhe nexr meer, +ying +he score wi+h only lhe diving even+ leff, which Ruska look, however, for a 39-36 vic+ory. Navy Pier was lhe firsr service leam any high school had compeled againsr, and beside 'rhe safisfacfion of a 40-34 vicfory, Fenwick fans had fhe added 'rhrill of +wo record breaking per- formances. Ar+ Campbell of Navy Pier shaffered fhe 50 yard backs+roke record, and Dick Hoelzer lowered 'rhe 50 yard breasf mark. Sullivan, Senn, and Loyola fell easily afle-r fhe hurdles of +he firs'r fhree meels. ln lhe Sullivan mee+, Dick Hoelzer won 'rhe 50 yard breasf siroke and ihe IOO yard freesryle +o sei' a new mee'r poin+ record of I2, which was ried in 'rhe Loyola meer by Bill Ha'rch. Wifh lhe Cafholic League 1'i+le in i'rs pockei, 'ihe leam rode down +o Culver, and +as+ed de- feat Wi+h Hoelzer oul because of sickness, o+her 'rankers had fo fill in, and lhe defeal' was rhorough. John Braue's 200 yard grind 'ro a new record was fhe only brighl' spo+. Navy Pier fell 45-30 in +he closing mee+, leav- ing 'rhe Friar 'rankers wifh a record of 8 wins lo one loss, and 37I pls. fo opponenfs' 284. SWIMMERS T. Venn W. Hoelzer W. Hafch P. Brown A. Ruska LOSS MARS PERFECT YEAR The iunior team had a fair season considering that il' lent the seniors outstanding men such as O'Brien, Caulfield, Collias and Darley during mosl' of the seniors' big meets. Outstanding on the iunior 'ream was Freshman Bill Darley who was the only iunior 'ro win a lel"ler and the firsl freshman 'ro do so in years. Bill placed l'hird in the Catholic League IOO yard freestyle cham- pionship as well as swimming on the champion- ship freeslyle relay leam. He also broke Braue's IOO yard mark for Junior swimmers. Jim Caulfield, junior backstroker, took a fourth in the league meet, as well as winning all his iunior races. O'Brien and Collias, who did nol' place in the league meet, swam well as juniors. Mike Healy, another iunior swimmer, copped fourih place in 'rhe breasl' stroke. Frosh will make up mosl' of nexl' year's l'eam, as most of this year's squad will be swimming senior then. SWIMMING SCHEDULE Fri. Jan. 8-Morton al Morton Wed. Jan. 20-Taft al' Tall' Wed. Feb. 3-Navy Pier at Fenwick Mon. Feb. 8-Sullivan al' Sullivan Wed. Feb. I7--Senn at Fenwick Fri. Feb. 26-Loyola at Loyola Sala and Sun. Mar. 6 and 7-Caiholi Swimming Meet al' Loyola Sal. Mar. I3-Culver a+ Culver Wed. Mar. I7-Navy Pier a+ Fenwick c League Bottom row, left to right: A. Hartung, R. Monaco, Prucha, Bidwell, W. Darley, Cantu. Center row: H. Karl, Wilson, E. McCabe, H. Brandstrader, M. Healy, A. Wallach. Top row: Rev. J. N. Morgenthaler, j. Cave, E. O'Brien, j. Caulfield, R. O'Brien, D. O'Brien, trainer H. Donlan, mgr. l l 73 LEATHER PUSHERS Sixfeen Friar fighrers slugged 'Their way +o 'rhe 'Finals of fhe Silver Glove Tourney and eighr came ou'I' on 'lop as school champs in rheir weight Bill Pohl ourreached Jack Crowe for The 90 pound championship wi+h liHle efforr. The nexf maich was very even, wi+h Glenn Brooker edging our Joe McNally al' IOO pounds. Tom Tierney vs. Tom Cummins gave +he crowd irs firsr 'rasle of blood as 'lhe I I5 pounders rocked each ofher wi+h solid swings. Tierney was upser in rhe firs'r round, and upsel' in fhe march, which wenl +o Cummins. Aclivily slowed in +he Ron Tepper-Bob Richerson I25 pound baHle, wi+h Tepper winning on his abilily +o pierce Bob's defense and land quick blows. Tom Weger won rhe I35 pound crown in 'rhe hoHes'r fighl' of 1'he nighi, over Tony Markarian. Weger fook 'rhe firsf round, look punishmen+ in l'he second, and won in +he +hird. Bob O'Connor boxed +oo well for Dick Mullen a+ I45, and Bob Reagan held The same margin over Bill Baslien al I55 pounds, in +he slowesr baH'le of +he nighr. Dick Cronin and Jim Padula provided a 'rhrilling heavyweighl closer, wi+h Cronin winning on reach. A. Markarian and T. Weger T. Tierney and J. Geiger J. Padula and R. Cronin Champs: W. Pohl: G. Brooker, T. Cummins, T. Weger, R. O'Connor: R. Reagan: R. Cronin SLUG FOR TITLES Headless horseman moves in. Here's where I lay him cold. lMoylan-Macronl isvifak-Sfeinbachl Hang onfo if! Weary. lMcClellan-Ryanl lMcAllisfer-Grunerfl Prior fo fhe championship boufs, six preliminary rnafches enierfained fhe crowd, and gave fhem a fasfe of fhe slugfesfs fo come. Tom Bennef and R. Freyder sfarfed off af IOO pounds, and foughf a caufious baffle, vicfory favoring Bennef. Mickey Grunerf beaf Jack McAllisfer fhe same way af lI5 pounds. Bofh Sfeinback and Svifak, l25 pounders, used weird sfyles, and if seemed fhaf Sfeinback would hop away wifh fhe decision, buf Svifak landed more solid blows. Ed Ryan subbed for R. Booker who was ill, and beaf Roy McClellan af I35 pounds. Then Macro met Moylon in cz blistering bottle thot bowed to none of spectator inferesf. The fwo freshmen knocked each ofher groggy and came back for more for fhree rounds, and in fhe end, Moylan won because his punches landed a liffle harder. Jack Geiger conquered Dan Mueller af l45 pounds in anofher brawl. Dan was gef- fing inside Geiger, buf fhe frosh kepf flailing his arms and landed enough fo win. Al Keegan replaced Tuffy Griffifh, now in fhe Marines, as referee, Tuffy being named honorary ref. Dyer Sackley was fimer, Bill Gilmore and Sfeve O'Connor were iudges. SPEEDSTERS LCDOK AHEAD I943 TRACK SCHEDULE Sun. May 9 illinois State Catholic Relays, Loyola University Fri. May I4 Loyola at Loyola Sat. and Sun. May 22 and 23 Catholic Stadium Sat. and Sun. May 29 and 30 Catholic Chicago Wed. May I9 Concordia H.S. at Concordia League Junior Track Meet, Key branch League Senior Track Meet, University ot Stadium ' , :w . : m ag! TRACK TEAM Front row, left to right: E. Hickey, Higgins, L. McGee, R. Davy, W. Darley, Deiss, R. Silwinski. Middle row: T. Cusack, R. Leander, Braue, G. McKerr, E. Ryan, R. Foley. Back row: D. O'Brien, Trainer, Foley, T. Sammon, P. Foley, Coach Lawless, R. Smith, Kirby, 1. West, Captain, V. Koth, Mgr. Atter several mediocre seasons, the trackmen can expect at last to make some impression at the Catholic League meet May 29 and 30. Jim West, who won the 220 high hurdles last year, is captain ot a well rounded squad headed by veterans John Braue, a miler, Bob Foley, relays man, and Jack Higgins, fastest man in the north section during the recent football wars. 76 Newcomers W. Darley, R. Davy, L. McGee, E. Hickey, Deiss, R. Sliwinski, T. Cusack, R. Leander, G. lvicKerr, E. Ryan, Foley, T. Sam- mon, P. Foley, R. Srnith and J. Kirby will com- plete a tormidable squad. Meets with Loyola and Concordia were run in preparation tor the Junior and Senior League meets. 'Q ' lv R T TENNIS TEAM Baclr row: J. Lawleyg T. Brady, caplaing T. Mulholland. Fronl' row: R. Urban, P. Suess. GOLF TEAM Back row: R. Smifh, J. O'Rourlceg W. Cahill, J. Kulhman, caplain. Fron'r row: R. O'Connorg J. Dunne, J. McKiHriclc. RACKETEERS Tom Brady will lead 'fhe nefmen in +heir -Rgh+ 'for a lhird sl'raigh+ Cafholic league +i+le, and his squad will probably consisl of Tom Mulholland, Phil Suess, Ray Urban, and Jim Lawley. The resulls of 'l'he +ournamen+ were noi' de- 'rermined a'r lhe 'lime of wrifing, bu+ 'rhe above- menlioned boys all reached +he closing round of 'lhe malch. Several mee+s have been scheduled for 'rhe monfh of May, 'ro prepare 'lhe squad for i'rs +i+le defense. DIVOT MEN Wi+h hopes for a winning season, Jrhe Friar linlcmen will send Caplain Jack Kuhlman as No. I man info 'rhe Ca'I'holic league meel, backed by Rog O'Connor, Frank McDonald, and one or more of 'rhose who ranked high in lhe 'Tourna- ment Kuhlman shol 4l-39 for an 80 lo sweep 'rhe Tournament wilh Bill Ryan second wi+h an 83, while several o'l'hers shoi' in 'rhe high eighfies. Las+ year +he divo+men placed +hird in +he league. --V fl HEAVYWEIGHT INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Top row, lefl fo righfz Jack Caslansg Don Kenny, Jack Higgins, Jack Lindsay. BoHorn row: George Cormackg Bill Rosemeyerp Falher Waller, Frank O'MalIeyg Bob Reagan. LIGHTWEIGHT INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Dick Hoelzer. Jump of The Gianfs Top row, lell 'Io right Roger O'Con- norg Tom Mulhol- land, Tom Brady, Bolrom row: Jack Cody, Ed Hall, Har- ry Raphaelq Bob Gross: Dick Perry. STUDENTS For Ihe six'rh lime, +he Fenwick lnlramural Nighf gave 'rhe some 375 sluslenl a'IhIe+es who are nor members of any varsiry leam op- porrunily 'ro shine, before 500 guesls. The evening's acriviries, direcleol by +he coaching sfaff and s+uden+ direclors Jack Lindsay, Jack Cody, Bill Regan, Tom Brady, and Tom Culler+on, began wilh 'The swimming program, Ihen +he baslcelball and ping pong evenrs were played. As usual, 'rhe lop four Ieams in Ihe Fenwick Grammar school league, +ha'r were laler en- Iered in The C.Y.O. finals, were awarded afler 'Ihe heavyweighl cage game. SI. Francis Xavier was firsl, Ascension second, and S+. Calherine and Bishop Quarler +ied for Jrhircl. VOLLEYBALL Volleyball honors were carried off by 'rhe senior Ieam of Bolo Reagan, caprain, Harry Moroni, George Cormack, Merlin McNellis, Torn Weger, Dale Srnilh, and Tom Venn. The Iourney was enlered by 3l7 boys. PING PONG Compe+i+ion was hol in borh seclions of Ihe ping pong Tourney, wil'h Don McLaughlin oulplaying Jack Maiewski 24-22, 2l-I7 in Ihe singles finals, while Bud Romano and Frank Hoslicka downed Tom Brady and Bill Regan ZILI I, 2I-I2, for The doubles crown. l Brady slugs one, buf he and Regan Ios'r. STAR IN GALA INTRAMURALS HEAVYWEIGHT CAGE SENIORS: I7 JUNIORS: II Led by gianl Dick Cronin, who had earlier sel a game scoring record ol 36 poinls, iuniors begin as slighl lavoriles . . . Fail lo find lhe hoop . . . Kenny lakes care ol Cronin . . . Few poinls in lirsl hall . . . Much wild shooling . . . Then seniors click in lhird quarler as Kenny, Lindsay, Higgins and Reagan push in buckels . . . Juniors fall loo lar behind lo calch up wilh Iale poinls . . . Lindsay and Kenny share scor- ing honors, wilh Don high for lhe whole campaign. LIGHTWEIGHT CAGE SENIORS: 36 JUNIORS: I I The Senior Lighlweighl leam caplained by Jack Cody had Ii++Ie lrouble on ils nighl. They won by one of lhe Iargesl margins in iniramural hislory. Wilh Hall and Raphael pro- viding lhe main scoring punch, and Cody, Brady, Mulholland, O'Connor and Perry lo bring lhe ball down, and for defense, Fr. Townsend's champs proved lhroughoul lhe season lo be an unbealable combinalion. INTRAMURAL SWIMMING CHAMPIONS Lell lo righl: Roger O'Connorg Bill Re-gang Jack Kulhmang Jack Caslansg Jim Marlin, Fred Domke. SWIMMING SENIORS: 45 FROSH: I7 Seniors qualily lwo men in every evenl bul diving . . . O'Connor lakes 25 yard breasl slroke, Caslans second . . . Kuhlman, Regan and Caslans finish I-2-3 in 25 yard backslroke . . . Kuhlman wins 25 yard lree, O'Connor second . . . O'Connor lakes 50 free . . . Domke, O'Con- nor, Caslans and Kuhlman lower IO0 yard free- slyle relay record . . . Marlin, Kuhlman and O'Connor do lhe same lo 75 yard medley mark . . . Seniors amass 45 poinls lo I7 lor Frosh, lheir nearesl rivals. BOWLING Bowling, having risen rapidly in inlra- mural popularily, now boasls a leam caplained by Tom Cullerlon, and manned by lhe Ace Keglers who rolled high in lhe lournamenl: Jim Trusko, Jack Kuhlman, Ray Urban and Bill Mc- Mahon. To dale lhe leam has splil even in lwo malches wilh Sl. Philip. BASKETBALL Lindsay Leaps 79 S0 i Ndwlzw Fr. Barron, Moderafor BLACKFRIARS The role of BLACKFRIARS as a medium 'For se++ing down a permanenl record of each school year a+ Fenwick is an im- porlanl one. His no easy iob 'ro se'r down in black and while 'lhe rhrobbing, many-sided picfures 'rhaf each sfaff member sees in his mind's eye, bu'r 1'ha+ is ius+ wha'I' he is required +0 do. He musr fell fhrough words and picfures whal Fenwick is and wha? H' sfands for. This year Fafher Lillie, who had been modera+or of 'rhe annual for several years, was forced by his various oiher acrivifies 'lo give up his posf in favor of Faiher Barron. Wi+h ihe adven'r of Fa'rher Barron, several new policies and ideas came info being. lnsread of appoinring slalif members ai' random, he required each +en+a1'ive candidale 'I'o wri're a composirion on fhe 'Theme of +he yearbook: "This ls Fenwick." On 'rhe meri'rs of +hese he chose Daniel McCar+hy edi+or-in-chief, and William Regan, Ecl- ward Dunne, and Leonard Baker heads of fhe various o+her de- par+men+s. Wilh 'These edifors 'ro guide +hem and make assignmen'rs, +he ofher sfaff members s'rar+ed work in earnest There were con- ferences wifh 'rhe prinfer and engraver, "dummies" fo be made and correcfed, and, of course, assignmenfs 'lo be iurned in. Picfures of school life, bofh lighi' and serious, had 'lo be +aken. 43715- Wav BLACKFRIARS Ediforial Sfaff lno. Il2l Seared, leff io righiz C. Farwell: E. Dunne, R. Perry, R. Hoel- zer' G. Fifz erald' W. Re an I 9 I Q - Sfanding, leff 'lo righf: G. Moran: W. Rosemeyerg G. Cormackg J. Lindsay, J. Cody: R. Goederfg T. Gavaganp T. Wegerg L. Baker, D. McCarfhy, Edi+or-in-chief, R. Farrell. S2 BREAKS THRCJUGH BLACKFRIARS Business Sfalif Sea+ed, lefl +o righl: G. Mccarlhyg R. Finn, P. Suessq J. Reedyq J. Nusko. Slanding, leff +o righl: H. Moronig E. McGahq J. Reilg R. O'Connorg T. Cullerlong F. Domke. Finally, afler a seemingly endless period of humdrum ac1'ivi+y 'rhe iob neared complelion. The cover design was selecled, lhe piclures were mounled and senl 'lo 'rhe engraver, 'lhe proofs were checked over, and final correclions were made. Then +he final s'lep: prinling and dislribuling BLACKFRIARS, viewing lhe finished producl wilh pride, lurning anolher page in 'lhe inspir- ing hislory of a greal' school. Anolher improvemenl broughl' aboul by 'rhe new moderalor was lhal of focusing 'rhe spo'l'ligh+ on lhe yearbook. Slarling a subscriplion drive early in January and keeping lhe bullelin board alive wilh poslers 'rended lo increase circulalion. For 'rhe success of 'lhis issue, 'rhe slaff wishes lo lhank Falher Barron, subscribers, palrons, and members of +he 'Facul'l'y. ' Daniel McCar+hy, Edilor-in-chief Fr. Smilh, Moderaror THE WICK This year The Wick has had' a +wofold iob: +ha'r of presenfing fhe usual school news, and also of keeping +he s'ruden+s informed on oufside maH'ers which concern fhem, such as drafl' laws, mililary courses, and requiremen+s for cer+ain +ypes of mili+ary service. Aside from 'rhese services, lhe regular columns and feaiures were kepl' up. The Wick boas+s +wo sporrs columns, a creaiive wriring secfion, inferesfing lidbifs such as "They Excell," a column in which oulslanding individuals are commended, and 'the leH hand column, which presenls side-lighis on every day school life. The laHer column has been praised by olher pub- lica'I'ions, and by fhe Na+ional Scholasric Press Associafion which la'rer awarded +he senior siaff an All-American ra+ing. This is fhe sixlh consecufive All-American +ha+ The Wick has received. Heading fhe sfaff which merired +his covefed award were Tom Gavagaon, ediror in chief, and William Regan, Associa+e Edi+or. They were ably assisled by Rober+ Goederh Edward Dunne, Cyril Farwell, Daniel McCarlhy, and John Cody, who comprised one of 'rhe smalles+ sfaffs in Wick hisfory. Leff +o righ+: G. McCarfhyg C. Farwell, W. Regan: T. Gavagang E. Dunne: J. Cody: R. Goederf. gl: 'faf iff? if .rf JUNIOR WICK STAFF Cloclrwise: P. Brown: E. Kavanaugh: J. Sweeney: W. Cahill: E. Husfoles: T. Simp- son: M. Munger: T. Gorman, Edifor-in-chief: R. Hickey: J. Healy: J. McSweeney. Since Fa+her Van Rooy, +he 'Former modera+or, had +alcen over 'fhe duiies of assisfanf principal, a new adviser had +0 be found. Fafher Smiih was 'finally chosen as fhe man mosl' suiied for 'rhe job. However, Fafher Van Rooy confinues +o 'leach fhe rricks of ihe 'lrade +o +he aspiring 'lyros in his junior journalism class. He prepared 'rhe juniors so +ha'r, as is 'rhe cus'rom, 'They could 'fake over +he edi+orial du+ies wiih 1'he January issue. This 'rhey did under 'rhe warchful eye of 'rhe seniors, who read over fheir copy and helped 'lhem over fhe difficuliies 'rhal' confron+ beginners. The new s1'a'FF was led by Thomas Gorman and William Cahill, ediior and associafe edifor respeclively. Special ediiorial posfs were given +o John Foley, John McSweeney, John Sweeney, and Manus Munger. Appoinled 'lo manage 'fhe various pages were Wm. Cahill, R. Hickey, T. Gorman, J. Sweeney, M. Munger, E. Husfoles, T. Simpson, and J. Healy. An impor+an+ change, broughf abou? by changing from one press +o ano+her, was +he reduciion in size of THE WICK. H now appears in a iabloid, easy-+o-handle form, and coniains eighi' pages. This change also made ii necessary +o 'rake adverris- ing which had nor been done for a long +ime. THE FRESHMAN "We will live up +0 all 'rhe fradilions we have seljso far +his year," said Fafher Kavanaugh, moderalor of THE FRESH- MAN, when ihe Frosh began work on +heir annual magazine. By reading +he 'finished producf il' is evidenl' l'ha1' They have done jus? whai +hey said 'lhey would. THE FRESHMAN 'rhis year is a valuable record for every freshman as +o wha? he and his classmales have done during +he year, and i'rs value will increase wilh each year. Largely responsible for +he magazine's popularify among 'rhe freshmen is John Enclres, edi+or, who devo'red much 'rime and work +o ifs publicafionp and William Goederl, assisfanl' edifor, who worked along wi+h Endres on 'rhe ediforial siaff. Roger Brown and his assislanf, AI Ske- han, 'rurned ou+ a comprehensive reporf of fhe freshmen's accomplishmenls in +he field of spor+s during fhe yearl while Burlon Schindler and his assis+an+ Hugh Mulligan wrole informalive skefches abou? fhe freshmen for fhe gossip deparfmenf. Every freshman's name appeared af leasl once in fhe paper. All 'lhe work, wrifing, carfoons, and Typography, was done en- +irely by fhe freshmen under +he super- vision of Edward Dunne, '43, Edifors af work DOMINICAN BULLETIN Fr. LiIIie, edifor Since Ihe Spring of Iasi' year Ihe name and fame of Fenwick has gone Sou'Ih and Wes'I. In March, I942, under 'rhe general supervision of +I1e Very Reverend R. P. O'Brien, O.P., Provincial of Ihe Dominican Province of Sainr AIberI' Ihe Greafg wiih Faiher E. C. LiIIie, of Ihe Fenwick facuIIy, as iIs ediforg and wiI'h fhe famiIiar address, 525 Washingfon BouIevard, as ifs edi+oriaI offices, THE DOMINICAN BULLETIN was infroduced Io Ihe sIudenI's of Fenwick, parishoners of Dominican parishes, and Io aII who in some way come inIo con'racI wiih fhe Dominican Faihers of 'Ihe youngesI' Dominican Province of 'fhe Order. The purpose of THE DOMINICAN BULLETIN is primarily informa+ionaI-'Io acquainf +he numerous friends of The Province wifh Ihe Fafhers and 'rhe various fields of acfiviiy in which Ihey are Iaboring wesI of Chicago Io 'rhe Rockies: by preaching, parochial work, reaching, and Iecfuring. AI'I'hough THE DOMINICAN BULLETIN is nor a sIudenI acI'iviI'y, i+ has engaged Ihe 'rime and Iabor of severaI members of Fenwick facuI+y. Fa'rher LiIIie has con+ribu+ed ediforial commeni' and verse. An early issue con+ained an arI'icIe on Fenwick by Fafher Vifie. Fafher Nieser 'rhrew some IighI' on 'rhe Iife of an early Du'rch Dominican missionary in Wisconsin. Several ar+icIes, as weII as a shorI s'I'ory, "Two Inches 'From +he Horizon," in Ihe enIarged Chrisrmas issue, have been Ihe conIribuIions of FaI'her Barron. Fafher LiIIie's quarIerIy visi+s +o Ihe home-rooms, in Sep'rember, December, and March, have awakened' 'rhe sfudenfs' in+eres+ in o'rher pIaces and Ihe more Ii+erary endeavors of 'rheir various Ieachers. Blackfriars, I943, is pIeased 'ro record +he arrival of THE DOMINICAN BUL- LETIN on 'Ihe Fenwick scene and wishes iI' every success in Hs eiiiorfs Io adver+ise and acquain'I wifh each ofher Ihe Dominican famiIy and friends and Iheir ac'rivi+ies. Le'H +o righfz P, Brown, Vice-President Hrs? semesferg W. Rosemeyer, Secrerary, firsi semes+er, Vice- Presiden+, second semesferg J. Lindsay, Presidenf, boih semesfersg F. McDonald, Secrerary, second semes+erg J. Wilkin, Treasurer, firsi semesrer. ST. THOMAS CONFRATERNITY The Confra+erni+y 'rhis year was spli+ info +wo par+s, +he junior and senior divisions. The freshmen and sophomores made up +he junior division, The juniors and seniors comprising 'rhe senior division. The separafe mee+ings, held during 'The respecfive home-room periods, gave each division a beH'er oppor+uni+y +o discuss 'ropics which besf sui+ed fheir group. The Confra+erni+y was again +his year under 'rhe able guidance of +he Reverend L. E. Nugent who s+rove +o promo+e in+eres'r in Ca'rholic Aciion. SS "Pray lesl' ye enler in'ro +emp+alion" was +he lheme of ihe annual re+rea'r con- ducied by Fa+her J. M. Nugenl, O. P., 'For Jrhe siudenl body on January 27, 28, and 29. Falher Nugenl, who 'Formerly laughl here, gave 'Three conferences a day. Benediclion concluded each day of lhe re'rrea+ and on 'rhe final day 'rhe Papal Blessing was con- ferred. The Confra'rerni+y held i'l's firsl' dance of +he year, The Fall Confra+illion, Oclober 9, which was aHendecl by one hundred and +wen+y-five couples. The proceeds of 'rhe dance wen+ +o The missions. Anofher Confralillion on March 7, neH'ed addifional proceeds for +he missions. Frank McDonald was chairman of 'rhis successful dance, which was aHended by one hundred and fif'ry couples. Lefr fo righlz A. McNichols, Secrelary, lirsf semesierg J. Padula, Vice-Presideni, firs+ semesfer, Treas- urer, second semesferg W. Ashlon, Presidenf, bolh semes+ersq W. Higgins, Secretary, second sernesierq T. BenneH, Treasurer, lirsl semes+er. by -if Back row, leff fo righiz E. Peniisg R. Drevenyg G. Broucelr: J. Wilson. Middle row: A. Wallachg R. Aubuchon: A. Newharh F. Hosiiclca: J. Endres. Fronf row: C. Sfalzerq G. Aamodh C. Penfis: J. Fifzgeraldg E. Dunne. THE SERVERS' CLUB This year, under The direc+ion of Fafher Viiie, 'l'he Servers' Club aHained an unsurpassable record. All +hose who were appoinfed fo serve Mass or Benediciion were presenf and on 'I'ime. More credif should, however, go 'ro +hose members who had +o 'rravel early in i'he morning from La Grange and The oiher more dis+an+ suburbs. The officers elecied fhis year were Frank Hosficlca, President and Edward Pen+is, Vice-president The sacrisfan for The year was John Reil. The aim of 'rhe Servers' Club is io promofe a more inielligeni, devou'r and serviceable organizafion +0 serve Mass weekdays and io serve Benedicfion of 'Phe Mosi Blessed Sacrameni every Friday afiernoon. Meefings are held every Tuesday affernoon, righi afier school. I+ is al' fhis fime +ha'r 'rhe appoinfmenfs are made. Every server who wan+s an appoinimenl' mus'I' a'H'end fhe meeiing or he is noi even con- sidered. During 'ihe school year The servers grouped 'rogeiher To learn 'ihe Dominican ri+e of serving High Mass and Solemn Requiem Mass. ST. THOMAS SYMPOSIUM For The second Time since The annual symposium was sTarTed seven years ago, a boy 'From Fenwick won TirsT prize. RoberT G-oederT, wiTh The Topic "ST. Thomas Aquinas on FaiTh and Reason," won The acclaim oT The sTudenT body by overcoming The opposiTion offered by Kennelh STegman oT MT. Carmel, who placed second, and Eugene Figiulo oT De La Salle, who Took Third place. The Very Reverend Monsignor Daniel F. Cunningham presided over The ceremonies. STudenTs from TwenTy-seven high schools oT The Archdiocese oT Chicago parTici- paTed in The symposium in honor oT ST. Thomas Aquinas which Took place in The school gymnasium, Sunday, March 7. Several members oT The TaculTy acTed as iudges in The semi-Tinals when RoberT GoederT, John Foley, William Cahill, and Richard Farrell delivered Their speeches beTore The sTudenT body. They selecTed Bob Goed'erT To represenT Fenwick. Jeanne Cloonan oT Alvernia garnered The laurels in The girls' division wiTh her Topic, "lnTluence oT ST. Thomas Aquinas on ConTemporary ThoughT." Runners-up were Lorraine HeaTon of LoreTTo Academy, second: and Mary Theresa BrusaTe oT Madonna High School, Third. Monsignor Cunningham presenled The awards, a gold Trophy To each o'T The six schools represenTed, and an honor key To each oT The winners. The large crowd in aTTendance evidenced The growing populariTy oT The Sym- posium. The TacT ThaT many schools which had noT been represenled before parTici- paTed This year was also anoTher indicaTion of The increasing inTeresT in The life and works of ST. Thomas Aquinas. l Top row, leTT To righT: Rev. J. R. Kelleher, O. P.: Very Reverend Monsignor Daniel F. Cun- ningham, Rev. L. E. NugenT, O. P. Middle row: Mary Theresa BrusaTeq Lorraine HeaTong KenneTh STegman1 Eugene Figiulo. BoTTom row: Jeanne Cloonang RoberT GoederT. AMATEUR NIGHT Amaieur Nighf, which is sponsored each year by one of Fa+her Malone's re- ligious classes, usually succeeds in bringing mos+ of +he local +alen+ ou+ of hiding. Amafeur Nigh+ fhis year was held Thursday, December I7, wiih a galaxy of slars. James Walsh was 'ihe chairman of +he affair and Daniel O'Connor was 'rhe genial mas+er of ceremonies. Orher members of +he commi'l'+ee were Guy Galley, Ray McMahon, Ray Urban, and Ed Farmer, +alenf scouis. Ed Kavanaugh, Bill Cline, and Guy Galley 'look care of ihe publiciiy campaign. The evening's proceeds were sen+, as in The pasi, 'ro 'Iwo Dominican missionaries in Compii, Louisiana. The parficipanis were eniered in +hree divisions: novel+y, insfrumenfal, and vocal. Prizes of five dollars and lwo dollars were awarded as firsl' and second prizes respec- lively in each division. Dan O'Connor iniroduced almos+ a score of enihusiasiic aspiran+s for +he prizes. Bob Jablonski and Jack Kelly +ied for firsi' prize in +he ins+rumen+al division wilh his elecfric guiiar solo, and Jaclc Nicole+le placed second wiih his piano selec+ions. The "Tom Sullivan 8: Co." acl won iirsl place in +he novel+y sec+ion. Members of +he cas+ were Tom Sullivan, George Sweeney, Gerald Fifzgerald, Ray McMahon, Ed Spauld- ing, and Bob Leander. Three freshmen, Jim Cour+ney, J. Shield, and R. Cormaclc, won 'fhe ofher prize wi'rh +heir version of DER FUHRER'S FACE. c vii i, 1, A ig , 1 , ,f'Q,.,Qf ., , V. , w wr, '. a . ,, , ynql k. X , . g L y .., . 'We 'QV r . I.. All , f X W" I Ti S : T - .x Lk ' '-- .. .5 SX A if J. X sf' .R 3: ' . "' Q "" ffl mmf I -. i A S-iz Q- ,E .EF f f 'Q 92 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY any i 0 ffm. ,. . H fy g2iv,.,,'f ' Clockwisez E. Dunne: T. Gavagang R. Goederlg J. Lindsay, W. Rosemeyer Only +he besl in 'rhe NaIionaI Honor SocieI'y. This slogan of Fen- wick's has always been +rue in +he pasI', and if remains 'Irue again. This year, I'he iiffh a+ Fenwick, five members of Ihe senior class were enrolled in Ihe sociefy, making 'rhe 'Io'raI membership from 'Ihis school, +hir+y-one. I+ is no wonder 'rhal I'his socie'ry is so exclusive, since fhe member- ship requiremenis are so high aI' Fenwick. The firs+ slep Ioward mem- bership in Ihe NaI'ionaI Honor Sociefy is mainiaining a high scholasfic raling for Ihe 'Four years of high school life. Afler Ihose eligible on Ihis basis are de+ermined, each faculiy member is called upon 'ro appraise each siudenl' on I'he quaIi'I'ies he has observed in him. He raI'es each candidale on his characier, his leadership, and his service fo 'Ihe school. The s'rudenI"s charac+er is exemplified by his honesfy, self-con'rroI, social a+'I'i+ude, and religious enlhusiasm. Leader- ship in a sIuden+ is noI'ed by his abilily 'Io direc+ a program and +o have olhers follow him. Service fo Ihe school consisfs of par+icipaI'ion in exI'ra-curricular ac+ivi+ies, eifher religious, academic, or aIhIe+ic, Ihus aiding 'Ihe school, himself, and socie+y in general. 4 93 Debaling Team Sealed, lefl fo righf: C. Penfisg R. Jensen: J. Healy: J. Buller, E. Dunne. Srandingz J. Foley, R. Goederf. DEBATING UNION Fr. Conway concenlrales . , , The Fenwick Deba+ing Union +his year finished one of Hs mosl' successful seasons by winning 'rhe Caiholic League Debaling Championship. Un- der 'rhe clirecfion of +he Rev. George G. Conway: Rober+ Goederi, '43, and John Foley, '44, won len cleba'res, losing only one. ln recogni+ion of +he championship +he debalers received a perma- nen'r +rophy donafed by Bishop Sheil, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, and a 'rraveling 'rrophy awarded by 'rhe Calholic League. This is +he second 'lime Thai' Fenwick has won fhe Caiholic League Championship. The firs+ vic+ory was scored 'lwo years ago. The league, which is comprised of seven Caiholic boys' schools, was organized five years ago by Fa+her Conway and Mr. Holland, debale coach of S+. Mel High School. R. Goederf . DOES IT AGAIN This year 'rhe main argumenl was, Resolved: Thai a Federal World Governmenf should be es+ablished. This year we parficipaied in more +han filly debaies wiih oufside schools, Goederl' and Foley 'raking bo'rh sides of 'rhe queslion. ln general 'rhe case of fhe affirmaiive leam s'ra'red 'rhai' because QF afl 'rhe suFFering 'rhai war brings inlo 'rhe world and 'the abuse of power by some na+ions, +he peoples of all counfries are J, Foley willing +o uni+e +o mainiain peace by giving every nalion economic s+abili+y and polifical equalify. The only way in which These ends could be accom- plished would be, according 'ro +he affirmafive, fhrough 'rhe forma+ion of a World Federal Gov- ernment On +he olher hand, +he nega'rive conlended fhaf, while all people desire poli+ical equalily and economic siabilily, i+ would no+ be necessary, rafher, very unwise, +o form a World Federal Government The negaiive 'ream upheld a Confinenial Federarion wiih a coordinafing body 'ro aid inlernalional agreemeni. Besides parficipaiing in 'rhe Cafholic League 'rhe deba'rers were en+ered in 'rhe Open Forum League. ln addiiion lo Goederl and Foley, Ed Dunne, Jim Reedy, John Healy, and Bob Jensen were parficularly acfive in 'rhis league. Affer 'rhe acfual deba+e The audience discussed +he issues involved. "Presence of mind and lhe abilify +o 'lalk ex+emporaneously," said Fafher Conway, "are lhe rewards which come 'From work pu'r in on debaiing. There is no olher abili+y which counls for more in la'rer life in proporfion 'lo 'lhe efforl expended 'rhan fhe abilify lo be able 'ro express oneself in clear, precise, and grammafical English. 95 MUSIC The Fenwick band has increased in fffii abilify and numbers during 'lhe pas'I' four years wirh Mr. Sovinec's coming and now has more +han forfy members. The band enferedl class "C" +hree years ago and won firsl' place along wi+h l'hree ofher bands. The year before lasl The band was enrered in class "B" and was one of 'lhe 'rhree bands 'ro receive a superior Mr. Sovenic supervises ra+ing, equivalenf +o firsi place. Lasl year we enfered class "A," fhe highesl class a band can enler, and, as in pre- ceding years, won a superior raling. ' SWING BAND Sfanclung, leff +o righlz P. Wilson: R. Sliwinslrig E. Penlisg G. Hampschg J. Kellyg T. Weger. Sealed, leff fo righlz J. Shield: E. Hall: C. Penlisg F. Hoslilcaq J. Milder. 96 Top row, leH +o right C. Davis: J. Healy: R. Mclxlerneyf R. Griffin: W. Regan. Fron+ row: W. Kennedy: C. Penfis: C. Marsalli: F. Hieber: J. Sfevens. Top row, leff +o righ+: E. Hall: J. De Celle: A. Siska: W. Cahill: J. Shield: T. Surr. Fron'r row: R. Nicole'He: J. Bican: J. Kucaba: A. Moroni: V. Kelley: J. Rau+h. Top row, lef+ +o righ+: G. Hampsch: R. Aubuchon R. Cormack: T. Weger: R. O'Connor: H. Engel Froni' row: A. Kaindl: R. Buckingham: J. Cour'r ney. Top row, leff +o righlz J. Maleclci: J. Krickl: N Lindholm: E. McGinn. Fron'r row: J. Considine: D. O'Sullivan: W. Oinlc F. Reiners. 91 The beginnings of a glee club were sfarfed fhis year wi+h Fafher Town- send as moderafor and direcfor. The chorus was accompanied by Jack Milder and appeared a+ one of 'The mon'rhly meeiings of +he Mo+hers' Club. A more ambiiious schedule is planned' for nexf year. An orches+ra was organized 'rhis year by 'rhe siudenfs fhemselves un- der +he direclion of Ed Penfis. The orchesfra is fo be considered' more as a dance band, playing popular and modern sfandard arrangemenfs. Because of i'I's recenf beginning 'lhe orchestra has no+ yef been able 'lo dislinguish ifself, buf Hs popularify should grow in +he coming year, afler il has had more experience. Fr. Simones surmises CITIZENS OF TOMORROW The Fenwick Glee Club made ils official debul' before +he srudenf body when THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE and slafion WGN came here Novem- ber 25 'ro make a Iranscriplion of +heir program, "CiIizens of Tomorrow," which was broadcasl' over slafion WGN, Sunday, November 29, I942. The program was under Ihe direcfion of Mr. Philip Maxwell. Mr. Holland Engle was 'Ihe an- nouncer. Preceding 'rhe recording Ihe nalional and school colors were posfed. Then 'Ihe program be- gan. The assembled s+udenI body opened Ihe pro- ceedings wi'rh a school cheer. The enlire group joined in wilh Ihe Glee Club in singing "Anchors Aweigh." Mr. Maxwell gave a shor'I' Ialk on couriesy and Ihen read a brief hisiory of Ihe school. AI a preliminary rehearsal he Ihanked and congralu- lared Falher Barron for +he preparafion of 'Ihis oulline. Two 'rypical sludenfs, Jerry and Jimmy, Ihen look over Ihe microphone, giving a summary of Ihe inlrascholaslic evenls of 'rhe week. This was followed by Ihe Glee Club's rendifion of 'rhe Nelherlands' hymn of Ihanksgiving. Ano'Iher inreresling feaiure of 'Ihe presenfa- lion was a quiz program on currenI evenfs. Affer Ihe quiz program Fa'I'her Van Rooy, assislanl' prin'- cipal, gave a shorl 'ralk on 'Ihe inIeresI's and ideals of Fenwick. Mr. Maxwell inlerviewed our ou'rsIanding slu- denf, Roberl Goederf, followed by a brief com- edy skeich wi'Ih Jerry and Jimmy. The program was concluded wi'rh 'rhe singing of Ihe Fenwick "Vic'rory March." We are graleful Io WGN for This oppor+uni'Iy of broadcasfing Io Chicago 'Ihe ideals and Ihe accomplishmenls of Fenwick. 99 UPON THE FENWICK FRONT A new series of courses enfifled "Pre-lnducfion" were offered fo The iuniors and fhe seniors fhis lasf semesfer. Alfhough marks were received, no credifs 'foward grad- uafion were given. All The subiecfs were volunfary and were scheduled so fhey would nof inferfere wifh fhe regular schofasfic roufine. These courses were infended 'ro pre- pare 'fhe sfudenfs in an elemenfary way for fufure sfudy in fhe armed forces. For 'rhose inferesfed in aviafion, Pre-flighf Aeronaufics was offered. If included Plane ldenfifica- fion, Mefeorology, and Aerodynamics. This course proved lo be very popular wifh fhe sfudenfs. A course dealing in communicafions was given. Refresher Mafhemafics, Shorfhand, Ouflining Physics and Firsf Aid were ofher courses presenfed. Special alfen- fion was also given fo physical preparedness. This consisfed of a Commando Training Program. Those who complefed fhis course received a special award. This new "Pre- lnduc+ion" program is iusf anolher way in which Fenwick prepares ifs sfudenfs for 'fhe fufure. ln order 'ro defermine fhose who are qualified and fo give fhe sfudenf an oppor- funify fo find ouf which branch of fhe service he is besf fiffed, special fesfs were given during fhe school year. On November 27fh, 'fwo hundred and fhirfy-seven juniors and seniors fook fhe Army Air Corps examinafion. Of fhaf fofal one hundred and fwenfy- seven, or fiffy-fhree and fhree-fenfhs per cenf, qualified. This is an exfremely high mark, for only 'rhirly per cenf of 'fhe applicanfs who have 'raken fhe fesf have passed. Lafer fhe iuniors fook fhe Illinois sfafe-wide fesf. Their. records on fhis fesf will be kepf by fhe sfale and, should a sfudenf enfer a universify, fhis record will be submiffed fo fhe college. The lasf 'resf given was conducfed by fhe Army and Navy in order 'fo selecf candidafes for fheir new A-I2 and V-I2 program, respecfively. Only seniors were permiffed fo 'rake 'rhis examinafion. Those who qualify may become officer candi- dafes. Each sfudenf selecled which branch he preferred. No one was allowed fo check bofh. Those enfering fhe Army under fhe A-I2 program will receive basic milifary fraining. Some will fhen be senf fo fhe Officer's Candidafe School. ln 'fhe Navy V-I2 program 'rhe candidafe firsf goes fo college before receiving naval fraining. 101 BONDS AND STAMPS Fr. Kelleher blesses lvlinufe-Man Flag Through 'rhe purchase of war sfamps +his pasl year Fenwick has merifed a Minufe-man flag. ln order 'ro receive such an honor ii was necessary +ha+ ai' leasl ninely percenl of fhe sfudenls buy al lcasl' one defense slump. During 'ihe war sfamp drive in March, every sfudenf was a purchaser. ln March and April over eighl' hundred dollars worlh of sfamps were sold. ln +he same period Fenwick s'ruden+s spenf 52,375 in fhe purchase of war bonds. They also con- +ribu'red generously +0 +he Red Cross, giving a lofal of SI52.5O. Special credil is due Fa+her Vifie, direc+or of +he drives, for his splendid work. Fr. Vilie, War Driver . SCRAP ay- sy ,,, W , . I '..f1-iIvW i 1,,hgM ., ,, ,vffyffaxf Mwwy ,fb Wy My V I.. ff 7!7ff7WfV ,M ff-.24 ,Qg2g,Wy,9 ' , v , . Asp. f ww U., ww WMWMKWWM' ,IL , 4,,,f,,-fr fww-wfwwwfvffff , f ,H r W M W-www, ,. z - fwwwrwfm . ,1 ln sfill anoiher way Fenwick showed i+s pa1'rio+ism. This 'iime if was in lhe collec- 'lion of scrap mefal. From Ocfober I io Oclober I7 approximalely 24,500 pounds of scrap were collecled, an average of 5l.9 pounds per s'ruden+. By gafhering l4,000 pounds +he seniors won l"irs+ place in 'rhe con'fes+ befween fhe four classes. For 'ihe seniors This was an average of more l'han I25 pounds per man. The zeal of fhe sfudenfs in parlicipaling in fhese drives was inspiring. Through 'lhe war slamp and bond drive, ihrough The Red Cross drive, 'I'hrough +he scrap drive 'rhe spiril' of Fenwick has mani- fesled. These are only some of 'rhe aclivilies in which +he school has engaged during lhe presenl conflicl. We can well be proud of our fine record. 103 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Sianding, leff lo righl: Thomas Morrissey, Financial Secreiaryg Frank Smilh, Presidenf. SiHing: Charles Mondi, Recording Secrefaryg Roberl' McG-raih, Vice-President Ed- ward Fanning, Treasurer. ALUMNI During war years in limes pasl many fralernal organizalions have been choked in lhe smoke of disrupfion or became so inac'rive as 'ro lose all inleresl among lheir mem- bers. The Fenwick Alumni Associalion, however, is an exceplion. Noi only has if 'Flour- ished during +his war, bu'r il has buili up a spiril of unify among Fenwick men 'lhal 'lhey carry in lheir hearls in 'Ihe sfeaming jungles ol New Guinea, on lhe sands of Africa, 'lhe heaving wasles of 'rhe Pacific, and 'rhe desolale iracis of Alaska. Wilh close +o 600 members in 'rhe service 'ihe Alumni Associaiion has u+ilized every possible means +o remind lhem 'rhal Fenwick has noi iorgollen lhem. Reviewing 'rhe evenls of lhe pasl' year, we nole ihal early in 'rhe fall Falher Fellrop was appoinled The new moderalor of 'I'l1e associalien, replacing Falher Kennedy who had been rransierred io 'Ihe Easi. Fafher immedialely siarleol designing ways io keep +he organizaiion ihriving. I-le decided 'rhai a Wirk should be sen? lo every alumnus. Soon aflerwards quesrionnaires were senl +o +he grads lo delermine how many of 'lhem were in 'rhe services. Thanks +o 'rhe Falhers' Club a beauliful service 'Flag was pre- senied lo lhe school ai ihe foolball banquer. Wilh all ils added work lhe associalion did noi' neglecl ils social aclivilies. The annual homecoming was anolher success, in spiie of 'rhe lorrenlial wealher. The Tues- day nighf meeiings have been consislenlly well allendecl. ln December The Alumni played +he Friar varsiiy baskelball learn and youih again 'rriumphed over experience. No plans have ye+ been made for lhe June dance. However, 'rhe year has noi been one of all successes and ioy. There have been many disheariening blows. Several alumni have been killed, olhers are missing, and s'I'ill olhers are believed lo be prisoners of lhe Japs. I 071 ,V , ff THE SERVICE FLAG SPEAKS I hang inside above I'he main en'rrance io your school, a preseni' and a reminder fo Fenwick from 'Ihe FaI'hers' Club. I was blessed and dedicared by Bishop Sheil a+ +he foo+baII banquel' and many pa'rrio+ic words were said aboui' me. Since Then abour 'Ihe only a'I"IenI'ion I have received is from some visifor or an aIumnus or a heedIess glance from some passing s'rudenI' when my red border cafches Ihe corner of his eye. PIease, I beg you, do noi forgef me nor your men whom I represent Bui of IaIe I find +ha'I 'rhe seniors have had more in'Ieres'r in me, reaIizing IhaI' I will be Iheir only reminder when Ihey foo have Ie'FI'. AI' I'he dedicafion Ihe number 346 was sewn on my bosom bu'I 'rhar number has now been changed 'Io 600. The gold sIar which a'I' my dedicaI'ion s+ood only 'For L+. Tichy nor represents Tichy, Bclrt Hatch, Bob Lizotte ond severoI others. Yes, I have had 'I'o sacrifice some of your sons in order 'Io preserve your American ideals and I shaII have Io sacrifice even more as +his war coniinues, buf pIease under- sfand my predicameni. I also sfand for Bob FaI'rysek, who was reporied missing in 'rhe sinking of 'Ihe JUNEAU, and for Harold IvIcAncIrew, Rober'I BeII, and George BerI'sch who were on Bafaan when if feII. I sfand for many o+her, deeper Ihings which, when said or wriI'ren, reek, so +o speak, wiI'h senIimenI'aIi+y and +o which people obieci' bu+ neverI'heIess uncIers+and. Le'I me iusi say, Ihen, 'Ihai I sfand for Fenwick and 'for Fenwick men, for 'Iheir couniry and for fheir merciful God, ancI I I'rus+ +ha'I you will remember. 105 ALUMNI Fenwiclcls First LT. JAMES W. TICHY Dec. I3, I920-Oc+. I5, l942 Early in 'rhe year Fafher Fellrop, moderafor of ihe Fenwick Alumni Associafion, senl oul' eleven hundred duplex pos+-card quesfionnaires 'lo lhe families of +he alumni in order fo obfain informa+ion abou? Fenwick graduales in lhe services. Of +hese eleven hundred cards Fa'rher received approxima+ely lhree hundred and 'rwenly-five answers. By using fhese cards and by drawing upon addifional informalion we have been . . . . I able +o compile 'lhe following lisf of Fenwick soldiers, sailors, and marines. This is+ is sadly incomplele and we ask fha? any informafion concerning an unmen+ioned alumnus . . k be forwarded fo +he Fenwick Alumni Associahon, 525 Washlngfon Blvd., Oak Par . We ask your forgiveness for any unin+en'l'ional mislakes and would welcome any correcfions. f0f3 '32 Bowen, William J. Wanamaker, Daniel J, '33 Collins, John W, Cloghessy, Joseph Horwath, Joseph McElligott, Andrew M. MCGT21i2I'l, Raymond E. McGuinnis, John F, McShane, Frank R. Mc-any, Thomas E. Murphy, John F. Starr, Harold W. Thompson, Donald Vanderstock, Thomas Mullen, Robert V. Neiman. Warren J, White, Richard P. '34 Bowen, Edward A. Carroll, John F. Craig, Robert E. Dempsev, Jerome E. Dolan, James Harvey. Patrick J. Joy. John F. Knusman, Theodore J. Lvon, Joseph MCCQUIGY, John F. McDonald. Ralph V, Monaco, John Musham, William Pesch, Stephen F. Zitnik, Charles E. '35 Boyce, Francis J. Canoll. William J. Cummings, James T. Demmert, William R. De Stefaas, Joseph A, Eder, John F. Gibson, Justin Grummel, Howard Harris. David W. Korbel, Francis Kuratko, Donald W. Lamb. Paul Vandry, George T. Leahy, James H. Maloney, James R. Masterson, Bernard McDaniel, Ralph MPHUEB, Patrick J. C'Rrien. Joseph Ronan, Joseph E. Smith, Warren F. Sullivan, Robert J. Thiess, William J. TFHCY, Charles R. White, Robert M. Wildauer, Donald A. I 36 Bertsch, Robert B. Cinouertzrani, Joseph Dahl. Ravmond G. 7-ialoin, Francis Hannaizan. Anthony S. Moran, Edmund Ouinn, Frank J. Radke. Joseph Diflnev, Edward S. Sf-harf, Henry Strening. Robert R. Torney, Austin E. Walsh, John J. Ward, William J. I 37 Carr, John 0. f'onnellv, Joseoh L. Cote. Alfred F. Creifzhton, James R. Cummins. Edward Donlan, Robert French. Melvin Gibson, .Tustin G. Grummel, Robert McCabe, Robert T. Mclntyre, Justin N. Reddint, Herbert Schneider. Alden J. Sneh, Albert J. Thomas, J. Benedict Verest, Raymond J. Von Buelow, Robert Webb, Marsh IN WHICH WE SERVE ALUMNI REPORTED IN TI-IE SERVICE '38 Burg. Donald J. Caldando, Dominick L. Campagna. Ignatius E. Pasev, William R. Courtney, Clem F. Frett, Louis A. Fridler, Henry B. Jindrich, Leonard J. Kiley, Bernard J. Lanigan, Leo A. McHugh, Richard J. McHugh, Robert E. Meany, James E. Rank, Robert Schnieder, Robert W. Serwat, Adam Stalzer, Eugene A. White, Murray D. I 39 Breskey, Edward B. Craig, John K. Demmert, Robert J. Dillon, Robert F. Lintiger, George J. Lynch, James J. Maloney, Robert M. McAndrew, Bertrand P. McKeown, Robert J. McKirrIan. James E. Murray, John D. O'Connor, Joseph R. O'Connor, Thomas P. Riebock. William C. Selingo Robert J. Shine, John M. Stock, Walter R. Weller, Robert L. Zapinski, Leonard E. I 40 Bannon, Patrick J. Becker, Stanley C. Brown, Thomas F. Bruno, Bernard Caterina. Gerald Cote, Robert D. Curran, Robert Fischer, Arthur R. Frederick, George R. Gaskill, Paul B. Giese. Norb Giroux, John H. Grady, George R. Halpin, Raymond Hunter, Thomas M. Jennings, Thomas Kiley, William C. Lies, Robert A. McCarthy, Harold T. lVlcGreuor, William J. Reynolds. William F. Strand, Joseph E. Wilkin, Donald N. I 4I Allan, Robert L. Brogan, Frank D. Brousil, Robert J. Bruno, Leonard Campaifna. Joseoh W. Clow, Raymon F. Cross, Louis R. Cullerton. William Dan, John Donar, Leonard Doucette, Robert J. Fitzsimmons, William Gits. Robert C. Gorman, Robert F. Hurley, Richard lrnpens, William F. J'-irema. Jan Kopacki, John C. Kuttenburiz, Milton J. McCabe, Charles F. McCabe, John R. lVlcGinty, Edwin J. Nicklas, George R. 0'Rrien. Ravmond E. O'Connell. Ravmond A. O'Leary. William E. Olsen, Fred Schorsch, Anton Schuster, Raymond T. Sikorski. Paul Smith. James J. Thomas. Robert E. Tracy, John J. Triska, Ralph F. Twomey, John E. Westenhaver, John L. Zaccardi, Thomas V. '42 Bastien, John K. Berberet, John J. Conlon, Thomas F. Conrad, William H. Considine, James Courtney, James Gaskill, James F. Hosty, James P. Hudson, John E. Kerwin, Michael VV. LeBel, George J. Lightner, John J. Murphy, John W. Ostrander, Robert G Ryan, T. Harold Terlizzi, Lewis W. NAVY '33 Brandt, William A. Guilfoyle, James McAuliffe. John M. Schultz, Robert J. Snyder, James F. '34 Feehan, Edward L. Fitzgerald, Paul T. Spehn, George G. '35 Norris, Edward Walsh, P. I 36 Campbell, John Dailv. Paul F. McHugh, William J. Serwat. Wilbur Sie'-k, William A. Thiess, David E. Walsh. John P. Weihofen, Gerald J. '37 Caccney, Edward J. Fisher, Joseph J. Garner, William T. Hansen, Harold J. McHuIzh, Emmett T. I 38 Cafferata, William F. Castle, Harold C. Condon, Edward J. Flanarzan. Richard J Goedert, Jerome Mc Auliffe, William F. F McDonald, Robert McDonald. Terrenc lVlnnir-lf, Raymond O'Rielly, Robert F. '39 Pollins. R. J. Cross, Raymond E. Donahue, Thomas G. Donnellan. Alfred T. Dooley, Arthur J. Drolet, Wilfred C. Keane, Matthew F. Tenel, Alfred T. Maloney, Raymond Pruzinski. Joseph M Stelzer. J. Warren Sweeney. Robert F. Wiltgen, Robert G. Zappen, Jacob L. '40 Dunigan, Edward B. Gorman, Robert E. Henrv, Philio Kartje, Harold A. Kilroy, Kenneth E. Riley, William E. Rogers, Charles A. Roorda. John F. Schaffer. Frank J. Schell. Frank J. Springer, Paul e J Fr. Feltrop, Moderator '4I Anlauf, Joseph F. Bandur, Adolph F. Bauer, Robert R. Brown, William Buckingham, Richard Cihlar, Anthony J. Cox, John J. Culligan, Thomas Finnegan, John T. Kelly. John M. McGuire, Robert B. Sullivan, Eugene P. Weber, Albert P. '42 Bandur, Claude H. Berszen, Richard Buckingham. William Dillon, Donald M. Doody, Arthur J. Feeley, John J. Harris, Harold Healy, Michael J. Jeschke, George J. Kilzallon, James E. Martin, Benjamin A. McElligott, Robert J. Roorda, James D. Ryan, Ralph G. Singer, Charles W. Stueber, Donald J. Terese, Robert Walsh, William D. Weber, Robert C. MARINES '37 Morrisey, Richard J. '39 Barrett, John F. A B DeStefano, Edward G. Murphy. Joseph P. Solon, Joseph '40 Clark, Herbert F. Miher, Thomas R. '4I Allen, Thomas Cummins. Robert J. Goodall, Benjamin F. Jones, John Maloney, Norman E. '42 Donlan, Walter R. JUNIOR PROM In spile of 'lhe conlinuous downpour and 'rhe waiery lhreaf 'lo formals, 'lhis year's Junior Prom was one of +he mos'r successful dances in 1'he school's hislory. Approximaiely l6O couples, dancing 'lo +he music of Gay Claridge Monday nigh'l', April 26, in +he Glass Ballroom of Jrhe Knickerbocker Holel, accounled for lhis unexpecled success. Tom Murfaugh was chairman of 'rhe prom supporred' by John Foley, Anlon Ruslca, Aldo Moroni, Dick Cronin, Peler Brown, Ari Connolly, Ray Dalion, James Walsh, Jaclc Hennessy, and Bob Weber, who assisled on 'rhe various commiHees. JUS QQZQMA V Az .Wffi f I . ff ' ' ' a f ,gy MM., . ' 1: ' ' LWW ,ww " ' I, V. ,V ,V , , f wr f W' i ' MOTHER'S CLUB Wi'rh +he assignmenl' of Reverend J. B. Connolly 'ro o'rher duiies, Falher L. E. Nugeni' became Honorary Presidenl' of 'rhe Fenwick Molhers' Club and conlinued +he excellenl work esfablished and main+ained by his predecessor in lhis very acfive organ'- izafion. Worfhy of no're in an accounf of +he various ac+ivi+ies during lhe pasl' year are: lhe new characfer of lhe regularly monihly meelings and 'rhe cooperalion wifh +he Falhers' Club in 'lhe promo'I'ion of 'rwo social affairs. A+ The expressed desire of 'rhe members, a number of lhe mon'rhly meelings in- cluded addresses by facully members. Falhers Kelleher, Van Rooy, Simones, Vilie, Barron, and Wal+er were 'rhus afforded 'lhe oppor+uni+y of speaking informally +o 'rhe mofhers upon subiecls of value and inferesf +o all present Members of ihe various musical organizafions also furnished 'rhe en1'er+ainmen+ al several of +he meeiings. On Thanksgiving Eve and again on May 8+h +he Molhers' Club ioined wi+h ihe Falhers' Club in giving a dance and parly appropria'l'e fo 'lhe season. Thanks +o lhose in charge, bofh aFFairs were successful and 'lhoroughly enjoyed by all who aH'ended. X10 Mrs. Waller R. Cosfello, Presidenf Mrs. Daniel H. Shield, Vice-Presidenf Mrs. Matthew T. Finn, Treasure Rev. Louis E. Nugent O.P., Honorary Presidenf Mrs. john Walsh, Financial Secretary Mrs. T. H. Ryan, Corresponding Secreiary Mrs. Edward J. Riley, Recording Secretary Ill in-i-......,. ' Leff fo righf, sfanding: Mr. George Helffrich, Treasurer: Mr. Maurice Nugenf, Financial Secrefary. Seafed: Mr. James Froelich, Vice-Presidenfg Mr. Roberf McCabe, Recording Secrefaryg Mr. John O'Connor, Presidenfg Rev. C. M. Fisher, O.P., Moderafor. FAT!-IERS' CLUB The pasf year has been one of social and financial success for fhe Fafhers' Club. The club's moderafor, Rev. C. M. Fisher, and ifs officers: Mr. J. J. O'Connor, presi- denfg Mr. J. Froelich, vice-presidenfp Mr. R. E. McCabe, recording secrefaryg Mr. M. B. Nugeni, financial secrefaryg and Mr. G. Helffrich, freasurerg are largely responsible for fhis success. Each Monday fhe fafhers have an opporfunify fo use fhe gymnasium and swimming pool, play cards, or iusf fallc fhings over. The fafhers of fhe freshmen were received info fhe club in Qcfober af fhe club's firsf meefing of The year when a firsf-run film, "Yankee Doodle Dandy," was shown fhrough 'rhe courfesy of Mr. W. R. lmmerman. The Fafhers and Son Golf Meef, held af Maywood Golf Course, was 'rhe firsf evenf of fhe year. 112 The foofball Ieam was honored aI' Ihe elevenfh annual foofball banquef, spon sored by 'rhe Fafhers' Club, ai 'Ihe Terrace Casino of fhe Morrison Hofel December I0 Warren Brown, sporfs edifor of THE CHICAGO SUN, was again mas+er of ceremonies The speakers included Bishop Sheilg Very Reverend P. O'Brien, O.P.: Reverend J. R Kelleher, O.P.: Reverend J. N. Morgenihaler, O.P.: and Reverend C. M. Fisher, O.P Sporfs personalilies such as Coach A. L. Cronin of Leo, John Carmichael, sporis colum- nisf of THE CHICAGO DAILY NEWS: 113 PATRONS Very Rev. Pe+er O'Brien, O.P., Provincial, Province 0+ S+. All:-er+ +he Grea+ Rev. J. R. Kelleher, O.P., Principal, Fenwick High School, Oak Park Very Rev. J. A. Driscoll, O.P., Prior, Dominican House 0+ S+udies, River Fores+ Rev Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. . E. L. Hughes, O.P., Pas+or, S+. Pius Church, Chicago B. R. Connolly, O.P., Pas+or, S+. Vincen+ Ferrer Church, River Fores+ W. D. Van Rooy, O.P., Assis+an+ Principal, Fenwick High School, Oak Park B. B. Myers, O.P., Direc+or of S+udies, Fenwick High School, Oak Park V. S. Fel+rop, O.P., Modera+or of Alumni, Fenwick High School, Oak Park L. E. Nugen+, O.P., Honorary Presiden+ of Mo+hers' Club, Fenwick High School Oak Park Rev. C. M. Fisher, O.P., Moclera+or of Fa+hers' Club, Fenwick High School, Oak Park R+. Rev. Msgr. W. A. Cummings, Pas+or, Ascension Church, Oak Park R+. Rev. Msgr. R. S. Kelly, Pas+or, Our Lady Help of Chris+ians Church, Chicago R+. Rev. Msgr. R. C. Maguire, Pas+or, S+. Ca+herine of Sienna Church, Chicago Rev Rev Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. . lgna+ius Albovicz, Pas+or, S+. An+hony's Church, Cicero . T. A. Can+y, D.D., Pas+or, S+. Luke's Church, River Fores+ L. W. Frawley, Pas+or, S+. Giles' Church, Oak Park W. J. Rooney, Pas+or, Mary Queen of Heaven Church, Cicero Timo+hy Rowan, Pas+or, S+. Lucy's Church, Chicago F. M. Smi+h, Pas+or, S+. Paul of +he Cross Church, Park Ridge J. T. Wagener, Pas+or, S+. Bernardine's Church, Fores+ Park W. E. Barron W. J. Barron C. L. Broxham and Mrs. C. A. Farwell Miss Anna L. Lacey Mr. Mr. 114 and Mrs. R. J. Leander ancl Mrs. D. J. McCar+hy V 1 - 1 , . - -.. -.- . ... , . gk wi Qi- 55 at N- wr w I I I 1'Z YEAR OLDS! NOW YOU CAN FLY for NAVY Here are the qualifications necessary for you to obtain the Navy's 527,000 pilot training edu- cation free and to become a member ofthat picked group who wear the Navy Wings of Gold: 0 Seventeen years of age. o Rank scholastically in the upper half of high school graduating class or, if 0 Gfdduflfe f"0m high School bY June 30, attending college, maintain a standing 1943, 01' UlfeUdY l"f-We been Smdualed- in the upper two-thirds of college class. 0 Obtain recommendation from high ' Pass regular Naval Aviation Cadet school principal or college head. examination. See Your Principal or College Head Today Accepted men will not be called for training until they reach their 18th birthday and have been graduated from high school. NAVAL AVIATION CADET SELECTION BOARD . CHICAGO Through courtesy of Mr. l-lugh E. Mulligan. F 113 Rev Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs M rs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs 116 L. E. Nugenl, O.P .,,, s Waller R. Cos'Iello,. Daniel H. Shield ,s,s,s,s, Edward J. Riley ,,s,., T. Harry Ryan ,,s,,s John J. Walsh ,.,, ,H MaHhew T. Finn ,, B. E. FreH, ...,. s William McGah .,., , FENWICK MOTHERS' CLUB I942- I 943 OFFICERS STANDING COMMITTEES Joseph J. Cagney, Jr .,., , Edward L. Collins ,,,, Brice Buclcinghamw. R. J. Parker. W. L. Cogley. , , James J. Walsh ..,... Edward C. Snyderw , Roberi McCabe .... , C. F. Crowley ,,,.,,,... Thomas Cusack, Jr... Henry C. Engel .,,,,,,... CLASS REPRESENTATIVES George McCar+hy ,..,. ,, William A. Oink ,,,, , Frank F. Schafer ,..,.. Honorary Presiden'I ...WL,...,.....,PresidenI' ,.,...,...Vice-Presideni Recording Secrefary Corresponding Secrelary Financial Secrelary ,,..,Treasurer ., ..,,. AudiI'ing .. .,Calendar ,,.CourI'esy . .,,.. ,,....., H ouse ,, . ,,,, Membership ,.,,,,PubliciIy ,.....Prinfing , . ,,,,,, Program . .,., ,Revision .,.......,,...,,...,,....Social ,.,.....Ways and Means Q .....,.,,,Senior .,,,,.........Junior .,.,,,...Sophomore ,.,.,,,.,Freshman ,,,.....,Alumni John O'Connor 77,,, . James Froelich 7 ,,.A,.,, Roberl McCabe ,Y, Maurice Nugenl ..77,,Y , George Helffrich ..,,, Rev C M. Fisher, O.P.. ,. Joseph Archibald Paul C. Bowman G. W. Cunningham Arlhur A. Doody Edward B. Dunigan Henry C. Engel MaHhew T. Finn Raymond M. Gleason George S. Hall Waller R. lmmerman COMPLIMENTS Tof, FATH ERS' CLUB I 942- I 943 OFFICERS ADVISORY BOARD .,.,Presiden+ .,Vice-Presidenl ,Recording Secrelary ,,,Financial Secrelary ,,,. Treasurer . ..,, Moderalor Edward J. Mulholland Hugh E. Mulligan Leonard F. McGee M. A. McGraIh Daniel J. O'Brien James O'Kee'Fe William A. Oink D. B. PaI'+erson W. A. Raulh Frank J. Smilh '- X Cornpiimen+s of Alumni Associaiion of FENWICK HIGH SCHOOL l942-I943 Rev. v. s. renfop, o.P., Moderaiar OFFICERS Frank Smi+Iw, Presicleni' Rober+ McGra+l-i, Vice Presiden+ Edward Fanning, Treasurer Thomas Morrissey, Recording Secrefary Charles Mondi, Financial Secre+ary HAS BEEN THE KEYNOTE of Rogers yearboolcs for thirty-four years. And it will continue to be our ideal, because respon- sibility to see that your publication is well printed is shared by the entire organization. The Rogers tradition of sincerity and quality has been recognized by many schools as a security to the institution and an in spiration to the stall. ROGERS IPITZUINITFUINIG CQMMXNY DIXON,ILLINOIS ir CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 307 First Street 228 North LaSalle Street EPBQKDT STUDIES EsIabIisI1ed I 889 W I 85 Wabash Avenue SuiI'e 3 I 0 Phone STATE OI I3 'A' OFFiciaI PI1o'rograpI1er I943 BIacIcfriars 'k SPECIAL RATES TO FENWICK STUDENTS and Iheir 'families aI all 'rimes for Beau+iful WHITE FLANNELS and SUMMER GARMENTS FOR FOR SERVICE CLEANLINESS Foresi' 4000 Es+abrook 2008 River Foresf, HI. Complimenfs of MORRISON HOTEL MR. LEONARD HICKS Managing Direcfor T H E C O R O N A CAFE AND RESTAURANT 53' RUST1 S+ree'r Telephone DEl.aware 0635 22 HARDWARE HOUSEWARES WALKER COMPANY I26 N. Oak Park Avenue af Lake SI'reeI' SPORTING GOODS GIFTS WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE CENTRAL CERMAK Specialisfs in STOKER COALS DRUG STORE KEDZIE COAL co. 5548 Cermak Road af S. 67Ih Ave. 407 N- Ked1Ie Cicem 79,0 Enf. 4500 Kea. zeso QAK PARK'S Home-like Baking Varieiies Home Owned Deparfmeni' Made WHI1 Buffer Sfore For ALL Occasions WM, Y, GI'-MORE KRASNY'S BAKERY For Supreme Qualify and Service Oak Park Avenue af Lake S+ree+ 65Ib W. Cermak Road Berwyn, III. E. J. CLAFFEY CO. HEATING AND VENTILATING CONTRACTORS I0-I2-I4 W. IIIinois S+reeI' Superior 70I3-7OI4 CHICAGO 23 COMPLIMENTS GOEDERT QF HARDWARE PREMIER COC PRINTING Builders Hardware COMPANY IIO5 Holly Courl, Oak Parlr, Ill. CHICAGO A + um, village 9057 "50 years of service in I'I1e coun+ry's Iargesl' village OAK PARK TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK Lake and Marion Sfreels Member Federal Deposi+ Insurance Corpora+i A. O. WETZEL, R.PI1.6. Prescriplion Druggisf I89 So. Oalc Park Avenue Corner of Pleasan+ OAK PARK, ILL Euclid 32-I37 SUBURBAN TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK Insured Deposits INVEST NOW RIGHT PRICES--CONVENIENT FINANCING COMPLETE LISTINGS We ore Equipped to Meet Your Needs in Real Estote SALES-IMPROVED AND VACANT PROPERTY MORTGAGES INSURANCE RENTING CusAc:K REALTY Co. ' , 7629 Lake Street, River Forest, III. Forest 2043 44 A t ir SCH UTTLERS LAU N DRY 4829-3I W. Division St. Telephone Mansfield 9500 ir 125 FUEL OIL GASOLINE COAL SUBURBAN OIL COMPANY WM. CURRAN 81 SONS METROPOLITAN COAL COMPANY "We make warm friends" OIL BURNERS STOKERS Sales ancI Service AusI'in 4788 Foresf 4788 Village 4780 PHONES: EUCLID 5588 MERRIMAC I833 N. J. KURT ROY S. RALSTON Prescripfion Druggisi Liquor Sfore SOI Madison S+. OAK PARK, ILL. W. NO T . N. J. KURT, R Fh Ph ne Euclid ma 6801+ Oak PZRHAIZYE CHICAGO II-L WATCHES I COMPLETE DIAMONDS OPTICAL COMPLIMENT5 JEWELRY SERVICE OF uunu REUNIL: REGAN IIU ILURKPIIRKRYE: 7' BORK PIIRKJLLINOIS RVCNUE BJINK BLDG. EUCLID I854 Oak Park, III 126 PRINTERS BINDERS PUBLISHERS ENGRAVERS PIONEER PUBLISHING COMPANY .92 .ll 1 -IFE?" IOO S. KeniIwor+II Oak Park, III. PUBLISHERS OF OAK LEAVES JoI-I N aLco. Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers CHICAGO BROOKLYN-DALLAS-ATLANTA - Telephone HARRISON I4O0 JOHN Fm CARDINALS DENVIR Finer Foods XI SONS Men's CIoII1ing, Hafs, Furnishings Grill Ice Cream Shop Food Share 67 Wesf Jackson Boulevard 308 Madison 3I2 Madison CHICAGO I2 'i?iI9.W.".3 REMV: 1"'W'f.' 2'litf"G4F 'W I" QE ' 5 il Q" 1'5fEi'?ZTff:6xLS1EKAa'5:2Wl EllE if-1 'J'5"i'fP3 74.3" ik,?E?i:-FWEZEFHE' . 'L 'Sw 'H :ukwhgw ig? 'E - 154. xf ,,. . Pa? ' QQ 4, . if .Mk x F? WT , J f ,li 2. ,5 y E If I f V , ,Z ui 1 Q, Q If-A 4 4 . A ,iv , K 7.11, , ,Z Sv? ?' M 13 ' Q , i 2111? A 04.4 Aygw W ' 4 X , V. .. g iff' A , ,423 3 L f f 5 f 1 H5 555 : ig , f op' of rf' Q Q if Q98 1 is ,. 519513 1.,Q , 1 A4 QQ' , n1,f?jYgz W it ?:r A 5,113 4 1' :Z Q in fi ' lv vk ,-V:h .17 if A l z ,5 Aa ? ' iff fy AVL VKQ? Q, at 1' Q, ff? if 1 - 1 .A

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